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File: d6edd258ff81193⋯.jpg (9.49 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearch - Copy - Copy.jpg)

f8cbff No.1380639

Welcome To Q Research General

Personal thank you to the BO, Bakers, and Autists/Anons who continually dedicate their time and energy to the GREAT AWAKENING.

You are all Patriots.

The hard part is coming to an end.

The next phase will bring ==JUSTICE.==


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Friday 05.11.2018

>>1373162 ------------------ This is why we are here.

>>1372772 ------------------ Q Responds to Corsi/AJ Attack

Thursday 05.10.2018

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>>1358839 ------------------ Iran confirms Zarif-Kerry meeting in NY (twitter link)

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Wednesday 05.09.2018

>>1349487 ------------------ http://www.iran-daily.com/News/202615.html Happy hunting!

Tuesday 05.08.2018

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Friday 05.04.2018

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are not endorsements


>>1380390 Anon expands on [FORMER] Dignitaries Q post

>>1380161 Message from BO regarding recent Bans

>>1380531 Michael Kratsios connection to Sen. Graham and billionaire Peter Thiel

>>1380052 Trump picks billionaire financier to lead Intelligence Advisory Board

>>1380516 Pimps Sentenced to 26 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking Three Minor Victims Throughout East Coast

>>1380252 This is why Apple phones for U.S. agencies?

>>1380610 What do John McCain, The Bronfman sisters, Benghazi & the pedophile & women’s sex cult, NXIVM, have in common?


>>1379251 Judge refuses to dismiss charges against Antifa leader Yvette Felarca

>>1379314 Sessions reveals secret witness to Flynn FBI interview…….

>>1379321 Our Purpose: Do Not Fail the Test

>>1379393 MARINA BAY SANDS = Bunker Apple Yellow Sky

>>1379764 Physicianfag take on Big Pharma/Dems losing kickbacks


>>1378461 Theory on Q's "1 of 22"

>>1378984 BO: Site Bug happens once in a while

>>1378522 Humorous CodeMonkey tweet at Corski

>>1378463 Chess 4 moves left


>>1377495 >>1377504 Pie Chart of the Reasons Why HRC Lost

>>1377522 Macron telling EU to stand up to POTUS/USA

>>1377536 (From April 2018) FBI looking for victims of NXIVM

>>1377540 Update on LV shooter

>>1377629 China wants to cut our trade deficit too

>>1377987 NRA sues NY Governor

>>1378088 Dig on Keith Raniere


>>1376674 ; >>1376809 Special Agent Joseph M. Pientka, III, welcome to the show.

>>1376815 AJ is a Deep State Shill

>>1376779 Former CIA Contractor Pleads Guilty to Illegally Retaining Classified Materials

>>1376921 Trump’s First Major Bipartisan Deal in Congress: $50 million Prison Reform Clears First Vote

>>1376883 Slush Funds Dig (more digging requested)

>>1377040 ; >>1377036 Grassley letter FBI Agent's Wife working for Facebook's litigation firm + more.


>>1375905 OIG report next week all but confirmed?

>>1375946 Missed notable from last bread (1724) - Q posts referencing chess game & explanation

>>1375949 ; >>1376048 ; >>1376305 ; >>1376381 Planefag notables

>>1376495 Halper hired by Obama, Clapper, Brennan

>>1376630 UN nuclear watchdog's chief inspector resigned.


>>1375295 - Grassley Graham letter. - FLYNN DID NOT LIE!!

>>1375553 Q posts referencing chess game & explanation


>>1374159 Beijing again flexes military muscle, sending fighter jets, bombers around Taiwan

>>1374202 Ecuador 'bans Julian Assange from taking visitors and phone calls'

>>1374415 Chinese billionaire Ng Lap-seng gets four years in US prison for bribing UN officials US$1.7m to support plans for Macau conference centre

>>1374496 Q74 Graphic

>>1374513 Chinese top team to land in Washington for trade talks just before US decides which products to penalise

>>1374518 Movement at NK's Nuclear Test Site


>>1374712 Planefag Report


>>1372711 Andrew Ng

>>1372731 DEVELOPING: A Major New Front is Opening in the Political Espionage CScandal

>>1372750 The National Weather Service issued a 'Tsunami Warning' this morning, leaving Alaskans confused until the false alarm messages were sent out.

>>1372757 ; >>1372764 Planefag Report

>>1372517 (lb), >>1372749 A Spoopy On the Move Has Landed

>>1372933 F9 Connections, facebook surveillance, et al Graphic

>>1372905 Stefan Halper Dig

>>1372873 Another Clinton Cash Cow?

>>1372984 Quatari Gov't Plane on Approach to Geneva

>>1373014 Sources Say Israel and Russia Agreed on Having All Iran IRGC & Proxies Expelled From Syria

>>1373075 Cambridge Forum Severs Ties With Publisher Amid Russian Spying Allegations

>>1373361 Kilauea Could Soon Explode in Once-In-A-Century Eruption

>>1372895 German Company SICK software used by FACEBOOK to listen in - RFID Voice Recognition

>>1373274 Robert Mueller, the son of a DuPont executive, went to a Waspy New England prep school where he was John Kerry's lacrosse captain

>>1373586 ; >>1373163 Bronfman's and Their Ties - Twitter Thread

>>1373648 Q puts "Example" of pharma abuses in the killbox; future proves past.

>>1373831 US Imposes Sanctions To Squeeze Iran

>>1373830 Anon's Analysis of Q74

Best Of Bread >>311157

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f8cbff No.1380675

Q Research General #1731: Kill Them With Research Edition






446f50 No.1380682

File: 2271daaeac1c837⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 552x550, 276:275, ZomboMeme 12052018003009.jpg)

Thank you baker and #BO

f8cbff No.1380689


oops,mispost my bad..

8ca4c6 No.1380691




b9118a No.1380694

Love the title baker!!

9feac4 No.1380695


>1380390 Anon expands on [FORMER] Dignitaries Q post

This was discredited.

b9118a No.1380700

So Q is posting during the day again, which means they are overseas. Still in Singapore?

877db5 No.1380716

File: 82f3865ddffcfe8⋯.png (5.3 KB, 514x145, 514:145, Capture1380707.PNG)

9feac4 No.1380717

>1380390 Anon expands on [FORMER] Dignitaries Q post

This was discredited.

ac74b2 No.1380718

File: 2c325ea495c558f⋯.png (54.1 KB, 375x360, 25:24, zoinks.png)

File: 91bebff29ebd141⋯.png (242.76 KB, 785x480, 157:96, waaaaat.png)

cd8cef No.1380719

File: 270162a44919ee1⋯.jpg (80.91 KB, 600x601, 600:601, 08e7ff4a930bea78a56c6e7b40….jpg)

File: f5d537d4b0a4ac5⋯.jpg (350.66 KB, 833x615, 833:615, spcopsk430098500893jiiogo4….jpg)

File: 674aa00b8156e8e⋯.jpg (86.73 KB, 565x720, 113:144, 1d198e301ad28b7ea32d0cfcbf….jpg)

File: 6ff9996dc103099⋯.jpg (148.16 KB, 1012x646, 506:323, 1520149789730.jpg)

Just fight through this faggots. Shillstorm is nothing compared to what patriots have gone through to defend the republic.

ffc650 No.1380720



My main point was to correct the story, not you anon. This was in actual testimony by Comey, he just wouldn't name Priestap by name, only title.

55fa68 No.1380721



FCC announces 'net neutrality' rules will expire in June (June 11th)

https:// www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/05/11/2018-10063/restoring-internet-freedom

8db4a0 No.1380722

File: 09407f5bbe58679⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 630x630, 1:1, kekistani_af_recon_squadro….jpg)

File: 6f051056b94ae91⋯.png (593.12 KB, 3000x1746, 500:291, CATA_303_3.png)

Something is going down in the Philippines. There is now a second Us Special Operations Command plane in the air (CATA303 &CATA202).

67c186 No.1380723

File: 003ab558ef99521⋯.png (349.37 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: d65b97bbf321abe⋯.png (366.98 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: 16ea0305bebc767⋯.png (348.84 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: 12d3088cb4ee324⋯.png (287.68 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: 76519ec4cd7c73e⋯.png (349.16 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

https:// www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-05-10/china-s-industrial-spies-elude-outdated-u-s-vacuum-cleaner

China China China

b476b8 No.1380724

File: e079d42867d6407⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, SILENTWARRIOR.jpg)

File: b059e997881e48e⋯.png (69.83 KB, 1172x922, 586:461, Trumpthepunisher.png)

File: 335b8b2436c4737⋯.png (27.3 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, (((who)))isattacking.png)


We have more proofs today of (((their))) activities on here. Thank you, Patriots.

677653 No.1380725

Previous Bread


The connections between McCain and the Benghazi families is definitely of note. Especially if he were somehow involved in the murder of American servicemen.

But the operation wasn't about democracy, nor just oil (although that's a bonus). They seized Libya's gold, prevented an African Union currency on a gold standard, open up Europe for the Kalergi Plan invade, emptied Ghaddafi's armories (and hired mercenaries) to start the Syria "civil war".

It was about a lot more than oil.

ffc650 No.1380726


Amen. Filter is a magical tool. It made the last dough extremely comfy.

a89b45 No.1380727

Listen. Q doesn't have to explain shit you weak minded frail pansy asses.

We are at mother fucking war. We are in a war effort. How's not the time to get rich through our efforts. That's the shit Rothschilds do. Want to make money? Then fucking do it leave us alone but not at the expense and abuse of the anons and our country.

The reason Q brought this up was because fucking heros have given their lives for this and y'all are bitching about a fat 60 year old getting his panties in a twist because of something Q posted. I have family who have given their lives in service to this country so fuck you all but "muh corsi and my right media" we have right media. It's called Trump's twitter. Back to research.

345a76 No.1380728



I second that.

I'm going to come back in the am and copy these into a text file. If there is not a thread I will make one. Please keep using the <^> so they are searchable.

Amazing stuff.

f2c63a No.1380729


If he posted a picture of Singapore…he was no longer in Singapore when he did it.

b661f9 No.1380730

File: 44b38f898a8bfb4⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 4500x3032, 1125:758, ross316.jpg)


maybe the good ol slobberknocker

eea3a6 No.1380731

File: 02d33ec2d79cfcc⋯.png (98.57 KB, 1177x459, 1177:459, Capture9.PNG)

Possible Awan link? Nisar Ahmed Chaudhry:

>Chaudhry regularly traveled to Pakistan to brief high-level Pakistan government officials on information obtained from his American government and think tank contacts. He also met with Pakistan government officials in the United States to report on the details of his meetings in Pakistan with high-level Pakistan government officials


f64cfa No.1380732



810952 No.1380733

File: e8ade9530a2923d⋯.jpeg (617.79 KB, 1242x1487, 1242:1487, 9BE9BC33-686E-4B6A-A95E-3….jpeg)



677653 No.1380734

File: 5d069df876ee1d0⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 326x325, 326:325, 1521180787218.jpg)


Thank you, Baker.

Nice fake out on not posting "new bread" at the bottom and writing in the (You)s. We'll have a few minutes peace.

695385 No.1380735

>>1380709 (last)

highly Notable, imo

3a3610 No.1380736


If I end up being right about this theory I'll cum as hard as Zach does when he gets a text from Alex Jones.

4d9812 No.1380737


985ace No.1380738


f520d7 No.1380739



from Sanskrit Simhapuram "Lion City," from simhah "lion" + puram "city," from PIE *tpolh- "citadel, fortified high place" (see polis). The name is perhaps metaphoric of something, as no lions are found there.


712e58 No.1380740


Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

a9f8fe No.1380741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How Trump and Kanye – willingly – set their egos on fire = they're not trapped by egoism

[good points why Trump and Kanye are not narcissists]

67c186 No.1380742

File: 79cf60a94b09f2f⋯.png (784.63 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: 396302a4210dd76⋯.png (851.51 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: 66a09bef3f0b2d5⋯.png (600.1 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)

File: 64db98a894b44e7⋯.png (820.2 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-23-3….png)


https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/958618/china-military-strength-taiwan-world-war-3-military-drills

0297aa No.1380743


I like your anger. It's righteous.

3a757c No.1380744

File: f7140bd1d2afe9c⋯.png (324.91 KB, 468x528, 39:44, ClipboardImage.png)

First-ever Muslim candidate for Governor comes unhinged over question about Sharia

Abdul al-Sayed to GOP opponent: ‘You may not hate Muslims but Muslims definitely hate you!’


Michigan’s first-ever Muslim candidate for governor, Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, took a shot at fellow gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck on Thursday that some Republicans are saying was below the belt.

Colbeck, speaking at a candidate’s forum in East Lansing, expressed his concerns about Sharia law and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’s tactic of civilization jihad. Colbeck took exception with an article he says was planted by Sayed supporters in the left-of-center website Buzzfeed, which painted Colbeck as a fringe extremist using “unfounded conspiracy theories” against Sayed.

Rather than address Colbeck’s concerns, Sayed called Colbeck a racist Islamophobe whom Muslims “definitely hate.”

Sayed, 33, the former public-health director for the city of Detroit, was on stage Thursday at the Michigan Press Association with several other Democrat and Republican candidates for governor running in the Aug. 7 primary.

Sayed refused to answer a question from the moderator about the Islamic legal system known as Sharia, other than to say that, if elected, he would uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and State of Michigan.

“I take [the Constitution] particularly seriously because it guarantees me two things. A, the right to pray as I choose to pray, and for me that means I put my face on the ground 34 times a day,” Sayed said. “Some people choose not to pray at all. Then in Article Six it also tells us that no religious test should be held over someone wishing to serve under this Constitution. It’s an incredible document.”

Sayed leveled charges of racism and “white supremacy” at Republicans in general but saved his most severe critique for Colbeck, the one GOP candidate who has dared to talk about the issue of creeping Sharia in a state that has the country’s highest concentration of Muslims and has the nation’s first case of female genital mutilation working its way through the federal courts. Michigan also recently had a case involving a possible honor killing in which a 15-year-old Muslim boy in Farmington Hills allegedly pushed his mother to her death at a time when she was going through a divorce from his father.

Colbeck, an aerospace engineer and two-term state senator, said his concerns are not about individual Muslims. Rather, he worries about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been declared a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and whose influence in the U.S. was spelled out in the Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America, a document seized by the FBI in 2004 and presented as evidence in a terror-financing trial that sent five members of an Islamic charity called the Holy Land Foundation to prison in 2008 for funneling money to Hamas.



93c1f3 No.1380745


>Increases regulation (so against free market) but could be argued that the market has ""become corrupt so it needs it(?)"".


Welcome to the real world, kids. Regardless of what idiotic bullshit /pol/ taught you, regulations exist for a reason. The market is inherently self correcting. Things like the government regulations and black markets are themselves market forces acting towards correction.

4f3151 No.1380746

File: 3ed433f001987b6⋯.png (5.72 KB, 448x197, 448:197, ClipboardImage.png)

We are missing the legitimate post from Q at the top of the bread: Dated 5/ll

ad508f No.1380747

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Alex breaks up with Trump

8324a5 No.1380748

>>1380615 (very late in #1730)

>>1380646 (very late in #1730)

Our beloved AIanon has dropped a MOAB of knowledge


lots of amazing reading in those posts.

well worth the download, to have handy

4aefb6 No.1380749

File: a2959ec0900efbd⋯.png (422.86 KB, 1000x830, 100:83, IMG_2181.PNG)


677653 No.1380750


Eh, that's not confirmed. All of this divide and conquer concern is over a reddit post.

fdec36 No.1380751

with the goal being to create in America the Chinese communist inspired “Social Credit System” that grades every human being with a “social score” that determines what they can, and cannot do, and what they can, and cannot buy—and whose reality isn’t something to come in the future “sooner than you think”—but, is actually happening right now this week as the city of West Sacramento, California, has just become the first city in the United States to monitor the social media postings of all of its citizens like the communist Chinese do


3fe74e No.1380752


Review - The Clintons, Red Cross & Boxes of money - YT

Songbird is w/ who? Q's fan???

Why you ask this…….

e66a55 No.1380754

File: 822c52f8f84978f⋯.jpg (87.6 KB, 640x630, 64:63, Dc8iiBrVMAAHb3x.jpg)

970155 No.1380755

Seen it mentioned a couple times over the last few breads, the idea that Q is testing the anons. I agree. Q is weeding out Peters and Thomases, this morning Judases were exposed, Some day Peter will return, Thomas will regain his Trust. But Judas has his thirty pieces of silver. One can only hope that Judas will come to grips and take a trip to the potters field.

695385 No.1380756


Only (((one))) party involved in the dividing…

06f7ce No.1380757

China Is Launching A Weather-Control Machine The Size Of Alaska



fdec36 No.1380758


5cb44b No.1380759

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b476b8 No.1380760


You notice the similar (((double talk))) about anything (((israel))) related on here?

Two sides of the same coin. Keep them pouring in.

a6f303 No.1380761

File: c60043acf8daa1c⋯.jpg (103.73 KB, 700x520, 35:26, BVisaCUNT.jpg)

345a76 No.1380762



877db5 No.1380763

File: b044c1feecb9364⋯.png (398.37 KB, 1098x628, 549:314, rizvi spacex.png)

so, another anon posted this last bread. pretty bigly.

<Rizvi Traverse Management now Reps SpaceX


>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 3EnVOnlV 150522442 ??

>Nov 22 2017 17:45:01 (EST)

>Rizvi Traverse Management.

>Happy hunting.


>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 66o6MRSe 150562337 ??

>Nov 23 2017 00:01:22 (EST)

>Rizvi Traverse Management.

>Very important.


695385 No.1380764


fukken saved. that's going on facecrack.

b476b8 No.1380765



Baker, notable

b9118a No.1380767

File: 8c362824623ce93⋯.png (536.68 KB, 1077x589, 1077:589, Capture.PNG)

File: 91d91fcc671ab66⋯.png (505.73 KB, 1058x548, 529:274, 1.PNG)

ffc650 No.1380769


Fantastic graphic faggot! That makes a ton of autistic sense.

f2c63a No.1380770

File: a650d5c1f026a0e⋯.png (347.71 KB, 600x360, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Peter King: DOJ and FBI “Put One Over” On President Trump – Nunes and Gowdy Never Saw Documents…

Posted on May 11, 2018 by sundance

Interesting new developments in the growing story of the FBI and DOJ conducting a surveillance operation against candidate Trump in 2016, to include the use of an FBI and CIA informant.

Contrary to previous reporting, representative Peter King (R-NY) reveals that yesterday Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy were not allowed to see the originating documents during their visit with the DOJ and FBI officials. Representative Trey Gowdy (U-DC) reluctantly admitted moments ago, the statement by Peter King was true.

The DOJ refused to allow Nunes & Gowdy access to the “EC” (electronic communication) document that initiated the FBI counterintelligence operation. Instead, Nunes and Gowdy were given an opaque description of the EC process; and told to come back next week if they wanted to talk more.

Additionally, Peter King reveals the DOJ and FBI are manipulating President Trump, and tricking him to believe declassifying information would endanger sources

https: //theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/05/11/peter-king-doj-and-fbi-put-one-over-on-president-trump-nunes-and-gowdy-never-saw-documents/

4aefb6 No.1380771

File: 17141a5e986ea63⋯.png (183.86 KB, 388x296, 97:74, IMG_2128.PNG)

File: 9b64731c411f840⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 439x376, 439:376, IMG_2129.JPG)

File: 9545bdc5c9565c1⋯.png (68.43 KB, 500x554, 250:277, IMG_2131.PNG)

014f39 No.1380772

File: 72fd6e3c7612fee⋯.png (605.05 KB, 798x834, 133:139, CorsiInfiltration.png)

The way I see it: Jones has spent years building his audience/market/platform.

Jones who has his "high level sources" for exclusive content and narrative.

Alex boasted plenty of times he had private contact with POTUS during and after the campaign, saying it in his typical "I'm not trying to brag" cue.

Recently Jones mentioned he had no contact with POTUS for five months.

Why is that?

Along comes Q with his/their intel and narrative.

Q builds a movement within 8 months!

Growing exponentially!

Remember: a movement does NOT have a LEADER.

Leaders can be targeted and taken down, making the movement vulnerable.

They want to take over the Q movement?

They want to bash Q?

We let the world know we stand with Q and POTUS.

We takeover #InfoWars hashtag.

We let @realDonaldTrump know in the process.


12bdfc No.1380773

File: fc74737bee01c57⋯.jpg (73.79 KB, 680x1157, 680:1157, note.jpg)

55d9b7 No.1380774

File: 50066a5d9c2405a⋯.jpg (106.01 KB, 500x499, 500:499, 2a4fs3.jpg)

0d3fad No.1380775


must be a jewish conspiracy right?

80841c No.1380776

File: aba13549628cf43⋯.jpg (603.61 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 187.jpg)

File: a68f990f6f88a47⋯.jpg (611.59 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 187DJT.jpg)

Has anyanon searched '187 Trump' in Duck Duck Go? Deep State? it goes on and on. Even yeti on Amazon.

c4727c No.1380777

File: cf69139d0d64bf9⋯.jpg (228.22 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, IMG_2018-05-11_21-11-55.JPG)

3fe74e No.1380778

File: 301dc9bf9c50764⋯.jpeg (7.89 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2M.jpeg)

TY, baker.

4178e9 No.1380779


all about kam

fdec36 No.1380780

File: 46dc5f987db7a24⋯.png (54.23 KB, 1331x370, 1331:370, Screenshot-2018-5-12 Russi….png)


f520d7 No.1380781


I am starting to think he means FB is listening by reading and recording our brainwaves.

"Speech is essentially a compression algorithm, and a lousy one at that," Facebook executive and former DARPA director Regina Dugan told a packed audience at the Silicon Valley event.

"That is why we love great writers and poets, because they are just a little bit better at compressing the fullness of a thought into words. What if we could type directly from our brain into a computer?"


Maybe the Sky Event is referring to FB listening to and recording our brain activity 24/7/365.

b476b8 No.1380782


This fucking scum. This fucking jihadi subhuman piece of shit.

cd8cef No.1380783

File: 632720e12a28a46⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1520492252085.gif)


No 'we' dont. Just STFU about these faggots.

98d67e No.1380784


indeed. a lot of those i had lost

345a76 No.1380785


What do they have on Gowdy?

I hope we get an answer someday.

985ace No.1380786


Just an opinion here, but I would leave out the Roth and Clinton references. It is more palatable for the FB crowd. Then when all the info comes out it will be more believable.

49062b No.1380787


China has his own space tech.

f2c63a No.1380788

File: 2563c436728ea29⋯.png (367.96 KB, 700x604, 175:151, ClipboardImage.png)

77 Percent of Americans Support President Trump and Kim Jong-un Summit…

Posted on May 11, 2018 by sundance

A recent CNN poll (full pdf below) of how President Trump is handling North-Korea has the moonbats going bananas. A sea change in the behavior of North Korea led to a historic meeting between South Korea and the DPRK. Quite simply, President Trump’s strategic policy worked.

With advancing optimism for peaceful relationships, and against the backdrop of an upcoming summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un, CNN took a poll to evaluate opinion. https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/05/11/77-percent-of-americans-support-president-trump-and-kim-jong-un-summit/

877db5 No.1380789


meh. so what's in there?

lotsa promotion, few explanations

4178e9 No.1380790

File: 4825bc35c935c6b⋯.jpg (286.98 KB, 1037x853, 1037:853, Kam.jpg)


4aefb6 No.1380791

File: 972d1c56584e727⋯.jpg (444.21 KB, 1273x732, 1273:732, IMG_1617.JPG)

ad508f No.1380792


Whatdoesitmean.com always means BS

b9118a No.1380793


Who are the morons that dont support it?

fdec36 No.1380794


54c3f2 No.1380796

File: b06bf8106981387⋯.png (125.97 KB, 649x528, 59:48, POTUS Schedule 5-11-18 5 3….PNG)

POTUS Weekend Schedule

[2 days/no public events]

49062b No.1380797


The Godfather of Tech?

8ca4c6 No.1380799


stfu jerome

79fb50 No.1380800


This is NXIVM thing is going to be the linchpin into the Jesuit take-down.

bff009 No.1380801

>>1380390 (last)

Is it really that precise and a little inconsistent? It sounds like you're saying a current Sec. of State can be called a "dignitary", but a former Sec. of State cannot be called a "former dignitary".

And that seems a bit too picky even for international diplomatic protocol.

3fe74e No.1380802


Filtered ID+

9feac4 No.1380803


Using what device?

202505 No.1380804

File: 770f4e6a12e0eb4⋯.png (116.22 KB, 452x597, 452:597, reminder.PNG)

Just a reminder….

4f3151 No.1380805

File: 55d5ed97ee658d8⋯.png (68.83 KB, 1125x646, 1125:646, ClipboardImage.png)

This one is also missing from top of Bread 5/11

b476b8 No.1380806

File: 57823398d147fca⋯.png (198.58 KB, 617x397, 617:397, shillact.png)

879c22 No.1380807


:No Friday docu drop? I'm disappointed.

fb261b No.1380808


And the poll was conducted before the release. Imagine numbers now!

54c3f2 No.1380809

677653 No.1380810


Castle LOCK

79fb50 No.1380811


nice analogy. You should write for a living.

49062b No.1380812



59a233 No.1380813

File: fc092f7e7c8048a⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 500x431, 500:431, matrix_red_blue_pill.jpg)

9feac4 No.1380814


Is there a thread somewhere that posts active internet public approval polls for POTUS that we can hit and vote in?

8324a5 No.1380815

File: 44b7953c7baf424⋯.png (390.81 KB, 485x453, 485:453, hungry.png)

202505 No.1380816

File: e0f3f7cd1b512eb⋯.png (771.51 KB, 1111x835, 1111:835, hilldog_Q.png)

fb261b No.1380817


Secret meeting with Kim again

3fe74e No.1380818


Melania will smile, after some dragon energy!!!!

7cd584 No.1380819

there should be some type of #hashtag karma movement

Brennan Kerry Clinton Obama get the Gaddafi treatment

b476b8 No.1380820



Look for above faggot. In the mean time, dig.

ffc650 No.1380821


He literally claimed today to gave spoken to "Q". He's out of his fuckin mind.

8ca4c6 No.1380822

File: c38ae73c2ae6217⋯.png (3.23 MB, 3930x3214, 1965:1607, COMPEDsidebyside.png)

anons, I think I got this side by side right

contrasting (more like comparing) those who would get "a big following off this movement only then to retreat and go mainstream" with ACTUAL MSM "who would seek personal gain at the expense of others in this movement has an agenda" (LIKE THE FAMEFAGS)

let me know if there are any errors



49062b No.1380823


Other trip?

55d9b7 No.1380824


Getting out of Dodge while the shitstorm hits, maybe

7d6723 No.1380825

>>1380610 (previous)

Wow! It's like a soap opera! Everyone is intertwined with everyone else.

fdec36 No.1380826


Shills always react to this the same way - Hey dont even bother looking into this yourselves guys, waste of time.

Fuck your opinion. Let people do their own research you self important cunt

1f5a24 No.1380827

File: 551e901a6150a6d⋯.jpg (106.83 KB, 500x656, 125:164, IMG_2148.JPG)


8ca4c6 No.1380829


are you talking about tripcode or overseas trip?

4d0e3c No.1380830

Hey you guys, I just spoke to Q personally on the phone. He says that you should only listen to me from now on, don't listen to what anybody else has to say.

8cb1dd No.1380831

File: 4039959a39e4ff9⋯.png (645.91 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, TWEET_HASHTAG_FUCK_LUCIFER.png)

c4727c No.1380832


Far from being Corsi. I've put him through the ringer today. I just got tired of making so many Twitter accounts. Should I word the image differently?

466927 No.1380833


best synopsis of Benghazi

bf53b6 No.1380834


yeah nice reminder.

Looking back you can clearly see Trump visited Kim and made the deal to set them free from Clowns control

446f50 No.1380836

As a personal thank you .. Im now a "hoggfag" .. But ive been psoting sporadically since the beginining.. Just like to say thanks to fags on the nite shift for actually being open to ideas.. Slides or not … Before codemnation

49062b No.1380837


Overseas trip, I suppose.

59a233 No.1380838


Seems pretty clear the call has been put out to take out the President. No wonder he's locked up and has no schedule.

Q, if you need assistance, send a messenger.

55d9b7 No.1380839


Teamwork, anon. Cheers

f4ba77 No.1380840

File: cb10725b0812479⋯.png (550.02 KB, 599x355, 599:355, ClipboardImage.png)

30,000 Germans Stage Massive Uprising In Protest Of Coming Police State Protesters took to the streets to oppose the federal state's Police Tasks Bill

Thousands of German citizens staged a massive protest against a proposed new law that will give police almost unlimited powers allowing them to intervene before a crime has even been committed.

The new law will give the police special enhanced powers when it comes to surveillance in a country that has almost become a police state.

30,000 protesters took to the streets to oppose the federal state's Police Tasks Bill (PAG) in Munich on Thursday. Sputnik News reports Activists, who call their movement "noPAG," explained that the main goal of their campaign was to prevent what they perceive as a "massive attack" on democracy and human rights. "We're demonstrating loud but peacefully," Simon Strohmenger of the noPAG movement was quoted by Deutsche Welle as saying. Participants of one of the largest demonstrations in Munich over the last few years are calling on the Bavarian authorities to abandon their controversial legislative proposal.

Critics believe that the law will grant Bavarian police almost unlimited powers and enable them to detain people without trial and intervene even before a crime has been committed. Protesters also argued that law-enforcement services will use means such as online surveillance, postal crackdown and genetic testing, turning Bavaria into a surveillance state. For its part, the Bavarian CSU party has stated that the changes are only designed to implement the EU's new data privacy directive and help police to identify suspected terrorists more efficiently. Commenting on the issue, Bavaria's interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, called concerns about mass surveillance in Bavaria "utter nonsense." The proposed changes to the bill are expected to be passed on May 15.

Read more at: http://www.neonnettle.com/news/4176-30-000-germans-stage-massive-uprising-in-protest-of-coming-police-state

© Neon Nettle

48bfad No.1380841


are you a fucking retard

of course it is part of the Kalergi Plan

look at South Africa today, this is their plan for (You)


7d9bfd No.1380842


my best guess is that AIM failed, so they had to send in their A-team. we have seen this before, this is AIM all over again. the same LARP cries.

They Failed.

f520d7 No.1380843


I'm not sure but they are already doing it in China.


Maybe they are using LTE or a cluster of satellites. Maybe the spider web is like an invisible net capturing our every thought.

49062b No.1380844



9feac4 No.1380845


Yeah, I already talked to him. You have to hit the number 7 on your phone (the old alphanumeric key for Q) 111 times then he answers.

810952 No.1380846

An effort led by senior White House adviser Jared Kushner to both increase prison security and provide a pathway out for some 4,000 well-behaved prisoners has scored a major, and lopsided, victory, the first major bipartisan deal for the Trump White House.

The House Judiciary Committee voted 25-5 to back the “First Step Act,” a shocking turn after the media had earlier written off chances that it would pass.

“We see it as a big win,” said an administration official involved in the talks between House Republicans and Democrats.

Shut the revolving door on crime?

Republicans and Democrats work together?

Sound impossible?

The impossible is becoming possible with the FIRST STEP ACT. @RepDougCollins#firststepacthttps://

t.co/4pVyi7jKsD pic.twitter.com/IgSGsU7wAV



59a233 No.1380847



bf53b6 No.1380848


i must be ant semitic right?

8ca4c6 No.1380849


my bad anon, "killing the black hats" and "fight to remove corsi" makes HIM the victim

it might be just me, but something like:

"killing the white hats"

"The fight to discredit Q"

By Jerome Corsi

lol idk I'm tired af

ffc650 No.1380850


Fuckin shit. Theses asshats are so transparent.


CHAPTER 1. Homicide [187 - 199] ( Chapter 1 enacted 1872. )


(a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought.

https:// leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=PEN&sectionNum=187

f2c63a No.1380851

File: 1569975755fc58f⋯.png (236.17 KB, 500x328, 125:82, ClipboardImage.png)

Mapping Erik Prince's Private Mercenary Empire

Authored by Ty Joplin via Albawaba.com,

Erik Prince is the modern architect of private military firms

His latest venture is in training security personnel in China

But he's been all over the world, outsourcing militaries to cheap labor markets

Al Bawaba has provided a partial map to track Erik Prince's activities over the years

Erik Prince, the brain behind the infamous private military firm Blackwater, is now in China training security forces.

Prince is partially responsible for modernizing the private army for the post 9/11 world, outsourcing militaries to cheap, specialized labor pools and skirting traditional regulations meant to ensure accountability for armed forces.

His journey from hiring mercenaries to help bolster the U.S. occupation in Iraq to China is long, dizzying and includes stops around the world to train Colombian mercenaries to help make a private army for the U.A.E. and outfitting crop duster planes with missiles to be fired at Armenians.

He has become a global figure, roaming between conflicts zones to sell various governments his expertise on private armies.

To document his journey thus far, Al Bawaba has compiled a partial list of countries/regions in or for which he has done business.

United States

Prince’s trip around the world starts in the United States.

Born in an affluent Michigan family, his family maintained deep ties to the Republican establishment and several conservative, religious organizations like American Values. His sister, Betsy DeVos, married into one of the most influence political families in the Midwest, the DeVos’s, and began helping to run the Republican party machine in Michigan.

That marriage, which tied the Prince and DeVos family together, has given Erik unprecedented political access into the federal government. His list of close allies including Steve Bannon, U.S. President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist. His sister gives him a direct line of access to Trump himself.

Erik became a Navy SEAL and then established his own private military firm in 1997, Blackwater.

Once the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, Blackwater received billions in contracts from the U.S. government to help supplement the official mission with private boots on the ground, relatively free from accountability or laws from any particular government.


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-11/mapping-erik-princes-private-mercenary-empire

fb261b No.1380852


overseas. I thought he might have gone last week too when he didn't tweet for a day and Kim visited Xi in China in secret at the same time…

b476b8 No.1380853


Agreed. The war is moving onto a more (((desperate))) phase.

Some (((shills))) are coming out with more elaborate infographics that actually say nothing but try to divide even further - such as trying to bad mouth rosanne.

014f39 No.1380854

File: 74887d4ed35c214⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, SpecStupid.jpg)


Q links to a Reddit article discussing Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Corsi,

yet we're, somehow by someone, not allowed to mention said names?

You're really stupid. A special kind of stupid.

9feac4 No.1380855


I can see a sensor embedded in a phone that would also take visual info from pupils, etc that would have this capability, but I doubt it's either currently deployed or widespread.

202505 No.1380856


This is an old Q post…I was a doubter for a while. However, it's really hard to dispute these old posts. They make more sense now. Future Proves Past.

ed95be No.1380857





>PLEASE tell me what “YA THINK”,

>I’m THINKing about starting a [501 (c)3] NON- PROFIT Mutual Benefit Corporation




>I am a DREAMER,

>I BELIEVE in doing GOOD in this WORLD.


>I BELIEVE that the BEST IDEAS come from DREAMS

>I have a DREAM, this is a DREAM,

>A DREAM of BUILDING a BETTER WORLD, from the ground up if necessary.

>WE are HERE and NOW, at this TIME and PLACE, wherever YOU and I may be.

>TOGETHER we make “WE “or “US”, whether it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” on this Board, “WE THE PEOPLE” of The United States of America, or “WE THE PEOPLE” in the WW




>WE all have a COMMON GOAL in MIND


>WE ALL KNOW there are some very TALENTED AUTISTS and ANON on this Board.

>Why don’t WE build OUR OWN social network THE YA THINK - Q PLATFORM

>ONE that works for the COMMON GOOD and CHANGE



>I like my FREEDOM, like I know YOU all do…

61f051 No.1380858

File: 5895c14f94c61ca⋯.jpg (92.23 KB, 750x746, 375:373, img_7401.jpg)

It just dawned on me that the cabal has caused us soooo many problems in so many ways and one of the major divisions of We the People is between males and females.


As such they have caused all kinds of crazy thoughts about each other. It is not so complicated, or it shouldn’t be.

First of all, all the cabal taught ways to have a relationship are Wrong. What a surprise.Two people are just that two people.

If you have ever had a friendship male - male, or female-female there should not be a huuuuuge difference as we go thru life stages and it becomes male-female.

Still two people with all that goes along with two people going thru life together. The romance, the games, the demands are kind of fun to a degree, but that is not what a real relationship can be based on.

When it gets down to brass tacks, you must be compatible at the soul level.

This makes it not so hard then. Mostly what you in general want out of life, they do too. If you are struggling or confused about what they want or not, then probably not a good match.

This is more difficult to sort out right now because the cabal has us all mixed up. But the idea is for two people to move forward with their lives on a parallel course, neither one pulling the one or being pulled by the other.

Each living their lives to the fullest, not worrying about what the other is thinking or doing, or if they are going to get mad or not, or you expect them do something or not or whatever, these are all cabal Dividing thoughts. This is way over thinking it.

If you expect some particular event or not out of your partner forget it. Usually they have no idea what it is you expect and if they did it can be a real burden to keep up with this kind of artificialness (fake if you will)

Real life is our future not cabal fake, go forward as individuals in partnership.

PS: There are always 10 or so hens per rooster. If there is only one hen and one rooster, he, the rooster is responsible for his needs of this discrepancy. (natural or artificial or other willing hens) She can not, nor expected to be 10 hens. She must understand and accept this fact of life. This is her responsibility to the partnership.

49062b No.1380859



As in London Again.

It seems a pattern..

4d0e3c No.1380860


Haha, you had to call Q, probably put you on hold, too. He calls me, even bought a copy of my new book.

3a3610 No.1380861


Agreed. It proved people like Jordan Sather are in it for the right reasons. Kid knows his shit and the normies will need him if SSP's ever get disclosed to the masses

c4727c No.1380862


Man I hear ya. Serious brain fog right now

c41902 No.1380863

File: 6103722f031c848⋯.jpg (142.92 KB, 1196x667, 52:29, IMG_0436.JPG)

File: f79baea7f31d744⋯.jpg (125.55 KB, 960x746, 480:373, IMG_0551.JPG)

Eats. Evil


8ca4c6 No.1380864




I thought you were meant why is there a different tripcode…

I was about to be like… come on

understood lol

b9118a No.1380865


Yeah, hes a cool dude.

712e58 No.1380866


Totally unbelievable that Nunez is taking this sitting down. Wait another week to be told they still can't see the docs? Am I the only one fed up with the DOJ/FBI?

06f7ce No.1380867

File: ab876c10ab3fc27⋯.png (69.7 KB, 799x240, 799:240, ClipboardImage.png)

49062b No.1380868

f520d7 No.1380869


It's the Pauls that you really have to keep an eye on.

9feac4 No.1380870


Security personnel worldwide? Looks like someday EP might give Order 66 for us.

b476b8 No.1380871


Btw zerohedge is 80/20 comp'd by (((them))),

ba9cfd No.1380872

File: 90c0db274c22923⋯.png (488.34 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_0553.PNG)

Australia's first flat-Earth convention was supposed to end with a bang.

The convention flyer described it as an "ocean level world record laser attemt" [sic]. A repetition of the Bedford Level Experiment on a record-breaking scale. A laser beam sent miles across the sea to another point – a boat, probably.

Samuel Birley Rowbotham first conducted the experiment – with surveying equipment – in 1838. He used the results to declare that the Earth was flat. In 1870, in response to a wager, biologist Alfred Russel Wallace repeated the test, adjusting for the effects of atmospheric refraction. His results were consistent with the curvature of a spherical Earth.

For his troubles, Wallace won £500, and a lifetime of death threats and litigation from the people who claimed he cheated.

The Bedford Level Experiment is controversial, and commonly repeated. Mostly by flat-Earthers. This test, at the close of Australia's first flat-Earth convention, would be no different, save for the scale.

But it never happened. Because the flat-Earth convention itself never happened.

The convention was supposed to take place on March 17, 2018, but it fell apart. The collateral damage was extensive: broken friendships, bruised egos, an arson attempt.

Co-organizer Lee Maxwell Judd believes "dark negative forces" were behind its failure, but the convention was doomed from the start.


5cb44b No.1380873


3 non military Q's

6 or less military Q's

as per Q posted-past

doesn't mean chatty kathy Q took the pic

Note the pictures we post are ALL originals.

Think about what that means.


f2c63a No.1380874


We all are I'm sure.

677653 No.1380875


I have noticed it drift since Trump got elected.

79fb50 No.1380877


Eschaton is a silly notion that at some point things will stop moving forward. I don't think we have it in us to do that. You may have an argument that Trumps mine but show me proof that the Eschaton or Apocalypse will happen.

877db5 No.1380878

File: 732fe6ac93255a1⋯.jpg (184.64 KB, 1986x1100, 993:550, paul.jpg)

b476b8 No.1380879


Erik Prince is an absolute white hat. ZH has been suspect for a while now unfortunately.

This article and numerous others just proves that point.

3a3610 No.1380880


I disagree. Q's recent pen post that referenced Nunes and the fact that Nunes has been quiet ever since he met behind closed doors probably means he's finally been clued in and shits about to drop

8ca4c6 No.1380881



80798e No.1380882


Read b4 you post - to control weather in an are the size of Texas

A texas-sized anything is not possible to lift to orbit

b9118a No.1380883


Cant spell WAR without




9feac4 No.1380884


He would have called, but he was busy watching my YT channel and hitting up my Patreon.

8ca4c6 No.1380885


fucking awesome anon

e66a55 No.1380886

File: d03827f17734364⋯.jpg (150.06 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Dc6h2HIUwAcaS1x.jpg)

File: c1a7cc7db5d9899⋯.jpeg (12.95 KB, 178x255, 178:255, f90314f33868b7e52bd3379c2….jpeg)

File: 7eab4c66d6f1e1a⋯.jpg (13.28 KB, 255x128, 255:128, f789805ee9a9f8bdb12577e856….jpg)

9feac4 No.1380887



0297aa No.1380888

All of these paytriots are like the Pope or a Rabbi or a Pastor or ETC.

They are all middle men.

Best to just keep direct contact. Read or listen to what the actual person says. Don't read or listen to repeaters.

c41902 No.1380889

File: 463b714e12094e4⋯.jpg (38.87 KB, 403x302, 403:302, IMG_2183.JPG)

And pedovores hire professional spammers through cia for coverups, and their memes suck

8cb1dd No.1380890

File: dc57ff22af55065⋯.png (88.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Trump_187_lobbyists.png)

446f50 No.1380891

File: b356851ca4b4ce4⋯.jpg (165.03 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ZomboMeme 06052018114525.jpg)

a3132c No.1380892


good, POTUS needs some rest. At least for one day.

06f7ce No.1380893


could be the /20

ffc650 No.1380894


Flatout, we are here bc of people like Flynn and Prince.

879c22 No.1380895


As in Rand?

8db4a0 No.1380896

File: 09407f5bbe58679⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 630x630, 1:1, kekistani_af_recon_squadro….jpg)

File: d621f85e9420898⋯.png (903.96 KB, 3000x1742, 1500:871, CATA_303_6.png)


USAF Special Operations Command CATA303 just landed south of Manila.

CATA202 stopped xmitting his location, but I am assuming he relieved CATA303 and is still in the air.

b9118a No.1380897


But Q is the one posting. So he is either overseas with the team or he only posts when the whole team is available/awake.

54c3f2 No.1380898



POTUS just declassified the documents

That's all he needs to do

Would need a pen for that

fb261b No.1380899


Bigger than we think!!

345a76 No.1380900


You are giving them free PR anon. Good or bad comments help them as long as their names keep showing up.

You seriously don't understand this?

49062b No.1380901


And How is possible to resolve the problem of surveillance?

This is so fucked..

014f39 No.1380902


Good meme. Well done.

b9118a No.1380903



c41902 No.1380904

'Intelligence' federal misnomer iirc

877db5 No.1380905


No, apostles, but that one might be sketchy too…

879c22 No.1380906


Agree .. although no public events doesn't mean he's not doing anything.

06f7ce No.1380907

File: 45755e2ad73558e⋯.png (60.45 KB, 827x232, 827:232, ClipboardImage.png)


this on?

fb261b No.1380908


People already thinking what a great week this was. Imagine if they knew about ISIS on top of that

0e933e No.1380909

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

once a day in the background anons

1eea0f No.1380910




He's signing the release on everything

59a233 No.1380911

File: 975671fa6a39672⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1073x710, 1073:710, bread.PNG)


Loafley! Thanks!

79fb50 No.1380912


Kill the Crown

695385 No.1380913


Dubaught confirms…


a888cf No.1380914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

-Love is the Law - If it feels good do-

Just putting this up cause people were asking about Clinton Global Initiative/Cabals/Masons roll in the southern hemisphere, it's old news down under but it might help if you haven't heard about it.

-The Australian & New Zealand connections (Canada prob. the same),

-Neotic World Order has been active here for ages - pumping all sorts of social degradation into the normies

Ordo Templi Orientis Australian Grand Lodge (Sydney Uni) - (Crowleys Sex Cult)


-Marina's had partys in the area

-Near the US Studies Center (T.Podestas a member)

some of (((their))) teachings

c0c48a No.1380915


That's true. Shills tend to present little packages of information

And then demand that you believe what they have to say

Because they have just presented you with the proof

Their reasoning is always simple

It never goes deep

It never gets complex and ambiguous

A shill would never, ever suggest

That the most ANTI-SEMITIC group in the USA today

Are the Jewish Hasidim

But if you read this article

On the Child Rape Assembly line

Right to the end

You may agree with me on that point


And note well

That the man who is lifting the veil on these evil people

Is a Jewish rabbi

Not only that, he is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi

As Q said, most people are good

When they discover evil, they want to stop it

They want to unveil it

But remember, this is not the whole story

Not even on the Hasidim

If you dig deeper

You will find there are many twists and turns

There are good people trying to do the right thing

Who are blocked by evil people with power and money

Evil bands together

How do you explain that the crimes of these Hasidic rabbis

Are virtually identical to the crimes of Catholic priests?

When the wave of arrests begins

And people see that POTUS is serious about unveiling

And prosecuting the evil ones

Expect a wave of victims to come forward

And speak for the first time

When they believe that they will be listened to

That the evil ones have been cleaned from the Justice system

Only then will the Great Awakening truly take hold among the people.

1eea0f No.1380916


Using his powers and privileges

c41902 No.1380917

File: a620e74d6494aea⋯.jpg (225.66 KB, 560x420, 4:3, IMG_2156.JPG)

Yada yada yada

677653 No.1380918


More like scheme than cope

014f39 No.1380919


Again: Q links to a Reddit article discussing Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Corsi

What is it with these "DontMentionCorsi" censor nazi's?

61f051 No.1380920


anytime at the farm would be great, show Q around see all the animals, bet Q has never seen so many farm animals running around free and safe and happy

3a757c No.1380921

File: f874dad39cbccd7⋯.png (140.57 KB, 638x479, 638:479, ClipboardImage.png)


Anons here are well informed. Thus, you probably already know the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto strategic plan for North America, which the FBI uncovered in 2004.

I post it any way.

“Phase One: Phase of discreet and secret establishment of leadership.

“Phase Two: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various public activities (It greatly succeeded in implementing this stage). It also succeeded in achieving a great deal of its important goals, such as infiltrating various sectors of the Government. Gaining religious institutions and embracing senior scholars. Gaining public support and sympathy. Establishing a shadow government (secret) within the Government.

“Phase Three: Escalation phase, prior to conflict and confrontation with the rulers, through utilizing mass media. Currently in progress.

“Phase Four: Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the The Elbarasse archives and close observation of the Brotherhood’s operations reveal the following as the most important of the techniques employed by the Ikhwan in America to achieve the seditious goals of its civilization jihad:

• Expanding the Muslim presence by birth rate, immigration, and refusal to assimilate;

• Occupying and expanding domination of physical spaces;

• Ensuring the “Muslim Community” knows and follows MB doctrine;

• Controlling the language we use in describing the enemy;

• Ensuring we do not study their doctrine (shariah);

• Co-opting key leadership;

• Forcing compliance with shariah at local levels;

• Fighting all counterterrorism efforts;

• Subverting religious organizations;

• Employing lawfare – the offensive use of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits;

• Claiming victimization / demanding accommodations;

• Condemning “slander” against Islam;

Political pressure approach. It is aggressively implementing the above-mentioned approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.

“Phase Five: Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups are united.”

This document offers a chilling operational insight into the mindset, planning, and vision of the Islamic movement in North America.

The Implementation of Shariah by the Muslim Brotherhood

• Subverting the U.S. education system, in particular, infiltrating and dominating U.S. Middle East studies programs;

• Demanding the right to practice shariah in segregated Muslim enclaves;

• Demanding recognition of shariah in non-Muslim spheres;

• Confronting and denouncing Western society, laws, and traditions; and

• Demanding that shariah replace Western law. Note that many of the foregoing techniques entail, in one way or another, influencing and neutralizing the American government at all levels.



5cb44b No.1380922


> atmospheric refraction…there is none in fe cosmology

810952 No.1380923

File: a2cd04cb38102f4⋯.jpeg (699.37 KB, 1242x1647, 46:61, E17F3736-472E-4DF6-81D2-E….jpeg)



345a76 No.1380924


Good luck.

fb261b No.1380925


Avalanche D5 incoming

79fb50 No.1380926


Damn… just tried it… it works

You da man.


b9118a No.1380927

How the hell do you ELI5 Building 8 to Normies??

a9f8fe No.1380928

File: 26bb74247f98173⋯.png (93.92 KB, 421x261, 421:261, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: 7f23e2fe8cca306⋯.png (46.02 KB, 823x145, 823:145, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

Think of the people who actually use this stuff.


879c22 No.1380929

cc5c68 No.1380930

File: 9beb672fd7e9b81⋯.jpg (47.9 KB, 400x279, 400:279, united.jpg)


United world wide

ed95be No.1380931





PLEASE tell me what “YA THINK”,

I’m THINKing about starting a [501 (c)3] NON- PROFIT Mutual Benefit Corporation





I BELIEVE in doing GOOD in this WORLD.


I BELIEVE that the BEST IDEAS come from DREAMS

I have a DREAM, this is a DREAM,

A DREAM of BUILDING a BETTER WORLD, from the ground up if necessary.

WE are HERE and NOW, at this TIME and PLACE, wherever YOU and I may be.

TOGETHER we make “WE “or “US”, whether it’s “WE THE PEOPLE” on this Board, “WE THE PEOPLE” of The United States of America, or “WE THE PEOPLE” in the WW




WE all have a COMMON GOAL in MIND


WE ALL KNOW there are some very TALENTED AUTISTS and ANON on this Board.

Why don’t WE build OUR OWN social network THE YA THINK - Q PLATFORM

ONE that works for the COMMON GOOD and CHANGE



I like my FREEDOM, like I know YOU all do…

c41902 No.1380932

File: 242d659351b10fa⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 598x803, 598:803, IMG_0007.JPG)

NO such thing as a false taco

5cb44b No.1380933


Note the pictures ''we post' are ALL originals.

Think about what that means.


1d5210 No.1380934


I picked up his golf ball at the golf course once.

621a2b No.1380935


Figure out what they are afraid of, then make it about that. You want them searching for the information themselves.

c33fcc No.1380936


a6f303 No.1380937

File: 3a5d8799e636143⋯.png (125.82 KB, 888x499, 888:499, FuckYouBVCunt.png)

61f051 No.1380938


not really, neutralized, very used to him, no problem

40 years is a long time

1eea0f No.1380939


Bingo almonds

9feac4 No.1380940


Imagine voice reconstruction combined with AI….then imagine some of these "missing" children calling home to tell their parents that everything is fine.

fb261b No.1380941


Soon enough. After the results from this week, I don't mind waiting. Trust the plan

677653 No.1380942

File: f501f555424d539⋯.jpg (77.36 KB, 941x742, 941:742, weirdingway.JPG)

7d6723 No.1380943


That's why Q posted the pen. POTUS is going to have to use his executive powers to release the documents.

28329d No.1380944



they aren't going to give information out about a massive year long investigation that is about to wrap up. they said next week because they are going to get to see everything in the OIG report next week.


you can believe trump is being "manipulated" by his own DOJ and FBI headed by people he picked who are for some reason acting out of allegiance to the previous corrupt administration. how fucking dumb can you be

84b1be No.1380945

File: 7ca2432a620e0d9⋯.jpg (130.53 KB, 1376x707, 1376:707, NVTZ.jpg)

Remember your training….

f2c63a No.1380947

File: 5dde7187b0192ad⋯.png (532 KB, 857x482, 857:482, ClipboardImage.png)

Top Iran cleric: Tel Aviv, Haifa will be destroyed if Israel behaves ‘foolishly’

In sermon broadcast on state TV, Ahmad Khatami also says European nations cannot be trusted following US withdrawal from nuclear deal

A leading Iranian cleric said Friday that Tel Aviv and Haifa will be destroyed if Israel behaves “foolishly,” while also vowing Iran will ramp up missile development despite Western criticism. He spoke as thousands of Iranians marched in anti-Israel and anti-US protests nationwide.

“We will expand our missile capabilities despite Western pressure (to curb it)… to let Israel know that if it acts foolishly, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be totally destroyed,” Reuters translated Ahmad Khatami as saying during Friday prayers at Tehran University, broadcast on Iranian state television.

His comments came after the Israeli military said it destroyed a significant chunk of Iran’s military assets in Syria earlier this week in response to Iranian rocket fire on the Golan Heights.

https:// www.timesofisrael.com/top-iran-cleric-tel-aviv-haifa-will-be-destroyed-if-israel-behaves-foolishly/

bff009 No.1380948

>>1380610 (prev.)

Pls. provide sauce that Joe Lieberman works for Muslim Brotherhood. I had never heard that idea before. He seems pretty pro-Israel.

644163 No.1380949


I used to respect and love alot of musicians and bands in the past, including the Beatles.

They got rid of Lennon( CIA).

McCartney was campaigning and loving Hillary in 2016. From what i know now,,,

These people are sick and evil, and if they committed crimes, conspired, covered, etc, then they need meet JUSTICE TOO. No one is above the law.

I don't care how beloved they are, or how famous, evil is evil.

3a3610 No.1380950



^^^Read this. Hopefully I'm right

472a3e No.1380951

There's a reason we were chosen…

To see what was leaking, what was being figured out and so they could stay ahead of the enemy.

810952 No.1380952

File: a596ba581911394⋯.jpeg (1006.68 KB, 1242x1893, 414:631, E8D41FBA-EA6C-43D5-BECB-6….jpeg)

28329d No.1380953


the documents are part of an ONGOING INVESTIGATION

how dumb are you people?

1eea0f No.1380954



Good question. Markers?

79fb50 No.1380955

677653 No.1380956


Yeah, that's off. If he works for any foreign entity, it's the Mossad. Probably just a Sayanim.

c0c48a No.1380957


The original English pagan teaching was

An it harm none, do what ye will

Which in modern English would be

If it harms nobody, do whatever you YOU would decide to do.

In its essence, it was the rule of life of a primitive people

who were not under the thumb of a nobility

that ordered you to do what the Lord and master desired.

You can see how the satanists warped and twisted this

As they infiltrated that pagan religion

Just as they had infiltrated every other religious belief

Evil bands together

But it cloaks itself with non-evil garments

So that the naive people

Cannot see the true evil which lurks within

Who would think that a Catholic priest

Could be the most evil person in the community?

fdec36 No.1380958

Laying the foundation for the Clinton Foundation.

When Senator Tim Kaine on Tuesday denied that there was any corruption at the Clinton Foundation, I couldn’t believe it. That was unquestionably one of the most dishonest things I ever seen in a presidential debate. Even Bill Clinton had promised that, if Hillary got elected, there would be no more foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Another reason I don’t believe Kaine is that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) illegally received foreign donations from China when Bill Clinton was president. This scandal was called Chinagate.

For people who think I am being unfair, I will only use links to liberal sources such as the New York Times and the Washington Post to prove my points…

read more


b9118a No.1380959

File: ae01f4a40953eee⋯.jpg (759.34 KB, 1200x8060, 60:403, NO_THANKS_I_LIKE_HUMANS.jpg)

06f7ce No.1380960

I think TG will end up as a S/P going after the deep state

HRC has a network [187]

no-body wants to stand up and be killed


f2c63a No.1380961


Thanks for clearing that up for us.

621a2b No.1380962


Watch for an event. Trump knows how to use EOs, and he seems to know what is going to happen before anyone else.

9feac4 No.1380963


It's a play. POTUS uses executive power to get the documents that he's told them not to release, released…then he holds that power over every other group that is trying to delay shit. It gets the American People to accept his action/power and get used to seeing it.

bff009 No.1380964


They're having massive hyperinflation in Iran. Their system is collapsing internally. Sure these mullahs are enraged even more than usual. Soon they may lose their power and at best have to work for a living.

a9f8fe No.1380965

File: 1f6d7ab5cef96c7⋯.png (669.12 KB, 910x674, 455:337, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: e6f593c621d6cfc⋯.png (74.38 KB, 898x303, 898:303, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: 0a86003bea51bdd⋯.png (98.08 KB, 918x419, 918:419, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

Muh Presidential Temperament


1ad9c0 No.1380966

Righteous anger is our middle name

Judgement is our calling.

We are ANON


073a04 No.1380967

Q is …

like a Heroin Addict, but instead of injecting smack,

he Mainlines a Bloomberg Terminal into YOUR ANON BRAINS.


54c3f2 No.1380968

File: a1ca3be85d543a7⋯.png (71.23 KB, 652x405, 652:405, Taranto re Iran Leader.PNG)

79fb50 No.1380969


what an incredible journey. TY Uncle Tesla.

fb261b No.1380970


He said to look at EO following the 4 pen pictures posted "Follow the pen". I did not personally do it, but I wonder if we could get an idea of what is coming or get a sense of who Q is based on who would have worked on such EOs.

4f3151 No.1380971


I remember that I saw an article saying that FB can follow you everywhere, so that could be entirely possible.

695385 No.1380972


do NOT water the plants.

do NOT water the plants.







ffe266 No.1380973

File: 485522eb9792043⋯.jpg (161.01 KB, 471x1057, 471:1057, corsi1.jpg)


Good post.

98d67e No.1380974

File: faf9c5fc5fc73d7⋯.png (65.23 KB, 650x410, 65:41, 754.png)

busted so im going to post it again. 754 post with 7-9 ppm. POSTS ARE BEING DELETED.

7d6723 No.1380975


Potus said it himself in a tweet. How dumb are you?

466927 No.1380976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


start at about 27 minutes.

keep in mind that this guy is your classic 'nutty professor' but there is a lot going on here.

He was also booted from his lab recently which could be a sign that they've gotten what they need from him


b9118a No.1380977


She looked like hell afterwards when she finally reappeared.

d2aabe No.1380978


We need to alter the book title. Come on MemeFags step up. Some ideas:

1) Holy Bible

2) Mohammad the gay pedofile

3) 50 shades of Burka

4) Brokeback Mountain

5) Cooking with Bacon

712e58 No.1380979


OIG report not coming out until early June.

ba4fce No.1380980


This Anon. Exactly! Completely agree.

f520d7 No.1380981





ffc650 No.1380982


Ukraine is No Name cabal country. Also tied to Crowdstrike. Huge info here.

bff009 No.1380983


It's not only about what happened, it's about kneecapping and sabotaging the duly elected winner because I say he's not good for the country.

3a757c No.1380984

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Related Repost Anonymous Huma Abedin

9feac4 No.1380985


Wow, it's almost like they never thought she would lose or something.

168454 No.1380986


Even before Q introduced that I watched it and loved it.

It's a heavy dose of truth.

fb261b No.1380987


Makes me wonder sometimes if news on TVs are a few days old…

I doubt anything is really live anymore. Too much risk

677653 No.1380988

File: 2832d262c2c5d36⋯.png (431.47 KB, 788x441, 788:441, 5a5f8d59071f5.png)


What a clown.

644163 No.1380989


McCain recently said he wished he had picked Lieberman instead of Palin.

We know how close McStain was connected.

It's plausible,, those that appear to be one way, and really they are apposite, and are implanted there to spy, control, etc.

Joe may appear to be pro israel but in the shadows, works for other interests.

Like how the red cross projects, and pretends to care about children, or fighting disease( they do opposite)

61009e No.1380990

File: 82bec3133e5d6b0⋯.png (4.03 MB, 2722x3018, 1361:1509, TRUMP MACARONI.png)

b9118a No.1380991

File: 686a4a22e1461e9⋯.jpg (38.69 KB, 810x540, 3:2, zuckerberg-occulus.jpg)

Look at this idiot.


ce8ac6 No.1380992

File: efc57a52d7e1a60⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 810x5028, 135:838, Screenshot_20180511-233109.jpg)



thou Fool


e66a55 No.1380994

File: 3d15012e022174d⋯.png (147.53 KB, 737x659, 737:659, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: 8304cfb0456f33f⋯.png (249.89 KB, 727x656, 727:656, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: c332b0e7a48a058⋯.png (269.03 KB, 702x652, 351:326, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


First Ever Muslim Candidate Running For Governor

Say's 'You may not hate Muslims, but they hate you'

f520d7 No.1380995



They are already doing this in Chicago

1ad9c0 No.1380996


There is only one LAW

and that is the law of FREE WILL.

The FREE WILL to strip others of theirs

is their immediate thought.

fb261b No.1380997


Election night is something I will remember for my entire night! Was in NY. Potus waved at me on the way out. Flotus smiled.

810952 No.1380998

My thoughts - Q outed AJ & Corsi. Normies coming here need to know their deception. At least a couple of denunciations per thread to help them understand. Poison is only 2- 5% in a glass of water but it’s deadly, that’s controlled opposition.

9feac4 No.1380999


Please be so kind as to allow the Facebook app to access your contacts and phone numbers, you know…so we can suggest friends

e66a55 No.1381000




644163 No.1381001

File: 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 1152x897, 384:299, CunvgdvXYAAD1tm.jpg)

28329d No.1381002



yeah trump doesn't practice misdirection

fuck you guys are so clueless

i'll bet you believe all the things trump said about sessions on twitter too

go watch hannity with your first grade level of understanding

677653 No.1381003

File: b7e2c665aab6c72⋯.png (509.41 KB, 937x620, 937:620, 708ea2792501c99683287df3c0….png)

Goodnight Patriots

ffc650 No.1381004


I predict these douchebags will come to heel very, very soon. Just like Kimmy.

cc7633 No.1381005


>Poison is only 2- 5% in a glass of water but it’s deadly

Good analogy.

3252bd No.1381006

File: c6be51203d663e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.43 KB, 1003x1180, 17:20, four.jpg)

Thank you for your efforts, Baker, on this shill-heavy night.

0e933e No.1381008

File: 0ee907a5acbafd5⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, D5.png)

1eea0f No.1381009


I will this

810952 No.1381010

File: d24ef511cbd9775⋯.jpeg (799.13 KB, 1242x2003, 1242:2003, B373BB0C-39E1-404A-82C4-9….jpeg)



b9118a No.1381011


Hes like the king of weaponized misdirection.

06f7ce No.1381012


why would Q devide?

049117 No.1381013


>if elected, he would uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and State of Michigan.

Impossible if you are Muslim!

98d67e No.1381014


it's a shit ton of good training stupid fuck

cc5c68 No.1381015

File: 4b028f2096ef3a6⋯.jpg (86.24 KB, 888x499, 888:499, hold.jpg)

Stay the course and hold the line.

3a3610 No.1381016


My best friend is Iranian and a major Trump supporter. He still talks to all his friends back in Iran and they are all happy as fuck the Iran deal got shitcanned. The Iran deal didn't do shit for their economy and it only empowered their government they hate.

They are really close to an uprising over there. The hyperinflation is nearing Germany Post WWI and people are understandably pissed.

As a side note, the American public is not fully aware of how much regular Iranians love the West, getting fucked up on weekends etc. That country will be back on its feet pretty quick if they get rid of the spare tires (Iranians call the Mullahs and religious police spare tires because of the spare tires/towels on their heads)

ed43f5 No.1381017


I think this was there plan all along, flood everyone with imbread shit skins that do stupid shit, then conveniently have the cure. they will use AI for pre crime BS. then tell you some holly roller shit like they did during the patriot act. about losing some freedom for safety .

ffe266 No.1381018


There's been massive Pro-Israel / Pro-Corsi shilling lately. Feels coordinated. Division fags.

fdec36 No.1381019



c0c48a No.1381020


This is a good way to fail utterly

There is a well established path to creating new ventures

You are skipping important steps

Have you done market research?

Is there a demand for your service?

Do you know what people are willing to pay?

Do you have a plan to compete with the Communists?

The ones with bottomless pockets who want to dominate

And monopolize the conversation?

Do you have a plan to start small?

Could you run a small coffee shop?

If not then why should anyone trust you at all?

You sound like a lazy self-indulgent bastard who wants to enjoy life

While others do the work and feed him.

You love to dream

But success comes to those who LOVE TO WORK.

You like your freedom

But success comes to those for whom a successful business

Is worth giving up all their freedom for.

In any case, those who are serious about creating a business

Spend their time at the local library

Not wasting their time sitting on the Q research board.

28329d No.1381021

98d67e No.1381022


do you have all of them in pdf?

8ca4c6 No.1381023

bff009 No.1381024


Lieberman can't stop Noname from saying that. Doesn't mean anything, it could just be Noname associating himself with a better man, dissing Palin and making an excuse for losing all at once.

c41902 No.1381025

After you eat a vegeatable, put it back in the wheelchair

ce8ac6 No.1381026

File: 7fc00a06304afb0⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 809x4061, 809:4061, Screenshot_20180511-233257.jpg)



life like an cigarette…reduced to ashes after brief enjoyment

<O.G. nihilism rite'dairə


695385 No.1381027


"'Do as thou wilt' shall be the whole of the law."

pretty much in-your-face there, wouldn't you say?

caf3ab No.1381028

>>1380750 Straight from the horses ass:


fc1eeb No.1381029

>>1380390 (prev)

I can't believe that would happen so subtly. First Clean house and set the stage. I think we're in for a major event that addresses much of what we know about all at once. Roll them up all at once. At least the head of the snake.

49062b No.1381030


Guys. AiAnons are prepare us for something big

Get Ready Anons..

49062b No.1381031


Sorry. AiAnon.

466927 No.1381032

File: 1aeed052ac84bc5⋯.png (337.66 KB, 507x694, 507:694, ClipboardImage.png)


McNoName with Basit Igtet

sauce http://worldnewslinks.net/libyan-mb-al-qaeda-show-support-for-basit-igtet/

b476b8 No.1381033


Most interesting. Very interesting.

Now….consider how (((our greatest ally))) treats the WORLD….

INTERESTING. I care not a wick for sandniggers or share that kind of rosy sentiment about iranians…but this is an interesting angle.

79fb50 No.1381034


Ermehgehrerd OTO faggots In Da Houuuuse!

f520d7 No.1381035






c41902 No.1381036

File: 3567b429fb41db5⋯.jpg (514.22 KB, 1080x1333, 1080:1333, IMG_2095.JPG)


8ca4c6 No.1381037

f2c63a No.1381038

Remarks by President Trump at a Roundtable with Automaker CEOs

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, thank you very much. We have, at this table, the biggest car manufacturers in the world all represented by their top people. And, Mary, it’s nice to see you again.

BARRA: Good to see you as well.

THE PRESIDENT: We had a — probably my first meeting was with you and a group. And we’ve made a lot of progress in the last period of a year and a half.

We’re working on CAFE standards, environmental controls. We’re working on how to build more cars in the United States. We have a great capacity for building. We’re importing a lot of cars, and we want a lot of those cars to be made in the United States.

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-roundtable-automaker-ceos/

1eea0f No.1381039

Chaffetz hosting Hannity was on fleek

06f7ce No.1381040


i did fuckwit, that was how the article was published!

695385 No.1381041


What is the legal basis for removing the citizenship of a natural-born person?

bff009 No.1381042


Nice(?) Jewish girl, has all the money in the world, goes and marries some Muslim.


202505 No.1381043

5a9278 No.1381044

File: ed98dd4bda39903⋯.jpg (533.91 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, IMG_2678.JPG)

So this is odd…

8ca4c6 No.1381045


just a hunch, treason/espionage?

a6f303 No.1381046

File: 96aa780676d7b59⋯.png (37.66 KB, 320x374, 160:187, Youareafilthycuntbv.png)

a9f8fe No.1381047


Exciting! Were you in the hotel or outside?

49062b No.1381048


Q seems says that could go to a War..

c41902 No.1381049

File: a734da84eea35e6⋯.jpg (40.51 KB, 1440x955, 288:191, IMG_1123.JPG)

Skeet skeet skeet

59a233 No.1381051


Revoking U.S. citizenship is possible under federal law if a person commits “any act of treason against, or attempting by force to overthrow, or bearing arms against, the United States.”

8ca4c6 No.1381052

File: 9a3e582b407f25e⋯.png (136.38 KB, 815x512, 815:512, ClipboardImage.png)



d2aabe No.1381053


I'll helpz

f8cbff No.1381054


added to notables


added to notables


added to the Resources Library


nice meme, added to meme #21

cc5c68 No.1381055

File: 7ed5e6730fac5af⋯.jpg (132.68 KB, 1137x500, 1137:500, assumption.jpg)

You know what they say about making assumptions.

695385 No.1381056

5a9278 No.1381057

File: bcbe47ce0e76204⋯.gif (496.48 KB, 499x374, 499:374, IMG_2675.GIF)

f2c63a No.1381058

File: fba362bdc2d0d03⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Pompeo: U.S. will provide economic aid to a denuclearized North Korea

Pompeo and Kim on Korean TV

Pompeo and Kim Jong-un. Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Following a bilateral meeting with the South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the U.S. will assist North Korea with economic development if it gets rid of its nuclear weapons, reports the AP.

https:// www.axios.com/north-korea-pompeo-economy-assist-nuclear-weapons-denuclearization-d784db5e-dd87-45a3-8fc5-9a9144e28f4a.html

9feac4 No.1381059


First you cut deeply into the middle finger of their left hand (eat the pain)…and then you fucking hang them from a tree.

472a3e No.1381060


No, you are wrong.

If it is 75% bullshit it is not always bullshit.

Thank you for your comment.

59a233 No.1381061



7be7e5 No.1381062

File: 39958f860a6b8f5⋯.png (851.33 KB, 634x722, 317:361, ClipboardImage.png)

202505 No.1381063


According to biblical prophecy Trump should be the one that destroys/conquer Iran

014f39 No.1381064


Censor nazi. Spastic, autist censor nazi.


810952 No.1381067

File: cfcba9342e02c72⋯.jpeg (415.23 KB, 1240x1827, 1240:1827, B12C8E7F-56FD-423D-A9E8-7….jpeg)

God be with the people of Iraq. Thinking of all the years of suffering and lives sacrificed.

More than 7,000 candidates in 18 provinces, or governorates, are running this year for 329 parliamentary seats.

(Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli)



3252bd No.1381068


>What if we could type directly from our brain into a computer?"

And then the next logical step is …..

"what if we could type directly from a computer into your brain.

I get a feeling this cunt is studying physical mind control, not just verbal/suggestive mind control …. and she likely wants to be the one controlling everyone's mind.

c41902 No.1381069


Noahide bush conspiracy predates

e66a55 No.1381070


Well I'm just glad he is not reading The Art of The Deal!!!

695385 No.1381071


so you're just gonna skip the whole legal thing and go right to the rope.

I'm cool with that. Kek!

712e58 No.1381072


Wanna bet?

3a757c No.1381073


You can convert them here:


049117 No.1381075


Here's a twist….what if the EC was a comm sent to Gowdy originally? He wouldn't need to see it….a briefing would be enough for him to connect the dots.

I have the feeling we are being fed big time DISINFORMATION right now for National Security reasons.

f8cbff No.1381076



deleted post was a screenshot of duckduckgo search results of

Trump + 187

imo nothing lost.


466927 No.1381077

File: 9c2621996889879⋯.png (525.55 KB, 1183x936, 91:72, ClipboardImage.png)

letter naming BASIT IGTET 'special envoy' .. Dated Sept 4, 2011 signed ALI ZEIDAN

Basit was being sent to New York.

98d67e No.1381078

54c3f2 No.1381079

File: 47198c303f584c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 576x764, 144:191, Playboy.PNG)

File: 5cbad02514a2ba3⋯.png (1.08 MB, 581x773, 581:773, Nukes for Dummies.PNG)



From Last Bread

Not mine/can't make memes

e66a55 No.1381080


That wasn't a pillow Hillary…..it was Bill's face.

168454 No.1381081


I think you might be surprised. I'm still pissed BHO did nothing during the Arab Spring a few years back. It was right in front of him. The opportunity to stand for the good people of Iran.

Why did Valerie Jarrette do nothing? She's a strange one.

49062b No.1381082


The White hats must already stop this problem with the big brother.

If China isn't contained.

I fear that Coul be in a Proxy War or worse..

59a233 No.1381083

File: a95e79ab0243956⋯.png (644.72 KB, 1302x692, 651:346, ClipboardImage.png)

Aussie DRGN02 headed for D.C.

a7ad81 No.1381084


Fuck the Deep State. Our President is protected by the most powerful force in the universe – the hand of GOD!

621a2b No.1381085

File: 23dee73029d2e3d⋯.png (515.85 KB, 830x858, 415:429, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at ….png)

File: ad5eee615df4aba⋯.jpeg (47.24 KB, 604x370, 302:185, light_it_up_blue.jpeg)

I wonder if this wasn't Trump instead of Russia.

55d9b7 No.1381086

File: 99eb47dd71d06e7⋯.jpg (99.1 KB, 750x484, 375:242, 2a4gvu.jpg)

49062b No.1381087


Vote Fraud Again?

9feac4 No.1381088


How huge would a batch file be for these? Digging out my old CD-writeables, but not rewriteables.

f2c63a No.1381089

File: dc5ed70624fc793⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Tesla's head of engineering temporarily stepping down

Senior vice president and head of engineering at Tesla, Doug Field, is reportedly "taking a break" from the company citing the need to "recharge" and be with his family, Bloomberg reports. The announcement rides on the heels of CEO Elon Musk taking over responsibilities of the production department amid the "rocky ramping up of the Model 3 sedan."

Why it matters: Field's break comes at a time when the company is seeking to show investors that it can maintain recent momentum in scaling up production of the mass market Model 3 — a product that’s critical to the Silicon Valley electric automaker’s future.

Show less

The big picture: The company repeatedly missed initial targets set when it rolled out the car in 2017, and now hopes to reach 5,000 per week by mid-year. Tesla is also planning new products. An electric semi-truck is supposed to begin production in 2019, and the company is also planning to produce a crossover vehicle.

The intrigue: Musk asked Field last year to lead both the engineering and production departments, he detailed in a tweet adding that "[Field] agreed that Tesla needed eng[ineering] & prod[uction] better aligned, so we don’t design cars that are crazy hard to build."

https:// www.axios.com/teslas-head-of-engineering-temporarily-stepping-down-e0252084-fdee-457c-ab16-81a71aff4390.html?utm_source=sidebar

1ad9c0 No.1381090


and OUR wilt is to smite

hard for them to complain, wouldn't you say?

efa4ac No.1381091

If you thought Q was legit in the past, and you think he’s comped now, you would look to the President for a signal.

Q is/was only real if he was directly linked to POTUS. He would tell us.

All you “Q is comped now” fags post sauce or obvious shill. Or too low of IQ to matter at this stage.

06f7ce No.1381092

does HRC still have security clearance?

trips to NZ etc will give her access to intel without trace!

same for obama

466927 No.1381093

File: a81e702566c818c⋯.png (40.97 KB, 1113x398, 1113:398, ClipboardImage.png)


i hate this fucking guy commenting on that thread

c41902 No.1381094

File: effa9741a3d5de3⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 1065x1277, 1065:1277, IMG_0457.JPG)

Inside joke

49062b No.1381095



811378 No.1381096


It fell flat.

79fb50 No.1381097


but is shows no actionable information.

f8cbff No.1381098


oh oops, mispost again, lol.

Finally, a nice peaceful board.


695385 No.1381099

File: 4d1fd25fd3f8478⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1160x1824, 145:228, 4d1fd25fd3f847825b7330ed0d….png)


speaking of fingers…

67c186 No.1381100

File: 46a3b8c82dcb096⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-2….png)

File: 953505bb01c70e2⋯.png (394.76 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-2….png)

File: 853f360857aada2⋯.png (350.25 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-2….png)

https:// sputniknews.com/business/201805121064379680-china-iran-railway/

06f7ce No.1381101


why i think we need another set of text confirmations!

trust no-one!

c41902 No.1381102

File: 553edbb0cd0b2fb⋯.png (207.35 KB, 500x267, 500:267, IMG_2149.PNG)


9feac4 No.1381103


She thinks without a trace. These people are stupid.

40e321 No.1381104

Hey Sheena you dumb drippy twatspray, you in here? I'm gonna fuck your man bitch. Right now.

f2c63a No.1381105

File: da6be7a550e04ac⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Midterm watch: Manchin falls behind GOP challenger

GOP candidate Patrick Morrisey (L) and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (R). Photos: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call; Drew Angerer via Getty Images

After Tuesday's West Virginia primary, red-state Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is now trailing Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey by two points in his re-election race, according to a new poll conducted by WPA intelligence.

Why it matters: That's within the margin of error, but the poll is a sign that the GOP has improved its chances of defeating Manchin since Don Blankenship lost the primary this week. Manchin is in an especially vulnerable position given that President Trump won West Virginia by 42 points 2016.

https:// www.axios.com/midterm-watch-manchin-behind-gop-challenger-west-virginia-9e93e82c-8a77-410a-baa6-3ddd8a136958.html

7d6723 No.1381106



Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

May 2

A Rigged System - They don’t want to turn over Documents to Congress. What are they afraid of? Why so much redacting? Why such unequal “justice?” At some point I will have no choice but to use the powers granted to the Presidency and get involved!

Then Q posts a picture of potus' pen titled DOJNunesRelease.

f3c45a No.1381107

The chief of inspections at the UN nuclear watchdog has resigned suddenly, the agency said on Friday without giving a reason.



Does this relate to on going resignations / IRAN deal?

Or am I way out of the frame here?

Greetings from Finland!

Keep on smoking them out, Q!

6c69fb No.1381108

File: a3fb3723be8d4b7⋯.png (630.74 KB, 718x604, 359:302, 86b78aadfa73c86c1dd71d8yuy….png)

06f7ce No.1381109


may not be her who looks, just access?

79fb50 No.1381110


AI vs. AI

Zuck vs. Suck

The Big Blow in Melno..

b9118a No.1381111

File: 24175e750845cda⋯.png (75.27 KB, 772x528, 193:132, Capture.PNG)

File: d8ba598e042dca6⋯.jpg (81.52 KB, 736x397, 736:397, TERRAGRAPH.jpg)

File: b98db19356c1944⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 680x290, 68:29, FB SARA.jpg)

9c39af No.1381112

I dont know if anyone got this one yet..

June 12th … 6/12/18 …666 in there twice

POTUS met with KJU already. I think thats what that picture was from Singapore from last Nov aligning with post from Nov.

June 12th is something completely different. You know how POTUS rolls… never announces future moves.

fdec36 No.1381113


The thing about whatdoesitmean.com is that everything that is underlined in the article is a link to a source. While the article itself may be bull shit or not, their is very useful information linked to articles that are NOT complete bull shit. That is why every time you post from there, a shill is quick to call you out.

8ca4c6 No.1381114


stfu jerome

f2c63a No.1381115

File: 413feebacae16c6⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

WSJ: Mueller asked Ford for records of conversation with Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that special counsel Robert Mueller has requested records from Ford Motor Company about a conversation the company had with Michael Cohen in January 2017 during which Cohen offered his consulting services — which the automaker swiftly rejected.

The details: Cohen reportedly reached out to Ford's D.C. office "touting his proximity to the president," a move the special counsel "later learned about in the course of his investigation." The Journal, citing multiple people familiar with the matter, adds that Mueller's team has interviewed Ziad Ojakli, Ford's head of government affairs who rebuffed Cohen's services.

https:// www.axios.com/wsj-mueller-asked-ford-for-records-of-conversation-with-michael-cohen-8530fbdb-1793-445f-a757-d86dea3e8cc3.html

695385 No.1381116


Baker notable

>>1381061 How to revoke US citizenship

1ad9c0 No.1381117


You mis-read.

Or I just did.

One of the two.

a01fec No.1381118


No I'm pretty sure it was a picture of someone sucking themselves off.


f43669 No.1381119

D5=F9 algorithm also known as avalanche, and D5 is also an unstoppable chess move from defense to suddenly attack and checkmate.

811378 No.1381120


Just drop a Rod of God on the tent where his goats, er concubines, live. That'll get his attention.

98c9c0 No.1381121


Sky event.

f7c229 No.1381122


Its vanity…just like the breakdown of

AJ and Corsi from reddit. Q saying The reason why we're here has a double meaning. Sorry off topic

9c39af No.1381123

File: 0f754f24aeda26a⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 501x323, 501:323, slut2.jpg)

File: e6a9e430221b3d0⋯.png (169.93 KB, 501x323, 501:323, slut.png)

MUH MUH MUH Mind reading/writing technology

79fb50 No.1381124


Pepe so sexe

c53671 No.1381125



466927 No.1381126


This is mere days before the Benghazi attack.

cfe137 No.1381127

>Christ fag ramblings

We all long for righteousness.

We are conditioned to settle for being left alone as long as we conform to the present age.

We are conditioned to ignore the deep longing we have to live in a universe where Light, Truth, and Love reign supreme.

The Bible promises such a universe.

The Bible tells us that eventually the universe will be restored to a proper order.

But much of the Bible is cryptic (just like Q).

The Bible is a puzzle with overlapping meanings (just like Q).

Timelines in the Bible are confusing (just like Q).

The Bible purports to be a message originating from God, written by people who are on God's team (just like Trump and Q).

Most consider the Bible to be a LARP (just like most consider Q).

The Bible is "open source" – available to friends and enemies alike (just like this board).

The Bible gives believers assurance that what we are waiting for will eventually happen, while seeming to be complete foolishness to unbelievers (just like us and everyone else).

Trump and Q have modeled this operation off God and the Bible.

God Himself taught Trump how to win.

f8cbff No.1381128


hey ******,=,e \_ヾ(ᐖ◞ )

how are you? just wanted to ask if you can explain a little bit of who you are and why you're here?












a5e33e No.1381129

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” ~ Augustine of Hippo


37ba71 No.1381130


The redacted part of the Mueller probe scope is probably that the probe includes crimes committed by Clinton

810952 No.1381131


I concur Anon, Iranians I know want Freedom from the Mullah regime.

811378 No.1381132

File: bb26ee47cb7a73c⋯.jpg (219.93 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, gallows1.jpg)

ed43f5 No.1381133


we need some Sarah conor chronicles and judgment day meme's about AI, the real fight is with those empowering it.

98c9c0 No.1381134

File: e1594a14ec53478⋯.png (309.38 KB, 601x595, 601:595, d72.png)

File: 57139014c39d572⋯.jpg (81 KB, 589x588, 589:588, 0_5LHc_DjXIG0amcNw.jpg)

File: 229bc1697be4817⋯.png (299.15 KB, 500x499, 500:499, hulk-pepe-not-stolen-24889….png)

pepe blanks for ragefagging.

1eea0f No.1381135

File: 931fe5807c2fb4b⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)

9feac4 No.1381136


It was in the last bread. When the original poster was asked to supply a source, he had none (speculation), but someone else posted an article(s) where HRC was referred to as a Former Dignitary.

8ca4c6 No.1381137

remember anons:

the AIM bullshit happened exactly like this AJ/Corsi shit is

we got shilling for WEEKS, maybe even a month or two from those AIM shills

expect shilling about muh AJ, muh Corsi, muh Q is a commie, muh Q is comped for WEEKS

Stay focused


4f3151 No.1381138


Exactly and harass the shit out of them, whether they like it or not.

8ca4c6 No.1381139

File: a36b2fa71288088⋯.png (307.47 KB, 1794x1665, 598:555, may.png)

b9118a No.1381140


F9 algorithm is an integrity algorithm for MAC for data integrity.

98df4d No.1381141


the HARD part, stay strong anon's, WWG1WGA

49062b No.1381142

>>1381133 Maybe this is the response for us >>1380992

811378 No.1381143


Revoking life is possible too.

e66a55 No.1381144

File: e01608f3da185ea⋯.png (365.31 KB, 670x653, 670:653, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

'''Maxine: 'I Resent Making America Great'"

e03b61 No.1381145



0bb75d No.1381146


Oh that might have been me. That's fucking gross, take it to /b/ .

f2c63a No.1381147

File: cc42ffabb102f04⋯.png (322.54 KB, 897x510, 299:170, ClipboardImage.png)

SpaceX successfully launches and lands Falcon-9 rocket

SpaceX has successfully launched its Falcon-9 rocket carrying the Bangabandhu-1, Bangladesh's first-ever high-orbit communications satellite, and landed it safely on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

Show less

The company delayed the launch one day due to an undisclosed issue that triggered an automatic abort under one minute from its scheduled takeoff, reports Space.com.

The details, per Axios Science Editor Andrew Freedman: SpaceX launched the satellite on the last and most powerful iteration of the company's Falcon-9 rocket.

The Block 5 Falcon-9 rocket is more powerful than its older siblings, and is designed to be easier to reuse, with the potential to be launched to space, land on Earth, and be launched again up to 10 times.

Such ambitious rocket reuse goals are central to SpaceX's business plans of dramatically cutting the cost of access to space.

https:// www.axios.com/spacex-successfully-launches-and-lands-falcon-9-rocket-b641cb85-e38b-43a0-941c-90552e71c112.html

a6f303 No.1381148

File: 91633cb06a15744⋯.jpg (85.1 KB, 750x469, 750:469, 267d4f.jpg)


Fuck off you stupid cunt. You have no idea what you are talking about.

9feac4 No.1381149


And what about the Pepe's calendar for May?


49062b No.1381150


MAC Serial.

695385 No.1381151

44a3fe No.1381152


D5 → Digital 5 → Digital Nations 2030

a888cf No.1381153





these guys are very active,

The vids from that account have all forms of the world religion mashed up together

Lot of these people might just be useful idiots but they have low life friends in high friends

-let them keep talking, when the axe comes down on some of their international friends they'll be the ones to watch for the ever popular reaction vids

jesusfag - just watching the show - comfyAF

8324a5 No.1381154

File: ad39566651df719⋯.jpg (22.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 5278458.jpg)

8ca4c6 No.1381155

File: e69286c47dc44a7⋯.png (259.38 KB, 552x403, 552:403, ClipboardImage.png)

61f051 No.1381156


i bet paul would like to win a Qcontest, like for best bread contribution, or something like that

you do know where paul lives on a farm right? shouldn't be to hard to find him and his wife just hanging around, they never leave their animals no good farmer ever does!

8ca4c6 No.1381157


lol a 12 month calendar for Pepe:


e03b61 No.1381158

File: fd7f93b7579971d⋯.jpg (68.12 KB, 496x798, 248:399, IMG_2145.JPG)

695385 No.1381159



who said anything about OTO other than (((you)))?

879c22 No.1381160


wow .. what a great campaign ad for Omar Navarro!

f8cbff No.1381161

File: 2a049d63fe22bb1⋯.jpg (94.74 KB, 636x602, 318:301, article-2003622-0C905FF500….jpg)


>>1380744 First-ever Muslim candidate for Governor comes unhinged over question about Sharia

>>1380776 Trump + 187 search on DuckDuckGo

>>1381061 How to revoke US citizenship

9c39af No.1381162


DING DING DING! We all talked about this at 5am this morning. Def "help" was there asking questions to guide us. We are over the target. Just have to find the patents and other info and reveal to hivemind

70f41e No.1381163

By the way…


ce8ac6 No.1381164

File: 1956e5ddbe0fb1e⋯.jpg (782.23 KB, 934x1172, 467:586, 20180511_175638.jpg)




<splint'И'Рıł{€קцВ}ł mæıи.

>this is half of mæı collection exþanþ


archive.is has many hidden labours of LŒVƏ

>In nooks and crannies closely assocæıted vit…


parse'em Ears kittz

itz All out There.

67c186 No.1381165

File: aebde61f8d9b264⋯.png (244.43 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-3….png)

File: f02d9bac417c507⋯.png (234.04 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-3….png)


https:// www.wsj.com/articles/abide-in-darkness-chinas-war-on-religion-puts-vatican-deal-in-doubt-1525858496

fdec36 No.1381166

File: f5fcfdce7f1234b⋯.png (930.4 KB, 1193x701, 1193:701, Screenshot-2018-5-12 Russi….png)

7d89af No.1381167


So the Left is soon to become the Religious Right? Am I missing something here? Lulz ;-)

e03b61 No.1381168

File: 634552e20cc58f4⋯.jpg (68.28 KB, 496x798, 248:399, IMG_2146.JPG)

Mah feels

811378 No.1381169


>'''Maxine: 'I Resent Making America Great'"

We resent not keeping you on the Plantation, Max.

8cb1dd No.1381170

File: b374adde879ed6d⋯.png (592.19 KB, 435x512, 435:512, plan_is_we_are_going_to_tr….png)

8ca4c6 No.1381171


lol wtf is a "state-backed" catholic community?

b9118a No.1381172

File: 7791776769f0a30⋯.png (280.51 KB, 1299x607, 1299:607, Capture.PNG)

File: 41e5b882d307ea6⋯.png (378.26 KB, 1288x637, 184:91, 1.PNG)

File: 0a8be69e168dcd6⋯.png (279.19 KB, 971x594, 971:594, 2.PNG)



They aren't there yet but here is who they are working with to get there.

98d67e No.1381173

59a233 No.1381174

File: 3e3b351f278255d⋯.png (93.23 KB, 500x327, 500:327, download (1).png)

dc8660 No.1381175

File: 78a09d117d90ff8⋯.jpg (37.49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, WTF .jpg)

f520d7 No.1381176





695385 No.1381177


who cares what (((they)))…they're already smited. KEK!

8324a5 No.1381178





6c69fb No.1381179

File: acdd4f58759c59f⋯.jpg (212.94 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Hillary_Clinton_official_S….jpg)

ce8ac6 No.1381180

File: 3b0b7b2555278c7⋯.jpg (56.7 KB, 480x272, 30:17, IMG_lmsazl.jpg)

9c39af No.1381181


Thats a naive assumption. Tech is 40-50 yrs ahead of what us peasants know.

49062b No.1381182



The Pattern of every people in the world.

If like sport, videogames, Anime, Politics, etc.

All compressed in a patter of 128bits or more.

e03b61 No.1381183

File: 6fa10886523b8a3⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 500x497, 500:497, IMG_1783.JPG)

File: c7426e56bc843bb⋯.png (154.39 KB, 500x526, 250:263, IMG_1904.PNG)

File: 73e69c7491c91cc⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 289x222, 289:222, IMG_1917.JPG)

8ca4c6 No.1381184

In between digging, memeing, and making side by sides, FIRE COMMENTS AT WILL

(kinda like we did for RC)


049117 No.1381185

File: 18997c30453e8d3⋯.png (84.79 KB, 559x634, 559:634, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone notice that the normal mundane Semiannual Report on the operations of the Office of the Inspector

General (OIG) to Congress by DOJ OIG is LATE?!!!

So not only are we waiting on the investigation report from OIG DOJ which Gowdy said tonight they are still finding information but this Congressional Report has not issued either.

No wonder Congress is chompin' at the bit.


link to all reports:


d1a475 No.1381186

70f41e No.1381187


Are you the new AIanon?

f8cbff No.1381188


fuck, that's deep

>>1380781 digworthy

Is FB listening to us by reading and recording

0bb75d No.1381189


AIAnon. make a PDF thread. Those ones you posted were dank.

67c186 No.1381190

File: 627c2816e2b23a0⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-3….png)

File: de4bd03e4006ab8⋯.png (989 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-12-00-3….png)


Good question

Then in midst of all the China muscle flexing over Taiwan

http:// ewn.co.za/2018/05/11/taipei-archbishop-says-will-invite-pope-to-visit-taiwan

59a233 No.1381191


the wut?

79fb50 No.1381192


How did Mack get bail? How is she walking among us? I'm sure she has a GPS tracker and all that but … is she safe? Does it matter? Is she being used as a moving asset?

c24dfd No.1381193


I think its Grumpy 4 of 7

49062b No.1381194



They also are with the push to the AI.

e4117c No.1381195

File: 3e43312951c2c17⋯.jpg (85.64 KB, 496x798, 248:399, IMG_2144.JPG)

8ca4c6 No.1381196

lol infowars keeps deleting my comments

9c39af No.1381197


Didnt want to reach. Okay…. 10,000 years

54c3f2 No.1381198

File: 8ec54ba8ba8afce⋯.png (288.95 KB, 608x891, 608:891, Saavedra re Concord Cateri….PNG)

File: fc8f1d81542d881⋯.png (806.25 KB, 970x822, 485:411, Concord Catering.PNG)

Mueller indicted a company that didn't even

exist. From May 9 hearing in Russian troll case:

f43669 No.1381199

Also is the most severe rating for an avalanche.

e66a55 No.1381200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I resent Making American Great Again

811378 No.1381201


How MSM of them.

e5c645 No.1381202



Definitely a shill notable

a6f303 No.1381203


>lol infowars keeps deleting my comments

##Board Virus must be moonlighting.

9c39af No.1381204


Find Regina DARPA Dugan's speech on stage about mind-reading tech. On Ytube

1ad9c0 No.1381205


much of the bible is also comped

discernment is important

4c8859 No.1381206


So FB is playing the Sims with us?

61f051 No.1381207


kek kek

8ca4c6 No.1381208

File: f30c7a64a3e9965⋯.png (18.06 KB, 787x112, 787:112, ClipboardImage.png)


foreal it gives me this after (pic related)

e4117c No.1381209

File: ca6bd24096d0322⋯.png (247.2 KB, 500x923, 500:923, IMG_2142.PNG)

Mah feels

fdec36 No.1381210


its good to see you brother

7d89af No.1381211


Shia, Shiite, and oh Shit.

The 'Arab' Spring was bullshit and you know it. Clown Coup Spring is more like it. It was about the US of A destabilizing the Middle East. Iran and the Mullahs were to stay in control.

e4117c No.1381212

File: 0d72d6b34af9a76⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 640x3372, 160:843, IMG_2141.JPG)

695385 No.1381213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


they probably hate autistic/aspie people. I'd watch them if they could land Michael Falk, but I think their all (((faggots))).

49062b No.1381214


If you can see it in Teraflops. yes.

21dcb5 No.1381215



or like 6/6+6/6+6+6

or like 666666

61009e No.1381216

File: e83d68d63714aa3⋯.jpg (79.85 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2a4hgy.jpg)



9feac4 No.1381217





e4117c No.1381218

File: 9d14ad5ea64ac2a⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 220x296, 55:74, IMG_2132.JPG)

File: 3183fcd2ad3c8e3⋯.gif (1.9 KB, 116x46, 58:23, IMG_2133.GIF)

File: 10bed1ca8fd7f38⋯.gif (2.38 KB, 228x50, 114:25, IMG_2134.GIF)

File: 178ffbbab7d618e⋯.gif (1.87 KB, 115x46, 5:2, IMG_2135.GIF)

File: 3183fcd2ad3c8e3⋯.gif (1.9 KB, 116x46, 58:23, IMG_2137.GIF)

Dig homos dig

1ad9c0 No.1381219


normies are weird about their idols



eye as in one-eye

doll as in puppet

puppet of the one-eyed


9c39af No.1381220


They were and are currently trying to install a mind-writing/reading/murder-capable satellite. Thats what was in the Falcon explosion. Why do you think good guys took it out? Why do you think Q highlighted it last night? Why do you think their was a conversation-shift by Q towards this? Its for a reason

98c9c0 No.1381221

File: 016dd3a42d12c4b⋯.jpeg (78.54 KB, 754x500, 377:250, thor.jpeg)


Royal Wedding. Incoming.

70f41e No.1381222

Wait the ‘tape’ was just part of the (((plan))) that’s right

How tf does (((AI Anon))) get past captchas?

e66a55 No.1381223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

12bdfc No.1381224


Her character is too over-the-top racist stereotype, she's gonna be cut from the final edition of the Show :)

cd8cef No.1381225

File: 4ed9aad1d954480⋯.jpg (188.88 KB, 534x675, 178:225, 5f890ed683ccc63d81614e4511….jpg)


No the other faggot was saying we should start a 'campaign' against Jones or some shit. You guys are weak. You will get synthetic on Day of Rope.

28329d No.1381226


yeah tell me how you know it will be in june

f8cbff No.1381227




Going through the links you posted, these seem most relevant to this board





e4117c No.1381228

File: dbf969b05c498d7⋯.png (410.86 KB, 610x305, 2:1, IMG_2150.PNG)

9feac4 No.1381229

File: bc6eae69fc18096⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 259x194, 259:194, fiveeyes.jpg)

cfe137 No.1381230


It's interesting that in the days before Q started using a tripcode, we could still tell which were genuine Q posts.

f4ba77 No.1381231

File: 5985efdeab8123c⋯.png (44.11 KB, 822x581, 822:581, ClipboardImage.png)

Some companies to dig Anon's!


In light of Facebook’s recent privacy woes, the company today pledged to take a meaningful step in righting past wrongs by shutting data brokers out of its multi-billion dollar ad platform.

Facebook’s product marketing director Graham Mudd had this to say:

We want to let advertisers know that we will be shutting down Partner Categories. This product enables third party data providers to offer their targeting directly on Facebook. While this is common industry practice, we believe this step, winding down over the next six months, will help improve people’s privacy on Facebook.

The plan centers on third-party brokers like Acxiom Corp. and Epsilon Data Management LLC, both of which collect information to package and sell — sometimes to other brokers, other times to marketers who intend to use the insights on platforms like Facebook’s.

It’s a lucrative industry. Acxiom reported over $800 million in revenue last year alone.

Data brokers have been around a while, each collecting information that dates back before the internet was commonly used in most US households. Back then they collected information on your magazine and newspaper subscriptions, whether you owned a home, and how you were likely to vote. Today they know your sexual preferences, what you watch on TV, who your closest friends and family members are, and even whether you prefer a coupe or a sedan. It’s fair to say the internet has upped the ante.

Major players often purchased this bundled data, using that to help segment specific audiences to advertise to on social networks — in this case Facebook. Mudd is correct in saying that it’s common industry practice. Facebook though, provides targeting options that allow marketers to create laser-focused campaigns using the insights, a powerful combination that hadn’t existed just a decade prior — or, even on the same scale five years ago.

Today’s move to shut the door on these companies is a big one for Facebook, a company burdened by the weight of yet another privacy scandal. There’s still work to do, but even I — a self-professed Facebook cynic — commend the company for taking a proactive move rather than its typical reactionary backpedaling after major missteps.

1c26e1 No.1381232

File: 950f713ae2cb8f9⋯.png (797.18 KB, 981x685, 981:685, Tero Varjoranta.png)


0a4933 No.1381233



Seriously wtf is this shit?


No thought process displayed and no connection other than the presence of 4 letters and you act like it's some big discovery? Try again.

695385 No.1381234


Operator-assisted bots, anon. I saw one fucker in here last night that had 40 posts…mostly (((faggot))) shit…something like:

you've gone too far!

guess they don't like talking about being set on fire.


b9118a No.1381235


I'm agreeing with you. This is the group that they are working with for the 5G stuff.

Most people don't understand the technical side of it and either don't believe that is what they are doing or are too lazy to revolt against FB.

Every time Q brings up going after FB anons get flaccid. Q is trying to get us to DO SOMETHING about FB. Not just get it regulated but to kill it.

810952 No.1381236

File: 487d5bc655f94e6⋯.jpeg (240.82 KB, 599x482, 599:482, C517E856-1983-4AFF-98C1-9….jpeg)



1c26e1 No.1381237


The chief inspector of the United Nations nuclear watchdog has resigned from the agency that conducts inspections in Iran to verify compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal.

The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) made the announcement on May 11, but gave no reason for Tero Varjoranta's unexpected departure.

The move comes days after U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out of the deal between Iran and world powers that provided Tehran with relief from sanctions in return for curbs on its nuclear program.

It is not known whether the U.S. move played any role in Varjoranta’s decision.

Varjoranta, a Finn, had since 2013 been a deputy director-general of the IAEA and head of its Department of Safeguards, which verifies countries' compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

The IAEA said he will be replaced in an acting capacity by Massimo Aparo, head of the department's Iran team.

c24dfd No.1381238



6c69fb No.1381239

File: 3afbee4f6d11e22⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 677x511, 677:511, roddy-pipe-rowdy-here-to-k….jpg)

21dcb5 No.1381240


Def strange synchronicity

ede71f No.1381241


This is notable too

>>1379967 (thread 1730)

> This is the FUCKING WAR!!!!




Donna Brazile, Zack Exley, Susan Crawford, Juliette Kayyem, Wael Ghonim

1eea0f No.1381242

79fb50 No.1381243


kill the DARPA created LifeLog/FaceBook crap. KILL IT! It is a security nightmare. we will all be better off without it.

de5110 No.1381244

File: dc15e2ac18bc391⋯.png (883.6 KB, 720x926, 360:463, 9E98ACD7-6674-4F1C-B694-25….png)

I know because of KRS one


806670 No.1381245

File: 6a221af19afc342⋯.png (3.14 MB, 3930x3214, 1965:1607, ClipboardImage.png)


spread on twatter for me, don't have one

712e58 No.1381246


On Fox News shows tonight.

See -→


Just one example.

Still want to be a smart ass?

c8dbfd No.1381247

File: 74631d9c93d0d0d⋯.jpg (109.1 KB, 784x512, 49:32, May is National Military A….jpg)

e3b771 No.1381248


religionfags are as bad a shills almost…

They divide, miss the core point of things, and see the bible and satan everywhere.

They are easily misled, don't fall for it.

I mean a half-rational pepe would see all the logical fallacies in this kind of shit they post.

The problem is we need to focus on what unites us… not what divides us… so instead of harping to much I'm just warning those with ears to hear…

bringing the bible, god, or jesus into the conversation is a distraction (often unwitting by good meaning but ignorant people)…


67c186 No.1381249

File: f5ced367c82c9bb⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-11-16-5….png)


This reminds to post this.

79fb50 No.1381250


This man of which I can not speak his name must be cuffed and stuffed ASAP.

1eea0f No.1381251

File: 6f7a9fc966f5526⋯.png (274.62 KB, 1500x1148, 375:287, 6f7a9fc966f5526f90ae01bc0f….png)

de5110 No.1381252

File: 6888468d2b5fcb7⋯.jpg (158.93 KB, 910x596, 455:298, IMG_0100.JPG)

HOmotus teh succubus

f9d27b No.1381253

Q handle has been taken over. That doesn’t mean movement is done. It means this is now a psyop. Don’t let the deep state dupe you. Why is Q dividing and insulting? Because Q is no longer “Q.”

The longer you hang on to the idea that Q is still legitimate, the harder it will be when it continues to go off the rails.

End of Q doesn’t mean end of MAGA.

811378 No.1381254

File: 7ba65acfc3bd346⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 730x214, 365:107, 5eyes.jpg)

28329d No.1381255


god you're dumb

82d3a1 No.1381256

File: 523da3e6d1c56da⋯.jpg (57.72 KB, 349x288, 349:288, 20180512_015038.jpg)


We have had it the whole time.


Pic related

dbcfdf No.1381257

File: 3288412bf7b6676⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, rand_minority.jpg)

b16622 No.1381258

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Praying Medic on YT did a good intro to Q for newbies yesterday, good video to show any normies curious about qanon

9feac4 No.1381259


Request to add AiAnon pdf thread to top of each bread, if created

79fb50 No.1381260


vn anon vn

ffe266 No.1381261


Epic retort that.

In good company with Andrew Napolitano.

70f41e No.1381262

Btw you think NSA and Q-pals got my info and number yet?

Still waiting on my call…. that’ll never come

WHanon was a trial run for this.

But you blind boomers fell for it and merely “adapted” to Chan culture

Maybe if I post cryptic shit I could get a following too

8a96d5 No.1381263

Anyone into doing deep learning coding / setups here?

Pair of GTX 780s still good for CUDA accelerating the DL?

06b5c1 No.1381264


Hey. Bro.

Just wanted to politely ask you to go ram an extremely splintery old broom handle up your arse. Faggot. KYS.

de5110 No.1381265

File: 0bbba037a781ab5⋯.jpg (50.53 KB, 1024x580, 256:145, IMG_2084.JPG)

I think we are just cuck'n the shit out of their magicctill thr gold gets teleported 🤔🎻🌹

4d517e No.1381266



Pope is getting a full length film on the 18th.

Watch the first few minutes of this. They are using him to rally around.


Here is another movie trailer.


d924ae No.1381267

b616b9 No.1381268


cd8cef No.1381269

File: 694034e3eaf0ea6⋯.jpg (45.28 KB, 595x720, 119:144, 1523423237617.jpg)

File: ddcde7192f7a7a5⋯.jpg (436.46 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, 1523423316257.jpg)


Kurd vote kurd. Sunni vote sunni. Shiites win. Bring on the internal security death squads. -60000 non Shiites.

Saddam was an angel compared to these guys.

28329d No.1381270



ce8ac6 No.1381271

File: 1bc51e8fa9c455b⋯.gif (936.74 KB, 500x480, 25:24, qzblud.gif)


yes… there is still thet.

no change prior modeled trajectory.

strait biblical apocalypse…


._ inbound.

God is Coming… even _ will bow.

or be cœm§uméđ at the last.

no pdfs.ye bravo oscar.


aye brudder… dayz er evile.

axes sharp.

steyin Frosty heh.

ye see me bûkz.

its an ex'halation kennit.

e66a55 No.1381272


Jerome, just stop. You are far beyond embarrassing yourself.

9c39af No.1381273

File: 6498a97ccb3fa74⋯.jpg (101.82 KB, 623x500, 623:500, slut5.jpg)

File: 17ce08ac4163d2a⋯.jpg (574.83 KB, 2304x1848, 96:77, slut4.jpg)

My I pleasseee haz my mind-reading tech back please? I cant hear you hearing me. MUH MUH MUH Killer Satellite

4d517e No.1381274

File: 6bda590500f7401⋯.jpg (323.47 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, not sure.jpg)

810952 No.1381275

Wondering about Q’s exhortation to us to

“Stay the course and trust the Plan.

Protective measures are in place.

Remain BRAVE”.

Storm warning no doubt but is there something in particular that will knock our confidence? Will we need to get a grip?

f2c63a No.1381277

File: 6b3413925430769⋯.png (170.04 KB, 460x254, 230:127, ClipboardImage.png)

Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?

Glenn Greenwald

A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case

Former FBI counterterrorism agent Tim Clemente, on CNN, discussing government's surveillance capabilities Photograph: CNN screegrab

The real capabilities and behavior of the US surveillance state are almost entirely unknown to the American public because, like most things of significance done by the US government, it operates behind an impenetrable wall of secrecy. But a seemingly spontaneous admission this week by a former FBI counterterrorism agent provides a rather startling acknowledgment of just how vast and invasive these surveillance activities are.

Over the past couple days, cable news tabloid shows such as CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett have been excitingly focused on the possible involvement in the Boston Marathon attack of Katherine Russell, the 24-year-old American widow of the deceased suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. As part of their relentless stream of leaks uncritically disseminated by our Adversarial Press Corps, anonymous government officials are claiming that they are now focused on telephone calls between Russell and Tsarnaev that took place both before and after the attack to determine if she had prior knowledge of the plot or participated in any way.

On Wednesday night, Burnett interviewed Tim Clemente, a former FBI counterterrorism agent, about whether the FBI would be able to discover the contents of past telephone conversations between the two. He quite clearly insisted that they could:

BURNETT: Tim, is there any way, obviously, there is a voice mail they can try to get the phone companies to give that up at this point. It's not a voice mail. It's just a conversation. There's no way they actually can find out what happened, right, unless she tells them?

CLEMENTE: "No, there is a way. We certainly have ways in national security investigations to find out exactly what was said in that conversation. It's not necessarily something that the FBI is going to want to present in court, but it may help lead the investigation and/or lead to questioning of her. We certainly can find that out.

BURNETT: "So they can actually get that? People are saying, look, that is incredible.

CLEMENTE: "No, welcome to America. All of that stuff is being captured as we speak whether we know it or like it or not."

https:// www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/may/04/telephone-calls-recorded-fbi-boston

79fb50 No.1381278


y e s I see it 5:5

both hands on 5

good on you anon

could be a thing

d924ae No.1381279


But at least he's not a moron diapershitting liberal cry-baby snowflake like you.

f4ba77 No.1381280

File: ce9e9afee6ae195⋯.png (17.18 KB, 1185x237, 5:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 48c54c498ae99f2⋯.png (128.13 KB, 652x785, 652:785, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614ce76d236300⋯.png (79.21 KB, 734x866, 367:433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 65cf9df5e4ee583⋯.png (1.1 MB, 735x883, 735:883, ClipboardImage.png)


>Acxiom Corp



ae8ede No.1381281

File: 3e0915b53ab2f05⋯.jpg (83.42 KB, 509x435, 509:435, former dignitaries.JPG)




I'm the anon. Former SOSs are often referred to as "former dignitaries." In this article for example.

http:// foreignpolicy.com/2010/04/27/former-secretaries-urge-congress-not-to-cut-states-funding/



4f3151 No.1381282

File: fc578835090025e⋯.png (660.89 KB, 660x385, 12:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Japan trying to arrange Abe-Trump talks before US-North Korea summit

Japanese Prime Minister Abe hopes to hold talks with Trump on the fringes of the Group of Seven summit in June.

The Japanese government is making arrangements for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to meet US President Donald Trump ahead of a landmark US-North Korea summit in Singapore on June 12, government sources said Friday.

As leaders from the Group of Seven industrialised nations are expected to gather in Canada on June 8 and 9, Abe hopes to hold talks with Trump on the fringes of the summit and coordinate efforts toward resolving issues related to Pyongyang, the sources said.

Abe is expected to ask Trump to push North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to address the long-standing issue of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korean agents in the 1970s and 1980s, the sources said.

Abe has placed priority on resolving the abduction issue.

Following the return to the United States of three US citizens detained by Pyongyang, Abe said the Trump-Kim summit will lead to progress on the Japanese abduction issue.

“It would be better [for the two leaders] to meet, and they will likely do so,” a Japanese government source said.

The prime minister also hopes to reaffirm the need to press Pyongyang to abandon its weapons of mass destruction, including biological and chemical weapons, and missiles of all ranges.

Asked about the possibility of a Japan-US summit, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, the top government spokesman, told a press conference Friday that Japan aims to convey its stance and throw its support behind the United States.

Speculation has emerged that Trump may visit Japan to brief Abe about the outcome of his meeting with Kim in Singapore.

Trump said Thursday he plans to meet Kim on June 12 in Singapore in what will be the first ever summit between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader.

Recent weeks have seen a flurry of diplomatic activity since the historic April 27 inter-Korean summit, when South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim agreed to pursue complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Japan, China and South Korea agreed in a trilateral leaders’ summit on Wednesday in Tokyo that they will work toward the peninsula’s denuclearisation in a rare show of unity.

http:// www.scmp.com/news/asia/east-asia/article/2145820/japan-trying-arrange-abe-trump-talks-us-north-korea-summit

806670 No.1381283


stfu jerome

did anons hurt your feewing?

caf3ab No.1381284


Didn't Q post that exact picture before Trump tweeted it?

Maybe I am remembering wrong.

f520d7 No.1381285



FB needs to be unplugged, no doubt.

Problem is so many people are hooked. IT's worse than crack.

833357 No.1381286

File: 0a7669938689032⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 480x480, 1:1, juanadamas95-9951586606816….mp4)

d1a475 No.1381287


personally, I ignore all comments and waiting for something scary to happen

de5110 No.1381288

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm drinking tomorrow

49062b No.1381289


<very time Q brings up going after FB anons get flaccid. Q is trying to get us to DO SOMETHING about FB. Not just get it regulated but to kill it.

But How?, DARPA hasn't the power of FB, just it's a Bridge, all the power is in FIVEEYES and the C_A. FB/Twatter, etc are the FIVE EYES, others, it has to arrive a Big Boom. this is so weird.

it seems that The Future of the Social Media are in the Chans..

811378 No.1381290


>Will we need to get a grip?

Well, will you?

How easily is your confidence shaken?

e961bd No.1381291


That's like the third one of those SR22 planes to go down that I'm aware of in the last 4-5 months.

6895ce No.1381292


Screenshot from a video Trump posted.

b9118a No.1381293


Pompeo says we are working toward having good economic relations with NK. I'm sure everyone else in the region wants to make sure that they get their 2 cents in before things are settled with NK.

7d6723 No.1381294


Roseanne is a patriot.

f9d27b No.1381295

811378 No.1381296


>I'm drinking tomorrow

I'm drinking now.

695385 No.1381297

File: 2398a4d83232b6d⋯.jpg (110.88 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2398a4d83232b6d9cc029dc32d….jpg)

e3b771 No.1381298


What does an animal do when cornered?

They will use some dormant or <1yr trained assets from avenues we haven't seen yet, which is likely to cause discord in those who don't see or hear at 20kft+

06b5c1 No.1381299

Silly… Alot of people seem to think this a waste of time.

But… wouldn't that mean you're wasting your time by stating it's a waste of time? It's a waste of time, right?

For you. I've saved your brain the hassle, trouble, or possible damage from searching for this yourself.


It's not safe to go alone, take this. *Pulls out a bunch of old rusty shovel handles, and boxes of lubricant.* *Quickly puts away the boxes of lubricant*.

e66a55 No.1381300

File: ac57d455a5ecd37⋯.jpg (9.3 KB, 255x234, 85:78, 2ea672cf0c325950104040a143….jpg)

28329d No.1381301



how the fuck is that proof it will be released in june?

oh yeah its not

b9118a No.1381302


They are hooked and unless they have very obvious proof that FB is listening to us/reading our minds they wont bother to quit.

4d517e No.1381303

File: 41a52262ff259ac⋯.jpg (85.72 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 41a52262ff259ac8b17efa30a0….jpg)

1ad9c0 No.1381304


you're not even trying anymore

which is more insulting TBH

you know we don't even care if Q is "legitimate", right?

whatever that even means….

8db4a0 No.1381305

File: b1ad99c7fca837a⋯.png (403.82 KB, 3000x1750, 12:7, CATA202_3.png)


USAF Special Operations Command CATA202 is back on the map.

811378 No.1381306


He must have just saw Hillary.

79fb50 No.1381307


oh we should let them know we are drinking? omg… I have been doing this all wrong. Meh bad.

810952 No.1381308


Confidence is high ;)

cfe137 No.1381309


We appreciate all of the prayers.

We really do.

Thank you.



858932 No.1381310

Q's last post is still the Reddit link and His Board is Dark?

Checking in.

Everybody here still trashing Alt-Media Persons and helping The MSM/ Anderson Cooper/Hilary/Obama/Soros Crowd Destroy them?

Good Job Anons

806670 No.1381311

I have no twatter, but browse to see what people there are talking about with the normal Q hastags

barely any mention of AJ/Corsi and if there is, its on Q's side

to quote Q:






f8cbff No.1381312

File: ecbe8d900821a62⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 275x183, 275:183, heatingup.jpg)



nice added to notables


ac74b2 No.1381313

File: 5142783bcfb5ecd⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 570x834, 95:139, JFKEK.jpg)

d1a475 No.1381314


:) how come i have the feeling we had a chat before.

you answered to me with questions.

channeling question was the 1st

3252bd No.1381315

File: 3d3e9be5381357b⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 229x220, 229:220, scotch.jpg)


>Muh Presidential Temperament


d7eade No.1381316


It was this faggot:


They show their (((hand))) every time.


See how they slipped in a mickey here shitting on Rosanne? DIVISION.

Fucking JIDF scum.>>1381245

b9118a No.1381317


CIA is basically nothing anymore and FVEYs will not exist shortly. Who is still funding these FB projects?

806670 No.1381318


lol I know, she is part of the great awakening without a doubt

d924ae No.1381319


Wtf are you talking about?

What part of "No Private Comms" are you having a problem understanding?


695385 No.1381320


He must be avenged.

49062b No.1381321


A Good News?

e3b771 No.1381322


>it seems that The Future of the Social Media are in the Chans..

The future of social media is the same as the internet…

The internet that is free, with free speech, freedom to read what you wilt, and freedom from unconstitutional surveillance…. coupled with the core principle of the internet which is that centralization is a weakness (dns for example)….

The internet is the last bastion of anarchistic freedom of though, and once (((they))) woke up to this in the mid 90's they have been trying to take control ever since.

cd8cef No.1381323

File: c22587393236aad⋯.jpg (98.6 KB, 500x454, 250:227, c22587393236aadf0ea711223b….jpg)

File: f467361086ea2e4⋯.png (107.26 KB, 1011x1010, 1011:1010, 1525743693539.png)

File: 8e6a2fe3b282fba⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 395x272, 395:272, 1525994845496.gif)


Only normies who havent bothered to take the redpill and join our chan faggotry.

f2c63a No.1381324

File: 3f5fe53bfdb7274⋯.png (286.35 KB, 649x366, 649:366, ClipboardImage.png)

How Google is secretly recording you through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations

GOOGLE has turned your phone into a listening device. If you know where to look, you can see what it has on you.

DID you know that Google has been recording you without your knowledge?

The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users’ smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations — even when they aren’t in the room.

If you own an Android phone, it’s likely that you’ve used Google’s Assistant, which is similar to Apple’s Siri.

Google says it only turns on and begins recording when you utter the words “OK Google”.

But a Sun investigation has found that the virtual assistant is a little hard of hearing, reports The Sun.

In some cases, just saying “OK” in conversation prompted it to switch on your phone and record around 20 seconds of audio.

http:// www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/how-google-is-secretly-recording-you-through-your-mobile-monitoring-millions-of-conversations/news-story/8089bf3084a430f4c4be46b81710c158

bf53b6 No.1381325

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Wow they are soo funny

2d181a No.1381327

File: 6ad3f0c0ea01adb⋯.png (195.98 KB, 2193x2132, 2193:2132, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2715e1a0367d50d⋯.png (178.86 KB, 1498x2503, 1498:2503, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b165eff9c065614⋯.png (82.78 KB, 1212x1990, 606:995, ClipboardImage.png)

Found a WEIRD patent that Keith Rainere owns.

Not sure what to think of this. Apparently its a method for determining whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. And can be used to detect frequencies and emotions that resonate at lower vibrations, such as anxiety and depression.

https:// patents.google.com/patent/US20130281879

9feac4 No.1381328


TY, Anon…I couldn't find it. My tardness is on 11.

811378 No.1381329


He will be. It's never too late for justice.

d7eade No.1381330

File: d969f0161d51671⋯.jpg (239.27 KB, 1280x837, 1280:837, modernworldmeme.jpg)

806670 No.1381331


I think you misunderstood the side by side

the (((MSM))) is saying her tweets about Q show that Q and the great awakening is a conspiracy theory

de5110 No.1381332

File: 7b25a0404b67e33⋯.png (488.62 KB, 1000x830, 100:83, IMG_2203.PNG)


4f3151 No.1381333


Everyone wants a piece of pie,kek

4f9802 No.1381335


You got it right, but it is only showing attacks that have already happened.

Attacks will get WORSE. I predict that even the most fervent Q follower will have its doubt at Q's legitimacy in the near future.

Do you think the cabal, the clowns or whatever you cal them got where they are by being fucking stupid? These people have some hidden cards in their sleeves.

f520d7 No.1381336



5/25 1979


806670 No.1381337


stfu jerome

or is this douglas?

same shit

stfu LEGIT nothing you said is true

who did Q insult?

the famefags AJ and CORSI exposed themselves after a few anons trolled them for their buy muh shit nonsense

gtfo shill, or jerome, or alex, or douglas

455bab No.1381338


lmao you clearly didn't see the episode of his show after Trump threw down some missiles in Syria in April….where he CRIED and turned on Trump. Faaaak. If we've been watching a movie this whole time, watching AJ cry on cue was the piece de resistance.

There's no denying he played an instrumental role in waking Americans, challenging them to 'question everything' the MSM fed the masses. However, with Q now front and center in the minds of most patriots, AJ is no longer the face of the resistance and he's taken some heavy blows as a result - not only to his pride, but to his bottom line. Not terribly surprising that he's done everything in his power to subvert Q in an effort to reclaim his throne.

Infowars' slogan "There's a war on for your mind" now seems that much more relevant.

f9d27b No.1381339


You don’t care if you’re now doing the bidding of a deep state psyop because you don’t want to let go of a hijacked movement?

Look at all these divided anons telling me to shove rusty shovels up my ass.

Becoming just like the cognitive dissonance robots who preach tolerance but project vile hatred.

Good job!

9feac4 No.1381340


It's flying towards NEGROS. Capture of BHO confirmed.

7d89af No.1381341

b616b9 No.1381342


Eat a bowl of dicks

d924ae No.1381343


That was me.

d7eade No.1381344


(((they))) still have their individual funds and emergency stashes. Not as if all were blown away right the moment SA went down.

4f9802 No.1381345


I am having one for you guys right now too.. God bless you all.

ffe266 No.1381346


Over the target anons, the flack will get even heavier.

6749a4 No.1381347


>CAFE standards


CAFE Customer Portal | Department of Children & Family …

http:// www.dcfs.la.gov/index.cfm?md=pagebuilder&tmp=home&pid=407

806670 No.1381348


I gotcha, but I can't show what hasn't happened!!! lol

cd8cef No.1381349

File: 4425cd4c0865cae⋯.jpg (71.27 KB, 680x278, 340:139, 1518128444325.jpg)


We are counter culture. We have always been.

4f3151 No.1381350


I have known about this for a long time they can also activate your camera and take a pic of you.

All this crap is disgusting

caf3ab No.1381351

79fb50 No.1381352


this guy is off his rocker me thinks

9c39af No.1381353



70f41e No.1381354

File: 3685294d147daaf⋯.png (194.35 KB, 200x247, 200:247, 1ABB6B1C-C88B-4858-B965-A7….png)


seastikas hold no place on /qandpals/

delet immediately

>tfw MODS only care about this shitfest because unknowingly to you masses you’re all contributing to adrevwand when this larp dies infinity will soon after

f2c63a No.1381355

File: 7888dc5705f8f21⋯.png (187.55 KB, 486x273, 162:91, ClipboardImage.png)

Mum dies after catching flesh-eating bacteria on family holiday

WHAT was meant to be a blissful family holiday has turned to tragedy after the mother contracted a deadly virus from a simple dip in a hotel bath.

AN INDIANA family’s vacation to Florida reportedly left a mum dead from a flesh-eating bacteria.

Carol Martin, 50, died Saturday, nearly two months after returning from Clearwater, Fla., with an infection known as necrotizing fasciitis, the New York Post reported.

Martin’s family said they believe the virus may have been from a hot tub at the localDays Innhotel.

“My thing is nobody else [in the family] got it, the flesh-eating bacteria,” her husband, Richard, told news station WFLA.

“No one else got it but she was the only one who got in the hot tub.”

It wasn’t until they were back in Indianapolis that the mother noticed a nickel-size sore on her buttocks, according to the news station.

READ MORE: http:// www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/mum-dies-after-catching-a-flesheating-virus-from-a-hotel-hot-tub/news-story/e8fc84e82f7beade0049a73c6778d172

d924ae No.1381356


I'd try one, but your mom already hogged them all up.

811378 No.1381357


And a few want a piece of ass too.

de5110 No.1381358

File: e1608e2fd8390aa⋯.jpg (127.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_2094.JPG)

Happens once and they want to take them away

806670 No.1381359

File: 227cbb2f21e71a4⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1500x1052, 375:263, COMPED.png)


try harder

b616b9 No.1381360


No target its been a brain fuck of false hope since day 1

d924ae No.1381361


and please, tell her to stop making me dinner every time I fuck her. I'm getting fat.

d7eade No.1381362




[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

A reminder.

12bdfc No.1381363


shills need red bull?

2573e2 No.1381364

File: 09edbec2ff003d0⋯.jpg (136.13 KB, 500x360, 25:18, alexhickbilljones.jpg)


We've got enough Fake News without having to put up with Alt Fake News too.

Vote for Hillary because otherwise the other side will win.

Support the Alt News Frauds because otherwise the lefties will take over.

Same stupid argument.

If someone is a fraud you don't follow them.

I tried to tell that to people who voted for Hillarity

4d517e No.1381365


Paste into comment filter and click regex. You're welcome.

9feac4 No.1381366


Well, this is Top Secret….heard it from Q…but BHO is a….NEGRO.

1c26e1 No.1381367

File: 395eec2fa6e7201⋯.jpg (115.63 KB, 634x793, 634:793, 0D65292E00000578-0-image-a….jpg)

File: 4b1817fe37790de⋯.jpg (312.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wp_20141112_15_07_54_smart….jpg)

de5110 No.1381368

Omg infowarstardd a cia plot of bs

806670 No.1381369

File: ed82e5dad92eef4⋯.png (85.42 KB, 390x443, 390:443, ClipboardImage.png)

this from twatter is right actually

4c8859 No.1381370


Shit this is a gold mine, anon. https://patents.google. com/patent/US20150228281A1/

Device, system, and method for active listening

>12. A method for hands-free interaction with a computing system, comprising:

continuously collecting audio from an environment by one or more integrated electronic devices;

recognizing, by a processor of the computing system, a trigger in the audio collected by the one or more integrated electronic devices;

after recognizing the trigger, determining, by the processor, a command event to be performed;

checking, by the processor, one or more filters of the computing system; and

performing, by the processor, the command event.

4f3151 No.1381371

806670 No.1381372

caf3ab No.1381373


Sounds like the ingredients for a side by side.

Make it so.

b9118a No.1381374

File: 5d77ac1604cf956⋯.png (114.72 KB, 648x625, 648:625, Capture.PNG)


f8cbff No.1381375


added to meme #21

ded3a4 No.1381376

File: 900e5de3fc6ec7a⋯.jpg (47.35 KB, 644x616, 23:22, 900e5de3fc6ec7ae0ecad1a22c….jpg)


Like any psychopath (((the fucking idiots))) are not intelligent but deceptive. Do not conflate blatant cruelty and liar's deceit as intelligence when it domineers over innocence and trust.

Humanity turned the other cheek, in good faith. But now the sword of truth has found home in the hands of the righteous.

The word shall shine truth.

Heroes, all of you.

49062b No.1381378


All are escaping to NZ, Even Q did that Zuck will be out of the USA.


Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 28003e 967390 📁

Apr 9 2018 12:12:03 (EST)








Anon, this with the Facial recognition is very powerful for all. How can to control a lot of power in a Agency or a Gorv?, Tell me?.

Even the people is so brainwashed with FB,Twatter, IG, My opinion for now is Unknown With a Regulation only can to do the same thing, With kill remove more the freedom, because the MSM really hate the free speech.


811378 No.1381379


Aka, a Kenyan Coon.

0a4933 No.1381380

>Castle LOCK

Mate in 5

e66a55 No.1381381


>you’re now doing the bidding of a deep state

So, anons researching and exposing deep state along with red-pilling people about the evil deep state - is doing their bidding???

You are a nut case.

695385 No.1381382


It's the hope that lets me sleep at night. The knowing that we are #winning and won't stop winning.

eat shit, (((shills)))

d7eade No.1381383

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


You glorious nigger.

28329d No.1381384

audio of halper talking shit on trump


d924ae No.1381385


He's shilling you.

9c39af No.1381386


I am pretty sure POTUS tweet about capturing the top 5 leaders of ISIS were..



No Name


and someone else i forget because i assumed it would be Kerry and it wasnt

b616b9 No.1381387


should I go upstairs and tell her i need to get outta the basement for a bit anyways

3252bd No.1381388


Fox News bans wrong-speech.

And Fox is the "conservative" station ….

They're ALL fucked.

ab4ce4 No.1381389

File: 9b7bb23fbc118c2⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1681x966, 1681:966, Screenshot (45)_LI.jpg)

New PlaneFag here, more experienced want to let me know what the highlighted are?

9feac4 No.1381390


And the Facebook Class Action suit news was updated today


79fb50 No.1381391



see you bye bye,

my bag of dicks is bigger than your bag of dicks,

AJ you missed the boat.

The world was your oyster but you chose the wrong oyster.

Sorry old friend you are finished.

You thought Glenn Beck crashed and burned?

WOW you got another thing coming.

800a38 No.1381392


Might be related to the Chief Justice being removed?

philstar .com/headlines/2018/05/12/1814510/supreme-court-ousts-sereno

“Respondent Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno is found disqualified from and is hereby adjudged guilty of unlawfully holding and exercising the Office of the Chief Justice. Accordingly, respondent Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno is ousted and excluded therefrom,” the SC said

d924ae No.1381393

Seems like the shill to autist ratio tonight is 14:1

b9118a No.1381394


I hope we blow their bunkers up.

de5110 No.1381395

File: d46ae2e653d3e2d⋯.png (216.11 KB, 500x282, 250:141, IMG_1955.PNG)

Muhjoosshills and trannyshills /b tards

1ad9c0 No.1381396


wouldn't it be important to stay on the ship and re-route the path?

I'm confident you are smart enough to understand.

You steer wherever you want.

You want unity, peace, love?

Steer there.

You want an "ez" paycheck?

Steer there.

I'm not your boss.

You're in control.

1c26e1 No.1381397

File: fbc94faebb362a9⋯.jpg (380.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, the-gods-must-be-crazy1.jpg)

806670 No.1381399

File: f768deaef22da97⋯.png (29.11 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, 1280px-Flag_of_the_United_….png)

Until tomorrow anons:



9feac4 No.1381400


Well you see…the plane was spotted heading towards the island of NEGROS….

Never mind

d7eade No.1381401

File: 0b848a9927efd0c⋯.jpg (199.87 KB, 800x820, 40:41, adolfYOUhavetogobak.jpg)

811378 No.1381402


Dat be wut we be talkin' bout.

de5110 No.1381403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Her name was tracer

bff009 No.1381404


Pretty much every Iranian I've met (in the US) has been an interesting character and a couple were very helpful to me.

56c283 No.1381405

File: eb5b0055f9fd4ec⋯.jpg (49.63 KB, 649x636, 649:636, frogs o war.jpg)

File: 7402baba54f7d9b⋯.png (430.04 KB, 772x514, 386:257, 7402baba54f7d9bcd91e7e974a….png)

Alright anons get it together!

Q was talking about people getting the decodes wrong AND profitting, especially if they're doing it WILLINGLY.

So not anti-capitolism, just anti-BULL SHIT!

Get it now???

Christ ya'll can't see the forrest for the trees right now!

Now get back to it and ignore the shills!

Just had to get that out!


f4ba77 No.1381406

File: 2f9d102c8f031c3⋯.png (33.61 KB, 914x685, 914:685, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1fb6fc2b3443ddb⋯.png (27.85 KB, 916x569, 916:569, ClipboardImage.png)


>Epsilon Data Management LLC

is owned by

Alliance Data

is owned by picture 1 and 2.

Needs more digging!

70f41e No.1381407


Then where’s my call Qpal?

Where’s your tape?

Why isn’t (((NONAME))) in gitmo?

Why wasn’t Molesta ever indicted?

This is not a game.

472a3e No.1381408



Bear in mind they linked to one of my early vqc posts as Q though so use discernment

e66a55 No.1381409

File: c1a7cc7db5d9899⋯.jpeg (12.95 KB, 178x255, 178:255, f90314f33868b7e52bd3379c2….jpeg)

d924ae No.1381410


Most 1st graders would know that. Tell us about Squawk, MLAT and Species if you want to impress us.

695385 No.1381411


yeah, pretty sure that's false. i don't speak for others, but i don't go to bars and i spend my "free" time here.

and true autists don't bother calculating that ratio because we don't have all the data.

b9118a No.1381412


When was the last time you heard of or from Tony Podesta?

8324a5 No.1381413


cd8cef No.1381414

File: 90893d95303b17c⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 516x393, 172:131, 90893d95303b17c943d4a81c8d….jpg)

File: 551c162808e9799⋯.jpg (135.75 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, DZFeS90VwAAqI0V.jpg large.jpg)


You are retarded nigger. The only thing that will make us question Qs 'legitimacy' is Q himself. Weve been dealing with psyops for years.

You are either too stupid and shouldnt be posting or youre an oven dodger trying to cause confusion.

de5110 No.1381415

File: 9ded74650e51417⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 261x193, 261:193, IMG_1700.JPG)

Had to /b there

4d517e No.1381416


Bots don't count as shills anon.

811378 No.1381417


Tony who?

d924ae No.1381418


Found the shill - Stepped right into my trap.

4f9802 No.1381419


you glorious NIGGER! again

They are not intelligent, but deceptive, I see what you mean. We got where we are because we are NAIVE.

Most normies have good intentions, they use it against them.

7ef7a9 No.1381420

the missing trunks

of Tesla~