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Writing and reviewing ink pens and political literature
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Is It Wet Yet?

File: 3c75dcfc980fa10⋯.jpg (967.54 KB, 1918x2220, 959:1110, 20180622_190511 (2).jpg)

b843fa  No.447

Dude? Yes dude, its a Dude!

Ohto brand made in Japan, Dude brand fountain pen. Yes dude, its pretty nice, and also affordable. The pen came with ink and not just a little bit.

This pen came with two bladders of ink in the barrel. At first I thought

the pen was going to leak all over, because it made noise when I shook it up a few times to get the ink loaded.

It was making a noise, so I carefully disassembled the pen, hoping I wouldn't get ink all over the place.

What a surprise the pen wasn't broken, inside an additional cartridge of ink slopped out onto my lap.

The Dude is an inexpensive fountain pen, costing 1/3 less than my Pilot Prera. So lets cut them a break over the smudgy ink.

At least they gave us plenty of it. Where the Prera doesn't come with ink it is sold separately.

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