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Is it ok to kill people?

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Philographics for those


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The Best Public Way To End The COVID Pandemic Is Using Climate Change Reason

The Best Public Way To End The COVID Pandemic Is Using Climate Change Reason

Source, More Info: www . ascensionjoy . com/04/2023/the-best-public-way-to-end-the-covid-pandemic-is-using-climate-change-reason/

This idea belongs to me, no any entities/organizations allowed to use without receiving my special permission for this crazy good idea.

The real reason COVID pandemic is still a mystery to all.

In my opinion, they are come from a combination of difference factors such as the eco system (climate change), the society system, the technology machine, etc. with that direct result to the human development issue.

How the COVID pandemic should be ended in the public way?

The official public organization such as the UN or WTO or national government can declare from the official statement but then it does not bring any benefit into the society at all, especially in term of human development evolution.

So what is the best official public way to end the COVID Pandemic event?

My answer my idea is using climate change as the main reason.

Because climate change or eco system affect all beings in this planet in either direct or indirect way.

Example: when the weather rainy or sunny, people will have different mood different decision.

If I was the decision maker, then here is the plan I will use:

1. Declare COVID pandemic event started from a combination of difference factors and one of them is the Climate Change.

2. People can gain natural “COVID vaccine” by study learning about Climate Change topic, and the most effective way is reading Climate Change subject book or any type of material.

3. Force all technology company remove their algorithm of suggestion on the main website of celebrities or favorite habit of users, change it to Climate Change related video only.

4. Open a public Climate Change creator competition to all the public people in the most fair way. Where only single individual person is allowed, do not allow any group/organization (from 2 person) to make sure the fairness and equal.

People can create book, poem, music, video, etc. About Climate Change topic.

5. Open a public Climate Change knowledge competition.

This could be done via digital cyber and/or in physical in-person.

Of course only individual real person is allowed

In both public competitions above, there will be 2 types of league: national league vs world league.

There will be also big prize reward to attract users, players.

– It is better to “issue” the money via climate change competition (to direct good user who care about the Earth environment) rather than giving money to the people in national government.

– Technology is a big issue, especially the social media.

By deleting, changing the algorithm of suggestion, display on the default main application, people no longer in the cyclone matrix media of many rubbish video. They can still able to search those video if they like, but no longer by default display/suggestion.

It is better to display the default app as Climate Change topic or eco system topic than any other subject.

– When you have public individual competition, you will remove their stupid animal lifestyle behavior of team group working but heading them forward real human god living with solo individual decision maker that matter.

– If the Climate Change competitions receive big success, you can open more other type of knowledge wisdom competition.

– With big competition and length such as (20 years or 1 season 1 year), then you will give people a new way to receive money via knowledge, wisdom.

Thus people mindset now will be more freely and less worry about money.

Above are my suggestion my idea of how the COVID Pandemic event should be ended. It must be done in a smart way !

If you want to use my information my idea for public affair, then you must make minimum donation of 1 million USD/Euro to me.

If you want to know more information, you can contact me to talk debate more.

Best Regard,

The Savior

Source, More Info: www . ascensionjoy . com/04/2023/the-best-public-way-to-end-the-covid-pandemic-is-using-climate-change-reason/

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Special Courses: Become Immortal Beings To Join The Eternal Realm

Special Courses: Become Immortal Beings To Join The Eternal Realm

Official Page: www . ascensionjoy . com/special-courses-become-immortal-beings-to-join-the-eternal-realm/

This is a special limited time courses designed for who are seeking information for real human ascension evolution, meaning purpose of life, the secret of life on Earth and the Universe, how to become immortal beings to join the eternal realm.

Who is the teacher of this special sacred courses?

Me the Savior legend that have been predicted in many ancient prophecies textbook.

What you will learn in this courses?

The sacred unreal knowledge wisdom of human ascension evolution that cannot be found in any school, university or even in all kind of secret societies, groups, organizations that you already knew so far.

Here is the list of modules, lessons:

Lesson Week 1: Understand the game of life in a correct way.

Lesson Week 2: The real human identification.

Lesson Week 3: Super Gods, Deities.

Lesson Week 4: The secret truth of spiritual, occult, supernatural.

Lesson Week 5: Become a normal immortal beings or a powerful mortal beings?

Lesson Week 6: What is a real immortal beings be like.

Lesson Week 7: Human body complex.

Lesson Week 8: Wake up your human common sense.

Lesson Week 9: The powerful mindset.

Lesson Week 10: Difference between animals vs humans, memorize vs creative.

Lesson Week 11: How to cultivate intelligent, increase brain power in a safe way.

Lesson Week 12: Heal cure any diseases with natural methods.

Lesson Week 13: Fair, honest, lie in society on Earth.

Lesson Week 14: Life, other worlds in the Universe.

Lesson Week 15: Be your own unique Gods beings.

Lesson Week 16: Meaning of life, your own purpose of living.

Lesson Week 17: Nirvana Status, Eternal Realm.

Lesson Week 18: Conclusion.

Above is the fundamental lessons, the order or content could be changed depend on each student case.

The content will be vary, not only words text, but I will also take video, music, movie, manga, anime, etc. for examples to help you easier to understand.

too long....

source, full information at: www . ascensionjoy . com/special-courses-become-immortal-beings-to-join-the-eternal-realm/

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New Chat Room For Human God Evolution Topic

New Chat Room For Human God Evolution Topic


I the Savior legend (who have fully master, understand meaning of life at the highest level) have just created a new chat room for all people who want evolve to above "normal human" level.

The chatroom address at humangod:matrix.org . This chatroom will open for limited time only.

You can access to that chatroom via many different apps/software/website.

Including all kind of topic spiritual, occult, supernatural, human evolution, ascension, life on Earth, the Universe, etc.

You are free to ask any question or can request anything, I will answer if I still online.

Speak up in order for me to know your current level of mindset, thus able to help you to become God or truly control your life.

Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha

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Book: How To Increase Longevity, Live To 500+ Years More

Book: How To Increase Longevity, Live To 500+ Years More

Original Source: https://ascensionjoy .com/book-how-to-increase-longevity-live-to-500-years-more/

Karma Requirement: 200 USD/Euro.

You can obtain via many ways:

Direct from author: https://www.buymeacoffee. com/ascensionjoy/e/131493

Cryptocurrency: https://ascensionjoy. com/donate/

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=ebi6EAAAQBAJ

Amazon KDP:

Kobo Book:

And many other platforms.


The desire for longevity is applied to many beings no matter animals or humans.

But if you want to increase your longevity, you must be smart, you must using common sense and critical thinking of human.

In this book, I will reveal the secret and teach you how to live to 500+ years or more.

Best Regard,

Ascension Joy – Bodhi Udumbara

Free book "How To Increase Longevity, Live To 500+ Years More" (price $200 USD)

I am going to give you the book if you can make minimum donation of $5 USD to my tron wallet: TVQtKqZLoGemSuqhgXm9Y9yZeroLDi9uPX .

Offer valid for next 24 hour only.

You can find the book on google play.

The reason is I am struck with my USDT token due to lack of Tronx to transfer (their fee have changed and too high).

Give me your email/twitter and transaction ID after you done.

Thank you


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Heidegger's urhandlung des daseins is the same like activating the default mode network aka daydream mode. Your thoughts?

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poliphi thread - pissing off everyone

where I am 100% totalitarian collectivism (communism):

banking (except for abolition of private funds and enactment of wealth redist, basically just end the fed)


buses, ships, trains, and planes, no fares, tax-funded

utilities (including internet, as well as water, heating, and power)


emergency services (more than just firefighters, all-purpose disaster response workers)

healthcare (including mental and dental)

law enforcement (with emphasis on privacy and individual rights of the citizens)

courts (all prosecutors and defenders public)

prisons (replaced with criminal rehab centers, criminal activity treated as result of mental problems, release only when assigned psych deems unlikely to commit offenses again)

education (at all levels, from preschool to tertiary ed, no private, home, or employer-run schools)


all incomes of every worker in a workplace required to listed in every other worker's paycheck, in order from most earned to least, so they may compare wages top those of co-workers. (ex. if one works in a McDonald's you will get the amount paid to every other worker in that specific McDonald's restaurant listed on your paycheck, but not those from any other restaurant in the chain. you won't get your CEO's check unless you work in the same building.)

maternity leave with equal-length paternity leave, and given to every new parent in homosexual or polygamous families.

permanent welfare should be given to those unable to work, and temporary welfare to those able to work, but unemployed.


everything else is 100% individualistic libertarianism (an-cap):

most controversial opinions:

no laws except those that enforce ownership of body and physical belongings, which encompass anything that is not a living human being, (theft, rape, vandalism, assault, destruction, murder, trespassing, etc.)

private businesses can choose who to serve, and how to serve them, at their own full discretion, they will also be given the right to determine how much any of their employees are paid, and when they are hired or fired, even if doing so enables discrimination.

in addition to homosexual relationships and marriages, incestuous relationships and marriages are legal, as are relationships or marriages between more than two people, so long as all parties are consenting, adoption may only take place within marriages, and only when all those involved are consenting to the adoption.

the creation, possession, distribution, and consumption of recreational drugs are fully legal, but it is a crime to be under it's influence if it is mind affecting and you are using a piece of large machinery, like a car, the possession distribution and consumption of child pornography is legal, but it is still illegal to record violations of the age of consent, or to violate age of consent laws yourself, prostitution and gambling are fully legalized as well, bit it is illegal for them to serve anyone under 18.

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Race, class and losers (CMV)

Since I try to see many kinds of political views and try to see if they truly hold water, I had seen many white nationalist literature over the years.

I may just be me, but they all seem to categorize all white people (besides a few ethnicities of course) as being oppressed by the powers that be, and that the reasons why they themselves aren't going places in life is due to either be the fault of races who are more successful than them (jews and asians), or that the ways of wealth making corrupted the ones who have blood relations with them, and caused them to cast away all obligations of helping their fellow man.

Honestly, they act and whine just as much as the marxist socialists who would contemplate about trying to fuck with people only because of them having a work ethic, or complain about not receiving a higher wage but would not put in work to actually try to get it.

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The way the dog was covering the little girl is so cute


What is ordinary for the dog?

If not in its purpose what is its purpose?








































He is us

We are the same We are God's light

I am not god We are god I am different but we are the same I am a light We are all gods light He is the point Hes cleaning himself

Hes dirty With sin Cleaning is coming He misses us We are coming back He showed me his light Now I can see Now I show you my light So you can see. God spoke to me. I speak to you. We didn't see the first time. God sent a message. To warn us. See him now He wants us to see him I see him

See him. now Allow him. End suffering.

Before it's more than he can bear. Reject sin.

Preserve life Don't be on the blade when he pulls it out We are his sign. We are the message. To himself Spread the message

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Fight the Jew. Learn history. Gain knowledge. Gain power.

Forum sector88.net

Main site sinistar7.org

Jews must pay

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So I did a philosopher tier list

Lemme know what you think (Machiavelli was missing and would be God tier)

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Why is nietzcheanism considered as a form of socialism in the protocols of the elders of zion.

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Kant, Locke and Hume

What are the similarities between them? As far as I can tell they criticise what it means to think and how we form our thought processes in life based on our experiences and sensations but there has to be other connections or maybe i'm inferring incorrectly?

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Why do the answers to the fundamental questions of being have to be so tightly sealed? This not dangerous knowledge, also neither bad nor good, just the purest kind of knowledge there is, like math.

Is the reason his writings are so obscure also the reason Hegel is widely ignored in analytical philosophy? Even when he provides a lot of answers analytical philosophy in the tradition of wittgenstein/kripke is not able to answer? Like the problem of naming?

Is the most important philosophical system ignored because anglos simply cannot force enough willpower to work it through? Tbh this sometimes felt like it was intentionally written to not be understood. I have spent weeks on this work an I have only been able to read to 1/3rd of it, yet I push on.

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Anyone here writing any philosophy or know of any obscure philosophy being wrote that you'd like to share? It's always good to have an expression of ideas among peers please do share and be critical of what others are offering.

I personally am quite new to philosophy but have wrote a small writing on the philosophy of religion as it pertains to still finding God in an infinite regression if anyone is interested.

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Snowflake philosophy of Baby Boomers

"Everyone is so easily offended these days, back in my day we weren't a bunch of snowflakes."

– person who comes from a generation of NPCs that was offended by gay people existing

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thoughts & opinions

Anyone interested in offering advice?? without being rude, or childish name calling/insults... Strong and confident in themselves and their beliefs that they can handle another viewpoint respectively & polite. Insecure people need not apply!

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i m a 19 year old boy. i have read dostoevsky, Jack London, Maupassant and bunch of other good writers. I have a fairly good taste in music ( at least I think so). I am a NEET. I really want to be a singer and a writer. I,m broke, I can,t find a job, I don,t even have a penny. I can,t even tell my parents what I want because I,m afraid they won,t understand. Plus I,m super introverted, i don,t like seeing or meeting people. I don,t know what to do. Give me some advice for gods sake so, I won,t kill myself. I don,t wanna die!!!

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what is a nation?

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Please Help.

I need help condensing and improving my grammar.

The Ego has now become ones own God in the Newest century. By the taking of one's own personal beliefs and the application of the greatest ideas in the existential mind of it's philosopher, they can put the entirety of all their beliefs and faiths into the idea that a Sovereign God does not exist.

By killing their loyalty to the ultimate idea of God, the faith of a Sovereign God, they all also claim that God is subjective at either - the start of creation ( evolution, co-evolution, race theory or Abrahamic creation and it's sub-types) or at the end of life ( judgement, and eternal life ).

This also means that they are putting ego as their own God. Ego, being the combination of one's soul, and body. It is essentially the face of ones spirit, but not the mind of the spirt. Just as our Face is the way for our body to communicate, the ego is the face of the spirit.

When, we put all our idealogies ( faith and her beliefs ) into the idea that everything is subjective then we see the decay of truth in almost all of reality. By the destruction of the realm of objectivity and entering the realm of Pride ( see the fall of lucifer ) , we find our virtues the first to fall ( the angels of morallity ).

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I am glad you posted. Watch this video and ask yourself, "What does Alpha and Omega mean to myself?." The short video is flush with items to argue about, but it does represent one thing

for SURE>

The infinity for each of the viewers is different.

I really enjoyed it.




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Excuses for browsing /philosophy/ and not looking like pic related go in here.

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

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What does philosophy think of UNABOM?

Not as a man but as a philosopher, because there's obviously a glaring downside to his nature.

>b-b-b-b-b-but b-b-b-b-bombs

We all know what he did and it is besides the point of this thread so let's keep the criticisms original.

as far as my flag, I'm not an orthodox existentialist but it was the closest thing to my philosophy.

Lay it on me

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Not one old philosopher is on record condemning slavery, until the modern age, when anti-slavery sentiment became popular. What does that say about philosophy?

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Since /fringe won't let me post a question, I'll ask you guys.

If reincarnation is real, then how can you be considered the same entity/soul with your memories blanked in the next life? Consider this: if a man gets into an accident and loses all his previous memories, he's really only the same "person" in a physical sense, and in the sense that other people remember who he is, or was. However, if everyone else who knew him lost their memories of him too, he essentially loses his identity altogether and thus becomes a new individual after the accident.

TLDR; Without memory, you really have no identity, so how can reincarnation/next lives be a spiritual reality?

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Can someone think of a conditional that is obviously true or false as a whole that is not a counterfactual?

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Bertrand Russel: the last great philosopher


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if the world is flat..

if the world is flat, shouldnt tits be flat too?

Discuss lynnlynn2525@yahoo.com

Whatsapp +6594498802

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Why isn't circumcision banned in the west?

San Fransisco Failed, Germany Failed, Iceland Failed, there have been countless attempts to ban infant male circumcision that have failed despite having a majority support in the area? Areas where religious minorities are at an all time low, circumcision rates are essentially non-existent. Yet non-medically justified, routine genital mutilation (religious or not) continues to occur despite the gender counter part being forbidden by law.

What message does it send where males are violated at birth, while females have their bodies protected by law? Iceland hospitals refused to conduct infant circumcision and had signed agreements among the hospitals across the country to refuse such services as medically unjustified. As a result a vote to illegalize the practice was initiated which resulted in international uproar.

It's an extremely simple topic that people have an illogical habit of complicating. The right to inflict bodily injury on another persons body without their consent. Religiously motivated or not. I cant religiously mutilate animals. It's considered animal abuse.

The main contention I have, is to put the practice into perspective to see the true tragedy and the reason why it's not complicated to see why it should be illegal. To turn the infant, into a grown adult, and keep the situation identical.

You are 25 years old. Your parents have decided to take you against your will to the doctors, where people over power you, forcefully strap you onto an operating table, strap your legs and arms down so you can't move, and without anesthesia, take a knife to your genitals, cutting the most private part of your body as you scream in pain. This is something you'd expect in a scene from the Saw movie franchise. Not something we would callously turn a blind eye happening to infants.

So what are you thoughts on why so many countries have failed their own children to protect them from genital mutilation.


Circumcision is culturally based and not medically based. Cutting a penis to reduce the remote chance of penile cancer is like cutting a girl's budding breasts to reduce the chance of breast cancer.

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Why are we evil?

Why do we lie? It’s the source to every other evil on our planet.

Naturally, we wouldn’t lie. When we have everything we need, when we get everything we want, we don’t have to lie. We wouldn’t have to betray.

Is the pressure on every single one of us way to large? Can’t we handle our existence, whitout lying? Are we just coping the behavior of our fellow humans? Are we hidden in a negative spyrale, because the best liers have the best chances for might and power?

Isn’t this spreading just like cancer? Is our planet like the first cancer cell in a human body? When’s the moment you differ? Now, it’s a healthy cell, fighting the cancer whitin. Now it’s a comlete cancer cell, ready to infiltrate other cells, ready to spread.

We are currently planning to invade our neighbor cell, Mars.

On the other side. How easy would it be, to heal this cancer. When we just delete the negative factor.

We can just start to erfüllen the needs of the next smaler cells. For the human body, that would be some proteins i think, for our world it is a little more complicated.

The next smaller would be the continents, the nations, the regions, the cities and villages, the families and then the humans, you and me.

That’s just the natural order, a pattern i find everywhere.

If a cell is sick, satisfy it’s needs.

If our planet is sick, satisfy every humans needs.

To eleminate all the corruption, all the wars, all the deaths, all the thefts, wheter it’s nations stealing from other nations, or people stealing from other people, or people stealing from everyone.

All we have to do, is fulfill our needs and be happy.

But everyone has to know and do this.

Everyone has to see the vision.

Anyone has to know, where he wants to go.

Some of us have to lead the way.

Where We Go One We Go All. Let's start pointing at directions.

Q - positron

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Compress information

That's what humanity's best at.

There were so many informations, produced by human minds, from the moment we invented the word 'idea' til now.

Every generation learnt their forefathers facts, connected them, found similarities and compressed the information into the next larger piece of the puzzle called nature.

Our generation is gonna create an explosion of knowledge. We got the internet.

Try it for yourself.

Jordan Peterson:


1000 books of our intellectuel ancestors, compressed to 5h from one of the smartest guys around.

Your turn's next. Try to compress this information into a 1 minute video.

Where We Go One We Wonnna Know

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Perspective of Time

What's a lifespan?

It's a mosquitos fart compared to the evolution of our lifestyle.

Let's produce a show. About a Familly.


The builder of the pyramides extinct after a flood, caused by the end of the iceage

Some 'pharaos' survived in foreign countries, building monuments all over the world.

I want a show about their descendants, from then till now. After each episode, the next generation gets into the lead position.

A show through history, from the perspective of one single family.

How would this change the perspective of our own lifetime? How much could we learn, when we continue, start to write the story of our own future?

When we get in complete control of this monster called time.

Positive suggestion.

If you want to gain perspective, set it into relation.

Another story idea.

A man makes a plan to fly to the stars.

For him and his next 28 Generations.

He got the idea. Generation 3 & 4 make the money.

G 5 - 10 engineer the rockets, create the science.

Generation 12 lifts off, 248 People leave our planet.

The next 13 Generation live their lives in space, on an eternal travel.

At Generation 25 another human spaceship passes by, more advanced and much faster.

They knew about our guys and they have presents, new and better technology from far back home.

Generation 26 arrives at the new planet, faster than expected.

Generation 27 & 28 Set their Foundation for their new civilisation.

This film is the work of the head of the first generation, to visualize his vision. To inform & motivate every single descendant from him to work for this shared vision.

This will one day be reality. For various projects in all possible sizes. We could already start and create theoretical projects in form of entertainement.

Where We Go One our descendants have to be.

Q - positron

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What happens, when we educate a group of people to organize themself the old ways. All woman organazing together, the man fix problem and find solutions.

We could start experimantal companies, run that way.

Where We Go One We Go In Love.

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What's next?

The world has been divides, social progress has bin prohibited for the last 200 Years.

Now the times are changing.

So, what's next?

Liberalism, Capitalism, Nationalism, Communism, Democracy..

All this Ideas are so old. I want something new. Humanity learned so much over the last century. I'd like to use this knowledge. We invented so many devices, some of them are smarter than we are.

Let us use that shit.

So, what's next?

Let us gather ideas.

All of us. Let us compare and combine our ideas. Let us try them. Let us create a list of thousands of ways for humans to live together, locally, sustainable and peacefully.

And if you want to, you can support a specific idea, and when there are enough supporters, you can start to live in this society.

imo, humanities last mistake has been the limitation of possibilities.

There can only be good, or evil.

Strong or weak.

It's the only way.

Left or right?

This is not how evolution works.

Nature is always trying to create as many alternatives as possible.

We need diversity.

We have to create as many different possibilities as we can.

Time is gonna destroy a majority of them.

That's called evolution.

That's just the most efficient way to prepare for the unpreparable.

Where we go one, our futurest children will live.

Q - positron

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>One of the best Atheist Philosophers

>Recognizes Man's need for Self-esteem

>Holds reality to be an absolute.

>No mystified metaphysics and epistemology.

There seems to be something far deeper to Rand than her political philosophy. It's a shame that people don't know about it more.

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Creationist Cat Philosophy



I think he makes more sense than any of the Alt-Right lunatics that call themselves skeptics.

Skeptics community in 2008: Religion is bad

Skeptics community in 2018: On second thought religion is alright.

I like seeing him destroy Sargon of Akkad and Armored Skeptic.

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need your help in giving arguments to support the idea that our human consciousness is somehow different from a toilet flush system. The discussion started on

https://alethe.me/alice_attarado/what%20is%20your%20consciousness%3F/0/1/ some time ago but somehow died out apparantly because it's quite evident that there is no qualitative difference.

If you know any please let me know on this threa or on alethe.

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Heritage and Aestheticism.

One must have heritage within the land that they live upon them in order to sensitively register its aesthetic properties.

In order to purge the depths of one's ethereal aesthetic inventory they must be receptive to the nature of their land. It is a matter of non-biological epigenetic evolution.

No nigger could fathom the holistic conceptual and physical beauty of the North-western European continent and thus could not acquire the sacred knowledge of the land's logic. Tolerance is for one to be able to communicate with another individual on ostensive matters, this is what a racially-mixed communion is. Yet, for one to truly, sensually communicate to progress knowledge and form a chain of ideas they must be connected to the land they are poised within. It is the momentum of productive communion.

It is not a matter of colour, it is a matter of heritage, yet I will not argue that there is a reverent utility in differentiation as the polarised colour of a nigger in relation to a European Man can guide one to garner conclusions in a similar function to how one may conclude that a piece of fruit is rotten from its colour. Love your home and raise your lands.


R:6 / I:1 / P:3 [R] [G] [-]


How the hell are all of these the same person?

R:2 / I:0 / P:3 [R] [G] [-]

Why is the material implication a thing?

If people have a problem with conditionals with false antecedents and with true consequents always being true, why not just change it according to what is found to be more intuitive? Regarding equivalence with some disjunctions, every explanation I hear seems to make sense prima facie, but I think ultimately they make sense merely because it makes the whole system simple and easy to work with. For instance, (p->q)->(~pVq) is not as intuitively necessarily true as maybe (pVq)->(~p->q). Simply changing how implications behave reflects that some of these disjunctions, while equivalent with the material implication, would indeed cease to be equivalent. So again, why do we stick with the material implication? Is it because in it, they're equivalent to disjunctions and are therefore translatable by something like DeMorgan's Laws and provide for tidy simplifications?

R:26 / I:1 / P:3 [R] [G] [-]

If the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?" and the answer "There is no reason," does this answer fulfill the fullest potential of what an answer is, or does it lack any discernible thing to be such an answer other than perhaps not being satisfying to some? Why or why not?

I'm not interested in brainlet critiques of the positing of the question itself, rather critiques of this answer or other possible answers

R:0 / I:0 / P:3 [R] [G] [-]


AKA philosophical dumping ground and inquiries.

Starting off: Can someone repost the three images in the second post of the sticky?

R:18 / I:2 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Female Philosophers

Why Is every goddamn female philosopher a fucking feminist?

R:2 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Hitler Was A Deist

You may say this is better for /pol/, but I figure the subject is deep enough for presence on /philosophy/.

Exactly as the subject line says. There's a small cottage industry of discussion as to his religious views....but I've never been satisfied with the results.

He clearly had a strong enough metaphysical fervor that he can't be described as a simple atheist. At the same time, whatever some may say about his upbringing in a Catholic household, he clearly wasn't a Christian. Take any quotation you can from him which mentions "God", and you can easily substitute it with "Fate", "Providence", "Destiny", etc. For those who contend he was a Catholic zealot, he had astonishingly little to say about Christ ameliorating Original Sin or Mary being the Queen of Heaven.

Shit, for those who present the argument of the "Gott Mit Uns" motto on SS belts, I have (will post pic if you want) a "Second Reich" coin from 1907 with that same motto inscribed on the side. So the phrase clearly predates the NSDAP period and had currency by inertia.

One can also come across sources which attest that Hitler frowned upon Himmler's attempt at neo-paganism. Thus, deism is the only conclusion we are left with by process of elimination, and it's quite a reasonable one.

When we think of "deist", we probably think of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, or other Enlightenment era figures. The M.O. of those thinkers was to observe the capacity of nature to carry out self-sustaining systems, as well as the capacity of people to carve out lives for themselves by innate talents of reasoning, so as to construe that a supreme creative force or governor intended for a universal order which could basically be described as classical liberalism.

Hitler similarly appealed to biology & history to demonstrate that there was an innate hierarchy of human races, with each one having a destiny as temporally erected by the time of its present circumstance.

The deist view is that there is a primary creative & intelligent input behind the Universe, but that it must be construed by studious observation rather than accepted in the event of a grand revelation. Given what I've outlined above, I don't see what better way to classify Hitler's stance towards religion & spirituality as anything other than deism.

R:42 / I:7 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Censorship everywhere on 8chan

Why are the political boards here so shit? I get banned from /pol/ for anything I say, and the same applies to /leftypol/ too now.

In fact I get banned at pretty much every board here for just about anything. 8chan was supposed to be for free speech, but somehow it went to shit and is more restrictive than 4chan now. You can't even post about anime you like at /a/, or debate religion or literature on the relevant boards without hotpockets deleting your topic. This is the last board that could be good for arguing about ideas, if it weren't so dead. 8chan has become a major disappointment.

R:20 / I:1 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Peterson -vs- Žižek.

Sony Center in Toronto, on Friday, April 19.

Das it mane!


No fireworks. Nevertheless, well worth a look.

R:1 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

this dump doesn't load anything of substance. I try more than a few lines and it freezes up. No better than twatter.

R:65 / I:28 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

h-humour thread?

R:12 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

p->q t f n u

t t f u u

f n n n n

n t f u u

u t f u u

n for neither

u for undefined

Rate my truth table for how conditionals actually work (none of this "if the antecedent is false, then the conditional is true," nonsense)

R:12 / I:6 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

>be me

>philosophy major

>sign up for metaphysics and epistemology this semester

>go to class expecting to learn about and read Hume Descartes Locke Kant Witt etc

>get syllabus, all of the readings are contemporary analytic philosophers working within Russell's paradigm

>both professors fellate Russell every class

I knew most philosophy departments in North America followed the analytic school, but not to this extent. I also thought we'd start with the Greeks, like everyone says, but were starting the contemporaries. Is this how it is everywhere? How should I approach this, this wasn't what I was expecting at all.

R:6 / I:1 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

The universe and everything in itself is my will.

R:5 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

The history of Western philosophy in its entirety (philosophy cheat sheet)


I think this list is almost complete.

R:2 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Great philosophy podcasts?

I’ll start:


R:1 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

philosophy of science

What exactly was the move from Verification to Confirmation in Philosophy of science? I ask this in the context of Scientific Realism.

It is Carnap who is usually credited for the shift.

If someone could explain this to me in simple terms, I'd be thankful.

R:2 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Why was this man forgotten?

He was atypical of most British philosophers then and now.

R:18 / I:2 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

God knows therefore there is no free will is extra-motivated nonsense

1. Necessarily, if God foreknows that I will do X, then I will do X.

2. God foreknows that I will do X.

3. Necessarily, I will do X.

Is this accurate? because if it is, it's invalid. It would be valid if the consequent of premise 1 were "then necessarily I will do X," but why would it be? It's conceivable that were you not to do X, but instead Y, God's foreknowledge would simply have been different, such that Y would simply be the new X. Why is this not the case? Why do you have to do something simply because God knows you're going to do it? Why can't you just do whatever you want, freely, and God's foreknowledge not change -- but be -- accordingly? What could possess people that such a stupid line of thinking otherwise be so popular?.

R:1 / I:0 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

What literature might I read to explore how a view like infinitism is compatible with the existence of knowledge? Or a view that rejects foundationalism and coherentism and also explores just how it is that knowledge exists.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

The reason I survived.

I had many near-death situations in my life, and many many problems, I wanna share the mindset that made me stronger and helped me to survive until now.

(This is the first and the last time im posting that).

1) The feeling, "Love to God" should be number one priority, forever. And it should be refreshed every day.

2) Never regret the past. (it was a lesson)

3) Never be afraid of the future.

4) Even your worst enemy is actually your teacher, and teacher is an ally. (helps you to become stronger)

5) Never blame your parents for your problems and failures.

6) Try to overcome the aggresion to the opposite sex. they are our allies too.

7) Try not to blame others, even if they are imperfect (just like all of us).

8) Never be a slave of religious organizations, because they use God for money.

Thats pretty much my experience, and Im glad to share it. I feel better somehow.

inb4 people saying kys

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

The reason I survived

I had many near-death situations, and many many problems, I wanna share the mindset that made me stronger and helped me to survive until now.

(This is the first and the last time im posting that).

1) "Love to God" should be num1 priority forever.

2) Never regret the past.

3) Never be afraid of the future.

4) Even your worst enemy is actually your teacher, and teacher is an ally.

5) Never blame your parents for your problems and failures.

6) Try to overcome the aggresion to the opposite sex. they are our allies too.

7) Try not to blame others, even if they are imperfect (just like all of us).

8) Never be a slave of religious organizations, because they use God for money.

R:2 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]


Happy Mother's Day!

Be sure to give yours a big hug.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

The imperative of progress, momentary fashion or human innate quality?

hroughout the vast majority of history, as a species we have simply existed like other animals. Eat, breed, survive. Norma. Then came religion and philosophy, which dictated how to live. It regulated social relations and explained the unexplained, but it was still about survival.

However, somewhere at the end of the Middle Ages a different approach to improvement began to emerge in Western Europe. Not to survive, but to improve, to check. Change for the sake of change, not necessarily. This new way of thinking developed slowly and exploded with all its might in the 19th century. Eccentric people, inventors, crazy people discovering something became "pop stars". Inventing and discovering became fashionable. This lasted until the middle of the 20th century and became commonplace.

In my opinion, inventiveness is not fashionable nowadays but only desirable to satisfy consumers, so in part we return to thinking from before this revolution only at a different level. We expect that there will be inventions, but the people who design them are not famous, and these are just another anonymous work that we do not worship but demand.

Admittedly, there are universities, pop culture productions promoting slogans: "all the time forward", "don't give up", "it's up to you", "you make your way", but how many people listen to them?

There is no longer such pressure on these slogans and I am afraid that we are entering another period of stagnation, so much so that at a higher level of development, which in turn is more difficult to maintain in the case of "misfortune".

What do you think about the present imperative of the progress that our civilization has made. Why was it possible to create it? What do you see its origins in? Is it really burning itself out or has it just changed its form? And if not, how far will we go with the fumes?

Or do you think that it is a feature of our species and we were condemned to technical development?

R:4 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

I'm just a kid who thinks, I don't know a whole lot.

I can do whatever I want, though I see no reason to.

Why should I attempt to do anything? I will die and so will everything else living. There no meaning, I can assign meaning but that subjective meaning will mean nothing in the end. Don't we do things to get to the end of the task? If the end of the task will be the same no matter the actions done to get there, why not kill myself?

R:4 / I:2 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Is this philosophically sadistic autistic sjw war porn something you fine intellectual folks might be into?

Give me ur take on this

Search YouTube for LSDP tv

Or click the link below


R:5 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

How does this refute infinite regress?

Proclus' Elements of Theology:

Proposition 11. All that exists proceeds from a single first cause.

For otherwise all things are uncaused; or else the sum of existence is limited, and there is a circuit of causation within the sum; or else there will be regress to infinity, cause lying behind cause, so that the positing of prior causes will never cease. But if all things were uncaused, there would be no sequence of primary and secondary, perfecting and perfected, regulative and regulated, generative and generated, active and passive, and all things would be unknowable. For the task of science is the recognition of causes, and only when we recognize the causes of things do we say that we know them.

And if causes transmit themselves in a circuit, the same things will at once prior and consequent; that is, since every productive causes is superior to its product (prop. 7), each will be at once more efficient than the rest and less efficient. (It is indifferent wether we make the connexion of cause and effect and derive the one from the other through a greater or a less number of intermediate causes; for the cause of all these intermediaries will be superior to all of them, and the greater their number, the greater the efficency of that cause.)

And if the accumulation of causes may be continued to infinity, cause behind cause for ever, thus again all things will be unknowable. For nothing infinite can be apprehended; and the causes being unknown, there can be knowledge of their consequents. Since, then, things cannot be uncaused, and cause is not convertible with effect, and infinite regress is excluded, it remains that there is a first cause of all existing things, whence they severally proceed as branches from a root, some near to it and others more remote, For that there is not more than once such first principle has already been esablished, inasmuch as the subsistence of any manifold is posterior to the One (prop.5).

R:2 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

How does this refute infinite regress?

Proclus' Elements of Theology:

Proposition 11. All that exists proceeds from a single first cause.

For otherwise all things are uncaused; or else the sum of existence is limited, and there is a circuit of causation within the sum; or else there will be regress to infinity, cause lying behind cause, so that the positing of prior causes will never cease. But if all things were uncaused, there would be no sequence of primary and secondary, perfecting and perfected, regulative and regulated, generative and generated, active and passive, and all things would be unknowable. For the task of science is the recognition of causes, and only when we recognize the causes of things do we say that we know them.

And if causes transmit themselves in a circuit, the same things will at once prior and consequent; that is, since every productive causes is superior to its product (prop. 7), each will be at once more efficient than the rest and less efficient. (It is indifferent wether we make the connexion of cause and effect and derive the one from the other through a greater or a less number of intermediate causes; for the cause of all these intermediaries will be superior to all of them, and the greater their number, the greater the efficency of that cause.)

And if the accumulation of causes may be continued to infinity, cause behind cause for ever, thus again all things will be unknowable. For nothing infinite can be apprehended; and the causes being unknown, there can be knowledge of their consequents. Since, then, things cannot be uncaused, and cause is not convertible with effect, and infinite regress is excluded, it remains that there is a first cause of all existing things, whence they severally proceed as branches from a root, some near to it and others more remote, For that there is not more than once such first principle has already been esablished, inasmuch as the subsistence of any manifold is posterior to the One (prop.5).

R:7 / I:1 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

For a long time, I have been bothered by what seemed to be either willful ignorance or complete lack of understanding whenever I present an argument in opposition to somebody. My thought was that the person either submitted to dissonance to maintain their world view, ignored my point completely because they felt it was a personal attack, or simply lacked the capacity to understand a more intellectually rigorous refutation.

The thought has just occurred to me, however, that it could be a result of the way in which we process information. Are we fundamentally unable to communicate in a truthful manner?

R:2 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

You Can’t Take Yourself Too Seriously With a Turtle on Your Head


How an iconic animal cap helped a man in his 60s come out of his shell.


R:18 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

“How should one live?” A tentative map of responses to existentialism

I’ve been playing around with clustering responses to existential crises.

The two axes I found most interesting for grouping are something like self-assertion/ambition/egoism/rigidity vs humility/permissiveness/tolerance/easygoingness (top to bottom) and spirituality vs materialism (left to right).

The “rule” cluster is more like “both rule over and serve under, according to one’s role in the cosmic order” but I couldn’t express that core idea in a single word like the other three.

I’ve had a messy go at putting different broad philosophical categories on this map. It’s just my ideas to start with, and I’d welcome some friendly suggestions or any thoughts you have.

What other/alternative axes would you consider, to categorise philosophical worldviews?

Where would you put philosophical branches that I haven't included (or shift the ones I have)?

I'm struggling with the top right corner, where the term “communism” awkwardly encapsulates a larger rebellion against nature itself (the blank slate view of humanity, postmodern attacks on scientific knowledge even without allowing for other kinds of spiritual knowledge etc.; including defiance of commonly-accepted natural laws about human nature, economic cause-and-effect, radical egalitarianism, etc.)

I'm not sure about where to put “social Darwinism”, but I think it's roughly a materialist version of imperialism/will-to-power.

Disclaimer that all of these will be interpretations and simplifications of things which are not so easily categorised.

It's just a bit of fun.

R:3 / I:1 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Are life and death both pointless?

>Generally speaking, life itself is pointless. Unless you reach immortality, you're gonna die eventually, and you should realize that death is not "a black screen at the end of the movie," but there having never been any movie. It's an eternal void of absolute nothingness, like there had existed until you were born, except indefinitely. And even on the far-off-chance that you, personally, will acquire immortality - life is still going to be pointless. You'll just exist for the sake of existence, forever.



R:44 / I:9 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]


Who is your favorite existentialist, /philosophy/?

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

why was Montesquieu such a jackass?

of the French Revolution thinkers he was one of the worst.

R:23 / I:2 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

you're all wrong

I just wanted you to know.

R:1 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Rare Pictures of Nietzsche Thread

Post any rare pictures of Friedrich Nietzsche that you would like to share. Here are a few:

R:8 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Free will or determinism?

What really a man head to?

R:4 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Why are so many adults have nasty personalities?

Why are adults such fucking assholes?

I'm only in my mid 20's, autistic, and trying to find my place in my life but the amount of people in adulthood that expect you to live as miserably as they do is insane. Its like they want me to put on a disguise to fake every emotion I have possible just to rot my soul away to my grave, I don't fucking get it.

Its like its a crime to be happy around them the moment you hit 21 and if you object and try to live your life to the fullest degree, apparently your a huge fucking problem to the world.

How do I tolerate this kind of behaviour?

R:33 / I:6 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

>tfw the world is my will

R:12 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


Why aren't you and your friends >implying all living in friendship mansion yet?

R:32 / I:5 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

I’m trying to learn about Platonism. I started a list of major Platonic philosophers and their works, but it feels short. Could you guys recommend any other texts to help me with this?

>Plato - complete works

>Plotinus - The Enneads

>Proclus - The Theology of Plato

>Damascius - Difficulties and Solutions of First Principles

That’s about it. There must be more. I’m also looking into Pseudo-Dionysius and John Scotus Eriugena, but I’m more interested in pre-christian platonists

R:30 / I:3 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Jordan Peterson


I watch the satire of his gibberish, and cant see any difference between when he praises Jesus, Christian archetypes, and western culture. He's the worst pseudo-philosopher of this century.

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Ethical Solipsism

Can it be defended?

R:6 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

What can change the nature of a man ?

How do you think , what is answer for this question ?

R:6 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

The Will

Are there any philosophers who developed their own conception of the nature of the will (like shopenhauer/nietzsche)

R:16 / I:2 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

What's a will?

R:10 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

How would I know if I have something unique to say in philosophy?

R:2 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

>go on literally any philosopher board on earth

>people don't discuss philosophy, they just discuss writings of past philosophers

Might as well rename the board to esoteric historian jackoffs.

R:2 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

>I basically cracked the code of secular ethics that philosophers have struggled with for thousands of years

R:6 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

I don't get it. a lot of people have called me an Ethical Solipsist yet even though (I'd wager) even though it came out of the enlightenment most of my beliefs pre-date the enlightenment, going back to Aristotle and St. Aquinas, so uh, wtf?

bear in mind my economics though are total post French Revolution. but this board isn't an economics board so yea.

R:10 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

What's the difference between objectively having meaning and having objective meaning?

R:3 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

More like Socrades nuts. lol

R:35 / I:2 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

On Postmodernism

I was seeing Postmodernist "works" and I started to wonder what the hell was going through the minds of those people. Is this is the Nihilism that Nietzsche warned us about?

I mean, all the conditions are here. We're in a world of increasingly atheistic people that still cling to somewhat Christian morals(When they're not hedonists, that is). Nihilism is relatively popular compared to old times.

Question is, does Postmodernism actually hold any nihilist beliefs in itself? I don't know much other than those hipsters making shit art, so I went through https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postmodernism for a minute in hopes of finding something.

Can anyone?

Lastly, does anyone have a tingling fear that Nietzsche was wrong on the "trans-valuation of values" and that there will be just more nihilism after we come past this ordeal?

R:2 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

>The third way is taken from possibility and necessity, and runs thus. We find in nature things that are possible to be and not to be, since they are found to be generated, and to corrupt, and consequently, they are possible to be and not to be. But it is impossible for these always to exist, for that which is possible not to be at some time is not. Therefore, if everything is possible not to be, then at one time there could have been nothing in existence. Now if this were true, even now there would be nothing in existence, because that which does not exist only begins to exist by something already existing. Therefore, if at one time nothing was in existence, it would have beenimpossible for anything to have begun to exist; and thus even now nothing would be in existence---which is absurd. Therefore, not all beings are merely possible, but there must exist something the existence of which is necessary. But every necessary thing either has its necessity caused by another, or not. Now it is impossible to go on to infinity in necessary things which have their necessity caused by another, as has been already proved in regard to efficient causes. Therefore we cannot but postulate the existence of some being having of itself its own necessity, and not receiving it from another, but rather causing in others their necessity. This all men speak of as God.

Is there any refutation to the Saint Thomas Aquinas's third way?

R:7 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Critias Fragment

Here is a form of atheism that you could explain to 4th century BC Greeks. Greeks were geniuses at abstract thinking and great at seeing through bullshit. Discuss.


R:0 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Can the schism between continental and analytical philosophy ever be repaired?

Both the history of philosophy and the new logic should be sufficiently taught to philosophy students.

R:17 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

What's the best introduction to the philosophy of Hegel (specifically the aspects of it that have been relevant to Marx and the young-hegelians)? Is there any work by Hegel himself that's actually comprehensible without spending hours on one page?

R:3 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Lack of meaning in life

It's not just that i am sad. The worst thing is the lack of motivation . I really fell no motivation for anything.. I feel that the man simply calves with age, I see it clearly. For me the world is no longer so interesting, fascination and enthusiasm are slowly extinguishing, I became boring person.

I fell loneliness of incomprehension - I am in a crowd of friends, family, buzz , but ... there is no one to share with my feelings, emotions. Only talks about clichés.

I fell loneliness by ignoring - I become invisible in the eyes of others. Loneliness is also when you pass several hundred people in the city center within an hour, and for each of them you are worth as much as nothing , when the only way that others perceive you is perceiving as a client .

Added to this is the feeling of my own mediocrity. If you are not unique, you do not look special, you do not have exceptional talent, you were not born in a unique place, you do not have special skills or have a bigger purpose in life, you will always be just a little gray man, about whom the world will never he has heard or he will never hear. I am 24 and I am overwhelmed by the thought that nothing interesting will happen to me anymore.

If I had any talents, could do something specific, maybe I would feel better and needed. In the meantime, I am such a gray man that it is no longer possible. Why do I need a life consisting of going to work every day which I do not like, coming back from work, killing time with something that neither develops or amuses me, going to sleep and waking up in the morning for work.. I am constantly afraid that I will not achieve anything in my life and experience it as if I have never really lived.

I feel that I am not being helped by drugs or by the advice of psychiatrists and psychologists, motivational speakers and I do not know what to do. Would anyone have any advice for me, a solution?

R:14 / I:4 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Rationality Rules

Stephen Woodford founder of Rationality Rules, where we debunk and refute predominately religious and supernatural arguments. Does anyone follow him? And what do you think about his videos?

R:1 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Anons with a degree in philosophy, if I also obtain a degree in philosophy, unless I demonstrate ineptitude, will my ramblings magically be given an audience and real scholastic consideration?

R:2 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

good god, this fucking guy

makes Schopenhauer seem sane

he seems to despise the jews because "they don't know death, only eternal life"



R:3 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Thoughts on the Irenaean theodicy? I follow it as a deist.

R:2 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

There  is no phenoumenal world, we imagine it.

Qualia != phenoumenal.

R:2 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

Name one metaphysic that isn't ontological

R:178 / I:42 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]
Your favorite 3 philosophers in order

1. Socrates
2. Nietzsche
3. Plato

pic related, that's Friedrich himself.
R:10 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


What would the world be like if the Library of Alexandria was never destroyed?

R:1 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth, 1977


4 day viewing starting tomorrow December 18th-22nd 5 PM CST(11 PM UTC)


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The philosophy of image boards

Hello /philosophy/, I posted this on /new/ originally, but I figure you guys would have some valuable input too.

What do you think makes an image board, in the broadest sense of the word.

What ideas are they fundamentally based on? How best is an image board operated? e.g. In terms of moderation, its culture, and what it generally does. And finally, what should the purpose or end result of an image board be?

I will begin with a few relevant screencaps by anons on this issue.

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I always enjoyed this philographics, however I don't think it's complete, once I've posted them all can philosophers and thinkers alike help me create new ones with the correct symbols.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Why was he so reviled in his time?

Also side question:

Why was Kojeve so critical of Spinoza and Descartes? I know a lot of people (liberals usually) are enthralled by the latter two, and I rarely see Kojeve mentioned anywhere.

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There is no such thing as an agnostic belief.

If knowledge is defined as justified true belief, then agnostic belief, if it is not an irrelevant proclamation of feeling, is simply justified true belief in a plausibility. If someone "believes but they're not sure," their belief can be equated either to knowledge of a quantified plausibility, e.g. "There is a 70% chance this is true," or a feeling, e.g. "I feel like this is true but I don't know." A claim of agnostic belief is therefore either equivalent to a claim of knowledge, or a proclamation of feeling that is justifiedly ignored.

So why the existence of the term? Well if there are no other possible reasons, the implicit conclusion is deception. The specification of "agnostic," by virtue of the apparent necessity of its specification, implies gnostic belief is possible and that one holds other, gnostic beliefs, which, by virtue of the presumed necessity of logical justification for a gnostic belief, implies there is logical justification for the specification of "agnostic," which could only be a quantified plausibility. The term is used to give this impression, and yet so that when pressed to reveal said logical justification, one can incorrectly and deceptively cite "agnostic," that they thus don't actually know anything, and thus have nothing to defend.

Mentioning one's own epistemology at all is just a big red herring; it has no place in debate; and it should only if ever be shared as nothing more than a cool factoid about one's self -- because there is no such thing as an agnostic or gnostic position. Whether one believes they can tell the difference between knowledge and belief is irrelevant. Neither is anything more than a statement of feeling. If someone says "I believe but I don't know this thing to be true," or "I know this thing to be true," either way the only proper response in debate would be "Prove it."

>inb4 someone contests that I can't disagree with "established" epistemology

Well, I can, and I don't. Nor does what you've read on wikipedia or from any atheist 'philosopher' constitute epistemology. The "science" is never "settled" so to speak, unless you're an idiot.

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Awkwardly worded question aside what is at the core of human fear? What is the most accurate description of it from an existential point of view?

Having read Thomas Ligotti and Peter Wessel Zapffe it would seem that their vision of the human condition is a miserable one as man having been endowed with the rational to examine his own position in the galaxy as intrinsically without purpose.

H.P Lovecraft capitalized on this feeling of cosmic indifference and nihilism as the main driving force behind his horror novels however I have to wonder if this actually constitutes as fear...

That seem to be the general consensus, at least I've perceived as such, that the most frightening concept for people is to die, dissolve and be forgotten but this is true of all things. Do animals fear the prospect of being forgotten? I doubt it.

Is will to live the main defining attribute of fear? If there is no fear of death is there nothing left to fear?

Sorry if this come of as mouthbreathy and convoluted. I'll elaborate further as best I can.

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Our Western Poverty

We are rich, are we not? At any point prior in our species history have we ever been as nourished in our physical needs? Are not not living longer lives? If we have such wealth, how can anyone take issue with this world we have made?

However, even in this paradise of the material, there lies an underlying problem. Even with our full bellies, decent health, and access to to incredible technology we still find a quiet desperation in ourselves and others. What can a wealthy man lack? Purpose.

In my opinion, a well lived life is one that affirms life itself. Life is not happiness alone. Fulfillment is seldom found in brief sensory excitement. Agony and delight are married. If agony is negated, so is joy and therefore life. Our Occidental impoverishment is not material, it is the impotence of a once strong man. Our emptiness stems from our denial of the Faustian and masculine spirits that endure pain. We have become weak and sterile and therefore our world decays.

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Come to the board!!!

>>>/parthenon/ I think it would be a decent board to go to

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This is a definition of omnipotent:

To be capable of doing anything imaginable; illimitable, even by the universe (and beyond).

What do you feel about it? True or false?

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Happy Mother's Day!

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Hey /philosophy/,

I get the impression that a lot of you seem to believe that there is a set of objective moral laws. I made the mistake of majoring Human Geography in college and minoring in Philosophy. Since I took several classes examining different societies and cultures; I of course came away with a moral relativist point of view. I want to give equal weight to those who say that are objective truths to moral and immoral actions.

For me the two who best did it were Aristotle and Kant. (Not sure how anyone can take the Utilitarians seriously.) However, I'm a little underwhelmed by both of them. In my current mixed state of philosophical knowledge and ignorance, I think Aristotle did the best job. However, I still don't think he did so conclusively or even particularly close.

So can I ask you /philosophy/, who did the best job, and why?
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Bible Study

Bible Study time in 15 mins Join us!!


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Henlo I was in GATE

I'm a Christian but this is what was communicated to me by ethereal entities.

So whats going on? Well see the ethereal is real. Certain groups insert thought forms into the ethereal recesses of your mind. The thought forms normally negative energy create creatures in your mind that can alter conciousness, insert thoughts, speak, move independently. Every thought form seeks the same power to enter the astral. Where they can propagate and act freely, feeding off the energy of peoples conciousness.

Groups? Not sure but monroe institutes research provided the mechanical means for non spirtual thought forms to propagate.

Those most strongly affected are mental "sensitives" taking the brunt of their flagerant use of thought forms.

Sleep is when you are most vulnerable to these thought forms. Working in the foreground.

Ethereal is the astral and inner planes where ideas and archetypes can form and function without the physical.

Alexy is my thoughtform he will form and flow eventually propagating the astral.

But there are others in my head pushing for space and activating predatorial nature within me.

To gut, stab maim / end your life before you end anothers.

Seals and sigils to protect your back that simple nothing else, excovations as well.

Magic is a lot like creation.

Sigils - symbols concoted to cement meaning and cause change.

Demons they exist, archetypal thought forms striving for the status of gods. They insert their symbols into your thought streams to cause you to call them fourth.

Gods power exchangers. Devotion brings their power into your life not nessecerily into you.

Thought form - thought form is a general term for a entitiy or object that only exist within the ethereal.

Exvocation - its like a cleaning of the mind opening doors letting out the heat.

Monroe bots - artificial thought forms whose only purpose is to disturb forcing you to become controled.

Follow the 10 commandments Exodus 20 3:17

1:3 “You shall have no other gods before[a] me.

2:4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

3:7 “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

4:8 “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. 9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. 11 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.

5:12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

6:13 “You shall not murder.

7:14 “You shall not commit adultery.

8:15 “You shall not steal.

9:16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

10:17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

More things I was told

No sex without love

Pets and meat eating is wrong

Love your fellow humans

Pure asceticism is a waste of life

There is a old God and a new God

I also believe in Hermes and Aphrodite as sort of angels.

I had a long conversation with the angel Gabriel about this. He is the one who gave me the extra commandments.


I also believe in fae giving them offerings and attempting to interact with them.

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Are you happy /philosophers/?
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Luck is real

Anything good or bad that happens to someone that they, within reason, could not predict or control is a form of luck.

> Getting hit by a drunk driver

> Winning the lottery

> Born with a permanent disability

> Struck by lightning

There's no sound reason for anyone to say that luck isn't real. They either don't understand the meaning of the word or have a very distorted view of reality, like the ones who claim every experience you have is just a manifestation of your own thoughts. This is patently false, as you could wake up tomorrow with a spider on your head without a single thought to spur it. There may be a reason, a cause, for everything, but that doesn't mean every event can be controlled or accounted for by a person at all times. When these unpredictable, uncontrollable events affect someone positively or negatively, it's called luck.

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Best philosopher to read to be inspired to abstain from degeneracy, e.g. drinking?

Please no philosophers that weren't insightful enough not to be atheist

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The alt-right and /pol/ both have members who believe that god and the afterlife do not exist, but who also believe that public belief in such things is the only way for society to avoid falling into moral relativism and degeneracy.

Maybe there is a way to provide objective morality and purpose, I believe that the forbidden science promoted by the alt-right holds the key to this.

Ayn Rand was right about the law between the individuals within a tribe, but she refused to accept tribal differences, or even that there were tribes to begin with.

If we can combine Ethno-nationalism and the most useful bits of Objectivism, and use the empirical evidence supporting the existence of tribal differences, the need for tribal separation, etc. I feel like we would be on track to a new morality.

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Are there any infographics that weren't written by an apparent 8-year-old? You can't "realize" there is no meaning, as if the meaning of the realization exists in some magic bubble of non-meaning. Anyone have any guides that don't confuse despair and intelligence, and then proceed to try to explain just why that despair isn't despair? Something simple, like "You think this shit is interesting? Then you should read this. You think this shit is banal? Then you should read this."

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Does it make sense to try to self-actualize others?

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Humanity = God ?

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Perfect Eternal Conscious Energy

You are allowed to redefine the terms "real" and "reality". Let's redefine "Real" to mean "something that never changes". Does this physical life/world change? Yes, of course. And therefore it is not real. The only thing that is real is Perfect Eternal Conscious Energy -- Perfect Spirits, Perfect Eternal Conscious Entities. They never change and thus crave the illusions of a temporary, ever changing physical existence such as this very dreamworld we are presently experiencing. Nothing real is being harmed or changed by the horrors and pain of this little dream.

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Let me argue for Objectivism

I've been living successfully (patents, wealth) and happily (family, friends) with Objectivism for a decade and am fairly well involved in Oist circles.

I've been studying the theoretical side of it and think it might be insightful for everyone involved to have a discussion.

I'm aware that Oism is generally looked down upon by the majority of professional philosophers, which I find unfortunate.

Please throw anything you wish at me and I'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

Let me address some common misconceptions at the outset (mostly about Rand herself, but please don't make this thread about those points):

1. Rand's primary goal in life was to bring back the benevolent society of the 19th century that she caught a glance of in her youth - via literature. To achieve this, she wanted to "describe the ideal man". She did not want to be a philosopher and would rather have not led an ideology - but did so anyway after Nathaniel Branden convinced her that it would help her cause.

2. She did not die in poverty. Her estate was above a million dollars at her passing (which Leonard Peikoff inherited).

3. She did accept social security at some point - which is consistent since "only the opposers of redistribution may morally reclaim their redistributed/stolen wealth by making use of the redistribution" (it would be a sacrifice not to get your own money back)

4. She did have a relationship outside of her marriage - with which her husband agreed. She loved her husband since he had the ideal sense of life - and Branden because he could spar with her intellectually. It later turned out Branden betrayed her and it fell apart.

5. No, Objectivism is not about "screw everyone else". To the contrary. One ought to cultivate and support one's trade partners (to which friends and family count). The ideal is voluntarily chosen 'win-win' trades amongst everyone.

6. That 'rape scene' in the Fountainhead wasn't rape. Dominique is a complex character who wishes to destroy the good because the world isn't worthy of it. She tried and failed to deny herself the good and finally reluctantly gave in to her own wishes. (A paragraph is not enough to fully explain this)

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Thoughts on the political philosophy of Libertarianism?

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Why do you dislike the enlightenment?

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What is non-altruistic self-interest

That's not driven by a personal profit motive?

Give me some examples of such philosophy.

>inb4 Ayn Rand

No that's not what I'm looking for. Neither Max Stirner.

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Free Will

Do we truly have free will or are we just the current manifestations of a deterministic series of events that started with the big bang?
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Is monogamy natural?

I personally believe that the human body is programmed to be both monogamous and polygamous at the same time. The more sex you have with random women the more your body programs itself to become polygamous. And I think this might be why virgin-until-marriange couples have the lowest divorce rates.

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The Meaning of Life in Eternal Return

Almost of every school of philosophy from West to East believes in some form of reincarnation. Whether or not we come back as the same person or not is semantics. This isn't even mentioning the idea that our universe is just one of many.

My question then is how does reincarnation effect the meaning of life? How can there be any meaning if we have unlimited time at bat?

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Playing the Game

Hello anons, fellow seeker of Life here.

It seems to me like we live in a paradoxical world, in which we have no say over the creation of our existence, no say over the determination of the biological factors which shape our minds, and no proper say over the finding of meaning and fulfilment. I've dabbled with existentialism, structuralism, spiritualism, rationalism, and many of the forms they take. I know there is much I don't understand, and much more I haven't looked at or pondered. I have come to a few conclusions about life, beauty, and truth, but I have the recurring feeling like many of those conclusions, much of the wisdom I hold is self-referential and circular. I believe that the fundamental "graph of life" is an upward oscillation of "good", and not an exponentiality though it may look like that from very close. I know that I wish to, atleast and like everyone else, "feel" free, but I also know that "feeling free" is not the same as "being free". I wish to be free and know it as best I can, not feel free and believe it to be real.

In short, I want to become what I am, and I wish for that to be divine. I know hybris is dangerous, but I also know that calling out hybris is not enough to guard you from it. I know I don't believe in determinism, but I believe that determinism is real if it is believed.

I wish, or believe to wish to satisfy my ego or "will to power", to ultimately ascend into apotheosis. Not immediately, but eventually (whenever that eventuality arises). Why do I wish to become one god, one among many? Because I believe it to be my birthright to know what "all this stuff" is about. I don't believe in the inherent cruelty of Life, because I know the opposite exists, namely the good, the true, and the beautiful.

I know I have to play the game to "win", and I have sort of a grasp on how to play it, namely "playing it true", but I don't know which game really to play, because I think most of the games one is presented with are more or less distractions, many of which, I feel like, were created by those who are playing "the real game".

Having recognized that there is "the real game", I call it Life proper, where do I find the table of players to play it with? In geopolitics? In my own personal relations? In religion and spirituality? I would answer in all of those things and more. However that recognition of the vastness of Life isn't enough to "understand" the vastness of Life, or Life itself.

I wish to understand, for understanding is intelligence, and intelligence is the language of gods.

Enlighten me, fellow children and future gods.

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Are atheism and nihilism mutually inclusive?

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Sam Harris is a real liberal, (stfu lying Marxists)

Like liberals Sam is for taxation on the rich, he just opposes pitically correct insanity and values telling the truth over anything else:


Posting this because morons from the left and right like to slander him without understanding him. The biggest offender is existential comics guy who does the philosophy comic, and he made about 4 comics on Sam. (Pic related.) I agree with Marxists on certain things, but the moment they lie to me they lose me, and they really love lying much more than centrist liberals like Sam Harris. I can't remember Sam Harris ever lying a out an opponent, but they always lie about him and ad-hom him too.

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what does /philosophy/ think of this?

I want your honest opinions on this. what do you think about it? what would you do to improve it? I'm looking for some really serious deep philosophical critical thinking discussion on this. I love the good conversations. lets go for it then.


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Any advices in life that was useful to you or that you still remember today? Would you share it in this thread, please ? Thank you

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What does it mean to be yourself?

R:1 / I:0 / P:10 [R] [G] [-]

What's the fucking difference between Being and Entity

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Could somebody explain burden of proof to me? Who does it fall on? Why?

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Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard was a French sociologist, philosopher, cultural theorist, political commentator, and photographer. He is best known for his analyses of media, contemporary culture, and technological communication, as well as his formulation of concepts such as simulation and hyperreality. He wrote about diverse subjects, including consumerism, gender relations, economics, social history, art, Western foreign policy, and popular culture. Among his best known works are Simulacra and Simulation (1981), America (1986), and The Gulf War Did Not Take Place (1991). His work is frequently associated with postmodernism and specifically post-structuralism.

Dude was pretty based. Wasn't afraid to name the jew.

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This video destroys the basis of Christian morality for good. It proves you will be more moral if you leave the bible behind.


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What can philosophy teach me other than that I'll never know anything?
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Epistemic regress

Hey board. What's your stance on the problem of epistemic regress, and where do you all fall on Agrippa's Trilemma?

Foundationalism, coherentism, or infinitism?

I'm personally an infinitist, although I also accept there may be a point of justification that is impossible to express and articulate and so justification itself may be a failed project. For most of our reasoning, we base our thought off of psychological maxims that act as 'just good enough' foundations which allow us do the necessary legwork to pursue our ends.

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Is masturbation rape?

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Could someone please disprove solipsism?

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Ideas Convergent Evolution

Are ideas subject to convergent evolution?

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Value of Human Life becoming a societal goal.

When it comes to most global policies, at least from the ones that I have seen, most of them place an immiediate value on human life. For example, the goal of all modern systems is ultimately- have a set of humans live longer, healthier, or something along those lines. When did this become the norm? Is this due to the Enlightenment placing focus on MAN rather than God?

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How can feeling exist?

I understand that emotions and sensations are electrochemical responses within the brain, but more so on a metaphysical level, how can my emotions be regarded as physically existing? Are they something 3 dimensional or do they exist in another dimension like time?

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Sam Harris on Morality

What are your thoughts on the case made by Sam Harris which says that moral problems can be solved with science by showing which action is best for human well-being.

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what do you think about Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Argumentation Ethics?


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Ontology of Lebesgue Nonmeasurability

What is the ontological status of non measurable functions (particularly over a probability space)? Would their existence mean that the form of determinism which claims predictability of all existing behavior is false?

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What are your thoughts on objectivism? Yes or no? I don't know much about it but it seems to be a constant cause of controversy.
R:11 / I:4 / P:11 [R] [G] [-]

Is all of continental philosophy garbage? has there ever been a good idea to come out of Germany other than Protestantism?


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Philosophy for Children

I want to introduce my 7 year old niece to philosophical thought while her mind is still malleable. She is very bright and extremely thoughtful for her age, and I want to cultivate her intellectual side and develop her critical thinking skills before public school turns her into another drooling drone.

How would I go about doing this?

Surely there are entry-level philosophical conundrums I could ease her into.

Please give suggestions.

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Do you know any places I can discuss philosophy in real life? Like a book club? Because there's no such thing where I live.

Also, any other good forums if 8chan crumbles?

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What does it mean to love?

What is love? What does it mean to trully be in love? I know now after looking up some Carl Jung that what I thought love was is only just my anima projection. I guess Iv never felt it before. How does it feel, how does one fall in love? How do you know if someone is the right person? Im just curious iv never really loved and I dont know now if its a thing that even exists.
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OP is a faggot

I have been trying to describe a feeling of “religion without object” which comes out of experience. I’m not at all religious (though I’d never call myself an atheist—too many presuppositions and misconceptions attached to that word) and am not a firm believer in typical metaphysical concepts or exterior, higher-order structures.

In certain moments I feel what I’d call “an experience of god,” though only for lack of a better term, which feels ultimately beyond mere pleasure or intense emotion. Very hard to describe.

Does anyone have any suggested readings or similar experiences to share? Been trying to put words to this for some time.

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Nihilists need to just fucking do it.

R:15 / I:3 / P:11 [R] [G] [-]


i want to learn about it. I know almost nothing about it except going on wiki. Could you sugest some books and stuff. maybe even films on it aswell. Thanks.

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Philosophy of Science

My theory on the beginning of reality.


R:31 / I:3 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]

>people who claim to be atheists yet still believe in spooky concepts like "virtue" and "morality"

R:9 / I:0 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]

Are there any works of philosophy that changed your life or your way of looking at the world, or at least had a significant impact on the two? If so, what were they?

R:23 / I:5 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]


I'm fairly new to philosophy and would appreciate it if someone could recommend me some books, lectures etc

R:15 / I:3 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]


Hi guys, I just found out about this board and there's something that has been puzzling my mind for a while, and I think that here I could perhaps get some help...

Ever since high school I always had a few friends who could understand the subjects we were taught with much more ease than I could, for example, as they could easily understand the abstract ideias presented and everything, and I always wondered, how did they do that?

Is it because they had a deeper understanding of logic itself than I did? If so, do you think that that can be worked, or is it just something you are born with?

Maybe logic doesn't even have anything to do with that, but I still feel that my undestanding of logic is lacking, so I ask you guys, do you have any starting points I could follow as to start developing my logic skills? Such as recommendations of books, websites, anything really, as I am really lost hahaha.

Picture related I suppose, just google image'd logic and that was the first thing that popped up.

Thank you for the attention
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Is censoring fake news about yourself unethical?

R:11 / I:4 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]

I want to get into Carl Jung lads. Where do I begin?

R:51 / I:6 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]

What do you guys think of Jordan Peterson? The conservative who goes on about myths and the unknowability of truth while trying to blue pill the world.


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a map of philosophical writings

does such a thing exist? it strikes me as something that would be extraordinarily useful to any amateur looking to dip their foot in philosophy like myself, but the development of philosophy over time isnt something ive seen people make authoritative claims over, outside of the context of some specific narrative. i just want to understand some shit.

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Thoughts on stirner and spooks?

R:6 / I:3 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]


Where do I start with reading on Baudrillard's theory of simulacra? "Simulacra and Simulacrum" seems too hard to grasp without background knowledge based on the first pages. Would reading "Symbolic Exchange & Death" be a better starting point? other suggestions?

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ITT: Talent-less hacks
I'll start with an easy one
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Anon is in love, but it's Romantic

I have been thinking about some girl for a long time, at least 7 months now. I have been thinking about her, what she does, been worried when she is sick, all that stuff. But i can't explain to her the way i feel, i get confused everytime i am alone with her, and we end up talking about past life experiences, the people we have met, but i just can't start a conversion about the way i feel. I once began forming a sentence that she is messing up my thought when we are together, but then mid-sentence something in my mind produced really shitty scenes from relationships i have noticed among other people and the sentence ended with some gibberish without even being half-way. It's like there is a wall in my head that prevents me from saying some cheesy shit or expressing my feelings.

Other people around me see me a a ask-me-anything type of guy on every topic, but absolutely fucking emotionless. What do? Which philosopher should i read up?

R:23 / I:5 / P:12 [R] [G] [-]

Why is the majority of modern philosophy so awful? I feel like this started around the 1700's, with madmen like Marquis de Sade being touted around as "philosophers". It only got worse in the 1800's with philosophers like Marx coming about and basing their entire ideals on scientific theories (i.e. primitive communism) which were since superseded.

In the modern era philosophy seems to be mostly centred on the self; reality doesn't exist, don't care about others, happiness is the only thing that truly matters, etc. If it's not on the self, it's on the culture or the people, as with Marxist philosophies.

Why does it have to be this way?

R:6 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

a thought

tell me what you think about

"Ones conscience involved in the world around it."

R:4 / I:1 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Does this concept of epistomology/debate have a name?

Hi anons, I have noticed something that most philosophers I know of are not talking about, at least resembling the way I am going to.

This has become increasingly obvious to the point of being quite painful to watch, every time it happens.

First I'm gonna lay out two concepts, and with every word I am using, I am not referring to the academic definition of that word, I'm going with common dictionary definitions.

Now, as I see it, there are two ways or techniques that people have argued a point in the past, and continue, to this day. The problem is that one of these has been used, in recent times, to a point of extreme unbalance.

The first way of arguing, I'll call something like foundationalism, or constructionism.

In this method, a person starts with the most simple, applicable, and prominent aspects of reality. In this method, a person uses truisms, laws of the universe, and very simple and effective reason to make their argument. They start with simple concepts, where there can really be no misinterpretation of meaning, and every concept they introduce is resting of the foundation of principles and laws that are so simple as to be common sense, or unmistakable. Any higher level concepts they introduce, any higher levels of abstraction, must rest firmly on these common sense principles and laws, and be clearly defined by these unmistakable terms.

In this way, the argument is constructed like a pyramid, with every level firmly resting and being supported by every layer below it, and every next higher layer is set upon the existing solid proofed structure, and is placed in a meaningful and supportive way, as an architect would be planning what he can put on the next story up, given what supports and walls and utilities are directly below it. In this way, the method builds layer upon sodlid layer, until eventually reaching the cap stone, the pinnacle of the argument.

The other method is quite easier to explain, because of how loose it is. This method I would call something like unconstructionism, or uber conceptualism.

In this method, which it seems the vast majority of academics use, a person is assumed to know common sense, so the professor introduces a term or concept which is at a very high level of abstraction. The professor then builds downward from that concept, down to the undeniable foundation of natural laws. The capstone of the argument is placed first, and then every layer below it is justified as being there because it is in line with the capstone. This method does not much take into consideration what the topograpy of the actual physical ground is, beneath where they have suspended their capstone. When arguments are made using this method, a person will start out with, say, a 10th level abstraction in their head, and go about trying to prove that seemingly true 10th level abstraction using concepts which are 9th and 8th and 7th level abstractions. This method can be useful sometimes, because when one finds that no matter how the structure beneath the capstone is built, the capstone can not be properly upheld, one will know that the capstone must be moved first.

The obvious problem with the second method is that you are using high level abstractions, abstractions which the definition cannot even be agreed upon, in order to prover even higher level abstractions with even less agreement and perception of what those actually are and mean.

liberaltard, and libertariatards, seem to use method number two all the time, which is why everything that comes out of their mouths makes about as much realistic sense as physiology and physics do in looney toons.


Do these two concepts actually already have names? Have people talked about his before? Has an academic or intellectual already identified this dichotomy, and described in in far greater detail that I?

R:2 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

The Decline of the West

I'd like to read Spengler's The Decline of the West. I can borrow an English translation of it by Charles Francis Atkinson, published in 1926.

Will I be set to just 'jump in' to Spengler's work or do I need to slog my way through the Greeks, Nietzsche, Hegel, Schopenhauer etc. first?

R:29 / I:5 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

was Socrates black?

R:37 / I:16 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Philosophical Anime

Let's start with Lain.

>existentialist themes

>post-modern themes

>alienation themes

>cyberpunk themes


>girl falls into the internet

>meets the God of the internet

>questions God

>questions ontology

>questions Epistemology/what is true vs what is believed

>questions wheter if enough people believe something it can become true

>questions [spoiler] how a God who used to be human could have become a God unless he was created by someone higher.

>realizes she made him and is actually the real God of the internet

>deletes herself from existence for the better good, so she won't be tempted to meddle with and harm a lesser species.


How would you classify Serial Experiments in Lain? Are there any other good anime for thinkers?

R:22 / I:1 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

What's /philosophy/'s opinion on stoicism? Is it good the way it is, or is it bad?

R:2 / I:1 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Are finns white?

R:9 / I:1 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Name german thinkers,the most important ones AND the most obscure yet published ones.

for some reason thinkers from that particular country seem to interest me.

>nazi ones too

R:0 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

"What is this?"

"A chance to die?"

R:7 / I:2 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

is wrestling gay since it's a bunch of sweaty shirtless dudes hugging eachother?

R:2 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Describe this iconic Disney character

R:2 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Ukip's Gerard Batten reiterates his belief that Islam is a "death cult".

So... can we now GET THEM OUT OF EUROPE??


R:12 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Anon social suicide

Rules: if roll any prime number between 1 and 97, ==you're out of /b for good. You can never ever get back again.==

>this is your own commitment. Nobody would force you.

>you can only roll one time.

>you have to get your shit together. Have a life away from here, be brave

>this place is dying anyway.

hard-core mode

You give up to all social media. No FB, no Instagram, no shit.

Want to talk to someone, call him/her. Talk in real life.

Want to post something, make a blog and be creative.

>you must post ==hard-core== to roll on this mode.


I'll go first.

R:1 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]

Moderate Your Board

This board is empty and will stay empty until the mods start banning people making shitty posts. I know, I know, "muh masters censoring muh ego" but why have a board dedicated to philosophy, and make no attempt to keep it as a board dedicates to philosophy? Waste of time.

Also the "philosopher-posting" of answering questions in a strange way gives me that empty airy "cringe" feeling in my chest, stop

Why so few flags?

R:0 / I:0 / P:13 [R] [G] [-]


I've been reading comments/posts of the younger generation...and... We as Humans young or old have our own thoughts/and way of life (so we think!)...BUT... as you get Older you realize, Life is about Continuing!

When we were younger...it was about being with friends, trying new things etc...but as we Age...we learn!...What We Now, compared to what we didn't know then...Life could've been FANTASTIC...but nobody told us the Real story. Life changes and we adapt - learn AGAIN!

Life changes everyday, people change, jobs change, we move on... don't think for a moment that what YOU know today...Is going to be the same tomorrow :) Enjoy Life.. Learn, Live & Appreciate !! 50 something!! :)

R:37 / I:7 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

Is there any philosophy behind racialism/nationalism? Why would I dedicate my live to other people?

R:4 / I:3 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

What do you think of the beatniks? Alan Watts was one of them. Shallow and pretentious folk who traded Christian spooks for a superficial knowledge of Buddhist dogma right?

R:20 / I:1 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]
I'm starting to think of philosophical views that i thought on my own. later days i found this views has its own specific name and what it is called and who is the famous person who found it. Discovering what i thought had been not discovered. What am i experiencing?
R:1 / I:0 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]


R:11 / I:3 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

Is there a reason we have stopped seeing ufos? This writer blames it on skepticism fostered by television and the diminsihing of our awe for spiritual places and nature.


R:4 / I:0 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]



/pol/ literature >>>/zundel/

recommended threads

>exposing the jews

Collection - The Rothschild Dynasty


E. Michael Jones


Michael A. Hoffman II


Michael Collins Piper


Mike S. King


Eustace Mullins


Patrick J. Buchanan


Count Emmanuel Malynski


David Duke


Douglas Valentine


Grant F. Smith


Brandon Martinez


Kevin B. MacDonald


>jewish ritual murder/sacrifice to moloch

Hellmut Schramm


Arnold S. Leese


Harrell Rhome


Ariel Toaff



Holocaust Handbooks & Related


Austin J. App


Paul Rassinier


Germar Rudolf


Gerd Honsik


Udo Walendy


Benjamin Weintraub


Richard Harwood



R:7 / I:4 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]


DJT- Scourge of Big Pharma since 2014

R:1 / I:0 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]


Hey /philosophy/!

I wanted to create a thread on the school of Cynicism. I've also found this particular school to be interesting, because it's linked to Socrates through Antisthenes. Now, Antisthenes is regarded generally as the founder of Cynicism.

He believed strongly in virtue, and in avoiding excess pleasure. It's said Diogenes of Sinope followed him around a bit, but that is still disputed. What is true, however, is that Diogenes definitely took the school of thought a little more to the extreme. While he agreed with Antisthenes' conclusion on virtue, his sense of ascetic propriety was to the point that he virtually trolled everyone around him with his devotion to simply live his philosophy.

There have been many other people who have influenced virtue, including Epictetus, who later influenced Marcus Aurelius, and from there we've seen different perspectives on it.

What are your thoughts on the school? Is it a viable one? Is it compatible with the current world? And if so, why?

R:10 / I:2 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]


oh god i just learned about this and it is hilarious. fucking faggot pomo died of aids.


what a fucked up retard

R:14 / I:0 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

Prove this wrong. Of cannot.

R:2 / I:0 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

What a useless fucking board, not a single fucking fact in here. You are just a bunch of normalfaggots shouting your opinions and feeling back and forth.

Reminder untersmensch/moderates dies first.

R:66 / I:17 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

Express your Deceitfulness


Encouraged shitposting

All shitposting is to be done in this thread, where complete nonsense to vague knowledge and ideas can be typed. Shitposting in the larger sense of the word, where philosophical ideas that would be deemed stupid can be shared and built on and directed to the closest philosopher to build off of.

All shit posting comments to other threads should be posted in here also to keep shitposting to a minimum in other threads and leave other threads to stay on topic in a orderly manner.

Share your shitposts in this thread, right now.

R:10 / I:0 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

Why are Christians so emotional and logically/philosophically illiterate?


R:51 / I:14 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

How do we make this board more popular?

How do we make this board more popular? I really like this board and would like to use it more, but it' extremely slow. I've heard people say that they like the slow pace, but personally I'm not a fan of it. A somewhat slow board is fine but usually it takes maybe a day to generate a thread with at the most 5 replies, an abhorrently slow speed.

Should we start advertising the board on other boards, or should we take another approach?

Or am I just in the completely wrong mindset and should just accept that the board is really slow?

R:2 / I:1 / P:14 [R] [G] [-]

If hedonism exists and God is dead, what still draws a significant number of people in wealthy countries towards ascetic philosophies?

Why is a saint, even if secular, still looked upon with awe?

R:1 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

Operation Information Liberation

Operation Information Liberation *CROSSPOST*

>Original Post


The online digital age has rendered institutionalized education obsolete and has left them exposed as the detriments to society that they have become. Colleges no longer exist to educate, but to indoctrinate. And to add insult to injury, we're paying through the nose for the right to have our youth brainwashed against us by these narcissistic ingrates.

No More.

This is a project that, in time, will be cross-posted across numerous boards, platforms & media, taking participation from numerous communities with Truth being our guiding light and uniting purpose. This project is designed to provide and highlight alternatives to mainstream universities, or at least offer an inoculation against the Marxist intellectual contagion perpetuated by these Institutions of Higher Indoctrination. For the fields that can't just be done online, and require some sort of hard infrastructure, like a chemistry lab, we may want to consider utilizing, or copying the Maker Space route of community educational facilities.

We will need to find alternatives to accreditation.

This project will also need an accompanying meme campaign to get Normans, especially in the hiring class to associate a traditional college degree with risk. Risk that the person will be some sort of entitled SJW. Risk that they may file false sexual harassment claims (Humungus). Risk that they may be incompetent at their job.

The Class of 2018 graduates in May. I imagine high-schools will be having college days, fliers, trips, speakers, recruiters, field days, etc throughout March and April. When that begins, I'd like to see this project ready enough to print out business cards with the links and downloads for all the resources and content we'll be compiling.

These are the sources and resources I've dug up over the night. I've been thinking about this for a week. This is a long Op, it has to be. The damage to the Millennial generation is mostly done. And already significant damage has been done to Gen Z, which is who we're all counting on to reserve the trend. We can not allow them to walk blindly into these fucking lunatic safe-spaces known as colleges.

This is a big job, I can't do it alone, I need as much help as you can muster, even if it's just a link or a suggestion.

Below is a compendium of resources I put together thus far.



https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=R3Ovrhrf9BQ - Jack Otto - Forbidden Knowledge

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I - In Shadow - A Modern Oddesey

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=PRdcZSuCpNo - 7 Days of DeepMind A.I.

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=cRuKmxQSPSw - Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard - Interview

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=sD33byzG2jc - Behold a Pale Horse - AudioBook

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=VL_7nAIa0Cg - Bloodlines of Illuminate - AudioBook

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=fj-10lIrboM - Tool - Right In Two

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=icAjo9VXKZU - Protocol Of The Elders Of Zion

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=e0C_qG5U7pE - Black Ops, Cody Snodgres, Operator Comes Forward And Tells All

https://www.hooktube.com/user/MrTeslonian - Mr Teslonian - Alternative Energy & Technology

https://www.hooktube.com/user/crashcourse - Crash Course - Normie Friendly Education Channel (Only For Tech and Sci)

https://www.hooktube.com/channel/UCG-fzkzsubdFQLvco0w5w_A - "- Timaeus -" - Wide Ranging History Channel

https://www.hooktube.com/user/BrightAgrotechLLC - Bright Agrotech Aquaponics - Alt-Ag Tech

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=dpENi0T3Zeo&list=PLAPahqrfGZZmUNzrQV0ZwKjUrmqq-Stqh - Aquaponics Academy Playlist

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=KxTfQpv8xGA - Polyface Farms - Sustainable & Organic Agriculture

https://www.hooktube.com/channel/UCbYFhcKSE2mWYB0yD_Qr_8A - Urban Gardener - Subsistence Alt-Ag For Cities

https://www.hooktube.com/user/radmycology/videos - Radical Mycology - Fungi, Mushrooms and Mycelium

https://www.hooktube.com/user/seasteading - Voluntary Seasteading Communities

http://www.virology.ws/course - Vincent Racaniello

R:3 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

Red-Pill me on Popper

Just finished Open Society and Objective Knowledge. Enjoyed them both but....so what? didn't someone else come up with falsification first anyway? Is this just a right time right place sort of thing or is it his influence on those after.

R:2 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

Any good prefaces/introductions/commentaries on Tao Te Ching?

A-asking for a friend uwu

R:25 / I:4 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

Nietzschean Christianity?

In short I was wondering if the two could be compatible or at least Christianity could learn from Nietzsche. The only conflict I foresee is master and slave mentality, but Christians should know that God loves them and made them in his image. He wants us to enjoy earth and it's pleasures, with some restraint. When Nietzsche said "God is dead" he wasn't saying that it was a good thing. Rather he was saying it was bad, as science robbed "passionate, Dionysian spirituality that lent life vitality and meaning". Nietzsche also know religion provided a psychological comfort to humans.

R:10 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

critizing others

Whats the legal requirement/rule for make qutes of dead thinkers to refute them? for exampe, i quote Kant and his main works to refute him and his ideas; do i any need copyrights for this, or somthing similar?

More importantly, are works consisting of refutations of important works considered relevant?

>pic unrealted

R:3 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

idealism vs. existentialism

is it idealistic or existentialist thought that "good people must do bad things sometimes"? that, even if the ends are idealistic, the means are actively nihilistic? I'm not sure where this falls. picture semi-related.

R:31 / I:4 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

Does randomness exist?

R:28 / I:12 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

How old were you when you realized the world didn't revolve around you? How did you cope with your first existential angst?

R:1 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

/atheism/ resurrection when?

1. when a man goes back in time and kill myself 5 minutes before past-him makes the journey 5 minutes into the past to kill himself, he stands over the dead body of past-him and nothing special happens, meanwhile, in the timeline he came from, he had simply entered the time portal and disappeared.

This is because there exists parallel timelines, NOT branching timelines, PARALLEL timelines, meaning that instead of a single timeline that gets divided up by all future possibilities at any given moment, an entire separate timeline exists for every possible combination of possible states that the universe can take between it's big bang and it's big crunch, and this accounts for all the possible states the universe can take as a result of time travel.

Time travel involves the movement of whatever is traveling from it's location in timeline A, to a previous point in timeline B, but since the states that the universe took up in timeline B were identical to timeline A up until their arrival, it might as well be the same universe.

Nothing happens to the self-icidal traveller in the opening example given because he was not strictly assassinating himself in the past of his timeline, but rather, he was assassinating someone who was identical to himself 5 minutes ago in a universe that is identical to the one in his home universe five minutes ago, he may never realize this, and he can never go back to the timeline he arrived from, if he goes into the future, he instead arrives at a future point in the timeline he had departed from.

2. The butterfly effect is merely meant to demonstrate how the cumulative effects of a small event can create a larger event over long periods of time via extended chains of cause-and-effect, and how this process makes it difficult to make predictions about the future, it says nothing about whether actions committed in the past would produce positive or negative results, nor whether they WOULD even produce a large-scale result, it only states what COULD possibly occur over time, they COULD also create positive large-scale effects, negative small-scale effects, positive small-scale effects, etc. the multiverse is not a sentient being, it cannot tell, nor can it care, what a bipedal ape on a speck of dust thinks positively or negatively of, the butterfly effect applies to the effects of the present on the future exactly as much as it applies to the effects of the past on the present, in fact, the butterfly effect was only intended to explain how cause-and-effect chains operate from the present, it was never intended to be applied to time travel, also time travel to the past is actually more likely to produce a positively received result due to you having more information to make a decision in the past than if you made it in the present, there is no such thing as "fate", only hard determinism.

3. the multiverse has three parts, a core, which produces a set of natural laws that all timelines abide by, timelines, that are arranged around the core in ellipses, and which all intersect at the two universes at the state in between the big bang and the big crunch, located at the furthest points on the ellipsis from the core, making all the timelines form the shape of an ovoid around the core in the center. there are also other multiverses, one for every unique set of natural laws, most of which are lifeless, collectively, all multiverses, along with the "space" they inhabit, are referred to as "The Omniverse".

R:23 / I:1 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

I love Bertnard Russel

His "Why I am not a Christian" is pretty good Know any other short philosophical essays against religion?

How the Churches Have Retarded Progress

"You may think that I am going too far when I say that that is still so. I do not think that I am. Take one fact. You will bear with me if I mention it. It is not a pleasant fact, but the churches compel one to mention facts that are not pleasant. Supposing that in this world that we live in today an inexperienced girl is married to a syphilitic man; in that case the Catholic Church says, "This is an indissoluble sacrament. You must endure celibacy or stay together. And if you stay together, you must not use birth control to prevent the birth of syphilitic children." Nobody whose natural sympathies have not been warped by dogma, or whose moral nature was not absolutely dead to all sense of suffering, could maintain that it is right and proper that that state of things should continue."- Bernard Russel

R:6 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

Explain dialectical materialism to me.

R:3 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

What is the philosophy of anime?

I just sais smth deep

R:1 / I:1 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

existential comics

How does this guy have so much popularity and followers?


R:10 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]

hey /philosophy/ !

>>>/christ/ reporting in.

Since we have related topics at our boards but are both quite small I want to propose to put a link at each others board.

This will increase both our traffic/Userbase hopefully and we both will profit.

If you don't want to do that you are still welcome to open a thread at our board and discuss with us.

Regardless of your religious believes, you are also welcome if you are a non-christian or atheist.

Have a nice day

R:2 / I:0 / P:15 [R] [G] [-]
I just created a board for those interested:

R:13 / I:0 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

What is the difference between philosophy and pseudo-philosophy? Is there a way to avoid pseudo-philosophizing?

R:50 / I:5 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

The real value of Philosophy.

In this thread, we mentally masturbate each other and massage each other's egos as to imply that we are actually having some kind of effect on the happenings of this world.

>protip: extra points if your fedora is resting upon thy head in a tilted fashion.
R:2 / I:0 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

How has technology influenced modern day philosophy where you are to each individual reading this

R:7 / I:2 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]
It's been bothering to me since I saw 8chan as the new 4chan. Can we say that 8chan's uprising is an example to Rousseau's Social Contract Theory?
R:7 / I:2 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

Philosophy in Matrix

Having watch the Matrix series again and more properly than before I've found some very interesting philosophical references, such as Plato's cave allegory, what's your favorite piece of philosophy from Matrix?
R:8 / I:2 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

How has philosophy changed your views on the other fields of study?

R:1 / I:0 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

>mind is matter

<matter is mind

R:0 / I:0 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

HEY! Succubi loving, old-tome quotin', tulpa grabbin' sychophants of the occult, I'm talking to you!

Do you like the human mind? Do you like to explore your dreams? Do you seek the answers to your problems? Ever heard of MBTI? How about Enneagrams? Do you think that sorta stuff is nerd astrology? Do you want a place to discuss creepy things with creepy people?

Do you just wanna freely bantz people?

Looking to meet friends?

Are you just bored as hell?

Do you want to see hell?

Want a place to pick up some hentai?

If you answered yes to any of those, hell if you answered yes to questions we didn't even ask, this server is for you!


The future of MBTI, typology, spirituality, philosophy, psychedelia, metaphysics, dickpicks, titpics, general banter and all other great things. How will you choose to spend your time and interaction in this 5d realm?

discord link:




R:1 / I:1 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

In what order should I read Robert Anton Wilson?

R:1 / I:0 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]








R:4 / I:1 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

Hello /philosophy/. Some of us have founded a reading group on Discord. The topic is political philosophy and economics from a libertarian and classically liberal perspective, but we also plan to read famous or relevant works that disagree with us. There are about 25 of us so far, and pics related are the first five books we'll be reading.

Here's the link, if you're interested: https://discord.gg/4MP7WA

R:8 / I:5 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

Why aren't you an Egoist Anarchist, /philosophy/?

>2017 Year of our Lord and Savior, Saint Max

>still sacrificing yourself to abstract immaterial ideas over your own will

>still constraining yourself with ridiculous notions such as rights and social limitations

>not being in a union of egoists

>still worshiping "god"

>still willing to die for your "country"

>not doing things because they're "immoral"

>still thinking there's a such thing as value outside yourself

>not being a nominalist

>still thinking arbitrary abstract definitions can ever actually apply to the unique one when he is really an undefinable enigmatic entity that can only be decribed as his ownness

>being a moralist ragamuffin

>not drinking milk

>not starting a co-op with your best bros

>still reading watered-down hacks like Friedrich "A horse is a horse, I had a mental breakdown of course, of course" Nietzche

>taking Ayn "Every Man's self-interest is his, now let me define what yours is" Rand seriously

Why do you insist on being so spooked?

R:16 / I:4 / P:16 [R] [G] [-]

Comfy discussion area

HEY! Epistemology loving, old-tome quoting, self-analysing brainfuls! I'm talking to you!

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so /philosophy/,

was visiting my mom the other week and got into an argument. she thinks that the 2000 year old sand nigger will bitch slap the US with earthquakes because we allow gayfags to marry. i dont care about gay marriage, but i do care about justifying crazy shit with other crazy shit.

heres how the argument went.

>gods gonna shit on the US cuz fags are married!

thats fucking crazy, how do you know that.

>the bible says so

why is the bible true

>because i feel it in my heart to be true

if feelings are the source of truth, then if i feel that Xipe Totec wants me to rape babies and throw them into a volcano, then it is?

how do i better argue against her crazy fucking shit.

pic sorta related, a philosophinx

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is a man who does bad deeds sometimes, but on the whole does good, still a good man?

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How did Nietzsche eat soup?

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What does /philosophy/ think of LessWrong? Do you like their epistemological approach?
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Plato talked mad shit about the sophists, but he's got me generally curious about learning to appeal to people.

What can I read to become the modern day Gorgias? (I can't find any of his works, does anyone have a link?)

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Post deep sayings.

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Has anyone read Confused Man, I mean Confucius? Overall I don't like his philosophy, since he was hopelessly sexist, autocratic, and life denying. He made asians into drones that follow a hierarchy, preserved superstision and killed creativity. In English I call him confused man, but in Chinese I call him lao fu because it sounds like "loud fool."


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recommendations: music, film, tv, animation, etc.

anything with philosophical content.

pic related: i suspect that the original gothic rock scene would have quite a bit of nihilism within it's lyrics, guessing from how many goths love to read the likes of byron, poe, lovecraft, shelly.

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what was his fucking problem?

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Why am I so amazingly smart? QFT

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was he autistic?

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So Philosophy I've been having a existential crisis. I'm afraid to break my solipsism habit. Everything in the universe revolves around me, Everything I see on tv, read in books, people talking to me. No matter how big the problem or small it is I can't seem to not notice it. because I have nothing more demanding in my life then such I can't stop it. I want to know it is me and still enjoy it. it's annoying me.

Am I being a coward?

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Hey guys on /philosophy/! I have a question for you:

If Adolf Hitler were actually real, would you rather play on his team or on the other team? Like if it happened. Who's team would you want to be on? Why or why not?

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Man, I'm just lost

What's the difference between continental and analytical philosophers? I've just been stumbling in the darkness learning basic things without seriously considering the differences.

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What is the difference between Stoicism and Idealism?

I am personally a fan of Neoplatonism

General comparison of philosophy thread I guess

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>Chinese writing actually used to have little guys with fat heads walking around.

This is the philosophy of simplification.

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What intellectual youtube channels don't suck?

I like Crash Course and School of Life but I feel like maybe they are coloring my perceptions of philosophers and history a little too much, especially now that i've read a bit of Plato and I found there's so much more to him that what their 9 minute episodes could cover.

Do these two channels sucks? If so what channels don't suck?

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"If you can properly phrase the question, then the answer is the easy part, So, to the degree that we can better understand the universe, then we can better know what questions to ask."

-Elon Musk

What do you think the right question to life is?

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but this in the sticky pls


and maybe this too


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Serious question for Gnostics/manichaeists

How is it possible to justify/defend that one is able to access a certain archetype which one has not previously observed in nature? Can you point me towards an example of an archetype/structure which can be analysed by one's intellect yet has not been found in Nature?

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I want to argue to you that the be a truly evil person does not do what they want.

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I often find myself at a loss of words to describe a feeling of profound loneliness accompanied with a bittersweet realization of the meaninglessness of existence. Is there a word for this?

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Does this philosophical approach exist yet?

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about viewing human existence, at its most fundamental level, as a struggle for permanence.

Immortality itself is essentially impossible, and primarily a fool's dream. But information, passed down from one impermanent vessel to the next, can theoretically achieve permanence.

Therefore, an individual who makes contributions significant enough to become famous and have their story or work documented and passed down for future generations have achieved a level of immortality, or at least permanence.

The ultimate goal would be to achieve popular fame from a historical perspective, so that even thousands of years from your death, your name, or your work, is a household name. Think Alexander the Great.

This of course leads to the moral problem of fame v. infamy, and how to deal with Herostratus copy-cats. Is fame, achieved through immoral means, reprehensible?

Anyways, my point in asking is, is there any documented philosophers who have examined this approach? If not, I'd love to write about it myself, and if there is, I'd quite like to read their work.

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The fat man and the trolley

There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is a person on the side track. You have two options: (1) Do nothing, and the trolley kills the five people on the main track. (2) Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person. Which is the correct choice?

This is the thought experiment created by Philippa Foot in 1967. I've read the book Would you kill the fat man? by David Edmonds and it has made me think. I still don't know what I would do, however I would approve of killing the fat man in order to save the other five. According to negative utilirism and the doctrine of the double effect, that would be the right action. The only problem is that you'd have to kill a human being.

I feel quite conflicted about these two choices, what would /philosphy/ do?

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It is illogical to think that existence is anything other than infinite.

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Empiricism vs. Rationalism

What does this board think about this dichotomy? A good debate would be nice.

I used to be pretty hardcore rationalist but I'm becoming more empiricist everyday. Honestly I'll probably even out to a medium if that exists.

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Normative ethics must be informed by nature.

There is no meaning to existence, but there is a purpose to life.

The purpose of life is to pass on one's genes to their children, and then ensure that your children pass on those genes to their children, then you can die.

Since you are human, you can only reproduce with other humans, therefore ethics should at least apply primarily, if not exclusively, to humanity.

It should be applied to all humans for three reasons, first because you, and your offspring, need genetic diversity in the long run, second because as a human, you share genetics with every other member of your species, and third because humans are a species that has it's central advantage in it's ability to co-operate in large numbers, our development of philosophy and science is a testament to this.

Now that we can establish who ethics applies to, and the ultimate end goal ethics seeks to achieve, we can also look to nature to find out what our normative ethical code should be.

You could say that, because we desire pleasure and reject pain, desire happiness and reject sadness, desire knowledge and reject ignorance, and because we desire life and reject death, that we should settle for a utilitarian equation that maximizes pleasure, happiness, knowledge, and life, while minimizing pain, sadness, ignorance, and death.

But this is not always sufficient, as seen when people bring up runaway trolleys and unwilling transplants, so I take one thing out of Ayn Rand, the rule that any action that directly affects the body of another human being, or their property, must be done with that human being's consent.

And so I add this restriction to the utilitarian equation listed above, to place limits upon what actions are justified under it.

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Indirect Realism and other Theories of Perception.

When looking at the theory of Indirect Realism there is one main criticism that states that Locke's Indirect Realism is wrong because we can not imagine something based upon its primary qualities and so secondary qualities, such as colour, are properties of an object. But what I want you, anons, is to imagine that you are in a room with no senses, a colourless, odourless, completely senseless room, there is nothing in there and you can not experience touch... yet you are standing in the room. As you are standing in the room you know that there is a floor to the room and, even though you can not feel the floor, you understand that there is a floor because you are not falling. So you step forward and knock in to something. While you do not feel this knock you understand something is there as you can not move any further forward. You continue to do this and, over time, you have mapped the room in your head: there is a desk, an apple, a floor, a lamp shade, four walls and a door. Finally, satisfied that you know everything there is to know about the room with no senses, you open the door; all your senses have returned and you can perceive again, everything is in the room as you had mapped it in your mind yet now you are perceiving the secondary qualities such as colour: the apple is green, the desk is brown, the door is red and the walls are beige. With this thought experiment have we proven that primary qualities can exist without secondary qualities? Is it proven that if a tree falls in a forest, while it does not make a sound, that tree does actually exist without anything to perceive it?

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Since 70 percent of the heads of college philosophy departments have rejected religion, and they love posting their subversive articles on infidels.org, what is your favorite article?


I'll go with "The Argument from Mundanity" for a comprehensive attack on doctrines that envoke perfection, which theists aren't aware of.

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Why did Nietzsche want a research on the value of truth? Would it not be a contradiction to use the "Truth about Truth" to say that Truth is useless? Would such information not include the information on truth that has been researched?

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Apology for the starter question, I don't really know the difference between the terms "ethics" and "morality" which seems quite important in philosophy.

Where can find any definitive guide between the two? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Answering the hard questions

I've always looked up to philosophers for answering the great questions such as "why should I lead a virtous life instead of a hedonistic life", and other things which the masses are always following because it seems so innocent.

Now I want to turn to you again. I am a /tech/ nerd in dire need of a good argument

Is there ANY modern(or old, if by chance one existed) philosopher who actually debunks the current "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" propaganda?

People are dropping their personal data all over to their government and big companies without so much care, and I don't think difficult philosophy is going to placate the masses, but it serves as a good starting point.

If not possible to find one, then /tech/ will have to deal with this itself.

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The universe and everything in itself is my will.

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How to die

How do you want to spend your last hours? Two of my family members died right after watching the news which I find pathetic waste of your last hours. Now I know when you're that old and sick you're just waiting to die so you might as well keep your old routine, but gathering information from the media when you're about to die is pointless. Since people are usually very accomodating of you and will try to listen to you, shouldn't your last minutes be teaching people about philosophy like Socrates did, or at least tell them stories from your life even though you may slide into incomprehensible delirium? Pic unrelated.

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What do you think of Consequentialism

Committed Utilitarian here. Want to know your opinions. A good debate would also be welcome.
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So I only got enough money for probably 2-3 books but my list is more, help me decide which 2-3 I should get?

Platos Rep*


Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers*



Sayings and Anecdotes*

Democracy the God that failed*


Metaphysics or Rhetoric- Aristotle*

Iron Kingdon: Rise & Downfall of Prussia*

The Portable Machiavelli

* Denotes that I want it greatly

If anyone knows some good treatises or books on cynicism/ stoicism, epistemology- please recommend me whatever you advise. I'm looking for an engaging read so thanks for any recommendations provided.

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Don't raise a daughter like the cucks do

Don't do it. Be selfish.

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Does /philosopy/ take Nietzsche seriously?

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Is there anything you feel as if people NEED to know in order to be free people?

People seem to have latched into the idea that only thing that they need to be free is not to have chains in their hands, but other groups, such as the old medieval liberal arts, believed that you needed knowledge of grammar, logic and rhetoric to be a free man(amongst four other things, but that's just arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy).

I was just curious, is there someone else who has any strong opinions on this? I am really curious about any other philosopher who has spoken out, since it seems like a important topic.

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Does intelligence correlate with critical thinking? Is it reasonable to think people who believe in stupid ideas due to poor critical thinking skills are stupid?

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Deep Philosophical Concepts

How the fuck hasn't the Krusty Krab been closed down by the fucking Sanitation Department like what the fuck Bikini Bottom are you just going to allow this mother fucker to fuck the town over like he has been doing. Open your fucking gills you retarded fish do you even know what goes on at that fucking kitchen. How has this restaurant not been shut the fuck down holy shit fuck Bikini Bottom what a shithole. This has been a letter to the good people at the BBHD to shut this motherfucking place down

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I want to read Voltaire

Which book would you recommend for a good reader but beginner in philosophy

I want to read him he seems to line up with my views very well,


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How important is it to start with the greeks

I've tried to find both "The First Philosophers" and "The Pythagorean Sourcebook" but for fuck sakes its not online at all, unlike other works form non-greeks.

I know I'm missing important things like their dialogs in first place but some things just can't be done.

Why am I being forced to use a flag jesus fuck I'm not even a existentialist

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stop barking

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Start fucking

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The bricoleur and the meme farmer

In his 1962 work, "The Savage Mind", Claude Lévi-Strauss lays out the dichotomy of the bricoleur and the engineer. A bricoleur is one who practices bricolage, which is a sort of improvisation; bricoleurs 'tinker', they creatively use whatever tools and materials are at hand to complete various odd jobs as they arise. For Lévi-Strauss, the bricoleur has the 'savage mind' and engages in mythological thinking, while the engineer has the 'scientific mind' and engages in scientific thinking. What we're talking about here is different ways of creating and disseminating meaning through the manipulation of signs. Quoting Lévi-Strauss:

>"The 'bricoleur' is adept at performing a large number of diverse tasks; but unlike the engineer, he does not subordinate each of them to the availability of raw materials and tools conceived and procured for the purpose of the project. His universe of instruments is closed and the rules of his game are always to make do with 'whatever is at hand', that is to say with a set of tools and materials which is always finite and is also heterogeneous because what it contains bears no relation to the current project, or indeed to any particular project, but is the contingent result of all the occasions there have been to renew or enrich the stock or to maintain it with the remains of previous constructions or destructions. The set of the 'bricoleur's' means cannot therefore be defined in terms of a project. It is to be defined only by its potential use or, putting this another way and in the language of the bricoleur himself, because the elements are collected or retained on the principle that they may always come in handy. Such elements are specialized up to a point, sufficiently for the bricoleur not to need the equipment and knowledge of all trades and professions, but not enough for each of them to have only one definite and determinate use. They each represent a set of actual and possible relations; they are 'operators' but they can be used for any operations of the same type."


>"Mythical thought, that bricoleur, builds up structures by fitting together events, or rather the remains of events, while science, 'in operation' simply by virtue of coming into being, creates its means and results in the form of events, thanks to the structures which it is constantly elaborating and which are its hypotheses and theories. But it is important not to make the mistake of thinking that these are two stages or phases in the evolution of knowledge. Both approaches are equally valid. Physics and chemistry are already striving to become qualitative again, that is to account also for secondary qualities which when they have been explained will in their turn become means of explanation. And biology may perhaps be marking time waiting for this before it can itself explain life. Mythical thought for its part is imprisoned in the events and experiences which it never tires of ordering and re-ordering in its search to find them a meaning. But it also acts as a liberator by its protest against the idea that anything can be meaningless with which science at first resigned itself to a compromise."

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What is Culture?

A reflection of physical surroundings? A tool to orient oneself among peers? Who explained it best?

R:3 / I:0 / P:20 [R] [G] [-]

Okay /philosophy/ please bare with me.

How does a King or anyone of the such hold the "Form of Good" within him, according to Plato?

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Boards where logical fallacies are banned

>>>/logic/ and it's child boards


(/logic/ isn't claimed yet so sorry about the shit posting)

What do you think of the idea?

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Martyrs for philosophy

List the heroes. Aside from Socrates there was a female neoplatonic philosopher/astronomer who was murdered by the Christian mob centuries later:


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Everything in the evolution leads up to this moment, everything since the big bang theory.

Imagine something for 1 billion years ago happen differently just 1 sec in the pass would have changed everything! Mindblow

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How to become skilled at Sophistry/Rethoric

I believe many philosophers and politicians might have written books on those subjects. What would be good starting points on this subject?

If being rational doesn't work on the masses, maybe appeals to emotion will.

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Sophie's World is the literal truth

>Try to get into philosophy

>Realize you are are not who you think you are, but are actually a little girl in a best-selling novel

>Level up your philosophical powers and escape into the real world

Mfw, why didn't my philosophy profs inform me that the secret to philosophy is it's a process of getting out of a fucking book and meeting a "God" who has been watching you, and waiting for you to come so he can caress your flat titties?

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/starting stoa/

Hmu with the best book(s) on stoicism

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dear phil, I am trying to write a book that you may find interesting, it's a take on an old premise that has never been seen before.

It's a series of stories about time travel, which all take place in the same setting, but with different characters perspectives, kind of like sin city.

but here is where it becomes unique, it deviaters in every way from how the subject is usually treated:

1: time travel is for everybody (who can afford it):

in most time travel stories, use of the technology is either heavily regulated, or only available to a select few, but here, traveling to, and thereby changing, the past is a technology widely available on the free market.

2. the setting with time travel does not have events which are unalterable, yet it does:

in most stories, you either cannot kill Hitler, or you can, but doing so deletes all future events along your timeline, and overwrites them with a new series of events that follow from the point of deviation.

But in my setting, all timelines with the same set of natural laws coexist exist as complete, predetermined, unalterable, looping entities within a single multiverse, where the last unique point in every timeline, where the universe is crushed into a singularity, is followed by first unique point in the timeline, when the singularity begins to expand again, this happens twice in every given timeline, and in between these points are the two points which all timelines share, that is, at the point of the singularity itself.

so the moment you travel back in time, you are actually entering a previous point in another timeline that is identical up the predetermined point in the timeline where you have warped in, at which point you become a part of the predetermined future of that timeline, unless one of your predetermined actions within it is to warp back in time again, in which case you disappear from it, and into a previous point in another, or into it's future, in which case you skip your existence within the timeline, until the future point at which you reappear again.

3. killing Hitler can lead to only good things!

every time travel story that allows the past to be changed agrees that doing so can only produce a future that punishes the traveler, either by inducing some paradox that threatens to destroy spacetime itself, or by producing only futures which the traveler finds less preferable than the future they came from (looking at you, stein's gate).

but in this setting, it has become common knowledge that changing the future in the past is actually MORE likely to produce a preferable future, than any action you commit in the present (you are already changing the future at this moment, you know?).

For when you change the future in the present, you have less information, and less resources, than when you alter the future via the past, however, it's not exactly as safe a bet as is commonly thought, as adding your present self into a point in time where you didn't exist before, is adding a whole new variable to that timeline's equation, especially if your past self also occupies that point in time.

But it's still pretty damn safe, and MUCH safer than any futures you can create in the present, things CAN go wrong, of course, but the ONLY contributing factor is the actions you take in the past, and the fact that you are committing them in the past itself, is NEVER a factor in determining futures (spacetime has no brain, is not sentient, and cannot recognize, nor judge, nor punish, any "timecrimes" that have been committed against it).

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Can the laws of nature be deducted form Logic?

As the thread says.

Finding a list of times the laws of reality have been successfully deducted is a hard thing because nobody cares, but think about the past times people have done it:

Greeks guessed that material was made of "atoms" and that was what held material together.

Albert Einstein guessed that gravity was composed of "waves" and on 2016 we learned this was true.

The above people did not have proof of their hypothesis, they simply reasoned or guessed it.

Smarter people simply seem to be able to pull it off.

Are ALL laws of the universe understandable through basic knowledge of the universe and then applied logic? Were the two above guesses just luck?

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Radical Skepticism

I have question to ask this guy, can you prove it?

R:81 / I:12 / P:20 [R] [G] [-]

Pedophilia / CP / lolicon

Discuss whether any of these are 'morally wrong?' Pictures are of Saaya irie when she was 11.

R:34 / I:5 / P:20 [R] [G] [-]

So I'm a moral nihilist and atheist who believes in reductionist materialism.

Interested to see what the arguments against my positions are, so I'm looking for the common refutations against these positions, as well as general opinions and the like.

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why humans is so fucus on new year

R:2 / I:0 / P:20 [R] [G] [-]

Philsophy cafes

Philosophy with coffee: have you been to one? The nearest philosophy club in my area is like 90 km away. Lucky European bastards.

R:12 / I:6 / P:21 [R] [G] [-]

Gustavo Bueno's philosophical materialism

That could be a materialist trench.

Gustavo Bueno's philosophical system is one of the last attempts to stay on materialist side of philosophy. Has a new insight on what materialism means (understanding the matter as not reducible to the corporeal; Materialist essays is THE book on it) and, at the same time, a materialistic proposal of what the sciences are (categorical closure theory). His philosophy connects with the tradition of the Platonic academy and dialogues with Marxism and Diamat (Soviet philosophy). It rejects the monistic conception of materialism and places itself in a pluralism.

A small synthesis


What is a categorical closure?


Sciences as Categorical Closures


R:3 / I:0 / P:21 [R] [G] [-]


Hegelianism isn't that popular, nonetheless there is an interest from a lot of lay people and enthusiasts to learn about Hegel. I write a blog basically to give run downs and explanations by expansion of some core Hegelian concepts as well as overview expansions of Hegel's arguments in some of his works. Currently I'm working through the Phenomenology of Spirit and writing chapter by chapter logical outlines, and by logical I mean Hegelian logical, which isn't anything short.

My blog is:


If you'd like to comment anything or ask anything Hegel related go ahead and I'll try to answer here.

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On the sticky


Opinion incoming

The first image contains many harmful paths. Most consistently:

Politics - You often become bound to a politician in real life, who is very manipulative himself. This is also why most of them were Communist or otherwise Facist, it is the ultimate goal of a politician in those ages.

Hedonism on the bottom - Someone who can slowly chew a meal earns more than someone who steamrolls through a banquet. I personally would recommend doing a 160 and going for "DIY" Ubermensch.

I have no comments on any of the other motivations, its just that those two are self destructive and meaningless.

Sorry, I just wanted to point that out. Any objections?

R:9 / I:1 / P:21 [R] [G] [-]

Would anyone care to share their thoughts on the is-ought problem, objective ethical truths, and inductive reasoning?

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Aristotle on the best kind of government

I have studied from a class from uni that Aristotle said that the best king of government is wherein the middle-class in the ruling class. A democracy (rule of the lower-class) isn't the best choice (he said). Just because the majority (let's face it majority are of the lower-class) agrees on something doesn't mean its the best. Relying on the upper classes, on the other hand, will probably result to a larger wealth discrepancy between the upper and lower classes. The middle classes, on the other hand, have a taste of both being poor and being rich. They know what it means to work for money and they know what it means to lead and hire people. What do you guys think about this?

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Which philosophers would you want to be friends with?

I tried reading Hegel, but I couldn't stand him. He's reads like an autist at church appealing to yet another a higher spirituality. Nietzsche, Hume, Marx and Stirner would be more fun to talk to.

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>be out

>at club, looking fresh, free and fly

>talk to some random -albeit hot- club stank

>lay out an exegesis of Ulysses

>at this juncture the floor beneath us is literally soaked in vaginal fluids

>tells me she usually does not hook up with random dudes, but I seemed like a special kind of guy

>feign interest in her because I need validation from attractive girls to feel a sense of self-worth

>she clearly wants the D

>begs me to go back to her place

>follow her

>kissing passionately in the hallway, open door, continue to bed

>she undresses and urges me to please fuck her

>notice poster hanging on wall by bed

>weird motif with text above saying: "bad ass"

>contemplate the wording because it seems an external or internal voice of conscience has stopped me and my erection in our tracks

>"bad ass"


>[internal monologue] "bad ass... bad ass... hmm... a mean bastard .. mean ass .. mean butt .. mean hine end .. there's something here .. mean end... MEAN-END!"

>Kant's categorical imperative to never treat people as means to an end surfaces and shuts off any desire to treat this poor girl as an indistinguishable masturbatory device for my crude fantasy and pleausure

>tell her I'm sorry, but I have to go, apologize profusely

>hear her in her London accent scream "CUNT" at me

>sounds exactly like "Kant"

>leave morally pure and spiritually intact

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Come play Minecraft with /pol/! Players can create a faction and fight against others or go solo and play normally. This recent iteration is run by experienced administrators that have been running servers for years. Normally this game is just placing blocks and autism, but we've modified the server with survival plugins that allow us to configure just about every aspect of the game for the political system. By establishing player-made groups, people can simulate political systems easily and survive in an realistic environment.

The server is running Minecraft version 1.8.1, piratefags will have to download a new launcher off the general info pastebin below.

IP: polandcraft.org

Note: New players will be prompted to register, to do so type '/register randompassword randompassword' - this will confirm you into the server, henceforth each time you log in you will type '/login randompassword'.

General Info / Downloads: http://pastebin.com/gJGquvvu

8chan /pol/

Come simulate politics on autismcraft with /pol/! This is an experiment to determine what political ideal will result in a group dominating other nations, based on how successful their ideology turns out to be. Players can create a faction and compete against others or go solo and play normally. Normally this game is just placing blocks and autism, but we've modified the server with survival plugins that allow us to configure just about every aspect of the game for the political system.

The server is running Minecraft version 1.8.#, piratefags will have to download a new launcher off the general info pastebin below;

IP: polandcraft.org

Note: New players will be prompted to register, to do so type '/register randompassword randompassword' - this will confirm you into the server, henceforth each time you log in you will type '/login randompassword'.

General Info / Downloads: http://pastebin.com/gJGquvvu


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Nothing is forbidden

Everything is sacred

The point is to transcend pointlessness

The greatest hero is the one who's okay being labeled the villain. The greatest villain is the one whom all think of as a hero.

The illusions we cast on ourselves as the grand, living universe are impressive to say the least.

It's clear to those who own bodies that mind is over matter... so why should things matter if you don't mind?

Why do we thirst for objective truth?

What is will?

Do others exist?
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Karl Schmidt

Know where I can get a copy of "The Realm of Understanding and the Individual" by Karl Schmidt?

Pic unrelated

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Why is this board so shit?

I was hoping for some, you know, actual philosophy.

Are you autistic?

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Who are the shittiest philosophers of all time, and what makes a philosopher shitty?

Picture completely unrelated. Like, totally unrelated.

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was he autistic?

R:1 / I:0 / P:21 [R] [G] [-]

was he autistic?

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Nothing's good...nothing's bad

How can we figure out anything anymore? It's all so confusing...



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It's dialectical monism a real philosophy? I get the impression is one dude memeing on Wikipedia.

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He could have saved China from 2000 years of mystical bullshit if anyone had listened.

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Do all things have an opposite? Socrates thinks so in the Phaedra regarding sleeping and walking, life and death, and then guesses death leads to kids.

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Board meta discussion

The BO directed me to rustle up a board meta-thread. Oh joy.

This is an opportune time to apply some changes to the /philosophy/ board. Take a look at the board resources link in the sticky to see why.

A few trivial changes have taken place. Some editing of the board sticky was done. Rule two was split into separate rules, although the wording remains the same. A board sub-page was created, and some of the content moved there along with additions.

Why the changes to the sticky?

There is a debate across image-boards as to the merits of a permanent board sticky versus an information bar. The board staff happens to like both. We also agree both should be made minimalistic, with links to info-dumps held elsewhere.

As originally written, rule two confuses different groups and issues. As it now stands, rule two is a form of promissory estoppel clearly directed at the board staff. Rule three is intended for the users.

What other changes are we thinking of?

We are hunting for more apropos resources to add. Things which mesh with image-board culture and have a philosophical bent are what we are looking for.

We're not sure what can be done with the beginner guide images in the second post of the sticky. The problem is not the information, it's the location. If we can figure out how to neatly fold them into the board sub-page, we'll do that and delete the post. Otherwise, it will remain.

What else are we considering, but shouldn't change without hearing from the users first?

One counter argument to the rest is the idea of enforcing quality. All we can say is that appeals to historic quality are meaningless to an image-board, without active participation in the present and future.

With eyes asquint, we are looking at what is now rule #4, "SFW board." The idea here is to drop it in favor of enforcing the use of spoilers for NSFW images.

I, the BV, am not happy with the wording of rule #3. It strikes me as a put off, especially for new users. It must stand for now. I have no suggestions how to reword things without hearing what people think about this.

The Oekaki applet could be enabled. We're an image-board, right?

Assets the BO has direct access to are free to be changed. These are the flags, spoiler images, sub-pages, etc.

Board banners are a special case. Access to adding or changing banners now requires that the BO accepts an agreement with a third party application. This she will not do, unless the users clamor for it. That means making new banners for inclusion, first.

Other boards.

/philosophy/ is intended to be part of a community, witness the info bar. We could, and probably should, invite comment from them. For the moment, let's see what people who are here have to say, before bothering them. I do intend to bother them, however.

Last thoughts.

There's one thing I have learned from my participation in western image-board culture across these many years, plus time served in various forms as a moderation volunteer around and about. Failure is always an option. While it is the users who define success, I and the BO both agree that we have to at least try.

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>fuck niggers and kikes

what did he mean by this?

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what was his fucking problem?

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who would he vote for in 2016?

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The universe is each and everyone's WILL.

The univere is my will.

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"The universe is my will or the will is my universe?"


"To be or not to be?"?

R:14 / I:2 / P:22 [R] [G] [-]

I flipped a coin

To be, or not to be?

Heads, or tails?

The Universe is my will.

Enjoy your trip

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what the fuck am i reading

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Absurdism is the greatest existential philosophy in my opinion. There are many writings on the absurd, it is far less in your face than nihilism, truly the sophisticated existential philosophy.

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Will power of self

Is it us humans who have the strength and will power to destroy the very thing the human mind creates bigger than itself. That it my be in our physical worldly term break able to destroy god and the devil. To destroy the forces of good and evil and to exterminate cosmic balance in our universe. Your opinions much appreciated.

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I don't mean this in a derogatory way, although it will come off as that. In a completely curious motivation, what has philosophy done for humankind in the last 100 years? I don't even mean economic benefit, but what are the benefits to the lives of the average human or non-philosopher in the last century? Has academic philosophy, for example, changed social behavior?
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so why exactly did you delete my posts? i see no reason as to why they would be deleted under the current rules

>1- Respect the Global Rules


>2- Moderation will be kept to a minimum. Shitposting is not encouraged and spamming the board will result in a ban.

they were no more or less shitposting than that other fellow. and you cannot claim that non-identical posts with a period ~24 hours between them is spam.

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I made a blog about my teenage anxty struggles...

I was wondering if any of you guys can offer some advice?


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potemkin village > universe

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The Universe

Is the Universe finite or infinite?

I want to say infinite (i.e. eternal); that makes us humans shards of eternity, capable of experiencing joy during life.
What about you?
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>yfw God exists

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Eschatology/End Times - An Ancient Psy Op?

In many places online, there is a resurgence of end times beliefs. The fact that people all over the world observe natural phenomena (species die-outs, earthquakes, etc.), plutocratic crypto-history (pick your group - J, J, M, etc.), The Inverse relationship between technological advancement, and social/cultural/economic

/psychological health of the world population, the breakdown of classical culture, the breakdown of the old, the emergence of the alien and the new (cyberpunk, or occult subcultures, waves of new social movements, the transvaluation of morals, etc.) leads many to come to the conclusion that we are witnessing the end of history - as per the prophecies of the book of revelations, lets say. But there isn't just this - the hopis have their own prophecy referring to the "5th World", the hindu's believe in the kali yuga, etc. The most important thing to attempt to resolve is the veracity of these ideas, because not only does this determine how futile the future is, but it allows for an understanding of the major culprits of evil in our world.

Is there any evidence to suggest that these ideas - specifically the Judeochristian end times - is an ancient psyop?

I've heard rumors it is a sort of war game - planned out thousands of years in advance by very intelligent plutocrats aware of the powers of the mass-mind, with their own millenia-old scheme to control history.

So how do we know? Is there any hope for truth in a world of competing knowledge structures, belief systems, etc. --- to establish a real history, and either affirm or dispell eschatological-armageddon thinking? based on the history of the ideas themselves rather than some lazy "secular" assumption that its a silly idea. Consider how this must've been structured if at all - is there an esoteric elite - evil factions that proceed with this as a plan, maybe good factions that warn the world through prophecy and exotericized biblical literature - etc.???

We have to approach this from a more open-minded schema, but also attempt to falsify or affirm this - because it is directly related to how we all - religious or not - orient our history, and therefore our future.

Any sages posses the knowledge to help a lost soul and his brethren uncover the truth on this?

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ok, real talk fellas. how many of you have actually read epictetus? how many of you have read the meditations but not the discourses?

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Is there any good literature/philosophy out there on the colossal uses and abuses of future technology (invisibility, mind control, nuclear weapons, AI) and how to prevent it from/reasonably assure against its happening?

Or is everything gonna go to shite?

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Check out this cringe lord trying to discuss Descartes


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here's what i've come to understand

- nothing matters. life and the universe exist, but there is no purpose or set guidelines, codes of morality, destiny, etc. it's only what we make of it, and even then it still doesn't matter. religion is a comforting facade so that people don't have to face this truth.

- we are genetic fuck-ups, anomalies if you will, as is basically everything in the universe. a simple matter of matter reacting to fusion process.

- we do have free will, since there is no determined course in life, it is entirely up to us to decide what to do with our time given to us. not that it matters anyway.

- everything is a meme. this website, the posting format, the computer, the couch, the house, the front lawn, the car, you name it.

how long should i wait before i kill myself at this point? 25 yo virgin, should i at least see if i make it to the wizard level?

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Can you find a single photo of someone looking more uncomfortable than Zizek looks here?

R:4 / I:1 / P:23 [R] [G] [-]



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Here's the options thus far:

1. Determinism is true. The mind functions based on pre-existing states of the universe, and therefore free will cannot exist.

2. Randomness is possible. Be it quantum or metaphysical, things can happen that cannot be predicted by prior conditions. Your mind is connected in some way to these processes, and is capable of random decisions. Still, a random number generator does not give you actual freedom, so free will does not exist.

3. ???

There just has to be some more options here. I mean, I'm relatively set about determinism, but there are so many people who believe in free will that you'd think there would be more ways of looking at it.

Anyone know of any more options besides determinism and randomness? Anyone know what kind of proposed mechanisms for free will exist?

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>From 1940 to 1960, Scandinavia used psychosurgery at a rate of about two-and-a-half times the rate of the United States.

why was lobotomy and sterilization so widespread in scandinavia? how does national psychology explain this? picrel semirelated

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"To be or not to be?" or "The universe is my will or the will is my universe?"?

R:7 / I:1 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

Absurdism is a meme and another version of the leap to faith, prove me wrong you absurdist snowflakes.

t. Person who was an absurdist for 2 years then realised it was wrong because of the above reason.

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Is this what XXI century philosophy looks like?


R:10 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]


Philosopher here, ask me anything.

R:5 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

Hypocrisy as a traching device

Fedora here, hypocrisy isn't necessarily bad. If you act in defiance of your stated values in front of someone you can track them a lesson. I.e. if someone is a hypocrite, you can act the same way in front of them so they condemn you for being a hypocrite, and hopefully reflect on their actions.

Is there a word for this concept? (Ignore the propaganda pic, heromine said it not her author.)

R:2 / I:1 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

"Neutral" philosophy/spirituality?

I find the likes of Eckhart Tolle to be too "goody two-shoes" for my tastes.

Alan Watts gels well with me, as well as Taoism, but it's best to branch out instead of getting all from the same source.

What would you recommend?

R:2 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]


fresh stanford entry on voting

R:5 / I:1 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]


I dare you to refute Hegel.

R:8 / I:1 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

How does one make religion and philosophy "work"?

Whether I'm reading Kant, Hegel, Watts or Aristotle; or whether I'm reading the Bible, the Qu'ran, the Tao Te Ching or the Bhagavad Gita; my reaction may be summed up as one or both the following:


>"whoa, that's so deep!!", then going right back to all my dysfunctional habits that keep me hating myself and hating life

This is because I have little idea how to APPLY the information and ideas being presented to me in my daily/weekly/yearly life.

R:2 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

A way of life and thought which denies or ignores the existence of God is bound to end in dissolution and self-contradiction.

If this is not sufficiently proved by the state of futility to which Humanism and rationalism have brought us, a state of inhumanity and irrationality, all that remains necessary is to reason the matter out.

From the standpoint of reason the conclusion that God exists is unavoidable; to demonstrate this truth was the greatest and perhaps the most permanent achievement of mediaeval philosophy, and in particular of St. Thomas.

The only way to escape this conclusion is to deny the validity of reason, which is merely to make argument, philosophy, and almost every form of discussion and thought impossible.

R:4 / I:1 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]


So lads,do you have any insights on dealing with teen angst and angst in general,are you aware of any philosophies on the matter

R:6 / I:2 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

Science vs. Philosophy

Do you consider science to be an important factor in considering things or philosophical tenants because I have seen little discussion of it and I believe that since philosophy is the study of reality that science should be a limiting factor but I'd like to see other opinions on it.

R:3 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

Is it possible to reconcile Christian thought with Egoism and Hegelianism?

Serious question. Not bait

R:4 / I:1 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

>>There are people on /philosophy/ RIGHT NOW that actually believe the holocaust happened



R:4 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]


A pretty important part of a human's life I think. Let's discuss it. Though it's also a big subject, so keeping this in one topic might be stupid, but this board doesn't seem to be crawling with posters, so I guess one topic will be enough.

What is pleasure? Why and how do we feel it(I'm also looking for biological answers here if you guys can provide)? And when we feel it, why do we want it to last forever? Should we chase it and try to live our lives with always pleasure, or try to keep away from it as much as possible? How does hedonism affect a man?

R:1 / I:0 / P:24 [R] [G] [-]

Does the B theory of time imply determinism?

R:6 / I:1 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Can an atheist gain anything by reading Kirky? Is there a secular interpretation of his work?

R:1 / I:0 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

What are some good books about the Presocratics, not necessarily just fragments.

R:7 / I:1 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

As it is said in the Bible, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, and love your neighbor as yourself." We all agree that we must love, but we do not, and this becomes particularly appalling when we enter into the higher realm of spiritual development.

Everybody these days is interested in spiritual development, and wisely so, because we want to change our consciousness. Many people are well aware that this egocentric consciousness is a hallucination, and they presume it is the function of religion to change it.

After all, that is what the Zen Buddhists, and all these yogis in the Orient are doing. They are changing their state of consciousness to get something called satori, or mystical experience, or nirvana, or moksha. Everybody is really enthused about that because it is the definitive spiritual experience, and you do not get that in church. Although there have been Christian mystics, the church has been very quiet about them.

In the average church, all you get is talk there is no meditation and no spiritual discipline. They interminably tell God what to do, as if He did not know. Then they tell the people what to do, as if they could do what they're told, or even wanted to. Then they sing religious nursery rhymes. And then, to cap it all, the Roman Catholic Church which at least had an unintelligible service that was real mysterious and suggested vast goings on went on to put the service into bad English. They took away incense, and became essentially a bunch of Protestants, and so now even the Catholics are at loose ends.

As Clare Boothe Luce said, "It is no longer possible to practice contemplative prayer at mass." You are being advised, exhorted, and edified all the time, and that becomes a bore. Think of God,listening to all those prayers. Talk about grieving the Holy Spirit. It is just awful; people have no consideration for God at all.

In pursuing spiritual disciplines, however, such as yoga, Zen, and also psychotherapy, there arises a difficulty. This difficulty lies in wanting to find a method whereby I can change my consciousness and improve myself.

But the self that needs to be improved is the one that is doing the improving, and so I am rather stuck. I find out that the reason I think I believe in God is that I hope that somehow God will rescue me. In other words, I want to hang on to my own existence and feel rather shaky about doing that for myself, so I hope there is a God who will take care of it. Or I may think that if only I could be loving, I would have a better opinion of myself. I could face myself if I were more loving. So by some gimmickry the unloving me has to turn itself into a loving me.

This is just like trying to lift yourself off the ground with your own bootstraps; it cannot be done.

That is why religion, in practice, mainly produces hypocrisy and guilt, due to the constant failure of these enterprises.

R:13 / I:3 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

The Truth About Aristotle


R:4 / I:1 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Enlightenment Philosophy

Who was the greatest philosopher of the Enlightenment, and why was he Spinoza?

R:3 / I:0 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]


i don't know much about philosophy. i'm new

is there a belief or theory that the only way to be immortal is through leaving a huge/long legacy? like if one's purpose in life is to not die, evade death with a legacy to still exist in a way

idk, sorry if this makes no sense.

i would also enjoy some light reading material to help me get started in philosophy

R:10 / I:2 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Descartes the THE worst philosopher. Discuss.

>Meditation I - Doubt shit.

>Yes we know.

>Meditation II - The Cogito

>Only interesting part of his work tbh.

>Meditation III - synthetic a priori deduction that God exists


>Meditation IV - Trying to explain holes in III's logic.

>You can stop reading this guy now.

>Meditation V -

>I told you to stop reading Descartes.

>Meditation VI - Substance Dualism - AKA the philosophy of mind people are too embarrassed to believe in.

>Seriously you're getting into autistic stuff here...

The only reason it might be worth learning anything he says is to be able to read people that criticise him.

R:1 / I:0 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Plato question

So i'm reading EUTHYDEMUS by Plato. In this dialogue Socrates meets two brothers that believe that they can sell wisdom to people.

To impress Socrates and his friends, they first challenge a young boy and demonstrate that words can have more than one meaning in a context and in fact any answer to their question can be wrong. One of Socrates' friends steps in only to be frustrated when he can't break their chain of logic. Then another, more learned friend of Socrates steps in and their word play

Now its clear that they are sophists (i.e. Plato's version of Satan) and this is one his main works on rhetoric. I haven't finished the dialogue but I have to ask:

What is wisdom? How is it really different from what these two brothers are doing? Is the sort of wisdom Plato's characters (like Socrates and co.) advocate genuine or does Socrates perform a different kind of wordplay and he simply believes he is touching on genuine teaching? After all the whole "idea-have opponent verify the idea-come a conclusion that bewilders opponent" not the same thing but with a different motive? Was Aristophanes right to say that Socrates was just an idealized sophist?

Isn't it contradictory? After all, if you teach wisdom well and argue well, making it hard for your opponent to argue with you are basically teaching your student how to think like you? If wisdom poorly (i.e. they can consider the problem easier and come to their own conclusions) are you not failing to argue but doing a better job in creating unique thought in the opponent?

If its answered later then i'll finish it and come back, but I want to get your take on it.

R:11 / I:4 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

What do I read if I want to get out of my room and go get get laid?. I'm a 20yo kiss less virgin, can philosophy help me?

I just go to unI for my parents & work a boring job. All my friends went to the military so I'm pretty much a loser with no passions. Can philosophy help me?

R:2 / I:1 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Why were the Talking Heads always so philosophical? Did they know something we don't?

R:17 / I:5 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Tasteless society

It amazes me that we enable elites to become so rich when they are so wasteful and tasteless. This painting sold to a Chinese bilionaire for 170 million USD.

R:8 / I:3 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Are there major differences between existenalism/nihilism/absurdism/pessimism?

If not, are there any nitty gritty ones?

R:85 / I:8 / P:25 [R] [G] [-]

Karl Marx

Thoughts on Marx?