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File: 5c0105d0753daa5⋯.jpg (471.18 KB, 1561x2360, 1561:2360, 2018_09_13 5_35 PM Office ….jpg)


The delivery man brought a pilot 778 pin today. I just loaded it with Parker quink washable blue ink. The ink is just starting to come into the nib I cycled the ink 3 times through the converter, and it looks like it took 5 lines to fill in to and even blue color. The Pilot 778 pen came with a plastic wrapper so I knew it was new and pristine when I filled it up with quink ink. It is a fine line fountain pen, with what seems to be an iridium tipped nib. Although it might be copper. It will show over time if the nib corrodes to blue. It certainly is a fine tip. I'm not a fan of these ultrafine tipped pens. This one works well. The ink loaded fast. It is a fine enough tip to draw Chinese letters. The teal color is nice. There is a gold baseball sticker on the pen with the word pilot and the letter F so I'm sure it's fine tipped. Dual gold stripes on the cap with Japan written so I know it's not a Chinese knock off. It's a nice $12 pen.

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