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5127f3 No.1807638

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

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Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !CbboFOtcZs

Monday 06.18.2019

>>1805429 ----------------------- No name absent. End near?

>>1805203 rt >>1805065 ---- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nIBa7VLumWk

>>1804985 ----------------------- Articles on John Huber, Sessions & a Grand Jury

>>1804576 rt >>1804036 ---- Grand Jury in place?

>>1803997 ----------------------- Poof! (Q Post from 10.29.17)

>>1803264 rt >>1803191 ---- Amanda Renteria

>>1803151 ----------------------- Autists catch the exchange re: POTUS private calls w/ Kim (new number) via iPhone?

>>1798840 ----------------------- Did you know?

>>1798425 rt >>1798338 ---- Ability to share [open]

>>1798337 ----------------------- What a wonderful day

>>1795210 rt >>1795201 ---- Message not for Anons. (re: >>1794770 )

>>1795178 ----------------------- http://www.tehrantimes.com/news/424351/EU-is-taking-steps-to-protect-companies-in-Iran http://iran-daily.com/News/216823.html

>>1794770 ----------------------- D Morning sun brings heat

>>1794676 ----------------------- /patriotsfight/64

>>1794562 ----------------------- J C

>>1794556 ----------------------- Eggshells

>>1794536 ----------------------- http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/04/fired-white-house-official-joins-doj-at-trumps-insistence.html - Important to remember.

Sunday 06.17.2018

>>1793707 ———————– Public learned today, why?

>>1791240 rt >>1791066 ---- Trolling is fun!

>>1790989 rt >>1790916 ---- Happy Father's Day side-by-side

>>1790332 rt >>1790261 ---- Review lawsuit.

>>1790208 rt >>1790105 ---- [7] Delta today.

>>1790105 rt >>1790063 ---- +Snopes building algo to now track and refute all claims as false.

>>1789978 ----------------------- It’s coming.

>>1785859 rt >>1785584 ---- Lead in was cover. Exit out was missing what?

>>1785558 rt >>1785535 ---- Happy Father’s Day!

>>1785388 ----------------------- https://mobile.twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/1008386945905504256/video/1

>>1784974 ----------------------- Barcelona. The World is watching.

>>1784855 rt >>1784823 ---- Proof [RR] altered the IG Report.

>>1784829 rt >>1784660 ---- Thank you & God bless.

>>1784739 ----------------------- Listen carefully. What will this week bring?

>>1784536 rt >>1784493 ---- Track History. (as Anonymous)

>>1784469 rt >>1762746 ---- {Access Kills}

>>1784426 rt >>1784394 ---- GOOG OP provided undeniable proof.

>>1784372 rt >>1784355 ---- Nunes

>>1784226 ----------------------- Do you believe in coincidences? Have faith.

Saturday 06.16.2018

>>1769937 rt >>1769896 ---- No one person is above another. We are in this together

>>1769874 rt >>1769812 ---- Well done, Anon. Shows commitment

>>1769801 rt >>1769691 ---- IG started long before Huber setting stage

>>1769716 rt >>1769202 ---- JP / Huma NOV. Huber recent reveal by Sessions (Nov start)

>>1769202 ----------------------- These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded

>>1768724 rt >>1768697 ---- News unlocks

>>1768636 ----------------------- Future proves past. News unlocks

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are not endorsements


>>1783948, >>1789875 BO clarifies /qresearch/ CSS updates. This kills the kvetchers.

>>1780275 Board Owner Post Regarding New CSS Applied

>>1746620 ; >>1746924 Announcements From The War Room

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags


>>1807562 IT WAS A SET-UP: Trump Campaign Aide Reveals Mueller Knew More About FBI Informant Than He Did (VIDEO)

>>1807446 FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set Up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush

>>1807414 Chuck Grassley Statement on Hearing Today

>>1807244 YouTube Blocked Video that Q Linked to Earlier (The Five from Today)

>>1807275 PDF of Horowitz Testimony Today

>>1807163 Trumps Approval Rating Highest Since 3/12/17

>>1807153, >>1807200 Joshua Adams Schulte Charged with Selling Classified Info To Assange

>>1807147 Joe Palmer Tweet "Top level Clinton 2016 campaign operative and AG Lynch were in communication with each other in 2016 and exchanging “highly classified” material that not even Horowitz can talk about."


>>1806765 James Woods: #ClintonCash

>>1798472 #QAnon in Barcelona painted over? (bread #2264)

>>1806585 8 Lawmakers Demand Horwitz Unmask Names of Hidden FBI/DoJ Employees

>>1806628 , >>1806639 Official dossier of the Democrats on Greenberg: DIG CALL

>>1806472 Markets Report

>>1806418 , >>1806825 Sudden Death of Ed Rendell's Philadelphia mayoral opponent in 1991, former mayor Frank Rizzo

>>1806391 Genius redpill method

>>1806311 Mika Brezizinski spits venom on twatter

>>1806257 , >>1806257 WW2 leaders and their bloodlines

>>1806236 Comey Timeline

>>1805572 Continuation of lawfag's info on empaneling grand jury


>>1805892 Bridge between LL and HRC = Bill Clinton

>>1805832 NoName: Separating families is 'an affront to the decency of the American people'

>>1805759 Idea For This Board Was Genius!

>>1805598 Autists: Re Q drops, we should be digging on:

>>1805509 , >>1805488 Is NoName Godfather III?

>>1805448 Joshua Adam Schulte's charges >>1805628 but has he been targeted?

>>1805435 Renteria, your 'Grassroots' funding actually came from lobbyists

>>1805434 Lawfag post about the empaneling of a Grand Jury


>>1804646 NEW Map Theory

>>1804303 , >>1805105 Rentiera's twatter rant archive

>>1805027 Grand Jury can be empaneled anywhere

>>1804777 TWITTER CAN BE SUED for wrongly advertising free speech

>>1804810 Podesta included in tweets from Rentaria

>>1804726 Comey caught in another lie; knew of Huma and Weiner's marriage 5/3/2017

>>1804737 New Space Force Graphic


>>1804539 Rep Gaetz mentions the "Sunlight" Q post Morning Sun?

>>1804479 Notable Renteria tweet and >>1804714 Article referenced

>>1804372 Trump was officially nominated at 'The Q' Arena

>>1804168 Three bridges and >>1804565 Moar bridges

>>1804152 Rocket update

>>1804150 USAToday, Yahoo & Deadspin report on the Obama speech video

>>1803888 Amanda Renteria: over 1000 results in the Podesta emails


>>1803206, >>1803662, >>1803713 Planefag Reports

>>1803184 Earthquake fag report

>>1803139 Is Elon Musk cooperating with Q team on NK?

>>1803150 THE EMAIL!

>>1803156 Former Governor Ed Rendell announces Parkinson's disease diagnosis

>>1803185 (Prev. notable) Makes this gem in Omnibus more interesting

>>1803198 Qproofs.com is done!

>>1803247, >>1803593 Ted Cruz intervenes

>>1803258 McCabe tries to Bypass probe

>>1803336 HERE at the 7 min mark It's Dick Durbin

>>1803340 Clinton Natl Political Director Amanda Renteria is a Latina "First"

>>1803350 Another gmail account confirmed

>>1803353 Clapper interview

>>1803390 Amanda Renteria claims "Russia" used her identity to spread misinformation during the election.

>>1803392 LL HRC FBI Senate

>>1803456, >>1803526 Renteria LIES LIES LIES

>>1803480 US says it was Israel not US led coalition who attacked Syrian troops

>>1803495 [Soros and Spawn] Write article today

>>1803530 #BREAKING Popular Pittsburgh based rapper Jimmy Wopo wounded in drive by shooting.

>>1803591 4:55 it's there. Everything we need!


>>1803674 10 am Horowitz testify at a JC hearing

>>1803682 fact page Fish v Kobach doc

>>1803722 FBI Agent, Who Exposed Hillary Clinton's Cover-up, Found Dead

>>1803737 HOLES IN LYNCH

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5127f3 No.1807650

Summaries Of IG Report 2018.06.14

>>1747860 Proof that we are reading the redacted version of the IG Report

Numbering per .pdf pages

Good Work. Now Let's Reread.

Link to IG Report: https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download

Pg 01 - 20 ----- >>1747509 , >>1747805 , >>1747957 → Summary of 'We'll stop him' Strzok-Page Text"; >>1747965

Pg 20 - 40 ----- >>1747772

Pg 40 - 60 ----- >>1755490

Pg 60 - 80 ----- >>1747537

Pg 80 - 100 --- >>1747564 , >>1747862, >>1747977, >>1749302, >>1749507, >>1749114, >>1747977, >>1751032, >>1754500

Pg 100 - 120 -- >>1748215 , >>1764454

Pg 120 - 140 -- >>1748336 Reports: >>1756672, >>1763391

Pg 140 - 160 -- >>1764180 , >>1764613

Pg 160 - 180 -- >>1748418 Reports: >>1752746, >>1752794, >>1752800

Pg 180 - 200 -- >>1748984 , >>1748989

Pg 200 - 220 -- >>1748466 Report: >>1751208

Pg 220 - 240 -- >>1749012 Reports: >>1751004, >>1752440

Pg 240 - 260 -- >>1749332 Report1: >>1750369, Pt 2/2 >>1750369, >>1752260

Pg 260 - 280 -- >>1749515 Reports: >>1750903, >>1751118

Pg 280 - 300 -- >>1750186 , >>1771852, Comprehensive Summary >>1771856

Pg 300 - 320 -- >>1750594

Pg 320 - 340 -- >>1752689 , >>1752705, >>1752724, >>1752736, >>1759531

Pg 340 - 360 -- >>1752957 Reports: >>1754243, >>1754248, >>1754255

Pg 360 - 380 -- >>1754322 Reports: >>1755429, >>1755440, >>1755447

Pg 380 - 400 -- >>1755463 Reports: >>1756365, >>1756374, >>1756378, >>1756382

Pg 400 - 420 -- >>1750687 Reports: >>1752506, >>1752786

Pg 420 - 440 -- --------------- Reports: >>1754107, >>1754699, >>1755187

Pg 440 - 460 -- --------------- Reports: >>1754709

Pg 460 - 480 -- >>1755870 , >>1755884

Pg 480 - 520 -- >>1747603 , >>1747572, >>1747525, >>1747790, >>1752911

Pg 520 - 540 -- >>1766802 , >>1773274 Reports: >>1790914, >>1790958

Pg 540 - 568 -- >>1753854 Reports: >>1754312, >>1754335, >>1754347, >>1754461, >>1754472, >>1754488, >>1754502

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aa83e7 No.1807698

e6a1d0 No.1807699

Hillary Clinton 2014:

"Just because your child gets across the border that doesn't mean the child gets to stay"


b3c54c No.1807707

File: ab5a79894ac2a0d⋯.png (119.3 KB, 416x297, 416:297, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at ….png)


e3d341 No.1807726

File: 3723b73933e772e⋯.jpg (147.84 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 9f7n3t.jpg)

New girl for our illustrious baker.

ebb5a7 No.1807727

File: 14593292360e3fc⋯.jpg (206.92 KB, 576x324, 16:9, WWG1.jpg)

File: d34675fd5122228⋯.jpg (133.56 KB, 647x824, 647:824, TrumpKimWWG1WGA.jpg)

File: 95d786f35c0a2b5⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 439x454, 439:454, FamiliaWWG1WGA.jpg)

File: 74d5694620190e1⋯.jpg (464.1 KB, 2598x1299, 2:1, WWG1WGA-2.jpg)

011214 No.1807728


Notice how all the tweets targeting Whatsherass are sticking and not being deleted? Huh. Would you look at that. @jack fell asleep at the wheel. Kek

8c16f5 No.1807729

File: 2a6d4dc912c3828⋯.jpg (50.92 KB, 600x450, 4:3, MCCAIN THERANOS SPACEX YUC….jpg)

Just die already.

adf544 No.1807730


Turner. They are a general contractor. Permits of the renovations will give you the subcontractors. Sauce would be if there was a structural permit pulled during the renovations.

7fbef5 No.1807731

File: 2ae72efb84917f6⋯.jpg (9.89 KB, 162x255, 54:85, 1c7048a6100d761cfdcfe51872….jpg)



341747 No.1807732

File: 1be284be4f57e00⋯.jpg (17.64 KB, 474x247, 474:247, downloadfile.jpg)

Anons it's time to round them up !

49bef0 No.1807733


Lol jew little jew late

4aa2a1 No.1807734

File: a0d3e958ed3b7f9⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 700x486, 350:243, 50bc.jpg)

File: e52143ab074969e⋯.jpg (165.64 KB, 1276x482, 638:241, x1.jpg)

File: 459a5fb2685a5d1⋯.png (29.27 KB, 505x272, 505:272, 30614.png)

I found Christ

He was on Facebook!

8c16f5 No.1807735


'shut up deniro, we are running out of money!'

aaaa58 No.1807736









ccab6a No.1807737

File: a5e123b7a63468d⋯.jpg (93.18 KB, 1196x1200, 299:300, Color Puzzle.jpg)

File: 703428626e0cf4a⋯.png (349.35 KB, 816x512, 51:32, Gold and Blue.png)

5e10dc No.1807738

>>1807703 (last bread)

Lynch was supposed to be at the meeting today, with Comey, but "declined'.

Grassley: "Ms. Lynch also chose not to show up. The need for transparency does not end when senior officials are fired or quit."

8c16f5 No.1807739


What do you know about Stone Tear?

d55d97 No.1807740

File: 6bc360ca9ec42d1⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 250x186, 125:93, mayor.jpg)

The Trump Curse strikes again. Dios mio!

"The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who shot to international fame after criticizing President Trump for not doing enough to help Hurricane Maria victims is being investigated by the FBI on corruption charges, according to multiple news outlets.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and her administration are under fire for allegedly obstructing critical supplies from reaching victims of the category-4 hurricane that leveled much of the tiny U.S. territory nearly nine months ago."


9cd863 No.1807741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You've been opening your

bananas wrong!

9ff954 No.1807742


quads in I.D. for whitelist?

cba3ce No.1807743

File: 4ea15c4ee586088⋯.png (317.11 KB, 667x714, 667:714, kju.png)


b8d338 No.1807744

Already exist 3 countries with Space Force




Who is the next?, Now that Trump

announcement the Space Force (In Public) in the US,

e43d92 No.1807745


a) there is no jar.

b) the jar is a spoon.

c) the door is a jar.

d.) 7

5d56ec No.1807746

File: 0675a890971d179⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1334x1001, 1334:1001, ClipboardImage.png)

9cd863 No.1807747


>>1807669 lb

sorry. last bread.

81e4f4 No.1807748

File: ecfea28d48d4f2c⋯.png (1.14 MB, 740x1110, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4128afff89a41b0⋯.png (539.38 KB, 450x650, 9:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f95e38922bc6b5⋯.png (417.75 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


buck up bread maker

baaa1b No.1807749

>>1807741 you have been sucking your banana wrong

b3c54c No.1807750

File: a324a19665ab82e⋯.jpg (78.73 KB, 518x767, 518:767, China.jpg)

reddit allowed to express itself…

7fbef5 No.1807751

File: 6eda02244bb6100⋯.png (209.68 KB, 443x288, 443:288, ClipboardImage.png)

b0a3fe No.1807752

File: b0a3291b1b83ef1⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 680x642, 340:321, Attention.jpg)

File: dfe98da7aea6f55⋯.jpg (85.92 KB, 602x742, 43:53, Suckinthatchest.jpg)

Thanks Baker

5127f3 No.1807753

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

fdd1e9 No.1807754

File: 687124e4e95e16b⋯.mp4 (11.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GauftoQzInz4sZmK.mp4)



Here is the VIDEO anons

7d65d3 No.1807755

789656 No.1807756

File: 956d5d27bf22cc4⋯.jpg (64.7 KB, 640x512, 5:4, rats.jpg)

adf544 No.1807757



b0a3fe No.1807758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>1807702 (LB)

Don't understand Russian so can't confirm, but if anybody else does...

Supposed Russian woman in space in 61'

ea6a2e No.1807759


Newt Gingrich just said on national television Obama lied about Osama bin Laden.

We're there, Pain coming

Listen from 33:00

It's Amazing.

They lied about Benghazi, they lied about bin Laden, amazing "we're gonna lose our country" under Obama and Hillary

d77fbd No.1807760

File: 17c7401a93c63c2⋯.png (33.7 KB, 746x208, 373:104, Capture.PNG)

Someone posted a similar image of this on Friday night (although then it was only the logo) I clicked on it thinking it was a pic, then realized it was a link and promptly clicked out. Now anons posting about CP n shit and I'm a bit freaked out. Just did a thorough examination of my comp and can't find anything nefarious. Could an anon please calm me down and tell me my computer isn't now ravaged by some kind of kiddie porn virus lurking in the depths of my hardware?

aaaa58 No.1807761


am i mistaken? is stone tear not the it guy who cleared the drives, or tried to???????

78407e No.1807762

>>1807717 (lb)

yeah, /pol. quite the very good thing. big shit was happening. prayer was a way to focus it.

it might have to do with where you are: http://www.witchipedia.com/def:summer-solstice

045dfb No.1807763

>>1807666 lb

Thank you for sharing. I hope you are also getting help. I understand the minds ability to find ways to cope so no explanation is necessary...:)

Didn't know that adults were also killed as part of rituals. Was the occult you were in do these killings for satanic rituals? And the rest of the time you all were tortured just for their pleasure?

81e4f4 No.1807764

File: 046ceda11c15a4b⋯.png (367.34 KB, 966x725, 966:725, ClipboardImage.png)

7a0edf No.1807765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

for the anons who really want the truth and can think for themselves.

don't listen to anybody who tries to shout you down.

see the evidence and use what intelligence God gave you to decide.


8c16f5 No.1807766


Yes, but I have never heard someone in here talk about him. Just caught my attn. when you did.

b0a3fe No.1807767


Correction Soviet Union*

baaa1b No.1807768

>>1807759 wow really captain obvious

2f63b6 No.1807769

File: 2114ce90eb1a30e⋯.png (122.57 KB, 766x592, 383:296, Amanda Renteria - bridge L….png)

>>1807621 (prev)

It's almost as if someone is watching /qresearch/!! lmao

Be afraid traitors, be very afraid!!

Watcha gonna do when Q comes for you!?!

aaaa58 No.1807770


use logic jackass. suck muh dick.

d143b5 No.1807771

File: 396186604160965⋯.jpg (13.75 KB, 220x314, 110:157, 220px-Theresa_May_-_Home_S….jpg)

File: a7242fb0d3092f9⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 284ed8dd79f76fce6bd9da2aac….jpg)

File: d8f04c41b3c5ec5⋯.png (8.58 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 622d4051194f941f1438da4921….png)

File: 81daf5652719dd1⋯.jpg (45.89 KB, 984x612, 82:51, 25678.jpg)

File: 4643bf0c9070577⋯.jpg (44.08 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1521035641777.jpg)

>>1807684 (Pb)

Nor the "Ango-Saxon" ones.

Oh I have images of those


I have more. We should do a collection. Maybe make a thread

when we have spare time?

You'd never expect it, would you? Its not the cliché

These are the [alleged] respectable people.

Hopefully people will laugh and not riot once they find out?

0917e2 No.1807772


lol thats a png file

why fear monger

0e78c4 No.1807773

File: 1a18bc48aa3569b⋯.jpeg (35.7 KB, 735x139, 735:139, Screenshot_2018-06-18-15-….jpeg)

7b7715 No.1807774


The entire island is a fuckin cesspool of corruption. We want all of those people to GO BACK to the island. Believe me. Wonderful people, but heads up their ass as far as voting. Married one who's thankfully woke. Rest of fam, not so much.

baaa1b No.1807775

>>1807771 Slide your ass back to reddit

c73af0 No.1807776

File: 3a45c7c142070d3⋯.png (129.9 KB, 600x533, 600:533, interdasting-pepe.png)

246a85 No.1807777

File: 1e14b98b097f947⋯.png (431.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Crabs_Rats_Meet_Chaos.png)

d79445 No.1807778


Paul Combetta

Platte River Networks

ea6a2e No.1807779


Asswad, it's on national TV there's a difference lay the crack pipe down

b8d338 No.1807780


Ah…, it says that the South Korean armed forces have sexy ladies..

ccab6a No.1807781

File: ad62ae8b9f3fb74⋯.png (13.67 KB, 1026x108, 19:2, Osama Obamas.png)

File: 74ea164e26eedda⋯.png (27.8 KB, 748x265, 748:265, Hussein Part 2.png)


666 - can't say i'm thrilled to roll that, tho it reminds me of a question I wanted to ask Q about, whether or not Seal Team 6 was evil - since after all - Osama hated Obama and Clinton - and - well... 6 is a code sometimes.

7d65d3 No.1807782


Youbfactsvare twisted like your liddle dick is.

Horowitz NOT Huber

Go back to reddit or get out of mom's basement andnget some fresh air

9cd863 No.1807783

File: 65d6c6d6f39a3c3⋯.png (1.58 MB, 833x630, 119:90, Screenshot_124.png)

06204e No.1807784



>Propaganda Due (Italian pronunciation: [propaˈɡanda ˈduːe]; P2) was a Masonic lodge under the Grand Orient of Italy, founded in 1945 that, by the time its Masonic charter was withdrawn in 1976, had transformed into a clandestine, pseudo-Masonic, ultraright[1][2][3] organization operating in contravention of Article 18 of the Constitution of Italy that banned secret associations. In its latter period, during which the lodge was headed by Licio Gelli, P2 was implicated in numerous Italian crimes and mysteries, including the collapse of the Vatican-affiliated Banco Ambrosiano, the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli and banker Roberto Calvi, and corruption cases within the nationwide bribe scandal Tangentopoli. P2 came to light through the investigations into the collapse of Michele Sindona's financial empire.[4]

>P2 was sometimes referred to as a "state within a state"[5] or a "shadow government".[6] The lodge had among its members prominent journalists, members of parliament, industrialists, and military leaders—including Silvio Berlusconi, who later became Prime Minister of Italy; the Savoy pretender to the Italian throne Victor Emmanuel;[7] and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services (at the time SISDE, SISMI and CESIS).

>When searching Licio Gelli's villa in 1982, the police found a document called the "Plan for Democratic Rebirth", which called for a consolidation of the media, suppression of trade unions, and the rewriting of the Italian Constitution.[8]

>Outside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. Among its Argentine members were Raúl Alberto Lastiri, interim president in 1973 during the height of the "Dirty War"; Emilio Massera, who was part of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla from 1976 to 1978; José López Rega, minister 1973–1975 and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance; and General Guillermo Suárez Mason.[9]

d77fbd No.1807785


That's because I took a screenshot of it. I'm not about to spread that shit…

1237e5 No.1807786


I've always opened bananas from the bottom.

No wonder some people look at me strange when doing so. :/

337b6e No.1807787


disappears into dust.

wtf and htf?



That's 1 inch thick steel rectangular tube

1 inch thick.

to dust.


7e0051 No.1807788

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ad67ab No.1807789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A frog!?

e3d341 No.1807790

File: 1ce6ac43d240448⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 388856dabb1b4b46f781068903….jpg)

Tiny men care for themselves

Average men care for their families

Big men care for their neighbors

Bigger men care for their community

Truly large men care for their state/country

It takes a Yuge man to care for the world.

fdd1e9 No.1807791


Stonetear got a deal, ratted HRC out I bet

78407e No.1807792

File: db45d1ee8d53288⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2552x2688, 319:336, stonetear.jpg)

5a2514 No.1807793

File: 3a9b165e42e08b3⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 474x474, 1:1, c49aab3dafdf421e5c2b5ca81e….jpg)

File: 7c44d9c44c64ff3⋯.jpg (8.28 KB, 285x177, 95:59, images (8).jpg)

File: 091033f0ead8a72⋯.jpg (71.19 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Amazing-Owl-Lock-With-Key-….jpg)

File: 5bb480f0ed388e6⋯.jpg (94.57 KB, 640x540, 32:27, New-Egypt-Eye-of-Horus-Ank….jpg)

File: 9de51d918fe8d6b⋯.png (337.32 KB, 1879x4800, 1879:4800, Horus.png)

afd47a No.1807794


i feel dumber now

37b618 No.1807795


So, in a nutshell, Huber, working with the IG, is actively investigating:

HRC for numerous crimes related to CF, and her tenure while at State Dept;

Multiple peoples at FBI and DOJ for numerous crimes, including those related to spying on Trump campaign, and the illegal removal of a duly elected POTUS….

Multiple peoples in the Hussein Administration, for numerous crimes….


f5fdd2 No.1807796

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The video Youtube blocked:? you numbskulls want me to download it for yah?

aaaa58 No.1807797


just watching the congressional hearing and very fucking pissed at what i am hearing!

7fbef5 No.1807798


we've all been there…

d143b5 No.1807799

File: 952d35ac457e120⋯.png (420.75 KB, 436x554, 218:277, brennan2.png)

File: ec24d85538c1e94⋯.jpg (91.31 KB, 1000x1009, 1000:1009, brock_.jpg)

File: b750377c7c9508a⋯.jpg (291.55 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, bushes.jpg)

File: 71db1ff5da04ef6⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 634x622, 317:311, comeon.jpg)

File: 2326fc97d1b52bc⋯.jpg (46.28 KB, 345x479, 345:479, hillaryalice.jpg)


there's moar

72f822 No.1807800

File: 26b68ebe937b9cc⋯.jpg (190.11 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, fate-of-the-world.jpg)

fdd1e9 No.1807801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7a0edf No.1807802

File: b22b37c10f9af58⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1298x1133, 118:103, 442213433430906085084.png)

b60113 No.1807803

File: e4109403d633305⋯.png (653.13 KB, 1184x954, 592:477, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone know if it is true the AM said that "first f'ed Flynn, now we f Trump?"

By the way- like they said to POTUS, if he has nothing to hide, why not come over for a friendly chat?

98119c No.1807804

File: 74d182cb20805d7⋯.jpg (63.96 KB, 909x663, 303:221, Greenberg-n-JJ.jpg)

Bumping link for easier access. Really good, but 140 pages long.

>LINK: http://democratdossier.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Download-PDF-Sources.pdf

Meet "Henry Greenburg" & Miss Jekaterina.

5127f3 No.1807805


It sure does and I am grateful for their service & sacrifice o7

8c16f5 No.1807806



_FF you should save this one.

011214 No.1807807


Democrat magic

afd47a No.1807808

File: 4d53c49fef88984⋯.jpg (90.97 KB, 728x410, 364:205, 94-1.jpg)

a55898 No.1807809


And the infighting begins. Wanna take bets on how long before Rob eats Robert?


9cd863 No.1807810


Yeah, when I first watched this video, I remembered seeing those steel columns sticking up and then falling straight down. I thought it looked so funny, like there was quicksand or something underneath them…and then when I watched that video and Woods explained that the columns just turned into dust…I definitely could see it! The columns literally just disappeared!

13f475 No.1807811

I can't help but wonder if this recent hoopla about kids being separated from the adults bringing them across the border is buildup for a couple huge RICO cases breaking the surface relating to child sex trafficking.

It would be glorious if this leads to public discovery of exactly why news execs seem so upset about their "merchandise" being impounded by Customs.

80fc76 No.1807812


i am not q, but I am gonna go ahead and say

seal team 6 is and was made of patriots, not evil

21ae97 No.1807813



China, with the longest wall ever built…

31796c No.1807814

File: 2ede9943e21b4e7⋯.png (285.98 KB, 836x612, 209:153, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at ….png)


Hi Baker, here is a screenshot of the summary I did for pgs 40-60.

Here's my original post from Bread 2209: >>1755685

Thank you!

7fbef5 No.1807815

File: 3552f828577892f⋯.png (610.39 KB, 673x862, 673:862, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 33289dc5d2308f7⋯.png (379.47 KB, 436x554, 218:277, ClipboardImage.png)

4314c8 No.1807816

b35c4e No.1807817

File: c20b8c89ea4ac28⋯.png (646.15 KB, 858x841, 858:841, Screenshot-2018-6-18 Obama….png)


In truth, the matrix is more than a mere euphemism for a kill list, or even a capture-or-kill list. It is a sophisticated grid, mounted upon a database that is said to have been more than two years in the development, containing biographies of individuals believed to pose a threat to US interests, and their known or suspected locations, as well as a range of options for their disposal.

It is a grid, however, that both blurs and expands the boundaries that human rights law and the law of war place upon acts of abduction or targeted killing. There have been claims that people's names have been entered into it with little or no evidence. And it appears that it will be with us for many years to come.

aaaa58 No.1807818



98119c No.1807819


Link was from Nottable #2275

>>1806639 Official dossier of the Democrats on Greenberg: DIG CALL

81e4f4 No.1807820

File: f8ab8fabd7448fa⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1094x821, 1094:821, ClipboardImage.png)


2f63b6 No.1807821

File: ad08c76e44cf0d7⋯.png (178.43 KB, 470x448, 235:224, ClipboardImage.png)

July 2017

New holes in Loretta Lynch’s story on the Hillary probe

"The Senate Judiciary Committee, which has launched a bipartisan investigation into Lynch for possible obstruction of justice, recently learned of the existence of a document indicating Lynch assured the political director of Clinton’s campaign she wouldn’t let FBI agents “go too far” in probing the former secretary of state.

Lynch’s lawyer says she is cooperating with committee investigators, who are seeking answers to several questions, as well as relevant documents. Among other things, they want to know if she or any of her Justice Department staff “ever communicated with Amanda Renteria,” who headed Clinton’s political operations during the campaign. Renteria, who has been identified in the document as the senior Clinton campaign aide with whom Lynch privately communicated, has also been asked to testify."


97c71f No.1807822

>>1807349 (prior bread)


Kind of like MLK, I want a meme. Put together the Hillary's quote, and other quotes of outrage regarding children of illegal immigrants, alongside a good graphic of all of the child sex offenders buster since President Trump took office.

Any takers?

352f50 No.1807823

Exciting days and we're all in anticipation of many things that teetering on the edge of public revelation. Let us not lose focus. We all want to see justice served on these betrayers. But we should also remember that these things are stepping stones, not our primary destination. Sit back and just imagine. When the doors are opened. When the truths unfold before the slumbering masses and eyes are opened to peer beyond the illusions they have cast on us for so long. Our goal should not end at justice on the betrayers, but should lie at 40,000 ft. Only then, when the great majority are flying at 40,000 ft and none think it too high, will we be victorious. Imagine it. Then believe it. Perhaps that's all we have to do.

9cd863 No.1807824

File: b4d48ee79abe353⋯.png (266.06 KB, 680x634, 340:317, Screenshot_55.png)

21ae97 No.1807825


congress in session?

4e3aee No.1807827

File: 12136f9327edfa2⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1048x1174, 524:587, alfranken911.png)

ccab6a No.1807828


I don't think it's quite like you think - my sister would die her hair red and wear white makeup and become a "clown" - photos like charades are done to tell cult members things - plants talking to plants -

And in my case and other people like me yes our families sacrificed us - as in I have 2 siblings that were "in" and I was "out" I'm the 3rd child and the sacrifice - and it wasn't just my family but the "friends" they'd put near me - the love interests they provided - and everyone I worked with for any length of time at any job I ever had.

All because my grandfather divorced a cultist. - it's pleasure for the sickos who were spurned by my grandfather - cutting the bloodline (I was the only male heir the YYYYYY) - and my grandfather was rich and so - well I am a living example of why you don't piss off the cult - lest your children be sacrificed

138b60 No.1807829

Huber is finding the traitors.


f5fdd2 No.1807830


WTF? I love gooks now!

91b6b9 No.1807831

File: b621648854ecef1⋯.png (84.62 KB, 552x649, 552:649, prezpoints2 (5).png)



Quad 7's

b49abf No.1807832

File: 6147e889101ef9f⋯.jpg (76.28 KB, 692x530, 346:265, Rom,_2375.jpg)

United States Space Force

that is awesome news

we don't get news like that on the night shift

06204e No.1807833



Hey, I wrote this! (Another anon did the OC though.)

9cd863 No.1807834



Das ist mehr besser, Anon!

341747 No.1807837

File: 77e15bd9a273dd4⋯.jpg (60.53 KB, 500x275, 20:11, tumblr_ml5ofbli2x1qhl591o1….jpg)


73045d No.1807838

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>One of many examples.


FULL episode upload : https://anonfile.com/3bNdVae7bd/06.18.2018_19.34.07_The_Five_June_14__2018.mp4


e2410c No.1807839


a face that could sour mother's milk from across the room

5d56ec No.1807840


Tame Impala. Great band. Original Vid is sweet.

094788 No.1807841


i will open me banana any damn way i feel like

a55898 No.1807843


He is an ugly mean looking mofo. Can't stand to even look at him.

cab548 No.1807844


Oh dang! the FBI's investigating. She should convert to mormonism and slip a few Comey 302's under the table.

481059 No.1807846


DeMS-13 election trap being set

73045d No.1807847


embedded^: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=nIBa7VLumWk

e2ca49 No.1807848


IG is oversight…why would Huber be working with them?

337b6e No.1807849

File: c5ec4e417185fea⋯.png (14.09 KB, 578x144, 289:72, ClipboardImage.png)

5692ff No.1807850

File: 94063d8c92dd935⋯.png (39.44 KB, 654x437, 654:437, Harlan 2020 Prediction 6-1….PNG)

97c71f No.1807851


^^^^^^^ THIS is glorious

b6ce0c No.1807853


the face he'll make before they pull the triggers in UT

087416 No.1807854

File: 40eb10b24ce3dd5⋯.jpg (40.91 KB, 588x348, 49:29, b.JPG)


Not sure if mentioned here but in the Q video...Bilderberg was misspelled...Bilberberg

b instead of d

5127f3 No.1807855


Thanks Anon for your hard work, sorry it took 70 Breads to get updated…

Pg 40 - 60 —– >>1755490 Report: >>1755685 (Only caught/updated now) >>1807814

c73af0 No.1807856

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Memewar is here

5256ba No.1807857

>>Classic!! YouTube Blocks "The Five" Recording That Q Linked To Edition

That pissed me off

d79445 No.1807859


obama actually….he was the 'vip' they tried to clean up…

81e4f4 No.1807860

File: 6f4af5a029f3d98⋯.png (127.58 KB, 308x188, 77:47, ClipboardImage.png)

a45f94 No.1807861



Bring that cucaracha into the light

7fbef5 No.1807862


i can't get over how much he looks like that tramp. crinkle-face is a clown tactic when cameras are around. probably just an old habit for brennan….or that's actually his happy face.

78407e No.1807863


like the Director of Homeland Security said today, we have to 'close loopholes'.

Ted Cruz just introduced a bill that would make them have 14 days tops, then they have to GO BACK

094788 No.1807864

File: 6ccbf1d035e2821⋯.jpg (21.13 KB, 174x196, 87:98, MAGASMURF.jpg)

b6ce0c No.1807865


PROOF fags on this already?

a9e279 No.1807866

File: ac8715ed2fd025b⋯.jpg (871.26 KB, 1840x1228, 460:307, Boy Soldiers 2.jpg)

Children are out future.

37b618 No.1807867


per Q's post

"Huber continues his work in cooperation with the Inspector General to review certain prosecutorial and investigative determinations made by the Department in 2016 and 2017,” Sessions said.

7e0051 No.1807868


Yes, great band. But I like this video better because of Nasim, the goddess of free speech.

b3c54c No.1807869


Her theory is most comprehensive, scientific, and compelling.

ccab6a No.1807870

File: 9407e8b3846b28f⋯.png (173.76 KB, 406x347, 406:347, Seal Team 6 context.png)


I hope so, I'm not sure what this means on the QMAP tho, I could read it both ways.

afd47a No.1807871

File: be59aa13e382f6b⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 468x286, 18:11, article-2087272-0F7B884900….jpg)

78407e No.1807872


>tiny 1980s web graphics

8dc587 No.1807873


I wanted to hear more about the Huber testimony.

ad67ab No.1807875


If by "The fate of the world" you mean "Obama's balls", then yes , I agree.

b35c4e No.1807876

File: f3ffe648b67b5b5⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 649x350, 649:350, GSK.jpg)

File: c78a723708de3db⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1124x843, 4:3, skynet1.png)


a9e279 No.1807877


Shit. "Children are OUR future."

a55898 No.1807878


I dont think he has a happy face, unless when he gets to torture someone.

31796c No.1807879


No worries! Thanks as always for your hard work and excellent baking!

246a85 No.1807880


I remember that night… still love the quote - full kek credit you anon for the quote… true story

8af0ac No.1807881

File: d34041a19bd2da1⋯.jpg (200.43 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 3a2wu9juev411.jpg)

adf544 No.1807882

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Theme song plz

80fc76 No.1807883

File: cc4f36d75679350⋯.jpeg (410.54 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, C1CB00EF-7950-41EE-AE7D-6….jpeg)

0909e9 No.1807884

>>1807736 Problem is. That was not Huber. It was Horowitz and nobody really expected anything but a defensive posture on his part. Did they?

9fb83f No.1807885

File: 7c332fbf2f069c1⋯.png (787.78 KB, 714x712, 357:356, pepe_comfy_doom.png)


[They] have no idea how to fight a battle that isn't rigged in their favor.

"They never thought she would lose"

d143b5 No.1807886

File: 9e2ec36044617f5⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 1000x723, 1000:723, hitchcocklearypoint.jpg)

f8ffef No.1807887


10-4. gud lookin out.

481059 No.1807888


Do the secret emails refer to putting Trump on this list?

Maybe not officially, but they were headed there

73045d No.1807889


Welcome back to yesterday. We all (should) know by now how shitty a video it is, and this will not become another slide

e50482 No.1807890


Loved that movie!

81e4f4 No.1807891

File: 661530a84f43e71⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2395x1348, 2395:1348, 7.jpg)



cab548 No.1807892


You fags are easily distracted.

7fbef5 No.1807893

File: 42fceedcf68cb7e⋯.png (331.44 KB, 540x517, 540:517, ClipboardImage.png)

69fdf2 No.1807894

File: fd0f049c8a3e372⋯.png (471.06 KB, 918x1224, 3:4, alkie_evil_pepe.png)

97c71f No.1807895


How many years was he not allowed to/chose not to leave his country? Sounds like the leader has been set free.

BAKER NOTABLE, if not already in the prior breads. Didn't see but workfag.

a54b6a No.1807896



7d65d3 No.1807897


This is just the beginning.

The ball is rolling now and it cannot be stopped.

Trump is a friggin genius!

094788 No.1807898


damn fara was hot

246a85 No.1807899


quads were totally random… too tired to watch the numbers tonite…. those quads are real

0917e2 No.1807901


trump might be the greatest mole of all time lol

a55898 No.1807902


The absolute least thing of interest to me right now.

afd47a No.1807903

File: f0af319948199e8⋯.png (10.17 KB, 502x274, 251:137, 89a4af91-110c-4118-a80b-36….png)

c73af0 No.1807904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5127f3 No.1807905


Correct? Not sure I get what you are saying...

>>1806639 Official dossier of the Democrats on Greenberg: DIG CALL

ad67ab No.1807906


Relax Chaka.

246a85 No.1807907

c731c9 No.1807908

Still banned

81e4f4 No.1807909

File: d9be89f2b50865e⋯.jpg (433.41 KB, 1413x799, 1413:799, new fag 1.jpg)

1237e5 No.1807910


Ferengi do it for the Latinum.

ebb5a7 No.1807911

File: 844269f5d7baa7e⋯.jpg (132.49 KB, 746x500, 373:250, VaticanArchives.jpg)

5692ff No.1807912

File: 251849e74e2a4ba⋯.png (50.26 KB, 640x468, 160:117, Hasson re MSNBCHayes re Se….PNG)

File: fa0459357b6caa8⋯.png (83.16 KB, 668x542, 334:271, MSNBCHayes re Sessions 6-1….PNG)

Back to Nazi comparisons

What else is about to be exposed that has MSM in meltdown mode more than usual?

c731c9 No.1807913

File: c38d373d55759e2⋯.jpg (18.28 KB, 280x180, 14:9, IMG_2370.JPG)

788343 No.1807914


Shit are those really trees? Then are the mountains once living too?

ebb5a7 No.1807915

File: 3d2186c07d1257f⋯.jpg (136.94 KB, 1024x626, 512:313, PlayTheVisaLottery.jpg)

aaaa58 No.1807916


quads just proves that i am raising a legit point

afd47a No.1807917


i agree

ad67ab No.1807918


It's called yellow fever.

b3c54c No.1807919

File: 0eb30fe73a07592⋯.jpg (109.38 KB, 508x508, 1:1, Rare Pepe 13.jpg)

ad167b No.1807920


Someone knows, and it's not for your benefit.

aa4260 No.1807921

File: 65df35d6b1b303e⋯.gif (860 KB, 455x341, 455:341, giphy[1].gif)

5cc027 No.1807922

File: 8d5639513f4b12a⋯.jpeg (190.09 KB, 750x756, 125:126, D6A14C31-9A24-437D-B727-7….jpeg)

ebb5a7 No.1807923

File: f94af1b9d2913f0⋯.jpg (407.14 KB, 1524x800, 381:200, FakeNewsMerryGoRound1.jpg)

cab548 No.1807924

a4f6af No.1807925

File: 55630ddbe2ac106⋯.jpg (164.69 KB, 1079x499, 1079:499, Screenshot_20180618-235732….jpg)

e3d341 No.1807926

File: 093a76d13e25568⋯.jpg (42.15 KB, 560x840, 2:3, 7c6a60bfec1d79129803399c2a….jpg)


Anon likes dis one.

No Pepes are allowed to touch her skirt

c731c9 No.1807927

I got 4K three stars at clash royale

a3dae3 No.1807928

Did you see Nunes new tweet?

Grab the 🍿…


06204e No.1807929


>systematic mass murder

By typhus?

0917e2 No.1807930


holy shit is this real ?

im buying 25 pounds of rice

and some popcorn

9ff954 No.1807931


other than your mixing huber for horowitz

huber is the prosecutor (has not testified)

horowitz is the IG (testified today)

8c16f5 No.1807932

087416 No.1807933


apologizes faggot…prob not only thing i missed

all the shit i saw about it never mentioned that part of it…like what else did q misspell with a 'd'

aa4260 No.1807934


D, whassup, my man?

a45f94 No.1807935


Looks that way, don't it?

a4f6af No.1807936



1237e5 No.1807937




Once you go Asian, you'll never go Caucasian.

a199d3 No.1807938


I mentioned LAST BREAD about watching MYTHBUSTERS episode about exploding PAINT.

That is not correct, and I apologize for pointing the wrong sauce…

Search for "EXPLODING PANTS" instead.

(they painted pants with explosive paint that has velocity to turn concrete into dust.)

Turning concrete into dust is "molecules repelling each other" by definition…

(just sayin)

Also explains the popping and crackling explosions with "jets" bursting thru windows just seconds before collapse.

A DEW does not do that either.

011214 No.1807939


Nunes said


Who's got the 🍿?

a54b6a No.1807940

File: 893686643fe8c6f⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 474x259, 474:259, Pepecorn.jpg)


[Popcorn Grabbing Intensifies]

7e0051 No.1807941

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6651ef No.1807942

File: c5f888906b980c6⋯.jpg (69.17 KB, 900x493, 900:493, gipper-kek.jpg)

afd47a No.1807943


good one , confirmed.

789656 No.1807944


I hope that someone at YT catches hell from waaay high up

7a0edf No.1807945

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dustification IRREFUTABLE: Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed

For the anons who really want the truth and can think for themselves.

don't listen to anybody who tries to shout you down.


see the evidence and use what intelligence God gave you to decide.


a45f94 No.1807946


It's showtime!

a11d1a No.1807947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wray's answer and the look on this face at the very end is the best part of this video in my opinion.

337b6e No.1807948

File: fd9d30553d7f9a0⋯.png (209.41 KB, 923x588, 923:588, ClipboardImage.png)


She's seen it.

Hope she like it


b51ece No.1807949


Am I the only anon who made popcorn tonight? All the talk in the last bread broke me. Nothing better than using the .99 cent/lb bag of popcorn in the air popper.

81e4f4 No.1807950

File: 825a316aa1d2752⋯.png (61.71 KB, 374x368, 187:184, ClipboardImage.png)

cab548 No.1807951


Don't shill to hard in those depends, or they might leak

a3dae3 No.1807952

HI Mr Nunes!

857241 No.1807953

What is the significance of the Nunez tweet? I missed a bunch of things today. Was busy.

a55898 No.1807954

Sweet. I think we need caramel corn.

98119c No.1807955


Even if the story behind the headline were true, any speculation as to why Osama wanted Obama dead?

29a69a No.1807956

As promised.

Meet Peter Comey (brother to James Comey)

First, his mention in a congressional report:


Peter Comey works for DLAPiper, a MAJOR donor to not only at least two HRC campaigns, but the Clinton Foundation as well. Actually ranks #5 on the all-time HRC campaign donor list for 2016 (just ahead of Goldman Sachs) and a total of over $128,000 2008.


It should also be noted that it was none other than DLAPiper that did the "inependant audit" on the Clinton Foundation (talk about a conflict of interest!). That's right, a firm that between the Clinton Foundation and HRC campaigns has donated millions to them are the ones that performed the supposedly independent audit of the Clinton Foundation.



annnd from DLAPiper's own website.


Interesting, but wait…there's more.

Not only does Peter Comey work for DLAPiper, according to the same congressional report (on the same page, no less) it states that he did the redesign for the FBI building.

But wait, it gets better. James Comey holds the mortgage on Peter Comey's house (again, as said in the same congressional report linked above).

So, we have Peter Comey, who is indebted to his brother legally, working for the law firm that donated millions to HRC (including while his brother was investigating her) and the same firm does the supposed independent audit of the Clinton Foundation.

If none of this scream Conflicts Of Interest Everywhere You Turn to you…you might want to reread and then read it again.

afd47a No.1807957

it's a popcorn marathon

337b6e No.1807958

File: 88de626942e5132⋯.png (32.34 KB, 967x187, 967:187, ClipboardImage.png)

3c2395 No.1807959

File: 5313926e0fab33d⋯.jpg (91.37 KB, 758x499, 758:499, IMG_1355.JPG)

File: 25484b3f69c2c94⋯.jpg (103.63 KB, 758x499, 758:499, IMG_1329.JPG)

File: ae437560ca9b7df⋯.jpg (121.07 KB, 694x500, 347:250, IMG_1319.JPG)

97c71f No.1807960


This is heartbreaking for sure but they give nothing to allow us to validate. It is a game of C_owns. aka C A

6fe983 No.1807961


At about 9:30, they say Peter Strzok wants to testify to clear his name. Seriously? Would it even be possible for him to clear his name? Almost seems he hasn't lawyered up yet.

13f475 No.1807962


He lurks here. Maybe right now.

b60113 No.1807963


Loretta "swiss cheese" Lynch

d79445 No.1807964


Pretty close to the request made of Q, huh?

I'll take it.

Thanks Q.

74f8b9 No.1807965

File: ec9fb6c337c3f51⋯.jpg (258.3 KB, 608x592, 38:37, df95e114baf35a3e421dc10dc1….jpg)

fd42e2 No.1807966

Popcorn is on the menu

The show is about to start

5127f3 No.1807967


Thanks missed it, busy typing in a notable at "7740"

011214 No.1807968


Its showtime Anons… Pocorn, popcorn! We need more popcorn!!!!

ad167b No.1807969


Chowing on mine right now! Thanks for showing up tonight Devin! Kick ass tomorrow with the IG!!

69fb2e No.1807970

Are the politicians and their partners (Laura) speaking in code?

Is it not about the border but rather about high profile arrests and families not having access (Gitmo)?

d77fbd No.1807971


Does the cabal really think they can gaslight potus with this "child separation" bullshit?

Q says they're doing this so they can claim political bias/revenge on Trump when the human trafficking drops begin.

How the fuck will that work? You can claim political bias about things like email investigations. But that shit won't hold up for a second when their sick child-trafficking deeds are revealed.

Good luck convincing people that the Trump administration revealed your satanic underground child sex torture trade as political revenge.

By that point, we'll be well past politics…

038ecf No.1807972

File: 4de1e3d9fcfce1a⋯.png (133.51 KB, 1080x640, 27:16, Screenshot_20180619-092941….png)

Grab the pocorn.

Where are you Anon with wifeanon? Here is your popcorn.

aaaa58 No.1807973



my bad i meant to say horowitz.

what i am hearing is basically exonerating all the guilty parties. one part in his opening statement, the way he worded where they did find bias i swear dude worded it so that it would be a perfect sound byte for liberal media to say see NO BIAS. FUCKING BULLSHIT!!

81e4f4 No.1807974

File: ba04e14d35e64de⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 565x314, 565:314, popcorn.JPG)

e3d341 No.1807975

File: 9c07cf14bb4f427⋯.jpg (26.47 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, HowYouDoin.jpg)


This board has more influence than (you) can imagine.

06204e No.1807976


Je parle francais mais je ne suis pas l'avocat qui Nunes trouve.

e50fdd No.1807977

anons have we discussed that Amanda Rent whats her ass is the new star Q mentioned?

af8d77 No.1807978

File: 79d17d8cd778439⋯.jpg (309.86 KB, 797x797, 1:1, IRON04IMAGE.jpg__100_Gray8….jpg)

File: 92b82cee152406a⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 342x276, 57:46, molten_metal_911.jpg)




DEW is indeed a good theory.

I think a "tuned" nuke is more likely. Caused resonance - like pumping a swing, incredibly fast.

You can see the EM Pulse (or its effect).

It affected radio and video for a moment.

Blew out tires, etc.

Think of a massive, temporary Electromagnetic Pulse, like what would drive a speaker coil. Driven so fast it heats up and 'dustifies' - molecular dissociation.

DEW isn't the only way to achieve dustification.

Look into what Tesla did with a building, using his Electro-Mechanical resonator - almost shook the building down.

This was on another "octave" - higher frequency, greater energy, shorter 'pulse'.

Caused the Hutchison Effect in beams (the beams bent into a pretzel, the ones that didn't quite dissociate, but had 'jellification' - turning to jelly, then hardening (resolidifying) again quickly as they cooled.

All will fit when viewed through the proper lens.

d77fbd No.1807979

File: 09a4e83ac6a9d1d⋯.png (125.15 KB, 1304x622, 652:311, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at ….png)

a199d3 No.1807980


You are proving yourself to be a shill you know…

Forcing a "unproven theory" without engaging into discussions about it…

Not looking good…

You the same guy(s) that tried selling holograms last week?

8cb5ba No.1807981

File: d032a70093cd14d⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1306x905, 1306:905, bazaart.png)

Here you go. I did a lil spin on Cathy griffin's "funnay" and Obama's artist, the guy who "paints" black women cutting white womens's heads's off.. same guy who did Obamas leave chair painting.

1f5d00 No.1807982

Amanda Renteria.

Bridge LL & HRC.

+1 BC & LL (Tarmac)



Look close (behind BC).

Trusted by Clinton’s.

Running for CA Gov?

Who is funding?

Who is campaign manager?

Risk is HIGH.


5d56ec No.1807983

File: 788522c35bfab12⋯.png (839.81 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

d77fbd No.1807984


Not POTUS, but I'll take it

8dad0d No.1807985


Devin was loving the (you) from Q

a55898 No.1807986


My guess would be because he found out barry was funding isis.

d77fbd No.1807987

4719c2 No.1807988



In b4 faggot!

337b6e No.1807989


Q really boned this lady tonight.

Her life is gonzo from this point forward. Guilty or not.

That's power boys.

afd47a No.1807990

b0a3fe No.1807991


Laughing my ass off over here!

7fbef5 No.1807992

File: 456a0e1ef135426⋯.png (318.08 KB, 446x642, 223:321, grungetrup.PNG)

f403d6 No.1807993

File: e1a714f2f4ff583⋯.jpg (145.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, infinite comey.jpg)

cddeb3 No.1807994

File: 84b176290d75d8c⋯.jpg (265.68 KB, 522x522, 1:1, boxcutters.jpg)

72f822 No.1807995

File: b5429201d165364⋯.jpg (311.64 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, fate-2.jpg)

aaaa58 No.1807996


yes my bad, i addressed this. pardon the typo i was very mad when typing

aa4260 No.1807997


Q and D at the same time?? Mind blown

8dad0d No.1807998


Panic in DC?

d77fbd No.1807999


Devin don't let me down man.

3daa08 No.1808000


love these red hat memes. my favorite is still

"Six Million My Ass"

d77fbd No.1808001



O my god…preemptive tarmac vid???

afd47a No.1808002

cab548 No.1808003


what's with these new fonts? trip is like a neon sign

a199d3 No.1808004

File: ca652ec9df37eef⋯.jpg (20.75 KB, 551x408, 551:408, molten metal falling.jpg)

File: dd5a04281b16427⋯.jpg (27.6 KB, 749x417, 749:417, thermate signature.jpg)

File: 5bdb3d6f23f26f1⋯.jpg (306.92 KB, 878x881, 878:881, WTC Heat.jpg)



8dc587 No.1808005

Nunes 2024

2d50fa No.1808006

File: 7aafdafc7c80245⋯.gif (4.39 MB, 633x720, 211:240, asparagus 20.gif)

Adding to my previous post from last bread >>1807614 about having a moment of focused intention on the solstice

>1. Greet the sunrise.

>2. Make a summer altar.

>3. Enjoy the outdoors.

>4. Clean house.

>5. Do an energy balancing or cleansing.

>6. Create Solar talismans.

7. Take a risk.


>The solstice is also a time seen as a battle between light and dark. Although the sun is strong now, in just six months the days will be short again. Much like the battle between the Oak King and the Holly King, light and dark must battle for supremacy. At this sabbat, darkness wins, and the days will begin to grow shorter once more. Decorate your altar with symbols of the triumph of darkness over light - and that includes using other opposites, such as fire and water, night and day, etc.


>How To Hold a Midsummer Night's Fire Ritual

>The Summer Solstice, known to some as Litha, Midsummer, or Alban Heruin, is the longest day of the year. It’s the time when the sun is most powerful, and new life has begun to grow within the earth. After today, the nights will once more begin to grow longer, and the sun will move further away in the sky.

>Because of its association with the sun, Litha is also a time in many magical belief systems to celebrate with fire.


>In many Celtic-based traditions of neopaganism, there is the enduring legend of the battle between the Oak King and the Holly King. These two mighty rulers fight for supremacy as the Wheel of the Year turns each season. At the Winter Solstice, or Yule, the Oak King conquers the Holly King, and then reigns until Midsummer, or Litha. Once the Summer Solstice arrives, the Holly King returns to do battle with the old king, and defeats him.


>For those who revere nature, summer solstice may be celebrated by a bonfire, and staying up to greet the dawn.


>Summer Solstice falls at the precise moment when the Sun's power is at its zenith.


>the sun's highest point of the day

>or a simultaneous time

>focus on the expurgation of evil (or such)

>or just focus on goodness

I propose we summon Kek.

ccab6a No.1808007


I am honestly not sure - I know quite abit about the bad guys and they use 6 as a code so I thought perhaps the bad guys had a single seal team they corrupted - I mean even our great military has a rare bad apple - and I wouldn't put it past Obama to make a bushel of them - and I recall how much good press they got… how rare is that? It's almost as though they were extensions of Obama… so I'm suspicious you see and ask Q to confirm or deny my suspicions.

b8d338 No.1808008


tha wasn't 70 miles?

5a2514 No.1808009

File: 575c47c59b6743f⋯.jpg (277.28 KB, 1618x1000, 809:500, torus-education1 (2).jpg)

12e91c No.1808010


Space doesn't exist. When will you tell everyone?

337b6e No.1808011


watching twitter

she is sweating diamonds.

this is funny.

aaaa58 No.1808012

wray: "i dont think mueller is on a witch hunt"

c73af0 No.1808013

File: 61634b13f98829a⋯.png (590.33 KB, 840x547, 840:547, amanda-betray.png)

File: 9e54c5d2725eaa3⋯.png (642.3 KB, 853x556, 853:556, amand-subverted.png)

File: b88e814027396fe⋯.png (411.91 KB, 753x548, 753:548, armanda-lies-big.png)

06204e No.1808014




246a85 No.1808015

File: c4c98b573e20722⋯.png (214.54 KB, 1288x518, 92:37, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at ….png)

File: 404ec9f938da3b8⋯.png (300.24 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NXIVM_DOS_Frank_Report.png)

for the DOS fags


a3dae3 No.1808016

File: 57d68dd7d103b82⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, 57d68dd7d103b82a7658e6587b….jpg)


Thank you!

have a picture of a bunch of hot guys. I don't know who my favorite is

045dfb No.1808017


It appears anons aren't really interested in this topic so I'll let it rest.

YOu've said you have connected the rest of the dots. Care to share?

b6ce0c No.1808018

File: 3e7fad2cd72d07e⋯.jpg (31.82 KB, 300x300, 1:1, pepe happening.jpg)

File: 2e12259c5872693⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 225x224, 225:224, pepe lsd.jpg)

File: 1d542e0f03b7449⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 180x255, 12:17, pepe plan.jpg)

File: b95c81c9729487e⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 333x333, 1:1, pepe triangle q.jpg)

File: 667fd6ce7289e0c⋯.png (238.72 KB, 499x499, 1:1, pepe winner.png)


Looks strong when weak

Look weak when strong

Sun Tzu

fd42e2 No.1808019

File: 726f06157347b3c⋯.jpg (96 KB, 1303x711, 1303:711, popcorn.jpg)


I'm gonna need a bigger semi truck of popcorn for the Anons

038ecf No.1808020





So we have the bridge that connected HRC and LL. This is interesting. We have audio of tarmac meeting and now we have the bridge.

Down she goes.

1f5d00 No.1808021


You asked for popcorn.

Let’s start here.


3884bf No.1808022

File: 1674cb804ec17a2⋯.jpg (365.82 KB, 1388x974, 694:487, WIENERBOXfinal.jpg)



Would this help??

e3d341 No.1808023



00:01:48 delta

Nice work, anon!

5692ff No.1808024

File: d59f14b64125ddc⋯.png (26.45 KB, 647x301, 647:301, Nunes re popcorn 6-18-18.PNG)

File: b045414d7183088⋯.png (2.69 KB, 426x82, 213:41, Q We Do Try.PNG)


It is very real

a199d3 No.1808025


Search and watch a video:

Thermite VS Car.

(or CAR vs THERMITE - not sure which order)

Fun to watch short video…

78407e No.1808026


we;ve been talking popcorn so much I have gone through 2 2 gallon bowls in 2 days

e50482 No.1808027


Who's risk?

6fe983 No.1808028


Shhh! Wray! Don't leak the plan!

b60113 No.1808029


Or like "planned parenthood"

Margaret Swanger.


ebb5a7 No.1808030

File: d5a85a47c3e2d10⋯.jpg (194.33 KB, 1200x963, 400:321, PopcornTime.jpg)

8af0ac No.1808031

File: d192cb3c5480ba2⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 804x500, 201:125, o1r7gwmv5v411.jpg)

37b618 No.1808032


video is poor quality - hard to see

5127f3 No.1808033



>>1807922 Devin Nunes Tweet "Grab the 🍿" - Q Much, Devin?

>>1807821 New holes in Loretta Lynch’s story on the Hillary probe

>>1807743 Kim Jong Un in China For a 2 Day Visit

>>1807740 Trump Bashing Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, Facing FBI Corruption Probe

1237e5 No.1808034


Of course it does.

There's a whole shitload of it between your ears right now.

Fuck off back to reddit, shill.

857241 No.1808035

Dont tell me that everyone is excited, just because Nunez said grab the popcorn. The phrase was definitely not coined here and is used all the friggin time.

3daa08 No.1808036



Link 404'd

06204e No.1808037


Dos means 'back' in French.

81e4f4 No.1808038

File: d993e06907f93c9⋯.jpg (29.86 KB, 604x579, 604:579, celb.JPG)


Risk is HIGH


352f50 No.1808039


I did. I'll never go back.

a199d3 No.1808040



028656 No.1808041




They're screwing themselves. They're getting the country all focused on the illegal immigrant children and eager to fight on behalf of the children…when the script is flipped and LIGHT is shone on the REAL danger to children and WHO is responsible, we're gonna need a bigger boat. Normies the world over will be coming aboard the Q board.

6651ef No.1808042

File: 09388b321a86842⋯.jpg (152.05 KB, 1000x469, 1000:469, newsom.jpg)

8dad0d No.1808043


Impressive Q

13f475 No.1808044


I'll take your word for it. Video doesn't show much.

a54b6a No.1808045

c73af0 No.1808046


Ohh, wait. She is a cooperating witness

481059 No.1808047

File: cbe196f9a44ee32⋯.jpg (317.93 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, popcorn red.jpg)

aaaa58 No.1808048


no shit. typo. but you knew who i was talking about, who i meant to talk about. so fuck off

64c522 No.1808049

File: 3ca23a886a400fe⋯.jpg (16.61 KB, 243x162, 3:2, WTF.jpg)

f23451 No.1808050

Charlie Kirk

‏Verified account @charliekirk11

3m3 minutes ago


@realDonaldTrump threatens government shutdown if there isn’t sufficient funding of the border wall


This is the defining issue of the Trump presidency. We absolutely must build the wall, defend our borders, and secure our sovereignty


f8ffef No.1808051


remember anons.

>CA is special.

if ((they)) gain control of the GOV

((they)) have the keys to border.

038ecf No.1808052



It's popcorn time. Nunes.

246a85 No.1808053

File: 13ad3d06bf84747⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 231x231, 1:1, Hey_girl_Stephen_Miller.jpg)

8c16f5 No.1808054


They are all so tangled. It is sick.

Thank you Q. Say hi to POTUS.

97c71f No.1808055


That's a lot like, "once you go black you never go back." One is about the ability to submit. One is about the ability to respect.

d77fbd No.1808056

File: 8750b65f2dfb5cb⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1365x835, 273:167, Capture.PNG)

17e4cf No.1808057

File: 40ffe8ad2a39583⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 673x673, 1:1, popcorn.jpg)



98119c No.1808058


Was just clarifying where link in


was from, as i forgot to note it 1st time. Sorry if it was confusing.

Nice compliation of notables last few breads. Thanks for the good work in the oven.

d143b5 No.1808059

File: cedc2ad6f52ed19⋯.jpg (163.36 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, boom2.jpg)

afd47a No.1808060



4795c7 No.1808061


Maybe they will use their electronic devices to hash out a strategy to get themselves out of this mess.

e2ae57 No.1808062

File: f42a9abbce51517⋯.jpg (121.42 KB, 612x488, 153:122, ithinkitis.jpg)

0e874c No.1808063


Extra salt too. Thanks Q

ba1732 No.1808064

File: acbb97eef9e7d64⋯.png (155.44 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, BFC699AB-5018-4347-819B-B4….png)

NOT SURE IF already mentioned but look at the name origin in relation to Q's pic of #QAnon. could just be a coincidence tho

5692ff No.1808065

File: 2b7d9270a22439d⋯.png (376.86 KB, 664x724, 166:181, DoD 6-18-18 9 pm PDT.PNG)

Wheels up!

2f63b6 No.1808066

File: e7c94c295534bff⋯.jpg (111.2 KB, 880x488, 110:61, McCabe quote.jpg)


>Does anyone know if it is true the AM said that "first f'ed Flynn, now we f Trump?"

yes, widely reported!

That corrupt POS also reportedlt said…

(pic related)

ad167b No.1808067


Yea, what the French guy said. Me either.

352f50 No.1808068


I mean I went asian. I'll never go back Cauc-asian

d77fbd No.1808069



It's Peter Pixelton, the severely out of focus Democrat

8cb5ba No.1808070


Well its not Cathy..


Keep exposing them Q.. we have till the election to dispose of each one

d50318 No.1808071



b186fa No.1808072


She's here now I bet.

Say hello Amanda!

e50482 No.1808073


How bout some Jiffy Pop? :-)

b6ce0c No.1808074

File: b7bf6cbb3ff51bb⋯.jpg (452.16 KB, 1000x772, 250:193, wp.jpg)

File: e9943a5312866fb⋯.jpg (317.26 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, wp cage.jpg)



When does a bird sing>?

78407e No.1808075

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

06204e No.1808076

File: 75d20a5a04ee51e⋯.png (815.06 KB, 890x476, 445:238, tarmac.PNG)

cddeb3 No.1808077

File: 70698d74b9cc4f8⋯.jpg (400.16 KB, 823x823, 1:1, Qonfire1.jpg)

337b6e No.1808079

her twitter is on fire

this is a hoot

12e91c No.1808080


Have the cloning centers have been destroyed yet?

Especially the main one with QE2?

a4f6af No.1808081


Is she singing Q????

9cfa1f No.1808082

File: 7ccdfa97e477492⋯.jpg (19.14 KB, 255x183, 85:61, Pepelaugh.jpg)

8dad0d No.1808083


He retweeted on older tweet, one that Q had mentioned hours earlier……


b8d338 No.1808084


While doesn't exist the ID Vote there

No hope.

ad167b No.1808085


Small steps are Best steps!

d77fbd No.1808086


Why would ABC, the king of Deep State news be the one to publish this?

3daa08 No.1808087


Internet breaking in 3…2..1.


3c2395 No.1808088

File: 69a395b19ff99c5⋯.jpg (67.34 KB, 512x341, 512:341, IMG_1557.JPG)

File: 3c4a7bf641a2e8d⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 666x500, 333:250, IMG_1556.JPG)

File: 7b86fb462dd42de⋯.jpg (50.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_1551.JPG)

File: b9f2a32c6833f91⋯.jpg (72.09 KB, 529x500, 529:500, IMG_1553.JPG)

File: 7a81fcef1f23051⋯.jpg (83.05 KB, 652x500, 163:125, IMG_1558.JPG)

ebb5a7 No.1808089


Can't believe I was just making Pepe a new batch of popcorn while you were posting that, Q. He spilled it into the koi pond though. >>1808030


81e4f4 No.1808090

File: d4b8f7e9ca80176⋯.png (764.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

fdd1e9 No.1808091

File: 1a4a7a1ac7586d8⋯.mp4 (3.54 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 160818_abc_clinton_tarmac_….mp4)

1237e5 No.1808092


Same same. ;)

4b3652 No.1808093


I prefer my Russian sunflower seeds. More to do with your hands and less calorie intake as a result.

e3d341 No.1808094

Lead-up to POTUS retweet?

Best movie ever, Q!

e50fdd No.1808095

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

go Q!!

087ac0 No.1808096


He's the guy who used that name on reddit looking for technical help in removing a very VIP person from email threads.

aaaa58 No.1808097


good point anon. thank you

af8d77 No.1808098



Keep going anon. Keep working through it.

Thermite was the "series of booms" - the firemen described a BOOM, BOOM, BOOM etc. (you can watch the vid).

That was to break the building up into sections. It had been wired with Thermite to do this.

Having the section the proper size created the mechanical structures that were matches with the input resonant pulse.

The pulse was so powerful and so fast that it generated a massive EMP.

Also seismic signatures.

Keep going. Does Thermite explain a shift in the Quantum 'ether', 'realm'?

- This is what happened - which caused Quantum Random Number Generators (EGGS) to behave non-randomly.

- Dig into the Global Consciousness Project for proof of that.

- This also has a message of hope, in that EGGS could be set up around the world and used to monitor if this happens again (or has happened - Kursk submarine anyone??).

6651ef No.1808099


Amanda Renteria is asking Newsom to get out of the race!

9c4a21 No.1808100

File: 1672442e8933097⋯.png (1.16 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, renteria.png)

Ahhh… Renteria in the passenger seat.

438eb4 No.1808101

File: 806ff6f96347cc3⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, pepepopcorn.gif)


163b03 No.1808102


wew digits

ea6a2e No.1808103



their All indicted in the swamp

e2ca49 No.1808104


boxcutters and magical jet fuel

b186fa No.1808105


She's here now I bet.

Say hello Amanda!

e81701 No.1808106

File: 20a72704cdd6d9b⋯.jpg (103.81 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, astronaut-1000.jpg)

31796c No.1808107

e4ac3c No.1808108

Indonesia family takes down a Roth

Rothschild vs. Bakrie Family: Clash of the Über-Wealthy Family Dynasties and the Crumbling Mining Group Bumi Deal


337b6e No.1808109

whats her ass….

Hi Amanda. Sorry. Your twitter blew up.

quit giggling q

damn it.

b6ce0c No.1808110

File: b4c0ba36566e5ac⋯.jpg (265.97 KB, 1600x1198, 800:599, toga tarmac.jpg)

File: bfdcdd129492649⋯.jpg (53.32 KB, 512x384, 4:3, pepe porn.jpg)

adf544 No.1808111


A corroborating witness [Renteria]. Brilliant.

cab548 No.1808112


What's the objective here? Are we going to have drops about from who Billy stole lunch money from in high school?

17e4cf No.1808113


Yeah it's an 8chan custom to introduce ourselves and say hello to anons

4a9d8f No.1808114

File: 3a05c5ac8da5aae⋯.png (791.09 KB, 1037x544, 61:32, ClipboardImage.png)

Joe Manchin Used Taxpayer Funds for Travel from L.A. Fundraiser

West Virginia Democrat raised nearly $100,000 from California-based company

Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) used taxpayer money to pay for travel from a visit to California for a lucrative campaign fundraiser, according to official expenditure reports.

Manchin's office spent $1,515.65 disbursement for four flights taken by the West Virginia Democrat

Senate rules mandate that "no official resources may be used to conduct campaign activities"

Manchin's office made a $1,515.65 disbursement for four flights taken by the West Virginia Democrat, disclosed on page B-1429 of the Secretary of the Senate's report of Senate expenditures from April 1, 2017, to Sep. 30, 2017. The expenditure covered three July flights between Charleston, W. Va., and Washington, D.C., and an Aug. 9 flight from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh. A review of Manchin's campaign finance filings indicates the purpose of the trip was an Aug. 9 fundraiser at the Los Angeles headquarters of the Capital Group, a financial services firm. Contribution records sorted by the Washington Free Beacon show the company's employees contributed $62,100 to Manchin on Aug. 9 and a total of $99,900 to him during the fundraising quarter.

The Manchin campaign made a $1,739.54 disbursement to Michael Downer, a top company executive, for "catering" on Aug. 17. Downer's listed address on the disbursement is the address for the Capital Group's Los Angeles offices. A spokesman for Manchin's Senate office would not say whether there was any official business in California. The spokesman also would not provide details on how much of the $1,515.65 expense was for the California flight, saying that the number in the Secretary of the Senate report was "inaccurate." "We are in compliance with ethics," wrote Jonathan Kott. "Also, that number you are citing is inaccurate." Asked to elaborate on what part of the figure was inaccurate, Kott declined. "No," Kott wrote. "We are in compliance with Senate ethics. Your figure is wrong."It is unclear what aspect of the $1,515.65 figure, which was disclosed last November, Manchin's office disputes.

Senate rules mandate that "no official resources may be used to conduct campaign activities." In the case of "mixed purpose travel," cases where both official and campaign business are conducted on the same trip, senators are directed to pro-rate expenses on "a reasonable basis to accurately reflect the purpose of the trip." After this report was published, Kott elected to give more information on the trip, which he says was mixed purpose travel. "Half the trip was official and half was fundraising so in accordance with Senate ethics the cost of the trip was split," Kott wrote in an email. "He flew back into Pittsburgh and drove to WV for official events." Kott reiterated that "the $1515 was the total for the month not just the trip."

It is not possible to determine what travel costs associated with the California trip were paid for through the campaign, which does not provide details such as where a purchased flight was going or when it was in its disclosure forms. The amount of money Manchin received from Capital Group during the quarter exceeded the amount he received in contributions from West Virginians, which was $80,201.96. It accounted for more than 15 percent of the $658,402 he received in individual contributions that quarter. The Capital Group declined to comment.

As governor in 2005, Manchin had to reimburse West Virginia $5,400 after it was reported that he took a state plane down to Alabama to pick up a 54-foot yacht he owns called the Black Tie.


d77fbd No.1808115


Well…safe to say Nunes is one of the "less than 10" that can confirm Q/

ad167b No.1808116


LowRenteria is a deep state maiden. Controls others and has no soul. Was hoping to bring back the USA to Clinton control through CA but failed like her mentor.

b03d4e No.1808117


Campaign manager ->

Addisu Demissie

12e91c No.1808118


Digits of truth, anon.

2f63b6 No.1808119

File: 868363823586d4c⋯.png (122.53 KB, 766x592, 383:296, Amanda Renteria - bridge L….png)


>Amanda Renteria.

>Bridge LL & HRC.

>+1 BC & LL (Tarmac)


She's scared, Q! lmao

af8d77 No.1808120

>>1808104 Shilly post there.

0917e2 No.1808121

still not too late to talk amanda

god forgives

idk about Q team tho lol

6fe983 No.1808122


Really? The primary is done here. That would just leave John Cox. Or would they put #3 on the ballot in Newsom's place?

d77fbd No.1808123


If it couldn't be POTUS tweeting it, Nunes was easily the second best choice.

857241 No.1808124

Yes yes. Q said grab the popcorn too. See? It's a popular phrase, but what else is significant about the Nunez tweet? I swear, some anons cream their pants over repeated catch phrases, like mockingbird victims.

5d56ec No.1808125



b60113 No.1808126


How different are his statements from sedition and possibly treason? Is it not illegal to plot the overthrow of a duly elected president?

5692ff No.1808127

094788 No.1808128


943076 No.1808129

File: c5f37de9fe4ac21⋯.jpg (41.55 KB, 1054x707, 1054:707, utube blocked in your coun….JPG)




>One of many examples.


Why is this blocked in "my country" (USA)?

b186fa No.1808130

Watch for a change in tone now on her Twatter feed.


4795c7 No.1808131


It is definitely the correct location. That is Cutter Aviation. I have been through that gate before.

33°25'30.35"N, 112° 1'18.49"W

a45f94 No.1808132


Found this on her website

Long Beach, eh?






Renteria for Governor

525 E. Seaside Way, Suite 101-C

Long Beach, CA 90802


4314c8 No.1808133

File: 4fb4e34c97aeea6⋯.jpg (139.84 KB, 959x777, 137:111, IMG_0181.JPG)



You guys are awesome

7d65d3 No.1808134

a4f6af No.1808135

File: beab14d2dfae294⋯.jpg (714.43 KB, 1073x1823, 1073:1823, Screenshot_20180619-000944….jpg)



8cb5ba No.1808136


Badass.. "D" and Q.. 🤘

78407e No.1808137

File: 4974a4a556473b8⋯.png (33.63 KB, 675x694, 675:694, 0858_-_4nYvt0R.png)

7fbef5 No.1808138

File: 8e2021f4c66ec9d⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 770x450, 77:45, 8e2021f4c66ec9d7694bbb0df7….jpg)

b6ce0c No.1808139


Suicide week?

Need help sleeping?

Step into analysis

5b2d6b No.1808140


Mmmmm!! Buttery!!! 🍿

4b3652 No.1808141


No, no

Send them to Twitter and Facebook

Tell them to look at the #QAnon hashtag

There is nothing useful here on this board

It is just a bunch of teenage assholes posting frog cartoons and revolting porn

aaaa58 No.1808142



af8d77 No.1808143




Even if you're just trying to be funny, it's not funny, at, all.

8af0ac No.1808144


Must be from one of those shitholes or something. qek.

f35041 No.1808145

File: 2c7bdab59f3fa9b⋯.png (130.28 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 2c7bdab59f3fa9b802a0eb1aaf….png)

File: 064aacace6683f5⋯.jpg (53.68 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 064aacace6683f53af20ccefbf….jpg)

1237e5 No.1808146


That's it?!


Can't make a goddamned thing out in that one.


Very disappointing, Q. :(

adf544 No.1808147


USSS keeping her alive is a huge feat. Charter private united flight to hide from DS.

a45f94 No.1808148


Yes, lets!

8240b3 No.1808149


Not thin. Is that a pants suit I see?

2f63b6 No.1808150


>Is it not illegal to plot the overthrow of a duly elected president?

Uhh…YES! kek

a3dae3 No.1808151


I absolutely LOVE him! His attitude, personality. I'll be his groupie

a1f0d1 No.1808152

File: d31ba3bc03e58aa⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1581x2657, 1581:2657, shillary1.png)

SHILLARY begging people to donate to a group of non profits on behalf of the poor "caged" migrant children.

I began digging in to these 8 organizations (except the ACLU)..

BTW there are 10 there now, not sure if more are jumping on the gravy train ..

pic related is what I found on the first two.

First one isn't registered.

Second one is run by a sitting Assistant Federal Public Defender for .. get this .. public defense. ??? is that legal?

also if you read the fine print they have created quite the pyramid scheme.

A list of some donors is in this sauce: http://docplayer.net/43442906-La-lineathe-newsletter-of.html

observant anons will notice a certain level of heterogeneity in the last names.

other sauce: http://www.fedbar.org/Chapters/Phoenix-Chapter/Officers.aspx



a4f6af No.1808153


Someone email her and inform her we're watching.

6651ef No.1808154


From March.


I don't think Cox was a Clinton campaign manager, but, nothing would shock me.

857241 No.1808155


What was it? I missed a bunch of news today. Need a short recap.

c73af0 No.1808156

File: 10877f69c7990e9⋯.png (231.73 KB, 408x405, 136:135, 10877f69c7990e9a6aee87ce34….png)

3daa08 No.1808157


what jet fuel? do you mean the 30,000 gallons they tell you is put in the wings? Have you ever calculated the weight of 30,000 gallons of fuel? We are talking tonnage. Have you ever carried a 5 gallon bucket of water for a long distance? Kinda of awkward right? All of that heavy liquid sloshing around.

49994f No.1808158


Great work! DLA Piper is VERY dirty. Pete is just the beginning.

0f72ea No.1808159


Vive la résistance! (Lisa Page)

06204e No.1808160

File: 142759488df058f⋯.mp4 (2.54 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Video Appears to Show the ….mp4)

13f475 No.1808161


You seem to be in a celebratory mood these past few days. Things must be going extremely.

It's about to be interesting.

b3c54c No.1808162


Is requester anon here?

81e4f4 No.1808163

File: c01d3a150adc8ce⋯.png (881.06 KB, 785x537, 785:537, ClipboardImage.png)


>Amanda Renteria.

witness tarmac

a55898 No.1808164

Renteria - worked for Goldmaan Sachs as financial analysts.

Recruited by Podesta after Hillary requested a hispanic female to run campaign. Thus started her indoctrination.

Btw, how many times do we see dirt poor people wind up at Harvard?.

5127f3 No.1808165

Any Notables Since Q Posted?

Hard to keep up and enjoy the popcorn with y'all!!!

f23451 No.1808166


The document, obtained by the FBI, was a piece of purported analysis by Russian intelligence, the people said. It referred to an email supposedly written by the then-chair of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), and sent to Leonard Benardo, an official with the Open Society Foundations, an organization founded by billionaire George Soros and dedicated to promoting democracy.

In the supposed email, Wasserman Schultz claimed Lynch had been in private communication with a senior Clinton campaign staffer named Amanda Renteria during the campaign. The document indicated Lynch had told Renteria that she would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far, according to people familiar with it.

So Q this document was not really fake right??

ccab6a No.1808167


That? I've connected not all the dots but the dots leading from the cult to myself - primarily in how the cult takes over the world by marrying rich men and then (like in John Astor of the Titanic's case) luring them to their doom - or in my grandfather's case - taking over by cutting the bloodline off and corrupting whicheever non-primary heir is willing to be corrupted.

They use colors and all sorts of codes to talk to one another - never won a contest? probably because the cultists always win - they rig them for themselves and a cult kid enters a contest like my sister did for space camp - or how she got her scholarships - all contracts paid for with work she did always maturing into the able plant that Obama needed 2 years ago….

long story - and I don't mind answering any questions :) feel free to ask

5ff0c6 No.1808168


Wow! Patriot as we know. This is AWESOME.

943076 No.1808169



>We got death penalty too!

Texas is in District 5

a199d3 No.1808170


I witnessed it live anon.

Never forget the people jumping.

The rest was just a demolition, seen them before - was at the third paid demolition of "dallas demolition" was 1 mile from my house at the time. Would attend others because it was "cool" — until 9-11…

The company was the utmost authority on demos at the time of 9-11. No doubt they had a hand in it, knowingly or not.

78407e No.1808171


we have a lot of topics. always someone interested.

aaaa58 No.1808172


> and can think for themselves. see the evidence and use what intelligence God gave you to decide.

glow you have

b6ce0c No.1808173

File: f6aae481a91cffc⋯.jpg (95.94 KB, 740x589, 740:589, pepe maga oval no deals.jpg)



Nunes! The man. ThankQ

b186fa No.1808174


Devin has never been more confident.

Fun begins at 10:00am.

8dad0d No.1808175


Q is confirming something to us that only their classified intel shows.. but using an open source video. It's not disappointing.

183b9b No.1808176

File: fcb79d5da9bdcda⋯.png (42.78 KB, 1123x614, 1123:614, amanda_renteria_funds.png)

Posting again.

Amanda funded by a big Hillary bundler and Omid's (from Twitter) wife.

b8d338 No.1808177


Who is helping (Cash) with the Campaign of Renteria for CA Gov in the US?

617fe8 No.1808178


Will she be suicided ?

9ff954 No.1808179

File: f0d6e633c57d739⋯.png (32.45 KB, 880x343, 880:343, ClipboardImage.png)


Speaks at La Raza conventions…

094788 No.1808180

File: 33436b04c4a9966⋯.jpg (31.89 KB, 182x400, 91:200, themustache1.jpg)

File: 6f969c6950ac4c5⋯.jpg (68.17 KB, 578x390, 289:195, themustache3.jpg)

File: 87d32f6a7c7e866⋯.jpg (180.39 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, themustaches2.jpg)

File: 2f543bace5089fd⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 736x1417, 736:1417, 2f543bace5089fda025ed10381….jpg)


popcorn and gay mustaches

be6024 No.1808181


her son was just arrested for attempted murder.

5bfc12 No.1808182


Knowing some of the things these people have done, I find it hard to truly enjoy the popcorn. I certainly hope there can be some celebration among their victims after the arrests and exposure.

Still a lot of angry, bitter, and confused people out there.

a45f94 No.1808183


One of those where your heart is pumping and your hands are shaking!

ba6d2d No.1808184

File: ca89ba994e9c5d3⋯.png (2.48 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Board Q Popcorn.png)


POPCORN…….thanks D

af8d77 No.1808185


Ok Q Team, fine, will shift gears from 9/11.

Maybe time isn't right in the plan.

But sometime, given the advanced nature of the weapons used, couldn't you just comment on a post and say "CLAS" or something simple, indicating you can't share without breaching national security, committing treason, etc? Or would even that be too much??

d889c4 No.1808186

File: beacdec6e9c7881⋯.png (550.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-06-18-22h18m4….png)


ya or nah

d3f58a No.1808187


Hey, Anon: don’t fucking bother. If you don’t even know that it was General Horowitz at the table and not USA Huber, you have nothing valuable to add to the conversation.

a4f6af No.1808188

We're getting closer to the tipping point Q. Once RR goes will the house of cards fall?

7e0051 No.1808189

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

37b618 No.1808190


you have some friggin eyes if you can make who is in that video

f5fdd2 No.1808191


No one will be prosecuted. Been around since JFK got popped. Trust me on this.

b6ce0c No.1808192


2020 slogan for campaign

Amanda Renteria

Now with 25% more mexican

5127f3 No.1808193


>Amanda funded by a big Hillary bundler and Omid's (from Twitter) wife.


4e3aee No.1808194

File: b878df8d65a6abe⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1206x798, 201:133, arnews.png)

ebb5a7 No.1808196


The hot one is married. Forget it.

d143b5 No.1808197


Somebody's goose-stepping . And somebody's got a limp. that's all I can make up with my magnifying glass to the monitor.

b186fa No.1808198


Key: The House has more Intel than the Senate Committee

78407e No.1808199

File: f71e08997fbb836⋯.png (464.44 KB, 833x717, 833:717, f71e08997fbb83680d1d47e27e….png)

e2ca49 No.1808200


I believe it is a gel…planefags???

7a0edf No.1808201

File: 9d3c143ddc1397b⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1586x889, 1586:889, 836836836856384485489.png)


lazy fuck, wipe your own ass and do your own research.

why do you think there was a Q drop?

it was to divert attention.

this is a taboo subject.

b0a3fe No.1808202


Is that Hill following behind Bill?

b9aee5 No.1808203


Nice digs anon! ThanQ

337b6e No.1808204

File: 1fc67f38de5540c⋯.png (433.29 KB, 927x850, 927:850, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Diane!

Ram it home girls!

Look at it burn!

91b6b9 No.1808205

File: 2c753b29bb9383d⋯.png (653.16 KB, 651x396, 217:132, ClipboardImage.png)


The greatest show on Earth, 6000 years in the making.

b03d4e No.1808206


Robby Mook

a199d3 No.1808207


Your censored internet has taught you well…

Carry on and keep the clouds near, they are necessary when dreaming with your head in them.

be6024 No.1808208




1237e5 No.1808209


Yes, I know.

And, it IS disappointing.

An airfield should have higher quality security feeds.

a45f94 No.1808210


I am sure she is well aware kek

930ab5 No.1808211

Did anyone catch Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s questions to DH on AAG Peter Kadzik-J. Podesta connection?

Watch the short segment starting at 2:53:10. PK gave JP heads up about HRC emails.

There is more to this …. I’ll dig tomorrow. Share any sauce in meantime.



d143b5 No.1808212



78407e No.1808213

File: 02441074d60f7e2⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1440x936, 20:13, 02441074d60f7e225c8f63eb00….png)

85fb88 No.1808214

Trust Kansas?

Federal judge tosses Kansas voter ID law

A federal judge ruled Monday that Kansas cannot require documentary proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote, finding such laws violate the constitutional right to vote in a ruling with national implications.

In an extraordinary rebuke, U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson also ordered Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to complete an additional six hours of legal education on top of other requirements before he can renew his law license for the upcoming year. She imposed the sanction for his numerous disclosure violations.

The 118-page decision came in two consolidated cases challenging a Kansas voter registration law requiring people to provide documents such as a birth certificate, U.S. passport or naturalization papers.

The decision strikes down the Kansas proof-of-citizenship registration law and makes permanent an earlier injunction that had temporarily blocked it.

Kobach did not immediately respond to the Associated Press for comment.


0917e2 No.1808215


So why would we even care about such a seeming Some Dude? In large part it's because Renteria is a seasoned operative who's served as Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s chief of staff, was national political director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, and just finished a stint as a top aide to state Attorney General Xavier Becerra. It's therefore almost inexplicable why someone with a background like this would launch a campaign that doesn't even rise to the level of "quixotic." As the Times notes, Renteria's decision was so odd that it’s "stoked conspiracy theories," though the paper seems too polite to suggest what any of those theories might be.

Politico, however, was only too happy to oblige. In sum and substance, some backers of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, one of the leading Democrats in the race, say they fear that Renteria is a "spoiler" or "stalking-horse" designed to peel Latino votes away from Villaraigosa in the Central Valley, where she's from and ran for Congress.

246a85 No.1808216

File: 36415426daa1015⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1438x1212, 719:606, widespread_panic.png)

File: c7f459b786b9ef8⋯.png (348.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Panic_Mode_Enjoy_Show-Q_3_….png)

File: a45bfe921b6ab97⋯.png (351.51 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Panic_Mode_Enjoy_Show-Q_3_….png)

File: 3c4ee0c0635f3d6⋯.png (192.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Panic_Mode_Enjoy_Show-Q_3_….png)

File: 78b517462ff91c6⋯.png (437.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Panic_Mode_Enjoy_Show-Q_3_….png)

cab548 No.1808217



They have everything

a55898 No.1808218


Her father was farm worker, most likely illegal.

b3c54c No.1808219



I can't see much :(

5127f3 No.1808220

Notables So Far

Monday 06.18.2019

>>1808021 ———————– You asked for popcorn.

>>1807982 ———————– Amanda Renteria. Bridge LL & HRC…

>>1808176 Amanda funded by a big Hillary bundler and Omid's (from Twitter) wife.

>>1808114 Joe Manchin Used Taxpayer Funds for Travel from L.A. Fundraiser

>>1807922 Devin Nunes Tweet "Grab the 🍿" - Q Much, Devin?

>>1807821 New holes in Loretta Lynch’s story on the Hillary probe

>>1807743 Kim Jong Un in China For a 2 Day Visit

>>1807740 Trump Bashing Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, Facing FBI Corruption Probe

73045d No.1808221


The word POPCORN used in a tweet was a request from this board

Anons were asking yesterday that POTUS tweet popcorn, even had a fake POTUS tweet for it.

29a69a No.1808222


Believe me, I'm just getting started. Coming up in the next day or two…Clinton Foundation tax returns, HRC Congressional financial filings and some juicy tidbits about tax evasion.

aaaa58 No.1808223


typo ass hole. see the replies where i addressed. sorry for being fuking pissed while typing, emotions could logic. or are you a shill trying to divide? id say most look past that because they get what i am trying to say….

f8ffef No.1808224


Atleast Q is aware we have asked for POTUS to tweet POPCORN, Enjoy The Show, Now Comes the Pain, etc

Devin is DEF lurking here. dope.

8cb5ba No.1808225


The electrical contractors (mossad) came in and powered down the alarm systems 3weeks prior. They brought HUGe heavy metal bins on wheels, almost like giant trash bins, super heavy and left them in the elevator service shaft areas. They did cut through some insulation for the fireproofing. This is where the charges were placed.

943076 No.1808226

File: 45c9e44ae0e9d64⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 446x564, 223:282, 911 Larry has Dr appt - La….JPG)

File: 4a1173363289208⋯.jpg (48.83 KB, 480x468, 40:39, 911 one wk b4 Zim broke 3….jpg)

File: fe8df7732d68a61⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 911 shitbag holding paper ….jpg)

File: 7e54986d81bd9e4⋯.gif (55.86 KB, 500x330, 50:33, 911 solved - said former I….gif)



>The rest was just a demolition,

"Pull it."

aa4260 No.1808227

Amanda better stay away from barbells

ebb5a7 No.1808228

File: 0c41f3ce3416a87⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 3D.jpg)

4e3aee No.1808229


>Who is campaign manager?

Robby Mook, same as Hillary

4aa2a1 No.1808230

File: ed19865f9401b3b⋯.jpg (171.88 KB, 642x978, 107:163, x3.jpg)

37b618 No.1808231


That may be, but why show us a video where no one can be identified?

a45f94 No.1808232




It sure was

Thanks for the shout out D!

b3c54c No.1808233

File: 9fa7ca771499720⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 663x441, 221:147, Rare Trump 1.jpg)

9fb83f No.1808234


Great pic!

Me predicts this will be meme'd hard.

5692ff No.1808235


That was funny indeed

f5fdd2 No.1808236


I see a rapist.

aaaa58 No.1808237


my feet are on the ground, im good

6fe983 No.1808238


John Cox was endorsed by POTUS. On election night, it was thought he was in 2nd place. But at the moment, it looks like Antonio Villaraigosa (D) has edged him out. Gavin Newsom not only didn't quit, but he has a solid 1st place.

847dcf No.1808239

bd2151 No.1808240

File: 4c26c5486507bdf⋯.jpg (152.77 KB, 1031x1070, 1031:1070, Enjoy the show1.jpg)

d143b5 No.1808241


Sounds like she and Biden want to steal them.

81e4f4 No.1808242

File: c12afa3531d256e⋯.png (218.49 KB, 531x425, 531:425, ClipboardImage.png)

5e10dc No.1808243

File: ed73ce952628f64⋯.png (363.46 KB, 1888x951, 1888:951, renteria-crowdpac.png)


aeef66 No.1808244


Hearings this week! Show already started!

8dad0d No.1808245


1) Devin tweets "Can anyone tell me who the DOJ lawyer is that speaks French via text…"

2) Next day Q screencaps the tweet and says: "See Next. Eggshells. Q"

3) Devin retweets his original with: "Grab the popcorn…"

4) Q returned to 8chan at almost the exact same time that Devin made the popcorn retweet.

An anon had been asking for a popcorn related proof for the past few days.

Conclusion: Q and Devin in close coordination.

f7c6ec No.1808246

File: c5af5a61eaeccfe⋯.jpeg (65.67 KB, 525x525, 1:1, BDD71665-B4BB-4471-8661-E….jpeg)


Bring the Boom & popcorn Q!

6fe983 No.1808247


Forgot the link.


4314c8 No.1808248

File: 773db3ab0f427ed⋯.jpg (51.62 KB, 500x524, 125:131, 415fd245aa3adf87bbc03e2c40….jpg)

283815 No.1808249

File: c50d2cd464c413c⋯.jpg (132.85 KB, 804x500, 201:125, WE CELEBRATE OUR FALIURES.jpg)

File: d055e19d27fa582⋯.jpg (82.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Every-young-person-one-day….jpg)

File: 397de9ccd99844d⋯.jpg (72.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, we-know-where-you-are.jpg)

File: 082ae4e17661cee⋯.jpg (57.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, If_you_have_something_that….jpg)




b51ece No.1808250


Potus probably should give a public announcement tomorrow about this. Needs to back off from being abrasive though. He could very nicely and sympathetically explain what is happening.

c73af0 No.1808251

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meme War - The Patriot

af8d77 No.1808252


Does Thermite cause a massive EMP?

Does Thermite cause a Ripple in the Quantum Field, WW (World Wide)?

Thermite used = Y, but, keep going anon.

e50fdd No.1808253


yep. A great man once said "there are no coincidences"

857241 No.1808254


Did POTUS tweet popcorn?

fdd1e9 No.1808255

File: 32c9dcab80ef664⋯.jpg (174.51 KB, 1440x936, 20:13, shhd.jpg)

a199d3 No.1808256


>do your own research

Take your advice anon.

I have over 125 gb of data saved concerning 911 ALONE.

And I witnessed the event firsthand.

And I recorded POCSAG pager traffic from the day with equipment I had with me at the time.

Where did you get your information?

Oh that's right, you learned more from using your wifi in a basement of your moms house of shill central, so you do not want to learn anything more than your filtered access and blinders have provided you.

Carry on liberal dreamer…

a55898 No.1808257

a7e14e No.1808258


Oh my … I'm definately getting more popcorn

8240b3 No.1808259


So we have AR and Lynch's husband too? I hope there were lots of phones onboard.

acac2e No.1808260


Huber for FBI, DOJ crimes.

GITMO an Court Martial for Obama, Clinton, etc. Right?


ba6d2d No.1808261

File: 8a163a7a4652603⋯.png (21.93 KB, 647x301, 647:301, d59f14b64125ddc215776cd2d6….png)

File: 8a163a7a4652603⋯.png (21.93 KB, 647x301, 647:301, d59f14b64125ddc215776cd2d6….png)




ab3d0c No.1808262

Commentary | Election manipulation? It will only get more extreme from here

Politics is a dirty business. An open question is just how much dirtier it will become.

When word spread in February that little-known Amanda Renteria — a failed Central Valley congressional candidate and former aide to Hillary Clinton — had filed paperwork to run for governor without any money or campaign structure, Politico wrote a 1,100-word article that focused on speculation she had been put up to running by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and/or his campaign. In it, backers of former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa — Newsom’s main rival and fellow Democrat — cried foul as her entry meant he would no longer be the only Latino on the ballot.

In an interview for a KQED podcast, Villaraigosa consultant Mike Madrid said he thought …

“something just doesn’t smell right with what happened. … We know something else is afoot. … You don’t run for office and file 30 days out [before the filing deadline] with no endorsement, no infrastructure and no campaign website. … I think the dots are there.”

A Newsom aide called it “severely sexist for team Antonio to paint an accomplished woman as the naive rube manipulated by a bunch of dudes.” Renteria’s history of working for state Attorney General Xavier Becerra, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and Goldman Sachs — and her Stanford and Harvard degrees — certainly gave the 43-year-old some credibility. So did her recent appearance at a San Francisco event at which she convincingly spoke of her hope to become a positive influence on policies affecting those neglected by government.



9188f1 No.1808263

File: 926651826ad5929⋯.png (639.29 KB, 750x535, 150:107, 2ea533eb922f41b21aeb2e26ba….png)


Based Nunes. True patriot.

9c4a21 No.1808264

Michael Trujillo- Renteria campaign manager

6dc9de No.1808265




Amanda Renteria walking confront of car on the right?

337b6e No.1808266


Yea it was.

I'll bet she's smokin, and i don't mean cause she's pretty!

Just the way i like her. Smokin hot mad.


aa4260 No.1808267


Popcorn conspiracy

4a9d8f No.1808268

Fox's the 5 pod cast, I hope this works, thought I would give it a try, if we can't see it, maybe we can listen.

http:// feedproxy.google.com/~r/fncthefive/~5/HU2N7FRhyNU/THEFIVE-06-18-2018-231.mp3

a54b6a No.1808269


You could have mentioned something clever like, what's the most common way to prepare popcorn? Micro-waves?

But you decided to insist that Q was distracting from your information.. good luck selling that angle here.

1237e5 No.1808270


All I see is fucking pixelated figures walking around.

How the fuck can you ID Slick-Willy through that?

cab548 No.1808271


It seems like were being fed the week old hot dogs still revolving in the theater snack bar.

73045d No.1808272

File: 35edada2c410260⋯.png (103.84 KB, 978x467, 978:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Nope, tweeted by


ccab6a No.1808273

File: cb6e62aecbc6a35⋯.jpg (396.79 KB, 1340x911, 1340:911, Nosey Neighbor Near.jpg)


Well I'm here to answer any cult questions people have


Ah for example - this picture - this is right when I moved to the "Alan Show" - and there was a nosey neighbor right when we moved in who vanished shortly after - this is how they do it.

It's not quite like they do it in movies but there is a code involved - and in this case it's NN - doubling consonants is a way to get the cult to understand that there is something important being said.

4795c7 No.1808274




Wasn't this figured out last night?

916ee0 No.1808275


Top Contributors











































3884bf No.1808276

File: 827799bb752c6ca⋯.png (142.12 KB, 450x253, 450:253, ClipboardImage.png)


It is SOOOOO Happening!

df8385 No.1808277

File: 39fc11d16311515⋯.jpg (205.03 KB, 600x600, 1:1, DflV-PvWkAEjoXY.jpg)

"Hello Amanda!"

NewFag checking in.

Gonna Lurk Moar. I had to comment tonight. i've beeen watching this for months and I cant get away form my devices. I cant look away. I am using the memes and Awakening the masses every day. No one is spared. I am relentless but I want to do moar. Suppose I will Lurk, review vids in Baker school and keep up my faggoty work on the masses, but I had to say, this shit has ruined my ability to do anything else besides eat piss shit sleep and fap. I will be back when i am ready to bake and I will do my Passionately Patriotic part to help. LYG no homo.

fuck off faggots.

its time to take them cya nigs down, they are hard at work, and frankly its a little fuct up

916ee0 No.1808278







Unknown State


Party Committee


Leadership Committee


Personal Funds


Individual Contributions




Public Funding




Institutions and Companies




Total Contributions




a3dae3 No.1808279


Any name that gets made popular for whatever reason can't really be suicided anymore. I wouldn't think. They have taken that shit too far, people are questioning all that shit a lot more.

Anyone who gets there name mentioned here or twitter should be grateful. They have a lot less of a chance to disappear

acac2e No.1808280


>Huber for FBI, DOJ crimes.

>GITMO and MILITARY TRIBUNALS for Obama, Clinton, etc. Right?


337b6e No.1808281

I'm still looking for some UNOBTAINIUM to float around in a tweet or something.

Thank you

246a85 No.1808282


politics is long hours - your life is your work 24/7 - helps to have a spouse in the business

af8d77 No.1808283


There were 'charges', and then there was 'THE Charge'.

Two elements, working in tandem.

be6024 No.1808284


so Cool for Calif.

save us Q

789656 No.1808285


She is SO done.

cab548 No.1808286


I know and agree, I was being sarcastic. It's irritating to me.

857241 No.1808287


Rodger that. Thanks for the recap anon. B.een busy

37b618 No.1808288


Again, if you can make some one out in that video, you got one great set of eyes. You would swear in a court of law under oath that it's her

6f1e15 No.1808289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How refreshing to hear this loving & powerful message from someone in a position to influence so many young people.

Nine rules.

Here are a few of them:

Rule #6

God is real.

God loves you.

God wants the best for you.

Believe that.

I do.

Rule #8

Learn to pray.

It's easy & it's so good for your soul.

Rule #9

Nobody is perfect.

People are going to tell you that you're perfect just the way you are.

You're not.

You're imperfect.

You always will be, but there's a powerful force that designed you that way & if you're willing to accept that, you will have grace & grace is a gift and like the freedom that we enjoy in this country, grace was paid for with somebody else's blood.

Do not forget it.

Do not take it for granted.

847dcf No.1808290




916ee0 No.1808291

File: 86900f32408314f⋯.png (255.3 KB, 1342x1108, 671:554, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at ….png)

File: 024e5bda8adfd53⋯.png (270.28 KB, 1586x634, 793:317, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at ….png)

7b2a1b No.1808292

File: 1c2c724e180fedc⋯.png (770.12 KB, 1215x532, 1215:532, ComesHomePopcornPouringOut.png)

fd42e2 No.1808293


Maybe POTUS could tweet by asking Nunes to pass the popcorn

6482d1 No.1808294


*poo flinging intensifies*

73045d No.1808295


8 minutes

(yesterday was 7 min deltas, hmmm….PATTERN)

ece17b No.1808296

File: a5e45391b600ebb⋯.jpg (582.9 KB, 850x505, 170:101, 4534532486378.jpg)

Thank you Deepthroat!

634efa No.1808297

File: e1f01e5dd97e97f⋯.jpg (146.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, PP.jpg)

81e4f4 No.1808298

File: 79d7d799efd584e⋯.png (62.9 KB, 300x317, 300:317, ClipboardImage.png)

3884bf No.1808299




9188f1 No.1808300


Blonde woman alongside Bill on the far side of camera closest to police car??

f244b7 No.1808301


Not seen any jumping out

183b9b No.1808302


In the scheme of things, she didn't really raise that much money, for a CA governor's race. Only $109k. She came in ~10th place, with 1.3% of the vote.

In comparison, McCabe's wife brought in over $1m for a congressional seat.

b186fa No.1808303



She's the Leaker

4e3aee No.1808304


Hopefully one day soon we will see such movies, wouldn't that be something

bd2151 No.1808305



Shit man, was reading crumbs and here you are delivering moar. Enjoying the show. Can't let Amanda have the protection of that position.

aeef66 No.1808306


Show already started? Is that why it is referenced as

" will save a lot of time IN the HEARINGS this week"

That is how I am taking it.

c73af0 No.1808307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Patriot

a3dae3 No.1808308


Would be a hell of a lot less lonely if you have someone to talk to that is ACTUALLY interested in your work & vise versa.I hope they have understanding spouses.

ad167b No.1808309


Be realistic. Not everyone lives in NY.

08f101 No.1808310

File: e73292792a81082⋯.png (244.66 KB, 808x351, 808:351, DHS-Sheriffs-speech-2.png)


DHS Kirstjen Nielsen speech at Sheriff's Association

eb91ab No.1808311


Oh shit, you did it Q…

b4ecd6 No.1808312

>>1806236 (op)

Word on the back channel is that JC and his twin brother were rescued by RM when they were young.

They had been held captive and were abused.

Which may explain the close relationship between JC and RM.

It's speculated that _K _ltra programming had been used on the twins. Which would further explain JC's behavior in situations.

Sorry no sauce. FWIW Supposedly the twin rescue is publicly known but not well known.

916ee0 No.1808313


Professional Experience

Chief of Operations, California Department of Justice, 2017-present

National Political Director, Hillary for America

Senior Advisor, United States Senate, 2013

Chief of Staff, United States Senator Debbie Stabenow, 2008-2013

Legislative Assistant/Legislative Director, United States Senator Debbie Stabenow, 2004-2007

Legislative Assistant/Legislative Director, United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, 2004-2007

Special Consultant/Budget Analyst/Neighborhood Manager, City of San Jose, 2003-2004

Economics/Math Teacher, Woodlake High School, 2000-2001

Athletic Coach, Woodlake High School, 2000-2001

Senior Financial Analyst, Goldman Sachs, 1997-2000

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

Advisory Board Member, Stanford University's Haas Center for Public Service, present

aa4260 No.1808314

File: 914fdb3290103b8⋯.gif (7.98 MB, 550x412, 275:206, giphy[1].gif)

a199d3 No.1808315


Who measured emp's in 2001?

Lightning detectors did not even trigger to my recollection… (that's as close as we had in 2001 for emp logging).

Quantum field = how is that recorded? (I really do not know and have never heard of that before - I know about Schumann resonance.)

78407e No.1808316

File: 3cecd41f5b4a7a5⋯.jpg (108.35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 55528354.jpg)


>thinking bout Steven

af8d77 No.1808317


Noticed that as well anon! Bouyed my spirit a plenty.

5127f3 No.1808318



4795c7 No.1808319



72f822 No.1808320

File: 20df13310dbb32e⋯.jpg (309.78 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, fate-4.jpg)

ad167b No.1808321


Politics will keep you fed when the grocery store has nothing. Nice.

011214 No.1808322


Amanda Whatsherass needs to stay away not only from dumbells but also away from doorknobs. Js

6482d1 No.1808323


Holy shit I've seen some shit here on this shit, but this shit is the shittiest shit that ever was shat. What a load of fucking shit. Shit. Fuck.

6651ef No.1808324

File: 29808501c2a4286⋯.png (103.68 KB, 1625x709, 1625:709, ClipboardImage.png)


You scared me for a second. That is LA County! Tony Vallar is a distant 3rd.

8240b3 No.1808325


Just realized significance.

Lynch's husband is covered under Spousal privilege in court.

AR is not. Big.

1237e5 No.1808326

File: 5aa7794acb8e5ee⋯.png (23.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, glowingtp.png)



Oh good, you found us some moar TP.

KYS, shill.

a6844c No.1808327


I would LOVE for POTUS to tweet or say "popcorn !!

cab548 No.1808328


That would certainly change history.

094788 No.1808329


dude seamed creepy to me

916ee0 No.1808330


she was a Senior Financial Analyst, Goldman Sachs, 1997-2000, im sure she can move money around

7e64ec No.1808331

File: bfdc427b58d4858⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ppflag.jpg)

7b2a1b No.1808332

File: 317df6a1884803c⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DZZhrUZUMAA2BnW.jpg)

e2ae57 No.1808333

File: 00b8bfe661bf797⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 720x657, 80:73, pod.jpg)

c37cbd No.1808334


Half of me thinks you're batshit insane.

And the other half thinks I'm just like you. Not everything lines up, but i might have been the cult kid who wouldn't be corrupted so i got burned.

Hope you're ok anon.

8dad0d No.1808335

File: e83b7f6f0dcfdf1⋯.png (18.46 KB, 437x240, 437:240, howsoon.PNG)



The point is to apply heat to the bad actors.. I'm sure Gavin Newsom won't be thrilled to find out Q is naming him in the infamous tarmac video.

943076 No.1808336


The US has plenty of shit holes. I am in one of the better places in the USA.

ebb5a7 No.1808337

File: 00148ce1ed86bc7⋯.png (16.21 KB, 300x250, 6:5, Space.png)

File: 54083c1c82f9771⋯.png (290.45 KB, 451x400, 451:400, Astronaut1.png)

b03d4e No.1808338

File: 40cd9401ee6fbb6⋯.png (134.52 KB, 766x426, 383:213, RM.png)

c73af0 No.1808339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


438eb4 No.1808340

it must be a horrible day to be an FEtard

337b6e No.1808341

File: 955cbe57eb2fefe⋯.png (31.82 KB, 916x236, 229:59, ClipboardImage.png)

Did sweetie, past tense.

Everyone knows who amanda is now.

You're helping!

Thank you JRCSilver.

Keep it up!

ad167b No.1808342


Hope her scarf inventory is low if her house has doorknobs.

f244b7 No.1808343



7b2a1b No.1808344

File: e11a34b454ff179⋯.png (462.86 KB, 1212x549, 404:183, plentyOfPopCornForPepe.png)

81e4f4 No.1808345


is the french lawyer thing for real or is Nunes trolling

6dc9de No.1808346



Good question, but I think the point of Q

Is to look more..

69fb2e No.1808347

Q, is it high profile people who have been separated from their families? Is it a code re: Gitmo?

7e64ec No.1808348

File: e0a29623b91690c⋯.jpg (41.43 KB, 519x449, 519:449, putinpopcorn.jpg)



e2ca49 No.1808349

6fe983 No.1808350


Good point. If that's is JUST L.A., the state count is likely different since Antonio Villaraigosa is a local.

98119c No.1808351

File: df451e1d96e08ba⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ST6E17crash.jpg)


It's a fair question. Maybe the answer is somewhere in the story behind this story?



Not a bad guess at all imo.

aa4260 No.1808352

Exit question: Is Bill banging Amanda?

438eb4 No.1808353


lose the ' anon


nice meme though

85fb88 No.1808354


Risk is HIGH that CA gov goes to COX!!!!

74f8b9 No.1808355

File: e76d35202b9f6df⋯.jpg (45.31 KB, 508x219, 508:219, e76d35202b9f6df1da073ab529….jpg)


trips yah

af8d77 No.1808356


>Risk is HIGH.

Ok Anons, this is a serious one. A Keystone in the Plan. Let's make sure she stays on the front burner, and burn her. We've got the pieces!

0917e2 No.1808357



if she can do it anyone can

f244b7 No.1808358


OR a movies size monitor

005e45 No.1808359


2018 is glorious!

337b6e No.1808360

File: 8293c9005f92056⋯.png (30.49 KB, 888x183, 296:61, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm glad i'm not under a Q directed arty barrage.

talk about effective!


916ee0 No.1808361

File: 42f8493d734e218⋯.png (818.48 KB, 1168x1076, 292:269, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at ….png)



lmaoo always eh

8871a5 No.1808362



847dcf No.1808363






What does the government secretly think about the shape of earth??

Read these documents to find out. Prepare to be


b03d4e No.1808364

File: 0634075298c838d⋯.jpeg (19.08 KB, 750x563, 750:563, RMos.jpeg)

5b2d6b No.1808365


May we have some popcorn, kind sir?

6482d1 No.1808366



Nobody rescued them. They called the police and the assailant ran away.


3f76cb No.1808367

When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

7b2a1b No.1808368



Offense builds moral !!

cf9da2 No.1808369

Q when JA go public ?

2d47ff No.1808370


Was not Potus but man that is amazing.

f5fdd2 No.1808371


The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made even both of them.

How can I see? With my eyes. Don't have a better answer anon, sorry.

ba6d2d No.1808372


How did BC get to the tarmac? Did he fly United then drove over to her plane on the tarmac?

Renteria in passenger seat? Waiting for BC meet with LL?

6fe983 No.1808373


I'm certainly hoping it does. More of the same would be awful.

37b618 No.1808374


That video wouldn't worry me…. Shows "people" around a plane. Now f there is a better video, might be different story.

a4f6af No.1808375


Does anyone have the reference to the French lawyer in the oig report? I think I missed this one too.

a199d3 No.1808376


I was in training that week, did not live there.

But I know what I saw.

Engineering background, heavy electrical expertise, radio and microwave too. Bio-Medical niche. Have witnessed demolitions because I lived near a site that DD blew when I was young, sparked interest so I visited other sites when they demo'd. Seen 6 total demo's.

Twin towers looked and sounded exactly like the others, with exception of being impacted earlier by planes. And of course molten metal pouring out open holes…

(and of course no other demo was occupied)

4e3aee No.1808377


looks like George Soros – ActBlue gave her $17k

f7c6ec No.1808378


At least his cigars are…

948378 No.1808379


No longer running for Gov.

She lost to Cox, and Gavin N. >>1807982

b4ecd6 No.1808380


It may also explain the Howdy Doody fetish?

86b091 No.1808381


This is Blasphemy of the Greatest Duo of all time

1237e5 No.1808382


No shit, Sherlock.

But if I wanted fucking pixelated bodies moving about, I'll find me some Japanese pron.

STFU with you rebuttals already.

720ce2 No.1808383


>Trusted by Clinton's

Incorrect spelling and punctuation usually is indicative of a double meaning.

Is "Clinton's" supposed to be possessive?

Trusted by Clinton's ____?

f244b7 No.1808384



6d7871 No.1808385


bs, you can't prove a thing you said.

ebb5a7 No.1808386

File: 4631539c6220d93⋯.jpeg (79.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, NewfagHottub.jpeg)



You can enter but you can never leave.

An experiential truth.

70a545 No.1808387

File: ba9323b3eba4761⋯.jpg (106.39 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 2ch7ek.jpg)


Thank you, Mr. Nunes. You are a true Patriot.

5ff0c6 No.1808388

9fb83f No.1808389


Better than most dribble from the 'stars'.

b217f8 No.1808390

"No political bias impacted the end result of this investigation"

Well, of course there wasn't political bias - there were actively defendants covering 'their' tracks (LR)

So no matter what the FBI did, no matter how they acted in the HRC email investigation, no charges would have been brought.

So technically Wray and the OIG are telling the 100% stone cold truth.

789656 No.1808391



but THEY know that we know.

af851e No.1808392



4795c7 No.1808393

Did Tashina Gauhar influence the recusal of Jeff Sessions?


4314c8 No.1808394


They were in private jets, not a United jet. Good thinking though

8af0ac No.1808395

Gait analysis for the win.

81e4f4 No.1808396

File: 8ef9ff9c47fffbf⋯.jpg (419.56 KB, 948x1190, 474:595, new fag.jpg)

8cefbe No.1808397

Workfag missed the wangdoodle fun today. Can someone catch me up to speed?

183b9b No.1808398


Sure. My point was that her candidacy was not some money laundering exercise.

If they want to give her money as payment, they didn't do it through the campagn process like they did with McCabe.

916ee0 No.1808399

File: 1edd04ed0d37f89⋯.png (78.61 KB, 1142x320, 571:160, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at ….png)

37b618 No.1808400

enjoy the popcorn - outa here

d77fbd No.1808401

File: 6932615e0b4d418⋯.png (81.78 KB, 1301x812, 1301:812, Capture.PNG)

So this address is the same one listed on Renteria's web page as campaign HQ. Are the Turks funding??

01babf No.1808402

Comey and the gnome…

Or maybe NOME?

b35c4e No.1808403

File: 97910d7fe5cff01⋯.png (660.94 KB, 1192x918, 596:459, Screenshot-2018-6-19 Senat….png)


ad167b No.1808404


I have notice the shills vacate when Q is here. They know something I don't I figure. I am happy that PDJT is taking America in the right direction. Many previous President's didn't do that. Been a DJT supporter since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower! God Bless PDJT 2020!

2bde45 No.1808405

File: 9e31322555a2c69⋯.jpg (52.67 KB, 425x382, 425:382, mickey.jpg)


Q called her out … by full name, no coy initials.


She's fucked … proper fucked.

1b3a1a No.1808406

This is un-be-lievable…blowing my mind to SPACE tonight Q. Wonderful Week. Best show ever. But please no sequel. The best part comes after this is all over. Freedom! Thank you Q and POTUS and ALL PATRIOTS!

22fcab No.1808407

Did I spot HRC?

cddeb3 No.1808408



Comey has a TWIN ?!?! They were both kidnapped ?!?!

Think MIRROR ?!?! WTF ?!?!

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4597706/James-Comey-brother-held-hostage-gunpoint.html

af8d77 No.1808409




Interesting direction here anons!

4e3aee No.1808410


Fantastic. Also the crumb:


Morning sun brings heat

cbb8a2 No.1808411

People keep saying no politicians are being arrested yet. Well here are some for your redpill notes fresh from today's presses.

Former Arkansas State Senator Sentenced to Prison for Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, and Bank Fraud. Files, 46, of Fort Smith, Arkansas who represented Arkansas’s state legislative district No. 8 in the Arkansas State Senate until his resignation in January 2018 following his guilty plea in this matter


Former Defense Contractor Sentenced for Unlawfully Retaining Classified Information


US Extradites Former President of Panama to Face Illegal Wiretapping and Embezzlement Charges


Jury Convicts Former CIA Officer of Espionage


Former Charity Executive Pleads Guilty to Bribery and Embezzlement Scheme. A former executive of a Springfield, Missouri charity, who was also an Arkansas lobbyist, pleaded guilty in federal court today to bribing Arkansas elected officials in a multi-million-dollar scheme, and then along with other charity executives, embezzling millions of dollars from the Springfield health care organization


5ff0c6 No.1808412


Lurk moar

916ee0 No.1808413



so what are you thinkin anon

74f8b9 No.1808414

File: 67050f8ce59fd2c⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 67050f8ce59fd2c8de2d9a3292….jpg)

b8d338 No.1808415


Magog Group?

73045d No.1808416



this MSM blurry version…I highly doubt that it's the ONLY copy out there…Who has it ALL? (hint: not ABC News)

4713d6 No.1808418


Can't help myself… I keep trolling @amandarenteria on twitter. Sorry boss.

aa4260 No.1808419

File: 94a2204bc4f8d05⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 600x355, 120:71, Bill-Clinton-Son[1].jpg)

Why did Hillary separate a child from his Father? For decades.

4e3aee No.1808420


Amanda Renteria

2f63b6 No.1808421

File: 2f7bcbfc5d5b205⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 938x482, 469:241, Amanda Renteria on the tar….jpg)

File: 30794fa2e5b7c94⋯.png (46.36 KB, 724x158, 362:79, ClipboardImage.png)



>+1 BC & LL (Tarmac)

Q, these people really are stupid!! :)

f244b7 No.1808422


No fkn caravan for her Ma now either!

857241 No.1808423

We all know the children refugees are being sold as sex slaves or worse. I've been trying to flip the script on the MSM by saying that democrats want the children to remain by criminals, and that POTUS is trying to protect them. It gets good RTs and FB likes.

ccab6a No.1808424

File: ae9b4b91c3ac373⋯.jpg (509.82 KB, 1904x1352, 238:169, owl.jpg)

File: 22b131f329dafb8⋯.jpg (523.91 KB, 1896x1272, 79:53, snake.jpg)


Have you been getting codes on your phone? The good guys might be getting in contact with you this way and you might not have noticed. DuckDuckGo search them and see if the replies are tailored to you specifically.

Otherwise some similarities between all us cult filmed people (not all but enough that it's clearly a theme in the filming) - is they put us in striped shirts so we would be easy to pick out on camera (most days not all days) - also many of us had a snake story of meeting a rattlesnake as a child - oh did the kid run or did he get bit - how much fun is it to see a kid and a snake? a lot of fun apparantly to them. - I met a victim whose mother told him to pat the snake on the head : (

otherwise we are all to some degree victims of the cult - a lot of people have shitty lives and are surrounded by shitty people - are they purposefully being shitty to laugh at you on camera? I have no idea, but that's what my life was anyway.

God bless

4e5751 No.1808426

File: a3f4ff4b3d842d7⋯.png (38.72 KB, 444x781, 444:781, Screenshot-2018-6-18 Q(4).png)

File: ca6e7ea8dea2c4d⋯.png (6.23 KB, 444x137, 444:137, Screenshot-2018-6-18 Q(3).png)

File: ee7aa803f0576d5⋯.png (11.22 KB, 444x443, 444:443, Screenshot-2018-6-18 Q(2).png)

File: b5b57d68525d770⋯.png (94.58 KB, 444x326, 222:163, Screenshot-2018-6-18 Q(1).png)

Reread Qposts ( look at dates)

a4fd04 No.1808427

File: 8e3f313734a82bd⋯.png (43.72 KB, 571x746, 571:746, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ce2ea6196b121f6⋯.png (51.79 KB, 1006x778, 503:389, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ccf4aa7008d6be4⋯.png (41.85 KB, 987x668, 987:668, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bb93156d81225b2⋯.png (193.07 KB, 750x801, 250:267, ClipboardImage.png)




6fe983 No.1808428


Wait. What? Sauce needed. This is the first I've heard he had anything to do with the tarmac meeting.

7dc7d6 No.1808430

File: 746df0cbb2a5a8c⋯.jpeg (706.52 KB, 1242x1900, 621:950, E18204DD-66B0-4015-8641-A….jpeg)



d4c249 No.1808431


fukkin kek

b03d4e No.1808432

File: 81409221b7b06f4⋯.jpeg (302.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TrumpKA.jpeg)

01babf No.1808433



c73af0 No.1808434

File: 983fd71bfbad8b0⋯.png (223.63 KB, 614x396, 307:198, check-reporter-q1.png)


it was just fun

97c71f No.1808435



Really grainey video. Hope some major video Anon can sort it out

ebb5a7 No.1808436

File: f3f74ae45c1eee3⋯.jpg (516.86 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, PoliticalDirtNunes.jpg)

File: a4181469041903a⋯.jpg (152.83 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, NunesQuote2.jpg)

File: fef7c9c73023fa8⋯.jpg (13.27 KB, 614x461, 614:461, NunesBright.jpg)

File: 8984a8c43333a70⋯.jpg (134.6 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, ThankYouNunes1.jpg)

91b6b9 No.1808438

File: 975af760f93ca9d⋯.png (88.23 KB, 260x267, 260:267, ClipboardImage.png)

2bde45 No.1808439

File: db877d394811e4d⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, 258:245, laffpepe.jpg)

73045d No.1808441

>>1808340 They're still here? didn't notice

da8f38 No.1808443


POTUS says POPCORN for the WIN!!!

f5fdd2 No.1808444