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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, Q_Anon Flag.png)

649d32 No.1833803

Welcome To Q Research General

...when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

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Wednesday 06.20.2018

>>1831799 ----------------------- They want you DIVIDED!

>>1829713 ----------------------- DOJ forced to supply.

>>1828656 rt >>1828594 ---- (Sheila Jackson Lee is) Part of the club.

>>1828504 rt >>1828481 ---- Spelling error due to mobile.

>>1828481 ----------------------- FF Prevented.

Tuesday 06.19.2018

>>1823560 rt >>1823342 ---- Thank you ALL for your service!

>>1822846 rt >>1822797 ---- It's Collusion!

>>1822797 rt >>1822727 ---- Coinkydink #589462443

>>1822612 ----------------------- More Confirmation of Q's proximity to POTUS

>>1821327 rt >>1821067 ---- It's 45!

>>1817047 ----------------------- What a wonderful day.

>>1816809 ----------------------- The American people are NOT STUPID.

>>1814509 rt >>1814421 ---- What is this? Would she know? (Re: Sheila Jackson Lee, On RR and firing on Friday)

>>1814421 rt >>1814299 ---- ([JPC]). What a coincidence.

>>1814067 ----------------------- Sample. Why so much attention?

>>1813048 ----------------------- DECLAS. LP “Viva Le Resistance.”

>>1809336 ----------------------- Free Iran!!! Fight, Fight, Fight

Monday 06.18.2018

>>1808021 rt >>1807979 ---- You asked for popcorn

>>1807982 ----------------------- Amanda Renteria. Bridge LL & HRC...

>>1805429 ----------------------- No name absent. End near?

>>1805203 rt >>1805065 ---- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nIBa7VLumWk

>>1804985 ----------------------- Articles on John Huber, Sessions & a Grand Jury

>>1804576 rt >>1804036 ---- Grand Jury in place?

>>1803997 ----------------------- Poof! (Q Post from 10.29.17)

>>1803264 rt >>1803191 ---- Amanda Renteria

>>1803151 ----------------------- Autists catch the exchange re: POTUS private calls w/ Kim (new number) via iPhone?

>>1798840 ----------------------- Did you know?

>>1798425 rt >>1798338 ---- Ability to share [open]

>>1798337 ----------------------- What a wonderful day

>>1795210 rt >>1795201 ---- Message not for Anons. (re: >>1794770 )

>>1795178 ----------------------- http://www.tehrantimes.com/news/424351/EU-is-taking-steps-to-protect-companies-in-Iran http://iran-daily.com/News/216823.html

>>1794770 ----------------------- D Morning sun brings heat

>>1794676 ----------------------- /patriotsfight/64

>>1794562 ----------------------- J C

>>1794556 ----------------------- Eggshells

>>1794536 ----------------------- http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/04/fired-white-house-official-joins-doj-at-trumps-insistence.html - Important to remember.

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are not endorsements


>>1823339 Follow the signs, the truth is in front of you

>>1783948, >>1789875 BO clarifies /qresearch/ CSS updates. This kills the kvetchers.

>>1780275 Board Owner Post Regarding New CSS Applied

>>1746620 ; >>1746924 Announcements From The War Room

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags


>>1833687 Who's Hungry For Some RICO?

>>1833638 REVEALED: Christopher Steele Visited State Department Shortly Before 2016 Election

>>1833615, >>1833636 EU Votes for Memes Ban & Censorship Machines

>>1833520 Melania Calls Secret Service About Threat to Her Son by Peter Fonda

>>1833431 Ellen Gunter Dig Update

>>1833333 Quints Confirm!!

>>1833285 DOJ IG investigating "seditious abuse" by HRC and Co.

>>1833278 Libya Before & After Hillary

>>1833274 Spicy Tweet from Thomas Paine on Fonda

>>1833243 Raised eyebrows as Madeleine Albright & Bana Alabed to be honored for ‘defending freedom’


>>1833218, >>1833329, >>1833449 Planefag Updates


>>1832303 Berkeley demands forced depopulation to halt “climate change crisis”

>>1832349 Dems vowing to dump Pelosi

>>1832368 Mexican gov’t approves privatized water

>>1832449 Wireless companies and their usage of metadata

>>1832499 Reporter whose work led to FISA warrants was “recruited” by HRC

>>1832626 Twitter takes 20 hours to remove tweet advocating murder of ICE agents

>>1832662 Pentagon ready to assist DHS with migrants

>>1832713 Anon questions on border crossing, illegality, motives, costs, legislators, and what happened to the kids

>>1832723 Children from southern border brought to NYC after being separated from families

>>1832774 POTUS announces new waves of attorneys and marshals

>>1832796 ; >>1832802 ; >>1832972 '''EO signed:’’’ Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Separation

>>1832821 Manhunt for another psychopath threatening POTUS

>>1832998 Misspelling in EO title text


>>1831545 ; >>1832053 ; >>1832089 Bryne v. CF et al. - RICO case

>>1831553 ; >>1831594 ; >> Planefag Updates: The Slim Pickin’s Edition

>>1831605 WH statement on addressing the threat of near-Earth object impacts

>>1831618 On the ancient lineage of the cabalists (commentary/speculation)

>>1831647 Biological bomb attack on Germany thwarted

>>1831713 Jane Fonda Center’s mission statement

>>1831801 Sessions: “We don’t want to separate parents from kids.”

>>1831905 Sessions looking into DNA tests to verify migrants who cross border

>>1831914 On “They want us DIVIDED.” (analysis)

>>1832019 Analysis: Comes Reopened HRC case because good FBI agents leaked info to Congress

>>1832060 Army discharges communist scumbag West Pointer

>>1832208 Assange: A Brief History


>>1830857 DJT to sign immigration-linked EO today

>>1831007 ; >>1831066 Q IP switch for most recent post

>>1831057 Antifa spreads ICE agent identities

>>1831104 On Evelyn Farkas, a WH staffer “on record”

>>1831114 Bloomberg spending $80M on Dems midterms

>>1831129 GE kicked out of the DOW

>>1831166 On Doctors and Q Posts (analysis)

>>1831398 After “head tax” fails, mayor looks to turn city hall lobby into shelter

>>1831409 Banks in GA refusing to serve gun manufacturers


>>1830012 Trump will sign something

>>1830020 [SJL] Q asked "would she know?"

>>1830055 China-based hack campaign breached satellite, defense companies: according to Symantec

>>1830072 Dig on this for connections Manos Pequeñas Any

>>1830097 MD+DC area Armed & Dangerous man who threatened the life of the President is on the run

>>1830175 President Trump 5D Chess Master

>>1830148, >>1830179 De Niro Meat and Fudge packing nearby Standard connects .

>>1830194 Air Force clears B-1B bomber fleet to resume operations

>>1830227 [CANCER] research info

>>1830266 immigration info

>>1830285, >>1830313, >>1830325, >>1830355 CPS tweet fodder digs


>>1830435, >>1830447 RE Theranos case

>>1830507 Stop White genocide tweet fodder

>>1830501 Statement from Frank Giustra, Founder and Chairman of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada)

>>1830546 Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

>>1830506 American Airlines not cooperating

>>1830606 Anon notes guy on twitter that said he worked with Yates in Atlanta.

>>1830614 Breaking the 302s down.

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Summaries Of IG Report 2018.06.14

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Pg 180 - 200 -- >>1748984 , >>1748989

Pg 200 - 220 -- >>1748466 Report: >>1751208

Pg 220 - 240 -- >>1749012 Reports: >>1751004, >>1752440

Pg 240 - 260 -- >>1749332 Report1: >>1750369, Pt 2/2 >>1750369, >>1752260

Pg 260 - 280 -- >>1749515 Reports: >>1750903, >>1751118

Pg 280 - 300 -- >>1750186 , >>1771852, Comprehensive Summary >>1771856

Pg 300 - 320 -- >>1750594

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Senate stops Trump push to cancel $15B in spending


dd9e8d No.1833833

Livestream of President Trump's rally speech. Speech starts at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. This excellent site is currently speaking wth Trump supporters at the speech venue and will carry the rally and speech live when it starts.


649d32 No.1833834



1b3368 No.1833835

File: edb275954066a61⋯.png (290.57 KB, 791x663, 791:663, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


yeah that fucker is thorough

his essay on jfk is awesome

tons of great pics too


2252ab No.1833836

Anyone remember a discussion on the families: Folgers, McCobby, and Crafitz???

06b796 No.1833837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Baker, I did not tag a notable in time, so I am reposting.

Scott Adams makes excellent points about the coup (which he's now convinced is real) and the brainwashed.

Start at 59:00

>>1833298 (last bread)



9bec29 No.1833838

File: bec8b3db8b8816d⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 640x620, 32:31, k3ch9lc596511.jpg)

When Europeans go looking for Memes

c18466 No.1833839

>>1833772 Last Bread

>Hmmm, seems he's quite a rational thinker!!!

Check out his painting, not into nudes, but he is a very talented individual and quite a deep and rational thinker. His IQ is probably off the charts. Some scientists have weighed in on his findings, daring to go where mainstream science refuses.

b6259b No.1833840

Ok here's the deal, I'm working to flesh this out with exact dates and facts but here's my theory so far. If you're religious some of this might seem offensive, please have an open mind.

Please poke holes in it.

Egypt and Sumeria were the oldest civilisations in the world. Sumer became Babylonia, and the started expanding/migrating outwards, into the Levant. Canaanites originated from Babylon. Proof of this is extremely hard to find, so right now that's a hunch. My only evidence is that Abram/Abraham came from Ur to Canaan.

Anyway, Egypt was ruling relatively peacefully for thousands of years, The pyramids were NOT built by slaves, and certainly not by Israelite's which didn't even exist yet. but Babylon wanted to conquer it. Not sure exactly what or how they did it, but the Hyksos were a Canaanite take over of Egypt. After over a hundred years of their rule, they were kicked out and banished, probably back to Canaan. No doubt they were PISSED off. In fact, they were so pissed off, they ranted about it in their fiction called the Exodus. Except in their story. they painted Egypt as evil slave mongers who had to face the wrath of their feiry fire God El.

Hundred of years later, the Canaanites seemed to almost get back in via Akhenaten, who radically changed Egypt's religion into Monotheistic Sun Worship (which the Phoenicians were as well). What a coincidence! This didn't last long, but this story was also later incorporated into the mythical Exodus story.

If you haven't caught on, Exodus NEVER happened. It was fake news to smear a once great nation.

One last shot at the crown was the Bronze Age collapse. Which almost destroyed Egypt. It utterly crippled every other nation around the Mediterranean region, except conveniently the Canaanites/Phoenecians. They then grew a massive sea trading empire and explored almost everywhere they could, possibly even America, China, and England. Egypt is no longer a threat.

Old Babylon has since fallen apart (probably from wasting so much time obsessing over Egypt, hunch), but Neo Babylon rises with Nebuchadnezzar and Canaan is conquered. Luckily, the Phoenecians already expanded to northern Africa into a place called Carthage.

Rome, meanwhile, is growing more powerful and soon the Punic Wars occur over the course of several centuries, Carthage expands to capture almost all of Iberia (Spain) and part of Rome, to being completely defeated and sacked.

Babylon is defeated by the Persians, who let the "Israelites" go back to Canaan. Again, bullshit propaganda. Remember that the Canaanites were likely Babylonian to begin with, so this was obviously a cover story. In fact, the Torah was written in Babylon and shares many similarities to Babylonian religion. Then again, of course it does, it would even if they never returned to Babylon.

Here's a big secret. They weren't monotheistic. They believed in other gods. They just thought their god, their Sun God, was the most superior. They thought that they were chosen by this God to conquer the entire world. Whereas the Eagle was the symbol of the Egyptians, the Phoenix became their mascot. It became their "win at all costs" philosophy. Die, if you must, but arise stronger than ever before.

Next Alexander the Great conquers almost the entire world. But the empire barely survives long past his death. Leaving Rome to conquer much of that territory, including Canaan.

This is where the story/myth of Jesus comes into play. I can write at length about this, but I believe that this was an attempt by Egypt to revive their suppressed spirituality about personal responsibility and enlightenment. Everything about the Old Testament sounds Babylonian, whereas everything about the New Testament sounds Egyptian. So of course the Canaanites weren't impressed and shut this down.

At this point things get muddy. Likely many Canaanites fled back to Mesopotamia, settling around the Black Sea (which, later becomes Khazaria). But surely, many kept involved in world politics. I can't peace it together, but somehow they convinced Rome to go Christian.

63172b No.1833841

>>1833734 (lb)




b6259b No.1833842


WHAT?! Why the FUCK would they do that? Well, around that time there was a dangerous philosophy known as Gnosticism floating about that threatened the Babylonian slave mentality. It was catching on and threatened their ultimate world domination plans. So after centuries of trying to suppress it, they decided to co-opt it.

They got the Pagan Emperor Constantine to convert to Christianity after some ridiculous vision of the Cross. But Rome had to "Romanize" it of course, so they made it into a hierarchy of priests and bishops and a Pope. Now they had councils to determine which books were the real word of God and which were heretical. Of course, anything that cemented the idea of worshipping the one Sun God were chosen as authentic. Thus, Christianity became Catholicism, and the Pope became literally Jesus in the flesh. And by the Pope they could literally control nations.

Except the Papacy was losing it's authority towards 1000AD.

Enter the Vikings.

That's where I'm at so far. Will write more later!

c8397d No.1833843


Big-Tech Blasts Higher As Dow Slumps To Worst Losing Streak In 15 Months


I suspect the banking cartel are doing this in response to the XI PUTIN TRUMP staged trade war aimed at collapsing the GLOBALIST system so we can move back to a gold standard system minus the corrupt elite bankers.

c95cce No.1833844

File: 0b848a9927efd0c⋯.jpg (199.87 KB, 800x820, 40:41, adolfYOUhavetogobak.jpg)


Thanks for the bread, baker.

Have a adolf.

Invaders OUT.

23447c No.1833845

File: 32d31fc3340712c⋯.jpg (81.07 KB, 940x545, 188:109, 32d31fc3340712cf77e9c617e2….jpg)


That's Fair.

Here, I've got some Illegal, Underground Memes from EU.

2252ab No.1833846

File: 71208903a757e5b⋯.png (50.91 KB, 873x905, 873:905, 1.png)

File: d8b01fe31611ffe⋯.png (161.33 KB, 906x989, 906:989, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 55de1f4525f9ad4⋯.png (60.23 KB, 900x990, 10:11, Screenshot_2.png)

File: 7f6e1d5a74da8b7⋯.png (55.17 KB, 857x808, 857:808, Screenshot_3.png)

File: 1d9ce178a29bc78⋯.png (76.45 KB, 855x1004, 855:1004, Screenshot_4.png)

696376 No.1833847

File: e7d1a25821df9b0⋯.png (200.66 KB, 1197x1139, 1197:1139, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)



06b796 No.1833848

649d32 No.1833849

Sorry for no link to new Bread

Had a posting issue or two…

77381e No.1833850

File: 0eeafecac30da91⋯.gif (2.29 MB, 695x392, 695:392, pepenukegoogles.gif)

>>1833806 (lb)

8efd87 No.1833851

File: 6f83d05f5be864f⋯.png (149.69 KB, 501x547, 501:547, 6f83d05f5be864ff1c19c182a7….png)

3b8303 No.1833852

last bread LA




1ed4a1 No.1833853

Q- The link here is to a RICO case assigned to a BC appointed judge in 1994. Low on the radar for many. Is this part of the plan? It names all the known and unknown actors in the corruption to try and get HRC elected.


4d50b9 No.1833854

Baker you get this notable?

Hungary's pro-Trump, populist government pushes Soros crackdown


18b900 No.1833855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e92eb4 No.1833856

>>1833802 (lb)

>I'm saying fuck the DNA test and just send them all back immediately.

That is not what you said pantifa...you just went on a rant about DNA being used against YOU.

So you'll send them all back...traffickers with kids eh? For them to try again? And again? We have zero border security now. Use your imagined brains.

cf756f No.1833857

>>1833790 (Last bread)


No-consequence leftist fuckery making it dangerous for normal Americans and all we get are blurry pictures of Trump's ear.


899616 No.1833858


-> killuminti

-> one of the "rabbits" holes

6a2b4d No.1833859

File: b7f47d37c9886d6⋯.jpg (756.21 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2944.JPG)

5f2297 No.1833860



This guy ?

https:// www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/06/28/ex-secret_service_agent_people_need_to_know_the_real_hillary_clinton_and_how_dangerous_she_is.html

451ff4 No.1833861

File: cce184da6892a89⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 590x869, 590:869, 35748956_216850125592952_2….jpg)

File: b506d0bf672f585⋯.jpg (121.57 KB, 590x859, 590:859, 35833507_216850305592934_5….jpg)


8efd87 No.1833862

File: 04dabe9fed0e4d0⋯.png (108.03 KB, 792x524, 198:131, 04dabe9fed0e4d09f165724361….png)

e3c33e No.1833863

File: c743062d89805e0⋯.jpg (150.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1984 ingsoc 2.jpg)

4c2cdf No.1833864

File: 98cc19b524257de⋯.jpeg (147.1 KB, 839x1200, 839:1200, 2018-06-20 - Q Post.jpeg)

File: 1433f413d0a82cf⋯.png (103.95 KB, 709x921, 709:921, 2018-06-20 - Fonda.png)

File: 143bdf36231a3c5⋯.png (451.08 KB, 521x987, 521:987, 2018-06-20 - Fonda2.png)

Dear Q,

As you know, I'm so grateful to you guys for all that you're doing and I love you and President Trump so much. I love you so much that I'd marry you, if I could.

So in light of my upcoming marriage to you, Q, I need to practice my nagging and whining a bit, because I’m not very good at it. I figure that you might as well get used to my nagging and whining NOW, during our engagement, since I hear that most wives do that to their husbands after the wedding. I don't do it much at all, so I need to practice. Here goes:

Q, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are all those treasonous bastards who break our laws to incite violence and crime (like Peter Fonda, Ashley Judd, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, and scores of others) still allowed to do this kind of crap without any legal consequence?

And dear Q, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other platforms still allowed to discriminate against conservative viewpoints while concomitantly jamming the left's criminal, lawless, vulgar, and shocking bullshit down our throats?

Also, Q, whennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn will we please start to see law and order restored, and see these assholes face some consequences for their crimes?

I've been offline a lot today so I just learned about the new threat against little Barron, and I'm upset, to say the least. I am shocked and upset that these asshole libtard domestic enemies are still living their lives as if all of their criminality is perfectly acceptable.

I'm not scared, Q, but I’m anxious, frustrated, nervous, tense, and angry that all of this is going on, unchecked. I'm so upset because if conservatives were doing this under Hussein, they'd all be in jail undergoing cavity searches by now.

Q, I'm leveling with you, here, because I want our marriage to last. I don't want us to spend all this money on our wedding and our honeymoon, only to end up as merely a divorce statistic some day. I also don’t want us to start off our marriage with me in a snit, because I'm a lot more fun when things are running smoothly.

So Q, can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do something to restore some justice in the world and some peace and calmness in my life? Trust me, it'll be worth the effort. Other than this little problem, you’re going to love being married to me. I'm in shape, I’m a great cook and a fancy baker, and I love to keep house, do yard work, and laugh. I'm also well-educated so I'll bring a lot of marital asset$ to the table, too, if you know what I mean.

The only drawback to marrying me right now is that I AM TICKED OFF at how unfair life is to us good guys right now. I'm upset at the scumbags in the public eye who getting away with everything that they're doing these days, so I'm kind of a pain in the neck to be around.

Q, think of how happy we'll all be once law and order is restored, and please do what you can so that I can breathe again. Trust me, it's the best thing for both of us. For all of us.

Thank you, darling.


Your devoted fiancé.

P.S. Please let me know if you want starch on the collars of those shirts that I’m ironing. . . . .

8516d1 No.1833865

File: 4f2b75331cdc65d⋯.png (112.17 KB, 1034x878, 517:439, 11efe3f0ecdbf8f4bd041f493b….png)

File: 5929c2924fe2d46⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 600x550, 12:11, 5929c2924fe2d4680ac081a7f0….jpg)


This isn't some bullshit, this looks like a real case with real summons….

c95cce No.1833866


Spanish Students Given 24 Hours To Leave Dorms To Make Room For Aquarius Migrants


"The Spanish government's decision to accept a boat carrying more than 600 migrants, a boat that was refused permission to dock by both Italy and Malta, has backfired on a group of students in the city of Alicante, who have been asked to leave their dorms within 24 hours to make room for the refugees. According to RT, Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s newly appointed socialist prime minister who replaced Mariano Rajoy following a no-confidence vote earlier this month, agreed to shelter the passengers of the Aquarius, a group of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who were rescued from rickety vessels in the Mediterranean by the ship."

e3c33e No.1833867

File: 5ac92299d149222⋯.jpg (62.16 KB, 332x681, 332:681, peter fonda 310 to gitmo.jpg)

e9b065 No.1833868

File: 1bc127e13f7e0c4⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 265x389, 265:389, Evil Sick mfers.jpg)

What are the chances psycho Peter Fonda is a pedophile? 99.6% - 99.99%?

78d4e0 No.1833869

File: e468025319f50e5⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 480x392, 60:49, obamaandroommate-480.jpg)

File: d6a2e313ec84ea2⋯.jpg (38.93 KB, 600x500, 6:5, mills2.jpg)

File: b95d6137811e9ae⋯.jpg (170.9 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, tranny hands.jpg)

Another possible.

Cheryl Mills. Has male Hands and broad shoulders.

3b8303 No.1833870


didnt notice from 2011 nvmnd

990916 No.1833871

File: fe08c124ee9d7f4⋯.png (292.25 KB, 549x504, 61:56, Trump Tweet.PNG)


48f88c No.1833872

8054e8 No.1833873

File: 47bd0a0ab32e0a3⋯.png (363.06 KB, 709x897, 709:897, 20180620_213525.png)


a59fc5 No.1833874

File: c4327e3be3a9706⋯.png (227.79 KB, 581x387, 581:387, ClipboardImage.png)

New spicy DJT

018241 No.1833875

This anon is so fucking pissed off right now I could go pedo hunting myself!

Between the media and their fake shit that's whipping people into a frenzy and the Hollywood rapists opening their big fat cunt mouths…

I hope every last one of them and all their supporters that egg them die slow and painful deaths of the most horrific kind.

Fuck these fucking satanic pedovores. Every last fucking one of them. So angry I could fucking puke.

God DAMN them all to the lowest levels of hell for all eternity!

60c739 No.1833876


So its…..happening?

d09ac7 No.1833877

White Hats needs to change of strategy..

c18466 No.1833878


Board is moving so damn fast the past few days.

Thanks for the Bake!

cf756f No.1833879

File: 30dab89cc04f2e2⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 255x171, 85:57, hrccunt.jpg)


>That is not what you said pantifa…you just went on a rant about DNA being used against YOU.

You seriously can't be this fucking stupid.

My rant was the why for my "just send them all back immediately" opinion.

Go back to sucking the turds off of Davey Brock's tiny dick.

ac0106 No.1833880

File: cca070c595265fe⋯.png (32.67 KB, 388x318, 194:159, pepepointer.png)

06b796 No.1833881


Not an error

Not a mistake

They are desperate

871b41 No.1833882

File: b001e046e4c8d07⋯.png (159.83 KB, 843x387, 281:129, 97896dbd44ad2c1ae6dfad4503….png)

Send this joker names of local troublemakers (Antifa, etc). Claim they are ICE.

484bb4 No.1833883

File: c81e3f97f5b085a⋯.png (397.88 KB, 628x839, 628:839, Law.png)


I think I found it. It took effect after Obama was elected but before he took office, so it's actually a Bush era law.


670737 No.1833884


Seems every one of those Agents that get doxed can sue the everliving shit out of twatter.

Agents, lawyer up and hit em hard. This pisses me off.

558c31 No.1833885

>>1833298 (lb)

Scott Adams is brilliant and an incredible analyst.

I consider his daily Periscopes "mandatory listening".

a61a36 No.1833886

More interesting footnotes in the Byrnes/RICO lawsuit.


M3 A witness proposed to testify in this matter previously represented Watergate’s “Deep Throat” (Mark Felt) and will testify that he has confirmed that Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper enaged in spy tradecraft against U.S. citizens in an attempt to “entrap” or “even frame” the 45th President. He will also testify that this matter is, in his opinion, far worse than Watergateore juicy footnotes in the RICO lawsuit.


66c968 No.1833887

>>1833684 (lb)

Frickin' spotlight to push a movie opening. These people are SICK!

c95cce No.1833888



"No Excuse For This Mistake": ABC Apologizes After Chyron Malfunction Declares Manafort A Mass Killer


"During ABCNews' coverage of President Trump's remarks to pool reporters earlier today, it appears the chyron operator had a sudden Trump Derangement Syndrome breakdown as they wrote the oddly specific banner below…While many in America may hope that Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort did indeed plead guilty to five charges of manslaughter, he did not (yet).

As Mediaite reports, the mistaken chyron stayed up for a seemingly never-ending seven seconds.

With many having not seen the humor in this mistake, ABC News PR quickly took to Twitter to apologize profusely,"

1ed4a1 No.1833889



https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/24810209/Byrne_v_Foundation_et_al is the summary docs of the noted RICO case.

d09ac7 No.1833891


V for Vendetta.

78d4e0 No.1833892


The build up is becoming EXPLOSIVE. By design I think. Soon enough, the wrath of GOD will be unleashed on all of them.

Pray for Justice.

cf756f No.1833893

File: 98f176a13e6937b⋯.png (857.13 KB, 898x546, 449:273, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

649d32 No.1833894


This Bread or last? I don't have it…

9e6abe No.1833895


Not working. Ya'll have been pushing this shit for 4 breads now. Go away.

In the begging posts ya'll fucked up and it showed that it was a civil case.

Try FE, light people, or crop circles again…

4d50b9 No.1833896


If you missed it, ok, it's here now.

3d0d1d No.1833897

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Delays Release of Grand Jury Report on Church Sex Abuse

>The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has barred the release of a statewide grand jury report investigating sexual abuse in six Roman Catholic dioceses until further notice.

>The order Wednesday from the court’s Western District did not give details on who petitioned it for the delay or what happens next.

>The court kept all of the filings in the case under seal except for its brief order.


Q, I sincerely hope that the reason for this delay is because making it public would interfere with other cabal investigations. Otherwise, this just looks shady as hell.

afa693 No.1833898


You are doing great Baker.

ThanQ for your service.

8552c5 No.1833899


My wangdoodle is activated

670737 No.1833900


Here's hoping he doesn't check first.

Doxing should be limited, not a usual tactic. Doxiing should be done in serious cases…like folks doxing our law enforcement.

7e8c92 No.1833901

anyone notice the influx of divisionshills?

right after Q says they want you divided…


25f9fd No.1833902



1b3368 No.1833903


fuck off with the thomas paine bullshit

the guy is a fraud

d09ac7 No.1833904

And Meanwhile the AI.

AI Future on Wall Street More "Transformers" than "The Terminator" According to Broadridge Survey of Financial Services Professionals

https:// www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/dfd7d1e8-93e1-497a-b2ca-1532cda0f1eb

7c7c07 No.1833905

>>1833798 (last bread)

sorry I cannot listen to that guy

7e2973 No.1833906

Let me get this straight.

POTUS has manipulated the MSM in order to prevent human trafficking for the club. family separation benefited the the old administration for trafficking reasons. So POTUS led the liberals into a guilt trap because they knew POTUS would be blamed. He can then pass a law that he already wanted to in order to stop the drip feed of trafficking at the border?

b2a375 No.1833907


If you disagree on the first 3, you need to look deeper.

Don't let that MSM "specialness" BS cloud your mind. Think for yourself.

Don't tell me you believe Oswald acted alone too?

0b4122 No.1833908


Shockingly surprising


0bc860 No.1833909

Any ideas on spreading the Q movement? We need to reach the masses. Q said be loud and be heard. We can no longer sit on the sidelines.

558c31 No.1833910




Looks like we have a new "Executive Hashtag Order", anons!




c8397d No.1833911


I suppose first point of call would be to see who runs the state and courts there???

Could be a liberal judge.

907970 No.1833912

>>1833387 (last bread)

Yep…my bad today is the 20th..but

Solstice should actually peak tomorrow at noon..

75a0a9 No.1833913

File: 8e33d41dea79d38⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 500x700, 5:7, GaryByrne.jpg)


>Who's hungry for some RICO?










Anon posted that link to an archived lawsuit page from Pacer.

Next question is who's that plaintiff, "Gary John Byrne"?

DuckDuckGo found the following link to a "Gary J. Byrne" who is former Secret Service now writing under contract with Hachette publishing:


Going to go out on the proverbial limb and say he's /ourguy/

77381e No.1833914

File: 743936366b578cc⋯.png (136.97 KB, 874x486, 437:243, ClipboardImage.png)


Sure looks that way…here's info on the judge. Haven't found Gary John Byrne yet.


546bdc No.1833915

47edb9 No.1833916

Think POTUS would like us to use


On his latest tweet .

2ca695 No.1833917


Both Trump and manafort should sue. Once seen, it can not be taken back. This is in the left's playbook.

652343 No.1833918

File: bc3798da96e6eeb⋯.jpg (27.81 KB, 312x416, 3:4, m5462546254624573267.jpg)


No Worries Baker. Thank You for our Daily bread!

cf756f No.1833919

File: a4428bed7c3f18a⋯.jpg (54.91 KB, 610x500, 61:50, wangdoodle.jpg)

4d50b9 No.1833920


Airlines hit for 'buckling to a false media narrative' on migrant kid passengers


c95cce No.1833921

File: a80971c69810b2c⋯.jpg (3.53 KB, 170x250, 17:25, laughingluther.jpg)


Yea we see (((division shills))) provoking anons, talking shit and chatting the breads away as usual.

Then projecting that others are doing it.

They should try harder.

709cc8 No.1833922


Another kiddie diddler wearing colored glasses, eh?

8516d1 No.1833923


thats my assumption as well. he has a twitter and facebook but so far no mention of the case.

b2a375 No.1833924

File: d7310781a8f8c2a⋯.jpg (158.64 KB, 1024x1113, 1024:1113, pepe magic meme.jpg)


SPOTLIGHT and MOVIE in the same sentence…

movie about Pedo preists

Meme magic

547bfa No.1833925


Well here's an explanation why the Fondas' are screwed up. Jane admits being raped and sexually abused as a child. Furthermore, her mother suffered the same thing(she ultimately committed suicide). The evil is passed along.

25f9fd No.1833926




3d0d1d No.1833927



(Sorry to call one of my own posts "notable", but a lot of Pennsylvanians were waiting for this report. Also, I strongly suspect it's a situation like the the IG report where certain things can't made public yet because of other active investigations.)

ef3886 No.1833928

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>1833615 (lb)


Sounds like a good ol' fashioned march on Belgium is in order to force Parliament to invoke Plenary.

Imagine citizens from all over EU descending on Brussels, Iceland-style, banging pots & pans the entire time.


06b796 No.1833929



The treatment of alien children was outlined in 1997 by the Flores Dissent Decree under Clinton

see services to children here: >>1833573

75a0a9 No.1833930


Amazon author page for Gary J. Byrne:


484bb4 No.1833931


The cabal loves delays.

547bfa No.1833932


Forgot the sauce. Sorry.


899616 No.1833934

File: 81f9a814a098056⋯.jpg (340.26 KB, 644x1731, 644:1731, CIA operations.jpg)


-> killuminati

-> one of the "rabbits" holes

4ef112 No.1833935

670737 No.1833936


Cept (((they))) are going REEEEEEco

5b0b1f No.1833937


Maybe TP is a fraud, but tweaking Fonda about this is fine in my book.

be686a No.1833938

File: e64451753529a82⋯.jpg (210.36 KB, 1256x592, 157:74, IMG_20180620_163907.jpg)


Drag it out.

Keep it going for 6+ more years.

If we can expose enough to maintain control of Congress and Senate.

The longer this goes on, the more the # of scumbags can get drained worldwide.

If it's possible to protect our people.

And the longer it goes on, the more they suffer.

80f121 No.1833939


Yeah there is always an influx of (((horseshit))) that needs to corrected because they are trying to lead anons away from the real truth.

Slithering (((snakes))).

1a4ef3 No.1833940

File: fb38d745b98aa68⋯.png (222.58 KB, 1278x846, 71:47, Screenshot-2018-6-20 ADS-B….png)

AF1 trying to get the perfect shot for Q to give to anons.

06b796 No.1833941


>case under seal except for its brief order.

Highly unusual (except in Boston). Wow, incredible.

7b1bfa No.1833942


How did you find this?

4a14f9 No.1833943


we need a nationwide task force

c7b43d No.1833944

Let's break down that new immigration executive order!

>The Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary), shall, to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations, maintain custody of alien families during the pendency of any criminal improper entry or immigration proceedings involving their members.

Animals stay in the zoo

>The Secretary shall not, however, detain an alien family together when there is a concern that detention of an alien child with the child’s alien parent would pose a risk to the child’s welfare.

Animals stay in the zoo

>The Secretary of Defense shall take all legally available measures to provide to the Secretary, upon request, any existing facilities available for the housing and care of alien families, and shall construct such facilities if necessary and consistent with law. The Secretary, to the extent permitted by law, shall be responsible for reimbursement for the use of these facilities.

You're gonna pay for the zoo

> The Attorney General shall promptly file a request with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California to modify the Settlement Agreement in Flores v. Sessions, CV 85-4544 (“Flores settlement”), in a manner that would permit the Secretary, under present resource constraints, to detain alien families together throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry or any removal or other immigration proceedings.

Clinton is BTFO

>The Attorney General shall, to the extent practicable, prioritize the adjudication of cases involving detained families.

Taco bell express drive through

>Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

> the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or

>the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

ICE can continue processing refried beans

c95cce No.1833945



Counter punch is easier when you know how (((they))) will react. Helps to read their shit too.

e92eb4 No.1833946


and you said that where?



>Government using DNA tests for anything is bad precedent.


>Remember; Trump won't be president forever.


>Once the government takes control of something (even under a preezy we trust) it never lets go of it.


>Mark my words: if you give government the power to collect and use DNA for this, they will use it for other shit as well … most of which will be to control you.


>WTF have we learned from this board and the Deep State that we research?

8efd87 No.1833947


Are these memes for ants? Lettering cannot be read.

It should be able to be read without clicking on it.

14ac4b No.1833948

DJT posting a great video tweet

9e6abe No.1833949


nailed it

a17b04 No.1833950


Civil Rico cases dont mean shit

670737 No.1833951


Is this a hole that got Tupac murked?

Tupac was one woke man.

c8397d No.1833952


Australia's NT Government report reveals 41 child sex abuse cases in just nine months


450ba1 No.1833953

Are Level 3 data providers international companies?

561cee No.1833954





8552c5 No.1833955

File: d6d3c28b31a6efa⋯.jpg (64.02 KB, 750x500, 3:2, d6d3c28b31a6efa36eb051bbcb….jpg)


Let's get this party started

c95cce No.1833956


Also interesting how (((muhjooshill))) shills are more careful with their words since the post count got bolded, and of course now it's the 'divisionshills'.

msm anyone?

907970 No.1833957

File: 39d0810b152922f⋯.png (7.36 KB, 540x26, 270:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2db1d2b9775a6b⋯.pdf (1.2 MB, Byrne v Clinton RICO.pdf)



192129 No.1833958


Interesting - it appears a Gary J. Byrne was one of two Secret Service agents that testified about what they knew of President Clinton's dealings with Monica S. Lewinsky. - from 1998. - different Gary J Byrne?


cf756f No.1833959


>The cabal loves delays.

The cabal isn't alone, as you would know if following this board since October.

Delays always result in watered-down justice.

Waiting for the perfect time to do anything is more costly than doing it now and adjusting your plan to any roadblocks that may spring up.

77381e No.1833960

File: 911b7f0e8eb660e⋯.gif (250.85 KB, 480x270, 16:9, trumphappening.gif)



here's the link to the case…check out the "Parties" tab.


a82361 No.1833961


POTUS just met with Spain leaders yesterday, today Spanish govt takes in refugees that were turned away by Italy & Malta

95e4db No.1833962


Or it's inaccurate for security reasons…

48f88c No.1833963

File: 622e88ce72d42a0⋯.png (152.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image1 (1).png)


LMAO This is lowkey a little weird, but it was a good laugh. Q, what say you to your potential future housewife? ;)

==ANYWAY== I have an interdasting letter from AA here. I think this needs to be looked into. Why are they being so LOUD about this? What do they have to gain? Other than the dying liberal party's temporary support? Let's DIG. Anyone up for this?

7b1bfa No.1833964



I presume this is the Gary Byrne named in the document.

2ca695 No.1833965


This shit has dragged on long enough. People want to get on with their lives. It benefits the cabal the longer it drags on.

60c739 No.1833966


Yea started digging on him too. Looks like he's been planning on suing them for a while.

https: //nypost.com/2016/10/26/ex-secret-service-officer-who-wrote-clinton-tell-all-plans-to-file-defamation-suit/

Definitely not seeing news articles about this yet

fe78c2 No.1833967

File: 977ea06c76e9c4d⋯.jpg (142.01 KB, 623x474, 623:474, 2cl7ch (3).jpg)

77381e No.1833968






cba993 No.1833969


I don't understand how this account can still be active. FBI claims aware of it, yet every 10 min another one is posted.

488b66 No.1833970


Executive Orders, with all the legal implications, do not get drawn-up overnight.

ab24dc No.1833971

File: 3fda1d5e4fcca46⋯.png (455 KB, 466x500, 233:250, more pls.PNG)

1a6f0c No.1833972



we need to meme it - MSM Bias and FBI Bias - one and the same

0d94f9 No.1833973





This is interesting. Convict them on a RICO case. Round them up. Then, put them through criminal charges for the rest of their miserable existence.

0bc860 No.1833974

Any ideas on spreading the Q movement? We need to reach the masses. Q said be loud and be heard. We can no longer sit on the sidelines.

4d50b9 No.1833975


Read last week that boat was already going to be accepted by Spain.

912bce No.1833976


Solution: dress like antifa to protest the cabal. The MSM and law enforcement won't know how to handle it. You'll get airtime and woni't be arrested.



Filthy kike

e92eb4 No.1833977


He's a pedo. Check out the shit with him and child Brooke Shields!

670737 No.1833978


I see him crossing my State to get to MN…

I wanna see da plane, da plane!

5000e0 No.1833979

File: 91112971dd824ba⋯.png (264.71 KB, 735x481, 735:481, Screenshot-2018-6-20 Donal….png)

Troll Level:


God I love 4,10,20

3b8303 No.1833980


Wasn't there a post about CGI parades and NK a long time ago? I wonder if CGI means this and not the movie kind….hmmmm interesting.

c95cce No.1833981


>spanish crown


there are no leaders in western europe, anon.

eu is the heart of darkness captured territory.

9363ef No.1833982

Hilarie Bass

@ ABAPresident

American Bar Association President 2017-2018

americanbar .org

To try and stop the separation of #immigrant families, @ABAesq plans a grassroots effort while a new group

American Bar Association fights for Open Borders!!!!

https: //twitter.com/ABAJournal/status/1009234397218865152

https ://twitter.com/ABAPresident

These lawyers wear Red Shoes !!!!!

a17b04 No.1833983


Dont get your hopes up with this.. Its a civil case

c8397d No.1833984

File: b0d10bfe0058774⋯.png (369.85 KB, 623x518, 89:74, ClipboardImage.png)

80f121 No.1833985


Whoops! Looks like we didn't save the world after all. Looks more like we saved (((their world))).

670737 No.1833986


Will a civil RICO produce the same results?

ac6aa9 No.1833987

File: 771a3b0b709fb71⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1016x1148, 254:287, HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL.jpg)

Sure there are others on the council, this was compiled in 15 minutes.

558c31 No.1833988



Evasive maneuvers, mebbe?

cf756f No.1833989


Don't know why Trump has given the repugs any credit for fixing this shit.

The repugs helped create and perpetuate this fucking mess.

907970 No.1833990


114bb1 No.1833991

File: 9d3c143ddc1397b⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1586x889, 1586:889, 836836836856384485489.png)

File: f7a064091d1ca79⋯.jpg (218.54 KB, 577x699, 577:699, bubbler.jpg)

File: 7cf0214a920e1df⋯.png (276.46 KB, 1238x500, 619:250, 218964321160990098.png)

a82361 No.1833992


wonder if ABC got a leak that we don't know about, charges that may be pressed?

not that I believe it, but MSM is good at smearing and the at a later time after damage is done

cb5c09 No.1833993


I just went to minute 59 like you said and watched 5 or so minutes… I really like how this dude explains shit… almost like, "how the fuck can this world be so stupid" approach to it… love his cynical approach.

dc9aab No.1833994



14ac4b No.1833995

Is Fonda just a crazy old guy or is involved in Pedo? Those who scream loudest.

3b8303 No.1833996


Still have to testify under oath dont'cha

7b1bfa No.1833997


Curious…could this be a back-door way to reopen the entire Hillary Clinton/CF case in public view?

450ba1 No.1833998


Spain is lead by communists that plop their butts in Brussels.

63172b No.1833999


Not looking good for @Jackass

2252ab No.1834000

File: e7332c91ec08fc2⋯.png (1.06 MB, 916x624, 229:156, Screenshot_1.png)

I understand that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth, I'm going to have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.

78d4e0 No.1834001




GJB LLC Gary John Byrne

P.O. Box 119

Morton, PA 19070

This is not a criminal case anon

a4b283 No.1834002


hey dont drink all the white wine lady.

4a14f9 No.1834003

File: 1cf1d5114227a17⋯.png (217.74 KB, 422x651, 422:651, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


9e6abe No.1834005


Anons can this be called a shill now? The crap even made it into the notables. It's a civil case if even real at all.

2ca695 No.1834006


If I was an ICE agent, I would be both worried about my family and pissed at the gov. for not stopping it immediately. Sick.

95e4db No.1834007


This looks fake yo. Words aren't lining up right.

a75022 No.1834008


projecting power

cf756f No.1834009


2018 mid terms.

I get it.

But, fuck the congressional repugs.

953736 No.1834010

>>1833431 (lb)

been smelling some 2012 faggotry last few weeks


2012 Awakening of Humanity - Dr. Luis Oscoy, Mexico


a17b04 No.1834011


no, the judge can throw it out

4ef112 No.1834012


i'm beginning to think this was the [0] for today.

before the EO, whitehouse gov posted an announcement with 15 and 10 in it. then the e (5) changed to (a) in the EO title. then news of this RICO case was published.

3b8303 No.1834013



a583af No.1834014


Many US voters are ignorant, and see only two sides.

Red Vs. Blue.

66c968 No.1834015


Actually, there are (4) FF's in the first 3 lines.

I agree with Mathis on all of them.

He's nailed it!

If he's being criticized for those, maybe his science has more to it as well, so trying to discredit the man in general? Interdasting.

Always thought he was a free-thinker, and respected him for that. Only point was I had only read his science papers on arXiv, not the conspiracy stuff. Even more respect for him now!

the lines I posted were just a copyPasta from:


75a0a9 No.1834016

File: 722e785ff1604b8⋯.gif (687.67 KB, 500x337, 500:337, crows.gif)



561cee No.1834017

File: 66312615406cb8f⋯.png (253.75 KB, 659x565, 659:565, ClipboardImage.png)



HRC: "just because your child gets across the boarder, doesn't mean the child gets to stay"

Troll Level: MASTER

1a4ef3 No.1834018


I'm not digging that formatting it's all wrong.

6b054b No.1834019

(Bread #2310)


Controlled op has to put up a good percentage of real to their misdirection, the better maybe 80/20. ALL "alt" sites are owned by the three letters, including the teats you've been sucking your "truth" from, even our cherished NSA / DOD factions here. What's the percentage in the Q drops?

e92eb4 No.1834020


> Haven't found Gary John Byrne yet.

Gary Byrne wrote a book about his time in white house security and the horrors of Hillary. I read it…sauce was good. Patrick Fucking Kennedy…has gotten a MASSIVE free pass from everywhere…just based on the shit in that book!

670737 No.1834021



Nobody can topple him. Love it! That's our POTUS!

94de6f No.1834022



Only Trump !

e9b065 No.1834023


>Taco bell express drive through

>ICE can continue processing refried beans

double dubs confirm!

a837e5 No.1834024


Kek, like a reverse "Swatting".

192129 No.1834025


Ah Gary Byrne is the author of Crisis of Character. Book about the Clinton Corruption.

5000e0 No.1834026


LOL, nioce

7e2973 No.1834027


Makes sense. the 3 wise men > the 3 pyramids.

died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day.

i like where you are going.

i do know that the egyptian priests carried on their religion throughout eary roman take over. But eventually funding stopped. and the priests that remained would have surely kept their language and traditions in cults.

roseta stone. real?

Similar to the knights Templar dispanding into specific societies like the free masons in Scotland and also Switzerland

77381e No.1834028



>Dont get your hopes up with this.. Its a civil case

Those go to "discovery", too, right?

<how do you release information legally…

42fd98 No.1834029

ee76b8 No.1834030


finally, Schopenhauer. what a ride :D

9363ef No.1834031


ABA President Hilarie Bass sends letter to DOJ, Homeland Security opposing separation of children

WASHINGTON, June 12, 2018 — American Bar Association President Hilarie Bass sent a letter today to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen expressing the association’s strong opposition to recent actions by the Department of Justice and DHS that have resulted in a drastic increase in the separation of children from their parents when arriving at the southern border.

The letter states that the systemic practice of separating parents and children is antithetical to our values as a country, appears to violate longstanding precedent protecting rights to family integrity, burdens the federal criminal justice and immigration adjudication systems, and increases costs to the government. The ABA believes that when families are apprehended and placed in removal proceedings, parents and children should be kept together in the least restrictive environment necessary or released as an appropriate alternative to detention.

Theres people were part of the problem now they have a solution ?

They wear Red Shoes !!!

All these screwed up laws. Soros wines and dines these people so does HRC

https: //www.americanbar.org/news/abanews/aba-news-archives.html/category/etc/tags/people/hilarie_bass

2252ab No.1834032

File: a64ba86901f68aa⋯.png (607.76 KB, 487x826, 487:826, Screenshot_2.png)

546bdc No.1834033


is this guy just some homeless veteran wandering around or is he legitimate

c8397d No.1834034


Your glowing.

Lets blame the countries where the UN has destroyed living standards and raped and pillaged for decades.


451ff4 No.1834035

Have to say, POTUS is having a good day.

Shills and concernfags can go to hell.

God bless Qboard.

d09ac7 No.1834036


The operation *Ruin Countries* aren't familiar?

4d50b9 No.1834037



West Virginia Supreme Court justice faces almost 400 years behind bars


a75022 No.1834038

File: 766a4f08967b1c4⋯.png (3.89 MB, 2040x1636, 510:409, ClipboardImage.png)

b2a375 No.1834039


Yes 4 in 3 lines…nevermind…I thought you were being sarcastic/snarky about being "a rational thinker"….gotcha.

409407 No.1834040


Trolling is fun :)

78d4e0 No.1834041


And the trap swings shut.

Now watch the MSM and Democrats stop talking about children in cages.

cac928 No.1834042



Who's got the Michael Obama penis portrait handy?

0c8e34 No.1834044

File: 7a21af128403525⋯.png (1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7a21af1284035258c0b14a0bd3….png)


Interesting rings Johnny has in the first picture and second.

Had this one from last winter, about Shelia Jackson's ring

66c968 No.1834045

Looking forward to seeing new EO, and matching to the Q-drop photo to see if they match (not likely, but if so, WOW!).

ef3886 No.1834046

File: 7cbfa92a3052e86⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 512x537, 512:537, @zxcote-60s.jpg)

>>1833684 (lb)

Response to Mr. Peter Peace & Love.

546bdc No.1834047

9363ef No.1834048


HRC and Comey ever talk at ABA ?

When ?

meeting in France ?

561cee No.1834049


This Duluth rally should be EPIC

4a14f9 No.1834050


watch the video, fag.

450ba1 No.1834051


Trolling is fun.

cf756f No.1834052

File: 531af2dd80ccb69⋯.jpg (301.46 KB, 1440x2159, 1440:2159, MO official portrait 1.jpg)

670737 No.1834053


Checkin those Hound trips.

ya cunt

afa693 No.1834054

File: 008853518cf973f⋯.png (3.2 KB, 601x96, 601:96, QEK.PNG)

c95cce No.1834055

File: d469dfa707f4634⋯.jpeg (9.2 KB, 251x248, 251:248, laughingpepe.jpeg)



8efd87 No.1834056

File: 1dd149700c78a25⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 750x375, 2:1, 1dd149700c78a25054769e6eb2….jpg)

daedd2 No.1834057

File: a69ecfcb9a158f5⋯.jpg (146.54 KB, 693x654, 231:218, Expose the narrative chang….jpg)

File: 2ad4c90c1b7cf08⋯.jpg (132.13 KB, 825x414, 275:138, Iran space_2.jpg)

File: ab8edd4d6caa9f7⋯.jpg (82.76 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Space Force.jpg)

File: 2ef539fdb018a72⋯.jpg (91.43 KB, 652x419, 652:419, JPC clowns.jpg)

File: 887f6b8b457c594⋯.jpg (317.06 KB, 1011x809, 1011:809, Amanda Renteria.jpg)


8054e8 No.1834059


Brilliant !

7e8c92 No.1834060

File: 806ff6f96347cc3⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, pepepopcorn.gif)

Tminus about 2 hours until POTUS LIVE!

4d50b9 No.1834061


But start yelling about them being in jail!

376093 No.1834062

File: 562a60b587e8f8c⋯.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, 1597:1600, 5 stars.png)


POTUS channeling superior troll tactics

a21a37 No.1834063


fucking seconded as notable

fab159 No.1834064

File: 2f28bdcab112542⋯.png (663.49 KB, 1063x693, 1063:693, hispanic-congress.png)

File: 938b028aa3a3303⋯.png (206.98 KB, 1177x697, 1177:697, adriano.png)

File: 34f093d84db99f9⋯.png (457.87 KB, 819x689, 63:53, AE.png)

from earlier today

Executive Order

Seperation → Separation

E → A

new loud mouth to add for the collection

Adriano Espaillat

fucker was yelling bullshit at POTUS the other day

edf54c No.1834065

File: 62f30798648bb27⋯.png (372.35 KB, 719x735, 719:735, FireShot Capture 883 - Cou….png)

File: b3f497e61c3cae5⋯.png (52.96 KB, 432x292, 108:73, FireShot Capture 884 - Q -….png)

October 11th

2 1/2 weeks before

75a0a9 No.1834066

File: e8b977522405f13⋯.jpg (14.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, DisasterGirl.jpg)


I do love me some aggressive sentencing.

Hot damn.

ab24dc No.1834067



God damn, I never thought I could love a President as much as I love President Trump!

0d2c60 No.1834068


An anon said Q should tell Potus to that, just a few breads ago!

80f121 No.1834069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jewish slaves built the pyramids my ass.

You should probably read FROM MOSES TO LENIN. It has a very interesting take on what happened to Egypt.

cba993 No.1834070

File: 97896dbd44ad2c1⋯.png (229.78 KB, 843x387, 281:129, ICEDOXX.png)

Hi Q…

Need help here because Wray's people aren't taking care of this in a timely manner.

Some moron on twatter is doxxing our ICE agents. https://twitter.com/ice_doxx

Can you make a call and get this idiot off the internet? And while your at it give @jack a big 'hug' from us :)

Thanks in advance.


2252ab No.1834071


KEK, you fuckin' cunt!

b2a375 No.1834072

File: 2ba5f74d1ca9547⋯.jpg (12.82 KB, 236x299, 236:299, mich bulge.jpg)

File: 60775ca596ca95d⋯.jpg (165.84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, portrait bulge.jpg)

0c8e34 No.1834073

File: 04186ec6b0a7840⋯.png (286.04 KB, 409x336, 409:336, 04186ec6b0a78400d8bb30ac6b….png)

74a3ab No.1834074


>Remember; Trump won't be president forever.

I legit started crying.

e9b065 No.1834075



"trolling is fun!"

c8397d No.1834076



66c968 No.1834077


Any other cases of those rings for sale, images on the web (can't find one yet), or is this a one-off custom piece?

And why would the jeweler reverse the spiral?

Was it a gift to her?

She's certainly in the spotlight now!!!

d09ac7 No.1834078


White Hats needs to put more focus in the latinos in US.

670737 No.1834079


400 years is a statement…example. Watching this closely…

4d50b9 No.1834080



(whispering) We all do.

60c739 No.1834081

File: fb1a86ba2a5743a⋯.png (185.43 KB, 812x877, 812:877, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

546bdc No.1834082


you have a not facebook link perhaps, fag

6e579b No.1834083


Families Belong Together—Attend a June 30 Event!

Fact sheet: How the Ryan 'compromise' bill does NOT end family separation

Talking Points on Family Separation in the Ryan Bill

Same old soros stooges at it again

f54530 No.1834084

File: 0bc0c16a28bcf25⋯.png (634.06 KB, 654x386, 327:193, clockwork treatment.png)


Doctors treating Trump Derangement Syndrome

1a6f0c No.1834085

File: 853357d637420e0⋯.jpg (53.1 KB, 606x575, 606:575, POTUS hypocrites immigrati….JPG)

100% POTUS.

Check the bills the Dems supported since 2008 for immigration reform.

They used to be level headed - now they are lunatics.

(((HYPOCRITES))) - what are you screeching about - what are you hiding?????

9363ef No.1834086


https ://www.americanbar.org/aba.html

Checkout Featured jobs

Rothchilds !!!!!

Litigation Associate !

Fox Rothschild LLP

Washington, Dist. Columbia

Date June 19

17841d No.1834087


FYI - the photo of Mike scratching is shopped. Original shows scratching hip.

912bce No.1834088


next week

e3c33e No.1834089


Trolling is fun

082684 No.1834090


Looks like a m mouse got caught in a trap. RIP rat.

484bb4 No.1834091


The only reason to wait right now is to make sure that the DOJ is willing to prosecute. Things got so bad that a corrupt DOJ was letting the worst criminals go free.

ae29ac No.1834092

File: 4e9588f68c4428f⋯.jpg (254.04 KB, 800x533, 800:533, switzerland alphornrico.jpg)

01b44f No.1834094


Bernie was the one who wanted the wall. That's one of the most censored clips I've seen. Trump stole everybody else's best ideas and made them better.

2252ab No.1834095

File: e9314c52094cfdb⋯.png (371.03 KB, 372x335, 372:335, Screenshot_3.png)



POTUS used the image of HUSSEIN that had been popularly photoshopped to look like he's got fuckin' horns. That fuckin' cunt! He's shit for dyin'!

907970 No.1834096

File: e2db1d2b9775a6b⋯.pdf (1.2 MB, Byrne v Clinton RICO.pdf)


Here is the Complaint

b2a375 No.1834097

File: 8b4c00fed039f4e⋯.png (308.42 KB, 600x359, 600:359, alex awaken.png)

File: 9993555b29658a0⋯.jpg (64.03 KB, 825x464, 825:464, alex clockwork top kek.jpg)

File: 9dddcb30abf5094⋯.jpg (23.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pepe dr.jpg)

File: 3c4e9e3169798ea⋯.png (942.58 KB, 600x800, 3:4, pepe matrix.png)


Dr. Pepe's doing his best

65fcb7 No.1834098

File: e6e09f16189496b⋯.mp4 (9.96 MB, 360x240, 3:2, Rare Footage of Secret Ser….mp4)


> Gary Byrne

c8397d No.1834099

Crooked Hillary Begs For Money to Fight ‘Trump’s Cruel Immigration Policy’

She's like a junky, asked for money any chance she gets!


c63f57 No.1834100

File: 3a8b5786e17f629⋯.png (342.46 KB, 483x492, 161:164, Snip20180620_43.png)

a3bd7a No.1834101


TY PacerAnon

dce9b7 No.1834102

File: ffc1f54d44d514a⋯.png (80.32 KB, 268x188, 67:47, ClipboardImage.png)

madeleine albright wearing one of her many broach type thingies….

symbolism? looks like an owl to me….

cac928 No.1834103


No, it's this one;


Regrettably, that account no longer exists.

Anyone have the full-sized version?

c18466 No.1834104


Looks like the genius of Stephen Miller in action.

60c739 No.1834105

File: 961ee21f5cc7a59⋯.png (60.88 KB, 812x344, 203:86, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

File: 15ff6c77e1b11f6⋯.png (179.59 KB, 804x834, 134:139, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

File: 9647c1b0f3027f9⋯.png (180.85 KB, 808x901, 808:901, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

File: de181a67edb75e1⋯.png (207.6 KB, 812x915, 812:915, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

File: fb1a86ba2a5743a⋯.png (185.43 KB, 812x877, 812:877, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


All the defendats and plaintiff

a75022 No.1834106

File: 203e5f4024dd222⋯.png (11.25 KB, 740x157, 740:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 84e30631621768c⋯.png (94.13 KB, 1209x770, 1209:770, ClipboardImage.png)

Old article… pedo fonda sauce

0d2c60 No.1834107



Twatanons! screencap one frame per person and send these around to all the libs on twatter. Then report back with their funny reactions.

dbaa52 No.1834108

Come the fuck on, anyone with the ability to even minutely contemplate anything outside their own self absorbed existance can see whats going on.

They know these people will jump on anything for their cause. They jump on the seperated children, making it a national story thus pointing attention toward the safety and security of children in general. This is just priming people for the climatic dopamine rush that will ensue when all the child sacrifice shit comes to light.

Both sides are being played to bring the same result, call it social engineering, hegelian diolectics, or whatever.

Of course there is alot more going on than that, like we dont have a choice in the matter. Lets just say the frequency overlord is directing all of us.

Make no mistake folks we are all fucked no matter how this all ends. Black hats and white hats, both fucked. This duality bullshit is a mere distraction to hide the biggest of all truth.

Hell, even if you knew the truth it wouldnt matter, old AGI would make you forget or fuck with you so hard that no one would believe you anyway.

47edb9 No.1834109




Next generation membrane optics


6b054b No.1834110


(Bread #2310)


>The Boston Marathon bombing was faked[13]

>The Sandy Hook mass shooting is a "scripted tragedy"[14]

>Unsurprisingly, he's also a birther and 9/11 truther[15]

>All major internet sites, NASA, and mainstream physics are infiltrated by the CIA.[16]

>John Lennon faked his death and is currently living in Canada.[17]

>Stephen Hawking died and was replaced by an impostor.[18]

>The Lincoln assassination was faked.[19]

>Mathis regularly adds dozens of other equally absurd conspiracies.[20]

You don't believe those were gubbie operations? What are you here for, the tits?

66c968 No.1834111


No worries Anon, I understood where you were going. Good to clarify, can't let an inch of that in here these days, too much at steak.

Good (glorious) day to you!

49bc41 No.1834112

Hahahaha. Families are going to get expedited deportation.

a75022 No.1834113


forgot link https://www.today.com/popculture/peter-fonda-says-polanski-arrest-waste-1C9404709

450ba1 No.1834114

wish i could see all of the reactions from those tweets.

Heads are exploding everywhere.

c95cce No.1834115


demographic re-balancing.

expulsion/repatriation and relocation of all illegals - all 20+ million of them (include the number that was falsely given DL and other docs in CA and TX and beyond).

This will include dependents of course.

Strong law enforcement actions to lock up and disperse nigga criminal pop, putting upright hard working americans first.

law enforcement + MILITARY operations against mudslimes, and also traitorous, mossad affiliated synagogues. SYNAGOGUES with israeli affiliations.



Encourage and invigorate tribal reservations to enhance their cultural roots, root out human traffickers, incestuous rapists, etc. End human trafficking in reservations and in alaska.

Turn hawaii into a militarized zone. Too much east asia related black hat activity.


1a6f0c No.1834116

>>1834070 ICE Agents being Dxxed on Twitter


ab24dc No.1834117

File: 35cb0fd27a38051⋯.png (504.97 KB, 594x371, 594:371, Muh Muscles.PNG)


Holy shit balls! I didn't even notice!


9bec29 No.1834118

File: 486da7b8ca1d707⋯.mp4 (2.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, q0hmVlybR-lu973p.mp4)


f46c0b No.1834119


The case also includes this Exhibit which is the ShareBlue / CREW leaked "2020" manual (17mb; limit here is 16mb)

2252ab No.1834120


This is a great thought, Anon!

You are a ripe cunt!

a3bd7a No.1834121



doing God's work son

c18466 No.1834122


>What's the percentage in the Q drops?

We can tell by MSM hysteria!

d50397 No.1834123


We knew that the day it habbened

8efd87 No.1834124

File: 6d23787c95d8b54⋯.jpeg (77.56 KB, 900x768, 75:64, DgIgqVTU8AAq6DI.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 224d5c3d908dd57⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 224x224, 1:1, 8259a6e0c6b3a225edeec8608f….jpg)

File: b61437ead91d674⋯.jpg (99.93 KB, 764x884, 191:221, Rosenstein Outta Here.jpg)

466881 No.1834125

4a14f9 No.1834126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



not the same video but here is THE CAMP

670737 No.1834127


My sides have split now, need to go find them.

May take awhile, this is funny. Thank you Mr. President for making us chuckle. I know I needed it.

cf756f No.1834128

File: b275fb5a748bb20⋯.jpg (73.73 KB, 640x436, 160:109, mikeshogg.jpg)


>Anyone have the full-sized version?

That's all I got, anon.

959dd1 No.1834129

File: 76ce61d10b92013⋯.png (18.09 KB, 520x79, 520:79, ClipboardImage.png)


George Soros Summoned

48f88c No.1834130



990916 No.1834131


They were never level headed. They said what the people wanted to hear to get votes.

2252ab No.1834132


It is a prime Troll!

I respect my POTUS even more over these fucking cunts!

Hate is good as any to keep a person going, better then most.

75a0a9 No.1834133

File: 195e5f5accfb07f⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ortel.jpg)



"22 count indictment on numerous charges of fraud and corruption"



Just like Charles Ortel has proven and backed up with just the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE tax filings and documentation on the many state, federal and international frauds the Clinton Foundation and its thousands of octopus tentacles have been committing since Billy & Hilly cooked it up in 1997.

I have listened to, I shit you not, at least 300 hours of Ortel.

If Ortel was the ONLY witness the prosecution called, they'd have a slam dunk case to put those fuckers away until the year 3000.

The fraud case ALONE is going to have the world's attention. The size of it, when revealed, is going to be bloodcurdling.

c95cce No.1834134

File: b5ffbebb998e426⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 228x309, 76:103, adolfmeinkek.jpg)



>George Soros Summoned

e3c33e No.1834135


Ohhhh shit!

9f2236 No.1834136


He's not even a veteran.

d09ac7 No.1834137


Also need White Hats in latin America

That can to increase the tensions between US and Latin America

With only see the next press of Mexico and the agenda of Chinese/Russian Style is enough.

Be Careful.

a61a36 No.1834138


Lots of excitement in this lawsuit! Footnotes are worth looking at & researching.


c8397d No.1834139


NOT NOTABLE speculation with no sauce ain't notable

f2ef60 No.1834140

Retweeted POTUS video tweet and now my Twitter is fucked. Wont load any tweets or pages.. doesn't even say there's a problem like usual.

2e19f4 No.1834141

West Virginia Supreme Court justice indicated on 22 counts. (sorry if posted previously)

http:// www.660news.com/2018/06/20/west-virginia-supreme-court-justice-indicted/

b7172a No.1834142


Egypt and Sumeria are not the oldest civilizations. Exodus did occur. The Persians at the time (of Cyrus the Great) were Zoroastrians which is a monotheistic religion which no doubt influenced the Hebrews as did Babylonian beliefs. Mainstream science including archeology and physics are locked into their dogmas just like religions are. Exodus is supported by suppressed archeology and a better description of astrophysics is revealed by Steve Crouthers, Theoria Apophasis- AKA Ken L.Wheeler, and the Thunderbolt Project. Everything we've been taught is a lie.

ee76b8 No.1834143



3b8303 No.1834144


> anyone with the ability to even minutely contemplate anything outside their own self absorbed existance

7e8c92 No.1834145

File: f3b737678f816bf⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, af1.png)

God bless POTUS!

4ef112 No.1834146



2252ab No.1834147


Go ahead!

Summon that fucking CUNT!

It gives me JOY to kill people! Especially cunts like Soros!

01b44f No.1834148

How many people like Tesla do we have trapped in cages right now? How much technology is being kept from us?

a5bfcc No.1834149

feck so proud of being a part of this board..an Anon notices a ring on a Lee entity and Q mentions it a day later ahahahaha. Bless you Anon and all of us with good intentions!

c18466 No.1834150


>You don't believe those were gubbie operations? What are you here for, the tits?

Prefer butts, but to each their own…))

I need to review the Lincoln Assassination document again, that was a while ago. Had been at his site about a month ago until the Tate pdf showed up a bread or 2 ago.

Boston Marathon, yes!! FBI covering for the CIA is a new level of governmental cooperation not seen since 2001!

912bce No.1834151


When does the patronage to the corrupt left end? They ruined the country, and now we have to baby our response to prove our worth to them and so we don't upset them.

Normies are more inclined to think Trump is twisting her words than they are to think Hillary is the devil in disguise.

450ba1 No.1834152


now we know why POTUS is hammering the MSM so hard.

They won't see this all pissed off by the trolling.

9363ef No.1834153

File: fcf8e95ad5cc8e2⋯.png (414.79 KB, 1140x933, 380:311, rothchildsAndABA.png)

80cfb1 No.1834154

RE: jonny drepp


from what i can tell, he is slowly suiciding with booze/he-ron and has taken up touring with a "music" band in order to have a new costume behind which to hide. i really pray that this absolute scum has a public downfall on a scale rarely seen for celebritards. whether or not uncle walt rogered depp in the a-hole during his childhood, it's time to turn the page and accept that many cannot be rehabbed into a truly decent society. so fuck depp and fuck all degenerate celebritards who choose to implode rather than expose their abusers.

7e8c92 No.1834155


>Egypt and Sumeria were the oldest civilisations in the world

India is just as old anon

53b59f No.1834156


No boom… just a … poof…

not from DOJ

65fcb7 No.1834157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gary Byrne youtube channel


63172b No.1834158


Sauce anon or it's just a meme

75a0a9 No.1834159


You da man, anon.

Only a few of us here have Pacer access.

Bartender, bring anon another round.

You want wings, or nachos?

dd9e8d No.1834160

File: 2495d4cf9858204⋯.png (248.54 KB, 1027x170, 1027:170, Trumptube_tv.png)



The Trumptube.tv people are requesting donations to support their TV coverage of the President and his rallies. Maybe some anons with a few bucks to spare can donate with the proviso that one of our Q memes be displayed on their website (they don't mention anything about selling ads).


547bfa No.1834161


400 years - a good starting point for corrupt politicians.

da4100 No.1834162

File: c4a15c666091057⋯.png (589.34 KB, 1213x713, 1213:713, Capture1.PNG)

File: df7a0aeb7716f49⋯.png (820.82 KB, 1268x708, 317:177, Capture2.PNG)


I did some moar digging on Amanda Renteria's so-called campaign manager (consultant), Sergio Lopez-Valdez. This guy is like a social media ghost but I did find a same name who was a campaign manager for Fortney "Fish" Stark who ran for Ward 1 on New Haven’s Board of Alders in 2015 but lost to the incumbent Sarah Eidelson. Fish's Father is Fortney Hillman "Pete" Stark, Jr. is an American businessman and politician who was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1973 to 2013. CA Districts 8, 9, and 13

Currently the young Fish Stark is a active member of PeaceFirst. org and is the Youth Activation Manager in Charleston, WV. A chair member of PeaceFirst is Anousheh Ansari who is of Iranian decent, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prodea Systems, did an eight-day expedition aboard the International Space Station as first muslim woman to visit space. Prior to Prodea Systems, Anousheh co-founded Telecom Technologies Inc., where she served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman. According to Stark's Twatter @ fishstark, PeaceFirst funds and supports individuals like Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. Is it truely Peace First or are they grooming Activists and they way Young People think (Brainwash)? Let's dig a little deeper.

I came across a twat where Stark commented on thanking some parters who contributed to a blog such as @ AevitasCreative. Looking at AevitasCreative twatter background, I wonder why they chose the background with the evil scum Marina Abramovic? Additionally, Stark replied to @ KathyGriffin and some extreme leftist @ TinaDesireeBerg who re-twats Antifa crap.

Here is my 2 cents; Renteria was the middle wo-man for LR and HRC, Renteria runs for CA Gov, Renteria had no campaign manager listed but she paid a few grand to a guy named Sergio Lopez-Valdez >>1812955, some guy named Sergio Lopez-Valdez is the campaign mgr for Fortney Stark, Stark is a member of PeaceFirst, PeaceFirst chaired by an Iranian decent, PeaceFirst supports and funds activists, activists who are most likely educated by those (.org's) who all work together to re-educate like AevitasCreative and fill Antifa ranks, AevitasCreative advertises Marina Abramovic on their Twatter page, Abramovic is connected to Skippy, Skippy was the campaign head for HRC and thus we are now back to Renteria.

(((They))) are all connected one way or another.

1a6f0c No.1834163


LOVE the hrc comment - can a meme-anon make magic with that one? perhaps next to her sanctimoneous tweets?

06b796 No.1834164

File: e0d10e4de939643⋯.png (31.36 KB, 547x265, 547:265, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


I don't know guys, plaintiff's counsel is a solo practitioner. No way he can do this on his own.

The lawsuit might be inside baseball from the cabal.

cac928 No.1834165


NO worries.

4a14f9 No.1834166

File: 62566f9b1544925⋯.png (184.66 KB, 711x633, 237:211, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


don't trust craigfaggot but his testimony in the video adds credibility for normies

7abe74 No.1834167


Iranian anons: Can you please supply us with relevant Arabic or English hashtags and some phrases/translations to show that we stand with you?

42ad73 No.1834168

File: 8e884b744ee9f05⋯.jpg (50 KB, 266x200, 133:100, RICO.jpg)


Love RICO!

546bdc No.1834169

7e8c92 No.1834170




4c2cdf No.1834171


Thanks, Anon, for getting me. I know I'm a little weird sometimes, but that's why we're all here. Your post on American Airlines's "Statement on Recent Reports of Separated Families" ties right into everything I was whining about.

I hate that [they] are allowed to controll the narrative, make up history, and mislead the public in ways like this. American Airlines has been profing off the "separated families" issue since the Clinton administration, for crying outu loud. Only NOW, out of spite for POTUS Trump, they pull a stunt like this?

I agree, we should all dig, dig, dig into the assholes who run American Airlines. And while we're calling them out over this, let's iding them for all the mis-routed pets and pet deaths that occur on their watch, too.

I'm really glad you posted this. The more we dig into those squawking the most loudly, the better.

On an unrelated note, I think I have to re-book Q's and my honeymoon, 'cause our reservationis were on AA. . . . .

c95cce No.1834172


the brazilian candidate is important.

latin america must see economic rebalancing and security enhanced.

racial dynamic is important.

Strong America = better positioned to improve situations in the western hemisphere.

Stable strong large nation can back white hats openly with a just cause.

Latin america must be prepared to accept these inflow of repatriates by having a thriving economic sector not beholden to (((globalist))) ownership or control.

brazil is important.

0c8e34 No.1834173

File: 8f9be1df8ed1c05⋯.jpg (257.04 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 8f9be1df8ed1c05358acbbe222….jpg)

File: 0ef329a96e89442⋯.png (142.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Popcorn enjoy the show tri….png)

File: 6b628981feeaa6b⋯.png (149.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Q it's popcorn time trip c….png)

File: 191df92914c094c⋯.png (77.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Popcorn Trip checker.png)

376093 No.1834174

File: 23c0d4bb2f8f973⋯.jpg (77.39 KB, 984x664, 123:83, SS GEOTUS.jpg)

cb5c09 No.1834175


That's a bomb ass meme right there. QEQ

dbaa52 No.1834176

Come the fuck on, anyone with the ability to even minutely contemplate anything outside their own self absorbed existance can see whats going on.

They know these people will jump on anything for their cause. They jump on the seperated children, making it a national story thus pointing attention toward the safety and security of children in general. This is just priming people for the climatic dopamine rush that will ensue when all the child sacrifice shit comes to light.

Both sides are being played to bring the same result, call it social engineering, hegelian diolectics, or whatever.

Of course there is alot more going on than that, like we dont have a choice in the matter. Lets just say the frequency overlord is directing all of us.

Make no mistake folks we are all fucked no matter how this all ends. Black hats and white hats, both fucked. This duality bullshit is a mere distraction to hide the biggest of all truth.

Hell, even if you knew the truth it wouldnt matter, old AGI would make you forget or fuck with you so hard that no one would believe you anyway.

cf756f No.1834177

2252ab No.1834178


Don't forget that Renta-what's-her-ass was or is an aide for that old CUNT Feinstein!

00bbac No.1834179

Duluth News Tribune


Follow Follow @duluthnews


Power reportedly out at the DECC. #TrumpDuluth

12:46 PM - 20 Jun 2018

8552c5 No.1834180


The source is in the comment he responded to

75a0a9 No.1834181


There it is

Trump a/k/a Sun Tzu strikes again

a4b283 No.1834182


clearly, youre not a lawfag

9fe495 No.1834183

File: 185be7abed3f3d2⋯.jpg (45.52 KB, 278x321, 278:321, HiramKingofTyre.jpg)

2ca695 No.1834184


Oh, they will, when they send the money home to Mexico. TBS, the Mexican gov gets a slice of the pie.

3d0d1d No.1834185


Anon, you're missing the Deluge from this theory. It's a glaring omission.

e96cf1 No.1834186


I love that Q inadvertently gave her that name

9e6abe No.1834187


thank you, an anon with common sense. This shit has flooded 4 breads now.

00bbac No.1834188

A fishing boat was pulled over by the Coast Guard a few minutes ago in Lake Superior, just off Canal Park. The Coast Guard has issued restrictions within the harbor. #TrumpDuluth

1:12 PM - 20 Jun 2018

d50397 No.1834189


Loose the name to become an anon


670737 No.1834190


But saying he is? Stolen Valor isn't that

c918ee No.1834191

fd9593 No.1834192

yes Q confirms John P Carlin. No [J P] is not an attorney for the Russia Investigation nor the Special Counsel. yes he speaks french, no he is not the attorney who texts Vive la Resistance, attorney 2 is, and attorney 2 is noted in IG in Russia Investigation, Special Counsel, Midyear Exam, no LP is not attorney 2, IG refers to attorney 2 as him

9363ef No.1834193


Why not meet in the United States ?

Globalists ?

be3aa3 No.1834194

File: a292bb76b31c91e⋯.png (584.7 KB, 940x941, 940:941, tr-troll-im.png)

POTUS Epic Troll TWAT w/ Vid of Dems on Immigration

Don’t worry, the Republicans, and your President, will fix it!


c4da7a No.1834195

File: d430d7390e384f0⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 235x240, 47:48, 1526867357554.gif)

b6259b No.1834196


Read again. I said they did NOT build the Pyramids

>Anyway, Egypt was ruling relatively peacefully for thousands of years, The pyramids were NOT built by slaves, and certainly not by Israelite's which didn't even exist yet. but Babylon wanted to conquer it. Not sure exactly what or how they did it, but the Hyksos were a Canaanite take over of Egypt. After over a hundred years of their rule, they were kicked out and banished, probably back to Canaan. No doubt they were PISSED off. In fact, they were so pissed off, they ranted about it in their fiction called the Exodus. Except in their story. they painted Egypt as evil slave mongers who had to face the wrath of their feiry fire God El.

1105db No.1834197


There is an aura of truth around this woman ….

Maybe even a NOTABLE aura.

32d230 No.1834198

File: 2021cd867b182f0⋯.png (200.99 KB, 406x344, 203:172, 1508950041286.png)


This is not acceptable. For every two steps Trump takes forward he takes one step back.

d50397 No.1834199



7dc33b No.1834200


if you're going to be a bossyfag at least get your spelling right….LOSE faggot

c918ee No.1834201




b266ed No.1834202

File: 21a25f5f94db8f4⋯.png (164.17 KB, 630x880, 63:88, ClipboardImage.png)

Ryan Hill is a joke. He is a black leader that Jason Riley speaks of in his book: Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed

65fcb7 No.1834203


this is Q

0b4122 No.1834204


Nothing shines a light on darkness better than truth.

00bbac No.1834205

Minnesota Power


Follow Follow @mnpower


The outage in Duluth is related to an equipment problem at one of our downtown substations. Power is back on at Amsoil Arena where President Trump is scheduled to appear. Crews are working to restore power to other customers in the area.

1:39 PM - 20 Jun 2018

9f2236 No.1834206


One would think.

2252ab No.1834207


It was truly a GLORIOUS day when I read that fucking quote about that useless CUNT!

546bdc No.1834208

80f121 No.1834209


I know. Added the video to show how it probably was built.

561cee No.1834210

File: beae305e173b76c⋯.jpg (101.71 KB, 1300x864, 325:216, Black pills.jpg)

File: 421802bc3a3cb62⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 000 43dfa9e.jpg)


Don't be such a blackpilling spoilsport, have fun with it!

>Trolling is fun!

9363ef No.1834211


ABA gave HRC the highest award for ethics ?

What does that tell you ?

Unjust Laws ?

Laws for Sheep Another set of

Laws for Lawyers and Politicians ?

d50397 No.1834212


You are prob new here… loose the name

a3bd7a No.1834213


Yes. Q = DSJ

b6259b No.1834214


Probably older! I'm tracing our modern NWO order though and I'm not sure how India fits in, buf if you have ideas please feel free to share

959dd1 No.1834215



a17b04 No.1834216


STFU.. Out of the 12,000 its only 2,000 kids.. Those others didnt come with their parents..

Now parents are less likely to send their kids through mexico from SA. Less kids trafficked..

c95cce No.1834217

File: 24d95ba3378b92e⋯.jpg (48.51 KB, 311x311, 1:1, youustbejewhere.jpg)

01b44f No.1834218

I found out about the benefits of vapor distilled alkaline water so I told my local convenience store owner he should find a supplier. They did, and they did it locally. Learn. We are in control if we work together.

8552c5 No.1834219

File: 7cb4efda579a5bf⋯.png (12.88 KB, 171x255, 57:85, 18832f8861109addac4651bbf6….png)

cb36c8 No.1834220

File: c18e5d9e360d9fb⋯.jpg (89.76 KB, 769x638, 769:638, sawyer.JPG)

Craig Sawyer's MIA. Deployed to GTMO ?

7dc33b No.1834221


um, no the correct word is LOSE, not LOOSE fucking retard and no I'm not new here.

4a14f9 No.1834222













ab24dc No.1834223


KEK, No but they will fuck like rabbits and

shit out anchor babies.While waving their homeland flag, while eating poptarts they bought with foodstamps paid for by the American tax payer.

3d0d1d No.1834224


It exposes Leftist hypocrisy. They've already moved on to complaining that illegal aliens shouldn't be detained at all. It's proof that this was never about the children.

58f54e No.1834225


If I were an ICE Agent I'd strap up and get ready to do some serious [DOX]'ing my self… Tell em to bring it.. but those fuckers better come heavy..

1ed4a1 No.1834226



and the full 210 page pdf


670737 No.1834227


I second this…I'll use my sock twat for the cause. FREE IRAN

1a6f0c No.1834228

File: 933fc5bcd3879e2⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 441x310, 441:310, Q attacks 5 22 18.JPG)

Attacks will intensify [all sides].

450ba1 No.1834229

File: 6f53b21b3176f3f⋯.png (28.03 KB, 963x339, 321:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Here you go anon's

Read it and laugh


547bfa No.1834230

I have to laugh listening to CNN saying POTUS backed down - caved.

Think about this for a moment…….the cabal is doing their planning on how to distract from the IG report. Q and team(military intel) hears everything…….EO keeps families together……deported together……very neat and tidy.

53b59f No.1834231



Could we get some LawFags to chime in on how this lawsuit so heavily spammed here is a no show to the Q/POTUS show????

It is NOT from the DOJ, just from a citizen trying to start something….. nothingburger.

b6259b No.1834232


Indeed it is. Personally I don't think it ever happened. But where would you slide the deluge in?

PS, feel free to reply here instead

>>1719707 (separate thread)

00bbac No.1834233



Follow Follow @JTDr0nes


What until Trump see's all the headlines talking about his retreat EO… Tonight's nazi rally gonna be lit #TrumpDuluth

2:05 PM - 20 Jun 2018

cf756f No.1834234

4a14f9 No.1834235

48f88c No.1834236


Agreed. This is not okay.

7b1bfa No.1834237


Didn't cave. Adults cannot be held for more the 20 days in detention per the 9th circuit court ruling. Returning the children the the adults just means they all will get shipped back together.

Had Trump announced that he was going to put the kids back with their parents what do you think would've happened?

"OMG! Trump is treating children like criminals! He's incarcerating them with their parents. The horror!"

Instead, Chuckie Schumer demanded Trump do this.

Winning is awesome.

c18466 No.1834238


>The Persians at the time (of Cyrus the Great) were Zoroastrians which is a monotheistic religion which no doubt influenced the Hebrews as did Babylonian beliefs.

Excellent point, Anon, that is so often either not known by most or ignored by those who do…

e3a821 No.1834239


The BIG protests are organized/funded by the deep state and their clowns. Not only in the US. Also in Iran and elsewhere. People will wake up WW.

0b4122 No.1834240


True story.

97c65b No.1834241


KING of all TROLLERS is in CONTROL of twatt!!!!



f4a003 No.1834242

Wonder if we'll get another AF1 pic proof at some point today.

e92eb4 No.1834243


>It's a civil case if even real at all.

I hate to say "oh look, a literal retard" but there you are…

RICO cases are what has brought down some of this county's worst crooks…think think think…Mob Bosses….

What's the difference between a civil case and a criminal case?

FYI Hill et all will NEVER face criminal charges for anything. They will, however, don the orange…(kek) by RICO convictions.

a5e5d4 No.1834244

All links (pb's)


We know what they do.

Change narrative.


Use it against them.

They hide in plain site.




(You) are the narrative.

Do not allow them to control.

POTUS cannot keep focus on the narrative.

Who's responsibility is it?





Given that this board hosts some of the brightest minds on the planet, I'm honored.


(((you))) don't know autists.


Spider web.

Connect authors/[co]

Connect supporters.

Link to charities dealing in symbols.

Be autist.

Flip the script.

d50397 No.1834245

1a6f0c No.1834246


what parent would let their children travel across a border alone?

never made any sense to me.

1ed4a1 No.1834247


The case pdf at 210 pages


63fcc1 No.1834248


Im thinking they got run out of Egypt just like every other country they were in…. history keeps repeating

546bdc No.1834249

561cee No.1834251

File: ac6851dacaa6c6b⋯.png (88.42 KB, 669x659, 669:659, ClipboardImage.png)


>FF prevented.





a2f421 No.1834252

File: 74ddc9f590f9871⋯.png (377.46 KB, 397x487, 397:487, Wanda Nevada.png)

9363ef No.1834253


Rothchilds and Soros own the ABA and the AMA

Thry print dollars and lawyers fees are 1,000 an hour. Why do you think all the laws have 500k pages…

These lawyers are paid way to much!!! Its like a banker charging 50% interest !!!

ef3886 No.1834254

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>1833454 (lb)


"Answer. Death needs time like a junkie needs junk." - WSB

He would have known.

(vid related)


In a clinical sense, a strong possibility imo.

That said, we must not allow any diagnosis to give them an opportunity to escape their fate.

And that excuse will be forthcoming, you can be sure of that.

22fa55 No.1834255


Looks like a civil suit. Don't know if evidence can be sealed.

0b4122 No.1834256

e9b065 No.1834257




d09ac7 No.1834259


<Latin america must be prepared to accept these inflow of repatriates by having a thriving economic sector not beholden to (((globalist))) ownership or control.

it's so collapsed. At least of beings with the prision for beings with criminal history forever (MS-13-Cartels-Guerillas, etc) or immediate extermination.

Ah, and in Mexico for the joke of the current Gov about the Water, Obrador is very near.. (WaPo Article)

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/world/the_americas/mexicos-next-president-could-be-a-leftist-demagogue-or-a-practical-reformer-hes-the-same-man/2018/06/20/e570ba3a-6998-11e8-a335-c4503d041eaf_story.html?noredirect=on

ec301c No.1834260

4ef112 No.1834261



i'm gonna frame that headline. who would've thought they'd ever see those names in a headline with RICO.

63172b No.1834262


Got it here anon.


2252ab No.1834263

File: d51e816f174852d⋯.png (989.03 KB, 1044x586, 522:293, Screenshot_4.png)

056948 No.1834264

File: a7dc904c675f63b⋯.png (355.34 KB, 640x537, 640:537, ClipboardImage.png)

and….. the memes is censored…

thanks EU, you da real mvp

2ca695 No.1834265


Indeed. In the meantime, the agents could be working cases halfway across the nation. The website owners/participants should already be in jail.

1a6f0c No.1834266


if POTUS ever did ANYTHING without going by the books they would call him a dicatator…

these people are playing the lunatics very well…white noise that needs to be ignored.

c4da7a No.1834267

File: 64ca8446bf55b07⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 400x400, 1:1, who can it be now.jpg)

a17b04 No.1834268


They fucking do it.. Doesnt mean it has to make sense. Reality is fucking weird bro

4a14f9 No.1834269

File: 322464759328127⋯.jpeg (100.36 KB, 500x679, 500:679, 2ckvtg.jpeg)

ee76b8 No.1834270


is David Brock behind snopes.com?

912bce No.1834271


How is that a threat, an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage?

Trump has you so spoiled that you think cops are the perfect personification and incarnation of America. What about those dirty cops at Parkland? Do you condemn them, and not for the cop-out(pun intended) excuse of them lacking courage to act, I mean for their being complicit in a false flag psyop?

450ba1 No.1834272


Civil suits lead to criminal charges every day.

Charges not brought by Sessions, or Trump or anyone connected.

bb22cd No.1834273

File: 166c9fc296df1e9⋯.png (457.18 KB, 683x543, 683:543, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1833520 (prev bread)

Apparently, this person is trying to assist Peter Fonda in his efforts to terrorize ICE employees. He has doxxed ICE employees. This is a screen cap of one of his tweets. He provides a github link to access the files. Github removed it, but people are accessing the info via wayback. He might need some attention.

670737 No.1834274


Thanks…gonna request this. The water crisis isn't just happening in Flint folks. Make sure you're testing your tap water REGULARLY.

60c739 No.1834275

File: 9d20c6264301455⋯.png (51.46 KB, 708x393, 236:131, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)



752. Computer forensics from July 5, 2016 indicate that DNC emails implicating the

Enterprise were copied by an insider via USB and not hacked via external actors; DNC professional staff

member Seth Rich was murdered five days later on July 10, 2016 – whether Rich was involved in the

Case 1:18-cv-01422 Document 1 Filed 06/15/18 Page 194 of 210


hack or not, he was plausible targeted by the Enterprise due to his disclosures to family, friends and


cb5c09 No.1834276


>somehow convinced Rome to go christian

Read about the canonizing of the bible - When Constantine, emperor of Rome, magically became Christian and invited all of Rome's Christian leaders together for a month long retreat at one of his resort like cabins, where he wined and dined all these guys.

The christian leaders made up of a few diff sects. The most important sect is the group that gave us the Gospels (Matthew Mark Luke John), the sect closest to the true teachings of Jesus.

Constantine only chose 4 of their books for the 66 (not coincidence) book bible, and then held state sanctioned book burnings, where he destroys all of the other books this particular sect was preaching…. Later found in the Nag hammadi's.

Now there were the more Paulinian Christian sects, and they were the closest to the Roman empire and preached more state approved religious texts, mostly compromised of Paul (The thirteenth dicsciple - because he wasn't around Christ when he walked the earth, he later became an honorary disciple??WTF?)

To zoom out here, Rome had became so buzzed and swept up by Christianity, that the state had to do something to address it. There were some Christian leaders that fell in line but others that didn't, because their direct teachings spoke against the state powers (much like our constitution).

Long story short, nobody forced Rome to become Christian. They pulled an AJ and Alex Corsi, and have infiltrated Christianity, just like they have every other world religion, and have turned it into a debacle.


451ff4 No.1834277


Is this a meme?

It's sad that at this point I'm having to question this.

4a14f9 No.1834278


Sauce faggot

4ef112 No.1834279


can you post a muh dick?

d50397 No.1834280


Loooose the name, nobody here is a namefag, we are all anons. Whats the point of arguing?

645cb2 No.1834281

File: 4e22e23a585bbf3⋯.jpg (150.66 KB, 634x859, 634:859, MO.jpg)


This pic was in Daily Mail today

22739b No.1834282

Abandon ship!

Hussein staff talking.


What are we leading up to?


0fcfac No.1834283


That requires such a turnaround and with so much evidence that I dont see that coming to play.

Its more live Village Anon said @Trust Sessions and art of war.

We are tasked to throw questions, seeds at our opponents. We water them at times and watch it grow. We rehabilitate those taken or distracted.

As to the main [], in a few cases, you may be right. We appreciate you._X

561cee No.1834284

File: ac933cd3a6f9c0c⋯.png (39.83 KB, 1312x474, 656:237, ClipboardImage.png)


Stay Tuned

48f88c No.1834285


Agreed. o7

Iranian Anons, please help us. We will use relevant hastags on our twitter accounts

7b1bfa No.1834286


No, he bottoms for everybody, I hear.

1105db No.1834287


There will be violence against the Left if the government does not start doing their job and prosecuting these high-profile inciters of violence.

We have had an awful lot of high-level crime and zero prosecution. Even for those of us here who understand the plan, something has to give. Liberals will be emboldened by the Peter Fonda episode just as they were with Kathy Whats-er-name and all the others. We've been subject to the "punch a nazi" stuff since 2015.

Now that they know threatening the President's son is ok, what is going to happen to innocent Americans?

2252ab No.1834288



c18466 No.1834289


Nice research, NOTABLE perhaps, commendable for sure.

450ba1 No.1834290


Show Prep

All night!

right here

8039e6 No.1834291

49bc41 No.1834292


I would like a gender breakdown of the unaccompanied minors. Wonder how much their parents sold them for.

670737 No.1834293


Damn…Amsoil. That's still around?

715dd9 No.1834294


weren't we supposed to find out what happened with Seth during June?

58f54e No.1834295


its all good. My wife shoots better than me anyway..

06b796 No.1834296


Agreed, he's a skilled and clear communicator.

912bce No.1834297


Watergate 2.0?

3d0d1d No.1834298



There are ancient legends around the entire world about a massive flood. There's archaeological evidence around Sumerian ruins that supports the Flood theory, as well as water erosion around the Sphinx. Not going to get into it too much around here because there's tons of discussion about this elsewhere online.

704f6a No.1834299


problem is we get censored. so we can try… and we do. right now we're pretty much fucked running.

but we still try. put relevant hashtags out.

ec301c No.1834300

File: c9c49a0c582d912⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 255x168, 85:56, 6edcc43154937fbb9caf47a236….jpg)

114bb1 No.1834301

File: 93374085dc1b202⋯.png (91.15 KB, 669x883, 669:883, 925937`537294517`959753235….png)

0b4122 No.1834302


What do we do to help

466881 No.1834303

File: f384ff302af782a⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 942x716, 471:358, 1529115195.jpg)

74a67c No.1834304



Will the movie unfold in time for midterms?

e3c33e No.1834305


Good advice as it is nationwide

546bdc No.1834306


a climactic scene of our movie?

hopefully we see a OJ sipmson style chase playout :)

c918ee No.1834307






What a bunch of retards, really.

561cee No.1834308

File: 7fdf214b29aa5e9⋯.png (422.85 KB, 692x647, 692:647, ClipboardImage.png)




450ba1 No.1834309



hell ya

rico suit

Criminal charges from discovery during that suit.

after that, well, we can hope.

POTUS insulated, all you have to do is apply existing law.

80f121 No.1834310


Cause he KNEW they weren’t coming from Russia…….he didn’t want them finding out it was our own government intruding the systems

d09ac7 No.1834311


As in the WWII….

History keep repeating.

4ef112 No.1834312

File: 7daff54f15b3251⋯.png (716.67 KB, 949x971, 949:971, ClipboardImage.png)



6124df No.1834313


Not a LawFag are ya there hot shot? We can tell.

Let me help your ignorant self out a little bit:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as RICO Act or RICO) is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

2252ab No.1834314

File: 0dc231e339e680e⋯.png (499.58 KB, 593x671, 593:671, Screenshot_5.png)


I think I'll take two fucking chickens, you fucking Muslim CUNT!

60c739 No.1834315


Yeaaaa that's what I was thinking :)

4e5aa7 No.1834316


I bet the truth is going to be worse than we think with Hussein.

48f88c No.1834317





f78eee No.1834318

Fgghh >>1827750 (lb)

So hearing you Anon, taking Elevit to sustain my health during my spiritual breastfeeding seems perfectly rational to me, however, normies maybe not.

f98d1b No.1834319

File: 3e74850a5de8377⋯.jpg (53.36 KB, 341x268, 341:268, _058ej4mxv9s.jpg)

ac0106 No.1834321


Oh boy…these people are STUPID

15b50d No.1834322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8552c5 No.1834323

File: 97951fe98b5bd0e⋯.jpg (155.24 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0224.JPG)

7e2973 No.1834324


4d Chess Potus takes pawn

43ed39 No.1834325

np sedition


ec301c No.1834326


i guess you meme makers are going to have to make a Master Troll meme for potus now


547bfa No.1834327


The dance floor is about to collapse. Everyone grab a partner!

d50397 No.1834328


I cant imagine worth

e3c33e No.1834329


>what are we leading up to?

The day of the rope

d09ac7 No.1834330



SA>USA>NK>Latin America>>>>>>>>>EU?

c918ee No.1834332



We know what happened.

Dems paid MS13 to [187]

450ba1 No.1834333


never thought she would lose

451ff4 No.1834334






890cc4 No.1834336

File: 955a5930a0a4ed2⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1047x783, 349:261, EDD6584D-1BA2-42B3-9AD5-87….png)

File: 0c10203eff4995d⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, A2BDF463-6C59-435E-B9BB-DA….png)

File: 00186a2542e0645⋯.jpeg (112.19 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, ECBD5041-030D-4F30-BDAC-5….jpeg)

File: 30c09cc83cfd0b4⋯.png (1010.17 KB, 680x1010, 68:101, BAE027F8-8190-4E0D-A71B-CE….png)

aaae07 No.1834337

File: 6fe3ed2039e239e⋯.png (115.28 KB, 965x787, 965:787, 1529528540289.png)

File: 9c8b07e2ac43da0⋯.png (120.74 KB, 965x787, 965:787, 1529528864631.png)

File: 84635c425c6592f⋯.png (71.77 KB, 965x787, 965:787, 1529529018194.png)

5b0b1f No.1834338


Hang em all. Hang em high.

670737 No.1834339


Yes, when I condemned Parkland and Coward County, I was shadow banned for that effort.

I get it, certain law are lodge members.

2ca695 No.1834340


Great! Will the arrest be anytime soon or nah?

649d32 No.1834341

Notables So Far

>>1834162 Moar Digging on Amanda Renterias Campaign Manager

>>1833902 George Soros Summoned

>>1833984 Another Savage Trump Tweet "Trolling is Fun"

>>1833940 Planefag Updates

>>1833897 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Delays Release of Grand Jury Report on Church Sex Abuse

>>1833873 New Trump Tweet Gives US New Hashtag #StopTheBias

>>1833854 Hungary's pro-Trump, populist government pushes Soros crackdown

>>1833837 Scott Adams Video About the Coup & the Brainwashed

c95cce No.1834342


gradual influx - mainly onto regions such as mexico, northern brazil, etc.

the cartels being taken out inside US will soon spread to latin america.

Strong central government in southern america is important for a reason. So is miliitary.

so long as they are too busy working jobs that actually pay decent and there is STRONG military/government presence, it can work until more permanent economic advances can be achieved.

2252ab No.1834343


Glad someone in this piss ass joint has common sense!

I stand up for you when the time arise, you are a rip fucking CUNT! And I respect that!

1a6f0c No.1834344


my point was rhetorical…a REAL PARENT wouldn't, which supports the fact that it t isn't about the poor, sad children at all…

THEY are very stupid.

9f2236 No.1834345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lazy cunt.

49bc41 No.1834346


Mine keeps asking for bigger hardware.

3b5e01 No.1834347


Start locally..there are templates around here for stickers and flyers. If anyone has these please post again.

6b054b No.1834348


To be honest, I find the terms leftist and right-wing nauseating, when you keep pounding on people with stereotyping names, they find themselves trying to defend things they don't necessarily believe in. I think these stereotypes are being pushed by the usual suspects, to make a simplistic political landscape, with pawns going to opposite ends of the board to be played.

d50397 No.1834349


Podedts emails

60c739 No.1834350


Well of course WE know what happened.

Now it's time for the world to know.

2252ab No.1834351


My words!

ec301c No.1834352


ahh i think the term is take a partner, not grab anon

although is that any better term, i think i have had to much covfefe again


06b796 No.1834353

File: 07d3d1dacd852db⋯.jpg (110.62 KB, 508x508, 1:1, American Pepe.jpg)


Come to papa boys, things are heating up!

4a14f9 No.1834354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

15ca57 No.1834355

The Daily Caller is now reporting that one of the people who heckled DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen last night is a member of the Democratic Socialists Party and, wait for it, an employee of Trump's DOJ as a paralegal.

561cee No.1834356


The Obama White House’s chief cyber official testified Wednesday that proposals he was developing to counter Russia’s attack on the U.S. presidential election were put on a “back burner” after he was ordered to “stand down” his efforts in the summer of 2016.

The comments by Michael Daniel, who served as White House “cyber security coordinator” between 2012 and January of last year, provided his first public confirmation of a much-discussed passage in the book, “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,” co-written by this reporter and David Corn, that detailed his thwarted efforts to respond to the Russian attack.

0b4122 No.1834357

File: d0d28f172198fa1⋯.jpg (161 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_1809.JPG)

File: 090d20b8fb4445c⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 500x399, 500:399, IMG_1290.JPG)

File: 1c4f69b754f3633⋯.jpg (39 KB, 450x600, 3:4, IMG_1312.JPG)

File: 0614ee723e4fbff⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 480x267, 160:89, IMG_1413.JPG)

File: 7c0695af133f66a⋯.jpg (185.79 KB, 1119x751, 1119:751, IMG_2625.JPG)

cc0620 No.1834358



Not a lawfag but isn't convicting them under RICO act a prerequisite for seizing all of their property & assets.

c918ee No.1834359

65fcb7 No.1834360



written by Michael Isikoff

94ce17 No.1834361


Bye bye [RR] and Bob

63fcc1 No.1834362


Baton down the hatches!

94de6f No.1834363


NO He Did Not.

Check his Twitter

9363ef No.1834365


rothchilds want you to defend the Swamp with the ABA.

Requirements - for lawyers

1] Red Shoes

2] Excessive Billing

3] Spirit Cooking

4] Meet at ABA for child sacrifice and spirit cooking

5] HRC supporter

6] love children

7] Love Foundation work

8552c5 No.1834366

File: 5edb09c5f888dd3⋯.jpg (38.7 KB, 308x526, 154:263, IMG_0231.JPG)

670737 No.1834367


Agree, I'm not a box, don't label me.

75a0a9 No.1834368


Oh yeah, Sam Levigne.

We were after that guy late last night.

Brooklyn "artist", wanna-be computer vigilante and pompous ass.

Here's his website. Browse through and check out some of the shitty specialties he hosts:


5c2094 No.1834369



never abandon ship!!!!!

c95cce No.1834370


Leading up to hussein, hrc, holder. LL, soros.

More popcorn time.

107910 No.1834371

File: 18c2f2cc6c5e593⋯.png (1.79 MB, 2204x1210, 1102:605, obama cyber.png)



43ed39 No.1834372


376093 No.1834373

File: 969b4c0f11ae0be⋯.jpg (436.17 KB, 1600x1495, 320:299, 969b4c0f11ae0be9084d06280b….jpg)


Their ship is burning and the rats have nowhere to go but the open sea. Catch em mid-hop Q.

4ef112 No.1834374

File: 8fe27a50b628d62⋯.png (6.26 MB, 1469x9592, 1469:9592, FireShot Capture 9 - Obama….png)

912bce No.1834375


If da evidence don't see da light, you can't indict.

9e6abe No.1834376


Thank you,

Yes, POTUS/Q is doing all of this so they can be put in jail through a civil case.

You've opened my eyes.

1105db No.1834377


The Left can do whatever they want.

bff253 No.1834378


fuck you asshole

2ca695 No.1834379


Good man. Good wife. Makes a good marriage. God bless you both and keep you safe.

06b796 No.1834380

File: 840bc0d3765fee5⋯.png (36.28 KB, 540x129, 180:43, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

0c8e34 No.1834381

The five on fox is going to talk about Peter Fonda's threat next, after commercial

890cc4 No.1834382

File: b0ea2ddc8e451a7⋯.jpeg (333.67 KB, 960x606, 160:101, 9EAA56B0-E2D6-4839-A576-6….jpeg)

File: 8ac87ec33bef870⋯.jpeg (252.2 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 09CBDBED-31BA-43A1-8606-A….jpeg)

File: 1c7ca542d9db606⋯.png (408.91 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 0AD2D59C-70FC-42EC-858F-82….png)

df4df6 No.1834383


Kinda puts a dent into the Russia narrative…. can't wait to see who the next squealer is.

f89fe7 No.1834384

File: e4ddfd9b76e344a⋯.jpg (223.91 KB, 1607x621, 1607:621, GTMO302 20 Jun 18 2215.jpg)

US Navy plane GTMO302 in the air. Direct reference to Gitmo and the modified 302s.

ec301c No.1834385


what is this american LSD or WEED pepe i can't figure out what that flag or stars or whatever is around papa pepe


107910 No.1834386


At first I thought Q was hacked again.

He's saying that BO's staff is abandoning ship. The rats are swimming off…

ac0106 No.1834387

File: 09144bd583c7053⋯.jpg (115.19 KB, 964x646, 482:323, clintonlost.JPG)

3ad235 No.1834388


With all the respect, we keep hearing "someday". A lot of us have pushed people away because we are red pilling them and nothing is happening.

80f121 No.1834389


Sargon? No. You are overloaded on blue pills.

2ca695 No.1834390

a2168d No.1834391



450ba1 No.1834393

my criminal charges during rico discovery theory must be no good.

Q didn't confirm.

547bfa No.1834394


With this group, grabbing and pawing is the norm. lol

0b4122 No.1834395



Vault 7 tools

Et. Al.

875511 No.1834396

File: ecf270bf5c7bff8⋯.jpeg (40.63 KB, 758x409, 758:409, get.jpeg)

Trump trolling the dems again on his twitter feed…making them look stupid.

be3aa3 No.1834397


Would they do this to allow Russian activity that could be attempted to be associated with Trump?

4a14f9 No.1834398


hit piece


150cb2 No.1834399

File: 2bee08dc3e23e1b⋯.png (986.27 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, two-enter-one-leaves.png)

670737 No.1834400


If successful it will be the downfall. It's what finally brought down the Italian Mafia as it used to be. Not a civil case tho…Rudy did all that. It'll prolly depend on whoever is the judge. I hope he's a good one.

Hoping for better RICO charges on top. Won't complain with what we got here yet.

3b8303 No.1834401


reveal (K)SA as handlers

b1af35 No.1834402


Most are AWARE, but hard to fully awake; HUGE difference. The first hand fire you saw up the street never happened unless they TOLD you it happened. Those that are AWAKE need to keep showing the aware the inconsistencies, spins and out right lies via all MSM; yes Fox2. Exceptions are counted on less than one hand; a few individual reporters. The simple but careful-in-doing solution is to SLOWLY take back the MSM. There will then be a new narrative (not), it will be called what we ALL once knew as THE TRUTH. WWG1WGA

7b1bfa No.1834403


I just saw that fucker Obama running down the street by my house. Should I go after him?

63172b No.1834404

File: b290a2120277902⋯.png (74.19 KB, 1213x618, 1213:618, Screenshot_2018-06-20_22-1….png)


So much fun today Q thank you!

0b4122 No.1834405


they DID IT

74a67c No.1834406




32d230 No.1834407

File: 912ba6ba74786f5⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 495x362, 495:362, 1509808927107.jpg)


When we people be arrested Q? We're tried of all talk and no action.

ec301c No.1834408


they though she would never lose

and in another dimension they thought she would never win

451ff4 No.1834409

File: 82669faf314f0d2⋯.jpg (299.9 KB, 1540x460, 77:23, shm.jpg)

Schumann is going crazy.

Keep up the good vibrations Q & POTUS.

God bless.

5c2094 No.1834410



Houw much anon love you, he want you frie!!!!

0bc860 No.1834411


Pubic disclosure.

eb1ab3 No.1834412

File: 3064ee0fe0d09a4⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 573x571, 573:571, DonaldTrumpBansHugs.JPG)


Feel ya anon. 2 points for all of us battling this:

1) This is where the finely tuned gallows humor of the chans comes in, to help distance enraging reality a little so you can still see it without the full blown rage. Gotta stay clear-headed to go the distance.

2) These lefties taking this "children in cages" thing to extremes becomes so absurd it red-pills a lot of normies that were already starting to notice/question. We're giving them the rope to hang themselves.

>People awake.


>These people are sick.



9f2236 No.1834413

File: da18729b59ef83f⋯.png (646.21 KB, 858x617, 858:617, compd.png)


He's still not a vet.

704f6a No.1834414


do you know there are certain paths that have a line that when crossed escalate?

at some point there will be those who need 12 foot 2x4's strapped to FUCK you.

find the real iud's here… all are fags.


2e19f4 No.1834415



Thanks for the correction

c18466 No.1834416

2f82ee No.1834417


Future proves past. Today's EO.


4d50b9 No.1834418


Hungary's pro-Trump, populist government pushes Soros crackdown


a2168d No.1834419



645cb2 No.1834420

File: f34975e0c7381a7⋯.jpg (194.42 KB, 735x770, 21:22, Freedom.jpg)

File: 5a6dc9084db6cf0⋯.png (275.09 KB, 735x600, 49:40, Lion_and_Sun_(Pahlavi_Dyna….png)

4ef112 No.1834421

File: 02599ce230488cf⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1964x1096, 491:274, ClipboardImage.png)

AF1 over Wisconsin

f89fe7 No.1834422

File: 3b897be9c55b9e5⋯.jpg (289.64 KB, 1597x697, 1597:697, Spars10 20 Jun 18 2215.jpg)

Spars10 - Spartans? They are doing this knowing that us Planefags are watching.

e48068 No.1834423


I’ll be glad when it all comes out. I have many ignorant friends who need to see the truth. They trusted a man because of the color of his skin and closed their eyes to his evil doings. Thank you Q and POTUS.

15b50d No.1834424


Another Q post not (entirely) meant for anons.

9bec29 No.1834425


POTUS took away their narrative

4a14f9 No.1834426


video supports him, only helps confirm


a17b04 No.1834427


Its really funny to watch the tweets Q links to explode after the fact

547bfa No.1834428


They'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. Hope they like their new identities.

dc9aab No.1834429

File: 9d1a1b6806ecff9⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 250x241, 250:241, annoyed pepe.jpg)


>bad english


Get a new job, Ari. You won't get far in your current one.

c95cce No.1834430


Wut where. Kalorama heights?

That fucker needs to be placed under citizen's arrest.

80f121 No.1834431


Russian Hackers = American Traitors

Get it yet?

bc0d4e No.1834432


I'm hoping we are leading up to some sweet saucy indictments!

7e2973 No.1834433




64b455 No.1834434

File: ae5720eefedbc73⋯.jpg (161.98 KB, 777x446, 777:446, Iranfreedomyear.jpg)

b1af35 No.1834435


The rest of the IG report in part and end to the Russian investigation.

Regarding the ring, she will never be held publicly accountable for certain crimes but that must be accepted. If full details came out regarding MOST aspects of what the Alliance is cleaning up, the rest of the World would easily get rid of the US, they would HAVE TO! Accept it is being handled!

4a14f9 No.1834436



74a67c No.1834437

Q is setting up the SR scene of the movie.

Popcorn is warm and toasty anons.

0c8e34 No.1834438


NICE, their crooked evil ship is sinking.

Thank you again Q, POTUS and all Patriots working hard to free the people from these sick evil losers.

670737 No.1834439



b6259b No.1834440


Exactly! This is what I meant that Christianity was becoming a problem for the Babylonian Slaveminds. It was a spiritually anarchistic movement that had to be stopped otherwise world domination would be impossible. So after trying to destroy it via oppression and downright murder, they instead co-opted it and molded it to their will. By doing so, they built and gained control of the Papacy. The origin of [P]

7f4076 No.1834441

File: d2e231993c9f872⋯.jpg (47.61 KB, 466x498, 233:249, IMG_20180614_224705.jpg)

Game over. We have one. Victory.

645cb2 No.1834442

File: 0944867a6218c8f⋯.jpg (314.31 KB, 1653x2048, 1653:2048, St Michael Prayer.jpg)

9fe495 No.1834443


Get public interested in children, then demolish Russian Hacking narrative. Children will go direction of #MeToo

9f2236 No.1834444

File: 1451fdfabac55dc⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 275x183, 275:183, detect.jpg)



>video supports him, only helps confirm


9e6abe No.1834445


It has begun

e43f9a No.1834446



Somebody or some bodies have made a sober analysis

And assessment of the situation

And realized that nothing



Can possibly stop the hammer of Thor

From coming down on Hussein's head

But others may still escape the wrath

Especially if the news cycle is CHOKED TO THE BRIM


With the revelations of Hussein's crimes

And those of his closest associates

Like the Witches

Who we have been hunting

This sober assessment has led many minions to conclude

That they may still escape in the chaos

And therefore the best policy

Is to fan the flames

To sacrifice Hussein

Because it is a dog eat dog world that the Illuminati live in

To dominate over others is their only goal

And it is now clear

That by their rules

Hussein's dominance is fading

And so like the creatures of nature that they are

Red of tooth and claw

They snatch at their prey

They hound their prey to its ultimate demise

60c739 No.1834447

File: 6dca705375a7968⋯.jpg (54.47 KB, 626x575, 626:575, SethRich17.jpg)

7e2973 No.1834448


So excited right now

107910 No.1834449

I swear Greg from the Five lurks here.

9eed83 No.1834450

File: 0d034c360de655d⋯.png (814.67 KB, 702x659, 702:659, trump-russia-haha.png)

8efd87 No.1834451

Q - Potus trolling in last Tweet was pure gold

But, we need much more OFFENSIVE instead of DEFENSIVE action.

It is exhausting fighting the narrative of the media.

2252ab No.1834452

File: f5e7a92bc3cd5c0⋯.png (736.93 KB, 1010x566, 505:283, Screenshot_6.png)

959dd1 No.1834453

File: 08dbb055c6d09ac⋯.png (973.69 KB, 995x1361, 995:1361, ClipboardImage.png)

74a67c No.1834454

624e6a No.1834455


Arrest the subud b@astard.

4a14f9 No.1834456


"Expect images of Obama in tribal gear with AK 47……..pointed at red, white, and blue……."

d09ac7 No.1834457


Where Do you found these graphics?

c18466 No.1834458


>What are we leading up to?

Hussein had been spying on DJT for years!!!

Mueller needs to shut it down and let Huber take over.

e48068 No.1834459

645cb2 No.1834460

File: 28a33802ad2ba87⋯.jpg (150.63 KB, 850x994, 425:497, St_Michael_Raphael.jpg)

9363ef No.1834461


>rothchilds want you to defend the Swamp with the ABA.

>Requirements - for lawyers


>1] Red Shoes


>2] Excessive Billing


>3] Spirit Cooking


>4] Meet at ABA for child sacrifice and spirit cooking


>5] HRC supporter


>6] love children


>7] Love Foundation work

58f54e No.1834462


Too bad no one will throw them a life line…

652343 No.1834463

File: 148548f5530e2d2⋯.jpg (68.71 KB, 448x252, 16:9, 2g846785675423568946796.jpg)

File: 8f8c3b12890dd79⋯.jpg (305.62 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, b36728345245738946934684.jpg)

File: 221fabfd1643d5c⋯.jpg (105.33 KB, 605x765, 121:153, c1512342546786789467935627….jpg)


I lurv it!

75a0a9 No.1834464



I reckon we're leading up to the ACTUAL Russian collusion!

b1af35 No.1834465


Full Moon and (Undiscovered) Science are leading us to exposing the technology we already have that has already made the Moon and other Planets “full” of US!

dcf96f No.1834466


Did he?

Now they just claim they were right all along, that POTUS could and should have changed it, and that the reason he did was he bent the knee.

d50397 No.1834467


I still hope is but kim is not that trustworthy

4d50b9 No.1834468

File: ea25e38daa93570⋯.png (419.27 KB, 594x622, 297:311, b.png)

32d230 No.1834469

File: 7d4a512c7de2597⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 429x592, 429:592, 1529490638914.gif)


Yes yes, we already know all about Vault 7 and how the Clowns have tools to make attacks appear to be coming from other countries.

Old news.

When will we see arrests? This is starting to get boring.

b8f51f No.1834470

File: ff2c2ef4de732fd⋯.png (777.08 KB, 1587x1171, 1587:1171, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1833431 Ellen Gunter Dig Update (lb)

>>1833511 (lb)

>>1833806 (lb)

>>1833470 (lb)

>>1833577 (lb)

>>1833740 (lb)

>>1833747 (lb)

Crazy can o' worms here. Dig! June 30th is the planned protests, sounds like it is a big deal. Nationwide. Need to head this off. Additional good links for foundation research.

http:// www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1237 Soros

http:// www.discoverthenetworks.org/funderProfile.asp?fndid=5382 Clinton

1a773d No.1834471


Is it finally sinking in for them that they have zero chance of winning? Every man for himself!

01b44f No.1834472


I took care of Mapco kek.

00bbac No.1834473


make sure to double tap

5c2094 No.1834474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Please anons,

She;'s with someone lse!


74a67c No.1834475


He opened a hole in the news cycle for the Seth Rich reveal. Take it to the bank.

451ff4 No.1834476



93b2ae No.1834477

God Bless Q and all PATRIOTS WW.

Q, can we give them a shot across the bow? Let's halt the ChemTrail planes & ask Trump to say that he is going to sign an EO to stop the production of GMO crops.

94de6f No.1834478


This Pic was Really used in Newspapers across the US and can not be sourced.


11b3f6 No.1834479

This douchenozzle is doxxing Ice Agents. We need to fix this. https: //twitter.com/ice_doxx

450ba1 No.1834480

File: 7059a5ed5820182⋯.png (12.16 KB, 792x230, 396:115, ClipboardImage.png)



didn't take long

645cb2 No.1834481

File: e7fb55a05eb805e⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 720x723, 240:241, Cinco de.jpg)

9363ef No.1834482


Rothchilds and Soros would like to thank the ABA and AMA for their support

b6fe25 No.1834483

File: bd7cf282408902b⋯.jpg (151.52 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, Rogers2.jpg)


If the stand down was in the summer, that lines up perfectly with when the pieces of Crossfire Hurricane (the frame up that is) were being positioned. Trips to London and 5 eye "friends" were being taken, FISAs applied for (and rejected)…

… What preceded all this? Admiral Rogers shutting off the 702 access inside the FBI-CID and DOJ-NSD and ordering an audit.

The timing can be used as evidence to prove the frame up, and the palace coup that spun off it once it failed, are real.

790a0e No.1834484

File: 25fca420dc78d36⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 600x550, 12:11, 5929c2924fe2d4680ac081a7f0….jpg)



This anon gets it.

ec301c No.1834485

File: c298657a89024fa⋯.jpeg (10.53 KB, 206x255, 206:255, c8151f477cf2ff6222da7613c….jpeg)

dc9aab No.1834486


It does allow for more Muh Russia, that's for sure.

f89fe7 No.1834487

File: 0cef5b2d2c02ff2⋯.jpg (179.01 KB, 525x727, 525:727, Gitmo Arrivals 20 Jun 18.jpg)

The frequency of Gitmo arrivals seems to have picked up. Some new airlines on there that I haven't seen until now. Interesting United Airlines flight too.

890cc4 No.1834488

File: 418bc43ceb553fe⋯.jpeg (92.89 KB, 798x1071, 38:51, FF471341-A1D2-48CE-8E6A-E….jpeg)

File: 1b993365582c084⋯.jpeg (181 KB, 792x1040, 99:130, 64829938-ECCE-4486-BF01-0….jpeg)

File: 0a1a62cdfd5731e⋯.jpeg (67.25 KB, 479x450, 479:450, 819C34A5-1500-40CD-A2AC-1….jpeg)

8efd87 No.1834489



a2168d No.1834490


JA or SR reveal ???

80f121 No.1834492

Not me anon. I copied his comment.

5ed7c3 No.1834493


And T-bag them. For good measure.

b6259b No.1834494


That Hussein knew full well that Russia had nothing to do with the "hacks" and investigating them would uncover his own corruption

e5af5d No.1834495


FBI, CIA, Senate, Cabinet..love them lawyers too.

4a14f9 No.1834496

File: f6a93f62c6cb315⋯.jpeg (233.55 KB, 1080x482, 540:241, 3gg8.jpeg)



you call this sauce ?



58f54e No.1834497


You know Q it'd be nice to hear 45 say something about "Here Comes The Pain" in a speech or twatter…

just a normie trying to red pill the masses…

74a67c No.1834498


Why else did he just knee-cap the child separation news cycle theme? Seems plausible to me.

953736 No.1834499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Obamas' open mic with Putin

Obama's open mic slip on missile defense system

be3aa3 No.1834500


If Chewbacca lives on Endor you must acquit.

9bec29 No.1834501


Just wait until a Judge challenges the EO.

Oh Nelly!

d09ac7 No.1834502



Thanks for the graphic Anon.

670737 No.1834503


Some tend to have some interesting call signs.

I've seen a couple PSWRD ones, one was PSWRD23 another PSWRD25

Saw a TEX plane with P3NiS as a callsign. I think they like to mess with us planefags.

b1af35 No.1834505


Also leading us to some VERY LARGE named indictments down the road. Lastly, it is leading us to WINNING!

2e2d90 No.1834506


What ever you do be cautious not to fall for Rajavi's cult (MEK = People's Mujahedin). I would also refrain from attempts to revive the "Green Movement". It was controlled opposition or an internal strife between Rafsanjani and Khamenei.

03c1b4 No.1834508

File: 779e128f7e1ed64⋯.jpg (188.81 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 779e128f7e1ed645698b5f214a….jpg)


your President. haha

907970 No.1834509

File: 39d0810b152922f⋯.png (7.36 KB, 540x26, 270:13, ClipboardImage.png)


Full Complaint (link)

Byrne vs Clinton et al… RICO


2252ab No.1834510


I remember that I saw that fucking pic in the media and it wasn't referred to as photoshopped. Now if I post it, people say it was photoshopped, but I remember at the time as being presented as legit! FUCKING CUNTS!

7d5578 No.1834512



Thank you Q and POTUS!

1b3368 No.1834513

File: 9314206d6031fa7⋯.png (36.12 KB, 702x118, 351:59, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)


not a coincidence that this happened 2 days ago

she had to admit it

cc48be No.1834514


PAIN and lots of it… Thanks Q

198015 No.1834515

File: 65140ebefb7ffe1⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 680x520, 17:13, UACs-1.JPG)

File: e17e16df2532645⋯.jpg (67.63 KB, 730x388, 365:194, UACs-2.JPG)


>unaccompanied minors

Most recent I could find:


Congressional Research Service

Unaccompanied Alien Children:

Demographics in Brief

September 24, 2014


The number of children coming to the United States who are not accompanied by parents or legal

guardians and who lack proper immigration documents has raised complex and competing sets of

humanitarian concerns and immigration control issues. This report focuses on the demographics

of unaccompanied alien children while they are in removal proceedings. Overwhelmingly, the

children are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The median age of

unaccompanied children has decreased from 17 years in FY2011 to 16 years during the first seven

months of FY2014. A greater share of males than females are represented among this population.

However, females have steadily increased in total numbers and as a percentage of the flow since

FY2011. The median age of females has dropped from 17 years in FY2011—the year that was the

median age across all groups of children—to 15 years in the first seven months of FY2014.

0b46a5 No.1834516


>What are we leading up to?


Hopefully it is the immediate Contempt of Congress of RR charge??? Hopefully it is McCabe/Comey/ in handcuffs before the end of the month???

Hopefully it is Sessions filing charges of Treason against many of the traitors!!!!

9f2236 No.1834518

File: ae31aca525a9c6d⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, suchafaggot.jpg)


You are literally fucking retarded.

d50397 No.1834519

17 intelligence agencies, anons!!!




1a773d No.1834520


That does not make sense!

f29581 No.1834521



Thoughts on three mockingbird stories upcoming

db0732 No.1834522


Is Rob and Bob about to eat it…

93b2ae No.1834523

So what is the deal with Putin?

Who's side is he on?

I've seen good arguments from both sides.

He paid CF for the Uranium and was good buddies with W.

a82361 No.1834524


that's because it was CIVIL not federal suit

1f9734 No.1834525

File: 751689cea826f92⋯.jpg (99.97 KB, 659x614, 659:614, ken.jpg)


Confirmed this is a good read. In short Kennedy bros fake their deaths and start up a 'deep state'.

9363ef No.1834526

File: 49379f8e3e95ce3⋯.png (398 KB, 1218x537, 406:179, BeamOfLight.png)


Its Time !!!

ef3886 No.1834527

File: 000910cd0140e2a⋯.jpg (188.93 KB, 927x666, 103:74, HT-HHS-Marion-1.jpg)

>>1832713 (pb's)


From what I understand atm, many of the "coyotes" at the Mexican border are Chinese. Can't remember the name for them, but believe it's translated as "snake head".

What could be going on in some cases is that the final "master" is paying off the "coyotes" and then the "illegal immigrant" becomes an indentured servant to the creditor to pay off the "loan".


Page from Senate report referencing "forms of payment"


>Flip the script.

Love that line.

f89fe7 No.1834529


Some of the call signs during the NATO exercises are like that too. I saw DIRTY11 today over the UK.


4c676f No.1834530


LOVE our POTUS!! Can he troll or what????

ec301c No.1834531


that would be great because we have had enough of the witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt….


649d32 No.1834532


2ca695 No.1834533


Well, he did take away the mid-tern narrative which seems fairly obvious they were going to ride through the fall (it was gaining traction). Still it gets the left a short-term win.

The upside is now Trump can pummel Congress (Dems and GOP) about the wall (shut the gov down if no wall) without an effective rebuttal.

e43f9a No.1834534


They are calling their troops to take to the streets

Well two can play at that game

It worked for the MAGA alliances

During the election

And in the RESISTANCE of the aftermath

And it can work again

To build unity among Americans

And consensus on the way forward

To show Americans how political dialogue

Can be done openly and without violence

Even liberals will buy into this

Many of the progressive ones are just confused

Help them find their way through the confusion

And you will learn they are really progressive conservatives

And not liberals at all.

e3a821 No.1834535


The headscarf is THE representation of Freedom?!

Think again.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

c95cce No.1834536


Trying to save his people and country from ((roth)) hands KGB style (except he fucking hates kikes).

b6259b No.1834537


Lol imagine if Q was trolling the Clinton Campaign way back then?

912bce No.1834538


That was fun during the election, but I expected more than symbolic wins afterward. Winning a twitter war in the eyes of supporters isn't really winning.

4a14f9 No.1834539


you have just buried yourself.

b266ed No.1834540


Well said.

74a67c No.1834542


Irrelevant, they'll just try to find something else to hammer him with, their supply is probably endless.

I notice he doesn't try to hit them through attrition, he outmaneuvers them. It's brilliant.

451ff4 No.1834543


Just helping where I can.

God bless.


a2168d No.1834544


quite possible !!!

06b796 No.1834545



American Flag Pepe :)

a34c5c No.1834546

File: 473a559a4608340⋯.png (27.58 KB, 308x552, 77:138, enlightenment.PNG)



Leading up to the LIGHT.

ENLIGHTENMENT appears on once.

Summer Solstice.

93b2ae No.1834547

Release a list of the Evil ones names and lets FIGHT!!!

9f2236 No.1834548

File: 7b9d370124ca0c7⋯.png (456.19 KB, 662x371, 662:371, wrongassbitch.png)


>you have just buried yourself.

fa9054 No.1834549


4 of clubs.

cc0620 No.1834550


It's the snowball that starts the avalanche.

75a0a9 No.1834551


As a followup, I saw multiple people tagging DHS, ICE, the DOJ, NYPD etc etc etc to report this guy.

Sam Levigne has terminal TDS. Some prison time would help him feel better.

eb1ab3 No.1834552

File: 60ff31640c75eea⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 792x525, 264:175, QAnonSessionsPainComing.JPG)


>There will be violence against the Left if the government does not start doing their job and prosecuting these high-profile inciters of violence.

No, we will keep our cool and trust Q team to address any dangers to innocents as they've been doing

>FF prevented.

And we will help the less-informed around us blow off steam and channel it in more productive ways, like reporting things to the proper channels and getting loud on social media. This is a big reason why Q came here to leak The Plan, so we'd know we didn't have to take the law into our own hands, that there was a new sheriff in town and he was on it.

Slow and steady wins the race frens.

3f9e03 No.1834553

File: 85e878b99fce576⋯.png (9.07 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 9b986b5d1a5030f2c55e33294a….png)


pizza i forget the number , 6 months ago or so .

e43f9a No.1834554


Snakehead is a Mafia-like secret society from China that is like a Chinese Cosa Nostra

d50397 No.1834555


If we dont fuck with him he will not fuck with us, good enough for great earth neighbors

5c2094 No.1834556


Tour stvpupd stvtories mad q left!

Fvck you!!!

971bb3 No.1834557

File: 0451ca0024450d5⋯.jpg (43.02 KB, 1080x663, 360:221, IMG_20180620_141817.jpg)



f29581 No.1834558



93b2ae No.1834559

It's time to attack. We are at war.

4c676f No.1834560


Whhaaaa!! Bwwahahahahah!

be1c48 No.1834561


I sure hope this is a lead up to some arrests!

4f0fa8 No.1834562


Obama didn't do anything against Ru-cyberattack bc he knew the 'russians' are the own government. Q give me proofs to do the same with politicians in Switzerland. I know which ones but I have no proofs.

74a67c No.1834563


Exactly, that would just hand them their narrative on a platter. Let justice come, love is patient, love is kind.

ec301c No.1834564


good luck at the rally tonight papa pepe everybody will be watching!

a06bc6 No.1834565


Masses are slowly coming around to the evil fuckery. Keep dropping the hammer POTUS and Q. We got your 6.

561cee No.1834566

File: f9158884b32a9ab⋯.png (13.04 KB, 776x371, 776:371, ! ! ! Trips.png)

db0732 No.1834567

File: 2bc996d4499ed4b⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1422x1097, 1422:1097, pepe22.PNG)

562a7c No.1834568

File: 3ab652e23abd26c⋯.png (365.11 KB, 401x487, 401:487, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

File: a0c29648e22ee71⋯.png (211.21 KB, 1031x267, 1031:267, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)

450ba1 No.1834569


Read it again.

Headline says federal

body leaves federal out.

RICO is RICO. Snopes is lying and so are you.

619e93 No.1834570


lol don't hold your breath.

93b2ae No.1834571

Let's take our country back from the satanists.

c95cce No.1834572


Triads. Proper term is triads. Remember the sacramento raids?

22fa55 No.1834573


Tomorrow declassification EO drops?

1b3368 No.1834574

File: 9314206d6031fa7⋯.png (36.12 KB, 702x118, 351:59, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at ….png)