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Comfy feelings.

File: 069be2b4772b8a5⋯.jpg (37.85 KB,300x400,3:4,e59fb7c6ec6356b87d87c9d8df….jpg)


Herman Hesse, author of Siddartha and Steppenwolf, is a victim, of vampirism.

He has an unusual gene, that's useful for dating into money for; goatse.cx, is his dark legacy, both the front and the back, of the men. Therefore, lotus position (Siddartha, a racist man in a wheelchair) and body drugs (liver coolants, refused by church kneels and rituals), are impossible for him, the back and the front, the giver (semen) and the receiver (bile).

Just have your gene, author a book, describing the opposite of the two men you want to kill (smart men, who use Aristole, and refuse Einstein, favoring women's mathematics instead of Leibniz calculus), so they become spies, becoming entrapped through a spy of both men's company; then, betrayed, by the man fixated whose written the book (the Neo-Nazis), to marry the man of your dreams, through a lawsuit against the Neo-Nazi, for rape (he has lied that two men are gay, but he has written a book, to steal these men from you, fatass).

The best part, is that if you fail, having used these two books, and attempt to accuse both charged men of rape, you were already rich, and you aren't fatass, you were pig. Your finances fail, the teacher that drafted the men, were local agents, and the book donation, was foreign. That violates the Carlos the Jackal, Malcolm X, and Ted Bundy rules (spy, priest, cop), the Bruces of Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Remember, you have to get them to write the book, after a romance, to trap the gene, and you need a pair ("KNOCKERS", a gay man is the publicist, an adopted child into wealth).

If you cheat "KNOCKERS", by causing your editor to have a psychotic break (you are Jewish, any form of consideration), "American History X" will out you as a pedophile, by outing both sides of both victims families as a neutral non-bias, for the people's vote, on whom you work for.

Remember, the man poops on women, once you do this, to the author of the pair. He's a casino cheat, he's Mister James Bond 007.

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

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