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File: 62a7df2c144d530⋯.png (594.38 KB, 1200x350, 24:7, crazy days and nights.png)

File: dfecfec6085a0c0⋯.png (78.99 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1447527594364.png)

a25090 No.1013812

Can we do a DIG on Crazy Days and Nights?

There's a ton of rumors out there from multiple decades and not much autism has been applied to them. I'll start by throwing up blinds that I think we should dig into (knowing what we currently know). If we could start by finding the pizzagate related rumors and trying to tie them into what we currently know, I'd be extremely appreciative.

Here's a start of what I'm talking about:

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/todays-blind-items-graves.html


http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/11/todays-blind-items-financier.html

a25090 No.1013912


>http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/todays-blind-items-graves.html

Time Period: 1983-1987 (Slightly over three decades from 2018)

Location: Meeting on yacht in the Med.

Attending: Several world leaders, 2 of the richest people in the world, others, catered to by teens from the country of one of the world leaders

Focus: Half a world away?

What is half a world?

What is half a world away from the Med?


Back in Time.

G: One of the wealthiest men in the world, liked girls under 10. Imported girls from a foreign country, kept in annex of house accessed by tunnel.

M: Was G's supplier. Protected and given gifts of cash and paintings. Might be ART dealer. Died. Things went downhill. ((in the 80s)) presumably. Male and with several kids. Very old.

J (G's Child): bad supplier, drug issues, lots of pressure to do something with house annex of (G)

A Year after G died, there was a mass die off of fellow pedos. Different vices.

What group of strong and powerful people started dying off in the 80's? or even 70's?

Girls would be sent to J and murdered. 50 of them or so.

b1dd87 No.1014911

File: 2d14353378d9a9f⋯.png (40.79 KB, 704x629, 704:629, ClipboardImage.png)

Tim Cook is a "Rice Queen."

Also, China-related.

99cfa9 No.1015219


Fort Bragg building evacuated for 2 hours. Story:

http:// www.fayobserver.com/news/20180412/all-clear-officials-find-no-threat-after-evacuating-fort-bragg-building

a25090 No.1018934


e037df No.1019064

I love the CDAN site. Lots of good info on there about all sorts of shit that is hidden from the public. I will be posting follow up stuff in this thread.

a25090 No.1019121


There's a LOT of pizzagate related blinds on there, but we're not the best at figuring it out. We need to rope in /tv/ or similar to figure them out with combined autism.

for example:

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/blind-items-revealed-40.html

dfa2a0 No.1019223


I saw this blind and thought there was a connection here also

8e8e39 No.1019355


A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic

(https:// www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/06/lolas-story/524490/)

Anyone see this? Author died same day editors chose to feature it.

8e8e39 No.1019392

File: 1642cef249dfbd7⋯.png (32.77 KB, 714x234, 119:39, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at ….png)


From where did story's subject originate?

a25090 No.1025647

Funnily enough, look what CDAN just dropped. A story that Q has referenced.

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/04/four-for-friday-trafficking-train.html

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/04/four-for-friday-trafficking-train.html

a25090 No.1025757


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northwest_Angle


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point_Roberts,_Washington

Seem the most likely

4447d4 No.1037882

Voat has been looking at the CDANs regarding pedowood.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2494380

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2483805

Much attention has been focused on the ones regarding Heather O'Rourke and Judith Barsi, with example threads above.

a25090 No.1039996


It's just hard to find the right mix of people to dig into these stories.

Case in Point:

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/10/todays-blind-items-deal-old.html

88d39b No.1040288

I go to crazy days and night site and my anti virus blocks 3 to 5 viruses everytime. They have interesting content but the attacks, though low level, are a concern!

a25090 No.1053411


Anon, that's not how this works. Why the fuck are you reeing over advertisement scripts (there's three of them on this board) and why are you trying to scare people away from a website?

c52764 No.1061240


The top guess for that blind are the Marcoses.

I'm from Flipland and there were rumors that the Marcoses practiced human sacrifice.

I used to shrug it off until I read that blind.

Notable happenings :


- Duterte becomes president.

- ASEAN implements anti-human trafficking measures

- Duterte negotiated with the Marcoses to get some of the wealth back, For Ferdinand to finally get buried..

- US Marines in the PH. The official reason was training. Speculation: setting the stage for Q's future operations


Duterte got the blackmail tapes from Imelda.

Trump received them when he attended 2017 ASEAN forums.

sorry for bad english.

4447d4 No.1062913

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2503162

Update regarding the O'Rourke investigation. We figured out the approximate date of the fatal assault.

584884 No.1062979

Answers: http:// www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/MAINPAGE.html

I started visting CDAN almost daily since March 2018. I discovered this site and has been a BIG! help.

Who are some names we should be looking closely to??

8e17bc No.1092265

File: 12ce1b3926a1897⋯.png (662.62 KB, 1018x679, 1018:679, 1520249287711.png)

Hahahaha you fucks

It worked

Secret clubhouse

(Actually all secret societies suck don't do them)

9948f5 No.1093895

Friday, January 19, 2018

Four For Friday - It's About "Time" - A Himmmm Blind Item

Tick tock, tick tock. That clock is ticking loudly as a chain of events and a metaphorical deal with the devil can bring down this entire media corporation and their now-struggling studio within the coming year. This one has been a long time coming, and is thankfully about to come to an end for the perpetrators of some of the modern entertainment industry's worst long-time institutional abuses of underage actresses. For many of the long-time CDAN regulars this one won't be a shock, although the details might. Many people in Hollywood and out have been waiting to see when this Producer at this cable network is going to be called out, publicly accused, or charged for his many years of abuse behind the scenes. Many have wondered why - with so many others being brought down - he's managed to escape almost unscathed? It's because of his Protector. His Protector is the mega-wealthy big boss of the studio and corporate parent, and he wields a lot of power over many types of media, in both Hollywood and New York. Many years ago the Producer got himself in serious trouble over his perverted abuses of several of his actresses. Not just those he abused himself, but those he encouraged his writers, directors, and co-producers to sexually abuse. This was not a one-time thing, but an ongoing constant pattern which led those actresses to drugs, self-destruction, self-abuse, mutilation, destroyed dreams, wasted careers, damaged families, and even insanity. Made more disgusting by the complicity and apathy of the parents, "momagers", and guardians who just wanted fame and money. All so that some jolly perverts could get their rocks off living out their sick unfulfilled tweenage dreams. At that time, the Protector still had most of his marbles and was going to live forever. Many believe he still may, although he's now alive in name only and the flames are lapping at his legs daily. Back then he still had his iron grip on his business and he's never been afraid to sue, threaten, harass, or destroy others as his favorite sport.

Back when the abuses emerged as whispers at the corporation, the executives and The Protector sat down with his corporate bean counters and realized the massive cash cow this Producer was for them. Huge. Very huge and big in every way. In fact, probably one of the three biggest revenue generators in the corporate parent's entire history (especially in the coveted target demographic for ads, merch, and licensing). When that much is at stake, they don't want to rock the boat or kill the golden goose (Or cow. Or even a giant pig.). Anyway, on the other hand? It is a public corporation, and that means things can get leaked and revealed just through statements and financial reports. What then evolved was a corporate game of chess that nobody could imagine.

The Producer was no dummy, so he personally hired investigators to provide ammo for his case. He then hired top financial experts to lay out the revenue he and his cronies represented to the corporation both in the past and in future revenues. So when the Protector summoned him? The Producer showed the Protector a huge financial report to validate his power and worth to the bottom line. Then he showed a massive dossier of files going back 50 years of the powerful Protector's own misdeeds. From New York, to Hollywood, to Boston, to London - a trail of abuses, perversions, thefts from his company, abuse, stealing from his own family, and even outright felonies. By the time he got down the list to mention offshore banking, the Protector knew he'd met someone on his level. Thus the two twisted men forged a strategy and agreement to protect each other and the corporation.


9948f5 No.1093902


The Producer surrendered his very expensive background report - and the Protector agreed to make all those "pesky" abuse whispers go away. They also agreed to blame another big corporate executive within the corporation if anything ever did leak out and set him up as a fall guy. The Protector even targeted one of his corporate underlings to shoulder the blame too, so he could claim ignorance. None of this was simple, instant, and was NOT cheap or easy. But the perverted Producer was smart enough to have limited potential witnesses by keeping his rapes/abuses down to he said/she said. And for more than a decade in the pre-Cosby & pre-Harvey days a reporter, lawyer, or cop wouldn't accuse in such instances without hard proof.

Parents were paid off in huge amounts. As in "never have to work again ever" amounts that cover cars, college tuition, homes and all they want for now. The parents and managers who "played ball" and went along with it? They were well rewarded. Not just with big payoffs, but production deals, television shows, feature films, even music careers. Many of the adults were even bribed with corporate stock. The victims were told they "had no choice" and had to accept the deals, or they themselves could get in trouble. So all that those actresses and their people had to do? Keep quiet, keep smiling and doing photo ops, and support the brands/shows/projects with positive PR. The best part for the Producer & Protector? They managed to make even more money off of even those cover-up deals by making new shows starring once-unknown backing players who had been abused. Like two shows that starred the same actress And on, and on, it went. Leaving a trail of money and destroyed lives in their wake.

Some of the young girls were just in their tweens when sexually abused and raped by the Producer or his team members. One very damaged victim says she was even a virgin when the Producer went from hugging her in her trailer, to physically laying on her and forcing himself in her. She turned to alcohol, drugs, running away, and anything that would allow her to numb the pain as her parents refused to give her money to live and refused to let her quit the business. Eventually it became too much for her, and she had an epic meltdown. Some of the victims were so exasperated by parents, managers, and even tutors refusing to believe or help them that they did quit the business altogether. Still others tipped off gossip bloggers, industry insiders, online Reddit threads, anonymous Myspace chats, and anyone they could find just to try and warn others and get the story out there any way they could. It worked to a small degree at least as people began to whisper. Meanwhile, the Protector still enjoyed his own perversions with barely-legal escorts and their escort mothers; escorts who were paid by trading sex for production deals at the studio; actresses who skipped over the casting couches and went straight to his house to trade sex for jobs on his TV shows; and yacht girls whom he moved into his houses as his girlfriends/sugar babies. All the while the Producer continued his abuses/crimes and even got bold enough to allude to them in his own shows.

9948f5 No.1093911


As the years passed by, however, times changed. Victims become emboldened and struggled to find a voice, and old people get older/sicker and lose their last few marbles. Some even die and pass on. Those "girlfriends" of the Protector get greedy and sue for inclusion in the will. Family members get scorned, disinherited, and others fight and claw to be named as the New Boss, as this one has. Which brings us to the present day, and the earth now quaking beneath the feet of the corporation/studio/network, the Protector…and definitely the Producer. Several of the victims have begun to talk to lawyers who smell blood in the water. The big Executive fall guy? He passed away. They wanted to blame it all on him, since he's dead and can't defend himself. Only two big problems: 1. In a major corporate shuffle in the past year or two, several executives/board members got pushed out and they want revenge badly against the corporation and against the Protector. 2. One of the biggest victims of the Producer has a LOT of proof against him. Irrefutable proof that can bring the whole house down on them all.

The movie studio owned by the corporation is not doing well, and many in the industry have been reluctant to set up projects there because they're not sure if they'll ever get made. Meanwhile, the corporations networks are also falling into trouble. So even if everything behind the scenes were fine? It would still be a tough time there. So if a major scandal were to hit the offices, studio lots, and networks? It would trigger a domino effect that will send shareholders running and talent fleeing.

Because, you see #TimesUp is not just a movement, meme, or hashtag. It's literally a thing. Because time IS up for intimidation and silence of those victims. One is no longer a girl, and is now a woman. She's explored criminal charges, jurisdictions, statutes of limitations and exceptions to those. She's livid at her parents for their complicity, and wants revenge AND a bigger payday through a lawsuit for the career and life that was stolen from her - but only AFTER she makes it all public. So the time is up on the agreement her parents made, which doesn't apply to her now - as an adult. She lawyered up and they've hired investigators, forensic accountants, analysts, and a security outfit of global repute who has even worked for government intelligence operations. She's very serious about this - as are the other victims who endured similar abuse and complicity from parents, guardians, and managers. Several have engaged the services of the same law firm who employ experts in the field of crimes against children with the feds.

Also involved are the disgruntled former executives. So much so that they've turned to the Protector's all-time arch-nemesis who is known by ALL and is the owner of a massive conglomerate stretching throughout the world to guarantee they'll get the coverage they need to air their accusations. They also are getting friendly lawyers to protect them when they back the claims of the abuse victims (which otherwise could incriminate them for prior knowledge - but now indemnifies them since they are cooperating with the victims). Everyone is pursuing this all before the Protector finally dies. Then the studio and their assets (including a valuable back catalog/library of titles) can get gobbled up by another competitor. In fact, as I write this I know several news outlets at work on stories about abuses at other branches of the corporation, and executives there. So don't put too much faith in some strange movements and shuffling going on at the corporation/studio/networks - because it is just them setting up for future damage control and the scapegoating that is sure to come. Don't think for a second that every day the New Boss of the corporation wakes up that the boss is not wondering if this is THE day that their time runs out. The new boss is no dummy either, and knows #TimesUp for the metaphorical deal the corporation made with the devil all those years ago. Tick tock, tick tock.

The Protector

The Corporation >>Paramount/Viacom

The Producer >>Dan Sneider

The Network >>Nikelodeon

The Other Network in trouble

Deceased Ex-Executive


Victim 1 >>Amanda Bynes

Victim 2 >>Jamie Lynn Spears, hint: line from Britney song, had

a baby as a teen- irrefutable evidence?

Victim 3

Victim 4


New Boss

Payoff Shows

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/four-for-friday-its-about-time-himmmm.html

9948f5 No.1094995

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Blind Item #13 - Her Words

Last night, after the news broke about a certain producer, an actress [ALL] of you know who knows the producer as well as anyone sent me this.

thank you for all of your ongoing support. i [D]on’t know how [A]ny of these me[N] sleep at night, but if there’s one thing that i [D]o know [I]s that what’s [D]one [I]n the dark, always comes to ligh[T]! xoxo

Sorry, I thought it was clever :D unfortch I will obviously not be making any comment whatsoever (for obvious reasons) and unfortch I feel as though the only way that legitimate stories can make the headlines regarding __ is if others publicly speak on his behavior. ___ was truly like a 2nd father to me. But things changed. After the 2nd incident, i don’t know if I will ever be able to have children or have the family of my dreams.

People have been picking this scab for years. I just won’t be the one who finally rips it off.

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/03/blind-item-13-her-words.html

9948f5 No.1095018


[ ] emphasis was mine

ALL = All That! on Nik

Amanda Bynes re: Dan Schneider

d00feb No.1095977

Entylaw posted one hell of a blind today and it's getting shared [claims 'a search warrant was served]. Tonight, the film An Open Secret RT'd this thread – Epstien's name is mentioned.:

https:// twitter.com/JohnDoe78359022/status/986761108726919169

8e17bc No.1100119

Someone has to tell the fairies and the housewives.

The Q aesthetic isn't for everybody, that's why cross pollenization is important.

a25090 No.1101046


That's one hell of a fucking blind

8e17bc No.1101845

Come play CDAN my lorde

f7a4b9 No.1119751

File: 5c4e2396fc73cde⋯.jpg (19.22 KB, 300x400, 3:4, G.jpg)


>G: One of the wealthiest men in the world, liked girls under 10. Imported girls from a foreign country, kept in annex of house accessed by tunnel.

f7a4b9 No.1119771

File: deea224a35a6ce2⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, J.jpg)


>J (G's Child): bad supplier, drug issues, lots of pressure to do something with house annex of (G)

ab73e1 No.1121009


G = Jean (better known as J.) Paul Getty (oil barron)

J = Jean or John

M = Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines)

M's spouse = Imelda Marcos (Philippines)

In the late 60s, J. Paul Getty was the richest American. The 1966 Guinness Book of Records named him as the world's richest private citizen. He had five sons: George, Jean, Eugene (later changed to John), Gordon, and Timothy. So, J is either his son Jean or John.

M was a dictator. Ferdinand Marcos was dictator of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. He died in 1989. His wife Imelda Marcos turns 89 in July. Both were avid art collectors especially for masterpieces. She was also known for her insane collection of shoes.

The Philippines as well as other poor Asian countries have huge prostitution industries which cater to wealthier foreigners. Looks like the fed gov has dragged Imelda into court trying to disgorge some of her artworks. Good!

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Paul_Getty

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_Marcos

https:// news.artnet.com/art-world/ferdinand-marcos-art-trial-1258997

ab73e1 No.1121058


>One of the wealthiest men in the world

Not back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. GHWB wasn't even a blip on the screen.

The list of rich and power who are clean and honest is probably way shorter than those who aren't.

8e17bc No.1155095


Some have been trying to tell others since it came out that the St. Charles House of Horrors blind has JEB! blackmailed out of the 2016 election for fucking college aged guys, which was something Nat Rothschild was very angry about for some reason.

Lots said "no no, it's not Jeb, it's Rubio because he's gay!"

Rubio is gay too! But not him.

a25090 No.1155757


Rubio has other dirt on him.

I get the sense that most politicians, male and female cheat on their significant others. They generally don’t get caught unless their cheating involves hookers or future porn stars. If you are with someone who is selling themselves, chances are good they will sell information too. If you keep your cheating confined to staffers or lobbyists you don’t usually get busted. Unless they do something stupid. This up and coming Presidential candidate did just that. He used a credit card from his political party to pay for trips for his mistress. For some reason he didn’t think the names of the people on the airline tickets would ever be publicized. He was under the impression that only the actual charge for the ticket would ever be seen. So, when the news breaks about why the married politician was buying plane tickets for his mistress and shacking up with her in hotels he also charged to the political party, he is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Or maybe he won’t. At this point, I think we would all be more surprised to find a politician who was not cheating. Still though, it is tough to do the whole family values thing when you are cheating. Oh, and did I mention that his mistress is a lobbyist and that he gave her organization very special treatment.

<<Marco Rubio

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2016/07/blind-items-revealed-19.html

a25090 No.1155778



It's rare that the blind names are that straightforward.


Here's another fun one. With all the research we've done into Bohemian Grove we should be able to sort it out.

>Within the past few years, this Republican Presidential candidate spent ten days at the annual Bohemian Grove party. While there he was apparently videotaped propositioning a male worker there for sex. This male worker arranged for the recording of the politician after the politician was turned down by another male worker. Not only is the proposition recorded but also the exchanging of money and a couple of minutes of footage which leaves no doubt what is going on. All of the footage happened outside under a tree. It is not quite dark so everything is clearly visible. The candidate, who has a very good chance of winning the nomination has been paying the worker several hundred thousand dollars per month to keep the recording secret. I'm actually surprised the guy has not been killed or had an accident. What is going to trip up the candidate is that he is spending campaign money to pay this monthly fee and eventually someone is going to notice.

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2015/04/today-blind-items-bohemian-grove.html

a25090 No.1170842


721e76 No.1262035

Some black hat nutjob is getting party vanned over at CDAN

e06d3f No.1313805

This one reeks of Soros:



Short version: cobalt is used in electric vehicle batteries, soros & co bought a bunch of futures contracts to help drive up the price and are now stirring up war in Congo where 2/3 of the worlds supply is mined. When war shuts down mining operations, dump their holdings & futures contracts at peak cobalt price.

98833e No.1315575


I thought the consensus decided it was Rubio or jeb.

d3d5eb No.1316744

File: eb751813da70fd3⋯.jpg (539.16 KB, 1753x423, 1753:423, sumner_redstone.jpg)


Viacom Inc. (/ˈvaɪəkɒm/ VY-ə-kom) is an American multinational media conglomerate with interests primarily in cinema and cable television. It is currently the world's ninth largest broadcasting, cable, and media company, in terms of revenue; behind Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, Bertelsmann, Dish Network, Sony, and Vivendi. Voting control of Viacom is held by National Amusements, Inc., a privately owned theatre company controlled by the billionaire Sumner Redstone.[2][3][4][5] Redstone also holds, via National Amusements a controlling stake in CBS Corporation.[6]

d3d5eb No.1316793


from the comments:

The Protector- Sumner Redstone

The Corporation - Viacom

The Producer - Dan Schneider

The Network - Nickelodeon

The Other Network in trouble - IHeartMedia

Deceased Ex-Executive - Brad Grey

Nemesis - John Malone

Victim 1 - Amanda Bynes

Victim 2 - Jamie Lyn Spears

Victim 3 - Selena Gomez

Victim 4 - Demi Lovato

Escort - Sydney Holland

New Boss - Robert Bakish

Payoff Shows - "The Amanda Show," "Zoey 101," "Wizards of Waverly Place"

Following the Weinstein effect, Viacom (along with Lionsgate and MGM) was on a list of 22 potential buyers that were interested in acquiring The Weinstein Company.[30] They have lost the bid, and on March 1, 2018, it was announced that Maria Contreras-Sweet will acquire all of TWC's assets for $500 million.[31][32]

d3d5eb No.1316828

File: 6753c86ed7d72f2⋯.jpg (116.64 KB, 962x233, 962:233, amanda_bynes_microchip.jpg)

f28ff7 No.1371599

File: 96e92fdb8fed6c9⋯.png (72.34 KB, 573x269, 573:269, Snip20180511_7.png)

File: 3ce5e77417e7527⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 206x305, 206:305, RBG.jpg)

File: 4d54b6a439e19e6⋯.png (146.66 KB, 960x329, 960:329, Snip20180511_8.png)


Today's Blind Items - The Secret Child

They don't have to be long to be juicy. This permanent A+ list celebrity who has been the subject of books and documentaries and movies based on her life has a secret. Knowing her, she will take it to her grave. Way back in the day, when she was just beginning her career, she hooked up with this foreign born permanent A++ lister. Our A+ lister became pregnant and went on sabbatical the final two months of her pregnancy. She then gave the baby to a distant family member to raise. Apparently that baby, now a grown person was having some health issues and that is how they found out who were his real parents. Amazing. This is a legitimate jaw dropper."

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/05/todays-blind-items-secret-child.html

This fits Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just in time for the RBG release. Sabbatical would imply when she was teaching college, and I have a feeling this is something she would have done prior to Roe v. Wade in 1973. She would have been eligible for Sabbatical from Rutgers in 1970, after 7 years of teaching.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg#Academia

I think the A++ foreign born celebrity is a world leader. Fidel? Royalty? Cabal link?

Any way we can find her travels from Rutgers in 1969? If she got pregnant then, but would not be able to take sabbatical in 1970, this would explain why she only did it in the last 2 months of the pregnancy.

f28ff7 No.1371866

File: aa4ec216f0b234a⋯.png (134.3 KB, 462x376, 231:188, RGB_RutgersLaw_1969.png)

File: 19a2453bb74f335⋯.png (55.37 KB, 212x308, 53:77, RBG_RutgersLaw_1971.png)


So I checked http:/ /lawwiki.rutgers.edu/yb/Fa.php

& guess who is missing from the 1970 faculty yearbook at Rutgers Law Newark? RBG. She appears in 1969 & 1971.

http:// lawwiki.rutgers.edu/yb/docs/fa/1969faculty.pdf

http:// lawwiki.rutgers.edu/yb/docs/fa/1970faculty.pdf

http:// lawwiki.rutgers.edu/yb/docs/fa/1971faculty.pdf

f28ff7 No.1373500

File: 249a94bb8e7bc12⋯.png (312.06 KB, 713x440, 713:440, American Journal of Intern….png)

File: 090f4cd59a9f365⋯.png (148.51 KB, 775x429, 775:429, Snip20180511_12.png)



Hard to track down RBG during 1969. Only thing I could really find was that RGB was the volume editor for "Business Regulation in the Common Market Nations. Vol. I"

This was sponsored by the Special Committee on the European Common Market of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. I tried to find special committee rosters for 1969 to see who she may have had contact with, but ran into a dead end.

If some of this rings a bell, it is because this goes back to the ECC, which was the predecessor to the EU:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Economic_Community

How that ties in currently, is she is a proponent of using EU law to influence US law for taking in forced migrants:

https:// fairus.org/issue/legal-immigration/european-union-member-states-we-now-control-your-borders

https:// www.americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/images/rule_of_law/maestro-images/aba-roli-issue-paper-when-people-flee-rule-of-law-and-forced-migration-0418.pdf

So what foreign born, pro-globalist, A++ lister did she hook up with?

Soros? Kissenger?

Is this secret child how she is being controlled?

0a0739 No.1373657


love child between the 2?

there is no way on earth!

3bbddc No.1375881

how in the everloving fuck did I miss this thread?


d65c56 No.1379753

Bump to look at this thread later.

General has given me a headache.

3bbddc No.1399015

File: a75cbcc48081375⋯.png (47.47 KB, 586x536, 293:268, ClipboardImage.png)

3bbddc No.1399027

File: 2e8324a820a692a⋯.png (21.22 KB, 586x242, 293:121, ClipboardImage.png)


19428e No.1401729

Great idea for a thread.

19428e No.1401751


Kanye is a useful idiot. Maybe he's trying to help the guy. Who knows.

Personally I think guys like 6 9 need a meat grinder.

3bbddc No.1402554


well, I'm all for anything that keeps his punk-ass from following teenage girls into the bathroom…I guess a meat-grinder would count. Kek!

7b540c No.1518727

(Bread #1907)


Maybe somebody's posted this here, don't see it with a quick scan, I'm porting this from the above thread, there might be useful comments there in response to its posting there.

7b540c No.1518736

File: d5be4b0b30be10d⋯.jpg (90.84 KB, 607x484, 607:484, CDANBlindItem#7The Church'….jpg)


Ooopsie! Forgot image!

56a193 No.1521656

Would it not be unreasonable to assume that Hussein and Clinton inserted or tried to insert spies into other more promising opposition campaigns? Did they target Cruz, Bush, Saunders or anyone that might have posed a threat?. It would stand to reason and exposing this would put the final nail in the coffin. initially Trump was just the "pied piper", the chump that no one took seriously.

90e0a0 No.1575634

File: 74d0d1405ce4a8b⋯.jpg (180.39 KB, 959x673, 959:673, 74d0d1405ce4a8b8097e4ae626….jpg)


fe9b0b No.1575657



Check out 2:22 in video The Big Boss sends us a Q

ea6370 No.1585261


>Would it not be unreasonable to assume that Hussein and Clinton inserted or tried to insert spies into other more promising opposition campaigns? Did they target Cruz, Bush, Saunders or anyone that might have posed a threat?

That's a very good point and it should be posted in the most recent Q Research General thread to gain more views.

02e129 No.1590055

Hollywood Cabal

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/todays-blind-items-we-are-better-than.html?m=1

439434 No.1648060


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