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You guys suck

/tech/ died with 8chan

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why come most woman can't program the computer

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How to protect your privacy?

It's became a common and very important question nowadays, don't you think so? Your thoughts? How can people protect their privacy in the internet or even outside?

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Alan Kay

What are your views on him? Is he right or just an idealist who can't actually contribute anything to the real world?

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Simple Free Windows Activation

Hello guys i just made a simple free activation kit for windows based on kms which patch some issue you can get with the classic version


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Muh Surveillance State

Who cares if the government knows where I am, or can access the AI on my smart phone to predict my schedule. It's not a secret. Perhaps marketers will offer me better deals to the store I frequent. The more advertisers know about me, the better targeted their ads can be, and that helps me get better stuff.

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Are these all viable alternatives? would you suggest any different ones?

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Is the Pinebook Pro worth getting?

I'm thinking about buying the Pinebook Pro instead of an old Thinkpad, as it offers modern hardware without any major hardware backdoors.

> Can offer a useable experience with a deblobbed kernel, only thing you'll loose is WiFi

> No Intel IME or AMD PSP, only possible backdoor is a 32kb boot ROM

> Publicly available component datasheets and schematics

> Hardware privacy switches for webcam and mic

> Good battery life and USB-C charging

Is there anything not to like about this device, besides the fact that it's ARM based?

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Imagine paying 3x the price for a monitor you have no idea what it does or why its better

Imagine taking it seriously after it takes 15 seconds for every modeswitch and to turn on at all

Imagine doing this every couple years since 2006

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Are we allowed to talk in this discord about how software programmers tend not to be able to get gfs and it is hard to find a gf as a programmer?

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Let's all love Lain!

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BO name: gcalloc

BO behavior: try to destroy board while live references to it still exist.


Board will appear back on the listing whenever the listing's updated. The settings have all been reverted. >>>/g/ and >>>/METS/ or whatever may also exist. If you want one of those to be the new /tech/, just post there instead of here.

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Make technology great again

How do we defeat the smart phone?

>Black box applications.

>Walled garden.

>Leaks private data.

>Very hard to lock down securely.

>First thing searched by law enforcement if you're a suspect.

>Always being searched in dragnet surveillance.

>Expensive, with costs amortized over long contracts.

>Develops addictive behavioural patterns.

>Shatters when you drop it (Good, but remember you're addicted and must pay for a replacement).

>Imposes demand on websites to prioritize the small screen crowd.

>Extreme ease of use means morons proliferate online.

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LIE ON YOUR RESUME (and other advice)


(and other advice)


whatever you think of <name of e-person>, this is necessary and good advice that your father/grandfather won't tell you because you won't ask.

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>enable sticky keys in xfce on Ubuntu


>sticky keys gets disabled

>have to check and uncheck the box to make it work again



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▶ Windows 7 SP1 ESU(Extended Security Updates) BYPASS V4.7 PATCH

Download link :https://www.teamos-hkrg.com/index.php?threads/windows-7-sp1-esu-extended-security-updates-bypass-v4-7.118714/



Video link:https://streamable.com/3kozt

The patch was created by abbodi1406 & notebookcheck from My digital forum life and TEAMOS

A project to bypass Extended Security Updates eligibility check for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Win7/Win2k8R2 official support and updates ended on 14 January 2020.

However, Microsoft will provide additional 3 years of security updates to the organizations and businesses which have paid the license for the ESU.

This project helps bypassing this restriction and install ESU updates without purchasing a license, as a proof of concept, non-profit, consumer-targeted.

## Important Notes

ESU updates are not supported offline (you cannot integrate them), they must be installed online on live system.

The ESU eligibilty is only checked during update installation, therefore, you can choose to keep the bypass installed, or remove it afterwards.

The bypass will only allow to install the ESU updates, it will not permit to get the updates themselves via Windows Update.

You can acquire and download the updates manually from Microsoft Update Catalog site

You can track the updates KB numbers, either check the official Update History page

## How to Use

Extract the pack contents to a folder with simple path

Install: right-click on installer.bat and “Run as administrator”

Remove : right-click on remover.bat and “Run as administrator”

Note: If you have previous version(s) installed, you don’t need to remove it separately,

scripts from latest version can be used to remove previous versions, or install on top of them.

## More Info

The project supports all Win7/Win2k8R2 editions , it consist of two tools that work in similar concept:

for ESU-supported editions, Custom slc.dll will be used

for all other editions, IFEO BypassESU.dll will be used

you can also force the use of BypassESU.dll for ESU-supported editions:

edit installer.bat prior running, and change set ForceHook to 1

ESU-supported editions:

Client: Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate (including N and E variants)

Server: Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise (including Full, Core and without Hyper-V variants)

ESU bypass tools comparison:


——————- | ————– | —————— | ————————-

Compare / Tool Custom slc.dll IFEO BypassESU.dll Avfr gesu.dll (deprecated)

Supported Editions ESU-supported ALL ALL

AV Interoperability Safe Unfriendly Friendly

Performance Impact None Slight to None Slowdown TrustedInstaller

——————- ————– —————— ————————-

Avfr gesu.dll is deprecated and no longer works.

Source code included in bin\src folder

For extra info, see ReadMe.txt

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ML on STM32

How big of a LSTM can you run on STM32 for realtime sensor processing? Trying to add some imu sensors to a simple robot.

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What do you guys think about lbry as a youtube alternative?


It seems like it is impossible to censor people on there.

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what language would kong use?

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Stop using Windows.

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a thread about garbage

Mac has a higher rate of hardware failure than any other major computer manufacturer. Fact.

75% of all mac computer modles have fatal flaws in design resulting in failure within 1-2 years of use. Fact.

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Who is going to fix clover?

I think only this file needs to be changed https://github.com/chandevel/Clover/blob/dev/Clover/app/src/main/java/org/floens/chan/core/site/sites/chan8/Chan8.java but I am not an "ARCHITECT" or "ENGINEER" so I can't.

Fork it and fix it, if you are a real programmer.

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No TV signal

I know it's not really tech. but I just wanna know if there is any way to fuck up someone's TV and make it shows only this no signal screen

(without cutting the cable to avoid looking guilty)

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I’m currently studying for a degree in Computer Sciences. Before choosing this, most people i’ve consulted told me that I should instead take Engineering since I was an academic student. But I always had a keen interest in IT related fields. Now that i’ve chose this, I don’t know what i should be doing next. Whether i should learn how to code or what? So far, programming is the only thing on my mind.

>TL;DR: nerd cannot decide what he should do after he’s done with his CS degree.

ITT—Suggestions on what i should do. Is coding worth it? Which language is the most valuable (and/or) easy to learn?

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im tipsy and immm going to install gentoo for the first time for real wish me luck and lots of kisses!!! love you all anons

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Hosts file domains

I've noticed that uMatrix sometimes fucks up and completely disables itself until you refresh the page, particularly if the browser restores the previous session or if you drag out a tab to make a new window. So I want to improve my hosts file, but I'm not sure what to put there.

Is there a list somewhere of domains that are mostly useless for anything other than tracking? Ideally separate lists for all the domains used by specific websites like facebook, in case you don't care about it ever working. For example I want to disable literally everything from google, except I still want youtube-dl to work, but I'm not sure how to accomplish that.

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Degeneration of the Thinkpad

Post evidence, details and more about how Thinkpads have degenerated ever since Lelnopo acquired them.

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Prolog and similar stuff

Hi, let's try if I can open a thread about learning Prolog (Programming Language). I'm currently learning it and sometimes I should ask people about it. There are books and tutorials, but it would help to have some study group. The tutorials I found often contain errors or aren't explaining stuff very well. Since AI is becoming more and more important others might be interested in it as well. I don't mind if someone posts questions about other rather exotic languages with rather poor tutorials in this thread.

Let's start with this:

?- member(a, [a, b, c]).


?- member("Alita", ["Alita","Isla","Chi","Cameron"]).


?- [user].

|: alist(["Alita","Isla","Chi","Cameron"]).

?- member("Alita", alist).

false. Why?

?- member("Alita", alist(A)).


?- alist(A).

A = ["Alita", "Isla", "Chi", "Cameron"].

?- member("Alita", (A = alist(A))).


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Botnet-free CPU in 2020 and onwards

After 10 years my old hardware finally shat it, likely motherboard or CPU failure. This puts me in a bind because all x86 CPUs made in the last seven years or so have had Intel ME or AMD PSP – I had hoped that everything would hold out until there was a nice solution to this. AMD seemed to lean towards opening up their firmware at one point but then cucked out, probably due to licensing bullshit or bio-luminescent Africans.

I could go with the AMD FX series for the time being for that appears to be the most powerful x86 CPU without such cancer, but that's still pretty old hardware and finding (spare) parts for it is not going to become any easier as time goes by. I have also heard good things about the PC Engines APU 1, but with 1GHz it doesn't seem like a great choice for a desktop, especially one that's going to run Gentoo. Running 4GB of RAM right now so 2GB would still be livable.

Let's collect other good options for a system that doesn't have a goddamn backdoor at the hardware level. x86 would be preferred for the occasional Windowns shitware, but it's not absolutely necessary. I've heard that (recent or at the very least many) ARM processors have comparable cancer so a simple "use ARM" would probably not be enough, it would depend on the chip. Might be misinformation though since I haven't seen details on it. Performance would definitely become an issue once we go to less common architectures however.

inb4 "just disable the backdoor lol", you are the only disabled one here if you believe this shit, even when "disabled" it's still on and required for booting – if your method wouldn't theoretically allow you to use the CPU with a nail driven through the "security" processor, it's not a solution to this problem.

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how do i use this code i have

i have some image board code and am wanting to know how i m able to use it

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8chan 2.0


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Why do people use this Freetardism "Freedoms" for anything software, when most of this is easy to argue against. This person made a good webpage explaining the errors of this.


But if you're not willing to go to the side, here's his writing of that section:

"The four essential freedoms A program is free software if the program's users have the four essential freedoms: [1]"

Okay, so a program has to satisfy some defined freedoms to be considered "free software". But do those freedoms actually have any relevancy to actual, practical freedom?

Freedom 0

"The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose (freedom 0)."

"The freedom to run the program […] without being required to communicate about it with the developer or any other specific entity. " - You mean that, for all those years I've been using Windows programs, I've been required to communicate with some "entities"? That's funny.

"In this freedom, it is the user's purpose that matters, not the developer's purpose" - This is actually impossible - the purpose is always defined by the programmers. And "free software" might still impose unwanted "purposes" onto you - like all the "free software" browsers on https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/ (archive). On the other hand, a nonfree software might make its purpose evident and not violate it - and will provide more actual freedom than so-called free software.. Also,

"The freedom to run the program as you wish means that you are not forbidden or stopped from making it run" - this is easy to violate in the so-called "free software". What prevents me from making a program that can only be run on Wednesdays? Nothing.

Freedom 1

"The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish (freedom 1). Access to the source code is a precondition for this."

Okay, here is where we start to run into serious problems. First of all, access to the source code is absolutely not a precondition for this. People have been disassembling all kinds of software forever - for example Pokemon games, which have spawned many hacks that improve (or claim to) on these games. No source code required! On the other hand, much of the so-called "free software" is untouched except by the people who control it in the first place. If a person wanted to modify Mozilla Firefox so that it "does their computing as they wish", they would have to have enough programming skill first. Then they would have to have the patience to wade through thousands of lines of code, find whatever is bothering them, and spend time trying to fix it. And when they are done, they might notice that a new version of Firefox came out with a bunch of essential security fixes that they will now have to implement. See? It's insurmountable - Mozilla ends up controlling FF anyway. Source code, therefore, does not always provide real, personal freedom - unlike what the freetards claim. Disassembling some simpler programs might be more practical…

Freedom 2

"The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others (freedom 2)."

Windows programs are being redistributed all the time, and probably more people are helped that way than by freetardism.

Freedom 3

"The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3). By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes. Access to the source code is a precondition for this."

So here is where we come to the crux of the issue, it seems. It is the distribution of modifications, that gives real freedom, according to the freetards. But does it actually? Again, you, first of all, need the programming skill to make these modifications - skill that 99% of users don't have. Then there is the issue of your version becoming obsolete by the time you finish your changes - see Freedom 1. And of course, disassembling is still a possibility - you say it's too hard? So is programming for the vast majority of people - again, no advantage for free software to be found.

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Julian Assange

What's happening with him?

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Last thread: Some 8ch thread

- - - - - -


The alt.cyberpunk FAQ (V5.29) [ ]

What is cyberpunk?: [ https://pastebin.com/pmn9vzWZ ]

Cyberpunk directory (Communities/IRC and other resources): [ https://pastebin.com/AJYry5NH ]

Cyberpunk media (Recommended cyberpunk fiction): [ https://pastebin.com/Dqfa6uXx ]

The cyberdeck: [ https://pastebin.com/7fE4BVBg ]

- - - - - -


The /sec/ Career FAQ (V1.12) [ ]

"Shit just got real": [ https://pastebin.com/rqrLK6X0 ]

Cybersecurity basics and armory: [ https://pastebin.com/v8Mr2k95 ]

Reference books (PW: ABD52oM8T1fghmY0): [ https://mega.nz/#F!YigVhZCZ!RznVxTiA0iN-N6Ps01pEJw ]

/sec/ PDFs: [ https://mega.nz/#F!zGJT1QQQ!O-8yiH845GN26ajAvkoLkA ]

Learning/News/CTFs: [ https://pastebin.com/WQhRYB59 ]

FTP Backup:

thegrugq OPSEC: [ https://grugq.github.io/ ]

#! sec guide [ https://pastebin.com/aPr5R1pj ]

EFF anti-surveillance [ https://ssd.eff.org/en ]

- - - - - -

Thread challenge: Find any vunerablities in the Linux Kernel

NEW? Check the /sec/ Career FAQ and Cybersecurity basics links above. Learn to code, learn computer basics, learn networking THEN work on hacking. It's technical and hard, but fun. Want to hack now? Try Webgoat and use the cheats. Grab Penetration Testing A Hands On Introduction and see what you don't know enough about. Always use a virtual machine for reading PDFs.

Wanna be a punk? Read the What is cyberpunk? and start today!

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Forth is the best programming language that is possible via the rules of mathematics in this universe.

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Best choice of VPN

Since PIA is getting bought by Kape Technologies (who now own ZenMate and CyberGhost as well), owned by (((a certain CEO))).

So who's now safe?

Torrent Freak does a round up of VPNs and goes through a series of questions (logs, company name, jurisdiction, etc.), are there any other sites that round upo and double check VPNs?

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Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre Will Soon Be HyperbolaBSD - Based on OpenBSD



>Due to the Linux kernel rapidly proceeding down an unstable path, we are planning on implementing a completely new OS derived from several BSD implementations.

>This will not be a "distro", but a hard fork of the OpenBSD kernel and userspace including new code written under GPLv3 and LGPLv3 to replace GPL-incompatible parts and non-free ones.

Here's their reasons:

>Linux kernel forcing adaption of DRM, including HDCP.

>Linux kernel proposed usage of Rust (which contains freedom flaws and a centralized code repository that is more prone to cyber attack and generally requires internet access to use.)

>Linux kernel being written without security and in mind. (KSPP is basically a dead project and Grsec is no longer free software)

>Many GNU userspace and core utils are all forcing adaption of features without build time options to disable them. E.g. (PulseAudio / SystemD / Rust / Java as forced dependencies)

Will you make the switch? This isn't the first Libre BSD - there's LibertyBSD, but there's very little info about it.

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Way Cooler is dead


>want to make a simple tiling UI when https://dwm.suckless.org/ already exists

>don't just start with dwm

>step 1: muck around with low-level wayland shit instead of writing a tiling wm

>decision 1: use Rust

consequently, the project lingered on without result for four years, and then failed.

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Will the Multics nigger return?

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Is it possible to chain reverse proxies?

Let's say I want to use VanwaTech which points to any other reverse proxy ^ x and the final reverse proxy points to my server.

Is that achievable and how?

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Soldering and Hardware Projects

I like working and building projects, circuit bending (taking things and making them do other shit) and generally being a massive nerd.

Anyone else here actually work with hardware?

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Best Lisp

All rise for the best lisp out there.

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Lisp is the best programming language.

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webp format

Disabling webp support in Firefox results in broken thumbnails in threads on 8kun.

After investigation, it would appear that 8kun serves some image thumbnails in webp format, but still with the .jpg extension

What's up with that? Is it normal behavior? Is there no way to have all images displaying correctly with webp disabled?

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Tech /here/. Get your /tech/ here.

We need some kind of board to post in before Advent of Code starts, right? Go ahead and do that here.

Follow global rule. Post manifestos to Reddit.

Torposting is allowed.

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/Sudo/ is gone, so I'm asking this here. Please excuse me for being such an enormous faggot.

I set a delete password when making a post.

I come back later, decide that my post was shit, and try to delete it.

I use tor browser, so cookies are gone, and so I type my old password in the delete password field.

I select "delete post" option on my post.

I get error "you did not make a post" and my post is not deleted.

What am I doing wrong?

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Is SQL retarded? Or am I retarded? I'm ready to switch to another database system because SQL is making it so fucking hard to do such simple and fundamental things. I can't believe this fucking trash is the worldwide database standard.

I need to do something like pic related. Basically there's categories and entries, each entry needs to have a value based on how manyth item it is in their given category. The category also needs to have a counter for how many entries it has. The problem is that there's no way to increment the category counter and then read it in a single query, in fact it doesn't even seem possible in 2 (you need UPDATE->SELECT->INSERT). The problem is that there's a delay between each query, and if there's multiple requests then multiple people are going to increment the value before anyone can read it, thus a number gets skipped and multiple entries will have the same value. Even if I managed to get the correct incremented value, the inserts might happen in the incorrect order (undesirable but I could deal with it). I can't count the entries or read the max value because some might have been deleted, and it doesn't actually solve the problem anyway because there's no way to do mathematical min/max operations on the category counter. I can't use auto-increment on the entry number because all the entries need to be in the same table. There will be potentially so many "categories" that keeping them in memory and doing the updates there is not viable unless I make some caching system that complicates everything.

It's almost literally impossible to increment a value and then know what that value ends up being. How is this acceptable? Or is there some esoteric method for accomplishing this that google doesn't want me to know about? Is there some specific SQL database that lets you do it (I'm currently using MariaDB)?

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Can someone the datacaps truck argument to me?

I understand that datacaps are retarded since the only problem with a lot of people using it would be slowdowns during peak hours if the infrastructure can't support it(which is a problem with the ISP sort of "overbooking"), something which datacaps wouldn't fix, but I wouldn't be able to explain it to normalfags in a way they could understand.

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What is the best linux distro and why is it not Arch?

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>start learning programming on university

>everything goes pretty smooth until some point

>google the problems

>every video is made by shitskins

inb4 learn from written media

I'm tired and just want to listen what is told to me few times instead of reading but their retarded way of speaking and explaining things is unbearable

could someone be nice and pass me some yt channel where C language is disscused from start to end?

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*Blocks your path*

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Offshore Hosting Guide

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>makes your smartwatch redundant

nothin personel kiddo

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Best Way To Get Mozilla To Improve Firefox

As I'm sure many here have noticed, at some point over the last decade, Firefox has become what anons used to mock when they referred to Internet Explorer. How did this happen? I suppose it's like the cliche about how one becomes bankrupt… very slowly, then all at once. Rather then continue the circle jerk about whether Firefox is the patrician's choice or just a pleb tier meme, let's just accept that for the sake of argument that it is a useful piece of software and that, as a product of the Mozilla foundation, it's configuration is perhaps more susceptible to public outcry then an explicitly for profit Microsoft or Google (INB4 Chrome flame wars) product. So, how could public outcry be leveraged against some of the more "problematic" features of Firefox? I'm not completely sure and would like to see if any anons would like to brainstorm regarding this ITT.

I'll start. One of the more annoying features of Firefox, out of the box, is that there is an ever changing array of about:config settings that a user, who doesn't want to be a slave to a botnet, might want to adjust. There is the telemetry problem and also the fact that it's security features rely on a seemingly ever expanding array of phone homes to various servers that the end user does not, out of the box, have the ability to authorize. The same goes for security features. I have noticed that, if one opens and closes Firefox regularly, nearly 1/4 MB can be used re-opening the browser, as it phones home to Mozilla and Google, etc. Now, in current year, one might say that, though there might be an argument to made over what degree of control an end user should have out of the box, 1/4 MB is an inconsequential amount of data to worry about in regards to an "unlimited" data plan and shouldn't be at issue. But, consider the following. If a poor person, living in the third world, had to put up with just a few MB a day, over the course of a year that could lead to many an overage charge on both shit hole country tier landline and mobile data plans. So, would it be worth it to try and start a public outcry regarding this implementation of botnet by using this as an angle of attack? Hashtag, "Mozilla hates poor people" for instance? Street shitters rise up? Try and get a Greta Thunberg to demand a consistent dark mode because of electric use and muh climate change? Explain how only paying lip service to things like canvasing and fingerprinting put both the endangered tranny species and BLM activists alike at risk when using web forums? Maybe we should try to re-frame the debate away from the traditional autistic demands of free software on principle that have been falling on deaf ears for so long? Weaponize current year COC, so to speak. If an astroturfed campaign fomented by anons could guilt Mozilla into handing user control over what servers it uses to implement it's security features and where and when those features might need or not need to be updated (like uBlocks filter lists), then might that be something worth getting behind? Something worth putting our collective hive mind behind?

How else could this asymmetric angle of attack be used against botnets, such as Mozilla is embracing, so that anons could more easily get what they want from their software?

TLDR: Could anons try and guilt the Mozilla foundation into giving us back the browser that we want?

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/CTG/ - Cool Tech General

Cool or obscure tech that most people haven't heard of

I'll start

>gemini PDA

>partially designed by the lead engineer on the Psion 5

>linux capable PDA with a non chicklet keyboard

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What is the best android app to use to access this site

Before I used the overchan (fork) app from F-droid but it hasn't been updated. the main feature I used from it one that tracked threads and would automatically jump to the first unread comment.

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what do you guys know of alien technology? post any theories or any evidence you have here of them


Only Real UFOs, AAVs, UAPs, New uploads almost daily.

The number of sightings right now is unprecedented, that's the line about huge civilian increase

Here's the line about contact ignoring governments, this will increase


the time is coming bros

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Cisco Anyone?

What is your opinion on the new Cisco Cert revamp?

Personally I am going to go for the CCNP anyway to advance my career.

Also can't wait for the new Dune movie next December, but that is off topic.

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Who will stand by my side?

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Kuroba / imageboard apps

This was the best way to use 8ch, why doesn't it support 8kun

Are there any android apps that support 8kun right now?

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Hitler, UFO's and Hidden Technology

According to William Lyne, in his book "Pentagon Aliens", the Nazis blackmailed the US into a secret armistice by threatening to detonate radioactive bombs over American cities and make them uninhabitable for decades. In the deal the dirty bombs were disabled and the western front was collapsed so that Patton could capture all the secret weapon technologies before the Soviets. Patton was 187'd, because he was against keeping everything secret. Hitler was allowed to escape. Irrational hatred does not explain why Eisenhower starved or killed by exposure 1.5 million captured Germans. These men must have have built or operated technology that the Cabal has been keeping secret to this day. Eisenhower never visited Germany as POTUS. Anti-American demonstrations in West Germany would have been too much of a cold war embarrassment. West Germans never forgave Eisenhower, but went crazy for JFK, for they wished to thank America for delivering their post war prosperity.

In the 1890's, a socialite lady witnessed Tesla's "metallic plate suspensions", meaning he knew about the anti-gravity properties of coil windings. So, it is very possible that Tesla flew before the Wright Brothers! This electrical means of propulsion was later refined in the 1930's by German scientists visiting our desert southwest. By the end of the war, there were already many types of Nazi anti-gravity craft in operation, with the coil driving Tesla alternators powered by both conventional and exotic means.

Gravity is a human confabulation for the predominant mover of the universe is the electric charge. The actual model of the solar system is that of a gigantic atom where the orbital distance of a planet from the sun is related to its electrical charge. According to Velikovski, when Venus had its close encounter with the Earth, an electrical arc between the two planets enlarged the Earth's orbit, changing the ancient 360 day year to 365.25 days. The invention of geometry predates the encounter so there are 360 degrees in a circle. Venus's odyssey ended with its present circular orbit. Velikovski studied ancient calendars where he discovered a change in the length of the year which is the basis of his hypothesis.

Underneath the skin of flying saucers are flat, autotransformer type coils fed with AC. Inductance separates the components of the electric current at right angles to each other, with the magnetic field acceleration vectored outward at a right angle to coils. These electrically propelled vehicles have multiple coils for muliple directions and coils that furnish bouyancy. This propulsion system has another, even more interesting, property. This method of propulsion cancels out the mass of the vehicle, which means, according to Einstein's E=MC2, that the velocity of a zero mass vehicle has no limit. This means that an interstellar journey could only need to last as long as an intercontinental airline flight. So, there's an interstellar, inter-species civilization, but the Earth is still enslaved by an evil Cabal. Alien species have always been visiting Earth and humans will remain in quarantine until we liberate ourselves from our oppressors, who are a threat even to extraterrestials.

There have been two space programs, the public rocket one, and the deep state's secret one, developed from the Nazi antigravitic craft that is financed by the cost overruns of unclassified projects. The expertise derived from Nazi craft enabled the reverse engineering of crashed alien saucers and visits of the stars! Practical interstellar travel is only possible with the use of a free energy system, which can deliver the necessary unlimited acceleration power.

These nearby extra-solar planets discovered in recent years, supposedly by astronomers, must be in solar systems that humans have already visited. How else could we know that the "Super Earth" planet, much bigger than Earth, is 6 billion, rather than 4 billion years old? There's a brand new theory to explain "continental drift" and the constantly expanding rifts on the ocean floors. Planets grow by accretion over the eons. Even the Pacific fits together and the Earth is constantly bombarded by meteors. This material would add up over billions of years.

The completion of DJT's agenda is to release the advanced, free energy power systems used for interstellar travel and other disruptive knowledge to liberate humanity from the clutches of the Cabal. MAGA means the American Republic will continue to revolutionize the world by releasing new technology to the masses as the US has done since the middle of the nineteenth century.

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There is a conflict between me and my friends anons and i don't know what to do.

Basically, i have come up with a new way to run society, one where it benefits the collective of the species and all other intelligent life in the universe and also improvise it and ensures its survival. The first stage of this society is to implement eugenics so that the weak and stupid will not pass on their offspring and the social and economic classes will be slowly abolished, The social and economic classes will not be completely abolished straight away, it will be broken down overtime as the population is told about the good of the species, and besides it cannot be abolished straight away anyway because the weak and stupid must be dealt with first. the goal is to only have one class, the strong and intelligent. the economy will be mixed with capitalistic and socialistic elements until we have reached a post scarcity society where communism can only work, this type of communism will only be economical as my social policies are more spartanist where every citizen is disciplined and told to self-improve and improve their fellow species and all other intelligent species, basically stage one of this system is to ensure that within a few generations the whole population will have the endurance/body of an Olympian, the intelligence of a genius and the discipline of a spartan and later on genetic engineering will be implemented to further improve ourselves, also fossil fuels will be gradually replaced with alternatives such as nuclear fission nuclear fusion and renewable energy.

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Hello fellow tech nuts! If you are like me and need to run

multiple compilers, physics simulations, other programs at the same time and monitor the results at the same time, but no single

CPU and GPU can handle the everything? Or you need to use 4

different operating systems at the same time? enter the world

of personal networked super-computing!

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What do they even use computers for?

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Did Star Trek invent triforce

pic related

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Why there are people who still use IE?

Its a shitty closed-source browser, why there are people that use it?

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8kun thread archival

With the vanwatech DDOS mitigation and captcha, how are you guys handing watching/downloading 8kun threads and content?

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Share IRC Channels

Where do you lurk?

#4chan@rizon, #lainchain and #/g/tech are all pretty comfy and active.

Also, what client do you use? Weechat master race.

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what's the best imageboard software? I like TinyIB but nothing works with my server

Speaking of which, how is your DDOS protection, if any?

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Onee chan

Come post on https://onee.ch/

It's a better place

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Tech help

I’m using a vpn and alternate email to sign up but Reddit keeps banning me. Are they getting my device ID?

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Anti-Thinkpad Thread

I can't fucking stand Thinkpads.

they have this little 14-inch screen

You have to be a midget to use one

and you can't have stubby fat fingers either

So what - use one for a toaster

shitty ram

shitty CPU

run Linux without a DE because that's all it can handle

fuck that

I can get at least a 15.6 inch screen

or a 17.3 inch screen with 104 keys

better cpu

better gpu

more ram - because i can actually fit more into it

and I don't have to worry about having bratwurst fingers

I'm 6'7" for fuck's sake

I also can do better than a poorfag with a thinkpad

so, fuck thinkpads.

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Tox Thread ~ Looking for Rudolph Edition

Tox is technology. Discuss clients, gtk sucks, etc



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>How do I hide from government online without tempest.




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Blockchain ICO Exiting

Be careful of blockchain ICOs. This big data Singaporean company DATAVLT collected 8 mil. USD in Chinese investors' money and then went radio silent. Then after 6 months they sent this notice to the investors.