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Tickle Taunts!

What are your favorites?

The usual;

Kitchy Kitchy Koo!

Tickling Wickly Woo!

Koochie Koochie Koo!

Nursery Ryhems;

Eensy Weensy Spider

Climbed up the water spout. (crawl fingers upward)

Down came the rain (bring spread fingers downward)

And washed that spider out! (dig hands into ticklish area)

There was a little mouse,

Looking for his house.

Not here,

Not here,

But here, here, here!

Round and round the garden,

Goes the teddy bear.

One step, two steps,

Tickle you under there!

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Breast Tickling

Breast tickling is best tickling

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Furry tickling dump

Here we fucking go

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Tickling Caption Threads

did anyon save these from old /tk/ ? We had like a 300 reply thread on this

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Cringe thread

For old time's sake? Let's have a laugh

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Male tickling

f/m tickling (cock, feet, belly etc)

Also may include m/m a/m */m furry etc tickling

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Cock tickling thread

Preferably cockstocked?

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Loli tickling

Post lolis getting tickled here

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Belly/Navel Tickling

I like belly and belly button tickling.

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Games Thread

Important Links:


http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?314256-Amirian-Curse-Demo Looks good

And thats it. Since the old board went down I've nothing to really use to keep up with. Please post game news and translations. Cracks and patches are good to go. If you're uploading, Mega is your best bet

Glad to see this board exist again and hope all anons are doing well

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Villainess tickling

Post some female evildoers getting their comeuppance by tickling

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Search for old and new content, let's help each other

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Waifu/Husbando thread

Here's a fun(?) thread idea

only post pics of your waifu and/or husbando getting it

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Tickle Video Request Thread

I believe we've had something like this before? Anyway, this thread is for those who need help with finding specific tickling videos that they can't find for the life of them. Simply describe the video you're looking for and hopefully some helpful individuals with all the answers will come around.

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Washing/Scrubbing Tickling

Criminally underrated if you ask me!

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Fate tickling

There was a huge thread back on 8ch, and a lot of new art has come out since then.

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Pokégirl Tickle Thread

Post anything pokégirl related (trainers, pokémon, etc.)

Also does anyone have the uncensored version of this pic? This one has a blurred spot between her legs…

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Pic below is you

Rolling them dice right now

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PornHub thread


m/m f/m f/f m/f welcome

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Writing Thread

Any favorite writers or stories?

Favorite themes or scenarios that you'd like to see more of?

Anything you're working on or hope to recommend?

Let's get some discussion going.

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Photoshopped tickle pics

I remember the old /tk/ having a thread like this and some good stuff coming out of them, so let's give it another shot. This is the one I made.

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Ideas for Drawings

Alot of what makes good tickling hentai in my opinion are predicament bondage situations. This thread is for coming up with ideas of different kinds of situations/machines, etc.

If we use something like strawpoll we and other tickling communities can vote on which patreon artists we like the most. Then we can vote on which things we want drawn. All of the money can be put into a single pool and when the money is enough to pay for a drawing the most voted things get drawn by those artists.

Recently I have seen more mind control tickling porn in which there is some obvious indication in the picture that the machine can read/control the ticklee's mind.

I think that a really good idea for certain tickling porn is a machine that brainwashes a person using tickling as punishment and breaks as a reward.

For example a machine that continually makes the ticklee solve harder and harder math problems in their head. Maybe the first few weeks they are just doing simple math but after months of years the equations they are doing are way complicated.

Or for example a tickling machine that uses tickling to completely brainwash them and alter their minds/memories/beliefs etc.

I really like the idea of tickle collars. It's the same concept of a shock collar but it tickles you. To me this ads a HUGE creative leverage because the ticklee is not strapped to a table in the hentai thus you can put them in all kinds of situations. In addition I like the idea of tickle boots, tickling belts, tickling vibrators and etc. These devices should be designed so the wearer can not take them off. I also think a tickling collar should be able to read/control the mind of the wearer so that they get tickled when they have disobedient thoughts etc. You know those buttplugs that have an animal tail on them? Those can be used as well.

I like the idea of tickling tattoos or tickling stickers which when place on a person can tickle via remote control.

I think the idea of tickling someone in a straight jacket like in an insane asylum can be taken alot further. One really good idea is for a doctor who does some of the tickling gets confused for a patient and is trapped inside.

One very good idea is plants/machines designed to tickle people that get out of control and end up mass reproducing.

One thing artists often leave out in tickling is toe tickling and toes are usually the most ticklish part of the feet.

The idea of tickling as a societal punishment in a sort of tickling jail is a pretty good idea.

I like the idea of a tickling therapist where the ticklee is required by law to go to for whatever bullshit reason.

One fantasy I have had for a long time is a sort of gel when when massaged into you causes you to be more ticklish, and while getting this massage it is extra ticklish. So people would take their tickle slaves into the doctors office and have the nurses apply this gel on a regular basis. Part of this would the doctor would have to regularly do checkups to make sure various body parts are ticklish enough.

I like the idea of a rubber suit like in pic related which vibrates and tickles the entire body.

One good idea instead of robotic hands tickling a person is a sex android which looks just like a person which tickles you and acts like a slavemaster.

One really good idea is forced baths in which there is extra care taken to lathering soap on the feet.

I also like the idea of a machine that lightly tickles you while you are in bed and throughout the night to try and tease you awake. Or the idea of a tickling alarm clock.

The drawing of tickling done in public should be done more.

I like the idea of being warped to another timeline/reality in which tickling slavery is regular. One variation of this is just women are tickle slaves. Another is that men are tickle slaves. Another is that some matriarchies where men and slaves and some patriarchies women are slaves. Yet another where some people of both genders are slaves and some are not.

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No Mods? Time to share Publications!

I’ll share the usual Google drive link we all know good and well…


So let’s open up the request line for who needs what and what they’re willing to do share in return.

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mainstream tickling thread

post official tickling scenes here

Black Lagoon chapter 67

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Ticklish traps

Get those femboys in here, I feel like questioning my sexuality.

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Animal licking

reviving a thread from 8chan. post pics, vids, art. whatever.

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Tickling and pleasure machines!!!

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Micro/Macro Tickling

Underrated subgenre.

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does anyone have his stuff? I found a little bit on dA but the uploader only saved shitty resolution ones because of course they did.

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Brutal tickling

got a thread for brutal tickle torture mixed with humiliation, something about being grabbed by someone stronger and tickled or tied down a demeaned is amazing to me

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gotta start somewhere

I'm glad someone resurrected that board

will dump from time to time if anyone is interested

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Highway-hermit art

Anybody have any of highway-hermits old stuff?

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Did he upload much tickle work in 2019?

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Xeno thread

all ayys welcome