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File: c13fa25441e8312⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 259x194, 259:194, selfsufficiency.jpg)

2f9871 No.1310117

This thread will be for those anons who wish to learn about self-sufficiency and for those who have information to share

It is clear many anons are interested so lets see how it goes

I hope this works - this is the 1st time i started a thread….

251d1f No.1310169


Is this thing on?

2f9871 No.1310189


yes it is!

post away and invite more anons too

just started

251d1f No.1310194

If you are thinking about buying some land and living off of it, before you buy the land, buy a used backhoe.

You will not regret it. Once you get you place up and running, you can easily sell it to the next guy.

2f9871 No.1310202

ill start with my story -at least part of it

i was a lawyerfag for 25 years - very hign end practice too

but i hated it

and it was corrupt

so i threw my license inthe trash and eventually becmae a prepper/homseteader

i learned so much and have many tales to tell

after i got over my fear of real life that the cabal instilled

\lets go anons WWG1WGA!

2f9871 No.1310213


better be a shade tree mechanic though

or know one!

first thing i learned was the test for any used equipment - "is it a dandy?"


yes you can make a living with a backhoe but also need a truck and trailer big enough to move it too…

2f9871 No.1310217

oopps was leaving the name in by accident

251d1f No.1310270


I didn't mean to make a living. You will need it for EVERYTHING you do to get a place set up.

Moving stumps, leveling land, digging septic system, etc. There is no other tool like it.

You can trade work with it for mechanic work if you can't do it.

If you are even thinking of living out away from everyone else, you need to be a shade tree mechanic, among numerous other thing.

2f9871 No.1310281


very true

i myself am not

but i learned about tires and batteries!

farmers 2 best friends…

94d76e No.1310283

Not a bad idea.

2f9871 No.1310291


you are also right on about "buy-renting" equipment to use for a year or 2 then selling

works great

we did that with a trencher for water lines

251d1f No.1310347

File: a7da1d50eabbc51⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1107, 640:369, USDA_Plant_Hardiness_Zone_….png)

Putting this here for reference.

I live in zone 4a. Has it's challenges.

but like I have posted on the qresearch board, the cold keeps a lot of people away, making the land quite a bit cheaper.

251d1f No.1310356


You can rent a backhoe for a pretty reasonable fee, but you need to make sure you have a long list of things to get done when you do.

251d1f No.1310364


Thanks again for setting this up.

our conversations may have been sliding the other board, but this is true freedom. What we are all supposed to be striving for.

974d49 No.1310385

This is great! So eager to learn more. I was a CPA working in the corporate world. All I learned was that it was all corrupt. Due to health issues (from GMO's) I was forced into early retirement.

Now I own a couple acres and am planning to become self-sufficient (to an extent I guess). But my health is spiralling downwards, so don't know how far I'll make it.

I have had to learn to make everything from scratch, so I can share a few things of my own, but mostly here to learn more from you Anons!


2f9871 No.1310395


the fact that anons post here is the greatest reward there is


2f9871 No.1310411


try giving up all sugar inc corn syrup) and all cereal grains

very limited starch like potatos and beans

you will notice a huge improvement in your health

2f9871 No.1310418

when you are on the main research board make sure to invite others here

esp those who raise a related topic over there

251d1f No.1310433


Sugar is crack to humans.

It is a learned addiction, and easy to break.

Don't eat sugar for about three weeks, and you will be cured. If you eat some after that, it really isn't very good.

The sugar industry is responsible for the "fat free" craze. Your body needs good (animal) fats to survive.

251d1f No.1310444


Will do. I asked the baker to add the link at the top of the bread, and they did.

44ea6a No.1310447


thats what i want to do… buy back hoe, dig in my septic/pond/shipping container for bunker starage

then sell when im done… how cheap can i buy an old good one for?

44ea6a No.1310463


Amen anon

974d49 No.1310468


I have done that to a certain extent. I don't use anything made from GMO corn. If I do use sugar, I only use either local honey (and we have the best honey here) or I use organic raw cane sugar.

I have had to eliminate all grains due to gmo. But I just found a flour that is great so far - kamut grain. It is an ancient wheat grain - no gmo and grown organically in Montana. Made my own tortillas last night, turned out great.

251d1f No.1310489


Think 10-15 thousand dollars.

Sounds like a lot, but renting equipment get expensive after a while.

Think of it as an investment.

You may lock up a substantial sum of cash up front, but you can get most if not all of it back when you sell it. Then you have a lump sum that you can put to other use. Like putting up a greenhouse to extend you growing season, and keep food predators out.

974d49 No.1310513


Heard it would cost about $10k to dig a well. Is that true? Why so much? I am on a spring water system here - there's only 12 of us connected to it, so for now that works for me. But wanted to have my own well water too, just in case.

251d1f No.1310523


Most people are not aware that most of the sugar sold is not cane sugar, but sugar beet sugar.

Interesting fact: People that worked in sugar beet factories in the 30's and 40's could only work there for 3 months at a time, then had to leave for 3 months. The dust in the air was poisonous.

If you look on the label of a bag of sugar and it says "sugar" it is beet sugar.

If it is cane sugar it will say cane sugar.

I think the only brands are C&H and Domino. Both owned by the same corp.

eff728 No.1310524


SOOOO many resources out there. Anons do what they do best , research.

Start with where you are for those who haven't made the leap yet. Try some simple stuff, like

container gardening maybe. Make bread for real. build a backyard fireplace or a coffee can stove.

Research research research. see if there's a local farmers market. Lot of homesteaders, off grid folks there. Face to face you learn a lot.

Good luck to all. You're never too old or sick, or poor to make the change to go off the company store, and reclaim your soul.

Look for The Place.

Undeveloped or existing homestead? Rural or Remote?

eff728 No.1310551


Bee keeping is a dying art , but produces the best sugar substitute for those w/ a sweet tooth, and helps save bees. W/O bees the worlds food supply will disappear. Pesticides are decimating bee populations.

251d1f No.1310555


Wells are about $10 per foot in my area. That doesn't include the casing, or the pump, etc. just the hole. If they don't hit water, you have to pay anyway, then pay to dig another one.

My area is irrigated farm land, so in the summer the water table is at 6 feet, in the winter about 20. Can dig by hand. Have a friend that lives 16 miles away, well is 240 feet.

eff728 No.1310572


Depends where you live, type of area (rocky, arid, sandy) and how deep the water table is.

Spring water is best.

251d1f No.1310573


I am putting in 2 colonies this year.

You can get about 100lbs. of honey from each hive per year. Not as difficult as most people think. Youtube has lots of videos.

You can probably find a club in your area.

974d49 No.1310608


Correct! I only use raw cane sugar and ALWAYS check the ingredients of EVERYTHING I buy. Actually I thought that if it says "sugar", then it is derived from gmo corn. Honey is the best alternative, but get good quality local honey.

A lot of our food changed, esp'ly the last 4 yrs of hussein. For example, used to be able to buy tomato paste (only canned tomato product w/o gmo corn). Now they have added citric acid to it. Citric acid is made from gmo corn. Why? It wasn't needed for hundreds of years!

251d1f No.1310609


Also honey has antiseptic qualities. You can use it as an ointment. You can leave it sitting around for years, and it won't mold. You can make candles with the wax or sell it.

You can make Mead from it also.

974d49 No.1310633


Guess I'll stick to the spring water for now. I live close to a river, so I have the river rock bed to dig through.

251d1f No.1310645


Corn sugar is sold as corn sugar. I actually use it to make some of the varieties of beer I brew.

Almost all sugar now is beet sugar.

7936a1 No.1310652

Does not take much to be self sufficient. Been that way for 33 years. Start out small if ya don’t have the bucks. Land and good water are a must. Can live off land if you have both even in a RV and a container storage unit. Hard work and imagination is all it takes. If you can’t do it by yourself find some good honest folks who will help you. To be totally sovereign you will need a hand pump for well if loose electricity, small garden, chickens, generator and good fencing to keep critters away. Can go up from there.

251d1f No.1310665


Most water after it has passed through about 12" of soil in clean enough to drink.

eff728 No.1310686

Not shilling the product ,

but to demonstrate that its possible to build this.

Learning how to construct your own boxshould be possible also.

Which brings water and power to a location that is challenged without one or the other or both.

https:// www.offgridbox.com/product-1/

251d1f No.1310698


Even if all you have is a patio in an apartment building, you can grow tomatos, peppers, spinach, even corn now in containers. Start today, and it will only get easier.

2cd66a No.1310713

My interests in this, beyond the obvious of growing food, has always been the issue of restoring technology. A sort of Minecraft exploit. How do you go about locating useful ores and materials, how do you process them into their constituent parts, and how do you construct accurate tools to accomplish these jobs?

Basically, coming from the Battletech universe… How does one prevent the concept of lostech?

I'll have to compile my work on the subject, as well as my ongoing research/projects on the matter. Part of the challenge is all of the fundamentals. Working in a factory and seeing the look of utter confusion on some younger people's faces when handed calipers or mentioning some engineering concepts that used to be common tradecraft…. We gotta go back to things like "what is a bisector" and "what does tempering do" as we get into metal matrixes and why an aluminum casting can be stronger than a mild steel but will cut like butter.

Of course, such a goal of preventing lostech is insufficient to just describe how it has been done in the past. Certain things are nearly impossible to replicate without today's interconnected trade systems and equipment. Hundreds of chicken-and-egg conundrums face people attempting to create even the simplest of transistor amplifiers or hydraulic actuators.

Some of these are just heavy industry - there is no replacement for a primary melt furnace that can handle a hundred tons of material. Even if one could manufacture the control circuitry and hydraulic coupled servos of an automated panel bender, the equipment and tooling for creating the various dies and heavy frame is a completely different story (as is the equipment to assemble and move such a thing).

As such, the goal is the preservation of knowledge of how to create such industry in the first place, while consolidating as many technologies into 'garage space' as possible. There is no reason why a process to develop integrated circuits couldn't be implemented on an 'at home' scale with a power budget that could be found from generators or other 'off grid' sources. Should some manner of apocalypse sweep the world, the knowledge and ability to create much of our high technology should be able to survive in the hands of individuals and communities.

Of course, if it doesn't - the power of tinker has a way of solving things that large budget programs fail at.

251d1f No.1310741


That is a cool device, but I am afraid to ask for a quote.

You can buy solar panels from internet sellers pretty cheap now. The most expensive thing is the batteries.

Best ones to buy, if not using "solar" batteries, are 6v forklift batteries.

They can usually be sourced locally unlike real "solar" batteries that will cost tons to ship.

251d1f No.1310820


I agree wholeheartedly. That is why I started amassing my library of real books 35 years ago. Knowledge is power, and I know a lot of very weak people.

I have a 3d printer that I make numerous things from. I use it a lot to make positives for mold making. You would be surprised what you can design and build yourself with a little study. I also have a small forge that was made in the twenties.

251d1f No.1310841

I have to go transplant some seedlings. I will return in a few hours.

If there are questions you would like me to try to answer, I will be happy to do so.

Remember, there are no stupid questions.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

eff728 No.1310873


Instead of a well ($$), try a water catch, storage, filter system, esp. if you're near a river. You hit the jackpot in location for water!

2f9871 No.1310880


tough to find well drillers in many areas

but well worth it

i installed a manual pump

perfect for drinking water

we collect rain water for other uses

2f9871 No.1310884


and ALL beet sugar is GMO


2f9871 No.1310903


i did too but dont trust it any more

now i make it with non gmo sorghum syrup

not as good imo but still great

eff728 No.1310933


yeah, I didn't want a quote either. I can imagine $$$$$$.

But I DID snare some photos with shots of the inside. And thoroughly looked over the website.

They collect the solar power with panels, convert the energy, store in (marine) batteries, and run a power filter for the stored water from the tank. Each component of the tech is already "out there'. They just put it together. Terrific idea, and repeatable in the comfort of your own place. A great DIY project.

eff728 No.1310977


YES! magic stuff.

974d49 No.1310988


Excuse my ignorance, but what is Mead?

2f9871 No.1311065

No fail no till garden step by step

choose a nice sunny well drained location about 8x8

mow and/or weed whack down as far as you can to dirt if possible

do NOT till or disturb earth

go to home depot and buy bags of cow manure - enough to cover 6x6 as thick as you want but minimum 4 incjes deep

get a bale or bags of pro mulch sterile potting mix - pre moisten if dry

spread the manure in a 6x6 square

top with the soil

cover with 8x8 blackplastic and secure with pins rocks or bricks

cut holes in the plastic - location/number dependingon type of plant - this size will do for a cuke, zuke,chard, tomatoes, kale patch are exz and grow well everywhere - stake tomatoes green beans etc fpr when they grow

buy seedlings from local source

plant and water = keep moist until established

watch em grow!

repeat to as many garden squares as you can handle or need

fertilize as much as you need - check your garden at least once a day

success is certain

2f9871 No.1311071


wine made with honey as sweetener and fermenting agent

oldest alcoholic bev drink known to man

eff728 No.1311074


I started thinking over a lifestyle change when Hillary and Obama were competing for the nomination. I knew whichever went for it would be the beginning of the end and I'd have to find a way to live under the radar and off grid as much as possible. I never dreamed there was a "Trump" card to be played. Now I just want to live this way because it's better. And there's no way to know how this is all going to fly for America. We just got the flag back up.

This lifestyle … It's as free as we can be.

eff728 No.1311086


Honey meade wine ….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

eff728 No.1311144


Thanks ! copy/saving this

72da72 No.1311195

Check your local library or Goodwill, lots of the "back to nature" books from the 70's are being trimmed out of people's collections now and are showing up cheap.

Sure, they didn't predict the current tech levels or materials, but they are a great all around resource on how to homestead. I found this one for $3 at the local Goodwill.

http: //www.laurelleaffarm.com/item-pages/Back-to-Basics-Readers-Digest-back-to-land-preppers-guide-homesteading-traditional-life-skills-Laurel-Leaf-Farm-item-no-z113151.htm

d71fd2 No.1311228


I'v been growing and using Stevia for about 7 years now. Also started beekeeping last year. It isn't supposed to be about depravation. It's back to nature.

Potatoes keep over the winter… plant plenty. Learn how to make decent tasting beans from dried beans. There is always too many beans in garden to use fresh.

d71fd2 No.1311259


Yes, everyone should learn to make bread and butter. Learn to create a sourdough starter from scratch. It is rather easy. These are the things you can do while you prepare to purchase that land.

d71fd2 No.1311269


My local beekeeping club doubled this past year. … in spite of the fact that the purchase price for bees is skyrocketing and bees are struggling to over-winter.

d71fd2 No.1311277


Certified organic foods cannot contain GMO.

d71fd2 No.1311287


Saw an article on Mead last night…. inferring that to the Vikings, it was a natural anitbiotic.

974d49 No.1311291


Mmmmm! Sounds good! I have my own organic grapes and good local honey! Me meading! Thanks!

I did make my own apple cider vinegar 2 seasons ago. Will be making more this year. Love it! I have pear and apple trees, so I'm going to experiment with pear cider more (the batch I made before was very light and sweet). I also found a nearby cafe that is going to be making their own coleslaw and would love to try my apple cider. Good old trading neighbors!

d7cbe2 No.1311314

Try hugelkultur for your gardens.

Great water savings, and local resources can be used.

d71fd2 No.1311333


You can also grow garden plants in bales of straw. $3-5 a bale.

d71fd2 No.1311356


Can you share some resources on the ACV. I failed at my attemp… everything molded

56b782 No.1311362


Also wheat and flour are the latest contaminate. about 5 yrs ago ((they)) started using new pesticides. The toxicity levels in these foods is pretty bad. A scientist friend was telling me about them after I mentioned about 4 yrs ago I started getting mild allergic reactions to foods I used to always be able to eat. (like store bought cookies).

Since then I've noticed it in other processed foods.

2f9871 No.1311369

everyone should collect rainwater

so easy and to many benefits

all public systems have massive chemical treatments esp chlorine and flouride

when you take showers your skin absorbe it - take short showers and

if you collect rainwater you can use it to wash between showers - water garden etc

also if you get a berket water filter you can drink it - for ER or any time

2f9871 No.1311372



2f9871 No.1311395


i tried and failed as well

it requires both 2 step fermentation

pretty tough and not cheap ingredients either

braggs is worth the money

what i do now is buy braggs and mix it with cheaper costco gallon organic acv

the braggs dominates and makes it great even 2 to 1 cheap stuff

fraction of the price

974d49 No.1311397


Sure I have a recipe somewhere with detailed instructons. I will find it and post it here.

Basically you start with your apple/pear trimmings (say you're making apple sauce or a pie, save the trimmings). Place them in a bowl, uncovered overnight on the counter. Next day place them in a wide mouthed jar, add a water, honey & apple cider mixture, mix and let sit for I think 2 weeks. You have to stir every day and remove any foaming on top. Then you sift into a jar and store.

2f9871 No.1311399


its all gmo

which means roundup


d7cbe2 No.1311400



We have (2) 275 gallon IBC totes interconnected and then tied to a roof gutter. Have only ran out once each season.

d71fd2 No.1311450


It's all about your priorities. A couple years back I bought a non-electric grain grinder. I have a source of organic grains and I live in BFE - 100 miles to nearest city. Try growing your own. Think Quinoa and Amaranth. Get away from the wheat. I make pasta substituting Quinoa flour for wheat… no one noticed any difference.

974d49 No.1311457

File: 267ba98eb7a0369⋯.png (395.36 KB, 688x390, 344:195, ClipboardImage.png)


I literally just found a wheat flour that i can have. I ordered some on Tuesday and just got it yesterday. I made flour tortillas for the first time and they taste great. Here's the link to where you can order some. The shipping is very expensive, but this is the best wheat flour I have ever seen and I have tried many.


Has a light golden color to it. It made a very smooth dough. Delicious!!!

974d49 No.1311477


Forgot to say that it's grown totally organic and is non-gmo. It's an ancient grain that's never been genetically modified.

d71fd2 No.1311482


I find it at those liquidation stores and buy up all they have. Pink Himilayan salt too.

I make wine successfully, so will have to give the ACV another shot. My spouse has an apple every day so I have daily supply to feed the fermentor.

d71fd2 No.1311496


Oh My… I followed a recipe that took 6 - 9 months. No wonder it molded. KEK

56b782 No.1311505


Yes roundup is known to be horrific. I dont believe he was referring to that but these:

https://www. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5278731/

more research is set to come out soon.

d71fd2 No.1311515


From my understanding, Italy has banned GMOs. So when I do by store bought pastas, I look for made in Italy (organic or course)

56b782 No.1311534


wow. thank you. I will try this. the basic organic flour I buy so far has been fine - but I am hearing that our organic foods are also in trouble (if not compromised already).

One of my goals is to invest in a wheat grinder. parents always had one. Just found out there is an attachment I can get for my stand mixer that is affordable.

974d49 No.1311538


I was just looking for it. I will have to crank up my old laptop. It must be there. I will find it and post it for you. Yeah, it doesn't take that long. Once you filter into jars you need to store for a few more weeks I believe, then it's done. Mine came out great. I use it every day. Just be careful what types of lids you use - I lost a couple jars because the lids were metal and they rusted into the apple cider. Do'h!

974d49 No.1311586


I looked into getting a grinder. I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer and they have an attachment. But in reading the reviews they said it overheated and in some cases it ruined their stand mixer.

I would love to find a grinder and grow my own wheat and other grains. Last year we tried growing corn but we lost it all due to the critters.

974d49 No.1311604


Oops! wrong post.

Meant to post to ….


56b782 No.1311608


I do that too. this thread is timely as its a good reminder that I need to get off my ass and make my own pasta anyway.

I tried my hand at breads from scratch. i am not a master of the yeast yet.

I also got paranoid about the yeast options out there.

974d49 No.1311656


a lot of the "certified organic" and "non-gmo" breads out there made me sick, so that's why I decided to just make my own when I need it.

The sad thing is that people think that when they see these labels, that the product in them means they are 100% organic and non-gmo. Not true! I researched this a while back and from memory, I think it was only 80-90% organic or non-gmo and it will pass for being certified with these labels. So, for me, it doesn't mean anything anymore. I only try to buy 1 ingredient list items only with as little processing as possible.

2f9871 No.1311658


excellent progress anon

congrats to you

i have many fails!

but also many successes

318e1b No.1311663

Sourdough bread - known simply as "bread" until prepackaged yeast, is extremely important.

Grain becomes nutritious after it is processed, and the easiest way is by microbes.

Otherwise much of its nutrition is unavailable.

Remember for when the SHTF.

2f9871 No.1311665


try spelt too

low gluten and easy to get organic

6123d8 No.1311680

File: 25d7ff3fe2f57ae⋯.png (382.7 KB, 471x363, 157:121, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

Thank You for being here Anons!! I look forward to seeing what you've shared and getting involved.

I honor all of you Honest Anons.

2f9871 No.1311688


>Pink Himilayan salt

i like this a lot but find it pretty mild?

didnt add enough salt for my cheese making

went back to sea salt

ever try redmond salt? great and mined in USA

we feed feed grade to our livestock - they make a food grade too

2f9871 No.1311696


russia too!

check out russia tank tomatoes

impressive operation


2f9871 No.1311712


a small manual grinder is actually better unless you need large amounts

reliable and less heat

i grind as i go a cup or 2 at a time

2f9871 No.1311733


i ordered acorn flour once

it gave me hives = gluten

found out it was wheat

threatened them and got $4000 for my trouble

166b61 No.1311828


I like that, thanks for sharing anon

6e11aa No.1311949

I know a little about a lot-organic gardening, chickens, maple syrup and natural living in general. We live light in the city. Questions? I’m happy to help. :)

d71fd2 No.1312034


For yeast I make a starter with pineapple juice, milk, and flour. Add to it each day, put in cupboard until you got enough then put in fridge and at least once a week add to it.

Remember Amish friendship bread? Made like this.

d71fd2 No.1312064

File: 2493b9ef165f73b⋯.png (360.04 KB, 1158x881, 1158:881, ClipboardImage.png)


Seriously… $25.

I spent about $100 on mine. Be wary of being dependent on electric models.

5dd0f2 No.1312083

File: 53ed61d380b8246⋯.jpg (497.71 KB, 600x4040, 15:101, car-depreciation-infograph….jpg)


On the subject of buying vs. renting: there is a huge difference.

When you rent something, like an apartment, all of the money that goes to rent is essentially gone. However, when you buy a house, duplex, townhouse, mobile home, or whatever, all of the money that you spend on the mortgage essentially stays in your possession–when it's time for you to move, you sell the building, get your cash, and invest it into your next place. Over time, this will allow you to move from a crappy shack to the kind of nice home your parents or their parents might have.

Another thing: don't buy a new car if you can avoid it, and never, ever spend more than, say, 20% of your monthly income on your car–that means the car payment, gas, insurance, and parts added together. There are tons of idiots living in the ghettos driving beamers–they'll never get out of the ghettos, either. Cars are one of the worst possible investments–they almost always depreciate in value over time.

One of the most common mistakes young people make is that they overextend themselves trying to "look" successful–they get a new car, live in a nice apartment, and leave themselves about $20/per month after all their bills. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of being trapped by your financial obligations…and the vast majority of domestic arguments stem from being in such a predicament. Live as modestly as you can tolerate, and the fact that you drive a beater will be made up for by the fact that you have the freedom to take a day off from work every once-in-awhile.

d71fd2 No.1312093

File: 0b8de58f84b64c4⋯.png (459.27 KB, 1193x651, 1193:651, ClipboardImage.png)


Do you all know about reusuable lids for canning? Been using them for years. Had some trouble with pressure canning, but read the instructions and next time it worked fine.

d71fd2 No.1312124


trust me… i fail as well…

It's like I try to learn a skill until I get a good outcome, then move on to the next one. My skill set includes wine, sourdough starter, bread, sour cream, cream cheese, butter (make this more frequently) pasta, canned goods.

If I live in a city, I would try a new thing instead of going to the mall.

d71fd2 No.1312143


Have a source to obtain rabbits for a SHTF scenario.

251d1f No.1312275


That is what I do too. Most web sites will show you enough of something to make it yourself if you are handy. One my many hobbies is microcontrollers, so I can make the control systems myself most of the time. The raspberry pi is your best friend.

251d1f No.1312285


I do the same, but on a larger scale.

You can get rolls of black plastic mulch 1 mil thick in 4000ft rolls, and drip-tape in 7500ft rolls pretty reasonable. No weeds.

251d1f No.1312294


Got out the year Bush jr. won.

251d1f No.1312323


Best way to cook dried beans is ion a pressure cooker.

30 minutes and you are eating. No soaking or simmering for hours.

Growing dry beans are the best because they are easy to save for years, and you don't have to pick them everyday like regular green beans.

251d1f No.1312358


I don't get anything for this link but this book is the easiest bread book in the world.


The five minute bread book is so simple it is stupid, and the bread is fantastic.

Disclaimer: Bread is one of the foods you should avoid eating. It is not good for you, but it tastes good.

d71fd2 No.1312378


Yes, I got the texture down, but I want a recipe similar to Bushes baked beans classic. Haven't found it yet.

I have been experimenting with the dehydrator lately. My pototoes from last year were losing their firmness, so I dehydrated the rest of them.

251d1f No.1312379


Supply and demand thing. That is the best reason to get started. You can keep bees in your back yard on a descent lot in a major city.

There are a lot of beekeepers in New York City. They put them on the roofs of tall buildings.

d71fd2 No.1312391

I am watching a cow give birth. They don't usually come so close to the house, so I haven't seen it yet. Exciting.

251d1f No.1312394


Unfortunately, most organic, even certified organic, is suspect. YMMV.

If you want good food, you have to grow it yourself. If you use heirloom varieties of seeds, they are NON-GMO by design.

d6caf9 No.1312399

Ok, I'll weigh in.

Small farmer anon here. 160 acres in north latitude. Old farmhouse, well water, wood heat. Livestock: 24 hens with crowing rooster, jersey cow and almost grown calf, 2 goats, and about 30 sheep at present (10 due for slaughter in a couple weeks - I slaughter myself). Two dogs, a passel of barn cats. Been here over a decade, have a garden, a few fruit trees (planning on adding more). Before here, was in southern climes for 20 years. Every year I add more to the homestead, either perennials or implements for my 35 horse tractor. I bake my own bread, grow my own food as much as possible.

I grew up in the burbs, and made the transition to country when I was 21.

Ask me and if I know, I will tell you. I can recommend a lot of good books - many available free online, actually. I can point you to websites. And I am willing to share what I have learned the hard way. Short of doxxing myself, of course.

d71fd2 No.1312406


honey sells for $80 gallon.

ecb257 No.1312412

File: f9ab8818f6cf849⋯.jpg (111.74 KB, 845x722, 845:722, WoodGas.jpg)

File: 6d76ed601f4320f⋯.jpg (122.32 KB, 383x589, 383:589, woodGas2.jpg)

How will you run your generator when you can't get fuel?

wood gas generation

d6caf9 No.1312415


Not here. $12 a quart, raw.

d71fd2 No.1312418


Truly… roundup is everywhere.. you can't avoid it. Even in your hydroponics.. it's in the water.

d71fd2 No.1312443


I truly live in the middle of nowhere. Kek

d6caf9 No.1312445


Have you ever actually built one of these? They get clogged with creosote and other impurities. This tech has improved, if you look for it you'll find it. Recommend purchase plans from Mother Earth News.

251d1f No.1312448


Last year a guy gave me about 100lbs. of apples. Canned pie filling, applesauce, apple butter, apple juice, and dried apple rings until I thought I was going to die. Have enough left to last me years.

Never turn down free food. Never waste free food. Learn to preserve food. It isn't hard, just follow the guidelines, and think clean.

251d1f No.1312466


Was going to do that, but all I have is cottonwood and pine trees. Don't work good for that. Not off the table yet though.

d6caf9 No.1312469


I can see it being that expensive in Alaska. But there are lots of hives on farms around here, so you can get truly local honey for $12 a quart. Helps with allergies, by the way, if you consume local honey that's not pasteurized. However, NEVER give a baby unpasteurized honey. No child should be given uncooked honey until they are past the age of 2 and have a fully functioning immune system.

2f9871 No.1312481


good to have you anon

d6caf9 No.1312486


You can always barter extras. Or, if you have a lot of extra food, get a pig.

ecb257 No.1312495

File: c5b7f23650ef406⋯.jpg (16.41 KB, 300x259, 300:259, still_diagram.jpg)


>Have you ever actually built one of these?

several over the years, I know enough that I could make one if and when I needed one.

the point of the post is to look up the FEMA document (it's a small PDF)

as you say, the tech has been improved a bit, plenty of youtube vids showing how to make & use one.

it's a tech that all prepers should be aware of

4c9cb0 No.1312501

Expert Grower, canning, food preservation person here. Hunter, etc. A prepper.

Will help with anything you need. Recipes. Go Bag lists. Tactical First Aid.

d6caf9 No.1312505


Yeah, I should be out mucking out cow manure right now, but… it can wait a bit.

2f9871 No.1312510



we have what used to be called back yard pigs

smaller heritage breed like american guinea hog

they require very little extra food and graze and dig all day so you need a good space for em

but they eat all the extras

grass fed pork is red meat and VERY lean

very different that what you are used to

after you get used to it regular pork is gross

same as chicken

consider it corn meat - yuk

251d1f No.1312518


They also take the germ out of the wheat and see/use it for something else. That is the part you want. Milling you own flour is the way to go. Mills are not cheap, but again, not difficult. Bulk wheat berries are cheap.

2f9871 No.1312529


i need fishing advice

no one will tell me shit here

its like a newbie on 8chan

d71fd2 No.1312535


how about cheesemaking?

2f9871 No.1312540


just milked my jersey

cheese making tonight

cappacino in the am

d6caf9 No.1312547


I agree, it's good tech to have the ability to do. Strongly recommend, if things fall apart it will be a huge barter point for you.

I will say that if things were to fall apart where it wood gas would be necessary, we won't be driving cars for very long because the roads will become impassable right quick without the constant maintenance that asphalt requires.

d71fd2 No.1312562


can you make cheese without buying stuff (rennet) from store? Like Heidi's grandfather?

4c9cb0 No.1312564


What are you fishing Anon? Stream, lake, ocean? Are you looking for fishing tackle for survival situation or just recreational?

367c80 No.1312577


I use a vitamix blender. It's 5hp, commercial grade, will grind your wheat and also make smoothies. They are a little expensive but worth every penny.

d6caf9 No.1312582


Haven't gotten to hard cheeses yet. Mozzarella, cottage cheese, cream cheese - I make my own butter. I need to get my girl freshened so she's back up to her 3 gallons/milking. Right now I'm down to 1 gal per milking and I use that right up.

How about you, what are you making, farmers?

d71fd2 No.1312585


A smoker is a good investment to preserve those fishys

367c80 No.1312598


I bought a herd share so that I could have good fresh raw milk. No way I could go back to store bought milk. You are so fortunate to have your own cow.

2f9871 No.1312603


cheesefag here

do you have a source of milk?

i make raw milk farm chedder and can do it in my sleep if you want details

you can do it with store bought but i wouldnt do that unless its organic as the whole point is to know what goes in

4c9cb0 No.1312611


Mozzarella is pretty easy Anon. Cottage cheese takes some time. Butter… not so hard either.

I have fruit trees, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. Tons of Asparagus. A Barn ready for a couple of jersies, pigs and goats. Adding chickens this next year. building and getting a coup ready now

d71fd2 No.1312618


I have beef cows, no longer dairy. But.. I do make with organic cream. Makes it expensive.

2f9871 No.1312632


yes there is a great fresh soft cheese you can make with baking soda

have to dig the recipe i got from amish lady'its like brie if you use fresh whole raw millk

very good but we make cheese mostly for storage of excess milk

4c9cb0 No.1312633


Yes… I have a couple of smokers. I dehydrate a lot too. Store it in airtight mason jars or a food saver unit. (expensive and unpractical)

d6caf9 No.1312635


You can make soft cheeses without rennet. Use a souring agent like vinegar or lemon juice to make it curd up, then gather the curds by pouring through cheesecloth or thin muslin. Rinse, salt to taste, add chives or whatever and enjoy.

If you have thistles, you can use them to make a form of vegetable rennet, but have to be careful not to overdo because it tastes bitter. I haven't done this, just read about it. I buy rennet. If things go south, I'll butcher a veal calf and keep the first stomach lining for rennet.

d6caf9 No.1312654


Yes, mozz is a snap. Butter too. I let my extra milk sour naturally to make the cottage cheese.

251d1f No.1312655


I think in Washington state is is illegal to catch rain water. Might just be in or around Seattle. Dumbest thing I have ever heard.

You know how much water falls out of the sky there? I double dog dare you to catch enough to make a difference.

4c9cb0 No.1312657

I also grow a ton of herbs.. horseradish, which comes in handy and can be made into a gas, much like pepper spray. :-)

d71fd2 No.1312669

>>1312611: Butter: 1. let cream get to room temp. 2. pour to fill half way in a container. 3. put lid on and shake maybe 15 minutes. 4. rinse with cold water in cheesecloth. 5. squeeze out water and whey. Butter.

2f9871 No.1312670


i live in midwest

lots of stocked fresh water resevoirs

i like fish but only want what i catch

not for subsistence just variety

if i could catch a bass i would be thrilled

the lakes are stocked but there are so many variables!

time of year, water temp recent rainfall etc etc

and then theres the "spot" no one will tell!

4c9cb0 No.1312671


That is just stupid. You could bury a rain barrel Anon. Catch it with your gutters.

d6caf9 No.1312677


You actually can milk a beefer. The milk won't have as much cream, but it's perfectly fine. Just have to get the big girl used to having her teats pulled by hand.

2f9871 No.1312685


i have a rod and reel and lots of tackle that i dont know what it is


d71fd2 No.1312698


I attempted one raw milk source and was politely turned down. I have a couple more resources to try. I heard that if you write a receipt that the intended use is for milk paint, farmers are more willing to sell.

Or consider barter. I make speghetti sauce to die for.

d6caf9 No.1312703


Raw is so much better. Buying a herd share is a good way to get it without having the tedium of caring for the critter. It is a daily chore. I like it, though, I milk by hand. I know my cow very well.

2f9871 No.1312723


i also make yogurt the ez way

even my amish friends do it now

take half gallon fresh hot from the udder

put 1/2 tsp mesophilic C culture and leave in a warm place for 18-24 hours

in the first 12 open and stir to give oxygen and keep cream mixed

leaver overnight

refrigerate th next am

there is a bit if whey but its so easy and good i dont cook for yogurt any more

i eat it with maple syrup

wow its good

251d1f No.1312725


Round up and GMO are two different things. Both not good.

Most crops are GMO. They have been modified in one way or another. Though science or through centuries of breeding. Corn is a grass. Didn't used to look like it does hundreds of years ago.

No one ate tomatoes before about 1840.

They thought they were poison because animals will not eat the leaves. They are in the nightshade family. Fun thing to do is if you are watching a movie that takes place in an older time, watch and see if they have tomato sauce on their spaghetti. If so, the research department dropped the ball.

4c9cb0 No.1312726


ahh.. well… you first had to decide what type of fish you are wanting to fish for, where and then…. Head off to hook tube/ suck tube and you will find tons of vids to help you.

If I lived close… it's easier to teach … one on one how to fish

d6caf9 No.1312733


It's illegal in some states to sell raw milk. I'm lucky, it's legal here if the buyer comes to the farm. I sell milk when I have more than I do now, and I sell my extra eggs as well. I give away to my neighbors, as we all share what we have. It's good will.

You may have better luck getting the milk if you swear it's for your cats, not for you. Barter may also work, because if fednotes don't exchange hands, it's not technically selling the milk but they give it to you. And you aren't selling your sauce, but giving it to them. Just keep your mouth shut about it, don't brag on it.

d71fd2 No.1312739


Anon… I too live in the midwest, and previously lived on a lake. Taking environmental classes, I discovered that the lakes I lived on had excess PCBs and eating fish from my lakes was not safe. Of course nobody living on the lakes knew this.

If fishing in lake, look up for safety. River's and streams are usually safer.

251d1f No.1312745


We eat Zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead of pasta. Get a zoodler on Amazon.

2f9871 No.1312748


its a labor of love to own one

i have a surge milker

way too much for me by hand

$2000 in equipment plus the jersey and a stanchion i built

plus some cleaning special items - mainly 160 degree hot water

im good to go

ps - we do OAD milking (once a day)

4c9cb0 No.1312751


Always had a hard time keeping my horses out of the tomatoes. always walking my pastures on the lookout for nightshades. Deadly to stock animals.

2f9871 No.1312757


milk for PETS

thats the ticket

251d1f No.1312766


I can just drive over there in a short time.

2f9871 No.1312782


i was born and raised in seattle

it was spectacular in the 1970's

got out iwhen i saw that i would have to rent my house from the govt (property taxes)

not to mention all the libtards and progfags that moved there

4c9cb0 No.1312785


What type of grinder do you uses Anon? I have a Country living Grain Mills. Words great.

d6caf9 No.1312792


I just use frozen starter from the last batch, stir it in hot from the teat like you. Then I put it into a half gallon jar (I make about 1/2 gallon at a time, use mason wide mouth), put the jar in a bucket and pour hot water in to the top of the milk in the jar. Wrap with towels. Check and change the water with more hot when it starts to get cool. Usually makes in just 6 hours if you pay attention. I do drain it, keep the whey to make bread with - it gives a crunchy crust and tender crumb bread. That way I have greek style yogurt. Just stir home made jam into it to make it like store bought, but I usually just dollop honey in if I want it sweet.

It's all good.

d71fd2 No.1312796


Good point you bring up.

I grow beef. Son has pork and eggs. We all have venison. I am thinking of doing rabbits this year. Will get a 6 x 8 dog chain link "cage?" and move every day on organic lawn. Butcher when the snow falls.

I have to watch freezer space. I have 3 refrigerators with freezers that run year round. One large stand up freezer that the beef fills up. One medium chest freezer for the pig. In spring I combine and shut off chest freezer. Brother in law does meat chickens.

2f9871 No.1312818


yes anon you are correct

gmo is not wrong per se

its the purpose that is evil when it is to facilitate roundup or other chemicals

OMG that is a disaster

2f9871 No.1312823

d71fd2 No.1312824


Missed pointing out your good point.

The idea is to think community. If you make a family or community, everyone can play a part so that all have what they need and no one has to do all things. My family isn't in for money.. we just cover costs fairly. Son doesn't give pigs antibiotics - feeds them organic garlic. Three years… no probs.

d6caf9 No.1312830


Warning on the rabbits. They will tunnel out. Prodigious diggers. You could put a metal mesh on the floor of the dog run, the grass will still come up through the mesh for them to graze.

2f9871 No.1312832



if the govt tells you ONE serving per week is safe (!) then you know the real answer is ZERO

2f9871 No.1312837


great idea

im in

zucchini coming soon!

d71fd2 No.1312838


honey bees are also not native to America

4c9cb0 No.1312839


Live in the Midwest as well. Right on a rather large river.

2f9871 No.1312843


do they call it that or is a spiralizer?

2f9871 No.1312854


i miss my home made bread

gluten no can do

d71fd2 No.1312859


Interesting for future thoughts, but my beef are not handled, and surely wouldn't allow milking at this time.

Oh.. and mama cow just had her calf.. sweet.

4c9cb0 No.1312869


Same here Anon. We practice a ketogenic lifestyle. HubsAnon is struggling with Cancer and we are very careful about what we eat

d6caf9 No.1312873


I started out with a machine that a friend gave to me, and my girl was fine with that because she came from a small dairy farm with machine milking. But I have transitioned both her and myself to hand milking. I like it better. She's still not sure, it takes longer than the machine, but I give her a little extra grain for her patience.

d71fd2 No.1312884


I haven't drank milk in forty years. I stopped drinking it as a kid because when I went to uncle's farm it tasted so good and went home and wouldn't drink it anymore.;

d6caf9 No.1312887


Sorry to hear that. Can I recommend something for you to try healing your gut with?

974d49 No.1312890


Wow! Can you post some pics (w/o doxxing yourself)?

d71fd2 No.1312900


Another thought anons is to purchase grocery items in glass jars that you can reuse. My honey friend buys brand new mason jars for his honey harvest… I buy coconut oil in jars and save them (much to anal spouse's disapproval)

d6caf9 No.1312914


They are cuties, aren't they? Is it a heifer calf or a bull calf?

'Cause if it's a heifer, you could start it out right ;) for future milking.

d71fd2 No.1312915


I don't think herd share is common here, but I will investigate


d71fd2 No.1312933


never thought of that one.

4c9cb0 No.1312934


hahahaha… I can relate. I would actually have bees…. if I were not deathly allergic. :-(

d6caf9 No.1312938


Here's another thing to try, if you want. Ask local restaurants and bakeries for their throwaway food-quality buckets and jars. Just wash them up and you can store dry foods in them.

d71fd2 No.1312960


thanks for tip anon..

d71fd2 No.1312981


I thought of that earlier anon, but recalled that the anons from 4 chan followed Shia LeBouf for months when he posted a pic of his flag. Not willing to dox. sorry

4c9cb0 No.1312983


if you have a pizza joint… that buckets they get are great!! I pick them up for free most of the time. Great advice anon

d71fd2 No.1312988


This is a family farm… not very progressive…. YET

2f9871 No.1312998



but my gut is better than ever now

i believe the reaction was glypshosate gluten combo

we we making a lot of bread and suddenly BANG

the rash is unbearable and nothing touches it

just wait it out

so im not keen to try gluten again

d6caf9 No.1313009


Garlic is a great wormer. Also wormwood, black walnut hulls, tansy - heck, even diatomaceous earth (food grade).

When you source your food from people that you trust, you know it will be healthy for you to eat.

As to the good point - community is very very important. Be good to your neighbors, share what you have. Be willing to lend a hand if you can. When you live out in the sticks, your neighbor is your lifeline, and you are his. Too many folk think they will just buy a cabin in the woods and hermit it and be fine. That's not how it works, and you won't last in the country if you act like a stuck up prick.

367c80 No.1313010


Every state has different laws about buying raw milk. You need to research how to legally buy it in your state. It is the most ridiculous thing not to be able to buy good wholesome milk.

d6caf9 No.1313021


No problem. This one I give you from experience ;). You don't want to have to spend the next three months hunting down the rabbits that got out - that have an inordinate fondness for your garden.

d6caf9 No.1313040


Time and need have a way of changing things. <g>

d6caf9 No.1313083


Yes, glyphosate is foul stuff.

There are some ayurvedic supplements that actually work very well to heal the digestive tract.

d6caf9 No.1313125


I don't blame you. It is a world of difference.

The same with eggs, imo. I have a hard time stomaching restaurant eggs. Commercial eggs have a metallic taste and the yolks are so pale. It's like you can taste the hens' distress in the eggs.

251d1f No.1313138


I buy ingredients and make everything from scratch. Nothing out of a box.

I live too far away to ever eat fast food, and I rarely eat at restaurants because some use MSG in their food, and it gives me a terrible headache. By the way, MSG has about a million different names now.

d71fd2 No.1313177


And also to you anons with food allergies. Do you pray over your food? When it's prepared, as well as when you eat it. I wave my left hand in a circle over my plate with the intention to "protect me from any harmful effects that could be in my food… known or unknown".

Works for your car too. Everytime I drive I picture a bubble of white light and make a quirkly Donald Trump hand movement to bless my car to bring me home safe again. I forgot once, and had a minor fender scrape. Another time the prayer protected me on icy roads (cars in wrong lanes, me in the middle… you get the point.)

d71fd2 No.1313205


You do know that commercial chicken farms have discovered a way to raise chickens without wings; they sit in their own soil for their entire life. crowded too. All to taint the meat with adrenoline.

So I don't quite get the andrenochrome thing. The satanists want it, but it's bad for the rest of us???

d71fd2 No.1313228


Well done anon… I am about 75/25 scratch/store. Hope to improve. Time is always a factor.

251d1f No.1313233


My buy vs. rent was for a backhoe. If you are only going to use it for a week or two, rent. Otherwise it is a better investment to buy it, the resell it when done.

Buying a new car is for suckers like you said. I have bought cars for $50 and driven them for years. A car to me is something that takes me from point A to B. Don't really care how it looks as long as it is dependable. I usually buy cars that were made prior to 1990. Easier to work on.

d7cbe2 No.1313267

Vermicoompost along with your gardening plans.

d71fd2 No.1313274


My well intentioned daughter raises pigs. Her inlaws own a bar/restaurant. They save all the wasted "food" in 5 gallon bucket, so she literally doesn't have to pay for pig food. It's better than commercial where they feed pigs.. pigs (cannabalism), but I get my pig from son who is more like minded.

You are what you eat. At one time I was fast, cheap, and easy. Not anymore…(went through cancer).

251d1f No.1313280


The problem with the reusable lids is it increases the cost of canning quite a bit.

It basically doubles the price of a jar.

I buy the lids in bulk. last time I got 30 dozen, 360 lids for $56.00 free shipping.

Split it with a neighbor.

d71fd2 No.1313305


You are correct. The ideal would be to have a balance. If SHTF, you won't have access to lids. You will have to make do with what you have. I just each year stockpile on both.

251d1f No.1313309


I have started dehydrating almost everything. My spouse thinks I'm nuts.

251d1f No.1313320


Watch closely. That is what a really good mother is like. Humans should be more like that.

d73766 No.1313392

File: 11e0fae37321432⋯.jpg (53.51 KB, 560x415, 112:83, Preppersarecrazy.jpg)


d71fd2 No.1313393


Question for you anon. I had intended to dehydrate potatoes, then food chopper them for instant mashed potatoes. Total fail.. I have potato flour. I was thinking that if instead of chopping or slicing taters, I should prepare them like hash browns before dehydrating. they would chop better.

Any suggestions?

251d1f No.1313421


I live about 12 miles from a large honey processing plant. They sell it by weight. 5 lbs. $14.00.

Around here the homey companies put the hives in farmers fields. They pay them with tubs of honey. I have a few that I kow that either don't want it, or have too much and they just give it to me, or I trade vegetables. It is surprising how many large acreage farmers don't grow any food to eat. Wheat and barley farmers that farm thousands of acres, don't grow a single tomato. They buy everything at the supermarket.

d71fd2 No.1313425


I had heard that in medieval EU, in the pagan/druid era… that a person had access to 7 generations of their ancestors… that would be why they knew what plants helped for what, etc. Watching the calf being born, I wondered how she knew what to do. What if in all other species, they have the memories of 7 generations, and that humans have simply forgot (not necessarily by choice).

We have forgotten how to play the game

251d1f No.1313444


Welcome. I look forward to your knowledgeable input.

d6caf9 No.1313449


Hmm. I have some thoughts on that, that has to do with epigenetics and the alteration that people undergo when they are truly converted - but this is not the thread for that.

d71fd2 No.1313455


I believe I researched and found there is an old EO (JFK era if not mistaken) that says the govt can … in a state of emergency (which we are in now) confiscate all goods (food, weapons, fuel, etc.) for the good of the all.

I think we should find that EO and ask POTUS to rescind it. Put it on his twitter.

d71fd2 No.1313472


I could be wrong, but I think 12 ounces of honey equates to a pound of honey. I will let you do the math, because I am having cocktails…

d6caf9 No.1313483


Mash them then dehydrate them.


251d1f No.1313491


Neighbor raises prize winning slaughter hogs. No pork shortage here. That is where my silage goes in the fall. Ialso have a couple of tubs of red worms that I use to compost. they eat everything that the chickens don't get, except meat and oils.

ecb257 No.1313496


which brings us back to


>How will you run your generator when you can't get fuel?

d6caf9 No.1313507


>>1313320 - sorry, answered wrong post

>>1313205 - it was meant for this post

d6caf9 No.1313517


You are right. This is a good conversion for generators. Also, I am interested in it for my 35hp ford tractor, because I frankly don't want to go back to plowing with horses.

4c9cb0 No.1313526


here!! whatcha need Anon?

d71fd2 No.1313528


From what I understand, cows are sent to market if they don't show good mothering characteristics.

I am fortunately blessed, my children have all chosen partners that value good parenting. I see some of my children's peers, and I feel bad for their parents. "How did I ever raise such a child?"

There is so much brainwashing from our children's education. WE missed the boat. We must share the blame. (we meaning the parents of the millennials)

I am disgusted at what I thought were fine individuals being so selfish in their own lives/needs that they put themselves priority over their children.

d6caf9 No.1313530


Sounds like a good setup.

2f9871 No.1313534

File: 41f5fb51a5447da⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepe7.jpg)

4bfd93 No.1313562


Research Aquaponics with a solar battery bank. Hydroponics needs chemicals that imitate fish waste. Farm the fish (Tilapia) and grow your vegetables/fruits/herbs at the same time. If you do it indoors you can do it year round.

4c9cb0 No.1313571


Cho ku rei symbol Anon? Reiki symbol for protection? (Reiki Master here)

d71fd2 No.1313577


My Gram said that they used to slaughter a pig and put it in a barrel of sawdust (layered) in the basement. Said they didn't spoil.

Similar to the idea that you must refrigerate eggs. My auntie had them in the basement near the wood stove. Lasted for weeks.

Don't recommend not refrigerating store bought eggs.. only home grown.

251d1f No.1313584


Just acquired a small refrigerator that I can modify the controls on to make a dedicated Blue cheese fridge. Cheese is not hard to make. Most soft cheeses like mozzarella and ricotta are really easy. Once you start, you won't ever buy them again. Check out www.cheesemaking.com

d71fd2 No.1313602


Ty.. will check out site.. my focus is on making cheese the old fashioned way with out depending on the system.

251d1f No.1313617


You can always get a sheep, and save the stomach.

d71fd2 No.1313619


You are a wealth of new info to me. ThankQ

2f9871 No.1313626


>We have forgotten how to play the game


my wife remembered after many years of trying

its spooky to watch

if we were not together 30+ years i would think she was looney

but i know shes not so….

251d1f No.1313640


I live in a state that has more cows than people. I think 12 are dairy cows.

Beef, it's what's for dinner.

d71fd2 No.1313645


I am Reiki level 2. Had opportunity to go for level 3, but felt I wasn't ready/ master wasn't qualified.

I will say though, that after level one, my only practice was on old dog. Old dog was doing very poorly.. many tumors. Still has them and is now 18 years old. Success?

4c9cb0 No.1313671


success.. but the body does with Reiki what the body needs…

and… you are wise to wait.. took me 4-5 years to feel confident enough for Reiki Master.

d71fd2 No.1313682


Please expound on wife remembering….

My mate is amazed when I tell him certain things. Like recently his mom made a dish for sunday dinner that she rarely makes… or when I make a meal that he was thinking of and didn't mention (sorry, my life revolves around food)…

I often have the experience of reading my spouse's mind. Makes him nervous. kek

ecb257 No.1313691


woodgas generators are short term solutions.

long term… set up still and convert to running your tractor on moonshine.

d6caf9 No.1313693


My pleasure. And now, I have to finish up chores and close up the barn for the night. Good night anons.

Book recommendation for newbies to country life: Carla Emery's "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" - and if you get a chance, take a look at the Foxfire series of books as well. All should be available in your local library or through an interlibrary loan.

Shadilay, anons!

d7b353 No.1313708

This Thread is Awesome!!!

I wanted to share my experience. I started about 4 months ago. I live in a lower income neighborhood in Fly-0ver Country. I wanted to post because you don't need to buy 10 acres or put allot of effort into starting to be self sustainable. I have turned my small backyard into a small farm for my family.

We use a hybrid of raised beds, Kratky method hydroponics (painted Home Depot buckets) and PVC tubes. In these we are now growing our own lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, beats, beans, corn, okra, potatoes and other vegetables. I am working now on creating a small stock of fish to not only eat but to use their waste to feed the plants we are growing.

Not only is this helping our monthly grocery bills but it feels REAL GOOD sitting down to dinner knowing where the food has come from plus the feeling of pride doesn't hurt.

d71fd2 No.1313720


Thank you for that. Reiki master is a personal friend with many "gifts". So I trust her… until I realized that she was pushing the Reiki stuff to fast. I feel that I am only at level one. The universe will provide me with a new teacher when I am ready. The universe provided me with an excuse not to go to level 3 without hurting friend's feelings.

Love the universe. Confused with the multiverse… but willing to take the ride.

251d1f No.1313724


I don't live there, just remember reading about it. I catch all the rain I want. Then just pour it out on the ground to spite those Washingtonians.

251d1f No.1313749


Depending on what you have now, you may need to get rid of all of it, and get the right stuff. Go to your local sporting goods store, find the oldest guy working there and ask him what you need.

2f9871 No.1313850


we live among amish communities

they are organized as congregations of 15-20 families - large families mostly

each has its own school

their 12 year olds are more trustworthy than most adults i know

4c9cb0 No.1313864


I can relate. took my time. It was a complicated process as I have other gifts and they tend to conflict. I am an Empath… a very strong one at that. Learning to shut it down was the hard part

2f9871 No.1313881


once they have washed they must be refrigerated

unwashed they last a long while

we also store the spring flush of eggs in a hydrated lime water solution - fresh and raw

last for over a year!

we have a 3-4 month gap in laying so its no problem at all

251d1f No.1313896


My spouse keeps using all of our milk for yogurt. We have a snazzy pressure cooker that has a yogurt setting. Very easy.

2f9871 No.1313916


i store mine in a root cellar

temp is not so critical with cheese aging as humidity

temp a little high means matures faster

lower longer

but humidity will mold the cheese or dry it out

i tried all sorts of coatings inc wax

now i just air dry to the touch then rub with salt

after a few months there is a rind that the pigs get

works good with less effort

2f9871 No.1313928


not that theres anything wrong with that!

i dont care for grain fed and feed lot though

251d1f No.1313940


My dogs love the whey drained out when making cheese or yogurt.

2f9871 No.1313959


its too much

i will say she seems to know an awful lot about trump and the great awakening and what is going on in the world

esp for a person who didnt know much about history or anything else purely academic

(im a history/law/bookfag)

plus a lot of other odd stuff

but otherwise shes exactly the same

go figure

2f9871 No.1313971


well done anon

its an eye opener to process your own food!

2f9871 No.1313986


i wish i had a reiki master

i would even love an accupressure massage

its been a long time

no one here can do it

2f9871 No.1313998



need i say more?

251d1f No.1314045


Italy and Russia mostly.

251d1f No.1314065


A lot of different names for them. Mine looks like a vegetable peeler. Had zoodles tonight for dinner. Sauce from last years garden tomatoes.

4c9cb0 No.1314077


I can send long distance. but it is better for me to know your loc. and a pic of yourself. you'd have to dox

4c9cb0 No.1314089


better not to dox yourself. Anon.

154e64 No.1314109

If any of you fags have a freshwater aquarium, you can grow herbs and other water fairing plants like lettuces. Same sorta set up as hydro but without nutrients because the fish make the food for the plants.

251d1f No.1314148


I get the square white 3 gallon buckets from everywhere I can. Then make them into Dutch buckets for hydroponics.

eff728 No.1314172


nice digits

251d1f No.1314177


Got Milk?

Only store bought. That is why. Dairy board lobby.

ed4cb2 No.1314191


The BIGGEST problem you're going to have is to realize exactly how much food you need to feed yourself for a year. 2 acres, all used for growing, depending on the zone may not be anywhere near enough. 5a or to 7a or so…. perfect. Higher than around 7 or lower than 5, royal pain in the ass. Higher than 7 I'm talking about 100+ temps in summer for 2-3 months straight or more when nothing grows and you're stuck growing all winter. Lower than 5a…. you're stuck with cold winter for 8 months and only have 4 months to grow. I'm in 5b and I have to produce all the food I need for the entire year in about 4 to 6 months, depending on the weather.

Learn all you can about Albrecht and put in to practice everything you can afford to put into practice ASAP. Logan Labs for soil testing is an absolute requirement. There are a FEW other labs that will test for micro-nutrients but you can NOT afford to skimp on those micros.

Chickens are a damn good idea…. keep enough that you can have eggs every morning. Feed them all the leftover scraps from your garden and do your level best to stay away from commercial chicken feed. Grow a few rows of dry corn and feed it to them in the winter if you must.

You don't have enough land to honestly raise your own pigs or cattle IMHO. Goats might be an option, milk them.

Assume that everything that's NOT from your farm is poisoned and eat accordingly. Do your research into bentonite clay for detox and baking soda and water for alkalinity- makes a great cancer treatment.

Fasting is one of the best things you can do for your own health. Be careful if you're drugged up though… fasting can really fuck your meds up. I recommend AT LEAST a week. 2-3 weeks isn't a bad idea. Hell if you're over weight fast until you're a normal weight again. Do some research into the longest fasts… I've read tales of 400lb people fasting until they hit 200lbs and it took a few months. It gets super easy after the first 3 days of hell.

Remember your body is simply a thermodynamic engine. Think of it as a little campfire that never gets very big. It can only burn so much fuel every day. If you feed it too much fuel it's turned right into fat.

One cabbage plant will make about 4-6 cups of sauerkraut depending on how big it is. Learn how to make sauerkraut from salt and cabbage, found in the book Root Cellaring by Bubbell or something like that. NOT canned sauerkraut….. the probiotics in the naturally fermented sauerkraut are super good for you.

Well this book is long enough. :)

251d1f No.1314218


Made fresh egg omlette for breakfast this morning from eggs that were 20 minutes old, and have very dark yolks from being free range and eating grass and bugs.

2f9871 No.1314233


no thanks you but i like the physical part

my wife sends good energy my way all the time but i cant beg a massage out of her!

251d1f No.1314251


Time is always a factor especially in the Summer. I just fast on those days. hahaha

ed4cb2 No.1314270


People don't realize how vulnerable they are right now. Do you know how to use a scythe to cut grass? Do you know how to run a wheel hoe? Do you know how far apart common garden plants are spaced? Do you know what garden plants get along with each other and what plants don't? Do you know the role of flowers in the garden? Do you know the role of birds bugs, bees in the garden? Can you make even ONE part on a car? Can you sole your own shoes? Can you sew your own clothes without power? Can you cut your own hair without electricity? Can you sharpen your own knives without electricity? Can you make a bucket with things you find in the woods? The list goes on and on and on. I keep multiple reference books on multitudes of subjects and I've read many of them. I'm a jack of all trades by trade, also known as a handyman. Can you braze your own metal? Can you weld without electricity? Can you…. can you…. can you… the list goes on and on and on. Fortunately, many of these things are available to the common man in reference books and once you understand the basics. Once you understand that you're viewing these words thanks to the power of a light switched on and off…. understanding the end process becomes much easier. 010101100110001111001111 is all that this computer is made of at a very basic level. When you understand the relationship between paint roller speed and water spray, things become much easier to understand. Start at the very basics and the end result becomes much easier to understand.

4c9cb0 No.1314271


Much better then doxing yourself. ;-)

251d1f No.1314296


it is amazing how little you have to feed a pig to get them to grow as big as they get.

Completely different from a steer.

eff728 No.1314313


Where I am it's illegal to sell unpasteurized milk. You can use if it's your own stock but not others'.

2f9871 No.1314323


well thats a big does of reality anon

we picked our homestead location based on weather first - having already made that error!

as you apparently know

we are all more or less fucked but we can improve our lot substantially

people dont realize that all flesh is grass - which means you gotta have hay to raise livestock - hay is the most important frm product

now factory farms use concentrated feed grains that produce unhealthy meat

but to grass (hay in winter) feed requires more space - way more

so they dont

as far as fasting we do that every day - ie we BREAKFAST every morning - every day no food or drink for 12 hours - so if you eat breakfast at 7 do the math

we have fasted for periods too but this is so much better

just like excercise

nothing beats every day routine

blessing anon

eff728 No.1314338


I can't eat store eggs anymore…free range is the only way,

251d1f No.1314354


I have not tried it, but like making hashed browns, you bake the potaotes first then shred them. Might bake, shred, dehydrate.

251d1f No.1314423


Doesn't the 3rd. amendment to the Constitution say something about that.

Quartering soldiers in your home. Prohibited in peacetime. Might be interpreted to include food, etc.

251d1f No.1314505


There is no need to refrigerate fresh eggs that have never been washed. The are coated with the "bloom" from the hen. Once washed, they need to be refrigerated. All store bought eggs need refrigeration.

Most other countries don't refrigerate their eggs. They are sold in open markets.

251d1f No.1314532


Or drink the shine and watch the tractor just sit there.

251d1f No.1314550


Good job anon!

Last year I grew some watermelons using the Kratky method. It worked, but coast to much because of the amount of water used. I use it for lettuce.

2f9871 No.1314557


thats what we do

(bourbon country)

2f9871 No.1314571

anons btw i am sure you know not to use flouride toothpaste

so toms is expensive and not as good as it used to be

switched to plain baking soda

takes a little getting used to but now i cant tolerate regular toothpaste

cheap and healthy and works great

ed4cb2 No.1314671



I love my restel hand grinder AND electric grinder. Other good hand wheat grinders out there as well.


$42 a gallon in western iowa. Been that price for years. Little jars are $12 for 1-2 cups though.


what about sourdough bread and organic home milled grains?


>Do you pray over your food? When it's prepared, as well as when you eat it. I wave my left hand in a circle over my plate with the intention to "protect me from any harmful effects that could be in my food… known or unknown".

I've thought that's why it's been so important to pray before meals.




I reuse normal canning lids. So far on my 3rd year on some of them. The question you must ask yourself- Is the rubber covering ALL of the sealing part? If it is…. then you can reuse it. Also…. will it rust out before you use the food? And NEVER store canning jars with the rings on. I actually left rings on some applesauce jars and went to open them a couple years later and the sugars had sealed the rings on. Ended up giving myself a nice gash before I realized all I needed to do was run it under hot water to loosen the rings.


Also reminds me of the wood cutters in Sweden. They planted trees that they would never cut and they cut trees planted 7 generations before.


>I frankly don't want to go back to plowing with horses.

Don't need to plow. A good cultivator will do wonders for the land without plowing. I LIKE to plow but I don't NEED to plow.

I run a two wheel walk behind David Bradley. Works Great. Just set one up with 4 wheel weights, a ball lock single face clutch, and I have nearly all the attachments they sold for them new other than a cart, cordwood saw and a few rare ones. I also set up a chisel plow which I can sink 12" deep and run through the garden on my first pass. And I just have a loam. It's not easy because the way I have it set up it wants to keep going deeper so I need some wheels to keep it from going so deep. I run 5-15 ag tires. Once I got the ball lock clutch and hooked the chisel plow on the edge of some cement and started the puppy up it started burning out on the cement. I used to have a old style spring lock clutch but that thing didn't hold the power for shit. According to the Nebraska Farm Tractor Tests the DB in this configuration will put 3HP to the ground. I also put my disc on today, and was able to sink the disc into the sod up to the axles and pull right through, that was after chisel plowing. The Bradley is an awesome machine.


I currently live in a small town in flyover corn and beans horizon to horizon country. Beautiful black dirt zone 5a. My lot is 150x60 with 2.5 garages and a house with 576 conditioned sf plus a full basement and two porches. The rest of the property is all fruit trees and I have a 30x30 garden out in the backyard. Hoping to find another lot to farm soon. Was thinking about finding one this year but I didn't know if I could trust my Bradley so haven't actively looked yet.

You're lucky if your whole family has bought into gardening. My wife *likes the idea* but won't actually put anything into practice. Ugggg. So I grow lots of really good food that doesn't get eaten. However I grow for seed. Have a couple gallons of beet seeds in the basement already and a couple gallons of spinach seeds.

Oh by the way I plant everything on 30" centers so I can cultivate with my Bradley, which is 26" wide when it's set up axle end to axle end. I haven't actually cultivated with it yet because my garden is too small but it's possible. Would realistically need to run 36" rows my first year cultivating with the bradley though. I don't want to lose half a row because I was "just learning" how to run the damn thing.


>people dont realize that all flesh is grass - which means you gotta have hay to raise livestock - hay is the most important frm product

if you don't have the room to store hay inside look into hay stacks. they used to do it in montana with a hay slide which is really cool technology. Amazing how long hay will keep in a properly made stack and how little gets lost.


Breaking your fast…. kek right? I love it. Most people don't realize they fast every single night. Idiots. Another one is Sun Day Why the hell do you worship the sun? What's the fourth commandment? Honor the SABBATH. Hebrews 4:9. In any version other than KJV.


I have been getting toms for years. Didn't notice a change in the flavor though. We did try the other one they came out with that's also non-flouride and that's pretty good. I've tried straight baking soda, while I didn't mind I'm sure my wife wouldn't fly for that though.

If you're wondering who the hell this is I have gone by "village idiot" before however my board is at 8ch.net/1944/ now.

251d1f No.1314707


Your list is what I fear is lost with the new generation of young people. Being older and a jack of all trades myself, I am glad that I learned how things work in the real world, and not sitting in an office all day.

You will find that most tradesmen could say yes to a large percentage of your questions. I fear for our children's future. Mine will be okay because I have taught them most of what they need to know to be self sufficient, but their peers are going to be in trouble.

84f6af No.1314714


Also - pick up a copy of the Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell. I'm not recommending the supplements, but it covers side effects if you are deficient, as well as natural sources for various vitamins, minerals and herbs. I found depression is probably more often nutrient deficiencies - stress, caffeine, excess sugar, alcohol and cigarettes all destroy the nutrients needed to produce neurotransmitters, leading to depression, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction, and much more. As mentioned elsewhere, a nutrient deficiency such as magnesium can have a domino effect.

ed4cb2 No.1314765



Sad thing is I'm 34. Not many people younger than I that are learning any of this shit.

It's sad that so many people have no idea. Take some gasoline and put it in an open container and put it in the sun for a couple minutes and then flick a lighter at it.

Lots of simple things to learn in little things.

251d1f No.1314803


>if you don't have the room to store hay inside look into hay stacks. they used to do it in montana with a hay slide which is really cool technology. Amazing how long hay will keep in a properly made stack and how little gets lost.

Those hay slides are till in use today. I know where a few of them are.

251d1f No.1314822


Stop eating sugar, and make sure to get plenty of vitamin D.

251d1f No.1314848

Full disclosure. I do not live off grid.

I do use passive and active solar as much as possible, but can't wean myself from the creature comforts like refrigerators, freezers, and my hot tub.

84f6af No.1314865


Wheat farmers started spraying the wheat fields prior to harvest; the wilted plants are easier to cut/harvest and the dying plants kick out a few extra seeds. However the Roundup (glyphosphate) residue contaminates the wheat. Most people are actually reacting to the poison, not necessarily to gluten.

84f6af No.1314936


Try ketchup, tomato paste and BBQ sauce - to go with pasta, sandwiches etc. First time I made ketchup I was in heaven!

84f6af No.1314983


I pay about $20/pint for organic raw honey. Seriously considering a hive, as bees are in seriously short supply here - last year's garden had trouble, very few cukes, zucchini, squash or tomatoes. Did things to attract pollinators with very little luck - too many big farms in the area, I'm guessing!

6cdc8e No.1315057


Maybe look at keto diet with 'intermittent fasting'… very non-inflammitory. My 80-some yr old grandma has more energy than she has had in years…and out does us all at the gym. Bonus: no cancer!

6cdc8e No.1315075



Book: Sugar Blues lays it all out…

76d738 No.1315132

If you believe Grand Solar Minimum is coming, a few backyard gardens to supplement a storage of rice & beans could impact your wallet and possibly survival chances, when the food supply starts to dry up.

84f6af No.1315146


If SHTF those bees could come in handy; wax can be used to seal jars of food.

6cdc8e No.1315179



>>people dont realize that all flesh is grass - which means you gotta have hay to raise livestock - hay is the most important frm product


>if you don't have the room to store hay inside look into hay stacks. they used to do it in montana with a hay slide which is really cool technology. Amazing how long hay will keep in a properly made stack and how little gets lost.




>Breaking your fast…. kek right? I love it. Most people don't realize they fast every single night. Idiots. Another one is Sun Day Why the hell do you worship the sun? What's the fourth commandment? Honor the SABBATH. Hebrews 4:9. In any version other than KJV.


humble Sabbath Anon here…

Hay isn't necessary…if you do pasture rotations.. they paw off the snow here in midwest in preference of fresh green stuff over hay.

6cdc8e No.1315213




>Your list is what I fear is lost with the new generation of young people. Being older and a jack of all trades myself, I am glad that I learned how things work in the real world, and not sitting in an office all day.


>You will find that most tradesmen could say yes to a large percentage of your questions. I fear for our children's future. Mine will be okay because I have taught them most of what they need to know to be self sufficient, but their peers are going to be in trouble.

That is why Carla Emery wrote her "Encyclopedia of Country Living"… to gather up knowledge before it was all lost.

6cdc8e No.1315226


She is one the got 'heart attacked'

84f6af No.1315315


Not enough acreage in many cases for pasture rotation. We have about 8.5 acres - but some is wooded/old stream bed, plus land the house sits on and the workshop. Mares are off hay for the summer, but pasture doesn't produce enough during the winter without supplementing with hay.

251d1f No.1315379


Tomatoes are self pollinating. They don't need bees. neither do beans. Most others do.

6afaad No.1315495

What about for those of us that live in suburban life? What’s recommended for “go” bags and stuff? Where’s a good starting point? I have a travel trailer and truck, but want to start stocking up on some prep items…don’t know what I’m prepping for…just have shit ready. If shit goes down. Marshman law…feda camps….whatever…

7dc2b0 No.1315722


lessons learned moving from city to country

1. research pays off.

one property we were looking at had two adjoining 1.25 Acre lots, we had cash to purchase, no financing. dirt roads, and one lot had a septic a manuf home a garage a wood shed and a pump house. PROBLEM…tax map did not match what land owners thought were the bounary lines. 160 Acres in eastern oregon were off north to south by 100 feet, so according to the tax man at county, every dirt road was actually not the boundary but was down the middle of each lot…would have required a re plat and about 3000 per lot owner to redo entire tax map, people didnt have the money…only way i realized it was a NO GO was wen Title Officer remarked that NO BANK would finance such a transaction, but hey you have cash, buy it if you want…..POW we were out of there….

2. Look for land 2 acres more or less, you need to be 120 feet from any adjoining property's well when you put in your septic system and 100 feet from your own well (minimum)

3. look for land that had a home at one time, with existing power poles to re use

4. the previous home septic tank can …should be abandoned and this will save you money in permit fees, ask for a replacement septic permit

5. have a soils engineer scope out the proper soil for a standard septic system, dont just decide to dig aywhere, the county official might make you install an advanced 20,000 dollar whizbang septic tank, do the research on soil drainage and put in a much cheaper standard tank and leach line gravel system

6. new manufactured homes are much better than trying to repair somebodys existing problems, old metal septic tanks rot out, substandard foundations, etc

7. opt for 2x8 floor joists on new manufactured homes

8. pay the extra 40 bucks for a few extra spaces in a 225 amp panel instead of a 200 amp panel

9. get ceramic wall heaters installed in the bedrooms to meet HUD requirements, DO NOT let them install the cheap mexican central air heaters that have ducts running under and up thru the floors

10. order your home without flooring, ask for the thickest OSB floor they can put down.

11. coat every square inch of bathrooms, dishwashers and laundry areas with red guard membrane waterproofing, its around 50 bucks a gallor, and if your fixtures leak, it will save you thousands later.

12, put in vinyl click lock flooring.

13. sub out the delivery, setup & marriage line, foundation, septic and well drilling

when looking for a spot to drill your well, look for natural ravines and depressions in hillsides, stay within 60 feet of the natural drainage path that has existed for hundreds of thousands of years…try to get at least 14 GPM for a 4 bedroom home

14. if gpm is low, pump from well to 1000 gallon storage tank, black plastic about 650 bucks…float switches and then try to gravity feed to a small booster pump to your home

15. test the well water for bacteria

16. if sulfur smell exists, use spray nozzles ( spiral nozzles) in a manifold into the top of a vented storage tank to off gas the sulfur smell

17. whole house aquasana well water filter system with UV

18. go solar, but only enough KW to run your pumps for water, a fridge and a microwave.

Save money if the grid goes down, cook with a microwave or wood fire

19. set up a solar thermal water heater piping system for grid failure, nobody likes cold showers

20. put various loads on manual switches…break before make configuration, so you can choose to run the fridge for a few hours and then switch to the laundry machine, then back to the fridge, etc.

10e35a No.1316013

If you haven't already, it is a good idea to get yourself a good outdoor wilderness survival handbook, as well as a handbook on wild edibles and medicinals.

These are very valuable references to have on hand, including in your bug-out kits if you have to get out of a region very quickly..

56b782 No.1316190


That's how all the raw milk is labeled here. sold by the amish. we just wink at the lady and go on our way. we also have pets - so if questioned of course we bought it for them, we love them so.

a3b07c No.1316766

An idea I came up with years ago, to add nutrition and flavor to homegrown eggs: Foxes made it necessary to keep my chickens enclosed, so to add protein to the feed, I surrounded the fencing with partial sheets of old plywood laid on the ground (with old tires on top to prevent blowing away, and keep good contact with the ground for natural moisture generation and retention). These make a perfect ecosystem for bugs and slugs (GOBS of them). Every day, when I went out for eggs, I'd bring a leaf rake… the chickens went nuts when they saw it… and I'd lift a board and flick a bunch of bugs through the wire. Feeding frenzy as the bugs tried to get back to the darkness and moisture under the wood.

Saved greatly on feed costs… they wouldn't touch the stuff until every bug had been eaten, and the area had been scoured for escapees.

Yolks the color of a late sunset, and rich flavor beyond description.

5ab062 No.1316815

I have a question. Sewing. I can sew - not tailor quality but decently. Unless its a small repair job, tho - I do very few things by hand.

Lets face it - sewing machines are a godsend. Are there any non-electric ones?

It just occurred to me that maybe that's why the singer antiques are becoming so popular again. I inherited one from a relative but havent taken it out of storage yet.

a3b07c No.1316817


Should have added: If the environment under the boards gets overburdened, put a few sheets of newspaper and some lawn debris in there once in a while.

A good bug farmer makes a great chicken farmer!

d6caf9 No.1316995


There are old fashioned treadle sewing machines. They don't have fancy stitching, only straight stitches, but they work very well. I used to have one but had to give it to a friend when I moved up north - no room to take it.

Here's an eBay link so you can see:


You can find them in second hand stores or antique stores.

But if you want a modern style machine that works with a treadle, you can get that too at a hefty price tag.


Before buying from Lehmans, if you have an Amish community in your area, find their store. They always have an Amish store. The merchandise is always quality and reasonably priced. The merchant may be able to get you a new fancy treadle machine at a better price than Lehmans.

For example, I buy my shepherds crooks at the local Amish store for $8. The same crooks online are $45.

ecb5df No.1316996

The Amish use evaporated cane juice/raw sugar. Unrefined. It's not as intense as refined sugar.

Ever notice how mild mannered Amish kids are? No sugar rush. Your body absorbs it slowly like raw honey-it's all I've used for years. It's great for canning preserves and jelly! Enjoy!

2f9871 No.1317017


just whatever you need to last a week or 2 that is non perishable and carryable

a few tarps and paracord

wool blankets or sleeping bags

water/extra fuel

good bushknife and water stone

plus a shotgun and shells - 20 gauge is nice and easy compared to 12

a good small battery or solar radio

camp pots/utensils and matches


ER medical kit

all this can be compiled pretty cheaply

2f9871 No.1317022


these are all excellent anon

a few we have been thru ourselves!

2f9871 No.1317029


yes this is the case with most homesteads

we have a dedicated 5 acrs hay field we keep adding seasoned mulch/manue and it produces about 500 square bales per year which is almost enough for us

we are set up to do haystacks if needed!

we buy a dozen or so round bales from a neighbor for our 3 mules

plus we rotate the livestock - pigs and cows - through 5 different pastures about 5 acres each

d6caf9 No.1317039


There is a lot of info online on go bags, but the standard is to have enough food for three days, a water container and small water filter (like a straw filter, can get for under $20, highly recommend), lighter/matches, med kit, a change of clothes or if not that at least a change of sox and undies (better to have two extra sets), sleeping bag and pad. Tarps. Have clothes to match the season, as well - as in layers if its cold season.

You'll want a good knife. Some cordage (paracord). Good hiking boots that are broken in. Maps of the area and to your intended destination.

The idea of a bugout bag is to have the necessities to allow you to walk away from where you are and get started on your way to your bugout location. In other words, it's not enough just to get away. You have to have somewhere to go to. That's a whole 'nother subject.

So is having a bugout kit for your vehicle if you plan to go on wheels.

Recommend you spend some weekends camping to find out what works for you and what you can carry comfortably and what food you want to have with you.

1cb595 No.1317046


Love this. Going to try it with my girls.

d6caf9 No.1317059


I only buy Wheat Montana brand. Non GMO and no pesticides.

1cb595 No.1317078

yes. good ideas. We've done a lot of this, and were reminded through the process that there really is no such thing as private property. If you don't pay rent (taxes), the state takes it from you. And the state micromanages just about everything through the permitting process. Third year in a manuf'd home. Had always been in stick and frame. So far, so good.

1cb595 No.1317095


We do plenty of potatoes for staple. Lots of root veggies. Can and freeze beans and peas. We invested a little every month in freeze dried and that's put away for back up. water is the biggest concern. My daugther covered stacked cases of it with a tapestry and called it a table in her little NY apartmnt. At least set yourself up to be able to stay in place for a good while.

d6caf9 No.1317101



what about sourdough bread and organic home milled grains?

I don't understand what you're asking. Sounds great.


>I frankly don't want to go back to plowing with horses. Don't need to plow. A good cultivator will do wonders for the land without plowing. I LIKE to plow but I don't NEED to plow. I run a two wheel walk behind David Bradley.

Reread my post. We were talking about using wood gas generators if there is no gas available. Bradleys are great for a hobby farm like yours. Not so good when you're on real acreage, though.

fb72e5 No.1317104


Suburbanite here. We started about 10yrs ago. Ammo and rice & beans were 1st purchases. Food grade 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Seal lids (lids are KEY to keeping the food) a 20lb bag rice and 10lb bag beans fit nicely. Toss in 02 eaters and you are good for years. Not ideal food- but cheap start up with protein and will stretch a long way. Medical supplies. high grain alcohol (great for bartering) CB radio, batteries. Knifes maps compass flashlight. Candles and lighters. Extra clothing. Mylar blankets. Make plans for diff scenarios. There are "survival straws" that filter any water source. That's where we started anyways

d6caf9 No.1317111


No need to live off grid until you have to. But it's good to be prepared to do it if you have to. ;)

ed4cb2 No.1317141


Can your body handle sourdough bread made from home milled grain?

Stephen Leslie in his book Horse Powered Farming said that if current trends continue in 40 years there will be more horse powered than traditional farmers.

Yes I am the OP of the post you replied to.

d6caf9 No.1317150


If you aren't now consuming rice and beans regularly, I recommend you add a couple such meals a week now, if you're planning on eating that if things go bad. Otherwise, you are going to be mighty uncomfortable if that's all you have to eat. Better add a few bottles of multivitamins with minerals to your preps, too.

fb72e5 No.1317171


It's illegal here as well, but is sold at most farmers markets with warning labels "not for human consumption, used for soap making"

fb72e5 No.1317186


Anon was asking where to start if SHTF. That's how we started 10yrs ago, we've come a long way since then. Gotta start somewhere

d6caf9 No.1317193


On the first question, sure. Why?

About Stephen Leslie, I hope he's wrong. Because the price of food will go way up as you simply cannot work as much acreage with horses as with even a small tractor. We will see food scarcity in this country again, and people will starve. A little secret about the great depression is that an estimated 10 million people died of starvation during it, because they couldn't afford to buy enough food to survive.

OK. I figured that…?

d6caf9 No.1317210


OK, gotya! Then my rec s/b for the OP ;)

fb72e5 No.1317317


What do you use in your hot tub? Currently using the CuZn Spa Core (removes chlorine and releases zinc and copper) but have had to use a non chlorine mini shock a cpl times. Wondering if there are other chemical free options that actually work

ed4cb2 No.1317336


When I had a hot tub I was on city water and did a drain and fill every 2-3 weeks. Only a 2 person tub so it was fairly easy. Never bothered with chemicals.

fb72e5 No.1317365


Look in to "Sole Water" Cheap and easy. Been using for a few months and I can not even begin to tell you the difference in how feel, LIFE CHANGING…Made with Pink Himalayan salt and water, 1 tsp in a cup of water in morning on empty stomach. 84 minerals, balances your PH, cleans out toxins, kick starts your adrenal glans, just to name a few.

6e11aa No.1317513


My bible! Highly recommended..

d73766 No.1317591

1313526 What does a person need to store for when SHTF for a month ?

ed4cb2 No.1317613


We have a deep larder. We eat out a lot but end up buying a lot of non-perishable groceries "because we'd like to have something"…. well the end result is a deep larder that we don't have to worry about food for awhile. Biggest problem here would be getting water though.

2f9871 No.1317697


>Sole Water

ill try it

sounds good anon

i already use that salt for food

2f9871 No.1317728

newbies and grizzled vets alike

here we go

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual for Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself Paperback – October 30, 2012

by Carla Emery (Author)

6cdc8e No.1317837




>i also make yogurt the ez way

Kefir, using 'kefir grains', is easier than yogurt (incubates at room temp) and has about 30 probiotic strains instead of the 4-6 usually in yogurt.

6cdc8e No.1317849



Can we get a notable on this one?;)

6cdc8e No.1317854



I personally think celtic is better. My body misses it if I use anything else.

2f9871 No.1317866


i started the thread

havnt done notables here anon

not that we cant but this is the very first bake so im waiting to see how it goes

so far very well

or maybe i can link it in the title next time

tx for posting anons

im really enjoying the thread!

6cdc8e No.1317967


> All I learned was that it was all corrupt. Due to health issues (from GMO's) I was forced into early retirement.

> But my health is spiraling downwards, so don't know how far I'll make it.

Our food cycle is corrupted by the soros/etc. machine… MonSatan I mean Monsanto can't be sued. Neither can the vaccine producers.

AMA for doctors was made to make homeopathic doctors forgotten outcasts…Homeopathic doctors had a mortality rate of 1.05% compared to the 30% mortality of regularly treated methods in the 1918 flu epidemic.


6cdc8e No.1317993




>If you aren't now consuming rice and beans regularly, I recommend you add a couple such meals a week now, if you're planning on eating that if things go bad.

*First Principle* Store what you eat and eat what you store.

251d1f No.1317994


Wheat Montana bread does not contain corn syrup or any derivatives of corn.

fb72e5 No.1318019


I will look in to that, thanks!

6cdc8e No.1318047



It is maybe ~50% and 30% sodium and chloride

The rest is other/trace minerals

251d1f No.1318057


I just use chlorine and muratic acid. The minimum amount needed. Tried Bromine but spouse got whole body rash.

6cdc8e No.1318076





[sorry added wrong number reference about sugar discussion last time]

Celtic salt is maybe ~50% and 30% sodium and chloride. It has been a number of years since I saw the lab break out of it, but amost 20% was other nutrients.

The rest is other/trace minerals

fb72e5 No.1318115


Just bought it! Thanks so much

a3b07c No.1318163


Your calling them "my girls" convinces me you will take to bug husbandry quickly. It's fun learning what they like. Old tires look kind of hillbilly, but provide great thermal collection during colder weather.

To you, and the girls… Bon Appatit!

6e11aa No.1318754


A tip-when I find something online too, I print it out and just stick it in my book. I feel paper/hard copies are always safer in case of SHTF. My copy is messy and written in with notes on what has worked/hasn’t. You won’t regret buying it.

6e11aa No.1318812

Hey anons, we tapped for syrup for the first time this year and it was easy. We have silver maples.

-started mid March.

-Bought two small lengths of pipe

-two small lengths of tubing

-a milk jug with an x in the cap - 2.

We drilled two small holes in tree angling upward, on south side of tree. Hammered in the taps, attached the tubing and stuck the tubing into the jugs.

It simply collects the watery sap. You look daily and when jugs are full, transfer to a pot and cook slowly (in essence you’re reducing the liquid). My tip is to pick a day you are home to watch the slate for safety..allow 8 hours or so. 1 gallon yielded approx 4 oz. We then poured into mason jars to store in fridge.

We stopped collecting once the buds start to come out.

This is just the basics..lmk if you need more details. Lots of links online too! Syrup is totally worth it and yummy, especially on raspberries which we harvest in a few months..actually wild black raspberries that I transplanted in.

6e11aa No.1318817


*to watch the flame for safety*

1cb595 No.1319811


Right now, the girls are in great danger from hawks, eagles, coyotes, and perhaps even a big cat (panther) back there. Miraculously, we've not lost one. They forage happily where ever they wish and then roost in safe quarters at night. They mostly following the cattle's cow pies around. Great for the pasture and cuts down on the flies. However, I've no doubt that one of those predators will learn the super market is open over here, and when that day comes, we'll be using your method. Thanks again!!

1cb595 No.1319816


Pardon the typos. They occur on a regular basis.

d71fd2 No.1320258


The Dead Doctors Don't Lie guy says ALL disease is either a deficiency or a toxicity. Plain and simple.

2f9871 No.1321419


sounds delicious anon

be102a No.1321428

File: f9722c4e5feae25⋯.jpg (173.05 KB, 755x500, 151:100, 29ohhx.jpg)

File: 72d1ef95b907bcc⋯.jpg (166.37 KB, 755x500, 151:100, 29ohjc.jpg)

File: 00181de6f405d86⋯.jpg (170.68 KB, 755x500, 151:100, 29ohl0.jpg)

File: 0b5d8d3901aff54⋯.jpg (170.23 KB, 755x500, 151:100, 29ohm1.jpg)

File: 122dcb607282ff1⋯.jpg (172.96 KB, 755x500, 151:100, 29ohme.jpg)

Some memes in a slightly similar vein:

Power outages are not to be as feared as people think.

Stock up on water, goods, etc. There are some great survivalist sites out there.

be102a No.1321429

File: 031b4a0f0f1330f⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 29ohp4.jpg)

File: 27661b96b069590⋯.jpg (47.33 KB, 762x500, 381:250, 29ohqg.jpg)

File: 92e4bfc96ab48b0⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 762x500, 381:250, 29ohva.jpg)

File: 6093d15ed2be905⋯.jpg (48.92 KB, 762x500, 381:250, 29ohvt.jpg)

File: b6020a7ad589da8⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 762x500, 381:250, 29ohwk.jpg)

be102a No.1321435

Just remember to practice fire safety. Respect the elements.

Look for boy scout manuals, too. Great resource.

2f9871 No.1321501


looks like a PLASMA event

im ready

d71fd2 No.1321743


I have a more than adequate generator if the lights go out for a few days. But, how can I protect it from EMP? It is stored in a metal shed. Is that enough?

a32064 No.1323775


d73766 No.1323844



Thanks, what do I call you ?

d73766 No.1323859



2f9871 No.1326553


check out details on farraday cage

2f9871 No.1326558


bring some more anons over and also post!

we had a great start but it stalled a bit now


02f410 No.1329363


Smart. Know everything u will need will be 5k or more.. not cheap to start a farm.

I have extensive real worl knowledge on all of this. I am about to get the well redrillex at my place. 6k for that alone. Fence will be around 25k.. get started now while getting is good, pay for place in cash. Got 4acres for 5k.. u can get deals, gotta be looking

02f410 No.1329375


Have that book 👊

f90ea7 No.1336190


I buy the flour, to bake and cook with. No GMO, no pesticides, no glyphosate. You can buy the kernels too, if you like to grind your own.

f90ea7 No.1336230


For those that want to make the change to rural and are able to, a good bet is to buy an existing farm parcel with house and outbuildings already in place. A lot of old farmsteads with well/septic and woodlots are available to purchase as the elders that live on them die or go to assisted living. The kids don't want to live there - they have their own setups - and sometimes you can actually do a direct contract with the kids as a rent-to-own deal. Or buy directly for a lot less than you would think. If you can talk your employer into allowing you to work-from-home, if your job can be structured that way, you can keep the $$ flowing in while you reorganize the new farmstead and pick up whatever equipment you might need.

f90ea7 No.1336247


I don't know about 8ch, you could do a search. But there are a lot of old, established websites for this (ex. shtfplan.com, prepperdailynews.com) and they have links to other sites within them. Browse the archives and learn a lot in a short while.

There's also a lot of what I call "Doomsday Porn" books. A series of novels that really seve as a textbook and has a lot of references to other resource within the stories, is John Wesley, Rawles "Patriots" series. I know, he's on Alex Jones as a guest, but his info is actually useful, and the storylines are compelling. Get 'em from the library if you don't want to purchase.

f90ea7 No.1336312


Bugout bags -

I'll tell you mine if you tell me your ;)

I don't actually have a dedicated bag because I live out in the sticks and plan to stay put. In my truck, I carry a backpack that's unloaded except for a straw water filter and some space blankets, some paracord, and a sewing kit, because I seldom go more than 30 miles from home and I can walk back in 2 days if something happens so I don't need as much. I have in the truck a cook kit, an alcohol stove and alcohol, dehydrated food packs, all packed in a couple of metal coffee cans. I have a wool blanket on my truck seat that serves as a seat cover and can be used to stay warm. I carry a rain poncho and a med kit in the glove box. I have a couple gallons of water. In winter, I throw heavy winter boots and an insulated coverall in the truck and keep them there just in case. I always carry a quality folding knife and keep it sharp, with a 3" blade. There's a machete under the seat. I don't carry a gun, but if things were to start to turn bad I would open carry because it is legal in my state to do so. If

I have to leave my truck, I'll load up my bag with all this stuff (well, not all the water), put the good boots on and head home.

So clearly, my plan is to get home if I'm caught off the farm during an emergency. I have everything there I need to be good for quite a while.

I know at least 20 different routes to get to my little homestead. I recommend everyone get a gazetteer of their state and drive back roads now, to learn alternate routes. You never know when there will be a disaster that cuts off your normal route home, it just makes sense. When I lived in the southern climes, I found this knowledge very useful after a hurricane passed through and many roads were flooded. I just tried about four different routes that were blocked but the fifth one was passable. Saved my bacon that night.

f5f895 No.1336324


Yes. And this goes for refined foods, in general. Our bodies don't know what to do with the non-food. General rule is stay to the outside aisles of the grocery store while avoiding the central aisles where the non-food is displayed…..I do venture into the coffee and spice sections…..

f90ea7 No.1336335


If the lights go out for a few days, I fear that the 90% will get started looting, raping, pillaging - just as they have done in the past. Do a search on prior blackouts, which took place before this entitlement attitude. Do a search on what has happened after hurricanes in the past few years, how the looting starts.

You seem like a nice person. But there is a large percentage of people out there that are not nice people. Be prepared to hide, fight, or run if the lights go out.

f5f895 No.1336339


same here. And we have a back up generator for the freezer (we can and freeze our garden produce) and water pump. Have a wood boiler for domestic hot water if/when the grid goes down. Hot water is a creature comfort, but also necessary for hygiene to stay healthy.

f5f895 No.1336346


PS. I have yet to buy a hand pump for the well, but we need that because eventually in worst case scenarios, the propane runs out for the back up generator.

f90ea7 No.1336352


Chickens see the predator shadow and scatter for cover. They instinctively recognize a hawk silhouette, it's amazing. They are most at danger at night, when roosting. When I first started with my own hens years ago, I went out to the barn one night to find the chicken wire ripped open and hens just slaughtered, not even eaten. Since then, I put them up at night in a solid coop, and let them out in the morning to go about their business. I have only had 2 hens go missing in the past 2 years, so I'm down to 22 now. I'm getting over a dozen eggs a day, so it's time to pickle some.

f5f895 No.1336483

Thought I'd share my quick story. Red pilled 1999. "Honey. We have to get ourselves on a little farm, 'cause it's all going to hell." Spouse not impressed, but I persisted. Started out with books. LOTS of books. Got that little farm with pre-existing structures and started making improvements, starting with a decent chicken house/yard and a fenced/tilled garden with worked/added good soil. Started mulch pile right away. Worms are miracle workers. Then brought in a few small breed cattle for beef and milk. And they're good for soil improvement. (Joel Salatin—one of my gurus.) Found a local who does processing. Beef share to make a little $s and feed another couple of families. Milked one of my girls (raised her up from a heifer so we trust each other) last summer. That was the ultimate. Now have some fruit trees in and a couple of bee colonies. Pretty cold here so won't get honey until second year, if then. They need about 90 lbs of their own to get through winter. Rusty with Honey Bee Suite. Best guru. One thing to consider. Don't try to do everything. Do a few things. Get good at it, and be prepared to trade. That means, know your community. Know your neighbors. Bottom line. Read, read, read, study, read some more before you invest in anything besides books.

f5f895 No.1336517


That's my experience too. I'm amazed they haven't disappeared, but they are hanging in, so far. Way in the open if a hawk/eagle does get interested. Won't get to cover in time…….So far, the predators are most interested in the little varmits and I cheer the birds on because those little buggers did and eat the tender roots of my fruit trees, not to mention taking a large helping of the potatoes and peas. And that's where the new little kitties come in……….

f5f895 No.1336570


PS BBE (best book ever) John Seymour, The Self-Sufficient Life and How to live it.

f5f895 No.1336601


Yep. So good for you. Try to find raw milk, but can be done with pasturized.

f5f895 No.1336624


Foxes used to be our problem. Re-located and now its coyotes (not nearly as wilely as foxes) and predator birds…..maybe some big cats. Saw some prints.

eb18d8 No.1337381


Weasels are terrible critters. They will get in your hen house and kill all of your birds just for fun. They don't eat them. The worst part about them is they can get through very small holes in fencing, so are hard to keep at bay.

have large numbers of bald eagles around my place. You can tell when one is coming. All the hens start heading for cover, seemingly for no reason, then a few seconds later the eagle will pass overhead. They have never bothered my hens, but I think they are just keeping them around in case all other sources of food become scarce.

PS. Bald eagles are snake catching machines.

f90ea7 No.1337409


I'm thinking with the wire ripped, it was a fisher. Weasels wouldn't have had to rip it wide like that. Baldies like fish best, never had one show any interest in the hens. Up here, no snakes to speak of, so I'll take your word on that ;).

Coyotes all around, but I have dogs and goats, and that keeps them back from the barn. Cats eat the rats. Chickens eat the ticks and scatter the cow manure for corn/grain. It's a nice little ecosystem.

Got to get to work.

eb18d8 No.1337416


To add to this.

In my area, there are huge farms that mostly grow grains. As the farms continue to get bigger, they buy out the smaller places. They will buy a 320 or 640 acre parcel of land that has a small 2 bedroom house on it. They don't want the house just the land, so they either subdivide it into a smaller parcel, like 3-5 acres, and sell the house, or they just burn it down. Most of these small houses are old homesteads that are 75-100 years old, but are in decent shape, and can be had fairly cheap if you can find one.

Check out areas like this that have older farmers that live in those small houses, and are about to give it up, or are very old, and their kids don't live nearby. None of the kids will want to take over those places. The cost to continue to farm small acreages like this is way too high for the return on the sale of the grain. Hence the farmers buying those square mile parcels to farm.

eb18d8 No.1337430


Probably right, it wasn't a weasel. I hate those thing.

It is funny to watch when one of those eagles are coming down the road. The hens hear them before they see them.

7ab737 No.1337837


I am assuming you are talking freshwater fishing. Can be tough as freshwater fish can be picky depending the season and water. I would suggest youtube videos to start with. I think the smartest advice I was ever given in regards to fishing is: Remember 10% of the water holds 90% of the fish. Fish like structure and certain areas. I watched more fishing shows than I can count with my ex and we went fishing a bunch. Watch some videos, then go do it, and remember it is called fishing, not catching so don't get discouraged…have fun.

7ab737 No.1337893


So glad to see this thread here. I have worked in/grown a garden most years of my life. Became a serious prepper in 2012 when BHO shutdown most of the government services including the National Weather Service and our National Parks when he didn't get his way. I figured anyone that would do that would have no problem shutting down our power, water, gas, and food for control over the masses. I preserve a lot of my garden by canning, have a small acreage in zone 6a with fruit trees and trail horses. Love the simply country life except for the foxes and coyotes which got into my chicken coop. :(

6e11aa No.1338125


Welcome :) sorry to hear about the chix though. That’s our biggest fear. We lost one to an owl or a hawk..not sure.

Your place sounds nice! It’s good to know how to do things “if”. Like no electricity or internet. I’m not worried about our family but worried about the loonies who freak out…the ones that don’t even own a non electric can opener, you know the type..

6e11aa No.1338162


We have eagles too..they like to hang out in our tree and rip apart squirrels. The chickens run but no, the eagles have never bothered them. Hawks are another story but always a murder of crows is around to caw out a warning. I love those crows! They’re our EBS for chickens.

6e11aa No.1338189


You’re living my dream! I’m trying to convince spouse to let us have bees as we don’t spray our yard…deathly afraid of them. I’m persistent tho!

7ab737 No.1338215


Thanks for the response. Yes, I got most of the SHTF covered, but my family refuses to listen so I would have them to take care as well. Then you have the zombie types and the druggies which would be the biggest risks. I bought a book awhile back called "A Failure of Civility" which goes over how to protect your little area but it does involve having to include others in your neighborhood that you can trust.

2f9871 No.1338219


yes the crows know their territory

we have hawks too and they also know their territory - the ones around us have learned to stay away from our central pastures where the birds are during the day!

a year or two of shotgun booms plus the crows

did it

2f9871 No.1338228


i got started when the phony Y2K crisis failed to appear

i thought then there was fuckery afoot

took a while to convince my wife to go country but now she loves it more that i do

it was finally chemtrails that was the big redpill

gone for now in our area thank god

2f9871 No.1338233


excellent thoughts anon

i have reservations about salatin though

maybe ill share them later if you want to know that they are…

7ab737 No.1338280


Never seen chemtrails here, I have seen pictures of them though. Grew up country, only way I want to live. Has some draw backs especially in the job department and if you want to go out to eat at a good restaurant. Glad you and yours made the move !

2f9871 No.1338379


>a good restaurant

not sure there are anymore

d71fd2 No.1338431


Overrun by wasps near my entrance way. Have bees, so hate to spray… Ideas?

7ab737 No.1338541


The entrance way into your home? If you don't want to spray you will have to knock the nest down. There is wasp spray that sprays 20 feet and you can make a direct hit with it so maybe it wouldn't hurt your bees.

2f9871 No.1338867


we also hate spray but for wasps and hornets there is no choice

100 years ago people who knew what to do could help

not any more

pray for the earth and spray away

maybe we will get back there in our lifetimes

69b539 No.1339015


Do something at night? What about sealing up in that foam that comes in a can and let set up/cure/dry for a bit before removing?

7ab737 No.1339196


I hate to spray too, but for some instances there are no choice such as keeping weeds out of grazing pastures. Been fighting wild buttercups for the last few years, nothing eats them, not even goats. I have to spray or they take completely over. As far as wasps/hornets nests go, if they are not in my way I let them go. Wasps catch lots of young spiders to feed to their larvae and hornets eat flies by the thousands. Also purple martins are great if you can get them to come live on your property.

69b539 No.1339215


> One thing to consider. Don't try to do everything. Do a few things. Get good at it, and be prepared to trade. That means, know your community. Know your neighbors. Bottom line. Read, read, read, study, read some more before you invest in anything besides books.

I will add…youtube! Youtube has vids of tons of people that know what they are doing…My bro learned how to butcher there.








>>newbies and grizzled vets alike

>>here we go

>>The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual for Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself Paperback – October 30, 2012

>>by Carla Emery (Author)

d71fd2 No.1339266


Ok… i have the spray… will do tonight… thanks for advice.

69b539 No.1339293


>Watching the calf being born, I wondered how she knew what to do. What if in all other species, they have the memories of 7 generations, and that humans have simply forgot (not necessarily by choice).


>>We have forgotten how to play the game

If, in human females, a cesarean birth is done on a mother and her daughter, the next female in the line that did not experience normal labor with normal birth on the 'giving OR receiving' end will never go into labor.

d71fd2 No.1339906


Is there research on that?

Interesting. . .

ed2ba7 No.1340135

Are we no longer discussing Q threads? Here is latest one posted:

Q !2jsTvXXmXs 05/08/18 (Tue) 13:38:39 No.67

Review Time.

Not seeking re-election.


Bob Corker - Republican

Jeff Flake - Republican

Orrin Hatch - Republican

No Name - Republican [Departure Soon]


Bill Shuster - Republican

Bob Goodlatte - Republican

Carol Shea-Porter - Democrat

Charles W. Dent - Republican

Darrell Issa - Republican

Dave Reichert - Republican

David Trott - Republican

Dennis Ross - Republican

Edward Royce - Republican

Elizabeth Esty - Democrat

Frank LoBiondo - Republican

Gene Green - Democrat

Gregg Harper - Republican

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - Republican

Jeb Hensarling - Republican

Jim Bridenstine - Republican

Joe Barton - Republican

John Delaney - Democrat

John J. Duncan, Jr. - Republican

Lamar Smith - Republican

Luis V. Gutierrez - Democrat

Lynn Jenkins - Republican

Niki Tsongas - Democrat

Paul Ryan - Republican

Rick Nolan - Democrat

Robert Brady - Democrat

Rodney Frelinghuysen - Republican

Ruben J. Kihuen - Democrat

Ryan Costello - Republican

Sam Johnson - Republican

Sandy Levin - Democrat

Ted Poe - Republican

Thomas Rooney - Republican

Trey Gowdy - Republican


Al Franken - Democratic U.S. Senate

Blake Farenthold - Republican U.S. House

Jason Chaffetz - Republican U.S. House

John Conyers, Jr. - Democrat U.S. House

Louise Slaughter - Democrat U.S. House

Patrick Meehan - Republican U.S. House

Patrick J. Tiberi - Republican U.S. House

Thad Cochran - Republican U.S. Senate

Tim Murphy - Republican U.S. House

Trent Franks - Republican U.S. House

Xavier Becerra - Democrat Attorney General of California



+ CEOs


Nothing happening?

Goodlatte & Gowdy [important].

Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Why is the NY AG resignation important?

What past/current 'high profile' FBI investigations are within the jurisdiction of NY?

Define roadblock.

You have more than you know.

Do not fall victim to MSM/other fake/false narrative pushes.




No, I am not Q but I do go on to the new patriotsfight website.

08e4a7 No.1340282


We know the plot.

eb18d8 No.1340352


I think everyone here goes over to the main research tread. No need to re-post Q here on this sub-board.

Correct me if I am wrong.

2f9871 No.1340632



this thread is self sufficiency posts!

tx anon

d71fd2 No.1341294

Resource recommend:

Comes in Ebook and/or book:

The Lost Ways Multi authors, Edited and copyrighted by Claude Davis www.askaprepper.com

There is a part about using Wild lettuce for a opiate replacement. In a SHTF situation, those who are hooked on pain meds may become very dangerous.

750246 No.1341897


Hay works much better- I tried both. The biggest part is "cooking" the bales. You have to fertilize/water them heavily for two weeks (when they start feeling hot inside when you stick a hand in, you know it's working). Best garden I ever had. Even better, if you build boxes around the bales, they'll continue composting after your garden and you just place next year's bales on top. Within 2-3 years, the boxes are full of rich compost that you can just add a little soil to and continue gardening without new bales. Just mix in yard waste, coffee beans, etc to add nutrients.

750246 No.1342065

For those preppers that pressure can, here's how to do BACON (you read me right).

Buy a large roll of unwaxed butcher paper (Sam's, Costco, online…). Cut 12" wide pieces from the roll. Requires 2 per jar of bacon.

Use as thick a cut of bacon as you can find- it shrivels/shrinks. You'll end up with bacon crumbs if you don't.

Lay out a piece of paper. Place (approximately) 12 pieces of raw bacon with their edges just barely touching vertically on the paper. Lay the 2nd piece of paper on top, covering all the bacon.

Fold in half lengthwise then roll the wrapped bacon into a tube (like making a jellyroll).

Slide it inside a sterilized quart jar (might need a little encouragement) with the folded end up and pressure can for 90 minutes at the correct weight for your elevation. There will be maybe and inch or two of juices at the bottom of the can when finished.

It's fully cooked after the pressure canning, but it's not crispy so when you go to use it, fry it up- only takes about 10-15 minutes to get nice crispy bacon. Follow normal safety precautions when you use one- check for popped lid, bad odor, etc. as signs the pressure canning was flawed.

It can safely store for 2-3 years.

2f9871 No.1343655




true survival food!

c70c75 No.1343673

Omg! I found heaven! I just went back to school for Master Clinical Aromatherapy and Master Herbalist!

Whoo Hoo!

Looking for a healing salve for skin breakdown dude to pharmaceuticals.

2f9871 No.1343717


peppermint oil

diluted with carrier oil of course

c70c75 No.1343733



Blend for Sciatica? You rock!

c70c75 No.1343766

It's for my mom she lives far away so I can't experiment as well lol. Just looking for the best for her.

Ty foe all the help.

2f9871 No.1343894


>skin breakdown

my wife uses it for this

dont know about sciatica

i did have that after an injury but thank god it healed - nasty

2f9871 No.1344006



valerian oil works

be careful it has side effects and its strong

try a bit at a time and wait

think eating pot brownies….. (kek)

1c1194 No.1344222


Lots going on real life, am creaky antique on my own. Busy time, planting seedlings, laying down garden beds. Cleaning up winters ravages. Coping with age ravages. Takes me longer now.

Then there stuff going on over on Qresearch. Hard to keep up.

b2471c No.1344863

Pro tip. Look for auction sites where companies are going bankrupt or out of biz, often times, you can find REALLY good deals if you wait and keep and eye out.

When a bank liquidates all the assets of a company, they don't give a fuck how much it sells for as long as it sells. This is how u get good equipment cheap.

9edc12 No.1345493


Dr. Christopher's burn and wound type salve is great,

someone local to us makes a knock off,

see ingredient list on amazon product picture? to know what you are looking for

or straight shea butter is healing

6e4f83 No.1347881

Hay bale gardening is a cheap way to do raised bed gardening.

Good way to garden for folks in wheelchairs, also.

If you want to learn ham radio

free practice tests


if you want to learn morse code (not required anymore for licensing) there are free courses via Skype.


6e11aa No.1349201


I make an easy one with beeswax. I haven’t had any huge wounds but I know honey has healing properties. LMK if you want the recipe and I’ll post it.

83c7e3 No.1350758


>If you want to learn ham radio

hamexam.org is good for study as well

83c7e3 No.1350774

There are apps for this


>if you want to learn morse code (not required anymore for licensing) there are free courses via Skype.



83c7e3 No.1350800


>for Sciatica?

Search for the stretches to help this..

or use EFT/Body Code ENERGY WORK

1d0ebd No.1358001


If you can get a neighborhood watch going now, it will serve you well in that possible future event.

If things did get bad, single small family farms will be at risk just like in the 1800s only more so with the roadways and motor vehicles. You may have to be willing to double up with another farm family locally, because a 24-7 watch will be necessary.

Vets will be very valuable resources if that happens. They have knowledge about these things that civvies don't.

But I have hope with POTUS and Q that such a collapse has been averted, more hope than I have had in decades. If there is a collapse at all, or a cessation of services, I do believe it will be only for a short time. Everyone needs to have enough food and water and essentials (include any necessary drugs such as insulin) to go 90 days without resupply.

If you require refrigeration for meds, you're going to need some way to keep to make that happen. In the northern climes, a dug well can work, the water temp stays between 40 and 50. If you have a spring on your property put in a spring house. If you don't have those things, get one of the Coleman coolers that run on DC, a small photovoltaic panel and a single 12V deep cell battery. The Coleman DC cooler will maintain 40 F lower than ambient. Take advantage of any shade or dig down to put your cooler where the T stays lowest. Hopefully you can maintain the T where your meds will stay viable.

d71fd2 No.1358146


St. Johns Wort oil is the finest I've found. Does your mom have skin tears? Also lavender has skin healing properties. Diluted Peppermint oil and of course hyssop oil is biblical.

If you make your own, add a charged crystal to the jar. Synergistic.

564423 No.1360276


>St. Johns Wort oil

I know it as an herb for mental outlook and a homeopathic for nerve injuries. I'll have to look at that.

f1e515 No.1360937

File: ffc958b1575033f⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 315x475, 63:95, 15994062.jpg)

Might already be familar to many of us here, but for those who haven't tried them:

Here are some entertaining stories that walk through details about surviving off the land without electricity in worst-case scenarios like societal collapse.

The books can be a good way to start thinking through many of the topics in this thread, in a much more in-depth way than watching a film like The Survivalist or The Road.

The Survivalist series by Angery American - https://www.goodreads.com/series/107392-the-survivalist

The Coming Collapse series by James Wesley Rawles - https://www.goodreads.com/series/124543-the-coming-collapse

The 299 Days series by Glen Tate - https://www.goodreads.com/series/110799-299-days

Holding Their Own series by Joe Nobody - https://www.goodreads.com/series/97225-holding-their-own

The New World Series by G. Michael Hopf - https://www.goodreads.com/series/130561-the-new-world-series

Disruption series by R.E. McDermott - https://www.goodreads.com/series/184177-disruption

The Economic Collapse series by Mark Goodwin - https://www.goodreads.com/series/153808-the-economic-collapse

These are just the series that I've read and liked so far. You can browse more by checking the similar titles that Goodreads displays.

ed4cb2 No.1366628

I had a bunch of sprouted potatoes in the basement. I pulled all the sprouts off and planted them.

Rumor has it that this is how you plant "disease free potatoes".

We'll see how well it works.

No eyes and no cut potatoes.

6e11aa No.1369859


Report back! Last year we planted potatoes, organic from the store, not specifically seed potatoes, but made sure to keep an eye from each piece. They sort-of grew. We will stick to the ones in the store specifically for,growing. Good luck!

We just put the pieces on the garden and cover with a bale of straw. No digging.

eb18d8 No.1370825


Always thought the part of the potato that was attached was what it used to start it's self.

I always cut them up into smaller pieces, having one or two eyes per piece. Let them sit overnight outside to let the outside dry and form a skin.

That keeps them from molding in the ground.

Grow them that way every year, never had a problem.

6d29b4 No.1373097


i wish i could remember where i read it from but there was an ancient technique of planting potatoes that was a lot more efficient than conventional methods. it was something to do with the overall crop design and water runoff

bd0f60 No.1376896

File: 25b107194132e64⋯.png (632.37 KB, 694x391, 694:391, hm.png)


>Master Clinical Aromatherapy and Master Herbalist

For someone with no experience/education in the medical industry, but interested in a degree in a natural health area like herbalism, what advice would you guys give?

Are there one or two programs in the U.S. that are considered to be the most desirable and respected? I found a general directory at americanherbalistsguild.com/school-profiles.

I see that Maryland U. of Integrative Health claims "the only herbal medicine master’s degree from an accredited university."

Would an online-only program even be worth the time/money for a novice, or I should look for a local school with hands-on labs and field expeditions?

Any specific forums you recommend for discussions about natural health colleges?

d71fd2 No.1383162


it is common to harvest st. john's wort on st. john's day… june 24th.

I harvest the plant, shove it in qt. jar, add an oil (I like sunflower oil for this), put it in the dark for 4-6 weeks, strain it and use oil.

408a55 No.1384019


dont give up grains.












408a55 No.1384067


i agree , but you dont need animal fats

animal proteins cause your entire body to swell

i haven't taken a tums since i stopped eating all meat & animal products & eliminate enriched processed carbs & replace with whole grains


408a55 No.1384094


almost everything is gmo, nothing you cando.

unless it say non GMO project it could very well be GMO

you would be shocked how may things are GMO while they say organic from USA while they are GMO even most of bobs red mill is gmo

its sad & nearly impossible to eat gmo free,

wake up and realize


408a55 No.1384132






408a55 No.1384186



408a55 No.1384242


wow i wish TRUMP would ban all GMO here, would change America's health 10 fold..

db8868 No.1384265


Integrative medicine is the newest, very effective field. They do blood work to find causes and use diet, natural therapies, and supplements to adjust the body instead of drugs.

Check out The Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University.

db8868 No.1384288


Thanks!!! When I searched for it someone wanted a sign up before sharing the 'secret'.

408a55 No.1384640
















1. Avoid the processed foods from which people get most of the gluten they eat.

That includes white bread, pizza, cookies, cakes, and pastas made with white flours. Eat a varied whole-foods, plant-based diet without limiting whole grains, including 100 percent whole-wheat products.

99% of health problems originate from eating animal products GMO foods, enriched foods, bleached non whole grain processed carbs high sugar. people are eating way to many rich processed food with no nutrition and its killing them.


db8868 No.1384944





Ima super healthnut! :)

Uhhh? YES give up grains! There is no sauce that giving up grains is bad. Eskimos lived just fine without grains. They had animal fat as fuel. Ever heard of the WAPF or even Paleo diets/guidelines? Yes, vegetarianism and veganism is a knee-jerk reaction to the cabal's SAD/Standard American Diet, and you feel good for a while…You purge out the industrialized garbage/junkfood and your body has a chance to detox…but after a few years on it you deplete your stores of animal sourced nutrients…Dig into "Why I'm not a vegan/vegetarian anymore" type stuff. Its not humanly sustainable long term. Redpill: Cows eat enough naturally occurring probiotics/organisms they aren't really vegetarians. Primates do hunt/eat meat and eggs at times.

Yes, there's plenty of proof modern SAD/Standard American Diet doesn't work. Its a broken system. Dig for a previous system that's tried and true…watch all! the vids below. The SAD/modern diet with its lack of proper animal sourced nutrients even have population control effects.


The cabal has been subsidizing grain and sugar production/farming along with MonSatan's GMO's/roundup/chemical-y food warfare in the US for a reason! They are bad for you if you don't use wisely. We as a society have only eaten grains and sugar the way we have in the last hundred years…post industrial revolution. (Sauce in vids below)

<b>Plus: Read "Wheat Bellies" and "Grain Brain".

Your body can be fueled BY FAT instead of carbs= Ketogenic diet!! Keto diet is the answer to diabetes. Search Dr. Jason Fung for more info.

The Cabal suppressed the gem of Keto diet, which was discovered in the 1930's.




>i agree , but you dont need animal fats

Politely saying WRONG! Be an anon. Please do your research and dig!

Please do not go to cabal's big pharma/FDA totalitarian/good ol' boys kickback-fund network or their doctors for brainwashing.

Sauce on importance of animal foods:

Nourishing Traditional Diets, Part 1, 2, and 3




The Greatest American [Health] Lies - The Oiling of America and Heart Disease


251d1f No.1384969

Please stop shouting,

Humans are designed to eat meat. We are carnivores.

Humans did not eat grains in quantity prior to the start of agriculture.

This board was created to talk about getting out of the city and being self sufficient, not about nutrition, and everyones different opinion of it. There will never be a consensus about what is the right thing to eat, so talking about it at length is just sliding the board.

408a55 No.1385092




people started eating meat because they moved north and ssouth, i can understandf in extreme situations, but there is just no neaed to eat meat, when we can grow everything , and avoid all the horrible things eating animal product do to us

100% disagree with eating fat and no grains, 80% of diet should be whole grain carbs

again, please watch Forks Over Knives and then comment back

408a55 No.1385119

File: e271910cbc0d7bc⋯.jpg (47.65 KB, 565x414, 565:414, ''''''''''''''''''.jpg)

everything has a little bit of protein in it, you can get plenty of protein eating plants.

the meat lobby is strong, and many sheep believe the meat lobby

251d1f No.1385229


Typing in all caps does not make your argument any stronger.

People ate meat because that is what they had to eat thousands of years before agriculture came about.

Grains are just carbohydrates (sugar).

Unfortunately GMO products are never going to go away. It is not possible to grow enough food organically to feed all of the people on the planet.

Pesticides, and fertilizers are never going to go away.

The only way to get away from them is to grow your own food.

408a55 No.1385290

File: 19e72551c8d6919⋯.jpg (76.91 KB, 768x466, 384:233, ''''''''''''''''''.jpg)

File: 6e12980a3930cad⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 521x320, 521:320, '''''''''''''''''''''.JPG)


just follow the correlation of animals products consumed per person from 1920 until now, im not making this up

eating animal products directly correlates with CAANCER AND HEART DISEASE



408a55 No.1385333


you are being ignorant about whole grains

wonder bread fags dont get it!

bleached enriched grains, are not WHOLE GRAINS


2f9871 No.1385337


all discussion and debate on food is not sliding on this thread anon

only on Q research it is

2f9871 No.1385365





how one processes food is determined by blood type

type A is more carnivore

type b more omnivore

so each gets different diets to optimize

see the blood type diet for more info

i was vege for 20 years because of factory farming of meat

but did not thrive and found out i am type A

went to grass fed then to homestead to grow our own

much better now

408a55 No.1385379



Busting the (Whole) Grain Myth


This is the first article in our new Controversies series where we plan to tackle some of the biggest nutritional myths swirling around the three macronutrients—carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Today’s topic?

Aug-3_Carbs-Grains_Body-14_5_Gluten-Free-Grains-Seeds_71245129Whole grains.

The subject of a lot of negative press, whole grains have been a staple of the human diet for centuries.

From the Aztecs and the Incas who ate amaranth and quinoa (a pseudograin), to rice in Asia and wheat and rye in Europe, whole grains have been with us a very long time.

And yet today, whole grains emerge as an enormous nutritional controversy.

Those opposed to whole grain believe it is the enemy, bad for our health and our waistlines. Whole grain proponents argue the exact opposite, believing this group of carbohydrates is a powerful health promoter.

Let’s explore the truth about grains together.

What Is a Grain?

When we refer to grains, we normally talk about cereal grains, which are members of the grass family Poaceae.

Here are some of the most common cereal grains: barley, brown rice, maize, millet, oat, rye, sorghum, spelt, and wheat.

Also included in the definition are pseudocereal grains, which come from broadleaf plant families and include: amaranth, buckwheat, chia, and quinoa.

Aug-3_Carbs-Grains_Body-13_4_Gluten-Free-Grains_55141016And What Does ‘Whole Grain’ Mean?

A whole grain is a grain in which all components of grain (the bran, the germ, and the endosperm) remain intact.

Interestingly, a grain can be considered ‘whole’ even when ground into flour.

Whole grain bread, whole grain cereal, and whole grain pasta are all examples of foods that contain ground whole grains. And while these foods are still good for you, eating the whole grains themselves will always be better.

Through a combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing activities, phytates block the formation of new blood vessels that might feed the tumors and disrupt pre-formed capillary vessels.

So, the claim that we should not eat whole grains because of their phytate content simply does not stand up; phytates are a powerful health-promoting ally, not the enemy.

Does #insulin have a role in making us fat? Find out – via @DrRosane


Claim 3: Whole grains make you fat.

Aug-3_Carbs-Grains_Body-14_12_Gluten-Free-Grains-Seeds_71245129This pillar is based on the idea that carbohydrates cause obesity because they elevate insulin levels and therefore increase fat storage.

The logic behind this theory assumes that:

Insulin plays a primary role in making us fat.

Only carbohydrates elevate insulin levels.

Let’s examine these claims together.

For starters, research shows that body fat is regulated by the brain—not by fat tissue itself or an insulin-secreting pancreas.

The primary role of insulin is to manage the concentrations of nutrients.

When insulin suppresses fat burning, it is normally because there is an abundance of glucose. In other words, insulin ‘tells’ storage tissues to stop burning fat because carbohydrates are available as fuel.

However, if you eat a diet high in fat (and low in carbohydrates), insulin ‘instructs’ your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, but it will not dip into your fat stores any more (or any less) than if your diet was based on carbohydrates. As long as the calories consumed are close to or in excess of what you need, fat storage will remain the same.

Aug-3_Carbs-Grains_Body-13_8_Gluten-Free-Grains_55141016Another problem is that the carbohydrate-insulin theory also presumes that carbohydrates have some unique relationship with insulin causing the latter to spike.

However, when you examine the insulinogenic index (a measure of how much eating food increases insulin per unit calorie), you see that protein-rich foods like beef increase insulin secretion as much as carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta.

In the end, 3 billion people on the planet live on grain-based diets with little or no obesity.

The reason?

Whole grains are low in calories (particularly when compared to animal foods), low in fat and high in satiating carbohydrates.

While it is true that a few people are sensitive to some types of whole grains and should avoid them, for most of us whole grains are a health-promoting addition to our diet, especially when the diet is already based on the consumption of whole plant foods.

251d1f No.1385392


I only eat whole grains. I do not eat enriched flour. I make all of my own food, and have for 30 years. I eat meat.

Correlation is not causation. There are numerous factors your charts are not accounting for, the biggest being environmental pollution just to name one.

db8868 No.1385411


>This board was created to talk about… being self sufficient, not about nutrition

So… Nutrition/food is not a discussion point/part of being able to stop relying on a system outside ourselves? Nutrition is not part of sustaining life/being self sufficient?

I apologize for sliding the board. I guess in my mind, they are intrinsically linked. Someone can start a new thread for health and nutrition.. I will be happy to take my discussion elsewhere. It would also be great to share info digs on Big Pharma, which is something touched on by Q.

408a55 No.1385413



Watch Forks Over Knives you will understand whatb bi am saying,

Animal products cause your body to swell, they cause cancer. We are not made to eat other animals we are meant to eat plants.


PROOF: why are our teeth not like a dog? Because we are really plant eaters.

408a55 No.1385418


ok i will stop posting, im more of a lurker, never made a thread , o well. i got my point across.

251d1f No.1385453


I can write a book saying the exact opposite, and it will have the same meaning.

Do you believe the studies from the sugar industry?

The dairy industry?

The tobacco industry?

The seed oil industry?

The egg board.

The beef industry?

Big pharma?

Always follow the money.

For every study or book, there is an opposing view out there.

You have decided what is good (works) for you. Great. Just because I disagree with it, doesn't make me wrong.

251d1f No.1385510


That sin't what I meant.

It is important, but it always seems to get to be the most important topic. It is like a religion to people. I was under the impression, that this board was started to discuss myriad topics about getting away from the cities and taking care of yourself in all ways. Scroll up and see what direction the board has taken.

The other poster keeps spamming a documentary over and over, and I have already seen it. I don't agree with everything in the doc, but it was interesting. Poster seems to think that it is the QED answer to everything food related.

251d1f No.1385531


If you say so. At least you didn't post in all caps. I guess I got my point across too.

408a55 No.1385648

File: 4ce126095481928⋯.png (460.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, '''''''''''''''.png)


i dont get why people get offended by caps, i find it very effective at getting a point across, it is my style.

i can argue all day about what posted, i swear by it and have changed the lifestyles of many people in my direct family.

i question everuthing and research deeply

like i said ive watched tons of documentaries and researched many topics branching off of that.

i know most people dont want to hear they should cut our all animal products and eat all whole grainjs fruits and veggies, but it will change your life.

my father was on at least 5 different medications had diabetes was on anxiety meds blood preassure omeraprazole he would eat tums like candy and over eat big time, tons of mayo butter , horrible diet.

basically he lost like 60 pounds take no medication, and doesnt just lay down all the time when he is home, he has new energy and me and him do not see eye to eye on anything,

point being forks over knives was the first documentary i watched-> the china study is important(The China Study Summary. 1-Sentence-Summary: The China Study examines the effect of animal protein intake on cancer risk and suggests improving your health by focusing on a plant-based diet. Favorite quote from the author: If you ever have a chat with a vegetarian or vegan friend, this book is bound to come up.May 25, 2016)

408a55 No.1385712



China study proves that eating animal products causes cancer and heart disease.

The Man Behind The Plant-Based Anti-Cancer Movement

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, has spent 50 years researching the correlation between diet and cancer. He’s dedicated his life to showing people how cancer prevention begins with what we put on our forks, and what we don’t.

24ff4f No.1387640


Here's another fiction book list:


d71fd2 No.1390132


Lots of insurances now have Tele-Docs. So for the 25-50 dollar "office call" you can have a list of what you would like ordered and skip the $200 times 2 go to the doctor visit.

408a55 No.1390652



"Personalized nutrition” isn’t going to solve our diet problems

^^good read

f69f51 No.1402114


No, not a good read for my personal benefit…just nothingburger

…a good read however to know that the cabal is reaching further into our lives like the Wojcicki sister's creepy 23andMe spider and wants to dictate what we eat.

Let me summarize the article:

We don't think this will work, we are trying anyway because we think and hope it will work, we aren't telling you how this [algorithm!!!] works.

408a55 No.1403117


i was pointing out how full of shit they are with the entire operation.. good read meant, itwould be good to read so you dont get fleeced by a scheme based on some made up algorithm

i think all diets are a joke

eat plant based whole foods

cut out animal products

live longer

f69f51 No.1403956


>how one processes food is determined by blood type

>type A is more carnivore

>type b more omnivore

>so each gets different diets to optimize

>see the blood type diet for more info

>i was vege for 20 years because of factory farming of meat

>but did not thrive and found out i am type A

>went to grass fed then to homestead to grow our own

>much better now

The Adamo guy? If I recall correctly, it is the O that is carnivore and the A 'vegetarian'…all the O's that I have met irl and talked to love learning that red meat is good/beneficial and they thrive very well, even giving up most unbeneficial-for-them grains. I have met a very, very low percentage of A's that like their 'diet'. It is all based on theory. It does not disclose numbers on how many people he blood tested to get the stats on what foods are for each type. For all we know it could be only five or a dozen. Also, I theorize food allergies can seriously skew the results. New testing would need to be done on people with pretested allergy blood work. I went vegetarian for a little while…found out I'm O and felt so much better on his guidelines.


>dont get fleeced by a scheme based on some made up algorithm i think all diets are a joke

The moral of the story is….you listen to your own body…it is wise.

PS If you want a non compromised MD that freely shares info on food, diet, health, etc. Dr. Mercola is awesome. Always highly footnoted articles. He talks about how to make your own homemade lacto-fermented veggies and pickles. Highly recommended food/probiotic source!

Greenmedinfo.com will give you observed scientific data also. [Did you know not getting sunlight will put you on the same health risk/mortality level as smoking? Study done in Europe…]

f69f51 No.1403999


>how one processes food is determined by blood type

This is based on testing leptin reaction to food in the bloodstream …we need to know more about leptin function and what other that food/situations can have cause and effect.

c28072 No.1405009


I believe It is Type O Carnivore

Type A B Omnivore

I have no Science behind this just a gut feeling.

I have discussed this with Veggie folk, and Meat eaters. It seems that the majority of veggie folk

are of the A / AB blood type and most meat eaters

are of the O blood type. Once again no science to back this up. I tried the "Veggie" life for approx 1yr

6 mo, and even supplementing proteins, I slowly became "Weaker" over time so I went back to Meat and within two weeks, my body responded well. Which ever way you lean towards, be HEALTHY!!!

eb18d8 No.1457725


1ddbae No.1458108



"It may seem contradictory that greater happiness is correlated with both lower population density (implying fewer interpersonal interactions) and a greater sense of "belonging" in one's community (implying stronger social connections). But a significant body of research shows that having a strong social network is key to well-being. Some studies indicate that small towns and rural areas are more conducive than cities to forming strong social bonds, which would explain some of the greater sense of belonging observed in the happiest Canadian communities.

Perhaps even more surprising are the factors that don't appear to play a major role in community-level differences in happiness: average income levels and rates of unemployment and education. People may move to cities for good-paying jobs, but the Canadian study strongly suggests it's not making them any happier.

These findings comport with similar studies done in the United States, which have revealed a "rural-urban happiness gradient:" The farther away from cities people live, the happier they tend to be.

One important caveat in the Canadian study is that the authors aren't making any strong statements about causality: There's a clear association between low population density and reported happiness, but that doesn't mean that low population density causes happiness. A miserable city dweller who moves to the country might simply become a miserable country dweller, in other words.

However, it's clear that there's something about small towns and rural life that's associated with greater levels of self-reported happiness among people who live in those places. The strength of the Canadian study is that it parses out these distinctions at an uncommonly fine level of geographic detail."

29c362 No.1468806

Good Saturday to all independent, self-sufficient anons who are bucking the system. Garden planting day here. Sunflowers, tomatoes, potatoes, radish, peas, cukes, zucchini, carrots. Already have rasp and strawberries and lots of wild mint. Oh and chives, sage, parsley and cilantro. Yum. Add in our chickens eggs and we eat well! All ours. :)

89ff3f No.1475061


Comfrey steeped in olive oil, use to make a standard beeswax/oil salve.

89ff3f No.1475089


Suggest you look up master herbalists in your area and talk to them.

89ff3f No.1475128


You yell a lot, anon. Kek!

89ff3f No.1475156


You're welcome to your opinion. But most people that actually live on the land (not city folk) think differently.

89ff3f No.1475299


We have a windy and cold day today, I spent most of it shearing sheep and burning the burn pile. I'll be going out to milk the cow in about another 30 minutes. Hope to put the garden seeds in the ground beginning Monday, all heirloom of course.

I have a couple apple trees that need to be set in, and there are a lot of volunteer maples popping up that I want to transfer over to the north side of the property to start a sugarbush stand for the next generation.

And lots of fencing awaits my attention as well. Always so much to do, and the window of time in which to do each thing is narrow.

29c362 No.1475567


Nice! Yes, 26 hours in a day, please? :)

ed4cb2 No.1489036




I am pleased to report that all of my potato sprouts that were buried, most of them were 8" to 10" long, have sprouted little leaves on top. I left about 2-3" exposed out of the ground and the only ones having trouble are the ones that got black on the tip from touching the underside of the cardboard that was over the potato box to keep them dark.

Experiment successful and I will be able to eat the rest of the potato, without wasting it for eyes.

Also… the sprouts that I planted were all nice and fat, close to 1/4" in diameter.

Next year I will spread the potatoes out in the box and let them sprout before planting them.

Good to know about this little trick. AND the potatoes are "disease free"

52c1a4 No.1507169



Our thoughts are energy. Opening yourself to this idea allows you to access a huge library of information all contained within our atmosphere. I believe Psychics and Schizophrenia is based on this.

Same with the acceptance that our DNA carries life memories and knowledge going back to our own Adam and Eve of our linage.

531648 No.1508687




>Our thoughts are energy

Self sufficient health modality…and explains energetic memories can be multi-generational


181106 No.1509429

i was left 350k a couple of yrs ago. all i did was put 100k into a 5 yr cd and will be matured in a couple.

i seriously don't know how to proceed. i have noone to ask advise regarding what to do with this money.

i'm in my early 60's. single, 3 semi grown children, i don't own anything except a car. rental apt. recently laid off, collecting unempl insurance.

i don't want to invest in anything that has risk involved. my goal is to be able to generate enough income to live off of and then eventually be able to leave my kids a substantial amt to invest so i know they'll have retirement money.

can anyone help me? i need some advise. i live in a very expensive city but cannot live far away from my kids, they are all i have…i'm a bit of a recluse.

f0ff2e No.1509962


Go phish somewhere else. You troll, you think because we follow Q we are idiots? Go change your pants. You peed on yourself thinking you got a bite here.

f0ff2e No.1510023

Jeez, WTH??? WTH does gardening have to do with Q? You are cluttering up the board and things are happening fast right now. Please give us some space! Thanks.

af1da6 No.1511873


manuka honey for scrape,burns and cuts. pubmed.

af1da6 No.1511947


dna and diet matter ?

got food allergies?

are you sure?

ever been tested?

your micronutrient levels?

requst a test dot com.

then you know.

supp with knowledge.

181106 No.1519578


wow, divisionfag why so hostile? this is regarding my sustainability and i was genuinely asking for advice and help.

i'm not a troll, but you are an asshole.

"Go change your pants. You peed on yourself thinking you got a bite here."

i that back, you are an idiot. might be why this thread is a failure

eb18d8 No.1519969


Not sure what triggered that anon?

I didn't see anything in your post to warrant that response.

Don't run off. I don't have time at this moment to respond well enough, but will be back later today.

eb18d8 No.1519976


Did you respond on the wrong thread?

89ff3f No.1520190


My opinion,,,for what it's worth :) Random thoughts:

1. What are you good at? What do you like doing? You have been doing something to make a living up until now, was it something you enjoyed, or just what you did to live? If you undertake a business, make sure it's something you enjoy, not just what someone tells you is a good moneymaker.

2. Whoever left you the $$ amassed it somehow. Can you learn anything from how that was done?

3. Prayer is always very helpful.

4. Never trade hard for soft. Always get something that has intrinsic value in return for your $$.

5. Precious metals have never been worthless, so having gold and silver is never a bad idea. Currently silver is very low, and is a good easy purchase that will be more valuable in the future. But don't buy certificates. Get the real metal, store in a secure place.

6. If you can move a bit of a way out of the city, so that you are only say 30 minutes away, you may find you can buy a property for a reasonable price. It depends on how much you like being in a city as a lifestyle, and whether you are willing to travel a few minutes to see your kids. Or if they will travel to see you.

Without more info on your preferences, that's about all I can offer of my opinion.

So, what do you dream of doing for the remaining 40 or so years you have?

89ff3f No.1520219


So we even have shills on this thread, kek! Pay no attention to the mean-spirited response. It might be appropriate to the general thread, but is not necessary in this quiet place.

181106 No.1521743


Hey thx for your response.

1 I'm at a crossroads there. Noone wants to hire someone my age so I'm thinking about real estate license and perhaps a part time job.

2 Hard labor of my immigrant parents

3,4, 5, agreed

6 muh kids I have thought about moving more into the country, but I've lived in urban areas all my life, and the country actually scares me. I live in the most rural part of a large urban area with relatively low, but still high, rent so that is why I rent. If buy a condo in a very urban area, which is what I can afford, I could rent it and generate a small income but still also pay rent, or I could buy and live in the very urban area and save on rent and pay low maint fees instead, but I would be living a very urban life and have no income….or pray for interest rates to go up and do exactly what my dad did. I wish I could grow that money, but I'm clueless beyond what I said.

My big question is how to invest this money to generate a small income for me with least risk. My dad had real estate, sold it, and then stuck to buying long term cd's, but back then interest rates were high. Bottom line is my fear of having to spend most or all of the money in my retirement and not have any left for muh kids. Any suggestions?

Sorry so long winded

181106 No.1521912


I didn't really come here with this intention, but glad to share all my knowledge regarding fermentation of dairy, fruits and veggies, natural cleaning solutions, and lots of knowledge on buying from csa's and local farmers selling meats, free range organic dairy, and their homemade goods in urban areas.

ed4cb2 No.1524332


Hard to give you advice when we don't even know what part of the world you're in.

Like another anon suggested, investing it in gold and silver would be a good idea, physical only.

I can buy a 3 bedroom house on an acre of land where I'm at for less than $50K. $500 a month will easily pay all your bills here, giving you 600 months, or 50 years without even using your social security or anything else.

Hope this helps to give you some perspective on what you can do.

89ff3f No.1524407


I think you need to cogitate on the first point and try new things. Once again, what do you enjoy? I don't know if anyone really enjoys real estate, but maybe you do, if so, go for it. Do you have a hobby, something that you choose to do in your free time?

As for being hired at your age, you may find that if you are good at what you used to do, you can work as an independent contractor doing that same thing. Or maybe you can teach.

Country living isn't for everyone, so if that's not something you want, then scratch it off the possibles list.

CDs aren't really a viable option right now, rates are below inflation so you actually lose money by using that model at present. I'm not really financially savvy so I can't really recommend a good investment strategy. Perhaps another anon has a good grasp on that, and will chime in.

Were I you, however, I would buy a property to live at, because paying rent is the very epitome of trading hard for soft. A home is always a good investment, in my opinion - especially if you are at all handy and can go with a bit of a fixer upper.

On real estate, here's a thought: Duplexes and quadraplexes in college towns are always good investments, especially if you stick with graduate students for your tenants.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

181106 No.1539581


thank you for that last bit of advise about "rent is the epitome of trading hard for soft" i know is so true, but where i am the real estate is so expensive that if i buy i will be left with nothing. but the last thing you said is a great idea. thank you


a9f6f9 No.1543833

File: 8faa2ab0cf14cf5⋯.jpg (98.37 KB, 781x1258, 781:1258, Cover.jpg)

I highly recommend getting a "Drug ID Bible." In case someone in your party has medical needs. I have an archive of survival books in a long battery life "nook" in a "Faraday Cage."

86463d No.1544326


I have eaten a mostly non gmo and organic food diet. It made such a huge difference diet for roughly 10 years and it works wonders. Sugars,caffeine and yes booze rob your system of water and drain your natural energy!

86463d No.1544362


If it has not been talked about your personal hygiene products are also very toxic unless you know what to avoid. toothpaste,shampoo etc. natural news is a great site to find good info. when it comes to things to avoid in general as well as a ton of healthy/homeopathic things.

f10cd0 No.1544609


I have not tried this yet but at the very least it seems logical. I hate to spray anything if I can help it.

https: //hooktube.com/watch?v=bgl3QFqZbTs

2c696d No.1545432

File: a283799a7878e4c⋯.png (15.03 KB, 264x46, 132:23, image.png)


fa6486 No.1554877

I need advice for a potriot to prepare with little to no resources. What are the basics that will be needed? What is the most likely scenario(s)

c1f77f No.1557279


Dig dig dig… Otherwise UL STAY DUMB DUMB DUMB! It's all here in front of you.

181106 No.1559642


i feel compelled to put this out there (since some of you were quite nice to me), one thing i see it hasn't really be discussed and that is fats. we need a lot of good fat. our brains are mostly fat. firstly, get rid of bad fats…those are mainly PUFAs. never use corn or canola oil. you can use nut and seed oils in salads, same with olive. for cooking, coconut is ok (though flavor is sometimes not compatible to your recipe and some others but the gold standard is animal fats. they have historically taken a beating by the med field and of course govt, but do your own research. i render my own tallow and lard always seeking out local or good sources. who doesn't love bacon fat or duck fat (MMMMM) and of course BUTTER. trust me on this one…..do your own research. the other thing i do which i haven't read on this thread is intermittent fasting. some do it for weight loss, some do it for better overall health. it is a fast of at least 14 hours straight in a 24 hr time frame. most people start their fast right after their last meal of the day and follow thru at least until lunch the next day. research will show you that it is very healthy for your organs to get a rest and as far as weight loss, it is a great way for people who are insulin resistant to reset their metabolism. have you ever noticed that you, as a person needing to lose weight, can eat the same thing as a thin person, but they will not gain anything and you will. they will use that food as energy but your body will want to hold onto it, save it and thus you gain more weight. i can't explain it well enough to do it justice. you must do your research. it's the exact opposite of what many will tell you…..to eat small meals all day long. that is the antithesis of healthy

6638d0 No.1563233


Shutup fag. You never heard of body builders that are on KETO? Stop forcing people to do shit you have absolutely 0 knowledge of. YOUR ADVISE IS NOT THE END-ALL.

181106 No.1565927


lol…i lived there about 20 yrs ago. moved for unrelated reasons, but was sure glad to be away from that pc culture…..it was suffocating. it doesn't even surprise when i read about what is going on there (can't believe patty murray is still there!). can we blame cali for this? i think yes. unfortunately i moved to a big blue state and am surrounded again. my only hope is that we will get voter id laws soon to turn this place around

9d5aa5 No.1590605


There are a lot of sites that give good advice for getting started on preparing, for any number of scenarios. All you need do is search and read.

Your request is really broad and whole books have been written on the subject. Gonna need to get more specific as to what you are asking, anon.

9d5aa5 No.1590751


You can even avoid dealing with the hassles of being a landlord by hiring a property management company to manage your properties for you. If not, I do suggest you invest in a few hours with a lawyer to make sure you understand the legalities of renting in your state, and set up leases and an escrow account for deposits, and know how to legally evict, and so on.

4936c3 No.1596569


probably not sawdust but salt as in salt pork it was how they did it before refrigerators. salt cod and herrings also. easy to find books and online articles

9d5aa5 No.1596996


Keep your carrots in sawdust. Salt/sugar cure your pork, smoke it, and hang it in a cool area.

Home gathered eggs last a while on the counter, maybe a week, depending on temperature in the house. Hard boil eggs that are getting older and then pickle them to last longer. You can seal eggs with the isinglass solution or you can coat them with butter when fresh out the butt - the Irish way to make them last longer. Any kind of oil or fat works, but the eggs will pick up the taste so butter is yummy. You can also dehydrate eggs at home, although the government says it'll kill you.

9d5aa5 No.1597134


Get the set of books called "How Things Work" - it covers just about everything.

9d5aa5 No.1597163

A few interesting online sources:




181106 No.1648977


have you tried sourdough

aa15e7 No.1661363

Reposting from Research thread

liink at bottom

Anonymous 06/07/18 (Thu) 15:05:07 c90367 No.1660722

>>1660811 >>1660832

Trump's and Pence's removal of their water bottles during the FEMA meeting is fascinating and a little scary. FEMA director says they have developed a new strategy, and immediately upon those words, boom, Trump and Pence very purposefully remove their water bottles from the table. So, New Strategy = Our Water is Off the Table. I'd translate this as our water was being threatened, but Trump and FEMA have it in hand.

Several years ago, I saved info on how to get water in a SHTF situation. I think it's good info. Found it is still online at:

"https://grandpappy.org/hwater.htm for anyone interested.

1f974c No.1705246


They used to use silver coins for food preservation. For it's anti fungal and antibacterial qualities they just dropped a coin in the jar or barrel.

1f974c No.1706500


Really good info. Especially the property lines!

7dc2b0 No.1709433

7dc2b0 No.1709468


@POTUS ****@POTUS*****



ae8a5f No.1793844


Guineafowl are great "watchdogs" for hawks etc. Had them with my chickens.

1b8d2f No.1799664


We don't do gluten either. Baby gets diaper rash. One of us gets super depressed.

Runs in the family/genetic.

2 grandparents diagnosed w/celiac…you can be gluten sensitive without celiac. 75+ percent of your celia have to be damaged to get diagnosed.

2nd cousin stopped having seizures and anger problems when off gluten.

Nicest thing without bread for a long while was to have a ceramic waffle maker…and this recipe for cake.


Make use of any legumes you store!:)

9d50c4 No.1856143

[J C] retired as top lawyer for national security in DOJ on the same day that the FBI was contacted by the NYPD concerning evidence against HRC+ etc on Anthony Weiner's laptop. FBI stated they needed a separate warrant. Since evidence contained top secret documents, this is the guy who would have obtained and executed that warrant. Press says that the chief threatened to go public worth the evidence if comey didn't reopen the investigation and indict them. Likely he refused to be a part of the cover up. He then retired and agreed to remain silent about the evidence. Probably blackmailed into it. He also served as top aide to Robert Mueller. So I'd say he's sheltering more than one very senior, although he may not know or accept it.

db6ecb No.1864464


Here are a couple of sources for that wood gas generator info; it's a 90-page FEMA report with lots of figures and diagrams. The soil and health.org has a much cleaner version, whereas the dtic (stands for Defense Technical Information Center) version is official but a poor scan.



d46299 No.1875778

Holy cow anons..after years of wishing, dreaming and learning about self-suff/off grid living, an opportunity of a large amount of acreage + house has presented itself. Though we can’t move for a few years I’m debating snapping it up. I’m a little nervous about putting my skills to test but so excited. I wish I could post pics and give more details :)

Will view it soon in person and decide!

1d13af No.1876049



Who's going to supply the renewable parts, such as the water filters, once the shit hits the fan? That's not a permanent solution at all and it's the opposite of being off the grid. I remember this one Russian guy who created a water filtering system in his apartment (using double windows!) reproducing natural water filtering with rocks, sands etc. Now, that's self-sufficiency.

fd9df6 No.1876219


All the best in your quest!

d46299 No.1877670


T y! Trying to get spouse on board 100%..baby steps. I’m helping spouse to start to purge items as it will be a definite downsize.

I feel a strong desire to flee the city….the door has opened.

dfcf4b No.1883688


I have been wanting to do this for 10 years. I have everything I need almost. All great suggestions here. I need that book collection on how things work, though. And a generator. Horse, mule, jersey cow, chickens, and pigs-need more antique tools. The Amish have it down pat. I have land, understand preserving, gardening, sewing, but I take care of an elder right now so I have it all on hold.

dfcf4b No.1883781


Super excellent advice.

d46299 No.1900462

Hey anons, try to read something or learn something new every day regarding being more self sufficient. Yesterday I researched how septic systems and composting toilets work. Today I learned how to make butter as well as soap. And write stuff down. Websites being bookmarked are great but you need physical info.

p.s. for butter, essentially you shake cream with a bit of salt in a mason jar

865ba5 No.1910428


Its the washing of the butter that is the chore.

d465ed No.1937612


I have something to share with people who feel totally daunted by the life changing experience and the equipment necessary for larger than an acre homesteads. I am 62 years old, widowed, l and thyroidless and I have 2 immune disorders that make it hard for me to eat out or even at the neighbors, allergies to most medications, arthritis, carpal tunnel and I still do almost everything that needs done and what I can't do, I have neighbors who can. I also have blackberries right now and they make happily accepted payment for sharing a bit of their skills. I came here after becoming a widow, ended up on the most wonderful 3.6 acres of Alabama clay in a little wild holler of my own where even traffic noise does not venture! I love it!

First I had to have cut down 1.5 acres of 100 foot pine trees but I left the 1/2 acre of hardwoods across my stream. The ground up stump pile of one of those pine trees grew 20 pounds of sweet potato's the next summer. 4 years later, it is all covered in fruit trees and bushes and and fruiting vines and I am now finally figuring out the next phase of permanence for plants there and what will grow in my damper lower acre in front of the stream.

I suggest that many people who really want to do this might be more receptive and less afraid to try if they were to check out the newest battery powered equipment. I have an 80 volt 21 inch cut push mower that is equal in power to that brush doctor thing. Weighs 35 pounds, battery weighs 5 pounds. 4 cutting heights. Beautiful cut. I can work it and lift it easily. I also have 80 volt chain saw - even I can use it well! Also 12 volt weed eater that is so easy to use. 12 volt tiller for beds - no use trying to till this land - it's full of crystals and iron (pretty sure that at some point in lost history there was an iron forge here). I also have a TroyBlt Mustang 52 inch grass hog - used it all over DC Maryland and Virginia before I left there in 2013, still working like a horse (when it's not raining. pssst.. the little battery push mower cuts places even my little red mustang won't.

All of my blackberries were free gifts from nature and so far this year June of 2018 I have picked over 4 gallons while others are just now starting picking - all because I watched how they grew by themselves and learned to make them just as a comfortable in way that I can stand and pick a quart in two steps. Then move 2 steps and do again.

You have to learn stuff like that and you have to not play against nature. Nature is quite agreeable with vertical farming with a great many plants. And she loves to play but she has a way of winning if your plans aren't what she is capable of giving in the moment. Patience and common sense should become very much a way of life before you lay down your books (which you will pick up again anyway!) and dig that shovel in for the first bite! And in case of emergency - open YouTube!

Never weed your lawn. Where you foot steps fall, nature will give you what you need. See what nature is offering you. Seriously. It's the truth. We are loved immensely by the universe and that's been hidden too. If you can't see the picture of what your land should look like, nature will show you if you open your eyes and see it. If you do, you can see which plants grow well together and which don't for the plants in your 'zone' and your neck of the woods.

In 2015 I sold persimmons for $10 a quart to local restaurants who use local and wild picked foods. Lots of restaurants especially those in larger towns will buy homegrown or wild crafted goods. This 'farm' has gone from a two bedroom trailer in the woods in 2013 to a home, a barn, greenhouse, a tiny house and orchard and herbals. All my outside lighting is solar, even the chandelier on my deck. I'm loving it. I'm not planning on farming large scale. I just have a large scale to fill with something good! I'm getting one of those movable chicken coops with fence soon for the back acre - probably will sow amaranth there too. Can hook it up to the green house in the winter if I change some fencing.

Learn to trade with your neighbors, sell your crafts and herbs if you don't have left over produce. Sustain yourself on good foods and wild foods even if you live in a suburban type place. Out of your own yard. Some do it on 1/2 acre. I think I have that book too.

I checked the USDA Agg 2017 zone map and Alabama where I live is now zone 8a - same as Seattle and I know that avocado grow there so now I can plant my seed grown trees out of the green house. Still be 8 more years before possible fruiting so I will probably get a couple of grafted proven fruiters since I eat one every day. Sustainability and flexibility go hand in hand. It's hard work doing it alone but it's well worth it to me. And fun too. And pretty. And tasty. And it's mine. Yep, it's worth it. The whole point is not stress over being sustainable but be always prepared for anything.

d465ed No.1937623


Also when looking for your property - try to find a place with the least restrictions. My property has no restrictions other than no chicken or hog warehouse and no junk yards. Meaning no permits required, all sustainability allowed.

d465ed No.1938005


Please don't forget that we are going sustainable which includes solar power that can charge batteries and run your home and business. The 'new' battery powered hand tools and lawn and garden tools are great. My push mower which works as well as a brush doctor plus mulches and bags runs off 80 volt battery as does my chain saw. Weed eater and tiller are 12 volt. Having and knowing how to use all those manual tools (including good ratchets and wrenches, sledge hammers and screw drivers and manual drills and manual kitchen gadgets) is great and necessary at times, I know, but I'm a 62 year old woman with 3.6 acres who really appreciates her newest toys and looking forward to the whole place including home, barn, studio/herb house and the greenhouse being completely self-sustained. And yes to all your questions - and I do have a very fine old Singer foot pedal sewing machine along with a regular sewing machine and an embroidery machine with over 200 built in stitch patterns. Awesome creatures each one. Also - everyone needs to learn about SharkBite plumbing joints and cutoffs - where have they been all my life!!??? Dream big everyone, we don't have to live like the Amish to be self-sustaining. Unless you have a big family who will do what you tell them. Good luck in this day and age - even the younger generation of the Amish are going for a easily sustainable life. We have the know-how and the tools to make it available. Don't go into a dream trying to adhere to the old way - know their ways and learn how to accomplish what you seek with today's tools.

d46299 No.1940678


Awesome posts anon..I just came in from picking black raspberries, sweaty, bitten and scratched but loving it. You’re very inspiring! We go look at acreage off grid in a few days. I’m ready to take the plunge..my whole life has prepared for this and I have a good feeling about it :). I agree with letting nature take the lead..after all, weeds are just misplaced flowers, right?

You’re living life to the fullest..kudos!!

d465ed No.1949901


Best of luck to you guys with your off grid dream! I had no idea I would become an herbalist 5 years ago - but my land gave me so many herbs like plantain, passionflower, dandelions, wild garlic and onions, wild lettuce, maple syrup, cedar oils and a bunch of others, so I fell right into it! I no longer need any pharma medications besides the thyroid hormone replacement. My doctor even likes my creations and one of them is better than CDB oil and totally legal - though could have me floating in a river if pharma finds out what it does. I will just say that my oldest dog who has had seizures at least once a month his whole life now has been free for over a year plus his teeth are sparkling white and at 11 years of age he's no longer afraid of thunder! Dogs won't go to bed without it. Took a year to develop but happened immediately after I quit screaming and started listening! I even learned by accident that ironweed here in Alabama planted (actually just let it grow!) by your water barrels will keep them free of mosquito.

It's no joke, your place will know you immediately and you will know it. Live it all to the fullest! Bloom where you are planted! :)

d465ed No.1952026


Hi Anons! Why don't all you just get a Berkey Water filter? Not electric or battery powered - two fitting canisters with filters and a spout. They will filter all water types - might want to strain some first if it's out of your open rain barrel or a muddy stream or slimy pond - and it filters out everything if the you buy the right filter (they suggest changing at every 1000 gallons) that even filter out radiation along with the heavy metals, Most water filters can't even remove some of the really nasty medications in public water and our and our rivers and lakes now..Under $200 and is a forever fix. 2.5 gallons per hour if you want to fill it that much. That's self-sufficient. Then you can use your rock and sand filter system idea to grow plants on top and fish under plants that fertilize the plants in exchange for oxygenated water. That's truly self sufficiency. It's good to know the basic's in case you are lost somewhere and need them, but at home you should do it more convenient for your life. That is your castle, after all. Learn all the options before you go make your life too complicated to function in, much less play and create and enjoy in! I love my Berkey - and don't blame me for the awesome detox - total - even the animals. Two weeks of normal usage of the clean water is better than a whole box of detox tools! Sustain your health while you are relaxed and prepared for any eventuality.

d465ed No.1953579


Anons, I'm thinking about learning to start a thread after 9 months of posting on other peoples threads because I want to share the tips and tricks and simplicity of herbals because it should be a paramount thing for each family to have readily available what they themselves will need in place of medicine prescribed and for their general sustainable health, In doing so it would let other people share their experience and testing of herbs for health. I know for a fact that the info in books and online is totally incomplete when it comes to what to use for what and how to create a good mix for whatever ails you. I never realized how simple it is accomplish and I would like to share what I've learned. Like the fact that when you peel a whole big pile of fresh mimosa limb bark at one time and set it to dry in strips, you not only get harder to dry bark because you didn't cut it up, but you also get a really good dose of what mimosa bark and leaves do for you! No one told me that in bunches and bunches of research and people should be aware of things like that. Do you think it would work? Do I make each topic/herb a new post? I seem to get in on things at the 750 level but I've been afraid to start a new thread so I never tried. It's time to get this stuff out there. So tomorrow I learn to post! Only 9 months old and learning to post! Guess I may have just found my voice! Cool Beans! Great Awakening! Thanks evyanon for taking this journey with me because WWG1WGA <3 :)'s

d465ed No.1953913


I've been wanting a 3d printer but I have Q_westjuns. Is the design part of using a 3d printer like cad or is it something hard to use? Is there a place where people offer their already designed plans? Can it make rubber gaskets and metal washers? Where do you get the 'ink' for the printer? I've been wanting to try one for a couple of years and it seems so StarTrek that I want it more but I don't want it yet if it is hard to use or if the newer model comes out next year and the one I just bought is already obsolete. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but my incomes is under most peoples weekly take home so I tend to be choicey on big purchases even if they make life easier for me.

9e28d1 No.1956198


I'd be interested. Timing is right, as the summer is when herbs a growing and need to be harvested soon. I've been on the look out for wild lettuce.

f003b4 No.1981011


1.) Vehicle: Get an emp proof vehicle. This means get an old diesel - military diesel even better, and one I prefer is a M35A2 Deuce 1/2 so you can bug out from anywhere with family and friends if need be and ram your way through things if needed. These were multifuel vehicles that burn diesel, gasoline, kerosene (jet fuel) and even used motor oil in a pinch. They have no electronics. Mechanical diesel with full kill pull lever the best. You could also get a Series IIA or III diesel Land Rover, for example, if you don't mind foreign parts. Or get an old distributor-type/carburetor gas engine vehicle again with no electronics and of course, I recommend 4x4. (Old Land Rovers pre 1974 had a hand crank even to start. Keep spare distributor, generator or alternator and perhaps starter handy. Then you are EMP proof. Anything computerized will fail if EMPd. Get a vehicle that fits your family needs. If you are alone then an older diesel John Deer gator might even suffice. Anything new with electronics can fail and even be shut off - stranding the driver.

2) Shelter: Get to basics. Shop ebay for military double sleeping bags with the associated GoreTex bivouac sacks. I got mine for $60. Then get a closed cell foam ground pad and you can survive anywhere even without a tent or camper. Summer or winter.

3) Water filter. Many choices but I recommend Katadyn. Ceramic filter lasts for years, but if dropped can break so get replacement filters. You cannot leave these to freeze in cold conditions with water in them as the ceramic filter will shatter if iced up. I have used them all over the world and they just brush off (outlasting and outperforming std filters) and they filter super well. I have pumped clear water out of the worst mudholes so they work. You brush the contaminants off rather than buy new filter cartridge, and it keeps on working.

3) Food: get lots of canned salmon, wild caught Atlantic is the best. Alaskan salmon might have some Fukushima contaminants and do not eat farmed salmon, due to their chemical additives. In a catastrophe or disaster a family could survive on a one can ration per day, because salmon meat is so nutritious. The Nez Perce Indians subsisted almost completely on salmon meat so you can too. The Sioux survived off of buffalo (dried meat + berries all crushed and dried) almost entirely, but you won't find that in a can. In an emergency, protein best helps you sustain life where carbs don't do anything for you so ditch the bread and potatoes, chips and etc. Choose meat if you have to carry emergency rations. Literally a family can survive in worst-case-scenario off one can of salmon per day per family. Then have daily vitamins on hand too. Look at organic if you can.

4) Radiation emergency, get Iodine in the form of Potassium Iodide. Have that tucked away.

5) Medicines: Have what you usually take from your doctor and I also I recommend essential oils. These are 1000+ year old remedies and were submerged by the Rockefeller/Illuminati/Rothschild health care system. Stock heavy on essential oils with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, such as Lavender, Oregano, Lemon, Frankincense, (they have whole kits, we use and especially Four Thieves. Four Thieves is what people used to protect themselves from the plague long before modern science arrived, and it is the only available over the counter countermeasure to a biological attack involving plague I can think of. We use EdensGarden but there are other good brands too.

More later….

d465ed No.1981344


I just looked up Four Thieves and it's almost the same exact recipe as the bug off oil I created two weeks ago. I bet those thieves even put it on a scarf wrapped around their faces. I use my own oil and tincture creations so I measure by teaspoon but it does make a fine and dandy alternative to Off! or any of the other marketed bug sprays.

All my 'essential oils' are actually brewed in Sunflower oil. Most nutritious oil there is and it soaks right into your skin. Mixes well with Argan Oil and soaps and creams.I don't suggest coconut oil - I tried that first and it's bad on the face and if you get scratches with it on you can't get it off easily to stop the stinging (it also stings if you get in your eyes) and doctor the scratch. That's some potent stuff.

9e28d1 No.1984467

hey guyz… i lost my recipe for potato bug spray. I know it had 5 oil and 2 of them were peppermint and lemon. Anyone know the other 3? I am going to add neem to the mix as well.

866322 No.1985235

OffgridAnon… in TX.

Here's how i did it (in brief)

1. Buy land - secluded as possible, natural creeks for barriers also. Plus creeks prove that water well is probably a good bet. Spring fed- I got lucky. Need 12+ acres to be legal to install a non-aerobic septic system in my state. Check your laws.

2. RENT equipment to drill a well. No permit required if OWNER drills it. Off grid means no documentation remember… IF you do not hit water, sell the land and start over…

3. RENT or BUY (I purchased a new tractor with backhoe knowing I was going to need it and could write it off as ag-exemption)

4. Ordered a shipping container and had it dropped off a few feet from future home site. The purpose of this in the future will be storage, but now you will need it for a staging area/shelter for tools, and can put solar power to charge tools and run inverter for basic power needs during times of building, use 6v floor sweeper batteries for least maintenance. (setup for 12v or whatever inverter needs).

5. Clear land, level pad, and install septic tank yourself, again no permit means off grid…

6. Pay cash if possible for the SKIN and BONES stripped down as possible building (mine was a metal barn kit). Save receipt for future tax appraisal needs. Then upgrade the building package to whatever you really need and want…

7. Build the building. I had a crew help pour slab because that is not possible for 5k sqft building with only spouse…

8. No mailbox. No 911 address. To achieve this, get a PMB (public mailbox) at UPS/FEDEX location, costs about 150$ per year, but worth it. Your drivers license can be sent there also.

9. Install solar equipment, learn about this by remembering where you screwed up on the small system in the makeshift container. I use 14kw PV array, THREE 48v forklift batteries in parallel. And can go 3days without generator with no sun. (use a harbor freight 8kw generator because it's so rarely used I never justified the automatic start generac!)

10. Frame in and wire/plumb the house as normal, but do it inside the metal building and use plenty of spray foam insulation.

I ended up with a 5ksf 2-story inside barndominium with 4 full baths, 3a/c units, 2 fridges (w/icemakers) and an upright freezer, with electric AND gas kitchen, full climate controlled electronic engineering class workshop, 3bay garage, greenhouse,pig pen, gardens/crops.

And also used a container underground below the slab with entry from bedroom area for storm (or fire) shelter/ bunker. (I am unable to purchase homeowners insurance because appraised value is all it would be worth).

Being metal, it is unlikely to burn, and built with load bearing roof and extra purlins plus inside walls to frame, it is very strong.

For the interior ceiling, to keep the barn look, I flipped and installed a "white" galv-alum roof from the inside- upside down. Gives appearance of being the actual roof, but has insulation and purlins (and wiring) inside.

I went a step or two further and hacked the solar system's data exchange interface (outback power system) and set up an ATOM based PC that runs the entire house and monitors all systems, including watering the batteries. (and even records the speed of visitors in/out the gates)


1. Well should be shallow as possible, because pumping water up takes power, more power the farther. It is "easier" to scrub dirty water than to create power in most cases. (iron removal system regenerates without filter changes)

2. Hot water system could be propane instant heater to keep it cheap, but I opted for 200gallon tank solar system, plus a propane tankless backup that switches in when tank temp is low (hardly ever use it, but my wife is spoiled.)

3. Forklift batteries are not the best technology for batteries, however to remain off grid I chose them (with watering valves) instead of lithium or Iron system. Why? Because if my batteries fail, I only have to go 15 miles to a forklift service guy to get a new one, as opposed to ordering from china and involving time and regulations. Furthermore, I separated the cells and molded posts (like car batteries) on the terminals so they can be easily dealt with by hand- instead of needing a forklift to handle them.

HOPE my story/info helps any interested anons.

866322 No.1985285


EMP proof vehicle = EMP is very least of issue with vehicle in emergency - you will not have fuel.

Better to get a motorcycle (many more MPG and you can siphon gas from other dead cars). And store the bike in a metal building, and have a pedal bike for most reliable use.

Agree about the Katadyn pump. Love it.

Also Medicines: You can easily make a colloidal silver generator that is portable and battery powered. (always keep solar chargers handy, but CS must be made away from UV light)

Colloidal Silver is remedy for any single cell "attack" natural or weaponized.

866322 No.1985347


My offgrid home is quite automated and has sensors and modules and all crazy shit.

I anticipate failures, and purchase many extra parts.

Most important thing is water. To get water you need the electricity to work too, so that makes the electrical system priority also. So I have a complete spare inverter and redundant systems anywhere a fault can occur (engineerfag).

Even keep a spare well pump on the shelf. Along with every electronic component required to rebuild every single critical component at least twice. Including valves, automation system, etc.

I have a 20x25' engineering (cleanroom capable) workshop for working on just about anything - even got an SMD workstation. Expect in real crisis to need to modify or repair any radio system or such.

d465ed No.1994377


Here are a few other tips about some things you might not be thinking about needing while you are planning out your sustainable lifestyle. These are things that you should be stocking up on anyway.

You should have big plastic tubs to store your food stuffs in. Stock up on rice, dried beans, packaged mixes that you like, flour, sugar, anything without an expiration date. If you store canned good, be sure to keep the ones that expire first on the top and don't store in a hot area I don't suggest them for canned goods. .

Once you get settled, you can use the bins as planters and compost bins. One tote can grow bunches of sweet potatoes or white potatoes and cool long carrots!

There is one thing that no one talks about for a bug out bag that really should be in it. Plastic bags wadded inside another bag, zipper top freezer bags, a couple of pair of surgical gloves and some Twenty Mule Team Borax on a small container.

Plastic bags - things cold get wet.

Zipper top freezer bags - will hold water if necessary and found food stuffs

Surgical gloved - no need to ruin you good gloves when working with nasty stuff.

Borax - all that wet stuff is gonna get messy if your are bugging with it wet. And full of spider mites and possibly flies. Borax will kill the mites and flies and deter (buy not totally stop from growth) mold until you stop bugging and can dry them out.

Last but not least - Baby wipes. No explanation necessary,

d465ed No.1994455


When you find some, be sure to collect the seeds off before you pick or chop down. They are blooming and making seeds right now. If you collect them, you can start your own 'patch' where ever you want it. The stalks are strong enough to support climbing veggie vines while they give you good medicine.

d465ed No.1994542


For all of you who grow comfrey only for the chop and drop method as plant fertilizer, please study up on the medicinal usage if the entire plant. They call it KnitBone for a reason.You can still chop and drop, just chop two and drop one. And be thankful. More on this later,

d465ed No.1994786


When you are out wildcrafting, wear glove that protect your hands. Most times the kind with the plasticy plam and back knited side that are tight fitting are best. When working with your collected bounty, always wear surgical gloves because the saps and moisture of the plant you are working with will be absorbed by your skin. I recently peeled 10 branches of Mimosa trimmings bare handed and later drank a cup of Mimosa flower tea that I had been wanting all spring. I had not known about the bark part, just the flowers.

Mimosa Bark contains the constituents that make it SURGICAL ANESTHESIA. It's not just pain revealing. Strong medicine that is truly a little goes a long way. It may not be addictive but it is very potent. I also stripped the leaves from the branches, possibly compounding the dosage. I'm going to try just a tea of leaves to see what they do alone.

Needless to say, by the time I finished the bark peeling session, I was already so dopey that I didn't have sense enough about me to realize that I should not drink the tea. I slept for 11 hours, only waking once to let the dogs out. The flower tea alone does not do that. I only used two tablespoons in a big glass of sweet tea. The leave may be more potent than the flowers, I have that to find out.

Use caution in all things, even when playing!

d465ed No.1995003


This is something that lot of people don't know about wild onions and wild garlic. The flower tops are good for cooking, but when the flowers mature they make something called 'scapes' which are a much sweeter seed version of the cloves in the ground. They can also be planted but to use them in sautes and pickles or pickled by themselves is awesome.

If you are on your own property collecting them, they are a signal of what you need to grow there. They love to be deeply mulched and grow great among berries of all kinds and around fruiting trees. Also roses love them near and they love to be near them,

Scapes need to be sifted to remove the husk if you don't like the thoughts of them, but they cook up almost melted into the medium in which they are placed. Saute some spinach in bacon grease with scapes and and oranges and some juice of the orange and a sprig of flowering Thyme and see what I mean. Topped with homegrown chopped tomato's and crumbled bacon and a side avocado and a bowl of Cheddar Broccoli soup eaten while reading Q - who needs a restaurant!

So don't go spreading lime if you see them in your yard. The seed stalks aren't good for cooking or eating but if you pull it and it comes out of the ground, you will have more growth there next year from the plants cloves. If the whole thing comes up roots and all, you can either replant the cloves or cook them too. I

33d567 No.1995834

File: 4ff2470d8e701c8⋯.png (344.73 KB, 848x332, 212:83, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f928d996825fcbb⋯.png (245.3 KB, 474x318, 79:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't know where else to drop this. Was Jim Acosta married to Huma?


d465ed No.1998552


There is a brand of GF flour called 'Pamela's' that is wonderful - there are many types of it but the one developed to be cup for cup bread flour makes wonderful bread. Health food stores and Whole Foods carry it or you can order it online. You don't have to mix different flour types to get the correct texture when using it, you just use it like your regular bread recipe calls for it. You can even start your own GF sourdough starter mix with it. I've been using their different flours for a long time.

Also, Aldi's carries a brand name line called 'LiveGFree' that is really really good. Line includes patsa's, cake mixes, crackers and the best stuffing mixes that taste better than Stove Top. That even makes a great meat loaf and burger patties that tastes great even without meat!

d1fb3e No.1998621

File: 7eefd3d5f0871a0⋯.jpg (415.68 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, JFKQ.JPG)

Alright Q, is this the real reason for the "Q" - the revenge of the Kennedy brothers? - I like it. They started it with Kennedy - Q ends it. That'll sell big time.

9e28d1 No.2000690


have you used this medicinally? Reassure me… this is NOT addictive, right?

I thought I found it and made up a small batch as a practice run. Then I pursued better identification, and I did not have the wild lettuce, but rather a peony poppy. I suspect this peony poppy may be addictive.

9e28d1 No.2000699

I have a quart of St. Johns Wort extract. Any ideas on how to consume this? It has an unpleasant smell. What could I use to hide it?

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