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Writing and reviewing ink pens and political literature
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Welcome to Pen Island
Our pen is big
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Is It Wet Yet?

File: 25047d371149ebe⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 1960x4032, 35:72, 20180626_005536.jpg)

cc38c9  No.463

Actually I didn't know it was a Pilot when I purchased this pen. It's nice, but a bit difficult to control the size is just off, so when I grasp the shaft, the seam where the pen unscrews bites into my fingers. Otherwise the size of this pen is fine. It might even be considered big

for the Asian market. Its big enough for me as well. With the annoying bite at the fingers. It effects my penmanship substantially. I can't get past that. Its an expensive and beautiful Pilot. I forgot to gie the name.

The nomenclature on the pricetag says. Pilot RBall REG BLMR 17 Black Black Gold S

It's a fine pen. This pen is for a woman's hand for sure.

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