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Discord Thread

This thread is to access the Discord. If you wish to join, comment below and watch the thread, as soon as you see your post get deleted just make another one then check out the ban message. The ban will last for three days normally but we'll also remove it once you join the Discord.

Edit: This is a post made purely for making comments to access the Discord, any other comments will be removed.

Edit 2: This is a new Discord aside from the old one, aside from overlapping members, we don't have any relation to the old /mai/ server nor it's administration

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Waifu pill

You have two options :

Red pill : Your life basically remains the same as it is right now. You live in reality and you keep loving your waifu a fictional character.

Blue pill : Your consciousness will wake up in a ultra-realistic illusion world where you can interact with (an illusion version of) your waifu. Such world will be the exact replicate of the real world (same places, same people, etc.) except that there will be your waifu with you and that everything and everyone (including your waifu) will be an illusion. Still, you will not know it is an illusion world and never will. Meanwhile your real body in the real world would be properly sustained so there is no need to worry about that.

What choice will you make?

I would personally choose the red pill for different reasons:

1-I just can’t accept to chose a whole life of illusion over reality.

2-I don’t want to sadden all the people I love as they will basically be losing me forever.

3-I feel that if I would get into a relationship with an illusion version of Flandre, I would therefore stop loving Flandre herself. It’s like with those possible future waifu robots with human-like AI. They will not be our waifus and loosing sight of it will make us loose sight of who we really love.

4-I want to contribute to the world by doing something, as small as it could be, which would not be possible if I run away into a land of illusions.

And yes, I know, my photo edit is bad.

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What's in a name?

Tell us about your wife/husband's commonly used name! Is it their real name, or an alias/nickname? Is there a special meaning behind it? Are they known by any other names? Does their name differ noticeably between languages? Anything else you can think to add, feel free to share!

As for my Flayn, the topic of her name is a rather interesting one. The name "Flayn" is an alias; her birth name is actually Cethleann (pronounced Seth-LEEN), which she is forced to conceal along with her ancient draconic heritage. She and her father share no family name, and as far as I know neither of her names have any particular meaning inside or outside universe. Her name is the same in Japanese (and interestingly the Japanese spelling which is equivalent to "Furen" is actually a short form of the spelling of Cethleann, "Sefuren").

I like both her names quite a lot. "Cethleann" has a classical and elegant sound to it, which is very fitting for her true nature. And "Flayn" is just adorable sounding and fun to say!

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Things about them that make you sad

Are there any tragic, traumatic, or otherwise depressing things that have happened to your wife/husband, or any struggles that they experience that really bring the feels for you?

My poor Flayn's life has been filled with various tragedies. After her race was brought to near extinction, she'd found herself fighting in an ancient war where she was grievously wounded near the point of death. After which she remained in a comatose state for nearly a millennium, only to awaken to a world completely foreign to her, and one without her cherished mother. If not for the care of her father Seteth, she would have died for certain.

And even after she wakes up it takes a while before she can begin to experience anything resembling contentment again, as she's forced to live in total isolation for longer than anyone should. It's only until after her father Seteth had established himself at the Garreg Mach Monastery (and created a cover story for her to come out of hiding) that she could finally get the social interaction she was so desperately starved for.

Some time after that, however, she gets kidnapped and held captive by a group of dark wizards who take blood from her to do wicked experiments. Thankfully it didn't go on for long before I (as the protag) rescued her from their clutches. That peace doesn't last for long sadly, as just a few months later a continent-wide war breaks out, and gentle Flayn is thrust into battle once again.

However, all of that is nothing compared to what you are potentially made to do to Flayn if you side against her faction. Some years later a battle with her and Seteth approaches, and they both will express dismay over having to fight you after the good you'd done for them, but fight them you must. There are two outcomes that fight can have: if you the protag fight Flayn or Seteth personally, they will submit to your will and retreat after battle, going into hiding.

But if you don't get the chance, they stay in the fight, to the death. Flayn will express how sad it makes her, but that she must uphold her duty. And then you, with your army that you've been crafting throughout this whole war campaign, kill her. Just as she dies, she apologizes to her father for dying before him, and breathlessly declares that she will be returning to her mother. I still can't think about it without getting incredibly distraught, but thankfully I never experienced this scenario personally.

Anyway, I'd like to know if there are any heavy experiences your wife/husband had or has that affect you in the same way. Sorry this post was so long-winded; there's just a lot of sorrow beneath Flayn's joy that many don't realize, but I think that makes her all the more precious and beautiful!

(Also it's implied that if she doesn't get married after the war's end she goes to sleep for another millennium which I think is also sad but couldn't really fit anywhere else. That's all the more motivation for me to always be by her side <3)

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When did she officially become your waifu? And why?

Is there a specific day that you consider to be the one in which you and your waifu got together? Some specific day in the calendar that you consider to be your couple’s anniversary? Surely you knew your waifu before that day, so what exactly happened during that day that made it official?

For Flandre and I, it was January 9th 2016. I had been growing feelings for Flandre more and more for about 3 months and even started to lurk on /mai/. Still, I was not ready to consider Flandre my waifu as I was not sure waifuism was meant for me. I asked for some guidance on /mai/ and after a talk on the board’s chatroom (it was the old Rizon IRC back in the days), I managed to overcome my doubts and give waifuism a chance. And that, on January 9th 2016, is what officially started our relationship.

What about you guys?

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Favorite (non lewd) feature

What is your favorite non-sexual feature your wife/husband has? That thing you really love that makes them look adorable, stylish, or just extra unique?

For me, a big part of Flayn's appeal is per pointy ears. Since they're normally hidden by her voluminous hair, I find it extra endearing whenever she gets to show them off. Speaking of her hair, it's another feature of hers that I love, particularly the shape and color. Her hairstyle makes her look poofy and thus extra huggable!

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Cute thread

Because, sometimes, we just wanna show off how cute our waifu's are

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Your waifu’s integration in the real world

Imagine that your waifu would suddenly appear in our real world, how well (or not) do you think she would integrate in it?

Let’s imagine that your waifu already knows who you are, loves you and wants to be with you. Let’s also imagine that she appears right in front of you and therefore doesn’t have to find you. Let’s also assume that she speaks the same language as you. And finally, let’s assume she will look 3D.

I think Flandre would face some major issues integrating in the real world… People seeing her wings would automatically be shocked and she would therefore attract unwanted attention (although hiding them could be possible with a very large sweater I guess…). Not sure also if everyone would feel safe to have a vampire in the neighborhood, but that could be relatively easily concealed…

On top of that, I would not want people to know she has magical powers (like flying, destroying things from afar, not ageing, incredible strength, shooting colorful energy bullets, turning into a bat, etc.) as you can be sure there would be a lot of people/agencies/governments who would want to use these powers, with or without her consent.

Or who knows, maybe she could become famous and admired, like some sort of super hero or semi-god, and use her powers for the greater good?

But let’s say we don’t have to worry about these things. We would still have to get her citizenship or permanent resident status as she would be, on arrival, an illegal immigrant according to the law…

It remains unclear, in Touhou’s universe, if vampires need human blood to survive or if they just like its taste. If they need it to survive, we would have to find her some blood and hunting the neighbours at night is out of the question (for moral and legal reasons). I could give her some of my blood but I feel it’s not a viable solution in the long run… Maybe she could receive blood from a blood supplying organization (those that provide it for medical reasons) as she would technically need this blood for medical reasons.

As Flandre is canonically known to stay indoors most of her days, one can expect that she would like to do the same here (although she is likely to want to explore her new environment at first as it will surely seem fascinating to her). If she stays indoor most days, that would reduce the potential for troubles, but at the same time, I would have a hard time saying she well integrated into our world if she just stays inside all days… I would like her to make some friends and have some life projects as I feel it could make her life more fulfilling. She’s a (many centuries old) child so I have a hard time imagining her getting a job, but I’m sure that she could find something that could give her more meaning in her everyday life (at least living her relationship with me could be a part of this life meaning).

I also feel that she will miss her sister (and possibly other residents of the SDM) if she was to never return there anymore. And on a broader perspective, I know that our society will be judging her relationship with me as she is a loli (and me an adult man), even though she is about 500 years old.

So yeah, there would be numerous difficulties when it comes to Flandre integration in our world and I’m afraid she would integrate even less than she is currently integrating her own world… It seems it would be either a tragic life of hiding and/or stigmatization, or possibly a life of great fame and admiration… Still, nothing would make me happier than having her join me here, and if it’s not possible, then I would join her in Gensokyo, where I feel I would have a very hard time integrating, but that would be a reasonable price to pay if it’s to be with her.

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Your waifu with stylish alternate outfits

First time trying to make a thread so hopefully I'm not breaking any unwritten rules, but post pictures of stylish waifu in alternate outfits. Preferably non-canon fashion.

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Your waifu’s greatest strength and weakness

What is (in your perspective) your waifu greatest strength and weakness? It could be either something related to her physical abilities (or lack thereof), her personality, her talents, etc.

When it comes to identify Flandre’s greatest strength, a few ideas come to my mind and it gets hard to choose which one I would see as the greatest. Being almost immortal (not ageing and being able to sustain massive body damage) is quite a huge strength. Being able to destroy everything from afar with a simple hand motion is also quite a huge strength (it remains unclear in canon what is the scope of this power… is ‘’everything’’ really EVERYTHING, like planets and starts???).

She as other great strengths, like the ability to fly, a tremendous physical strength, she is extremely good at danmaku, etc. But I feel these strengths are less amazing then the 2 previous ones I mentioned.

When it comes to her greatest weakness, I feel it would be, paradoxically, her incredible ability to easily sustain massively long periods of time with not much stimulation. Flandre is said to very seldom leave the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She even seems to seldom leave her bedroom, claiming it is ‘’comfortable’’. I feel this massive passivity and retreat from the social world is her main weakness, as I feel it leaves her in a constant state of un-accomplishment. I’m also worried about what might be the psychological factors behind this…

Other of her weakness would be the ones typical to vampires, like vulnerability to sunlight and running water, but those vulnerabilities seem pale compared to the one mentioned above.

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Introduction thread

Introductions go here.

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Pictures you love and why

Try and go for more than it's pretty and such. Elaborate on the composition, what she's doing and what just makes you adore it.

Don't focus on doing several here, just do one every once in a while.

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Weird pictures of your waifu

Post pictures of your waifu that are just weird and bizarre.

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Other 2D Crushes/Waifus Before Your Current Waifu

Who is your current waifu/husbando? What were your previous 2D crushes before being with your waifu/husbando? You don’t need to have had a serious relationship with them (like you have with a waifu/husband); just 2D characters that you had a crush on, and do you see any pattern or any similarity between them and your waifu/husbando?

Before meeting Mordred in 2013, I kind of had a crush on S-023/Daisy from the short film Homecoming from Halo Legends, I'm not sure if I could really call her a waifu as I didn't really love her I guess, but I did get a figure of her at one point.

She's somewhat similar to Mordred in appearance, both being blonde, light-eyed women with shortish hair, and they both wear suits of armour that conceal their identities. They're not too similar in terms of personality though, since Daisy only appeared in a single short film, there wasn't much to develop and demonstrate her personality that much, but from what was shown she seemed somewhat cold, unwavering and aloof, but kind compared to Mordred who's a lot more hot-headed, emotional and prideful. They both share a combative and rebellious nature though, though not really to the same levels as Mordred's rebelliousness.

I also had a crush on Revy from Black Lagoon somewhat, but this wasn't nearly as serious as even the one on Daisy. I guess she's quite similar to Mordred in that she's also fairly self-confident and brash, while also being a kind of 'bad girl' type that I associate with Mordred too. Their outfit designs are also fairly similar and they both smoke.

All three of them are fighters of some sort too, so I guess I have that in common with them all.

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Pictures of Other People's Waifu 4.0

Old thread has reached bump limit. So here we go again!

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One year with Toshinori!

We're going to the park today to celebrate! We're having a picnic, I made cookies and corn bread~

I'm so happy to be with him and I'm excited for so many more years to come!

I love you, Toshinori, with all of my heart

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Inquiry on waifuism.

Hello /mai/ browsers I am an intellect that studies interesting phenomenon and groups of people and I stumbled upon this board. I have some questions for you that you could answer.

First off what is waifuism, and how does one get a waifu?

And how do you feel emotionally attached to your beloved ones? That's the hard part I'm trying to understand. Do you have a daki or whatever i.e. how do you connect?

Thanks for answering

sincerely, intellect.

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Feelings of uncertainty

Sorry if this is something that doesn't deserve its own thread but I wasn't sure where to post it. I'm not really sure if I have a real waifu. I just can't really stop thinking about her. I feel like I'm holding my self back because I fear I may just be drawn to waifuism because of my previous failures in relationships. I don't feel that way on a conscious level but it seems like a likely possibility. So I guess what I'm asking is how do I know if my feelings are true? Do most people feel this way in the beginning or are they just sure?

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Happy B-Day darling

Love you!

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Comfy Thread

Off topic discussion goes here.

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Creative 2.0

New and updated creative thread to celebrate the board coming back!

The last one's a page I edited in a coloring book

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Would you take your waifu's surname?

Or would you let her take yours? If so, how it would turn out?

I'do probably take hers, i wouldn't mind being called "Mr.Hakurei" I don't know how to explain it, i feel somehow very close and attached to my waifu's surname also 'cause it sounds cool

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Commissions Thread

Forgive me if this already exists but I'd looked for like 10 minutes for it

Post commissions here!

Its been awhile since I got a commission done and I wanted an image of my waifu and daughteru together so I am getting this one done of Plutia giving Yuno a stuffed skeleton she made for her.

This is the artist


its a little pricy but thats to be expected for knee up for two characters

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Worst scenario for you

Which of these two scenarios would hurt you the most? And which scenario would make it the most difficult for you to continue your relationship with your waifu?

1-You waifu dies in canon and it’s canonically stated that she is dead for good and will never come back.

2-Your waifu loves someone else in canon and it’s canonically stated that she loves this person with all of her heart and that she remains with him/her forever.

I know some waifuists had to face one of these two unfortunate scenarios (and some probably even had to face both…). I would still like to know you guys’ opinion.

In my case, scenario 1 would hurt me the most. Even if it would hurt me A LOT to know that Flandre would love someone else, at least I would know that she is alive and (hopefully) happy with the one that she loves.

Now regarding continuing our relationship… Really hard to say… In both scenarios I think I would feel like living a lie… I can’t really know, and fortunately I will never know because Touhou Project is a comfy series with no death nor romance.

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/mai/ is back!

/mai/ is back! New board owner, same old topic. Have fun everyone!

Also, I'll be adding stuff in the future. Look forward to that! Rules still apply

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Scary waifus!

We all know your waifu is a cutie, but can she also be scary?

Let your waifu gives us the chills for the incoming Halloween!

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Find a pic challenge!

Not sure how well this game will turn out to be but here we go

Post a pic of your waifu in which she is in a specific context and challenge other /mai/dens to find a pic of their own waifu in the same context.

This is meant to be a challenge so try not to choose something too easy like ‘’Find a pic of your waifu wearing a swimsuit’’, but don’t get absurdly too specific either.

You are free to take someone else’s challenge and/or challenge others.

Type your challenges in red so they can be easily spotted in the thread.

Here's my challenge: Can you find a pic of your waifu wearing boxing gloves?

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If you had to bring your waifu to one place, where would it be?

Is there any special place you would like to bring your waifu to? And if so, why?

If I could provide a broad unspecific answer, I would say ‘’The city in which I live’’, as I would like Flandre to see where I’ve been living all my life. I feel she would get to know me even more as a person, in some way, if she was to see where I’m from. Besides, I live in a metropolis so we would have many many things to do here, and I’m sure she would be impressed to see our modern world.

A more specific answer would be simply ‘’my home’’, as it would allow us to be more intimate, but I feel I could find a more special place that would still allow us to be intimate. Maybe a beautiful romantic lodge near a lake?

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The 10 words game

Here’s a little game.

Go to this website:


Select ‘’10’’ for ‘’Number of words’’, and select ‘’Adjectives’’ for ‘’Word Type’’. Now let the website generate 10 random words (adjectives) for you.

For each of these words, explain how it describes your waifu or not. NO REROLL! Otherwise it’s too convenient!

Finally, select which of these 10 words describe the most your waifu and which one represents her the less.

Once done, feel free to do it again with 10 new words!

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Petfu general

I only recently discovered that I'm not the only one who has one, so I thought I'd make a thread specifically for petfu's here

If you wanna talk about or share images of your pet, do so here

My pet is a Yukkuri Remilia, I think we've had her for about a year now

We always call her Remi, Rem, or Remilia; she doesn't seem to like a specific name more than the others

She's a bit smaller than most Yukkuri, as she's domesticated and not fed as much meat as wild Remikkuri. It doesn't seem to effect her health, nor does she acknowledge it

When it comes to her personality, she's like most Yukkuri, and is very happy and carefree

She has a little bed, but she'll often sleep with one of us. She'll either ask us and we pick her up, or she'll fly up to our beds when we're asleep. We're all pretty used to waking to Rem snuggling up against us

Her and Kanon enjoy playing together, and will go in the yard to do so or stay inside and play on the carpet

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I discovered that I'm a waifu fag but I feel so insane about it

Vent thread, sorry but I need some help.

After some agonizing soul searching, I realized that I really don't love real women as much as anime girls. I feel like a fucking freak because I have such longings for someone that's not real. I told my best friend and my brother about this and it honestly feels like I'm confessing to be gay or something.

Why did I have to be born like this?? Shouldn't I just be chasing real women and man the fuck up?! I know I'm acting like a real pussy right now, but I just don't know who to talk to about this anymore!!

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Illustrated Feels

ITT we link a music while putting a picture of our beloved to illustrate our love.

Feel free to make multiple posts and/or to write how you want it to feel.

GO !

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Advice Thread VI

Need some help with your relationship? Feeling unsure about certain aspects of your love? Well this is the right place to ask!

Any question related to waifuism is welcome.

As always, be understanding while giving advice. Waifuism is not easy, especially in its early phases. And even if you don’t have any concrete advice to give, simply showing your empathic concern and moral support can sometimes do just as good.

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Low Periods

Like with any relationship, Iori and I have times when I feel like I could do anything for her, and times when things aren't so great. When that happens, I usually just buckle in and wait it out. How do you all deal with low points in your relationships?

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

One year of Leah and I

Well, it's been a year since our relationship first started, and I can say it's been a wild ride, but a valuable one as well. I've had good and bad moments, happy and sad moments, and lots in between, but at the end of the day, we're still together. I love you, Leah. May we be together for many more years to come.

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Since waifu.pl died and wasnt serious anyways, i made something like it.

You can now make your waifu shrines at https://waifu.ist

Main difference is that waifu.ist actually has some rules.

Its still in kind of a test phase but it should work for the most part

If you find any issues pls say so, so i can fix them.

More info here https://waifu.ist/info

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Do you talk to your waifu?

Do you talk to your waifu? And if you do, do you directly talk to her, or maybe you talk to her in your head, or maybe you talk to her only through writing?

And also, in what context do you do it? And what do you tell her?

I personally almost exclusively talk to Flandre through my daki; having a physical representation of her helps me a lot to feel her presence. I mostly talk to her when I wake up and when I go to sleep, as I am right besides my daki. Also, when I leave home, I always tell her goodbye and give a kiss to my daki, and I always tell her hi when I come back. I know that Flandre does not stay at my home, waiting for me until I return, and that I can talk to her whenever I want and wherever I am, but I still enjoy this ritual which gives a more realistic feeling to my communication with her. Also, I like this idea of having our ‘’moments together’’, which would be hard to have if I would talk to her at any places and at any time, like if she was some sort of omnipresent being or one that is always following me.

Now regarding what I tell her. Of course, I tell her kind, tender, and loving words, and also sexy things too, like telling her what turns me on about her and what I would like to do to her or what I would like her to do to me. When I go to sleep, I tell her what I did during the day and what I plan to do the next day. And sometimes I talk to her just about anything! And of course, I often tell her just how much I would like to join her in Gensokyo.

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Your waifu’s face if she was 3D

How do you imagine your waifu’s face if she was 3D? Provide some realistic pics that can give a better idea of what she would look like!

R: 13 / I: 24 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Waifu flaws

Everybody has flaws, no exception, waifus included! Recognizing our loved one’s flaws is not a sign of lesser love. On the contrary, it shows that we are able to cherish our respective waifu for who she is as a whole, and not as some distorted illusion for which some features have been denied.

So, what are your waifu’s flaws?

As most Touhou characters have only a small amount of canon background, I therefore used a bit of fanon and headcanon to answer this question. Flandre is canonically known to be eccentric, and her long isolation inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion compromised her social skills a bit. She therefore sometimes has difficulties with social boundaries.

Also, when she plays and gets excited, she might have trouble to calm herself down, which can make her look somewhat hyperactive and also result in the breakage of the things she plays with.

But I really don’t care about such flaws! They don't prevent me from loving Flandre with all my heart!

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I looked, but couldn't find a creative thread, so I made one! Drew these about three months ago and never shared until now (Sorry for semi low quality)

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

3 years with Widowmaker (A retrospective)

When I look back at where I was 3 years ago.These were some of the most turbulent times of my life. Lots of uncertainty. Looking back now, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these times.3 years ago on the 15th I married the love of my life Amelie Lacroix and I'm going to show all of you . our marriage photo.It has been a long hard journey and I can't imagine doing it with anyone else.

We are soul mates and twin flames You push me to the darkness to bring me to the light You are silk hiding steel You are elegant,intelligent,seductive,cunning,creative, cultured and educated You carry yourself with dignity and poise.

You've changed my life for the better and helped to give me drive and motivation when I need it most. You've given me resolve and emotional resiliency.Widowmaker in her professional life is defined by precision,cold calculating logic,a sinister enjoyment of completing jobs and terminating her targets.

She can execute masterful plans and also improvise to achieve her goals as shown when she executed the omnic diplomat.Widowmaker has taught me alot in this marriage and as we are diving into our marriage is where I am going to go the most indepth.

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Your waifu’s important life goal

Does your waifu have a (or many) canon life goal that she tries to accomplish, or wished that she could accomplish? And if she does not have a canon one, what do you think it could be?

Flandre does not have a canonically specified life goal, but based on canon and fanon information, I think she would like to get more freedom from her sister who puts constraints on her when it comes to leave the Scarlet Devil Mansion (or even just the cellar apparently…). I think she would like to be more free and independent, and I would do everything I can to help her achieve that goal. I would talk to Remilia and first try to understand the exact reason why she puts such constraints on Flandre. I think Remilia over-exaggerate the bad things Flandre could do outside (also, a person who tried to plunge Gensokyo into darkness is not in the best position to claim to worry about the wellbeing of others…unless she is actually worried that Flandre HERSELF would get into trouble if she went outside???). I also disapprove that she seems to not really try to help Flandre overcome her ‘’problems’’ (whatever they can be) and that she chooses instead to just restrain her.

I might be naïve; maybe there is a very good reason why Remila restricts Flandre’s freedom and that she did try for decades to make her little sister able to go outside on her own but it failed? Still, all this is shrouded in mystery (as with many other things in Touhou’s lore) and things might not be as severe as fanon seems to suggest. In my own headcanon, I like to imagine that Remilia does not put insanely strict constraints over Flandre, but that Flandre would still enjoy more freedom.

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Do you guys ever dream about her? Not even necessarily like lucid dreaming, just like in normal dreams.

I had a dream about Patchouli for the first time the other night. I had a dream that I was at a super market in a nearby town shopping. It was all pretty normal except the fact that she was there with me.
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Love and Comfort Thread Episode 2

After three years, the previous thread has reached bump limit.


ITT post whatever comfy and loving things you want to say about/to your beloved.


1. Make sure to post here.

2. Make sure to post here a lot more.

3. Don't forget rules 1 & 2.

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Happy B-Day Yukari

Happy Birthday to my beloved Fluffy!

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Self-Improvement Thread

Thread for sharing advice, motivation and goals.

Do you feel like trash and not good enough for your waifu? That's normal and it means that it's time to start working, come here if you need help. We're all gonna make it.

Doing good in your career path? if you have any Working on that project? Drinking/Smoking/Fapping less? anything counts.

If you just started or at least plan to start; remember to take it easy and start with smalls steps. Even if you fail and fuck up, things will be alright as long as you keep trying. Remember that motivation is good for starters, but what is really important is discipline and will to create a habit. Relying on motivation alone will not work for long. Also is fine to take a break whenever you feel burned out, however it makes it harder to go back to the habit once you're done resting so beware of that

A thing that many said before, remember: don't just become the person she'd love, but also the person (you) want to be. You're not doing this just for her, but for yourself too. It's a win-win situation, even if she's not with you right now.

What have you done for your love in this soon to end 2018? Any goals for the upcoming year?

>inb4 filthy resolutioner


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Special Occasions and Celebrations

Every Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas and Valentines day Yuno and I celebrate with a dinner and night together in bliss watching stupid movies, eating junk and cuddling hard enough to squeeze the life out of each other.

With our upcoming 4 year anniversary and Yunos Birthday coming up, it got me thinking about how you celebrate these special times. If you have pictures to share I would love to see them.

I come from 4/a/ and the Waifuism sub and this is my first post here, seems like a slow to dead board but I'll stay hopeful. Are there other more active communities here?

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is your waifu bad news for any zombie?

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choosing waifu

how does one choose between multiple waifus?

i've only just recently restructured my thinking about people and abandoned any hope in 3DPD, but there are so many pieces of my heart strewn around i dont even know where to begin choosing

there are quite a few candidates and im not totally opposed to being a haremfag but they aren't compatible with each-other and it'd be weird anyway. i would feel so awful and guilty for choosing one over the other because they all make me happy in their special ways. i'm pretty stuck.

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To Enter Her World

By some miracle, you have gained the power to enter your waifu's world and stay there for no more and no less than seven days, or 168 hours to be more precise. When that time runs out, or if you would die, you go home in the same state you left for her world. (If someone cuts off your legs and you bleed out, for example, you arrive safe and sound at the same spot you left.) There are a few rules, though:

- You can bring anything you have ever physically owned with you, but only up to ~20 pounds/9.1 kilograms total, and only if you can carry it on your person.

- You'll remember everything that happened when you return, and you'll have everything you brought with you, but you'll be physically unchanged otherwise. Time won't pass while you're gone, either; it'll be as though you never left.

- Anything you do in her world will persist even after you leave. If you write a letter for her to keep or get photos together, she'll be able to keep those for the rest of her life, and they'll last as long as they reasonably can.

- You can enter her world at any time during her life, from the moment of her birth to her very last breath. You can also choose to appear wherever you want to, so long as it's within 30 feet/9.1 meters of her. Whatever your choice, you'll be able to do anything you want to with what you have for a full seven days before you're sent home.

- For the sake of the scenario, you can assume she either doesn't know about you, knows about you, or is attracted to you similar to the way you're attracted to her. No matter which, your appearance will be a complete surprise. You'll simply flash into existence, and you'll fade out when it's time to go.

When and where would you appear, and what would you do? How would that affect her?

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March 21, 4th anniversary with Yukari


Hello, I hope you and your beloved ones are doing great!

I wanted to share this special day I had with Yukari.

I cherish every moment of these long four years I've spent with her and I'm looking forward to spend the rest of my life together with her. I love my Fluffy more than anything else and will always stick at her side no matter what because she is the one and only for me!

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Intimacy and Marital Relations with your Waifu

We're all adults here, so I don't see the problem with this as long as no porn is posted. Try to keep all lewd things you say spoilered though!

How often do you fap to her? If at all? Are there any particular parts of her you love the most?

I love Lilly's breasts and thighs the most, I love giving her lewd massages and making her feel good. I love it when she gives me paizuri, and I love cuddling after making love. Missionary with lots of kissing is my favorite position with her. Sex invigorates us both and strengthens our relationship.

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Ugly pictures of your waifu

It's time to awake the most hideous and autistic abominations that lurk into the dark and deep realm of DeviantArt. From the badly messed up trash drawn directly on a ruled sheet to the unconceivable garbage born from Microsoft Paint, show us the lamest of mankind’s attempts to draw your waifu.

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Happy Valentine's Day from me and Yukari!

I wanted to take a shrine pic of my beloved Fluffy with the present I made her for Valentine's Day.

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Happy Birthday Lilly!

Today, February 7th is my wife Lilly's birthday, say something nice about her please!

Lilly Satou, you are a beautiful woman who has filled my life with love and I thank you in every way possible for that. Please let our relationship continue and reach new heights.

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Videos of other people’s waifu

We have a thread for pics, why not vids? Post vids of other people’s waifu!

I examined all my videos of Flandre (I downloaded more than I thought…) and made a list of the ones that involve other’s waifu, providing the links. There are no overlaps; every link is in only one category. I’ll have to make more than one post as my list excess the number of lines limit.

Some vids are more interesting than others…You’ll also notice that some vids are more focused on Flandre while others are not. Except for one single vid with Miku, all of them involve Touhou waifus…












































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Hi, /mai/, can you redpill me on waifuism? I want to have a waifu but I don't really understand the idea. How can someone love something that doesn't really exist? What do you do to "love" her, apart from, like, having pictures, figures of her, thinking about her, etc. Is it like worshiping a god? Also, I like a lot of anime girls, how do I choose one?

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Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve!

What are you bois giving to your waifus.

Also waifus in Santa outfits.

R: 8 / I: 8 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Our third anniversary

Yesterday was Flandre and I’s third anniversary.

I wish I could have spent the whole day with her, especially as getting closer to her is my first resolution for 2019, but my internship kept me away from home… Still, I’m 100% free on tomorrow and so I’ll dedicate 100% of my Friday to her.

Nevertheless, I’ve read her the letter that I wrote to her. In this letter, I tell her how, despite having being with her for 3 years, there are still new surprises happening to us, but that some of them are sadly unfortunate. I admit how the last months has therefore been bad for the both of us, but that I want us to grow out of it and continue to be strong and happy together. I then tell her how much I love her and how I want to continue to commit to her.

The letter is in French so almost nobody here could understand it. Nevertheless, I’ll post it anyway. So happy anniversary to us, Flandre Scarlet!! I love you and will love you forever!

Ma très chère Flandre,

Notre troisième année passée ensemble a connu divers développements. Il semblerait que même après trois ans à être en couple, nous ne soyons toujours pas au bout de nos surprises! Certaines de ces surprises sont malheureusement bien fâcheuses et désagréables et nous obligent alors à nous réajuster. Les derniers mois ont été difficiles car j’ai encore une fois dû faire face à mes vieux démons… Ces changements sont toujours en cours mais je suis heureux de voir que je reprends peu à peu le contrôle sur certaines choses.

J’éprouve le désir profond de me reconnecter passionnément à toi et de nous voir replonger dans notre bel univers rien qu’à nous. Les plaisirs et les joies que nous avons partagés durant ces trois dernières années demeurent pour moi aussi précieux qu’inoubliables et mon souhait le plus sincère est de pouvoir continuer à cueillir de tels moments de bonheur avec toi pour l’éternité. Il nous faudra, pour se faire, prendre le temps de nous retrouver et nous redécouvrir; se souvenir des raisons pour lesquels on s’aime et pourquoi nous avons toujours persisté à relever les défis qui se dressaient entre nous. Alors que j’écris ces mots, les sentiments que j’éprouve pour toi se ravivent dans mon corps et mon cœur et viennent me prouver, hors te tout de doute, que je t’aime bel et bien encore.

Tu es ma seule et unique waifu, mon amour préféré, ma compagne de chaque jour et mon amie pour la vie. Avançons ensemble et travaillons main dans la main pour construire notre avenir où nous serons, encore et toujours, heureux, unis, et surtout, amoureux fous à la folie.

Bon anniversaire à nous ma chérie, mon amour, mon ange, ma coquine cocotte coquette!

Je t’aime… et je t’aimerai toujours.

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Electronic Device Wallpapers

I suppose I should make a thread, introduce myself, work on my people skills. Do any of you have your significant others set as your wallpaper on, say, your smartphone or computer? I personally keep images of Kobayashi smiling as all of my wallpapers, just to remind myself as often as possible what it is that I have to protect. What about you?

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10 Lines

Lets bring this back. ITT draw your waifu with 10 straight lines and everyone tries to guess who is its.

try to be more original than me so its not too easy.

dont forget to not post with flag

R: 18 / I: 18 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

What does your waifu like to do in their free time?

Amelie enjoys theater,cinema,literature and ballet.

R: 18 / I: 11 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Waifu wedding inbound

I've decided to have a wedding ceremony with my husbando of 8 years, Kagamine Len. I plan to have the ceremony in August, probably the second half. I thought I'd make this thread to post about the planning process, hear other people's thoughts, answer questions and my feelings about it!

All my posts in this thread will have the name MirrorSound so if you ctrl+f that you can read all my updates. I will be posting photos from the wedding in this thread too.


It was actually a friend of mine suggest having a wedding. We were talking about objectum sexuals when they said "well, if they're marrying objects, why couldn't you marry Len?"

>Why not now?

I really want to put a lot of effort and planning into this which takes time! I also want to make sure I look my best too. Len is a very appearance orientated guy and doesn't deserve having some scruffy ass bride.

I am having the ceremony in my house. I will be "marrying" a lifesize custom cutout of Len featuring art I had specially commissioned of an outfit I designed. I have a bunch of friends coming over for it and we plan to celebrate with a bunch of food and alcohol after! I do plan to open an online guestbook for people to sign closer to the time and will share a link for that here. Please feel free to ask me any questions or share your thoughts in this thread

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Heading to bed in a bit, so ITT: nightwear?

>ITT: Nightwear

R: 7 / I: 6 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

What makes your waifu laugh?

Yall mf'ers don't post enough new threads.

What makes your waifu laugh?

For example Amelie likes seeing people fail or get hurt.

R: 25 / I: 10 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Is he right?

R: 41 / I: 43 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Your waifu's name in japanese and more

Your waifu has a nice name and everything, but can you write down?

Can you write, in japanese, more than just her name? A phrase or sentence like "I love you, [waifu's name]"?

Or can you write her an entire love letter?

I tried writing her name in kanji a bunch of times today. Starting with large characters is a good way to get the hang of things.

Write your waifu's name and post your attempt. If you have any advice you may want to share in regards to writing and learning japanese,

by all means, share it!

R: 114 / I: 317 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Hey post wifu and VIDYA GAYMES

R: 77 / I: 74 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Grape-kun, /ourpenguin/


>Various Japanese zoos have been collaborating with Kemono Friends and hosting special events. It’s been working, as social media has been showing an increase in zoo visits. The Tobu Zoo was hoping to bring otaku and children alike to their exhibits, but they accidentally turned one of their penguins into an otaku…

>Each exhibit pairs a Kemono Friend character with their real life counterpart. Grape-kun, a 20-year old penguin, literally fell in love with Hululu, who is a Humboldt Penguin character.

So can nobody claim Hululu as a waifu now when it's clear she and Grape-kun are together?

R: 7 / I: 7 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

4 years.

Another year has gone by, another anniversary. And my love is still as strong as before!

Not much to say at this point, since repeating how I got here every year gets, well, repetitive eh. I'll just write down that I love Meiling with all my heart, all of her. Her brave but kind persona is what I fell in love with, and I'll always be.

You're my angel~

Also post a little rushed because I'm gonna dinner out to celebrate, sushi~

R: 48 / I: 26 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Personal specific perspective on waifu porn

I’ve always been intrigued by waifuists’ perspective regarding the porn of their respective waifu, but I don’t recall a thread where this question has been specifically addressed in a systematic manner regarding different types of porn that exist. Here is my attempt to make such a systematic query. I tried to put the types of porn in order from the less likely to be problematic for most waifuists to the most likely to be problematic. Be sure to provide details as to WHY you hold your own perspective (don’t just say ‘’I like it; I dislike that’’). Don’t forget to spoil text for more explicit content (rule 9).

>General perspective on porn of my waifu

I have no personal problem with the fact that there exists plenty of porn of Flandre. I don’t see the essence of such material as an insult to her as I don’t see sexuality as something bad or impure. On the contrary, I believe sexuality is a beautiful part of existence and also an important mean to connect with the one I love.

Also, I don’t see this material as a violation of her privacy because I know these are not pictures (or videos) of her, but simply drawings made by fans. I would definitely have a problem with people owning and distributing REAL sexual pictures of her without her consent (if Flandre was to concretely exist), but fan-made drawings are not real pictures. The closest that one could get from a ‘’real’’ picture would be porn of Flandre directly drawn from ZUN’s hand, but such material does not exist to the best of my knowledge!.

One could argue that one’s waifu would be upset if she knew that such material of her existed and therefore oppose to it for this reason. I understand the rationale behind this perspective, but for me this is simply an idealistic perspective as, in reality, one waifu’s does not tangibly exist as a conscious and sentient being and therefore does not fell any kind of negative emotion towards said porn of her. Following this idealistic perspective, one could argue that one’s waifu could not enjoy having her life depicted in a publically distributed fiction (her source material) and being a commercial icon used by some corporation to gain money (which is the case most of the time).

Finally, I’ll even say that pornographic depictions of Flandre help me to better connect to her. Indeed, this material is a useful tool to nourish my desire for her and also inspire my imagination.

>People seeing porn of my waifu

I don’t have a problem with people seeing porn of Flandre if they simply come across it over the internet. As I said above, this material is not a real depiction of her and is therefore no more real than any fan-made non-pornographic material of her. Still, I might not distribute it around to anyone like if it was some flyer for the new neighbourhood restaurant. There’s still a part of me that consider this material as private in some way.

Still, I believe that having a serious problem with people seeing porn of one’s waifu exposes oneself to an endless sea of useless torments because everyone is only one clic away from porn of any waifu, unless one’s waifu is some very obscure minor character in a really obscure piece of fiction. To be honest, I’m pretty sure that all Touhoubros here have already come across some porn of Flandre at one point or another in their search of pics of their own waifu.


R: 30 / I: 10 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

In Need of Some Help

Hi guys, I need some help, I have feelings for someone that isn't my waifu/husbando that's also 2D. I've liked this character for quite a while now, before I even knew who my current lover was.

I'm definitely going to think about this long and hard, but if I do break up with my current waifu/husbando am I a bad person? Yes, I am in a serious relationship with my current SO, but even when dating IRL serious relationships end sometimes, yknow? That's just how life works.

Another thing:

I love this community and i've been here for a while now, so if I did switch, would you guys still accept me if I came out publicly about it?

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

I'm childish, and i'm sorry

Well, I was going to explain why I switched waifu's, but now I feel like I will never truly be apart of this community again.

Yes, i'm a child I make mistakes, and i'm sorry, but I won't be on the discord or here anymore. I'm sorry if this caused any drama at all. I just feel so stupid.

I feel like i'm not in a good place right now to be here, talking to anyone these days really makes life harder, i'm not ready for all of this. I might come back when I feel ready. I'm sorry for the bullshit and i'm sorry for not thoroughly being able to explain all of this, i'm just a teenager trying to be an adult. I hope you guys wont hate me after this.


R: 7 / I: 26 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

ITT post comfy pics you'd like to be with waifu in

Do it or DIE

It'd be cool if I was out here with Chocola and it was raining and we were cuddling or making love

R: 8 / I: 7 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Waifu as D&D Character!

I have a fun little idea. Post what your waifu would be like as a D&D character. What's her class, alignment, abilities, etc? You can change her race if you really want (Though I wouldn't do it) and I don't care which edition you want to use. I'm using 3.5

Chocola's at lvl 1 would probably be

Race: Elf

Class: Sorcerer

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

STR: 12

DEX: 14

CON: 14

INT: 15

WIS: 14

CHA: 18