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File: f1ac909802846ea⋯.jpg (273.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tucker Carlson on UFOs.jpg)

3dc0dd  No.2518070

>>256741 - previous thread

Discuss these topics in this thread so we don't clutter the generals.

For some people the topics of extraterrestrials, FTL travel and advanced technologies are completely normal and natural, and they feel attracted to them. Some have first-hand experience that is hard to convey to others.

Always use discernment. Don't just spam your info, make sure it's at least logically sound, reasonable and backed with what little facts we have. All rules of physics and logic apply in all cases, even if it's not understandable from our limited perspective. This is a serious research thread even though many will dismiss all talk about the matter out of ignorance and societal programming. OP Mockingbird is in full effect here - be prepared.

Respect your fellow anons. Do not fight, search for Truth. See how small pieces fit in the big puzzle. Present, but do not persuade. And remember, our Universe is infinite.

764954  No.2518266


3dc0dd  No.2518282

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Starting off with something remarkable that somehow wasn't mentioned last bread.


A speaker interrupted transmissions for six minutes and claimed to be a representative of an "Intergalactic Association". Reports of the incident vary, some calling the speaker "Vrillon"[1] or "Gillon", others "Asteron".[2][3]

The voice, which was disguised and accompanied by a deep buzzing, broke into the broadcast of the local ITV station Southern Television, overriding the UHF audio signal of the early-evening news being read by Andrew Gardner from ITN to warn viewers that "All your weapons of evil must be removed" and "You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace."

Full transcript here: https://pastebin.com/TxH3BNHX

This fits well with other findings, especially the reports of staff that worked with the US nuclear arsenal:


Or the interview of Paul Hellyer, ex Canadian Defence Minister:


All three sources speak of a positive association of ETs looking to help humanity evolve spiritually and remove the evil that plagues this planet, and have been documented on the links provided above.

abca4d  No.2518586



9694fd  No.2520286

UFO sightings. Ok, so I am looking for some ideas on this one. I have always been a sky watcher. Even when I was a boy I would love to look for constellations and planets usually with the naked eye. I never saw anything even remotely unexplainable. I found it easy-peasy to locate satellites in polar orbits with the naked eye and have watched them for 30 years. I know what they look like. I have watched airplanes fly by both low and high and know all about the landing lights and wing tip flashers in different colors, etc. Definitely can identify them as well. I have seen TONS of shooting stars and can recognize them easily, both bright and dim.

Well, my anons this last year I have been seeing something else. I saw it for the first time this last winter on a very clear night. It was a single, extremely bright white flash. Think of a flash bulb seen from a guy standing on a stage with really bright lights. There is no tail of any kind. no pattern of any kind. Sometimes there is only ONE and sometimes there is quite a few in a given area seemingly randomly. occasionally they are covering a distance across the sky and almost NEVER move in a straight line. The first one I saw I thought for sure was a tumbling satellite. I was catching a reflection off of the solar panels flashing away but it did not follow a straight line, not even close relative to the background stars. Anyway, I go look for them every night and see at least one flash every night. Anyone have an explanation for this? Most common area for me to see them is near the little dipper. If you get a really clear night and are away from light polution, go look at the stars for half an hour or so. If its dark enough to see polar orbit satellites with the naked eye then it is dark enough to see the flashes.

dbaddf  No.2520684

I may post here sometime on ufo etc… I do have some research links of relevance…. but can we talk about the f16 class 5 weapon systems Q mentions used to shoot down the missile? DEW? Laser? Scram? Other? Any thoughts on what tech that class 5 or (6) weapon systems may be?

c0644a  No.2521594


I've been seeing them for years. these flashes of light. Sometimes in the house. At times they look like lightning shooting through the wall. I see " UFOs " often. Mostly orbs that travel in packs and some of them shoot off, looking like shooting stars. I think there is a move by " them " whatever they are to make contact with people receptive enough to perceive them. Check out james gilliland and his ECETI ranch or Steven Geer and his CE5 protocols. Spooky stuff and super weird…

2406f0  No.2522830


series: cosmic disclosure, deep space, ancient civilizations

it's all here, it's all true, and makes more sense than anything else in the context of msm narrative pushes vs. q/trump/patriots, push for truth, and cabal dissolution

It's happening.

d7457d  No.2524761


When you see those, you can compare them with satellite maps


also you will know easily that satellites or debris doesn't flash at you or change course at dazzling speeds :)

This may sound a bit weird but when you see something that is definately not of earthly origin, send it Love. Think a positive thought and direct it to them. If it's a positive Federation craft (nowadays most unexplained UFOs are them) they will beam the energy back to you, it feels great.

9d72e3  No.2526664


Gaia is the best resource for waking up to the spiritual and ET phenomena imo. 10 years on chans. 2 years of being woke woke

fb2dbb  No.2526707

Just to throw this out there, Roswell, NW event occurred after the end of WW2. What happened there could easily of been a crashed test flight of the Nazi Bell or VRIL or whatever else tech they took from the Nazis when they won. All this fly saucer shit may have always just been advanced weapon tech that has been kept secret (anti-gravity and hypersonic tech).

a73260  No.2526818



Top execs of Gaia is being called out for Satanism. FYI.

You are free TV has a couple good vids on it.



Doesn’t mean what DW and Goode are saying is false. Disinfo AND discernment necessary. We won’t really know what’s up til we know, IMO. Good to keep an open mind and heart. Also try to make contact yourself. Lots of flashes, weird objects and psychic “conversations” available to witness and participate in if you are willing. Free will is the law of the Universe. The positive spectrum “Aliens” know this and won’t engage with you unless you are willing.

a73260  No.2526865


Negative spectrum “aliens” could give a flying fuck about our free will. Hence the mess we are in now and why WE, life and love, will be and are, ultimately victorious cuz



d7457d  No.2526961


Good post.

The spiritual journey is an inner ourney, it may be catalyzed by information from a spiritual/disclosure website but that doesn't ever absolve that site from discernment.

a73260  No.2527855


Thank you.

Yes Indeedy!

>Trust Yourself


7c48bb  No.2528179

The Gaia controversy not withstanding, certain episodes of the Cosmic Disclosure series has a LOT in common with what's going on now.

There are things said in certain episodes that coincide with what's happening today, even though they were recorded before any of the "Trump" controversy started.

Taking that into consideration, the full disclosure of advanced technologies is crucial to peace and prosperity for ALL peoples.

Just my $0.02 worth. I'm not a scientist, economy expert or anything of the sort, so take it for what it's worth.

de79eb  No.2528701


so when did you talk to them?

In your dreams/imagination?

beed18  No.2528767


534a7a  No.2528883


outside of the alien crap

david wilcox has a good handle on the situation

might be dis info tbh

20% truth 80% hogwash

d7457d  No.2529799

File: b59321d49275377⋯.jpg (117.29 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 5b6c4ad1bda1c720008b466a-9….jpg)



>“The technology that we’re currently at is not the maximum of the human capability,” he began, “and that there are places in the world where their technology supersedes what we see here on a daily basis. It’s made by humans, and it should be acknowledged, and it should be looked at because it could heal a lot of problems.”

That's interesting, I wonder what information he based these claims on.

ede9a4  No.2530213


Is there an archive anywhere of the GEM (Gaia Employee Movement) posts? I haven't been able to find one. I've seen Patty Greer read a few posts on youtube videos though (like at 17:00 in this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNponDxB79M) and the format and tone of them sound similar to Q drops (even if they say they are Gaia employees).

I don't know who or what Q is but I believe this movement was started by a positive alliance, that has been designed to attract the attention of and then inform a politically motivated audience. It wouldn't surprise me if there are similar but separate things happening in the Ufology and spiritual communities.

b7fd13  No.2541264

File: d166f904279f3f9⋯.png (84.15 KB, 2320x3408, 145:213, 7D6A767F-C9CD-4719-A3E3-A9….png)


Otis Carr apparently ivented a flyin ass saucer with some of the things he learned from Tesla. They wouldnt grant him a patent unless he tethered it to the ground. The problem is, none of the dimensions are there and those are very important. Which apparently might be in something else he produced called “dimensions of mystery.”


Seems legit but could also not be. How the fuck do you control something like this

9ce59b  No.2542067



One time, the best time, in Hawaii at a point known for "weird" sightings in the sky. I woke up to a giant "star" glowing pretty big outside my window….I thought 'that is a big star'!!! then I hear "blessings and salutations" and proceeded to have a whole "convo" in my head with "them"

reconciled myself to not being scitzophrenic with this logic: I am all, en lach esh ( I am another yourself) we are ONE

sooooooooooo…ultimately talking to another dimensional version of myself, and not crazy! lmao!

Quiet your mind first, then listen to hear what comes up. Trust yourself. You are more connected than you may know.


I agree anon, its all connected.

Even if he may be slightly comped I heard about Qanon through DW and he woke me up to alot of possibilities. WWG1WGA

36564d  No.2542337


by creating a negative energy displacment wave in front of the craft and have it Fall into the "Hole" kinda like how a surfer can ride a wave, accept your using the negative wave to pull you around rather than push you forward.and since the craft projects this wave itself, it can move move it around and cause the change of directions super quick… I don't know the intricate details but this is the idea. >>2526707 bingo

f01252  No.2542553

File: e45bc611552a40f⋯.png (285.85 KB, 450x432, 25:24, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems like correct info to me.


f01252  No.2542584

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



b7d4f7  No.2546133

File: e0e4de2d7191ef4⋯.jpeg (8.75 KB, 197x256, 197:256, download.jpeg)

8/11/18 tomorrow night is an eclipse coinciding with a Global CE-5 Event.

People's Disclosure Movement.

You have been primed for contact tonight and tomorrow night should you choose to CE-5.

b7d4f7  No.2546295

File: de9d73a9c387266⋯.jpeg (12.81 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg)

File: 1c8792d616c1e1c⋯.png (307.38 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Boca-Light-Ribbon-Full.png)

File: 906851c54854483⋯.png (437.7 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Object-over-Puja-table-CU.png)

File: 2f05db3cb46ef1c⋯.jpg (183.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Are you doing connecting with the craft at all? Just watching? Have you tried the CE-5 contact protocols?

ET will communicate back and forth if you use these protocols. Don't take my word for it. ..


Sorry for capsfagging just trying to speak above the shills.

It is your birthright to know the truth Anons…..

b7d4f7  No.2546322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


^^Here's some sauce for that MOAB.

Ask me how to CE-5 if you can't figure it out.

b116fb  No.2546522

X’alnthos aliens.

Creating biomas, creating food, control by virus if loosing their control.



Maybe it’s not a game.

The X'lanthos are masters of biotechnology, biology is the first level at which they think. Similar to orks, X'lanthos Changers don't just change the atmosphere when they arrive on a planet…. they introduce an entire ecosystem. Shaping the natural life itself to X'lanthoform the planet to their desires.

An entire pyramid of life must grow, which will serve the X'lanthos. Their biotechnological ability to enslave and domesticate is so sophisticated that they don't need gardeners for their fields, or fences for their livestock… they create animals whose instinct is to gather, harvest, and store the bounty of plants, plants engineered for their fruitfulness, and they make their shepherd dogs so smart and lethal and intelligent that the herds don't even notice they are being domesticated.

Of course, every planet is different, and different species thrive in each environment - so they bring a few minor support species, like orks bring squigs and gretchen. But the smartest thing to do is to take the already existing life… and twist it to your own plan.

So who does this for them? Who is the vanguard they send with their craft to begin the X'lanthoforming? Decisions must be made on site; but the X'lanthos can't send Haussmans or AI to do this work for them. What do they have in stead of automated machinery? They have the biological version of the same thing. Slaves.

They use a slave species which they've bioengineered into a specialist slave role… to assimilate local species, ensnaring the best of them for the task required, and manipulate them to serve the ideal, X'lanthos ecosystem. A slave species which serves as the scouts, as collectors and queen bees to the surrounding fauna, and as fierce shepherd dogs for harvesting meat for the masters.

X'lanthoformers. Immune system of the Cocoon World.

453101  No.2546557


This thread is for ET disclosure and other fringe topics and not for fictional tabletop games

de79eb  No.2546560


More dancing lights or they gonna land and talk?

de79eb  No.2546572


What have they been saying?

453101  No.2546603


Dancing lights. Landings cannot yet occur on a wider scale because of the Cabal control. It has happened throught the past only with specific contact people.

de79eb  No.2546642


Oops, sorry

We thought it was for /qresearch/

Didn't realize it was changed to /CE5promo/

453101  No.2546816


Whatever helps Disclosure is good.

2406f0  No.2557282


chirp chirp

b284ae  No.2557347

File: 33d5cbf143533c1⋯.png (155.74 KB, 947x482, 947:482, ClipboardImage.png)


Law of One Book one Session 7 pg. 105

51e3c8  No.2559508



I have not been communicating with them but funny thing is that It is a really fun and positive thing my wife and I do pretty often. We really enjoy it and are very positive. I think we have been doing some of this CE5 kinda by accident now that I read about it… Ok, >>2546322 Lay it out there. I would totally like to chat up some Aliens and have the time, energy and space to get it done… I love a new project, What do we do?

51e3c8  No.2559888


So, I watched this and that is just lights floating a short distance over the water… A guy on a boat with some simple gear could fake that double light thing… Hell I could do a pretty good job of that. This is not at all what I saw. What I saw was white. Like the white you would see from a magnesium flash bulb. It was wayyyyyy high up. Not like this stuff… I would photograph it with the bulb setting on a camera on a tripod, BUT it would just look like a bright star or a series of bright stars… I have a go-pro camera and will give that a shot and see if I can get a usable shot of it. What this Grier guy saw is not what I saw. Not saying he is full of shit but thats not it.

51e3c8  No.2559942


Gaia looks like an infomercial from the 90s selling crap on QVC… Let me guess…They are stlling you something? If you really want to see real shit look at Secureteam-10.

d740ec  No.2560368


Great Awakening… How interesting is that. Is there any other sauce on this one? Articles or testimony from various sources that this happened?

07b58c  No.2560420

Anyone claiming ETs and their crafts are real "ET" drama are full of shit, terribly misguided or victim of government hoax. Same with the new age bullshit that developed right along side it. You are gullible sheep. It's governmental and WW Illuminati participants and technology.

All invented by the man. Rich man's trickery. You are being fooled. Psyop to better [kill] you with. Recognize who's been planning this for the last 100 years.

Don't fall for this bs to lead you astray and prep you for a ff.

Research the lies. Start with 1888 and the Nimrod expedition. Aliens, ETs? Not even close.

d740ec  No.2560566

File: 947b47e9efab7cc⋯.png (145.27 KB, 1160x882, 580:441, Screenshot from 2018-08-11….png)


Now THIS gets the noggin' Joggin'. This is a random DDg search from 2010. Let that sink in… 2010… Talking about "The Great Awakening". When was the FIRST time you heard "The Great Awakening"? Can anyone find an OLDER source than this one?

c5c636  No.2560577


>he thinks cabal owned UFOs weren't back engineered from non terrestrial owned UFOs

d740ec  No.2560719

File: ab987bf526dcf2d⋯.png (166.16 KB, 1161x870, 387:290, Screenshot from 2018-08-11….png)


The great awakening part highlighted.

d5c6db  No.2560846


Other anon said it well. You cannot discount the fact that we live in a very big universe with a LOT of things out there. And we got some of the basics right, as you can see in these threads if you take a look.


>the great awakening

>communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster…

goes well with Q's

>Comms structure designed for a very specific reason. (anonymous public messageboard)

It's a "new agey" term for the epochal change that is approaching, as well as a term for some religious happenings in the past.

d740ec  No.2560917


Its just weird to see "Great Awakening" back in 2010… linked to aliens… I will see if I can find more.

d5c6db  No.2560971


Nice! Keep an eye out for sauce. Normies won't believe this easily.

d740ec  No.2561125


nothing about this ashtar command thing before 2010… The Ashtar name is used a few times all the way back to '97 but no mention of this thing at all… That said he was talking about "Great Awakening" like 8 years ago.. :p

0d33fa  No.2561248

File: 82c8d96b80576c6⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 236x314, 118:157, 24f179a07d065f275d71f2c630….jpg)


Yes I can discount that quite easily when it's the Masonic 33° NASA liars that have defined "our universe" with satanic deception and fake science.

It's a lie. Follow the lies and the money. Look at the timing and Hollywood movies.

Stupid gullible sheep

Trust devils

But not God

Here's you learning

Higher education

d5c6db  No.2561314


Ashtar's name has been subjected to so much psy-op it's unreal. He stopped channeling, and the channelers were assaulted by CIA and subjected to MKULTRA with Ashtar being used as a trigger word. Most of "ashtar channelings" are fakes and a lot of info out there is simply bogus. I only know of universe-people.com as an OK source for him.

I don't even know what channeling is, but I know about telepathy as another source of comms.

0d33fa  No.2561358

And now you're so stupid to think there's a "communication" protocol.

How convenient. Da.

All planned

All not ET.

Must be a really special message:

you are a dumb ass. Wait for further instructions. The universe awaits you, and fuck God.

And seriously you claim to be autist's?

How many are paying $$$ to be pulled into this BS? Have you made your "ascension" reservations yet?

Did the make you a general too?

Are you dragging family down into the pit of lies with you?

0d33fa  No.2561392


Oh no. He stopped channelling. Panic. What will you do without him channelling you what to do.

You are a special kind of idiot.

Hats off to you.

c5c636  No.2561401


The universe is god.

0d33fa  No.2561449


Nothing was back engineered.

It was front end all the way.

They know the full extent of their own developed tech. They just keep it from the sheep so they're cover won't be blown when they KILL you with it.

0d33fa  No.2561490


You don't even know what you are.

Indoctrinated to remove brain function. Follow along children It's easy with no pain. Right this way…..

c5c636  No.2561515


I know I don't know everything.

You, however, think you do know everything, and are in for a big shock.

d5c6db  No.2561526


Leave him be, it's just a shill or a very unreasonable anon. Facts do not help here, he pushes the old "there's nothing out there" narrative and this cannot be fixed by anyone other than himself.

0d33fa  No.2561529


Can't even read.

Autist? Don't go claiming that.

Gives Q and everyone a bad name.

What date is your reservation for?

b585d8  No.2561541



>Law of One

>Council of Saturn


I met Steven Greer and worked for Michael Tellinger's Ubuntu Planet. I attended a live CE-5 training workshop. I had dinner with Greer's team at the Alien Cosmic Expo. I met Ricky Butterfass, Greer's right hand man. He went on about technology used to contact dead relatives. Voice to Skull tech? When Ricky openly defended the Clinton campaign in 2017 in a facebook post I couldn't reconcile pedogate and ET disclosure any longer. Greer and his team have been working with Podesta and the pedocrat cabal since the early nineties. I lost my faith in everything. Even my own personal contact experiences I now attribute to HUMAN stage technology.

I "manifested contact" using Greer's PAID ET contact tool. Here's how it works. You turn on the app, your GPS connects to the bluebeam machine and projects dancing psychosis-inducing lights in your field of view.

It's all technological voodoo. The entire new age spiritual/ET community was DESIGNED by the cabal as a pretext for project bluebeam. A -black budget funded- existential "alien" threat is the cabal's getaway distraction. The pathological altruism disguised as "high vibe peace and love bro" was implemented to PACIFY truthseekers. "No pitchforks, no hangings, let Source reforge their souls in the Galactic Central Sun for us". "Why bother facilitating genuine official /qresearch/ styled disclosure efforts when you can just join the mass meditation bruh? Pass me that joint".

Corey and David are charlatans just like the rest. Patchouli stinking crystal peddlers, reiki pyramid schemers, paywall channelers, self-proclaimed gurus, and fools make up the new age demographic.

The best part is the plant-based dieting meme. The vegan diet I adopted greatly exacerbated my psychosis. More weaponized ideology designed to subvert truthseekers. I'm a carnivore now. You lawofone channelingfags are sheepmode with this new age trap. Once I started eating wolfmode I started to think like one. It's really quite embarrassing knowing what I used to believe. Ironically enough my ET obsession ALIENATED everyone in my life!

Those experiencing genuine "contact" via channeling are either active cabal agents or manipulated by voice to skull technology.

Been there, done that, got my 200 euro "cintamani stone" from Sirius B, got my starseed status card, yoga mat, and mental health diagnosis. Not really worth it tbh fams.

0d33fa  No.2561566


How's that? Please please do tell?

Was it "channelled" to you?

Or is that your "internet" knowledge speaking? Or your buddy up hive homies?

Believes devils.

Calls God a liar.

0d33fa  No.2561607


Finally, a voice of reason & witness to what they're really doing,

and yeah, he had to pay.

0d33fa  No.2561634


They plug you in and work on your Psyche just like a school shooter.

They have specialized programs they run, don't you know.

MKULTRA in your brain.


0d33fa  No.2561665


Skull technology, that's well put.

c5c636  No.2561676


Yeah, and all of a sudden another shows up. It stinks of shill team.

On another note, it was interesting to check out the schumann resonance today and see a big spike around the time of the eclipse and mass meditation.


0d33fa  No.2561747


We all go on a journey in the wilderness it seems. You ended up learning truth, and you survived. Don't forget, God loves you! He protects his children.

It is good you shared, some may hear and see what's really going on.

So thanks.

d5c6db  No.2561756


1. You don't need any app or be a member of any organization to make contact

2. Unless you are a FEtard you know the Universe is so big ET life is mathematically guaranteed to exist, and advanced life is further proven if one searches with sincere effort

3. We do not cater to shills or weaklings, your life is your reponsibility, digest what is presented but no one cares about sob stories because poor anon didn't take time to think about what he reads especially in a heavily shilled topic like ET&spirituality

0d33fa  No.2561793


Not so. Just giving credit where credit is due.

Pretty sick of being called a shill just because someone has their head embedded up their ass while channelling Satan.

Satan ops don't like getting exposed. It triggers his followers badly.

d5c6db  No.2561849


Wow! That's a nice spike, a few hours off but still good to see.

The meditation was amazing, I can feel the positive effects for the entire day. Talking to those shills disturbed that though… whatever. Looking forward for more pursuits like these, unless the Event happens out of the blue of course :)

b585d8  No.2561851


From inside the mental hospital I donated $800 petrodollars to the Unacknowledged documentary. I unironically listed CSETI Researcher as my occupation on facebook. I was MILITANT about getting ET intervention down here.


Like a wind-up toy with a megaphone shitting bluebeam propaganda all over the web. Embarrassing self-doxxes on /4pol/ and /x/ trying to be a hero. The day before I ended up in the hospital I was COMPELLED by some force to attempt to evacuate the planet. It's like my consciousness was stuck on a rail. I drove all over a national park looking for the rendezvous before I ended up near the semi-frozen lake. Space Oddity on the radio was literally mission critical intel by my perspective. Hot Blooded by Foreigner - getting rid of you know who- immediately meant tossing my phone and wallet out the car window so I "couldn't be tracked". The flood of information made perfect sense. I felt so "guided" by "divine forces". At long last I was compelled to take a leap of faith off the 12 foot 90 degree ice cliff. It was a rocky beach that had frozen into a shelf all the way down the coast for miles and miles. I took the leap expecting to get beamed up. I was then compelled to remove my clothing to "purify" myself before the pickup. Eventually I realized I'd almost been suicided so I decided to get the hell out of there. I scanned the coastline for a C shaped outcropping I could wedge myself between and climbed up the jagged ice naked, moderately lacerating my entire body, especially my knees and feet. I ran back to the highway and a kind lady called an ambulance for me. 1 night in the general hospital. 55 days in a mental facility as the "Event Prophet". I had half the floor believing I was some kinda messiah. What a shitshow.

bc8214  No.2561863


You have no power here. You are a liar. You use lies to push your lies.

You are leading people astray, who are weak minded.

Defends devils.

bc8214  No.2561898


Spirituality. What a joke coming from you. Your spirit is owned, same as your mind.

A puppet for a show

Who thinks he's a STAR

They made you a general, right?

b585d8  No.2561946


Bang! Right in the ideology. Hurts, doesn't it. I'm just sharing my experience, dawg. This shit is objectively fake and gay and it almost killed me. Have some damn respect. You don't hear stories like mine every day. I was out there on the ice for close to an hour, severely hypothermic, and honestly, whether or not I was being ACTIVELY manipulated through VTS or passively manipulated via ideology doesn't matter. If I never discovered Cobra, Prepareforchange, and the whole new age sphere during my truthseeking on /pol/, I wouldn't have ended up in that lake, or on mandatory Invega injections in my ass. If i refused the brain-melting zombifying antipsychotics after I got released, they would bring me back in cuffs.

bc8214  No.2562025


Don't give yourself so much credit. If I'd known earlier you were shit pumping this nonsense on a QANON research thread …

Well. Having my say now you liar. Go meditate on that.



d5c6db  No.2562059


Jeez… sorry I called you a shill, are you an actual anon?

You were in no condition to pursue anything like this.

Sound mind, sound heart, DISCERNMENT and of course nothing but Love for what you do is what is PARAMOUNT for any kind of disclosure, awakening or related work. Else you fall prey to the various forces of darkness, like you invariably did. Sorry it went that way but now you are wiser, and you can start anew. Forget groups and voices and everything, until there's just you and God talking through your Soul there will be no real progress.

Nothing positive will ever make you abandon logic or sanity or worse make you do stupid things. Go clean yourself up anon, forget this thread.

And yes COBRA is partnered with PFC to shill the stones. If you want a source of Love energy any properly programmed stone will do, special snowflakemani is not needed.

b585d8  No.2562106

I was first targeted when I tried to start a series of general threads on /4pol/ called /rrg/ Redpill Revolution General. The threads were successful until I got derailed by "The Event" and PFC. I was effectively neutralized for two years in this rabbit hole and almost killed. I was going around town with my 10 grand inheritance giving money away the day before I "decided" to leave the planet. I went into places offering to work for free. I got kicked out of a bank for giving away money and loudly denouncing cabal central banking. One lady I tried to give money to told me "be careful, there are cameras everywhere". All I wanted to do was start a pay it forward movement to usurp the cabal and I got derailed right fuckin' quick. Lemme see if I can find my facebook post from back in 2016 with my mission statement.

c5c636  No.2562134


I'm pretty sure the last 3 or 4 day wave was around a full moon or other celestial event too.

bc8214  No.2562236


You have no business giving anybody adviceadviu are greatly deceived because you are open to deception. A target. Like a fish in a tank. Or a plug in your head.

You don't take the first precautions to protect your own heart and spirit, but you think you're enlightened.

b585d8  No.2562267


Your mass meditations are the viral vector for toxic ideologies. The Schumann frequencies are manipulated by HAARP-esque EM manipulation technology. The same shit that controls weather patterns and geomagnetic activity. I used to work on the meditations dude. I managed PFC's Skype and Discord.

God is everywhere you look by my perspective. I see a bird or a tree or a smile and I see and appreciate God. I don't have an inner monologue voice of god talking to me, nor would I even want one. When I lost sight of the important, REAL things that exist, like friends, family, nature, in favor of FAKE things like ETs, archangels, spiritual hierarchies, and deities, I became totally disconnected from the world. God is TRUTH. Love isn't all about warm fuzzies. Love is concentrated truth. For me to sit back and watch you delude yourselves would be a disservice to you. It's because I love you that I have to dismantle your weaponized ideology. God to me is anything real. Satan/darkness/evil isn't a big bad guy with red horns and a pitchfork, it's just a lie. And it's the entire basis for duality. If it's true and exists, it's God. If it doesn't actually real, there's your Satan.

d5c6db  No.2562336

File: 3199683e3cfe81a⋯.jpg (14.39 KB, 469x129, 469:129, everything.jpg)

File: 522a582c4bd6d7b⋯.jpg (29.78 KB, 455x220, 91:44, soft disclosure.jpg)

Let's make some shills work for us now.

What did Q mean with these two crumbs?

b585d8  No.2562380

These human problems require human solutions. The ET savior complex is a cop-out. It's like waiting for Jesus to return 2.0. Keep everyone pacified waiting for the hero to do all the work for us.

bc8214  No.2562598


This is what you're using to support your delusion?

I can think of several real things Q could be referring to. One, the pope, king of evil, has over a 1 billion followers WW. Looks like that evil is being dismantled from the inside. How many bishops and priests have we seen hit face down the past 6 months? Then anon threads are taking the message straight out to the followers.

Two, the Queen of England, the crown, MI6, MKUltra, etc., same thing inside housecleaning. They were both given a choice, after being neutralized.

For you to attribute Qs crumbs to your pathetic ET ascension scam is nonsensical twisted myth. What connection? There is not one inference. You just made it up.

If there is one big lie, it is Satan's attempt to erase God and put himself on the throne. Satan. Your boss.

That's the lie.

And D5 will straighten that out with all implications soon enough.


bc8214  No.2562664


What's required is

To trust in God.

That's all that's required.

Why make a mockery out waiting for Yeshua?

d5c6db  No.2562712

File: 8f27d1bf896755e⋯.png (8.6 KB, 782x126, 391:63, 2424915564517.png)

The shills are so cute when they squirm, flinging unrelated words like it's the last round of Scrabble.

Try again.

And here's the full sized cap. What does this tell you?

bc8214  No.2562748


Our country is ours, back in the hands of Patriots. We see the cleansing, the swamp drain, and it will be further reflected in the almost 50,000 indictments that will not be sealed forever.

ETs. You should ask God.

Go back to him.

If your threw him out of your spirit following myths and false teachings, knock. He's still there.

c5c636  No.2562778


I like how that one broken english shill that replies multiple times to the same post thought getting a new ID would cover his tracks.

b585d8  No.2562795


How do you trust God when you can't trust yourself or your neighbors? Is God something separate, untouchable, and intangible? Or is God REAL? I trust in God. I trust the sun will rise. What I don't trust are ideological weapons like religion designed to isolate us from reality.

bc8214  No.2562808


Not seeing it. Maybe I need special mass ascension glasses to see the mass suffering caused by make believe extra terrestrials with reptile heads and lizard tongues.

Oh, no I don't, it's in the Hollywood movies. Hmm. Guess they know everything in advance. Plug in the TV. Don't forget that. Your script awaits your intelligent thinking skills.

d5c6db  No.2562825


I'm rather enjoying the free credibility boost, besides from time to time they uncounsciously post a good question that deserves an answer in case an actual anon beats the programming and wanders over here.

bc8214  No.2562905


You trust him knowing his plan is the only plan and it will never fail. He has his children in his hand knows you by name and the numbers of hairs on your head.

And you pray, and connect and he is there and will comfort you when you need it. His Word is amazing when not cherry picked by white washed preachers or a lying evil pope.

It's up to each of us, the choice to seek him and listen and pay attention. He will personally teach each one of us if we ask. He is the secrets of the universe.

Anyone pushing any other way or bullcrap is not of God.

bc8214  No.2563014



You're full of yourself and obviously don't know a shill from an autist who isn't brainwashed into a scam. And when an autist calls your fake shit out, you call them a shill.

In case you are unaware, when the board makes you reenter the security letters, it automatically gives you a new id. I'll gladly list my ids on this thread if that will make you feel any better. And I haven't noticed any "broken English" so again, you sound pretty desperate and stupid trying to save any integrity for the BS lied you're pushing.

b284ae  No.2563029

File: ed45f8030bf087d⋯.png (158.74 KB, 317x380, 317:380, WWG1WGAbell.png)

Much negativity here, Let us all remind each other something we can all agree on:

God is. God is Love. In Love there is only Light, in Light there is only Truth, in Truth there is only One.

d5c6db  No.2563105

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank you friend. I agree with this completely. I have this wonderful song I love very much to contribute.

bc8214  No.2563150


That's the point that we cannot apparently agree on. God. One way. Where does God call for an "ascension" and ETs as truth?

Is calling it out "negativity?" What are you talking about exactly?

b284ae  No.2563163


Beautiful! Thank you very much

b585d8  No.2563177

Duality Illusion

It's time to set sail

For life beyond the veil

Hop on the monorail

Love will never fail

Duality illusion

Divided and conquered in fear

Reality infusion 

Pierce the veil with me my dear

Resistance is within us

Waiting for a savior 

Distracted from our neighbours 

The fear inside our guts

Consciousness infiltration

Etheric parasites 

Unacknowledged obfuscation

The Event is always ever nigh 

Never today, never tomorrow 

False prophecy rings hollow

Show me the way (so you say) 

Show me today (forever stay) 

Moving the goalposts further away

Scalar waves can't penetrate

The love within my heart

Now's the time and we can't wait

We'll never be apart

Let's make a new start 

Living my truth

It might seem uncouth

I'm standing alone

Feel the Source tone

All the hapless middlemen

Selling lies and confusion

Maintaining this illusion

Gotta pay the rent

Death is a facade

Now I'm a lightning rod

Shattering the Matrix 

No more lies

No more tricks

b284ae  No.2563182


And with this simple display of single minded disharmony you have exposed yourself as shill

b585d8  No.2563256

The Irishman

Waking up to the commotion on a sinking ship

I See the filthy unswabbed deck

I See the bow begin to tip

Down into the vast blue ocean 

Rivets popping, metal rending

How can I protect you

While I'm saving my own neck? 

Never stopping, neverending 

Stare into the stars tonight

Feel the emotion

Breathe in the light 

I'm not leaving without you

How could anybody miss you

When you're shining so bright? 

This vessel's full of holes

Reality is leaking in

It's time to play our roles

Nobody needs a Sheikh or King

We can all be heroes 

That's the secret everybody knows 

The Irishman sank the Titanic 

On St Patrick's Day

So the prophecy once told

Could one man be so bold? 

Garrisons of war are empty

Plunged into the Atlantic 

Our soul will find a way

Love is automatic

Waking up in confusion

In a hospital bed

It was all a delusion

I'm lucky I'm not dead

The medicine is helping

It's all inside my head

The Titanic Matrix

It still lives on they said

Tyranny and war

It's all inside my head

And so the prophet said

Pull the wool over my eyes

Put me back in the cage 

Tell me pretty little lies

Keep me off the stage

Give me something to believe in 

The money will make me a powerful mage

Sell me the illusion

Silence me when my soul cries

Built by honest Irishmen

Sunk by the Crown

With the flick of a pen

When will the tyranny end? 

Drifting to shore

Kissing the ground

I'll always be sure

When you're around

Knock down your castles

Fill in your moats

Don't make any hassles

We've got plenty of lifeboats

bc8214  No.2563323


You have no power. And you have no power over me. A lie will never become truth.

Disharmony? That's what you have to call me? "Proof' I'm a shill? UaOh. Better go meditate, fast to your safe space…

Someone's causing galaxy wave disruption on your mass ascension.

You're a general right?

b284ae  No.2563362


Triggering of old programming will not work.

Chains broken. Beam of Light Activated.


God is Love.

b585d8  No.2563414


Command PB Stardust!

Expecto Patronum!

Pleiadian Shield Activate!

*spins counter clockwise chanting*

bc8214  No.2563447


Is that from a Star Trek episode?

bc8214  No.2563488

File: 322beb89cecbd88⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f11c97a170f568b8ccd10e1a61….jpg)


Especially for you

Since you can't

See Yourself.

Maybe it will help.

d5c6db  No.2563507


These are Q crumbs.

I have yet to find something from Q that does not fit into the greater reality where the infinite, inhabited Universe is a fragment of Source experiencing itself in various ways as it lives in this waking dream "reality" as you.

bc8214  No.2563544


What did you do?

Trade your "old programming"

In for "new programming?"

bc8214  No.2563643


Then you are really not paying attention.

Uncrack Q. Look inside, almost every crumb. Who gets credit?

God alone is in the center.

God is Qs boss.

God is who Potus works for.

Not some psyop pushing a planetary evacuation via extra terrestrials.

That's what Hollywood, MSN and NASA push.

And their boss is NOT GOD.

See the difference?

God always tells his children the truth, in advance.

Who told you about this stuff?

Who? How much are you paying?

d5c6db  No.2563665

File: 3ed02365327a5ce⋯.jpg (343.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, obr4416.jpg)

Truth is simple

Mankind makes it complicated :)

bc8214  No.2563740


Oooh, you're a Commander, not a general. Did they already make a movie about this. I remember an episode somewhere…

Maybe it was Lost in Space

Truth is not simple with all of the lies and deceptions, like you're pushing for example. God's children must be fully armed to discern evil and false teachings.

David will judge you first.

bc8214  No.2563898

File: d1fe30533314915⋯.jpg (26.1 KB, 236x362, 118:181, c7c01ca89a7d273e03c49fdcdc….jpg)

File: 12f88acb08b2a43⋯.jpg (26.33 KB, 236x344, 59:86, a566c23f90fe6f2129bbb0b052….jpg)



Pushers of evil propaganda

And lies.

Listen to GOD

Do not be deceived by satans.

They do not know God.

Discern false teachings.

Trust in God only.

d5c6db  No.2563904


I still love you.

bc8214  No.2563938

File: 83192f5e2052577⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 236x454, 118:227, b2c0b8c39738e30c8160f6966b….jpg)

42034a  No.2564006


That would be "Great"

de79eb  No.2564565


That is a flowery phrase that means exactly … nothing -

Like saying blue is blue

Everything Q posts IS part of the "infinite, inhabited Universe"

What else could it be except some piece of "everything"

"Experiencing itself" does a rock also "experience itself"

Trying to sound wise simply sounds foolish.

Go back to Dreamland where everything is "real"

b163bc  No.2565801

File: bf591a49678869c⋯.pdf (4.03 MB, CIA-RDP86-00513R0013437200….pdf)

File: 74e12fd9ec2a2ba⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 240x135, 16:9, DkQqZncXcAocuDy.jpg)

This is a CIA declassified file, and it's not about UFOs or ETs, lol. Quite the opposite.

From CIA.gov/library documents from 1957 calling earth flat earth and discussing measuring the "firmament," the same as God called it.

That means the government knows full well we live in an enclosed containment under a dome. Space flight is limited to our atmosphere. There are no extra terrestrials or alien spaceships. It's all a lie. You've been hoaxed and you're lying with every word out if your mouths.

Do some research and wake up.

1946-1957, and before, even in the 1800s. Antarctica explorations discovered God's firmament as well as the bottomless pit of evil.

NASA, created for lies in 1947.

ff39b0  No.2566066

File: 8afb258dedf67fb⋯.gif (179.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1533849493866.gif)


>There are no extra terrestrials or alien spaceships.

Have ever considered the possibility that we are on a space ship? (A generation ship)

If you believe flat earth is possible, that surely you could entertain that idea.

b163bc  No.2566539


A lot of jumping to conclusions and make believe to blindly go there. God says in many scriptures he made the earth fixed and immovable. He describes in detail the steps he took to create it, on the first day, on the second day, etc. So no, it's not a space ship. It's not moving. There's no space, or space ships.

No aliens. No UFOs from outerspace.

Research the JASON Society Overpopulation Symposium in 1956 and you will find their plans to make a UFO false flag using advanced weaponry and high tech crafts to fool us, among other things we've experienced over the past 60 years to kill us. That's the truth. Haven't you noticed?

War of the Worlds radio broadcast kicked it off, followed by a stream of Hollywood movies, NASA lies, fake UFOs and alien abductions, fake area 51 leaks, and hoax sci-fi psyops on the internet to rip people off, of money, and hijack their minds, is what's truly been happening. We're being prepped for a space related FF.

And it's so obvious.

b163bc  No.2566565


I gotta say that's a cool meme, though:)

b163bc  No.2566611


And it's not that I believe it's possible. It's past that. CIA confirmed now, and so did math and science. The liars at NASA must really think we're clueless.

It is a huge lie. The hugest, except for slurping down spinal cords and eating human sacrifices that is.

These people are sick.

0f8896  No.2566808


Everything has meaning. - Q# 74, 176, 1226, 78, 797, 318, 885, 968, 900, 753, 1676, 886, 461, 988, 144.

ETs incarnated here.

d5c6db  No.2567707


>ETs incarnated here.

Exactly. You need mental gymnastics to explain this away. It's a rabbit hole to most people. Choice to know is always yours.

e62e00  No.2568258

File: 32850cf3ad19dbb⋯.jpg (60.81 KB, 700x500, 7:5, spacecommand.jpg)


Anybody got an idea of what the arrow symbol is supposed to represent?

Starting to wonder whether a version of James T. Kirk or Iakov T. Kirkov actually exist in this timeline.





b163bc  No.2568436

File: d840d7d17ce321b⋯.jpg (12.32 KB, 231x218, 231:218, images-55.jpg)

File: d51823cd9b8ae50⋯.jpg (18.27 KB, 297x170, 297:170, images-155.jpg)

File: ef94965595a242a⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 169x298, 169:298, images-227.jpg)

File: 768fa646fe32639⋯.jpg (10.82 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images-61.jpg)


It's the Vulcan sign, a favorite pagan god of the Masonic luciferians. Spock on Star Trek. Vulcan married Venus (Lucifer). It's evil.

b163bc  No.2568506

File: f373d4f27b5aa2b⋯.jpg (13 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 9187a20fb77af4d035901a1d67….jpg)

File: 5d2dab0b2380c46⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 236x188, 59:47, fd382eb244e53dcdee963e4e42….jpg)

File: a78b55cac4c0e7f⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 236x234, 118:117, 834ce5c22cd132dc0b7128fe58….jpg)

Hollywood, again. Everything you've saying is fake and Hollywood.

You are being deceived

Into following Satan.

Reincarnated aliens from Q drops

Bat shit crazy assumptions.

What evil spirits you openly WECOME into your minds. Go meditate some more. Call them in

Legion is their name.

Seek most evil.

e62e00  No.2568791


> OP Mockingbird is in full effect here - be prepared.

Got that right indeed OP, where's the rest of the bakers?

e4d250  No.2568900


For those of you who want to see an ET or UFO for their very first time, open the door this Anon mentioned

e4d250  No.2568909


This guy is speaking from experience. Very important

bfc31c  No.2568921


No idea, but it's very interesting that you point this out. Maybe a TR-3B reference?


Again, it should be noted for all real concernfags and anons that CE-5 is a PROTOCOL and one needs exactly zero apps or organizations to utilize that. Only belief and intent and clarity of mind and purity of Heart are needed.

e4d250  No.2568970


You're basically doing it already, minute Coherent Thought Sequencing. Next time you and your wife are UFO watching, try this and let us know how they respond.

Remote view the milky way, then zoom into our solar system in the southwest quadrant, then the earth, the continent ur on, and so on to ur precise location, and all the way back out. If you lose focus start over at the milky way.

This is the coherent thought sequencing part of CE-5. The ET technology interfaces with consciousness, so when they see you doing this they will hone in on you like a laser.

e4d250  No.2569018


People will stop at nothing to discredit Greer. You don't need the app to make contact, so when we do the ce-5 protocols without the app actual ET are showing up and communicating with us in many ways. Not this hynosis facade theory of yours. Nice try tho

739f39  No.2569030


I’m sorry to tell you this…but ALL written “Words of God” have been corrupted by the same evil we are currently battling. After all we’ve learned how do you trust anything written in scripture? You don’t think they haven’t tried successfully to change it over the years?

e62e00  No.2569315


> Maybe a TR-3B reference?


TR-3B a joint US-Russia project?

b585d8  No.2569327


Have fun with your (((ETs))). Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Enjoy being the test subject of consciousness manipulation technology. Beware of the false love and light.

bfc31c  No.2569387


I think it was entirely financed by the missing 21 trillion from the US budget just like other unacknowledged Special Access Projects (meaning no Congressional oversight. Convenient.). I don't know how deep this rabbit hole goes.


>Enjoy being the test subject of consciousness manipulation technology. Beware of the false love and light.

Well you're the one that got burned on this as you have explained, now take your advice and develop REAL Love and Light for yourself and others.

b163bc  No.2569555

File: 2ca7aa02621cb7b⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 255x165, 17:11, d28de0621f9202480c075378e6….jpg)

File: 7be0d2be8c7c0c1⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images-39.jpg)


Roots of your "incarnate" aliens

Egypt/Isis/Osiris/Ra/Satan one world religion Zep Tepi = The Golden Age of incarnate demons.


Who told you that? Just erase God's Word, when it's spirit taught?

Poof. BYE GOD.

Hello SATAN. Yous my new daddy.

When's lift off?

Who told you all these teachings?

Who's programming your brains?

Did you have to pay to have your spirit jacked? Or do the demons do it for free?

And you try to drag Q into this?


e62e00  No.2569580

File: e824388c52a29eb⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 400x550, 8:11, promises_made_promises_kep….jpg)


Hope that rabbit hole is part of the "unlock the mysteries of space" package.

Promises made, promises kept.

b163bc  No.2569701

File: 72ae4205b1cbc88⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images-99.jpg)

File: 461984dab36f6ef⋯.jpg (10.41 KB, 223x226, 223:226, images-9.jpg)


Not according to Q, POTUS, God's true children, or GOD.

Who you been talking to?

Commander General?

That should tell you something. But you listen to myths and Satan now.

Replacement "theology" successful.

And you get your own star for that.

b163bc  No.2569793



For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear.

Yes, they will stop listening to the truth, but will turn aside to follow myths.

2 Timothy 4:3

b163bc  No.2569992

File: 0fc23bc4552c644⋯.jpg (14.65 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 0411e1c31a8702195a0f221101….jpg)

"Yes, indeed! I tell you, the person who doesn't enter the sheep-pen through the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber. But the one who goes in through the gate is the sheep's own shepherd. This is the one that the gate-keeper admits, and the sheep hear his voice. He calls his own sheep, each one by name, and leads them out.

And after taking out all that are his own, he goes on ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they recognize his voice. They never follow a stranger but will run away from him, because strangers' voices are unfamiliar to them."

Yochanan (John) 10:1-5



Don't listen to false teachers

68bfc5  No.2572231

File: 931b96264769676⋯.png (206.58 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154838.png)

File: 5552a77e1f0975a⋯.png (123.62 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154845.png)

File: a0b99f26518604c⋯.png (112.81 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154851.png)

File: f1251fddf98b9e2⋯.png (100.82 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154856.png)

/OurGuy/ Steven Greer elucidates on michio kakou's levels of civilization/Consciousness.

Why is this relevant to Disclosure/CE-5?

68bfc5  No.2572264

File: acf4cc57952cc71⋯.png (103.17 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154903.png)

File: f24e31da04bf4b6⋯.png (162.58 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154908.png)

File: cd7ca8ad4a5c211⋯.png (88.41 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154912.png)

File: 57e6de21b98df16⋯.png (73.65 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180812-154916.png)

(Part 2) /OurGuy/StevenGreer elucidates on levels of civilization/consciousness

It is your birthright to know the truth Anons.


68bfc5  No.2572295

Y'all just remember that while you sit here twiddling your thumbs, many "woke" Anons are out doing CE-5, trailblazing eti-human diplomacy. Enjoy your MIC/C_A/MOS fueled endless rabbit holes.

"The Master will reveal himself when the student is ready."


41289b  No.2572312

File: 07e31047041da71⋯.jpg (92.89 KB, 640x640, 1:1, DkZxvPbXgAAmM5s.jpg)

File: ffab183aa8c4db4⋯.jpg (87.7 KB, 487x680, 487:680, DkbC5sLX4AMUop8.jpg)


To know the truth is quite a different matter than to be deceived into believing something based on propaganda releases on the internet.

KNOW you enemy SATAN

41289b  No.2572370



You no doubt have great talent playing video games in the basement.

There is only one truth and one way, already revealed, perfect knowledge.

The only just one.

False teachers get judged first.

KNOW who you're following.

KNOW it's not GOD

Who does that leave?

41289b  No.2572496

File: 4a27b8cf0147147⋯.jpg (9.18 KB, 255x142, 255:142, 2febc19b041762221312b91d39….jpg)


He's lying to you.

Woke anons see this for what it is

Q has not abandoned God

More lies

Trust GOD for truth

Not the serpent, the murderer,

the father of lies.







c5c636  No.2573272

File: 789028e023c2dde⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x437, 562:437, 001.jpg)


>meditation is satan worship

41289b  No.2573792


Lies, targeted

Manipulation, targeted

Mind Controll, targeted

Protocol, propaganda.



This is spiritual warfare





You don't have to wait

For a "Master"

Calls you a student?

Master makes you a slave.


41289b  No.2574107

File: 18da11b60e26e40⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 292x165, 292:165, images-401.jpg)

File: 753ce678b22bc6c⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 306x165, 102:55, images-445.jpg)


Laugh all you want. What they're getting you into is Egyptian pagan god worship, but they don't tell you that.

It's Masonic, calling on demonic "incarnate" evil spirits, the ones you seek communication with. Meditation is a gateway for those spirits, and you invoke it on yourself.

All the roots are in Egypt. Zep Tepi, golden age of Alchemy/grids if reality. You call it by different new age names, but it's the same ancient demonic gods.

That's the root of all your "crystals" the very same as Rothschild luciferians alchemy for Masonic satanic worship, just repackaged especially for gullible 22 year olds who follow anything that sounds fun. You even have a master. Coincidence?

Q: be smarter than the ones controlling you. Research it. You will recognize names of the ones you call upon and channel. Zep Tepi.

It's just another deception for the exact same Masonic "religion" we are fighting.

Q: pray

Q: God wins.

2406f0  No.2574176

41289b  No.2574276

File: f9c61ac683cd8a6⋯.jpg (7.33 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images-381.jpg)

File: cce03b72965883f⋯.jpg (82.52 KB, 626x680, 313:340, DiZRf9tWsAAN14l.jpg)


And you twisted the words.

Can't you read simple English?

I said don't meditation to satanic indoctrination.

Can you understand English?

They have you worshipping Satan and you too dumbed down to know. Just repackage as a carrot, and you're good to go.

41289b  No.2574451


You know all of them are paid puppets, right? Maybe you to. See, this is how we can tell there's no autist's here.

You research ZERO and push BS. Probably got a website like Greer, for money.

And you know that if you tried posting this shit on an actual Qanon research thread, instead of a side thread, you'd get pounded and run off the thread.

You're liars.





2406f0  No.2574696


fassyhole funnyman, duppy

c5c636  No.2575279


>And you know that if you tried posting this shit on an actual Qanon research thread, instead of a side thread, you'd get pounded and run off the thread.

And if it's not in a Qresearch thread, you come here anyway and post more than 50 posts on 5 ID's in 2 days. Nobody is going to bother debating your ramblings. You go ahead and believe your heavily edited and controlled little book, that is not meant to be taken literally as most of it has symbolic meanings. Go read the dead sea scrolls.

bfc31c  No.2575572

All that shilling for a fake thread full of BS…?

bfc31c  No.2575652


Welcome back, CE-5anon.

32eaf3  No.2576964


You are mistaken in your count, but whatever. I don't have a computer, or even an iPhone. This system assigns my ids, so get over it. I don't really have anything to do with that. And I'm not the only one on here calling out your bullshit.

I have read the dead Sea scrolls, over 1200 pages, and several study versioversions mostly small fragments that has zero to do with your operation or your message. Unless you want to bring up Book of Hanokh, who explains in detail the watchers falling from heaven and how God deemed them evil spirits and the bottomless pits he described, which likely are in Antarctica. Elsewise, what in the Dead Sea scrolls fits into your message? Or are you going to use it like Q crumbs you make fantasies about ETs with?

The truth is you target young people with frankly things connected to the occult, Roth operations, and MKUltra. And masters… God is a God of freedom, not slavery, and it does not connect to Q in anyway either. It's an utter sea of new age myth, for profit. There's a witness account above that appears to me to be an honest take on the bs here.

False teaching is what you push. And you post a picture of Tucker with no indication this is a Looney Tunes thread. People, especially the young, have enough to contend with without you setting them up with deception and leading them astray.

And David will judge the false teachers first.

bfc31c  No.2578102


>And you post a picture of Tucker with no indication this is a Looney Tunes thread


UFOs have captivated the public interest for decades, but they have always been dismissed, including by me, as the province of whackos, but that is changing thanks to some remarkable video tape and first hand accounts of very sober people who are trained to identify aircraft.


Well for decades only crackpots and crazy people believed in UFOs, that's what I thought anyway, and then in recent years it turns out the governments have been taking them seriously all along. Very seriously.


In 2004 a US aircraft carrier was stalked for several days by UFO that witnesses said resembled a supersonic Tic-Tac. The object reportedly could hover in mid-air and make itself invisible. This shocked and confused the Navy pilots who monitored it.


Apparently, It's not a big news story somehow but UFOs turn out to be real - we're not kidding - recently the New York Times profiled a secret $22m Pentagon program that investigated unindentified flying objects, doesn't mean they are from outer space but they are unindentified, and they are flying, and they are objects.


So did I overstate that - is there a growing corpus of evidence, not drunk people on lonely rural road at 3 in the morning, but sober military pilots saying something that we can't explain is happening? -That is correct, you're talking about individuals who have very high security clearances, they are trained observers…

Can you see now why I chose Tucker Carlson for the OP pic?

Many people are presented with the choice to know. I will not respond to your ramblings anymore. Start making sense or get out.

32eaf3  No.2581058

File: 12deeded2807952⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 236x296, 59:74, 86daf39f8335bafcc39cacc148….jpg)



NASAs Public Relations Division

Storm your eyes. Get ready.

Hollywood. Years of movies

Just for your eyes.

The mouthpieces of fake,

Gathering fake stories,

Just for you.

They set up of FF

Falling right into

Lies coming your way.

Q lessons 101.

Q lessons 101.

Did you skip that course?

What echos the truth?

Not what your push. You're an extension of their lies, and their


ddef00  No.2581072

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Compilation of /CE5/ videos

ddef00  No.2581081


Thanks brotha. Keeping a low profile for this bake. We've got a big expedition coming up next month. Hope to return with some footage

32eaf3  No.2581140

Wake-up Autist's.

Someone's Sleeping through the show.

Telsa tech

DOD budget/tech/

NASA budget/tech/

For planned psyops

For planned FF for nearly 100 years

Fake moon shots

Fake pictures

Fake science

They leaked area 51

They made UFOs

The staged aliens,

They Planted MSN stories.

Abductions: MKUltra in action.

More experimenting

(You believe it for school shooters, but not this???)

Hollywood Hollywood

the magic Gateway to Space

War of the Worlds

Martian invasion 10/30/1938


Mason, "acclaimed scientific & social prophet" Hmm. They're already working it.

Lost in Space

Star Trek - how long has that been going on?

Star Wars. Let's worship these shows.

Space Odyssey, with monoliths

Ancient Aliens, highlights abductions

Independent Day, highlights our death.

All paid actors.

Internet invasion of alternative reality

(What you fell for)

Get your chakra on.

Leaves you defenseless. Spirituality Open, without knowing truth.

Stuff your head with new age, it's trending.

If autist's, why no consideration for the Masonic luciferians so hard at work here? Left out the facts, fell for the psyop. Closed mind. Right on schedule.

Roth signature operation. Masons. Masons. EVIL. And I left out half of the traceable.

32eaf3  No.2581154



Suckers sought.

Bring your friends.

Spread the word. Hurry.

It's DESPERATE times,

And don't forget to ignore reason.

Enjoy your programming.

Right on Schedule.

32eaf3  No.2581172


Thanks for the run down

Of the Mason's collection

Of made up fake news psyops.

They've been working so hard on this.

You should be on their payroll with Jimmy. Oh, That's right, they especially like it when they can manipulate the puppets to play for free.

Good job.

32eaf3  No.2581197

File: 22e9d0d59ef2bb6⋯.jpg (7.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-349.jpg)

647cca  No.2581461

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We don't charge a dime for our /CE5/ expeditions. Stuff like this happens all the time. MUFON is hounding one of my team members as we speak. Their keynote at this month's meeting was about a mufon case file out of Woodstock that was instigated by one of /OurGuys/

Disclosure happened. Can you handle it?


32eaf3  No.2581577

File: 4caebf6e9b2cbc2⋯.jpg (14.06 KB, 255x223, 255:223, 01349631c28c4f7289133a6975….jpg)


Can you handle any research at all?

Are you truly that blind?


Can't even address it,

So far gone.

In a make-believe world.

32eaf3  No.2581606

Who set up MUFON genius?

Come on, use your brain.

Who? A Branch of what operation?

32eaf3  No.2581886


Do you remember this Twilight Zone episode from over 50 years ago?

Rod Sterling's show, another 33° Mason…

Aliens come to earth. They're so friendly and nice to us. They turn all the deserts in to greenery, farm land, and teach us how to grow great food.

They eradicate starvation. Everyone eats so good and fattens up. All the nations are happy. …but, there's this strange book of theirs, in alien language no one can read.

They offer space rides to their world. Smiling happy humans line up to go, and go they do.

Then the book is deciphered:

How To Serve Humans.

It's a cook book.

So, sure, I don't doubt you may go somewhere, but ALL destinations from these luciferians, is a cooking pot. Epstein Island style. It's a "controlled" landing.

And they told you in advance, as they always do. But crazy back then, right?

Do an UFO timeline, but make sure to include Hollywood, their front men. And don't forget, they own the history and "science" channels, too.

National Geographic Society, formed in 1888 by 33 freemasons. NASA's right arm.

Hmm. Go figure.

32eaf3  No.2581973


Ok, gotta tell you about one more Twilight Zone. Last one, promise.

This one's really a zinger. Scared the shit out if me when I was little.

Old lady in secluded area in rundown old shack. She hears a noise… In the attic.

She investigates. Something crashed through her roof… There's a small hole.

She looks around. Sees a Spaceship, (similar to the fake photos emerging in the 60s). Only It's really tiny, miniature in size. Then this space guy comes out and starts shooting her with a "ray" gun. Wherever it hits her, a wart appears.

She grabs an ax…

Cameras pan left,

And there on the UFO is written, USA, United States of America.

The UFO is made in America.

Hmm again. Hollywood is so smart about these things. Those Freemasons sure know how to put on a show. Actors.

c23772  No.2582046

File: 7055624ee31385c⋯.png (599.85 KB, 804x1270, 402:635, Screenshot_2018-08-13 As p….png)

Found this the other day seems like as good a board as any to post


32eaf3  No.2582075


Finally, a true autist!!

Thank you Anon.

Straight from the CIA arsenal.

Doesn't look like "reverse" engineering either.

c23772  No.2582187


Yes belive it or not I stumbled into it looking at Steve Jackson Games website Illuminati card game .I was looking for info on links with John Perry Barlow and the raid on their offices by secret service I think they hacked gov computers and got info on black ops thats how they predicted the future on illuminati cards. https://www.sjgames.com/

32eaf3  No.2582276


Amazing. And notice it says "Tesla Howitzer." They jacked his stuff in 1945!

Good job:) Making our Nation great, one war at a time.

Reverse action.

World Peace.

05040f  No.2582584


They hid so much from us and that paper was from the 80's how much further have they got today? Full disclosure you bastards ! reeeeeeeeeeeee

af8617  No.2584647

Shit, my one question about the C_A paper trails is: How do you know that wasn't released intentionally to serve as disinfo?

Most of MK ULTRA was so lock-tight they didn't even have most of the shit documented, it was compartmentalized and word of mouth, study controlled by the top two guys. How do we know that ANY of the documents that the C_A actually did/do maintain aren't simply meant to deceive?

Another thing that gets me is how one anon here says "it's all been created to deceive you" and then turns around and pretty much says "Don't you research?"

What the actual fuck, pick one. Either you believe shit you read/see on the internet, or you don't, you don't get to just pick and choose which disinformation serves the purposes of supporting your argument.

I will say this, though. There are cultures that predate Catholocism/Christianity. Chinese history goes back nearly 2000 years before the birth of Christ. Same goes for Hinduism. That fits in the timeline of the Old Testament, I'll give you that one.

The gospels that form the New Testament were literally selected by man, separated from the "heresies" and incorporated into "canon". The Old Testament is the Jewish Bible, with some stories added apparently, and that "Tanahk" is a compilation of texts and oral traditions that were passed down generationally. Who decided what got to stay and what was hunted down and burned? There are gospels from the first and second century that were only recently discovered. Were those created by TPTB to mislead and deceive people too? Or are they just remnants from a forgotten age before Christianity was controlled and homogenized by the Roman Catholic Church?

Seriously, From the context of this whole thread, it just seems like shills shit slinging at shills. A bunch of Godly concernfagging, and one poor idiot who got so involved with ET's and disclosure he nearly accidentally his whole life. The fuck gives?

042d58  No.2584838


In this thread we present evidence and research and allow everyone to form opinions about this very important topic. If you have something to share, do so, or read what the few rational anons have posted. You must learn how to juggle possible disinfo until you can find the real truth. Usually when a few independent fringe sources and nuggets from more credible sources agree on the same thing, it's true.

52664c  No.2585671


Are you saying the link Q provided to the Congressional hearings on Mkultra is not authentic? Or his link about cell frequencies into your brain, direct programming, and the general methods "they" engage in involving programming our brains? And making FFs. And during the actual digs on these things, there was a lot of gathering of information to verify the programs, to identify the enemy, and what the enemy is capable of, including the histories of the operations and guidelines on Operation Mockingbird, etc.

Even after all the crumbs it is quite apparent that many people still ignore what the information reveals if it doesn't fit in with their current belief systems. Goes right over their heads. Especially when hive thinking and influence is involved.

Hence, the challenge of red-pilling.

I think the 6-8% lost forever needs to be upped. Some will never see even when crumbs are laid out at their feet.

And it is a disservice to jump to a conclusion when the research is cut short because an answer might upset the cart one has filled with unverified items they have invested an interest in.

52664c  No.2585868


>Usually when a few independent fringe sources and nuggets from more credible sources agree on the same thing, it's true.

If we've learned anything, it's that this is not true. Carrying out black ops and false flags are dependent on such sources.

Trust no one. Verify everything. Be careful of who you follow.

MSN lessons should be obvious by now.

52664c  No.2586273


Maybe the actual organic process of uncovering and verifying information for ourselves is a necessary step in assessing truth. That's the autist way. Don't just assume things.

And Q has done nothing but prepare us and help us to understand how to do that unfolding. Look under the rocks, and dig, connect the dots. And you may find more rocks that need looking under as you dig. Timelines are helpful in revealing a bigger picture.

Do that, and the truth will show.

It's not see/read one thing and then decide if it's true or not.

It doesn't happen like that.

334b7e  No.2586316


Looks an awful lot like CERN

de79eb  No.2586472


The problem is what some consider "evidence" and will include anything ever uttered by anyone without looking for the context.

How do all these random people derived the evidence they talk about?

"Secret" documents "hidden" Truth?

There is too much of the "I want to believe" so whn someone posts something illogical they are obligated to declare why they think it is true.

Anyone can surf the Internet, so what "service" are they performing?

Pushing their own pet agenda usually

de79eb  No.2586575


So your presumption is that anyone that doesn't subscribe to your "research" and "evidence" must be stupid, uncaring or clinging to untrue beliefs?

That does nothing to make you credible. of you are just another babbling fool that can't convince anyone with your "insufficent facts".

Much of what I see posted here is the simple result of incomplete understanding of a topic, yet "preaching the gospel" of the supposed truth

Question everything and believe what can be proved by the verifiable evidence.

An opinion of secret knowledge is not credible to normal thinking people, when the disbelief one encounters.

People acquire bullshit detectors over the years by observing things the are demonstrated to be untrue.

Some think they are the only "enlightened one"

and everyone else has some ulterior motive for not believing the "Truth"

Maybe they just think you are full of shit and gullible enough to believe anything

52664c  No.2586588

File: f85f327cac987a1⋯.jpg (12.71 KB, 199x253, 199:253, images-94.jpg)


I noticed that too, and those energy weapons with a concentrated beam, like they might be using to start fires.

Pictures of melted cars and glass, while trees still stand, though defoliated and scorched, but haven't been able to verify if it's true. A lot of civilian pictures are out there.

Gotta say, it makes sense.

Star Wars invention. Check this out…

"Standard issue physical destruction"

52664c  No.2586744


You know, stop twisting my words.

If someone told you to go jump off a cliff would you? If they told you to blindly follow would you?

How about, look the sky is falling..

Who's your argument with here?

Some on here are pushing "follow me," and you oppose investigation and research first? Too bad. That's a dead giveaway you're either new here and are not an autist, or have ulterior motives using tactics like that.

A QANON Research board is not the proper forum for you to use to get followers or promote and market what you're marketing.

Qresearch and you oppose research.


Question everything. Verify everything.

52664c  No.2586821


It's obvious you're but hurt

Just by my suggesting research and looking under rocks or pointing out fallacies.

You attribute a lot of words that are not my words.

Go argue with someone else,


Not interested.

I too have BS meter

And it's going off big.

042d58  No.2586837

No wonder Q never mentions it.

Most of you are not ready.

52664c  No.2586877


Oh, and now you put words in Qs mouth. Don't assume that. You have no legs to stand on, none. Another tactic.

52664c  No.2586942

Q does mention this:

Research everything,

Be autist's,

Verify everything,

Know your enemy,


MSN & talking points

Trust the plan

And God wins.

You seem to oppose a lot of what Q says, then you use him for your purposes and MAKE BELIEVE your plan is his plan. That's ludicrous.

And it's bthe number one reason I think you're full of shit and programmed to the hilt.

042d58  No.2587083

File: fb49708807c0cf2⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 883x611, 883:611, 522a582c4bd6d7b111ab6d39f8….jpg)

Q has recently referenced Jordan Sather for the third time. First was linking a video Jordan was heavily featured in, then it was linking a twitter reply to him, then this (link to a reddit post with JS).


Jordan if you are reading this you may link your other references here, I'm sure you remember them very well. I can't find them right now, and one of the Q linked YT videos I clicked has 404d by now.

Why would Q repeatedly indirectly reference a guy who covers Secret Space Programs, UFOs, extraterrestrials and spirituality?

Does Q lead people to clowns? Or is this a perfect way to tell us something without telling us something? This is not the first time something like that happened, mind you, all supported with well known cryptic crumbs.

Pic related.

To instantly discredit all this without thinking means to discredit people who POTUS respects (Tucker Carlson), people who Q has linked to, and ultimately Q himself. Is there a better clown litmus test? These people glow instantly.

042d58  No.2587415

File: ac719d5c84572b6⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 605x385, 11:7, ac719d5c84572b623f69a231b8….jpg)


Forgot to add Roseanne, too. She is a firm believer. Both referenced by Q more than once, never in a negative light.

52664c  No.2587476

He linked him to specific items, to make a specific point, like his article in NY Times about the QANON conspiracy. There was nothing in the link about extraterrestrials.

That is a leap you make.

It's common knowledge about the secret space program, the argument is what is it, and what's it for?

You make a lot of unfounded conclusions to prop up and say it's got to do with aliens. The ff UFO and advanced space weaponry, on the other hand, was part of the JASON Society's overpopulation solution to kill us off.

It's documented, even in the movies, which Q has constantly directed us to look at, and in the tech connections to Tesla, not reverse engineering of ET spacecraft, that are showing up in declassified documents, but you argue with that. You argue about MKUltra.

You adjust everything to fit into your agenda, and when it doesn't fit, you just say it does, even though Q has made no such comment or link to it.

Then, you go even further and make more assumptions about the plan being the same as your plan, without any such inference from Q.

Anons on main research don't back you on that. That's why you're hear.

Do you see a problem with your logic at all?

82bf18  No.2587586

So are we still letting Q slide the board with retweets from parody twitter accounts and old news?

Or are we holding Q to his posts claiming Rich Russell doing a barrel roll and crashing a plane was somehow a “message”?

042d58  No.2587636


>There was nothing in the link about extraterrestrials.

Expand your thinking. Q crumb.

Everything is connected. Also a Q crumb.

You are exclusively focused on one agenda that you keep bringing up. I'm building up a bigger picture, you're trying to pidgeonhole everything into a psy-op citing mountains of vague info that simply doesn't fit.

Listen to your advice from a few posts ago and don't put words into Q's mouth. But the more dots you connect, the clearer the picture becomes.

Due to the sensitivity of the info (as Q1143 clearly told us) this cannot be stated directly yet, so autism is required.

Anons on general threads know there is something afoot but don't choose to engage yet. That is fine and there are other, more pressing matters to attend to. Some attack in retaliatory denial, many however know what's up. I try to be minimally obtrusive at all times while preparing for the information that will inevitably drop in the future.


How can Q slide his own board?

Autists will dig. Everyone has a choice to know.

52664c  No.2587866


In all fairness, there are a lot of people who are believing in UFOs. There's a reason. It's a psyop with evidence in the movies and more. You will not even consider the evidence on NASA, 33° luciferians.

To believe what you believe is to embrace the enemy.

Hanokh explains these gods as evil spirits that can change form and go into humans. One third of the Angels fell to earth, but only 10% are allowed to fuck with us, and that's to test our hearts.

God explains how to arm yourself against them, but here you are channelling them like they're your good buddies. And you won't research that either.

There's a reason they built a luciferian temple at Antarctica and there's a reason we are not allowed to go there. There's a reason astronauts have to be 33° Masons. There's a reason they murdered Admiral Byrd.

What would put people in the hospital?ETs? No.

Live action evil spirits and humans eating humans in sacrificial rituals? And performing massive false flag human sacrifices to kill us all off? Yes. That would do it. Especially given the participants, presidents, kings and WW elites, plus thousands of our own neighbors in America and WW.

That would definitely do it. Especially if your a parent of a missing child. Who could handle that? So we see a Pedo child trafficking approach.

Satan. All the other lies would be small in comparison. So what does common sense say? Is research still needed to actually confirm what the truth is? Or do you just want everyone to plug into your theory and follow along?

I don't jump to conclusions.

And I trust God to the end. But you attack me about that too, even though Q even says to trust God. You make it about some men and say there's nothing left to trust anymore, and then 1, 2, 3, that fast, you reject God instead and tell me I'm gullible and full of shit, while you wait on a "master."

God says the whole world

will be deceived. Wonder what he meant by that?

52664c  No.2588657


I have been here since the month of December and have used the same approach, a Q taught approach, a WWH1WGA approach.

Q drops crumb(s), research unfolds into facts and evidence verifying the crumb. If there is something dangling, Q knows, and drops another crumb. If we don't get it, Q knows, and drops another crumb, and so on.

Autists stay in that format. If we go off in the weeds, Q pulls in, or straightens the course. It's very specific and precise. Q verifies that over and over, and his ops haven't changed.

It's not what you're claiming. You leaped out into the weeds by yourself, on your own thought, and keep trying to say Q sent you there. Q didn't say to expand your thinking with this person. You said that. You add things that are not there.

Plus, there's no outside comms.

Comms are tight and controlled.

Sometimes, more than we like, we have to wait on direction. Or another crumb, or news. We were told to watch the news for a reason. It tells us what the deep state is up to, and Hollywood movies are rich in deep state intel, for over 60 years now. You can map it.

6984e0  No.2589136

File: 7504ec9fed9cf5c⋯.png (58.78 KB, 1280x944, 80:59, blankfigure.png)

I need to figure out this figure and am dropping it everywhere for clues on what it is. If you recognize it get back to me.

caba85  No.2589442

>>2576964c I like your answer! Tell me the books you feel most relevant to read.

042d58  No.2590181

File: bab7e2d24639bb7⋯.pdf (453.52 KB, Reid_letter_2009_153256529….pdf)

More soft disclosure popping up.


>The Pentagon secretly studied ‘exotic and sophisticated’ UFO technologies, bombshell letter reveals

"It said these include ‘extremely sophisticated concepts within the world of quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetic theory, gravitics [anti-gravity], and thermodynamics’.

"These staggering revelations show just how seriously the US government took the issue. Irrespective of what they believed about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, this letter gives a telling insight into the reasons why the Pentagon was interested, and what they thought the threats and opportunities might be,"

And there you have it. Right in the letter the sensitivity of the information is mentioned as the basis of the need for an unacknowledged SAP (Special Access Project). pdf attached.

I believe the Space Force exists to help expose these unacknowledged Special Access Projects in a controlled way, under the wise guidance of the White Hats. Remember, so far all serious govt level UFO research has been strictly Cabal-controlled territory, as the anon ITT keeps pointing that out ever so gently ;)

52664c  No.2590717


I find it odd the letter from 2009 would be released out of the UK. Do you know if it was released here in the US?

Also, the terms "UFO" "extraterrestrial" and any reference to "outerspace" were not used anywhere in the letter, just to clarify. Someone did save the file with UFO in the name, in the UK. Why UK?

And the purpose for developing the tech was for foreign threats, local earth in other words, not threats from outerspace.

Player secrecy was very emphasized, which would allow both the technology itself, and the parties using it, to remain unidentifiable.

That would allow the technology to be used against any nation in the world and it's citizens, including the US, anonymously, even mimicking an alien UFO invasion, as described back in 1957, and in Hollywood movies.

And of course it mentions it will take big money.

The secret players request is alarming.

Who would that be?

2009. Are we witnessing the tech in 2018, in the north Pacific, off the coast of Washington State, in incident Q mentioned in his thread about dealing with the unexpected?

Just saying the obvious.

Space Force, ff prevented?

52664c  No.2591155


Good find, all cabal swamp creatures.

Ltr from Senate to

William Lynn III, Dep. Sec. of Def. worked for both Obama & Clinton, and Raytheon. Grad. Cornell University.

Under Obama 2/12/2009 - 10/5/2011. Date of ltr: 6/24/2009.

Signed Harry Reid.


Gov. Persons in attachment

(3 not redacted)

William Lynn III

Harry Reid, Nevada

Daniel Inouye, of Hawaii,

(where the other missle was fired).

3 contractor names,

all redacted.

b284ae  No.2591893

File: b0bb1f949d9f18e⋯.png (421.83 KB, 620x620, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like this folded over

Also, Good Album

7a25fa  No.2592218

File: 553eff239a64730⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 1140x695, 228:139, etfriend9-jeanluc-e1507226….jpg)




de79eb  No.2592413


Why don't the come for a visit?

Prime Directive?

de79eb  No.2592425


Another "secret insider"?

Get in line, many ahead of you

de79eb  No.2592453


>Vrill —— from 147 years ago (Occult Theosophy was peddling that in the late 1800s)

The Coming Race is a novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, published anonymously in 1871. It has also been published as Vril, the Power of the Coming Race.

Some readers have believed the account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called "Vril", at least in part; some theosophists, notably Helena Blavatsky, William Scott-Elliot, and Rudolf Steiner, accepted the book as based on occult truth, in part.[4] One 1960 book, The Morning of the Magicians, suggested that a secret Vril Society existed in Weimar Berlin. However, there is no evidence for the existence of such a society.

042d58  No.2594503


1. Cabal failsafes would activate as per Q's crumbs

2. Humanity is not ready yet

So we have to do all these things gradually, it's the reason why there are so many UFO sightings. To get people questioning and to show the Cabal they can't boss everyone around forever.

18a659  No.2594548


Really intense one.

48cc43  No.2596105


UFOs or ETs were never mentioned but what was disclosed there clearly fits into the bigger picture we are building

c4fe6a  No.2597138

File: def66cbe22b83f2⋯.jpg (8.15 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-514.jpg)

File: 2a250f67f7f9f54⋯.jpg (11.46 KB, 185x272, 185:272, images-652.jpg)

File: 8627ee51f0aa5e8⋯.jpg (10.53 KB, 222x227, 222:227, images-887.jpg)



Stick to the facts and evidence.

When you don't,

Makes you a liar

Spreading lies.

c4fe6a  No.2597203

File: 8d1cc1105250ebe⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 191x264, 191:264, images-566.jpg)

File: f80e1b5c4ceaa09⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 186x271, 186:271, images-909.jpg)

File: 5bf7c59c6c5f6bb⋯.jpg (8.18 KB, 207x244, 207:244, images-523.jpg)

File: a23ea6cdfb10afe⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 252x200, 63:50, images-524.jpg)

File: 8b3b44f4d8d146b⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 219x230, 219:230, images-400.jpg)


There's hundreds and hundreds of movies, since there were movies.

Which one are you living in?

Lost in Space.

The new frontier of

Higher education.

c4fe6a  No.2597324

File: 8d90f1893187165⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 238x211, 238:211, images-2.jpg)

File: 966d1bcf5d2545f⋯.jpg (10.15 KB, 240x210, 8:7, 2018-07-18-18-11-03-532593….jpg)

File: 44acadb615a8e47⋯.jpg (10.83 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2448826869e34115e543d7e94a….jpg)


Crop circles,

programed with software,

Made by men.

c4fe6a  No.2597375


You couldn't see the big picture

Even when it's dumbed down

And put in front of your face.

A child has more reason, common sense and Intelligence that you have, but of course you've undergone a lot more brainwashing than a child.

c4fe6a  No.2597574

File: 7ff55b55621c829⋯.jpg (9.87 KB, 188x268, 47:67, images-1491.jpg)

File: 3691336776dde1f⋯.jpg (13.75 KB, 184x274, 92:137, images-698.jpg)

File: f344403a7b081be⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-452.jpg)





YOU ARE. You make shit up to fit your narrative. Quit lying. Quit using Q for your lies.

cc7e47  No.2602989

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ok technically there was no /CE-5/ here and a number of clues suggest this is man-made, but wow what a sighting!

Lake Norman, NC

The cameraman did not take the next step of attempting to engaging with the craft thru consciousness>>2546322

. Probably he just didn't know any better, yet.>>2561756



cc7e47  No.2603045

File: 6784a5f6802d08a⋯.jpeg (2.18 KB, 167x302, 167:302, images (1).jpeg)

48cc43  No.2603567

File: 24f383cefd074b9⋯.jpg (171.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 3_29_alternance_directions….jpg)

File: 6329e4f29d4ac1b⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 600x584, 75:73, beaumont_ten_nodes.jpg)


Crop circles are made by bending certain wheat stalks somehow so they form geometric patterns viewed from above. These patterns are reminiscent of "Sacred Geometry".

The entire work is done in a few seconds.

This is not done by technology currently known to the surface human population.

Video at link


48cc43  No.2603714


This is not how you film a UFO. The footage leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks for the link anyways.

c4fe6a  No.2604386

File: a00041aeefe3462⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images-284.jpg)

File: d49669062cfcd7e⋯.jpg (6.47 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 2018-08-14-11-24-08-203254….jpg)


>this is man-made, but wow what a sighting

c4fe6a  No.2604577


It's man-made software technology. It fabricates using frequencies and executes the pattern, AI.

They've used it for years to fuck with people's heads.

But you saw YouTube videos with no and believe aliens came to draw you a geometric shape, right?

They are bakers, always baking, and then they roll it out and you swallow it.

That's their style.

c4fe6a  No.2605154

File: 28d9f11297c2a6a⋯.png (12.96 KB, 255x168, 85:56, b1e5ccbb873cf5e7ff31030fbb….png)

We are sacred geometry. God made us that way. Like his Word says, he spoke the universe into existence. Here's some water vibrating geometry. One is peaceful one is not. MKUltra frequency manipulation… They know how to make it evil. Thoughts have frequencies. That's how you get jacked.

Q had crumbs and direct links on that.

Our DNA has musical notes in it.

No "aliens" or master needed.

That's a myth.

c4fe6a  No.2605266

File: ef1fbefee0041cc⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 218x231, 218:231, images-430.jpg)

File: af9f7933eb65f49⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 241x209, 241:209, images-192.jpg)

Why did they change concert A from 432hz to 440hz in the 1800s, 1930s in US? Think of their puppet rock stars and music over the past 50 years. Why?

To fuck with our frequency.

They already knew.

None of this shit you attribute to aliens or masters is true.

You're been played.

25d442  No.2605283

File: d516b7274aeaddb⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 306x423, 34:47, 1.jpg)

File: 740017cd828f6d7⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, 2.png)

File: 7e8979fa542e245⋯.png (1.01 MB, 674x2032, 337:1016, 3.png)

File: c6cd9c527810a98⋯.png (618.3 KB, 937x2798, 937:2798, 4.png)

File: 2a2247fcdacdac5⋯.png (2.42 MB, 685x4057, 685:4057, 5.png)

Been following along with some of the Kenton Island digs, and thought I'd chime in with some digs on a nearby island in the Puget Sound–especially since Q #1869 asked:

Do people travel to islands to [Fish]?

How many billionaires own islands?

How many billionaires live on islands?

Much of the dig revolves around the testimony of Tony Rodriguez, whose tale is complicated and fascinating to listen to. He's given scores of interviews with many interviewers/research that you can search out for yourself. The Quick Rundown (just giving relevant detail here) is that in the 1980's he went thru TBMC starting at about 9 years of age at a facility somewhere near China Lake, in which they trained children to be psychics. Says they then brought him to Peru where he would board C-130's loaded with cocaine, be given an IV drug drip, and while unconscious, could provide useful info for the smugglers. At around puberty he lost the ability, then was sent back to Seattle to work for as a sex slave on the estate of a now deceased billionaire who was a practicing Satanist. Said they'd host political fundraisers, kids were bought and sold there and that sometimes guys from the military take kids from the property to bring to events. Also describes the pedo blackmail aspect of things where the kids would be on the lawn, naked and chained up, and there'd be someone in the bushes with a camera/telescopic lens to get compromising material on these politicians. Also talks about being forced to drink the blood of a murdered 5-6 year old boy…


Now, I will say that Tony doesn't mention the name of the island, the name of the billionaire/satanist nor the name of the estate (he claims he's doing so because he "doesn't want to stir up the hornets nest") but I used my autism to narrow it down to one candidate that meets all the criteria.

Criteria (according to Tony's testimony):


>Died a few years back (I think he said 'sometime in the 2000's')

>Owned or managed a shipping business

>Lived on a island you can ferry to from Seattle

>"He had 6-7 houses on 500 acres

>Explicitly called the 500 acre estate "a farm"


25d442  No.2605284



There's pretty much only one person/place that fits all the criteria: Thomas J. Stewart/Vashon's 525-acre Misty Isle Farm

He supposedly died in a helicopter accident in 2010, which after nearly 3 years was ruled an accident, but his lawyer disagrees, and ya know, 7/10

Not sure who owns the estate now

From one of the linked articles: Stewart was a stalwart Republican who held summer picnics at his expansive Island estate that drew GOP luminaries such as Newt Gingrich, Jack Kemp and Trent Lott.

"Stewart was the chairman and CEO of Services Group of America, a privately held food service corporation that he founded more than 20 years ago…"

I'm not sure if there's much more I can say that Tony doesn't do a better job of describing or that isn't laid out in shared articles

Maybe anons can dig more into Thomas J. Stewart and connect some more dots





P.S. Something I didn't mention, but is relevant is that the stuff Tony talks about is really 'out there'–another tier above the typical SRA stuff. Tony claims that he your typical alien abduction experience at around 9 years of age, but that, in essence, his consciousness/mind/soul was copy-pasted into a Military Industrial Complex MK ULTRA clone body used for 20 years of essentially slave labor in what is known as a "20 and back". Corey Goode and others talk about this type of stuff, but apparently there are various techniques/technologies involved with 20 and backs. In Tony's case, there were essentially 2 of him, neither one really aware of the other. Slave Tony served his 20 years, much of it off planet, before being killed/retired, and Regular Tony simply thought he had a typical alien abduction experience as a child and that was the full extent of it until he had an MRI done in 2015 and then a total recall of Slave Tony's memories a few weeks later. How Regular Tony gained access to his clone's memories is somewhat of an existential mystery implying the mind/consciousness/soul is nonlocal, but he did mention that Regular Tony would sometimes dream about what Clone Tony was experiencing roughly in realtime and that when Clone Tony would go through a rough/emotional experience, Regular Tony would feel inexplicably down/depressed. Again, I realize this is pretty far out stuff, but more and more people seem to be coming out of the woodwork to talk about this 20 and back stuff, and Tony speculates from the memories he's accessed that this type of stuff happens in the millions and would help to explain the Pentagon's missing $20 trillion.


25d442  No.2605290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c4fe6a  No.2605394


Thanks for that info Anon.

Clones and MKUltra,

programmable wetware ?

Using frequencies?

It seems to be the most secret tech.

Hope it gets OWLd, if it hasn't already.

25d442  No.2605758


Ketron Island*

c4fe6a  No.2608407

File: 8db8410bcde4e8e⋯.jpg (196.27 KB, 1005x1200, 67:80, DkhOcDrUUAAzwer.jpg)

File: ae4a1458189e224⋯.jpg (204.03 KB, 677x1200, 677:1200, Dj7YoWIV4AIgKjS.jpg)

File: 51c4ff6f8473d4a⋯.jpg (91.99 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DkhMyohW4AEHCEQ.jpg)


Technical Note re: Calculation of Wind Compensation For Launching of Unguided Rockets,

library copy dated April 17, 1962

Pictures show fake Parker Sun Probe mission. Headed into the ocean.

NASA lies, and

NASA is evil.

0187fa  No.2614151

File: 7bff5ebed633bb8⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 540x826, 270:413, sei_25069387-44f4.jpg)

Police investigating death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers ‘facing disciplinary action’

A BRITISH UFO hunter who died after vomiting two litres of black liquid had his laptop wiped by authorities before it was returned to his family, a court today heard.



>Spiers – who claimed to have survived a secret government ‘super soldier’ programme – was found dead at the house of girlfriend Monika Duval in Poland in 2016, allegedly after ‘vomiting black fluid’.

>officers in Poland are facing disciplinary action over their investigation into his death.

>Spiers laptop was also wiped, his mother’s solicitor said.

All that just because "there is nothing out there"?

63e444  No.2616309


More likely, he discovered the government's MKUltra involvement in the fake psyop abductions.

Being a victim himself and ending up dead. Maybe no such agency has his laptop contents.

Which seems more probable?

And if you look at what the victims remember and report (after their memories are manipulated and fucked with, MKUltra style) it doesn't reconcile with ET fanatics pushing the line, they don't interfere, they don't harm, they're here to help us, etc.

That's a major contradiction.

These people are harmed, and he's dead. And seriously, the witnesses have memories of some sort of tampering with their sexual parts. Sounds more like the evil humans. And this guy, Mkultra soldier, trying to find out who's fucking with everybody.

3df47e  No.2616721


Sumerian cuneiform tablets from roughly 6000 years ago, perhaps???

or babylonian?

or maybe Amorite?

or maybe Hittite?

or Harran?

or Egyptian?

or other ancient civilization?

most of the writings from those mentioned (above) include reference to "gods" who "from Heaven to Earth came"

a winged disc is prominent across cultures and millenia, as are depictions of flying machines: "whirlie birds", "Whirlwinds", "big black birds"

all that would picture the "gods" to be wearing helmet, earphones and other paraphenalia in carvings.

part of the sacred temple space in each city, was the "heaven earth bond" and landing pad/garage set up for the flying machine of that "god".

The winged disc in the hieroglyphs was widely known as Nibiru, another planet within our solar system with a BINARY orbit and entering our solar system approx every 3600 years.

Ancient civilizations knew WAY more than us about astronomy/cosmology/cosmogony, healing/surgery/medicine, building (pretty much everything).

Think about this Sumerians, Babylonians and Egyptians all knew about neptune, uraneus, and pluto MILLENIA before we "discovered" them in the 1700's.

3df47e  No.2616861


my point is this:

If the "bad guys" (the EVIL ones) want to "control the world", what better way than to dumb down the population by hiding/obfuscating knowledge from the people OF the world.

RIGHT NOW, no ONE is talking about the celestial bodies that have entered our solar system. Wait, Fox news ran an article on their website 9 days ago, but implying it is nothing

https:// www.foxnews.com/science/2018/08/06/massive-glowing-rogue-planet-spotted-drifting-in-space.html

it is closer than they suggests as it is impacting the Earth's magnetosphere right NOW and causing our HUGE increase of earthquakes, storms, strange light effects in the sky (Q- "SKY EVENT") and

No ONE is talking about THE MOON IS SIDEWAYS!!!!

The Earth's axis has CHANGED and no one is noticing!!!!!

3df47e  No.2616871

0187fa  No.2616989


The universe is big enough for more than one type of ETs to exist.

Some are here to help, some are not.

When's the lat time you heard about an alien abduction? These things don't happen anymore - for a good reason.

0187fa  No.2616995

056e2d  No.2619183


"This object is 20 light-years from Earth" Thats pretty far my anon… 20 light years is VERY FAR from our solar system. 32020 is a number I am going to give you… its a big number… An Astronomical Unit is the distance earth is from the sun… This planet that you claimed is "entering our solar system" is 32,020 Soar Systems away if you were to lay solar systems side by side it would take that many to reach this other rogue planet. So it's fucking nothing… On your "impacting earth's magnetosphere" statement, well that extends infinitely out from the earth actually so this does not mean jack shit as magnetism drops off with the fucking CUBE of the distance. It is also entering earth gravitational field if you want to be all crazy and that is a BIGGER nothing because that drops off with the SQUARE of the distance. If it is closer than 20au post the sauce… and this is coming from a guy who goes outside and tries to photograph UFO's on a regular basis and is mildly convinced that there is a possibility that there is a hole to inner earth at the south pole… You really gotta lay of the acid or you are a shill…

051a47  No.2619344

File: 5bebb2e72d773fe⋯.png (562.69 KB, 877x455, 877:455, superspam.PNG)


An email apparently released by WikiLeaks has revealed ex-spaceman Edgar Mitchell wrote to American politician John Podesta, to tell him the Vatican knows extraterrestrials exist and want to share "zero point energy" with us.

wikileaks search term = terribillionairs@aol.com

0187fa  No.2619447


Thanks for the attempt of installing some reason into that shill.

Truth is LOGICAL.

0187fa  No.2619461


also fits very well with


056e2d  No.2619729


Yeah anon, ofcourse. No mystical psychic bullshit is really necessary in all this. We still live in a physical world that has certain rules. Does not meat AT ALL that we KNOW/APPLY those rules to the full extent of their ability. In fact I think we are shockingly primitive. Check out some of the John Fromm Cargo Cult info that is out there. Whenever I find something that looks like a Cargo Cult (S. Greer et. al. is in this general direction IMO) I avoid it. Same goes for anything that is an Infomercial (ATTS/Gaia) is an Infomercial. Who pays for their stage sets? = fake.

0187fa  No.2619815


I agree with you but not completely. Don't look at a specific person or movement when analyzing an entire phenomenon, CE-5 is just a fancy name for "let the good guys with telepathic sensitivity find you". I did this before I even heard about Steven Greer.

056e2d  No.2620358


Yeah that is a distinct possibility. What I don't like about Greer is the money. There is always some way to pay the guy. I understand stuff takes money but still… It always makes things questionable. Also the 2 glowing orange balls thing is super easy to fake. Who knows though. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" may very well apply when it comes to this stuff. The same way my cell phone would be magic to George Washington.

056e2d  No.2620449


Yeah these emails say a LOT about what is going on in the world. I would love to get my hands on some ZPE

0187fa  No.2620502

63e444  No.2620711


Hanokh describes these "gods" in explicit detail, the fallen angels, called watchers, that married and bred with humans. They lived on Mt. Herman, where the UN has property. Rockefeller or Roth, sorry I don't have my research in front of me but think it was Rockefeller, bought the land. Why? Not for extraterrestrials! There were 200 watchers who took an oath with each other to do the exceptionally evil acts.

It's not a mystery.

It has links to Antarctica.

They are not allowed to leave earth. Most, except for 10% of the 1/3rd of the angels thrown out of heaven, are in the abyss. That's who NASA/Illuminati bloodlines worship.

Earth is a closed system. You are putting all your beliefs in NASA, the people who lied about every aspect of our earth and made up the solar system models for their own evil purposes, which you follow line, hook & sinker..

Without their brainwashing you with lies about millions of universes and galaxies, you would have no basis to believe this fairy tale. It's grounded in Evil

And you abandon God long ago.

63e444  No.2621004

File: bfe59d86e78a5be⋯.jpg (9.19 KB, 239x210, 239:210, images-211.jpg)


Yeah, it progressed to the next stage of the psyop, which has practically become MSNs, definitely Hollywood, your internet buddies (probably your only friends now) stage, and I'm guessing you spend 40hrs a week getting programmed. It's still UKs baby. We just develope the [kill] tech to off us and have spent trillions on the NASA mouthpiece actors.

But, noooooo

It's ufos

My guess is you people are 17-28 right? And you have a hard time selling reservations I bet too.

28af7b  No.2621206


Try asking Elon or Charlize?

They might be happy enough to share us some stills/pics of how Rhodesia looks like in 2018.

63e444  No.2622390

File: 5402048897830f4⋯.jpg (161.11 KB, 720x720, 1:1, low-earth-orbit.jpg)

File: 34d67697fdd9410⋯.jpg (65 KB, 500x519, 500:519, parachutes.jpg)

File: 378d70d91b1d214⋯.png (12.11 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 144db5cea624cf9e3b01e85622….png)


Oooooo a 33° former astronaut from NASA, the very ones who tell you what "truth" is, and the Vatican. Now that's a team you can trust.

What level of brainwashing are you at now?

3df47e  No.2633823


if you look at the current magenetosphere images, and sechi they show something is less than 1 AU from earth.

(not a shill and not dumb)

after all this Q stuff since OCT, do you think it is possible FOX news is NOT telling the truth???

just saying

44ee9e  No.2634475

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Think Logically.

Who offers you the tools (hypothesis) for disclosure in a scientifically sound manner?

Who promises you will have UFO sightings like this in response to testing the hypothesis?

Who is most hated among shills in this thread?


Who formulated the hypothesis?

/OurGuy/ SG.

What does SG teach and promote that makes him so hated?

What is the ce(5)ntral theme of his past/upcoming documentaries?

Do YOU want the tools to the kingdom?

This guy who shot this video did. And /OurGuy/ ET backed him up.


0be372  No.2636038

File: aa8ef137687d9ef⋯.jpg (114.25 KB, 680x672, 85:84, DkGexo2W0AAgyv6.jpg)

Light years?

Discern lies.

It makes a difference.

0be372  No.2636097

File: 2c6ca8441f1b747⋯.png (5.42 KB, 255x133, 255:133, e04c16e9ce85225b64c6119707….png)

0be372  No.2636153

File: 3d6f4f0f4cfacc6⋯.jpg (5.99 KB, 255x133, 255:133, 7182bbfc1f89f019feab04645e….jpg)

db810d  No.2636193

A real ufo would behave like a ship and captain arriving in a foreign port. It would land engage in routine attempts to establish a relationship or depart. There are no ufo's something far more mind boggling is occurring. As we travel at 160 mps in three counter-clockwise motions through the basic fabrics, embedded technology is triggered by a range of causes. Underlying it all is a realm of computation inside a realm of information, that exists inside of every point. To travel here from a great distance requires understanding that realm and its operating procedures. The realm of computation applied to information moving outward creating complex objects is Zero One aka Almighty God. The realm information applied to computation moving inward to dissolve complex objects is One Zero aka God Almighty. They are completely different combinations of functions. If you wake up in a so called ufo, and enjoy it you win one point of 010 ~vs~ 101. Almighty is the boss. Study gospel of Phillip to understand the inward motion of homogeneity, where infinitely small objects retain their spatial relationship sizes. If you access a node it looks like a circular room. Allowing individuals to access nodes is a form of heterogeneity, as diversity of thought forms. We humans are creators, who become self editing information patterns aka agencies of free will. Most sightings are real but ill defined, instead being quantum system events. IE; gain a node, get kicked out see a spectacular (metallic) ufo. Work diligently to acquire a node, see many orbs, grids and spheres, as you try to encode a unique identity sequence, capable of long range activities. Jesus is many peoples blueprint for success, trustworthy partner to Almighty.

Some compartments of government comfortably accept all of the above. It's impossible to create offensive weapons against fellow creators, you get kicked out. Two operators of nodes get locked in a dispute, 010-101 measures conflict and boots primary offender. Usually see outcome as classic large, multi-light ufo. Not good.

In short always seize control (nodes)in benign ways and be prepared to wait for output as incredibly stable, responsive, yellow-white spheres marking number of nodes, prime node is allowed to borrow (clones plus variables) for computations. Long range transportation is like swapping slices of bread from similar loaves. Don't need coordinate system, just seek similar parameter sets for basics of sun, air, soil and immunity. Engines surround transfer splice of equations (men materials) and perform closest match transfer instantaneously. Original engines duplicate themselves and stay with transferred equations as bracket. Allowing two way continuous transfers between chosen points. Almighty tolerates no funny business such as transferring piece of star to neighbors house. It's built in system of laws and rules for individuals who exist as civilization of one member and groups of two to infinite members, prevents both chicanery and loss of sanity to spread.

It's a system that runs our system, embedded technology 010-101.

After we pass through a section of basic fabrics 0/0=0/0 is the return to basic resource state as our system has passed. Pertinent history is stored in the zero. The rest washes away as static.

0be372  No.2637289

File: 863f862dbe9209e⋯.jpg (14.96 KB, 207x244, 207:244, images-1607.jpg)

File: 41217a6816fc425⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-499.jpg)


That does happen a lot in the movies.

I've witnessed it for 60 years.

It's like the same act over and over.


It's like the same act over and over.



It's like the same act over and over.


It's like the same act over and over


It's like the same act over and over




0be372  No.2637547


Full. Of. Shit.

4391fa  No.2637898


The extreme shilling encounteted only gives you legitimacy.

>the protocol for contact is this and that, you can see the results here and here.



1d1234  No.2638228

File: a7cf3b13164f531⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images-563.jpg)


I'm not a shill, so don't flatter your bullshit self. You are more brainwashed than an MKUltra slave.

You truly are a pathetic lot to believe this psyop, and you are death, dumb and blind, or you could actually use logic and reason to figure the TRUTH out.

If just one person realizes you are a bunch of quackers, it's a good result.

372107  No.2638295




Another good one Commander General.

Do you see your stupid reasoning there bubba?

8f50b4  No.2644603

can't believe most of you are still entrapped in the lies of GOD IS GOOD or GOD WILL SAVE YOU bullshit. the cabal has a thousands arms to control you. religion is just another one, if you look at the bible or the coran you would know how truly sick these religions are…


from this site you can find many other sources that debunked religions. just keep an open mind

a70700  No.2646677


greer gets hate for being a limited hang out psy op shill.

He takes a truth (CE-5) and uses it to push a lie (negative ET's DO NOT / CAN NOT exist, and anyone who claims otherwise is a dirty liar) when in fact our government works with negative ET's. Greer claims that is lies and just the result of mk ultra programing.

Why do so many spooks trust and talk to him? because he provides cover for them, lets out some small truth to the believers to push his no negative et's/ the government is here to help false narrative.

CE-5 is real, GREER is a lying tool.

7ac829  No.2649017

File: d4ae370c30f0231⋯.jpg (16.88 KB, 236x322, 118:161, 5f9ba921a28511b61a3c65c422….jpg)

File: a98251250c28c00⋯.jpg (17.34 KB, 236x248, 59:62, c83d11daee3196a1bc2f24ec0b….jpg)


He will save us. You don't know because you channel DEMONS.

See where that gets you.

7ac829  No.2649097

File: 53f2f991fa2d374⋯.jpg (19.8 KB, 236x286, 118:143, e219daf4990aa8b4f4c8d94bfe….jpg)

Your masters.

The evil scum of our world.

Enemy of GOD

Who you hate

7ac829  No.2649150

File: 700e68a03f56067⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 236x234, 118:117, 37ff3c1d523ba524db9ac02e8f….jpg)

File: 0b01787dfefdac8⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 236x346, 118:173, cf7675a23745e7622be419d153….jpg)

Deaf dumb and blind

Following lies,

WITHOUT logic reason

Or brain cell activity.

Children are smarter than you.

I pray you don't have any to lead astray.

de79eb  No.2649207


Atheists of the World Unite

de79eb  No.2649262


He has been promising that crap for 25+ years, and hyping his "briefings".

He was a transcendental meditation instructor first, so all of his aliens conveniently respond to his meditations.

He is still turning a profit now that his money from crazy rich people dried up.

He personally invented the "protocols" and magically the aliens understood them and responded with "lights in the sky" .

His little alien mummy was a fraud

ec4831  No.2649583

File: 066183c850cdb15⋯.jpg (30.94 KB, 556x303, 556:303, sup.jpg)

ec4831  No.2649791

File: 00ae3967c38c186⋯.png (33.33 KB, 453x225, 151:75, aatip.png)

File: 5d4564455dd8145⋯.png (464.22 KB, 631x926, 631:926, ussf_fanpage_tweet.png)

File: 4786e4766ee6176⋯.pdf (1.11 MB, CREC-2018-04-09.pdf)


Link further proving Congressional interest in UFOs, courtesy of the unofficial Space Force twitter page.

137474  No.2650142


No, brainwashed idiots everywhere


Learn the difference grasshopper.

137474  No.2650209


Until this year, under the Trump Administration and Generals, congress was controlled by the deep state cabal Masonic luciferians.

You learn nothing

And your brain has been abducted by

U nified

F orced programming

O perations for

S uckers

137474  No.2650224

137474  No.2650247

File: ae881e696b868e4⋯.jpg (7.67 KB, 240x210, 8:7, images-315.jpg)


Blankenship Ship

Now boarding

3d44b0  No.2650374

File: ea0fdaacb8fd4f5⋯.png (91.51 KB, 1697x601, 1697:601, thegreatawakening.PNG)


It was linked earlier in the thread


3d44b0  No.2650551



this app?

051a47  No.2650807

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cliff high 30 min mark antartica / voyager probe

05f85e  No.2651178

File: 963045e32e87ac2⋯.jpg (55.04 KB, 383x680, 383:680, DObdG_MWAAAuul1.jpg)

File: 6ca279429bacd9b⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 509x366, 509:366, DhCg30xU8AEl8KU-1.jpg)

Your brains under programming.

Don't forget who's running your show.

051a47  No.2651222


New Uranus Moon Discovered News | January 1, 1985

The new satellite, designated 1985 U1, is the sixth known to orbit Uranus. It is about 75 kilometers (45 miles) in diameter, and occupies an orbit 86,000 kilometers (53,500 miles) from the center of the planet, between the moon Miranda and the outermost of Uranus' nine known rings. The moon orbits Uranus every 18 hours, 17 minutes, 9 seconds

05f85e  No.2651243

File: 3ab5483985d4469⋯.jpg (15.11 KB, 236x181, 236:181, 5084a28944128daf1071b38423….jpg)

File: ecd0aed12d92dd5⋯.jpg (11.86 KB, 150x358, 75:179, 9122b1c4385cd76cdc2e982f78….jpg)



Operation Highjump

Where they searched for the outer edge.

Operation Fishbowl

Where they found the ceiling.

Hollywood knows

05f85e  No.2651360

File: 1d22c9fa200531e⋯.jpg (15.97 KB, 236x305, 236:305, bec3725b2cf13d30602df2be93….jpg)

File: 6a6873d88d586d6⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 287x395, 287:395, bf967506744769d721b4a9eff1….jpg)


Not so fast with the NASA lies and fake photographs.

05f85e  No.2651412

File: 8971fcef46173c6⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 639x629, 639:629, C5oQE4iWcAA53IN.jpg)


Try using the scientific method with logic.

Discern truth.

051a47  No.2651480


The study is titled ‘Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth’s Surface: Human and Environmental Health Implications’. The study’s authors are J. Marvin Herndon, Raymond D. Hoisington, and Mark Whiteside. The paper was published on March 30, 2018, by Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International. [1]

This study points out that a previous study, from 2007, (D’Antoni et al. 2007) also found that UV-C and more UV-B than expected were reaching Earth surface, and that the previous study had inexplicably not been followed up on, to determine its validity.

The recent study by Herndon et al. may help in part to explain a mysterious and extremely ominous recent-years change to Earth environment: the puzzling mass death or massive reduction of many lifeforms in many parts of the planet.

05f85e  No.2651562

File: dd75d99f69306c8⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 236x236, 1:1, c25af739be492ba17c7bad7c50….jpg)

File: 492668e62444176⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 236x368, 59:92, c60e9439804a959369120c1545….jpg)

File: 96f7b029a8a5598⋯.jpg (16.2 KB, 236x332, 59:83, f1084932fb8c0b1afa3e0337ad….jpg)

Yeah, what he said.


05f85e  No.2651627

File: 709d4758c6f9a4e⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 240x158, 120:79, DkkPz_nXcAA_Jds.jpg)

How far away did they TELL you it is?

7691e6  No.2652265

I have noticed a star, that is visible before sun set. East coast, us. It is in the Eastern sky. 45mins before sunset.

7691e6  No.2652474

Looking for anything good here? Better luck finding g a preist that has NOT abused a child!

ac60a2  No.2652714

File: 8002cdb404d0e73⋯.png (286.69 KB, 491x286, 491:286, ClipboardImage.png)


f4f30d  No.2653009

File: a20ec2ed82a07d9⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 1261be127e52b305fdca886920….jpg)

File: 62e0c5785a8ae26⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 236x451, 236:451, 60bcb1144e7850d42b01b22093….jpg)


UFOs are Sci-Fi


f4f30d  No.2653042

File: 7fa62170508f328⋯.jpg (6.22 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-697.jpg)

This is you on UFOs.

Cha cha cha chakra,


Demons with NASA

19b749  No.2654878

Shit this thread is infested with flattard idiots. *Sigh* Time to move on…

e8bfc2  No.2654939


It's mostly just one guy that's been going on and on for the last week.

ec4831  No.2655476


If something is heavily shilled, what does that tell you about it?

c6a442  No.2656469

File: 49763dd50190e98⋯.jpg (7.76 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 0c221e3bf97953b40936995234….jpg)


Look deeper. With deep-state, it's like poking a bear, and a counterop may be initiated. CIA hasn't been on this board in a while, according to the anons.

With political, it's like they want to wreck any opposition.

A troll just aimlessly fucks with you for fun.

But you saying "shills" are here is a convenient way for you to counter the evidence presented by honest anons in order to "validate" what you claim.

It's fallacy. A way for you to NOT listen, not think, not reason, not consider ANYTHING presented that goes against your narrative.

In other words, there are no "shills" here, you are simply brainwashed and full of bullshit. Stupid in real time. A similar reason for why true autist's run your lying sorry asses off of the research threads. You just market, without research. Level of brainwashing is truly astounding. Do you wake up and salute you're master of the universe too? It's simply an orchestrated marvel comic.

That's how dumbed down you are.

509f1a  No.2657153

One who was distracted by shills would miss the importance of what was posted here and also in the previous bread, which I will archive and link important posts once it 404s (it was also heavily shilled, suprise suprise)

>>256741 (lb)

Here are a few notable posts from this bread alone:

Notice how they reference a wide array of reports yet still form a basic cohesive picture.











Shill efforts to obfuscate this are in vain. Q team is headed into a certain direction and anons with half an intuitive brain know where that is.

0c820c  No.2657664

File: 52b5bd31b3eeba6⋯.jpg (494.17 KB, 1280x1120, 8:7, 168762583145987.jpg)

0c820c  No.2657672

File: ad62bcb2adeb63e⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 720x630, 8:7, demons_not_aliens.jpg)

509f1a  No.2657709

File: 73eaea9ff5f7a3c⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 800x7200, 1:9, 57b.jpg)

c6a442  No.2657848

File: 026b9da5ac12bea⋯.jpg (48.71 KB, 382x680, 191:340, DhaSybrX0AAJMsF.jpg)

File: b1b7953096ca54e⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 564x400, 141:100, DhIj0EXX0AUyI3L.jpg)

File: 80ef7e22765bba2⋯.jpg (9.13 KB, 224x225, 224:225, images-321.jpg)



Truth is a distraction now.

That's a good one.

You have to be a special kind of idiot to fall for this bullshit.

And you would need to ignore everything Q has said about these people you are believing in.

Quit trying to use Q

to validate your LIES.


c6a442  No.2658321

File: b74a6ce0d5b8977⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images-372.jpg)


just a few Q issues

for you:


— Dig Autists!!

— Their symbolism will be their downfall.

— Know your enemy.

— Who serves the "chair?"

— Who's the master?

— Be careful of who you follow.

— GOD WINS!!!!!



and you learned nothing

about MSN.

Do you see the problem with what you're trying to sell?

Yet you want to say

you're Q endorsed.


051a47  No.2658755

File: bf82f3136aceffa⋯.png (51.21 KB, 561x225, 187:75, x-45.PNG)


DreamHammer Corporation (SKYNET JR ?)

Dr. Michael Leahy, Jr.

As Chief Product Officer, Leahy provides technical, operational and strategic executive level leadership for a startup technology company focused on monetizing their DoD heritage technologies and expertise for commercial markets.

Prior to joining Northrop Grumman in 2007, Leahy had a distinguished 27-year U.S. Air Force career retiring as a Colonel. Over that span, Leahy made significant contributions to the advancement of aerospace technology and advanced systems. He was a professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology; led the DARPA/USAF UCAV ATD (X-45A) from conception through first flight; and served as director of the Air Vehicles Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratory and as vice director of the 448th Combat Sustainment Wing.

c6a442  No.2658951

File: 08c811959202f08⋯.jpg (40.15 KB, 680x404, 170:101, Dkq03KjUwAAG47l.jpg)


the ones you trust

for the news.

Why the flood of UFO propaganda and this shit?

1) it sets Russia further up to be seen as an enemy; gives credence to their fake "Russian Conspiracy" claims and cover to space related FFs;

2) it takes our eyes of the real news; arrests and suicides of paedophiles, exposure of sex slave trafficking and pedo in Hollywood and the elites; and feeds their PSYOP = you people.

3) it further sets up their UFO/space FFs they've been working since the 1930s, and probably before.

e52f73  No.2661732


Perhaps the ff is meant to convince man that anything coming from space is evil and here to kill us, alienating us from any and all life out there. That's what I've always suspected Project Blue Beam to be about.

2406f0  No.2661745


u r gay lol faggot

7574c7  No.2661946

File: 2961585c40d72e3⋯.jpg (11.03 KB, 620x368, 155:92, cylander.jpg)


i saw one like this a while back as well.

c6a442  No.2661976

File: 485ceb637ee2829⋯.jpg (18.61 KB, 236x287, 236:287, 12badce18c404c9532fdd4ab7d….jpg)


Project Blue Beam was conceived over 50 years ago. A fake apocalyptic event using hologram tech. But the cover was blownn, though I don't doubt they have adapted the tech for other "look in the sky events." They also have all amateur astronomers looking to a tiny spot in the sky programed with EQ. That seems like no coincidence. Axis 6.66 more Masonic satanic math.

These "UFO" advanced space weaponry projects are designed specifically to provide a genocide burnt sacrifice backdrop. That's the only objective with these people.

They already know the status of lifeforms, they are only real in the movies. And you people's minds. It's documented but you refuse to leave your fantasy launchpad.

c6a442  No.2662019

File: 08dc5ebeb580341⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images-196.jpg)


And you are a genius of unfathomable proportions.

509f1a  No.2662042

File: 2324091a0824f6f⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 604x437, 604:437, awakened population beatin….jpg)


Instead of being educated on the basics of extraterrestrial/UFO phenomenon and the importance of spiritual development in successful discernment between positive and negative ones, those seeking to sow discord rile up the thread with their narrow minded bait. Do not reply.

c6a442  No.2662099

File: 7b7d35d04c3dc28⋯.png (13.72 KB, 255x175, 51:35, 8b1004c59167478efa072d46c1….png)


Oh please. Did you learn that in one of your meditation classes or in a women's study group on "how to assert your sensitivity?"

Time to grow up.

2406f0  No.2662178


nigga, you lost

ssp alliance and earth alliance currently blowing you the fuck out. get fucked loser.

sucka fish can't swim little bish, suck on these fucking nuts.

7574c7  No.2662224


I could definitely see the Catholic Church being related to those Qposts. I think Q is not the "vehicle" that can be used to deliver UFO/alien information. Its just not the right tool, simple as that. Q and the chan boards are a weapon, simple as that. They are used now to smash the cabal and in the future to keep the cabal from reforming ever again. Anything related to aliens or ufo's or whatever will require a totally different resource.

Is it possible or even likely that they do not exist and all we are looking at is asshole people with hidden advanced tech that we all paid for for the last hundred years and they kept hidden? I would say this is VERY VERY likely. If there is an ET presence though it is a worthy goal to learn about it and prepare for it.

Remember my anon, Not too long ago The Fed printing infinite money was considered insane conspiracy theory. CPS being a pedo delivery-service was tinfoil-hat, 9-11 not being exactly what Bush and Cheney said it was was tin-foil hat to the highest degree. Chemtrails were bat-shit crazy shit-tier conspiracy. MKultra still ongoing and highly advanced was viewed as complete shit. etc etc… I could go on and on.

Truth is we don't know. We believe… We have hunches… We have educated guesses. We have evidence that is stacking, etc. Someone could tear the organized Churches to fucking shreds today with what is coming out. Does this make your religion and beliefs garbage??? I don't think so. I think it makes you lied to is all, just like the rest of us. If you don't like the UFO board then don't worry about it too much. Be glad that is is happening here and not on the main board right? Be glad its not happening on the religion board right? Personally I have seen more UFO's than I have seen miracles from Jesus. Simple as that. UFO: 3 Jesus:0

2406f0  No.2662326

c6a442  No.2662404

File: 0053660f6392488⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 277x182, 277:182, images-18.jpg)


That is really hilarious.

Can't even speak English

but training to "communicate" with lizards.

Got a real follower here.


2406f0  No.2662465


i'm a duppy hunter, my nigga. careful. hsssssss.

c6a442  No.2662504


You actually made some reasonable and logical deductions, considering the history of the enemy, and what's been unfolding.

Try this about "religion"

Take God out of the context

Of the men who made it.

I wish you would lose your religion. I wish you would lose your religion, lose it, that yoke around our necks, that God didn't put there.

God hates religion,

he hates it, he hates it,

and he says so.

God is so beautiful,

He's so beautiful.

His Word is so beautiful,

so beautiful, he's so beautiful

Without it.

He's so beautiful!!

c6a442  No.2662612

File: 82c86e2290bbb92⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 196x258, 98:129, images-1198.jpg)


Oooo a dumpy dumber.

Duppy hunter.

What's that…

I'm soooo scared now.

2406f0  No.2662636


fassyhole funnyman

smelln like lizard piss boy- o, chi-chi man fi dead and that's a fact

c6a442  No.2662671

File: f8bac5d8c388f83⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 60e036f55895ae89c908ece611….jpg)


Now I'm really really

really really scared.

Uh oh.


2406f0  No.2662732


it's happening

2406f0  No.2662760


i'll answer your question as you type your jewish ass response: you dying of aids because you're a fucking faggot. nice meme. lol eyg.

c6a442  No.2662792

File: ea33d109ec28c26⋯.jpg (16.67 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 754da79431681ab7b8b123a4a2….jpg)


Right, Willis.

You are getting funnier and funnier.

So funny

c6a442  No.2662842

File: ef03b027438b638⋯.jpg (13.01 KB, 216x255, 72:85, 765b6cfa45ed6ee1bba83fe708….jpg)


You sound so angry.

Bet you have problems

with that in your relationships.

Lashing out.

Uh Dumpy.

c6a442  No.2662865

File: 6554275004324ff⋯.png (8.39 KB, 255x173, 255:173, acdfcb99efabbdab0706e7c950….png)


Shaking in my boots.

Oh dear. Oh my. I'm

So so so scared

Of Dumpy.

abca4d  No.2662891


Does this concept fit the narrative of a demonic entity planning to Trick the human race into a one world government? with complete control of every action of every human, for the sake of "peace"?

sounds like a false flag alien invasion, which is actually the antichrist setting up the final stage to round up all humans into a permanent enslavement.

But GOD will return just at the right time to open our eyes to the deception, and banish satan and his evil minions into the flames of eternal hellfire…

b6015b  No.2663047


It does. And it sounds like a harvest going on, since the evil entity, Satan and the luciferians, have been busy at work erasing God from our society, and the world.

Aliens? Wake-up people. That's to lead you astray. It's a false teaching.

abca4d  No.2663067

File: 76ddad13fff2fd4⋯.jpg (160.71 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 31point39.jpg)


electrogravitics on a large scale…40 tons able to hover above the ground 3 or 4 feet in a hangar, silently, with fiber optics controls due to the large magnetic flux lines needed to counter the earths gravitational pull, but since a human can jump into the air at least a foot, indicates that gravity is weak, except when there is great mass , like with a block of gold or lead…weight is a reflection of density and the instant measure of electrogravitic attraction. Tesla coil is the key…pizza slices of copper cores wound with alarge copper ring on the outside and miles of very fine wire around the vertical center pipe, a tesla coil, very high voltages, very low amperages on the primary side of the spacecraft that is nothing more than a giant DC, square wave coil, the pizza slices are the secondary side, generating huge magnetic flux lines, by controlling which pizza slices of copper get connected, the direction is controlled, north, south, east, west up or down.

this youtube video is very boring as told by an engineer, but hidden in this videom (31:39) is a drawing of the craft, for a brief second or two.


abca4d  No.2663194



Deep State Lockheed Martin, etc, in the video he says curtains are raised in front of hangar doors, and police block intersections around Palmdale CA skunkworks area when these craft are flown at night straight up and away silently, no lights, very fast, very late at night…

b6015b  No.2663508

Boeing is also deep state. Both Boeing and Disney had MKUlra facilities on site back in the 60s to ?

CFR is a branch of the Masons, and the Jason Society (an Order of the Quest- Jason and the Golden Fleece, and Jason Group. The UFO planning came out if Jason in 1957 (Antarctica). All top elites, even from the Manhattan Project. It's been going on since then.

They set up the Mitre Corporation as a third party to arrange for the government defense contracts to go to their buddies. So, Lockheed, Boeing, all of them follow orders and carry out deep state agendas. If there is a bidding process, it's rigged.

Rand Corporation is another one. They held the "Deep Underground Construction Symposium" in 1959 on tunneling 45' dia. tunnels @ 5' per /hr. That's when they started building underground vaults and complex facilities for the elites to live in. Absolutely for humans by humans.

We were actually scheduled to die via destruction of the earth in 2000.

But, God says he will not let the earth be destroyed, and I trust God.

This is prep for FFs. The alien stuff, area 51, abductions, huge rouge planets, killer asteroids, and space itself, is a psyop. Lies. Look what it's doing, right on schedule.

We can only hope and pray that Potus is shutting that shit down. Of course, our ally in evil, UK, is doing their part, like the other countries.

NWO needs to die. That's when peace will come. Stop looking to outerspace for what us not there.


b6015b  No.2663588

File: c2156249d5afe95⋯.jpg (58.17 KB, 640x960, 2:3, cb1915e3d2582120104e966223….jpg)


It is Telsa, and these people's tech, ripped of by the feds.

Then, NASA has invented fake science for us, that's what we get, so the advanced tech will stay unidentifiable. Now, we see the news at the UN where they sought to blame Russia.

Please research the utter evilness of NASA.

745929  No.2663899


Funny, that's exactly what your mom said to your dad about 5 seconds after you were conceived.

25d442  No.2664068

File: 1fe09078127b14d⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 311x162, 311:162, 1fe09078127b14d56b9bb4845b….jpg)

File: 25ff59f87bb3e45⋯.jpg (128.72 KB, 404x305, 404:305, 1510465529951.jpg)

File: b4c28268d87f29c⋯.png (493.15 KB, 1257x703, 1257:703, Contact and the Cosmos Ste….png)

File: cc44a90c4d6070e⋯.jpg (182.2 KB, 1499x799, 1499:799, Nazca_Mummy.jpg)

File: e64caed035aadab⋯.jpg (57.65 KB, 610x256, 305:128, possible alien skull disco….jpg)


>push his no negative et's/ the government is here to help false narrative.

25d442  No.2664085


fuck the response i typed out was deleted

basically questioned that logic

cuz he def doesn't push the gov is here to help false narrative

latest film warns of fake news, false flags, tech. suppression and more and points the finger at the gov. (MIC)

He also highlights idea that vast majority of negative et reports/encounters are really just paramilitary stagecraft, with adv. tech., which is probably true

b6015b  No.2664290

File: de6b1cb73b1387e⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-530.jpg)


Seriously, the governments are totally capable of creating those. They are props. ET came out first in Hollywoodd, along with hundreds of space movies for a Reason. No coincidences.

And to say negs are "fact" when there are no facts except documental evidence of human tech (which you fully ignore) and plans to create UFO propaganda in furtherance of a false flag, (which you also ignore) is lacking logic reason and thinking. Where is your research? You have none.

It's fake, like the evidence shows.

b6015b  No.2664305


You fall into the government's hands. You are pushing their psyop, as they feed you propaganda.

b6015b  No.2664348

File: caae46efa23610c⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-640.jpg)

You should ask God.

Ask him, he's still there.

If you have no God, you're marked for destruction anyway. Just like the luciferians you follow so blindly, the ones doing a con job on you, and setting you up.

You don't even know where your feet go.

God says that too, but you're to dumb to listen to him.

509f1a  No.2664578

File: 36542281de39407⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1440x809, 1440:809, 278055-56487.png)


It's almost as if shill was completely BTFO and as usual has absolutely no response.

The validity of conscious contact is an anathema to the Cabal. Whoever experiences this has no chance of being reabsorbed into the Matrix.

Remember, if enough people use the report function mod team will eliminate the pests.

509f1a  No.2664603

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

UFO Filmed by Russian Cosmonaut Musa Manarov in March 1991 from the Mir Space Station.

Recognize the familiar "cigar" shape indicative of a Galactic Federation mothership?

509f1a  No.2664679

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's another account of Russian UFO experience with lots of video evidence.

You can see him explain some basic concepts encountered when someone researches UFO, including the distinction between positive&negative ETs.

2406f0  No.2665463

2406f0  No.2665469


haha wrong, faggot

2406f0  No.2665496

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2AypeZRfIMA" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

watch the "cosmic disclosure" series after this series, and realize how desperate all these pussy little shills on this board are.

2406f0  No.2665497


oops, this:


2406f0  No.2665546

"you will not be able to lie. no one will"

ed9a50  No.2666311

>The validity of conscious contact is an anathema to the Cabal

No, the validity of Your conscious contact, is communication with Satan and his demons.

God Wins.

What do you think these two words mean?

It's not a game. God isn't a word on a piece of paper in a multiple choice question.

ed9a50  No.2666369

File: cd66562a9f4da6d⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-550.jpg)

File: a98251250c28c00⋯.jpg (17.34 KB, 236x248, 59:62, c83d11daee3196a1bc2f24ec0b….jpg)




Q: Many feed the EYE.

Another thing you ignore while you call those pointing the truth out

"pussy shills."

You're headed for destruction, and not just your burnt bodies.

NASA in Hebrew means DECEIVER.

LOOK SEE the symbolism.

But, you ignore that too


to your doom.

You follow the Snake.

And your head is embedded to far up your ass, you've become blind. Blind leading blind.

ed9a50  No.2666485


Here's how utterly ignorant and dumb you are:


That's dark magic, witchcraft.

The Cabal and uses it in satanic rituals. It's Cabal Demon education to its deepest core of evil.

And you whip out that word like it's a good thing. Lol.

Read Book of Enoch.

Evil brought many things

to God's beautiful creation

to fuck with humans.

anathema is one of them.

But you don't have a reversal,

do you?

Stupid sheep. Follow Evil.

You're the dumbest of the lot.

God wins.

Not just words.

2406f0  No.2666702









we may have already met

2406f0  No.2666730



it's harvest time

they are facing their











2406f0  No.2666740

denial has no power to steer your fate

ed9a50  No.2666906

File: 9a96d5dbbcf1c81⋯.jpg (6.76 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-565.jpg)

File: d1b3822bf676d35⋯.jpg (8.59 KB, 241x209, 241:209, images-491.jpg)




Here's what you "met"

Not God.

God wins.

There's no changing that

ed9a50  No.2667958

File: ff9e64a3a547394⋯.jpg (393.01 KB, 719x678, 719:678, UFO-Art-16-CL.jpg)


Yeah, Commander Cobra

Is coming for you.

Your Snake god.

bee43c  No.2668774


Do NOT argue with him. It spoils the thread for everyone else.

b284ae  No.2675530

File: 875ad8c204e6177⋯.png (98.58 KB, 780x1040, 3:4, Mr.T.png)

Anons have idea as to what GR state means?

UFT=Unified Field Theory

EMF=Electromagnetic Frequency

e761a6  No.2675884


Sounds pretty fake, like trying really hard to mimic someone else's style.

Putting on a show.

Age: 22-24, gamer scammer

e761a6  No.2675903


What happened to no outside comms? Why are you bringing this fake crap on here? This is not related to the cause, just trying to disrupt like r but now it's t.

bee43c  No.2676865


Please respect this thread for what it's worth and don't discuss low quality LARPs that abuse basic concepts for cheap fame. I don't see any message in this post except for the obvious letter famefag attempt.

257af7  No.2677031

Bros. Imma tell you a lil' story.

I was active on a web forum where a little old lady sometimes came by to beat everyone over the head for not knowing shit about aliens and stuff like that. She is one of the leading characters in this New Age spirituality + aliens movement, and runs one of the more notorious web sites on the subject. She is also "the planetary messiah for this ascension event", and doesn't take lightly to naysayers!

Anyway, I have the habit of judging people based on whether they seem to truly believe what the say, and she did strike me as telling the truth (as she knows it anyway). That is to say, she is really doing meditations where she really is meeting a bunch of entities that really do tell her the things she claims she knows. I trust her fully that far. The only question is, is she the victim of some kind of brainwashing, or is any of this actually real?

To find out, I started interacting with her in PM's. I agreed with her on some of the points that did make sense to me, and then I asked if she could perhaps assist me in my journey by finding out what my life plan is. After all, I can't access the Akashic records, but she can, so it should be easy enough for her.

She was actually very reluctant. She was not in the business of doing "readings" for people, whether for free or paid. Let's just say it's not in the job description for "planetary messiahs"! But she did like me, so she agreed to make an exception. The next meditation session with her "guides" and astral coworkers, she asked my Higher Self to make himself known in case he had some message for me.

And whaddaya know, he did show up! She was very charmed and impressed by this character (apparently my "higher self", whatever that means), and he was super grateful for the opportunity to pass a message to me. From myself. Ehrm, I have no idea how this makes sense either, just roll with it.

As it turns out, I'm actually an ARCHANGEL on a very rare and special mission here on Earth! Unfortunately I lost track of my memory of whatever the fuck I'm supposed to be doing, but now I can reestablish my connection with my higher self, and she was very happy to assist in that regard, making me a member of her planetary ascension team.

If you believe I'm actually an ARCHANGEL, then you're a more trusting man than me, and I tip my fedora in respect. Myself, I backed out of this craziness slowly. Then she was pestering me about "coming to my senses" every time she saw me, until I gave up and killed that forum persona.

Lesson learned: this shit is 100 % real to the people involved in it. But it's all a huge BS psyop. I don't know if this is run by humans with skull tech, or by mischievous astral entities. Either way, it's crap.

bee43c  No.2677130


So did you have any PERSONAL experience or not? Posting on an internet forum does not make someone spiritual, neither does reading someone else's posts on that matter.

Demons love using that manner of communication to imprint themselves on weak susceptible people. They cannot harm positive spiritual people with sensitive BS detectors.

Was this old lady Barbara Marciniak?

257af7  No.2677294


Personal experiences of a "spiritual" or "supernatural" nature:

1. I have astrally projected a couple of times. While not an expert, I can personally verify the existence of the so-called "etheric buffer zone" before entering the astral proper, since that's where my little excursions took place.

2. I have experienced "timeline shifts" on several occasions. Passively when I was a small child, and actively as an adult, where I caused external reality to change by my own mental activity.

3. I've had a number of lucid dreams, and sometimes I've managed to take full control over the dream reality and mold it to my will.

4. I have had a "dream"/vision where I was attacked by "demonic" creatures. They wouldn't go away until I prayed to Jesus Christ. I'm not actually a Christian as such, but I can verify the effectiveness of prayers to Jesus at least.

I'll happily answer any questions about the above points if you're interested.

The old lady is not Barbara, and I intentionally left her name out, since I don't wish to dox her. The old bat in question is batshit crazy, but she is harmless and means well.

bee43c  No.2677346


Close enough anon. I don't know why you'd say "It's all a huge BS psyop" after those experiences.

257af7  No.2677407


Oh, I meant the "galactic federation" crap. Most of it seems to be designed to stick like glue to people with an ego problem. The little old lady I spke of found her "spiritual guides", and they told her she's "the planetary messiah". And when they wanted to suck me in, they called me "an archangel".

If you dream of being special and better and more important than everyone else, than this stuff is like sugar to catch flies. Personally, I'm just grossed out by it

There's definitely something "supernatural" out there, but I personally believe metaphysics is just physics we don't understand yet. I'm still undecided on whether "entities" we meet in the astral are REAL or only exist in our imagination though. Perhaps they're real, but exist in a different reality? I have no idea, I just try to keep an open mind and gather data.

For instance, in lucid dreams most characters are "dream puppets", they are clearly manifested by your own consciousness, programmed to represent something, and incapable of stepping outside the boundary of their programming.

But sometimes you meet someone who feels 100 % like a real person, just as endowed with a unique personality and free will as you yourself. Then you'll swear you actually MET someone!

But then, it's not that simple. I once had a lucid dream where I met a girl who was also having a lucid dream, and we were both really excited over having connected with a real human being in the dream world! So we exchanged names and addresses and memorized them, then we said goodbye and woke up on purpose, planning to catch up in the waking world.

I opened my eyes, kept repeating her personal details so they wouldn't get lost in the waking process, and then I rushed to my computer without even getting dressed.

She didn't exist. The town she lives in didn't exist, not on this version of Earth anyway.

But I'd still swear she was as real as I am, and she definitely wasn't lying to me, her excitement over our meeting was tangible and honest.

Things like this make me think our reality is multi-dimensional, and far more complex than we realize. We live in a "multiverse". Probably.

bee43c  No.2677503


You can have all sorts of experiences in the dream and astral plane. The quality of those experiences depend on your own level of spiritual development. Whether those you meet are misleading demons or real spiritual people depends on what you attract and how wise and discerning are you.

If you think the Galactic Federation is bull, try to look up in the sky and count the number of stars out there. What's the chance none of them have intelligent life that figured out spiritual development and Creation?

257af7  No.2677519


I'm not saying there aren't aliens out there. I'm not saying they aren't here to help. Maybe they are.

I'm just saying that whoever tries to hook people with obvious pandering to overblown egos is suspect.

"Archangel" my ass.

bee43c  No.2677580


Agreed. Human ego is an exploitable weakness.

e294b0  No.2678000

File: 667a906b680ab44⋯.jpg (16.73 KB, 218x255, 218:255, 2ab707373678ce43b21f8ef505….jpg)

File: d8bef66e50ebf0d⋯.jpg (9.8 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 764ed1140ab001885fbdd1b7fe….jpg)




Go back to Reddit or wherever the fuck you came from.

GTFO go find your own board fagots.

257af7  No.2679623


How can I be the faggot, when it's your butthole that's hurting?

c51aa9  No.2679787

File: 12bfc941c9b8e29⋯.jpg (31.12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0-1.jpg)

File: f85e357a5d15411⋯.jpg (10.78 KB, 255x164, 255:164, 26809b30c3b446424e2a212971….jpg)

File: c1aa80aaf48bd20⋯.jpg (18.02 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 47df8a8a49220384c228c411a7….jpg)


Look, a witty evil faggot. Lol.

God makes it clear who Evil is,

and who follows Evil.

You follow EVIL

and say it's good.

You channel EVIL

and say it's good.

You organize under EVIL and

You call for others to follow.

God is bringing his just rewards

His Angels you claim to be?

He pays back EVIL in full, and

Your "master" will be USELESS

And WORTHLESS to you.

257af7  No.2679854


>You channel EVIL and say it's good.

I've never channeled a thing in my life, nor would I want to.

>His Angels you claim to be?

I would never claim such a ridiculous thing, and I rejected that claim when someone else tried to pin it on me, as I wrote in my little story.

Since your reading comprehension is clearly lacking, perhaps it's best you go back to lurking while the adults are talking.

c51aa9  No.2680082


If that's true, the

message clearly isn't for you.

Do you get that?

ac60a2  No.2680141


I'm sure you're being reminded daily that your contribution (mostly on this board but in our society at large) seems to be plain disturbing, uncultured and vexatious. Kindly abandon ship and go buy yourself a lego for your lever

3963f0  No.2680194

File: dc30b22fac85622⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 249x203, 249:203, images-594.jpg)

File: aaddbf4a25c37da⋯.jpg (8.44 KB, 247x204, 247:204, images-348.jpg)

File: 888cac01b5afccd⋯.jpg (9.52 KB, 265x190, 53:38, images-323.jpg)


Right Captain.

You are so wise….

When's the next podcast?

Don't want to miss that.

They may have heard from the master..

9cd482  No.2680414



There is another aspect to the ET / Channeling movement, that I feel is worth mentioning.

There are a number of entities (whether they r aliens, inter-dimensional beings, angels, demons, devils, spirits, etc.) that require some kind of an “oath,” “agreement,” “blood over intent contract,” “permission,” to contact, or “adjust” ones DNA, or activate a Merkabah, etc.

It is my sincere belief, these contracts are extremely dangerous, to those that unknowingly participate. You are giving legal rights away, that no one knows for sure, if you can get back, or how these agreements or oaths, will ultimately affect you going forward; once we finally understand the true nature of our reality.

You can learn how to unblind any unintentional oaths through scripture.

910004  No.2680525


Correct, one should always be wise when dealing with such things. But the biggest danger comes from one's own self, clearly demonstrated in this post:


910004  No.2680538


Just ignore him. Don't make other people's influence your concern - Truth will defend itself, just let it loose.

a8ff0e  No.2680642

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Spiritual Warfare & Breaking Ties


One of THE BEST “Warriors of God,” engaging in legit Spiritual Warfare against evil. (She sounds a bit like the TLC rapper, but she is “on fire,” and kicking evil’s ass.)

If you have an “unnatural attachment,” of any kind…you will physically feel it move to try and leave while listening.

a8ff0e  No.2680694


Scary business. From all info. I have found, once the attachments are denounced (whether manmade or spiritual or physical aliens), the intrusion stops. It is a spiritual process, some people will not be willing to undertake or have succumbed to the delusion completely.

910004  No.2681058


It's not scary if one is sane and rational. I used to be a complete skeptic and let me tell you, keeping a level head can be really helpful. But further spiritual development, that means not only embracing logic but also LOVE, helps the most.

f6067a  No.2681164


I 100% agree with those sentiments.

257af7  No.2681236


When it comes to making "deals" with negative beings and getting in trouble for it, it's actually even more dangerous than you think. It's not just about making agreements, making disagreements can have the same effect!

I once landed up in serious trouble with demonic entities, and not for signing a contract with them for personal gain or anything like that. On the contrary, it was for giving in to my hatred of them and wishing to fight them!

I had a vision in a "spiritual" state of mind where I saw the full extent of the suffering and destruction wrought on Earth by negative beings, and it saddened me greatly. I became filled with righteous anger, and called out for any demon to come forth, and I would destroy him!

Bad idea. I just made an *agreement* to fight demons, and a bunch of them took me up on the invitation. They easily overpowered me, and I was being "dragged down to hell". It felt like being torn from the light and being sent into a dark pit, compressed and consumed by a black hole.

I knew I was in some serious trouble. I swear to you that if I hadn't managed to free myself I wouldn't be here to tell the story, I would have died, and my soul would have been lost to darkness.

I tried desperately to tear myself loose frim their grip, but to no avail. So I followed the old advice "when all else fails, follow instructions". I prayed. I prayed my heart out.

Nothing. Not a thing. There was no response, other than that I felt within myself that I was directing my prayer to the wrong target. I was praying fervently to God, since that's what I thought I was supposed to be doing. But God wasn't taking my call, and I felt inside I was "dialing the wrong number", and it wasn't God I was supposed to pray to.

So I gave up all pretenses of knowing what the fuck I was doing and just let my prayer seek whatever the proper target might be. And to my great surprise, it turned out I was praying to Jesus Christ, not because I wanted to, but because that's where my prayers wanted to go. So I let them.

Jesus Christ didn't show up personally to help, but he did something else: he caused a massive explosion of spiritual light energy to well up from inside of my core.

The demons released their grip on me with a shriek and ran off to hide in the shadows. My own power was nothing to theirs, but their power was nothing to the power I was now wielding - the power of invoking Jesus Christ in a heartfelt (and more than a little desperate) prayer.

I was never bothered by negative entities again, not awake, not asleep, and not in my "meditations". Many years after this incident I can still sense a protective cocoon of light around me when I silence my mind and look inwards. Whatever I did to protect myself, it got the job done.

And so, I'm very aware of the dangers of seeking ANY kind of contact with spirits! But I'm also aware even the worst among them are small fry in the larger scheme of things, and help is available for those who ask.

3b5902  No.2681286


Fantastic post.

I can relate, I also learned, “the hard way.”

b58552  No.2681416

File: 84d0bcd87ca9e8a⋯.jpeg (68.71 KB, 597x519, 199:173, 089FCB9E-96AD-44CE-8E3B-9….jpeg)

GEM = Gaia Employment Movement

I suggest you vid grab anything by Wilcox, Goode maybe more. Gaia has been buying up the rights to 1000’s of metaphysical/alt video rights. They may be doing a digital book burning.


b58552  No.2681433


I’m not bashing Gaia, they helped me open my mind a lot. But if the stories are true (they are looking true atm) they may have the power to just dispose of all that information.

930d1f  No.2681806

UFO research is a great way to launder money, and hawking bullshit theories about aliens is a great way to scam people out of money.

de79eb  No.2681826


Where would legal jurisdiction be for any such agreements or contracts?

Small claims court

Your theories are laughable about "agreements"

What do we have to offer as our part of the bargain?

a19e3f  No.2683195


Been asking this for YEARS. Nothing but excuses that make no sense.

257af7  No.2686131


Don't be obtuse.

There are human laws enforced by humans in a human court of law, and there are spiritual laws, enforced by God, creator and maintainer of all that exists. If you follow the spiritual laws, God protects you, and NOTHING can touch you, because God is the ultimate power.

But if you break spiritual laws, then you're on your own. God doesn't punish you for it, he simply removes his protection and allows harm to come to you, in direct proportion to your transgression. God doesn't separate his children into Good and Bad, he allows for a grey scale and rewards the tiniest effort to do the right thing. And that's a good thing, because none of us is perfect. If we had to be perfect to be accepted by God, we'd be shit out of luck!

Trust in the power of God and you are safe. This is to live under what Christians call God's Grace. All you need and desire comes to you when you are fully in God's Grace, and no negative entity can affect you any way whatsoever. It's a pretty good deal, actually.

But trust in your own power and all bets are off, because God respects your wishes and lets you go it alone if you want to. This is to live under what Christians call Sin, what Buddhists call Karma, and what Atheists call "the law of cause and effect".

For instance, do something boundlessly stupid like invite demons to fight you (cause), and demons will come to fight you (effect). Demons always want to fight you, but they can't do that as long as you live in God's Grace. You must descend into Sin first, (the fallen realm run by demons), which means to abandon God's protection and beat your own little chest instead.

Human laws are complicated, and following them is a chore. But Gods laws are simple, and following them is a breeze. Human laws fill ever expanding tomes, God's laws can be summed up in a few simple words (with some added commentary for the really stupid people who can't understand a few simple words). For example:

Spiritual Law: Love Your Enemy

Commentary: God loves all of his creation, which includes everything in existence. If you wish to enjoy God's protection and assistance, you will have to do the same, because God can't assist you in a war against your brother any more than you can help your right hand beat your left. If your brother is fallen from Grace, then he is suffering enough as it is, and you falling from Grace too to punch him in the face isn't helping. Two wrongs don't make one right.

Note that we are all "born in sin", which means we are subject to the law of cause and effect by default. We need to actively choose to trust God to be lifted out of Sin and into God's Grace.

The law of Sin (cause and effect) is to suffer and struggle in vain, because there's no way to win. When Adam fell from paradise, his "punishment" was to work hard to feed himself. He was taken care of by God when he was living in God's Grace, but now he had to take care of himself. This entire physical Universe we live in is the fallen realm, it is under the law of Sin (cause and effect), and it is run by evil simply because evil always wins the game. The only way out, is to stop playing the game.

a65a77  No.2687635

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


After spending several hours poking around this topic yesterday, I stumbled across a video including Patty Greer, (who I am unfamiliar with), but watched to learn more about the alleged Satanic / Luciferian influences at GAIA. What surprised me was the content of a letter, from an organization called, GEM, in which I noticed the structure of the letter and phrasing seemed to attempt to imitate Q. Has anyone heard anything else about the similarities? Even has the BOOM references.

eeea15  No.2687774

Explain yourself, now.

023a7d  No.2689207


Semantics makes this harder to understand for some but you have a very good point, and you understand this well.

Very simple - energy flows where intention goes, so focusing on positive thoughts, actions and feelings builds up a positive existence and focusing on negative thoughts, actions and feelings builds up a negative existence.

023a7d  No.2689286


>lightworkers attacking each others because of archon manipulation

What else is new? Why even bring up dramafagging here. I'd rather redpill everyone with material than discuss dramas about someone's organization.

Here's something I want to keep from being memoryholed.

News outlets reported a meteorite exploded several miles from the base July 25 following tweets from space enthusiasts who tracked the explosion.

Thule Air Base in Greenland is operating normally after reports that a possible meteorite exploded in the air above it, officials told Military.com on Friday.

"There's been no impact to Thule Air Base," Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Hope Cronin said in an email.



We STILL have no idea what it was. What a coincidence to have a meteor explode right above a remote USAF base! When are we going to find the truth about this?

Only @kabamur_taygeta (twitter account inactive for now) said it was a rogue extraterrestrial force stopped by Pleiadians, only allowed to approach this close so we would be wondering about the explosion and have more attention to things happening in space.

023a7d  No.2700966

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is running for the congressional seat being vacated by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami. She claims when she was 7 she was abducted by aliens.



>The candidate, a former Doral councilwoman, made headlines after she claimed she was visited by extraterrestrials – which she’s described as appearing like women with long, blonde hair – when she was 7 years old.

>The aliens took her into their spaceship and spoke to her about events that would happen.

>“God is a universal energy, not a person,” she said the aliens told her. “He’s part of everything. God talks to people and they interpret what he says different. In reality, there aren’t different religions. There is just one.”

Just one of many contactees… and of course with a reference to spirituality.

cba561  No.2702058

File: e38b054956ef90b⋯.jpg (509.25 KB, 719x1024, 719:1024, 1534557629363.jpg)

>This Goy spoke of this very subject!!!!

This Fucker is on point!!!

Why doesnt he have more exposure?

>mix sam hydes comedy with GloomTubes happenings, multiplied by Molymemes philosophy/mind and Mel Gibsons love for JewCrushing and God….

Now all that crossed with posidan style news and music.

>strategically names the jew

>targets Satanist elites

>hates zionists

>lots of deep redpills that jog your mind

>every episode of his live streams have DINDU news or other rapefugee anti white news to wake up the normies

>good music

>posidan shouts him out

>names the A.I. nigger tech

Live 1/2


Live 2/2



>CHN for the win

20a874  No.2703397

Long time lurker here. I never really got around to putting my "experience" or whatever it was I saw down on paper or a msg board like this but here goes.

About 17 or 18 years ago, more or less, while I was working as a security guard in Fremont, Ca (nor-cal), My post was at a company named Walters & Wolf (construction)(pre-fab). Large AOR, overnight shift. If I remember correctly, it's off of Automall parkway out there.

Anyway long story short, I'm walking the property and I notice in the sky what looks like I guess a building…moving away from me, silent. There were lights that looked like windows on a building..just cruising..not fast at all, pretty slow. I remember vividly that there was absolutely no sound being emitted from this thing. My first thought was to call my supervisor and report it…but I was unsure of what I actual saw, and how much of a dumbfuck I would have looked like calling something like that in. To this day, I can't put my finger on it. I hear stories all the time about sightings folks have with objects with zero sound ect. Just thought I would share. I enjoy everything thats posted here.

thx folks

170187  No.2705322

File: 1164ae87b8aa9f8⋯.jpg (614.8 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, 1488345824667.jpg)

What are good resources to learn more about this? I went through this thread, most of it was very disorienting; responses "debunking" each other, incoherent posts that are either complete nonsense or packed with valuable obscure information, etc. However, this is exactly what I'd expect to see on this board with a subject like this. This probably ranks in the top 2-3 general subjects that they do NOT want us to share information and collaborate on. So of course you'd see this level of disruption.

How do you know what is true or not? How do you recognize shills and liars?

b284ae  No.2709330





My bad dudes! Guess I misread the room on that one!

Love & Light Anons!

b284ae  No.2709424

File: 7ffa5a501b58023⋯.png (94.96 KB, 2122x874, 1061:437, Privatecomms.png)


But in all seriousness, Anons. I do think there is something to that post though just look past the letter fagging for a second cause this was before all the R bullshit. Notice how that one dude mentions how theres no need to put T on and to kick it upstairs and this is the day before someone posts as T.

Sorry if you guys see this as slide and ignore me if such but I feel like this could be valuable in some way

I get the reticence for letterfags though

5ff83f  No.2709643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New interview with Laura Eisenhower at Contact in the Desert

The rest of the channel has some really good stuff as well

9baa5d  No.2710164


>2. I have experienced "timeline shifts" on several occasions. Passively when I was a small child, and actively as an adult, where I caused external reality to change by my own mental activity.

Unwillingly confirm that something like this does happen. Biggest mindfuck you can come across. You now will never know if you really lived your life as you remember it or if you just timeline shifted to this better corrected version.

Think deja vu


precog visions

All probably connected to this "timeline shift"

>4. I have had a "dream"/vision where I was attacked by "demonic" creatures. They wouldn't go away until I prayed to Jesus Christ. I'm not actually a Christian as such, but I can verify the effectiveness of prayers to Jesus at least.

Amen, Jesus is a unstoppable up in the higher energy spiritual world.

1d232a  No.2711094


What was its shape anon? Can you describe it further? It could have been literally anything; SSPs, Federation, other aliens…


I'm sorry about this. It's really easy to get caught up in a non productive discussion.

Best single source for this is your own sound mind and finely tuned intuitive sense. Be wary not only of external deceptions, but also the limitations of english language when explaining fringey concepts ("I helped my uncle Jack off a horse…"). Little by little you'll see things that "stick" across multiple sources so you'll know there's more truth in that direction. Don't get caught up in a limited organization or movement because a lot of the ufology/spirituality community has been psyop'd to attack each other. Some truth is everywhere, most truth is inside of you.

99a171  No.2711131

File: cb85ecef3ad5d00⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 708x960, 59:80, 39777295_10215275156566714….jpg)

20a874  No.2711270


From what I remember, it looked like a skyscraper..almost directly over me at the time. When I looked up and noticed it, I stopped dead in my tracks and watched it move away from me. I lost sight of it as it went over some buildings. It appeared like a 15-20 story building. Had lights that looked like lights on a tall building. It wasn't rolling or flying fast at all….just cruising along. Also it wasn't far away, maybe a couple hundred feet off the ground directly over top of me. I remember it was fucking huge and scared the shit out of me. Best way to describe it would be a slow moving tall building with lights that resemble windows, and totally silent. I sound bat shit crazy

99a171  No.2711271

File: 3f2754f5e9ca6ee⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 468x784, 117:196, 40002167_540510413052545_1….jpg)

Steven Tyler has asked President Trump to stop playing his songs at rallies “because it hurts his image.”

1d232a  No.2711319


>I sound bat shit crazy

No, that's what the OP Mockingbird wants you to think. No matter what anyone believes, you know what you saw, and if that was for real that was not possible with the technology we have on the planetary surface today.

c1feaf  No.2711701

File: a2ae670d4986bde⋯.png (669.79 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-08-23-10-1….png)



acaacc  No.2712032



Search tapes on YouTube by Barbara Marciniak and by Kryon for current info. And word “Pleiadians”.

Suburu is Japanese for Pleiades. Data everywhere thru out history on them.

American Indians and Mayans tracked them too.

Also in Bible.

Believe St.Germain (history) was a Pleiadian. The mystery man present during the US Continental Congress.

Pleiades sometimes referenced as “Seven Sisters”. Translation of word Pleiades is “whirling spiral energy”. May be both planetary system as well as site portal into another Universe system.

Marciniak tells story that Pleiades planetary group was peaceful then invaded by Reptiles/Annunaki/Draco and by then they (Pleiades) had lost their defense systems due to eons of Peace. Eventually they fought back. Another source states DJT is 5th dimension Soul part Pleiadian and part Reptile. DJT needed some Reptile DNA in order to have the knowledge to fight them using their own methods.

One Pleiadian group “Aldebarans” (Bull’s Eye) rebelled and joined the Reptiles. (See ‘Dark Star’ story in Star Wars). The Pleiadian group that contacted Hitler / Nazi appears to have been Aldebaran rebels. Sometimes referred to as “Nordics”. Look the SAME as regular Pleiadians. Tall, blonde “Aryan”. Some of Nazi seem to be Aldebaran hybrids ex. Werner Von Braun - NASA Director, space rocket tech. Note a German Braun also “discovered” radio/TV systems (not Marconi).

Khazarian “fake Jews” appear to be Reptile hybrids. Schumer. Schiff. Feinstein. etc. See Bible Genesis 6:1-6 where “gods/ Elohim” mated with Humans. See all the “begotting” reference in Bible - they are tracking the space race DNA. Hybrid meaning the physical body contains some of the space race DNA which allows the body to easier communicate with the parental race. Communication meaning direct or “intuition” or thru dreams.

Marciniak tells story Pleiades are here now from future as they have diagnosed the Artificial Intel /AI Infection (“The Matrix”) attached to the Reptile race (parasite needs Host like Virus) to have gotten out of control here (Earth 2000). They believe if they can wake up humans in this time dimension they can prevent the AI infection from spreading to their future.

The “Transgender” push is part of the AI infection. The Reptile race seems to have lost their ability to breed (AI infection symptom), part of why they mated with humans (Gen 6:1-5(6)6 = 666) who are (were) very fertile. Transgender is an AI infection program. AI / Arty Intel wants Humans to lose fertility and just be bred in test tubes (pods) to feed AI divine energy of which it has no direct connection. Fertility is a very strong connection energetically with Divine Creator — a birthright gift. AI wants humans to lose this gift/ connection to Divinity.

20a874  No.2713323


Yep, no idea of what it could have been. There are some interesting businesses around the area I'm talking about. I'll research from there.

1b8d91  No.2714184


i just chocked on a bite of watermelon


91f375  No.2717245

What does science say about ET contact? Is it ((really)) as positive as they say? What happens if I try to instigate contact with ET/UFO's?

Who is Edgar Mitchell and why did he dedicate his life to /CE5/


91f375  No.2717270

File: f66528662f0b141⋯.png (273.54 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180823-203509.png)

It is your birthright to know the truth about extraterrestrial visitations.


071223  No.2717481


oooh oooh

i know what imma gonna post next time some one says Tits orGTFO

de79eb  No.2717635


Science says nothing and I don't see reference to CE5 in his biography.

CE5 is a cult with additional "religious" beliefs that include Transcendental Meditation. That is part of their "protocol"

21f646  No.2717919


CE-5 is a fancy name for "using thoughts to send messages and spiritual energy for IFF".

b47d12  No.2724785


archive of the first UFO&co. thread

f66fc3  No.2727077


very astute… over the mark…. good analysis

f55f14  No.2732325

File: 7c65582e94be1a9⋯.png (355.88 KB, 1125x1723, 1125:1723, IMG_7060.PNG)

File: b918bc2f809d8c4⋯.png (248.82 KB, 1124x1568, 281:392, IMG_7062.PNG)

File: 94959305b1508f5⋯.png (230.59 KB, 1125x1826, 1125:1826, IMG_7069.PNG)


The 'uninhabited island Norway owns.

Norway was A big donor to the CF Foundation

Always keeps a seed bank that Gates, Rothschild & Rockefeller contribute to.

b0ce2e  No.2733065


Yes, that was a dig several weeks ago. Lots of talk about the timing and previous alleged missile launches.

Not a dramafag. Interested in truth, as much if not more, than many.

2406f0  No.2742960

Gaia is not going anywhere, there is no involvement in satanism, fake news.

watch series in this order to awaken your consciousness and peace be with you:

Deep Space

Ancient Civilizations

Cosmic Disclosure

87dfe6  No.2743387

Hey I don't really post much because I havew nothing really important to add but in this case I do.

Please look into this man


He was recently killed possibly by CIAniggers. but before he passed he produced several videos on youtube with alot of very good infromation about all the secret underground bases Advanced alien technology ships secret underwater bases off the california coast.

Sadly His youtube channel is no more shoahed after he was killed Some of his stuff was saved on bitchute but not the newest videos where he went into great detail about all the advanced tech that has been keept from the public.


Here is a tribute video of his passing from dennise wise another truth seeker. James p Wickstrom was woke to alot of stuff. Perhaps that is why the CIAniggers got him. spilled to many beans


f228e5  No.2746053

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Andrew Basiago on time travel projects in the american government/military

de79eb  No.2746154


Gaia is neo-paganism to the max

Pan is her boy

Identification with Satan

Francisco Goya, Witches' Sabbath (El aquelarre), of Basque mythology. 1798. Oil on canvas, 44 × 31 cm. Museo Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid.

Pan's goatish image recalls[citation needed] conventional faun-like depictions of Satan. Although Christian use of Plutarch's story is of long standing,[original research?][citation needed] Ronald Hutton[52] has argued that this specific association is modern and derives from Pan's popularity in Victorian and Edwardian neopaganism. Medieval and early modern images of Satan tend, by contrast, to show generic semi-human monsters with horns, wings, and clawed feet.


In 1933, the Egyptologist Margaret Murray published the book, The God of the Witches, in which she theorised that Pan was merely one form of a horned god who was worshipped across Europe by a witch-cult.[53] This theory influenced the Neopagan notion of the Horned God, as an archetype of male virility and sexuality. In Wicca, the archetype of the Horned God is highly important, as represented by such deities as the Celtic Cernunnos, Hindu Pashupati, and Greek Pan.

A modern account of several purported meetings with Pan is given by Robert Ogilvie Crombie in The Findhorn Garden (Harper & Row, 1975) and The Magic of Findhorn (Harper & Row, 1975). Crombie claimed to have met Pan many times at various locations in Scotland, including Edinburgh, on the island of Iona and at the Findhorn Foundation.

de79eb  No.2746193


That's what happens when you get into secret bases and start filming.

Wonder how he got access,

Just walk in with his camera?

Sort of like the file we see in movies all the time?

Don't ask any obvious questions.

Just swallow hook, line & sinker even if explainable, if it fits the story line

d8fdc5  No.2749202


No lat's say he had some really good sources. He had information several of the DUMB's scattered around the world including info on the nuclear boring machine used to dig them.

There was a video detailing each generation of spaceship we've built ever with some really good photos.

His last video he uploaded was on the underwater bases off the California coast

e8b3f8  No.2749564


Where can we find these photos/videos?

2406f0  No.2749655

e32642  No.2749930


I wouldn't be so quick to write off the Old Gods of Eartth just because Christian institutions coopted their imagery and likenesses and so on for their own purposes. They've been working to stamp out belief in them from Day One…what are we here, people that let institutions determine our beliefs, or people that are free to experience God on our own terms, as Emerson said? If you're going to take this view of Earth gods, what then of KEK?

e32642  No.2750082


Up around the Conestee Valley the locals ask each other "Yew seen the Long Light?"

Not far from this place:


61b6f6  No.2752022


Sadlyhis original channel was shoahed fro. Jewtubehopefully someone saved his most recent videos but I doubt it.

f87552  No.2757539


Censorship and simultaneous fueling of ignorant ridicule is the modus operandi of this entire rabbit hole.

>or in case of jewtube, rabbi hole

051a47  No.2757663

File: 47f8a28b18269e4⋯.png (431.94 KB, 430x361, 430:361, Capturoptics.PNG)


Northrop Grumman Corporation and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have developed a wireless transmission data link that can transmit 100 gigabits per second over more than 12 miles in a urban area.

The two-way data-link which features active tacking was tested in Los Angeles last January, Northrop Grumman announced on Tuesday. The link's transmission speed can vary from 9g to 102g depending on what the receiving and transmitting network can handle

051a47  No.2757888

File: cc02cee9ba70d07⋯.png (280.8 KB, 508x308, 127:77, electric.PNG)


Space News from the Electric Universe

Episodes of the ongoing news program Space News brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project.


Essential Guide to the Electric Universe

This Guide is intended for anyone who wonders how our Universe really works, and who might be interested in an intriguing and somewhat different point of view. Readers may be surprised to discover that many well-trained skeptics do not support popular ideas in astronomy and the space sciences. Contents …

b9589f  No.2766504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When great awakening world patriots and CE-5 contactee's collide you get THIS

GJ Jordan

0d861b  No.2766550

File: c3ca561d29da18a⋯.jpg (87.79 KB, 950x534, 475:267, https_//blueprint-api-prod….jpg)


Whether you agree or disagree with this anon's post, know that the only avenue for learning the truth about Extraterrestrial Visitations is thru the CE-5 protocols for contact, based on Universal principles of contact and exchange between cultures/species.



0d861b  No.2766598



Most rabbit holes pertaining to ET visitations are designed to NEVER END.

Learn the truth about ET visitations by engaging the CE-5 protocols.

It is your birthright to know the truth.

0d861b  No.2766644


That episode of the twilight zone was based off the aliens' cookbook, titled, "To Serve Man."

If that sci-fi episode had any bearing on reality we would all be dead by now.

This is a testable hypothesis. Anyone who wants to make contact with aliens for peaceful purposes can engage the CE-5 protocols.

It is your BIRTHRIGHT to know.

We have been shooting down fastwalkers since Roswell, and ET has maintained a stance or non-aggression.

Newfags: What is CE-5?

0d861b  No.2766686


Jordan doing a good job ever since the incident. GJ Jordan

0d861b  No.2766716


Talk is cheap when so many shills are ready to diss Greer. Every time I CE-5, and everyone who has ever done it with me, has encountered Extraterrestrials. Like I said. This months mufon keynote was about a UFO sighting in Woodstock, Georgia.

We instigated that incident using CE-5.

Don't take my word for it. Get off your ass and test the veracity of our claims.

"ET responds very favorably to those who attempt to communicate thru consciousness / CE-5"

0d861b  No.2766740


My grandma has been seeing them over brown mountain for decades. U know Greer is also from this state. So many sightings in NC. Should be a major CE-5 hotspot but I don't think they have a solid team there yet

0d861b  No.2766752


www.siriusdisclosure.com best-available-evidence


8dcbaa  No.2768165


>Talk is cheap when so many shills are ready to diss Greer.

>Don't take my word for it. Get off your ass and test the veracity of our claims.

This kills the shills. Anyone seriously doing spiritual effort to resist programming and contact ET's, WILL make contact as much as the Cabal permits it (visual/telepathic/dream state for now).

ae06da  No.2768309


I always found the "V" miniseries about reptile aliens to be very…. out of place and something we should have gone into already given the rumors about the exact thing happening that the series covers.

Hollywood does tend to try to indoctrinate what is to come as seen in your photos which is one big reason that series always stood out to me.

ae06da  No.2768345


I have been looking into my own theories of this of late and have come to believe it is indeed very possible but not in the sense we are accustomed to seeing time travel as being in a physical sense.

For my theory to be right it would also mean the T/S continuum is a collective rather than a here today/gone tomorrow theory. Long story short, I do believe it is possible.

384adf  No.2779884

VP Valiant Thor

89925f  No.2785642

File: bd3e1a94b2adac8⋯.png (321.63 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180829-143048.png)

File: eb0cca39eeb5820⋯.png (85.4 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180829-142925.png)

89925f  No.2785658

File: b3c8612bacb8619⋯.png (233.3 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180829-142851.png)

6ac879  No.2785841


P = Chair

P = Pope

P = Payseur

P = Pindar

Please clarify for us slower Anon Patriots?

Thank you all for your efforts! You not only save this country, you're saving the world!


86157f  No.2787152

File: 61e0d27d4846e5e⋯.png (414.22 KB, 326x502, 163:251, ETs.PNG)

Don't be so easily fooled, do your research


89925f  No.2787173

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9cccd6  No.2787306


What does this book have to do with anything? Did this guy ever look at the evidence or do CE-5?

5280ef  No.2791899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

YouTuber reviews the ET Contact Tool app. I think he must have used it in the middle of the day.

de79eb  No.2792184


Lights in the sky are not evidence.

Odd they have nothing more reliable after ~35 years of Greer chasing shadows?

3e35e2  No.2795677

File: 6ded0e17df7fe25⋯.png (99.69 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180830-073206.png)

File: b31583c6115c0f1⋯.png (102.76 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180830-073215.png)

Read the draft disclosure speech here


6b2791  No.2795926


















Teamwork :-) even tho we are "anonymous."

/CE5/ = Disclosure

If 1=1


86157f  No.2805055

Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs

How the US government created a myth that took over the world. ET visitors… crashed UFOs… back-engineered alien technology… the government cover-up of a secret that would change the world as we know it… These are the core elements of the modern UFO mythology, a story that has captivated farmers, princes and generals for generations, and shows no sign of loosening its grip on the popular imagination. But what if, instead of covering up the UFO story, elements in the US military had actively encouraged it as part of their Cold War counterintelligence arsenal - manufacturing the myth of the UFO as a powerful weapon of mass deception and the perfect cover for all manner of clandestine technologies and operations. Now, for the first time, some of those whose actions have directly shaped the UFO mythology, and some of their victims, tell their stories, revealing a surreal disturbing and sometimes tragic sequence of events that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Mirage Men draws viewers into a saucer-shaped hall of mirrors, a shadow-world where every lie contains elements of the truth, and the truth is far stranger than the UFO believers, or their detractors, would have you believe.


5c6185  No.2823447

File: 885a408bf52161b⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 64ab039094134866a2dc64b068….jpg)

File: 67ebfa195a9703a⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 640x960, 2:3, FB_IMG_1533163579724.jpg)

File: 33cae2e921a4022⋯.jpg (23.02 KB, 477x472, 477:472, FB_IMG_1533163893993.jpg)


Thank you anon, for touching on Antarctica as I think most, if not all of the answers lie there.

General Admiral Byrd's account of what happened during his final expedition there is fascinating.

sauce >https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tierra_hueca/esp_tierra_hueca_2d.htm

> https://www.sott.net/article/339039-Nazis-E-Ts-Deep-States-the-Admiral-Byrd-Expedition-and-the-Exposure-of-Antarcticas-Hidden-Realms

I've been researching, connecting dots for over 15 years and it seems that no matter what rabbit hole one goes down they end up at the same places, the fucking kikes and Nazi's/Hitler/Himmler, the occult, pyramid, illuminati, all religions basically portray the same shit but all of it is heavily manipulated to keep us all from the truth.

Now I'm aware that a lot of you anons are brilliant and do not seek to take anything away from that, but I would love to know what's going on in Antarctica.

Not intending to step on any toes, just my - at the most basic and to make a long explanation short - theory.

Carry on and Godspeed.

May we all know the truth soon because I, for one, am sick of the lies and deception.

5d87e0  No.2823772

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Antarctica is one rabbit hole that might be worth going down if we focus on open source intel of present day operations. Not sure how this helps the great awakening, but i get that we all want to know what's going on there.

That said…..

What does Admiral Byrd's body language say?

aababe  No.2823858

File: 11fe8c0d5da8ad1⋯.png (107.58 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180831-200055.png)

File: d8bbfabd989a85e⋯.png (109.67 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180831-200115.png)

File: da72ab23a38ba53⋯.png (116.69 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180831-200121.png)

File: 5baabe3d8f9e4c5⋯.png (108.81 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180831-200126.png)


Caps of the draft disclosure speech requested by us/russia

aababe  No.2823868

File: 13b562df1bd4bfe⋯.png (122.34 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180831-200131.png)

File: 933c0799d3c1106⋯.png (116.55 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180831-200135.png)

File: b843f82e8fea2c5⋯.png (226.88 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180830-082652.png)

d19d8c  No.2824101


Nice 2012 earth image there bud

5c6185  No.2824158

File: 3bec764ac9217af⋯.mp4 (10.97 MB, 1280x650, 128:65, Massive Frequency SOARS fr….mp4)


Very interesting. First time watching that video myself but excluding the narration it would appear as if he's not divulging fully what he knows as he keeps looking down and fidgeting with the ashtray.

His writings in his journal are what blew me away, pic related.

From sauce > https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tierra_hueca/esp_tierra_hueca_2d.htm

He was also told not to speak of it publicly by higher-ups as is the 'norm' with things like that.

As for the current research out of Antarctica - did you happen to see that huge radar pulse that a lot of people caught on weather radar? It was even covered by News Wars and they were speaking of how the Pentagon recently released information regarding weather weapons and even China was using them to manipulate weather. It does look like the pulse is breaking up two massive hurricanes that are trying to form.

5c6185  No.2824325

File: 49b114c5707ef51⋯.jpeg (156.5 KB, 1344x960, 7:5, received_272913700098949.jpeg)

File: e98f980c260043c⋯.png (347.51 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-08-31-20-1….png)


Sorry, pic was removed. Posted now.


First one I ran across in gallery. Plenty more. NASA even admits they fake everything because "it has to be."

727533  No.2824492

File: 58e0c1913213a05⋯.jpg (120.08 KB, 768x768, 1:1, fe shill.jpg)


Enough already.

5c6185  No.2824702

File: 564e5fa9d580f6d⋯.png (665.36 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-08-31-21-0….png)


Look, I'm not here to argue with you, or anyone else. Have you been to space? I'm guessing not. Well, neither have I. All I know is that we're not getting the truth. I don't want to shit up the board anymore but I'm still sticking to my theory that Antarctica is a place of interest. If you wanna argue GE/FE just for the sake of it then there's plenty of targets on Jewtube. Enjoy your weekend anons.

77f806  No.2837717



You could always just get a job in Antarctica and go see it yourself??? Funny Why do you need a clearance to do "science" there?

739f39  No.2837885

Does tech exist that would allow someone to trigger an earthquake anywhere and at anytime? with the recent Preparedness Month Q posted…I worry the big one is finally gonna hit the west coast. i live 100 yards from the ocean and we are 60+ years overdue for a giant tsunami!

6d3120  No.2839448


>we are 60+ years overdue for a giant tsunami

Don't say such things. You are NOT overdue for suffering - that's a bad Cabal meme. Deprogram these thoughts.

Yes, tech exists, at least in form of simple nukes embedded in the Earth's crust or something HAARP-like.

Natural disasters are also the Planet's way of purification, but those are kept under close watch by our galactic friends. We are now in a timeline where it won't happen. Sorry, I can't explain this lightly without referencing things that would blow someone's mind.

3447e8  No.2840442

Blind eyes in the sky might actually help some of us doing the contact work. Can't wait to find out


8ad974  No.2840732


can i get your e-mail ? i came to this world with the feeling of an important mission i have to finish but i forgot it too

6c8c43  No.2842069

File: e4a742900e8d040⋯.jpg (113.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 23-0-COVER-Lloyd-Pye.jpg)

File: 22d052ce26f814f⋯.jpg (61.46 KB, 640x426, 320:213, IMG_0018-640x426.jpg)


The “Starchild” skull, spoken to by Llyod Pye, was discovered to be made with a type of fibre made into the skull structure. His theory was that the ‘aliens’ were bio-engineered technology. Use your discernment. How are ‘aliens’ able to appear out of nowhere and move with super human strength and speed? Advance tech would explain this. We are sealed in a solid firmament, separating the waters above from the waters below. Space as we know it is a psychological operation which full fills 2 main purposes: Military strategic mapping and keeping the public un aware of our actual environment. If you look into the Van Allen belts, according to NASA we cannot pass through it, even though the Moon sits far outside of its outer limit. Russia sent a man into the Van Allen belts and he came back looking like a piece of bacon, they still have his body on display.

Aliens are technology which operate the ship technology, which is ancient tech and uses the electro magnetic field of the earths energy field, the fly wheel of the sun and moon, as limitless energy. What about actual aliens from another planets? Well they might different from us, but they are inter dimensional. They live below our realms surface and cannot breathe the same air mixture as us humans. They have to have methane present in the air to breathe, nitrogen doesn’t work, hence they need avatars. Aliens are demonic bio engineered tech. Nothing new under sun, what we see now was once before and always has been. Llyod Pye and his followers swear that he was hit with a weaponized cancer which ended his life much earlier than expected. All for a LARP? We know better.

Some facts about the Starchild Skull:

he following is a summary of the most striking features of the Starchild skull that differ from those of a human. You can find more in depth information about all those features if you follow the links at the end of this page.

* The skull bone contains microscopic fibers. These fibers have never been found in any skull bone that has ever been studied. Its composition is unknown.

* It contains also a red residue not seen in human skulls, and its purpose is not known.

* The skull weighs half as much a similar human skull. Its size is that of a 12 year old human child, but the worn teeth show that it was at least a young adult.

* The skull bone is 2/3 as thin as a human skull, but it is twice as strong.

* Its lower face is much smaller than that of a human.

* Humans have brow ridges which the eyelids go into; all primates have brow ridges. The Starchild skull has no brow ridges. Maybe it did not have eyelids.


ed2534  No.2842425

I dont know what to believe when it comes to ufos….the govt may be searching for them who knows….podesta mentions them in emails and bush and obama wont say what they know….

I did hear something recently…..planefags may be able to shed light on the subject…..supposidly in the FFA handbook…..there is mention of ufos…..supposidly pilot who see them arent suppose to report them to anyone….the arent even suppose to tell the airline they work for….they are suppose to call some special company….id have to dig and figure out where i read it….

If a planefag can shed light on this it may answer questions on this board

888ba7  No.2860111

File: 84e1f3b8fd6ca3f⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 40424376_10100223793832940….jpg)

File: 8d39f7c33d95d08⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 768x431, 768:431, IMG95201808189520315_fitte….jpg)


Just another sighting in the endless stream of sightings worldwide.

>Another alleged UFO sighting near Charlotte has appeared on Facebook and in this case, it was posted by a husband and father who says he doesn’t necessarily believe in UFOs.

>“I was on my way home with my wife on the speaker phone, and it looked like there was a tornado coming, so I was trying to take a picture of the clouds for my wife,” says Hill.

>“But then I saw something that wasn’t normal and I was, like: ‘Oh my god, what is that?’ I started trying to take as many pictures of it as possible while I was driving.”

>Hill says he pulled over at the next exit to try and get video, but the aircraft had vanished. A heavy rain followed instantly, he said.

17618e  No.2864596

File: c9758ef5223c924⋯.jpg (155.76 KB, 480x854, 240:427, IMG_20180903_194830.jpg)

File: 308e864a13074e5⋯.png (150.85 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180903-194437.png)

File: 4fea67bf69a4ba3⋯.png (153.33 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180903-194530.png)

File: 403d09cd115beee⋯.png (135.15 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180903-194643.png)






I debated whether or not to share this with you guys all day. This is one of from one of /Our guys/. This is a typical CE-5 experience for him.

c86179  No.2870728


If you guys like this kind of personal testimony from /CE5/ people I will share more. These testimonies are abundant in closed groups

db69ba  No.2870781

File: b9985005fea0094⋯.png (122.68 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180904-081614.png)

File: 05d46d5bccb7328⋯.png (131.19 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180904-081704.png)

Here's a quick testimony from a mufon star investigator and ce-5 organizer. This woman is very inspirational even tho she hates Trump. I also admire that their group operates so close to spacecom or w/e out of Florida. lol

7d3f7a  No.2872072

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Snow White and Corona down. Time to make a move if you ever thought about doing this

ac60a2  No.2872357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

UFO Fleet filmed by Airplane passenger over JAPAN

August 2018

80c171  No.2872588


Most likely CGI.

f91e18  No.2873828

Satanic Jews are actually reptilians.

LHC at CERN is a portal. It was destroyed.

The planet is on lockdown. They have no where to run or hide.

f07d90  No.2876073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More free energy demo

50ec96  No.2885465

File: 79e45662355032b⋯.png (74.14 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180905-082803.png)





This shit really goes down, newfags. Friendly, human initiated contact and "Ascension."



50ec96  No.2885475


These guys CE-5. Is their success a coincidence? Nah.

50ec96  No.2885485


WWG1WGA I'll just leave it at that. Ce5

2bf065  No.2885938



Together - for the Planetary Liberation.

560e74  No.2891411


I like the sound of this

abd689  No.2896050

Look up scalar waves. There are hypotheses the human brain could produce these.

I stumbled on a website while researching the phenomena, run under the direction of aliens it seems? Their message is consistent.


30dd75  No.2899379


Replying to my original post. So I saw the same white flash-bulb type thing yet again. but an odd thing. Always the same Area of the sky relative to my house. this time I flashed a lazer at them 4 flashes every time they flashed once but never got more than 1 flash back. 2 different areas though. Going to go out again and see if I can get them again.

2bf065  No.2899829


Very nice anon. Could be the beginning of a contact.

97483d  No.2902210


Canuck skywatcher here. Can confirm the flashbulb thing. Been seeing it (them) since 2015. It is definitely a WTF moment.

1e0cbd  No.2903054


The video from Fulford. I really hope its true, but tend to say fake, possibly gay.


Possible if it was over ocean to have this be the only video.

Speed is correct. Spent a shitton of time looking out window. It tracks right.

Fulford seems legit, so I give it a second look.


CIA source screams fake.

No airplane window haze or frame as it moves behind aircraft.

No chatter. If someone saw a fucking skyscraper sized UFO out the window, everyone would be going full retard.


Mixed bag. 60/40 fake, but great CGI.

204d1d  No.2904036


Nice! Well, yeah its happening… Often in the same area of the sky relative to the ground, not the constellations. PNW area here in the US. I flashed back with a lazer pointer seeing if I could get more than a single flash out of them in a few second period with no luck.

I need to set up a camera system that can record this and play it back faster to see if there is a pattern to it all… Rain is coming here and it will be cloudy until next summer sadly. Need some Desert-anons to work on it as well.

051a47  No.2918813


Chinese telepathy

051a47  No.2918966



Alexander and C.B. Jones are members of the AVIARY, a group of intelligence and Department of Defense officers and scientists with a brief to discredit any serious research in the UFO field. Each member of the Aviary bears a bird's name. Jones is FALCON; John Alexander is PENGUIN.

0a0709  No.2919075





051a47  No.2919253




While digging a new subway line in London, a construction crew discovers first: a skeleton, then what they think is an old World War II German missile. Upon closer examination the "missile" appears to be not of this earth! This movie examines the age old question of how we came to be on this planet. It is surprisingly scary.


ac60a2  No.2920874

22f60b  No.2921997


I like your rational analysis anon :)

c55451  No.2933836

Hey guys, fellow CE-5 Anon here. Checking in after day one of our ET contact expedition. We warmed up with an exercise where one person picks a color or number and the other people meditate upon the answer. Once we all got on the same wavelength we did some Steven Greer guided meditation followed by instrumentals.

We saw a whole bunch of flashbulbs that were interacting with our lasers. Lots of orbs flying by. One attendee brought night vision and there were all kinds of orbs making crazy maneuvers, 90° turns and stuff.

One guest also brought some electronic device for verbal communication with spirits, ET, etc. I don't know much about all that, but during a Greer meditation something came thru the machine and called him "weeps preacher." We stopped the CTS when it got too cloudy, and something said thru the machine, "Clouds Nation."

We will be doing more CE-5 tonight!

4be619  No.2936293


For Clarity: this is the tool one of our attendees brought out.

Also, I found out that after I went to sleep everyone else heard bipedal footsteps around our tents, but when they shone light outside they didn't see anyone. They reported this went on for an hour and a half.

4be619  No.2936308

File: 73228cc8cdd9d6a⋯.png (173.99 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180908-145252.png)




68374b  No.2938029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey you guise, I was just watching a music video that I wanted to share with anons as far as symbolism goes, but then I had another idea hit me.

In the music video, you see all life being wiped out, and the human wake up to realize they had let their ignorance destroy the world before they themselves, die.

I started to ask myself, what if this video represents the NWO plan to destroy us and wipe us out. Why and how would they do that? How would they start over if all life is blown away?

Then I remembered something about the Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Link: https://www.seedvault.no/

This seed vault was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.


Founded in 2008, the largest store of seeds, in a vault protected by 4 locked doors. The vault is strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast. But it's not just plants that have been stored away.

Genomes of endangered animal species have also been stored.


It was a project that was started by the American Museum of Natural history, specifically one Julie Feinstein.

The American Museum of Natural History is directed by Ellen V. Futter

Futter is a director of a number of corporations and not-for-profit organizations. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Institute of Social Sciences and the Academy of American Poets, as well as of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York State Bar Association, and American Bar Association.

She formerly served as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and chairman of the Commission on Women's Health of The Commonwealth Fund. She has received numerous honorary degrees, including from Yale University. She is director of JPMorgan Chase, director of Consolidated Edison, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and on the board of overseers of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


(((they))) have been preparing for the aftermath of a mass population wipe out. But how would they be able to achieve this?

5G Towers




They are setting up these towers EVERYWHERE and have the ability to kill a person, all they would have to do is hit the button and BOOOOM!

This, I hope, is why POTUS and Q stepped in. It's bigger than the trafficking, than the terrorism and all of it combined.

STOP 5G Towers!

6ca8b6  No.2940543


Very nice anon! If everyone got out of there alive, you should add that. This would be a disturbing experience to read for the average normie.

Good choice on the nightvision camera, many craft are cloaked from our visible wavelengths but not infrared so NV should drastically increase sightings.

f0be83  No.2944142


Exactly the same here in germany.

Everytime the roughly same location.

Everytime between 10:30pm and 11:30pm.

Location is the area at the 7 clock postion underneath Arcturus.

I wonder what we are seeing there.

4c9ca5  No.2944660


It's zero-point energy based on the Unified Field Theory. Basically, using the free energy that is all encompassing to power everything you can imagine. In this case, a flying vehicle. Science calls this energy many things: dark energy, tachyons, etheric energy (the Infinite).

Modern science wil not acknowledge the existence of these capabilities because if they did, the energy market would collapse and many many dark souls make money in that sector. This is the reason the patent office forced this particular design to be grounded and posted under "amusement."

As always, discern for yourself. Please read up on the Unified Field Theory, zero point energy, vortex coils, and intelligent infinity (if you haven't already.)

da0a36  No.2947168





CE-5 Anon reporting in.

Just got back from the ET Contact expedition. We got pictures of something peculiar. I'll post the details from day two after we get our pics uploaded.

WWG1WGA world patriots

da0a36  No.2947206

File: 37b733f3e8a25ee⋯.png (401.4 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180909-135702.png)


I keep repeating myself here but there is one small, unsung company that has cracked the code to consumer-friendly free energy. "Coincidentally" they pretty much all do CE-5 and met thru CE-5 which establishes legitimacy.


ac60a2  No.2949031


who are the founders?

they don't want to be visible on the site at least

649d35  No.2949064


Chances are they don't want to end like holistic doctors and other people with dangerous knowledge until they can perfect their prototypes

213612  No.2949228


Sooo they are pushing a shitcoin as somehow being linked to ZPE. Good trick. This coin will sell to people for a real crypto, the product will never ship and its value will fall to zero…

972060  No.2949440

File: 6bb812c384e19c8⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 75x65, 15:13, Heart shaped orb2.jpg)

File: 65fac9e26821206⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 4320x3240, 4:3, Heart shaped orb1.JPG)

File: 60a9f40d605ddd0⋯.jpg (896.68 KB, 4320x3240, 4:3, IMG_20180909_164620.jpg)




Here are some pics from our CE-5. Idk what this is, and I'm not claiming it to be anything. But I wouldn't be posting this if I didn't think it was significant. Taken from intuitive photography.

We extended a field of "infinite love and light" during our CE-5 so lots of high-vibration beings were around.

I included a pic of the tent with and without the orb.

649d35  No.2949850

File: 520f98e317dc165⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1277x718, 1277:718, alaje_orb.png)


Thank you for these. Orbs seem to like it if one is really spiritual and creates a powerful energy of Love. Here's a very similar phenomenon from part 22 of 777alaje's videos - coincidence?

560e74  No.2950442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This guy popped up on my YouTube last night and I had to bring it here to show you guys.

Ive seen videos like this before but this dude really gets in there and roams around and its rather incredible.

f6338c  No.2953023

File: 30bd4af61d12304⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 100x255, 20:51, Horus 1.jpg)

>What are laser pointers used for? - Q

Apologies for extreme autistic shakiness.

First time having "permission" to record.

For those photo Wizard Anons, you may be able to enhance / zoom these.

Wanted to leave them completely unedited for confirmation.


#46 = Flashes @ 9s bright / 37s bright / 40s = bug / possible craft @ 1:03 short distance with no trail / 1:30 bright / 1:59 / 2:26 bright / 2:54 / 3:22 / 3:49 / 4:17 / 5:02 = bug / 5:12 / 7:05 chopper diverted from reg path, low pass @ roughly 2-3 miles out.


#47 = Flashes start at 20sec ish, then 24s / 26s / 30s / 33s / 36s / 39s / 42s / 45s

Roughly 3 second intervals, not moving, I lost count of how many flashes.

The flash intensity fades out and becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Flashes stay in a nearly identical spot throughout the entire exchange.

5:30 2x commercial airliners in regular flight path for comparison.


#49 - 49 = Regular commercial aircraft in a closer flight path for comparison sake. Passes through my laser array @ 1:15.

Anons… they were already WAITING for me on Friday night.

Whether you choose to believe it, or choose not to.

The Ascended Masters are always watching.

I do these every weekend.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Now (you) know (Q).

Supreme Connections.

>Supreme Oversight.

649d35  No.2956505


Wow. Even the first minute of the first video contains tons of proof. It's not so shaky, don't sweat it. Thank you for this

a075c1  No.2959282

File: 72f7f4e01835e89⋯.jpg (359.37 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20180910_093956.jpg)

File: 583afd569076b13⋯.jpg (3.87 KB, 221x179, 221:179, 41395945_1992813470786131_….jpg)

File: 4d1a5df0e407434⋯.jpg (77.74 KB, 480x743, 480:743, IMG_20180910_120151.jpg)






We found another orb. Here's a message the photographer sent me.

a075c1  No.2959301





Wow, so it was global CE-5 weekend and these Anons all reported in with contact vids/experiences.


Good job guys

f6338c  No.2959620

File: effc2421795a2bb⋯.png (683.16 KB, 602x718, 301:359, Annunaki Greys.png)



#46 @ 1:03

Very interesting… doesn't look like a shooting star.

Also close to the "flashes".

I'm not great with video manipulation… in time I hope I can see this dissected a little closer.

I'll mess around with it in the mean time.

Thank you Anons.

Keep your Eyes on the skies.

a075c1  No.2963349

File: 05276fdb3435e33⋯.jpg (46.63 KB, 480x727, 480:727, IMG_20180910_165651.jpg)

Residual effects of CE-5 weekend

a075c1  No.2963453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Montage of ce-5 pics above.

fb9851  No.2980435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Saturday 9/8/18 CE-5 reports keep rolling in. This, from Florida.

fb9851  No.2980482


Happened to me last night also. It looked like a brilliant star until a bunch of clouds rolled in…. Behind it.

ET are so friendly.

be00e2  No.2982858

File: bc6075388e55ed2⋯.jpeg (44.69 KB, 800x535, 160:107, trump 911.jpeg)


Is it me, or does it look like the back of FLOTUS' coat depicts a 'UFO' hitting a tower?

b94c8a  No.2987292

File: 81bbd126bed557c⋯.png (321.98 KB, 578x489, 578:489, flotus_911.png)


That is an interesting piece of clothing


5e9cd0  No.2987583

>>2985295, >>2985317, >>2985560 Why is the FBI shutting down solar observatories?

Thats a notable from QResearchGeneral.

The sauce:


says that it's because a geomagnetic storm.

Sorry. I am not buying this.

Look at http://spaceweather.com.

The Sun is silent as a lake in the morning!

Sunspots big enough to cause hazardous flares don't show up in hours and disappear.

We had many potential dangerous flares in the past. Did you see any observatory getting closed by the FBI because of this? I didn't.

5e9cd0  No.2987916

DeepState going down.


Panic in DC.

Pope goes rampant.

Reports of blinking lights in the nightsky from all around the world.

Now the mysterious shutdowns of several observatories.

I wonder if were witnessing the setup of a major FF.

Project Bluebeam?

98602d  No.2987988


Too late for BlueBeam.

If it happens though, there is enough knowledge around to discern.

e72cdf  No.2988543



Maybe looks like that, but it's just a single vent, in contrast stitch, with a button close detail.

4864e9  No.2988725

File: 1695ae82761e9d3⋯.png (108.41 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180912-083236.png)

File: 3ce6f83203dff8a⋯.png (145.35 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180912-083251.png)

File: f9faed5d3bac425⋯.png (163.16 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180912-083227.png)



I doubt it has anything at all to do with ET or Disclosure. Maybe cybercrime or weather related natural disaster. Raises many questions!

Especially the very end about additional closures…..

4864e9  No.2988728


Next time I have questions about a suit I'm coming to you anon

4864e9  No.2988753




My friend who posted the Florida ce-5 vid says we have moved many degrees on our axis already and you can test this by marking where the sun is every day. I'm too lazy for that so I just take her word for it.

34fc9a  No.2988910

File: ce6a9b7b5bb1734⋯.png (193.55 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180912-091045.png)

File: b0c54138accabde⋯.png (127.01 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180912-091052.png)

Moar about the solar cover up topic. Found in notables


e72cdf  No.2989227



it's all in the detail

98602d  No.2989580


13b83d  No.2991044

File: 409e5a26a6777df⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5B27C483-2E66-4A5C-8A9E-A1….png)

File: a0bd91810126f65⋯.png (1.92 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1844795B-2C7F-4FA3-9A37-82….png)

Antarctica images from Google Earth.


891120  No.2998855

Anon's has anyone heard of the Bradshaw Ranch? lots of multi dimensional stuff in the 90's and now the government owns it and has quarantined it. Worth a dig? Worth a trip out there?

891120  No.2999538

File: b4f7b6dfac22530⋯.pdf (126.05 KB, 3354195.1.pdf)




b180ea  No.3004440


News already entered most mainstream channels.

Russian outlets, leftist sites, tech news, even Esquire.







Autists might be awakened by Q, but aliens/space-force still the best bet to wake the normies up.

Out-of-Earth life's the only thing that'll open their horizon.

b180ea  No.3004497

File: 13bcdcbaf268f75⋯.jpg (27.24 KB, 600x200, 3:1, raybans.jpg)

Hey Q, how bout some raisins/raybans to go with the breadcrumbs?

891120  No.3004998

File: 786a8f443a3108d⋯.jpg (2.86 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0919.JPG)

File: 87f68c7560e0e86⋯.jpeg (11.7 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpeg)

File: 891fa7229861584⋯.jpeg (8.83 KB, 182x277, 182:277, images.jpeg)



b528c2  No.3008656

Still no answers re: FBI closure of sunspot, missing helioviewer.org records

b180ea  No.3012037

File: a96090bf9550335⋯.jpg (187.05 KB, 1100x1000, 11:10, theyrecominghome.jpg)

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.

Pass on what you have learned.

May the force be with you.

1f4676  No.3012281

File: bb7687ee53febc0⋯.png (745.79 KB, 1298x884, 649:442, Barry Soetoro Andrew Basia….png)

File: 789351c9507708d⋯.png (2 MB, 1440x863, 1440:863, Tesla_Trump_Teleporation_T….png)

ac60a2  No.3018487


some cool sightings

71498a  No.3018518


Can there be a worse video? A better source would be appreciated.

f08473  No.3019595


It could be that there are some planet sized ships jumping around out there doing a little demonstration for somebody.

5abc3e  No.3021383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I don't normally delve into this side of the qresearch (space force speculation brought me here) but did anyone else catch this regarding Antartica?

Check the video where the user finds violet colored lakes and rivers starting at the 6:20 mark

You can find extremophile microbes in hot and cold waters (similar to the colorful hotsprings at Yellowstone National Park), however read what the Die Glocke "Nazi Bell" technology ran on…

>According to an interview of Witkowski by Cook, this device ostensibly contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be "filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color". This metallic liquid was code-named "Xerum 525" and was "stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead"


523fc9  No.3025228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Moar CE-5 Footage from last weekend's global contact day!!!!!!

e0db53  No.3025978

File: 19265e918450eef⋯.png (132.67 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180914-184952.png)

File: 7383cb402b50dcd⋯.png (96.71 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180914-185217.png)

File: 7b65fa5481a50e3⋯.png (112.05 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180914-185228.png)


This is one of Jimmy's best CE-5 videos yet.

4e5937  No.3026077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Some contactee's are surveilled more intensely than others.

96e274  No.3026508

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Moar CE-5 footage. This, from Chicago.

a604ae  No.3027051


Agree. Go back and read David Wilcock's posts about Obama when he first got elected president. He said something like Obama was an indigo. I wasn't quite WOKE back then, but I could not stand Obama and was so shocked that Wilcock was writing this stuff. I really started to doubt him after that. Q has always hinted that "control of the narrative" is the goal, and I think people like David Wilcock are either "part of the deep state" or just not very discerning. I like the guy, so I'm not sure which one it is. Totally think Corey Goode is a deep state disinfo agent.

26bfe3  No.3027088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Leak project has compiled some significant digs on the sun. You can see unidentified objects around the 7-8 minute mark, like Anon suggested.

7ea625  No.3027770

File: 19d721d320d2ce2⋯.png (214.82 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180914-212559.png)



Woman believes she captured "fleet" of ETV while trying to film sunrise.

Link to sauce is in the video drop down box^^

da3616  No.3034758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





I'm no>>3004440 astrofag - but here's my 2¢ on Sunspot and the lack of any UFO connection. Also a psa on upcoming CE-5 contact report.

da3616  No.3034770


He may be a CE5Anon but he types like a Damm newfag

ac60a2  No.3035796


Be nice boy. We are here to share information.

Grammar/syntax does not discredit content…

English is not necessary first language (like in your case)

da9caf  No.3042112


Scientology…Jade and his parents are bonkers!

79de4c  No.3043036

>>2546642 Yes - CE5 distracts away from kakistocracy and crypto-symbiots. Too many people live in fantasy-land (hell created by blood-eating tards) - and are unwilling to look at what IS; frugivores (anatomically) and megaliths.

tards cannot fathom objective reality.

1d6ab1  No.3043185


>having a meditation in nature to clear up the ET question is distracting


79de4c  No.3043997

>>3043185 Don't be fooled: D45 Space Force is serious.

D45 Trumps kakistocracy: relegare, ediction, govern-mentis

Thank Goodness - Type 1 here we ARE. .. …

i.e. Think about any 6 "talking points" from D45

Hoorah orca !


f6c61f  No.3049160

File: 880adc7a6f49ed7⋯.mp4 (5.64 MB, 322x240, 161:120, ALIEN ALIVE HOUSE FOOTAGE….mp4)

File: d244cf29d6fa72b⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 431x544, 431:544, Reed_Alien_hoax.jpg)

d0cb76  No.3050250

This is a great read: http://archive.fo/OO7zl

c3e6e4  No.3050454

I'll bite here:

I have had a physical encounter, OBE and countless dream-like memories. A notable encounter is a woman, who could simply be my animus, I have dreams and OBEs involving her. The only direct evidence is finding unusual hairs. The last one was wrapped around my keys.

I have moved twice. It has happened multiple times. Reasonable doubt is becoming increasing difficult to maintain.

More so because there are various other things which happen. Flashing lights at night is the main and most consistent thing. Years ago seeing a craft seemed to start it all.

Some may look at contact as an exciting unknown. I would say these people don't know how scary the unknown can be.

I live a normal life on the surface. I have a philosophical bent and am studying to become a technologist. I can't talk about this stuff to friends and family. So I rationalize it and internalize it. At some point I realized the contacts are usually aimed at accelerating spiritual growth.

It was relatively easy to accept because I've never had dogmatic beliefs about god and the nature of reality.

I have a great avoidance of the 'New Age Hippies'. I'm a pragmatist. I learned Qigong to enhance mental strength. When I resolved to not fear (it's a continual dilemma), I find greater joy in the small simple things.

Generally, I've noticed a progression towards using less words when I'm around others. I have become less apt to engage in transient conversations as most would construe it. I somewhat have lost relate-ability to others because my underlying emotional stability is taxed in ways most don't have to deal with.

Ironically though, I come to understand systems of dogma and the game-role playing people are so heavily identified with, which in turn effects my spiritual practice and ongoing contact

4a9cbc  No.3051638

This is a speech that every Patriot needs to listen to. This is what we are trying to finish. This is JFK's speech about Secret Societies.


073d96  No.3052006

They are still chem trailing over Houston at night. Ellington AFB…no tail numbers.>>3051638


d40521  No.3054659


Me, is that you? If not. . me too.

For me it was hair clips. Or barrettes. Or whatever you call them. The animus left the same one behind. 4 times. Different women. Back to back to back to back.

I was also contacted by ETs a year to the day after I last saw animus.

I guess I was getting New Agey at that point, so can't say that I was avoiding them.

95feaa  No.3055120



Very nice. Interesting how they usually choose women, maybe because of their calm non threatening nature. I had similar experiences with mental contact and craft sighting but not physical contact as far as I could perceive it. Don't worry about any kinds of labels from ignorant people, if it happened to all of us then it's called reality and not new age, and it will always be with a reason.

Usually spiritual growth.

ac60a2  No.3057133

File: ad7bd16d9eb400c⋯.png (86.32 KB, 680x436, 170:109, ClipboardImage.png)


I've been following for a while. I have not noticed before su