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A board dedicated to the sexiest cyborg and the manga/anime she's in.

Lot's of 18+ material will be posted here so keep that in mind.

Feel free to contribute to existing threads and make your own threads.

You can post questions, suggestions what you want posted more in this sticky.
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Operators need love too!

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Looks like Leona found herself a new job!

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Just Motoko fan art.

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Well seems like the new manga at least has some good old fashioned goofy humor, that's one thing to rejoice about

their new Motoko (not that Gally-looking girl, she's a newbie) looks like shit (by which I mean Scarjo) and they're introducing more confusing terminology between the net and the internet, though

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Discuss the myriad of fantasy works that feature floof gals and post pics of them.

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Fetish Thread 1

Fetish pics dump

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Futa Motoko

Here's a question for you; is Motoko better with a dick or without one?

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Hentai Thread 1

Hentai pics dump
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>I heard that you were feeling ill

>Headache, fever, and a chill

>I came to help restore your pluck

>cause I'm the nurse who likes to…

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What do you think of Deunan's lingerie eyepatch?

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I can't be the only one feeling weird about seeing Motoko in some of these images, can I?

I like the ones where she's mostly clothed or things are more implicit, but… I don't know. It feels like she's not the kind of person to be "truly" dominated, and a lot of porn likes to show women that way. Which is fine, I sometimes like that too, but in this case it just seems weird.

Plus, she goes around in revealing outfits pretty much daily. She's sexy without being sexualized… somehow.
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Ecchi Thread 1

Ecchi pics dump
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We need a bit more floof around here.

BGC thread time.

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Black Magic Thread.

Talk about how cute F6 is. How unappreciated F5 is. And how no one will ever care about Duna Typhoon.

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It's not hard to get the Major right, you know.


So why does Japan keep fucking it up?

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space lesbians

this is the thread for lesbians from space, discuss Iczers and solnoids and whatnot in here.

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All this talk about one stupid cyborg; Shirow did more than just her you know!

Post Shirow's best bots in this thread.

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Would you eat a puppetburger?

What would it taste like?

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So just how strong is Motoko anyway?

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Funny to think that in spite of how advanced he bod may be, Motoko is still affected by the weather. Based on how atmo pressure can effect people's health and on how the current thunderstorm is fucking with my internet, it's no wonder ol' shousa feels like shit when it's raining.

Can't they do anything to fix that?

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Since we're back and after such a long time, we should check around and make sure there's no gremlins in the board or anything. Be a shame if there's some gremlins mucking up the code and all and there's been plenty of time for such things to sneak in. Sneaky things gremlins…

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Woah! I'm seeing double! Two Motokos!

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Neuro-Hard; the final pre-Kobe Shirow work and the one we've had the least exposure to in the West.

Apparently set in the future where space travel is common enough that a flying space city ends up on a planet covered with giant wasps; another work highlighting Shirow's less recognised fascination with insects.

I'll dump the scans we have of it. Let's discuss possible translation options, the designs and art and generally give this a bit of presence on this board. It definitely deserves its own thread here.

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Hallo you say tere is floof were is floof pls fug :dd

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Seeing these suggestions reminded me that there was once a time when people wanted live action adaptions of anime.

We unforunately live in a post live action GITS world, however while we may live in the ashes, what does everyone think of these choices, and would there be better suggestions either back then or today?

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Project 2501 pleases garbage truck drivers for money!

And then she doesn't get paid! Her pimp Mr Nakamura collects it all cause she couldn't even do anything with it!

I dunno about you but that's what I call a dumb hoe.

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Banners/Spoiler Image/etc

As part of the spruce up, I want to add some new banners, etc to the board; obviously Motoko will be the main focus but if anyone has any ideas or wants to do some banners, etc, post in this thread.

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Doujins and Comics

Dump what you can find/feel like.

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As you can see, Motoko has a smooth Barbie doll crotch.

Now, thematic nonsense aside, we all know that drawing genitals is illegal in Japan, so maybe she's actually supposed to have one, we just can't see it. But think about it: what if censorship laws in future Japan also apply to cyborg bodies, and Motoko ended up with this instead of a snatch?

Now of course we know that she's VERY sensitive so it's not a real problem, but it's funny to think about.

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Trick or treat!

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Hey guys, I got a pic of Motoko naked here.

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Lewd Motoko Stories

Thread for writefaggotry and fapfic over everyone's favourite cyborg.

I'll start us off with an original.

Motoko strode through the hallways, a grim look fixed on her face as she pushed her ways through the crowded corridor; operators jumping aside, not wishing to get in the way of the Major when she was in one of her moods. Technicians found themselves slammed against the wall, having not noticed the cybernetic fury tramping towards them, their conversations interrupted by Motoko barging through. Batou, hearing the Major’s boot steps stamping on the floor, turned around to ask Mokoko something, but as his mouth opened, one glare from Motoko made him bite back the question he was about to ask about the load out she had requested for an upcoming operation, turning away. “Man… what’s got into her lately?” he sighed, trudging off.

Motoko on the other hand, wasn't stopping for anything, and finally had arrived at where she needed to go. Reaching her destination, Motoko slammed for door aside, stomping into the women’s toilets with bitter determination. Her face twisted in anger, as if someone had personally offended every single thing she had held dear. But the moment she turned the lock in the toilet cubicle behind her, her face changed; as if someone had flicked a switch, the death glare faded, as Motoko began to pant, her face suddenly flushed, her artificial skin finally allowed to show what Motoko was truly feeling. It had taken all of her control and skill not to show any signs of the arousal that burned through her. No anger left, just embarrassment and lust.

“Oh damn it… Kurutan, what the hell did you do this time…” she moaned, panting, as she pulled her trousers forward; inside a tight high cut thong clung to her crotch, slick and wet, a blast of hot arousal rising from within her trousers to hit her in the face, making her shiver. “You said this would only last a few hours… it’s been over three days now…” she grunted to herself, thinking back to the brief time off she had, with Kurutan wanting to play around with her body, and introduced a new subroutine to her body’s bios, injecting it into her system via a worm, playfully inserting the drive into her via her input ports. The results had been embarrassing, humiliating and utterly delightful, but when the time came to wrap everything up, the worm refused to be purged from her system. Kurutan had apologised again and again, and said it should only run for a certain number of times before deleting itself but it hadn’t stopped yet. The slow build up of desire, the urge running through her, the knowledge that only one thing will stop her torment. “Can’t think straight like this… manual control won’t work…” she swallowed as she spoke. Her control over her sexual urges and pleasure responses were indeed locked out. The thought of going to the techs and revealing this illegal worm was unthinkable. Only one thing would quiet the burning in her loins. Motoko dropped her trousers, letting them fall to a pile around her ankles, revealing her beautiful curves; hips and ass deliciously sculpt and clinging to her so tight her pussy seems about to burst out of the fabric on the front, the high cut dark thong dug into her crotch.

“Only one thing to do…” Motoko puffed to herself, preparing for what was to come as her fingers gripped the side of her panties tightly. Taking a breath, then another, and another, her body tensed up as she yanked the panties up as hard as she could, gasping in utter delight as her malfunctioning snatch was squeezed by the fabric, the pants assaulting her pussy hard, squeezing and rubbing it tightly as the material was tugged upwards, stretching for higher than anyone would have thought possible.

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In order to get this sorted once and for all, just what the fuck is going on with the metaphysical/deep/philosophy parts of GITS?

I get that Motoko and 2501 merge to become a new entity but how does this become a spiritual thing?

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What if Motoko was a furry?

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Hentai CGs 1

[Shinkuriaku (Zangi)] Toaru Kyuka no Mesu Gorilla (Ghost in the Shell)

[しんくらいく (ざんぎ)]とある9課の♀大猩猩 (攻殻機動隊)

(no text version)
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There's a lot of focus on Motoko's elements, but one thing I think doesn't get enough love is her wardrobe, especially in the manga. For example, this lovely jacket/trouser ensemble with the Indian style embroidered trim

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No one ever really speaks about how Shirow was really quite good at using super deformed depictions of his characters seamlessly in his comics for comedic impact.

Post and discuss Shirow's SD examples and other smol gals here.

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get a load of this slutoko

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Shirow Landscapes

A bit different this time; can we get a thread on all the different buildings, landscapes, cityscapes and more that Shirow's done over his work?

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So I dreamt that I was watching (on TV) the beginning of a 3-part GitS OVA that looked a lot like the PS1 cutscenes. I didn't see much of it, and everything past the OP (which sounded a lot like the Cyber City Oedo 808 UK OP theme) was unsubbed so I couldn't understand it. But it was called Armored Riot Police and not GitS, and was supposedly based on an earlier version of the manga, that was explicitly a spin-off of Dominion, a lot less wordy, and contained a few meta jokes about the publisher. In any case the OVA looked and sounded really cool and was gonna cover how Togusa got into the team, and had 2501 as a recurring villainess somehow.

I was so disappointed when I woke up.

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The Comprehensive Motoko Screen Cap Thread

Motoko screen caps are the best screen caps; this is a fact; but we need to make sure we have a good supply of them, so dump what you got!

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Which Shirow Protag would win in a fight and why would it be Motoko?

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You're minding your own business when suddenly a seska wumpfs into you

wat do?

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Look at how indecently puffy Motoko's crotch is. Why it's almost as large as her hands. Many women would dream of having breasts as puffy as Motoko's crotch.

It's a wonder that it doesn't get poked by curious middle-schoolers on a daily basis

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Stop hogging Motoko you dumb robo-vampire, she belongs to her one true love Batou

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ITT: we come up with super cool pseudonyms for the major!

Because she's the coolest!

Makoto Tsumukari

Jane Excalibur

Suzie Stormbringer

Jill Joyeuse

Lilly Lightsaber

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Motoko Mix-Ups

When one 'toko runs into another!

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Let's settle this! Is Motoko a tomboy or not?

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You think Motoko would get frustrated if someone referred to her as "an android"?

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Shousa is sleeping!

Be very quiet!

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Motoko's hair

ITT, let's discuss one of the most crucial parts of the Major's character design: her hair.

As you know, it varies a lot both across the franchise and within certain works (sometimes even from one page to the next) both in texture and color, but I'm pretty sure that this, right here, is her very best, most definitive hairstyle. It's thick, shiny, floofy, and really encapsulates the blend of spunky, wild tomboyishness, sex appeal and femininity that defines her character. And when it's indigo-tinged it also carries across the idea that she's artificial and that she's a bit of a punk in spite of her job. A cyber-punk if you will.

Also, I'd like to point out that in the last chapter of the manga, we see that her residual self-image (as they say in The Matrix) still has this hairstyle.

If I were to rank her various hairstyles I'd say:

this one > movie > SAC > slicker one from the manga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2017 > Arise.

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Major vs OS-Tans

"That's correct. There has been increasing influence from a mysterious OS organisation.
They seem to have been born from Futaba, but we don't know the full details.
You must immediately infiltrate this organisation, and gather all information on the OS's.
Here is a list of targets."
"Me, XP, 2K, OSX, 95…..Wow! Nice OS's!
Heehee, this OS world is vast."
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Shirow's movietoko > Oshii's movietoko

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Who would win at chess?

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Why does no one care about Duna? She's a super cool sorceress who was created to oppose an entire planetary system wide government and can use super powerful black magic and she's got a cool sword and she's also got cute hair.

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Who's here?

Simple enough.

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

So, what's the verdict?

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I was not aware of this https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=140486

looks like Kodansha is doing official GitS doujins from nips too

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New Comic

So who here is ready for a brand new comic anthology starring everyone's favourite cyborg written by some of The Most Exciting Talent in the industry?

Yeah, me nether. And what's with that dress? Literally looks like rags.

R: 81 / I: 19 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

I know this board is about the Major and she is Best Girl, but there is a slight mystery on our hands we have to address concerning her girlfriends.

Let's begin with the classic scene we all know and love; Motoko is with her lesbian friends, busy being made to squirm under their care. Here we see two women; one with short hair and one with long alongside her.

R: 11 / I: 2 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Would Motoko be better with more seam lines?

I've noticed that in the earlier chapters she's got a few panels, do you think she needs more of those as well as various seam lines on her body? You know to give better access to her working parts

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Okay, who's the smart guy who thought he could just dump Motoko's braincase in a trashcan and get away with it?

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PICTURE THIS: Motoko is walking in the street, which recesses deep into the depth of the moonlit city, she looks into a shop window, and sees naked white mannequins, then the store's lights are cut out, leaving her gazing into her own reflection as a tiny bell goes *chinnng* in the distance. She remains still for fifteen seconds without blinking; the curvature of her eyeballs is perfectly rendered, then she turns back, and sees a basset hound on the other side of the street, staring at her while wagging its tail. She stares back, mouth agape. Then we see her from behind the window, framed by two mannequins, backlit by blinding bluish-grey light. A choir of female voices goes *YOOOOOOOoooOOOOooooOOOOoooo* in a minor chord and we cut to a dizzyingly high angle shot of the scene from a rooftop where many pigeons are lined up. It starts raining. The pigeons fly away, and as they do, the camera focuses on one pigeon who remained in place, doing an extreme close-up of its bulbous eye as the silhouettes of its fellow birds in flight reflect upon its retina. As the camera slowly zooms in, we can also see a reflection of Motoko, who's staring back at it, mouth still agape, as rain pours down upon her Carey Ann Moss face and presumably right into her ice-blue eyes which are still open. The flock of birds can be seen reflected into the puddles of water at her feet. The bird blinks, and she disappears.

Can you guess what it means?