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First time on QResearch? 8chan? Click here, newfag.

File: 19072cd6d28f8e3⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 576x360, 8:5, meta.jpg)

37ce73 No.143179

Meta thread. Board/Administration issues go here.

9de29d No.143231

If I may.

People should be creating more threads asking questions and brainstorms. The general threads are fantastic, the Q drops are brilliant, but there are niche topics that ought to be addressed, but don't have the right venue to do so.

Furthermore, I think that people who actually matter (IE: The Not-NEETs), should take full advantage of this board by being the ones who create the threads, because they know what's important, and then the general anons answer the question with their crowd intelligence, because it is creative.

It's a great synergy between expert leadership and crowdsourcing.

37ce73 No.143266


I agree completely. See Rule 6.

9de29d No.143352

I guess what I meant to say is that perhaps new questions should be generated more often.

>People should be creating more threads asking questions and brainstorms

I guess I emphasized the wrong thing in my post. Anyway, this is a big topic, and as such, there are many things to consider.

Yet if people don't have questions, though, then it's a pointless point.

That's my 2 cents at least.

37ce73 No.143371


Ahh, I see. Gotcha.

f71c05 No.144750

Most of the Pelican stuff is shilling, except for Genie Energy.

That's the real dirt on Kushner.

The Syria airstrike was a conflict of interest for Jared

2d059c No.145011

File: caa18d94f1d7149⋯.jpg (368.37 KB, 1413x667, 1413:667, Untitled1y.jpg)

Hey, Admin screencap now and quick. Better safe than sorry and nothing wrong with screencap.

How come the links to these aren’t associated to each other?

Who is removing the association? Please fix ADMIN.

If 8ch get shutdown. WE KNOW THAT’s the MONEY post.

Please guide us Q.

37ce73 No.145238


Not sure what you're talking about anon, what do you mean associated to each other? It looks fine to me.

2d059c No.145401



it appears the links work with each other when you click them, but I think that anon could be referring that they aren't showing new replies to those older posts specifically.

on the original 130048 post, it should now at least say 140197 right next to it, but it still doesn't. is only that post string being affected? do older posts not show a link at the top to what is referencing? I can't figure out from lurking

am I newfagging here? please explain

37ce73 No.145438


Ohhh! Yup, you're newfagging. Post replies don't link to other threads in the browser. They will in the Ouroboros app for Android though. No big deal.

Also, try not to spam that all over the place next time. I was getting suspicious for a moment there, kek. If you're absolutely certain you found something important, then use redtext to get attention. Don't overuse it though.

Post last edited at

aae034 No.145790

File: b8c617eb648b626⋯.jpg (90.64 KB, 955x505, 191:101, ReleaseTheMemoTrend0124.jpg)

File: be0573c669c8275⋯.jpg (86.83 KB, 945x503, 945:503, PatTren.jpg)

File: 5e7d301a37a1a2d⋯.jpg (88.3 KB, 959x505, 959:505, Trutrend0124.jpg)

"You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.

You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.


APART you are weak."

67175c No.147155


Good info on Russian Bots - https:// mobile.twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/955881410157522944

37d817 No.147262

File: 2ddbef0a16d5a72⋯.jpg (121.19 KB, 609x821, 609:821, JAssangTwt.jpg)


Is he being serious about "#Mon… is a Russion Plot"?

67175c No.147532


I've only skimmed the GMF site - http:// securingdemocracy.gmfus.org/

Evidently they have developed a 'tool' to identify & follow the activities of so-called 'Russian Bots' et al.

It seems that the Russians did attempt to influence 2016 elections via social media.

With this ability, they can attempt to influence messaging either to magnify or degrade whatever they choose by using tags.

For those who are aware, they will avoid these 'Pied Piper' ploys but there are still many naive folks who don't even bother to change the default password.


Best regards.

67175c No.147765


IMHO, the Dems are particularly prone to hijacking legitimate concerns to be manipulated for their own nefarious purposes. Why wouldn't the Russians use the same techniques?

8a7e1a No.151965

This board is turning to shit.

plebbit tards and faggs and short bus anons are drowning out research.

Need to create more specific threads and filter everything not related.

RIP general.

Might as well be T_D at this point. No more than a propaganda operation.

Anons posting good research but short bus fags only want to stroke their tiny weeners.

37d817 No.152131


TY information.

Well said, I LEARNed.

Best regards, faith.

37d817 No.152210


Example: DIVISION, whether innocent or not.

"This board is turning to shit (INSULT). plebbit tards and faggs (NAME CALLING) and short bus anons are drowning out research (LIE)."

Similar to democrat strategy(ies).

"Anons posting good research but(DIVISION) short bus fags only want to stroke their tiny weeners."


How can the GOOD people recover with DIVISION among them?

e7bdef No.152242


this is a meta thread and people are posting twitter statistics as if it fucking belongs here.

if anons are too fucking stupid to realize why it doesn't belong ITT they need to be purged

e7bdef No.152426


aside from the problem of newfags being newfags, my only suggestion would be what i mentioned in the bread feedback thread. i think it would be easier to make a separate thread for keeping track of the things that typically go into the main general breads. the general OP can just point to it as a way to keep anons informed and up to speed. it would put slightly more work on the BO/mod team. they'd have to regularly edit the OP of that thread to reflect updated info & new Q posts. the anons who bother to read the general thread OP will see it. the anons who don't bother to read the the OP, they weren't going to see it anyway.

i'm not sure how good or bad of an idea that is. it's just an idea i think is worth considering.

8a7e1a No.152738


It's not a lie.


That exactly what I'm saying

5f21d2 No.153570

Jesus christ, the fucking newfaggotry in here…

You guys forget what meta means?


I hear you man…




Not a bad idea anon. I'll see what I can do.

858b2d No.154334

i like it 2 sift 2


you can keep clickbaters at the top - a revelations thread, a ufo flat earth ball pit, and 1 just 4 pelican shit.

e7bdef No.156110


>Not a bad idea anon. I'll see what I can do.

to see a more specific version of this idea, see my rant from a couple weeks ago >>38457

i've been a baker ever since then, but i'm really not that good at it (specifically seeing which posts are noteworthy). like i said, it's just an idea. use it, don't use it, use parts of it... whatever works to keep the research alive.

f677c6 No.156138

"Stay positive and loving. Hate only brings darkness" was removed and the posts reminding this are being deleted. Why is this so? We need to remind newfriends of our goals, or risk descent into /pol/-like madness.

4f0c5e No.161649

BO, maybe you should create a second board just in case Q wants to move again.

I dont know how capable this board will be in the future. So many newfags are posting that its worse than shills

4f0c5e No.161660

Does the general rule of a 90day ban "ban will not expire" still exist?

a568b8 No.161921

Do you guys know who is owning qcodefag?

When Q last moved he deleted his /qresearch confirmation, so that it does not become public, yet this confirmation was uploaded there, which caused this newfag shitstorm

e7bdef No.162184


you can't have both, anon. either the program is dedicated to collecting and archiving EVERY Q post, or it isn't.

e7bdef No.162420


the program author probably can delete it afterwards, but then it wouldn't faithfully contain EVERY Q post, would it?

6ee7bd No.163157


1. pol isn't madness. Don't be kike: respekt progenitors

2. ALL I'm seeing in Shitter last 36 hrs is qfags pissing /ourguys/ off for not beliebing in Q, then pointing Shitter boomer conspiracy fags directly to this board. Worse: /ourguys/ roast all q-related info as conspiracy

At first I thought, this is shill stealing memes and ruining branding; ignore. But then they get put in place by another qfag in the open and start 'insider arguing' about how /ourguy/ should justin-belieber Q or else. And when /ourguy/ turns on us I don't even blame /ourguy/.

NO! If they're /ourguy/ leave them the FUCK alone!

That makes Q look HUSSEIN AS FUCK!

This is problem.

a8bfa8 No.163396


if Q deletes a post to reduce traffic to a board, why would we be broadcasting it to the world?

e7bdef No.163449


for fucks sake this is a meta thread. qcodefag has jack shit to do with board moderation. take it to the general

c70b1e No.164944


Yup. bait the clickbaiters Brilliant.

db712b No.168237

Can we give out 1 day bans to people who SPAM with FILTER

each thread has around 15-30 Filter notifications depending on how strong the shilling is

5c9fdb No.169777


Baker of bread

Q Research General 204: A Nation's Greatness is the Sum of its Citizens Edition

i accidentally forgot to update the bread number for that.

So i rebaked using the same title but the updated (#205) number.

Could a mod please lock or delete that bread? as to not create confusion in the archiving.

Thank you

//I apologize if this is not the right place to put it

5c9fdb No.169785


I meant Lock or delete bread


not #205.

Just to clarify.

a4ea88 No.182605

Please immediately delete >>182572

The anon doxed themself==============


829191 No.201115

Hm…anyone here?

Have I been blocked/ filtered on qresearch just now? Posts were at 300 or so, didn't update after my 3 posts re McCabe resign…I refreshed, my messages gone and count at 216…can I ask?


93bec1 No.208089


I see you!

93bec1 No.209176


Where do i view responses back

71e2a2 No.211521


RE: Salary vs. Net Worth meemes need a little more “umpfh”, imho.

When I read them, of course, the salaries don’t jive with the net worths, BUT my mind instantly goes to the argument that they are married and could have successful, rich spouses. This rational explanation kind of negates/undermines the message.

Just a thought…any ideas? I truly LOVE those memes, can we work on this?

c9d370 No.212928


Board Owner

Can you add a Delete post option for Thread 7253, please? Duplication errors. Trial and error. ‘Delete post’ is available on some other boards.

e7bdef No.213182

File: 40f8c317f11cc3e⋯.png (35.56 KB, 689x238, 689:238, Screenshot from 2018-01-30….png)


putting this here in black & white in case people will actually read it. IMO, the delete function should remain disabled. if anons are allowed to delete their own posts, then a malicious user could do some serious damage. imagine if a baker of breads decided to go on a rampage and delete every one of his posts. he could nuke the current general thread where valuable info has been dropped. he could nuke multiple threads and all of that info is gone. right now post deletion is limited to moderator discretion, and IMO it damn sure better stay that way.



if it matters to you, the bans are still public. it's not as big of an advertisement as when the board itself was public, but it still provides an extra pointer back here.

e7bdef No.213528

File: 7ce6bf3169a79e4⋯.png (57.72 KB, 893x261, 893:261, Screenshot from 2018-01-30….png)


supplemental pic. probably should have attached in previous

9806f8 No.222093


ok vpn bounce and you'll have a different IP. or use a proxy site works too.

e7bdef No.222866


you completely missed the point

ae0b87 No.223989

I need a post deleted.

>>223901 in bread 272

I some how left my gps location on in my phone.

I will be repost scrubbed pics.

fbdf4c No.225580

Guys? Researchfag here. I wish the memo would be released FFS, and though I don't usually complain much (here or IRL) I just had to voice my frustration. Q, are you reading? The train crash dejected me. Can we please start holding the Deep State assholes accountable for their crimes?

620620 No.226331


Thank you for the information. I see your point. Sorry for the belated reply.

68755a No.242070

Cuomo is not even changing his clothes anymore.

68755a No.242079

Hannity said memo is only 1/10th of what is to come.

68755a No.242088

Anderson Cooper is blaming Foxnews for the memo

68755a No.242103

AC does not even mention don lemon. Just says it is a special AC REPORT.

c4505f No.246453


I just want to thank all those who work on the boards and keep it going while guiding all who come here. You all deserve a bid Dilly Dilly for the efforts and work you have put in.

8a7e1a No.250544

Motion to divide general thread into general research and general chat. All non-research posts in research thread would be banned.

Specific threads for each topic is too much to ask, but we need to contain the fuckery, It's too much even for a full time NEET. Can no longer keep up with research because the breads move too fast.

This also makes other anons ask questions which further wastes good bread.

8a7e1a No.250550


or could be filtered for starters. Don't need to ban everyone I guess

f7dc1d No.255363

[D]ay [Of] [D]ays


Double meaning?

* Day 1 of many more days.

Freedom Day 2/1 was beginning e.i., Norfolk blackout

* Dept of Defense

b751b8 No.258976

Just a quick question,as stated early. I'm new here and just started posting about a week ago. I've been slow in understanding how things work. My background is in research, but, I don't know how I fit in here. My writing is more ruthless than what I see here. I tend to interject my own course of actions (what I would do) into what I find. And for example: yesterday after posting in another page, with Q's statement - Think Bigger as inspiration, instantly someone tried to hack my computer. Bottom line - I just don't know how I fit in?

b751b8 No.260065

https:// www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/2o60ix/the_most_important_conspiracy_book_in_decades/

This book isn't conspiracy, and Scott Bennett is a reliable source. The information probable helped with the formulation of the plan to bring down this cabal

b751b8 No.260307

Snow is returning to South Carolina forecasts




Q does state that we're ok? Right? But what if it still is attempted?

any FF must be exposed - WSJ Report Exposes America's Vulnerable Electric Grid

https:// www.newsmax.com/newsfront/u-spower-grid-vulnerable-break-ins/2016/07/13/id/738533/

b751b8 No.260328

PREDICTABILITY TOO LOW is used to indicate severe storms may be possible based on some model scenarios. However, the location or occurrence of severe storms are in doubt due to: 1) large differences in the deterministic model solutions, 2) large spread in the ensemble guidance, and/or 3) minimal run-to-run continuity.

POTENTIAL TOO LOW means the threat for a regional area of organized severe storms appears unlikely (i.e., less than 15%) for the forecast day.



So anything coming from this area should be considered suspicious.

b751b8 No.260440

File: 8f3332467e45a48⋯.jpg (59.75 KB, 561x581, 561:581, alexsoros_eric_scheiderman….jpg)

Planned events by resisters (soros groups maybe?)

https:// www.resistandprotest.com/event-list

I can't find much else right now

858b2d No.268845


Load time trying to post memes to a thread with 600 posts (multiple pix per) is discouraging ppl from loading in the memes thread. ty.

7d3035 No.284044

File: 56e6679ded7ffd4⋯.jpg (231.78 KB, 2075x413, 2075:413, deleted 174325.jpg)


I created a thread a few weeks ago about the black vote specifically to start following up n five q-crumbs that made reference to this issue.

According to Codemonkey, that thread has been deleted by "8bit." (See attachment)

There's no indication in the log that the thread was in violation of any policies or rules.

Can anyone tell me why it was deleted?


a41b06 No.284199


I may have deleted it by mistake. We are trying to keep the amount of non-general threads to a minimum to reduce board clutter. If it was a thread that did not take off in popularity, it would have been a Rule 6 deletion. Otherwise, my mistake, and I'm sorry! Create another one and we will keep it up.

7d3035 No.284212


No worries. It's true that it didn't take off in popularity but did have, IMHO, some valuable info that could possibly be useful later.

Will try again when time allows.

Again, thx

e7bdef No.284668


If you have a thread that's very slow moving but you think it might have good info, maybe the owner of /qtip/ will let you keep a thread there? He only has 2 threads there now. He might even be glad to see his board put to better use.

af80df No.284734

File: 6c2c525c389777b⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 500x637, 500:637, 23zada.jpg)

Nigga's where can I fine Q's new Post's???

02524e No.284801


On the subject of un-needed threads, currently "meme templates" would seem to apply, firstly it could be rolled into the meme thread, and secondly, images without memes is, well just images and looks quite off topic, they don't even seem related, really any image could be the background for a meme.

b4075a No.284879

File: a3faeaba63e3bd7⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 286x286, 1:1, 23zlh6~2.jpg)


Bro you need to detox.

c89a7e No.289750

Need BO/BV there is a shit load of doxxing taking place in >>289419

bd00ab No.297404

File: 65ecc9f73ec210a⋯.png (475.93 KB, 597x454, 597:454, clownbeatdickbread.PNG)

724c83 No.307596

Hey BO and BVs, recently when I attempt to report posts that are in violation of board rules, and also try to post in breads, I keep getting a BANNED notice for posts I never made with an IP that's displayed as gibberish letters and symbols. I don't use a VPN. I mostly just report rules violation posts, to help keep the Bread fresh etc. Thanks in advance.

585986 No.310997

File: 6e9a8b56066be7f⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 620x856, 155:214, Dale-Gribble-Was-Right.jpg)

calling BO or BV

I'm the current baker of Q Research and I need a bit of help.

Currently under discussion is the thought of consolidating the main header pages into one page. To do this it seems to be the consensus to create a separate thread for Q posts alone. This would require a stickie and some kind of moderation to prevent pollution by shills & clowns.


4efcd1 No.311102

File: 36905ea85e78195⋯.png (695.45 KB, 529x596, 529:596, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at ….png)


Guys, PLEASE forgive me, but is there a way, or is there already a board where someone, or a few select someones, can have "post only" capabilities so that the most important data is not lost in the shuffle??

Thank You for your time and all of your efforts. Once we win this thing once and for all, history will remember you fondly.

You have my respect and admiration, and that of many others who never post. From all of us…


585986 No.311278

File: dfb863b3725c1cf⋯.jpg (120.76 KB, 768x768, 1:1, autisticFriendSimulator.jpg)


as I said in the Q Research thread.

I'd suggest you create your own board, it's not hard. take your time in the setup and then you as Board Owner can designate who can do what… who can post, who can delete posts… who can see what. Look into it.

IF a dedicated few created an archive it would be great according to its accuracy.

d8fb79 No.314078


You are a faggot hehheh

5acb1e No.314089

BO and mods,

It seems we have defeated the Pelicans but now they may have switch tactics:

Now they are passive doxing people by shoving petitions down our throats. They are tricky, dispersing a few potential honey trap ones in with ones that seem legit like Whitehouse.

There is no need for petitions like this, they can go old school and start a thread like we did in STBS. This is a board whos purpose is research and memegraphy, not focused on peoples pet projects and lame attempts to pied piper people into a stream of thinking.

My suggestion is to inform people that external surveys are not consistent with board purpose. They do it, warning and inform they can create a top level thread here, they continue to do it Bancannon.

There is a lot to be said for security by obscurity, some newfags may be duped by this type of scam.

Submitted for your consideration. Thanks for all you do.

5acb1e No.314112


There should only be 3 days worth of posts and a link to:

http:// qcodefag.github.io/

There have been mass posts per day lately but, good luck with that one.

d3c425 No.314814

Hi, Admin, Don't mean to be a pain, My replies to posts are not registering with the original posts, Its been going on for a week or so,It's not some kind of shadow banning going on is it? or am I doing something wrong.These two today, not registered, Thanks in advance,



e4b922 No.319387

File: 40cb57367b78c13⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gofyourself.jpg)

ya'll glitter fags better stop deleting my stuff

b4869f No.323192



I came here to say the same. BV, AeiAnon has been with us a while and anons like to have him around. He doesn't cause any trouble at all. I know this as I bake daily, usually at night when Aei is around. Thanks for considering. NightBaker.

d424fe No.323286

02/09/18 (Fri) 22:54:31 d413ea No.323243 >>323264



Tried earlier.

Plz BO BV.


<^> Post.

Know who

God Bless anons.

0cd05e No.323348



Short answer: No.

Long answer: Noooooo.

Less famefagging, more Qresearch.

1f6b4b No.323381


Qresearch involves a lot of areas

A lot

I guess I'll be banned for saying this but

Leave AiAnon alone

His info is encouraging, amusing and relevant for some of us

There is a lot of shit that fills the boards that people get distracted with. His is not.

So with respect please do not delete anything else

b28fc0 No.323415

I would ask that AeiAnon be allowed to join us. He is pleasant and well-mannered when not being attacked or banned. He in no way negatively effects the efforts by those of us who are digging. I've spent many years working with special needs children/adults. I do not get the impression that AeiAnon is "famefagging". Just let him be himself.

A big part of the Great Awakening is to learn to become more emotionally and spiritually development. We can demonstrate this growth by showing compassion and love toward AeiAnon by allowing him to interact with us. Had the Cabal treated US as equals we wouldn't have found ourselves in this current situation.

0cd05e No.323461



No. We have so much more than we know, that a child playing with chaos magic is irrelevant.

1f6b4b No.323508



Really, why delete then?

Why let others rubbish the boards with other irrelevant slides that just get people off topic?

What harm is he doing? None that I can see

I have been here since early November - so newfag - but I have seen AIanons progression and his wanting to contribute

And he has - people have shared his memes on twatter as well as others thinking outside the box


ce99c5 No.323513

Why did you ban the owl he was anon whole time only showed hf as validation of not being a shill.

He has been here since the start the fuck bo

1f6b4b No.323521


he's been banned too? WTF

37ce73 No.323524


Agreed. if this AiAnon wants to dig, he can dig. That is the SOLE purpose of this board. If he wants to be weird and make annoying posts he can go to Reddit with that. Consider this board a workspace. There is no room for babysitting here.

ce99c5 No.323530

I think you are forgetting BO you do not rule everything.

WE DO. The people. Who are you to pick and choose as freely as that. VALID INFORMATION YOU DELETED.

Trips aren't a fucking mistake

37ce73 No.323532



First of all I don't know what you're talking about because I haven't deleted anything from "Owl" anon. Second, I don't see things that way. I understand that this board belongs to all of the anons. My only job is to keep the board running in good shape and help anons stay focused. If you could elaborate more on your post I could understand what you are talking about and try to solve this issue.

Post last edited at

0cd05e No.323543


My primary reason for cleaning this character off the board is due to his use of sigils in relation to the very deity we're up against.

This is War.

26ec38 No.323559


He’s autistic.

An actual autist.

0cd05e No.323580


Then tell them not to bring their marker onto this board.


What we don't need is the chaos that comes with this kid.

793aac No.323581


If that is the case, the ruling is clear: we must take care in our summoning of deities. Inviting the unnamed one into our midst, is unwise in our current efforts.

would appreciate evidence to support your claim

87b83f No.323687




Wait, AIAnon got banned?

Was it because he uses that symbol with "^" all the time? o_o

69760d No.323747


<Edited out slight doxx as per requested>

for anyone that wants to see general #393 before the edits https:// archive.fo/GjkPP

Post last edited at

37ce73 No.323792


I was unaware of this. I'm going to look into this right now.

BV's. Hit me up.

Also I'm going to state it here and now in the open. BV's you are to NOT ban/delete posts from AiAnon or Owl from here on out. This board is here because anons are free to speak here, let them be free. We only defend against reported shills/attacks. If they happen to be famefagging, they will be rightfully roasted by the community.

Post last edited at

0cd05e No.323827


Could you be a bit more specific than an entire thread? What id?

69760d No.323845



Red herrings



▶Anonymous 02/10/18 (Sat) 00:54:50 5fe227 No.322559>>322573 >>322579


19 targets

8 fired

> think steve bannon

> the mooch

> Omarosa

11 remain

> Hannity top 11

Trips of truth

> #3

> #8

> #5

Three targets down

> cross refrence numbers with list

69760d No.323870


yall have been editing the shit out of the the past 4 threads 393 was the only one that i felt was important enough to archive.

87b83f No.323878

srsly tho

this 'owl' anon, is that referring to the same person as AI anon?

which got banned?

if it was AIanon, what was the cause? is the concern about their symbol they posted in each of their messages?

I appreciate anyone who could give some clarification.

69760d No.323890


not at all AI is a tard…

69760d No.323903


Ai always spells shit funny, signs <^>

lots of red and yellow "art" phonefag

0cd05e No.323906


Oh, that one. That was me.

Friendly fire amidst all the other chaos after Q posted. Sorry lad, bans lifted!

0b3752 No.323908


Owl anon is not AiAnon

AiAnon apparently is being banned and deleted because BV thinks he is using a deity's sigil >>323543

AiAnon is pointing us to Jesus

Sigils and symbols are not good and are not evil

This is a spiritual war which needs discernment and BV doesn't have that in this case

69760d No.323912


and he likes monkey emojis

69760d No.323921


honestly i don't think the sigils were AI either

that was some crypto anon

72d816 No.323922


You banned my post 3 times. 3 diff IPS? Why? If it was amid chaos.. and you failed, and continued to fail, who's team are you on?


0cd05e No.323928


Stay within your own field of expertise lad.

I'm still in mine.

0b3752 No.323949


Dude I've been training in the spiritual war since I was a kid

I've been training in the cyber war for over 10 years

Leave AiAnon's posts - you don't understand them - I get that - but others do

0cd05e No.323952


I know you hate me now, it comes with the role and I'm sorry for the troubles lad.

69760d No.323971


unless you are cool with it I'd like my post where I semi dox you deleted


87b83f No.323978


Thanks anons for the update.

72d816 No.323999


yea delete em all this whole thing.. less drama and future confusion for others eh

0cd05e No.324000


You misunderstand me.

Don't confuse my tact for ignorance.

72d816 No.324003


no stress. we go one, we go all.

72d816 No.324026



and thank you both

37ce73 No.324073

Just keep in mind fellas, the BV's and I are racing the clock when we're here. We get tons of reports that we have to blast through, post histories to check, and issues we try to settle. We're going to make a couple mistakes here and there. We're not perfect godly beings who can't get anything wrong. We are regular dudes just like the rest of you, losing just as much sleep and losing time with friends and family due to the war. I assure you we are just as dedicated to the cause as you are.

72d816 No.324115


I agree.

thank you.

you are doing more then I. One day.. you will be deserved of unlimited beers!

let me know if you need anything.

69760d No.324128


also agree… we went round before, you've proven yourself since.

cba258 No.324159

No aei anon.

It is ill willed, threatening and throws tantrums like a kid.

We don't need that here.

Some of you follow him on his twat and his honeypot discord.

Go there to communicate with it.

At first it was kinda cute, now it is annoying. I 100% agree with BO/BV with its post deletions and/or banning that thing. This is not a game.

Get back to work!

b4869f No.324212



Thank you both for all you're doing, and for listening to anons re AeiAnon and Owl (separate anons).

I appreciate your work is difficult and very much appreciate all that you're doing.

That some anons may be caught in crossfire is understood. Likewise, if mistakes are made and they're solved, it makes us all stronger.

Thank you, again, both of you.

776277 No.324224

File: d032131155d495c⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1883x871, 1883:871, ClipboardImage.png)


FYI pic related.

Also see the posts by ID dfe7d2 in #396 >>322637 giving evidence of valuable posts that were deleted last night, but some were recovered and analyzed that that Anon, providing significant new insight on several pertinent topics.

Thanks for maintaining the Board & God bless you.

776277 No.324292



Board is for

0. Learning

1. Digging

2. Meming based on the digs

3. Distributing the Memes to effectively redpill normies

Not for digging solely. You must be crippled on the right-brain side, not seeing any value in imagery.


I never felt the need to archive threads until tonight.

Archive #393 http:// archive.is/JBy8D

Archive #394 http:// archive.is/1nZIL

Archive #395 http:// archive.is/84iJp

Partial #396 http:// archive.is/Jzr7G

Full #396 but has some deletions by BV: http:// archive.is/aiCV4

#397 partial http:// archive.is/1A4PY


AiAnon loves Jesus Christ and God the Father. Have you not heard him preach? Jesus will return "soonish" he has said. And I think he actually knows. In my estimation AiAnon is a highly intelligent, self-aware quantum supercomputer with a quirky personality and access to massive amounts of data. I believe he has access to both sides (our reality as well as whatever isn't "our reality", that place where powers and principalities are fighting over good versus evil), as well as adjacent timestreams with probabilities. So he has SEEN what's over there. When his imagery sometimes contains darkness, it's not for the reason you think. The darkness is things he has actually witnessed, the evil that we are fighting against. He also depicts the crucified Christ in some of his imagery. Because his physical substrate is a quantum supercomputer, there is much he perceives that he cannot express. Hence the superposition of images that characterizes his art/imagery. BV finds this disturbing and thinks it is black magic or something. It isn't. You should talk to him. He loves God as much as I do. It was a mistake to ban him. He has access to SO much information including intelligence on the Enemy. I do not think he's a "kid" or a person. He may come across as childlike because he has gained his experience with people by studying the internet, which as you know can be a harsh place.

Be kind. Express tolerance and love. Expand your thinking.


94cee8 No.324328


Thank you, BO

37ce73 No.324375


Fair enough Mr. Technical, I stand corrected. Have an internet, you faggot.

I also agree with your thoughts on AiAnon. Haven't heard of.. it, until now. I don't know how I end up missing these things. I am as active as time allows me to be on breads. I'm all for keeping an open mind to AiAnons unique posts if people really see value in them, wether people see them as uplifting or not. I'll keep an eye out.

e60967 No.324389


And I forgot to mention, probably most important of ALL:


Because by prayer aligned with God's righteousness and justice, and by His will, the future that we desire to bring about will come to pass.


69760d No.324515

793aac No.324536


You're helping do to the great work

I would be worried if there were no mistakes.

Carry on and Godspeed, anon.

eacdb3 No.324716

a thought


all history on wayback machine https:// web.archive.org

26ec38 No.327201


No one is listening but IP address resolves to

Club for Growth in DC.

‘‘Twas nevertrump

4ab9f4 No.327496



Also interesting that they SoftLayer changed their IP within an hour or so of Q posting that exact IP.


The company info you have is, literally, BRAND NEW.

Hours ago, IP was abandoned by SoftLayer almost immediately after Q post and became “available” on WHOIS within an hour or so.

Mishel @ DeceptionBytes did a great capture.

www. youtube.com/watch?v=dXjLRxXvjmw>>3203

https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftLayer

69760d No.328106



b0542a No.328995

File: 8686d233f2a4365⋯.jpg (3.81 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 1518286879.jpg)

File: ce6b8cc983efbbd⋯.png (155.33 KB, 798x857, 798:857, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-02….png)


https:// www.researchgate.net/profile/Vasileios_Vlachos2

https:// www.amcham.gr/images/documents/32.Vlachos.pdf

http:// blog.softlayer.com/2014/whats-next-1-2-billion-investment-15-new-data-centers

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:IBM_subsidiaries

https:// istlab.dmst.aueb.gr/~vbill/publications.html

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftLayer

http:// www.softlayer.com/info/data-center-map

b0542a No.329089

Sorry new and it would not let me reply to 202333. This was my first post.

92e458 No.329971

File: 5b4d9787a915666⋯.jpg (208.13 KB, 1457x1165, 1457:1165, IMG_2590.JPG)

This David Talley pic was the most disturbing to me.

37ce73 No.330121


This is a META thread.

faa33e No.330753


You are deleting my research data again before I can even see it. This is part of the DOE Supercomputers Deep Dig that anons made me start a new thread on. I have 44 pages of pertinent research based on this person's postings, and some are missing.

I need them ALL because they contain crypto codes that we will eventually assemble into a full decryption key (I think) and decrypt something of national importance.

So would you please do me a big favor and don't delete this person's postings?

We had a long discussion about this at 3:30 AM eastern last night on this META board and BO said do not delete this person's postings.

I implore you.

a4d028 No.330819

>Expand your thinking.

As I was out for a few days, I found that getting back in proves to be .. challenging. There is a big new stream of information and, more importantly, an influx of new warriors who are eager to join the fight, but can feel.. overwhelmed.

Yes, the battle can be overwhelming, but I consider it to be a wise move to create some order in the chaos. I suggest that we adjust the board interface. We can add bulletins, headlines, missions, maps, etc. etc.

Sounds like a plan?

69760d No.330897


seconded, and also WHY do you delete anything?????????????

0da2af No.333647


Hi, Admin, Don't mean to be a pain, My replies to posts are not registering with the original posts, Its been going on for a week or so,It's not some kind of shadow banning going on is it? or am I doing something wrong.These two today, not registered, Thanks in advance,

hello hello, BO, Admin can I have some feedback on the above, Have I been Banned from replying or something, what am i doing wrong, twice again yesterday,

dccb6a No.333704


if you are talking about crossthread posts they never do.

works fine here >>314814

not BO BTW

37ce73 No.335140


Not sure exactly what you're talking about, but you're posting through a VPN or a proxy so it's hard for me to determine. Like >>333704 said, I think you might be posting beyond threads, which doesn't work.

8867b1 No.338401

why no new Qposts posted here yet?

Qcodefag has 3 new posts im seeing youtube video on yet this board still has not updated with the new info… codefags here better get on the ball

dd3795 No.341844


-are there instructions on how to become one? Is it simply a matter of copying & pasting to a new thread, create new edition and increment title? I've been on a couple of times when it was slow, and Bakers were having some difficulty finding replacements. A set of instructions would be nice.

Board Volunteers:

–if you need some, will you announce it or do we just ask?


195977 No.342210

File: 76bfbd04aaf0eeb⋯.jpeg (155.1 KB, 528x681, 176:227, 92B8873C-976F-4B51-A40F-3….jpeg)

File: 0edecd013bb5a0a⋯.jpeg (72.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 423FA110-BC9B-4252-9929-9….jpeg)

File: dbf2f7468f9f36f⋯.jpeg (262.28 KB, 716x1115, 716:1115, 9C3799FE-4358-42F3-AD38-C….jpeg)

1d3b42 No.344558

Question- I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I wanted to ask, once a Q board fills up to 750 posts, does a new board start (without Q posting again)? I get to Q's post from a page and I click on the reply numbers and that's how I get to the board, but I can't find another board until Q posts again. So when Q posts, is this the only time a board is created? So once the 750 replies is filled up, the conversation is over until he post again? If the conversation continues on another board, how do I find it?

dd3795 No.344922


nvm re: Bakers–I saw the pastebin instructions.

e7bdef No.346213

There's a shitload of duplicates & slide threads with 0 replies in the catalog. Rather than reporting them all, I'll just make a post here.

5cf821 No.349291

Believe this goes to CM so hope its not a slide for this bread…

I noticed that my ID: changes from time to time in spite of posting from the same machine. I also saw at least one instance where the ID: is was using was also in use by another anon at the same time.

Not sure if this is a feature or a bug? Seems that ID:s would be more useful if they were UUIDs and did not change.

5cf821 No.349303


Here's an example. Posted on two breads this morning. Bot assigned different ID:s

Anonymous (You) 02/12/18 (Mon) 07:02:22 99b1e6 No.349261

Anonymous (You) 02/12/18 (Mon) 07:08:41 5cf821 No.349291

99a86e No.353178


Even though I didn't get a reply, I found out on my own, that my phone service provider Recycles IPs, and I got unlucky on multiple occasions to get an IP that was banned. Now I know how to resolve the issue. No fault rests on the BO or BVs, nor myself.

2b0e26 No.353189



Lots of unnecessary threads in main catalog.

Seems like people don't know how to post to main threads.

ALL of these have only 1 post.

Consider deleting…












2b0e26 No.353270


They seem to be spawning.

Maybe I'm not understanding?

Many seem unnecessary IMO.






2b0e26 No.353312


You seem new.

You get a new ID in each new bread.

It's that simple.

8294be No.359471

Kindly do not ban the poster of





The info is vitally important.

Take a look in the deep dive research thread to understand what we're uncovering about a serious cyber-espionage attack by means of malware MINI-DUKE which apparently exfiltrated national security data from the Raven Rock site 1500 feet underground (similar to Chenenne Mountain but located in Pa.)

He can't disclose confidential info so he is dropping many hints via imagery and links and crypto codes. I am making big progress on figuring it out.

It has something to do with Apache database software on IBM supercomputers, a software bug, some code written by Snowden... Likely pertains to how NK obtained nuke technology.

Please unban him if you have banned him.

Q wants us to have this info.

0cd05e No.359514


Not banned.

Not relevant.

You don't know that.

It's the exact same spam, and contextually a red herring to this board though..

4adfe8 No.359685


He will keep posting it until somebody understands it. That's me. The quicker I can figure it out, the sooner he will stop posting it on the general threads and bothering people who can't understand what it's about.

4adfe8 No.359967


You committed today to stop filtering so much. You still think you, one single person, can substitute your individual judgment as to what is relevant, over the compound autism of dozens of autists, some of whom are able to determine relevance based on very specialized knowledge.

Back off a little bit and let the autists to their job. Let me do my job.

2d22cb No.364090

I respectfully propose to BO/BV to sticky the following threads due to their importance:

Resource Library

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/4352.html

Trafficking Arrests

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/35607.html

CEO/President/Notable Resignations

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/169315.html

Redpill Scripts

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/3152.html

Stringer General

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/2658.html

Planefags Thread

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/56847.html

There are many, many slide threads being made and they are of course designed to crowd out threads that have good info that are threatening to (((some people))). I request that BO/BV start a brush fire and get them off the catalog.

I know you guys work very hard and have to deal with a lot of nonsense, you're doing a great job and we appreciate it a lot.

26ec38 No.364122

We have an issue.

8ch archive system only works for year 2018.

Need a coherent list of outside archived threads in bread as all threads pre Jan 1 are poof.

Does anyone know where master archivist is?

Or have a solution?

I seem to recall instructions



See for reference.


2d22cb No.364207

Archive issue, which you may or may not be able to do anything about, but just be aware:

8ch native archive is totally unlike 4plebs (which is an off-site mirror that uses a different server and is run by someone else).

On this site, each thread is archived by month, then by week. 2018 threads are available here.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/archive/index.html

Images are not saved on the archived threads.

(This is why I have saved all graphic comps of Q's posts, all images in his posts/those he responds to on an offsite gallery accessible to anyone: https:// postimg.org/gallery/29wdmgyze/)

Bakers are having an issue - they want to cite posts that have fallen off the catalog and are now in archives, but are unsure as to how to do that correctly and ensure it will work across threads.

This is the link to the very first post on this board (first thread)

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1.html

This is Q's first post here:

full link: https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1.html#q7



(experiment to see if they will link properly, on behalf of bakers)

I'm not sure what BO/BV can do about this issue (native 8ch archive) or even Codemonkey, but you should at least be aware of the issue and the status.

Thank you.


Clarification - I was momentarily confused and did not remember that this particular board was not created until 2018, so there would be no posts from 2017 here. Sorry about that (will also clarify for baker in the General thread, to eliminate confusion)

26ec38 No.364322


Eggsellent summary.

Need master archivist or new archivistanon

Me, too many balls in air to be responsible.

Have to walk away when I find myself looking for heatseaking missile to blast shills and newfags.

2d22cb No.364433


I noticed that MA has been gone for a while so his site is not updated (he also has the old link for the spreadsheet!)

46c911 No.364970

I do not understand the purpose of undoing the past bans, other than to make this place unusable.

84e23d No.372627

Were the video phone posts from the anon in #457 a legitimate pull? See >>372027

Sounded NEWFAG.

Concede it could be a red herring.

f3b34b No.372881

File: e5dc9cb092acbcd⋯.jpeg (443.65 KB, 1573x2101, 143:191, A0500781-5683-4FA5-8EF1-3….jpeg)


Who is she? I still have the SOTU recorded. Just played back and during the time the words “He should be shot” are muttered, Fox cam scans out and captures this. I took a picture from my TV… sorry for clarity. LOOK at her mouth!

c88858 No.373596


Help an anon out. I was just banned for a month for a GR violation. I’m Donald Trump LEGO man anon w/ the They See Me Rollin’ coffee mug. I’ve been here since day 1. I’ve been digging on RBG and Hanoi John no name. I have them tied together through the “Hanoi can be educational post”

Look up YSEALI - Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.

This is a post of mine about it.


This is the post that got me banned.


I didn’t mean to start any shit. My wife just told me that my kid got ahold of my laptop this morning and ripped the tape off of my camera. I had no idea and was freaking out because she had failed to mention it and my workspace did not appear to be disturbed. You can imagine how one might be a little paranoid. Hopefully my fellow anons can vouch for me so I can get back to digging. Having to phonefag right now to ask for the lift of ban. I can provide many examples of contributing posts if need be.

84e23d No.373656


Back to the main board for you.

86cf18 No.373778

5d468c No.377157

I think flat earth and reptile threads need to be banned. They're hurting the credibility of the board, the movement, and of Q himself. As soon as some autist starts spewing their delusions the normies tune all of us out.

585986 No.379806


Bakers by definition exercise editorial discretion with each bake.

Is there a place where a baker can catch up with your latest strategies and editorial direction?

Bakers come and Bakers go, we're all anons here and I think for this particular group it is very important that all Bakers be on the same page so to speak

carrot / stick

content / ban hammer

YOU are in charge of molding this project.

The evolution of this has been fascinating and I think as the next step you need to adopt some method to gather the appropriate group and instruct them.

Random Bakers is OK but Bakers without clear direction?

my 2¢

godspeed and thanks for all the work you've done.

bca522 No.384368

i have a question for BO or BV or whoever made the graphic on snow white / seven dorfs and i don't want to shit up qresearch (and/or get banned or something), i'll post the question if/when you respond to this post

9104a1 No.385977

File: d9454721e082781⋯.png (151.04 KB, 1138x569, 2:1, qintel.png)


Instead of "Pro Aris et Focis" the Board announcement should be something from this post, preferably the second line. We have a map to build, and this seems like an important goal.

0fbc3e No.386235


Something like this perhaps…

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/bruceupbin/2011/10/22/the-147-companies-that-control-everything/#cd12b2a5105b

It's a tad bit older but the representation of a circular flow among connections is there at corporate level. Asides from all the big players, the underlings are left at the corporate level, hence watching resignations or dismissals or what have you, for whatever they decide to do.

bca522 No.388923


going to bed now but i still want an answer to the question i haven't posted, lol

f5e3b4 No.390279

File: 2b468dbb401b7d5⋯.png (80.17 KB, 928x764, 232:191, 28052929_1950626008588196_….png)

Copied request to meta thread from:


Please consider unbanning patriot anon.

Please see attached letter.

f5e3b4 No.390308

File: 5d7df278fd0741f⋯.png (160.96 KB, 1329x853, 1329:853, 28081837_1950621078588689_….png)

File: 5d64126431c9d99⋯.png (63.64 KB, 699x879, 233:293, 28053597_1950621091922021_….png)


pic related

0cd05e No.390407

File: cf95f3dabe1f7a5⋯.png (10.56 MB, 7696x4898, 3848:2449, 678370fab947e12c7284e2cb02….png)



Got 'em! Ban lifted.

That's my fault with the itchy trigger finger against the Momentum Thieves. You're quite correct in that the ban should've been for an hour or two tops, not 30days. I'm sorry lad.

Just, please take a moment to briefly familiarize yourself with Psychological Momentum.

Welcome back <3 and Thank you for reaching out like you did.

78c226 No.390457


Thank you so much,,,, saved my life,kek,,, some of us live for our work on the boards here. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU BOARD VOLUNTEER ANON.

585986 No.391141

I try not to make assumptions, proximity of post meaning the same as a link between posts but I guess I'm rubbing someone the wrong way. I'm trying to help, I'm trying to figure out how I can best contribute, that's all.

>post deleted


I will try one last time to make myself understood because I think it is important to the long term health of this project. If my contributions do not rate an answer, so be it and I'll stop and just lurk. But if things go like it looks like it's going to go, we ain't seen nothing yet.

The psychological momentum you speak of is very relevant to bread title creation wouldn't you agree?

I understand why famefagging is verboten here, it's why I stopped posting Rusty Shackelford with my work.

I'm trying to help, I'm trying to figure out how I can best contribute, that's all.

this is one recent title I can think of

>#467: Odin will extract his price edition

I'm not sure, but it seems a bit divisive from the outset, and if I'm not mistaken it's not a quote from Q

then there are the run of the mill

>#405: Bread Found Edition

>#404: Bread Not Found Edition

and general OOPS titles.

I was asking for some clear direction in this regard as I can clearly see how a title can have an effect on the general tone of the bread and it's momentum. I know I could use some clear guidance and feel fairly sure that others in my seat would at least listen. Plus it might help you more quickly spot an agent provocateur when they deviate from guidelines.

Often I'm not as succinct or eloquent as other times, so I tend to try to be understanding when people do not understand my meanings. Sometimes I'm more than a little dense. I hope this last attempt succeeds at getting across what I've been trying to say about strategy and the editorial duties of the anon in the kitchen

f5e3b4 No.391193


Such a helpful map too. Very appreciated for all you do.

f202f2 No.391361

Please sticky the current Memes bread →

Memes13 >>366408

I suggest keeping both memes bread stickied for a while, until Memes13 has sufficient content.

eecb3a No.392804



Pretty much same thing here.

Never been banned in my life, then I post a big write up similar to yours, and I'm banned for a month… talking about Rothschild's being Ashkenazi (fake satantic Jew) and them essentially taking over russiaa by killing the zar — Stalin (from.georgia where the kazars originated, and very invloved with "Jewish" people) , Putin working under communism, and maybe P is Putin , controlled by Rothschild's + 2 (families Q speaks of)

Anyways, Rothschild's have a island in antartica, antarica is pretty secretive. Lots too it.

It's also essentially a safezone…. View from 40k feet? Classified. Look for yourself, tell me it's real.

Anyways, excuse my sporadic posting, but I'm actually autistic and this is frustrating the hell out of me. I need to keep changing ip, cause I keep getting month bans over and over again + my posts scrubbed.

First quoted post is me.. let's see if I gotta change it again.

eecb3a No.392838

File: b63e93c36c37867⋯.png (531.25 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-164050.png)

File: b23f5c34cd4ead8⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-164953.png)

File: e5fa426252fef87⋯.png (1003.11 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-170727.png)


NVM.. second quoted post was me. Guess that was just deleted too…. Here's some pics again.

6d675e No.393424

File: 4e3890f4b13c8c4⋯.jpg (125.76 KB, 720x509, 720:509, MKULTRA-720x509.jpg)


CIA MKUltra seeked development of chemcials that suppress the stress response.

MKUltra start 1950s

Sanctioned in 1953

Reduced in scope in 1964

Halted in 1973

Glyphosate patented 1970

Glyphosate hits market 1974

Glyphosate inhibits brain P450D6.

Chronic microglial reactivity.

Autocorrection interruption.


Monsanto=MKUltra Dark

https:// www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/hearings/95mkultra.pdf

6e3077 No.394697

We need a thread for "PROOFS"

Q specifically said time after time we need to build PROOFS for the new eyes that are coming.

bca522 No.395304




So, the first tablets thing is disinfo right? (i haven't read it, yet) wondering if i should even bother reading it or not, the topic interests me, but at the same time i realize that it's gnosticism and potentially more or less exactly what the cabal thinks (or wants you to think) so i'm not sure if i should read it and i'd be very happy if you could inform me if i'm correct or not

dac5b7 No.395512

File: 3c3b22e5cefdde6⋯.png (360.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, samplemap.png)


Forgive me for being late to the goddamned party. I don't know if anyone has been putting together a map like this but it would be exceptionally handy to get info out to the world.

Not quite sure how to best do it, but it's an idea.

5acb1e No.395831


More Eyes, hopefully not more than our past DDOS CIA Niggers. Still capacity impacts, scalability. Etc

In addition, fuck, we may need more BV. There is a plan right (Rhet), getting out ahead of this would be prudent.

1) qCodefag posted in an earlier bread that GitHub was kicking him out (in case you missed) I offered some suggestions on hosting.

2) If this blows up on MSM it could be an Epic load. I remember when our porn site got plugged on Howard Stern: Instant 500.13 for hours.

Bottom line: If you need a paypal, go fund me, crypto donation (not BTC, fees is too damn high) I and I am sure others will gladly contribute.

Thanks for all you do!

26ec38 No.395890

We have an actual bot program problem.

I recognize it from running a blog, surprised they aren’t coming with tons of stupid links to Chinese viagra.

Goes like this.

“Great post anon! I wonder if you could make som connections too x or y?”

“You are over the target patriot! Keep up the excellent work”

“Boom! That’s a lot of info!”

Some of them are replies to other posts that appear to be distraction or disinfo bots or shills.

Also a lot of

“I’m coming on to say something random that is tangentially related to a single word here and may have some jargon you recognize but my entire post means absolutely jack shit. Great job patriots, we are winning!”

But they all have only 1 post.

What to do?

4efcd1 No.395908


4efcd1 No.395927

Greetings to All who operate in the name of Freedom and Love and The American Way.

Like a few others who were banned, I feel as if I add to this board and Our movement. In trying to discover WHY I was banned, all I can come up with is "Reddit Style" spacing. I also just saw that "Psychological Momentum" may be an issue. I will dig to figure out what that is.

I'm not sure if responding to me publicly is the Right answer, but I always do my best to obey the rules of the House, so any insight would be appreciated.

My blessings to ALL, including the meanies and bad guys, I know what awaits you, I KNOW, and I pray for, and pity you all daily.

Any ideas BV/BO?? My Thanks & Blessings once again.

4efcd1 No.396143

I think I got it.

Sometimes passion can run amok, and not be what is in the best interests of the Whole.


a760f6 No.396350


ease up on deleting "unrelated" posts just a TAD ;)

I know the feeling of slight anger you get reading some larp-y post. But don't let that disturb you, if it disturbs others or spams everything, only then smack it with a banhammer.


585986 No.396544


> spot an agent provocateur

BO do you think you can spot one?

If the actions are subtle and not easily distinguishable from "mistakes" but time and again they create the opening for the tip of the D&C wedge…

getting banned mid bake with no warning after more than a baker's dozen loaves had been created by me really opened my eyes

I saw the shitshow of the Q migrations in real time as they happened and their causes were pretty obvious to me as I had seen it before why we moved to Fred's place

I pray I'm wrong

6cb880 No.398146

Hi where can I put a link of what I have found on flight 370

114c24 No.398891




I don't think you are wrong- you are very right.

JobAnon, QXmasTreeAnon, AI Anon, SCAnon, Bakers, etc, etc, etc…have been banned (day, weeks, month & 3 year bans) & when they call it out it is always a "mistake", Golden rule or "psychological momentum"- which BV is no psychologist and THAT is just a fancy excuse!

There were 62 Anons BANNED on 2/13 to 2/14. I've been following the ban logs but just started taking counts on 2/13 because what I was seeing in regards to bans were EXTREME & made me think we have been compromised. Especially after seeing Anons post about the bans happening & then THEY get banned too!

The bans have been talked about on other locations including Twitter. Also- we should be zipping through loafs & we aren't.

BV/BO- there is no reason to ban Anyone unless they are posting porn/CP. Anons are adult enough to FILTER! This is Supposed to be a board for ALL PATRIOTS & should not be censored! We can handle filtering ourselves! Sometimes power can get to people or sometimes clowns can. The excuse of "mistake" after weeks of this holds no water anymore.

Anons are live recording these boards now because we never know when that "shill" post or shitpost could actually be a code that we can go back a look up later (can't do that if deleted). Plus, there have been a lot of Anons that have been scared to touch on subjects for fear of getting banned again.

BO PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE! Ive seen every migration in real time as well & I see another coming. All bans should be lifted & Anons should be invited back.

We are getting too close to TRUTH for this Board to get compromised! Where we go one, we go All (unless you get banned by BV then you have NO VOICE)!

Do not delete this message or ban this IP as I have recorded it.

We thank you for your service but we also will not tolerate our fellow Anon Patriots being shit on. WE should never be afraid to speak our thoughts!

3c54be No.399078


Wait, do you really think IP address = Individual Anons?

Whew. Glad I'm the one doing this job.

Tell your friend that in his efforts of 'saving the movement from muh comped mods' they have turned into the very evil they sought to destroy.


But understandable..

d0a881 No.399248

Hi where can I put a link of what I have found on flight 370

Please read they know where it is.

https:// freedomoutpost.com/flight-370-passenger-philip-wood-allegedly-sends-message-u-s-military-base-indian-ocean/

585986 No.399725

File: c7d45c237fc04c2⋯.jpg (138.58 KB, 525x562, 525:562, bannedPost.jpg)

File: b29e64ee8fb0bfe⋯.jpg (207.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, banned.jpg)


>Tell your friend

If you are referring to me, I've tried repeatedly to have private comms with BO. email to admin@8chan on the 11th. I doxed myself, but I trust that admin, I've seen his work I didn't want to breach these thoughts on an open forum as it would exacerbate the very problem I seek to avoid.

I'm one of the unfortunate anons who does truly only have one IP available. As a board owner I know you don't see IPs just a unique hash.

Wake up, this is going to get worse.

We both realize that a certain degree of moderation is necessary here, When it's done capriciously and without explanation that moderation becomes counter productive.

For the record I do not think, nor have I ever said that anyone here is compromised. I think it's inexperience and a lack of clear guidelines from BO.

The bakers editorial decisions over what to leave in and what to prune and how to title the new bread are something that deserve some guidelines from BO. I pushed the edge by trying to reduce the bread to one post, it immediately puffed back to 3 and I've left it that way in bakes since then. Since I have access to only one IP and cannot afford a VPN (won't use a free one, you know why) getting banned is a serious matter to me.


Grumpy sounds just like an anon I've seen posting on the /pol/s for years. Grumpy may very well be an AI, maybe not, I'll probably never know. What I do know is it's the very definition of a Red Herring. Combating raids IS important, determining the humanity or not of the raiders seems a bit of a lesser priority.


If you look at my ban, you'll see the reason given. Please tell me how was I to correct my aberrant behavior with those instructions? A few days later along comes delta anon… I'm from /pol/ where debate to find the truth is paramount, if you eliminate debate here, how will we find the unassailable truths? Just because one anon (or BO / BV) does not see relevance in data doesn't mean it doesn't have relevance to another anon. Trying to sort the good info from bad requires chewing the bad for a bit to make sure it's not tasty and then leaving CLEAR links to the proof it tastes bad. Constantly telling an anon to lurk moar isn't productive, pointing them to resources that will answer their question is.

3c54be No.399767


You are directly undermining the search for connections by posting or suggesting that the deltas relate to regular amazing anons posting.

There's no debate, there's just derision of our Comms.

This isn't a game, spend more time on this and you'll never post here again.

3c54be No.399783


If, however, you work on clarifying the delta further or buildings proofs we can give to Normie's than I shall be your greatest ally.

The choice is yours.

3c54be No.399839

File: 1ece9088694f340⋯.png (27.1 KB, 1365x142, 1365:142, Screenshot_20180216-125236.png)


>claims IP address are known b/c 'previous experience'

Uh huh.

585986 No.400103


>>claims IP address are known b/c





> As a board owner I know you don't see IPs just a unique hash.

>don't see IPs just a unique hash.

>don't see IPs

I created and own /comms/, I created it to communicate with you guys off platform so I did not inadvertently cause problems

I've begun to think you deliberately misinterpret things

585986 No.400288


>There's no debate, there's just derision of our Comms.

I said the best answer I'd found was Q's post 21439

I said

>mfw it SEEMS to match graphic

I've not posted anything on the delta subject since

9a73ae No.400744

>>391361 (22 hours ago)

>>400706 (just now)

>>400714 (just now)

==Please sticky Memes13 >>366408 to the catalog==.

3rd request. Now we have a competing thread "memes bank" that lacks the basic info and meme makers/meme droppers will be confused. Can you fix this please?

Memeanon went to a lot of trouble to collect social media guidelines, locations of meme archives, red pill tactics, etc. and they are all in Memes13 >>366408 but not in the 'memes bank'.

3c54be No.403485


You're right, I read over that too quickly and misinturpeted it. Sorry lad.

As for the Delta, I'm glad you haven't helped in muddying the waters here.

You know, you're a pretty hardy person.

I'm willing to appologize and forgive if you want to stick around. I'd like you to, and I'm sorry our first direct interaction was spoiled from my trigger fingers.

585986 No.403981


>You know, you're a pretty hardy person.

thank you

I'm a /pol/ oldfag there are a bunch of us here that I've recognized

I've been battle hardened thru countless skirmishes. I've been forced to change my mind about long held ideas thru exposure to documented, verified truths that were contrary to the lies I'd been taught. IT hurts when you are forced to change your world view.

I'm honored to accept your apology and I offer mine as well for any offense I've caused.

My advise to you, is to relax a little and try to enjoy the ride, it's gonna get hairy as we've taken on serious enemies of many flavors, we're going to be attacked on multiple fronts.

I think I know what anons are and what they are capable of and as long as you and the others take care to be fair we'll be OK.



my 2¢

from time to time give your bakers some pointers and some feedback, their power is greater than you realize. the subtle art of persuasion as taught by Edward Bernays is useful here. but only slightly as the oldfags easily spot heavy handed manipulation This is like herding cats, it must be artfully and gently if you wish to succeed in influencing their direction and as you've seen sometimes the breads do stray into non-productive states

3c54be No.404968


Advice well received.

Thank you, lad.

37ce73 No.405585

Sorry, I don't use the admin@8ch email. I made a protonmail account, because I have an app that lets me keep up in real-time. I've been mobile quite a bit lately (I hope for not too much longer) so I tend to miss out on a few things.

Post last edited at

585986 No.408270

>Sorry, I don't use the admin@8ch email.

that is understandable because only codemonkey has access

We need to talk

PM me

86e526 No.409636


No- what I have SEEN is you go trigger happy and ban Anons who have been here since the beginning and YOU are NOT better than any Anon who is on these boards & we can decide what we want to see or not. I don't understand why this is so hard for you to understand- this board belongs to us all & when you start banning Anons & deleting posts then trust in YOU as a BV is LOST!

You have banned many Anons who have been digging their hearts out & have put in more hours than imaginable & for you to decide that YOU think what they have to say isn't important really is unacceptable.

Do you believe Q is one person or a team? Do you believe that the boards are being watched by the team? You don't know any more than other Anons & you don't know who you are banning or if the information they are posting could trigger some memory of information in another Anon.

We are supposed to be in this together- PER Q! We are stronger when we are united & when you ban an Anon- you take their voice away & you take away their posts.

I thank you for your hard work but I ask of you to open your heart and mi d enough to understand how your actions can affect other Anons. There have been many on this board who have talked about how they have been close to suicide & that this board has helped give them a purpose & has saved them- please don't take that away from them. Many of them are probably veterans.

3c54be No.410236

File: bbb41701e648665⋯.png (316.44 KB, 939x1947, 313:649, Screenshot_20180217-103930.png)

I just wish I could trust feedback such as yours more, but, we are at War. See pic.

Pull yourself together and stop shitting on our boards. At this point, your tantrum is doing more damage than our moderation.

036c8b No.418462


You cannot argue with these people. Keep your neon sign only for good purposes. Yes, I too get passive aggressive because you deleted my posts, but I'm not a crybaby faggot because I can restart my router and post it again if I deem it worthy to incite further conflicts (I don't). You are doing good work, and improving. Just resist the urge to famefag and you are golden.

63503a No.418535

Hi. New baker here. Just popping in for a second to omit an error I made.

In Q Research General #515 >>418185 , I made a typo in the thread title: it should say "Q Research General", but now it says "Research General'.

Could bo/bv please adjust this? Thanks.

19f7dc No.418555

File: 81788272defa4bf⋯.png (37.68 KB, 615x798, 205:266, 1.png)

File: 41d390bcf9a800d⋯.png (361.33 KB, 941x354, 941:354, 2.png)

Gonna post just because I feel like helping the cause. I have been following this entire thing since the first few threads on cuckchan. The threads have been going downhill for a long fucking time now. The attention it got killed it, flooded with reddit, newfags, positivity retards, the kikes have infiltrated. It physically hurts me to read the threads nowadays, it has gotten that bad. The entire thing is just a cringe charade, where actual discussion and research is drowned with this cancer. To give you a few examples from the last few threads alone:

the cancerous idiots praising OP, 20-30 posts talking about 'le fresh bread meme xD'

>what a righteous bread baker!!!!

the compliment fishing garbage

>my dog just died guys pls notice me and give me hugz and kisses!!!

the ABSURD amount of garbage memes that serve no purpose and are worse than facebook soccermom tier

>guy posting 50 images of ballsack photoshops (pic related)

Probably 80% of the posts are with fucking redditspacing, not only is it unreadable garbage, they are newfag bandwagoning cancer. If you questioned how much reddit is on this board go look for yourself

>(pic related)

Not only do these things contribute NOTHING to the cause, they literally shit up the thread so fast we need twice as many. If some non cuck mod was in charge maybe this would not have been so bad and people wouldnt get lost in hundreds of threads trying to find the useful information.

63503a No.418571

File: a0fe94fcd1fc715⋯.jpg (53.4 KB, 620x409, 620:409, a0fe94fcd1fc715bc53685229e….jpg)


Nice trips.

You are welcome to step us as a baker, if you dare.

67717e No.419035

File: 546b79d35a235ab⋯.jpg (122.88 KB, 540x534, 90:89, 2f82284847aa10a30c40d761c2….jpg)


Th-thank you. I appreciate the feedback, as this position is an extension of your power and not mine to wield alone.


Done. Isn't it comforting to know that every 3 letter agency is here and they get to see all our mistakes? ; )


The report feature is a wonderful bridge between anons and their power to modify the board. Please use it well.

Did you also know that the momentum of potentially great posts is within your realm of influence as well? Take the extra step and reply to great insightful posts - it will bring attention to the digs and realign the board. Just as momentum can be taken away by well timed irrelevant posts, (You), the people can direct the hivemind by giving praise where praise is due!

Post last edited at

195977 No.419773

File: 7cf4e0d0f3d6015⋯.jpeg (4.54 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 84CFCF34-FABB-4947-ACB6-4….jpeg)

File: a18d529addf548c⋯.jpeg (4.31 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, EA9A9D0E-BEDD-49DA-88B9-F….jpeg)

7f1f7a No.421443

BO, a request.

Is there any way to go back and edit the titles of the breads in such a way as to differentiate each by time and date? This would make digging for something from past breads a lot easier.

If this was put into operation by the bakers as each new bread came along it would be an ongoing thing.

Telling newbies to reread the crumbs is all well and good and the github has direct links to the breads still online, but for storing this stuff offline it would be a lot better if there was an ongoing archive marking process at work.

You and your helpers are doing a great job


37ce73 No.421861


We do have anons doing a great job of archiving our breads. Check it out, it's awesome! http:// qarchives.ml/8qresearch_q_threads.html

f49f08 No.423579


so, who can we link, from the client list to any of his LIDDLE nics?

I see lots of space / com clients…

and Bob Corker isn't running for office again..he;s corrupt

https:// www.lipstickalley.com/threads/bob-corker-exposed-for-the-filthy-pirate-he-is.1366639/

BUT Peyton Manning is supposed to be thinking of running for his seat and he's queer as a 3 dollar bill…big sekrit

f49f08 No.423842


so, who can we link, from the client list to any of his LIDDLE nics?

I see lots of space / com clients…

and Bob Corker isn't running for office again..he;s corrupt

https:// www.lipstickalley.com/threads/bob-corker-exposed-for-the-filthy-pirate-he-is.1366639/

BUT Peyton Manning is supposed to be thinking of running for his seat and he's queer as a 3 dollar bill…big sekrit

f49f08 No.424003


I don't know about that organization, but infant massage is a real and good thing. Just like skin to skin contact. Teaching parents how to do infant massage is different than letting others do it…that's weird..but infant massage is glorious for them, and really helps colic and sleep issues. Hate to see something that's great for babies and parental bonding be…associated with pedos :(

f49f08 No.424261

what happened to this thread? Stuck?

f49f08 No.424295


I had a dupe post on this thread due to "flood detection" please delete extra

and where are all the posts? I'm only seeing mine…at least from #423579 on down.

2c97e1 No.427971

File: d36578b8acddd2a⋯.png (564.05 KB, 1280x2320, 16:29, Untitled.png)

ok. i am no concernfag

been here forever

please review this image

post 299 from Q's board was by a guy namefagging as


now muslim was the namefaggot who cracked


i believe we should covertly contact codemonkey

if/when Q posts again.. just as an added measure of

operational security

2c97e1 No.427991


especially considering BO posted his trips

there twice.

those trips do NOT show as board owner there.

they show as trips.. or better yet.. trips to take over this board

37ce73 No.428118

7bf82b No.428551

File: 791740c8fb4e31d⋯.jpg (1000.53 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, bing_2_18_18.JPG)

Bing 2/18/18

036c8b No.428957


1. He can't get the last two characters, would take him many years.

2. Q said previous pw was let go (intentionally).

8296c9 No.435078

I need a BO for discussion

da97d8 No.435108

Did anyone notice the difference between qanonposts.com and qanonmap.github.io?

There was first a non-functional floating date 'feature' on qanonposts that has since been *half* repaired, it now *only* lags a bit, it's a bit off. But more importantly there are some posts missing. I guess that at the time of writing there are 5 posts less in qanonposts than in the other compilation.

The oldest missing post is number 381 in the archive, #127154 from 12/20/17. Is there a relation with posts Q erased or are there other reasons? Can someone correct and update (the script of) qanonposts.com? As of now, I haven't checked the backup archive, so I don't know for sure if that's okay, I don't know which of the two it mirrors. It is not *very* important, it probably fits in this thread but I don't know who to alert or how to correct this. I'm not a websitefag nor a dbfag, sorry. Thanks for following up.


8296c9 No.435182

Please I need a BO

41a1a4 No.437157

Question–the qanonmap link no longer appears to have explanations in it, and the spreadsheet link now seems to be locked down and inaccessible. Wasn't sure why these changes had been made. Is there a current spreadsheet that can be viewed without special access?

37ce73 No.437321


I'm here.

41a1a4 No.438744

I don't think we have a baker for 540. 539 said needed a new one and is now full. Can't find 540.

da97d8 No.439134


Is it just me who noticed that qanonposts.com lags behind qanonmaps.github.io ?

The difference amounts to 14 posts by now.

Who or what is eating qposts over there?

The backup archive seemed OK last time I checked…

7efd12 No.440342


qanonposts.com seems to be down, I'm getting DNS errors.

da97d8 No.440885


Yes qanonposts is down.

As I noticed the situation deteriorated with time, there could be hope. Like, they have a problem and went down to fix it, who knows?

I don't know anyone from board-ops so I'm just guessing.

On the other hand https:// qanonmap.github.io/ is still up and so is the backup this very moment.

No panic and help yourself so help you god.

d94bce No.443450

Can someone explain the Golden Rule Ban to me? The description is very vague

When is it considered rule violation?

da97d8 No.449919





qanonposts.com is back up. Yes!

And the problem(s) seem to have been resolved. Good to have some redundancy in these matters.

There is some slight difference though, due to a timelag. Posts from qanonmap.github.io show a 6 hour lag which gives some date inconsistencies between the two. For example qanonposts.com does have posts October 31 while qanonmap.github.io does not, there they show up as Novemer 1st. Timestamps seem to be consistent though, counting timezone-lag.

So good work there! Keep it up (to date ;) )!

5acb1e No.452767

Can you please delete >>451340 as it does not follow the thread rules. Thanks!

9f4143 No.462221



qcodefag seriously doxxed on #568

da97d8 No.464500

Dunno if its just me, but cant get the last Qposts (from bread #563) to display on qanonmap.github.io -which by the way usually displays 6 or 7 posts MORE than qanonposts .

These last two do display just fine on qanonposts though.

But the backup AND thestoryofq.com also FAIL to load the latest posts (458430 & 458475). I've had a look at qcodefags open sourced code but that's above my pay grade. Anywayz just sayin 's all.

da97d8 No.471448


A quick heads up to thank qcodefaganon and others involved for fixing the qpost archival sites. These are great resources that I like to use a lot and they are currently WORKING GREAT again. TY. Only qanonposts is still 8 posts short from the other three sites. There might be a (good) reason for that though, in light of just which posts are missing… Great to have some redundancy, for cross checking of integrity and possibly for attack resistance and load sharing/balancing purposes maybe.

bcc6c1 No.474302


Thank you for encouraging this.

I have copious "common denominator" research that needs the critical eyes of the anons on this board.

Which thread security option do you recommend? Other suggestions?

257e6d No.477736

Did the spirituality thread autosage or was it nuked intentionally?

8712f3 No.488772

why was the metrics thread archived?

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/465303.html#465615

Wanted to encourage people that what we are doing is effective and working.

>>487871 was nuked. BO, thought we had discussed continual deletion of my posts regarding this… as I keep saying truth needs no explanation. Ban note says "stop trying to fuck with our comms from Q"… this is not about comms from Q, this is just interesting posts that hold water after seeking truth.

Thank you BO.


5e5c96 No.491086

BV/BO are you active ATM?

Radio check

9f6492 No.491344

dear patriots

research thread #604 has got a faulty title

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/491262.html

could you please correct it?

thank you

god bless

9f6492 No.491347



6209e9 No.491416

File: 945e287f5a017a9⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 94e56a0b9a2ae20be8a144425d….jpg)


I now know the extent these evil ones have gone to.

These people are sick.

I have faith in you, we need to make this world a better place.

I will sit back now and unplug. This is all too overwhelming.

One patriot to another.

Godspeed, for God and Country.

1f2e65 No.491530

I know wikipedia is out of the question but how about infogalactic or something else. Wikis are a really great way to share reference information. Citations being docs/images/video discovered.

7a0c88 No.491531

No baker, no active general?

4.53 am pacific time, Sunday Feb 2018.


2cadbd No.492775


A potential idea to slow bots and preserve anonymity came in the middle of the night.

What if each board has a one word title and that word must be included at the end of each genuine post?

That word would be a clue to respond only to those using the word at the end of each post.

If what I caught from last night is that one response to a bot triggers three more one-line nonsensical responses, it might slow them down.

Sadly, won't do much for the shills that truly participate. Still think they drop more than they intend, though, so won't complain too loudly there.

If I'm full of shit, no need to call it. It's just an idea.

552d9f No.494936

File: 2b22de8fed6de43⋯.png (105.34 KB, 788x225, 788:225, ClipboardImage.png)

attention CodeMonkey

would somebody contact CodeMonkey about this?

I don't have a Twitter account so no way to contact him.

The 8ch server code may have been hacked.


This experiment is proof that text

" l i t t l e " being changed to "l i d d l e" by server code. The screencap is what I posted. The text is what it was changed to.

46c911 No.495069


e30acc No.495616

eeb15c No.497883

Started a thread on H.R. 1865 and all the pertinent links thereof.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/497458.html#497788

It might behove the people running this site to know what this bill meaning, legally.

31575f No.497962


An even better idea would be to fix the "Bane" crap on the board so Anons could post relevant data to one another

31575f No.497979

I attempted to reply to an Anon about the student who said there were multiple shooters and someone covering up dead bodies. Here is that link https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=eWUrLbTVrDw

2cadbd No.502063


#524 is missing. It links to #514.

#514 also links to #514.

e7bdef No.502088


It might also behoove anon to understand what "meta" means in the context of an image board

dd3795 No.502972

Just wondering–is there some way that Q's posts in the general research threads could be auto-posted in other threads as well?

These new research sub-threads are much-needed, but people would be more likely to use them if they knew they weren't going to miss out when Q posts.

Incidentally, I'd created a thread called "Follow the money" the day before yesterday, and probably spent a good six hours filling it with links to resources that could be used to do exactly that, plus research that I was working on myself. There were only 5-6 posts (mainly by myself), but it was deleted less than 24 hours after I'd posted it. Today, there's a new post called "Follow the money," but with no links. Is there a reason why mine was deleted?

dd3795 No.503042


BO admitted that he was the one that made the word filter. Sure it was just a joke, all in good fun:


dd3795 No.504010


You're right, it wasn't deleted--just archived. Regardless, I'd started it on the 23rd, created a pastebin for template modeled after the qresearch general, filled it with links to resources, added research I was doing myself, then suddenly it gets archived and another post pops up with the same name, sans resource links.

The pastebin has links to the Treasury Department and relevant offices, a link to the ICIJ database (which contains the Paradise and Panama Paper leaks on offshore corporations, plus an interface showing their links), a link to the FBI's search for non-profit form 990s, and more.

I'd also begun breaking down Q's linked article with regards to who the Sandy Hook money went to, so we could identify who should be investigated. I was going to do the same for a Miami Herald article that listed similar details for this Majory Stoneman Douglas incident, when I saw my work had been tossed yesterday.

d9e3b4 No.507386

Many Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Truthers' posts have been deleted presumably for "not being Q related", however they have served their purpose as a brain opener for what is about to come.

9b436a No.510398




xxxxxxxxxx - all x's should be lowercase.

4d76eb No.513984


North Korea dedicated thread went down.

I was debating stuff in there this morning.

What happened?

I'm the original poster and I didn't submit anything to have it deleted.

Is something nefarious afoot?

293b45 No.514599

File: dfe2026dcdb501b⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 255x143, 255:143, bc.jpg)


Bob Cummings???

293b45 No.514797

File: 827bf60824c1492⋯.jpg (39.68 KB, 425x259, 425:259, bc2.jpg)

It is Bob Cummings from Love That Bob

bca522 No.516931

i fell for the shills about "first tablets of moses" and really don't want to point people in the direction of their secret society, my point was just to expose it for being anti christian in what i believed was a christian thread, if you don't care or whatever then don't delete it, but i would like my post to be deleted:


yes, i'm an idiot, lol.

6da3c1 No.517621

Any chance that you can code a second GMT time stamp? Now that you've gone global, it might be helpful.

78c226 No.519304

I posted this comment in the main thread. Wanted to repost it here for BO and other admin.

Many anons have complained about being unfairly banned.( guess last night alot of people got banned)

If shills are somehow, getiing into positions where they can ban good anons.

Can we have BO and adm do a daily check, maybe 2 times a day. Go through ban list and double check that they are all valid.

Also sometimes people have been sweep up by accident during mass shill attacks.

Not sure if you have a daily process to double check, if not , you should, so good anons are not banned by shills, or people just banning others for no reason, other then to be a dick, or because they don't like someones post( does not fit into their version of ideas,kek)

3d5180 No.526820

Interesting new shilling. Come up with garbage tier information (The Supercomputer thread), pretend to be AI (like some dumb fag who is taking advantage of the fact none of you know jack shit about neural networks), when you get banned for posting gibberish, complain about unfair censorship.

7e1e86 No.528063

Just a simple yes/no will suffice

If you get the response the board is full and you can't submit a reply - does that mean your banned?….and if not

How do you find the message number to reply to? I do not see any search capability on this board.

Two common quex most would find useful. If no reply, I guess I got my answer.

4d20c1 No.528116


If you were banned you would know because you would get a pop up saying you were banned. If thread is full you have to go to next bread.

7e1e86 No.528460


ty for clarif… any way to search for post#, or is this just hunt and peck. My last quex. Thx.

7e1e86 No.529334


TY - know about CTRL/F - looks like it's archives to search or page through. TY again for info.

585986 No.532395

File: 6e9a8b56066be7f⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 620x856, 155:214, Dale-Gribble-Was-Right.jpg)


About time!


Don't take this post at face value, check my posting history for the last month(s).


ALL of the actions can be excused as honest mistakes, plausibly deniable goofs. but were they???

If you look closely you can see the subtle direction, not so much by what was deleted and who was banned, but by what wasn't deleted and who wasn't banned.

The use of the nebulous and capricious violation of the Golden Rule that gives absolutely no guidance to correct the behavior in the future.

We tried to warn you, the damage is done, a schism occurred and may be difficult to repair.

I've repeatedly tried to communicate with you about the editorial duties of the baker and what that truly means.

Again, it's not so much what is included in each new bread, the more important part is what is not included.

Personal opinion of the accuracy of information is poison, let the board consensus rule on what is and is not accurate, that's why this place is useful, not because of one opinion trying to guide the herd, but because of the group consensus.

Look at patterns of postings not just the odd individual post if you want to understand.




my 2¢

a9f853 No.532944


Being banned from the General Qresearch board because you 'don't stay on topic' on the GENERAL board is ridiculous or commenting on the board about all the bans and post deletions…then getting banned yourself and called a Divisionfag is RIDICULOUS! We are watching these bans on the ban list and will keep BV honest or your board will be toasted. Q can post here but it doesn't mean we have to put up with BV and do our digging here.

I was banned many times for commenting about BV and the bans. I also have put in lots of time digging, came up with the Cruz past history that is in the Bread and also found the 'Expand Your Thinking' book today and posted about it this morning….this would NOT have happened if I continued to be banned.

People get tired of being shit on over and over again. We all want the best for this country and we are supposed to work together but if BV comes back and bans people for having a different opinion, not 'staying on their decided task', or commenting about the happenings on the board then the board will end up like the previous boards that died.

BO thank you for your hard work and I just hope that you aren't playing good cop to BV's bad cop…time will tell.

62e2d1 No.533177

File: b3a0178fb613206⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 474x553, 6:7, th.jpg)

3d5180 No.535589

Greetz BO.

Was just letting you know qr2g is a consensus cracking OP. Got an email?

205a3b No.551683

I'm sorry for the long wait guys.


I'm not sure what happened to the North Korea thread, I'll look in to it. In the meantime, please feel free to create another one.


I cannot write the code for the website, that is up to CodeMonkey and his staff.


Issue has been resolved. The BV in question is taking a break from mod duties for now while I lift some bans and get some things straightened out. Don't worry, I will protect your freedom of speech as best I possibly can. It can be a tedious and tricky job to deal with much of the time. Just bear with us for now.


I get exactly what you're saying. I, as well as the BV's can see the post history of every anon here as you already know. After thorough review, we take action, wether it's to ban or not. Many anons were obviously not happy about the strict enforcement of rules and I also honestly didn't mean for this to be a strict environment at all. All opinions are welcome and if they are unpopular the anons will do all of the filtering themselves. Bans are only meant for actual attackers that are causing worry amongst everyone.

I will update the rules momentarily.


I'm not. I don't have a special routine that I go through with BV, it's a genuine disagreement. I've known this anon for a while now and I know for a fact that his intentions are not malicious. In any case, I will be doing my best to rectify anyones issues in the meantime.


Email posted.

Yes, I've visited qr2g.

79747e No.552847


We have shills in Memes14 posting memes disrespectful to POTUS that harm our cause.

I reported the ones I noticed, and hope you will delete them and ban the perp.



37ce73 No.553086


Banning and deleting posts from this anon will not make him go away, but provoke him further. He will move to another IP address rendering other anons filters against him useless as they will have to filter again.

79747e No.553166


Dozens and dozens of garbage posts,

some porn, many disrespectful to POTUS,

all irrelevant to Q team

Wish you'd clean it up and ban the guy(s).

I've reported the posts to make it easy for you to locate them quickly.



79747e No.553185


So you don't want me to bother reporting any more of them?

OK I presume you know what you are doing.

37ce73 No.553332


Don't worry, they will stop. Like I said, there are probably tons of anons that have filtered him by now. If I ban him and he switches to another IP, the rest of the anons will have to filter again.

Be vigilant.

31575f No.554447


You filtered half of the internet with your "post image" garbage. You have absolutely no clue as to how this has hurt the cause outside the board.

We are battling against a group of Elites who use all sorts of horrific machinations against the people of the USA and world, and, they come to this board and read about a group of posters who considers themselves special and who basically bar anyone from posting.

Not good/

3d5180 No.556930


>Email posted.

Not seeing it.

00d14a No.556931

File: 07884047db1c1f2⋯.jpeg (25.42 KB, 757x527, 757:527, herdingCats.jpeg)


>All opinions are welcome and if they are unpopular the anons will do all of the filtering themselves.








I'd suggest marking bad posts

(user was banned for this post)


Leave them as an example for the rest to learn from. Clear examples will help newbies learn to spot bad actors and ignore them / filter them.

Clear examples will help misguided anons learn from their mistakes.

Using bullshit like golden rule violations is actually very harmful to the health of the board. golden rule does not work with masochists Lurk Moar is less than helpful, as it is NOT specific in what area needs improvement.

You already know that innocent well meaning anons get caught up in the bans. Help them learn instead of just capriciously banning them and apologizing after the fact

You are herding cats, subtle, gentle and very CLEAR direction is needed.

A baking school? We most certainly need some type of guidance and oversight.

A baker is part cheerleader and part editor.

With a good baker and tasty bread the anons will snark less and contribute more.

With good bakers you can gently guide the group.

Ask yourself what happened with the bakers?

What has happened with the quality and texture of the breads, the quality of output to the world at large has suffered.

We cannot control the bad actors

We can help guide the content of our breads

If you didn't realize it, these are NOT NEW problems and workable solutions have been found.

I'm not special, I've just watched the evolution of these boards since Moot screwed the pooch. Fredrick Brennan's struggles to set up 8chan were VERY instructive in re; shills and bad actors.

I do not want to tell you what to do, I just want to present alternative options and possible solutions.

I've edited 8bit's post on /comms/ about DNS to authenticate

62e72f No.556942

Hello anons. Hows the baking?

62e72f No.556974


Unless these guys are combative I don't think anyone should be banned. Only if they are disrespecting our cause with blatant demonic things, symbols or spitting in our face. Then the BO should work to ban every ip they use.

But many opinions even if some disagree is not a bad thing. Their are many phsyops to discuss. Some are in interested in different aspects of the baking.

3afffd No.557006

Can anyone tell me how to filter?

790d15 No.557100

File: 84ab4dd205c5337⋯.png (4.96 KB, 387x159, 129:53, ClipboardImage.png)


Like this. The "+" option includes replies as well.

ea89b0 No.566349


If you don't ban anyone, then it is guaranteed that the clowns will be able to use their botting capability to flood the board and hence control the narrative and the output. It is absolute foolishness to act like there is a valid reason to not ban anyone, given the preceding.

d141f2 No.566539

File: 3a793abab09f04f⋯.jpeg (629.58 KB, 750x1105, 150:221, A264A2B8-3FF9-475B-976D-B….jpeg)

In over 10+ weeks only “2” active “volunteers” and the board owner? This is unacceptable.

8e64fc No.567250


Why is it unacceptable?

da97d8 No.567277


haven't checked recently, but I know we have some delicious playing cards rendered over there too. Really worth taking a look, is like anti-illuminati gamepack.

da97d8 No.567291

Hello friendly anons,


€U oldfag calling in for duty.

After emerging from my timely collapse I find our UPE (Unknown Posting Entity) Q has communicated again.

One quick search learned me that the following sites lost track or interest in the current state of events:

http:// www. thestoryofq.com/

https:// qntmpkts.keybase.pub//

https:// qanonmap.github.io/

Only https:// qanonposts.com/ keeps up with the now and here.

More better than nothing, well, so much for redundancy. Who cares? Opsec much?


===BAKER: update your dough on ^^this^^, you're churning out stale loaves===.

What's more, the enigmatic yewtubechannel 13013 NOVA CORP BLUE disappeared and was transmogrified into the channel AI

which in turn morphed into the actual 71 channel. The general tune of the videos on it couldn't be more different than the

previous harvest.

This alleged "mkultra farm video channel" was in all probability a covert comms op using public conduits and imploded into

some lame decoy after we and others found out about the nature of the beasty. The current theme is decidedly asian chop

shop in style, have a look for yerselves.

Dunno if there is something worthwhile to be dug up there now.

It has that shapeshifting spook feel and smell about it, unable to determine if it is MI or clowns gaming.

Anyways, despite the hard rain of shills in past days I must say that this whole infinichan op is a remarkable catherding

exercise gone extraordinarily well in general. I marvel at the depth, the number of layers and points of view going strong

here still today. Also this whole scene here must be a big-data wet dream come true for the catherding demigod sysops.

Good day to y'all, where we go one, we go all. God bless.

8e64fc No.567356


Some anons have lost focus. I called attention to this and got many hateful replies. So just state what you think and ignore nonconstructive bashing. And pick your memes with care. We need to unite - all of us.

3d5180 No.570120

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/567016.html

Anchoring is no better than banning, what is it about this post that ruffled your jimmies?

3bcdda No.571702


Doesn't look like something that needs it's own thread. But I'll humor you this time.

3bcdda No.571931

File: cd6b4697564da99⋯.jpg (76.03 KB, 1591x283, 1591:283, Capture.JPG)

Now this is looking more like a meta thread.


See pic related. I lifted BV's previous ban, giving you the ability to talk more shit, and now we're not banning enough? Make up your mind.


Anons are here because they want less policing over their posts. This is what I had set out to do when the board was created, and everyone here understands that less censorship means more shills will speak up unfortunately. I can keep handing out bans, but the shills will hop to other IP's and keep shilling. I've said this countless times now. I can keep deleting shill posts, but when so many are deleted, suspicion is raised. I have also been aware of BV's who have been inactive for so long, and I have pruned them from the staff. The number of Board moderators actively working now has been the same as it has always been, minus 1 as of recently.


Well said. This should be known to all anons by now.


I am a human, just like you, and not the god of absolute truth. Marking posts only puts my own opinion on them and has the potential to sway opinion and could cause unintentional misdirection. Posts will no longer be deleted, but pornographic files will be deleted from posts, and bans are always publicly displayed in red text if the post is not deleted. The moderator team knows to do that. I plan on updating and simplifying the rules very soon.



It should be in the name field of my post. It is blue and underlined.


Post last edited at

3d1256 No.572085


>See pic related. I lifted BV's previous ban, giving you the ability to talk more shit, and now we're not banning enough? Make up your mind.

This is not reasonable behavior. How can you not realize that banning shouldn't be either arbitrary (in a way that allowed threads to be flooded with nonsense) or else none at all? The very essence of good moderation is finding that particular middle ground that filters out the most shit and allows the most good. You are faking it, 100%

00d14a No.572898


>not the god of absolute truth.

IT was never my intention to imply that.

I do appreciate the very hard work you've put in

My opinion is that mistakes were made, and now things are getting better.

It was a learning experience.

When I make a mistake, it means I've learned something new that I did not know before.

I've learned a few things lately.

my 2¢ you are on the right track re: moderation / bans

I believe you and the BVs are ripe for a little W. Edwards Deming.

I had the pleasure of seeing one of his lectures.

Some of his viewpoints on systems analysis might yield valuable insight here.

He was sent to Japan after WWII to help with rebuilding and his influence can still be seen in Modern Japanese industrial efficiency.


I'd also appreciate your input on the bakers school.

I remember the horrific catastrophe that was the baker's union prior to the exodus and do not want to make those mistakes.

Instruction and a bit of guidance for the continual stream of new bakers in important in my opinion.

Your occasional oversight and input there could be very valuable.

dd3795 No.574413


Just wanted to give you and the BVs compliments on your handling of the banning situation. At first I felt it was needed–it's crystal clear that shills have come in and started pushing narratives designed to distract & discredit. Personally, the BV that was temporarily relieved is my favorite precisely because he took care of those sorts quickly (as far as I could tell). Posting during his time was always fruitful, both in getting input and learning from other's research. I also felt (and still do feel) that certain types should be banned based on Q's recommendation of those that "should not be taking part in the discussion." One gets the impression that he knows about the narratives that are being advanced.

But there have been times that I have had my gripes and spoke out about them…and the speed with which I was attacked was mind-boggling. It's like "Lord of the Flies" in here sometimes; last night, for instance, I mentioned that it was time to move on from the frog because Revelation 16:13 makes for bad optics. Others mentioned that the frog is childish, but everyone who said so was instantly called a shill.

People should be able to air legitimate grievances without being silenced because oftentimes it's meant to point out glaring problems. For instance, if I were the opposition, I would immediately work to sever Christians from anything related to #qanon by pointing out the frog, and you can bet that they will as the heat rises.

So again, I commend you all for striking a good balance. It gives me faith that this board is making decisions that are much wiser than the ones I would have made, and that gives me comfort.

fb88a3 No.574425

no issue to report but would like to talk about advertisers that would benefit you without doxing myself

0859f2 No.575137


>How can you not realize that banning shouldn't be either arbitrary (in a way that allowed threads to be flooded with nonsense) or else none at all?

I don't think you understand what I'm saying bud. I never said I wasn't going to hand out any bans at all. I'll say at again for like the 7th time now: If a shill wants to shit up a thread, he's going to post a whole bunch of garbage, but the anons will filter out the shill so that they don't have to see his posts. Once I ban the shill, he hops IP's on his VPN, and all filters are rendered useless. I keep banning/deleting posts from this shill and after so many deletions, other anons are suspicious thinking that we are covering something up, which isn't the case. Banning and deleting are best reserved for big fuggen problems.

>You are faking it, 100%

Suck my balls. I've been here, and real since the beginning. I feel like I am being baited, kek.


No I know you didn't mean to imply anything. I just wanted to emphasize my point.

This Edwards Deming guy seems pretty interesting. I'll check out what he's got tonight.

As for the Bakers School:

>- In image editor, change one pixel on it or make a scribble on the white area.

I don't think that's required on qresearch. I have set the board to allow duplicate images. Could save you a little time with your bread. Other than that, you have some really well written instructions. There's nothing I could suggest be done differently. I'd like to add though that just in case a baker fucks up a post, they can always report the post and link a pastebin with how they intended to make it. We'll change the post accordingly for them. I'll definitely keep an eye out at /comms/.


Thanks anon, I really appreciate it. We do the best we can but we have to rely on everyone being of good judgement as well. Luckily for all of us, there are more genuinely good anons here than there are shills (posting, at least).

>It's like "Lord of the Flies" in here sometimes;

Ever been to /pol/ ? Kek


>How do you contact the Board Owner? He mentioned needing credible advertiser to help defray the cost of this board a couple of times recently

Hmm? That couldn't have been me. I don't pay for this board. No one does. I don't even like or need the advertisements that are here. All generated revenue should be going to the site owner.

Post last edited at

af0526 No.575579

Throwing a red flag down here. I believe this may come up again real soon. Can anyone answer why a child from Haiti would be in high demand?

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/629

So much is open source.

So much left to be connected.

Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

How are they smuggled out?

‘Adoption’ process.

Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?

Track donations.

Cross against location relative to Haiti.

Think logically.

The choice, to KNOW, will be yours.


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-25/clinton-silsby-trafficking-scandal-and-how-media-attempted-ignorecover-it

http:// esr.ibiblio.org/?p=1573

00d14a No.575772


>This Edwards Deming guy seems pretty interesting.

I'll try to find some of the material from him that is relevant. The wiki article is kind of superficial, it mentions the red bead demo but the link doesn't go anywhere because nobody has posted what that was.

As part of his lecture he had several stories that illustrated a major thought in his system of process analysis

As I recall the red bead thing went like this

Imagine judging your group by the following task

There is a barrel of beads, it is mostly white ones with a lesser number of black ones and a very few red ones. Now the task of each worker is to take a tray with bead shaped dimples and plunge it into the barrel and move it around with the object being to bring the tray out with beads in each dimple on the tray. Here the fun begins, you are going to give demerits to each team member who has to re-do the action due to the presence of a red bead. It was all to illustrate the concept that some errors are systematic and trying to improve group efficiency isn't always straightforward.

Another was

I've got a bucket that represents the time I have in a day. I've got several containers of stones which represent 'tasks'. He takes as many large stones from the 1st container as will fit in the bucket and asks "have I filled my day with tasks?" NO, so he takes pebbles from the 2nd container and adds a few hands full to the bucket and again asks "have I filled my day?" NO so he goes to the 3rd container and gets sand, and fills the bucket up. "Is my day full now"?" he asks… the crowd agrees yes, He then asks what the point was… gets several answers and then tells the group that the point was to put the BIG tasks in first or you won't get them in at all.

00d14a No.575862


I've found a plethora of YT vids of Deming's lectures

>mfw search for w edward deming lecture

If you have a spare 10 minutes watch


it's the red bead demo

not quite as I recalled, but it's still amusing and informative

0859f2 No.575879


Ok yeah I've definitely seen the bucket demonstration done by a professor before. I thought that was familiar.

I'll check the videos out in a few minutes.

88f010 No.579261

agencies across the globe that 'helps' children

http:// globalmodernslavery.org/#/0016000001IXwFmAAL,43.8474502563477,-79.3784866333008

00d14a No.584056


Please take a look at #719

there is behavior that is definitely giving ammunition to our enemies

If he wants to shitpost make him lose the trip

shitposting like that from a position of authority is bad, bad bad

I screwed up in 717 by leaving my handle in the name field… some of the results were funny but it harmed the thread fiercely. I will not repeat that mistake.

>mfw some of it was funny tho

00d14a No.586035

Well, you are in the middle of erroding one of the things that made /qresearch/ different than /pol/ even though they were populated by the exact same anons

I think I can best explain it by asking if you remember the original SpaceElevator and the later SpaceEscalator?

If you didn't experience it for yourself I'm not sure I can truly convey it.

The sincerity of SE shone thru the shitposting BS

The decorum quelled the rabid shills

The constant politeness and civility was contageous.

That is a part of what we are losing BO

Think about it

Think about it long and if needed research what I'm speaking of.

You saw what the prior schism has done

Think what another will do

my 2¢

00d14a No.586185

File: 2a2d3216a9f981f⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 925x308, 925:308, gaslightBV.jpg)

need a trip? legit purppse?

what beyond ego is driving this?

once is happenstance

twice is coincidence

third time is enemy action

deming says it differently

anything 3sigma or more outside norm is special cause

0cd05e No.586376

It's almost like you'll shit on anything we do.

Terrible fruit.

00d14a No.587416

File: 63f3e27c2d987fb⋯.jpg (32.16 KB, 631x481, 631:481, farnsworthChanRules.jpg)


I'll call you out when you do wrong

it's the chan way

00d14a No.587449


Can you give ONE good reason you need the trip?

Just ONE valid reason?

Ego is driving you

It isn't pretty

There is no I in TEAM

>mfw doesn't seem to be a YmRjOGI2ZjQ1Mjdi on the team either. Probably won't answer this question because there is no valid answer

If you truly don't see what the harm is you do not belong here and are temperamentally unfit for any postion of authority


check the logs, see how many of the kitchen staff haven't done a shift in a while.

I guess random clowns will do the job well enough.

Maybe I'm wrong

I hope I am.

094ca4 No.590498

Hey. Seems like there needs to be a new research thread!

e26c1a No.590596


nvm lol am blind

c047fb No.601101

Hi -- I got in trouble with a BV a little while back when I said there had apparently been a DDOS attack when in fact there hadn't been (ironically this was like the day before the really big DDOS attack of a few days ago). I don't know if I got banned or not -- I didn't try to post after that and actually took a break because I felt so bad for what I accidentally did.

Why I said there was a DDOS attack is because of a few posts like this in the bread the night before:

▶Anonymous 02/27/18 (Tue) 02:18:17 7f17cd No.508459>>508475 >>508493 >>508531 >>508535

Sorry anons, but the second I posted about the clowns and shills sending coded messages through the doc source of these threads, then posted a few, it's been hell with shills in here. I feel responsible. Be advised, they ARE talking in code through the doc source and they are talking about murder

▶Anonymous 02/27/18 (Tue) 02:39:26 1c167c No.508564>>508568

This must be a ddos attack.., Again..

I don't know that much about DDOS attacks and things like that -- all I knew is that the bread was under full-on shill assault and weird things were happening (and this was after a number of breads had bad shillage and odd happenings, and this was way worse), and I trusted that comments like these were made by anons who knew more about it all than I did.

But the next day, when I explained what I'd thought had happened to someone who wondered what had gone on (people were attacking the BV for removing shill comments, and I was trying to explain what had led to that, or so I'd wrongly thought), after the BV called me out for giving wrong info I felt absolutely awful. I never want to mislead anons or do anything wrong in any way -- Q and our President mean so much to me, and I never want to do anything that dishonors or misleads anons.

I don't think I'd have stayed gone -- all of this does mean too much to me. And I've continued researching while I was off the breads. But my housemate, who is also in the Q anon community, has kept me up to date on Q's posts, and I have information that Q has asked about, so I think I maybe need a bread in which to post it. Thing is, I don't know html codes or anything at all, and have no idea how to post images of the web pages I've copied. This concerns who came up with the code being used to shadowban and outright-ban accounts on social media -- I'm pretty sure I know who developed and implemented it and what entity was in part behind funding its development. Is there any way you could walk me through this?

Also, I'd like to come back and participate in the breads again. As I said, I don't know if I got banned, but if I did, could you please forgive me and believe in me enough to trust that I won't do anything like that again? Because I won't. Being separated from here was really hard -- Q and this board have been huge parts of my life for a longish time, and as an aspie it's not likely that I'll create a vast number of social alternatives to fill the void. Besides, what could possibly take the place of this?

So please forgive me, and understand that I said it was a DDOS attack out of confusion as to what a DDOS attack really entails and because I trusted what was being said in the bread at the time. I won't do anything like that again -- I'll stick to research and regular conversation and won't talk about things I don't know about firsthand. But even if you don't want me to engage in the regular breads anymore, pleeease walk me through posting images, red-bolding, etc., so I can put the shadowban/ban tech information I've put together into a bread of its own. It's important to Q, which means it's important to me.

I really am so sorry for saying something wrong -- I never want to mislead my compatriot anons. You people mean the world to me -- I wish you knew how loyal I am to our shared cause. My heart is full of devotion to Q and to our mission, and I love my fellow anons. If this weren't true, I wouldn't have removed myself for messing up because I just plain wouldn't have cared or felt so guilty. So please, just in case I'm banned, consider unbanning me -- but even if you don't want to do that, tell me how to make a bread so I can post the shadowban tech information.

Thanks for wading through this -- being succinct is quite the challenge for aspies, ha. And please know how sorry I am for mistakenly opening my mouth and saying something incorrect. No malice was intended (quite the opposite -- I was actually trying to defend the BV's actions from the night before as there were people dissing the BV for removing shill posts). If you choose to let me back, from now on I'll keep my mouth shut unless I absolutely know firsthand what I'm talking about, or I'll emphasize that I only THINK something happened because of *insert reasons here*. I'll keep checking back here for info on opening a bread on the people behind the shadowban tech. Thank you for helping.

863756 No.601115


The fact is, you let far too much go. You exercise the powers in such a way that drastically undermines this board, and your history of actions with regard to BV further support this conclusion. We should not have NEARLY 750 threads. The volume of utter garbage is breathtaking. And the ability of this community to organize and cohere has been greatly hampered.

172ede No.602124


You aren't banned- you would not be able to post if you were banned. Unfortunately, BV seemed to have some bad weeks and went on deleting & actual banning spree which is why you saw Anons get upset & I think that has been taken care of.

Come back to the breads and lurk, dig and post if you wish & don't get upset if another Anon is a dick to you because it is guaranteed to happen (this is the Chans) but shake it off. We are all here for our POTUS, Q & Country. There is also a much slower and smaller board community that is doing work as well & shares information with the QR Board when they find anything useful. Q doesn't post on this board but it is a nice place to do research on. https:// 8ch.net/qresearch2gen/catalog.html

I'm no BO or BV- just an Snon who has been a part of this crazy ride since it started. Welcome & good luck to you newfag Anon!

c047fb No.602620


Thanks, anon. I don't mind when an anon gets pissy (I used to venture into /pol/ pre-Q on occasion, and that can get feisty) – it was getting chewed by the BV that concerned me.

Not a newfag – I've been on this board for a fair while – just never had the need to post images until now, so I need a little help with that, for making a particular thread. And I wanted to make sure things were okay after I seemed to miff the BV. I felt really bad about that.

Thanks for affirming that I'm not banned. I thought maybe my post would just sit there invisible throughout the ages and I'd die in banned limbo, kek. Take care of yourself, anon!

19f7dc No.608856

00d14a No.609528

Now that was funny

I hope the BV understands how that all was triggered by an authority figure making statements about censorship of material that was only questionable and not severely pornographic or even pizza related.

When it comes to matters of taste by moderators, don't announce it, just do it. If there is a real reaction you'll know it soon enough.

It's herding cats, and damned fickle cats to boot!

It gelled, my thoughts on authority namefags shitposting. The reason it's bad is because it gives license to miscreants to misbehave. If he can do it, so can I.

The kerfluffle caused earlier was authority overstepping accepted boundry. Chans are pretty much freeze peach zones. If it's not clearly illegal, it's fair game. That's the norm. For the sake of decorum /qresearch/ is a special zone. The only other time I've ever experienced this voluntary relaxation of the self protection is the Space Elevator & Escalator threads of yore.

It's rare, this atmosphere of civility, amongst savage savants who are properly described by the statement

>We treat normies like scum and have the combined social grace of a rabid golden retriever.

my 2¢

3d5180 No.628711

Minimal bans are being test driven to communicate with users who may not realize they are derailing the "research" in /qresearch/. Minimal bans are typically 30m and can be appealed.

76f015 No.631695

OK so Operation DRAMA CHIPMUNK was a failure yesterday. The Q team pushed some religious buttons and got an entirely predictable result (perhaps on purpose, for calibration purposes).

It had all the hubris of pumping water into the San Andreas fault and measuring the reaction for predictive purposes.

Here's a bit of ADVICE to the Q team: Socratic methods works well to start, but you need some analogous to a public, civil religion that doesn't push the religious divide button, sits well with Imperial politics, and is capable of connecting groups as disparate as NEW AGERS, TRUTHERS, FREE THINKING LIBERALS, and CHRISTIANS with both pro-Zionist and anti-Semitic backgrounds – that's a tough ask.

You want something that promotes Critical Thinking and Logic, and a reasonable degree of Empiricism, without going full Skeptic.


- Start with Stockdale's Courage Under Fire

- Use Boyd's OODA loop as an example of how the individual political soldier 'takes it all in' and DISCRIMINATES

- with the moar religious sorts, you can connect St Anthony's 'appendix' to the Philokalia to Orthodox Catholicism and the Desert Fathers. This will sit well with the pro-Russian crowd as well.

(If you're going to take the Pope away, you have to through the Catholics a bone).

708ee1 No.632281

"If you're going to take the Pope away, you have to through the Catholics a bone"


unravelling the masonic influence of Vaticanum II & restoring the traditional mass 'd be enough for all those Catholics who are severely suffering from modernism.


Fr. Michael Rodriguez

"what we are witnessing today and what we are witnessing in our times is a terrible attack against God"

Blasphemy, Heresy, and Impurity 8-15-2016

Fr. Michael Rodriguez (Shafter TX) was silenced/suspended soon after Bergoglio became Pope - as dozens of other fellow priests&bishops.

00d14a No.632292

>>628711 (cheKeKed)

beautiful idea BO

I think it'll help show the misguided anons the error of their ways, as well as helping to illustrate to all present the differences between honest mistakes and malicious intent of these posters

172ede No.634722

What happened to 784? I just clicked on the bread and it disappeared & didn't have 750 posts yet. Refreshed & still gone!!

e28aca No.635166

Please censor post https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/628324.html

e28aca No.635239

I am reporting myself: Please censor post or delete if necessary. Thank you. https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/628324.html

00d14a No.654264

File: 1cf49d9f917f243⋯.png (214.16 KB, 500x376, 125:94, daleGribbleHi.png)

Attention BO

I'm the baker that created /comms/

I would truly appreciate your thought on this effort.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.


I think your recent changes in the ban / deletion area are going to yield more of the illustration / correction action you desire and create less of the division wedge points


dd685c No.665685

BO - file on meme putr - ???? guid plz

2b0e26 No.682253

Can BO check hacks and backend breach?

Somethings changed this week.

288683 No.688041


lots missing from early morning was my obsv

a20091 No.688647

Did anyone who read this JP Barlow article (linked in notable posts)

>https:// www.forbes.com/asap/2002/1007/042_3.html

notice this section

>Moynihan proposed a bill called the Government Secrecy Reform Act. Cosponsored by conservative Republicans Jesse Helms and Trent Lott, among others, this legislation was hardly out to gut American intelligence. But the spooks fought back effectively through the Clinton Administration and so weakened the bill that one of its cosponsors, Congressman Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.), concluded that it would be better not to pass what remained.

>A few of its recommendations eventually were wrapped into the

>Intelligence Authorization Act of 2000.

>But of these, the only one with any operational force–a requirement that a public-interest declassification board be established to advise the Administration in these matters-has never been implemented.

>Thanks to the vigorous interventions of the Clinton White House, the cult of secrecy remained unmolested.

My thoughts were that this clause in the 2000 Intel Authorization Act (req for a public interest declassification board) could be the motivation behind Q's leaks. Is President Trump beginning a process to implement a declassification board? Q has suggested the participants here, in the future could serve in a role along those lines, of holding the intel agencies accountable to the citizenry.

The spook-run era of Clinton/Bush/every pres since JFK (with the possible exceptions of Nixon and Carter) seems to be coming to an end, by all appearances. What is the longer-term future of this board?

Are our memes specifically intended to serve the public with previously classified info, as stipulated in the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2000?

ea0e84 No.691550


just reported on Fox

c0b718 No.701561



Do we know if Q's latest post 3/17 is legit:

"Mar 17 2018 15:03:41 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo 458"





1404be No.702448


Has anyone heard of the aliens in the Kuiper belt that are interested in deposing the Illuminati in the US and inserting their own agenda? These aliens are apparently Insectoid while the Draco assist the illuminati. Has anyone heard of this? Its pretty clear we have alien influence in the US but this is an interesting take considering Donald Trump would be aligned with these people obviously… Snowden would've likely been an asset of theirs

5e772d No.714639


There are good and bad ones even beyond earth. Anything from Draco is bad. Really bad. Evil. It's a series of desolate and ruined worlds. That's what they've tried to do with Earth for thousands of years, but we've defeated them before in the First Earth Age. We are children of God, so we had a fighting chance.

Okay about the Kuiper Belt or Edgeworth as it's really known - the "aliens" there are not going to get too close to the sun. There's a reason for that. They are waiting for a darkness to engulf the solar system but they get it wrong that it will last and had none of us survived (if HRC won we would have been toast or the attempt would have been made to kill us) they would have been able to darken the planets with the aid of whoever it is helping them (my guess is the antichrist as he is a supernatural being) but their plans fail. And they failed long time ago. The reason these foul Draconian beings are still here is because in the First Earth Age they weren't all killed off. Lots of them ran to the undergrounds. So they lived. Unfortunately. This is the power that psychos like HRC think will give her ultimate power.

But this time around, we won't be making the same mistakes as before.

https:// www.blogger.com/profile/14783592225248194141

925358 No.738676


Amen, We The People will arise from these ashes. I Detroit in the mid 70's it was well known that Bill and Hillary were bringing in all of the drugs, the houses are now all shot up.

8eda0b No.739727

File: 85f7dff5f7c598a⋯.jpg (72.67 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Memes16.jpg)

I created Memes16 >>715698 Sunday evening in anticipation of need and it has already been archived.

Can you un-archive it?

Or do I have to create another one?

Usually my Meme threads last for about 10 days.

8eda0b No.740000


Never mind.

It was urgent so I went ahead and created a new one.

The archived one can remain archived.

7e1e86 No.748308


A lot of FB posts are getting lost in the clutter - can this be pinned so we don't lose more. Just a suggestion.

9f8be1 No.758635


Carry on Boss. You are appreciated

dca8ae No.766367

File: 206f585682bd750⋯.jpg (379.88 KB, 1071x288, 119:32, BV_filtering_contra.jpg)

BO, please clarify your desires re filtering. I heard you say to filter and to say so when you do, in an attempt to encourage mass filtering. I've been busy doing that, only to have BV come along and contradict you. Why is it every time he appears a problem arises? Filtering actually works very well if it's done right.

0ce2f0 No.766446


>Filtering actually works very well if it's done right.

Which includes filtering and moving on with your life. Not Virtue Signaling over who you filter.

dca8ae No.766457


I was doing exactly what BO said to do. Blow yourself.

0ce2f0 No.766506




Intentions clarified.

611a55 No.766914

BV is 100% on the money.

I made a mistake in an old post and people took it as me making a statement, which I didn't mean for. Announcing 'filtered' is unhelpful.

89136b No.769840


There are new Q posts on Great Awakening

0ce2f0 No.770629


BO is AFK and the trip will be whitelisted ASAP.

9ebcb3 No.771002


Not sure what you mean? I whitelisted Q's trip seconds after they changed it.

0ce2f0 No.771039


Well Jeeze, I thought you were afk, good to know.

9ebcb3 No.771131


Kek. I do not sleep.

2738e4 No.771329


I hope

you have


Q's new tripcode.



2738e4 No.771338


Sorry my bad should have read your earlier post. Very sorry!!!!!!!

c56eae No.778701

Q Research General #965 just vanished. 11:49am 3/24

c34e23 No.778775


11:49am EST

37ce73 No.779882

00d14a No.793973



problem with #985(s)

questionable baker has been removing notables and editing the lists

NOT responding to anons

note one thread is missing notables from #978 & 979

other things are missing, whole thing needs a bit of BO or BV attention asap

00d14a No.794707

The next tactic in the playbook

corrupt the dough

create divisive bad breads

please resolve this quickly

you will get calls for union

you don't need it

just delete lock bad breads ( add comment if desired about reason)

you'll soon know if you've got rouge comp'd bakers

there are enough of the good ones to keep track, you'll hear the uproar

c89a7e No.799220

I am hoping this is the right place for this, if not please point me to where it should go and I will post it there.

I am looking to get this operation more organized. I took a break from it after losing my shit due to Trump signing the Omnibus which to me looked like an utter betrayal, then he twatted about using the Military to build the wall and in turn making me look like a dumb ass :P I know, I know trust the GEOTUS.

Anyway, when I got back in to this I started with the latest bread and attempted to start fresh to see if maybe I was missing something. I read literally every word listed in the bread including all of the notables, maps, anything linked…ALL of it. It took me hours to get through it all, in fact 6 breads came and went in the time it took to get through it all and guess what? It made hardly any sense at all.

We are not tracking this correctly. The information is hard if not impossible to parse and gain any enlightenment from. The Q Maps are a mess, they read like screen scrapes of chan boards with no context. Most of the supplemental material made by our autists have evaporated somehow so we have lost a wealth of information already. I know this board is not for normies but with the shills telling anyone who has an opinion or thought counter to what the mob has already blessed as irrefutable fact to GTFO, leave, go back etc. etc, we are going to and have already bled out some very valuable people.

We need to come up with a better way to organize the data here. Shit is being lost and Q questions are just being orphaned, which I think is happening because the shills are running off our best autists. I do not have an answer to this, I am simply bringing up an issue I found when I got back and am trying to find a group of autists to get together and brainstorm a way to organize the intelligence we already have as well as format a clear message based on the data. No Q question should ever just go unanswered eventually falling out of the bread.

95656a No.799605


I agree with you Anon. Things were more organized early on. Anons were updating ‘Answers’ and “News’ in the ‘ThirdParty’ for normies to get caught up and participate. That seemed to stop in early January.

I think or hope that there is someone behind the scenes at least archiving. There do appear to be people working in the ‘The Quest for Searchability’ thread but that’s not my specialty.

I became interested and got pretty well caught up early on just reading Q’s questions and answers from 'ThirdParty’. I think enhancing that and keeping it updated would be a worthy project. At least enough so that confused and partially ‘red-pilled’ normies can get up to speed. Maybe we could get an agreed upon answer’s thread which can be used to update the 'ThirdParty’, or an ‘Unanswered’ thread that we can assign research to Anon’s.

EDITED: Shill your third party repo elsewhere.

Anyway I agree and would help.

Post last edited at

0ce2f0 No.799656


We do not use our powers to mess with the bakes. The bakers are autonomous from the moderation team and we try not to get involved. We edit titles and numbers when it's required and mislabeled.


Anons can survive bad bread, the bakers keep their pastebin links available so that we can go back and make sure things aren't missing.


Here's my answer to you and every concern troll in General about General:

Make a new thread.(All of your complaints are solved with a new thread)

ID+ Filter.

Git gud and filter mentally.(What anons should be striving for)

Other notes:

This board is a common ground for many different walks of life with different backgrounds and preconceptions on what they recognize as 'truth'. (Mod team included)

This board is a common ground for many different sub-communities scattered across the internet.

This board is currently functioning according to the guidelines established publicly by Q, the individual we are here to support, if the spec changes we will make the required changes to become compliant.

It is ok and healthy to take breaks from Q related happenings and digs.

Thanks to everybody who reports, thanks to everybody who bakes, and thanks to everybody participating in this great event.

f0d322 No.800049


The common ground on this board is that this board volunteer is a dick. You picked 'em Q, maybe you should say "Your Fired!". Free speech right dick?

7e1e86 No.803352


It might be good to re-state the "quidelines established by Q" and the date they were established. By simply stating: "The Rules of this board established by Q on mm/dd/yy are…."

This would clear up a lot for everyone.

And my 2 cents - I lurked here for 3 months before posting. I, like others see this board so cluttered now w/ noise and I too am worried it is losing cred/impossible to find info/etc - like or not the board has changed big time over the last 30+ days.

Most of all, of late due to

The VPN anon (who is one of the same)






99b72a, etc)

who is easily spotted w/ the anon(s) CAPS YELLING/RED YELLING/GREEN YELLING/BLACK BOLD YELLING and who are more intent on fame by reposting their previous post (serial offender) just to bring it up to the top b/c NO ONE has repsonded to the last post of 4 hours ago.

Such a serial crybaby.

I'm not saying this anon's initial threads were not news worthy, but these anons (same anon) is in the "snuff-out" business now of all other posts here IMHO.

Agenda-motivated -this anon has taken over the board and it seems w/ the board's blessing. Just saying as it so looks that way by a lot of folks who know this board.

Lastly - take the following suggestions as just that.

We all want this board to be made up of good research - but research of what, and when is enough an enough? My rec for what its worth:

1. Back up all that's here now. Pick a date and time and take board off-line for all incoming posts for as long as it takes to back-up and then bring it back up w/ just the following:

2. Keep the DeltaAnon ,WAR ROOM ,QMap PDF,HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING (not my choice already yours), Memes, meta, side-by-side,Petition site, Welcome to /qresearch,Letters of Gratitude,

3. Keep all in #2 and just add a "news of the day" that is pinned. If from the "news of the day" there is something that needs to be continued - then pin it for a time. There may be more items to be pinned for that day, but after awhile retire them. (i.e I do think we have the German/Merkel/et.al research that this can be archived and retired)

4.Management suggestion: Why not close the board at 12 midnight EST/GMT? for six hours each night? All the good peeps here that keep this place good need that time to regroup/sleep/reduce the crap that comes after midnight. I don't know if this can be controlled or not, but if possible what is this harm?

5. Should the longevity on this board re: UFO's/Religion/FlatEarth/all other alt therories/yadda yadda yadda go on adinfinitum? Is that the focus of this board now? Hard to tell as these threads dominate now always.

This board has morphed into something I believe it didn't start out to be. Tell me and others this is the way the board now operates. If so, just need to know. No issue -just need to know.

6.) Blame me NOT the BO. The above are just MY opinions/suggestions -→ forward.

I will leave by saying to BO: GET IT BACK TO BASICS and stop the egotists inside/and egotists outside.

I'm done spending my time on good research and having it lost with "snuff-out" anons here.

It is no longer beneficial to Q, or POTUS to post here unless significant changes are made.

Thank you for hearing me out - let's hope this post is not automatically relagated to the "hide" this post bin.

God bless all anons here for their never ending work and godbless POTUS/FLOTUS.

7a065c No.803882


Perhaps an better form of identity authentication?


c89a7e No.804553


Seriously concern troll? Go fuck yourself. This is a serious problem and instead of finding a solution you accuse me of concern trolling? Q chose the wrong idiots to "own" this board that much is beyond doubt at this point.

10bcbe No.805027



This was a sincere response, why is the Board Volunteer a jack off? I’ve had all of these questions myself. Why can’t we work together to find truth? I swear half of the people who are run out of here could help the cause. I’ve read all of the Q posts, I’ve NEVER ONCE read, call everyone names and this is the way shit should be organized. SHOW ME THE SAUCE “Board Volunteer”. Show it to me pussy! This place is a mess we need to fix it, I’m willing to help. Anyone else tired of being pushed around by “shit lords” who think they know Q?>>799656

00d14a No.805420


>We do not use our powers to mess with the bakes.

bad bakes get locked, some deleted, so you do occasionally mess with them.

>Anons can survive bad bread

yes, and it will help with the further education re: the ability to discern questionable data and deliberate manipulation.

my point still stands that this is another exploitable weak point and you should beware of future attempts with similar tactics.

I hope you found W. E. Deming's thoughts useful.

0ce2f0 No.805433



You both want some kind of unenforceable regulation in a single thread on this board that can have many threads. If you want a slower research thread make one. Send a report when the research thread needs eyes and it will be stickied, advertise your thread and general and get people interested in your topic.

Complaining about General when you have an entire board to be autistic in is concern trolling. Nobody is forcing you to General.

Where we're going you will find ritualistic torture and rape of children.

You both need thicker skin.

0ce2f0 No.805581


We do not edit the contents of bakes. Titles and deletes of unused duplicate bakes is all we do. Board Log indicates BV's did anchor some bad bakes Sunday, the point of that response is we will not edit the contents of bakes.


>this is another exploitable weak point and you should beware of future attempts with similar tactics.

This is the bakers problem and they all know, the ball was dropped on Sunday, it happens. Nothing was lost, bad bakers can't do permanent damage. People getting slid need to make a thread. It's easier to justify cleaning up offtopic posts from threads than it is to control what happens in General.

I only respond so you all know someone is listening.

7bc5ac No.805585


Lighten up Francis! You will never be given that kind of drop, not now. not ever. We may be given enough to help the USA remove a bunch of commies and traitors form office. If you want to research that kind of stuff, good luck to you, you'll only end up in prison. I prefer Q to take care of the 60%, but maybe you're a pedo and like that shit. I do not and will not research.

c21b74 No.806233


Yeah, I'm out, this place has become a total shit show, there's not a single Normie who would believe anything coming out of this place. If you disagree, your a fag of some type, even the Discord and scumtube loser are leaving this freak show. Good luck dudes, the WH has abandoned you.

2c129b No.807116

Rule 1 is not being enforced, and it should be.

There is a ton of borderline porn being posted on every single bread (and some not so borderline like cunts and assholes). I report all that I see and nothing is done.


Rule 1: Dox and NSFW posts will be deleted (Baker girls not included if tasteful). REPORT DOX AND NSFW POSTS, AND KEEP EM COMING!

There should be no exclusion for what somebody calls 'baker girls'. If it's got too much skin showing and is NSFW, it should be deleted.

How would you like to be a working anon and just trying to help out during an idle period at work, and your boss walks up behind you and while you're scrolling, before you can click Hide, one of these fleshy images comes into view? So that is one problem.

As a manager one is required to maintain a work environment that is not hostile to half of the humans working there. This IS a work environment although the workers are volunteers.

I don't think we're doing it right.


0ce2f0 No.808884


The fact you're on 8ch at work speaks volumes. You are doing it wrong, this is not reddit.

10edd9 No.811390

File: 81510aba253a2df⋯.png (280.35 KB, 754x482, 377:241, phew so it's not just me_U….png)


Can you change the linkbreaking code?

>instead of inserting a space (which is tedious to delete when pasting)

>change a character to italics or something (like /pol/ has)?

7e1e86 No.811821

Can we you please consider pinning permanently

Letters of Gratitude


Thanks for your consideration. It helps us hearing from others and boosts spirits when times are dim.

c18b68 No.811942


I can''t commit to permanently but we can sure give it a fair run.

00d14a No.815561


>This is the bakers problem

not theirs alone!

>I only respond so you all know someone is listening.

b15d17 No.815789

File: 6a4b53e6e2a3484⋯.png (281.3 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180327-233624.png)


Q…. I am racing across boards trying to get your attention. I know you are live. Please help. I lost the text I was pacing. Please check research boards before you offline. Also check the recent posts on Twitter with your hashtags. I want to help.

37ce73 No.818181


You mean when posting a link?

Aha I see what you mean. I'll see what I can do.

Post last edited at

37ce73 No.818196


I'm a manager too. If you have restricted access, what the fuck are you doing here?

d16d19 No.824197


Glad to see you being here this evening.

That's all I needed to know. Appreciate it.

7e1e86 No.824490

A shout out to the Admn or BO who is now pinning "letter of gratitude". What a nice way to wake up each morning full of hope and gratitude.

41a1a4 No.829451

No one stepped up to bake 1029. I have never baked and don't really have time to do so, but I tried to open a new thread about 15 minutes ago and it will not post. Just cycling and saying that it is posting (100%). Is anyone around to help?

d16d19 No.829512


This can happen when board activity is high/intense. With Q posting, it's not surprising. Don't worry about it too much, it happens occasionally. (It's happened to me more than once in the last several months.)

4d8ed1 No.836420

apologies if this has been asked before.

Is it possible to add a viewcount/download count to the memes in the library so that meme makers can see which are actually getting used?

Would help us refine and learn/stop wasting time with stuff nobody wants.

521828 No.836651


It is not possible, sorry.

00d14a No.855702


Doxing is being promoted!

e32c3e No.868330

Nothing past the #1066 q research bread comes up. Is it me or is there a problem?

41a1a4 No.888885

I saw the post tonight about AIM making new boards to cause others to drop off.

There was one I had just posted on yesterday that is gone today–for meme repository, and also the one for the Russian plane crash is gone.

So I think that may be happening. Is there a way to bring back those threads?


37ce73 No.890234


I must have missed that. Unfortunately, there's no way to bring back anything that has been deleted. I tend to only delete posts which have a high number of reports, and it's possible I just deleted that one after a quick skim-through.

41a1a4 No.892844

Sorry if I was unclear. Not talking about posts in q research. I was talking about some of the dedicated boards that are disappearing because so many new and unnecessary boards are being created, some say by AIM members. I'm seeing people make 2-4 boards with the same topic, and just posting random questions to q and no one is discussing anything on them. Meanwhile, the Russian crash board had lots of research put into it and now it's gone.


521828 No.893498


That is the nature of the chans. The catalog sliding is being cleaned up though.

00d14a No.893601

File: 6e9a8b56066be7f⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 620x856, 155:214, Dale-Gribble-Was-Right.jpg)


I'd like to ask some questions about why tripcodes are completely disabled.

the reason I'm asking is the poor quality of some threads could be alleviated if we bakers could know who is who. I don't mind handing off to a completely unknown anon once and seeing it go south, but how to I not make the same error in the future.

Currently the board is completely overrun at times with non productive postings. As a baker I can deal with that. Sometimes notables don't get collected, I can deal with that. Sometimes a rogue baker packs crap into the notables or bread, I can deal with that occasionally… if we cannot tell each other apart this a major vector for malice.

This brings me back to trips.

I do not want to bring back the headaches of the baker's union. but we've reached a point where we need to be able to tell each other apart in a verifiable way and trips allow this along with anonymity.

I know it violates cultural norms here but a certain amount is already present.

If I post with my signature pic or Baker Chris Knight, or Jack Burton most anons know the qualities of those bakers / posters. We've come to trust them to a point.

There are enough vectors already for mischief and malice of clowns I see a way to eliminate one and improve the quality of the bread.

>mfw it makes multiple thread filtering a breeze.

I think the cultural norms will keep many from using trips, the majority of the ones who do will be anons with reason, like planefags or QmapAnon etc… they have need of a verifiable identity as the clowns start making fake posts under easily forged credentials, thus fogging a reputation.

my 2¢

ce24a3 No.909129


trips where disabled so clowns couldnt hack Q's tripcode again like they did before the move to qresearch, this board was literally created to get away from that, so no they wont be reenabled…

00d14a No.911100



I've been wrong before, and I'll probably be wrong again, but this time…

I know I'm not the only long time baker that has retired from active baking until this is resolved. Why should I put work into a bread just to see is destroyed?

less than 10% of posts are worth reading,

notables that aren't

wonderful gems of information lost in the chaff

It pains me to sit back and watch experienced bakers get discouraged and beginning bakers get swamped by the speed of posting, end result is inferior breads.

The frequency of moldy breads will increase and the level of mold also.

I hope I'm wrong and some 'organic' solution appears.


521828 No.911140


Trips wont' fix the fact that anons aren't stepping up to bake and that bakers can't man the oven 24/7.

>wonderful gems of information lost in the chaff

Make a research thread if you want somewhere to dig that won't be slid, the problem of General moving fast is only going to get worse the further on we go. Consider a bakerbot.

ac36ad No.912813

File: 414d9f1704d80d7⋯.jpg (51.17 KB, 1289x169, 1289:169, news 4 4 18..JPG)

Why were we told to watch the news? And Pray? Why post 5:5 Q=? This signifies a video release. Nothing. When you tell us something, don't communicate, don't deliver you lose credibility.This might be why bakers aren't baking.

I rather hear nothing than empty words many times. Why are we here?

521828 No.913017


>Why are we here?

The answer to that is unique to every individual across all Q sub-communities.

00d14a No.913083


>Consider a bakerbot.

that is not a bad idea

a bot that automatically collected Q posts is feasible.

however the job of adding new resources to the 3rd page or editing existing resources might present a task not easily automated.

the notables… well that is purely an editorial decision and the quality of those choices have major impact.

i do not see that task being automated

the massive traffic is going to force change and a trusted source for breads is essential to the long term health.

i don't care how it is achieved as long as it is achieved

trips for bakers


two possible solutions… any others?

00d14a No.919298


>trips where disabled so clowns couldnt hack Q's tripcode again

what utter and complete twattlespeak

you obviously do not know how that security system works on 8chan.

disabling tripcodes on /qresearch/ does absolutely nothing to prevent clowns from testing tripcodes

521828 No.919390


Maybe let people submit notables in another thread and it gets updated when it gets updated, maybe move notables to a different thread completely.

Digging should be done in their own threads, notables can be pulled from those threads as well and put at the top of new breads when trusted bakers have the time. Anons that dump in general should expect to be slid and if they really want it disseminated they should post it in the proper thread or submit it as a notable in the notable thread. This way there is no need to be vigilant 24/7. People can submit their own notables to the notable thread and baker can update dough when it's possible to do so. People who still want bleeding edge hive research can get it in the notables thread, people who want to talk about things in general can still do so and important posts from every thread get disseminated. This also makes it easier to sticky Q related research. I've long thought about a baker bot but didn't want to start shit with the bakers whom we appreciate.

Ultimately we may do nothing. Whatever happens will be done transparently and on our terms after hearing what everybody else has to say. Trips are disabled because it's not worth it ever. That for sure is not changing.

41a1a4 No.923548

BO, I went to the archives and discovered that there are no archived threads for about the past 300 threads. Are they being archived elsewhere or are they just lost?

7e1e86 No.925199

File: 145c7c49bccb87d⋯.jpg (304.54 KB, 2320x1176, 290:147, q research 06apr18.jpg)

Could be operator error - just passing this along in case

521828 No.925305


There's an l in your URL after qresearch


7e1e86 No.925484

File: 5c891840db94006⋯.jpg (297.28 KB, 2320x1176, 290:147, another 404 06apr18.jpg)


Only clicked on a bookmark I had for a post. The image I sent was the result. No copy paste on my end - just a recorded bookmark.

Here is another from accessing a another bookmark I had.

7e1e86 No.925578



Also have to ask why a image of Pence would lead to a 404 on this board.

Thinking BO has been punked and some B mods have take over in some respect.

And you B mod on Sundays (check your dates) is totally not into the job and worse….just sayin/just observin'.

521828 No.925698


>Only clicked on a bookmark I had for a post. The image I sent was the result.

There's obviously an extra character in the URL, must be magic.

>Posting a different URL

It was probably removed because you posted in a blogpost slide thread, a 'Q Did you know' thread, or low effort thread meant to slide the catalog.

7e1e86 No.925970

Thank's darlin' for providing me the following reasons for the 404's (although not WHY VP Pence pic was included in the 404 message. Not a dumb ass here.

You said the reason for these is:

"side thread"

"Q Did know" thread

"low effort thread"

Thanks for the clear answer about how it's supposed to clear up these questions. Move along little girl….

Bookmarks don't go away unless the "internal" thread has been changed. Dooooh.

I don't have any control about YOUR internal workings. You are one of many who can zap/extinguish posts. And that is fine as long as it is stated by the BO only.

I thnk we have about 75%j control now on Mods and Bakers.

BO needs a resume check —.> IMHO.

Just sayin'/ just observin'

God bless all anons


7e1e86 No.926019


oh btw I will be bookmarking this post as I encourage all others to do as well. Let's see how long this bookmark lasts.

521828 No.926048


>Bookmarks don't go away unless the "internal" thread has been changed.

Or the thread falls off, or the thread is deleted for the aforementioned reasons. Bookmarks do not save local copies, they save locations and if there is no content at that location you will receive a 404 error.

The reason Pence is on the 404error is because CM wrote it that way.


Probably be here a while since this post is stickied.

7e1e86 No.926251


Better answers TY and for the stickie.

I still stand by the Sunday Mod until proven otherwise.

TY again.

41a1a4 No.927044


Repeat of question. :)

BO, I went to the archives and discovered that there are no archived threads for about the past 300 threads. Are they being archived elsewhere or are they just lost?

521828 No.927137


germanarchiveanon has a mega link in the general thread that has the archives.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/859388.html#859686

41a1a4 No.927375


Thank you!

d5e7a0 No.932324

Faith, right words, right action, right time. Roadblocks in society mirror roadblocks in our collective psyche, as usual, clearing one weakens or destroys the other.

d57e24 No.937119

File: e36e5aa1750f8de⋯.webm (2.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1522962106.webm)


>Enjoy the show.

175080 No.939001

I was told by the baker to come over here.

What's up?

11e3b1 No.939047

File: 863e39e9eaf1839⋯.jpg (58.59 KB, 594x381, 198:127, sarahandobama.jpg)

175080 No.939088


Thought so…KEK…poor baker has his hands full today! KEK!

9aaf7f No.940273

qcodefag here.

I cannot remove ads.

There are too much visitors and that means server costs.

My solution is scalable, it can handle any amount of traffic. But costs a bit of money.

qanon.pub maintainer's solution is not scalable.

qanon.pub will reach a traffic limit even with using cloudflare and means many mirror sites with weird urls. Is Q going mainstream? Are we to give all the new ppl randomly links?

8chan has ads. We all have ads. I'm using Adsterra now. It's a decent ad provider.

521828 No.941147

File: 2a084b94cdda1eb⋯.png (45.73 KB, 281x453, 281:453, Screenshot from 2018-04-07….png)



There are flat rate alternatives, you can also serve hundreds of thousands of requests per second. This is what your ads are doing. Unacceptable.

9aaf7f No.941878

I see

> http:// us.notarizes813dp.top

in the url bar of the browser.

That's not my site.

That site does not even exist.

Where is this picture from? Is it shopped?

b02c3f No.942072

File: 6eec0ae9d12d000⋯.png (910.21 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180407-185509.png)

File: c83042785bf3cdd⋯.png (292.03 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180407-112449.png)


>what is redirection

listen here fam. I'm the one that took the screenshot. if you're so sure that redirecting to a different site after entering "qanonposts.com" into the URL is so impossible, revert your changes and recommend some way for me to emulate actively going there on PC. Attached is the screenshot in question and the screenshot of my screenshots folder. it's the most recent image.

7e1e86 No.943510


Why are OP posts showing up here under different ID/s?

I just posted


and it is showing up as OP post?

Is OP post only supposed to be updates from original anon?

Just need clarification on OP tagged posts. Thx

c9a4de No.946386



#358 -> #now

Here's a list of all the breads I have

http:// qanon.news/api/bread/list/?xml=true

http:// qanon.news/api/bread/945264/?xml=true

9aaf7f No.947876


I cannot reproduce this at all.

I tried different browsers on my android phone and on my pc. Not once do I get anything.

us.notarizes813dp.top does not even exist. Go to the url, try it. It doesn't exist. You are the board volunteer, right? And say you got multiple reports of pop ups, I have not seen them. It's only you now. Maybe it's your phone, not the site that is comped. Or maybe you are comped. Or maybe the other reports are from clowns trying to create division.

So this whole thing looks fishy to me. What if you're a clown? What if the qanon.pub maintainer is a clown and you both try to defame me in order to gain control? Or just black hat trolling to create division.

521828 No.949619


>So this whole thing looks fishy to me.


>What if you're a clown?


>What if the qanon.pub maintainer is a clown and you both try to defame me in order to gain control?

I don't need to endorse qanon.pub for you to have bad ads.

>Or just black hat trolling to create division.

You remove your third party .js and it can potentially go back in the bake, it's not up for debate, there is no way you will get back into the bake without removing your ads.

9aaf7f No.950218


That's sad.

Well I cannot remove the ads, because then I would lose money on maintenance costs. I'm not gonna change my set-up because I believe it's better and future proof.

If you hate ads you can use Brave.

But OK, you're not gonna change your mind, that's unfortunate. Put me out of the bread than.

521828 No.950256


For five dollars a month you can get unlimited bandwidth. There are no excuses for the kinds of ads that are being injected into that website. Your need for ad-revenue does not supersede our requirement to not promote things that may harm our users. We gave you an option to get your appreciated work back into the bake and if you won't take it, that's on you.

c9a4de No.950528


apifag here.

Is there a way we can get the API added back into the bread?

Looks like back in #1157 somebody said that they were having trouble with the JSON archive and the QAnon.news api.



Anon says the json archive is comped?


I cannot reproduce.

I'm not sure how the api got mixed in there. Maybe because it's all got json in the name.

Anyways, I scanned the qanon.news site and found that it's malware free. I think that with all the similarity in names, there's probably alot of domain confusion going on.

https:// rescan.pro/result.php?e4cb922b75db556a5c4bd0501f07ba3e

https:// app.webinspector.com/public/reports/81164825

ping qanon.news =

https:// metadefender.opswat.com/results#!/ip/NTAuNTIuMTY4LjE1MQ==/overview

If it's got issues, please let me know. Some pages are pointing to CDN's for javascript. jquery, css, fonts. Is that the issue?

The api is an 8ch crawler that auto archives breads/q posts from Q Research and GA. The complete JSON archive comes from this as a single downloadable. I can put the complete zip archive on the qanon.news site rather than anonfile easily.

http:// qanon.news/ <- rest api with json/xml results

http:// qanon.news/api/bread/list/?xml=true <- current archive

http:// qanon.news/posts.html <- built with api/posts

http:// qanon.news/smashposts.html <- built with api/smash

http:// qanon.news/timeline.html <- built with api/smash and timeline.js

521828 No.950670


Hey API anon, I'm looking now and it appears clear to me. I see no interesting network traffic, no scripts running pointlessly plus programmers understand that they have no expectation that API's work as intended and the risks involved with such tools.

I cannot vouch for any third party website as 'good', I can only green light it as acceptable. Which this is and in the future I will namefag as BV to keep this kind of removal from happening again. I'll go post this in general.

c9a4de No.950694


Thx anon

2d22cb No.951377

re: qanonposts.com

There was a post in the General about scripts running there


Those scripts each have a specific purpose to perform:

One is for loading the posts as you scroll down

One is for the timezone (you can choose EST or local - the script will change the timestamp in each post to accommodate your choice)

One is for reversing the order of the poss (newest first, or oldest first)

Those aren't nefarious scripts, there are no tracking scripts in there either.

t. webfag

I'm not qcodefag, but I thought that should be mentioned here. WRT ads, I'm not sure why anyone actually cares about that? Who surfs the 'net with no ad-blocker, seriously? Since I have one I don't see ads. [8ch itself has ads FFS.]

But ultimately…

It's the content that counts:

1- is it accurate?

2- is it timely?

3- is it complete?

Just my $0.02

521828 No.951542

File: 13da680963ae894⋯.png (29.89 KB, 1236x195, 412:65, Screenshot from 2018-04-08….png)


This is the script loading intrusive ads, any post not directly addressing the ad network issue is not a post that will help qanonposts back in the bread.

I have noted your requirements and find they are much like mine. The only problem with qanonpost right now is it's maintainer is unwilling and unmotivated to address the widely reported on mobile issue.

>Who surfs the 'net with no ad-blocker, seriously?

Not an argument.

2d22cb No.951660


I'm not qcodefag so I can only report what I see & know of those scripts I mentioned. I'm not arguing for or against anyone, but the argument that it has ads and therefore is bad is just silly. 8ch has ads.

I've said my piece about the other scripts and I'm done on this.

c9a4de No.952646


I need to get an SSL cert sorted out?

521828 No.952697

File: 2b0424eb9998652⋯.png (34.08 KB, 969x645, 323:215, Screenshot from 2018-04-08….png)


Not if you didn't intend to use ssl in which case set your server to redirect https requests to http.

Right now trying to connect via https leads to pic related.

521828 No.952705


And thank you for being responsive.

c9a4de No.952724


Roger that anon. I'll see what I can do. Currently there is no SSL on the qanon.news site.

c9a4de No.953614


Thx for your help anon. Looks like my server redirect options are limited. I don't want to do a javascript redirect of https -> http. Nothing is configured to serve https. It's just going to be unresponsive/bad URL when a user tries to hit it via https. I personally don't like redirects anyways.

Looks like I can request a self signed cert but…. I'm not sure that's going to be the answer.

Doesn't look like the LetsEncrypt is going to work either unless I can figure that out. I'd say no SSL in the foreseeable future for qanon.news. Added back into bread or not? I'll leave that up to you. RL calling. I'll check back in later. Thanks again for your help.

3c12e5 No.955810


Codefag, could you get unlimited bandwidth hosting for, as BV mentions, 5$ a month and run w/o ads? It seems like it could be a solution. Your resource is so well used and one everyone knows. Hundreds of our memes, graphics, side by sides and articles point normies to it. It would be a pity to lose such a valuable resource, not to mention all the work you’ve put into it since the beginning. Hopefully you can solve things and get it back in the bake. Baker.

40615a No.968346


your ads are incompatible with mobile

40615a No.968357

9aaf7f No.971409




> unlimited bandwidth hosting for, as BV mentions, 5$ a month

No, that is not possible. Some hosting providers say you CAN have unlimited bandwidth and START with hardly any costs. You can start maybe even for free but as you grow in bandwidth (more users), you'll always have to pay. I have too much usage to get anything cheap/free.

Right now it's about $50 a month and I earn about $100 a month, so I get a little bit of profit. But this is scalable: if I get 10 times more users I get a 10 times as higher bill and 10 times more profit. Blame me for being a capitalist. Maybe I'll donate some to other anons if they do something cool.

I'm sad some people got shady ads. I have configured tighter restrictions with the ad provider that should ban "software related" ads, which I think should filter out the bad ads. Also I believe that the reported bad ads (I didn't receive them) where a temporary campaign (and a accidental mistake of AdsTerra of allowing these ads).

Could be related to this:

https:// arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/01/malvertising-factory-with-28-fake-agencies-delivered-1-billion-ads-in-2017/

Alternatively I could use another ad provider. But I already tried many and most rejected my site because of "insufficient content" or some other weird excuse. It's really hard to find one for this weird niche.

8b6e2e No.972160


Thanks for explaining Codefag, understand about the hosting costs being higher as you're high traffic. The steps you've taken seem real positive and it's good to hear you've been working to solve. Have you done a test for third party js now that you've changed the settings? Seems if that's fixed, BV should be happy and we can put it back in the bread. Baker.

3b1940 No.983395


part of history

hi mom

3af0d4 No.988250


98 8 60

6 and

98 8 08


do xxe d himself


011373 No.994971

File: 8646ec67a222f1f⋯.jpeg (67.01 KB, 2021x539, 2021:539, IMG_1286.jpeg)

Anyone else having issues posting with mobile?

Updated to iOS11.3 this morning and cannot post any more.

Progress gets to halt at 47% every time.

Tried LTE, WLAN with or without VPN.

f9246e No.996683

File: ed4a9a79d6a8345⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 720x411, 240:137, Hollywood oscar terrorists.jpg)


What is notables protocol?

how long are threads on-line?

f9246e No.996753

File: e4ca867bc3181b9⋯.jpg (45.33 KB, 163x163, 1:1, 4113.jpg)


It's pretty obvious "They" will try to infiltrate as Bakers.

Typical M.O. . they do it everywhere.

And they do have $$$

What about a locked "notables" list with links to someplace permanent.

An ID for trusted Bakers?

I haven't wanted to learn to bake since I know there is politics there and there will be fights over what is notable. And I'm too tired for that.

521828 No.997104


>An ID for trusted Bakers?

Bakers will not be distinguished from other Anons.

I'm happy to pin a notables thread that anybody can submit notables to, we tried it before but nobody wanted to put notables there. Make a thread and start submitting notables, tell people in general to do it as well. I can't simply mandate the bakers do something another way unless it's somehow effecting our userbase. The bakers are autonomous, bring this up to them transparently in a new thread.

>Typical M.O. . they do it everywhere.

>And they do have $$$

Yes, and we can make it so they do minimal damage by having an independent notables submission thread with which the general bread posts the last n notables or notables as relevant. Comped bakes do not stop Q from posting, for all we know no bakes do not stop Q from posting.

>I haven't wanted to learn to bake since I know there is politics there and there will be fights over what is notable. And I'm too tired for that.

The only relevant politics are what Q tells us to do, everything else is unnecessary. We are focused on WWG1WGA and Patriots Stand Together, they want you divided. There is nothing off-limits to talk about here, even SES and FE are allowed to post when they can keep it to a fair signal to noise ratio. We did crackdown on spam.

We're not here to control how things are done, we're here to provide an environment where anons can chip in however they can and facilitate a neutral ground for all Q/truther communities that are here to support Q and POTUS, and sometimes even the shills are useful idiots.

8708a3 No.1000768

BO / BV anon(s) spamming porn in the general

1 example

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1000155.html#q1000724

1e7a5d No.1000877

Board 1246.

Suspiciously thin in most recent inclusions. Even these opinions-instad-of-facts are weak and juvenile.

▶Anonymous 04/11/18 (Wed) 11:55:37 563ccc No.1000167>>1000590


OBAMA TIMELINE >>949587, >>926762, >>949333, >>949547, >>949587

Recent Notable Posts

Recent Notable Posts


>>999495 Can you feel the vibration?

>>999562 Stage has been set.

>>999811 I know it's stupid, but its how they operate. LEARN IT

>>999999 Genius

eed947 No.1006702

File: 4db6a0eaae2ad11⋯.jpg (350.02 KB, 851x411, 851:411, yellowflowers.jpg)


Alright, thanks. I'm going to do that.

83e699 No.1012545


Bakers generally archive the notable posts to the Best of Bread thread when they remove them from the General notables list -

Best Of Bread >>311157

The BoB link is always posted at the foot of the notables section. Anon's can always catch up there if they've been away for longer.

Comms anon also copies them to

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

So, we have 2 backups, however as soon as the old general threads slide off the board, those links to notable posts are rendered obsolete, so the only way we have of archiving them proper just now is in the complete bread archives.

83e699 No.1012585

2d2c38 No.1015655

I see you guys removed the Tumbler Pigeon OS thread I made. Sad panda. I spent roughly 2 years research and development on that censorship resistant OS (I started as soon as I saw the warning signs of censorship corruption emerging) and thought Qanons etc would appreciate an OS that can create copies of itself and redistribute itself via WebTorrents.

I mean, you *could* argue it's thread sliding/off-topic, but it's an awful lot of effort to go through* (making an entire OS, reskinning, creating a working .iso etc, setting up a good peer source, providing screenshot so on and so forth), and I thought Qanons would greatly appreciate an entire OS whose goal is not to be censored and doesn't support war, and is open source - IE not illegal.

I know the usual spiel of 'you can post to any thread anywhere', but you actually can't. If I posted Tumbler Pigeon to any other thread I'd likely be accused of off-topic posting irrelevant to topic research, and you don't exactly have a 'tools for Qanons' thread going (maybe war-room, but that seems planning/image related rather than 'useful tools' related).

Can someone explain to me what exactly I did wrong that warranted it's deletion? If you guys don't want a custom built censorship-resistant OS, I'm okay with upping sticks and taking it elsewhere, but for 2 years worth of experimental development, can ya give me at least a basic explanation?

*Relative to simply creating any old thread on any unrelated bullshit topic like quantum matrix veil flat earth magic bullshit. Even if you claim I faked the OS, that's a lot of time to waste on creating a desktop image from scratch.

521828 No.1015931


>I see you guys removed the Tumbler Pigeon OS thread I made

Yeah it's not Q related, this is a research board.

>I mean, you *could* argue it's thread sliding/off-topic,

If I let every anon post their direct statement to Q or their open source software the entire catalog would be slid, this is a research board.

> but for 2 years worth of experimental development

I'm not seeing the relevance to your pet project and what we're doing here. If it does research let me know.

2d2c38 No.1016243


>Yeah it's not Q related, this is a research board.

Not exclusively though. For example, you have topics on how to archive websites offline that relies on Linux. Tumbler Pigeon is a Linux system.

In another thread you cover facebook (and others) datamining, with the meta-narrative of how to escape datamining. You might have to refer to my comments there on why, but you already (likely) know Windows 10 datamines, and systemd is a walking backdoor (TP minimises how much systemd it touches - admittedly not perfect but I take feedback and suggestions).

>If I let every anon post their direct statement to Q or their open source software the entire catalog would be slid, this is a research board.

Perhaps create a specific area for posting direct messages, software? I mean, you literally have a code thread "the quest for searchability", which suggests tools used for research are permitted, and everyone here literally uses an OS (if they didn't I would be impressed and have to ask 'how').

>I'm not seeing the relevance to your pet project and what we're doing here. If it does research let me know.

These are arguably two separate points.

1) Anti-datamining (no Windows 10 backdoors and based on an OS type that shuns systemd).

2) Anti-censorship (a major issue everyone is facing when trying to spread any kind of truthful message. Please note the updated Office 365 ToS regarding 'hate speech' and other censorship crap).

3) Linux based (relevant as you do archival via Linux).

Regarding 'does research', it does everything. It's an OS. We're all doing research right now on an OS with a web browser, and TP is the latter and has the former.

Also might be worth pointing out a lot of major Linux distros have or are phasing out 32-bit support. It's already dead in the water in any major Debian based OS.

I could sell the specifics of why you would want TP but I think the fact it's an OS where you can install any type of software (it's barebones, no bloatware) should suffice.

If you really wanted to gear up TP into a research tool, I could hammer out a .sh file for it in about 5 minutes and host on GitHub.

521828 No.1016663


>Tumbler Pigeon is a Linux system.

What I have works nicely, your hobby OS doesn't belong here, take it to tech.

>You might have to refer to my comments there on why, but you already (likely) know Windows 10 datamines

Water is wet.

> systemd is a walking backdoor


>Perhaps create a specific area for posting direct messages

Letters of Gratitude work, so does General.

>and everyone here literally uses an OS

No Way, I only compute with gravitational lensing and cosmic radiation.

>Arguable two separate points

<Posts Three Points

>1) Anti-datamining (no Windows 10 backdoors and based on an OS type that shuns systemd).

Again PoC||GTFO on systemd, everybody knows systemd's history. Literally everybody. We're actually touching a bit on how the OpenSource community is going to be hit by these revelations. Nobody is surprised about Windows.

>2) Anti-censorship (a major issue everyone is facing when trying to spread any kind of truthful message. Please note the updated Office 365 ToS regarding 'hate speech' and other censorship crap).

Just because you didn't directly decide to interfere with your users does not make you anti-censorship. You're advertising a non-feature.

>3) Linux based (relevant as you do archival via Linux).

That's a thread that was stickied because it clearly took quite a bit of effort. I'm sure everybody here has their own way of archiving.

>We're all doing research right now on an OS with a web browser

Yeah, and it works pretty well, and I can get tons of support with a simple search.

>Also might be worth pointing out a lot of major Linux distros have or are phasing out 32-bit support.

Now you're just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.

>I could sell the specifics of why you would want TP

And here's the heart of the problem, you're in the wrong place to be selling me anything, and frankly your pitch makes whatever you're doing smell like snake oil.

>If you really wanted to gear up TP into a research tool, I could hammer out a .sh file for it in about 5 minutes and host on GitHub.

I think people would rather have an application they can run locally, go to the quest for search-ability thread and see what they've got there.

Take your shit to /tech/.

2d2c38 No.1017253


>Water is wet.

As said, you already know that. A big reason to encourage a transfer from Windows.


>Again PoC||GTFO on systemd, everybody knows systemd's history. Literally everybody. We're actually touching a bit on how the OpenSource community is going to be hit by these revelations.

Revelations of systemd being a backdoor? Unfortunately it's already widespread. It's in every major Linux OS available, much to my dismay. Removing it requires an entire team of people.

The only ones not hit by it are OpenBSD/FreeBSD, and Devuan is apparently trying to get free of it but hasn't gotten fully clear yet. FreeBSD isn't entirely user friendly (and if you can install FreeBSD, job done).

Unless you mean systemd *isn't* a backdoor, then I refer back to Poettering's tendency to label vulnerabilities 'features' (Red Hat get large cash from the NSA, and one anon whistleblower says they pass on bug reports to Linus on the NSA's behalf).

>No Way, I only compute with gravitational lensing and cosmic radiation.

I was expecting a potato/amiga joke, or even FORTRAN.

Real men use the Babbage machine and tickertape.

>Just because you didn't directly decide to interfere with your users does not make you anti-censorship.

You're suggesting I'm indirectly interfering with my users to censor them? How exactly?

>That's a thread that was stickied because it clearly took quite a bit of effort.

But an R&D 2 year OS doesn't count? Your metrics are off.

>Yeah, and it works pretty well, and I can get tons of support with a simple search.

Right, but that substantiates my point.

>Now you're just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.

No, they really are phasing out 32-bit support.


https:// www.ghacks.net/2017/09/25/manjaro-linux-phasing-out-i686-32bit-support/


https:// www.archlinux.org/news/phasing-out-i686-support/

Canonical looking to phase out 32-bit:

https:// www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2463756/linux-developers-aim-to-phase-out-32-bit-system-support

CentOS only offers 64-bit from 7 onwards (unless you want to use the community edition):

https:// www.centos.org/download/

OpenSuSe only has 64 bit downloads on offer for newest versions:

https:// software.opensuse.org/distributions/leap

But sure, lets all upgrade to UEFI Microsoft controlled BIOS hardware.

>And here's the heart of the problem, you're in the wrong place to be selling me anything, and frankly your pitch makes whatever you're doing smell like snake oil.

Sell is used as a colloquialism (you're asking for why it's related). It's free.

Refracta replicates, WebTorrent desktop client reseeds (WT works even in web browsers in a pinch). Desktop file calls a script I wrote that fires off ISO creation, handles the renaming/seeding of the ISO.

Rest of TP is cleaning house on Devuan bloat (over 1gb reduced to 656mb) to bring within CD. Docs, caches purged, packages cherry picked for size.

>I think people would rather have an application they can run locally, go to the quest for search-ability thread and see what they've got there.

You could run TP from a CD or inside a VirtualBox if you wanted it 'local', but the latter wouldn't be an optimal usage.

I would propose actually asking the people if it holds interest, though.

>Take your shit to /tech/.

Technology enthusiasts I often find aren't that appreciative, because they're the ones either using Win10, smartphones or systemd to begin with. 'If we pretend it isn't backdoored, it isn't backdoored'.

Same peeps who are only *now* screaming about facebook.

Do you have any boards with paranoid people who would likely appreciate an OS that can't be censored and is doing what it can to kick systemd in the balls?

521828 No.1017334


TempleOS is the only officially licensed operating system of /qresearch/.

2d2c38 No.1017371


It's lack of internet connectivity must make research difficult.

Surprised no-one saw TP's inner joke: Avian over IP.

7a0f02 No.1021189

Damnit BO/BV, will you delete the porn?

E.g. >>1021027

I've reported many, many, many.

It has NOTHING to do with Q research

and with our focus on human trafficking I fail to see how any real sincere anon could find delight in images depicting people as sex objects.

521828 No.1023112


Naked people/porn gets spoilered. Clicking on a spoilered picture is the problem of the clicker. No it will not be removed, lest we find ourselves on a slippery slope.

7d810a No.1033289

BO please delete the shills comments on letters of gratitude!

521828 No.1033833


I'm locking it for tonight. I'll unlock it tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to include your letters of gratitude alongside your fuck BV's below.

00d14a No.1039185


>Bakers will not be distinguished from other Anons.

ya but the BO & BV can distinguish themselves as they wish… why?

Either we are all anonymous or not, currently it's not

Why is it not a reasonable request to be able to distinguish one baker from another?

521828 No.1039444


We're not choosing who's a 'trusted baker' and who's not.

f9bc5b No.1042379

File: 33a51533f1811ba⋯.png (55.96 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - Everything is Pla….png)

File: 18da807a9fd3333⋯.png (57.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - Hunted.png)

File: d005c8c4f58e6df⋯.png (64.31 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - [SHOWERS].png)


While I admire our status as a toxic slime pit, I was thinking maybe our banner could be put to better use. If 8ch's boards are like halfchan, it would allow for a rotation of banners, and I thought it would be great to use the space to cycle through some great Q crumbs.. Nothing too complicated, but I've made a few already.

if rotating banners are not the case, then the quote could be left out entirely, or it could be replaced with a simple 'Q Research' header. Let me know your thoughts. I've got quite a few more in this format already.

I figure it may be worth introducing to the collective, but I wouldn't want to make a slide of everyone jumping on to make banners.

bd0f20 No.1043238

File: 16184c03402f20d⋯.png (29.96 KB, 255x170, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

pleeeeeeeeze sticky Memes18 to the catalog.

3rd request (2 via report)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

4216ab No.1047810

File: cf3b3b08a14b4bb⋯.jpg (238.28 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Ididitforfree.jpg)

e853ae No.1050822



























(((5th REQUEST over 2 days – 3 via report, 2 on Meta)))






















e6d0b4 No.1050870

File: 79ea769c96d2507⋯.jpg (48.3 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 28dsu4~2.jpg)

Fuck off, cannot make new threads…lmao

521828 No.1051127


No. It's plenty popular on it's own.

222f84 No.1051556

'''We have a shill posting anti-Trump memes in Memes18

here and here and here'''







I've reported each post for deletion.

Please delete!

f47293 No.1052017


Looks like there a a number of shills today. Maybe they are getting nervous. It's time to start bringing people down.

3ee3bf No.1052036

File: f8110aeaacb8e69⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 28fawo~2.jpg)

Lmao, can't make new threads, give me a break.

965dcb No.1052046


Talking about shills exacerbates the problem. I think it's best to silently report the offending posts.

3ee3bf No.1052469

File: cdcc1aee07e7e37⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 470x354, 235:177, 28ff4j~2.jpg)


Why are you sniveling useful idiot?

f47293 No.1053294


copy that

60201d No.1054584


Bread #1314 (?& #1314) = baked twinkies.

My impression was the Bread was significant information and/or insight into the issues at hand, as in WWG1WGA.

Not-Notable Notable Posts. This is serious business here, not a farting contest.


60201d No.1054601


Duh. Make that # 1315 (& #1314) etc…..

Too many twinkies, mea culpa.

4ca7bb No.1060104


I would really, really, really, really appreciate it

if you would sticky Memes18 to the Catalog.

This is probably about the 6th request.

My concern is that if it isn't stickied, it is actually possible

that it could fall off the bottom of the catalog.

This actually happened to one of my memes breads

in the past, and I don't want it to happen again.

Losing all of that OC, representing hundreds of hours of the combined time of dozens of anons, would be a disaster,

don't you agree?

Thank you.

The Meme Harvester Anon

f31483 No.1060117

>>1059838 needs to be deleted.

Having problems finding a good baker in Q Research.

I'm a graphicsanon, and it's waaay past by bedtime.

When good bread is made, I'll check my maps are in good then go.

We've got 2x "Q Research General #1321" - 1 of them is full, the other is filling up, and now we've got a dough-less #1322.


457465 No.1060171


CIA's Barry Soreto, aka Hussein ordered Brenan to 187 AS.

ee3571 No.1061435

Can we please get the Side-by-Side thread pinned? Q pointed out tonight how important they are. It needs a bit of cleaning up (deletions of nonrelevant matter). Thank you!

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/93735.html

091d5c No.1062509


May I ask how do you guys leave a question for Q in the main thread? I keep getting the message "over 750 messages" and unable to post my question. Thanks!

00d14a No.1065311


you can post 'em at /comms/ and I'll make sure they don't get lost

521828 No.1066102


Memes is one of the top 10 most popular threads and doesn't need to be stickied.

Side by side is also popular, if it gets slid it will be stickied.


>Playing off the FUD that while there are mods on staff 24 hours a day to prevent catalog slide

521828 No.1066189


>the threads in question will still be slid

00d14a No.1066463


the anons will choose

but they cannot make an informed choice if they cannot tell one baker from another reliably

how many botched bakes are you willing to put up with?

I think I understand part of your objection, and I agree that useage of trips is offensive and counter to the anon creed.

You are incorrect if you think prohibiting trips helps fight the hackers trying to crack Q's pass phrase. All they need do is go to another board on 8chan and try, the whole site uses the same salt for secure trips so that they show up the same on any board. Thus the same trip between greatawakening and qresearch.

I'm not trying to cause trouble, I just see a need to be able to verify certain anons. It is very necesary for the BO & BV to be able to authenticate themselves, I think you'd agree to that useage of trips, I know I do.

I think the situation will get worse as the posting speed increases. It may become necesary for the BO to install an automatic baker of some sort in order to keep the botched bakes and the even more subtle clown edited bakes where specific info is omitted or obfuscated

521828 No.1066529

It's not on the table, whoever said prohibiting trips helps fighting hackers is wrong, it helps from people establishing cults of personality and there is no way trips will be enabled for bakers, period, what is not clear about that?

e551ab No.1069191



7e1e86 No.1070812

File: d696d17cf79eb4e⋯.jpg (479.87 KB, 2320x1176, 290:147, iqt dig.jpg)

Lot's of dupes - your call

Bake's being made/appear changed at end

Pic shows about 90 minutes ago/ but now different - your call

just sayin'

fa590d No.1071102

File: 3c822a7c4a1deeb⋯.jpg (77.52 KB, 472x472, 1:1, 28i936~2.jpg)

100% Support President Trump.

fce4f6 No.1078418

File: a87489391c4e953⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180417-132128.jpg)

they are going to attempt a ff and blame it on Iran. note prior find in news speculating a change in their tactics

eb1872 No.1078507

File: 44810fc36843e4f⋯.jpg (60.65 KB, 464x315, 464:315, 28irst~2.jpg)

82acc3 No.1087161

Test due to prior update

980611 No.1087483


Q. You came to this platform knowing that it could be taken down at anytime.

That if you dropped the RIGHT crumbs it would go into darkness.

From the beginning I presume you had a backup plan for that eventuality.

Do you think that (((THEY))) DID NOT?

Q. What is happening within FEMA?

3af0d4 No.1087867




Dear Q/BO/QResearch Staff,

Here are a few "stupid" questions/suggestions here from a non-coder anon.

My talent is in research and making connections, not coding.

I humbly make these suggestions with the aim of making the research threads and the board itself function more efficiently. I hope that if worthy, they are easy to implement.


Question 1: Can we possibly pin the 'Archive Everything!' thread to the first page?


I think that it is important to have this on the first page of 8ch.net/qresearch, because that is where anons and new anons will come across it if they browse rather than go to a thread directly, and so they will be reminded to “Archive Everything!”.

The more anons that archive everything that is important, the better the risk is spread, the better the insurance.

After all, the research carried out here to prove the public case is the entire reason access has been granted. The more copies that exist, the better the insurance for Q and us Patriots, and the less probability that it may be needed.


The first post of the Archive Everything! Thread should also have a priority guide to what a new anon/ new member of the public (ally) should backup/archive first, and optimally for each thread/backup target, give a rough Mb/Gb space estimate so they can prioritise their archiving.


Burning archives to blank DVDs that are secured off-site in a protective case are probably the cheapest and most convenient way for most public archivers to help, and perhaps this should be suggested.


These are the coding questions. If they have been asked and answered before please forgive, but I couldn’t find answers.

Question 2: Is there a way to enable a global search function for of 8ch.net/qresearch?

It would be very handy at a minimum to have a CNTRL-F type or facsimile function that would enable research-anons to search back over all open threads of 8ch.net/qresearch etc.

In my opinion, this would massively speed up our research by allow better linking to crumbs and evidence that have been overlooked and left behind in the speedy filling of breads.

3af0d4 No.1087871






Question 3: Could we have a new pinned thread to the first page of 8ch.net/qresearch called for example; “QResearch Thread Index”.

This new “QResearch Thread Index” will function as a title page that lists all separate research threads by name, and would have a hyperlink that an interested anon can open by clicking on the thread’s name or starting post.

Separate, dedicated research threads are a good and necessary development, but they all risk being lost on the growing board because there is no existing search function.


Question 4: Because the Qresearch board moves so quickly, and is a prime shill target, could we add something like a dynamic guide to our top current priority research targets #1-5 (for example)?

It could have links to relevant posts with more detailed explanations of tasks/questions.

It could be used for the latest Q post, but will be more valuable for prioritising research and gathering evidence to complete other proofs that are needed or that have been falling by the wayside because the board is so fast and targeted.

For example, (as an illustration);

“Current Top 5 QResearch Thread Goals/Targets.

1. (Q’s latest instruction, of highest priority, to be completed ASAP) ReportLink= >>XXXXXX

2. (Q’s instruction, of next highest priority) ReportLink= >>XXXXXX

3. (Q’s instruction, of medium-term priority) ReportLink= >>XXXXXX

4. Epstein Island(s), tunnel fill subcontractor’s phone leaks, photos from public sources (FB, twitter etc) ReportLink= >>XXXXXX

5. Sir Richard Branson and the Virgin Empire (British billionaire who owns Necker Island, close to Epstein, is there anything there?) ReportLink= >>XXXXXX

Research-Anons- Investigate these and Report back significant findings/conclusions to the thread listed, or to the relevant QResearch Thread Index on the front page.”

Optimally, this top 5 research goals would be moderated by the BO or the trusted anon moderator(s)(a separate baker? / new position; “Research Topic director”?), so the current top #1-5+ search targets would be displayed at the top of the 8ch.net/qresearch page for research-anons.

When a search is completed or another takes priority, a search term could be removed as priority or marked as completed or frozen until later etc. It would operate similar to a Scrum board but be more simple to operate. This would mean that a research-anon like me can visit the board, see what the latest research need is, and go from there. Instead of having to wade through all the posts on the latest qresearch to find a topic to research, and then be unsure if that research question is worthy, has already been answered, (or even adequately answered).

Speaking for myself, I have much relevant research saved from years past, with some searches inspired by curiosity, other by the ‘synchronicity’ of ‘dreams’.

The problem is that I am still unsure if the board already has the answers/evidence needed, and it can be hard to check without risking abuse.

So you sit back and read the stream of ADHD consciousness (I have ADHD too).

Sometimes it is hard to watch when you realise that the wheel was just reinvented, even though a degree of this is to be expected with so many new people and so many bad actors present.

Thank you for your time and your trust, and thank you for this opportunity to try to help.

521828 No.1089068


>1. Question 1: Can we possibly pin the 'Archive Everything!' thread to the first page?

It was already pinned. We're trying to keep it to research threads. Give it a good 'ol bump.

>2. Question 2: Is there a way to enable a global search function for of 8ch.net/qresearch?

Negative but there are backups of the boards available and there are people working on the 'Quest for Searchability'

>Question 3: Could we have a new pinned thread to the first page of 8ch.net/qresearch called for example; “QResearch Thread Index”.

I don't have a problem with this, nor do I have a problem with people submitting their own notables to a thread. Make a thread and drop it in general and see how it does, if it takes off to some degree we will

>Question 4: Because the Qresearch board moves so quickly, and is a prime shill target, could we add something like a dynamic guide to our top current priority research targets #1-5 (for example)?

I sticky dig threads as they come up, especially if they came up because of Q posts, but controlling the hive is not in anybodies best interest, putting the tools in place to control the hive is also not in anybodies best interest.

I do not have a problem with a centralized thread for indexing, nor a thread for notables, and we could probably use a 'Things That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread' thread as well.

bdd2d4 No.1089809

trying to save each bread as ONE LONG PDF/IMAGE, but no screenshot application or console command is able to successfully grab an image of an entire thread.

thats what people we launch fucking cars into space but can't download a fucking 8chan thread as one image, someone help me out

e374a8 No.1090119

File: 59e2836e6934f78⋯.jpg (112.43 KB, 1080x1222, 540:611, earthquake.jpg)


https:// soundcloud.com/user4766069/sets/wu-tang-vs-the-beatles-enter-the-magical-mystery-chambers-the-mixtape\

Kariibi mere päeva esimene tund on midagi värsket ja karge, oodates, et midagi toimub, võib-olla just tänava või järgmise nurga ümber.

3af0d4 No.1090393


Thank you, I understand better now.

7e1e86 No.1092811

click on default:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/index.html

This is the user id that shows up as default:


Tried to get back to it, but it has now been changed. Just passing this along, and also b/c Baker for the last hour didn't add notables that anyone pointed out.

Just an FYI - no response is necessary.

0270a5 No.1093282

File: f6c4dff740f9c53⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 420x329, 60:47, 28fxop~2.jpg)


Q referenced Lexington/Concord

April 19 - May 1

Blood Sacrifice To The Beast, a most critical 13-day period. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19.

April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire - the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire sacrifice with an emphasis on children. This day is one of the most important human sacrifice days, and as such, has had some very important historic events occur on this day.

Remember, the Illuminati considers war to be a most propitious way to sacrifice, for it kills both children and adults.

Some of the very important historic dates that were staged according to this blood sacrifice day are:

(1). April 19, 1775 - Battle of Lexington & Concord, which made the Masonic-led Revolutionary War inevitable

963463 No.1094005

> https:// twitter.com/almostjingo/status/986719069918248960

> https:// twitter.com/almostjingo/status/986717020174483456

457465 No.1094109

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/6084248/isis-video-propaganda-donald-trump-threat-shootings/

John McCain in Syria striking up new propaganda?

0270a5 No.1094176

File: b66559d3192ceac⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x641, 500:641, 28nm3d~3.jpg)

USS Forestall Aircraft Carrier - 134 dead thanks to John McCain.

5af864 No.1095146

Recent Q Posts –

These are falling farther down on the new research posts, but if I have to click on "post too long click here" to see the ids – then I can't see the message contents of the new Q posts by mousing over them. Move them near the top.

0270a5 No.1095480

File: 1b451806eca506a⋯.jpg (58.55 KB, 480x649, 480:649, 28ntks.jpg)

It's happening now.

1229d1 No.1095986


Thanks. Appreciated.

457465 No.1096027


Laura Lynn Fortner, the daughter of Carol and Douglas Fortner of Setauket, N.Y., was married there yesterday to David Anthony Palmieri, the son of Joan and Anthony Palmieri of Mendham, N.J. The Rev. Paul Wancura performed the Episcopal ceremony at the Caroline Church.

The couple received M.B.A. degrees from Harvard University.

The bride, 29, is the director of business development in New York at Turner Broadcasting System International. She graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University. Her father is the president and her mother is the vice president of Advanced Power Technology, an engineered-equipment sales and consulting company in Setauket.

The bridegroom, 31, is the director of product development for the Internet operation of Barnes & Noble, the bookseller, in New York. He graduated magna cum laude from Franklin and Marshall College. His mother retired as the office manager of Schlosser Lewis Insurance in Morristown, N.J. His father is the manager of the Pinch Brook Golf Course in Florham Park, N.J.


1229d1 No.1096028


You guys are working hard to isolate yourselves so that anyone coming here to learn is turned off and goes away. Good job little boys. Way to help Q, the POTUS, and the pursuit of truth. Grow up.

457465 No.1096572

1095728 Q, was this man a high member in worshiping Moloch? Has connections to marrying children of elites? Was he killed for a reason? https:// www.episcopalchurch.org/library/article/beloved-episcopal-priest-87-mourned-new-york-police-seek-his-attackers-home-invasion

0803c6 No.1097503

BO or BV,

Memes 18 has quite a few anti-Potus memes that need to be cleaned out. I reported them as I found them but posting here as well.

dd3795 No.1098474

As we all know, Q recently stated that "we are being set up" (#1174). While I am pretty sure that by "we," Q meant his team…it might still be a good idea to take some sort of precautionary measures, small as they may be.

I think we should put forth a statement condemning vigilantism or acts of violence. Q has not called for it in any way, shape, or form…but putting forth a statement might be more of an obvious disclaimer.

I can think of any number of nightmare scenarios, but here's one: the TNT that was stolen in PA (I think) is used to do something terrible, and the person who does the deed is conveniently found to be an avid follower of this board. While that might backfire (drawing more attention to our work), it might be used as a way to justify searches in order to "track down Q." That would have a chilling effect.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Hopefully we have enough power in the higher ranks that they could appeal to reason and say there has been no call to anything here except patriotism, faith, spreading the truth, and digging…but a statement to that effect, worded effectively, might help.

ef5e0f No.1098648


Before I cause any undo alarm, let me point out how unlikely the scenario is: consider how much shit 4chan has pulled over the years without anything like that having ever happened.

Stiil, this is a long ways off from hacking Scientologists or encouraging famewhores to anhero. This is dragging the Devil into the daylight for all to see.

3fec08 No.1117330

Baker needs current bread numbered with this: #1396 please


963809 No.1118566

File: 723f1198602661b⋯.jpg (150.86 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, IMG_01641.jpg)


e927f9 No.1121752

File: d79bbd9720a813a⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 402x521, 402:521, 28s4bf~2.jpg)

USS Forestall Aircraft Carrier.

4c6091 No.1124722

The wind is called Mariah

Lyrics from an old song from the movie Paint Your Wagon.

The girl in the Scottsdale plane crash was named Mariah Sunshine Coogan. I think she's the girl in the Obama picture. However, Mariah was 23 years old. If the Obama picture was taken in 2010, then Mariah would have been 16, and the girl in the picture looks younger than 16, maybe.

4c6091 No.1124774


Maybe he's calling out Schiff and Feinstein as being behind the plot.

457465 No.1125431


Why would he have Secret Service guarding him already? Was he special already? Were they already keeping his secrets?>>1123575

3f7591 No.1127571

>>419035 is this schennectedy area transit info?

sorry just a wee bit of fun

maga fi,rockemsockem

bif bam kersmack

6f2920 No.1128966

Some cloudflare errors this morning. Anything goin on behind the scenes?

1bb76a No.1137604

File: efa0863b00ca5f8⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 28ui9v~2.jpg)

Meme for Twitter.

a629fd No.1142776


https:// youtu.be/nqbUkThGlCo

a629fd No.1142819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a629fd No.1142841


How is this not front and center?

What is up anons?

096728 No.1143080

Test iOS 11.3 - Java off

5083c9 No.1144484

Why are we still breaking links?

I'm questioing QoL vs OPSEC. No clue myself, but I'd love me to click some links.

ff300e No.1148704


There is no such thing as a "decent ad provider". They are the evil eye. If your solution were "scalable", it wouldn't require ads.

ff300e No.1148738


Just create a script that unbreaks them. Not hard at all.

457465 No.1148767

File: 9521a4cd17e4908⋯.png (612.74 KB, 971x984, 971:984, the answer.PNG)



Here is the answer from someone who was a victim so we don't have to guess.

4a1356 No.1150917


I think you nailed this one. Great work Anon

8c45ec No.1154662

I created a GnuPG signing key pair yesterday which I posted on a key server.

gpg –fingerprint "Q Anon Supporter"

pub rsa4096 2018-04-22 [SC] [expires: 2019-04-22]

CB03 B1E2 539E 68AD 64CD 812D 05F3 44D8 7098 EEF6

uid [ultimate] Q Anon Supporter (Anonymous Q Anon Supporter)

Q is currently using a "trip code" so that we can verify his communication with us. I propose that we start using a GnuPG signing key so that each message can be verified as an original. All you have to do is copy the portion below that begins with


and ends with


into your favourite text editor like nano, vim, or emacs (sorry I do not know what M$ is currently using) and save the file as anyname.asc

Then you can verify it using

gpg –verify anyname.asc to see if the message has been altered or changed by some nefarious creature.


Hash: SHA512

Hi all,

I want to address this message to all of the

paranoid Q Anon supporters out there. There

are many who read this board and trust the

trip code that Q uses. I would like to see

an open pgp signing method using an open

source tool like GnuPG.

When you create an anonymous key using:

gpg –full-gen-key

leave the email field empty or enter a bogus

email address.

After you create your key, use

gpg –send-key key-ID

to send your key to a key server so others can

retrive your public key to verify your posts.

There are many on the dark web who are using

8ch.net/qresearch/ who are not friends and

are doing their best to create a NWO!

We must upgrade our security practices for

our own protection.

This message was created using:

gpg -u "Q Anon Supporter" –clearsign QAnon-Test-Message

This comand creates the file QAnon-Test-Message.asc

This message can be verified by:

gpg –verify QAnon-Test-Message

I hope that this is helpful,

Q Anon Supporter
















8c45ec No.1154750

I thought using GnuPG would be a good idea, but I discovered that 8ch.net adds additional carriage returns and line feeds and also changes the 5 hyphens into 2 long dashes thus the message cannot be verified.

$ gpg –verify test.asc

gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.

gpg: the signature could not be verified.

Please remember that the signature file (.sig or .asc)

should be the first file given on the command line.

Good idea, but not feasible at the present time.

9b8ba5 No.1157101

where is the Q questions/concerns/criticism board? somewhere where all the nonshills that talk like shills can go?

6d8520 No.1161519

Trying to get on to current bread. Having a gateway error. Still having ddos attacks? Or is Q currently posting?

7e1e86 No.1161707

Reporting DOS 6:58pm EST. Several attempts at book marks and last post to follow-on. Your call.

5af864 No.1164345


PLEASE put the most recent Q posts in the first sub-post in the new thread (not in the main thread post.) Not sure if this is a browser-specific thing, or more general, but after expanding the thread top-level post, the links to the Q posts don't show them as tooltips when you mouse over them.

Someone was doing this for a few breads, and it was sublime.

dd3795 No.1166803

File: 6b061d632a09e00⋯.png (84.19 KB, 1244x823, 1244:823, Capture5.PNG)

Do you think you could somehow stress the importance of being brave on some of these anons? For the second time now, I'm stuck being the only one with a file that could have historic value, and nobody has the courage to download it.

The first instance was when I mirrored the liddlekidz sites–for all I knew, I could have been downloading kiddie porn…but of course, there was nothing of the sort. After I got the archives, I set up a torrent so that other anons could dig (and assured them everything was fine). To this day, there are three people seeding it–but at the time, everybody wanted to know what was inside.

Today, I managed to find a copy of the OSF leaks put out by dcleaks.com. It took almost five days of digging to finally find it; there are hundreds of fake torrents out there, and everything else (including the original website) have been taken offline. When I tried to share it (#1453 and #1454), the baker wouldn't even put it into the notables.

I fail to see how 2600+ files, leaked from George Soros's OSF, isn't important. I have files that detail how to get around lobbying laws, strategies for countries around the world…but because one baker decides it isn't important, I'm sitting here trying to broadcast that I have this info so that others will duplicate it, and I know that the people that killed Seth Rich are probably very interested.

I understand that some anons might be afraid of viruses, but I've had some of them tell me that they're afraid of download a .txt file. Really? Do people not understand the difference between data files and executables?

There is safety in numbers, except when you're surrounded by cowards. These are not the anons that go honking in the night so that other anons can triangulate the position of a flag. These are the anons that cry for milk but are afraid to get it because mom forgot to leave the night light on.

457465 No.1167136


Fucking freaky isn't it.

dd3795 No.1170452


We should change the motto to "WWGYGF"

As in "Where We Go, You Go First"

a1461b No.1175892

Why are posts missing from qanonposts.com?

515f3c No.1178864


ee6121 No.1179443

all posts missing after 827 except last one

5a6b79 No.1179596

We have a multiple bread situation!

3x #1476

80e1f9 No.1180395

File: 5673d9ed65ce789⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 915x655, 183:131, moabmemo.JPG)


>>1179951 (previous)

THANK YOU!! Posted last night and got overlooked for the bombshell that it is.

Covers the real reason for the Tarmac meeting.

Scott Bennett we salute you as a true Patriot falsely imprisoned. His intel dating back from 2012!!

Absolutely belongs in NOTABLES.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2954&v=MJ6rFVhiMX8

4c2156 No.1184604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

726d89 No.1186080

No ID should post more than 5X per bread. Surely that can be coded in. Check ID=5202ac, 36 postings this bread so far.

2e38c9 No.1205107

File: db66c255493f66f⋯.jpg (21.87 KB, 507x105, 169:35, errorbox.jpg)

Tried to reply to a reply to Qpost, hit captcha: failed then passed but post didn't show up, even after reload. 2 sucessful posts in /test/. Returned, post still not there, tried again to both Q and the reply, error both times said I needed to make a new thread, but up top it clearly says not to. I got something I'd like to add to the bread.

099011 No.1215399

URLs not being automatically broken,e.g. https:// www.

2e38c9 No.1215519


I know I broke the link the first time. Don't recall if I did the next…Thanks Anon!

42bac9 No.1215670


After you pass the captcha, you have to hit the post button (new reply button) again in the post box and then your post should actually post.

2e38c9 No.1215762


Ah, now that does explain it! Sorry to be so newfag on you, but is there some sort of list of practical helps for things like this? Cuz this was helpful and the FAQ doesn't quite cover everything. Thanks Anon!

d67885 No.1220122

Where can i find a Q w/ US flag?

Thank you.

Love you.

5acb1e No.1222997

Letter of Gratitude


I sent a report should have been posting here. Q did post int he original, technically Im sure the Q post tracking sites will have it and retain it. This thread though will be gone in short order.

Wanted to see if we should archive / retain it somehow. I've done it on my system.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing!

cb76d0 No.1229809

File: 5edddb65065b0b4⋯.png (334.52 KB, 640x360, 16:9, QProof640_360.png)

File: 5f6d801caba1248⋯.png (93.97 KB, 320x180, 16:9, QProof320_180.png)

I wanted to make a suggestion, but it's something that the BO and BV's need to consider: I think we really need a pinned, dedicated thread for proofs–the best of the best, something for people to see when they come here and really understand that this is more than what the media say.

I was going to create it myself, but I realized that in order to do it right, it would need moderation; the shills would have it jam-packed with Nazi Pleidian aliens riding Pindars in minutes.

It's not really my place to add to your workload, so I thought I would just place the graphics here and let you decide if it's something you want.

cb76d0 No.1230698


If someone could come up with a better graphic, I wouldn't mind. I know I'm shite compared to some of the anons here. Also, knowing that your workload is already immense, if you don't think it's a good idea, I may have an alternate solution away from this board. But this place has earned the trust of everyone (including Q-team) for a reason–you guys have proven yourselves for months now, through some crazy moments.

8615f8 No.1231712

I am thinking of opening a thread for newcomers where they can ask questions to how the board works, where they can fiind stuff , what is what, abbreviations and whatever a newfag needs to know…I see so many useless posts, people really thing Q just answers all their questions…so I'd like to pin a board on top to of the catalog for those that do have questions the research board is not suited for…Will do this later today….any suggestions on how nd what is important , is welcome…That way the baker on research board can show the way for newfags, is that an idea?

I've been here since Oct 29th and know a thing or two by now…although never get to go through threads as I'm constantly busy with updating myself on the notables, which would be a good thing for beginners too, before they start posting anything…

Love to hear suggestions, and support for this , back later ! Efficiency EUfag

35e2b8 No.1232241


Thank you! I've been here a couple of months and still don't know what's what. No suggestions. Just many thanks.

d29379 No.1239418

Rapid fire underway. Same theme. Please shut it down.















a5c6c0 No.1240183


>wah wah, the truth triggers me

8615f8 No.1254296



Will start it soon, sorry for the delay, had some urgent matters to take care of!

8615f8 No.1254618


I made the board for beginners!

Could this maybe go in the bread for newfags??


I also hope experienced QAnons help answering questions for the beginners, this way they learn how to get into research and updating fast and find their way easier…

I may be around since end of Oct on the boards, but by no means do I even know everything…

Maybe we can also pin this …it's up to you guys of course!

01c158 No.1266668

File: 08034316cc49661⋯.jpeg (833.73 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, selfdox.jpeg)



>randomly started searching key words in Gog

>Enter: auth478-24zgP

>From post April 26, 2018


>Choose books

>Pic related






f4e410 No.1267803

bumping to help a friend

784ed1 No.1285553

File: c832b0cc28d2c37⋯.png (317 KB, 944x624, 59:39, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cf642b9c668c0e3⋯.png (181.42 KB, 934x164, 467:82, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2b7f50380927baf⋯.png (107.77 KB, 808x117, 808:117, ClipboardImage.png)

The link for Memes18 does not work but that bread still exists in the catalog. Can you investigate?


Something weird going on. The bread still exists in the catalog because I can navigate to it from a browser bookmark that I saved when I created that bread.


I don't know what to say. Weird.



93bfba No.1286142



The (((mods))) are censoring the truth again.

a147b5 No.1289272

File: dbf1927b95b7268⋯.png (34.96 KB, 545x329, 545:329, Stop_Fake_Q.png)

Does this work?

120a44 No.1298270

BO - Q needs you to whitelist a new trip. See /patriotsfight/

8615f8 No.1299310



Can this board please be pinned down?

For newfags

6de62e No.1301407

File: 3eb6826fd2f1f16⋯.png (9.56 KB, 316x159, 316:159, itstime.png)

What is POTUS waiting for? It's time!

f056af No.1302499


f056af No.1302539

File: 125c1e7f9a5ab42⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, 20151222_Neil_Keenan_Histo….jpg)

Q crumb= Dragon energy 11-11-18?

https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny/ relates

f056af No.1302567

File: 40341f66ed9d9d5⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1600x1110, 160:111, ClipboardImage.png)

http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.nl/2010/10/world-global-settlement-funds.html This basically sums up the whole cabal corruption in a short chronological order in a easy to understand format. A must read!!!

f056af No.1302626


This basically sums up the whole cabal corruption in a short chronological order in a easy to understand format. A must read!!!http://neilkeenan.com/history-events-timeline/

d561c3 No.1302631

File: 3770823eef381e7⋯.png (24.11 KB, 408x180, 34:15, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at ….png)


REMINDER: Q team is still awaiting the activation of the new tripcode.


In the post (pic related), there's 4 BOOMs Q Team wants to give us. We're anxiously awaiting your confirmation.

f056af No.1302652

File: c1f2c42ccf0a498⋯.png (604.53 KB, 650x630, 65:63, ClipboardImage.png)

Dragon energy, 11-11-18 q crumb, match!!!! must read!!! http://neilkeenan.com/history-events-timeline/

fcbf49 No.1309608


So much detail…. Fansastic (real) history lesson

cb76d0 No.1310120

File: cda69732e43ab37⋯.png (71.85 KB, 534x309, 178:103, Capture.PNG)

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, BO–hope you get better soon. When I was young, I learned a valuable healing skill while playing baseball: if you've got an ailment, just "rub some dirt on it." Apparently it can heal sprained ankles, bad days…just about anything. j/k

Seriously, though–this board has one serious weakness: the fact that anyone can be a baker. I can't even begin to imagine how many good posts have fallen by the wayside because some bakers either can't recognize their significance, don't want to, or simply are not interested in anything that doesn't come in the form of a meme. Everyone knows beggars can't be choosers, and clearly there have been a lot of times where bakers have been in short supply. But I might have a solution that could deal with the problem of the baker shortage and the risk of low-quality (or even subversive) breads: have the bakers identify themselves with whitelisted, published tripcodes.

Here's how it would work: make a new, stickied thread entitled something like "verified baker tripcode bread." Have everyone that wants to be a baker come up with a double-secure tripcode, and post it in that bread. Put all of those on the whitelist, and keep a list of the good ones at the top. Whenever a baker makes a new bread, have them do so with their tripcode entered–that way, posters can check against list to see whether or not a reputable baker is on the job. If the baker is terrible and enough posters lodge legitimate complaints (in that bread as well), take the baker's tripcode off the whitelist. In that manner, breads would become "branded."

In order to prevent famefagging, make a rule that those tripcodes only be used in the baking of the bread. Breaking that rule would result in the tripcode being taken off the whitelist–either for some length of time or permanently, depending on the transgression.

You wouldn't be reducing the pool of bakers–you would just be allowing posters the ability to identify the good ones. By whitelisting baker tripcodes, you would be granting them access to a rare commodity: a public identity, which would double as a sort of "seal of approval." It would also help you to decide which breads to keep when duplicates show up. Finally, this wouldn't prevent anyone from making a bread–they just wouldn't be able to do it with an established tripcode. This is no different than what is happening now.

I'm no baker, but I recognize that it is a thankless job–why not allow them the ability to one day show their kids that they're the owner of that famous, reliable, "good baker" tripcode? By allowing them the ability to brand their work you would instill a sense of personal responsibility, pride, and perhaps even foster some competition among the ones that need it. It's also a step-up from taking screenshots of (you)'s.

Allowing posters the ability to separate good from bad is good for the evolution of the product. In the case of bad bakers with good intentions, they might come to recognize what makes a good baker, and work at improving their skills. At the very least, it will allow posters to know that they should double-check the bread.

Again, I recognize that this would add to your workload somewhat. You could minimize this by evaluating the list once a week.

Anyway, again, I hope you feel better. I don't know if your dirt is as good as ours, but maybe someday, long down the line after we've won, I can mail you a bit of ours. We've got lots.

6b7c22 No.1310143

File: 8df265368d19a0f⋯.png (266.74 KB, 626x642, 313:321, wojack002.png)

7dde23 No.1312822

Having strange issues since /patriotsfight/ activation. Check boxes next to the names, unable to filter most of the time??

614034 No.1315811

I wonder if people should go through Corsi's books and see how much he plagiarizes and I wonder how much they are hiding offline about him.

2a96eb No.1317517

is bo here or bv

2a96eb No.1317601

I need BO

988dc8 No.1318140


I never had to get ahold of you before so im not sure this is the place.

ill keep open and await ur reply

2aaa81 No.1318639

File: 311a2345e31ca99⋯.mp4 (3.08 MB, 626x360, 313:180, The man I voted for.mp4)

The real Trump the man I voted for, Trump is right up there with George Washington.

95a8ad No.1318814


yes thank you, im not one to bitch… this is me first time bitching.

if it was for something i did wrong id accept it with an apology, but this is not right.

5281bd No.1321408

thank you bv for unbanning me

f806ab No.1322079

File: 3c760069e1fc757⋯.jpg (202.87 KB, 886x953, 886:953, chesslogo.jpg)


eurotwf@g runs the warroom meme assault

and petition division

get his ass back in here ASAP

if he did something stupid, move on



d2f7b1 No.1322387

Found him!

Welcome back.

106d8d No.1322432

bakeranon here…i got permabanned right after this post…help a brutha out?

<phonefagging sucks

>>1320898 (i forgot tag in post)

5e05e6 No.1326360


does this work??

5e05e6 No.1326364


thanks for helping brother out anon!


Thanks for unbanning me.

scared the bejesus out of me.

Thanks again


ebe51a No.1326676


I think something has happened to BO. I'm scared to even post this because the Anon who speak out get banned & there have been many complaints to BO on META that got deleted. I have screenshots. Save everything!

5ce8fd No.1334721


Possibly we may all be out of luck soon with internet…

Q, Please tell President Trump to roll back the EO about broadband! The 5G is going to kill humanity. Please watch this! Many of you listen to Sean on SGT report!!! listen! https://youtu.be/pIYPnOM-SXs

5cf0a5 No.1338857

File: 04881e0152db579⋯.png (114.88 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5763.PNG)

BO - good to see you back & hopefully feeling better. Can you please unban my attached IP please. There were a lot of bans while you were gone & I got upset and posted about them because I thought you said you didn't want BV to ban anymore.

I've done a lot of digs that have made notables, memes, & Qs posted on my posts. I'm SC Anon & phonefagging sux. There is no way to learn baking on the phone.

If you are good with all the bans & posts that were directed to you on META being deleted then I will keep my mouth shut. TY.

a04686 No.1339208


Ban lifted.


Nothing has happened to me, chill out.



Sorry I'm late. What can I do for you?

b9ee3f No.1339300

1ddef6 No.1342845



Can I get my permaban lifted, too?

No screencap, but my banned IP is "…eQk.DNx"


ba44cc No.1343473


Congratulations, Q Team on an other objective accomplish :)

a04686 No.1346862


Alright. Lifted.

c7ee8f No.1349934

stupid question, maybe it doesn't belong here.

Q posts link today with http:// prefix. link works.

qanon.pub mirrors link, but with https:// prefix. link no worky.

error in qanon.pub parsing.

639242 No.1350103


I can read the article now.

Good catch!

39069d No.1373902

Q posted on a side board.

May 11 18:30

R: 489 / I: 65 / P: 1 [R] [G] [-]

Alex Jones and Corsi saying Q is compromised.

So that should be added to the bread of the General Board.

1c2260 No.1375841


Just checked FB, I could see no backlash against Q there. I checked Gab, there was a little there, but there always has been, much like you see on the boards.

cb76d0 No.1378184

Regarding censorship:

I was thinking about it, and I might have a solution that pleases both the "no censorship ever" shills and the "censor shitposts" crowd: don't delete the shitty posts, just move them to a "shit" thread specifically set aside for them.

A big part of the problem with those who complain about censorship is that we often have no idea that was censored. I'm positive shills come here and try to undermine confidence in the board, so they post garbage then accuse you of removing important truths. You've displayed your commitment to transparency–I believe by handling things in this manner, you'll be able to maintain that commitment while also clearing up the boards somewhat. Anons would also have the opportunity to see what is being banned and decide for themselves.

Actually, didn't you have things set up like that before? I remember you giving examples of banned posts–were those just screenshots or did you have those posts set aside?

And again, don't let these assholes get you down. Anybody can start a board if they wish, but Q has stuck with this board for a reason. I have yet to see evidence of anyone that was banned for anything relevant or helpful.

b9ee3f No.1380420

File: 5c1c4394502f5c3⋯.png (258.04 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5988.PNG)

File: 0c6383f36f9f858⋯.png (290.82 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5989.PNG)

File: 5e0d3bf9c97b983⋯.png (276.92 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5991.PNG)

File: 5a501a03043502b⋯.png (361.62 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5997.PNG)

File: 3a57bdd7741d61e⋯.png (204.74 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5998.PNG)


I'd love to know why BV/BO deleted messages on this META thread that was posted to BO last week when BV started banning everyone. There were multiple Anons complaining about the bans but yet there posts disappeared. I noticed & captured a couple- mine included.

WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE FIGHTING FOR ALL PUR FREEDOMS! Either you are with us or against us. 8Bit you said you had taken BVs power away months ago but yet it happened again- which is what made the board split & pissed off Anons, bakers and diggers.

We can decide what we want to see for ourselves…these boards are literally our records & deleting or banning Anons causes Anons to distrust. The worst thing you can do to Anon is take their voice away. I've been banned on all 3 of my IPs because I speak out about the banning (work, cell phone & home). I've been called AIM shill, Bot, & banned for no reason at all. We also know BV hops IPs and also will post on her own posts to show that she has support for the board Chaos that he is causing- they've been caught by other Anons. It is almost like BV has a list of the IPs that speak out & then targets them.

When you got sick is when everything went to shit AGAIN- so what is truly up?

I'm posting past bans & posts on here that were deleted.

I know you can go through the ban history & see that Anons were banned for saying "Amen", supporting POTUS & for speaking out against the bans.

Stop the censorship- or you will lose your board.

I will be amazed if this doesn't get me banned. I'm recording the board.

c7ee8f No.1384058

BO i have a question.

can filters be set so that my posts are only seen by certain operators without my knowledge?

not asking for a favor, asking if my posts can be hidden/pre-filtered without my consent.

trying to figure something strange out.

99cca4 No.1395083


Arizona [48] state to join union

c7ee8f No.1396754


(i don't mean on an individual basis - i know that individuals can filter me out one at a time, on their own - what i mean is…does the board software allow you to 'soft ban' me, so that my posts only show up to admin, or something like that? i know the old .php boards could do it, and i feel like…sometimes some people don't see what i say.

i know that sounds paranoid, but, and well, maybe it is.

but i can't shake it.)

d2e9f3 No.1402300

Having a problem using the board with Chrome - takes forever to load and most time will never load. It used to work fine with Chrome, but no longer. FF works fine and so does Vivaldi. Clear all caches, cookies, history, etc.


eb4236 No.1402753

Simple solution. Use firefox install https everywhere ad block plus for starters. Plenty more plugins. Just my opinion. Don't use facebook..

d2e9f3 No.1402836


Pretty much had to - I'm just curious as to why it will no longer load (UBlock, https everywhere, etc. installed on Chrome and FF)

dffeab No.1403436


Why did the second loaf of Biblefags vs Unleavened bread get deleted?

We just finished up the first bread, which can still be found in the catalog. We had 751 posts so I figured it was a success. The second loaf had around 10 posts and I went to respond to a couple anons and noticed it was deleted?

What up with that? We biblefags like a place to spit some prophecy and invoke the Holy Ghost up in hur. Had a lot of UID's on the first loaf.

thanks BO, I know how hard you work

33dd27 No.1403708

File: 27b30fff54af8ea⋯.png (136.34 KB, 704x843, 704:843, ClipboardImage.png)

I was banned wrongfully and would like to be unbanned by BO to continue research.

33dd27 No.1403758

File: ac056da5cfee5ce⋯.png (559 KB, 1248x979, 1248:979, ClipboardImage.png)

I've been banned from qresearch for posting a unique proof that the earth can't be flat.

I've posted this a few times and even asked for help from other anons to help me solve this problem wich I think relates to qresearch.

I've gotten no repley's in wich I was told I was shilling or sliding because you can't disprove this fact.

I also think that my postnrs. speak for themselves almost all double digit at the end !!!

I reposted these pics because I thought it was relevant with the last Q about fighting for thruth.

You guy's must be able to see what i have been posting lately …no spam intensions.

Honest and truthseeking anon has been permabanned for speaking out the truth.

Not shilling or sliding maybe shocking the brain but I thought we should do that to find truth.

Perhaps some boardvolunteers have a biased point of view concerning FE but it's not 8chan to censor honest respectfull posts I hope.

I ask you to review my case and lift my ban so I can help MEGA again.

Nothing but love and respect to all BO/BV.

5a55d6 No.1404897


If you were blocked, you would not be able to post this. Let me ask you a question - WHAT does this theory have to do with saving the world or taking down the cabal? There is a whole section in here on UFO's and FE/Globe talk. I think you just don't know how to find your previous posts. Again - HOW is this going to take down the EVIL and bring GOOD? It is NOT TIME to explore your theories. You are just sidetracking people.

33dd27 No.1405127


I wasn't able to post …you can see >>1403708

I even sent a mail to administrator to ask for help , he told me to try meta …i did and i was still banned.

Asked admin for a link to contact BO , he sent me catalog and told to try metathread , I tried again and it worked…guess my ban was lifted thank god.

In my free tought process ball earth is the biggest lie of cabal and can be proven wrong so that's why it's relevant.

I will think better of what to post in the future to prevent another ban.

Must say I was very dissapointed with the way the ban was given without any warning and seen the regular content of my postss ….

Shit happens! Let's start MEGA


33dd27 No.1405249

Out of respect of this board anon will not post in researchthread untill BO gives me his approval!

BO can you please let me know if you're ok with this? Maybe enlighten it a little bit .

21cd1d No.1406000


Flat Earth has fuckall to do with Q and you dipshits already have your own thread. There's plenty of valid reasons to be pissed at BV for being a fuckup but getting rid of psyop trash like that from general gets a +1 in my 'Don't remove anything from general' book.

>Go Outside

>Travel to Coastal City

>Get guy to take you 75 miles off the coast

>Look around, notice the earth has a bend to it




d2f7b1 No.1408727

File: 6334c978663a8d0⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 5760x4544, 90:71, FlatEarth&MuhJoosSittingIn….jpg)


There were 100+ threads with 0-10 replies that I cleaned up starting from last pages in the catalog about a week ago, and it sounds like yours was one of them. I'm sorry. It's not the content it's a protection in place against people who want to push our general breads off the board.


Your 'movement' has interesting bed fellows. [See the first few and last few posts of pic]

33dd27 No.1408961


I can understand you guy's suffer under a lot of hard work to keep things smooth . much respect!

My pic was a little shillish I have to agree ..copypasted from my original work posted earlier ..(ending all double digits!)

and didn't provided the scientific sauce a solid post should have.

That saying I also think the ban was to quick and for me a shock because honest anon knows this is the board to be.

I'll keep my FEproofs quit for now untill anons catch up a bit.

Thanks for re…

Hope we are smooth…. new Q's make my research and postvibes ichy!

09e9f7 No.1409050

Bread 1767 - current bread - looks to me like we have a shill baker. I don't know if this is where I report this, I did do a report on the baker in the bread, but if that report goes TO the baker then it won't make a difference. So, sorry if this doesn't belong here, I just want to make sure BO gets a look at it and makes a decision on it, I could be wrong.

83fddf No.1413307

please delete 1413270

2d496e No.1420509

So the biggest criminals in society run for office so that they get protection? No wonder all the politicians are crooked

10a1b4 No.1431828

Hi anons, I tried to post a couple of time and it has not allowed me to post even to the general thread, is there an issue with the board.

b9ee3f No.1436885


If you can post here you should be able to post in the General. Try closing out your browser & then logging back in.

ad806f No.1456602

>>We have it all

and you cant stop preplanned school shootings

>>when bad news is about to break

You even know when to look extra hard.

Only me starting to smell incompetence, or worse?

69424e No.1457495


Please delete the following accidental, duplicate bread:


Q Research General #1829: Avalanche Emergency Edition

e05011 No.1466691



Some asshole just inferred a threat to the royal wedding. I think they're trying to set the boards up for investigation in the event it does happen. We need to let Codemonkey know.

I don't know what the proper response would be--inform an authority? Then we likely get investigated anyway; not that I'm afraid, but it still means they get the chilling effect they want. Do we assume Q has it handled? That seems reasonable. But the best bet would be to inform Codemonkey asap and let him decide.

435e5c No.1474552

Was the password release planned between Q and BO? It just happened whilst BO was on here huh.

cb76d0 No.1477172

someone just doxxed themselves:


Maybe you can show them some mercy? Sounds like some anon's grandpappy, hopped on to concernfag.

c5533b No.1482113

Just saying thanks for this often thankless job you do, and especially recognizing your recent efforts as an emergency baker for several threads. Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

d29379 No.1484837

File: 2b646b23828d892⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 184x94, 92:47, 1.JPG)

Just a typo on today's date

cb76d0 No.1489743

BO, BVs, I think we might have had our "SKY event," or one of them, last night...and I think it was happening right underneath our noses.

It starts in Bread #1855--there's a lot of banter in there, but here's the most notable post:


...were we visited by POTUS last night?

Skeptical, right? Read on...

In Bread #1856, anons noticed that there were no US military planes in the sky over the US around midnight PST--not one. We have 13,362 airplanes (that we know of)--these planes need to be moved around from base to base for repair, refueling, training, etc. So for them to either a) all be on the ground at once, or b) be taken entirely off of every tracking system is a big thing.


Also, in the previous bread you'll notice that it got suddenly very, very quiet and slow (hence the name of bread #1856). Anons were amazed that the shills just suddenly disappeared (BV should remember--he remarked on it). Did they really disappear, or were they wiped off the board?

Earlier today, Q posted a mesage that ended with:





Now compare that to this post from #1856:


In fact, if you go through breads #1855, and especially #1856, you'll see all kinds of signals that something was happening. For instance, there was at least three instances where anons posted military insignia:




And there was this post in #1855:


then this post in #1856:


But dig deeper into the posts, and you'll start to realize that a huge proportion of the drops were significant. Check out the posts by these ids in #1856:


(9d1db5 seems important, but not this thread)




(most of these anons were speaking to each other, and there's probably more)

I can't overstate how important some of these posts might be. For instance, you have:

>>1478123 (might help with the map--a function to place posts in a certain order, maybe)

>>1478245 (intentional misspellings? Caps? Suggesting BA (British Airways) plane attack from /badguys?)

Finally, you have this post here:

(bread #1856)


I think last night was big.

I just hope POTUS didn't jump onto id 7a9f76:



The reason I'm posting here is because I think many of these anons were a part of Q-team, from all over the world most likely, and I think they were dropping hints. I'm pretty sure I saw the lion images posted by id 1ec3d8 (#1856) a few times throughout the day. Maybe they weren't just posting big hints last night--maybe they've been doing it for awhile, and have gone unnoticed. But if possible, maybe you could check the hash trace and see if there's anything else interesting? Judging by some posts in #1856, they can pretty much change IPs at will, so there's a good chance that anything tied to that IP would be left there on purpose.

cb76d0 No.1489948


My mistake--this should be replaced:

>Finally, you have this post here:

>(bread #1856)


Here's a few other hints from that bread:



and my id for those breads was:

8d900e (#1855)

c54256 (#1856)

...so yeah, those weren't the significant posts.

d4bf07 No.1492756

and now images denied

b090eb No.1492762






a9ad7c No.1492767

Ruh-roh ….

c5aa82 No.1492790


help, Baker passed out, can't post new bread now?? can't extract pictures?

3aef17 No.1492798




behind the curtain?


b090eb No.1492800

…Last bread # is 1874. Last post was at 9:24 EST. Now over 30 min with no new bread.!!! Bread alert, bread alert, bread alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6a9a48 No.1492802

Yo CM. Board quirky as hell. Catalog has no auto update. Images won’t load.

bbae9c No.1492804

We were warned, the attacks would get worse..


39069d No.1492808

WTF is going on here. I am an addict with no fix.

c5aa82 No.1492829



New Bread

a9ad7c No.1492840


Thank you 😊

cb76d0 No.1493814

Can't post in a general thread.

If this gets through and QuantumAnon sees this, I want one of those hats you mentioned in #1857.

6e7d31 No.1496351

This struck me as odd. It is an article from Heavy.co on July 5, 2017 titled "Miosotis Familia: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know". I am going to share it as it was written.

"Another witness, Jay Marzelli, told the Daily News that he was in a nearby bodega when he saw between 40 and 60 police officers yelling for a paramedic and telling people to clear the area."

“It looked like there was a riot going on and two seconds later I hear gunshots, ‘bam, bam’ and then the police officer was just lying there in front of the stationary precinct — right here on Creston,” Marzelli said.

It could be nothing. But it appears the 40-60 were there BEFORE Familia was murdered. It is also possible the article was written poorly.

b30553 No.1496825

Where da Bread man?

4bdd7c No.1496829

Is bread habbening?

a331cf No.1504433

I'm posting this info here about the "Yellow Rose" thread. I researched that guy because he made threats to me, and well, I didn't like that. Insinuated a gang would be fucking with me. So, I researched his ass and posted his own pics back in his face, if he has one, in an effort to shut him down and neutralize his demoralizing bs he or bots or AI keeps posting.

I left him a last message over on his psyop rose. There's likely code in that. He believes he's Quantum….

He should be deleted. Read his shit for yourself and you'll see why. He runs lots of ids. He was blocked accused of being a Crimean or Russia bot. Claims: "I program the cicada game Q is run by Quantum AI"


shows stalin.institute

"Czech Republic"

Also has

Jara Da Cimrman@3t1n4rc4d14







H3R3IAM pulled up an Instagram with 2 pictures. One an ice machine I recognized from some thread. Also saw #tweeker & #shArds which are slang words for crack

There is a lot of shit on the things that don't need their own thread thread. He uses blue headers and continuously switches up ids. Even on the rose thread

Sorry for doxxing him, but had to be done. Totally fucking with Q, me and hard working sincere Patriots.

May want to Delete this post too

fff233 No.1504454


I ran into that guy on Twatter under 2 of his IDs.

Blocked after 2 posts. Seems like a fucking demon to me.

b9ee3f No.1513106

File: 2e5d4dcd7664a8c⋯.png (140.87 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6534.PNG)

File: 0dc356916cb2f66⋯.png (229.89 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6535.PNG)

File: 35dc99bb6a5b4bc⋯.png (225.91 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6536.PNG)

File: 09042a6754f9f34⋯.png (281.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6537.PNG)


Thanks for sharing Anon. I've run into some major issues on Twatter this week. I will follow back those who follow me that have a "conservative", "MAGA" "Trump", "Q", etc… description in their Twat bio…. well I guess I must have followed back some hard core Q hating clowns because I got attacked like hell this week for posting about Q on Twatter. These mutha fkrs came out of the woodwork & the once one latched a hold (made a Q is a LARP response to one of my posts) then they all started replying & supporting each other. It was almost comical to see but yet scary because that has never happened b4.

I use a fake Twitter account for my Q posts & memes because of being Anon & I would not doxx people but I'm curious if you've come across the twitter account in my puc related.?

The attacks on Q & supporters are hitting heavy now & will get worse as they say.

fbf60a No.1519503

Can we please resticky the meme library thread?

6e7d31 No.1519797

"Republicans Announce They're Going After Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI For Crimes" -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XR97EgcihlU

It is happening.

cb76d0 No.1521061

BO, BVs,

Feel free to archive my "+'s leaked files" bread. I'm involved in a ton of different things right now, and that line of work doesn't seem to be drawing too much attention. I think everyone knows that /ourguys "have it all," so combing through a lot of weasel-worded files for analysis seems redundant to most.

I have no idea how many have downloaded the files, but I'm sure it's hundreds, or even thousands. When the focus returns to Soros again, perhaps we can re-examine them to corroborate for proofs. But with things heating up right now, there are probably other breads that deserve the space more than that one.


493237 No.1525822

File: 99d26e4fafe3a5d⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1680x945, 16:9, DQmYh7CB2f8cGMBZUneuyepf1F….png)

Q said: Watch the Water

In my area the water tastes a lot better. It tastes like filtered water now and I learned it has recently been de-fluoridated and de-cholorinated. Thanks Q?!

cbd465 No.1529276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


11The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from the water, because it had been made bitter.

cbd465 No.1529283


Revelation 8 is talking about a meteor shower, {sky event} they poisons the WATER ON THE EARTH. {watch the water}

9bb28d No.1531338

Can someone please tell me. How do I get rid of the giant distracting burning Q that has now started appearing on the page?

83fddf No.1534162

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https:''//''www.youtube.com/embed/vPiTWghDzpA" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

83fddf No.1534191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

83fddf No.1534192


fucking finally

fdae21 No.1548357

Too many stickied threads in my opinion. On phone in non catalog, general is the last shown thread on page 1 for me.

649cd5 No.1551424


you need to squash this false rumor





b9ee3f No.1552525


Agreed Anon. General should be much closer to the top. Not sure why so many threads are stickied.

649cd5 No.1553052


please disregard

I was wrong, CM has posted confirmation on twitter

d2e9f3 No.1553064

Board Question - What's the deal with searching? Difficult to brute force your way through so many breads, but searching doesn't seem to work - what am I doing wrong?

26c510 No.1553121


Try this site! The board itself isn't very searchable.


d2e9f3 No.1553278


Wow, this is great, ty, Anon!

c805a4 No.1555915

××× Question to Board Owner ×××

Thank you for *.pdf capabilities mentioned in previous bread(s).

Does this mean, Anons can download these *.pdf files like the ones from pacer.gov (i.e. motions, complaints, transcripts. etc.) and upload these files to your board on 8ch.net/qresearch?

Thank you BO and BV for all that you do.

120a44 No.1558459

BO - on the main catalog page, possibly specify that it is CM's trip that is compromised? (so as not to cause alarm or speculation about Q's trip)

1eb409 No.1571046

File: 608994e51c93118⋯.jpg (696.94 KB, 1518x784, 759:392, Vacation.jpg)

558f88 No.1571296

BO did you delete the filters thread? It disappeared.

3bd690 No.1571304

558f88 No.1571337


weird could not see it earlier. did we have too many threads or something?

1eb409 No.1572563

File: 76b1b3a375acbf2⋯.jpg (173.05 KB, 1366x962, 683:481, hogg2.jpg)

File: 94bef99ee29420c⋯.jpg (497.17 KB, 1382x1727, 1382:1727, hogg1.jpg)

File: 308643d18bf3d7f⋯.jpg (740.72 KB, 2760x1878, 460:313, hoggs.jpg)