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File: aac54a6b45a8592⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 424x283, 424:283, resignation.jpg)

64b968 No.1606439

part 1: >>169315

part 2: >>1147812

list of all (2550+) resignations:

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/

http:// www.resignation.info

37bade No.1607146


Pedro Parente resigned as Petrobras CEO, stepping down from the helm of the state-controlled oil company he helped to revive as a nationwide strike against fuel prices unleashes criticism against his free-market policies.



37bade No.1607939

One week before the election, Jodi Remke on Tuesday submitted her resignation as chairwoman of California’s state campaign watchdog agency…



37bade No.1608033

Facing reassignment under Trump, top Yellowstone official Daniel Wenk, instead retires.



52aaf6 No.1613525

KUTV) – Utah radio talk show host, Doug Wright, received a send-off by dignitaries and his fans celebrating his retirement as he voiced his final show Friday after 40 years on the air.



52aaf6 No.1625600

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - North Korea’s top three military officials have been removed from their posts, …..South Korea’s Yonhap news agency….identified them as defense chief Pak Yong Sik; Ri Myong Su, chief of the Korean People’s Army’s (KPA) general staff; and Kim Jong Gak, director of the KPA’s General Political Bureau.



52aaf6 No.1627934


John Lloyd resigns as public service commissioner



52aaf6 No.1627937

Madagascar’s prime minister Olivier Mahafaly said he resigned from his post on Monday to comply with the terms of a court ruling that ordered the formation of a new consensus government to end a political crisis on the Indian Ocean island nation.



52aaf6 No.1627962

Maaden names new acting CEO after Al-Mudaifer resigns




52aaf6 No.1627965

South Africa

Novus CEO Keith Vroon has resigned with effect from 15 June 2018, the printing and packaging company said on Monday.



52aaf6 No.1627972


Alliance Global Group Inc. CEO Andrew Tan resigns as CEO, the company reveals in a Philippine Stock Exchange disclosure on Monday.



52aaf6 No.1627978


CEO of Medical Media … Nazar Musa steps down…



52aaf6 No.1627982

Townsville Turf Club CEO, Cassandra Cazzulino has announced her intention to resign on the brink of the club’s busiest time of the year.



52aaf6 No.1628000

Hank Ratner Out As ISE CEO



52aaf6 No.1628211

AMMAN (Reuters) - Hani Mulki resigned from his post as Jordan's prime minister in a meeting with King Abdullah on Monday, an official source said, a move aimed at defusing anger over economic policies that have sparked the largest protests in years.



52aaf6 No.1628636

Financial news and information company Thomson Reuters named Brian Peccarelli and Neil Masterson as its co-chief operating officers on Monday as part of a reorganization, which also involves four executives leaving the company….

Susan Taylor Martin, president of the Legal business, and Gonzalo Lissarrague, president of the Global Growth Organization, will leave the company, Thomson Reuters CEO Jim Smith said in a statement.

Chief Communications Officer Gus Carlson and Chief Strategy Officer Brian Scanlon have also elected to leave, the company said.



379812 No.1630476

>>1629192 Jordan’s PM resigns

52aaf6 No.1631176

Cyma Zarghami Steps Down as President of Nickelodeon Group



52aaf6 No.1631186

Alex Tai will step down as the team principal and CEO of the Virgin Racing Formula E team.



52aaf6 No.1631209

Sports carmaker …Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales abruptly quits



52aaf6 No.1631241

Ex-Bloomberg Media Exec Todd Swidler Among Exits In Twitter Reorganization



52aaf6 No.1631257

Lowe's CFO Marshall Croom to retire later this year



52aaf6 No.1631281

John Stobart retired as COO of offshore drilling company Transocean Ltd.



52aaf6 No.1631330

San Antonio-based Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE American: CEI), which relocated its headquarters from Houston last year, has once again swapped out its top executive. Richard Azar has left the post to avoid conflicts of interest over Camber’s default negotiations around debt for which Azar is the guarantor.



a01daf No.1631372

Just thought of this, the core of the Luciferian Families is about 8,000+… who replaced those resigning? Another (younger?) Family member?

52aaf6 No.1631448

Reed Howlett, CEO of Nature’s Variety, announced that he is resigning from the company effective July 12, 2018.



52aaf6 No.1631494

Palo Alto CEO Mark McLaughlin steps down from his post later this week.



52aaf6 No.1631528

Silence Therapeutics; Ali Mortazavi is stepping down as Chief Executive Officer and as a Director of the Company with immediate effect after having served the Company for six years.



d0fb3d No.1634307

Starbucks’s Howard Schultz to Step Down as Executive Chairman

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/starbucks-howard-schultz-to-step-down-as-executive-chairman-1528145472

52aaf6 No.1635511

Joel Klein …St. Joseph Police Chief Resigns After Investigation by City



52aaf6 No.1635523

LIMA (Reuters) - Peruvian Finance Minister David Tuesta has resigned his post



52aaf6 No.1635546

One of South Carolina's longest serving state senators pleaded guilty to a corruption charge Monday and resigned.

Republican Sen. John Courson entered a guilty plea to misconduct in office the same day his trial was supposed to start.



52aaf6 No.1635575

Gregory Hazian, a lawyer for the Office of Health and Human Services, resigned after the agency said he failed to notify his bosses about a court decision and its deadline for appeal.



52aaf6 No.1635653

Jonathan Kemper, vice chairman of Commerce Bancshares Inc., plans to relinquish his day-to-day responsibilities on July 31.



52aaf6 No.1635679

A Republican lawmaker has resigned to work for new Missouri Gov. Mike Parson.

Hermann Rep. Justin Alferman stepped down from his seat Monday. He says he'll do legislative and budgetary work for Parson.



52aaf6 No.1635757


M. Peruvalen, Yusof Zainal Abideen,…..Lawyers representing Malaysia’s ex-premier Najib Razak said on Tuesday they had quit as Najib’s wife prepared to make a statement to anti-graft agents as part of an investigation into a former unit of state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).



37bade No.1638178


Knut Nesse steps down as Nutreco CEO



379812 No.1639113

File: 0f362e995caf183⋯.png (645.9 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, ClipboardImage.png)


David Koch Steps Down From Company, Political Groups

Letter to Koch Industries employees attributes decision to deteriorating health

07e45d No.1639484


Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz announced Monday that he would step down from his position at the company and possibly pursue a career in “public service.”

Schultz, who led Starbucks through one of its tumultuous periods over the past months, will no longer be executive chairman effective June 26.

d964d0 No.1639548

File: ee730ce406d469b⋯.jpg (13.99 KB, 500x310, 50:31, koch down_0.JPG)

Resignation much?


a01daf No.1639597


Looks like the Deep State is putting Plan B into action.

Remember, they 'breed' their own to insert into high places… this lot stepping down may pursue a career in “public service”, some are running for the hills. Hiding from HRC?

Perhaps we need another LIST to track replacements and be prepared to knock them off the perch before they get too comfortable.

52aaf6 No.1639612

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain’s former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Tuesday announced he was resigning as leader of the conservative People’s Party (PP) after losing power in a no-confidence vote.



52aaf6 No.1639623

VIENNA (Reuters) - Voestalpine Chief Executive Wolfgang Eder will step down in the summer of 2019 after some 15 years at the helm and move to the supervisory board, the Austrian speciality steel company said on Tuesday.



52aaf6 No.1639642

Metro CEO John Nations will be leaving the transportation agency this fall, the Bi-State Development Agency announced Tuesday.



52aaf6 No.1639645

ALMERE, the Netherlands – Effective immediately, Pon Bicycle Group CEO and senior vice president of Pon Holdings Armin Landgraf leaves the company. According to a company spokesman, “Landgraf resigns on his own request”.



52aaf6 No.1639673

KUALA LUMPUR (June 5): Practice Note-17 company Stone Master Corp Bhd’s executive director and acting chief executive officer Fathi Ridzuan Ahmad Fauzi has resigned from the board, four months after his appointment on Jan 19,2018.



52aaf6 No.1639711

Mumbai ( To confirm)

Creativeland Asia CEO Rana Barua quits



52aaf6 No.1639768

CEO Steve Miller retires from International Automotive Components



52aaf6 No.1639794

Lim Ming Yan, 55, has given notice he will retire as CapitaLand group CEO and president, with his last day of service being December 31.



52aaf6 No.1639811

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.® (Nasdaq:PTLA) today announced that William Lis has informed the Board of Directors of his plans to retire as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board.



af4c76 No.1640662


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


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added, thx


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added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


good thought, but wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


wrong thread

52aaf6 No.1646277

The White House communications aide….

'Kelly Sadler is no longer employed within the Executive Office of the President,' White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said in a statement Tuesday night.



52aaf6 No.1646455

Cricket Australia (CA) chief executive officer James Sutherland announced his resignation following a 17-year tenure.



52aaf6 No.1646492

BROKEN ARROW — The CEO of the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation has stepped down



52aaf6 No.1646752

CAIRO – Egypt's Prime Minister Shereef Ismail has submitted his government's resignation, three days after President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi was sworn in for a second, four-year term in office.



143bdc No.1648021

File: 72fae83f2ced9c0⋯.png (96.45 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, D9E565E5-FC79-4385-8B97-95….png)

Handing over his part to their highest investor.. isn’t that nice?

143bdc No.1648025


Sauce https://www.wsj.com/articles/centurylink-ceo-to-retire-sooner-than-expected-1520350045

37bade No.1648033

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Wednesday he has accepted the resignation of central bank governor Muhammad Ibrahim, but no decision has been made on a successor.



52aaf6 No.1648438

Connecticut's chief investment officer, … Sean Crawford…..who was hired with glowing praise to oversee the state's $34 billion pension fund, unexpectedly resigned last month after just 10 days.



52aaf6 No.1648447

Rockland Human Rights Commissioner Constance Frazier resigns after less than a year



37bade No.1649110

REUTERS) - WEARABLE device maker Fitbit Inc's Chief Financial Officer William Zerella will leave the company next week to join an autonomous vehicle technology startup as finance head, the company said on Wednesday.



37bade No.1649547

Athenahealth Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Bush is stepping down after a series of allegations about misconduct called into question his ability to manage the medical-technology company he co-founded as it attempts to stave off a takeover



37bade No.1649652


The CEO of Tulip Ltd Steve Francis, has announced he will be stepping down from his position.



37bade No.1649699

Subaru’s CEO ….Yasuyuki Yoshinaga…has stepped down from his role with the Japanese automaker in the wake of the automaker’s emissions data scandal.



fe643a No.1650629


added, thx


added, thx


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already on the list


added, thx


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added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


do you have another source? not available for me as a european. without a name of the ceo i cant find anything accessible


added, thx



already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

52aaf6 No.1650944

Malawi’s vice president Saulos Chilima publicly attacked the corruption of the president’s government on Tuesday and announced his resignation from the ruling party, leaving the door open for a presidential run.



d964d0 No.1653300

Uh oh,


one more.

52aaf6 No.1654462


Here Anon, sorry abt that ;

Wes Smithwick, CEO of the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, stands in Broken Arrow’s revitalized Rose District. The search is on for a new chamber director after he resigned recently for health reasons.  Tulsa World file



52aaf6 No.1654477

Paul Dacre, editor of the UK's Daily Mail, to stand down



52aaf6 No.1654541

A senior aide wrapped up in the ethics investigations of Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has abruptly resigned.

Pruitt announced the departure of aide Millan Hupp in a statement Wednesday.



52aaf6 No.1654575

Timothy Mapes, the chief of staff to powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan abruptly resigned Wednesday after an employee accused him of lewd comments and of mishandling complaints of sexual harassment.



52aaf6 No.1654590

Mike Hatch says he will withdraw from Minnesota attorney general race



52aaf6 No.1654609

Larry Gonzales, the state representative for Round Rock, Hutto, Taylor, and parts of Georgetown, submitted his resignation Wednesday to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, telling him he was looking for new “exciting opportunities.”



52aaf6 No.1654629


Lahcen Daoudi… A Moroccan government minister will resign after coming under pressure for showing sympathy with a consumer boycott campaign targeting some of the country’s top brands, his party said on Wednesday.



52aaf6 No.1654662


TM Group CEO, Datuk Seri Mohammed Shazalli Ramly resigned



52aaf6 No.1654716

West Anchorage Assemblyman Tim Steele said Wednesday he will resign from the Assembly to contend with health issues.



52aaf6 No.1654727

Bishop Stephen A. Davis, who took over as senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, following the death of controversial longtime pastor Eddie Long in January 2017, has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1654744

ELLETTSVILLE, Ind.— The superintendent of the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation …Dr. Mike Wilcox ….stepped down Wednesday weeks after Call 6 Investigates exposed the district made a $1.1 million mistake that forced 10,500 taxpayers to pay a tax increase.



07e45d No.1654747


texasfag here. This area is where Dell Computers is HQ'd along with other high tech and high money businesses.

52aaf6 No.1654763

MALAYSIAN Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has accepted the resignation of central bank governor Muhammad Ibrahim.



52aaf6 No.1654783

Mr. José Carreira…EU asylum agency chief resigns amid bullying allegation



52aaf6 No.1654801

Munich, Germany, 6 June 2018. Dr Ralph Heck, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Schaltbau Holding AG (WKN: 717030; ISIN: DE0007170300), today announced his resignation from office as a member of the Supervisory Board with effect as of the end of 6 June 2018.



b357db No.1655333

TORONTO — Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TSX:ASP) today announced that Mr. Luc Mainville has stepped down as a director of the company.

>http:// business.financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/acerus-announces-resignation-of-director

President Mary Martin and vice-president Darcy Eddleston announced their resignations in separate letters addressed to the Alberta School Board Association board of directors and "all trustees."

>http:// www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-school-boards-association-president-vice-resign-1.4689427

52aaf6 No.1656053


Astro group CEO Rohana Rozhan resigns



52aaf6 No.1656132

After more than two decades at McDonald York Building Co., CEO Heather Denny is leaving the company she joined shortly after college.



52aaf6 No.1656185


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A high flying corporate executive has resigned after being outed as a serial public defecator by vigilant neighbours who photographed him in the act.

Andrew Douglas Macintosh was a national quality manager at the leading retirement village Aveo and also advises on planning issues on a Brisbane City Council board.



52aaf6 No.1656279

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 6 – The Board of Equity Group Holdings has announced the retirement of its Founder and Chairman of the Group Dr. Peter Kahara Munga



37bade No.1657598

KATHMANDU — Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) Managing Director (MD) Gopal Khadka, who has been accused of embezzling billions of rupees while procuring land plots to set up oil storage facilities in various districts, has resigned from his post on Thursday.



37bade No.1658275

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE (PSM.XE) said Thursday that Christof Wahl will step down as chief operating officer effective July 31.



37bade No.1658288

Giles Taylor…Rolls-Royce Design Chief Quits With Immediate Effect



37bade No.1659134

Kenyan referee Aden Marwa Range has resigned from the World Cup after being implicated in a bribery scandal.



37bade No.1659148

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in the deadly school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, quietly resigned last month from a state commission created to investigate the shooting in order to pursue his own probe.



fe643a No.1659967


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


if he resigns from the race, than he doesn't have a position yet… not listed


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread


already on the list


added, thx


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added, thx

80f104 No.1659993

File: b9c7b37bba6d718⋯.jpg (173.73 KB, 523x539, 523:539, Screen Shot 06-07-18 at 05….JPG)

Paul Dacre, Daily Mail editor who has consistently been dogged by controversy and accusations of racism and sexism, has confirmed he will step down before he turns 70 in November.

https:// www.rt.com/uk/429015-paul-dacre-mail-retire/

fe643a No.1660081


already on the list

52aaf6 No.1660090


…Liam Coleman….Chief Executive of Britain's Co-operative Bank has resigned after less than 18 months during which he oversaw its rescue.



52aaf6 No.1660251

Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo resigned Thursday following the team’s investigation into anonymous social media accounts that posted information about players and league officials, the team announced.



52aaf6 No.1660273

Elliman’s Samantha Yanks …CMO…resigns from top marketing job



52aaf6 No.1660295

Quest Church Founder Eugene Cho Resigns, Assures Congregation There Was 'No Moral Failure'



52aaf6 No.1660340

As part of three separate orders handed down June 5 by U.S. District Court Judge Cathy Seibel, Town Attorney Michael Klein is resigning and handing over $25,000 to the federal Securities and Exchange Commission, according to court documents.



52aaf6 No.1660383

Long-time broadcaster Ross Porter stepped down last week from his position as president and CEO of Toronto’s JAZZ.FM91 radio station on the heels of a third-party workplace investigation, a probe spurred by a letter from more than a dozen current and former employees alleging he had sexually harassed staff and created a toxic workplace.



52aaf6 No.1660402

Volt Information Sciences Inc. (NYSE MKT: VISI) announced President and CEO Michael Dean left the company and the board, effective yesterday.



fe643a No.1660595


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

52aaf6 No.1660727

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson is officially leaving her position as head of the storied Warner Bros.-owned comic book publisher, after a two-month leave of absence.





52aaf6 No.1660739

Louis Walsh has decided to leave talent show The X Factor after what he has described as 13 "fantastic" years.



52aaf6 No.1660830

June 7 (Reuters) - Auto parts maker BorgWarner Inc said on Thursday Chief Executive Officer James Verrier will step down and serve in a non-executive advisory role until he retires in February next year.



fe643a No.1661989


added, thx


not that important imho


added, thx

52aaf6 No.1663986

June 7 (Reuters) - Optical component maker Lumentum Holdings Inc said on Thursday Chief Financial Officer Aaron Tachibana had resigned after three years in the role.



52aaf6 No.1664324

Abraxas Petroleum (NASDAQ:AXAS) says CFO Geoffrey King has resigned, effective June 26, to pursue another opportunity in the financial sector.



52aaf6 No.1664347

BRIEF-Real Gold Mining Says Zhang Yanchun Resigns As CEO



52aaf6 No.1664378


The Premier League has confirmed that its executive chairman Richard Scudamore will step down by the end of 2018 after nearly 20 years at the helm.



40f7d0 No.1664789

Doug Ford leads PCs to majority government

Kathleen Wynne resigns as Liberal leader

Led by Doug Ford, Ontario's Progressive Conservatives have secured a majority government, CBC News projects, ending nearly 15 years of Liberal power in the province.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that she will resign her post as leader of the Liberal party effectively immediately. 

>http:// www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-election-vote-ford-horwath-wynne-pc-ndp-liberal-green-1.4696736

37bade No.1666656

LONDON (Reuters) - BT Group's Chief Executive Gavin Patterson will step down later this year after the British telecoms company's chairman said a change in leadership was



37bade No.1666789


Ishmael Yamson steps down as Board Chairman of Stanchart.



37bade No.1666945

BRIEF-United Malacca Says Lai Swee Kee Resigns As CFO



37bade No.1666950

BRIEF-China United Travel's General Manager ..

SHI LIANG……Resigns Due To Change In Job Role



37bade No.1666955

BRIEF-Sinochem International's Chairman Feng Zhibin Resigns Due To Personal Reasons



37bade No.1669738

NIC co-founder Ross Hartley has retired from the company board of directors.



37bade No.1669777

Paul Newman, founder of NEX Group’s energy business, to retire



37bade No.1669827

OLATHE, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NIC Inc. (Nasdaq: EGOV), the nation’s leading provider of digital government solutions and secure payment processing, is announcing changes to its Board of Directors. Effective immediately, Ross Hartley retired as a member of the Company’s Board. Mr. Hartley is a founder of the Company and has served on the board of directors since the Company’s beginning.



37bade No.1669839


Sorry already posted that

37bade No.1669869

Kwesi Nyantakyi resigns as Ghana FA President after bribery exposé



37bade No.1669990

'BattleTech' Developer …Tyler Carpenter….Accused of Sexual Harassment, Resigns



37bade No.1670081

SMILE CEO Chris Williams submitted a letter today to board president Marlon Lewis advising of his immediate resignation.

Williams has been on paid leave since May 24 after an employee accused him of misconduct.



37bade No.1670104

CEO Kelly Duke leaves Mimbres Memorial Hospital



37bade No.1670125

The Department of Social and Health Services announced Friday that Dr. Marylouise Jones is leaving her post as the interim CEO of Western State Hospital.



fe643a No.1670314


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx




added, thx


added, thx


not sure if high ranking enough


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

e11386 No.1672388

File: 0174d57d926a3cf⋯.png (398.19 KB, 561x780, 187:260, Wynn_resigns.png)

File: dd584b007303ddf⋯.jpg (426 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, trudeau_and_wynne_at_pride.jpg)

Kathleen Wynn resigns as Liberal Leader following massive loss to PC's and NDP's in Ontario provincial elections yesterday:


"Shortly after results were announced, Kathleen Wynne revealed she will resign as Liberal leader, as the Grits failed to pick up the eight seats necessary to maintain official party status."

07e45d No.1672737


John Lasseter, once the most powerful man in animation, will leave the Walt Disney Co. at the end of the year following a sexual harassment scandal, the company announced on Friday.

Lasseter, who was chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, has been on a “sabbatical” since Nov. 21, when he sent a memo to staff apologizing for “unwanted hugs.” Female employees told Variety at the time that Lasseter had a reputation for touching women inappropriately in the office, including rubbing their legs and kissing them on the lips. Lasseter was also reprimanded for making out with a subordinate at an Oscar party in 2010,

52aaf6 No.1675446

2nd resignation this year for Higbie;

A former Trump administration appointee … Carl Higbie….resigned from his position at the Trump-aligned America First Policies this week, after companies said they wouldn't contribute to the group because of his past racist comments, according to CNN.

In January, Carl Higbie resigned as chief of external affairs for the Corporation for National and Community Service, which runs AmeriCorps, after racist, sexist and anti-Muslim comments from his past came to light.



52aaf6 No.1675512

Food Of The Rockies CEO…Kevin Seggelke… Retiring After 15 Years



52aaf6 No.1675587

MobileSmith Chief Executive Officer Bob Dieterle has resigned from his position after eight years with the company.



52aaf6 No.1675626

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - ..former chairman of the Dosher Hospital Foundation Board …Reverend Jim White..,has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1675660

Lt. Gen. Kenneth E. Tovo …relinquished command of U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg on Friday



52aaf6 No.1675676

Tim Palen Steps Down as Lionsgate Marketing Chief, Remains Chief Brand Officer



52aaf6 No.1676637


Kadir Jasin resigns as Head of Media, Council of Eminent Persons



52aaf6 No.1676669

Blockchain Lead … Ikuma Ueno …at Japan’s Mizuho Bank resigns



de0c7d No.1677963

File: f621cc85baac84e⋯.jpg (27.91 KB, 530x277, 530:277, TylerAsher_Social.jpg)

Safeco has been ripping people off for years. It is not a crime to use my insurance u fuckin weisel.

e1199a No.1681407

With Anthony Bourdain being suicided, should we start tracking celeb deaths?

Kate Spade

Anthony Bourdain

Inés Zorreguieta

Alan O'Neill

Ben Krapinski +Wife (Builder to Stars)

Steven Pitt (Ramsey Psychologist)

Tareq Kamleh

John Lermayor


e1199a No.1681414



Thinking to track deaths by hanging - a popular method to 'suicide' someone.

52aaf6 No.1686546

In notables today >>1685895


but can’t see that it was added

Michel Coulombe, a career spy who joined the fledgling Canadian Security Intelligence Service more than 30 years ago before rising through the ranks to its top job….. retired in May 2017



fe643a No.1687514


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


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isn't there already a thread for this?


to early for the list - list starts Sept. 1, 2017

52aaf6 No.1687522

According to a statement issued by Vodafone Zambia on June 6, the company CEO, Lars Hendrik Stork, has retired.



52aaf6 No.1687580

Katharine Ku, head of Stanford University’s tech transfer office, is retiring today after having led the unit for 27 years …



fe643a No.1687818


added, thx


added, thx

52aaf6 No.1688142

Marixi Prieto, chair of the board of directors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Inc., announced on Friday at the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting her retirement as chair effective immediately.



52aaf6 No.1688193

Ray Hayes announced on June 1 that he will leave his position as Chancellor of The University of Alabama System.



52aaf6 No.1688276





52aaf6 No.1688300

Park City-based Powdr recently announced that John Cumming, founder and chief executive officer of the company, is stepping down as CEO.



52aaf6 No.1688315

South Africa

Cape Town – Old Mutual [JSE:OML] and Nedbank [JSE:NED] have made a new move in their managed separation strategy, with Bruce Hemphill stepping down from the Nedbank Group board.



52aaf6 No.1688330


Barbara Wheat will leave her position as president of the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS), the institute’s owner, the Ho Group, said Tuesday.



52aaf6 No.1688371

Neil Barry …StanChart exec quits after 'inappropriate' behaviour



52aaf6 No.1688392

Dr. Manpreet Grewal…Jacksonville doctor resigns amid accusations he recorded women in bathroom



908a51 No.1688481



52aaf6 No.1688802

Ulrich Hoffmann, head of group operations at Switzerland’s largest bank, is leaving UBS to take on a new job outside the company.



52aaf6 No.1697187

Bishop Stefan Soroka archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Philadelphia retires and goes home.



52aaf6 No.1697886

IRVING, Texas — Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at 7-Eleven Inc., told Convenience Store News Friday that he has chosen to take time away from the demands of executive leadership to invest time in his family.



52aaf6 No.1697916

ULAN BATOR, June 11 (Xinhua) – Mongolian parliament member Dorjdugar Gantulga announced Monday that he will step down from his post amid what he called the "politically motivated" rape allegation.



52aaf6 No.1697945

Update on Nyantakyi

Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi has resigned from all positions he holds in football at WAFU, CAF and FIFA



52aaf6 No.1697951


Aghvan Hovsepian, one of Armenia’s most powerful and controversial law-enforcement officials, resigned on Monday one month after the dramatic change of the country’s government.



52aaf6 No.1697964

The head of Swiss Post, Susanne Ruoff, has stepped down on Friday with immediate effect over a subsidies scandal at company’s subsidiary, PostBus.



52aaf6 No.1697970

A Vatican statement said (Pope) Francis had accepted the resignations of Bishop Juan Barros of Osorno, as well as Bishop Gonzalo Duarte of Valparaiso and Bishop Cristian Caro of Puerto Montt



52aaf6 No.1697989


Pavlo Zhebrivsky, chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration and chief of the regional military and civilian administration, has tendered his resignation.



52aaf6 No.1698851

(Reuters) - Car seats maker Adient Plc said on Monday Chief Executive Officer R. Bruce McDonald is stepping down and the company slashed its profit forecast for the year, sending its shares tumbling 17 percent.



52aaf6 No.1698876

AirtelTigo’s Chief HR Officer Kwame Annor resigns



908a51 No.1698891

>>1606439 here comes the……booooom


52aaf6 No.1698925

Renowned Surgeon Joe U. Levi Retires After 44-Year Career



52aaf6 No.1698941

Sportsnet’s Roger Millions has announced his retirement following a 39-year career in the sports broadcasting industry.



37bade No.1700863

For the second time in a month, a member of the state’s campaign finance watchdog agency has resigned, officials said Monday.

Commissioner Maria Audero, a Los Angeles attorney, said in a letter submitted to the governor on Friday that she was quitting the state Fair Political Practices Commission before her term ends to accept an appointment as a U.S. magistrate judge.



37bade No.1700927

BRIEF-OCK Group Says Hillary Chua Pei Sum Resigns As CFO



37bade No.1700976

Hong Kong

BRIEF-Huiyin Holdings Says Meng Xiaoqian Resigns As CEO



37bade No.1701073

Geoff Johns Steps Down as DC Entertainment President



37bade No.1701106

Stanley Ho steps down as chairman of Macau casino concession holder SJM Holdings, his last remaining post in a public company.



37bade No.1701166

James Verrier, CEO of BorgWarner, will step down from his position this summer, according to Crain's Detroit Business.



37bade No.1701260

Plymouth-based Adient plc announced Monday its chairman and CEO Bruce McDonald retired from the company



37bade No.1701759

Terry DeCarlo has resigned from the LGBT+ Center Orlando. The Center was a hub for the community in the aftermath of the 2016 shooting at the Pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead and more than 50 injured.

DeCarlo was the executive director of the center until last year when he stepped aside to become the communications director.



fe643a No.1702198


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52aaf6 No.1708412

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A biologist at the renowned Salk Institute in Southern California has resigned after allegations that he sexually harassed at least eight women over three decades.

The institute in San Diego says Inder Verma tendered his resignation last week and the Board of Trustees unanimously accepted it on Monday.



52aaf6 No.1708488

Gary Hefner…Former Arkansas police chief resigns after allegations of racy text messages



52aaf6 No.1708549

The U.S. Pain Foundation announced May 31 that Paul Gileno (CEO & founder) resigned after its board of directors requested he do so.



52aaf6 No.1708591

Catholic Charities CEO Peter Vogel has decided to step down from his role, after nearly nine years of serving the community.



52aaf6 No.1708622

Top Salk Institute Researcher ….Inder Verma …resigned Following Harassment Investigation



52aaf6 No.1708675


City Administrator David Stockdale announced he is stepping down from his position Monday after he was placed on paid administrative leave in April of this year.



52aaf6 No.1708706

White House communications staffer Steven Cheung left his post last Friday and plans to return to the sports and entertainment industry, Politico reports.



52aaf6 No.1708800

Dave & Buster's also announced the retirement of CEO Stephen King,



52aaf6 No.1708857

Vodafone New Zealand to get new CEO in November

Russell Stanners to end dozen years as CEO at end of October.



52aaf6 No.1708957

Heineken CEO Ronald den Eizen… replaced by Maggie Timoney, will return to Holland in a global role for the company, Heineken said in a news release.



52aaf6 No.1709004

Mike Novak, CEO of the Rocklin-based Educational Media Foundation, announced he will step down from the nationwide network of 800 Christian radio stations.



52aaf6 No.1709060

Old one Nov 2017

BRIEF-Aimmune Therapeutics says ‍CEO Stephen Dilly plans to retire by end of 2018​



52aaf6 No.1709112

Grand Rapids bus system…CEO Peter Varga is preparing to depart at the end of his contract September 30.



52aaf6 No.1709185

RTA CEO Joe Calabrese Announces He'll Retire in 2020 at End of Current Contract



52aaf6 No.1709281

Workiva…Matthew Rizai …will resign from his positions as an officer and director of the company.



52aaf6 No.1709602

Wahlburgers CEO Rick Vanzura Resigns



52aaf6 No.1709619

Lolesh Sharma the chief executive officer of Sun Insurance, one of Fiji’s leading property and casualty insurers, is understood to have resigned.



52aaf6 No.1711730

LONDON (Reuters) - Domino's Pizza Group (DOM.L) said its chief financial officer Rachel Osborne had left with immediate effect…



52aaf6 No.1712452

LONDON (REUTERS) - Phillip Lee, a British justice minister, said on Tuesday he was resigning his post because of the government's "wish to limit" the role of parliament in settling any final Brexit deal.



52aaf6 No.1713473

JACKSON, MI - Andrew Frounfelker has resigned from the Jackson City Council, nearly three weeks after being charged with felonious assault.



52aaf6 No.1713526

Not sure if singers/musicians are included?

Tomo Milicevic has quit 30 Seconds To Mars, saying it's the "right thing" for him to do.

"Please believe me when I say that this is the best thing for me in my life and also for the band," he said in a statement on Twitter.



37bade No.1713885

June 12 (Reuters) – GlaxoSmithKline Plc said the president of its vaccines business, Luc Debruyne, would leave the company at the end of the year.



a64f13 No.1716225


Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam Resigns. Replacing him is former CEO of Ericsson Hans Vestberg. Bonus: McAdam stepped down from board of GE in December…



37bade No.1716550

WELLESLEY (CBS) – The head of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is resigning,

CEO and Board of Directors President Eric Schultz said in a letter released Tuesday that “I recently exhibited behavior that was inconsistent with my personal core values and the company’s core values and code of conduct.”



37bade No.1716562

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications on Tuesday announced Vanderburgh Superior Court Magistrate Jeffrey T. Shoulders agreed to resign, effective May 30, and not to seek or accept judicial office in the future.



37bade No.1716625

Downtown Improvement Board Executive Director Curt Morse resigns

Jim Little Pensacola News Journal

Published 4:38 p.m. UTC Jun 12, 2018



37bade No.1716649

BRIEF-Bank Of China's Executive Director, Deputy Head Of The Bank Ren Deqi Resigns Due To Change In Job Role



37bade No.1716727

Ashburn, Virginia, June 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The National Recreation and Park Association’s (NRPA) president and CEO Barbara Tulipane, CAE, has announced her retirement and will be leaving NRPA.



37bade No.1716767

Kathleen Pavelko announces retirement as President and CEO of WITF

Published: Jun 12, 2018 3:00 pm ET



37bade No.1716926

Missed this in April

OSHKOSH - Oshkosh Area United Way Chief Executive Officer Sue Panek will retire at the end of 2018, the organization announced Thursday



37bade No.1716969

ADP CFO Jan Siegmund Plans to Leave Company



37bade No.1717243

SINGAPORE - The chief financial officer of troubled industrial waste gas treatment company China Environment, Chong Guan Choi, 32, has stepped down.



37bade No.1717265


New Delhi: Independent advertising agency Creativeland Asia (CLA) on Tuesday announced the exit of its chief executive officer Rana Barua. Barua…



37bade No.1717308


MUMBAI: GTPL Hathway chief financial officer (CFO) Jayanta Pani has quit the company. His last working day the company will be 30 June.



37bade No.1717404

In addition to the CEO Matthias Müller who resigned in April 2018

BERLIN (Reuters)

….Matthias Gruendler, CFO of VW's trucks arm ….has already been released from his duties, the spokeswoman said…



52aaf6 No.1718220

(Reuters) - Guess Inc (GES.N) said on Tuesday its co-founder, Paul Marciano, had resigned as the company’s executive chairman after a special committee completed an investigation into allegations of improper conduct.



52aaf6 No.1722742

Senior DOJ official…Joel McElvain…resigns in wake of ObamaCare decision



52aaf6 No.1722827

Kent Weed Steps Down as A. Smith & Co. President



52aaf6 No.1722852


The chairman of the Lake Wichita Falls Revitalization Committee stepped down Tuesday.



52aaf6 No.1722871


Stephen Garner

52aaf6 No.1722955

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s vice president for EMEA, has announced she will be stepping down as co-chair of the Creative Industries Council (CIC) after more than five years in the role.



52aaf6 No.1723045

GREATER MACON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PRESIDENT RETIRES After serving 7-years as president and CEO, Mike Dyer is ready for the next chapter in his life.



52aaf6 No.1723109

ArcelorMittal North America …chief executive officer… Robrecht Himpe retires after 37 years on July 1.



37bade No.1726890

Mars Wrigley Confectionery Names New Global President….Andrew Clarke replaces Martin Radvan, who is retiring ….


37bade No.1726938

Colorado data center company Cologix named a new CEO this week….Grant Van Rooyan (is leaving)



37bade No.1726978

Hinds Hospice names new CEO…He replaces Amy Tobin, who is retiring this month.



52aaf6 No.1727973


Haydale CEO (Ray Gibbs)quits alongside profit warning



52aaf6 No.1727990


Waste management company Biffa’s CEO

Ian Wakelin has stepped down.



52aaf6 No.1728339

CINCINNATI, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools, Inc. (formerly SENCO Brands, Inc.) today announced that President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Ben Johansen is retiring in July 2018



52aaf6 No.1728368


Kevin Murphy..Conflict of Interest Commissioner Retires



52aaf6 No.1728422

13 June 2018, News Wires – US energy giant ExxonMobil said its senior vice president Mishael Dolan is planning to retire effective August 1….



52aaf6 No.1728435

Mr Obafemi Olawore, the Executive Secretary, Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN), has retired from the organization after 17 years in the saddle.



52aaf6 No.1728500

Chief Financial Officer Chuck Stevens will remain with the company as an adviser until his retirement in March.



52aaf6 No.1730013

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili announced his resignation Wednesday after a series of mass protests highlighted a dramatic drop in his government's popularity….



52aaf6 No.1730055


Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Ltd., a Chinese-owned oil firm on Wednesday announced the resignation of the Senior Vice President/Managing Director, Mr Colin Klappa from the company.



52aaf6 No.1730958

MADRID – Spain's minister of culture …Maxim Huerta,…says he's resigning after just under a week in office over media revelations that he was fined for evading thousands of euros (dollars) in taxes.



52aaf6 No.1730976


Former Governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, on Wednesday, resigned his membership from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).



fe643a No.1731036


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fe643a No.1731800


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i've added him. Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced for 35 years for pedo-stuff in 2016


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52aaf6 No.1731942


Laura Smith, MP for Crewe and Nantwich, announced her decision to resign as Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office in order to vote against remaining in the EEA after the UK leaves the European Union.



52aaf6 No.1732007

Board president.. Timio Archuleta… of troubled Adams 14 school district abruptly resigns



52aaf6 No.1732062


A furious row inside One Nation will become a formal separation within days, as key Senator Brian Burston quits the party amid warnings over Pauline Hanson’s “dictatorship” over her colleagues.



52aaf6 No.1732501

Poker legend Doyle Brunson retires, plays last game at WSOP



52aaf6 No.1739501

From research board


Top Kentucky child protection leader... Adria Johnson... steps down amid foster care surge



52aaf6 No.1740004

One of the prominent and most reputable ministers of the Government of National Unity of Afghanistan Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi stepped down from his post



52aaf6 No.1740028

Tomas Maier, creative director of luxury Italian label Bottega Veneta, has stepped down.



52aaf6 No.1740074

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Jay Lowe will serve as acting general manager of WGVU Public Media when longtime manager Michael Walenta retires, officials announced Tuesday, June 12.



2f1bd4 No.1740100

File: da4da3455b7bf2a⋯.png (318.96 KB, 905x487, 905:487, Screenshot-2018-6-13 Top K….png)

File: 165126bc9745ed6⋯.jpg (108.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, #Lou2.jpg)



KY Top CPS Boss Resigning

No reason given.

She used to work in the administration of Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer….see graphic.

52aaf6 No.1742325

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A prominent host who was reassigned at Minnesota Public Radio after disclosing his relationship with a Democratic politician says he is leaving the station.

Tom Weber announced on Twitter Wednesday that he is leaving next week after 10 years at the St. Paul-based radio station.



52aaf6 No.1742363

14 June 2018

​A new prison governor for the States of Jersey Prison Service has been appointed to take over from the current governor Bill Millar when he retires at the end of August.



52aaf6 No.1742476


Six MPs quit Mr Corbyn's frontbench in protest at the hard-left leader's plans to keep the UK inside the single market after Brexit.

Laura Smith, Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi, Anna McMorrin and Rosie Duffield all walked away from the Labour top team.

Their dramatic departures came as the House of Commons threw out a series of amendments to the historic Brexit Bill by unelected peers….



52aaf6 No.1742979

BRIEF-Industronics Says Chow Ricky Kam Hung Resigns As Chairman



52aaf6 No.1742983

Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis has resigned over possible recruiting violations.



52aaf6 No.1742997

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — … Dr. Joseph Breton ….The medical director for the Connecticut Department of Correction has resigned after only three months on the job



52aaf6 No.1743007

Rep. David Sawyer has resigned as the chairman of the House Commerce and Gaming Committee a day after an outside investigation that he violated the chamber's policies on harassment, decorum and ethics.



52aaf6 No.1743022

COVENTRY — The Coventry Fire District Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of …Frank Palin…its chairman following charges of sexual assault.



52aaf6 No.1743034

BRIEF-China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Says Zhang Fengchun Resigns As Executive Director & Chairman



52aaf6 No.1743045

John Vranic, DEMCO's outgoing CEO, will resign effective today amid a report by the WBRZ Investigative Unit.



52aaf6 No.1743056

Maybe not high enough rank…

Wiscasset Police Chief Jeff Lange has resigned his position effective July 26.



52aaf6 No.1743084

Pelahatchie's town attorney, Brad Mills, resigned Monday night amid a state auditor's probe and a town embroiled in controversy.



9d4a3b No.1743573

OhioHealth CEO retiring

SAUCE: http://www.dispatch.com/news/20180614/ohiohealth-ceo-retiring-new-leader-named

52aaf6 No.1745286

MONTREAL — DavidsTea chief executive …Joel Silver…has resigned after the company’s shareholders voted to turf most of the existing board by electing seven nominees presented by the company’s co-founder.



52aaf6 No.1745343


Muralikrishnan B, a senior vice-president (SVP) at Myntra, has quit the fashion e-tailer, Moneycontrol reported, citing sources it didn’t name.



52aaf6 No.1745680

HSCC CEO Grahame White announces retirement after 20 years



fe643a No.1746168


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not added. image is broken. informations are missing


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52aaf6 No.1747002

Australian mining company Paringa Resources said managing director and CEO Grant Quasha is resigning as of June 18 to “pursue another opportunity.”



52aaf6 No.1747035


The Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association new chief executive officer Paul Burke has resigned, effective immediately.



52aaf6 No.1747082

Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: GALT), Peter G. Traber, M.D….has tendered his resignation as President, CEO and Chief Medical Officer…



52aaf6 No.1747124

Britain’s national mapping agency Ordinance Survey Chief Nigel Clifford has stepped down from his post and has left the organization.



52aaf6 No.1748580

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said on Thursday that Elliot Schrage, who as head of communications and public policy has led the social network's response to scandals about privacy and election meddling, would step down from the company after a decade.



40b377 No.1751375

Previous bread… >>1750867 Autists are not possessing of patience or trust. When disturbed they take battle flight like the bees of the hive. A while and they are ready to resume protection of the hive. That is what makes them so valuable here. Shills cannot deter them for they have in innate sense of "rightness". Brilliant but easily scattered when disturbed. Trust them, they are true Warriors.

372722 No.1751811


Federico Sturzenegger

(Source in Spanish)

https:// mundo.sputniknews.com/americalatina/201806151079582380-que-ha-hecho-mauricio-macri-con-federico-sturzenegger/

ecd079 No.1752525


52aaf6 No.1752556


Patrick Tumbo resigns as Jubilee Insurance CEO,



359b9a No.1755284

Just coming in here to say thank you anon for your tremendous efforts. This anon appreciates it very much.

52aaf6 No.1756865


Anon ty for your encouragement. I think the awesome Baker would agree, we’re just happy to contribute a little to this amazing, world changing miracle ;)

52aaf6 No.1756878


Matt Brand resigns as CEO of NSW Farmers



52aaf6 No.1756890

Havas China creative CEO …Donald Chan… steps down



52aaf6 No.1756918

Iliana Mora has resigned as CEO of Women Employed — a Chicago-based nonprofit that advocates for working women — less than a year after taking the position.



52aaf6 No.1756925

Metabolon’s longtime president and CEO John Ryals has retired, the company said Wednesday.



52aaf6 No.1756931

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has selected a new president and CEO to fill David Stevens’ shoes when he retires in September.



52aaf6 No.1756939

CINCINNATI, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools, Inc. (formerly SENCO Brands, Inc.) today announced that President, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Ben Johansen is retiring in July 2018



52aaf6 No.1756956

Telco Plus Credit Union …CEO …Betty DeWeese, who held the job since 2010, announced earlier this year that she would be retiring.



52aaf6 No.1757004

Studies Weekly's … CEO…Ed Rickers…retired after almost 20 years of continuous service to the company.



52aaf6 No.1757019

Mike will be replacing Brian Stecyk who has lead CellCube Energy Storage Systems over the past two years through a period of rapid and successful global expansion.



52aaf6 No.1757043

Bruce. A. Campbell, will step down from his role as president and CEO …of Forward Air .



52aaf6 No.1757083

Scott Maynard, CEO of The Partnership, is leaving his position after roughly a year for a job at Florida State University.



52aaf6 No.1757143

OhioHealth CEO David Blom announced Wednesday in a message to the organization’s employees that he will retire in 2019



52aaf6 No.1757155

JaxSports Council CEO Alan Verlander resigns to form new company



52aaf6 No.1757165

Ron Coughlin ….HP Inc.'s president of Personal Systems ….says goodbye to vendor after 10 years, leaving industry



52aaf6 No.1757176


Transport firm Go-Ahead Group plc has announced the resignation of the CEO …Charles Horton… of its Govia Thameslink Railway business.



52aaf6 No.1757184

Back at beginning of May

US insurance giant MetLife Inc has announced the retirement of John Hele as chief financial officer (CFO)



52aaf6 No.1757187

Wayne Fisher, dean of Central Business District office leasing, retires



52aaf6 No.1757195

Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon announced Thursday that Todd F. Heatherton, one of three professors of psychological and brain sciences accused of sexual misconduct, will retire.



52aaf6 No.1758608

Jerry Anderson stepping down from anchor seat

WTOL in Toledo.



52aaf6 No.1758625

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, who holds the U.S. record for most cumulative time in space, is retiring from the agency, effective Friday.



52aaf6 No.1758657

Dan Keefe retires as President, Mission Solutions and Services Group, ManTech



52aaf6 No.1758781

CHARLESTON — Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher resigned Thursday morning after Gov. Jim Justice asked him to.



52aaf6 No.1758803


Franklin Allen served as chief of police for more than seven years.



52aaf6 No.1758858


Christian Gellerstad…Pictet's top wealth management banker CEO is resigning …



52aaf6 No.1758888

Iris Rowe …Atlanta cop resigns after she was busted in a $30,000 drug raid where officers found prescription pills, guns, and 7 POUNDS of marijuana



52aaf6 No.1758942

Longtime Grand Ledge mayor, Kalmin Smith, resigns



52aaf6 No.1758960

Volusia County's county manager ….Jim Dinneen… to resign amid criticism



52aaf6 No.1759124

John Haugh has resigned as president and CEO of New York’s Iconix Brand Group, effective immediately.



52aaf6 No.1759148

Opera San Antonio’s artistic director Adam Diegel steps down



52aaf6 No.1759164

Gevorg Kostanyan, an MP of the now former ruling Republican Party of Armenia, has announced his decision to step down as Armenia’s permanent representative to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).



52aaf6 No.1759353


Gebr. Heinemann Marketing Director Ettlin stands down



52aaf6 No.1759399

German designer Tomas Maier is stepping down as creative director of Italian leather goods fashion house Bottega Veneta, its owner, luxury group Kering, said on Wednesday.



52aaf6 No.1759441

Armenia’s Social Welfare Minister… Mane Tandilyan….steps Down in Protest



52aaf6 No.1759461

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) - The director of the Rape Crisis Center (RCC)…Kesha Gibson-Carter

has stepped down.



52aaf6 No.1759486

South Korea

Hong Joon-pyo, the chief of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, resigned Thursday after his party suffered a crushing defeat in the previous day's local elections.



52aaf6 No.1759748

Global aviation company and flight simulator supplier FlightSafety International has announced that…President Ron Ladnier retires at the end of June.



fe643a No.1761381


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wrong thread


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yep, thank you very much again


added, thx

52aaf6 No.1767502

Turner CEO John Martin is exiting as AT&T closes its megamerger with Time Warner, as is former Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, who had intended to stay on as an adviser for up to a year.



52aaf6 No.1767585


NEW DELHI: Former AirAsia CEO Mittu Chandilya today resigned from the Adani group and soon be moving to Delhi in a new venture.



52aaf6 No.1767652


Stockholm-headquartered Gant has announced that …..Patrik Nilsson steps down from his role as CEO after four years.



52aaf6 No.1767697

LOS ANGELES, June 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Hanmi Financial Corporation (Nasdaq:HAFC) (“Hanmi”), the holding company for Hanmi Bank (the “Bank”), today announced that Mr. C. G. Kum, Chief Executive Officer, will retire from the Bank in May of 2019.



52aaf6 No.1767714

Technology Alliance CEO Carol Rava departs, takes new job at higher education startup AstrumU



52aaf6 No.1767775

Conditioned Air Co. of Naples has a new chief executive. CEO Theo Etzel III is giving up the title. However, he'll continue to provide leadership to the company as its chairman,



52aaf6 No.1767793

Conemaugh Health System CEO Steve Tucker to retire in September



52aaf6 No.1767814

Toledo Fair Housing CEO Michael Marsh stepping down



52aaf6 No.1768103

Early May

Melbourne chief executive Peter Jackson stepping down



52aaf6 No.1768219

OhioHealth CEO David Blom to retire next year



52aaf6 No.1768269

Early April

Riverbed’s 'firework' CEO, Jerry Kennelly, retires



52aaf6 No.1768307


Bahamas Ltd. announced today that after almost twenty years with Cable Bahamas Ltd (CBL), Mr. Anthony (Tony) Butler will retire from his post as CEO and President of the Company effective June 30, 2018.



52aaf6 No.1768339

FedEx Freight President & CEO Michael L. Ducker to Retire August 15



52aaf6 No.1768402

Luxembourg/Leverkusen, 20th March 2018 – “After nearly fourteen years with the TMD Friction Group, with the last six years being as Chief Executive Officer, John Hudson will retire from the Group on 31st March 201



52aaf6 No.1768439

The group chief executive of the South African parent company of British retailers Phase Eight, Whistles and Hobbs has announced his retirement.

Doug Murray, who has led The Foschini Group for 11 years, said he would retire on September 2.



52aaf6 No.1768545

GLENVIEW, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anixter International Inc. (NYSE:AXE) today announced that Robert J. Eck will retire as Chief Executive Officer at the end of June 2018



52aaf6 No.1768639

January 2018

President James D. Ratley’s retirement …from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).



52aaf6 No.1768688

January 2018

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 30): KIP REIT Management Sdn Bhd chief executive officer (CEO) Lim Han Gie has opted not to extend his contract, and will retire from the position tomorrow (Jan 31)



52aaf6 No.1769066

February 2018

BRISTOL, Tenn. — Hours after Ballad Health, the region’s new health system, revealed that Bart Hove would be its CEO, Hove unexpectedly announced his retirement.



52aaf6 No.1769111

January 2018

NJM Announces the Retirement of President & CEO Bernie Flynn



52aaf6 No.1769134


24 January, 2018

Paul Stennett has announced that he plans to take early retirement from his position as UKAS’s Chief Executive Officer in Autumn 2018.



52aaf6 No.1769159

The BMA wishes to advise that Commodore Davy

January 2018

Rolle has retired from his role as Managing Director/CEO of the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) effective from the 15th January 2018.



52aaf6 No.1769206

Juanita Moore retires from Charles H. Wright Museum, leaves 11-year legacy



52aaf6 No.1769242

March 2018

DANVERS — Longtime Danvers Community YMCA CEO Lenny Mercier is retiring



52aaf6 No.1769303

December 2017

YRC Worldwide CEO James Welch will retire on July 31, 2018



767d3c No.1769379

File: 2ad0a543354d89d⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3500x2503, 3500:2503, Barack_Obama_with_Richard_….jpg)

Umm, check out the picture hanging above the left shoulder of Verma

52aaf6 No.1769387

November 2017

Robert Marino….the CEO of New Jersey's largest health insurance company, …Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield ….which flourished in the era of Obamacare, is retiring at the end of the year…



52aaf6 No.1769447

November 2017

Meggitt’s chief executive Stephen Young will step down at the end of 2017 after a turbulent five years at the aerospace components maker.



52aaf6 No.1769482

October 2017

The head of Citi's Private Banking business in Asia announced his retirement.

After a private banking career spanning more than 30 years, Bassam Salem informed the U.S. banking giant of his decision to retire as head of the Private Banking business in Asia, effective February, 2018.



52aaf6 No.1769529

October 2017

Johannesburg – ArcelorMittal South Africa [JSE: ACL] CEO Wim de Klerk will retire at the end of January 2018



52aaf6 No.1769572

October 2017

Jeff Platt retires and Rigdon steps in as interim CEO at Tidewater



52aaf6 No.1769594

October 2017

COSTA MESA, Calif.: 11 Oct. 2017 — J.D. Power, the global leader in consumer data & analytics and advisory services, announced today that Finbarr O'Neill, Chief Executive Officer and President, has informed the company’s board of directors of his intention to retire from J.D. Power, effective March 2018.



52aaf6 No.1769655

September 2017

James C. Smith, the longtime chief executive of Waterbury-based Webster Bank and son of the bank’s founder, will retire Jan. 1 2018



52aaf6 No.1769677

October 2017

Bibby Marine Services has informed that its CEO, Stephen Blaikie, will retire at the end of November



52aaf6 No.1769706

Baker I’m checking these oldies aren’t in QMapp before posting.

52aaf6 No.1769752

September 2017

Wally Uihlein, president and CEO of Titleist and FootJoy parent Acushnet and an industry force for much of the last three decades, unexpectedly announced his retirement



52aaf6 No.1769787

September 2017

CEO for VELUX A/S, Jørgen Tang-Jensen is to retire at the end of 2017



52aaf6 No.1770254

Justice Charles E. Freeman retired after more than 27 years on Illinois’ highest court.



52aaf6 No.1770795

QUETTA: Caretaker Balochistan minister Hafiz Khaleel Ahmed has stepped down from his post, he told Geo News Friday.



52aaf6 No.1770810

San Angelo Fire Marshal Ross Coleman resigned abruptly Tuesday, June 5, according to officials with the City of San Angelo.



52aaf6 No.1770887

March 2018

Harvard Professor for the study of Mexico, Jorge Domínguez to Retire Amid Sexual Harassment allegations



52aaf6 No.1770907

January 2018

Columbia photography professor Thomas Roma retired from the School of the Arts this week after being accused of sexual misconduct by five women, Spectator has learned.



52aaf6 No.1770923

January 2018

L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck announces early retirement, ending eight-year tenure as head of the LAPD



52aaf6 No.1770930

January 2018

Southern California Anchor and Producer, Val Zavala, Retires After 30 Years with KCET



52aaf6 No.1770942

News4's Tom Kierein Gives Final Forecast, Retires After 34 Years



52aaf6 No.1770948

January 2018

NPR Host Robert Siegel Retires



52aaf6 No.1770959

February 2018

Michele McNally retires as as photo editor of the NYT after nearly 14 years in the job.


52aaf6 No.1770977

January 2018

California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa ..retires



52aaf6 No.1770994

April 2018

David Campisi, Big Lots CEO retires for health reasons



52aaf6 No.1771020

April 2018

Edna DeVore, a leader in astronomy and astrobiology education, retires SETI



52aaf6 No.1771031

April 2018

Amid Mueller Probe, Gregory Craig Retires From

his role of counsel in the litigation group at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in Washington, D.C.



52aaf6 No.1771042

January 2018

Neil Diamond Retires From Touring After Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis



52aaf6 No.1771056

March 2018

KUSI’s Investigative Journalist Michael Turko retires after 20 years



52aaf6 No.1771067

October 2017


Work and Pensions chief Sir Robert Devereux .. retires



52aaf6 No.1771073


Funk Icon George Clinton to Retire from Touring



52aaf6 No.1771086

May 2018

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Brian Back retired Monday, April 30.



52aaf6 No.1771120

May 2018

UTEP President Diana Natalicio announces retirement from university she's led for 30 years



52aaf6 No.1771133

May 2018

Joe Peter, who spent most of his career at General Motors, has retired as CFO of Nissan Motor Co. in Yokohama, Japan.



52aaf6 No.1771145

February 2018

Emerging Markets veteran Carlos Hardenberg has resigned from Franklin Templeton Investment Management.



52aaf6 No.1771211

January 2018

Milwaukee Health Commissioner Bevan Baker Resigns Over Lead Issues



52aaf6 No.1771314

December 2017

U.S. Foreign Service officer Elizabeth Shackelford

resigns from the State Department.



52aaf6 No.1773175

Domestic Violence Expert Deborah Epstein Resigns From NFL Players Association Commission



52aaf6 No.1773206

Peter Kinder resigns federal agency post, Delta Regional Authority co-chairman, concludes position unnecessary and waste of tax dollars



fe643a No.1773721


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already on the list


Chiefs are high ranking! 100+ Chiefs on the list. added, thx


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fe643a No.1774697


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can't find a source which is available for europeans :(


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sorry, there are tons of reports - its hard to follow everything. i give my best to add all of them. thx for reporting.


added, thx

fe643a No.1774881


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52aaf6 No.1775662


No reflection on your hard work Anon- they just hadn’t been contributed. I’ve also noticed some Resignations are only mentioned in the press release of the new CEO - so kinda buried!

I’ll try and find UK source for >>1646492


And thx I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more police chiefs then ;)

52aaf6 No.1776100

Chamblee police chief Donny Williams retires



52aaf6 No.1776152

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary will retire Thursday after 41 years in law enforcement.



52aaf6 No.1776193

After 18 years as North Mankato Police Chief, Chris Boyer began his new chapter of retirement Friday.



52aaf6 No.1776221

Conshohocken Police Chief Michael Orler retires after 30 years with department



52aaf6 No.1776282

MOUNT RAINIER, Md. (ABC7) — Mount Rainier Police Chief Michael Scott has retired after he and six department employees were placed on paid leave in April while an investigation was underway.



52aaf6 No.1776302

Neenah Police chief Kevin Wilkinson is retiring



52aaf6 No.1776357

Flowood Police Chief Richie McCluskey retires



52aaf6 No.1776397

Wareham’s Chief of Police..Kevin Walsh …has suddenly retired.



52aaf6 No.1776426

South Palm Beach Police Chief Carl Webb has decided to retire from his position effective immediately, ending a 30-year career with the town.



52aaf6 No.1776440

…. Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland announced Friday he will retire effective July 6.



de16ab No.1778343

File: 8168b094cd33054⋯.png (127.25 KB, 1212x680, 303:170, IMG_9447.PNG)

52aaf6 No.1780721


Yup lol

fe643a No.1782668


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wrong thread

52aaf6 No.1783964

Sioux Center’s Police…. retired May 31, having served Sioux Center for 45 years.



52aaf6 No.1784027

University Police Chief Jerry Lottie will retire at the end of the semester after 32 years of service with SUNY Plattsburgh University Police.



52aaf6 No.1784045

Barnstable Police Chief Paul MacDonald retires today after 37 years serving the people of Barnstable



52aaf6 No.1784076

David Paul Edmiston, a former Kern High School District acting police chief, retired from the department this month — three days before prosecutors dismissed a charge of illegal eavesdropping against him, KHSD officials confirmed.



52aaf6 No.1784207

Charlottetown deputy police chief Gary McGuigan retires



52aaf6 No.1784471

Abbey Mayer, who was director of planning, permitting and right of way for the 20-mile rail project, informed HART's board of his decision to leave ….



52aaf6 No.1784508

Tim Arbeiter, president of the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce, submitted his resignation, effective June 15.



fe643a No.1784680


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52aaf6 No.1785349


Gr8 work Baker & can you view this one for Peter Kinder?



52aaf6 No.1785758

Pocomoke City

William Harden, who was named as the town's police chief in September 2015, said he was leaving Friday.



52aaf6 No.1785841

KEYSER Chief of police Karen Shoemaker… Announces retirement



52aaf6 No.1785890

And are Fire Chief’s notable?

POTTSTOWN >> Borough officials are grappling with the fallout of the sudden resignation of Pottstown Fire Chief Michael Lessar Jr. on Thursday.



52aaf6 No.1786040

(Union) Jason Barlow, president of the United Auto Workers Local 402 at Navistar, has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1786166

COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) – After facing charges of sexually assaulting a patient at an assisted living facility, Coventry Fire District Chairman Frank Palin has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1787890

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Chief Ashley Fields of the Tybee Island Fire Department announced his resignation last month.



52aaf6 No.1787904

The City of Gassville is searching for its third fire chief in six months following the resignation of Chief Christy L. Dewey during Tuesday night’s meeting of the Gassville City Council.



52aaf6 No.1787992

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Selectmen here accepted the resignation of Fire Chief Jack Martel at their meeting on Tuesday.



52aaf6 No.1788264

Effective June 1, 2018, Michael Cowger has stepped down as Chief of the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department.



52aaf6 No.1788311

CLEARWATER — A months-long probe into abuse of sick leave within the fire department concluded this week with the resignation of a deputy chief Steven Strong and the release of an internal review.



52aaf6 No.1788347

Perry Township Fire Chief Rick Phillips resigns



52aaf6 No.1788375

Fire Chief Lanier Swafford Resigns after policy violation investigation



52aaf6 No.1788393

Anthony Clayton resigns as the Meridian Fire Chief after 34 years of service



52aaf6 No.1788425

White Pine County Fire Department Chief Tim Woolever…resigns



52aaf6 No.1788448

Battle Creek Fire Chief Dave Schmaltz resigns



52aaf6 No.1788469

Germantown Chief Gary Weiss resigned Monday after being put on leave for what was called a "confidential HR issue."



52aaf6 No.1788521

MERRILL Fire chief Dave Savone resigns



52aaf6 No.1788544

PRAIRIE GROVE – Former Huntley Fire Protection District Chief Ken Caudle resigned from his part-time police officer position following an investigation from the fire district into his unauthorized moonlighting.



52aaf6 No.1788581

Haines fire chief Brian Clay resigns after DUI arrest



52aaf6 No.1788627

ALLEN The city announced Friday that Allen Fire Chief Bill Hawley submitted his resignation, effective July 20.



52aaf6 No.1788720

Terry Russell stepped down as the chief of the Manley Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department and as a board member for the Interior Region EMS Council.



52aaf6 No.1788771

WADSWORTH – Fire Chief Carl Rommel resigns;



52aaf6 No.1788789

ALABASTER – Citing a desire to focus on his family and health, Alabaster Fire Chief Jim Golden resigned from the position on Jan. 31 after being placed on paid administrative leave in mid-January,



52aaf6 No.1788814

Westport Island Fire Chief Robert Mooney…resigned Jan. 31



52aaf6 No.1788872

Chuck Lauss…resigns as Peoria fire chief



52aaf6 No.1788908

WNCT Staff - GRIFTON, N.C. (WNCT) — A Grifton deputy fire chief has resigned after being charged with a DWI.



52aaf6 No.1788939

Forestville & Russian River Fire Chief Max Ming resigns



52aaf6 No.1788974

Navarre Beach Fire Department Chief Mike Howard has resigned his position with the department.



52aaf6 No.1788994

Tucson Fire Chief Jim Critchley Resigns



52aaf6 No.1789040

IPSWICH — Fire Chief Greg Gagnon (has) agreed to resign from his post …. January 31, 2018



52aaf6 No.1789059

Six months after he became Botetourt County’s new Fire & EMS chief, Matthew Britt has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1789082

MASON CITY | Mason City Fire Chief Al Dyer Jr. has resigned,



52aaf6 No.1789132

Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie Abruptly Resigns



52aaf6 No.1789183

FLORA, Ind. (WLFI/WTTV) — The Flora Fire Department chief . Chief Adam Randle has resigned



52aaf6 No.1789232

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On the day Tim Butler stepped down as St. Paul fire chief and into a lesser role at the fire department, the city closed two investigations employees had filed against him.



And for the date;



52aaf6 No.1789240

The Coopersville-Polkton deputy fire chief has resigned from the department effective Nov. 14.



52aaf6 No.1789252

Hall County officials announced the resignation of Hall County Fire Chief Jeff Hood



52aaf6 No.1789268




ad568d No.1791841

LB re: Snopes


Reading this shit isn't surprising but still makes my blood boil. No better than places like Enron or Madoff type scams.

ad568d No.1791874


Sorry wrong bread 😁

52aaf6 No.1793094

Idaho fire chief Tim Soule after being placed on administrative leave



52aaf6 No.1793130

Palominas fire chief …Mark Matthews …resigns due to health; district under investigation



52aaf6 No.1793150

Washington County fire chief Paul Smith has resigned



52aaf6 No.1793211

Briarcliff Manor Fire Department chief Michael Garcia has resigned abruptly after refusing to answer questions about his stewardship of funds in the department's Fire Council



52aaf6 No.1793326

Minden Hills fire chief Doug Schell is resigning.



52aaf6 No.1793346

PLAINFIELD, Conn. (AP) - Plainfield's fire chief has resigned his position after his son was charged with sexually assaulting a junior member of the volunteer department.



52aaf6 No.1793368

Former Louisiana fire chief Craig Mullford settlement with city; reinstated and then resigns



52aaf6 No.1796043

The Polish Agriculture Minister Krzysztof Jurgiel has resigned from his post



52aaf6 No.1796061

Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company officials on Friday confirmed that longtime President and CEO Deborah Cole has resigned from those positions



52aaf6 No.1796085

Redskins Front-Office Executive Dennis Greene Linked to Cheerleading Scandal , Resigns



52aaf6 No.1796106

The embattled … Karen Grigorian…. mayor of the Armenian town of Echmiadzin resigned late on Sunday after law-enforcement authorities made new and far more embarrassing accusations against his father, retired General Manvel Grigorian, arrested by them.



52aaf6 No.1796119

MILTON — Jack Sanborn, the owner of Adventures Unlimited, has resigned from the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Council.



52aaf6 No.1796134


Former Karnataka Minister and senior BJP leader B J Puttaswamy on Monday tendered his resignation to State BJP Backward Class Morcha President post.



52aaf6 No.1796176


The chairman Christopher Waldron and two directors of Ranger Direct Lending (RDL) are to resign …



52aaf6 No.1796185

Northern Ireland

DUP MP David Simpson has resigned from the Orange Order following allegations said to have resulted in the breakdown of his marriage.



37bade No.1799160

Karis Begaye, the daughter of Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye, is no longer working for the Navajo Nation.



9a9e49 No.1800576

File: 800d18dc57cbf5d⋯.png (254.14 KB, 982x914, 491:457, ClipboardImage.png)


9a9e49 No.1800583

File: 916f03c2b0e00ab⋯.png (455.47 KB, 1195x945, 239:189, ClipboardImage.png)


52aaf6 No.1800805

Howard "Gordy" Clewell ….A historian for the Wisconsin American Legion resigned after the organization said he embellished his military service.



52aaf6 No.1800835

The Denison Area Chamber of Commerce announced Monday that Chamber President Ken Higdon has resigned from his position after only seven months on the job.



52aaf6 No.1800878

Four months after he was convicted of 11 felonies, Texas state Sen. Carlos Uresti announced Monday that he will resign from the Texas Legislature, where he's served for more than two decades.



52aaf6 No.1800932

Michael Ellis, international director of the guides since 2011, will leave the company Sept. 14, Michelin said in a statement on Monday



52aaf6 No.1801012

Senator Bob Worsley quits Senate, decries his party's direction



52aaf6 No.1801068


The Fontaines Call It Quits After Four Strong Years



52aaf6 No.1801156

2nd to leave SWISS Post Board;

The vice-chairman of the board of Swiss Post, Antonio Vassalli, will step down at the general assembly on June 26



52aaf6 No.1801184

Richard Florizone resigns as president of Dalhousie University



aca84e No.1804800


WIll PS please the 5th?

5th amend rights are what are invoked in this kinda thing

So is a GJ was in place, then the proceedings have already happened, as Q has said.

GJ testimony is taken, likely verdict given, PS is doing the perp walk in .. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....

aSame with Zuckerberg, they did this all behind closed doors then made them sit in front of the cameras and answer

aca84e No.1804823

File: 4962db84f6c072c⋯.png (21.6 KB, 480x176, 30:11, ClipboardImage.png)


Nice Digits me.

We don't need a civil or criminal case

Too little.

The Jury needs to be GLORIOUS


2018 will be GRAND


52aaf6 No.1807521

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A high profile cartel case involving some of Australia’s top banks has claimed its first victim with Robert Priestley, the chairman of JP Morgan Australia, resigning on Tuesday from his role as a director of the Australian Securities Exchange (AS



52aaf6 No.1807596

Mary Beth Cunat the school Principal who sparked backlash for inviting anti-police extremist to 'Career Day' suddenly retires



52aaf6 No.1807633

Acting Drug Enforcement Administration head Robert W. Patterson announced his retirement in an email to employees Monday, saying the position had become “increasingly challenging.”



52aaf6 No.1807826

Gerald "Jerry" Seppala resigned from Ironbound Studios Minnesota after a federal grand jury this week indicted him and two California men for allegedly cheating investors out of $12 million meant to finance movies



52aaf6 No.1807858

Lenox CEO …Katrina Helmkamp …resigns



52aaf6 No.1807874

Iconix CEO John Haugh resigns



52aaf6 No.1807900


Paul Burke NTCA CEO resigns after eight months



37bade No.1810069


Col. Jason Schott retires June 14… after more than 25 years of active duty service.



37bade No.1810086

Felix Coe, A Muslim professor at the University of Connecticut retired following complaints from students over his requirement to say 'Bismillah,' an Arabic phrase meaning 'In the name of Allah,' before entering his office.



52aaf6 No.1810517

March U.K.

London’s fire chief John Kobarda unexpectedly retires



52aaf6 No.1810917


The CEO of AirtelTigo, Roshi Motman has resigned to pursue new opportunities.



52aaf6 No.1810937

Danny Feltmann has stepped down with immediate effect from his post as CEO at Swedish fashion retailer KappAhl



52aaf6 No.1817739

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri House member ….Rep. Shawn Rhoads, of West Plains…..who served on a panel investigating former Gov. Eric Greitens has resigned from the Legislature.



52aaf6 No.1817786

FORT MADISON, Iowa (AP) — A Fort Madison city councilman has resigned his post following his sentencing on a drug charge.

Forty-two-year-old Travis Seidel stepped aside on Friday



52aaf6 No.1817856


Offaly TD Carol Nolan has resigned from Sinn Féin in the wake her opposition to the eight amendment.



52aaf6 No.1817906

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — A Democratic party official says a New Jersey state lawmaker accused of domestic violence has resigned due to "health reasons."

Assemblyman Arthur Barclay stepped down Monday, a little more than two weeks after he was arrested.



52aaf6 No.1817959

Guocoland (Malaysia) Says Quek Ting Chin Resigns As CFO



52aaf6 No.1818017

MEMA director Lee Smithson resigns over PTSD, alcohol



52aaf6 No.1818155

US White House reports that Deputy Chief of Staff, Joe Hagin resigned. Hagin was a key piece in arranging the historical summit between US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that took place last week.



52aaf6 No.1818191

China Dairy Corp Says Kevin Yau Resigns As Director



52aaf6 No.1818270

Army accepts resignation of West Point grad Spenser Rapone who wrote ‘Communism will win’ in graduation cap



9a9e49 No.1818296

File: c5c91d80f21f002⋯.png (806.68 KB, 1295x951, 1295:951, ClipboardImage.png)


White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin resigns

52aaf6 No.1818330

VERONA – Chief D. Carson Holloway of Augusta County Fire-Rescue has announced he will be retiring later this year



30d3b1 No.1821578

File: 6de14907d9d19fc⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1502x1266, 751:633, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 1….png)

File: 0f3b1077a810994⋯.png (63.87 KB, 1296x332, 324:83, Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 1….png)

24635a No.1822583

File: 4f7d237bc70d31e⋯.png (189.54 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Einstein Autism.png)

Make Autism Great Again!

52aaf6 No.1824078

The Chicago Department of Aviation commissioner is stepping down, the city confirmed Tuesday.

Ginger Evans will officially resign Aug. 1



52aaf6 No.1824158

SIOUX CITY – Mike Krysl resigned as Sioux City School Board president Tuesday, saying he was "physically and mentally worn out"



52aaf6 No.1824256

Pete Williston Birmingham police lieutenant facing rape charge, resigns



52aaf6 No.1824398

Virgin America President Peter Hunt resigns from Alaska Air Group



52aaf6 No.1824812

Behavioral science pioneer Jeff Fisher retires



52aaf6 No.1824843


ICICI Bank board may have new chairman next week as M K Sharma retires



52aaf6 No.1826702

NILES — Mayor Thomas Scarnecchia abruptly resigned Monday,



52aaf6 No.1826726

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s first chief technology officer, Anthony Vinci, will step down next month, about five months after his appointment, the agency said in a June 15 press release.



52aaf6 No.1826955

Chief Economic Advisor to the Governent of India Arvind Subramanian resigns due to personal reasons, will move to US



52aaf6 No.1828157

SECU’s Board of Directors at SECU announced today that Dave Sweiderk will succeed Rod Staatz as President and CEO of the $3.5 billion credit union.



52aaf6 No.1831094

Bruce Auerbach, MD, CEO of Attleboro, Mass.-based Sturdy Memorial Hospital, retired June 19, earlier than planned, according to an emailed statement from the organization.



52aaf6 No.1831154

CQCH CEO Jim Dickson retires



52aaf6 No.1831687

Dave Lawrence…The president and CEO of the Arts Council of Indianapolis is stepping down after nearly 20 years with the organisation.



52aaf6 No.1831740

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen will have to reshuffle his cabinet for the second month in a row after business minister Brian Mikkelsen said on Wednesday said he was stepping down.



52aaf6 No.1831783

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Steps Down Amid Abuse Accusation



52aaf6 No.1831835

Veteran Republican strategist Steve Schmidt quits as GOP has become 'fully the party of Trump - corrupt, indecent and immoral'



52aaf6 No.1832577

Salvador Juncadella Retires From the World of International GCs



52aaf6 No.1832623

Michael Cohen resigns from RNC committee post, sources say



d82d67 No.1839724

File: f6fe8ba2b19d5a0⋯.png (342.17 KB, 640x400, 8:5, trumprally.png)

I am a huge Q supporter. I went back and reexamined the section of the video of Trump supposedly pointing at the gentleman with a "Q" T-shirt. Unfortunately he more than likely did not acknowledge the Q guy. He was pointing to someone above his head and the captured photo is when he is moving forward and dropping his arm at the same time. I don't want it to be true but I don't like fooling myself. Anyone else see this?

52aaf6 No.1841149

International Paper’s ….Glenn Landau ….CFO has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1841212

U.S. Chemical Safety Board….Chairwoman Vanessa Allen Sutherland is stepping down three years into a five-year term.



52aaf6 No.1841257

James Keller…Illinois Coroner resigns …after facing criticism over his practice of keeping poor people's remains until their relatives could pay $1,000.



52aaf6 No.1841316

MONTAGUE COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) - Following an internal investigation of a citizen's complaint, Chief Deputy of Montague County Sheriff's Office Chris Hughes turned in his resignation



52aaf6 No.1841348

Arthur Barclay resigns from Assembly after arrest on assault charges



9211d8 No.1844498

File: 15858135141fdc6⋯.png (290.79 KB, 1457x827, 1457:827, IMG_0135.PNG)

52aaf6 No.1844721

Aeon Credit Service (M) Says Lee Kit Seong Retires As An Executive Director



52aaf6 No.1845077

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Lee Hsien Yang….The younger brother of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will relinquish his post as head of the country's civil aviation authority, the transport ministry said on Thursday.



52aaf6 No.1845087

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Beiersdorf <BEIG.DE>, the maker of Nivea lotions, said Chief Executive Stefan Heidenreich would step down when his term ends at the end of 2019 or earlier depending on when a successor is appointed.



52aaf6 No.1845116


Trade minister Greg Hands resigns to fight Heathrow expansion



4b5b40 No.1845164

File: 1a8d5c979f39ebd⋯.png (12.75 KB, 255x142, 255:142, Qanon research.png)


NO BREAD SINCE 1:30 am Central!!!

a610ad No.1845430

File: ea7f31e09113ae8⋯.png (53.47 KB, 999x546, 333:182, ClipboardImage.png)


Trying EBAKE not posting!

52aaf6 No.1845784

Cybersecurity veteran Agnes Kirk retires as Washington state CISO



52aaf6 No.1845805

CB Financial Services (CBFV) Long-Serving CEO, Barron P. McCune, Jr., Retires



52aaf6 No.1845818

Vinyl Mastering Fixture Ron McMaster to Retire After 38 Years in the Capitol Tower



52aaf6 No.1845828


HB Grandi's managing director for business development, Svavar Svavarsson, is set to retire in the fall of 2018, the firm has announced.



52aaf6 No.1846175

June 21 (Reuters) - Intel Corp on Thursday said Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich has resigned, effective immediately, after a probe revealed that a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee violated company policy.



a5332e No.1846190

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns; Board Appoints Bob Swan as Interim CEO


Side note: had a conversation with a friend that used to work at Intel. He told me Brian Krzanich was 'a nobody'. Many people don't even know him. There was a stronger candidate at that time - he told me the name, but I forgot. That person suddenly died (coincidence?), then BK was suddenly announced as the new CEO.

Makes a lot of sense now.

52aaf6 No.1846208

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – E.ON <EONGn.DE> Chief Executive Johannes Teyssen will step down after his current contract expires at the end of 2021, he told a German magazine in an interview.



1a6806 No.1849245


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx



added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread

52aaf6 No.1849257


Few days to the National convention of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), another top contender for the position of National chairman of the party and former governor of Cross River State, Clement Ebri has announced his withdrawal from the race.



52aaf6 No.1849290

Former Chenango County town judge Joan Kline has agreed to never again take another job as a judicial official, ending a state investigation into her actions as judge.



52aaf6 No.1849831

>>1849245 good to see you back Anon

0763e6 No.1851066


>>1850815 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns

Put his man parts into a subordinate's ladyparts.

52aaf6 No.1855368

Mayor of Farragut Ralph McGill resigns



52aaf6 No.1855477

The master chief petty officer of the Navy …Steven Giordano ….is stepping down from his post days after reports surfaced that was he being investigated by the service Inspector General's office over allegations that he bullied subordinates and created a hostile work environment.



52aaf6 No.1855505


Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf resigns from his post



52aaf6 No.1855561

Monica Ozores-Hampton… A University of Florida agriculture researcher, accused of mistreating employees and students, failing to give them full pay, making discriminatory comments about them and requiring some to pay her cash to process their visas, has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1855670

NASHVILLE, TENN. ..Jason Locke…The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's interim leader said Thursday that he will retire amid an investigation into allegations that he misused state funds.



52aaf6 No.1856466

Chatham Township Police Chief Steven Hennelly Retires After 31 Years



52aaf6 No.1856503

New Zealand

Royal NZ Ballet executive director Frances Turner resigns



52aaf6 No.1856624

New Zealand

The Labour Party's general secretary Andrew Kirton has resigned.The news comes as a report into sexual assault and harassment at a Young Labour camp nears.



52aaf6 No.1856648


Australia Post’s long standing CDO and now head of product and innovation Andrew Walduck will leave the organisation in early July after six years.



52aaf6 No.1856730


After Backlash, Atta Ul Haq Qasmi Resigns as PTV MD



52aaf6 No.1856795

Rico Tice …famous Anglican Evangelist Steps Down, Says Church Is Leading People To Wrath By Affirming Homosexuality



52aaf6 No.1856839


FORMER ARMY chief General Teerachai Nakwanich has stepped down as privy councillor.



a5332c No.1858937

Q, I have a few things I was wondering about. So I'll just list them; maybe others will have similar concerns.

1. Has any thought been given to dealing with dynastic wealth differently? I know the "death tax" is unpopular, and I can't really think of any solutions that I like, but I think one of the greatest asshole factories in this country is process by which certain people are insulated from ever having to work a real job in their entire lives.

2. Would it be possible to end this 'affirmative action' repackaging called 'diversity' initiatives? Separating people by the color of their skin and treating them differently is the definition of racism. No, I'm not White. I'm just good enough to do well without help, and I don't want people assuming I had an advantage.

3. When the monetary system is replaced, please do not make the mistake of forcing people to get implants, tattoo, brands, or other such markers.

4. Will there be an effort to end all class warfare? This has been the most effective tool of the Left: dividing people up into categories and set them at each other's throat. Why not have a single tax rate for everyone? Why not have a Constitutional Amendment forbidding laws that allow for treating people differently for anything other than performance?

5. As government has grown, faith has waned. Children spend the best hours of their formative stages in places where religion is often frowned upon or attacked. How is it that Freedom of Religion has been twisted into this? Will we see changes?

a5332c No.1858939


Shit, wrong bread.

52aaf6 No.1859043

Former Army Chief and president General (retired) Pervez Musharraf has resigned as chairman of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).



52aaf6 No.1859350


PETALING JAYA: Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) chief executive CM Vignaesvaran Jeyandran has resigned effective June 21.



52aaf6 No.1859519

Korean LCC Jin Air is experiencing a change in leadership, with the resignation of co-CEO Kwon Hyuk-min.



52aaf6 No.1859525

Marion Schools Looks to Future as Superintendent

Mort Meier Steps Down



52aaf6 No.1859535

Chilean explorer and developer Herencia Resources on Wednesday announced the resignation of its chairperson Peter Reeve with immediate effect.



52aaf6 No.1859568

Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) this week announced …. the departure of chief financial officer Joseph Vanderstelt



52aaf6 No.1859902


KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Mohd Badlisham Ghazali has retired as the managing director of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd



52aaf6 No.1859910

CSI Chairman Bill Gillula Retires



52aaf6 No.1859928

WEST POINT – United States Military Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen, Jr. relinquishes his command today during a ceremony. He will retire from the Army after serving 43 years



e16dab No.1862367

File: 1207ee7828d24c5⋯.png (943.99 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, expandclocksecondsmatterqa….png)

File: 65a7346463d7abd⋯.jpg (268.34 KB, 1875x1875, 1:1, clockpepe.jpg)

Not sure if this is any better or not.

Eliminates extra clock hands.

Just shows connections with :16 and :18 Q+A posts.

1a6806 No.1862933


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx





not added - to old for the list




added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


not added. its only a race for a position…

633ee3 No.1863722


David Koch, Board Member, Americans for Prosperity Foundation,

David Koch, Executive Vice President, Koch Industries

David Koch, Chairman and CEO, Koch Chemical Technology Group


Aaron Persky, County Judge, Santa Clara, California


Robert Harrigan, Former Director, British GCHQ


Richard Cordray, Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs (to step aside in December)


Carolyn Hack, CEO, Aspire Public Schools


Teacher-anon here. I don't know if this is worth investigating but our organization, Aspire Public Schools, recently had our CEO (Carolyn Hack) bold==as well-as several of our top administrators==bold just…quit.

This seemed to happen pretty rapidly and with no explanation. The CEO specifically was apart of several projects geared towards INSANE "racial" indoctrination and sacrificing our learning standards for the name of "equity". She won't be missed.

Col. Mark Coppess, Commander Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa


Eric Greitens, Governor, Missouri


Cyma Zarghami, President, Nickelodeon and MTV Networks’ Kids & Family Group


“On June 4, 2018, Zarghami resigned as president of Nickelodeon, after being with the network for 33 years.[9]”

52aaf6 No.1863821

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bitfinex Chief Strategy Officer Phil Potter is leaving the cryptocurrency trading platform, the exchange told Reuters on Friday.



52aaf6 No.1864402

William J Wagner Northwest Bank's longtime CEO retires



52aaf6 No.1864458

Jim Wells retires as Nevada State finance director



52aaf6 No.1864497


New Delhi, June 22 (UNI) Justice Jasti Chelameswar, of the Supreme Court, who led the explosive news conference on January 12 against the CJI Dipak Misra, will demit office later on Friday.



1a6806 No.1865216


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

1a6806 No.1865794


ok, another try: please contact me via resignations {at} protonmail {dot} com, thx

9a9e49 No.1866935

File: f916a7ee9da7bb0⋯.png (373.29 KB, 667x916, 667:916, ClipboardImage.png)


Netflix chief communications officer fired after using racist language

52aaf6 No.1867723


Baker- I went in to resignations to find where to contact you as you ask but can‘t find the form. Sorry need further advice. I‘m off to get some sleep. Will be back in a few hrs.

52aaf6 No.1870674

Police Lieutenant…Pete Williston…Charged with Raping Teenage Relative Resigns



52aaf6 No.1870689

Talia Lavin, whose tweet about a Pasco veteran’s tattoo implied he was a Nazi, has apologized to him and resigned from her position as a fact-checker at the New Yorker magazine.



52aaf6 No.1870719

New Zealand

Michelle Edge…The chief executive in charge of the animal tracing system at the centre of Mycoplasma bovis prevention has resigned.



52aaf6 No.1870936

William Wagner, chairman and CEO of Northwest Bancshares and its bank, will step down from both roles.



52aaf6 No.1871028


Ok I’ve figured it -doh and written to you

52aaf6 No.1871073

Andy Wallace Resigns as Lackawanna County Chief of Staff



52aaf6 No.1871092

..Elmira-area judge …Thomas Brooks..has agreed to never seek or accept judicial office again after the State Commission on Judicial Conduct found he did not live in the town where he was a judge.



52aaf6 No.1871108

Larry Thrower Aztec city attorney resigns after comment becomes public



52aaf6 No.1871137

Mark Endemano, a longtime Disney executive who was a key figure in the international TV and film division, is leaving the company, Variety has confirmed.



52aaf6 No.1871155


Sorry double posted

1a6806 No.1873550


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx




added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


np, i've detected an error i made! fixed, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

52aaf6 No.1886905

New Hampshire GOP chair ….Jeanie Forrester….resigns after 18 months in job



52aaf6 No.1886963

Albemarle GOP leader Richard Allan Fox resigns over Stewart nomination.



52aaf6 No.1886979

Sharon Toomer resigned as NABJ’s executive director



52aaf6 No.1894832

William Welch has resigned as CEO and director of San Diego biotech Trovagene, citing personal reasons. The resignation is effective immediately.



52aaf6 No.1894861

BISMARCK—Kylie Oversen has stepped down as chairwoman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, the party said Sunday, June 24.



52aaf6 No.1894936


Bagan Serai MP Noor Azmi quits Umno, BN



b9570e No.1900058


A CEO resignation is not a highly important event in and of itself.

Leadership succession happens all the time.

That said, when resignations are occurring more frequently than expected, are more (less) common among

big (small) or public (private) companies, or are concentrated in one or a select few

related industries or regions, we should seek to understand why.

Another way that resignations might be important concerns the position that the companies have in the broader corporate social network.

Most often such networks are formed by interlocking directorates, as here.

https:// upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/AIG-Interlocks-2004. jpg

Such a social network could also be constructed from other relationships such as

BUYER/SUPPLIER: which companies were linked by supplier, buyer, or other supply chain relationships

JOINT VENTURE/STRATEGIC ALLIANCE: which companies were linked by joint ventures, technology licensing, co-patenting, or strategic alliances?

SUB-CONTRACTING: which companies were linked through sub-contracting relationships either to one another or to a third company

SAME CUSTOMER: Which companies compete directly for the same customers/markets or share the customers in different markets

SAME SUPPLIER: Which companies are linked through common suppliers or supply chain partners, or use same law firm

or lobbyists

OTHER: were any companies with resigning CEOs linked through other relationship, e.g. significant ownership stakes,

subsidiary, spin-out, merger/acquisition, etc.

If one finds a correlation between resignations and firm positions in the corporate social network, further, deeper digging might be called for. That is to say, if the resignations are happening among very central players in the network, it's good to understand why. The same applies if resignations

are more common among peripheral firms in the network.

Another angle on this data would be to identify the politicians with whom the resigning CEOs (and their firms) are directly and indirectly related.

Such politicians would include, but not be limited to, (a) the mayor of the city where the company is headquartered (b) the state-reps and senators (c) congressional rep (d) senators.

Among the CEO-to-politician relationships that could be examined are:

DONATION: which politicians received political/campaign donations from which resigning CEOs?

PARTY AFFILIATION: which politicians share the same party affiliation as the resigning CEOs?

FAMILY: which politicians are related (by blood or marriage) to which CEOs?

FAMILY2: which politicians' children or spouses work for which CEO-companies and vice versa?

EDUCATION: which politicians attended the same university, graduate school, as the CEO?

FINANCIAL: which politicians (or members of their families) previously (currently) sat (sits) on the board

of directors, was (is) an officer, was (is) an employee, are co-owners investors, etc.

OVERSIGHT: which politicians did (do) sit on committees that oversee or have regulatory power over the industry

to which the resigning CEO's company belongs.

EMPLOYMENT: which current politicians once worked for company and/or which current employees once were previously politicians

Examining these relationships can potentially reveal patterns not otherwise observable from creating lists and tables or by studying frequency (of resignations).

14ebe1 No.1900122


Is it being looked into where & what these people are doing afterwards?

edd063 No.1904374


Weiner reported to prison Nov 6, 2017, at Federal Medical Center Devens in Massachusetts for 21 months. https://www.cnn.com/2017/11/06/us/weiner-reports-to-prison/index.html

edd063 No.1904749

File: 036f2bd98498f29⋯.png (895.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like it could be pretty cushy for Wiener after all per Daily Mail.

edd063 No.1904979

File: 9c84ce2f6a30033⋯.png (32.97 KB, 1008x640, 63:40, Rothschild LDS Link.png)


Curious about Jeff Flake's hatred of Trump, I found a Scribd article showing a Rothschild LDS church link. Jeff Flake is a mormon from Snowflake, Arizona, and even went on a mission for the LDS church. If the Rothschilds are targeted, it could also affect the LDS church.

1cbb56 No.1905088


You clockfags need rest. Jesus Christ take care of yourself. Smoke some grass and go to bed.

We have round the clock Autists.

1cbb56 No.1905227



Outside theory:

Q team is one by one giving cabal ultimatum.

A) resign and retire

B) face the storm

07e45d No.1909068


Got fired for saying Nigger. However, Netflix stock is down, and they are going all radical identity politics and hired the Obamas and Put Rice on the board. Plus Netflix lost a supply of content (which is why they are trying to create their own)

"Chief Executive Reed Hastings sent an awkward email to Netflix employees saying he had fired the chief communications officer, Jonathan Friedland, for showing an “unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity” that is out of line with the company’s values.

In the staff memo, Hastings described two instances in which Friedland dropped the “N-word,” once several months ago in a PR meeting about sensitive words. Friedland apologized after several people told him how inappropriate and hurtful his use of the term was, Hastings said.

Friedland’s ouster comes a week after Netflix Director of Original Programming Tara Duncan has left the Internet network after four years, as Deadline first reported. Her departure came within days of the exit of fellow Netflix TV development executive Layne Eskridge who went to Apple, a move that had been in the works for months.

Duncan and Eskridge were the only African American TV executives on the team.

The c-level executives at Netflix are all caucasian, and major shareholders in the company such as the SEIU have raised concerns about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity on the streaming giant’s board of directors.

1a6806 No.1912049


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


for some yes, but for 99% not… if you want: feel free to do this, i would add the data in the resignation list

12efd0 No.1915136

File: 0282f15eff03217⋯.jpg (292.05 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, Waiting for Qodot 1.jpg)

silly questions

does the spreadsheet also contain indicted, arrested, charged CEOs?

are those less known CEOs of any use for this spreadsheet?

asking because often find CEOs mentioned here https://www.justice.gov/usao/pressreleases

i could start capturing if you thought useful

1a6806 No.1927374


can't find a source which is accessible from europe


added, thx


yes, they are

added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


nope. that would be to much for me.

there is another list for deaths, arrests, …

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ilsr3RDCEd8IeP4zhCNB6_AOHTLFbUsEJTkvxuTe6o0/edit#gid=0

but unfortunately the anon stopped maintaining it months ago.

feel free to copy the date into your list and continue the work. if there is enough data i will try to combine the data - maybe in a separate web-project (similar to resignation.info)?!

please send me a link to your list so i can link it in the resignation spreadsheet in the "other lists"-sheet>Karen Shoemaker

46f73b No.1933550

File: 08f6cae07b8ebee⋯.jpg (93.7 KB, 571x644, 571:644, f1c8907942179a434d5a354cf9….jpg)

Super Elite

d3bc79 No.1933595


I will use this for something. thanks.

7e3bff No.1934287

File: 16086e76fe5bbda⋯.png (98.23 KB, 1181x481, 1181:481, IMG_1130.PNG)

1a6806 No.1943442




wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx

aca84e No.1945233

File: 47bd95107f4fa76⋯.png (397.11 KB, 861x440, 861:440, Selection_480.png)



—– —– ?

Looks like a familiar scene (big beautiful flag!)

1a6806 No.1945424


you are still on the wrong thread!

e515f9 No.1967497

File: 30b357299b580dc⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 660x371, 660:371, james d melville.jpg)

The US ambassador to Estonia is resigning, reportedly in frustration at remarks made by President Donald Trump about America's European allies.

James D Melville revealed in a Facebook post that Mr Trump's comments had brought forward his decision to retire, Foreign Policy magazine reported.


c5c8ac No.1969576

Alberta family physician charged with child exploitation




Alberta family physician charged with child exploitation

30-year Sylvan Lake doctor was president of Alberta College of Family Physicians and removed from the position on Friday (June 29)

http://www.cbc .ca/news/canada/edmonton/janke-alert-child-exploitation-charges-sylvan-lake-1.4728644

1a6806 No.1975349


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

25797e No.1985603

>>1985473 (PB)


"Plot" is the worst.

"Her" reading comprehension is bonkers awful.

AND has zero recall of things "she" has posted.

At the same time, it is super fun watching "her" evolution.

f6b01d No.1986079

File: 68ee2c4a1899473⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2588x2560, 647:640, fagtifa.jpg)

f7cbff No.1993420

File: e6a640ef8bb05cd⋯.jpg (80.03 KB, 645x511, 645:511, LetTheNooseLoose.jpg)

File: 5945bec48061d82⋯.jpg (74.62 KB, 645x511, 645:511, FreeTheHemp.jpg)

File: ff01261a81c2de1⋯.jpg (79.77 KB, 645x511, 645:511, ThisNooseIsForUses.jpg)

File: 6e9d3649be92d07⋯.jpg (123.6 KB, 645x511, 645:511, ThisNooseIsForUse.jpg)

96ce83 No.1995080

File: 79dc2058726288f⋯.jpg (182.66 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, PepeBrand3kek.jpg)

File: 697e6f315ce80a1⋯.jpg (157.11 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, PepeBrand2.jpg)

File: 9a7e09869645b89⋯.png (27.62 KB, 776x480, 97:60, PepeBrand.png)

File: 7618a06e0bbc045⋯.png (160.88 KB, 282x470, 3:5, PepePickleRick.png)

1a6806 No.1996925


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

87774c No.1999098

Anon, I like the resignation.info layout / design. Would it be possible for you to add the website to github or something so I can use it for another project? Basically I have a data-set like your table of vulnerability information from a vulnerability database to display.

1a6806 No.1999156


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx

1a6806 No.1999196


please send me an email - the address you can see on https:// www.resignation.info

1a6806 No.1999747


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


not sure if really important


added, thx

d19250 No.2000619

EBR Councilman - Anthony "Buddy" Amoroso


5b1525 No.2004135

So I take it RR and his authorization of investigative scope, the OIG, and the Mueller investigation, are all deeply connected.

From watching RR in front of Congress (a man who should never be in that position) it seems he knows something that the people around him do not. Something he can barely contain.

5b1525 No.2004142


my bad im in wrong thread

bee7a7 No.2016460

Barnes & Noble Fires CEO Over Policy Violations

Company didn’t elaborate on termination other than to say it wasn’t tied to any disagreement over financial reporting or fraud


3a2c2d No.2021110

Add another to the resignation list!

Incumbent Republican state representative drops out of election in surprise announcement

"State Rep. Hal English, R-Hampton, surprised both Republicans and Democrats with the announcement Tuesday that he was dropping out of the November election."


15b070 No.2037670

Happy Independence Day!

Just getting on here whew what a day!


Love that ‘Trust Kansas’ line that Q wrote

Gonna have to borrow that for a >>country song

Rock on Anons

871d57 No.2043304

File: 5d262af070ce208⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 278x181, 278:181, IMG_2943.JPG)

117fc9 No.2044008

File: 43785adf29bfe4d⋯.jpg (34 KB, 540x678, 90:113, 1388859.jpg)

b38d30 No.2045145

EPA Scott Pruitt Resigns


1a6806 No.2045335


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx

690c30 No.2045464



Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA chief, Trump announces

690c30 No.2045494

Scott Pruitt resigns as EPA chief, Trump announces



Google Cloud COO Diane Bryant quits



Google Cloud's COO has left after less than a year



1a6806 No.2045704



yeah, was already reported, is already on the list…

please check on

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0


https:// www.resignation.info

before posting

617f4d No.2053274

File: ff0a929f1ba0fd4⋯.jpg (112.2 KB, 583x934, 583:934, MackinGone2.JPG)

File: c3ff3440b8bef04⋯.jpg (109.81 KB, 661x739, 661:739, DanbyGone1.JPG)


Two Labour MPs Resign:

1. Federal Labor MP Jenny Macklin (Federal Parliament)

2. Victorian Labor MP Michael Danby (Victorian State Parliament)

Both cite "time for a change" / "new generation" / "spend more time with family" etc.etc.





ee819a No.2054440

File: bf6c23a369ddbb9⋯.jpeg (287.3 KB, 1242x531, 138:59, 9D9AF4F8-D6BE-4990-837B-5….jpeg)

ee819a No.2054448

Breads are fkd it seems

738239 No.2066959

Mark Sirangelo Resigns as Sierra Nevada Space Systems Business EVP


f0405d No.2071402

File: c4e1cd8c6c509cb⋯.jpeg (216.84 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 51A2EAA1-8904-4C16-B1CA-B….jpeg)

67e0af No.2078622

This is not a very useful way to keep track of CEOs when most of the posts don't even include the city, state or country of the company/entity.

How can you utilize information when it's not included?

1a6806 No.2079511


check out the resignation google doc or the resignation website https://www.resignation.info - the country is included! if you really want to have the city and the state: feel free to research it. if you send me the data i will add it…


wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx



not added, thats an arrest, not a resignation


added, thx


added, thx

1a6806 No.2080872


not high ranking enough


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx

1a6806 No.2082391


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx

9f3469 No.2085508

U.K. Minister in Charge of Brexit Negotiations Resigns

David Davis resignation follows cabinet agreement Friday over proposal for future EU relations


33e614 No.2110329

Demos Parneros, Chief Executive Officer, Barnes and Noble, FIRED


Diane Bryant, COO, Google Cloud


Lu Yimin, President and Executive Director, China Unicom (Hong Kong)


Zhang Zhenhui, Sales Executive, ZTE


Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, UK


David Davis, Brexit Secretary, UK


Steve Baker, Deputy to Brexit Secretary David Davis, UK


Suella Braverman, Jr. Brexit Minister, UK


Howard Bamsey, Executive Director, Green Climate Fund – United Nations


Brian Roche, VP/General Manager, JEA Water & Wastewater Systems, Jacksonville, FL


Paul McElroy, CEO, JEA


Susan Thornton, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs


Marni Walden, Executive Vice-President of Verizon Global Media


John Stratton, Executive Vice-President of Verizon Global Media


Lowell McAdam, CEO, Verizon


Lowell McAdam, Board of Directors, General Electric


James D. Melville, US Ambassador to Estonia


Hoorst Seehofer, German Interior Minister & Chairman of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union, “has offered to resign as both minister and as chairman of Bavaria's Christian Social Union”


Pervez Musharraf, Chairman of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)


David Carey, President, Hearst Magazines


Anthony M. Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice, resigning end of July


Amancio Ortega, Zoro Founder


Jonathan Friedland, Communciations Chief, Netflix


bc0666 No.2117522

Wisconsin Justice Shirley Abrahamson won't seek another term in 2019.


730beb No.2117940


Miles Kwok

President of China Unicom, the 4th largest mobile provider in the world, resigns today, giving no explanation. July 10, 2018

This has several links and image that relates back to chan


3fe118 No.2118192

File: b9198191567dcb2⋯.jpeg (70.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 28EEA159-8350-4A55-8CFA-6….jpeg)

Time to mind fuck them

790250 No.2119025

West Virginia state Supreme Court Justice, Menis Ketchum, is resigning effective July 27.


3c88b3 No.2123506

File: b981b5750b511df⋯.png (112.82 KB, 1155x880, 21:16, mayo_schmidt_out.png)

Entire corrupt board of Ontario's Hydro One RESIGNS, including Mayo Schmidt who was scamming a $6.7 mil dollar salary of the utility payers (while old folks in N.Ontario were choosing between food and heat.)

This follows the election of our new Premier Doug Ford who replaced corrupt Wynne who sold 51% of the PUBLIC utility and undoubtedly gained millions in under the table kickbacks. Ultra-corrupt liberal nut case.

Not sure about the exact names of the board resigning but the second link below lists the board of directors. I don't see Schmidt on there.

This will more than offset any tariff costs we need to absorb after Trump bitch slapped [Trudeau].

https:// www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-entire-ontario-hydro-one-board-to-resign-ceo-to-step-down/

https:// www.hydroone.com/about/corporate-information/senior-leadership-and-board

1a6806 No.2132293


already on the list


already on the list


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


please do not post so many resignation in one post… one per post would be much easier for me to organize. thx

only 4 of your reports i could add, the others were already listed. please check before posting them, you can check here: https://www.resignation.info and/or here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/

btw: german interior minister Horst Seehofer did NOT resign… he just offered his resignation!

ecd079 No.2136566


Papa John be steppin'

9d4a3b No.2137148

Northrop Grumman CEO stepping down.


26beae No.2155406

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler to Step Down in 2019 https://tcbmag.com/news/articles/2018/july/university-of-minnesota-president-eric-kaler-to-st

1a6806 No.2156928


already on the list


added, thx


already on the list

9adf6a No.2164373

Detroit Arsenal's Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)'s Commander Major General Clark W. LeMasters retires from U.S. Army. -Detroit Auto Scene, July 16th

c54409 No.2190724

File: adff3efb199d110⋯.jpeg (73.51 KB, 934x426, 467:213, TI.jpeg)

Texas Instruments CEO Crutcher resigns on conduct violations.

0afb28 No.2193196

Not sure if this counts as a notable resignation or not, but he's pretty young to be leaving the festivities (33 years old)…

Jon Applebaum

Deputy Minority Leader DFL House Caucus - Minnesota

RELEASE: Rep. Jon Applebaum will not seek reelection to the Minnesota House in 2018


8492f3 No.2208043


Seymour Stein of Warner Records/Music resigns suddenly after 51 years.

5fdf44 No.2213597

Two more officials cited in FBI texts step down

The FBI's media chief and the head of the Justice Department's anti-espionage section are both departing.

Mike Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, is set to retire next week.

In addition, the chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, David Laufman, resigned this week.


5fdf44 No.2213618



Shoot. Grabbed the wrong link.

This just announced:

Three Top FBI Cybersecurity Officials to Retire

Departures come as U.S. faces threat of cyberattacks.


ce4373 No.2223769





9dd333 No.2223798

File: caa2159435e61bf⋯.png (29.03 KB, 717x376, 717:376, haiti.png)

File: bc181e007bd3266⋯.png (28.06 KB, 736x190, 368:95, haiti2.png)




7 in May


9f6f2a No.2231892

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat-Chrylser CEO, Steps Down Early


1a6806 No.2233528


he was already on the list, updated the date he left, thx



added, thx


already on the list


added all of them, thx


added, thx


added, thx - please provide a link to a source next time


added, thx

1da711 No.2264956

Q hasn't given us any good shit in a looooong time

Define compromised

Israel in control

1da711 No.2265069



0d8198 No.2265635


Wow, I really need to look over q posts again. Haven’t had time but would love to know what’s coming up next. I am sure they’ve given us everything we just have to look

d9f655 No.2267930

File: 09b76813d5d5f4e⋯.gif (440.2 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMG_3773.GIF)

0d8198 No.2268730



d9f655 No.2269363

File: 7ca78861438409b⋯.png (250.68 KB, 1242x1541, 54:67, IMG_8549.PNG)

41c024 No.2272488

Q said

Something BIG is about to drop

Who starred in the movie BIG?

Tom Hanks

Fuck you Pedo

88f384 No.2273635


657b0b No.2274718

File: d0a290d46a1a562⋯.png (12.88 KB, 459x173, 459:173, q12.png)

We THE People are assembling across the states and counties following our founding father's footsteps. The lawful civilian authority is the original guard. https://national-assembly.net/ The sooner we reassemble, the sooner we nullify the corporation. Article 1 of the Bill of Rights!

657b0b No.2274851


American Juris Prudence book 38a page 340 first line reads:


38A C.J.S.

There cannot be a grand jury de facto when there is a grand jury de jure.61 It has been held that the de facto officer doctrine applies to an improperly appointed grand juror.62

§ 10.

7b2cdb No.2275018


So please explain why/where the would be a grand jury de facto

d7168f No.2277720



Not a resignation, but I believe still relevant.

Sergio Marchionne, Who Melded Chrysler and Fiat, Dies at 66

Mr. Marchionne was treated at Zurich’s University Hospital for complications after undergoing what Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said was a surgical procedure on his right shoulder in July. The health issues forced the company to unexpectedly remove him as CEO on Saturday, speeding up a departure planned for early 2019 after a decade at the helm of the Italian-American auto maker.


ade411 No.2278827


John Brennan supported Gus Hall's presidential candidacy in the 1970s. It drew minimal public attention when the news (CNN et al) reported that on his most recent security clearance polygraph, he disclosed that he had been a member of an organization whose goal was the overthrow of the US Government (standard question on security clearance questionnaires … though most marxists I know tend not to answer this question honestly, even on polygraphs, which are not foolproof.)

Hall was the head of CPUSA in the 1970s. What most people don't understand (though I'm sure Brennan is well aware) is that Hall was working directly for Moscow as a lobbyist (which is essentially what the CPUSA directorship has been since 1919 until the USSR went bankrupt in the 1980s).

At the time, the details about Gus Hall's activities were classified, but were declassified in recent years (congressional testimonies are now open-source, etc.)

Also, when the Mitrokhin Archives were published decades ago, the records of the money Gus Hall had been laundering from the USSR were disclosed, as well as records of his communications (and frustrations) with the COMINTERN leadership.

This article sort of touches on it: https://spectator.org/john-…

So… you wanna talk about Russian meddling and collusion in US politics? It's been going on for a century.

And as far as I know, John Brennan, and his fellow travelers at the highest echelons of the US Govt, have yet to outgrow (or denounce) the extremist pro-Bolshevik (aka "Soviet SOCIALIST") ideology of their blissfully ignorant youth. Welcome to the club!

ade411 No.2278879

File: ebf817a162fa4a6⋯.png (272.75 KB, 877x650, 877:650, Russian Collusion.png)

8a1f7b No.2279690

File: fc1291d0f4f740b⋯.png (146.94 KB, 1080x631, 1080:631, Screenshot_2018-07-25-10-5….png)

Trump is trolling the MSM reporters letting them know they have been taped. Also letting them know they will be abruptly terminated (cut off)

3c1882 No.2281514

File: 453c4cc108e4cd4⋯.gif (371.44 KB, 318x178, 159:89, IMB_mhnyTw.GIF)


there is only

the lonely.

aca84e No.2286161

File: ff470386566464c⋯.png (4.69 KB, 137x97, 137:97, ClipboardImage.png)

Allen *Q* Jones


c04310 No.2290237

Gilead Sciences CEO Stepping Down

John Milligan will also depart from the board of directors at the end of the year

Updated July 25, 2018 6:53 p.m. E

Gilead Sciences Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Milligan will step down at the end of the year, an abrupt departure from a drug company struggling with falling sales and profit.


f53ef7 No.2292160


"That would be our Who debt! Why in the hell is our country in over 20+ TRILLION $$ in debt & how did Obama add more to our debt than all presidents before him….where did the money go? "

Where did the money go? Here:

1. The money went to hedge funds and private equity companies who were cabal connected to buy up our housing stock in 2009 after the market crash. For example "Blackstone" was able to obtain a huge line of credit for funding from Deutsche Bank in 2009 via America's Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing programs. Of course this was never offered to your average American. These firms then bought up our housing stock for pennies on the dollar assisted by Obama's administration. 10 years later these firms now are the major owners of America's housing stock and charging triple rent profiting hugely off of the middle class misery.

2. What did not go into buying America's housing stock went to Silicon Valley to help a bunch of connected snotty nose kids as well as a large amount of connected non-Americans so they could pretend they were really smart. Yet from my point of view not one good firm came out of that hell hole the last 10 years to make any of our lives better.

1a6806 No.2292454


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

d9f655 No.2292746

File: d34325c756e44a2⋯.png (129.55 KB, 1201x750, 1201:750, IMG_4028.PNG)


bye R.

1a6806 No.2300124


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

eaa288 No.2304288



d9f655 No.2313415


did obama stop giving economic advice? i love shilly insider info

5a3b0c No.2314682

File: 2170aaf3e73aa14⋯.jpg (74.53 KB, 840x461, 840:461, LM Resigns.jpg)


4e33c7 No.2315648

>>2314496 (PB)

What is the function of the device tests?

4e33c7 No.2315735


I don't usually engage in chatter, but just bite me.

Get outta here, shill. Go ask Brock if you can play in his hair afterward.

dcbb40 No.2317017

File: 93f54132071e432⋯.png (48.27 KB, 1019x324, 1019:324, pm.PNG)


The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced the following change in the senior ranks of the Public Service:

Anne Kelly, currently Interim Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada, becomes Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada, effective July 30, 2018. Ms. Kelly was chosen through an open, transparent, and merit-based appointment process.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to congratulate Don Head, former Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada, on his retirement from the Public Service following an exceptional career. Mr. Head served Canadians with dedication, integrity, and excellence for 40 years in correctional services.

7b2cdb No.2317213

File: ba2888360b7880f⋯.png (54.26 KB, 654x581, 654:581, New Yorker mag.png)


Coming soon to a theater near you:

Six women accuse the C.E.O. of harassment and intimidation, and dozens more describe abuse at his company.


b15cf2 No.2324509

>>2322997 lb

OO YES! that makes me feel good reading that. i posted a few weeks ago about russian leader history/ottoman empire and how trump was all buddy buddy with that POS erdogan but after the russia summit he changed his tone like the next day toward turkey, ever since been talking shit.. now looks like turkey blinked.. read between the lines.. "we are ready to play ball, but only on your assurance of safety from old guard threats"

trump is a true chess master


b44600 No.2324664

File: 8d8aaf4e29a96f1⋯.jpg (466.11 KB, 1632x1036, 408:259, red_scarf.jpg)

File: 0bc02df6ed119fe⋯.png (655.98 KB, 1047x690, 349:230, Rex_Tibbens.png)

File: 5aecc36aeedf3e6⋯.png (428.37 KB, 1139x530, 1139:530, Rex_Tibbens_AHS.png)

I would like to add this to the resignation list. Last November (2017) it was announced that Rex Tibbens would be resigning as CEO of Lyft. I feel the timing is important.

Rex was at Amazon before Lyft. As of May 2018 he was hired by American Home Shield, part of ServiceMaster.

Why is this important? Because Q has been teaching us to learn the black hat's secret communications.

When I opened my mail yesterday, I found a very clear communication from Rex Tibbens' organization. The advertisement his company sent out seems like it is actually a call for action.

A red scarf, the number forty-five (POTUS), and the scarf is tied around a pipe. (Think windpipe.) The scarf is actually red, white, and blue upon closer inspection.

Thank you Q for teaching us the secret messages of the cabal.

b44600 No.2325001

72a882 No.2326302


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

come on guys, this is the resignation thread!

7b2cdb No.2329473


Happy Shit Poster's Day

292651 No.2330277

File: 9d823feced714ba⋯.pdf (850.71 KB, EE-Legal-111d-etc-Steyer-e….pdf)

NGO agenda nationwide with links to steyer, podesta, obama admin, soros and names of companies like utech. found in a wikileaks email and outline Paris agreement push. Just posting in case it provides crumbs to research any other resignations connected to this doc

292651 No.2330470

Utech and Canada manufacturers related to Utech seem to point at why Trudeaux is pissed at Trump. If they were to launder money through these companies with an HRC win it would explain why Trump pulling out of Paris agreement angered these guys in the E and E legal doc found on wikileaks (NGO, Podesta, Obama, Steyer, Soros connections outlined in doc, as well as a way to push a nationwide agenda on unpopular "clean energy")…no more laundering through energy companies. I am throwing this out here I suck at chans so don't give me shit.

72a882 No.2336498


added, thx


wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

37d185 No.2343375

The guy in black is the body guard for the other shadow?

Sorry trying to catch up Anons.

72a882 No.2344185


wrong thread!!!

375bff No.2353177

CEO of Sweco AB (registered on Nasdaq Stockholm as SwecA and SwecB resigned on 20180112: https://www.sweco.se/en/news/press/2018/tomas-carlsson-to-leave-his-position-as-president-and-ceo-of-sweco/

europes largest engineering contractor

3dd71e No.2355154

My thread for FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne’s permanent resignation >>2354515

72a882 No.2355353


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


interesting, but imho not high ranking enough


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread - he is already dead…

2858f7 No.2357335

Christina Ståhl, CEO of Fashion chain MQ in sweden announced resignation on 04 23 2018.


dcbb40 No.2357872


Metallon Corporation CEO Kenneth Mekani, has stepped down to pursue personal business interests. Mekani, who has been at the helm of Zimbabwe’s largest gold producer since 2015 leaves the post in September 2018. The London-based gold producer, said in a statement it has completed a corporate restructuring exercise to ensure each mining subsidiary is a standalone company with its own management team.

72a882 No.2358666


added, thx


added, thx

d155e9 No.2359879

Hélène Barnekow, Executive Vice President and CEO of Telia Sweden, has resigned and will be leaving her position. Announced at 04-19-2018


94cb91 No.2362683


7b2cdb No.2364816

File: 7df5116ab85acf3⋯.png (166.23 KB, 676x487, 676:487, Who believes Q.png)


Here is who the UK Guardian think is the biggest :threat is among Q followers.

Anons don't don't even get an Honorable Mention

One sign of the visibility in the real world, and who the Leftist are most worried about

72a882 No.2373189


added, thx


added, thx


wrong thread

d8c677 No.2379440

File: d74cc757600db2c⋯.jpg (375.72 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, TrumpQ.jpg)

I'm not the Q Cutout Anon, but I caught this screen shot of the Cut out I think Q is talking about.

d8c677 No.2379568


I didn't post this in the Resignations!. Getting bad gateways, etc. Think we're getting blasted?

6df123 No.2386615

File: 43b5df0a15a27b1⋯.png (188.67 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, EE3776EF-D1BF-42F6-A528-28….png)

File: a1d8138ad739cf7⋯.png (138.63 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, EFB788B0-1CEA-44BA-AC80-42….png)


6df123 No.2386716

File: 17ba77762530923⋯.png (175.68 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 91CF7123-F0FD-481B-90D1-BD….png)


e48b2c No.2392343

File: 97068b2b455aaad⋯.jpg (69.31 KB, 485x340, 97:68, sarah-huckabee-sanders.jpg)

Sarah H. Sanders

Starts Presser with Q


fcf8ab No.2394131


Qanon ? asked at Press Briefing

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZK4RIetzLE

fcf8ab No.2394146

File: 1ccaf68fb7aaa03⋯.png (324.63 KB, 866x497, 866:497, Press Brief about Qanon.png)

da50d5 No.2394427


Game theory https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_theory

7b2cdb No.2403144


This theory was developed extensively in the (Boomer) 1950s by many scholars.

Game theory has been widely recognized as an important tool in many fields. As of 2014, with the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences going to game theorist Jean Tirole, eleven game theorists have won the economics Nobel Prize. John Maynard Smith was awarded the Crafoord Prize for his application of game theory to biology.

Game theory is not concerned with playing games for entertainment, fun or similar purposes - that is the field of Game studies.

a09ca3 No.2404751

File: da6b5f94888326a⋯.png (305.41 KB, 978x753, 326:251, Alex Stamos - Facebook CSO.png)

Alex Stamos, Facebook CSO (Chief of Security Officer) quits!


4c84cc No.2414303


Do you think you could find if there is connection between George Papadopoulos and Mary Kokoris/Mama Podesta?

(I know it's maybe a weird question)

How could I BEST go about digging into that?

b2695e No.2415386


Genealogy search site familysearch.org

First available US census 1940

Names you seek are obviously Greek

Parental names often available thru wiki or Goog

Trump is of clan MacLeod of Scotland. And Christ family of Bavaria, amount others. Think German Viking Celt

72a882 No.2416996


already on the list


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread



wrong thread

anons, this is the RESIGNATIONS thread!

6825ca No.2417797

https:// www.kitco.com/pr/frame/index_prec.html?https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/36326/Latin-American-Minerals-Announces-Resignation-of-Director

https:// www.kitco.com/pr/frame/index_prec.html?https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/36290/SilverCrest-Announces-Director-Resignation

https:// www.kitco.com/pr/frame/index_prec.html?https://www.fscwire.com/newsrelease/casa-minerals-inc-announces-resignation

e3ed47 No.2418053

File: bdf81d6eb094448⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 3032x2448, 379:306, IMG_0090.JPG)

File: cf86de32e1c1ee6⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0091.JPG)

Handmade QAnon Wood American Flags for those that are interested!!

All are made to order.

$81 each after 10% discount, plus shipping.

Follow this link to Etsy:

shill elsewhere

Post last edited at

f1dde3 No.2421389


Yes, lets give away our addresses to a stranger on a chan.

GTFO shill, don't monetize this movement, don't scoop up peoples personal data, the fuck are you thinking? This is a mother fucking chan. A spook will show up at your door or the clients, someone will get hurt, don't be a moron

f1dde3 No.2421417


To clarify, not a threat, a cautionary tale from an old fag who has watched people hurt on chans by making stupid mistakes like this.

Don't be like those idiots playing with bleach and ammonia that hollowed out their lungs.

c6e55a No.2423785

>>2422160 Bueno de mesquita… he does lease his model to cia and is the living expertist on game theory imho. Any reason he keeps coming up though? Kept seeing Gary King's name tied to firm called red hexagon or some such recently… if have reason to believe academics are involved… otherwise why not KISS? 10-n>=6. 10-1=9. 9-3 (civis) 6 with one a mole ordering operators with identity unknown? Thats a game called mole hunt yeah?

72a882 No.2428470


added all of them, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

2f2bb2 No.2430478

File: f87b40dbf438306⋯.png (136.39 KB, 1002x491, 1002:491, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 644733df3ed40a7⋯.png (73.87 KB, 1873x291, 1873:291, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c656eb53a245b0⋯.png (194.83 KB, 494x751, 494:751, ClipboardImage.png)

Ryan Price is a name i saw several times when McCain visited the White House. Here is a snip from some wave visits at the Obama White house



60fb26 No.2431009

Newcomer from Canada here. I have question for Q. How do I go about doing that?

72a882 No.2435847


wrong thread


wrong thread

7b2cdb No.2438233

File: 9f8615ff2990199⋯.png (460.79 KB, 712x536, 89:67, Miss Cleo.png)


Not to be rude, but he isn't the Answer Man or Miss Cleo, and doesn't take requests, although he make confirm a good guess or observation that is posted.

If appropriate to formulate it that way, he might answer, but, more often does not/

72a882 No.2444590


wrong thread!

7b2cdb No.2444661


Who don't you stick to the shills instead of those making constructive suggestions


df7965 No.2445746

The Ones your supposed to trust the most.

Calgary Police Chief retires 3 years into 5 year contract.

Join the dots. …


df7965 No.2445779

Trust No one.

Commanding Officer of Alberta

RCMP (Canadian Federal Police Force)

announces retirement AFTER 15 months in position? Is that Normal?

Joins the dots.


df7965 No.2445865

File: 1aee2b218f05225⋯.jpeg (772.45 KB, 1242x1424, 621:712, E2D8EF05-FFC4-487A-BF21-6….jpeg)


Do YOU believe in coincidences yet?

So Many you have to cut deals.

Harel served on the board of directors of the

Missing Children Society of Canada.

Gatineau Quebec Canada Police Chief Retires.

Preaident of Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

The ones you are SUPPOSED to trust the … least


df7965 No.2445902

Head of Vancouver transit Police takes early retirement 2 1-2 years into 5 year contract.

Is that normal?

The ones you are supposed to trust the most.


df7965 No.2445924

File: ae18d83611c9e3e⋯.jpeg (779.25 KB, 1242x1009, 1242:1009, 80EE7516-647D-4316-9F4D-9….jpeg)

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

police chief Jean Michel Blais to retire EARLY

Blais walks away from the position a year earlier than he originally planned.

When do the dots become a smoking gun?

df7965 No.2446013

File: c8ccd7cad817c0e⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1045, 1242:1045, 912D3EDA-2DC7-46E2-A59E-B….jpeg)

Peterborough Police Chief Retires.


df7965 No.2446068

File: e2a1bc9460be851⋯.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x2088, 69:116, 9A54082D-F4A3-484A-9169-3….jpeg)

Kingston Ontario Police Chief Retires

BEFORE a replacement was recruited.

Kingston police chief Gilles Larochelle retires.

“It is with mixed feelings that I announce my intention to bring my law enforcement career to a close this year.


df7965 No.2446119

Dozens of Kingston Ontario Police Officers retiring.

Sgt. Charles Boyles has been a police officer for 31 years. Come July, he will retire, making him one of dozens of police officers in Kingston to holster their guns and hang up their hats.


Dot dot dot ..


df7965 No.2446133

File: e721374e696ad23⋯.jpeg (814.01 KB, 1242x1190, 621:595, 0A6313D7-739C-4F41-B73C-D….jpeg)

Kingston Ontario Strategic for Law Inforcement?

Dozens of officers retire

df7965 No.2446191

File: d15bcc00653196d⋯.jpeg (770.2 KB, 1242x1286, 621:643, F5BF2C42-86A6-4C47-9B68-5….jpeg)

Thunder Bay Ontario Pokice Chief Retires.

Follow the Wives - Marisa Hobbs.

Hobbs, along with his wife, Marisa Hobbs, were charged with extortion and obstruction of justice last July.


df7965 No.2446384

Head on Canada’s RCMP Retires June 2017.

Not replaced for 10 months.


df7965 No.2446451

File: 852743cf5b4eb40⋯.jpeg (854.06 KB, 1242x904, 621:452, 84C3C6F5-1F94-4AAB-83C1-B….jpeg)

The Ones you’re supposed to trust the most.

Join the dots. … a smoking gun.

So many we had to cut deals?

ALL 3 Top Cops in Alberta Canada

ALL retire “unexpectedly”.

Police chiefs of the 2 largest Cities in Alberta Canada retire wih their Feseral counterpart.

CALGARY—As three of Alberta’s top police officers depart from their roles in the next six months, the province is facing a remarkable transition.

On Tuesday, Calgary police Chief Roger Chaffin announced he’ll be retiring in January 2019. RCMP Deputy Commissioner Todd Shean, the commanding officer for the Alberta Mounties, also announced Tuesday he would retire in September, and in May the Edmonton Police Commission said Chief Rod Knecht will leave after his contract is up in October.

The departures are “unexpected,” but it’s important that the process of choosing new leaders - joins the dots!


df7965 No.2446561

File: 98acc54920cdbb8⋯.jpeg (717.51 KB, 1242x967, 1242:967, BDE3B9C0-89E5-4729-8184-6….jpeg)

Dot Dot Dot.

Ok Thanks Q and GEOTUS.

I once was blind - but now I see.

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

St John New Brunswick Canada Police Chief Retires Early. Mayor surprised (for now).

Power to the people.


df7965 No.2446593

Abbotsford BC Canada Police Chief to retire.


df7965 No.2446660

File: b5f4a31840b17e1⋯.jpeg (875.64 KB, 1242x957, 414:319, CD31A43C-C029-4FF8-ABDF-5….jpeg)

Police Chiefs in BC Canada retire.


June 2018


df7965 No.2446693

Feb 2018.

Vernon BC Canada Top Cop Retires.


df7965 No.2446745

Let’s watch this bunch retire.

British Columbia Canada - a gangsters paradise.

Former Top Cop report.

Politicians knew but did nothing.

Mr. German, a former deputy commissioner of both the RCMP and Correctional Service Canada, released a report that is compelling and disturbing at the same time. The extent to which crime has infested the province, and the ease at which it did, is unsettling. The fact that the B.C. government of the day, aware that money laundering was becoming an epidemic and yet did virtually nothing about it, needs to be condemned in the loudest terms.


a67793 No.2478104

File: 46730e6dc7ada56⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 220x227, 220:227, 220px-IndraNooyiDavos2010v….jpg)

Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo stepping down after 12 years.



694710 No.2500087

File: 3e3fe646cb39442⋯.png (123.36 KB, 845x710, 169:142, Amazon exec out.png)

File: 2a8a256fad2ab7e⋯.png (422.82 KB, 801x547, 801:547, ama heather.png)

Amazon Studios head of unscripted programming Heather Schuster has left the company after less than one year, and only nine months in her current role; Schuster is seen here at The Grand Tour' TV series premiere in New York on December 7


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