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laying down some black silky Taiwanese ink

Black ink in a Taiwanese Kimber Kay fountain pen. I have to say it feels pretty good., although its to short for my hand. If it were another inch longer I feel it would be good like an American pen is.

The ink is silky, like you would expect from an oriental source. THe pen may be from Taiwan, but the lovely iridium point is forged in Germany.

Its super fine and gives the writer the ability to write really small. The pen is alright, I'm going to keep it around for the times I need to write in black ink. Blue ink is alright except for some government agencies prefer black ink. I'm not certain about why. I seems blue would prevent excessive copying of paper.

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Ferrari Carbon Fiber by Sheaffer

Alright as usual Sheaffer is on target and relevant. With merchandise license to buy Ferrari they're upping their game. This is the carbon fiber Ferrari pen. Whith the fine tip nib, and the converter loaded with high octane brilliant black from Pelikan. Brilliant is a good description of this pen. Heavy and well balanced, the feel in my hand is perfect. If there was such a thing. This pen is perfectly brilliantly marked and designed. With the Ferrari logo it stands out in the display case, just like an automobile designed by Ferrari stands out in a parking garage. The high rpms of this pen's engine are loud and the exhaust is well tuned. The cap snaps securely on the back of the pen. You can be confident with the snap it won't slide off during your writing session. Usually these branded products are just hype, but Scheaffer's Ferrari performs like an F1 race car !

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Culturally alternative writing and art meet-up.

How many of you guys would be willing to meet up with /pol/ack writers, musicians, artists, etc. and work towards creating cultural alternatives?

I posted a thread that sparked conversation about this topic here:

And people suggested that I ask here. Is anyone interested? Novelists, nonfiction writers, comic book writers, songwriters, poets, whomever… you're all welcome to discuss the possibility of meeting up.
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Proud Ohto with an Iridium Point Nib

I'm proud to start this new page off with my new pen from Ohto. It's a black lacquer pen with an Iridium point nib. There's a satisfying click when taking off the cap. Pressing down the cap gives another click. Ensuring that the cap is secure, so your pocket won't become stain inadvertently by ink from your Proud Ohto.

That same cap balances easily on the end of the pens barrel shaped cylendar. Unlike the Dude, the Proud has a fine tip, with a smooth cylendar shape. The nib is rubber, down to the iridium pointed nib tip. There is a difficult to remove, but easy to identify sticker on the cap. Just in case the gold embossing Made in "Japan; Proud Ohto" was not visible. There is a bright white Ricker with the stock number and nomenclature. Oh and a barcode too. If I were a merchant, then this is the pen for me. There's no mistaking it. The Proud Ohto is elegant, and economical. The other name, just in case, is; FF-150-BK (Black) [1500]. Just teasing, it is a wonderful pen. Make sure to check the nib when you buy it, but do buy it. This is the great pen to begin your fountain pen journey with.

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There will be more to come, but this is a start

you might also want to call it an introduction to critical thinking
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seo service london


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I The Savior Will No Longer Use 8Kun Again

I The Savior Will No Longer Use 8Kun Again

8kun . top are not good enough, not effective, not a place that can spread my message out.

The proof is no single sales for my books, not a single donation as well.

Nobody come to talk, contact, debate with me.

For that reasons, I am no longer using 8kun.top in the future.

Beside 8kun, other platform I won't use in the future is facebook and maybe even twitter in the future (if I see any better platform than that), the most promised one is truthsocical but they are not allow non-US people to use.

Frankly 8kun only for memes and toxic trash talk, not a place that truly can become a contruction discussion center for better society.

If you guys know any better platform, then suggest me (contact at www.ascensionjoy . com/contact)


Best Regard,

The Savior Messiah Buddha

www . ascensionjoy . com

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Connections Game is a puzzle-based game in which players must identify groups of objects that share a common quality or classification. https://connectionsgame.io

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Do or Do not There is no Try

May the force be with you. The whole galaxy ust be going fountain pen crazy. I've just snagged a medium tip fountain pen from Shaffer. It's a nice enough pen on it's own. Just a simple plastic tube w/cartridges that are disposable and sold separately.

I looked a little closer and fo my utter glee, I discovered its an Star Wars Yoda pen. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, Shaffer could not have selected a better Star Wars action character to represent the fountain pen user community.

The pea green, dark and light brown both, or perhaps tan and brown pen comes complete with spiritual wisdom and guidance from Master Yoda himself.

"Do or do not, there is no try"

"Fear is the path to the dark side"

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New discussion forums

See you on https://redchannit.org/ fellas, it's a great site that is full of boards where we can openly discuss stuff without fear of censorship.

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Industrialized Art and the Monopolization of Free Speech - a short essay

This is my first essay, or at least the first one I ever bothered to finish and upload.
It is pretty short, but I believe it's summing up the essence of its subject quite well, even if I preferred to not point any fingers towards specific groups in it, if you get what I mean.
Please, do tell me what you think of it how it/I can be improved.
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Tucker and James

I think Assange is free and behind Veritas, and much of whats up on our side, where Tucker is an undercover brother in all that, where okeef is to,but i dont know sheet:)

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8kun is training AI

There is ongoing training of image AI and text AI going on at 8kun.top.

I hope you will enjoy it. I am going to start sharing some of the interesting images I see as the training scrolls by.

Don't forget to read https://slicedamericana.com

It helps pay the bills.

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Meme for you

For the battle between good and evil is forever ours til Jesus comes back, that damned snake

I appologize for woman everywhere for the mess we made back when and gave you men the Apple and here we Are.. yes not taking the blame,just the responsibility, writing to post bcs i need to have some letters with this post. May God shine his face on you, buckle UP! Its happening

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Online Dialogue

Hey, /pen/, im trying to write a sci-fi story based in the far future. I dont really want to go into what the story is about, but i plan to have it heavily based around internet messages and chats.

Normally when i write, its poetry (and pretty shitty free verse at that), and i have never written a full story before. How the hall do i make the online dialogue nice, and not super shitty? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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May we all repent everyday, not to be proud when someone does is wrong but to give it to God and repent Even then for not knowing, we Will fight another day,love wins but we Are to rebuke evil in us and out there

Jesus flipped tables in the synagog with a wipp

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National Day Of Prayer 3/15/2020

President Trump called for a National Day Of Prayer for today.

Matthew 6:7

And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words

I have heard that passage before and it made me pray in a different way. So as not to repeat, I try to build the strongest set of prayers. I can edit, delete, and add at any time.

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Trip Chat for those deplatformed

Well, this site isn't going away anytime soon. This board has been repurposed a few times, and it may be repurposed again. We can try using this as a solution.

A trip is an easy way to identify yourself while retaining anonymity.

It simply requires you to remember your trip code password.

Of course, you may write it down for future reference. This is how Q retains anonymity.

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Moon Pearl Rollerball and Panda Breakfast Nuggets

I bought the Mont Blanc Moon Pearl Legrand Rollerball a while back. I bought it before I got a fountain pen and realized they are much better, but it's still a pen I really love. It's a beautiful pen with mother-of-pearl inlay and the emblem is also mother-of-pearl I stead of the standard white. I'll add a couple pictures in the thread. It had a very nice huge box with it that had some small cards and envelopes and a wooden stand.

Breakfast nuggets are delicious and I modified this recipe to use panda meat. If you can't get panda meat you can use regular pork sausage, bacon, ham, or whatever. I tried to submit this idea for free to McDonalds because I think they would be very tasty, would make them a lot of money, and I just want to be able to buy them without having to make them. They're seriously fucking awesome! I shouldn't even share the idea for free because they are tasty and no one makes them.

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MC2 Is A Modeling Agency Owned By Jean-Luc Brunel Who Died Of "Suicide By Hanging" And Had Financial Backing From Jeffrey Epstein.. I Wonder How Much Infighting Is Going On Within The Modeling Industry

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my book pls read

i hop u lik my book :^)
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its all becoming so predictable. pisting this funny meme. adding characters to meet some sort of 128 character minimum in this board?

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I have absolutely abhorrent penmanship, how do I stop it?

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Paper Thread

Buttmad fountain pen nerds needs good paper. Good paper make satisfied fountain pen nerd. Satisfied fountain pen nerds encounters bad paper. Bad paper make buttmad fountain pen nerd.

As for me, I tried natural-white "Classic Crest" brand printer paper on someone else's suggestion today. It's not good. It feathers, doesn't allow smooth lines. It's alright enough that a dry pen could fare well with it, it's not total trash. See photo in the 1st reply

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Why I am not an Anti-Racist (blog/essay)

Hi /pen/

This is an essay/blog I wrote. Please give me feedback and ideas on other topics to write about.

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Let's try the record function

Shall we play a game? That is from a wonderful movie called Wargames. Can you imagine where technology is nowadays?

Woof woof says the cat. Imagine that, the Cat in the Hat.

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Trump 2020 Meme Banner

Anons, Donald Trump needs our support.

We need to lift him in only ways meme magic can. Together we can create a early tsunami for the left. We can strike them with an unexpected blow with class while boosting the number of eyes on Donald Trump.

The Left Cannot Meme

Submit memes and meme ideas for other creators!

Let the dank memes flow.

Meme Requirements:

Content Level: PG

Image Size: 300 x 250 exactly

Submit: By Monday 1:00 pm PDT.

Reward: 8kun banner Ad

Goal: Create a meme that will promote "Trump 2020". Be creative and submit as many as you would like Jim and Others will review on Monday's live show at 1:00 pm PDT.

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Is this board just for /pol/ writing or all writing in general? It may be more successful and active if it is the latter.
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for meme contest

It is the posistion of The White House that despite there being no known cure for stupidity, we are obliged to fight this terrible disease with compassion

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A meme for the election of the new president of the United States, Donald J. Trump and my hopes that we shall suffer no more from the oppression of greed, hate, and the bondage from criminals.

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The Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution

The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Is the Preamble important to Americans these days?

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Prompt Thread

If you are stuck on what to write and need a prompt, post here and an anon will give you one.
If you have a good one, post it even if nobody asked.
For fiction and non-fiction.
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Since /pencil/ is gone let us have a pencil thread!

Post pencils! Good pencils! PEncils cgood! pencisl ! pencilss! I love pencils! pepppppeennciillss! also bring back

bring back /pencil/

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WHAT is WRONG with THIS site

I can't even post an image today

its only 2.2 Mb


…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….128 char………………………………………………………………..

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Mont Blanc Meisterstück Geometry Solitaire LeGrand Fountain Pen

This is my first fountain pen and after getting this, I'm pretty sure I will only buy fountain pens from here on out. When I buy a new type of something I like to buy the best quality I can afford to make sure I am giving something the best chance and not evaluating a new thing, in this case fountain pens, using less than ideal quality.

I bought this pen as a treat for myself to power up before cancer treatment and it really helped my mood to have a new toy.

This is a fine nib. I saw recommendations to get mediums, but I wanted to make sure it was fine enough to still do crossword puzzles. This pen feels almost perfect. I have no complaints about it at all and I'm a stickler for details.

The best thing about going fountain pen is the mental freedom of being able to use as much ink as I want without worry about the price. I was pounding through relatively expensive rollerball cartridges and they ain't cheap. I am going to hand write the Bible with this one. I like the Mont Blanc black permanent. That's another thing I like better. All of the Mont Blanc rollerball inks are not permanent and bleed with a bit of water. Nice to know what I write is permanent.

This is me new everyday carry although I always have a couple back ups within reach.

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First time visiting this board!

I finally made it! I have a ton of writings and notes, I love annotating the scrying into a story! Looks like I need to get myself a true fountain pen, missing out on the experience. I would use charcoal if that was the only thing left! Definitive Definitions are the roots to understanding.

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Introducing the Jinhao Luxury Medium Tip Pen

I was surfing around and found some lovely pens Of course I bought them. The first one has arrived. It is pretty in real life as well. I'm sorry to say it really has its price competition, but the Pilot Animal costs about $20 and this lovely gold tinted refillable.

I'm not sure why. It could just be a clerical error, but it was listed on the website as a medium tip. However this tip is fine. I'm not sure how much of the gold is real, but there is some gold tint in the nib. It's nib has the name JinHao and an F on it. Surely the F is for fine. Actually I'm not in the best position for writing since my desk is occupied today with kids studying for some test. That relagates me to the floor. Which won't make Ann excuse for my spelling, but maybe for the smearing and penmanship. this pen is exciting to use and my total cost, including shipping was five dollars. Jinhao medium tip luxury pen is definitely worth a fiver, and I intend to keep this around as my usual fine tip pen. My trusty Dude medium tip, and my new JinHao luxury fine tip are going in my backpack. Until they und up a leaky mess. That way I'll be able to put my expensive pens way.

Jinhao Luxury. Yeah!

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Christmas Cards

Was at work today and had to sign 1000 Christmas Cards. I used a nice ball point pen and the color blue, blue is a great Christmas card color for a quick signature, why all others used green or red.

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Jim Wins Big Victory

The ongoing court case against N.T.Technology has come to a conclusion.

N.T.Technology has won the case that Hiroyuki Nishimura's company Tokyo Plus brought in Japan. It went to the Japanese Supreme Court, and they rejected his appeal.

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Pilot E95S

Got myself one of these recently, inked her up with some black swan in Australian rose and she writes like a champ. Makes me wish I got a durable gold nibbed pen a long time ago.

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Is Uni still relevant?

I randomlly picked up a pen. Wow look at this ink, all over the paper Pilot. Pilot Hitec Point V 10 Grip


What an inky mess.

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Marlen Odyseus Fountain Pen

The Marlen Odyseus fountain pen is made in Italy. What a beautiful pen. I hope you enjoy the video. I am looking forward to your comments on this pen. My pen is big, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Parker Sonnet II 18 K gold tip edition

Spend a little bit more when ou visit the stationary store and the Parker 18k tipped fountain pen might catch your sight. I couldn't resist the smooth lines, and brilliant sparkle of the gold trimmed four color pen. There are six visible 18k gold pieces on the Parker Sonnet II pen. This French made beauty is worthy of the royal blue ink it holds in the refillable barrel.

Putting all the beauty of this pen aside. It just isn't balanced right for me and the shaft is to thin. My hand constantly slides down the shaft causing defective penmanship. Perhaps effeminate French hands can hold on the grip better. Definitely, Sloppy and Beautiful

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Diplomats are the Pen of Snowflakes

My diplomat has instantly become a great pen by throwing away the super crapy converter. That it was shipped with. I put a black quink cartridge in and now it has a great inflow. It is a fine line nib with a bit of flex if you put a pressure on it.

Inc spews out at a great rate. The numerous absolutely gorgeous, big and bold, which makes a statement in a fine line. Is becomes an extension of the hand. No pressure is required to get this big heavy pen moving across the page. It is absolutely splendid, the way this pin fits into the hand. It may be worth while to attempt and I dropper conversion. I noticed that an O ring came on the threads of the pen. This pig pen might hold 6 cm³ of ink. Maybe even up to 10C c's. If I can successfully seal the golden And white snowflake cap.

Dictated by Bixby

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Yoda Eye Dropper by Sheaffer

The yankees splendid I've got cross are cutting inc in my yota pen. I was considerate of yota carried realizing that pure black would be the shade of the dark side. The yoda pen holds 4 cm³ of being by adding some minor modifications and then additional O ring. I painted the threads with our tegi, which is a gasket forming silicon. Inside the barrel of the other Pan there are small holes. I let the light shine in and located them at the end of the to. The purposes likely for the manufacturing of the pen. It is Made of plastic and the holes of from the injection molding and for snapping on the bottom silver colored plastic cap. I took a small popsicle stick and on the end I place a large dam of RTV. Then I sealed it up using an eyedropper. I filled the pen up with the ink to the bottom of the threads. Then put the overing on the mail threads. I'm looking for some overend's would they thinner circumference because this one sticks out a bit good job schafer .

This was typed by Bixby dictation . I didn't fix the mistakes because I thought they were funny.

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Mont Blanc Burgundy No. 34

This particular pen is made in England in 1945. Conway Stewart dinky writing with cross blue black ink. Which is a pretty nice color. I'm hoping it won't. It needs to soak in a while that was the ink from the dip. This is my Mont Blanc number 34 piston filler. This is a dependable pen and holds plenty of ink. The ink is Quink black. I'll play with the dinky English pen later. When the ink saturates the baffles .

Until then I'll play with the yoda and my number 34. Which is actually a lovely pen. It has a burgundy shaft With an ink window. The cap has a Mont Blanc white star on top. There is also a gold band that says Mont Blanc number 34. The pen feels great in my hand. I'm a left handed pusher and many pens just don't feel comfortable. This one is just right. Literally it is a literary Goldie locks pen. It doesn't announce itself like some other gaudy Mont Blanc. It is not a meister stuck with a fantastic nip art and jewelry. There is just a small slab of gold and practically microscopic lettering. The only give away that it is a moderately priced montblanc pen is the white star on the cap.

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Online Germany Macaroon Cookie Fountain

When all else fails then it is time to run away. This is a huge eye dropper pen. It is the plastic and stainless steel online macaroon pen from Germany. Now this is the type of pen that can go to school with you for a week or so and not run out of ink. I don't particularly care for the online steel nib. The point is it holds about a quart of ink and the 440 stainless steel nib not only will never wear out. It can also be used for shaving and trimming your toenails. It is definitely a stiff nib. The baffles are starting to let some ink flow. I just seemed to keep losing the sweet wet spot. Honestly I'm glad I added the macroon pen to my collection. I just wish it was translucent so I could see the ink slosh about while I write. I would be so easily entertained by that. Considering the materials this pin is priced right at $10.00 and it comes with several different artistic versions. It is worth it for a school pen.

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Purple Parker Urban

I'm revisiting the Parker urban with fine tip new. It was not a favorite before because of the lousy ink flow. The constant false starts land hearthsides actually mask this beautifully designed pin one of my least favorite bands. I had bought this plan to be my everyday been, because of the lovely design in the affordable price the urban cost 5 times less than a do a fold, and 2 times less than a sonette. That puts the urban in the price range I won't cry about it I lose it. The problem lay with the poor inflow. The diminutive nib, will only will on the half with only 1 visible baffle with my prime suspect. Since my other Parker nib so larger …

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He Baoer 388 Fountain Pen, its Pretty Good

I bought this Baoer fountain pen for $9 online. It has in an iridium tipped nib. This name is bouncy. Nicely designed nibs like this are hard to come by. Baoer seems to be a brand owned by Jin Hua, but it is so difficult to say these days. With so many companies building OEM products. Well I guess that is neither here nor there. This branded Bauer pen has noticeably different components when compared to a jinn hwa pen. The converter of this power is trustingly enough has a little plastic floating ball inside. The ink is Not yet flowing smoothly. That could be the baffles are still filling up with think. I liked the way the bouncy iridium nib tip putting ink on the lines by pressure. When I pushed down harder more in comes out. That is nice. This nip is almost fine. Unless you press down. Then it's nice thick ink. I'm pretty much pleased with this pen. Pricewise, it competes with a plastic pilot fountain pen. The belt is actually gold colored material. Where is the Pilot's belt is just gold colored paint, flaky paint. Nice low cost pen! Baoer 388

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Parker fine nib

The pen to turn to on an otherwise disappointing day. Sitting in the dentist waiting room. Just doing some scribbling.

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The manly Pelikan with a K is Souvran

I have been gifted a beautiful pen from Germany. It's a lovely Pelikan Souvran medium tipped. Please pay attention to the directions when you unbox and fill the ink in this pen. I'm sure it's expensive. You will be sad if you break it. Instead of a refillable cartridge, this pen is the cartridge.

Remove the cap.

Unscrew the back.

Dip the pen in the ink and screw the back on.

Unscrew it again to bleed the system, allowing three drops of ink to fall back into the bottle.

Screw it tightly, then after wiping you're ready to write.

The medium nib 18c 750 is almost large. This pen writes in bold. Proudly expressing itself with the black and silver lacquer finish. The white gold crown on the CAP sports a pelican, and slide snugly onto the pen easily.

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Digital hand-written notes


> scanning

> use an Apple Pencil, Cintiq, S-Pen, n-trig, or other digitizer

If you do write this way, do you send letters this way, and if so, how?

I think I may start doing this. I think it's much nicer. More personal. Much prettier.

Also, which apps do you use?

Also, Pen Island

< PenIs land

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Pilot 778 Fountain Pen

The delivery man brought a pilot 778 pin today. I just loaded it with Parker quink washable blue ink. The ink is just starting to come into the nib I cycled the ink 3 times through the converter, and it looks like it took 5 lines to fill in to and even blue color. The Pilot 778 pen came with a plastic wrapper so I knew it was new and pristine when I filled it up with quink ink. It is a fine line fountain pen, with what seems to be an iridium tipped nib. Although it might be copper. It will show over time if the nib corrodes to blue. It certainly is a fine tip. I'm not a fan of these ultrafine tipped pens. This one works well. The ink loaded fast. It is a fine enough tip to draw Chinese letters. The teal color is nice. There is a gold baseball sticker on the pen with the word pilot and the letter F so I'm sure it's fine tipped. Dual gold stripes on the cap with Japan written so I know it's not a Chinese knock off. It's a nice $12 pen.

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Ferrari Red Rocket Racing Pen is Sexy

The red Ferrari race car with the black Scheafer and, the Scheafer F nib connected to the officially licensed and limited edition red pen. It is a neat kit. I'm pretty sure the F on the nib also stands for Ferrari. This is the ink cartridge that came in the Box. The viscosity is plenty slick so all we need is to mount some slicks on the sides of the pen's chassis, and we might be able to drive away winning the imaginary race in front of all the screaming fans. Oh, there are some campaign gals rounding the corner. So, honestly It is conservative. One black stallion on a field of yellow, dancing below the Italian pendant with the word Ferrari stamped on a stainless steel belt letting you know this is the officially licensed product.

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Parker Duofold Geo S. Parker Parker Pen

Round two fight! It seems the hole problem with my Duofold was the converter. Wit the Quink cartridge the ink is pouring out like a fountain pen should. This pen cost eight hundred dollars. I am going to go back and ask for a new converter. Tomorrow for sure, the store is closed today.

The Quink cartridge is doing just fine. So I know it is not a nip problem. This is the same p en General Douglas Macarthur used to siign the surrender document with Japa. The Duofold is considered Parkkers best pen. Although my preference is the Sonnet. That is likely a more modern pen. It is surely one of the ugliest pens. In fact and the Duofold nib is not as good as the Sonnet. I enjoy using this pen. It is like the Range Rover of pens, ugly, but good. Its the great conversation starter. People start Googling is when you tell them the ugly pen ended WWII.

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Parker Sonnet France

Precision writing instruments have been produced over time in many countries, currently the Japanese have dominated this field, with the most accurate utensils. Mont Blanc is producing the most beautiful devices. They are not dependable for everyday usage. The most recent meisterstuck pen broke apart under the stress of writing 10 pages in my hand. I will test their service center next, because that pen felt so fantastic in my hand. With the demise of my meisterstuck I have chosen as simple American sonnet manufactured by Parker .

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Pen suggestions?

I need a low-price go-to pen. My requirements

>doesn't leak (I wear my pens unprotected in shirt pocket

>will write easily on thermal/receipt paper


>available in blue ink

>sturdy clip


R:9 / I:3 / P:4 [R] [G] [-]

Critique my writing

Hello /pen/

This is my first time posting here, as well as my first written piece, and I'm really invested in it. I began working on this a few weeks ago, and I would just like some opinions on what I could do to make it better, what I could add etc. Just general thoughts. I've only written 8 pages so far, and I've hardly revised it.


R:4 / I:3 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Pen review for multiple pens With Bixby

Duke is dumb but once he smells he'll say hello .

Find fine line scratching

Fine fine line no scrats

Be careful wait think about it

Have to be calm Royal blue Wolf Wolf

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

The Platinum B 776

The Platinum B776 is a lovely blue translucent pen with gold trim bands & clip. The tip looks giant, but it is a very fine line. There is no mistaking every letter and every error. Those errors make for our unique hand writing style. That "style" is so much easier to hid when using a medium tipped nib. So in a culture that values small, I was surprised to find a big nib with a razor fine line. It is excellent. Forcing proper form by the utensil. It is impossible to hold the pen so close to the tip Thus enforcing the proper triangular grip that is what teachers all over the world insist on in classrooms.

This pen in a word is excellence. The Platinum company did it right with the B776 From the twist off cap ensuring no pocket leaks, to the satisfying pressurized spurt of ink when the cartridge is depressed into the nib. The ball bearing in the bladder keeps ink flow at a constant sure pace. I have not found any errors on this pen. The paper lacks pen errors. There are no ink spots or smears. It's a good pen to ink a final draft written essay. Only your own errors will sow up in your writing.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Schneider Promo Scratch Pad with One Hybrid N

It's the Schneider One Hybrid N.

Well done, it is hard to believe this pen only cost 79 pesos. That's about $1.50 and it rolls well. This pen has a great ball, and the ink is generously applied when you write. The cap fits on top when writing without popping off. It's a bit overdone on the grip. There's no way to lose your grip on the serrated rubber top.

R:1 / I:1 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Black and Gold Fountain Pen by Sheaffer

My blue pen has black ink, and my lack writes in blue. It's my newest fine tip fountain pen by Shaffer. It's balance is superb. The offset color is my own idea. Since Mt collection includes a pitch black medium point pen with royal blue ink. This fantastic royal blue pen should be filled with jet black ink. It's my new favorite pen. The tip is gold and the cap is decked out with a crown and a generous gold striped clip.

For men with big hands, the cap effortlessly balances on top of the shaft without any feeling or fear of loss. Unlike some pens that demand a place at the table for the cap as well. It's swell, since most pens these days have an effeminate flare. This one is both beautiful and manly.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Bic Super EZ 0.7 review

Well Bic is the big name in pens. It could be said that more students use Bic than any other pen. That is because of the likely geodesic ball in the in the point of this Bic Super EZ 0.7 mm pen. It looks like a solid, decent pen. The ball doesn't roll well, but the ink delivery is adequate. The ball actually makes an occasional scraping noise on its housing. That could be caused by the ball tat is not completely round. I also feel a vibration in the shaft when I write fast. This is a dismal pen. I feel so sorry for any student that is in the hard situation of having to use it.

R:4 / I:4 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Waterman Paris Expert Gt Fountain Pen Sacré Bleu

Classy meets functional with Waterman Expert Gt fountain pen. I've come to realize the gold in the Expert Gt is 23k. The additional Lustre and classy flair from the fine gold makes it stand out next to normal mere mortal pens with only 18k gold. Of course that means this pen can't be tossed in the drawer fast with the other writing utensils. Gold this soft requires special treatment. That shouldn't be a problem. Since the comfort provided by the 23k gold nib will keep your hand happy enough that the extra care required will become a pleasure. Polishing this French pen is pure excitement. The medium tip that is standard to the Expert Gt is metered well and the ink flows out just right.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Faber Castle CX Colour It's Good Enough

My Friend has a set of pens that came in a fancy plastic pack. They are colorful packing a lot of vibrancy into an inexpensive set. Artsy, the ballpoint has a medium resistance and the ink is clear. The pen scratches across the paper with a bit less resistance than a number two pencil. Before the end of the page the Faber Castle CX Colour has impressed me. Since you receive ten in a pack with plenty of colors to choose from. It is an excellent buy for an elementary art class. It's not the pen for writing an essay, but good enough to write a note to leave on the ref.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Sheaffer's Silver and Gold

It's got to have something to do with the weather. My new Shaffer silver and gold pen is also a miserable mess. I'll try reviewing both the Parker and the Shaffer again tomorrow. Giving this messy refillable another chance to make me happy tomorrow. Today ust might not be the day to make remarks on the marks made by either pen.

Rainy Day Recess!

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Sheaffers Big Boy Gel Ink Pen

While I was picking up the R2-D2 fountain pen. I nabbed a Shaffer Gell Ink Pen. It's both economical and nice. The black plastic has a lacquer like finish making this under $10 gel ink pen look like an expensive pen. The tip diameter is not written on the package. So I removed the insert and fount it is 0.7 mm. The ink flows so freely that I thought it was a 1. 0 mm head. The rollerball comes with a tiny plastic cap. So you know nobody has been testing or abusing the ball. Your load is full when you begin your journey down the page. The big boy feel of this pen makes feel at home and it stands in good company.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

R2-D2 Astromech Droid Medium Tip

The Yoda pen was so much fun, I had to get another one. This is the R2-D2 ASTROMECH Droid Medium Tip fountain pen from Shaffer. Someone asked how is Shaffer still around >>470, and upon reading the fine print I found an important note for air travelers: Note for air travelers; changes in pressure during flight may cause fountain pens to leak unless they are carried vertically, with nip pointed up, with cap on. The paper also mentions that Shaffer is now a brand owned by A. T. Cross Company. The mystery is solved. Now we know how Sheaffere stayed in business, and how Cross remains competitive. Slovanian labor with fantastic workmanship is really catching the attention of the pen community.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Faster and Faster

Faster and faster, I found a mini ballpoint pen with the brand name faster. Definitely this is going to become the pen of choice for midgets, children and petite women.

I can barely grasp it in my hand. It came with a nice black cardboard box. The sales presentation is exceptional. The ball is a bit tight and the ink does not flow freely or fast. So you won't have to worry about smudges, or staining furniture. Of course it is causing a cramp already as I force myself to complete a single page. That's enough, time to pass the pen to the closest circus midget then ice my hand for the cramps.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Parker Pen is a Fun Part of Americana

Straight out of Midwest Americana the Parke pen, well, kind of. This is the Parker gell pen. Pour rollerball excitement, as the ink leaves the pen from a French made rollerball.

Oi Oi, all the Frenchman should agree. This well balanced pen from Thomas Jefferson Louisiana Purchase is worth connecting to a French rollerball.

Parker has a big history as the most famous of pen companies in America. This new and awesome combination of European technology makes this sleepy company wake up and join the 21st century in a big, bold and beautiful way. Parker strikes into the 21st century a little slow, but this much enjoyment can't be rushed.

R:2 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Wasted lines on the M and G OfficeG pen

Spare all extravagant purchases and put a few pesos on the mesa for the M and G OfficeG pen.

This pen truly deserves one :star:. My first impression of the writing instrument is the translucent nature of the shaft. Maybe the Sun has superheated the shaft to give the visible ink a real life gritty feel.

Oh Hell!

This pen is a fail!

Does it have gravel in the ink? Check!

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Pilot RBall REG BLMR It's Black Gold

Actually I didn't know it was a Pilot when I purchased this pen. It's nice, but a bit difficult to control the size is just off, so when I grasp the shaft, the seam where the pen unscrews bites into my fingers. Otherwise the size of this pen is fine. It might even be considered big

for the Asian market. Its big enough for me as well. With the annoying bite at the fingers. It effects my penmanship substantially. I can't get past that. Its an expensive and beautiful Pilot. I forgot to gie the name.

The nomenclature on the pricetag says. Pilot RBall REG BLMR 17 Black Black Gold S

It's a fine pen. This pen is for a woman's hand for sure.

R:0 / I:0 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

Bestrate Tangerine Permanent Ball

Well, it was at least entertaining to figure out the Bestrate pen. Its a ballpoint pen. I expected to have the typical disposable ballpoint cartridge.

Nope, the pen fits the Faber Castell fountain pen ink cartridges. It came with its own, but the cartridge I'm using now is the normal royal blue disposable Faber Castell cartridge. Nice! However the pen is so tiny. Its definitely a ladies pen. Its less than three inches after removing the cap. Its diminutive size makes it to small to control. I have a difficult time forming words with the implement. Otherwise, the ball is pleasant, and the scratch is noticable. you can make an audible statement while writing.

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Faber Castell refillable fountain pen with royal blue ink

My Faber Castell ran out of ink today. Of course when I refilled it with luxurious royal blue ink, I spilled some on my hand. I am branded as a fountain pen user until the ink wears off. I love the tip of this pen, and how heavy it feels in my hand.

This implement feels as powerful as the pen can possibly be. The look is something you might see James Bond using writing secret codes in invisible ink. Q modifications include a refillable bladder to screw and dip into the ink I spilled on my hands.

However, wow! This ink feels as royal as it looks. With the pen sliding and dancing across the pages with ease. I am truly pleased. 5 stars

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

The Lamy Camaflage Pen is a Black Dream

Nice beautiful blue ink, is the only color in the Lamy Camaflage FP. Solid black, as if you are lost in the forest without a light black.

Don't plan to find this pen at night without having a trusty match or flashlight at your side.

Some pens are a pleasure to use,and this one is practically requiring a towel to wipe up the to many drops of perspiration from the happiness my hand feels as solid fine lined characters appear on the page. There are not any smears on the page, or ink on my hand. The Lamy Camaflage Pen is economical, exciting to look at, and an ice skater gliding across the page.

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

When You Need a Pen Iland Life Screams Bic

As an avid writer, scribbling articles or stories has to be available anywhere, and thus whenever my girl drags me along to a shop during the winter months or a beach during the summer ones, I always pack my trusted Bic.

Good to go and best bought in packs, Bic is trustworthy, never dries out and has been with me since childhood. Though the classic four-colored one that I used in high school has since gone out of style, the book that I always carry round with me will normally feature a Bic wherever I go, leaving the ‘this page intentionally left blank’ sheet available for scribbling ideas, paragraphs or even, in the rarest of occasions, the start of a new book idea.

I remember sitting on a Canarian Island terrace for days upon end as the missus soaked up the sun, scribbling away on the classic yellow notepad with my Bic, always the trustworthy companion of any enthusiastic writer.

Easy in hand for anyone that grew up without a smartphone and thus prefers to write rather than to type when no keyboard is available, Bic is a smart and economically sound choice.

Rather than the ink pen which screams ‘money’, Bic’s ballpoint ensures quality and, for those like me that are left-handed, steer clear of any smudges.

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Sometimes a Dude can change the way you look at the world

Dude? Yes dude, its a Dude!

Ohto brand made in Japan, Dude brand fountain pen. Yes dude, its pretty nice, and also affordable. The pen came with ink and not just a little bit.

This pen came with two bladders of ink in the barrel. At first I thought

the pen was going to leak all over, because it made noise when I shook it up a few times to get the ink loaded.

It was making a noise, so I carefully disassembled the pen, hoping I wouldn't get ink all over the place.

What a surprise the pen wasn't broken, inside an additional cartridge of ink slopped out onto my lap.

The Dude is an inexpensive fountain pen, costing 1/3 less than my Pilot Prera. So lets cut them a break over the smudgy ink.

At least they gave us plenty of it. Where the Prera doesn't come with ink it is sold separately.

R:4 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

My Purpose

If I do nothing, entropy sneaks upon me and steals my life from me.

If I think nothing, my empty mind invites the first intruder at the

gate, and betrays me.

Cogito ergo sum.

If I think not, I am not.

Degeneration is the rival of creation, and if I do not coerce this

person to some higher power,

I will degenerate.

If I do not rise, I will fall.

I must rise.

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

NANO Writing Month

Anyone doing National November Writing Month?


I'm hoping that at least I will be able to write a garbled but interesting mess with enough wine and barbiturates.

R:43 / I:12 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


Hey there /pen/,/pol/,and whoever else is here,let's get a poetry thread going.

we'll take it whether you wrote it yourself or if it's a personal favorite of yours.

It's an amazement to me
How those who claim prejudice
Are oft those who are most prejudiced

Forcing their views upon society
Persecution their creed;
Stealing our livelyhoods

Attempting to crush our beliefs
To crush our rights
And yet they wonder why we despise them

Slowly but surely those that support;
Whom aid and uplift them.
Turn against them

One day soon they will look,
The They will plead and beg
Yet no aid will come.

They will sit and wait for help
For a reply that will never come
While their empire of hate collapses
R:2 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Hey /pen/ What do you think of my story?

The man to Pity and Hate, a portrait of a wretched soul.

R:33 / I:4 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Magazine names

Here is the strawpoll with the current suggestions for the magazine names: http://strawpoll.me/3562537
R:8 / I:3 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


Rate my updated /pol/ required reading.
R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


Sup /pen/ I dropped the /pol/-/new/ novella yesterday for all to read.


The thread has the novella and two shorties posted there.

Also it is published on http://www.lulu.com/shop/cr-mcmahon/the-hand-that-holds-the-world/ebook/product-22264177.html

If you want a free epub or read only file or .mobi send me an email at crmcmahon614@gmail.com

Some feed back on it would be great.

R:19 / I:2 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


So is there going to be a zine or what?

I'll write a short story for it.

If it's full of faggot ass poetry count me out.

R:16 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

OOT's and immigration

I've written a piece trying to explain the problems of mass immigration in terms of football clubs. Aimed at left wingers and football fans in particular.

Criticism is welcome

R:3 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


Hey guys, I'm going to be releasing a book via PDFs here on 8ch, and wanted to know what would be the best way to release it.

The official page is 8ch.net/tab/

(will never do anything more "official" than this)

>I will be uploading the first 5 pilot chapters and will release one new chapter every week. Weeks that have a short chapter will have more than one chapter released.

Any suggestions?

R:1 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Crit pls

First three chapters of my neocon novella:


R:1 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Economic Dialectic and the Absence of Usury


Framing Economic Thought: Global Control by Monetary Means


Austrian-Keynesian Dialectic: Economics as Psyops, taken from a thread on /32/ here


This anon delved into the reasoning behind economic theory and the popularly touted thoughts commonly known to any student of commerce. It becomes clear via their reasoning that a glaring hole is left in each adversarial school of thought: the purpose and place of usury in the economic system. Anon goes on to detail the shortcomings of the varying economic "options" presented to the common man, and how, in the absence of a rational and moral stance on usury, he is manipulated to believe in the false worth of an economic system doomed to inevitable decay at the expense of his creditors.

A captivating and essential read for every man's understanding of debt, economic theory, and the criminal scum who to this day hold the world at large.

R:11 / I:9 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]


ITT: We post some of our favorite posts on /pol/

And board owner, there needs to be an apostrophe in the name of the board you fucking faggot
R:5 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

movie scripts or storyboards

Anyone interested in writing movie scripts or story boards? This could be scripts written for real actors (dystopian diverse future, what if the Nazis had won? Or showing today's progressive society tongue in cheek)

Pic not related.

Or be written for a compiled YouTube video with a script.

I am sure there could be 8chan collaboration to produce videos
R:3 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Reading How To Win Friends and Influence People

Hello /pen/! I'm reading pic related and even though I'm not too far in, I've been thinking about some things, specifically things that come about in Part 1 Section 2, "The Big Secret of Dealing With People".

In the book, the author comments that "The desire for a feeling of importance is one of the chief distinguishing differences between mankind and animals." You'll have no argument from me on that point. However, my primary question is dealing with application and utilization of that point. I know that with many of the people I have dealt with, that they would see the attempt at flattery and piling on of "importance" as a sham and might distrust the individual who tried to do as much.

Therefore, my questions are as follows:

1. Are the majority of people receptive to this type of attention/compliment/flattery?

2. How is one able to tell if an individual might be receptive to such forms of flattery? Repeated encounters? Using a few and gauging reaction? Both? Something else?

3. The book does not talk about individuals with Autism/Aspergers. Does anyone have experience with people on the spectrum and how these sorts of tactics affect those people?

4. Are folks in certain professions more susceptible to these types of flattery? I would imagine that an artist may be more receptive as compared to a given physicist due to (what I think, anyway) a person with a different type of mindset gravitating towards these professions.

Any thoughts? Comments? Thanks.

R:16 / I:9 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

A Narrative of Woe

What do you think of my short story /pol/? Anything I need to change before entering it to every single short story competition on the web?

R:1 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Some 40k poetry

For seven years our empires favourite son

has turned from the light of our sovereign goals

two hundred years work has become undone

the forces are mighty under traitor control

half of the legions

third of the guard

uncounted regions

no person unscarred

a deadly path home

no resolution

the void they roam

no absolution

at Saturn a monstrous fleet

our brothers surrender their lives

and suffer certain defeat

by the thousands they died

the fateful news relayed

the traitors are coming

their fleet is barely delayed

no victory forthcoming

from above Emperor's speech

defend the palace

of our lord's fury teach

hearts formed of malice

from orbit canons reach

and scar the holy surface

end this madness the subjects beseech

of all the cruelty this is the furthest

the forces of greed have corrupted their souls

the enemy has landed

and the virtues they used to extol

now lie abandoned

the Primarchs they stand and with us hold the line

side by side Astartes and man

sworn by oath, loyalty enshrined

with our bodies we form a dam

fifty-five days

no ammo, no food

commanders survey

continue to feud

victory slips through their grip

hundreds of Astartes on the attack

our saviours go aboard their great ship

the thunder of guns forces them back

the great horrors they see

with tentacles and maws

should, by reckoning, impossible be

these creatures forever abhorred

across the arch-traitor but a man has sought

a brave man of the name Ollanus Pius

to view the Emperor distraught

and lay at his feet his son of blood

against Horus a man is no match

to protect his lord is Pius' task

a fatal blow does he catch

in his lords majesty he did bask

in humanities name did the Emperor slew

in mind and body

the greatest son he knew

over the death of a simple squaddie

R:2 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Geopolitics, Censorship, #GamerGate, & You

PDF made from the thread that got lots of attention on /gamergate/ and /po/. Interesting stuff. Definitely thought-provoking, even if you don't agree with the conclusions.

I'd like to see an expanded commentary on this with additional links to further reading on some of the subjects the OP alludes to.

Here is the post, with a few edits for clarification and one of the best comments in the /pol/ thread included; along with the sources.

IF we ever have a journal or anything like that I think we should include this article along with some analysis and further links provided by other anons.
R:7 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]


Nzolo, whats your say on my newest poetry?

Feedback on my poem?


Give me the sweet green exception
of your genuine red affection
not the chalked up, blacked out alienation
far below our crowded white sunny sky sensation
where planes fly and our infatuation never dies
which where way above in the dark abyss
across the ocean of time, love is just a myth
I have to say hell no, fuck yes,
fathom the aesthetics from which you are blessed
it's a reason in the yellow for our connection that needs care
but for now let's just forget the rest.

Pour your dedication in the connection we share,
we start from nowhere and arrive to somewhere,
as far as it takes for it takes for our sublime affair,
because my Genuine affection for you is still there.

Don't collide with the ladies shamed with envy,
you can hide behind the honesty the shields you and me
whiplash, all in reverse, straight from myself,
until I finally stand up to say
you deserve the best
and the most fun
all over again once more,
from the mouth to the lips of a genuine one.
R:6 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Axis history revision


I have something to share with you.
Would you mind giving this a quick glance and tell me what you think?
I hope creating a new thread for this was acceptable.


Dear Allies,

After World War I, you nurtured the young Soviet Union and tried to internally poison and destroy post-WWI-Germany, which ultimatively led to the events of World War II. When one single man, tried to relieve the world of the Jewish plague. To finally restore order and peace to all lesser men around the globe, which were and will now forever be, thanks to you, pawns in the games of the Jews, you decided to stand by Great Britannia and her Empire of lies, instead of doing what was good and what was righteous. You then proceeded to side with Stalin and destroy Nazi Germany, the last bastion of hope for the Occident. Roosevelt led by greed and fear of losing influence over South-East Asia put an embargo of steel and oil and Japan, leaving them no other option, but to join the war and tricking the American citizens into yet supporting another war. After war, you came to realize where you had done wrong. The Soviets had occupied Europe and the Jew gleefully rubbed their hands, sensing the great wealth that could be gained, from simply supporting both sides with weapons. Yet, did you learn? When the Iron Curtain fell, instead of offering a helping hand to the crushed Russians and establishing lasting peace, you smugly looked the other way, hurting their pride even more. Russia extending its claws again, is solely your fault. Instead of seeing the threat that China became to be, even more so today, you nurtured a deeply corrupted and perverted nation, traded with them, built them up. Well, you see were that led you to. Lets face it, by killing this man you doomed us all. Picture very related. Do not call it a grave, it is the future you chose. You are welcome.

R:4 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

OC political poetry

Posted this on /pol/, first time writing poetry
pls no bully

the chaos of warring tribes
Came one great enemy to unitize
Each tribe held fast each tribe held firm
As great people weathered the storm
Of Roman armies marching forth
To face the might of a united north.
The Goth, German, Gaul, and Celt
Each of their blades the Roman felt
And as Europe's might descended forth
Great Rome fell before the North.

Years passed and kingdoms fell
Each invader met with hell
the power of God was europes might
Christ's banners glowing with Thor's great light
Empires toppled, the Muslims repelled
Fortresses raised, dogma upheld
As Europe's forces swept towards the east
The sultans, shieks and kings deceased
And as Europe's might descended forth
The great east fell before the north.

The years and ages passed away
And with that age came cultural decay
Dogma, morals, art and pride
Through internal strife were sterilized
And as the north lay on its bed
Of death the allies of which it wed
Came forth and smiling struck the blow
To deal the fate that long ago
The north had brought upon itself
By removing standards of cultural health
And as Europe's pride descended forth
Slavery was placed on all the north.

Many people still today
Think that Europe has passed away
but I tell you honest, it is not true
The spirit broken will be renewed
With blood of enemies on the sword
Of German, Celt, and Gaelic horde
And as Europe's might will descend forth
The world will cower before the north.
R:13 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Scifi/Fantasy Prologue (fragment)

(Will bump with pdf)

So I've had a scifi/fantasy conspiracy novel floating around in my head for years. Last January I penned this chapter to use as a prologue. There's not much action but I felt that it was better than the other introductions/chapter one's that I tried.

The scope of the novel ballooned significantly since I started writing it, though progress has been slow since I maybe have 20 mins. a day to work on it. The premise of the entire story is this:

> Journalist unknowingly stumbles upon a massive scandal involving private military corporations and elements of the CIA

> Journalist craves attention and recognition, but gets more than she bargained for when these things do come
> Initially publishes a rather mundane story on her blog which is picked up by other media and later, a photograph she posted (provided by her source) becomes the focus of much scrutiny because it purportedly shows a convicted murderer – who is supposed to be in a military prison – as an employee of the company
> Strange things start happening almost immediately, and the person who broke the story disappears. The journalist herself becomes increasingly paranoid; it becomes more and more obvious that she is being watched and followed (and this is a deliberate strategy from the agencies and corporations harassing her; a tactic called “bumper locking”); trying to cause extreme fear and paranoia, and eventually a mental breakdown
> Blackstarr PMC is gradually implicated in a massive corruption scandal and many of their nefarious activities are revealed. Reporters start disappearing and important bankers/financial industry people start dying mysteriously
> The government and military-industrial complex, along with big pharma, are gradually implicated as well; as it is revealed that Blackstarr's behind-the scenes criminal operations and its practice of securing convicted criminals to work in important positions are merely part of a network of CIA front groups

The twist:
In a "conspiracy within a conspiracy," Blackstarr and its employees are actually (unbeknownst to them) the victims of a much larger secret experimentation program; unwittingly helping to beta-test pharmaceuticals and technology for use in applications relating to artificial reality, artificial intelligence, and mind control.

There is yet another overall, larger narrative to this story as well which has elements of a scifi/fantasy epic; in which the story of what this company has been up to takes center stage. It's become a massive story in my mind; this initial piece I have offered is merely one of a thousand angles I could open it from.

So… what do you think of the proposed prologue? What's wrong with it? What needs improving? Should I scrap it altogether?

> I name-dropped Drudge Report but in the tiny chance that this were to be published, I’d make up another name.
> There is a conspicuous lack of specific dates (the year the story takes place is not mentioned). I hadn’t decided on a final timeline for the story and merely threw in the dates mentioned as stand-ins. The general setting is in the near future (perhaps five to ten years).
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The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time there was an ugly duckling. The ugly duckling was very ugly, causing normal people to be grossed out, but they still made friends with the ugly duckling, they just didn't want to fuck it. So the ugly duckling got mad and turned into an SJW who complained about beauty standards and how it was truly the beautiful duckling. This ugly duckling had deluded itself, and in turn deluded many other impressionable ugly ducklings to believe that being an ugly duckling was the thing the be, and that if you didn't like ugly ducklings you were a sexist homophobic patriarchy pig. How dare you not use xers deluded pronouns to address it as the beautiful duckling that it really was, you ducking shitlord. Then one day the normal ducklings got tired of this bitches shit and popped a cap in her ugly duckling ass. And no, this bitch was not a swan, just a fat slob.

The End.
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Big ol' novel

So I'm writing a novel of sorts, trying to shoot for 1500 to 2000 words per chapter. I'm trying to be subtle with the /pol/ themes, so a publisher won't be scared of it. The story is about a disgraced ex-reporter hearing from his friend who was murdered in Mexico, prompting him to go and investigate his murder, as well as the conspiracy he was going after.

The first two chapters are done, I was hoping for constructive crit?
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Novelist AMA

Why hello thar, aspiring writers. I've spent the better part of my adult life writing short stories and such and finally got around to finishing my first novel last year. I'm hear to answer any questions you have on the gory reality of fiction writing.

You can read the beginning of said novel at: 112029.net
Some of my short fiction is available at: astropulp.blogspot.com

Fire away!
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Rahowa! This planet is OURS!

My post from a thread on /pol/, expanded a bit. It is on natural law and how the White race and other human races fit into that law, as well as the Creativity movement.

Here's a pastebin link, I don't have Office.

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the Great Endeavor -request for kids stories

It would be really helpful for parents if you could post moral stories..
So much of the kids books is about tolerance and non violence.

It would be helpful to have stories that encourage loyalty and tribalism. Stories that explain nat soc and the evils of usury (and feminism, etc etc). Sometimes violence has been historically necessary.

We need stories that encourage gender roles.

Stories that combat all modern brain washing. Stories (some) might even have broad appeal.

We need kids to be suspicious, especially of liberals/prove, non whites, gov tyranny…..

We need to pass on our great works (Google The Great Conversation) …. We need so.plified. versions of our literature and philosophy going back thousands of years. We need simplified histories of world events as we see them. It would be great to eventually get artists.

We know this is important as Julius striker was murdered for it and his works are hated.

Please post your finished stories to pol on their sticky and other nationalist sites.

Flood the web!
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Daily Stormer

Board owner here, I'm thinking of contacting the Daily Stormer and making them aware that this board exists, and it means we could potentially write articles for them if they like some of the work.
How would people feel about this?
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Making a psyops tip book?

Perhaps we could collaborate, and put our collective knowledge of the internet and general internet raid techniques into a piece of writing? After all, you all know how much leftists love referring to Alinsky's work. Why not have our own instruction manuals? I dare say we can not only gather a bunch of proper and useful old info, but even include the techniques we've pioneered.
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Why You Should Write Fiction

Not a good writer? Not even a writer? Same here. Welcome to the club.

The truth is, it doesn't matter how "good" you are. Because even if you never write a publishable work, fiction is an invaluable tool for mental development and self-improvement.

(bumping with pdf)
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When tempted to make a long post...

By all means, save it into a word document. These long posts are provoked by a natural response in you to something, and the ideas that flow from you are, as is understandable, pure and natural. You are not sitting down and putting forward something contrived, you are not pulling intellectual straws in order to find some motivation to write something: it is precisely when you are goaded into writing a long post you are conscious of the fact that there is a character limit. You therefore have to restrict the grandeur of your reply, and you have to summarize a horde of thoughts into three or so paragraphs that fit this character limit. You have perhaps even become quite skilled at doing this: you have found yourself able to write stirring posts, utilizing just the correct image, just the correct formatting, with just the right message, and you have been quite pleased with yourself, having received positive replies from people who have enjoyed it.

But you are actually castrating yourself in a way that is destructive. Consider not abandoning the post after submitting it on one of the boards, but instead save it into a word document and, girded by your natural fervor to respond to whatever had provoked you, turn this post into an essay, a treatise, even a story.

So many of you actually do have very much to write about and say. It is not this that is troublesome, but it is solely unlocking your potential. Your potential must be unlocked through nature: trying to force a story when you have not been naturally inspired will lead to a decidedly unnatural tale that will likely be stilted and not live up to what you know you are capable of.

I propose therefore that you utilize your posts here as inspiration. You have no doubt become quite good at writing posts on the internet, and I am suggesting that you can turn these into longer works.
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A translation

I guess this must be kind of a weird entry to /pen/, since a)the vast majority of you guys probably don't care about this subject, and b)it's not really an original work.

This is my unofficial translation of an official article on the racial purity of modern Greeks, written by a member of Golden Dawn and published on their newspaper and website. While they often publish lovely articles, I found this one is particular to be most interesting, not only for Greeks, but also for foreigners who question said purity using unintelligent "evidence".

It's my first try at translating anything. I didn't bother too much with edits, and so, normally, there should be a few grammatical errors in the text.

On a relevant note, I was thinking of translating this book that pretty much is Golden Dawn's "manifesto", written in 1997. Would you like to read something like that?

I'm sorry if this entry is not exactly /pen/ material.
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Hello, I've just repaired the /new/ board.


If you would check it out, I would appreciate it; thank you
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Foreign Parables

"Truly," Said the sage, "In a boundless field, all possibilities must at last manifest themselves. Only an immeasurable distance of space and time keeps us from them."

One disciple spoke: “Oh sage, how shall we overcome such an insuperable obstacle?"
But already the sage had retreated into his cave. He would not speak again for a long time—perhaps longer than the interval within which his followers could hear or understand the answer to their questions.
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Miscegenation parable


/rg/ anon here, I wrote something about racemixing.

I was kind of going for a mythic/biblical parable tone here, but I feel like it shifts between mythic poetry (e.g., Beowulf, the Tain, Iliad etc.) and religious myth, which are actually important to keep separate.

Also I'm not a very good writer because I don't write often.
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Dan X

>I've been writing a novel, and found it to be complicated for writing it in one book. I literarly ended up with 30 MCs, I actually filtered out 50 side charectars in order to minimize the charectars the reader will need to know of.

>This is a quick prologue for the story. I'm not going to use it anymore tough because it makes the stories more complicated than actually simplifying them.

>The novels are made in non episodic order, The only charectar to show up in all of them. Is a messanger called the "Stranger". Whom only shows up to give a hospitality and a gift to the MC. Only to end the chapter with "Fate will find it's way."

In the world of this realm, with the fall of the ancient world, the civilizations accepted defeat, but did not accept vanishing.
Rome has united its last members to group together in to a united union of Hydro. Ruling over Europe and its resources. It's one if not the most glorious and admiring civilizations of any kind, ruling with a major boarding school in Fondorum.
In the south continent of Africa: the tribes, ruled under the Semite's of Carthage and united to become what's known as Petra under the books of our writers. The empire of Petra ruled by the word of Baal, and it's advancement on technology has developed oil based vehicles, leading to what is common to us as the industrial age.
In north Asia, the tribes denied any conquest by any rule: kings, and emperors have fallen there by both men and cold climates. The tribes believed to be barbaric and ruthless, are also known to all to be the most advanced in terms of electricity, and survival. It's easy to believe they will kill you on sight, but if you're brave enough to go alone…
And last one's are the old ancient standing empires of Asia, The emperors have fallen many times, yet kept there dynasties and are holding one of the most dictated unions the world has ever seen. Called by Hydro, as Flama for they are ruled by fire and metal, and those who question them will be easily disappeared. And reappear for one last time in a low some blood bathing execution.
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The Lion Tears the Shit Outta Everybody

The bike messenger parked his bike on the busy sidewalk outside a small office building and walked inside, a fat manila envelope in his hand. Ballcap pulled low and mirrored aviators covering his eyes, his only real distinguishing facial feature was the jet black beard he'd grown.

He smiled at the receptionist and flirted with her for a moment before holding up the envelope and asking which office it needed to be delivered to. She informed him it was the small law firm upstairs to his left and he smiled again, thanked her, and went upstairs to drop it through their mail slot.

Then he stepped into the bathroom at the end of the hall, went into the large handicapped stall at the end, and opened the window. It was a privacy window, allowing light but no means of seeing inside, and the last time he'd been in the building, he'd used a knife and a screw driver to make it capable of opening since it had been screwed shut and painted over years ago.

Now it opened easily, and he swung it open it open and looked outside. Perfect, just the way he'd remembered it. He studied the movement of the flag on the pole across the street and checked the wind speed and direction on his smart phone's weather app and nodded.

Then he slid off his unobtrusive looking backpack, set it on the back of the toilet, unzipped it, and went to work.

The Nemesis Arms Vanquish is a sniper-grade .308-caliber rifle that breaks down and fits into a backpack without losing its zero, or point of aim. He pulled out the rifle, extended the collapsible stock, snapped the bipod into place, then attached the barrel and screwed on the securing collar. Next, he threaded the silencer he'd made from a Mag-lite flashlight onto the end of the barrel, inserted a magazine, and worked the bolt, chambering a round.

Now he just had to wait fifteen more minutes.

Twelve minutes later, his target rolled up to the courthouse across the street and stepped out of his old Crown Vic. The man was a judge who typically handled divorce and custody cases, and he was full-blown feminists and social justice warrior who used his gavel and the power of the court to fuck men over every single time. He'd recently been in the news for giving sole custody of two children to their mother, who was an unemployed crackhead, and arbitrary denying the father any right to even see his own children, despite having to pay both child support and alimony. When the 'bike messenger' had read that in the paper, he'd chosen the judge for his first target and began studying when he showed up to the courthouse and where the best location for a sniper's nest would be.

He rested the bipod on the edge of the window, silencer sticking out the window, and sighted in; he knew you were supposed to never expose your rifle outside of your hiding place and stay back from the window or hole you were shooting through, but he wasn't a professional (though he did have the money for a fancy sniper rifle and a training course at a tactical school in Virginia) and he was shooting while standing up in a public restroom.

He settled the crosshairs between the judge's shoulder blades as the man walked up the steps of the court house, drifted slightly to the right to compensate for the wind, released the safety, and slooooowly squeezed…


The judge flopped to the ground and the man immediately removed the magazine from his rifle, ejected the spent brass and dropped both into the backpack, then hurriedly disassembled his rifle, stowed it, shut the window, and walked down the stairs and out the lobby, pausing to give a cheerful goodbye to the receptionist.

Once outside, he brushed past the pedestrians who were starting to notice something odd was happening across the street at the court house, got on his bike, and rode away down paths no police car could have followed if he'd been pursued.

Once he was six blocks away, he ditched the cheap bike he'd bought at a flea market in some bushes, took the side entrance into a coffee shop (avoiding the camera pointed at the register and front door), and ducked into their bathroom. He hurriedly washed the temporary black dye from his beard, revealing his natural sandy blonde appearance, swapped out the ballcap and windbreaker for a denim jacket and tillie hat, removed the shades and his gloves, and walked back outside to his waiting car and drove away.

Sirens wailed in the distance as he casually waited at the light and he turned on the radio.

"Countin' flowers on the wall, that don't bother me at all. Playin' solitaire till dawn, with a deck of 51. Smokin' cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo…"

Today was a good day.
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If /pol/ is serious about starting a literary publication, I recommend "Instauration" as the sort of thing we should be shooting for.

This was a high-quality, pro-white magazine that published regular issues for 20+ years and had a fairly wide circulation (although you could waste days trying to find a reference to it in the MSM). It was smart and incisive, covered a wide range of topics and had a darkly humorous editorial tone. It might be best described as a combination of the Occidental Quarterly and National Lampoon.

Best of all, every issue is available on PDF for free: http://instaurationonline.com/

Pic related.
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Creative Commons

Please require the content to be under a creative commons license, requiring attribution and derivatives or no derivatives. That way the material can be redistributed for maximum impact.
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Post ur sheeeeit

posting some trash i wrote a while ago. reminder that you can write total bullshit and still have fun.
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My surrounds? An empty room. One would call it empty, if that one where to visit and not live a grinding routine, day in night out, all inside this room. A service to the One.
All Must Serve.
The grinding of routine goes much deeper than moving one's to morph pixels into what looks realer than reality. A trench embedded in my consciousness from before the time the proteins in my parents body's began to form what would be me. In essences I am exactly what they made me, and I am One.
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Write a Book Intro

Three years have passed since the death of his persona, but his name is still surrounded by the wall of lies and blatant aspersion.

You may call him a troll,
you may call him a fool,
you may call him a little kid seeking for attention,
you may think that you're more than a tool and a cattle waiting to be butchered and eaten,

you should know that you're absolutely wrong about him and about yourselves.

Sorry, but Quentin have never trolled anyone. He was dead serious. Like a daredevil, he really walked the walk. His endless admirers and successors shall keep his legacy alive.

It was an honor to have fought on his side along with hundreds of other Diamond Dogs members, and we shall continue our good fight.

And he wrote a note for people like you; Selfish, ignorant, self indulgent people like you.

"I am the best tripswag in the world.

I have the looks (Aryan master race), the intellect (Ivy League educated and majoring in philosophy), a way with words and the /v/ fame to all wrap it up nicely.

The only reason I preach this anymore is to help you people out. You can consider me your intellectual superior, an instructor, a philosopher of sorts. I am the best thing that has ever happened to this community. I AM the smartest poster on all chans. No, I'm no longer just a tripfriend, I am an official /pol/ superstar.

And why do all of you hating on David Duke? You're the people I'm talking to right now.

You're the people that need saving. You would rather just waste your pathetic lives by trying to make people believe that Jewish socialism or capitalism is great instead of opening your eyes and see the truth, that the JEWISH SUPREMACISTS are trying to destroy us all.

For those who aren't familiar to him and base their opinion on him from the demonized, basterdized, jewified version of this great man they read on the jewish media, Dr. David Duke is not a neo nazi, not a white supremacist, neither a pagan church burner.

David Duke is just a good old humble Christian who wants all peoples in this world to live without fear, without violence, without war, without being divided and conquered by the Jewish Supremacists. David Duke loves everyone, including Jews, but he can't tolerate the way International Jewish Supremacists are trying to destroy us all and everything we have or had; our society, nation, race, and heritage, to conquer us.

This isn't just a white people's war, this is everyone's war. Arabs lost their lands,

Russians lost their Holy Empire, Westerners are going to lost their civilization,

economic power, and heritage, Africans are being exploited just like how their ancestors

were taken out of Africa by the Jewish merchants to be sold to the Jewish slavers, and

all the people who suffered and died like stray dogs during the great Jewish false flag

wars in the past, they died for nothing.

There is a real war to fight out there, why do you choose to waste your life like this?

You could be doing great things. Think of how disappointed your family is. Think of how disappointed your ancestors would be. Think of how disappointed the God is. Think of how disappointed I am.

I changed the world once with by bringing my straight edge Christian Nationalism
Socialism philosophy to /pol/. Now it's time for me to help you all out again, lost sheep.

You could change your life simply by putting down the Rand or Mao books and by picking up a nice piece of redpilled literature. Speaking of Redpilled literature, we have a long list of that. Just take that into your consideration, goyim."
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/pol/ Policy Analyst Q&A

Here's a significant portion of the "ask a foreign policy analyst anything" thread on /pol/. I thought it was very interesting and this Q&A I compiled is 6500+ words. IF a /pol/ and writing related journal is to be made, I think this should be included as it provides some thought-provoking opinions.
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The 8chan Board for Anons Who Can Read and Write Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too

Welcome to /pen/.
I've recently taken the decision to make this a place for discussing literature and posting your own work, instead of only user created content.
Stuff to post:
>Your own work, fiction or non-fiction
>'Required reading' lists
>Reading club ideas
>Writing club ideas

>b..but how's this different to /lit/

As before, the board is aiming to be centered around politics, but this rule isn't absolute.
Keep it civil and post new works into their own threads, if possible.