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First time on QResearch? 8chan? Click here, newfag.

File: f4f8f5614ce4cd4⋯.jpg (580.13 KB, 696x694, 348:347, clockworkQrange.jpg)

022dc2 No.1579221

Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers.

022dc2 No.1579314

File: 645d8b5939ebe40⋯.png (649.99 KB, 1408x1988, 352:497, 2faa197a5b3c103432c92000c7….png)

This thread is for all things related to the Q-Clock. Q left markers and hints to build and read the map, and anons previously had been trying to figure out how to build and use a Q-Clock.

Recently this puzzle re-emerged, when an anon posted his ideas about the clock in >>1405672 (may have been posted before already, not verified)

022dc2 No.1579435

File: ba34bda3947f296⋯.png (606.73 KB, 1544x1544, 1:1, qclock.png)

To make a long story short, each of the minutes around the clock (60 in number) correspond to a day on the calendar, starting at [:00] with Dec, 12th 2017.

Another anon visualized the idea and posted this circular calendar-clock.

022dc2 No.1579766

File: 0eb55ecd8146e1f⋯.jpg (233.49 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DcWVHLFW0AA8GY5.jpg)

File: ab988c520237541⋯.png (143.03 KB, 827x315, 827:315, 1566645.png)


When arranging the days around the clock in this manner, and marking blue all days when Q posted, quite a number of interesting things have been observed, here are just two examples:

--> All "rays" (i.e. minutes) around the clock have a Q post, except [:20] -- at an angle, where letter "Q" would have its tail that distinguishes it from an O (pic related).

--> The 5 pens Q posted images of, appear to have non-random directions, as they were photographed.

>>1566802 (bread #1969)

022dc2 No.1580108

File: 9b3b41ba52ad487⋯.png (96.04 KB, 1182x1039, 1182:1039, 9b3b41ba52ad487322ef0ca3d4….png)


The anon who posted the idea initially had posted it for quite a time already. An early occurrence might have been >>1405672 (bread #1763, "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME?"), but there were other posts and ideas mentioning the Q Clock (e.g. pic from #1437).

022dc2 No.1580170

File: 6c8a25cfc9d4157⋯.png (922.19 KB, 1614x1614, 1:1, qclock_1207.png)



Several anons asked for clock-calendar template >>1578530 , so here's the re-post of the template, in case anyone finds it useful >>1578663

d22940 No.1584756

File: 926dec2dfbf5830⋯.png (143.08 KB, 1421x627, 1421:627, 5:30-1:30.png)

Was about time to get the clock a thread.


I'll start to bite…

The angle that points to the day without posts is actually the 5 position.

Both arms at 5 form a Q…

So this may be the meaning of 5:5?

Today one of the arms points onto 05/30.

At this angle the only day Q posted was 01/30 (pic related).

Lets see what the news will say and if the drop from 01/30 corresponds.

64069d No.1589658

Anybody got this img as an SVG?

b8d197 No.1590146

File: 5a97fb01bc97ad7⋯.png (2.58 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, large graphic for q clock.png)


Here is the current graphic I have, been adding as I go.

50eff3 No.1591143


what are we looking for with this Q clock? i understand that the dates marked in blue are the days that Q has posted, but what is this clock even supposed to confirm for us? is there supposed to be some kind of correlation between trumps tweets that we need to connect with this? just trying to figure this out is all.

b8d197 No.1591712

File: 4c801f63ed69196⋯.png (2.78 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, large graphic for q clock.png)

File: bd239ae26e49af4⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1656x1296, 23:18, 53 MIN CAGES FULL.png)


Updated again and clarified an item.


Timestamps & dates work together

Here is an example of one of the ways they work together from yesterday

b8d197 No.1591826

File: c8a088977b031c4⋯.png (2.78 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, large graphic for q clock.png)


Sorry, testing. Last graphic didn't show up full size, trying again.

50eff3 No.1591828


i see what is going on, how many more of these do we have?

6154ae No.1591833

File: 08c359bd84f9529⋯.png (511.13 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, Trump_Pen-527.png)



Clock hands, clock overlay for pics templates


Clock arms can be made easily from these svgs, whatever time you need, simply by changing the time at the end of the address…

Example - for 12:27 type this:https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Clock_12-27.svg

For 3:33 type this: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Clock_03-33.svg

You get the idea.

Erase all but the hands and boom.

For a full clock overlay on pictures I just invert these in photoshop for a white clock face…

Like this.

b8d197 No.1591841


They are updated, the last post was done twice, because it didn't load full size, turns out if was just me, due to my browser, sorry!

b8d197 No.1591904


Oh wow, these are great! TY Anon.

85bdf6 No.1593038

at some point does the clock need to be reversed/mirrored? Or has it been accurate the whole time? I read an anon made all but one of the pens line up with the clock/calendar. Does that one line up if mirrored? I think its the May 10th one. If mirrored/flipped by a line side to side and flipping I think it works out…Does the clock count backwards/down starting that day?

b8d197 No.1593383

File: 9ae6491b9081b7c⋯.png (2.74 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, large graphic for q clock ….png)


I'm sorry, I have not heard about that until now.

I wonder if when Q said mirror, and that was only twice, if Q had any idea how fascinated we would become over it. There is mirror in the Q clock, see the graphic. Yes another update, I'll add numbers to the title to avoid confusion. I only updated the clock pic, it wasn't perfectly spaced with the clock hands, so I replaced it.

91f8c0 No.1596323

Could an anon post a high resolution version of the blank clock so you can still read the numbers when you zoom in? Working on huge infographics.

b8d197 No.1597127


If your talking about the graphic here >>1593383

just right click on the image and open image in new tab, then after it opens in the new tab click onto it to enlarge to full size.

b8d197 No.1597213

File: c1cae51aeacce47⋯.png (130 KB, 610x1556, 305:778, Q CLOCK BLANK DATES TIMEST….png)



Here is a blank Q Clock Dates & Timestamps

b8d197 No.1597329

File: f19372efd11d263⋯.png (158.83 KB, 1488x884, 372:221, 55 MAY31.png)

Example of one of the ways timestamps and dates work together.

b04aaa No.1597411

File: 9ec799a41b72302⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 255x255, 1:1, qclockblank.jpg)

*Look for today's date on the clock (today happens to be at the :55 point. Tomorrow will be at the :56 point)

*Look at all the dates that align with today's date.

*Go back and reread Qdrops on all the dates that align with todays date.

*Search news headlines/stories/POTUS and other's Tweets, for words/stories that align with Qdrops within today's noted dates. Make a connection between old Qdrops on noted days and TODAYs words/stories in the (various forms of ) media.

Future Proves Past.

Today's tweets/headlines will show to correspond to old Qdrops on certain days(that align on the clock).

Use this blank clock as your guide. Hopefully this helps.

b04aaa No.1597548


Try This clock…it should enlarge. >>1580170

Last one didn't for some reason.

44284f No.1597810

File: ceaa0aaf91958ef⋯.png (7.48 MB, 4240x4352, 265:272, RoughClock.png)

Okay, so this is break down on some connections I have found. I will be here all day. Let's get this clock wound up.

44284f No.1597842


And in this, Q states that it is use to train us to use the clock.

Are we to align tweets onto the clock?

Future proves past.

9c99bc No.1597885

File: 2604c66dec68402⋯.png (9.76 KB, 255x168, 85:56, 10minMark_early.png)

File: a2ca0147f8a3e26⋯.png (14.28 KB, 255x255, 1:1, clockhands.png)

File: 6c027c7105b26a6⋯.png (12.23 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 15minMark_01.png)

File: 6259166bd96ac03⋯.png (10.58 KB, 187x255, 11:15, 15minMark_02.png)


In case someone wants to dig out helper posts, clock graphics etc, it may be useful to give a small re-cap of the clocks on /qresearch/ (as found here):

→First clocks were probably drawn since Q's message on 12/18 ("Clock started - 10 days."). On /qresearch/ first images of clocks were found in #17 by spiderwebanon ( >>14813 )

→Clocks would mainly use time differences between Q posts and/or POTUS tweets, often to draw two sets of hands onto the clock (#17, >>15547 )

→Anons became creative and clock research took off around the early #20s with anons trying to connect them to Q's codes & stringers.

→Clock research was quite productive in the early #40s, to then quite suddenly die off in the late #40s.

→Research was recently revived by an anon's persistence, who over a longer period tried to direct attention to the clock, its probable starting date & how to connect the clock to a calendar >>1563625 (#1965)

44284f No.1597896

File: 08e5edac0763776⋯.png (7.26 MB, 4352x4000, 136:125, RoughClock2.png)



Simplified for clarity.

Does this Q crumb confirm the decoding?

Train us to decode?

Learn COMMS?

fbedb7 No.1597952

File: 6f80630234550b3⋯.jpeg (69 KB, 590x880, 59:88, sexy6.jpeg)


when you save memes/images please click on the image to expand it and then save it.

saving tiny images produces other tiny images.

just an FYI. nothing but love for our clockfags :)

>pic related ref size

b8d197 No.1598099

File: a83097df93676e4⋯.png (125.53 KB, 1408x692, 352:173, EASY Q CLOCK.png)




44284f No.1598102

File: b59d9ba9462e04d⋯.png (7.65 MB, 4352x4000, 136:125, RoughClock5.png)

9c99bc No.1598105

File: 7160d304f47824f⋯.png (922.19 KB, 1614x1614, 1:1, qclock_unmrkd.png)

File: 70c278859c31f8b⋯.pdf (106.17 KB, qclock_unmrkd.pdf)


SVG via: mega.nz/#!PH4F2bjR!fMtbMqGmOlLO1pRANoC2tJPGe72ejjsxLhAyFzL1Ldk

Not sure though if works will work fine, and all ….



9c99bc No.1598114


*Not sure though if fonts will work fine, and all ….


Did go through archive.fo & qarchives.ml and local archives. Was hard enough to locate them …. but didn't feel like using tineye/googImages to try to recover the large size version. Probably the meme anons have them in their archives ….

b8d197 No.1598142

File: 260bde71b2fc4d8⋯.png (154.86 KB, 1288x710, 644:355, 5.31 date 55 min timestamp.png)



8b4485 No.1598479

Are there any events that have proven true?

If so, is the clock calibrated to those events?

It might help to make it more accurate or prove it actually is working to others.

b8d197 No.1599162

File: 4f0b7eb3ecaba24⋯.png (268.78 KB, 1716x948, 143:79, EASY Q CLOCK 5.31 DATE 55 ….png)

44284f No.1599207

File: 8b8a697e0c8f710⋯.png (1.54 MB, 4412x2232, 1103:558, QClockMark1.png)

44284f No.1599307

File: 928e49a31307a83⋯.png (1.26 MB, 3500x2232, 875:558, QClockMark1.1.png)

File: 4f6f11eece2b947⋯.png (1.25 MB, 3500x2232, 875:558, QClockMark1.2.png)

b8d197 No.1600630

File: bb747065aeffe73⋯.png (822.48 KB, 1892x1876, 473:469, EASY Q CLOCK WORKS ALL WAY….png)

44284f No.1601180

File: 73bda28e75cf319⋯.png (1.26 MB, 2920x2912, 365:364, QClockMark2.1.png)


Continued for [2].

b8d197 No.1601325



With out even checking if it works I believe it, because I tried with 5, 10, 2, 3, even 13 all numbers from Q posts, but not yet 15!

6d9e1f No.1601339

Clock fags and experts of other types of faggotry I have had a breakthrough!!!


Clock started - 10 days = clock started ten days before 12, or 11:50, or 11:11.

The fuckin clock runs backwards, as I suspected. At least the lowercase “clock” does.

So we wind a backwards running clock forwards, from 1/6 (wind the clock per Q) to 12/7 (clock started, per Q).

That’s 335 days, (or minutes), adds to 11, and coincidentally is 11 months, 1 day.

A clock wound 335 minutes from 11:50, guess where it runs out faggots??

You guessed it! 5:25, or 5:5.

We need to shift our dates back 10 days and run them in the opposite direction, from 12/7 headed counter clockwise, starting at 11:50. It won’t affect the dates we’ve been landing on, only the clock we’ve been using and whatever comes with that.


Now, the “CLOCK” is the one that I think runs forward. There are 2 sets of instructions to “wind” and “activate” the clock, one lowercase and one capital. Q doesn’t give us a starting date, but we can assume a mirror I think. The “wind” instructions are a day off too, which is interesting. Anons have noticed their 111 theory being off by a day before, if we have overlapping clocks running in opposite directions with dates off set by 1, that makes everything a little harder to predict.

So the forward clock winds from 11:11 backwards to 5:5, and starts forwards from there.

Also, red castle, green castle, I think red dates should be the counterclockwise dates and green the clockwise.


Need some help on what the activation means too.

And if you use the lowercase “on the clock” posts from 4/6 and 4/21 it looks like things get interesting around 1:15 on the lowercase clock.

Let’s goooo!!!!!

6d9e1f No.1601354


Actually this might affect the direction of the dates now that I think about it.

44284f No.1601385

File: 18095dc8cbe6ced⋯.png (1001.54 KB, 2492x1624, 89:58, QClockMark5.1.png)

44284f No.1601393




[2][3][4] are all LINKED.



b8d197 No.1601473




AND now that part that's been bugging me I know where it finally goes, I'll show you with a graphic, back in a few.

b8d197 No.1601790

File: 15e3402a54f9d04⋯.png (3 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, large graphic for Q CLOCK ….png)

File: bdaa055830fe533⋯.png (163.9 KB, 1426x566, 713:283, 2 days.png)


What do you think? I cropped it out to only have to look at that part. I called it 15 PAST theory on the graphic, I can edit that at any time if you name it.

44284f No.1601847

File: 0400ea96fa0b018⋯.png (1.29 MB, 2884x3615, 2884:3615, QClockMark6.1.png)





The crumbs that are with [:27] also state, who is #2. Upon searching crumbs for #2, I believe the person is Adam Schiff. It also alludes to [187] perhaps 07/04 is the marker for this event?

44284f No.1602015

File: 2c13b2eba2c4e08⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2508x2624, 627:656, QClockMark7.1.png)

44284f No.1602138

File: 31d83cdba6ccd9e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 2496x4192, 78:131, QClockMark8.1.png)

44284f No.1602521

File: e6865a19dc3cd2d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 2516x2396, 629:599, QClockMark9.1.png)

b8d197 No.1602538


There is something to that, because there is an odd repetition, not just speaking of one item, not just McCabe.

SEARCH crumbs : [#2]

Who is #2?

If it was just one, that could have been said in one sentence.

b8d197 No.1602866


Okay, I see what you're doing here, assigning a number value to words based on number of letters then simple gematria.

44284f No.1602938


I'm trying a few things, but yes that is a big part of it. Using themes in previous ones and adding themes.

Trying to figure out [10] atm.

But at the same time, I'm not sure where this is leading.

b8d197 No.1602986


Very interesting, do you make graphic's?

I see what you're saying, but a graphic would be awesome.

6d9e1f No.1602998


I don’t, unfortunately. Trying to be an obnoxious prick on the main board to get people to notice it. Night shift will be reporting soon, that should do it.

b8d197 No.1603106

File: 0c827aaf10aa4ec⋯.png (307.57 KB, 808x563, 808:563, ROT13 1.PNG)


> I'm not sure where this is leading.

You never know until you try.

Did you ever see the grapic I made with simple gematria & a ROT18 cipher (ROT13 letters ROT5 numbers) stringer and parts of posts made sense, but it came to a point where you're not sure what part to us a cipher on & what part not to use a cipher on.

We both used the [13=m] 'wheel' post in different, ways, I think what you did makes more sense.


Ah, I have to step away, for a bit, but when I come back if no one has given it a try I'll see what I can do, I'm not a graphics pro, but I can get around Gimp.

6d9e1f No.1603189


Thank you!!

44284f No.1603217


I mean, if you have time to try and solve [10], with essential math games, that would be cool.

Basically it's apply some kind of mathematical formulas to already existing numbers or variables. Some variable may be equations. It must be holistic.

40acb5 No.1603337

File: 05e1a01268f09cf⋯.pdf (2.33 MB, US8526621.pdf)

File: 9c6ac744d8f1e66⋯.png (86.5 KB, 988x662, 494:331, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at ….png)

File: 8d4c88d4b73642b⋯.png (40.55 KB, 780x254, 390:127, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at ….png)

File: 4ca3c9b192051cf⋯.png (217.63 KB, 1036x792, 259:198, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at ….png)

If I'm right, only a clockfag can prove it.

My theory:

1.Q is using Time Lapse Cryptography.

2. Anons are the computing power needed

3. Big O notation will tell you when the message will be able to be deciphered.

A beginner's guide to Big O notation:


Timed-Release and Key-Insulated Public Key



bb24c3 No.1603525


Think mirror!


When you wind a clock, you wind it backwards to go forwards.

Some of you guys are hitting on the MIRRORING of the clock (going backwards) within a few threads of each other…y'all need to be on the board at the same time or something and wrap your heads around it


b8d197 No.1603878



I'm procrastinating with what I have to do & your clock is my perfect excuse.

so trying first

start 11:50 with 12/7/17 to 1/6/18?

b8d197 No.1604191



here is text so far someone can put on a path around a clock or in rows.

12/07 12/08 12/09 12/10 12/11 12/12 12/13 12/14 12/15 12/16 12/17 12/18 12/19 12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23 12/24 12/25 12/26 12/27 12/28 12/29 12/30 12/31 01/01 01/02 01/03 01/04 01/05 01/06

11:50 11:51 11:52 11:53 11:54 11:55 11:56 11:57 11:58 11:59 12:00 12:01 12:02 12:03 12:04 12:05 12:06 12:07 12:08 12:09 12:10 12:11 12:12 12:13 12:14 12:15 12:16 12:17 12:18 12:19 12:20

ca4668 No.1604670


Yep, 12/7 goes at :50 winds BACKWARDS or counterclockwise so that 50 days pass until we hit noon, which would be 10/18. Shit just realized that would put 10/28, Qs first post, at 1 o’clock. Pretty sure this is something.

b8d197 No.1604777


Gotcha, BRB

30b805 No.1604805

Wanted to mention maybe add dates to pre 12/07 q drops on clock. Think it will fill in some info that lines up on the sec/day.

30b805 No.1604824

Do you guys think it is possible that the drops line up with other drops on same (day or sec) to become more like statements or paragraphs instead of cryptic shrt lines of info?

b8d197 No.1604977

File: c9f5ccad5e75c57⋯.png (34.18 KB, 352x1392, 22:87, 12.7 10.18.png)


Text and a small row png just to get started.

Either I misunderstood or when you said noon you meant 11:00? If I did it wrong, it may be easier to enter the text in notepad and copy pasta here.

12/07 11:50

12/06 11:49

12/05 11:48

12/04 11:47

12/03 11:46

12/02 11:45

12/01 11:44

11/30 11:43

11/29 11:42

11/28 11:41

11/27 11:40

11/26 11:39

11/25 11:38

11/24 11:37

11/23 11:36

11/22 11:35

11/21 11:34

11/20 11:33

11/19 11:32

11/18 11:31

11/17 11:30

11/16 11:29

11/15 11:28

11/14 11:27

11/13 11:26

11/12 11:25

11/11 11:24

11/10 11:23

11/09 11:22

11/08 11:21

11/07 11:20

11/06 11:19

11/05 11:18

11/04 11:17

11/03 11:16

11/02 11:15

11/01 11:14

10/31 11:13

10/30 11:12

10/29 11:11

10/28 11:10

10/27 11:09

10/26 11:08

10/25 11:07

10/24 11:06

10/23 11:05

10/22 11:04

10/21 11:03

10/20 11:02

10/19 11:01

10/18 11:00

ca4668 No.1605055


No I screwed up, thinking backwards.

Even better, Qs first post on 11:10!

ca4668 No.1605067


Yes, agreed. I think there’s two sets of clock hands, the ones correlating to the capital CLOCK go forward from 12/7 and I presume end at 5:25 or somewhere nearby.

For a visual, I think red dates going backwards, and green ones going forwards. Future proves past.

Also, red and green castles.

b8d197 No.1605121

File: 0e581b455c91c0f⋯.png (10.91 KB, 54x1173, 18:391, a.png)

File: f3652fc8bff4847⋯.png (8.21 KB, 33x1402, 33:1402, b.png)

File: fcd177cf7addd2d⋯.png (8.05 KB, 32x1378, 16:689, c.png)


Well if this helps, here are some I'll call them strips that you can copy pasta line up to help get a better visual, the font is Perpetua 20px

b8d197 No.1605154

File: d60695069cdd262⋯.png (597.81 KB, 621x330, 207:110, HUGO 1.PNG)

File: 71399043196963b⋯.png (504.53 KB, 618x354, 103:59, HUGO 2.PNG)



By accident I put :00 at beginning & :00 end, just note so it doesn't confuse.


It is a cool idea, makes me think the inside of an old clock like Big Ben. Hugo movie inspiration. The little girl in the pic has a necklace with the key that winds the mechanical drawing man.

ca4668 No.1605299


Much appreciated!!

02d47c No.1607326

File: 879eb4aab6960a3⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 925x1856, 925:1856, Q-Clock-51-June1-.png.jpg)

File: 0b720eba8fe61f7⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1614x1614, 1:1, Q-ClockBlank.png)

Are we starting at 12 or 11:55?

44284f No.1607618

File: d09162e5c283fab⋯.png (1.91 MB, 8098x4351, 8098:4351, Q1.png)

File: add4e390a591008⋯.png (2.03 MB, 9384x4264, 1173:533, q2.png)








Okay, so here are all Q crumbs featuring [1] - [11] markers. Using crtl + f @ qanon.pub for confirmation.

The idea, is that these patterns show dates and that news or tweets on those dates relate to the Q crumbs of each [1] - [11] marker. Going to investigate into it a bit. If anything it was an interesting way to look up news on those dates..

b8d197 No.1607763


00 12/7 clock start as before works.

The other Anon, is working on running a second clock for 4 hands on the clock at the same time.

b8d197 No.1607776

File: 8dce497462d7a85⋯.png (230.68 KB, 964x708, 241:177, D DAY DAY OF ALL DAYS.png)

File: bb747065aeffe73⋯.png (822.48 KB, 1892x1876, 473:469, EASY Q CLOCK WORKS ALL WAY….png)

Yesterday's [D]ay [O]f [D]ays & [AS]

44284f No.1607812


So doing a quick search for some news about ms-13, due to the fact [2] marker crumbs have this topic in them.

Interestingly enough a few new stories were published in that regard.

However, it could be that there is just a lot of news on this topic?

Need more coincidence to be convince myself.

I will continue to dig.



44284f No.1607815

File: aa1c1f4158e82e6⋯.png (1.29 MB, 3784x3920, 473:490, 4.19.18newsQClock.png)


>pic related

9c99bc No.1608167

File: 613a7255733f11c⋯.png (459.81 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_134617.png)

File: 6d38537ec3a45d8⋯.png (458.93 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_135617.png)

File: 684bd851922caea⋯.png (451.76 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_140617.png)

There's been discussion about when to start the Q-Clock (I'll leave out the running backwards part for now).

>>1603878 >>1604670 and others.

For a visual impression, there's three variations of the start date. All days prior to the start date (and corr. Q post markers) are painted gray.

6d9e1f No.1608337


You are my hero! Look at all the comfy dates on the one -10 mins. Now just got to go a little further into the past. And add a second set of hands. I bet we start seeing combinations of markers where the 4 hands point that are interesting.

9c99bc No.1608376


I actually have two sets of hands implemented in the scripts already – using only one for now until I am clear how to (algorithmically) connect the two so that it makes sense, is flexible & true all the time.

9c99bc No.1608714


Found time finally to pay attention >>1601339 – trying to follow the idea:

If I get it right, I would paint a calendar as in [left image, >>1608167 ] with a wonderland-style clock that has "11" instead of "1", "10" instead of "2" etc and turns around counter-clockwise ….

Then "5" would be where "7" is now, and with the Q-hiatus at [:25] as it should be. Would that be what you thought of ?

9c99bc No.1608843

File: c3b1175f65ba998⋯.png (457.99 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_135417.png)



Here's a simple backwarded clock – is this what you meant ?

761f47 No.1609250

File: 097818ca4241316⋯.jpg (152.75 KB, 949x600, 949:600, Framed.jpg)

Could the clockfag who made the template extend the dates back to November 1? There has been enough hints about forward and backward and winding the clock that it is worth of a dig.

Great work ClockFags. Hoping return of Q soon proves the 10 day mirror with 5:5 and 11:11 positions.

Love the matched up dates. Great digging.

Needs more Memes (maybe simpler ones for the dumb fags).

6d9e1f No.1609569


Yes exactly but laid out opposite. So keep the clock laid out normal and reverse the dates, this way we can overlay the forward moving ones as well.

But thank you! For strictly crunching the reverse part this will be a huge help!

cbc025 No.1609703

Can you guys make a notables at the top for shit you put together in here and drops that line up?

6d9e1f No.1609784

Been messing around with some stuff today, here’s what I’m crunching. The first Q post on 10/28 seems to have a ton of self references.

I’m using a spreadsheet type thing, on an index card for the moment, with the following headers.

I don’t think the forward moving clock will work until we use dates drops after 12/7 to verify because they are off the clock essentially.

Q post date and time / day # / Delta between posts / Q time + / Q time - / HR hand # + / MIN hand # - / HR hand # - / MIN hand # -

10/28 Post at 4:44 references his own post at 3:33.

Running backwards from 12/7 that would be day 40, assuming 12/7 is day 40. (Possible connection to the 4:44 time stamp)

Forwards moving day from 12:7 would be 290. Adds to 11.

Delta between posts is 1:11.

+ Q time would be 5:15. (Adds to 11)

+ HR hand is 5.

+ MIN hand is 3.

- Q time is 11:10 (111)

- Q HR hand is 11

- Q HR hand is 1 (111 again)


Now I started going over POTUS’ tweets from 10/28. The delta between Q’s other post on 10/28 and his tweet that literally says “Q’s” in it, is 9:53 minutes. That could possibly reference the 5 and the 3 from the forward moving clock.

Also I’m noticing some strange coincidences with the seconds hand on the Q posts too, although that seems like a bit of a stretch, although, NSA and all that. First post is :28 seconds, on 10/28. The whole thing is a giant mirror 10/28/444/28 and maybe the 10 on Q time. But that’s besides the point at this juncture.


The reverse clock I’m almost positive is locked in.

335 total days, adds to 111 too. And I think I’m missing a couple.

6d9e1f No.1609828


Hmm looking at >>1608714 maybe that’s the way to do it.

6d9e1f No.1609834


Day 40 assuming 12/7 is day *0*

9c99bc No.1609836


Thinking about the stuff, just for the seconds quickly:

Should really be hard to time them accurately. After all, it's the internet and a webpage (8ch + cloudflare or such) where some server processes all user requests – so there will be delay (in the seconds range) that are out of Q team's control. One reason for me to discard seconds in the post's timestamps for now ….

Not saying though that seconds hand doesn't have a (possibly other) meaning.


Yes, had been a bit sloppy – not much "baking" involved in this first clock thread … Guess we'll have this in the next qclock bread ….

9c99bc No.1609844

File: dd4ccade62b9b89⋯.mp4 (505.21 KB, 416x416, 1:1, clockBack.mp4)


Just shit posting backwards clock … lol

6d9e1f No.1609849


Agreed. For now. Although Q said everything has meaning. EVERYTHING.

That sticks in my head.

6d9e1f No.1609860

I think the riddle to solve is when the Q clock starts.

Maybe the ten days darkness is between 12/7 and 12/17. Ten days not on the clock at all. I’m not one to think that the break from posts is the ten days. Or maybe it is and we delete those days from clock altogether and slide everything over.

6d9e1f No.1609863


The forward clock that is. The one referenced in CAPITALS.

6d9e1f No.1609867

9c99bc No.1609978


There are quite a number of indication that forward clock/calendar & 12/07 are a match somehow: There are no Q posts where letter Q has its tail ([:25]), the pens, the 13 marker and all other things anons have found or were pointed out.

11/27 for a backward/mirrored clock may be interesting because it mirrors 12/07 clock with the Q post hiatus, which is at [:25] again. Also 10/28 is on the mirrored [:25] ray, and 350 days from the start (11/27) would actually be 11/11.

There's clear indications from the previous clock work in the early bread #20s etc, that there must be two sets of hands (and/or two clocks). If designed elegantly/correctly, one could probably use two sets of hands in a single calendar-clock.

6d9e1f No.1610922


How about this crazy idea. The dates on the two clocks don’t line up 1:1. They use a separate timeline.

It seems relevant that the 335 day delta between the lowercase “wind the clock” (1/6) and the “clock started - 10 days” (12/7) posts lands a backwards running clock square on 5:25, if you start - 10 days from 12, or 11:50. The odd thing is that it didn’t start on 11:55, which would seem like the proper time to.

There does seem to be some forwards moving synchronicity as well, with the clock starting at 12 moving forward from 12/7.

So, maybe it’s both. And the ten days of darkness is the space between the two 12/7 start dates. 11:50-12:00.

This would set up mirrored clock situation with 11:55 and 5:25, or 11:11 and 5:5 used as the axis.

Just there is darkness right in the middle of the clock, between the inwards spiraling reversed clock and the outwards spiraling forwards one.

Been having a tough time reconciling dates on drops with Q’s timestamp clues where he basically yells at us to LEARN!

Going to use my little index card matrix I made and test this, let’s see.

9c99bc No.1610925

File: 6ec5ac01e4929f0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock1207.png)

761f47 No.1611452

Bless you ClockAnon.


40acb5 No.1612105


Can somebody please tell me why I am wrong. i don't understand why I am ignored every time I post about time laps cryptography. It is the key to the understanding how Q is doing what he is doing yet no one believes it. i'm just confused.

f7fc4c No.1612151



Compelling and plausible theory, anon. Needs the right minds to understand it.

40acb5 No.1612787


Thank you for the response. I just want to be a useful Patriot and this is all i have. I appreciate the perspective that it takes the right mind. Wish I had it.

ca4668 No.1613825


I read your post last night, super interesting just haven’t read the sauce yet. I think you may be right I will definitely read it, just stuck in my own particular rabbit hole.

b8d197 No.1614232

File: 8660e60809ef7db⋯.png (315.21 KB, 1075x576, 1075:576, happening.PNG)


attaching large graphic next post

2nd Theory, What if Happening NOW &

starting end of CLOCK 6/4 begins to run backwards?????

The multiple hands and backwards clock is so interesting of an idea, notice installments on the Q post in "", multiple meaning???


3rd theory, IS it Two sets of darkness? There were multiple darkness keywords in the Dec Q post for darkness & 2 [10]'s. This is the 1st and there is one more? The one talked about that "already happened" is only 9 days not 10 or am I missing something?

An Anon in the main bread said something really interesting with mirror, maybe they will drop it here.

b8d197 No.1614269


Sorry, I haven't had a chance myself to focus on it, but it's on my list of things to do.

1b1b4b No.1614338

Not sure the significance of this but it's possible the clock will begin to run backwards on June 10.

Q posted:

Eph 6:10-18


Cor 13:4-13

I see the date June 10, 2018 and a numerical mirror (13:4-13) as well as the verse itself references a mirror. Q left out several lines which state the "mirror" part (most likely to not make it too obvious) but quoted the whole section 4-13. As a reminder he quoted from the 1984 version NIV Bible (IIRC).

b8d197 No.1614414

File: 6c9576c4e57379e⋯.png (69.89 KB, 722x360, 361:180, 11 11.PNG)

File: 1d829959b8cd7c9⋯.png (3.32 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, LARGE GRAPHIC FOR Q CLOCK ….png)

Added more again


That is interesting that you say that, The second clock could begin to run backwards then, I have a theory that 11.3 11.4 are 6/3 & 6/4 & 11.11 could be 6/11.

1b1b4b No.1614436


Interdasting to say the least. So many layers to this onion.

b8d197 No.1614440


Q did say LAYERS!

See graphic on this post when I was looking into ciphers >>1603106

1b1b4b No.1614459


Another way to look at 6:10-18 is to -18 from the date 6:10 which gives us 5:23.

The 11:11 posts u decoded show a change of 18 (:29). :29 -18 = 11

Q uses - for a date and : for a time.

(See when he says resolved by 11-11 that's the date nov 11.) this pattern is throughout the drops. When he does 11:11 that's a time reference.

b8d197 No.1614470



What do you think about the 11.3 11.4?

e2f21f No.1614499

File: 8576e78f29dcb4e⋯.png (66.05 KB, 1614x1614, 1:1, ClockMarkersTemplete.png)

File: 04864c9b638ce16⋯.png (712.9 KB, 1614x1614, 1:1, Clockmarkers.png)

File: 8bef4e11309e742⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1614x1614, 1:1, example.png)

Clock anon here is a nice templete to put over your clock. Its transparent. Put your clock under and wind the shit out of it.

I'm 7% sure the markers are somewhat correct!

e2f21f No.1614507


What i mean is i still dont know how this works. maybe someone has more ideas.

1b1b4b No.1614516


Running about 40 thoughts in my head. I see it working just trying to figure why in a unified kind of way. What days of the week are they?

Side question: do you notice the number patterns with the /Patriotsfight/ time stamps? The times have all sorts of multiples or subtractions of the three numerals (hour/ min/ sec).


11:52:25 No.98

11: is typically a mirror marker and low and behold 52:25 is a mirror.

17:34:26 No.97

17 x 2 = 34 (hr x 2 = min)

And in that drop is Cor 13:4-13

13 x 2 = 26 (mirrored # x 2= sec)

17:05:34 No.96

17 x 2 =34

(Hr x 2 = sec)

Not subtraction adds into it:

12:46:10 No.93

46-10= 36

12x3= 36

(Min - sec = hr x 3)

1b1b4b No.1614528


Maybe the multiple is the row we're supposed to look at (either the ring of the clock diagram or the column on the date/time graph).

By multiple I mean when it divides/multiplies by 2 or 3 or whatever.

b8d197 No.1614547


The 2 there is 3 too, but do you notice the constant 2 reference, 2 days, (2) this way, always (2). 2 days is even Continental Congress. And there was something else, but it I have to think for a second…

b8d197 No.1614553


Do you remember, READ between the LINES?

When Q said that, I was looking for a pattern to read only certain lines, that was another rabbit hole, but I still wonder.

b8d197 No.1614568


And sentence structure matters, that too with read between the lines, Remember everything was just a large paragraph, then Q said something about reorganizing, and the format changed, certain things on it's own lines, because of multiple meanings, if you only take that line, it could mean so much more,.

ALL posts are connected, It was through the timestamp only I tried to line up posts doing this. But the answer must be the timestamp not just timestamp in how to READ the map

1b1b4b No.1614576


The "lines" could have been the : or the - or the / in the dates/timestamps. Was it early on when he was really just starting to teach us the code?

And yes, 2 keeps popping up.

I'm phonefagging so as u can imagine I'm going blind playing with all these numbers and hunting posts. Brain is full on kektarded. How dare you pull me into this shit. Lel

1b1b4b No.1614594


We'll the "key" is how to READ the "map" so maybe it's as simple as the timestamp/date decode = key.


: = time


- = date

When separating numbers. Only prob is / and . have also been used. Maybe that matters in regards to the forward clock and backwards clock.


: and - are for forwards clock


/ and . are for backwards clock

b8d197 No.1614602


Kektarded!!!!! Stealing that one

There is one more though, when you did 6:10-18 this one popped into my head besides the constant as 29 11 18, 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

:Protect 6/14-46

:Protect 6/14-46

there is a / but notice the : before Protect, it's in the :OWLS: too all with this Jeremiah 29:11 either out right 29:11 or in scripture

mus tbe a code like a padlock that keeps popping into my head that and like a bank vault with the tumbler type image

29 11 also 22, 18 …

b8d197 No.1614609

1b1b4b No.1614622


The other difference between the two sets could be the 1 vs. 2 thing.


: = 1

. = 2

So 6:10-18 means 6:10 -18 = 5:23

(June 10) (May 23)

Whereas 11.3 means 6:11 like you were thinking.

(Either Nov 3 Or May 11) (June 11)

1b1b4b No.1614638


In other words : is a straight forward date whereas . indicates a multiple to figure out the date.

Seeing how . is used interchangeably in algebra as a multiplication sign it may be that simple.

(Granted I know it should be an asterix * but that would be 2 simple) ;^)

b8d197 No.1614653


Also 1 by 1 and another reference to mean the same thing.

1b1b4b No.1614664


If 6/14-46 is

June 14. -46

That would equal

= 4/29 (April 29)

unless we're supposed to multiply by 2 to 8/29 (aug 29)

Alternatively if we assume the / version is opposite of the - version then instead of going backwards (-46) we could go forwards (46) to 7/30 (July 30)

We need an office room with a couple large whiteboards and covfefe/donuts. This is ridiculous.

b8d197 No.1614668


the double meaning 11 and 22 too

besides thinking 2 darkness/dark




b8d197 No.1614671


April 29


1b1b4b No.1614673


Pence recited Jeremiah 29:11 recently on the White House lawn if I'm not mistaken. That date might help decode the key there. In fact it may have been in April.

1b1b4b No.1614677


That honestly may have been when Pence read Jeremiah 29:11

b8d197 No.1614679


Yes donuts!

This too,

(Learn (22)(2+2_))

22 & 2 again

22/2 11

1b1b4b No.1614681


That was supposed to say "Now subtraction adds into it".

b8d197 No.1614685


Yes I remember, it was on whitehouse.gov in the transcript

b8d197 No.1614696


You're right, I think it was just a way to confirm the post to the Pence post confirmation.

But the line, the row, got to be something there maybe it's where two clocks line up after news unlocks we read it in such a way it means much more than face value.

1b1b4b No.1614803


These decodes are murdering me. Was looking at Q posts #397, #417, #780. I feel these are connected re: teaching us the symbols.



News unlocks map.

Future proves past.

Stringers important.





(Find Post)


POTUS Tax Bill Speech (learn (22)(2+2_))

AT&T Diverted Capital House




To me this teaches us a few things.

1) : indicates speech or future.

("Hint:" is speech and "News:" shows future event)

2) / means date going backwards.

(Post is from Dec 21 and it tells us to go back to Dec 19 by 12/19)

3) - means reverse order or go backwards.

(Post #397 has Divert-ATT_CAP_H and we learn it means AT&T Diverted Capital House. AT&T and Diverted are reversed around but we also have to go forward to learn what it means i.e. Future)

Not sure what (learn (22)(2+2_)) ends up as though.)

Now post #780 seems like it's trying to teach us how punction marks are used.

( [XXXX] )

[x,y,z,], [x]

( the "irregularities")

(the 'sampling')

Future Proves Past:

March [ ], 2018




1) Again we see : = future or news.

2) " " = irregularities

3) ' ' sampling

(2 & 3 are diff way of highlighting a word/topic. Could be 1 is forward and other is backwards)

4) the series of ( ) and [ ] indicate different algebra type mathematics or individual highlights of digits.

1b1b4b No.1614814




3) - means reverse order or go forward re: dates.

1b1b4b No.1614940


With this being said I'll try to figure out 2 dates we are currently deciphering:

(Patriotsfight # 97) May 20 2018


6:10-18 June 10 -18 days = May 23 or 5:23.


(Q post #791) Feb 18 2018



For the :6/14-46 experiment I'm tying it with it's bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. It's just written out on this post which might be the reason the : is in the beginning ie speech. It ties with 2 other things. Post #522 on Jan 13 2018 and VP Pence speech/twitter post on May 03 2018.

Jan 13 2018- 29:11 written

Feb 18 2018- verse written out

May 03 2018- verse spoken/tweeted

Jan 13 to Feb 18 = 36 days

Feb 18 to May 03 = 74 days

Jan 13- 29:11 written

(29-11 x2 = 36 days)

Leads to Feb 18

Feb 18- verse written &



(46 + 14x2= 74 days)

Leads to May 03

This seems most likely if : = speech and we have the verse written out followed by an actual speech involving the verse and it written again.

Unless the - in a date always means go back then

:6/14-46 June 14 -46 days = Apr 29 or 4/29

But I think this is least probable.

Seems like this ties into (learn (22)(2+2_)) re: making a simple algebraic equation to solve the date to future prediction. Still trying to hammer out the "why" though.

ca4668 No.1615253


Along this line of reasoning, I was trying to decipher the timestamps and noticed that they seem to correlate with each other, in order, according to the delta of the upcoming post. Also I’ve noticed the : in the time stamp being shifted to the left quite a few times. So a time stamp of 12:34 becomes one of 1:23, and the last digit is left off, or possibly shifted somewhere else.

9c99bc No.1615438

File: c753c277aa1efdd⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_111days.mp4)


Winding days with the main marking lines.

Current day + 111 days back marked with a circle.

bb24c3 No.1616856

File: 783fcab7f41a7a5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1077x1077, 1:1, clockwinders.PNG)

For the clockwinders.

From the graphics division


3b297e No.1616957


This anon's pondering might relate to [x,y,z] [x]


Back in November Q asked,

>How did Soros replace family ‘y’?

>Who is family ‘y’?

Is there a consensus on who family 'y' is?

I've been pondering why the Rockefellers are conspicuously absent in Q's posts and I came across that.


Yes, it was early on that Rockefeller was family Y and soros replaced.

Maybe Soros is the Y in those brackets. If so I read that as:

>[x,y,z] [x]

[saud, Soros, Roths] [saud]

With saud being "targeted" followed by

>March [ ] 2018

Indicating that the "Saud" op would occur at that date.

This same post says "Future Proves Past" furthering the hypothesis that it was teaching us how to read the symbols.

3b297e No.1616967


Granted it could be either Saud or Roths I'm just inserting one for the example. Anyone recall a major op in March on either Saud or Roths?

9c99bc No.1617352

File: bfdbc384dcd27a5⋯.png (461 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_114713_ZT.png)

File: c6ba2bcc3c579a7⋯.png (462.8 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_114713_ET.png)


In all clocks days with Q posts are marked blue derived from timestamps in Eastern Time.

Considering that the military frequently uses Zulu Time, and also for example >>1598102 has Q posts screenshot in GMT, it maybe be worth checking if the pattern changes around the clock, when days with Q posts are marked in GMT (i.e. UTC, ZT).

Nr. of days with no Q posts in each cycle:

Zulu Time (1st pic, left): 1st cycle: 26, 2nd cycle: 23, 3rd cycle (so far): 17

Eastern (2nd pic, right): 1st: 23, 2nd: 24, 3rd (so far): 17

Also worth noting: The first day in this 3rd cycle that Q went dead (minute hand) appears to be symmetric (around 12/[:00]) to [:13] (second hand). If Q would post again on 12/[:00], he would have had been "dead" for 13 days, or a dozen days when he'd re-appear on the 13th day…. just another funny observation ….

cdb4b9 No.1617700


:6/14-46 = June 14, 1946 = Trump's birthday

f5740f No.1619131



e2f21f No.1619297

File: 75cb8e5b6e97797⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1614x1614, 1:1, abc.png)

Is there a way to put a "letter system" into the clock?

e2f21f No.1619318


I'm trying but cant make it fit.

9c99bc No.1623478

File: eaff0f3a1972e82⋯.png (485.56 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_alphbt.png)

0e41f0 No.1626277

Flower of life and clock numerology - the importance of 17

Digging on clocks and sacred geometry gave me this and one more interesting one, among others. The independent circles could help separate and connect the different topics Q has talked about.

0e41f0 No.1626305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shit here’s embed.

0e41f0 No.1626320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And here’s the second one. This one breaks down the logic of this kind of clock.

6350b1 No.1626747

One last idea to throw into the mix, I’m working right now where there is a digital clock that I can see through a mirror, and checked Q drops with the word clock in it, almost all the posts minute stamps are completely made up of numbers that you can mirror this way.

9c99bc No.1630037

File: 2a9fc04541840d6⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_blank.png)


An updated blank clock (Eastern Time).

32c205 No.1630758


I’m a liberal leftie

I’m tolerant of all

Who agree with my opinion

In line with the cabal.

But what I hate above all else

Is Christians who believe

That Jesus is their righteousness

And governments are sleaze.

‘cos they are incorruptible,

They have their armour on

The belt of truth, the shield of faith

And often they’re anon.

That is why I want to wipe

All Christians from the world

They know the truth that set them free -

That Jesus Christ is Lord.

daf0cc No.1631180

File: 7b6ec984b1815ac⋯.jpg (332.57 KB, 1528x1303, 1528:1303, 8.jpg)

newfag here with an observation regarding the Q clock

9c99bc No.1631614


So essentially you mean to rotate the clock by 30 deg/1 hr counterclockwise (i.e. shift it +1 hr) per cycle in the calendar, such that 12 o'clock position is not static as days go by ? Interesting.

Since a minute on the clock is a day in the calendar, one would have to rotate the clock by 6 degs every new day then ?

e2f21f No.1632154


I dont know my friend. I cant make much out of it.

You know why i think there COULD be a "letter" system also in the clock? Check this…

Clock activated.





[y] is at 5:5, at Q, marker 25.

Y IS the 25th character in the alphabet. So if we would start an alphabet from marker [1], the Y would fit in pretty good.

But then…

How long is the alphabet? Just to 26 or does it continue to run again from A, and does it stop at [59] or does it continue in a spiral around the clock… 5000 questions!!

e2f21f No.1632196


Thx man.

I think we should highlight that Qs first drop is exactly at 5:5, if you follow the line you can see 28/10. I bet its not a coincidence :)

e2f21f No.1632822


Fuck my ass !!!

Anon motherfucking thank you. This is such a good find. OMG.

e2f21f No.1632871


I didnt say thank you for this.


e2f21f No.1632979


This is so… beautiful.

/fights back a single tear for 5 mins

Now back to digging you pussies. This is war.

23db34 No.1633513

File: 1a3e6aad9c1fcd3⋯.jpeg (517.76 KB, 1489x588, 1489:588, 1111.jpeg)



b8d197 No.1635631

File: d19242f1895ae69⋯.png (124.8 KB, 1013x581, 1013:581, FREEDOM FOIA.PNG)

File: 5618f50369a1870⋯.png (58.37 KB, 349x579, 349:579, 911 TWIN TOWERS.PNG)

b6b3d0 No.1636252

Someone mentioned earlier 5:5 could be 11/22 and then it hit me that 11/22/18 is the 55th anniversary of JFK assassination. Sorry if this was noted before.

b8d197 No.1636533



b8d197 No.1636696

File: 44d3ab308a45fcf⋯.png (68.96 KB, 553x320, 553:320, 1234 28.PNG)


Q is telling us to learn, like Q does, learn history…

so it must be something.


12:34 as in this post?

438824 No.1636858


Well damn. Is what I said making sense? Also check this breakthrough out:




Holy shit.



Qclock ignores daylight savings time because it is a year-long clock.

Read linked posts for explanation.


438824 No.1636866


Sounds legit.

daf0cc No.1636875


Not as complicated as that. Just think of it like a regular clock that you start at 12pm back on December 7th. Every day that passes is a minute. 60 days is an hour. etc.

For example: Tomorrow (June 5th) will be exactly 3pm.

My point was that this virtually confirms the Q clock as Q posted at not just the exact MINUTE [1 in 60 chance] but he exact HOUR that the 06/03 date corresponds to on the clock. Considering that we are in the third hour of the Q ‘day’ - there is a probability of about 1 in 180 that its coincidence. (or is 1 in 720 (12 x 60)?)

438824 No.1636877


I know that but Q always has more than one meaning hence the / and :

Gotta figure out the code that's all.

d93a7e No.1637303


Great find anon,

we just found the same thing out in the qresearch thread.

All this thanks to Q's confirmation timestamp.

Your graphic is very clean and good, you should think about posting it over too. Check the notables when you do though.

d93a7e No.1637318


Forgot to mention: the clock runs STRICTLY on EST. Not EDT. So you have to ignore daylight savings time when reading the clock.

Qanon.pub correctly uses EST timestamps. This board uses EDT - ignore it.

d93a7e No.1637321


Didn't mean to spoiler.

The clock runs STRICTLY on EST.

d6bbba No.1637677

Today Net Shutdown and Hussein Pics?

(#1043 / Apr. 6th)

679e06 No.1637845

Sometimes I see a clockanon post caps of Q drops

displaying both PST, EST, and GMT all at once.

How do I get this?


e2f21f No.1637884


* QMap zip: enigma-q.com/qmap.zip

d5b59f No.1638179



As for now and to me, you're all that dumb party of shills and faggots who took over baking/board yesterday, and who didn't give a shit about the clock a week ago. Now you're screaming ''HUGE BREAKTHROUGH" for no veriiable reason in all bold & red and a concerted manner – not a way to convince a serious clock faggot fuckers.


Not the updated link yet, with the very last q post, but that's what you're looking for:

(221 MB, zipped html for offline view): mega.nz/#!DSJFwS6Q!cZmynTDPwoqP0l9wBFIJrabaU5r9ck3OyB-cGtw5RMU

40acb5 No.1643210


Just so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

9743b2 No.1645467

File: c3b46c724de5ffd⋯.png (5.82 KB, 439x150, 439:150, go-zulu.png)

ok, ive been critical of this clock idea

for the main reason of its lack of consistency

1. the clockfag keeps saying Q confirmed his clock.. which is total horseshit and he knows it

2. the winding of it… ever consider military time? 24 hour clock?

3. pic related - zulu time. consider zulu time for your theory also

4. pic related - 00:00 GO - consider 'clock started' might be disinfo

40acb5 No.1645943

File: 87ec1878e6f5bd0⋯.png (99.89 KB, 764x474, 382:237, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: d12045a5307ec55⋯.png (92.89 KB, 800x446, 400:223, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: 35d45a1e07ed780⋯.png (462.42 KB, 1060x1082, 530:541, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)


The actions described here describe anons. We are the computer.

Why did Q pick the chans?

1. The plan needs an "Internal bulletin board"

2. The plan demands massive amounts of computation

3. The plan is decoded with a clock

4. The clues have been reported on in the past and we bring them to light in the future. "We have everything"

(Understanding Time Lapse Cryptography allows us to know when the next part of the plan will occur)

About the clock.

1. There is one universal time and Q set that time. Once set the time doesn't change but we do wind the clock.

2. US NIST i think has something to do with the clock just cause it is written there.

907ae9 No.1646750


Can you provide template without the blue spots showing?

907ae9 No.1646758


Also can you post a template without the outer perimeters of dates…just the clock with minute timestamps around outside perimeter?

6d9e1f No.1651343


Was here I think but it’s archived now. >>1405672

6d9e1f No.1651553

>>1597885 some blanks

>>1630037 some blanks

>>1646758 look at the posts above, need the hands.

6d9e1f No.1651678

Blank clock hands anyone?

907ae9 No.1652090


Clock anon-can you please remove all the dates from around the outside and provide just the clock face with the :01…..timestamps around the outer perimeter? What graphic program do you use? I'd buy the program if I knew as i think I have some possible ideas.

bb24c3 No.1653169

File: f7fc00b08e61450⋯.png (745.37 KB, 1614x1614, 1:1, q-clock-cleaned.PNG)

bb24c3 No.1653214


well I want to help but Im no crypto

someone needs hands? any hands? or specifically spaced?


I could do that to free up time so that you guys could get to solving. but I dont exactly know what you mean. Just the inner clock with seconds around the face? no outer rings? or yes outer rings, but no dates in the rings?

1fbe30 No.1658063


That was brought over copypastaed from the main thread anon. It was something many hit on there so I brought it here to see if it would help.

a425cb No.1659795

Dem's Control Black Population



29 Oct 2017 - 9:30:26 PM


D’s can’t lose control over the black population.

At some point the great awakening will occur whereby these false local / national black leaders are corrupt and paid off to help keep the black pop poor and in need.

D’s formed the confederate states against freeing slaves.

D’s formed the KKK.

HRC’s mentor is who?

What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? Do D’s lose majority of the vote?

Through the looking glass.

They rely on the MSM to keep the narrative going but tech is entrenching on their controls. They missed this in 2016 and desperately attempting to censor now due to CIA cash infusions. This will fail

Did this line up on the map with anything during the time Kanye went crazy on Twitter and started his whole "Black people don't have to be Dems"?

873d67 No.1663289

File: b59e890a634598c⋯.png (456.04 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_EST.png)



There's been discussion/suggestions about using EST, strictly. Since this causes small changes in the distribution of the blue dots (i.e. days with Q posts), here's the image.

bb24c3 No.1664583

File: 13ffb2b2bbb66d6⋯.png (230.59 KB, 1780x861, 1780:861, 111-water.PNG)

you guys have got this! with the Trump/Pence water bottle hopscotch

8611ff No.1667970


To set the time, gently turn the minute hand clockwise to the correct time, stopping at each hour and half-hour point to allow the bells to strike their full count. Never move the hour hand manually — all adjustments should be done by carefully moving the minute hand. Take caution not to force the hands when setting the time: If at any point the hands appear to lock, move the minute-hand backwards through one striking position, then continue as described.

Keep in mind that ten minutes prior to each chime striking point (20 minutes past and 10 minutes ’til the hour) the gears and levers of the striking mechanism begin to fall into the correct positions. Therefore, clock adjustments should never be made in the ten minutes prior to a strike. It’s also imperative that the minute hand be slowly rotated clockwise approaching each striking point, and the clock must be allowed to strike its full count before moving forward with adjustments. For safety’s sake it’s best to do all adjustments when the clock reads 5-to-15 minutes past the hour or 25-to-15 minutes before the hour.

Winding Your Clock

You’ll want to wind your clock carefully each week at approximately the same time. The left keyhole is for winding the strike mechanism and the right one is for the clock’s mainspring. Start on the left and wind both completely. If the clock has run down all the way, it’s extremely important to wind it before touching or moving the hands. If, after you wind it, the minute hand is locked, this means that the mechanism has jammed. To fix the jam, re-wind both sides fully before moving the minute-hand backwards one hour or more. Then reset the time as described above.

9743b2 No.1669299

File: a3835c95283e6fa⋯.png (235.27 KB, 1078x960, 539:480, clock-meet-mirror.png)

File: f39a824f3b73f97⋯.png (3.54 KB, 432x101, 432:101, 13minmark.png)

File: ad0e47021022c03⋯.png (4.24 KB, 438x115, 438:115, time-limited.png)

File: dcebec65821e5b3⋯.png (3.56 KB, 443x109, 443:109, QandA.png)

File: 465e1081cfde481⋯.png (3.97 KB, 441x99, 49:11, goodmovie.png)

ok the mirror in top right is mine.. been trying to predict the end game.. have been since Jan 11th

when i found the chessboard idea and had it confirmed on the 12th by Assange

now.. looking at your clock.. the picture started coming to me

look first at 6/18 on the clock.. it on the 13 minute mark

observe Q's post (middle image)

it is on 4/19 - read it. 13 minute mark

this gives superior credit to your clock. April 13 called out as 13 minute mark

Q, also that same day posted (middle image) time limited - time = clock

same day, Q posted his Q&A. note the time stamp - 4th image :13 minute mark

final image - what makes a good movie? posted at :13 second mark

finally, the day before on the clock is February 18

see left image. on Feb 18, Q states in all caps


>i am beginning to love your fucking clock

9743b2 No.1669778

File: 4b46ce80a055701⋯.png (85.24 KB, 998x781, 998:781, clockwork-13-min-mark.png)


for a little more clarity on the clock

daf0cc No.1671346

File: add20f6b544484c⋯.png (242.74 KB, 2000x1769, 2000:1769, clock-jan07-2018.png)

I really think some people are over-thinking the clock. things should correlate easily - not having to look for deep patterns.

pic related

873d67 No.1671738

File: b32fe5e36d110fa⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2508x1614, 418:269, q_weeks.jpg)



Got the idea with the hour being confirmation through the day the post occurred only later, since I was stuck at the "wind the clock" thing.

There's indication that two sets of hands need to be drawn – I figured the two would be connected via clock times of two tweets/posts (rather than calendar days).

With both, mins & hours going woth the day, anons can use >>1615438 , and read the calendar "time" for every day.

… And that's exactly where one who doesn't know the code system applied/implemented might start thinking overcomplicated, as the Q-Clock appears to code in multiple ways: This movie above also shows the "111 days back" date (circled black) – and there's reason to believe this has a meaning ("watch the water")

Then you have the actual minute (of the current day, i.e. the ray) with the days in the past, that have had Q posts – these also match sometimes. And there's also 119 days being 17 weeks exactly, possibly related e.g. to the "[Next week]" thing (pic, i.e. along the lines of ''Could one "q-week" be one cycle 'round the clock, if one day is a q-minute?)

So, yes, plenty of (possible) switches to play around with … and even more [winding, letter systems (greek/latin?), gematria, caesarian shift etc] … lol.

8d7f50 No.1674329


"Super- henge" on History channel tonight. Discovered recently (2015?) Can't find any good pics yet from aerial view but when watching the show it suddenly dawned on me it reminded me of this clock–somehow similar. I don't honestly really understand all about this clock, but intuitively feel it expresses universal system "information" available if you know how to access/interpret. The aerial pics they presented on this show would best show why I am even writing this. Not trying to over-think. Just an observation…

9743b2 No.1675842

File: 7678b2386188226⋯.png (957.44 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, 13-minute-mark.png)

this is a firm confirmation of the 13 minute mark

lines up absolutely perfectly with date on your clock

been skeptical, starting to give this merit

can we get a best of… kind of multipost?

873d67 No.1676065


>can we get a best of… kind of multipost?

If there's no other, I'll try and put one together this weekend. It should have all/much that's confirmed by now and serve as a start & simple overview.

e7d4ea No.1676224

File: 82d9bb35440b50d⋯.png (77.36 KB, 858x594, 13:9, startingpoint.png)


Can you halp me?

Your clock is amazing

Please make moar graphics

Help is on the way

Every tick and tock

Remember this thread


873d67 No.1676328


This Caesarian Shift (or rot13/rotN) from earlier today I'll mention, and have also all general threads saved. Have to think how to put it all together – then maybe this could be a start for others to improve, add & correct.

e7d4ea No.1676520

File: b64abcfd38a12f9⋯.png (36.72 KB, 765x913, 765:913, step 1.png)


RL vs clockfags

Will show more workings later.


b8d197 No.1676550

File: 19671d371e73ba3⋯.png (502.63 KB, 1552x1440, 97:90, mirror.png)

Clock mirror

b8d197 No.1676644

File: 19c575030789e9a⋯.png (507.62 KB, 1552x1440, 97:90, mirror key.png)


Mirror Key?

updated graphic, forgot to point out Key in tweet

daf0cc No.1677194

File: cd0669c06ffa383⋯.png (264.58 KB, 2000x1769, 2000:1769, clock-april07-2018.png)


hmm. I see what you did there and I like it!

I didn't mean to be critical of other anons ideas - it's just that I have been searching for confirmation that the clock works on a basic level before delving deeper.

…and I just keep finding more and more evidence [see pic attached] that we are on the right track and the clock set-up isn't just a fluke. Maybe this is the map… and since Q said "when does the map become a guide?", it may give us some better direction of what to dig for etc.

873d67 No.1678356

File: 46028681b5bfa8f⋯.png (1.23 MB, 855x1200, 57:80, wlClock.png)


Alright, here's the start of a series of posts, where I'll try to put things together in some structured manner to make sense of the Q-Clock, what we know about it so far, what can be done & how it works. Maybe it can serve as a start for other anons to add, improve or correct things.

I won't pay too much attention to what's being posted until I'm through (also qr probably), so fire away, and/or come back later …. There'll sure be things to fix & improve, and later we can put it all together in one or two pics or even a movie to help understanding.

(0 – Preface)

What's a Q-Clock, Precious?

(1.) This is not about discussing if some concept of a "Q-Clock" is justified or bears any importance.

(2.) Instead, this shall serve as a (non-exhaustive) collection of (strong) indications, that an assumption of such Q-Clock may indeed be justified.

(3.) Also, the concept of the Q-Clock, as assumed here, is not about predicting anything, but rather about putting the crumbs together in the right order & manner, and about understanding possible (cryptic) clues/riddles, which may be better understood with the help of such clock.

'''(4.) It has little/nothing to do with communicating moves ahead of time – at best it's some "coding template" which, using the right settings (think Enigma machine), may imply or reveal some meaning/information.

(5.) Re-read Q's posts, if you're unaware of the existence of quotes like "Wind the clock w/ all markers.", "DELTA [6] CONF.", "Clock started - 10 days." or "The CLOCK and the GRAPHIC are ESSENTIAL.".

The question boils down to something like: "Could it be, that Q composed & dropped their crumbs in a manner such that (some?) posts, translated into some clock configuration, form some kind of map or other structure, which facilitates, guides or adds to the interpretation of the information given therein?"

e7d4ea No.1678566

File: f7b368ce8f68f24⋯.jpg (66.42 KB, 502x442, 251:221, kek.jpg)


Spread the word ClockFags

There is so much to learn.

The map is going to be beautiful.

cb8129 No.1679198

d7864b No.1679963


Do you understand this? I don't understand any of these pictures. I kinda do? But not really?

My understanding thus far is I guess the easier to find keys have been found and linked, but there are occasionally small day or two deltas that make the pattern seem incorrect. I've been of the opinion that we're missing something, is this that something?

9743b2 No.1680041

File: 5a68e57d845a693⋯.png (846.18 KB, 1366x1248, 683:624, 12-deals.png)

File: e49243fea3278c6⋯.png (721.86 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, dec-25.png)

File: eb4109eb38e9e6a⋯.png (725.38 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, jan4.png)

File: c8ab1dd9375b228⋯.png (730.09 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, second-mark.png)

d7864b No.1680062


holllllllyyyyyyy shitttttttt

Every week we need to wind the clock via some set of instructions, the wind is going ot be different. The hands are going to play out over the q posts (different way each week) or something?

d7864b No.1680092


I get this stuff, these are just markers confirming the correct construction of the map, I'm talking about



I feel like they get something or are onto something, but I don't understand it.

873d67 No.1680786

File: 6c5927f9d38e212⋯.png (1.16 MB, 2275x1507, 2275:1507, qclock_graph01.png)


As mentioned, here's an introduction to the Q-Clock and its basic features/structure. I suck with graphix, and like numbers better, but as stated previously anons can feel free to add & improve.

Done using inkscape, in case someone wants to have the inkscape-svg.

(1 – General Idea & Structure of the Q-Clock)

Why on God's Green Earth is there a Q-Clock?

(1.) Since Q's first mention of a clock on Dec, 18th there had been idea's amongst the anon that some kind of clock may be involved in the plan laid out in the crumbs. For a very short history, check the beginning of this thread and >>1597885

(2.) The idea gathered momentum during the first ~50 breads, but all solutions tried to account for time only. That is, the calendar date of a timestamp was dismissed in favor of the time of the day.

(3.) The topic of a clock entered the "hive-mind" again, thanks to a persistent & ingenious anon >>1405672 , who came up with the idea to connect calendar days with clock time by assuming that the zero-position, i.e. [:00] on the clock coincides with the date of Dec, 12th 2017.

(4.) After posting some quite convincing examples (these will be shown here later), which were good indications that randomness is the more unlikely possibility, said Anon's work was convincing enough for another Anon to try and visualize the idea >>1562683

(5.) Attached pic shows two of these convincing examples, and gives a few basic explanations as to the general appearance & structure of a blank Q-Clock.

873d67 No.1680992


Beauty is surely one of the 6 or seven things the map should have. Hate to disappoint expectations, but I'm sure other anons can design this much more beautiful & instructive – maybe someone will improve it.

However, currently I'm still stuck with the idea of arranging Q-posts around the clock for the "graphic" – would be too much of a large image probably, when all is included …..

d7864b No.1681240


I'm gonna try to make a python script to wind the clock and then have a clock play out w/ HH:MM:SS and see what the hands do so we can have a live visual of this? Any suggestions of what else to include (this 'sum' thing? pulling in tweets + qposts + news?)

98534f No.1681533

File: acff9b75af9fec4⋯.png (483.1 KB, 710x514, 355:257, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at ….png)


873d67 No.1681621


Check the movie up in >>1615438 – could be similar to what you're planning to do ?

I'd imagine Python could be helpful, due to its complex modules & relative platform-indep., when on the calendar around the clock, one could program "buttons" where the days are, which when pushed gather the posts (from a local archive) for that day and screen it for the user to select/read.

Once we're sure how many sets of hands & how many clocks, and how to use them, this "python"-clock could also show hands – all just with the high-res pngs in the background and some simple lines drawn over them in python ….

But this might be a bit over the top at his point and not little work, not sure ….

d7864b No.1682607

https://pastebin.com/tTNkxFQf ← instructions

https://pastebin.com/669G0fXA <== .py file

https://pastebin.com/a9kxRL6y ←- .kv file

Is there a better way to do this?

d7864b No.1682657

File: 979280a5537db8d⋯.gif (975.13 KB, 646x607, 646:607, qlock.gif)

d7864b No.1682866


stuff is up

e7d4ea No.1686234

File: 843688370a3d836⋯.png (1.14 MB, 585x840, 39:56, 11.png)


>Be amaaazzzeeddd

I am.

e09cdf No.1687349


not 100% yet. will attempt to take further. will reply to this post again when I have something

9743b2 No.1688460

File: 985cab2c89a8e87⋯.png (208.11 KB, 944x803, 944:803, june-18.png)

13 minute mark

one post totally confirms clock.. see red outline

orange outlines from Feb date are also

very interesting

13 stripes on the flag

13 capitalized letters in FOR GOD & COUNTRY

the clock is activated

protect potus


5b499e No.1688511

are we allowed to discuss *how* Q gets his marker data? In order for the Q Clock to work, he has to have foreknowledge of events..

is there a place for this discussion?

b8d197 No.1689442

I have some catch up reading to do on this bread.


Great job Anon!

57fead No.1689488

Have any Q posts had the exact same timestamp? HH:MM:SS What if it's as simple as ordering them chronologically by timestamp?

5b499e No.1690035


http:// qanon.news/ allows to sort by 'time' only regardless of 'day of month'

d7864b No.1690060


Any thoughts on


Looking for any guidance. I feel like there's something w/ the clock hands moving around the clock after being wound to a point. Like maybe take stuff from a qpost w/ a matching hour TS on the hour hand, and minute TS on the minute hand? or something?

d7864b No.1690070


News is obviously also similarly related, but I don't know how.

5b499e No.1690152


if you don't want to bother with running the scripts, get GIMP or a photo editor like pixelmator ( you're macfag i think?)

you can open the base QCLock graphic in the image editor, make a new layer on top and place your own hour/minute/second hands to correspond with the posts.

It's more 'manual' effort but easier to do than try to get scripts working when you're not a devfag :x

d7864b No.1690669


But what if it's a thing that needs to be run like a program over the q posts with the q posts as a punch card? or something?

i can make it do things i just need to know what things I need to be looking for?

2b0be2 No.1690717

File: 9a118ec1907dcf1⋯.png (93.72 KB, 490x312, 245:156, Screenshot.png)

Did anyone around here look into the stuff "notQ" posted ?? … and what's with the "[1] OWL [1]" thing ? Is it always 17 minutes wide ??

Checked the signature, and the guy had his first appearance on /qr/ in bread 1107 (pic), then again in 1799 >>1434135

d80c4f No.1691002

File: 291fb200760b49e⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 1777x1666, 1777:1666, 06 marker 20180611.jpg)

d7864b No.1691418


I'm trying to write a program to wind the clock and then let it go. Any idea on the initial conditions or what it should be spitting out?

2b0be2 No.1691585

File: 225f7ec219ee355⋯.png (109.98 KB, 783x134, 783:134, solver_short.png)

File: 1c60ddc25692e40⋯.png (58.45 KB, 838x574, 419:287, example_notQ.png)


Mentioning it because I got curious: Didn't care much if legit ot not, but notQ wants to communicate something, and it's related to the Q-Clock, which is why I looked into it and put it here.

DEFCON == DEFine CONFirmation

goes along with some SECURE CONFirmation

DEFCON gives us the MarkerType (i.e. primary or secondary), and if that's so, then there can ever be only a DEFCON[1] or DEFCON[2].

Also, we get a SIG. SIGnal is either the minute mark # of some tweet/post, or the delta between two {PAST}.CONFirmed TWEETs

When we get a trip code & it's valid, then we get secure(d) drops (from Q, of course). Also, drops might only occur when it's secure to drop them. During times of ongoing operations, it may not be secure to drop anything ("BLACKOUT NECESSARY.") ....

notQ appears to use Moutain Time (if accidentally or intentionally) -- whatever Denver or Utah may mean to anyone of you ....

So if you ask me, this guy tries to teach us something, and it's unlikely I'm the only one under the Sun to see this. Did anyone look at his "Solver" image or try to decode that "_EX" (example/exercise) from recently (pic)?


3adac2 No.1691775

File: 40611a9d3d20343⋯.jpg (329.93 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 5x5.jpg)

File: b870797439a3303⋯.jpg (329.87 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 5x5_mirror_up.jpg)

File: 22fc8103a21dcaa⋯.jpg (329.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 5x5_mirror_horizontal.jpg)

Think Mirror

1. Normal 2. Mirror Vertical 3. Mirror Horizon

9743b2 No.1693211


the one on the far right would put checkmate

on June 12th.. mirrored Jan 13

9743b2 No.1693863

File: 494507439d22c54⋯.png (576.94 KB, 1216x1106, 608:553, june-12.png)

481b9e No.1694168

>>>/patriotsfight/100 ————Start the Clock.

481b9e No.1694234

File: 2a2a86351d6096b⋯.png (45.48 KB, 1156x128, 289:32, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at ….png)


I wish I knew. Desperately, daily looking for the correct mind to sort it out. Been looking since Feb.

d7864b No.1694866



startable clock. Can set the time.

what happens as it ticks tho? what does it do?

2b0be2 No.1695163

File: b501bb66438e4ec⋯.png (516.39 KB, 832x832, 1:1, owl_08:24:31.png)


Found an "owl" ... lol. Not seriously though, but when reproducing notQ's example with the 07:24 p.m. Goodwin tweet ("[15]"), which confirmed the [1] marker >>1676034, something distantly related to some "owl" emerged, when arranging all 24 letters of the greek alphabet around the clock in a regular manner. The mirrored markings are drawn as well.

However, should indeed >>1691775 apply (i.e. two mirroring operations with orth. symmetry axes), then that should be identical to a 180 deg rotation.

481b9e No.1695270


I think I know this answer.

The clock tells you when the future will prove the past.

1.The message was sent to us in the past. (All of the info is already on the net.)

2. The amount of time it took to encrypt the message directly correlates to the amount of time it takes to decode it. (Big 0)

3. The clock allows us, once it is understood that time lapse cryptography is being used, to know when the message will be brought to light.

We have enough to prove this but I don't have the prowess myself. I just get confused but I know it is correct. Follow the trail and it leads you to Robert Mercer- IBM, Cambridge Analytics and Jared Kushner.

756254 No.1697226

>>Start the Clock

5/22 -> 6/3 = 12 days

6/3 -> 6/10 = 7 days

Confirmed again Clock started on 12/7

b8d197 No.1697316

File: d24f89c058157dd⋯.png (152.7 KB, 881x294, 881:294, A0.PNG)



Awesome Anon!

ffd431 No.1697488

attn clockfags see https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1697113.html#1697485

and rest of thread search cake and zodiac

6d9e1f No.1705106

>>1703938 reposted from main board. Big prime number reveal here. Look at the linked post to see how the BOOM posts are connected.

Holy shit last bread!!

Faggot you are on to something.





These posts have increasing prime deltas in days as we go forward. Starting from the first and going backwards the previous prime number (37) in your sequence, lands us on 2/11.

Q posts about no name. Says “We don’t say his name returning to prime time.”


Previous step backwards now 31 days.

No Q posts but lands on our universal Q marker of 1/11. Probably a tweet about prime numbers to find here.

Next step backwards 29 days to 12/13. Only possible prime clue I can find here in drops is: “Not everything can be stated 1:1.”

Then back 23 days to 11/20. Q confirmed half of the map this day, or 1/2. Also:

Expand your thinking.

What are patterns?

How are patterns formed and isolated?

What are data sets?

Now go back 19 days, you may see where I’m going with this.

19 back is 11/1. There goes 111 again in this prime timeline. Also a huge day for Q drops overall.

Now the kicker, drumroll...., go back 17 days, you land on 10/28. The day of Qs first drop. Start the prime “clounter” at 17, go forward in increasing prime increments by the day, and it leads to this glorious faggot’s linked photo above.

b8d197 No.1708767

File: d25baf715c4250b⋯.png (117.3 KB, 445x441, 445:441, b1.PNG)

File: c33e01bd80e0793⋯.png (64.74 KB, 485x487, 485:487, b3.PNG)

File: 68f57a0a0b55870⋯.png (168.37 KB, 910x472, 455:236, b4.PNG)

6fbbec No.1715546

File: 24d8da95612bab4⋯.png (477.32 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_primeDays.png)


Noticed this one, but so far it's only two confirmed prime deltas.Thought I'd wait until July 27th with this one ….

>Starting from the first and going backwards the previous prime number (37)

The next "previous" prime number to 43 is 41. Would land you on Jan 23rd from March 5th.

But it made me look into the prime number thing: For a trial, I counted the days from the starting date, and specially marked them if they are [N=prime] days away from the start.

Note that depending on the last day in the spiral, there are three segments of the circle whith all days being "prime days" (i.e. prime numbers have a period of 60), when starting at [11, 43 & 53].

[11]: 11 71 131 191 251 311

[43]: -17 43 103 163 223 283

[53]: -7 53 113 173 233 293

d7864b No.1715769


You've got three arms sticking out, why?

Only ask because that's HH:MM:SS hands, maybe each hand keys us to a part of a timestamp?

6fbbec No.1716272

File: 26eb1c93a83cf17⋯.png (480.59 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_104311.png)


Like three sore thumbs, I know. lol

Without any further shift or rot time would be 10:43:11.

9743b2 No.1716975

File: 0e93ccdf108e67a⋯.png (312.76 KB, 1252x592, 313:148, 6-12-video-clocked.png)

File: 5363bf3fc411a7d⋯.png (878.59 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, 6-11-clock.png)

6fbbec No.1717251

File: 4ac7a001cf69635⋯.png (473.41 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_024123.png)

File: d8432aaac49ba6e⋯.png (473.57 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_044113.png)



For sake of completeness: Additional to the 10:43:11 time from above, on an upside-down clock, there's two additional times possible: 02:41:23 & 04:41:13


Cool. Q confirms clock (once more). Thanks! What's a Qlock, though ?

d7864b No.1717293


qlock = q clock

6fbbec No.1717311


Just trying to exclude the possibility that there's a "regular Q-Clock" for reading crumbs, and an additional (e.g. inverted,mirrored etc) "Qlock" for decoding ….?

d7864b No.1717352


ah, nah i just was using qlcok cuz its unique.

I'm working on writing a program to spin around the clock and spit out stuff, this prime number hopping is really exciting though.



Specify HH:MM:SS and how each arm should tick and I can make it spit out w/e woudl be helpful. List of q dates w/ prime number time sequences? let me know!

6fbbec No.1717406


As far as I know, "Qlock" was coined by notQ ( >>1675893 ), but you probably knew that….

d7864b No.1717451


I did, but i didn't, but I do again!

6fbbec No.1717528


Meant the night when "notQ" posted the "Happenings Solver" >>1676034 playing around with symmetries, Q Lock & Qlock .... any idea ?

1ee0e3 No.1718077


on your diagram pointing out the 4:13 time on video, curious what you saw in the crumbs that drew your attention to 4:13 being relevant to the view. mucho appreciato

b8d197 No.1720754

File: 74cad6b5a2165e0⋯.png (170.3 KB, 815x541, 815:541, c1.PNG)

File: f609637ae20e6f4⋯.png (134.08 KB, 649x575, 649:575, c2.PNG)

File: 1b252f77efd69ed⋯.png (12.94 KB, 372x239, 372:239, c3.PNG)

File: 60148191767541c⋯.png (220.62 KB, 712x1312, 89:164, c4.png)

Scorpion sting kept me getting this here last night :(

I thought the pain was only at the sting site, but went up my hole leg! WTH?

As much as I'm loving the reverse idea clock, plugging in as such didn't seem right, but that could change because I have a picture in my mind like the Gears of a Clock, one gear goes one way and turns the other gear that in turn goes the other way. I can really see this happening somehow but the spiders & 2 chapters have me not seeing it as of yet.

Yet, when highlighting certain Dates on the Q Clock, Oddly Enough it looks Like Gears! [min] marks cipher key?

minus drama & not yet having studied new Q posts…

b8d197 No.1720774




b8d197 No.1721953

File: cd7c971be5068be⋯.png (4.54 MB, 3480x3696, 145:154, q clock connections.png)


full size Q clock info

b8d197 No.1724289

File: 5e5838eaf7faf99⋯.png (153.61 KB, 669x346, 669:346, D1.PNG)

b8d197 No.1725694

File: 500934901264220⋯.png (89.27 KB, 375x528, 125:176, d2.PNG)


comms dark 6/23[18]

6d9e1f No.1727439

I have been trying to rectify why clocks continue to start. The only reason I can think is that there are different clock hands that move in different durations of time per day.

POTUS seems to always drop us clues. Said something about us turning the hands the wrong way and that it has 4 cuts in it. Spurred a lot of the reverse clock stuff.

Just recently he emphasized (multiple times) that during his press conferences on NK, he was in the 25th hour. Which would make sense considering we started a new clock on 6/10 that had just gotten back to 00:00.

One sticking point I’ve had was that we should use the election date as the beginning of a clock if they happen to run back that far. Might even be further. Anyway I noticed something pretty interesting working on the assumption that the hands line up at 00:00 or other even increments on the day the clocks start.

From Election Day, 11/8/16 to 6/9/18, which would be the last day of the 24th hour of one of our current clocks, is 578 days.

Halve that, and it’s 289 days. That’s 17 x 17 anons. Coincidence?

Also, take the number 17 and start going around the clock with minute hand increments. 17, 34, 51, then instead of 68, go to 8 and continue. Pattern goes like this:

17 - 16 - 15 - 14 - 13 - 12 - 11 - 10 - 09

34 - 33 - 32 - 31 - 30 - 29 - 28 - 27 - 26

51 - 50 - 49 - 48 - 47 - 46 - 45 - 44 - 43

08 - 07 - 06 - 05 - 04 - 03 - 02 - 01 - 00

25 - 24 - 23 - 22 - 21 - 20 - 19 - 18

42 - 41 - 40 - 39 - 38 - 37 - 36 - 35

59 - 58 - 57 - 56 - 55 - 54 - 53 - 52

So, before any minute markers would repeat using a delta of 17, you would do one 12 hour or 360 rotation around the clock, 17 times.

But we work on 24 hour cycles. So back to the coincidence above.

If, starting at 00:00 on Election Day, we moved a clock hand forward 17 minutes every day, we would touch every minute of the clock exactly 17 times (assuming we treat 13:10 differently then 1:10 in this example) and end up back at 00:00 on 6/10, just in time to start the clock again. (Or on 6/09, we’d be at 23:43.)

Another way to lay out the minute markers could be using this 17 sequence since it perfectly goes around the minutes without repeating. So 1=17, 2=34, 3=51, 4=8, 5=25, 6=42, 7=59, 8=16…. so on.

What is a sequence?

d7864b No.1734477

File: 5a50a3744ba9e7b⋯.gif (7.31 MB, 807x591, 269:197, bad17qlock.gif)


The time: 0:0:0

The time: 0:0:17

The time: 0:0:34

The time: 0:0:51

The time: 0:17:8

The time: 0:17:25

The time: 0:17:42

The time: 0:17:59

The time: 0:34:16

The time: 0:34:33

The time: 0:34:50

The time: 0:51:7

The time: 0:51:24

The time: 0:51:41

The time: 0:51:58

The time: 17:8:15

The time: 17:8:32

The time: 17:8:49

The time: 17:25:6

The time: 17:25:23

The time: 17:25:40

The time: 17:25:57

The time: 17:42:14

The time: 17:42:31

The time: 17:42:48

The time: 17:59:5

The time: 17:59:22

The time: 17:59:39

The time: 17:59:56

The time: 10:16:13

The time: 10:16:30

The time: 10:16:47

The time: 10:33:4

The time: 10:33:21

The time: 10:33:38

The time: 10:33:55

The time: 10:50:12

The time: 10:50:29

The time: 10:50:46

The time: 3:7:3

The time: 3:7:20

The time: 3:7:37

The time: 3:7:54

The time: 3:24:11

The time: 3:24:28

The time: 3:24:45

The time: 3:41:2

The time: 3:41:19

The time: 3:41:36

The time: 3:41:53

The time: 3:58:10

The time: 3:58:27

The time: 3:58:44

The time: 20:15:1

The time: 20:15:18

The time: 20:15:35

The time: 20:15:52

The time: 20:32:9

The time: 20:32:26

The time: 20:32:43

The time: 20:49:0

The time: 20:49:17

The time: 20:49:34

The time: 20:49:51

The time: 13:6:8

The time: 13:6:25

The time: 13:6:42

The time: 13:6:59

The time: 13:23:16

The time: 13:23:33

The time: 13:23:50

The time: 13:40:7

The time: 13:40:24

The time: 13:40:41

The time: 13:40:58

The time: 13:57:15

The time: 13:57:32

The time: 13:57:49

The time: 6:14:6

The time: 6:14:23

The time: 6:14:40

The time: 6:14:57

The time: 6:31:14

The time: 6:31:31

The time: 6:31:48

The time: 6:48:5

The time: 6:48:22

The time: 6:48:39

The time: 6:48:56

The time: 23:5:13

The time: 23:5:30

The time: 23:5:47

The time: 23:22:4

The time: 23:22:21

The time: 23:22:38

The time: 23:22:55

The time: 23:39:12

The time: 23:39:29

The time: 23:39:46

The time: 23:56:3

The time: 23:56:20

The time: 23:56:37

The time: 23:56:54

The time: 16:13:11

The time: 16:13:28

The time: 16:13:45

The time: 16:30:2

The time: 16:30:19

The time: 16:30:36

The time: 16:30:53

The time: 16:47:10

The time: 16:47:27

The time: 16:47:44

The time: 9:4:1

The time: 9:4:18

The time: 9:4:35

The time: 9:4:52

The time: 9:21:9

The time: 9:21:26

The time: 9:21:43

The time: 9:38:0

The time: 9:38:17

The time: 9:38:34

I don't think this is what you mean though? You mean only minutes move forward 17 at a time?

d7864b No.1734826


I'm not following you?

Date 2018-06-10 time: 20:03

Date 2018-07-02 time: 2:17

numer of 17s: 11

Trying to work this into plain python so you can run it….

What am I missing?

d7864b No.1734960


I may be doing something wrong, but by your calcs the next 0 hour is 2018-10-19 (which is also the 17th time the hour hand rolls over)

rolls 17

Date 2018-10-29 time: 0:00

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2018-10-29

https://pastebin.com/Z6A9HBXM ← full output since shit's too long

https://pastebin.com/MGZDDjXt ← basic python file to recreate

6d9e1f No.1734993


For every day, starting 11/8/16, move the minute hand of the clock forward 17 minutes. Laid it out side by side so you can see how the pattern progresses. I may be wrong about starting on 00:00.

11/08 = 00:00

11/09 = 00:17 - 11/16 = 01:16

11/10 = 00:34 - 11/17 = 01:33

11/11 = 00:51 - 11/18 = 01:50

11/12 = 01:08 - 11/19 = 01:07

11/13 = 01:25 - 11/20 = 01:24

11/14 = 01:42 - 11/21 = 01:41

11/15 = 01:59 - 11/22 = 01:58

6d9e1f No.1735006


Hahahaha!! I may be wrong too I haven’t slept much but I knew there was something to that delta and the 17 coincidences.

d7864b No.1735038


I agree there does seem to be something w/ the 17 coincidences.

"From Election Day, 11/8/16 to 6/9/18, which would be the last day of the 24th hour of one of our current clocks, is 578 days.

Halve that, and it’s 289 days. That’s 17 x 17 anons. Coincidence? "

I think this is super key, but I don't know how to make sense of it? is 10-29 the day? Should we be tryign to reassemble q posts in this order or something?

6d9e1f No.1735173


I’m not sure. I’m still curious why my clock idea reset on 10/29 and not 6/09.

One thing I was doing earlier is laying out the minute markers on the clock on a white board and counting up every 17 minutes and writing 1,2,3… around the clock until it’s all filled in.

Some interesting things line up. Like the hour 5 and the minute 25 line up with the 5th increment of 17 minutes. 5:5.

15 minutes is 15th increment, 30 minutes is 30th, 45 is 45th, and of course 60 and 0 are ubiquitous.

Then 40 mins is 20th increment, and mirrored 20 mins is 40th increment.

10th hour and 50th minute lines up with 10th increment of 17, and 10th minute lines up with 50th increment.

Possible alternative marker, like the decoder ring concept that’s been thrown around.

d7864b No.1735221


I think my construction might be off, I'm not seeing 5:5 =(

d7864b No.1735246


Date 2016-11-09 time: 0:17

Date 2016-11-10 time: 0:34

Date 2016-11-11 time: 0:51

Date 2016-11-12 time: 1:08

Date 2016-11-13 time: 1:25 – 1:25 is :05x5 though, since hour1 is :05, maybe this?

d7864b No.1735258


Date 2018-03-08 time: 5:25

6d9e1f No.1735324




Try and reset thinking and ignore dates and times and just count 1,2,3,4 around a clock face every 17 minutes.

So 1 = 17, 2 = 34, 3 = 51, 4 = 8, and 5 = 25.

Use our new 5 marker (@25 minutes) and the 5 o’clock marker on the hour portion of the clock.


Now the dates may or may not jump around along with this pattern.

POTUS said he never said easy.

6d9e1f No.1735390


I’ve been playing around with markers this way today trying to make some sense of what to do when we get deltas.

You’ll know you’re doing it right when you see the pattern. It’s actually starting at 0 and subtracting 7 as you go around the clock on the minutes hand clockwise.

d7864b No.1735397


"15 minutes is 15th increment" - gets me thinking about 17 and how it's prime. Since it's a 4n+1 prime, 15 * 17 = 15 * (4n+1) = 15 since 4*15=60=0

17 is the largest pythagorean prime that maps to a letter of the alphabet

d7864b No.1735414



>Use our new 5 marker (@25 minutes) and the 5 o’clock marker on the hour portion of the clock.


>Now the dates may or may not jump around along with this pattern.

I don't understand?

6d9e1f No.1735459


Start with a normal clock with the hours and minutes marked on them.

Put a 1 next to the 17th minute, a 2 next to the 34th minute, a 3 next to the 51st minute, a 4 next to the 8th minute, and then a big bold 5 next to the 25th minute.

The 25th minute of a clock is the number 5. If you added markers like I was saying above, you now have a 5 that lines up with the 5 on the clock face.


d7864b No.1735479


>>Now the dates may or may not jump around along with this pattern.

Still dont understand

1 = 17

2 = 34

3 = 51

4 = 08

5 = 25

6 = 42

7 = 59

8 = 16

9 = 33

10 = 50

11 = 07

12 = 24

13 = 41

14 = 58

15 = 15

16 = 32

b8d197 No.1735506

File: 1cf7cb0392dfe8c⋯.png (256.21 KB, 809x428, 809:428, IRAN 2.2.PNG)


column theory & [timestamp]

Here 2.2 & [27] with IRAN

see middle bottom of graphic here for more on column theory >>1721953

d7864b No.1735550


289 = 53 – 2017-08-24

578 = 46 – 2018-06-09

6d9e1f No.1735566


Yeah I was wondering how this translates into letters. What if we flipped 17 into 26? That’s a difference of 9, should divide up neatly for us into a scrambled letter code with unique values for different letters.

Like, 17 = A, 8 (34-26) = B, 25 = C, 16 = D, 7 = E ….

I’m convinced Q is gonna teach us Tesla’s secrets before this clock is finished. The multiplication map has been a consistent hint that’s been dropped on the boards.

d7864b No.1735569


27 => 2/7 which is the date of the news

2.2? mirror?

This doesn't make any sense

6d9e1f No.1735607


Well the 5 next to the 25th minute, which is also the 5th hour should make sense to you I hope.

The remark about the dates is that I do not know how the dates actually relate to the clock itself, especially because there seems to have been evidence that our clock that moves one day at a time, per minute, seems to line up.

Q did say take multiple paths so who knows.

d7864b No.1735636


A = 17

B = 8

C = 25

D = 8

E = 25

F = 16

G = 7

H = 16

I = 7

J = 24

K = 7

L = 24

M = 15

N = 6

O = 15

P = 6

Q = 23

R = 6

S = 23

T = 14

U = 5

V = 14

W = 5

X = 22

Y = 5

Z = 22

d7864b No.1735642


There are dupes? Idk if this is correct….

6d9e1f No.1735665


Yeah I screwed up this pattern somehow. But check out the pastebin hero anon posted here >>1734960. It resets on 10/29/18 actually, on the 17th roll over.

Disregard my original post I think there’s a pattern there between Election Day and 6/9 but I’m running on fumes haven’t slept much past two days need to go coma mode for a few hours to reset.

d7864b No.1735672


I agree!

d7864b No.1735709


I have no idea if this helps, but 17 is a pythagorean prime and this looks to be about half useful


I have no idea what I'm doing though

6d9e1f No.1735784


Kek. No. It would be…

A = 17 = Q

B = 8 = R

C = 25 = S

D = 16 = T

E = 7 = U

F = 24 = V

G = 15 = W

H = 6 = X

I = 23 = Y

J = 14 = Z

K = 5 = A

L = 22 = B

M = 13 = C

N = 4 = D

O = 21 = E

P = 12 = F

Q = 3 = G

R = 20 = H

S = 11 = I

T = 2 = J

U = 19 = K

V = 10 = L

W = 1 = M

X = 18 = N

Y = 9 = O

Z = 16 = P

Threw an alternate with Q = 17 in there too.

6d9e1f No.1735818


Just for keks 4,10,20 on the alphabet that has Q = 17 is ALH.

“Assange Lives Here?”

6d9e1f No.1735862


Interesting… maybe we use these as sequences instead of just normal primes. A little bit trickier Q.

6d9e1f No.1735897


Whoa that second link is right down the middle!

Thanks playing-dumb anon!

d7864b No.1735973


I just learned about 4n+1 and 4n+3 primes and I think the 4n+1's are special but I forget why….

I guess it's cuz they're pythagorean primes? Idk the 2nd link looked relevant cuz it goes around in a circle like a clock lol

d7864b No.1736087


A = 17

B = 8

C = 25

D = 16

E = 7

F = 24

G = 15

H = 6

I = 23

J = 14

K = 5

L = 22

M = 13

N = 4

O = 21

P = 12

Q = 3

R = 20

S = 11

T = 2

U = 19

V = 10

W = 1

X = 18

Y = 9

Z = 0

I have z as 0?

6d9e1f No.1736122


A prime that is the sum of two squares. 17 is the sum of 4 squared and 1 squared.

5 is the smallest one, 1 x 1 + 2 x 2. Unless you count just multiplying 1s and adding them.

Interesting for us because it gives us a way to take one path that’s a prime, and delineate it into 2 separate paths that can be evenly divided and worked with. The whole purpose of the clock besides to engage us puzzle solvers is to organize all this information in a way that you can look at it from different levels of specificity.

I bet they use these in cryptography. It’s a prime that unpacks itself into two different patterns altogether.

6d9e1f No.1736156


Shit yeah you’re right. Hmmm…. which one did we screw up?

6d9e1f No.1736199


Kek. No. That would be 26. My bad, tired, like I said.

6d9e1f No.1736206

A = 17 = Q

B = 8 = R

C = 25 = S

D = 16 = T

E = 7 = U

F = 24 = V

G = 15 = W

H = 6 = X

I = 23 = Y

J = 14 = Z

K = 5 = A

L = 22 = B

M = 13 = C

N = 4 = D

O = 21 = E

P = 12 = F

Q = 3 = G

R = 20 = H

S = 11 = I

T = 2 = J

U = 19 = K

V = 10 = L

W = 1 = M

X = 18 = N

Y = 9 = O

Z = 26 = P

6d9e1f No.1736280


Whoah!! Between 11/8/16 and 10/29/18 there are 720 days! Double that? 1440. The number of Q posts we had up until this new batch.

Too many coincidences.

d7864b No.1736369


Pretty sure pythagorean primes are def used in crypto…

Fuck I wish I could remember why…I learned all this 15 years ago lol fuuckkkkkkkkkk

d7864b No.1736399



1441 is "start the clock"

6d9e1f No.1736503


We’re getting there… slowly but surely.

6d9e1f No.1736539


I’ve been playing around with the deltas between days of different clock related posts and anything else I could find that seemed like a significant marker and primes and double primes come up all the time. I never thought to check for Pythagorean ones.

d7864b No.1736645


Examples? I can maybe help?

481b9e No.1736673

File: 87ec1878e6f5bd0⋯.png (99.89 KB, 764x474, 382:237, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: d12045a5307ec55⋯.png (92.89 KB, 800x446, 400:223, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: 35d45a1e07ed780⋯.png (462.42 KB, 1060x1082, 530:541, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: 4ca3c9b192051cf⋯.png (217.63 KB, 1036x792, 259:198, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at ….png)


Maybe you all are the one I need to see this. I know I post this a lot and will stop if told it shits up the bread but I believe this is what Q is using.

481b9e No.1736834

File: 670717223f6976d⋯.png (70.37 KB, 858x464, 429:232, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at ….png)

6d9e1f No.1737100


I am definitely going to look into this, I’ve seen you post it enough! Doesn’t bother me I’m glad you reminded me this might be the key.

6d9e1f No.1737527


Oh boy, I’ve been cutting through so many different dates. Here’s a few to tool around with. Just off memory but I think these are solid.





12/7 clock started


1/6 wind clock

1/7 wind clock


2/18 clock started

3/23 clock activated

Can’t remember other clock activated I think 4/6







There’s also the “on the clock” and “clock ticking” and other posts like that.

One interesting operation is to assume clock activated is 12 hours into whatever particular timeframe we’re working in. That would be a “future proves past” model and the clock would be activated based on a mirror of the original 12 hours. I think the time stamp clues us in to which timeframe we’re in, I’m just not sure how.

Look at Trump’s tweet on 2/19 for instance. He says have a great, but reflective, Presidents’ Day. Kind of telling us to mirror after Q said clock activated.

So you run a delta to let’s say 6/9 or 6/10, to a clock activated, and then run one backwards the same amount of days. I think the 0 on the clock would be where it starts, and then you’d count either direction from there so you can expect, like the picture of POTUS with his men flanking him on both sides, that there will be a keystone type middle point for each timeframe. Possibly 6/10 is where all the times converge. Maybe one ends on 6/9 before the literal clock started post, and a separate one ends on 6/12.

Maybe they all somehow converge into neatly divided clock segments on 10/29/18 as per our discovery above.

Happy hunting!

6d9e1f No.1737545


Oh add 9/11 and 3/11 to that as well.

6d9e1f No.1737554


And use multiple years, you never know what year we’re supposed to be working in.

2ed565 No.1737571


3 Blind mice, Hickory Dickory etc etc if you take the tail off Q what do you get?

I am the Alpha and the Omega said the Lord.

481b9e No.1737799

I found more!

This is from 2013.

6d9e1f No.1737818


Also use https://planetcalc.com/410/ to add or subtract days from a specific date. Use - to subtract.

481b9e No.1737827

File: d2245cadd8b0054⋯.png (114.26 KB, 1034x672, 517:336, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at ….png)

File: 47befee0828ce02⋯.png (184.12 KB, 866x1324, 433:662, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at ….png)

File: 9ed9a1c9671482d⋯.png (134.51 KB, 894x1458, 149:243, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at ….png)

File: ec3bb0c614fe8cf⋯.png (65.5 KB, 934x1002, 467:501, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at ….png)

File: a4f71ab52209fed⋯.png (67.98 KB, 770x366, 385:183, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at ….png)

ooops Here it is.

6d9e1f No.1738034


You see, Q isn’t really using time lock cryptography as much as he is Twitter lock cryptography. They can’t predict it (Q said as much) because they can’t predict future drops.

Also, news or NEWS unlocks map. Learn to distinguish between meaningful and other news.

I think prime numbers are used to make looking ahead impossible, among other things. This is why I like the old Tesla Multiplication Map idea https://www.conquermaths.com/news/post/index/395/The-Mystery-of-The-Tesla-Hoax (not a hoax I don’t believe), because it shows clock-like relationships between ALL numbers, prime or otherwise, and the patterns that connect them all. I think our clock will end up looking a lot, or exactly, like the sauce above.

Whatever relevant news or deltas we are supposed to apply, draws our lines for us, or rotates the markers around the clock and resets them in new positions.

6d9e1f No.1738095


I also think there is a reorganization of the drops that will happen. One thing I haven’t seen much work on but I have seen some VERY interesting side by side posts about, is posts of equal number of lines from Q. I primarily phone fag so it’s harder for me to count the lines but I’ve seen some posts with the same minute time stamps and number of lines that sneakily connect to each other horizontally.

6fbbec No.1738205

File: 79a724088618e3d⋯.png (463.02 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_17mod60.png)

>>[too many]

Was playing around with the upside down, reverse clock above. So I thought I'd add your idea with the [hr]*17 mod 60 thing also.

Not to confuse anyone: It's constructed upside down and reverse running – have rotated the image. [:00] is still at 12/07, but at the six o'clock position now.

481b9e No.1738252


Thank you. Diving in to what you have suggested. I hope I can understand it better than Time Lock.

d7864b No.1738429


The Phoenician//Viking thread also had something about the skull n bones 322. Apparently it has something to do w/ their clock and running it 5m behind? barbarian time?


Maybe the owl is qtime? running it 17m behind?

d7864b No.1738479


I'm actually 100% on board with you I just have no fucking clue what this is saying or how to use it.

I'm totally down with the idea of Q sending us a message that we can't read until some point in the future (maybe that future has already happened? We have more than we know (think logically: we have been given information (we have it) that we don't understand yet (we don't know it)))

I don't understand how the clock helps? I think the qclock will def be key, but I why can't I just put in a future time and then get the message now instead of having to wait?

d7864b No.1738607


Why did you flip it around and run it backwards?

d7864b No.1738614


Where would you start this clock?

From the starting position, what is the next position? For the minute hand? Hour hand? Second hand?

6fbbec No.1738675


Because then [:25] stays 5x5 & 11 is [:55].

Can arrange them any way, but if you look closely, then all odds are at their correct minute marker, all even on the other side of the clock.

Also (probably because 10 is a divisor of 60 and mod (17,10) = 7), you have [:01], [:02] etc all with distance 7 to each other.

Could also make the hands jump to the right [:00] minute marker, if that'd be useful.

d7864b No.1738680


The only part of a Timestamp on a QPost or Presedential Tweet that matters is either the minute or second.

Hours will range from 0-24, which is out of phase with the 0-60 of the seconds and minutes

Additionally, hours are prone to timezone fuckery, it'd be harder to guarantee that everyone do the timezone conversion properly

I also don't think I've seen any qproofs where the hour part of the TS Matters? It's usually either a delta (in which case timezone doesn't matter because it cancels out) or the minute part. Maybe there's been a seconds part one? I can't think of any hours ones though

bef9ae No.1738985

Regarding this hero who worked out the 17 delta all the way to 10/30/18 >>1734960 , between our new start clock date 6/10 and 10/30 we get another double prime, 142 days. Maybe the clock that just started is 71 days per 12 hours, or, 1:11 past our start time. Full turn to 10/30 gives us 2:22. (8/20 would be our clock activated date, halfway through).

142 x 17 = 2414 (total minutes traveled)

Divided by 60 gives us 40 rotations, plus 14 extra minutes.

That’s 24 hours, one full day, plus 16 hours, and 14 minutes.

So our clock, if my sleep math is correct, if we started on 00:00 on 6/10 and moved forward to 10/30 to end it, would land us on 4:14 PM.

Not the solution I don’t think. What number could we use to make it work out? The first example leaves us on 2:22, so that’s not too bad. Is there a way to make the 71 days into 12 hours neatly?

bef9ae No.1739040


Q said time zone was important.

bef9ae No.1739064


It is a mirror both ways too, vertical and horizontal.

bef9ae No.1739152

Another prime delta is between 12/7 and 2/18. 73 days. Clock started and clock activated.

And 12/7 to 1/7 is another prime, 31 days, between clock started and wind the clock.

Also looking at article Q posted for the third time that says that Huber was activated on 11/13/17 as a possible start date for the clock regarding that specific set of happenings.

Q might not spell out all these timelines for us.

e67f49 No.1741014

Clock is 24 hours, not 12. Apr 7th #1068 "Day [1]"

e67f49 No.1741587


All before that was Day "[0]" (1/1 ref.) Jan 7th, "Wind the CLOCK.


e67f49 No.1741746

120 days = 1 Q-day, 24 hours.



e67f49 No.1741784


8/5/18 (Day [2])

e67f49 No.1741808


On this "Day" [1] I predict Obama goes down and takes everyone with him [2].

d7864b No.1741869


nono, i like the flipped clock, I just don't know why and these are good reasons

think mirror and such

6d9e1f No.1741924


Not possible we have multiple clocks or times to keep track of?

I agree with a lot of your logic here, but what about the different clock started posts? And the wind the clock posts on back to back days? What does - 10 days mean in regards to starting the clock?

Check out this coincidence and subsequent pastebin that I think is a little too coincidental to ignore.

>>1727439 my not so perfect logic

>>1734960 anon bringing it home strong.

e7d4ea No.1743220

File: 4b342264e70a953⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1816x1872, 227:234, QPrimes.png)

e7d4ea No.1745374

File: 849d6126d5e37f6⋯.png (372.53 KB, 2832x1296, 59:27, text.png)

c41b38 No.1745682

When can we count on the M_ssad Stopping with their bad habit of whacking ppl who cross _srael?

673747 No.1746687

Clock is clever …but


was the Keystone.

Q, always mentioned


d7864b No.1746923


Where did you get your letters -> numbers from?

I have no idea what you're doing but I like it! Maybe try these?


6d9e1f No.1746940


Holy fucking amazing!!

c7b507 No.1746964

File: 936f41cb6e26d42⋯.png (484.9 KB, 832x832, 1:1, QClock_cipher.png)




Looked interesting, thanks. Though I'm not sure, if it's just a random example or something intentionally contructed. Did you have a 04/19 post ("NP +1 +5") in mind when drawing this?

Maybe it'd be a good exercise, to try and "reverse engineer" it:

(1.) Say there's a "time" (call it "calendar time") that's directly related to the calendar, such that 12/07 is 12:00 & each passing day corresponds to a minute (hands in light gray). An indication for this could be that Q posted 06/03 on 14:58 (EST).

(2.) There's also the actual "time" (EST) of any post, i.e. [HH]:[MM]:[SS] – it may be that seconds have to be truncated (black hands).

(3.) On 04/19 minute hand is at [:13], and with the modulo17 assumed rule from above, [13] would be the 5th number in the sequence. So we assume [:13] corresponds to 5

(4.) In the inner circle w/ letters, U is the 5th letter backwards from Z, so we line up U with [:13]

(5.) There is a (larger) inner circle with numbers J that are obviously a sequence of: for i=[1,26]; J=mod(i*9 ,26) starting at 0/26=Z, going 9, 18, […]. Have little idea where the "i*9" would come from … except that 17+9 = 26.

(6.) The largest circle has the corresponding Rot16-cipher, such that the 1st letter lines up with the 17th, i.e. A→Q & U→K

Would that be about what you've done there ?

d7864b No.1746977


Idk this guy did it, I just made the program do it so we could spit them all out quick.


d7864b No.1747007


Yes there is a Rot16 though (A = Q, etc)

d7864b No.1747009


Right? I have no clue what's going on but this is exciting to me

6d9e1f No.1747026


Ohhhh ok. So there’s an easy way to spit these out? Is it something a high IQ-low programming knowledge anon could use?

6d9e1f No.1747058


He’s using increasing prime numbers it appears to divide the clock. That does split it up into 5 sections. 4 “cuts” as POTUS has hinted. I’m gonna fetch the clues I thought he gave us and repost for reference.

d7864b No.1747291


My bad I thought you were the other guy lol


That's the start of it? I've been messing around with it.

If you go through and look for more pastebins I made one w/ a GUI but you need to install some stuff (slightly more difficult than the usual "pip install <pkg>") to get the GUI to work. This paste is pure python that you should be able to run w/o needing anything if you're not on windows

6d9e1f No.1747379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS clues in this video at 39:23, (adds to 17), and at almost 40:00 talks about the hand going the wrong direction.

Best to watch from about 39:00, he sounds like he prefaces by talking slyly about us.

Another clue coming in a sec.

c7b507 No.1747425


Looks like he's using this modulo sequence w/ the 17 from above: 0, 17, 34, 51, 8 ….

The sequence is offset such that the clocks "1" is at [:05] and the sequence starting there would continue: 5, 22, 39, 56 ….

That's why "2" is at [:22], "3" is [:39] & "4" at [:56].

I have no idea yet, what's meant with [:00] at the clock's "1" position – 12/07 did well at [:00] so far …..

c7b507 No.1747582


Sounds a little bit overly dramatic for a clue, with us sillies guessing and trying our best ….

"And then early in the morning somebody turned the hand in the wrong direction. That cost our country a lot. That was a very, very, very terrible thing to happen […]"

d7864b No.1747589




maybe it's just one hand going in reverse?

6d9e1f No.1747726


Yeah but before then he said “and I’m being serious here…. cut cut cut cut”

And that’s an odd way to say he did a thumbs down. If you listen closely he says “the hand” not his hand.


I think he meant the dates. The one thing on the clock I think we need is for it to spiral the dates backwards, that’s winding the clock, and it has to reach into the past. Then the future goes up and around from there.

6d9e1f No.1747743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And I tried skimming through this video but couldn’t find it, but he says we’re in the 25th hour multiple times, which coincides with the clock restarting on 6/10.

6d9e1f No.1747760


Yeah I think I read it wrong.

6d9e1f No.1747838

I think we need a spiral from 12/7 going inward to 11/8/16, and our to 10/29 or 10/30.

Then we’ll see what lines up with what. If the clock did indeed start at election POTUS’ Twitter should give us some clues that we’re lined up right.

6d9e1f No.1747841


Out* to

d7864b No.1747872


which also coincides with the 1440'th post being the last post of a cycle and the 1441st post saying "start the clock"

86d0cb No.1748017

Sarah says Wray will have news conference later today.

c7b507 No.1748030


Who says qanon.pub's numbering is the numbering, Q (possibly) build a whole system of cryptic clues upon and around ?

qanon has some posts that were deleted, and also doesn't have others, which were deleted. Some Q-posts on qanon are packaged within a single post (e.g. #979), and some are mssing w/o having been deleted (e.g. F!ghtF!ghtF!ght) – so no, doesn't look like a reliable thing to do to look at postNumbers, from what I see.

d7864b No.1748325


but but but…no coincidences!

Nah I agree. The only post numbers that seem to matter are the ones on patriotsfight

c7b507 No.1748578


Thought about this too with the coincidences …. at some point a line has to be drawn … hahaha

If qanon.pub were Q, then things were different, though. Example "useless" coincidences: POTUS tweet Somolia vs Somalia (A & O, i.e. greek alphabet) + notQ talking "owls" → see >>1695163 …. With all respect to Q (Happy B-day Mr. President !) – Kek may control randomness, but not Q …. lol.

d7864b No.1749931


I actually checked the 'official' (not sure how official) google spreadsheet of posts and 1440 lines up there also. Could also just be people ripping from qanon.pub though.

Did a brief analysis of Q Posts, here's the breakdown of HH : MM : SS frequencies


TS 8 - CT 1

TS 9 - CT 1

TS 10 - CT 4

TS 5 - CT 5

TS 7 - CT 9

TS 6 - CT 11

TS 4 - CT 18

TS 3 - CT 35

TS 11 - CT 41

TS 12 - CT 63

TS 18 - CT 68

TS 16 - CT 69

TS 2 - CT 77

TS 13 - CT 78

TS 20 - CT 80

TS 17 - CT 82

TS 14 - CT 84

TS 15 - CT 85

TS 19 - CT 93

TS 21 - CT 97

TS 23 - CT 110

TS 22 - CT 115

TS 1 - CT 128

TS 0 - CT 145

d7864b No.1749933


TS 0 - CT 13

TS 59 - CT 13

TS 13 - CT 17

TS 35 - CT 17

TS 51 - CT 17

TS 37 - CT 18

TS 40 - CT 18

TS 14 - CT 19

TS 19 - CT 19

TS 43 - CT 19

TS 2 - CT 20

TS 8 - CT 20

TS 10 - CT 20

TS 56 - CT 20

TS 58 - CT 20

TS 55 - CT 21

TS 4 - CT 22

TS 23 - CT 22

TS 21 - CT 23

TS 26 - CT 23

TS 32 - CT 23

TS 46 - CT 23

TS 57 - CT 24

TS 7 - CT 25

TS 11 - CT 25

TS 22 - CT 25

TS 28 - CT 25

TS 34 - CT 25

TS 12 - CT 26

TS 16 - CT 26

TS 25 - CT 26

TS 31 - CT 26

TS 33 - CT 26

TS 38 - CT 26

TS 45 - CT 26

TS 49 - CT 26

TS 52 - CT 26

TS 1 - CT 27

TS 20 - CT 27

TS 24 - CT 27

TS 30 - CT 27

TS 3 - CT 28

TS 5 - CT 28

TS 17 - CT 28

TS 41 - CT 28

TS 50 - CT 28

TS 6 - CT 29

TS 53 - CT 29

TS 54 - CT 29

TS 15 - CT 30

TS 27 - CT 30

TS 42 - CT 30

TS 29 - CT 31

TS 36 - CT 31

TS 47 - CT 31

TS 18 - CT 32

TS 48 - CT 32

TS 9 - CT 34

TS 39 - CT 36

TS 44 - CT 37

d7864b No.1749937


TS 20 - CT 13

TS 52 - CT 17

TS 5 - CT 18

TS 42 - CT 18

TS 39 - CT 19

TS 29 - CT 20

TS 35 - CT 20

TS 43 - CT 20

TS 4 - CT 21

TS 22 - CT 21

TS 49 - CT 21

TS 53 - CT 21

TS 55 - CT 21

TS 9 - CT 22

TS 13 - CT 22

TS 23 - CT 22

TS 26 - CT 22

TS 12 - CT 23

TS 16 - CT 23

TS 33 - CT 23

TS 36 - CT 23

TS 37 - CT 23

TS 50 - CT 23

TS 3 - CT 24

TS 45 - CT 24

TS 46 - CT 24

TS 54 - CT 24

TS 0 - CT 25

TS 1 - CT 25

TS 11 - CT 25

TS 28 - CT 25

TS 32 - CT 25

TS 48 - CT 25

TS 14 - CT 26

TS 15 - CT 26

TS 18 - CT 26

TS 19 - CT 26

TS 44 - CT 26

TS 10 - CT 27

TS 30 - CT 27

TS 31 - CT 27

TS 34 - CT 27

TS 47 - CT 27

TS 2 - CT 28

TS 6 - CT 28

TS 7 - CT 28

TS 17 - CT 28

TS 40 - CT 28

TS 56 - CT 28

TS 57 - CT 28

TS 51 - CT 29

TS 59 - CT 29

TS 8 - CT 30

TS 27 - CT 30

TS 24 - CT 31

TS 25 - CT 31

TS 21 - CT 32

TS 38 - CT 33

TS 41 - CT 33

TS 58 - CT 38

23243a No.1751959

File: 36d4debe30ea3b4⋯.png (36.88 KB, 1649x410, 1649:410, qclock_hist.png)


Can't "see" columns of numbers, and have little idea what your abbreviations are (and the numbers). Since you mention frequencies, and these are looked at in cryptography, I'm assuming it's some kind of a histogram.

Done this in EST for both, minutes [:MM] and [HH:MM] – still ignoring seconds ….

12:09 (a.m. & p.m.) stands out, with some others.

d7864b No.1752604

6d9e1f No.1752771


Interesting how few :00 posts we have.

6d9e1f No.1752793


And most of the more commonly used minute stamps are even numbers or end in 9.

We need to figure out what sequences would overlap at these points.

23243a No.1753054


and [:59], right next to it (both 13)…

What's also interesting, on a 12 hr clock, there have been 107 (!) "HH:MM", with no post at all.

Don't like filling the bread with numbers, but for those curious there's a pastebin at: pastebin.com/SkY2LTe0

d7864b No.1753718


Lines up with the 107 marker being deleted! Is this the 107 marker?

d7864b No.1753733


It could be helpful to only consider the times that have the potential to be dates? Is that a true assumption?

Times like 5:45 are gone but 12:21 stay? 1:15 is good, 1:45 is bad, etc.

a07a92 No.1754505


I’ve had a similar thought. Like, everything after :30, :31, or :28 depending on the month matters in a different way. We could possibly subtract from 60. Maybe mirror means we only use 12-6 on both sides of clock. Also 1:07 possible keystone?

a07a92 No.1754550

Maybe we turn rings of clock so that all the gaps line up in even rows. Decoder ring style.

23243a No.1755009

File: ba9670f3c186cee⋯.png (11.95 KB, 1092x264, 91:22, qclock_postStat.png)


Not quite there yet, to exclude anything, which is why I made this pic – so anyone can have a look.

Have not thought much about it yet, but it looks somewhat autistic …. For a short explanation:

x-axis minutes [:MM] (60 of them)

y-axis hours [HH:] (12 of them a.m./p.m.)

black is combinations of [HH:] & [:MM] with no posts at all

blue is combinations of [HH:] & [:MM] with posts in both, a.m. & p.m

yellowish post only in the a.m. only

brownish post in the p.m. only

As for 107, not sure – just mentioned it 'cause it's an interesting number, and close to 108 as well.

a07a92 No.1755544


That’s majestic as fuck. 24 hr version may make it easier to spot symmetry for us not so autistics.

I wish I took statistics, anyone know anything about standard deviation and such things?

d7864b No.1760116


I agree, I think I like that better than just getting rid of them.

Actually, that's very interesting. Right now the :MM seems to be a pretty uniformly random distribution of numbers (which in itself is telling, if every Q post is planned to the minute (which it seems to be) then they're taking efforts to not make it seem (on the surface) like there is any pattern to the :MM

d7864b No.1760154



Ya this is pretty freaking glorious

107 missing is a marker

the 107 post on patriotsfight was removed

the 107 marker in the film (dark to light) is actually missing from some versions of the same film

is 107 prime? I feel like it is, but that's just guess. Watch it be divisible by 13 or one of those other lameass numbers

d7864b No.1760167


Uniformly random if you don't take into account that 107 times are COMPLETELY MISSING.

That does kinda throw the whole thing for a loop there…

23243a No.1760417

File: 78ecad8db60c591⋯.png (58.07 KB, 1108x299, 1108:299, qclock_postStat.png)



Mixed up colors for p.m. & a.m. in above pic, so here's one with numbers to make it clearer.

Sums (a.m. | p.m.) drawn for minutes & hours on top/right. Sums reproduce the histograms in >> 1751959

Except hours 12/0 & 1/13 all appears skewed towards the p.m. Hours [04:] – [09:] significantly less a.m. than p.m…. A man's gotta sleep. lol.

Minutes [:11], [:17], [:23] & [:28] appear quite balanced in a.m. vs. p.m. But I'm not sure if it's helpful like that ….

6d9e1f No.1760696


It doesn’t appear completely random to me, especially given the center of that glorious autist’s grid.

The deleted posts are important in some way.

6d9e1f No.1760720


Thanks for the hard work! This will be vital in some way imo.

d7864b No.1760904


107 is prime, if that matters


d7864b No.1761268


anything for us here? He says the trip was "worth every second." and I'm wondering if he's talking about the clock? My assessment is "no" but curious if anyone can see something I don't.

d7864b No.1761277



107 is a marker

The first post on this board is "Think clock. Wind the clock w/ all markers."

What does it mean to wind the clock?

23243a No.1761359

File: 3e2c7f1186f5bb6⋯.png (462.39 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_107mod60.png)



Found 107 interesting because it's prime (28th), "combines" 17 & 10, and is close to 108.

For what it's worth, and since "playing-dumb anon" ( >>1735897 ) has demonstrated it before: Here's the sequence of [:MM] markers around the Q-Clock, when doing: for i=[0,59]; [:MM]=(i*107) mod 60

Posting it because all clock markers [1,2,3 … 12] are where they should be, except anti-clockwise.

d7864b No.1761378


How do I read this?

d7864b No.1761394


i see now!

d7864b No.1761430


This is winding the clock? I think you just 'wound a clock'

What are the markers we've been given? 17 is a marker, 107 is a marker

23243a No.1761499


No, no .. nothing to read. Simply a test of how the sequence of N_i=i*107 mod 60 would arrange around the clock. Should have drawn the clock anti-clockwise direction, because [:05] is at "11" o'clock position, [:10] at "10", [:15] at "9" o'clock etc …

Thus, mapping the minutes markers [MM] (not by a series of multiples of 17, but multiples of 107) interestingly reverses direction for these "primary" markers on a clock, which is a nice "coincidence", I figured.

d7864b No.1761528





We have a bunch of markers, all are co-prime (i think this is the right word?) w/ 60. Why does this matter? Because the we can arrange the numbers 0-60 around the clock w/o any repeats. This is one part (the only part?) of winding the clock


Are there more parts to winding? Do we wind the days? (w/e April day that was :13s, is that 13s for getting the clock right, or 13s always even after we wind it?) Do the days always progress around the clock in the same manner? (I think yes?) Does the clock always progress in the same manner after being wound? (I'm going to assume yes?)

Do we have any hard rules yet for how to use the clock, or is it mostly just throw stuff at it and see what sticks? So far my understanding is that days that line up have related q posts, and that you can take the :MM of the date, turn that into a date, and then find some future proves past shit

Anyone have a better definition of the "future proves past" stuff?

d7864b No.1761542


:05 is 11 and :55 is 1

?? seeing too much into this?

d7864b No.1761551


what do you mean by reverse?

d7864b No.1761632


if we flip this clock and reverse it,

we get 5 -> :05

d7864b No.1761676

d7864b No.1761882


Ignore this? Idk. I actually like the 107 clock…

23243a No.1761957

File: 4cffa481ee589b7⋯.png (70.22 KB, 459x457, 459:457, qclock_107mod60.png)


>what do you mean by reverse?

simply the reversal of the 1,2,…12 clock markers, which coincincide with [:05], [:10], [:15], etc (pic) … unfortunately all the other minute markers appear "scrambled up" (pic)


Not ignoring the 107 … seems like a good number with its close resemblance to 17. Just running around and also doing other stuff.

d7864b No.1762070


ahhhhhhhhhhhh owl and y head

23243a No.1762092


Darn. Where's the owl … lol … Just wanted to point out that 2 changes pos w/ 10 & 9 w/ 3. Did I draw an owl?

d7864b No.1762096


Do we have a "rule" for using the clock yet? or is it just see what matches up, and then see how that matches up on the clock (it usually does, but I've only done 1 or 2 myself)

d7864b No.1762161


owl is the matching black/gray (minute or hour) hands

23243a No.1762181


Wouldn't know about "rules", probably not. But the thing with putting the minute hand where the day is, appears to work out.

There's the "13min mark" that goes well w/ that, the posting at 14:58 on 06/03, the pens, and many of the "daily clocks" posted in the general.

What I am missing, still, is some mechanism of selecting, excluding or ordering Q posts by way of some system that actually involves the timestamps.

While fine for "day-to-day happenings" apparently, above method of putting the minute hand on the calendar day doesn't make use of the actual "HH:MM" timestamps we have in the posts …..

d7864b No.1762289


I think we need to do something with News? News unlocks the map. I don't think the qlock + the qposts alone make magic happen, I could be wrong though.

d7864b No.1763186



New Q posts today link to two non-q posts, one of which violates the "107" marker (17:19 is a 'forbidden' time). I take this as an indicator that we're on the right track? At least it doesn't break that convention.

"When does it become mathematically impossible"

I forgot how to actually calculate this, (something to do w/ random variables and expected values and shit) but I can simulate it, so I just went ahead and started simulating it to see how many we shoudl roughly expect to be missing.

So picking times randomly [00,12):[00,60), averaging 1000 sims, we should expect the following for each corresponding number of q posts:

1400 posts - 102.888 missing

1464 posts (when we were given 1:07 marker) - 94.021

1500 posts (where we are now) - 89.725

Hopefully this is sorta helpful? I realize we really want to be able to compute given these values, how aberrant is the fact that we are missing 107 @ each value.

Given that there are 720 possible permutations for the time, my intuition is that being 25% off E[miss] @ observations = 2*outcomes is pretty aberrant, but statistics is always super counter-intuitive so who cares what I think.

TL;DR - today's q posts and analysis gives more substance to 107 being a marker

d7864b No.1763320


nvm this is wrong now =(

23243a No.1763344


With a good dataset & good tools it's really not much work. Chips are the slaves, so no problem. ;)

Wondered if "scrambling up" the minutes and/or hours through some mod 60 operation qould be useful, so that a more regular pattern would emerge ….

Also, checking the sequence (in time), how the initially all black grid got all the blue & yellowish squares may be instructive.

(also >>1763186 )

Q (as Anonymous, if that counts …) just filled one previously black square at 05:19.

d7864b No.1763444


anonymous doesn't count, but 15:45 was just filled in as well

23243a No.1763527


thanks, still not there – have a back-log of bread. lol. Updating data & pics while reading bread …

d7864b No.1763687

FWIW I still think this is one of the best proofs of the utility of the qclock to date


5/14 date + news -> :38s -> 3/8 date + qpost == promises made, promises kept

But is that the hard-fast rule? Take the date of a news story, find corresponding seconds, turn to date, find qpost?

d7864b No.1763880

File: 401696d47a20877⋯.png (957.88 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qproofimage55.png)

Not my work but https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1763608.html#q1763632

This looks super useful.

23243a No.1764216

File: 0ca3bb1d48ca914⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qproofimage55wgraphics.png)


Yes, thoughtso too. T'was re-posted w/ a bit more info, i.e. caps.

Back in #2026, there was >>1610688 , initially. Tried it out above in >>1615438

However, this configuration doesn't work out as beautifully in all cases unfortunately ….

9118a8 No.1764244

File: 3a79fc747077bf0⋯.png (171.09 KB, 963x551, 963:551, 1725084.png)

File: a342e7816bfea88⋯.png (42.68 KB, 703x225, 703:225, CM.png)

File: 5bfc12d289a9667⋯.png (62.95 KB, 928x348, 8:3, Feb 23.png)

File: 41c4626752cab4b⋯.png (47.72 KB, 305x161, 305:161, Qlock detail.png)


>This looks super useful.

I don't know how the dates were arranged around the qlock, but in my mind it's confirmed.

>6/14: CM twats about Q post [1725084] about fixed injection

>2/23: Q posts about board injection

111 days delta

>6/15: Q posts with :33 timestamp

>:33 on Qlock aligns with 2/23


23243a No.1764360


Check for example >>1597885

Anon >>1563625 was persistent. Don't know if the idea had been floated before.

Would have to re-check when exactly the 111 days idea emerged, but was most convincingly indicated by POTUS' water-move at the FEMA meeting recently: 111 days b/w Q post ("Watch the water.") and date of FEMA meeting.

a07a92 No.1765780

Q just gave us the code, or part of it.

Combining two anons ideas not my own.

Check timestamp.

:18 Stroll




Total minutes, :50.

Delta :14. 1 + 4 = 5


23243a No.1774958

File: d3e665375973720⋯.png (470.04 KB, 832x832, 1:1, 5:5_mirror.png)

File: f0cd0317b324e99⋯.jpg (19.58 KB, 445x259, 445:259, curvedMirror.jpg)


That thing with the two tweets, reminded me of the "Good[win]"-exercise a bit yesterday, when we got the "1" marker confirmed.

Yesterday's two times in a clock would look like this … the concept makes me think of a "curved mirror", with the center of the clock being the "focal point".

23243a No.1775141

File: 1128269cb2cd827⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_blank.png)

File: 55bb2b6d0d9f414⋯.png (257.7 KB, 1180x317, 1180:317, qclock_postStats.png)

File: e077cb07c3d37d2⋯.png (170.21 KB, 1842x1376, 921:688, timeline.png)


There's an updated template of the Q-Clock with recent posts marked in the calendar.

In case someone is curious about patterns and the number of Q posts in each of the minutes [:MM] & hours [HH:], there's also an update of that beautyfully useless pic in >>1760417

… and speaking about patterns, for the barcode fags there's an updated timeline of Q posts.

a07a92 No.1775596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here’s something I was watching last night that triggered a similar idea in my mind. Hopefully it’s helpful.

bf1c57 No.1791968

File: 1a5065b486712ce⋯.png (2.79 MB, 2744x2602, 1372:1301, q_diffs15.png)


Back to the drawing board, and related to the pair "stroll"-tweet/post recently, I took an old algorithm, which selects all posts & tweets with a delta of [n] mins, and coupled it to the clock drawing script.

Added the "peace"-sign – hoping it could give me some indication as to if some of these deltas are intentionally or have meaning.

Turns out there are six pairs of tweets/posts (if none were missed) with the Q post leading the tweet by 15 mins (secs discarded).

So the question is, does the date of any of the tweets/posts combinations have to be on one of the mirror lines for the tweet/post to be meant related?

(large pic – sorry, wanted to keep it readable)

5a3490 No.1793096


The lock 15, 10, 5 one is interesting.

Possibly the clock rotated around with the clock and when something is Twitter verified it locks into place at that time stamp?

Also, 15, 10, 5 could be the increments we’re looking for related posts. When the delta is 15, you use that pattern. When it is 5, maybe 5 days in succession, etc. The delta gives us the pattern of drops and confirmations we’re looking for.

e7d4ea No.1796115

File: 3aa54d5852d4944⋯.jpg (59.08 KB, 500x361, 500:361, clock cipher.jpg)

File: 05db28d1016012b⋯.png (369.4 KB, 832x832, 1:1, [0]WLclock.png)

are there any posts from 6/11 that have 8: or 54: in their timestamps?

bf1c57 No.1797443

File: 6a6f5fbf68a82b5⋯.png (12.29 KB, 220x308, 5:7, qposts0611.png)


Felt so too since the 15,10,5 one is the only one with calendarDay on main mirror line. The other one (not matching) has it on an orth. mirror line.

Will check if I'm smart enough to find a way to rotate the clock and try some deltas …. q team's likely getting hopeless slowly, with us still not having it figured out after so much time and hints … lol


All posts found from 11-Jun + all posts 01:54 (am/pm) in archive, using EST from the multiple timezones html.

bf1c57 No.1797494


Missed the only 13:54 post – must foqus …

09-Dec-2017 13:54:51 (EST)

bf1c57 No.1802509

File: fa1e5e28e8d1e71⋯.png (50.59 KB, 1226x1210, 613:605, daysVSmin_grd.png)

File: bc62d787a37b90f⋯.png (48.95 KB, 1226x1210, 613:605, daysVSmin.png)


Attached pics completely unrelated, of course, lol …

You're a genius Anon, thank you. Haven't considered the clock cipher, but 06/11 is at the minute mark [:06] – symmetrical about [:00] to [:54].

So if there's no ":54:" in any of the days at [:06] then that could be a rule …. In case such rule would be valid, we shouldn't find any ":53:" at [:07] ?

Attached two pics show this (diagonals of black squares in the gridded image).

It also shows there's certain periodicities with the distances of the colored dots, and also some "shapes" (i.e. ensembles of colored squares) appear to be periodic (better visible in the non-gridded version, I found).

black / gray – no / one post

blue, red, green, yellow,white – 2,3,4,5,7 posts

Looks like there's significantly more black in the lower part (and upper), less so in the center part. Also [:25] on the x-axis could be some (vertical) symmetry axis?

Have to look at/think about it more…. There's certainly symmetry visible, and that even though this is an intermediate state, i.e. some black squares will disappear in the future (and others take other colors) with more Q posts coming in ….

bf1c57 No.1804646

File: 521d5fac910b653⋯.png (25.95 KB, 1214x492, 607:246, daysVShrs_grd.png)



When one did the same as before, but would plot hours [:HH] of the post's timestamp versus the calendarTime (i.e. the minute mark of the day Q posted), then the result would look like this.

If that's correct, then for every day Q posts there's at maximum two time windows to use. The start in end of these windows correlate in a linear fashion with the minute mark of the day of the post. Number of posts per [HH:]-[:MM] combination b/w 1 & 41 with a single max. at 130.

Now I am amazed !

5a3490 No.1805052

Here’s a coincidence or two we may want to look into.

From: H

Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013 3:33 PM

To: 'sullivanjj@state.gov'

Cc: Huma Abedin

Subject: Will you bring my materials w you

Q <————


I didn’t add that Q, check link. It’s in the Wikileaks text.


Also, coincidentally, we have this.


7 Jan 2018 - 3:33:45 AM


7 Jan 2018 - 3:27:17 AM


Then we need to dig Planned Parenthood. Whatever they're doing to babies/fetal tissue might be more sinister than ever imagined!


Review the Congressional investigation on PP.

Be prepared for what you learn.

Next question - how are they allowed to operate?

These people are SICK!



One is AM one is PM but same time stamp. Darkness to light?


1/7 is a “wind the clock” day as well.

Oh, and also on 1/7/13, our friend ES started his trip to NK!!


Future proves past faggots. We must expand our thinking. Quite possibly the MAP may be a guide to navigating Wikileaks.


If you go to link below, type in 1/7/13, and then input to add 1800 days (a multiple of 60, i.e. lines up on Q clock), that will get you to 12/12/17. Play around adding and subtracting 60 day increments. Lands on interesting dates.


5a3490 No.1805077



bf1c57 No.1805176

File: f984d39209820fa⋯.png (26.78 KB, 1214x492, 607:246, daysVShrs_grd.png)




Sorry, it's a bug Apologies … Almost, but still BS 'cause I'm an idiot. lol… Trying math with characters …

So here's the corrected picture. Please disregard the previous one.

Values now are between 1 & 15, with a single max at 70.

Colors go from darkish blueish over green, yellow to red. Dark red is 15, white is the 70 one.

5a3490 No.1805226


Kek! I was just shouting on the main board on your behalf.

My coincidences above are interesting still no?

bf1c57 No.1805289


Yeah, I almost also did that, but something looked off and I double checked. What a shame … lol. damn me … ! sorry again.

The Sullivan email is interesting … will check. Thanks.

bf1c57 No.1805517

File: 410105924894f7a⋯.png (15.47 KB, 853x169, 853:169, q-quartett.png)


>Will you bring my materials w you

If you search wikileaks for "Q$" (w/o quotes, $ is regex for EndOfLine), then there are a couple of mails. Looks like they used Q for "question" – with some maybe "quartett". Not sure if that refers to some diplomatic international meeting or sth else.

5a3490 No.1805981


The Q is only present in the text version, the PDF it’s absent.

Also, note that on 1/7/13 ES went to NK. And on 1/7/18 Q posted at 3:33, same exact time stamp as this Wikileaks email was sent.

I think Q clock/MAP is gonna lead us around the massive amounts of Wikileaks sauce that is already out there.

5a3490 No.1806056


Also, if you jump ahead 180 days you end up on 6/10. A lot of our other clock durations seem to end on this date.

d7864b No.1806144




I like this train of thought because it fits with the idea of "winding the clock" each week. The week influences the "winding"

can we take the times :MM modN and see if that helps? modN being "winding" the clock.

ideas for what N = ?

nth integer that is coprime to 60 (so [0…60]modN => rearranged set of [0…60])

where n is the week # since the first q drop. Only suggest because last week was week 23, and 107 was a magic number last week and starting from 17 it's the 25th? Which isn't exact but that's just where my head is at.

(1, 7, 11, 13 (I would start at 17 though, cuz Q)) 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 49, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 77, 79, 83, 89, 91, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 119, 121, 127, 131

d7864b No.1806209


The blueyellow pattern along the bottom is interesting

d7864b No.1806214


blue - yellow - blue

593da2 No.1806299



11e1b6 No.1806582

bf1c57 No.1806584


That's quite possible, and JA had been mentioned more than once, incl. the confusion about his whereabouts. ES (Edward) a good candidate as well ….

But still trying to see what it's going to be – must be bigger than WL alone, me thinks ….



Yes, that's what I thought as well, since I'm a dumbass, and had a bug in >>1804646

I'm double-checking everything again …. Seems there was a similar error in the other one as well – kek !


794dc9 No.1807191


Agreed, probably includes Wikileaks, certainly news reports, CIA drops, etc.

Also, keep going with your color coded guide that will go a long way to figuring this out I think. For example, if we figure out all time stamps with prime hours (just a random example) refer to Wikileaks, we can further specify your system to see an overview that might unlock whatever it is we’re looking for.

794dc9 No.1807214


Also maybe consider marking the flag posts, those seem to be important.

d7864b No.1817783


how are you making these graphs?

ef7df0 No.1822998

I noted a call for clock-winders.

Is there a step-by-step guide located anywhere? I can't find one.

Something that shows a beginner:

- how to read & interpret the clock

- how to wind & work the clock

- how to connect the clock to posts ?

Would be very helpful & may go some way to bringing in extra help.

bf1c57 No.1834258

File: f3f0f9a2d4c1ae7⋯.png (482.91 KB, 832x832, 1:1, clock_init.png)

File: 7c24b0498583ff2⋯.mp4 (378.88 KB, 832x832, 1:1, clockWinding.mp4)

File: b3a02e4694936c0⋯.png (481.37 KB, 832x832, 1:1, clock_wound.png)

>>1805176 >>1802509

Having checked all kinds of scrambling using moduli and re-drawn above images, it appeared useless to look for periodicities/patterns in them. As said, the above were results of a bug in the script. Will update these as time progresses, and if someone wants to see them, I can post them. Other than that, if no patterns emerge, I won't post them anymore. … It was as frustrating as it was silly – lol.

Back to the markers & winding: As shown above in >>1791968 I've checked all tweet/Q post timestamp differences for (arbitrary) deltas, and found that, the [:15] min example is a good one to demonstrate the idea of winding the clock, as I currently understand it. It goes well along the lines of >>1599207 (above), but I might as well be wrong … So here's the idea:

(1) On 07-Jan-2018 22:09:13 (EST) Q posted "LOCK: 15-10-5 […] [1] SIG" – anons started looking for time differences of 1 min (also, possibly, for 5, 10 or 15 mins).

(2) 22:23:39 (EST) POTUS posted a correction of a tweet. Correction was "consensual" -> "consequential" ("Good[win]").

(3) A minute later, at 22:24:23 EST, and 15 mins after Q's initial post, the second part of that tweet was posted, which triggers the winding.

(4) To start off, both times fullfilling the [:15] min condition (Q post & DJT tweet) are drawn into a clock (left pic)

(5) Now we "wind" the clock – Q said 15 mins, so we "wind the clock w/ all markers" by 15 mins (movie)

(6) Observation of the clock (and mirror lines) after winding it by 15 mins shows, that one of the main mirror lines (darkgray) hits exactly the date of both, Q post & DJT tweet (right pic, date circled dark).

Note to (5): Of course, it doesn't matter much if clock hands are rotated, or if the complete clock w/ all markers relative to the hands.

Note to (6): The fact that the correct date lands on one of the main mirror lines, could be understood as confirmation, that the process was conducted properly.

bf1c57 No.1834528

File: 3bbd2f34f2e9fd5⋯.png (485.13 KB, 832x832, 1:1, qclock_171855.png)

File: 287032ad27ef54f⋯.jpeg (28.42 KB, 474x394, 237:197, pleasespeakslowly.jpeg)


All free & open source for non-commercial use.

Clock using: texample.net/tikz/examples/

Patterns with: gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/doc/5.4.3/Gallery.html#the-50-examples


There's another example for the 15 min marker, with a Q post from 15-Jun-2018 17:18:55 (EST). In this case, however, POTUS' tweet was 15 mins earlier. So I am not sure if valid. Posting it because also here, the date falls on a main mirror line.

Valid example with POTUS before Q ? If so, no winding necessary because POTUS before Q ? …. darn …. (2nd pic partially related).

e7d4ea No.1844129

File: 2046267c3ca2ab3⋯.jpg (71.01 KB, 408x498, 68:83, rings.jpg)



Awesome animation and explanation for the anons. That's an interesting way of dividing the clock. Thanks for posting the clock wound position. I'm going to look for some examples using your method.

4b92a4 No.1848610


Q said that’s the secondary confirmation formula. I think that means the seconds matter.

# of Q posts : # of POTUS Tweets : Time on Qlock


Q - 11/25 14:22:21

:21 = 4/27 on Qlock

4/27 = 22 Total Tweets

4/27 = 14 Total Q Posts

Ground rules:

-Q posts count and count twice when he reposts himself.

-Links within Tweets or Q posts count as another connection.

-@ adds a connection

-Flags, pics, videos, etc count as their own connection.

-Anon posts do not count except when Q says confirmed or exclamation point or something.

More examples.

Q - 3/23 13:14:06

:06 = 4/12 on Qlock

4/12 = 14 Total Tweets

4/12 = 13 Total Q Posts

My favorite one…..

Q - 5/21 07:04:49

:49 = 5/25

5/25 = 4 Total Tweets ALL AT THE SAME TIME 8:04. An hour off.

5/25 = 8 total Q posts. Again confirming the 8.

Somebody please check my work here. Here’s the Q post that tells us to do something like this for reference.



14 Jan 2018 - 12:28:29 AM

Side_by_Side (graphic form):

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





4b92a4 No.1848758


Also, to keep it simple, I only used standalone Q posts. Ones that reference each other may get interesting. Maybe that’s what the “REMAINDER below” is about.

86d0cb No.1849261

File: 97df7e2da9467b5⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 236x214, 118:107, 2cna5a.jpg)

8ab662 No.1853217

File: 5af88f1ce3f77ff⋯.jpg (228.09 KB, 1875x1875, 1:1, seeingclockseverywhere.jpg)


Sounds like a promising approach. Thanks for sharing ! Just checked the breads & noted the clock posts. Will all be studied (and hopefully understood). Not tired out – just busy with other things…. Will have more time over the weekend.

a9f1ab No.1853334

File: 578062a44521fcc⋯.jpg (640.9 KB, 1798x1273, 1798:1273, 20180622.jpg)

Greetings, fellow ClockFags. This isn't getting noticed in the breads tonight, so I though I'd share tomorrow's Qlock here. God bless and carry on!

a9f1ab No.1853515


FYI, same anon who posted the Qlock here. I don't care who gets credit or a notable for these in the main breads. Share to your hearts' content. I just want to see the message go out. Furthermore, they're great for re-reading crumbs. Also, they're great for matching up news stories at the end of the day.

6d9e1f No.1853664


Yeah this is solid.

Been trying to get people to help verify >>1848610 but the board is a little slow today catching on.

Night shift starts soon though, they are the best.

6d9e1f No.1853678


Appreciate you faggot!

bbaa63 No.1854217

Holy shit. Ok I'm still taking all this in. But i have something to add. The Stormy thing never sat right with me. Like i thought she was team Trump somehow. With the shitshow that's become, maybe that's true.

So Stormy shows up during the storm. She gets huge press for her ridiculous 60 minutes interview. She disappears from the news shortly after the nxivm takedown. And in the closing hours of her fame, the internet was on fire over her tattoo possibly covering up a nxivm brand.

Her tattoo is a giant clock face. I was in the threads about the time on the clock face but i can't fucking find them. It started with ppl thinking the clock read 3:33. But the explanation that ended it was that it was the time her daughter was born. Something like that.

Maybe you clockfags can make something of it. I'm not even sure how you guys deal with hour and minute hands. I've only digested the dates lining up.

bbaa63 No.1854548


Uhh. Do you have one of these for today? The silence today is deafening.

a9f1ab No.1854607

File: 9e42e5c499374f8⋯.jpg (754.12 KB, 1794x1282, 897:641, 20180621.jpg)


Yes, Anon. Have at it. See if it matches up to any news today. That, or just re-read crumbs.

bbaa63 No.1854811


Which q archive do you use?

I'm pretty wary of all links.

a9f1ab No.1854905


I collect all of the Q posts myself from the chans. When I want to zero in on one, I exclusively use qanon.pub.

bbaa63 No.1854966


Thanks. Any thoughts on my stormy blog a few posts ago?

The clock appears to read 9:16:33.

07c7f6 No.1858548

File: 560afe44447ef36⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 202x255, 202:255, 7a95825c73576b4ccd62a91c73….jpg)

Newfag here, just throwing this out there.

What if we thought about the two clocks like the top and bottom of an hourglass? Their reflections may line up somewhere in the center.

6d9e1f No.1863495

Clock fags!

Start drawing the web. Pick a subject, I did RR, and search qmap.pub for that specific tag.

Then draw arrows from the time stamp where the date of the post lines up on the qlock, so for a theoretical post on 12/7 with a time stamp of 01:01:30, you would draw an arrow from :00 to :30.

Do this and tell me if the results are random.

Spoiler alert, they are not.

Can’t post my pic cause I’m phone fagging on apple but just do it and thank me later. I think there’s more to it but this is enough to notice a pattern.

761f47 No.1867069

File: c6aa147a0789f0e⋯.png (970.42 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, 55155clockwdeltaexpuseday.png)

File: 9ec5307e4f042ba⋯.jpg (296.04 KB, 540x494, 270:247, Clocks.jpg)

File: 1207ee7828d24c5⋯.png (943.99 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, expandclocksecondsmatterqa….png)

File: 6682b28dcc1a5bb⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qp55wgraphicsandboxes.png)

Thanks to the clockfag who posted the link in the main bread. I forgot this bread even existed (even though I saw some (you)s here).

Will drop some more stuff I worked on.

This is the 111 day theory. 55155clock….

Someone made us a nice Pepe. Clocks.jpg

Q and A thread based on SS (seconds). expandclocksec……

Final version of the 55 mirror link. qp55wgraph…

761f47 No.1867186

File: 65a7346463d7abd⋯.jpg (268.34 KB, 1875x1875, 1:1, clockpepe.jpg)

This is not my work but here is a copy pasta of another Anons theory. Think it belongs here for further research. I recognize some of the Anons here from the main bread.

Pleasure to serve with you, Anons.

COPYPASTA of Marker Theory


Q said that’s the secondary confirmation formula. I think that means the seconds matter.

# of Q posts : # of POTUS Tweets : Time on Qlock


Q - 11/25 14:22:21

:21 = 4/27 on Qlock

4/27 = 22 Total Tweets

4/27 = 14 Total Q Posts

Ground rules:

-Q posts count and count twice when he reposts himself.

-Links within Tweets or Q posts count as another connection.

-@ adds a connection

-Flags, pics, videos, etc count as their own connection.

-Anon posts do not count except when Q says confirmed or exclamation point or something.

More examples.

Q - 3/23 13:14:06

:06 = 4/12 on Qlock

4/12 = 14 Total Tweets

4/12 = 13 Total Q Posts

My favorite one…..

Q - 5/21 07:04:49

:49 = 5/25

5/25 = 4 Total Tweets ALL AT THE SAME TIME 8:04. An hour off.

5/25 = 8 total Q posts. Again confirming the 8.

Somebody please check my work here. Here’s the Q post that tells us to do something like this for reference. Also need some help clarifying rules for what counts as an indicator and what doesn’t.



14 Jan 2018 - 12:28:29 AM

Side_by_Side (graphic form):

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





761f47 No.1867258

File: 51ed838945d44da⋯.png (632.18 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, 6-21foundonehand.png)

File: b15eee6feaec144⋯.png (105.18 KB, 888x582, 148:97, 14matches.png)

File: 8b23e778863bcc5⋯.png (963.03 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, expandclock111deltademo.png)

If the Anon who made this is here can they explain the Green clock hand? Remade this meme without it but wasn't sure if it was significant.

6-21 just added one more marker to another Anons graphic.

14 matches is another Anons work but well done (sorry if repeat, didn't notice it on this page).

Demonstration of the 111 day theory as a delta. expandclock111….

761f47 No.1867289


Seems to work for the SS (seconds) marker. Just find it on the QClock and look at the corresponding dates.

Needs more ClockFagging for sure.

a9f1ab No.1868112

File: e1876c6738549b4⋯.jpg (532.77 KB, 1348x1294, 674:647, 20180623.jpg)

Tomorrow's Qlock

761f47 No.1868828

File: 6fa78d4fdaa992c⋯.png (379.41 KB, 1600x920, 40:23, qandareschedw lines.png)



New QClock confirmation in latest Q post

Time is 10:04 (MM:SS)

Find :04 on the clock and the date 4/10 is at that marker.

Most relevant matching posts in graphic (had to leave some out for spacing)

Graphic attached.

c8f839 No.1869565


Now do that with all time stamps. Mirror won’t always work but I do believe that’s a clock started date on that minute. 3/23

761f47 No.1870192

File: 035d203ccd75620⋯.png (134.64 KB, 1600x920, 40:23, MIRRORSCONFIRMwanonhelp.png)

Here is another Q Confirmation from the main bread (on today's Q Post)

907ae9 No.1870436

ClockAnons-Please make use of a spreadsheet I've been diligently keeping since the inception of Q. It contains all timestamps, then tabs for the following: Chronologically by Hr, Chrono by Minute, and by seconds. Then also includes @RealDJT tweets since inception of Q with timestamps, chronological by Hr and chronological by minutes as well as same deltas . I wish I had patience for clocks, but hope this helps all your talents.

https ://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OqTR0hPipmL9NE4u_JAzBiWXov3YYOIZIw6nPe3t4wo/edit?usp=sharing

bbaa63 No.1872094


Fuck you clockfags so hard. The 18 stack is so fucking juicy. I'm not gonna sleep because of you.

e7d4ea No.1873833

File: 559a50fea5c3e31⋯.png (2.07 MB, 2728x1952, 341:244, [1]wound.png)

761f47 No.1876315

File: 3315a0b4f312d17⋯.png (1.09 MB, 2320x1648, 145:103, clock 45.png)


Thanks Anon. Nice resource to have.

Back to ClockFagging.

Pic is another Anons Clock in honor of 45 DJT.

e7d4ea No.1877090

File: a87074f067095fa⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2136x1312, 267:164, NP@10.png)

171ea9 No.1880348

Another Qlock second hand confirmation. :25 = the only spot on the clock with no Q posts if you don’t count the backwards date.

Q !ITPb.qbhqo

23 Nov 2017 - 1:11:25 AM


Happy hunting.


Q has posted without his trip code recently, maybe we should look at the board and “hunt” for the hidden Q posts.

761f47 No.1881957

File: d8ed440fa3dfd2a⋯.jpg (79.24 KB, 576x288, 2:1, armymen.jpg)


Anon did you lose it with me in the main bread?

I was just choking your chain. I am assuming it was someone else who was reposting your work. I have the utmost of admiration and respect for your contributions.

You seem to be a vet around here and I assume you'd have a thicker skin.

Apologies if I offended (you).


a9f1ab No.1885851

File: 252cdc4b6172912⋯.jpg (454.06 KB, 1796x1200, 449:300, 20180624.jpg)

File: f1ffbb21f86ea4f⋯.jpg (339.15 KB, 1308x930, 218:155, 20180625.jpg)

Qlocks for 24 (today) JUN and 25 (tomorrow) JUN 2018


I don't know what you're talking about, anon, so we're all good. No worries. God bless.

9743b2 No.1888543

File: 930bc674d04b44c⋯.png (916.17 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, 6-23.png)

File: a0fd1a97f007e5a⋯.png (928.63 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, 6-22.png)

761f47 No.1889265

File: c3aa6cfbc164937⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, JFKQClockStartEndMirror.png)


Graphic for (you) Anon.

And what do you know? I perfectly mirrors the start date of the Q posts.

There are no coincidences.

Great Hive Mind ClockFags.

a9f1ab No.1889948

File: d4629567dfa6d53⋯.jpg (616.04 KB, 1348x1314, 674:657, 20180626.jpg)

File: 23c1df89186caf0⋯.jpg (504.49 KB, 1304x1291, 1304:1291, 20180627.jpg)

File: 432adfb2c1218b4⋯.jpg (408.69 KB, 1302x1281, 62:61, 20180628.jpg)

File: 4c01694680923f8⋯.jpg (467.62 KB, 1325x1289, 1325:1289, 20180629.jpg)

File: 57a51268ee2eb84⋯.jpg (587.01 KB, 1797x1365, 599:455, 20180701.jpg)

06/26 through 07/01 Qlocks

a9f1ab No.1889957

File: fe20b050b976170⋯.jpg (532.63 KB, 1287x1310, 1287:1310, 20180630.jpg)

File: 235b7cc31e9125e⋯.jpg (388.45 KB, 1154x1144, 577:572, 20180702.jpg)

File: 8bc4e26035eb435⋯.jpg (344.79 KB, 1346x870, 673:435, 20180703.jpg)

File: d800c7184d8a786⋯.jpg (639.15 KB, 1717x1367, 1717:1367, 20180704.jpg)

I neglected 06/30 in the last batch. It's included.

07/02 through 07/04 Qlocks

761f47 No.1890085

File: f0b2f3b40a1a452⋯.jpg (39.27 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1443729068513-1.jpg)


Thanks Anon. Great work. It is nice to have these in advance.

June 30 5:5 I can't wait.

Have a REDhead.

8886a8 No.1892715

File: 0ac80d3cb50aa07⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_blank.png)


Had been away – trying to catch up. Getting desperate about how hard it is when you miss just a couple of days, let alone being away for longer …. lol

Have checked some of the examples – there's clearly sth not right with the 5/25 & the 8 posts ….

5/25 was during the 11 day hiatus – if I didn't miss anything (very seriously) then my count is 0 posts on 5/25.

Created a "blank" (not sure if anyone wanna use it as such) which also contains the number of Q posts (in EST) for each day – should be easier to check for a quick estimate at least (even though Q's own references/mentions are not counted). For example, days like 04/06 with 28 posts would not easily work for an analysis of some "#qposts:#tweets:time" pattern assuming qposts stands for hours (i.e. "HH:") ….

The simple beauty of >>1889265 made me draw the spiral until 11/22 again although I'm as of yet still assuming 11/11 (possibly +2 days/chapters) is somehow a final date.

Oh, and a note on tweets: It's a bitch collecting these and getting an accurate count … Yes, I use trumptwitterarchive, but it doesn't have a good count on @POTUS tweets. Will never use twatter (or anything like that) myself. So maybe it's my fault, but I'd surely appreciate a reliable and homogeneous (in timestamps/timezone) "database" of tweets esp. for potus account.

Lol, and no "spreadsheets" for me, sorry – when I hear spreadsheet I rather think of something dirty (and that may also incl. Mr. Gates' products)

761f47 No.1892924

File: 451fe25f14cebec⋯.png (83.89 KB, 422x507, 422:507, kek army.png)


Thanks Anon that is a great resource. Makes it easy to check the theory that minutes and hours are number of Trump tweets and Q posts. It doesn't seem to work for all of them but definitely works for some. Not sure of pattern.

I find that clocks need to be really simple in order to catch peoples attention. Too many lines/connections and people zone out.

Only got one reply on the main bread to that Meme (someone posting to July 4 for fireworks> I assume only cause it is Independence Day and fireworks are a tradition).

Glad you ClockFags are here to share information with and get resources.

I love this spreadsheet (thanks again to the Anon who maintains it)


e7d4ea No.1893683

File: 1651c3da4af96b9⋯.png (43.75 KB, 332x207, 332:207, pepe dream.png)

a9f1ab No.1893789

File: 4ad10ad5f246da4⋯.jpg (505.42 KB, 1273x1218, 1273:1218, 20180705.jpg)

File: cc321d9c1591275⋯.jpg (722.46 KB, 2115x1262, 2115:1262, 20180706.jpg)

File: b009bbb48a320dd⋯.jpg (851.26 KB, 2246x1301, 2246:1301, 20180707.jpg)

File: d45d245f7a6acb4⋯.jpg (728.09 KB, 2121x1339, 2121:1339, 20180708.jpg)

File: 08ba43ea0109e0c⋯.jpg (474.46 KB, 1298x1272, 649:636, 20180709.jpg)


Nice job, Anon!

07/05 through 07/09 Qlocks

a9f1ab No.1893852

File: 71174db0496a255⋯.jpg (402.72 KB, 1288x1278, 644:639, 20180710.jpg)

I'm going on vacation soon, so I had to prep a bunch of Qlocks for you. Peace and God bless.

07/10 Qlock

171ea9 No.1893906


Roger that. Same here. I’ve been in and out of here and the main bread cross posting my own stuff and yelling when I feel like I found something important.

Us clock fags will be the ones everyone runs to pretty soon, we gotta Lee at it. I’m busy too, I wish I had a week off just to do my best autist impression and help speed this up a bit.


6/25 has come up a lot when messing with the clock. There’s certain dates that everything seems to lead to. 6/25 is definitely one of them, and off the top of my head 6/30, 7/4, 7/14, 7/30, 8/30, 10/1 and/or 10/11. And of course 11/11 and 11/25.


Yeah my white board gets messy sometimes I make stupid fuck ups. Has to be another connection there I fucked up.

But, did you just fucking count the Q posts and put them on the clock!!!

Fucking hero!


Amazing Pepe you got there.

8886a8 No.1894988

File: 5bf2802c971f550⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_q djt_blank.png)


Should be more complete with #Q posts & #Trump tweets – so here's a trial version of it.

With the colored circles being days when Q posted, it should be clear which number is which. Times are EST as before, number of tweets are only those from @realdonaldtrump taken from the CSV of the trumptwitterarchive.

Please use it as a primer only, when trying to figure out the #posts:#tweets:time pattern – I have not checked for completeness of the data at trumptwitterarchive.com, and assume @potus tweets would count as well.



(and all others) – God bless you all too, fellow Clockfags & Anons! Even if we're few …. I agree that anons will soon come & ask us to explain it to them. No fame wanted, always happy to help. And I, for one, wouldn't have drawn the clock w/o the smart & persistent anon a while back ….

So much love to y'all – and now enough with the ass kissing (no homo) … lol !

dbb121 No.1896081


Some of us are following, thank you for the work!

88306e No.1897493


I do hope

88306e No.1897506

am not knowledgeable of the codings.

would liek to see an interactive clock that would automatically show all posts directly related to a given clock time.

maybe this would be too complicated to make?

761f47 No.1897747

File: 258355e7e144cd3⋯.png (11.73 MB, 6900x5064, 575:422, DNFWUBFinal.png)


Thanks ClockAnon.

This is a great resource to have.

Glad we are still ego free (no "my" work versus "our" work) here.

We are All Q. No one is above another.


761f47 No.1897782

Damnit wrong version.

Here is the one with the "clock winders" badge added.

761f47 No.1897796

File: b2aaa94134ae5dd⋯.png (11.97 MB, 6900x5064, 575:422, DNFWU1badgewcw.png)

Okay I must still be half asleep. Forgot the picture.

Third time is a charm.

761f47 No.1897824

File: c2e6f28e81c3767⋯.jpg (68.22 KB, 500x605, 100:121, 2cm3ag.jpg)


Here you go:


Not an endorsement, just a link.

88306e No.1897903


OMG thanks you.

Now I just need to set up a VB with windows compatibility. Should be no problem, right?

8886a8 No.1898168


Whoever you are – please do not make these endorsements here –try do that in the General, anons will probably rip you apart !

I'll report this post and want it removed !

Reason: Evilwulf is a motherfucker stealing shit from everywhere (i.e. QClock & qanon.pub @ github), and now he has an exe+dll package with who knows what's in there published on a third party website !

The dumb faggot steals from people who publish trustable (incl. sources to be sure it's virus & bug free) material created through their work, puts his name on it, and now famefags with a shitty name and a shitty webpage …. Fuck him ! Please anyone, be careful with that link and the zip/exe file. I do not want that shit here …. sorry for my impatience about that – the mofo tried it before …. I hope the post will be deleted.

761f47 No.1898297

File: e3f5a320ab02f7c⋯.png (937.52 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, JFKQclockv2f.png)


Sorry Anon. Was unsure if it should be posted as is a paytriot setup.


Specifically said it wasn't an endorsement and was in response to an Anon request. I will report it myself as a DOXX.

I am this fag. (image related).

Thanks to the Pepe Dream Anon (stolen!!! and memed)

8886a8 No.1898347


Thanks. No worries please. Not angry at you. But I know how to work with open source material, and so should anyone who uses other people's material, esp. when it comes to the stuff we do here. It is crucial to incl. sources to maintain trust. And so I would probably have been less impatient if the mofo would have published it on here, w/o his silly name and incl. the sources …. but he didn't ….

Just got up and am only now having a covfefe. Probably that played a role too …. lol.

a9f1ab No.1902023

File: 3fd0c7a294d068b⋯.jpg (486.07 KB, 1349x1111, 1349:1111, 20180711.jpg)


Testing your new, beautiful Qlock with the next in the series. Great work, Anon. God bless!


a9f1ab No.1902824

Again, I say, post the Qlocks I dropped in the breads at the appropriate time. I already posted today's and tomorrow's and they're in Notables. No need to do so again until they drop out. I don't care who gets credit in Notables.


Another thing I've notice with my fellow clockfags is a concentration on seconds instead of hours and minutes. It's insanely hard to nail down seconds when posting. Personally, I believe that you'll always find great posts when concentrating on seconds because of the depth of Q's posts. However, I believe it's counterproductive to give them such a high standing when, at most, one may only try to nail the hours and minutes when posting. Believe me, I've tried to nail seconds.

Hope no one is offended by the latter view. You folqs rock!

8886a8 No.1903024


I agree that seconds is hard to time accurately (as necessary for any consistent & reliable cryptographic scheme) – that is, unless you have some kind of direct access to the servers (which would introduce a whole new level of Q's involvement …., and which I still don't believe is likely).

However, what was remarkable, when going over examples in >>1867186 , was that #qposts somehow often worked (or wasn't too far off)

However, a pattern like "#posts:#tweets:time", could also mean something like "DD:HH:MM" or the ":" could, intead of a time-symbol, also be some math operator, like division, modulo etc … still thinking, and like you said, while I keep the possibility of seconds in mind, currently I'm also rather tending towards not taking seconds into account.

Thanks for all your posts/collections! Did I read correctly that you posted 25th & 26th July already in one of the last breads, or was I just having covfefe withdrawl?

a9f1ab No.1903223


I made a mistake in the last bread and corrected myself. I mean to say 25 -26 JUN. Honest mistake, Anon. God bless you!

8886a8 No.1903397


Thanks! I'm all fine with mistakes all the time – even more so, when they are corrected (and, for example, one does not start gathering friends, to "vouch" that the mistakes were never there … LOL)

a9f1ab No.1904160


Bingo. We man up to our mistakes, Anon. God bless! Thank you for being so forgiving.

761f47 No.1904536


Yes I think they are in the servers and can ensure specific ties and post numbers.

Look at some of the quads and significant digits, not coincidences.

Thanks for the day pages in advance. We will make sure they get some traction until they make notables.

No individual glory. We are all ClockFags. We are a team who work together and support each others work. We are all Q.

Will look for seconds markers in the spreadsheet and try to meme up some new "coincidences" on our Q Clock.

761f47 No.1904774

File: ba434f4fc7027be⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, june25datestocheck.png)

Here are all the Q Drops at the :20 second marker.

Some glitches with date when it is around midnight so be sure to look. Easiest way is look by post number. The database is sortable.

Anyone visiting the thread can contribute by picking a Q drop and then checking for connections.


761f47 No.1905076

File: 4cab57591033733⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, 20seconddrops.png)

Here are the first half of the 20 second marker posts. Some good ones in there. Was getting too cluttered to do all in one graphic.

They need to be done individually I think and the connections made. Going to drop this main bread.

761f47 No.1905446

File: 5aeab387d0dec3d⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, 20secondpt2.png)

Here are the rest of them.

761f47 No.1905528

File: 2c7fb7c81a400df⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, 20seconddropsallinone.png)

Okay I squeezed them all into one as the second set were quite a bit shorter.

Here you go ClockFags. Have at it.

761f47 No.1909475

File: 0341ab3958582e2⋯.png (123.78 KB, 1600x920, 40:23, 21secondmarkers.png)

Today's markers (:21) and matching/reflecting dates.

Should be a busy one. Don't remember this many potential matches.

b29958 No.1911287



bf44a0 No.1912196


I have never posted to these boards before, but I feel the need to respond.

I was only trying to help out. I was introduced to the clock by an article on a website I read.

Given the amount of research that goes into this, I assumed that if I could write an app that would make that research easier or more efficient, it would help the movement.

Honestly, I've always used my silly name as my online identity and have never been an anon. I didn't post the app on here because until now, I hadn't even read this board.

I am a patriot trying to help. I'm not great at research, so I can't contribute much there. I was just trying to do what I am able to do as my way of contributing.

Honestly, I was completely blown away by the number of people that have showed interest in it.

Much like my shitty webpage, which I never really expected anyone to read, I never imagined more than a handful of people would care or bother to use the app.

It was out of ignorance of how this community functions that I have done things the way that I have thus far. I am not trying to get famous. I'm just trying to help.

4fedf1 No.1912244


the 6:25 fail meme ruins this graphic but the whole 5:5 year jfk death to first q post thing is fascinating. The planning behind this method of encoded timings is incredible.

761f47 No.1912268

File: 25df5593418cc08⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 491x418, 491:418, AutismSuperpowerPepe.jpg)


Welcome, NewFag.

Some old timers are overly sensitive about the Anonymous thing, and also Paytriots (those charging money for their work). I always assumed you were the fag making the clock picture posts to begin with (not the Anon who didn't want the link here).

Since you're here now. How do you specify where the files are? Or I guess where are they? When I ran the app it asked for files that I didn't know how to link. Didn't bother after that but was an interesting research tool.

I don't mind paying people who do programming (I bought the QDrop App, and I would give money towards QAnon.pub if that Anon requested it). Don't see that as "selling" the information at all. Anons are free to pay for programming the same as I pay for printing at my local printshop.


761f47 No.1912295


Yes I know. Feel free to delete it.

Here is the original. >>1889265

bf44a0 No.1912392


Thank you for the welcome.

No, I did not create the graphic. I was sent a copy of it when I started the app. I initially had no idea where it came from. Obviously, I know now.

I do not charge money for my work. Because people were asking, I did offer the option to donate to me, but everything I have put out regarding Q is and always will be free.

The app downloads the files itself. First time you run it, it will ask for a location on your machine to save the posts and images. Select the folder where you want to store them and it will do its thing. It will take a few minutes to download it all the first time. I actually have a (shitty) video on Gab in which I download and run the app as a how to demo.

761f47 No.1912674

File: 32e235a3e11427e⋯.jpeg (49.09 KB, 512x512, 1:1, comeinnewfag.jpeg)


Got it working now. Is slick.

Thanks Anon and once again welcome.

Another fine tool in the toolbox.

bf44a0 No.1912715


I'm in the process of adding an interactive clock similar to the graphic where the blue dots will be clickable to open the post windows instead of the box with a list of dates.

I would welcome any suggestions on other features that would be useful to you.

8886a8 No.1913090

File: 0aefae34b005d45⋯.png (111.67 KB, 667x270, 667:270, 1673440.png)

File: 0f91918d80895ba⋯.png (51.34 KB, 834x399, 278:133, 1233458.png)


Why do you even come here? What do you want? You don't know anything about the chans or anon-culture, and still you write about 200 words – what for? Ever thought about lurking more before posting?

On June, 8th 21:10:58 (EDT) someone came here namefagging, bragging with some mathematical symbols about his dumbass webpage. He was told to read the 2nd post on QR and fuck off — well it seems he didn't.

Evilwulf? "Good vs. evil" – anyone? Do you even think? And then you smack this bad name on a piece of work, you didn't even produce? On a third-party webpage?

You want to help … by stealing and putting your name on it, publishing some compiled shit for BillGatesFanVictims, that nobody can ever check, re-compile for his own platform or modify for his own use?

Your programming skills not even enough to be able to reproduce the clock w/o having to steal it from here? So what's next, you'll come here regularly for the updated blanks, right?

If it means anything to you, and for what it's worth: I do not want "Evilwulf" to use the Q-Clock! Got it? Probably you don't care, just as you don't seem to care about being an anon, researching or even lurking with us, establishing trust or doing your work here, instead of famefagging somewhere else. Still you use the word "honestly" twice ….

Poster [761f47] uses WWG1WGA quite abundantly – it wears out, you know, esp. when using it so inflationary and for every little fuckup that happens (and should not). And the anon is clearly not speaking for me in this case!

68c7bd No.1913138


Link each connected post text into a tensor flow search. Let the core do the autists work and UNION the two.

We will Catch up from “you have more than you know”

8886a8 No.1913167


If I remember correctly, the anon might be away from the board for a couple of days, so he posted clocks/posts in advance for us to be able to post them in the General regularly.

If you check further above, he produced/posted pics for all end of June & beginning of July.

68c7bd No.1913169


Parse the text. Cross reference a table of suspected characters.

Microsoft has similar. They fed it war and peace and it gave them a map of who was connected to who.

9626f4 No.1913340

Hi clockfags, I found something potentially interesting.

What happens if you take the mirror value of every single marker in a Q post? HH:MM:SS?

The first thing you would do is locate the second marker on the Qlock and then take the mirror value of it by looking on the opposite side of the Qlock.

Then for the next two values you would find the mirror by locating the delta between the mirrored SS marker and the MM and HH marker. For the HH marker the delta would still be counted in increments, and you would just choose whichever hour you land in range of, keeping 24 in mind.

Once you did this, you would get a new timestamp of mHH:mMM:mSS where little m stands for 'mirrored'.

Doing this with the latest Q post, for example, gives you a timestamp (mirrored) of 20:58:34.

34 becomes the new marker (interesting post there) and 20:58 becomes your new timestamp.

Then you would go on qanon.pub and look up posts with a timestamp of 20:58:** while keeping the 34 post marker in mind.

It's interesting right? Especially with the phrase 'forthcoming' = 'fourth (of july) coming'.

Let me know what you think….

761f47 No.1913471

File: 4aa56f8b6681096⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 669x640, 669:640, belong.jpg)

File: 574446a7663d36f⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, benicemanpepe.jpg)


The ability to sort by seconds (view all the posts with the same second marker) seems to be important. Tried with a wildcard ??:??:21 (doesn't work ;-)).

I would like to be able to quickly see all the posts with the same seconds stamp.

Anything that makes it easy to navigate is huge. Especially for the normies who tend to be less intelligent and inquisitive.

And for the brother Anon who does not want your participation I would ask for acceptance and understanding. That is what Q has asked of us.

It has been less than 3 weeks with a newfag who doesn't appreciate the history. Too valuable a resource to not have participating. Whatever the history was.

Graphics related.

bf44a0 No.1913495


So, this is probably pointless… but I'm going to try because being divisive should not be how we do things.

I came here because someone pointed this page out to me because of my interest in the clock. I responded to you because you called me out.

June 8th - was not me. I will not dox that person despite how overwhelmingly obvious who they are.

As I said previously, I have always used that name as an online identity. For a long time… something like 18 years. Yes, it may be silly, but it is what it is.

I did produce the app. So yes, I smacked my bad name on it.

I never took credit for the graphic or the clock idea itself.

I'm most experienced in C#, so that was where I started the app. Eventually, I'll write it in something more universal.

I'm a programmer… nothing more. I'm by far not the best. I never claimed to be.

The version that is out now was rushed because I had a lot of life stuff to do and wanted to get it done beforehand. When I can devote some more time to making it better, I will. If you have a better version, please pass it around.

I am here because I care… I wouldn't take the time to respond if I wasn't interested in building trust.

Honestly x2… yeah, I caught that after I posted… I retyped my original response a couple of times and didn't completely proofread it afterwards. My bad.

Ordinarily, I would just ignore negativity and go about my business, but this movement is important and I felt that it was necessary to attempt a civil dialog with you.

761f47 No.1913525

File: ac5242bdcacf48f⋯.jpg (107.99 KB, 736x828, 8:9, 90degrees.jpg)


Now we need some examples where it works. I think the times versus dates has legs (examples in this thread).

Enough mentions of mirrors and clock winding to not explore this further. Feel free to pick some examples and see if it leads anywhere.

I try to focus on the long Q posts that look like they are encoding a message. Believe there are answers to the questions elsewhere in the clock. Maybe start with one of them and see what is at the mirrors.

761f47 No.1913546


Even ClockFags get holidays. Yes he did say that he would be away. Suspect he is lurking or phone fagging.

Not sure if everyone knows this but the Puffin app for iCrap allows you to post here (ever since Safari latest update took away that ability).

6d9e1f No.1913652

No time for infighting on the Qlock board fellas. Points are made, back to work now. Leave your egos at home.

P.S. got some sauce incoming on :00 time stamps. Realized we will only get so far without incorporating tweets.

884d35 No.1913667

I am currently working on another universal Q clock template. It's going to look complex though, but its efficiency should be enough to predict, calculate significant events.

6d9e1f No.1913674


One idea. Q said to start here. Try connecting off of this post. I’ve tried and made some connections but the big picture eludes me. I think tweets are essential to this whole process.


14 Jan 2018 - 12:28:29 AM

Side_by_Side (graphic form):

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





6d9e1f No.1913685

9626f4 No.1913896

File: 99087e45b95e5ff⋯.jpg (684.54 KB, 3353x913, 3353:913, Q-HappeningsSolver.jpg)


Was this pic posted here yet… (test).

9626f4 No.1913911


Sorry I didn't explain it.

Someone who posted like Q gave us this picture in a bread a long time ago .. it seems to be teaching how to use tweets and markers to find things on the clock.

You guys can check it out and see if you think it's legit or disinfo.

6d9e1f No.1914225


I’ve seen it, we’ve got this far I believe except the decoding of the 3 hands I’m not completely grasping.

884d35 No.1914276


Got a full picture of the table at the very right?

9626f4 No.1914417

File: 96f13696e9c91dd⋯.png (52.33 KB, 668x1250, 334:625, 01c2da3ebb6bf0ad0cffd8bdfd….png)


Yes turning tweet markers into clock hands seems to be the trick.

The green box tries to help you do that.

I might sit down and work on it later depending on my health.


Only this one.

761f47 No.1914932

File: 39471a946d0de4c⋯.png (978.71 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, june27mirrorsec.png)

This is for tomorrow. Seconds marker on the only mirrored post leads to these interesting posts at the :16 second marker but…..

It needs another connection. I can't see it but maybe someone else can. Otherwise not a valid proof because I find all the posts are related in some ways so easy to see connections that aren't there. Just putting it up here in case someone wants to pursue.

Because of the nature of the mirrored post wasn't sure if this one would work or not (also is outside the official "start date")

6d9e1f No.1915269


I’m working on graphics right now to show a method related to this.

Hint: the word “zero” in Trump tweets actually corresponds to :00 timestamps on Qlock. :58 and :28 are the mirrored Qlock positions I’m making the graphic for.

Probably a coincidence but according to didtrumptweetit.com, there are currently 111 incidences of POTUS using the word zero in his tweets.

6d9e1f No.1915316


Hint #2. We have to go way back into the past with the tweets. Tweet on 12/10/16 is in the same clock position (were we to run it way backwards like I’ve been saying) as :58 (Qlock position) and multiple :00 time stamps.

So for now, we at least need to run the dark part of the clock in to 12/10/16. Proof incoming but may take me a while.

d0b5ea No.1915371

>>1914391. "Cassidy" by John Perry Barlow and Bob Weir performed by the Grateful Dead. We can share the women- we can share the wine… We can share all of yours cuz we done shared all of mine…

6d9e1f No.1915416


See the spreadsheet. It’s got errors unfortunately but the seconds seem to be accurate.


761f47 No.1915505


Yes I use that now (just sort them by the second column) to identify the posts to review.

Graphic earlier in bread for a day or two ago. Tomorrow is interesting because there are so few Q posts on the clock.

KEK on the zero marker to be used being identified by POTUS using the word zero.

Reflections around a certain point seem to work as well. See my posts on 55:1:55 clock and the proof with the five minute delta.

Do we have an organized list of QClock proofs? I am terribly disorganized when it comes to keeping track of stuff. I can think of a quite a few really convincing ones I have seen here but wouldn't be able to list them. Maybe an archive fag could compile something?


8886a8 No.1915917

File: 7b4239b08e6e91e⋯.png (116.01 KB, 1007x483, 1007:483, howsthisdone.png)


Was from "notQ" back in #2108. Solver had been referenced above in >>1691585

This is getting confusing – well, if not confusing, then convoluted at least … Have a collection of notQ posts, looks like I missed his last appearance in bread #2128. But will review the solver once more. Also, looks like we (or I) have a bug in the electrical system (pic) … lol.

All the best wishes regarding your health, Anon!


As I see it, there is no way of searching such large piece of data (as 1600 Q posts) online and in a browser for patterns.

Not sure how familiar you are with tools as "grep" (on Windows, install e.g. cygwin, on Mac/Linux use the console) – and you would have to have a reliable, complete & local copy of Q posts. I am using the three timezones HTML, and it's really easy to find any kind of timestamp, pattern or words. Let me know in case you're not aware and need more info.

I am very much wondering, why anons rely on an online resource (as e.g. qanon.pub) so much, when "archive offline" has been mentioned time & again …. For clockwork, and for me, qanon.pub doesn't work (and I have found at least two errors in timestamps there).

6d9e1f No.1916779

Ask Q some clock questions right now!!

19167d No.1918601


23 Nov 2017 - 1:11:25 AM


Happy hunting.



Considering tonight’s revelations that half chan has some insightful posts on there…. maybe we should look there to fill in the “keyhole.”

:25 anons. Look at the qlock on those dates. No posts.

28e444 No.1923632

Clock-work Orange is a red herring. All or most are being fooled.

The truth is posted here:


Key links needed to put the pieces together.

761f47 No.1928200

File: cd3c579f4dfc2bc⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1976x2264, 247:283, q-clock_6-28-2018rev.png)

Questions about this clock for the Clockfag who made it

Why didn't you post it here? Should be your (you) for anyone who is interested.

I added some lines (in pink). There is the :23 again.

Going to post to main bread. Please respond there or here. Hive Mind.


bf44a0 No.1928583


I can easily roll a timestamp search into the next version.


The next version will have the legend. I'll start playing with tensor flow to see what I can build in with it.

653c6d No.1929591

File: 8376e55b6b72497⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_q djt_blank.png)

File: 38b70dfb10ecdac⋯.jpg (68.48 KB, 630x630, 1:1, whiterabbit.jpg)


Day's not over yet and Q was still posting… so I thought I'd better wait with updating the clock, esp. since I am working with two datasets (posts & tweets) that I maintain myself locally.

Also, I don't care much for (you)'s, but would rather that anons by themselves respect other people's work (and not smack their name onto it someplace else – no joke – I mean who does something like this, honestly?). Luckily, large majority of anons does.

I try to do the update tweets on a full-day basis – as you can see in the attached updated version, tweet count for today is still zero as the day's not over yet in EST.

Working on decoding clock stuff all the time wouldn't allow me to follow the breads as much as I want, and obviously I am too dumb to have been able to decode clock-related comms by now, as they should be (let alone to usefully implement any cipher/letter system into it), despite the numerous hints, tests & even a "solver" we've been given. Too few people are interested/able (small hive) … so I am all happy with anons hunting (anyone's) (you)'s, and just try to be nice & helpful, where ever I can, hoping that we'll figure it out in time in order to know if we choose to, or Q will let us know how to work it, when the time is right … lol.

6d9e1f No.1929841


Very interesting although I’m a little lost… I would love a more detailed example.

6d9e1f No.1929906


One added “in the server” iota is that Q posted last night back to back, more than a handful of seconds apart, and it was mayhem on the board. Nobody managed a post in between.

761f47 No.1930092

File: 2663b66748e6830⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1976x2264, 247:283, q-clock_6-28-2018rev.png)


I try to update and post so anyone can add to it as much as I can. We are all anonymous here, I like that. It is no "ones" work. No one owns the truth. WWG1WGA.

Here is the final version of the :23 marker from the other Anon (I just added marker graphics and changed a title).

Had another interesting exchange but will post it separately. The (you)s being back to original helps me keep track of who I am talking to (especially here).

761f47 No.1930113

File: 54fc9f072c0ad5f⋯.png (19.6 KB, 1112x289, 1112:289, april17booms.PNG)


COPYPASTA from last bread (just so it makes sense)

5:5 is lined up on the Q-clock is on this Saturday 6/30/2018..hour marker 5 and minute marker: 25 if you mirror that it lands on hour marker 11 and minute marker: 55

what happens when you add the minute marker numbers 2+5+5+5=17 17=Q

what happens when you add 6/30/2018, you get 20 or 2

what happens when you add 11 or 1+1, you get 2

so now you take 2+2, which = 4

so 4/17.

Re-read Q-posts on 4/17.


>>1928581 (last bread, pasted above)

Here you go Anon.


Not sure if I see the convoluted way you got to April 17 but I liked what I found there.

It has begun.


(gives me shivers like seeing ENOU[G]H IS EN[O]UGH did so long ago).


9626f4 No.1932053

File: ebca2afe0283087⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1015x3685, 203:737, Q-notQ3.png)


Yeah that's right, it came from the notQ stuff.

I was never able to find out for sure if he was legit or not, but the strangest thing is that @Jack tweeted some picture out that matched the Qlock that notQ was asking us to build.

There might be something to it… and if not.. at least we can learn about the clock through his posts.

I have a collection of them too.

Here's the important one.

He wanted us to solve for something on the clock…

9626f4 No.1932073

File: bede468ee9f906e⋯.jpg (670.88 KB, 844x913, 844:913, Q-[0]WL.jpg)


I tried solving it,

you can see the @Jack tweet faded in the background and how it matches the clock.

It's very strange.

And like I said I'm not sure if its legit or a distraction.

Thanks for the well wishes too, I'm making progress on that front as well.

761f47 No.1932796


Thanks Anon. Never seen the NotQ posts. Doesn't seem to be a coincidence. I think we have nailed the QClock (as far as what dates match what markers and how to wind the clock).

Guess the OWL isn't quite as hoaky as I first thought. Trump on now. Hoping to hear some WE ARE Q chants. Nice collection of T-shirts there.

9626f4 No.1933287

File: b3c22b2beeb61a6⋯.png (50.85 KB, 492x263, 492:263, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)


Yeah there might be something to it, but I can't say for sure. And because I can't say for sure, I don't want to push the idea too hard and distract from the other stuff clockfags are doing.

One recent Q drop mentions Wikileaks and July though, so who knows (pic related).

And yeah I'm watching the rally as well. Wonder if one day there will be a direct confirmation at one of them.. we'll see.

a769d9 No.1936280


Yeah, this rings true like crazy.

31d816 No.1938208


Can you post the original pic from @Jack?


b8d197 No.1938430

File: f457eef84904e03⋯.png (537.32 KB, 958x562, 479:281, 4TH COMING.png)

Been away, made it back, just dropping this here with QClock, started it 12/7 but always thought 4th of July [29] had importance, not just in our history, but QClock as well.

Possible word play with,



7f114b No.1938620

File: 13abfb161d5b84d⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2900x2200, 29:22, 25.png)



I tried following your advice for 6/30 or :25.

Not sure if the graphic's correct but it was fun making it.

9626f4 No.1938682

File: 96e1e69aeb1c2ee⋯.png (318.45 KB, 690x710, 69:71, 1.png)

File: a73da88d76a5527⋯.png (633.13 KB, 693x721, 99:103, 2.png)


Sure thing.



The second picture with the tilted window in the background lines up perfectly with the clock hands that notQ gives in his post that I put up (you have to flip the clock upside down though). That's one of the main things that made me think notQ might be legit. Either @Jack is in on the joke, or something else is up.

Also in the first tweet you can see that he has a nosering on, which if you look it up is a sign of control, or of a way that farmers control cattle. I thought it was a funny inside joke because the elite like to call us cattle, and now perhaps Q team has turned @Jack into a cattle/goy.

If you take these two tweets and try and apply the formula in the Happening Solver picture you might get somewhere. I tried to solve it myself but I cut some corners and skipped a few steps so my solution might be wrong.

761f47 No.1938845


Nicely done Anon.

The time stamps are the next step. This really helps me to dig as making these things takes me forever (and they aren't nearly as good as yours or show off anons). If you find connections in times:dates just add the lines to this graphic.

It is a beautiful day here so I need some outdoor time. Will check in and contribute when I can.


761f47 No.1938940

File: ffc84319cff54fd⋯.png (2.08 MB, 2900x2200, 29:22, 25highlight.png)


You found the Q Clock confirmation. Green box. Marker location and seconds marker confirm match.

Maybe simplify it down to that one post (#53) and connect the :25 occurrences. On behalf of the extend the clock before Dec. 7 Anons we thank you for your service in confirming this was valid.

761f47 No.1939218

File: d27d821f9a659a1⋯.png (144.03 KB, 1077x524, 1077:524, june30marker.png)


Here is a highlight of the one that seems to confirm the matches. Haven't looked much further.

It is important to have these in advance I think. Not sure why they don't get any traction on main bread. June 28 was well confirmed on the QClock and didn't even make notables.

Maybe today people will catch on.

7f114b No.1939556

File: 4947d377001c646⋯.png (1.87 MB, 2700x2200, 27:22, 25simple.png)

File: 00ed7d516f3e270⋯.png (412.93 KB, 800x490, 80:49, sky.png)


Simplified version after 11/02 & :25 confirmation.

Should I include any other posts with :25 timestamps?

I'll keep working on it tomorrow. Have a beautiful day!

761f47 No.1940054


This is nice and neat. Hope you are posting them in the main bread as well.

Just got back inside. Haven't looked any further. Going to try to watch "White Squall" when it gets too hot in the afternoon.

Too nice a day to be computer fagging all day long. Some other Anons going to have to carry the ball on this one.

761f47 No.1940841

File: 6097ed5e82af762⋯.png (41 KB, 1100x210, 110:21, june28fortheclockfags.PNG)

We made the Notables ClockFags. Persistence pays off.

Well done. New Q now so expect it to slide quickly down the bread. Keep up the good work.


9626f4 No.1941388


This timestamp is really cool.


:25 confirms that it is on the 5:5 column.

3: confirms that it is on the 3rd row (excluding the grey posts)

So it does seem to hint at 06/30,

But what does the :36: timestamp refer to?

761f47 No.1942277

File: 1951ebe4d604100⋯.png (30.79 KB, 1600x920, 40:23, 36minutemarkersall.png)


There are lots to look through. Q live posting so trying to catch up on that. Was at beach. Life is good.

Anyone have a good resource with Q posts that includes line numbers? Think we are going to need it at some point in time.

761f47 No.1942446

File: 98c630c5df093a6⋯.png (20.33 KB, 346x598, 173:299, 36minutemarkersallcrop.png)


Do we need to move the clock all the way back to Oct 5?

10/05/2017: Potus says calm before the storm.

10/28/8017: Q arrives

23 day delta.

Would be nice to have a copy (maybe drop the post/tweet count to simplify it).

Calling the Anons who made it (or whoever can make a new one) to Wind the Clock even further back.

Better version of 36 stamps.

48c552 No.1942505


Comparing that White Squall trailer to ourselves and Donald Trump and this journey we are on together sent shivers down my arms

48c552 No.1942543


Especially since he just posted White Squall a couple of days ago. It makes me think we are about to encounter the squall very, very soon, like any day now. Maybe Mark Warner knows, too, what is coming and explains why he told his leftist donors to "buckle up."

48c552 No.1942588


What's with the clock? I really don't think Q is worrying himself about a clock with his posts. I think clock-ers are taking that path way too far down that rabbit hole.

48c552 No.1942632


Nothing. The "clock" is all stuff down some crazy rabbit hole.

9743b2 No.1943343

File: ce1695d97b5e25f⋯.png (768.05 KB, 2376x1164, 198:97, jan13-checkmate.png)

chessfag reporting in

clockfagging aligns with my earlier prediciton

of July 12

our start on the Q clock was 12/07

mirror that and you get 07/12

Q posted 37 exclamation points today

:37 on the clock is not only 07/12

but is also January 13th.. checkmate

while this is only speculation.. do you feel we

are within 2 weeks of shit totally hitting the fan?

761f47 No.1943406

File: 8db73a0aef31e63⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_q djt_blankpain37.png)


This too.

761f47 No.1943801

File: 689af8e29fcd4dc⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_q djt_blankpain37wc….png)


Here is what you could add to your graphic if you want to highlight the reflection and today's marker.

bf44a0 No.1943899

File: 4491925e920725a⋯.png (37.89 KB, 505x643, 505:643, seconds.PNG)

I'm still on the fence about the seconds of a post's timestamp being relevant. I've seen some convincing stuff, but nailing a post to an exact second is tricky. That being said…

On the clock itself, could seconds be representative of the time of day?

Each hour on the clock represents 1,440 actual hours. (60 days * 24 hours)

Each minute on the clock represents 1,440 actual minutes. (24 hours * 60 minutes)

So, by that logic, each second on the clock would represent 1,440 seconds or 24 minutes.

That leads me to this chart.

Don't know if this might be something worth looking into, or if I am running the wrong way with it.


761f47 No.1944907


Reread earlier in this thread. Think it was established by Q that they matter. I believe they can ensure post times and post numbers for their posts.

Seemed to be productive when identifying which clock marker to dig further on. It is a huge interwoven plan. Nothing to chance. No coincidences. Integrates Alice in Wonderland, Chess game and Q clock.

What an amazing story. What an amazing adventure to be with all you Anons.

Big QClock confirmations today. Not even over yet.

9626f4 No.1944983

File: f882232a2949911⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, Peace.jpg)


It reminds me of a peace sign.

Well found anon.

761f47 No.1945269


I like it!!!

Is the two day translation of all the markers based on the Alice in Wonderland Rabbit's clock being two days late?

More work for us if it is.


a22a05 No.1945304

File: 0b6835c3258be0d⋯.png (197.3 KB, 715x302, 715:302, Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at ….png)

For the first time ever, I nailed 5:25:00 in the main bread. Woohoo! Right on time!

9626f4 No.1945505


I believe that's what it is based on.

There might be proof in the fact that a 23 delta from :00 still leaves you two days away from 5:5 or 11/11.

So the two days late thing might be legit, and yeah it does make an appearance in Alice in Wonderland.

The chapters and events in that book seem to have significance for how Q team laid out 'the plan'.


Well sniped

761f47 No.1945672

File: 70dbe57f087a5ab⋯.jpg (113.37 KB, 500x750, 2:3, ithasbegun.jpg)


Nice Anon. We will claim our own time stamps.

For the Clock Fags.


PS Hope the holiday was good. I knew you couldn't stay away for long.

a22a05 No.1945873


Haven't gone yet. Holiday awaits. Thanks though. You folks are doing terrific!

6d9e1f No.1945996


7/30 for some reason keeps popping up for me.

6d9e1f No.1946213

From the main board, regarding our :23 conversation. Oct 5-28 = 23 delta.

Also, leap forward 30/60 day increments and it lands neatly on some comfy dates. I remember, looking backwards, there were dates in the past this pattern lines up with. I’ll dig on those and report.


White Squall: „In the year of 1960, the couple took aboard eight teenage boys from around the country for eight months of learning how to sail, be a crew, and respect one another.“

POTUS stated „Calm before the storm“ on October 5th.

First Q-Post: October 28th.

Anons, the Storm has arrived!

Q first posted October 28th - „and for 8 months of learning how to sail, be a crew, and respect one another“ - the day has come. Today, EXACTLY 8 months later!

Buckle your seatbelt!

9626f4 No.1946533


>8 months later

Nice connection anon.

Very interesting, and sounds like something Q team would do.

I'm buckled up. Let's see what happens.

761f47 No.1946740


Nice connection.

Maybe a clock winding meme from the first Q post to today showing the 240 day delta?

I asked if we could get a clock all the way back to Oct 5 but no response.

Anyone around who can generate the template?

We had good luck with going back to the first Q post (found markers that worked before Dec 7) Maybe Oct 5 is when the clock started?

6d9e1f No.1947556



Here is one could be relevant.

300 days back from 10/5 …. 12/7!

Knew I saw this pattern before.

6d9e1f No.1947609


Also, besides 240 days forward being today, 300 days forward hits 7/30, which I’ve seen come up a lot.

And 360 days puts us 17 days after 9/11 on 9/28.

653c6d No.1948275

File: fbe73f15d1eaaf6⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1664x1664, 1:1, qclock_q djt_blank.png)


Thank you, Sir. Good to hear your health is improving! There's more than a "white squall" happening, so we need all hands on deck … ;)

Thank you also for the @Jack post. Very suspicous of Jack (how not), and also of "notQ" – but when it comes to hints, I'll take anything I can get, trying my best not to get lost or mislead!

And @Jack, if you're reading this: To me you're still an asshole, w/ all the censoring, the (arab?!) money/influence and the "liberal" bias (and no, actually has nothing to do with being liberal) you appear to have & clearly practice on your platform. But who knows, maybe you'll improve, or "disinformation is necessary" … lol.


Timestamp (EST) actually is 13:36:25.


We've made the notables quite often, and I agree, persistence pays off, also humbleness & honesty. Talking about it: Look up evil-mofo's latest post on his webpage (paraphrasing: "just $1.99 per month on gab and you'll know what changes in the Q-Clock I am currently working on"). Much like a Q-Clock-Corsi. Reading his post, this guy is full of himself (and whatever else). I have seen the White Squall just yesterday (again). So I know what's it about…


What do you mean with line numbers? Total number of lines in each post? And why line numbers?


300 days back from 10/5 brings you to 12/09, 300 days forward is 08/01. 240 days backward from today is 10/31 – this is clearly visible on the clock. Difference between 12/07 & 10/05 is 63 days. That's a cycle & three days (just making sure) – so it shouldn't be too hard to do that in one's head. If someone comes up w/ stronger indications that "maybe Oct 5 is when the clock started", I'll look into it. Everyone at least around here should know that there tons of indications that 12/07 is when it started.

Guys, are you trying to keep someone busy for no reason?

f58293 No.1948491

File: f834dec0c949538⋯.png (745.29 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, f834dec0c94953881d3fe51b96….png)

File: 97f4e5baa229939⋯.jpg (176.42 KB, 448x872, 56:109, FIREWORKS.jpg)

File: 5d9207c743281bf⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 447x266, 447:266, justice.jpg)


Looking at the clock:

May 4th lines up with July 3rd

Pics featured are from May 4th

It's going to be a comfy July 4th, full of


b6e8df No.1949168

File: 1e1f88a010ab0d2⋯.jpeg (2.09 MB, 2442x2553, 22:23, Scan.jpeg)


Yes I meant the line numbers. Wonder if we need to be looking for specific line numbers (indicated by markers or some other system) to find the solution.

Example if the answer to a questions posted at :12 minute marker is line 12 in a mirrored post? Haven't reached that point yet but want to be ready if it comes to it.

And here is the expanded clock (not pretty but you can use it if you want to check dates). This is a different computer but the same IP address so not sure why my ID is different but I am the same fag as with the other posts.

6d9e1f No.1951652

Posted this on the main board. Throwing it here cause I know you clock fags think a bit differently. Thoughts?


Clinton was a Red Coat?


Follow me here. - 10 days, posted on 12/7/17. How long is a Q day if every second is one day?

60 mins x 60 seconds x 24 hours = 86400 days.

If we go back one Q day, it puts us in the middle of the American Revolution. Specifically, May 18th, 1781.

Quick skynet search comes up with a link to a google book dated this day, from Sir Henry Clinton, K.B., to Lord George Germain, reporting gleefully about how they raided all the French tobacco crops for that year.