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This is the place that you post questions that don't deserve their own thread.

When in doubt, post here.

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/metatalk/ - Meta Thread

This is /girltalk/'s meta thread: /metatalk/

Feel free to post any advice, tip, suggestion, complain and critique regarding the forum in this thread.

All comments are appreciated and remember: There is no such a thing as bad criticism, just bad ways to deliver it.

Reminder the board action's log can be found here:


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Yow ovor hoyr thoy storoy of thoy gowlog woth don jonyor fronds vs 🐝🇺🇲?

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Oll sorts of gorl tolk thoyz doyz 8kun qanon

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I hate shrimpies

Art by me

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i'm 19, have 0 friends, never dated, never even had male friends, been in college for 6 months now and haven't striked a convo voluntarily with anyone. i don't have any proper hobbies and live with my parents. i've been this fucked for my entire life. how do i get out of this?

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would you?


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So fucking bored

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Hello World

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I want to talk to someone who understands my feelings as a normal bastard

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what u girls think abt the egirl fashion? a boy called me uglly on school yesterday, idk if is bc im chubby, bc i have a shitty pink hair or bc my arms are full of scars.he have a good aparence and a (problablly beutiful) gf so idk

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/Masturbationtalk/ - (No guys allowed)

Lets talk masturbation. Tips, tricks, pitfalls. Whats the best way to get off? How do you do it discreetly? Masturbation while on the rag? How do you get the pussy smell off your fingers?

Lets talk ladies

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How to Be a Vampire (Date That Real Time Boy, Forever)

Herman Hesse, author of Siddartha and Steppenwolf, is a victim, of vampirism.

He has an unusual gene, that's useful for dating into money for; goatse.cx, is his dark legacy, both the front and the back, of the men. Therefore, lotus position (Siddartha, a racist man in a wheelchair) and body drugs (liver coolants, refused by church kneels and rituals), are impossible for him, the back and the front, the giver (semen) and the receiver (bile).

Just have your gene, author a book, describing the opposite of the two men you want to kill (smart men, who use Aristole, and refuse Einstein, favoring women's mathematics instead of Leibniz calculus), so they become spies, becoming entrapped through a spy of both men's company; then, betrayed, by the man fixated whose written the book (the Neo-Nazis), to marry the man of your dreams, through a lawsuit against the Neo-Nazi, for rape (he has lied that two men are gay, but he has written a book, to steal these men from you, fatass).

The best part, is that if you fail, having used these two books, and attempt to accuse both charged men of rape, you were already rich, and you aren't fatass, you were pig. Your finances fail, the teacher that drafted the men, were local agents, and the book donation, was foreign. That violates the Carlos the Jackal, Malcolm X, and Ted Bundy rules (spy, priest, cop), the Bruces of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Remember, you have to get them to write the book, after a romance, to trap the gene, and you need a pair ("KNOCKERS", a gay man is the publicist, an adopted child into wealth).

If you cheat "KNOCKERS", by causing your editor to have a psychotic break (you are Jewish, any form of consideration), "American History X" will out you as a pedophile, by outing both sides of both victims families as a neutral non-bias, for the people's vote, on whom you work for.

Remember, the man poops on women, once you do this, to the author of the pair. He's a casino cheat, he's Mister James Bond 007.

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My mother, had my father, and my mother, switch their patented family Mafiaso tricks (mother, Irish Mafia, Coolidge Nazarene, Puerto Rican Vermont Police, father, Montreal Mafia, Luciano Bombardier, FBI Congressional Foundership DC Comics).

That way, I wouldn't know what I did.

My father, told me to follow a kid, that followed me, that the Sprachmans tricked him into following me at their beach house and private beach in Hudson, Massachusetts, because his father was ginger, and used a naming scheme, instead of a set of terms of arbitrary nature unique to him.

My mother, taught me how to use self-help books as contrary to the author's intent, starting with Dr. Seuss, then taught me how to use Jewish logic as Christian for the death of Christ, however with Pharisee and Saducee reversed in the consequence of death, with Saducee not mentioned, age four, my first memory of her.

That's witch hunting, and schulzstaffel knife.

Jesus is immune, to the Batman.

Then I held out a multicolored comb, and bit the kid who stole it, a Northern Union of the Klan, a Swedish Jew, Robert Wolfinickis.

His father's a fire marshall, and now, he's a pilot; he used the toilet with his legs squared, like an astronaut. He worked in the computer lab, to join NASA.

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every time i get bored or stressed i just only think of touching myself how do i stop this i hate it so much my pussy honestly hurts so so so much its my 7th time today i hate being a silly girl my relationship with my boyfriend stresses me out so so so much idk how to tell him i just feel like i need him to be with me but its just so scary to be around a man

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New forum for girls

Girltalk moves officially to https://8chan.moe/girltalk/

See you there, ladies

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heywomens tell me how to deal with your kind

my gf want to have sex and she's trying to so hard

but im religious i told her we do this stuff within marriage only

she's said she's not sure marriage is big step and start arguments like im not good enough for you . you dont find me hot …etc

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What kind of porn do women like?

Hello. I am a gay and I'm curious as to what kind of porn exactly do women like. Like what type is most popular, what sex acts are do you guys like best, what kind of guys you prefer to see in porn, what body parts do you prefer the camera to focus on… etcetera…

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Lonely girl

I wish this thread was still alive :( I need advice about men from other girls

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Guardian seth

My discord was deleted, come back and read this so you can add me ;-;

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Southafrican Girls Being Nasty At A Pool Party

Southafrican Girls Being Nasty At A Pool Party.

Watch video here


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drew barrymore

120 images link http://activeation.com/4W5X

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Has anyone here bothered with this dating app?


I was thinking about trying it but my gut is telling me that it's going to be full of females that think autism is a quirky personality trait and males that want a clingy, socially awkward weeaboo girlfriend.

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not a girl

man here-

how the fuck do i get some big egirl girlfriend? stg i'm too fuckin lonely and i want a bitch to love n shit

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post anything

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How come chinese, Vietnamese, and filipina women are more easy to talk to than westernized women?

I'm from Northern Virginia in the dmv area, I'm 25, 5'4.5 ft tall, and I'm 120 pounds. It seems like literally every woman to me in this country and the Western nations collectively Want a tall older muscular violent brute of a man with the mentality of a pitbull.

There are no Avenues to meet women in thia country except in nightclubs and bars and even they won't even speak to us, they don't even know me and won't spoke to me.

It seems like women in China, Vietnam, and maybe some african nations seem like they're more social and more open to talk to and develop a relationship with white boys of my size than the women in this country.

If a guy like me tries to strike a conversation with a westernized woman she's gonna be randomly creeped out because I'm a slim cute youthful looking white male when Western women just want a Johnny bravo or some outrageously huge muscular or fat guy with a violent temper because they like to get abused

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any law anons?

im going into law in the future and i am terrified.

it is my only academic passion, so I’m pursuing it hard.

i don’t have any social life to lose, so that’s okay, but I’m scared of growing distant from my boyfriend due to the workload. I want to work in a big law firm, and be well paid, without losing my soul - is this even possible..???

anyway, are there any anons with a law related career?

are there any anons studying law?

how is it?


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Why do you hate incels/MGTOWs so passionately?

Ignoring us, mocking us, I get. We're the lowest rung of society and easy to bully. What I don't get is why so many numales and women want us not merely dead, but to suffer as well. A perfect example is the preemptive crackdown on sex dolls/bots. Aren't we already suffering enough? We merely want to sit in our rooms and only communicate on the internet. The vast majority of us don't hate women. In fact, we really want to be allowed to love women. What we hate is the fact that nature made you hypergamous and gave us bad genes. We hate tinder. Do you really gain that much pleasure in knowing that we're unhappy merely because we happen to be short/ugly? How did such a large portion of society get to be this way?

Bully me all you want, I'm immune to it, but at least try to provide an answer to my questions.

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Wonen Who Hate Men

This is for the girls who hate men, why is it that you hold such distain? I know many women who hate men based on what they see on 4chan and 8kun, but don't realize that this is not realistic. I don't want this post to become a braindead circle jerk so feel free to post all opinions.

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What happens here?

Is this like the place for autistic women to be autistic? Is this a fed honeypot? It's strange.

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what makes a man attractive? what makes him marriage material?

penis here

ive heard from both men and women in the past that things that make a man attractive are things like confidence, financial intelligence (not necessarily having a shitload of money), the ability to listen, commitment and loyalty, general maturity, among other things which i cannot recall atm

what are other things that make men attractive, according to the probably very sparse amount of actual women on this board?

from my own perspective, i get the impression that there's a structure where the feminine is nested inside the masculine, and the two mutually benefit each other and make each other stronger. a lot of people would see this as a traditional family structure. the masculine provides and protects, and the woman maintains and nurtures. i feel that there's something missing from my analysis but it's what makes sense to my caveman brain, and besides, new perspective is why this [blog]post exists.

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Do you judge a guy for being a virgin?

I'm 20 years old and pretty short, I have hobbies and lift and stuff. Most people think i'm a pretty normal guy apart from my weird sense of humour - even then I'm not considered a social outcast.

I am not an incel to clarify, I don't hate women. But do girls really hate virgins?

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/fit/ here which parts of a mans physique do you find the most alluring?

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Welcome to /girltalk/'s /boytalk/! The area of our board dedicated to males.

In here, males can ask questions, hang around and post if they so please. The only thing we ask is be smart. Coming to a female-centric board to complain about the female gender as a whole is tasteless.

Remember that males posting outside this thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED. This is a mainly-female imageboard, and we would like to keep it that way.

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bad thread

What's the most disgusting display of affection you ever received?

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I hope none of you do this.

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*Most* women are scum.

Women want more rights than men and none of the responsibility.

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My bf wants to do anal

My bf wants to do anal. I always fantasize about it and I really wanna do it but like I'm kinda scared, and I'm too scared to tell him I'm scared because I don't want to dissapoint him. Anyway, anything I should do before we do anal?

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Why its okay to "swallow"

omg I heard its like taking vitamins, I think this is true

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How do women think?

They confuse me all the time. At work, they're mostly the younger type. All of my bosses are women.. the worst type. The decent ones are all obsessed with social media and pointless benign things. It angers me listening to them speak.

Is this normal, /girltalk/?

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why are 99% of posts pornography?

Wether it’s animated or real life there’s a TON of porn on here. Idk what I was expecting. Probably videos of people having their head cut off or something else within that level of wildness. Not Lois griffin with over exaggerated tittys. Seek help weirdos

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Losing vcard

I am fat and shy, my only good feature is my penis.

How can I lose my virginity?

>Inb4 go to /r9k/

It's full of fellow out of touch virgins so following their advice isn't too wise. If this place is full of girls, they must know the advice I need.

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How to "reclaim" this girl

I am a landscaper in the Portlandistan metro area whom is 21 years of age and is aspiring to be a plumber. I really want to reimpress this girl that I had a platonic relationship (but not sexual) with for a year when she and I were 15.

Unfortunately I destroyed this relationship, and even though I apologized to her and her family multiple times and have been forgiven these past two years, it doesn't seem likely that I can restart a relationship with her, at least almost certainly not right now, although I really strive for it.

Here's the thing, though. At the time, I was living with an abusive adoptive black family (I was adopted by them when I was three) that I escaped four years ago. She's very traditional, we're both White, and I am afraid she is losing her traditions at her university.

What should I do? I am really sick and tired of the advice to "move-on" and other garbage, which I have been told by feminists, drug-users, and betas.

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A special girl

Hello. I am not a femanon. Sorry if this doesn't belong here. I usually just lurk but I deperately need some guidance. I promise to lurk more after this.

I am a college student in my third year of medicine. I have always been shy around people. It's probably because I have been extremely sheltered by the parents. I have obviously never had a girlfriend. And you could say I also suffer from a type of emotional detachment spectrum where I am unable to tell what kind of relationship I have with a person or how deep it is. It is kinda like I treat an acquaintance and a close friend the same because I am essentially colour blind or only have a two dimensional vision towards the depth of relationship that I share with anyone.

Tldr I can't tell how good friends I am with someone or how superficial.

Anyways, when I got into college, I of course tried as best i could to remain within a closed circle of boys and stay away from girls because I just can't talk properly to them. Any conversation I have turns awkward and I kinda ruin my 'normal' image that everyone has for others by default. It is mostly because of my problems that I can't say relevant things and I am extremely blind and oblivious to what I sound like when I talk. I end up saying foolish or sometimes offensive things without meaning to.

But this one girl seems to be not bothered by that. I am 100% sure that she likes me. She has dropped all the hints and has been extremely obvious. She tries to get into conversations I am having with others, touches me on shoulders and chest and finds excuses to do so (I really don't mind that), And finds obviously forced ways to communicate. She suddenly becomes interested in talking to my other male friends when i start talking to them, while she isnt interested before i do. Many times she has also tried to make me jealous by having very close talks with other of my male friends in front of me. It used to work before I realised what she was doing. Now I just find it extremely flattering and endearing. I think she has also told her friends about this and they sometimes ask if I am going to be present for the clinical postings (The girl and I belong in the same unit) and ask me the reasons when I am absent. They also sometimes talk behind my back and its very obvious its about me.

She probably doesn't know that I like her a lot too and I want to get closer to her just as much or maybe even more since I have never had this experience before. And I want to experience it with just her. I just don't know how to approach her with this. Any help would be appreciated. I just don't want to lose her because of my social incompetence. Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading, if anyone did at all.

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Why even use a tampon

OK, time for a gross topic but it checks out.

Why would you even use tampons, like, ever? The sole idea of having that thing inside me gross me out. If you think pads are "gross" and "smelly", you haven't seen an used tampon in your life. I mean, I get tampons are absorbent, but pads are so easy to change that it's barely a problem.

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Girls, what behavior from guys surprises you/is totally different from you would act or think?

Just wondering.

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WTF are doing on the internet

Somewhere out there is a kitchen that needs cleaning. Your time could be better spent.

>Muh feminism! Muhsoggyknee!

Brown people are taking over the west, and no matter where you look, they're very patriarchal in comparison. Get used to it.

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cute guys

Download your online crushes here >>>

Get into this thread for feels and imagining your life with a seemingly perfect prince >>>

Discuss perfect husbandos and body/face/personality types >>>

2D, 3D, 4D anything goes

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Middle Eastern hawt?

/girltalk/ What is your opinion on middle eastern men?

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Summer Thread

It's so waaaaaaaaaaaarm.

Post warm and fresh things.

Summer and ice cream things.

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زنوج الحقل

زنوج الليل وزنوج الويل

انا المصري كريم العنصرين

صاحب طيز وابو طيزين

كسم السيسي ابو شختين

كسم هيثم شختين

واحا احا يا احتين

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>politician campaigned on letting non-whites in the country

>whites elect him

>minority of whites starts saying whites are the master race

>minority of whites get punched by the majority of whites

>minority of whites continue to say shit

What do they gain with that?

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Why so many female communities so terrible?

r/askwomen is horrible

r/twoxchromosones isn't any better

Everywhere else like Facebook is a botnet

Women of Silicon Valley conference was nothing except sjw talks and agendas

Some of the women MeetUps were fine…I miss MeetUps :(

Any actual GOOD female communities online?

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womens underwear thats actually comfy?

why is womens underwear so uncomfy most of the time? way too thin, not soft enough, pointy and somethimes sharp edges?

Why are you wearing this?

Is there nothing with enough padding and warm comfort?

Why do most of women don't like ruffles and lace on their underwear?

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You're now a boy version of yourself in a genderbent parallel universe.

What has changed?

Is your personality any different as a guy? How did your hobbies, lifestyle and goals change? How does your relationship with your friends and boyfriend look like if they're the opposite sex? How do you treat girls? The shit that guys normally do that pisses you off as a chick, would you do it too? Would you be happier this way?

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I need advice

My boyfriend has made it clear to me he wants to have sex. I'm 18 and a virgin, and I've thought about it the past few years and decided I want to wait until marriage. My family is fairly liberal so I've been made fun of by one of my older sisters for it (despite never discussing it with her).

My boyfriend has thought about going to an overpriced pay-by-the-hour Hotel in a few months and doing it there. I really love him and normally he's very conservative, but with this he doesn't seem to care. He says we can wait, but I feel as though he doesn't value the same things I do. As well as that, I feel bad knowing I'm not giving him what he wants. What should I do? :(

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Unfair reality of outcast girls

I have made communities for "losers" and mentally ill peopel for some time and as anyone immersed in internet culture that is a female and would belong to these groups will tell you

>it is best people do not know you are a girl

I used to ban all females from my communities due to the issues that arose.

>WH-What!! why

Well the reality is that these places are majority male and beta males at that so orbiting is inevitable.

it is easier to just not allow females than to moderate and ban all the pathetic incels.

>taht is soo not fair

Desu, I agree and I have met enough woman online who do have serious issues and trust me often they are more messe up than the average actual messed up male.

>just pretend to be a male

oh, I did this I made girls who were hidden LARP as males but the thing is they can never be open and lets face it men and woman have different issues.

It is totally unfair to just expect wman to fake being male especially when they have their own motivation

>genuine interaction

woman struggle to have genuine interaction online whilst open about gender because orbiting and guys just behaving different.

>w can just make a girls club

you can and I encourage that however men like incels always seek to ruin it for some reason and it is pathetic ( I will not do an incel rant ehhh).


What are your thoughts

also here i my discord, plenty of woman and men who do not orbit or they get banned.

if you are using gender clearly for attention you will be banned though.


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Parenting: A whole new chapter

Having a child is the ultimate dream of some people. While for others, it’s the thing that they are most afraid of. Whatever it is, bearing a child, being a first time parent or even just the thought of bearing a child is nerve racking enough.

My experience by far of being a parent are a mixed of happiness, fear, anxiety and of something unexplainable. My journey has been quite challenging since I live in a country where I don’t have any relatives or any of my best of friends nearby.

They do things differently here than from where I came from. In my country, it kind of became a part of our culture to have a nanny or a housemaid, if not parents/relatives will come by and stay for quite some time to take care of you and your newborn.

I freaked out the first few weeks. I was always anxious how to mend the baby when she’s crying. Is she pain or is she just hungry? Not getting enough sleep, worried about my body because it has changed a lot physically. All of these issues have affected me mentally and psychologically.

I got through all of those with the help of my husband. He did a lot. He sacrificed a lot. Took care of me and our baby. He is the best father and husband I’ve ever known. A great man.

All I’m saying is that, for all the Dads out there, husbands, partners, always be a rock for someone you loved. Help them keep it together. You might be their only hope.

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I need advice about my relationship

So I've been lurking on /girltalk/ for a while and I am finally confident enough to ask for advice on here. Basically I need help.

Before my gf was my gf she was dating a guy they broke up and i comforted her for a while she then asked me out. I said yes as I had liked her for a while. She tells me she hates him but the issue is that she keeps hugging him, sitting in his lap, and goig to hangout with out telling me. Some time she does this shit infront of me and every time I try to talk to her about it she tells me "Why are you so jealous? You tell me who did I choose. Any way we both know you're more interested in Viv (some girl from our class)" and she just goes back hugging him and all that. The issue is when we're alone she treats me amazingly we talk and laugh and all that couple shit but when he's around I feel like I'm watching my relationship happen with someonelse. Honestly I fucking hate him and I just want advice.

Sorry if this shit sounds like it belongs on **down-syndrome"" reddit.

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Question for the females here

When did you come interested in male bodies? I was talking to a woman once, and she said she used to play dolls with her little brother, but he just stripped the dolls naked, and for this reason she said he was already exhibiting typical male behaviour at that age. Aren't little girls also curious about the male body?

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which one for your bf

you can only choose one

which would you choose

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Is anyone from here?

Or are the rumors true? Is Australia really just a few city blocks in Kentucky masterfully designed to keep it's inhabitants confused and bewildered?

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I need a friend

I seriously don't have any friends. Can someone leave the discord name or server link who wants to be friends with this board?

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Amazing Board!!!

I love this board. So I wanted to thank Cherry. So…… Thank you!!!

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undercover citrus heights california cop exposed

There used to be an undercover police officer that worked for the Washington DC MPD by the name of Nicole Rizzi. She was fired from that department in 2013. While she was undercover on assignment in Washington DC she blew her own cover and as a result of that she was publicly exposed by protesters and was sued and fired. Below is a link to a YouTube video from when she was fired for evidence so you can reference the incident involving Undercover Officer Nicole Rizzi and the Washington DC MPD from when she was let go.


Nicole Rizzi is now undercover in Citrus Heights CA working undercover in Narcotics. She is trafficking major meth and heroin with dirty cops in the Citrus Heights Police Department and is framing people with them. She is posing as a White Supremacist meth dealer by the name of Mandee Andree below are links to her current social media under her pseudonym. Her and CHPD officers always have access to major weight of meth and heroin




Undercover officer Nicole Rizzi is currently still out here in Citrus Heights CA posing as a white supremacist meth and heroin dealer under the pseudonym of (Mandee Andree.) undercover cop Nicole Rizzi AKA Mandee Andree and Citrus Heights Police Officers are out here selling drugs and framing people. You will see that the photo I posted of her with this article is of the same cop who was exposed in the Youtube video I posted the link to. The other photos are Undercover Officer Nicole Rizzi AKA Mandee Andree’s contact info that she currently uses undercover on the job in Citrus Heights, CA. She is living at selling dope and generating cases. That trailer park is an undercover Citrus Heights Police narcotics Operation only snitches and cops are in there posing as dealers and framing people. This undercover Citrus Heights Police Officer also poops her pants all the time from all the meth and heroin she does. She also likes to poop and piss in diapers with her lesbian snitch partner Tabatha Sherman. Nicole Rizzi AKA Mandee Andree used to save her piss in cups and bottles and she even shit in a bathtub and sink. Citrus Heights Police and drugs don’t mix. They can’t handle their drugs. The email Nicole Rizzi AKA Mandee Andree is using currently in the field is It’s a miracle this clueless bitch hasn’t over dosed or gotten herself killed yet. The Citrus Heights Police are fucking wankers with shit for brains.

EDIT: removed dox info since it violates 8kun's terms of service

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ERP advice


I'm looking for advice on how to spice up my ERP game. My girlfriend is really into ERP and she's usually very happy with what I have to say, but I'm constantly looking to improve myself and make her happy. Sometimes I run out of things to say and it makes me feel like I'm not doing enough for her. She's a massive weeb but I'm kind of a normie. Can you recommend me any reading material to learn some new sexy phrases? I'm not a native English speaker and a lot of the things I'd like to say don't translate well. Thank you!

R:80 / I:25 / P:5 [R] [G] [-]

What sort of music does /girltalk/ like?

I would presume they have a particular affinity for music performed by somebody with a magnetic stage presence and a flair for showmanship like Prince or Eric Johnson, whom they see as objects of desire, and Madonna or Paula Abdul, whom they see as role models they want to emulate.

R:17 / I:7 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Seeking female NEETs to write for my blog

I am the editor-in-chief of https://neetpride.wordpress.com and I realized recently that I don't have any posts on the female perspective. I can't write that myself and my few female friends irl are wagecucks.

I would want you to either write a 1,000+ word article on your experience being a female NEET but I'm also willing to interview you for a "NEET Spotlight" piece. If you're interested, use the contact form on my blog. Oh, and because this doesn't go without saying anymore: I'm only interested in biological females. Although if you're a trans NEET, contact me anyway because I'd like to do the same thing with the trans perspective. Just be honest about your biology…

R:1 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

New Experience

Hey girls! Have anyone tried to do it with another girl even if just for fun?

Asking for a friend.

R:6 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

How do I quit feeling disgusting after allowing myself to communicate with sexually charged men?

I already know that it’s best that I don’t engage with males in private though my lonely sperg self often thinks that when a male goes out of his way to interact with me that it may be because he would like to start a friendship with me. Going against my better judgment, I’ll engage with these men and when the topic gets to sex (and it almost always does), I’ll answer their questions honestly because I believe that those questions are asked without bad intent. It’s only when I get asked blatantly sexual questions(that border on “sexting”) that I’ll realize the motive behind these men that I’m communicating with and nearly always, I get this intense disgust feeling all throughout my body. I’d compare it to the feeling you get when someone next to you vomits in your lap and you try to shower but the smell doesn’t go away so you shower again and it doesn't work so you're just left their to wallow in your own filth that you are partially responsible for and… I don’t really know where I’m going with this. The point of this rant/vent thread is to say that I feel like a disgusting slut who is unable to truly love others again because of these experiences that were partially my fault and I'm asking if there's any way to reverse the effects of what I did?

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hot guise

post more hot guise pls

R:6 / I:1 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Just saw this board for the first time

Are you guys actually women or just mentally ill men LARPing as women

Trannies seem to infest every female space I find so I'm suspicious

Please tell me there are actual women here

Pic unrelated

R:1 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Who did it?

Who farted?

R:2 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


How to get a girlfriend?

R:27 / I:14 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Idle Chit-Chat

How about a thread about nothing? Just bring up something you had on your mind, or something that happened, or whatever you feel like saying.

It's like the QTDDTOT for non-questions.

R:31 / I:4 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

wat do?

this girl walks up and slaps your boyfriend on the ass and says. "he's mine now."

wat do?

R:2 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Talkin trust 'er k?

How many of you few real "F"'s think that the other anons you talk to are genuinely Females and not transgenders or wannabe guy->girl. I mean really, I see this board day in and day out but I can't even consider honestly believing for a second half the people on here are what they say they are just by changing the flag on their post.

With that out of the way… Does any of that even bother you slightly? You may actually be making threads or taking in advice and chitchatting with some 30yr old dude that is addicted to sissy-hypno.

R:9 / I:4 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Fujoshi (& Fudanshi) Thread

Any fujoshits here? Every other board I go to for yaoi, its just porn dumps, dojinshi and non-canon pairings. Just maybe somewhere there's a place to discuss story driven BL.

R:1 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

How do you make friends?

Idk when I changed. It happened gradually. When I was younger, I was an idiot. Looking back at that time, I remember having done a shit ton of cringeworthy shit and those things still give me nightmares. The point is, that i've developed. I'm a more knowledgeable person now, someone who's open to impressions and someone who can talk about different things for long time. And yet, I've never been more lonely. That idiot me was super popular, I had more friends than I ever had. I would have to cancel arrangements with friends because more important arrangements with other friends would come up and so on. And now, sitting in my room all day, I wonder if I've forgotten how to make friends?

How do you make friends?

R:9 / I:3 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]

Are there any real female seekers out there?

I'm not a femanon, obviously.

I'm genuinely curious as to whether there are female seekers out there.

Seeker being a truth seeker on the spiritual path… but I'd include hardcore science and philosophy buffs in there too.

The path has been a Godsend to me, literally. I'm getting fit and healthy. I've quit most of my bad hobbies… vidyas, porn, alcohol, etc.

I'm doing everything I can to build myself into the best man I can be. At the risk of bragging I have a genius IQ and a "perfect" dick.

Cue the irony…

I am probably the best man I've ever been right now and I have a lot going for me… and I've never been more lonely.

It seems impossible to find women who are even remotely interested or open to this stuff. It's not like I want to talk about it all the time but if I'm going to be with someone they've got to be on board with the meditation, yoga, lodge meetings and weird books strewn throughout the house.

Where are all the woke girls at? How does one find them?

Online dating is a shitshow. Most girls don't even bother trying to write about themselves.

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sex talk

Femdom or male dom?

R:0 / I:0 / P:6 [R] [G] [-]


pic unrelated, I just like it.

My question is this: What are your thoughts on role reversal? I don't mean sexually (I'm abstinent anyway because abuse) but in a relationship context. I won't try to justify my reasoning (partially because that could influence your answer) but I've always felt really guilty about wanting it. Is this worry founded or am I worrying too much? People where I live (US South) are usually really against it and those that aren't are autistically in support of basically any non-trad relationship (one reason I ask here, since I believe it'd be a bit more varied. Also because I value the opinions of 4 and 8 chan users more than those where I live. Perhaps that's foolish.

I'm not really up for the "what do women think" threads (I find them foolish, as many people are going to think many different ways) but this is really the best way I can think to ask. I'm not really asking for approval or disapproval necessarily but more the general mindset, thoughts and whether my worries are founded. I apologise if this is poorly formatted, worded etc. I'm not really in a healthy headspace normally and moscato has not helped that. Additionally, I apologise if this comes off as one of those posts I described earlier. I've attempted to phrase and position it in such a manner as to be more beneficiary and conducive to proper discussion but I do realise the similarity.

I don't ask this because I don't know any girls or anything but I feel like they would lie to me or be influenced by being friends with me, which is why I ask here. I do know of course that it varies based on the person. This is more of a general scope question rather than one specific to you in particular (though feel free if you want, free country and all).

R:39 / I:22 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Role Models

Do you have any role models?

Mine is Kúrísú

R:77 / I:15 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

What is your favorite cuddling position?

With my qt 3.14 we always fall asleep together with B or F position.

A also quite often but always ends up in sex.

Do all of you like to cuddle?

R:23 / I:5 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Makeup Reccomendations

ITT: Makeup Review and Reccs

What products do you use and what are the best ones?

R:6 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

creepy teachers

Did you ever have a creepy teacher who acted inappropriately towards you?

R:4 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]


Where can I get a dildo if I don't have money and my parents are strict about buying things online. Plus they would make me tell them what I ordered if I actually bought something

R:201 / I:68 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Videogame thread

Girls, what games do you play?

I am a poorfag so I have to rely on F2P games like La Tale and Dueling Book's yugioh, Which I am playing atm. But what do you girls play recently? What have you played? And what do you suggest?

Maybe we could play something together sometime.

R:1 / I:1 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Why do women not relax @ the toilet?

I mean besides of porn-actresses and obvious fetishists…

why do women treat their pee-business as something yucky

and make it as uncomfortable as possible?

>not sitting down

>pressing the pee out like someone whos held at gunpoint to pee fast

>cleaning herself very hastily

I mean: Guys will - even @ a public toilet @ least aim or place down some toilet-paper on the loo to sit down and do a sigh of relief or something like that.

But women are either so fast done with their business that they catch the remaining drips with their underwear, or they leave the toilet like pigs with pee (or other) sprinkled everywhere.

R:36 / I:54 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Awwww General


I see we have both a webm thread and a pics thread where people are dividing up all their cute stuff so I thought it might be nice to have one place to come to for all your cute needs when you're having a bad day or just want to GAWWWWW….

Maybe you just found something really cute and you want to share it but have no other context in which to post it. Now you do! And it'll be nice to just have a permanent feel good thread for a change.


ITT cute animals, cute people, cute arts and crafts, cute anything.. hell, even cute stories! Why not? Pics, gifs and webms welcome! and I suppose embeds IF YOU MUST

Have Fun!


( . .)

C(") (")

R:4 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

WHat do you think of cuts on boys

Hey bpd/ASPD male here with a quiestion.

Let me preface it with this, I myself find cut scars on a girl to be attractive in a non sexual fetish way as i myself have a lot of scars.

I do not fetishize it at all I just find it relatable and can tell they have issues as I do.

My question is what do you think when you find out a male has self harm scars?

R:10 / I:13 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Banner Thread

Banners got lost in the board recovery, post some and help make /girltalk/ great again!

R:2 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Health - Diets, Body Image, General

How do you take care of yourself? How do you feel about yourself?

How do you feel about society's view of you? So on and so on. Here we can discuss anything related to health.

Key tips:

- Calories in, calories out. If you eat too much, you gain, if you eat too little, you lose. The basic laws of the universe prevents this from breaking.

- Exercise goes a long way to how you feel. It's not key to losing weight, but it will make you happier, and help with other factors of health outside just mass.

- There's nothing wrong with being different from what society says is best. Be educated on your health, but live how you'd like. Nobody has to accept you, and you don't need to force them to. It's not their business, leave them out of it.

- Being unhealthy has consequences that society's views have nothing to do with. Don't ignore reality. Understand your body and know what you're doing to it.

With that, continue on for anything related to the subject of health, diets, body image, and so on.

R:1 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

The Redpill On Birth Control

>Birth control pills may slightly alter the structure of women's brains, according to a new study.

>The study found that women taking the pill, or oral contraceptives, had a smaller hypothalamus than women not taking the pill. The hypothalamus is a pea-size structure deep inside the brain that helps regulate involuntary functions, such as appetite, body temperature and emotions. It also serves as a link between the nervous system and endocrine system, a network of glands that produce hormones.

>On average, the women taking the pill had a hypothalamus that was about 6% smaller than it was in women not taking the pill, the study found. For a brain region, "that's a pretty sizable difference," Lipton said.

>Given that the hypothalamus produces hormones that regulate the body's endocrine system, the results are not all that surprising, said Jonathan Schaffir, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at The Ohio State University, who was not involved in the research. Birth control pills may be telling the hypothalamus that it doesn't need to produce these hormones. In fact, prior studies have shown that sex hormones promote neurons' growth, Lipton said. One hypothesis is that the synthetic hormones in oral contraceptives interfere with these effects and lead to less brain cell growth.


Spread this far and wide. Also try to abstain from birth control pills for a few months and see if your mood has changed

R:1 / I:0 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]


what's a matriarch?

R:6 / I:2 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Ideal height?

What's your height, what would you want it to be, ideal partner height?

R:22 / I:3 / P:7 [R] [G] [-]

Sex Advice

How do I get that 'spark' back? Been married for 10+ years, haven't let myself go, have a few young kids, but it seems there's no excitement in the bedroom anymore. I think very highly of him. He's extremely successful, and we have a secure marriage. Neither of us would ever cheat on each other. But we're just not that active in the bedroom anymore.

He says:

>You don't dress sexy anymore

>I can't think of any clothes you've bought that are attractive, you don't have the man's sex radar for clothes

wants me to be modest, but then buys me clothes I can't wear unless the kids are in bed, and doesn't like when sex is 'pre-planned'

>here she comes with the clohtes I bought her, sex just isn't spontaneous anymore.

>we don't have enough sex

>sex is always the same boring position

I'm always the one initiating it. I have to mentally get myself in the mood instead of his sex drive turning me on.

>we are on our devices too much, we need to spend more time together

me: okay.jpg

have sex once

him: proceeds to start a new vidja game.

>you're not feminine enough

I wear dresses and skirts all the time, do my hair nice 2-3 times a week, but he can't define femininity other than 'go watch the women in action movies'

I know he finds me atrractive, but I only get compliments about my appearnce from him when we're having sex. I'd love if he'd just kissed my neck, grabbed my butt, or whispered something risque in my ear when we're not being intimate, so I FEEL deesired without the obligation of sex.

I don't know how to pease him. I've tried telling him that I need more direction. I'd love if he took charge and told me what to do, heck I'd be thrilled if he picked out every outfit I wear fr the rest of my life, if it made him happy. I crave his attention and leadership. Told him this many times, but it doesn't seem to get through, and I don't want to nag.

How can I get the direction from him that I desire so I can satisfy him?

R:8 / I:3 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

What age did you lose your V-card?

What age did you lose it?

How long did you know him?

Any regrets?

Was it good?

Did you try anal; did he try?

R:6 / I:3 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

thare beez really wimmunz hare

I don't believe this. I bet this is all traps with giant dongs.

R:3 / I:2 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


Is there anyone here that lives in Luxembourg too? I need some friends.

R:3 / I:2 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


A key that opens any lock is a fine key.

A lock which opens to many keys is a poor lock.

Remember that. It might just save your life.

R:1 / I:1 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

I love her so much it hurts.

It hurts so bad that she's not real. I need her more than anything. I would give everything for her. How do I make the pain go away.

R:1 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


I was spending time with my family at my sisters last night since Thanksgiving. Each day I knowticed I was feeling worse and worse so I decided to come home last night. I really didnt want to go, my niece finally sucked my dick and I was having a great time but thats another story.

I ploped myself down in bed last night thinking maybe it was food poisoning but I wasnt vomiting or had stomach trouble. I woke up so lethargic this morning and it hit me… I didnt have a bit of any meat since Wednesday because I was with my vegetarian asinine sister the whole weekend.

I got up a few hours ago and I literally felt like I was wasting away. I almost considered calling the hospital a county over and having them send out a ambulance. I went down to our winter kitchen and got out a frozen baggie of individually sliced roast beef. (Thats how I keep my sandwich meats for convenience) I was so lethargic I didnt even want to go get bread to make a sandwich. I squirted some arbys horsey sauce in the baggie and put it in the microwave .30 one side .30 another. Stuffed my face with it and wallowed back up to bed. Its 12:42pm now and its been almost 3 hours and I am back to 90%.

Tldr: Stop killing yourselves and eat meat for airwolfs sake!

R:0 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

Buy chainlink

Incels from /biz/ on 4chan are getting rich by buying the new bitcoin. Why aren’t we, ladies?

R:41 / I:42 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

Good Ones

Post your good webms and gifs. No theme just post ones you like.

R:25 / I:2 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

Reducing or Skipping Periods

How many of you thought this was the worst shit ever when it started and experimented with dieting and workouts to not deal with it again?

If so what are your results?

It seems to scale with calories eaten, as a cursory observation, so that was one reason why I never wanted to be a fatass.

R:0 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

/girltalk/ babysitting service

ever babysit?

R:15 / I:1 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


Do I have a fucking label over my head telling losers to hit on me?

R:0 / I:0 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


They put you "real" women to shame.

R:98 / I:43 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


Do you like fashion? How do you dress?

I notice that most men might dress with fancy or crappy clothes but have none or almost no idea of how to match clothes.

Girls on the other hand always try to have at least something in their outfit that gives a touch of cuteness.

R:10 / I:2 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]


Real talk. I'm having a girl and i heard a lot about female bullying(which is supposed to be more psychological), how do i make sure my daughter isn't gonna be a target of bullying by other girls?

R:13 / I:4 / P:8 [R] [G] [-]

The internet and its dangers, 2019 edition

I'd like to share a topic of discussion with you all: fear mongering about the internet and its dangers, 2019 edition.

It's been a matter of personal reflection and perplexity how there seems to be a massive push to make the internet children safe in the last few years. More precisely, since the year of invention of the Iphone (2007) when the internet-accessibility potentialities of smartphones had been revealed and made a marketable product by Mr. Jobs.

Coincidentally, many tiny event bubbles started forming and wrecking havoc into the internet we all knew and loved at the time. If previously, owning a personal computer and working an internet connection was considered tech savvy, with the passage of time the user friendly interfaces has brought it to level with a wider, but despite that -adult- audience. But the toy-like shape of the smartphones, their bright colors and smooth edges made it simple and "safe" enough for parents to trust their children with it.

If any of you is a 4chan refugee, the year 2007 cca will be familiar to you as the endless summer, aka the time where the influx of new users made it impossible to preserve chan culture and instruct the newcomers with timely fashion, leading to the widespread decay of imageboards as a whole.

Youtube itself had to quickly adapt to this influx of children, which left to their own accord and with little supervision started exploring their sexuality to the pleasure of pedophiles worldwide, leading to the ever increasing surveillance (that today is culminating into AI-guided censorship).

And with those two big rocks conquered, the rest of the internet felt like adapting was the profitable choice. Facebook, Tumblr, and many others have since adapted to the playful, pastel colored & safe child-friendly standard, with many more social networks spawning from this seemingly unanimous wave.

Now, connecting the dots, where does this path lead us? Why is it so important to make this enviroenment child friendly when children are only a part of the equation and not the whole? Why should the adult internet adapt to the newfags, and not the other way around, enforcing loss of privacy to keep the younger ones away from content not adequate to them?

My personal opinion is this. The media companies, toghether with many countries percieve the internet as the natural, most convenient and widespread electrical nanny. If the television was previously used to grow children (which also received heavy ruling for the same reason) now the next successor to it should indeed be the device many children already carry in their pocket! In this twisted world moved by an economy that prevents many parents from teaching anything worthwhile to their offsprings, we resort to judging the parenting capabilities of an everchanging and ultimately uncontrollable cluster of software, over what should be the healthy alternative of preventing these children from accessing the internet all toghether and experiencing instead a normal childhood, surrounded by their own kind.

<What are your thoughts about it?

<What's the better solution in this case scenario?

Keep in mind the same mentality is hemorraging also over the movie industry and videogames aswell!

R:10 / I:8 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

ITT: OC photography

Whether you're an amateur or it's a serious hobby, post your shots!

R:0 / I:0 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

Easter thread

Happy Easter, /girltalk/!

We just recently reached 20k posts and I gotta say I'm pretty thrilled about it.

I've joined the board's moderation at 16.5k so it's definitely been a while.

Wishing you all a good day!

R:33 / I:16 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

How many of you are women?

How many of you are real, actual, biological women? I'm not lol.

R:12 / I:1 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

HRT Losers Leave

You should lay off the soylent and HRT.

Being a man is great, no matter what the D&C says.

You will never be a real woman, 8chan will never become Anon Reddit.

R:10 / I:6 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas from the moderation!

We wish you a Happy New Year!

R:2 / I:1 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]


How many "girls" do you think are on /girltalk/? Also do you know what thr abbreviation DT stands for?

R:2 / I:1 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

kissy friends

Did you ever have a friend who tried to kiss you? How did it turn out?

R:84 / I:20 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

I've been with the same man for 24 years

Ask me anything, I'll be honest.

R:186 / I:40 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]

Losing virginity

How bad was your first time? How much did it hurt?

R:92 / I:29 / P:9 [R] [G] [-]


Selling Sex and a segway into Vidya

So, halfchan started mass reporting camgirls and the like to the IRS for unreported income a few days ago after someone suggested it on reddit. It has spilled over onto 8/pol/ and there is new a board here (albeit sort of dead) for the operation as well. Apparently this is spreading far and wide with the emphasis being on Snapchat Premium memberships in which these women trade nudes and attention for money. It's been so effective that it's being predicted this will negatively effect Snapchat's stock prices on Monday.

I wanted to share my thoughts no pun intended on the entire thing, which despite my personal feelings about taxes has me sensibly chuckling to myself.

First, I wholeheartedly believe that collection of taxes under the threat of violence is fundamentally wrong, as is any forced redistribution of wealth. I also think that the free market should reign supreme and that if there are guys out there willing to pay $5 for a pic of some rando's tits, so be it. Supply and demand. There's exceptions and caveats but that's the general idea for me anyway.

That being said, there's something undeniably satisfying about seeing eThots getting audited and trying to defend why they don't pay their taxes. Of course most, including the white knights defending m'ladys honor, are employing the "I'm a chick so I get a free pass" excuse, as well as blubbering about how "it's an attack on all sex workers" - which btw I'd be happy to assure them the IRS gives not one single fuck about.

Twitch streamers who are there to sell the sexy gamergrrl image are also being reported. And it makes me smug af tbh, despite some guilt over condoning turning people into the shekel-grubbing machine that is the IRS. As a woman and an avid gamer for my entire life I've seen the huge shift in perception from girls who love games into "gamergrrls" over the last 10 or so years. Growing up we all just played games, boys and girls, and it was no big deal. There's always been less girls and that's always been fine. But this new sexy cam-gamer-girl thing has done massive damage to the gaming industry and forged a huge divide between males and females in many player communities. The industry's new focus on SJW buzzwords like "inclusion" and "diversity" is one direct result of giving into an extremely vocal minority of these money and image obsessed harpies over actual male and female gamers who quietly buy and enjoy the games. The latest best example of this is inserting females into Battlefield V combat roles - as if we are all so delicate that we couldn't possibly play as a male character in a historical recreation and haven't been doing so, and enjoying it, for decades.

If Twitch ever cared about curating positive gaming communities, they certainly don't now. Why they allow this trash on a gaming site, when there's hundreds of other sites for eThots to beg for beta shekels on is proof that the paypig money is just too good for Twitch to let go of despite the overall negative effect it has on the image of girls who are actually into vidya.

/end psuedo-rant

I'm interested in other people's thoughts on this. I certainly realize the motivation in reporting them for the guys doing it especially /pol/ is definitely different than my own feelings about it, but that doesn't mean I can't sit back and have a laugh at the panic and damage they are causing. Sometimes you have to just let go ride the wave.

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Women's Day Worldwide

Happy International Women's Day, /girltalk/!!!


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back stabbing thots

did your best friend ever steal your bf when you were growing up?

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Lame question

Is kissing girls gay?

I mean they were originally a sperm cell…

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memory lane

think of a boy you used to know

describe him

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Venus, Mars, etc.

>female prisons: inmates often form pseudo-families which provide support, bonds and relationships, 'like a traditional family would', and the 'parents' tend to act as mentors to other younger inmates.

>male prisons: inmates just rape each other

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I think I want to start taking anavar. I was working out for about two years. Got a little bit of progress and I definitely look better than before. Then my friend decided to join after half a year she started taking var. At first I thought she will start look manly, but there was basically no change in her face, voice etc. And she's looking a lot better than me now.

I think I really want to have better shoulders, legs and bicep. I also talked to some of my friends about it and they all said var is great for girls with basically no side effects if you aren't going for some crazy doses long term.

But I am still not sure femanons. What should I do?

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how do you wonderful ladies feel about smegma?

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What am I doing with my life?

I'm going to greentext about this guy I like

>Be me

>20 years old

>Only had one previous relationship

>All the guys I ever liked are gay or mean

>Gets a job in a spanish teaching site

>See's the company's directory

>ohh la la, the guy of my dreams works here.mp3

> White, nice face, thick eyebrows, glasses and long hair

> I need to be the love of his life.txt

>Sends him an email

>Guy writes at telegram


>Guy is extremely mean, obnoxious and rude

>Wtf dude

I stopped writing to him, he's too much of an ass and I don't want to be behind someone like that, the worst of this case is that I'd always liked that type of guys, wtf is wrong with me? Do you have similar experience?

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hey girls, got some bf issues

Hey everyone! so here's the deal; I love my bf, my bf loves me. Everyone in my life (even including some of his friends) think i should dump him because of how self centered he is and because he doesnt put effort into our relationahip or make time for me. My question is, does /girlychan/ think that an ultimatum will work (ie get your shit together or ill leave you) or am I fucked? I really really really don't wanna break up with him. What to do??

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anti-aging skincare

hello there, can /girltalk/ please redpill me on anti-aging products?


i am about to go to wal-mart to buy something

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i need to talk to a girl to prevent from killing myself

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Im a loose cop that doesnt play by the rules, a lone ranger that doesnt do justice by the book, im a wild card but youd be happy to have me in your deck captain.

Also I have a drug and alchohol addiction

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PSA : Friendly reminder

Boys are to be played with.

They all are garbage.

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Asian men

I've read from many sources that asian men are the least desirable to women in dating sites, with the lowest response rates from any female group. So I wonder if the femanons here at /girltalk/ would weigh in on their opinion about asian men.

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>This board.

>Implying there are women on 8Chan.

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How would you explain femininity?

What is it?

How does it feel?

What is good and what is bad about it?

How important do you feel it is?

How do you contrast femininity with masculinity and androgyny?

What are your thoughts on femininity in men, masculinity in women, or androgyny in either?

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Trans girls

Newfag here, a-are trans girls allowed? Can trans girls be real girls?

Also what's the flag meant to represent?

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Remember girls, don't take your meds

Take your nords

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trans and society

hi i am trying to turn myself into a girl

i noticed many people are against me for this but also there are some people who are not against me

i was born a boy, but i noticed that especially if you are a white person in america they want you to be an ugly trans person and will do things to try to make you ugly or sabotage your transition (or so i have come to believe based on what i have experienced…)

…or they want you to kill yourself or something crazy like that it seems depending on who you are and what your relationship with the authorities is (even if you don't do anything illegal it seems nowadays they will still harass you and gangstalk you and things like this…)

i was wondering where is the best place to live to do this so as to avoid different sorts of authoritarian abuse like gangstalking and discrimination and such things by the police or discrimination against transgender healthcare and stuff like this

sorry if i posted this on the wrong board…thx!

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Want to get preg to certain guy

There's a boy I fool around with who doesn't want anything more serious. I have a crush on him and love seeing him. I am polyamorous but he doesnt see anyone else atm.

I want to get pregnant to him. This would involve being mildly deceptive. I have one child and am a good mother. He has a fantastic family who would support him totally.

I so want to have his baby and am seriously considering going off depo provera.

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Let's talk pregnancy and babies.

What's it like being pregnant?

How to deal with morning sickness?

What's it like giving birth?

What are some fun ways to let your family and friends know you're expecting?

Baby name books - are there any that aren't filled with mohammed and pajeets?

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my boyfriend thinks my period is weird

Do you think it's weird to have someone you're in a relationship with that complains about your period?

He says I often smell and i often get offended by it. He says i should take a shower, that i should bath during my period. when he says that i should, he throws off my ritual to bath twice a week.

Does anyone else feel this way with their boyfriend?

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Making friends

Femanons what's the best way of making friend with the Females

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incels and malets

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My dick is only 4.5 inches

am i fucked?

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pic unrelated

what do you hate?

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Not too sure where to start but I've been lurking this board for some time now and I finally feel confident enough to share this.

I'm a 24 year old male with a VERY humiliating problem (at least to me). My PENIS farts. This is what my latest girlfriend called it. Although she says it's the cutest and sexiest thing she's ever seen, I cant begin to express how embarrassing this is to me.

It can be anything from a soft wet whistling sound to a very loud popping or air escaping quickly sound. Yes, just like regular fart but much higher pitched and can be about 5x as loud. (coming out of a smaller hole, I guess). During a typical hand job my PENIS can fart up to 30 times. My girlfriend seems to love it but I feel like crying. The gentlest squeeze especially at the base can elicit a fart but the worst is when I orgasm.

This is not a health issue as I've been doing this all me life. It doesn't hurt, in fact the vibrations alone can initiate an orgasm. Just humiliating. Most women don't say anything, some laugh but every girl who has witnessed this seems to be mesmerized by it.

I know women like confident men but I just cannot seem to get comfortable with this and I feel it is ruining my life. Girls talk and I feel like the talk of the town. High school was a nightmare.

My question is: Am my the only one. Has anyone else experienced this? I've checked books, done internet searches etc., but can't find anything related to my problem. I don't feel that I can cure the problem but how can I be more comfortable with it.

How would you feel if you met a man who was attractive, kind, sensitive and sincere but PENIS farted?

Sorry if I was being too graphic but I felt like I finally needed a woman's opinion.

Thank you for your help and concern. Best Wishes

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polyester panty

hi guys

i need to know if polyester panties are confy to wear

my bf wnats me to wear some kinky undies but they are in polyester

and they are super cheap so i'm not sure

i need to know if they r confy/okay to wear

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what is a woman?

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How to identify autistic females?

Is the sperg from >>>/caco/ a girl?