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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

ec6314 No.1842378

Welcome To Q Research General

...when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

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Wednesday 06.20.2018

>>1840075 ----------------------- Now that's what I call a VIP!

>>1838471 ----------------------- Shift in tactics

>>1838281 rt >>1838246 ---- Are they serious?

>>1838246 ----------------------- Boom!

>>1837073 rt >>1837019 ---- Look for more direct confirmations. It's time

>>1837019 rt >>1836621 ---- TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING

>>1835669 ----------------------- We hear you, Patriots! WWG1WGA!

>>1834282 ----------------------- Abandon Ship! Hussein Staff Talking

>>1831799 ----------------------- They want you DIVIDED!

>>1829713 ----------------------- DOJ forced to supply

>>1828656 rt >>1828594 ---- (Sheila Jackson Lee is) Part of the club

>>1828504 rt >>1828481 ---- Spelling error due to mobile

>>1828481 ----------------------- FF Prevented

Tuesday 06.19.2018

>>1823560 rt >>1823342 ---- Thank you ALL for your service!

>>1822846 rt >>1822797 ---- It's Collusion!

>>1822797 rt >>1822727 ---- Coinkydink #589462443

>>1822612 ----------------------- More Confirmation of Q's proximity to POTUS

>>1821327 rt >>1821067 ---- It's 45!

>>1817047 ----------------------- What a wonderful day

>>1816809 ----------------------- The American people are NOT STUPID

>>1814509 rt >>1814421 ---- What is this? Would she know? (Re: Sheila Jackson Lee, On RR and firing on Friday)

>>1814421 rt >>1814299 ---- ([JPC]). What a coincidence.

>>1814067 ----------------------- Sample. Why so much attention?

>>1813048 ----------------------- DECLAS. LP “Viva Le Resistance.”

>>1809336 ----------------------- Free Iran!!! Fight, Fight, Fight

Monday 06.18.2018

>>1808021 rt >>1807979 ---- You asked for popcorn

>>1807982 ----------------------- Amanda Renteria. Bridge LL & HRC...

>>1805429 ----------------------- No name absent. End near?

>>1805203 rt >>1805065 ---- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nIBa7VLumWk

>>1804985 ----------------------- Articles on John Huber, Sessions & a Grand Jury

>>1804576 rt >>1804036 ---- Grand Jury in place?

>>1803997 ----------------------- Poof! (Q Post from 10.29.17)

>>1803264 rt >>1803191 ---- Amanda Renteria

>>1803151 ----------------------- Autists catch the exchange re: POTUS private calls w/ Kim (new number) via iPhone?

>>1798840 ----------------------- Did you know?

>>1798425 rt >>1798338 ---- Ability to share [open]

>>1798337 ----------------------- What a wonderful day

>>1795210 rt >>1795201 ---- Message not for Anons. (re: >>1794770 )

>>1795178 ----------------------- http://www.tehrantimes.com/news/424351/EU-is-taking-steps-to-protect-companies-in-Iran http://iran-daily.com/News/216823.html

>>1794770 ----------------------- D Morning sun brings heat

>>1794676 ----------------------- /patriotsfight/64

>>1794562 ----------------------- J C

>>1794556 ----------------------- Eggshells

>>1794536 ----------------------- http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/04/fired-white-house-official-joins-doj-at-trumps-insistence.html - Important to remember.

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ec6314 No.1842397


are not endorsements


>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags

>>1746620 ; >>1746924 Announcements From The War Room


>>1841422 Where in the world is Sergio Lopez


>>1841826 Back to bed!

>>1841709 The great lawyer migration

>>1842067 , >>1841737 Meanwhile in Armenia

>>1842110 , >>1842266 Partial Speech Transcription

>>1841997 All time high optimism!


>>1840752 , >>1840871 It's just a ring guys, don't get all culty alex jones on me

>>1840804 Who are the racists

>>1840840 17 Months after taking office

>>1840903 Theory on "R they serious?"

>>1840814 FBI anti-trump texts

>>1840924 Why are they elite?

>>1840962 Protester DOJ employee

>>1841083 Raymond Arroyo tells Laura Ingraham: "Darkness to the Light Laura!"

>>1841191 New Q Proof

>>1840901 RR is done, announcement coming soon…..(Anon) thinks!

>>1840714 The Q Signal!

>>1841277 Doorknob is new double tap to back of head

>>1841258 Beast Mode Activated

>>1841356 Anons .pdf case files


>>1840117 Sounds like today

>>1839952 , >>1839968 #GreatAwakening

>>1840228 , >>1840229 , >>1840207 , >>1840176 , >>1840427 Water for the plants!

>>1840309 , >>1840369 , >>1840371 Full Video

>>1840606 How many connections?


>>1839170 , >>1839173 , >>1839176 , >>1839183 , >>1839201 , >>1839187 What was POTUS waiting for?

>>1839227 06/21/18 - Summer Solstice

>>1839234 , >>1839269 Leftists are better at finding 17 year olds than Russians

>>1839515 Get your Meme Ammo here!

>>1839620 IT did not make IT

>>1839793 They think it's cool


>>1838416 We are everywhere!

>>1838439 Game of Thrones

>>1838685 (confimations intensify)

>>1839046 , >>1839040 , >>1839013 , >>1838991 [[[ [[ [ R / + ++ +++] ]] ]]]

>>1839116 Umbrage info


>>1838242 Miss the rally? It was EPIC! Link to watch it

>>1838077 New Graphic: 'It's Time'

>>1837861 >>1837958 Do You Q?

>>1837966 , >>1837860 , >>1837896 ,>>1837870 POTUS finishes the rally with our QAnon!

>>1837828 Our WikiFag keeps up the edits on the Q page

>>1837664 Another new QProof from the rally


>>1837421 CIVIL CASE AGAINST HRC + BC (CF), George Soros, John Podesta, David Brock, & Others

>>1837231 ICE Doxx twatter taken down

>>1837078 New QProof from the rally

>>1836977 Brian Kilmade/Mark Meadows suggest Peter Strzok in the White House


>>1836244 Calendars with notables and dates Q posted

>>1836779 , >>1836621 , >>1836604 , >>1836732 POTUS walks by our QAnon and points to him too!!!!

>>1836477 POTUS Tweet: Sorry to those who can't get in! (PACKED ARENA)

>>1836358 , >>1836418 , >>1836399 , >>1836477 , >>1836606 Q's spotted at the rally

>>1836404 SpreadSheet Update

>>1836253 Challenged at home, Merkel seeks emergency EU meeting on migration

>>1836156 Great Awakening Volume 39


>>1835873 WH Dep Chief of Staff to leave after keeping NK summit secrets & links to sex cult NXIVM

>>1835720 , >>1835643 Rally live streams

>>1835535 Digging on Kevin E. Clinesmith (FBI attorney #2)

>>1835456 Q Hat at the Duluth POTUS rally

>>1835389 'Glitches' on AF1, possible Q-proof?

>>1835416 Allison Hrabar's LinkedIn Profile

>>1835397 6 Case Studies That Point to a Massive Child Pedophile Ring at the Highest Levels of Power


>>1835067 Peter Fonda, Proved to be Big Hypocrite

>>1835046 Pedo News Today

>>1834861 For the ClockFags

>>1834848 Planefag Updates

>>1834716, >>1834865, >>1834993 One of the violent protesters who harassed Secretary Nielsen last night at dinner is employed by the Department of Justice


>>1834162 Moar Digging on Amanda Renterias Campaign Manager

>>1833902 George Soros Summoned

>>1833984 Another Savage Trump Tweet "Trolling is Fun"

>>1833940, >>1834384, >>1834421, >>1834422, >>1834384 Planefag Updates

>>1833897 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Delays Release of Grand Jury Report on Church Sex Abuse

>>1833873 New Trump Tweet Gives US New Hashtag #StopTheBias

>>1833854, >>1834418 Hungary's pro-Trump, populist government pushes Soros crackdown

>>1833837 Scott Adams Video About the Coup & the Brainwashed

Best Of Bread https://8ch.net/qresearch/notables.html

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

Post last edited at

ec6314 No.1842400

Summaries Of IG Report 2018.06.14

>>1747860 Proof that we are reading the redacted version of the IG Report

Numbering per .pdf pages

Good Work. Now Let's Reread.

Link to IG Report: https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download

Pg 01 - 20 ----- >>1747509 , >>1747805 , >>1747957 → Summary of 'We'll stop him' Strzok-Page Text"; >>1747965

Pg 20 - 40 ----- >>1747772

Pg 40 - 60 ----- >>1755490 Report: >>1755685 (Only caught/updated now) >>1807814

Pg 60 - 80 ----- >>1747537

Pg 80 - 100 --- >>1747564 , >>1747862, >>1747977, >>1749302, >>1749507, >>1749114, >>1747977, >>1751032, >>1754500

Pg 100 - 120 -- >>1748215 , >>1764454

Pg 120 - 140 -- >>1748336 Reports: >>1756672, >>1763391

Pg 140 - 160 -- >>1764180 , >>1764613

Pg 160 - 180 -- >>1748418 Reports: >>1752746, >>1752794, >>1752800

Pg 180 - 200 -- >>1748984 , >>1748989

Pg 200 - 220 -- >>1748466 Report: >>1751208

Pg 220 - 240 -- >>1749012 Reports: >>1751004, >>1752440

Pg 240 - 260 -- >>1749332 Report1: >>1750369, Pt 2/2 >>1750369, >>1752260

Pg 260 - 280 -- >>1749515 Reports: >>1750903, >>1751118

Pg 280 - 300 -- >>1750186 , >>1771852, Comprehensive Summary >>1771856

Pg 300 - 320 -- >>1750594

Pg 320 - 340 -- >>1752689 , >>1752705, >>1752724, >>1752736, >>1759531

Pg 340 - 360 -- >>1752957 Reports: >>1754243, >>1754248, >>1754255

Pg 360 - 380 -- >>1754322 Reports: >>1755429, >>1755440, >>1755447

Pg 380 - 400 -- >>1755463 Reports: >>1756365, >>1756374, >>1756378, >>1756382

Pg 400 - 420 -- >>1750687 Reports: >>1752506, >>1752786

Pg 420 - 440 -- --------------- Reports: >>1754107, >>1754699, >>1755187

Pg 440 - 460 -- --------------- Reports: >>1754709

Pg 460 - 480 -- >>1755870 , >>1755884

Pg 480 - 520 -- >>1747603 , >>1747572, >>1747525, >>1747790, >>1752911

Pg 520 - 540 -- >>1766802 , >>1773274 Reports: >>1790914, >>1790958

Pg 540 - 568 -- >>1753854 Reports: >>1754312, >>1754335, >>1754347, >>1754461, >>1754472, >>1754488, >>1754502

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Dough pastebin.com/2c5CTxDu

ec6314 No.1842438

Notables UPDATE


>>1841422 Where in the world is Sergio Lopez


>>1841826 Back to bed!

>>1841709 The great lawyer migration

>>1842067 , >>1841737 Meanwhile in Armenia

>>1842110 , >>1842266 Partial Speech Transcription

>>1841997 All time high optimism!

913a7c No.1842447

File: 78bf196fcf3d8a3⋯.jpg (100.49 KB, 700x525, 4:3, IMG_9818.JPG)

Policy is working

ec6314 No.1842458


Use this dough

for next bake, removed offensive notables.

07458b No.1842467

Q+ is when potus speaks through Q. Note the tone shift. Pure Trump.

5a2b2e No.1842468


We summon the Angels of Gemini, Mercury, Sun, Cancer and Moon, To work with us, work with us to accomplish evil's doom- (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

From the celestial equator, we summon the Sun of Righteousness eternal Light, To bind the principalities and demons of the night- (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

We seal the portals of the south from which you seek to come, And declare in Jesus name, It's Done! It's Done! It's Done! (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

Your sacrifices and offerings are powerless and dead- You can no longer bring Fear and Dread. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

I send confusion and division among these wicked men, Let them turn on each other - let this be their end. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

All of your kingdoms and wealth you have built- Must now fall, crumble and wilt. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

The angels of Love, Justice and Light, Attend to these words as they take their flight. Amen. Amen. (repeat 7x with passion, authority and visualizing)

0d6acb No.1842469

>>1842329 (LB)

Mormonfag here: http://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=4596141&itype=CMSID Ex-president died earlier this year.

https://ldssexchildabuse.blogspot.com/ big pedo cover ups all the time.

598512 No.1842470


Are you really the BO?

cac51b No.1842471



I'm sure you will do it next bread too

see you then

d446cf No.1842472


A more serious tone, i thought it to be a general the way the tone is.. but agre prob Potus.

A whole 3 of us in this bread rod new

d216ce No.1842473

America is rising up and closing the southern border gate of Lucifer, to empower it's citizens to look to a higher power of good. Cern might have it's portal to hell however, Americas portal is that southern border. We need that wall built ASAP. Read "Behold A Pale Horse". The evil ones will not succeed. Potus was chosen for a reason of faith and righteousness. He has sacrificed so much for us all. May God continue to Bless Potus, His Family, His Administration, Q Team, Our Military, and Our citizens. We Are Here To Serve The President.

ec6314 No.1842474

New Baker Requested

023248 No.1842475


God damnit Baker… explain to me why the fuck this copy pasta below is a MASSIVE NOTABLE? I've seen it 5x today. It's bullshit.

>>>1839936 This isn't a fucking notable. It's been spammed all day today.

4f5097 No.1842476

Reposted from last Bread:

No doubt RR is guilty, but is he being used, along with Mueller, as useful idiots?

Who nominated Republican RR?

President Donald Trump nominated RR to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice on February 1, 2017.

Rachel Brand, the Associate AG, resigned 19 days later. Was this to make way for the AG POTUS wanted when they were done using RR?

RR was one of the 46 United States Attorneys ordered on March 10, 2017 to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Trump declined his resignation.

RR was confirmed by the Senate on April 25, 2017, by a vote of 94–6. Sessions was confirmed 52-47. Remember Sessions tried to make RR resign. Did this improve RR’s confirmation chances by the Senate?

In May 2017, RR authored a memo which President Trump said was the basis of his decision to dismiss FBI Director James Comey.

RR appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election and related matters based on the firing of Comey.

Why did POTUS interview Mueller for the FBI Director job if he knew Mueller couldn’t serve the term legally?

RR is stonewalling documents to Congress to protect his own ass but does it not also allow Huber time to set everything up?


This is the greatest chess game of all time. How do you trap a wild animal? What is the point of all this confusion? We will find out soon.

cac51b No.1842477


yes anon, his trip GLOWS (flashes kek)

aab87f No.1842478

>>1842444 (lb)

Mexico will have New President and will be more with China/Russia

a1f498 No.1842479

File: d5326bb89d2bbc0⋯.jpg (254.71 KB, 847x1301, 847:1301, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-….jpg)

False Flag attempt PROSECUTED

Idiot posing as alt-right on /pol/ talked about shooting people at last year's free speech rally.

trying to figure out who his attorney is…


indictment details:


2fae3e No.1842480


As if you didn't have enough warning



You're a faggot, baker

e0a81f No.1842481

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

per request lb, Hogg double-talk

44ad84 No.1842482


Q+ Is Your President.

01cf7b No.1842483


Can someone delete this…its satanic…

4fe417 No.1842484


Brilliant savd

598512 No.1842485


Hope he replies. I've gots a question.

aab87f No.1842486

Change for good or Worse?

Georgia gets new PM promising small government

The former prime minister resigned after apparently clashing with the behind-the-scenes leader of his Georgian Dream party, Bidzina Ivanishvili

Bradley Jardine Jun 18, 2018

Georgia has a new prime minister-designate after a surprise decision by former premier Giorgi Kvirikashvili to step down.

Finance Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze now heads Georgia’s government after the country’s ruling party, Georgian Dream, nominated him for the role of prime minister. Bakhtadze, a former CEO of Georgian Railways, has announced a series of structural changes to the cabinet that will see key Kvirikashvili allies removed from office.

Bakhtadze’s appointment follows Kvirikashvili’s decision to resign on June 13, citing “disagreements on fundamental issues” with Georgian Dream chairman, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili. The resignation followed weeks of protests in the Georgian capital.

Kvirikashvili’s decision triggered the resignation of his cabinet.

Prime Minister-designate Bakhtadze has indicated that he intends to remove ministers close to his predecessor. On June 18, he announced a major shake-up in the cabinet according to what he called the principle of “small government.” The move will reduce the number of government ministries from 14 to 11.

“[Small government] entails flexible and effective government institutions,” he said.

Bakhtadze also announced that six ministries will see personnel changes, but did not elaborate on which ministers would be replaced.

The changes will require a fast-track acceptance procedure. According to Georgian law, structural changes to cabinet require a separate amendment process. Bakhtadze said the cabinet will undergo a vote of confidence, scheduled for June 20, featuring 14 acting ministers, before being presented to parliament again, with just 11 ministers, following the amendment process.

The prime minister-designate has also asked for the approval process to be sped up during the initial vote of confidence so that there can be more deliberation during the second phase. This second phase will take place within two to three weeks of phase one, according to Bakhtadze.

The shake-up will see two close associates of the former prime minister removed from office. When the 14-member cabinet of ministers is presented to parliament for the first phase it will exclude both Minister of Economy Dimitri Kumsishvili and Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze, both of whom will be replaced by their deputies for the vote.

Along with small government, the prime minister-designate outlined other key components of his agenda during his four-minute acceptance speech on June 14. Bakhtadze said the “completion of the Georgian people’s historic choice – integration into the Euro-Atlantic space” would be of prime importance.

His speech also touched on innovation, which would be stimulated via the introduction of an undefined “new economic model.” Bakhtadze also emphasised education reform, which will play a key role in Georgia’s strategy to reconnect with its breakaway territories.

“It is exactly the enthusiastic, educated, entrepreneurial and confident youth who will place Georgia on the map of developed economies,” he said. “It is exactly such a Georgia we offer to our Abkhaz and [South] Ossetian brothers, so that we can return to a single family.”

https:// eurasianet.org/s/georgia-gets-new-pm-promising-small-government

ec6314 No.1842487


Thank you!

d0349e No.1842488

It's time for a Democrats immigration hypocrisy twatter storm, Anons. The Democrats and Liberals are already trying to claim victory regarding Trumps executive order stopping the separation of families at the border. They are spreading around that he 'caved'. Time to prove otherwise!

Also, keep the pressure up regarding Peter Fonda (for those that haven't seen it yet..Fonda called for Barron to be 'ripped from his mother's arms and thrown into a cage with pedophiles'). Flotus has already alerted the Secret Service, and I tagged all the other federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies (though thinking about it now…I think I forgot the Clowns In America).

0ecc75 No.1842489

File: ea68bfbd434fcbe⋯.png (114.63 KB, 550x730, 55:73, bw.png)



The most beautiful aspect of Nasim is she serves as a quality prism of the soul: through her we discern the wheat from the chaff.

People who don't like Nasim are of poor quality, and these you can safely filter, for they suck donkey.

People who like Nasim, on the other hand, are easy going, and prone to joy, and whose ideas reflect depth of character.

bd23af No.1842490


Fuck off Rothschild kike

c771dc No.1842491

SO many lawfags here

Let me tell you what this means

> Graduates college. Good GPA

> Takes LSAT

> Gets admit to law school

> Graduates law school

> Passes Bar

> works with blue pilled libs on daily basis and kicks their ass

> Finds 8chan, Q, looks deeply

> Finds legitimacy

> Works alongside all other of our beautiful anons


Lawyers in general like to think we are smartest mofuckas alive. Not true. But we are generally pretty fucking smart. That said, we're here, and we're helping. If you ever doubt our glory as anons helping q, remember that some officers of the court are really fucking doing this shit and IT IS FOR REAL.

ddd63e No.1842492


I was just thinking one of the recent posts sounded exactly like him (probably the one you speak of).

9211c1 No.1842493


amen, the bible tells us how to pray

and this is not it.

a562f1 No.1842494

File: a128026aa3e8fca⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 666x400, 333:200, you-have-no-power-here.jpg)

bb7979 No.1842495



e0a81f No.1842496

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

at 0:50, you can see unedited Hogg perfecting"live" interview

061b00 No.1842497

Are we taking steps to pull the moderate dems back toward the center? Is that what Q meant by reconcile? Softening rhetoric a bit?

ecb39f No.1842498


New Baker accepts handoff

fd57d2 No.1842499


Notables collected from #2317

>>1838416 We are everywhere!

>>1838439 Hannity used "House of Cards" in Graphic

>>1838685 (confirmations intensify)

>>1839046 , >>1839040 , >>1839013 , >>1838991 [[[ [[ [ R / + ++ +++] ]] ]]]

>>1839116 Umbrage info

>>1838689 Restaurant Manager Where Secretary Nielsen Was Mobbed ‘Happy About What Happened’

>>1838535 Q banner in McLean, Virginia tonight

ec6314 No.1842500


It was added as sarcasm, and to maybe get the shills to chill out a little bit

125d5e No.1842501

File: 774210bdf00bce5⋯.jpg (105.27 KB, 1280x825, 256:165, lardasspepe.jpg)


729d9b No.1842502

Q, How much longer before Huber wipes away the Democrats hubris attitude?

04c8b9 No.1842503


Bus Driver: hey, I've got a bunch of kids on my bus that i need to drop off cause i got spy shit to do.

Gene Rosen: sure thing, boss lady. We'll sing songs. Did you check in?

4a2d33 No.1842504


Your prediction could end up being correct, but don't ever take anything from Sorcha Faal seriously

0427dd No.1842505

File: eeb5fcd8dfa8d5b⋯.png (150.12 KB, 500x656, 125:164, download.png)

ede18f No.1842506


The blood of Christ is more powerful than your satanic lies.

fb63e9 No.1842507



The door's over yonder. Get on out before somebody goes out to their truck for a baseball bat.

ec674c No.1842508


VIP PASS + "How is this relevant?" underneath it… That was obviously set up by POTUS, correct?

aab87f No.1842509


And the Meditation what?

44ad84 No.1842510


Time for chill.

598512 No.1842511


But we do over eternity by Christ who lives, in us.

a5a436 No.1842512

POTUS no longer needs to even speak at rallies. The cheering in that arena tonight was off the charts. He could just stand up there, smile, say hello, and give a thumbs up.

ec6314 No.1842513


The only thing I deleted in any breads I baked tonight was 'body too long' notables.

ddd63e No.1842514


Well it's true,

There are good doctors and bad doctors

Same as good lawyers and bad lawyers

Good vs. Evil

a53515 No.1842515


Mattis said the military is ready to go to the border.

0427dd No.1842516

File: e02bbc498b62a88⋯.png (511.46 KB, 754x753, 754:753, jkek.PNG)

cabbb7 No.1842517


People who like Nasim, on the other hand, are easy going, and prone to joy, and whose ideas reflect depth of character.

(And having absolutely nothing valid to add to the Great Awakening)



That's exactly who Nasimfags are… /pol/ shills.

6be01c No.1842518

>>1719707 (dedicated thread)

Hey late night crew! We're having a blast tracing back the NWO to it's roots.

Historyfags, get in here! We need more great minds on this.

f4e1a2 No.1842519

File: 7236a7f47da728f⋯.jpg (97.45 KB, 537x499, 537:499, 7236a7f47da728fb1f4edf4c1f….jpg)



I posted at the end of last bread.

Was having issues trying to make a new advanced graphics thread.

Was asking if BO could make it , and lock it, and then i can start working on it.

Just use the same name, and here is the picture.

THANK YOU BO, we appreciate your work.

d446cf No.1842520


He was also "sheltering in place" in a closet no?

3b1a1f No.1842521

e0a81f No.1842522


yeah didn't want to Hogg the bread, but that's out there too

bb7979 No.1842523


ThankQ lawfags!

3883e3 No.1842524


What makes it satanic?

44ad84 No.1842525


Not a smoker, but a drinker Anon. Chill as you will.

76ac75 No.1842526


this was debunked

his account is accurate

he is speaking about going back to the school that afternoon… he said this right from the start.

i wanted it to be true that he was caught… but unfortunately he was not

8fc8b9 No.1842527

File: 98931f872445ea7⋯.jpg (76.49 KB, 385x611, 385:611, pf.JPG)

Works with kids,animals, and faggots

cac51b No.1842528

File: 1c0ac49762c767b⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1908x1127, 1908:1127, saintmichael1.png)



its sounds pagan (polytheistic, pre catholic roman)

big difference, no need to delete, be calm

but still GOD bless us all and may the patron saint of /qresearch/ watch over us and all /ourguys/ and all /ourgirls/

d446cf No.1842529


About 75 days from that

ff02c8 No.1842530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fucking trumpets.. Trumpets set the stage.

883825 No.1842531

Did my crazy pills wear off? Might be suffering an underdose.

Where's night crew?

5ffe40 No.1842532


Fucking sensorfags are the worst… suck it up and scroll by faggot.

ede18f No.1842533


Its amazing how you see people happy, smiling, united in Trump rallies. Liberal rallies are full of hatred, jealousy, mockery, anger, hate…..

We are on the right side of history!


aab87f No.1842534


Sorcha Fall is exaggerating at least

leave that the new press take the position and see if it's possible to do something from inside

0ecc75 No.1842535


We have pagans here. Lurk moar.

c65a25 No.1842536

>>1842449 (lb)

I had been defending the bread for hours… Stupid ass shill Baker came on…

I organized a hostile takeover of the bread (with other regular bakers) and you shut my ass down..,

Then I offered to take over after you seized the bake.

You ignored…

Not sure what you mean by "what did I do"

f12165 No.1842537

File: 0a921617089e55a⋯.png (816.32 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1485966909382.png)

File: c960cda532b9206⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 2720x1892, 680:473, DOJ Order of Succession.jpg)


You better fuck off with this shit.


Doesn't matter who Q is. What matters is why we're all here.


Pic related anon! This is how it'll work in the end.

4a2d33 No.1842538


For immigrants, not for a Chinese/Russian invasion. Again, Sorcha Faal is not credible

729d9b No.1842539

this board and twatter seem slow tonight

9bb28c No.1842540


I’m guessing that with RR out of the picture #3 will be acting AAG.

#3 is Jesse Panuccio

e0a81f No.1842541


how was it debunked? The "I got on my bike" was from his 60min interview

5064e8 No.1842542


Satan has no more power you retards…that's what we are seeing. Evil doesn't have a leg to stand on anymore

598512 No.1842543

>>1842409 (previous)

BO… how do you feel abou FE conversation on

the page?

cac51b No.1842544

File: 37a0fdb88c7454d⋯.jpg (383.39 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, pepenightcrew.jpg)


it got REALLY shilly after/during POTUS's speech

still kinda is, but comfier than before o7

ec674c No.1842545


I've seen her so much on here, that i dreamed I was banging her and woke up humping my pillow… kek

3a49b5 No.1842546


i see you liked my post

i hope thats not satanic

but that was like the 3rd result on duck duck go

be careful

probably better to just pray normally

a1f498 No.1842547

File: 0064ca0dd8b1373⋯.png (118.46 KB, 403x290, 403:290, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

No one was injured in the incident, and fire officials said there was no structural damage to the building, however the first floor ceiling did sustain damage.

The break occurred between the first and second floor in the area of the center's loading dock.

>paranoid anon is paranoid, but I hope this is not evidence scrubbing after Paddock (& cabal criminas)

4691a1 No.1842548

File: e32541318878071⋯.png (921.15 KB, 842x714, 421:357, Komo 1 re Inslee re Illega….PNG)

File: 065b8f5b5f2082b⋯.png (44.48 KB, 603x605, 603:605, Komo 2 re Inslee re Illega….PNG)

File: be6ed6f53a3a971⋯.png (36.62 KB, 619x535, 619:535, Komo 3 re Inslee re Illega….PNG)

Gov. Inslee attacks Trump, signs executive order for legal aid to immigrant families


Q it was be stellar if Sessions could expose these twits

I hope there is a jail cell waiting for Inslee

a53515 No.1842549


It was a joke. Sorry. It's late.

cac51b No.1842550


that was seriously your question?

kys FEtard

bc0569 No.1842551


“I come to you Heavenly Father, in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus Christ. I search my heart and confess my sins especially unforgiveness, doubt, fear, unbelief, failure to honour my parents, any sexual sin, and anything else that would separate me from You. I renounce all sin and I believe that I have received Your forgiveness.

I now renounce absolutely any curses spoken over me and any self-imposed curses. I forgive any person who has ever cursed me with wrong words or actions. I renounce all soulish ties with any other person. I also renounce any inner vows that I have ever made against myself.

I believe that through the blood of Jesus Christ I am sanctified, made holy, set apart to God.

I specifically honour my parents and I forgive them. I renounce my own sins and the sins of my ancestors in the name of Jesus Christ. I renounce all idolatry, witchcraft and anything of the occult and all hidden things of darkness. I believe that at the Cross of Jesus Christ I was delivered from every curse of the law. I call upon You, Lord Jesus to set me free from every demonic power that has affected me.

I now renounce Satan and all his works. I hate his demons. I count them my enemies in the name of Jesus. I loose myself every dark spirit, from every evil influence, from every satanic bondage, from every spirit in me that is not the Spirit of God. I command all such spirits to leave me now in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Heavenly Father for setting me free! Amen!”

01cf7b No.1842552


The point is to get me or anyone to read it…which I will not…and you are a ?????? Go away…

433b1a No.1842553

File: aa70ce3211c96bb⋯.png (447.24 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, YFWY_GET_A_YOU.png)

c771dc No.1842554



fd57d2 No.1842555


Unsure if BO's here just now anon. I was talking to you last bread about your thread and can help out for 10 mins if you'd like.

If BO makes it and 'locks' it, only he will be able unlock it to let you post.

Is it not rather a stickly you'd like? I can post your thread for you if so, just say.

921e6d No.1842556

File: 8d9c9a682ee7207⋯.png (1.04 MB, 734x554, 367:277, Q (2).png)

fff0c8 No.1842557


Concerning the massive notable, there is something else that should be mentioned.

Remember the theory that the evidence of the crimes may be released "accidentally"?

Does anyone remember how the Hydra was truly defeated in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Not only were the intelligence agencies (that were being used to target threats to the cab— Hydra) used to destroy each other, but Black Widow released all the classified information on the internet and then left it up to the public.

Sounds familiar, huh?

So, let's see here:

>Captain America: POTUS

>Winter Soldier: Putin (I'm thinking). Reasoning: previously part of the cabal under the USSR (like Bucky), then when the opportunity to become free shows itself when Cap needs it most, he breaks away from the ruins of the cab— Hydra and works with Captain America.

>Black Widow: Our Black Ops/Spy teams.

>Falcon: Our boots on the ground operators (note that he's a vet that did spec ops missions).

There's an entire thread about movies/music/TV shows that reveal bits of the truth or parts of the plan, both on our side and the cabal side.

aae55b No.1842558


Those are the Bogdanov twins, French TV presenters descended from Russian nobility. That might be the Habsburg jaw that they have which was a defect in the incestuous Habsburg royal line that can be seen in paintings of members of Habsburg royalty.

fdd2ca No.1842559


Ah shit sorry, I didn't see the last part of your post. I'm literally all over the place right now, taking care of all kinds of shit. Please take the next bake. >>1842498 Baker is requesting handoff right now.

598512 No.1842560


I want to know how the BO himself feels.

b38263 No.1842561

File: 12428fd2bffb458⋯.jpg (63.03 KB, 1235x1608, 1235:1608, IMG_4985.JPG)


Very well said anon. I actually started to cry a little bit. Such a beautiful soul who was taken from us way before her time. She is in a much better place now. She gave her life for all of us. Her sacrifice will never be forgotten.

44ad84 No.1842562


They never went off after millions of rifle rounds were sent from ONE room? Okay. Cool I believe it.

04c8b9 No.1842563


did you not read the newfag rules?>>

243e87 No.1842564

>>1842257 last

I saw two unmarked helicopters flying low and fast in formation, one larger like a dozen troops size, one ordinary size, moving over Oakland around 8 p.m. Never saw that before.

8610a0 No.1842565



Forbidden fruit.

Night shift.

My muscles can stop twitching long enough to scroll through whole breads at pace HA.

bb7979 No.1842566


my personal theory is that POTUS has so much evil directed at him daily that he needs to connect with truth and with his people who love him so that he can re-energize his batteries and nullify the negativity.

6be01c No.1842567


Interesting shield…

aab87f No.1842568

Turkey has elections this week right?

1fa8de No.1842569

File: adc9b680b62efc2⋯.png (18.53 KB, 200x150, 4:3, Kanamit.png)


me thinks they are not dead, but escaped on an island or bunker somewhere, and dead to the public. but very much alive…. just my 2¢

8731e5 No.1842570


We need tons of lawyers for the great awakening. The deep state is very good at abusing the law and legal system for ill purposes. We need good men and woman to stand in the gap and do the right thing. You guys are vital to our movement.

00b5c8 No.1842571

>>1842038 (pb)


I wanted to let your kidAnon know to tell you she has an awesome dad (an you raised a great kidAnon). Thank you for your service and good job dadAnon. Godspeed.

598512 No.1842572


Hey BO, do you mind answering this for me please.



023248 No.1842573



The satanic cabal that does faggoty ass shit like your post, is getting BTFO. Thx to the power of the Holy Ghost, our heavenly father and his son, Jesus Christ, amen.

Fuck off satanshill.

29b692 No.1842574


I agree Anon.

RR will without a doubt have to step down when U1 is on the docket.

But, until then, he is doing what he can to 'help'.

All in DC are dirty, one way or the other.

I think some took Trump up on his offer to help make things right.

a1f498 No.1842575




173c54 No.1842576


suggesting that someone pointing out that Q+ is doxing only points out how new you are here.

Lurk more.

eb1053 No.1842577

File: 7fcc48f5e5cfc8f⋯.png (11.05 KB, 588x90, 98:15, b826090f-ed7c-486a-8996-11….png)

Sharing bad news.

ddd63e No.1842578


I just saw on Twitter Trump is sending military lawyers to the border to process immigration cases.

one way or another, they will get that pill shoved down their throat.

They can whine all they want and stir up shit.

But trump comes by with a baseball bat (figuratively).

best example was signing the EO today after tall the whining yesterday.

then tonight I saw about the lawyers being sent to the border.

That'll shut some people up real quick.

76ac75 No.1842579


yes… that video is an excerpt from the 60 minutes piece.

he said i got on my bike speaking about that night. i swear to god… i know other anons were around when this board debunked it

243e87 No.1842580


God made the Sun and the Moon.

bb7979 No.1842581


Oakland. interesting. CA anon here.

3883e3 No.1842582


We have people here of all spiritual beliefs.

We accept that.

You said you didn't even read it. How do you know its satanic?

3a49b5 No.1842583


how do we know rockefeller and mikas dad are actually dead ?

did anyone see the body ? or are they hiding in dumb

i hope its the former

78ffac No.1842584

File: ada953ae1183ada⋯.jpg (6.75 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Missouri Q.jpg)

File: 4cea76f23394185⋯.png (1.05 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Missouri Q Alpha.png)

As Requested

Missouri Q .jpg & Alpha .png Files

It can also be found here - https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/870846.html#870846

2ac942 No.1842585



from this moment on I'm filtering all you nasim fucks

post a picture of her or mention her name and I'm filtering everything you post that bread. If you are someone who feels the need to talk about that POS then you can't possibly have anything valuable to say at all.

If you are anons doing this and not shills then you are useless anons not worth reading any of your shit posting

This is my one and only reply to this lousy slide

2bdca1 No.1842586

File: 0920b71cf39774d⋯.jpg (396.47 KB, 1982x1328, 991:664, 1 copy.jpg)

c771dc No.1842587

not trying to jinx

where the fuck are the bots tonight?

173783 No.1842588


Mexico will be extremely and imminently dangerous (like it isn't already) with Obrador as President.

df9090 No.1842589

File: d71a8923f19da7a⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, HARRASSMENT.jpg)


This bitch is part of the scum sucking Socialists party in D.C. that harassed Sec. Neilson last night. SHE WORKS FOR THE DOJ. I'm gonna do everything I can on twatter to help her become unemployed.

4a2d33 No.1842590

File: 46eaf1c02b8a1c5⋯.jpg (85.04 KB, 406x1024, 203:512, 46eaf1c02b8a1c5226720cf383….jpg)


My bad. Please accept this meme as an apology. I took it from the mr. benis bot.

023248 No.1842591


What? I don't get the sarcasm or the play to shills. Shills want us to have stupid ass notables, just like you did.

2b6cd5 No.1842592

File: 7e910ba80666a57⋯.mp4 (12.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vipanon-reduced-forinfinit….mp4)

for (you) VIPanon

243e87 No.1842593


Mueller was interviewed to size him up for destruction.

d0349e No.1842594


RICO case filed against the Clinton Foundation!

https:// www.evernote.com/shard/s499/sh/43021273-f497-4b30-a4f1-bf0d638acd64/4945dfbe9b9bd6ad2ded452583c3fac2

635e55 No.1842595

I posted a couple of breads ago but that was during the shillbaker fiasco. This might be worth digging.

These illegal alien detention facilities are run privately. After the Crime & Immigration Bill signed by Clinton and pushed publicly by Killary at the time ("bring them to heel," era), private detention facilities grew like weeds, as did the number of immigrants being detained. I think it's worth digging on the companies, their shareholders, their political donations, etc. Also worth digging to find out how they track the hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors they have, "processed," over the past 25 years.


ec674c No.1842596


Trump is a MASTER showman, that hot chick next to the VIPAnon gives him plausible deniability as to the pointing! kek

ec6314 No.1842597

Good Night Anonymous!!

38d9bb No.1842598

File: eb9e9d9fc878249⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 782x600, 391:300, MasonicTemple-100a.0.jpg)

File: 4be6c8ee10aefa9⋯.jpg (150.46 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, MasonicTemple-121.0.jpg)

File: 36be65c3218a0a7⋯.png (401.88 KB, 931x496, 931:496, Screenshot-2018-6-21 A Mas….png)


"A couple of my friends had snuck around this place on a limited basis in the past, but I wanted full access–and someone to explain what I was looking at. Since this temple is one of the most enigmatic and least-visited structures in the state of Michigan, I will dedicate this long and detailed post to unraveling some of its complexities. This is literally the largest Masonic temple in the world, so I think it deserves a thorough going-over."

*Pool photo might look familiar to Anons that looked into vanderbilts

243e87 No.1842599


Cant be the Q reference, which is still a mystery as far as I can tell.

ddd63e No.1842600


Shit I thought that shit went off the air at least a year or three ago lol

a5a436 No.1842601


I went to a rally during campaign and the energy was so high it vibrated the body. It's incredible. I like your theory. He deserves our love.

883825 No.1842602

File: 1857e3fb7e6cc40⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 250x223, 250:223, pepe-aut-thumbsup.jpg)


Good to know.

01cf7b No.1842603


Yes and usually I scroll right by…but that is shit that you read unintentionally and its meaning is not good…not superstitious but I believe in God and I believe in dark forces and that shit just gave me the heebies. Sorry maybe a little spooked tonight. I will just leave it and ignore.

f4e1a2 No.1842604


OP must be at least 750 chars on this board.

what does this mean, it pops up when i try to post/make thread, and it won't let me post it

a1f498 No.1842605


I'm not implying that, I found it important that a false flag was finally prosecuted

4691a1 No.1842606


Did you see they are announcing action against the Trump administration tomorrow?

Wasting more taxpayer dollars so they can keep the their flow of illegals going

00b5c8 No.1842607

File: 5675560b2ca2657⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 8c1da0cbcfa669c47fc968e1bc….jpg)


God, help me because I can't do this on my own. I am weak and vulnerable to temptation. Please, Father, put a hedge of protection around me and keep me safe from the evil one's influence. Father, keep Satan in his place and don't allow him to attack me and bombard me with things that draw me too close to the edge and allow me to fall. Father, keep me strong and focused on you!

<Begone evil

0427dd No.1842608



Great work!

aab87f No.1842609


don't search problems if isn't necessary

Even in Mexico already so problems

Mexico as all Latin America isn't the same than the US Anon

eb1053 No.1842610


the storm washed jerry out to sea, poof

ede18f No.1842611


Know your enemy

It's the luciferians we are fighting. The baby eaters, human sacrifice folks who want to eliminate 1/3 the earth's population to enrich themselves. Good vs. Evil.

Lurk Moar

3e01ad No.1842612


A haunting soul, the comforting ghost of our breads.

023248 No.1842613


This will shut the fucking shills up….

Still think he was pointing to anyone other than /ourguy/? If you answer yes, you're glowing.

a53515 No.1842614


LOL I don't know whether to thank you or not.

4a2d33 No.1842615

a1f498 No.1842616


Congress or WA knuckleheads?

2fae3e No.1842617


We still got Maury?

29b692 No.1842618


Kids are limited to 20 days in adult shelter.

Trump is just trying to help.

And, gets the public used to seeing mil prosecutors…

598512 No.1842619


Not Christ, satanic. Nuf said

a1f498 No.1842620


VIPAnon, please check in

fe501d No.1842621

File: 2f8ae991175f260⋯.png (109.87 KB, 800x318, 400:159, ClipboardImage.png)

0ecc75 No.1842622

File: b03ed53ebc821ee⋯.png (971.04 KB, 1264x992, 79:62, painting.png)

eb1053 No.1842623


for the 17th time i'm not your father

243e87 No.1842624


There I was, on my bike, pedaling to try to bone Delaney and when I got there she said you'll never fuck me, Hoggboy. That's why I quit school and became a maniac.

3a49b5 No.1842625


well it comes from this


not sure if dis info or not

probably something real in there tho

173783 No.1842626



I tried to red-pill some fellow trial lawyers. They laughed their asses off. Then Tip Top happened, and then NK happened, and now they are sold.

d446cf No.1842627


Kek he thinks he got the juice over Q

ddd63e No.1842628



Probably grand standing

I bet it goes nowhere

I just saw on twitter trump is sending military lawyers to the border to process immigration cases.

Look trump has got this shit handled.

every time the libbabies whine, trump hands them their proverbial spanking.

243e87 No.1842629


God made the Sun and the Moon, praise God.

a77de5 No.1842630

File: 2d15975fa8325e6⋯.jpg (152.53 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG-20180621-WA0000.jpg)

File: 4cf4425d32a4694⋯.jpg (170.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG-20180621-WA0001.jpg)

Looked to me in slo-mo like he certainly drew a Q just before he made multiple kill boxes around his face while discussing the media. (because they target him). 2 minutes later he said BOOM. And then 1 more minute later he said White Hats

He was trying get all his Q related confirms done quick and early so he doesn't forget any.

a53515 No.1842631


That was first thought about the military prosecutors.

bb7979 No.1842632


i would LOVE to go to a rally. not gonna happen in Commie CA so maybe I'll have to make a trip. POTUS definitely deserves our love.

d446cf No.1842633


Potus, yawn.. tired.. not Q

9e551a No.1842634

This link from the notables:

Full PDF of the case:


Case (with PACER access): https://ecf.dcd.uscourts.gov/doc1/04516631384

Public case: https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/24810209/Byrne_v_Foundation_et_al


a general idea of this lawsuit:

Gary Byrne was a Secret Service agent in the Clinton Whitehouse. He testified under oath in the Ken Starr impeachment investigation, and claims that the Clintons now blame him for the impeachment. In June 2016 Byrne's book "Crisis of Character" - an expose of the Clintons – entered the market at #1 on the NYTimes bestseller list.

Brock, Media Matters, (and his publication) and others began a campaign to slander him – accusing him of lying under oath as well as in his book. Byrne claims that Brock was a paid surrogate of the so-called RICO "Enterprise" funded by Soros and run by the Clintons, which includes many organizations. He publishes: “FROM THE DESK OF DAVID BROCK,”

and –

"Brock is the author of the leaked “Terminate Trump” dossier which is attached hereto as Exhibit “A” and sets forth the plan for “nonprofit” (and supposedly nonpartisan) entities to coordinate efforts to undermine and ultimately destroy the Trump presidency;"

He claims that in HRC's missing emails are some that concern the conspiracy against him. He also believes Huber's investigation will uncover more such evidence. He is in fear of his life because of the nature of it. He is asking the court to consider all these proofs (the acts to destroy Trump and to undermine the U.S. government) as part of one and the same proof of the RICO activities.

Starting on page 44 are over 800 points of interest, among them:

— Byrne was compelled by Independent Counsel Starr to truthfully testify, which he did, not only to observing the violent outbursts of Hillary Clinton (against a sitting President), but also to the per se sexual harassment of the President in having subordinates (like intern Lewinsky) perform repeated and humiliating fellatio acts such as “edging” upon President William Clinton in or around the White House Oval Office;

—- A White House steward, according to testimony before the grand jury and recounted in Crisis, and resulting in the impeachment of President William Clinton, on multiple occasions removed President Clinton’s semen-stained towels from the Oval Office and surrounding furniture and carpets after Clinton sexually harassed subordinates and coerced them to perform sexual acts with him;

—- Byrne and other Secret Service personnel witnessed, in the White House, President Clinton engaging in sexual relations with journalist Eleanor Mondale and with other individuals whom the officers testified were women other than Hillary Clinton, and who his “security detail” did not attempt to protect from potential rape;

—- that Hillary Clinton attempted to mame President Clinton by throwing a heavy object at his head at close range and striking the President in the eye with another heavy object – thus attempting to mame (or possibly kill) the 42nd president of the United States;

—- President Clinton’s Secret Service detail was often out of proximity to President Clinton when Hillary Clinton attacked President William Clinton, or when William Clinton sexually molested younger women subordinates

—- The Enterprise colluded to again defame Byrne by covering up his recounting of repeated assaults and battering of our then-President reported by Byrne and testified to under oath before a duly constituted grand jury by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr - any one of which would have resulted in a lengthy prison term for Hillary Clinton (who as “First Lady” enjoyed no privilege for assaulting, battering and/or attempting to maim or kill her husband, the

President, or members of the Secret Service, or anyone else)

—- 23 Secret Service witnesses are available to testify to either witnessing or being struck by Hillary Clinton’s projectiles — about Hillary Clinton assaulting and battering Secret Service by throwing heavy objects at their heads in an attempt to injure or kill them in violation of federal law

—- , it was stated that “facts seem to be optional for Gary Byrne” – despite President Clinton being impeached for perjury based upon these exact “optional facts”, to which William Clinton has subsequently admitted

64399e No.1842635

File: 87754f1749318d3⋯.png (291.09 KB, 620x349, 620:349, fuck jews.png)


>charitable causes


5ffe40 No.1842636


Dude is a total pillow biter, he's never even tried to get in some pussy. Says it makes him vomitus.

fd57d2 No.1842637


Hm.. well, you'll need text for your first post, min 750 characters. I guess BO has done that to stop all the newfags from posting breads thinking they're posting in the general.

You'll have to get creative ;)

01cf7b No.1842638


Go away…you wanna play with fire go right ahead. It won't end well….

c65a25 No.1842639



I am not angry, just a patriot trying to do my part… Been begging to do so all night

I know how it feels to be all over the place

I might be past expiration now…

c771dc No.1842640


can't do it in my position

at least not now.

small town litigator. if i am outed at all, no more $$

cac51b No.1842641




8731e5 No.1842642

File: 59e666207d5ed91⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1310x1322, 655:661, ClipboardImage.png)

How Londonstan working out for the Brits?

Also easy for her to say, the UK is surrounded by water and likely have stricter immigration laws and rules that the US.

6be01c No.1842643


QPatriot totally yelled WWG1WGA

243e87 No.1842644


I feel sorry for her, but bye@nasim like a week after.

cafa45 No.1842645

File: 4d3adbbedbefe60⋯.jpg (171.91 KB, 1261x806, 97:62, 1.JPG)

File: 409459ed7858ef8⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 868x574, 62:41, 2.JPG)

File: 726fc14f48632eb⋯.jpg (80.57 KB, 806x394, 403:197, 3.JPG)


fff0c8 No.1842646

File: 363d26f0f062ad4⋯.jpg (13.94 KB, 354x120, 59:20, Not About Religion.JPG)

0ecc75 No.1842647

File: e3eb8bdf78189f1⋯.jpg (100.22 KB, 960x539, 960:539, seemnice.jpg)

598512 No.1842648

File: 64ea6a48f291477⋯.jpg (304.86 KB, 1014x676, 3:2, Trump Dome.jpg)

3a49b5 No.1842649



im not repeating that shit


i mean read the actual article

if true they love tommorow

im going to pray normally

a53515 No.1842650

Anyone else excited to see what "Attack^" might mean tomorrow?

fdd2ca No.1842651



I wasn't paying attention to any FE converstation. FE doesn't interest me.


Anon, I wasn't trying to shut your ass down. We had a 50/50 split in to two breads. We can't have that. I shut both threads down and diverted all anons to a third, to consolidate all the anons and information in one place where anons wouldn't have to spend the entire bread picking sides. I have nothing against you baking and I understand that you were trying to help. Like I said, I didn't see the part in your post where you were requesting the handoff because I'm trying to deal with like 7 things right now and I'm rushing everything. Please feel free to take the dough from the current baker as he is requesting a handoff right now. See: >>1842474

d015e4 No.1842653


Good catch, anon. Trump worked in the phrase "white hats" followed by "Make America Great Again!" Very likely the go signal Q referenced. We know that POTUS' "random" tweets of "MAGA" are go signals, already.

Not a bad theory.

efdf2e No.1842654


>>1842624 Where was it debunked? On Snopes?

I watched the orginal interview and he makes no mention of going from school to home to retrieve his camera. He says when he heard about the shooting he got his camera, jumped on his bike and rode three miles to his school to get interviews.

97de56 No.1842655


Jan 20, 2017

June 20, 2018

Exactly 17 months.

Do you believe in coincidences?

God bless you all.


3883e3 No.1842656


Lurk off. Fuck you and all people whlo "think" they know "the way" and demonize those who do not think exactly as they do.

2b6cd5 No.1842657


you can clearly hear him say "best president ever" right in the vid.

eb1053 No.1842658


God Bless You

6626c5 No.1842659


What did he yell?

a53515 No.1842660


Yikes and Hell, yes!

ddd63e No.1842661


hahaha yeah i think Maury's still going.

Maybe he's getting cut next.

ba4ca8 No.1842662

File: 145199f881ca7b0⋯.png (521.1 KB, 1016x612, 254:153, Potus-Q.png)


ec674c No.1842663


He was kinda pointing to the cute chick, look at her reation.

That doesn't mean VIPAnon wasn't there in that spot for a reason though. Trump still can't be TOO obvious.

5ffe40 No.1842665


No coincidences boss. We are ready, bring the PAIN!!!

2b6cd5 No.1842666


God Bless you and POTUS.

0d6acb No.1842667


God bless you Q and everything you do for us.

76ac75 No.1842668

File: cdb46a008d8a74d⋯.png (117.18 KB, 380x262, 190:131, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)


told yas

03796d No.1842669

File: af8c91b8e27eb79⋯.png (266.98 KB, 496x347, 496:347, af8c91b8e27eb79351f51866c7….png)

2fae3e No.1842670


Good to see you Q


3f7636 No.1842671


WHAT??? Tell us!!!

669ea4 No.1842672


should we still look to Twatter for the magic phrase?

cf6adc No.1842673


Qdubs gogogogogo

f5fc56 No.1842674


Happy Qth monthiversary!!!

fff0c8 No.1842675


Not with those 55.

Not with the Space Force announcement.

So, for those of us that will want full disclosure, and that we are 100% sure we will be ready for it, how will it be offered?

I imagine people wouldn't just download and open it willy-nilly style or we might have a Ringu situation on our hands.

173c54 No.1842676


FFE Btn-6.


ddd63e No.1842677


You win tonight

best meme ever

d015e4 No.1842678


Thanks for stepping up, guys. You are leaders we have been praying for for decades. God bless you, POTUS, and everyone working with you.

ff9ddb No.1842679

0427dd No.1842680

File: 3d58978a042b8f7⋯.png (744.79 KB, 1513x444, 1513:444, ClipboardImage.png)



Airport also had incidents with John Travolta and Cat Stevens

2b6cd5 No.1842681

2335a6 No.1842683


No coincidences!

041e14 No.1842684


There are no coincidences

bd23af No.1842685


Lmao, shills btfo.

635e55 No.1842686



e0a81f No.1842687

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Thank you Q

God bless you and the whole team (anons included)

03796d No.1842688


Strong work Q

ec674c No.1842689


Are they trying to start a civil war?

6be01c No.1842690


Older than that

ddd63e No.1842691


Building a new strategy

They're crying after the week they've had.


598512 No.1842692


Thanks. Yes I knew you weren't in any coversation about it. I just wodered

if you were okay with the converation taking place on the board.

Many anons try to shut it down. Have great day.

4a2d33 No.1842693


Did 45 have a bigger reveal lined up before changing the strategy at the last minute?

4691a1 No.1842694

File: 6bbf648a4442052⋯.png (467.5 KB, 664x779, 664:779, Biesecker re Illegals AP 6….PNG)

File: 202264c3dff03da⋯.png (166.48 KB, 676x820, 169:205, AP re Illegals AP 6-20-18.PNG)

New AP

Expect to see this everywhere tomorrow

[partial snip/article very long]

Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse


d015e4 No.1842695


Q, any insight into Space Force? Distraction? Legitimately necessary for security? Useful tool for eventual disclosure of certain things? Signalling to black hats?

d30e2f No.1842696


Thank you and God bless you and POTUS.

4aefd3 No.1842698

File: c4c96acc561a5c5⋯.png (58.86 KB, 1032x922, 516:461, googleTrends6_16_18.png)

File: 9cfc9cd1d2ed70d⋯.png (57.97 KB, 1030x926, 515:463, googleTrends6_20_2018.PNG)

Fuckery Afoot

Anons, check out the latest cap from Google trends in pic related. Other pic related is from four days ago, which was originally linked here:


On June 16th, the growth was 21% in the US–from 84% to 95% (for the previous week). Apparently that was rounded down to…7%. Today, it's showing a decline of 22%—from 84% to 62%, leading to the 23rd.

This doesn't gel with the facts–this board is humming, traffic for 8ch (the measured part, anyway) is the highest it's ever been–up to 18 million, from 13 million around Halloween last year.

There's some bullshit going on somewhere.

243e87 No.1842699


Lawyers are smarter and better than most of their critics, and not as scummy as journalists or politicians. Still, lawyers produce nothing and are essentially leeches on the more productive aspects of society. Lawyers produce nothing,unless in-house counsel forcompanies that produce. The new age will have few lawyers. The system will be for people to speak for themselves and common source info. It's already trending that way.

Proof? Would you recommend any young person to practice traditional law these days?

8731e5 No.1842700


Big day tomorrow Q? Pain coming in a big way?

ddd63e No.1842701



We got the popcorn ready!!!!

Can't wait for the double feature.

173783 No.1842702


I was visiting a local MoFo office the day that Comey re-testified regarding HRC just before the election, and I saw several of their man-baby attorneys literally crying over it. I blew my cover by laughing.

aab87f No.1842703


Could be a Pretty Boom if Magog is Out in this week.

https:// edition.cnn.com/2018/06/20/europe/turkish-elections-erdogan-explainer-intl/index.html

f4e1a2 No.1842704


i was making it short and sweet, not a novel,kek

thats what i was thinking too, and was adding more words, and came back to check if anyone knew, kek

a53515 No.1842705


Q post would seem to indicate this was not a last minute change. Planned. 17

bae487 No.1842706

File: 49f75a7204a1caa⋯.jpg (86.85 KB, 405x540, 3:4, 6087b7eff2fac73be2bee64099….jpg)


Damn youre right. 17 months Trump tried to reason with (((them))). Now the gloves are off. Going to be fun watching everything unfold.

dc92b3 No.1842707


When their hubris is less useful to us than it is dangerous to everyone.

406379 No.1842708


God bless.

f12165 No.1842709

File: 77a4fc61ba8d2d6⋯.jpg (95.61 KB, 540x613, 540:613, Its Time 2.jpg)

4a88e8 No.1842710

Mandalay Bay, watch the water, coincidence?

fff0c8 No.1842711

So, a friend and I were thinking, what if something crazy were to occur.

Like, what if we find out that neutrons, protons, and electrons are the past, present, and future in manifested energy forms?

Wouldn't that be wild?

6be01c No.1842712



efdf2e No.1842713


Hogg boy can't keep his lies straight.

58262a No.1842714

File: 263ab03b41d6da8⋯.png (238.79 KB, 600x336, 25:14, 5x5.png)

File: 9521b027953f669⋯.png (1.95 MB, 2766x1548, 461:258, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)

Minor Q proof, been trying to show this to the board for several days. It comes from the vid that was released in 45's tweet the day of the



It's a 60 second countdown with Trump at :17 (KJU at :16 (P???) and a weird reflection moment at :25 with the clock shaped like a Q.

Hope I'm not doxing , but some dumbass made the video so it's not my fault.

e65757 No.1842715

File: e656ea92e42d306⋯.png (498.86 KB, 576x588, 48:49, Space Force - 2018-06-20_2….png)

The army recruitment center across from the office isn’t wasting any time.



c771dc No.1842716



Summer Solstice. Big time pagan/luciferian shin digs of course.

Day before summer solstice, attack tactics (attactics) change. Hard gear change. Any drops on what to expect/get ready for?

cac51b No.1842717


its like arguing if you have fingers or not

take it to YT and twatter

its fake, gay, and annoying as fuck to anons (BO is being nice)

3a49b5 No.1842718


>In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes "overcoming the enemy" and "complete victory." God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month.

Noah's ark and its eight passengers rested on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th of the seventh month (right in the middle of God's annual Holy period known as the Feast of Tabernacles).

Jesus Christ gained a complete victory over death and the grave when God resurrected him near sunset on Nisan 17 (Saturday, April 8, 30 A.D.).

In the book of 1Corinthians the thirteenth chapter, the seventeenth mention of the word 'love' comes when the apostle Paul states that it is the GREATEST gift of all (1Corinthians 13:13). God's unending love (John 3:16) is truly victorious over all things. Those who stay faithful to God to the end of their lives will gain the victory over the grave when they are miraculously brought back to life (see 1Corinthians 15).

Daniel 7's beasts have seven heads and ten horns, for a total number of 17. They represent world-ruling powers from Daniel's time to the Second Coming of Jesus. The devil's end-time system (Revelation 13) will have seven heads and ten horns, which totals 17. All mankind will very soon obey and worship the devil and the Beast power. They will war against those who have faith in Jesus and keep the commandments, thus achieving a victory (though short-lived) against God's people (Revelation 13:1 - 8).

598512 No.1842719

File: c7e8cb95d9962cb⋯.jpg (323.28 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, said no.jpg)

File: 6616bd3950f3cea⋯.jpg (693.93 KB, 1800x1279, 1800:1279, sleeping_giant_cartoon.jpg)

File: 1e18345080c9867⋯.jpeg (279.92 KB, 660x484, 15:11, heroes.jpeg)

File: e4c5e92e0bf9572⋯.jpg (251.51 KB, 725x712, 725:712, Official FE Map.jpg)

6be01c No.1842720


Hmm. Ok, I have my phone muted!!

b8f4d0 No.1842721


There are no coincidences. God bless you Q

a1f498 No.1842722

File: f96dd18cd942e5b⋯.png (313.97 KB, 433x510, 433:510, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


We're ready for the next phase

e2ca86 No.1842723

File: 77d18e885b25f1f⋯.jpg (216.13 KB, 1365x767, 105:59, Captured.JPG)

File: 9830470d07d9927⋯.jpg (224.8 KB, 1365x767, 105:59, Capturedys.JPG)

File: 982440cc226becc⋯.jpg (106.54 KB, 931x524, 931:524, dominos.jpg)

File: 8e61373a7cf32e2⋯.jpg (96.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, V DOMINOES POTHOLES 5P _00….jpg)

Idea. Many companies are trying to repeat the Domino PR magic right now. I know we hate a lot of these companies, but their need to virtue signal and our ability to pressure could solve most of a big problem w/out gov’t intervention and quite effectively. Shouldn’t we treat our own American citizens just as good as the illegals or better? POTUS asked us that question at the MN rally and also mentioned the prosperity of jobs now. The companies can hammer out the tinier details.

Companies to pressure to work together for a three month initiative to fix the homeless issue in California: (Start on September 1st latest so most are back on their feet by Christmas)

Get them clean first

Royalrestrooms.com – provide 2 portable shower trailers (Daily use - they have 8 stall shower trailers)

Gillette - razors and shaving cream (monthly)

Dove – Soap and Shampoo (6 pack of soap and a dual pack of shampoo)

Great Clips – Free Haircuts (twice – week1 & week8)

Cover Girl – Make up (for skype interviews, have a small group on standby/on call to be available for fluctuations)

Tide – Clean Clothes (weekly)

Some nourishment to revamp the body & mind

Starbucks – Coffee (daily)

McDonald’s – HOTcakes / Hashbrowns (daily)

Nestle – Provide water (daily)

MAGA time, throw them into the BOOMing economy

Apple – Supply a few dozen iPads to use as access hardware (cue indeed.com, Verizon, & Skype)

Indeed.com – Submit Resumes across country’s 48 continental states

Verizon – Setup the internet connection / use for Skype interviews

Greyhound – Free bus ticket when they’ve accepted a job to destination

Wyndham – Get them free rent for a month in basic hotel – offer discount up through end of 2nd month if need to stay in hotel longer (they need a place to live and stay clean until first paycheck is earned to support themselves)

Walmart - $100 credit for food purchases only (gotta eat until paid)

Uber – Free rides to work for a month – offer discount up through end of 2nd month (need a way to get to work)

d446cf No.1842724

File: dbaa628257fb0a2⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_3530.PNG)

All is not fair in meme warfare so it seems


c65a25 No.1842725


OK, I will step up

I see Q is in the house

Anons, help

a53515 No.1842726


And just like that, Hoogboi became irrelevant.


243e87 No.1842727


Ha. She was wound tighter than an electrical coil.

8897da No.1842728

File: 2ebe0084d3ae659⋯.png (451.89 KB, 1111x1014, 1111:1014, trump-point.png)

75ef31 No.1842729

File: 54a93a144606844⋯.jpg (52.77 KB, 299x770, 299:770, AllisonMack1.jpg)

Allison Mack Nude

e7c3e5 No.1842730


Best President Ever! Anon!!!

a77de5 No.1842731


He did double kill boxes.

Down Goes Rozie? :)

2b6cd5 No.1842732


honest anon, here have a (you)!

34d68a No.1842733

File: e9d3af94cd36f1f⋯.jpg (14.1 KB, 350x300, 7:6, free_inside.jpg)

883825 No.1842734


One heck of a day for Team Q.

Awesome rally. I thank you!

28dd70 No.1842735


They blew the shill budget trying to demoralize us over the IG report, so now they have to cut back on the routine shilling until next month's funds come in.

Not joking.

18a56e No.1842736

File: b88417c0adebb14⋯.jpeg (106.24 KB, 623x414, 623:414, 3193EA78-6144-42E7-9B07-0….jpeg)

File: c17e01c121fee04⋯.png (210.15 KB, 480x434, 240:217, FF32E28B-5B17-4305-A49C-FC….png)

File: 3bb20d619256486⋯.jpeg (123.01 KB, 865x590, 173:118, 90553ACC-6EBA-4B63-9235-6….jpeg)

File: bd3a82934c02587⋯.png (229.68 KB, 350x459, 350:459, D0AF8FE9-6CC3-4168-A183-F8….png)

File: e367a52b8a0b38e⋯.jpeg (31.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ACA17100-2E69-450D-B496-6….jpeg)

125d5e No.1842737



No coincidences

God bless

80a1c4 No.1842738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>possible tranny

>probable neverTrumper

I normally don't go in for songposting, but I suggest embed related for thread theme.

>Cause we're not at the mercy

>Of your chimeras and spells

>The future is inside us

>It's not somewhere else

>We call upon the people

>The people have this power

>And you may pour us away like soup

>Like we're pretty broken flowers

>We'll take back what is ours

>Take back what is ours



In any case, Zizek says music can't have ideology…so my conscience is clear.

243e87 No.1842739


Amen. That's the one there.

97de56 No.1842740


We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

New eyes.

Be ready.


We thank you for your service.


4a2d33 No.1842741

File: 44c053dc87451ca⋯.jpg (93.52 KB, 500x483, 500:483, IMG_0165.JPG)

I was just about to get some quality shit-posting in before bed, but then Q showed up. I guess I'll save it for another down time. Goodnight my fellow patriots. We're all making the world a better place

173783 No.1842743


I'm anticipating that it is Obrador who will do something that will trigger the "My fellow Americans" storm tweet from POTUS.

9e9063 No.1842744


Much love, respect and gratitude to POTUS, and Q team.

So proud of you all.

0427dd No.1842745

File: e798a50e46d070a⋯.png (949.95 KB, 1909x1161, 1909:1161, ClipboardImage.png)

8d50e8 No.1842746


After this all comes out in the history books, children will learn to count: sixteen, Q, eighteen…

5ffe40 No.1842747


Inside scoop, noice to hear.

f12165 No.1842748


I took notice of your post, and kept thinking now THAT'S a coincidence. Then Q came around and fucked with my reality again.

a53515 No.1842749


Q going public?

cf6adc No.1842750



0d6acb No.1842751


5:5 roger that.

2fae3e No.1842752


We thanQ for your service


bd23af No.1842753


Thanks for all you do, Q.

0fbc47 No.1842754


Thanks Q for validating the proofs.

eb1053 No.1842755


We are Behind You

e0a81f No.1842756

File: 4e6bb6ef53fcb4b⋯.png (562.98 KB, 627x348, 209:116, WHERE_WE_GO_ONE.png)


5:5 sir

c65a25 No.1842757


Are You Baking??

2335a6 No.1842758


Loud and clear.

729d9b No.1842759


The most powerful weapon is the American people working as 1. Thank you Q. Feeling very proud

173783 No.1842760

3f7636 No.1842761


are we being directed to this Anons post?

Why is POTUS thumb glowing?

d015e4 No.1842762



Previous digits are 55



635e55 No.1842763


Q, is this Gov sanctioned Himan Trafficking for the past three Admins?


76ac75 No.1842764



i'll dig out the proof that it is not what it looks like

7e48ba No.1842765


If I love Radiohead and Paul Thomas Anderson does that make me a cuck?

5ffe40 No.1842766



bb7979 No.1842767

243e87 No.1842768


Thats a famous small painting by Raphael. Blow it up and look at all the demons in the background, it's so kekish.

598512 No.1842769

File: 022d8c713934db2⋯.jpg (121.74 KB, 1138x501, 1138:501, jobE dome.jpg)

File: 2d59c096f4ee9dd⋯.png (442.61 KB, 1559x877, 1559:877, water space.png)

File: 3e656daffd5d811⋯.jpg (435.43 KB, 1219x702, 1219:702, SaturnC.jpg)

f5fc56 No.1842770

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Q do one of these again!

e7c3e5 No.1842771



Been sick and missed a few days, caught this quick and man does that feel good.

o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7


8731e5 No.1842772


Heard and understood. Standing by for instructions.

bc0569 No.1842773


God bless Q, God bless POTUS. We are praying for your protection and light, in Jesus's name.

80a1c4 No.1842774

File: d0ce82f307f0ef5⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 498x498, 1:1, popcorn.gif)

541301 No.1842775


Proofs are ugly. Terribly designed and rough, just look like "conspiracy nutcase" evidence.

ec674c No.1842776


I might consider a cult lifestyle if that was part of the deal… kek

0c23eb No.1842777

File: d7ea7bcf3d65220⋯.png (296.24 KB, 631x531, 631:531, Minnesota.png)

File: 3d4f9e831ad127d⋯.png (331.17 KB, 427x591, 427:591, Minnesota2.png)

File: c38ad37bc12411b⋯.png (329.85 KB, 495x622, 495:622, Minnesota3.png)

File: ee59e16ce8c661b⋯.png (385.29 KB, 591x586, 591:586, Mississippi.png)


When will AMERICANS get their EO?

Free our children from CPS! Please, POTUS!

fff0c8 No.1842778


We thank you, Q.

My nephew will be able to grow up in a world free of the corruption that has been feeding off of us for years upon years upon years.

All because of what has been done here and elsewhere.

There is nothing better than knowing that.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to prove that humanity is not doomed.

19f7a0 No.1842779

Why does Nasim look like David Hogg in drag?

5ffe40 No.1842780


This Marine thanks you, I'm back in the game after being down sooooooooo long!

9e9063 No.1842781


that's my main motivation for Twatter acct. ..that one anticipated Tweet.

8d50e8 No.1842782


That FB group got 1100 new members within an hour of the post.

54b603 No.1842784

File: 3ffa0132f8c21c1⋯.jpeg (147.33 KB, 1670x974, 835:487, image.jpeg)


Loud &'Clear

fd57d2 No.1842785


Let's GO

cf6adc No.1842786


Rally and habbenings brought new attention ?

changing the narrative we are!

a1f498 No.1842787

File: 31349b8ce0ce9c3⋯.png (995.41 KB, 1038x677, 1038:677, bill rapist.png)


We're ready.

40fd88 No.1842788

File: a8bb74919a04c8d⋯.jpg (50.52 KB, 871x491, 871:491, 0ajxayxk4dry.jpg)

File: 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 1152x897, 384:299, CunvgdvXYAAD1tm.jpg)

File: 3cebea11f5f030f⋯.png (665.76 KB, 719x1002, 719:1002, b4af008637cba1ea567163cd40….png)

File: 376a9695df0a261⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 659x659, 1:1, 376a9695df0a2616c7fab08fca….jpg)

File: 0d878865144ca0d⋯.jpg (76.34 KB, 500x552, 125:138, 0d878865144ca0d5432d133dfa….jpg)


VIPPatriot: "Best President ever!!!"

POTUS: "Ever?!?!"

Yes, Mr. President. EVER!!!

Thank you to all the Patriots. What a night… my cheeks hurt from smiling.


6be01c No.1842789


I mean, just an idea, you could just have POTUS say at a press conference, "Q is real, here comes the pain!"

d446cf No.1842790


Dont care for it either, dont understand how it relates. At times its comical, most times im like.. goddamnit not that fuckkng She, He, IT again..

2ac942 No.1842791


Happy "Q" anniversary POTUS

75ef31 No.1842793

File: 3f0349ebd7484c1⋯.jpg (211.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wein.jpg)

ff02c8 No.1842794


LULZ she is not a virgin.

64e614 No.1842795

34d68a No.1842796

File: bc4465fa17cc426⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 228x217, 228:217, ofs.jpg)

File: 753cf099e1c56d2⋯.jpg (175.2 KB, 690x700, 69:70, iloveu.jpg)



41e2ed No.1842797



Q can we get an update on the June ETA post? unless I need to re_read but I always need to re_read

9e551a No.1842798





page 45 – caused incurable damage to the business interests of the Democratic Party and its

numerous donors, and did the same to private citizens such as former Secret Service Officer

Gary John Byrne, the plaintiff in this case, and concededly attempted to replicate, and did

replicate, such wrongdoing with respect to citizen-candidate and then President-elect (and now

President) Donald John Trump, Sr., and his presidential campaign, and endangered, and

continues to gravely endanger, the national security of the United States through espionage and

related seditious acts;

page 46 – names multiple organizations being used by the criminal Enterprise

Brock is the author of the leaked “Terminate Trump” dossier which is attached hereto as

Exhibit “A” and sets forth the plan for “nonprofit” (and supposedly nonpartisan) entities to

coordinate efforts to undermine and ultimately destroy the Trump presidency;

page 47 – Defendant Clinton Global Initiative (“CGI”) was established in 2005 by President

William Clinton to “convene global and emerging leaders”, and has consistently over the past decade – including while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State – provided a platform for domestic and international graft, corruption, bribery, and treason/sedition against the United States;

— Defendant Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (“CGEP”) is a Clinton Foundation

“initiative” that describes itself as “pioneering an innovative approach to poverty alleviation”

but which, through the involvement of William Clinton and Frank Giustra were principals in sustaining the Enterprise through, among other things, bribery and provision of control of

lethal uranium to enemies of the United States, including but not limited to Russia;

—- Defendant George Soros (“Soros”) is a Hungarian-American investor and leftist

Democratic Party partisan who, beginning with the 2003-2004 election cycle (in which he donated $23,581,000 to various tax-exempt “nonpartisan” groups in order to defeat President George W. Bush), has supported the Enterprise in illicitly funneling and laundering hundreds of millions of dollars (with some accounts in the billions) to undermine those with whom the Enterprise have directed its improper operational schemes

—- Defendant John Podesta is the former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and principal wrongdoer in all aspects of Enterprise malfeasance, including facilitating illegal (and conceded) collusion between the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and defendant Brock’s Super PACs, with the assistance of his personal attorney Marc Elias of Perkins Coie LLP

page 48 — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (“CREW”) is a wholly partisan ethics watchdog group”, as conceded in Exhibit “A” hereto, which illegally maintains a 501(c)

(3) status in its tax returns yet through platforms like Twitter and related social and traditional media, have teamed with the Enterprise to serially defame, shirk (rather than attempt to uphold) ethical standards, rules and laws, and file frivolous, unethical “complaints” intended only to harass and further a partisan agenda buttressed by the Enterprise, and represents they are part of the #Resistance against the United States Government;

—Defendant Shareblue, as set forth in Exhibit “A”, is responsible to the Enterprise with

“taking back social media for the Democrats” - a charge that, without any pretense of nonpartisanship, aims to “delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency” and “arm Americans to fight” against the Trump administration;

f8888d No.1842799


Every time I am convinced, I realize I've been taken for a ride again. It looks like Trump didn't even see the guy in the shirt. What is more concerning however is that Q is now acting like this was a planned proof when he didn't even look at the guy.

Still waiting on the marine one and AF1 proofs that were promised.

The time for faith and playing proof sleuth is over. Fuck up the enemy or don't. This is boring.

bc0569 No.1842800


Ready and waiting.

f0595b No.1842801


izzt why the board is readable instead of just awash in images

9a08bf No.1842802


God bless, Q.

c6b42e No.1842803

File: 8111551d09e7c72⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 570x587, 570:587, you.jpg)


So when are you faggots going to start draining the swamp? I didn't hire you to be weak and ineffectual.

Fuck yourself already.

fd57d2 No.1842804


Notables collected from


>>1839508 DOJ requests military lawyers to help prosecute immigration crimes

>>1839515 Get your Meme Ammo here!

>>1839454 Flake threatens to limit Trump court nominees: report

>>1839234 , >>1839269 Leftists are better at finding 17 year olds than Russians

>>1839227 06/21/18 - Summer Solstice

>>1839170 , >>1839173 , >>1839176 , >>1839183 , >>1839201 , >>1839187 What was POTUS waiting for?

041e14 No.1842805



Roger that

0d6acb No.1842807


Yap. You are here…feel free to evidence your own conspiracy theory your own way if you care to. Put up or shut up.

d446cf No.1842808


Awesome 🤘😁🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

847df2 No.1842809

File: 0944867a6218c8f⋯.jpg (314.31 KB, 1653x2048, 1653:2048, St Michael Prayer.jpg)

0fbc47 No.1842810


So, phase 2 starts tomorrow?

03796d No.1842811


Fighting 5th…always ready.

c7761d No.1842812


>>1842655 release the hounds

f12165 No.1842813



Easy fix for this, and BO, I understand if you can't (or won't) do this. Simple solution would be have a running tally of unique IPs at the bottom just as we have unique ID's of posters.

Not sure if the BO can pull that stat, though (can't) or if there's a higher reason for not doing it (won't). Either way, could be something simple on the main board page; not necessarily a per thread thing. Like how drudge gets their IP count, and put it on the main Board page.

838c07 No.1842814


Q - Will you please bake the next Bread? Shill Bakers tonight and don't know who to trust.

BO saved this bread, we have the best BO

bae487 No.1842815

File: b3aa479a14eb2b2⋯.jpg (204.56 KB, 1500x1021, 1500:1021, 1528534335681.jpg)


IF the govt saves 80bil per year not dealing with illegal scum they could subsidize private companies to train millions of americans. You could take people with 0 exp and turn them into electricians, welders whatever the fuck we need.

80bil per year wasted on Pedros who wont even ever pay tax.

cd774d No.1842816

>>1842498, >>1842757

Latest Q post (quoted) for new baker:

>>1842740 rt >>1842655 —- We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

>>1842655 rt >>1842592 —- Exactly 17 months.

2b6cd5 No.1842817


as long as you keep giving us these cues, we'll keep building proofs.

5ffe40 No.1842818

243e87 No.1842819


Be on guard. Satan is ALWAYS prowling the world seeking the destruction of souls. What we are trying to achieve is a victory in a battle which will rage on long after we are all dead, as it did long before we were here on earth.

0427dd No.1842820


R comes after Q

bab7ae No.1842821


God bless.

0ce342 No.1842822

File: ee21eb81e35c852⋯.png (894.74 KB, 627x716, 627:716, Happy to wear it!.png)


God Bless YOU!!!!!!

We are loving the ride!


6f5efd No.1842823


Thank you for saving the world.

d015e4 No.1842824


You can move quickly, or you can move thoroughly and permanently.

Though it's less satisfying in the present, the latter is preferential.

4e7768 No.1842825


Historic. I love you all.

2335a6 No.1842826


Bye darling. Home to mama for you.

6be01c No.1842827


Oh, don't think he doesn't know!


cabbb7 No.1842828


There's a FB group?

b8f4d0 No.1842829

d0349e No.1842830


Sounds like a promising idea!

Let's see if we can make this happen!

f12165 No.1842831


Basically, a lurker vs poster stat.

76ac75 No.1842832

File: 3d4bf4c15a0bc77⋯.png (124.23 KB, 797x464, 797:464, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)

File: f282f77ade3d4c7⋯.png (35.24 KB, 697x134, 697:134, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)

File: 26b5c222ee6fd8b⋯.png (79.04 KB, 272x365, 272:365, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)


the 60 minutes piece aired in march

here is hogg's statement from a few days after the shooting. 60 minutes did a poor job of editing and it makes it seem like he is lying. probably so that we spread this and make ourselves easily discredited.

f5297a No.1842833

File: 01b147597ec300d⋯.png (779.16 KB, 960x574, 480:287, North Carolina.png)

File: 1d1f394dd58b388⋯.png (381.88 KB, 584x557, 584:557, Alabama4.png)

File: 3a4f38681bf46d6⋯.png (596.87 KB, 688x560, 43:35, California1.png)

File: 5c89a6f337e7ec9⋯.png (175.17 KB, 612x630, 34:35, Arkansas.png)


When will AMERICANS get their EO?

Free our children from CPS! Please, POTUS!

f0595b No.1842834

File: ad014093c0a2b55⋯.jpg (10.33 KB, 177x165, 59:55, shitburger.jpg)


Go, slider.

ff9ddb No.1842835


This means we must teach them our ways. There was an influx earlier and lots of newfags were feeding bots/falling for bait/being new. We gotta teach em

ea3c56 No.1842836

File: b0faae3516ed832⋯.png (718.56 KB, 1032x665, 1032:665, Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 1….png)

all last bread…..

>>1841954 my inspiration

>>1841973 kek

>>1842082 saved

>>1841949 muh sides

>>1842134 yes he exudes privileged douche (hogg)

>>1842406 click it!

I come for Q …but the lulz

so much meme fodder

memes for days

greatest midterms ever

9a08bf No.1842837

File: 741602dfbd57bd2⋯.jpg (339.89 KB, 882x731, 882:731, no_coincidences_pepe.jpg)



243e87 No.1842838


WA is hopeless at this point.

aae55b No.1842839


This is the way it has to be. They have to look home made

When POTUS directs people to look at them, saying that this is what patriots are clamoring about, it will look like a grass roots thing. Which it is. And that is why just about any patriot will be able to explain just about any proof. If you wear a Q T-shirt or badge or bumper sticker, be prepared to explain the proofs.

e2ca86 No.1842840


didn't even realize you were here when I posted….

Thank you, Q. Bring the pain!

4a88e8 No.1842841


Kek, these faggots are still at it.

d015e4 No.1842842


How's the Q t-shirt guy's twitter follower count?

0503e1 No.1842843

[ 598512 ]

a1f498 No.1842844

File: 62c36672de8b03f⋯.gif (861.53 KB, 477x198, 53:22, Black Storm.gif)


Ya'll have been trying that for hours, bye bye.

6be01c No.1842845

Can you please drop more about NWO?


The Nazi order.

NWO [N does not refer to “New”].

The Sum of All Fears.






Stage SET.



db0bb4 No.1842846


17 = Q = 17


f12165 No.1842847



BO handed off to trusty baker. Hang in there, anon. Attacks will increase, and they will try to cause confusion. This thing is too big for them to handle, though. We got this.

541301 No.1842848


Just pointing it out as an acknowledgement of absurdity. As in, who will benefit from these proofs and how?

e86d71 No.1842849


Since ((they)) have had top secret clearance access for so long, what's the risk they could release information to cause mass panic?

54e8d1 No.1842850

File: ba79b0ea8ac3340⋯.jpg (226.25 KB, 953x960, 953:960, JFK_11-11-63.jpg)

>>1842655 No Coincidences! Time to take it all back.

847df2 No.1842851

File: 28a33802ad2ba87⋯.jpg (150.63 KB, 850x994, 425:497, St_Michael_Raphael.jpg)

f8888d No.1842852


Just saying, he didn't look at the guy. He didn't. Q misrepresented what happened. I call em like I see em.

ec674c No.1842853


Should we still look to twitter for the message, "The Storm has arrived"?

f1fd67 No.1842854


Q, What;s up w/FF this morning..then Hannity saying something about an Attempt on Pres today???

a26dd4 No.1842855


ThanQ god bless you and POTUS! WWG1WGA

bae487 No.1842856

File: c9b4f888740c9f1⋯.jpeg (53.66 KB, 450x522, 25:29, c9b4f888740c9f1d18403fe3e….jpeg)


We love you guys and love what we do here. We would be digging like autists on /pol/ anyway.

3f7636 No.1842857


proud to serve

table is set.

5ffe40 No.1842858


3,341 currently…. when I first looked 684.

2ac942 No.1842859

We're ready and we understand. That's what we are here for

Had people calling me asking about Q out of the blue tonight. Interest is up! and word is spreading. People are finding new hope that justice will be done

2335a6 No.1842860


Without fail, they attack like that every time there is confirmation.

838c07 No.1842861


Q - Thousands of newbies coming here is going to be a disaster.

bab7ae No.1842862


Oh, you're still here, that's cute. Keep posting, we don't mind to see your PAIN.

bb7979 No.1842863


God Bless you, Q!!

db0bb4 No.1842864


510/511 days

243e87 No.1842865


Wow! Fantastic prayer! Sharing.

0fbc47 No.1842866


I want this too, but he seemed to infer he wanted us to hold off going there. Not sure everybody can handle it.

d3b418 No.1842867


He clearly did, dumbass

e4b60b No.1842868

File: 741461b572cc580⋯.jpg (375.84 KB, 1065x1161, 355:387, 467583457603.jpg)

c65a25 No.1842869


Shit, I saw…

Trusted baker here too, experiencing attacks…


9e9063 No.1842870


Thank Potus,

w/o him, we'd not be here for this historic transformation. God Bless all of you.

db0bb4 No.1842871


You, anon, need to lurk more

but you are welcome

pick a proof

there are many

c2fe5f No.1842872


No longer believe in coincidences.

Thank you POTUS and Q.

d015e4 No.1842873


The disclosure steps sure are exciting from (relatively closer to) the inside.

aab87f No.1842874


Who knows

But that isn't a soft subject

Maybe China/Russia controls better these countries.


40fd88 No.1842875

01cf7b No.1842876


Thank you Q+, POTUS and all anons always. I am tired and going to bed…will be ready in wait. Peace and out.

e92c4c No.1842877

We're read>>1842655

y for the hell fire that's about to rain on the deep state. Bring on the pain.

That SOB who threatened Baron deserves to pay. These people really are sick.


c771dc No.1842878


not here necessarily.

to q proofs

q proofs must be in order to redpill masses

8chan is like the FBI (INVESTIGATE)

q proofs is like the attorney (PROSECUTE)

the court of public opinion

433b1a No.1842879

File: 446866f38c8c7c0⋯.png (855.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, YFWY_GET_A_YOU_v2.png)

c6b42e No.1842880

File: cd72d94eb113de3⋯.jpg (39.13 KB, 603x350, 603:350, ivanka.jpg)


Proofs of what?

Be ready for what?

Nothing good is happening.

Maybe should arrest some of these assholes already.

bab7ae No.1842881


Q proof, exactly 17 (Q) months later.

98c32c No.1842882


God bless you too, stay safe, and thank you, Divine Providence must be playing a part in the plan

ec674c No.1842883

I think the FF was something to do with the immigration thing. A John Brown like event.

cafa45 No.1842884

File: ead37b255ca3a67⋯.jpg (112.77 KB, 1198x913, 1198:913, 1.JPG)


598512 No.1842885

File: cbd781a3aa9a4d0⋯.jpg (388.35 KB, 1160x1043, 1160:1043, SECRET gov doc 3.jpg)

File: a3dd1d066c94570⋯.jpg (340.4 KB, 1358x592, 679:296, Rocket SCIENCE document me….jpg)

File: 745cc31f1c88ec7⋯.jpg (394.19 KB, 1250x864, 625:432, gov doc 1.jpg)

File: 86357ce51317c5f⋯.jpg (307.3 KB, 1335x696, 445:232, Flat Magnet.jpg)

116874 No.1842886


You're praying to an ancient Egyptian god of evil when you pray to Amen!! dig

d446cf No.1842887


I posted up on facebook like always, tonights proofs were EXCELLENT.. and people are actually starting to see and even though they dont totally get it.. they are seiing it is something they need to pay attention to

c65a25 No.1842888


BO knows who I am…

3a49b5 No.1842889

Q tell the donald mods to stop banning anyone who posts Q

thats like 600k new folllowers if not more

5ffe40 No.1842890


Nice analogy anon.

34d68a No.1842891

File: bfda1dc4d18b16c⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 620x616, 155:154, umad.jpg)



747ae7 No.1842892

File: 28b90e4c56edd67⋯.jpg (86.43 KB, 960x719, 960:719, 35740987_1988250531209813_….jpg)

a5a436 No.1842893

The appreciation is mutual, Q. I truly believe Americans are willing to do whatever we can for our country. We have just been waiting for the right leader.

This has changed my life. I know I'm not alone. Anyone of us snobs would do whatever we can…


d6d1ee No.1842894

File: 28bab722c4e6b98⋯.jpg (285.9 KB, 1299x731, 1299:731, dream_r1cqksalsgs.jpg)


And we thank you for your time and HIGH ENERGY!

a77de5 No.1842895

File: 8048da578461646⋯.jpg (207.99 KB, 1600x1209, 1600:1209, IMG-20180621-WA0002.jpg)

File: 93642a1a49118cb⋯.jpg (167.68 KB, 1206x985, 1206:985, IMG-20180621-WA0003.jpg)


Q Team earns a 2nd picture from the set. You may remember the first one sent recently with the Jesus Cross on his temple.

635e55 No.1842896


Is it really even worth the attempts anymore? I mean, seriously. FFS.

A) You Lost the day POTUS announced his candidacy

B) this is the WRONG place for trying to sway opinion

C) I red-pilled a HUGE blueberry today…after two freakin years! /Your/ mistake was to try to pin the immigrant child crisis on POTUS, when the evidence of this practice is WIDELY open source going back to 1996

a5a436 No.1842897


Omg damn new phone!! Not snobs!! F this POS!

fdd2ca No.1842898






Advanced memes thread has been created. Sorry about that. 750 character minimum is to cut down on shill+newfag threads created on the board (Non-research related)


That would have to be taken to CM, to include that as a board feature.

8d50e8 No.1842899


The one in the post Q had from the lady at the Duluth rally and their chanting WWG1WGA. QAnon Follow the White Rabbit. 28K people.

d446cf No.1842900


Attacks on potus and family.. how fucking lame. Fonda.. you and Honda fuck off

0e6136 No.1842901


Thanks Q, God bless you and POTUS

Hearing July 1st is gonna be the start of some good times and im guessing we'll need to be at the ready!

c771dc No.1842902

> Muh marine one proof, Muh AF1 proof

Bro…Q's timeline does not = our wantline

He always puts out.

023248 No.1842903


Shill exposed. He def wasn't pointing to the cute chick. Review the angles again or KYS. He was pointing to the guy that yelled "Best president ever"… not even sure why I'm arguing this. It's so fucking obvious.

03825e No.1842904


I don't think there is enough proofs. Was there earlier and there is like 7-8 proofs. They are going to want more than that.

8731e5 No.1842905


So the MN rally was strategically planned for June 20 2018. I did not think anything of the date until now. There are no coincidences when it comes to Q! Did something else happen tonight that we might learn about on the news shortly?

75ef31 No.1842906

File: 456675cd53a9786⋯.jpg (287.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RothsChabad.jpg)

087a9e No.1842907

File: 89986ed18e1bc9f⋯.jpg (316.52 KB, 980x551, 980:551, Nasimseal.jpg)

a9fbad No.1842908


LeafAnon here. Can't wait until the wave arrives here. Planning a trip to the US for Nov 11. ThanQ

8d50e8 No.1842909


Also a Think Tank one for more serious researchers.

8fc8b9 No.1842910

Anyone know what happened to QBook pdf anon? Did he say when he's coming back? Shit hasn't been updated in over a week

0503e1 No.1842911


Pretty sure here yelled


In the exit clip it seemed like he yelled WWG1WGA

58262a No.1842912

File: 50bbd1b2f34b5e6⋯.png (99.08 KB, 500x522, 250:261, memefarm.png)

598512 No.1842913

File: 931683dae5a437b⋯.jpg (190.47 KB, 1057x642, 1057:642, gov doc 3.jpg)

File: 4abfd4d61fbf0ca⋯.jpg (274.83 KB, 1160x829, 1160:829, bill Nye.jpg)

File: 742a3108fe3a9f7⋯.jpg (388.05 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, sky clock.jpg)

File: ae7c6804afbc757⋯.jpg (320.58 KB, 1023x738, 341:246, se.jpg)

0715d7 No.1842914

File: dead4d7ad81d2b6⋯.jpg (5.29 KB, 235x132, 235:132, Luv Ya Flotus!.jpg)

File: 842e2b2bdf8a0d0⋯.jpeg (4.14 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Whuzzz Upppp!.jpeg)

File: 109f8ace258b668⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 227x222, 227:222, Best Meme Ever.jpg)


Best Potus Ever!

0427dd No.1842915

File: 6bb56d9eb520714⋯.png (414.46 KB, 963x506, 963:506, tint.PNG)

c060a1 No.1842916


Ready to serve Boss…

243e87 No.1842917


Crooked Judges are an even bigger problem than bad laws.

bd7ab7 No.1842918

I cracked a tooth from eating so much popcorn, but it’s well worth it. ThankQ all, and Blessings for the greatest mission. We will help however we can, as guided, and as needed.

f12165 No.1842919


>That would have to be taken to CM

Rgr that.

729d9b No.1842920

The American people have woken and are not going back to sleep.

243e87 No.1842921

8d50e8 No.1842922


They're looking for some nutter who threatened to kill POTUS. Not sure if they've caught him yet.

0266ec No.1842924



It's amazing to watch history as it happens!

Thank you Potus!


f4e1a2 No.1842925

File: 0e63f02f8b08f9e⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 20w0lj.jpg)

File: 567f78683cd753c⋯.jpg (141.37 KB, 828x500, 207:125, Washington do it Q.jpg)

File: 39f8ef1e6280ebe⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1944x1780, 486:445, 39f8ef1e6280ebe783fb0d914c….jpg)

File: 6c1e13dd0136634⋯.jpg (215.53 KB, 894x671, 894:671, 6c1e13dd013663435826f5f0bc….jpg)



c7761d No.1842926

>>1842740 Permission to speak freely, Sir. Proofs of Q establish veracity of Q. Which would induce more people to dig/meme/pray. If that is objective, I can see it. Don't see how proofs are needed when prosecutions of VIPs are happening based on incontrovertible evidence. Who cares who Q at that point?

1c5d57 No.1842927


Vanish, o night!

Fade, you stars!

Fade, you stars!

At dawn, I will win!

I will win! I will win!

d6d1ee No.1842928

File: 8c6c838fef1230f⋯.jpg (163.05 KB, 828x435, 276:145, dream_kluj2f1vf95.jpg)

File: 5261c49622cd791⋯.jpg (138.68 KB, 828x435, 276:145, dream_n285zdq0bjq.jpg)

File: 2a0b7ba68e38d47⋯.jpg (216.9 KB, 828x435, 276:145, dream_uwychn839gn.jpg)

File: cb2f77f43ed176b⋯.jpg (106.75 KB, 828x435, 276:145, dream_m0zx4uwtasa.jpg)

9b6639 No.1842929

File: 78895fda987116d⋯.jpg (84.13 KB, 609x385, 87:55, YOU CONFIRMED.jpg)

0503e1 No.1842930



c771dc No.1842931


which is why memefags gotta hustle

although not sure what you mean, I think I've seen something like 100+ qproofs in my very mere few weeks lurking/qanoning

635e55 No.1842932


You are a fracking stud, BO. F the haters! Seriously, when the book about QAnon is written, there need some to be CHAPTERS on CM, BO, BVs, etc.

What a great day!

2bdca1 No.1842933

File: f58dbf2da7919bb⋯.png (580.13 KB, 2122x1174, 1061:587, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)



73377f No.1842934

File: 3834862d840c548⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 439x604, 439:604, MAGAmin.jpg)



No coincidences. Ready and waiting. Proofs for M1 & AF1 still coming?

372204 No.1842935


We're ready to show the normies!

f8888d No.1842936


I'll let you guys be excited for a bit and leave you be. Just keep in mind that the comedown to reality sucks. Always does for me.

Jun 15 2018


Will inspect/review.

Marine One proofs forthcoming.

AF1 (inside) thereafter.

More & More.


Five days since the above. Ill keep posting it until what was promised is delivered. It can be like Ann Coulter's border wall updates.

I don't like being mislead and lied to. Trump didn't even notice the guy in the Q shirt. That is fucking reality. Q then tried to act like Trump specifically called him out of the crowd. It was a lie. Plain and simple. Reality is reality.

f0595b No.1842937


I'll agree that DJT didnt really acknowledge the Q-shirt guy. He couldnt miss seeing him. I think POTUS is keeping his public optics good by not giving the dude a hug, but he did point to the kid with the camera for a really nice PR bump.

243e87 No.1842938


Hah ha I thought it was over 15 years ago lol

e92c4c No.1842939

File: 29ca86bce0edf58⋯.png (60.73 KB, 852x368, 213:92, Previous Q post.png)

Anyone have any dirt on Ashton Kutcher's Spotlight operation?

c6b42e No.1842940

File: 0dd2df5b37a4d4f⋯.jpg (79.74 KB, 650x323, 650:323, 911 pentagon plane.jpg)


You're just as foolish as the leftists that you mock.

Other than North Korea, Trumps entire foreign policy is fucked up (especially the starvation of the Yemenis), the economy is still horrible and the border is wide open. Other than that, everything's great.


80a1c4 No.1842941

File: 8196e9b8dfd41ba⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 1033x596, 1033:596, okc 97 site 2.gif)


>If I love Radiohead does that make me a cuck?

I-I h-hope not.

>If I love Paul Thomas Anderson does that make me a cuck?

This, actually, possibly yes.

I feel like shitposting when Q's posting is like talking in class with a respectable professor.

ec674c No.1842943


You're the shill, she pointed back after he did, and turned to someone to geek out about it.

d015e4 No.1842944


I know these posts aren't relevant, and are sliding this convo, but that first image is a serious WTF. WHY?

aae55b No.1842945


This was an approximate calculation model used because computers were not powerful enough to do the math for a rotating globe model. They were analyzing the errors in the flat earth mmodel to see if they were small enough to be acceptable for QUICK AND DIRTY COMPUTATIONS.

Nowadays we don't need this stuff any more. Since the 1990s computers have become more powerful. The shift from 486 to Pentium was roughly when this happened.

0fbc47 No.1842946


The war will go global. We need people to look through the crumbs. We aren't talking about a few people going to jail, we are talking about a new epoch of human civilization. People's minds are going to be blown to smithereens

aebda0 No.1842947


Q, can we get Gen. Flynn back now?

598512 No.1842948


George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump.

America's Trinity of Gods blessings upon our nation.


372204 No.1842949

File: 8e04a4f3e6e5ab8⋯.jpg (167.99 KB, 482x362, 241:181, Head Off.jpg)

cafa45 No.1842950

File: ca21ff439885181⋯.jpg (120.88 KB, 1058x762, 529:381, 1.JPG)

File: 35def2bf4296bc3⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 670x376, 335:188, 2.JPG)

File: 5eefda1d2b0fb31⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 725x262, 725:262, 3.JPG)


e684eb No.1842951


Speaking of proofs, where (search term(s)?) for POTUS tweets with capital letters and their meaning/decoded message? Tried searching on qmapp but didn't use right terms I guess.

Thank you.

f0595b No.1842952


My pologies on the shitburger. I must be shilled out tonight and on hair-trigger

15079e No.1842953


it felt off for sure

bunch of faggotry off and on

847df2 No.1842954

File: 934e0533bdc81d2⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 660x518, 330:259, WWG1WGA.jpg)

4aefd3 No.1842955


Any idea where breads #1929 through #2087 are? Not showing up in catalog or in archive…

76ac75 No.1842956


what are you saying about the non-cross pic?

a123b0 No.1842957

File: 27edeaf2452e1b5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.83 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 1cf4039cdfafd9d99a13376c30….jpg)


>Allison Mack Nude

3a49b5 No.1842958

File: c4316afd4c29222⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1728x733, 1728:733, fuckyoudavidbrock.png)


you do the math

03825e No.1842959


I may be on the wrong one but this is where I went.

https:// www.qproofs.com/

I know there is another site that is usually at the top of the bread.

721321 No.1842960


Ready to serve and on fire

64e614 No.1842961


there is always a pretentious new artfag thinking they are the greatest gift to the medium… put some of your work out there. anons will like it or they won't.

with regards to making proofs… it is a rare anon that has the ability to dig, connect, and present with a glorious presentation.

But i look forward to seeing your work.

when you post your first proofs… be sure to say "for the anon that thought i pretentious" so i know it is you.

d6d1ee No.1842962


She'd be beautiful if she weren't evil.

At best she's a…


She's just evil.

74c5f2 No.1842963

File: 5f240e703809d55⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepeenjoytheshow.jpg)

File: 4ed7f17f155c27a⋯.jpg (1010.77 KB, 1280x1217, 1280:1217, outsmart.jpg)

File: a43591d754b74ef⋯.png (839.67 KB, 1680x720, 7:3, analysis.png)

File: 5811b9547cc492a⋯.jpg (118.54 KB, 1004x1268, 251:317, passonpurpose.jpg)

File: b09f0adc9385a20⋯.jpg (897.43 KB, 2336x1680, 146:105, b09f0adc9385a203e16eca981a….jpg)

598512 No.1842964

File: 8e6eb6fe39f6638⋯.jpg (305.12 KB, 921x855, 307:285, Bible 1.jpg)

File: 655069d66f2143d⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 672x729, 224:243, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

File: b10fcb74d53dd28⋯.jpg (308.68 KB, 1199x701, 1199:701, Bible 2.jpg)

File: 1a48c7fbd8e8764⋯.jpg (225.48 KB, 848x558, 424:279, Bible Verse.jpg)

File: 8b0bce491ce67d5⋯.jpg (257.43 KB, 857x662, 857:662, Bible Verse2.jpg)


What does the Bible say about the subject?

It's always about religion…that's the secret.


e2bfc2 No.1842965


This makes sense as to why the Fetard memes look so crappy. they're probably stuck using those dinosaurs of machines- probably even found that document on a floppy drive at the back of shillHQ.

023248 No.1842966


Did she get a VIP pass too? Fuck off faggot. (((You)))'re glowing.

2fae3e No.1842967

721ec5 No.1842968


So an EO was signed on dec 21st, winter solstice, and tomorrow is the summer solstice, are we ready for darkness to light time crew?


9b6639 No.1842969




0427dd No.1842970

File: 49bcedc87b034e0⋯.png (275.03 KB, 474x474, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 118082919ad46cd⋯.png (162.77 KB, 520x520, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

c771dc No.1842971



747ae7 No.1842972


you butt-hurt socialists are so cute

bless your poor little bleeding hearts

8d50e8 No.1842973


When did Flynn change his header photo? Was calm seas and now this.

f0595b No.1842974


I missed her 'brand'

e7213b No.1842975

To those saying POTUS wasn't pointing at vipanon:


V: Best president ever!

P: Ever?! (open hands gesture)

ff02c8 No.1842976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cafa45 No.1842977

File: 9170e4de88f743a⋯.jpg (96.14 KB, 733x894, 733:894, 1.JPG)

File: 1f491856bcd8caf⋯.jpg (94.53 KB, 724x846, 362:423, 2.JPG)


d6d1ee No.1842979



Was she ever branded, though?

I thought the branding was her idea for her and Raniere's subordinates?

faecdc No.1842980


>Jan 20, 2017

Inauguration of Donald Trump

Donald Trump takes the oath of office as the President of the United States.

Date January 20, 2017

f4e1a2 No.1842981


Thank you BO, i see it now.

I'm reorganizing my files, i added graphics to board last time in several large group postings over a couple of month period, and i'm compiling and sorting those ATM

And then ill start filling the new board.


18a56e No.1842982

File: ef322bb6792e577⋯.jpeg (88.25 KB, 800x430, 80:43, E758649A-DEDB-437C-822E-5….jpeg)

File: 6b9343ff39109fa⋯.jpeg (42.91 KB, 475x446, 475:446, A3F4C9ED-5801-499E-997C-9….jpeg)

File: 26dff381fcd9402⋯.jpeg (132.8 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 22D73142-6202-40FB-8A93-E….jpeg)

File: 2ec531659059308⋯.png (442.64 KB, 576x536, 72:67, 28EFC35B-0A16-4613-AA8F-82….png)

31f460 No.1842984


You are awesome Q Team!! We Pray For You!! We Thank You!! We Stand Behind You!! We Are One With You!! Thank you from the Patriots!! Not wanting to spam, but want to make sure this message gets to POTUS. Many hurting Patriots are coping with Opiod addiction and chronic pain with the help of Kratom. I haven't seen adverse affects. Can you please ask POTUS to protect it's legality.

Thank You, God Bless!!


Hurting Patriots

4aefd3 No.1842985

File: 7afcf220454df33⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1610x781, 1610:781, Capture.PNG)

Anybody catch this guy on Ingraham tonight? He mentioned "from darkness to light" at the start of the segment.

598512 No.1842986


Even killers have a stated reason for what they do.

Don't make it right. Computers complicated enough

to go to moon, but not complicated enough to

calculate earth curve (8 inch per mile squared)?



243e87 No.1842987


He should do rallies all up and down Cal lol

ea3c56 No.1842988

You catch Wray mention Utah out of the blue?

So many coincidences-

We're not watching a movie, We're watching a rerun…. popcorn

c6b42e No.1842989

File: 85af3d8678fa912⋯.jpeg (78.1 KB, 625x614, 625:614, voting.jpeg)


I'm not worried about Trump's family as they'll always have security but about the decent people living in satanic areas that are totally exposed. He's doing jack all to protect them. For all the brash talk (which I like) Trump's been very weak, like weaker than Obama weak.

c771dc No.1842990


she was the head bitch besides rapemastergeneral

wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't branded.

she did a shit ton of recruiting

more to the point. what is her relevance here? general nexivm/human trafficking?

did i miss something?

5ffe40 No.1842991



f0595b No.1842992


Im wondering if her brand isnt hiding in the carpet

00b5c8 No.1842993

File: 56f38a044f8cfcd⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1534x903, 1534:903, ClipboardImage.png)

I thought it was pretty awesome that Starlord did this(didn't see it mentioned sorry if it was): http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/06/19/chris-pratt-shares-message-faith-during-acceptance-speech-at-mtv-movie-and-tv-awards.html

<pic related

29b692 No.1842994


Anon earlier said Sheila Jackson Lee was complaining about work going on in Utah…

I didn't listen to her.

Anyone else remember that?

8fc8b9 No.1842995


He's gonna campaign for John Cox, so he'll make a trip her, at least.

ec674c No.1842997


WTF are you talking about??? She's standing right next to him, he's obviously there on purpose. Go away Clown.

aab87f No.1842998

Predictions for the Sunday?

Turkey's jailed pro-Kurdish candidate in first TV appearance for 20 months

https:// reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1JD0VT

243e87 No.1842999


Is she a real muppet, or a Sears muppet?

6be01c No.1843000







Uh, I'm pretty sure an Alien is visiting me in the NWO thread…

a5a436 No.1843001

File: 7ede4d49ed14168⋯.jpg (684.93 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180621-005439….jpg)


1f461d No.1843002


My dearest Q, I have followed you since the beginning and am so happy that we are going to have our closure soon. You have restored my faith in humanity. Since my first vote for RR i have had little if any faith in our Govt since, You have restored my faith in not only Govt but the world. Love you and all the ANONS bunches.

30b656 No.1843003


Great show! ThanQ.

d6d1ee No.1843004



Someone has nudes of her and I…

I don' think they're from the fappening…

But either they're just celeb photoshops, or…

I'm not sure where they got them.

bc0569 No.1843005


Branding could of occured after this photo as well.. maybe this was just when he was a regular run of the mill sex slave without a cool cult.

dc92b3 No.1843006


I was thinking we might even see a happening tonight. The Times Up train FF was within minutes of the eclipse ending. Not sure what specific time is the solstice.

d446cf No.1843007

File: 934dac2d703a7fd⋯.png (169.76 KB, 584x482, 292:241, IMG_2971.PNG)


Howlee chit!

d015e4 No.1843008

The Summer of Love begins tomorrow.

The Summer of Justice.

For them, The Summer of Pain.

372204 No.1843009


I knew I liked that guy…

4762e5 No.1843010

File: 68667f54135ab3f⋯.gif (189 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1501358081435.gif)

File: 8354880902a3399⋯.jpg (770.94 KB, 1080x1624, 135:203, 20180620_122434.jpg)

File: 7915540686bb2ab⋯.png (13.69 KB, 162x276, 27:46, 20180618_153216.png)

File: 500aa017710ba7d⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 20180620_121436.jpg)


ok…æı tried… i did… but…

>…thank you fer yer services…




76ac75 No.1843011


we should structure proofs the same way we learned from Q

make them simpler at first… then more complex

follow Q's model

do a bunch of simple ones with just the Q trump delta

then move on to more complex things

598512 No.1843012

File: b1f9a55a9ebd74a⋯.jpg (242.26 KB, 1423x844, 1423:844, 1efc9c093f92836d8fcfbaf9d4….jpg)

File: 64ea6a48f291477⋯.jpg (304.86 KB, 1014x676, 3:2, Trump Dome.jpg)

File: 313596fcf2b92c2⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 696x568, 87:71, edge.jpg)

File: 2dd3c4312b0ddf5⋯.jpeg (76.32 KB, 500x404, 125:101, Another one.jpeg)

File: 464de1a2ac034e0⋯.jpeg (184.95 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Don't speak.jpeg)


Add up the pieces, get the picture.


d6d1ee No.1843013


Again, I think I remember it being her suggestion.

And it's not exactly uncommon in absurdly serious/"high protocol" D/s relationships.

023248 No.1843014


Let's just be clear… So you're saying Q is larping? Like the president didn't do what he did intentionally? Don't be an idiot.

5f3b2e No.1843015

My eyes are burning.

I went to a really dark place with that one (children burning alive), but it was just the time my eyes were snow blinded. Did somebody make something sound a lot worse than it was or was the purpose to send me to the dark places?

9b6639 No.1843016



>>1842929 <<< —-look at image in VIPanon's phone compared to the image of POTUS pointing (see graphic)

243e87 No.1843017


A special Summer Solstice present for /them/, maybe even better then the Winter Solstice EO!

98c32c No.1843018


ready and waiting Q, anger and hatred are surfacing, God save us

c771dc No.1843019


solstice - sun is highest in the sky

depends on your location

occurs when the sun is highest in the sky.

1fa8de No.1843020


yikes da fuq?

a1f498 No.1843021

File: a31920a7b906bbd⋯.png (1005.4 KB, 993x564, 331:188, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

8d50e8 No.1843022


Agreed. Many proofs are too complex for normies. Gotta start simple. Complex is good once they start learning, but at first, we've got to keep them very simple.

15079e No.1843023


also said Trump giving KJU private phone # was top secret, 2 days after Trump told media he did that.

fdd2ca No.1843024


June archives will be released sometime soon. I don't know exact dates for when the system sets up the links. For now, I recommend GermanArchiveAnons archive.


There's nothing special about what I do, especially compared to you faggots who dig and meme all day and night. Do not give me more credit than I deserve. We are all in this together, equally.


Damn. Sorry to make you repost, and thank you.

fe501d No.1843025


Yeah. The picture is, YOU'RE A MORON.

6eee4f No.1843026



Please tell POTUS we are grateful and he can count on us. We are ready to fight. We know it will get ugly but we are ready. We are praying for you all and for POTUS. WWG1WGA!

d446cf No.1843027


She looks dead, pastey white.. a vampire

4a88e8 No.1843028

Q, any connection to Bourdain being in Armenia weeks earlier?

4691a1 No.1843030

File: 3845178bc9578f7⋯.png (89.22 KB, 654x354, 109:59, NShort re Rush re MSM 6-20….PNG)

File: feba4b2824985ba⋯.png (585.51 KB, 683x919, 683:919, Rush re MSM 6-20-18.PNG)

If the Media Keeps This Up, They’re Going to Get Somebody Killed


Partial snip

73377f No.1843031

File: adbd20b5df174e9⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 640x705, 128:141, 1525984382595.jpg)


/x/ is here…

cafa45 No.1843032

File: 83e15bbda0b514f⋯.jpg (176.9 KB, 1219x908, 1219:908, 1.JPG)

File: c650261910f5cb6⋯.jpg (43.51 KB, 705x248, 705:248, 2.JPG)

File: e5230acbe357e9b⋯.jpg (85.31 KB, 714x685, 714:685, 3.JPG)


76ac75 No.1843034

File: 7b30f44920dc2fa⋯.png (173.03 KB, 705x540, 47:36, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)

File: 88b28a9bea259a6⋯.png (160.91 KB, 1006x511, 1006:511, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at ….png)



you guys know another "sex cult" got exposed in the last few days right?

includes branding and everything


598512 No.1843035

File: 0ecf028e21e4ad3⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

File: 4c3d13de6922a48⋯.jpg (702.97 KB, 1626x1032, 271:172, 2015 N 2012 blue earth.jpg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: 0efb7123c5fcde0⋯.jpg (340.51 KB, 816x949, 816:949, chicago1.jpg)

File: 4f4080e3c8b61c3⋯.jpg (386.64 KB, 890x798, 445:399, APOLLO.jpg)

d6d1ee No.1843036

File: efc1429fad8b59b⋯.jpg (163.82 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dream_zf7a52n08dw.jpg)


Righteous Anger

Love for those you're Protecting.

Shift your intent for maximum meme magic.

d216ce No.1843037


No coincidences Q Team. #17 months. Trust the plan. WWG1WGA MAGA. God Bless

40fd88 No.1843038

File: 8ed50ea68ce3f4b⋯.jpg (210.3 KB, 1088x952, 8:7, 127eo1.jpg)

File: 4d90dd720acd93f⋯.png (695.97 KB, 714x712, 357:356, pepecomfy.png)


Good call, Anon!!!

Friendly reminder of what that EO was:

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Issued on: December 21, 2017

For the full read:

sauce: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/


5f3b2e No.1843039


Thank you BO, it's nice to finally have a place to pass messages without being harassed.

8d50e8 No.1843040


And remember, they probably know nothing and have listened to MSM's version of reality. They aren't autists so they might not draw conclusions as easily. (teacherfag who sucks at memeing, sorry, wish I could, will do vids)

9d9354 No.1843041


God Bless You Q! My deepest thanks for all you have done and all you're about to do for our great nation. We are a part of history and I have cherished each and every minute without sleep. Waiting for Q is more exciting than waiting for Santa!!! Our nation will forever be in your debt.

ec674c No.1843042

ID: 023248

485e57 No.1843043


Never been more ready in my life. DOITQ!

a53515 No.1843044


LOL I posted that right before Q came. I know he wasn't answering my question, but what timing, huh?

The 17 months ties so much together. This day was chosen before Trump was elected. My guess.

6676bd No.1843045


The legal system sucks. It's part who can bullshit best and who is connected to who in each little court fiefdom.

a123b0 No.1843046

>Mack's idea


a77de5 No.1843047


Saying POTUS was touched by the hand of God on a special night over a year ago.

c771dc No.1843048


the longest day


e7c3e5 No.1843049


BAKER Notable

Board quite busy but please catch the work too…

Thanks Baker

faecdc No.1843050


Release the Video?

d446cf No.1843053

File: 53f5cf03aec6e7f⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1251x826, 1251:826, IMG_3117.PNG)


And when Q is able to, and posts you will demand more

58262a No.1843054


Tomorrow begins light to darkness.

Just sayin'

Ready for winter, already sick of mowing.

Fucking bees , poison ivy…miss the woodstove.

97de56 No.1843055


We stand.

We fight.


Organized riots being planned.

Counter measures in place.

Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.

Attacks will intensify.

You, collectively, are a massive threat.

Censorship applied to scale down impact/reach.

It’s failing.

Trust yourself.

Public awakening.


fe501d No.1843056

File: b3fd4d2e982d12c⋯.png (473.1 KB, 683x919, 683:919, ClipboardImage.png)

Speculating here, obviously, but the death Rush speaks of may just be the shot heard round the world that leads to a civil war where we liberals get their asses literally kicked.

d6d1ee No.1843057

File: 8682d7a27645f47⋯.jpg (150.61 KB, 701x513, 701:513, dream_ms5ibu4vu93.jpg)


yeah, that's the it.

0715d7 No.1843058

Allison Mack Facial (meh)

I like the ones that don't miss a drop and then as that it isn't enough keep pumping….. hoping to get one last pearl.

Like it's the freaking antidote or something.

64e614 No.1843059



anon, i came across a little harsh there… i'm sure your stuff is great… and anons will tell you if it is.

i thought the same way when i first arrived… recently there was an anon that did some different styled proofs… looked like a sellsheet which was a good look… sadly, none of his content was correct…. so it was wasted. if you can do the digging/connecting/and presenting… you'll become rockstarartfaganon… but it's never good to show up and start dumping on the work of others before you put your own out in the wild.

a1f498 No.1843060


We also need to have Mockingbird/Propaganda memes at the ready to help explain why they've been misinformed

d6d1ee No.1843061

File: 525ae188773f476⋯.jpg (220.74 KB, 490x735, 2:3, dream_fi12vawr97b.jpg)

a53515 No.1843062


It is liable to feel very short for us. we might not want it to end.

d446cf No.1843063

74c5f2 No.1843064

File: c6336881c3c8a19⋯.png (890.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qmeme1.png)

File: 7cfb0daa540384b⋯.png (805.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qmeme5.png)

File: 4ff2a25b203e31c⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, qmeme4.png)

File: 5c9e2680640a9d3⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, qmeme3.png)

File: 5e05306878419cd⋯.png (903.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qmeme2.png)

0f2064 No.1843065


>The legal system sucks. It's part who can bullshit best and who is connected to who in each little court fiefdom.

not a legalfag, but this is true. saw it from the inside in a previous phase of life

b8f4d0 No.1843066


He changed it about 2 weeks ago. Looks peaceful to me.

243e87 No.1843067


A big Summer Solstice present for /them/ from POTUS, just like on 12/21/7.

75db9a No.1843068


WWG1WGA! Ready.

2b6cd5 No.1843069


We trust ourselves, POTUS and You o7

c771dc No.1843070


we wish, anon

video has to be near the end of this timeline.

normies won't believe it until crumbs make it believable


"i'm not seeing what I'm actually seeing"

a123b0 No.1843071

Judge denies cultist release


dc6b0c No.1843072

File: 5de9c4c283de497⋯.png (25.97 KB, 495x273, 165:91, ClipboardImage.png)


Nice digits

0b999d No.1843073

42b251 No.1843074


nice digits


3f7636 No.1843075


Thank Q

I feel it!

e7213b No.1843076


It's crystal clear here:


40fd88 No.1843077


Thank you for your service, BO!


485e57 No.1843078


ENJOYING THE SHOW Q. Thank you for keeping America safe from these sick clowns.

dc92b3 No.1843079


Yea that's what i read when I googled it. I don't understand that answer. Sure i guess that's an accurate description, but it's that day because of earth's extreme position on the ellipse track.

So i still feel like there should be a definite time that's the same everywhere. Meh. I'm not ready to dive that deep into astrofaggotry to get myself an answer.

bd23af No.1843080


They fail so hard at life, not just rioting… kek.

38d9bb No.1843081

File: f7c5eccfd378b06⋯.png (588.68 KB, 1309x656, 1309:656, Screenshot-2018-6-21 11 ti….png)


5f3b2e No.1843082


They can't stop us now.

616126 No.1843083


The future belongs to us.

5ffe40 No.1843084


When will @Jack be dealt with and the BS shadow banning? I know its not a big deal but its frustrating. Was put in Twatter jail again after blasting John Brennan.

c7761d No.1843085

>>1843055 riots should be quickly suppressed, please. arrest conspirators, planners, funders.

838c07 No.1843086


Q - Something needs to be dropped to shock them into seeing that they are following evil.


f4e1a2 No.1843088



gives me a chance to clean it up, organize it better( i had some junk memes in there before, a little humor)


it's all GOOD, kek

e7c3e5 No.1843089


This is going quickly! Will go quicklier when MSM Fake news is out of the way!!!

Bought Popcorn too!!


o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7

485e57 No.1843090


Q built a woke army.

c771dc No.1843091



should we be ready to defend ourselves physically?

i'm in the middle of nowhere, but i'm worried about anons in big cities. not targeted necessarily, but riots getting out of control

243e87 No.1843092


Happy Summer Solstice!

847df2 No.1843093

File: bb32bbed6bdc6c9⋯.png (38.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, poppepe.png)

d446cf No.1843094


Anything we need to look out for personally or for our families? I know you can't give apecifics. I guess you live in a large Dem ran city would be a major red flag. Inner cities are no bueno.. ignorant multigenerational democratic plantation types there.

023248 No.1843095


They can not stop our destiny. The tide has turned. Their time has come. Thank you Q.

a53515 No.1843096


Situational awareness, anons. No fear, just don't get caught up in an awkward situation.

f0595b No.1843097


kek. cept you gave him his $(you)

75ef31 No.1843098

File: a9b5503ad32af84⋯.jpg (270.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Rosario_Dawson_NXIVM.jpg)

File: 3f0349ebd7484c1⋯.jpg (211.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wein.jpg)

Weinstein/Rothschild connection and dox. >>1843004


That was me.


I am researching a connection between Jeanine Pepler, Anna Rothschild, and NXIVM.

I believe this Rosario Dawson chick is connected to NXIVM.

f5fc56 No.1843099


Put PS in one of these [ ] and Flynn in one of these ] [ Thanks Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3a49b5 No.1843100


dont give them what they want

i bought a gun but i plan on not using it

they want war

give them no war

aadd46 No.1843101


More possible FF's?

America only or WW?

a123b0 No.1843102


i was suspended completely

account dead

598512 No.1843103

File: 4c53739b94cf80a⋯.jpg (162.51 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)

File: a175e681f5fae56⋯.jpg (385.47 KB, 897x865, 897:865, Apollo_11_lunar_module.jpg)

File: e9fabe83938c898⋯.jpg (199.6 KB, 953x468, 953:468, FISH I WORLD.jpg)

File: efa80839c086b1e⋯.jpg (100.58 KB, 600x581, 600:581, shock.jpg)

File: bf742b244fdb6d9⋯.jpg (99.79 KB, 935x696, 935:696, Long Bridge no curve.jpg)

58262a No.1843104


Get some sleep. It's the shortest night of the year. Thank you for sharing.

aab87f No.1843105


With The Ban of the Memes in Europe.


c771dc No.1843106


lawfag here.


wish it weren't true. the quality of representation often > the quality of facts

e2bfc2 No.1843107

File: a55f268ea755018⋯.jpg (74.21 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Space force Check'em.jpg)



Double 5:5's For the win!

ecb39f No.1843108




>>1842479 Man faces federal charges over 4chan troll threat to Charlottsville alt right

>>1842548 KomoNews: Wa Governor Inslee hates on POTUS

>>1842592 Picture of POTUS at the rally stopping near Q shirt guy

>>1842595 Private companies used for immigration detention affect policy

>>1842634, >>1842594 Case filed, Byrne claims Brock was paid by the RICO Enterprise of Soros and Clintons

>>1842645 PressHerald: Pilot of Saudi family jet arrested at Bangor Airport

>>1843034 Wa state emo sex cult by William Control

c060a1 No.1843109


I'm ready for just about everything and anything. Let's get this party started…

b8f4d0 No.1843110


Why is anyone even questioning it? Especially after Q posted about it?!

d216ce No.1843111


5.5 No coincidence that IG had 5 bottles of water each day at the hearings. One large and 4 small = 5.5

a1f498 No.1843113

File: 7fe214fbdad3e1c⋯.gif (7.76 MB, 600x600, 1:1, never count us out.gif)


Staying Frosty!

ff9ddb No.1843114


Counter measures in place

Thats good to hear. Those ANTIFA cunts are vicious and gross (shit/piss bottles with god knows how many viruses in them)

6eee4f No.1843115


We're with you Q. Standing ready for orders. Ready to fight. Patriots united. Where We Go One We Go All!

54e8d1 No.1843116


'Q'ueue 'em up. Take 'em out.

8d50e8 No.1843117


Looks kind of Patriots Fight to me. I'm more than ready to see some pain to those who have betrayed our country.

b6ee9a No.1843118


Not how it works.

0f2064 No.1843119


loved the lawfag I worked for, decades ago.

64e614 No.1843121


97de56 No.1843122


Q&A Saturday.

Time TBD.


bc0569 No.1843123


I have seen the riots being called for. I just pray no civil war.. We will keep fighting and if there is something further to be done we will do it too.

d6d1ee No.1843124

File: cffeb890cc6242c⋯.jpg (195.55 KB, 710x507, 710:507, 9cedfb23337e31dcc46b2742b2….jpg)


>We stand.

Fuck bending over.

>We fight.

Bend them over.


Gangbangs are a team sport.

>Organized riots being planned.

Surely their pussy hats and diaper pins will protect them!

>Counter measures in place.

Yeah, whatever happened to the Proud Boyz?

>Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.

It always is.

>Attacks will intensify.

You know who I am. You know what I'm wrapped up in in an "As Above, So Below" nightmare turned wildest dream. Bring it.

>You, collectively, are a massive threat.

I am SpartaQus.

>Censorship applied to scale down impact/reach.

Why am I shadow banned THIS time, @TwitterSupport?! ;)

>It’s failing.

They can't win? Noooooo….

>Trust yourself.

At this point… kek.

>Public awakening.

Finally. I'm tired of the damned labels and defamation.



a88ab6 No.1843125


i agree! Q drop a hillary video commiting crime, or obama with an ak, something anything

64e614 No.1843126

e92c4c No.1843127

we're ready, Q! please release something soon so we can put these lefties to bed already.

40fd88 No.1843128

File: 8d94a5491db99ed⋯.jpg (183.78 KB, 749x790, 749:790, qjudge.jpg)

File: a379a21eafeeaf2⋯.jpg (12.06 KB, 255x254, 255:254, a379a21eafeeaf20efed6354bb….jpg)

File: f158e4657b5e444⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, 1a670504126366f870af74a733….png)

598512 No.1843129

File: c2d5809e4e64120⋯.jpg (255 KB, 835x803, 835:803, Flat Earth Byrd.jpg)

File: a08c0021ce16cc6⋯.jpg (212.35 KB, 806x568, 403:284, way too far.jpg)

File: b4b298b2d2736ac⋯.jpg (122.07 KB, 1022x680, 511:340, Ice wall south pole.jpg)

File: 02f47c74b11c7b1⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 638x636, 319:318, gd.jpg)

File: 84b0dfc3a79566a⋯.jpg (170.52 KB, 784x787, 784:787, planes flies flat.jpg)

98c32c No.1843130


you are correct anon, and I also wondered the same thing

023248 No.1843131



ill be there

f5fc56 No.1843132


Will Q+ be there?

d4d730 No.1843133

File: 68d9535d77c2263⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2556x3441, 852:1147, Q-Truth (1).jpg)

File: 8e566d22114b0af⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 967x359, 967:359, DRNN_2.jpg)

File: f988c3aa187b4e1⋯.png (309.89 KB, 463x301, 463:301, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: f5f7fdc3fc6e96a⋯.png (211.26 KB, 547x548, 547:548, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at ….png)


What's Good Anons?? Holy shit it's raining in every direction. We got a lot done today on the ground, red-pilled a lot of folks, including the cops that were called on us (so I don't have a finished photo here) but they were super cool and we red pilled them. KEK!!

Pulling our Patriot group together and amassing more, and I can't explain how well it's going. Spent 8 hours cleaning up the worst filth at one of our abandoned local schools (Hopefully the soon to be "Melania Trump Be Best Academy") went and spoke to the city about organizing rallies, made a few more allies, and then came back to base and watched that AMAZING Rally with POTUS and catching up on Q.

Keep up the good work ANONS. NOBODY Trusts or believes the MSM. I swear, now that I'm out doing my thing striking up conversations and talking to the people, that much is clear. LOTS more going on, and the best of it I have to save so as to not compromise some upcoming moves, but know this, TDS is REAL, and These People Are Stupid. But dear God, I love and miss you all (No Homo)


41e2ed No.1843134



a4e72d No.1843135


this is amazing.

how have i never seen it before?

a53515 No.1843136


Outstanding. Sure to be a yuge crowd.

74c5f2 No.1843137



so.. anti-trump rally set same day as pro-gun rally and fireworks on sale

6be01c No.1843138


Has he been sleeping? They've already inspired many killings.

5a2b2e No.1843139


>Organized riots being planned.

>Counter measures in place.

Praise the Lord!

58262a No.1843140

File: 33a09c28f9bdefa⋯.jpg (67.83 KB, 680x1157, 680:1157, balletthis.jpg)


Nice dubs 5:5

372204 No.1843141

File: 3d629f1bec6c0f8⋯.jpg (12.27 KB, 255x204, 5:4, Doyouwanttoknowmore.jpg)



243e87 No.1843142


Nice reference. Most great Artists have esoteric knowledge. Painting is very much from the other world, that's why you see so many Paintings of Angels, Jesus, Mary, Saints etc. Even the old pagan gods.

ec674c No.1843143


Please protect those in cities without the RIGHT to defend themselves! There's plenty of us in smaller areas who can protect our neighbors.

d6d1ee No.1843144

File: 2db5a3b600787a7⋯.jpg (301.04 KB, 693x520, 693:520, 07cbc8469b1621b9b6d2b33987….jpg)


I just wanna know what you meant by being ready for things to get weird and beyond whatever conspiracy we've theorized…

Whatever happened to that?

e7c3e5 No.1843145


We are waiting!!

bc0569 No.1843146


roger that

15079e No.1843147


When is Soros being RICO'd

cabbb7 No.1843148


Are "They" using Video Games against us and our Kids?

b8f4d0 No.1843149


I'm ready. WWG1WGA

2fae3e No.1843150


Well there goes my Saturday

aadd46 No.1843151

File: 4b51d9f468ccf41⋯.png (352.49 KB, 610x331, 610:331, roger roger.png)

a5a436 No.1843152

File: aaeeea0feac7a5c⋯.jpg (558.35 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180621-010729….jpg)

f4e1a2 No.1843153



Working on remaking the advanced graphics and proofs thread again.

It slide off the board, and was not stickied.

Maybe when it's finished you could go through and approve some of the proofs in there.

BO just remade the thread, and i'm sorting my files,ATM and going to post them on there.

c7761d No.1843154

>>1843094 more likely they will send cadres into GOP areas to provoke a response. they want blood in the streets, remember the LL speech? This is the propaganda mind control Rush Limbaugh was on about today. They want leftists killed to create martyrs, preferably photogenic teens.

fff0c8 No.1843155




7a05f3 No.1843156

File: 21e258bb00d9a82⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, beginning of the end - com….jpg)


Do it Q!!

598512 No.1843157


I'll start writing my question tonight.

Dream come to true if I could ever actually talk with Trump.

aae55b No.1843158


Shame on you for listening to the warroom shills

Telling people to blast out memes on topic X

Whichever one was hot that day

That is guaranteed to get you shadowbanned and suspended.

That's what the warroom shills want

They are getting paid to make you act stupid

You need to act smart, and do things DIFFERENT

Be different from the crowd and Jack won't notice you

And some people will read your tweets because they look interesting

Or informative

Or different

54e8d1 No.1843159


Specific topics in mind?

cd774d No.1843160


The last Q&A was fun, I'll be there ;)

023248 No.1843161


Can't wait to see how many lurqers get a Q in their captcha.

838c07 No.1843162


Q - Do the Q & A during Night Shift …… it won't be so crazy busy. Much more comfy night time.

73377f No.1843164

File: ebc6c7f325e36bd⋯.jpg (240.81 KB, 1500x966, 250:161, For REE and country.jpg)

>>1843055 (checked)


>>1843122 (confirmed)

Haven't doubted since I came on board, not about to start now. Lotta love in this movement, America needed a wake up call and it was delivered in kind. WWG1WGA.

0503e1 No.1843165

File: 9cf0e7c3177c30e⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2209x2921, 2209:2921, 9cf0e7c3177c30e568f3a1d524….jpg)


This is beautiful!

AND keep frosty anons!

Frosty, and fearless.

6be01c No.1843166


RR firing confirmed!!!

a4e72d No.1843167


should we bring popcorn?

3f7636 No.1843168


canceling the hike

3d28f3 No.1843169

File: bc3d234cf45536f⋯.jpg (138.99 KB, 600x900, 2:3, gonna-get-worse.jpg)

a53515 No.1843170


LOL Yeah, you certainly didn't have anything more important to do. You can get married next weekend.

5ffe40 No.1843171


Great, now I'll glued to my puter instead of doing yard work. Wifeanon is gonna be pissed.

fe501d No.1843172

File: e5ac668cbca0124⋯.png (583.08 KB, 696x464, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

The Navy will be in charge of the Space Force, after all, it'll be ships we put out there.

d216ce No.1843174


I'm ready. Bring on that Martial Law. I suspect July 1st to start. Something you posted Q for 1.7 = mirror 07/01

485e57 No.1843175


Will we learn who you are by November?

42b251 No.1843176


Saturday stress test..

roger that…

883825 No.1843177

File: 847b373e1c17a70⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 255x205, 51:41, pepe-oooh.jpg)


Curiosity piqued.

d4d730 No.