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Due to the still not permanent state of the site, and all the boards that still needs migrating, all updates are suspended until further notice.

I need to get a clear idea of the boards that are back and all, so this will need a break for now. See you soon.

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Welcome to /dir/!

To get the most out of this board, use these links to get where you want to go.

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>>88 - Suggest a board

>>214 - Board Reviews

>>632 - /dir/ meta thread

>>160 - Anime, Manga, and Japanese/Otaku Culture

>>89 - Arts, Sciences, and Libraries/Filesharing

>>78 - Gaming

>>73 - General Discussion and Miscellaneous

>>72 - Hobbies

>>71 - Lifestyles

>>650 - Meta/Site Discussion and Imageboard Culture

>>70 - Non-English, Multilingual, Region-Specific

>>69 - Politics, News, Religion, and Activism

>>653 - Pornography - General

>>696 - Pornography - Sexual Interests and Niches

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Anime, Manga, and Japanese/Otaku Culture

General Discussion

>>>/a/ - Animu and Mango

>>>/animu/ - Anime & Otaku Culture

Topical Discussion

>>>/2hu/ - Touhou

>>>/ausneets/ - Aus NEETs (Australian NEETs board)

>>>/cute/ - Cute/2D

>>>/desu/ - Desu

>>>/hikki/ - Hikikomori (Hikikomori-only discussion)

>>>/imas/ - 2D idols

>>>/jp/ - The Last Bastion of VIP

>>>/lovelive/ - School Idol Appreciation and Discussion (bilingual - English/Spanish)

>>>/m/ - Mecha and Toku

>>>/maka/ - Maka (various mangas chapters dump/discussion - see >>>/maka/3765 for a full list)

>>>/miku/ - Miku (and all other Vocaloids, UTAUs, etc.)

>>>/otomad/ - OtoMADs and YTPMVs

>>>/rec/ - Weeb Help & Recommendations

>>>/scenic/ - anime /c/ute in landscape

>>>/teto/ - Teto and Friends

>>>/u/ - Yuri

>>>/w/ - Anime Wallpapers

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Arts, Sciences, and Libraries/Filesharing

Arts and Humanities

>>>/art/ - Art & Creative

>>>/film/ - ▶️ F I L M ᴴᴰ

>>>/his/ - History

>>>/lang/ - Languages

>>>/lit/ - Literature

>>>/loomis/ - Art Gains

>>>/philosophy/ - Philosophy


>>>/biz/ - Business and Finance

>>>/g/ - Technology

>>>/hover/ - Hovercraft and Advanced Technology

>>>/poltech/ - Political technology

>>>/prog/ - Programming

>>>/sci/ - Science and Mathematics

>>>/tech/ - Technology

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General Video Game Discussion

>>>/games/ - Vidya, Tabletops, Games of All Kinds (/tg/+/v/)

>>>/svidya/ - Strictly Vidya Games

>>>/v/ - Video Games

>>>/v8/ - Vidya Gaems + Cutting Edge News!

>>>/vg/ - Actual Vidya Games

Game Servers, Guilds, and Clans

>>>/civ/ - Political Minecraft Autism (Minecraft server)

>>>/polandcraft/ - Political Experiments Autismcraft (Minecraft server)

>>>/radcorp/ - Radical HQ (/v/'s weekend vidya planning)

Topical Video Game Discussion/Development

>>>/1cc/ - Arcade and Doujin (Arcade hardware and Arcade games discussion)

>>>/agdg/ - Amateur Game Development General

>>>/fast/ - Sonic the Hedgehog

>>>/fighters/ - Fighting games

>>>/hgg/ - Hentai Games General

>>>/htg/ - Harlot Trainer General (Discuss and Develop Porn Games)

>>>/imas/ - 2D idols

>>>/liru/ - The Liru Project

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General Discussion


>>>/1/ - Random

>>>/b/ - Random

>>>/b2/ - Random 2.0

>>>/bunker/ - ₮ⱧɆ ฿Ʉ₦₭ɆⱤ


>>>/general/ - Cancer General

>>>/int/ - International (International-centered general discussion)

>>>/nothingness/ - The Void

>>>/r9k/ - ROBOT∞

>>>/s8s/ - Sh*t 8chan Says

Not shitpost-friendly

>>>/4am/ - Losing control

>>>/girltalk/ - Girl Talk

>>>/kind/ - Random Acts of Kindness

>>>/late/ - Late Nights

>>>/v9k/ - Virgin9000


>>>/soc/ - Social

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General Discussion

>>>/biz/ - Business and Finance

>>>/ck/ - Food & Cooking

>>>/co/ - Comics & Cartoons

>>>/fa/ - Fashion

>>>/hamradio/ - Electronics (electronics, tinkering, radio, amateur radio, and related electromagnetic phenomena discussion)

>>>/k/ - Weapons

>>>/mu/ - Music

>>>/o/ - Auto

>>>/t/ - Torrents and Trackers

>>>/toy/ - Toys

>>>/tv/ - Television and Movies

Web Games and Roleplaying

>>>/builders/ - Hero and Nation Builders!

>>>/fapioh/ - Fapioh!

>>>/secretrule/ - Certified Autism

General Roleplaying

>>>/123456789012345678901234567890/ - Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (MLP Roleplaying)

>>>/cyoa/ - Choose Your Own Adventure

>>>/erp/ - Erotic Roleplay

>>>/gtpone/ - Greentext Pone

>>>/pretend/ - Pretending to be a girl

>>>/quests/ - Quests & Forum Games

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Lifestyle Discussion

Web Culture and Memes

>>>/awyattmann/ -

>>>/bane/ - Big Guys

>>>/baphomet/ - Raids and lulz

>>>/cow/ - Lolcows (Four years on 8chan!)

>>>/cure/ - Save us Cure-Chan!

>>>/ebola/ - Ebola (Ebola-chan)

>>>/hwndu/ - He Will Not Divide Us

>>>/just/ - FUCK MY SHIT UP

>>>/kkkmoon/ - WhiteTopia

>>>/vivian/ - Vivian James

Health and Self-Improvement

>>>/adv/ - Advice

>>>/doomer/ - Doomers Club

>>>/fit/ - Fitness, Health, Exercise, Dieting, etc

>>>/improve/ - Self Improvement

>>>/mental/ - Mental Health, Illnesses and Disorders

>>>/nofap/ - Fappers Anonymous

>>>/suicide/ - Suicide Tips & Tricks


>>>/agatha/ - Agatha Discussion and Shitposting

>>>/anita/ - Anita Sarkeesian

>>>/ashleyj/ - Ashley Jones Discussion and More

>>>/boxxy/ - Boxxy/Catie Wayne

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Meta/Site Discussion and Imageboard Culture

Site Discussion/Board Advertising

>>>/boards/ - 8chan Boards

>>>/dir/ - 8chan's Board Directory

>>>/infinity/ - Infinity Never (board associated with the public mod account)

>>>/sudo/ - 8chan Tech Support (official meta board, owned by Codemonkey, 8chan's Admin)

Important: don't ask or complain for non-global mods/BOs behaviour on /sudo/!

Unless they break the Global Rule, Codemonkey won't help you. See the FAQ - https://8ch.net/faq.html#help-the-owner-of-x-board-is-doing-something-i-dont-like-remove-him

Remember: all boards on 8chan are operated independently by individual board owners and mods; 8chan's administration has nothing to do with the single boards moderation.

Imageboard Culture/News

>>>/irc/ - 4chan Janitor Logs (leaked 4chan janitor logs from 2011 to early 2015)

>>>/newspaper/ - 8chan Newspaper Bunbunmaru (chans culture/news)

Board-specific Discussion

>>>/ameta/ - /a/ Meta Discussion

>>>/metav/ - /v /Meta Discussion

>>>/polmeta/ - /pol/ Meta Discussion

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Non-English, Multilingual, Region-Specific Boards

Non-English/Multilingual Boards

>>>/27ch/ - 27chan (Brazilian Portuguese)

>>>/arepa/ - Venezuela ★ (Spanish, Venezuela)

>>>/argentina/ - Observatorio del INADI (Spanish, Argentina)

>>>/avatarchan20/ - Avatar Chan (English/Portuguese, tripcode only)

>>>/balt/ - Baltics (English/Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian)

>>>/dempart/ - Blabla général (French)

>>>/cafechan/ - Кафе (Russian)

>>>/choroy/ - Choroy Pride (Spanish, Chile)

>>>/egy/ - Edgyptians (Arabic, Egypt)

>>>/esperanto/ - Verda-Chan (Esperanto)

>>>/espichan/ - (Spanish)

>>>/heilvasky/ - nech sa páčí do plynu (Slovak)

>>>/israel/ - Israel

>>>/ita/ - Sezione Italiana - Boia Chi Molla (Italian)

>>>/kocsog/ - KÖCSÖG (Hungarian)

>>>/magali/ - Magalichan (Portuguese)

>>>/misr/ - /مصر/ (Arabic, Egypt)

>>>/pinoy/ - The Most Powerful Race in the World (English/Tagalog)

>>>/rzabczan/ - Rzabczan (Polish)

>>>/russian/ - russian

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Politics, Religion, News, and Activism

General News and Politics

>>>/midpol/ - Politically (Mis)Informed (Centrist)

>>>/n/ - News

>>>/new/ - News, Politics, and Current Events

>>>/newspaper/ - 8chan Newspaper Bunbunmaru (8chan/imageboards-related news)

>>>/newsplus/ - News +

>>>/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

>>>/realnews/ - REAL NEWS


>>>/asatru/ - Asatru / Heathenry / Paganism

>>>/christ/ - Christian Discussion and Fellowship

>>>/christian/ - Christian Discussion and Fellowship

>>>/christianity/ - Christian Theology

>>>/islam/ - 8ch Masjid

>>>/lds/ - Latter-day Saints

>>>/rel/ - Religion

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Pornography - General


>>>/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

>>>/wx/ - Degenerate Central


>>>/hentai/ - Hentai

>>>/hentaiporn/ - HentaiPorn (Hentai or Cartoon Porn)

>>>/kaatyuun/ - kaatyuun

Gay-Centered Porn

>>>/cuteboys/ - Boypussy

>>>/gachi/ - Gachihomo | Gachimuchi | Bara

>>>/y/ - Yaoi

Lesbian-Centered Porn

>>>/u/ - Yuri

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Pornography - Sexual Interests and Niches

General Discussion

>>>/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

>>>/rule34/ - Rule34 (If it exists, there's porn of it.)

Topical Discussion

>>>/abdl/ - Adult Baby - Diaper Lover

>>>/ara/ - 2D MILFs & Mature Women

>>>/bbw/ - Big Beautiful Women

>>>/beast/ - Bestiality & Zoophilia Art

>>>/chaos/ - Monster Alternative

>>>/clang/ - Robo/Mech/Cyborg Porn

>>>/delicious/ - Cake (Western lolis only)

>>>/feet/ - Feet

>>>/fukemo/ - Straight Furry Board

>>>/fur/ - Furry

>>>/gfd/ - Role Reversal and Gentle Femdom

>>>/gts/ - Giantess

>>>/hnt/ - Huge Natural Tits

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5 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education in 2022

n the past few years, traditional education has seen a radical shift in its concept. With the advent of new technologies and the internet, being physically present in a classroom no longer is the only option for learning. You can now access a high-quality education anytime and anywhere you like, provided you are able to get online. The revolution of online education is now upon us.

It's not necessary to ignore the skeptical nature of education via the internet. It is difficult to comprehend the idea of abandoning the traditional classroom, especially when it's to be faced with this vast space called The Internet.

This is not a reason to ignore this option, which has been proven useful and valid for many students. The most recent survey by Babson Survey Research Group shows that over 30% of American higher education students are taking at least one online course. Online education is an excellent choice, no matter your age. This can be an excellent learning tool for students, whether you are looking to improve your skills or learn a new skill.

Continue reading to discover five additional reasons you should take up online education.

1. It's flexible.

Online education allows the student and teacher to choose their learning pace and can also set a schedule that suits everyone. Online education allows for a better work-study balance, so you don't have to sacrifice anything. Online learning time management skills make it easier to find a work-study balance. A shared agenda between student and teacher can encourage both to accept new responsibilities, and allow for more autonomy.

2. You can choose from a variety of programs.

There are many subjects and skills that can be taught and learned in an online space as large as the internet. Many universities and schools of higher education are now offering online versions of their programs, for different levels and disciplines. There are many options available for students interested in music composition or quantum physics. Online education is a great way to get a diploma, certificate, or degree.

3. It's accessible.

Online education allows you to learn or teach anywhere in the world. Online education eliminates the need to travel or adhere to a set schedule. You also save time which can be used to prioritize other priorities. You can also access the virtual classroom from anywhere you have an internet connection. It's a great way to save money and travel. Online education is an excellent option if you are studying abroad and looking for a job. You don't have to stop studying or working while you travel.

4. This allows you to create a personalized learning experience.

As we've already mentioned, flexibility allows you to choose your own learning pace. Online education can be tailored to each student's needs and abilities.

Online classes are usually smaller than traditional classes. Online learning platforms allow only one student at any given time. This allows for more interaction between students and tutors and allows for better feedback.

You can often access a wide range of material online, including videos, photos, and eBooks. Tutors can also incorporate other formats such as forums and discussions into their lessons to enhance their learning. This extra content can be accessed at any time from anywhere. It will allow you to create a dynamic and personalized education.

5. It is more affordable than traditional education.

Online education is more affordable than in-person classes. You can also choose from a variety of payment options, including the ability to pay per class or in installments. This makes it easier to manage your budget. You may be eligible for discounts or scholarships so the cost is not always high. It is possible to save money on your commute and get class materials for free. The results may be more expensive, but they are often better than other options.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the reasons why online education is so popular. Each student must evaluate their individual situation and make a decision based on their goals. While this option to traditional education may not be for everyone, it is still an attractive option that offers many options for international students.

Related article from hometownstation.com : http://www.hometownstation.com/news-articles/best-online-class-help-is-real-a-variety-of-trusted-services-worth-attention-417258

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Trying to create board here

I'm trying to create a board her (/doz/) but it's not being created