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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

fb46da  No.2562773

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of force only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

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Saturday 08.11.18

>>2561079 ————————————– https://twitter.com/NBCNews/statuses/1028408743309008899 ( Cap: >>2561128 )

>>2560115 rt >>2559940 ——————- https://twitter.com/billmaher/status/112332199386296320 ( Cap: >>2560142 )

>>>/patriotsfight/144 ————————– We, THE PEOPLE, are the CURE ( Caps: >>2559100, >>2559143 )

>>>/patriotsfight/143 ————————– Not seeking re-election ( Caps: >>2558970 )

>>>/patriotsfight/142 ————————– State Dept [HRC]>>Eric Schmidt>>Lisa Shields ( Caps: >>2558342 )

>>2557485 ————————————– IRON EAGLE

>>2556980 ————————————– The SHARING of INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT

>>2556723 rt >>2556646 ——————- BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM [NEXT WEEK]

>>2556646 ————————————– Autists catch the message?

>>>/patriotsfight/141 ————————– Could a new Telecommunications Act be on the way ( Caps: >>2555256 )

>>>/patriotsfight/140 ————————– The World is WATCHING (Caps: >>2555067 )

>>>/patriotsfight/139 ————————– Discovery.

>>>/patriotsfight/138 ————————– FAKE NEWS Consolidation (Caps: >>2554744 )

Friday 08.10.18

>>>/patriotsfight/137 ————————– [Fish]ing is fun. These people are stupid. (Caps: >>2543440 )

>>>/patriotsfight/136 ————————– PACKET (Caps: >>2541594 )

>>>/patriotsfight/135 ————————– ROUTE T (Caps: >>2541586 )

>>>/patriotsfight/134 ————————– STAY STRONG. STAY TOGETHER. (Caps: >>2541362 )

>>>/patriotsfight/133 ————————– NEW TRIP CONFIRMED. (Caps: >>2541336 )

>>>/patriotsfight/132 ————————– We are under HEAVY attack.

>>>/patriotsfight/131 ————————– NOW THEY ALL LOSE. (Caps: >>2539428 ; >>2539489 )

>>>/patriotsfight/130 ————————– CA/NY notorious voter fraud. (Caps: >>2539422 )

>>2538955 rt >>2538860 ——————- Re_read drops re: Haiti.

>>>/patriotsfight/129 ————————– NEVER STOP PRAYING. (Cap: >>2538789 )

Thursday 08.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/128 ————————– THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. (Caps: >>2532676 )

>>>/patriotsfight/127 rt 126 ————–— What assets (people) were placed (spy) in POTUS' campaign? (Caps: >>2532453 )

>>>/patriotsfight/126 ————————– [SPY OP] (Caps: >>2532138 )

>>2530456 rt >>2530206 ——————- Comfy? Previews are over. Showtime!

>>>/patriotsfight/125 ————————– [Past 24hrs - Nunes Attack] (Caps: >>2530193 )

Tuesday 08.07.18

>>>/patriotsfight/124 rt 122 ————–— Digest and understand. (Caps: >>2500174 )

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fb46da  No.2562782


are not endorsements


>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

>>2393582 Thank you for your interest in Q and QResearch >>2410101 Please watch this video

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2541091 BO Confirms: New Q trip whitelisted


>>2562585 'Evergreen' connection close to Seattle: Evergreen State College

>>2562530 Internet outages reported

>>2562482 MSN reports on the hijacker

>>2562472 BOOM Spaces Decoded

>>2562337 The plot of Iron Eagle: Hijacked plane, creates a diversion

>>2562334 , >>2562418 Q400's have built in stairs

>>2562131 , >>2562323 The clock tells us of 'planes & missiles'

>>2562218 Update of side-by-side from >>2561919 (pb)

>>2561989 (pb) >>2562277 Hijacked plane theory

>>2562765 #3233


>>2561931 This SAME NAVAL SHIPYARD was under an alert a few days after the missile launch in the same area

>>2561919 , >>2561866 'Save The Best for Last', Israel & USS Richard B. Russell

>>2561542 Resigned - UPDATED

>>2561745 Planefag Updates

>>2561720 Reverse Image Search of Q400 Image

>>2561656 , >>2561736, >>2561936 More on USS Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)

>>2561651 Wenatchee, 177 miles from Ketron Island: Historical child sex abuse case

>>2561565 , >>2561618, >>2561638, >>2561658 Repost of the Jeanne M. Lin dig (US/UK joint)

>>2561535 USS Richard B Russell motto: "They saved the best for last"

>>2561501 Ketron Island, near McNeil Island where violent sexual predators are housed

>>2561432 Ketron Island real estate scheme (scam)

>>2561422 Left eat their own: Law suit agains Maher for saying the N word

>>2561332 , >>2561360 'Scrapped' USS Richard B Russell & Rich Russell hijacker. Coincidence?

>>2561319 Paul Erickson was the other spy plant at DJT campaign

>>2561282 , >>2561289 4Chan threads on Ketron Island

>>2560856 (all pb) >>2560748, >>2560756, >>2560771 Sub posts cont

>>2560845 (all pb) >>2560923, >>2561007, >>2561416 Sub posts

>>2561275 (pb) Maher 'coincidence' side-by-side

>>2561988 #3232


>>2561182 MSM doesn’t report on the missile launched from Whidbey Island at AF1 in June 2018

>>2561050 Please archive before posting. Preserve the evidence

>>2560694 GWHB founded 'Points of Light' connected to Red Cross, CARITAS & Cabal. Dig

>>2560912 Hussein Leaks

>>2560831 MemeAnons: Call for normie-friendly memes please

>>2560756 Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) was scrapped at Puget Sound in 1994

>>2560684 Next week, the MSM is planning an all out attack on POTUS

>>2560606 HRC and Google connects

>>2560594 New Q Books series

>>2560576 Kevin Bacon & (((partners))), involved in Haiti. Dig

>>2560531 Transcript of Maher talking about Q

>>2561209 #3231


>>2560226 Caps from Maher's tweet & QPost

>>2559805, >>2559856, >>2559881 Some creepy Maher tweets

>>2559868 The island where Washington state sends its sex offenders

>>2559787 Manafort and SummerBreeze LLC

>>2559764 Group Exemption Procedures- IRS Instructions. This is Our Money!

>>2559760 Suit against Bill Maher for allegedly abusing former gf

>>2559747 , >>2559758 Fraudster & sexual predator has ties to island

>>2560407 #3230

Previously Collected Notables

>>2558665 #3227, >>2558847 #3228, >>2559634 #3229

>>2555762 #3224, >>2556537 #3225, >>2558653 #3226

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>>2551086 #3218, >>2552610 #3219, >>2552658 #3220

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File: 7ac8d1ec890b842⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 7ac8d1ec890b842f56ed7624e8….png)

#3234 Dough


fb46da  No.2562826

New Baker Requested

66275e  No.2562871

File: 0de95e8e3220e8d⋯.png (18.44 KB, 381x152, 381:152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c48256b81083c6⋯.png (74.73 KB, 384x458, 192:229, ClipboardImage.png)

thanks baker!

the "save the best for last" is about the Pope

the Israel quote is: "we are saving Israel for last"

for the newfags, regardless, israel is for last

382cbb  No.2562876

Missiles require a target. DONT LOSE FOCUS ON THE ISLAND.


90814a  No.2562879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ee45b1  No.2562890

File: 3bc67cca07f37c5⋯.jpeg (18.4 KB, 253x225, 253:225, PrayForPOTUS.jpeg)

69b611  No.2562891

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

<< Watch for PROOF that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

90814a  No.2562897


Is this aileron roll or barrel roll?

4210a0  No.2562898

File: 5a9b86ea48ccab6⋯.jpg (436.53 KB, 1100x730, 110:73, c996ca47348251e51cd5e08706….jpg)

8184fe  No.2562899


i can bake

handoff confirmed?

25f6e6  No.2562900

File: c59ce67abe79e08⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 474x355, 474:355, POL.jpg)

File: 6cb4767bde51d56⋯.png (20.01 KB, 298x151, 298:151, POL corp.png)

File: cd1e913b6076bf6⋯.jpg (22.48 KB, 300x259, 300:259, Pts Light.jpg)

File: 8e48a99f25186bc⋯.jpg (8.21 KB, 255x128, 255:128, POL NVTC.jpg)

POINTS of LIGHT National Monument

A national monument in Washington D.C., located adjacent to the White House, the monument is composed of 34 bronze medallions honoring people who "through their caring and personal sacrifice, reached out to others.

Includes Clara Barton – Founder, American Red Cross and NUMEROUS founders of Children's programs such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Campfire Girls, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girls Scouts, and many more.

It's all about the KIDS

(and the organizations that surround them)


Links to: Red Cross, Service Enterprise Initiative , Points of Light Foundation(s), NVTC, HandsON, GenerationON, and on and on. ALL 501(c)(3)'s STEALING Grant and contributions out of YOUR wallet!

66275e  No.2562901

File: 1155bd43aa58f25⋯.png (518.75 KB, 1283x849, 1283:849, ClipboardImage.png)


Q proof BO??

was making a side by side and am using this as a part of it

Q indicated space is important to national security, then POTUS makes the space force for that reason

let me know if you agree BO

37e6d4  No.2562902

File: 46e9b760886c71b⋯.jpeg (326.67 KB, 640x1105, 128:221, C773A408-F9A1-40E0-8A96-2….jpeg)

File: 0386caa4f5baf14⋯.jpeg (219.27 KB, 640x555, 128:111, 979AA0B6-9187-4864-8B21-F….jpeg)

>It's unclear why the gun was put into the backpack. Finley could not be reached for comment Saturday. Jail officials said he was not in custody and a listed phone number had been disconnected. Prosecutors didn't respond to messages seeking comment.


5bc526  No.2562903

If a pilot performs a barrel roll and breaks it off in the SE quadrant, what symbol does it make ?

a "Q"

515d26  No.2562904

>>2562856 [pb]

Not sure if this posted near end of last Br. gets missed…



no Beeber blog shots on Wayback Machine

d4aaed  No.2562906

File: db091d427d76160⋯.jpg (118.56 KB, 855x1140, 3:4, Beautiful_Bread.jpg)

Thank You Baker!

c41a16  No.2562907

File: cc07a2b7dc94d6f⋯.jpg (348.67 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, zAWLfgG.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

081af8  No.2562908

File: e25f7c68a47bba6⋯.jpeg (6.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (19).jpeg)

Comfy and enjoying the show.

This is my favorite timeline!

And I might just buy these to piss off the inlaws this Thanksgiving.

ac8967  No.2562909

File: ba1e8d7dad12fe3⋯.jpg (46.05 KB, 255x255, 1:1, PalmTreeSunglassesPepe.jpg)


Hey Baker, if nobody accepts by about post 100, I will take the bake. I am going to be on the board anyway.

Made part of the journey for vacation today. 10 hour drive tomorrow. Everyone is crashing on me as we are getting up early andI get to be the driver.

f79794  No.2562910

File: ef9a72fa17eedec⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 570x344, 285:172, panicatthedisco-1.jpg)

File: 20bcf21a503346d⋯.jpg (517.09 KB, 1365x767, 105:59, panicatthedisco-0.jpg)

"Beebo" seems to be the nickname of the lead singer of a band called "Panic at the Disco".


c6ab45  No.2562911

File: 8c8695074083725⋯.jpeg (177.48 KB, 655x859, 655:859, Barrel Roll.jpeg)

8ec2ce  No.2562912

File: 9151182d0d55366⋯.png (180.37 KB, 1514x965, 1514:965, trump island.PNG)


a9b03e  No.2562913

File: 289530cad12ee33⋯.gif (296.94 KB, 300x456, 25:38, 289530cad12ee331d2a5c6e08e….gif)


This. Wish anons would focus fire a bit on current happenings. JQ isn't going anywhere, they are surrounded after all…kek.

16d636  No.2562914

File: 9951771a02d9695⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1322, 621:661, 6313E0A0-F56D-4A77-96D6-1….jpeg)

7cc7c2  No.2562915

Aug 11 2018 15:33:23 (EST)

Welcome to THE SWAMP.


State Dept [HRC]>>Eric Schmidt>>Lisa Shields



Bill Paxon.

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP


John Dowd.


Melissa Laurenza



Time Stamp: 15:33:23 = 3:33:23

333 23 or 33323 (with leading dup 3’s deleted) we get

32 = Skull and Bones

23 = Q’s opposition to 32

23 = Q’s counterstrike (PAIN) to 32!!


98709b  No.2562916

File: 1339999bd3295f7⋯.jpg (110.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, backpacker.jpg)

f9525f  No.2562917

File: cc8b47437441ba5⋯.jpeg (40.37 KB, 183x255, 61:85, ED7154F5-4EC5-48AF-8842-F….jpeg)

Anyone have the thread or archive to the Alice and wonderland thread??



c8afa2  No.2562918

File: 86781abcc08bd75⋯.png (278.86 KB, 911x672, 911:672, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79e97c086368b18⋯.png (148.4 KB, 911x622, 911:622, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fbf608a03b01e5f⋯.png (282.75 KB, 932x682, 466:341, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2a095505768fc6⋯.png (162.06 KB, 574x577, 574:577, ClipboardImage.png)

"A Devastating Scenario": Brazil Breaks Own Record For Number Of Murders, Ahead Of Election

The total number of people killed in a single year in Brazil has hit a record, the economically collapsed, South American country saw 63,880 homicides in 2017, according to a Brazilian think-tank, which indicated much of the violent crime is concentrated in the impoverished northeastern states.


16d636  No.2562919

File: 0b1e8201e1bb9c3⋯.jpeg (786.14 KB, 1242x807, 414:269, ECE5EE6B-63E3-4F7A-9BD0-F….jpeg)

fb46da  No.2562920


Thanks to you anon. So there was a

[P] post with 'Save the best for last', then an

Israel post with "We are saving Israel for last."


How can either the Pope or Israel be connected with what we've found re the sub?

4210a0  No.2562921



515d26  No.2562923


Yeah, that's a guy who learned to fly by playing Xbox.

Did she say "holy shit!"?

ec8dd2  No.2562924

File: 8e13753c5feb2fc⋯.jpg (147.78 KB, 386x449, 386:449, TheWorldIsAboutToChange..jpg)


(((They))) will be JUDGED


Luke 1:79

“To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

Psalm 133:1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity!

John 3

20 For everyone who does evil hates the light and avoids it, so that his deeds may not be exposed. 21 But anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to be accomplished by God. ∞

6ff591  No.2562925

>>2562779 lb

My point was that anons were saying if was fake because he voice was so clear. I pushed back on that. Most here are wanting to push the narrative that it was remote controlled and as of yet, there isn't a reasonable explanation to account for how it was maneuvered from where it was onto the taxi way and wait for it's turn to take off.

>>2562867 lb

True, it didn't. But you have not explained how it could be remote controlled without a special fitting on that type of eq. and the need for someone to be on scene to actually control it.

ac8967  No.2562926


Cool, yes!!

I will just chill then

eb42c2  No.2562927


Can I somehow convince you to push the Antifa are Nazis meme? You are so horrible at this I encourage you to put the same "talents" towards pushing the Antifa/Nazi hoax.

Do it please!

382cbb  No.2562928


66275e  No.2562929


they aren't

that sub shit is newfaggotry


680170  No.2562930

File: 0365302bc7844c2⋯.png (784.17 KB, 1073x706, 1073:706, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: 9c7ed9abd264561⋯.png (113.1 KB, 714x447, 238:149, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: 51004f73838afbc⋯.png (108.09 KB, 512x384, 4:3, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: 6a38a13d153705e⋯.png (231.31 KB, 518x517, 518:517, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)


ef2460  No.2562931

some exceprts noted for yall to hear cryptic rich on the ari traffic

i made a aduio snippets but it looks like no direct audio upload here so im deciding how to get that out

some minute markers for ya

audio link:



7:48 mark

theres a lot of pretty stuff but umm i think theyre prettier in a different context

13:17 mark

i wouldnt mind just shootin the shit with you guys…. but its all business ya know

at the 11:35 mark

he talks about his surroundings and says 2500 to be exact

any ideas wtf that means?


ee45b1  No.2562932

>>2562499 Reid is a swine with a very long list of "mistakes" in his past. Been waiting for his name to come up again. May we see him perp walked, wailing & soiling himself. Harry, millions justifiably hate your guts.

16d636  No.2562933

File: d1e7184ddc9a244⋯.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1739, 1242:1739, C6F08722-78B8-41C0-A907-D….jpeg)


6a3db8  No.2562934

>>2562788 (lb)

The plane may have been a diversion with the acrobatics. Also winding up the engines for potential heat seekers! Who knows really.I don't believe for one minute though that the plane was piloted.

7d8aec  No.2562935

File: 08e51b903b99a5e⋯.png (465.96 KB, 697x404, 697:404, 1534040139814.png)

c8afa2  No.2562936


Click here:


Then use the links to download our work!




515d26  No.2562937


The plot, she is thickening.

8853f0  No.2562938

File: 36216f275b92d01⋯.png (809.34 KB, 1261x710, 1261:710, Screenshot from 2018-08-11….png)


Boom got him…

5e230f  No.2562939

File: dc2d7806b765e97⋯.png (399.76 KB, 659x564, 659:564, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c56741b93011590⋯.png (72.36 KB, 663x562, 663:562, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e241b4289aecded⋯.png (48.97 KB, 846x321, 282:107, ClipboardImage.png)

Article from 2010

FRESH KILLS Landfill was used to dispose of 9/11 rubble

Opened in 1948 - closed coincidentally in 2001

Even though they had a brand spankin' new section used for 9/11 rubble



fb46da  No.2562940

BO/BV, are you around for a handoff?

Thanks anon, for stepping up, appreciate it. I'll confirm with you when confirmed, and will collect notes until then.

0bb0c5  No.2562941

Ummm, optics?


eb42c2  No.2562942

File: 26d70a393aaf2d3⋯.png (197.13 KB, 289x290, 289:290, HitlerSecret.png)

File: 5ad4d48b3a504f4⋯.png (253.21 KB, 378x260, 189:130, HitlerWomen.png)

File: 23fce9bc62b2a0e⋯.png (214.74 KB, 340x383, 340:383, HitlerWomen1.png)

File: 4189f724b0b4580⋯.png (133.92 KB, 379x280, 379:280, HitlerWomen3.png)

File: 58d6feca1441b2b⋯.png (269.24 KB, 287x350, 41:50, HitlerPoint.png)


Cuck faggot.

90814a  No.2562943


kek, video is better on mute but that is quite a maneuver

4b06c4  No.2562944


I wouldn't want her in combat with me. Uggh!

f9a0eb  No.2562945

PCisLame on reddit is a good baker.

non-Anon has made good connections.

Summoning a Russian spy.

Good work.

113397  No.2562946

That was no amateur. Had to be a remote control master. >>2562879

8184fe  No.2562947


ok sounds good, baker

1f4911  No.2562948

Surprising a Q400 could be remotely commandeered. As previously discussed, these aircraft must have some of those compromised Chinese electronics that allow such a thing to happen, much like AF1 had also before they were replaced.

6c7a21  No.2562949

Been lurking since 1st week of Nov. Not autist. Amazed by you, INFJ. Can't express myself well but I get it. Carry on/


230b9a  No.2562950


Q is right … it's going mainstream on other outlets. This guy Dave Janda has some inside sources aside from Q.

But he talks like a script from Q … 12 attempts on Trumps life already.

Maria Bartelomo fiasco on her show a few weeks back when guest started telling how they were going after Jamie Diamond.

Said they will go after Rothschild…they have to … because if they don't cut off the head of the snake nothing changes. And Trump knows this has to change.

967691  No.2562951

one of my frens just came by, I told him all about the island….he was like FUCK you guys know every rock on that fucker….. I told him we like islands

fdb60f  No.2562952



fcbbc0  No.2562953

File: ac3872a8d97dbd8⋯.png (50.77 KB, 450x310, 45:31, ClipboardImage.png)

Elon Musk tweets about his Defcon talk

fb46da  No.2562954


BO/BV, are you around for a handoff?

Thanks anon, for stepping up, appreciate it. I'll confirm with you when confirmed, and will collect notes until then.


You're on vacay! (Thank you though). Enjoy the chill….

fcfffe  No.2562956


I think there are a few more that can tie this together better.

a72a6a  No.2562957

"Muh pleiadians."

Q can answer this and end the shillery for all times, right?

9c5587  No.2562958

File: 5882636e7c063cc⋯.jpg (16.44 KB, 255x235, 51:47, PepeHurricane.jpg)



LOL, they're getting obliterated in the replies - total destruction, kek

Bringin' that pain, anons!

a9b03e  No.2562959


Trolling is fun.

921868  No.2562960



Missile site/black site, bodies buried there, DUMB..?

f2b225  No.2562961

File: 4eceedf582c0a0e⋯.png (2.55 MB, 763x954, 763:954, $RA7IGLQ.png)

d359bd  No.2562962

>>2560409 (PB)

Or first grandchild …

In order for the "good" accusations to stick, we need to steer well clear of the false ones.

Until we can put a name to the face – with certainty – we need to refrain from making any claims about it.

We are now in the public eye. We need to have our shit MUCH tighter than the MSM does so that every accusation they make about us just totally blows up in their faces.

c0c8e5  No.2562963

Posting again because I really think there's something to this. Gaming industry has the ability to red pill kids of all ages.

On the video game angle, I remember seeing a dig on Ubisoft fending off a buyout from Vivendi Universal which is connected to Claire Bronfman's brother Edgar. Storyline from the assassin's creed games is highly similar to Q team (and us) vs Cabal.

Searched "God of war ubisoft" and found this article from gameinformer magazine. Upcoming WWI game from former Ubisoft dev Yoan Fanise called 11-11 Memories Retold. Fanise founded DigixArt Studios with his wife to make "meaningful" games. Also made a previous WWI game called Valiant Hearts: the great war.

Also the lead character in 11-11 is voiced by Hollywood whistleblower Elijah Wood.

I think certain figures in the video game industry are a lot more engaged in this fight than we thought.


5bc526  No.2562964

"Make no mistake, it's not revenge he is after. It's a reckoning." Doc Holliday

66275e  No.2562965


you misspelled moar

a few moar what?

crumbs or stories?

>was making a side by side and am using this as a part of it

not making a Qproof, legit copypasta'd from what I'm working on

cf542b  No.2562966

File: dd9c9b58e98f22a⋯.jpg (130.51 KB, 619x464, 619:464, happening - Copy.jpg)

8cc118  No.2562967

File: bde3df4d5c51645⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1662x884, 831:442, Blocked_g4_blocked.png)

File: 8868d552049062f⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1403x623, 1403:623, Blocked_LJ_8_11_2.png)

File: efbed4f3f316eb4⋯.png (146.05 KB, 584x518, 292:259, blocked_LJ_8_11_18.png)

Been following this BLOCKED out of LA…. didn't think much of it… figured probably just rich people…. then I zoomed in and found a G4 underneath it….. same flight path the whole way…. another blocked nearby and medical related choppers everywhere

ed358e  No.2562968

Got reprimanded a few breads back for not archiving first. Well, I finagled a way to preserve the pics of this satanic lil witch.

Working on getting the individuals w/text and replies now.


a841cb  No.2562969


I am in 100% agreement. Also, I suspect that had it been remote controlled it would not have appeared as if a rookie were flying it.

58d473  No.2562970

File: e53d7363ff375f1⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 1918x2469, 1918:2469, 20180811_223113.jpg)

File: b5c3f9843252805⋯.jpg (3.13 MB, 1770x2538, 295:423, 20180811_223049.jpg)

Richard B Russel was no ordinary Senator anons. See pics.


Blind Mans Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage (great book by the way)

c8afa2  No.2562971



We all know, or at least are starting to know, about the stop/fight 'the cabal part of this GREAT AWAKENING' But it goes a lot deeper than that.

To begin to address this in a manner which is digestible it is best to realize that the fight is not just one for our countries. We know they

want us divided but there is another often overlooked division, that is the division of the mind, body and soul. They have used chemicals

in our food supply to condition us to be compliant and to encourage illness. They use other chemicals and heavy metals in our water to dumb us down and cause disease of the mind, they use fluoride, among other things, to shut down our PINEAL GLAND thus shutting off our spiritual connections (SOUL).

Brothers and Sisters the other major part of this fight between good v evil is in us all, it is in the hearts and minds of men and women.

If we all simply chose to do the right thing evil would cease to exist in an instant.

The CHOICE is yours!

Peace over war

Right over wrong

Joy over fear

Others over self

Strength over weakness

Light over dark

Cleanse your mind, body and soul for enlightenment!



12a239  No.2562972

File: e1c2c31ac800dbb⋯.jpg (5.45 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, QCloud2.JPG)

Q Cloud today!

eb42c2  No.2562973

File: 099a0e4718e06fa⋯.png (340.41 KB, 499x423, 499:423, Thx.png)

File: 259b8760b78ba54⋯.png (540.14 KB, 768x435, 256:145, Thx2.png)

File: 927dba387a46ad2⋯.png (479.33 KB, 729x427, 729:427, Thx3.png)

File: 93651a3e711cc2b⋯.png (385.62 KB, 496x437, 496:437, Thx4.png)

File: 51171863aec614d⋯.png (503.09 KB, 571x446, 571:446, Thx5.png)

Long list of Great American Jews. Part One

1f4911  No.2562974

Interesting how replys to OP appear before the OP's

58bf06  No.2562975

File: b4a9b8a6298464e⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 1697x672, 1697:672, trumpis.JPG)

d1144c  No.2562976

File: 3ae64552b96a694⋯.jpg (914.36 KB, 2274x1080, 379:180, uncle.jpg)


Alex Jones' (Bill Hicks') uncle was a 32nd Degree MASON

4410a4  No.2562977


I don't trust Dave Janda yet. Why should I? Says he talks to Q?

No outside comms ……


20946d  No.2562978


this is hysterical!!!

thanks for the heads up

fdb60f  No.2562979


Anything to do with vault7 drops about cya's access to vehicle computer systems, taking over the vehicles, running them off the road, etc???

870aa1  No.2562980

File: f604d33fe36d5ee⋯.png (42.86 KB, 255x176, 255:176, ClipboardImage.png)


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a92e3a No.2556980 📁

Aug 11 2018 14:21:45 (EST)

How do you prevent the public release of incriminating acts that would forever strip their power away?

How do you BIND the hands of POTUS?

Two-Pronged SITU.

>>Test strength of midterms through private analysis (win/loss ratio)

>>Analysis below key metric w/o chance for recovery - START A WAR.

Think missile(s) accidentally fired.

Against WHO?

Relationships are VERY IMPORTANT.



Tesla planning to open source….

6ff591  No.2562981


This particular plane made regular stops, can't remember where, but close on the west coast. It's certainly not the type of the plane that would be fitted with remote control type eq.

a762ab  No.2562982

Ketron Island isn't too far from that train crash in WA last December.


90814a  No.2562983


people were "mistaking" it for a drone

8184fe  No.2562984



or can avatarfag if you'd like but i don't mind waiting for BO/BV confirmation

>>2562972 kek! /ourcloud/

eb42c2  No.2562986

File: e0f9b458b00b680⋯.png (495.96 KB, 758x446, 379:223, Thx6.png)

File: 30696012aaed6aa⋯.png (475.77 KB, 597x437, 597:437, Thx7.png)

File: f94562fe1549b0d⋯.png (368.87 KB, 510x441, 170:147, Thx8.png)

File: a9794613710e35d⋯.png (411.58 KB, 553x446, 553:446, Thx9.png)

File: 47e2ac956e301e7⋯.png (453.1 KB, 636x442, 318:221, Thx10.png)


Get the point Jews?




e3f9c4  No.2562987



Trump Island is part of a chain called the San Juan Islands and is largely covered in coniferous trees. It includes a sprawling, flat-roofed 7,029-square-foot mansion built in 2000, and boasts a helicopter pad. Its perimeter claims around 5,000 feet of shoreline into the salty waters that lead into the Pacific Ocean. The 29-acre island doesn’t appear to be named after a member of Trump’s family, though, as hyper-curious Washington Post reporter Phillip Bump learned in his story trying to connect the president to the island. Bump reports that Trump’s grandfather lived in Seattle in the 1890s, and was listed as a registered voter in the newspaper, but name of the island goes back to the 1870s, the director of a museum about the archipelago told Bump…

The real estate broker tasked with selling the island is Leigh Zwicker, and the Puget Sound Business Journal reported in the summer of 2016 after it went on the market that she “sent Donald Trump information about the estate but has yet to hear back from him.”

5570a5  No.2562988

File: 6c5a78fbeb6b113⋯.png (342.29 KB, 693x706, 693:706, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: 252843612bf95bd⋯.png (270.46 KB, 642x704, 321:352, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

Cortez is practicing her arithmetic and also

remembering to introduce people at their rally.

aeb897  No.2562989

File: 17cead2f18987b3⋯.png (944.39 KB, 500x676, 125:169, JesusWarned.png)


Do you condone child kidnap, rape, torture and murder?

Did you know that jewish law permits all those things, and more?

Did you know that every time that you buy kosher products, you are inadvertently funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to jews that use that money to commit their evil deeds?

The fact is, you do. But you can change all that, starting today, right now.

Boycott jews in all aspects of your personal life.

Boycotting is safe, peaceful, and EFFECTIVE.

Teach your fellow Christians about the REAL practices of Judaism, and teach them the most effective and peaceful way of fighting evil.

1. Never buy Kosher products. STOP FUNDING THEIR EVIL.

2. Never do business with a business owned or controlled by jews. STOP FUNDING THEIR EVIL.

3. Never vote for a jew or anyone that supports jews or Israel. TAKE AWAY THEIR POLITICAL POWER.

Encourage your fellow Christians to research the Talmud and the history of the jews.

Spread the Word!

Boycott the jews, starting today!

Jewish Laws:

9 boda Sarah 37

"A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated."

Sanhedrin 54b.

"A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years."

Yalkut 245c

Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.

PS It isn't their children they are sacrificing!

66275e  No.2562990


> Says he talks to Q?

don't know him, thats enough for me to say meh


>This guy Dave Janda has some inside sources aside from Q.

does this guy claim to talk to Q?

a72a6a  No.2562991

File: 59483e1a9a7f80e⋯.jpg (694.18 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 59483e1a9a7f80e7165c4ae895….jpg)


Sure is.

(info slightly outdated)

967691  No.2562992


Yes bro Im close to there there is a HUGH DUMB here, I think it accused from Dupont its a total amazon lock out city check it out Dupont WA its the key to all of this

725b91  No.2562993

File: 96a80a2c34a213f⋯.png (256.17 KB, 491x642, 491:642, Rare_Pepe_Bluebeam_Invasio….png)

Can any High Ranking Anons let me know when the fake alien invasion begins?

8cc118  No.2562994

File: 21470521e2855bc⋯.png (2.81 MB, 3090x608, 1545:304, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)


forgot…. here's the other Blocked… it's out of CO

5407c9  No.2562995



Spent a lot of time WA from childhood and went on Ferry boats regularly. Family on a couple different islands. They have pretty deep water/piers some. Probably a great place to hide a sub. Current ideas anons? Do we think it was a total set up to raid the isle? All the lib states like WA, CA, HI are where this crap is going down. HI had the submarine missile launch. WA had a missile launch. CA has directed energy attacks/fires. Recall a lot of sub sniffers over CA from planefags and that possible underwater base of Malibu. Maybe Kerton has a base under the island. Getting wild and Hot.

eb42c2  No.2562996

File: 174feb8354aa59b⋯.png (411.21 KB, 468x443, 468:443, Thx11.png)

File: 5e5e2ceaea7aa7a⋯.png (313.87 KB, 474x447, 158:149, Thx12.png)

File: 79fad4198c99753⋯.png (508.03 KB, 717x443, 717:443, Thx13.png)

File: 944f5b882806a16⋯.png (365.26 KB, 538x443, 538:443, Thx14.png)

File: 0c79f887cdf4a26⋯.png (510.87 KB, 507x437, 507:437, Thx15.png)


FUCK YOU KIKES. You can not be forgiven.

Get the point Jews?




8aff04  No.2562997

File: 31c2b011cfe6213⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, switzerland.jpg)


[+] Switzerland

[+] Switzerland

[+] Switzerland

2b1c07  No.2562998



5001fb  No.2562999

The Rain Has Started To Fall - THE STORM

Oh my. It seems that we have been waiting for so

long for something of substance to drop (publically).

I was just checking out Bill Maher and NBC sites

linked with the recent Q posts. WOW. There is

NO DENYING that it has started.

Qanon posts EVERYWHERE dropping all kinds

of FACTUAL (proven) evidences.

If it wasn't true yesterday it is today, "The world is watching!"


What a humbling time to be alive.

99b308  No.2563000


So you jump a few IP's and post the same several posts each bread.

Repetition shows your weakness…

bd3eba  No.2563001


They are not sending their best, or do they???

00f4ea  No.2563002

File: a1c514f4488ed69⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2620x3969, 2620:3969, 20180403_224321.jpg)


Welcome Anon!! Hope it's gone well so far. What a timeline huh??


16ae4c  No.2563003

File: 4ea1003cbb33bff⋯.jpg (109.35 KB, 638x479, 638:479, fuku-311-the-untold-truth-….jpg)

File: 30aaa85d9e4909a⋯.jpg (84.46 KB, 800x800, 1:1, photo.jpg)

Think I found out why Shinzo Abe and Trump are "buddies".

One of the reactors in Fukushima was "special".

It was different from the others and held a different sort of fuel.

1. I think it would be a good guess to assume that the Fukushima operation was a CABAL operation.

2. Did this operation have anything to do with plutonium/uranium laundering and FALSE FLAGS?

Did they steal something from Japan that Japan should not have officially had?


Japan cannot say anything.

Did they intend to use this material to setup a MASSIVE false flag?

Inquiring minds want to know…..

f2b225  No.2563004


Do you think she's an actor put there deliberately by the white hats, or is she really this stupid. It would explain why Obama snubbed her, if he knows she's a plant

a841cb  No.2563005


Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

4410a4  No.2563006


It is a question. Does he say that?

fdb60f  No.2563007

eb42c2  No.2563008

File: 27ca7f0eb0ad258⋯.png (338.54 KB, 552x432, 23:18, Thx16.png)

File: cfc3c8945917f47⋯.png (329.06 KB, 463x444, 463:444, Thx17.png)

File: ca58a86e5652297⋯.png (274.83 KB, 375x446, 375:446, Thx18.png)

File: 82895411449e4d3⋯.png (337.1 KB, 462x444, 77:74, Thx19.png)

File: d69ef641c0501b6⋯.png (415.12 KB, 596x448, 149:112, Thx20.png)







Get the point Jews?




2b1c07  No.2563009

File: cc9af57c8f52dc2⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1163x755, 1163:755, ClipboardImage.png)



8cc118  No.2563010


nice finger to the temple Lloyd

1f4911  No.2563011


You must've missed the original Q sauce on this. All planes have/or had the ability to be remotely controlled.

72133b  No.2563012

File: b1c4cdef51bb23f⋯.jpg (148.49 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, patriotsfight1.jpg)

File: e891508dfd44730⋯.jpg (155.41 KB, 1024x639, 1024:639, patriotsfight3.jpg)

File: 497d10fbdfe68b2⋯.jpg (137.36 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, patriotsfight5.jpg)

bd3eba  No.2563013


Hi girl

725b91  No.2563015

File: f773130bfd4c663⋯.png (15.76 KB, 255x247, 255:247, pepe_breathe2.png)

66275e  No.2563016


>don't know him

I have no idea, so it is a question

909341  No.2563017

File: 740a1379c9ac73b⋯.jpg (148.01 KB, 938x599, 938:599, pepewwg1wga.jpg)

16ae4c  No.2563018

File: a2c13c8bcb38d22⋯.gif (8.36 KB, 390x124, 195:62, magna.gif)


>symbols will be their downfall.

967691  No.2563019


Agenda 21 Hub

aeb897  No.2563020


Stop raping and murdering children and I will shut up. Deal?

a72a6a  No.2563021


I'm sure you already know the entire universe is demons.

29eb73  No.2563022

File: 9af435526978a73⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1763x815, 1763:815, 23873278435904354787621764….png)

4b06c4  No.2563023


Am I the only one out here that thinks the idea of a self driving car is a bad idea. Seems technology is now pushed on us instead of letting the market decide. I'd still take a 4 barrel carburetor car over the computerized stuff today. I'll give into automatic windows though..but they need a hand crank too.

Still not sure what to think about the plane over the Puget Sound. I don't want to read too much into it The sub's name and the xbox flyer's name is a really odd coincidence though. Especially since part of this story here involves a missile alert in Hawaii.

fb46da  No.2563024


Happy to hand off to you, Baker.

Handoff confirmed?

Here are some notes up until >>2562984


>>2562967 , >>2562994 Planefag Updates

>>2562930 Evergreen State College. Dig

>>2562912 Trump Island is in the same locale

>>2562900 Moar on GHWB's 'Points of Light' org

9260d1  No.2563025

File: f9839f3f10ce440⋯.png (173.32 KB, 553x430, 553:430, ClipboardImage.png)

Mr Kappy posts this tweet

I repy, "nope and unfollowing"

I get lit up with logical fallacy reactions

Including by him

I post the Q quote, "they thought the sheep would follow the stars"

He deletes his tweet

515d26  No.2563026


more thickening of the plot.

It's getting more interdasting with each bread.

(I miss books).

725080  No.2563027

'It was going straight down': Witnesses recall stolen plane's erratic flight across South Sound


Also found this: Witness video shows stolen Sea-Tac plane attempt barrel roll on this news site. This video disappeared right before my eyes as I tried to collect the URL….Something Funky Here

ee45b1  No.2563028


>>2562867 lb

>True, it didn't. But you have not explained how it could be remote controlled without a special fitting on that type of eq. and the need for someone to be on scene to actually control it.

I asked about that a few breads ago.

The answer was by satellite. Consider: our US Military flies drones halfway around the world by remote control with operators located in the US relaying signals by satellite. I found that answer persuasive.

Would the target plane have to be fitted with a special receiver? There has been a pile of evidence (related to 911 and other things) that ALL planes made in recent decades contain remote control technology. I don't have that evidence. Maybe someone who recalls the part number and designation of the special transponder (a chip within the standard airnav equipment, related to the autopilot) can speak up.

That's all I've got to say about it.

4d2715  No.2563030

File: c9b4f69a1deaa15⋯.png (891.01 KB, 1297x895, 1297:895, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)



eb42c2  No.2563031

File: d41f6ba15602ef7⋯.png (423.64 KB, 497x448, 71:64, Thx21.png)

File: 1f6a0bfd5847e48⋯.png (408.83 KB, 541x448, 541:448, Thx22.png)

File: 0fada3e227c9c44⋯.png (395.5 KB, 539x422, 539:422, Thx60.png)

File: 22ecc6c5d2b2ce7⋯.png (608.21 KB, 669x429, 223:143, Thx74.png)

File: 5645bd6ae476f59⋯.png (480.01 KB, 645x443, 645:443, Thx23.png)

486997  No.2563032

File: c84fd5a5a922bfa⋯.jpg (12.99 KB, 253x255, 253:255, ckjbsdflk4asg35d.jpg)

cf542b  No.2563033


pantysniffenanon! breath in breath out breath in breath out breath in

2b1c07  No.2563036

File: cdb6fd674e77058⋯.jpg (18.66 KB, 403x398, 403:398, checktrumpcheck.jpg)

8cc118  No.2563037

File: a76f34f14f52f1a⋯.png (570.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, wizard_brows_assorted.png)



e1fa2f  No.2563038

File: 8899f6e071cbaa3⋯.png (222.41 KB, 1005x495, 67:33, When_Victims_Rule_A_Critiq….PNG)


If you want to understand drug trade and cartel operations in the US, you need to understand the Israeli and jewish-Russian side of the business

From the book "When Victims Rule", chapter "23. DRUGS" ( source: https://archive.is/wDemW ):

"Little known – and little publicized – in America, in recent years the Jewish "Russian mafia," and Orthodox religious and Israeli business networks with deep links to drug cartels, have been instrumental in maintaining the United States drug problem. Many of these criminals are particularly pious Jews, and a number of Orthodox Jewish religious institutions have been used for the laundering of literally hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money in (particularly) New York City. (Money laundering here refers to the task of getting huge sums of money that were paid for drugs, originally in small bills, into a form of assets that has the appearance of legality.) In 1994 Israeli journalist Ben Kapit exposed this story of Jewish culpability and corruption in America's growing drug problem; he wrote in Hebrew, to an Israeli audience, in the newspaper Ma'ariv.

American Jews and Israelis dominate the jewelry and precious stones and metals trade in Manhattan, mostly located in the 47th Street area. "75-80% of the active traders on the street are Jews," said Kapit, "A large part of them are very pious Orthodox Jews, mainly Hassids. There is also a respectable representation of Jews from Iran and Syria, usually also very pious … the place is also the biggest launderer for drug money in the United States." [KAPIT, p. 2]

Daily transactions of huge sums of money – including interstate and international – is part of the diamond business (as is backroom secrecy, based on "personal acquaintance and trust," [KAPIT, p. 2]; boxes, large packages, and armored trucks come and go regularly under heavy security. All this provides a convenient front for the laundering of massive amounts of drug money, most of it in $10 and $20 bills. "One of the most popularly successful ways to launder money," notes Kapit, "is through Jewish religious institutions, such as yeshivas and synagogues. Since the majority of the 47th Street gold and diamond merchants are religious Jews, the process is made easier." [KAPIT, p. 4]

"Today," noted Newsweek in 1977, "the Japanese give diamond engagement rings nearly as often as American, and wealthy Arabs who once eschewed diamonds for the more colorful stones, have become insatiable diamond buyers … Little wonder, then, that tampering robberies and even murders have come to haunt the business, not only along West 47th Street in New York – where the mostly Jewish dealers see an 'Israeli mafia' behind the murder last month of one of their numbers – but the world's other diamond centers as well." [ATLAS, p. 95] "The robberies that plague the diamond districts of New York and Tel Aviv," notes David Koskoff, "are almost always perpetrated by people from within the diamond community." [KOSKOFF, p. 191] In 1990, the Jerusalem Post, paraphrasing the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Sherman Block (also Jewish), noted that "Los Angeles' small but potent 'Israeli mafia’ has spread across America, graduating in the last two decades from extorting poor Jews – often concentration camp survivors – to major drug-dealing and fraud schemes against the rich … Cocaine is the favored product of the mafia's drug dealing, and their clients tend to be affluent people who demand the highest quality." [DERFNER, 9-9-90, ONLINE]

U.S. Federal agents have identified, says Kapit, what it calls "the Cocaine Triangle. Its sides are: Colombian drug barons, Israeli-Jewish money launderers, and Jewish-Russian mafiosos … You need only look at the list of arrests and indictments of the past three years in order to grasp the enormous scope of Israeli involvement in the field." [KAPIT, p. 3] There are numerous murky criminal interfaces between these Israeli drug dealers, the so-called "Russian" mafia, and some of the most pious Jewish Orthodox religious circles. The link between Israeli weapons dealing and South American underworld organizations is also deep. In 1988, for example, an Israeli paramilitary training company called "Spearhead," directed by a former senior army officer, Yair Klein, was hired to train members of a drug cartel in Colombia. Klein was eventually fined all of $13,000 by Israeli authorities for "exporting defense know-how not covered in his permit." [HIRSCHBERG, p. 13] In 1990 the Jewish Week reported that "three United States officials were in Israel … investigating possible Israeli connections to the Colombian drug cartel" and that earlier NBC had reported that "Israeli reserve officers…. [were providing] military training to drug-cartel gunmen." [GOLBERG, A, p. 51]"

b08231  No.2563039



Not familiar at all with such matters

fdb60f  No.2563040

313013  No.2563041


Can someone send 120 V up the ass of this guys VPN?

I Really don't understand the campaign??

Jones uncle's next-door neighbor knew a 33° Mason In 1932 and he also ate Russian dressing so he was a Russian Jew I guess? Why do you put so much effort into this you fucking loser

230b9a  No.2563042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Earlier interview with this Dave Janda guy. Who does this guy know. It's like he is a fly on the wall of the Trump administration. He has inside sources…listening to him…I have to believe after a month of happenings, this guy is for real.

Anon's you know of this guy.

I never heard him say he talks to Q. His sources he says are people in the industry and or politics as far as I can see

8184fe  No.2563043


Handoff Confirmed

thanks for the notes, baker!

6ff591  No.2563044


Good point. I've heard that's it's really not that hard to get a plane in the air and he has had experience taxing the planes around. I also heard last night that his friends were saying he has been googling how to fly planes.

I understand the barrel roll is tricky at best. Don't know if it was dumb luck or if he has talk with pilots about how to do it.

Either way, The guy had a death wish and he got it.

eb42c2  No.2563045

File: 2c64f456e797371⋯.png (565.27 KB, 652x449, 652:449, Thx24.png)

File: 0efb6177a6c470b⋯.png (429.6 KB, 491x447, 491:447, Thx25.png)

File: f7b348fa5bafa73⋯.png (267.28 KB, 512x442, 256:221, Thx26.png)

File: 3a2105d447f4e59⋯.png (205.61 KB, 562x447, 562:447, Thx27.png)

File: 44f2fae911952d6⋯.png (342.78 KB, 623x340, 623:340, Thx28.png)







Get the point Jews?




fcfffe  No.2563046


you can include the crumb about losing space dominance.


and then to something like this, which explains the necessity of space dominance.


d359bd  No.2563047

>>2560409 (PB)

Or first grandchild …

In order for the "good" accusations to stick, we need to steer well clear of the false ones.

Until we can put a name to the face – with certainty – we need to refrain from making any claims about it.

We are now in the public eye. We need to have our shit MUCH tighter than the MSM does so that every accusation they make about us just totally blows up in their faces.

77adab  No.2563048


for real doe?

00f4ea  No.2563049

File: 0a27fe511fb55c9⋯.png (1.91 MB, 2535x2546, 2535:2546, 0a27fe511fb55c9a8595e7aecd….png)


Happy to have you here Anon!! We're ALL Patriots here, all equals.

f9a0eb  No.2563050


Why the fuck else you think we need space force now? The satellites. Everyone has them and can control the drones and planes remotely now.

eb42c2  No.2563051

File: d71c61160680941⋯.png (365.77 KB, 609x425, 609:425, Thx29.png)

File: 8059da8578b3cdf⋯.png (368.58 KB, 445x423, 445:423, Thx30.png)

File: 65ae7ce9667178d⋯.png (548.2 KB, 750x435, 50:29, Thx31.png)

File: 0b9975cbf0f9d5b⋯.png (354.05 KB, 464x444, 116:111, Thx32.png)

File: 2c5316e11954c0e⋯.png (367.93 KB, 499x431, 499:431, Thx33.png)






Get the point Jews?




fb46da  No.2563052


Handoff confirmed

Great, enjoy the bake, baker!

60a1f6  No.2563053

Q says:

“TRUTH to power.


If so, why hasn’t POTUS declassified and released DoJ docs and FISA warrants to public so that we can see the TRUTH?

3385c7  No.2563054

File: 457ce6212b57946⋯.png (928.14 KB, 1007x721, 1007:721, Trump Island 1.PNG)

File: ef3378e494c77ec⋯.png (61.65 KB, 541x885, 541:885, Trump Island 2.PNG)



Trump Island in the San Juans is for sale for $7.75M — and no, it's not named for who you think


04b0c4  No.2563055

It looks like I'm going to be the one to take the big shill/concernfag bullet so here goes:

From everything I've seen so far about the plane crash yesterday, this doesn't feel like the usual fuckery. I mean, the dude definitely looks real and there are quotes from coworkers, friends and family. Is it possible this guy is completely made up? If so, it's a really fucking wide scale and convincing operation - all to crash a plane on an island in Seattle. The island seems to have a few odd things about it, but its a secluded island for rich people..I'm not all that surprised there's some interesting history there.

Furthermore, Q tells us this was a message. A message to Q? From Q? What does the plane crashing send a message about?

I don't want Q to be a LARP and I've been a believer for 9 months. Today, my belief was shaken a bit. We need to ask Q these questions - otherwise we are just mindless sheep following an infallible leader. Plus, would it not add credibility to us if we showed that we are not afraid to question Q?

I'm probably about to get blasted for this post and that's fine. I just figured someone needed to say it.

6c341f  No.2563056

>>2562585 (lb)

>Evergreen State College


c8afa2  No.2563057


29eb73  No.2563058

File: 772fc8bba764802⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1763x815, 1763:815, 38937673277217721789298734….png)

90814a  No.2563059

>Bill Maher Announces He’s QAnon – to Try to Stop Republicans From Voting


9c5587  No.2563060

File: ce049d0a465b06a⋯.jpg (245.92 KB, 559x555, 559:555, GeorgiaSeal.jpg)

File: d1f03887d83c802⋯.jpg (172.57 KB, 800x520, 20:13, Russellbirthplace.jpg)

Richard Brevard Russell was a great Georgian.

Pic related is his birthplace in Winder (pronounced with a long I, as in "wind the clock"), Georgia.

cf542b  No.2563061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5b72b7  No.2563062


pretty much the running theory

6b6742  No.2563063

>>2562629 (pb)

Late Notable Last Bread

This sub is named after a Georgia Democrat Senator.


Someone we need to digg.

66275e  No.2563064



kek, its in my side by side

Q proofs are usually small

be on the look out for it, it ties that in (not the telsa/NK/iran/missile tech, it was too much)

5407c9  No.2563065


Mentioned something below, did not see this but I think the places where this happening have submarine bases. I know they have them off of/under Hawaii. Have heard Kauai and Oahu for sure(Diamond Head). CA has them, and makes sense for WA. The bad guys have stolen so much money from the whole world they could easily have DUMB/SUB bases and Subs.. Man they were close to ending us.

caf3e3  No.2563066



4b06c4  No.2563067

File: 41eda3e5f33029f⋯.png (49.4 KB, 566x477, 566:477, Screenshot 2018-08-11 at 9….png)

dc1753  No.2563068

File: 85f353f6dfc60cc⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 255x188, 255:188, saifh4398fsdaighsadgasdg.jpg)

4410a4  No.2563069


Yes. Sorry. Used to getting attacked. My bad.

Just don't know, but my experience is that anyone that even hints at comms with Q or those around Q are fake. BS artists. Idiots. Or all the above.

eb42c2  No.2563071

File: 83b6af10913b60b⋯.png (246.4 KB, 387x380, 387:380, Thx34.png)

File: 7b3ef46a48c570b⋯.png (384.43 KB, 466x436, 233:218, Thx35.png)

File: e324c80dcd6d9af⋯.png (406.41 KB, 569x434, 569:434, Thx36.png)

File: a528d5f6edc02e6⋯.png (572.79 KB, 814x438, 407:219, Thx37.png)

File: 71a44c4f9982e7f⋯.png (492.94 KB, 590x448, 295:224, Thx38.png)


Pattern Recognition…


725b91  No.2563072

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4210a0  No.2563073

File: fe63801deb7a0a3⋯.jpg (334.46 KB, 1809x1216, 1809:1216, _20180811_223930.JPG)

File: 6a2099afc32c1da⋯.jpg (321.92 KB, 1845x1117, 1845:1117, _20180811_223954.JPG)

58d473  No.2563074


The section he is mentioned in is particularly interesting. Some cold war deep state fuckery.

515d26  No.2563075


>Maria Bartelomo fiasco on her show a few >weeks back when guest started telling how they >were going after Jamie Diamond.

DId that happen?

2b1c07  No.2563076

File: ea375077abf76ed⋯.mp4 (2.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 08.11.2018 Antifa Proteste….mp4)






>Antifa Protesters Attack NBC Reporter @CalNBC & The Entire Camera Crew In Charlottesville, VA

d3abd5  No.2563077


He needs the press to be overtly implicated.

eb42c2  No.2563078

File: e0d9ff34b99e136⋯.png (271.58 KB, 479x442, 479:442, Thx39.png)

File: 9638d7a587da6e5⋯.png (326.82 KB, 475x444, 475:444, Thx40.png)

File: 130314efae590fa⋯.png (487.24 KB, 541x436, 541:436, Thx41.png)

File: 428d1d1b376fdc7⋯.png (469.06 KB, 639x438, 213:146, Thx42.png)

File: 154110d5f15f480⋯.png (353.58 KB, 646x434, 323:217, Thx43.png)


I am proud to be an american…

ee45b1  No.2563079


>This guy Dave Janda has some inside sources aside from Q.

You mis-read the sentence, anon.

…has some inside sources, (other than Q).

I recall Dave Janda in a different context. He used to write quite good articles on a topic I was interested in. I believe he's a medical doctor with an interest in financial markets? I haven't seen his recent writing.

515d26  No.2563080


Seemingly being called to our attention.

This has to be notable.

58bf06  No.2563081

File: 0285b7c94fd8fde⋯.jpg (50.23 KB, 623x464, 623:464, maths.jpg)

f2b225  No.2563082


Finally, Antifa found the facists

d46b2d  No.2563083


Georgia is fucked because the dems are going to rig the election and that open borders marxist Stacey Abrams will end up destroying the entire state.

29eb73  No.2563084

File: 27f266437e48a80⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1763x815, 1763:815, 21898732000764645784312932….png)

bd3eba  No.2563085


You are not alone. I do not understand this plane fuckery one bit. I feel stoopid, especially when anons responded to Q that they understand loud and clear. Non of the theories makes sense

113397  No.2563086

I swear there looked like a missile flew by in this video at 1:30, left to right, bottom left.


If black hat operation to draw attention away from the missile that was “accidentally” fired towards Russia, it’s absolutely plausible that they would use similar references, like the guys name etc to send a message to the white hats. Then, maybe the thing that flies by in this video is something we launched to counter attack their launch at Russia?


9c5587  No.2563087

File: 24bccf48c2baf12⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 640x417, 640:417, g.jpg)

5407c9  No.2563088


Have hear that all planes, like all new cars can be hacked/controlled. For at least 14-15 years at a minimum and much longer with some of it like Commerical Jets.

e3f9c4  No.2563089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Otherwise knows as "anti-communist propaganda"


f9a0eb  No.2563090


He's real. A real spy. Travel perks are a cover. I met one in Eastern Europe 2 years ago.

230b9a  No.2563091


I have not heard him make any claim that he talks to Q. His sources are like staff who gave him the lowdown on what happen behind the scenes when she was interviewing a guest that was going to give her the run down on the dirt she had on Jamie Diamond. Maria said they had to go to an emergency break…then Dave said two guys in black suits grabbed her guest off the set and took her outside.

Dramatic fur sure. But I remember that segment and thought it was way weird.

d202ff  No.2563092

File: 0bb7f3b5c7900db⋯.jpg (472.3 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-213631….jpg)

File: f96cd79b2a77261⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-213656….jpg)

File: 08fa618dc5c384b⋯.jpg (769 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-213703….jpg)



O O Oprah… at Evergreen


515d26  No.2563093



more sauce on the real Sen. Richard B. Russell.

ee45b1  No.2563094


Chill, anon. Night crew is comfy crew.

Sounds like you're screaming at me.

No one is arguing with you.

Peace out.

9652f3  No.2563095

>>2562513 lb So Oprah has homes in Hollywood, Tucson, and Orcas Island along with whatever else

Sounds like a big fish

66275e  No.2563096

File: 972ff28fb430394⋯.png (66.31 KB, 318x525, 106:175, ClipboardImage.png)

eb42c2  No.2563097

File: b4c6661968cd797⋯.png (345.71 KB, 536x447, 536:447, Thx44.png)

File: 903c931b2e804c8⋯.png (490.41 KB, 724x431, 724:431, Thx45.png)

File: 2ea7fd592eb0dec⋯.png (276.91 KB, 459x437, 459:437, Thx46.png)

File: 5c0e9fdfa610ce4⋯.png (360.54 KB, 533x441, 533:441, Thx47.png)

File: 28da40be16ef99d⋯.png (357.79 KB, 463x443, 463:443, Thx48.png)


These must all be super secret nazis right?

Oh right.

They are anti white jews flooding your country with non whites, homosexual propaganda, transexual propaganda etc. etc. etc.

2b1c07  No.2563098


Truth in season bears no fruit.

Timing is everything.

cde2f8  No.2563099

File: d6fa48c2693d808⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 558x314, 279:157, Muaddib.jpg)

Good night, Anons!

Much was revealed through good digging!

Remember what Muad'dib said!

e92627  No.2563100


INFJ here also.

Love the chans, Can't do social media.

You lurkers are a VITAL part of this.

Never forget that.


967691  No.2563101

File: 6c07b82e3ae0d07⋯.png (28.41 KB, 197x243, 197:243, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: ea5f60111988c03⋯.png (61 KB, 282x443, 282:443, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

GUYS THIS PLACE IS A HUB over the last 10 years this down has been constructed a total Nuke town Amazon, Intel, Target all main hubs are in this town, You will find it very close to the Island and the evergreen state college, BEZOS AND GATES THIS IS IT, ZERO FAST FOOD ZERO BANKS ZERO GROCERY STORES ONLY HOTELS

e21a72  No.2563102

>>2562437 (previous bread)

My work was on the verge of canceling health care for its employees & making them set up those stupid spending accounts instead of giving them real insurance until Trump stepped in. All because of Obama care.

313013  No.2563103


Talmud and Koran

Same Book

b08231  No.2563104


Trafficking hubs…

515d26  No.2563106


His story is a fucking joke. Jack and Jill was a more realistic story.

6ff591  No.2563107


You bring up valid points anon. It's worth considering. But a few have said it's specialized technology. And you would have to be in sight of the plane and airport to be able to move when necessary. From the recent flight logs of that plane, it's hard to imagine it had been fitted with special eq. if that is indeed necessary.

Did not mean to upset you anon. I am just looking for answers.

eb42c2  No.2563108

File: 1ee500dc474a3d1⋯.png (461.75 KB, 652x446, 326:223, Thx49.png)

File: 02e3a11e21370f8⋯.png (425.48 KB, 495x448, 495:448, Thx50.png)

File: 822a402ec1779f1⋯.png (468.34 KB, 567x415, 567:415, Thx51.png)

File: 816600768046145⋯.png (366.09 KB, 439x453, 439:453, Thx52.png)

File: d2ab6c887b47f3c⋯.png (397.11 KB, 505x442, 505:442, Thx53.png)


It just goes on and on and on…









bd3eba  No.2563109


Why are you so sure that post is related to evergreen college, anon?

8b05fe  No.2563110

4ac62c  No.2563111


I visited Maui a few months ago and heard local chatting about Oprahs house there as well.

8382e4  No.2563112


i see that tweet as the govt prompting tesla to accept mil hardware and access points into their security software; tesla perfects the software and then distributes it as an industry standard for self-driving vehicles.

People reading between the lines might say tesla is safe because it has govt backing, and musk is pointing this out for Company Stock price security.

the technology for self-driving cars is made more 'safe' and standard and the government will have geolocational access points to all self-driving cars…

a killswitch? its possible to do now.

Food for thought, Idk thats how I read it.

4b06c4  No.2563113


Nah…not a concernfag. I really think the guy just went off his rocker too. Crazy random shit still happens.

6c341f  No.2563114



689588  No.2563115

File: 76f26ad70fcf987⋯.png (425.93 KB, 720x880, 9:11, Screenshot_20180811-214333….png)

a841cb  No.2563116


He may have play one of tbe flight simulator games, as well.

I'm also not buying into the F-15s shooting it down either.

I am more inclined to write it off as true event rather than a FF.

46a208  No.2563117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4410a4  No.2563118


Missed that one. Hummm ……

Maybe just didn't want Jamie to sue?

237908  No.2563119

File: 189bf29a37299b0⋯.jpg (250.63 KB, 540x2407, 540:2407, Comb11082018072453.jpg)

File: 8877b3b8df21ee6⋯.jpg (456.81 KB, 540x3966, 90:661, Comb11082018072606.jpg)

File: 0b9a0bf8ed7d957⋯.jpg (102.65 KB, 960x943, 960:943, DkXFxt2XsAAoJWg (1).jpg)

File: d9113738bf6c982⋯.jpg (252.87 KB, 1461x825, 487:275, DkW-yzrVAAACDWi.jpg)

File: 81a49ac714adbea⋯.jpg (126.28 KB, 1018x510, 509:255, DkXCJqWWsAEOF-M.jpg)

… that did not go well for them.. xD

515d26  No.2563120


Isn't that life?

eb42c2  No.2563121

File: 034e1391d12a2a8⋯.png (314.03 KB, 454x430, 227:215, Thx54.png)

File: b8f5cd776815864⋯.png (309.85 KB, 406x438, 203:219, Thx55.png)

File: 41c1518e19f5707⋯.png (418.74 KB, 532x442, 266:221, Thx56.png)

File: 7d8b17a877c891c⋯.png (557.99 KB, 505x433, 505:433, Thx57.png)

File: 0adec9342439a6e⋯.png (432.44 KB, 538x409, 538:409, Thx58.png)


Hey Merkel is a nazi guy? You explain this?

No? Why not? Because you are a kike or a cuck?

ac8967  No.2563122


I am enjoying the chill already!! I may feel differently at 5:00 am, Kek. Hard to change my schedule around so drastically.


I am missing so much good Q stuff, I can hardly stand it!! Yesterday I was shopping for flooring when Q got hacked. Today my 29 year old sone texted me "Q got Hacked?" Proudest Mom moment ever! My son is tracking Q <3


Somebody stole my fucking panties!!!!! This is an outrage!

113397  No.2563123


I’m thinking what you’re thinking kind of. I think it was a distraction. This is my post.


6e412a  No.2563124


She is a LARP.

6ff591  No.2563125


I guess I did. Can you point it out to me?

dc8657  No.2563126

File: c2d58f5e092760c⋯.jpg (68.49 KB, 667x500, 667:500, we have it all oprah.jpg)

f9dc12  No.2563127

Man! Just catching up. So many things


Q is throwing the heat today! So glad to see NBC and Maher getting an earful of the undeniable power we anons have! They skurred! REAL SKURRED! The awakening is growing!


55a3fc  No.2563128


i think it's funny it was a sturgeon class sub!


eb42c2  No.2563129

File: 81be090ea4d0319⋯.png (320.01 KB, 378x434, 27:31, Thx59.png)

File: e4be25e1b3d95f4⋯.png (319.48 KB, 458x409, 458:409, Thx61.png)

File: 848ece73f6823f2⋯.png (292.52 KB, 484x421, 484:421, Thx62.png)

File: cb4313d1f75caaf⋯.png (493.8 KB, 599x431, 599:431, Thx63.png)

File: 86f2e780fcd916c⋯.png (370 KB, 581x429, 581:429, Thx64.png)


A minute ago you thought it would probably stop.

You were wrong. IT NEVER STOPS

075921  No.2563130


Plane was a missile. Tie the hands of the president with a WAR and lose the midterms/ divert from cabal illegalities.

2a8a0f  No.2563131

Was the Argentina sub ever found?

909341  No.2563132


Bret Weinstein brother = Eric Weinstein. Eric's wife Pia Malaney went to Wellesley and Harvard FYI.

Started "Big Think"



77adab  No.2563133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7cce9  No.2563134

File: 30cdcb4b22a1c94⋯.jpg (17.91 KB, 300x168, 25:14, memebetter.com-20180811214….jpg)

3c4d95  No.2563135

Q has no arrests. No victories.

That's called losing. Trump would never associate with that.

Think logically.

dd97d4  No.2563136


Saw one with him last week

Said Putin and Trump actually has their private meeting on AF1

6f5d74  No.2563137

File: 4981369c976d49e⋯.jpeg (39.28 KB, 690x421, 690:421, 1856086E-5ADF-4782-901D-A….jpeg)

While the Sea-Tac incident was unfolding THIS was happening in a nearby state:

An alleged bank robber from a small town in California caused a freeway shutdown in Northern Nevada. Tell me, have you ever seen this type of response for a non-violent bank robbery in a small town???

Any autists have any thoughts on if this could be relevant somehow?

See local news report here:

https:// www.kolotv.com/content/news/Chase-from-California-ends-south-of-Reno-multiple-I-580-crashes-490612111.html

eb42c2  No.2563138

File: f35a41d0d7f9158⋯.png (514.98 KB, 706x429, 706:429, Thx65.png)

File: f1c0beee4c80a5d⋯.png (515.62 KB, 580x430, 58:43, Thx66.png)

File: 737f945a2cfb74a⋯.png (582.63 KB, 699x437, 699:437, Thx67.png)

File: 64441318f7156fa⋯.png (396.2 KB, 564x431, 564:431, Thx68.png)

File: a7b1ab359f50897⋯.png (380.01 KB, 599x446, 599:446, Thx69.png)

f1c1e2  No.2563139

File: d855e9d0fff9af8⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1365x767, 105:59, Bill Jesus A-10 b.png)

File: aa34eee74ed7989⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1365x767, 105:59, Bill Jesus Kill Box 2.png)

File: dfefcfe07837035⋯.jpeg (205 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1534029004.jpeg)

File: 6862d74c52c2d4e⋯.jpg (100.67 KB, 1768x770, 884:385, iVOHv.jpg)

ee675b  No.2563140



f54207  No.2563141


Kek…this was the exact moment

Maria fell in love with Trump and

became /ourgirl/

6b6742  No.2563142


Good catch (pun intended)!

6383ac  No.2563143

I just want to say WOW!!!!


USS Richard B Russell motto: "They saved the best for last"

Anons that was some SPECTACULAR work!

eb42c2  No.2563144

File: 9e029e95c1d2acb⋯.png (193.71 KB, 539x440, 49:40, thx70.png)

File: 9704410bc18fcfe⋯.png (534.91 KB, 631x427, 631:427, Thx71.png)

File: fb155fe36088779⋯.png (614.42 KB, 654x432, 109:72, Thx72.png)

File: 72a14ca8f79dca7⋯.png (359.09 KB, 591x425, 591:425, Thx73.png)

File: 9356834fc58c77b⋯.png (336.36 KB, 724x430, 362:215, Thx75.png)


Almost there…

0549c0  No.2563145

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New Rule: I, Q | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

66275e  No.2563146


Q doesn't arrest people CTA

go back

515d26  No.2563147


LEO's have been known to overreact. Plus there's cameras.

4b06c4  No.2563148


If the fuckers hack my toaster oven I am going to be pissed.

8382e4  No.2563149


I saw that.

Monsanto needs to be held accountable for putting farmers out of business through engineered seeds, and patents. Their GMO and chemicals make people sick.

04b0c4  No.2563151


>His story is a fucking joke. Jack and Jill was a more realistic story.

Ok, explain your reasoning

e3f9c4  No.2563152

File: c18afb84fc7f5e2⋯.jpg (56.95 KB, 649x290, 649:290, d72268f2556864a6e5197a4fec….jpg)

eb0e2b  No.2563153

Been gone all day, just got back and what a day!!!

Been lurking past few breads, but I still don't get the R.Russell thing.

Can someone please explain in a few words?

Q said think missile; I saw the vid on cnn with what looked like a missile flying by. WTF!

f2b225  No.2563154


Cops in liberal districts over-react in their responses on purpose so they can justify bigger budgets. This doesn't surprise me at all

909341  No.2563155


Bret is married to Heather Heying, who is also an evolutionary biologist and also worked at Evergreen. Heying resigned from the college with Weinstein and occupied a similar position as him. His brother Eric Weinstein is an economist and the managing director of Thiel Capital. Weinstein describes himself as a political progressive and "left-libertarian," and is of (((Jewish ancestry))).[19]

3c4d95  No.2563156


Yea man, that's why I voted for Trump. So our military intelligence could shitpost about Bill Maher.

967691  No.2563157

its also hooked to Ft Lewis And has direct access to shut the only rd from seattle to portland, its All military 180% around could not build it better

eb42c2  No.2563158

File: cf9933c5c39263a⋯.png (394.81 KB, 595x421, 595:421, Thx76.png)

File: 3b56cc5907ccb6e⋯.png (533.24 KB, 537x425, 537:425, Thx77.png)


Last but not least…

Obama's fucking terrorist commie handlers.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn.

Jews are our misfortune.

4210a0  No.2563159



WAR. That is the "way" ((( t h e y ))) CONTROL

46a208  No.2563160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ae2d24  No.2563161

db0d2d  No.2563162

File: f6830dcfba3fe63⋯.png (977.7 KB, 1024x553, 1024:553, screen-shot-2017-08-16-at-….png)

2b1c07  No.2563164


An animated anti-communist film produced by the US in 1948. This is funny stuff and the quality of the animation considering it was produced by a college is absolutly awesome. Enjoy!

Interesting. And effective.

657231  No.2563165

File: 3b7f80deba210c3⋯.png (896.92 KB, 1314x904, 657:452, merkel-raubal-a1.png)

8cc118  No.2563166

File: 168fbf250f96114⋯.png (5.46 MB, 3340x1678, 1670:839, Blocked_LJ_Blocked_8_11_18….png)


update on the blocked/LJ/blocked - out of Los Angeles and CO…. medical choppers too….

d202ff  No.2563167

File: ec43342fc153a0a⋯.jpg (766.95 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-214600….jpg)

File: 8cb5cc1e5437dc4⋯.jpg (859.25 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-214609….jpg)

File: b0b06a57ecfdda3⋯.jpg (817.3 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-214622….jpg)

File: 068c47801a3816d⋯.jpg (815.85 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-214632….jpg)

File: 2bb7e6c097d8e03⋯.jpg (802.25 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180811-214653….jpg)


6c341f  No.2563168


Yeah, leaning toward remote. Pilot would black out or else be very uncomfortable, especially if it wasn't pressurized.

313013  No.2563169


Is it cool if I cross over to the Left and Hit this Shit then sneak back over?

I'm Really just trying to educate


No Alt motive's….

I know I'm scum but it might convert her?

8382e4  No.2563170


damn that looks like a game of GTA played with cheat codes.

ee675b  No.2563171


Hey, you're right!

I'm done with Q thanks to you.

Goodbye everyone!

4ba82b  No.2563172

File: f3c4f5cb040d754⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1911x807, 637:269, 32787832980459054787632764….png)

6c565f  No.2563173

File: 4662229921c4ed2⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 224x255, 224:255, 328fya98sfyas8f9b.jpg)

4b06c4  No.2563174



How about the fact they have patents on their seeds and their said plants will send pollen into the wind. They 'own' that pollen.

66275e  No.2563175

those digging on the submarine:

are you saying its a DIFFERENT sub from the AF1/Hawaii sub?

if so, I'll help you dig

if not, meh

a841cb  No.2563176

7919c2  No.2563178


You really shouldn't stick your dick in crazy, anon.

72133b  No.2563179


You didn't vote Trump. You voted Hillary. TRUTH!

ae33b4  No.2563180


This one is too stupid to figure anything out so now it just comes here for attention. Don't feed it. Please — it gobbled up hunks of 2-3 loaves already today

f2b225  No.2563181


The more he talks about Q, the more his dumbass viewers will turn him off because they don't want to hear about Q or their beloved MSM talk about right wing conspiracys. I hope Bill continues to double down and attack Q. It will be the end of him

b08231  No.2563183


Sturgeon class not Ohio

515d26  No.2563184


Well let's see. When you don't consume mass media, you are able to think for yourself, processing information independently and without influence.

I think that's a good short answer.

967691  No.2563185


We told those Space Niggers we were Full….Told them to crash on the moon.. never heard back

8ec2ce  No.2563186

File: 212a7fecb2ad601⋯.png (490.04 KB, 1920x963, 640:321, obstruction.PNG)


3c4d95  No.2563187


Someone is going to make a fortune when they invent a device that will easily stop a car.

Maybe we should be researching that.

ae33b4  No.2563188


Please don't feed it with (you)s — it is ONLY here to slide the bread

4ba82b  No.2563189

File: 4d25c2b9a6ebf00⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1763x815, 1763:815, 21787837443083084374664.png)

04b0c4  No.2563190


>Plane was a missile. Tie the hands of the president with a WAR and lose the midterms/ divert from cabal illegalities.

How the fuck is a medium sized prop plane a missile?

725080  No.2563191

File: 338543078581425⋯.png (181.55 KB, 736x495, 736:495, ClipboardImage.png)

Alaska Airlines: Employee Steals Plane, Does Stunts Before Crashing On Island Near Seattle

Video of A Barrell Stunt with the stolen plane

I couldn't collect the URL and this was removed from another site I tried to get from..


6ff591  No.2563192



I'm with you, for now. I think it's exactly like the news is reporting. Too many have come forward confirming.

I don't think Q is a larp. I think what Q meant is this Q400.


400=0400=4am talking points.

Kreton Island had 17 residents in 2010.

The island has some fishy stuff going on.

We won't get an answer from Q, at least for now.

66275e  No.2563193


I know

I either give a shill a one post fuck off, or ignore

did the prior this time.


thats why I've been saying

if they're saying its a DIFFERENT sub, then I'm on board, if not, its newfaggotry

515d26  No.2563194


The book posted here mentions "Halibut", which is even more funny.

77adab  No.2563195

looking into this.

how many "truthers"

are actually just following Q Kappy Etc

because it's in vogue and is an easy way to make money or gain followers?

70628c  No.2563197

File: ec1fa02ddf66efd⋯.png (335.91 KB, 1079x509, 1079:509, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)




5001fb  No.2563198


Not only that, but he is actually Helping US. He

is spreading the word and building OUR army.

So thanks Billy Boy.

2b9006  No.2563199

File: e22f71201e17073⋯.png (458.27 KB, 850x583, 850:583, pepeleQ.png)

a43934  No.2563200


Go check out Jim Stone

db0d2d  No.2563201

File: 86bba3540b5d204⋯.png (245.58 KB, 788x438, 394:219, bush_skull_and_bones.png)

5407c9  No.2563202


Haha! If it is a smart toaster they know if you like white toast or really burnt toast. And your fridge and tv are spying on you as well so they probably know a lot more. The cabal could you make you a nice meal and put a nice movie on for you. Just how you like it.

9260d1  No.2563203

File: 0820601a2afbfff⋯.png (539.25 KB, 866x430, 433:215, ClipboardImage.png)

Taken from https://t.co/MpSn5pAJ7l

2a8a0f  No.2563204

File: af1b89f3ed4b6b4⋯.png (38.12 KB, 594x356, 297:178, trump4tweet.PNG)

trump tweet with references to plane

4 = 400

veer left = roll maneuver

take down = crash

6a3db8  No.2563205


I like this theory. The plane definitely seems like a distraction. That was a missle in the video, I'd bet my life on it.

14df92  No.2563206

Probably too many beers but…

Sitting in the backyard with my family staring at the stars catching a few of the meteor showers and I can't help but think how blessed I am to live in the greatest country with a few million friends who want to keep this country great and a POTUS who has sacrificed so much to make it happen. I pray you all find peace in a few rare moments and appreciate what we have and why we must never give up and fail to pass on to our children.

e3f9c4  No.2563207


Cute, anon

967691  No.2563208


TOP KEK … we are being fucked with

27be10  No.2563209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

citizens investigative reports has testimonials sent in from different qanons, anons becoming non anons

QAnon - Why I believe in Q? Maureen NY #QStories #WeAreQ #14

27d663  No.2563211

File: 8a7471e12be3543⋯.jpeg (124.61 KB, 840x630, 4:3, C0340744-BC54-4342-8BC1-8….jpeg)

db0d2d  No.2563212

File: 821d25ca69b7f4e⋯.jpg (171.8 KB, 800x420, 40:21, skull-bones3-1.jpg)

5e230f  No.2563213

File: 6ac50cf3e5815b0⋯.png (61.92 KB, 472x296, 59:37, ClipboardImage.png)

46a208  No.2563214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b08231  No.2563215


Probability high it never scrapped and clowns snagged it for ops. Track records…it’s a thing.

00f4ea  No.2563216


Time to dig the hell out of this place.

331a79  No.2563217


Distraction. Destroy sub.

6a75ec  No.2563218


He's so over the top that it actually is kind of funny how bad he is at it.

66275e  No.2563219

File: 439d7e870e28bf6⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 500x281, 500:281, pepemeteor.gif)



God bless the United States of America

9c5587  No.2563220

File: bbfcf2a0d872a14⋯.png (80.18 KB, 450x450, 1:1, UGAsealgold.png)

File: b445ffaf3855a33⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 3456x2592, 4:3, Arches.jpg)

File: 1d2b3474440130f⋯.jpg (92.53 KB, 942x597, 314:199, Uga.jpg)

Seeing Richard B. Russell's name here is making me mighty sentimental.

He was a great American, a great Georgian, and a damn good Bulldog.

My eyes are fogging up.

515d26  No.2563221


if you sink the fucking thing you don't need a distraction.

b08231  No.2563222


Ditto. Kekked though!

36a327  No.2563223

Evergreen is HRC.

6ff591  No.2563224


NORAD confirms they did not shoot the plane. He did the barrel roll and I figured he was ready to end it then.

72133b  No.2563225


Here's the full video with pilot audio.


8184fe  No.2563226


will you look at that


caf1b4  No.2563227

File: 7bf41d642c953dd⋯.png (284.7 KB, 514x498, 257:249, ClipboardImage.png)

There is something going on with this ferry currently moored at Ketron Island. I am digging trying to find connections.

Maybe it's nothing.


fefb12  No.2563228


Plane was RC.

Not by Black Hats.

By White Hats.

Save the best for last.

USS Richard B. Russel Ohio Class

Decommissioned and "Destroyed" June 24, 1994

Bill Clinton was POTUS.

Deep State constructed a DUMMY SUB.

Exchanged REAL SUB with DUMMY.

Destroyed DUMMY.

Used USS Richard B. Russel to attack POTUS.



Q400 RC controlled to crash.

Ketron Island, SUB BASE.

Investigation IMMEDIATE!

331a79  No.2563229


Distraction for the MSM.

8382e4  No.2563230


huh larious ty

66275e  No.2563231



just need to be moar clear about which sub

its ANOTHER sub, not the an ohio class from Hawaii and AF1

eb42c2  No.2563232

File: 6ef0244d952100d⋯.png (549.22 KB, 1435x226, 1435:226, Jews.png)

File: accc54e98276462⋯.png (530.85 KB, 1441x223, 1441:223, Jews1.png)

File: b17a1b3fddd7109⋯.png (638.38 KB, 1445x241, 1445:241, Jews2.png)

File: b850c6a63900fa4⋯.png (564.87 KB, 1398x257, 1398:257, Jews3.png)

File: 52b532fcbd7dc6e⋯.png (578.04 KB, 1441x231, 131:21, Jews4.png)

And then they tell two friends…

And then they tell two friends…

And so on and so on…

4410a4  No.2563233


I used to watch some Utubes of his. Don't know much about him. I was asking a question, not trying to start anything. I haven't done anything on JewTube for many months, and truly don't know much about Dave Janda.

4b06c4  No.2563234


Bad idea anon. You'll be stalked and get all kinds of crazy phone calls. Be true to yourself anon.

468ff3  No.2563235


You Triggered JeW-Bot. whole lot a jewery going on.

37e6d4  No.2563236

File: f2e171b9f4ad75c⋯.jpeg (207.48 KB, 640x955, 128:191, 08A78B3E-866A-40D3-A874-F….jpeg)


ab5de1  No.2563237

File: 91ed6ce660dd9b1⋯.png (23.77 KB, 1085x467, 1085:467, 5 of 5.PNG)

Sorry if this is a repeat but I looked through Notables today and did not find. This should be a Q Proof dontchathink?

Trump Campaign HQ Email today titled 5 for 5 talking about candidate endorsements? I mean c'mon people- 5:5… amirite? See Pic

4ac62c  No.2563238



f2b225  No.2563239



>Evergreen is HRC. (SS name for her)


Maybe look into who owns and runs the website

6a3db8  No.2563240


Also, I think Q needs to answer whether or not that was a missle in the video. He put the question out there. balls in his court. We found it, or not!


5001fb  No.2563241


Truth of giants, skull and bones.

Why do they worship Thor?

A myth?

Are you sure?

They know the truth, but tell us lies.

a43934  No.2563242


This is another attempt to control and corral people. It's the human version of Temple Grandins circular corral.

It has train wreck written all over it legally and in execution - the software is not up to it and it relies on GPS. Humans rely on eyes and senses we all are born with and use daily.

3c4d95  No.2563243


Just trying to awaken the few critical thinkers that remain.

515d26  No.2563244


wait, I might need a diagram. Splain.

66275e  No.2563245



>USS Richard B. Russel Ohio Class

its not Ohio class, Sturgeon class

>Decommissioned and "Destroyed" June 24, 1994

decommissioned in 1994, scrapped in 2003

exactly what I mean

7919c2  No.2563246


Good god these people are insane.

a8b4c5  No.2563247

File: 2520196036fd1dc⋯.jpg (38.86 KB, 465x465, 1:1, mirror.jpg)


you forgot one…

0643a0  No.2563248

File: a5ac4c72e24194d⋯.jpg (22.4 KB, 448x358, 224:179, DkXdT0LX0AErcfR.jpg)

4ba82b  No.2563249

File: e6f89525cbcb2b4⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1763x815, 1763:815, 2187437895009086893286468.png)

967691  No.2563250


"Im not quit Ready to bring her in yet"

46a208  No.2563251

File: 7b4eda8689cf125⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 400x254, 200:127, IMG_1002.JPG)

File: f0954ca0ead9cc8⋯.jpg (310.48 KB, 752x1090, 376:545, IMG_1003.JPG)

File: 610f559344adb97⋯.jpg (93.59 KB, 880x660, 4:3, IMG_1010.JPG)

a55625  No.2563252


this has to be a joke

a3858b  No.2563253



a841cb  No.2563254


Yes,, it does. Skmetimes I think there are more insane tban sane people.

725080  No.2563255


Thanks, something weird going here.

b08231  No.2563257


Four missile attacks…

Left missed their target (potus et al)…

9260d1  No.2563258


(more info) Taken from Richard Russells blog, talks about making fake audio with aircraft overating sounds, like what we heard last night. Why would they release the audio so fast?

4ac62c  No.2563259


Not enough Nose in that pic..

113397  No.2563260

He follows Q. Didn’t say he communicates with Q. I checked him out and I freaking forgot who it was he worked for. But it was a guy who had been in government for decades. He was a House Rep, a Governor… so I assume this guy was his in the know source.. I had to dig for Janda’s Bio, he is not well known but this politician guy he worked with is. . >>2562950

c15e21  No.2563261


This might be a valid decode

65f108  No.2563262

File: 4e41192b004972f⋯.jpg (27.92 KB, 593x190, 593:190, Bill-Marina.JPG)

Amongst the avalanche of Bill-bashing from anons in Maher's tweet you can still find interesting nuggets.

This one is vague and at the minimum threshold of noteworthiness, but worth throwing it on the pile nonetheless…

bcb943  No.2563263


Someone posted the “ two prong insitu” which led to a scientific paper BILL CLINTON SUPPORTED



International Institue of technology

President Bill Clinton initiated the first major funding to support nanotechnology research and establish the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

58d473  No.2563264



Same chapter led me to reference to a top secret CIA submarine operation known as Project Jennifer:

"For the first time, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has declassified substantive information on one of its most secret and sensitive schemes, "Project Azorian," the Agency codename for its ambitious plan to raise a sunken Soviet submarine from the floor of the Pacific Ocean in order to retrieve its secrets. Today the National Security Archive publishes "Project Azorian: The Story of the Hughes Glomar Explorer," a "Secret" 50-page article from the fall 1985 edition of the Agency's in-house journal Studies in Intelligence. Written by a participant in the operation whose identity remains classified, the article discusses the conception and planning of the retrieval effort and the creation of a special ship Glomar Explorer, which raised portions of the submarine in August 1974. The National Security Archive submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the CIA for the document on December 12, 2007."

"There apparently were some tangential benefits that accrued from the project. In June 1993, a panel of Russian experts prepared a report for President Boris Yeltsin, using only information made available to them by the Russian intelligence services, which concluded that the CIA recovered at least two nuclear-armed torpedoes from the portion of the K-129 that it managed to bring to the surface. According to the report, the level of plutonium radiation the CIA team on the Hughes Glomar Explorer encountered was consistent with two nuclear warheads. (Note 3) This conclusion is partially confirmed in the surviving text of the CIA article, which reported that Glomar Explorer's recovery crew had to deal with plutonium contamination once the sub was raised to the surface caused by the one-point detonation of the high explosive components of one or more of the K-129's nuclear torpedoes."

Sauce (worth further digging):


36280b  No.2563265


Bernie's revenge?

e81166  No.2563266


I agree. Can't wait to Make Farming Great Again.

fec2f3  No.2563267



835274  No.2563268


The plane was not a distraction, it was a missile, think missile.

468ff3  No.2563269


Now that's Pedophile Billboard meme.

6c341f  No.2563270


No legitimate right-wingers are going to those rallies. It's all antifa vs antifa (and sometimes media).

515d26  No.2563271

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They're overplaying their hand.

But yeah, dig what the guy in the video has to say about the End Game.

7919c2  No.2563272


Yea and I see people daily doing shit that is eventually going to either get them or another killed. I don't like the idea of a self driving car that much but at the same time too many people are completely incompetent when it comes to driving.

6ff591  No.2563273


Anon, you missed the part about the UN accidently firing a missile into Russia

4ba82b  No.2563274

File: 98ba07450d7bbde⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1911x807, 637:269, 21782378909908496765908902….png)

bcb943  No.2563275


He didn’t support the paper, he supported the intiative

1f4911  No.2563276


Not your bitch Anon.

6a3db8  No.2563277



I linked the wrong video


5570a5  No.2563278

File: e89d2b39f4cbda4⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1211x682, 1211:682, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

File: 3327277f1a1674c⋯.jpeg (240.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DkWZwadW0AE_kvG.jpg-large.jpeg)

66275e  No.2563279


that was NATO not the UN

eb42c2  No.2563280

File: 3a4bbfe07e08e5f⋯.png (1.5 MB, 968x855, 968:855, MegaJews.png)

128ba4  No.2563281


If they can't have it they will just get rid of it. Between this and NBC tweet earlier we have truly entered into the world of the sociopathic

4192a9  No.2563282

File: acdfcb99efabbda⋯.png (214.77 KB, 453x308, 453:308, That's_It_1.png)


Because they'd prefer a Deep State-installed dictator instead, right? Lordy, these fucks are stupid…

72133b  No.2563283


Yeah he films for 11 minutes but… oops I missed the bit where it crashes!

8382e4  No.2563284

missles refer to 6/10 and against russia today.

Until im sure, Rich piloted the plane and then died.

Sandy Hook?

Im going to be careful, theres a widow somewhere.

5e230f  No.2563285

File: c7853e934289739⋯.jpg (86.01 KB, 800x530, 80:53, c7853e9342897390ec190583c7….jpg)

6c341f  No.2563286

File: d8b2b23536b0d1d⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 474x474, 1:1, grambling.jpg)

ae2d24  No.2563287


2 weiners

c8afa2  No.2563288


They have a foot! Not a hand! They are playing their foot, in mouth!

0643a0  No.2563289


The world of the panicked cabalists.

313013  No.2563290


We sampled your responses, very good our program is working. Don't forget 19 hijackers with box cutters took down the World Trade Center.

123b92  No.2563291

Photo of Q400 Plane

Autists catch the message?

Think missile.

Do you believe in coincidences?

What if the cabal have plans to carry missiles on empty passenger planes to crash -bomb targets?

5802df  No.2563292

California trying to pass very vaguely written bill that could limit free speech for Christians and Christians only.

"David French, a constitutional lawyer and a columnist for the National Review, said the bill is troubling.

“It is a horribly written bill,” French told Facts & Trends. “What they have done is taken an idea—and that idea is conversion therapy—and labeled that idea as a fraudulent business practice, and then banned commercial transactions involving that idea.”

French said the bill defines the term “sexual orientation change practices” so broadly that even teaching about traditional Christian views of sexuality could be included.

The bill says, “‘Sexual orientation change efforts’ means any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

Still, French said, the bill doesn’t ban the sale of Bibles or religious meetings. But it is so broadly written that it could ban some Christian books, he said.

And French doesn’t expect Christian books to be banned at the local Barnes & Noble.

“It is hard for me to imagine the state attorney general—or whoever is charged with enforcing the law—going around and trying to purge books from the shelf,” he said.


7cc866  No.2563293


no that's wokedudefag, invertcasefag.

e0f1a1  No.2563294

>>2563204 clockfag can you check the time stamps

515d26  No.2563295

File: 7ab80d911016ddf⋯.png (39.84 KB, 659x340, 659:340, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)


It's a joke but not in the way that you mean…

6ff591  No.2563296

dc8657  No.2563297


I love Kadeem grape juice and I will never stop buying it so long as it is on the grocery shelves, Dee-lish. Also goes on sale at Hannukah & Passover and maybe even that other Jewish holiday in September, But I do not condone our politicians swearing oath to Israel or having dual citizenship w/ Israel. Neither do I endorse MSM or major banks w/ their overrepresentation of Zionists to say the least. But to say all Jews kidnap rape torture and murder is akin to saying all Catholics are satanists or all Mormons are polygamists or all Baptists are adulterers or all Muslims are terrorists and on and on and on. Expand your thinking Anon. Your OCD is showing.

6a75ec  No.2563298


Oh God nowbit all makes sense?

fb9a24  No.2563299

File: d436467a114b737⋯.png (630.66 KB, 580x716, 145:179, 2018-08-11_22-57-57.png)


All it takes is a few minutes every day!


4b06c4  No.2563300


That's a whole different issue. I agree w/ you 100%. I hate what some drivers do out there too.

496410  No.2563301

Prolly old news but did anyone notice that barrel rolling video game player Richard Russell is [RR]?

99b308  No.2563302


>I swear there looked like a missile flew by in this video at 1:30, l

What video?

CNN link has 0:49 second video.

f2b225  No.2563303


Do we have a whole transcript?? Maybe this whole conversation is a communication to anons.

075921  No.2563304


Like the world trade center?

230b9a  No.2563305


Yea…had that one linked in the last bread. Woah… he named more names then the bible.

Hillary is going down and so is Obama. Rothschild and his minions. He didn't mention Soros. But there was a inference via Putin it won't look good for him either.

a72a6a  No.2563306


Good eye anon.

If this leads to a greater truth then it's notable.

84798a  No.2563307

File: c322733f096bd97⋯.jpg (58.11 KB, 1121x918, 1121:918, 08FC4727-1B44-4CAA-B21F-2C….jpg)


Check this dirty shit out

4ba82b  No.2563308

File: dc1471a8df54a9f⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1763x815, 1763:815, 12891390384855876784328932….png)

515d26  No.2563309


Prepare to detonate.

77adab  No.2563310


fefb12  No.2563311


I know that.

Plane was RC.




72133b  No.2563312


Look Mr Repetitive. Nobody here visits CNN, no matter how fucking hard you try. We will never give them one hit on their site!

8ec2ce  No.2563313

File: d29eb4c0ec09c88⋯.jpg (24.04 KB, 303x500, 303:500, last.jpg)


pic related

0643a0  No.2563314


ae2d24  No.2563315



caf1b4  No.2563316


I'm saying mostly this.

Doubt they crashed the plane though. No need to waste a plane or the money.

F15's hit the base on Ketron Island while RC plane was used as a message and cover for the OP. Most Epic troll ever!

46a208  No.2563317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0643a0  No.2563318


Wow Wtf

6a3db8  No.2563319



Yep, I concur!

1073dc  No.2563320

File: aabe853352ec689⋯.jpg (84.39 KB, 781x478, 781:478, brennaneverything.jpg)

468ff3  No.2563321


I called Remote when they said he never flew a plane. Barrel Roll. sealed it. like the guy hitting the pentagon.. bullshit.

5570a5  No.2563322


Oh for fuck's sake. WEINER LAP TOP will reveal Bill Maher communications hopefully.

6257f5  No.2563324

File: 5ba2f2af2db9229⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1218x1040, 609:520, ClipboardImage.png)

Of course the rules don't apply to the "anointed one" Hussein.

What are a few trees for the great Barry's "library" where no presidential records will be kept. The temple of Barry will stand for no opposition. All must bow before the might Hussein.

6a75ec  No.2563325

515d26  No.2563326


They can't EVER come up with anything original, can they.

4f5d4a  No.2563327


The weapons coming off the F15 would probably cost more than the plane, anon. I seriously doubt that was a concern.

5e230f  No.2563328


last corrupt president,

0643a0  No.2563329



99b308  No.2563330



Found video, and saw what you noticed @ 1:30.

Best guess is moon in the background with fast panning camera.

66275e  No.2563331





4th = 400……..

c8afa2  No.2563332

File: 131958de6bd3858⋯.png (431.5 KB, 768x430, 384:215, ClipboardImage.png)

That's two dudes right???

'Stunned and heartbroken': Family of man who stole, crashed plane releases statement


ef0414  No.2563333

File: f49e8e1b7797d9c⋯.png (380.6 KB, 595x579, 595:579, f49e8e1b7797d9c7c5847cd98f….png)


Wut wut

Grab these quick

Holiday numbers

322571  No.2563334




Flight 3407 was also a Q400

2b1c07  No.2563335

File: e5f1880b7693ed0⋯.jpg (26.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, confused pepe.jpg)


OMG OMG all of these months researching and great discussions while discovering truth together, and it was all for NOTHING! What ever will i do with my life after this??? Now I have to delete this entire archive of history, facts, evidence of corruption and fuckery in high places that's plagued us for centuries! FUCK! All because this one guy on 8chan said that Q that Q is losing! He MUST be right!!! OMG OMG what a waste of time and energy, NO RED WAVE??? REEEEEEEEEE! Q TELL US WHYYYYYYYY??? POTUS SAVE US! OMG THE HUMANITY!!!

ee45b1  No.2563336


if you like to bring an interesting, intriguing, noteworthy, dig-worthy hypothesis to other anons' attention

>>2563228 Hypothesis that deep state acquired Richard B. Russell submarine by switching it with a dummy sub, and Ketron Island is a SUB BASE needing investigation

Very nice hypothesis!

I was with you up to the point where you introduced a dummy sub switched with the real one … hadn't considered that.

Yes possible!

I consider your hypothesis the strongest one yet.

So we'll see!

Enjoy the show.

5e230f  No.2563337


no, that came out wrong…im going to bed.


f7530e  No.2563338

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

1995 DT + Ivanka Pizza Hut Commercial

06459f  No.2563339


Exclusive erotic club reportedly loved by Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher which costs $75K a year



113397  No.2563340




Black hat Operation to distract. We are always too quick to assume these are white hat ops when in reality, deception is the tool of the enemy. I’m not saying we don’t play like that but I’m convinced that was a missile too.

7919c2  No.2563341


Don't forget, they have the chat logs!!1!!1!11

3c4d95  No.2563342


>Why would they release the audio so fast?


1dee1e  No.2563343

Perseids peak tonight anons.


6257f5  No.2563344


>they have everything

And i just soiled myself. Does anyone have any depends to help out an old failed coup plotter?

123b92  No.2563345


Don't think there were missiles on those planes anon. But a plane could house and disguise a missile

8184fe  No.2563346


let me know if i missed anything :)

>>2562967 , >>2562994 Planefag Updates

>>2562930 Evergreen State College. Dig

>>2562912 Trump Island is in the same locale

>>2563186 Just North of Trump Island is Obstruction Island

>>2562900 Moar on GHWB's 'Points of Light' org

>>2562970, >>2563264 Moar sauce on the real Richard B. Russel - no ordinary Senator, deep state fuckery

>>2563236 "Abolish the Presidency": They Have Officially Lost Their Minds

0643a0  No.2563347


This needs to be the default meme from now one to every concernfag troll shill clown fuck.

a841cb  No.2563348


I dont know the answer to this question, so help me out here.

Can you prsctice barrel rolls in the flight simulator games?

fdb60f  No.2563349



b3938a  No.2563350

File: 5313bcfa3d13dad⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1024x797, 1024:797, She Lost_01.png)

Have to look at the painting behind POTUS

to get the full effect of this meme

3bfeca  No.2563351


And they are making fun on the tv

b08231  No.2563352



7919c2  No.2563353


and its a damn shame i'm stuck under rain and clouds all damn night.

498863  No.2563354

File: b3c8d012c28fa04⋯.jpg (10.71 KB, 255x199, 255:199, d3cbbf67056541089707b110dd….jpg)

eb42c2  No.2563355

File: d865ef93a5dc49f⋯.png (501.1 KB, 1447x237, 1447:237, Jews6.png)

File: a66392942253681⋯.png (598.2 KB, 1444x245, 1444:245, Jews7.png)

File: cd0a0f7ad26df51⋯.png (595.29 KB, 1445x251, 1445:251, Jews8.png)

File: 9f60ea2edabc241⋯.png (543.63 KB, 1446x237, 482:79, Jews9.png)

File: 475779723bc7851⋯.png (546.54 KB, 1446x243, 482:81, Jews10.png)

ee45b1  No.2563356

>>2562986 Have long felt that Christine ("I do as I'm told") Lagarde is a man. Here she is making a public jackass of herself with her numbers talk in 2014. We do know though, that the world of these people revolves around esoterica and symbols.


Strauss-Kahn (married) actually got indignant in court when someone said he had been to many orgies. He replied (paraphrase), "Why of course not….I only went to FOUR orgies during that time frame."


Blankfein of course actually said that he was doing God's work. He never said which god though.

Jamie Dimon, I bet Blythe Masters can tell some tales, eh? This is the guy who took federal bailout money (thanks Hank Paulson), a significant amount of which went to bonuses, and then boasted that he was richer than someone else because he was smarter. Can you imagine?

d2229b  No.2563357

File: 6bb14b244a1ec90⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Sloth-QLarp.jpg)

fb9a24  No.2563358

File: bc46a35f400b591⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1606x908, 803:454, 2018-08-11_23-01-07.png)


feels good, man


967691  No.2563359


Yes Good Nigger, How Do We Inject What We Know? Shoot it with A Fucking missile Have a stunt pilot fly Fag boy Toms Plane around DO some barrel roll and shit so the world sees it.

Then the Faggot deep state media gets there guy on the phone and frames a narrative, Flee Flicker False Flag, But the feds will dig that island up lmfao

113397  No.2563360

Are you fucking serious? I’m done. Peace out. >>2563335

c1437f  No.2563361

Let's play connect the Dots…

Russell Shorto Article 2004 re: Al Franken (Al Franken, Seriously So / aka: The Heckler Wrestler)

Honorable Mentions in Article

John Edwards (rally)

Howard Dean

(H) Clinton (is Poll Driven/Al wants as guest)

Laraine Newman (Al the Jock comment)

Peter Jennings

Tim Russert

Martin Sheen

Stuart Smalley

Bill Clinton (Al wants as guest)

Bush (era)

George W. Bush (helped uplift Fraken)

Bill O'Leilly (O'Reilly) Name Caller

Paul Begala (fmr Clinton Advisor)

Rush Limbaugh (nemisis)

Mark Walsh (Air America CEO)

Terry McAuliffe (friend of Mark Walsh)

Skippy (fmr CofS of Clinton WH)

John Zogby (the Pollster)

Rich Lowry

Ted Kennedy

Bob Shrum (Kerry's Media Advisor)

Tom Brokaw

Ann Coulter

Dennis Miller


Frank Luntz (Rep pollster)

Norman Ornstien (Fren of Al's since 1992/vacations with Al's family)

Dick Gregory (Great Political Satirist)

Mort Sahl (Great Political Satirist)

Hubert Humphrey (Al political hero)

Eugene McCarthery (Al political hero)

Paul Wellstone (Al political hero)

Tom Davis (High School Frens/duo writers)

Lorne Michaels (signed Al and Tom D on SNL)

Stuart Smalley (from the Al-Anon experience)

Lenny Bruce (Great Political Satirist)

Michael Moore (talented writer and performer kek/Al wants as guest)

Tom Daschle (Senate Minority Leader)

Hendrik Hertzberg (The New Yorker)

Frank Rich (NYT)

Howard Fineman (Newsweek)

Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)

Jim Kelly (Not the football player, Time)

Jeff Greenfield (Fake News CNN)

Eric Alterman (The Nation)

Richard Cohen (The Washington Post)

Jacob Weisberg (Slate)

Arthur Schlesinger Jr (An éminence grise: is a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates "behind the scenes", or in a non-public or unofficial capacity. Wikipedia)

Sheldon and Anita Drobny (Chicago Investors)

Jon Sinton (Atlanta Radio Exec)

Mike Malloy (Jon Sinton failed him)

Jim Hightower

G. Gordon Liddy (Al wants as guest)

Shelley Lewis (Networks creative team lead)

Lizz Winstead (co-creator of Daily Show/wants to take away from Howard Stern's audience)

Katherine Lanpher (Franken's co-host/MN Public Radio)

Lorne Michaels (Passed O'Reilly over as the host of Weekend Update)

Norm MacDonald (Led Al to leave the show)

Ben Wikler (Al's producer)

Paul Krugman (Al wants as guest)

Kevin Phillips (Al wants as guest)

Gary Bauer (Al wants as guest)

Bob Elliot (one of Al's radio heros)

Bill Maher (Everyone's a crook says James Downey)

James Downey (SNL writer who worked with Al)

No Name (one of Al's heroes)

Michael Harrison (publisher of Talkers magazine)

Elvis (asks to be a Fed Agent at large/Al's bathroom, Nixon)

Owen (Al's Brother, took Pic of Nixon after Nixon resignation)

Franni (Al's wife, she manages Al's life)

Hugh Hefner (Invites)

Tomasin (Al and Franni's daughter/public school teacher)

Joe (Al and Franni's son)

Dana Carvey

Ross Perot

Paul Wellstone (changed Al, Fren, Memorial, circumstances in death of Fren)

Christopher Caldwell (The Weekly Standard/Rally of Al's Fren's death)

Wellstone, Walter Mondale, Norm Coleman

Paul Begala (offered advice)

https:// www.nytimes.com/2004/03/21/magazine/al-franken-seriously-so.html

c8afa2  No.2563363

File: cc670fd314e6d58⋯.png (121.11 KB, 897x631, 897:631, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1e281fbc5427c02⋯.png (402.08 KB, 891x442, 891:442, ClipboardImage.png)

Censorship Purge Signals Imminent False Flag Violence Before Mid-Term Elections… Bigger Than 9/11?

For the last two months, I’ve been warning about the rising risk of a major false flag attack taking place before the mid-term elections.


ee45b1  No.2563364


Nice addition to the hypothesis!

I like

9b9527  No.2563365

File: cbfe3a698635a74⋯.jpg (16.26 KB, 172x255, 172:255, 4f23ee8945b2806adae1893001….jpg)



They've been had!


He's got more than enough

Ample evidence of collusion of MSM that brings them into court to defend against the


Well, MSM is


Seriously beginning to wonder about the IQ level of POTUS if this all plays out like it lays out.

Like this shit isn't possible via normal human IQ standards.

Like the old man has cheat codes.

Or I'm going to have to fall back on the old time machine theory. Cause this isn't humanly possible.

And he can't keep saying these people are stupid. They aren't. They are genius level mostly.

So how is he able to lay a trap out for them this deep? It's not humanly possible. No way.

caf1b4  No.2563366


good point but weapons are more precise and cleaner.

2b1c07  No.2563367

File: db263c0fc033d4b⋯.png (74.73 KB, 352x352, 1:1, concerned Pepe oh my.png)

File: e046b376140aab2⋯.jpg (7.76 KB, 300x168, 25:14, cypher ig is bliss.jpg)


FECK, they have the CHAT LOGS TOO?!?!!?!?

Fuck it, I'm going back to sleep!

6c341f  No.2563368


>Today, my belief was shaken a bit.

No one cares. Filtered.

6257f5  No.2563369

File: 550912a5e10128e⋯.png (745.06 KB, 1098x990, 61:55, ClipboardImage.png)

27be10  No.2563370

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

QAnon - Why I believe in Q Ken #QStories #WeAreQ #10

66275e  No.2563371


if you repost that with the slight corrections:


I'll nominate it!!

a9b03e  No.2563372

File: 597ed5df5073550⋯.jpg (37.39 KB, 562x600, 281:300, 597ed5df507355083c012303fe….jpg)

Wow, anons are really veering off into the fantasy-land of speculation on this plane deal. Reel it in lads, stay grounded in what can be proved, not in what ifs.

084028  No.2563373

File: 340ad3485b71395⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 78fsdtsvxcgiudf.jpg)

ef1e2b  No.2563374

File: 630665183862b25⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26x3qo.jpg)

File: 98016c76a5fb560⋯.jpg (80.97 KB, 702x1200, 117:200, DUVPLfGVAAAIeg3.jpg)

File: 3f56982bf9aa876⋯.jpg (98.74 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2fppcm.jpg)

b3938a  No.2563375

File: 21b1c966d0cd87f⋯.png (219.37 KB, 500x388, 125:97, Q .png)



5e230f  No.2563376

File: c1d23547fd45541⋯.jpg (89.9 KB, 900x579, 300:193, c1d23547fd45541b7e8e58d1e1….jpg)

313013  No.2563377



I was doing it for my country but I guess I should let the professionals handle this….

5001fb  No.2563378


Gonna getcha.

46d09d  No.2563379


supposed flyer was named after the sub they took out Kek

1d5eb3  No.2563380

File: 29421f33d262516⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 800x533, 800:533, portland-press-herald_3053….jpg)

U.S. missionary may face Haiti jail



f2b225  No.2563381


They can't shut us down. An alt media ban will only bring more right leaning and on the fencers to vote republican. There is nothing they can do now.

a43934  No.2563382


That would require someone like Ms. Lin, would it not? Someone who knows the ins and outs of decommissioning, etc?

Does anyone know if she leans left or right? Has she come into Money?

00f4ea  No.2563383

File: 8f074393e70aed7⋯.png (727.75 KB, 1205x888, 1205:888, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

515d26  No.2563384


A little background on Christine LaGarde (obama cronie).


eb42c2  No.2563385

File: 6ae34f45dc56cbf⋯.png (1.48 MB, 968x882, 484:441, MegaJews1.png)

File: 3a4bbfe07e08e5f⋯.png (1.5 MB, 968x855, 968:855, MegaJews.png)

1073dc  No.2563386


you were waiting lol

5f03fe  No.2563387


Not a fucking chance. Not without eating shit or ripping the plane apart. Those things may be designed to tolerate the stress, but it still isn't a good idea to do shit like that. And the Gs. Oh boy, probably like 4 or 5 and he's screaming "holy shit!" when he should be grunting because it feels like a goddamn gorilla is on his shoulders and he's starting to see black.

c7d278  No.2563388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7919c2  No.2563389


As do a lot of people. If we can't get these terrible drivers under control you best bet that we're gonna get saddled with self driving cars. What better way to force it then "Look at all these people who can't drive, better make the cars drive themselves because they can't be trusted."

66275e  No.2563390


facts matter anons, goddamn

f2b225  No.2563391


You believe in coincidences.

6c341f  No.2563392


Go back and read the post I linked to.

Clowns. No, you don't get a sauce.

6a3db8  No.2563393

File: c35ae6c83a04785⋯.png (205.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 815.png)

File: fca8e3adb9b2b12⋯.png (259.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 814.png)

File: 171570b54eef4f7⋯.png (255.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 817.png)

File: 853bf23033c9fb7⋯.png (259.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 812.png)

File: 16c2f63b59476ed⋯.png (260.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 811.png)


It's not that there were missles on the plane. It looks like there was a missle wizzing by in the video at the link provided below. Plus there's Q's post "think missle"


6257f5  No.2563394

File: ce3d32261003542⋯.png (973.76 KB, 1004x634, 502:317, ClipboardImage.png)

00f4ea  No.2563395


Birds of a Feather…

c8afa2  No.2563396

File: b60826540336d7b⋯.png (315.87 KB, 827x489, 827:489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a5abb7d36f71fc8⋯.png (38.45 KB, 856x423, 856:423, ClipboardImage.png)

Charlottesville Mob Beats Police Officer at Anniversary March (VIDEO)

A mostly all-white crowd of hundreds marched Saturday night in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Sunday is the anniversary of the rally last year that resulted in the death of a far left protester.


VIDEO: Liberals Repeatedly Attack NBC Reporter in Charlottesville at Black Lives Matter Protest

NBC reporter Cal Perry was repeatedly attacked by protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday night while covering a Black Lives Matter protest marking the one year anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally.


ef2460  No.2563397

i cant get you guys any fukken audio or shit

still trying

trying to get some ears on this spoopy shit

41cdc5  No.2563398

File: 4d2ca8386c3d0ab⋯.png (26.85 KB, 1143x218, 1143:218, Beebo02.PNG)

File: a80f5f4acd2b800⋯.png (33.42 KB, 1157x175, 1157:175, Beebo01.PNG)


Hijack info.

The Pierce County Sheriff wrote on Twitter that the two F15's arrived from Portland within a few minutes of the Q400 taking off.

Distance between PDX and SeaTac is 112nm.

Max advertised speed of the F15 is Mach 2.5 ~ 1,600 knots.

At 1,500 knots it would take 0.074 hours or just over a minute to cover that distance.

Start up + taxi time to take-off would be about 5 minutes, if expedited, if the pilots were sitting in there cockpits when the call came.

My theory is they were standing by with engines running.


5e230f  No.2563399


everything has meaning dumbfuck all rabbit holes lead to something important

230b9a  No.2563400

File: d6ca020981e893c⋯.png (109.62 KB, 300x215, 60:43, ClipboardImage.png)

Mueller Probe Illegitimate, Internet Purge is Here, Journalism is Dead

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 347 8.10.18)

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani thinks the Russia probe by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is going to “blow up” on Mueller and his team. It has become apparent Mueller has not got a single charge that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election. The FBI and the DOJ simply made up crimes to frame Trump to try to kick the President out of office. It’s a failed coup, and the people that tried to pull it off are in deep trouble.

The internet purge is here, and sites like InfoWars.com are just the first to be blocked by social media. Now, InfoWars.com report the attacks continue, and hackers from big companies are trying to take the Alex Jones site completely off the internet. On the other hand, all the attention that InfoWars.com has gotten has driven up people trying to find the site on Google and has driven the InfoWars.com app to #1.

Journalism is dead, at least at the mainstream media (MSM) companies. Liberal organizations are calling on journalists to “hurt” President Trump, any way they can, with their reporting. While these same MSM companies are covering Stormy Daniels, they miss the biggest failed coup in world history and that is the failed coup against Trump. As President Trump says, the MSM is the “Enemy of the People” because they outright lie and lie by omission. The MSM is killing itself, and Trump is simply pointing it out—every day.By Greg Hunter On August 10, 2018

826a7c  No.2563401


Stop trying to act like Q


fefb12  No.2563402


Exactly and a message for us AUTISTS!

We picked up right away when reported plane was a Q400.

This op was meant for us AUTISTS to recognize!

9260d1  No.2563403


did i miss the board talking about how he could have had fake audio? i was AMAZED to read that

f9dc12  No.2563404


>Why would they release the audio so fast?

To create the narrative.

77adab  No.2563405

think that Mac may be using Bunny Ears etc as a sort of The Onion for exposing the truth, but he is including himself to do so. Instead of just laying blame on people. He can also just lead Truthers in the right direction.

e26f3f  No.2563406

>>2562858 ←————– Last bread

Enjoy the show Anons

2b1c07  No.2563407

File: 26e39397b104f5e⋯.png (777.23 KB, 1521x688, 1521:688, ! faking-injury.png)


no, NOT Bill Maher! HBO? WE MADE IT TO HBO??? We weren't even supposed to make it into the [4am] talking points, we were only supposed to talk about them! NOOOOOO!

fec2f3  No.2563408

hey woke dude why all the pics?

6b24f2  No.2563409

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lost Hillary snuff clip, Pedovore, SGT Report British Monarchy pedos

From 17:37 a snippet but the whole vid is important

Walnut sauce = the adrenal gland

Walnut = children of colour

The sauce, the sauce = the adrenal gland/adrenocrome

ab9922  No.2563410

>>2562739 (lb)

>>>2562629 (lb)

>baker notable!!!!

>Guy was an old guard dem cocongressmen on armed service committee and MORE!!!

>Comms recieved!!


2018-07-24 3:28:41 PM ADT Q !CbboFOtcZs

ID: a4b4d3

You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.



6a75ec  No.2563411


I feel ya. A lot of reaching going on in here today.

66275e  No.2563412


you know you're wrong on many of those things right?





6a3db8  No.2563413


Start video @ 1:30


c7d278  No.2563415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8f83af  No.2563416


Red Californians need to get their heads out of the sand and rise up against these lunatics running their state / cities. That train is so far off the rails, it is nearly a lost cause.

f2b225  No.2563417


You're just quoting yourself, point us to something useful

6e412a  No.2563418


That was the plan anyway but Trump won.

725080  No.2563419

File: 63b7955da7fff9f⋯.png (72.78 KB, 311x575, 311:575, ClipboardImage.png)

Ketron Island, Washington

The British explorer and navigator George Vancouver camped on Ketron Island in May of 1792.[1]

The island was originally named "Kittson Island" by Charles Wilkes during the Wilkes Expedition of 1838–1842, but was misspelled "Ketron" by his cartographers. The island was named for William Kittson, an employee of the Hudson's Bay Company, who supervised the construction of Fort Nisqually in 1833 and served as its chief factor.[2]

The entire island was bought by an entrepreneur in 1946 with plans to build 200 homes, but this attempt was abandoned due to the cost of a sewer system.[3]

On August 10, 2018, an empty Horizon Air Q400 was stolen from Seattle–Tacoma International Airport and crashed on Ketron Island, killing the pilot. He was 29 years old and said to have been suicidal.


Q400 stretch

Bombardier proposed development of a Q400 stretch with two plug-in segments, called the Q400X project, in 2007.[10] In response to this project, as of November 2007, ATR was studying a 90-seat stretch.[11]

In June 2009, Bombardier commercial aircraft president Gary Scott indicated that the Q400X will be "definitely part of our future" for possible introduction in 2013–14, although he has not detailed the size of the proposed version or committed to an introduction date.[12]

As of July 2010, Bombardier's vice president, Phillipe Poutissou, made comments explaining the company was still studying the prospects of designing the Q400X and talking with potential customers. At the time, Bombardier was not as committed to the Q400X as it had been previously.[13] As of May 2011, Bombardier was still strongly committed to the stretch, but envisioned it as more likely as a 2015 or later launch, complicating launch date matters were new powerplants to come online in 2016 from GE and PWC.[14] As of February 2012, Bombardier was still studying the issue, but as of 2011, the launch date is no longer targeted for the 2014 range. At least a three-year delay was envisioned.[15]

In October 2012, a joint development deal with a government-led South Korean consortium was revealed, to develop a 90-seater turboprop regional airliner, targeting a 2019 launch date. The consortium would include Korea Aerospace Industries and Korean Air Lines.


ee88b9  No.2563420


Maybe the point of this stolen plane is to show us anons that it never was a sub.

The guy has the name of a sub as in pay attention as it relates to the missile and crashed on the island the missile actually came from

66275e  No.2563421


newfaggotry or shilling

can't tell

ef2460  No.2563422

File: dd2efade09763ff⋯.png (122.12 KB, 336x421, 336:421, 1501420647057.png)

File: 35704b752986de6⋯.png (293.13 KB, 651x503, 651:503, 1463439201538.png)



audio excerpts from air traffic

c8afa2  No.2563423

File: 448dd91ac96cdf6⋯.png (519.69 KB, 671x709, 671:709, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a739e8952ab5ba⋯.png (35.66 KB, 656x531, 656:531, ClipboardImage.png)

Exclusive–Twitter Target Gavin McInnes on Solution: ‘Trump Has to Step Up’


870aa1  No.2563424

File: cdb5e0850083ee4⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Jeff-Sessions-1.jpg)

515d26  No.2563425


Could be another plane.

6c341f  No.2563426

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you guys think this song is about?

4b06c4  No.2563427


The speeds and area covered by those planes is mind blowing. Nice write-up anon.

9652f3  No.2563428

File: 0c54dcb3d546345⋯.jpg (828.69 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, oprah the killer whale of ….jpg)

fefb12  No.2563429


Not acting like Q.

This is how I type.


now go kys.

967691  No.2563430


thats weird

1dee1e  No.2563431


much smoke here

633a0e  No.2563432


Russel mentioned olypic also

and ranier

a55625  No.2563433


nobody is claiming the rich russel sub is the one that attacked, or am i missing something

3c4d95  No.2563434


I am the highest ranking concernfag. You will address me as Sir.

0224cb  No.2563435


Think NATO, any country attacked in NATO will be considered an attack on all of NATO. No wonder noname wanted all these tiny countries like Macedonia in nato, much easier to stage a false flag when you have lots of small corrupt countries.

ee45b1  No.2563436


My dig on Lin was a quick one. Started looking at her real estate and found the commercial building where she has an office. Did not find a residence but didn't dig that hard.

It would be possible to find out if she gives political contributions to either party. Those records are open source. Also her voter registration party. I'm not digging it, been on here 12 hours so far today, but be my guest. Your instincts are pointing in a good direction.

My sense was that her consulting business may be quite lucrative.

Also she had that job as a technology consultant to congress, don't know if that paid anything or if she got "tips" for helping out.

Her salary when she was a federal employee is in the public record. I think I posted it.

99b308  No.2563437


Nice grabs anon.

Perhaps Air to air missile.

My first instinct was moon or star in background, blurred by fast panning camera.

826a7c  No.2563438


What a bunch of whiny crybabies.

My kids never threw any kind of tempter tantrum even remotely close to these fuckers.

They need to grow the fuck up or get the fuck out.

bf82a1  No.2563439

File: 350a9afd7f642b0⋯.png (160.04 KB, 626x604, 313:302, ClipboardImage.png)

more 4am talking points.

113397  No.2563440

Yes. They cut straight to a non scheduled break. Fox fuckery. >>2563075

9c5587  No.2563441

File: 2223fc153473467⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 255x255, 1:1, PepeWinks.jpg)


I'm enjoying this show so much!!

Best motion picture of 2018 goes to


Continued prayers for all active operators taking part in saving the republic, for protection, safety, and success!!

9b9527  No.2563442

>>2563165 She's be helluva lot older than that by now. Not possible….

4d2715  No.2563443

File: 9b39153298a8f4d⋯.png (272.58 KB, 382x508, 191:254, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at ….png)

5570a5  No.2563444


The best thing for the conservatives to do is

STAY AWAY FROM THOSE PROTESTS. Let them make fools of themselves alone.

They are like toddlers, ignore their tantrums and they eventually stop from lack of an audience.

a9b03e  No.2563445



I believe in showing proof. Pure speculation that the plane was remote-controlled doesn't help us.

c7d278  No.2563446

when you think about it

the subversive psychology

Vs mwmwfags war of 2018

was really an art war by dynamic

8382e4  No.2563448


I was wondering when this argument was going to be made;

'World events are too complex to be trusted @ president, no matter who it is, just look at this guy etc.'

We need a SYSTEM

But do you know what would not be abolished?

The intelligence community

the intelligence community that decides whats good and acceptable while monitoring you,

IC has controlled MANY past presidents; IC WAS the government. JFK caught on after vietnam and bay of pigs.

But IC is not good enough either; so we need a System for That.


But its not really A.I. its just so effective that you have the strawman of AI while DS and the likes of roth and Georgia Guidestones run everything while escaping in break away civilization, looking at us like we are sub-human slave monkeys.


oh sorry, that became some dystopian nightmare novel.

But anything that can be done to remove power from the people is being tried.


The PEOPLE elect their POTUS


yeah, theres that angle too haha


no if it could be done tomorrow they would.

a43934  No.2563449


nobody is claiming that this is the same sub from previous attempt anon.

Separate incidents

caf1b4  No.2563450


what early gift?

9098a1  No.2563451

File: 5126760dbbb496f⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E2700C00-FCEC-466A-88C0-95….png)

Hate to ask guys but twitter won’t let me view this tweet and I can’t change settings cus of password bs. Any fag do me a favor and pull it up for me?

c8afa2  No.2563452


Trips confirm!

46d09d  No.2563453


not sure sauce is adrenal because if so, why specify the race?

have heard that sauce is orgies

do agree that walnut is people/children of color

f54207  No.2563454

File: 8aca977079d51ba⋯.png (64.18 KB, 804x231, 268:77, Screenshot 2018-08-11 at 1….png)


515d26  No.2563455


Exactly. To get in front of the truth. To prevent the obvious from sinking in.

It's what they do best.

77adab  No.2563456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


8f83af  No.2563457


That dude is one of the sickest minds on the planet. Evil incarnate.

66275e  No.2563458


yes they are

read: fefb12

c7d278  No.2563459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7cce9  No.2563460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f2b225  No.2563461


Your fault for not keeping up with the research. Go back and read 4-5 breads

2b1c07  No.2563462


a second thought came to me, what if the media is staging confrontations & it wasn't as spontaneous as it appeared to be?

fb9a24  No.2563463

File: 7af03fdd47926b8⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1522x557, 1522:557, 2018-08-11_23-02-11.png)

2d404c  No.2563464

File: 4a4ef85b392d6b3⋯.png (29.54 KB, 675x194, 675:194, screenshot_119.png)

File: 0800da65db77f8d⋯.png (24.88 KB, 637x98, 13:2, screenshot_118.png)

File: b1e2f454ea58f0f⋯.png (16.42 KB, 670x67, 10:1, screenshot_117.png)

File: ab197c82fa6a471⋯.png (13.92 KB, 669x69, 223:23, screenshot_116.png)

So, according to Q, Bolton is the guy cleaning house for Trump?

7d19ef  No.2563465


IDK, I feel like if we had shot at it, we wouldn't have missed it.

00f4ea  No.2563466


When people say, "Q is fake", I can't help but to laugh. Would we see the Great Deplorable uprising happening the way it's happening now??

db4d68  No.2563467


love it !

f9a0eb  No.2563468


I see no caps lock. No yelling here.

66275e  No.2563469


> Used USS Richard B. Russel to attack POTUS.


see: >>2563228

yes they are

b08231  No.2563470


Posted earlier precisely time operation=white hats

e3f9c4  No.2563471

File: b4db9262669a6bd⋯.jpg (54.31 KB, 474x474, 1:1, iu (26).jpg)


Obama working Presidentially

37ca7d  No.2563472


Does being a pedo enlarge your nose?

a43934  No.2563473


toss in that sonic booms reported and it fits even better

67bf1d  No.2563474


How did Q400 crash precisely into the undeveloped part of the island so close to roads and houses at the same topographical height?

72d31e  No.2563475

Rogue or not?

"Serious Incident" Unfolds As NATO Jet Accidentally Launches Secret Missile Near Russian Border

Estonia’s defense minister has halted a NATO war exercise in Estonia pending an investigation after a fighter jet deployed in northeast Europe accidentally fired a secret missile during training. Authorities are now searching for the rocket, which was shot over the Baltic country’s airspace by a Spanish fighter jet this week near the Russian border.


a9b03e  No.2563476


I was in those breads. It was speculation then and it still is.

5570a5  No.2563477

File: 058fe111811b281⋯.jpeg (154.19 KB, 1242x928, 621:464, DkW_SV3VsAA8fBm.jpg-large.jpeg)

0224cb  No.2563478

8/12 is george soros birthday, coincedence that tomoorrow is the "White Nationalist" parade and complete staged protest.

6ff591  No.2563479

File: b87199aa1cb98ab⋯.png (202.33 KB, 649x422, 649:422, Q400.png)

File: d0ecbbf6801d83e⋯.png (169.89 KB, 1095x526, 1095:526, Q400 a.png)

File: c965db1f1fff6db⋯.png (114.46 KB, 1101x684, 367:228, Q400 d.png)

File: b5a2c522f42ff73⋯.png (112.34 KB, 1105x732, 1105:732, Q400 b.png)

Close up of the "missile"

6a3db8  No.2563480


I had thought that. Maybe one of the F15

b08231  No.2563481



Q400 crashed…proof…

a841cb  No.2563482


You do know this guy was in the air for roughly 90 minutes, right.

I suspect that air port personnel notify the feds as soon as tbey are aware tbat a commercial plane has been stolen.

The then is at what was the call made and how soon after did the F-15 s arrive to intercept.

8cc118  No.2563483


pilot fags rule

4949b9  No.2563484


Pics of Trump Island:


a6331a  No.2563485

I wonder if it's on their minds that 50 million+ are being reached by Q and they all are 1 vote. can they do the math and figure out how many never heard of Q but are going to vote? if only 50 million know about Q that leaves a whole lot of the voting block still ignorant. i know myself I never voted but 1 time at 18. I will from now on.by November the count should be over the total of repubs who voted in 2016. that has to scare the shit out of them.

4210a0  No.2563486

File: 2163efb90e9c176⋯.jpg (287.43 KB, 1861x1064, 1861:1064, _20180811_231056.JPG)

66275e  No.2563487


kek looks like a cloud imo

ef1e2b  No.2563489

File: 935e82ee6c4d560⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 231x218, 231:218, IMG_1885.JPG)

f31605  No.2563490


>Like the old man has cheat codes.

Fuckin kek

77adab  No.2563491

Spiral Triangle is an Alien symbol. Are these people really Aliens who feed off of loosh and this is a way for them to know where they can feed ? Vampiric Beanings, bloodtype, hologram, projection, etc.

0224cb  No.2563492


That's not a missile you retard, looks like a contrail several hours old or a cloud.

99b308  No.2563493


Good questions.

Still a bit hesitant to believe a plane of that size did crash there, judging from crash footage seen so far.

515d26  No.2563494


Maybe they thought she was going to go all truther on them and had to pre-empt?

Sometimes (Occam's razor) there's a reasonable explanation for things.

6a75ec  No.2563495


Gorbto he rogue i would think. You can't just simply send off a rocket/missile.

3939fe  No.2563496

File: 54a59914e2d5a44⋯.jpg (244.81 KB, 836x828, 209:207, 984984.jpg)


"Alex Jones" = Mason

f9dc12  No.2563497


Divine intervention!

c7d278  No.2563498

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.









(`・ω・´)b(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻(∩`-´)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿┬━┬ノ(▀Ĺ▀ ノ)

0cbc42  No.2563499


the adrenal gland is on the kidneys, it excretes adrenaline, aka as epinephrine

6a75ec  No.2563500


Got to be rogue i would think. You can't just simply send off a rocket/missile.

515d26  No.2563501


It looks a bit purposeful for a cloud.

17812e  No.2563502


Something so fucked up about this. How does a baggage handler start a plane that requires many pre-check to be done jus to start the engines, and get in line in a very busy airport then fly a plane for the 1st time in his life? Then pull off an Immelman Roll to perfection??? Its so Fuckyyy.

1162fd  No.2563503

File: 151da753afe2d5c⋯.png (306.37 KB, 603x358, 603:358, parkland washington.png)


fefb12  No.2563504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alaskan Airlines Press Briefing if it hasn't already been posted.


6c341f  No.2563505


They never mention that self-driving cars and trucks will never work in places with snow.

37e6d4  No.2563506

File: e48ebf633ebb2d8⋯.jpeg (309.25 KB, 640x979, 640:979, 5E0C19E9-A927-4AC5-ADA1-A….jpeg)


a43934  No.2563508

File: a5e12aa908683df⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 671x1000, 671:1000, bewbskitchen.jpg)


thanks anon. I am not niteshift either, so either someone else digs or tomorrow after church I may be able to. Been up since 7am as it is, and on my day off…kek!

ANONS - if any of you NiteShifters wish to dig, this is a good direction!!

I am going to hit the rack in a few…

BEWBS - hoping someone digs on this tonight.

66275e  No.2563509


nah thats just a cloud


either fuckery or a happy trigger finger

7919c2  No.2563510


I've known a few 'genius' level iq people and they were as dumb as a box of hammers. They have this misconception that nobody can outsmart them yet the one guy i knew got taken repeatedly by scams.

6ff591  No.2563511


fuck off you mother fucking faggot. I never claimed it to be a fucking missile. Others did!!!KYS

8f83af  No.2563512


There’s info on SNCTM in pb’s

322571  No.2563513


Paxon will retire from Akin Gump

By THEODORIC MEYER 08/11/2017 02:01 PM EDT

With Daniel Lippman

BILL PAXON WILL RETIRE FROM AKIN GUMP: Former Rep. Bill Paxon (R-N.Y.), a former NRCC chairman who joined Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld in 1999 after leaving office, will retire at the end of the year, the firm announced today. “I am deeply indebted to everyone at the firm, particularly my dear friend, the late Bob Strauss,” Paxon said in a statement. “Bob was a giant of a man who combined the very best of being a wise mentor and a kind grandfather figure, dispensing advice on both servicing clients and also raising children to a fledgling dad every day.”

— Paxon’s clients at the firm include Cox Enterprises, Delaware North, Florida Citrus Mutual, Fluor Corporation, Liberty Mutual, PMI Global Services and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, according to disclosure filings.

113397  No.2563514

That’s a pic… the video shows it’s a missile.

37ca7d  No.2563515

File: 680b3ab1beefde4⋯.png (17.47 KB, 479x145, 479:145, ClipboardImage.png)


>Ohio class

USS Rochard B Russell is NOT OHIO class

67bf1d  No.2563516


I'm not positing that it didn't crash. I'm asking how it missed the developed areas and also implying that if it was a white hat op, that seems like a no-go risk. What was the flight path? Straight down over target or perpendicular to the long or short axis of the island. I haven't seen that. It's needed to fill in blanks.

99b308  No.2563517


>a contrail several hours old


ae33b4  No.2563518


You're just a little too excited to belong here

9652f3  No.2563519


This is why it took MSM an hour to report on it, they had to come up with a bullshit narrative

5570a5  No.2563520


Why wouldn't they just light the island on fire.

fec2f3  No.2563521


So I think I got it, the Jews post the bad shit to make you feel bad, then they post the good stuff. so everyone here is a Jew?

cacdc6  No.2563522


Him and a team of vet y good and indeed good at heart intelligence agencies who know the rules and have seen the game played for generations. Trump was the only one with no strings.

1b0e97  No.2563523

Q I hope you're having an adult beverage tonight you deserve it .. God Bless !!

06459f  No.2563524


I know a good dig site but not sure if I should let the cat out of the bag

dd07ff  No.2563525

File: 7a2444dd2cdc5c0⋯.png (276.81 KB, 634x599, 634:599, ClipboardImage.png)

Just to be clear. The Government Puerto Rico, let people starve, to make Trump look bad.

TDS is real.

66275e  No.2563526


facts don't matter to some here rn

f2b225  No.2563527


Spanish fighter jet fired the rocket, not US, thankfully. NATO is sending a threat to the US and Russia.

ef1e2b  No.2563528


Maybe the plane was hijacked to divert attention away of the F15s from stopping the missiles flight ???

74dccc  No.2563529


Q's veracity is less relevant each day because either shit is going to start happening soon, or it isn't. Maybe a few weeks until campaign for the mid terms enters its final phase.

If truth bombs don't drop soon a lot of people will say meh.