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d0ef83  No.3090646

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Tuesday 09.18.18

>>>/patriotsfight/263 —————–—————- Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein. ( Cap: >>3082716 )

>>>/patriotsfight/262 —————–—————- Truth to Power. Listen carefully. ( Cap: >>3079711, >>3079717 )

>>>/patriotsfight/261 —————–—————- WE SEE YOU. ( Cap: >>3078445 )

>>>/patriotsfight/260 —————–—————- GAME OVER. ( Cap: >>3078334 )

>>>/patriotsfight/259 —————–—————- DS PANIC IS REAL. ( Cap: >>3076552 )

Monday 09.17.18

>>>/patriotsfight/258 —————–—————- HIGHEST COURT AUTHORITY APPROVAL (Cap: >>3065418 )

>>>/patriotsfight/257 —————–—————- SESSION & HUBER WEEKEND MEETING(S). (Cap: >>3065270 )

>>>/patriotsfight/256 —————–—————- LYNCH talking. (Cap: >>3065171 )

>>>/patriotsfight/255 —————–—————- BLACKMAIL v Senate & House (Cap: >>3065032 )

>>>/patriotsfight/254 —————–—————- [RR] req meeting #2 w/ POTUS DECLINED. (Cap: >>3064922 )

>>>/patriotsfight/253 —————–—————- Judge K will be confirmed regardless. (Cap: >>3064922 )

>>>/patriotsfight/252 —————–—————- The World is Watching. (Cap: >>3064198 )

>>>/patriotsfight/251 rt /pf/235 ———–——— Anons knew. (Cap: >>3064057 )

>>>/patriotsfight/250 —————–—————- Activate ]SESSIONS[ (Cap: >>3064004 )

>>>/patriotsfight/249 —————–—————- PATRIOTS IN CONTROL ( Cap: >>3063213 )

>>3062616 rt >>3062563 ———----------——– Do you believe in coincidences?

>>>/patriotsfight/248 —————–—————- Pain.png ( Cap: >>3062499 )

>>>/patriotsfight/247 —————–—————- WWG1WGA! ( Cap: >>3062473, >>3062500 )

>>3061924 rt >>3061810 ———----------——– We will not fail you.

>>>/patriotsfight/246 —————–—————- At what point does it become mathematically impossible? ( Cap: >>3061839 )

>>3061704 rt >>3061664 ———----------——– For you and you alone.

>>3061670 ———-----------------------------——– Fire at will.

>>>/patriotsfight/245 —————–—————- SEPT —–17—– ( Cap: >>3061574, >>3061586 )

Sunday 09.16.18

Compiled here: >>3065797

Saturday 09.15.18

Compiled here: >>3065785

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d0ef83  No.3090650


are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes

>>3054499 TMZ article/FEMA director backs POTUS statement that fewer died in PR than reports


>>3087072 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0 (SPREAD IT)

>>3023169, >>3001747 BO/BV announces >>>/patriotsawoken/ as our SFW sister board

>>2993403, >>3079699 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening

>>2999802 Message from CM : New posting servers to help alleviate peak-time lag.


>>3089964 Former Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak arrested for corruption.

>>3089972, >>3089978 Syria update.

>>3090000 Sessions expresses support for Police best judgement on the streets.

>>3090051 CPS wants AI to predict child abuse.

>>3090068 FB using data to change right wing views in Europe.

>>3090079 Wisconsin Safety Council had emergency preparedness training today including active shooter response plans.

>>3090101 Tesla DOJ probe getting wider, may piggyback on SEC subpoenas.

>>3090130 Former Feinstein staffer raised $50 million, hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after 2016 election.

>>3090372 DOJ responds to Veritas video.

>>3090488 Far left activists release video supporting Christine Ford.

>>3090489 Fires in DC and LA.

>>3090523 Gen. Dunford travels to Greece, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Hawaii to strengthen alliances.

>>3090603 DHS recruiting Homeland Security Investigator.

>>3090119 Chuck Grassley sets Friday deadline for Christine Blasey Ford if she intends to testify.

>>3090643 #3910


>>3089198 President of Liberty Bank retiring

>>3089218 Compilation of weird goings-on in Iowa (from Bread #3908)

>>3089224 Theresa May gov’t says pro-Brexit MP’s must back “soft” Brexit or face a second referendum

>>3089257 Phoenix immigration judge retiring

>>3089270 DJT doesn’t like the term “deep state”, “it sounds so conspiratorial”

>>3089271 Big Pharma drug pushers infiltrate local public schools under the guise of “mandatory mental health screenings” for children

>>3089275 DOJ taking action after today’s Project Veritas video release

>>3089285 UK social services are taking away record numbers of kids…leaving parents terrified

>>3089301 Daily Sun publisher set to retire

>>3089278 Info on Sessions and Noel Francisco

>>3089429 ‘Emotional And Physical Abuse’: Ellison Accuser Posts Doctor’s Report Naming Congressman As Alleged Abuser

>>3089536 Danske Bank CEO resigns over $235 billion money laundering scandal in Estonia

>>3089560, >>3089652, >>3089686 BREAKING: Several Reported Shot, Including Police Officers at Government Building In PA

>>3089636 This is now 3 people who all deny in totality the allegation against Kavanaugh

>>3089872 #3909


>>3088451 On [RR] and DECLAS fuckery (commentary)

>>3088491 AG Sessions makes surprise visit to Chicago

>>3088529 IL Democrat party leader tells voters “Vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with”

>>3088559 Article: Complete list of lies and misrepresentations related to Kavanaugh accusation

>>3088575 On Bannon’s activity in Europe

>>3088670 Fake education in Netherlands: “9/11 was not a terrorist attack” taught in schools

>>3088689 ; >>3088767 Planefags tracking AZAZ0909 flights

>>3088717 Analysis of Amazon employee political donations

>>3088774 Amazon develops new marketing AI tool

>>3088779 HRC runs her mouth on Russians “stopping her” during election

>>3088811 ; >>3088865 Highlights of POTUS activity in Florence-damaged areas; new DJT tweet

>>3088820 ; >>3088904 Bulgaria will protect Hungary from the EU

>>3088831 Another Kavanaugh high school classmate denies being at party during alleged attack, despite being named by accuser

>>3088848 Update on WI shooting: 4 injured, suspect down

>>3088875 Mueller team conducted meetings with MSM reporters

>>3088905 Juanita Broaddrick demanding FBI investigate Bill Clinton over rape allegation

>>3088951 ; >>3088962 Senators calling for either public or private testimony for Kavanaugh accuser on Monday

>>3089085 German police raid far-left protestors

>>3089097 Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer linked to Soros foundations

>>3089080 #3908

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>>3085991 #3904, >>3086738 #3905, >>3087511 #3906

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>>3078910 #3895, >>3079697 #3896, >>3080479 #3897

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File: 1c27271344834ec⋯.png (185.96 KB, 364x274, 182:137, maxineheadroom.png)



a59ef3  No.3090671

File: cae20925ccdeb73⋯.jpg (958.91 KB, 2100x1500, 7:5, 1537388467852.jpg)

spread the word…

a59ef3  No.3090690

File: 430096861b29c76⋯.png (33.95 KB, 600x295, 120:59, paige.png)


From months ago….

3f1735  No.3090712

File: 54abfdbcbe5df91⋯.jpeg (100.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, B77D8128-09A4-4473-8C2B-D….jpeg)


820ab9  No.3090713

File: 9b66302b77fdd84⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 3016x1508, 2:1, LetActionsBeYourVoice.jpg)

File: 815c29273979ad5⋯.jpg (590.25 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, BattleGround_SenateSeats.jpg)

File: 9cad56f2a43f445⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, BattleGround_HouseSeats.jpg)

7b5fdf  No.3090721

File: bb948b3062ebe9c⋯.png (342.3 KB, 659x814, 659:814, SED.png)


They wrote a SEDITIOUS LETTER and signed their names to it.

The letter is the only evidence needed.



No jury, no defense, no trial, don't even need lawyers.

Their CRIME is in INK and they presented it to WE THE PEOPLE.

They are committing SEDITION to our faces

Doesn't need to be proven.

Their signatures PROVE IT


If two or more persons in any State or Territory…oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States… is GUILTY of 18 U.S. Code § 2384

Seditious Conspiracy


a59ef3  No.3090730

File: 3ea34a7391856df⋯.jpg (404.79 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, 3ea34a7391856df5e59f395bd4….jpg)


Israeli citizens in the senate are actively working to undermine the US president.

d41f6b  No.3090737

I am FISA.

Please help declassify me.


e31b37  No.3090739

File: 0a6978e7166abc6⋯.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, WhenPOTUSDeclassesFISA.webm)

23852b  No.3090740

Summary of former C_A Agent, Kevin Shipp's video. It gives a good picture of how many people the White Hats are up against: New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government - YouTube

The secret part of the government, called the "Shadow Government," controls the "Deep State." The top two tiers of the Shadow Government are/were C_A (created by the CFR with no congressional approval)who are unelected officials & NSA. Under them are: DNI, DOS, DHS, DIA, NRO, NCTC, NGA, JSOC & FBI. While the Shadow Government is all about fear & intimidation, the Deep State is focused on money, power & greed.

The Deep State is into the money making business that is created from starting/going to war. Shipp says that the"poster boy" for MIC is/was NoName and that war is/was big money for him. Under the Deep State are: MIC and MIC lobbyists, intelligence contractors, defense contractors, IMF/World Bank, Federal Reserve, foreign lobbyists, central banks, Wall St. (offshore accounts), & The Treasury.

After 911, the C_A set up 10,000 secret sites in the U.S. 1,271 being government agencies, 1,931 corporate like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Boeing, & Booz Allen Hamilton. We are the biggest Arms Dealer in the world. 48 senior members, Congressman/Senators are influenced by these corporations. They contribute 700,000 a year to each senior member, in order to get them to vote on the Defense Authorization Act. These people are controlled by them.

There is a secret Intelligence Industrial Complex that is a massive corporate monopoly. They track everything on everybody. Under this falls: C_A, NSA, NGA, NRO, Leidos Holdings, SAIC (NSA/Trailblazer Program), Booz Allen Hamilton (former home of Edward Snowden), CACI (torture program), & CSRA.

803 Bill Tax Revenue goes to the Shadow Govt./Deep State. They took Social Security, Medicare/Medicade, and are now saying we are running out. They're using our money for their "secret shit."

Shipp says, "There is an internal Cold War in the beltway of Washington, between the Elected Government and the Shadow Government. There is a war…anybody notice?…things are kind of crazy." "Trump has terrified the Shadow Government, one of his first statements was, we're going to go into the C_A and find out what they've been doing, especially the JFK assassination." kek

He also says the last time it was this Dark in the government is when JFK fired Allen Dulles from the C_A. After JFK was assassinated the Warren Commission was created to look into the assassination…one of the heads of the commission, was none other than Allen Dulles. The fox was over the hen house.

Also mentioned are: Dir. Brennan spying on Senators & staffers re: Torture Report, Deepstater Chuck Schummer & his threat (if you cross the intelligence community), Utah Data Center (yottabytes, FISA new secret supreme court, & unmasking Americans), Bush Sr. & Clinton with Iran Contra & running drugs down into S. America, Obama running guns into Syria, HRC running guns into Libya, assassinating Gaddafi, taking billions & laundering it into the Black Market.

9004c8  No.3090741




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few weeks MONTHS AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU! These are adult women.

We hunt pedophiles. Illegal content is posted by bad actors board mods remove and block but some ip hop, this is a constant battle as the powers that be do not want the TRUTH getting out.


Attacks on this post demonstrate the above line!

f1e1ac  No.3090742

File: ee5d3ca4f79cfc7⋯.png (12.91 KB, 666x196, 333:98, ClipboardImage.png)

1270f6  No.3090743

File: ab718f2851c101e⋯.jpg (241.47 KB, 1384x1730, 4:5, oVYWnIH.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

afe6ec  No.3090744


be the retard you are

good for u

7abbb5  No.3090745

970bff  No.3090746

File: b80b1894d02ab33⋯.jpg (143.39 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 149714.jpg)

Welcome to 8chan, redditholes!

7e8192  No.3090747

File: e02001f91f5a4df⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 298x300, 149:150, cocksucker cult.jpg)

>>3089270 (lb)

>deep state sounds so conspiratorial

>I'm not a conspiratorial person

A message to the lodge cultists.

eef82b  No.3090748


I lived 5 min from Masontown. Quiet area. There’s a power plant there and little crime. Meth/opioid use in the county due to economy bottoming out in the 80’s.

8dcdb4  No.3090749

File: 74bf59be170bfde⋯.png (184 KB, 1066x820, 13:10, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

File: 285a32f28619676⋯.png (141.89 KB, 1077x625, 1077:625, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)



You set up an off the books communications back channel to a sanctioned Russian oligarch's BFF while your committee security officer leaked top secret docs on American citizens to his lover so maybe you're not the best judge of how the Senate should operate

Warner's twat:

It sends a message when you oppose reopening Judge Kavanaugh's background investigation. It sends a message when you'll only listen to Dr. Ford if she shows up at a hastily scheduled hearing without time to prepare. This is not how the Senate should be doing business in 2018.

9547d9  No.3090750

File: 3aaeb22fe41e712⋯.jpeg (467.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Maga.jpeg)

File: 8be0864d3f1cf00⋯.jpeg (475.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wwg1wga.jpeg)

File: fa3ee42831722c2⋯.jpeg (468.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, pain.jpeg)

File: f102f668b5373ff⋯.jpeg (985.18 KB, 1470x1077, 490:359, msmkoolaid.jpeg)

9c7574  No.3090751

File: d171e09541631af⋯.jpg (28.1 KB, 259x194, 259:194, seth.jpg)

02b459  No.3090752



Thank you for watching/comparing the timing of current news drops w/past. You know, just like Q asked.

9004c8  No.3090753

Pa. lawmaker introduces bill that would bar teachers from discussing politics, government in classes

A Pennsylvania lawmaker has introduced a bill that would prohibit teachers from discussing politics or government in the classroom.

What are the details?

State Rep. Will Tallman (R) introduced the bill last week. The bill would prevent public school teachers from engaging in discussions about the U.S. government or about national politics in their classrooms.

Tallman, who is not seeking re-election, introduced the bill, titled the “Teacher Code of Ethics,” according to the Morning Call.

The bill would effectively prevent teachers from bringing any type of personal political ideology into the classroom, including the endorsement of or opposition to political candidates.

The bill would also stop educators from entering into any discussions about both pending or enacted law, court cases, or executive orders — at any level of the government whatsoever.

Additionally, teachers would be unable to discuss activities that “hamper or impeded” the actions of law enforcement or military recruiters on campuses.

A portion of a memo Tallman sent to his House colleague reads, “Our K-12 school teachers should not be using their classroom time spent on political or ideological indoctrination. Doing so takes time away from instruction in the academic foundation subjects of mathematics, science, English, history, and civics, and prevents our students from receiving a high-quality public education for careers in the global, high-tech economy.”

Teachers who refuse to follow the policy could face punishments like suspension and even lose their teaching licenses.

Tallman, who was a former school board member, said that he drafted the bill because of complaints he’d received about educators bringing their personal politics into the classroom.

What are some saying about this?

The outlet said that legal experts questioned the bill, pondering it as “unconstitutional overreach” that violates academic freedoms.

One such expert is David Hudson, a professor at the Nashville School of Law in Tennessee as well as ombudsman for Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center in Washington, D.C.

Hudson said, “[The bill] runs roughshod over the cardinal principle of academic freedom. In certain classes, political speech and frank discussion is necessary. I mean social studies class, contemporary issues — you need teachers talking about current events.”

Robert Richards, director of the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment at Penn State University, said that teachers have rights if the topic they’re teaching on deals with a lesson.

“In general, schools can control curriculum issues and when teachers are speaking in their classrooms, they are acting as agents of the school rather than for themselves,” Richards explained. “They are usually on safer ground when the speech directly relates to their subject matter. Speaking about legislation … in a social studies or history class may be particularly germane, so a blanket prohibition as such would be highly suspect, and courts would likely invalidate it if enforced against a teacher.”


9d9a8f  No.3090754

File: 60c8e97a4e8b1b8⋯.jpg (46.61 KB, 688x1023, 688:1023, depositphotos_37115121-sto….jpg)

e1b530  No.3090756








As 'The Apprentice"

and as seen in a recent trump tweet: "great work" are the language of the initiate.

afe6ec  No.3090757


Thought it was a gif and was gonna see her head bangin against it

oh well

5507f1  No.3090758


Looks like their letter worked, seditious or not.

f1e1ac  No.3090759

File: 30ab19ca56f72a2⋯.png (11.28 KB, 554x317, 554:317, ClipboardImage.png)

854956  No.3090760

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

In the Air Tonight

- Phil Collins

Can you feel it? Panic..




ff832d  No.3090761

The livingston family figures large in US history. One branch of the family has a large beautiful estate on the Hudson river, just south of Hudson NY - a satanist shithole. Marina A lives near there.

>>3090219 (PB)


7b5fdf  No.3090762

File: 231b8220f505fa0⋯.png (56.88 KB, 1123x794, 1123:794, SED2.png)

(You) fuking morons and sliders who tag these SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY posts with the insightful and wordy concernfag comments fail to realize that, like the evil we fight, you too are showing everyone reading your comments how ridiculous NOT arresting them is.



ab86be  No.3090763

>>3090584 lb

It becomes a problem when those that don't support those companies advertising,

or those that try and tie Q to those companies.

Donations would be more appropriate in my opinion.

So, no it's not a problem advertising - just who those advertisers are.

c87bfa  No.3090764

File: ec09186fe0eeba8⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1280x1542, 640:771, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

File: 24109ca27e705d1⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1272x822, 212:137, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

File: 91e1b0c982aacb3⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1270x1172, 635:586, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

Nunes sending a message to the Deep State?

Central California Fag here in Nunes' district. I received this email yesterday…

>Dear Friends,


>Yesterday I enjoyed talking with several local >Commanders stationed in my district who are >serving our country and our community daily. >Thank you to Lorenzo Rios of the Clovis >Veterans Memorial District for hosting.




>Devin Nunes

>Member of Congress

376f66  No.3090765


Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that it would ever pass.

a8fe60  No.3090766

>>3090652 lb

Next up from Newsweak:

"Is Your Cocker Spaniel Racist"

11666e  No.3090767



but you always write that.

don't make empty promises

02f3ba  No.3090768

>>3090706 lb


been a long time ago.. i just remember having to put in my 5.5 floppy and type in commands to make him dance. might not of been a 64.

shit i think thats what it was a ti

dd2c61  No.3090769

9004c8  No.3090770

File: a2ec4a08059cf11⋯.png (497.79 KB, 584x477, 584:477, ClipboardImage.png)

6f4099  No.3090771


Can't see this backfiring if the "wrong side" won

9d9a8f  No.3090772

File: e8ccee656c13e49⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 750x951, 250:317, pennywise-costume-14.jpg)

8dcdb4  No.3090773

File: 499abcadd8ae2cf⋯.png (603.71 KB, 1050x1158, 175:193, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

Fuck yeah, bitch, get off the fence.

Senate Judiciary Chairman @ChuckGrassley tells lawyers of Christine Blasey Ford, if she wants to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee she must have prepared testimony submitted by Friday morning.




82bd27  No.3090774


Worth watching.

77c0a2  No.3090775

File: da3a89cd75664e5⋯.png (927.69 KB, 1100x726, 50:33, Schifty.png)

I had to do it.

e1b530  No.3090776

File: 55706d30f030d3b⋯.png (325.44 KB, 480x383, 480:383, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at ….png)

File: 27ebef2848d16fa⋯.png (182.58 KB, 457x234, 457:234, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

29d591  No.3090777

File: 3837373db52ee3d⋯.jpg (5.14 MB, 5518x4231, 5518:4231, observatory.jpg)

updated my graphic

hope Q touches this, its really interdasting

open in a new tab and zooom at will

d67ca0  No.3090778

File: 33bfe18e0b2a85b⋯.jpg (58.91 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2iajso~2.jpg)

File: 8497a2233579f5e⋯.jpg (55.72 KB, 500x586, 250:293, 2i7cta~2.jpg)

File: eaf88d4a0a44769⋯.jpg (30.91 KB, 659x531, 659:531, downloadfile-14.jpg)

Her therapist is also a fraud.

7abbb5  No.3090779

File: 9819b39a4a625bc⋯.jpg (4.1 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0058.JPG)

that is ground zero for necro cabalism

where the murdered apaches were buried

the water is drained and the cattails must go

long story short

a15122  No.3090780

File: 7b1cf14e113ccc7⋯.jpg (41.14 KB, 960x815, 192:163, trump tiger and mcstain.jpg)

no time to post today so I'll just drive by an drop this

2a6b12  No.3090781


It's amazing it's gotten this far (thanks mockingbird). She thinks the FBI is still infected so that's why she wants the "investigation" so they can find one single shred of evidence, to delay this confirmation til after the election.

afe6ec  No.3090782


where’s the soapbox?

you’re kinda short

7e8192  No.3090783

>>3089650 (pb)

The Royal Order of Jesters is the pedophile arm of the Shriners/Freemasons.

9d9a8f  No.3090784

File: 99aae9a142e69a1⋯.jpg (52.12 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 500_F_184635962_sbjMIS48Rw….jpg)

8ec68d  No.3090785


kek for (you)

2ee123  No.3090786

File: de0ef9f0a815088⋯.png (375.93 KB, 807x769, 807:769, 2018-09-19_16-32-56.png)

761ff1  No.3090787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's called Rainbombs…

888249  No.3090788


Very interesting.

1c8f7b  No.3090789

File: 7527342c22d2a9e⋯.jpeg (75.73 KB, 205x275, 41:55, e87295f66be547bf75ce6fe7c….jpeg)

854956  No.3090790


Aspirational motivation. We still have work to do.

2df850  No.3090791

>>3090743 FREE THE BEWBS! Sorry Guys NIGHT SHIFT!

0c0004  No.3090792

File: 51b0bb5ba6f7ff1⋯.jpg (343.26 KB, 1900x1080, 95:54, IMG_673.jpg)


7b5fdf  No.3090793


Of course they are!

This is exactly why they need to be ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY

Q is losing people at an alarming rate on twitter.

Go to the red-pilling twatter accounts and see for yourself.

Folks are DONE standing in the popcorn line.


9004c8  No.3090794

File: 7f0994f1a33d0ef⋯.png (50.08 KB, 712x770, 356:385, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1dccf4906e3eca6⋯.png (49.15 KB, 710x805, 142:161, ClipboardImage.png)

Syrian-Russian Victory Only Way to Avenge Israeli-French Strikes

Western and Russian media sources have reported an alleged joint Israeli-French strike on Syria on September 17. The attack included Israeli warplanes and French missile frigates operating in the Mediterranean off Syria’s coast. Amid the attack, a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft with 14 service members aboard disappeared.

The attack immediately prompted commentators, analysts, and pundits to call for an immediate retaliation to the unprovoked military aggression, warning that a failure to react would leave Russia looking weak. Some commentators even called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to step down.

Not the First Provocation

Yet the attack is reminiscent of the 2015 Turkish downing of a Russian warplane – after which similar calls for retaliation were made, coupled with similar condemnations of Russia as “weak.” And since 2015, Russia’s patient and methodical approach to aiding Syria in its proxy war with the US-NATO-GCC and Israel has nonetheless paid off huge dividends.

Russia would later aid Syria in retaking the northern city of Aleppo. Palmyra would be retaken from the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) – Homs, Hama, Eastern Ghouta, and the southern city of Daraa would also be retaken – leaving virtually everything west of the Euphrates River under the control of Damascus.

In fact, the near precipice of total victory was achieved by Russia and its allies ignoring serial provocations carried out by the US-NATO-GCC and Israel, and simply focusing on the task of systematically restoring security and stability to the conflict-ridden nation.

Russian-backed Syrian forces are now staged at the edge of Idlib. So far tilted has the balance of power tipped in Damascus’ favor that even Turkey has found itself seeking negotiations with Russia over the last remaining territory still held by the West’s proxy forces.


ff832d  No.3090795


They "requested a breifing" while the language is forceful it's a tough sedition case.

- not a lawfag though

9197c5  No.3090796




Is Sessions in or out?

afe6ec  No.3090797


A few more days you’ll be able to bark at the moon while dancing with wolves

7abbb5  No.3090798

82bd27  No.3090799



e1b530  No.3090800


Truth is never good or bad, it simply IS. Perspective bias attributes such tags.

The Apprentice

Darkness to Light

Great Work


The language of the initiate

11666e  No.3090801


i don't mind the music (in moderation), just that i see you always put "no evil", as some sort of guarantee… shouldn't make promises you can't enforce/keep

397f1b  No.3090802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Repost (lb)


Not OP / but reposting

"Start around 3:30 - "it looks nice, but it's really the calm before the storm"

11666e  No.3090803



immediate Filter ID+.

we're nearing youtube-levels of chatroom

7e8192  No.3090804

>>3089700 (pb)

They believe if the 'sacrifice' one of theirs that bad things won't happen to them as a group.


61ef5e  No.3090805


i don't want ANY LAW barring people from discussing ANYTHING.

in fact, it's unconstitutional.

9d9a8f  No.3090806

File: 6892216a68acafe⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 250x227, 250:227, 1537280707.jpg)

7375fc  No.3090807

File: 6ce951fef74b2a1⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 940x6768, 5:36, fakies.jpg)

File: 82020d008b7253e⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, outyougo.jpg)

File: 12840829953b475⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ghoulzofpower.png)

File: 3091c0b36f26dbc⋯.png (531.86 KB, 907x629, 907:629, JusticeHorowitz.png)

File: ddb44fb0c1afe6a⋯.jpg (615.87 KB, 775x999, 775:999, MAGALuther.jpg)

8dcdb4  No.3090808

File: 00eb76817b98de2⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1085x715, 217:143, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)


Noice - hope you don't mind…

9004c8  No.3090809

File: 933778b67b7a376⋯.png (952.08 KB, 739x572, 739:572, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7ceaffef46c1b20⋯.png (69.09 KB, 764x855, 764:855, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 41af30716445020⋯.png (15.15 KB, 764x184, 191:46, ClipboardImage.png)

GMO Lobby Plots to Corrupt EU Court Ruling on Gene Editing

The GMO lobby, led by Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta and others have begun to develop a counter-attack to try to neutralize the unexpected and, for them, devastating EU European Court of Justice ruling in July requiring that plants modified through so-called gene-editing DNA techniques must submit to the same licensing risk-assessment procedures as all other GMO plants. The ruling caught the GMO industry off-guard. Now they prepare a counter-attack as we might expect from the developers of Agent Orange, neonicotinoids or similar toxins.

On July 25, in a rare ruling in opposition to the recommendation of the European Union Advocate General, judges of the European Court of Justice held that products from new gene editing (GE) techniques are to be considered genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and as such are covered by existing EU GMO regulation. Contrary to the United States where the US Government, since the time of President G.H.W. Bush, has refused to regulate GMO plants arguing the phony claim they are “substantially equivalent” to conventional corn, soybeans or other plants, the EU has strict requirements before licensing and to date only one GMO crop, a patented corn variety is grown legally, that only in Spain.

The EU court ruling dealt a stunning blow to the GMO “biotech” industry which had been arguing their gene editing technologies were not GMO and needed no special regulatory oversight. They planned to sneak new and highly dangerous forms of genetic modification of plants in through the back door. DowDuPont had filed around 50 international patent applications for gene editing and plants, followed by Bayer-Monsanto with around 30 applications. Now under the ruling all gene edited products in the EU must first be fully tested and its products labelled.

The European Court ruling drew a sharp attack from US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. Purdue issued an official statement declaring, “Government policies should encourage scientific innovation without creating unnecessary barriers or unjustifiably stigmatizing new technologies. Unfortunately, this week’s ECJ ruling is a setback in this regard in that it narrowly considers newer genome editing methods to be within the scope of the European Union’s regressive and outdated regulations governing genetically modified organisms.”

In the UK a group of 33 industry and research centers as well as pro-GMO farmers have delivered a letter to the British Government Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs. The letter protests the July EU Court ruling requiring gene-edited plant varieties to undergo the same risk testing and licensing as other GMO plants. They declare, “We feel there are significant questions that must be addressed urgently by government if the UK is to retain its strength in plant genetics, to use innovation to boost productivity and competitiveness, and to meet the challenges of nutritional health and environmental protection.”


9e3d92  No.3090810

File: 108bb99fa5cdeb8⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 678x381, 226:127, 2iaufj.jpg)

0c0004  No.3090811

File: f0a6a7765f5d43a⋯.jpg (239.26 KB, 600x750, 4:5, IMG_480.jpg)

2a6b12  No.3090812


Sorry if posted prev

FiscalNote Chief of Staff Wendy Martinez was killed Tuesday night in a stabbing near Logan Circle, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

“The entire FiscalNote family is shocked and deeply saddened to learn that Wendy Martinez, our Chief of Staff, was killed last night,” CEO Tim Hwang said in a statement. “Wendy was an invaluable member of our team and a vibrant member of the community. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy’s family and friends.”

Just before 8 p.m. Tuesday, officers from the third district responded to the 1400 block of 11th Street Northwest, where they found Martinez, who had suffered multiple stab wounds, according to a department press release. Fire and EMS responders transported Martinez to a local hospital, where life-saving measures were exhausted and she was pronounced dead.

Homicide detectives seek information relating to a suspect caught on video. MPD is offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of Martinez’s killer.

FiscalNote finalized the acquisition of CQ Roll Call from The Economist Group on Aug. 20

7b5fdf  No.3090813



I stand tall behind the FLAG of my country.

I stand tall on the words of GOD

I stand PROUDLY to defend BOTH.

FuQ and your divisionary bullshit and name-calling.


0f61a1  No.3090814

File: 7c4c2c1699ebe5d⋯.png (386.78 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ClipboardImage.png)

d67ca0  No.3090815

File: edcd4d3873eb234⋯.jpg (73.17 KB, 473x737, 43:67, 2i7ckf~2.jpg)

File: e20af129f0df979⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2gqr69~2.jpg)

They are even taking down judge Kavanaugh….

Q democrats win the midterms means you wasted your time.

02f3ba  No.3090816

File: 172392c49c2f76d⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 2000x1463, 2000:1463, jameswoods.jpg)


my man!

7abbb5  No.3090817



9004c8  No.3090818



We all know, or at least are starting to know, about the stop/fight 'the cabal part of this GREAT AWAKENING' But it goes a lot deeper than that.

To begin to address this in a manner which is digestible it is best to realize that the fight is not just one for our countries. We know they want us divided but there is another often overlooked division, that is the division of the mind, body and soul. They have used chemicals in our food supply to condition us to be compliant and to encourage illness. They use other chemicals and heavy metals in our water to dumb us down and cause disease of the mind, they use fluoride, among other things, to shut down our PINEAL GLAND thus shutting off our spiritual connections (SOUL).

Brothers and Sisters the other major part of this fight between good v evil is in us all, it is in the hearts and minds of men and women.

If we all simply CHOSE to do the right thing evil would cease to exist in an instant.

The CHOICE is yours!

Peace over war

Right over wrong

Faith over fear

Others over self

Strength over violence

Light over dark

Cleanse your mind, body and soul for enlightenment!



edcf03  No.3090819



R Research looks like it's been taken over by eBot's kids.

0c0004  No.3090820

File: b10dd2d743838ef⋯.jpg (143.11 KB, 600x484, 150:121, IMG_591.jpg)

ty patriots!

32ccf5  No.3090821




114d29  No.3090822



This is a true story.

77c0a2  No.3090823


LOL, nope…nice touch!

2df850  No.3090824

>>3090778 Why don't the FBI turn an investigation into everyone carrying this tale!?

b691cb  No.3090825


that guy is a fucking weirdo…

its like hes partially retarded or something

cant put my finger on it

d2eb87  No.3090826

File: 1f7f5fe98f49393⋯.mp4 (3.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trump Calm Before The Stor….mp4)


"This is the calm before the storm…" - President Trump

9d9a8f  No.3090827

File: fde946a3af76235⋯.jpg (22.3 KB, 282x426, 47:71, 6b14e37026a92f95387a778556….jpg)

32ccf5  No.3090828

File: 54c5fdf83644c3a⋯.jpeg (94.83 KB, 736x1043, 736:1043, 979AE7E2-549A-493F-9896-3….jpeg)

929dd4  No.3090829

File: 73225708bceac92⋯.jpg (41.4 KB, 380x380, 1:1, rothschilds-supported-nazi….jpg)

File: 510b67f86427a5b⋯.jpg (178.76 KB, 599x478, 599:478, gates-rothschild-nwo.jpg)

File: 73ab41c97677ace⋯.jpg (293.04 KB, 492x934, 246:467, ROTHSCHILD KING OF THE JEW….jpg)

>>3090487 (lb)

>An excellent example [of] how Zionist [shills] work at deflecting attention from the truth [by attacking JP who is a genuine threat to their evil plans].

The video gives new meaning to the word "Ad hominem", but, please do watch it because it should be self-evident to anyone who values "thinking for themselves" that whoever posted it is a glowing nigger with an agenda to promote falsehood.

If you really want to understand Zionism, it starts with the Rothschilds, the real enemy who you should be concerned about, not a Canadian Professor who has heroically drawn WW attention to the dangers of SJWs, University snowflakes, Antifa, and identity politics in general.

7b5fdf  No.3090830



I stand tall behind the FLAG of my country.

I stand tall on the words of GOD

I stand PROUDLY to defend BOTH.

FuQ and your divisionary bullshit and name-calling.


1c8f7b  No.3090831


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

7375fc  No.3090832

File: 48c9d90b4bb76f6⋯.png (663.25 KB, 1020x633, 340:211, BorkNot.png)

File: eb6b02c8cc9a390⋯.png (596.98 KB, 792x532, 198:133, UNBORKABLE.png)

File: e56c68f5e258430⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1992x1111, 1992:1111, bigjustice2.png)

970bff  No.3090833

File: 6ce23e7174707de⋯.png (1.13 MB, 673x749, 673:749, 6ce23e7174707de687ea2e816c….png)

567130  No.3090834


nice catch.

fabb15  No.3090835

File: 6e4215a33d47df0⋯.png (119.24 KB, 500x488, 125:122, muslimpeace.png)

>>3089977 (prev)

f3c730  No.3090836

File: 94c880a6f6e84f2⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1121x758, 1121:758, pepehelpinflotusdiigg.png)

love u frens, keep up the good fight!

397f1b  No.3090837

File: 193cf837d4a780b⋯.png (26.22 KB, 640x241, 640:241, Mitchell re Q Knows 9-19-1….PNG)

File: 7bd2e7c6e5b020a⋯.png (47.93 KB, 643x374, 643:374, Mitchell re Sessions Indic….PNG)

295da3  No.3090838


Chill clow. DOJ preparing FISA release. They are going in order. Veritas exposing deep state, this is all prep work to make the case. a large amount of the country is uniformed or propagandized. Kavanaugh not yet confirmed. Pieces still being moved into place.

We can't drag them kicking and screaming into the storm. The case will at least be attempted to be made publicly. Q is part of that info war strategy. Sooner or later they know they have to drop the hammer.

854956  No.3090839

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Sound of Silence

- Disturbed

Poor Deep Staters… frens say bye? Not really frens, huh… confession is good for the soul… seriously.




d41f6b  No.3090840


No, that's all just me.

7db1f0  No.3090841

File: 41ad618ef12918a⋯.jpeg (396.71 KB, 750x996, 125:166, CF3A86EF-B382-4684-92FA-F….jpeg)


3d6f6f  No.3090842

File: 83012345355fef2⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 1189x719, 1189:719, fearmeme.JPG)

761ff1  No.3090843


"Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself."




0f61a1  No.3090844


Love it.

e9a888  No.3090845

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When I watched this Horowitz video a couple of things that I noticed, besides the fact that he really appreciated whistleblowers, was that he touted his experience as a PROSECUTOR IN THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK.


Reading his bio, he also clerked for a Judge in the central district in CALIFORNIA.

This guys has experience in PROSECUTING DIRTY COPS!!

AND, he knows all about California and NY.

2df850  No.3090846

>>3090811 This angle say's CREEPER!

d2eb87  No.3090847



f1e1ac  No.3090848

File: b1a13395dd1301a⋯.png (455.43 KB, 402x444, 67:74, ClipboardImage.png)

56dfa5  No.3090849


Monsanto can fuck off with their Round Up, Europe is right about this. It's not properly tested and a lot of 'scientific' support for it is based on opinion, not proper science.

42ee9d  No.3090850

File: a17bdb35f3b084e⋯.jpeg (483.16 KB, 744x1290, 124:215, 945CC1F7-E640-4272-A65D-7….jpeg)

7abbb5  No.3090851

File: 45def9a38d0f79b⋯.png (59.81 KB, 590x288, 295:144, IMG_2525.PNG)

File: 20d0913548c6153⋯.png (58.98 KB, 590x288, 295:144, peodraptors.png)




b691cb  No.3090852


it has been made abundantly clear that the law does not exist for these people.

d07be1  No.3090853

File: d0a823324bd9737⋯.png (312.8 KB, 490x682, 245:341, ClipboardImage.png)

9d9a8f  No.3090854

File: fdd6abe4506273a⋯.jpg (590.45 KB, 1460x911, 1460:911, headlineImage.adapt.1460.h….jpg)

62a573  No.3090855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He literally admits he is a leftist that wants the left to not act as crazy so they can push for globalism without resistance, see the video :)

Reminder that Jordan Peterson (aka: Juden Peterstein) is a long-con Anti-White, pro-jewish id politics subversive agent connected to Podesta and the UN and that this is all verifiable.

Be careful he is a subversive plant.

Yes, he does say a lot of truthful things that helped people, but that is just a ruse to get your trust and then subvert you.

Jordan Peterson is a long-con globalist that worked for the UN along the same pannel where Podesta was in 2015.

Pics and links prove it.

Sorry if you got conned.

Voxday video on this subject:


“Voxday Darkstream 05.13.2018 Jordan Peterson is a Globalist Shill”


“Voxday Darkstream 05.21.2018 An Apology to Jordan Peterson”

Proof of Jordan Peterson connection to the UN and the push for globalism





“Dr. Jordan Peterson has been a dishwasher, gas jockey, bartender, beekeeper, and railway line worker. He’s taught mythology to lawyers, doctors and businessmen, consulted for the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Sustainable Development, helped his clinical clients manage depression, OCD, anxiety, and schizophrenia, and lectured extensively internationally..”

4chan bread



29d591  No.3090856

File: d4a8ee9fa2ab42e⋯.pdf (132 KB, Q The Basics Outline V1.0.pdf)

File: df825ce8cc8efe7⋯.pdf (608.83 KB, Q The Basics V1.0.pdf)

reminder for the dayshift:

Q: The Basics

An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

This is something a good number of anons have been working on for well over a month now.

It’s a basic introduction to Q that is more lengthy and dense (~3500 words, 6 pages), but also more informative and in depth than the bullshit being spewed forth by both the MSM and Alt-MSM

so it is our way of combating the mis/disinfo.

The article is based on a simple format of 5 sections, 4 of which are questions and the answers to which give the reader a basic understanding Q and the Great Awakening:

1. Introduction

- Intro to Qanon/Q; the MSM/Alt-MSM attacks after the Tampa rally; why The Basics is needed; gives links.


- Detailed discussion of the history of migration from 4chan to 8chan, and from board to board.

- Explanation of how the board functions.

- for example, DEFINES A BAKER FFS

(We asked the BO if we should identify /qresearch/ and the BO gave the ok since we don’t give the actual link - plus it’s already linked to on basically every site with crumbs).


- DOES NOT DOX; discusses the "Q clearance" allusion; lists the signoffs Q uses; explains how Q is a team and works for/is connected to POTUS.


- Explains signatures and stringers; introduces the puppet masters (+, ++, +++) and cabal; describes Q going from a macro to micro view (Cabal → FISA); lists a bunch of the topics discussed on the Board.


- Defines the Great Awakening; Lists sayings used by Q and links them to the purpose for doing what we do; concludes

We have also made an outline version that uses bullet points instead of the paper format, which may be useful for summarizing/explaining things

Both the PDFs are of the FINAL COPIES of The Basics and the outline version


>>3082800 (off bread) for ideas that are being discussed



>inb4 “I ain’t clicking on that shit”, see the pics made of the same documents (open in a new tab and zoom):

>>3082821 (off bread, The Basics)

>>3082829 (off bread, Outline)

thanks anons, WWG1WGA

read it or don't, if you like it, spread it however you think would be easiest

835d35  No.3090857

2df850  No.3090858

>>3090820 FREE THE BACON!

8dcdb4  No.3090859

File: b8ac966b6aa76b2⋯.png (303.18 KB, 838x1255, 838:1255, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)



>Found on: HandJob/T%C3%A9l….



e79e5f  No.3090860



e9a888  No.3090861

File: e6af4f2f0cae2a9⋯.png (36.63 KB, 811x242, 811:242, HOROWITZBIO.PNG)


forgot bio for Horowitz


7abbb5  No.3090862



02f3ba  No.3090863


us marines?

this is an op?

afe6ec  No.3090864

I would love to see POTUS body-slam someone from the deepstate for real.

Pocahontas wearing a headdress would be perfect during prime time news.

29d591  No.3090865


in globals too, just reposting

82bd27  No.3090866


setting a fire to flush them out?

0b88ec  No.3090867

MSNBC: "Any talk of a hearing on Monday is premature." -Blasse-Ford lawyer

397f1b  No.3090868

File: 901b6f62d040519⋯.png (324.16 KB, 657x798, 219:266, POTUS Schedule 9-19-18 1 4….PNG)

Note: POTUS travel time/location reporting limited (security).

9004c8  No.3090869

File: c7ad1ec92deddcf⋯.png (59.79 KB, 1491x806, 1491:806, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dff4093d9474fbb⋯.png (56.28 KB, 1481x786, 1481:786, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c7e28bf332b0c7⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1701x854, 243:122, ClipboardImage.png)

Israel’s Failed Attempt to Start WWIII is the Beginning of the End

Israel finally admitted to carrying out over 200 missions over the past 18 months, only a few of which ever made international media.

There is one thing that Israel fears more than anything else in Syria. The loss of its ability to fly its F-16’s with impunity and hit whatever targets it wants claiming defensive measures to stop Iran, their existential enemy.

Israel finally admitted to carrying out over 200 such missions over the past 18 months, only a few of which ever made any kind of international media, recently.

And with the sneak attack on Latakia which involved using a Russian IL-20 ELINT war plane as radar cover Israel has now not only raised the stakes to an unacceptable level, it has also ensured that this may be the last such aerial assault it will ever be able to carry out.

The setup is pretty clear. Israel and France coordinated an attack on multiple targets within Syria without US involvement but with absolute US knowledge of the operation to provoke Russia into going off half-cocked by attacking the inconsequential French frigate which assisted Israel’s air attack.


e5edad  No.3090870

File: 82005cac4538923⋯.jpg (258.28 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, congress_health_overhaul_9….jpg)


even nancy thinks his statement is hilarious

d67ca0  No.3090871

File: 33bfe18e0b2a85b⋯.jpg (58.91 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2iajso~2.jpg)

File: c838beccd2e9e0a⋯.jpg (41.39 KB, 480x397, 480:397, 2i52sm~2.jpg)



This fraud against Kavanaugh was orchestrated months ago and all judges on Trump's list will face the same public humiliation and smears…

7abbb5  No.3090872

File: 35069ea34667d6b⋯.png (73.86 KB, 590x314, 295:157, IMG_2526.PNG)

9d9a8f  No.3090873

File: 97c0a60db1cbbb1⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, stupid_redhead___by_myscho….jpg)

7ff6dc  No.3090874

File: 49dc4ce3cba1b58⋯.png (15.01 KB, 525x107, 525:107, Capture.PNG)

New tweet from Papa-D.


77953a  No.3090875


Yes they deserve rope, but only fools (or shills) react to to short term obstacles with long term solutions.

7b5fdf  No.3090876

File: f3b6f8212f845ba⋯.jpg (57.65 KB, 747x483, 249:161, watch.jpg)


Let's spread this far and wide!

Already trending at Patriot sites on Twitter.

WE THE PEOPLE have the power- Q's told us time and time again.

NOW is the time to DOIT and


We have the power, we just forgot how to fight -Q

It's time ANONS!


THEY work for US

761ff1  No.3090877


Why don't you trust the plan?!

POTUS, Q and MI know exactly what they're doing, what's going to happen and how it all ends.

You are watching a movie. Everything is already set in stone.

e9a888  No.3090878


oh WOW!!

I think he covered everything.

d2eb87  No.3090879

File: 26d4e59df3e6e4b⋯.jpg (116.49 KB, 891x1200, 297:400, DnU8WRLUwAA68nI.jpg)

2df850  No.3090880

>>3090841 Rescue for Justice!

567130  No.3090881


a rough few days…..

it could last a long time

rebuilding process

we are behind you

calm before the storm….

nobody would believe a thing like this could happen.

d0ef83  No.3090882

File: 740a1379c9ac73b⋯.jpg (148.01 KB, 938x599, 938:599, pepefriends.jpg)

62a573  No.3090883

File: a63047450752b25⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 2632x6440, 47:115, Jordan_Peterson_Big_2.jpg)

File: 14f27c9bc2316c9⋯.png (161.43 KB, 995x594, 995:594, Jordan_Peterson_Knows_What….PNG)

File: 19235c5e4ba2d7b⋯.png (20.64 KB, 745x159, 745:159, Jordan_Peterson_UN_Panel.PNG)

File: 642372d094725cb⋯.png (244.71 KB, 1195x608, 1195:608, UN_Document_Page_18.PNG)

File: 097182c56b45a34⋯.jpg (597.2 KB, 1758x1834, 879:917, z1536323337357.jpg)



Juden Peterstein is a globalist and zionist shill.

a74e55  No.3090884


Good post anon !

Things go way deeper as Q told us .

Improve yourself , you're the only one that can do that !!


397f1b  No.3090886




Red head pedo posts young red headed children ALL THE FUCKING TIME

Nothing is done about it

8dcdb4  No.3090887


Holy cow, it's the Marines!

cabal goin' for a major award in most ffs in one day…

e1b530  No.3090888





7abbb5  No.3090889

File: 4239950be0bf389⋯.png (73.9 KB, 590x366, 295:183, purpledoorknobs.png)

File: fd85143b00c3a4f⋯.png (62.28 KB, 590x314, 295:157, scorchedfiji.png)

701e23  No.3090890

>>3090470 (pb)

Are you trolling us? You take a picture of rain… and that is what it is…. and then say it wasn't raining… Maybe not on your head, but it was over there where you pointed your camera. First time outside?

761ff1  No.3090891



b5bd40  No.3090892


Nice meme!

a8fe60  No.3090893

File: 783a3d11bae33f6⋯.jpg (111.3 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DJTConductor.jpg)


This sentiment, this righteous indignation, is now starting to reach a crescendo.

Donald Trump is waiting for the precise, perfect, timing to implement each step of THE PLAN THAT WE TRUST.

Our readiness is part of the that.

He is the conductor of The Storm, and the symphony orchestra will play the piece brilliantly.

29d591  No.3090894

>>3090826 POTUS says "Calm Before The Storm"


thanks anon, was looking for this

d07be1  No.3090895


The hand gesture he makes when saying "it's coming down" - it sounded to me like he was describing a D5!

c10bf9  No.3090896




I was just about to upload this. His entire speech is well worth watching. Storm incoming!

95a4d9  No.3090897

File: bea47875884a554⋯.jpg (71.15 KB, 388x500, 97:125, distinctive1.jpg)

e020ff  No.3090898


right after he says that he continues "because you are going to have a lot of water, we see it, it's coming down, it jut comes down. Nobody would believe a thing like this could happen.

Follows up with we are all with you.

Love the man. no homo.

NOTABLE for original video clip

77953a  No.3090899




7abbb5  No.3090900

File: 31774c53898136d⋯.png (52.73 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2524.PNG)

File: d8e814b34453a68⋯.png (55.83 KB, 590x288, 295:144, IMG_2549.PNG)

820ab9  No.3090901

File: 545db18e44e2e1e⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 2958x1479, 2:1, comeFIGHT.jpg)

0d1474  No.3090902


Yeah I sure setting a fire at a Elderly complex is that ! YOU FUCKING SHORTBUS WIDOW LICKING RETARD

ee02e0  No.3090903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

relevant and current 9/11 series.

02f3ba  No.3090904



hes so cool

d0ef83  No.3090905


>Juden Peterstein


9004c8  No.3090906

Syrian President Assad Says Il-20 Crash 'Result of Israeli Arrogance' - Reports

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has sent a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin, expressing his condolences over the recent Russian Il-20 plane crash in Syria, local media reported.

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad wrote in his letter to Vladimir Putin that the Russian Il-20 plane crash near Hmeymim air base was a result of Israeli arrogance, SANA news agency reported.

Syrian president expressed his condolences over the tragedy and said that he hoped that the plane crash would not impede Russian and Syrian joint fight against terrorism.

The Russian Hmeymim airbase in Syria had lost contact with the Il-20 military aircraft late on Monday during the attack of Israeli F-16 aircraft on Syrian targets in the province of Latakia. The Russian Defense Ministry said later that the Israeli military deliberately created a dangerous situation by using the Russian aircraft as a shield against Syrian air defense systems.

Earlier, Israeli military delegation led by Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin will travel to Moscow on September 20 with information about the crash of the aircraft.


644fe0  No.3090907

File: 3de9329e2345454⋯.jpg (63.37 KB, 363x521, 363:521, 841d91ad527dd803cfdd6edb00….jpg)

9197c5  No.3090908


2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States


9d9a8f  No.3090909

File: 47a3668776679fd⋯.jpg (169.97 KB, 844x1390, 422:695, portrai-di-una-donna-con-u….jpg)

7b5fdf  No.3090910


I have trusted the plan.

NOW is the time to implement the plan, whatever the fuk it is.

The time for sitting back and eating popcorn has gone.


NOW is the time for the PEOPLE to DEMAND it STOP.


Folks are PISSED

7abbb5  No.3090911

File: 4239950be0bf389⋯.png (73.9 KB, 590x366, 295:183, purpledoorknobs.png)

File: 737c8adfa0aab60⋯.png (45.91 KB, 590x262, 295:131, topsecretcode.png)

f3c730  No.3090912

File: 39b03cc2c6068c8⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1027x768, 1027:768, FROGSbehindeachbladeofgras….png)



>In 1995, he was awarded the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service for his work on a complex police corruption investigation.

62a573  No.3090913

File: e22c3fc6de138b1⋯.jpg (118.36 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1536324706090.jpg)

File: 5df13eea8779d4d⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x6848, 30:107, Jordan_Peterson_Connetions.png)

File: 936c517f07fe5db⋯.png (163.18 KB, 992x564, 248:141, Jordan_Peterson_has_a_drea….PNG)

File: 5f6448f9c65324a⋯.png (35.89 KB, 962x630, 481:315, Jordan_Peterson_on_collect….png)

File: 70f12940f4373dc⋯.jpg (319.85 KB, 1961x1500, 1961:1500, Ted_K_Jordan_Peterson.jpg)





Juden Peterstein is a globalist and zionist traitor shill.

Zionists can never be patriots, they are ALWAYS by definition traitors. See the video here in this post to hear it from the horses mouth: >>3021921

11666e  No.3090914

File: deea224a35a6ce2⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, pleaseclap.jpg)


>7b5fdf (6)


23852b  No.3090915

a8fe60  No.3090916


>Fuck yeah, bitch, get off the fence.


9004c8  No.3090917



I was also you!






2df850  No.3090918

>>3090906 When in doubt blame the jews!

193bf1  No.3090919

File: b24ac3964788ee1⋯.jpg (90.53 KB, 640x423, 640:423, Drink-Drunk-Kermit-Alcohol….jpg)

62a573  No.3090920

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






An excellent example on how zionist Israel first traitors work at deflecting attention from the truth about Israel and Israeli crimes.

In this vídeo you’ll also learn about the treasonous, hypocritical and genocidal nature of zionism.

If you haven’t watched it, watch it now, you're going to be thankful you did.

7abbb5  No.3090921

File: b2ddee67f391edc⋯.png (59.62 KB, 590x314, 295:157, IMG_2518.PNG)

File: 6201ae883a3dbc9⋯.png (53.49 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2607.PNG)

File: 25e372dc56dc785⋯.png (63 KB, 590x314, 295:157, Vfrumo.png)

fd3dcb  No.3090922

File: 5466a8d63a84a00⋯.jpg (131.95 KB, 497x763, 71:109, Archer paraphrasing.jpg)

>Memes are…. dangerous.

fabb15  No.3090923


We see you Brennan.

Your dumbass is like a beacon FOR the darkness.

Do yourself a favor and stop talking.

1f5475  No.3090924


Looks like my friend Natalie

0f61a1  No.3090925



2df850  No.3090926

>>3090907 That's where all the BEWBS HAVE GONE!

c49c15  No.3090927

File: c25f4992e8812b7⋯.png (211.25 KB, 612x508, 153:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 119c063aacfefc8⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1006x1532, 503:766, ClipboardImage.png)

Did you catch it…

Check the mark @ 2:55…

How many working with the IG? 470+5


Old crumb included..

e1b530  No.3090928

File: 23e81a733a0467b⋯.png (65.73 KB, 381x381, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at ….png)

bd2f48  No.3090929


very doubtful. leathernecks are prolly everywhere inside the beltway right about now.

e5edad  No.3090930

File: c1e2b1d92e9fd88⋯.jpg (220.77 KB, 900x471, 300:157, leadership[1].jpg)


President Trump remains strong, focused and determined, even under such heavy and constant bombardment by cabalist forces.

Great Man and Great Leader!

2604a9  No.3090931


But he doesn't name (((them)))

Limited hangout?

ff832d  No.3090932

File: a3ea47bd15cc0f0⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1200x1820, 60:91, a3ea47bd15cc0f09b234258be4….jpg)

003eb2  No.3090933

One last thing on the Zazzle Qanon products being removed. Not sure if happening at other marketplaces or not.

I've had Zazzle stores before Q, and will have them afterwards. It's not about the money, you only get like $1 or $2 on a shirt.

My concern is that someone is trying to silence the movement. If it's Q doing it, fine, but if it's someone else that is reporting the items trying to suppress the movement then it's wrong.

There are folks here and around the world that love their Qanon shirts to help spread and show support to the movement. T-shirts make others ask questions.

If other marketplaces are removing Qanon items let me know please.

7abbb5  No.3090934

File: 6899a98a3caee97⋯.png (61.92 KB, 590x314, 295:157, rootdown.png)

File: e52f4bb43e3ffde⋯.png (65.31 KB, 590x314, 295:157, savemoney.png)

ad6d5d  No.3090935

File: 1c4494c249fcb4f⋯.jpg (148.44 KB, 554x369, 554:369, yo dawg you high as hell.jpg)


Set a fire to flush them out? LMAO

c56d06  No.3090936

Plane crashed on texas road

7ca724  No.3090937

Champions League games are wrapping up, time for Q to post.

9d9a8f  No.3090938

File: c6d9960ca9d1637⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 234x216, 13:12, 826bpauline-potter.jpeg.jpg)

7e8192  No.3090939



MI6 working for Clinton


AISO working for Clinton and ignoring Chinese


Erdogan's son was selling oil to ISIS

f1e1ac  No.3090940

File: bb8950e0e3f37ed⋯.png (1.21 MB, 799x798, 799:798, ClipboardImage.png)

ec55e2  No.3090941

It seems the more stunts the Dems pull, the more convinced BK is that he is needed on the SC.

Brace Berg @braceberg1 9/18/18

… BK atty is specialist in bringing defamation suits. When that was announced Ford did not want to appear. DI FI walked back her credible verbiage. Coincidence? IC says never a coincidence. BK called the bluff they will fold.

77953a  No.3090942



761ff1  No.3090943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7abbb5  No.3090944

File: bb82831dddca6e9⋯.png (78.13 KB, 590x366, 295:183, qanon.png)

File: 58faa6d5c9f33fc⋯.png (59.86 KB, 590x314, 295:157, sendebotcash.png)

0f61a1  No.3090945


Nice sign.

89aa2c  No.3090946

File: c23317630a54a89⋯.jpg (27.68 KB, 361x341, 361:341, c23317630a54a891d00a0400f1….jpg)

So are we going to get the goods on FISA or are we going to play rope a dope with the democrats over some sluts rape claims from 37 years ago?

7b5fdf  No.3090947


What don't you get?

Americans- we the People- are done waiting!

We have patiently waited, we have trusted the plan. We have reached the point of no return.

This will only get worse with no arrests.


This is it- go to twitter, see for yourself what folks are saying.


62a573  No.3090948

File: 03ce77f53098786⋯.jpg (202.14 KB, 716x654, 358:327, Clinton_ISIS_Israel_1.jpg)

File: db0a377b44ed029⋯.jpg (247.99 KB, 730x537, 730:537, Clinton_ISIS_Israel_2.jpg)

File: 56f447a7f048378⋯.png (89.33 KB, 649x690, 649:690, Hillary_jewish_roots.PNG)

File: 407fdfe944becf5⋯.png (547.28 KB, 834x610, 417:305, Obama_Israel_Aid.PNG)

File: d23bec745d213a3⋯.png (77.52 KB, 501x510, 167:170, Obama_Jew.png)


It's not like Israel is not trying to keep the destabilization of Syria going and trying to topple Assad.

You kikes are going to pay for your insolence, in full :)

Reminder that despite the Israel first traitor shills insisting that Obongo was against Israel (he wasn't), he made sure he started the civil war in Syria and financed ISIS to advance the jewish supremacist Israeli agenda.

Israel uses US tax money to support ISIS.

Tell your politicians you want to boycott Israel.

ee02e0  No.3090949


I bet there is also a lot of NYPD and FDNY that would like to blow the whistle on 9/11.

0f61a1  No.3090950



9c7574  No.3090951


Yesterday was Taco Tuesday, flappy and clammy, so your reference point is just skewed by that.

a7defd  No.3090952

Meme ammo

7e8192  No.3090953



It's assumed.

77953a  No.3090954



d67ca0  No.3090955

File: 23fc1117a12c418⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 500x599, 500:599, 2i705o-1~2.jpg)

File: d65f1a3ec81d581⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 487x363, 487:363, 8483a60951524584d88d66d84c….jpg)


>>Trump has the military monitoring the dirty democrats.

500e6c  No.3090956

File: eebdb8acb3619c4⋯.jpg (771.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164724….jpg)

File: 4a69480aaf3fb1a⋯.jpg (555.1 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164729….jpg)

File: 6f288c89f1fea33⋯.jpg (650.47 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164734….jpg)

File: 6360d92a3962de7⋯.jpg (294.75 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164739….jpg)

Came across a financial report of the democratic socialist of America I'm posting 7 pics. N the link


29d591  No.3090957

File: 639f5ec43db4a2a⋯.png (855.95 KB, 1501x1282, 1501:1282, pepechekked3.png)



we gotta hopper

701e23  No.3090958


Right… you come on here and try to trash a conservative who understands the formula for success in life…. shut the fuck up shill.

a7defd  No.3090959

File: 199c6216ab01766⋯.jpeg (140.87 KB, 1233x879, 411:293, EEFEB45F-8D65-4DD5-B71B-D….jpeg)

Shit forgot image

7abbb5  No.3090960

File: 4f5fc853ec28627⋯.png (49.15 KB, 590x262, 295:131, fagOTUS.png)

9004c8  No.3090961


I hope Brennan is here! What a lame fucker! Probably praying to Mecca while shitposting.

WWG1WGA accept for you and your ilk Brennan your going to hell front holes!

15ef55  No.3090962



ba1ba3  No.3090963

File: c9828be61370973⋯.gif (4.09 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 4cogo7aq93n11.gif)

Thanks Baker!

Amateur Hour is about to start, hope you like it. ;)

53ad2e  No.3090964


What is it with jews. They are all so sketchy, untrustworthy and might I add, ugly. The only reason they are where the are is that they are organized. Expel them, all of them.

7ff6dc  No.3090965


Nailed it.

b691cb  No.3090967


rope a dope it seems :\

justice delayed again

e9a888  No.3090968


ALSO HE TALKS OF WATER…and says this


644fe0  No.3090970

File: cd3732b78ccc283⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 22d52f3f039671e043770c5006….jpg)

2df850  No.3090971

>>3090919 Frank's Gone- no one will ever put his hand in me like he did!

397f1b  No.3090972

File: 74a01d545499c14⋯.png (576.93 KB, 584x739, 584:739, Grassley 1 Letter to Ford ….PNG)

File: a6221b92d549513⋯.png (513 KB, 604x696, 151:174, Grassley 2 Letter to Ford ….PNG)

f18b2e  No.3090973


Can someone nominate Hillary so we can acuse her and FBI investigates?

What a circus. Like Dems will change their votes. This charade is mostly for the RINOs cuz they cave in each time.

7abbb5  No.3090974

File: 67e8a7b1dc78f24⋯.png (61.29 KB, 590x314, 295:157, assishat.png)

9d9a8f  No.3090975

File: 5637326dca40529⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 397x595, 397:595, downloadfile-6.jpg)

7dfe17  No.3090976


Where's the "force" required by the code you cited? Funny how pissed you are because you can't read. We hate them too, but we don't make shit up.

a8fe60  No.3090977


Why don't you vary the turds you drop here everyday. Mix things up a bit.

You're a one turd doggy.

500e6c  No.3090978

File: d9cc6d16855df3e⋯.jpg (379.82 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164743….jpg)

File: 1c04521e814262b⋯.jpg (521.23 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164748….jpg)

File: 238375837f91abe⋯.jpg (192.82 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180919-164751….jpg)


Last 3 pages

19a82a  No.3090979

File: 0aa1b841998e7d3⋯.jpg (149.5 KB, 600x448, 75:56, 9-11-BS.jpg)

29d591  No.3090980

File: e0c44849c9b7fbd⋯.png (1.56 MB, 3386x1344, 1693:672, coincidence2.png)

for those who missed it

POTUS was up late

db2d8c  No.3090981

File: 2dde19077269519⋯.jpg (101.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, QCrumbBadApples.jpg)

File: 04a5d10c40240a3⋯.jpg (713.13 KB, 612x1080, 17:30, QCrumbQPOSTCAMO.jpg)

File: 16fa24625c111d6⋯.jpg (192.13 KB, 594x824, 297:412, QCrumbMainstreamQ.jpg)

File: b8c4c479d843af7⋯.jpg (256.52 KB, 913x552, 913:552, QCrumbGodBlessAmerica.jpg)

7b5fdf  No.3090982


NOT trusting you or your anonymous source of higher authority.


Patriots are losing their collective minds- look to twitter for that evidence.


62a573  No.3090983


Its the only thing good about the EU is they don't allow companies to put poison in food.

59f19c  No.3090984

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm on a Putin roll right now.

Watching interviews.

What a guy.

Fake News is in Russia asking him questions about Russia being involved in the US elections etc.

I love when he gets to the point and talks about Trump and what he did etc.

Putin is knocking the fake news down with wisdom, logic, facts, and humor. 10/10

Putin & Trump

brings down The Cabal WW

coming soon.

Draining the Swamp

with President Trump & Q.

Trump & Putin destroys The Cabal WW.

I see many good movies ahead.


0e2edb  No.3090985

File: a8be7626d7f592a⋯.jpg (106.71 KB, 656x827, 656:827, 1a.JPG)

File: 0a97f3f9157299a⋯.jpg (161.61 KB, 676x922, 338:461, 2.JPG)

File: ef5e4fd9cb9a017⋯.jpg (155.04 KB, 651x927, 217:309, 2a.JPG)

Pope Welcomes U2’s Bono Months After He Campaigned for Abortion in Ireland


e1b530  No.3090986

"Judgement Day"?

Every 28th Dei.

7abbb5  No.3090987

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ff832d  No.3090988

Hambone actor.


cult IDK

0f61a1  No.3090989


Nice catch, anon!

287cb2  No.3090990

File: 6bdb4604ed43b99⋯.png (447.18 KB, 616x453, 616:453, fein-eyes.png)

6bd75b  No.3090991

>>3090938 Tons of Fun

29d591  No.3090992

7b5fdf = 9004c8 = faggot

5d5a0e  No.3090994


The Jesuits have decided

Trump has gone too far

It is time for him to DIE!

They sent out the message

Via their ambassador James Comey

Who stood at Mount Rushmore

Under the head of Abraham Lincoln

And said We always emerge stronger from hard times

When the Cabal has Lincoln assassinated

They did emerge stronger from hard times.

Then Comey's US lieutenant takes up the call

And orders the sleepers to fire at will

Hillary tweeted at the end of her rant

Ultimately healing our country will come down to each of us.

The weapon has been loosed

Anyone who can put themselves in position

To assassinate President Trump

Now has the go ahead.

One problem.

The sheep have woken up

The message has been intercepted and decoded

If Trump dies, then hellfire will rain from heaven

And the Cabal will be eliminated from the face of the earth

Sooner than had been planned.

But never fear

Trump is well protected

So most likely the wimpy assassins

Will shoot themselves in the foot

Alerting police to their presence.

All will be well. All that YOU have to do


f3f8c5  No.3090995

File: ec09216d50ed83f⋯.jpg (265.2 KB, 844x432, 211:108, fort bend plane crash.jpg)

happening: Small plane crashed in Fort Bend County, TX

db2d8c  No.3090996

File: bf82a9b2b63e0e9⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2730x1798, 1365:899, QCrumbFlagBelieve.jpeg)

File: dcf20fe1cb91865⋯.jpg (186.48 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PledgeAllegianceFlag2.jpg)

File: 29b486564c25f46⋯.jpg (13.83 KB, 275x206, 275:206, Norman-Rockwell-Pledge-of-….jpg)

File: b8f0419550139ea⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 564x690, 94:115, FLOTUSMichelleObamaNeverPl….jpg)

ea72db  No.3090997


Once the calm of eye of the storm passes over the storm hits.

Will Potus then announce that via the emergency broadcast 'My fellow Americans….' There is a test tomorrow of the EBS system 33 min after the scheduled Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

Checkmate upon checkmate. That's 5D chess being demonstrated - or even D5

9004c8  No.3090998

US Treasury Sanctions 2 Individuals Over Links to Daesh Terror Group in Syria

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States has sanctioned a dual US-Trinidadian national along with another citizen Trinidad and Tobago over their alleged roles in financing the Islamic State (Daesh) terrorist group in Syria, the Treasury Department said in a statement on Wednesday.

"We are sanctioning individuals involved in financial facilitation to obstruct and deter ISIS* financial operations in regions across the world,” Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal Mandelker said the statement, which identified the individuals as Emran Ali, a dual US and Trinidadian national, and Eddie Aleong a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

Earlier this month, the US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against four people and five entities, saying that they facilitated petroleum shipments and financing to the Syrian government and accusing one of the companies of facilitating fuel trade between the Syrian government and Daesh terrorists.

*Islamic State, also known as Daesh, ISIS or ISIL is a terror group, banned in the United States, Russia and many other countries.


8e8422  No.3090999


Every politician is blackmail able and has skeletons in their closets. I am glad to see someone is using damaging info from the past to shed the proper light on these crooks. Liberals should all fear the onslaught of negative information and publicity every time they open their mouth. The time for political correctness is over. Fight fire with fire, throw dirt, and meme, meme, meme the libtards into the history books.

c7442e  No.3091000

File: fe8ae94129e4a08⋯.jpg (184.15 KB, 853x849, 853:849, allegation2.JPG)

File: 7799e2ed07d7d06⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 625x416, 625:416, allegation1.JPG)

I don't know if this has already been discussed. This school mate claimed to have knowledge of the attempted sexual assault in the days after it happened but has since deleted her accounts. Before she deleted the accounts she walked back her claim and said she would not be talking about it anymore. ( looking for sauce on this statement). She claims that kids talked about it at school for days while Christine Blasey Ford says it happened over the summer and she told nobody until therapy 2012.

d67ca0  No.3091001

File: b3de6aff26485fa⋯.jpg (42.44 KB, 190x310, 19:31, middle-finger-pictures-6-p….jpg)



Nigga you got owned.

7b5fdf  No.3091002



This sentiment IS the majority.

It's time.


11666e  No.3091003

File: 62f67dcadf2a1fa⋯.png (831.97 KB, 864x882, 48:49, redrum.png)


Popo & Bono frenz

not subtle, tho

ab86be  No.3091004


Have you seen the Stone documentary about him?

It was pretty good. 2 part I think.

2df850  No.3091005

>>3090951 NAH, Just low on vitamin B (EWBS)!

0f61a1  No.3091006


You could not pay me to fly right now.

a8fe60  No.3091007

File: a9bc9528f2f235a⋯.jpg (138.42 KB, 820x550, 82:55, perspeterjesus.jpg)

3d6f6f  No.3091008

File: e32a8f38545036b⋯.mp4 (2.86 MB, 720x404, 180:101, bono loves the biddy.mp4)

29d591  No.3091009


kek just to be fair, anons caught that, I just made the graphic because of their catch

nonetheless, thanks

db2d8c  No.3091010


Recall that the EBS test has been delayed to the backup date, Oct. 3rd, same times.

afe6ec  No.3091011


again, be the retard you are

good for u

8aa366  No.3091012

File: a047f230b67c6e1⋯.png (1.23 MB, 986x1080, 493:540, ClipboardImage.png)


thank you for your service baker senpai

inb4 hussein malaysia pm spammer anon ?

figure he'd be taking a few victory laps

bd2f48  No.3091013

File: fde9f59ee826ab4⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 954x960, 159:160, fde9f59ee826ab4693f52ff9b6….jpg)

ff832d  No.3091014


Schwatzenegger's fleshlight?

f3c730  No.3091015


are these fuckers committing suicide by crashing their small planes? there was one just the other night.

11666e  No.3091016

File: 0f88447e3038b81⋯.png (723.24 KB, 1184x666, 16:9, explainspurdo.png)




>7b5fdf (10)


7abbb5  No.3091017

File: 42d51f92489009a⋯.png (53.37 KB, 590x288, 295:144, homosoftporn.png)




b5bd40  No.3091018


The mystery of MintPress News

MintPress’ founder, CEO and editor in chief, ==Mnar Muhawesh==


"Though MintPress could be considered another relatively obscure website with its own particular/peculiar agenda, it has gained a profile in the Twin Cities due to Muhawesh’s energetic self-­promotion. Campuses like Augsburg have brought her in to speak on the question of balance in coverage of the Middle East. A spokeswoman at Augsburg said they knew little more about Muhawesh than that she is the publisher of MintPress, a site sympathetic to Arab issues.

Muhawesh even managed to roll MinnPost into her publicity mill. When Watergate legend

Carl Bernstein

gave a speech in Minneapolis this past spring as part of the Westminster Town Hall Forum, he lauded the work of non­profit news organizations like, “MinnPress,” which Muhawesh immediately seized on and hyped as a nod to her organization. A check with Bernstein’s people in New York quickly determined that what he meant to say was … MinnPost."


3d440d  No.3091019


Why does the image flip when tapped to enlarge?

0f61a1  No.3091020


graphics are always helpful. WWG1WGA

2df850  No.3091021

>>3090963 PARTY TRICK!

e5edad  No.3091022


bono is for murdering babies and raping little boys?

9004c8  No.3091023






9d9a8f  No.3091024


and chicken too!

62a573  No.3091025

File: 936c517f07fe5db⋯.png (163.18 KB, 992x564, 248:141, Jordan_Peterson_has_a_drea….PNG)


He is not a conservative, he is a globalist and a zionist, a self-assumed leftist that wants every race to genocide themselves via miscegenation.

In his own words.

He is also a disturbed person. Pic related.

All my posts about him post fully verifiable facts about all I am claiming.

Now, go suck your cult leader some more and don't forget to wash your penis :)

db2d8c  No.3091026

File: 7ff9c86718af072⋯.jpg (704.49 KB, 2500x2832, 625:708, WeThePeoplewalkawaypeopled….jpg)

File: 91d722d3e9d7cc0⋯.jpg (198.64 KB, 528x858, 8:13, WalkawayStory.jpg)

File: 8f6d5112ac2d342⋯.jpg (152.39 KB, 829x600, 829:600, WalkawayDEMViolence.jpg)

File: fa82e155e571b28⋯.png (551.87 KB, 982x536, 491:268, walkaway4.png)

2a6b12  No.3091027


Unreal…he looks like the fucking Devil (bono)

9e3d92  No.3091028

File: 46c4dfdea917735⋯.jpg (84.82 KB, 893x500, 893:500, 2hdd8l.jpg)

c3b864  No.3091029


I hear ya, Anon.

My thinking was that, just like here whereby we've all trained ourselves to simply scroll past shills, we'd quickly become inured to the ads and simply ignore them. Naturally, the advertisers wouldn't know this about us; most are dumbasses willing to throw good money at "traffic". Moar thoughts? (and thanks)

835d35  No.3091030


Stop watching me, weirdo.

7b5fdf  No.3091031

File: 391c382555399ad⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3 per.jpg)



Get in line and get moar popcorn.

PATRIOTS will do the hard work.


9c6203  No.3091032

File: 6fb82fe09394c14⋯.jpg (105.19 KB, 725x385, 145:77, Legion_of_BOOM_Quartet_WeA….jpg)

File: 10e5a9bc3896a39⋯.jpg (119.69 KB, 804x487, 804:487, Legion_of_BOOM_Entrance1_S….jpg)

File: c5a477b787294f4⋯.jpg (71.82 KB, 600x337, 600:337, LoB_Ringside_Interview_Ses….jpg)

File: 69bcad1a02d9f13⋯.jpg (105.04 KB, 725x385, 145:77, Legion_of_BOOM_Quartet_Moa….jpg)

File: 3855370630f1e3b⋯.jpg (84.79 KB, 400x551, 400:551, LoB_Champs_Buttercup.jpg)

Memes are dangerous!!

Careful with these ones ;)

8aa366  No.3091033


got one almost as good if not better

trumptwitterarchive PLAYBOOK



15 minute delta

dd2c61  No.3091034

File: 0e1783e807213a3⋯.webm (1.13 MB, 900x720, 5:4, Freedom_.webm)

I figured out the standard hotel instagram video 8 till late.

Its masonic child murder signaling

397f1b  No.3091036

File: eceb964f9f823c5⋯.png (28.85 KB, 653x346, 653:346, Mitchell re Jared Wyand 9-….PNG)

You all remember Jared Wyand right?

"So you don't think it's J Wyand, AKA Microchip, even though he admitted and showed Jack P proof?"

7ff6dc  No.3091037

File: b92631358603ecf⋯.png (25.54 KB, 520x238, 260:119, Capture.PNG)

I'm fuckin done with LastRefuge.

2df850  No.3091038

>>3090975 FATTY PORN!

8e8422  No.3091039


Nice graph. Hi Mickey!

ea72db  No.3091040



Missed that update

d67ca0  No.3091041

File: b6880e3c2916971⋯.jpg (75.81 KB, 500x796, 125:199, 2i71sj~3.jpg)

2604a9  No.3091042

File: c22f0a0666a88c5⋯.png (84.13 KB, 726x423, 242:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2752fc60e57b6b8⋯.png (87.04 KB, 736x414, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



It was also an Israeli who convinced him to fly there and take the $10k bribe, which the FBI arrested him at the airport trying to find.

How can Israel NOT be involved somehow in this? Or is it all just one guy?

7abbb5  No.3091043

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



29d591  No.3091044


saw that too, really interdasting

19a82a  No.3091045

File: bd971dfd7530571⋯.jpg (495.54 KB, 960x566, 480:283, 9-19-GO(O)D WINS.jpg)


i can dig it :)

eaeeb4  No.3091046

File: 431f954ea69a92a⋯.jpg (278.48 KB, 696x1226, 348:613, q.jpg)

1ae554  No.3091047

File: b49be9a9d629802⋯.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 35D463F5-C7B9-489F-93CB-76….png)

Don't get between a Priest and his victim…

70509c  No.3091048

File: 81eaa3568526763⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1280x1189, 1280:1189, ClipboardImage.png)

Plane crash in Ft Bend County TX


8aa366  No.3091049

File: f81c5216a78ebb2⋯.png (30.37 KB, 984x377, 984:377, ClipboardImage.png)

c3b864  No.3091050


If someone were prepared to tell the complete truth, they wouldn't need ANY time to prepare.

Just sayin'.

0e2edb  No.3091051

File: 79354731f3174f8⋯.jpg (96.5 KB, 583x884, 583:884, 1a.JPG)

File: 3623f85825f9ec4⋯.jpg (121.15 KB, 581x875, 83:125, 2.JPG)

File: c06b6e047944adb⋯.jpg (123.88 KB, 584x868, 146:217, 2a.JPG)

File: 196b1c6f7157130⋯.jpg (95.01 KB, 578x577, 578:577, 6.JPG)

Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge, tied to torture cases, has died


11666e  No.3091053




@krom1781 you are the worst idiot on twatter

dfe4dc  No.3091054

File: c16298b532b3a87⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 354x354, 1:1, monkeycxonitnuepic.jpg)

644fe0  No.3091055

File: 01a51a0fecddee2⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 387x247, 387:247, P1030943.jpg)

0f61a1  No.3091056

7abbb5  No.3091057

File: ffe8f514618679d⋯.png (59.01 KB, 590x288, 295:144, IMG_2513.PNG)

2df850  No.3091058

>>3090983 They just let the poison of islam in to kill themselves!

56dfa5  No.3091059


I've been involved in REACH in Europe since 2007 and I feel a lot more comfortable about chemical safety due to it, as a lot of tests have shown that a lot of chemicals are nastier than they have been portrayed. Opinion counts for zilch with ECHA.

9c7574  No.3091060



afe6ec  No.3091061


I’m sorry for this visual but I have to ask.

How does she wipe?

69861e  No.3091062

File: f319427741125a9⋯.png (379.73 KB, 916x549, 916:549, ABE2.png)

File: 90b083ac35470db⋯.png (114.69 KB, 624x560, 39:35, ABE1.png)

>>3089639 p.b.

>>3090588 l.b.


Always a risk of seeing something that isn't there, but this does NOT LOOK GOOD.

Why is POTUS' Election Day speech the top listing on twatter for ABRAHAM LINCOLN?

(recent random twat prolly not relevant depending who his followers are)

a6ffde  No.3091063

soooooo.. when will we see the unredacted FOIA's and such?

I'm guessing until after the elections or even later.

This really show who is in control, and Trump doesn't have control.

835d35  No.3091064


Don't need to agree with everything anyone says without writing the whole thing off, do you?

397f1b  No.3091065


>I'm fuckin done with LastRefuge.

Rightfully so

a76dd3  No.3091066

File: ec8de66e35ff4ae⋯.jpg (83.11 KB, 822x644, 411:322, ejdloksoxjm.JPG)

7b5fdf  No.3091067

File: 52398c1f2b06b74⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 161x255, 161:255, 3%.jpg)


^^^ Doesn't have the ability to produce independent thought.

1913f6  No.3091068

File: 8b657cda75554d7⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 480x368, 30:23, ShorttermNewCrocodileskink….jpg)


Great, childeating Bert is our pope now.

09cb86  No.3091069


Are these two bitches… well her lawyer looks awfully butch…. part of The Wing coven?

70509c  No.3091070

File: e2a2cedb1b5b770⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1280x1251, 1280:1251, ClipboardImage.png)

cf755a  No.3091071

File: 6f565bfd665db80⋯.png (127.09 KB, 655x731, 655:731, fig 1.png)

File: d99cce2d2d22f61⋯.png (495.83 KB, 652x942, 326:471, fig 2.png)

File: c04c224dd37d7f3⋯.png (290.67 KB, 647x894, 647:894, FIG 3.png)

File: 518ee99c2c9cf7c⋯.png (201.98 KB, 652x917, 652:917, fig 4.png)

File: c62ab7e9e3dd333⋯.png (326.69 KB, 645x823, 645:823, fig 5.png)




Well, lets keep on dropping them!


Requesting all available Anons to help me retweet this one for maximum penetration:













no homo

e9a888  No.3091072



NOTABLE (In a nice neat package, if not already noted)

e020ff  No.3091074

File: b17f0f45403c9d1⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, qclock_q_djts17combo.png)


Pushed back. Still on the clock though.

c56d06  No.3091075


Q said

7-10 plane crashes are targeted take downs

854956  No.3091076

File: e61f993e9d2a166⋯.jpg (43.82 KB, 474x316, 3:2, fffys.jpg)


More than frens…gonna be roomies.

56dfa5  No.3091077


A cleaner comes in with a mop. I can't think of another way.

dfe4dc  No.3091078


They are certainly allowed to ASK for this, because Congress has oversight, however, it's obviously bullshit and should be politely disregarded.

19a82a  No.3091079

love you too and that is an adorable meme :)


1270f6  No.3091081

File: 2acdb6991422f8d⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sf123ra.jpg)

523b74  No.3091082

File: 29ca86a55d78e89⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1727x2600, 1727:2600, 2121.png)

a8fe60  No.3091084


Oh, as a veteran, I get plenty.

I know that I work toward the implementation of a plan.

(I was part of the support platform for Operation Evening Light in 1980.)

Tell me–what are YOU going to do to speed things up?

Huff and puff and claim to speak for the American People, or do trust the good leaders we got running things who see a much bigger picture than do you?

61ef5e  No.3091085


i was never with them in the first place.

don't need other doing my thinking for me.

"You will know them by their fruits."

so what has TLR produced that helps us in our endeavor to restore our government?

701e23  No.3091086


So let me get this straight. A self professed atheist who doesn't hold back and tells you honestly about his dream, which he has no control over and you attack him for it. Uh huh. You are a dip shit. Your value system is broken. He was clearly uncomfortable with what was happening in the dream, but that makes him a zionist. Try harder retard.

7ff6dc  No.3091088


Not at all. My problem with LastRefuge is that he constantly attacks Bill Mitchell.

Bill doesn't do the same to him. Bill could give a fuck.

It's bizarre and highly suspicious.

9d9a8f  No.3091089

File: e0999f3c0ed7c55⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 5973da4d34f3670bc3a7f26356….jpg)

f298dc  No.3091090

File: db048efd8cd195a⋯.jpg (169.22 KB, 1041x1390, 1041:1390, american-military-police-t….jpg)

File: 6ecd8f48117980d⋯.jpg (88.26 KB, 759x600, 253:200, e705dcc4f4c24c45fc083cab35….jpg)

File: ddcf78ad5691833⋯.gif (104.98 KB, 460x297, 460:297, Rosenbergs electrocuted..gif)

File: d4f72c0bdd04d97⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 246x164, 3:2, injectthevenom.jpg)

When Anderson Cooper is convicted of subversion and treason and sentenced to death.

Which form of execution will he choose?

Firing Squad?

Hung from Neck?

Lethal injection?

Electric chair?

09cb86  No.3091091

Looks like hyper bot has a major glitch today.

9d8dbc  No.3091092

File: 33f6317c585f385⋯.jpeg (460.2 KB, 1536x2012, 384:503, 7F0F6EEE-7E2C-4DDB-BE1E-1….jpeg)

File: 8cfc608e4b04df9⋯.jpeg (547.08 KB, 1536x1882, 768:941, 392BAC2F-78D4-465A-8624-4….jpeg)

File: b929361354bd2a7⋯.png (1.78 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 11C29957-5F07-4D42-BAC8-A8….png)

Bomb threat, shooting in Wisconsin and shooting in Pennsylvania. No names released. Scrubbing?

c3b864  No.3091093

62a573  No.3091094

File: e0fae7f6ce543ab⋯.png (162.86 KB, 1213x527, 1213:527, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….PNG)

File: 11db112ea106f4c⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 750x706, 375:353, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….jpg)

File: b05243c5987ee31⋯.png (53.59 KB, 575x350, 23:14, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….png)

File: 0bce536c14984c9⋯.png (41.45 KB, 1220x598, 610:299, z_Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_….PNG)

File: 81b90837baac271⋯.png (76.91 KB, 1101x826, 1101:826, zz_Holocaust_psyop_weapon_….png)

By the way, it is now anti-semitic to be pro-Trump.

Reminder that the official version of the holocaust is a fraud:

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>3035752 – Some pictures about the holohoax

>>2947546 – A great book about the fraud that is the official and illegal to question in some countries version of the holocaust: “Hoax of the Twentieth Century” and links to 60+ books and documents on this subject

>>2947546 – “David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992”

8e8422  No.3091095


You must present your testimony before you testify. Congressman(lawyers) do not ask question unless they already know the answer.

7e8192  No.3091096


Remember, it's not the masonic lodge or the ceremonies….


Look up moser and rodef as well.

11666e  No.3091097



must be pretty desperate to whip out old ringmaster Bomo to try and somewhat salvage the wreck of the Bergoglio


4e33e1  No.3091098

File: 39dc35b7d856b80⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, SHILLS.jpg)

2523c1  No.3091099



7b5fdf  No.3091100


^^ Shill and lacks Patriotism.



835d35  No.3091101


What does Russian fake news look like?

c10bf9  No.3091102

File: 357e871a21a9ff5⋯.jpg (33.43 KB, 540x312, 45:26, 357e871a21a9ff5a046ebbdb54….jpg)


Well stated. All flows from a single moment, and we're currently experiencing a collective realization that that moment is GOOD. Let's keep pushing!

820ab9  No.3091103

File: fd1b9a8dd5b68ae⋯.jpg (438.85 KB, 942x942, 1:1, (You)GotLotionOnYourself.jpg)

File: 39469f4cb915953⋯.jpg (156.98 KB, 704x704, 1:1, teflon.jpg)

3994b6  No.3091104

File: 34954a3ad2afe61⋯.jpg (814.72 KB, 3088x2320, 193:145, image.jpg)

“Deep State lookin kinda shallow lately, just sayin’

05cc9c  No.3091105


Horse cock.

397f1b  No.3091106

File: 5102fb5cfba9bc3⋯.png (451.38 KB, 591x901, 591:901, POTUS Schedule 9-19-18 2 p….PNG)

5635d4  No.3091107



Marine barracks (Navy Yard) are in SE quadrant of DC, relatively near the fire location.

db79ee  No.3091108

The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold

Follow the search for the truth behind the many rumored and potentially damaging recordings of President Donald Trump.

Season 01, Episode 01 – The Howard Stern Files







Season 01, Episode 02 – The Apprentice Outtakes







a9c49f  No.3091109

Anons, check out this site and look at the women crying, Who does she remind you of ??

Who died at Charlottesville that was overweight and had red hair ??

False Flag anyone ??


854956  No.3091110

File: adec4e8920f2e4d⋯.jpg (136.75 KB, 750x500, 3:2, OwnedForever.jpg)

File: f7a5149760edcf3⋯.jpg (90.17 KB, 600x338, 300:169, StealThirdStraight.jpg)

5742b8  No.3091112

I'm sure all anons have figured out that the Kavanaugh rape accusation is our controlled op. I'm always a day late and a dollar short, but I'm there now. Thanks for waiting for me to catch up. Carry on.

7e8192  No.3091113


>How can Israel NOT be involved somehow in this?

Do you not know what (((triple parenthesis))) means?

Yes, IISO/Mossad = MI6 = AISO. We actually agree.

d67ca0  No.3091114

File: 9a4e7fe0896d215⋯.jpg (58.62 KB, 500x589, 500:589, 2hy7af~2.jpg)

File: a57d9164417e08f⋯.jpg (48.71 KB, 500x719, 500:719, 2hzp96~2.jpg)





Terms limits must be addressed


fa212e  No.3091116

File: 5470c5f1167a4ba⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2032x1330, 1016:665, ClipboardImage.png)


11666e  No.3091117





835d35  No.3091118


Pedo something comes to mind when I see this. Same for Venture Brothers.

afe6ec  No.3091119

File: 5b5d2e17c39702d⋯.jpeg (576.08 KB, 1242x816, 207:136, 40D67A94-DAC4-465B-A60F-5….jpeg)

2df850  No.3091120

>>3091038 No bucket of Chicken?

7abbb5  No.3091121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

62a573  No.3091122

File: b89f940c05d3274⋯.png (3.74 MB, 4784x4064, 299:254, Cabal_29_LU_17_07_18.png)

File: dc54ae8cc9a5067⋯.jpg (333.81 KB, 1940x1190, 194:119, Jews_In_EU_Loxism.jpg)



EU is shit, needs to go.

b2aafa  No.3091124


do not click on that newfags, that is obvious bait for a virus.

notice the red letterfagging, and the enchanting words of juicy drop, yet no description or sauce.

9d9a8f  No.3091125

File: 03b5fde74a5d968⋯.jpg (22.68 KB, 545x545, 1:1, tumblr_pblda8RKhM1upu1slo1….jpg)

e020ff  No.3091126

File: c92364341431a50⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, qclock_q djts17cfv.png)


Oooops. This was the final version (bonus As the World Turns KEK)

Shame on my for the self (You).

376f66  No.3091127

File: d74fd4f4cb18dbe⋯.jpg (28.77 KB, 240x210, 8:7, Id-Hit-That.jpg)

dfe4dc  No.3091128


Thanks! We're here all week!


357b6f  No.3091129

File: 385a783ec0362b8⋯.jpeg (70.88 KB, 451x545, 451:545, KEITHELLISONTHITTHAT.jpeg)

5869c7  No.3091130

File: ccbe6afc23084c4⋯.jpg (57.01 KB, 586x480, 293:240, tpms.JPG)


During their final days of access to FBI files and computers Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok — before losing their jobs — each allegedly tried to destroy evidence and documents, per well-placed FBI and DOJ sources.

But they were nabbed by a sting operation.

Two of the supposed brightest minds who served the FBI — and led the country’s Intel apparatus — each separately set out to allegedly destroy incriminating evidence before their departures from the Bureau. And neither one had any clue they were being watched.

7b5fdf  No.3091131


Sticks and stones Lad.

This sentiment is TRENDING.

It's you, standing in line for popcorn, that are missing the point.


Familiarize yourself with them.



12986d  No.3091132

>>3090068 [PB]FB using data to change right wing views in Europe

* * * * * * * * * * *

They do this here too. Do a twat poundtag and it’ll constantly misspell conservative tags. Same thing for the search engines.

I miss the days when we had the faux rage against the machine.. the only rage was against Constitution not the machine.

6ea211  No.3091133

>>3090741 Proverbs 31:10 - Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Proverbs 3:15 - She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

Lot of cubic z for the baker.

1c8f7b  No.3091134


When she sits on my face I cant hear the doorbell.

835d35  No.3091135


Why AREN'T you wearing that meat suit, butthole?

7abbb5  No.3091136

File: 0130e4096546135⋯.png (75.72 KB, 590x340, 59:34, IMG_2509.PNG)

1029a3  No.3091137

File: c26a3147305245d⋯.png (583.07 KB, 678x381, 226:127, ClipboardImage.png)

California Has the Most ‘Liberal’ Government and the Highest Poverty Rate in the Nation. Cause and Effect.


7e8192  No.3091138


"Kayla" was a male BTW.

854956  No.3091139


Spoiler that shit!

b5bd40  No.3091141

Democrats under fire for pushing misleading Kavanaugh videos


86228a  No.3091142

File: 8fffd230708e61d⋯.jpeg (364.41 KB, 2224x1252, 556:313, 1E3D215C-45A1-45EF-BEB7-7….jpeg)

d67ca0  No.3091143

File: 91775d0fc8feb7a⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 500x316, 125:79, 2i4xih~2.jpg)



Is that slutload Basley today?

a08ba8  No.3091144

TICK TOCK on the clock


20 minutes ago


The British, Australian and Turkish governments all had an interest in sabotaging Trump,s campaign. That is why their nationals were the ones that were sent as spies. This is much more complicated than anyone can imagine. Stay tuned.


8e5487  No.3091145


It is time for a constitutional amendment to ban dual-citizenship. We nearly had such an amendment in the 1800s, but you know those damn Payseurs…

61ef5e  No.3091146


he can't.

the question marks aren't big enough…

c99d60  No.3091147


What is with this concerted effort to discredit Prof Peterson? I've listened to dozens of his videos and don't detect anything nefarious yet…

62a573  No.3091148

File: 3794b746857ef57⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 600x679, 600:679, 1536620214059.jpg)


It's not his broken dream that makes him a zionist, he being one is what makes him one.

Wash your penis, and bless your heart :)








972fc0  No.3091149


he gets to pick?

854956  No.3091150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rats a runnin'

db2d8c  No.3091151

File: 63cff77d976921e⋯.jpg (296.07 KB, 964x771, 964:771, SimpleFarmerGodWins.jpg)

File: f8e8c65aec9e567⋯.jpg (135.03 KB, 900x750, 6:5, GodWins20.jpg)

File: ea8ce8afe6b8c26⋯.jpg (129.66 KB, 1042x720, 521:360, ReadBibleGodWins.jpg)

7abbb5  No.3091152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



dd2c61  No.3091153

File: 9bd6dd5080aad5a⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 332x335, 332:335, 1467575357523.jpg)


Absolutley its why the oathbreaker was made a meme



what happens before truth drops?

masons false flag

a8fe60  No.3091154


Two guys headed to the gallows.

afe6ec  No.3091155

we got mold in the bread

ac270c  No.3091156



Implimentation of PAIN is a matter of days/weeks/months away. Lets just toss the years-in-the-making schedule out the window and break down ALL the doors TODAY!?

10c654  No.3091157

Ebots learned to hide text, and that makes me sad.

7abbb5  No.3091158

File: 301b802e421b251⋯.png (44.67 KB, 590x262, 295:131, gluesbiffer.png)

0eb1fd  No.3091159


two Osprey's and two blackhawks just went overhead traveling north about 45 min ago in MB

d07be1  No.3091160


The amount of small planes crashing lately is unheard of!

There's got to be someone gathering some data on this??

The smaller the plane the easier to land in an emergency!

397f1b  No.3091161

File: e984b6b203a1c4d⋯.png (52.73 KB, 662x531, 662:531, Mitchell re Brennan Sediti….PNG)

File: 6982bc47bb81891⋯.png (50.76 KB, 1196x518, 598:259, Mitchell re Brennan Sediti….PNG)


9d8dbc  No.3091162

File: 751b401a3fec993⋯.jpeg (297.27 KB, 1200x866, 600:433, EEF2B65D-8608-42D9-95FE-A….jpeg)


So would Teddy

474f03  No.3091163

POTUS looked good today. Very presidential and what not.

5c9b6a  No.3091164


Where can a simple anon access these clockfag tools?

1029a3  No.3091165

File: 8e3f4f67cb56e2e⋯.png (212 KB, 678x381, 226:127, ClipboardImage.png)

Google in China Will Link Searches to Personal Phone Numbers


da5821  No.3091166


>I have trusted the plan.

>NOW is the time to implement the plan

Hey jackass. If you’re demanding something of the plan, then you never trusted the plan.

823d28  No.3091167

for those of you who still watch netflix, i have a recommendation: the third season of Quantico is now out. this series is so much like what we on the boards know is our true reality. the good guys/white hats are a group of fbi agent who encounter tainted politicians, tainted judges, and now this season they are showing the human/child trafficking. Overall it's encouraging to see this program is being put out there to the normies.

1c8f7b  No.3091168

File: 07f1f6db3a6ef66⋯.jpg (815.99 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, shutterstock_36787041-1.jpg)

53ad2e  No.3091169


Nobodys doubting israels role. I personally blame the jews for every problem America has today. Look behind every false flag and theres a jew, takin a shit on our freedoms. See one,slap one.

8e5487  No.3091170


No, it is the lack of willingness of citizens to kill evildoers in the streets that is the foundation of all of this. Crimes like these should never make it all the way to court.

835d35  No.3091171

89aa2c  No.3091172

File: 6354ebce639f57a⋯.png (528.92 KB, 1045x519, 1045:519, 1537368889158.png)

This bitch is jewish.

9197c5  No.3091173


Wew. Who the fuck is Austin Payseur? Looks real…still reading

7e8192  No.3091174


>MAGA hat

>"Like the goyim of Chiam…"


85ad15  No.3091175

File: 66b9b405487db62⋯.png (960.14 KB, 846x604, 423:302, activate.PNG)

File: e91989711cf4e17⋯.png (102.65 KB, 555x578, 555:578, pain4.PNG)

File: 3bedec5a21e21ee⋯.png (337.45 KB, 722x575, 722:575, painlevel.PNG)

644fe0  No.3091176

File: c5daa7a1b640019⋯.jpg (143.18 KB, 749x590, 749:590, iur (1).jpg)

7b5fdf  No.3091177


Oh yes, trusting our leaders has worked well, right?

I do trust Q.

I have held the plan.

However this is blatant in our face SEDITION.

It CANNOT continue unchecked.

Ya know that Q saying; Attacks will only get worse?

Now We the PEOPLE are in their sites.

Blatantly breaking OUR LAWS.

Whatcha gonna do?

Stand in line for popcorn?

I'm a 3%er. It's time.

Q- we are done waiting

62a573  No.3091178

File: 7e33ccc83530dc9⋯.jpg (683.43 KB, 800x2510, 80:251, CIA_MOSSAD_UK_INTEL_work_w….jpg)

File: 599f5b01a663e02⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1249x4302, 1249:4302, FBI_anon_full.png)


All roads lead to Israel mate.

d67ca0  No.3091179

File: bbf25894a6d39b3⋯.png (579.16 KB, 695x671, 695:671, downloadfile-1.png)



His girlfriend is ultra ugly….eww

11666e  No.3091180


look in the bread posts up top.

find the thread listed:

>>2878373 - Clockwork Qrange #4



db79ee  No.3091181


The clockfag thread would be a good start researcher.

474f03  No.3091182


This guy has no shot in hell of winning MNAG except in the direct M/SP area. He will lose in 90% of the state.

7abbb5  No.3091183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






241918  No.3091184

File: c9102b1b658e77f⋯.png (343.88 KB, 1612x1324, 403:331, ClipboardImage.png)

Apologies if connection already made, but Daniel Jones (former Feinstein staffer) is the same guy who spent six years 'investigating' CIA torture for DiFi - and then went on to form his own company called the Penn Quarter Group.


9d9a8f  No.3091185

File: cd675b886e82b6f⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, 389:279, 1536548210.gif)

ab86be  No.3091186


Does the site accept donations now?

If so, maybe make it more prominent and explain how much is paid out each month for running it,

how traffic has increased, how it is non-profit, etc. and make it easy and clear to see the donation area.

With the new traffic, maybe the donations will increase.

But, definitely make Donations area prominent to see.

1029a3  No.3091187

File: 4dd18eea47edb2b⋯.png (214.56 KB, 459x314, 459:314, ClipboardImage.png)

Film Clip from Banned Documentary Shows How the Attitudes of Americans Have Been Shaped by a Foreign Government


7abbb5  No.3091189

File: 0befb65104b8602⋯.png (47.26 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2506.PNG)

835d35  No.3091190


Maybe we should make that present tense? Even if you use a VPN.

9004c8  No.3091191

File: e3ae402239a2530⋯.png (392.2 KB, 726x413, 726:413, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's All Of The Evidence Against Brett Kavanaugh


09cb86  No.3091192


So the question remains…. shouldn't this lying bitch have to pay for any costs her BS is going to cost the taxpayers since she and lyin Diane delayed this just to stick it to WE THE PEOPLE! F* that I want this bitch jailed!!!

dfe4dc  No.3091193


Warner is one who screams the loudest.

15abca  No.3091194


Which also means Navy Corpsman are rendering aid too…

cd2a06  No.3091195


Sat here in the uk looking at the stars .

Thank you for making me feel I was right to Question everything.

I hope when the war is won , we can raise you a toast .

Because without me and you , there is no Q.

cbee46  No.3091196

File: 782d2d1937d3122⋯.jpeg (42.78 KB, 600x395, 120:79, image.jpeg)

File: 6ce4b620770a6c3⋯.jpeg (24.55 KB, 297x360, 33:40, image.jpeg)

File: 266bfa10276dbeb⋯.jpeg (79.38 KB, 1120x630, 16:9, image.jpeg)

File: 6ed92dc0c79619c⋯.jpeg (338.01 KB, 662x882, 331:441, image.jpeg)

What sayest thou?

I'm thinking this new photo of michelle is a coldly calculated attempt to help 'dignify' her official 'forever' first lady portrait (pics related). You know, the one where everyone only sees a muh muh massive dick under her dress (again, pic related).

Someone on a more capable device please flip one of the pics horizontally (and perhaps resize to match), to help those unable to see the similarities in their mind's eye. I'm thinking there's meme-milage in this too. Don't know about you, but when they go low (Kavanaugh anyone?), I go lower.

Much Love (no homo)

523b74  No.3091197


you know, you made your point days ago. so over you by now…filtering

2ee123  No.3091198

File: a2304af815fbd3e⋯.png (4.46 MB, 2064x2073, 688:691, 2018-09-19_17-08-35.png)


Sad actually.

What has the cabal done so that Americans are so overweight?


Fast food empty calories?

Just sayin…

8aa366  No.3091199

1029a3  No.3091200

File: 8d36c315562bd53⋯.png (257.37 KB, 415x305, 83:61, ClipboardImage.png)

California: Progressive Laws and Policies Encourage More Crime and Homelessness


b5bd40  No.3091201

7e8192  No.3091202


>t. mason

Nice try.

474f03  No.3091203


Time to just give it up dems. You lost and then you lost everything you have tried to get rid of Trump thus far. You are going to lose again when we confirm Kavanaugh, you will lose again at midterms, and then you simply wont have a party anymore.

62a573  No.3091204


Read this mate: >>3091147

You'd think that the zionist traitors and globalists would leave alt-media alone to its own devices?

The biggest names in alt-media are all zionist gatekeepers. I can go into it if you want.

10c654  No.3091206


For a start they told doctors to tell us to eat all the sugar we wanted, that fat was bad.

db79ee  No.3091207


I'll have a pint of leftie tears thanks :)

7abbb5  No.3091208

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



little black box

ab86be  No.3091209


No, but LR attacking other Trump supporters is not necessary.

ea72db  No.3091210



It still adds the, will he wont he, pressure to (((them)))

09cb86  No.3091211


SIMMER THE FUCK DOWN BOT you've totally devolved into Leftest fuckery!!!!!

afe6ec  No.3091212


let the boys take him offshore

possibilities are endless

8e8422  No.3091213


She wants the FBI to open an investigation that will go on and on and on , delaying the confirmation vote indefinitely.

34f237  No.3091214

File: 52cb064bdf382f4⋯.jpg (318.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Swalwell_Dog.jpg)

Here is one for the little Democrat "doggie"

9004c8  No.3091215

File: 41718272bc2617a⋯.png (240.26 KB, 500x251, 500:251, ClipboardImage.png)

dfe4dc  No.3091216


I agree that there is more than ample evidence of /their/ crimes and even tho we over here are woke, even normies and libtards may be finally getting a clue, except for that crooked 5%, who know or do what /they/ are doing.

1c8f7b  No.3091217


The food pyramid telling EVERYONE to eat more carbs. Done by USDA. Sadly, this is the basis for school lunch programs.

Subsidize farming of carb crops like Corn. Make it the cheapest food source available.


9c7574  No.3091218


I have proven Warren was in that nude pier pic with Merkel & May if anons would help me meme it

8aa366  No.3091219

File: abadbbd23fd8425⋯.jpeg (148.47 KB, 1440x802, 720:401, i speak meme.jpeg)

9197c5  No.3091220


Guise…this needs to be archived immediately

e020ff  No.3091221

File: 783fcab7f41a7a5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1077x1077, 1:1, clockwinders.PNG)


All Anons,

There is an app that lets you clockfag faster. Old school is just print out the blank clock and use QANON.PUB to check timestamps and dates. SOCF makes graphics of all the posts at the individual markers (be sure to read the whole graphic and don't just go off the summary highlights in the post, they are just there as an aid to help you focus).

All things at the Clockwork Qrange link from the other Anon posts.

a8fe60  No.3091222


>Oh yes, trusting our leaders has worked well, right?

Goddamned right it has.


He's got it in spades.

You say you are done waiting.


That and 5 bucks will get you a beer at the local pub.

PS: I don't eat popcorn. You make too many stupid fucking assumptions.

9914d2  No.3091223


She looks to be about 10-12yo ffs!

b5e8b0  No.3091224

Is this the "bridge" Q has been referring to?

This is big stuff.


567130  No.3091225

Any Anon have the site where the un-redacted FISA docs and text messages would be posted?

1029a3  No.3091226

File: 0f0a6939fceed6f⋯.png (450.18 KB, 507x381, 169:127, ClipboardImage.png)

The State of New Mexico Is Suing Google, Twitter, Tiny Labs, and Other App Developers for Collecting Data on Children


10c654  No.3091227


I doubt "she wants" anything more than to crawl in a hole.

What does the cabal have on Blasey-Ford that they could command her to perform in this way?

09cb86  No.3091228


And for coexisting… that entire COEXIST and U2 should have exposed the fraud for exactly what he is!!!!

c99d60  No.3091229


It's a headline with no article… I think the FBI should be able to wrap up their review of the facts within an hour or two - especially since they have already done 6 extensive background checks (which include interviews with people who knew him as a child / adolescent).

bfbdef  No.3091230

db79ee  No.3091231

File: a43a258d457dada⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, tyson.png)

File: 086f4b604d76139⋯.jpg (168.8 KB, 1024x539, 1024:539, hawking.jpg)

File: 6c87b765e2c3e0c⋯.jpg (211.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, einstein.jpg)

File: 6b6614a00573a50⋯.jpg (128.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, earth.jpg)

7114e1  No.3091232

File: dd6cc199c13509a⋯.jpg (90.7 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2iaxea.jpg)

29d591  No.3091233



>needs to be archived


7abbb5  No.3091234

File: 924f4fd4272d04f⋯.png (71.53 KB, 590x366, 295:183, thinkhard.png)

b2aafa  No.3091235

File: 55506bec893892f⋯.png (773.36 KB, 997x543, 997:543, Tech Executive stabbed to ….png)

File: e8868b6d3c52abd⋯.png (133.21 KB, 2362x648, 1181:324, Fiscalnote history and fun….png)

File: 25410a11ca8f35d⋯.jpg (162.46 KB, 634x634, 1:1, 5069A08500000578-6186081-i….jpg)

File: 20f81849c16bc43⋯.jpg (33.12 KB, 306x472, 153:236, 506AA52000000578-6186081-P….jpg)


Possible Arkancide

Tragedy as tech company executive, 35, is stabbed to death while on an early evening jog near her home in Washington DC

Wendy Martinez, chief of staff at DC company FiscalNote, was stabbed to death near Logan Circle just before 8pm Tuesday

She was able to stumble to a nearby Chinese eatery where patrons tried to help her, but she could not be saved

Metro Police say man who stabbed Martinez was likely a stranger and it is believed the attack was random

He was last seen wearing mustard-colored shirt, sweatpants and socks with sandals

Police are offering $25,000 reward for information leading to suspect's arrest

Police in Washington DC are on the hunt for a man who stabbed a female jogger to death without any apparent provocation on Tuesday night.

Wendy Karina Martinez, 35, was out for an evening run near Logan Circle just before 8pm when she was attacked by a knife-wielding stranger at the intersection of 11th and O streets, Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said.

Martinez suffered multiple serious stabs wounds but managed to stumble to a nearby Chinese restaurant, with blood gushing from a laceration to her neck.

Patrons at the eatery rushed to her aid and attempted to help her before paramedics arrived on the scene.

Martinez was taken to an area hospital, where she later died.

Newsham said Martinez lived not far from the crime scene and was an avid jogger known to run for miles. Her Facebook account features photos from past races.

Newsham said it is believed the attacker, described as a black man, did not know Martinez and that it was most likely a random act of violence and a 'singular incident.'

The chief said the suspect was last seen wearing a long-sleeve mustard-colored shirt, dark-colored sweatpants, white socks and light-colored sandals.

Police have released surveillance video showing the person of interest casually walking in the area around the time of the deadly attack.

Fox 5 DC reported that the knife used in the stabbing has been recovered at the scene.


FiscalNote, Inc.



Industry Software as a Service, Information Services, Technology

Founded June 2013 in Sunnyvale, California

Founder Timothy Hwang, Gerald Yao, Jonathan Chen

Headquarters 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC

Number of locations

6 Washington DC, Seoul, Baton Rouge, New York, India, Brussels (2018)

Number of employees


Website www.fiscalnote.com

FiscalNote is a privately held software, data, and media company headquartered in Washington DC. The company was founded by Timothy Hwang in 2013, with the help of Gerald Yao and Jonathan Chen. FiscalNote provides software tools and platforms, data services, and news to companies and organizations through the FiscalNote Government Relationship Management (GRM) service, its core revenue-generating product.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the GRM "aggregates legislation, regulations and government filings from thousands of federal, state and local agencies, uses artificial intelligence to structure it and normalize it, and delivers personalized data feeds to companies to show how government may be impacting their businesses." It is primarily used by Congressional offices, law firms, trade associations, lobbyists, corporations, embassies, federal contractors, and public affairs professionals. It now covers over 40 countries around the world and hopes to reach all 200 by 2019



85ad15  No.3091237

File: 3b4ef56139fedb8⋯.png (86.53 KB, 320x238, 160:119, ClipboardImage.png)



6eef10  No.3091238

File: e4bf1b798dadb49⋯.png (196.59 KB, 683x528, 683:528, balls.png)

"Memes are more dangerous than 9/11"

0bbdc0  No.3091239

Just passed POTUS convoy in SC. Driving so all I could do was honk. God Bless Trump! God Bless America!

0749cf  No.3091240


This holds no ground.

The Legislative branch cannot order the Executive Branch to do anything.

71f944  No.3091241

>>3090610 (pb)

trash 80's were badass.. The cocos were technically better at… everything vs an apple II/IIc, due to the II/IIc's using a 6502 and the coco's using a 6809 processor.

Apple just did marketing better.

cf755a  No.3091242

File: a602feb45093478⋯.png (165.74 KB, 654x825, 218:275, FIGA4 1.png)

File: 99e95dee861cbdf⋯.png (310.56 KB, 645x794, 645:794, FIGA4 2.png)

File: 30bc0c76747d568⋯.png (409.61 KB, 641x853, 641:853, FIGA4 3.png)

File: e3a69281a713b79⋯.png (556.26 KB, 647x1079, 647:1079, FIGA4 4.png)

File: e16fa57f6dcfc6a⋯.png (417.98 KB, 644x1013, 644:1013, FIGA4 5.png)




Well, lets keep on dropping them!


Requesting all available Anons to help me retweet this one for maximum penetration:













no homo

dfe4dc  No.3091243


Cal overall is more Nunes than Pelosi, but muh widespread vote fraud.

8aa366  No.3091244

File: 48fd196511fe9e6⋯.jpg (443.39 KB, 3072x1937, 3072:1937, 100428-A-9647C-006.JPG)

File: ea37979561c595d⋯.png (497.97 KB, 947x436, 947:436, MH-53.png)



Osprey's replaced the MH-53 in Q's magic sword night photo from 2003

f3c730  No.3091245

File: 265202516ee9e66⋯.png (628.59 KB, 737x695, 737:695, FlotusPotusPepeWeeeeee.png)

d0ef83  No.3091246


>>3090753 Pa. lawmaker introduces bill that would bar teachers from discussing politics.

>>3090812, >>3091235 FiscalNote Chief of Staff stabbed to death.

>>3090853 U.S. Marines assist in D.C. fire.

>>3090874 George Papadopoulos tweets about foreign agents trying to sabotage Trump's campaign.

>>309080 DJT speech: "calm before the storm" @ 3:30.

>>3090980 New Q proof from last night.

>>3090995 Small plane crashes on Texas road.

>>3090998 US Treasury sanctions two individuals over links to Daesh terror group in Syria.

>>3091051 Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge, tied to torture cases, has died.

>>3091141 Democrats under fire for pushing misleading Kavanaugh videos.

8dcdb4  No.3091247

File: 961355c53b9c666⋯.png (939.18 KB, 826x636, 413:318, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at ….png)



ee02e0  No.3091248

Release the damn FISA docs and texts already damn it!

The Mother Fucking BOSS has spoken!

313c72  No.3091249



A time will come when nothing makes sense.

Even for those whom consider themselves "woke".

This is a spiritual battle.

Absolute evil.

It has perpetrated every facet of our society.

The ways in which (((they))) have used our own thoughts and ideas against us will make you sick.

The battle for earth depends on those of you who are willing to accept that God is not only real but that he sent his Son to wake people up.

For this reason, his success, (((they))) murdered him.

Crimes against the church.

(((they))) will not stop until each and every soul is enslaved.

A debt that you have no idea you owe.

A spiritual debt meant keep you enslaved.

You will never even know because your connections has been severed.

The source hidden.


Together, we can end this.


Together we are strong.



567130  No.3091250



d0ef83  No.3091251


>>3090753 Pa. lawmaker introduces bill that would bar teachers from discussing politics.

>>3090812, >>3091235 FiscalNote Chief of Staff stabbed to death.

>>3090853 U.S. Marines assist in D.C. fire.

>>3090874 George Papadopoulos tweets about foreign agents trying to sabotage Trump's campaign.

>>3090802 DJT speech: "calm before the storm" @ 3:30.

>>3090980 New Q proof from last night.

>>3090995 Small plane crashes on Texas road.

>>3090998 US Treasury sanctions two individuals over links to Daesh terror group in Syria.

>>3091051 Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge, tied to torture cases, has died.

>>3091141 Democrats under fire for pushing misleading Kavanaugh videos.

7abbb5  No.3091252

File: d4ada4fbbba5ada⋯.png (52.6 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2544.PNG)

59f19c  No.3091253


Don't forget EU has banned Flouride from being in the tap-water. It is HIGHLY TOXIC. There is a documentary about it but it is over 2 hours long. But time well spent when one has 2+h/s to spend.

29d591  No.3091254


gotcha baker, should be:

>>3090802 DJT speech: "calm before the storm" @ 3:30

cd2a06  No.3091255


Served with snowflakes

db79ee  No.3091256

File: 565c75d6eddd29e⋯.mp4 (24.39 KB, 418x114, 11:3, capt.mp4)


Warning. Do not bring your nonsense here.

7ca724  No.3091257

File: 7b40478c55be49d⋯.png (186.92 KB, 1240x898, 620:449, PAshooting.png)

Police shot in SW PA.


29d591  No.3091258



you corrected b4 my post, niiiiiiiice

d67ca0  No.3091259

File: 121161452fd61f1⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2iabxk~2.jpg)

File: 8c71d20478945da⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 361x480, 361:480, DnLZ0xyV4AABQ71.jpg)

474f03  No.3091260



f6bae0  No.3091261



what is this supposed to do?

dfe4dc  No.3091262


Perjure yourself or shut it, Sally.

7b5fdf  No.3091263


When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Arrest happen or we have tyranny.

That simple.

Plan or no plan.

Allowing our leaders to OPENLY commit SEDITION = tyranny.


644fe0  No.3091264

File: f3e8f7feb8015de⋯.jpg (52.08 KB, 594x326, 297:163, smug-smile-trump.jpg)

bf8ceb  No.3091265


the FBI WON'T investigate this because it is not their jurisdiction, there is conflicted testimony, no witnesses willing to testify under oath and no credible, documented evidence…


9d9a8f  No.3091266

File: 08ab1183917a6d7⋯.jpg (89.43 KB, 408x408, 1:1, Angry-Redhead-Will-Cut-You….jpg)

6b230c  No.3091267

File: 18050f77a48d3b6⋯.png (244.64 KB, 724x556, 181:139, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6d09880e6cd7204⋯.png (74.15 KB, 987x493, 987:493, ClipboardImage.png)

plane crash into cars

d0ef83  No.3091268

File: 27e7015d7eadb4a⋯.jpg (204.06 KB, 638x960, 319:480, pepemelaniatrumpdance.jpg)

2604a9  No.3091269


My point was more that he's not naming the jew, even though many of the roads lead back to them.

Partly because those are his clients (don't want to burn any bridges).

Or is Simona his Mossad handler, to keep him from 'disappearing' like Mifsud, and make help sure people look in other directions.

ea72db  No.3091270


With you anon

f1e1ac  No.3091271

File: b286a3dff944eb6⋯.png (80.09 KB, 308x162, 154:81, ClipboardImage.png)

afe6ec  No.3091272


hi ya leafie

you’re all over the map today

just watching you exhausts me

how’s the transition going?

61ef5e  No.3091273

File: 4afefad15b3ca3c⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 246x205, 6:5, popkornbath.jpg)


of course he would say this.

he cannot grok memes.

the left cannot meme.

the AI's cannot grok memes.

i am enjoying the shit out of this popcorn.

970bff  No.3091274

File: cc68da315f899af⋯.jpg (188.54 KB, 640x623, 640:623, 148648.jpg)

7abbb5  No.3091275

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

glow bronies glow

d80f05  No.3091276


Funny, but the mini Booz bottles are all full, and Kermie doesn’t have drug trace and body fluids all over him…

b5bd40  No.3091277


Mystery Group Of "Wealthy Donors" And Soros Spends $50 Million For "Private Trump-Russia Investigation"

"Jones, meanwhile, runs the Penn Quarter Group - a "research and investigative advisory" firm whose website was registered in April of 2016, days before Steele delivered his first in a series of Trump-Russia memos to Fusion GPS. Jones also began tweeting out articles suggesting illicit ties between the Trump campaign and Russia as early as 2017.

Steele's work during the 2016 election culminated in the salacious and unverified 35-page "Steele dossier" used to obtain a FISA warrant against then-President Trump (which, as we reported on Friday, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper leaked the details to CNN's Jake Tapper prior to the seemingly coordinated publication by BuzzFeed).

The recently released House Intel Report notes that in March 2017, Jones told the FBI that he was working with Steele and Fusion GPS, with funding to the tune of $50 million.

“In late March 2017, Jones met with FBI regarding PQG, which he described as ‘exposing foreign influence in Western election,'” reads the House Intel report. “[Redacted] told FBI that PQG was being funded by 7 to 10 wealthy donors located primarily in New York and California, who provided approximately $50 million.”

“[Redacted] further stated that PQG had secured the services of Steele, his associate [redacted], and Fusion GPS to continue exposing Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election,” reads the report, which adds that Jones “planned to share the information he obtained with policymakers…and with the press.”

As the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross notes, Jones "also offered to provide PQG's entire holdings to the FBI" according to the report, citing a "FD-302" transcript of the interview he gave to the FBI."


d0ef83  No.3091278


Good looking out though anon

8dcdb4  No.3091279

File: a799058e72601da⋯.png (711.84 KB, 989x676, 989:676, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at ….png)

File: 979bb03e9976726⋯.png (1022.06 KB, 1187x862, 1187:862, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at ….png)

62a573  No.3091280


Thanks for the info.

Still, EU is absolute shit except for the water safety and food safety.

All the rest is crap.

7abbb5  No.3091281

File: 70dc79071f9455e⋯.png (47.55 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2550.PNG)

afe6ec  No.3091282


tits ot gtfo

8ec68d  No.3091283


shill tactic

dfe4dc  No.3091284


He can ride in the cart basket, it'll be fun.

cf755a  No.3091285

File: 08a4c566783b848⋯.jpg (80.95 KB, 1080x1077, 360:359, doj redacted.jpg)


First version thus far, image related.

397f1b  No.3091286

File: 8a82a72c3f216a8⋯.png (496.22 KB, 664x737, 664:737, Mitchell 2 re Brennan Sedi….PNG)

854956  No.3091287

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Run Devil Run

- Crowder

Huber got something making devils run..




972fc0  No.3091288


Terrible hygiene, terrible grooming. Are (((they))) trotting out homeless people or is this the absolute state of the Left?

8e5487  No.3091289


This content is AMAZING. Please screenshot and post for the doubters. Don't spoil it.

110013  No.3091290

File: 6aff45430d0daa0⋯.png (359.41 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 0_Screenshot_20180919-1715….png)

dfe4dc  No.3091291

File: fb5c31e59c79a5d⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 510x350, 51:35, swallowellfisameme.jpg)

cbee46  No.3091292



Without L-M-N-O-P

there is no Q

6b230c  No.3091293


Yes I was thinking about this too.

Literal Left/Right BRAIN division.

Since I was a very young child I believed we were capable of lots more than our 5 senses.

I used to ask adults about it.

About the lack of words for a lot of things.

I feel we've been devolving.

761ff1  No.3091294


October 3rd (:00) = DECLAS / HAMMER day (sept.3 & apr.6)

7458f6  No.3091295


Highly processed sugars in everything. Corn syrup mainly.

7abbb5  No.3091296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3a02e2  No.3091297

File: a5fdab571fb6c8d⋯.jpeg (557.41 KB, 750x1012, 375:506, F489D979-D7F6-4376-AF1F-C….jpeg)


ba1ba3  No.3091298


EbOT is a Canoe Licker

85ad15  No.3091299

File: 660c5a8e6e40e38⋯.jpeg (37.58 KB, 500x483, 500:483, spacevulcan.jpeg)

7b5fdf  No.3091300


and your bloviating is anti-patriotic.

Did it ever occur to you that We the PEOPLE must petition our government and that THIS POST and all others calling for ARRESTS FOR SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY is just that?

You, sir, are lost.


f1e1ac  No.3091301


u ready ebot?

09cb86  No.3091302


IT should be a good indicator of who is a shill, a dipshit, a disinfo agent and a plain old retard!

e84eef  No.3091303


Love the originality. Great job anon…and tell the lady thanks.

15b889  No.3091304

File: e645182bcd24d2e⋯.jpg (346.58 KB, 2400x3000, 4:5, obama-family-indonesia-rex….jpg)


maybe fit this one in of her in recently in Indonesia?

9d9a8f  No.3091305

File: eda84ce6d912459⋯.jpg (106.1 KB, 1080x1217, 1080:1217, downloadfile-18.jpg)

382c31  No.3091306

Mueller's Last Ditch Strategy

They're trying to get Manafort to say POTUS knew about Jr's tower meeting.

Also, they trying to get charges on Trump in NY state to create a constitutional crisis. Think Cohen.

RR DOJ lawyers have been meeting with NY state prosecutors about Cohen and charging POTUS with a crime.


62a573  No.3091307

File: b78d81cb84e8b1f⋯.png (62.8 KB, 1152x761, 1152:761, 1939.png)

File: 8d517954e55a22c⋯.png (34.63 KB, 704x584, 88:73, Fucking_Goys.png)

File: 8961d5e05787939⋯.png (26.53 KB, 710x701, 710:701, Jew.png)

File: cadfd8c213dd26b⋯.jpg (178.73 KB, 857x728, 857:728, Starbucks_and_Mecca.jpg)

File: 14d3b723de6554b⋯.png (39.49 KB, 870x636, 145:106, Yid_Kang.png)


You don't dictate the timeline, faggot.

Cry more.

474f03  No.3091308

8e8a8d  No.3091309

Our tax dollars hard at work subverting the american people

How Much Does the U.S. President Make for Retirement?

Only 44 individuals have served as president of the United States since George Washington was elected the first in 1789. Today, upon retirement, each of these leaders receives a pension from the federal government along with Secret Service protection for himself and his family and a host of other benefits. If you think the President's perks end when leaving office, think again.

Pension Amounts

Each former president receives the same salary as a current member of the Presidential Cabinet. For 2017, the amount was $207,800 per year. This number does not take into account the extras the former leader is entitled to including payroll for office staff and free postage for life. The former president is granted a host of benefits that often add up to more than the pension payment itself. For example, ex-presidents are allowed office space and communications systems paid for by taxpayers. Fiscal year 2018 budget requests for the former presidents include $536,000 for office space for former President Barack Obama and $68,000 for travel for George H.W. Bush.

Spouse and Family Benefits

Should the former president be survived by a spouse, the spouse is granted a pension of $20,000 for life, as well as a free postage benefit. On top of all these pension payments and benefits come the expenses involved with the personal protection of each former president and his family. In total the amount spent on a former president can reach into the millions of dollars per year. In 2015, former president Jimmy Carter accounted for over $200,000 in additional costs while expenses for George W. Bush reached $800,000. Budget requests for former President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama in 2018 exceed $1 million each, including pension costs.

Personal Earnings

In addition to earning a pension, the former president is free to publish memoirs, join corporate boards and give speeches for payment to audiences around the world. The potential earnings for such activities is nearly without limit. Clinton went on to earn over $65 million in speaking fees alone after his presidency and another $15 million for his published memoirs.

Before Pensions

Ex-presidents did not earn pensions until 1958 when Congress put in place the Former Presidents Act, providing the benefits today's leaders now receive. Before this Act was passed, ex-presidents were given nothing after leaving office, and the results were evident. For example, Thomas Jefferson sold his personal library to create the basis for the Library of Congress and James Monroe was destitute when he died.


09cb86  No.3091310

a060cc  No.3091311

File: 644c148144c7637⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 695x500, 139:100, DnetcO_UwAED322.jpg)

9e70a7  No.3091312

Could someone plse archive this? I gotta go.

https://www .naturalblaze.com/2018/09/largest-egg-producers-caught-using-child-slaves.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+naturalblaze+%28Natural+Blaze%29

dfe4dc  No.3091313



0af7b0  No.3091314


Good point re FDNY.

Much dust.

Small rubble pile.

Many 'jumpers'.


23a5a1  No.3091315

Sorry if this has already been mentioned on the board.

Carpet Bomb

Millie Boby Brown 14, and Drake 31 text about boys and the Internet is horrified.

Millie Bobby Brown was recently asked about her relationship with rapper Drake, and the internet is very confused.

On the red carpet at the Emmys on Monday night, the 14-year-old

Stranger Things star told Access Hollywood, “I love him.”

Regarding her friendship with the 31-year-old, she continued, “I met him in Australia, and he’s honestly so fantastic — a great friend and a great role model. … We just texted each other the other day, and he was like, ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like, ‘I miss you more.’”

Brown had previously said that Drake gives her life advice, so the reporter, Kit Hoover, asked her what kind. “About boys,” the teen replied. “He helps me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s great. He’s wonderful. I love him.” Pressed for what advice he gives about boys, she said, “That stays in the text messages.”

Brown, who also said she’ll be seeing Drake when his tour comes to Atlanta in November, talked openly and giddily about the singer, clearly not finding it odd that a man more than twice her age is exchanging private messages with her about dating. But Twitter found it “troubling,” “disturbing,” “creepy,” and beyond. Several described it as “grooming.” It was also called “predatorial behavior.” One person even suggested: “Lock him up.”

Brown, who has developed quite a following playing Eleven on her hit Netflix show, hasn’t been shy when it comes to talking publicly about dating. For seven months, she was in a relationship with pop singer Jacob Sartorius. When they broke up in January, they both issued statements about the split, leading to criticism of the media for reporting on a 13-year-old actress’s breakup.

This has been an odd few months for public news about Drake’s personal life. Just this week, reports emerged that he’s rumored to be dating an 18-year-old model. Additionally, TMZ reported that the rapper recently filed an extortion lawsuit against a woman who claims they had a tryst and alleges he raped and impregnated her.

Over the summer, Drake came clean on his latest album about fathering a baby with former French adult film star Sophie Brussaux and said he had only seen the child, who turns 1 in October, once. Then there was Kim Kardashian speaking out to deny that she had slept with Drake (pre-Kanye), and Heidi Klum saying Drake texted her earlier this year for a date — but that she ignored him.

But clearly Brown isn’t keeping Drake’s texts on read — but, as many on social media have noted, maybe she should.


0eb544  No.3091316


Important here

71f944  No.3091317


sugar = a crystal.

syrup != a crystal.

That is all.

2604a9  No.3091318


According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the GRM "aggregates legislation, regulations and government filings from thousands of federal, state and local agencies, uses artificial intelligence to structure it and normalize it, and delivers personalized data feeds to companies to show how government may be impacting their businesses." It is primarily used by Congressional offices, law firms, trade associations, lobbyists, corporations, embassies, federal contractors, and public affairs professionals.

So… another mockingbird outfit?

3a02e2  No.3091319

File: c7fefd054ca97b7⋯.jpeg (548.96 KB, 750x1014, 125:169, 5CF83C79-649B-44A2-97CC-1….jpeg)

2523c1  No.3091320


He is a patriot but only a scribe today

8dcdb4  No.3091321



>MUCH worse…

from wikipedia:

In English law, high treason was punishable by being hanged, drawn and quartered (men) or burnt at the stake (women),

although beheading could be substituted by royal command (usually for royalty, Hilldawgs and nobility).

7b5fdf  No.3091322


Woo fuking Hoo!

I AM right.

This better happen or peeps are taking it and running with it.

ALREADY habbening on twitter- y'all should see the sentiment that paraleles this.

7abbb5  No.3091323


(you) are over-medicating and should talk to (you)r sponsor at the meetings

36482a  No.3091324



Moar Sauce: Her profile in "The Bridge" (!) here:


"Connecting tech, politics and policy.

TheBridge is a community sitting at the intersection of tech, policy and politics. We’re increasing communication and collaboration between innovation and regulation, and growing a network of the influencers shaping the future of these industries. "