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Rules and meta

Welcome to the Sunflower!

This board is for the discussion and organization of ascension and enlightenment related activities.

Board rules

1. Stay on topic

2. Start a new thread only if a related one doesn't exist, or if it has reached bump limit

3. Anime/manga images may spice up a discussion, but keep it decent

4. Trolling or derailing with ill intent is not allowed

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Walk inside the gazebo, sit down by the round wooden table and connect with our egregore!

This thread is for your practice and focused discussion.

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Questions & Answers

Ask your on-topic questions in this thread! Try to keep it here and don't start threads just to ask questions.

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General discussion

Talk about your practice and related topics in a relaxed manner!

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Magic 101

This thread will be dedicated to the practical learning of basic esoteric skills.

As it seems people inexperienced with the occult are now finding this board, it is necessary to provide help towards the development of a stable foundation in their practice. Since occult theory is discussed to great lengths in other threads, we require a place of practice.

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Physical fitness

To achieve the focus and self control needed for esoteric practices, it is also necessary to exercise physically!

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DIY Afterlife?

Quick disclaimer: In all my years of browsing imageboards, this is the first time I've ever actually created a thread. Though this is technically related to lucid dreaming, it seems in-depth and different enough to warrant its own thread. My apologies if this is not the case.

I've had this idea for awhile, and now that /fringe/ appears to be back, after all, I was wondering what fellow anons thought about it:

>Use lucid dreaming to create incrementally more-and-more vivid scenarios, always populating the same "place" with increasing levels of detail and sophistication

In other words, create a memory palace, but instead of just using it to remember things, create your own ideal paradise.

>Ceaselessly return there every time you lucid dream, ultimately making it so real you can taste, smell, see, feel, and hear things semi-emergently

In other words, use lucid dreaming to create the basic laws of your universe, and ultimately said universe will act autonomously, though always in accordance with your Will.

>In so doing, all others whom you create to populate your realm will essentially be highly-sophisticated tulpas, yet they cannot enter into the material plane, and do not communicate with you outside of your lucid dreams

This makes sense because they only came into being by means of your dreams, and were consciously willed into existence by this very method. In other words, they exist in a part of your subconscious, but only really actualize in your particular corner of the astral realm. They cannot penetrate into this plane. Or can they?

>Eventually, this realm will become so sophisticated that, upon death, your soul will be able to transmigrate there for the rest of time.

In other words, you can sort of create a self-indulgent form of Pure Land, a pocket universe which becomes immortal and everlasting through sheer force of Will. This makes sense due to the immortality of one's mind; if one can indeed imprint one's will upon the astral realm, (Can one?) it follows that one can do everything I just described.

Thoughts? I'm still fairly new to esoteric theory and practice (mainly due to a rather busy schedule), and currently know very little about astral travel, tulpas, and even lucid dreaming, particularly in a practical sense. If anything in this idea seems particularly dangerous or impractical, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Alternatively, if this is a potentially-fruitful topic, please give your thoughts on how I might improve it.

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Materialist Spirituality

Any faggot in here who can't convince himself to believe in any of those paranormal schizo shit but want some form of spirituality to cope?

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Astral worlds

A lot of astral worlds and beings are represented in artistic works spread over the world. In this thread we bring up which ones exist and what artworks they are made known through.

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Losers all

I'm in the middle of my third eye opening, and exploring relevant forums on the internet, I'm sad to say you're all some goofy ass people.

>websites littered with clickbait tier trash (see 1)

>content appealing specifically to normies with nothing going for them (see 2)

>completely counterproductive scams (see 3)

Spirituality is real, the third eye is real, telepathy and another world beyond ours accessible by our consciousness is real. That's why it's so disheartening to see nothing but badly made, laughably amateuristic blogspots and websites, made exclusively by unappealing, unwashed wannabe Tibetan monks. Is there no presentable, maybe even western outlet or forum for people like me?

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Astral travel and teleportation

This thread is for discussion of the methods to learn different levels of astral travel, including:

viewing other places during meditation

interacting with astral locations

movement on the astral using a body existing over there

manipulation of your own location within the world system

timeline shifting

physical teleportation

physical astral travel

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Projekt Melody

This is getting a lot of attention in some parts online but so far it doesn't seem like anyone has brought it up for serious discussion. With 18k people attending and donating large sums of money, this can't be ignored.

This topic may look low level or irrelevant but I think not. Mass movements can do a lot based on them simply being mass movements, even if the individual contributes close to nothing.

I'll try to throw in the different aspects of this in a few following posts here.

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Group session organizing thread

Refer to the temple thread for instructions on how to access the meeting room:


We will be starting this with two 20 min slots weekly, one for visiting Japari Park and one for Gensokyo. This means you can, in your own time, schedule these two 20 min sessions anytime during the week, and using the time difference removing crystal all participants will meet at the same time anyway.

Use this thread to discuss the sessions.

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Succubus Collective

Discussion, questions and answers.

Blog: https://succubuscollective.wordpress.com/

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Summoning spiritual beings

This is somewhat of a backbone of the Sunflower Project, but it's not something that's been addressed with any organization. What methods do you use for spirit interactions and how did you get started?

For some of us this is pretty much a non issue as we do this as a part of daily life since long. For others it may be more difficult. Let's help each other out.

Share your experiences or ask questions on this topic in this thread!

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Library - documents and media

Share useful documents, links and videos.

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Sigil thread

This is a sigil for summoning catgirl spirits.

Catgirls come in different types: wild, domestic and freelancers. Wild and domestic catgirls can be adopted. Ask them if they like you, and if they want you to be their owner. They will give you a necklace and a bracelet if they accept. Put the necklace on the catgirl and the bracelet on yourself and the adoption is complete.

Freelancers own themselves and cannot be adopted.

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Ceremonial Magic

I want to get started in Solomonic/ceremonial magic, but I don't really know where to start. Getting some grimoires seems like the first logical step but I don't know which ones to get. The Key of Solomon isn't particularly useful to me as it requires a lot of expensive regalia and items that seem virtually impossible to get nowadays (parchment made from a kid goat that's still suckling? A girdle made from a lion skin!?). Any advice/suggestions would be welcome!

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Universal structure and the mind

This thread will start off with a mass of seemingly unrelated information bits which I'll connect. I personally see them as an integrated system, the question is if this can be communicated?

This is the result of meditation and interactions with spiritual entities and it's very personal so I don't expect others to see the same things. But maybe you'll see some new perspectives.

These images conveniently turned up on /x/ just in time for the connections to be made. They were said to explain the creation of humanity, and I do agree. You can understand them as represening both the three steps of 1D, 2D and 3D or the bottom three chakras of the body which make up the base, but after accepting this view and meditating on it, the last bulb will appear to not merely reach the 3rd chakra but actually represent all levels above. I'll throw in a chakra map for reference as well.

In reference to the bible you'll find that god made light first, and light being a waveformed particle is one dimensional and as such corresponds to 1D or the root chakra. This is to explain the connections I see and the overall structure.

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Lucid Dreaming

Can I cuddle with my waifu if I learn to lucid dream?

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Music thread

Music for reaching a desired mindset or aiding your practice.


Anyone aiming to work with Gensokyo will benefit from music inspired by the world. Well suited when syncing for group sessions in real time as participants will be hearing the same song.

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How do I start on the path of understanding the metaphysical?

I don't know where to begin and I am not even sure I know the right questions to ask… I should probably back up… I am coming from the Q and /pol/ (now /pnd/) boards. I enjoy the study of the way the world works and those places provided me with much knowledge but I feel as if I have hit a wall both in my research and my life. I have spent my time studying the political and psychological elements of the world and never given much thought to the metaphysical simply walling it off as unknowable with our current technology, but it has become clear to me that there are metaphysical elements to the fight that is going on behind the scenes and that I must study the metaphysical to find the answers I seek. The problem is I have absolutely no knowledge of this subject and there are many risks involved with it. I have stayed agnostic until now because of the unknown risks to the soul (if it even exists) but without taking that risk I feel I can go no farther. The extent of my experience is I have been to a medium once or twice in my life, had a passing interest in ghost hunting in my teens (never actually went out and did it) and owned some tarot cards at one point. (don't think I ever actually used them) That is about it.

After browsing through the threads of this forum I believe I can find at least some knowledge here. From what I think I have been able to decipher you have some kind of meeting room accessed via out of body experiences, a large number of posters are part of something called the "Succubus Collective" and there are at least 2 different types of vampire one of them related to the cabal mentioned by Q but that is about all I have been able to decipher. I am at the stage where I don't even know what I don't know so almost any beginner level resource would be helpful, particularly some kind of resource listing the various methods of the metaphysical,(That actually work. There is so much trash out there.) what they offer and what they cost. It would help point me in the right direction.

I feel like I am going insane for even posting this like I have chased the rabbit too far down the hole. I feel like I might be making a mistake in ignorance but I want to know. For all I know this board is an elaborate LARP and I actually have lost it, but making a fool of myself could be the least of the troubles caused by this. I suppose time will tell…

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Solomonic/Grimoire Magic Circles

Are the magic circles necessary? Most texts say they are, but some (such as An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke by Humphrey Gilbert and John Davis) don't mention them at all, while one even says that an imaginary circle can be used (A discoverie of witchcraft - the 1665 edition).

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Alchemy Thread

A thread for the discussion of alchemy. Alchemy seems far more approachable for a novice as it is more tool based than something like astral projection that relies entirely on personal ability. If someone is capable of producing a novice course I think it would be good for the board and give anyone that may find there way here a quick starting point.

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On this board

I thought this was a generic spirituality board but lurking here for few days gives me the idea that this is more like a cult/movement based board. Can someone clarify?

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Channeling thread

Starting out some novices may find it easier to channel their spirit companions than to communicate directly through the astral. This thread is for the discussion of exercises that improve one's ability to channel spirits.

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Let's master the art of alchemy and become perfected immortals! The first step in my quest to become the Supreme Goddess!

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>Anthroposophy is a philosophy founded in the early 20th century by the esotericist Rudolf Steiner that postulates the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible to human experience. Followers of anthroposophy aim to develop mental faculties of spiritual discovery through a mode of thought independent of sensory experience.[1][2] They also aim to present their ideas in a manner verifiable by rational discourse and specifically seek a precision and clarity in studying the spiritual world mirroring that obtained by natural historians in investigations of the physical world.

>The philosophy has its roots in German idealist and mystical philosophies.[3] Steiner chose the term anthroposophy (from anthropo-, human, and Sophia, wisdom) to emphasize his philosophy's humanistic orientation.[1][4] Anthroposophical ideas have been employed in alternative movements in many areas including education (both in Waldorf schools and in the Camphill movement), agriculture, medicine, banking, organizational development, and the arts.[1][5][6][7][8] The main organization for advocacy of Steiner's ideas, the Anthroposophical Society, is headquartered at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.


>Waldorf pedagogical theory considers that during the first years of life children learn best by being immersed in an environment they can learn through un-selfconscious imitation of practical activities. The early childhood curriculum therefore centers on experiential education, allowing children to learn by example, and opportunities for imaginative play.[53][54][55][56] The overall goal of the curriculum is to "imbue the child with a sense that the world is good".[57]

>Waldorf preschools employ a regular daily routine that includes free play, artistic work (e.g. drawing, painting or modeling), circle time (songs, games, and stories), and practical tasks (e.g. cooking, cleaning, and gardening), with rhythmic variations.[58] Periods of outdoor recess are also usually included.[57]:125 The classroom is intended to resemble a home, with tools and toys usually sourced from simple, natural materials that lend themselves to imaginative play.[59] The use of natural materials has been widely praised as fulfilling children's aesthetic needs, encouraging their imagination, and reinforcing their identification with nature,[59][60][61][62] though one pair of reviewers questioned whether the preference for natural, non-manufactured materials is "a reaction against the dehumanizing aspects of nineteenth-century industrialization" rather than a "reasoned assessment of twenty-first century children's needs".[63]


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The proper way to visualize?

A longstanding issue I've been having which I think might be the primary reason I haven't had any success so far with magic, is that I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to be visualizing.

People will often say to visualize a specific thing, such as an image, a sound, a feeling, or any combination of senses, but I'm still unclear as to what that truly means.

I have some examples in the (admittedly crude, I apologize) illustration provided.

In figures 1 and 2, the pictured person is expected to visualize a triangle inside some sort of circular object on his wall.

In figure 1, he visualizes it in a way that's projected over his physical vision. He is seeing both the circular object as well as his visualization of the triangle at the same time using his eyes.

In figure 2, he visualizes the circular object with a triangle on it separately from his physical vision, instead in his mind's eye. He's not looking at the circular object physically, he may even close his eyes. He's instead viewing it similarly to recalling a memory of something he's seen.

In figures 3 and 4, the depicted person is expected to visualize a sensation in his hand. Perhaps a change in temperature, or the feeling of flowing energy.

In figure 3, the depicted person is visualizing the sensation as if it is physically occurring to him in the moment.

In figure 4, the depicted person is visualizing the sensation in his minds eye, again, similarly to recalling a memory. Perhaps he's even using an existing memory of a sensation similar to the one he is expected to visualize, such as a memory of touching a hot object.

The way I've always visualized things has been what's depicted in figures 2 and 4, but I've had occasions where I'm in a certain state of mind that allows me to visualize things similarly to figures 1 and 3, but these states were few and fleeting.

I don't know if there even is a "proper" way to visualize, but with my lack of any tangible progress thus far it seems it may be something holding me back. I'm approaching the "Big Three-Oh" with my virginity intact, and becoming a wizard is basically my only goal in life, so figuring this out is very important to me.

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Bestiary Thread

I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we post about the different types of entities we have seen on the astral and build a reference profile for them. I will build an example profile. Include an image if you can but it isn't a big deal if you can't. Also, include a summoning method if you know one. Also, feel free to add more methods of classification if you can think of them. Please only include entities you have delt with personally.

Name of entity: Mundane

Threat Level 0-4/10 (Zero would be an infant with 10 being a literal god. A trained mundane solder can still be fairly dangerous hence the 0-4 range in this case)

Entity type:

Primate (another example would be a Salamander is an Elemental)

Single Entity:

No (Will you always be dealing with the same entity such as in the case of gods.)


Various (Can this entity be found more some places than others?)

Intelligence level:

Various (How smart is it? Can you carry on a conversation with it? Is it all-knowing?)


Too many to list (this is for listing different groups the entities can belong to such as the Succubus Collective in the case of Succubi)

Typical Personality:

Various (does this type of entity exhibit a certain personality trait more often than others?)


Mundanes can have a highly varied appearances but all healthy specimens have two legs affixed to the bottom of a torso, with an arm on each side and with a head containing sensory organs on the top of the torso. The head has a nose in the center of it with a mouth slightly below it and eyes on both sides of the nose set just slightly above the noeses center. The head also has ears on both sides of it. Reproductive genitalia is located at the bottom center of the torso with the anus directly behind it. Mundanes stand upright growing to an average height range of 4ft to 6.5ft when fully grown but can be more or less than that at the extreme ends. They have minimal hair on their bodies with the exception of there heads and it can be various colors. They can vary highly in skin tone ranging all the way from pale white to pitch black. They are a sexually dimorphic species with males being larger and physically stronger than the females. The males also typically grow hair on their faces and have more overall whereas females do not. Females also Have extra tissue in the breast and anus regions compared to the males. (What did they look like when you saw them? I know this will be tricky as the same entity can look different to different people on the astral but the experience of the poster can be used to establish a baseline others can work from.)

Summoning methods:

N/A (exactly what it says. how to summon this type of entity. For example in the case of a succubus the letter method or a sigil would be put here)

Special notes: (any additional information you wish to include)

REEEE Normies.

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Telepathy and Mind Control Thread

Telepathy is a skill that will be required for basic interactions in the meeting room thus a thread discussing the honing of this skill is necessary. Mind control while definitely a more advanced skill may prove useful to certain people making it worthy of discussion and is not a distinct enough skill for it's own thread.

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Functional magic from an experienced practitioner

I was invited here by Sunflower because I have a unique experience with the paranormal. Essentially I worked towards an astral projection experience a few years ago and upon achieving it my floodgates were opened, revealing techniques for physical magic/esp as intuitive acts. The dantians, chakras, aura, elements and many other fields became relatively mastered for physical functionality within those few years. I can now conjure up warm viscous energy balls at will, and transmute them through many different forces of nature and metaphysical forces in order to achieve things like healing of inner tissue damage, alteration of the cells, enhancement of the body, and so on and so forth. My skills are highest in the realms of affecting biomass and doing so at great distances such as from east coast us to west coast us. I have spent much time acquiring confirming results from performing on skeptics and teaching individuals, and will now give an 'in a nutshell' explanation of how I see the world and have relentlessly for what feels like an eternity of a few years:

The physical plane is much like a crack in a dimensional sidewalk with plants growing out of it. Those plants are our bodies. In a less abstract description, our forms here are fueled by our life force and our life force is simply how much of our soul we've manifested here (the soul being the whole of ourselves in and outside of this form, our potential for this plane some would say). Our life force is a raging flame, can literally be called Flame, and generates energy that leaks out into our auras. This life energy is the medium between our inner worlds and the external, it is our way to make self expression and ideas a physical form that can do work. There is a near endless number of ways I could list to optimize the flow or use of one's energy, but it is best in my opinion to start at forming a physically warm and firm energy ball between the palms in order to become aware of one's energy and "aura". My suggested method for this is to hold the palms facing each other in front of yourself, not too close to prevent natural buildup of heat and not too far to prevent unnecessary difficulty. Then visualize a grey, translucent energy all around your skin and body, kind of like a liquid fire. Focus on sending small amounts of this stuff into the space between the hands over and over to form the sphere. Perceive the sphere forming. Do this until significant warmth buildup has occurred. I will make other posts on more specific fields at sometime.