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File: 0697959675c2d3c⋯.png (225.63 KB, 438x371, 438:371, War room #10 Spring Cleani….png)

738c7c No.834140



The petition for #InternetBillOfRights did not gain enough signatures. Either it is/was throttled by /badactors or /ourguys or people just did not like the text. For now: Petition put on ICE. We will keep the #InternetBillOfRights hashtag, as this is a CONCEPT that we want/need.

>The Gospel of the perfect tweet: The Kekistani Airforce Method

>Learn it and teach it to others

What is that Kekistani Airforce Method?

1) Primary Hashtags: ALWAYS USE ALL [3]: Q told us to do this.




2) Secondary hashtags:

#Trump #HRCVideo

#QAnon is what newbies and other QAnons will be looking for. It must ALWAYS be on every tweet/reply

Tips to reach a large audience:

=>Any tweet must have CONTENT. A question, a statement, anything interesting to the reader. Don't just slap a few hashtags in a twat and hit send.

=>Use subjects that are currently in news narratives or “trending”

=>Do not copy & paste (almost) the same text into multiple twats: twat will shadow ban you or lock your account.

=>Post on juwtoob comment sections

=>Post on jewtoob livestream

=>Post on comment sections of (News) websites

=>Post on GAB, FB, INSTA, SNAPCHAT, WHAZZUP, GAME CHATS, telegraph etc.

=>Send Emails to all your contacts

=>Follow back and RT

=>Check your spelling and do not use the wrong hashtags. Cabal keeps making new hashes that are 1 or 2 letters different to throttle us.

=>Check if you are shadowbanned HERE: http:// shadowban.de/tester/ if you are, make screenshots and use it to show the importance of an #InternetBillOfRights

=>Pull at the heart strings (kids, animals) or use HUMOR in tweets.

=>Ask your followers to send their BEST tweet directly @you and RT it.

=>Pin your best tweet to your profile: it will be the 1st thing others see and retweet.

=>Go to popular twat accounts (?GEOTUS) and ask positive commenters to join

=>Send a personal thank you to a retweeter

=>Search new #Qanons and RT their best tweets (and follow them)

=>Make your tweet look nice and to the point.

=>Add and interesting to tweet: Video's, news articles etc.

=>Always add a MEME

=>Make your twat profile look nice (use pix) and text.

=>Always add @POTUS or @realDonaldTrump to your tweet. This way, twitter can not block your tweet.

=>Internet censorship is not a PARTISAN ISSUE. (Also) make tweets aimed directly at other audiences, both in text or in meme.

When exposing something, provide a source and be careful drawing conclusions

(SOURCES: pictures, articles, books, video's). Making people doubt the official narrative is enough: let them draw their own conclusions or find answers for themselves. PLEASE NOTE : No Flat Earth or Aliens, unless Q gives us proof of either.


General flows FAST and is chaotic. That's why general fags are so magical. War Room Fags post the current graphs on general threads and remind the bakers to add them to the dough. Eurotw_tf@g is in Europe (LOL No, not in Russia), so US War Room anons, pls make sure General stays informed when Europe is asleep.


>NOTE 1:

Q: Spread the news that MSM is not reporting: EXPOSE THEM! Do it in a Q-uestion form (Socratic method). Worked on us, so will work on others.

Q: Push #InternetBillOfRights and stick with it

Q: push #FakeNews and show examples

>NOTE 2:

There is no “i” in “TEAM”. We need to stick with the program, EVEN THOUGH the IBOR2 text is not perfect. That is NOT THE POINT. The cabal is scared out of their wits ever since we started pushing this. So we push

>NOTE 3:

War Room is getting a lot of: sliders, clowns, depresso shills, opinion fags, emoshills, parrot bots and even plain old assholes. We understand that FBI and the press also made it here. We are honored! If we are getting FLACK, we must be over the target. Welcome!

>NOTE 4:

All anons are asked not to reply to the vermin mentioned under Note 3. If you are not sure if the poster is a real person, do not reply directly.

<NOTE 5:

War Room is responsible for making stats and graphs and keep General motivated.

We need to operate as ONE. No arguments.

It doesn't matter which hashes are used. As long as we make em TREND.

We did good, but we can do MUCH MUCH better.

[g]raph [p]roves [r]esult.

We will do our best to inform ALL anons. TY WRL2HU.

Where we go one, we go all.



Stay On Target, like each other's tweets, and RETWEET

Try a burner phone/Email Adds & Phone Auth

10 Minute Mail 10minutemail.com

try Twitterfall.com to see how far your tweets go.

Hashtag Trackers hashtags.org updates on the hour | trends24.in | tweeplers.com/hashtags/?cc=US

Post last edited at

738c7c No.834188

File: f8e1b1716fc6503⋯.jpg (903.68 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 29-3-18 analyses.jpg)


Meme AMMO Threads

Main Meme Library

Over 11,800 images from Memes#1 thru Memes #10


Here you can preview images, download single images, entire categories, or all.

Images Scaled for Twitter 1024 x 512

The same images, transformed in shape for optimal display on Twitter:


If you're going to drop on Twitter, this format will be more effective.

Twitter Format Ready Memes from War Room

718 selected images from the War Room >>47341 (OP) harvested from General #49-#63

converted to Twitter format. Topics listed in >>64154


Side by side graphs >>93735

Meme Threads >>247769

Fake news memes >>79768

Side-by-Side Graphics >>93735

Archive War Room 5: http:// archive.is/k1Pqf

Archive War Room 6: http:// archive.is/JBlZL

Archive War Room 7: http:// archive.fo/Lu1AT

Archive War Room 8: http:// archive.is/KQmHS

Archive War Room 9: https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/641497.html#833238






#Qanon: does great. always at least nice steady 550 unique tweets/hour and a HIGH RTnumber: 2K+ per hour. Ppl LOVE that hash.


#IBOR 500/hour peak is not bad. average of 79 with 146 RT cud b better and amazed that a whopping 21% starts to add a link to petition site when we told the anons never mind about the link..LOL 0-4% when we begged em to add one.


#FakeNews 1,405 peak with 267 average and 566 RTs means it's steady, good and trust worthy.


#Treason: currently SUCKS COCK. we've had fun with #Treason and we will soon have it again, just not now. stage not set for #Treason. Expecting this to change SOON.


#GreatAwakening 691 with 200/hour average is not bad. not fabulous either.


#LockHerUp: 196 peak is bad. ppl r not interested in that today. (this cud change FAST)


#Obamagate: better than LockHerUp 200-300 hr. not bad. too soon to go with this now.


HRCVideo NICE! came out of nothing. 2,700 peak means ppl are interested. Cant get long term stats yet.

wud be a GREAT add on to #FakeNews.


#Trump 567 with average of 1,254 RTs on a BAD day is the absolute motherload of course. 2 BILLION exposures on good days? WOW. Of course,,, this hash is used by friend and foe. Making it a nice Trojan horse.


Tweet Storm time:

3 pm (EASTERN) has ZERO tweets, no matter which hashtag I research. have been noticing that for several days, on all hashtags. Time of tweet storms have to be adapted. 9AM and 4 PM are the best times.

Just ONE hour of effort at 9AM and a bit of casual RTing

Than, 4 pm or later (what ever your possibilities are) a nice PUSH of [10] per hour as long as life allows you.


anons…. your opinions/remarks/complaints/Questions etc. on the info if you please…. floor is yours (baking new thread in background)

738c7c No.834240


that subreddit spacing was an accident.

738c7c No.834315

POST >>833292



We all know us gathering here is special - after all,Q is here, POTUS is most definitely either being briefed on what we say, or is reading the board directly. There is also another reason why this board, why /qresearch/ is special.

You see, Q has done the impossible. He united anons, redditors, normalfags both young and old, from the most vanilla Internet consumer to the most dedicated truth-seeker - he united us under a single banner. Something that has NEVER BEFORE happened in the age of the Internet.

I want you to appreciate it, to really feel it - that this mission, this calling is the only time in our lives where people of any age, any creed, any background, any economic standing, any country are standing together for a single idea that throughout our collective history was the only idea that was universal:


This is why we're here. Anons, who lurked since 4chan was a wee baby on teh interwebs, spreading the silliest of early memes. Redditors, who once escaped Digg from the very same thing Reddit is doing now. Normalfags, both young who just touched Youtube a bit, and old who aren't adept at the information superhighway, who may be just fathers and mothers concerned with what is happening, or truly dedicated freedom fighters and archivists who were at this since before the Internet. Soldiers, dedicating their lives to protect their countries. Policemen, who want nothing more than peace and safety for their fellow citizens. Teachers, dedicated to the shaping of young minds into truly good people. Doctors, who want the best for their patients, who swore an oath to never hurt them. Humble bookkeepers, lawyers, mechanics, construction workers, food service workers, the unemployed, everyone in this together for one single reason: because we KNOW the world isn't right, we knew it in our guts for a long time and we were powerless to do anything about it by ourselves.

Until now.

Until we were awakened.

Until we became the very thing this Cabal fears - united.

This is where we are now, then. At a cursory look, on an imageboard where Q drops are discussed, but in reality, we're so much more now - because we're together, with a singular goal in mind.


We will fight, not for ourselves, not for personal gain, not for a specific group of people, either political, racial, national or religious. These are their separators to keep us divided and we don't use them. We don't fight an easy label like that, because we fight something much more complex - but also much simpler to name.

We fight EVIL.

And we will WIN.

For God and Country. Where we go one, we go all. Don't let anyone, ever, divide us, because we have awoken, and we have had enough of these shackles and distractions. We fight together with Q, together with POTUS, together with the Marines, together with US MI, together with /ourguys/, together. Forever together, lads.

Because we fight for FREEDOM



a565d7 No.834321

File: a03a330428018ce⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 763x416, 763:416, 34567890.jpg)

Godspeed anons!

738c7c No.834330


Thank you! same to you anon!

aec57b No.834534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trending Hashes:

We must co-op trending messages that align with our end-goal. By co-opting their messages we both capitalize on an existing intellectual property and will bring in those that are invested in the original ('co-opted') message. Fire with fire. Big tent the bastards.

Be like water, be the teapot. tea goes well with bread and crumpets. That, friends, is an eternal truth.

If we close our doors, we die in the dark.

1625ec No.834696

I put what I figured was supposed to be the subject in the subject field and removed it from the body.

738c7c No.834818

File: 8e790c8079b20c7⋯.jpg (534.56 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, press Spring Cleaning 29-3….jpg)


i know. come and shine your light on the new draft i m making.

thinking "[1] hash to bind them all (#Qanon)

adding others. pls help me out with the text.

738c7c No.834826

ID 1625ec suspected shill

GTFOH. War room takes no hostages.

738c7c No.834909

Mission statement, goals:

1) Gotta wake em all

2) unmask DeepState (actors)/#FakeNews

3) ….?


#QAnon must b on all twats (tagged so that ppl can find us)

@POTUS (or @realDonaldTrump) must b on all, to prevent blocking of twats


==> make tweet content (what you want to tell people)

==> add appropriate hashtags to fit your content:

1) choose 1 or more from the suggestions

2) add any (?trending?) hashtag you like.

Suggestions (30-3-31)

#FakeNews (when you tweet about unmasking something/someone on MSM)

#InternetBillOfRights (when you talk about censorship)

#Trump (when you talk about Trump)

#HRCVideo (demand HRC vid to be released)

(future suggestions)

When shit hits the fan and story unfolds:



and and and ???

aec57b No.835015

File: c6782d7e5cdfaac⋯.jpg (36.19 KB, 474x315, 158:105, water.jpg)


agree the #qanon should be our rock.

Should be "Mission Objectives:"

1] Red Pill ALL platforms and languages

having "[3]" right after "3]" is bad optics and slightly confusing. Maybe go to a "Hashtags in every tweet". drop the 'if possible'.

put the hashtags and the "@'s" into twitters default typeface, change the rest of the Document to something else. (Helvetica is the peoples font).

Maybe post a link to a guide for making sock accounts, might help the boomers among us get around the shadowbans, they may never have heard the term. Also shows a resolve to be heard at any cost.

Drop the "these people are stupid" unless its a quote that comes from a front of the deep state. We are just, we are fair, we are inclusive, they are liars, they have stacked the deck, they are dividing the populace. That is our power. Attacking them gives them the 'ad hom' defense, as well as introduces cognitive dissonance into the mind of the normie. We want them to seek the light, not cling to their existing worldviews due to a perceived threat to their ego.

I love the stress on memetics. thats whats going to do it, we must invade the mind and take no prisoners.

It bothers me somewhat there are no ideas here, just formatting suggestions. We must appear organic, not controlled, so maybe thats a good thing.

738c7c No.835166


i'd like a link to making sock account myself LOL

pls look thru >>834909 as well and leave some comments. hightly appreciated.

have to go now. Eurt is in Europe.. LOL foreign agent hahahahaha. kinda late now. will b back later. thanks for the pointers. Will check back tomorrow when USANONS r still asleep.

I like your ego anon, but real it in a bit from time to time. these war room fags have worked HARD and r the succes behind #ReleaseTheMemo!

keep the faith…. we will get it done.

"none" when you are back, looking forward to your ponderings as well, as of the other new anon(s).

Leave your notes here… we'll get it done.


Water anon, thank you. stick around.

aec57b No.835648

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>i'd like a link to making sock account myself LOL

https:// www.openmailbox.org/

https:// disroot.org/en

https:// mailbox.org/

https:// mailfence.com/en/

https:// twitter.com/signup/

http:// archive.is/rnGij

http:// archive.is/3OAbY


looks good to me foreign anon. "treason" and "gitmo" may alienate lefties, and with 80+ GOPs not seeking reelection we know this isn't a partisan issue.

looking through trending tags.

https:// www.hashtags.org/trending-on-twitter/

#bambam - some celeb sounds alot like boomboom though…



#storm that calm before the storm comment has a special place in my heart.

1625ec No.836786


Would a shill have the ability to edit your post? I'm noticing you are quick with this kind of thing consistently, figure it out, it's not conducive to success.

aec57b No.837746

File: 19cb9729f85c014⋯.jpg (205.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, knight.jpg)


exactly what I was trying to get across in the last war room. It doesn't matter if there are paid shills, its terrible optics to ban a real person, they will disengage, that won't help further our shared ideals. Better to be better than our enemies. Walk onto the field, unite under a shared banner, and bring fire and steel to our enemies; let us not hide in our castles throwing rocks at the dark.

d146cc No.838333

File: 592a1501ae14de9⋯.jpg (413.63 KB, 1202x1231, 1202:1231, zuck.0.0666.jpg)

aad4f9 No.838727


gabAnon- sit-rep:

kekistani airforce method active.

fire adjusted.

will advise with more, as news comes in.

so far, "Q/Qanon" traffic up already.

e36b5f No.838995

File: f92f8817c440be2⋯.jpeg (81.37 KB, 480x418, 240:209, BF480F6D-550E-4F81-ACF3-5….jpeg)

Recycle earlier rabbit memes to take advantage of Easter. Plant “easter egg” stickers around town with a single, hardcore, simplified, undeniable truth. Subways, bus stops, rest areas, etc. Artistic flexibility is endless. Q easter eggs.

738c7c No.839516

All gr8 sggestions anons, thank you. Keep em coming. Hv some IRL stuff 2 do, will b back l8r.

Looking forward 2 ur input.

Consider: we must think ahead now.

Basic ROCK #QAnon

Suggestions for primairy and enough freedom to be flexible. This must b bundled into grapfh method, with added twitterstorm instructions.

Q-uestions: who knows how to make a scanable thing for smartphones?

That cud b on our stuff, for newbies to use or whatver.

We also hv domain to our disposal, and vid possibilities on current channel(s).

Think.. Simple, smart, easy to understand, join. Looking forward to reading ur input.

shill warnings

A warning proves 2 work WAY better than filter. Real ppl can reply and clear something up. For war room, filtering is not a great 1st tool. Warning is best. Gives ppl chance to reply. Works great. Sometimes and ego gets a bit hurt, oh well. If u've been in here as long as some of us, u learned to understand the method and good intentions.

Happy friday.. Enjoy the coffee.

For u who r new: war room allow simple fake name to make things easier in conversation. Like vid anon or memefag etc. Its ok if you dont want to. Understand that because of the structure in here, its effective. On general, we dont use a "name" of course. They HATE that.

932c08 No.839523

I try to bring up topics in discussion threads, but there are idiots who don't exactly listen… Sometimes they act in ways resembling a shill but seem to be fools.

Actually it feels weird when people do listen! I consider myself informed to an extent but not a prophet! Ended up trying to share blogs to read so they could educate themselves but it didn't work.

The group I'm thinking of is receptive to some ideas but it will take patience. To be fair much of the happenings are hard to swallow, even for us!

8233b6 No.840339

Ok fags (your word not mine) love you all.

I accept your rejection. Disappointed but NEVER discouraged

I shall go it alone, could still use advise. sensitive info eurt plz advise

respectful comments


100k easy imo

video good, mine would be different

never made a video, I'm known to do anything, motivation on hyperdrive - always

NRA on the list - thanks

name in place, want zero credit, hoping for a white hat signed by djt and Q - would mean the world 2me


not luck - skill and leverage - your support accelerates dramatically - cannot get there quickly with out YOU. The awakening is happening, it's hitting the normie pop now, just beginning, see the momentum, paddle that wave, she is looking strong.

Polishing and planning is why I'm here, I have many details that if we were secure would gladly share. no clowning around.



>>833292 >>834315


dd842a No.841834


Pro video live streamer with a 50 million plus view youtube (sports) Anon here. What can I do to help us make an official show Anon approved. We would have to start from scratch but I am good at that . Let me know . I have 4 cameras switched can edit and do screencast voice overs. I have talents I can be putting into the war besides just fighting on Q research and I am tired of these fame faggots. I am already well known on youtube so its not a problem . I already do not like being known and have no desire for any more. I am here to do my part and willing to deal with troll assault and life threatening danger. I am already well seasoned pro. Ok there you go .Anyone can chime in with ideas for me on how and what needs done to not get anon mad.

2b898c No.841858

File: fe7a3caf165d8fa⋯.gif (113.01 KB, 1152x816, 24:17, University Q.gif)

In Order of Ranking ($):






















The SEVEN SISTERS (were affiliated but now co-ed)








Each Univ/College has a wiki site devoted to alumni/people.

Everyone is here, even Foreign leaders.

aec57b No.841947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


just mention qanon and allow your audience to come to us. lead them to the water, all thats required.

we must all unite.

738c7c No.842357


hello again. water anon. I've been contemplating your suggestions. There's a deeper truth in it.

>We must unite


>action is needed now. stage is set, well part of it.


Dough…. you are not rejected. War Room is re-inventing a new technique of reaching out. stick around, will you?


Are you here yet? haven't spotted you yet? am I losing my touch or are you still caught up in real life


hello and welcome. discussion threads have a lot of opinions. all are equally valuable, though not every course is the best one. sometimes HUGE fights between ego's bring ppl together.

This is a war room. Like in the army, someone has to call it and make a decision. In here, that's me. I don't know why, I got stuck with this job long ago. some one told me to do it. LOL LOL.


hi video anon (pls use a "name'like that in war room, makes for more efficient conversation. I guess your vid talents far outdo mine. happy 2 hear that. we'll get to a plan. pls check out the stats, the analysis and the draft for Op. Spring Cleaning. we all need to get on the same page. I'll read thru UALL remarks and repost a new suggestion

>wateranon, WHY did you "bambam"trend? did I miss something in the news?

and finally:

ID2b898c what are you doing here?

dig results on war room is Pearls before Swine. Gardenia ante porcos. take it to general pls. we will not reply to you.. suspected of shill/slide. War Room is not the place for dig results.

36afdb No.842387

I don't know if anyone found this, but this is Keith Raniener's Patent for Luciferian Rehabilitation:

http:// pdfaiw.uspto.gov/.aiw?PageNum=0&docid=20130281879&IDKey=15A657990CE3&HomeUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fappft.uspto.gov%2Fnetacgi%2Fnph-Parser%3FSect1%3DPTO2%2526Sect2%3DHITOFF%2526u%3D%25252Fnetahtml%25252FPTO%25252Fsearch-adv.html%2526r%3D1611%2526p%3D33%2526f%3DG%2526l%3D50%2526d%3DPG01%2526S1%3D20131024.PD.%2526OS%3DPD%2F20131024%2526RS%3DPD%2F20131024

8233b6 No.842751


submitted for your comments

go easy this is the first time I have made/edited/published a video.

https:// youtu.be/e4mao8nvSZM

This is targeted to all of those that are outside your bubble, there are many I can unite. nay, I will unite. Your help would be monumental.

I have a plan. It is solid, ALWAYS room for improvement. you do not have all the details because that would mean others would also have them. give me another format or we will just bump along until it becomes obvious.

Yes real job is very different and comm are very difficult off this fri sat sun and plan to be crackin skulls before Mon

738c7c No.842777


thanks, checking it out. brb

8233b6 No.842850


I like the simple format, appealing to simple folks and I believe it illustrates you do not need to be a techy or have any prerequisites, anyone can do it.

I want to be sure that it is accurate and need your approval to include the links at the end. I would like to put actual links below and of coarse I need to add words to draw attention but…

The real iodea here is to distribute this link to the allied forces, maybe staying off the YT radar would be best.

Maybe there are other things that are more effective for tally scoring. Couldnt wait to pick your brains had to push forward.

tick tock

8233b6 No.842936

I agree avoiding the ban is critical so instead of just one message we need to mix it up but ultimately without TV we cannot hit the masses. So there needs to be a single tag that is pushed hardest that a. changes the narratuive or b. drops a pill along with #great… #qanon #whateve but each week we push HARD on one issue (not ibor) give me a week or two our base is divided on that we need to expand the base past truthers. all other missions can continue as is, they are great but we have to make this big enough the news HAS to discuss it. I believe some would gladly help if we gave them the leverage

738c7c No.843323



damn, crashed half way thru posting. LOL

like the vid. great for basic stuff.

About the link to memes:

use this https:// mega.nz/#F!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFmNs_yBZpKbCCgg!PlVG1YaL

(check out top of general thread for more/new collections)

8chan doesnt want normies to come to Qresearch. ;-) we aint supposed to mention it.

i'd add a small explanation to your vid: tell ppl they need to add =content= to a twt: say something. Don't just slap a few hashes on there. make a statement, ask a question.

Also: the @thisperson or @thatperson can never be the first word of your tweet. it will get ignored more if you do that.

better to start like,

Hi there, I totally agree with you @lizcrokin

#LockHerUp is an absolute snake. Did you see that last #QAnon drop about her (etc)

#GreatAwakening #StormIsHere



BAN avoidance and shadow ban avoidence is paramount. I just spend an hours reading thru Tw—-r GESTAPO rules. trying to get a complaint to fucking twt and understand how I got slapped with this. Its the fucking gestapo. read their rules. !!! Better even. make a vid showing WHAT they all censor. it is INSANE.

i am Still shadow banned. Will work around that.

Great idea to send up Rainmakers

Let me check the available URLs too.

Will set up my new account as a news station as well: use 1 account (or other platform to promote) and use the rainmaking 2nd account to send out "NEWS". that way, shadowban doesnt hurt it: followers find the news anyway.

Weather forecast could be a GREAT new graph idea to let the people know what is going on.

B4 we have used "Ice Cream Method". very normy friendly and worked great. The Chans hated it tho, LOL u know what chans are like.

After that came the Kekistani airforce method. Still like that, but weapons and airplanes and all my new NRA followers got me shadow banned…LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL .

weather forecast. nice. I can picture that in my mind. it's neutral and adaptable.

ONE thing tho:

We must tag it. (whatever we decide on) with ONE HASHTAG to bind them all.

that hashtag MUST be #QAnon and nothing else. It is what binds us.It is what people will look for. We've been careful about picking ONE for a long time, because hashes can b throttled. QAnon keeps going strong, day in day out and shows up everywhere. I think it's safe to pick it as our core, and project the rest of the stuff around it (theme based)

one ring to bind them all.

Other anons.. pls….chime in.. give your feedback on the thoughts presented here.

738c7c No.843333

ID: 36afdb suspected shill. do not reply to its post

aec57b No.843439


>re: bambam

just brainstorming on the co-opting topic. Its entirely unrelated to this, other than everyone following bambam is completely asleep and the hash was trending on twitter. bambam is some asian celebrity, thats all. Just thinking that boomboomboom could be memed into bambam easily. Idle speculation

82d328 No.843555


Why alone? Where We Go One We Go All.

aec57b No.843563

File: 72221afe98e0964⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 715x400, 143:80, download (6).jpg)


lol. Thought the video was great. "boomer resources" could be a sticky in and of itself


>8chan doesnt want normies to come to Qresearch

yeah 8chan doesn't want alot of things. qanonposts.com is a good mirror. Allows for a standard and safe first look into qanon, and links back to the posts if the user is tickled enough to dive down the rabbit hole. Speaking of rabbits, rabbithole/easter, theres potential there.

keep making socks, only way around the bans. Tweet to your most influential few followers on your banned account from your new one, and mirror on your shadowbanned main. This allows you to point back to a central repository once your sock gets the ban. And by mirroring hashtags and content, your followers can find your latest sock to retweet if they feel the need, although in my expierence this will burn your accounts much faster. Fact is though, twitter should be used to draw attention, the running breads here should be used to dig deeper. Once they are aware of the qanon phenom, nothing more is needed.

We are targeting normies explicitly, if /pol/ and /b/ have a problem with that let them hide with their pedo friends in the NNTP wilderness.


could be a slide or D&C tactic?

dd842a No.843599





reviewing all suggestions and I will return

738c7c No.843622


water, how about weather forecast sock account(s)

ONE main hash: #QAnon

account devoted to dropping out new stuff to spread. meant to SEND and not to receive.

only a few accounts that the

Weather Forecast follows, but everyone can tune in to find out what the weather forecast is.


1) tw__000 storm forecast for (date/time)

2) quote latest Q drops (and point to normie archive)

3) point to vids/websites that we find with great info

4) dish out latest hashes, memes red pills

any ideas???? anons?

738c7c No.843630

anons, I love how the ideas (energy) starts flowing

thank USALL for your input

aec57b No.843761

File: 5ad76f658866e12⋯.jpg (36.17 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, walk.jpg)


I'm hesitant to critique, as the main barrier is simple keeping your energy up enough to keep going. I think these are good ideas, but the only true objective test in this game is impressions and outreach. That's why they are working so hard to snuff it out.

image boards have the advantage of the hive mind. for the lone tweeter, throw shit and see what sticks is the only advice i can really give. It is impossible to predict how others will react to a given message without institutional infrastructure. Why I'm pushing for big-tenting and why I've been meming other conspiracy theories and other zeit-giesty messages into the qanon idea space in an attempt to bring more folks to the bread line. If this was a centralized effort these tactics would be counter productive, however we are decentralized so noone is able to point the slides back at q or q research as an ad hom. its a fine line. I have no clear path for you eurt, as for myself, i just keep walking ahead.

8233b6 No.843771


linkmega ok

suggest we drop qresearch later build some momentum first

add content ok

so my update should mention "#qanon in all tweets"? are we cap Q and A ->#QAnon

aec57b No.843878

File: 04078137c4ddcad⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 450x341, 450:341, alice.gif)


> Better even. make a vid showing WHAT they all censor. it is INSANE.

this is a great idea. Nothing creates interest like not being allowed to share your view. This is why some restaurants refuse all walk-ins despite open seats. The Daily Stormer used this to great effect when they got shut down "if our ideas are so bad, why can't we share them? Obviously bad ideas will be debunked in a public forum, so THEREFORE our ideas must be so good 'they' don't want you to know about them." This same thinking was used by Barnum to great effect, 'this freakshow is so insane, we can't let the public see them, you need to pay to enter the private tent otherwise we'd be liable for heart attacks, fainting spells, blahblahblah….' Our mission on other platforms should be to peak curiosity and point of hypocrisy. Obscuring /qresearch/ behind a linking site (like qanonposts) or cryptically mentioning SES (like Lionel nation is doing) actually may be more effective than a direct link. Finding /qresearch/ is the first step down down the rabbit hole.

738c7c No.844128

File: 475c2ff848ed7fe⋯.png (297.5 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm waiting for -none- an anon that has been here from the beginning and a few others to hear feedback. If you are tweeting, Yes, always use #QAnon as it's written here.

Here's why (pic)

8233b6 No.844151


we let the youtubers fbers gabers twats drive the message and keep up the energy with their perspective groups. but nothing will motivate like results and perception of being on the winning team.

Ultimately I believe we have only one goal to focus on, capture the media. only when it is on TV will all corners be reached. When it is on TV people will feel comfortable to discuss, it will be "normal" not some conspiracy and the peaked interest will allow hannity tucker etc to actually investigate some of the taboo topics that must come to light before we transition to awakened!

The charts are great. the constant barrage of memes great. but the power is in the masses coverage from any TV bit will hit millions instantly.

738c7c No.844199


VERY true water, Looking at Dough.. >>843771 Want 2 make another video? just pretend you are the world most innocent internet normie. Tell the people you heard about this "QAnon" and that they say people are getting banned and blocked and censored and that you don't believe that.

Open your TWAT and show them (READ IT) what it sais about hate speech, insults and all that SHIT. it's enough to make ppl fall from their chairs, at least, it is on my version (non English, or I wud hv made the vid myself.

you can end with going to


and copy and paste in my tw_t and show them what shadow banned looks like. you can use your own one to show what it looks like if you are NOT shadow banned. NOTE: there is NO WAY to protest against a shadow ban. Show the people on the vid. try to report it trying all methods on twitter support. you will see it is NOT there. they slap a shadow ban on you. It even sais that if they find out you have another account, they will shadow ban that as well !!

Hashtag #InternetBillOfRights LOL

#Censorship etc. right?

738c7c No.844295


We REALLY need to work together.

the thing is that tw__ breaks the links in a chain.

that why we need to have one-way channels.

Send only. ((=RADIO'S)) cud b on any platform.

sending out the messages we want, based on the same basic principle.

use the chaos to beat the algorithm.


1) all use #QAnon in messages, so that people can find us when the seek.

2) Send red pills

3) Send vid links (tag other radio's)

4) Always add a pic or meme. Symbolism is more powerful than water

5) PIN latest/important tw___ to your profile

6) Send out news worthy content

7) Ask a LOT of Q-uestions

8) we must do something with the weather forecast idea. It cud be our mutual meme theme. something to add to the name.. a graph design we share for urgent messages.. something.. THE STORM..

(can't be in our handle or algoritms will pick it up asap)

Pictures of a stormy/rainy sky that we always use as backgrounds for Pinned messages??

pls anons… your feedback.

I want the concept finished and the new stage set by Sunday evening, so we can get pumping news out in the new way.

need your opinions and ideas.

738c7c No.844320

BTW. you anons do know that ROSEANNE BARR liked a ttww from me some time ago huh?

twww @ her is an excellent way to gain traction. She is HOT NEWS so a mention, a meme, a tw_t to her… is great. few months ago, she got banned from tw__t and she came here on 8/CBTS. we had great fun with her. nice lady, fiesty!!! she HATES censorship.

8233b6 No.844469


not tweeting revising video

>>844199 >>843878

great idea gotta get the wheels rolling on this other mission first. cant explain here U will know soon


bet we could get her to drop our deal on the show. It would be subtle but she was the writer before, still is? like djt trump does

738c7c No.844607


Just twtt roseanna again and pinned the twat.

she'll get a LOT of RTs from that one.

Good luck on the new vid. if it's finihesd i'll help spread it.

pls keep in mind i m about 7 hrs ahead of you. europe n all. so need to call it a day now. will check back in here when you USALLs r all vast asleep.

15fbfc No.848034

Today, this afternoon, there will be aerial advertising with INTERNETBILLOFRIGHTS on the banner.

I understand this is being done to see its effect and as a last hurrah for the campaign.

Vacationers and families are the audience. Nearby universities a flight and engineering university and a historically black college.

fire twitter cannons at your discretion

021881 No.848557

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

War Room. I have an idea and I need your help. Please watch the Clif High video from 18:14 to 21:40.

>https:// youtu.be/fTp2J8dOHP4?t=18m14s

I think it is time to take Q out into the real world as Clif High suggests with his story.

In truth, it has already started to happen as you can see from these tweet below.

https:// twitter.com/AJ19844/status/979460696521019392

So, it's not really my idea. I just think we need to get organised and add some structure and take this outside. There are no bots and shills on the street. I'll list a few ideas below but please let me know what you think.

021881 No.848757

File: 9f5986e98c2f5ab⋯.png (296.89 KB, 1236x837, 412:279, Q-sock-glove.png)

File: 6f2ff7be0721ce9⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 450x450, 1:1, Q badge.jpg)

File: ed38935443dbd24⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 570x570, 1:1, flower-mens-accessories.jpg)

File: d82aefa7636c5ec⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 570x560, 57:56, wedding-hair-flowers-6.ful….jpg)

1. The dog walking (or just walking) idea is really cool if we could get everyone to go for a 15 minute walk at the same time each night it would be epic. If we timed it on the hour when the TV ads are on as well it may even affect advertising revenue for MSM.

2. There is probably a lot of Q merchandise already out there. We just need to get anons to wear it. Even a small badge would be cool.

3. We could appropriate the eye mittens that the cabal did for the march. Put a Q on them instead of an evil eye. The arts and craft thing is really clever and would appeal to families and creative anons.

4. This is an organic, natural and peaceful movement and nothing speaks that better than flowers. Plus, it's spring. Women and girls would traditionally wear flowers in their hair for spring. Gentlemen could wear a flower in their lapel if they are brave enough and actually wear suits for work.

As long as Q Collective knows what the signals are it's all cool. Let everyone be creative.

I think this has real power. From the US elections it was clear that the MAGA crowd had more boots on the ground so that should help.

However, it's not only for MAGA. Let's make it a global movement, a movement of the left and right. A movement for anyone who thinks that there is something wrong in the world and wants answers and peaceful solutions to problems.

738c7c No.849727



I watched a small part of the vid (the part that mattered most for this)


Excellent idea. Allow me to shelve it for this weekend, as war room is churning and turning to come to a new de-centralized strategy that can't be beaten by algoritms and such.

allow me to give YOU some homework:

a) find a collection of Q-merchandise, from small cheap stuff to hoodies etc. Put all the URLs with description into a PASTEBIN or GHOSTBIN (go look up what it is if you dont know what it is, and make one)

- as soon as you made a decent list with urls and description of what they sell. post the pastebin in here.

2) pick a name that you always use to post in here. something that describes your angle. Like Dogwalker or something. STICK TO THAT NAME when u are on THIS thread. dont use it on general etc. We need to know who's who in here (and I mean your ROLE and not to dox you).

3) rd part of homework: sit and think about the dog walk: a) WHAT TIME OF DAY? a 'symbol' (ANY symbol) wud not b a good idea IMO. just walk your dog. Talk to others who walk their dog. symbols can b ur downfall too, remember? without a symbol, you are invisible. you can not b arrested for walking you dog. people can not impersonate the dog walking movement. It can b a force of its own. decentralized. and anonymous.


this is a war room. you are now a soldier/lieutenant/whatever in here. So go do things that are asked of you. come back when you finished your homework.

==> also: make sure you send 10 tweets with the [3] hashtags (and meme) per hour on the hours you have available to do tw___ting.

current orders still stand




(mind the spelling)

on every tweet.

738c7c No.849729




3fda87 No.849794

I tweeted tags and meme's nonstop for 2 1/2 hours last night. I switched it up posting then on answers to tweets to me (and maybe 3 or 4 per hour of my own.) By the notifications lighting up, I was not shadowbanned.

Now,the last week when I got to the site below to see if I am shadowbanned. it says no tweets or reply tweets have been made by me … that it appears I am shadowbanned. When I click the link to search on twitter all my tweets and replies are there.

https:// nicebrains.com/twitter-shadowban-checker/

I'll continue posting in the manner above that seems to avoid shadowbans. I switch up tags as well. The site below shows trending tags and I throw two from the most recent @ list and one from trending. Ps .. this site is the haven for Democrats. They report people here and work to get them banned from the reports sent in. You can check Fake News or Troll/Bot.

https:// botsentinel.com/trending-topics

738c7c No.849826

File: 1dbd075a524aae0⋯.jpg (598.23 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, LOOKUP31-3-18.jpg)



738c7c No.849839

File: 1dbd075a524aae0⋯.jpg (598.23 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, LOOKUP31-3-18.jpg)


shadowbantester.de works great too.

see the new graph? push it everywhere to the number of ppl who follow you. pin a twat telling them u r shadowbanned so they need to send the PICTURE themselves. not just RT

We are busy trying to solve the issue of shadow ban. will get it done this weekend.

For now, get at least 5K followers, shadow banned or not and spread this GRAPH to all 5K of them.

732d0b No.849872

Liberal media are now harassing Rosanne Barr for tweeting support for Trump's efforts to tackling child sex trafficking. Claiming she's promoting the "QAnon conspiracy theory".

https:// twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/979908912546762753

https:// twitter.com/willsommer/status/979927313000394752

https:// medium.com/@willsommer/roseanne-barr-is-tweeting-about-qanon-a-new-pizzagate-style-conspiracy-theory-234526f52e54

738c7c No.849966


NICE!!! let's RT that

a555b1 No.850065

File: b5e514e55b9104d⋯.jpg (104.86 KB, 888x499, 888:499, NRG.jpg)

File: 172b08d95107b08⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 500x533, 500:533, QDB.jpg)

File: 8eb6be7c3a67ead⋯.jpg (76.04 KB, 666x499, 666:499, Qproj.jpg)

File: b50113b4ecf81b7⋯.jpg (14.7 KB, 251x201, 251:201, SHAKE.jpg)

#Qproject !!!

738c7c No.850132


no no no

No aliens, no jezus and no mystical energy stuff

a555b1 No.850171

File: 4b3eaac30e0138e⋯.jpg (89.38 KB, 500x496, 125:124, jl.jpg)

738c7c No.850435



This anon has made QR scans and suggests anons printing them on stickers and just leaving them somewhere. GREAT idea.

QR scans are fabulous and can be used for anything. Quick, easy, cant be blocked or (shadow) banned.

Adding this to our new tactics

==> pls keep pumping out the hashes




738c7c No.850439

free QR generator HERE

https:// www.the-qrcode-generator.com/

087c27 No.850528


no reply @ ? need response plz

738c7c No.850578


dough.. lemme check.. i m doing 10 million things here.

15fbfc No.850599

File: c20c36e6d60869f⋯.jpg (500.53 KB, 1344x1188, 112:99, c20c36e6d60869fc0d57b5e14e….jpg)




Scrubbed. Weather.

Re-attempt tomorrow.

I like this graphic, its pleasantly appealing.

738c7c No.850601


pls resend thru DM. main account un shadow banned.

738c7c No.850614


flight delayed due to weather.. DUH

087c27 No.850666


you gotta follow, follow?

738c7c No.851242


this is my tw___


(and the other one)

I thought I already followed you?

send DM to me or a twt on my 2nd account.

notifications on 1st account are hundreds/hour so easy to overlook.

738c7c No.851395

dough u know where 2 find me for a dm now

15fbfc No.851717

File: b059e997881e48e⋯.png (69.83 KB, 1172x922, 586:461, b059e997881e48eaf852fa1692….png)

738c7c No.851904


no aerial show today?

fa55ef No.851957

File: 8747f67f67a26ce⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 172x208, 43:52, Qpublnk.jpg)

File: 94b2989e55fbc92⋯.jpg (32.41 KB, 308x157, 308:157, REDPILLFLAG.jpg)

File: 2f7d45dc6bf5cbf⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, qstack.jpg)

HOW TO CREATE Q CARDS from scratch the easy way: (Should work for all standard 2” x 3.5” business cards)

To use real business cards and print at home to stay anon -https:/www.avery.com/templates/category/business-cards (or your preferred brand/template)

1) Take Q and redpillflag card images attached in this very post.

2) Use them to import into your blank templates. Q for front; Redpillflag for back.

3) No resizing needed, check your spacing or lack of spacing if the image doesn’t line up when making your cards. (can also update image with right click to 'in front of text' for more precise moves)

4) Print Q side (front) when it looks sexy.

5) Rotate and reload.

6) Print repillflag side (back) when it looks sexy.

>>851550 Premade Q card sheet links. Reference above if links ever get 404'd.

>>851940 Q card RL Distribution Tactics

>>851567 Bigger Q and redpillflag Images

>>851645 Explanation of how the Q card works to red pill

>>851684 Q & Redpillflag URL links

>>849040 QR works - verified by another anon aside from myself

>>851715 MISC/workfag background/THANKS TO ALL ANONS!

fa55ef No.851971

>>834140 Calling on the good baker please

>>851957 this is organized now to the fullest. please put in next war room dough. I am going to lobby in the general to be put in tools section there too

bcbe16 No.852149


justice.gov/usao/pressreleases Why doesn't MSM investigate the government website for truth?

738c7c No.852213


this is fabulous. Will make a graph and dishing those out on ALL channels. already downloaded QR reader n stuff.. totally fabulous.

738c7c No.852225

File: cf09dd2619774be⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1476x1080, 41:30, RAINMAKER1.jpg)

NEW GRAPH for tweetstorm

PLS GIVE YOUR OPINION while you still can. Want to start sending it out today. (AND THE Q cards of course!!!!!!

738c7c No.852421

File: 2481caab2b6bb5e⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1476x1080, 41:30, RAINMAKER2 incl best tweet….jpg)

changed design for twt storm.

Hows this???

understandable? Complete? any mistakes?

738c7c No.852512

File: 8f8caefdb3e5a25⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1476x1080, 41:30, RAINMAKER3 incl best tweet….jpg)


MAGIC 77777777777!

Water anon: thank you for the inspiration.

aec57b No.853092

File: 4794522d0979e6e⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, download.png)


its working


love the look


tasty recipe anon


my pleasure, thanks for the work eurt. I think this mindset will serve the movement far better than closing the gates. We have yet to reach critical mass.

738c7c No.853719

File: b57e24d1ff5fe69⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 2444x1227, 2444:1227, MAKE IT RAIN QR code 1.jpg)


Let's see how this works

738c7c No.853955


It's the QAnon drops archive!!!!!


c0a622 No.854009

File: 65f78523755e6f1⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 800x565, 160:113, indoctrination.jpg)




I have the notion that SCHOOL deserves its very part in the #greatawakening movement.

"When teachers begin asking children about their parents’ political beliefs and affiliations, the problem of State interference has gone too far. And when children are encouraged to be ashamed of their parents’ beliefs, it has all too many ramifications and reminders of modern history’s political purges and darkest days.

This is not a localized issue. Indoctrination is taking place in schools all over the world. It’s happening in the UK to children of Brexiteers, it’s happening in the US to children of Christians, and it’s happening throughout the Islamic world in Madrassas, shaping young minds into weapons of hate.

The motivations of the “educators” are varied, but the one common thread is that they wish to influence the future by using children as tools, regardless the cost to the children. And this is actually even more insidious than it sounds. The teachers are taking a gamble that their own beliefs will be the dominant ideological system in the future. But they are not betting their own money, they are betting the future happiness, social acceptance, employment prospects and mental health of your children. And in the case of college professors who encourage students to violently protest, they are betting your children’s’ lives and freedom."

excerpt from

http:// www.investmentwatchblog.com/schools-have-become-indoctrination-centers-and-are-using-children-to-spy-on-their-parents/

If (OP) could pin 'classroom' as a war room on it's own this might serve as a collector-bread for all those manipulations which today's kids are exposed to - from the very subtle to the blatant ovious.

the goal of this sub-board should not be creating animousity between kids (parents) and teachers (school) but rising awareness.

c0a622 No.854060

File: 65f78523755e6f1⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 800x565, 160:113, indoctrination.jpg)

File: 79d25e6741f3e52⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 526x380, 263:190, test_8.jpg)



>a collector-bread for all those manipulations which today's kids are exposed to - from the very subtle to the blatant ovious.

to start with:

c0a622 No.854076

File: ae02d2f2de3385b⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 575x323, 575:323, vocabulary-sheet.jpg)

File: ae02d2f2de3385b⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 575x323, 575:323, vocabulary-sheet.jpg)

087c27 No.854369

Fresh dough

https:// youtu.be/8epEQFFmA4M

5733f1 No.854827

File: 7383c0a23a487a7⋯.jpeg (248.81 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8394D6C0-CABB-4973-9A50-2….jpeg)

The censorship has begun.

I was locked out for using the hashtag #ObamaGate

They do not want it trending.

15fbfc No.854983

File: 1fa98cefc5b1a5e⋯.png (5.02 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, 1.png)

File: 12957ac40422a39⋯.png (405.22 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, 2.png)

File: b8c88d5921d8a70⋯.png (490.38 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, 3.png)

c9c7e8 No.855015

File: 8f4a848b47578c0⋯.jpg (148.13 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 201iawf757p01.jpg)

Pres. Trump and his new campaign manager. Notice the pic top right. With JFK Jr.

0f7f70 No.855473

War room Anons. You got the Juice. This is starting to get traction in General but we need you guys to Make It Fly!


Mentioned after Q put out second statement about HRC Video. Very Bad.

Like he was just laying it out there again.

Very little traction.

Every Patriot on this board should be Demanding to #ReleaseTheDamnVideo.

Enough is enough already. We have been hearing about this since wienerheads laptop.

If not now When!

Let's focus on something we can see some tangible evidence off.

Make it RAIN.


7a5819 No.855633


Meh. If they have it and they’re not releasing it then that’s on them. We will pump it when the time comes.

0f7f70 No.856155


What does that mean? When the time comes?

How do you know?

0f7f70 No.856176


I thought POTUS stated that if there was enough public demand that would override any security issues. Q just brought it up twice ans just left it hanging there.

aec57b No.857792

7a5819 No.857813


When the time comes=when they release it. They are doing this whole thing the smart way, which Ian a nice easy controlled demo. Kudos to the team for their thoughtfulness. We now there are tapes, and i hope they come out soon, but everything is in place and proceeding. Last week Facebook started melting down, this week we got Roseanne redpilling normies on pedogate.

c0a622 No.858684


teacher speaking to class about military/marines

"they are dumb f****, they are not intellectual people, they are not talented, they are the freakin' lowest of our low "

got exposed by a brave studend

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2w1HKBK1w4

087c27 No.858772

File: 5c512d9d234fa0f⋯.png (63.71 KB, 182x135, 182:135, qresearch doughboy.png)


Blessed Easter Anons

Eurt have you seen the latest vid

1 question before release

06503c No.858798

File: b916a13f84514a7⋯.jpg (89.01 KB, 500x533, 500:533, 3.jpg)

So theres possible links to "Q" in the bible HMMM !!!

738c7c No.858947


classroom anon (or do we know you by another name, if so, lps stick to the same handle in THIS room).

==> wonderful idea to RedPill using that stuff. AND:

>YOUR DUTY to make these redpill fit in with the War Room strategy of the [3] hashes.




You can do this in 3 ways:

- either dump the school content under the hashtags

#Qanon or

#FakeNews (and adapt the content of your tweet to this)


Add a new hashtag to the [3] that everyone uses.


Here is AVERAGE # of tweets/hour for several hashes.

#School 300/h <==

#QAnon 3000/h <==

#MKUltra 50/h

#FakeNews 800/h <==

#Education 350/h

#Indoctrination ZERO TWEETS

#CIA 100/h

#Children 100/h

#Parents 50/h

#Fraud 60-700 (strong peak and deep lows during day)

#Scam 50/h

#Fake 100/h

#RedPill 30/h

#GreatAwakening 350/h <==

#WakeUp 60/h


My advice would be: use one of the current [3] to wrap you message in. Remember: every twt must have all [3] in its message. Add #School if you want an extra hash. Everything else sux.


a word in your ear

You do the work. Do the digging, make the memes. Send us your twats, nice and neat with all the hashes and we will push it down the channels.

We need ready made twats, sauced, hashtags on it and everything else. tag us {me} and I will RT.

If you REALLY want to make an effort: make a video (screen capture with narration in which you show different sources etc and put all sauce in vid description) make a tweet with link and we will spread the message.

ALSO: go look at the QR COde thread and once you made a vid, put the link in a QR code, twat us the meme with pic etc and we will RT it.

IF you want to do more: print out the QR cards (read the separate thread on it) and spread them everywhere. Ask others to do the same.

war room can help spread the word, but you must stick to the agreed format

I think you understand. Now off you go anon.. We will see your results when you're done.

738c7c No.858963


April fools day?

==> verify your account

You were not blocked for #ObamaGate, you either followed back to many ppl in a short time OR

(i'm betting you a beer on it) you copied and pasted (almost) the same text as previous twts. If you do that, you are locked immediately.

NEVER copy and paste am entire tweet.

Always make them unique.


tweets must have original content. You can not just slam [3] hashtags in the text and hit SEND.

738c7c No.858989



a note: no more petitions. We're pushing the hashtag, not a (new) petition. they're pointless and a distraction. so anything is fine, just pls dont spread a QR code with petition. We tried, got 33K signatures and too bad , didnt work.

738c7c No.859072


how about we getting a domain to put info on?

lots are taken. How about this:



I could get the domains and make a website with links.

just sayin'

738c7c No.859082

ID c9c7e8 shill warning

you cud b the best thing since sliced bread, but whatever you are dumping here is pearls before swine. this is a war room. take gems somewhere else. goodbye.

0e3ad5 No.859117

Lets use a kid or young person to speak about Q. As evidenced by the Hawg kyd, young is off-limits.

738c7c No.859127

ID 0f7f70 and 7a5819

Nat. Enquirer pic is FAKE FAKE FAKE,

Happy April Fools day. Now go away, this sorta thing does not belong in war room.

Ppl in here suspect the 2 of you of sliding b4 you know it!

087c27 No.859144


Here is another idea i've been looking to discuss. I think a website that walks people through the redpill process could have a lot of success.

The normie comes in to the first page and begins a journey of increasingly larger truths. ie the first stage would be the simple with and Q style format pointing the student to locations that are independant. look at this website, then look here, then search this and then that. and the end of that level you let them decide and offer the next stage. trying to make it where they cannot advance to the next stage without completely this one.

738c7c No.859146


hi water, why r u so easily impressed with that post?

check >>858963

don't fall for those things. always FACT CHECK.

ppl make mistakes all the time, including me.

738c7c No.859157


gonna check it out in a min Dough, need to finish the msg in here. hang on. Happy Easter btw.

738c7c No.859183


No jezus, don't suggest to be Q and no aliens in here.

you are shitting up the thread. I've warned you several times now. Last warning or be blocked,

Damned waste of meme skills. Make memes we can use and stick to the orders.


We'll cross the alien realm bridge when we get to it.

087c27 No.859464


plz let me know when ready. gonna use for marketing

4b7739 No.859473

File: 415c95a0f36624d⋯.jpg (486.5 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, RoseanneRiveter4.jpg)

File: 508933b29f3d33a⋯.png (203.53 KB, 271x392, 271:392, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

File: d2bb3fa6fe0b825⋯.png (198.56 KB, 272x392, 34:49, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

File: cde1fdddb7e0a8b⋯.png (209.69 KB, 471x259, 471:259, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at ….png)

What's up War Room?? Any chance we can get some awesome Memes for Roseanne over in the dedicated thread if you feel the Spirit move you??

Shadilay ANONS!!!


087c27 No.859492


awesome, the normies will eat that up. her stock is sooo high right now.

4b7739 No.859546

File: e14597f87570cec⋯.jpg (523.1 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, RoseanneRiveter6.jpg)

File: 973e38100cf10fa⋯.png (199.91 KB, 272x392, 34:49, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)

File: 8358b36079591be⋯.png (211.05 KB, 466x260, 233:130, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at ….png)

File: 0d541355897cd77⋯.png (182.13 KB, 368x279, 368:279, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at ….png)


Yes!! I believe so. And who wants to be left out. We CAN make this trend. It's already doing pretty well from what I can see. If we get behind this…We can KEEP her stock high.


957dfa No.859577

File: 300b89713275707⋯.jpg (161.09 KB, 1320x1600, 33:40, 2018-03-26 17.39.59.jpg)

Still just a whole lot of entertaining blablabla and NO REAL VISABLE RESULTS

Let's hope that they don't pull another "we got Bin Laden" on us

4b7739 No.859629


No visable results?? That's crazy talk. The ropes are coming. Gotta get the table set Anon.

738c7c No.860211

www.wtf-is-QAnon.com and www.wth-isQAnon.com are now ours.

738c7c No.860214



738c7c No.860226

filtered 2

738c7c No.860442

we have 2 domainnames

www.WTF-is-QAnon.com and


They are anonymously purchased. so hidden at WHOIS.

Suggest we use it for:



Call to action(s)

2d47c5 No.860543


Thank you so much for your work, i really appreciate what you do. A suggestion for the QR cards, maybe link it to the catalog so normies that are interested can begin researching there. Thank you again.

15fbfc No.860569


Agreed. Q explanations with news. Easier access to argument evidence when at the dinner table than digging through archives.

15fbfc No.860585


so no more petition? i missed the memo on that one.

ideas for irl redpilling?

738c7c No.860861


it was on the General thread for several days.

Also: was posted in here and on previous bread.

we pushed HARD. 33K signatures.

Be proud, our army was small.

first: organize and work together. It is still not perfect.

(like herding cats). Once we move as one, ANY petition can b filled within 2 days.

==> it was throttled BIGLY btw.

Remember Q: its about the HASHTAG, not about the petition. #InternetBillOfRighs is still and will remain in our [3] main hashes

7c3178 No.862038


eurt, ready? Got ppl asking for it

a40f89 No.862493


>Once we move as one, ANY petition can b filled within 2 days.


Stil as a small army, we did very very well.

It would be good to point out that even foreigners can sign petitions - nothing on WH petitions site says they can't.

738c7c No.862770


it's rendering.. had a prob with it.

can i upload to my YT that you grab it there?

738c7c No.862778



aec57b No.863645

it worries me that eurt resolves to project a more inclusive, big-tent message, promote a more decentralized and robust communication strategy and one day later his general is unstickied…

087c27 No.866122

Greetings Team

I have had a strong day building a movement for the Wednesday weekly attacks. Tomorrow I plan to announce a primary target and would value your input.

I will always include #GreatAwakening #QAnon #MAGA

#I..B..O..R.. will have to wait unless I get a clear signal from THE BOSS, perhaps next week depends on following

I realize this is a sideline project to what you guys are doing here but appreciate your help as always

99a3ab No.869343




https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5OHO8rq7HI

3391bb No.869369


Be a great time for a Q drop

971166 No.869839

I'm noticing a new tactic on Twitter from the clowns. starting to get a bunch of fake accounts that jump in on posts and try to slide and discredit.

what do you think about having a #Schill hashtag to uses for Patriots to use if they are under siege? other PATRIOTS could jump in to defend

738c7c No.870895


if shill retweet, the more the merrier!!! LOL

We anons learned to ignore shills and bots. just dont reply. thats what i do. If you block them or pick a fight, they will report you. So a word of warning: IGNORE. check the twt rules and u will see: blocking/ignore button can result in shadow ban, just ignore.

738c7c No.870911


eurt is a lady! LOL

pls explain what you mean, we r still on the same str8 course… what worries you?

738c7c No.870950


Hi dough, we spoke this morning, i think all is clear. we all follow the same general lines, and everyone is free to post stuff in their own style.

i'm currently finishing a normie friendly vid. sound editting now. and making a website with links to get the word out.

Other than that… it's back to the twitter trenches when I finally have the time (will probably be tomorrow)

BTW: noticed a NICE increase in the number of original tweets with #QAnon! we're making it rain anons!!!! Keep going.

Dough: #InternetBillOfRights hashtag (and #FakeNews) are STRICT ORDERS from Q himself. stick to them and include them in your tweets. Also include #QAnon, because that is what everyone searches for. Other than that: post away!!!!!

738c7c No.870963


LOL it just hit me… you meant Q with "TheBOSS" and not me. hahahahaha. OMG shitting myself. LOL

087c27 No.871192

I find it odd that while everyone seems to remember what Q specifically asked for with tags, no one seems to remember the part

about organize and be united. It is sad that no nones offered any suggestions with the exception of eurt who has been very helpful. Eurt is a Lady. Thank you.

>>870963 no offense eurt.

I'm trying to build a army of millions I do not believe that can happen with just daily storms. They are informative but not motivating. Most people will never take the time to tweet everyday, it will quickly become a chore with no measurable reward. The feeling that someone is making a difference is critical and if people were to feel like the story in front of their eyes, on the news, was somehow their doing they would be back bigger and better the next week. just sayin

1625ec No.871469

>no one seems to remember the part about organize and be united

I think it's important to remember that our job is to influence through talking to one another about the things that are happening in the world. Memetics is more than memes, likes, shares and graphs(though those things are useful tools). You had 33k people do what you asked for and MILLIONS saw it, the idea is now planted

The Internet Bill of Rights has a lot of obstacles infront of it, it's a tough sell on today's meme market.

The Obstacles:

-Q's presentation: AT&T automatically throws up red flags, Anons(myself included) too stupid to realize it doesn't matter. Shills amplify and divide, parties like and including AIM manipulate the base in every subcommunity (some they themselves started) to cause further division.

-The inability to agree what free speech is and who should have it.

>Well I don't care about conservative censorship, I'm not signing it.

All of these things and more were obstacles to a successful #WeThePeople petition. However, we were not tasked with a successful #WeThePeople petition, we were specifically tasked with talking about #InternetBillofRight and love it or hate it we talked about it and 33k people went the extra mile and got on board with the idea to do something about it. In the future those 33k people will vouch for the idea and work with whatever future effort presents itself. A 33k head start for when it's actually go time is a HUGE advantage.

Could we have gotten 100k signatures if all the communities were aligned and everybody just signed it, maybe.

Did we have a successful #WeThePeople petition?


Were we tasked with a successful #WeThePeople petition?


Was our stated mission fulfilled?

>I think yes.

> I'm trying to build a army of millions

It's happening but it's happening like it should be. People are aligning under an idea that life can be lived a certain way. Roseanne has 18million viewers, there's 25k+ sealed indictments, patience patience patience. What's being talked about today behind closed doors to peoples close personal friends and family will at some point ring out in chorus all around us.

738c7c No.872002

you two

(dough and >>871469) are both right.

>>871469 is correct in the points made. Dough, i love your enthousiasm. you can read what q said on internetbill of rights in the Book of Q. that's a place where all his posts are (searchable) gathered.

The pace we take is slow, and I suspect that the Q team slows us down a bit on purpose. THe public needs to be ready.

087c27 No.872049


agreed 100%

what about the part

>I think it's important to remember that our job is to influence through talking to one another about the things that are happening in the world.

That is exactly what I was looking for.

I still agree with the rest however IBOR was weeks ago and we could build a larger following and credibility with more normies without it and then drive it hard.

Never here to disrupt

and patients? If I knew nothing could happen to potus then I'd be fine. He hits the floor or they get him over a barrel ? just sayin

Everyone hates the new guy who hasnt put in his time. I get that! Big time! No offense taken

I LOVE what you all are doing and will forever be in your debt for what you ve sacrificed for God and Country

738c7c No.872067

look in qanonposts.com and see for yourself. what Q sais about this. all hell would break loose. we are very important, and our growth is exponential. none and I have been measuring effects for months and months.

Now, about your desire for inspirational stuff, dough. I just finished a recording, explaining what Q is. putting that to video and have the websites ready to build. that is a thing we can promote. I've seen many vids, but none that explains what Q is all about in an inviting and intruiging way. I'll send you an MP3 dough, so you can hv a sneak preview. If none wants one too, just let me know. I need some time to finish the vid, will be a simple studio setting with 1 lady talking. No computer robot voice this time but my voice. They'll have to take my accent for granted. If thats unacceptable, we need to find someone who does a better job reading this exact same script.

I'm rather enthousiastic myself about the result. I hope you 2 wll be too.

Oh btw Dough, did you see the posts about the QR cards? if we have our website and video's ready, we can have those urls on QR cards and leave them everywhere.

and dough: another thing you might not be aware of: we have broken the language barriers. there are Q groups in french, german, dutch and swedish that I know of. Spanish can be a next tresh hold to take. First we get our stuff sorted, than have stuff translated… and reach more and more and more people. We are doing GREAT…. MSM used to call us Russian bots, than we we a stupid conspiracy and now we are the BIGGEST CONSPIRACY THEORY EVER… aint that great? cant think of better coverage!!! LOL LOL LOL

738c7c No.872073


we certainly dont hate you Dough!

1625ec No.872192


I'm just saying everybody did well and we accomplished what we were supposed to do.

> Everyone hates the new guy who hasnt put in his time. I get that! Big time! No offense taken

I don't think that was implied and for reference I just now got eurt to stop calling me a shill.


>They'll have to take my accent for granted

Americans love accents.

>we need to find someone who does a better job reading this exact same script.

I'll read it, but consider the above.

>I'm rather enthousiastic myself about the result. I hope you 2 wll be too.

Ready and waiting.

>another thing you might not be aware of: we have broken the language barriers. there are Q groups in french, german, dutch and swedish that I know of. Spanish can be a next tresh hold to take.

>We are doing GREAT…. MSM used to call us Russian bots,

Which also worked to our advantage because the US internet and the Russian internet have been bonding over CS since 07. The memes roll deep.

>aint that great?

The purest of lulz.

> If I knew nothing could happen to potus then I'd be fine.

POTUS is their last chance, not ours. There are contingency plans in place if the worst happened. (Noted by Q while on 4ch)

He has the best in the world security and access to the best in the world technology to monitor himself along with droves and droves of Patriots. Remember, there are more good than bad.

1625ec No.872204

Oh and there is a spanish Q community, at least there's a thread here and they have their own chan for spanish.

087c27 No.872254

Fresh Dough

eurt this is the same video I put in some boxes and changed some of the audio. I know it doesnt mention all the tags etc. I figured that could easily be handled with the weekly release memo

https:// youtu.be/RxPPJdVxtXI

738c7c No.872360


LOL I take it you didnt like the border I slapped around your vid huh??

I'll give your vid a RT. just sent you a link to my mp3 over DM

738c7c No.872377


>i just now got eurt to stop calling me a shill?

huh? you're none, right? or not?? now i m confused hahahaha. dammit.

use names you anons r driving my nuts.

if you're none, i just sent u a link to the file over DM. If you're not none… than you best ask me to send it over twt.. hhahaha

1625ec No.872403


Nope, I'm just an anon.

738c7c No.872432


hahahahaha my mistake. took you for another anon. LOL

738c7c No.872441

http:// qanonaccount.angelfire.com/test.html

here's the sound file.

738c7c No.872515


your vid is getting a lot of RT's Dough! doing GRRRRRRRREAT

087c27 No.872531


never saw it would nt load, took a minute to put boxes in and wanted to change some stuff to better match y'all

087c27 No.872541


thanks for the push

087c27 No.872559


is there an easy way to message all your followers

738c7c No.872591


there are ways. check on duckduck.go or youtube. you have a complete library of the entire world at your fingertips. I m gonna watch Tucker and call it a night. BTW left you some links on other twat DM for stats. Saw your vid already getting 20+ RT's. I wont be tweeting more now, so my followers will get a chance to wonder over and check out the last tweets. Great vid dough! well done.

738c7c No.872606



the soundfile is on >>872441 if you want to laugh about my accent. off to TUcker. Nite anons… stay safe.

087c27 No.872627


could find anything, seems to all be shut down some new rule, thought you guys might have had a work around

479600 No.873117









Movements from general, would love the assist.

33ffa1 No.873360


twted, if you see it, be sure RT.

33ffa1 No.877944


fired 2 graphics again, dark and unhinged,

be sure to retweet if you see it.

aec57b No.877984


#mockingbird #sinclair #fakenews

aec57b No.878009

File: 336fc72a2bfc6c9⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 500x333, 500:333, head water.jpg)


likely the pot brownies I ingested before posting, and what will remain private doubts I'm having with the q narrative and false prophecy. regardless, we are making big waves and thats good, tinfoiled or not.

I worry what this network will do if it becomes misdirected, and for reasons i find myself trusting you eurt more than BO or the q itself.

excuse the misgender.

738c7c No.878217


GREAT STUFF! thanks anon!

we can push that under #FakeNews header and add #Unhinged to it.

==> comments/input anyone?

738c7c No.878225


misgender, LOL, no problem water.

thanks for the vote of confidence.

I'm not a 'follower', and neither are you (I think).

Making up your own mind and following your own gut is paramount. Remember the Stanford Prison Experiment: never blindly follow orders!

738c7c No.878267



Your (MAIN) hashtags to concentrate on:



===> add any sourced digging results from General and THROW them out there.

a header saying ==BREAKING NEW Q==

will get you 100 RTs 4 sure.






@dough: pls inform the rainmakers!

check out >>873117

i'll hurry the damned normie website WTF-is-

QANON and WTF-IS-QANON on as fast as I can. We all need to push now.

Just as long as you PUSH #QAnon and #FakeNews in your tweets, you're good to go.

(drop an #InternetBillOfRights in there whenever you twat about censorship n stuff)

go go go go!


33ffa1 No.879311

File: 46ac60c33cc04cc⋯.jpg (74.69 KB, 582x423, 194:141, JB 04032018.jpg)

notice the period b4 @hugh…

"Follow Bolton."

Article might have crumbs.

7fd122 No.879347

File: f22d075414e48bb⋯.jpg (6.73 KB, 300x168, 25:14, this house.jpg)

7c3178 No.879387


excellent ideas, i will let them know as soon as I can move about freely.

* gotta have a mass comm for twit followers, bought whitehatbox for $80 and its not fuckin working, no access, might have been screwed

Thank you!

7c3178 No.879871

Ok, so at 3am I may have gotten confused, someone just asked me if its today? tuesday at midnight? oops

hopefully thats the only person

7a81dc No.880028

Can any meme anons point me to which war room I'd find Hollywood memes to bomb the Rob Reiner twitter feed with?

738c7c No.880307


pls check the online meme archives. they r catagorized.https:// twitter.com/twitter/statuses/981022697495957504

738c7c No.880750



(lags 1 day behind. Stats collected on 4-2)


HOUR: – Unique Tweets 250/H – 802K exp/H – 1292 RT/H

DAY: Unique Tweets 5400/D – 28MIL Exposure/D – 26K RT/D


HOUR: unique Tweets /H - exp/H – RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets 9,900/D – 46,7 million exp/D – 15,700 RT/D


HOUR: unique Tweets /H - exp/H – RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets – exp/D 3,4 Million/D– RT/D


HOUR: unique Tweets /H - exp/H – RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets – exp/D – RT/D


No long term stats available. Short term: ZERO.


(lags 1 day behind. Stats collected on 4-3)



HOUR: unique Tweets 392/H 1,38M exp/H – 1704 RT/H

DAY: 8500 unique Tweets – 28,7MIL exp/D – 41,4K RT/D


HOUR: unique Tweets 762/H -5,4 million exp/H – 2,680 RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets 7,700/D – 25 million exp/D – 18,500 RT/D


HOUR: unique Tweets 62/H - 128K exp/H – 113 RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets 1,800/D – 2,2 MILLION exp/D – 3,100RT /D


HOUR: unique Tweets 108/H – 262K exp/H – 246 RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets 2,200/D – 5 million exp/D – 6,400 RT/D


HOUR: unique Tweets 138/H – 286K exp/H – 208 RT/H

DAY: unique Tweets 2,500/D – 6 million exp/D – 5,100 RT/D


No long term stats available. Short term: ZERO.


Short term: ZERO.



738c7c No.880966

>>206630 Q proof post

aec57b No.881181

File: 2d40a8eae4713f1⋯.jpg (48.78 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ray.jpg)


and always wear your raybans!

aec57b No.881214

File: 446f8d3934d347d⋯.jpg (50.61 KB, 400x600, 2:3, rosie.jpg)


we can do it

5a71e2 No.882121


Does anybody have an alternate website for posting videos? Keep having issues with people being unable to load. Need a good Back-up Plan. Maybe even put it on that website that you have eurt to draw people there

738c7c No.882419


I do.

its under construction

wtf-is-qanon.com and wth-is-qanon.com

738c7c No.882433


damn dough. saw too late twas you. lol

fiddling with website. just put normie vid on it.

explaining what Q is.

aec57b No.882488

File: 8906cb76083c88f⋯.jpg (357.41 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, dragin.jpg)

About to heat up.

War room activating…

Runway clear…

prepare to engage…

#YT #2nd #headscarf

aec57b No.882578

File: 76f42830b634162⋯.jpg (102.68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, jason.jpg)


jason fitzsimons. shares this then croaks. #fitzsimons

7c3178 No.882849

Thank you for the help everyone. Not sure how much rain we'll get but I expect it to be a good start.

A gift for you all, it is a 10 sec video I made in January.

Classic Trump

https:// youtu.be/zBZOUsuqY9E

738c7c No.883186

File: e7af424a58205d3⋯.png (446.36 KB, 651x607, 651:607, secret texts 4-3-18.png)


sorry.. distraction,

dont fall for it.

fake fake.


Tweet on THIS

aec57b No.883253


Doesn't mean can't we co-op the hysteria to steer more people to qanon and strengthen the network.

738c7c No.883318


pls dont fall for their sliding.

IG report probably gonna drop tonite on hannity.

texts r really damming.

738c7c No.883342


thank you anon!

remember all those crying babies on cnn on election nite? that was priceless

738c7c No.883390


dear anon. We can not smear Q's name.

= so we can not declare HOAX or whatever

= only thing we can do is make NOISE about important things.

I need to get you a video about distractions and mind control.

do NOT look at that. ignore. Keep digging, send GREAT red pills, memes, etc.

You can do any subject, just always tag #QAnon and remember: never ever send something that you havent fact checked,

we can not afford to give ppl the wrong impression about QAnon. A good name is faster destroyed than build.

grab red pills, make an effort. IGNORE the stupid false flag, hoax or domestic violence.

It's their story. not ours.

7c3178 No.883525


YES. they would start to cry and… commercial

come back somebody else in the seat. 2 minutes later, they were crying.

One of the greatest nights of my life!

How little did I know then, WOW!

2c45ac No.883719


TY, made me laugh.

My favs (obvious, but simple):

1 https:/ /www.youtube._com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ&t=14s&list=PLC1RcmHp0Jgzrlzht5EoLZiS3U-0HS-Sm&index=13

2 https:/ /www.youtube.___com/watch?v=3KunpwJUmFQ&list=PLC1RcmHp0Jgzrlzht5EoLZiS3U-0HS-Sm&index=1

honorMention https:/ /www.youtube._com/watch?v=tf7Nl6lH9K8&list=PLC1RcmHp0Jgzrlzht5EoLZiS3U-0HS-Sm&index=2

TY again for thanking humble team, they

need to hear it.

>>883186 twtd

>>882578 mentionedNtwt

>>882849 twted

>>883390 "A good name is faster destroyed than build."

df9987 No.884399

File: 7c7e7d6eb149d50⋯.jpeg (104.88 KB, 1496x300, 374:75, A1E884B5-D658-43A9-A1FB-7….jpeg)

File: fb56e89dfab3dd5⋯.png (70.56 KB, 1012x173, 1012:173, 446B22CF-5C87-48D1-88CB-83….png)

File: 736ff07139b021c⋯.jpeg (33.1 KB, 265x297, 265:297, DCC737A9-B73C-4D2A-8835-7….jpeg)

File: 1927be688c7fbf5⋯.jpeg (88.52 KB, 478x861, 478:861, EC467024-4CDD-47BA-B679-4….jpeg)

File: 4d7e62db8be5236⋯.png (88.35 KB, 850x286, 425:143, 7C028CE1-5527-4B39-B722-E3….png)

A whole new look

We made MSNBC today, Rob Reiner, Q dangerous, shut it down, oh vey


0f2abc No.884725


https:/ /www.louderwithcrowder.____com/msnbc-rob-reiner-hate-roseanne/

7c3178 No.886058


damn, doesnt work for me, grrrr

Also, anyone that KNOWS about Q, loves you guys and gals sooo much. It is a get out of jail card you will carry the rest of your lives. Years from know when you're in a jam, you will be able to trade "I am anon" for any favor you need. The Q mission goes nowhere without you guys and the diggers in the groups.


0f2abc No.886997


> The Q mission goes nowhere without you guys

u R1ofUSALL.

0f2abc No.887008


paste in browser, remove the spaces and ___

hit enter.

7c3178 No.887093


knew about the spaces not the ___ thanks


Glad2B, I'm not very good at it though, them fuckers know me

0f2abc No.887156


our families are safe,

we risk for each other,

worry not,


7c3178 No.887436


I'm good, I know where I'm going, and it aint no DUMB or FEMA camp. I'm prepared to turn my bullets in one by one. I care not for myself, just this country, freedom, and a better tomorrow for all.

Can you image for just 1 second where we would be if we didnt have those [assholes] starting every war and creating all the sickness, medicines as a weapon of enslavement, polluting the water and the air. We might be living in heaven right now but they've done everything they can to screw that up.

"God is Love"

0f2abc No.887585


"Can you image"

all the time. We will be the ones to help make it better. Man exist, evil exist. Good will battle ev_l until death. Our small part together is enough.

738c7c No.891434


damn. nice.. Meme anon need to fix this..

thanks….. "16"


738c7c No.891463


duh. they will say i m a foreign agent. LOOOOL


btw. I made a normie friendly vid.

pls give it shout outs.

Slapped it on

wtf-is-qanon.com and wth-is-qanon.com

Website still under construction.

Also on my YT channel.

Not famewhoring. i'm not monotized nor in need of name. anyone is free to take and re-upload anything i make, as long as they dont make money of it or pretend to have made it themselves. We are all just anons.

btw. getting great normie reactions on vid. It's a simple, calm narrative explaining what Q is, what 8chan is, making them laugh and intruiging them, and leaving them with the option to find out more or leave. all in all it's an honest simple story. sorry about my accent. English isn't my 1st language.

738c7c No.891494


you're alright Dough. just take things 1 step at a time. remember: Q group planned for YEARS. your rainmaking tweetstorm: check check and double check all pitfalls b4 launch. 'TheRainmakers" is some stupid band that shows up when you search the term. You should have checked all that stuff out b4 starting. No worries: plans can be tweaked. just claim it was DRILL LMAO. try #MakeItRain for your group. check if that's already being used. If you want to make life easy for you: just use #QAnon as tag for your group. that way, 2 groups will become one.

go after everything you wanna go after, but ALWAYS fact check everything. including stuff you find on the boards here. Clowns Dump tempting FAKE SHIT in order to make fun of Q. never ever forget that.

Gimme a nod whenever I can post the link to your vid on the new website.

738c7c No.891508


always fun to see someone posting sounding like Q. Specially fun since I've called u a shill more than once I think. LOL.

Good morning anon! have a great day.

2f5696 No.892334


I will gladly push your video and the site and the daily mission. I tried dm, I plan to have debriefs each week to build enthusiasm with results and discuss what we could have done better, build our numbers, etc.could really benefit from you talents there, I planned all along to do those things and more.

I already told you whats mine is yours, no $ or fame for me either, I will happily give the project to anyone I can trust : )


Did check, didnt think their little group would have an impact, actually thought might get cross-overs, I like #MakeItRain alot but my thoughts were to build a following not a catch phrase. A location that ppl could share to get info.

Post anytime, mine is yours, more in dm


Our small part, speak for yourself, this has consumed my life between redpilling EVERYONE, much to the dismay of loved ones, preppping, and all the time I invest in the investigative side of this stuff. I'm ready to be done, but… I'm a fixer and this shit is totally broken, souls hang in the balance, how dlo ppl just turn this off? I lay in bed at night and think everyday we help cut off the back of this journey lives are saved. I cannot unplug.

2f5696 No.892523

how do i know if im shadowed

738c7c No.892720


take a breather dough. relax. what will happen, will happen. don't overdo it. if you plan too much and worry too much, you'll be afraid. fear is the worst thing ever. it clouds your thinking.You have no reason to be afraid if you don't break the law and not scare the bejesus out of ppl: you're fine. Remember Q.

16ac67 No.892865

Q said: "Archive everything offline"

I'm trying to devise a scheme that would cryptographically verify that the archive is valid (HTTPS signs content). I know there was something like this developed before, but I can't find it. I could try to do something with a centralized signature for verification, but it kind of defeats the purpose.

I have a few more ideas, for example the archive being a .png file concatenated with a .zip, so it could be shared on imageboards as an image and unzipped using any unzip software.

738c7c No.893314


sorry, you lost me after "i'm trying to devise"

try archive.is

738c7c No.893338

File: b57e24d1ff5fe69⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 2444x1227, 2444:1227, MAKE IT RAIN QR code 1.jpg)

File: 8dc8278e8a02161⋯.png (50.54 KB, 616x747, 616:747, Q scan1.png)

File: fc55732b6091c7a⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, QR card pic2.jpg)

Remember these??

I just twatted VISTAPRINT if they can make a Q-pon specially for #QAnons wanting to buy some cards. they usually charge $10 for 500 cards. Will let you know if they replied. Feel free to ask them yourselves.

2f5696 No.893765


lol, not afraid at all, now y'all think im some kinda crazy prepper, funny

279feb No.894181

Ways I've seen listed:

Q cards

"Q" letters from art supplies stores

business cards


twitter handles




vehicle window clings


738c7c No.894404


money?? just write a Q on it??

great hints. will add to website.

738c7c No.894420


and there's online E-cards,,,, right?

let me dig that up as well

738c7c No.895998

File: b2fde6104f079ef⋯.jpg (734.39 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ReleaseTheCures.jpg)


Read latest Q drops:

PUSH HASHTAG #ReleaseTheCures

(always together with #QAnon)

and whatever else you feel like

f91965 No.896244


#FakeNews might be a suggestion

: )

6f76e1 No.896540


brave 6th grade girl:

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/brave-6th-grade-girl-records-unhinged-teacher-in-anti-trump-rant-then-goes-on-tv-to-talk-about-it-video/

fa55ef No.897732


That is a brilliant idea!!!!

ada07c No.900918

File: 5d75fd04bc1e70e⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, jeffFlake.jpg)

File: e2853a810828825⋯.jpg (57.21 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, mcStain.jpg)

File: 95a1ca938131ac4⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, clintons.jpg)

ada07c No.901817

File: abc0c50ecc37927⋯.jpg (60.29 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, perpWalk.jpg)

ada07c No.905059

File: aa8ae013e4b8c62⋯.jpg (120.25 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, southernWall.jpg)

738c7c No.906568

fabulous memes and posts. I flipped a bit over the Q cancer post. Lost too many ppl C related.

working on the website. and taking a bit of a rest. Q was VERY VERY active last 2 days.

0f7f70 No.907941


Hey that's pretty good if not down right perfect!

It's perfect meme fodder.

why is Jeff banning this book?

Who doesn't want you to read it and why?

Corsi can red pill the shit out them.

Maybe Something like this





Banning Something Makes It Powerful

Most bans in free countries today regard media: books, films, music and ideas. In most cases the announcement of a ban is free-PR for all of the people who are probably interested in the thing being banned who might not have heard of it if the ban didn’t happen. Most media love telling the story of things being banned, since it earns intense interest from both the people who agree with the ban and the people who are upset by it. Every time a parents group bans an album, or a religious organization bans a film, the film itself becomes far more powerful. Rather than a ban being a bad thing for an artist, it can often be a catalyst for their ideas and you can often see artists deliberately trying to manipulate this cycle to their advantage.

http:// scottberkun.com/2013/banning-things-makes-them-powerful/

356536 No.908635

OK, call me crazy. Someone on here said a few weeks ago they got the subliminal message from Q. Ok. I saw something too. If this mean anything let me know. Haha. I saw 45th, he said the storm is coming, then I looked to the right and saw A LOT of tornadoes. Then I looked back to he left. I heard, magical. Then saw a mans arm with his hand in a black pull out a white rabbit. Ok, Iam crazy right.

738c7c No.909131


short… always short. and preferably an alliteration. so #BanBezos is enough.

==> dont forget to ALWAYS tag with (at least) #QAnon if you want this wave to become a tidal wave. other platforms need to start pushing harder on the 3 cornerstones too

1) unite: #QAnon

2) expose everything: add fitting hashtag from Bag of trusted Deplorable hashes (#InternetBillOfRights #FakeNews #ReleaseTheReport #ReleaseTheCures, #FakeNews etc etc etc

3) wake ppl up: send red pill memes and messages and add #FakeNews or #GreatAwakening etc.

always always always always add #QAnon

and we STILL have 2 shove censorship and #InternetBillOfRights in everyone's face. Without it: THERE IS NO INTERNET LEFT>

738c7c No.909143

Hey "Kkev":

"you are crazy'

get outtahere and start twatting to the world.

425441 No.909587

File: f68c9bb4a73fa15⋯.jpeg (117.3 KB, 800x1030, 80:103, f68c9bb4a73fa15733844f399….jpeg)

Guys, We need a Twitter Storm, We can to use Nasim Aghman for the Hashtags, remember that YT closed her channel.

738c7c No.909851


we are already twitter storming.

and the =use in every tweet= hashtags are already picked. Besides those, anons can tweetstorm WHATEVER is currently trending as a highjack.

390201 No.912504

We have an army of Q followers who post information that is connected by hashtags. But we should start or improve a Q special forces of veteran Q anon researchers who have twitter accounts, to tweet@/reply/challenge/debate libs, influential people, conservatives, etc..

I did it this morning and I got so much more feedback then just using the hashtag, I reply to one guy and 10 more of his buddies chime in to debate me as well. This is who we should be targeting, the people who have no idea/think they know it all. Plus it gets the opportunity for the target's followers to read the discussion between the two of you and see your hashtags and your points you make, links you post, etc.

The special forces would have to be only the elite of us who can handle civil debate and have loads of supporting evidence (links,news,gov. documents, etc.) on hand and at the ready.

What would need to be done:

Create a playbook of debate strategies

Create a database of verified Q connections to POTUS, to news articles, to past historical events, etc.. 'The proofs' to support the debate strategies.

Create a target list

I can see 30, well read, well informed, and well sourced anons, strategically disemmenate a standardized Q message to those hotshot 10k-100k+ follower twitter account's posts and comments section, and it would be deadly. The amount of exposure you get from debating randoms' is crazy.

If this is already a thing, sign me up, if not we should definitely get this going.

f91965 No.913740

3f5836 No.918852


These are excellent, did you have them made by Vistaprint online?

aec57b No.919711

File: 3f561768a29ed03⋯.png (231 KB, 1821x303, 607:101, 4chan.png)

738c7c No.920321

File: b57e24d1ff5fe69⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 2444x1227, 2444:1227, MAKE IT RAIN QR code 1.jpg)

File: 8f8caefdb3e5a25⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1476x1080, 41:30, RAINMAKER3 incl best tweet….jpg)


Welcome anon. I'm eurt.

good idea, to unite.

wont go into lengthy discussion, since I believe heartfelt enthousiasm is great.

a few quick points, to get your reply on.

- Q told us there is a WT-sumthing fake clown derailment action going, discrediting us. So we have to be VERY careful what we say/do online

- we do not have 'elite anons'. LOL we do hv ppl that have been here from day 1 or 2. trusted anons.

- what we do in war room is not "about the hashtags'. its a 3 prong action, meant to spread redpills, make ppl curious. We'd love the help in spreading this further. The hashtags are only the LABEL on the story. We are the story. the story tells itself, for those who are interested. Making them interested, is what every anon does. with Q-uestions. With memes, with QR cards left in a public place.

In order to b effective, we anons need to be like water: adaptive and liquid. we need to stay ahead of the AI algoritms. centralization is not the thing: learning others to do whatever they feel like to get others interested, everyone in their own way: works.

We use the hashtags and the @potus to make sure new ppl know how to find us. And it'sm been proven again and again that no shadow banning can stop the curious from finding us.

I'm, shadowbanned almost every 2nd day and no matter what, my follow number keep goin up and up and up. this makes it easy to pin "the latest news" on my profile so that ppl hv an easy place to check out stuff.

Recently, I started a "red pill archive" on

wtf-is-QAnon.com or


Meant as

1) a friendly introduction to newbies (page 1) 2) vast archive of links to decent, checked, sourced info

3) explanation how to join, what ppl can do.

Would very much appreciate if you (and other anons) wud start collecting stuff online to link in the library. Make sure its DECENT and SOURCED. no aliens, no biblestuff and no flat earth unless Q tells us too.

i'm not famewhoring or making any money on the website, nor is it a honey pot. I've been here from day 1 and ppl know me (no doubt the clowns know me as well).

Q info central would be GREAT imho. so please. send me your links.

Meanwhile. work whatever plan you have into the 3 pronged theory we have here. With a bit of thinking, you'll figure it out.

wud appreciate anyones help. pls read top of thread and current graphs.

(lol this was the NON-LENGTHY reply)

738c7c No.920373






look around and watch the vid. share it if you feel like it. NORMIE FRIENDLY. explains everything. Archive still being added as we speak. will solve the problem.

I own domains, so FUCK THE CLOWNS. If they hack it, I have it re-done in no time.

Me knows HTML and its a simple site to redo.

738c7c No.920395

File: 749e7f3cd4d8f08⋯.jpg (22.04 KB, 530x530, 1:1, wtf is.jpg)


see pic

738c7c No.920399

Problem solved @ >>919711

390201 No.922453


Thanks for the reply, I checked out the page and the Iinks section I can't access. I will get back to you (I know where to find you ;)) when I can formulate the strategies to match with the links. I see where your coming from for the general plan for people who want to help, I still think that we need anons who travel into the jungle to debate and attract them back to the hashtag. Exposure is the most important thing at this point. I will look into forming the task force myself, because if you want something done right, you do it yourself.

738c7c No.923657

File: 6ecdfd17edb71d2⋯.jpg (157.28 KB, 840x490, 12:7, wth is qanon.jpg)


link r on the REDPILL page.

"if you want something done right…" hahahaha

A hint: DEBATING rarely wins ppl over.

they hit REPORT on twat and get u another (shadow) ban.

making them curious works TOP KEK

collect links, memes, articles, gawd knows what. share them, I'll list them, find others that wanna splash out a few tenners for a domain and link to eachother.

I just checked on google and duckduckgo today. FELL FROM MY CHAIR

LOOOOOOL => number UNO hahahahaha

since NY slimes started dumping on Q, i best get my stuff sorted FASSSST

here is a link to the red pill page

thats where all the links are gonna be. nice autist friendly without shitloads of irritating pix n stuff. just info

http:// www.wtf-is-qanon.com/redpill.html

442c44 No.923852


f91965 No.926044

File: a89a321512a08c0⋯.png (350.35 KB, 875x443, 875:443, Qs response to the FakeNew….PNG)

Hey y'all been crazy busy reaching out to larger groups in normie land. I definitely wanted to thank everyone for their input in The Weekly Storm. It seems like it was a success, I pulled it together in just a couple days with no talent. That could have never happened without input from YOU. Shame I got everybody on 2 different days the numbers would have been much more impressive.

And I'm sure you saw this but I didn't, one of the team shared it with me and I think it may have been for us. It was released right near the end of the storm. Either way, it has created a real buzz for bunches of people.

738c7c No.934947


all of us do our things, unseen, unheard, but with all our love and our hearts in the right place. We are all honored to know eachother!

61b2df No.935593

Shouldn't we be changing the hashtags in use? #InternetBillofRights needs to go IMO. Q has asked that we push #Conspiracy ?

Apr 4 2018 15:38:13 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 72997f 894658




Operation Q-T2810C.

False drops.

Bot push.

Future "Conspiracy" push to norms.

Bad mixed w/ good.


They are scared.


1790f4 No.935727

File: 9f1217bbad9fe60⋯.jpg (80.66 KB, 480x699, 160:233, 27waq0~2.jpg)

Fuck off

738c7c No.936777

clown spotted: ID: 1790f4 do not reply


738c7c No.936799


you are incorrect in suggesting that Q tells us to push the hashtag #Conspiray.

Nevertheless: I am putting forward to the anons a change in hashtag warfare in separate post. feel free to voice your opinion.

1790f4 No.937370

File: 17a76402943a41f⋯.jpg (88.36 KB, 473x473, 1:1, 26ohx0~2.jpg)

738c7c No.937996

ANONS, your opinions please

We've entered a new stage in the Great Awakening. I think an adaption in hashtag use is needed. Here's what I'm suggesting:


Theme: If you want to Make it Rain -> you'll have to be like Water.


Any message (tweet or whatever) we send to others serves any of the following goals:

1) Unite

2) Grow our numbers

3) Trigger the Curiosity of normies/sleepers

4) eXpose

5) RedPill

6) Protest

To do this, we need to follow the SAME STRATEGY, but NOT use the exact same words and style. We need to appeal to a VERY LARGE audience with different styles.

Also: as Q told us a 100 times: WE NEED TO BE UNITED AND ORGANIZED!

How to do this?.

==1) UNITE==We all use ONE hashtag: #QAnon in every message: FB,insta, tweet, replies, quoted twt. QR cards: NO MESSAGE leaves you hand without #QAnon on it (in the exact same spelling!)

==2) GROW OUR NUMBERS== Everyone of us is responsible for asking others or other groups to join us.It doesn't matter where they r from: as long as they follow the same method: we gottit made. This means that YOU have your best damned tweet explaining this and asking others to join PINNED TO YOUR PROFILE.

==3) Trigger the curiosity of normies/sleepers== Ask intriguing Questions. Add facinating memes.

==3, 4, 5 and 6== Depending on your intended message: add an extra hashtag that fits your goal best.

Examples: If you are Exposing something in the media, add #FakeNews.

If you are protesting censorship, demand an #InternetBillOfRights and add #Censorship

United, Organized Weaponized chaos

'''If you want to make it Rain, first be like water.”

Our total lack of structure is what makes it impossible to beat us. We adapt, we re-invent. However, if we want to red pill the entire planet, we must work together, without allowing /badguys to stop us with a simple (shadow)ban or whatever. The Chain can not be broken if each link can builds its own chain.

==>So everyone of us must make an effort to personally ask others to join in and follow our same decentralized and chaotic methods. A SIMPLE way to do this is to tw_t a perfect tw_t, that Xplains stuff and asks newbies to join. PIN THIS TO YOUR PROFILE. It's the first thing they will see and will get a LOT of Rts.

==>If you are shadowbanned on twat (shadowbantester.de): PIN that perfect tw_t to your profile &

spend the day in jail hitting FOLLOW on everyone of interest you can find. Go for the MAX. next day you're out of shadow ban and everyone follows you back. Bigly following when NOT shadowbanned will get you shadow banned, so save it for when you're shadowbanned..LOL LOL @Jack!


Besides #QAnon, pick any of [THE LIST] that best fits your message.

[The List] will contain versatile hashtags that will fit every possible narrative to come.

In order to ==MAKE IT RAIN== every anon is asked to pick at least [1] hash from [THE LIST].


Please drop your suggestions for [THE LIST] on the War Room thread >>834140

A definite selection will be made by the War room based on Stats etc. later today.

The (number) behind a # is the current number of original tweets/hour for that #.



#FakeNews (1000)

#GreatAwakening (500)

#InternetBillOfRights (190)

#Busted (35)

#Exposed (67)

#PedoGate (344)

#Hypocrite (56)

#Jail (110)

#Gitmo (50)

#Goodbye (45)

#LockHerUp (102)

#LockThemAllUp (104)

#LockHimUp (75)

#Traitor (80)

#Treason (50)

#PizzaGate (255)

#Pervert (50)

#ObamaGate (90)

#Hammer/#HammerTime (30)

#Sick (85)

Please drop your suggestions for [THE LIST] on the War Room thread >>834140

A definite selection will be made by the War room based on Stats etc. later today.

The (number) behind a # is the current number of original tweets/hour for that #.

738c7c No.938883


61b2df No.941642



0f2abc No.943572


suggestion idea dnf

Eurt, teach them to find trending hash,

using hashtags. org.

Anything under 1000, no good.

Anything above, twt away.

As u say, always use #QAnon.

Other 4 can be anything, but check .org

for acceptable twts per hour. And

check again periodically to make sure

hash is not dead.

idea only dnf

0f2abc No.943599


idea cont dnf

only reason to use hash less than 1000 twts

per hour is to make a point.

exmpl: #TrustSessions

idea dnf

f91965 No.943759


Love this plan

I like the #Conspiracy idea I think it will bring traffic to our twats etc.

looks like #FakeNews might be perfect for by Wednesday (Again) based on Q post there will be a bunch of it coming

I also like;

#Unite just saw #PatriotsUnite also good



Also pulled these from the speach




and I'll throw in another #Winning

I don't really understand the # concept.

1. People see it so its a recognition thing

2. People search it so it brings in ppl from outside the movement

So choosing one that is already on the outside that is popular but also unknowingly ties in might be good. Do we have any data on who our softest targets are?. As a hunch I would say vets, Most support Trump and they know just how screwed up the govt is, have seen it with their own eyes. Maybe there is a popular # with vets or other groups that would quickly embrace our movement once given the chance.


770cfc No.944193

Thank you 8 chan. Just want to say something about, you know, this big war (the biggest in A.D. history?) going on this moment. Fight as hard as you do. Don't change a thing. Keep to the plan. You anons do something we can't.

I've been an anon all my live. Always knew there were many of us and also knew that we had to stay anon. Now, thanks to God, Here comes President Donald J. Trump, Qanon and all those anons working the intertubes all those many years.

Don't spend much, just a little is enough. time worrying about us normies.

a157d7 No.947996

File: 75924ab77b3f3ca⋯.jpg (284.89 KB, 1536x765, 512:255, 75924ab77b3f3ca809fcc4d324….jpg)

028b7c No.949391

War Room Comment - all proposed hashtags seem to preach to the converted.

Would be more productive IMHO to target whatever top two or three are trending at the time.

This would force the enemy to spend time countering those tags instead of the current bread.

Just a thought!

738c7c No.950005

good morning anons



both great ideas! we need to work this into final version

>>943759 Dough, great ideas as always and mememagic enthousiasm


Yes, thank you for your opinion. War room fags still mulling over new approach. Let me assure you: YOU WILL LOVE IT GLORIOUS BASTARDS!


hey anon, we r just like you, enjoy and join us. only together, we can do this.

738c7c No.950010


GREAT ONE… we'll throw it into the battle plan (Right, Anons?)

738c7c No.950284


Dough, understanding the #hashtag concept is paramount. so pls ==prioritize understanding this.==

Algoritms look for # use. They know what trends, and it affects the narrative.


it's like the polling b4 the elections.

polls were throttled and faked, and #FakeNews fed the ppl wrong poll numbers, in order to influence it.

But THEY KNEW what the real deal was. Re-read the tweets between peter Strzok and his lover about "the insurance policy'. you can clearly see that at a certain point. THEY KNEW potus was doing GREAT in the polls.


Same thing applies here.

always, always always use #QAnon on anything you twat. Even on other platforms, in youtube vid tags, metatags on websites: comments on newsarticles: everywhere.

It DOES SHOW UP. even though tw)t may throttle the numbers that show up in twat stats, they still count. other ppl can find #QAnons. they just hit #QAnon in their search bar and either pick latest tweets or most important tweeters and they will start to follow. Ppl are curious. I have close to 9K followers now. imagine that. just another anon.

ANYONE of us can achieve this.

just follow the method: always #QAnon and always @realDonaldTrump (or @POTUS)


for the other hashes, I m doing a separate proposal (IDNF).

Hope you now fully understand this.

f91965 No.950543

File: af1e01ff7856e23⋯.jpg (273.2 KB, 419x516, 419:516, results of 4 4 2018 FakeNe….jpg)


yeah, already doing #QAnon 99%+

I think I've got it, always knew the narative deal, was sure about throttling counting in the final but I imagine it doesnt see daylight beyond the original twat, did I say anything contradictory? letme know

also dm

One of my group sent me this WED night

738c7c No.950561

File: 2d7739f9ac6fb20⋯.jpg (790.29 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, qanon 8-4-18.jpg)


great./.. here is a pic to prove the results

738c7c No.950619


you hv to be careful with those stats. its like the GEOTUS election polls: RIGGED AF. There are several sites that show "whats trending" and you can just see that it shows BS crap.

Ritetag.com and hashtags.org are the only ones that I know that are kinda reliable. I'd always use those to check. RiteTag is the big one, that has all the info. only thing is: he gives yesterdays results. hashtags.org is current. you have to compare the number of RTs on RiteTag with the number of TWEETS on hashtags. org.

If you look at the graph, you will see that the average yesterday on RITETAG was 2,166K tweets/hour with #QAnon (as an average of the entire day) and the last 24 hrs we're at 3K at 8 am. So WAY more at an moronic early hour. so: PUSH PUSH AND PUSH that hashtag.

738c7c No.950778


ANONS, your opinions please


Theme: If you want to Make it Rain -> you'll have to be like Water.


Any message (tweet or whatever) we send to others serves any of the following goals:

1) Unite

2) Grow our numbers

3) Trigger the Curiosity of normies/sleepers

4) eXpose

5) RedPill

6) Protest

To do this, we need to follow the SAME STRATEGY, but NOT use the exact same words and style. We need to appeal to a VERY LARGE audience with different styles.

Also: as Q told us a 100 times: WE NEED TO BE UNITED AND ORGANIZED!

How to do this?.

==1)UNITE== We all use ONE hashtag: #QAnon in every message: FB, insta, tweet, replies, quoted twt. QR cards: NO MESSAGE leaves you hand without #QAnon on it (in the exact same spelling!)

==2)GROW OUR NUMBERS== Everyone of us is responsible for asking others or other groups to join us.It doesn't matter where they r from: as long as they follow the same method: we gottit made. This means that YOU have your best damned tweet explaining this and asking others to join PINNED TO YOUR PROFILE.

==3)Trigger the curiosity of normies/sleepers== Ask intriguing Questions. Add fascinating memes.

==3, 4, 5 and 6== Depending on your intended message: add an extra hashtag that fits your goal best.

Examples: If you are Exposing something in the media, add #FakeNews.

If you are protesting censorship, demand an #InternetBillOfRights and add #Censorship

United, Organized Weaponized chaos

'''If you want to make it Rain, first be like water.”

Our total lack of structure is what makes it impossible to beat us. We adapt, we re-invent. However, if we want to red pill the entire planet, we must work together, without allowing /badguys to stop us with a simple (shadow)ban or whatever. The Chain can not be broken if each link can builds its own chain. Do what Chans do best. Be CHAOS. Hit them hard, hit them everywhere. Go all out in brilliant weaponized autism.

==>So everyone of us must make an effort to personally ask others to join in and follow our same decentralized and chaotic methods. A SIMPLE way to do this is to tw_t a perfect tw_t, that Xplains stuff and asks newbies to join. PIN THIS TO YOUR PROFILE. It's the first thing they will see and will get a LOT of Rts.

==>If you are shadowbanned on twat (shadowbantester.de): PIN that perfect tw_t to your profile &

spend the day in jail hitting FOLLOW on everyone of interest you can find. Go for the MAX. next day you're out of shadow ban and everyone follows you back. Bigly following when NOT shadowbanned will get you shadow banned, so save it for when you're shadowbanned..LOL LOL @Jack!

HASHTAGS: Besides #QAnon, Pick ANYTHING you want!


If it doesn't score over 250 tweets/hour: IT SUCKS. Either pick something better or send more than 250 tweets/hour yourself…LOL

Hashes that always score:





==>GO TO HASHTAGS.ORG TO CHECK YOUR CHOSEN HASHES. Hashtags.org is not throttled or faked. Most other sites are.

If you want to see how hashtags did yesterday: go to ritetag.com. Gives you a ton of information on which hashtags are used together and stuff.

Conclusion: WAR ROOM SUGGESTS EVERY ANON ADDS #QAnon to all messages & ADDS WHATEVER THEY WANT as for other hashtags.

how's that huh?

f91965 No.951012


permission to share this post with my groups

3efd68 No.951579


just a note,

Do not trust the last hour of

hastags. org.

aka the last data point.

That will always appear to be down,

just the way their system is built,

i suppose.

so imo hashtags. org is dependable but

that last data point is not determined

until after the hour is over, so the last data point can be misleading.

so imo accept all data points except final one.

3efd68 No.951658

Conclusion: WAR ROOM SUGGESTS EVERY ANON ADDS #QAnon to all messages & ADDS WHATEVER THEY WANT as for other hashtags.

pretty good, keep in mind no more than 5 total,

hash, always add @POTUS.

idea dnf

don't use a hash if it's not over 800 twts per

hour verified at hashtags. org.

unless making a point exm: #TrustSessions

keep in mind not to use the last data point,

as it is not set yet.

idea dnf = do not fire

3efd68 No.951765

idea dnf simple instructions.

Push 5 hash max.

#QAnon on all twts.

4 optional but verify at hashtags. org

that each hash used is over 800 per hour.

Even #Coffee would be acceptable, IF over

800 twts an hour.

idea dnf


As time goes on, the more advance graph

that Eurt displays will make more sense,

from ritetag. com.

Ritetag is a day behind, so do not use that

to verify hashes are over 800perHour for

current day. Instead use hashtags .org to

verify current twts per hour, but ignore final

data point, as it is not set yet.

3efd68 No.951818


still in planning phase, dnf = do not fire.

Once we all agree, then can share.

If share too early, then have to go back and

correct, if we make changes, subtract,

delete, etc.

Too many corrections, people lose patience

and confidence.

Try get plan perfect, less corrections, easy


738c7c No.952133




(sorry, was making dinner)

we're still brainstorming, so hold ur horses.

think graphic: I want to use a pic of a tidal wave, with HUGE #QAnon and lotsa other small hashes, little symbols/logo's

+ short explanation. How does that sound?

We need to put trust in the brilliant autism. Give them some tools, and set them free. It's what makes them great. Its what made them get that flag in under 48 hours. The time is here. The Wave is coming. Just #QAnon as a binder and let them pick and choose whatever they want. it's the #QAnon that has to splash down on every coast, and it's already doing that.

Let the chans, the normies, the discords, the Redditters throw out ANYTHING they wany. Release all the shit we have. Flood CNN and every other MSM with it, send it everywhere. to large companies, to small companies. leave QR cards (and all the other things)

I think it time…


What do you say??

====>>> pls do not fire UNTIL I FIX THE GRAPH (will start on it right now, will show test versions for you to comment on)

738c7c No.952477

File: d24969c08d140ec⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, biggest wave1.jpg)

File: 29fba6b17647831⋯.jpg (169.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, extreme wave1.jpg)

File: b37dc27bee57dda⋯.jpg (120.5 KB, 2000x1090, 200:109, huge1.jpg)

File: 1e303494a2cadf8⋯.jpg (714.77 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, sanfran tsunami.jpg)

File: 487a89be67a1b1f⋯.jpg (106.68 KB, 1438x960, 719:480, surfer wave.jpg)

posting waves, pls pick fav design. If wave has a surfer on it. will change it into GEOTUS surfing

738c7c No.952498

File: 8e42b122b5af536⋯.jpg (607.85 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, tsunami1.jpg)

File: d26a2443b881fa8⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 1100x608, 275:152, wave 1.jpg)

File: 05aea31d9fdd17b⋯.jpg (475.02 KB, 2048x1391, 2048:1391, wave2.jpg)

738c7c No.952629

File: 9c32a75fe8d6879⋯.jpg (208.32 KB, 1100x608, 275:152, wave 1 cnn.jpg)

This nice???

Imagine all the hashes, pepe's etc in the wave

f91965 No.952655

I like all, would avoid 4, seems destructive

as a small image

fav is #7, looks like he is embracing the incoming storm

3efd68 No.952719


so far all recent ideas seem good.

The rough draft graphic you are currently

working on will indicate further revision

or ready to fire.

Basically keep it simple, so newbies can join.

Very important for us to get truth out.

Just as important for people to join us in our

efforts, so directions/concept needs to

be simple as possible. Can't ask too much,

but enough must be done to create a change.

Recent ideas posted are all great and in

the right direction, so last piece is graphic,

as far as twtr effort goes.

Other efforts are also underway such as FB

effort, Discord, etc. On those, tactics must

be modified to fit those system models. I can

only comment twtr, where I been testing.

Keep them separate in your minds, the tactics.

The idea is same, spread info, get people to

join. How? That is what we search for. If

you have tactic ideas, test them, if great

results, report them here and work with others

on same platform.

Those that know twtr, don't know Discord,

so keep them separate in mind for now, tactic

wise. What might work good on twtr, might not

work so good other platforms, etc.

738c7c No.952807

File: 10ecb473d4c7f9b⋯.jpg (812.93 KB, 1200x695, 240:139, biggest wave potus.jpg)

File: 9c32a75fe8d6879⋯.jpg (208.32 KB, 1100x608, 275:152, wave 1 cnn.jpg)

File: e148c4d37d1c668⋯.jpg (948.39 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, tsunami1 cnn.jpg)


yup. no sanfran

how bout these ?

738c7c No.952839


Thanks none…

so.. thinking along your lines…

what wud b best as "most inclusive" ?

Wave hitting hated CNN or POTUS riding huge wave?

3efd68 No.952845


i like 3,

reminds me of an anon,

surfing ahead of the wave.

3efd68 No.952896


i like #7 also,

"embracing the incoming storm"

738c7c No.954090



thanks, I posted the Question on general when Q was posting (i asked Q >>LOL) some 1-post anon said Potus surfing on big bad ass wave was best. he added that cnn wasnt worth the attention and that the dark wave wud scare the normies.

So… I'll pick potus surfing. of to make a graph now. you enjoy Q posts, i hv work to do.

738c7c No.954568

File: dc6e57acc6e33f9⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

so far so good??

81eb98 No.955334

File: df14a582398fed7⋯.jpg (52.02 KB, 600x400, 3:2, school-prayer.jpg)


I will forever believe America's moral decline started by removing prayer from schools. Restore God to restore America.

Chuck Nellis @ChuckNASCAR

738c7c No.955370


chuck, give ur input on the graph concept in >>954568 ok?

738c7c No.955861

File: 092aaf128a61933⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, WAAAAVE1.png)

Ok anons. here it is.

f91965 No.956092


beauty, signed copy plz

738c7c No.956566


thanks Dough. will write the instructions as FASSSSST as I can. pls talk to your group: operation THE WAVE starting now: in short: THROW EVERYTHING AT THEM.

as long as every msg has #QAnon (exact same spelling and capitalized letters) on it.

c68ec2 No.957368

File: d62b6a26911c71a⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 650x520, 5:4, RidersOnTheStormREEEE.jpg)


Good morning, just wanted to give all the patriots and our Eurw@r room cmdr. some positive energy and a prayer for all your tiredless energy!!

Together, we will be victorious,


Tiredanon out

738c7c No.957394

File: 02aa88f2692ef44⋯.jpg (631.58 KB, 1024x1208, 128:151, TEKST WAVE1 JOIN.jpg)

File: 092aaf128a61933⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, WAAAAVE1.png)


hey tired anon!

Just finishes making some shit, wanna see?

738c7c No.957442




1) #QAnon on anything and everything

2) spread the MEME and the graph with explanation for normies and newbies

3) THROW EVERYTHING AT THE CABAL YOU CAN FIND. DROWN THEM IN THEIR SCANDALS AND SHIT. (just make sure you double check your material. don't spread fake stuff)


c68ec2 No.957483

File: 45d689b6dd8b240⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, 800:533, hehehehehehehehe.gif)


I had a feeling you were still up (late).

And yes, always! Small celebration here for the Victory against the EU in Hungary elections!

738c7c No.957561


OMFG i missed that! thats GREAT!!!!!


c68ec2 No.957660

File: d8dc08540fb5596⋯.jpg (191.92 KB, 902x789, 902:789, Pepe's Allegory of the Cav….jpg)


>OMFG i missed that! thats GREAT!!!!!

Shadilay, shadilalay my fellow patriot!

I think you got everything under control, but if you need me to help out in the meme/gfx dept., I got a little more time to spare now o7

Just let me know if I can be of assistance with anything (I still don't tw@t or do other social media, but it seems you got the shadowbanning reasonably under control)

489511 No.966494

File: d3196eba95a12e3⋯.jpg (61.75 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Diomand Silk Censored.jpg)

good day to push #InternetBillOfRights

738c7c No.967807



01571b No.968311

738c7c No.968448




pls explain and let me RT everywhere

738c7c No.968549


nvm found it. Thanks anon! will make it into a Q-ish QR code and post it here.

01571b No.969100



eeb3a0 No.969430

what up all, I'm looking for the guy from 4chan who was posting chandler's docs. hmm I guess this has been the real spot for a long time huh

cd1471 No.970785

Hello nons, I have been pushing the basic attack plan from the war room and will continue to ramp that up. Also I'm getting ready to have a meeting to determine Wednesdays weekly attack. I would value any suggestions for a specific Target on top of all the usual tags.

738c7c No.971199


how about #LetsSueFaceBook

check on general asap

class action law suit

cd1471 No.971308


Im down for whatever, just got off work and out of the loop. If we can agree somewhat strongly on something here in war room, i will take it str8 to TRM if not I will use all ideas here and add TRM groups ideas and pick. Lot of dedicated ppl in that group

7fd122 No.971434

File: 03a13e71b86e543⋯.png (20.45 KB, 574x257, 574:257, Lawsuit.PNG)

738c7c No.971458

File: 63353486713c8bd⋯.png (283.6 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1a.png)

File: 4f400c5f9028f24⋯.jpg (645.61 KB, 1496x1246, 748:623, fb sue em.jpg)

File: 51c7921c3104c2d⋯.png (569.94 KB, 1080x948, 90:79, fuck zuk.png)

File: 46ffbbe8434417d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 919x4161, 919:4161, fukbook1.png)

File: bce19c4274db744⋯.jpg (46.22 KB, 674x500, 337:250, spy.jpg)


Extra Hashtag to be added:

special opps


there is a class action started. everyone can join in to sue fukbook. There is a separate sub thread digging some moar. for now, we can push the hashtag. Your team on board, dough?

738c7c No.971474


thanks dough, this will b FUN!

ask TRM to send a twat @me on my primairy acct, so I can RT and grab the new memes.

2c45ac No.971517


Today, QPOTUS hints focus CA. CA i think is

California issues. 04/09/18 (Mon)

2c45ac No.971540


I heard be cautious about this, might be info

gathering from enemy. Was sound advice imo.

Just a cation, that's all, carry on.

2c45ac No.971557


i also saw this hash. #FBClassAction

2c45ac No.971712


cancel this hash,

use #LetsSueFaceBook.

Together, organize, TY.

738c7c No.971723


sorry, we've changed it after 3 threads of debate.

hashes need to be perfect. Remember #TheMemo and #ReleaseTheMemo ?

War room picked #ReleaseTheMemo. a shot heard around the world.

BTW have just contacted that law firm.

738c7c No.971731


its ok, its nto about the money, its FUN!

@JusticeDotOrg is their twat

f91965 No.971815


gonna have to narrow down non? lol


d65d2f No.971887



tracy beans is satanist,was pic of her interview with 2dildo on her background.

youtube segistting her video to everyuone i know

2c45ac No.971946

2c45ac No.971996


lol more important things right now the TB d's,

still funny tho. I still haven't done research

on her, but there is so much else that needs

to be shared imo. TY tho.

f91965 No.972032


follow trm and message me, i have no clue how you guys know who is who lol

2a48cc No.972089


No need for concern. A Navy vet had already started a class action against FB and that is the name of the firm involved.

2a48cc No.972095


@B and @TB are 2 different people, FYI.

2c45ac No.972154


TY for update.


oh was just using TB for Tracy Beans initials,

not twt stuff. saying more important things

to share/discuss than TracyBeans d's (dildos).

Yeah utube always trying to get me to watch

her also, but better videos available so never

watch hers, so i barely know anything about

her, and I feel like I don't need to. TY 4

keeping me informed tho.

2c45ac No.972285


shoot, the best show on,

is UALL. (you all).

TY ALL. (thank you all).

f3a1d4 No.974495


The "Navy Vet" that started the shilled FB lawsuit is LEFT WING

Cite: http:// www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/courts/sd-me-facebook-lawsuit-20180405-story.html

The 619 AC law firm is a CONFIRMED Feinstein / Kamela Harris supporter and is spamming boards looking for Anon phone #'s and personal info.


https:// www.opensecrets.org/donor-lookup/results?name=&cycle=&state=&zip=&employ=Blood+hurst&cand=

Research ALL potential hostiles. Especially persistent hostiles.

Exercise PERSEC on ALL offers and solicitations.

Identify similar posts on other boards and alert as to true nature.

No class action puts in observed effort for a handful of additional clients. NOT cost-effective. Data trawling.

Find Legit law firm on our side for FB lawsuit. Not some firm who is going after Bannon.

2c45ac No.975454


wtf, for real.

Eurt, check this out, advise room, double

check sauce. I will begin doing same.

I suggest cease fire FB lawsuit effort until

we get this straighten out. wtf.

" LEFT WING" if he was a good guy, i wouldn't

care as much, but have definitely check the

left hand/eye.

" CONFIRMED Feinstein / Kamela Harris"

jus great.

"looking for Anon phone #'s and personal


that's' not good if correct.

" Especially persistent hostiles."

yes, good rule.

"alert as to true nature."

confirm, if confirmed tell others when you see


I checked links, >>974495 anon appears

right on most statements. 2xcheck. adjust

fire. Excellent eyes >>974495 anon. TY.

Article states "to file a class-action lawsuit "

so is a class action, but I don't know law,

so maybe it is not a class, although

article says classAction lawsuit. Either way,

person is left, blood hurst supports Dems.

Not sure we can get behind that.

Suggest follow Anon >>974495 advice.

"Find Legit law firm on our side for FB

lawsuit." No biggie, adjust fire, TY Anon.

2c45ac No.975549

"Find Legit law firm on our side for FB


Next step find legit class action effort/ law

firm. start for step 1. no biggie, we didn't

do to much for initial effort anyway. If some

did, not must clear, worst part of a mistake,

when we gotta report to followers, lol.

Keep in mind, rush leads to mistakes. This

is example, unless these facts were known

before push, but i doubt that. i know i didn't

double check like i should have.

Again no biggie, not to far into mission,

simply adjust fire, requires new CA suit to

be found to support. Gh.

2c45ac No.975569

File: db0a6ccb5d79baa⋯.jpg (165.72 KB, 1047x697, 1047:697, BloodHurst.jpg)


f91965 No.977119

>>974495 excellent work

>>975454 agreed

f91965 No.977234

still need a target for wednesday, Attack is still on

f3a1d4 No.977411


Thank you. They are persistent:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/976746.html#q977228

Makes one think they are actively data mining. Could have bots or farm to boot. Text seems repetitive.

There will be a zillion firms rolled up into one. Why any firm would go to the trouble of learning the board and capturing Q posts in their (now gone) cheezy ad is suspect.

5e96e5 No.980363

Whitehouse is asking for feedback on marijuana classification.

https:// www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA-2018-N-1072-0001

Let's play the game and get some momentum behind this?

738c7c No.981133



pls SUE FUKBOOK FAGS, i cant find your subthread. work together. I found some shit out for the rest of the world too, lets make a list for ppl to choose frmo, who they want to join to sue the F out of FB.

Make it into a MEME/GRAPH and throw it out there. Meanwhile: pls keep the Hashtag #LetsSueFaceBook it has to breathe into life. Remember: 2 BILLION fb users that wil; b very happy to sue someone. (and use #QAnon in their msg)

738c7c No.981135


It's magic. Gonna work on website now. its kinda busy here. LOL

738c7c No.981186



* class action is great idea

* dont be scared of lefty firm finding out who you are if you call. All you are is another FB user.

there is no such thing as internet security

Clowns can EASILY find out who you are if they want to.


there was a sub thread for CA LAWSUIT

It seems to be gone now (BRAVO CLOWNS FOR SCARING PPL)

this is what I found out:

- Several CA suits currently going.

- everyone in USA/CA sues Fukbook USA

- the rest of the world sues fukbook Ireland.


LawFirms found looking for clients:

BHO CAL firm (as noted previous)

Law firm Hagens Berman

Attorney John Yanchunis of law firm Morgan & Morgan (complaint already filed Case 5:18-cv-01732-HRL )


https:// www.fbclaim.com/ui/page/faqs

https:// www.fbclaim.com/ui/register


we can make it into a graph and let ppl choose who the want to pick.

==> its not about the money… its just GREAT FUN.

738c7c No.981188


true. pls check >>9881186

738c7c No.981199


that doesnt necessary make the lawfirm BAD, but lets make a list of law firms and have ppl choose for themselves.

Please check out my previous request and findings on several lawfrms and add to it, so that we can present General with a nice graph, a list, a hashtag and throw it out there.

738c7c No.981219


dough….are you asking us to be psychic?

===> learn your team to be their own team, what to do when shadowbanned, explain hashtags, explain how to check progress and explain all the other things they can do besides twatting.

Target is always #QAnon and news determines what will b the route to take. #LetsSueFaceBook is a nice plan. you must stop and think you and your group can pick 1 new hashtag and make it trend. Thats not how it works. its not what this is all about. its about waking ppl up. EVERYWHERE. Ask your team help out make a list of lawfirms. makea graph listing them all, explain stuff in the graph. Make memes. put #QAnon and #LetsSueFaceBook on it and start firing them.

Q orders, remember?

738c7c No.981262

more about CA LAWSUITS

1) filed on March 20 by ==Fan Yuan== in the same court. It names Facebook, Inc., Mark E. Zuckerberg, and David M. Wehner as defendants.

Yuan’s complaint indicates that the company’s failure to disclose that third parties had such deep access to personal information gave investors a false and misleading view of the company. The class action investor lawsuit indicates that the revelations about Cambridge Analytica cause the company’s stocks to drop, costing investors billions.

2) One of the Facebook class action lawsuits was brought by Maryland resident Lauren Price, who filed a complaint (PDF) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on March 20, against Facebook, Inc. and Cambridge Analytica.

Price seeks class action status to pursue damages on behalf of herself an the 50 million other Facebook users who had their data disclosed in 2014, before the company changed a policy restricting access to the information. The data was collected by Aleksandr Kogan, a data scientist who developed an app that collected data from Facebook users.

According to Facebook officials, they contacted the company and asked them to delete the data. But there are some indications, including at least one whistleblower who worked with data research firm, that the data was never deleted. Instead, it was allegedly turned over to the Donald Trump presidential election campaign.

“This case involves the absolute disregard with which the Defendants have chosen to treat Plaintiff’s Personal Information,” Price’s lawsuit states. “While this information was supposed to be protected, and used for only expressly disclosed and limited purposes, CA, without authorization, or by exceeding whatever limited authorization it, or its agents, had, improperly collected the Personal Information of nearly 50 million Facebook users. Facebook, for its part, knew this improper data aggregation was occurring and failed to stop it, or actively avoided discovering such knowledge in order to profess supposed ignorance.”

sauce: https:// www.aboutlawsuits.com/facebook-class-action-lawsuits-141640/


MORGAN AND MORGAN: www.forthepeople.com

seems like best option… any others????

738c7c No.981274

Current CA cases morgan & Morgan

https:// www.forthepeople.com/class-action-lawyers/

looks nice..LOL

7c3178 No.981461


Not looking for psychics, if we make something trend it absolutely brings awareness and it motivates more normies to get involved, thats when ppl wakeup, when they look for themselves. It also gets YTers talking about it, which leads to exposure. Q said get organized, everyone doing their own thing isn't "organized". I involve my group in the decision making process but you guys do the most research and have the most current intel. How is me asking for suggestions counter productive? #LetsSueFacebook, is the perfect example. One minute its perfect, next minute its possibly a bad idea, I do not do the research you guys are doing. I literally spend all of my time recruiting, organizing, and training. If i made a hundred memes i would not be helping that much, there are plenty of them, if ppl dont wake up with what is already produced, theyre not gonna. Not everyone can make memes, that requires initiative. "My" team is our team, but TRM are mostly normal people many never tweeted before. They know how fucked everything is but not tech savy. They want to help, I am getting them involved and then getting them to share memes and i encourage making their own. No fire without a spark. I am letting them know to get more envolved daily.

I guess we just totally disagree about the whole thing.

a8be5d No.981560


>#WeThePeopleVsFacebook is a good way of group a bunch of concerns in one #,

>use the info to redpill family & friends, they will feel betrayed & possibly concerned (raw emotion)

>let normies do the leg work, stay anon. fags are more valuable doing the research

>the shock could be enough for them to start questioning

<o godspeed patriots

738c7c No.981566


LOL no we don't disagree.. we agree.

you're doing fine dough.

Just always use #QAnon and go with the flow, add whatever you like

#LetsSueFaceBook will be a thing. still reasearching law shit

738c7c No.981573


we'll sort it out. currently digging law firms.

feel free to dig up a few more if you want

9d1c49 No.981761

It's all good.

We had a set back.

That's what happens to teams.

Especially, when rushing,

Especially with badGuys operators working


Expect it.

Be angry about, be frustrated, but stay

together, forgive each other, forgive

yourselves, forget about it, past is a block

of ice, can't change. Future can be anything.

Only way to learn the specifics is by

failing and starting over. Failing is not the

end, only part of the process.

Suggestion, ideas, dnf

Eurt, maybe, decided how important sue FB is

compared to dispensing red pills. Qleft the

idea of suing to us, we can pass it on,

and stay quick with the red pills. Basically,

just pass on the message as Qgave it to us.

Let normies decided it they want to pursue or

not. If anons8 want to do sue face book,

maybe new room. Once they are organized,

bring their suit to us, and we twt it out.

Keeps us doing what we do best.

Dough, sounds like you have some good

people in your team. We are lucky to have

u/them. Keep them together and ready.

It's like we have capabilities we didn't have

b4 and now we have to figure out what we

can do, what we can't do, now with more

potential/help. You say Wednesday. We will

have something end of today. At first we keep

it simple, must go slow, or break the effort or make mistakes.

e. suggestions, ideas, dnf = do not fire.

9d1c49 No.981850

File: 2300c38d72070ee⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 1035x507, 345:169, sueFB.jpg)

suggest idea dnf

Eurt, #letssuefacebook not going so well.

Means several things.

It's not helping currently, not getting us

exposure, not trending hash.

If we use it, we are either trying to make it

trend, but we don't have enough firepower

to make hash trend YET. Other thing is we

are trying to make a statement, but this is

pushing idea to sueFB, not making a


So imo the hash is a drag, not wind in our

sails. Also, the hash is long, and we all hate

a long hash. With no activity on the hash, now

is our chance to adjust fire on the hash.

General room easily helps pick a hash, but

they won't help push the hash seems like,

otherwise the graph wouldn't be flat.

Eurt, you are good at seeing the hash

and what it's doing, use that knowledge,

find one that is doing well, over 1000 rts

per hour, that will help us with exposures,

and make a statement, same time, perfect

twts with perfect hash, great combo imo.

e. idea dnf

be0a66 No.982165


I want to learn. I have tried many times to post, but I keep getting thread is too long.

6ac08f No.982615


Agreed most lawfirms will be lefties, most lawyers are. What is highly suspect is a lefty firm coming on this board and actively soliciting anons for a suit naming BANNON in addition to FB. Also inordinate # of socks for said firm in lawsuit thread and consecutive breads (BHO law appears as small office ~10 personnel)

Another anon mentioned the following firm, I have not researched beyond looking at their suit page:

https:// www.hbsslaw.com/cases/facebook-users-privacy

Their complaint clearly listing FB as sole defendant is here:

https:// www.hbsslaw.com/uploads/case_downloads/facebook/hagens-berman-facebook-users-privacy.pdf

Of course tptb can figure out who we are. What is not needed is a suspicious firm with highly unusual actions (coming here and spending a lot of effort to get a few more bodies for a CA) getting our info. The suit will happen and all will be combined, so any typical big firm is as good as any, but one individually chosen. Far too much FaceBucks up for grabs for law firms to ignore.

Here is another firm which is suing FB and Cambridge Analytics but (not Bannon) in both the US & UK

https:// www.yahoo.com/amphtml/finance/news/class-action-lawsuit-filed-against-134900300.html

The suit will happen with or without our assistance (although I agree we should sign up, but via different channels)

738c7c No.983992



>just pass on the message as Qgave it to us

Agreed, just need to find out the lawfirm(s) and phonenumber(s)

make a few memes and throw the info on thread and website(s).

Its just a part, but an IMPORTANT part.

INFO is what "they" want & need. Without it, we win.

All it takes is a few phonecalls. let the lawyers sort it out.

I do need a US anon to call a few numbers I found to get info.

Cant (EU) do it myself.


I saw that, checked this morning. Not weird, since I am SHADOWBANNED AGAIN LMAO.

How about:



#SueThemAll etc (spew more if you can think of fun things. it must b something that makes "the little guy" LAUGH when they see it and start RTing.

>general anons are fabulous, but. herding cats. We (small groups here and there) are the engine that makes the war going. General digs, they tweet too, but are chaotic. thats fine. they're brillant

738c7c No.984002


posts cant be over a set amount of caracters. try giving short message. whats your speciality. what do you want to help with.

738c7c No.984068

>>982615 ==agree, no suspicious firms==

morgan and morgan is the best one I found

877 667 4265

who wants to call them, ask if they indeed to the class action lawsuit vc FB and if "we" can join?

from what I've read, they do both US and Foreign case, as partner firm in UK filed on behalf of UK victims.

We need to know

1) if we can join and how? can we just give out phone number?

2) can they EU victims also call them? If not, what # should they call?

3) can they make an online form?

4) are they wiling to tweet that ppl can call them, and use #QAnon or #Q in their tweet asking ppl to come forward?

I cant find their twitter name on their website.

Looks likea GREAT firm, look at what they did and won… WOW!

738c7c No.984079


>https:// www.yahoo.com/amphtml/finance/news/class-action-lawsuit-filed-against-134900300.html

thats forthepeople.com (=Morgang &Morgan)

738c7c No.984227


I Filled out the contact form and asked some questions thu Email.

If any anon wants to call them, pls do. 24/7

738c7c No.985239


have also contacted fiegerlaw.com

for general inquiry.

will keep you posted.

738c7c No.986135


Flieger: NONONO

9d1c49 No.987602

Dough, if still looking for a mission for your

team, , i suggest doing a delete facebook push.

Use @Snowden twts from today, absorb the information, and share it with your team's audience.

If looking for hash, create your own for your

team, 5 max. Use #QAnon as 1 of 5, if

possible. It's ok if your team objects #QAnon,

use any 5 your team wants.

292cd7 No.989300

Will there be another IBOR push in light of recent events? Was there a reason this was dropped?

1a1e98 No.989518


TRM crew is great, we always do #QAnon and ours #TheRainMakers

We can always do our own thing but it seems to make sense to follow your lead if something was hitting hard we'd jump on it too, if y'all are staying away from something, thats good to know too. We would like to work as a team. Sometimes a joint attack sometimes not.

Im at sporting events right now but i was thinking about going with an activist approach there is a free julian assange petition, theres a shut down the ses petition and of course I..B..O..R..

Was gonna ask TRM about supporting Diamond and Silk

All of which should get us exposure for the group

Need to discuss with them

335a00 No.989919

Lurker here. checking the scoop on class action. I'm looking for which firm or firms this board will consider pushing to normies. I think this is really important. People are happy to sign up for class actions suits. it's so easy to do. It really doesn't even require much explanation to people. They just need to know where to go. I saw Hagens Berman on main thread, but wasn't sure if that was finalized. Just need one that isn't working for the clowns, doing damage control.

Also, what about hashtags. Probably just me, but Q said public would decide.



9d1c49 No.990234


Thank TRM crew from us here in war room,

we appreciate all help, esp theirs.

As far as work goes, imo start slow, find your

limits, if push to hard, break things, so easy

mission, like i mentioned earlier, learn

Snowden's tweets for today, facts about FB

that he dropped, not the opinions, just the

facts. He retweets others also, so learn those

also, the retweet information against FB.

Once know the info, easy to answer questions

about why FB not good right now. After

hearing some of Suckerberg answers, they

are not going to change for the better, might

as well end them. Now is a good time, when

their tummy is exposed. Of course, TRM

decide what's best for y'all.

IBOR PETITION is over. #InternetBillofRights

still push for those on tweeter platform. We

are not large enough for IBOR PETITION

right this moment, need time to grow, then

try again. Keep pushing the hash until we

hear different from QPOTUS. I believe that

is how Qteam is measuring the dedicated,

but of course that's just a guess.

Only thing to stay away from is like flat earth,

aliens, and religion. Hard to prove, much

arguing. Stay with the stuff EASY to prove,

so if someone calls you a liar, you can

quickly easily prove yourself right. And if

they still don't listen, move on, no arguing

or yelling or fighting. Wasted energy, makes

us look bad. Focus on being polite, respectful,

so word gets out "Oh TRM, those people are


"free julian assange petition, theres a shut

down the ses petition"

Both good pushes imo. If i pick one, free JA.

Easy to do both I think, 2 links, half page

each on flyer. Use evidence why to free JA or

shut down SES. i'm concerned about SES,

because AIM was pushing that SES was

deepstate and Sessions is part of SES, which

might be true, but we were told byQ, trust

Sessions. AIM says Sessions deepstate,

so we must choose. Personally I chooseQ and imo, AIM are shills, not helping, hurting Qmovement.

I like Diamond and Silk and as far as I can

tell, people should support them. I do and I

will until I hear different or learn different.

Thanks for TRM and ur efforts. Good hunting


9d1c49 No.990413


We are still working on possible white hat

firms to sign up with for suit against FB.

Our first attempt was suspect so re-group

was in order.

Eurt found this one: >>984068 but she also

had questions that need answers. If you do

call them, please report back, if you would.

No problem either way. That's all we have

here in war room.

Fiergerlaw or Flieger was mentioned by

Eurt then "NONONO" >>986135 so not sure

what's going on there. Avoid it for now, until

Eurt clarifies.

"Q said public would decide."



We here have the power to sway people.

We have done much research.

We are closer to the truth.

People will consider our thoughts.

We can spread our collective opinion,

with our tactics/methods,

especially if we unite,

which can change minds.

What would you tell them if they ask you,

should we regulate or kill FB?

imo that's what Qmeant "people… decide".


36afdb No.990505


Kill, there is no way to regulate. It is crooked and connected to too much crime. Gab and other competitors can now open and no longer have to be afraid of gangster tactics bc of FB's existence. They are too deep into corruption. MZ wants to leave our children open to predators and we would be crazy to leave this platform open.

335a00 No.990670



Thank you for update on firms. I'll keep this is mind should i come across some info.

Though my opinion is to kill, maybe it's about putting both hashtags out there. Not sure, just an opinion. I think Q was definitely making a point, though i'm not sure if that was it.

Thank you for all the critical and important work the war room is doing.

335a00 No.990705


Forgot to add, maybe a competition between the 2 hashtags? a vote? If nothing else to increase awareness?

9d1c49 No.992528


I agree, FB needs to go. Suckerberg didn't

answer well enough. Also, a point needs to be

made to these big companies, who really

controls their existence.


Agreed, end FB.

Pushing both ideas, regulate or remove,

with a vote >>990705 is good idea. It will

open eyes and make people think and

understand, they ultimately have the choice.

Also, imo there is a difference between

pushing hash and pushing idea. One day,

when we are large enough, they can be the

same thing. But now that we are small, they

must be thought of separately. I don't know

if I can explain why well enough, so trust

might be needed. Basically, because we are

small, we need to use the hash like a "wind

in sails", they help us spread our message

further with the right hash. And the right

hash may not be what we want to use. So

for now the message, "vote FB" and the

hash won't be similar. #Love will bring more

eyeballs than #LetsSueFaceBook. see

graph on >>981850. So for our efforts,

#Love would work better. This will be true

for many various hashes.

In future, once large enough, long from now

at this rate, we will be able to use any hash

we want because we would be so large,

all we have to do is announce and hour later

it will trend. We are far from that right now,

but it is possible, but only if many work

together. That's the KEY, not qKEY, but

twtrKEY. Gh.

6e2ccb No.992799


I saw we give each a liter of water and send 'em out into the desert.

We have to be careful how we handle this. We should avoid further atrocities.

While the cause is just, there's been enough death already

f91965 No.994575


Thanks, I will let them know

Appreciate the input

f91965 No.995147

This is what I have shared with TRM

"Sorry for the last minute decision. I have a good reason and some good news, more about that later. The target at the very last minute will be #SignThePetition (note the capital S T and P) to reference Julian Assange and the petition supporting him, there is a petition to shut down the SES (Senior Executive Services), 2 days left. I would also like to support Diamond and Silk, they are patriots.Of course Q has asked us to push Internet Bill Of Rights. That petition has been stalled but we can still bring awareness, it will be back. This is a great effort to help these folks fight censorship, and build our base from outside the typical Q movement. Good luck TRM #MakeItRain

ALWAYS - #TheRainMakers #QAnon #SignThePetition @POTUS

Include anything else i.e. #Censorship #FreeJulian #InternetBillOfRights @DiamondandSilk @JulianAssange #DiamondandSilk #(something ses or deep state)

Spelling counts, add memes, originals are better than retweets, so quickly like, RT and move on to original creations with memes. We will have ALOT more help next week.

https:// www.change.org/p/end-julian-assange-s-isolation …

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-unconstitutional-9000-senior-executive-services-ses-members-httpsyoutubeiffnt9jag2g …"

f91965 No.995164


https:// www.change.org/p/mark-zuckerberg-end-censorship-facebook-reinstate-diamond-silk-they-are-not-dangerous-to-the-community?recruiter=416679422&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition

f8b85a No.995618



Awesome, good luck, good hunting. On

Thurs, ask Eurt do a report on your results.

More specifically, hashtags. org on Thurs,

because it only goes back a day. Ritetag. com on Friday because it lags a day. If

you have time check those sites out, try

some hash ideas in the search box for

practice. I believe Ritetag. com, must sign

up to see graphs, but can still see numbers

without signing up. Hashtags. org very simple, free one day back, self-explanatory.

Eurt is real good at making those graphs.

The ritetag. com probably won't make sense

right away, took me awhile, but now it's

easier to understand, so if your like huh?

don't worry, time will reveal. i will support

throughout the day, some days are good,

some days no RTs (retweets =Rts), depends

on the ppl and their mood, lol. Gh.

738c7c No.996111

File: 576a28ff9314716⋯.png (232.58 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 240512fdfffec17⋯.png (225.78 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d8584bc286f3cd⋯.png (232.55 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e7f7a8e28627c96⋯.png (264.55 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 75c82980724f1a0⋯.png (194.11 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Morning anons!

Praise for all your great idea exchanges in here. Proud of what I see. We are truly working together. here's the latest:.

1) #LetsSueFaceBook was born! it's alive and breathing. If we want it, we can use it. Here's some other examples FYI.

It's always nice to see a hashtag being born. All alone in the middle of nothing. PLs note: 75% of non-english speakers use this hashtag(!!!!) potential!

Q said: it's up to us to decide who we want to keep alive and who we want killed (platforms)

IMHO the list is rather simple

FB & Google: kill: they own the scariests of things. octopus with 10 million tentacles. Kill it and scatter the pieces to the wind. How? Suing them and POOF they're gone.

TWat/jewtoob: The people regulate: info is OURS. they can not censor,

It's for the people to decide. THinking we need to make flyers pointing THAT FACT out.

grab a few quotes from little fucks statements yesterday, inform ppl that THEY have the power. GIve a few phone numbers, tell them to sue if they feel like it.

2) which lawfirms: Flieger responded to my inquiry: they wont do a CAL against FB

I still need a US person to give the other firm a call, cant do it from here.. anons, come on… I listed the Questions. pls do this, so that we have the info and can make a graph to spread.

as for hashes:

#QAnon on anything for all groups: GREAT

imho: killfb or regfb both: muh normies dont gettit.

Push needs to be YOU have the power. YOU decide. Wanna Sue? here's the number to cal.

Don;t care about your dickpix being sold. fine. stay asleep.

One very important thing regarding ==memes== several pix of little fuk sitting in a chair with a big fat pillow. he's short. VERY short. Can you see the comparison with the BIG WIZZARD OF OZZ? just a short scared dude in a bullet proof vest, behind a curtain with a bull horn. He is NOTHING. If we want. We can CRUSH his firm. Few CAL's and POOF.

When making graphs/memes, keep this in mind. Also: take a min to let your thoughts run free and come up with related hashtags on zucky and his big mouth. "GetShorty" comes to mind. you anons think of something. throw it in here and we'll pow wow.

Dough, keep in mind:

there are [5] hashes max to use in a twat. that makes you versatile to run with trends. sniffing them out on the wind demands autism talent. See if you can spot autists in your group.

We will watch general. and the news.

Still feel that #FakeNews can be powerful the coming days, added on whatever shit breaks. Keep it handy. BTW: seen the fake chem attack vid? thats powerful red pill stuff. normies understand that if they were shown only a PIECE of that vid….. it could trigger another WW…

738c7c No.996121

File: 376f439aa4d62e9⋯.png (230.93 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55fb5fcba77b414⋯.png (264.37 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

==Behold, the birth of TheRainMakers!


congrats, dough

d480ff No.996129


morning. nice graphics, reviewing,

good coffee this morn.

d480ff No.996232


good thoughts, good graphs,

as usual.

imo #DeleteFaceBook is the winner.

I recommend using for obvious reasons.

Others are born and weak. We are not

big enough to trend any hash yet, so we

have to ride the ones doing well.

Strong hash and our desired hash,

not yet the same thing. We are to small

of a group. Not enough influence, not

enough twtrs and RTers. So imo we are

forced to use what is already doing well,

example #DeleteFaceBook.

Only time to use a weak hash, imo, is

when making a statement for a particular

twt, such as #TrustSessions. It probably

has weak results right now, but used to

make a statement, used to track numbers.

Graphics 1-3 show this clearly, that our

desired hash and the correct hash are not

yet the same, imo. If we get large enough

one day, they can be the same, but only after

enough of us are committed to desired hash.

It's fun to born hash, but they really don't

serve us well at the moment, if we are

dispensing red pills.

Dispensing red pills, you want your words,

links, vids, memes, etc to spread as far as

possible. Weak hash does not do this as

well as strong hash.

Starting a movement, such as Dough with

#TheRainMakers, it's okay to use born hash.

Obviously movements start small. In a month,

who knows how large it will be. Obviously,

it's spelling is so important in these types

of missions. imo, if not too late, shorten

#TheRainMakers to #RainMakers, but just

a suggestion. TRM do what's best for y'all.

Shorter the hash, better in long run, for

various reasons, such as more room for

twtr message, easier to type, less chance of

mistake spelling. Cut and pasta (cut and paste from preferred word processor) still best

method, but be careful to change it up each

twt a bit to avoid ban.

d480ff No.996249


re: wind in sails for more examples.

738c7c No.999438

File: a48c1aac7541580⋯.png (296.73 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

f8b85a No.1000374


Dough a little bad news I found out about

Change. org. Consider and adjust fire.

There was something off about their website,

and their CEOBenRattray. Lead me to this


https:/ /crooksandliars.____com/karoli/why-i-will-not-sign-another-changeorg-petit

Seems like they once collected emails

through fake petitions. Just something to

consider before your next petition push.

imo, do petitions using:

https:/ /petitions.whitehouse._gov

The probably collect emails too but better

chance at CAS against gov than rich CEOs.

Also can use FOIA against them more

effectively than change. org.

f8b85a No.1000429


while i have the links here is sauce on


https:/ /en.wikipedia._org/wiki/Ben_Rattray



738c7c No.1000891

File: 620ba99a2087146⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 600x261, 200:87, deleted huh.jpg)

anons… it's not about any petitions.

we forgot to play the game.

sue them.

kill FB and Gurgle. let twat + JT clean up their act. didnt u see kuckerberg? oh and btw. this… RTed b y snowden

738c7c No.1001946

anons, this!

I accidentally found out something that works GREAT! I just did a "ASK ME ANYTHING".

ppl could tweet me a subject (with a #QAnon) and I would send them whatever RedPill pix/memes or links I have.

WOWOWOWOWOW so after working my @ss off I still hv 400 notifications (i hope not more) and asked for a raincheck. It worked MIRACLES! if you guys have your memes and proofs cataloged, TRY IT! its fun and its great.

f8b85a No.1002011


Nice method/tactic. Good idea. Keep going.

aec57b No.1002374

File: 54f0a1b627c5d2b⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 400x412, 100:103, q.jpg)

>101 Privilege Free Markets Society, Printing Stickers

https:// youtu.be/EFq_8Sa_UGY?t=40s

>102 The Internet and Printing Large Things on small pages

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6h2MAOEPKY

>217 Cutting Freehand Stencils.

https:// youtu.be/Xl6qFrfVEtI?t=2m34s

5.28 for help with round letters like Q

>379 Using Layers

https:// youtu.be/fplfUi6mWKQ?t=1m11s

recommended at 2x speed

<Master Class.

https:// youtu.be/DJfeAvP8xTo?t=20s

Why not prestige?

https:// youtu.be/yyQQ59ROdZw?t=1m36s

738c7c No.1003064


98ab08 No.1003303


It's growing, as expected/predicted byQ,

thanks to your hard work and good ideas.

Keep going. Tucker soon, lol. Enjoy the


738c7c No.1011373


Interdasting! thanks!

will put those links on the website.

(when I finally getthe chance)

738c7c No.1011415

File: 80bde292f363a51⋯.png (225.93 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


LOL eventhough i'm 6 hrs ahead, I cant miss Tucker/Sean LOL


788K impressions with 16 twats yesterday and another 127K with ZERO tweets today from ppl who were still RTing after I called it a night.

DAMN anons! we're onto something here!

This is GOLDEN. ppl love this stuff.

I even saw it reposted on general. Ppl thinking about doing that in teams.

Ask Me Anything works way better then just telling ppl what to do. I got a LOT of ppl who weren't followers. totally new. even libbies and sceptics.. wow wow wow. still can't believe it. Dough, tell your team. THIS is something to try 4 sure!

make sure team member have a large archive of dox, links, vids, pix all categorized and have everyone just call out a subject and send em something.

OMFG look! you can even see it on the graph. the number DOUBLED just when I was doing it. I slowed down around 7pm and totally stopped around 7.30 pm in order to be on time for Tucker. WOW…. isn't that AMAZING??

98ab08 No.1011616


Seems like you found a good method/tactic.

Now must test it, verify results.

Either way, the more people who know more

than just what MSM is telling them, better for


98ab08 No.1011656


Also, while testing, ask yourself, what are

the limitations of the method and the

requirements. Both affect the results.

98ab08 No.1011747

File: 3785f867b256999⋯.jpg (204.32 KB, 1088x849, 1088:849, TRM Results.jpg)


Dough, here are some graphs for your

hash for your team to consider.

Thanks to u and TRM for your efforts.

98ab08 No.1011916

File: 56f502c7a4e7961⋯.jpg (328.25 KB, 1606x1044, 803:522, 04122018GraphResults.jpg)


Recognize these hash?

738c7c No.1012197


LOL I do.. actually. omg.

btw I always use "Hey @cnn #FakeNews,are you listening?? Double whammy. #Clown is scary, since I started (bored and wanted a laugh) with Clown bingo. handing out clown cards. LOL.. can't be.. I mean. its just me. no one important.. imagine that huh??

I'm trying to analyze what worked in the AMA.

just letting ppl call a subject and saying "sorry , I don't hv any verifiable info on that" worked. honesty and no speculation. and "no aliens/bible/flat earth here, sorry"

most important thing my hubby always told me is never try to convince ppl. it makes your info cheap and tarnished. lots of newbies came and asked stuff. used the quote from Matrix if they thought it was all a bunch of BS.. and blessed their day. only had 1 serious troll, that I reported for spamming and blocked.

he was rapid-fire spamming "q is fake" in directed twats. that was irritating.

2dfbed No.1012307

File: bccc5a62a1705af⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 255x249, 85:83, Chained.jpg)

Good morning fellow warriors. I posted this morning in Qresearch and another anon suggested it be built into IBOR. As you're the IBOR engine and wheel house, I'm reposting it here.


This is my letter this morning to my representatives. Feel free to use it any way you want.

"The recent congressional hearings featuring Mark Zuckerberg were disturbing to say the least. One of the most egregious things heard was that you HAVE TO JOIN FACEBOOK TO VIEW YOUR DATA! How convenient for them, and how totally unacceptable for us.

Please propose legislation that would require ANY ENTITY, including the Government (outside of nat'l security necessity) to produce any body of data or research it holds on any individual for free when requested. We already require this of credit reporting agencies, it should be extended to the entire community of data aggregators.

This would have a side benefit of incurring a cost to collection of personal data that would be a deterrent to the abuse's we're now seeing by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, the NSA etc."

98ab08 No.1012990


Sounds good, your analysis.

imo it's all about that RT combined with good

information, verifiable, that benefits the good

people, while showing the hypocrisy of the

bad. For you, even a twt without any RTs,

still goes to thousands. If even half of the

people you twt to have a conversation and

tells 1 other, that's another thousands.

imo ever letter in your twts are important,

use them wisely. Every twt takes energy,

use it wisely. If you use 1 hash, only one hash

is counted in the graph. Would you rather

spread one hash, or 5, or 3? Also, keep in

mind as you help spread the hash, the hash

helps share your message. Make that

message a perfect twt, as you say. Gh.

98ab08 No.1013099

File: 8bc8c311d1c5b3d⋯.jpg (123.89 KB, 588x443, 588:443, Letter2C.jpg)


Twting soon.

a24307 No.1013439


Operation Gladio is the codename for a clandestine North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) "stay-behind" operation in Europe during the Cold War. Its purpose was to prepare for, and implement, armed resistance in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion and conquest. The name Gladio is the Italian form of gladius, a type of Roman shortsword. Although Gladio specifically refers to the Italian branch of the NATO stay-behind organizations, "Operation Gladio" is used as an informal name for all of them. Stay-behind operations were prepared in many NATO member countries, and some neutral countries.[1]

The role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Gladio and the extent of its activities during the Cold War era, and any relationship to terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy during the "Years of Lead" (late 1960s to early 1980s) are the subject of debate. Switzerland and Belgium have had parliamentary inquiries into the matter.[2]

98ab08 No.1014110


Operation Gladio is a NATO-backed paramilitary network established after WW2, originally inspired by fear of the USSR. It was also called the "Stay behind network", since if the Red Army invaded Europe, its members would 'stay behind' enemy lines and disrupt Soviet control. Officially non-existant, secrecy was such that these networks were hard for NATO/MI6/Deep state officials to control. Gladio was responsible for bombings, kidnappings and assassinations to such an extent that the network was publicly exposed in Italy in the 1980s and was the subject of a BBC documentary by Alan Francovich some years later.[1] The project was adapted in the mid 1990s as "Gladio B", using "Moslem terrorists" as a substitute enemy image for communists.

738c7c No.1014609

File: 83021fc6d24e34e⋯.jpg (667.88 KB, 1267x798, 181:114, ROseanne FOLLOWS ME.jpg)


thanks… did some more digging and found that it's VERY important to source check everything b4 twatting. managed to catch a few clowns trying to feed disinfo. caught them.

Oh and i found out why i m getting so many new ppl… get this.. OMG I best show you>LOL

1a0577 No.1014624

FB rallies in farce hearings and there’s no justice or disclosure in sight.

…….. sigh

738c7c No.1014643



Is that you Lionel? :-)

btw. love the text. can you make it into a nice meme? and rethink egregious for the normies, think about what it would do to us if all our followers start asking what that is? LOL

738c7c No.1014709

File: 8488948f278322d⋯.jpg (27.35 KB, 500x312, 125:78, furious fuhrer joke.jpg)

message for meme anon

Hello Tired warrior! if you happen to read this, pls check out post >>1012307 and pls make a nice meme of the text. Thinking of it as an old fashioned nice looking letter?? hashtag #InternetBillOfRights and some nice star spangled glam wud b nice, and a Stylish Q of course. pls make sure it's a bit on the bi-partisan. we don't want to trigger the triggerausaurus LOL. thanks MemeAnon!

738c7c No.1014808

File: bddefbf677b2686⋯.png (271.46 KB, 1360x1576, 170:197, clown bingo q failed.png)


You just triggered depresso shill alert!

be careful now.. ;-)

738c7c No.1014839


I know, why r u dropping that here?

Gladio is shady AF. weapons buried in public parks, big scandals about that in Europe.

Best not to touch that.. Info not suited for war room thread and can't be fired by euro anons due 2 censorship & nasty laws. Eurofags dont hv a 1A.

3b7f95 No.1015421

File: 130b69159c011b0⋯.jpg (310.64 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, NowIsTheTime.jpg)

File: 05853bdc06f7e55⋯.jpg (160.03 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NowIsTheTimeT.jpg)



33ffa1 No.1016790


whoaaaa!! that is too cool, congrats. wow,

that is amazing. hard to believe, I would be

to nervous to twt, lol. Just keep doing

what your doing, it's working.

Yes source check or they will feed you bs

to feed others, tricky.

33ffa1 No.1016886


keep in mind, that's what they want you to see,

think, feel. Our job is to show/prove

otherwise. If we succeed, people will see

how silly it would be to trust FB and use

their platform. Keep going, don't let their

fake good news get you down, thinking

all this is for nothing. They wouldn't even be

questioning MZ, if not for someone

discovering their violations to privacy.

33ffa1 No.1016914


oh no, already responded, doh, lol. oh well,

needed to be said, lol.

33ffa1 No.1017076


whoa, nice graphic.

Lately, I find myself looking for the deception

in info and graphics, so I don't twt out some

thing wrong or incorrect, like before, lol.

Eyes open people, much disinfo out there.

This graphic looks good/ok, but always

2xcheck and get another opinion, if you doubt

or if something seems off.

148fc9 No.1017823

Guys, We need a Twitter Storm for the TaxCuts.

The Qteam did something with the Algorithm.

We have to win time..


738c7c No.1024773


NOICE! twatted them!! stunning THANK YOU!

738c7c No.1025945


like HELL Q did something to the algoritms on twat. i had like 5 times the RTs and I tested twat for censorship.

Account is still up 8chan hitler vid didnt get me banned and RTing mohammed meme didnt get me banned either.. freedom on twat??

f91965 No.1036263



sooo busy, sorry, ive been reading just no time to respond



what is the point of a max tag number of 5. I find myself frequently having them come together in a concise message.

"Hey fellow patriots follow #TheRainMakers we #MakeIRain every Wednesday to help #QAnon with the #GreatAwakening.

#ItsHappening #TakeAStand #WeWllWin


just as an example, the last three are dated from a recent speach and it could use a better hook but you get it. Does it have a negative effect? sometimes I Tag things because I think it makes it more creative and interesting when you can "flow' Ive had some with like 10 without really trying, just happens. So do I just get rid of the hashtag and leave the words? What about posts that just stack tags in there? Is that bad or does it depend? Like a great meme would get more traffic with lots more hooks. Sure the tweet sucks but the killer meme sees alot more Twatters?

I have other nons who insist that the "." is mandatory immediately prior to "@" it goes directly to there followrs or something. Do we have a clear answer on that?


fake chem vid √

Not sure how great that is but this week was totally fucked for a few reasons. Really appreciate your help with it. I have made some great connections and I think you will all be pleasantly surprised next week.


weak hash, feel like it can be a good hook, sometimes it can be funny like a well timed #FuckoffSnowflake etc. It's not gonna "count" but it like emphases it. is that bad?


qanon = QAnon?



The petition drive was to garner support from like minded group. you scratch my back…

def helped grow our numbers 650+




curious is that from Wed? and est? that would be when TRM probably was most active, I didn't have a chance to explain my vision for the petition attack, many were active doing all kinds of stuff but QAnon has been supported well with TRM. Now that I've explained what I was trying to do many are like Ohhh (OFW) will improve, appreciate the info


awesome! X2



8dca37 No.1036450


Anons ?

We have more than we know.


https:// www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8bxljn/i_think_i_found_the_keystone/

8dca37 No.1036465

A mere 6 months ago, I would have though you off your rocker mate. Today? I was able to track everything you just said.

Q's questions have taken us all down some fascinating rabbit holes. The genetics companies like 23andMe and their ties to the cabal, bloodlines, gene manipulation, Antarctica, Nephilim, weaponized medicine, etc.

My gut feeling is this is where we are headed once the Deep State and the bad actors are dealt with and exposed.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and happy trails of rabbit holes to you. Keep digging and sharing.

8dca37 No.1036472

"In all eukaryotic cells, chromosome ends are capped keystone second definition by protein-DNA structures called telomeres (shown in red at right). Much like the small piece of plastic at the end of a shoelace (called an aglet) which serves to prevent the lace from unravelingwhat holds everything together, telomeres help to maintain the structural integrity of chromosomes. The primary function of telomeres is to differentiate natural chromosome ends from random DNA breaks. Failure to do so can result in dangerous inter-chromosome fusion events, leading to genomic instability."

Q. 262 Find the keystone. What holds everything together? Telomeres.

738c7c No.1039320


–[5] more: run risk of being regarded as spam. (it's in online twat tactics) test for yourself. Use more & bad result: throttle back. TEST. just advice here. (you're big boy, pls do your own research when you want to try diff things..General Eurofag LMFAO = bad ass mommy (ask my kids).

– (general remark re hashes) => ass long as you add a STANDARD hash to every twt (#QAnon) you can try anything and every thing to get the message accros, EMphasis though on following up on the REAL news, and throw proven or easy hashes out there that fit the narrative. #FukSuck is fun to add, but think about how it wud look for the outside. Our mission is to redpill and be the CALM in the storm: not to take a BBB and hit more snowflakes over the head. find the fine line between humor and insult. Find your own style. WAr room has 7 months head start. No need to reinvent the wheel.

- petitions? fuck petition IMHO. it doenst work. just SUE in CAL: very american and much more fun. FUCK FUCK FUCK stupid petitions. scream online about what you dont like, sue companies, but stay away from lame ass petitions. they just dont work. If you want to do something FUN send an internet poll around thats both fun as serious. Gets a LOT of views.

738c7c No.1039367


dates are on the graph Dough, pls learn to read that shit. just take the time.

some random stuff: If I give it some effort, I can now reach 1 million exposures a day..

this means that if your team sends its BEST twats AT me, I can RT it and give it a HUGE push. just keep in mind: I cant handle 100+ people twatting me 5 twats each. I already have 1000+ notifications a day EASY.

so tell the others, just send their BEST one, make sure the tweet has hashtags, a meme, maybe even a link to a vid or news article. and a MESSAGE in the tweet itself. something good. If it;s good, and sourced,/accurate. i will RT it. If its not great, I wont RT it cause it fucks up my twat feed and i wud loose followers or get the libturd gestapo on my back again. happeened afew times/

738c7c No.1039383

File: 5bf44bb9c8de39c⋯.png (303.26 KB, 1360x1576, 170:197, clown bingo concern trolli….png)


you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Go away.

738c7c No.1039449

File: 54a13c26cd404d9⋯.png (492.29 KB, 535x1157, 535:1157, hitler in shorts.png)


I think my brain chemistry permanently changed in here. Yesterday I caught myself missing the Kikefags, so I posted Mein Neger on General.


Will be offline for some time, am organizing my folders so that I can do another AMA.

That is an EXCELLENT way to make huge twat waves. provided you have your own vast and organized archive of red pills, pix, memes

and links to vids.

Lot of work, my archive is huge but a bit disorganized. so working on that.


Hashtag to Re-use: #ReleaseTheMemo .

Easy: shitloads of memes about it.

Keep pushing that until the comey (#LyinComey) memo is released monday. (or sooner)

"If you think History is boring you clearly haven't seen a picture of hitler in shorts."

f91965 No.1042604


Asking you smart mother f'krs is part of my research, lol


I saw the date but thought you said the charts run a day behind or something, sorry


still laughig about "fuhrerious"

f91965 No.1042626

anybody hear this shit about forwarding to your fb contacts to avoid being charged a fee and if you send to 10 ppl or something facebook will vcahnge colors and be free forever? What?

738c7c No.1049633


I've heard a lot of BULL SHIT in my life.

This ranks somewhere up there with

"Hey little girl would you like to see my puppies"

738c7c No.1049636

File: 7139519f31bf337⋯.jpg (232.61 KB, 1517x2329, 1517:2329, 71U-HUYqyfL.jpg)

File: a418eaacdcd3773⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 236x377, 236:377, fbcdb1c9a3203cba32ee1e03b4….jpg)

File: 7440e1139a61ec9⋯.jpg (11.01 KB, 255x245, 51:49, hitler.jpg)

File: 00029ca1b54251d⋯.jpeg (40.63 KB, 600x606, 100:101, mein neger.jpeg)


There is also Libtard hitler..

But "Mein Neger" is my favorite.. LOL.

Get homesick when the anons dont post it on general … LOL

68999d No.1061208


I came up with this and it was suggested I put it here…

If Brennan was involved as I believe Q suggests in the 187 of AS then every time that asshole tweets we need to flood him with pics of AS. Just pics no words. Imagine hundreds of AS pics starting back at him. He will have a shit fit.

82e2cd No.1061653

File: f5b63d5ed30e7e7⋯.png (495.08 KB, 446x647, 446:647, 3.PNG)

File: feb06b5f8f3078b⋯.png (52.26 KB, 588x449, 588:449, 2.PNG)

File: 2c12e680365f5b6⋯.png (13.38 KB, 301x493, 301:493, 1.PNG)


Reporting from the front lines of Q Research General

Respectfully requesting your expertise.


Remember #ReleaseTheMemo?

500K+ tweets / #1 Trending <12hours


Read POTUS' tweets since 4/11/18

How many about JC, LL, and HRC?



You're next.



Has the error been corrected?

Why not?


Twitter down.

Injection good.










include (maybe)...


3efd68 No.1062373

File: ce5424f40ec2e60⋯.jpg (152.56 KB, 771x638, 771:638, HRCU1LynchComeyRBG.jpg)


am working on something similar. Am twting

this rough graphic.

3efd68 No.1062377

File: e242197ed259315⋯.jpg (73 KB, 586x261, 586:261, Trump Tweet 04152018_3.jpg)

File: 0615eb1c51a89a0⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 584x145, 584:145, Trump Tweet 04152018_2.jpg)

File: 568b77b8d4cb713⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 585x448, 585:448, Trump Tweet 04152018.jpg)

File: a3e7400bd850baf⋯.jpg (153.19 KB, 862x438, 431:219, Trump Tweet France UK Mili….jpg)

File: b6a3990818c360e⋯.jpg (43.23 KB, 591x140, 591:140, Trump Tweet McCabe is Come….jpg)

Also have been twting these TrumpTweets most mornings.

3efd68 No.1062397

Easier to twt with extreme sauce, confirmation

from general. Without good research, twters

not sure if they are getting good info out.

Bad info, lose credibility. Keep this in mind

when requesting WarRm to twt.

We are no where near large enough to reach

#Release… numbers unless all of General

joins, but that has not happened. Also, this

effort must be sustained through out the day,

not just 1 twt each.

However, we can still get word out, even with

our small numbers. Basically, we need

perfect memes, combined with perfect twts,

to produce greatest effect.

The results corresponds directly with the

effort and the number of people united in the

effort. Keep in mind, when specific results

are sought.

3efd68 No.1062447


imo bad plan.

Twting evil that they are evil, pointless.

If twting about evil, twt toward good neighbors,

that need to know.

Notifying the enemy you know,

only alerts him.

Instead, notify good people until they censor

efforts to spread details, sauce, etc.

Also, making move on "if" is not solid footing.

"If Brennan was involved "

Efforts better aimed elsewhere imo,

specifically tarmac, LL, HRC, server, Bill, SC,

RBG. Time line running back to 2010, plot

all connections, make it easy for people to

understand, with much much sauce.

3efd68 No.1065775

File: 431740614136a5a⋯.jpg (233.61 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, Graph Results 04162018.jpg)

Posted Hash on qGeneral board report.

aec57b No.1083213

File: 093bc0c357a5cfb⋯.jpg (9.08 KB, 474x276, 79:46, download.jpg)

File: 7bdf40b43ff2f64⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 474x276, 79:46, tarmac.jpg)

File: 13514dac74805d7⋯.jpg (155.23 KB, 474x276, 79:46, tarmac2.jpg)

File: 39f9c0bde12359a⋯.jpg (216.38 KB, 474x276, 79:46, tarmac3.jpg)

File: 6f6392f2b29c97d⋯.jpg (191.02 KB, 474x276, 79:46, tarmac4.jpg)

738c7c No.1089141


sorry anons, been a bit sick last few days.

trying to catch up.

05c014 No.1089171

File: 173e3098f5f02ae⋯.jpeg (32.41 KB, 602x589, 602:589, main-qimg-f79d0d27ed07804….jpeg)

File: 7169aa1981c71e5⋯.png (1.1 MB, 3300x2550, 22:17, SIDE-BY-SIDE for MAINSTREA….png)

Anons of the WAR ROOM,

I posted this in Q research general and was asked to repost here.

I'm a PR anon (public relations) I have assisted in producing prime time reality shows and running PR campaigns in politics and media.

It struck me last night.. one of the reasons if not the THE reason Q is asking for side by sides is for publication in the mainstream media… duh right… stay with me here.

Imagine Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc all doing live broadcasts discussing side by side proofs. Some of them trying to cast doubt on them while others discussing the peculiar accuracy of the Q drops.

That being said…

We need to have clean, concise, easily identifiable "identities" meaning Q needs to have more than just his trip code to identify him on TV or print. We need a Q "headshot" similar to the ones seen on TV news broadcasts when someone phones in.. I've included POTUS' headshot one very similar was used on TV broadcasts during the campaign.

The proposed Q "headshot" should be posted all side by side proofs over, near, or on the side featuring Q's posts.

Normies will have no idea what a tripcode is and need something visual to identify Q with..

Just a thought for our artistic Anons.. I've seem some pretty cool Q graphics but not sure any of them are prime time presentable…

And the last thing we want is CNN making a Q "headshot" graphic to help their audience "ID" Q.

I've included an example of what i'm talking about.. If there aren't corresponding POTUS Tweets then exchange the POTUS headshot with news agency logo, department logo, etc.

f43532 No.1089304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

just came here to say that if the MSM wants to claim the HRC video is fake, then it's perfectly legal to own and watch.

f43532 No.1089307

File: b2f0d453016660e⋯.png (24.58 KB, 505x314, 505:314, 21209.png)

05c014 No.1089529


Also, one additional note.. instead of circling, red boxes, around important words or phrases it is typically better to "highlight" the text or use a opacity layer to dim the irrelevant or less important portions of a post, tweet, news article, picture, etc.

Or another option is to magnify the important portions and super impose them over the original image.

2c45ac No.1089835


appreciate your thoughts and efforts, and glad

to have your experience in the room.

imo the side by sides are not for main stream,

or at least not now. Most believeQ here on

these boards, obviously. But as soon as you

attempt to explainQ outside these boards,

what happens? This leads to having to

proveQ and prove corruption. Proving the

corruption is difficult enough, esp with

MSMfakeNews successfully hypnotizing the

masses. Upon addingQ, now must prove

another figure. Twice the effort.

How to lighten the load? LeaveQ out. Those

that want know more aboutQ can join us

on the boards. For those we are attempting

to inform/wakeup/redpill, leaveQ out and

use the information thatQ leads us too to wake

them up to the fakeNewsCorruption all


If agree with this, then side by side you

describe not applicable.

Having said, that idea still has potential.

Instead of Qsidebyside with Trump, try

TrumpTweets sidebyside with topics he

mentions, example slimeballComey.

Imagine TrumpTweet, side by side with his

topic, such as slimeball to use to inform

with much much sauce, undeniable

evidence, that TrumpIs correct in his

assessment of slimeball.

This leave hard to proveQ out of the effort,

thus lightening the load, while also pointing

out how Prez is undeniably right. Those

would make some powerful graphics imo.

In this way, no head shot needed, don't

have to proveQ. While still showing ppl,

why they should be careful who they follow.


Thanks for tip, will test highlight.

"magnify th"

this is extra step, which take time, which

may not be worth it, if time is short. imo

use good resolution, and readers can zoom

in on their own. Good resolution and light

compression go a long way, and helps with

speed of creation and down/uploads.

2c45ac No.1089917


Some videos/pics/links/etc good to expose,

easy sauce, all can agree not fake.

Other videos/pics/links/etc hard to tell what

is going on, who is there, is it real etc. imo

do not share those. Could be a trap. Might

not be able to prove. Might have been

planted. Once you share it, you are attached

to it. If drop to many un-provable or

planted material, lose credibility with audience.

Once credibility lost, will doubt your next

drop. So do best to keep credibility. Share

the easy sauce, there is plenty of that,

you/we have more than we know.


2/12/09 refers to a plane crash I believe,

not an event captured on video.

738c7c No.1090433



738c7c No.1090443


LOL great point

06e774 No.1090731

File: 22407c8c730c8ae⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2544x3288, 106:137, _-0.jpg)

File: 2cd0f5506238410⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 2550x3288, 425:548, _-1.jpg)

File: 29e045b723b1e65⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2466x3288, 3:4, _-2.jpg)

File: c7c938e81e88a40⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2502x3288, 417:548, _-3.jpg)

File: 4d1a6357ae8160e⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 2414x3288, 1207:1644, _-4.jpg)

The Criminal Referral letter that came out today from Congress referring Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Strzok, Page and all who signed the bogus FISA warrant application(s) is a bombshell.

May I suggest changing the campaign to put focus on this breaking news? I suggest hashtag #Treason for it.

The letter is 6 pages; here are the first 5 of them

06e774 No.1090761

File: 73ea5a0182dff42⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2550x3288, 425:548, _-5.jpg)

File: 7ae6f524b871696⋯.jpg (209.99 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralComey.jpg)

File: 57acaacea0e9aa7⋯.jpg (195.9 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralFISASigner….jpg)

File: c6e8fdb949b95f0⋯.jpg (180.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralHillary.jpg)

File: ac23fbbc72533e0⋯.jpg (174.22 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralLynch.jpg)


page 6 of the Congressional letter,

and some initial memes on this topic

06e774 No.1090767

File: c102d25ac33ec3a⋯.jpg (184.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralMcCabe.jpg)

File: d5101eac2524b29⋯.jpg (176.39 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralPage.jpg)

File: 3836811b67f6b3f⋯.jpg (178.04 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CriminalReferralStrzok.jpg)

2c45ac No.1090772


yeah saw that, waiting for confirmation, only

one source I found so far, but a good source.

Still hoping for a few more confirms, just in

case. Once comfortable, will be happy to

begin twting.

2c45ac No.1090800


whoa nice graphics, ready to go, once

a few more reputable confirms.

738c7c No.1092698

File: 34fe5bf4fc7ea96⋯.jpg (823.38 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, arrest the fuckers first 5.jpg)



made a lil something as well… premature?

2c45ac No.1092901


it will be there waiting, when confirm once

confirm come in.

Plenty of other topics we can push while

wait. 2 good ones imo are tarmac and

list of retiring CEOs.

For those twting, send a few about number

of resignations past 5 months. Qsaid keep

list updated. It makes ppl wonder "yeah,

why so many resignations?".

fa55ef No.1097217

We can all contact Sessions and tell him to act on the recent referral: https:// desantis.house.gov/_cache/files/8/0/8002ca75-52fc-4995-b87e-43584da268db/472EBC7D8F55C0F9E830D37CF96376A2.final-criminal-referral.pdf

Here is where to submit: https:// www.justice.gov/doj/webform/your-message-department-justice

Select "Messages to Attorney General" in 'general topic of your message' drop down.

Demand he lays down the law and provide the PDF link of this referral in the message

0f2abc No.1099633

>>1090731 confirmed

>>1090761 confirmed

>>1092698 almost there, lol.

Letter looks good, twt it, ask your followers

to retwt it. Let everyone know, there is a letter

referring individuals for investigation of

potential violations.

Also, do this: >>1097217

Ask Session's (and Wray, Huber), to help the

people find justice.

0f2abc No.1100307



These are so great, excellent work. Simple

message, good graphic, with sauce, even

tinyurl. Hats off, good work. Twted, ppl like.

Hope it goes far and wide, TY WRL2HU.

995932 No.1100522


Thank you. Just sent AG Sessions a polite, short note of thanks for his efforts to return the rule of law to our beloved nation.

>https:// www.justice.gov/doj/webform/your-message-department-justice

738c7c No.1100561






as extra hashes, for celebrational purposes. LOL

995932 No.1100563


Great discussion, you guys. I don't mention Q. I just drop articles discussing the criminality with good references for the assertions. Q has led we horses to water. Then we drink and share.

738c7c No.1100580


that's great. Screenshots of those lists are great I think, indeed with a question. I throw a pic of the sealed indictments out there every now and then, also: there's a link to a list of all convincted perverts since GEOTUS is prez. Link is on wth-is-qanon.com if you need it.

995932 No.1100597


Fabulous. Thank you.

738c7c No.1100690


it's bad for the stats if you don't add a #QAnon to your tweets. people who want to read something about Qdrops (newbies) will type in the hashtag and search and wont be able to find your valuable info, that's why war room asks, whatever hashes you use, pls all add #QAnon in the exact same spelling. We need to unite, and allow people to find us.

5b5912 No.1100702


Domestic Operations Law Handbook

https:// www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/pdf/domestic-law-handbook-2015.pdf

Read Page 102 Combatant Commanders’ CONPLANs

Unless ordered by the military chain of command to provide direct support, military units cannot accept operational tasking directly from law enforcement or civilian officials.

98ab08 No.1102904


yes, i suppose it should be clarified.

imo leave qPost andQ out of twts, to avoid

conspiracy label and don't have to proveQ

and corruption.

However, always use hash #QAnon so:

" people who want to read something about

Qdrops (newbies) will type in the hashtag and

search and wont be able to find your valuable

info, that's why war room asks, whatever

hashes you use, pls all add #QAnon in the

exact same spelling. We need to unite, and

allow people to find us."

So use #QAnon always, if you would.

And imo leave Qout so not have to prove

Q& corruption.

However, some enjoy or feel Qshould be

introduce to the masses, which has good

arguments, but only the most knowledgeable

should attempt imo.

07cfcd No.1103220


We need more support, we need more to have an idea of what is going on even if they don't fully understand the depth. That is the purpose here.

Keep Q out there, keep people talking.

98ab08 No.1103257


As i say good argument both sides imo.

If you want to, includeQ. No problem. Gh.

9a21be No.1105518

File: ea4bc4d559cecdf⋯.png (128.69 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Lunaticsinkhole.png)

File: 8bdb3e7b6fe6527⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Lunaticsinkhole002.png)

This one is weird, essentially I thought it was just some idiot profiteering from lunacy, however it seems to trap gullible Patriots(and formerly good reporters/researchers into some retarded senseless game and mess with their minds.)

Possible rat project.

Ugly rat graphics on patreon page.

Contains low level Intel publicly known information, mixes them up and presents them as "sacred knowledge".

Full of made up BS.(see the first picture)

Profit scheme-2nd picture.

Needs further investigation, but smells like rats.(based on who it targets)

Conf: Medium

Exposed by 2ANON.

98ab08 No.1106156


oh yeah, tyler. That was a thing for a while,

but made no sense, no proof, guy quin was

crazy looking and got crazier as time went

on. Spoke on block chains and vegas, was

interesting for a bit but weirder and weirder,

mixing in truth with deceit imo, best kinda lie,

if your into lying to the people, switch off.

Quinn, distraction, waste of time, save ur

energy digging qresearch or informing

neighbors to corruption. Giving this guy

any attention just leads to headache.

If you call a liar a liar, what will he do? Lie

that he is not a liar? How win in that


98ab08 No.1114064


98ab08 No.1114066

File: f9e1d925193662f⋯.jpg (318.86 KB, 1570x1014, 785:507, Graph Results 04202018.jpg)



9a21be No.1117359

Rats hidden within Freemasonry.

Estimated amount: Very few (below 1% of general membership), however may pose great danger trough mind control

, misinformation spreading etc. (very hidden)

Infiltrated in 1871.

Trace methods-electronic means: look for Albert pike staunch followers

Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry book based cultists.

Descendants of Albert Pike, use genetics databases and examine.

Loc: Primarily UK.

Conf:Medium (not sufficient tracing/examining tools in my possession.)

Evdnc: Strong.

Disregard/delete if solved/discontinued/irrelevant.


60b099 No.1124278

BAKERS NEEDED in General…its a Q party and can't keep up

738c7c No.1129206



#QAnon should be on EVERYTHING

Forget "muh conspiracy"

we're not having this (devisive) discussion again:

#QAnon on everything. Put on a sweater with "Who is Q?" and wear it. Leave QR-cards. FLOOD THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET WITH #QAnon. it takes a LOT for normies to start thinking "wtf is Qanon?" Once they ask that Question… they will find their way to SOME corner of this side of reality.

KEEP PUSHING #QAnon on everything.


738c7c No.1129249


You are watching the results of ==divide==.



on anything.

ibor is dead (at the moment)

check #QAnon on ritetag, see in the word circle what is related and use those hashes, to gether with anything (related to Qfinds) trending. It's all about the content of your tweets. A meme, a link, a vid, WORDS count as well.

We need a 10 ppl ratline over DM so to effectively spread our tweets, even if it's only 10 a day. 10 ppl with a decent following, that have a DM line and RT all [10] of each ones twats, every day. Any anon in here that wants to participate, PLS state your number of followers and call yourself A, B, C etc so we know if we have [10]

A here, 10,1K followers

who's willing to join?

738c7c No.1129298

File: 98c5fa65ae2a895⋯.jpg (175.17 KB, 1274x674, 637:337, clowns4.jpg)


It feels shilly in here.

stick to the topics or risk being labelled clown.

As shills usually come in pairs, this warning goes to your friend as well.

War room fags are trigger happy where it comes to the IGNORE button.

prove you are human

WRITE the [mirrored] 3rd word of the 6th line of Q post 1214.

98ab08 No.1129757


none here,

good coffee,

you don't have to tell me to push #QAnon,

check my twtr.

I push #QAnon and #InternetBillOfRights


check my twtr.

If you want to push these 2 hash, RT my

twts with your 10k followers.

It's obvious why i push #InternetBillOfRights,

whether dead or not.


73b0a5 No.1130054

File: 9060a6dcc63674e⋯.jpg (89.87 KB, 378x565, 378:565, horeback.jpg)

File: 9a4b467d4d4f7ec⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 995x442, 995:442, horeback1.jpg)

File: 4159af507d85d6e⋯.jpg (139.89 KB, 970x544, 485:272, horeback2.jpg)

maggie "wendy" nixon is mariah sunshine coogan

98ab08 No.1130157


Thanks for update.

imo this info still to new, not enough known,

can't yet "accuse" bummer for anything accept

taking a pic with a girl back then. Not saying

I don't believe or believe, just saying hard

case to prove and present to followers.

This kind of allegation, almost need Wendy

to testify. Would be nice if ppl could twt her

and ask her to testify, but chances are low

she would let us know what happen back

during that picture imo. Still i appreciate the

update, and will be looking for more


9a21be No.1131447

File: ec456c03cf1b0a0⋯.png (95.13 KB, 1602x767, 1602:767, Datesdontfit001.png)

File: c32480d52c88226⋯.png (91.92 KB, 1521x637, 117:49, Datdontfit002.png)

File: b0080d7722629c8⋯.png (271.01 KB, 413x794, 413:794, Datesdontfit003.png)

From recent crumbs.

Coincidence or relevant?

If bored look trough other e-mails referencing HRC.(2014/2015)

Need larger pattern.

73b0a5 No.1132940

should we start a list of the addresses in the HRC emails and link the alias to the real people?

738c7c No.1136874


you;re right none, wasn't intended to you.

bad coffee here… :-)

738c7c No.1136881


what is your point anon.why bring this here??

8eb235 No.1141793


Great idea but not yet…

White hats are standing by. Waiting to protect algorithm for next push. Was told subject should be 911 to prepare for MOAB. Need BIG numbers and each player can only vote once. (1 meme per person or it gets buried). We have Tons of sauce for it. Think "loose change" vid. Its fresh blood so morale will be high.

Can we do this? They're standing by ready to guide and protect.

( • )( • )

They never thought she would lose. THIS… THIS is how POTUS won. Lets flip the algorithms and become the MSM.

738c7c No.1143291

File: 03657e23ae5e87b⋯.png (125.87 KB, 500x522, 250:261, building7 1.png)


911 MOAB???


I knew it… MUST BE THAT.

1 meme each??? WTH??

tell us moar anon.

will this one do?? got vid sauce with that one

d8ded7 No.1143641


No problem, thought that was intended for me.

Felt like u don't know me after all this time, lol.

Good coffee, share.



Latest Qpost startled me a bit. Still decoding,

but leading to some interesting ideas. It also

dropped timely, after all our post.

This post >>1102904

i explained idea to leave Qout as not

to have to prove both Qand shared information.

Then Qposted something that gave me ideas

thatQ wants us to share prediction MOAB.

If we predict MOAB correctly and people wonder

where we got our information, leads back toQ.

Which means Qis not worried that we are

showingQ to the world. Seems like he

wants it, to prove our intelligence (shared byQ)

is real deal. That blows my mind a little.

This is IDEA ONLY only DNF until WEALL discuss a bit.


post gives me ideas. agreed, sense algorithms

have been adjusted to level playing field. Using

911 memes and MOAB do go nicely together.

Big numbers come from united push. Those

are difficult around here, easier on twitter,

big number followers crucial here. Explain

"vote once" part? Explain loose change vid,

post link here. We can do this. We can do

what ever we decide to focusFire on. But

first good plan needed, if we cannot agree, at

least we have shared ideas. Yes i felt

white hats have been protecting us all along,

and leveling the playing field to give us a

chance. Now up to us and our efforts. We

have a long way to become MSM, but long

journeys start with the first step. Gh.

d8ded7 No.1143916

File: 27af52e20972091⋯.jpg (193.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, MOAB next week.jpg)

i don't like predicting, using anonymous sources,

scaring the public, missiles/bombs, sharing

hard to prove statements. Hope this is

graphic doesn't rebound. Use cautiously.

8eb235 No.1144871


want vid sauce fpr 9elev stuff?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbZAXFKt-8E

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj3e8cKZWiY&feature=youtu.be

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUmr9dFbf2c

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDfdOwt2v3Y

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=677i43QfYpQ

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=axZtDPmNcF4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrJiKbK0tVM

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVpSBUgbxBU&feature=youtu.be

http:// m.wbtv.com/story/37984112/charlotte-council-member-updates-9-11-comments-as-more-people-call-for-her-resignation

8eb235 No.1144875


yes… thats fkin PERFECT.. MOAR MOAR

8eb235 No.1144892


if memes get posted more than once by 1 account = spam.. fks with algorithms right? we want a smooth strong steady push… standing by…

8eb235 No.1144905


no dont use this

d8ded7 No.1144982



in my experience, false statement.

Too many false statement, lose my trust. Gh.

d8ded7 No.1144991


Reasons why not?

If no explanations, don't post directions.

738c7c No.1145007

File: 8ca296697431ffe⋯.png (168.67 KB, 1825x2134, 1825:2134, got shit i m a huge fan.png)

File: 2efc268cb4d7814⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 500x277, 500:277, hell froze over.jpg)

File: e57dc2d4b1f2309⋯.jpg (145.46 KB, 750x560, 75:56, please stand by for moab.jpg)



it's what Q said?

here's some others.



Q seems to want us to go all out, so that's what we do. Personal preference is fine. Chans were picked for a reason, and it was NOT their PC-ness LOL


use TWEETDECK. I'm using it myself now, on pc. has 4 colums. following everything with certain hashtag in left column and FOLLOWBACKSUNDAY on another column with new followers, and 2 more for special notifications. Can do a LOT MOAR tweeting and pushing specific hashtags. just select hashtag you want to follow on the left and retweet them. goes VERY fast. several hundred thousands of views in just an hour or so pushing. Finally getting the chance at decent retwatting.

Works like a CHARM.

btw: pls twat your tweets directly AT me for RT because screen is running so fast, I risk missing yours if you dont.

738c7c No.1145015


calling this FAKE

hundreds of thousands of RTs to prove it.

738c7c No.1145028


thank you, but my own YT channel has all the proofs.

d8ded7 No.1145096


You are part of my TYs. Copy pasta with slight

tweak each twt. Are you getting them?

Also, if you miss some, simply go to my

profile, simply scroll down to check. I set it

up this way so make it simple for you, and

other heavy hitters, to keep up with my twts

easily. Was testing, see if it works. Let me

know, either here or there.

d8ded7 No.1145130


ps "Hell" classic. Looking forward to using

that one.

8eb235 No.1145401


yes but accounts get blocked for "spamming" same thing.. same hastags… u know what i mean…

8eb235 No.1145420


yes, i misunderstood, thought u were asking for moar sauce

8eb235 No.1145436


reasons.. no dates please.. moab wont get released til algos rdy..u gave reasons already didnt wanna be redundant.. u know what ur doing

d8ded7 No.1145570



i use 99.5% same twt (copy pasta) each

time past week, with slight tweak each.

Exact same hash.

Posted same graphic several times, with

copy pasta text w slight tweak.

Haven't got blocked for "spamming"; twting


Just 4 ur fyi. from my own experience, so

difficult to take/share/accept your


8eb235 No.1145658


i just pass it on.. ive lost 6 twat accounts in one day.. nice to hear rules are changing.. u decide.. im supposed to yell for 9elev memes to get normies rdy.. and this is where shit gets done right??

8eb235 No.1145668


"slight tweek" you know what ur doing..

d8ded7 No.1146334

File: 389ab8a7c4d4520⋯.jpg (213.35 KB, 894x446, 447:223, Imran Awan.jpg)


lol 6 accounts, your doing good work.

try this:

in twts, copy pasta this:






TY @POTUS _2 3__

_4 5__ etc etc

2-5(or more) are your loyal retwters.

3 hash your choice.

always use #QAnon, and imho


save a little room for the tweak.

tweak 1 could be: twk1,

next post: twk2

next post: twk3



most important in this style/method, the


put together looks like: example






TY @POTUS _ __ __ __

(add graphic meme-see graphic)

d8ded7 No.1146386


oh dang, forgot the tweak: example retry






TY @POTUS __1 _2 ___3 etc


next one copy pasta, except change twk1

to twk 2,

get it? Need strong meme this


This gets hash out, notifies

loyal RTers, meme explains much, be sure

meme is correct information for your audience.

d8ded7 No.1146398

Also, give like 5 min or more between twts.

8eb235 No.1146872


i love you.

738c7c No.1147220

LOL I've been missing out.

Taking break from twatting..

was staring at Trump hotel. wanna come to c the parade. It's on my anniversary. got married 11/11 at 11.11 hrs LOL

738c7c No.1147225

kinda Xpensive.. tho worth it that hotel, no doubt. now convince the hubby…

738c7c No.1147232

Wonder if Q has vouchers for us poor anons.


d8ded7 No.1147277


crazy day today? no? or is it just me? lol

loving it, no popcorn, just ruffles chedder, lol

hope you make the parade,

yeah Qvouchers would be great, awesome,


738c7c No.1147278

700K exposures. 13 twats.

AND RT-ed your stuff and of other anons all afternoon.

5,000 tweets/hour.. nice nice.. yesterday 51 million #QAnon exposures. today will be SCARY so much exposures.

d8ded7 No.1147296


lol luv u 2.

d8ded7 No.1147335


Yeah thats what i was wondering, what today's

graphs look like. Thanks for RTs, makes

all the difference for my twts getting out. With

out you, stale days. With you, many RTs.

738c7c No.1147407


sorry, sometimes RL happens. and sometimes i m just too tired. all those followers, hard to get a tweet in edgewise, and find your tweets to RT.

738c7c No.1147412


love fest??? LOL

d8ded7 No.1147774


no prob, why i set up with 3 followers, so

heavy hitters can drop in when the can and

smash the RT, if they would.

lol love fest, gotta say it back, when i hear it,

lol. love u 2 eurt, lol.

8eb235 No.1148113


love u too eurt… no homo

d8ded7 No.1148179

attempt1 IDEA DNF

Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.

Listen carefully.

No evidence to support POTUS targeting.


Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?

>The final dominos are about to fall, most dangerous time when evil is cornered.


She had to win at all costs.

You know why.

>She had to win or it would all come out, she would lose influence w/o presidency, the money flow to evil actors ends, people have time to awaken before evil can regain footing, window of opportunity for USALL.

How do people support/vote 4 these people?

>support, evil lobbiest, corportions, evil trillionair support, foundations, fake wars, fake news, fake donation reasons, books. Vote, illegal immagrants, campain monies, advertisement, fake media, bought support from tv pundits, lies, spy upon with social media tools, relax some laws, over enforce others, evil works together, judges, politicians, bankers, ceo's, media, control the narritive, kill off whistle blowers, revenge against good ppl.

http:// video.foxnews.com/v/5774707105001/?#sp=show-clips



c68ec2 No.1150803

File: 2bab6fbfc412d3d⋯.jpg (750.57 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, Congressional_Memetics_Div.jpg)


Good morning you glorious patriots! This week has been a glorious week (and not just b/c the nice weather here).

You are doing it! You're pushing trough and reaching more and more normies. Starting this week I was reading trough the comment sections of some regular newssites. And the first two comments were about Q, and a link to github. At first I was like 'holy kek!' but then I was like; meh could be a fluke. But… I'm seeing more and more Q references in regular places, just like how the 'deepstate' is just a household name now, and not a 'muh tinfoil hat' term.

I don't do social media, but just wanted to leave feedback that your work is pushing out and now reaching more and more regular places on the internet.

Keep up the good work!! Shadilay and praise KEK!

Tiredanon out o7

d8ded7 No.1151073


Thank you on behalf of humble team.

They appreciate your words, as i do.


There are gems of memes, randomly made,

randomly dropped/found, so many are

involved, and ALL deserve your good words.

Am proud of them ALL, changing the world.

Tell them, memers, diggers, thanks on

behalf of this room, without them or the

humble ones here, nothing could be done

about the darkness that once hid the truth.

Now new world, to bright to imagine, must

get there first to see.

738c7c No.1154666



love you two. nohomo.. lady here, still nohomo. and even if one or all of us were, who cares. We are HUMANS, trying to make the world a better place by helping just a little bit.

738c7c No.1154683


hey tired anon! what a stunning badge you made there. really VERY impressive. I saved them all (offline) to separate folder. all of this is part of history. trying to find the time for so many stuff, just 2 hands (1 if you count my frozen left shoulder) a million ideas, not all great. YES… we USALL (and abroad) are doing it. social media or not. keep pushing and pushing and pushing. throw questions out there/ WHAT does this picture mean? WHY is she saying this? WHO paid for this? (and a million more).

getting vicious attacks on social media from hired clowns or brainwashed ppl. blocking them is only option. things are tough sometimes. tiring to a point where you just NEED to step away, only to find yourself at it again few hours later.

we can do this.. love and peace with overcome evil. After all these months, all those shills. sliders, clowns. demotivators… just keep going. one tweet or message or red pill at the time. We will get there. DeepState is on the run. Look at them. those eyes. they are scared shitless. Now is the time to start hitting them with everything we've got.

QUESTIONS. (no assumptions) pictures, video's, articles, quotes. tax records. throw it at them. Use any hashtag that damned well pleases you. just always add #QAnon and @potus.

Go Glorious Anons/Chans. WWG1WGA

738c7c No.1154688



>hey tired anon! what a stunning badge you made there. really VERY impressive. I saved them all (offline) to separate folder. all of this is part of history. trying to find the time for so many stuff, just 2 hands (1 if you count my frozen left shoulder) a million ideas, not all great. YES… we USALL (and abroad) are doing it. social media or not. keep pushing and pushing and pushing. throw questions out there/ WHAT does this picture mean? WHY is she saying this? WHO paid for this? (and a million more).

>getting vicious attacks on social media from hired clowns or brainwashed ppl. blocking them is only option. things are tough sometimes. tiring to a point where you just NEED to step away, only to find yourself at it again few hours later.

>we can do this.. love and peace with overcome evil. After all these months, all those shills. sliders, clowns. demotivators… just keep going. one tweet or message or red pill at the time. We will get there. DeepState is on the run. Look at them. those eyes. they are scared shitless. Now is the time to start hitting them with everything we've got.

>QUESTIONS. (no assumptions) pictures, video's, articles, quotes. tax records. throw it at them. Use any hashtag that damned well pleases you. just always add #QAnon and @potus.

>Go Glorious Anons/Chans. WWG1WGA

c68ec2 No.1155065

File: 2435b889f77b411⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, TheyWantYouDivided.jpg)


We are all in this together, thank you for your kind words. Together we stand strong, and they hate that (thats why they want us divided). Pic very related


Hey eurt, thanks very much for the kind words, not all the badges I drop here are my OC. However I'm working on two things here (on the move so I doubt my id is the same; and yup captcha confirms), one is a war room general inspired pic like the ones you used 4 the earlier generals.

But the other one I'm stuck with, I got an idea but… for the love of kek help me out here: What words would you use to motivate and tell your kekistani airforce patriots to drop tw@tter bombs?

Your short and snappy line would be: __I got abut half a screen of real estate__ ?

As for the attacks -and this goes for all the patriot anons- [Dadmode] please make sure to take the time to make sure you keep in fighting spirits and high morale. I know we can go further, deeper and longer than normies, but even we need a break to recharge from time to time. Battlefatigue is real (I too need to take a brake sometimes, and yes, don't like that I need to) but sometimes it helps to step back and recharge yourself. Have a nice coffee, or just do whatever you feel helps clear your mind. That way you can be more productive in the endrun, and nobody is helped when you are burned up before the fight is over. [/Dadmode]

tl;dr: Thank you all hardworking Tw@tf@gs, you are doing keks work! I feel all the love here and return in it in kind (nohomo) to all you glorious faggots, praise kek! 8)

d8ded7 No.1155933

File: 5d6d48f2e183351⋯.jpg (119.68 KB, 800x600, 4:3, RTs&Likes.jpg)

738c7c No.1157909


i'll take Famous Movie Quotes for $500 please.


Geotus and Sly Stallone know eachother. Recently, Sly called about a long forgotten black boxer that is going to be post mortem pardoned. Sly also wanted to do something for the vets. #Swamp threw an age old 'rape case" at Sly to hurt and emberrass (cant spell today) him and keep him away from Geotus.

[/intro] (lol)

I think I'd adapt this quote. It's very very true:

”Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life, but it ain’t how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It’s how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

– Rocky, from Rocky Balboa

Mull over it a bit, and make it into the #deepstate throwing lies, accusations, bans, trolls, clowns, shills and everything at the anons. They keep going, keep meming, poking fun at people that would scare the bejezus out of most normies. But the chans… they just keep going. always another meme. untill the end of time if necessary. Nothing works against chans: they are glorious.

Hope this helps. LOL. Good luck and drive careful

d8ded7 No.1158465

File: 055e61676631c55⋯.png (80.42 KB, 661x557, 661:557, ClipboardImage.png)


c68ec2 No.1158694

File: 7360fafd4a02bc1⋯.png (278.95 KB, 596x465, 596:465, now you know how I got tha….png)


I'm still on the move, but speechless. Awesome pick, I have and idea in my head (I just need to spend ~2000 hrs in paint to get it out like I want it) should be done when I get back.

I also have the war room idea all figured out, I'll get that finished first when I get back. I hope to have it done before morning in yurop.

>(cant spell today)

Same here, just re-read my good advice see pic related (while facepalming). At least I drive better than I spell… I thunk, rite?

Also when I re-read it figured I should have made clear that it's not just the 20 min coffee break, sometimes that will work but some days flak can get bad so you need more to unwind and clear your head. Gotta go again, so I'll stop myself right here now, and end on a quote that still holds very true for me.

"I love it when a plan comes together"

- John "Hannibal" Smith

"Ever since I made my first meme, when I get good inspiration it is like being guided by the hand of kek." ~Ta.

Shadilay~ o7

087c27 No.1160905

File: 7021b5ede40d58a⋯.png (525.44 KB, 1367x708, 1367:708, 4 20 2018 results.PNG)


Not believing 1 post philosophy, I have a bunch of ppl, half are just figuring this stuff out and clearly we are not being locked down for spam

0edfc6 No.1161357

File: 712c76f26e0faf2⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1889x1889, 1:1, Congressional Memetics Div….png)

File: 3c3832b492a981f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1889x1889, 1:1, Congressional Memetics Div.png)

File: 6b41a289a9a82c9⋯.png (778.14 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, Congressional Memetics MAG….png)


Kek, I love that this CMD Meme has spread. It's actually been an evolving piece of work. I originally made it when the Release the Memo push was going on. (I was still on halfchan at the time, and didn't realize The memo push was orchestrated here… long story, fell for the 'Q is larp' meme some time in December until Early FEB, when I realized I had been set astray… alas, I am here now.)

The first implementation was made as a joke, in no certain terms, to spite both sides of the aisle in congress. That we, the chaos frogs (or We the People), called the shots now. (Swastikas in both directions are included as well, because I choose to take back the symbol from the 'hatred' mirror message that luciferians have applied to it, and use it in full intent of it's original message of auspiciousness and a marker of GOOD)

Well, then I came back into the Q fold, I'd decided to modify it to entirely ERASE the demonicrat and republicant symbolism, and replace both sides with the glorious lion, with Pepe front and center.. I'd taken the swastikas off for that version, as many normies still hold the negative perception of the symbology, but I personally feel the symbols add a more complete aesthetic overall.

So, today, after seeing it posted in the war room, I'd like to bring in an additional evolution of the emblem- one that removes the division (from the division, kek) and fully embraces the pride of the MAGA Lion. (Sans-Swastika version may also be available for those whom lack the faith of the original, prosperous, intention of the swastika..)

Shadilay, anons!

d21c6f No.1161603

anyone else having issues signing on to QR2?

Getting gateway error for 10min now.

aec57b No.1161687

File: ed3acb8d23da53e⋯.jpg (5.43 KB, 160x160, 1:1, drink.jpg)


The words won't matter, just say what you want to be convayed. could have pepe dropping a rainbow duece out of a DC-130 onto a country called twitter-stan, with the meme text of "patriots drop hot truths daily". use juxtaposition/cognitive dissonance to create a memory, add humor because that releases dopamine which aids memory formation and retention, sex is another easy dopamine trigger as is cuteness.

814cf0 No.1166391

File: 5df6fcb921bd3d3⋯.jpg (81.25 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, mlkultra.jpg)

i dont post in here but i felt like i should pass this on.

The meme has been working pretty well for me today.

MLKUltra. Break the programming.

c68ec2 No.1167390

File: dbb094c20649519⋯.jpg (622.97 KB, 2560x2048, 5:4, WAR ROOM Q.jpg)


Good morning Patriot! Thank you for making and sharing here. I really like the MAGA lion one (I'm also working on an updated meme-patch where I want to see if I can integrate it in).

As for the non-swastika version, like you, try show people that in other parts of the word the original swastika is still a symbol for prosperity that can be seen out in the open (Like India), but then also like to give everybody the option to use what they feel at ease with (plus I'm sure it will make a great add to those who collect these patches and store them offline for prosperity) so I for one welcome the addition if you can drop it here.


Pic related is the war room general inspired pic I was talking about, I got a PNG if you insist but it's crazy large @4.5~Mb and new JPG compression with proper setting reduces artifacting to acceptable levels. I'll see if I can get the famous quote one done by today, but I also got a ton of other stuff to get out of the way before I can start. I might go with a minimalist approach to put less distraction and more emphasis on your quote…

Shadilay! And don't forget to praise KEK o7

738c7c No.1167878


wow.. great analytics site! where where where???

1 tweet a day doesnt cut it for me.. I do on average 16 a day. exposure somewhere between 440K and 1 cool million. overdoing it on hashtags: spam markers. using the same texts: temp block, need to phone unlock etc.

you're doing great!

have gotten Tweetdeck on PC for tweeting. helps GREAT! been RTing a lot of your friends stuff and making new friends. As soon as you are over the 10K followers, your life is easier.

Yesterday had new top tweet: RT-ed 1,000+ times! it really pays to limit number of tweets, make em great, add meme, add link or video and do a LOT of RT-ing.

Advise tweetdeck for your group when they are on laptop/pc tweetdeck.com

for very fast RT-ing without probs.

great results Dough!!


738c7c No.1167898


Excellent job and loved your story!

I keep thinking about what Q said. "their symbolism will be their downfall". Mayby we should use it against them more? Just random ideas: Pyramid… great.. swastika: hmmm. gets your memes banned in a lot of coutnries. (even reversed) "division" ,,, (anti)Division ? hahah so many great stuff you made. Archiving everything…(offline) history is being made in memes…. WOW

Did you catch the black pepe yesterday?

738c7c No.1167904

File: 7d360d2a26a0521⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 249x711, 83:237, clown away.jpg)


spray some of this. clowns shitting up the place. Laugh at them over twat and everywhere else. they're desperate. Memes about black and white unite and Dems KKK background will scare the living SHIT out of them. DDOS every day here.. dont worry.. try again later and drop a few extra memes about HAITI and CF stealing from the poor to piss them off even harder.

738c7c No.1167911

File: d0b734b1e24e65c⋯.jpg (164.67 KB, 848x960, 53:60, dodged this bullet.jpg)



humor is always best!

my TOP tweet yesterday 1,000+ RT's!

738c7c No.1167915



738c7c No.1167920



gonna use that on everything!

so wonderful!

incoming tweets…LOL LOL LOL very fitting

738c7c No.1167943

File: 0a9653562a8100f⋯.png (104.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, PEPE marine!.png)

File: 41fb62cdafd845c⋯.jpg (321.35 KB, 1920x1075, 384:215, target1.jpg)

File: 42ded529acd6711⋯.jpg (44.49 KB, 360x450, 4:5, twitter soldier.jpg)

File: abdf277bd8dbd0d⋯.jpg (12.13 KB, 300x300, 1:1, twitter eagle.jpg)


for your arsenal. some adapted twitter birds & stuff. btw twitter eagle is supposed to be in the twat colors (change with 2 clicks in PS) I seem to misplace it. If you need it for something, let me know and i'll adapt it. have so many stuff lying around here.. LOL You never know when you need those, right? Just let me know if you need something!


70d22a No.1168709

Found this motivational bring the witch and her followers down!! It’s starting to come out

http:// thefederalist.com/2018/04/24/bombshell-fec-records-indicate-hillary-campaign-illegally-laundered-84-million/

738c7c No.1168938


tx anon. twatted it

c68ec2 No.1170168

File: f87fe7e9c47a9fc⋯.png (585.37 KB, 876x661, 876:661, GLOWBOAT.png)


It comes in waves, just keep trying and eventually you'll get trough. Speaking of waves, take this glowboat I made a while back (Rhymeanon came up with the rhyme and it was too good not to merge it with this pic)


That is an impressive amount of good information in just three sentences. Very, very useful!


This one is pure gold, thanks so much for dropping it here! Will spread this little gem on what little reach I got.

c68ec2 No.1170341

File: 8a44705064c66bc⋯.png (307.17 KB, 624x492, 52:41, symbols will be their down….png)


I'm glad you like it, I've made several other compositions but really wanted to use this one since the round lightfixture was just begging to be changed into a giant "Q". Chose to point the leg of the Q to the USA for more MAGA. I also intentionally left some room in the bottom so you can add text or #hashtagwhatever to it o7

And thanks for the arsenal add-ons, I've never seen the twitter eagle but I like it! (I can change the colors no prob)


Speaking of symbols, Alphabet inc/goog is really big on them. Pic related.

United we stand, divided we fall - Q

738c7c No.1170664


damn,, that symbolism. wishing I had the time to meme and link it all out but only hv 2 hands and feel the need to push the racism and haiti narrative now. Kinda disappointed with the # of RT's today. Guess i m shadow banned again. Oh well. FUCK the clowns and I'll make it another follow back day if I have to.

aec57b No.1176293

File: 32ec7e47e694111⋯.png (2.82 MB, 2573x1195, 2573:1195, TheSunAfterHardRain.png)


3 sentences.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

8e2614 No.1176439


Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaxGNQE5ZLA

c68ec2 No.1176651

File: 4ef1a4fc42f0290⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, sun-tzu-anon.jpg)


His book is still so valid and true even to this day. I prepared many a battle with his words in my mind. You are one wise anon.

c68ec2 No.1177779

File: b329f8c760f5f9c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 878.42 KB, 3076x2048, 769:512, WRG_QCONCEPT1.jpg)


Let me tell y'all how this one came to be, since you are all here now, some of you since the start. Manning the war room (I remember some of you getting your ass chewed for namefagging in the old cbts threads I think) but since the dawn of Q you've been here, some joining in later, but all working damn hard. Ppl notice, but it's not in the chans nature to keep fagging about compliments -we're all autists after all here, and every anon is equal to the other- somewhere along the line (I think it was war room General VI or VII) to celebrate war room General X, I'd make this OC. And here it is. This is the first concept. I'm happy with the main text but not so happy with the hashtags, I wanted to use #QAnon but kept adding and deleting hashtags, eventually I ran with this but I got the template so anything goes (as long as it will fit in the allocated space). I'm done overhyping it, so before you open it, lower your expectations a lot pls… I am but a simple mememaker, but my intentions were good.

I know a good meme is simple, funny, and best just takes a good idea and makes it memorable (right sun-tzu-anon?), and most memes don't take up too much time to create. But once in a while I don't mind putting a little more effort/time in, like we all know since the day Q united us on half-chan and now here. In stead of feeling lonely and rejected as a crazy conspiracy nut by our close friends and families, we found eachother. And a common goal. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who started to feel less alone, and actually started to have fun!

What I'm trying to tell here is that even though I made over a dozen different concepts, messed around with lettering spaced to the shape of the head, or in the center, word wrap and spacing, even to the position of the little "quotation" marks, the time was worth it to me and even tho I'm still not 100% happy with how the hashtags are now in concept #1, I just wanted to make something in honour or all your tireless work, efforts, swearing at the clowns and the brainwashed is not in vain and this goes for every single anon on the chans, BO and BV and everyone around the world fighting evil but my hat goes especially off to all you glorious tw@tfags. Against all odds you broke trough the censoring and the rigged unfair systems that were most definitely not in our favour.

@eurt, our very own cmdr in tweeps', choose your battles. You only have 2 hands (and take it easy with the shoulder cmdr, thatś an order!), and doing kek's work here. I hope you either have a bigass monitor or know how to use the zoom keys. I told you I was gonna go for minimalist subtle for this very one and I did 8)

Proofread 4 spelling/typos pls. And if you want changes (empty spaces so you can add your own #hashtags) or something else, just let me know and I'll be happy to upload a revised version.

Before I get banned for shitting up the war room, let me wrap this up and end here.

Tiredanon~ o7 Proud to serve with you faggots. I love you all (nohomo)

tl;dr: I had fun making this one

ae0c7d No.1178943


Love the words, almost as much as I love

the graphic.

a5cc73 No.1194755

Need help..running for mayor..uncovered Obama plot with Chrysler/Kokomo/Chicago/drugs…7655532814..7654539737

a5cc73 No.1194783

Need to discuss Chrysler/Obama/mafia/Kokomo/chicago drug trafficking ring and sanctuary city I'm running for mayor..Assination attempts made..need to talk to potus..q..need help now..765-553-2814

aec57b No.1203802

File: 99878d3ff9fefb3⋯.png (600.57 KB, 2152x646, 1076:323, WetSun.png)


>the foolish think they are wise, the wise know they are foolish

c68ec2 No.1204862

File: d8d18448f057ef6⋯.jpg (969.47 KB, 1800x2536, 225:317, be_like_water.jpg)


>the foolish think they are wise, the wise know they are foolish

I so wanna print this one out, signed by - Q and leave carelessly on the desk of my supervisor. (He thinks he's hot shit)

You're like the gift that keeps on giving.

Pic related has always been a personal favorite of mine

e9aada No.1210669

File: b329f8c760f5f9c⋯.jpg (878.42 KB, 3076x2048, 769:512, WRG_QCONCEPT1 (1).jpg)

cc28da No.1212978

David Brock - haven't heard of him before….



33c549 No.1213066


David Brock is Media Matters (the 4AM talking points).

Fact checkers for conservative media.

f8b85a No.1213682

738c7c No.1222459


oh WOW!!!

that is stunning! absofInglutely!

great great great great

and QUADS too!

738c7c No.1222499


tired anon! omg WOW.. your story… damned fucking humbling and impressive. OMG just WOW.

Srry i havent been 2 the WR in a few days, twatted my ass of ….. (BRB IRL interruption)

738c7c No.1222852


[back] absolutely fabulous what you made. The Story time added jsut blew me away. No need for praise, we're all anons in here, trying our best.

I had the incredible fortune to get an accidental reply by Q this week, and than this added bonus: LIKE NO WAY this week cud hv been any more glorious.

thank you x1000K for the efforts you put into this. damn damn damn, that's MIGHTY NICE!

our stubborn tweet tactics here paid off bigly this week: from zilch to 10K/h within 1 or 2 hours.. ha! eat THAT @j_ck!!!!

It's been an honor and a privilege to be here with all of you.

Love you all (nohomo) and hope we may accidentally run into eachother on the 11th, as I finally managed to convince my hubby that we're flying over to DC for a week to be there for the parade. A fair warning: I have 2 quit smoking, cause no way it's a good plan to fly to DC and b in a nice hotel as a smoker, so if, in the near future, i m screaming and yelling even moar than usual at the shills & the clowns, now you know why. :-)


738c7c No.1222897

File: de64f6b6aafb13f⋯.jpg (134.5 KB, 800x500, 8:5, stupid clowns.jpg)

IDa5cc72 your attention please

We war room fags have been here since day one. Not falling for your clown shit.


"I need your help because" stopped working ever since MTV started airing "Catfish" episodes.


738c7c No.1222950

File: 092aaf128a61933⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x695, 240:139, WAAAAVE1.png)


Hi WaterAnon!

nice Sun Tzu quotes! and very true.

Must say it helped in the tweet results to adapt the plan a little bit towards your water suggestion.

We adapted the tweet storm concept to a Wave.

This way, no one has to herd cats, the cats can drive every /badguy with their own tools and gimmicks. They all use #QAnon to bind the message. It's working miracles, and no moar fights about which hashes to use. Division fags gave up on that… LOL tweet stats are excellent now. so a warm THANK YOU for your help and inspiration. the water becomes a tidal wave if needed, because it is free to flow everywhere all the time. When Q mentioned #ReleaseTheTexts #Unredacted.. all the anons stood up, became a tidal wave and made it trend within 1 or 2 hours.

So praise to you, for inspiring us, WaterAnon!

738c7c No.1222953


beautiful pic and quote.. !!! <3

da958d No.1224830

File: 678837af44f97e9⋯.jpg (994.92 KB, 3076x2048, 769:512, WRG_QCONCEPT2.jpg)




>>1222499 (checked! Shadilay 8)


>[back] absolutely fabulous what you made. The Story time added jsut blew me away. No need for praise, we're all anons in here, trying our best.

>I had the incredible fortune to get an accidental reply by Q this week, and than this added bonus: LIKE NO WAY this week cud hv been any more glorious.

>thank you x1000K for the efforts you put into this. damn damn damn, that's MIGHTY NICE!



Welcome back Cmdr. o7

That's mighty good news to hear and even better to hear the tw@t-tac strategies are working out!! I wasn't here much either since I had a blast watching the 'Ye/Potus shitstorm hit twitter.

I'm glad you like it so much, puts a smile on my face. I've added a second revision, with some small changes. I changed @POTUS (Was #POTUS) and gave the divided/together sticker a little rotation so they didn't look artificially level/straight.

In the end I was okay with just using #QAnon & @POTUS, because I felt how the cabal wanted to divide us, as long as QAnon and POTUS can work together they also are invincible, but that's just my take on it. If you want changes made or a blank template with just the awesome Quote you choose, just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

Also glad to hear you will be attending the parade (screaming and yelling@nicotine deficit LOL). Looking very forward to that day but until then, we got our work cut out.

Tiredanon out~ o7

Ps: I love how my media player on random always seems to select songs that fit the mood [Now playing: Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues] just like Q said, there are no coincidences…

735fb8 No.1225214

File: 8e63e2d1e32448f⋯.png (387.23 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 28-4-18 corsifail.png)


hi tiredanon, thanks again! had just used your nice graph to insult "dr" jerome corsi.

he has a shitload of followers and using stupid and pointles hashtags without sticking to some sort of idea/plan. whatever. asshole.


Thought you'd get a kick out of it. will send the graph and your meme to him as long as it takes to bring him to unite and not go on his own ego trip book club bozo. did you hear him critiquing Q yesterday? I swear to god, cud have slapped him silly.. LOL

735fb8 No.1225233


ps: shudnt there be an extra "-" behind -general- ? just wondering.

361d04 No.1225332

File: 130aa06292e2421⋯.png (44.05 KB, 484x436, 121:109, ClipboardImage.png)

As hard as it is on you that want to see evidence arrest where are you going to find a righteous Judge? How are you going to keep witnesses alive? think of a newborn what they are put through in these sick cults. I don't care about money, friends, a job or glory. I just want the pain to stop in the world. I don't even know John Legend, but those pictures of his daughter make me weep. What she must endure, how could someone do that? Her innocence is stolen before she gets a chance to know what it is. I can't eat much or sleep, just pray all the evil is brought to light. There is light coming too, more arrest than ever. You might not hear it on the news but it is happening in other countries. (Those that know can't sleep) After Rapture the light in us will all be gone as we will be too. The Holy Spirit has nothing to do with the last 7 years. I am leaving with mine & the precious babies to see the face of my Creator and family members waiting. God started this Plan long ago before we were specks of dust. Trust Jesus Trust Q and Trust the Plan! God Bless you all for your hard work I appreciate it and many more do too more than I can say. I hope you find the peace you seek.

735fb8 No.1225959


>how could someone do that?

It is impossible, for a sane person, to understand the mind of an insane person.

They just do it.

Animals recognize insane/crazy. They cast it out of the group and let it die.

as to this "situation"

Justice will be served. swift and fast. no long trials. Lots of (real) suicides. Bill C will probably be one of the 1st to go. That's why they granted him bail IMHO. The tables are turned. MUCH more is going on than we can see. but we can FEEL it. frequency is changing. The storm is all around us. We are safe. many have been saved already, moar then we know. That's a wonderful thing.

10447c No.1226100

File: be1ed0628c2ecd1⋯.png (526.42 KB, 901x801, 901:801, SteadyHands.png)


Glad I could help steer, the water/storm theme seemed to do the ticket eh?

In the end, its all about this loop, we need ours faster than our enemy's. Talking about hashtags instead of letting them emerge organically slowed our loop and multiple hashtags diluted the message. Speed, mass and decentralization are the keys to the power hiding behind the humble imageboard.


>Strategy without tactics is the surest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

da958d No.1226443

File: da77a86e0f35c9e⋯.jpg (116.57 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, quotes-friedrich-nietzsche.jpg)


I'm honoured and very glad hear that. o7 Your graph is really telling, and shows (1805 v. 62) clearly that is the way to go. As for Corsi, on one hand I'm all for getting maximum exposure on #QAnon (even if that means tubewhores famefagging and talking about him). But sadly with that come ego's and more often than not it leads to infighting and division, something we don't want. On the other hand I also find that a lot of these "experts" are not always right (remember the Tripcode fiasco, and Corsi had made more errors). The better ones either just give updates on the QAnon posts verbatim (and tell you to draw your own conclusions). I do understand that not everybody can and/or wants to spend copious amounts of time on the chans, so they serve a purpose, but as with all tools, is does not absolve you from thinking for yourself. But then that got us where we are I think. Oh well…

tl;dr: Keep firing those memes patriot!! o7


I went with this format b/c that is regularly used for Quotes (pic related), I also placed it like this on purpose so the text stays in half of the left portion.


735fb8 No.1236802



we all need each others help and support anons.

isn't it great that Q made a small remark about our (free of charge) efforts? yes, the chaotic has an enormous power. War room fags have been measuring and trying to steer it a bit, and very happy with the results. We know now, proven fact, that we can bring ANY hashtag from zero to "twat is broken" within 2 hours. Just the sheer joy, enthusiasm (no O in enthusiasm LOL) the brilliant autism is enough. it's GREAT to b a tiny part of this.

032d44 No.1244931


>Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues


deep wordsx2.

real talkx2.





















032d44 No.1244981

These could be a team.

Free energy.


Strong attributes.

Qwould be proud of ur words, imo.

032d44 No.1245070


Not smiles for yourself,

but those scared,

and can't help it.

Unable to control the narrative,

like y'all can.

Smile for the people worried.

Sad is the reality.

Fearful is the news.

Smile=calm before the storm,

peace in the turbulence,

friend when it gets spo_ky.

If you know more and still smile,

others feel safer when they know less,

but careful who u follow.

i know nothing.

726bdd No.1272842

File: 06474135ea9db4f⋯.jpg (156.71 KB, 593x583, 593:583, Trump Tweet 05022018_2.jpg)

File: b092b2b457f7b8d⋯.jpg (204.17 KB, 654x648, 109:108, SUM OF ALL FEARS decode.jpg)

File: 2cde29995b5d280⋯.jpg (125.11 KB, 800x450, 16:9, TY Autist.jpg)

File: 41adbf9c7ecce3c⋯.jpg (154.41 KB, 590x696, 295:348, Trump Tweet 05022018.jpg)

File: abad92af6b80080⋯.jpg (250.94 KB, 1000x827, 1000:827, Authentic.jpg)


726bdd No.1272894

File: 5bfa8e149e44c2e⋯.jpg (170.31 KB, 652x549, 652:549, Kim Lunne Watzman Standard….jpg)

File: 2765e1e24e907eb⋯.jpg (172.08 KB, 817x530, 817:530, Helicopter Pepe.jpg)

File: 3199b4a06299c02⋯.jpg (205.23 KB, 621x753, 207:251, Executive Order 13775 US a….jpg)

File: d092cd91382c790⋯.jpg (122.29 KB, 706x725, 706:725, Executive Orders Jan 2017.jpg)

File: c45ad59bcdd2d0f⋯.jpg (63.35 KB, 617x344, 617:344, NK propaganda.jpg)

726bdd No.1275322

File: 3e4468bd29a0998⋯.jpg (164.7 KB, 706x706, 1:1, fdpq.jpg)

File: ab5c92d03dc0aa8⋯.jpg (57.41 KB, 480x480, 1:1, PRAY Military.jpg)

File: 7f173f9e68f846a⋯.jpg (5.35 KB, 167x108, 167:108, Q PDF number 1176743.jpg)

File: e74be41e8209aa6⋯.jpg (144.41 KB, 900x561, 300:187, FBI fired and power remove….jpg)

File: fcfb0ef4d93a92c⋯.jpg (125.41 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Stay Strong.jpg)


da958d No.1289626

File: bc7000ef3600ca9⋯.png (244.82 KB, 629x631, 629:631, TPT.png)

File: b8c429896c762a6⋯.png (1014.54 KB, 1022x668, 511:334, PEPE Twitter calls.png)


9b76ee No.1292630

File: 120ab9c70bfb045⋯.jpg (304.84 KB, 1190x1417, 1190:1417, TwitterImageShape2:1-max10….jpg)

File: 0494a7b6b314f4b⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TwitterShape.jpg)

File: 14d5af4834b5181⋯.png (527.98 KB, 1718x1400, 859:700, More-Effecive-Memes.png)

File: daf65527850ca5c⋯.jpg (531.48 KB, 626x1112, 313:556, SocialMediaFAQ-1.jpg)

File: c517f05699b3604⋯.png (652.68 KB, 628x784, 157:196, SocialMediaFAQ-2.png)

9b76ee No.1292641

File: 5f083e89d8829da⋯.png (1.28 MB, 640x2495, 128:499, SocialMediaFAQ-3.png)

File: 2eaee9eeb276fc2⋯.jpg (569.54 KB, 1208x680, 151:85, SocialMediaFAQ-4.jpg)

File: 5ce035f92c6025e⋯.png (227.34 KB, 690x1200, 23:40, SocialMediaFAQ-5.png)

735fb8 No.1295476


excellent graphs none!!

735fb8 No.1295486


thank you!! much appreciated tools!

a19ca3 No.1298104


No problem. Use them if you need them.

Thought this room was done.

a19ca3 No.1298119

File: 625a8d4fed96587⋯.jpg (482.12 KB, 1200x819, 400:273, TruePunditNews05022018.jpg)

File: 51d76ee534dab0c⋯.jpg (335.27 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, qdrop05022018.jpg)

File: f733f170c18c618⋯.jpg (230.26 KB, 659x681, 659:681, CNN ratings terrible.jpg)

File: 373bd7095060e2b⋯.jpg (106.08 KB, 541x541, 1:1, Julian Assange.jpg)

File: f13459d0dd945d9⋯.jpg (126.81 KB, 597x458, 597:458, Trump Tweet 05032018 jpg.jpg)


a19ca3 No.1298129

File: 38187a4ba0a5524⋯.jpg (237.9 KB, 965x660, 193:132, TitleistJpg.jpg)

File: a4816360d62b954⋯.jpg (186.04 KB, 768x752, 48:47, Mariah Sunshine Coogan 23.jpg)

File: 693633943d7f66c⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 649x89, 649:89, worlds elite military.jpg)

File: a8f05bb71f761d2⋯.jpg (109.01 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Bear Release the texts.jpg)