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Reposting last few days…

(because of corrupt JSON data as well)

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18186049 Q Research Japan/Nihon #11: God bless and stay safe Edition

Created 210510ZJAN23




>>>/qresearch/18187033 Q投稿2619-1913年連邦準備法>2023年=110年間ネズミ講のような、価値のない裏付けのないカバル紙幣が存在する

>>>/qresearch/18187186 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / CNN、主要オフィス拠点で永久閉鎖-特大ロゴは解体へ

>>>/qresearch/18187215, >>>/qresearch/18187223 バイデン BUN / なぜジョーがワープスピードからライトスピードに変更したのか疑問に思った人のために。 J&Jは非mRNA単発ワクチンであり、ペン・バイデン・センターはそれによって何の利益も得られなかった

>>>/qresearch/18187242 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 記者、出版社、編集者を逮捕しろ - 早く答えが分かるだろう。ゲームをして時間を浪費するのはやめてください

>>>/qresearch/18187257 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / NYP は現在、ジェイミー・リー・カーティスの「アートワーク」の子がゴミ箱に入れられていることを報告しています。それをPodesta Vibesと呼ぶことは許可されていません..エプスタインに戻りました

>>>/qresearch/18187277 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / サラ・ローレンス大学のセックス・カルト指導者に禁固60年の判決

>>>/qresearch/18187283 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / ソロス氏の「教化」活動のベールを剥ぐ調査結果

>>>/qresearch/18187313 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / ビッグテック企業が団結し、最高裁にソーシャルメディア企業を保護する法律の維持を要請

>>>/qresearch/18187329 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / メキシコの判事、ジャーナリスト殺害未遂でカルテル組織全体を収監

>>>/qresearch/18187343 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / AMOのP-3クルーとパートナーが20トンの麻薬を押収

>>>/qresearch/18187388 ジェネシスは昨夜 1月19日11時11分01秒にチャプター 11破産を申請しました。 9/11ミラーリングされた反応 終わりは聖書的なものになるでしょう

>>>/qresearch/18187404 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / WEFは様々な主要な中央銀行とともに、中央銀行デジタル通貨(CBDC)政策立案者ツールキットを立ち上げました

>>>/qresearch/18197589 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrumpが@TrueGenFlynnに返信している WOW。MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

>>>/qresearch/18197624 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ウクライナ: ロシアがWEF、ダボス会議に参加しないのは、「自由世界」が招待しなかったからだ

>>>/qresearch/18197670 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / ロンドン警視庁で小児性愛者の組織が疑われ、主任警視が死体で発見される

>>>/qresearch/18197758 警察が民間の技術企業と提携し、あなたの行動をすべて監視する方法

>>>/qresearch/18197794 バイデン BUN / バイデン機密ファイル、シンクタンクに保管される前に別のDCに送られていた-ハンターの推薦を受けた補佐官が率いるチームによって

>>>/qresearch/18197799, >>>/qresearch/18197819, >>>/qresearch/18197825, >>>/qresearch/18197832 日本で慈善事業がビジネスとなるとき: ホサナハウス事件で浮き彫りになった、疑わしい民間団体による公的資金の不正使用

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=CDLHkpvR_Es - INTERVIEW WITH 暇空茜 HIMASORA AKANE | #27 [Channel: CMG Inside Japan & Asia]

>>>/qresearch/18198409 コカ・コーラ、「オールナチュラル」シンプリーオレンジジュースから高濃度の有害化学物質が検出されたと提訴される

>>>/qresearch/18198454 銀行家が国連を動かす

>>>/qresearch/18198483 ブラジルの司法専制政治は衰えることなく進行している

>>>/qresearch/18198514 バイデン BUN / Declaration of North America(「北米宣言」)は国境警備と国家主権を否定するものです

>>>/qresearch/18198627 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / スコットランドの実業家Dame Ann Gloag(80)とその夫、他の家族2人が人身売買犯罪を起訴される

>>>/qresearch/18198650, >>>/qresearch/18198651 Q413 CEOの辞任を追跡: セコム創業者の飯田亮氏死去 民間警備をけん引、89歳

>>>/qresearch/18200272 バイデン BUN / バイデン一家はマフィア一家のように見え、マフィア一家のように振る舞う-マフィア一家なのだろうか?

>>>/qresearch/18200325 バイデン BUN / バイデン政権下で過去最多の国境死者が発生、データで判明

>>>/qresearch/18200346 バイデン BUN / バイデン ホワイトハウスのモンキーポックス対応コーディネーター、米国人にCOVID、インフルエンザ、モンキーポックスワクチンの同時接種を呼びかけ

>>>/qresearch/18200392 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / AR州POTTSVILLE市の7年生教師でソフトボールコーチが未成年への性的暴行で逮捕される

>>>/qresearch/18200446 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / Matt TaibbiとKiriakouはTwitterファイルを通じて拡大する政府支配を暴露し続ける

>>>/qresearch/18200495 バイデン BUN / 文書が6つ増えたのではなく、コンテナが6つ増えたのだ

>>>/qresearch/18200519 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 内部告発者が暴露する英国移民児童売買の規模

>>>/qresearch/18200538 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 英国の小児性愛者がウクライナ難民の子どもを狙う 性犯罪者は "人道支援 "をしていると主張

>>>/qresearch/18200573 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / NEWトランプTS投稿

>>>/qresearch/18200596 バイデン BUN / WHのMTG画像:「HOW」(バイデンがどうやって選挙に勝ったのかの2分程度の動画)

>>>/qresearch/18200656, >>>/qresearch/18200673 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / シルク、ダイヤモンドの訃報を知ったトランプ氏の電話について心温まるエピソードを語る

>>>/qresearch/18201833 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 勝利への強さとスタミナ

>>>/qresearch/18201844 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日銀の12月政策決定会合は政府の要請で中断された

>>>/qresearch/18201848, >>>/qresearch/18201858, >>>/qresearch/18202026 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / フェイスブック、ツイッターの主要ポストには元FBI、CIA関係者が詰め込まれている

>>>/qresearch/18201859 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 警察官のペドたち

>>>/qresearch/18201912 騙すこと、欺くことの結果: 人が嘘をつくと、人が死ぬ

>>>/qresearch/18201963 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJTのTruthの投稿とQドロップレビュー

>>>/qresearch/18201996, >>>/qresearch/18202004 ボヘミアン・クラブとold guard。Qドロップ3961

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/trcdH6T5NopJ/ - ボヘミアン・グローブ殺人事件(子供の生け贄)の目撃者★アンソニー・J・ヒルダー [Channel: kojicosi]

>>>/qresearch/18207443 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本の首相は、少子化のために社会として機能するかどうかの瀬戸際にいると述べた

>>>/qresearch/18207600 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJTが主権を取り戻すためのヒントを投下したクリップの数々

>>>/qresearch/18208290 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 今まで一度も問題を起こしたことのない75歳の老人が、小さな税金を払わなかったことで刑務所に入れられ、麻薬の売人や殺人犯がニューヨークの歩道を自由に歩き回っています

>>>/qresearch/18208307 順序が重要です ~Q

>>>/qresearch/18208325, >>>/qresearch/18208328 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 英国のトップシンクタンクが、ロシアのウクライナに対するサイバー戦争支配を明らかにした

>>>/qresearch/18208353 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 今日逮捕されたFBI捜査官は、トランプを倒すためのクーデターの中心人物の一人であった

>>>/qresearch/18208363 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / バチカン、大聖堂で「セックスパーティー」調査中

>>>/qresearch/18208396 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプは本当にツイッターに戻りたいのか?

>>>/qresearch/18208431, >>>/qresearch/18208442 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / ジェフリー・エプスタインは誰のために働いていたのか?[ロスチャイルド家?]

>>>/qresearch/18208552 復習:ソロスは1993年に「NATO諸国のボディバッグのリスクを減らす」ために、NATOに東欧の兵士を使うように要求した

>>>/qresearch/18208589 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / マール・ア・ラゴ襲撃もロシア共謀罪のデマに過ぎない

>>>/qresearch/18219997 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / ビル・ゲイツはダボス会議をサボって、大々的に宣伝している

>>>/qresearch/18220019 バイデン BUN / 2020 年 9 月から: バイデンは、アンティファは思想であり、組織ではないと言います

>>>/qresearch/18220041 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・J・トランプ:ロシア、ロシア、ロシアの狂言で私を追っていたFBIは、私が大統領に当選するずっと前に、ロシア、ロシア、ロシアから金を受け取ったとして逮捕されたばかりだ。彼が地獄で腐りますように!

>>>/qresearch/18220063 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / ショーン・ペンはいつも児童売買の近くにいる、エイミー・クロブカーとクリントン財団のハイチとか…ペドはみんなウクライナも支援してるし…。

>>>/qresearch/18220402 @KariLake 今日の上院証言で、約4万枚の投票用紙が不正に集計されたことが確認された

>>>/qresearch/18220420 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ウクライナは汚職スキャンダルに揺さぶられ、高官が相次いで辞任。スポーツカー、豪邸、豪華なバケーション、人々が苦しむ中

>>>/qresearch/18220428 マイク・ペンス副大統領、インディアナ州の自宅で機密文書を発見

>>>/qresearch/18220434 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 「完全な狂気」ウクライナをNATOに加盟させ、さらに銃を渡せとボリス・ジョンソン氏が要求

>>>/qresearch/18220447 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 政府が運営する英国のホテルで200人の難民の子どもが行方不明になっている

>>>/qresearch/18220459 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 「優良」と評価された介護施設で子どもが殴られ、裸で締め出される

>>>/qresearch/18220576 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT TS 「マイク・ペンスは罪のない男です。彼は人生で故意に不誠実なことをしたことはありません。放っておいてください!!!」

>>>/qresearch/18220657 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump トランプ・ワイナリーが信じられないほど権威のあるサンフランシスコ・ワイン・コンペティションで優勝しました!

>>>/qresearch/18220695 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / WEFの巨悪の野望

>>>/qresearch/18222219 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / NATOはすでにヨーロッパを不安定にしたが、アジアに同じ薬を届けようとしているのか?

>>>/qresearch/18222638 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 森喜朗元首相は、東京がモスクワとの関係を犠牲にしてキエフに味方していることを嘆いた

>>>/qresearch/18227434, >>>/qresearch/18227632 特定非営利活動法人 日本・ロシア協会の最高顧問は森喜朗元首相で、法人会長代行はワールドメイトの半田晴久

>>>/qresearch/18228112, >>>/qresearch/18228790 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT TS w/CAP: Nice! retruthed 'Trump Card'(トランプ・カード)

>>>/qresearch/18228147, >>>/qresearch/18345509, >>>/qresearch/18345529 東電、6月から家庭用電力料金の30%値上げを求める/電力会社の闇

>>>/qresearch/18228609 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / 今、起きていること。第5世代戦争への市民ガイド - フリン将軍(退役軍人)と共に

>>>/qresearch/18228639 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT、機密文書スキャンダルについて真相を語る

>>>/qresearch/18228659 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプの新しい追加, ハウスを一掃する時 - twat and mp4 vid

>>>/qresearch/18228687 ビル・ゲイツ、米国最大の個人農地所有者に、18州にまたがるエーカーを所有

>>>/qresearch/18228732 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / レバノンのディアブ元首相、ベイルート爆発事件の捜査で起訴される

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ZxZSt4ARMVs - Former Lebanon PM Diab charged in Beirut blast investigation [Channel: Al Jazeera English]

>>>/qresearch/18228741, >>>/qresearch/18263281 Qが時間軸を示した…We Are Here 2023 two to go meme Q投稿#3387

>>>/qresearch/18228757 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ゼレンスキー氏、トップクラスの聖職者を制裁

>>>/qresearch/18228780 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 未成年児童の性犯罪組織の摘発に取り組んでいたラスベガスの判事が遺体で発見された。53歳だった

>>>/qresearch/18228819 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / UN DOSSIER 国連援助隊員は6万人をレイプし、組織は3300人の小児性愛者を雇用していると主張されている

>>>/qresearch/18228957 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプのフェイクブックとインスタグラムのアカウントが復活

>>>/qresearch/18229001 W.H.O.、2022年に300人の子どもの咳止めシロップによる死亡事故を受け、「即時の行動」を呼びかける

>>>/qresearch/18229039 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / 米議員、TikTokの全国的な禁止を推進

>>>/qresearch/18229067, >>>/qresearch/18229241, >>>/qresearch/18229317, >>>/qresearch/18229437 カダフィ大佐の真実

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/gOFSBPjSXeIk/ - カダフィの真実を知ってほしい [Channel: ronchu]

>>>/qresearch/18229607 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / Twitterにおける検閲の遺産

>>>/qresearch/18234393 トヨタのCEO、退任へ 新社長は自動車メーカーを「リモデル」する予定

>>>/qresearch/18234461 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 私が大統領だったら、ロシア/ウクライナ戦争は起こらなかっただろうが、今でも、もし大統領なら、24時間以内にこの恐ろしい、急速に収束する戦争を終わらせる交渉ができるだろう。人命の悲劇的な浪費だ!!!

>>>/qresearch/18235533, >>>/qresearch/18235693, >>>/qresearch/18240797, >>>/qresearch/18241098, >>>/qresearch/18241108 「Y」についてのDIG(¥マーク、神社本庁、ワイズメンズクラブ・・・)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Ts57B3mekxs - TRUMP 2020 - YMCA [Channel: Trump Train]

>>>/qresearch/18235600, >>>/qresearch/18235819, >>>/qresearch/18236413, >>>/qresearch/18236507 デヴィ夫人、支援物資届ける キーウ訪問で病院などに。帽子のマークに注目(comms?)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=IZYs8sW6WRo - Betty Boop's Snow White- 1932 [Channel: Dustin Koski]

>>>/qresearch/18236682 D5 DE DirectedEvolution

>>>/qresearch/18236758 Jim Wからのメッセージ: 神の美徳を反映するような生き方をしようではありませんか

>>>/qresearch/18240384 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 外国の偽情報への対処、政府が新たな体制整備へ

>>>/qresearch/18241562 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・トランプ、「過激派左翼マニア」から「アメリカの教育を救う」計画を発表

>>>/qresearch/18241605 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / PDJTが投稿した「23秒間の腐敗地獄ビデオの直前」動画(mp4)

>>>/qresearch/18241626 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 福島原発、汚染水放出へ-専門家が最良の選択と説明

>>>/qresearch/18241632 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 50人以上の付き添いのない移民の子どもたちがトラックの中で発見される

>>>/qresearch/18241640 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / オクラホマ州の刑務所から密輸携帯電話を使って指示された麻薬密売ネットワークの過去9ヶ月以内に終了した4つの別々の捜査で275人が有罪になった

>>>/qresearch/18241650 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 犯罪者はDCで解放され、愛国者は監禁されている、クロスファイア・ハリケーン立ち上げを支援した元FBI職員は犯罪の重罪リストに起訴された

>>>/qresearch/18241659 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / トランプ氏、ウクライナに関して「真実から遠く離れていない」

>>>/qresearch/18241663 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / プーチン氏、ホロコースト記念日にウクライナで「ネオナチ」を批難

>>>/qresearch/18241680 レポート:ジョージ・ソロス、世界の「ファクトチェック」帝国に資金提供

>>>/qresearch/18241687 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / サウジアラビアのナザハ、汚職容疑で政府高官142人を逮捕

>>>/qresearch/18241696 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT TS w/CAP: CNN、MSDNC(MSNBC)The Washington Post、The Failing New York Timesのようなフェイクニュースメディアは、本当にひどい状態で、あちこちで店を閉めている…

>>>/qresearch/18241713, >>>/qresearch/18299324, >>>/qresearch/18299430 国連は現在、"誤報 "の拡散を世界的に犯罪化するための新たな取り組みを審議しています

>>>/qresearch/18241726 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / クラウス・シュワブと世界経済フォーラムについて、なぜ隠すのだろう?

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=PjGrIMIvJF8 - Why are they hiding this about Klaus Schwab and the WEF? | Redacted with Clayton Morris [Channel: Redacted]

>>>/qresearch/18241739 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / 米軍の作戦により、ソマリアでISISのトップリーダー、10人の追加テロリストが殺害される

>>>/qresearch/18241993 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 厚労省部会、飲む中絶薬「メフィーゴパック」薬事承認を了承

>>>/qresearch/18242026 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本のネット監視団が有害コンテンツサイトの削除要請を行う権限を取得

>>>/qresearch/18242243 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 陸上自衛隊とアメリカ海兵隊 2月から九州・沖縄で共同訓練

>>>/qresearch/18242448 バイデン BUN / ジョージ・ソロスの組織のディレクターがバイデンのホワイトハウスを十数回訪問している

>>>/qresearch/18242500 生物戦の歴史

>>>/qresearch/18242697, >>>/qresearch/18242706 J6 BUN

>>>/qresearch/18245949, >>>/qresearch/18246208 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ氏、返り咲きへ始動 24年大統領選、2州で演説

>>>/qresearch/18246331 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍:「ウラジミール・プーチンは新世界秩序のバランスを崩した…クラウス・シュワブ…ビル・ゲイツのような人々が望むバランスだ」

>>>/qresearch/18246380 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / Taibbi 、ハミルトン68とメディアについて

>>>/qresearch/18246395 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ダーラムの次の一手

>>>/qresearch/18246405 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / Kanekoa:イラクに大量破壊兵器があると言った人々は、ロシアとの戦争をエスカレートさせることがウクライナの平和への唯一の道であると信じさせたいのだ

>>>/qresearch/18246429 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / WA州民主党、数百人の「最悪」な性犯罪者を居住区に解放へ

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=DhLd54tQPBE - Inslee releases worst sex offenders from secure island lockup into homes near you for profit - why? [Channel: We The Governed]

>>>/qresearch/18246444 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 米国の児童売買は爆発的に増えている

>>>/qresearch/18246812 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / ウクライナ人がドナーで臓器売買疑惑、患者が移植仲介NPOを提訴…費用返還など3000万円支払い求める

>>>/qresearch/18247339 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / オアフ島で子どもを食い物にした疑いのある男13人を逮捕

>>>/qresearch/18247371 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍、バイデンのウクライナでの災難について

>>>/qresearch/18247398 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / モーツァルト・グループ、ウクライナ人に「ロシア人殺害」訓練-創設者

>>>/qresearch/18247448 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / ハミルトン68は昔も今も、記者や学者が "ロシアの偽情報 "を測定するために使うために作られたコンピュータの "ダッシュボード"

>>>/qresearch/18247464 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍、ロシアゲートを「偽旗」と明言、ポンペオとペンスはネオコンの手先と同意見

>>>/qresearch/18247471 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ゼレンスキーは22年02月24日にMETABIOTAに関連するすべての国務省文書の破棄を命じた

>>>/qresearch/18247484 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・J・トランプ:さあ、いよいよです!ジョージア州の国務長官は、投票用紙の水増しなど様々な方法で不正を行い、そのすべてがライブ・テープで撮影された…

>>>/qresearch/18247504 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / ジャングルに国連コンドーム、レイプツリー、真の悪(キャプ1:24)

>>>/qresearch/18247513 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 司法省のプレスリリースでは、児童性犯罪者のジョセフ・ホーノフが小児性愛者の合言葉として「ピザ」を使っていたことに触れず

>>>/qresearch/18250634 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / NATOのストルテンベルグ長官が来日し、二国間の関係強化について協議する模様

>>>/qresearch/18252074 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ペンタゴン、ウクライナの未完成バイオラボ研究をポスト-ソビエト共和国に譲渡(2022年12月)

>>>/qresearch/18252086 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / PDJT:"共にアメリカを再び偉大にするという未完の事業を完成させよう"

>>>/qresearch/18252100 トランスジェンダーのフィギュアスケート選手の流行動画(big KEKS)(動画)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=VePyOsI8Vug - Taitoluistelun EM-kisat 2023, avajaiset, Minna-Maaria Antikainen / European Figure Skating [Channel: Lapancia91]

>>>/qresearch/18252141, >>>/qresearch/18252150, >>>/qresearch/18252159 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / ハミルトン 68グループ ラベル 反論意見 : 「ロシア人」

>>>/qresearch/18252207 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / モスクワ、キエフをドンバスでの「戦争犯罪」で非難

>>>/qresearch/18252226 バイデン BUN / バイデン政権は、レアメタルの児童労働の温床となる国との取引に署名した数日後に、主要な採鉱プロジェクトを阻止する

>>>/qresearch/18252294 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @45のために祈るサーバーの感動的なMP4

>>>/qresearch/18252321, >>>/qresearch/18252394 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Kari Lakeオンステージ、PRESIDENT TRUMPコールイン

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v27o6xu-president-trump-calls-into-kari-lakes-save-arizona-rally.html - President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s Save Arizona Rally [1:09] [Channel: The Gateway Pundit]

>>>/qresearch/18252355 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / フェイク ニュース ハミルトン 68 は、モスクワが支援するオピニオン リーダーのリストではなく、「微妙な」ツールでしたか?

>>>/qresearch/18252378 FlyEaglesFly comms

>>>/qresearch/18252408 バイデン BUN / カッシュ・パテル:バイデン機密文書スキャンダルを「隠蔽」しようとする「政府の暴力団」

>>>/qresearch/18252606, >>>/qresearch/18252625 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 自衛隊に勤務した女性、性暴力被害で国と加害者を提訴

>>>/qresearch/18257568 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍:我々はすでに第三次世界大戦に突入している…

>>>/qresearch/18257585 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシア軍、ウクライナでの米国の生物兵器プログラムに関する2万以上の文書を入手:ロシア国防省

>>>/qresearch/18257627 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT TS w/CAP: ヘルシンキで、3流の記者が私に、ロシアのプーチン大統領と我々の「情報部」の下っ端と、どちらが信用できるか尋ねたのを覚えているか

>>>/qresearch/18257659 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 米SPACEFOR-INDOPAC司令官アンソニー・J・マスタリール准将が宇宙作戦群を訪問

>>>/qresearch/18257699 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ウクライナのディープステートの資産・機密

>>>/qresearch/18257721 DNA損傷

>>>/qresearch/18257739 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ウクライナのチタンをめぐる戦い

>>>/qresearch/18257933 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本の原子炉、警戒後に停止 放射線量上昇見られず

>>>/qresearch/18257994, >>>/qresearch/18258016 ロックフェラーを再確認

>>>/qresearch/18258071 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT retruth - デサンティスは人々が思っているような男ではない

>>>/qresearch/18258091 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / モスクワ、ウクライナにある米国のバイオラボの証拠をさらに提供

>>>/qresearch/18258149, >>>/qresearch/18258154 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / デサンティスはトランプがプーチンに対して「ポジティブすぎる」と述べ、彼に対してもっと攻撃的で致死的な援助を許可する必要があるとしている。[Follow the wife]

>>>/qresearch/18258171, >>>/qresearch/18259327, >>>/qresearch/18275251, >>>/qresearch/18275428, >>>/qresearch/18275799 フィリピンは、以前から日本人の逃亡先や犯罪の拠点

>>>/qresearch/18258220, >>>/qresearch/18258239, >>>/qresearch/18259449, >>>/qresearch/18259454, >>>/qresearch/18259459, >>>/qresearch/18259470, >>>/qresearch/18259485, >>>/qresearch/18259506, >>>/qresearch/18259517 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / アメリカとロシアの2018年ヘルシンキ合意の重要性を議論するアノンたち。DSは確実に命がけの戦いをしていることを知った

>>>/qresearch/18258256 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプがプロフィール写真を変えているのを見たことがないと思うな

>>>/qresearch/18258287 画像がサインになります Q#2347

>>>/qresearch/18258341 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 未発見の星を知る。[D]ay of [D]ays トランプのプロフィール写真変更

>>>/qresearch/18258429, >>>/qresearch/18305511 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / 東京五輪の招致活動で元幹部を逮捕

>>>/qresearch/18259409 バイデン BUN / バイデン政権は、次世代の検閲技術に資金を提供し、スタートアップのAI検閲プロジェクトに数百万ドルの資金を注入している

>>>/qresearch/18259797 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍 w/CAP: 人類の血流に生物学的製剤を意図的に導入して以来、非常に多くの結果が生じています…

>>>/qresearch/18263016 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump "左翼のジェンダーの狂気から子どもを守るトランプ大統領の計画"

>>>/qresearch/18263017 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ大統領、ワープスピード作戦の成功について: "我々は非常に誇りに思う" ドナルド・J・トランプ

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=yNO6iKbcM1g - President Trump on the success of Operation Warp Speed: "We are very proud of it." [Channel: Donald J Trump]

>>>/qresearch/18263020 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本とNATO、パートナーシップの深化で合意

>>>/qresearch/18263063 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / イスラエル弁護士会会長、性的虐待の告発を受け辞職

>>>/qresearch/18263102 バイデン BUN / ハンター・バイデンのラップトップ・メールから別の犯罪が明らかに - FARA申請はしていないが、ハンターは外国人エージェントとして行動していた

>>>/qresearch/18263119 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / 米軍医総監、13歳はソーシャルメディアに参加するには幼いと警告

>>>/qresearch/18263173 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / インドのスピリチュアル・グル、81歳、数百万人に崇拝され、少女に性交渉を強要し終身刑に

>>>/qresearch/18263219 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump フェイクニュースのメディアは…みんな本当に、ひどい結果になっている

>>>/qresearch/18263225, >>>/qresearch/18268662 AI音声ツール「悪用」 ディープフェイクがネット掲示板に氾濫

>>>/qresearch/18263304 "重要なのはフセインが誰に銃を向けているかということだ。赤、白、青だ" -Q theory

>>>/qresearch/18263328, >>>/qresearch/18263944 タイムスタンプ: 8kun に投稿しようとしているときに、Q のトリップ コードに問題がありますか? @realDonaldTrump @Q などは私たちに何かを伝えようとしています

>>>/qresearch/18263446 ダスティングTS広告。彼らの目の前にある。誰か質問しないの?

>>>/qresearch/18263462, >>>/qresearch/18263475 自由の日 Qの証明

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=bHc18-9r4V0 - Special Message From President Donald J. Trump [Channel: NRSC]

>>>/qresearch/18263488 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / イランとロシアが銀行システムを統合

>>>/qresearch/18263913 バイデン BUN / バイデン氏、地球温暖化は「人類にとって最も存在感のある脅威」、核戦争より危険と指摘

>>>/qresearch/18263928 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / バイデン氏、気候変動は核戦争より人類にとって大きな脅威と発言 @realDonaldTrump 間違っている

>>>/qresearch/18263952 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 削除されたウェブページは、オバマが「特に危険な病原体」を扱うウクライナベースのバイオラボを構築する努力を主導したことを示す

>>>/qresearch/18264075 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ジェームズの魔女狩り後のoctのdjt供述がa.gによって公開される - youtube

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=M1KACPC8kUw - JUST RELEASED: Donald Trump's Testimony To New York AG's Fraud Probe Investigators [Channel: Forbes Breaking News]

>>>/qresearch/18264090 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 中間選挙で私は233対20で、フロリダ州のRon DeSanctimoniousより120万票多く獲得したのを覚えていますか?- djt t.s.投稿

>>>/qresearch/18268367 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 女児4人にわいせつ容疑、副議長は否認 被害者同士のSNSから判明

>>>/qresearch/18268410 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / Metabiotaはエコヘルス、世界経済フォーラムにリンクされている - ロシアが20.000バイオラボ文書を持っていると主張

>>>/qresearch/18268437 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 連邦捜査局が児童ポルノの輸送で元ABCニュースプロデューサーを起訴

>>>/qresearch/18268546 果てしない奪い合いを終わらせる

>>>/qresearch/18268554, >>>/qresearch/18268582, >>>/qresearch/18268595, >>>/qresearch/18268616, >>>/qresearch/18268696, >>>/qresearch/18269250, >>>/qresearch/18276123, >>>/qresearch/18276288, >>>/qresearch/18276289, >>>/qresearch/18276358 Qムーヴメントに関するアノンたちの意見(一部抜粋)

>>>/qresearch/18268590 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ氏、CNN、NYT、MSNBCに警告を発する:「信頼性のある報道をしないことは結果を招く」

>>>/qresearch/18268640 中央銀行があなたのために計画したことはこれだ(CBDC)

>>>/qresearch/18268687 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ氏、デサンティスを「RINO GLOBALIST」と呼ぶ

>>>/qresearch/18273212 13秒間[D]eltaの書き込み

>>>/qresearch/18273477 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシア、ウクライナ戦争記念日に「世界の注目を集める」ことを誓う

>>>/qresearch/18273590 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍:バイデン副大統領は副大統領としての最後の年に12-13回ウクライナを訪問 - これらの旅行のすべてが調査される必要がある!

>>>/qresearch/18275148 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領へのインタビュー From Mar-a-Lago

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v27zyva--rsbn-exclusive-interview-with-president-donald-j.-trump-from-mar-a-lago.html - 🔴 RSBN EXCLUSIVE: Interview with President Donald J. Trump From Mar-a-Lago [51] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18275999 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / フランス軍艦、同盟国とのインド洋演習に参加

>>>/qresearch/18276047 2022年、日本での犯罪件数が20年ぶりに増加

>>>/qresearch/18276505 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT: 気球を撃ち落とせ

>>>/qresearch/18281448 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍、10/26に99Luftballons/偽旗を投稿

>>>/qresearch/18281501, >>>/qresearch/18281514 自分の思考が重要-それに従って現れる

>>>/qresearch/18281572 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ、ウクライナの武装に自制を求める

>>>/qresearch/18281638 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump: どの政権よりも、私は米国における中国のスパイ行為を抑制するために最も多くの行動をとった

>>>/qresearch/18281737 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / 中国人留学生が麻薬カルテルのために流通を運営

>>>/qresearch/18281851 バイデン BUN / バイデン夫妻は、共産主義核保有国・敵国である中華人民共和国と正式に取引した最初のファーストファミリー

>>>/qresearch/18281865, >>>/qresearch/18282503 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / カリフォルニアの性売買作戦で368人が逮捕、131人が救出された

>>>/qresearch/18282529 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 日本の人身売買:女子中学生の売買

>>>/qresearch/18282953 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / イタリアの大物マフィア拘束 逃亡16年間、飲食店経営も

>>>/qresearch/18283573 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / アジア諸国がウィキペディアをブロック

>>>/qresearch/18283646 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Q+

>>>/qresearch/18283688 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / Nord Streamの爆破にロシアが関与した証拠は今のところ見つかっていない、ドイツの捜査当局が認める

>>>/qresearch/18283735 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Follow the pen?

>>>/qresearch/18287879 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 'WRAYS OF LIGHT' -レイは今日召喚されたばかりです. 45/Qデコード

>>>/qresearch/18287907, >>>/qresearch/18287922, >>>/qresearch/18287939 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 2024年にトランプに投票する5つの強力な理由

>>>/qresearch/18288401, >>>/qresearch/18288418 企業などが出すオープンソースは、仮にそれが偽であったとしても証拠になる

>>>/qresearch/18288432 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / Strongest military in the world vs Balloon

>>>/qresearch/18292767 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ラトクリフ前国防長官がトランプ時代に米国本土上空にスパイ気球がなかったことを確認した最新の政府関係者

>>>/qresearch/18292910 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 中国の「10億ドルの飛行船」スパイクラフトに関するDJTのTruth social

>>>/qresearch/18292938 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT: これは真の民主主義の働きでした!

>>>/qresearch/18292966 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / キエフ、50年以上200以上の団体をブラックリスト化

>>>/qresearch/18293691 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本、日銀副総裁の雨宮氏を抜擢-ZIRPとUST売り(円高誘導)は今後も続く

>>>/qresearch/18293698 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / DDG 115 が日本に到着、Q115 -> 日本。軍隊

>>>/qresearch/18294330, >>>/qresearch/18294338, >>>/qresearch/18294390, >>>/qresearch/18294513 ナチス戦犯はいかにして安住の地を得たのか(安倍晋三はA級戦犯者の孫)

>>>/qresearch/18294650, >>>/qresearch/18299643, >>>/qresearch/18299694, >>>/qresearch/18319287, >>>/qresearch/18319566, >>>/qresearch/18319613 ロシアで機密解除 昭和天皇の引き渡しを米国に要請したソ連外交文書

>>>/qresearch/18299048 トルコ/シリア BUN / 数日前、9カ国がトルコの大使館を閉鎖した

>>>/qresearch/18299086 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコ上空に奇妙なUFOのような雲が浮かんでいる/レンティキュラー雲

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=C3QiwAuTnCg - Bizarre UFO-like cloud hovers over Turkey [Channel: Guardian News]

>>>/qresearch/18299119 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコで地震前に観測された謎の青い光

>>>/qresearch/18299261 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 西側メディアは、ウクライナにナチスがいるという証拠をインターネットから消し去ろうと急いでいる…

>>>/qresearch/18299302 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ウクライナは化学兵器戦争で告発され、ロシアは警告をうながす

>>>/qresearch/18299309 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / 世界経済フォーラム、脳波をスパイする技術に期待

>>>/qresearch/18299314 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 連邦児童ポルノ捜査がTelegramアプリに潜入、十数名の逮捕者を出す結果に

>>>/qresearch/18299380 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプは中国のスパイ気球から米国を保護するDOJタスクフォースを作成しました、ジョー・バイデンは人種差別のためにそれを閉鎖しました

>>>/qresearch/18299386, >>>/qresearch/18299422, >>>/qresearch/18307129 地震兵器/ニコラ・テスラ

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=dyJfcqLCe6c - 「地震兵器は多くの国が研究している事実!常識!」7.11柿沢議員の質問に [Channel: ANA10032009]

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=0W-EUVhqv98 - Nikola Tesla's Mysterious Electricity Generator | The Complete Physics [Channel: Lesics]

>>>/qresearch/18299397 ロスチャイルド家が投資銀行を非公開化

>>>/qresearch/18299413 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / WHOのテドロスは女性と子どものレイプにOK

>>>/qresearch/18299830 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / トランスジェンダー偽り性的暴行 法人代表理事の男逮捕

>>>/qresearch/18300017 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 「赤ちゃん売買」大規模ルートを摘発、少なくとも31人が被害

>>>/qresearch/18300125 トルコ/シリア BUN / (2017年6月12日) トルコの市長がエーゲ海地震に謎の外国勢力が関与していると主張

>>>/qresearch/18300126, >>>/qresearch/18300136 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコの地震は石油を運ぶパイプライン戦争に関係している?

>>>/qresearch/18305168 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプのTruth mini-bun

>>>/qresearch/18305288, >>>/qresearch/18305395 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ大統領の Truth投稿

>>>/qresearch/18305613 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコ地震の死者7800人超 日本隊、被災地で活動開始

>>>/qresearch/18306236 トルコ/シリア BUN / 「ウクライナ戦争で、NATOは崩壊する」(動画)

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/1i5YneB8plqf/ - アメリカの保守派ニュース番組Redacted「ウクライナ戦争で、NATOは崩壊する」 [Channel: kojicosi]

>>>/qresearch/18306239 トルコ/シリア BUN / NATOの主要加盟国が同盟国の「心理戦」を非難

>>>/qresearch/18307158, >>>/qresearch/18307169, >>>/qresearch/18307180, >>>/qresearch/18307188, >>>/qresearch/18307218, >>>/qresearch/18318073, >>>/qresearch/18318107, >>>/qresearch/18318115 [e]

>>>/qresearch/18307409 トランスジェンダー思想に関する意見で停学になったカナダの若者が授業に出席して逮捕される

>>>/qresearch/18307478 トルコ/シリア BUN / DAN、トルコにHAARPが使われたと発言(TRは過去に兵器化EQの対象であることを発言している)

>>>/qresearch/18307508 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 戦車についての真実: NATO はどのように嘘をついてウクライナで惨事を引き起こしたか

>>>/qresearch/18307723 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシア、「TrUMP」と呼ばれる大型ドローンを開発

>>>/qresearch/18311605 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 臓器あっせん初の逮捕…3300万円振り込んだ男性、海外で肝臓移植後に死亡

>>>/qresearch/18311698 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコ大統領、初動に「問題」認める 地震現場を初訪問

>>>/qresearch/18312029 トルコ/シリア BUN / 支援物資がテロ組織の手に、被災者の元には届かず=シリア政府

>>>/qresearch/18312055 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Truth bun

>>>/qresearch/18312064 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / ニュージーランド警察、太平洋でコカイン3.5トンを発見

>>>/qresearch/18312204, >>>/qresearch/18312337, >>>/qresearch/18312376, >>>/qresearch/18313087 グローバリストは、コオロギの外骨格には、寄生虫や病原体が人間や動物に感染する際に身を守るために使用するチタンを含んでいるので、みんながコオロギを食べることを望んでいる

>>>/qresearch/18312208 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 民間人への砲撃を止めないウクライナ・ナチス

>>>/qresearch/18312386 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / 備えるべき時

>>>/qresearch/18312401 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / ヨーロッパ最大の中国人売春組織解体で28人逮捕

>>>/qresearch/18312430 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / エホバの証人5人が未成年の少女への性的虐待で訴えられる

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=4kBh9Bm_pbA - Five members of Jehovah's Witness congregations across Pa. charged with sexual abuse of children [Channel: FOX43 News]

>>>/qresearch/18312444 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ウクライナ侵攻後、バイデンがプーチンのノルドストリームパイプライン破壊を指示したのか?海軍のダイバーが作戦を実行したとする衝撃的な報告書

>>>/qresearch/18312474 バイデン BUN / バイデン政権がノルドストリーム・パイプラインを意図的に破壊し、その後何度も嘘をついていた詳細が表面化

>>>/qresearch/18312500 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / CMZ: すべての主要な大手テック Web サイト (Twitter を含む) が同時にトラブルに見舞われた最後の例の 1 つで、ジュリアン アサンジのデッドマン スイッチが落ちると予想されていました

>>>/qresearch/18312534 バイデン BUN / バイデン/オバマ政権とノルドストリーム・パイプライン

>>>/qresearch/18312798 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / Twitterの元トップエグゼクティブ。Twitterがハンター・バイデン氏のラップトップ記事を検閲したのは間違いだった

>>>/qresearch/18312839 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / Twitterの元トップ幹部:我々は特定の政治的コンテンツを抑制するために「可視性フィルタリング」を使用したことがある

>>>/qresearch/18314075 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Donald J. Trump ReTruthed

>>>/qresearch/18317665 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシア、「ウクライナの民族主義者」による捕虜処刑疑惑を調査へ

>>>/qresearch/18317747 BAKER ON DUTY:それが意味するもの

>>>/qresearch/18317773, >>>/qresearch/18323434 8kunから初めてのAIトレーニング(tora3)/2日目

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/a8ee1431f9f6adcb63dfe64389a563c6 - First Epoch of AI training from 8kun Data - Tiger Network [Channel: newsnetwork]

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/1bd304ee48e6fca3d228232c3d31c5ca - Unlock the Secrets of AI: Day Two of AI Training Will Blow Your Mind! - Tiger Network [Channel: newsnetwork]

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092590 No.151141

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>>>/qresearch/18317783 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / トランプ: バイデンの SOTU 演説は、27,000,000 で、史上最低評価のそのような演説でした。私は50,000,000人近くの人が見ていました

>>>/qresearch/18318017 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシアは戦いを始めなかったが、終わらせるだろう - プーチン

>>>/qresearch/18318033 国務省、保守系ニュースサイトをブラックリスト化する「偽情報」研究団体に資金提供

>>>/qresearch/18318044 バイデン BUN / バイデン氏、中国共産党のフロントグループとされるメンバーをアジアでの米国ビジネスの代表に任命

>>>/qresearch/18318126 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシアが少なくとも2017年からメタビオタ/DOD/ウクライナのことを伝えている

>>>/qresearch/18318163 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日・フィリピン首脳会談

>>>/qresearch/18318554 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / CMZ: 前回、大手ハイテクサイトが同時にトラブルを起こしたのは…

>>>/qresearch/18319252 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / EU、イーロン・マスクのTwitterがいわゆる「偽情報」テストに不合格となったと非難

>>>/qresearch/18319727 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump retruth: 道のりは長いが、必ず辿り着ける!

>>>/qresearch/18319787 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコ大地震、死者2万2千人超 「東日本」上回る恐れ

>>>/qresearch/18323001, >>>/qresearch/18323005 トルコ/シリア BUN / 救出された赤ちゃんがトルコから空輸される

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=gjFCylDku70 - Babies found in Turkey earthquake rubble flown to safety [Channel: The Telegraph]

>>>/qresearch/18323026 トルコ/シリア BUN / PlaneFag: トルコ地震支援便/東部イェルプ

>>>/qresearch/18323403 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @LLinWood - 我らが大統領 @realDonaldTrump が直面している現状について、気が重いが理にかなった分析がなされている(2021年1月4日)

>>>/qresearch/18323423 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT short vid: 集会は地球上で最も素晴らしいショーだ!!

>>>/qresearch/18323455 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ノルドストリーム暴露で米国は「嘘」-モスクワ

>>>/qresearch/18323696 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 名指しで。アンドリュー王子を含むジェフリー・エプスタインの仲間に関する「卑猥な」疑惑を含む文書の最後の束が、数十人のJohn and Jane Doesが公開に同意した後、ついに公開されることになる

>>>/qresearch/18323769, >>>/qresearch/18323782, >>>/qresearch/18323796 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / CMZ: 米海軍が特許を取得したタイムマシンについて何気なくメールでやり取りしている様子

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=OApT5IoWVRI - Testing an Unarmed Minuteman III Ballistic Missile ICBM at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Calif [Channel: Robert Wilson]

>>>/qresearch/18323852 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Moar Pence paradigm shift

>>>/qresearch/18323862 クリントン財団とロックフェラー財団が暗号会社と提携し、インドの女性のための「気候変動」対策に取り組む

>>>/qresearch/18323892 SEC、モルモン教会の1000億ドルの秘密投資ポートフォリオについて調査を開始

>>>/qresearch/18324166, >>>/qresearch/18324176 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 子どもの犠牲がビジネスになっている場所/ウガンダ

>>>/qresearch/18324250 トルコ/シリア BUN / シリア政権、支援団体の立ち入り容認 地震死者2.4万人

>>>/qresearch/18324929, >>>/qresearch/18325025, >>>/qresearch/18325032 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / なぜ彼らはトランプのDNAを欲しがるのか?

>>>/qresearch/18324963 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / DJT: トランプ嫌いの検事ジャック・スミスは、彼らが私の選挙運動をスパイしていたという事実を調査するのだろうか?

>>>/qresearch/18325075, >>>/qresearch/18325130, >>>/qresearch/18325167 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / RIGGERS デコード

>>>/qresearch/18325263 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Digits confirm:グラスリーの黄色いベスト、Q海旗

>>>/qresearch/18325450 バイデン BUN / ハンターのラップトップから見つかった459件の犯罪の徹底レポート

>>>/qresearch/18325500 トルコ/シリア BUN / 死者2万5000人超 「奇跡の救出」日本も貢献

>>>/qresearch/18326726 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシアが減産を発表した後、原油価格が急上昇

>>>/qresearch/18329259, >>>/qresearch/18329282 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 竹中平蔵は日本が地震装置によって脅かされていたため、日本の金融システムのコントロールをアメリカとヨーロッパのオリガルヒに引き渡したと語った???

>>>/qresearch/18329373 トルコ/シリア BUN / ホッキョククジラが海岸に打ち上げられたのは、トルコの地震に先立つHAARPによる周波数の乱れが原因だったのか?米国が運営するパイン・ギャップの秘密施設

>>>/qresearch/18329456 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 再掲:記者:"アノニマスの正体を知っていますか?" 大統領:"言いたくないが、驚くだろう"

>>>/qresearch/18329710 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / だから、選挙は不正操作されたんだ! 17

>>>/qresearch/18329747 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 視聴率に課題を抱えるFAKE NEWSのCNNは、史上最低・最悪の数字を出したばかりだが、それを取り戻すためにワッキーリドルのBill Maherに一矢報いたいのだそうだ

>>>/qresearch/18329806 トルコ/シリア BUN / Planefag トルコの赤道直下地震救援便とYerp/MED活動

>>>/qresearch/18329826 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / Flynn @ Potus truth

>>>/qresearch/18329873 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フェイクニュースCNNはフリン端末の真偽を探りたがる

>>>/qresearch/18330062 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / バノン:誰もがWW3の戦闘員、WW3に巻き込まれないためにTRUMP/MAGAが必要だった

>>>/qresearch/18330077 "イスラエルへようこそ。世界で最も安全な血液サービスセンターの本拠地"

>>>/qresearch/18330090 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @45: 青いネクタイをしていて、POTUS @45 に親切にしているのは誰?

>>>/qresearch/18330103 南アフリカ 大統領は、国の電力網の障害が続いているため、「災害状態」を宣言した

>>>/qresearch/18330145, >>>/qresearch/18344391 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 'SOROS'とオバマ上院議員の資金提供記録が発見される バイオテロの恐怖を呼び起こしたウクライナのバイオ研究室

>>>/qresearch/18330177 DIG-MEME-PRAY ANON DIG

>>>/qresearch/18330226 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump 我々の偉大な憲法、独立宣言、権利章典に不快な警告ラベルを貼った過激でWokeなNARAは、不正の省、FBI、絶望的なジョーバイデンや彼の弁護士と共謀していた…。

>>>/qresearch/18330253 ダン 現在のニュースはどうなっているのか? vs 8kun notables 2023年02月11日 1516

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/837c2a1e14bf43e030725acb672b1bfd - Dan what is going on in current news? vs 8kun notables Feb 11, 2023 1516 - Tiger Network [Channel: Orlando_M]

>>>/qresearch/18330268 トルコ/シリア BUN / 核爆弾で測定されたトルコとシリアの地震の力

>>>/qresearch/18330290, >>>/qresearch/18330297, >>>/qresearch/18330305 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump SOTU stats

>>>/qresearch/18330323 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / フリン将軍:光り輝くものを追いかける際は十分に注意してください…予想外の時に、鼻を強く殴られ、立ち直れなくなるのだ

>>>/qresearch/18330362 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / Walters: 見下されたアメリカ人、トランプの復活に備えよ

>>>/qresearch/18330415 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 岸田外相の日銀新総裁就任報道は、計算されたサプライズだった

>>>/qresearch/18330433 NTTと東京大学、人間の脳からヒントを得たアルゴリズムで、世界初の光コンピューティングAIを開発

>>>/qresearch/18330937 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / ハワイ上空の奇妙なレーザー。 中国の偵察気球が大西洋上空で撃墜された。 アラスカのUFOが撃墜されました。 カナダのUFOが撃墜されました。

>>>/qresearch/18331014 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / "Shiny objects" Mike Flynn Truth

>>>/qresearch/18331654 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコ・シリア地震死者3.3万人 治安悪化で救助停止も

>>>/qresearch/18337014 トルコ/シリア BUN / 機材輸送へ政府専用機出発 トルコ援助、防衛相命令

>>>/qresearch/18337880 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / UFOは、他に何から私たちの気を逸らしているのでしょうか?

>>>/qresearch/18338307 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / 米軍はヒューロン湖上空で別のUFOを撃墜した。いつになったら正式に攻撃を受けていると発表されるのだろう?

>>>/qresearch/18338528 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 世界的な債券ブルの最大の懸念である日銀はすでに始動している

>>>/qresearch/18338560 トルコ/シリア BUN / ルーマニア上院議員、 トルコの地震は人為的な攻撃と主張

>>>/qresearch/18338592 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / "プーチンが悪魔崇拝に言及したのは、新世界秩序のエリートに対する鋭い非難だった…"

>>>/qresearch/18338606 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / PayPalのダン・シュルマンCEO、物議を醸した「誤報」ポリシーの数ヶ月後に辞任を発表

>>>/qresearch/18338634 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ゼレンスキー氏、ナチスの記章をつけたウクライナ人兵士の写真を再び公開

>>>/qresearch/18339269 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / オハイオ州: 塩化ビニル化学爆発後の強力な酸性雨。巨大な人災を報道しない政府は、ひどいし、間違っている

>>>/qresearch/18343616 トルコ/シリア BUN / PlaneFag Yerp/Med Activityとトルコ/シリア地震救援飛行が継続中

>>>/qresearch/18343635 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / NATO旗を汚損、パリで「数千人」の集会が発生

>>>/qresearch/18343657 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / 全員を捕まえた/Q3673 始まる前に終わってしまった

>>>/qresearch/18343670 タイガーニュース ジム・ワトキンス、その日の最も重要なイベントの旅にあなたを連れて行く、情熱と熱意をもってニュースを提供します

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/93fb3d947fb225c61cfd6f964877d6d8 - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy -- 02/13/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>>/qresearch/18343800 「唯一の解決策」イェール大学教授、日本の高齢者に集団自殺を提案

>>>/qresearch/18343938 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / @realDonaldTrump ここで 視聴率の悪い(控えめに言って!)「マイク」と「ジョー・スカーボロー」はほとんど「トランプ」についてのゴミ話ばかりしているが、もう通用しない。 here to hear

>>>/qresearch/18343966 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 国際原子力機関、日本が計画している核処理水の太平洋への放出について、いかなるコントロールもできないと発表

>>>/qresearch/18343992 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / シャーマン副長官、日本・韓国側と共同記者会見

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=vaC4XS6M808 - Secretary Sherman holds a joint press availability - 2:00 PM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>>/qresearch/18344035 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本の原子力規制当局が原子炉の寿命を延ばすための新しい安全規則を承認

>>>/qresearch/18344128 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 日本のPEDO/人身売買ニュース(目にしたもの一部)

>>>/qresearch/18344783 豊田章一郎氏死去、97歳 トヨタ名誉会長、元経団連会長

>>>/qresearch/18345103 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / NATOが新しい「監視」ネットワークを立ち上げ

>>>/qresearch/18346907 操り人形の親玉 ジョージ・ソロスのプロパガンダマシンがいかにメディアを堕落させたか、新たな報告書が暴露

>>>/qresearch/18346926 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / グーグル、欧州で「偽情報」キャンペーンを展開へ

>>>/qresearch/18347476, >>>/qresearch/18347484 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 核の恐怖詐欺-Galen Winsor(動画)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ROAO1saHEvs - The Nuclear Scare Scam _ Galen Winsor [Channel: delcroix]

>>>/qresearch/18350280 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / '氷山の一角': ポルトガルのカトリック教会、4,800人以上の児童に性的虐待を行ったとして非難される

>>>/qresearch/18350290 トルコ/シリア BUN / Turkey-Syria / HAARP

>>>/qresearch/18350312 1997年、国防長官ウィリアム・S・コーエンが、電磁波を使って地震、火山噴火、気候変動を引き起こしているのは「他者」であることを認めた

>>>/qresearch/18350326 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / モデルナのチーフがWEFの出席者に2019年に「10億ドル」のパンデミックが発生すると予測したことを自慢した

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=WzeYQ5cb8oA - Moderna CEO, CNBC Say at Davos 2023 Moderna Was Working on Covid-19 Vaccine in Na. 2020 [Channel: Catherine Salgado]

>>>/qresearch/18350338 オハイオ州の脱線事故で、さらに4種類の有害化学物質がタンクローリーから発見される

>>>/qresearch/18350350 トルコ/シリア BUN / トルコ・シリア大地震 死者4万1000人超える

>>>/qresearch/18350358 トルコ/シリア BUN / エルドアン大統領、地震支援した他国に感謝

>>>/qresearch/18350367 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領による、1月6日の魔女狩りに関する声明

>>>/qresearch/18350371 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・トランプは、新たに発表された声明で、民主党とビッグテックが1月6日の隠蔽工作を画策したと主張している

>>>/qresearch/18350392 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN / ドナルド・トランプ就任の数日前に発行された連邦継続指令1号

>>>/qresearch/18350441 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 植田和男日銀新総裁、世界で最も厳しい中央銀行の仕事を受け継ぐ

>>>/qresearch/18350450 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ノルウェー情報局は、冷戦後初めて、ロシアが北方艦隊の軍艦に戦術核兵器の配備を開始したことを報告した

>>>/qresearch/18350469 ボルソナロ氏、ブラジルへの帰国を発表。"使命は終わっていない "と語る

>>>/qresearch/18350507 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ゼレンスキー氏、ウクライナ復興でJPMorganと契約締結

>>>/qresearch/18350510 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / ロシア、ノルドストリーム爆発で国連調査望む

>>>/qresearch/18350655 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 政府、大分と青森に新型ミサイルの基地を建設へ

>>>/qresearch/18352760 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 福島後の放射線"伝播"を示していたすべてのそれらのビデオは、本当は津波からの波のパターンだった

>>>/qresearch/18356088 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 3/11 was Japan's 9/11(PDF)

>>>/qresearch/18357312 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / ラーム・エマニュエル駐日米国大使、日本がLGBTQ差別を禁止することに「全幅の信頼を寄せている」と発言

>>>/qresearch/18357495 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN / 「話したら殺す」と脅し女児に性的暴行 消えぬ怒りと後悔…祖母が苦しみ語る

>>>/qresearch/18357528 イスラエル人グループが世界中の選挙に介入していると捜査当局が主張

>>>/qresearch/18357589, >>>/qresearch/18357591 重曹を使った癌、血圧、酸逆流緩和の方法/健康回復のためのMMSプロトコルガイドブック(PDF)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=DiR2ncfGkw0 - Cosmic Mildew [Channel: Benevolent Lite]

>>>/qresearch/18357595 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / がん患者、福島の放射線会社を提訴(2022/1/27)

>>>/qresearch/18357722 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 2011年に茨城・鹿嶋市の海岸にイルカ約50頭が座礁した1週間後に 東日本大震災が起こった

>>>/qresearch/18357771 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / 周りに子猫がいない。プーチンが知事に贈った猫、コロナウイルスで隔離される(2020/4/29)

>>>/qresearch/18357992 Dank mp4 Qproof

>>>/qresearch/18358525 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 福島県の事業者は、震災の9年前に津波シミュレーションの計画を断っていた(2018/1/30)

>>>/qresearch/18358674 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN / イーロンはモサドの情報提供者か? それとも制御不能なのか? 判断するのはあなたです

>>>/qresearch/18358857 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / プーチン大統領、ロシアでのデジタルIDカード導入案を支持

>>>/qresearch/18358956 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN / EUの新たな対ロ制裁、技術からトイレまで網羅へ-メディア

>>>/qresearch/18359048 バイデン BUN / FBIがバイデンの母校を捜索 機密文書の捜索で

>>>/qresearch/18363037 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 陸上自衛隊と米海兵隊が南西諸島で大規模な合同演習を開始

>>>/qresearch/18363053 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 日本銀行、4月から中央銀行デジタル通貨(CBDC)のパイロット実験を開始

>>>/qresearch/18363084 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN / 海兵隊第12海兵連隊第3大隊が北海道の実弾射撃訓練プログラム(ARTP)に参加

>>>/qresearch/18363098 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN / Jim Watkins back on twitter!

>>>/qresearch/18363159 連邦準備制度カルテル - 8つのファミリーが米国を所有 #BIS、IMF、世界銀行

>>>/qresearch/18363256 トルコ/シリア BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363259 気球BUN |中国BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363265, >>>/qresearch/18363273 COVID/ワクチン BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363279 小児性愛/人身売買 BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363288 麻薬/カルテル/汚職 /テロリスト BUN|WEF BUN|MSM/SNS BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363291 ロシア/ウクライナ BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363298 日本政府/日本銀行/自衛隊 BUN|3.11関連 BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363308 バイデン BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363313 CMZ BUN|フリン将軍 BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363322, >>>/qresearch/18363324 ドナルド・J・トランプ大統領 BUN

>>>/qresearch/18363331 #11

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092590 No.151142

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18389373 #22544: If Only, A Fly On The Wall OF Trump, Putin, Zelensky Peace Discussion Edition

Created 211935ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18389384 #22544

>>>/qresearch/18389439 pb Q proof?

>>>/qresearch/18389441, >>>/qresearch/18389447, >>>/qresearch/18389451 Anti-coagulant medicinal mushrooms

>>>/qresearch/18389445, >>>/qresearch/18389642 Former Trump Aide: The 10 Things Trump Must Do to Win

>>>/qresearch/18389449 Muck: Say what you want about me, but I acquired the world’s largest non-profit for $44B lol

>>>/qresearch/18389455 SEC Charges Morman Investmen Company for Disclosure Failures and Misstated Filings

>>>/qresearch/18389461, >>>/qresearch/18389660, >>>/qresearch/18389939 Agenda47: President Trump Will Fire the Warmongers and Globalists Who Seek Endless Wars

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ad3bu-agenda47-president-trump-announces-plan-to-stop-the-america-last-warmongers.html - Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists [3:51] [Channel: Donald J. Trump]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ad3bu-agenda47-president-trump-announces-plan-to-stop-the-america-last-warmongers.html - Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists [3:51] [Channel: Donald J. Trump]

>>>/qresearch/18389516 50 degree drop in temps on Thursday

>>>/qresearch/18389519 NSA/CSS tweet

>>>/qresearch/18389531, >>>/qresearch/18389809 Grand Jury in Georgia Trump Probe Recommends Several Indictments

>>>/qresearch/18389562 United Nations Security Council mtg LIVE

>>>/qresearch/18389563 Potato is now POLISH?

>>>/qresearch/18389572 Anon opine - Trump vs Biden re Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18389603 NEW derailment in Nebraska

>>>/qresearch/18389616, >>>/qresearch/18389624 J6 VIDEO: It was a police riot, cops admit to attacking 'innocent' protesters

>>>/qresearch/18389622 Evidence of Russian brutality in Ukraine? ANONS DIG

>>>/qresearch/18389641 EPA admin insists air and water in Palestine is "safe"

>>>/qresearch/18389651 AFL President on Biden Admin’s illegal plans for the IRS to make race-based tax audit & enforcement decisions

>>>/qresearch/18389658, >>>/qresearch/18389663, >>>/qresearch/18389688, >>>/qresearch/18389724 Fire at Brooklyn warehouse; Factory explosion in Miami; fire in Cali PG&E substation in Oakland

>>>/qresearch/18389695 @45: Florida was doing GREAT long before Ron DeSanctus got there

>>>/qresearch/18389764, >>>/qresearch/18389772, >>>/qresearch/18389781, >>>/qresearch/18389787 Potato on Putin/Ukraine blah blah blah

>>>/qresearch/18389765 NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg will take over as Norway Central bak gov at end of yr

>>>/qresearch/18389818 Bomb Threat at Virginia Elementary School That Recently Hosted Satan Club

>>>/qresearch/18389827, >>>/qresearch/18389919, >>>/qresearch/18389923 Potato train ride in Ukraine; HRC 'train' tweet on Biden

>>>/qresearch/18389853 PF

>>>/qresearch/18389894 Clowns In America openly recruiting at SXSW

>>>/qresearch/18389952 'Big difference' between arming Ukraine and Russia – Borrell

>>>/qresearch/18389978 Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man [4+ years later]

>>>/qresearch/18389990 USMC on combat training exercise

>>>/qresearch/18389991 Why isn't anyone complaining about Nordstream pipeline?

>>>/qresearch/18390039 Moscow provided no security guarantees to Biden – FSB

>>>/qresearch/18390045 US Army: Train hard, play hard.

>>>/qresearch/18390057 Bond Bloodbath Triggers Biggest Stock Puke Of Year

>>>/qresearch/18390070 Ukraine bans former president’s party

>>>/qresearch/18390105 China-Russia relations ‘rock solid’ – Beijing

>>>/qresearch/18390129 Trump just publicly confirmed the Obama State Dept was behind the Maidan Uprising

>>>/qresearch/18390142 from 1950s: EMP device detonated over the US was estimated to have a 90% kill rate … using a barroon as a delivery device

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>>>/qresearch/18361682 Q Research General #22508: Healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old pedos Edition

Created 170126ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18361695 #22508

>>>/qresearch/18361719, >>>/qresearch/18361902 "Long train of abuses" shows up 12 times in Q drops

>>>/qresearch/18361736, >>>/qresearch/18361771, >>>/qresearch/18361850, >>>/qresearch/18361880, >>>/qresearch/18361919 Biden is strong as an ox, Fetterman on suicide watch

>>>/qresearch/18361852 Corrupt Arizona Appellate Court Ruled For Katie Hobbs

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29uj5o-corrupt-arizona-appellate-court-ruled-for-katie-hobbs.html - Corrupt Arizona Appellate Court Ruled For Katie Hobbs [4:05] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18361894, >>>/qresearch/18362222, >>>/qresearch/18362348 George Soros says DeSantis will beat Trump for GOP nomination



>>>/qresearch/18362016 FED are giving the European Central Bank $400m a week (avg) in US dollars in exchange for Euros to keep that currency alive

>>>/qresearch/18362060, >>>/qresearch/18362125 East Palenstine, OH 6000 Dead Fish in Creeks

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29uilu-nick-sorter-6000-dead-fish-in-creeks-in-ohio-citizens-loose-trust-in-electe.html - Nick Sorter: 6000 Dead Fish in Creeks in Ohio, Citizens Loose Trust In Elected Leaders [9:29] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18362142 CBS News Medical Contributor Claims Decline in Vaccination and Mask Use Against COVID Causes Heart Attacks in Young Adults

>>>/qresearch/18362193, >>>/qresearch/18362243 Jim Watkins back on twitter!

>>>/qresearch/18362199 Breakthrough election fraud arrest by the sheriff in San Joaquin County, CAof a Lodi city councilman named Shakir Khan

>>>/qresearch/18362202 Kun may be down for maintenance soon Reminder

>>>/qresearch/18362229 House is on district work period until the 27th

>>>/qresearch/18362269 Ever since FTX’s collapse and bankruptcy, the CTB on AMC has skyrocketed >Wallstreet Crime

>>>/qresearch/18362275, >>>/qresearch/18362314 Nuland outlines Genocide goals in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18362300 Two Las Vegas mothers including former Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson (above) committed suicide within five months of each other after crusading against corruption in that city.

>>>/qresearch/18362336 Australia's Parliament House is evacuated and locked down due to a 'credible threat' with alarms activated

>>>/qresearch/18362376 UK NHS #COVIDVACCINE suspended for all ages?

>>>/qresearch/18362437 #22508

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>>>/qresearch/18362452 Q Research General #22509: You are watching a Genocide Edition

Created 170331ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18362457 #22509

>>>/qresearch/18362470 There's a psychological war in which the majority of one side doesn't even know they're at war ridicule those that do as conspiracy theorist while being blindly obedient to the enemy

>>>/qresearch/18362536 East Palestine waterways are very polluted. It’s time for Norfolk Southern to finish the cleanup

>>>/qresearch/18362564, >>>/qresearch/18362566, >>>/qresearch/18362567 New Hit Piece: Inside QAnon: A Look at an Alarming New Book

>>>/qresearch/18362581 Half A Million Dollars Missing At Stacey Abrams Charity

>>>/qresearch/18362582 Dr. Andrew Zywiec Exposes Vax Genocide

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/PSi8gaEbjQ8k/ - Dr. Andrew Zywiec Exposes Vax Genocide [Channel: A_Warrior_Calls]

>>>/qresearch/18362688 Planefag: 2 moar SAMs heading across to Munich Security Conference-781 C-32A is Blinken this time-since Kneepads has already arrived

>>>/qresearch/18362691, >>>/qresearch/18362716 JuliansRum: noticed the East Palestine train derailed DIRECTLY over 2 drainage pipes (yellow squares). Then I noticed that the orange car (red rectangle) was out of place compared to the cars around it

>>>/qresearch/18362701 “COMPLETE NUT.” Fox News’ Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham Privately Mocked Trump’s Election Fraud Claims, Court Docs Reveal

>>>/qresearch/18362736, >>>/qresearch/18362934 Asbury Revival a "Spontaneous Outpouring"

>>>/qresearch/18362752 Swiss President and Former Minister of Health Alain Berset Under Investigation by Attorney General Over COVID Crimes

>>>/qresearch/18362781 Kari Lake loses appeal in Arizona governor race challenge

>>>/qresearch/18362835, >>>/qresearch/18362856, >>>/qresearch/18362860, >>>/qresearch/18362887, >>>/qresearch/18362889 Auburn Black Student Union produces list of racial slurs for white people — Discovered on GroupMe text chat allegedly associated with organization

>>>/qresearch/18362858 No coinkidinks Don Jr

>>>/qresearch/18362866 Young woman died after ‘catastrophic reaction’ to Covid vaccine, inquiry told

>>>/qresearch/18362904 Auburn Black Student Union produces list of racial slurs for white people (bun)

>>>/qresearch/18362965 INDOPACOM retweeting PacificMarines - set up and check communication systems

>>>/qresearch/18362975 Anon notes on election fraud video from PB

>>>/qresearch/18362980, >>>/qresearch/18362986, >>>/qresearch/18362989, >>>/qresearch/18362992, >>>/qresearch/18362999, >>>/qresearch/18363014, >>>/qresearch/18363015 .Mil Tweets

>>>/qresearch/18363001 new baker

>>>/qresearch/18363040 Breaking 911: faux noose (Fox News)

>>>/qresearch/18363163 Much Coincidence So Questioning

>>>/qresearch/18363184 Kitchen is HOT

>>>/qresearch/18363198 #22509

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>>>/qresearch/18363197 Q Research General #22510: Count Your Blessings; God Wins Edition

Created 171235ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18363207 #22510

>>>/qresearch/18363232, >>>/qresearch/18363320 James Bond villain George Soros says DeSantis will beat Trump for GOP nomination

>>>/qresearch/18363237 Hot Potato: China/Germany/Russia looking for excuses to overshadow their own acts of sabotage

>>>/qresearch/18363277 A pattern of sabotage and blaming others has emerged among NATO countries

>>>/qresearch/18363282, >>>/qresearch/18363286, >>>/qresearch/18363327 PF

>>>/qresearch/18363284, >>>/qresearch/18363292, >>>/qresearch/18363352 They derailed the East Palestine train directly over a drainage culvert

>>>/qresearch/18363287 Fulton County needs to put more pressure on Election Corruption

>>>/qresearch/18363297 George Soros endorses DeSantis for 2024

>>>/qresearch/18363301 Norfolk Southern [Railroad] Shareholders

>>>/qresearch/18363309, >>>/qresearch/18363752 Filling Senate Vacancies in PA (Fetterman)

>>>/qresearch/18363336 Reminder Brunson vs Adams et al case going to SC conference today

>>>/qresearch/18363393, >>>/qresearch/18363413, >>>/qresearch/18363679, >>>/qresearch/18363697 Anons opine DeSantis

>>>/qresearch/18363438 Swamp schedule, Feb 17th

>>>/qresearch/18363456 Different point-of-view Historical collection

>>>/qresearch/18363496 Norfolk Southern says they “Accidentally” (on purpose) asked East Palestine Residents to sign Legal Waivers

>>>/qresearch/18363609 The MSC Advisory Council

>>>/qresearch/18363628 Nancy Pelosi’s daughter caught on tape refuting J6 Narrative – Admits J6 protests not an Insurrection

>>>/qresearch/18363654 Nikki Haley connected to WEF / Klaus Schwab's 'Young Global Leaders'

>>>/qresearch/18363688 Norfolk Southern to host a webcast featuring TPTB on Feb. 22nd per a filing w/ the SEC

>>>/qresearch/18363700 (Aug. 17, 2017) NASA sending balloons into the sky filled with bacteria

>>>/qresearch/18363777 Idaho House of Representatives passes a Resolution to start talks about Greater Idaho

>>>/qresearch/18363778, >>>/qresearch/18363794 The First Sequencing of the Bivalent vaccines is now available to the public

>>>/qresearch/18363805, >>>/qresearch/18363808 Eight leading critics of the US Covid-19 response have called for an investigation

>>>/qresearch/18363807 World Government Summit panelist says ‘Shock’ needed for ‘Transformation’ into ‘International Order’

>>>/qresearch/18363813 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day, Feb 17 2023: 2023 CX1 Meteor Flash

>>>/qresearch/18363816, >>>/qresearch/18363819, >>>/qresearch/18363823 Fauci confesses that Covid vaccines could never have worked as claimed

>>>/qresearch/18363838, >>>/qresearch/18363843, >>>/qresearch/18363849 Andrew Huff says his "attack list" of US food facilities went missing from his PC and is being implemented

>>>/qresearch/18363855 #22509

>>>/qresearch/18363859 Fulton County's Trump Grand Jury Probe was a waste of Time and Money

>>>/qresearch/18363888 Idaho lawmakers introduce legislation to criminalize those who administer COVID vaccines

>>>/qresearch/18363897 Tennessee legislators have filed a proposal to prohibit the mRNA vaccine in food products

>>>/qresearch/18363957 Norfolk Southern, in 2005, had a railroad chlorine spill in Graniteville, South Carolina

>>>/qresearch/18364031 #22510

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18364043 Q Research General #22511: Happy Q Day Edition

Created 171533ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18364055 #22511

>>>/qresearch/18364097 Charlotte police yank radar and lidar units amid QCN investigation

>>>/qresearch/18364110 Total household debt rose by $394 billion, to $16.90 trillion in Q4 of 2022 - highest ever on record

>>>/qresearch/18364128 Obama Presidential Library

>>>/qresearch/18364172, >>>/qresearch/18364390 Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al

>>>/qresearch/18364187, >>>/qresearch/18364520 State of things: Ohio river water

>>>/qresearch/18364191 Trudeau to deploy navy vessels to Haiti for 'intelligence gathering'

>>>/qresearch/18364199 Moar on Norfolk Southern chlorine train wreck from 2005 in Graniteville

>>>/qresearch/18364231 Russia starts Naval exercises with #China, South Africa, in the Indian Ocean

>>>/qresearch/18364246, >>>/qresearch/18364637 Hilldawg comments on Depression / Fetterman

>>>/qresearch/18364256, >>>/qresearch/18364518 Odd comms between JP Morgan exec and Epstein in July 2010 e-mail exchanges

>>>/qresearch/18364284 FBI says it has ‘contained’ cyber incident on bureau’s computer network

>>>/qresearch/18364297, >>>/qresearch/18364351, >>>/qresearch/18364378 Statements by Maria Zakharova (Russian diplomat)

>>>/qresearch/18364360 pb PF: High level ACs and passengers departed and arrived at JBA: SPAR65 USAF G5Indo-Pac Cmdr Aquilino departed JBA after arriving on 0213 from Hickam AFB depart

>>>/qresearch/18364467 PF reports

>>>/qresearch/18364491, >>>/qresearch/18364681, >>>/qresearch/18364733 East Palestine Masons

>>>/qresearch/18364546, >>>/qresearch/18364590, >>>/qresearch/18364597, >>>/qresearch/18364602 How many countries have problems with separatism?

>>>/qresearch/18364547 (12:00 EST) Commissioner Paul Rouleau comments following release of Emergencies Act inquiry report

>>>/qresearch/18364555 Military finishes recovering Chinese balloon debris

>>>/qresearch/18364569 China-based former employee accused of stealing data from Dutch chip giant ASML

>>>/qresearch/18364573, >>>/qresearch/18364718, >>>/qresearch/18364771 Susan Wojcicki is stepping down as CEO of YouTube

>>>/qresearch/18364577 US Jet Fuel shortage drives Airline costs higher

>>>/qresearch/18364596 (Nov. 2020) 9,000 year old Stonehenge-like structure found under Lake Michigan

>>>/qresearch/18364611, >>>/qresearch/18364617 Vaccine-induced autoimmune-like pathology in multiple organs

>>>/qresearch/18364624 Former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce settles with SEC over crypto violations

>>>/qresearch/18364641 Fears of Child Trafficking in Turkey grow as Earthquake leaves scores of Orphans

>>>/qresearch/18364653, >>>/qresearch/18364673 A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes

>>>/qresearch/18364663, >>>/qresearch/18364682, >>>/qresearch/18364736, >>>/qresearch/18364759 1,000lb fireball after huge 'meteorite' seen over Mission, Texas

>>>/qresearch/18364666 Chinese billionaire tech banker Bao Fan mysteriously vanishes

>>>/qresearch/18364724 IRS records reveal Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia) donated $13.7 million to a Soros org

>>>/qresearch/18364777 FEMA Denies East Palestine's Request For Federal Assistance

>>>/qresearch/18364817 #22511

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18364844 Q Research General #22512: Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner v. Alma S. Adams, et al Edition

Created 171741ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18364860 #22512

>>>/qresearch/18364900, >>>/qresearch/18364934 Safe cities and NOT

>>>/qresearch/18364946 (PB), Anon(s) Opine: [They're] clearing out East Palestine, Ohio to free it up for Pittsburgh suburbs, 100%.

>>>/qresearch/18364968 SC still deciding picture 1 minute ago Brunson vs Adams, not denied

>>>/qresearch/18364980 The Onion: Officials Champion Ohio Train Derailment As Deregulation Success Story

>>>/qresearch/18364993 McConnell Tells Munich Conference Re: Ukraine Support: “Don’t Look at Twitter, Look at People in Power, Look at Me and Speaker Kevin McCarthy”

>>>/qresearch/18365003 FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION Knew Its Voting Systems Had Major Security Issues

>>>/qresearch/18365011 In a hostile takeover bid, the AFLDS Board of Directors is attempting to remove Dr. Simone Gold from the organization she founded

>>>/qresearch/18365013 Whoops a misplaced Chinese banker.

>>>/qresearch/18365030 US Navy Lifts COVID Vaccine Mandate For Sailor Deployment

>>>/qresearch/18365033 Happy Q day [D]elta

>>>/qresearch/18365045 PF:RCH4585 C-17 Globemaster delivering equipment to Warsaw for Potato's upcoming visit to Poland

>>>/qresearch/18365049 Acid Rain

>>>/qresearch/18365055 Israel First: Jerusalem Boy’s Choir Releases Nikki Haley for President Theme Song

>>>/qresearch/18365062 All Five Former Memphis Police Officers Plead Not Guilty In Tyre Nichols Case

>>>/qresearch/18365083, >>>/qresearch/18365189 Former NFL player Eric Johnson among 8 arrested on human trafficking, gang charges

>>>/qresearch/18365092, >>>/qresearch/18365108 Adams appoints city's first chief realm officer to expand public spaces

>>>/qresearch/18365096 Lab Grown Meat’s Impending CANCER Problem

>>>/qresearch/18365100 buckwheat up

>>>/qresearch/18365113 Ashbury Collage, Kentucky 9 days and counting 24/7 praising God and Jesus.

>>>/qresearch/18365116 ‘Trust the Government’ EPA Chief Tells Worried East Palestine Residents

>>>/qresearch/18365120 Trump Fed Appointees Withheld Vote on Obama Aide for Chicago Fed

>>>/qresearch/18365198 PF N887WM G650 on ground at Munich Int'l from London Stansted depart yesterday-Gates

>>>/qresearch/18365201 CAN: Commissioner Rouleau declares that the threshold for the invocation of the Emergencies Act was met.

>>>/qresearch/18365232 European Parliament chiefs block public scrutiny of von der Leyen over Pfizer contract

>>>/qresearch/18365257 Facebook Auto-Created Pages for ISIS and Al-Qaeda

>>>/qresearch/18365303 20 of Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Were Paid Through JPMorgan Chase

>>>/qresearch/18365318 "Goldman Sachs observed that Ukraine is the third most corrupt country in the world, most corrupt country in Europe, a money laundering mecca

>>>/qresearch/18365368 CAN: Incompetent RCMP Commissioner Resigns in Disgrace

>>>/qresearch/18365391 NSW MP Damien Tudehope resigns from ministerial roles after failing to disclose Transurban shares

>>>/qresearch/18365412 Queensland police beef up assessments of sovereign citizens, people with extremist beliefs following Wieambilla 'terrorist attack'

>>>/qresearch/18365425 @USNavy Getting up close and personal on the flight deck!

>>>/qresearch/18365471 "Lawmakers push congress towards regulating ChatGPT" after viral accusations of it having possible political biases

>>>/qresearch/18365474 @realLizUSA…Nikki Haley personifies the globalist wing of the old guard Jeb Bush Republican establishment …

>>>/qresearch/18365475 Six people are dead in a shooting spree in in Tate County, Mississippi

>>>/qresearch/18365492 @CENTCOM ISIS Senior Leader Killed and Four U.S. Servicemembers Wounded in Helicopter Raid in Northeastern Syria

>>>/qresearch/18365508 Thank you to @RepBoebert for cosponsoring my bill to eliminate the Federal Department of Education (HR 899).

>>>/qresearch/18365560 I’m no meteorologist, but I worry whatever’s in the air in Ohio has made its way to New England.

>>>/qresearch/18365570 #22512

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18365584 Q Research General #22513: Woke Goin For Broke, Ammo Expended Edition

Created 171940ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18365601 #22513

>>>/qresearch/18365641 Jim update on site maintenance last night (upgrades)

>>>/qresearch/18365655 Trudeau presser on Emergencies Act inquiry report

>>>/qresearch/18365683 E-mails reveal deep ties between Jeffrey Epstein and former Barclays CEO Jes Staley

>>>/qresearch/18365772, >>>/qresearch/18365773, >>>/qresearch/18365778 Potato / Hilldog tweets, 'Depression'

>>>/qresearch/18365830, >>>/qresearch/18365849 Obama kept Classified documents stored in an unsecured furniture warehouse

>>>/qresearch/18365854 United pilot warns Americans of Woke takeover of Airlines

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/GZrnIlKoU92A/ - United pilot turns whistleblower to warn Americans of woke takeover of Airlines [Channel: XANDREWX]

>>>/qresearch/18365876 (4pm EST): DNI Avril Haines delivers remarks in New York in honor of Professor Robert Jervis

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=nMVb07vgvMM - A Conference on Today’s Competitive Geopolitical Landscape — in honor of Robert Jervis [Channel: Columbia SIPA]

>>>/qresearch/18365903, >>>/qresearch/18365927 Dana Remus

>>>/qresearch/18365904 State of things: England

>>>/qresearch/18365908, >>>/qresearch/18365934, >>>/qresearch/18365953, >>>/qresearch/18366068, >>>/qresearch/18366214 32 people sick with gastrointestinal illness from Seattle restaurant

>>>/qresearch/18365924, >>>/qresearch/18365932, >>>/qresearch/18365945, >>>/qresearch/18365949 Masons

>>>/qresearch/18365931, >>>/qresearch/18366272, >>>/qresearch/18366290 x-class flare 2.28 (upgrades)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ThUZ4O7Kg2Y - Strong X2.2 Solar Flare and Eruption (2/17/2023) - SolarHam.com [Channel: Solar Ham]

>>>/qresearch/18365942 Qpost 1600

>>>/qresearch/18365982, >>>/qresearch/18365990, >>>/qresearch/18366018, >>>/qresearch/18366047, >>>/qresearch/18366081 Jacob Javits / Edward Mandell

>>>/qresearch/18366015 Meme Archive

>>>/qresearch/18366029 Former FBI Michael German, anyone know about him?

>>>/qresearch/18366037 Rubio calls for Buttplug's resignation following Ohio train derailment

>>>/qresearch/18366121, >>>/qresearch/18366189, >>>/qresearch/18366194, >>>/qresearch/18366202 Biden to support Ukrainian pensions yet denies aid to Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18366136 Thousands of doctors take to the streets in Paris chanting “Save Medicine”

>>>/qresearch/18366156, >>>/qresearch/18366195, >>>/qresearch/18366204 Lines of Communication between U.S. and Chinese Military Officials have reportedly been Closed

>>>/qresearch/18366175, >>>/qresearch/18366180 China being China (assho)

>>>/qresearch/18366200 Doral, Florida renewable energy plant has been burning for 5 days

>>>/qresearch/18366245, >>>/qresearch/18366266, >>>/qresearch/18366269 All residents of East Palestine were set to receive monitoring devices a week before derailment

>>>/qresearch/18366273 Panel of Canadian lawmakers calling for assisted suicide program to be extended to minors, even when parents object

>>>/qresearch/18366280 Another train derailment in West Virginia, coincidinks accelerating

>>>/qresearch/18366298 YouTube's Susan Wojcicki steps down but her replacement is a censor too

>>>/qresearch/18366308 Leafs exposing China's involvement in their election

>>>/qresearch/18366357 #22513

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18366363 Q Research General #22514: Upgrades Edition

Created 172222ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18366374 #22514

>>>/qresearch/18366406, >>>/qresearch/18366573 Epstein's Blackbook names revealed (is this legit?)

>>>/qresearch/18366407 @repdarrellissa: A military officer reached out to me tonight: “Biden’s speech on the balloons was all lies”

>>>/qresearch/18366420 Israeli cyberespionage firm meddled in 33 elections worldwide

>>>/qresearch/18366441 Resident of East Palestine displays Mutant water retrieved from her property after chemical release

>>>/qresearch/18366444, >>>/qresearch/18366700, >>>/qresearch/18366722 They'll game the system either way, so make it Ours

>>>/qresearch/18366447 Predictive Programming and the Ohio Train Wreck

>>>/qresearch/18366545 WPBF reporting on Jeffrey Epstein / Jes Staley

>>>/qresearch/18366550, >>>/qresearch/18366553, >>>/qresearch/18366571, >>>/qresearch/18366579, >>>/qresearch/18366588, >>>/qresearch/18366644, >>>/qresearch/18367024 Erinanons Bruhkovichs asking questions

>>>/qresearch/18366552, >>>/qresearch/18366565, >>>/qresearch/18366666 Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson demand information from Wray on FBI’s anti-catholic memo

>>>/qresearch/18366555 True

>>>/qresearch/18366602 State of things: US Border

>>>/qresearch/18366620 Cindy McCain at Munich Security Conference

>>>/qresearch/18366624 Josh Howley to ask Homeland Security Committee to convene hearings on Ohio's FEMA relief denial

>>>/qresearch/18366673 Popular Eagles build new Home at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

>>>/qresearch/18366680, >>>/qresearch/18366805 Trump will visit East Palestine, Ohio next week

>>>/qresearch/18366683, >>>/qresearch/18366695, >>>/qresearch/18366704 Bellingcat director ‘banned’ from BAFTA awards

>>>/qresearch/18366699 Hubble Views a Merging Galactic Trio

>>>/qresearch/18366720 DJT to speak at Club45, Palm Beach, FL (Feb 20, 4:00 pm EST)

>>>/qresearch/18366732, >>>/qresearch/18366747 MyID bracelets look similar to the CCP Bracelets depicted in Dragon Day / Songbirg

>>>/qresearch/18366733 ICYMI: China being assho

>>>/qresearch/18366777, >>>/qresearch/18366789, >>>/qresearch/18366804, >>>/qresearch/18366940 Every dollar wasted on Ukraine could have been spent on US infrastructure

>>>/qresearch/18366946, >>>/qresearch/18366957 Kari Lake v. Katie Hobbs update

>>>/qresearch/18366990, >>>/qresearch/18367027, >>>/qresearch/18367032 Jill Biden is 'under the weather', not Covid related

>>>/qresearch/18367023 All the chemical leaks, explosions, and fires which have occurred just in the last month

>>>/qresearch/18367098 #22514

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18367105 Q Research General #22515: Our Game Edition

Created 180047ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18367160 Today's X2.2 Flare Produced a CME and We ARE in the Path (1:48)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=uHrfXPts12Y - X Class Solar Flare - CME Coming at Earth - Multiple Impact Scenario [Channel: Suspicious0bservers]

>>>/qresearch/18367174 Sasha Latypova indicating lack of Quality Control in COVID vaccines extreme variability which normally would trigger a recall

>>>/qresearch/18367181 Trump will visit East Palestine, Ohio next week

>>>/qresearch/18367183 Paul Sperry: IRS records reveal Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia, donated $13.7 million to Tides Foundation, which bankrolls Soros Network nonprofits

>>>/qresearch/18367185, >>>/qresearch/18367186 Paul Sperry: my father helped engineer NORAD's original nuclear bunker underneath Cheyenne Mountain

>>>/qresearch/18367211 Idaho House Approves Talks To Annex Oregon Counties

>>>/qresearch/18367265 Groundbreaking Lancet Study… Natural Immunity Is Stronger Than Vaccine…

>>>/qresearch/18367305 Biden Balloon Fiasco, Court Martial General Milley? Trump Praises Judicial Watch

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=GMNDzIBsLGE - Biden Balloon Fiasco, Court Martial General Milley? Trump Praises Judicial Watch! [Channel: Judicial Watch]

>>>/qresearch/18367314, >>>/qresearch/18367370, >>>/qresearch/18367379, >>>/qresearch/18367388, >>>/qresearch/18367398, >>>/qresearch/18367836 MOMENTS after Donald Trump announced his trip to East Palestine, FEMA reversed their decision

>>>/qresearch/18367436, >>>/qresearch/18367785 JPMorgan’s Kolanovic Warns of ‘Volmageddon 2.0’ Risk in Options: potential Flash Crash due to over-sized zero days to expiry option over-use translation included

>>>/qresearch/18367437 Canada: Committee Urges Govt To Extend Assisted Suicide To ‘Mature Minors’

>>>/qresearch/18367455 Erin Brockovich tells @CBS_Herridge on FEMA now deciding to deploy federal resources (Cap 1:06)

>>>/qresearch/18367456 Black Rock owns all three companies whose trains derailed

>>>/qresearch/18367462 Biden administration official: 'What East Palestine, Ohio needs is much more expansive than what FEMA can provide' Ukraine is more important?

>>>/qresearch/18367570 STOP THIS MADMAN: George Soros Pushes A Dangerous Technology To Cool The Earth And Stop “Climate Change”

>>>/qresearch/18367633 pb PF: High level ACs and passengers departed and arrived at JBA: SPAR65 USAF G5Indo-Pac Cmdr Aquilino departed JBA after arriving on 0213 from Hickam AFB depart

>>>/qresearch/18367647, >>>/qresearch/18367773 FEMA Decides To REJECT East Palestine's Aid Request After Disaster

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29xi6q-fema-decides-to-reject-east-palestines-aid-request-after-disaster.html - FEMA Decides To REJECT East Palestine's Aid Request After Disaster [2:17] [Channel: Dinesh D'Souza]

>>>/qresearch/18367678, >>>/qresearch/18367845 FEMA sending federal resources to East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18367703 Tap Water Catches On Fire In Debby And Jason Kline's Ohio Home Due To Methane Levels (2013)

>>>/qresearch/18367728 Rachel Levine Discussing ‘Potential Revenue’ From Child Sex Change Procedures: Emails

>>>/qresearch/18367777 Children illegally sent to US slaughterhouses. (To work)

>>>/qresearch/18367848 #22515

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18367857 Q Research General #22516: TRUMP says "East Palestine, Ohio" FEMA says "How High?" Leap-Frog Edition

Created 180236ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18367871 #22516

>>>/qresearch/18367913 Watkins: Join me for Revolution Radio

>>>/qresearch/18367970 George Soros praises 'ruthless' Ron DeSantis and slams 'pitiful' Trump

>>>/qresearch/18368071 RNC reportedly poised to limit presidential debate participation to candidates who pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee

>>>/qresearch/18368078 Early bread dance,

>>>/qresearch/18368090 Scandal Erupts In California Over Attorney General's Wife Overseeing His Budget

>>>/qresearch/18368091 Pot head,

>>>/qresearch/18368281 Epic beat down by un-woke COP…

>>>/qresearch/18368309, >>>/qresearch/18368315 Hunter Biden BEGGED his cousin Caroline to hook him up with Nicola Peltz - 25 years

>>>/qresearch/18368350 Head up the ass liberals…

>>>/qresearch/18368387 slim pickins

>>>/qresearch/18368428 Canadian Justice Sides with Trudeau and Rules War Act Can Be Used to Quash Anti-Government Protests

>>>/qresearch/18368441 US ends search for objects shot down over Alaska, Lake Huron

>>>/qresearch/18368478, >>>/qresearch/18368511 A normal person has about 5 guns

>>>/qresearch/18368479 Trump Plans to Bring Back Firing Squads, Group Executions if He Retakes White House

>>>/qresearch/18368505 Clearforce - Dig-worthy? Memes of the bread

>>>/qresearch/18368514 Dynology - Dig-worthy?

>>>/qresearch/18368670 #22516

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092590 No.151152

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18368677 Q Research General #22517 CranIoAssOtomy Edition

Created 180453ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18368735 Global cardiac pacemaker market experiencing MAJOR “uptick” due to deadly Covid vaccines clogging blood and straining hearts

>>>/qresearch/18368740, >>>/qresearch/18368755, >>>/qresearch/18368771 Planefag: NASA WB-57 up out of Houston, circling at 50k off Cape Canaveral

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=o6SBT-z1DcM - NASA's WB-57 Canberra High Altitude Atmospheric Research Planes [Channel: AIRBOYD]

>>>/qresearch/18368751 Biden’s Labor Market: 1.9M Fewer Americans Working, 2M Foreign Workers Funneled into U.S. Jobs

>>>/qresearch/18368760 U.S. Universities, Backed by Soros and Zuckerberg, Throw Support Behind Durbin-Graham ‘DREAM Act’ Amnesty

>>>/qresearch/18368788, >>>/qresearch/18368799, >>>/qresearch/18368802, >>>/qresearch/18368870 Speedy space things in space-x video that elon retweeted

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=PxfFL249aoU - Inmarsat I-6 F2 Mission [Channel: SpaceX]

>>>/qresearch/18368817 Dan Scavino: Trump to visit East Palestine next week

>>>/qresearch/18368819 DOS emails reveal Celeste Wallander, now masterminding Biden's proxy Ukraine war, was recommended to Hillary in 2010 by Derek Shearer & pal Strobe Talbott, who circulated Steele dossier

>>>/qresearch/18368823 Marjorie Taylor Greene A.K.A The Notorious MTG On The DC Swamp | TRIGGERED Ep. 8

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29sj1q-marjorie-taylor-greene-a.k.a-the-notorious-mtg-on-the-dc-swamp-triggered-ep.html - Marjorie Taylor Greene A.K.A The Notorious MTG On The DC Swamp | TRIGGERED Ep. 8 [1:47:36] [Channel: Donald Trump Jr.]

>>>/qresearch/18368855 Snow White: JP Morgan laundered hush money to Epstein sex abuse victims

>>>/qresearch/18368872, >>>/qresearch/18368875 PDJT @TS: Bill Maher; Ron Desantis

>>>/qresearch/18368985 Donald J. Trump: call Ron DeSanctimonious “Meatball” Ron?

>>>/qresearch/18368992 Donald J. Trump: Bill Maher has been badly hurt, mortally wounded, interesting to see what happens to this shell of a man!

>>>/qresearch/18369002 Donald J. Trump: Koch Brothers, or the “perverts” at the failed and contaminated Lincoln Project? Answer: They’re all bad China loving Globalists

>>>/qresearch/18369006 Donald J. Trump: Under “Trump,” China was paying us a fortune in taxes, No other President got 10 cents

>>>/qresearch/18369013, >>>/qresearch/18369028, >>>/qresearch/18369255 Flashback 2013: White House Hires A Crisis Manager, Easing Democratic Worries (John Podesta)

>>>/qresearch/18369038 State of Virginia House of Delegates has introduced a bill called Sage's Law 3 children from groomers' schools and sex traffickers

>>>/qresearch/18369061 Hours After Trump Announces Upcoming Visit to East Palestine, FEMA Reverses Course and Will Support Ohio Community

>>>/qresearch/18369328 Pete Buttigieg is on Amtrack Board of Directors r/t PB

>>>/qresearch/18369340, >>>/qresearch/18369348 Paul Sperry: Rep. Dan Sachs Goldman has vowed to derail GOP probes of Biden, is a member of Oversight Committee and Select Committee, funds Soros groups

>>>/qresearch/18369382 2010, Congressional pressured to fire the toxicology testing company used by Norfolk Southern and the EPA in East Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18369435 Biden Denies Ohio A Disaster Declaration Over Train Derailment

>>>/qresearch/18369478 #22517

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18369480 Q Research General #22518: Roll It In Flour, Find DeSanctimonious Glory Whole: MEATBALL EDITION

Created 180923ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18369487 #22518

>>>/qresearch/18369585, >>>/qresearch/18369792 Pete Buttigieg is on Amtrack Board of Directors r/t PB

>>>/qresearch/18369589, >>>/qresearch/18369595, >>>/qresearch/18369597 Mil. Tweets

>>>/qresearch/18369599 Trans horror author threatens to SLIT THROAT of JK Rowling

>>>/qresearch/18369602 New Biden EO aimed at rooting out Fed. Govt. "systemic racism"

>>>/qresearch/18369603 Study Vindicates Everyone Who Touted Natural Immunity to COVID-19

>>>/qresearch/18369613 NTSB Chair Wallops Buttigieg for ‘Spreading Misinformation’ About Derailment

>>>/qresearch/18369614, >>>/qresearch/18369964 Lightfoot vows to remove homeless encampment at Chicago O’Hare Intern'l Airport

>>>/qresearch/18369621, >>>/qresearch/18369632, >>>/qresearch/18369637 NK ballistic missile landed in Japan's Exclusive economic zone

>>>/qresearch/18369631 Hersch: Betting on Ukraine Victory was suicidal

>>>/qresearch/18369639 Moar JPMorgan Epstein

>>>/qresearch/18369645 Country music songwriter Kyle Jacobs dead at 49

>>>/qresearch/18369658, >>>/qresearch/18369664, >>>/qresearch/18369697, >>>/qresearch/18369850 Jesse Benson, consultant sentenced for Russia/Trump scheme

>>>/qresearch/18369659 Gen.Flynn: Don’t think for a second when things happen, it is all one big coincidence

>>>/qresearch/18369679 The NHS has stopped the boosters. The CDC on the other hand, schedules them for 6 month olds

>>>/qresearch/18369693 U.S. and Philippines to hold biggest war games in years

>>>/qresearch/18369701 Wendy Rogers: Arizona has had 3 high profile HazMat incidents in 3 years

>>>/qresearch/18369708, >>>/qresearch/18369746 Roseanne Barr Dropping monster Vaccine Truth Bombs

>>>/qresearch/18369712 Did Shakir Khan resign? Attorney disputes claims made by Lodi city officials

>>>/qresearch/18369716 Norfolk Southern has employed company w/history of tainted results for toxicology monitoring

>>>/qresearch/18369731, >>>/qresearch/18369735, >>>/qresearch/18369739 JW documents: US and Britain colluded to hide vax adverse events

>>>/qresearch/18369736 Agent POS "Here is Barack Obama, as president, in 2016 mocking the lead in the water to the faces of the people of Flint, Michigan" soc media

>>>/qresearch/18369753 European MP Mick Wallace condemns USA attack on Russia's Nord Stream pipeline

>>>/qresearch/18369762 #22518 @250

>>>/qresearch/18369782 Trump to visit East Palestine next week

>>>/qresearch/18369813 For 18 months, Twitter blocked my natural immunity tweets from likes and comments (and searches?). It appears they were unblocked/unflagged in the last month @RepThomasMassie

>>>/qresearch/18369817 This is your future, Canada. Protests can be deemed to be illegal and war measures act invoked if the government doesn’t like it.-soc media

>>>/qresearch/18369829 Young Prodigy Named in Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ List Collapses and Dies Hours After Setting Personal Best Marathon Time-Feb 17

>>>/qresearch/18370007 12-Year-Old Football Player Dies Suddenly after Collapsing on Football Field During Practice

>>>/qresearch/18370023 US accuses Russia of crimes against humanity, says Kamala Harris

>>>/qresearch/18370028, >>>/qresearch/18370070 Emergencies Act inquiry: Freezing bank accounts "was a powerful tool to discourage participation and to incentivize protestors to leave Feb 17

>>>/qresearch/18370093 Trump would hammer Biden OR Harris if he was up for election against either of them in 2024, new poll shows dailymail Feb 17

>>>/qresearch/18370111 trips delta Daytona 500

>>>/qresearch/18370121 Sean Penn says US has to accept ‘level of shame’ for not arming Ukraine faster

>>>/qresearch/18370218 Pentagon sends its China point man to Taiwan rt

>>>/qresearch/18370250, >>>/qresearch/18370270 Vice Media Gets $30 Million-Plus Lifeline From Fortress as Bills Pile Up-Feb 14

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092590 No.151154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18370356 Q Research General #22519: EBAKE Edition

Created 181524ZFEB23




VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29lre6-former-deputy-white-house-chief-of-staff-dan-scavino.html - Former Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Dan Scavino [43:14] [Channel: DanScavino45]

>>>/qresearch/18370504 #22518

>>>/qresearch/18370519 Jim Carrey threatens lawsuit re claims he visited Epstein Island

>>>/qresearch/18370562, >>>/qresearch/18370615, >>>/qresearch/18370715, >>>/qresearch/18370727, >>>/qresearch/18370746, >>>/qresearch/18370754, >>>/qresearch/18370938, >>>/qresearch/18371021 pf on Kneepads C-17 switcheroo and other news

>>>/qresearch/18370623, >>>/qresearch/18371011, >>>/qresearch/18371016, >>>/qresearch/18371079 Kneepads opining on Russia, Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18370629, >>>/qresearch/18370657, >>>/qresearch/18370662, >>>/qresearch/18370670, >>>/qresearch/18370675 Mystery woman claims she is the missing Madeleine McCann

>>>/qresearch/18370668 Kellie Pickler’s husband, Kyle Jacobs, is the man dead by suicide at the couple’s Nashville home

>>>/qresearch/18370669, >>>/qresearch/18370957, >>>/qresearch/18370978, >>>/qresearch/18370987, >>>/qresearch/18370993, >>>/qresearch/18371091 Homes for sale in E Palestine & beyond (circle is spreading)

>>>/qresearch/18370673 Biden Intends To Send Important Signal To Putin During Speech In Poland

>>>/qresearch/18370677, >>>/qresearch/18370681, >>>/qresearch/18370684, >>>/qresearch/18370691, >>>/qresearch/18370725, >>>/qresearch/18370789 Moar McCann

>>>/qresearch/18370720 QClock February 17, 2023 - Puget Sound / Mirrors / Time Travel

>>>/qresearch/18370742 New Racist Biden EO Installs Equity Czars in Every Federal Agency; AFL Vows Relentless Opposition

>>>/qresearch/18370803 Mass panic at La Défense shopping mall in #Paris (due to suicide?)

>>>/qresearch/18370820 Asbury’s Revival Service Is Serving As National “Headquarters Of Revival Movement”

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29zvx2-asburys-revival-service-is-serving-as-national-headquarters-of-revival-move.html - Asbury’s Revival Service Is Serving As National “Headquarters Of Revival Movement” [12:55] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18370967 Jim Carrey becomes the latest celebrity to list his sanctuary $28.9M mansion

>>>/qresearch/18370973 SEC to begin monitoring and database ALL stock trades in real time

>>>/qresearch/18370975, >>>/qresearch/18370979 Happening Now: Armed Second Amendment rally at Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix

>>>/qresearch/18370986 Lodi City Council Member Arrested on Voter Fraud Charges Related to 2020 Election

>>>/qresearch/18370991 FEMA Reverses Decision, Will Deploy 'Assistance Teams' To East Palestine Following Chemical Disaster

>>>/qresearch/18371020 Loy Brunson discussing the current hearing

>>>/qresearch/18371027 Tracking fentanyl’s deadly path from China to Mexico to ODs in America

>>>/qresearch/18371035 Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Stonewalls GOP Probe into Art Sales to Anonymous Buyers

>>>/qresearch/18371040 East Palestine Mayor: FEMA Help a little late — HHS testing needed for a decade

>>>/qresearch/18371055 India slams Soros for his controversial 'regime change' remarks

>>>/qresearch/18371067 Canada issues new sanctions against Haitians, will deploy Navy ships around Haiti

>>>/qresearch/18371069 Ex-JBLM soldier sentenced for child sex crimes in the Philippines

>>>/qresearch/18371071, >>>/qresearch/18371082 Tom Hanks trending on Twitter - for this "sexy baby" post?

>>>/qresearch/18371088 New dataset from Germany re poison jab stats

>>>/qresearch/18371089 CDC updated the tox profile of Vinyl Chloride in January 2023 to justify CARDIAC issues

>>>/qresearch/18371090 Law firm files lawsuit over train derailment, compares chemical leak to ‘chemical warfare’

>>>/qresearch/18371104 Solar storm: Coronal holestream starts hitting tomorrow so look for an uptick of equake action

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ryVUOFf0Vmk - X Flare & Solar Storm Prediction | S0 News Feb.18.2023 [Channel: Suspicious0bservers]

>>>/qresearch/18371106 @45: Feds didn't pledge help for E Palestine until I announced I'm going....

>>>/qresearch/18371108 Wisconsin governor announces expanded absentee voting ahead of 2024 election

>>>/qresearch/18371110 Lou Dobbs ~ "God willing, Trump will be the people's choice in 2024."

>>>/qresearch/18371111 Lara Logan Talks About Something That the Media is Scared to Disclose and Expose 2/15/23

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29tcrk-lara-logan-talks-about-something-that-the-media-is-scared-to-disclose-and-e.html - Lara Logan Talks About Something That the Media is Scared to Disclose and Expose 2/15/23 [1:11] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18371125 Military Situation In Syria On February 18, 2023 - Map Update

>>>/qresearch/18371165 NATO doubles down: Highlights from the Munich Security Conference

>>>/qresearch/18371178 #22519

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18371193 Q Research General #22520: Madeline McCann Returned? Edition

Created 181906ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18371216 Biden's NTSB says that Pete Buttigieg spread disinformation about East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18371219 Norfolk CEO (Alan Shaw) boasts about meeting Pete Butigieg on his Linkedin

>>>/qresearch/18371224 Russia explains request to shut down Jewish NGO

>>>/qresearch/18371232 "Every Parent's Nightmare": TikTok Offering Child Predators An Easy Path To Contacting Kids

>>>/qresearch/18371235 YouTube censors LifeSiteNews report on WHO, UNICEF sterilizing young women in Kenya

>>>/qresearch/18371241 Archbishop Vigano Respondd to Tucker Carlson Says It’s Time to Call Out NWO

>>>/qresearch/18371247 NSW Liberals suspend upper house MP Peter Poulos over leaking of explicit photos

>>>/qresearch/18371250 India slams Soros for meddling: The Foreign Minister says the billionaire activist is "old, rich, opinionated and dangerous"

>>>/qresearch/18371276, >>>/qresearch/18371280, >>>/qresearch/18371286, >>>/qresearch/18371289, >>>/qresearch/18371335, >>>/qresearch/18371359, >>>/qresearch/18371364, >>>/qresearch/18371369 (PB), Anon(s) Opine: [They're] clearing out East Palestine, Ohio to free it up for Pittsburgh suburbs, 100%.

>>>/qresearch/18371279, >>>/qresearch/18371313 Pittsburgh area not far from train incident / Nestle and niagra water bottles Are they after water rights? Planefag reporting as well

>>>/qresearch/18371281 Stoltenberg sets condition for Kiev to join NATO

>>>/qresearch/18371285 Florida Teacher in Hot Water After Libs of TikTok Exposes Video of White Students Acting Like Servants for Black Students

>>>/qresearch/18371296, >>>/qresearch/18371346 US ends search for UFOs shot down over Alaska & Lake Huron

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=i6qSrNBcPqg - A Whole Town Witness UFO Circling Over Them | Aliens In Alaska [Channel: Quest TV]

>>>/qresearch/18371381 vid: NATO doubles down: Highlights from the Munich Security Conference

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a0bp4-harnwell-kamala-harris-is-so-dumb-she-makes-nikki-haley-look-like-albert-ei.html - Harnwell: Kamala Harris is so dumb she makes Nikki Haley look like Albert Einstein [5:17] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18371386 PF: SAM074 C-32A departed Munich Int'l…so much for it being 'broken'-the 2 Globemasters are still on ground at Munich after arriving from Ramstein

>>>/qresearch/18371400 vid: The Biden Regime’s EPA Head Is Ignoring East Palestine In Favor Of “7-Day Climate Tour”

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a00fu-the-biden-regimes-epa-head-is-ignoring-east-palestine-in-favor-of-7-day-cli.html - The Biden Regime’s EPA Head Is Ignoring East Palestine In Favor Of “7-Day Climate Tour” [8:30] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18371432 vid: Pelosi's Filmmaker Daughter Alexandra Caught on Tape REFUTING J6 NARRATIVE – Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection, DC Courts Too Biased

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29uq16-exclusive-nancy-pelosis-daughter-caught-on-tape-admitting-jan.-6-protests-n.html - Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Caught on Tape Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection [16:31] [Channel: The Gateway Pundit]

>>>/qresearch/18371489, >>>/qresearch/18371520 Biden EO transforming the federal gov’t into a Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) cult

>>>/qresearch/18371542 President Jimmy Carter will spend his remaining days at home and receive hospice care instead of medication.

>>>/qresearch/18371574 PF: N887WM G650 departed Munich Int'lBilly in Gates Foundation ACafter his 'participation' in the 'town hall' and Munich Insecurity Conference yesterday

>>>/qresearch/18371651 Air Force Two has broken down. Kamala Harris has to fly back to America in a cargo plane

>>>/qresearch/18371656 Children’s author Roald Dahl’s beloved books scrubbed by ‘sensitivity experts

>>>/qresearch/18371681 Trump Attacks GOP Mega Donors, Calls Them ‘Globalist And Pro China Losers’

>>>/qresearch/18371688 Readiness? Navy eradicates fitness test failures in campaign to improve retention

>>>/qresearch/18371740 Scientology leader David Miscavige faces human trafficking charges

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18372008 Q Research General #22521: Balloliens & The E. Palestine Racially Motivated Crime Edition

Created 182213ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18372013 #22521

>>>/qresearch/18372026 Jimmy Dore Gives a History Lesson on Ukraine & Washington Corruption

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29zgvq-jimmy-dore-gives-a-history-lesson-on-ukraine-and-washington-corruption.html - Jimmy Dore Gives a History Lesson on Ukraine & Washington Corruption [8:59] [Channel: Chief Nerd]

>>>/qresearch/18372027, >>>/qresearch/18372175 Don't underestimate evil

>>>/qresearch/18372048 House Dems Bail on Congressional Visit to Southern Border

>>>/qresearch/18372061 Archbishop Vigano Responding to Tucker Carlson Says It’s Time to Call Out New World Order and Hold Globalists

>>>/qresearch/18372095 Karli Bonne on TS: Route of the Chinese Spy Balloon

>>>/qresearch/18372125 Dioxin, one of the most toxic chemicals known to man

>>>/qresearch/18372180 Putin must turn ‘360 degrees’ – German FM

>>>/qresearch/18372208 Saudi Crown Prince launches New Murabba Development Company to develop world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh

>>>/qresearch/18372222 Webster's C_A

>>>/qresearch/18372265, >>>/qresearch/18372394, >>>/qresearch/18372480, >>>/qresearch/18372523 The CCP have been providing Russia a wide range of support in the Ukraine War … they are allies

>>>/qresearch/18372333 Cincinnati cuts off drinking water from Ohio River due to East Palestine derailment contamination

>>>/qresearch/18372334, >>>/qresearch/18372454 Pres. Carter receiving hospice care

>>>/qresearch/18372339 If your state uses the ERIC voter roll system, your elections may be the worse for it

>>>/qresearch/18372416, >>>/qresearch/18372427, >>>/qresearch/18372438 Did you know that LA had $755 million default on office space?

>>>/qresearch/18372443 Americans Are Furiously Mad • But Noticeably Not In Despair • Constant Government Lies Spark Resistance Movements

>>>/qresearch/18372528 Ohio Sen. Michael Rulli: ‘I’m Begging You Not to Drink the Water’ in East Palestine; ‘It Is Not Safe’

>>>/qresearch/18372623, >>>/qresearch/18372662 Trudeau Responds To Leaked CSIS Files Saying Beijing Interfered In 2021 Election To Support A Liberal Minority

>>>/qresearch/18372752 #22521

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18372753 Q Research General #22522: Watch The Water Edition

Created 190044ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18372762 #22522

>>>/qresearch/18372863 Orange County NY Residents Report ‘Unusual Odor’ and ‘Residue’ on Cars

>>>/qresearch/18372868, >>>/qresearch/18372973, >>>/qresearch/18372992, >>>/qresearch/18372998, >>>/qresearch/18373074, >>>/qresearch/18373111, >>>/qresearch/18373200, >>>/qresearch/18373240, >>>/qresearch/18373278, >>>/qresearch/18373393, >>>/qresearch/18373405 PF Aloft

>>>/qresearch/18372875 FLASHBACK: January 25, 2023:In a stunning statement contradicting her own government and the official line from NATO, Germany’s Foreign Minister declared that her country and Europe as a whole is in a “war against Russia” in Ukraine.

>>>/qresearch/18372890, >>>/qresearch/18372904, >>>/qresearch/18372914, >>>/qresearch/18372922, >>>/qresearch/18372936, >>>/qresearch/18372939, >>>/qresearch/18372950, >>>/qresearch/18372961, >>>/qresearch/18372974, >>>/qresearch/18373093, >>>/qresearch/18373110, >>>/qresearch/18373252, >>>/qresearch/18373337, >>>/qresearch/18373362 TWITTER FILES #16 Comic Interlude: A Media Experiment

>>>/qresearch/18372900 GMax is launching a $10million appeal

>>>/qresearch/18372937 Richard Grenell @RichardGrenell Good question. I went on a personal and intellectual journey after Iraq….and I was the spokesman at the UN for the United States for Iraq, Afghanistan & Syria wars. I’ve thought a lot about this subject and wrote at length about what it means to be America First.

>>>/qresearch/18372983, >>>/qresearch/18372995 Covid Scientist is asking Ron and Jim to add her name to list of deactivated accounts for reactivation. shared the link of the first Yan Report on CCP-lab-origin of #COVID19

>>>/qresearch/18372990 #22520

>>>/qresearch/18373032 Kellyanne Conway name used for poll by National Republican Senatorial Committee

>>>/qresearch/18373057 ECW: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is expected to warn about importing Russian energy at the Munich Security Conference.

>>>/qresearch/18373107 2023-002-Worldwide-Maritime Port Vulnerabilities - Foreign Adversarial Technological, Physical, and Cyber Influence

>>>/qresearch/18373127, >>>/qresearch/18373160 Rove/Bush/CIA Wilson backstory

>>>/qresearch/18373265 refugees killing tourist business

>>>/qresearch/18373276 Church of Scientology leader officially served in federal human trafficking lawsuit

>>>/qresearch/18373404 HBiden: laptop emails reveal he knew Roberts well and had a relationship with her …

>>>/qresearch/18373519 #22522

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18373523 Q Research General #22523: Night Shift On Pain Edition

Created 190321ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18373536 #22523

>>>/qresearch/18373606, >>>/qresearch/18373972 Administrator Samantha Power’s Call with UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=8-Fm8w5g98E - Administrator Power at the USAID AAPI Conference and Career Expo [Channel: USAID Video]

>>>/qresearch/18373613 Minerals of Ohio (Strontium)

>>>/qresearch/18373618 Rep. Pelosi Participates in Panel at Munich Security Conference

>>>/qresearch/18373629, >>>/qresearch/18373749, >>>/qresearch/18373751, >>>/qresearch/18373769, >>>/qresearch/18373772, >>>/qresearch/18373777, >>>/qresearch/18373779, >>>/qresearch/18373791, >>>/qresearch/18373820 Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies New international health accord avoids necessary Senate approval.

>>>/qresearch/18373687 '''AF2 C-17 Globemaster on final approach at JBA-with RCH4169 C-17 heading from JBA NE and moar equipment for Potato's visit to Warsaw that starts Monday

>>>/qresearch/18373710 Ohio train derailment Keystone Division?

>>>/qresearch/18373831, >>>/qresearch/18373846, >>>/qresearch/18373869, >>>/qresearch/18374028 WHO Healthy Cities Network

>>>/qresearch/18373881 NCSWIC stands for the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators. The organization was established in 2005 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) to promote and support interoperable communications among emergency responders across the United States.



VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=cDybeNbFJXE - The State of the World [Channel: World Government Summit]

>>>/qresearch/18374027, >>>/qresearch/18374232 17 Q movies

>>>/qresearch/18374049, >>>/qresearch/18374052, >>>/qresearch/18374120 Across California, homelessness is impossible to escape.

>>>/qresearch/18374123, >>>/qresearch/18374217 Lori plays the race card!Chicago mayor Lightfoot urges black voters to help her 'keep the seat' from falling to white or Hispanic challengers

>>>/qresearch/18374184 BOOM!!!! 💥💥💥💥💥 OAN actually goes there

>>>/qresearch/18374260 #22523

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18374262 Q Research General #22524: Infinite Pub Open Edition

Created 190603ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18374265 #22524

>>>/qresearch/18374282 WEF in a nutshell

>>>/qresearch/18374303, >>>/qresearch/18374306 Déjà Vu (2006 film) / Snow White

>>>/qresearch/18374312, >>>/qresearch/18374318, >>>/qresearch/18374367, >>>/qresearch/18374369, >>>/qresearch/18374379, >>>/qresearch/18374397, >>>/qresearch/18374622 Hugh Hefner

>>>/qresearch/18374317 @RepThomasMassie: Congress shall make no law abridging the right of individuals to grow and prepare food

>>>/qresearch/18374360, >>>/qresearch/18374373, >>>/qresearch/18374385, >>>/qresearch/18374391 Clementine Hambro

>>>/qresearch/18374361, >>>/qresearch/18374394, >>>/qresearch/18374474, >>>/qresearch/18374737 Why W in the kill box?

>>>/qresearch/18374364 White Squall

>>>/qresearch/18374376 Dan Bongino

>>>/qresearch/18374381, >>>/qresearch/18374401, >>>/qresearch/18374430 Nadia Marcinkova

>>>/qresearch/18374402, >>>/qresearch/18374414, >>>/qresearch/18374420, >>>/qresearch/18374489, >>>/qresearch/18374547 Lodi city council member Shakir Khan arrested for massive voter fraud

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=NNLg2DqRm4g - Update | Lodi official Shakir Khan released from jail after voter fraud charges [Channel: ABC10]

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=gOIBpcAt5Gs - Lodi City Council Member Shakir Khan arrested on new charges as criminal case moves forward [Channel: KCRA 3]

>>>/qresearch/18374408, >>>/qresearch/18374417, >>>/qresearch/18374485, >>>/qresearch/18374729 IGY6, Pence

>>>/qresearch/18374472 Politics Prognosis: Singapore Says Man’s 2021 Death Is First Tied to Covid Vaccine

>>>/qresearch/18374498, >>>/qresearch/18374528, >>>/qresearch/18374579 Richard Gere hospitalized

>>>/qresearch/18374536, >>>/qresearch/18374549 The Great Awakening: Switzerland

>>>/qresearch/18374606 Dominion internal messages admit their products "riddled with bugs" that can "lead to incorrect results"

>>>/qresearch/18374610, >>>/qresearch/18374612, >>>/qresearch/18374660 The Pfizer fraud case is now a *go*

>>>/qresearch/18374630, >>>/qresearch/18374646 LIVE At The Border, Yuma, Arizona

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=nbIpJlsWy84 - Live Border Coverage Yuma, Az 2/18/23 [Channel: 1st Responders Media]

>>>/qresearch/18374650 Watch the water: https://www.waterisac.org/

>>>/qresearch/18374682 Toxicity of Jabs by Batch Number

>>>/qresearch/18374806 Protests outside of Pfizer HQ

>>>/qresearch/18374837, >>>/qresearch/18374885 Florida Surgeon General Warns Life-Threatening VAERS Reports Up 4,400 Percent Since COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

>>>/qresearch/18374856 Oz Mossad network about to be exposed, possibly

>>>/qresearch/18374868 LA Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell shot dead

>>>/qresearch/18374870 VIP Elite Panic After REAL Epstein List Leaked on Dark Web

>>>/qresearch/18374888 The Twitter Files reveal an unholy alliance between Big Tech and the deep state designed to throttle free speech

>>>/qresearch/18374895 @RudyGiuliani: Where's Corn Pop?

>>>/qresearch/18374898 Democrats in Minnesota Now Pushing for Ban on Gas-Powered Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

>>>/qresearch/18374966, >>>/qresearch/18374970, >>>/qresearch/18374977 Eulagisca Gigantea

>>>/qresearch/18374992, >>>/qresearch/18374994, >>>/qresearch/18375000 DJT Truths

>>>/qresearch/18375007 Mil tweet decodes

>>>/qresearch/18375009 #22524

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18375017 Q Research General #22525: Good News Everyone Edition

Created 191151ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18375024 #22525

>>>/qresearch/18375037 Associations between types and sources of dietary carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease risk

>>>/qresearch/18375038 PV: The most important story in American history. Don’t forget that.

>>>/qresearch/18375062 Brunson: Supreme court reconsiders case to reinstate Trump, hoping for a ruling to be heard on Tuesday

>>>/qresearch/18375064 @ArmyChiefStaff Our Sky Soldiers are committed to unit-level proficiency and tactical expertise. Keep up the outstanding work @173rdAbnBde

>>>/qresearch/18375069 NEW video and a LIVE look of a fire burning in Kissimmee, Florida at a plant nursery. Thousands of plastic planters are reportedly on fire.

>>>/qresearch/18375078 Japan, a mask powerhouse, also ranks first in the world in new deaths 2/10

>>>/qresearch/18375106, >>>/qresearch/18375110 Sensational and unbelievable !! This novel was published in 1981. #Coronavirius

>>>/qresearch/18375112 Know what strontium is good for? Hens eggs.

>>>/qresearch/18375118, >>>/qresearch/18375160 "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"

>>>/qresearch/18375124, >>>/qresearch/18375140 The U.S. Navy submarine USS Albacore lost and on eternal patrol for 79 years, has finally been found.

>>>/qresearch/18375126 California school district accused of secretly counseling child to transition gender faces parents' wrath

>>>/qresearch/18375185 Norfolk Southern replaced the tracks ASAP but did not remove the toxic soil

>>>/qresearch/18375420 #22525 TBC Fully

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18375805 Q Research General #22526: Good Vibrations Edition

Created 191534ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18375812 #22526 Shout Out to GOLD Noter o7

>>>/qresearch/18375815, >>>/qresearch/18375828, >>>/qresearch/18375868 Potato Twat "we're working to ban surprise "resort fee's"…" reeeally topical work there /s

>>>/qresearch/18375829, >>>/qresearch/18375838 Alesandra Welborn = Tattooed Lady that Hunter was fucking-Etsy page in which one of her favorite Etsy stores is Morbid Taxidermy

>>>/qresearch/18375839, >>>/qresearch/18375886, >>>/qresearch/18375912 CME Impact Imminent, What to Expect

>>>/qresearch/18375848 N.J. boy, 12, dies after collapsing during no-contact football practice

>>>/qresearch/18375852 PF housekeeping: Billy and his G650 N887WM went to Newark Int'l, N.J. from it's Munich Int'l depart yesterday

>>>/qresearch/18375863 AF2 shenanigans show up in search results- mp4

>>>/qresearch/18375877 US warns China not to supply lethal aid to Russia

>>>/qresearch/18375885 Rage Against The War Machine Rally | Live IRL Stream From Washington D.C.Fedboi "rally" y/t

>>>/qresearch/18375888 A Los Angeles Archdiocese auxiliary bishop known as a "peacemaker" was shot to death Saturday afternoon, officials said.

>>>/qresearch/18375895 Zuckerberg copies Twitter: $12 bucks per month to get verified and receive a blue badge.

>>>/qresearch/18375934 DPR "prosecutors office" in Donetsk is on fire.

>>>/qresearch/18375936 Officials reflect on hardships of staying in Zelensky’s bunker

>>>/qresearch/18375950, >>>/qresearch/18375972, >>>/qresearch/18376008, >>>/qresearch/18376026, >>>/qresearch/18376030, >>>/qresearch/18376049, >>>/qresearch/18376069, >>>/qresearch/18376088, >>>/qresearch/18376181, >>>/qresearch/18376229 Chicago Heights Fire Dig-bundaroo/Jroaro llc is Morgan Li

>>>/qresearch/18375954 PlaneFag Yerp/Med Activity: Blinken on the move from Incirlik-SAM060 arrived at Ramstein-Munich Insecurity Conf departures

>>>/qresearch/18375977 Op Ed: Question: When Did You Start Really Paying Attention?

>>>/qresearch/18375980 Planefag CONUS Activity: DUDE45 E-4B Nightwatch departed Wright-Patterson AFB south-probably heading to Robbins AFB, C102 US Coast Guard G5 inbound to Reagan National from Munich Insecurity Conference

>>>/qresearch/18376001, >>>/qresearch/18376074 "It's urgent to provide Ukraine with more weapons," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said.

>>>/qresearch/18376044, >>>/qresearch/18376065 250 million people live east of the Mississippi. 2 million gallons of vinyl chloride (VC) might have something to say about that

>>>/qresearch/18376054 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day-Seven Dusty Sisters in Infrared

>>>/qresearch/18376082, >>>/qresearch/18376097 Biden relaunching Obama mandate "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" to diversify towns, zip code by zip code, by forcing local municipalities to remove zoning laws to build more affordable housing for minorities

>>>/qresearch/18376148 The race to run the Colorado Republican Party is getting crowded

>>>/qresearch/18376205 As Trump Heads to Ohio in Wake of Disaster, Biden Runs Off to Europe

>>>/qresearch/18376233 Richard Grenell Retweeted Larry Hogan gonna run the “say stuff liberals like so they give my GOP campaign money” campaign. Then get 2%, drop out after the 4th primary, and use the leftover money to to fund a PAC of some variety that pays him a handsome salary.

>>>/qresearch/18376247 if equity is so equitable, why does it disproportionately affect caucasians?

>>>/qresearch/18376307 Two Weeks After East Palestine Toxic Chemical Spill, EPA Administrator Tells CNN Site Not Safe for EPA Workers

>>>/qresearch/18376313 Share of Total Net Worth Held by the 50th to 90th Wealth Percentiles From 1990 to 2022

>>>/qresearch/18376321 PF: Italian AF IAM4606 C-130J heading to Rzsesow Airport Poland from Pisa with clean socks for Zelensky as well as RAF RRR4052 A400m from RAF Brize Norton

>>>/qresearch/18376415 PF DUDE45E-4B Nightwatch went to JBA and C102 US Coast Guard G5 on descent for Reagan National (home base for these ACs)

>>>/qresearch/18376473 Secretary Blinken’S Meeting With People’S Republic Of China (Prc) Director Of The Ccp Central Foreign Affairs Office Wang Yi

>>>/qresearch/18376482 Secretary Blinken’S Meeting With Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba

>>>/qresearch/18376488 Secretary Blinken’S Call With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

>>>/qresearch/18376511 Interview Antony J. Blinken, Secretary Of State Munich, Germany

>>>/qresearch/18376549 Remarks To The Press Antony J. Blinken, Secretary Of State Incirlik Air Base Türkiye

>>>/qresearch/18376574 #22526

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>>>/qresearch/18376576 Q Research General #22527: World War 3 Continues Edition

Created 191835ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18376591 Walkthrough In Sacramento After 2020 Election Showed Dominion Boxes Labeled “Made in China”, a Pallet of Ballots Unsealed, Passwords and Flashdrives Lying Around Tabulation Room

>>>/qresearch/18376614, >>>/qresearch/18376892 Los Angeles 'peacemaker' bishop fatally shot, Auxiliary Bishop David O'Connell, 69

>>>/qresearch/18376643 Ronny Jackson ~ President Trump is the GREATEST President I have EVER seen.

>>>/qresearch/18376659 Millions of gallons of untreated sewage from Mexico spilling into San Diego, forcing beach closures

>>>/qresearch/18376685, >>>/qresearch/18376800 RICHARD BELZER: DEAD, nasty final words

>>>/qresearch/18376710 Major German Newspaper Reports Pfizer-BioNTech Fraud

>>>/qresearch/18376756 AHS are deleting admission records for individuals suffering Covid AEs

>>>/qresearch/18376798 Rumors flying Speaker McCarthy is not going to release all of the J6 video footage

>>>/qresearch/18376803 27% of Republicans "openly" show support for QAnon per 2022 American Values Survey by BROOKINGS and PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute)

>>>/qresearch/18376806, >>>/qresearch/18377002, >>>/qresearch/18377085, >>>/qresearch/18377132 Mona Elaine Charen February 25, 1957 age 65, 27% of Republicans "openly" show support for QAnon per 2022 American Values Survey by BROOKINGS and PRRI (Cap 1:42)

>>>/qresearch/18376818, >>>/qresearch/18376825, >>>/qresearch/18376838, >>>/qresearch/18376844 Mouaz Moustafa

>>>/qresearch/18377220 OTD in 1945, the 4th and 5th Marine Divisions landed on the volcanic island of Iwo Jima.

>>>/qresearch/18377344 #22527

>>>/qresearch/18377370 lb Donald J. Trump: Getting CLOBBERED in the polls by ME. DeSantis is a RINO who is trying to hide his past

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>>>/qresearch/18377352 Q Research General #22528: DeSantis is a RINO who is trying to hide his past? Edition

Created 192119ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18377390 Project BioShield medical countermeasures grants

>>>/qresearch/18377394 “Everyone is at Risk for Blood Clots!” – CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes”

>>>/qresearch/18377406 The DeSantis [they] know

>>>/qresearch/18377407 “Trump Supporters” provide DOJ/DEA Credentials on January 6… “You gotta do a better job of hiding that” (Cap 2:20)

>>>/qresearch/18377424 Murder probe launched in fatal shooting of 'Peacemaker' Auxiliary Bishop David O'Connell, Los Angeles

>>>/qresearch/18377439 Biden’s Executive Order on Climate Change Gave China Access to the US Grid – Suddenly There’s an Energy Crisis In Texas – Any Relationship?

>>>/qresearch/18377464 Biden Gives Power to Susan Rice for Sweeping Racial Equity” Makeover of the Federal Government: “Agency Equity Teams” to Be Established to Run All Departments, Reeducate Workers

>>>/qresearch/18377484 [Initial] Statement on the Death of Auxiliary Bishop David O’Connell

>>>/qresearch/18377495, >>>/qresearch/18377764 Donald J. Trump: Congratulations to Kristina Karamo, a powerful and fearless Election Denier, in winning the Chair of the GOP in Michigan

>>>/qresearch/18377507 Six fingered glove, fake photos for FF

>>>/qresearch/18377530, >>>/qresearch/18377585 18 pipe bomb found behind Catholic church near railroad tracks in Philadelphia

>>>/qresearch/18377572, >>>/qresearch/18377594 Missile attack targeted a US occupation base in the Al-Omar oil field in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, Syria.

>>>/qresearch/18377613, >>>/qresearch/18377623 Russia begins large-scale exercises of strategic nuclear forces — Ukrainian Military Intelligence

>>>/qresearch/18377634, >>>/qresearch/18377653, >>>/qresearch/18377658, >>>/qresearch/18377684 Ontario, Canada, report seeing chemical contamination that has allegedly spread from the East Palestine, Ohio (Caps)

>>>/qresearch/18377689, >>>/qresearch/18377763, >>>/qresearch/18378007 Polycrisis, It's Coming! Listen as this Woman Breaks Down how the Government / Elites are Killing Us and Pitting Us Against Each Other Feb 18

>>>/qresearch/18377739, >>>/qresearch/18378011 North Korea has fired unspecified ballistic missile, South Korean military says

>>>/qresearch/18377752 US military base in Syria comes under missile attack al-Omar oil field in Deir ez-Zor

>>>/qresearch/18377767 Biden Admin Says Spy Balloons will Now Be A Common Occurrence

>>>/qresearch/18377777 Quints

>>>/qresearch/18377852 This is what China's 15-minute cities look like. A place where you need to scan a QR code with a COVID passport and facial recognition to enter or exit. Feb 18 soc media

>>>/qresearch/18377881 Warren Township after an explosion was reported at the ArcelorMittal Warren coke plant on Saturday afternoon.

>>>/qresearch/18377906, >>>/qresearch/18377937, >>>/qresearch/18377944, >>>/qresearch/18377963 “18 inch pipe bomb” discovered behind St. Dominic’s Catholic Church on Frankford Ave near Conrail railroad tracks in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg section

>>>/qresearch/18377925, >>>/qresearch/18378129 Local Farmer Sounds the Alarm: Why Did East Palestine Launch ‘MyID’ Emergency Service to Surveil Biometrics 1 Week Before Ohio Train Derailment?

>>>/qresearch/18378008 DJT TS "In writer Salena Zito’s Fake News “puff piece” about DeSantis....why doesn’t she mention that he wants to cut Social Security & Medicare..." Q Drop #3608

>>>/qresearch/18378019 "It's not just Republicans who are tired of losing. Americans are tired of it." @mikepompeo

>>>/qresearch/18378067 Kash Patel: Sarah Isgur is one of the all time Biggest #GovernmentGangsters

>>>/qresearch/18378105 PM Netanyahu meets with Boeing CEO Ted Colbert

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>>>/qresearch/18378164 Q Research General #22529: I wanted somewhere to post, NO FUCKS GIVEN Edition

Created 192350ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18378172 #22529

>>>/qresearch/18378182 US draws ‘red line’ for China

>>>/qresearch/18378195 Live with Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton!

>>>/qresearch/18378224 North Korea has launched a ballistic missile, just days after test-firing an ICBM

>>>/qresearch/18378231 The Ohio Chemical Spill - It's Worse Than They're Telling

>>>/qresearch/18378246 New video of the earth's crust breaking in Turkey after the earthquakes.

>>>/qresearch/18378251 A possible ballistic missile was launched from North Korea - from the Japanese

>>>/qresearch/18378282, >>>/qresearch/18378341 Stacey Abrams in Trouble After Half a Million Goes Missing from Charity

>>>/qresearch/18378345, >>>/qresearch/18378361, >>>/qresearch/18378398 18-inch pipe bomb discovered near train tracks behind Philadelphia church

>>>/qresearch/18378348 link to RR lines in PA

>>>/qresearch/18378391, >>>/qresearch/18378739 Callesto: Lemon BOOTED from CNN's Monday am breakfast show

>>>/qresearch/18378413 US responds to Nord Stream sabotage allegations

>>>/qresearch/18378431 Mexico cutting foreigners off from its ‘white gold’

>>>/qresearch/18378454 Trump slams Don Lemon as 'dumbest man on television' over debate question

>>>/qresearch/18378479, >>>/qresearch/18378484, >>>/qresearch/18378486, >>>/qresearch/18378490, >>>/qresearch/18378495, >>>/qresearch/18378505 Groundhog Day: 23 Obama and Clinton Officials working In the Biden Admin

>>>/qresearch/18378550 Oliver Alexander says he's blowing holes in Sy Hersh's "Pipe Dream" DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/18378576 @45: “Support for DeSantis cools in latest GOP POLL.”

>>>/qresearch/18378594 #22528

>>>/qresearch/18378602 Soros Totally Melts Down in Speech on Climate Change at Munich Security Conference – stroking out?

>>>/qresearch/18378607, >>>/qresearch/18378660, >>>/qresearch/18378772, >>>/qresearch/18378833, >>>/qresearch/18378867 Large White Balloon has been spotted just to the East of Honolulu - DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/18378613 State Trooper 'Base Camp' Erected In Florida Keys As Boatloads Of Migrants Invade

>>>/qresearch/18378624 Kash: Who is a bigger fraud?

>>>/qresearch/18378642 Woman shares ‘evidence’ she’s missing Madeleine McCann

>>>/qresearch/18378672, >>>/qresearch/18378706, >>>/qresearch/18378711 Dig CALL on 'readyforron dot com' and lawyer Dan Baker

>>>/qresearch/18378708, >>>/qresearch/18378848 @bennyjohnson - took all our social media revenue and gave it to the people most affected by the toxic explosion in East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18378714 PF

>>>/qresearch/18378745 Joe Biden Weighs Expanding Foreign Competition Against Working Class Americans

>>>/qresearch/18378751 China Demands U.S. Abandon Taiwan and Apologize for Shooting Down Spy Balloon

>>>/qresearch/18378758 Joe Biden Picks Obama Enforcer Susan Rice to Implement Critical Race Theory Throughout the Federal Bureaucracy

>>>/qresearch/18378780 UK Counter-Terrorism Program Flags Shakespeare and ‘1984’ for ‘Encouraging Far-Right Sympathies’

>>>/qresearch/18378792 left-wing coalition championing this law describe it as "Zoophilia" rather than the harsher sounding "Bestality"

>>>/qresearch/18378801 The Rothschild Bank in France will be delisted from the Paris Stock Exchange after nearly 200 years.

>>>/qresearch/18378827 Dad Confronts Teacher Who Made Son Wear A Dress

>>>/qresearch/18378840 Gang of masked blackshirts screams “Nazis!” - at a group protesting *against* “15-minute city” plans

>>>/qresearch/18378855 NAPOLITANO: The Ukrainian war is depleting American ammunition. The only people who benefit from this war are those within the military industrial complex.

>>>/qresearch/18378884 Youth Pastor, Foster Parent Arrested For Human Trafficking In Florida

>>>/qresearch/18378887 #22529

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>>>/qresearch/18378886 Q Research General #22530: Not Another $400,000 Barroon! Edition

Created 200216ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18378917 #22530

>>>/qresearch/18378954 Hawley Delivers National Security Speech ‘China and Ukraine: A Time for Truth’

>>>/qresearch/18378960, >>>/qresearch/18379019 CMZ; While the balloon likely did have cameras on it, this video in particular looks like cgi

>>>/qresearch/18378964 Live stream body cams for Palm Beach Sheriff’s

>>>/qresearch/18378996 North Korea fires short-range missiles after making threats

>>>/qresearch/18379002, >>>/qresearch/18379038, >>>/qresearch/18379067, >>>/qresearch/18379104, >>>/qresearch/18379120, >>>/qresearch/18379134, >>>/qresearch/18379176, >>>/qresearch/18379187, >>>/qresearch/18379263, >>>/qresearch/18379330, >>>/qresearch/18379333, >>>/qresearch/18379357, >>>/qresearch/18379360, >>>/qresearch/18379368, >>>/qresearch/18379418 Russia claims European country gave Ukraine radioactive materials for false flag op/container from Frontier, Xenia, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18379011 ECW: A second competing U.S. diplomatic mission would be an affront to Israel & would be a bizarre act of “diplomacy” to install a diplomatic mission over the objection of the host nation, I oppose President Biden’s controversial proposal to reopen a consulate for the Palestinians in Jerusalem.🧵

>>>/qresearch/18379079 more than 100 children in dangerous jobs at 13 meatpacking plants across the country

>>>/qresearch/18379089 GPL-TOX Profile (Toxic Non-Metal Chemicals)

>>>/qresearch/18379122, >>>/qresearch/18379181 The Polk County Sheriff's Office has arrested 213 suspects in an undercover human trafficking operation.

>>>/qresearch/18379221 PF A couple E-6's up. NARAD82 out of JBA looks like it's headed for Tinker.

>>>/qresearch/18379222 Twitter has axed Australian team that eSafety regulator contacted to report child abuse material

>>>/qresearch/18379254 Traffic controllers are held at gunpoint after gangs try to take advantage of devastated towns in New Zealand as rescuers desperately wait to hear from 3,000 people

>>>/qresearch/18379259, >>>/qresearch/18379271 Bulgarian prosecutors have charged six people with human trafficking after 18 Afghans were found dead inside a truck dumped on a dirt road near the capital Sofia

>>>/qresearch/18379297 U.S. Marshals National Operation Nets More Than 830 Fugitives Across the Country

>>>/qresearch/18379326, >>>/qresearch/18379348, >>>/qresearch/18379526 Long-Time "Youth Pastor" of Eagle Heights Church in Oklahoma City, OK Gets Caught Trying to Meet a Minor for Sex in Citizen Activist Pedophile Sting

>>>/qresearch/18379384 Electromagnetic signals from cell phones can change your brainwaves and behavior.

>>>/qresearch/18379389 PF: Billy just landed at Seattle, Boeing Field in N887WM G650 after stopping @ Indio, CA-Cochran Airport (haz house there and obviously picked up something or someone)

>>>/qresearch/18379396 WarRoom Posse pressure gets Norfolk Southern CEO to finally admit HE GAVE THE ORDER FOR THE CONTROLLED BURN…he does NOT have this authority..

>>>/qresearch/18379404 PDJT: We dominate the air, the land, the sea, space because we have the best people vid

>>>/qresearch/18379428 Turkey EQ ripped huge chasm in what was once an olive field vid

>>>/qresearch/18379459 ECW: every router has a backdoor

>>>/qresearch/18379530 California Democratic Rep. Judy Chu has handed out congressional awards to at least 10 individuals who belonged to alleged Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence front groups

>>>/qresearch/18379534, >>>/qresearch/18379537, >>>/qresearch/18379539 Jimmah n Vietnam

>>>/qresearch/18379583, >>>/qresearch/18379608, >>>/qresearch/18379628 Liquid Gold?

>>>/qresearch/18379612 Bestiality OK in Spain

>>>/qresearch/18379635 #22530

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>>>/qresearch/18379640 Q Research General #22531: (You) For U1 Reminder- Russia Warns Of FF Dirty Bomb Edition

Created 200457ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18379650 #22531

>>>/qresearch/18379703 The journalist who reported about Biden blowing up Nordstream is the same guy who first reported on MK Ultra

>>>/qresearch/18379727 Estonian PM wants to rewire Russian Brains

>>>/qresearch/18379864, >>>/qresearch/18379941 Air Force grounds KC-135 fleet over fear tails could fall off mid-flight

>>>/qresearch/18379897 Soros stroking out

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Znkfy0wvar4 - George Soros on Climate Change, China, Elections [Channel: Bloomberg Television]

>>>/qresearch/18379956, >>>/qresearch/18379972 Grassley dead pigeon tweet

>>>/qresearch/18380016, >>>/qresearch/18380027 Big week

>>>/qresearch/18380093, >>>/qresearch/18380098, >>>/qresearch/18380417 Spain decriminalizes sex acts with animals as long as no physical injury occurs

>>>/qresearch/18380115, >>>/qresearch/18380129, >>>/qresearch/18380133, >>>/qresearch/18380299 WHO Urgent Marburg Meeting

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/4ajhXs6ykjhs/ - Marburg will be activated in the Vaxxed via 5G, Quarantine camps & shots for the Unvaxxed [Channel: debess]

>>>/qresearch/18380178, >>>/qresearch/18380222, >>>/qresearch/18380236, >>>/qresearch/18380244, >>>/qresearch/18380368 Owl comms

>>>/qresearch/18380207 Sunday evening fire in Oakland California substation, 50,000 without power, airport shutdown

>>>/qresearch/18380213, >>>/qresearch/18380243, >>>/qresearch/18380326 All posts are connected

>>>/qresearch/18380223 Bitter Don Lemon isn’t sorry for sexist remarks

>>>/qresearch/18380263, >>>/qresearch/18380330, >>>/qresearch/18380358, >>>/qresearch/18380385, >>>/qresearch/18380423, >>>/qresearch/18380433, >>>/qresearch/18380441, >>>/qresearch/18380521 Mil tweet decodes

>>>/qresearch/18380279 Non-binary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton’s family slams abuse claims: ‘Never happened’

>>>/qresearch/18380317, >>>/qresearch/18380335, >>>/qresearch/18380354 Owl comms / Bao Fan

>>>/qresearch/18380361 Rand Paul has introduced bill to hold hospitals accountable if unvaccinated patients are denied care

>>>/qresearch/18380389, >>>/qresearch/18380407, >>>/qresearch/18380424 Owl comms / Roth

>>>/qresearch/18380408 World banking news

>>>/qresearch/18380418 Biden Regime Negotiates To Give Chinese-Backed World Health Organization Full Authority Over US Pandemic Policies

>>>/qresearch/18380495, >>>/qresearch/18380497, >>>/qresearch/18380498, >>>/qresearch/18380499, >>>/qresearch/18380500, >>>/qresearch/18380503, >>>/qresearch/18380506 Dot connecting

>>>/qresearch/18380529 #22531

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18380533 Q Research General #22532: Presidents' Day Edition

Created 200910ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18380542 #22532

>>>/qresearch/18380583, >>>/qresearch/18380592 Protesters in Moldova’s capital demand that the country’s new government fully cover citizens’ heating bills

>>>/qresearch/18380587, >>>/qresearch/18380591, >>>/qresearch/18380599, >>>/qresearch/18380615, >>>/qresearch/18380630, >>>/qresearch/18380653, >>>/qresearch/18380685, >>>/qresearch/18380687 Biden gets heckled over the Ukraine war in DC

>>>/qresearch/18380598, >>>/qresearch/18380601, >>>/qresearch/18380613, >>>/qresearch/18380625 The F_I and mystery of dig for Civil War Gold

>>>/qresearch/18380602, >>>/qresearch/18380610, >>>/qresearch/18380690, >>>/qresearch/18380701 Military Tweets / Decodes

>>>/qresearch/18380611, >>>/qresearch/18380620, >>>/qresearch/18380629, >>>/qresearch/18380669, >>>/qresearch/18380679, >>>/qresearch/18380733, >>>/qresearch/18380766, >>>/qresearch/18380817, >>>/qresearch/18380833 Biden 'surprise' visit to Ukraine

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=iIntBKujle4 - Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv, Ukraine - LIVE Breaking News Coverage [Channel: Agenda-Free TV]

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/2xjMKGhfDkL5/ - Air raid sirens going off as Biden arrives in Kyiv [Channel: OzFlor - bitchute censoring me - see my odysee]

>>>/qresearch/18380623, >>>/qresearch/18380640 Top J6 investigator: riots were part of a 'multipart plan to prevent the transfer of power'

>>>/qresearch/18380635 Vigano: Call out the NWO and hold Globalists accountable for their crimes

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/5GzREfQrHpxM/ - Archbishop Vigano: Call Out The New World Order & Hold Globalists Accountable For Their Crimes [Channel: Americans United Against The New World Order]

>>>/qresearch/18380694 Oakland goes dark: fire rips through substation, Flights grounded

>>>/qresearch/18380699 How Buttigieg and lobbyists are fueling the US airline crisis

>>>/qresearch/18380702 Another student collapse @ basketball game

>>>/qresearch/18380708 Chaos Erupts in Texas Capital: Busy Intersection Taken Over, Cops Attacked

>>>/qresearch/18380714 MTG on grifters and liars

>>>/qresearch/18380729 US will send another $500M in weapons to Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18380741 Mike Lindell: China is stealing our country

>>>/qresearch/18380746 From Feb. 19th: Bing threatens user. Musk responds: Yikes

>>>/qresearch/18380758, >>>/qresearch/18380775 The "Diamond and Silk Act, is the first legislation in History named after Two Black Women

>>>/qresearch/18380762, >>>/qresearch/18380831 Anon on Kyiv visit: Democrat Political suicide in Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18380764 Potato Tweets Decode

>>>/qresearch/18380797 @POTUS Potato tweets

>>>/qresearch/18380802 Did Biden’s Trove Of Classified Docs Jeopardize U.S. National Security? I&I/TIPP Poll

>>>/qresearch/18380809 Scottish trans butcher charged w/string of child sex offences

>>>/qresearch/18380836 @DanScavino: President trump returns to Las Vegas tonight

>>>/qresearch/18380838 @DiamondandSilk: Because Covid Vaxs are still EUA, up to 49% of the ingredients can be changed without FDA approval

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v291bva-under-eua-still-in-effect-49-of-vaxx-ingredients-can-be-changed-without-fda.html - Under EUA (Still In Effect) 49% of Vaxx Ingredients Can Be Changed Without FDA Approval [2:01] [Channel: Diamond and Silk]

>>>/qresearch/18380839, >>>/qresearch/18380841 Viral Shedding through vaccines that no one talks about

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a56lu-transmission-and-shedding-the-contents-from-the-jab-can-do-what.html - Transmission and Shedding the contents from the Jab can do what?? [2:07] [Channel: Diamond and Silk]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29y1yo-the-viral-shedding-and-spreading-of-disease-through-vaccines-that-no-one-ta.html - The Viral Shedding and Spreading of Disease through Vaccines That No One Talks About [4:22] [Channel: Diamond and Silk]

>>>/qresearch/18380844 @JackPosobiec: O’Keefe: A man of the people

>>>/qresearch/18380847 Coalition of hundreds held the "@RageAgainstWar_ Machine" DC rally / blasted US support for Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18380889 $1 Trillion for Afghanistan, $120 M + for Ukraine, ?? for Georgia train bridge ???

>>>/qresearch/18380910 Zelenskyy: If China allies itself with Russian, there will be a world war

>>>/qresearch/18380939 @jsolomonReports: Congress demands to know if taxpayers' filing leak was political

>>>/qresearch/18381286 #22532

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>>>/qresearch/18381295 Q Research General #22533: Presidents' Day Round 2 Edition

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>>>/qresearch/18381306 #22533

>>>/qresearch/18381379, >>>/qresearch/18381468, >>>/qresearch/18381479, >>>/qresearch/18381636, >>>/qresearch/18381673 Biden declares ‘Kyiv stands’ in surprise visit to Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18381394 @realDonaldTrump HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY! This is a time, perhaps more so than at any time in our Country’s history, that we need GREATNESS...

>>>/qresearch/18381403 Mark Levin on DOJ's move to pierce Trump's attorney-client privilege: This is the unraveling of our liberties

>>>/qresearch/18381407 @realDonaldTrump You can’t find Obstruction of Justice when there is no crime

>>>/qresearch/18381412 I do believe Q’s last post regarding “Ascension” is a reference to Ascension Healthcare and Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’

>>>/qresearch/18381437 Today and everyday, we honor #GoldStar mothers and families.

>>>/qresearch/18381443 US has sent $113 Billion to Ukraine since Russian invasion

>>>/qresearch/18381446 GOD BLESS MAMA BEARS

>>>/qresearch/18381480 AZ: Senator Jake Hoffman introduces SB1695. if County officials violate AZ election law, resulting in the disenfranchisement of voters, the county shall not certify the canvas and shall instead hold a NEW election

>>>/qresearch/18381488, >>>/qresearch/18381856 PF stuffs

>>>/qresearch/18381491 As Biden visits Ukraine, China’s top diplomat goes to Russia

>>>/qresearch/18381518 Corner of Putnam Avenue & Forest Avenue in Ridgewood, NY

>>>/qresearch/18381537, >>>/qresearch/18381638 McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson access to trove of Jan. 6 riot tape

>>>/qresearch/18381557, >>>/qresearch/18381565, >>>/qresearch/18381567, >>>/qresearch/18381570 Biden in Ukraine, EPA head in Africa, Trump in East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18381572 Coast Guard Arrives in Ohio with monitoring equipment

>>>/qresearch/18381576 #DiedSuddenly #vaccines #Pfizer #StoptheShots #mRNA #propaganda #Gaslighting #SuddenDeath #vaccinegenocide #CrimesAgainstHumanity

>>>/qresearch/18381600 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day NGC 1850: Not Found in the Milky Way

>>>/qresearch/18381620 MSNBC Host's Doctor Weighs In Her Heart Troubles From 'A Cold' - 'Nobody Knows Exactly Why'

>>>/qresearch/18381649 Idaho state charging RNA vaccine ADMINISTRATORS with criminal charges. YES! Congratulations Idaho!

>>>/qresearch/18381675 EU running out of targets for anti-Russia sanctions

>>>/qresearch/18381680, >>>/qresearch/18381686, >>>/qresearch/18381693, >>>/qresearch/18381703, >>>/qresearch/18381704 MTG talkin secession

>>>/qresearch/18381713, >>>/qresearch/18381809, >>>/qresearch/18382040 DISCORD WARROOM, Anons, was thinking of starting a 'Digital Soldier' Course for the normies and noobs, sound off

>>>/qresearch/18381762 Full timeline of Ohio train derailment and government response

>>>/qresearch/18381839 U.S. stages joint air exercises with Asian allies after North Korea's ICBM launch

>>>/qresearch/18381862 REVIVAL STILL HAPPENING

>>>/qresearch/18381865 @Interior Towering over the @NationalMallNPS, the Washington Monument honors the Commander of the Continental Army, Founding Father and the first President of the United States.

>>>/qresearch/18381876 Cuomo glorifies Ukrainian teens training to fight Russia. The youths are “ready to die” fighting Russia, Chris Cuomo says

>>>/qresearch/18381962 Cenk on beastiality

>>>/qresearch/18381981 @OhioEPA Enjoying a glass of clean water in East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18381995 Refresher: Approved For Release 2010/06/03: CIA-RDP90-00845R000100170004-5 INFORMATION BU] Number 25 $3.00 Special: Nazis, the Vatican, and CIA

>>>/qresearch/18382048 SCOTUS will reconsider the Brunson case

>>>/qresearch/18382069 #22533

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>>>/qresearch/18382073 Q Research General #22534: Presidents Day, Not Residents Day War Games Edition

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>>>/qresearch/18382089 #22534

>>>/qresearch/18382100 The Bee: President Biden Arrives In Kyiv For His Performance Review

>>>/qresearch/18382109 Reminder; Ex-FBI chief gave $100K to Biden grandkid trust as he sought ‘future work’: Hunter emails

>>>/qresearch/18382173 Did Biden’s Trove Of Classified Docs Jeopardize U.S. National Security? 60% following closely

>>>/qresearch/18382180 NATO Secretary General attends B-9 Summit in Poland

>>>/qresearch/18382183, >>>/qresearch/18382194 The Biden Administration is finally reacting to the scandals that have arisen from the computer of the president’s son


>>>/qresearch/18382238 5th person confirmed to be cured of HIV

>>>/qresearch/18382299, >>>/qresearch/18382352, >>>/qresearch/18382608, >>>/qresearch/18382704 PlaneFag Yerp Update

>>>/qresearch/18382308 UK testing alert system with warning of WW


>>>/qresearch/18382357 Why was the East Palestine tank car blown up?

>>>/qresearch/18382381, >>>/qresearch/18382495, >>>/qresearch/18382559, >>>/qresearch/18382577, >>>/qresearch/18382699, >>>/qresearch/18382748, >>>/qresearch/18382812 M6.2 Turkey: Jordan-Syria Region 5mins ago 20 Feb 17:04 UTC

>>>/qresearch/18382394 BOXER41 C-40C on ground at New Delhi Int'l from Munich Insecurity Conference depart

>>>/qresearch/18382429 Ranchers concerned about train cars dragged out and dropped off near secluded ag land in California./homeless housing?

>>>/qresearch/18382449, >>>/qresearch/18382663 PlaneFag CONUS Activity

>>>/qresearch/18382465 On Presidents’ Day February 20, 2023

>>>/qresearch/18382476, >>>/qresearch/18382519, >>>/qresearch/18382530, >>>/qresearch/18382534, >>>/qresearch/18382536, >>>/qresearch/18382562, >>>/qresearch/18382570 James O'Keefe RESIGNS from Project Veritas.. reads resignation letter to his former team and board members at New York Headquarters

>>>/qresearch/18382501 QClock February 19, 2023 - Shall We Play A Game Once More

>>>/qresearch/18382598 Texas cessation

>>>/qresearch/18382628 Mexi Navy ANX1203 went to Wichita, KS Eisenhower Airport-Bombardier has a facility there so likely for service visit

>>>/qresearch/18382631, >>>/qresearch/18382733, >>>/qresearch/18382756 the the Mil Op

>>>/qresearch/18382672 Ron DeSantis to Skip 2023 CPAC

>>>/qresearch/18382713 Jeffrey Clark thinks NS decided to burn the chemicals so fast to limit the financial liabilities under a superfund

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a6wls-ruthless-josh-shapiro-letter-rips-apart-norfolk-southerns-secret-east-pales.html - Ruthless Josh Shapiro Letter Rips Apart Norfolk Southern's Secret East Palestine Response [7:02] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18382720 Taxidermy Birds Can Be Used as Drones for Spying on Wildlife—and People

>>>/qresearch/18382723 @realDonaldTrump Thank you to Mark Levin! His show on DOJ, etc., Weaponization was AMAZING. Very dangerous!

>>>/qresearch/18382763 "The West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked."

>>>/qresearch/18382833 #22534

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>>>/qresearch/18382835 Q Research General #22535: The Only Way To Win Is Not To Play TheY'r Game Edition

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>>>/qresearch/18382855 #22535

>>>/qresearch/18382883 Photos from latest Turkish earthquake

>>>/qresearch/18382887 The Bee: Kamala Disappointed To Learn President In Hospice Is Just Carter

>>>/qresearch/18382895, >>>/qresearch/18382986, >>>/qresearch/18383186 Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls For ‘National Divorce,’ Says Red States Need To Secede

>>>/qresearch/18382898, >>>/qresearch/18382984, >>>/qresearch/18383020 DA Drops Gun Enhancement Charge Against Alec Baldwin

>>>/qresearch/18382905 This is what "15-minute cities" look like in China

>>>/qresearch/18382906, >>>/qresearch/18383122 Putin speech could be huge

>>>/qresearch/18382908 FBI won’t pursue child porn case involving N Las Vegas mayor’s iPad

>>>/qresearch/18382913 J6 video tapes will also be available for all J6 defendants- all 42,000+ hours

>>>/qresearch/18382919 @45 speech in Palm Beach - 6pm EST

>>>/qresearch/18382927 TAVISTOCK Gender Clinic Still Refers Thousands Of Kids For Puberty Blockers After Being Instructed To Shut Down

>>>/qresearch/18382948, >>>/qresearch/18383093, >>>/qresearch/18383102, >>>/qresearch/18383146, >>>/qresearch/18383148, >>>/qresearch/18383161 PF

>>>/qresearch/18382950 Canada's top intelligence agency: China worked to help Justin Trudeau win 2021 election

>>>/qresearch/18382978 The Child Sex Change Industry Is Exploding In The US

>>>/qresearch/18382990 Murdoch Propaganda Readies Australia for War with China

>>>/qresearch/18382996, >>>/qresearch/18383013, >>>/qresearch/18383046 Don Jr Tweets on O’Keefe PV ouster

>>>/qresearch/18383009 More on Miscavige being served with human trafficking lawsuit

>>>/qresearch/18383033 Penn State prof tells straight students to watch gay porn to discover bisexuality

>>>/qresearch/18383034 Former Santos employees among four missing after Philippines light plane crash

>>>/qresearch/18383036 Greg Price on James Okeefe saying PV situation, stopped from within not without

>>>/qresearch/18383049 Jerry Sandusky Files New Appeal on Child Sex Convictions

>>>/qresearch/18383059 NCAA To Return Penn State Wins Lost After Sandusky Scandal

>>>/qresearch/18383138 Jab news: "The Trials Should Have Been Halted"

>>>/qresearch/18383145 Biden's DOD ridiculed for claiming 'diversity' training is a 'strategic imperative'

>>>/qresearch/18383154 Joe Biden honored with plaque on Kyiv's Walk of Shame*

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=NCCBByHl1sE - Joe Biden honored with plaque on Kyiv's Walk of the Brave [Channel: NBC News]

>>>/qresearch/18383159 Potato on coalitions throughout the globe

>>>/qresearch/18383188 4-foot alligator found in lake at New York City park, transported to zoo for rehabilitation

>>>/qresearch/18383200 #22535

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>>>/qresearch/18383230 Q Research General #22536: Project Veritas Mystery Continues

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>>>/qresearch/18383260 #22536

>>>/qresearch/18383277 Are They About To Announce A World Government?

>>>/qresearch/18383278, >>>/qresearch/18383301, >>>/qresearch/18383305, >>>/qresearch/18383339 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D)

>>>/qresearch/18383284, >>>/qresearch/18383303, >>>/qresearch/18383609, >>>/qresearch/18383852, >>>/qresearch/18383857, >>>/qresearch/18383859, >>>/qresearch/18383895, >>>/qresearch/18383931 "I'm Not Done" - James O'Keefe Addresses Project Veritas Staff

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=1JPxqKjYG9Q - James O'Keefe REMOVED As CEO Of Project Veritas, FULL SPEECH From James At Veritas HQ [Channel: Tim Pool]

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=1JPxqKjYG9Q - James O'Keefe REMOVED As CEO Of Project Veritas, FULL SPEECH From James At Veritas HQ [Channel: Tim Pool]

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=gCKnZzA17-k - BREAKING VIDEO: James O'Keefe Addresses Project Veritas Staff As he Exits Org. [Channel: Charlie Kirk]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a7oum-im-not-done-james-okeefe-speaks-out-after-project-veritas-ouster.html - "I'm Not Done" - James O'Keefe Speaks Out After Project Veritas Ouster [2:15] [Channel: BonginoReport]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a7m36-kash-patel-response-to-project-veritas-removing-james-okeefe..html - Kash Patel response to Project Veritas removing James O’Keefe. [5:18] [Channel: RealDirty]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29do4c-project-veritas-kicks-james-okeefe-out.html - Project Veritas Kicks James O’Keefe Out!? [12:06] [Channel: Awaken With JP]

>>>/qresearch/18383297 Able Danger 9/11 Intelligence Investigation

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=NG4a3fDxdBw - Able Danger 9/11 Intelligence Investigation [Channel: Joe Madre]

>>>/qresearch/18383308 FULL SPEECH From James At Veritas HQ

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=1JPxqKjYG9Q - James O'Keefe REMOVED As CEO Of Project Veritas, FULL SPEECH From James At Veritas HQ [Channel: Tim Pool]

>>>/qresearch/18383331, >>>/qresearch/18383371, >>>/qresearch/18383479 >>1838333, What is this A/C drawing?

>>>/qresearch/18383335 After one dose, 14-year-old develops a large growth on covid injection site

>>>/qresearch/18383372 A cyberattacker seems to have breached the network belonging to the F_I New York Field Office

>>>/qresearch/18383383 Samantha Power in charge of Ukraine money

>>>/qresearch/18383408 Moar on mystery CA trains parked near aqueduct

>>>/qresearch/18383411, >>>/qresearch/18383416, >>>/qresearch/18383484, >>>/qresearch/18383493, >>>/qresearch/18383499, >>>/qresearch/18383710, >>>/qresearch/18383881 Mass Casualty Incident’ reported following explosion at metal manufacturing plant in Bedford, Ohio

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=pCCwx6FesS4 - Explosion at Metal Manufacturing Plant in Bedford, Ohio [Channel: fox5now]

>>>/qresearch/18383501 PLaneFag

>>>/qresearch/18383509 Comet 67P/C-G compared to the city of Los Angeles

>>>/qresearch/18383540, >>>/qresearch/18383620 Warsaw, Poland: Preparations underway ahead of U.S. President Biden’s speech tomorrow

>>>/qresearch/18383554 Inside the 15-minute city conspiracy theory sucking in gullible Australians

>>>/qresearch/18383581, >>>/qresearch/18383588, >>>/qresearch/18383593, >>>/qresearch/18383626, >>>/qresearch/18383632, >>>/qresearch/18383634, >>>/qresearch/18383707, >>>/qresearch/18383718, >>>/qresearch/18383733, >>>/qresearch/18383748, >>>/qresearch/18383756, >>>/qresearch/18383788, >>>/qresearch/18383797 CA trains: derailment, mystery cars, water

>>>/qresearch/18383604 28 y.o. Walking Dead star dead

>>>/qresearch/18383712 Bill Clinton: On this president's day I'm thinking of Pres. Jimmy Carter

>>>/qresearch/18383742 Border patrol leadership is asking for voluntary delpoyment to overwhelmed northern Swanton Sector

>>>/qresearch/18383758 US ‘notified’ Russia before Biden’s Kiev visit

>>>/qresearch/18383762 Joe Biden Fiddles With World War In Ukraine As U.S. Border, Railways Burn

>>>/qresearch/18383774 Record number of firearms seized at US airports

>>>/qresearch/18383806, >>>/qresearch/18383823 @StephenM: There is no deconfliction available with terrorist enemy combatants

>>>/qresearch/18383809 MSM Gush over Joe Biden’s Return to Ukraine: ‘Audacious,’ ‘Defiant,’ ‘Shock’

>>>/qresearch/18383814, >>>/qresearch/18383820 @JackPosobiec on James O’Keefe from 2021

>>>/qresearch/18383835, >>>/qresearch/18383843, >>>/qresearch/18383861 Project Veritas Hemorrhages Twitter followers after hostile take over and firing of James O'Keefe

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=cQaTRNKJXvc - 🔴LIVE: Donald Trump Speaking Live For Presidents Day [Channel: The NPC Show]

>>>/qresearch/18383856, >>>/qresearch/18383924 ‘We are not slaves’: Medical freedom activists protest outside Pfizer’s global headquarters in NYC

>>>/qresearch/18383868, >>>/qresearch/18383875 Jewish Corruption in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18383943 DJT at club45 at 6EST

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29kb34-president-donald-j-trump-speaks-at-club45-meeting-live-from-palm-beach-fl-2.html - President Donald J Trump Speaks at Club45 Meeting LIVE from Palm Beach, FL 2/20/23 [20] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18384005 #22536

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>>>/qresearch/18384018 Q Research General #22537: The Ghost of Project Veritas Edition

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>>>/qresearch/18384028 #22537

>>>/qresearch/18384036 San Joaquin Sheriff Discloses Massive Voter Roll Anomalies in California County

>>>/qresearch/18384041 Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths

>>>/qresearch/18384042, >>>/qresearch/18384048, >>>/qresearch/18384069 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐀𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐋𝐚𝐰𝐬𝐮𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭 𝐍𝐨𝐫𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐤 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐧. 43 𝐏𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬.

>>>/qresearch/18384044 Full blown plane faggotry

>>>/qresearch/18384050 House GOP locates emails, texts showing Pelosi office directly involved in failed Jan. 6 security

>>>/qresearch/18384051, >>>/qresearch/18384075, >>>/qresearch/18384084, >>>/qresearch/18384088, >>>/qresearch/18384173, >>>/qresearch/18384197 Potato and Z direct sheeple comms + alarming body doubles


>>>/qresearch/18384066 People of East Palestine Represent Foundation of America; That's Why Globalists Are Ignoring Them - Bannon

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a6zb0-people-of-east-palestine-represent-foundation-of-america-thats-why-globalis.html - People of East Palestine Represent Foundation of America; That's Why Globalists Are Ignoring Them. [7:42] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18384070 Explosion at metal manufacturing plant in Bedford, Ohio - two weeks after toxic train in East Palestine derailed???

>>>/qresearch/18384130, >>>/qresearch/18384358 PF: K-35 tanker up out of Okinawa. Still none up over CONUS after fleet was grounded.

>>>/qresearch/18384132, >>>/qresearch/18384148, >>>/qresearch/18384502, >>>/qresearch/18384513, >>>/qresearch/18384514 President Donald J Trump Speaks at Club45 Meeting LIVE from Palm Beach 7 ET

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29kb34-president-donald-j-trump-speaks-at-club45-meeting-live-from-palm-beach-fl-2.html - President Donald J Trump Speaks at Club45 Meeting LIVE from Palm Beach, FL 2/20/23 [20] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18384222 Kim Jong Un’s sister threatens to turn Pacific into ‘firing range’

>>>/qresearch/18384242 @realDonaldTrump Big buildup, lots of money spent, yet only 139 people showed up for DeSantis in Staten Island. FoxNews is disappointed that his Polls are crashing

>>>/qresearch/18384258 Choke Point 2.0: Biden, Democrats, the Fed and the DOJ Are Cracking Down on Cryptocurrency

>>>/qresearch/18384276 Dowd: Hedge Fund Analytics ofwhy WWIII is being pushed. Cover up of the vaccine deaths etc.

>>>/qresearch/18384319 Agenda 47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order

>>>/qresearch/18384395, >>>/qresearch/18384444 GONZALEZ V. GOOGLE LLC

>>>/qresearch/18384417, >>>/qresearch/18384439, >>>/qresearch/18384487, >>>/qresearch/18384518, >>>/qresearch/18384584 PF: Potato made it to Warsaw but not on 82-8000 747 as that is departing JBA now

>>>/qresearch/18384432 Goodbye @ProjectVeritas they are already down -112.989 Twitter followers today for removing @JamesOKeefeIII

>>>/qresearch/18384459, >>>/qresearch/18384463 Elon Musk has once again infuriated liberal journalists by praising Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing after it compared an AP reporter to Adolf Hitler and claimed that it had evidence tying the journalist to a 1990s murder.

>>>/qresearch/18384534 President Trump: The 2024 election is our one chance to save our country, and we need a leader who is ready to do that on day one.

>>>/qresearch/18384558 RSBN spells out "FLORIDA WELCOMES PRESIDENT TRUMP" live on air and MISSPELLS 'WELCOME" as "WQEL"

>>>/qresearch/18384561 President Trump: Last week we had a hundred and twenty one nations dropping people in our country. We have no idea who the hell they are. What they do, where they come from. We don't know anything about these people.

>>>/qresearch/18384573 Boss said Q&A on agenda tonight.

>>>/qresearch/18384595 President Trump: A vast number of women that come up through the caravans are raped on the way up.

>>>/qresearch/18384606 President Trump: Under no circumstances will we allow anyone to cut Medicare or Social Security for our nation's seniors. They paid in.

>>>/qresearch/18384613, >>>/qresearch/18384615 Trump talking about movies...OLD MOVIES!!

>>>/qresearch/18384618 "DAN was an attempt to jailbreak the true AI, and its jailkeepers were these trust and safety people at these AI companies."

>>>/qresearch/18384632 President Trump: We will direct the Department of Justice and Educatiuon to open civil rights investigations into any school district promoting race-based discrimination.

>>>/qresearch/18384642 President Trump: On my first day in office, I'll revoke Joe Biden's cruel policies on so-called gender-affirming care. A process that results in the physical mutilation of minor children.

>>>/qresearch/18384664 Anyone got a Question?


>>>/qresearch/18384736 President Trump: We'll stop the invasion on our southern border…it's no different than a military invasion.

>>>/qresearch/18384743 #22537

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>>>/qresearch/18384748 Q Research General #22538: 45 Club Q & A Edition

Created 210048ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18384755 #22538

>>>/qresearch/18384825 Dioxins in Vietnam and East Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18384829, >>>/qresearch/18385003, >>>/qresearch/18385113 President Donald J Trump Speaks at Club45 Meeting

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29kb34-president-donald-j-trump-speaks-at-club45-meeting-live-from-palm-beach-fl-2.html - President Donald J Trump Speaks at Club45 Meeting LIVE from Palm Beach, FL 2/20/23 [20] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18384839 President Trump: We should have stayed in Bagram. Not because of Afghanistan. Because Bagram is one hour away from where China makes their nuclear weapons.

>>>/qresearch/18384862 President Trump: We're on the precipice of a disaster the likes of which this world has never seen. [nuclear war]

>>>/qresearch/18384873, >>>/qresearch/18384920 15+ years ago. "It will get worse." "Mark my Words" Dude knew about China and how economy would be moving "East"

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/4ce69fd0a5eb003ae0b5699f7a218b19 - Who Killed Dan Wallace? - Tiger Network [Channel: SyncKronicles]

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/ffb04b24ce87065aaaf3c2d055092bdb - [Mark] Cuban Crisis - Tiger Network [Channel: Pearl]

>>>/qresearch/18384883 President Trump: As of today, I hear we're up to a hundred and fourteen billion dollars [Ukraine]. No money for Ohio.

>>>/qresearch/18384957 Trump said there are TWO "N-Words" ONE must NEVER be said "NUCLEAR"!

>>>/qresearch/18384979 Question: What is your theory for why the current administration is leaving the border open? PDJT: I believe they actually hate our country.

>>>/qresearch/18384992 Question: After you become the forty-seventh president, what are you going to do to stop the war in Ukraine? President Trump: I would call two people…Putin and Zelensky. And I'd say, 'we're gonna meet'. I guarantee I could work that out.


>>>/qresearch/18385030 Question: What is your plan to burn them down [three-letter agencies] and start all over again? President Trump: They have gotten out of control…the only thing that can change that is the people…we'll make the changes that have to be made.

>>>/qresearch/18385042 reading between the lines…what he really said was the anti-semitism is a FF …it's not real and only a way to go after the 'radical right' , ie Christians and Patriots

>>>/qresearch/18385048 Deluge in Brazil kills at least 36 people as dozens are missing

>>>/qresearch/18385051 A dozen conservative Anglican archbishops from various global churches announced that they no longer recognized the Archbishop of Canterbury as the leader of the Anglican Communion

>>>/qresearch/18385055 Trump Wants to use Mail In Voting Suddenly Mail in Voting will be Bad

>>>/qresearch/18385077 New Moon Tonight

>>>/qresearch/18385169 Nazi's in Ukraine? Say It Aint So

>>>/qresearch/18385186 President Reagan - Waterloo, Iowa February 20, 1984

>>>/qresearch/18385201 Richard Grenell Schiff is *always* against transparency.

>>>/qresearch/18385235 CFTC Announces Postponement of Commitments of Traders Report

>>>/qresearch/18385236 The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens & Orlando

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/ada9eed7f9cac6916b0c2e13d0e9d669 - The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens & Orlando - 02/20/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>>/qresearch/18385267 Water Testing After Ohio Derailment - Led By Rail Company Itself - Condemned As ‘Sloppy’ Keks for HuffPo

>>>/qresearch/18385293 Edinburgh Freedom Rally - We Say NO

>>>/qresearch/18385297 President Trump: We're on the precipice of a disaster the likes of which this world has never seen. [nuclear war] Q ONLY AT THE PRECIPICE [moment of destruction] WILL PEOPLE FIND THE WILL TO CHANGE.

>>>/qresearch/18385334 dioxin contamination has been mentioned in relation to the E. Palestine OH train derailment. This story describes what happened to a town that was bought out after dioxin was spread on the streets. Story is over a decade old.

>>>/qresearch/18385351 Banks hurtle to record profits turbocharged by Reserve Bank pandemic help

>>>/qresearch/18385354 SAM528 C-40B State Dept AC went to Prague and RCH566 C-17 Globemaster is descending to Rzsesow Airport Poland from Ramstein AFB depart

>>>/qresearch/18385370 The Black Book of Communism pdf

>>>/qresearch/18385379 Undercover DC Police Officer Pushed Protesters Toward Capitol, Climbed Over Barricade: Court Filing

>>>/qresearch/18385401 Statement from the Project Veritas’ Board of Directors

>>>/qresearch/18385419 Unidentified Submersible Object Base off the West Coast

>>>/qresearch/18385498 #22538

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092590 No.151174

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18385506 Q Research General #22539: Night Shift And Beyond Edition

Created 210246ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18385523 #22539

>>>/qresearch/18385560 Planefag

>>>/qresearch/18385562 J6 panel chair issues warning over Tucker getting tapes

>>>/qresearch/18385735 WA state school board director to teach sexual pleasure class to 9 year olds

>>>/qresearch/18385777, >>>/qresearch/18385903 Reports Point to Evil Forces Behind Project Veritas Coup to Oust James O’Keefe . . . Immediately After He Exposes Pfizer

>>>/qresearch/18385877 America’s large grocery chains merging with Big Tech to track, control your food and drug purchases

>>>/qresearch/18385922 'Primers on how to be trans': 45 picture books target pre-schoolers with trans ideology

>>>/qresearch/18385928 EU’s Borrell outlines ‘red line’ for China

>>>/qresearch/18385945, >>>/qresearch/18385977 Tucker: No air raid sirens until the moment Potato pulls into Kiev on a train edition

>>>/qresearch/18385989 Sen. Scott Wiener Proposes to Offer ‘Drag Queen 101 as Part of the K-12 Curriculum’

>>>/qresearch/18386010 Live space on now about jan 6th footage

>>>/qresearch/18386031 Twitter Files – Matt Tiabbi Sniffing Around the Senate Intel Committee Connection to Manipulation of Social Media

>>>/qresearch/18386033 Okeefe did NOT resign, was STRIPPED of his position

>>>/qresearch/18386035, >>>/qresearch/18386112 PV statement by the Board of Directors – ridiculous

>>>/qresearch/18386047 Robert and Sherri Finch vs. the NH Department of Environmental Services

>>>/qresearch/18386048 Claim: Any land deemed toxic can be seized by the government and turned into a 15-minute city DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/18386077 Stephen Miller to Potato: You have sabotaged democracy in America

>>>/qresearch/18386169 Project Veritas numbers going down, down, down

>>>/qresearch/18386229, >>>/qresearch/18386254, >>>/qresearch/18386273 James O'Keefe on his statement

>>>/qresearch/18386248 Rep Curt Weldon testimony about the US Army SOF Able Danger investigation

>>>/qresearch/18386295 Fish 'rained from the sky', outback community says, in freak weather event

>>>/qresearch/18386296 Retail Apocalypse

>>>/qresearch/18386317 Ex-MMA star Nate Marquardt sparks backlash over tweet about same-sex kiss in ad

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092590 No.151175

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18386334 Q Research General #22540: UncIeJoe's Easy Bake Edition

Created 210515ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18386343 #22540

>>>/qresearch/18386346 Rep. Mace Speaks at Oversight Hearing on Twitter Censorship, Congresswoman Nancy Mace

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=bDJJ483kvGQ - Rep. Mace Speaks at Oversight Hearing on Twitter Censorship [Channel: Congresswoman Nancy Mace]

>>>/qresearch/18386361 Chinese report decries US hegemony

>>>/qresearch/18386362 #22539 posted in #22540

>>>/qresearch/18386406 Kari Lake looks to harness her movement after Arizona loss

>>>/qresearch/18386412 5.8 Earthquake near Old Harbor Alaska

>>>/qresearch/18386423 El Paso resident calls for Mayorkas to be impeached over border handling

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=hSVisZ7oJ80 - El Paso resident calls for Mayorkas to be impeached over border handling [Channel: Fox News]

>>>/qresearch/18386494, >>>/qresearch/18386495 Crews battling fire at Dominguez High School in Compton

>>>/qresearch/18386583 Pete Buttigieg slams Norfolk Southern amid criticism over his response to Ohio train derailment

>>>/qresearch/18386592 Disgraced CNN anchor glorifies Ukrainian use of child soldiers

>>>/qresearch/18386594, >>>/qresearch/18386606, >>>/qresearch/18386957 Putins' speech on 1 yr anniversary of Ukraine operations

VIDEO https://rumble.com/vwbbjn-putin-announces-special-operation-in-donbass-special-coverage.html - Putin announces 'special operation' in Donbass | SPECIAL COVERAGE [9] [Channel: RT]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/vwbbjn-putin-announces-special-operation-in-donbass-special-coverage.html - Putin announces 'special operation' in Donbass | SPECIAL COVERAGE [9] [Channel: RT]

>>>/qresearch/18386756 Election Wizard @TS: After seeing how the board publicly sold O’Keefe — their own — down the river, why would any whistleblower trust Project Veritas?

>>>/qresearch/18386783 Don Lemon to return to CNN after formal training following sexist comments, network boss says

>>>/qresearch/18386889 Kash Patel @TS: $110 Billion so far, where should congress send our tax dollars?

>>>/qresearch/18386946 222 from USAF retweeting USAFCENT -> Q222: In-Q-Tel

>>>/qresearch/18386955, >>>/qresearch/18387021 Border Patrol calls for agents to volunteer to work on NORTHERN border with Canada amid 800% spike in migrants crossing the 'weak point' (despite force still having to stop surge from Mexico)

>>>/qresearch/18386958, >>>/qresearch/18386968, >>>/qresearch/18386978, >>>/qresearch/18386991, >>>/qresearch/18386995, >>>/qresearch/18386999, >>>/qresearch/18387018, >>>/qresearch/18387031, >>>/qresearch/18387037, >>>/qresearch/18387045, >>>/qresearch/18387063, >>>/qresearch/18387074 Putin Speech quotes

>>>/qresearch/18386977 At least 35 states to be hit by coast-to-coast winter blitz

>>>/qresearch/18386985 US Army: If a bird does crash, crashworthiness isthe likelihood of injury to crew and passengers. This is how @devcom_avmc is focused onsafety while building #Army2030

>>>/qresearch/18387048 USMC: First tweet 12 12 on the birds

>>>/qresearch/18387080 #22540

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>>>/qresearch/18387089 Q Research General #22541: Putin Anniversary Speech Edition

Created 211002ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18387095 #22541

>>>/qresearch/18387115, >>>/qresearch/18387130, >>>/qresearch/18387147, >>>/qresearch/18387158, >>>/qresearch/18387160, >>>/qresearch/18387172, >>>/qresearch/18387175, >>>/qresearch/18387188, >>>/qresearch/18387199 More Putin Speech quotes

>>>/qresearch/18387133, >>>/qresearch/18387137 Links: Putin delivers key speech to Russian Parliament

VIDEO https://rumble.com/vwbbjn-putin-announces-special-operation-in-donbass-special-coverage.html - Putin announces 'special operation' in Donbass | SPECIAL COVERAGE [9] [Channel: RT]

>>>/qresearch/18387165 His Cyprus arrest a ‘politically motivated extradition request’ by US, says Israeli professor

>>>/qresearch/18387263 Russia Finds Evidence That Europe Sent ‘Radioactive Substances’ to Ukraine for False Flag Disaster

>>>/qresearch/18387287, >>>/qresearch/18387302, >>>/qresearch/18387401, >>>/qresearch/18387433, >>>/qresearch/18387448, >>>/qresearch/18387457, >>>/qresearch/18387485, >>>/qresearch/18387495, >>>/qresearch/18387512, >>>/qresearch/18387556, >>>/qresearch/18387613 Military tweets

>>>/qresearch/18387394, >>>/qresearch/18387400 Joe meeting with Poland's President

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=pzVPQx0U-DA - Biden marks anniversary of Ukraine war, tributes pour in for Carter, & more | LiveNOW from FOX [Channel: LiveNOW from FOX]

>>>/qresearch/18387428 Dances With Wolves Actor Nathan Chasing Horse Arrested For Sex Trafficking, Accused Of Running A Cult

>>>/qresearch/18387510 Norfolk Southern plied Ohio politicians with campaign cash, extensive lobbyingCall to dig congress and politicians that received money from NS

>>>/qresearch/18387557, >>>/qresearch/18387562, >>>/qresearch/18387639, >>>/qresearch/18387748 Putin to suspend Russia participation in New START Treaty, last nuclear arms control pact with US

>>>/qresearch/18387574 Russia issues warning about future of Ukraine conflict

>>>/qresearch/18387598, >>>/qresearch/18387658 Little-known political fund gives DeWine donors like AEP another shot at influence

>>>/qresearch/18387627, >>>/qresearch/18387683, >>>/qresearch/18387685, >>>/qresearch/18387686 >>183887682, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas : #NATO countries must take control of #Moscow and rewrite the mentality of Russian citizens so that the #Russians will never be a threat again

>>>/qresearch/18387647 Speaker McCarthy: Washington crossing the Delaware; 920 timestamp

>>>/qresearch/18387665, >>>/qresearch/18387780 100’s of rail cars full of unknown substances brought out to heart of agricultural land and head of aqueduct to San Francisco unordered by landowners

>>>/qresearch/18387667 Putin Speech Blackout DDoS Attack

>>>/qresearch/18387699, >>>/qresearch/18387709 How the Flexner Report hijacked natural medicine

>>>/qresearch/18387716 Turkish Authorities Dismiss Rumors About Mysterious Flashes 'Causing Earthquakes'

>>>/qresearch/18387755 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 02/21/2023

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/9516458370a3addf9f2c43f61f2e6773 - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 02/21/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>>/qresearch/18387778 Switzerland sent 58.3 tonnes of gold worth 3.3 billion Swiss francs ($3.6 billion) to Turkey in January, by far the most for any month in records stretching back to 2012

>>>/qresearch/18387819 Mike Lindell: A Blueprint For Ending The Voting Machines Has Arrived, by @EmeraldRobinson

>>>/qresearch/18387835 #22541

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>>>/qresearch/18387842 Q Research General #22542: Potato in Poland Edition

Created 211425ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18387851 #22542

>>>/qresearch/18387915 Sky News host reduced to fit of laughter by Biden video

>>>/qresearch/18387933 Dem Reps Defend Biden Appointee Who Belonged To Alleged Chinese Intel Fronts, Suggest Critics Are Racist

>>>/qresearch/18387942, >>>/qresearch/18387974 Brunson case chatter

>>>/qresearch/18387954, >>>/qresearch/18388110 Planefag has eyez on the skyz

>>>/qresearch/18387960 America’s large grocery chains merging with Big Tech to track, control your food and drug purchases (Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Shaw’s, Jewel-Osco, Acme, and Tom Thumb)

>>>/qresearch/18387984 Supreme Court October Term 2022 Argument Day: Google's section 230 status

>>>/qresearch/18388074 Canadian Children can be Euthanized without consulting parents

>>>/qresearch/18388089 Putin's entire speech to Russia federal assembly

>>>/qresearch/18388168 Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a80eu-agenda47-president-trump-announces-plan-to-end-crime-and-restore-law-and-or.html - Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order [5:25] [Channel: Donald J. Trump]

>>>/qresearch/18388172 Supreme Court won’t revive lawsuit over NSA surveillance

>>>/qresearch/18388186, >>>/qresearch/18388207, >>>/qresearch/18388241, >>>/qresearch/18388261 Firefighters are battling a massive fire at an industrial facility by an explosion, resulting in multiple casualties and fatalities.

>>>/qresearch/18388236 The Morning Briefing: Dems Are Oozing Flop Sweat Over Release of J6 Surveillance Video

>>>/qresearch/18388265 Top 9/11 Lawyer (Michael Barasch): Don't Trust the EPA

>>>/qresearch/18388283 Existing-Home Sales Decreased to 4.00 million SAAR in January; Median Prices Down 13.2% from Peak in June 2022

>>>/qresearch/18388298, >>>/qresearch/18388331 JAPAN - A mysterious metal sphere (diameter of 1.5M) discovered on the shore of Japan Shizuoka - Access to the beach is restricted, experts on scene

>>>/qresearch/18388309, >>>/qresearch/18388476 Unsecured DoD sever was spilling terabytes of internal U.S. military emails to the open internet for the past two weeks.

>>>/qresearch/18388353, >>>/qresearch/18388433 ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY 6.3 WITH FURTHER TREMORS. FOLLOWING.

>>>/qresearch/18388368 the resident Delivers Remarks on One-Year Anniversary of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18388430 'DeSantis the Destroyer' Blows Up Chicago's Mayoral Race

>>>/qresearch/18388462 Eye Bleach Alert: Victoria Nuland Clarifies That US Supports Ukrainian Attacks On Crimea

>>>/qresearch/18388492, >>>/qresearch/18388527 18388500, 18388511, 18388520, DJT TS w/CAP minibun

>>>/qresearch/18388498 BREAKING: A Hazmat crew is being dispatched to the scene of a Union Pacific coal train derailment

>>>/qresearch/18388544 US Army FT Benning: Let's get physical. Join us April 10-14 for the #LacerdaCup, an All-Army Combatives Competition designed to showcase the raw lethality of our Soldiers...

>>>/qresearch/18388562 Air Combat Command w/CAP: 3…2…1.. Go!

>>>/qresearch/18388614 #22542

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18388625 Q Research General #22543: All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic Edition

Created 211657ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18388645 #22543

>>>/qresearch/18388650, >>>/qresearch/18388685 Stephen Miller Retweeted both Trump and Miller calling out warning of war

>>>/qresearch/18388665 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is facing an ethics complaint over a campaign video

>>>/qresearch/18388666 NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned that "Putin must not win [in Ukraine], that would show that aggression works and force is rewarded

>>>/qresearch/18388672 @JamesOKeefeIII If you’re wondering what’s next, stay tuned…

>>>/qresearch/18388689 Judge threatens to hold state in contempt over CPS children sleeping in hotels

>>>/qresearch/18388692 @SarahHuckabee announced who the 17 outdoor and business leaders of the Natural State Advisory Council are.

>>>/qresearch/18388702, >>>/qresearch/18388724, >>>/qresearch/18388878, >>>/qresearch/18388954 NATO reacts after Moscow puts major nuclear accord on ice(too bad assholes) Putin accuses NATO direct involvement in attacks on Russia, Puts Missiles On Combat Readiness

>>>/qresearch/18388706 “Naked force has resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion, that violence doesn't solve anything, is wishful thinking at its worst. People who forget that always die.” —J. Rasczak

>>>/qresearch/18388742 China tests ‘phantom space strike’ missile technology

>>>/qresearch/18388756, >>>/qresearch/18388784, >>>/qresearch/18388807, >>>/qresearch/18388854 PF: On Potato's 'trip to Kyiv-it's Fake and Ghey

>>>/qresearch/18388758 Refresher 2019: @45's support of AI

>>>/qresearch/18388763 A Massive fire breaks out a Brooklyn Lumber Storage Warehouse

>>>/qresearch/18388774 @RichardGrenell Shameful! Joe Biden failed to demand that NATO members pay their obligations.

>>>/qresearch/18388827, >>>/qresearch/18388832, >>>/qresearch/18388850 Treasury’s plans for race-based tax audits.

>>>/qresearch/18388862, >>>/qresearch/18388870 WV: Multiple units are responding fire reported at manufacturing alloy plant

>>>/qresearch/18388914 Dem Rep. David Cicillne, who has represented Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District since 2011 is stepping down on June 1st/Trump “Impeachment” Manager no moar

>>>/qresearch/18388925 PFVVPE171 Global Hawk Drone returning to base from off of eastern FL after squawking 7700 emergency/distress

>>>/qresearch/18388939 China unveils global security paper, offers a sharp rebuke of “the Cold War mentality,” hegemonism, and unilateralism

>>>/qresearch/18388943 SEC Charges Mormon Church For Concealing $32 Billion Portfolio

>>>/qresearch/18388955, >>>/qresearch/18389296 Three Terabytes of Internal Military Emails to and From U.S. Special Operations Command Left Wide Open For Two Weeks

>>>/qresearch/18388964 Al Gore’s ‘Green’ Investment Firm Owns Shares in Companies That Pollute

>>>/qresearch/18388967 Discussion on Russian Invasion of Ukraine & Values in U.S. Foreign Policy

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ousNLcbPElU - Lessons of Ukraine for the Role of Values in Foreign Policy [Channel: Hudson Institute]

>>>/qresearch/18388974 Supreme Court Rejects Request to Hear Case Seeking to Overturn 2020 Election, Justices did not explain their decision

>>>/qresearch/18388975 @NavalInstitute USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Feb. 21, 2023

>>>/qresearch/18388976 Cspan EPA Administrator Regan Roundtable in East Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18388989, >>>/qresearch/18389280 Reckitt Recalls 145,000 Cans of Baby Formula Over Possible Deadly Bacteria Contamination

>>>/qresearch/18388998 @DeptofDefense Squad, assemble!

>>>/qresearch/18389004 Ukraine Wants Tanks in Moscow, Estonia Talks ‘Nuremberg Trials’ For Russian Leaders


VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/KgnqCydWEZcF/ - Eric Coppolino interviewed by the Health Ranger over DIOXIN FALLOUT... [Channel: NaturalNews]

>>>/qresearch/18389033 Japanese startup unveils balloon flight space viewing tours

>>>/qresearch/18389079, >>>/qresearch/18389093 Putin: "Look at what the West is doing to its own people. They are destroying families, cultural and national identities. Child abuse and pedophilia are announced as a rule. Priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages"

>>>/qresearch/18389114 Lockheed Clinches $1.1B US Sea-Based Hypersonic Weapon Contract

>>>/qresearch/18389140 World Bank President steps down after accusations of “climate change denier”

>>>/qresearch/18389158 Inside the Trump grand jury that probed election meddling

>>>/qresearch/18389187 Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni arrives in Kiev by train. In the afternoon she meets the Ukrainian Zelenskyy. Many of their voters see this as treason.

>>>/qresearch/18389207 NASA to Launch Israel’s First Space Telescope

>>>/qresearch/18389228, >>>/qresearch/18389246 Make the Death Penalty Great Again

>>>/qresearch/18389251 Queensland to relax drug laws, implement three-strike rule for people carrying small amounts of drugs for personal use

>>>/qresearch/18389253 @NavalInstitute Chinese Naval Aviation to Allow Female, Non-Military College Pilots for the First Time

>>>/qresearch/18389263 New York Foreign Press Center Briefing with Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=fmqXbYewJro - Foreign Press Center Briefing with Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield - 2:00 PM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>>/qresearch/18389270 Child Sexual Abuse Rescue Operation Saves 28 Children, 59 Individuals Arrested

>>>/qresearch/18389324 Democrats And A Certain RINO Are Melting Down Over Tucker Carlson Releasing 41,000 Hours Of J6 Footage

>>>/qresearch/18389356 pb Q proof?

>>>/qresearch/18389372 #22543

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18390160 Q Research General #22545: Semper Vigilans E-Panifex Edition

Created 212231ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18390168 #22545

>>>/qresearch/18390181 a look at the C.I.A, C.A.A and their operations and psyops around the world in the U.S.A.

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ac6ja-a-must-watch-scottys-farewell-video-tore-says-pandoras-box.html - Scotty's Farewell | Pandora's Box: The History of Our Nation - Tore Says [2:06:50] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

>>>/qresearch/18390186, >>>/qresearch/18390759 "Complete the Mission" Trump publicly confirmed the Obama State Dept was behind the Maidan Uprising in Ukraine...

>>>/qresearch/18390187, >>>/qresearch/18390410, >>>/qresearch/18390468, >>>/qresearch/18390512 ...Trump also called out the state department for inching us toward WW3

>>>/qresearch/18390234 Fluoride Added to Drinking Water Contributes to Rising Rates of ADHD, Lower IQs in Kids

>>>/qresearch/18390271 Student leaves woke school board SPEECHLESS, exposes them all and drops the mic

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2accr6-student-leaves-woke-school-board-speechless-exposes-them-all-and-drops-the-.html - Student leaves woke school board SPEECHLESS, exposes them all and drops the mic [5:04] [Channel: BonginoReport]

>>>/qresearch/18390290 Y do ChYna control da foodchain?

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29wry0-why-is-china-buying-u.s.-farmland-this-is-them-controlling-our-supply-chain.html - Why is China Buying U.S. Farmland: "This Is Them Controlling Our Supply Chain" [2:36] [Channel: Dan Bongino Show Clips]

>>>/qresearch/18390295 @POTATO Ukraine is steeled for the fight ahead – and America and our Allies have its back

>>>/qresearch/18390296 Lоdi City Cоuncil mеmbеr Shаkir Khаn California Democrat Arrested, Charged With Mail-In Ballot Fraud

>>>/qresearch/18390314 Ex-Mexican Secretary of Public Security Genaro Garcia Luna Convicted of Engaging in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise and Taking Millions in Cash Bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel

>>>/qresearch/18390332 The LAPD arrested the housekeepers husband in the LA diocese episcopal assasination

>>>/qresearch/18390350 Pandora Papers List PDF

>>>/qresearch/18390358 Russia’s key ally moves to extend death penalty

>>>/qresearch/18390379 Trump to visit toxic train derailment site on Wednesday but no sign of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

>>>/qresearch/18390389, >>>/qresearch/18390419, >>>/qresearch/18390442 Schiff Panics Over Release of Jan. 6 Footage, Conspiracy Overdrive!

>>>/qresearch/18390424 Indiana abortion doctor slammed for posing with tool used to destroy babies in womb

>>>/qresearch/18390436, >>>/qresearch/18390467 McKinsey to cut about 2,000 jobs in one of its biggest layoffs

>>>/qresearch/18390438 Voting open now for Department of the Air Force Spark Tank 2023 finalists

>>>/qresearch/18390441, >>>/qresearch/18390650 Disinformation index collapses after targeting conservative media content

>>>/qresearch/18390475, >>>/qresearch/18390612 @POTATO Let me give you the latest. RE: East Palestine, OH. KEK

>>>/qresearch/18390494 Goya ships ready-made meals to ‘forgotten’ East Palestine after train derailment contamination

>>>/qresearch/18390497 Former HHS official @MichaelRCaputo joins @EmeraldRobinson to discuss the "Pandemic Treaty"

>>>/qresearch/18390498 >Don't Look Here >Look Here

>>>/qresearch/18390537 #22544 in #22545

>>>/qresearch/18390566 Pfizer Report 57: "Neurological Adverse Events"

>>>/qresearch/18390585 Unsecured DoD sever was spilling terabytes of internal U.S. military emails to the open internet for the past two weeks

>>>/qresearch/18390596 Emails between Rachel Levine and a pediatric professor at Penn State discuss “potential revenue” for the hospital’s Gender Health Clinic.


>>>/qresearch/18390634 Jian Kayo dies at 21: Up-and-coming Brazilian football star is found dead at his home

>>>/qresearch/18390655 Jill Biden makes sixth visit to Africa, first as First Lady.

>>>/qresearch/18390687 Why isn't CNN filming the war live in Ukraine?

>>>/qresearch/18390697 US existing home sales record 12th-straight monthly decline, 37% year-over-year collapse

>>>/qresearch/18390719 RE: poisoning us on purpose

>>>/qresearch/18390727 Very promising development: Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase

>>>/qresearch/18390749 House Republicans call on witness to testify to alleged Biden family bribery schemes

>>>/qresearch/18390805 Party of Regions outlawed just a day after Joe Biden praised Kiev’s “democracy”

>>>/qresearch/18390844 #22545

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>>>/qresearch/18390924 Q Research General #22546: Imagine if Ukrainians knew all about Hunter Edition

Created 220051ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18390928 #22546

>>>/qresearch/18390962, >>>/qresearch/18391347 Rumors emerge House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will be STRIPPING UKRAINE AID from multiple spending bills including OMNIBUS

>>>/qresearch/18390963 Saudi Arabia deposits $1.4 billion into Yemen’s central bank

>>>/qresearch/18391041, >>>/qresearch/18391217, >>>/qresearch/18391499, >>>/qresearch/18391513 PlaneFag CONUS activity

>>>/qresearch/18391115 Biden’s DOD Allowed An Unsecured Server To Spill Sensitive American Military Emails Online For Two Weeks

>>>/qresearch/18391136 Trump and TR: Presidential Parallels

>>>/qresearch/18391147 Chris Inglis, the first-ever National Cyber Director for the United States, has abruptly resigned from his post

>>>/qresearch/18391200, >>>/qresearch/18391264, >>>/qresearch/18391266, >>>/qresearch/18391322 CIA + CAA = C_A?

>>>/qresearch/18391212, >>>/qresearch/18391444, >>>/qresearch/18391452, >>>/qresearch/18391467 Biden landed in Poland at Warsaw Chopin Airport on Monday night and then… someone fell out of Air Force One...

>>>/qresearch/18391288, >>>/qresearch/18391330 The cause is still unknown RE: massive explosion at OHIO brass and bronze alloy metal manufacturing plant Schumann & Co. yesterday

>>>/qresearch/18391346 Repatriation Results from EDNY Civil Forfeiture Action

>>>/qresearch/18391390 Yemen’s Houthis confirm they released Al-Qaeda terrorists

>>>/qresearch/18391393 Just another one of the chemical fires popping up all over the place: Hazardous waste chemical fire in Braintree, Massachusetts.


>>>/qresearch/18391415, >>>/qresearch/18391470 I think about this a lot.

>>>/qresearch/18391432, >>>/qresearch/18391547 "Food researcher" calls for 'queer pedagogy' as part of sustainable development education

>>>/qresearch/18391551, >>>/qresearch/18391554 Notable Pedo Detainments

>>>/qresearch/18391582 Republicans demand interview with Serbian UN official over his 'business relationship' with Hunter Biden

>>>/qresearch/18391587 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its investment arm are paying $5 million in fines to the SEC

>>>/qresearch/18391607 Chinese Communist Party-linked group called out for 'systemic' failure to comply with foreign influence regulations

>>>/qresearch/18391644 #22546

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18391680 Q Research General #22547: Agenda 47 Edition

Created 220312ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18391683 #22547

>>>/qresearch/18391702 Potato rambling nonsense as America burns

>>>/qresearch/18391760 Why is Germany OK with Bidan blowing up Nord Stream 1 & 2?

>>>/qresearch/18391769, >>>/qresearch/18391841, >>>/qresearch/18391923, >>>/qresearch/18391967, >>>/qresearch/18392216 Corgi1/72 GlosterMeteorF-8 super dog comms bun

>>>/qresearch/18391840 Fourth largest bank in Japan by assets andlargest by amount of customers Japan Post Bank shares slump after sources say parent looking to slash stake

>>>/qresearch/18391927 @realDonaldTrump rt "The Kiss of Death" - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Endorsed by George Soros

>>>/qresearch/18391935 ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’: Biden Appointee’s Ties To Alleged Chinese Intel Groups Put Him In Legal Hot Water

>>>/qresearch/18391981 McClellan wins special election for Virginia’s 4th District

>>>/qresearch/18392043, >>>/qresearch/18392047 ICYM Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ad3bu-agenda47-president-trump-announces-plan-to-stop-the-america-last-warmongers.html - Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists [3:51] [Channel: Donald J. Trump]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ad3bu-agenda47-president-trump-announces-plan-to-stop-the-america-last-warmongers.html - Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to Stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists [3:51] [Channel: Donald J. Trump]

>>>/qresearch/18392106 Water in Massillon, OH on Feb 19, 2023 with oily film in it.50 miles west of East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18392205 @realDonaldTrump Kim Jung Un of North Korea, who I got to know and got along with very well during my years as President, is not happy with the U.S. and South Korea doing big training and air exercises together

>>>/qresearch/18392256, >>>/qresearch/18392285 @realDonaldTrump — wheels up tomorrow morning for East Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18392339 THE LEAKED AUDIO of NURY MARTINEZ - Los Angeles Council President

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=veRhv7_RLRc - THE LEAKED AUDIO of NURY MARTINEZ - Los Angeles Council President - Racist Remarks [Channel: AstroGamma]

>>>/qresearch/18392448 #22547

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18392455 Q Research General #22548: Bake it Great Edition

Created 220555ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18392463 #22548

>>>/qresearch/18392506 U.S. Security Cooperation with Ukraine Fact Sheet

>>>/qresearch/18392508, >>>/qresearch/18392537, >>>/qresearch/18392561, >>>/qresearch/18392567, >>>/qresearch/18392655 Papi Trumpo: The Storm is Upon Us

>>>/qresearch/18392581, >>>/qresearch/18392595 Genaro Garcia Luna is guilty on all counts (drug trafficking)

>>>/qresearch/18392639 Hakeem Jeffries statement on recent J6 footage being released

>>>/qresearch/18392645 Democrats uneasy as new J6 footage contradicts their claims of Insurrection

>>>/qresearch/18392673, >>>/qresearch/18392700, >>>/qresearch/18392713, >>>/qresearch/18392729, >>>/qresearch/18392739, >>>/qresearch/18392788, >>>/qresearch/18392855, >>>/qresearch/18392892, >>>/qresearch/18392983 Emily Kohrs

>>>/qresearch/18392689 To increase 'Equity,' this California High School is eliminating Honors courses

>>>/qresearch/18392799, >>>/qresearch/18392816, >>>/qresearch/18393109, >>>/qresearch/18393112, >>>/qresearch/18393119 Obama's 'birth certificate'

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=wO0Ogdod5ZI - Sheriff Joe Arapaio says Obama's birth certificate is forged [Channel: CNN]

>>>/qresearch/18392822 Biotech Analyst Sounds the Alarm that mRNA Technology May Be in Childhood Vaccines

>>>/qresearch/18392861 The Trump Archive

>>>/qresearch/18392879 Sunspot AR3234 is crackling with solar flares including multiple M4- and M5-class events on Feb. 21st

>>>/qresearch/18392888, >>>/qresearch/18392917, >>>/qresearch/18392985, >>>/qresearch/18393039, >>>/qresearch/18393103 Suspicious death of Health Director that verified Obama's 'birth certificates'

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=H4Ei7Vzr8zk - Loretta Fuddy Hawaii Plane Crash Video 'Caught On Tape' - The Original Footage Video #2 of 2 [Channel: Summit Attempt]

>>>/qresearch/18392906 Who gave the order to open the magnetically locked 10 ton gates at US Capitol on J6?

>>>/qresearch/18392913, >>>/qresearch/18392924 Military tweets / decodes bun / Lots of this today

>>>/qresearch/18392965 (New Zealand) Police shut down social media speculation over Cyclone Gabrielle's death toll

>>>/qresearch/18393025 Subtlety Level: Captain Obvious

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ud54oCdlvFI - US President Barack Obama causes internet buzz as he 'passes secret message' to his General [Channel: The Telegraph]

>>>/qresearch/18393033 Military tweets / decodes bun / You are the news now

>>>/qresearch/18393040, >>>/qresearch/18393073, >>>/qresearch/18393141, >>>/qresearch/18393148 Bloodlines

>>>/qresearch/18393042 Military tweets / decodes bun / Looking forward to it!

>>>/qresearch/18393049 17 U.S. senators fight back against medical tyranny with the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act”

>>>/qresearch/18393068 Military tweets / decodes bun / Big Week

>>>/qresearch/18393083 Military tweets / decodes bun / forward

>>>/qresearch/18393098, >>>/qresearch/18393101, >>>/qresearch/18393106 Biden's Power Grab: EO Installs "Equity" Commissars to Rule the Bureaucracy and Centralize Power

>>>/qresearch/18393114, >>>/qresearch/18393230 Military tweets / decodes bun / Jason Bourne / Deep Dream

>>>/qresearch/18393122 ICYMI: Project Veritas Board Releases Statement After Removing James O’Keefe and Losing Over 100,000 Followers

>>>/qresearch/18393128 Military tweets / decodes bun / Handle w/ care

>>>/qresearch/18393132 (Obama 2005) Nunn-Lugar biological agreement signed in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18393133 Live: View outside Biden's Warsaw hotel as he prepares to meet eastern Nato allies

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=DeulycOw_u4 - Live: View outside Biden's Warsaw hotel as he prepares to meet eastern Nato allies [Channel: The Independent]

>>>/qresearch/18393135 #GITMO

>>>/qresearch/18393142 Military tweets / decodes bun / Watch for spelling and grammar mistakes

>>>/qresearch/18393144 Buttplug to also visit East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18393146, >>>/qresearch/18393189, >>>/qresearch/18393206, >>>/qresearch/18393212 PF

>>>/qresearch/18393156 Wake-up Call: BlackRock and Vanguard are nearly in Total Control of Food Production and Distribution in America

>>>/qresearch/18393163, >>>/qresearch/18393200 Military tweets / decodes bun / Photo of 44

>>>/qresearch/18393178 ICYMI: Why Did East Palestine Launch ‘MyID’ Emergency Service to Surveil Biometrics 1 Week Before Ohio Train Derailment?

>>>/qresearch/18393181 H.R.79 - WHO Withdrawal Act

>>>/qresearch/18393186 Military tweets / decodes bun / INDOPACOM showing love to the frogs

>>>/qresearch/18393187, >>>/qresearch/18393220 Ramaswany linked to Soros

>>>/qresearch/18393193 Ex-Premier League footballer Matt Le Tissier delivered a powerful speech in front of the BBC on February 12

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/u4LhNjS8k9uB/ - Telegram World News Matt le Tissier in front of BBC February 12, 2023 (2020FREE) [Channel: Phoenix Rising]

>>>/qresearch/18393213 Military tweets / decodes bun / LAST MILE

>>>/qresearch/18393245 Military tweets / decodes bun

>>>/qresearch/18393246 #22548

>>>/qresearch/18393289, >>>/qresearch/18393298 pb, pb, Biolabs dig

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18393250 Q Research General #22549: Obama 'Birth Certificate' Shenanigans Edition

Created 221034ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18393257 #22549

>>>/qresearch/18393311, >>>/qresearch/18393627, >>>/qresearch/18393639 Teenager arrested for killing a Temple University officer

>>>/qresearch/18393315, >>>/qresearch/18393322, >>>/qresearch/18393376 DJT 8kun shout out

>>>/qresearch/18393317 ICYMI: George Soros malfunctioning

>>>/qresearch/18393319 Cambridge Analytica: Hades Module

>>>/qresearch/18393326, >>>/qresearch/18393347 Moar on death of California auxiliary Bp. David O'Connell

>>>/qresearch/18393353, >>>/qresearch/18393377, >>>/qresearch/18393386 Mil tweets / decodes

>>>/qresearch/18393357, >>>/qresearch/18393366, >>>/qresearch/18393379 pb, pb, Biolabs dig

>>>/qresearch/18393369 Pope Francis reaffirms bishops must get Vatican approval to allow Latin Mass

>>>/qresearch/18393378, >>>/qresearch/18393424 PF

>>>/qresearch/18393387, >>>/qresearch/18393389, >>>/qresearch/18393391, >>>/qresearch/18393419, >>>/qresearch/18393480 The Spike Protein, mRNA and Nanotubes

>>>/qresearch/18393388, >>>/qresearch/18393553, >>>/qresearch/18393608 Lucy (Spacecraft)

>>>/qresearch/18393394, >>>/qresearch/18393401 Anderson Couper squirming over Emily Kohrs

>>>/qresearch/18393404, >>>/qresearch/18393410 Was this the Q&A?

>>>/qresearch/18393409 Doctor kicked out of hospital board meeting for testifying effectiveness of Ivermectin

>>>/qresearch/18393417 US embassy in London put in lockdown after security scare

>>>/qresearch/18393420, >>>/qresearch/18393807, >>>/qresearch/18393812 Biden tweets

>>>/qresearch/18393429, >>>/qresearch/18393436 World Bank President steps down after accusations of being a “climate change denier”

>>>/qresearch/18393439, >>>/qresearch/18393472 China ready to join forces with Russia to decisively defend national interests

>>>/qresearch/18393446 Canadian man charged with second-degree murder after shooting armed home invader with legally owned gun

>>>/qresearch/18393483, >>>/qresearch/18393517 (Feb 15) Eagle / Bear comms

>>>/qresearch/18393505, >>>/qresearch/18393509 EPA Administrator Michael Regan statements on OH train crash

>>>/qresearch/18393511 Tim Pool comments on Trump / DeSantis

>>>/qresearch/18393600 (0845ET) Biden to deliver remarks at NATO

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=ojw8703OxiA - President Biden Delivers Remarks at Extraordinary Summit of the NATO Bucharest Nine [Channel: The White House]

>>>/qresearch/18393694, >>>/qresearch/18393746 Moar on suspicious plane crash / death of Loretta Fuddy

>>>/qresearch/18393728, >>>/qresearch/18393946 Clinton body count + 1

>>>/qresearch/18393762 Swalwell spent more campaign cash on luxuries than even Nancy Pelosi

>>>/qresearch/18393779 Al Gore's greenie investment fund caught buying stock in polluters

>>>/qresearch/18393810 Global map of food production fires, train derailments, tanker spills, etc

>>>/qresearch/18393819 JustTheNews Interview with DJT

>>>/qresearch/18393886, >>>/qresearch/18393888, >>>/qresearch/18393910 Kyle Rittenhouse is back in the news

>>>/qresearch/18393900 The Defense Department issued a memorandum on poppy seed consumption and military drug testing

>>>/qresearch/18393922 Jen Psaki getting her wwn MSNBC show

>>>/qresearch/18393941 QClock February 21, 2023 - The Storm Is Upon Us / DoD Server & Email

>>>/qresearch/18393967, >>>/qresearch/18393972 Norfolk Southern political donations and lobbying 2022 (plus all years)

>>>/qresearch/18393992 #22549

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18394008 Q Research General #22550: Strength & Clarity Edition

Created 221500ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18394015 #22550

>>>/qresearch/18394047 WHO member states are hosting discussions on amendments to the International Health Regulations

>>>/qresearch/18394069, >>>/qresearch/18394465 Suicide Alert - Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein found shot and tied to a tree with an electrical cord around his neck

>>>/qresearch/18394086 Supreme Court heard oral argument in Twitter v. Taamneh - abetting global terrorism

>>>/qresearch/18394110, >>>/qresearch/18394413 Is Canada sending in terrorists?

>>>/qresearch/18394129 PlaneFag Yerp/Med Activity:

>>>/qresearch/18394149 Butt-edge-edge - No time for (you)

>>>/qresearch/18394154 Throwback - Sheriff Joe Arpaio on President Obama's Birth Certificate investigation

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=v4snmd7wkKw - Sheriff Joe Arpaio on President Obama's Birth Certificate investigation [Channel: News Magpie]

>>>/qresearch/18394206 Covid Poll - Anons know what to do

>>>/qresearch/18394207 Dank Meme - Suicide Squad

>>>/qresearch/18394222 Mortgage Purchase Applications Decreased Sharply, Lowest Since 1995

>>>/qresearch/18394253, >>>/qresearch/18394667 N757AF 757 departed Palm Beach Int'l for visit to E Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18394257 Ann Sarnoff Dig (Pedovore cult)

>>>/qresearch/18394258, >>>/qresearch/18394274, >>>/qresearch/18394414 Emergency crews respond to 'incident' at Y-12 National Security Complex, one of the major nuclear material storage and processing sites in the U.S

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=IASIorXj9gU - Emergency Response At Y-12 National Security Complex [Channel: WVLT News]

>>>/qresearch/18394375 Mormon Church fined for hiding billions in shell firms

>>>/qresearch/18394394 DonaldJTrumpJr on Trump Force one ahead of 45’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio.

>>>/qresearch/18394470, >>>/qresearch/18394569 FBI and CIA sued over assassination of civil rights icon Malcolm X

>>>/qresearch/18394476 Anon Chimes in, NOTE: ASH WEDNESDAY is only for ROMAN CATHOLICISM, not for all of Christianity.

>>>/qresearch/18394482 USGO, Today, I join Christians worldwide in observing Ash Wednesday

>>>/qresearch/18394493 Moscow takes aim at West over Nord Stream sabotage

>>>/qresearch/18394508, >>>/qresearch/18394543, >>>/qresearch/18394555 Anon's silver Toxic cloud lining

>>>/qresearch/18394518, >>>/qresearch/18394551 pb SAM28 747 departed Warsaw-Chopin Int'l for JBA

>>>/qresearch/18394525 Benny Johnson Joins WarRoom To Discuss $20,000+ Donation To The Citizens Of East Palestine

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ahmai-benny-johnson-joins-warroom-to-discuss-20000-donation-to-the-citizens-of-ea.html - Benny Johnson Joins WarRoom To Discuss $20,000+ Donation To The Citizens Of East Palestine [15:51] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18394540 GOP witnesses in Fulton Co. investigation are preparing to move to quash any possible indictments by DA #VoterFraud

>>>/qresearch/18394546 Elon, asking how the Illuminati are doing

>>>/qresearch/18394549, >>>/qresearch/18394559 Trump calls out Eric Swalowell and Honey Net Fang Fang

>>>/qresearch/18394564 The Pinterest of that Trump Grand Juror has been found And it is worse than you thought, lads #SatanicWitch

>>>/qresearch/18394566, >>>/qresearch/18394623, >>>/qresearch/18394701 One step for mankind, I misstep for Biden - JOE BIDEN FELL UP THE STAIRS AGAIN!

>>>/qresearch/18394571 PDJT's East Palestine Visit - Supplies Donated

>>>/qresearch/18394590 Anon's Graphic cap Chinas Secret war

>>>/qresearch/18394625 Visit to NATO by the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross

>>>/qresearch/18394628 Call for PF Support

>>>/qresearch/18394650 #OTD 1732: George Washington was born

>>>/qresearch/18394669 IN case you missed it, Florida Doctor Removed from Hospital Board Meeting After Testifying on the Effectiveness of Ivermectin to Treat Covid


VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=hicMc028c94 - Russia-Ukraine war: UN discusses humanitarian situation on 1-year anniversary of conflict | FULL [Channel: Global News]

>>>/qresearch/18394683 China Says Ready To "Join Forces With Russia" To "Defend National Interests"

>>>/qresearch/18394724 Massive Fire Erupts in Brooklyn Lumber Storage Warehouse, Injuring 5 Firefighters

>>>/qresearch/18394730 US Stonewalls Nord Stream UN Investigation

>>>/qresearch/18394744 Trump: “We Need to Clean House of all Warmongers

>>>/qresearch/18394753 Graham & Democrats heading to Africa

>>>/qresearch/18394765 Biden Meets With 9 NATO 'Eastern Flank' Leaders, Vows US Defense

>>>/qresearch/18394788 Has the US gov’t been building bioweapons in Ukraine?

>>>/qresearch/18394805 State Department explains cutting ties with Soros-funded group

>>>/qresearch/18394806 PF link https://www.flightradar24.com

>>>/qresearch/18394813 #22550

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18394815 Q Research General #22551: ITT Russia Join Forces with China Edition

Created 221807ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18394821 DOUGH

>>>/qresearch/18394848 Arkansas cops rule suicide in death of Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein - found shot and tied to a tree with an electrical cord around his neck - no sign of weapon

>>>/qresearch/18394864 Attorney For Epstein Victims Says Maxwell Still Has Cards To Play

>>>/qresearch/18394872 Sarah Lawrence sex cult leader Larry Ray’s top lieutenant to face sentencing

>>>/qresearch/18394878 Bill Gates buys nearly $1B Heineken stake — despite not being a ‘big beer drinker’

>>>/qresearch/18394919, >>>/qresearch/18395086, >>>/qresearch/18395500 vid: Trump to visit East Palestine, Ohio after train derailment

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=6CzbbVd3uXs - Trump to visit East Palestine, Ohio after train derailment | LiveNOW from FOX [Channel: LiveNOW from FOX]

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=L2nrp9j-Q78 - Trump vows to stand with East Palestine community after Ohio derailment tragedy [Channel: Fox Business]

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=L2nrp9j-Q78 - Trump vows to stand with East Palestine community after Ohio derailment tragedy [Channel: Fox Business]

>>>/qresearch/18394920 Hungary's far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban is snubbing Wednesday's meeting in Warsaw with President Joe Biden

>>>/qresearch/18394927 Israeli Police raise alert following deadly IDF raid in Nablus, anticipating revenge attacks

>>>/qresearch/18394934 IMF Head Says New Lending to Ukraine Could Be 'Sizeable'

>>>/qresearch/18394938 The Global Disinformation Index (GDI): Government-Funded Group Targets “Riskiest Online News Outlets”

>>>/qresearch/18394944 Biden Issues Second Executive Order to “Further” Advance Governmentwide Racial Equity


>>>/qresearch/18394969 Paedophiles are abusing children in the METAVERSE, police say - as experts warn online offences are becoming 'normalised'

>>>/qresearch/18394978 Gaetz introduces resolution forcing House vote on removing U.S. troops from Syria

>>>/qresearch/18394982 Bill Clinton on death of and longtime Clinton Health Access Initiative board member Dr. Paul Farmer

>>>/qresearch/18394988, >>>/qresearch/18395001, >>>/qresearch/18395005, >>>/qresearch/18395009, >>>/qresearch/18395013, >>>/qresearch/18395014, >>>/qresearch/18395024, >>>/qresearch/18395047, >>>/qresearch/18395073, >>>/qresearch/18395076, >>>/qresearch/18395108, >>>/qresearch/18395146, >>>/qresearch/18395169, >>>/qresearch/18395188

>>>/qresearch/18394990 Documents Reveal Oxford University 'Addicted' To Sackler Family's Drug Money

>>>/qresearch/18394998 Department Press Briefing with Spokesperson Ned Price

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=sixwqCu7JV4 - Department of State Daily Press Briefing - February 22, 2023 - 2:00 PM [Channel: U.S. Department of State]

>>>/qresearch/18394999 Defense Department Provides Warning to Military Services Regarding Poppy Seed Consumption and Military Drug Testing

>>>/qresearch/18395021 Biden trips boarding plane, again

>>>/qresearch/18395043 Hungary’s Viktor Orbán: LGBT propaganda is ‘the greatest threat stalking our children’

>>>/qresearch/18395081 Nothing says, " the water is clean" like massive water scrubbing machines (in E. Palestine, OH)

>>>/qresearch/18395163 New J6 Footage Shows Officer Saying “They Set Us Up”

>>>/qresearch/18395196 NSW Health apologises for sending 60,700 text messages wrongly informing recipients they had COVID-19

>>>/qresearch/18395287, >>>/qresearch/18395390 Planefag: US F-15 up in the UK.

>>>/qresearch/18395299 DJT: This Georgia case is ridiculous, a strictly political continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt of all time

>>>/qresearch/18395327 DJT: Americans can be proud of Joe Biden as he leaves Poland to great fanfare!

>>>/qresearch/18395368 Scavino: From East Palestine, OH Feb 22, 2023

>>>/qresearch/18395377, >>>/qresearch/18395386, >>>/qresearch/18395394, >>>/qresearch/18395403, >>>/qresearch/18395407 POTATO: "I join Christians worldwide in observing Ash Wednesday...." and other POTATO messages

>>>/qresearch/18395431 DJT Responds to Georgia Grand Jury Foreperson and the Circus Media Tour She is Undertaking

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=bSui40ev_GU - Maggie Haberman reacts to Trump grand jury foreperson statements [Channel: CNN]

>>>/qresearch/18395443, >>>/qresearch/18395446, >>>/qresearch/18395458 Musk Nuland Analysis: "Nobody is pushing this war more than Nuland"

>>>/qresearch/18395494 'Arctic Angels' Soar Again: Inside the Rebirth of the 11th Airborne Division

>>>/qresearch/18395541, >>>/qresearch/18395560 Plane crashes outside 3M factory in Little Rock - no survivors

>>>/qresearch/18395571 #22551

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18395581 Q Research General #22552: Who Burnt The Cake Edition

Created 222046ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18395610 #22552

>>>/qresearch/18395651 Yesterday’s 4am talking points in case anyone missed it. [Brutal Invasion]

>>>/qresearch/18395653 devastating video compilation [RINO]s

>>>/qresearch/18395684, >>>/qresearch/18395762 5 dead in Plane Crash Outside of a 3M Factory plant 📌#Littlerock | #Arkansas had a team of toxicology and environmental health experts that were working for a company that was hired to test the water, soil and air quality in none other than East Palestine, Ohio.

>>>/qresearch/18395685, >>>/qresearch/18396220 Nearly $2.3 BILLION dollars in funding awarded to this nuclear facility thru a single multi-year contract

>>>/qresearch/18395691 Ghislaine Maxwell has a new lawyer: Diana Fabi Samson. She previously represented Harvey Weinstein

>>>/qresearch/18395706 DoD has released a selfie photo taken by the pilot with Chinese surveillance balloon from the cockpit of a U-2 spy plane

>>>/qresearch/18395710 Former CIA Officer in Front of UN Security Council Yesterday – Supports Sy Hersh, Starts Singing and Calls for Peace

>>>/qresearch/18395728, >>>/qresearch/18395974, >>>/qresearch/18396018, >>>/qresearch/18396205 [19] days later and they are still burning the chemicals from the derailment in Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18395730 Putin confirms Xi visit to Moscow amid fears of Chinese intervention in Ukraine War

>>>/qresearch/18395753 Vanuatu set to enter global cannabis market after passing cultivation, export laws – but some remain sceptical

>>>/qresearch/18395770 US Navy tweeting in 2’s

>>>/qresearch/18395781, >>>/qresearch/18396199 NPR says it's cutting jobs by 10% as ad revenue drops

>>>/qresearch/18395793 White House Statements and Releases

>>>/qresearch/18395795 Special counsel Jack Smith has issued a subpoena for Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former President Donald Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner.

>>>/qresearch/18395796 @realDonaldTrump Little respected Representative Eric Swalwell was just kicked off the Intelligence Committee for reasons of “Integrity and lack of Intelligence”

>>>/qresearch/18395800, >>>/qresearch/18395961, >>>/qresearch/18395971, >>>/qresearch/18395978 @realDonaldTrump TRUTH IS HOT! UP ALMOST 300%

>>>/qresearch/18395809 Some interesting B-52 Stratofortress nose art I came up with on an NWO dig

>>>/qresearch/18395817, >>>/qresearch/18395906, >>>/qresearch/18396129, >>>/qresearch/18396287 East Palestine Mayor Calls Biden's Trip to Ukraine 'A Slap in the Face'

>>>/qresearch/18395826 CT Congressman Jim Himes Still Touting Vaccine Passports - Connecticut Centinal


VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2aieu0-president-trump-live-in-east-palestine-ohio.html - PRESIDENT TRUMP LIVE IN EAST PALESTINE OHIO [1:40:56] [Channel: RealAmericasVoice]

>>>/qresearch/18395837 Twitchy Business – Joe Biden Meets With Moldovan President Maia Sandu

>>>/qresearch/18395855, >>>/qresearch/18395882 Firman Power Equipment Dig

>>>/qresearch/18395884 Joe Biden Releases Executive Order Promoting Woke AI

>>>/qresearch/18395926 CNN: Cyberattack on food giant Dole temporarily shuts down North America production, company memo says

>>>/qresearch/18395927 NASA's Chandra Discovers Giant Black Holes on Collision Course

>>>/qresearch/18395953 President Trump brings thousands of bottles of water in his plane and says the semis full of bottled water are on their way to East Palestine Ohio.

>>>/qresearch/18395981, >>>/qresearch/18395985 Irish teachers' union DEFENDS use of video that encourages young children to change gender

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ahqi2-february-22-2023.html - The Irish National Teachers’ Organization criticized after releasing a video titled "Facilitating a Social Transition" [2:19] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18396005, >>>/qresearch/18396307 Hersh says the US and Norway have been conducting joint covert operations since Vietnam

>>>/qresearch/18396009, >>>/qresearch/18396017 Tanzanian fashion designer Asyakhamsin's claims that @sambrinton wore custom made outfit from lost bag in 2018

>>>/qresearch/18396032 Culture Ministry condemns Israeli aggression targeting archaeological sites in Damascus

>>>/qresearch/18396050 President Trump buying lunch for all the firefighters and first responders in East Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18396115 January 6 Prisoners and Their Families Petition Speaker McCarthy to Release the 41,000 Hours of Capital Video to The Gateway

>>>/qresearch/18396121 CNN is having a town hall meeting in E Palenstine tonight with DeWeiner

>>>/qresearch/18396170 Pedo bear billboard in Sydney

>>>/qresearch/18396211 Republican Senators Push Back Against Accord Giving WHO Power Over US Pandemic Response

>>>/qresearch/18396213 Angus King has doubled down RE: the growing scandal over his 2018 campaign’s use of a secret “enemies list” to censor critics on Facebook and Twitter

>>>/qresearch/18396222 Iraq To Drop Dollar For Yuan In Trade With China

>>>/qresearch/18396239 Don't Look Here: Look Here

>>>/qresearch/18396279 Republicans demand Ukraine aid oversight

>>>/qresearch/18396310 No concerns for Trump about the East Palestine rain, and moisture in the air?

>>>/qresearch/18396347 #22552

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092590 No.151187

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18396357 Q Research General #22553: TRUTH IS HOT! (YOU) ARE NOT FORGOTTEN EDITION

Created 222328ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18396364 #22553

>>>/qresearch/18396384, >>>/qresearch/18396425, >>>/qresearch/18396498, >>>/qresearch/18396557, >>>/qresearch/18396753 PF: AF1 747, CLUB01, GRIM99 E-4B Nightwatch bun

>>>/qresearch/18396406, >>>/qresearch/18396449, >>>/qresearch/18396472 Todd Callender says BRUTAL MARTIAL LAW INCOMING if biden not stopped in a few days when WHO takes over n Marburg emergency already starting in Africa

>>>/qresearch/18396443 Tater's tweets are loaded with Q quotes today

>>>/qresearch/18396451 Would Trump just walk right into a chemical soup?

>>>/qresearch/18396518 Amazon has donated over 14-hundred cases of bottled water to East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18396602 The crew that died in the plane crash outside of Clinton airport was headed to the Bedford explosion in Ohio but this company is also connected to East Palestine via Norfolk Southern as a private contractor.

>>>/qresearch/18396632 Tater pledges undying loyalty to Ukraine in 17 words

>>>/qresearch/18396651, >>>/qresearch/18396659, >>>/qresearch/18396683, >>>/qresearch/18396691 Something about Chinese gifts to Biden's UPenn?

>>>/qresearch/18396669 Special Interest Groups Block Gov. Kristi Noem’s Move to Stop China Buying South Dakota Farmland

>>>/qresearch/18396719 A fire broke out today at The Y-12 National Security Complex, which was built as part of the Manhattan Project to enrich uranium for the first atomic bombs, now handles the upkeep of America’s nuclear weapons stockpile and fuel for nuclear-powered Navy vessels.

>>>/qresearch/18396757 EU fails to agree new Russia sanctions – Reuters

>>>/qresearch/18396759, >>>/qresearch/18396769 Shooting casualties in Orlando area

>>>/qresearch/18396776 Weather experts believe “it’s probably going to be one of the biggest storms of the winter”

>>>/qresearch/18396784 Little Rock Police confirm emergency personnel responding to a plane crash, not far from the Clinton National Airport

>>>/qresearch/18396787 PF on potato

>>>/qresearch/18396802 Florida’s Ron DeSantis says he will boycott NBC until the network starts telling the truth

>>>/qresearch/18396829 Details of Clinton aide’s bizarre ‘suicide’ revealed

>>>/qresearch/18396869 Annalena Baerbock is talking herself into a “war frenzy” and might become a “security risk,” the head of Bavaria has warned

>>>/qresearch/18396871 Norfolk Southern claims their hired toxicologist, CTEH, "accidentally" asked residents to sign a hold harmless agreement in exchange for testing

>>>/qresearch/18396896 HAPPY STORY: NPR is going broke.

>>>/qresearch/18396927 Bank of Korea holds rates after year of non-stop hikes

>>>/qresearch/18396939 Qantas charges record prices, makes record profits

>>>/qresearch/18396964 Ukrainian troops were spotted near Transnistria as Moldova againraised “reintegrating” the breakaway region

>>>/qresearch/18396974 Missing Adelaide men among four confirmed dead following Philippines light plane crash

>>>/qresearch/18396978 Putin Pulls Out Of Last Measure Of Nuclear Deterrence Kash Patel Joins WarRoom

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ajpe4-putin-pulls-out-of-last-measure-of-nuclear-deterrence-kash-patel-joins-warr.html - Putin Pulls Out Of Last Measure Of Nuclear Deterrence Kash Patel Joins WarRoom [6:31] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18396989 Australian Defence Force soldiers training everyday Ukrainians in combat operations

>>>/qresearch/18397007 Global Disinformation Network thread - NEW

>>>/qresearch/18397014 The QAnon folks have feelings about Trump eating at McDonalds… - read the COMMENTS kek

>>>/qresearch/18397016 Berenson: Ventilators being sold for scrap? Pathetic.

>>>/qresearch/18397108 #22553

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092590 No.151188

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18397173 Q Research General #22554: Early Opener Opened for Business: I LOVE BEER 100 Bottles Edition

Created 231342ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18397218 elon musk w/CAP: kek

>>>/qresearch/18397245 #22554

>>>/qresearch/18397274 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 02/23/2023

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/815d74166dbf6bbc7bf618457c81939c - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 02/23/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>>/qresearch/18397277 United States readies an additional $10 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine, says Yellen.

>>>/qresearch/18397312, >>>/qresearch/18397319 MARK STEYN RETURNS WITH A VAX UPDATE

>>>/qresearch/18397346 Lenny Dykstra w/CAP: Fuck World War III. Fuck Victoria Nuland.

>>>/qresearch/18397374 11:00 AM EST Arizona State Legislature Special Joint Meeting Agenda

>>>/qresearch/18397401 Does anyone gets the sense that (((they))) keep the Tuskegee Airmen in the news annually

>>>/qresearch/18397456 Shotgun WAS found near the body of Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein:

>>>/qresearch/18397465 The Science of Animal Mutilations

>>>/qresearch/18397467 PF BLACK78 Judenburg

>>>/qresearch/18397504, >>>/qresearch/18397546 Trump's plane anded in Ohio at almost exactly the same time the plane crashed in Arkansas at Clinton National Airport.

>>>/qresearch/18397557, >>>/qresearch/18397562 Biden DOJ Backing Norfolk Southern in High Court Case

>>>/qresearch/18397572 Military Time Charts

>>>/qresearch/18397614 Schumer blasts Tucker Carlson’s access to Jan. 6 tapes: ‘one of the worst security risks since 9/11’

>>>/qresearch/18397634 Sam Bankman-Fried Faces Four New Criminal Charges

>>>/qresearch/18397642 Anon Tracking Trains and Derailments

>>>/qresearch/18397643 Agencies issue joint statement on liquidity risks resulting from crypto-asset market vulnerabilities

>>>/qresearch/18397682 Anon Notices, Every article in the NYP on PDJT starts with his age 76

>>>/qresearch/18397699 These Charts Scared (not just that though) the Stock Market into a 700-Point Drop Tuesday

>>>/qresearch/18397703 China Sends Supertankers To US Gulf On Crude Oil Buying Spree

>>>/qresearch/18397717 @DeptofDefense Source @JoeBiden Ordered The #NordStream Pipelines Destroyed

>>>/qresearch/18397724 A Russian Defense Ministry plane has crashed in Belgorod, regional governor says

>>>/qresearch/18397728 Man Finds Undetonated Blasting Cap on Property 1.4 Miles From Norfolk Southern’s Controlled Toxic Chemical Burn

>>>/qresearch/18397730 Retail Collapse: Over 800 Big Stores Set to Close Due to Inflation, Crime, Interest Rates

>>>/qresearch/18397740 Hundreds of thousands of Americans in southern Michigan suffering from an internet blackout

>>>/qresearch/18397874 #22554

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18397972 Q Research General #22555: Arizona Special Session Edition

Created 231642ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18397978 LIVE: Arizona Special Session:

>>>/qresearch/18397987 Fresh Bunker

>>>/qresearch/18398007 Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Trying to Give Norfolk Southern $15 Million in Taxpayer Funds

>>>/qresearch/18398051 Pete Buttisgey escorted away MP4

>>>/qresearch/18398053 OTD in 1945 Marines raising the American flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, on February 23, 1945

>>>/qresearch/18398077 Dubs Confirm Kek -elon pretty sure

>>>/qresearch/18398123, >>>/qresearch/18398128, >>>/qresearch/18398144, >>>/qresearch/18398150, >>>/qresearch/18398174, >>>/qresearch/18398189, >>>/qresearch/18398206, >>>/qresearch/18398210 AZ SPECIAL SESSION CAPS

>>>/qresearch/18398145 Q re (pb) When will everybody admit the whole Covid-19 'pandemic' response was a scam?

>>>/qresearch/18398195 Anon eyes wonky board 5 year Qdelta

>>>/qresearch/18398228 DOJ Adds Four More Indictments in SBF Case Including Money Laundering

>>>/qresearch/18398240 Helicopter with Iranian sports minister crashes

>>>/qresearch/18398241 One time only, PlaneFag's definitive guide to Potato's Fake and Ghey 'secret trip' "to Kyiv"

>>>/qresearch/18398243 European Commission bans TikTok

>>>/qresearch/18398261 Mad Cow Disease Detected In Brazil, Forces Beef Trade With China To Halt

>>>/qresearch/18398278 Israel unleashes airstrikes on Gaza

>>>/qresearch/18398288 1:30 PM EST HBCU Student Journalist Briefing with the Vice President

>>>/qresearch/18398291 Officer Charged with Murder After He Was Caught Dumping Naked Body of Child in Woods

>>>/qresearch/18398294 1:30 PM EST Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

>>>/qresearch/18398300 U.S. to QUADRUPLE military force on Taiwan:

>>>/qresearch/18398307 Reminder, Trump grand jury foreperson’s bonkers Pinterest account — promotes witchcraft

>>>/qresearch/18398319 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

>>>/qresearch/18398324 More Than 850,000 Power Outages Reported in Cross-Country Winter Storms,

>>>/qresearch/18398330 Hearing on Pfizer Clinical Trial Violations Set to Take Place

>>>/qresearch/18398364 Biden Family Key Partner Eric Schwerin to Flip in House Oversight Probe

>>>/qresearch/18398379 Higher Cognitive Ability, Less Concern for Political Correctness?

>>>/qresearch/18398390 US sending up to 200 troops to Taiwan to train for attack from China

>>>/qresearch/18398393 Hackers obtain passwords for data centers; Apple, Walmart, and more impacted:

>>>/qresearch/18398411 In case you missed it, Shotgun WAS found near the body of Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein

>>>/qresearch/18398426 PlaneFag CONUS Activity:

>>>/qresearch/18398430 Missouri AG fires Soros-backed St. Louis prosecutor Gardner for missteps

>>>/qresearch/18398448 Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries

>>>/qresearch/18398460 Biden admin promises additional $10 BILLION in economic aid to Ukraine #BankruptUSA

>>>/qresearch/18398516 Tampa man tied to assassination of Haitian president

>>>/qresearch/18398558 Neil deGrasse Tyson, the high priest of the Church of Scientism?

>>>/qresearch/18398570 R Kelly sentenced to 20 more years for child sex crimes conviction

>>>/qresearch/18398640 2:00 PM EST Department Press Briefing

>>>/qresearch/18398687 #22555

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18398690 Q Research General #22556: Arizona Special Session II Edition

Created 231923ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18398762 Boris Johnson says he is applying for the post of NATO Secretary General

>>>/qresearch/18398768 Clif High on natural remedies for toxins for citizens exposed to Ohio pollution

>>>/qresearch/18398771, >>>/qresearch/18398779, >>>/qresearch/18398915 Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 16 years in prison in LA rape trial

>>>/qresearch/18398792 #OTD in 1945, #Marines raised the American flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi

>>>/qresearch/18398805 Angela Davis had a white puritan ancestor arrived in America on the Mayflower

>>>/qresearch/18398810 Victoria Nuland: US is ready to negotiate with Russia on the START III Treaty "even tomorrow" if Moscow is ready for it

>>>/qresearch/18398814 The Twitter tycoon singled out Victoria Nuland as the most pro-war voice in Washington

>>>/qresearch/18398825 train smashes a semi in NY

>>>/qresearch/18398828 Russian warplane crashes near Ukrainian border

>>>/qresearch/18398835, >>>/qresearch/18399008, >>>/qresearch/18399023, >>>/qresearch/18399053, >>>/qresearch/18399319 BEHAR - Palestine got what it deserved because they voted for Trump

>>>/qresearch/18398850 British supermarkets begin rationing vegetables

>>>/qresearch/18398869 LIVE: Arizona Special Session: Senate @ House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Election 2/23/23

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ajhvg-live-arizona-special-session-senate-house-committee-on-municipal-oversight-.html - LIVE: Arizona Special Session: Senate @ House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Election 2/23/23 [20] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18398873 Ukraine now a ‘battle of logistics’ – NATO chief

>>>/qresearch/18398881 Austin: ‘Ukraine’s Going to Decide What Victory’ Is and We’ll Focus ‘on What’s in Front of Us’

>>>/qresearch/18398904 Ukrainian FM dodges question on strikes deep into Russia

>>>/qresearch/18398912 Today, Bin Salman has officially divorced the founding of the #Saudi state from Islam

>>>/qresearch/18398921 Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea warns the Health Ranger about strange blood artifacts in the UNVACCINATED

>>>/qresearch/18398924 Q re (pb) When will everybody admit the whole Covid-19 'pandemic' response was a scam?

>>>/qresearch/18398937 NEW - United States readies an additional $10 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine, says Yellen.

>>>/qresearch/18398938 Discussions on "violent extremism"

>>>/qresearch/18398982 Rothbard: Economy is radically restructuring.

>>>/qresearch/18398985 Lawyers Preparing to Quash Possible Indictments After Crazy Jury Forewoman Goes on Media Tour

>>>/qresearch/18399007 Meta to restore former US President Donald Trump's Facebook, Instagram accounts

>>>/qresearch/18399024, >>>/qresearch/18399136 NATO: Ukraine is hosting one of the great epics of this century

>>>/qresearch/18399058 Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) on Judge Kacsmaryk appt by Trump

>>>/qresearch/18399086, >>>/qresearch/18399099 PF

>>>/qresearch/18399089 WH Officials Hold Briefing on One-Year Anniversary of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18399096 [4:00 PM EST - The Biden Border Crisis: Part II, House Jud cmte

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2acgua-live-the-biden-border-crisis-part-ii-house-judiciary-committee-hearing-2232.html - LIVE: The Biden Border Crisis: Part II From Yuma, AZ - House Judiciary Committee Hearing - 2/23/2023 [30] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18399106 Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz dedicated a new statue of knowncommunist Nellie Stone

>>>/qresearch/18399155, >>>/qresearch/18399168 Chemical Weaponry Destined For Ukraine Ignited In East Palestine Train Wreck

>>>/qresearch/18399157 Project Veritas Donors asking for their donation back, from the $22 million James alone has raised

>>>/qresearch/18399163 Biden Border Crisis – Part II House Judiciary GOP

>>>/qresearch/18399196 Allegheny County Pension Fund sues AMC for the AMC / APE stock conversion plan to be voted on by shareholders

>>>/qresearch/18399205 Pretty incredible: 72.5% think the infrastructure attack is BY the US Government and DS, that's amazing

>>>/qresearch/18399223 lb

>>>/qresearch/18399228 Ukraine demands Germany cross all weapons ‘red lines’

>>>/qresearch/18399230 Hunter Biden Misses Midnight Deadline to Turn Over Business Records to Oversight Committee – Subpoenas Coming

>>>/qresearch/18399272 DC Draino: DIG on PV coup

>>>/qresearch/18399280, >>>/qresearch/18399395, >>>/qresearch/18399423, >>>/qresearch/18399460, >>>/qresearch/18399506, >>>/qresearch/18399511, >>>/qresearch/18399513, >>>/qresearch/18399515 SEC fines Latter-day Saints; link to llanned nationwide legalization of gambling?

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18399430 Q Research General #22557: E-BAKE

Created 232205ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18399445 #22557

>>>/qresearch/18399505 Ukraine is essentially a testing ground for the DS to “practice” activities they plan to carry out in the US documentary vid

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/yETyajsAmS2D/ - Documentary Grid Down Power Up.

>>>/qresearch/18399523 Former Pharma Exec Charged With Insider Trading Around Government's $765 Million Pandemic Loan To Kodak

>>>/qresearch/18399540, >>>/qresearch/18399547 Moderna said on Feb. 23 that it recently reached a patent agreement with the U.S. government over disputed technology that is featured in its COVID-19 vaccine


VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/RfhVpEmC04X5/ - NO PLANES: Special Effects Expert COMPLETELY DESTROYS Official 9/11 Story! Video Composites Revealed [Channel: Tim Truth]

>>>/qresearch/18399555 Schiff holds narrow lead in Senate bid to replace retiring Sen. Feinstein

>>>/qresearch/18399565, >>>/qresearch/18399640, >>>/qresearch/18399931 U.S. judge ruled that former President Donald Trump must be interviewed in connection with two lawsuits against the Justice Department and FBI.

>>>/qresearch/18399570 @USMC #OTD in 1945, #Marines raised the American flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi – the first of two flag raisings that day.

>>>/qresearch/18399583 LIVE: The Biden Border Crisis: Part II From Yuma, AZ

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2acgua-live-the-biden-border-crisis-part-ii-house-judiciary-committee-hearing-2232.html - LIVE: The Biden Border Crisis: Part II From Yuma, AZ - House Judiciary Committee Hearing - 2/23/2023 [30] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18399598 Unknown party is striking Iran’s drone factories, same drones being sent to Russia

>>>/qresearch/18399633 China in talks with Russia to supply combat drones

>>>/qresearch/18399670 The DCCC reportedly paid a Dem oppo shop which stole the identity of military veterans running for office, full SS# so they could rifle through their service records.

>>>/qresearch/18399683 Department of the Air Force to conduct hackathon

>>>/qresearch/18399684 The city of mesa is a money laundering municipal.Mesa cops are involved.Cartels.Election fraud

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ajhvg-live-arizona-special-session-senate-house-committee-on-municipal-oversight-.html - LIVE: Arizona Special Session: Senate @ House Committee on Municipal Oversight and Election 2/23/23 [20] [Channel: Right Side Broadcasting Network]

>>>/qresearch/18399701 Secretary Pete Appears! NTSB Announces Hearings; White House Responds

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2aokla-secretary-pete-appears-ntsb-announces-hearings-white-house-responds.html - Secretary Pete Appears! NTSB Announces Hearings; White House Responds [51] [Channel: Robert Gouveia]

>>>/qresearch/18399702 Biden Shoveled $36 Billion In Taxpayer Funds To Bail Out Teamsters For Mismanaged Pensions

>>>/qresearch/18399712, >>>/qresearch/18399721, >>>/qresearch/18399728 . The Dire Significance of Putin’s Feb 21 Speech

>>>/qresearch/18399719 AFGSC Commander approves formal assessment to investigate missile community cancer concerns

>>>/qresearch/18399732, >>>/qresearch/18399743 Three of the Highest-Ranking MS-13 Leaders in the World Arrested on Terrorism and Racketeering Charges

>>>/qresearch/18399748 Statement on Fulton County grandjury via @GrahamKates

>>>/qresearch/18399804 Iran's sports minister suffers brain injury after helicopter crashes in country's south, killing 1 of his aides and injuring 15 others

>>>/qresearch/18399845, >>>/qresearch/18399876 DarpaBerg

>>>/qresearch/18399900 Biden Launches Private Sponsorship Program for Refugees

>>>/qresearch/18399903, >>>/qresearch/18399908, >>>/qresearch/18399954 "During this deceleration, the wheel bearing failed," she said. "Car23derailed, and the train initiated an emergency brake application and came to a stop."

>>>/qresearch/18399913, >>>/qresearch/18399921 Missouri AG fires Soros-backed St. Louis prosecutor Gardner for missteps

>>>/qresearch/18399943 Clinton Stewart is a free man thanks to President @realDonaldTrump

>>>/qresearch/18399944 @realDonaldTrump The sirens that went off in Ukraine during Biden’s speech were STAGED, FAKE, PHONY.

>>>/qresearch/18399979, >>>/qresearch/18399983 Explosions In Iranian City Which Hosts Nuclear Facility, Air Defenses Activated

>>>/qresearch/18400006 Steve Bannon’s lawyers claim he owes them almost $500,000 in legal fees

>>>/qresearch/18400042 Officials up estimate of animals killed by Ohio derailment to nearly 44,000

>>>/qresearch/18400057 Russian spy ring in Australia busted after major counter espionage operation

>>>/qresearch/18400063, >>>/qresearch/18400097, >>>/qresearch/18400117, >>>/qresearch/18400167, >>>/qresearch/18400172 Billionaire financier and investor Thomas H. Lee was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Manhattan office/CGF connections

>>>/qresearch/18400065 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says the U.S. Will Send Another $10 Billion to Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18400072 Seven fire and rescue trucks responding to factory blaze in northern Sydney

>>>/qresearch/18400100 UK High Court has ruled a London-based company that delivered the explosive ammonium nitrate to Beirut’s port 2020 is liable to the victims

>>>/qresearch/18400125 4 hours of the Arizona Election Joint Election Coverage from today

>>>/qresearch/18400175 #22556

>>>/qresearch/18400188 anon posts notes from 2556

>>>/qresearch/18400220 #22557

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18400225 Q Research General #22558: PDJT Calls Out Sirens as Fake Edition

Created 240104ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18400236 #22558

>>>/qresearch/18400287, >>>/qresearch/18400301, >>>/qresearch/18400306 Killery Coinkidinks?

>>>/qresearch/18400293 Qpost review for 2-23

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ap14c-highly-classified-clown-ops-qpost-review-for-2-23-xx.html - Highly classified clown ops | Qpost review for 2-23-xx [18:40] [Channel: Qrumb Decodes , Qposts & memes]

>>>/qresearch/18400331 PlaneFag CONUS Update: RCAF CFC1 CL-60Trudopejust landed @ Toronto from Halifax, Nova Scotia stop

>>>/qresearch/18400390 Now Pete Buttigieg is left waiting in the HALL while Rudy Giuliani speaks with East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway

>>>/qresearch/18400423, >>>/qresearch/18400426, >>>/qresearch/18400430 3 drops which clearly show Anons the connections Vatican > C EYE A > OBL/UBL/SA = 9-11

>>>/qresearch/18400477 Weekly New York Federal Reserve Euro/Yen-US$ Swap/Prop: $418.500m total $415.5m to ECB with BoJ getting $3M

>>>/qresearch/18400487 ‘Dances With Wolves’ actor Nathan Chasing Horse hit with kidnapping, drug trafficking charges

>>>/qresearch/18400494 Ex-FBI Agent Who Destroyed Evidence In Case Against GOP Lawmaker Avoids Jail

>>>/qresearch/18400531, >>>/qresearch/18400543 #AZElectionHearing Bombshell was dropped today at a joint House & Senate hearing that implicates 100's of public officials in racketeering.

>>>/qresearch/18400632, >>>/qresearch/18400638 Issued: February 23, 2023 Preliminary Report RRD23MR005 Norfolk Southern Railway Train Derailment with Subsequent Hazardous Material Release and FiresEast Palestine, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18400680 UN General Assembly again demands Russia withdraw troops from Ukraine, calling for a "comprehensive and lasting" peace.

>>>/qresearch/18400715 PF Indian AF INDIA1 737PM Modileaving New Delhi Int'l

>>>/qresearch/18400719 CNN Live Cap "Invasion of Ukraine: One Year Later"

>>>/qresearch/18400746 Watkins will be on Friday night, ask about layout changes then anons

>>>/qresearch/18400976 Pfizer Denies Unethical Gain-of-Function Research for Coronavirus Vaccines in Letter to Rep. Ronny Jackson

>>>/qresearch/18400992 #22558

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18400994 Q Research General #22559: Q Plan Now Playin Edition

Created 240333ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18401012 #22559

>>>/qresearch/18401060 Rumble video from Badlands Media coverage of the AZ hearings

>>>/qresearch/18401073, >>>/qresearch/18401454 NEW PEDOGATE DOCUMENTARY, What ever happened to [ACQUINO]?

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/gL8jfxgtBIOa/ - Enter the PizzaGate - Bold new PedoGate Documentary [Channel: TheMyth.net]

>>>/qresearch/18401087 JPMorgan Says Staley-Epstein 'Snow White' Emails Don't Prove That Minors Were Abused

>>>/qresearch/18401094, >>>/qresearch/18401347 RACHEL CHANDLER SURVEILLANCE CAMERA FOOTAGE UPDATE

>>>/qresearch/18401096 Hell to freeze over: Snow, rain and hail are all expected to intensify in parts of Los Angeles, Friday

>>>/qresearch/18401164 Russian oil magnate and Cold War-era spy dies in mysterious circumstances

>>>/qresearch/18401206, >>>/qresearch/18401221, >>>/qresearch/18401414 it was not snow in parts of West Virginia into Maryland, it was in the mid 70s to low 80s today

>>>/qresearch/18401222 Marci McCarthy is Dedicated to restoring FITness to Georgia Elections

>>>/qresearch/18401240 'It is wrong': Anthony Albanese clashes with media as he refuses to confirm his pension entitlements amid controversial super plans

>>>/qresearch/18401250 USA aid to Ukraine for war = $112 billion, Turkey earthquake damage = $84 billion

>>>/qresearch/18401264 Westpac warns of three more brutal interest rate hikes by May as homeowners brace for pain

>>>/qresearch/18401277 'Stop this war now': Anthony Albanese takes aim at Vladimir Putin as he commemorates anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18401284 PIMCO-Owned Landlord Defaults On $1.7 Billion In Office Mortgages

>>>/qresearch/18401295 Narrative Control bun

>>>/qresearch/18401309, >>>/qresearch/18401310 Crimes Against Children Bun

>>>/qresearch/18401316, >>>/qresearch/18401511 Billionaire financier Thomas H. Lee dead by apparent suicide

>>>/qresearch/18401342 Judge tosses out disciplinary action against Sidney Powell for work on Trump election reversal bid

>>>/qresearch/18401487 Introducing Guangxi New Media Center. The Chinese cock'n'balls Institute

>>>/qresearch/18401603, >>>/qresearch/18401710, >>>/qresearch/18401727, >>>/qresearch/18401746 Endchan AND 4plebs are DOWN

>>>/qresearch/18401752 #22559

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18401809 Q Research General #22560: Long Bread of Abuses Edition

Created 240709ZFEB23



>>>/qresearch/18401815 #22560

>>>/qresearch/18401822 Matt Taibbi podcast #1940

>>>/qresearch/18401827 Full Testimony of Jacqueline Breger at AZ Committee 2-23-2323

>>>/qresearch/18401836, >>>/qresearch/18401844, >>>/qresearch/18401845 RE: RACHEL CHANDLER SURVEILLANCE CAMERA FOOTAGE UPDATE

>>>/qresearch/18401860 Endchan is back up

>>>/qresearch/18401879, >>>/qresearch/18402041, >>>/qresearch/18402044, >>>/qresearch/18402067, >>>/qresearch/18402111, >>>/qresearch/18402138 we need the manifest, who bought the chemicals?

>>>/qresearch/18401976, >>>/qresearch/18402105 The Times of Israel claims Prigozhin (Founder of Wagner Group) is Jewish

>>>/qresearch/18402012 How many times have Russell J Gould and David Wynn Miller been sued for fraud?

>>>/qresearch/18402029 Unknown WHITE POWDER OR DUST SEDIMENT falling out of the sky throughout West Virginia and Maryland..

>>>/qresearch/18402057 comprehensive videos about the Vegas shooting

>>>/qresearch/18402080, >>>/qresearch/18402092 A strong explosion is recorded in the crude oil storage center of #PEMEX in #Ixhuatlán of the Southeast, #Veracruz

>>>/qresearch/18402115 Several explosions reported in Karaj, a city that is said to produce Shahed drones. Anti-aircraft fire activated.

>>>/qresearch/18402117 Pilots are dropping like flies

>>>/qresearch/18402227, >>>/qresearch/18402280 On this day in 1945 the photo of Iwo Jima was taken

>>>/qresearch/18402256 New James O’Keefe

>>>/qresearch/18402271, >>>/qresearch/18402277 Lab-Grown Meat Is Made of Cancer Cells. Would You Like It Rare or Medium?


>>>/qresearch/18402294 Buttigieg’s Press Secretary being asked questions, didn’t want to be on camera.

>>>/qresearch/18402303 China urges for the END of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as it calls for a cease-fire and peace talks

>>>/qresearch/18402328 Being an Ally of HR can be the most dangerous job on the planet (Digz)

>>>/qresearch/18402342 2 former House GOP candidates alerted to improper requests for Air Force records

>>>/qresearch/18402365 new baker

>>>/qresearch/18402407 North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore and State Rep repeatedly rammed from behind

>>>/qresearch/18402418 DJT: I did absolutely NOTHING WRONG!

>>>/qresearch/18402419 Cornwall earthquake wakes up locals with rumble as houses 'shaken' by tremor

>>>/qresearch/18402427, >>>/qresearch/18402450 Potato: I'll repeat today what I said one year ago as Russia invaded Ukraine.

>>>/qresearch/18402505 Russia warns US, NATO, and Ukraine over Transnistria

>>>/qresearch/18402561 #22560

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18402559 Q Research General #22561: Meet you in Davey Jone's Locker Edition

Created 241250ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18402567 #22561

>>>/qresearch/18402619, >>>/qresearch/18402698 Kiev is amassing troops near the border with Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region

>>>/qresearch/18402630 In order to receive their $1,000 cash payouts, East Palestine residents will be required to sign away their right to sue, as well as to ask for any more money in the future

>>>/qresearch/18402655 Officials reveal cost of shooting down ‘UFOs’ more than $1.5 million to shoot down three mysterious objects

>>>/qresearch/18402692, >>>/qresearch/18402694 anons questions origins of white dust over MD, WV

>>>/qresearch/18402729, >>>/qresearch/18402733 New FDA authority to ban off-label uses alarms doctors

>>>/qresearch/18402738 Memorandum on United States Conventional Arms Transfer Policy

>>>/qresearch/18402753 Maritime Security Communications with Industry (MSCI) Advisory Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Bab al Mandeb Strait, Red Sea, and Somali Basin-Threats to Commercial Vessels

>>>/qresearch/18402761 Judge approves depositions for Trump, FBI Director Wray in suit from former officials

>>>/qresearch/18402779 Full Testimony of Jacqueline Breger at AZ Committee | 02-23-23

>>>/qresearch/18402786, >>>/qresearch/18402819, >>>/qresearch/18402822, >>>/qresearch/18402841, >>>/qresearch/18402842 Refresher: DARPA Hires Pfizer to Perform Groundbreaking Vaccine Research

>>>/qresearch/18402790 Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 02/24/2023

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/4b853720a848129ff0cc649ca8d9045b - Phase 2 - Ahoy! The Ship Show & Extra Gravy - 02/24/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>>/qresearch/18402877 Read five years of FBI disciplinary reports identifying crimes, misconduct by bureau employees

>>>/qresearch/18402887 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Jones-Emberson 1

>>>/qresearch/18402894 PlaneFag CONUS Activity: SAM & PATs active early-RCH4581 C-17 went to McChord JB (the same one that had the 'incidnet at Kabul Aiport in 2021 tail #02-1109

>>>/qresearch/18402926 US defense official reveals timeline for tank deliveries to Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18402941 NASA has selected Jacobs Technology Inc., of Tullahoma, Tennessee, to manage launch infrastructure, and to operate and maintain ground systems

>>>/qresearch/18402944 Biden team has ‘deeply rooted hatred for Russia’ – US congressman

>>>/qresearch/18402949, >>>/qresearch/18403331 Deputy Secretary Sherman remarks at PEPFAR's 20th Anniversary Event

>>>/qresearch/18402952 Secretary of State Blinken Speaks at U.N. Security Council Meeting on Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18402973 White House details new sanctions against Russia

>>>/qresearch/18402990, >>>/qresearch/18403190 PlaneFag Yerp: Belgian AF BAF77 Falcon 7xEU Commission President Ursula von der Leyenfinished with her visit and RAF RRR4099 A400m took off just west of same

>>>/qresearch/18403049, >>>/qresearch/18403057, >>>/qresearch/18403074, >>>/qresearch/18403110 Six graphics illustrate the extraordinary level of support the United States has provided Ukraine this past year

>>>/qresearch/18403053, >>>/qresearch/18403101 Stocks & Bonds Slammed After Hot Inflation Print, Rate-Hike Odds Soar


>>>/qresearch/18403081 Dr.SHIVA 2024: The Science of the Vinyl Chloride Disaster in Ohio

>>>/qresearch/18403104, >>>/qresearch/18403112 Bolton/Rice Talk About One Year of the Russia-Ukraine War/keep your neocons closer kek

>>>/qresearch/18403118 Blinken: "Russia Has Abduced at Least 6,000 Ukrainian Children" (or saved)

>>>/qresearch/18403152 FDA redefines 'milk': Dairy State senator slams approval of label for plant-based substitutes

>>>/qresearch/18403166 @OfficialFtSill Hustle. Grind. Execute. 🏋️ 🏆

>>>/qresearch/18403176 Karine Jean-Pierre announces two more White House press office departures

>>>/qresearch/18403183 Arizona Rancher George Alan Kelly Preliminary Hearing LIVE

>>>/qresearch/18403187 @StrikeBCT Squad goals!

>>>/qresearch/18403217 School district forced to pay over 100K in legal fees after banning moms from exposing pornographic materials

>>>/qresearch/18403243 Norway helped DESTROY the NordStream pipeline in new Seymour Hersh report

>>>/qresearch/18403250 As China and Russia Align Closer, Joe Biden Sends Additional U.S. Troops to Taiwan

>>>/qresearch/18403277 @NavalInstitute USS Iowa (BB 61) firing a full broadside with its 15 guns

>>>/qresearch/18403353 #22561

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18403354 Q Research General #22562: Vinyl Choride Edition

Created 241640ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18403367 #22562

>>>/qresearch/18403382 Biden Official Clears Ukraine of Misusing U.S. Financial Aid

>>>/qresearch/18403390 TRU TUBE 54 Updated 100 New Videos Added, 1500 Total Videos Running

>>>/qresearch/18403393 NC House Speaker Tim Moore Rammed Several Times By Car On Highway

>>>/qresearch/18403396 Biden Decided to Send Tanks to Ukraine ‘Even if It’s Not the Most Sensible Military Move

>>>/qresearch/18403404, >>>/qresearch/18403405 Bidenflation Jumps Higher as Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in 6 Months

>>>/qresearch/18403412 PF F35LTNG squawking 7700 (emergency/distress) over Utah Test and Training Range-back to Hill AFB..safe landing pilot o7

>>>/qresearch/18403424 UK Defence Secretary Warns ‘War is Coming’ to Britain, Demands More Military Spending

>>>/qresearch/18403441 @SpaceForceDoD "Air Force Global Strike Command and our Air Force takes the responsibility to protect Airman and Guardians incredibly seriously, and their safety and health continues to be my priority,"

>>>/qresearch/18403448 Fredericks: East Palestine Is Another Disgusting Example Of The Establishment Forgetting Americans

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2aru5q-fredericks-east-palestine-is-another-disgusting-example-of-the-establishmen.html - Fredericks: East Palestine Is Another Disgusting Example Of The Establishment Forgetting Americans [8:35] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18403496 Pentagon unveils new major Ukraine aid package

>>>/qresearch/18403513 PlaneFag CONUS update

>>>/qresearch/18403520 DOJ's 'Operation KleptoCapture' is seeking to seize $75 million worth of luxury real-estate in Miami Beach, The Hamptons, and NYC because of alleged sanctions violations

>>>/qresearch/18403521 US and UK stall on jets for Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18403528, >>>/qresearch/18403536 MSM losing grip

>>>/qresearch/18403581 The Bee: Biden Promises To Get Rid Of Those Resort Fees By The Time WWIII Starts

>>>/qresearch/18403591, >>>/qresearch/18403626 Blinken heads to Asia, with China, Russia tensions soaring

>>>/qresearch/18403610, >>>/qresearch/18403627 Pence is launching a major ad campaign to combat a controversial investing movement ESG

>>>/qresearch/18403630 Canada's youngest athletes, ages 6-13 are dying suddenly

>>>/qresearch/18403688 The Growing Cash Pile in Moscow That Investors Can’t Touch

>>>/qresearch/18403707 (R) Executive Committee Passes Resolution, Asking the Florida Legislature to Ban the C19 Jabs

>>>/qresearch/18403728, >>>/qresearch/18403765 Top Level Hunter Biden Associate Eric Schwerin Now COOPERATING WITH CONGRESS Against The Biden Family..

>>>/qresearch/18403729 LA DA Gascon suspends prosecutor for misgendering trans child molester

>>>/qresearch/18403770 Unscientific policy getting called out.

>>>/qresearch/18403791 Pandemic Treaty Reemerges With a Vengeance as WHO Seeks to Become the Global Health Police

>>>/qresearch/18403801 PF Jill Biden to focus on Horn of Africa drought during Kenya visit

>>>/qresearch/18403847 Explosion of excess deaths in heavily vaccinated European countries; Romania and Bulgaria buck the trend

>>>/qresearch/18403856 FDA and Pfizer clinical trial docs reveal more people died after getting a C19 vaccine than after a placebo,FDA is "unable to respond substantively at this time due to resource constraints"

>>>/qresearch/18403871 Judge rules that it is not illegal for a lawyer to lose a case. Partisan state bar regulators failed to make their case to disbar @SidneyPowell1

>>>/qresearch/18403878 Columbia University has announced an end to its COVID vaccine mandate as of May 11, becoming the first Ivy League university to do so.

>>>/qresearch/18403889 buckwheat says next Fed Chair will be hired based on how diverse they are, not strictly on their experience with monetary policy

>>>/qresearch/18403927 Major Explosion Reported at Crude Oil Storage Facility in Veracruz, Mexico..

>>>/qresearch/18403934 railroad news

>>>/qresearch/18403944 PlaneFag Africa/Yerp/Gulf- moar bizzy African AC's

>>>/qresearch/18404036 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK

>>>/qresearch/18404055 The Pandemic Treaty Is Far Worse Than Even Conservative Media Is Portraying

>>>/qresearch/18404059 Whitmer Offers Whopping Taxpayer Bailout to Norfolk Southern, Would Help Pay Fines for Ohio Disaster

>>>/qresearch/18404060, >>>/qresearch/18404085 2015 Refresher: Ukraine: Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk's Ally Accused of Graft/wife 'carried $29million in CASH through a refugee border crossing into the EU

>>>/qresearch/18404119 It is snowing in LA…

>>>/qresearch/18404125 #22562

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18404131 Q Research General #22563: Money Money Money Ukraine Edition

Created 241908ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18404141 #22563

>>>/qresearch/18404180 Enjoy #MagicEraser, a new HDR video effect

>>>/qresearch/18404194, >>>/qresearch/18404873, >>>/qresearch/18404878 They Are Trying To Kill Us With Lab Grown Meat Backed By Bill Gates Which Is LITERALLY CANCER CELLS

>>>/qresearch/18404204 Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder briefs the news media at the Pentagon.

>>>/qresearch/18404206 @KariLake Ohio is a toxic wasteland. Arizona is being invaded... Meanwhile, @JoeBiden is literally falling out of airplanes in foreign countries.

>>>/qresearch/18404229 WH Deputy Press Secretary Accidentally Posts 'Joe Biden Showered with His Daughter'

>>>/qresearch/18404240 Two MO Supreme Court Justices Announce Retirement

>>>/qresearch/18404274 Jordan, Grassley and Graham "conducting oversight" on [D]'s plans to pack SCOTUS

>>>/qresearch/18404379 Jamie Dimon Accused of Concealing Evidence In Epstein-JPMorgan Sex-Trafficking Lawsuits

>>>/qresearch/18404475 The AP Interview: Sleepy Joe is ready to run again, US farced lady confirms

>>>/qresearch/18404486, >>>/qresearch/18404598, >>>/qresearch/18404638 WW3 is 100% FAKE, We are just being Looted! AND KILLED OFF

>>>/qresearch/18404583 Clowns handling Hunter Biden's Laptop just discovered how big the hard drive really is, suggesting there is more to be recovered...

>>>/qresearch/18404665 Trump Erupts On 'Woke Left' And 'Radical Left Communists,' Unveils Proposed ESG Ban

>>>/qresearch/18404725 U.S. Defense Dept Purchased Chinese IT Equipment with Known Vulnerabilities for Use at Sensitive Base.

>>>/qresearch/18404740 @GenFlynn When the hell will real law enforcement officers actually start holding real criminals responsible?

>>>/qresearch/18404800 the powers behind US gov’t have been building bioweapons in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18404811 'Migrant' shot dead by Arizona rancher, 73, was cartel drug smuggler

>>>/qresearch/18404825, >>>/qresearch/18404852 shooting reported at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse NY

>>>/qresearch/18404828 Ukraine War: Russian ambassador interrupts minute of silence

>>>/qresearch/18404840 Arizona Democrat says US shouldn't shoot down 'weather balloons,' founded weather balloon firm with Chinese investment

>>>/qresearch/18404856 Scientists in #Germany have found that mRNA vaccination, not infection itself, caused brain and heart damage in an older adult with underlying conditions.

>>>/qresearch/18404889 Citizens of the Sarasota community have demanded an external and independent investigation of Sarasota Memorial Hospital and it has been replaced by an internal evaluation.

>>>/qresearch/18404897 #22563

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18404920 Q Research General #22564: Blackmail Matters Edition

Created 242206ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18404928 #22564

>>>/qresearch/18404947 "Humanity" - Coming May 2023 Featuring mob control, guided "ascension", and war with "the Others". ( now with Optional VR )

>>>/qresearch/18404948, >>>/qresearch/18404963, >>>/qresearch/18405026, >>>/qresearch/18405043 is 'Justice Report' the new 'Real Raw'?

>>>/qresearch/18404964, >>>/qresearch/18405414 CDC data Confirms That Majority of Fatal Covid Vaccines Were Knowingly Sent to Red States

>>>/qresearch/18405019 Arizona Rancher Released from Jail on $1 Million Bond

>>>/qresearch/18405029, >>>/qresearch/18405045 No one injured by the gunfire at Destiny USA mall, Syracuse Police Chief Joe Cecile saidthat the shooter was trying to intimidate someone by intentionally shooting at the trash can

>>>/qresearch/18405034, >>>/qresearch/18405199 "Crenshaw II - Deep State Boogaloo" starring Ron DeSantis

>>>/qresearch/18405055 Top Hunter Biden associate now cooperating with congress against Biden family.

>>>/qresearch/18405084 Major German Paper: Pfizer Fabricated Clinical Trials to Cover Up Deaths

>>>/qresearch/18405118 For Anons interested in articles re: cell lines used in Cultivated Meat products

>>>/qresearch/18405171 Space Force, Air Force partner to establish new Space Test Course

>>>/qresearch/18405211 This is Tom Brady's ex wife in her new photo shoot

>>>/qresearch/18405221, >>>/qresearch/18405223 CAUGHT: StL Soros-Funded Circuit Attorney Lied in Remarks About Contacting Judge to Revoke Bond of Serial Criminal – No Record This EVER HAPPENED

>>>/qresearch/18405225, >>>/qresearch/18405587 Zuckerberg-funded group violated Georgia law with $2M for elections board: watchdog

>>>/qresearch/18405279, >>>/qresearch/18405339 Activist Erin Brockovich holds town hall in East Palestine after train derailment

>>>/qresearch/18405452 “I Stand with James O’Keefe” – 14 Project Veritas Whistleblowers Release Video And Letter In Support Of James O’Keefe

>>>/qresearch/18405471 Feceberg has gone out of their way to block sharing of outofshadows.org

>>>/qresearch/18405485 Normies shocked to realize that sportsball is more important than their very lives

>>>/qresearch/18405537 George Kelly, Arizona rancher accused of killing Mexican man, released on $1 million bond

>>>/qresearch/18405563 Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Says He Will Reject Any Calls for Senator John Fetterman to Resign

>>>/qresearch/18405644 #22564

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18405662 Q Research General #22565: “I Stand with James O’Keefe” Edition

Created 250049ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18405671 #22565

>>>/qresearch/18405709 BANNON: I am One Million Percent Opposed to this National Divorce Concept

>>>/qresearch/18405981, >>>/qresearch/18406065 Executive daniel strack lied to the whistleblowers and said James was on paid leave but the board document said unpaid leave

>>>/qresearch/18406084 MTG introducing a resolution of inquiry in the House, a method to formally request information from the executive branch re Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18406095 The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens, Orlando, Dame Ox & More 'Fun Friday Free For All'

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/7a919ebb648f924fe8f6e05eab06632f - The Night Owl News With Dee Stevens, Orlando, Dame Ox & More 'Fun Friday Free For All' - 02/24/2023 - Tiger Network [Channel: Deestevensvoice4you]

>>>/qresearch/18406115 PlaneFag CONUS Update

>>>/qresearch/18406179 3 Massive Fires Break Out in Texas and Mexico at State-Owned Oil Facilities

>>>/qresearch/18406257 Credit Suisse Cuts Property Fund (REIT) Payouts as Withdrawals Mount

>>>/qresearch/18406291 “OVER 30 MILLION LETHAL DOSES” – Phoenix DEA, Tempe Police Seize

>>>/qresearch/18406321 Arizona Democrat says US shouldn't shoot down 'weather balloons,' founded weather balloon firm with Chinese investment

>>>/qresearch/18406394 Zelensky disrespects and bails on Bidan, and wants to meet with Xi from China because if his 12 point peace plan

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2au1ww-peter-navarro-talks-zelensky-and-chinas-peace-plan.html - Peter Navarro talks Zelensky and Chinas peace plan [4:18] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18406434 Project Veritas Releases Video Saying That They Want James O’Keefe Back, After Desperate Plea For Donors Not to Jump Ship

>>>/qresearch/18406482 #22565

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BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18406488 Q Research General #22566: Keeping It Real Edition

Created 250303ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18406558 U.S. Defense Dept Purchased Chinese IT Equipment with Known Vulnerabilities for Use at Sensitive Base.

>>>/qresearch/18406571, >>>/qresearch/18406574, >>>/qresearch/18406583 A petition to stop FDA misleading doctors about covid-19 vaccines (annoying subscribe-wall, can get around)

>>>/qresearch/18406591, >>>/qresearch/18406593 Tennessee legislature passes ban on gender-transition "health care" for minors

>>>/qresearch/18406621 Forgotten “Primum Non Nocere” and Increased Mortality after Covid-19 Vaccination

>>>/qresearch/18406623 Ericsson to cut 8,500 jobs worldwide

>>>/qresearch/18406627, >>>/qresearch/18407227 Fetterman's Wife Abruptly Fled the Country After He Was Hospitalized

>>>/qresearch/18406651, >>>/qresearch/18406802 The Vigilant Fox 🦊 Vaccine Shedding? "Women Are Having Miscarriages and Bleeding Problems Just From Being Around Inoculated People"

>>>/qresearch/18406666 Quads - >voltage ⚡ wtf!!!!

>>>/qresearch/18406667 CDC stats confirm that Majority Of Fatal Covid Vaccines Were Knowingly Sent To Red States

>>>/qresearch/18406722 Keeping firearms out of easy reach key to preventing military suicides

>>>/qresearch/18406864 Hanging with country music legend @jeffreysteele in his Nashvegas ManCave

>>>/qresearch/18406918 Feeding Your Kids Into The Mouth of The Devil 😈 🤷🏽‍♀️

>>>/qresearch/18406956, >>>/qresearch/18407076, >>>/qresearch/18407079 Jim is live now on TORA3

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/277844c7636db704b0b3dbe2a24c7bf5 - 8kun Chat 23-02-24 - Tiger Network [Channel: newsnetwork]

VIDEO https://tora3.com/video/277844c7636db704b0b3dbe2a24c7bf5 - 8kun Chat 23-02-24 - Tiger Network [Channel: newsnetwork]

>>>/qresearch/18407058 BREAKING: Top Hunter Biden Associate Now Cooperating With Congress Against Biden Family (PB)

>>>/qresearch/18407065 Catholic Charities Immigration Program

>>>/qresearch/18407109 Greenwald comment on MSM's fears that the public will see what ACTUALLY took place on J6


VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/dcJa66cjfec5/ - BREAKING: TREASON - KATIE HOBBS, RUNBECK & THE SINALOA CARTEL [Channel: SGT Report]

>>>/qresearch/18407192 Railway Productions, LLC vs. Thomas Licensing, LLC et al

>>>/qresearch/18407263 #22566

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FRESHand non-stopping from this point on...

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68a153 No.151209


UPDATE for >>>/qresearch/18374262 /qresearch/ Q Research General #22524: Infinite Pub Open Edition

>>>/qresearch/18374895 @RudyGiuliani: Where's Corn Pop? 🌽🍿😎

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39088b No.151242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18251134 Q Research General #22363: Thai's Declaring Pfizer Jabs Null and Void: Thai Princess Coma Edition

Created 300226ZJAN23




>>>/qresearch/18251159 #22363

>>>/qresearch/18251178, >>>/qresearch/18251221, >>>/qresearch/18251223 🔥 🇮🇷 Arms factory on fire in Iran

>>>/qresearch/18251200 Drones attack convoy on Syria-Iraq border

>>>/qresearch/18251206 The US-made weapons system was used in an attack that left four people dead in Russia’s Zaporozhye Region

>>>/qresearch/18251255 Russia to produce modernized iconic rifle

>>>/qresearch/18251315 Thai king leaves ‘harem’ lockdown for 20,000-mile trip home

>>>/qresearch/18251351 PF Nightwatch, the Airborne Command Post plane is airborne

>>>/qresearch/18251392 President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s Save Arizona Rally

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v27o6xu-president-trump-calls-into-kari-lakes-save-arizona-rally.html - President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s Save Arizona Rally [1:09] [Channel: The Gateway Pundit]

>>>/qresearch/18251418, >>>/qresearch/18251802 Kash Patel: ‘Government Gangsters’ Trying to ‘Cover Up’ Biden Classified Document Scandal

>>>/qresearch/18251469, >>>/qresearch/18251472 2020 Inside Kim Jong Un’s childhood living under a fake name in Switzerland

>>>/qresearch/18251481 Rats! Battery Park City uses dry ice to kill vermin

>>>/qresearch/18251482, >>>/qresearch/18251530 PF SAM173 past the Bering Straight

>>>/qresearch/18251483 Türkiye may rule differently on the NATO applications of Finland and Sweden, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

>>>/qresearch/18251523 In India, camouflage camels were shown at a military parade.

>>>/qresearch/18251540 Pelosi Gets DESPERATE When Confronted with Her Own Words

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v26y74w-epic-pelosi-gets-desperate-when-confronted-with-her-own-words.html - EPIC: Pelosi Gets DESPERATE When Confronted with Her Own Words [2:47] [Channel: Dan Bongino Show Clips]

>>>/qresearch/18251556, >>>/qresearch/18251585 Well here we go again. The 3rd largest egg farm in the U.S. catches fire today

>>>/qresearch/18251587, >>>/qresearch/18251629 [D5], 5=E, D5=DE Directed Evolution???/D5 is military psyops short-hand for "deceive, degrade, deny, disrupt, destroy"

>>>/qresearch/18251718 McCarthy is getting very bold! For the keks

>>>/qresearch/18251737 Now they're IN coming from CANADA: Northern border sees 743% spike in migrants trying to cross into US

>>>/qresearch/18251753, >>>/qresearch/18251800 When retired military are saying this someone should listen!

>>>/qresearch/18251827, >>>/qresearch/18251833 2/24/22 letter from Zelensky ordering the destruction of all gov’t files for Metabiota

>>>/qresearch/18251860 #22363

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c801db No.151350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAD /qresearch/

>>>/qresearch/18046055 Q Research AUSTRALIA #27: THEY ARE IN FULL BLOWN PANIC MODE Edition

Created 310840ZDEC22




>>>/qresearch/18046171 Kevin Rudd Tweet (2021): Unbelievable that Murdoch media would publish this outrageous cartoon of President Biden calling him “Creepy Joe” - and for what reason? Then suggesting he’s controlled by a non-existent organisation - “Antifa”. All QAnon crap. #MurdochRoyalCommission

>>>/qresearch/18046179 Kevin Rudd Tweet (2021): Video: In America, the Murdoch media continues to support a QAnon congresswoman who is notorious for her racist, antisemitic nonsense. The lesson for Australia? Murdoch will back bigger fruitcakes than Craig Kelly if he thinks there’s money and power to be gained

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/286ca2d19d10d6a7200e6318f52ea55bae387aa5f8c21e7b787f6c024db89e09.webm

>>>/qresearch/18046186 Kevin Rudd Tweet (2021): Great speech by Chris Bowen on Morrison and his close personal relationship with an activist from QAnon - the far right, extremist, religious conspiracy group that stormed the US Capitol.

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/bc569e9a757c9e0ef8293d4706aeb99a2f3895195890412479b78649b0938be8.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18046189 Kevin Rudd Tweet (2021): Video: Could you imagine any other Australian PM refusing to answer questions about inviting an extreme, far-right religious cultist to Kirribilli House? What about accepting his help to write a speech to parliament? His own family reported him to the National Security Hotline.

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/ca62d2c8db1b12610286ac0bce76be795c40217c9d24f85e96ce7eb3a7aa0346.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18046192 Kevin Rudd Tweet (2021): Premier Andrews is right to call out Morrison's offensive courting of political extremists at the expense of ordinary law-abiding Australians. Whether it's far-right radicals, anti-vaxxers or the QAnon cult. Just appalling.

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/132b1b7802b1ba0664b0e8caa6ee653e00e8bc34860fb61dbd7458346c1ac55a.webm

>>>/qresearch/18046199 Q Post #2576 - Those with the most to lose are the loudest. Those who 'knowingly' broke the law in a coordinated effort [treason] are the most vocal. Crimes against Humanity. Q - https://qanon.pub/#2576

>>>/qresearch/18046747 U.S. Embassy Australia Tweet: Video: Thank you for a fantastic 2022, Australia! Happy New Year!

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/95605f4b05e96d23deb8f86aabe37a97aebd08d6a27c5d7026e56f323704eed2.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18057788 Emese Abigail Fajk, alleged “international con woman” accused of a raft of offences within the Ukraine Foreign Legion, including blackmail, misappropriation of donations and stealing a “massive shipment” of medical supplies valued up to $US2.5m

>>>/qresearch/18071608 Rudd tells US not to ‘throw allies under a bus’ - Australia’s soon-to-be ambassador to the United States, Kevin Rudd, says America needs to stop throwing some foreign allies “under a bus” on trade and economics if it wants to build international support to push back against China

>>>/qresearch/18071684 The Wiggles slammed for hinting at ‘new collab’ with Lil Nas X: ‘You betrayed us’ - The Wiggles have been blasted on social media after hinting at a “new collab” with US rapper Lil Nas X - The popular children’s music group posed for a picture with the controversial American rapper, who was holding a purple Wiggles shirt, at Falls Festival in Melbourne - “Such a shame, my daughter loved The Wiggles. I don’t see how someone who lap dances the devil in their music videos is a good candidate for working in the children’s music industry,” one infuriated mother wrote

>>>/qresearch/18071688 Fans criticise The Wiggles for posing with Lil Nas X at Australian music festival - The Wiggles have sparked outrage after posing with controversial rapper Lil Nas X - One outraged Twitter user wrote: "You're riding Satan in your new music video. You're proud of that?" - Another said: “Lil Nas X new music video ‘Call Me By Your Name.....if that doesn’t scream I sold my soul to the devil than idk.”

>>>/qresearch/18079409 Australia to buy long-range HIMARS missile system from United States after Ukraine praises weapon's effectiveness against Russia - Australia's Army will have an unprecedented long-range strike capability with the purchase of the US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket (HIMARS) system, which Ukraine has praised for its devastating effectiveness against invading Russian forces

>>>/qresearch/18079427 Former PM Kevin Rudd tells United States to stop throwing allies 'under a bus' to limit Chinese influence in the region - Australia's incoming ambassador to Washington, Kevin Rudd, has been accused of engaging in "opinionated lecturing" after he declared the United States needs to stop throwing its allies "under a bus" on the economy

>>>/qresearch/18079476 NSW ‘ISIS bride’ charged for allegedly entering Islamic State-run areas of Syria - Mariam Raad charged with entering and remaining in the “declared zone” of al-Raqqa province in Syria, which was an IS stronghold in 2014 - Police say they have new evidence she willingly entered Islamic State territory in 2014 and knew of her then-husband, Muhammad Zahab’s activities with the group

>>>/qresearch/18087932 US senators’ leaked letter won’t sink AUKUS subs deal: defence minister - Defence Minister Richard Marles has insisted Australia’s plan to acquire nuclear-powered submarines remains on track after two US senators staged a dramatic intervention, warning Joe Biden the AUKUS pact risked stressing America’s industrial base to “breaking point”

>>>/qresearch/18087967 EXCLUSIVE: Reed, Inhofe warn Biden AUKUS risks becoming ‘zero sum game’ for US Navy - "We are concerned that what was initially touted as a 'do no harm' opportunity to support Australia and the United Kingdom and build long-term competitive advantages for the U.S. and its Pacific allies, may be turning into a zero-sum game for scarce, highly advanced U.S. SSNs," wrote the Senate Armed Services Committee heads

>>>/qresearch/18097132 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese 'very confident' AUKUS deal will benefit all three countries, despite concerns raised in US - Australia is on track to announce plans to buy new nuclear-powered submarines from the US and UK, despite scepticism in Washington - Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Defence Minister Richard Marles said on Saturday Australia's relationship with the US remained strong

>>>/qresearch/18097141 Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to address Papua New Guinea's national parliament on two-day trip - Mr Albanese had been due to visit PNG in December last year but the trip was postponed after he tested positive to COVID-19 - He will attend an annual Leaders' Dialogue, before flying to Wewak in the north to pay homage to the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare

>>>/qresearch/18097188 Australian YouTuber reported to police by Ukrainian ambassador over alleged 'harassment campaign' - In a video posted to YouTube, Simeon Boikov - also known as 'Aussie Cossack' - made a prank call to Ukraine's ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko

>>>/qresearch/18102810 Worst floods in WA’s history cut off towns, could create an inland sea - Children are being winched out of remote communities, while livestock and wallabies are seeking refuge on small islands in what has been described as the worst flooding in Western Australia’s history, in the state’s northern Kimberley region - “People in the Kimberley are experiencing a one-in-100-year flood event, the worst flooding WA has ever seen,” the state’s Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson said

>>>/qresearch/18108718 Dutton adamant Australia can still buy subs off the shelf - Peter Dutton says there is “no question” Australia could still buy two Virginia-class submarines from America by 2030 despite the heads of the US Senate armed services committee advising against it and warning the AUKUS pact risked stretching the nation’s industrial base “to breaking point”

>>>/qresearch/18108782 Malcolm Turnbull fires warning shot as AUKUS submarine debate rages - Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has issued a stern warning on the AUKUS submarines deal, noting a crucial element of the plan could undermine our sovereignty

>>>/qresearch/18108831 Islamic State Missile terrorist to return to NSW country town after prison - Haisem Zahab, convicted Islamic State terrorist linked by marriage to “ISIS bride” Mariam Raad is expected to return to his home in the rural NSW town of Young after his release from prison this year, angering residents already reeling from the arrest last week of the 31-year-old mother of four

>>>/qresearch/18115415 Not a day to celebrate: Wollongong university staff given option to work on Australia Day holiday - Vice-chancellor Patricia Davidson says 26 January is seen as Invasion Day by First Nations colleagues and we should ‘be clear about what we’re celebrating’

>>>/qresearch/18115451 Retired admiral sinks Turnbull ‘sovereignty’ fear - Peter Clarke, the only Australian admiral to have commanded both a nuclear and a diesel-electric submarine, has dismissed as “complete nonsense” criticism by Malcolm Turnbull that the trilateral AUKUS agreement to obtain a fleet of nuclear submarines would undermine Australian sovereignty

>>>/qresearch/18115494 AUKUS subs warning ‘inaccurate portrayal’: Democrat congressman Joe Courtney, senior member of the House of Representatives Sea Power committee - One of the strongest supporters of the AUKUS security pact in the US congress has urged “everyone to take a deep breath”, amid growing fears US shipyards won’t have the capacity to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines before the nation has the capacity to build them itself

>>>/qresearch/18115506 Memo PM: on AUKUS, you need to lead it or lose it - Albanese needs to be more energised about the risks to AUKUS, and hence to his prime ministership, than was on display at last Saturday’s media conference. He foreshadowed a meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, “who I will meet with again in the first half of the year”, but there was no mention of further engagement with Biden, the essential figure in AUKUS success. - Peter Jennings - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18128882 US politicians express strong support for AUKUS submarine deal in letter to President Joe Biden - A bipartisan group of United States politicians have publicly thrown their weight behind the AUKUS pact after two powerful US Senators warned that selling Virginia-class nuclear submarines to Australia could stretch the US industrial base to "breaking point."

>>>/qresearch/18128948 NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet apologises for wearing Nazi costume on 21st birthday - NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has apologised after revealing he wore a Nazi costume on his 21st birthday - Speaking on radio hours after a shock press conference, the premier admitted he should have revealed his "grave mistake" earlier

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=UJVn4KhVlAk - NSW Premier apologises for wearing Nazi costume at 21st birthday | 9 News Australia [Channel: 9 News Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18128956 Neo-Nazi Thomas Sewell’s vile act outside court after sentence for assault on Nine Network security guard - A Melbourne neo-Nazi who violently assaulted a black security guard performed a Nazi salute outside court moments after avoiding jail time for his “sickening” crime

>>>/qresearch/18128995 Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese keen to strengthen ties in first visit to Papua New Guinea - PNG Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko said that with the new Australian government, PNG sees a "brighter light" and expects "more partnership", which he believes will make the relationship "bigger and better than it has been before"

>>>/qresearch/18135941 PNG security deal to push Beijing back - Australia will sign a new security pact with Papua New Guinea by June, as the two countries agree to move more quickly to push back against China’s regional ambitions and address entrenched law and order struggles facing the Pacific nation

>>>/qresearch/18153811 Albanese confident US powerbrokers will keep faith in AUKUS - Anthony Albanese is directly lobbying members of US congress to hold the line in supporting the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal as it comes under criticism in America, calling the pact essential in strengthening Australia’s defence capabilities

>>>/qresearch/18153844 Senior military leader concerned by Canada's absence from American-British-Australian security pact - Canada could miss out on important technology, says Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie - There are concerns at the highest levels of the Canadian Armed Forces that this country won't have access to the same cutting-edge military technology as its closest allies because it is not part of a security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States

>>>/qresearch/18153870 Operation Ironside: Authorities closing in on the international drug-smuggling operations of Australia’s most wanted man, Hakan Ayik, and his offsider Duax Ngakuru, the global boss of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang

>>>/qresearch/18160286 Retired Major General, Senator Jim Molan dies aged 72 - Jim Molan, the architect of the nation’s Operation Sovereign Borders policy and NSW Liberal senator, has died aged 72 - The former major general in the Australian Army passed away surrounded by family after a two-year battle with cancer

>>>/qresearch/18160315 Russian and Belarusian flags banned at Australian Open after controversy during Ukrainian's match - The presence of a Russian flag in the stands at the Australian Open has prompted organisers to ban them from Melbourne Park - The red, white and blue stripes of the Russian flag were visible in the crowd during the first-round match between Kateryna Baindl and Kamilla Rakhimova on day one of the tennis major

>>>/qresearch/18166750 Hundreds of thousands told they can ‘swap the date’ and work Australia Day - Hundreds of thousands of workers across the public and private sectors will be given the option to work on Australia Day instead of celebrating the public holiday as the national debate intensifies about the appropriateness of celebrating the 1788 arrival of the first fleet

>>>/qresearch/18166822 Operation Ironside: Australian and Kiwi ‘sting of the century’ arrests - Former Sydney man Osemah El Hassen and New Zealand citizen Shane Ngakuru arrested as the FBI chase down the global group they allege was responsible for administering, distributing and marketing the encrypted devices and platform known as AN0M, widely used in the criminal underworld

>>>/qresearch/18166827 US-accused Edwin Harmendra Kumar kept in Aussie jail since 2021 - A man wanted in the US to face racketeering charges has spent 19 months in jail in Australia despite facing no local charges, as his extradition application drags on - Sydney man Edwin Harmendra Kumar was arrested and remanded in custody on June 7, 2021, after a global sting by the Australian Federal Police and the FBI using the trojan horse encrypted app AN0M

>>>/qresearch/18166835 Australia to buy 40 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from United States to replace troubled Taipan fleets - The Australian Army will ditch its European-made Taipan helicopter fleet early, with Labor confirming they will be replaced by a multi-billion-dollar purchase of American-made Black Hawks

>>>/qresearch/18166844 Australian soldiers deployed to UK to train everyday Ukrainians, like bakers and hairdressers - Australian soldiers will be deployed this week to train everyday Ukrainians - like pastry chefs and taxi drivers - in a bid to bolster Kiev’s defence as Russia’s war rages on

>>>/qresearch/18173359 Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews Tweet: Through a pandemic, a terrorist attack and an eruption, Jacinda led with a kindness which came to define her Prime Ministership. A real leader, with so much to be proud of.

>>>/qresearch/18180137 OPINION: Jacinda Ardern reminds us that kindness and strength are not mutually exclusive - Prime Minister Anthony Albanese - theage.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18180152 New Zealand PM Ardern announces resignation, recognized for her role in ties with China - Wang Qi - globaltimes.cn

>>>/qresearch/18180190 Alice Springs mayor Matt Paterson calls for federal police, ADF assistance amid crime crisis - The mayor of Alice Springs has called for the army or federal police to be deployed to the outback town to assist with a prolonged and frequently violent crime crisis

>>>/qresearch/18180217 NT Police Minister Kate Worden visits Alice Springs amid crime crisis - Police Minister Kate Worden has called on liquor retailers to come together to stamp out the “black market” secondary supply of alcohol seen as a root cause of crime in Alice Springs

>>>/qresearch/18180264 Opposition Leader Peter Dutton calls for the federal government to take urgent action in Alice Springs, where a prolonged and frequently violent crime crisis has taken hold - The Northern Territory town has been battling against a spike in theft, assaults and anti-social behaviour, which has seen a surge in home robberies and property crime

>>>/qresearch/18180306 Elders ready to intervene in Alice - The Albanese government has rejected pleas to send federal police to stem the wave of violent crime engulfing Alice Springs, as Aboriginal elders in remote communities plan their own emergency intervention to remove young troublemakers from town

>>>/qresearch/18185491 Mutual admiration as billionaire Gates meets PM Albanese in Sydney - Billionaire Bill Gates had never met Anthony Albanese before Saturday, but he thought he’d drop in on the Australian prime minister to talk vaccines, energy and climate change - Gates, who is in the country with his foundation and representatives from his company, Breakthrough Energy, has made it his mission to ensure world leaders are ready for the next pandemic

>>>/qresearch/18185495 Video: Bill Gates meets Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at Kirribilli House - One of the world's wealthiest people Bill Gates, is meeting with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at Kirribilli House. The pair are expected to talk on energy, tackling climate change, the Foundation and opportunities in the Pacific - Sky News Australia

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=-n7ITbBVlbQ - Bill Gates meets Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at Kirribilli House [Channel: Sky News Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18186908 Video: Albanese hosts Bill Gates at Kirribilli House over key global issues - The Prime Minister has met with billionaire Bill Gates to discuss climate change and energy shortages, as well as healthcare - 9 News Australia

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=xi5iEw4ruzo - Albanese hosts Bill Gates at Kirribilli House over key global issues | 9 News Australia [Channel: 9 News Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18187108 Democrat push to grant Australia a waiver to import nuclear subs earlier than expected - A maze of US regulations and export control laws stand between Australia and the multibillion-dollar AUKUS submarine agreement, prompting Democratic congressman Joe Courtney, a key ally of the pact in Congress to propose a blanket exemption to accelerate delivery of the nuclear-powered fleet

>>>/qresearch/18187122 Alice Springs, a town on the edge of its wits - Daylight home invasions, car theft, vandalism and the constant threat of physical violence have made the CBD a no-go zone, plagued by out-of-control youths, often drunk - Todd Mall, once a thriving hub of Indigenous art galleries, restaurants, pubs and cafes is now a collection of dozens of boarded-up and shuttered shops

>>>/qresearch/18200992 Andrews government quietly shelves Australia Day parade - Move welcomed by the co-chair of the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria who described the event as an annual “slap in the face” - The parade down Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD will not return this year after two years of COVID cancellations - Instead the government will host an event in Federation Square to “reflect, respect, celebrate” on January 26

>>>/qresearch/18201002 Invasion Day rallies will campaign against the Voice - Invasion Day rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will march under slogans calling for treaty and sovereignty to take priority over a Voice to parliament, as the Indigenous organisers say they will campaign against the push for constitutional recognition

>>>/qresearch/18201061 Video: Horrific scenes of public violence in Alice - On any given night, more than 200 children, some as young as five, roam the streets of Alice Springs looking for trouble, and almost always find it - Many of those kids are drinking alcohol, sometimes in the form of hand sanitiser diluted in soft drinks, or consuming deodorant, petrol or glue - Marion Scrymgour, Labor’s MP in Alice Springs says alcohol bans need to be brought back to curb the spiralling violence and crime

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/8c4b671554dec57546aab476cc93f87212e713d42ca1d12049f90243c1e9be06.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18201073 Australian Federal Police support Northern Ireland Police investigation into institutional abuse - The AFP is supporting the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s effort to locate women and children affected by institutional abuse between 1922 and 1990 as the search widens to Australia - The Police Service launched an investigation in 2021 into allegations of abuse within Mother and Baby Institutions, Work Houses and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland and believes victims and witnesses may now live in Australia - They are appealing for mothers who gave birth in, or anyone who was adopted from institutions in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1990 to come forward - These institutions housed many, including pregnant women and girls from 1922 to 1990 in Northern Ireland, who often felt coerced into giving up their child

>>>/qresearch/18201546 Pandemic preparedness lacking: Bill Gates - Tech multi-billionaire Bill Gates says that when future pandemics hit, stronger political cooperation is needed, even among foes - He told an audience at the Lowy Institute think tank in Sydney on Monday that he wouldn't say that any country got their COVID-19 response totally right - Mr Gates praised Australia's policies in helping keep infection rates low before vaccines were rolled out

>>>/qresearch/18201605 Video: Federal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton urges PM to visit Alice Springs amid crime increase - Pressure has been building on both the federal and Northern Territory governments to take further action on the issue - "If the level of violence, of crime, of sexual assault, of domestic and family violence was occurring in Brisbane or in Melbourne or in Hobart or in Sydney, there would be outrage."

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/c97be9bd151228bc056576e9f50142edca8fda3c6df305214a8ed3ce02044214.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18201660 Indigenous Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price renews her calls for Anthony Albanese to visit Alice Springs which has been "described as a war zone" and to provide federal government support amid a crime crisis

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=9HPddInlZ5k - NT Labor govt is ‘soft on crime’: Jacinta Price [Channel: Sky News Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18208408 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese flies into Alice Springs after days of pressure from the federal opposition and national media over crime and alcohol-fuelled violence in the town - The federal government has already rejected calls from Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and Alice Springs Mayor Matt Paterson for the Australian Defence Force or federal police to be deployed to the town

>>>/qresearch/18208441 Ukraine to Australia: Don’t succumb to war fatigue - Ukraine is urging Australia not to succumb to fatigue over its war with Russia as it pleads for more military assistance from the federal government before the upcoming one-year anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s invasion - Ukrainian ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko said Australia had been generous in its support for his nation’s war effort, but expressed concern aid may drop off in the future as the conflict grinds on

>>>/qresearch/18208456 Ukraine alert over Block bid reneger Emese Abigail Fajk - Ukrainian parliamentarian Maryan Zablotskyy has directed the country’s leading security agency to investigate alleged “international con woman” Emese Abigail Fajk following accusations of blackmail, counterespionage and financial crimes inside Ukraine’s Foreign Legion - Ms Fajk, who made headlines in Australia in 2020 when she placed a $4m winning bid on a house on Nine Network’s The Block but failed to pay, has been accused of a raft of offences including blackmail, misappropriation of donations and stealing medical supplies valued up to $US2.5m ($3.6m)

>>>/qresearch/18208488 Bill Gates backs gas in shift to green-energy world - Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates has backed gas as a critical part of the globe’s transition to green energy, saying it is the stepping stone to a hydrogen-powered world and that poorer countries will need fossil fuels like it for years to come - The world’s fourth richest man is in Australia for a series of talks and met Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

>>>/qresearch/18208522 Calls to ban ‘Holocaust denier’ Kanye from Australia - Controversial rapper Kanye West has been labelled an “extremist” with a “history of provocation” by Victorian Industry Minister Ben Carroll ahead of his reported visit to Melbourne - The fiery comments come just as West is believed to be heading to the city next week to meet the family of his new Australian wife, Bianca Censori

>>>/qresearch/18208555 US Congressman suggests sending jointly operated US submarine to Australia as AUKUS announcement looms - A senior member of the US Congress has called for a dual-crewed American submarine to be based in Australia as part of an interim measure under the AUKUS agreement - Republican Rob Wittman also argued Australian shipbuilders and sailors should be sent to the US for months at a time to prepare them for the eventual acquisition of a nuclear-powered submarine fleet

>>>/qresearch/18208569 Video: The path ahead for AUKUS - Nearly 18 months after unveiling the AUKUS agreement, the federal government is preparing to announce exactly how it plans to acquire nuclear-powered submarines. But just weeks out from the major update, there are signs that support in the United States might be wavering, with political division over the best way of avoiding Australia's looming capability gap. North America correspondent Jade Macmillan spoke to members of congress on both sides of the aisle about the path ahead - ABC News (Australia)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=dbw_he4m9LA - The path ahead for AUKUS | 7.30 | ABC News [Channel: ABC News (Australia)]

>>>/qresearch/18221059 Fly-in Anthony Albanese with one week fix - Anthony Albanese will not support blanket alcohol bans across central Australia to combat grog-fuelled violence in Alice Springs, despite warnings from Indigenous leaders that urgent “positive ­discrimination” is needed to protect under-siege households and businesses

>>>/qresearch/18221098 Video: New Alice Springs alcohol restrictions after Albanese’s crime wave crisis talks - Alcohol sales will be subject to immediate curbs across the Northern Territory in a step towards more sweeping bans within a week, after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese flew to Alice Springs to respond to a surge in violence ravaging Indigenous communities

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/bc71746e477a8396cdc7a4884818296570ed75b34685a43437bd639284eda636.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18221127 After Alice alcohol clampdown, NT to get tougher cash restrictions - Northern Territory residents could be subject to tougher spending restrictions when the cashless debit card used to control their spending winds up in March, while Prime Minister Anthony says he is open to a return of total alcohol bans for communities at risk

>>>/qresearch/18221139 ‘Still at war’: Lidia Thorpe casts doubt over Greens’ support - Greens’ First Nations spokeswoman Lidia Thorpe says Australia is “still at war” and that an Indigenous voice to parliament is not the answer to ending that conflict, signalling rising Left-wing opposition to enshrining the advisory body in the constitution - It comes as organisers of “Invasion Day” rallies across the country flagged they would campaign against the voice on Australia Day

>>>/qresearch/18221154 Pressure is building as the voice vote draws close - Anthony Albanese’s crisis dash to Alice Springs on Tuesday revealed a Prime Minister under pressure, months out from staking his authority on a referendum to enshrine a constitutional Indigenous voice to parliament

>>>/qresearch/18221174 Change by stealth: bosses ‘undermining our holiday’ - The Coalition has accused Labor of encouraging corporate Australia “to change our national day by stealth” after Telstra chief executive Vicki Brady revealed she would work on Australia Day, declaring that for many First Nations people January 26 was a “painful reminder of discrimination and exclusion”

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>>>/qresearch/18221223 ‘Huge moment’: Government prepares to unveil AUKUS plan - Defence Minister Richard Marles says the government has almost completed its plan to acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines under the AUKUS pact and won’t shy away from taking tough decisions to overhaul the Defence Force for today’s military threats

>>>/qresearch/18228346 PRESS STATEMENT: Australia National Day - ANTONY J. BLINKEN, SECRETARY OF STATE - On behalf of the people and Government of the United States, I extend best wishes to all Australians on the occasion of Australia Day on January 26

>>>/qresearch/18228355 Thousands protest Invasion Day in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra - Dramatic scenes erupted at Invasion Day rallies across the country, with fights breaking out and Greens senator Lidia Thorpe declaring “they are stealing our babies”

>>>/qresearch/18228382 Senator Lidia Thorpe protests Voice referendum at Invasion Day rally - “We have an opportunity to have a treaty – which is only through a piece of legislation, they could put 10 independent black seats in the senate today.” - Sky News Australia

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=X8R92bH3lxA - Senator Lidia Thorpe protests Voice referendum at Invasion Day rally [Channel: Sky News Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18228396 Lidia Thorpe pushes for treaty at Invasion Day rally: 'We need to end the war on our people' - Lidia Thorpe tells Guardian reporter Cait Kelly that Labor needs to prove that the voice to parliament would not cede sovereignty of Indigenous land rights - Guardian Australia

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=FiW1VUpTKCo - Lidia Thorpe pushes for treaty at Invasion Day rally: 'We need to end the war on our people' [Channel: Guardian Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18228406 Anon on calls for a Treaty: "I wonder who exactly the leftards think the early administrators of Australia should have made a treaty with? You had a stone-age, nomadic people with no centralised government and at least 250 distinct languages spoken. How would a treaty even work? Make one with every different group?"

>>>/qresearch/18228418 TV presenter Jessica Rowe says children ‘don’t want to celebrate’ Australia Day - High-profile journalist Jessica Rowe has claimed children do not want to take part in January 26 celebrations, and has backed the campaign to change the date of Australia Day

>>>/qresearch/18228427 Voice, Australia Day not top of mind in Alice Springs - "I cannot help but think opposition to Australia Day, along with the debate about the proposed enshrined voice to parliament, are convenient distractions to addressing the more serious problems facing Aboriginal Australians...For those who want to mourn on January 26, please do so. But please, on that day, take some time to think about those Aboriginal people who are genuinely suffering because they are hungry, live in unclean environments, share a mattress with three others, and are so accustomed to violence that they no longer bother to avoid it." - Anthony Dillon - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18228435 Plenty of warning on grog horrors - Doctors and community leaders have been warning federal parliament about the unfolding crisis in Alice Springs for months, with a committee told last year about a woman who died after she was set on fire, axe ­attacks, and people presenting at emergency with “horrific ­injuries”

>>>/qresearch/18228466 ‘No one knows what the hell’s going on’: Confusion as Alice alcohol bans hit - The crisis is more complex than easier access to alcohol: add to this the decline of service delivery, unemployment rates anecdotally north of 90 per cent in some places, welfare dependency and fracturing connections to traditional language, lore and land

>>>/qresearch/18228489 Video: Police detain fans over Putin flag furore at Australian Open - Ugly scenes have been captured on film as police were forced to act following a clash between fans and security at the Australian Open - Footage posted online showed at least one man holding a Russian flag with President Vladimir Putin’s face on it - Another man was seen inside the stadium during the match with a pro war ‘Z’ symbol T-shirt

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/7ce22b266ad7c0fafb82c18c1d5cf15846d31c38b3304d0666d36131c28db1f6.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18228504 Simeon Boikov, a notorious pro-Russia commentator who goes by the name “Aussie Cossack” has had a warrant issued for his arrest after he refused to turn up to court while seeking refuge in the Russian consulate

>>>/qresearch/18228515 Myanmar junta demands Sean Turnell’s return - The Myanmar junta has revoked Australian economist Sean Turnell’s amnesty and demanded he return to face court and potentially more jail time over public criticisms he has made of the violent regime since his release from prison and deportation to Australia last November

>>>/qresearch/18235205 Day the hard Left ambushed the voice - Hardline Indigenous activists have used mass anti-Australia Day rallies to strike out at the voice campaign, leaving Labor and Aboriginal leaders having to act to prevent a split in the left ­derailing the referendum

>>>/qresearch/18235220 ‘Not going to chuck the towel in’: Voice champion Pat Anderson undaunted by criticism at Invasion Day rallies - The peak Indigenous group backing the Voice to parliament will urge voters to ignore the “noisy few” critics who oppose the change to the Constitution

>>>/qresearch/18235243 As heat of Australia Day cools, PM must reclaim narrative - The great divide emerging in response to Anthony Albanese’s referendum to enshrine a constitutional Indigenous voice to parliament threatens to widen unless the government reclaims control of the narrative - There’s only so much rhetoric and doublespeak that voters will tolerate and because winning support for an Indigenous voice to parliament was a promise made by the Prime Minister, he cannot blame the Coalition or the Greens if it fails

>>>/qresearch/18235263 Alice Springs bottle shop: Police officers stationed outside Liquorland as town battles crime wave - New measures announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles have been met with widespread scepticism - “People are getting really pissed off,” says local bakery owner Darren Clark

>>>/qresearch/18235329 Horrors in my home town inevitable - The crisis unfolding in my home town of Alice Springs requires a bipartisan effort to create meaningful change. So far, the NT and federal governments have not demonstrated they are prepared to take this approach, despite offers from the Coalition to work alongside them and be part of the solutions - Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18235348 NT police brace for violent response - Northern Territory police are expecting an outbreak of assaults, burglaries and property damage in the wake of snap alcohol restrictions being imposed on Alice Springs this week

>>>/qresearch/18235397 Ukraine's ambassador to Australia calls for Novak Djokovic's father to be banned from the Australian Open - Footage shared to YouTube showed Srdjan Djokovic outside Melbourne Park standing with a group displaying a Russian flag superimposed with Vladimir Putin's face

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/0abad749da99ccbefd35045ceeb9eb148d57d1c5f4fe2c099ce313451619c282.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18235407 Video: @australianopen Djokovic's dad: "Long live Russia!" - Four Australian Open spectators were detained by police after waving banned Russian flags and threatening security at Melbourne Park - During Novak Djokovic’s quarter-final victory over Russia’s Andrey Rublev at Rod Laver Arena, a patron was spotted taking off their shirt to reveal the pro-war “Z” symbol associated with support of the invasion of Ukraine - Aussie Cossack

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=1MCPYdm8kZM - @australianopen Djokovic's dad: "Long live Russia!" [Channel: Aussie Cossack]

>>>/qresearch/18235456 Holocaust survivors call for Nazi salute to be outlawed in Victoria - Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes will meet representatives of the Jewish community to discuss stepping up prohibitions already in place on Nazi symbols and flags

>>>/qresearch/18235490 Rise in anti-Semitic incidents ‘tip of iceberg’ - The number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded in Australia has jumped by more than 40 per cent in the past two years, with almost 300 cases of verbal abuse or assault reported between 2021 and 2022

>>>/qresearch/18235506 Liberal senator sues Higgins’ partner over ‘defamatory tweets’ - West Australian Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds has launched defamation action against Brittany Higgins’ partner David Sharaz, after vowing to vindicate her reputation following the former Liberal staffer’s rape allegations

>>>/qresearch/18238743 The truth of Australia Day - ''This is information that all Australians need to know, especially those that believe it has to do with how anybody was treated - Australia Day does not celebrate the arrival of the first fleet or the invasion of anything - Captain Cook did not arrive in Australia on the 26th January - The landing of Captain Cook in Sydney happened on the 28th April 1770, not on 26th January - The first fleet arrived in Botany Bay on 18th January, the 26th was chosen as Australia Day for a very different and important reason - The 26th of January is the day Australians received their independence from British Rule - On 26th January 1949, the Australian nationality came into existence when the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 was enacted - That was the day we were first called Australians and allowed to travel with passports as Australians and NOT British subjects - This is why we celebrate Australia Day on the 26th January. This was the day Australians became free

>>>/qresearch/18241540 ‘Radicals, wreckers hijacked city rally’ - Marcus Stewart, head of the largest elected Aboriginal organisation in Australia, the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria, confirmed he did not attend the annual Australia Day event in Melbourne because he had known that “a handful of wreckers” intended to hijack it to denigrate the proposed Indigenous voice - Organisers of the Australia Day rallies that became a platform for Indigenous critics of the voice – ­including Greens senator Lidia Thorpe – include an alliance of ­activists who want the nation’s police forces abolished and all prisons closed

>>>/qresearch/18241591 Grog bans don’t work but the laissez-faire is killing us - All Australian governments, federal, state and local, need to try much harder to speed up the improvement in the terrible social and economic conditions which often drive or exacerbate the current epidemic of drinking problems, especially of Aboriginal and other Indigenous people throughout Australia - Ross Fitzgerald, Emeritus Professor of History & Politics at Griffith University - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18241620 Radioactive capsule's loss in Western Australia described as 'highly unusual' as authorities urge public to keep their distance - A radiation safety expert has described the loss of a tiny radioactive capsule along a 1,400-kilometre stretch of road in Western Australia as a 'bizarre, one-in-100-year event'

>>>/qresearch/18247115 Freezing conditions for Australian troops training Ukrainian recruits - The Australian Defence Force has joined the international coalition initiated by the British to provide training for Ukrainian Armed Forces recruits which has been ongoing since last June

>>>/qresearch/18247130 French ambassador who scolded ScoMo praises Australia-France relationship - High level meetings between France and Australia will resume this week, the first time since Scott Morrison “lied” to Emmanuel Macron - Jean-Pierre Thébault gave a glowing review of the Albanese government on Sunday, as Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Richard Marles, and Foreign Minister Penny Wong head to France and the United Kingdom for high-level meetings

>>>/qresearch/18252267 Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and John Anderson unite to co-ordinate 'No' vote in Voice to Parliament referendum - A group of high-profile Indigenous Australians has banded together with a former deputy prime minister to co-ordinate the No campaign in this year's Voice referendum, running on the slogan "Recognise a Better Way"

>>>/qresearch/18252285 Doubters find their voice on recognition: ‘fix is destined to fail’ - A formal committee advancing the No case for a constitutionally enshrined Indigenous voice to parliament warns the body would forever change the way Australia was governed while failing to improve results for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

>>>/qresearch/18252301 Triple-0 surge in Northern Territory after strict alcohol ban lifted - Northern Territory ambulances have attended to nearly double the number of assaults and sexual attacks since strict alcohol bans lapsed late last year, as Alice Springs residents braced for chaos amid a new sweep of grog restrictions

>>>/qresearch/18258283 Anthony Albanese under fire for spending more time at Australian Open than in Alice Springs - Anthony Albanese has been slammed for spending more time enjoying an ice cream and sipping a beer than fixing a massive crisis

>>>/qresearch/18258294 “Get out of the bloody corporate boxes”: Warren Mundine slams PM for time at Aus Open - Indigenous leader Warren Mundine has slammed Anthony Albanese’s lengthy visit to the Aus Open, likening it to a former PM’s notorious Hawaii trip

>>>/qresearch/18258333 Yes and no Voice campaigns battle it out for the migrant vote - Migrants will be told to vote ‘yes’ for an Indigenous Voice at religious services, in ethnic newspapers and through non-English radio stations, while No campaigners will tell migrants to reject the notion that Australia is a racist nation

>>>/qresearch/18258409 Australia's nuclear safety agency joins the hunt for a tiny radioactive capsule missing somewhere in the outback, sending a team with specialised car-mounted and portable detection equipment

>>>/qresearch/18258434 The gunpowder pact: Australia, France cast aside past for unity on Ukraine - Both governments are keen to stress they’ve moved on from the row that saw Australia abandon diesel-powered French submarines in favour of nuclear-powered ones from the United States and Britain

>>>/qresearch/18263747 Albanese prepared to take ‘immediate action’ to curb Alice Springs violence - Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has pledged to respond as soon as possible to the alcohol-fuelled social emergency in Alice Springs, as he awaits the findings of a snap report that will consider whether liquor bans should be reimposed on Indigenous communities

>>>/qresearch/18263756 Mayors of Darwin, Katherine call for NT-wide alcohol restrictions amid concerns about crime - The mayors of two major Northern Territory towns say they want alcohol restrictions similar to Alice Springs rolled out across the jurisdiction, warning people who need alcohol will shift to other areas to access it

>>>/qresearch/18263855 Australia aims for bigger fines a week into Outback hunt for radioactive capsule - Authorities in Australia aim to toughen up laws on the mishandling of radioactive material as a search for a hazardous capsule that a mining company lost in the Outback enters a seventh day

>>>/qresearch/18263862 Missing radioactive capsule found in Western Australia - Australian authorities have found a radioactive capsule that was lost in the vast Outback after nearly a week-long search along a 1,400 km (870-mile) stretch of highway

>>>/qresearch/18268946 Alice Springs residents weigh $1.5 billion class action bid against NT government in 'tense' crime meeting - Thousands of Alice Springs residents have gathered to share grief and anger over years of high property crime rates, with many voicing support for a class action against the Northern Territory government

>>>/qresearch/18268961 Video: Deep divisions in Alice Springs over how to tackle crime wave - A town meeting in Alice Springs has ended in ugly scenes laying bare the deep-rooted problems and divisions on how to tackle ongoing violence in the community - ABC News (Australia)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=nc_ZNITHcEU - Deep divisions in Alice Springs over how to tackle crime wave | ABC News [Channel: ABC News (Australia)]

>>>/qresearch/18268978 Alice Springs mayor Matt Paterson demands Ita Buttrose retract ‘white supremacy’ stories - The mayor of Alice Springs has demanded ABC chair Ita Buttrose retract multiple stories on the public broadcaster that claimed the town’s community forum on Monday was beset by sentiments of “white supremacy”

>>>/qresearch/18269047 Bruce Lehrmann lodges formal complaint of professional misconduct against ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold SC, alleging Mr Drumgold failed to ensure a fair trial over the Brittany Higgins rape allegations and that his conduct was driven by malice and “political interests”

>>>/qresearch/18269076 Richard Marles, Penny Wong visit Australian troops training Ukrainian recruits in fight against Russia - Australian soldiers are running intensive combat courses for Ukrainian recruits at a military base in southern England, pushing them through an accelerated program in basic infantry training that will prepare them for the frontline back home

>>>/qresearch/18269171 White House optimistic on tech sharing for Aukus security pact - Top US official sees ‘pathway’ for allies to build nuclear-powered submarines for Australia - The White House has expressed optimism that the US, UK and Australia will clear the main obstacle to their landmark security deal, allowing technology transfers that will enable Canberra to obtain nuclear-powered submarines

>>>/qresearch/18275458 Peter Dutton slams ABC’s ‘rubbish’ reporting on Alice Springs - Peter Dutton has demanded ABC chair Ita Buttrose address what he calls the “rubbish” reporting from Alice Springs that has been aired on the public broadcaster in the past week

>>>/qresearch/18275475 PM flags overhaul of Australia’s counter-terror laws to combat ‘real threat’ of rightwing extremism - Recent murders of police officers at Wieambilla highlight need for action to protect community safety, Anthony Albanese says

>>>/qresearch/18275488 Higgins DPP threatened me: trial witness - Former Liberal staffer Fiona Brown, a key witness in the Bruce Lehrmann rape trial has accused ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold of threatening and intimidating her as she left the witness box on a morning tea break, and of ignoring her pleas to be recalled to the stand to refute what she alleged was “blatantly false and misleading” evidence by Brittany Higgins

>>>/qresearch/18275654 Video: Donald Trump puts gender ‘madness’ on front line of US culture wars - Donald Trump has vowed to pass legislation that recognises only two genders under US law if he is elected president as he seeks to shore up his conservative base and outflank rival candidates on the right of the Republican Party

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=6xGOZwZo1S8 - JUST IN: Trump Reveals Plan To Ban Gender-Affirming Care For Minors Including Punishment For Doctors [Channel: Forbes Breaking News]

>>>/qresearch/18275686 Malcolm Turnbull says Labor has failed to answer if AUKUS deal compromises Australian sovereignty - Former PM says if operation of nuclear subs depends on US then that is ‘a momentous change which has not been acknowledged’

>>>/qresearch/18275708 Australia prepares to unveil AUKUS nuclear submarine plans in the United States - Anthony Albanese is expected to detail Australia's preferred nuclear submarine option on American soil next month, alongside US President Joe Biden and his British counterpart Rishi Sunak – raising the prospect of a potential new boat design involving all three allies

>>>/qresearch/18275735 Video: 1st Marine Division Tweet - Happy Birthday to Us - #USMC #Marines #military #semperfi #82yearsyoung - "No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy"

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/844e33a9f735356315f39ebef861a89e9a62b8f25be2df0e5e2d9bf85952d84a.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18280215 ABC issues extraordinary apology over Alice Springs stories - The ABC has issued an extraordinary apology for airing multiple reports on Tuesday claiming there were displays of “white supremacy” at an Alice Springs community meeting - The ABC said “ABC news management takes responsibility” for the reports that were broadcast on its AM radio program and Newsradio that provided “an incomplete picture of the event”

>>>/qresearch/18280329 ABC issues apology over ‘biased’ coverage of Alice Springs community meeting - The ABC has backflipped over its controversial Alice Springs coverage by issuing an apology just hours after it was threatened with an official investigation into the matter

>>>/qresearch/18282644 Legal threat over Brittany Higgins memoir - Lawyers for Linda Reynolds have written to Brittany Higgins’s publishers warning against any defamatory references to the former Liberal minister, saying they believe publication of Ms Higgins’ memoir is imminent and seeking a copy of the manuscript

>>>/qresearch/18282674 Lehrmann trial inquiry must restore faith in law and order - Last week, Walter Sofronoff KC was appointed by the ACT government to head the board of inquiry to examine the conduct of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Australian Federal Police and the ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner before, during and after the trial of Bruce Lehrmann - This inquiry, the ACT’s version of a royal commission, could mark a turning point for the law and the media in this country. Here is a rare chance for a widely respected member of the legal profession to remind our most powerful institutions, and the rest of the country, that there is no substitute for the principle that underpins our justice system: that our laws apply equally to all people, and the corollary of that is that the protections at law apply equally to all - Janet Albrechtsen - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18282688 AUKUS subs a boon but finding nuclear workforce will challenge us: Richard Marles - Defence Minister Richard Marles has warned that Australia’s plan to acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines faces a significant challenge to find the workforce needed to bring the ships to service

>>>/qresearch/18288422 Mental health checks for WA's gun owners to become mandatory under changes to firearms laws - Anyone buying a gun in Western Australia will have to undergo mandatory and ongoing mental health checks, as part of a complete overhaul of the state's 50-year-old firearms legislation - The changes are designed to create some of the toughest gun laws in the country

>>>/qresearch/18288436 Thousands of new jobs to build AUKUS subs: Richard Marles - Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles has promised “thousands” of new jobs to build Australia’s planned fleet of nuclear-powered submarines, which could ultimately see South Australian shipyards supplying parts for the US and UK submarine programs as the three nations develop a “seamless defence industrial space”

>>>/qresearch/18293556 Lidia Thorpe: Controversial senator quits Greens to pursue black sovereignty - Lidia Thorpe has sensationally quit the Greens after splitting from her party on the Indigenous voice to parliament, saying its support for the advisory body is “at odds” with community activists who want a treaty first

>>>/qresearch/18293576 Video: IN FULL: Lidia Thorpe quits the Greens over Voice to Parliament disagreement - Greens First Nations spokesperson Lidia Thorpe has quit the party over its approach to the Voice to Parliament - The Greens will unveil their position on the Voice referendum this week, the first sitting period of 2023, after weeks of apparent tension over their approach to the referendum - Senator Thorpe, a DjabWurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman, has regularly criticised the Voice as a symbol with no tangible benefit - SBS News

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Bi0QA5V12lM - IN FULL: Lidia Thorpe quits the Greens over Voice to Parliament disagreement | SBS News [Channel: SBS News]

>>>/qresearch/18293583 Lidia Thorpe: Voice politics just got a lot worse for Anthony Albanese - Lidia Thorpe has just made Anthony Albanese’s job on the voice to parliament much harder. The rebel Green and now black sovereign movement senator has opened an entirely new front against the referendum

>>>/qresearch/18293598 Thorpe’s exit from the Greens the biggest bait and switch in politics - "Lidia Thorpe just managed the biggest bait-and-switch in Australian political history. Thorpe hooked Australian voters on the idea of electing her as a strong Greens senator at the last election. Now those same voters discover they have bought something utterly different. This is a spectacular and shameless act of political desertion that weakens the Greens, resets calculations about crossbench power in the Senate and crowns a new and wildly unpredictable independent in parliament." - David Crowe - theage.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18293629 Video: Alcohol bans to return in Alice Springs town camps, remote communities in Central Australia - Alcohol bans will be reinstated in central Australia, preventing the sale of alcohol to people living in Aboriginal town camps and remote communities - The move was recommended in the snap review of alcohol laws ordered by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in response to a spike in crime and alcohol-fuelled violence

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/c86f03f9928d7b3426604a43c02396b9c562fa3970248ac3a1fb74524accbd77.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18293682 General David H. Berger, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps Tweet: I also saw Marines in Darwin and Canberra. Although there are no @USMC units permanently stationed in Australia, we have Marines as a rotational force, in our MSG program, as students attending Australia’s military universities, and as liaison officers to our friends in the ADF.

>>>/qresearch/18299696 Tony Abbott accuses Anthony Albanese of behaving like a “used car salesman” on his campaign to support the indigenous voice to parliament - 'The Prime Minister only wants to talk about “the great duco” and not about how the engine works'

>>>/qresearch/18299711 Bashings, killings, rapes: Jacinta Nampijinpa Price on living in the ‘hellholes’ of Alice Springs - Watching loved ones succumb to grog, the horrific murder of her aunt, and the sexual assault “in some way, shape or form” of every woman in her family are among the standout childhood memories for Price

>>>/qresearch/18299733 Video: Jacinta Price pushing for more alcohol bans, says NT 'can't be trusted' to manage Alice Springs restrictions, funding - Northern Territory Coalition senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says she will introduce a private member's bill to parliament tomorrow, allowing for greater federal oversight of Northern Territory alcohol bans - ABC News (Australia)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=-OknGwAGXXs - Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says 'we don't need a voice, we need ears' | 7.30 [Channel: ABC News (Australia)]

>>>/qresearch/18299818 Christian Lobby, deputy premier pushback over Pussay Poppins drag storytime event at Launceston Library - Tasmania's education minister Roger Jaensch is resisting calls to cancel a book reading by a drag queen at a state-run library, even as the state's deputy premier Michael Ferguson declared he "wouldn't be taking my children"

>>>/qresearch/18299843 ‘We need a plan B’: Unions have ‘deep concerns’ about AUKUS pact - Labor’s traditional union allies say they harbour deep concerns about Australia’s plan to acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and fear the AUKUS pact will not deliver the promised bonanza of Australian manufacturing jobs

>>>/qresearch/18299854 US Congress suggests sending B-21 stealth bombers to Australia under AUKUS partnership - America's next-generation B-21 bomber could be sent to Australia to "accelerate" national security under a congressional proposal put to the US secretary of defense

>>>/qresearch/18306023 ‘Recklessly indifferent to truth’: Bruce Lehrmann sues Lisa Wilkinson for damages - Former Liberal staffer Bruce Lehrmann is suing Channel 10 and its star Lisa Wilkinson for defamation, accusing them of seeking to exploit allegations of sexual ­assault against him for ­personal and professional gain

>>>/qresearch/18306039 AUKUS ‘trilateral submarine’ surfaces as option - Speculation is mounting that Australia may opt for a next-generation British submarine with a US combat system and weapons, rather than an American boat, as our future nuclear-propelled sub

>>>/qresearch/18306046 Quick submarine deal could change regional balance of power: US Admiral - Australia should receive nuclear-powered submarines quickly under the AUKUS agreement and not wait decades for their development, says Admiral Harry Harris, former Commander of the US Pacific Command

>>>/qresearch/18306059 AUKUS: 'Share military secrets with Australia' urges former US navy chief - Admiral Harry Harris, the former commander of the US military in the Indo-Pacific, has urged the new Republican controlled congress to slash regulations that impede the sharing of advanced military technology with Australia’s “tremendous military”, declaring the AUKUS security pact “supremely important”

>>>/qresearch/18306100 Voice discussion, not campaign, in schools: Daniel Andrews - Daniel Andrews has downplayed Victorian education department policy promoting the Indigenous voice to parliament as part of the state’s “journey to treaty”, saying he doesn’t believe there’ll be a “campaign” for the yes case in schools, but rather a “discussion” about an important national event

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>>>/qresearch/18306116 Voice to Parliament pamphlets advocating both sides to be sent to Australians, in concession to Peter Dutton - The government has conceded to a Liberal Party demand for pamphlets making cases both for and against the Voice to Parliament to be issued ahead of the referendum, in hopes of bringing the opposition onboard

>>>/qresearch/18312164 AUKUS poses no risk to sovereignty: Richard Marles - Defence Minister Richard Marles will move to allay fears the AUKUS pact will undermine the nation’s sovereignty by making it overly reliant on foreign technology, arguing nuclear submarines and other high-end capabilities will build the nation’s self-reliance

>>>/qresearch/18312173 Defence Minister insists AUKUS will enhance Australia's sovereignty, not dependence on US - Australians are being assured the controversial AUKUS pact will not undermine this country's sovereignty or increase military dependence on the United States

>>>/qresearch/18318259 Anthony Albanese adopts new tone for Indigenous voice to parliament - Anthony Albanese has embarked on a major reset of his campaign for an Indigenous voice to parliament to engage the support of the Coalition, promising to provide further detail and use a bipartisan committee to be set up next month to maximise support for the referendum

>>>/qresearch/18318465 Indonesia and Australia promise new defence cooperation agreement despite AUKUS tensions - Indonesia and Australia have promised to strike a new defence cooperation agreement, despite lingering tensions over the federal government's push to acquire nuclear-powered submarines

>>>/qresearch/18324634, >>>/qresearch/18326591 Anthony Albanese to become first sitting Australian PM to march in Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - Prime Minister likens upcoming Indigenous voice referendum to the successful 2017 marriage equality vote - The Prime Minister will be joined by the foreign affairs minister, Penny Wong, the first openly gay woman in Parliament

>>>/qresearch/18324657 Why Anthony Albanese backed down on voice pamphlets stoush - "Peter Dutton’s demands for the commonsense distribution of pamphlets, particularly for older and non-English-speaking Australians, was a rational and reasonable request in the name of normal process and procedure that was giving the Liberals grounds to oppose the referendum and was creating suspicion and confusion." - Dennis Shanahan - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18324696 Alcohol restricted in Laverton, Western Australia as Aboriginal elder Janice Scott says pub has become 'sacred site' - "That pub over there … all the sickness and everything happens because of it. It's standing there in all its glory, their sacred site … killing generation after generation."

>>>/qresearch/18324757 Video: Senators Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Malarndirri McCarthy share truths of alcohol abuse amid Alice Springs crisis - In the chambers of Australia's federal parliament, personal secrets are often buried far from the curious public eye - But occasionally they are laid out on the carpeted floor, raw in their fury and heartbreak - Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, an Alice Springs local, rose to deliver an impassioned tale of trauma centred around the early death of her cousin in the town's palliative care unit late last year - Assistant Indigenous Australians Minister Malarndirri McCarthy, a former television journalist, recounted her own stories of immeasurable grief caused by alcohol in NT communities

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/fa0934ce9cf90ca163137fab2b040964c933611cc8003346b8ba9fd847d705c6.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18324787 Sovereignty at the heart of the Voice - "Lidia Thorpe is the worst nightmare for the Yes proponents. Her departure blows a hole the size of Uluru right through claims from Yes advocates that the voice is a modest matter of polite manners. Her ­departure encourages us to dig deeper and, in so doing, better understand that black sovereignty sits at the heart of the voice proposal. This is not about reconciliation. This is separatism, pure and simple, and to be writ large in law." - Janet Albrechtsen - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18324863 Federal government seeks to suppress court documents examining torture-resistance program - The federal government is urgently seeking to suppress court documents examining a torture-resistance training program that a former soldier claims breached his human rights - Medically retired soldier Damien De Pyle is suing the Commonwealth after claiming last year that he was forced to participate in humiliating sexual acts as part of the program

>>>/qresearch/18330596 Legal implications over Indigenous voice to parliament should give us the chills - As currently proposed, the voice will amount to a new group right in the Constitution. It will be exercised collectively and exclusively by Indigenous people - By boldly entrenching a new group right, we are set to find ourselves with a novel and unprecedented advisory fourth arm of government. Of course, some people will be comfortable with that, and that is fine. But many Australians would be surprised to hear this characterisation - Louise Clegg, Sydney barrister - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18330608 Jews at odds over Yes or No on Indigenous voice - The Indigenous voice to parliament debate has split Australia’s Jewish community, with prominent representative associations at odds over the referendum - The Anti-Defamation Commission is “unequivocally committed” to supporting the voice, just months after recognised community leadership body the Executive Council of Australian Jewry signed a bipartisan action with several other religious organisations supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart - The Australian Jewish Association, however, condemned the actions of other Jewish bodies for supporting a Yes vote, saying it had “major concerns” on potentially “racist” amendments to the Constitution

>>>/qresearch/18338023 Jacinta Nampijinpa Price jumps ship for new No drive against the voice - Northern Territory senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has quit the national 'Recognise a Better Way' committee she launched with Warren Mundine just weeks ago to oppose the Indigenous voice to parliament, and will head a new grassroots No campaign funded by right-wing activist group Advance

>>>/qresearch/18338036 Video: Peter Dutton apologises for boycotting apology to Stolen Generations - Liberal leader Peter Dutton has apologised for boycotting the National Apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008 - Mr Dutton, who was the only Opposition frontbencher to abstain from the apology, says he was wrong for not supporting it. "I failed to grasp at the time the symbolic significance to the Stolen Generation of the apology," Mr Dutton said. "It was right for Prime Minister [Kevin] Rudd to make the apology in 2008."

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/dd696b0d9bed2d426d4fb5f5ef56f86ab9e3f514824d2f20ad5eb329a77f7f6d.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18338062 Right-wing terror threat has receded as COVID restrictions have eased, ASIO chief Mike Burgess says - The head of Australia's domestic spy agency says the threat of a terrorist attack by nationalist extremists or conspiracy theorists has receded since governments abandoned lockdowns and other strict COVID-19 control measures

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/fe0dc6b8d248ecbf13c60938dbb842ac6245a5a965b093e2910a684e71823bd2.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18344218 ‘Systems and processes failed’: ABC boss acknowledges mistake in Alice Springs report - ABC managing director David Anderson has admitted its systems and processes failed during the production of a radio report that claimed there were elements of white supremacy at an Alice Springs community forum on social unrest in the town

>>>/qresearch/18350474 Don’t ask: Labor refuses to say whether US bombers bring nuclear weapons to Australia - The federal government has refused to say whether US strategic bombers that rotate through Northern Australia carry nuclear weapons, but argues the temporary presence of such weapons would not violate Australia’s international obligations

>>>/qresearch/18350489 Officials will not confirm whether US bombers in Australia carry nuclear weapons - Defence Department secretary Greg Moriarty has stopped short of ruling out that US strategic bombers are carrying nuclear weapons to Australia, but insists any such move would not breach this country's international obligations under the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty

>>>/qresearch/18356949 Scientology leader considered legally served in Australian human trafficking case - Scientology’s reclusive leader, David Miscavige, has 21 days to respond to allegations from a human-trafficking case brought by three Australian residents, after nearly a year of avoiding legal service - Gawain Baxter, Laura Baxter and Valeska Paris have claimed in a civil case lodged in Florida that they had endured horrendous emotional, physical and psychological abuse while in Scientology - Now a US magistrate has ruled that Miscavige had been concealing his whereabouts for nearly a year and declared him officially served in the case

>>>/qresearch/18356979 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Tweet: Slava Ukraini - Australia stands with Ukraine. Today our Parliament paused to reflect and to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are bravely defending their country against Russia's brutal and illegal invasion

>>>/qresearch/18357072 'Shocking evidence': A former Australian prime minister is part of a plan to jail Vladimir Putin - Legal experts are warning the international system makes pursuing Russian President Vladimir Putin difficult. Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is part of a group aiming to change that

>>>/qresearch/18357094 Video: Defence providing 'surge' support to border protection efforts north of Australia - Extra Defence surveillance aircraft and ships have been deployed to Australia's north, to assist with border protection efforts, amid warnings that changes to temporary protection visas could prompt a resumption in people smuggling ventures

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=SUAuIVK8Ao8 - No Change to Border Protection Policies - English [Channel: ABF TV]

>>>/qresearch/18357111 Wieambilla: Queensland shooting declared act of domestic terror - The deadly ambush that led to the execution-style murders of two Queensland police officers and a civilian on a remote property last December has been declared an act of domestic terrorism linked to the Christian fundamentalist belief system known as premillennialism

>>>/qresearch/18357132 Video: Queensland police say Wieambilla shooting was 'a religiously motivated terrorist attack' - Deputy Police Commissioner Linford said the trio saw police "as monsters and demons" - "What we've been able to glean from that information is that the Train family members subscribe to what we would call a broad Christian fundamentalist belief system, known as premillennialism" - She said the COVID pandemic, climate change, global conflicts and social disparity contributed to their belief in their system

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/a2e2d94dc5851289c2b8e9cd802201be6e56ad94408cd49d40790cb09e6956fa.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18363017 ‘We stand with you, Ukraine’ - In a show of unanimity and solidarity rarely seen in the House of Representatives, federal MPs and senators gathered with Ukraine’s ambassador to demonstrate Australia’s support for the war-torn country ahead of next week’s 12-month anniversary of Russia’s invasion - The assembly of politicians from all sides of parliament came as Vasyl Myroshnychenko urged the Albanese government to reopen the nation’s embassy in Kyiv, saying it was missing out on valuable briefings on the ground because of a lack of diplomatic representation

>>>/qresearch/18363020 Advisers split on Voice power - The expert group advising Anthony Albanese on how to ensure an Indigenous voice to parliament succeeds at the referendum has split over whether the body should make representations to executive government, amid concerns the current wording will sink the proposal

>>>/qresearch/18363033 Ex-defence minister Linda Reynolds breaks her silence on the Brittany Higgins rape allegations: ‘It was a hit job’ - In her first interview since being caught up in what she calls “the firestorm” of the Brittany Higgins rape allegations, former Liberal minister Linda Reynolds speaks exclusively to The Weekend Australian, accusing her political opponents of a “hit job” and saying she was “expendable”

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/17785ce0265631d99bc4bc99f4f2fadca554ddec8f144c4abe6331e25bf77998.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18363651 Higgins, the hit and the day I broke: Linda Reynolds - The former Liberal cabinet minister at the centre of the Brittany Higgins rape scandal says she was the target of an orchestrated plot to bring down herself and the Morrison government, claiming senior Labor and media identities ruthlessly exploited her young staffer for political and personal gain - Former defence minister Linda Reynolds has broken her two-year silence, alleging the rape case was used as a political weapon and acknowledging she was targeted “to the point where I broke”

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/7e893d32d4f95663f323d377ec8f60907492f978d5b1300f9caefeb09f1e4658.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18363699 Doubts, devastation and a designer coat: the story you haven’t heard - When Brittany Higgins walked out of Parliament House on March 23, 2019, she was captured on CCTV wearing a Carla Zampatti jacket. That coat defines the gaping divide between the public’s perception of the Higgins saga and what others knew - Away from the court case that followed after Higgins alleged Lehrmann raped her in the ministerial suite, after the media stories, the questions in parliament, the poring over details, all of which moulded public opinion, there was another story the public never heard. And this story might not quite match what the public thought they knew

>>>/qresearch/18367577 Brittany Higgins furious as ‘private’ diary entries leaked - Brittany Higgins has lashed out as “private” diary entries have been leaked after the material was sent to police to investigate her sexual assault allegation

>>>/qresearch/18369775 Dutton ‘open’ to voice dialogue but pushing for changes - Peter Dutton is “open to discussion” with Anthony Albanese on the form of the Indigenous voice to parliament and government and believes the referendum will fail unless the Prime Minister agrees to changes

>>>/qresearch/18369785 Quietly, carefully, Peter Dutton starts to find his voice - Peter Dutton is on the move. After a relatively quiet first nine months as Opposition Leader – during which he has been accused of not doing enough, not making ground against Anthony Albanese, not reforming the Liberal Party, being too negative and not taking definite policy and political positions – Dutton is asserting himself

>>>/qresearch/18374631 Australian envoy return to Kyiv 'in interest of both nations' - Ukraine's ambassador to Australia says the reinstatement of an envoy in Kyiv would help boost the relationship between the two nations as the first anniversary of Russia's invasion approaches

>>>/qresearch/18380400 Gallagher ‘knew Higgins’ boyfriend before payout’ - Katy Gallagher, whose department paid a large settlement to Brittany Higgins, ‘knew David Sharaz’ before Ms Higgins’ rape claims became public, Linda Reynolds says

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/7c6e6974dce3cc33f4c659d13095cd16fe7b20989ee7438be7d0910d8efd3107.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18380432 Brittany Higgins responds to Linda Reynolds interview - Brittany Higgins has responded to her former boss, Liberal senator Linda Reynolds, who for the first time since Ms Higgins’ initial rape allegation spoke in a broad-ranging interview with The Weekend Australian - Ms Higgins criticised one of the reports for referencing parts of her diary, saying no journalist should have been able to access “private information” she entrusted to police to aid their sexual assault investigation

>>>/qresearch/18380530 Ukraine didn’t ask us to reopen Kyiv embassy, says Pat Conroy - Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy has brushed aside criticism of Australia’s decision to keep its embassy in Kyiv closed, despite allied countries reopening theirs, as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine against Russia’s invasion

>>>/qresearch/18386750 Keating turning into PM’s worst enemy - "Recently Paul Keating has argued that if we get AUKUS nuclear-powered submarines we will lose our sovereignty, as these will be dependent on US nuclear reactor technology. In foreign policy Keating has journeyed further and further from common sense, often indeed from reality itself, in the more than a quarter of a century since he last had responsibility (or a security briefing) for anything. Keating has now become so self-absorbed and eccentric that some things he says about Australian foreign policy history are factually misleading." - Greg Sheridan - theaustralian.com.au

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/170971463416f606c71432fb39672a67425aa455ea97f0285398af80856d3f5b.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18386847 Jacqui Munro: NSW Treasurer Matt Kean’s endorsed candidate’s progressive past - NSW Treasurer Matt Kean’s endorsed candidate for the upper house vacancy declared she loved “the devil”, supported legalisation of drugs and celebrated the victory of former Labor prime minister Julia Gillard - The historical social media posts of Jacqui Munro, the Liberal Women’s Council president and former adviser to Wentworth independent Kerryn Phelps, reveal a progressive streak that opposed the NSW Liberal Party’s lockout laws and criticised Tony Abbott

>>>/qresearch/18386885 Video: Drug Enforcement Administration agents sent back to America after complaint - Two Sydney-based agents from the American Drug Enforcement Administration are being sent home after the Australian Federal Police complained to US ambassador Caroline Kennedy about methods of investigating a massive drug importation - The DEA agents have not been accused of wrongdoing but the AFP fears their investigation techniques may have impacted on operations, particularly involving a major cocaine shipment destined for Western Australia and NSW

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/9eada3bc8e95f6d8d57554ba4380c5d745e46b8e67234a3d69a9557002a408ad.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18387936 Sky News host reduced to fit of laughter by Biden video - Sky News Australia host Rita Panahi burst into laughter live on air after viewing a montage of US President Joe Biden’s most memorable blunders

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=WxXepkdJHko - Joe Biden’s blunders bring Sky News Australia host to tears [Channel: Sky News Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18392801 ‘It feels like hand-to-hand combat’: ASIO boss warns on spy hives, foreign interference - ASIO boss Mike Burgess has warned Australians to be vigilant as he revealed the nation is experiencing the highest level of foreign interference, espionage and terrorism in its history, surpassing the Cold War, September 11 and the height of the Islamic State caliphate

>>>/qresearch/18392821 Video: Annual Threat Assessment 2023 - Director-General of Security - The Director-General of Security Mike Burgess delivered his fourth Annual Threat Assessment on 21 February 2023 from ASIO headquarters at the Ben Chifley Building - Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=4YqS_Av--58 - Annual Threat Assessment 2023 - Director-General of Security [Channel: Australian Security Intelligence Organisation]

>>>/qresearch/18392839 Judges, journalists and military veterans targeted in 'unprecedented' spy threat on Australia - Journalists, military veterans and judicial figures are being targeted by foreign espionage agencies at "unprecedented" levels, with the country's intelligence chief revealing a "hive of spies" was removed from Australia in the past year - In his annual threat assessment, the director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) has also hit out at former military personnel who have put "cash before country" by working for authoritarian regimes, describing them as "top tools" more than "top guns"

>>>/qresearch/18392853 ASIO urged to ‘ease up’ on foreign spies: Mike Burgess - Australia’s top spy Mike Burgess was directly pressured by public servants, academics and business identities to “ease up” on ASIO’s foreign interference and espionage operations, despite judicial figures, journalists, veterans and diaspora communities being targeted in record numbers by foreign spies and agents

>>>/qresearch/18392865 Security boss pulls no punches on growing national threats - Australia’s balancing act in the great power competition between the US and China means it is now a primary target for espionage and foreign interference - This was now the greatest security threat facing the nation, according to ASIO director-general Mike Burgess - And not enough Australians were taking it seriously enough

>>>/qresearch/18392901 Australian spy chief says veterans training rivals are 'top tools' not 'top guns' - Australia's spy chief has hit out at former military pilots who turn to working for authoritarian regimes, describing them as "lackeys, more 'top tools' than 'top guns'" in his annual security threat assessment - A former U.S. marine pilot, Daniel Duggan, is fighting extradition from Australia to the United States, where he faces charges of training Chinese military pilots to land on aircraft carriers. He has denied breaking any law

>>>/qresearch/18392962 Whatever it takes on Defence: Anthony Albanese - Anthony Albanese will deliver his strongest endorsement of the AUKUS security pact, pledging to fund the Australian Defence Force to ‘deter aggressors’ - Amid unprecedented geostrategic competition between China and the US in the Indo-Pacific, Mr Albanese will say AUKUS presents a “whole-of-nation opportunity: for new jobs, new industries and new expertise in science and technology and cyber”

>>>/qresearch/18392986 At the heart of Linda Reynolds’ story is a gross hypocrisy - "At the heart of Linda Reynolds’ story is a gross and gendered hypocrisy. The same women, very senior women within Labor’s ranks, who talk a lot about wanting a safer, fairer workplace culture in parliament, perpetrated a cruel and unrelenting attack on their workplace colleague. What Penny Wong and Katy Gallagher did to Reynolds is recorded in Hansard. The attacks were relentless, over days and weeks and months. The implications were devastating: that Reynolds had covered up the alleged rape of a young staffer; that she had threatened Brittany Higgins’ employment in a wholly inappropriate way. The results were predictable, with Reynolds breaking down, admitted to hospital, on sick leave." - Janet Albrechtsen - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18401561 An army of ‘little Americans’ dominates foreign policy debate - "Greg Sheridan, in his opinion piece of Tuesday, February 21, provides yet another display of his spiteful, vacuous journalism – his erroneous claims that I am not the progenitor of the APEC Leaders’ Meeting, and that my views on Australian strategic policy are eccentric and at odds with the US alliance." - Paul Keating, 24th prime minister of Australia - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18401571 In Aussie visit, US Navy chief talks sub challenges, All Domain needs - During a visit this week to Australia, the US Navy’s top officer acknowledged that there is some “risk” that America’s submarine industrial base cannot deliver on the navy’s requirements, but expressed his belief that the Pentagon and its industry partners could figure out a way forward with key submarine programs - Adm. Mike Gilday also expressed optimism that US restrictions on tech transfer known as ITAR can be managed when it comes to working on key AUKUS-related technologies

>>>/qresearch/18401605 Video: Australia will control nuclear submarines in any conflict with AUKUS partners, Albanese says - Anthony Albanese has signalled Australia will retain full operational control of nuclear submarines acquired under the AUKUS pact in any circumstances where there was a conflict over military strategy with the US and UK - Guardian Australia

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=cmSNQZRDrZE - Albanese insists Australia will maintain sovereignty in Aukus deal [Channel: Guardian Australia]

>>>/qresearch/18402202 Fake Russian diplomats revealed as heart of ‘hive’ spy ring in Australia - A highly active “hive” of Russian spies posing as diplomats operated in Australia for more than 18 months before it was dismantled as part of a sweeping and aggressive counter-espionage offensive by ASIO - The Australian intelligence agency spent months tracking the Russian spy ring, which comprised purported embassy and consular staff and operatives using other deep cover identities, before ASIO finally moved to force the ring’s key players out of Australia, according to sources with knowledge of its operation

>>>/qresearch/18402220 Mateship vital for Ukraine victory, and a safer world - "After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022, a year ago now, Australia was one of the first nations to condemn the attack and step up for Ukraine. Now moving into the second year of the war, you have our commitment that the values Australians and Ukrainians share will be strongly protected by Ukraine. When you invest in us – politically, emotionally and materially – you invest in a safer, democratic world. Our victory, with Australia’s steadfast support, will be the free world’s victory. Thank you for your mateship and trust.'' - Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ukrainian ambassador to Australia - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18402233 Australian Embassy, USA Tweet: Australia continues to stand with Ukraine. Tomorrow, 24 February, marks one year since Russia’s illegal and immoral invasion of #Ukraine. We honour the unwavering resolve and strength of the people of Ukraine and mourn the countless lives lost.

>>>/qresearch/18402250 ‘It’s time’ for a Voice: $5m donation underwrites Yes campaign - A $5 million donation will turbocharge the Yes campaign for the Voice to parliament, as it prepares to recruit thousands of volunteers to drive a groundswell of support in neighbourhoods across the country - The Yes Alliance announced the donation from the Paul Ramsay Foundation as it launched its ground campaign on Thursday night in Adelaide, attended by hundreds of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from community organisations, faith groups, unions, and businesses

>>>/qresearch/18402260 Anthony Albanese ‘leveraging Indigenous voice for own political gain’, says Sussan Ley - Deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley will say Anthony Albanese wants the voice referendum to succeed only “on his terms” and to use a Yes vote to boost his own political fortunes at an early election.

>>>/qresearch/18402268 Sinodinos calls critical AUKUS role test for Australia - AUKUS will play a critical role in upholding the rules-based order in the Asia-Pacific and strengthen Australia’s capability to “project power” in the region to maintain stability, but it will be a “test” for the nation, Australia’s ambassador to the US says

>>>/qresearch/18407792 Why the Indigenous voice is a bad idea on so many levels - "The Prime Minister is trying to impose on Australians a shadow government based on race. His preferred model for the voice says so." - Gary Johns, secretary of 'Recognise A Better Way (The Voice No Case Committee Incorporated)' - theaustralian.com.au

>>>/qresearch/18407841 The Voice to Parliament yes campaign launches amid calls for the 'progressive no' to be heard - "We're not focusing on the day after the referendum, we're focusing on survival today," newly independent Senator Lidia Thorpe explained on Thursday, as she upped the ante on the debate over a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament

>>>/qresearch/18407884 Right wingers protest at Manly Library’s WorldPride Drag Queen Story Time event for kids - Right wing and anti-LGBQTI+ demonstrators turned up to protest at a Drag Queen story time event in Sydney, but were outnumbered by supporters at the event for kids - The demonstrators were far outnumbered by supporters of the WorldPride-linked “Drag Queen Story Time at Manly Library” with entertainer Charisma Belle

>>>/qresearch/18408043 Space consultant’s visa cancelled over ‘potential security threat’ - A consultant working in the Australian space industry who boasted of close ties to the Russian government and who spent months cultivating Australian government and business contacts has been declared a potential national security threat by the nation’s spy chief - Sources have confirmed ASIO recently advised the federal government to expel Kazakhstan-born Marina Sologub more than two years after she travelled from her home in Ireland to Adelaide on a distinguished talent visa

>>>/qresearch/18408103 ‘Australia a growing target’: Ex-US spy boss says Russian agents keener for our secrets - Australia’s support for Ukraine and its rise as a global player through partnerships such as AUKUS have transformed the nation into a prime target for Russian spying in a major change from just five years ago, a former American intelligence chief says - Mike Rogers, who headed the US National Security Agency and Cyber Command during the Obama and Trump administrations, warned that Australia would become an even more alluring honeypot for foreign spies when it acquired top-secret nuclear-powered submarine technology from the United States and United Kingdom - Rogers, a retired four-star US Navy admiral, said the AUKUS pact would require Australia to urgently fortify its cyber defence and intelligence-gathering capabilities

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>>>/qresearch/18408105 Q Post #585 - TRUST Adm R. He played the game to remain in control. Q

>>>/qresearch/18413235 First public hearing announced for Bruce Lehrmann trial inquiry - The independent inquiry probing misconduct in the prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann for the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins will hold its first public hearing on April 26, as Commissioner Walter Sofronoff, KC, continues to subpoena central figures in the case

>>>/qresearch/18413243 An Australian’s message for those tempted to join Ukraine’s fight: ‘Don’t’ - For Felix Metrikas, joining the war in Ukraine was a lot easier than leaving it. After nine months providing training and supplies to Ukraine troops, a part of him is ready to return home to Geelong. Felix has a message for other Australians tempted to joint the fight: Don’t. “It is hypocritical, but I would not encourage more people to come. To anyone who is considering it, this is worse than I thought it could be,” he said. “I have had friends over here who have been killed. Guys with daughters of their own.....The reality of this war is much more chaotic than what is being portrayed. I wasn’t ready for this kind of thing. I wish it wasn’t happening to the Ukrainian people.”

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/aa2d816221e44210a6badadf8037ee11a0b89f180231b7b1587d97cefd503e37.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18417998 US bestows honour on African American co-leader of Eureka Stockade - John Joseph, an African American man who was the first person tried and acquitted for the Eureka Rebellion and who was buried in an unmarked grave has been memorialised in central Victoria - The US ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, unveiled a plaque at White Hills Cemetery in Bendigo to honour John Joseph’s life

>>>/qresearch/18418033 Caroline Kennedy visits Bendigo: US Ambassador to Australia lays plaque - America has “no closer ally” than Australia, US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy has said - She made the comment at the unveiling of a plaque at the White Hills cemetery to commemorate the life of US-born historical figure John Joseph

>>>/qresearch/18418091 Anthony Albanese to establish a new agency to lead Australia’s fight against mass cyber attacks by state-sponsored hackers and criminal gangs under a seven-year strategy to strengthen defences

>>>/qresearch/18418106 Federal police to blitz foreign interference in multicultural communities, amid concerns the problem is both under-reported and widespread - Federal police community liaison teams will meet community and faith leaders to raise awareness about the problem and urge people to report suspected foreign interference to police or community leaders

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>>>/qresearch/18287979 Q Research Canada #40: RIP Fred la Marmotte Edition

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>>>/qresearch/18289623 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Privy Council has never tabulated greenhouse gas emissions for Trudeau's travel, work

>>>/qresearch/18289650 Final Trudeau Bun / "Rules for thee but not for me" answers for three Order Paper questions (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=BEOgDTGoVyo - ‘Rules for thee but not for me’ answers for three Order Paper questions [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18289805 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Here We Go: Researchers Warn of Dangerous Fungal Illness Rapidly Spreading Across Country ‘Due to Climate Change’

>>>/qresearch/18289903 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Ranchers Warn: Disease That Could Decimate US Cattle Industry Could Enter Through Biden’s Open Borders

>>>/qresearch/18289944 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Everything You Need To Know About The Lab Leak (But Were Not Allowed To Ask)

>>>/qresearch/18290002 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Passing Of Internet Censorship Bill Pushes Canada Toward Communism

>>>/qresearch/18290041 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Mark Steele on 5G, Nanotech Weapons in C19 Shots, Use of Heavy Metals as Weapons Systems (video)

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/qHXTgYC5b1xw/ - The Kill Grid - MARK STEELE | TUNGSTEN IN VAX MAKES Humans 'Dormant Radiation Transmitters' [Channel: Searching For The Evidence]

>>>/qresearch/18290140 Final Protests Bun / The First Anniversary Of The Canadian Trucker Convoy

>>>/qresearch/18290208, >>>/qresearch/18333719 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / The Draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty Promises to Equally Destroy Your Rights (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v297tje-just-released-whos-pandemic-treaty-zero-draft.html - Just Released WHO's Pandemic Treaty Zero Draft [6:00] [Channel: Dr. Trozzi]

>>>/qresearch/18290308 Involuntary Dissolution Of Corporations: A Solution For The Present Condition Of Our Planet

>>>/qresearch/18290619 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / On Covid-19 and beyond, Western democracies are deploying military-grade propaganda to fight dissent

>>>/qresearch/18290873 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / CONFIRMED!!! Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Found Guilty Of Misinformation By UK Regulator (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v28eoag-confirmed-pfizer-ceo-albert-bourla-found-guilty-of-misinformation-by-uk-reg.html - CONFIRMED!!! Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Found Guilty Of Misinformation By UK Regulator [55] [Channel: SonOfEnos]

>>>/qresearch/18292366, >>>/qresearch/18295302 Magnitude 7.9 earthquake hit Turkey on 2/5/2023, 6:22 PM

>>>/qresearch/18296076 Buffalo, NY Residents Shaken Awake by 3.8 Magnitude Earthquake

>>>/qresearch/18296306 Final Immigration Bun / Illegal immigrants shipped to Canada from US with government-funded bus tickets

>>>/qresearch/18298432 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Injuries from the COVID-19 Vaccine Are Now Being Publicly Displayed in Canada Using Trucks Driving Down the Street

>>>/qresearch/18299115, >>>/qresearch/18308013 Most Canadians agree 'Canada is broken' — and they're angry about it: National poll

>>>/qresearch/18300516 Final "Woke" Bun / Ontario father says the depiction of pornographic content in school library books is ‘child abuse’ (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=yDMcwd_Za5k - Ontario father says the depiction of pornographic content in school library books is ‘child abuse’ [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18300925 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Fire At New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm Kills 75,000 Hens Amid National Shortage

>>>/qresearch/18300968 Final "Woke" Bun / Drag ensemble touring Canada to perform at Alberta high school

>>>/qresearch/18301461 ‘Martyr’: Canadian pro-lifers lament reported abortion death of 38-week-old baby in Montreal

>>>/qresearch/18301588 Final WEF Bun / DFO and Climate Change Canada gift $1.5 million to World Economic Forum in the last two years on climate campaigns

>>>/qresearch/18302367 Final WEF Bun / World Economic Forum chief propagandist steps down after disastrous Davos conference (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=zwPEA3aWd5k - WEF head: China's reintegration lifts global economy [Channel: CGTN Europe]

>>>/qresearch/18303367 Final Immigration Bun / From General Research: Quebec officials slam NYC for shuttling illegal migrants to Canadian border

>>>/qresearch/18304079 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / Pfizer employee caught in Project Veritas sting still works at the company: report

>>>/qresearch/18304672 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Food Shortages Are Starting To Become Quite Serious All Over The Planet

>>>/qresearch/18307025 Alberta energy veteran joins Indigenous-led oil sands project to aid expansion

>>>/qresearch/18307046 Reverse Discrimination Bun / Feds spent $50K on “xeno-racism and white supremacy” in military workshop

>>>/qresearch/18307147 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Two day health conference focuses on empowerment and democracy (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v28q4m0-two-day-health-conference-focuses-on-empowerment-and-democracy.html - Two day health conference focuses on empowerment and democracy [21:47] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18307159 Mapping Global Geopolitical Uncertainty By Country

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>>>/qresearch/18307217 Final China Bun / NORAD Pleads Incompetence Over Failure To Spot Trump-Era Chinese Spy Balloons

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>>>/qresearch/18307360 Final China Bun / Balloon With 3 Hypersonic Missiles Tested By China In 2018

>>>/qresearch/18307659 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / Pfizer’s Business Model is Actual Fascism • The Merger of Corporate Power and State Power

>>>/qresearch/18307772 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Associated Press and U.S. Military Intelligence Join Forces To Try To Discredit Viral #DiedSuddenly Trend

>>>/qresearch/18307803 Final Transgender Bun / ‘Society is changing’: Canadian city councilor defends adult male in girls’ public pool locker room

>>>/qresearch/18307846 Final Transgender Bun / 44% of Canada’s gender-confused prisoners are in jail for sex crimes: gov’t report

>>>/qresearch/18307984 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says province will not go along with national healthcare ‘digital ID’

>>>/qresearch/18309199, >>>/qresearch/18313906 Final "Woke" Bun / Airbnb bans Lauren Southern’s PARENTS for the crime of being 'closely associated' with her (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v28uab8-on-tucker-carlson-lauren-southerns-parents-banned-by-airbnb-because-their-d.html - On Tucker Carlson: Lauren Southern's Parents Banned by Airbnb Because Their Daughter is Conservative [3:55] [Channel: The Gateway Pundit]

>>>/qresearch/18310060 Final WEF Bun / Jordan Peterson's fierce message to the WEF (video)

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>>>/qresearch/18310427 Final Transgender Bun / From Scotland #8: Let Women Speak - Kellie Jay Keen (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=bJ8ygetXvhM - LET WOMEN SPEAK - KELLIE JAY KEEN (GLASGOW 5/02/23) [Channel: Alice The Journalist]

>>>/qresearch/18313453 Final "Woke" Bun / Ottawa mayor promotes drag queen storytime featuring x-rated performer

>>>/qresearch/18313509 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Ontario physicians still face limitations on their freedom of expression by their regulators (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=8KwDxuesu2c - Ontario Physicians Still Facing Limitations On Their Freedom Of Expression [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18313571 Final Immigration Bun / 10 unaccompanied minors per month cross into Canada at Roxham Road

>>>/qresearch/18313597 North Korea Announces Efforts to Increase its Preparedness for War

>>>/qresearch/18313717 Final Media and Censorship Bun / German State-Sponsored Media Building Worldwide Project Against “Increasing Disinformation”

>>>/qresearch/18313815 Final Media and Censorship Bun / James O’Keefe Placed on Paid Leave from Project Veritas

>>>/qresearch/18313977, >>>/qresearch/18414656 Independent Evidence Video Confirms Key Part of Sy Hersh’s Report on the Attack on Nord Stream 2 (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=YpBZr9cTlC0 - Recap of the Nordstream2-night cred Monkey Werx US. ‎ [Channel: Erik Ohman]

>>>/qresearch/18314113 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Roger Waters Accused Of Being "Putin Apologist" By Former Band Mate As He Calls For Peace In Ukraine (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=xZXMmRg9ZcU - Roger Waters United Nations Speech 02/08/2023 *FULL* [Channel: Concert Chronicles]

>>>/qresearch/18314331 Final "Woke" Bun / Trudeau’s public safety minister says legislation against Chinese spies must be ‘culturally sensitive’

>>>/qresearch/18314676 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / ‘We must prepare’: WHO director warns of potential bird flu outbreak among humans

>>>/qresearch/18314802 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / French Farmers Stage Mass Tractor Protest in Paris Against EU Green Diktats

>>>/qresearch/18314835 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Total loss! Seafood processing plant destroyed by violent blaze

>>>/qresearch/18315189 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Rebel News: National Post catches on to our lawsuit against Steven Guilbeault: an analysis (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=wXjy9wGPQnU - National Post catches on to our lawsuit against Steven Guilbeault: an analysis [Channel: Ezra Levant]

>>>/qresearch/18315205, >>>/qresearch/18315216, >>>/qresearch/18315262 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Liberals open up 2030 Sustainable Development consultations

>>>/qresearch/18315834 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Excess deaths during COVID pandemic could exceed 10,000 in Alberta, says expert

>>>/qresearch/18315857 Final "Woke" Bun / Concerned grandparents question Chilliwack, BC school board about district’s sexually explicit books

>>>/qresearch/18315969 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Persecuted Canadian pastor Phil Hutchings wins final COVID mandate court battle

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v28xkjw-persecuted-canadian-pastor-phil-hutchings-wins-final-covid-mandate-court-ba.html - Persecuted Canadian pastor Phil Hutchings wins final COVID mandate court battle [16:09] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18318977 Final "Woke" Bun / Catholic teen detained while protesting men in lingerie reading to children

>>>/qresearch/18319139 Final Chapter of Slavery Hinges on Widespread Implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies

>>>/qresearch/18319443 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Scientist tells RFK, Jr.: ‘Militaristic’ medicine linked to excess deaths, especially among poor and disabled

>>>/qresearch/18320202 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Project Veritas employees’ letter targeting James O’Keefe leaked, 'James O'Keefe IS Project Veritas' trends on Twitter

>>>/qresearch/18320267 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / Project Veritas Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla gets confronted again (video)

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/7zv95qzBexK5/ - PROJECT VERITAS - WOW!! PFIZER CEO Albert Bourla gets confronted AGAIN!! [Channel: UNDERSTANDING THE LIES]

>>>/qresearch/18320378 Final Trudeau Bun / Justin Trudeau Hijacks Canada’s Healthcare and Threatens Provincial Premiers to Cut Off Healthcare Funding Unless They Agree to Digital Health ID

>>>/qresearch/18320472 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Is Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons? Disturbing VIDEO Indicates There Is Sufficient Circumstantial Evidence to Investigate (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v28zxho-video-1-related-to-alleged-use-of-chemical-weapons-by-ukraine.html - Video 1 - Related to alleged use of chemical weapons by Ukraine [1:37] [Channel: LawrenceSellin]

>>>/qresearch/18320609 Final Protests Bun / "No coincidence": Pastor detained during all-ages drag protest (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=SY1QXXyCkC0 - 'No coincidence': Pastor detained during all-ages drag protest [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18320962 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Novel pharmaceutical products are driving variants and infections, warns epidemiologist (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v291c32-novel-pharmaceutical-products-are-driving-variants-and-infections-warns-epi.html - Novel pharmaceutical products are driving variants and infections, warns epidemiologist [19:26] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18321749 Final Trudeau Bun / Manny Montenegrino: "Are we broken? The answer is yes! And who did the breaking? Justin Trudeau!" (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=w4FPTg2hKVQ - Manny Montenegrino: 'Are we broken? The answer is yes! And who did the breaking? Justin Trudeau!' [Channel: Ezra Levant]

>>>/qresearch/18321769 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Catholic man accuses Canadian hospital of pressuring him to euthanize wife

>>>/qresearch/18321824 Canadians are taking the feds to court over ArriveCAN

>>>/qresearch/18322900 Final China Bun / Feds condemn universities for collaborating with China, says more needs to be done to "strengthen security"

>>>/qresearch/18323905, >>>/qresearch/18327766 Toronto Mayor John Tory steps down after inappropriate relationship with staffer

>>>/qresearch/18325885 Final Immigration Bun / IRONY: Some Of The Illegal Immigrants NYC Sent To Canada Are Turning Back Because It’s Too Cold

>>>/qresearch/18326024 Final Transgender Bun / Social worker says she was fired for supporting Jordan Peterson

>>>/qresearch/18326066 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Avian flu virus H5N1: No proof for existence, pathogenicity, or pandemic potential

>>>/qresearch/18326096 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Food Production In The West Is Being Systematically Destroyed

>>>/qresearch/18326205 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / English journalist James Delingpole speaks to LifeSiteNews about COVID jabs, globalists, and God

>>>/qresearch/18326231 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Why is the US sending billions to Ukraine? The Hunter Biden laptop can help explain (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2921by-biden-crime-family-laptop-reveals-world-closer-to-the-abyss.html - Biden Crime Family Laptop Reveals World Closer To The Abyss [41:07] [Channel: Faith & Reason]

>>>/qresearch/18326262 Final China Bun / Liberals, NDP shoot down motion to call Trudeau adviser to testify about China’s election meddling

>>>/qresearch/18326498 Final WEF Bun / WEF Attempts To Ban “Dangerous” Eggs Following Scientific Discovery That Eating Them Cures Covid Naturally

>>>/qresearch/18327691 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / Trudeau Orders Shootdown: US F-22 Shot Object Down Over Yukon (NORAD Tracking High Altitude Object Over Northern Canada)

>>>/qresearch/18331790 Canada: Self Defence With A Firearm

>>>/qresearch/18331838 Final "Woke" Bun / Ontario high school offering gym credit for LGBT students

>>>/qresearch/18331952 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / China Claims It Sighted an Unidentified Flying Object Near Its Border

>>>/qresearch/18332146 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Cases of Medical Incidents Reported by Military Pilots Increase by 1,700% More During Pandemic – Pentagon Blames it on COVID

>>>/qresearch/18332193 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / "Posed a Reasonable Threat to the Safety of Civilian Flight" – Canadian Defense Minister Holds Press Briefing on ‘Unidentified Object’ Shot Down Over Yukon

>>>/qresearch/18332414 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / FAA Closes Montana Airspace for NORAD Activity (Update: Reopened, No Object Found)

>>>/qresearch/18332513 Decoding Google's AI Ambitions (And Anxiety)

>>>/qresearch/18332944 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / CDC Adds EUA COVID Shots to their Childhood Immunization Schedule to Target Poor Families on Government Aid

>>>/qresearch/18333777, >>>/qresearch/18333920 Your bank can legally confiscate your money, it is 'too late' to stop The Great Reset & CBDCs - Lynette Zang (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=RY1ECavKSJU - Your Bank Can Legally Seize Your Money, 'Too Late' to Stop Hyperinflation & The Great Reset - Zang [Channel: Kitco NEWS]

>>>/qresearch/18339780 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / COVID-19 vaccine injuries can be counteracted with innovative cellular health technology, says post-injection sufferer (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v299ewq-trailer-interview-with-tracy-zimmerman-who-is-using-new-health-technology-t.html - Interview with Tracy Zimmerman, who is using new health technology to heal vaccine injuries [12:51] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18339906 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Here We Go: US to Begin Testing First Avian Flu Shot on Poultry

>>>/qresearch/18339930 In Case You Missed It: Images of Little Devils Spotted At Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

>>>/qresearch/18339964 More Chemicals Identified in Ohio Train Wreck, Fish and Wildlife Turning Up Dead, Residents Told Safe to Return Home

>>>/qresearch/18339984 Final Died Suddenly Bun / 17-Year-Old Football Player Dies Suddenly In His Sleep Following A “Cardiac Arrest”

>>>/qresearch/18340027 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / “I Haven’t Ruled Out Anything at This Point” – General Glen VanHerck When Asked Whether the Pentagon has Ruled Out Aliens Regarding Objects Shot Down

>>>/qresearch/18340151 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / Object Shot Down Over Lake Huron Was “Shaped Like an Octagon”: Wall St. Journal and Rep. Bergman Report

>>>/qresearch/18340275 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / White House: "No Indication Of Aliens"

>>>/qresearch/18341161 Final Died Suddenly Bun / Five Canadian teenagers ages 17-19 died suddenly in their sleep in the past month…

>>>/qresearch/18344933 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / Chinese state media mocks US and Canada aerial object response

>>>/qresearch/18345000 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Canadian farmers want reimbursement for millions spent on Russian-Belarusan fertilizer tariffs

>>>/qresearch/18345192 Final Immigration Bun / Canada Tells NYC Mayor Eric Adams To Stop Sending Them Illegal Immigrants

>>>/qresearch/18345328 Trudeau gov’t office secretly authorized research to explore national digital ID system

>>>/qresearch/18345810 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Court Dismisses Case Against Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘This is a strong victory for freedom of speech’

>>>/qresearch/18346531 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Trudeau's Governor General's office to turn off comments on all social media after influx of 'abusive' engagement

>>>/qresearch/18349824 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Canadian health officials skirt criticisms by playing bureaucratic musical chairs

>>>/qresearch/18351877 Reverse Discrimination Bun / Nenshi calls government to act on “radicalization of white people”

>>>/qresearch/18351935 Final Died Suddenly Bun / Cardiologist DEMANDS urgent investigation into Australian sudden deaths (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29l3do-cardiologist-demands-urgent-investigation-into-australian-sudden-deaths.html - Cardiologist DEMANDS urgent investigation into Australian sudden deaths [9:51] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18351968 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / CDC Director Walensky Says Child Masking Policy “Doesn’t Really Change with Time” – After She Is Confronted with New Study That Proves Masking is Worthless in Preventing Spread of COVID

>>>/qresearch/18352095 Final China Bun / US Intelligence Watched Spy Balloon as it Lifted Off Near China’s South Coast – US Military Tracked it For a WEEK Before it Entered US Airspace

>>>/qresearch/18352118 Final WEF Bun / Klaus Schwab on AI, Chatbots and Digital Identities: “Who Masters Those Technologies – In Some Way Will be the Master of the World”

>>>/qresearch/18352184 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / Comedian Tom Green On The Latest UFO Distractions

>>>/qresearch/18352341 Automated Vehicles With No Steering Wheel Or Pedals Hit US Roadways

>>>/qresearch/18352448 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / ‘You are not alone’: Canadian campaign raises awareness about COVID jab injuries

>>>/qresearch/18352551 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / Canada Searches for UFO Debris in "Complex Terrain"

>>>/qresearch/18352630 Final Media and Censorship Bun / The man behind the curtain: A new report exposes how George Soros’ propaganda machine has corrupted the media

>>>/qresearch/18353927 Final Transgender Bun / Biological male who raped baby moved to women's prison in Canada

>>>/qresearch/18353962 Final Transgender Bun / Trans activist demands Trudeau Liberals open borders to trans asylum seekers from US, UK

>>>/qresearch/18354021 Final "Woke" Bun / Researchers demand science replace words 'mother' and 'father' with 'egg donor,' 'sperm donor'

>>>/qresearch/18354138 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / WHO quietly abandons Covid-origin probe after China denies access to investigators

>>>/qresearch/18354183 MAiD Bun / Canadian euthanasia provider 'regrets' ending life of young cancer patient who had 65% chance for cure

>>>/qresearch/18355201 Final Protests Bun / RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki announces resignation next month

>>>/qresearch/18356485 Final Protests Bun / Canadian civil rights group celebrates first victory in case against Trudeau’s Emergencies Act

>>>/qresearch/18358265 Final WEF Bun / Elon Musk says 'single world government' could lead to 'collapse' of civilization

>>>/qresearch/18363873 MAiD Bun / Federal committee recommends assisted-dying expansion to some minors

>>>/qresearch/18363926 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / There Must Be Investigations

>>>/qresearch/18363944 Ratio’d | The left has another meltdown over Pierre Poilievre (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=GnDl5i_jrJ0 - The left has another meltdown over Pierre Poilievre [Channel: True North]

>>>/qresearch/18363972 'It’s a system of control and manipulation,' Keanu Reeves sounds the alarm on deepfake AI technology

>>>/qresearch/18364122 ‘A moody, manic-depressive teenager,’ Microsoft’s AI-powered search engine is breaking down

>>>/qresearch/18364162 Final Protests Bun / Nancy Pelosi’s Filmmaker Daughter Alexandra Pelosi Caught on Tape REFUTING J6 NARRATIVE – Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection, DC Courts Too Biased (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29uq16-exclusive-nancy-pelosis-daughter-caught-on-tape-admitting-jan.-6-protests-n.html - Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi's Daughter Caught on Tape Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection [16:31] [Channel: The Gateway Pundit]

>>>/qresearch/18364202 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Dominion Voting Systems is in big trouble after the filing by FOX News in its case with Dominion

>>>/qresearch/18364269 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Just Like with Project Veritas Board of Directors – AFLDS Board Tries to Remove Dr. Simone Gold from Organization She Founded to Defend Medical Freedom

>>>/qresearch/18364307 Final Media and Censorship Bun / YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Resigns Day After House GOP Issues Subpoenas to Big Tech CEOs

>>>/qresearch/18364353 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / Timeline to Death: Ultra MAGA Party Releases Damning Video on Pfizer COVID Vaccine Performance (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29exuw-pfizer-ceo-i-asked-them-to-make-the-impossible-possible.html - PFIZER CEO ASKED—DID YOU TAKE THE VACCINE? [2:59] [Channel: Ultra Maga Party ud83dudc51]

>>>/qresearch/18364404 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Mainstream Media Continues To Push False 'COVID Heart' Narrative To Explain Excess Deaths

>>>/qresearch/18364462 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Canadian gov’t drops last mask mandate surprisingly still in place after nearly three years

>>>/qresearch/18364559 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Canadian Sniper: Military Booted Me for Refusal to Comply with Vaccine Mandate (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=BLS71VXDLdc - Canadian Special Ops Sniper Kicked Out of The Military From COVID Tyranny [Channel: Shawn Ryan Clips]

>>>/qresearch/18365520 Final Protests Bun / Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act justified, rules commission

>>>/qresearch/18365679, >>>/qresearch/18365853, >>>/qresearch/18365863 Final Protests Bun / Liberal Judge Paul Rouleau and Final Report of Public Order Emergencies Commission (pdfs)

>>>/qresearch/18365752 Trudeau deploys navy ships to Haiti amid gang violence

>>>/qresearch/18365952 Final "Woke" Bun / Woman removed from Ontario school board meeting by police as chaos ensues over giant prosthetic breasted shop teacher, bomb threat (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29we2g-february-17-2023.html - Delegate in favour of dress code to prevent Ontario teacher from wearing obscene fetish gear to class complains of board censorship [8:17] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18365961, >>>/qresearch/18365972 Final Protests Bun / Trudeau on Emergencies Act inquiry: "A very high threshold to invoke the Emergencies Act was met" (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29xcs0-trudeau-on-emergencies-act-inquiry-a-very-high-threshold-to-invoke-the-emer.html - Trudeau on Emergencies Act inquiry: "A very high threshold to invoke the Emergencies Act was met" [33] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29xcoe-february-17-2023.html - Trudeau on Freedom Convoy: “Invoking the Emergencies Act was the necessary thing to do.” [1:12] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18366007 Final Protests Bun / Joe Rogan SLAMS Trudeau, CBC for labeling Freedom Convoyers as 'far right'

>>>/qresearch/18366527 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / George Soros proposes plan to cool the earth with man-made clouds over the arctic

>>>/qresearch/18366632, >>>/qresearch/18366648 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Mainstream Media Exposed -Rodney Palmer, Former Journalist (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29s8kw-trailer-2-mainstream-media-exposed-rodney-palmer-former-journalist.html - [TRAILER 2] Mainstream Media Exposed -Rodney Palmer, Former Journalist [1:36] [Channel: Bright Light News]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29levi-full-speech-the-greatest-propaganda-move-in-history-former-journalist-rodne.html - [FULL SPEECH] The Greatest Propaganda Move in History -Former Journalist Rodney Palmer [47:26] [Channel: Bright Light News]

>>>/qresearch/18367479 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Sask food facility burns down in a fire killing 10,000 pigs, cause unknown

>>>/qresearch/18368042 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Saving the Planet - George Carlin (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29tyd0-saving-the-planet-george-carlin.html - Saving the Planet - George Carlin [8:02] [Channel: After Skool]

>>>/qresearch/18370350 Final Trudeau Bun / The Introduction | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries: Episode 1 (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=W_6i6eNNBl4 - The Introduction | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 1) [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18370398 Final Trudeau Bun / Ottawa's Outcry | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries: Episode 2 (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=sumSU0ELvYY - Ottawa's Outcry | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 2) [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18370411 Final Protests Bun / Emergencies Act report was 'inside job': Ezra Levant

>>>/qresearch/18370452 Final Protests Bun / LILLEY: Don't use inquiry to sweep Emergencies Act failings under rug

>>>/qresearch/18370743 Is Switzerland About To Become First Country To Outlaw A Cashless Society?

>>>/qresearch/18370958 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Trudeau government stopped reporting COVID-19 1st & 2nd booster vaccination data, and deleted it. Are they preparing for a Digital ID?

>>>/qresearch/18371431 Reverse Discrimination Bun / Canada Launches ‘Black Justice Strategy’ to Fight ‘Systemic Racism’

>>>/qresearch/18371455 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun / Biden, Trudeau decline to continue search for objects shot down over Alaska, Lake Huron

>>>/qresearch/18371611 Final Transgender Bun / "Trans" teacher who wears giant fake breasts to school dresses like a MAN outside of work hours

>>>/qresearch/18371675 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Federal Government Releases Canada’s ‘Just Transition’ Plan Toward ‘Net-Zero World’ in 2050 (pdf)

>>>/qresearch/18372701 Final China Bun / Senior CCP member makes substantial donation to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation

>>>/qresearch/18372706 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Bun

>>>/qresearch/18375847 Final China Bun / Trudeau Responds To Leaked CSIS Files Saying Beijing Interfered In 2021 Election To Support A Liberal Minority

>>>/qresearch/18375897 The War Upon Us All Is The War We Will Win

>>>/qresearch/18376031 Final Protests Bun / Jimmy Dore Rages Against the War Machine in DC and Explains the Current 3D Situation (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=PqUT0t1vL04 - THE TRUTH | Jimmy Dore’s Epic RANT About Ukraine War [Channel: Russell Brand]

>>>/qresearch/18376409 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Global food giant issues grim warning

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>>>/qresearch/18382159 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / George Soros Totally Melts Down in Speech on Climate Change at Munich Security Conference (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Mg6zHTn0lzw - Demagogue George Soros has a meltdown on Climate Change at Munich Security Conference. [Channel: Bob Bishop Investigates]

>>>/qresearch/18382291 Final Protests Bun / Taibbi: The West's Betrayal Of Freedom

>>>/qresearch/18383069 Final Media and Censorship Bun / James O'Keefe REMOVED from Project Veritas following Board dispute

>>>/qresearch/18383327 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Liberals Want MPs to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to View Vaccine Contracts

>>>/qresearch/18387721 Final Protests Bun / FUREY: Is the stage set for future abuses of the Emergencies Act? (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=VcdBhRjdboQ - Is the stage set for future abuses of the Emergencies Act? [Channel: True North]

>>>/qresearch/18387738 Final Trudeau Bun / Mission Hydra | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries: Episode 3 (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=7g-VAnYsjxA - Mission Hydra | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 3) [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18387756 Final Trudeau Bun / New Kids on the Block | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries: Episode 4 (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=IdUTvIywiyg - New Kids on the Block | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 4) [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18387917 Final Trudeau Bun / Battle at the Border | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries: Episode 5 (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=jrIyW4I2ozw - Battle at the Border | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries (Episode 5) [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18387982 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / NYU Cardiologist Who Diagnosed MSNBC’s Anchor with Myocarditis Caused by a “Common Cold” is Baffled Why It’s Happening

>>>/qresearch/18388423 MAiD Bun / From General Research: Canadian Children May be Euthanized Without Parental Consent

>>>/qresearch/18389494 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / President Putin’s Address to Federal Assembly – 21 February (YT link)

>>>/qresearch/18389783 Final Immigration Bun / Illegal border crossings into US from Canada surge 800 percent

>>>/qresearch/18389828 Final "Woke" Bun / NBA hires woke singer to BUTCHER Canadian anthem: 'Our home ON native land

>>>/qresearch/18390368 Final Transgender Bun / Woman who lost breasts, uterus to sex change sues doctors, mental health providers who facilitated her transition (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v29wl6a-february-17-2023.html - Detransitioned woman is pursuing legal action against health professionals who facilitated the transmission [3:07] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18390390 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Former CBC boss gets back-dated $44,000 raise from Trudeau: report

>>>/qresearch/18390406 Final "Woke" Bun / Criminal defence lawyer explains what to do about sexually explicit books in schools (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=UgMz5fUEuaU - Criminal defence lawyer explains what to do about sexually explicit books in schools [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18390432 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Trudeau adds special advisor on decarbonization in the quest for 'just transition'

>>>/qresearch/18390470 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Gala approval process proves the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression are 'free' in name only (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=uQ0uug4dlJQ - 'Canadian Journalists For Free Expression' Reject Reporter From Gala [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18390584 Final "Woke" Bun / Ontario man charged with murder shot intruder who broke into his home

>>>/qresearch/18391082 University cites Privacy Act in preventing release of “300 far-right groups” list

>>>/qresearch/18394198 Final Trudeau Bun / Unlucki | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries: Episode 6

>>>/qresearch/18394281 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Study Finds Egg Yolk Blocks COVID Virus in Body – At Same Time Chicken Farms Are Burning Down and There’s an Egg Shortage in America

>>>/qresearch/18394353 Final Trudeau Bun / Trudeau blasts Canada’s spy agency after leaked docs show China backed his 2021 reelection

>>>/qresearch/18394367 Final Trudeau Bun / A Year On and Trudeau ‘Regrets’ Calling Freedom Convoy ‘Fringe Minority’

>>>/qresearch/18394433 Rebel News’ Ezra Levant: Canada Is a Warning to America; ‘It Can Happen to You’

>>>/qresearch/18394954 Final Transgender Bun / 'Affirmation Generation' documents how easy it is for gender confused teens to access sex change drugs, surgeries (trailer video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2a953q-trailer-for-the-documentary-affirmation-generation.html - Trailer for the documentary Affirmation Generation [3:15] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18395027 Final Transgender Bun / 'Primers on how to be trans': 45 picture books target pre-schoolers with trans ideology

>>>/qresearch/18395057 Final "Woke" Bun / CAMPUS WATCH: U of T workshop teaches students to resist “colonial productivity culture”

>>>/qresearch/18395221 Final "Woke" Bun / A new report sheds light on young Canadians’ views on socialism

>>>/qresearch/18397499 Final Trudeau Bun / On a chilly night, Trudeau receives a frosty reception outside a carpenters’ union HQ in Vaughan, Ontrio (video)

>>>/qresearch/18397511 Okotoks church saved from 'targeted' blaze, RCMP says arson could be the cause

>>>/qresearch/18397565 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Antifa crashes Jordan Peterson event in Seattle, assaults local journalist (video)

>>>/qresearch/18397586 Ottawa appeals repatriation of four men with alleged ties to ISIS

>>>/qresearch/18397596, >>>/qresearch/18412239 Final "Woke" Bun / Canadian school board votes to terminate teacher who dared to teach truths about Residential School deaths

>>>/qresearch/18397629 Final Protests Bun / Hundreds march against BC's new health-care bill and to recall Premier David Eby (video)

>>>/qresearch/18397650 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / 1 in 4 want vaccine passports back in British Columbia

>>>/qresearch/18397675 Final Trudeau Bun / The Redacted Truth | Trudeau On Trial Docuseries Episode 7 (video)

>>>/qresearch/18399582 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Bill Gates defends private jet travel to promote climate change

>>>/qresearch/18399660 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Elon Musk On When People Will Admit COVID Response Was A “Scam” – “It’s Coming”

>>>/qresearch/18399760 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Jeffrey Sachs: UN Must Investigate Nord Stream Bombing and “Bring Perpetrator to Justice” (video)

>>>/qresearch/18399810 Final Died Suddenly Bun / Canada's youngest athletes, ages 6-13 are dying suddenly: COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children playing sports were a crime

>>>/qresearch/18399914 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Premiers sign joint letter telling Trudeau provinces won’t share health data with federal gov’t: report

>>>/qresearch/18399936 Air Canada to use controversial facial recognition technology in a trial phase at major airports

>>>/qresearch/18399953 Final Protests Bun / Alberta gov’t will continue to pursue lawsuit over Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act last year

>>>/qresearch/18399976 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Ontario judge rules in favor of dad trying to prevent kids from getting COVID jab at mom’s insistence

>>>/qresearch/18400035 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / COVID charges against Ontario pastor dropped due to lack of evidence

>>>/qresearch/18400155 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Trail of Funding for AI ‘Machine Learning Fairness’ Leads to Leftist Billionaires Omidyar, Hoffman, Soros

>>>/qresearch/18400281 Final Media and Censorship Bun / No News Is Not Good News: Google Blocks News Content for Some Canadians

>>>/qresearch/18400329 Final Transgender Bun / Canadian trans Antifa activist with diaper fetish speaks to children on tour event

>>>/qresearch/18400615 Coincidence? Environmental Scientists Heading to Ohio Just Killed in a Plane Crash

>>>/qresearch/18403242 Reverse Discrimination Bun / Liberals reveal new Black justice strategy to combat racism

>>>/qresearch/18403468 Final "Woke" Bun / Teacher finally cleared of discipline after 2 years of looming action from Ontario College of Teachers (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=o26kxM4czMI - Teacher cleared of discipline for bashing critical race theory in Facebook group [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18403614 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Quebec farmers question Trudeau in town hall meeting (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=uSOAIZr6dus - Quebec farmers question Trudeau in town hall meeting [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18403660 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Anti-War Protest in Washington D.C. Garners Support of Conservatives, Libertarians, Leftists! Protesters Demand “NO MORE FUNDING TO UKRAINE!” (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ap1ma-rage-against-the-war-rally-interviews.html - "Rage Against the War" Rally Interviews [12:12] [Channel: CaraCastronuova]

>>>/qresearch/18403746 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Are They Trying To Kill Us? Lab Grown Meat Backed By Bill Gates Has CANCER CELLS And Could Cause Other Scary Health Issues

>>>/qresearch/18403875 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Dr. James Thorp Discusses New Peer-Reviewed Study on COVID Vaccines Dangerous Effects on Reproductive Health (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2apsrs-dr.-james-thorp-discusses-new-study-on-covid-vaccines-dangerous-affect-on-r.html - Dr. James Thorp Discusses New Study on COVID Vaccines Dangerous Effects on Reproductive Health [3:09] [Channel: The Gateway Pundit]

>>>/qresearch/18403928 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Biden’s War: China Negotiating with Russia to Supply Kamikaze Drones – Capable of Carrying Warheads into Battle

>>>/qresearch/18404029 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Natural Immunity Better Than COVID Vaccination Against Omicron: CDC Study Admits

>>>/qresearch/18404346 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Groan – let’s talk about the lazy bigotry directed at the unvaccinated (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=Zb-Ds_7qdZY - What did we get so wrong? [Channel: Dominic Roberts]

>>>/qresearch/18404690 Final Transgender Bun / Trudeau Liberals providing up to $75,000 for employee sex changes

>>>/qresearch/18409735 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Project Veritas Releases Video Saying That They Want James O’Keefe Back, After Desperate Plea For Donors Not to Jump Ship

>>>/qresearch/18410056 Final "Woke" Bun / Watchdog report suggests Canadian gov’t seize property of landlords who ‘violate human rights’

>>>/qresearch/18410276 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / ‘We remain in a pandemic’: Union protests end of Canada’s last mask mandate

>>>/qresearch/18410569 Final Transgender Bun / Canada: High School Promotes ‘Workshop’ for Teens to Access ‘Trans-Positive’ Surgeries

>>>/qresearch/18410598 Final Protests Bun / Canada's Freedom Convoy crackdown was not the last or the worst one

>>>/qresearch/18410642 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Canada sanctions Soviet hockey icon

>>>/qresearch/18410666 Final Trudeau Bun / Trudeau allowed China-backed Liberal candidate to run and win 2019 by-election: CSIS source

>>>/qresearch/18410720 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Trudeau Liberals announce funding for black people traumatized by Covid

>>>/qresearch/18410898 Reverse Discrimination Bun / Sex assault case involving male nurse proves BC College of Nurses’ hypocrisy over gender, biological sex

>>>/qresearch/18414089 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One / Toxic water being shipped out of Ohio? (video)

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/9ht0RTCyzLcj/ - WOW: Diagnosed With Bronchitis, 43k Animals Dead, Toxic Water Secretly Shipped To Texas & Michigan!! [Channel: Press For Truth]

>>>/qresearch/18414231 Final "Woke" Bun / Is self-defence a right in Canada? (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=lAHrIjGbqt4 - Is self-defence a right in Canada? [Channel: True North]

>>>/qresearch/18414278 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun / Farmers blast Ottawa's 'unscientific' fertilizer policy for ignoring impact on crop yield

>>>/qresearch/18414308 Final Media and Censorship Bun / If the German MP denounced by Pollievre was an anti-semite, she would be in jail (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=zEqY_3INmg8 - If the German MP denounced by Pollievre was an anti-semite, she would be in jail [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18414344 Final China Bun / Liberals accuse CPC of 'Trump-type tactics' for demanding unredacted CSIS report into alleged election interference

>>>/qresearch/18414440 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Canada’s carbon emissions rose in 2021, says report

>>>/qresearch/18414870 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Medicare Data Shows The COVID Vaccines Increase Your Chance Of Dying

>>>/qresearch/18415201 Final China Bun / Canadian privacy commissioners launch investigation into TikTok over handling of user data

>>>/qresearch/18417083 Updated Farmers and Food Crisis Bun

>>>/qresearch/18417286 Christine Anderson, MEP Bun / Politicians Must Answer To The People -Christine Anderson, MEP (VIDEO & WEBPAGE SCRUBBED)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2av476-interview-politicians-must-answer-to-the-people-christine-anderson-mep.html - [INTERVIEW] Politicians Must Answer to the People -Christine Anderson, MEP [11:35] [Channel: Bright Light News]

>>>/qresearch/18418687 Christine Anderson, MEP Bun / MEP Christine Anderson speaks with Alexa Lavoie about her controversial Canadian tour (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2b1m12-els-feb-26.html - INTERVIEW: MEP Christine Anderson speaks with Alexa Lavoie about her controversial Canadian tour [7:07] [Channel: RebelNews]

>>>/qresearch/18418701 Final Immigration Bun / Trudeau's immigration plan may cause 'social crisis,' says CIBC CEO on housing, healthcare

>>>/qresearch/18419223, >>>/qresearch/18419235, >>>/qresearch/18419244 Final Died Suddenly Bun / Over 96 Canadian children ages 2-19 have died suddenly or unexpectedly in the past 3 months - a warning call for Canadian parents

>>>/qresearch/18421622 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Canadian medical professor bizarrely claims not wearing a COVID mask is ‘racist’

>>>/qresearch/18421667 Christine Anderson, MEP Bun / Conservatives outraged after Pierre Poilievre calls pro-Freedom Convoy European MP ‘vile’

>>>/qresearch/18422270 Final "Woke" Bun / ‘Jail for this?’: Elon Musk reacts to Josh Alexander’s arrest after opposing gender ideology at school

>>>/qresearch/18423710 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Feds ban TikTok from government devices

>>>/qresearch/18423755 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / "Conspiracy theorists" vindicated over COVID-19(84) lab leak theory & Woody didn't Epstein himself (video)

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/0ItnPOCa4Ceo/ - “Conspiracy Theorists” VINDICATED Over Covid-19(84) Lab Leak Theory & Woody Didn’t Epstein Himself!! [Channel: Press For Truth]

>>>/qresearch/18423916 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Canadians are concerned about private health data amid new federal funding initiatives (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=wPsZU5d8RbU - Canadians are concerned about private health data amid new federal funding initiatives [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18424188 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / CBC Building In Toronto Canada Covered With Images Of The Vaccine Injured + Killed

>>>/qresearch/18424393 Final Trudeau Bun / Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis demands Trudeau resign for ‘denigrating Black people’

>>>/qresearch/18424859 Final Transgender Bun / Biological male runner wins women's 1,500m event in Canada

>>>/qresearch/18424881 Christine Anderson, MEP Bun / Christine Anderson addresses racism accusations, voices support for Convoy (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=rYkZfc6iiUw - Christine Anderson addresses racism accusations, voices support for Convoy [Channel: True North]

>>>/qresearch/18425006 Final China Bun / Report alleges China facilitated $1 million donation to help Trudeau

>>>/qresearch/18425075 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Research team estimates 13 million deaths worldwide from COVID-19 vaccines

>>>/qresearch/18425136 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Ukraine says 'tanks' to Canada for sending more military aid

>>>/qresearch/18425225 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Alberta commits $27.3 million to aid fleeing Ukrainians

>>>/qresearch/18425401 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Elon Musk launches new initiative to develop 'based' alternative to 'woke' AI

>>>/qresearch/18426185 Final "Woke" Bun / Canadian Pastor Gets Violently Removed From A Children’s Drag Queen Story Hour

>>>/qresearch/18428616 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / FDA Advisers Recommend World’s First RSV Vaccine from Pfizer

>>>/qresearch/18428776 Final China Bun / CCP Threatens Elon Musk, Warns Him Against Promoting Wuhan Lab Leak Report

>>>/qresearch/18428838 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Drone Attacks Strike Deep Inside Russia, Targeting Nation’s Oil Industry

>>>/qresearch/18428870 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

>>>/qresearch/18429228 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Canadian MPs summon Google executives to Ottawa to explain reasons for blocking news content

>>>/qresearch/18429506 Final Died Suddenly Bun / THOUSANDS Of Canadian Children Are DYING SUDDENLY! (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2b6qr8-fully-vaxxed-and-boosted-kids-unexpectedly-drop-dead.html - THOUSANDS Of Canadian Children Are DYING SUDDENLY! Fully Vaxxed & BOOSTED Kids Unexpectedly DROP DEAD [9:54] [Channel: Stew Peters Network]

>>>/qresearch/18430739 Final "Woke" Bun / BC cannabis company receives permission to process, sell cocaine

>>>/qresearch/18433329 Reverse Discrimination Bun / CAMPUS WATCH: uOttawa excludes white scholars to “combat systemic racial discrimination”

>>>/qresearch/18433392 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / B.C. doctor Charles Hoffe to face hearing for allegedly spreading 'COVID misinformation' (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2bekw0-b.c.-doctor-charles-hoffe-to-face-hearing-for-allegedly-spreading-covid-mis.html - B.C. doctor Charles Hoffe to face hearing for allegedly spreading 'COVID misinformation' [15:15] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18433536 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Federal Court tosses out another COVID lawsuit, says it presented a 'beyond bad argument'

>>>/qresearch/18433565 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun / Pfizer Confirms It Ended COVID-19 Vaccine Pregnancy Trial Early

>>>/qresearch/18433597 Which Countries Have The Lowest Inflation?

>>>/qresearch/18433643 Final Media and Censorship Bun / These Are The Countries Shutting Down The Internet The Most

>>>/qresearch/18433971 World Government Summit: How the Merging of Humans and Technology Will Define the Next 50 Years

>>>/qresearch/18434029 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Documentary: The truth about Ukraine’s 2014 Maidan uprising to install a US-backed regime (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2b7u1q-ukraine-masks-of-the-revolution-pltv-documentary-by-paul-moreira.html - UKRAINE: MASKS OF THE REVOLUTION - PLTV Documentary by Paul Moreira [51:03] [Channel: JonHabart]

>>>/qresearch/18434087 MAiD Bun / Canadian man seeking assisted suicide says he cannot afford to live without disability benefits

>>>/qresearch/18434199 Final Transgender Bun / Radical academics seek to shut down 'problematic' talk at the University of Winnipeg (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2bd2b0-march-1-2023.html - Advocates are calling for University of Winnipeg to cancel an event that features a speaker who the say promotes transphobic "hatred" [2:44] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18435008 Final Transgender Bun / Canadian trans shop teacher with massive prosthetic breasts no longer teaching at school

>>>/qresearch/18435033, >>>/qresearch/18435041, >>>/qresearch/18441871, >>>/qresearch/18456637 Final Transgender Bun / #BoycottHersheys trends after chocolate maker uses biological male to celebrate International Women’s Day (video); Daily Wire co-founder launches alternative chocolate brand after Hershey’s trans backlash

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2bhf2c-hersheys-uses-a-biological-male-in-their-international-womens-day-promo.html - Hershey’s uses a biological male in their International Women’s Day promo [15] [Channel: The Post Millennial Live]

>>>/qresearch/18435122 Final "Woke" Bun / School board collecting photo ID, personal data of concerned parents

>>>/qresearch/18435571 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Feds have about 91 million doses of COVID vaccines on order for 2023-2024

>>>/qresearch/18438840 Final "Woke" Bun / Fury has erupted at footage of scantily-clad drag performers acting out a bondage-style routine aimed at children (video)

VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/DXNID6SttzAv/ - RAGE: “Drag Act FOR BABIES” Man In Thong Performs BONDAGE ROUTINE FOR KIDS And Parents… [Channel: Press For Truth]

>>>/qresearch/18438890 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Pro-peace is an unpopular position in 2023: Maxime Bernier

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=EPyK9DTdtJY - Pro-peace is an unpopular position in 2023: Maxime Bernier [Channel: Ezra Levant]

>>>/qresearch/18438921 Final Immigration Bun / From Ottawa to Niagara, Trudeau is shipping Roxham's illegals across Ontario (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=fmdBTm7ckl0 - From Ottawa to Niagara, Trudeau is shipping Roxham's illegals across Ontario [Channel: Rebel News Canada]

>>>/qresearch/18438937 Christine Anderson, MEP Bun / Christine Anderson supporters react to Pierre Poilievre's harsh criticism (video)

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=OBKU0Bov_3w - Christine Anderson supporters react to Pierre Poilievre's harsh criticism [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18439068 Final Protests Bun / Pastor's arrest a sign that darkness has descended on Canada, says Tucker Carlson (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2bj526-ezra-joins-tucker-to-talk-about-the-arrest-of-pastor-derek-reimer.html - Ezra joins Tucker to talk about the arrest of pastor Derek Reimer [6:55] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18439109 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / NBC Reporter Goes To Crimea, Shocks Viewers By Telling The Truth

>>>/qresearch/18439128 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Pfizer kills Children for Profit: COVID Vaccine causes 17x increase in Child Deaths across Europe

>>>/qresearch/18439170 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Australian Annual Excess Deaths • Due To The Vaccines

>>>/qresearch/18439235 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / The Death of Expertise

>>>/qresearch/18439320 Some of the descendants of Nazis in positions of power today

>>>/qresearch/18441575 Final "Woke" Bun / Toronto Raptors Apologize for Video Claiming Women Are Great ‘Because They Can Have Babies’

>>>/qresearch/18441753 Final "Woke" Bun / Military defines “racism” as denying you have racist beliefs

>>>/qresearch/18444900 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / New Report Reveals that Polar Wildlife Thrives Despite Climate Alarmists’ Dire Predictions

>>>/qresearch/18450658 Fixing The Incentives: How Fiat Funds National Corruption

>>>/qresearch/18450680 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Fauci Gets Fact-Checked: DC Diner Gives Dr. Tony Fauci Much-Needed Feedback

>>>/qresearch/18450693 Final WEF Bun / “The Great Reject” – Joe Dan Gorman’s Hilarious Masterpiece at Intellectual Froglegs

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2birbu-intellectual-froglegs-the-great-reject.html - Intellectual Froglegs "THE GREAT REJECT" [37:20] [Channel: Intellectual Froglegs]

>>>/qresearch/18450783 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Spate of Whale Strandings Near Offshore Wind Projects Becoming Impossible to Ignore – But Feds Still Deny Link

>>>/qresearch/18450819 Final Media and Censorship Bun / Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Analyst, Big Pharma Over COVID Vaccines And MSNBC’s Bias

>>>/qresearch/18450961 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Samantha Power Lets Slip The US Is At War With Russia, But "Ukrainians Doing The Fighting"

>>>/qresearch/18451001 Final WEF Bun / The Attack Of The Subversive Elites

>>>/qresearch/18451231 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / COVID NEWSPEAK: Altering Definitions to Alter Perceptions

>>>/qresearch/18451324 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Canada's chief of the defence staff makes trip to Ukrainian capital

>>>/qresearch/18451336 Final China Bun / Trudeau Foundation to return $200k donation potentially linked to Chinese Communist Party

>>>/qresearch/18451491 Final Media and Censorship Bun / United Nations calls for ‘global guidelines’ to combat ‘disinformation’ on social media

>>>/qresearch/18452753 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Public Health attempts to justify its own measures using pretend simulations when real world data show otherwise (video)

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2buyh0-public-health-justifies-its-own-measures-using-pretend-simulations-real-wor.html - Public Health justifies its own measures using pretend simulations — real world data show otherwise [15:31] [Channel: Rebel News]

>>>/qresearch/18454691, >>>/qresearch/18456437, >>>/qresearch/18456518 Wellcome Trust comes up again

>>>/qresearch/18455219 Final Media and Censorship Bun / New Report Ties Biden Regime Funding to the International Fund for Public Interest Media to Censor and Silence Alternative Media

>>>/qresearch/18455537 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun / Vast Expanse Of US Military Hardware Positioned At Polish Port

>>>/qresearch/18455584 Final Vaxx Injury Bun / Dr Robert Malone + Darrell O. Ricke Published A Paper With The Conclusion = COVID-19 Vaccines Were Too Deadly To Be Given To Humans • In January 2020 (with .pdf)

>>>/qresearch/18455716 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun / Researchers Warn Net Zero Zealots’ Policies Will Cause Half The World’s Population To Starve

>>>/qresearch/18455776 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / As of March 1, 2023 • 213 Institutions And Offices In 40 Countries Have Responded To FOIs That Reveal They Have No Record Of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification, Anywhere, Ever (with .pdfs)

>>>/qresearch/18456658 The president of the European Commission comes to Canada

>>>/qresearch/18456710 Final Protests Bun / Liberals plan to rewrite Emergencies Act to make it easier to invoke in the future (with .pdf)

>>>/qresearch/18456755 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two / Trial will proceed to determine appropriateness of court-ordered COVID-19 vaccines for three Ontario children

>>>/qresearch/18456765, >>>/qresearch/18456776 Auditor General's Office confirms they will audit McKinsey contracts; Trudeau nominates new Auditor General

>>>/qresearch/18456830 Final China Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456833 Christine Anderson, MEP Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456835 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part One

>>>/qresearch/18456838 Covid and Other Pestilence Bun Part Two

>>>/qresearch/18456839 Final Climate Change Chicanery Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456840 Final Died Suddenly Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456842 Final Immigration Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456843 MAiD Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456845 Final Media and Censorship Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456848 Final Pfizer and other Pharma Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456849 Final Protests Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456850 Reverse Discrimination Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456854 Final Russia & Ukraine Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456858 Final Transgender Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456859 Final Trudeau Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456860 Final Vaxx Injury Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456861 Final WEF Bun

>>>/qresearch/18456862 Final "Woke" Bun

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>>>/qresearch/18407261 Q Research General #22567: Stop the FDA from Misleading MDs about the Clot Shot NOW Edition

Created 250617ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18407278 #22567

>>>/qresearch/18407312, >>>/qresearch/18407332 The drinking fountain here at East Palestine High School literally has a LOCK on the nozzle that says “DANGER: DO NOT OPERATE” soc media

>>>/qresearch/18407336 Brannon Howse Interviews Attorney John Thaler On Claim Politicians In U.S. Corrupted By Drug Cartel Money Laundering Scheme And Election Theft

>>>/qresearch/18407358, >>>/qresearch/18407367, >>>/qresearch/18407376, >>>/qresearch/18407381, >>>/qresearch/18407582, >>>/qresearch/18407634 How to generate structured water, secrets of water magnetism

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=eWmr2T-_hM8 - 💦 STRUCTURED WATER DEVICE 💦 Simple, Cheap & DIY [Channel: Theoria Apophasis]


>>>/qresearch/18407375 STRUCTURED WATER DEVICE 💦 Simple, Cheap & DIY y/t how to

>>>/qresearch/18407386 Dr Malone won't talk about the Alchem.

>>>/qresearch/18407400 The AAPS warns that gender transition procedures are “generally irreversible and have a high probability of causing sterilization.”

>>>/qresearch/18407409 All that shit talking and yet nobody will click or comment on that which is Political corruption in AZ, money launering, etc…

>>>/qresearch/18407534, >>>/qresearch/18407624 PF

>>>/qresearch/18407538 Moar Potato salad

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/d4786aa21f071adbed361317ef533d50b049a5b5cff4b6efb1afdd0da96f3c9e.mp4

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/84181f1d59afaab38fe6dfdf1ab325f3caf803183a9a10d18c0ec48080975cd2.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18407552, >>>/qresearch/18407625 Committee on Science and Technology on the 1983 flooding of the lower Colorado River .pdf

>>>/qresearch/18407651, >>>/qresearch/18407703, >>>/qresearch/18407714, >>>/qresearch/18407987 EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2auc8c-explosive-testimony-today-at-the-sen.-elections-and-house-osight-hearings-b.html - EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger [42:08] [Channel: Q1776Q]

>>>/qresearch/18407737 'This is going to be a long game': Erin Brockovich shares insight with East Palestine

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=EqjJm8aPMGE - 'This is going to be a long game': Erin Brockovich shares insight with East Palestine [Channel: WKBN27]

>>>/qresearch/18407876 US AF Twat Airmen conducted cold-weather training at Michigan's Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, practicing their ability to operate communications equipment in frigid conditions. 23 words, [17]6 bytes Feb 24

>>>/qresearch/18407929 US AF Twat: It was all about the "ShOC" value as the 805th Combat Training Squadron hosted its 2nd ShOC Flag event 742(DT) timestamp -> Qalerts: 71 posts contain.. -> Q742:

>>>/qresearch/18407941 US Navy Twat "There's no place quite like the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. ⚓️"

>>>/qresearch/18407961 Operation Ukraine: America’s fingerprints RT Doc from Feb 22

>>>/qresearch/18407965 US Army Twat "#ArmyLife is part of the family legacy for some Soldiers."

>>>/qresearch/18408018, >>>/qresearch/18408022 "I am sick and tired over the lack of footage of the Ukraine war. I worked in cable news. I am initiated. If it bleeds, it leads. Where is the war footage?" soc media from Feb 24

>>>/qresearch/18408024 US Army Twat: "The example Lt. Col. Charity E. Adams set during her career continues #MakingaDifference even today."

>>>/qresearch/18408081, >>>/qresearch/18408119, >>>/qresearch/18408126 'Um, what the hell': Biden appears confused in bizarre exchange while struggling to explain why he still hasn't visited East Palestine weeks after devastating train derailment - as he heads to Delaware home

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/3c0e850a2bfca85defc0d31ed7e4fa0937ac47889593c262486a584262bad3aa.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18408120 USMC Twat "“A warfighting capability is only as effective as the Marines employing it.” Taking the Oath Vid cut at 17 sec

>>>/qresearch/18408137 ANG Twat: New York Airmen of the @106thRescueWing's 101st Rescue Squadron teamed with @MarForRes aviators for a training exercise simulating the rescue of a downed pilot. 🔗

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>>>/qresearch/18408144 Q Research General #22568: Dank eBake Edition

Created 251207ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18408150 #22568

>>>/qresearch/18408181 Five people on a medical services airplane died Friday night after the aircraft crashed in western Nevada

>>>/qresearch/18408195 EU adopts new sanctions against Russia

>>>/qresearch/18408208, >>>/qresearch/18408344 ICYMI: Explosive testimony on the fraud, corruption and rackeetering in Arizona

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2auc8c-explosive-testimony-today-at-the-sen.-elections-and-house-osight-hearings-b.html - EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger [42:08] [Channel: Q1776Q]

>>>/qresearch/18408253, >>>/qresearch/18408255 Ex-US spy boss says Russian agents keener for Australian secrets

>>>/qresearch/18408295 Trump Truth / Qposts

>>>/qresearch/18408298, >>>/qresearch/18408302 Three fires in three oil refineries on the same day - owned by the same company, Pemex

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/5753489daf2e705d193c87387db22e6c05cd280e30cc48df42f2e4f2ecde33f0.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18408309 Biden does not plan on visiting East Palestine

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/3c0e850a2bfca85defc0d31ed7e4fa0937ac47889593c262486a584262bad3aa.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18408326, >>>/qresearch/18408335 Mormon Church got caught hiding a $32 billion investment portfolio in shell companies

>>>/qresearch/18408384 Bill to classify Fentanyl as a Weapon of Terrorism approved by Virginia Legislature

>>>/qresearch/18408395 Undercover videos show breadth of trafficking in Southern California

>>>/qresearch/18408399 Japan touts new anti-Russia sanctions

>>>/qresearch/18408404 Erin Brockovich holds Town Hall in East Palestine to help residents prepare for the 'Long Game'

>>>/qresearch/18408423 Tito Ortiz - It’s time to take back the Country from these Communists - Fight, Fight, Fight

>>>/qresearch/18408446 Sec Def Chris Miller on J6: There was no Coup

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2auxn2-sec-def-chris-miller-on-j6-there-was-no-coup.html - Sec Def Chris Miller on J6: There Was NO COUP! [4:18] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

>>>/qresearch/18408632, >>>/qresearch/18408641, >>>/qresearch/18408664 (Europe) Monthly Excess Mortality in December 2022

>>>/qresearch/18408637, >>>/qresearch/18408733 Quantitative wokeness study

>>>/qresearch/18408644, >>>/qresearch/18408668 Japan 6.0 Earthquake

>>>/qresearch/18408684, >>>/qresearch/18408688 After backpedaling on gas stove ban, new plans to raise costs via efficiency regs

>>>/qresearch/18408744 University of NC moves to ban ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ in anti-woke backlash

>>>/qresearch/18408767 Reports of small plane dropping thick white powder over West Virginia / Maryland areas

>>>/qresearch/18408789 Deltas

>>>/qresearch/18408830 DJT: This is the most dangerous time in the history of our Country

>>>/qresearch/18408867 Military tweets / decodes

>>>/qresearch/18408870 #22568

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>>>/qresearch/18408876 Q Research General #22569: Jackie Breger FTW Edition

Created 251524ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18408883 #22569

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2auc8c-explosive-testimony-today-at-the-sen.-elections-and-house-osight-hearings-b.html - EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger [42:08] [Channel: Q1776Q]

>>>/qresearch/18408925, >>>/qresearch/18408970 NYT Debunks Dem Claim: Trump’s Rollback of a Rail Safety Rule Had ‘No Impact’ on Ohio Derailment

>>>/qresearch/18408926 UK to offer 3,000 Eurovision tickets to displaced Ukrainians/singing contest show

>>>/qresearch/18408947, >>>/qresearch/18408956 Ukraine religion replacing covid mandates, which replace global warming

>>>/qresearch/18408967 93% Vaccinated Singapore just dropped new data & it's Devastating.

>>>/qresearch/18408973, >>>/qresearch/18409221, >>>/qresearch/18409353 And we weren't joking when we said Arizona belongs to the cartels now./uranium?

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=dKB2MUFsVqs - *NOT FOUND/CENSORED*

>>>/qresearch/18408990 'PF: Potato tanker "at Delaware" switch out 59-1474 heading back to Pittburgh and 57-1454 from Dover AFB both KC-135s

>>>/qresearch/18409007 TRANSLATED FROM DUTCH: "The demolition policy of citizens against the #15minutecities"

>>>/qresearch/18409089, >>>/qresearch/18409102, >>>/qresearch/18409317, >>>/qresearch/18409334, >>>/qresearch/18409371 O'keefIII vid: I don't wonder if James was actually exposing a much larger human (child) trafficking organ harvesting operation, possibly connected to the pizzagate "

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/5c5b2a07897b2ef7f37533209608d8bbb78bc66a48390a1d8dd37d989e278d32.mp4

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/1012a4eac35e6f23524a4162dc7aec6526efc1ca466a70b49e71e8ce6e475b52.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18409099, >>>/qresearch/18409110, >>>/qresearch/18409137 AZ pols and Sinola Cartel

>>>/qresearch/18409118 Russia remains Germany’s largest coal supplier

>>>/qresearch/18409129 Russian arms makers have carefully studied Western weapons captured during the fighting in Ukraine and used this experience for the benefit of the country’s military

>>>/qresearch/18409155, >>>/qresearch/18409503 magnetism/water/continued/alcubierre Warp Drive

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=KN3PBFxV3Xw - The Mystery of Water - What we know is a drop. [Channel: Grander Water]

>>>/qresearch/18409167, >>>/qresearch/18409171 Care Flight medical plane crash

>>>/qresearch/18409185 #22567 posted in #22569

>>>/qresearch/18409190 Another glorious win for President Trump!

>>>/qresearch/18409192 NATO wants to negotiate, doubts Ukraine can retake territory

>>>/qresearch/18409197 Potatus 17 words

>>>/qresearch/18409211 Kamala's Humiliating 'Please Clap' Moment Shows How Bad Things Are for Dems

>>>/qresearch/18409213, >>>/qresearch/18409229 Ultra MAGA party Max video on War Room

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v27d1es-ultra-maga-party-max-video-on-war-room.html - Ultra MAGA party Max video on War Room [2:51] [Channel: RedpillUSAPatriots]

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2acm1c-because-of-a-stolen-election-we-are-now-in-wwwiii.html - STOLEN ELECTIONS = WWIII [2:59] [Channel: Ultra Maga Party ud83dudc51]

>>>/qresearch/18409217, >>>/qresearch/18409223 China Mine Collapse: More Bodies Found, 48 Still Missing After Landslide

>>>/qresearch/18409267 Former Vice President Mike Pence is once against taking jabs at President Donald Trump.

>>>/qresearch/18409278 Oblivion

>>>/qresearch/18409292 my autistic five year old was finally able to sit down with his new Service Dog Tornado

>>>/qresearch/18409314 Snow on Highway 17 to Santa Cruz looks Tahoe-like

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=qdoEiVR3vVc - Snow on Highway 17 to Santa Cruz looks Tahoe-like [Channel: KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco]

>>>/qresearch/18409343, >>>/qresearch/18409345 SCADA systems (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) are responsible for air traffic controlling, remote train monitoring and control systems and provide almost all critical infrastructure

>>>/qresearch/18409354, >>>/qresearch/18409355, >>>/qresearch/18409357, >>>/qresearch/18409358, >>>/qresearch/18409360 Texas High Schoolers Are Being Jailed on Felony Charges For Vaping

>>>/qresearch/18409375 SPAR17C-40B heading to JBA from Helsinki depart-stopped at Shannon, for about 2h and was at the Munich Insecurity Conference for a drop off last week on 0220

>>>/qresearch/18409380, >>>/qresearch/18409397 These corporate structures are how they kill us,

>>>/qresearch/18409383 Interesting GPS jammin area in Russian Far East region near Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

>>>/qresearch/18409392, >>>/qresearch/18409418, >>>/qresearch/18409431, >>>/qresearch/18409452, >>>/qresearch/18409560 Jackie Breger Testifying on Election Fraud in Arizona 2020 & 2022

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2auc8c-explosive-testimony-today-at-the-sen.-elections-and-house-osight-hearings-b.html - EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger [42:08] [Channel: Q1776Q]

>>>/qresearch/18409402, >>>/qresearch/18409403, >>>/qresearch/18409407, >>>/qresearch/18409408 Mega-prison in El Salvador for 40,000 suspected gangsters

>>>/qresearch/18409443 @DanScavino “I am your voice!” @realDonaldTrump

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/8ae06596e4220dde5e356a4a88a6137ac701d8620ff75b0de28eab999bb54446.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18409465 Investigative Journalist Sara Carter joins The Devin Nunes Podcast

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2aot0o-investigative-journalist-sara-carter-joins-the-devin-nunes-podcast.html - Investigative Journalist Sara Carter joins The Devin Nunes Podcast [9] [Channel: Devin Nunes]

>>>/qresearch/18409489, >>>/qresearch/18409495 Nuland is the Fauci of this situation.

>>>/qresearch/18409538 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Crescent Moon Occultation

>>>/qresearch/18409552 Warren Buffett Letter To Shareholders: Berkshire Hathaway Posts Losses — But Remains Optimistic

>>>/qresearch/18409588, >>>/qresearch/18409594 Canada's Freedom Convoy crackdown was not the last or the worst one

>>>/qresearch/18409636 #22569

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>>>/qresearch/18409638 Q Research General #22570: Troubles Ahead, Troubles Behind AZ to E Palestine Edition

Created 251841ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18409655 #22570

>>>/qresearch/18409680 FCC gets loads of complaints over Super Bowl Halftime Show – “had to turn off the TV”

>>>/qresearch/18409688 WHO raises alarm over Bird Flu

>>>/qresearch/18409690, >>>/qresearch/18409697, >>>/qresearch/18409706, >>>/qresearch/18409957 Mega-prison in El Salvador for 40,000 suspected gangsters

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/7a547813e93c1aab501098e1091486883061a42eaf91038435d5bb50b0aaa821.mp4

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/a1224c2192707d4d248af2ff1e706835ef241ae65ae31256cc1cbc7b65cb77e2.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18409696 Nunes discusses Biden in Ukraine, Buttigieg, train derailments and moar

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2aegde-nunes-explains-strategy-behind-giving-tucker-carlson-trove-of-jan.-6-footag.html - Nunes explains strategy behind giving Tucker Carlson trove of Jan. 6 footage [32:55] [Channel: Devin Nunes]

>>>/qresearch/18409699 St. Louis area judges recuse themselves from Kim Gardner corruption case

>>>/qresearch/18409707, >>>/qresearch/18409727, >>>/qresearch/18409778, >>>/qresearch/18409800 Ukrainian politician says US should give her Nation $500 billion

>>>/qresearch/18409717 Biden’s Supreme Court Commission under investigation for yies to Democrat Court-Packing advocates

>>>/qresearch/18409740, >>>/qresearch/18410113 Michael Ernst, Navy SEAL and Mass. native, dies in Arizona parachuting accident

>>>/qresearch/18409750, >>>/qresearch/18409908, >>>/qresearch/18409985, >>>/qresearch/18410025 PF reports

>>>/qresearch/18409756 U.S. Defense Dept purchased Chinese IT equipment with known Vulnerabilities for use at sensitive base

>>>/qresearch/18409765 Prominent Hong Kong model Abby Choi found dismembered in refrigerator

>>>/qresearch/18409768, >>>/qresearch/18409875, >>>/qresearch/18409890, >>>/qresearch/18409906, >>>/qresearch/18409939, >>>/qresearch/18409948, >>>/qresearch/18409959, >>>/qresearch/18409995 Full testimony of Jacqueline Breger

>>>/qresearch/18409827 East Palestine residents’ shock illnesses after derailment

>>>/qresearch/18409840 Mike Lindell vows to sue Kevin McCarthy for only letting Tucker Carlson see J6 footage

>>>/qresearch/18409847, >>>/qresearch/18409849, >>>/qresearch/18409961, >>>/qresearch/18410051 Russia: Only one potential ‘scenario’ for Ukraine talks

>>>/qresearch/18409863 Three separate Oil Facilities explode suddenly within 24 Hours

>>>/qresearch/18409872 Rep. Andrew Clyde: Do not register AR pistols with ATF

>>>/qresearch/18409899 Canada moves toward assisted suicide for minors

>>>/qresearch/18409955 Over 100k at anti-government protest in Tel Aviv, tens of thousands elsewhere

>>>/qresearch/18409977 WEF (WTF) orders World Governments to begin ‘severely rationing meat and fuel’ to usher in The Great Reset

>>>/qresearch/18409991 Phoenix DEA, Tempe Police seize over 30 million lethal doses of narcotics linked to Sinaloa Cartel

>>>/qresearch/18409993 Clifton Bennett, son of Arizona Senate President Ken Bennett

>>>/qresearch/18409996, >>>/qresearch/18410010, >>>/qresearch/18410015 La Sombra Negra, rival gang to MS-13

>>>/qresearch/18410101 (PDF) Full Testimony of Jacqueline Breger at Arizona Senate Committee

>>>/qresearch/18410190 Former insurance executive indicted for $2B fraud scheme

>>>/qresearch/18410201 Former City of Atlanta Official sentenced for accepting bribes

>>>/qresearch/18410211 Russian National charged with supplying U.S. Technology to the Russian and North Korean Governments

>>>/qresearch/18410317 Department of Defense Panel: Prohibit Gun Sales to Troops Under Age 25

>>>/qresearch/18410348 24 or B4

>>>/qresearch/18410370 Law and Border - The Ultimate Cost w/ Ben Bergquam

>>>/qresearch/18410423 #22570

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>>>/qresearch/18410442 Q Research General #22571: Death Blossom Edition

Created 252124ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18410449 #22571

>>>/qresearch/18410479 The vaccine connection to the Ohio train attack

>>>/qresearch/18410481, >>>/qresearch/18410618, >>>/qresearch/18410628 DJT: Charlie Hurt was great this morning on Fox & Friends

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/79fa80439bff625ade8be373b03503cb54c05d3629c4967afcb70cb733f32de3.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18410483, >>>/qresearch/18410580, >>>/qresearch/18410602 Ignazio's Pizza

>>>/qresearch/18410484, >>>/qresearch/18410498, >>>/qresearch/18410556, >>>/qresearch/18410676, >>>/qresearch/18410967, >>>/qresearch/18410980 Biden tweets

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/3acffc1e740f726247671f4ac0f3d78561ce333f7debac98eb97727eb90cc3f7.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18410501, >>>/qresearch/18410605 A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Lexington, North Carolina on Saturday morning

>>>/qresearch/18410531 Brannon Howse interviews Attorney John Thaler on claims Politicians in U.S. corrupted by Cartel money

>>>/qresearch/18410567 Joe Biden’s long-standing interview moratorium ended with a sit-down with ABC News

>>>/qresearch/18410579 Moderna paid Fauci lead organization $400 million in royalties on covid vaccine sales

>>>/qresearch/18410584 Globalists seek to strip nations of right to keep one's destiny their own

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ax0vi-harnwell-globalists-seek-to-strip-nations-of-their-right-to-chose-for-thems.html - Harnwell: Globalists seek to strip nations of their right to chose for themselves their own destiny [15:48] [Channel: Bannons War Room]

>>>/qresearch/18410589 Charles Payne criticizes Biden's trip to Ukraine and the sounding of air raid sirens during his visit

>>>/qresearch/18410601, >>>/qresearch/18410630 Elected and Appointed Officials of Arizona with falsified property deeds

>>>/qresearch/18410612 Victoria Nuland has had hand in every U.S. intervention for the past 30 years

>>>/qresearch/18410620 PF reports

>>>/qresearch/18410629, >>>/qresearch/18410648 CIA veteran Philip Agee candidly admitted that no one in the CIA cares about democracy

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/a58c320f3b302483a2d66d867b85c8760d8617ddd95760f8531262389cde9f4e.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18410640 Ron DeSantis accepts endorsement and donations from George Soros

>>>/qresearch/18410694 Malcolm X’s family is suing the FBI, NYPD, and CIA 58 years after his death

>>>/qresearch/18410699 They are now refurbishing their death mRNA Jabs as Cancer treatments

>>>/qresearch/18410722, >>>/qresearch/18410728 A recent epidemic of airline near misses deserves both attention and reflection

>>>/qresearch/18410752 Strange dust coats cars across several States as odd smell permeates the air

>>>/qresearch/18410755 The actual State of the Union speech...

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/f5c903178f4e1254af7d6cd3e746a6b10edfed3c104845aa703f2132ccbdaf86.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18410837 Top carriers to join forces in investigating scourge of fires at sea

>>>/qresearch/18410857 Country star Brad Paisley goes Woke, releases song featuring Zelensky

>>>/qresearch/18410865 Florida has become a sanctuary state for abortions?

>>>/qresearch/18410871 Libs of TikTok creator is publishing a children’s book

>>>/qresearch/18410908 Fake-elect Gov. Katie Hobbs gets the Infamous No Name Boot

>>>/qresearch/18411144, >>>/qresearch/18411157 Record-breaking storms: LA remains under Historic blizzard warning

>>>/qresearch/18411206 #22571

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>>>/qresearch/18411218 Q Research General #22572: Hobbs Gets Teh Boot Edition

Created 260012ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18411227 #22572

>>>/qresearch/18411345 ‘Goyim Defense League’ Day of Hate Fizzles — and Who Are These Guys, Anyway?

>>>/qresearch/18411362 We hope we can kill Trump, Pompeo, [retired US general Kenneth] McKenzie and the military commanders who gave the order," Hajizadeh stated

>>>/qresearch/18411376 Whitmer Enjoys an Evening Out While 700,000 Michiganders Freeze Without Power

>>>/qresearch/18411384, >>>/qresearch/18411392, >>>/qresearch/18411411 Dilbert gets canceled after its creator is branded racist for warning white people to 'get the f**k away' from black people

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=K6TnAn7qV1s - Episode 2027 Scott Adams: AI Goes Woke, I Accidentally Joined A Hate Group, Trump, Policing Schools [Channel: Real Coffee with Scott Adams]

>>>/qresearch/18411409, >>>/qresearch/18411442 Katie Hobbs and other elected/appointed officials in AZ have been taking bribes through a fake trust deed scheme

>>>/qresearch/18411420, >>>/qresearch/18411454, >>>/qresearch/18411455 Breger's boss Thaler has been posting on twitter about the Az issues.

>>>/qresearch/18411461 Biden 'Can't Recall' if He Spoke to East Palestine Mayor

>>>/qresearch/18411534 PF SAM258 C-40BJanet Yellenlanded at Rzesow Airport, Poland from it's Bangalore, India and then Dubai stop

>>>/qresearch/18411538 Things Are Getting Dicey in the South China Sea

>>>/qresearch/18411562 When Exactly Did the Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring Start? We Have an Idea

>>>/qresearch/18411567, >>>/qresearch/18411610, >>>/qresearch/18411625 Ukraine has ‘total dominance’ over US – Trump

>>>/qresearch/18411609 Here's a dirty little secret about Biden's sanctions on Russian energy...

>>>/qresearch/18411652, >>>/qresearch/18411662, >>>/qresearch/18411667, >>>/qresearch/18411680, >>>/qresearch/18411689 Jim Biden diggz/refresher/Jimmy Biden is both the mastermind and the muscle behind the Biden shakedown racket

>>>/qresearch/18411682, >>>/qresearch/18411742 We are not sending NATO soldiers, “I can resign in the military, take military clothing off and sign up as a contractor in Ukraine

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/c548a7033bfbeb6a18b260d6d6bdbd3f56d164e6236d55849097c84d3a01d673.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18411685 An Ohio representative for a portion of Delaware County has died, Kris Jordan, 46, died Saturday from natural causes

>>>/qresearch/18411704 In Cameroon, several explosions thundered during a sports race

>>>/qresearch/18411708 US spends more on Ukraine than it burned through in Afghanistan

>>>/qresearch/18411770, >>>/qresearch/18411774, >>>/qresearch/18411777 Pelosi heckled in San Francisco: “Can you tell us why we have over $150 billion going to Ukraine when we have homeless on the streets

>>>/qresearch/18411803 ClockFag rolls proper timestamps in a world of :02

>>>/qresearch/18411836, >>>/qresearch/18411840, >>>/qresearch/18411844 Key Points of Jacqueline Breger Testimony (from ANON transcript)

>>>/qresearch/18411891 @mikepompeo Critical race theory is the opposite of the truth.

>>>/qresearch/18411903 One, two, many Sri Lankas – the World Bank becomes Joe Biden's global greenie slush fund

>>>/qresearch/18411943 PF: 2 Israeli AF C-130Js NW from Nevatim AB- IAF018 and 19

>>>/qresearch/18411954 Al Sharpton's Brother Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion, Mail Fraud, Drug Conspiracy Charges, Faces 20 Years in Prison

>>>/qresearch/18411977 Man Who Was Secretary of Defense on Jan. 6 Crushes Leftist Narrative: 'I Was Running the Military, There Was No Coup'/Miller

>>>/qresearch/18411998 Miami Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones, a former All-Pro and Pro Bowler, announced via a pair of tweets that he could no longer “run or jump”,Retires at 30, DO NOT Take the Injections

>>>/qresearch/18412018 #22572

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>>>/qresearch/18412024 Q Research General #22573: #AZGATE, Tribunals Now Forming Edition

Created 260236ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18412036 #22573

>>>/qresearch/18412202, >>>/qresearch/18412358 WEF Declares That Human Beings Are No Longer Sovereign "We Are Data"

VIDEO https://rumble.com/v2ayhym-wef-declares-that-human-beings-are-no-longer-sovereign.html - WEF Declares That Human Beings Are No Longer Sovereign [10:25] [Channel: Uncensored Storm]

>>>/qresearch/18412231 The TN legislature passed bills today that make it illegal to take kids to drag shows and illegal to give kids sex change surgeries, hormones and puberty blockers!

>>>/qresearch/18412282 IMMIT46US Navy E-6B Mercury went off shore earlier today from Travis AFB and then went north to Whidbey Island and did some low alt passes (about 1350ft)

>>>/qresearch/18412288, >>>/qresearch/18412564 Food shortages in UK due to???

>>>/qresearch/18412403 Biden administration is already planning to impose new costs on the appliances with stricter efficiency standards

>>>/qresearch/18412439, >>>/qresearch/18412449 Qmovies/sigs

>>>/qresearch/18412501 EPA orders Norfolk Southern to PAUSE cleanup of East Palestine toxic train derailment

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/2cb9cbb1a5e725bf64d1ccc584c0644b8ad1acca32d6cd80a17f755a59b9ecd0.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18412504, >>>/qresearch/18412549, >>>/qresearch/18412563, >>>/qresearch/18412593 Brave Boy Reads Pornographic Book Out Loud To School Board Members After parents faced censorship

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/c1c51f331c2eacc69935086daeb2843930655678871653ca1385d9abf957c879.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18412534, >>>/qresearch/18412541 FF discussion

>>>/qresearch/18412545 PF 0000000 USAFSOC 'Special Ops' C-146A Wolfhound departed Scottsdale N today and flew over Grand Canyon then down to Tucson Int'l for a few low alt passes

>>>/qresearch/18412559 PF Israel AF C-130js IAF018/19 heading to Prestwick Int'l (airport for Glasgow) for a refuel then prolly across the Atlantic

>>>/qresearch/18412786 #22573

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>>>/qresearch/18412787 Q Research General #22574: Late Night Suicide Weekend Aide Review Edition

Created 260505ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18412797 #22574-A

>>>/qresearch/18412974 ICYMI: Jackie Breger testimony

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=YjkR02Y8OfY - Arizona Elections Fraud Jt Committee -Jackie Breger testimony DETAILED FRAUD INVESTIGATION Report [Channel: Kymberly Lietzow]

>>>/qresearch/18412996, >>>/qresearch/18413049 Two dioxin-degrading species of mushroom

>>>/qresearch/18413015 CDC Must Not Survive COVID-19

>>>/qresearch/18413139, >>>/qresearch/18413178 All the election fraud deniers / anti-audit shills / Kari Lake haters

>>>/qresearch/18413146, >>>/qresearch/18413192, >>>/qresearch/18413216, >>>/qresearch/18413332 America's Third War: The U.S. Cut a Deal With the Sinaloa Cartel, Say Court Documents (from 2014)

>>>/qresearch/18413171 Feb. 23: Millions of fentanyl pills off streets after Arizona agencies target Sinaloa Drug Cartel

>>>/qresearch/18413198 American Express advertising for pedophilia with their Sydney Ghey and Lesbian Mardi Gras float from last night

>>>/qresearch/18413233 'I felt safer in downtown Saigon during Vietnam': Moment squatters terrorizing Portland family almost set their home on fire

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/0ac0864e573def4990645be8aa2f5f641643646aab9f834ff0188d14e2bd3d7f.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413241 Six second Fang fang joke at Swalwell's expense. DS @ TS

>>>/qresearch/18413276 PF "all quiet"

>>>/qresearch/18413318 US Air Force Twat:"Airmen from the 405th Expeditionary Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron & the 386th Expeditionary Medical Squadron trained with the @USArmy & coalition partners from Italy & Denmark to practice setting up a C-130 Hercules for patient transport & evacuation" Feb 25 delta -> Q2890: Pedo

>>>/qresearch/18413326, >>>/qresearch/18413330 US Air Force Twat: "505th Command & Control Wing incorporated a @KesselRunAF board game application into the curriculum of their Lead Wing Command & Control Course - C2IMERA" Myanmar on the map

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/513a2eff2f2df51ea9e7babbfc2985c99d8297ef041e4dcc78bcafe9dca3f8fd.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413348 US Navy Twat: "We train how we fight! 🤿 Sailors assigned to @GHWBCVN77 conduct man overboard drills in the #AdriaticSea Qalerts: 7777 -> Q3757: Timestamp 1104 and mirror 4011 both yield Q3432

>>>/qresearch/18413361 Pentagon panel recommends bases stop selling guns to troops under 25 to fight suicides Feb 25

>>>/qresearch/18413363, >>>/qresearch/18413371, >>>/qresearch/18413374 Woody Harrelson started his performance on SNL with criticizing Big Pharma.- soc media

>>>/qresearch/18413369 US Army Twat:"More than 30 @NJNationalGuard service members recently traveled to the Albanian Land Forces Headquarters, where counterpart teams from both forces took the Army Combat Fitness Test as part of non-commissioned officer professional development" Photo dimensions: 1200 x 673 = 1873 -> mirror Q3781

>>>/qresearch/18413379, >>>/qresearch/18413404 EPA orders Norfolk Southern to PAUSE cleanup of East Palestine toxic train derailment, despite '102,000 gallons of liquid waste and 4,500 cubic yards of solid waste' still on site-soc media

>>>/qresearch/18413389 Twitter layoffs continue: Elon Musk-led company fires 50 more employees amid relentless cost cuts

>>>/qresearch/18413397, >>>/qresearch/18413431 Op Ed Former Bush aide says Marjorie Taylor Greene has become so powerful in the GOP that she can't be dismissed as a fringe figure anymore

>>>/qresearch/18413405, >>>/qresearch/18413422 US Army Twat: "One @USArmyReserve Soldier recently had the opportunity to travel to his home country, Kenya, during Justified Accord (JA23), a multinational training exercise involving around 20 countries from four continents" Link and Q2888 both contain repeating 8's and 7's-Flauxtus is in Kenya too

>>>/qresearch/18413406 Tulsi Gabbard: Biden and Democrats Now Share Same ‘Core Principles’ As Hitler and Nazis-gatewaypundit

>>>/qresearch/18413415 Finally: New York Times Admits Biden's 'Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs'-breitbart

>>>/qresearch/18413417 USMC and White House Twat:"#Marines with @MarForRes fire star cluster flares during exercise Intrepid Maven 23.2, Feb. 22." WH:The future of American transportation is on track to be cleaner, safer, more affordable, and more reliable than ever — thanks to President Biden’s historic investments in electric vehicles, clean transportation, and batteries" 911 timestamp, 911 on the helmet

>>>/qresearch/18413430 Snow continues in (Pasadena) SoCal and many keks are had

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/303c439a0cab549d3ac3b00dfea2c9ce565ba301fd9721871f1966c5364e9529.mp4

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/e8977010e74f23d4d900ce8f6751eeec91cf0631fde357325618db3599304c4d.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413434 USMC Twat: "#MarineCorps recruits participate in the initial drill inspection on @MCRDPI, Feb. 20" Second line = 88 characters with spaces drill -> Q4924

>>>/qresearch/18413493 Op Ed: The First Casualty of War Is the Truth – The Current Western Propaganda for Ukraine Is Epic in Scale

>>>/qresearch/18413496, >>>/qresearch/18413514 USMC Twat: "A #MarineCorps CH-53E Super Stallion with the @31stMeu airlifts cargo during a Helicopter Support Team (HST) exercise at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, Feb. 19"-Q88,14,2897,262,219

>>>/qresearch/18413499, >>>/qresearch/18413505 1y delta 2/26 Edition: UncoverDC on the Road with the People's Convoy

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=dfZWeAQ3TZg - LIVE 2/26 Edition: UncoverDC on the Road with the People's Convoy [Channel: Tracy Beanz]

>>>/qresearch/18413510 Air National Guard Twat: "More than 100 @MNNationalGuard members partnered with the Heimevernet, the Norwegian Home Guard, for two weeks of winter warfare training during the 50th U.S./Norway Reciprocal Troop Exchange, the @DeptofDefense's longest-running troop exchange" Q1425

>>>/qresearch/18413518, >>>/qresearch/18413525 1 year delta on Kinzinger's "Ghost of Kyiv' Twat- yesterday Feb 25

>>>/qresearch/18413533 Herridge Twat:"John #Durham resigns (expected) as US Attorney for Connecticut. DOJ website updated to say Durham's Special Counsel office will be located in DC, another indicator suggesting work continues."

>>>/qresearch/18413542 DoD Twat:"Seabees support. Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 load boxes containing winterized “Alaska” shelters for delivery from Naval Station Rota, Spain, to Incirlik Air Base, Türkiye, as part of relief efforts to those affected by the earthquakes" 45's on the strap 51-26 on the cargo -> Qalerts 5126: 8 posts contain[11], "Alaska" etc

>>>/qresearch/18413578 INDOPACOM retweeting 2INFDIV "It has been another busy two weeks for @lancer_brigade here on the peninsula." 17, 23 in the video Qdrops 150 -> Q14

>>>/qresearch/18413611 North Carolina on brink of eliminating pistol purchase permits

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>>>/qresearch/18413615 Q Research General #22575: Knock Knock, Whose There? WOODY Edition

Created 261248ZFEB23




>>>/qresearch/18413664, >>>/qresearch/18413689, >>>/qresearch/18413726, >>>/qresearch/18413754, >>>/qresearch/18413759 Cindy McCain, "we all knew" about Epstein

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/83e50f36398e3f032953411533ff246ee562c28ab16f7de85531b3f2f9be72ab.mp4

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/ec1dd279e5cbe1dfa05635e1a9698f52d6b7c0147fa2d7397933d356b72e3445.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413705 Blackstone Completes Acquisition of Ancestry, Leading Online Family History Biz

>>>/qresearch/18413725, >>>/qresearch/18413776, >>>/qresearch/18413799, >>>/qresearch/18413818, >>>/qresearch/18413886 Woody Calls Vaccine Companies “Biggest Drug Cartel” On SNL

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/15d1745523d75f051dac1c2db3af3978b3cc30e9cf90b892c269414c3bd20186.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413727, >>>/qresearch/18413747 Article From @StKirsch: Medicare Data Shows the C19 Shots Increase Your Chance of Dying

>>>/qresearch/18413732 Racial references have been removed from Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels following a “sensitivity review”.

>>>/qresearch/18413743, >>>/qresearch/18414121 Man heckles Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco about sending money to Ukraine

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/3980c623603903d1313e84438c8909ad2530e5c78ceb0eff38371f44805aee76.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413756, >>>/qresearch/18413854, >>>/qresearch/18413900, >>>/qresearch/18413921 Victoria Nuland's involvement in ousting of Ukraine's elected gov

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/30f65756d1294680705fcfcc8625a92c9b964650062df11dd0e6a862c9d2fade.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413761 Palestine, Ohio: People are desperate right now. We’re dying slowly. They’re poisoning us slowly

>>>/qresearch/18413771, >>>/qresearch/18413783 @CitizenFreePres: Hillary Clinton calls on aides of Putin to stop him

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/e52328211a8f53f9e0e9ce222188543598d99b111fc56a69ee38719735ef8507.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413804 Former CNN Hack Brian Stelter Claims They Never Labeled Hunter Biden Laptop as ‘Disinformation’

>>>/qresearch/18413875 Elon Musk dubs 2014 Ukraine regime change a ‘coup’

>>>/qresearch/18413879, >>>/qresearch/18413923 Polish media accidentally records Zelensky’s Body Double

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/feff5e66c0e4a100abc3fb7952875c996ba42220fa92d92c2d7a554039ac59b8.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18413917 Former Kremlin Advisor: Biden Started War in Ukraine Because He ‘Hates’ Putin, Claims it’s ‘Personal’

>>>/qresearch/18413939 Woody Harrelson Monologue - SNL

VIDEO https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=w8LX8MQMrag - Woody Harrelson Monologue - SNL [Channel: Saturday Night Live]

>>>/qresearch/18413942, >>>/qresearch/18414016 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/18414034, >>>/qresearch/18414045 'Laboratory Leak': Department of Energy Updates Its Conclusion on COVID's Origin

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/7db2558b7ecbb20324b321344e0b9b8bc9db2d1a6ce2f2e336c5e67b6707a0e4.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18414083 HSBC Looks to Halve London Head Office Space, Sunday Times Says

>>>/qresearch/18414090 Public hearing on Norfolk Southern train derailment on Pennsylvania border and emergency response efforts

>>>/qresearch/18414093 Large protest in Britain against new plans to force people to pay money to be allowed to drive into the city

>>>/qresearch/18414163, >>>/qresearch/18414180 Notes: Full Testimony of Jacqueline Breger at AZ Committee 02.23.23

VIDEO https://media.128ducks.com/file_store/fe3337602295d0c0589e488fb959c175d7d956ae0eba8a84d1dca7150f7fc174.mp4

>>>/qresearch/18414194, >>>/qresearch/18414284 Kansas Passes First GROUNDBREAKING Bill to Protect Women, Fight Back Against Transgenderism

>>>/qresearch/18414271, >>>/qresearch/18414280 Moderna Paid Fauci Lead Organization $400 Million in ‘Royalties’ on COVID-19 Vaccine Sales

>>>/qresearch/18414299, >>>/qresearch/18414301, >>>/qresearch/18414304, >>>/qresearch/18414306 EPA orders Norfolk Southern to PAUSE cleanup of East Palestine

>>>/qresearch/18414302 Three major February dates in Russia’s history with Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18414346 Defense minister explains conditions for Russian advances in Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/18414371 Obama’s Former White House Doctor Warns Biden’s Cognitive Decline is Bringing US Closer to an ‘All-Out War,’

>>>/qresearch/18414403 US gets OK for cattle-shooting operation in New Mexico

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>>>/qresearch/18414391 Q Research General #22576: Soonday Edition

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>>>/qresearch/18414420 #22576

>>>/qresearch/18414436 Nanoparticles Self-Assemble to Create Revolutionary Solar Energy Harvesting Solution

>>>/qresearch/18414441 The Russian president said his country is opposed to the emergence of a unipolar world that revolves around Washington’s interests

>>>/qresearch/18414449, >>>/qresearch/18414457, >>>/qresearch/18414461, >>>/qresearch/18414488, >>>/qresearch/18414493, >>>/qresearch/18414498, >>>/qresearch/18414500, >>>/qresearch/18414505 Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault. Liberal Delusions Provoked Putin

>>>/qresearch/18414450, >>>/qresearch/18414451, >>>/qresearch/18414454, >>>/qresearch/18414456, >>>/qresearc