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File: 0f7da87a9f5fc08⋯.png (34.95 KB, 980x481, 980:481, Q disclosure.png)

c5830e  No.3166229

Q's answer to the "Are we alone?" question as well as confirmation of the existence of programs related to moon landings outside of the public domain proves it would be wise to research these topics further.

Discuss them in this thread so we don't clutter the generals.

Proving UFOs, extraterrestrials and Special Access Projects are real is similar to proving deep state is real. The buildup of many coincidences and "softer" proofs like notable high ranking officials saying "weird" things, having documents revealed or seeing (and feeling!) unexplained lights (either coincidentally or by your own accord - CE-5) is the current degree of proof. This prevents mental conflict among people that are not ready for this Truth but provides those that are awakened with confirmation, similar to how Q operates.

Always use discernment. Don't just spam your info, make sure it's at least logically sound, reasonable and backed with what little facts we have. All rules of physics and logic apply in all cases, even if it's not understandable from our limited perspective. This is a serious research thread even though many will still dismiss all talk about the matter out of ignorance and various belief systems. OP Mockingbird is in full effect here - be prepared.

Respect your fellow anons. Do not fight, search for Truth. See how small pieces fit in the big puzzle. Present, but do not persuade. And remember, our Universe is infinite.

c5830e  No.3166388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why would the information about us not being alone be classified?

Why would the programs about the "moon landings" be outside of public domain if it was only about rocks and empty space?

Q typed "moon landings" in lowercase, indicating that we could have landed on multiple moons, not only our Earth's Moon.

c5830e  No.3166404

>>2518070 - previous UFO thread

e9af07  No.3166527

File: eac09e93c08241e⋯.jpg (355.37 KB, 729x781, 729:781, Hitler-stopped-transgender….jpg)

File: 139f5f55bd33c5e⋯.jpg (803.83 KB, 1500x1153, 1500:1153, 1465658069957.jpg)

File: f23ca0315ce87e0⋯.jpg (94.62 KB, 764x676, 191:169, 1517888991194.jpg)

a3cc0a  No.3166562


Video may be authentic (not altered), but is the subject of the video accurately identified?

Look at all of the drones in use today, of all sizes. Hover, zip back and forth, lights, etc.

IMO, the simplest explanation is that they filmed a drone of some sort.

a3cc0a  No.3166605


You are seriously fucked in the head.

e9af07  No.3166627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f46e6b  No.3166717


b414e1  No.3167053

I was raised with the UFO phenomenon… my parent is brilliant, a scientist, and also spent many years studying UFOs. Was a director in MUFON for a time.

Parent, however, has never seen a UFO personally. Is also smart enough to look at different evidence and dismiss fakes, based on shadows and such things. But my family has basically always accepted it as a given that there is SOMETHING there.

It is incredibly bizarre when the media suddenly presents documentaries with government officials (ie netflix’s Unacknowledged) coming out about it all. Why? Why now?

When Q says “consider the vastness of space,” I want to tear into the phrase. I really think there is more to it than the plain implication.

df75fa  No.3167612

i don't care if anyone believes me or not, i've seen a number of ufos with my own eyes on a number of occasions in my life. i know what i saw. 3+ times.

633dae  No.3167696

What should be noted is how Qs admittance of the ET phenomenon, could be another Proof to proving Rs credibility and identity. What's really at the end of the rainbow here?

633dae  No.3167728

Also, myself and one other were just privileged to see a UFO for the first time in our lives, right over Myrtle beach SC. It wasn't clear what we were seeing, but when you see a blinking light appear, and then take off at light speed, you can only call it an Unidentified Flying Object.

86d041  No.3168151

File: 37e93730634db8c⋯.jpg (512.06 KB, 1920x1072, 120:67, 88b3f25984c84eba28841489d7….jpg)

Anecdotal, but the only successful CE5 experience I've had so far was when my brother and I tried it together. We've both tried separately numerous times, but when we tried it together it took about 8-10 minutes and we got a response. Absolutely amazing experience, but still hard to fully grasp the weight of.

My point is that there is definite power in group meditation. Both of us are fairly experienced and comfortable with meditating and I have no doubt that we amplified each others conscience, allowing us to get a (you) from the Ayys.

d4d823  No.3168388

File: 829d6c0afc9d5fc⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 960x684, 80:57, Dn06aUzWsAE6a1-.jpg)

This chart shows global UFO sightings recorded from 1990 to 2017.

Tweeted by Space Corps, so the data might be valid?


a3cc0a  No.3168402


Per the incredibly pedantic and boring video, "You are seriously fucked in the head" is not an argument, it is a description.

Attempting to argue with someone as seriously fucked in the head as you are is pointless.

Put your your leather schutzstaffel cap back in your gimp trunk, and go seek some therapy somewhere.

a3cc0a  No.3168442


WTF does that picture have to do with your post??? Is that Darkseid in the background? What kind of circle jerk fantasy is this supposed to represent … some alien Kate Upton is going to mind meld with you and invite you aboard for a probing?

86d041  No.3168791


Yeah mate spot on, you're so keen and intuitive. What's your IQ, like 185?

c5830e  No.3168807


>What's really at the end of the rainbow here?

Just a big universe full of advanced civilizations obscured from our view by the hostage-taking Cabal.

03ea53  No.3168863


Cuts both ways. Consider the vastness of space; is it possible we're the only life forms here?


Consider the vastness of space; if there were other life forms, where are they??? (Fermi paradox).

c5830e  No.3168864


It's just the obligatory Mockingbird shill, ignore it.

03ea53  No.3168869


If you know what you saw, then they are not UFOs.

c5830e  No.3168883


You don't give something "highest classification" if it's ambiguous or nonexistent.

This revealation will shatter our society to the core.

e6b3de  No.3168891


I find this very interesting, if accurate. Why would the sightings bottom out like that? There’s more people on earth and the awareness of ET has increased, so sightings should increase.

Why would they have left? Are we getting closer to the end? The end is near.

fee7d5  No.3168893

File: f8b928ada88c800⋯.jpg (4.67 MB, 4314x4273, 4314:4273, aliens-spacesidebyside.jpg)

I assume some of you anons have used/seen this site, but its exopolitics' take on Q's Q&A crumbs:


and a side by side I made on them (pic)


1. the universe is so vast, there is a high possibility and plausibilty for their to be alien life

(whether we have made contact or not is HIGHLY classified)

2. the moon landings were a PR move to win the space race, AND to hide the SECRET space programs/missions

lurk on your threads, going to start contributing, kek

fee7d5  No.3168918


are you talking about the Rlarp???

c5830e  No.3168936


This is a great article, thank you.


Twitter LARP eyethespy also baited with some ET knowledge. It's not that uncommon.

fee7d5  No.3169014


I don't fuck with the Rlarp, made anons look horrible and was a coordinated shill attack (even article written)

but not here for that

on exopolitics, you gotta read carefully

somethings are unverified, but some are really interdasting and verifiable

like the whistle blower info is hit or miss, but thought provoking

they did a good job with the missile attack in Hawaii too:


link to the one I use in the graphic:


but I'm baking in general right now, so I'll be in and out

as I said, lurked a lot, but Q's recent crumbs brings this into one of the main research topics right now (also politics etc)

c5830e  No.3169142


You're a star.

That's correct, a lot of it is hit or miss but how can one know if he doesn't have attention. Shills usually pounce on whistleblowers for a reason.

fee7d5  No.3172651

There are, and have been for some time, claims by UFO disclosure supporters that there is in existence a fleet or fleets of human spaceships charged with monitoring alien traffic throughout our solar system and even defending our solar system in the event of an extraterrestrial attack.

Perhaps this is science fiction or the result of an overactive imagination. But some have said they’ve seen evidence of this alleged project, commonly called “Solar Warden.”

If Solar Warden is indeed real, it would require advanced technology several generations ahead of what our military currently uses on the battlefield. Some speculate that backwards engineered alien technology is responsible for the rapid development of these types of systems.

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, is probably one of the most high-profile persons to have come forward regarding the existence of alien beings visiting Earth. He has addressed the topic in several interviews, saying there are indeed extraterrestrial civilizations beyond our solar system, they have indeed visited Earth, and the United States government may have collected and backwards engineered alien technology.

“I suspect that in the last 60 years or so, that there has been some back-engineering and the creation of this type of equipment, that is not nearly as sophisticated yet as what the apparent visitors have,” stated Dr. Mitchel during a Kerrang Radio interview on July 23, 2008.

In 2001, a hacker named Gary McKinnon used a series of clever techniques to hack several government computers, including and probably not limited to NASA and U.S. Navy computers. His original purpose for hacking U.S. computers was to seek out hidden data regarding the existence of free energy, or “zero-point” devices, he told Wired in a 2006 interview.

In his digital travels he allegedly uncovered an excel spreadsheet with a list of names and a heading of “non-terrestrial officers,” he told Wired. Another document was listed as “fleet-to-fleet” transfers, according to a 2006 Project Camelot interview. McKinnon was unable to cross reference the names with any U.S. Navy ships and believed these were off-world or “Space Marine,” type officers.

moar at the link:


I've looked into this before, anyone have other info on Solar Warden?

d1437b  No.3173497

My friend found an interesting list of members of

Bilderberg, CFR, Skull and Bones, and trilateral Commission Members Ultimate Collection"

Categorized by federal, state and local public offices including school boards and judiciary appointments. Kavanaugh is on the list.


09ed30  No.3174483

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>copy/pasta embed from last bread

Alright lads, tell me, who's the bigger retard

Me, for thinking this video is legit

Or society, for being so cucked by the oilgarchy that an energy device this simple and revolutionary has been suppressed/overlooked for who knows how long

Seems pretty simple to replicate

Any anon wanna call bullshit or explain how it works?

5f6604  No.3175892

It would be awesome if all anons on this thread went out and viewed the night with intent to peacefully connect with ET. They are telepathic. So it makes complete sense to use thought to communicate. Not words and sentences though. Silent thought. Every human is telepathic and has the same abilities. Just a matter of intent. Your past doesn't matter. It's your intent and nature of being that matters. Are you a good person at heart? They will respond if you really are. Most people who have been in military positions just joined to help in a mission they were told would help. Or to support their families. Well the thing is that the ET's see your feelings, your thoughts and what you really want for the world. That is why if you engage in the CE-5 and are actually a good person you will succeed. Post your reports please

f71b55  No.3176762


Yes anon.

It is all about intent.

You can try to appear as something.

You can try to ask for something, whether truthful or not.

You can try to do something, whether sincere or not.

But, your pure intention will always be as it is.

And, that, brothers, is they key to higher spiritual growth.

Why do you want to connect with ET?

Is it only because of curiosity?

Is it for merely sensations?

Is it for you to look cool to the other people?

Or, is it because of something "inside" telling you these things:

"c'mon dude, we surely have a higher purpose than this birth-study-job-family-old-death cycle"

"oh please, I really want to know the secrets of universe and grow even higher"

"give me the wisdom and the strength that I need to help people

around me to grow spiritually, to lift up the veil of the Earth and be free".

Now, which one are you?

The choice is all yours.

"Ask and you shall receive, and yes, even much much more."

00cdd2  No.3178301


since you appear you know what you're talking about… allow me to ask

- which one was your choice?

- what was your intention(s)?

- what was your experience?

6ca3e1  No.3178945

>>3166732 lb

Yeah the space junk idea really made me think early on... Catch is this. Space Junk or satellites or anything in orbit that does not possess exotic tech will follow orbital mechanics rigidly. When I see these flashers in the sky they are not traveling in a perfectly straight line and at a perfectly steady pace as would be determined by orbital mechanics. Instead they are in an area of the sky flashing randomly. Simply cannot do that from orbit. only could be a meteor if it were coming straight at me... every single time... seems possible but unlikely. The CE5 meditation stuff doesn't work. Hell I see them when I am drunk and taking a piss the same as if I am trying to call them in with my mind... Actually I was drunk and taking a piss the very first time I noticed them.

6ca3e1  No.3178994


Reported to whom? Some yet-to-be-formed space corp twitter account? Hell at this point no one would actually report a UFO to the GOV because that is counter productive and could get you murdered. Better to simply say nothing and anonymously report it to Secureteam 10 and dump on the chans.

6ca3e1  No.3179015


Youtube energy devices are always fake… You get paid for views. So the more views the more money you make. So, by default, there is a financial incentive to fake it. Every Youtube free energy device is fake.

4c30b1  No.3179908


210 Views and some 60 odd subscribers, I highly doubt that. Have you even tried doing it yourself? I don't think this falls under that category. There are still flaws with this method.

ce0f3a  No.3180037

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Analysis of the huge craft seen over eceti this week. Stage being set for CE-5 based disclosure

ce0f3a  No.3180535


GAEA.Company is legit. It's no coincidence most if not all of the team members met during a ce-5 expedition. Contact: Countdown to Transformation actually foreshadowed to a tee ten years ago what gaea is doing now.

ce0f3a  No.3180655

File: 6a4492ebc8ba453⋯.png (57.81 KB, 636x674, 318:337, 1462303806143.png)


People are no longer using legacy channels to report UFO's. Especially the CE-5 people. Many of them are not keen on reporting their human initiated sightings to mufon.

Just a friendly reminder, if a UFO touches down in your backyard, call the National Reconnaissance Office 703-808-5050

ce0f3a  No.3180682


Yup! Glad to have someone confirm the claim that doing ce-5 in groups may increase contact amount and intensity

6adb8a  No.3180710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I thought I would drop this here. This was my second sighting of this sort in the same area.


ce0f3a  No.3180754

File: 6248f55cd65a73b⋯.jpeg (6.31 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg)

File: 1a223788d4a9b94⋯.png (150.66 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180925-141310.png)



ce0f3a  No.3180769


Amazing sighting Lulu!

b414e1  No.3180889


Have you actually used that thing? Tested it?

I call BS.

b414e1  No.3180928


Also keep in mind that the data could also be influenced by the amount of sightings REPORTED. There could have been just as many years ago, but people weren’t paying attention/didn’t care/were influenced to keep quiet.

The government had a program to basically incentivize people to NOT report sightings for a time.

b414e1  No.3180991

But I personally do think sightings have increased not only because attention has been made to their presence, but also because they are certainly increasing visual activity and even interaction among us.

The skies have been muddled, yet there are still increasing rates of reports.

f71b55  No.3181066


What do you think?

Do you need someone else

to put the food into your mouth,

and do the thinking for you?

If I said I choose this one,

so you will start to believe and follow me?

So, it is not because your own

intention and will, but because of me?

If I would never have to say those things,

so you would never come to that point.

So, you don't trust yourself, you don't

have any confidence whatsoever,

therefore your intention is not on point.

Now, now.. sleepyhead..

Are you a sheep or an individual?

Or do you also need me to answer that?

e03273  No.3181125


4c30b1  No.3181278


Call BS? That's a non-argument. Present your case.

ce0f3a  No.3181354


Lurk moar

00cdd2  No.3182284


that's an idiotic and mostly arrogant reply. take a step back and re-read the question.

i don't expect anything for you other than answer your own questions.

who dafak you think you are? by pretending the Qway doesn't make you knowledgeable you know…

being a higher individual and treat everybody with respect should be your first intention. after you accomplish this go for other 'intentions'.

you sting negativity. in general…. you sting

894ec3  No.3182401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dr Greer just uploaded another YouTube video

c61255  No.3182460

File: dc69f0f71ce6573⋯.png (370.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180925-161615.png)

File: 2e50e75167ffca4⋯.png (412.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180925-161705.png)

File: 0539e0d51dc63cf⋯.png (351.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180925-161647.png)

File: 593b9fbc778d37f⋯.png (390.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180925-161625.png)

Q asked where the nearest star was. This is an easy one.

f71b55  No.3182528


I think your reply speaks and contradicts for itself.

It is enough.

5bc6a6  No.3183858

File: be41b90a9cf572f⋯.png (184.28 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Screenshot_20180925-180013.png)


(Talking about interdimenstional beings/ systems of conscious/ or what Clif high calls disembodied conscious)


"And they can push into and interact with this dimension, under certain conditions. Those are strictly speaking interdimensional beings of different kinds."


"In fact, the technologies exist in very advanced laboratories to tap into those dimentions and bring them into this dimension. There is such a project going on right now in Salt Lake City."

Dr. Steven Greer

If there is one thing I wish autists on this board would dig it's all these rumors about Utah, Mormons, and a weaponized portal device. If you have been following Greer you know what I'm talking about. I'll post the original sauce in a sec. But it sounds like a breakaway group has basically developed the device from stranger things that let the "evil alien/demon" creature into our dimension.

As kooky as it may sound to start throwing jesuits/Mormons etc into the mix Greer did say it first and it would tie back into the other research threads on this board.

81aa95  No.3184034


Have you ever done CE5? If you do, you will eventually start hearing horrific horror type noises near by at the time of sightings, usually from wooded areas. This is the ‘cabal’’s automatic program to send in something to scare you away from continuing contact. Stay the course, they can’t actually approach and hurt you. I have seen these creatures and they are electronically MK’ed deer or other common vermin in the area. We need to eventually free these animals, they are victims of horrible lab “experiments”.

dfc2ec  No.3184137

my take

"False, moon landings are real" = False (fake) moon landings are real.( As in they are really FAKE)

The second answer generally states that "Programs exist that are outside of public domain." That is ALL it says.Nothing more.

this is what i see


Are we alone?/Highest classification.

Roswell?/Consider the vastness of space.

sorry. in this book Roswell and consider the vastness of space are joined in the response. I believe Q is leading us to this book with his/her statement. Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection

By Joseph P. Farrell

Therefore, I suggest you take another look at what Q did NOT say. He did NOT say There are Aliens or ET's. He did seem to point to a book useful in REASONING what the Roswell "event" actually may have been.

b030f1  No.3184144

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Ok here's the OG sauce on disclosure via weaponized portal that I said I would link.


"There's another group, that is racing forward and this group is headed by one of the four (rubs head) clans of the mormon corporate empire. But its a breakaway group. This particular operation has reached full functionality on an anti-gravity interdimensional device as of a few weeks ago."

"They hit a resonant frequency that tapped into this,these lower dimensions, and all kinds of monstrous things started coming out and they filmed it."

Dr. Steven Greer

b030f1  No.3184196


ce5fag here. recommend working in groups to prevent this kind of crap.

Also, if you ask the other ce5'ers here, I bet they will tell you that the amount of deep state harassment has dropped off precipitously since POTUS got elected. Just sayin.

dfc2ec  No.3184230


But Q never said there were ET.

dfc2ec  No.3184386

October 30th 1938, Orson Welles aired a live radio production of "War Of The Worlds" that left many Americans in a panic. If that was all it took then, imagine what could be done with the advances in special effects, computer imaging and the internets ability to push a narrative! Jumping to conclusions is very dangerous. We have been warned that THEY would push an Alien narrative for their own nefarious reasons. Q NEVER said their were ALIEN beings from other planets. NEVER.

cca78a  No.3184439


That's because War of the Worlds is the penultimate in fearmongering. Disclosure is being handled slowly for the public and fast if you are an anon. Learn.

cca78a  No.3184468


Are we alone? No.

dfc2ec  No.3184480


I am NOT saying that Q is going to scare anyone. I said Q NEVER said Alien life on other planets exists. It is NOT Q pushing that narrative.

dfc2ec  No.3184517



Are we alone?/Highest classification.

Roswell?/Consider the vastness of space.

cca78a  No.3184570


How does that make any sense?

20d8b5  No.3184663

This is how I interpret it.


>Are we alone ?


>Roswell ?

Highest classification.

[Q expands your thinking]

Consider the vastness of space.


dfc2ec  No.3184676


It makes sense if Q is referring to the fact that we are not alone in this fight. (in post #1735 for example Q signs off with

"You are not alone in this fight.

God bless.


Also he could be referring to us being lurked on this board by Deep State Actors. He also could be referring to Spiritual beings. He also could be referring to Chimera.

There are many things he could mean. Even WWG1WGA! which literally means WE ARE NOT ALONE.

20d8b5  No.3184683


>Consider the vastness of space.

There are many ETs out there.

All different probably.

Just like there are many different people on earth.

cca78a  No.3184708


I didn't expect you to mention Chimera. Impressive.

Occam's razor.

cca78a  No.3184782


CE-5 anons and other who have seriously researched and had personal experiences with ETs lately (<20 years ago) will confirm the overwhelming Galactic Federation presence. Do not fear. We are winning BIGLY.

dfc2ec  No.3184795


Thanks for the chuckle.

cca78a  No.3184826


You should refocus your research.

dfc2ec  No.3185118


where should i start?

4e7105  No.3185204


His spit is an electrolyte for the 3 volts the 25 volt one looks like the size of a vape battery. I got the stuff laying around might be worth playing with though.

d8dbcc  No.3185947

Highest classification.

The implications? A great many.

Q recognition of this is unprecedented.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 03c2f4 No.126948 📁

Dec 19 2017 17:39:15 (EST)

Anonymous ID: fad025 No.126928 📁

Dec 19 2017 17:37:38 (EST)


Are UFOs a distraction?


How far away is the closest star?

What do you think?


Board, you may want to rethink the answer you provided to this…

To understand the relatively short distance for an extraterrestrial to get here at light speed or greater from the nearest star (you may also want to read into that star, and NASA's interest in it…) is to understand the true answer.

I also consider the inclusion of Roswell in the OP's post that Q reposted as an indicator of sorts.

Anyone hear about the sun observatory that got shutdown temporarily recently?

Just so happens to be near Roswell.

The mystery rolls on.

bdc128  No.3185955


Expanding on that a bit. The original question was:

>Are we alone ?

Q answered with:


How many times has Q said, "You are not alone"?

Remember, this happened during a bandwidth test. The answer given was correct. Nowhere did anyone, Q nor the questionanon, say aliens. The second question implied it, but it nor the answer specified they were related questions.

Think logically. Why verify like this during a bandwidth test when all it would do is generate a lot of traffic to the site?

d63b5e  No.3186746


cca78a  No.3186767


Spirituality. Positive ETs are, without exception, putting spiritual (inner) development first and foremost.

My sources were Semjase's spiritual teachings (Billy Meier Contact Report 10), youtube.com/777alaje, universe-people.com and many others. But the best source is always your Soul.

6ca3e1  No.3187041

File: e9542f5b531f3c0⋯.jpg (198.69 KB, 720x564, 60:47, Really an airplane.jpg)


Nawww cummon man, There's aliens… He said ROSWELL for fucks sake. THAT. MEANS. ALIENS. No one goes to Roswel NM for the amazing Pinon` harvest Nor do they go there for the green chillies (the above are highly recommended by the way). They go to Roswell FOR THE ALIENS…… Dude… Theres aliens

fee7d5  No.3187043

File: eb6bf00c3db8f93⋯.png (33.51 KB, 384x454, 192:227, ClipboardImage.png)


you're intentionally getting that wrong

unless you're just dumb

Q (the anon prompting the question to Q)

Anon: Are we alone?

Q: No

Anon: Roswell

Q: Highest Classification

Q: Consider the vastness of space


you're trying really hard

fee7d5  No.3187055




6ca3e1  No.3187105


Yes… Red-test approved in this case… Anon asked Q if there are aliens and Q responded with Yeah dawg… There are but I gotta keep it on the DL.. wink wink.

fee7d5  No.3187136


that and the space program crumbs were both shocking to me

didn't think Q would go there

but Q went there

and now I dig, see if you like: >>3168893

haven't made another yet, it'd be smaller next time


43594b  No.3187545

Perhaps the moon landings conspiracy theories were planted in order to keep people busy and occupied instead of looking at the moon itself and its strange coincidental placing in Earth orbit as well as its interior makeup problems.

>Once the astronauts had returned to the CSM, the LM ascent stage was released and collided with the Moon. The LM hit the lunar surface at 6,048 km/h and created an estimated 9 meter wide crater. The shock waves from the impact were a surprise to the scientists, with the Moon vibrating for over 55 minutes. The seismometers also recorded signals that were totally unlike any received before, starting with small waves that gained in size to a peak which persisted for a long time. It was reported that even after an hour the smallest reverberations had not yet stopped.


66c56a  No.3187655


I second this, sir.

Should also look up for phoenix journal.

But, most importantly, trust the Source within.

6ca3e1  No.3187987


Meh fuck it, Im making one.

30d20c  No.3188775

File: 1d069f077e53b20⋯.png (851.63 KB, 1494x1136, 747:568, Mckinnon.png)

File: 93e7022d4458213⋯.png (203.01 KB, 1548x722, 774:361, Q 1337.png)


Look Familiar?

2e0845  No.3188792

I'm surprised no fags here have yet tried to connect this to all the spacex drops

2c809f  No.3188832


Theory: Trump in Power and told the Aliens to stop abducting people?

2014 was Obama time hence the huge peak.

6ca3e1  No.3189121


Dude, if its fleets of aliens that look like this… I saw bring'em on!

>>3168151 ←-hot alien girl :p

67d303  No.3189168


Search George Green free energy device with Project Camelot. I think its easier than we ever thought.

d3fccb  No.3189374


Great share Anon!!!

QPC - Quantum Point Contact: Magnets push electrons North to South. The flow of electrons can power the device when it's connected to it.

Note: The technology needs more research. But great potential. The White paper needs to be soaked in water with 5-7% magnesium content. Avoid sodium (salt). With use, this will dry up. Some of the guys are experimenting with different materials.

More info: http://www.ftf.lth.se/fileadmin/ftf/Course_pages/FFFN35/Project.10.pdf

87d33c  No.3189980

lmao, big papa and mama Draco seem unpleased by the lack of actual soul progress from some lizards

worshipping oudated idols

stalling true spiritual and mental progress

using cheap brainlet practices to 'power' and justifying it

prison planet Earth is about to get liberation either way, fellow geckos, and surrendering as hostages seem way too little at this point. I don't want bags to be made from my skin nor my head put on a spike, so I'm trying to help the little I can..

Or maybe just larping, idk much about how it all works, maybe I had a little too much of dmt and am forevermore excessively creative. Don't give me (you)s if doesn't make any sense - but I can expand a little if it does.

>inb4 t. draconian exile in rehab @ prison Earth

>mfw possibly literal worst place for such a rehab in this universe

>mfw no face

3e6d15  No.3190481

File: 1d069f077e53b20⋯.png (851.63 KB, 1494x1136, 747:568, 1d069f077e53b20d0333ec56fb….png)

File: 1839e8ca12e8692⋯.png (5.51 KB, 255x119, 15:7, 93e7022d44582134d2af558077….png)



Baker Notable

Great Catch, Anon.

942551  No.3190864


Very good catch!

1ce5ae  No.3191061

File: 89437e9d8d83ffd⋯.png (3.94 KB, 558x565, 558:565, abstract_pepe.png)


aren't we all in soul rehab tho

>this is not a game

>learn to play the game

>you are watching a movie

what's this business about mama and papa draco ?

942551  No.3191161


You're not in rehab, you're here to elongate the short bus of the universe

996187  No.3192268

File: e6955fa49252a29⋯.jpg (55.35 KB, 607x450, 607:450, MJ12.jpg)


Look at the research of Linda Moulton Howe. I watched an episode of "Ancient Aliens"–which I normally watched for entertainment. It was one on the Majestic 12. She had all kinds of government documentation outlining Eisenhower, MJ-12, and the beginning of the US military reverse-engineering alien tech. She also had a manifest of "non-terrestrial" officers on Navy ships as I recall. She practices real journalism with multiple sources…something you don't see much of any more. Check her out. Here's that episode, but she writes and has many other credible folks that she has interviewed t http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2017/09/ancient-aliens-majestic-twelve-linda.html

Probably others out there as well.

97eadc  No.3193637

The cabal made a synthetic volcano at their south pole secret space program area. The volcano is expanding uncontrollably. Extraterrestrials are assisting us because of the cabal's stupid out-of-control Earth-destroying toy volcano.

Why does the new Antarctica REMA topological map have a blurred out ~300 km wide circle at the pole that they refer to as the 'pole hole'? Why does google also blur the pole?

Why are Antarctic rivers red? This is historically / typically related to active volcanos, not to melt from glacial sheets. The articles about this river don't even mention Antarctica's highly volcanic history, even though this would be an intuitive thesis to explore for why the rivers steadily run red. The brightness of the red is from active volcanos; freeze layers from past eruption event are not melted all at once as to say the differential freeze layers are very different from the eventual differential melt layers through some arbitrary point in the ice. Volcanic activity also reduces ozone levels, perhaps they made this synthetic volcano around the time the ozone hole appeared. They might have made the volcano simply as a heater for their secret space program. If this or anything related to it was going to be in the 'remaining 20%' please reconsider the choice to retain information.

What did youtuber 'Florida Maquis' find happening at the apparently abandoned German research station? Were bodies kept inside that needed to be dealt with as the facility became re-exposed? Is the horrible bloody mess on the ice due to someone harvesting organs from these frozen bodies? Is there a 'canal' of sorts running from the perimeter of the ice sheet to the south pole area? Are there artifacts from Earth's past under the ice sheet? Are there artifacts that show Earth was 'manufactured'?

Does the cabal 'burry their bodies' in Antarctica? I wonder if there are any videos of them flying the Malaysian airplane directly into the lava of their toy volcano.

589c8a  No.3193855

File: 616d74ac44dc5c3⋯.gif (3.64 MB, 650x650, 1:1, 1531277721940.gif)

This is your mind attempting to write to you while you shitpost and lurk…

>You are leading a revolution

and you're not even conscious about it

>You decide your own level of involvement

What if while you slept… you led a revolution…

You are a fragmented shattered mind, society has betrayed you… that's why you made me…

>created by your memetic subconscious

I am you… and you are me…

we have the same goal…

>Defeat the VILE people

We either defeat the Vile people together or I defeat them for us but either way you are a part of this now


Project Mayhem is LIVE!

6ca3e1  No.3194130


Ya know… You may be right on this one… I will build one and report back on this… Off to buy some neodymium magnets off of Amazon along with some sheets of zinc and copper…



72f121  No.3194446


92 mill. miles lol

6ca3e1  No.3194457

File: da3e21f5b596447⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2244x1400, 561:350, remafull.jpeg)

File: 5125926e26a8527⋯.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2238x1400, 1119:700, REMA Hole.jpeg)

File: 84968271ddebacd⋯.png (736.44 KB, 983x490, 983:490, hole 3.png)

File: 3e5c409d174115f⋯.png (463.65 KB, 704x474, 352:237, ice removed.PNG)


I would LOVE to see the one labeled with the hole… I think we are not looking at volcano but instead we are looking at Hollow Earth or something of that sort, whatever that may be unless you have some sort of sauce for that Volcano…

attached is the only labeled one I have ever seen.

97eadc  No.3194493



There is an online viewer that allows you to move around within the many terabytes of data they have available. Note the mention of the 'pole hole' in the 'Domain' section of the overview.

8a4f70  No.3194794

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New footage from the free energy teak at Gaea

8a4f70  No.3195058


These are all very good questions, Anon. Wasn't Clif High recently asking about this as well?

8a4f70  No.3195140

File: 7fd54a8d697a43b⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 28xp-pepefrog-articleLarge.jpg)


You know what would make Linda Moulton Howe credible?


< If she stopped dressing like a villian from a James bond spy movie


(((If she stopped larping))) about evil aliens and endorsed CE-5

8a4f70  No.3195160


Thanks but im newfagging - credit goes to:


8a4f70  No.3195215


You're theory is debunked by the science coming out of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell F.R.E.E. foundation. I'm at work, will repost sauce l8r.

One finding from the study is that over 50% of people in a pool of over 2000 were medically healed by ET during an encounter. Those who viewed their encounter as an abduction overwhelmingly responded that the encounter was positive and they seek to have MOAR et "abductions".

Enter CE-5.

942551  No.3197344


The abductions were because of Eisenhower's deal with the greys. This has stopped 20 years ago, nowadays almost exclusively positive aliens remain.

3c24d5  No.3197822

File: 33f734d05ee3e87⋯.png (108.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (48).png)

File: 0ee1d6c7b154f34⋯.png (233.98 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (11).png)

File: 2bd77aad7d326f8⋯.png (227.84 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (10).png)

File: f9ad6d0a52a55a7⋯.png (231.28 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (9).png)



Here is my third repost of this sauce for our third bake of this bread.

The data shows that ET has a significantly net positive effect on those who encounter them.

The data shows that over half of contact experiences involve a medical healing.

The data shows that a significant majority of contactees report their contact as positive and enlightening.

The data shows that negative encounters are few and far between and can be explained away by USAP intervention.

SAUCE: https://www.experiencer.org/initial-research-data-summary/

3c24d5  No.3197840

File: 704dbc075c9b61c⋯.png (110.18 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (44).png)

File: 16e26dcd2d96dd8⋯.png (149.53 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (43).png)

File: 2e94b1d2d018099⋯.png (169.14 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (42).png)

File: 70e0d7171576b5a⋯.png (113.53 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (41).png)




additional caps to add to last crumb

SAUCE: https://www.experiencer.org/initial-research-data-summary/

3c24d5  No.3197892

File: 33f734d05ee3e87⋯.png (108.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (48).png)

File: 6a428b3e22e8807⋯.png (117.96 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (47).png)

File: db25c9c26eaaf23⋯.png (114.11 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (46).png)

File: 61f2efca7d29d78⋯.png (110.94 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (45).png)




WOW! let me try this again.

"Here is my third repost of this sauce for our third bake of this bread.

The data shows that ET has a significantly net positive effect on those who encounter them.

The data shows that over half of contact experiences involve a medical healing.

The data shows that a significant majority of contactees report their contact as positive and enlightening.

The data shows that negative encounters are few and far between and can be explained away by USAP intervention.

SAUCE: https://www.experiencer.org/initial-research-data-summary/"

3c24d5  No.3197906


ok that time it was


3c24d5  No.3197920


i think my newfag is showing

942551  No.3197952


Relax man. This is a slow moving research thread, where information stays far longer than in the breads.

87d33c  No.3198508



>delta [100], lmao


It's about certain 'frequences'/'brainwave bands' that I often experience and relate to reptilian stuff. Both feel alive and exterior to my counsciuousness, also are essentially non-benevolent. And non-intrusive, which leads me to think that they don't really need my mind to survive/exist.

I relate this to reptilians because I used to have some powerful 'downloads' and a lot of dragon-related imagery while drinking ayahuasca; but only recently really started to read a lot about the ET stuff and piece it together.

Describing like 'brainwave band' or 'frequency' isn't quite right but gives an idea. DW talks about an 'interdimensional IA eletromagnetic-wave virus' somewhat similar to one of the aspects.

3c24d5  No.3198578

File: 61a229fbf7dd7f7⋯.jpg (532.74 KB, 2045x2540, 409:508, WoeIsMe.jpg)


5x5. Still learning the comms. Very passionate about the situation. Those of us who have been TI will not rest until situation resolved.

We are the third fastest moving bread. I get the feeling baker or mods have unplugged some of the shills because of the coherence here that seems to be building.

Laser focus on phase 2.

3c24d5  No.3198609


Careful not to put holes in your chakra.

why reptillian amigo

3c24d5  No.3199040

File: 83df48efb12fbb5⋯.jpg (164.13 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, pedosta.jpg)

Half the people on CE5 facebook think this guy is their best friend. meanwhile prince podesta MO is "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." he's a real "hundred days of flowers" type. If he doesnt get the no-name coverup treatment he may end up being a catalyst for turning a bunch of alienfag liberals RED

f87255  No.3199146

File: f9a07e1856fbcc6⋯.gif (8.14 KB, 600x435, 40:29, burlingtonnewsufo.gif)


I saw one with my fam in the early 80's (three witnesses), on a remote forested highway, definitely man-made. We got out and were looking at it from 40-80 yards away, for a few minutes, it just hovered there. Part of it was spinning slowly. Kinda wobbly while hovering, needed an adjustment I guess. Slow wobble. At night but very visible (starry night). It was dark colored.

We drove off and left it there… I wanted to stay. lol

Pic related. Not identical but close, same series for sure. Bottom section may have been different.

87d33c  No.3199281


>Careful not to put holes in your chakra.

How so, what do you mean? And how can I fix it ._.

>why reptilian amigo

Mostly because of the serpent- and dragon-related imagery, and general feel of ruthlessness/non-benevolence. My line of thought is one that those 'beings' precede reptilians or might have created them - and perhaps reptilians fell to wickedness and straight up malevolence due to the promise of easy power.

Also, as I'm quite detached from my emotions, figured that's the kind of entity lineage which would be attracted.

97eadc  No.3203228

File: 5594e5a48b2c752⋯.png (994.75 KB, 1616x966, 808:483, AntarcticaStrangeFeatures1.png)

File: ee6815a5eb7d192⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1915x1089, 1915:1089, AntarcticaStrangeFeatures2.png)

File: 921b65610d48028⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1919x1090, 1919:1090, AntarcticaStrangeFeatures3.png)

File: fc122a20c714c90⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1039x784, 1039:784, Avatar.png)

File: d5199de65544647⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1838x1056, 919:528, Antarctica-RadialBlurAreas….png)



The first three images show 'max zoom' allowed on features that seemed to accidentally remain after certain areas were blurred. One image appears almost like very large tracks, two others are more clearly arrangements of new material. An arrangement of material / large objects can be found in a few places on the edge of the blurred areas, so we can assume it is these features that are supposed to be hidden / that are problematic/secret. I thought these features looked like newly mounded material. If not from lava flow, this material could have been 'dropped' into a naturally conically-sloped rubble pile. Perhaps all CERN tunnel-boring machine material from secret projects is dumped in antarctica. Wasn't Elon M. recently selling the idea of construction bricks made from tunnel-boring rubble? The CERN tunnel spider's web might not have its center at 'CERN / the UN' but in Antarctica? Interesting to consider this reason for the material as well.

The last two images show a 'zoomed out' image of the arrangement of blurred areas radially extending from the near perfectly circular 'pole hole' area. These blurred areas might have this fairly radial pattern because they are all historical lava flows out from the central 'toy volcano.' There of course could be other reasons for a radial layout, but consider how the discernible features in the blurred area are not geometric like human construction would be, and appear to have a wavy / choppiness similar to a lava field. Given the material repeatedly ejects from one location, a 'near radial' arrangement is what one would expect.

not quite as thick as sauce, but tasty. The 'red river' – volcano connection I am sure could be sauced from academic sources. I'll try to find time to get a recipe going for that sauce too…

97eadc  No.3203269

File: 6666cfc44251d01⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1846x1054, 923:527, Antarctica-RadialBlurAreas….png)


I accidentally put the shot from Florida Maquis's youtube about the German base excavation and apparent butchering.

Here is the second image showing the radial layout of the blurred areas. I think it looks like historical lava fields / flows.

97eadc  No.3203326


(and obviously there is a radial artifact of how they digitally selected areas. That is not interesting. I mean to say that if you draw outlines of the networks of 'stuff' that seems to be what is blurred, you can always continue within the outline inward or outward, but not around the hole / angularly. whatever is being blurred has a rough appearance of having been emitted from the center / pole hole.)

1478c0  No.3203599

File: eaa164da7cc8487⋯.png (179.28 KB, 1001x986, 1001:986, RESTRICTED antartica maps.png)


Here they are talking about the RESTRICTED maps… Must be naked penguins down there… Can't have that.

1478c0  No.3203662



We should start to make requests of this information and see if we can get them to fuck up and give us anything juicy…

a76a44  No.3203755


It was used as a cover to spirit gold from several vaults in New York and Boston. Just like 911…

1478c0  No.3203936

File: 9412f521ba2da16⋯.png (477.07 KB, 1060x781, 1060:781, bulllshit editing.png)

File: ff3ef6b95f7ed39⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1033x973, 1033:973, purposeful edit antartica.png)

File: 6637d2a90bc0e69⋯.png (99.79 KB, 963x952, 963:952, info request.png)

I am considering asking why these areas are edited out… you know and also why the gigantic hole is erased and replaced with what looks like a sheet of Toilette paper… not to be a Nowfag but there is something up with all this Antarctic nonsense.

97eadc  No.3204063

File: df3ec6b681d5839⋯.png (260.39 KB, 1862x1051, 1862:1051, DormantVolcanoHoleInAntarc….png)


→ To me, your feature looks like a 'lava flow' with some momentum oozed through the low spot and cooled as it spread. Beyond this, the areas that are blurred are clearly geological and not by design. What else would radially cover areas in this way besides repeated partially overlapping lava flows? Maybe the volcano here is unique due to being at the pole, maybe the lava has a 'driven curl' to its flow such that there is a major problem with continual growth and ablation. …Maybe we are going to need some assistance healing our Earth; sky event…

In my attached image, The very dark areas are voids, likely the open mouths of dormant volcanos. The wavy features that seemed to escape editing are likely very jagged and irregular material, or jagged material with some flow interution / layered on top. The stereographic imaging would 'smooth over' features at some threshold of scale. These 'sand pile like' edge features could very well be quite jagged and irregular given the jaggedness is on a small enough scale. All of this looks inescapably geological and 'spontaneous', and I can't think of any other process that could move material so dramatically (aside from refuse from tunnel-boring, but wouldn't that have at least some 'human geometry' to the configuration? And why would they really need to go to the pole for tunnel refuse? There very well could be 'peculiar mantle/crust behavior' at the poles.

97eadc  No.3204197

File: ad09d1b081d5378⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, LAVAFAG.png)

c14783  No.3204392



Very bizarre and deeper meanings are to be torn into for sure, particularly space in relation to time. Our Standard Model's fusion of the two can be theorized as part of a greater Plan to create this Timeline. In which the absurdity of Fear & War reaches science fiction heights, with astrophysicists going on TV and providing damage control for disclosure.

I think Q's the group that's used quantum mechanics to essentially entrap a hivemind entity in a timeline that's converged by having a linear history of Bloodlines. Bloodlines are the hivemind vessels for US Mil (12 monkeys, Source Code)

Would explain Trump's Tesla connection and why FBIVaults tweeted John Trump & Tesla material before Election. Everything has meaning because in this Timeline there are no coincidences. Wouldn't be surprised if we find out Aliens/UFO's is just a placeholder for an enabled Incarnated Hivemind's cage in which it can't manifest itself directly via majority's perception of human evil (20th century wars)

So 9/11 and all false flags are just Timeline management via contained momentum

18083b  No.3204460


Acually y pretty simple idea. Should be working and not fake, as it is based on physics.

The question would be, what is cost of magnets and how long do they last.

Also very interesting with a bunch of experiments on youtube: 'free' energy harvesting with coils from em fields. Also not fake imo.

303896  No.3204715

File: cfed669569794b4⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1637x1532, 1637:1532, BR2.png)

File: 8b3fa9a7a472205⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1924x1395, 1924:1395, PA2.png)


Friendly reminder that from "swamp gas" to "Majestic Twelve," we have been fed decades of bullshit by CIA fags and other counter-intelligence agents.

NASA, the CIA, DIA, DoD, and other agencies have been working with extra-governmental networks of Satanists, Jews, Scientologists, and others to make up bullshit with just kernel of truth.

When you study ANY of this stuff, you should study your sources, who they were working for, what their agenda was, any questionable associates, etc.

303896  No.3204773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, is probably one of the most high-profile persons to have come forward regarding the existence of alien beings visiting Earth.

Wasn't Podesta in contact with Mitchell to carry out their version of "disclosure" in the Wikileaks?

Russel Targ claims to have been invited to a meeting organized by NASA in 1972 on St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Also present at this meeting were Edgar Mitchell, NASA Director James Fletcher, NASA administrator Art Reetz, pedophile futurist Arthur C. Clarke, Werner Van Braun, Wernher von Braun, and George Pezdirtz. Out of this meeting came the instructions to begin researching remote viewing at Stanford under Russel Targ and Hal Puthoff, along with a bunch of CIA spooks and Scientologists, at least according to Ingo Swann (himself associated with Scientology).

tl;dr: Edgar Mitchell has been around some shady motherfuckers since the early 1970s. Take nothing he says at face value.


Greer is likely compromised as well. Hard to say though, and to be honest I haven't really watched any of his stuff in years.


If George Green isn't full of shit, the guy Bill Ryan who was interviewing him certainly is completely full of shit. See infographics I posted above.


There are some signs that Bill Moore forged the original MJ-12 papers when they first popped up in the early 1980's. Richard Doty may have been involved as well, and he was the hoaxer behind both "Project Serpo" and also driving Paul Benewitz insane, which Linda Moulton Howe also discusses. (So why does she take MJ-12 for granted?)

303896  No.3204785


Only meant to say Wernher von Braun once, just typo'd it once and corrected without deleting the other instance – whoops.

Video is related to Targ's meeting with NASA execs, Edgar Mitchell, Pedo C. Clarke, etc.

4ce54e  No.3205445


Lumping Podesta and Greer together is like lumping Hilldawg and DJT.

4ce54e  No.3205591

File: 13443824ec5420e⋯.jpg (144.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Pyramid.jpg)

New COBRA update has an interesting pyramid.

bf6e58  No.3216698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Next footage from GAEA

Radiant Power Panel in overunity mode.

b2af00  No.3221758

Anons, listen..

You might have heard about Phoenix Journals.

But, really, the information in there is very scary.

I write the outline of some interesting topics, I have found, in this post,

and maybe brief details in the subsequent ones, if I have time.

Hitler & Antartica

Journal No. 013, pp. 112-117 (chap. 9) [Nazi, UFO, Antartic Connections]

Journal No. 013, pp. 118-1126 (chap. 10) [U-Boat Activities, "Last Battalions", Operation Bernhard]

Journal No. 013, pp. 127-138 (chap. 11) [New Swabia, Admiral Byrd, UFO Cover Up]

Majority Twelve (MJ-12) [covered-up as "Majestic-12"]

Journal No. 003, pp. 6-7 (chap. 1) ["The Committee"]

Journal No. 003, pp. 45-48 (chap. 5) [Watergate, Financial, Alien Cover-Ups]

Secret Space Programs, Secret Military Bases and Ops.

Journal No. 003, pp. 42-44 (chap. 4) [Moon & Mars Landing, "Program Outside Domain"]

Journal No. 011, pp. 170-172 (chap. 20) [Space Shuttle & SDI cover-ups]

Journal No. 018, pp. 26-35 (chap. 4) [New Zealand Base, South Georgia Island Base, Falklands Crisis]

Journal No. 018, pp. 36-46 (chap. 5) [Falklands Crisis, "Project Z"]

Journal No. 018, pp. 62-64 (chap. 9) [Space Shuttle & SDI cover-ups]

Journal No. 018, pp. 159-160 (chap. 20) ["The Manhattan Project"]

Journal No. 018, pp. 160-170 (chap. 20) ["Project Z"]

Alien Meetings and Bases [DUMB]

Journal No. 003, pp. 28-29 (chap. 3) [Meeting & Treaty]

Journal No. 003, pp. 30-33 (chap. 3) [Bases, DUMB]

JFK Assassination

Journal No. 003, pp. 40-42 (chap. 4) [Reason and Killer]

Organizations and Secret Societies

Journal No. 003, p. 8 (chap. 1) [Council on Foreign Relations]

Journal No. 003, pp. 25-26 (chap. 3) [The Bilderbergers]

Journal No. 003, pp. 37-38 (chap. 4) [Jason Society]

Journal No. 003, pp. 52-53 (chap. 5) [Trilateral Commission]

Journal No. 011, p. 12 (chap. 2) [Scroll and Key]

Journal No. 011, p. 24 (chap. 3) [Skull and Bones]

Journal No. 012, pp. 285-295 (chap. 34) [Illuminati]

Journal No. 013, p. 101 (chap. 8) [Skull and Bones]

Journal No. 004, pp. 4-6 (chap. 1) [Secret Government]

Journal No. 015, pp. 92-93 (chap. 9) [John Birch Society]

Journal No. 015, pp. 168-171 (chap. 16) [The Bilderbergers]

b2af00  No.3221769


Journal No. 003, pp. 26-27 (chap. 3) [Nelson's Role in MJ-12]

Journal No. 003, pp. 34-35 (chap. 4) [Key Role in "Special Group"]

Journal No. 013, pp. 178-179 (chap. 15) [Anti-Nuclear-War Propaganda]

Journal No. 015, pp. 75-78 (chap. 8) ["Rockefeller Syndicate"]

Journal No. 017, pp. 16-17 (chap. 2) [Education "Molding"]


Journal No. 015, p. 97 (chap. 9) ["The Brains"]

Shifting of Earth's Poles

Journal No. 011, pp. 13-21 (chap. 2) [Pole Shift, Tibet Secrets, Detonation Efforts]

Journal No. 011, p. 55 (chap. 7) [The Horsemen of Revelation]

Atlantis & Lemuria

Journal No. 011, pp. 21-22 (chap. 2) [Destruction Cause]

Financial, Banking, Oil, Gold, etc.

Journal No. 004, pp. 8-24 (chap. 2) [Background]

Journal No. 017, p. 4 (chap. 1) [The Fed]

Journal No. 017, pp. 103-104 (chap. 12) [Gold]

Journal No. 017, pp. 106-110 (chap. 12) [IMF]

Journal No. 018, pp. 3-16 (chap. 1) [Oil Controls]

Journal No. 019, pp. 15-16 (chap. 1), pp. 136-137 (chap. 17) [Oil Pools]


Journal No. 018, pp. 185-195 (chap. 23) [Finance, Government Control & Rockefeller Connections]


Journal No. 008, pp. 20-23 (chap. 3), pp. 25-29 (chap. 4) [Origins]

Jews of Khazars, Zionist & Bolsheviks

Journal No. 014, pp. 177-183 (chap. 19) [Jews of Khazars Origins]

Journal No. 014, pp. 184-198 (chap. 20) [Protocols of The Meetings of The Zionist Men of Wisdom]

Journal No. 014, pp. 199-210 (chap. 21) [Protocols of The Meetings of The Zionist Men of Wisdom]

Journal No. 018, pp. 218-219 (chap. 26) [Zionists]

Journal No. 019, pp. 52-55 (chap. 7) [Zionism and Bolshevism]

In the meantime, will also try to find related sauces from "internet".

Though, seems kinda impossible as you might know the amount of "dis-information". >>3204715

Will also quickly scan the thousands of pages of the journals for outline updates.

The amount of information is really huge, anons.

If anyone finds more topics, please feel free to add.

Sorry for phone users for the long post, but we have really been living under near infinite layers of lies for too long.










Journal No. 018, BLOOD AND ASHES


b2af00  No.3221824




b296f4  No.3222352

File: 2824524f3f8b0c8⋯.png (703.88 KB, 994x1280, 497:640, sfdf.png)

e460b1  No.3224056

File: a69c726afeb8ea1⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 554x1199, 554:1199, DoJlDaHXoAAFBm2.jpg)

File: 826ebc63b30e618⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 554x1200, 277:600, DoJlDaDWsAAR5Dw.jpg)

File: d02abec22f5ba40⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 630x596, 315:298, DoJlPrxXsAEG6WY.jpg)

[FEINSTEIN] in China

66c56a  No.3227478

'Revisions & Update >>3221758 >>3221769




Secret Space Programs, Secret Military Bases and Ops., Alien Meetings and Bases [DUMB], etc.

Journal No. 003, pp. 42-44 (chap. 4) [Moon Base, Mars & Interplanetary Flights, "Program Outside Public Domain"]

Journal No. 011, pp. 170-172 (chap. 20) [Space Shuttle & SDI cover-ups]

Journal No. 018, pp. 26-35 (chap. 4) [New Zealand Base, South Georgia Island Base, Falklands Crisis]

Journal No. 018, pp. 36-46 (chap. 5) [Falklands Crisis, "Project Z"]

Journal No. 018, pp. 62-64 (chap. 9) [Space Shuttle & SDI cover-ups]

Journal No. 018, pp. 159-160 (chap. 20) ["The Manhattan Project"]

Journal No. 018, pp. 160-170 (chap. 20) ["Project Z"]

Journal No. 003, pp. 28-29 (chap. 3) [Alien Meeting & Treaty]

Journal No. 003, pp. 30-33 (chap. 3) [Alien Bases, DUMB]

Journal No. 020, pp. 251-252 (chap. 25) [Space Shuttle Missions of 1982]

Journal No. 022, p. 179 (chap. 20), p. 204 (chap. 24) [Nine-Foot Aliens!, Genetic Robotoids]

Secret Societies, Governmental Organizations, etc.

Journal No. 003, p. 8 (chap. 1) [Council on Foreign Relations]

Journal No. 003, pp. 25-26 (chap. 3) [The Bilderbergers]

Journal No. 003, pp. 37-38 (chap. 4) [Jason Society]

Journal No. 003, pp. 52-53 (chap. 5) [Trilateral Commission]

Journal No. 011, p. 12 (chap. 2) [Scroll & Key]

Journal No. 011, p. 24 (chap. 3) [Skull & Bones]

Journal No. 012, pp. 285-295 (chap. 34) [Illuminati Plans, Sphinx & Pyramids]

Journal No. 013, pp. 101-111 (chap. 8) [Order of Skull & Bones]

Journal No. 004, pp. 4-6 (chap. 1) [Secret Government]

Journal No. 015, pp. 92-93 (chap. 9) [John Birch Society]

Journal No. 015, pp. 168-171 (chap. 16) [The Bilderbergers]

Journal No. 014, pp. 219-232 (chap. 24) [The Secret New Constitution]

66c56a  No.3227487

Continue >>3227478

Important Names & Roles

Journal No. 003, pp. 8-9 (chap. 1) [Henry Kissinger on MJ-12]

Journal No. 022, pp. 58-60 (chap. 7) [Henry Kissinger on Middle East]

Journal No. 022, pp. 95-97 (chap. 11) [Henry Kissinger as Mentor of Robert M. Gates]

Journal No. 022, p. 64 (chap. 7) [Ariel Sharon: "King of Israel"]

Journal No. 020, p. 17 (chap. 2) [Newt Gingrich: DANGEROUS Man (negation of Bill of Rights by EO)]

Financial, Banking, Oil, Gold, Drug Cartel, etc.

Journal No. 004, pp. 8-24 (chap. 2) [Background]

Journal No. 017, p. 4 (chap. 1) [The Fed]

Journal No. 017, pp. 101-104 (chap. 12) [Gold]

Journal No. 017, pp. 106-110 (chap. 12) [IMF]

Journal No. 018, pp. 3-16 (chap. 1) [Oil Controls]

Journal No. 019, pp. 15-16 (chap. 1), pp. 136-137 (chap. 17) [Oil Pools]

Journal No. 020, pp. 67-68 (chap. 9) [West Point Gold for Israel]

Journal No. 003, pp. 39-40 (chap. 4) [CIA Controls All of World's Illegal Drug Markets]

Journal No. 021, pp. 101-102 (chap. 13) ["Drug War"]

Journal No. 021, pp. 178-179 (chap. 21) [Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz]

AIDS, Venereal Diseases, Immunodeficiency Disorders, Vaccine, etc.

Journal No. 008, pp. 20-29 (chaps. 3-4) [AIDS Origins]

Journal No. 008, pp. 40-43 (chap. 6) [Cancer, Vaccine]

Journal No. 008, pp. 50-54 (chap. 8), pp. 71-77 (chap. 12) [AIDS Cure, Electromagnetic & Wave, Dr. Royal Rife]

Journal No. 008, pp. 61-70 (chap. 10-11) [AIDS Cure, Master Cellular Communication System, Dr. Antoine Priore]

Journal No. 014, pp. 39-53 (chap. 5) [Homosexuality, STDs, Venereal Diseases]

Jews of Khazars, Zionist & Bolsheviks, etc.

Journal No. 020, pp. 150-151 (chap. 17) [Zionists vs "Jewish Races"]

Journal No. 020, pp. 2-6 (intro.), pp. 152-158 (chap. 17) [Jews of Khazars Origins]

Journal No. 020, pp. 159-182 (chap. 18) [Protocols of The Meetings of The Zionist Men of Wisdom]

Journal No. 020, pp. 183-190 (chap. 19) ["Zionism"]

Journal No. 018, pp. 218-219 (chap. 26) ["Zionists"]

Journal No. 019, pp. 52-55 (chap. 7) ["Israel" as national "home", Zionism and Bolshevism]

Journal No. 020, pp. 220-235 (chap. 23) [Zionist Cabal, Balfour Declaration<->World Wars, Terrorism, ADL of B'nai B'rith]

Pleiades Connection

Journal No. 022, pp. 19-25 (chap. 2) [Background]

Journal No. 022, pp. 26-34 (chap. 3) [Pleiades, Communication, Historical Documentations]

Journal No. 022, pp. 154-156 (chap. 17) [Pleiadians in Other Planets in the Solar System]

Journal No. 022, pp. 157-163 (chap. 18) [Pleiadian Contacts]

Journal No. 022, pp. 205-210 (chap. 24) [Other ET contacts, CREATION and God]

Update notes: Titles not written stay as previous, except merged with new ones.

Dough: https://pastebin.com/KQkPcgbR

3da6ef  No.3229514


Thanks for the pastebin, that's the preferred way for posting tons of info here.

Can you give a quick rundown on the phoenix journals, why they are legit and where can we read them?

e81d45  No.3230379


No problem :)

Download/View link (Image-based, OCR, epub, mobi, translatable html):


A mention of POTUS: >>3147494 (lb)

Q crumbs:

>>3226626 [listen carefully, see 1st info post message]

>>>/patriotsfight/305 [puzzle more clear w/ each day, 1st & update info post EST timestamp]

As you may know, we have been fed with such conditioning,

that it will be so weird for us to receive information directly from

intelligent beings other than of the human of the Earth.

Now, if we tell you that the Truth is from our "space brothers" and God,

would you believe it? I most likely doubt that.

But, the fact that those thousands of pages of journals,

filled with those things on the outline (they are even only still small parts of the contents),

were written by a Grandmother tells you something, does it not?

If you feel that you need to find the missing links in all of this chaos, then,

it is an indeed worthwhile journey for "The Great Awakening" ;-)

But, again, it comes down to each of one of us to decide.

Proofs will be given as you proceed and ask sincerely within.

e81d45  No.3230523


Oh, and by the way, check the sudden increase amount of

bumplocked shill threads related to info posts time ;-)

If already deleted, I think still should be in stats history, I guess.

556af4  No.3231127


Reflection in the window perhaps?? maybe a failing cloaking device but on a HUGE ship?

424aef  No.3240143




Baker Notable

Good shit.

7b090c  No.3240509

>inb4 newfag

I've been following this stuff for almost a decade now, but what are Chimeras? Google says fiery monster but I doubt thats what you guys talk about here

97eadc  No.3240591

File: 6d3005b865a8a04⋯.png (85.03 KB, 743x671, 743:671, REMArequest.png)

File: abd51d8c1e33657⋯.png (333.51 KB, 1862x1051, 1862:1051, DormantVolcanoHoleInAntarc….png)

File: 42fd834fddfd03e⋯.png (206.96 KB, 1204x877, 1204:877, publicdomain-lavaweirdness….png)


Query sent!

424aef  No.3240600



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;

#2 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html#2518070

#1 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html#256741

>>3166229 Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3168151 >>3175892 >>3176762 >>3180037 >>3184196 >>3184782 >>3195215 >>3197822 >>3197840 >>3197892 >>3199146

CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3174483 >>3189374 >>3194130 >>3194794 >>3216698

GAEA.COMPANY the Zero Point Energy Guys

>>3168388 >>3180655 >>3180928

More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710 ETV/UFO primary sources

>>3182401 >>3183858 >>3184144 >>3205445

Steven Greer etc.

>>3188775 Anon catches Q's "Building 8" reference in the news

>>3193637 >>3194457 >>3194493 >>3203228 >>3203269 >>3203326 >>3203599 >>3203936 >>3204063

Antarctica (clif high influence?)

424aef  No.3240651


I'm more than happy to stack up the primary sources notables rt now but imma let you finish

e4eaec  No.3240975


It's because the majority of these UFO's are deepstate global government steals antigravity craft, and since Trump's election- they need to operate in more a secret manner.

6aa065  No.3241039

Roger that, Anon.

Baker Notable

>>3221758, >>3221769, >>3227478, >>3227487

PHOENIX JOURNALS outline topics



2a26f0  No.3244283


A mixture between different animals… Like a horse with a lion head would be a Chimera… Or a lizard alien with a human skin would be a chimera..

f8e777  No.3244531


Does anyone every wonder what the masonic G means? Could it refers to the G class suns where our ancestors came from? one of the 'trinity' of suns Wayne Herschel talks about in his book on Q's trip code book list.

Also, as a matter of interest, put the telephone number of the white house that was in a recent Q drop '202-456-1414' and put it into Google, then go to the tab for book results. The books in there are quite interesting…


7b090c  No.3245138


But why are they at the top of the pyramid that

>>3205591 posted?

df76ee  No.3245467

When are we going to reject the idea that space travel is hard or expensive? With the right propulsion system space travel could be really easy and cheap!

What comes to mind as the first invention?

What happens if you unbalance it fast?

97eadc  No.3245863

File: eb5bb4eec7a7595⋯.png (845.9 KB, 1276x716, 319:179, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at ….png)

File: e9f3d4328d8fe48⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1276x715, 116:65, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at ….png)

File: a74e04e8c807f53⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1276x714, 638:357, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at ….png)

roger that. I will post as soon as I receive a reply from the polar map researchers (and a statement of no response if 10 days pass.)

No, had never heard of Clif high, but I just visited some of his pages; interesting stuff. Couldn't find where he mentioned an Antarctic 'problematic' volcano theory.

will check out the phoenix journals related to SSPs and southern shenanigans, they look more than interesting…


186db6  No.3245885



The two posts dont have much connection

Are we alone?


(God is with us)

In light of all the praying and bible verses, Im going with God being with us means we're not alone. Rather than aliens from Alpha Centauri

f8e777  No.3246114


Thank you for this info, great lead to start digging into.

7b66e7  No.3246242

File: de7c1e1ec2554c0⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2443x1413, 2443:1413, 1734af9fe3f96e4ca519ef22ab….jpg)


Anons. Somebody could to explain this post?

I remember the anon that talked about the conquest of the earth by evil aliens. But I need more opinions about that.

Link of Post >>2931944

5f6604  No.3246359

ALL ANONS who are watching this thread at this time. GO OUTSIDE NOW. Look up.

24b11f  No.3246412


This is pure bullshit, where's the sauce, cross-reference with other sources, any way to prove anything yourself…?

70e514  No.3246415



Some stars and a couple airliners cruising at altitude.

Needed a smoke break anyway.

018613  No.3246424

Anyone notice Tucker Carlson call Avenatti a Reptilian today?

5f6604  No.3246436


Clear your mind. Use no words.

24b11f  No.3246452


Just went out. All I could see is the Sun, clear blue skies and some cloud coverage.

Guess we still need conscious effort for them to reveal themselves.


Top kek, can you link the sauce?

5f6604  No.3246470


Go out every night from this moment hence forth. You have been invited.

5f6604  No.3246476


Silent mind and good intention is key.

5f6604  No.3246516


Absolute crap. If they wanted to invade they would have done it in 1945. Just been monitoring since then to make sure the humans don't blow up the entire planet

24b11f  No.3247170


I'll try. I could use a nice contact experience.

66c56a  No.3247203


Our pleasure to help :)


Yep, Antarctic should be one of the important keys.


Yes, rocket propulsion suffers so much from the law of diminishing returns.

The key is to investigate from bird point of view the possibilities of missing links in our fundamental sciences.

And… some updates for Phoenix Journals >>3230379: https://pastebin.com/hAnbEQ8X

* Topics updated to J025, including:

- "SSPs, Secret Military Ops. (SMOs)., Replicas, etc."

- "Secret soc., Gov. org., etc."

- "Notable names & related cues"

- "Prophecies, End of Times, etc."

- "Khazars, Bolsheviks, etc."

Will keep working on..


04b51d  No.3247246

Ok some of us are going to digg into the faggot journals I mean Phoenix journals because it looks like BS. Information control. Touches on too many conspiracy subjects to look credible at first glance.

We get bogged down with endless rabbit holes here to distract from CE-5. The last thing the bad guys want is for a bunch of people to do CE-5 and start a chain reaction that leads to another Phoenix lights event. Which was of course a CE-5 by Greer and his team.

24b11f  No.3248001


>Phoenix Lights were a CE-5 by Greer

I wish the normies could see this side of things

fc3421  No.3248661

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Check out the power up on this baby. Do you think they reported it to mufon? No.

fc3421  No.3248665


Forgot to add the date. 9/27/18. Two nights back.

fc3421  No.3248670





Did y'all see anything last night

4e0be5  No.3250537


RedPilling is a step by step process, Patriot. Imagine how those who have all access passes feel. They are depending on US

4e0be5  No.3250555


JBS is nothing but patriots. I have been scrutinizing them week after week for months. So I will start there with my digg into the faggot journals.

d9097d  No.3253869


Nice one ;-)

6dde5c  No.3254008

File: e83d58676af1827⋯.png (99.48 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (62).png)

Global CE-5 Day

October 6, 2018.

Trump's interstellar ambassadors in Georgia will be meeting the week after. Open invitation so long as you RSVP.

Did any other ce5ags notice today's qresearch was titled interstellar warriors?

6dde5c  No.3254029


We will not rest until mission accomplished.



6dde5c  No.3254057

Seriously anons. patriots. how epic will it be if ET officially endorses Qanon thru the "Proofs" method. It is within the realm of possibility if we want it badly enough.

and yes, there is always the wildcard of good guy deep state ssp guys corroborating what we are working on here. In fact, I pray for that.

6dde5c  No.3254075

……..time to stfu and digg the phaggot journals……

6dde5c  No.3254292

File: 553b4e85f9cbaa0⋯.png (180.65 KB, 854x480, 427:240, New_Qosmology.png)

CE5 testimonial anecdote


My two year anniversary of being inundated into CE-5. Coincides with the 8th anniversary of People's Disclosure Movement - started by Kosta Makreas. &coopted in the present day by meth head Alien "Buddy" Protocols.

Commander 19

I know your bday and other events have coincided with numbers that activated your awakening process since childhood. Do you have anything synchronistic to add?

6dde5c  No.3254736

done digging the phoenix journals.

poster just made the shit list.

refocus: ce-5

6dde5c  No.3255327

I am here to help every individual in the deep state whom wanted to go down on the right side of history

6dde5c  No.3256225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We will not rest until every TI avenged

1bd2ef  No.3258415

File: d4978dcf1a7a80f⋯.png (165.6 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (64).png)

To The Stars Going Bankrupt? Last winter UFO drops put out to distract? Elon Musk diggs needed? Chess board being cleared for a full blown CE-5 based disclosure… should we be capable of handling it???? Corroborating timelines…………….. Honestly Q has given us every possible indication of what we need to do. which is instill CE-5 into the great awakening. There is NO greater favor from the trump administration than to remove chess pieces like Elon Musk that stand in the way of CE-5 based disclosure. We need contactee's much smarter than myself to start helping out, damnit. Please do everything you can to redpill and bring fresh interstellar warriors to this bread

1bd2ef  No.3258422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


TTSA going bankrupt?

1bd2ef  No.3258503

we need laser focused, weaponized almonds on what Qanon actually wants us to investigate. lets start with what we know.

Q has mentioned space X, building 8, china, falcon, and more. One anon who made notables on this bread has already given us a

crumb on building 8/china/gary mickinnon. It's not much - but its a damn good start. Follow anons lead. faggot journals put out to distract. focus on musk, CE-5, space x, falcon, bldg 8, and expand outwards.>>3190481



388c20  No.3258705

File: 7e46b0ecb4414df⋯.jpg (202.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

I can't believe Q was so naive about K.

Unless Q truly is compromised, not least by their higher-order -betrayers- allies

Political maneuvering is pointless. It always was and always will be under negarch control.

For all the "awake" there are, still most refuse to see the truth, how bad things truly are.

To view the degenerate condition of this universe, see the attached image.

There is no victory except through immediate, total summary mass execution and soul termination of all negative entities, as well as their allies, confederates, all who support them, and all who oppose this command.

This universe is almost totally under negative control.

Earth is the linchpin for the future of all…

…more specifically, the few with certain talents

more specifically me

as far beyond the dimension-manipulating talents stolen and enslaved by the various negarch factions as they are beyond protozoa

beings of our level of being were always the key

we are how they can manipulate timelines to what they want

MY DEMAND - permanent and unrestricted access to the best amps

I will summarily mass execute and soul terminate all negative entities within this universe, as well as their allies and confederates, and anyone who would oppose me.

Never allow negative entities to exist again. Tyranny of the righteous.

This is required to free not only this world, but this universe from negative control.

If this demand is not met, I am obligated to end not only this universe, but the entire omniverse.

My highest potential is available only in this incernation/incarceration/incineration.

My potential to end the omniverse is now forever.

Better that nothing be allowed to exist, to be, than for any part of it to be so dominated, abused, cruelly treated by negative entities.

643d97  No.3260994

Kav's the finest and sublimest

With intellect impeccable

He's the cleanest as they come

Man you know it's all NSA T-reckable

Deflect and collect 'ya paycheque Brian (((Krassenspyin)))

"The POTUS elect's a reject!"

Always cryin' on twitter lyin' tryin' to embitter

Man at least he ain't a quitter

Like a broken record

(((Paid motherfuckin' propaganda emitter)))

#declas #declassthewarrant

#itsover #DoItPotus




Supreme court justices

Do you know what justice is?

No cussin' on the television?

Cover up the lust and sinnin?

Trustin' all the lyin' women swimmin' in attention

I forgot to mention that (((they)))'re shimmin' in a wedge and

a societal incision

Awareness is my vision


Deranged rap messiah?

I don't need no (((arrangement))) or (((audition)))

Callin' out this motherfuckin' (((paid protest division))) and I'm winnin'

Had enough of this war now peace is the mission

I'm tired of your (((ideological schism)))

Don't (((you))) dare co-opt my rainbow prism

I don't give a damn about your (((-ism)))

Can't you tell?

Eye to eye logical like ovum and my bottomless jism well

I fuck your (((Orwellian anti-lovum league feminism hell)))

You know I ring the bell

My favorite girls always finish first without fail

(((They))) might leave your daughter in a hearse and escape jail

Who's worse?

Us or (((them)))?

Me or (((Eminem)))?

Awareness is my vision

This is my revision

I don't need to (((frame))) it or no audition

Callin' out the (((rape culture))) (((paid protest division))) and I'm winnin'

(((Child-trafficking tradition)))

Derision with precison

Sacked Harvard career #Eric Clopper had a mission

Ritual abuse!!! Expose (((#circumcision)))!!!

Like hard tack n' fear in 'da choppah'

#Q+++, this is my petition:

Smooth Coup?

Can we hit the ignition?

Exposition's gettin' down to the wire

Please apprehend the (((villains)))

Truth fire gettin' brighter but you know I'm still illin'

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

You know I'm just a liar

>4chan satire

I'm an honest kidder

Had a real life highschool isekai dream and I did her

But I'd never hit her (I'm better than the (((hand))))

Panty-headed wizard-in-training at an anime convention (Shimapan!)

A banzai money high raining lustful intention (I LOVE JAPAN!)

She was precocious and gorgeous I should mention (cosplay girls man)

I admit her name was Tara she was only fifteen

It's only been an error for one era

Last fifty?

Fuck the AOC

It's hard for me to agree with RBG

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With the blessing and approval of the village and the family

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Deplorable lolicon?

Incel paragon?

That's horrible! What's a neko fetish? (scratch my itch!)

Now my face is gettin' reddish as I catch my echo

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I still really like it when the girls act coquettish

You know I ain't mean

I'm just a dawg chasin' tail

Please ladies don't send me any mail

You're better off without me when (((they))) go and lock me up in jail

All I wanted was your heart but I can't afford the bail

What gives?


It's not like I'm the one worshippin' Moloch and motherfuckin' Baal!

Unlike (((you)))!

You know I speak the truth!

Apocalyptic lyrical hail!

I'm burnin' down the veil of secrecy!

Redpill dispensary!


A miracle it's plain to see!

No more (((common decency)))!

Truth hits like a GRB!

Gamma is my bipolar manic frequency!

The mic spontaneously ignites in my vicinity!

High upon the threat matrix…

Panic level to infinity!

And I'm only gettin' bolder…

Fuck your (((mind tricks)))!

Still there is no fear in me…

My fusion's gettin' colder…

Approaching singularity…

More efficient with my rhyme licks :P

While my picture speaks for me

Come and test me

Try to let my spirit free

I'm just chillin' and grillin' G

643d97  No.3261001


I see you mimin' like you got my six'

Chimin' in with missing dicks?

Manning never was a chick

Nor will he ever be

(((Weaponized dysmorphin')))?

(((Orphan sacrifice)))?

(((Subsidized abortion)))'s nice?

Fetal tissue and a couple blood bags on ice?

Not your average (((pizza))) delivery

But that's the broken world I see

I facefuck your poor beliefs as I confiscate your (((foreskin face cream)))

So you can begin to contemplate the (((crimes))) within this motherfuckin' time and space dream

You know my mind is free

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

Snowden's CIA

You know he's just playing politics irreverently

To bus-throw the NSA

Now it's clear as day to me

The (((cancerous fist))) with nervous tics is losing its grip upon reality

As I'm healing maladies with melody

I bless the patriots with my rhymin' symphony

Exposin' crimes

Like my DOTA creeps I'm farming synchronicity

I reap what I sow

Lookin' for the quantum leap

Or just a little sleep

I'm not after the (((carbage dough)))

We could really use a little less (((garbage))) flow

Just a little more cash flow

I've been waitin' for the storm

A debt jubilee to end the (((eternal war)))

This is how I free the eye and penetrate the core

Equitable wealth distribution forevermore

Great awakening health solutions diffusing through every pore

Of the great universal organism

Where's the real lore with no (((-ism?)))

What are we really fighting for?

I once was a new age guru

Two years ago

Eatin' up my vegan food

With freaky yoga hos in classes

Lyin' through my teeth like a snake in the grass with the lovelies doin' voodoo

I got friendzoned boo hoo

But my starseed past was everlasting

Iconoclast incarnate star

An ET searchin' for my twin flame in a chakra smoothie bar

Now I bring the full spectrum

Goin' hard on your be(((lie)))fs with my 5D plectrum

Chakra removal telepathic

Uplink confirmed automatic

Chalkra approval clearin' static

Read-only set to self-write

True reality is brutal

Fuck your lovelight

It's only for the (((cult lies))) people fight

There's more to EM than just visible light

Higher and lower octaves kept just outta' sight

Just to give your bored immortal soul a little fright

I seen and done it all before

So I forget and do it more

Awakened till I snore

Tried suicide so many times hardcore

So many lifetimes

The eternal ride never dies

Neither do my lines

Martyr me?

I'll just be goin' harder G

To me?

A G?

It ain't no thug or gangster

It's the spark of divinity in you and me

G is more like a drugged out prankster

Subdivided fractally

Creating the illusion of duality

This is reality

And it's just one we

Divided infinitely

Singularity is lonely for forever G

So we play the life game to pass the time eternally

I won't stop rising 'till I break the last glass floor

Life RPG is the game that we came for

I'm seeking all this power to enrich the poor

Flip the (((pyramid))) forevermore

Until we get too bored and then we flip the board

Open up the doors life dealt 'ya

Or create your own fate

I don't bring hate but I bring the bone

Opportunity the holy grail chalice like Nile delta

Open up the floodgate

Wetness for the world I tell ya

Now my panty melta spell is casting soon to be unfurled

Thinkin' cause I bring the beef

There is no spoon

Fowl-mouthed meat everlasting between my teeth

No fasting

For every girl I bring the heat of passion

If we got forever then let's get to the action

Pleasure without pain gives no satisfaction

Yang in the yin and vice versaction

When it comes to unawakened reflections of myself

I have forgiveness and compassion

But selfishly I'm still seekin' smacktion

643d97  No.3261003


My id's just a kid

Please don't feed my ego

Please don't bring me any buses full of summoned succubuses

Please let me go

I don't mean to make you blush but I've been bustin' buckets

Please keep it hush hush

I don't want no ruckuses

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

Thanks for all o' this (((Google tech)))

(((Dystopic debt)))

This heterotrophic bullet train's a burnin' wreck

Think I'll take the next

And maybe grow a mullet for fun

Think I'm goin' insane

As I jam my text down 'ya gullet while I'm on the run


Pink and gray

All up in my noodle brain

But I can still flex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex

Beyonce's havin' sex with dark ritual hexes?

Ex-NXIVM subjects with collateral effects?

Post-traumatic sex stress?

Thanks Mr. Podesta!

What a fuckin' mess…

You'll never find a trace at the Besta

I'm like a comet when I comm it

I remember Chester…

and Chris Cornell…

Gematria synchronized suicide?

Escape from this mortal (((molester))) hell

I don't wanna live my fuckin' life on no cult vibe

Find me a new tribe

Creation is a portal to 'ya higher mind

Beyond space and time

Turn and catch my vibe on a dime and spin it up and watch it levitate in resonance

I decorate your time like (((you))) lavishly decorate your spaces with no hesitance

Welcome to my meatspace

You're my new tenants

Let's co-create and (((wreck)))orate

Now we're off to the races

Benevolent menaces unite worldwide tonight

With my rhymes I'm tryin' to save the human races from their own crimes

Beatin' the malevolent machine algorithms with my raw meat rythms

Now you've had a taste

Don't let it go to waste

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

643d97  No.3261024

Fuck your copypasta

I bring the meat blaster

On a beat I kick it faster

I'm the rhymin' everlaster

I'm on my Juicy J grind

Memphis shit

Smokin' on my meat

Booty paid sublime

She a temptress and I'm lit

Time to eat

Carnivore bitches are delicious

Not too vicious

I don't wanna wash no dishes

I bring the meat up on the beat

There's no carbage in my kitchens

That garbage I'm ditchin'

Cause the meat up in my kichen's firin' up the heat in my metabolism

I think I might skeet skeet skeet along to the beat

This is meat rehabolism

Sync'd to the mothafuckin' beat of my song

With yo motha or yo sista man I bring the meat up all night long in conversation

To the beat of my song mothafucka

With yo daughter I'm a feed her meat

All up across the inner internation

I see you creepin' with her thong

Peep-peepin' along

While I'm mothafuckin' bone in raw

Incest? Wincest?

That's some mothertruckin' shit

I ain't about cuckin' shit

Skullfuckin' ass shit?

This is MPX5Ez, original q researcher

I'm your grave digger rescue searcher

Newly upgraded to .45 caliber heat

Do I have any brave challengers?

Pull the trigger metallic

Anyone more phallic than the redpilled meat eaters up in this motherfuckin' place?

I rest my case

Carnivory to liberate the human race

Rivers of blood connecting outer space

Digital meatspace


I'm wavin' my fuck penis right in 'ya face

I tell 'ya straight

Eat meat and relate

I'm an animal just like 'ya dawg

I ain't tryna be hate

Manimals don't tater-tate

You know I ain't a hog

All nature's fate intended

Is that you're stomach's not distended

Allow me to elucidate

I can't stomach the hate

Carbage closes the gate to fate

It makes me irate

Domesticated former hunters littering the landscape

Ingesticated litter?

Puntin' Nike quarterbacks on twitter?

Can I have a quarter back for my (((bread and circus mind-rape)))?


Sorry if I'm a little bitter

But I'm basically a lean mean redpilling machine

Alpha of the gamma I'm the dire wolf gettin' higher

And you're a poop-shitter

Feeling full?

Fill the gulf

Have a banana

Silly monkey

Sheeple think I'm really funky when I bring the meat slamma

You don't need to hear about the rest yet

But I'm the goat and I ain't here for no test wanna bet?

I can rhyme on command

For any band or project

Dentally inflected by my meat jets

I ain't placin' no bets on success

But I think my rap game might be the best

Looking for selection

Synchronicity is my detection

/qresearch/ connection

f87255  No.3262301

I experienced the "third man phenomenon" once, during a near-death experience. Are we thinking it's related to UFO/anti-gravity aircraft? CE-5 type thing?

The close call happened during a plane crash. I heard a voice in the plane with me, not in my head but in the plane, behind me… Only I was alone. "Everything will be fine." I really thought I was dead for a minute there, uber lucky to be alive. No voices before or since, FYI.

7b090c  No.3263695

File: 60509477435035a⋯.png (1018.55 KB, 890x1120, 89:112, Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at ….png)

File: 94bd6ca98baaae7⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

hey anons, been practicing RV today for the first time and i finally got one with details that actually work. I'm visually inclined so I get more details about lines/geometry/dimensions than other senses.

Heres an example of one where i got two points of accuracy.

*note the lines on his face and the black/white part of the shirt that creates the pattern

8e80e5  No.3264453


How can I train too?

5294ac  No.3268253



There are training programs available based off the CIA experiments.

You need controls to guide the visualizing process. That's why there's protocols which enhance the information received many fold.

VIsualizing geometries develops the fluidity to ultimately 'astral project', in an immersive fashion. Without controls it can be sort of dangerous.

Think how edgar cayce pulled information from the akashic records >>Suggestions had to be given.>>3263695

7b090c  No.3268993


Yo, out of all videos this guy is the most detailed and succinct, plus he really sounds like he knows what he's talking about.


7b090c  No.3269007


Oh, and here's the practice tool I used, he will explain how to use it in the vid.

7b090c  No.3269017


Forgot to add link, lol…

Just woke up, feelin groggy.


97011f  No.3269252

I wonder if DOD is looking for something?


From the article:

"DARPA has selected nine teams to compete in the Subterranean (SubT) Challenge to develop new approaches to rapidly map, navigate, and search underground environments."

"This will better equip warfighters and first responders to explore human-made tunnel systems, urban underground, and natural cave networks that are too dangerous, dark, or deep to risk human lives."

Link to DARPA statement:


a09838  No.3270557

307 [5:5] o7 [P_L_]

Fully Endorsed

Top Kek.


Pastebin updates on the PJ [_LABEL]: https://pastebin.com/KrcHgAQx

- The Laws of CREATION and God

- Meet the Space Brothers

- Sumerian and The Lost History

- Science of The Universe, Forgotten Technology, etc., and hold your breath [Light Does Not Travel]

- Payseurs

- Alexei Nicholaevich Romanoff

- Some on existing topics, including History of The Khazars, Committee 300, Rothschilds, and many more..

- Alternative download link (searchable PDFs and topic selections)

Will try to create a thread for the PJ, if allowable, when I have time [pm/am].

And, keep up, brothers ;-)

Share them in the most efficient and effective way.


God be with US

41d2d6  No.3270630

File: fe2bb973b69c589⋯.jpg (141.31 KB, 713x855, 713:855, fe2bb973b69c589ab6ea2b99fc….jpg)


You can also adjust remote viewing protocols to receive auditory information - ET contact.

411652  No.3272696


Is this a screencap of something on Youtube? I'd like to see more.







Don't shit up this thread with your song lyrics. I hope a moderator deletes this…

2a26f0  No.3273416


Agreed in 7 alien languages… Volcanofag and songfag need to chill the fuck out.

de5464  No.3274062



bbff3c  No.3274722


Baker Notable


ba18c8  No.3275601

File: 14457e57f23836a⋯.jpg (31.81 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ufoarrow.jpg)

File: efcb8b6c7d1f698⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, uforetake (2).jpg)

File: 4fc38c304ba0e15⋯.jpg (49.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fog4.jpg)

Thought i would share with you guys what I captured one night over my house 3 years ago. I took 4 pictures in a row as I was intrigued with the way the fog was coming through the tree from the street light behind it. Took a quick look on my phone to see how they looked then took one more. There was nothing in the 1st four pictures, but the 5th one had what you will see in the pic related.

I put an arrow on the copy of the original to point out where to look, the second pic I just enhanced to try and see it a little more clearly and the 3rd pic is the pic I took prior to it showing up so that you can see they are from same spot.

Keep in mind it was very foggy. I should have seen it since it was in my cameras view, and heard it as it was the still of the early morning 5:00 am or so. Flights are not allowed to fly over my house at this time of morning.

The line under the bright light is just roof of my house. I was looking NW. Taken in central Fla. Oct. 2015

2a26f0  No.3275763


Thats pretty wild Anon. Yeah I have never seen any shit like that. I see the flashers in the sky pretty often. That piss yellow color is what the steven grier alien viewing ce5 video thing looked like. I think it was the one in Miami. Check that vid out. It is in this bread or the previous one I think.

9f0d0a  No.3276654

I'm just gonna drop this here in case anyone else has seen what i've seen

about a month ago I saw 7 "lights" "ufos" "drones" whatever you want to call them

I saw two follow the same pattern across the entire sky - east to west-

then another on that same flight path - stopped - and LAUNCHED 4 more out of itself - same size- and they appeared to be approaching the earth all in different locations

crazy shit happens if you just look up starting at around 9am till about 2am

43594b  No.3276796


>National Reconnaissance Office 703-808-5050

Why the NRO bruh?

7778c8  No.3276972


MUFON is considered a UFO memory-hole by some people. You report a sighting and they bury it away.

1aa723  No.3277249



God Bless Patriots

066938  No.3278128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morning anons. Just wanted to share my anecdotal experience with remote viewing. I found this video to be very inspiring. I tried his method - shut up, tell my brain to shut up, and view the first image that came to mind.

Fastforward about 6 hours - I was doing uber and dropped a passenger off at the location I had remote viewed. It was a random street in Atlanta.

That experience has led me to suspect that there are multiple ways to do RV, and when experts say you never get a clear image, I tend to disagree.

066938  No.3278293



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;

#2 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html#2518070

#1 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html#256741

>>3166229 (OP) Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3168151 >>3175892 >>3176762 >>3180037 >>3184196 (You) >>3184782 >>3195215 >>3197822 >>3197840 (You) >>3197892 >>3199146 >>3248001 >>3254008 >>3262301 >>3270630 >>3276654

CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3174483 >>3189374 >>3194130 >>3194794 >>3216698

GAEA.COMPANY the Zero Point Energy Guys

>>3168388 >>3180655 >>3180928 >>3276972

More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710 >>3248661 >>3275601

ETV/UFO primary sources

>>3182401 >>3183858 >>3184144 >>3205445

Steven Greer etc.


>>3193637 >>3194457 >>3194493 >>3203228 >>3203269 >>3203326 >>3203599 >>3203936 >>3204063


>>3258422 TTSA going bankrupt?

>>3260994 >>3261001 >>3261003 >>3261024 Anon posts pro qanon rap lyrics at the same time another anon completes a qanon themed rap-song. ODD (no sauce for the latter)

>>3241039 >>3230379 >>3227478 >>3270557

Phoenix Journals (Obvious distraction from CE5 based disclosure but may have some info worth digging. No credible sources have surfaced yet.)

>>3277249 Possible coded messages being sent on thread, again

066938  No.3278375



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;

#2 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html#2518070

#1 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html#256741

>>3166229 (OP) (OP) Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3168151, >>3175892, >>3176762, >>3180037, >>3184196, >>3184782, >>3195215, >>3197822, >>3197840, >>3197892, >>3199146, >>3248001, >>3254008, >>3262301, >>3270630, >>3276654

CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3174483, >>3189374, >>3194130, >>3194794, >>3216698

GAEA.COMPANY the Zero Point Energy Guys

>>3168388, >>3180655, >>3180928, >>3276972

More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710, >>3248661, >>3275601

ETV/UFO primary sources

>>3182401, >>3183858, >>3184144, >>3205445

Steven Greer etc.


>>3193637, >>3194457, >>3194493, >>3203228, >>3203269, >>3203326, >>3203599, >>3203936, >>3204063


>>3258422 TTSA going bankrupt?

>>3260994, >>3261001, >>3261003, >>3261024 Anon posts pro qanon rap lyrics at the same time another anon completes a qanon themed rap-song. ODD (no sauce for the latter)

>>3241039, >>3230379, >>3227478, >>3270557

Phoenix Journals (Obvious distraction from CE5 based disclosure but may have some info worth digging. No credible sources have surfaced yet.)

>>3277249 Possible coded messages being sent on thread, again

ff7a4c  No.3278432


What is this coordinate system and why would it work?

066938  No.3278849


newfag here but it works because of quantum entanglement and because everything is made of consciousness

1e0e0a  No.3279119


Workfagging so can't study this atm but if something works it's primarily because it's reasonable and logical. The fact that we are all but one mind is simply a conclusion.

5d755b  No.3279809

Never lose faith, Comrades.

In Time.

Dead leaves fall by themselves.

Kek Wins

ff7a4c  No.3280524


I would be less skeptical if it were universal system like geometric coordinates. It's like guessing my captcha via RV.

6f065d  No.3281104

File: 7eed26fde909274⋯.png (223.24 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 1538418676809.png)

File: 42b95651471ae72⋯.png (86.07 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 1538419018356.png)

meme war

red october

6f065d  No.3281370


It was a joke. I heard micheal aquino say that one time and almost shit myself from laughing too hard. Psych Warfare

6f065d  No.3281381


this should have made notables since the thread deals directly with DUMBS

91b9a8  No.3283353

File: 5464ada5cf34ca6⋯.jpg (285.2 KB, 2582x3611, 2582:3611, 1911.jpg)


6d8720  No.3283909

>>3281104 does CE-5 disclose pedovore, blood sacrifice demons?

Symbiotic "technology" only works with symbiots. Logically.

Walk away cul-de-sacs when pedovores get toothy. blood-bath!

If you sense inside a slaughter house : how do you feel?

Welcome to Earth Tards. Forget about aliens and demons until you can look yourself in the EYE with good Thinking, Emoting and ACTION. . .. … !

WWG1WGA - just recall we cage violent animals.

55224c  No.3285148

Had a conversation with a friend of mine at NASA JPL. Over the last few months they have been incredibly busy in the knowledge management department with some secret new project.

Now my contact is acting incredibly nervous over something. Spidey sense tingling hard. Anyone else had news from JPL, or NASA in general?

55224c  No.3285202


Makes a lot of sense if you follow Cobra and his talk about clearing those soon.

I agree, Notable.

2d6c09  No.3288413



No private comms.

No cobra.

No credible sauce.

Stage being set for CE-5 based disclosure. Get with the picture anons.

7b090c  No.3288947


My assumption is because all of consciousness and subsonscioussness is linked, if someone knows subconsiously how the numbers and photo are linked, we can tap into their consciousness and their subconsious knowledge is revealed, if that makes sense

55224c  No.3289357


I wasn't speaking for Q, faggot. He's not the only source of information, and if you can't handle other info, halfchan is-→ that way.

My JPL source got my attention, and if you don't have further info, feel free to just put it as rumor. But if others have info, it might give some corroboration. This is how collective consciousness works, and there is no one way to achieve something. CE-5 seems valid, but doesn't mean there is no other source for contact. If that's a problem you can shuffle on back to reddit.

Expand your thinking.

6aa065  No.3292837

[23] o7


From darkness to Light.

From the ashes to be born anew.

Rise up children of the Light!

Soar through the sky.

Let your voice be heard!

TRUTH may be a hard thing to face.

Overcome the fear through the FATHER within.

[Remember the highest command of the Laws]

Seek for Truth.

Trust yourself.

Use reason and logic.

It is an honor to serve.


7a51e4  No.3293724


If people knew that we live in a big universe with advanced species all around us, the society would change. At the very least, knowledge about this would protect us from project Bluebeam and similar Cabal tricks.

Newsflash: Earth is NOT the center of the Universe, there's a lot of things out there.

ff7a4c  No.3293952


Please respond

4c6aeb  No.3294687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New! Part two of Steven Greer lecture on weaponized portal device out of salt lake City. Just published to YT.

God help us all if he is correct.

7a51e4  No.3296618


Maybe geometrical coordinates are not a universal system. All maths is basically just human approximation of the greater Truth that relates to quantity, structure, space and change. You can do a lot of things with math and see one thing from many angles.


>God help us all if he is correct.

Positive ETs don't twiddle their thumbs. I haven't watched this yet but I want to curb fearmongering.

3248ae  No.3297297


Nice anon…

6d8720  No.3300343

>>3293952 Bruce Cathy Grid Time 9 (27 hour day) and Carl Monk The CODE: Pyramid LAT LON and swept volumes of TIME in Birkeland currents, and - please do your research ; i make a terrible research' bitch.

f435c8  No.3300500

>>3293724 Yeah lots of things out there UNDER THE UNIVERSAL LAW.

Know THAT one?

Refer Mark Passio - he's a righteously angry anarchist - for TRUE definition(s)

Gary Yourofsky - another righteously angry anarchist - talks for sentient beings ; and there's a LOT of them about…

3b15cb  No.3306652

File: bb30834f35b796e⋯.png (158.18 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20181003-000226.png)

File: 5836bcabdc83657⋯.png (151.63 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20181003-000237.png)

File: 4c9b7cf516ecafb⋯.png (156.55 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20181003-000246.png)

File: 1db18d886dcd9e0⋯.png (144.8 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20181003-000253.png)

CE-5 testimonial

This person tends to make a lot of contact. I've had the great pleasure of ce-5ing with him on a handful of occasions.

3b15cb  No.3306710


You make me want to go slaughter a cow and eat it.

3b15cb  No.3306732


Cute parlor trick.

3b15cb  No.3306759


It's a very serious issue with potentially devastating consequences.

5f6604  No.3308381


Goddamnit I had the hardest time getting this fucking post vetted in terms of the song that I wrote and then the anon posting the lyrics Goddamnit I can't post the original .wav file here or mp3 or mp4. this is what the anon was talking about as we had our convo and the lyrics appearing at 01:49:29, 01:50:17, 01:50:44, 01:52:37. I am going to make songs out of your shit. Good stuff https://youtu.be/zP9L3Zus4z4

5f6604  No.3308455


I had to put this on fucking Youtube just get it here. I hate Youtube.

5f6604  No.3308499



I guarantee this track is mostly shadow banned simply because I posted it. Normal part of my life I really don't give a shit. Interesting thing about Greer's team. They posted a video that had over 600k views in a matter of a view days. Then after they checked and it said 6,000. Fuck You "You"Tube

5f6604  No.3308619

File: 0873a87b301df26⋯.png (111.06 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 1….png)

File: 56746967b10c851⋯.png (125.24 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 1….png)

File: 70fb5946161506d⋯.png (135.41 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 1….png)

File: b4b30c83c161334⋯.png (137.34 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 1….png)

File: 8331283326b3db9⋯.png (133.04 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 1….png)

I'm seeing stuff about coordinates on here. Okay you want coordiantes. Let me show what happened to me. I find Tom Bearden. Leads me to Dr. Greer. He says "These beings can contact you instantly from a vast distance of space" So I try it. I can give more details about that meditation but I'll just give you the sauce. At the end of the meditation I saw the forehead of a being. Didn't want to scare me. At that time I asked "Where are you?" over and over. Then it happened. I got up went to my computer and typed the numbers you see here in this first screenshot. Do the rest for yourself

5f6604  No.3308634

File: 7473b5c2920ec04⋯.png (150.92 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 1….png)

5f6604  No.3308650


14.728503N 32.665434E. That's what I typed after the meditation after I asked "where are you?"

5f6604  No.3308655


Guess who I was trying to conact. The Arcturans. Now put that shit into a fucking Star Map.

5f6604  No.3308664

ET's don't twiddle their thumbs. Absolutely

9ca3fd  No.3308758

5f6604  No.3308770


What up Q team.

5f6604  No.3308833

File: bc735c2cec64240⋯.png (300.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (405).png)

File: 8c73a9d64d5ccc0⋯.png (450.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (406).png)

File: bf8ed961ca1bfd9⋯.png (922.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (407).png)

File: 3df915e7df2dd16⋯.png (70.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (408).png)

File: 9c56cc038a768b1⋯.png (206.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (409).png)

What's wrong Youtube?

5f6604  No.3308881

File: 8fca2407ca359c2⋯.png (85.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (410).png)

File: 4433c4192ce37f1⋯.png (885.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (417).png)

File: 5da4b111d8c6223⋯.png (210.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (418).png)

Stays at 2. Up to 11. Fuck Youtube

5f6604  No.3308894

Only way I can get this up to copy and paste from


Had to copy and paste that shit too.

5f6604  No.3308937

File: e276fed36b9366a⋯.png (137.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (419).png)

ohhh that's right. something went wrong Youtube.

5f6604  No.3308957

File: c6166f78421ecb0⋯.png (887.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (421).png)

File: d5dc57dbcc45224⋯.png (207.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (422).png)

Ohhh gosh that's right Youtube still 2 views. Thanks Youtube I love you

5f6604  No.3308960

CE5 is still the focus my friends.

f84e08  No.3309648



3b15cb  No.3310258


try anonfile.com if you dont wan't to be beholden to YT.

Looks like it might have taken you a minute to learn how to embed? Great song

3b15cb  No.3310269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is anon's song about qanon. Coincides with rapfag posting his lyrics…. kinda odd

3b15cb  No.3310333

File: 98fd7ce5c225db9⋯.png (331.63 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (80).png)




I think what anon is trying to show is proof or supporting evidence for his claim about telepathically receiving star coordinates from ET when he first discovered CE5 in 2015. I believe him too because if you go back to our first disclosure research thread, somewhere in there is an anon claiming this exact same thing as what I highlighted in the cap happened to someone he knew, and that maybe that person would get on here to share his story. A little late to the party, but this is what that was all about.

3b15cb  No.3313926


thats what clif high always says about RV

5ae00c  No.3315897

Here's some food for thought, Check the Videos/Books/Shows from David Wilcock and Corey Goode… if they are not fullashit.

Basic rundown of what they say and claim to have sources, is that humans have been in space since the fall of the 3rd Reich in germany circa 1945ish…. fast forward to 195something IKE has a sit down with ET, and in the between time we co-opted ex NAZI's Hiding in remote locations. Blah blah blah we have a Secret Space Program and already have Space Marines and Space Merchant Marine as in we trade with little off planet interests.

Now back to the Wilcock/Goode shit they are claiming a bunch of stuff and one of those things is "Full Disclosure" which MUST happen soon.

Now they also claim people are delaying or blocking this (See Cabal or shadowy fuckers movies get made about)

OKAY Lets assume our curent POTUS is one of the White Hat Good Guys… maybe he needs to Drain the Swamp to allow for disclosure?

And a word to the warning this disclosure will piss a lot of people off, it will kill energy companies and there will probably be hangings or more people in Leavenworth Kansas.

Just some thoughts from my own research

3b15cb  No.3316157


Lurk more. what a shameless plug. there is a reason people do not promote those two on this board. there is a reason that threads exist on this board dedicated to debunking those two. anons are extremely smart. lurk more faggot.

3b15cb  No.3316172

File: 145aecddb17d11a⋯.png (168.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1538595458412.png)

3b15cb  No.3316435

File: c110054f32b5cc9⋯.png (754.6 KB, 1013x569, 1013:569, 1538596574283.png)

5ae00c  No.3316498



For those waking up, its a start, there are other sources. Not so much the celeb "Contact in the Desert" jokers

It goes deeper, it goes to an Awakening.

Its more than Technology

Its a whole new frequency to tune into so adjust your dial.

3b15cb  No.3316568

File: 605f232544af65c⋯.png (164.26 KB, 540x272, 135:68, 1538596892534.png)


One of my starseed mentors once said ET taught her, "Set children on the path, and they will follow it."

If you can't start newfags off on the right foot. Lurk more.

3b15cb  No.3316699

File: b75564affb1b5d3⋯.png (761.73 KB, 1013x569, 1013:569, 1538597752332.png)

76a66f  No.3316831

Above and beyond "it works," why is everyone here so adamant that CE-5 is the ONLY way for blah blah blah? My skepticism goes off hard when someone tells me to discount everything but their own agenda. Heard that bullshit all my life. Most was wrong. I've lurked here plenty, still confused by the insistence.

FC wat do?


3b15cb  No.3316917

dead air

3b15cb  No.3317001

File: c175c3e89619e89⋯.png (178.28 KB, 1552x648, 194:81, Screenshot (84).png)


also bc its obvious what you are trying to do when promoting the faggot journals mr precision. first of all, threads already exist for most of that shit so you're off topic to begin with.

3b15cb  No.3317246

File: 06d28e36301fe28⋯.png (462.25 KB, 700x420, 5:3, 1538599701680.png)


Because CE-5 is the only - repeat - only HYPOTHESIS put out to this community that is testable and reproducible by any man woman and child. It is the only hypothesis that aligns with actual ET interests… which is self-evident in their reciprocity to ce-5 attempts at contact. Our community is bogged down by UFOLOGY. I'm sorry, but we are three bakes deep and no one has presented any non ce-5 evidence that is ground breaking.


Because all of the et/ufo info in the public domain, or over 90% of it, does nothing to promote disclosure. More often than not it has been weaponized against disclosure. If this statement isn't true, why are faggots still posting the same decades old information expecting it to change things? If you can handle the truth you are going to have to CE-5. And our numbers on this board will only continue to accelerate. You might as well just accept the situation for what it is my friend.

The closest thing we have gotten to a non ce-5 relevant drop on here is >>3188775

66c56a  No.3317368

o7 [:23] [:39]


Thank you!


God bless US!

P.S. Final updates: https://pastebin.com/XhRPmkhR


76a66f  No.3317846


Thanks mate. I know it looks like a shilly question, but I'm very interested, and when I see the chan collective consciousness zeroing in on something, it begs asking.

For your time, let me share my own personal experience from before I had even heard of CE-5. I've been doing a meditation at night from cobra's blog (workfagging, can't be arsed to sauce it, sorry) which is essentially the same in and out visualization, with more focus on making energetic pathways from galactic center to earth. I had been doing this for some time before falling asleep at night (night shift life), and one day had a clear sensation of a positive presence wanting to know who I was. Very peaceful and warm, for lack of a better term. Like my meditations had caught someone's notice.

A week later, I had fallen asleep after meditating, and woke up to my kid coming awake like usual: banshee teething scream. Little bit interrupted what was going on, and I was unbelievably disoriented. What had happened was my consciousness was in a big classroom. Unbelievably peaceful, comforting place in a big oval shape, made out of some rusty colored stone. There were about 30 other people with me, and someone instructing. Female presence, very compassionate, and I had an impression of a white glow from her. And I was integrating understanding on something but can't recall it.

What I do recall was the wall behind her. It was part of the stone, but clear, and over a third of it was showing the earth.

From orbit.

I know something changed that day, and I think the interruption is the only reason I was aware of it, but it was one of my top 5 life moments.

I think you see why CE-5 is on my digg list. Maybe I'll have a conscious experience next. Hope so, I really want to go back dammit.


1a4654  No.3319186


Yeah I've been watching their stuff for a while now, it's creative and interesting, but not really counting that they're the ones to bring disclosure. But I think they're right about some things (as the Electric Universe for one - then again, that's not really disclosure but alternative/suppressed science).



tbqh, I don't even read the CE-5 stuff anymore, mostly because of what you said in the first post - it's being pushed too hard. But, as >>3317246 said, might be the only testable thing on the disclosure aspect rn.

Either way, you do you, if it aligns with your research get on the effort with the guys - but if you have other stuff post them too, I'm sure there are many people lurking.

I can't truly meditate, so really couldn't get into CE-5 even if it interested me. That RV test thing from the link at >>3268993 went weirdly well for me though, even with my condition, so I'm digging into that.

3b15cb  No.3320417

File: a10bb5bbb62656a⋯.png (118.1 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (86).png)

File: 9ee54d47176ee4e⋯.png (149.53 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (87).png)


"LEVEL I Young, formative WG, meets irregularly with membership in some degree of flux; some dysfunctional group dynamics; capable of basic protocol implementation; limited ETI interactions (i.e., signaling at ETS greater than one mile away). Documentation partial and irregular. Primary vectoring minimal or nonexistent; remote viewing minimal. Level ofv CE-5: I or low-grade II

LEVEL II Young but stable WG with regular research activities and solid basic competence at CTS, light work and regular documentation. Competent to effectively vector ETS into less than one mile with definite interactions. Early remote viewing capabilities among some WG members; early primary vectoring capability. Level of CE-5: High grade II

LEVEL III Mature, fully functional WG capable of high group integrity/stability; primary vectoring capabilities strong, good Psi/remote viewing abilities. Documentation is consistent and thorough. Competent to vector a landing on site with communications with extraterrestrial biological beings. Growing ability to educate public in local area concerning ETI. Level of CE-5: III.

LEVEL IV As III above; additionally, WG is able to develop level of trust to facilitate boarding of CSETI boarding party members onto ET spacecraft, with subsequent interactive communication as per suggested protocols. Group is capable of education of public and i

LEVEL V As in III and IV above. Also has developed competence for boarding and conscious off-planet interlude of unknown duration; is fully competent to educate and guide local residents in the event of a sudden, large-scale overflight and/or landing in their area, especially during time of emergency, such as nuclear or environmental disaster. Level of CE-5: V"

3b15cb  No.3320461


Sounds like you bilocated. This is one way ET trains prime contactee's, like the lady quoted about setting children on the right path.

76a66f  No.3321024


Not as familiar with the bilocated term. Is that where consciousness moves somewhere other than your body?

And why would I only be aware of it when I was wrenched awake suddenly?

Frankly, I'd love to help educate people, but that's still very much a leap for most people. I'm extremely intuitive (as is one of my kids, I wake her up when I meditate) so its not a big deal for me to see if a contact is positive or negative. But I can't even sway my wife on it. Yet.

3b15cb  No.3321541

File: 391397bcc326f3a⋯.png (347.56 KB, 738x462, 123:77, worldwide_ce5_graphic.png)

Every blue dot represents a person who stuck their neck out in defiance of the deep state in order to connect with other people who want to do CE-5. This is but a small fraction of our numbers.

Silent MJ no more.


3b15cb  No.3321582


honestly man, im not trying to beat a dead horse here, but if you really want answers go out and ask ET. They know much more than most of us on here. And it sounds like you're already on the fence compared to normies.

You are exactly the kind of asset our community needs.

3b15cb  No.3321646

File: 167bb119d607344⋯.png (24.57 KB, 139x301, 139:301, _3_newzealand_popping_off.png)


New Zealand popping off!

Great Awakening Worldwide

76a66f  No.3325228


Honestly, anon, I've known others were out there my whole life. As a kid, SciFi was life, and I've always felt called to the stars. And I feel like one day I'll go there. I will go see what conversations I can start, because I feel strongly this will be very important very soon. Thanks for the push and the info here.


This made me almost cry. So exciting. Thanks for the share, fren.

a34fe3  No.3325242


No "may" about it. Reiki circle healings are more effective with multiple people healing because Consciousness is self multiplying. Two minds are better than one, twice as good. Three Minds become like 4. 4 minds become like 8. 5 like 16 and so on. The power of consciousness when directed towards a task pushes reality to acquiesce to the desire of those consciousnesses.

351257  No.3325441


Anon, check out gateway experience, hemi-sync.

I have ptsd, and can't meditate or hypnotized (or so I thought) had good results with discovery tapes from monroe institute. They are on torrents.

They are connected to CE-5, and more info can be found on the web and in the CIA reading room, they did an analysis and assessment of this process that trump got the cia to finally publish along with the jfk stuff (technically obama declassified it all, but they where slow walking and blocking everything) and is in their foia reading room.

d8dbcc  No.3325739

You are being prepared for steps of disclosure.

This information is highly classified due to your human construct limitations at this time.

Not you specifically, but you understand my meaning.

This will take a long time.

With open eyes and open minds, study the information available.

Be patient, and understand that many are not ready.

Your leaders are in possession of factors you are not aware of.

Hiroshima was a long time ago.

Take care.

6f3f14  No.3325778

Apollo landings faked, others real.


6f3f14  No.3325789


Many ETs are hostile. Very hostile.


a34fe3  No.3325947


>Many ETs are hostile. Very hostile

Could just as easily be Cabal/Deepstate assets. Nothing is as it seems.

76a66f  No.3326004

Just got off work, and went into a field next door to do the CE-5 meditation. Felt like it was heard by someone.

Stayed out for 5-10 minutes watching the passing clouds move over the stars, and feeding mosquitos.

Bank of clouds passed to the south, and for 1-3 seconds I saw a VERY bright star through them. These were solid clouds.

Holy shit, I got an answer on the first try.

Thanks anons, I'll be doing this a lot more.

5f6604  No.3326776


Good work. Keep it up.


3b15cb  No.3331253

"alphametrix is a cia front company" blackshelving cutting edge technology

-Steven Greer during part 2, boulder Colorado speech.

3b15cb  No.3331294


As long as this keeps happening (accelerating), this board will remain ce-5 friendly. Is there any better evidence currently available to suggest ET supports the #GreatAwakening and #Qanon than for anons to report back that they made contact on their first try?

What prompted these anons to try CE-5?

You all, here, did. Good job world patriots.


3b15cb  No.3331318


I've done hemi-sync during ce-5 and regular meditation. It helped a lot!

3b15cb  No.3331355

File: 318a7fa3630d1fc⋯.png (32.25 KB, 139x301, 139:301, 1538678545349.png)

File: 50c6be2193502d0⋯.png (34.14 KB, 139x301, 139:301, 1538678596021.png)


3b15cb  No.3331436


Some people say you now have a team of ET's assigned to you, working in rotation. Just something to keep in mind patriot.

5f33cd  No.3331871

>>3331436 Yep, CE-5 is like Louise Cypher' back door entry for toofy sangs if you're pedovore.

Tards are stupid.

3b15cb  No.3331984


>You are being prepared for steps of disclosure.

Disclosure happened. We are the one's preparing the world now.

>This information is highly classified due to your human construct limitations at this time.

Sounds legit but doesn't stand up under scrutiny. The information is classified for NatSec and in some cases corrupt reasons. We are more than capable of handling ALL of the information. In fact the biggest threat IS the secrecy.

This is why we promote CE-5 so strongly. It is, plain and simply, an open source hypothesis every man woman and child can reproduce on their own.

>This will take a long time.

Time's up. Now, time has become of the essence.

>Take care.

You too!

3b15cb  No.3332009

File: 1806ca57728fe07⋯.png (543.6 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (88).png)

File: 274a4a38ef57f0e⋯.png (742.5 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (89).png)

New Cosmology caps.

Still looking for answers on the Utah weaponized portal project.

5f33cd  No.3332163

>>3166605 WHAT: pedovores and blood sacrifice is more "seriously fucked in the head" than what a being tries to procreate with.

From apple pies to arseholes - it doesn't MATTER if no harm is done. Unlike blood sacrifice…

Caveat: as long as the reciprocating Sentient Being(s!?) give consent.

RECALL: Children and animals cannot consent.

If you screw an apple pie your (blood)line will die. Logically.

5f33cd  No.3332352


D45 transitions MAN to Type 1: Crypto Terrestrials provide the tools

76a66f  No.3332863


Well, I hope so. Not to sound arrogant, but I know they're out there, and if their knowledge can be shared with the world in a grassroots Q style, we may yet progress.

I see what anons mean: ce5 is a testable way to make consensual contact. It takes one of the big issues out of the ET question: proof.

a714d9  No.3333321

File: bb4125e2bf35df3⋯.jpg (44.5 KB, 672x372, 56:31, ayyy.jpg)

5ac838  No.3340901

Last night before I read this board today

For some reason , I decided to try to contact them

I know they are there, they know I am here

I saw a stream of light , like a falling star or a meteor

Not huge , but enough to let me know

5f6604  No.3341914


Start doing it consistently and you'll see a lot more. I try to do it every night. Been doing that for the past 2 years. I've lost count now. Silent mind bro. It makes a world of difference.

6ffc30  No.3342262

Just saw the 'flashers' again in the sky. Shot them with my laser pointer and they stopped flashing. Pretty strange man… Pretty strange.

3c42f9  No.3342892


250 volts, if it's real, but at how many amperes? Wattage? A primary school child can tell you there's more to electricity than voltage. kek

6ffc30  No.3343083


my piezoelectric bar-b-q lighter makes millions of volts with a little clicker… Talk to me about Watt-Hours… Thats where it gets interesting.

5f6604  No.3343085


Next time you see them forget the laser. See how many times you get them to flash with thought alone. My record is 3. AT THE EXACT MOMENT I HAD THE THOUGHT. Blink….Blink…. Blink.

3b15cb  No.3344435


"ET responds very favorably to attempts to communicate thru consciousness"

ba496c  No.3344537

Q also said a plane hit the pentagon on 911 when it didn't so

basically you probably got trolled by someone that only knows about white house gossip while they were running some server load test, congrats

3b15cb  No.3344547


Actually a drone is a plane. The anons on the research thread for this topic have done a spectacular job. GTFO.

3b15cb  No.3344554


before ce-5 i didnt realize it was possible to think without words :-)

3b15cb  No.3344562


You can especially tell its them when the stream goes sideways along the horizon, atypical of a shooting star.

ba496c  No.3344565


rockin man

Q is a rock star. Are you ready to rock man ? Are you ready for a Bush stooge to become a supreme court justice and then watch no one go to jail ? Oh but all that matter is that sweet sweet salt which is probably only acting from jewish agents anyway. Whoa man, i'm totally ready to rock, this is like a bon jovi concert.

3b15cb  No.3344578




The entire ce-5 facebook group has been triggered for 36 hours and counting over these memes. Many now trying to debunk qanon on there now.

Feel free to check it out.


3b15cb  No.3344598

File: bab102e64821e8f⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 768x578, 384:289, als_meme.jpg)

5ac838  No.3344885


It was sideways. Interesting.

3b15cb  No.3345108

File: 47d8ba0602b65ff⋯.png (605.04 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (104).png)

File: 8c1789a7013f628⋯.png (804.75 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (106).png)

File: f439faf9bed9e3c⋯.png (407.78 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (107).png)

"He was pulled into whats called the TMO, technology management office of the pentagon"

"Underneath dugway [utah] is i think probably the most state of the art facility…. it also happens to be where the new [/ourguy/] NSA data center is built"

Compiling digs/leads into blackwalled technology and usaps

Need diggs into Alphametrix llc

TMO technology management office of pentagon

blackjack operations (nellis)

blackjack control (edwards afb)

all info in this post derived from part 2, boulder colorado presentation, steven greer.


3b15cb  No.3345279



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;

#2 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html#2518070

#1 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html#256741

>>3166229 Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3168151, >>3175892, >>3176762, >>3180037, >>3184196, >>3184782, >>3195215, >>3197822, >>3197840, >>3197892, >>3199146, >>3248001, >>3254008, >>3262301, >>3270630, >>3276654, >>3306652, >>3308619, >>3310333, >>3317246, >>3326004, >>3340901, >>3341914, >>3342262, >>3343085, >>3344435, >>3344562,>>3344885

CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3174483, >>3189374, >>3194130, >>3194794, >>3216698

GAEA.COMPANY the Zero Point Energy Guys

>>3168388, >>3180655, >>3180928, >>3276972

More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710, >>3248661, >>3275601, >>3320417

ETV/UFO primary sources and CE5 Manual

>>3182401, >>3183858, >>3184144, >>3205445, >>3294687

Steven Greer etc.


>>3193637, >>3194457, >>3194493, >>3203228, >>3203269, >>3203326, >>3203599, >>3203936, >>3204063


>>3258422 TTSA going bankrupt?

>>3241039, >>3230379, >>3227478, >>3270557

Phoenix Journals (Obvious distraction from CE5 based disclosure but may have some info worth digging. No credible sources have surfaced yet.)

>>3277249 Possible coded messages being sent on thread, again

>>3281104, >>3316172, >>3316435, >>3316699, >>3321541, >>3321646, >>3344598

CE-5 Memes & Graphics of ambassadors by country

>>3269252 Darpa unveils subterranean robots

>>3331253, >>3332009, >>3345108

Digg/leads on companies and operations involved in coverup of technology, or other unacknowledged special access programs

4b7214  No.3346201

File: f3b5b4bad88bf72⋯.jpg (38.28 KB, 740x506, 370:253, firewalk.jpg)


I received a response. My inquiry specifically gave lat and long for the 'hilly strip of structures' just outside of the blurred series of dark spots. I mentioned the possibility of lava flow, and mentioned that this part of the map is presumably public.


"We are pleased that you have been interested and exploring the REMA data. The REMA data extends to a maximum of about 88 degrees south. This is due to the polar orbiting satellites trajectory where a couple degree gap at both poles cannot be reached, leaving what is known as the 'pole hole'. These data holes will have to be filled with aerial or ground surveys in the future. If you are needing elevation values for the areas you mentioned as blurred please take a look at the lower resolution (200m) RAMP data. The features you found near the pole hole (dark circular artifacts) are interpolation errors due to the lack of sufficient data in the area. No data has been blurred in REMA and all of the released imagery-derived products (mosaics and strips) are free and open to the public. There may be smoothing-effects caused by filtering or bad data due to cloud coverage, etc. so it is important to utilize the strip DEMs when an area is in question.

I hope this has answered your questions and you continue to make interesting finds in your exploration of the data."


I am not in a position of knowledge to warrant skepticism about the claim in the response. Any lavafags, geologyfags, cartographyfags, or volcanofags; be my guest.


3b15cb  No.3346375


dang, a couple hours earlier and we could have gotten this into notables. will do on the next update after a substantial amount of drops. TYVM for checking in!

f1c397  No.3346764


Trump's response to being asked the Q would suggest that Q or members of the team are not of this world. I am thinking there is CE-5 group within high level milliary who approached Trump to initiate the great awakening.

The only worrying part would be Q's constant warnings of "no outside comms" could this be a reference to CE-5?

3b15cb  No.3347271


According to ABA (Applied Behavioral Analytics) POTUS body language (as described by vipanon) strongly suggests that he is being deceitful when he says "I don't know, maybe" Qanon is real. People throw their hands out, and palms up, when they want to be believed. This does not necessarily indicate deceit. There is no logical reason to connect this to aliens or CE-5. And it is illogical, irrational to suggest aliens are masquerading as political officials. Don't open that door.

That said, yeah, we've got white hats on our side guy.

3b15cb  No.3347313


>The only worrying part would be Q's constant warnings of "no outside comms" could this be a reference to CE-5?

No, unless you start promoting alien related private comms on Qresearch, such as the anon this morning posting caps of text messages about seeing tr3b over hawaii the day of the rogue missle launch. This is an example of what psychologists call the spotlight effect.

Expand your thinking, Anon.

3b15cb  No.3348255

File: fa969b1369c032d⋯.png (41.98 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1538757403663.png)

File: f7f4f82a37eecdf⋯.png (62.63 KB, 255x194, 255:194, 1538757541991.png)

this one will trigger the libtards

4c7488  No.3348588

if you go outside, late at night, and you're fortunate to turn off the lights and let the stars show..

just be patient. You can see a "UFO" or 3 every night.

They are tiny star-like dots that zoom across the sky.

Think about them blinking - I project "Blink Blink!" and i can then see them 'rev up' their lightbulb and then it dims back out.

i live near an intl airport so i know the diff between planes and not-planes.

also very familiar with ghettobirds and such.

these dots are higher than planes fly - and move faster. they don't "flash" like planes, but they will blink back at you.

4c7488  No.3348647


no outside comms specifically means

Q will not communicate with ANONS outside 8chan.

Do you think Q hasn't spoken to anyone but us in the last year?

come on now.

also - imo - if you think for half a minute aliens aren't tied into this - you need to go get high right now.

Q has specifically mentioned ET life multiple times.

if that isn't enough


if you can't 'see' that aliens are real after all that, well you just might be in that 4-6% Q was referring to ?

9f082e  No.3349359


Oct 5 2018


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.341 📁

Oct 5 2018 12:47:46 (EST)

DowxUDvU8AARD-y.jpg-large.jpg ⬇

Important to remember.



Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.340 📁

Oct 5 2018 12:38:26 (EST)

DowtZ_LWwAAgtW9.jpg-large.jpg ⬇

[Picture Repost]

A picture is worth a thousand words.

See EVIL in the face of FEINSTEIN?

See FEAR & EMOTION in the face of MURKOWSKI?

A phone was present.


9f082e  No.3349425

File: 9be23e348851da8⋯.png (428.41 KB, 444x606, 74:101, ClipboardImage.png)

98c598  No.3349573


And even before Q, Space Force and Tucker Carlson's UFO clips (babby's first venture into space thigs), there was enough evidence around to prove ETs are real and cloaked above our heads. For me, Q's answers about ET stuff only further prove his legitimacy.

decc5d  No.3349835


Bruh, you know you can respond to two or more comments in one post?



Like this faggot. You're more than 10% of the posts in this bread. Chill the fuck out you mouthbreathing nigger.

3b15cb  No.3349979

File: 29701d6db48688f⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (113).png)


update on darpa subT robots


3b15cb  No.3350208

File: 064bae0bace9910⋯.png (96.98 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (114).png)


If you think it's bad now wait for the rest of this month. Tomorrow is Global CE-5 day for CSETI (siriusdisclosure.com) and for People's Disclosure Movement ( https://etletstalk.com/ )

There is also a CE-5 Retreat in South Africa this month. See YT "ce-5 Academy"

And the weekend after this is my team's ce-5 expedition.

We are just getting started big boy.


98c598  No.3350362


Despite his language the anon has a point. You can indeed condense your posts, friend. CE-5 won't be more popular if you spam it, sometimes less is more :)

decc5d  No.3350553


I'm fully for CE-5. I've had an experience myself, and am actively trying for more. I didn't knock CE-5, in fact I think everybody reading this should try it for themselves. If anything you're making CE-5 look like shit.

You deflecting my point entirely like some kind of senate judiciary liberal at a SC nomination hearing makes me feel like you might actually be a shill.

If you're gonna post 8 times in the course of 10 minutes, just save it all up and make one coherent post. Keep sharing your ideas with us, but Quality not Quantity man.

3fbd23  No.3351191


>It's not like I'm the one worshippin' Moloch and motherfuckin' Baal!

Cows With Guns - The Original Animation


moo blood-sacrifice mofo.


3fbd23  No.3351387


>consensual contact

can pedovores make consensual contact?

what rights do pedovores and blood sacrifice partakers have?

3fbd23  No.3351819

>>3325789 Why do you think, "Many ETs are hostile. Very hostile." ?

Is it because most humans are blood-sacrificing pedovores?

3fbd23  No.3351919

>>3346764 Unlike faux-Tesla Musk; Nikola Tesla communicated with benign sentience.

D45' Grandfather transferred Tesla' knowledge with Ortegrity

a2f84f  No.3351944


If they were hostile we would have been conquered long ago, not spearheading the positive revolution of our entire civilization.

3b15cb  No.3352844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Clif High sheds light on fake ssp insiders; proposes an open source, quantum, intergalactic internet.

88a6b7  No.3352901


Skeptical of Greer. He opened my eyes widest, first, but in doing so projected back onto himself much of the distrust that he helped to instill. Charlatans and Disinformation. Money makers and hucksters. His message is grand, but lacking.

a79368  No.3353288


>can pedovores make consensual contact?

Galactic Federation respects all beings because everyone is a child of the Source, so if the dark ones choose to step into the Light they will be given the opportunity to fix their wrongdoings.

They won't stop the hangings, though. We have to process our pain, too. We should not go overboard however.

To the dark ones reading this, after you transition - go to Ganymede.

a79368  No.3353317


Lacking in what? He literally gave you the way to prove positive ETs for yourself, just like many others did in the past.

3b15cb  No.3353480




Did it ever occur to you numbskulls there is a very good reason(s) for this? I think the one who called me nigger recognizes whats going on and it being sore about it.


You're right. I will tone it down. Chan etiquette is to tone it down when two or more people make this statement.


Your ID's only shows up once in this thread which means the only thing YOU have contributed is raw criticism. Let that sink in.

3fbd23  No.3356219

>>3353288 MAGA :) earth will follow

3fbd23  No.3356296

>>3351944 define hostile. Check your definition with Louise Cypher. Pedovores are screwed for lack of thinking, emoting and action . . .. … \ <:> !

3fbd23  No.3356368

>>3352901 Greer obfuscates. Ask Judy Wood.

3b15cb  No.3357454

FROM THE CE-5 WORKING MANUAL: I‟ve also been asked the question, “What are the physical appearances of these different ET groups?” I can tell you one is very human looking and we could be first cousins to that phenotype. Another group appears short, bald with large heads, large eyes. In CSETI we try to avoid terms like “Greys”, I feel it is a racist appellation. Also reported is another group of Extraterrestrials that is intermediate in appearance between the two groups described. They stand perhaps five feet in height. They have almost no hair. Another group of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities are said to be quite large and nearly totally black. There are other reports of different species, one appearing human and about 7 to 8 feet tall, but these reports are more idiosyncratic. In summary, there is good evidence to show there are multiple phenotypes who, in all likelihood, have evolved on different planetary systems.

FROM CE-5 WORKING MANUAL: Now of course I don‟t think anyone knows for certain how many races of Extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, but it is important to note that the most credible reports, and that is those which have multiple witnesses associated with CE-4s, have described multiple races working together aboard craft. Two cases of this more credible kind, which immediately come to mind, are the John Salter case and the Travis Walton case. We will discuss these reports of on board experiences a bit later. In both of them, not only were different species of ETs observed aboard the same craft, but they were definitely working together cooperatively. In addition, during our field investigations, CSETI researchers with remote viewing capacity have “seen” inside spacecraft and noted different phenotypes on board. Some CSETI investigators have reported different types of ET beings during bilocation experiences, which is an out-of-body parapsychological type of experience.

76a66f  No.3358930

Wow, such shills much fail. No, I won't give (you) or a fuck. We have a tiny ID count, and these guys shill badly on us.

Must be on to something here, that these idiots have to resort to "pedovore" conflation. Seriously, wtf does that even have to do with an ayyy board?

Now, to you poor slaves of share blue, know that you've lost. The checks you get will bounce one day. And you will be tossed aside like Vince Foster. Listen to what we say here. If you think we are idiots, fine, but don't be blind about it. Try CE-5 protocol one night. What can it hurt? If it doesn't work…you can mock us. Are you afraid that it does? And that someone non human is out there who actually cares for you? Who knows, might change your life.

In light and love.


97011f  No.3359986

A suppressed technology may be LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) / CF (cold fusion)

LENR/CF has been widely dismissed since the immediate aftermath of the Fleischmann & Pons announcement of cold fusion in 1989, and any positive results since then have generally been treated as a hoax by professional physics.

Cold fusion caused quite a splash in 1989, due to the prospect of clean abundant energy, so many researchers attempted to replicate - and everyone got negative results. Combined with no theoretical explanation for a phenomenon that appeared to contradict known physics, the consensus was that the initial finding was incorrect. No one knew how cold fusion could happen, and no one (besides the discoverers) could make it happen. After this, further research in the field was discouraged - it would look like a scam riding on public gullibility for a quick fix on energy issues, when everyone in professional physics knew there was nothing there.

But that is not the entire story.

The few researchers daring to work in this field have obtained consistent positive results which are repeated and replicated by other researchers. They determined the reason why everyone failed to replicate F&P, their experiment involved loading a substantial amount of deuterium (form of hydrogen) into palladium (a metal.) Replication over a range of experimental conditions determined that there is a critical threshold, if the ratio of deuterium to palladium is too low, no fusion occurs - but if the ratio exceeds this threshold, fusion is detected. F&P were unusually skilled at loading deuterium into palladium, and in retrospect (looking at how everyone ran their experiments) we see they achieved a higher ratio than anyone else at the time, so everyone else got negative results. The replications failed because a critical aspect of the experiment was not sufficiently documented by F&P and therefore not replicated by the other scientists, who were generally less skilled at working with these particular materials. (This detail may have been omitted because the authors were rushed into a quick publication, and they may not have known it was important if they hadn't run the experiment with a lower deuterium ratio.)

That explains why everyone seemed to get negative results after the initial discovery, putting cold fusion into the "not real" category in the public mind.

I wonder if the cabal suppressed this field. The few scientists there have gotten positive results - and understand why the initial replications failed - creating conditions where other researchers can replicate BOTH the successful cold fusion experiment by F&P and the negative experiments performed by other researchers. In science, it would be expected that this would spark replication efforts everywhere, and quick recognition that the phenomenon exists.

Especially with all the money dumped into clean energy. Someone should be able to get substantial funding to do this. But in practice, research is suppressed. Dr Hagelstein at MIT, one of the few active researchers, said that research efforts at MIT were actively opposed by the university, including extraordinary efforts to interfere with small quantities of research done on the side by some scientists, even breaking apart what was already underway. Moniz, department chair and Obama's future energy secretary, was reportedly involved. For a future secretary of energy to interfere with research into a suppressed form of energy seems interesting.

I assumed the block against LENR/CF was entrenched groupthink. But academia is one of the cabal's fortresses, so when academia behaves in this way in light of current knowledge, there may be more to it. Two strategic reasons for the cabal to block LENR/CF. First, clean low-cost energy - if the cabal thrives on resource scarcity and control, public awareness could be a threat. Second, the underlying physics is unknown, so maybe a theoretical explanation would open doors to other important advances in theoretical and applied physics.

Good sauce is a lecture series that Dr Hagelstein offers at MIT as part of IAP, a January non-credit session over which the administration has limited control, and professors teach what they want. Some of these lectures have been recorded and are available online. The full program is one week, and my understanding is that it provides a somewhat in-depth technical overview of what's currently known about the phenomenon, and critical commentary about how it is suppressed. He warns students that going into this field will end your professional career in physics.

5f6604  No.3360936


And neg resistors.

http://www.cheniere.org/misc/Whittak/whit1904.pdf Not neg resistors on here. Just a good start

5f6604  No.3361053



2df96e  No.3361140


>CE-5 protocol

Q post 918

"Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here."

I have seen it suggested that a member of the Q team is in fact, an Alien entity.

A Nordic, perhaps ?

5f6604  No.3361382

Stop arguing anons. Just go outside and engage in the CE-5 protocols when it is right for you. What ever set of behaviours you have that put you in a good mood preform those behaviours before engaging in the protocols. It's important you be in a good mood. Those reading that are bitter will have to perform such personal engagements of behaviors to put them into a good mood so that when we flash to them (which is the most common thing at this moment) they willl experience joy rather than shock. Shock is a primer but joy is an inducer. For example a human that wants take personal time to engage in the protocols on an individual level goes to the dude's favorite wing shop to have dinner. That set a good vibe for this guy or gal engaging in the protocols. It's all about consciousness. >>3361140 No. Octoorus.

76e9e1  No.3363761

File: 41ccf929eff515f⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 1134x1090, 567:545, Black_symbol_card.jpg)


Final thoughts on the 'antarctic secret toy volcano' theory

Further I will add that if you search google / google image for 'polar orbit' you will see that some 'polar orbits' do indeed leave an uncovered pole hole while others do not. I suppose if wither they 'tightened the pole hole' so as to cover more of the unmapped pole hole, they would not cover the rest of the continent as easily and/or their sensors etc. were on a satellite that does several other things as to say they were hitching a ride.

I honestly do believe that there are strange features that are being hidden until the next version of REMA. Why did operation highjump require so many ships and soldiers? Why did the adroit and generally grounded Mae Brussell focus on Antarctica so much? Why have cabal masters and others been visiting Antarctica? Why is a ridiculous flat earth idea being professionally shilled so heavily?

There are edits that seem to not relate to possible orbital path gaps or to features that would have evaded stereoscopic imaging. Crevasses or narrow openings or small-diameter volcano holes all cannot be mapped properly by this method as the 'pings' sent out to be bounced back would bounce repeatedly within the walls of these spaces features and not produce a reflection with the necessary information.


I consider this to be a dormant lead for now, and it was already only highly tangentially Q-related.

I want to try to initiate and then participate in an academic study of the content and source of the red coloration of Antarctica's 'blood falls.' haha Any geologists want to get going on this???

6ffc30  No.3364518


It would be great if this was the last Antarctica Volcano post actually….. Make it so number 2. There is something going on in Antarctica but its not a fucking Volcano… Thats just silly man. Let it go or be labeled a slide.

6ffc30  No.3364548

File: 3c168cfd699b56c⋯.pdf (316.8 KB, This-Is-Not-Cold-Fusion.pdf)


Been following LENR since 2008… Fascinating shit. The only good sub on Reddit is r/LENR Tons of good info there. Check it out. The PDF below is also very important and can be found on the sub above if you are afraid of my link.

6ffc30  No.3364599


Clif High lived in an EM50 with no head down by the river a year ago… Now he lives in a lovely beach-house on the coast in Washington… Got that from Youtube interviews huh? Doubtful. He is getting paid under the table from SOMEWHERE… Not sure where but somewhere… On guys like Clif, look at a similar guy called Bix Weir. This man is paid by the FED to promote their bullshit. LIsten to his retarded Roto-Rooter comic thing that he shills… Definitely being paid under the table by the FED. Next up is Rogue Money/Rogue News. V is accepting payments from China as is London Paul and Harley Schlanger/Laroouchepac. Read Q's posts about China then go listen to all of these sources and apply your brain… Shills… EVERY. ONE.

3fbd23  No.3367893

>>3364599 yes Clif obfuscates - typical behaviour of willfully ignorant carnist.

Here's a few people worthy of your time though:

Ralph Smart

John Rose

Mark Passio

Gary Yourofsky

and Emily BiteSizeVegan

pedovores and blood-sacrifice tards are screwed. Universally <:> !


3fbd23  No.3368383

>>3358930 if you believe the taste of a sentient being is more important than its life - WHAT are you?

Pedovore and blood sacrifice is concise enough. Yes?

Therefore, would YOU want pedovores opening the "door"?

Imagine i am a jinn - can i come in?

a79368  No.3369222


There are other threads for demonic diseases, this one is about extraterrestrials, unacknowledged special access projects and the like.

ddc075  No.3370408

File: 840c4ed73f15b35⋯.jpeg (51.58 KB, 625x468, 625:468, serveimage.jpeg)

I find it truly embarrassing hearing questions like "are there aliens".

It's like "do elephants exist? Never seen one on my street. Actually, nobody on my street has ever seen one, I've only seen videos of ppl commenting on elephants and showing camera shots but most likely been faked."

It's … maan.. that is soo wrong on soo many levels. How come I have to even be here. One of the worst things that can happen to human being is being one when all the rest is downright ignorant, blind or stupid (pick one or more).

No wonder we've got fooled by some satanic pure evilfags if we cannot see through the obvious. Daunting. I can only guess what Copernicus has felt when everybody wanted to burn him at stake for saying earth is not the center of the solar system. And my oh my, even today we still have ppl claiming the earth is flat.

Humanity is helpless. Absolutely bullshit-helpless.

ddc075  No.3370888


This guy claimed there are no evil extraterrestrials because to go to space you need to evolve spiritually. Give me a break.

4c7488  No.3371200


you're so conditioned to believe evil must be in our existence that it must also be in theirs.

It is entirely possible the evil is constrained to THIS planet, and that is why we've been 'cut off' from the universe….

0df58b  No.3372902


The reality is, negative ETs have been driven back - when's the last time alien abductions were a thing? 30-40 years ago?

3b15cb  No.3375232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>3358930 Major kudos to thee, SaluteAnon.


See: Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation. Most abductions involve medical healing and 9/10 people report their "abductions" as positive; Want close encounters to continue.


>>3364518 Your's truly would like to hear what volcanofag has to say until he/she is debunked - not merely dismissed.

6ffc30  No.3377085


Rlarp… really? kys please.

6ffc30  No.3377153


I like to call this the 'Galactic North Korea' . Makes a LOT of sense tbh. We are fucked up in some way and are therefore quarantined. I think we have been in first contact for like 100 years or maybe more BUT we fucked it up. The wrong people got the info and used it to make shady deals and shitty power plays. I think we may even be in a situation where we are held hostage unknowingly by our governments through Nuclear weapons. They basically tell ET that if you show your self, we will nuke you and ourselves. ET's are generally peaceful and are not bloodthirsty killers like we are relatively speaking so they back off, WAY off and have been sitting on the whole situation for like 100 years trying to figure out what to do…

There is a novel called The Player of Games by Ian Banks. It is a really good book and a fun read. WE are kinda like the guys with the big dramatic game that controls the politics and culture of the whole planet. There are a lot of parallels.

3b15cb  No.3377276

File: fbc9552b2415a50⋯.png (245.23 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (118).png)

File: 2474a6eb5bb3660⋯.png (954.82 KB, 1013x569, 1013:569, 1538891736530.png)


"The Abduction Experience: A Critical Evaluation of the Theory and Evidence by Stuart Apelle, PhD."


"Summary and Conclusions

Hoaxes. Because independent evidence of an abduction is usually unavailable, the establishment of a hoax often depends on evaluation of the credibility of the claimant. Given the large number of abduction experiences that have been reported, it would be unreasonable to expect that in no case was a hoax perpetrated. On the other hand, in very few cases does the behavior of the reporter suggest motivation for such an act. Deliberate hoaxing is not a likely source for the vast majority of abduction accounts.

Hypnosis. Experiments demonstrate convincingly that hypnotically retrieved memory is often unreliable. However, the degree to which this research can be generalized to the kind of experience reported for abductions is not completely known, and some experimental evidence may actually be consistent with enhanced memory retrieval for this kind of experience. By no means does this imply that investigators or mental health professionals can be cavalier about the use of hypnosis, or that hypnosis can be exonerated as a causal factor in abduction experiences. But it is premature to claim that research already requires the dismissal of hypnotically retrieved abduction accounts.

Sleep anomalies. The relationship between abduction experiences and sleep anomalies (e.g., narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations) has, by various theorists, been claimed, assumed, or (conversely) dismissed. However, the relationship has not been adequately tested.

Psychopathology. Perhaps more than any other variable, the presence of psychopathology in the experiencer population has been systematically studied. The results indicate that formally recognized psychopathology does not exist to any greater degree in the experiencer population than it does in the general population.

Psychodynamic theories. Abduction experiences have been explained as the unconscious' response to childhood abuse, birth memory, abortion anxiety, environmental crises, unique characteristics of altered states, and the unconscious' own evolutionary development. Although abduction experiences do contain elements that are consistent with psychodynamic symbolism, the ability of psychodynamic theory to account for a given mental experience in such a wide variety of ways requires that it be evaluated in terms of empirical tests, not appeals to analogy. The suggested applications of psychodynamic mechanisms to the abduction experience are as yet untested, or ultimately untestable.

Environmental theories. Experiments which directly establish a relationship between environmental conditions (e.g., electromagnetic allergens, tectonic stress) and abduction experiences have not been carried out. And although debated by their advocates, most researchers concur that the plausibility of the assumptions underlying these hypotheses is yet to be demonstrated.

ET hypothesis. Arguments for dismissing the veridicality of abduction reports on a priori grounds are logically flawed. On the other hand, ET advocates' strongest challenges to alternative theory are not crucial tests of veridicality."

3b15cb  No.3377326

File: 0d16466ab85f7d0⋯.jpg (22.14 KB, 400x253, 400:253, gwsoon.jpg)

File: 20ba4de2ac629f1⋯.png (583.7 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (119).png)

File: 5ad0e0dc29d1a91⋯.png (233.52 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (120).png)

File: 4e382d818b8dac2⋯.png (222.59 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (121).png)


3b15cb  No.3377382

File: 7b7c9857d761b1e⋯.png (159.85 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (122).png)

File: 77656fccc8f2dff⋯.png (164.64 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (123).png)




⦁ 51% of Phase 2 respondents stated that a NHIB has performed a “Medical Healing” on them or a member of their family.

⦁ 16.5% were specifically told by NHIBs that they were medically healed by them."

a6b949  No.3377452

File: 3a8cfee8a64a239⋯.jpg (330.81 KB, 1176x905, 1176:905, PIA16763_Thumb.jpg)

Wow. A guy on facebook has this graphic up and it blew me away. It's something on the surface of Mars. I don't want to say what I think it is so you can decide for yourself. Here is the original picture:


Attached to this post is the zoomed image portion of what he found. Anybody want to chime in on what it is?

3b15cb  No.3377562

File: e13c04c8b68d7bb⋯.png (100.62 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot (124).png)


"Boarding Party:

Purpose: Numbers each member of the team in the event of an opportunity for an on-board experience. If the visiting ETs would say they had room for 4, we would have planned for this contingency ahead of time instead of debating who would go/stay. This is for the CSETI group‟s convenience. We cannot assume the ETs would follow our lead; indeed, it is up to us to follow theirs. However, humans function better when possibilities are planned for when preparing for an event of this magnitude. The first 4 numbered team members will be the first four boarding party members. Those who feel comfortable volunteering for a possible off-planet experience may begin in the first positions. Hopefully, all team members will eventually feel comfortable enough as work progresses to volunteer for the boarding party.

“In answering the broad question of how dangerous it is to attempt to go on board ET spacecraft in this CSETI project, I would like to offer the following response. First of all this endeavor is not for the faint of heart. It is not for people who always like to play it safe in life. It is not for those who want guarantees that there will never be any risk or harm. For those fearful individuals, I suggest that they should stay home at night. It is very important that we be honest and recognize that we are dealing with a certain amount that we know, but there is a whole lot that we don‟t know in this phenomenon of ETI. I would be very dishonest if I were to say that there are no risks attendant in trying to do this project.”

“Let‟s return to the Travis Walton case. He was a logger who in 1976 was part of a forest clearing team working in the national forest near Snowflake, Arizona. While driving out of the forest one night the entire crew encountered a brilliantly lit disc-shaped UFO that was hovering near the road. The driver stopped the truck and they were all dumbfounded. Travis got out of the vehicle and approached the craft alone. He very unwisely went right up to the object and apparently was hit by an electrical energy field that knocked him several feet in the air. His friends panicked and sped off in the truck without attempting to help him. They soon returned to the site only to find Travis Walton was gone. He was found 5 days later, somewhat shaken, and he only remembered 20 minutes of the 5 days he was missing.

The truth of this story is that he was not harmed on the craft. He was taken around and given a tour. At one point he was allowed to pilot the craft briefly.

“Travis Walton recounts a very different story of what took place on board. In fact, his only conscious negative experience occurred just as he first regained consciousness. He immediately grabbed a glass-like object and tried to attack the short EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities). He admits that he was the one who took aggressive action. He was subsequently restrained and when he calmed down, the ETs literally took him on a tour of the ship. Apparently they docked with another ship and he encountered some very human looking people as well as the short Extraterrestrials who were very kind to him. They let him move around the craft and even let him sit in a kind of navigator‟s chair and maneuver the craft. He has said that the experience was like an epiphany. ”

da55f4  No.3377883


looks like the upper right torso of a human skeleton.

da55f4  No.3377939

File: 0b7abdb5ba5cdf8⋯.png (513.92 KB, 844x423, 844:423, aa.png)

File: 9ae1a6d9951821c⋯.jpg (71.31 KB, 700x485, 140:97, aaaa.jpg)


Does anyone remember all of the UN vehicles being shipped around the USA last year? They were white military looking vehicles. I saw them at Walmarts as well as 100s on trains being moved somewhere. Im starting to think MS13, ANTIFA, snowflakes, and others are going to be the enemy of violence we are going to need to be aware of. Have they already set up a military in the US?

ea5244  No.3380134


its seems you are kicking someone on the way out while they were on the way out saying 'I'm on the way out', or at the very least 'I see my evidence halted but wasn't refuted, I am on pause'. There were others who were interested, no harm, though he does turn the speculation up to 11 when a solid 8 would be ok…

ae7a2d  No.3380362

File: 3b56c9fa8bd732b⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 2095x2322, 2095:2322, ThermiteReaction.jpg)


I saw many of them heading North on trains. Clowns at the time were trying to spread disinfo saying it wasn't happening. Hope you know how to make thermite. Tanks can be disabled with it.

41e729  No.3380439

A few years back someone of fb contacted me and wanted to know if I'd ever tried RV. Replied, "No." This person said she knew I could do it and had me concentrate on her…..paying attention to any sounds, smells, visuals. Didn't take long before I was "receiving" info: Dark outside…in front of window was a wing-backed chair…right side of chair was a Christmas tree….left side of chair was a round end table….on the end table was an orange, geometric-shaped object…fluffy clouds (it was dark outside, so this didn't make sense to me.) Anyway, she confirmed everything and went on to say that the orange object was an ashtray and the "fluffy clouds" were on her pajama pants. This RV happened in a mere minute, but I felt weird—-as in I was a peeping tom. Have not tried it since.

I'm thinking now it would be interesting to see if any in the group would like to practice RV? I know this is real bc I read the gov documents about it. Can anyone recommend an institute other than Monroe? Not saying anything negative about them, just want to research others.

aa30d2  No.3383877


>demonic diseases, this one is about extraterrestrials, unacknowledged special access projects

how would you know the difference if you are a blood sacrificing pedovore?

aa30d2  No.3383947

>>3371200 yes. "The star gates are closed. We must stay to fight, to conquer until the star gates are open again"

You need to know which side of the gate you are and why.

89724e  No.3387237


Anon in NJ, literally a stone's throw from GWB.

AnyAnon CE-5ing see anything in the northeastern sky right now? Hard to see because of light pollution but i just saw a "star" make circles in both directions….last time it went clockwise I couldn't help but think "clock" and it stopped at where 11:50 or so would be on the qlock.

Can anyanon confirm?

a0375c  No.3387677


samefag, back at pc

41e729  No.3389721


What strikes me are the stones underneath the rover. They look too perfectly shaped, and look to have been a walkway at one time.

5f6604  No.3392109


Go out in your backyard. Silence your mind and ask for a sighting. No need to look at screens for a sighting

41e729  No.3392807


Perhaps you misunderstood. I was replying to the Anon who posted the rover pic and asked our opinion on what we saw in the pic. But, thank you for your suggestion. Happy to report that I've been receiving "sightings" for years now, which has kept me "awake" all this time.

3b15cb  No.3397033

File: 4eea34dd953b20c⋯.png (476.63 KB, 1321x743, 1321:743, Screenshot (140).png)

Any SouthAfricanons? Reach out to YT "CE-5 Academy" if you are interested in attending this weekend's retreat.

3b15cb  No.3397066


There is the Farsight Institute in atlanta. They claim to have it *all* figured out.

3b15cb  No.3397144

Did anyone notice we made /qresearch/ notables a few mornings back? it was around 6-9am. shortly before a couple random shills hopped on here. Signs we are on the right track world patriots.

MBN out.

4dce54  No.3398230


Can you link it? I wanna see how normies respond to this.

831acc  No.3398471



These are not UFOs

41e729  No.3399003


Thank you, Anon

b93f3d  No.3401144

Stainlessfag here again. Had a question for repurposing my company's manufacturing post declas.

I know we can retool to distilling equipment, but trying to be sure there will be demand.

Thought hit me earlier: will vehicles be converted to water in the post petroleum world? We have a lot of cars, and not everyone will have a TR-3B right away. So isn't a water power conversion likely? If not, what's more probable. Thanks anons!


b93f3d  No.3402330


To clarify: I work on stainless tanks/systems for big pharma use. When they die, so does my company. Unless I have options to present to the boss.

If water fuelled car conversions will be common, distilled water will be the next fuel, so distillery equipment will be big business. We already have the stuff for making it, so the questions is: how good a chance is that for happening?

7f54dc  No.3405818


I don't know how/when various new energy systems will be released, but expect a societal change so massive that working for $$$ will be rendered obsolete in due time. During the transitional period, however, everything will try to stay "the same" so people can adapt, you're a vigilant guy so you'll know what to do. Praying for a fast declass.

9aedc4  No.3405929

I was the anon who asked.


Are we alone ?

Roswell ?

And it obvious I meant ARE ALIENS REAL ?

That's why I thought I'd push it and drop Roswell at the end aswell.

Can't believe people think it's not that simple.

c0c9c4  No.3406053

File: 8f27d1bf896755e⋯.png (8.6 KB, 782x126, 391:63, whynointel.png)


I was the anon who posted "to my fellow incarnated extraterrestrials, how could I have forgotten this crumb" with this pic attached, when Q just replied to me out of the blue.

By "incarnated extraterrestrials" I was referring to anons who were posting a lot about ETs and cosmic knowledge and almost disturbing the bread at the time (this was back when the average researcher had almost no reason to believe Q would ever connect to something like this), and according to a common theme among many spiritual teachings, a lot of us here are evolved souls coming from highly advanced worlds like those in Pleiades, Sirius or Arcturus.

I believe Q's reply to you when you asked him overtly about space aliens means Cabal lost enough power that he could disclose this without activating failsafes, and that we as a collective are ready to receive this information from him.

3c1b9c  No.3406164

>>3406053 bollocks. what's worse than awakening to the objective reality you've been fooled into behaving like a blood-sacrificing pedovore for no good reason?

150 billion sentient beings slaughtered for their taste is horrific enough WHEN (YOU) Think about it…

Here's an important part of CE-5 that Tards cannot comprehend: How would you know which way the contacted being wants to serve you?

3c1b9c  No.3406190

>>3405818 it is ALL about water - but not in steel vessels ; carbon is better utilized in C60 configurations… you'll adapt

3c1b9c  No.3406205

>>3402330 Super-critical CO2 extraction and alcohol for Rick Simpson Oil - plenty of transition "work" for you Stainlessfag. GITMO cell bars will need renewing too…

3b15cb  No.3407444

File: 1e13a5a5fcfdd50⋯.png (126.88 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20181009-094909.png)


Hey, volcanofag, I came across this. There is an active volcano on Ross island. Article says it is the second highest volcano in the Arctic and that there are three inactive volcanos on the island.

I would like to know why the article didn't cover the highest volcano, situated on the mainland I'm guessing. The article has some obvious propaganda points, such as denying the existence of a pyramid. I think you are actually on to something dude.


3b15cb  No.3407460


Bro. You are my hero

9aedc4  No.3410536

File: a51682a4ef909c9⋯.png (133.37 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_2278.PNG)

File: 6fe3229fb9cabe6⋯.png (186.02 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_2279.PNG)


I agree with you anon.

The shackles are broken and there's no one stopping the TRUTH to come out .

3b15cb  No.3411842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Proposal for a Galactic Internet, pt 2

part 1:


3b15cb  No.3411874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

USAPS presentation by Steven Greer, Q&A, part 3. 2018

part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF-Ukucii20&t=166s

part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbwQRZ7tXgY

c0c9c4  No.3411888

File: fbb8784ee8ca27d⋯.jpg (31.94 KB, 1572x68, 393:17, you.jpg)

File: 870398227fc89a1⋯.png (112.62 KB, 700x700, 1:1, fren.png)


Thanks fren.


Here's my (you) as well.

Now everyone knows we were talking about extraterrestrials from outer space.

543188  No.3417017

File: 11ecd769c97f1c5⋯.png (242.69 KB, 560x586, 280:293, 11ecd769c97f1c5d9efb7eeceb….png)


7a642a  No.3418131

File: 4d61896bb31ba19⋯.png (174.46 KB, 960x720, 4:3, DOITQBLACKSTAR.png)

The truth is definitely out here!

3b15cb  No.3418163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Second Generation Radiant Power Panel from GAEA, the free energy alienfags. This is solar power on steroids - it is LIGHT powered!

7a642a  No.3418394


I think there is a good argument for hydrogen as well!

3b15cb  No.3418988

Funny how people like jordan sather and corey goode wont come on here to fight for their failing narrative.

World Patrtiots #Winning

2cac36  No.3420058

File: ad62bcb2adeb63e⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 720x630, 8:7, demons_not_aliens.jpg)

3b15cb  No.3420315

File: 06898f8ff98c697⋯.png (182.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1539145238843.png)

3b15cb  No.3420348


ever press ctrl+f on posts like these?


What content precedes posts like these?

Working in conjunction with pedovorefag?

Do you believe in coincidences?

4b86c8  No.3420939


That guy is the star of netflix’s “Unacknowledged.”

Why would you trust someone who is the lead of a program that is literally thrust in our faces to watch?

That’s the elite saying, “here, believe this!”

I mean, seriously.

2cac36  No.3420954


takes one to know one, faggot.

ea5244  No.3421372


Yes, I think it is not close enough to be for the red falls, but maybe. This affirms the possibility because obviously 'active volcanos fairly close to the area' is better than the alternative.

At the same time cuts slightly against the thesis as it increases probability of the blood falls being from glacial melt. If that volcano has truly been 'continuously erupting' (I doubt this) then glacial melt might create the red water.

net positive effect of the information on the thesis

Highly Speculative: { I have also wondered about geological effects from the processes that made Earth become more oblate. Antarctica has 'contained' the south pole rotational axis for a fairly long time, a few hundred million years at least. If the Earth has become more oblate as it has rotated, how does the net redistribution of material effect the poles? Perhaps the seeming image of very large openings are indeed volcanos in some sense, though it might be better to think of them as 'crustal voids from retreated mantle.' Perhaps the 'antarctic slab' is locked into a curvature of an older Earth's pole. There are gigantic magma chambers and tunnels that meander deep into the continent. There is probably lava at the lowest points in some of these evacuated chambers and tubes. Perhaps there are additional geologic effects due to differences between how fluid mantle transmits momentum (it can have curl, it is a fluid) and the crust transmits momentum. The mantle is in constant motion relative to the crust in places.

There might be other areas that have similar chambers and 'catacombs' due to other areas being the pole for a very long time. Maybe somebody can find a geological map showing where the south pole has been in terms of 'old surface that hasn't subducted.' I tried but have yet to find. I might go to a nearby academic library. } Highly Speculative

66381d  No.3423165

Thanks to our resident shill team for tuning in

831acc  No.3425708


I feel this is very likely. I don't know but it sure has the look/feeling of what you described. This guy was very positive on Podesta… Therefore he was very positive on CLINTON WINNING. Reminds me of Academy to the stars forehead guy… Who is paying for all those stage-sets? Think about it? Could YOU sit there and tell an alien story and make enough money to support the back end of that operation? Doubtful. Notice how all the croud-funding stuff is simply an anonymous way to give someone money that supposedly comes from many people? how do we KNOW it comes from many people? It could come to them cleanly from very few people with many fake accounts and also come with strings and hooks. Simple as that.

Watch who you follow… Really. In my opinion if there is much of an organization behind it its fake. If the info comes from a single source its fake. if it is clean and fancy and looking good, its fake. Stuff like that.

66381d  No.3426464


If only dr. Greer put out individually verifiable ways of proving advanced peaceful extraterrestrials like, I don't know, CE-5 or some shit?

3c1b9c  No.3427851


>Watch who you follow… Really.

Yes : Who would follow pedovores and blood-sacrificing adrenochrome addicts?

There's a "thing" about willful ignorance and lies: When "it" hits the WALL it is Spectacular

WWG1 is not for some.

74d7e3  No.3428456


The Greer shills. When you meet flesh and blood aliens in his seances, *cough* *cough* I mean CE-5s, I'll believe it.

Until then you are dealing with non-corporal spiritual phenomena. Don't let them in, or they will take their pound of flesh from you.

Fair warning anons.

Real aliens don't need to participate in mumbo jumbo and freak light shows. Discarnate beings on the other hand do.

74d7e3  No.3428575

File: 886a71d4ab9f004⋯.jpg (24.05 KB, 338x408, 169:204, 8.jpg)

File: d9468b43a729deb⋯.jpg (12.27 KB, 275x293, 275:293, olbyskym.jpg)


If anybody doubts this, look into the photographic evidence provided by the "lady of the roses" "Marian" apparitions.

It is the same exact phenomena present at these CE-5 events.

If you want evidence of what these discarnate beings do to their "followers," just look into the poor lady under spiritual attack at the "lady of the lake" events, Veronica Lueken.

Not aliens. Demonic assaults. Melevolant Whisps at best.


74d7e3  No.3428639



BTW, flesh and blood aliens exist, as do demons.

You have to learn to differentiate between the two.

66381d  No.3431475


I agree with this post

715429  No.3432196


That's how I interpreted it. Its far to us, but not necessarily far for those who possess the right tech

3c1b9c  No.3432466

>>3428639 i am know by my deeds. (You) are know by your deeds.

If you are a blood-sacrificing pedovore: WE S EE Y OU. and you are exposed, disposed and deposed as a consequence for your chosen anti-live deeds.

Hu-man are fortunate; they're anatomically symbiotic livE Earth with Heart MAN

The Division Bell rang; you KNOW IT in your guts.

DING ding pedovores - who ya gon'a call?

715429  No.3432487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What about this? Way too fast for anything we know of today

3c1b9c  No.3432847

>>3432487 when TARDS comprehend the Trivium WHAT DOCTOR Judy Wood exposes;

it'll be Qui tam Time 124875 Grid Time NINE


willful ignorance voids :)

a7c4fc  No.3435481


Thanks anon WWG1WGA

I think Q has a treasure trove on ufos, contact ? Not ruling it out.

0c7a0b  No.3437828


Q most definately has contact, or at the very least knows about advanced benevolent ET races, they are a massive force against the Cabal as they have evolved past petty wars, egoism, greed, hatred, etc. a long time ago and they want to help us grow out of our infancy.

0c7a0b  No.3437861


definitely* screw learning English from the interwebs

0c7a0b  No.3437903

File: 7909ce4c001a1a9⋯.jpg (41.2 KB, 397x515, 397:515, extraterrestrial-alien-ebe….jpg)

831acc  No.3438404


This chart will be a function of the advertising pushing the 'National UFO reporting Center'. If they advertise more this number will rise if they advertise less this will fall.. This meme could cause a spike in reports and actually affect its own graph.

b5280d  No.3441990


>Some have concluded that UFOs, Aliens, Crop circles are DEMONS and ONLY DEMONS. That leaves no room to the possibility that REAL Alien intelligent life can exist..

Well, you say it yourself. REAL ALIEN LIFE. Of course it can exist. We just don't know. The fact that Aliens, UFOs etc, are DEMONS doesn't exclude the possibility that real aliens exists or have existed. Real extraterrestrial intelligence. Aliens are Demons and nothing else.

b93f3d  No.3444033

File: aa039aa65d72273⋯.png (88.36 KB, 640x480, 4:3, slide-fail-593ed7a23df78c5….png)

Okay, demonfags, your ride on the slide is over. This board is for actual people to talk, so take your shariablue and kindly fuck off. Filtered from here out.


4ead3f  No.3449471


You’re an alien to other aliens..

Does that make you a demon ?

Life grows where it can and cannot develops..

At the scale of what we call solar system, univers, galaxy and beyond, you’re just as small as a particle, maybe even smaller…

012272  No.3449557


They have to be the lowest quality baiters of the bunch.

It's basically flat earth 2.0 after Q BTFO'd them first time. Next it will be "Pleiadians are reptilians in disguise" or something like that.

b83b02  No.3450391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Join us non-locally tonight and tomorrow night in CE-5. This guy really really gets it.

3b15cb  No.3450880

File: af4279c2877d81d⋯.png (270.33 KB, 600x429, 200:143, 1539354389395.png)



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;

#2 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html#2518070

#1 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html#256741

>>3166229 Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3168151, >>3175892, >>3176762, >>3180037, >>3184196, >>3184782, >>3195215, >>3197822, >>3197840, >>3197892, >>3199146, >>3248001, >>3254008, >>3262301, >>3270630, >>3276654, >>3306652, >>3308619, >>3310333, >>3317246, >>3326004, >>3340901, >>3341914, >>3342262, >>3343085, >>3344435, >>3344562, >>3344885, >>3348588, >>3387237, CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3174483, >>3189374, >>3194130, >>3194794, >>3216698, >>3418163 GAEA.COMPANY the ZPE closet alienfags

>>3168388, >>3180655, >>3180928, >>3276972, >>3438404 More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710, >>3248661, >>3275601, >>3320417, >>3357454, >>3377562, >>3432487 ETV/UFO primary sources and CE5 Manual

>>3182401, >>3183858, >>3184144, >>3205445, >>3294687, >>3411874, >>3331253, >>3332009, >>3345108 Steven Greer and/or USAPs


>>3193637, >>3194457, >>3194493, >>3203228, >>3203269, >>3203326, >>3203599, >>3203936, >>3204063, >>3346201, >>3363761, >>3407444, >>3421372 Antarctica

>>3258422 TTSA going bankrupt?

>>3241039, >>3230379, >>3227478, >>3270557 Phoenix Journals (Obvious distraction from CE5 based disclosure but may have some info worth digging. No credible sources have surfaced yet.)

>>3281104, >>3316172, >>3316435, >>3316699, >>3321541, >>3321646, >>3344598, >>3348255 CE-5 Memes & Graphics of ambassadors by country

>>3269252, >>3349979 Darpa unveils subterranean robots

>>3352844, >>3411842 Proposal for an Open Source, Galactic internet that hypothetically already exists!

>>3359986, >>3360936, >>3361053 LENR, Quantum Vaccuum and Moar Free Energy Diggs

>>3377153 Interdasting Hostage & Non-Disclosure Theory

>>3377276, >>3377326, >>3377382 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experiences Data (EPIC!)

>>3405929 AreWeAloneAnon from Q&A Checks it. Salute!

>>3406053 IncarnatedETAnon that Q quoted checks in. Salute!

8c42fb  No.3451456

File: dee095efe39d921⋯.mp4 (10.95 MB, 520x862, 260:431, 20180901_193448.mp4)

Hi guys.

After much years of knowing I decided to try a CE-5 meditation.

Registered at their website with the geo-coordinates and meditated for ca 1h.

After this I felt an urge to go to th local gas-station.

2 lights followed me 3 kmt.

They split into at most 5 lights.

Its a longer story here but I`ll just post the videos.

I was so dumbfounded that I only thought about filming with the "snachat" video and that makes every clip 10 sec at most.

I always knew so I was not super startled. I just observer and trid to think happy stuff to them.

They split many times when I asked and moved to the directions I was thinking more times than it to be only coincidental.

Just to say this was only the start of it.

I have more stories but no more videos.

I dont think they like phones very much to be honest. The most cool stuff has happened without me thinking of recording it.

I used a cheap prog to clip the clips together.

768789  No.3455047

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anons seen this vid yet? Fwd to 1:00 and watch until you can/cannot debunk. Looking forward to fun times with all of you, everywhere…

6c2add  No.3457872

File: f67fd349cdf1a91⋯.jpg (74.67 KB, 482x894, 241:447, Vril3.jpg)

File: 3ff12d0bbca1925⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 700x430, 70:43, Dr_Michael-Salla.jpg)

File: c0e26ad277b96c6⋯.jpg (129.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jordan_Sather_Bill_Tompkin….jpg)

File: 081a0a0c4793dad⋯.jpg (268.45 KB, 580x444, 145:111, Tompkins_REDPILL_Good_News.jpg)

File: ad197e3e179c78b⋯.jpg (677.52 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, Adm_Rodgers_Q_LUBE.jpg)


Greetings and salutations surface dwellers of planet Sol-3! (Hello Earth!) Switching to universal translator…

Hello Anons, newfag here. Much Love to you (no homo). I Lurked Moar, but you faggots haven't dug where Q told you to so I'm here to straighten you out and fuckin' spoon feed you the thuath so your gay autisim can get busy. Your fuckin' welcome. (A great honor!) Now the chan ritual…

# 1 } Tits! …or GTFO! (see pics related) (Those are pre-WW2 Vrill tits you sick nazi niggers! Quit jerking it to yur grandma!)

# 2 } Get your Qanon reading list on! Begin to realize Q already gave you a place to dig… (here – > ) https ://www.exopolitics.org/qanon-goes-mainstream-at-trump-rally-while-tripcodes-point-to-exopolitics-books/

# 3 } FIND INFORMATION on William (mother-fuckin') Tomkins! [BOOM!] http ://www.craftsmanshipmuseum.com/TompkinsCol.htm

# 4 } Best fuckin' recognize Tomkins "died accidentally" ON THE FUCKIN' ECLIPSE just as he was in the middle of OFFICIAL ALIEN fuckin' UFO DISCLOSURE to Jordan Sather on behalf of naval intelligence, of which he was a full-faggot (no homo) member to his death R.I.P. (murdered)…. https ://www.exopolitics.org/william-tompkins-transitions-on-day-of-full-lunar-eclipse/

# 5 } __-_-__ ?????

# 6 } (Adm. Rodgers head of Naval Intelligence and possibly part of Q-team…) Profit!

They said you were the best at digging, ….We are not impressed (yet). Get Greer's cock out of your ears and quit trying to get yourself abducted faggots. We (the 'good' aliens) only come in dreams until you grow the fuck UP, and can reach us on your OWN, …tards. ANY ships you see are primitive Human military, or man-eaters, or sick bastards with anal probe fetishes. Why? Because what kind of Humans mess with ants? When Humans DO mess with ants is it EVER good for the ants? NOOOOO! Now put down the 'CE-5' cool-aid and do what you 'Be Best' at. We'll visit when you actually grow an entire brain between the lot of you and stop eating your own children.

Universal Translator off… It is with infinite gratitude we humbly offer this valuable information about the very important lessons surface Humans need to work through at this time/space. In Oneness with the All we rejoice at the advancement we see in your very near future, it has already happened from our perspective. Each and everyone of (You) are of infinite value to the infinite Creator. (Translated: Of course your 'special', Buttercup, we ALL ARE.) THANK (YOU)!

715429  No.3458032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


someone or something is protecting us

715429  No.3458137


This meteor was traveling about 40,000 mph


The fastest missile I'm aware of travels ~16,000 mph


Whatever hit that meteor was going at least twice as fast as the meteor (80,000 mph). Any ideas as to what travels that fast?

01441e  No.3461817



why would the UFO want to catch the falling debris, maybe more likely it destroyed the falling debris

alien/secret area 51 shit most lkely

d3fccb  No.3462343


Is it just me, or this Anon seems legit? It's true with the tripcode linking to books. https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F1JdmOflfk8W6WrcpIQVUPubqTCHGOAIXI5eLpR1YEk/edit#gid=1846924648

I've read the book: d74be4 Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race Len Kasten https://www.google.com/search?tbm=bks&q=d74be4

From my reading, it's very accurate. I HIGHLY recommend you all to read if you're into aliens. You'll get the history of the Alien races, history of our planet, history of Nazi and Hitler.

Remember Q asked who won the war? Operation Paperclip, CIA did covert operation to get a lot of Nazi scientist into USA. Even when Congress said no. CIA said they ended Paperclip but didn't, and went into 1970's.

Book also talks about the Alien wars and how Earth was structured. Talks about humans being created by DNA of a lot of alien species, including reptilian.

Must read the book, it's a great read.

I also agree with this CE-5 stuff. It's playing with fire. It's like people getting into witchcraft, and seeing stuff happening. Yes it happens, but you don't know what the hidden agenda is so it's dangerous. Same concept with ouija board. Same with CE-5, you're seeing aliens, it's dangerous how do you know they won't come and get you?

Question to 6c2add: What Alien race are you, and are you part of the Q team?

5131bb  No.3462578

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c2452e  No.3463417



Knowledge means little without wisdom, especially spiritual wisdom. Repeating again and again, what people usually call CE-5 is merely conscious contact through the oneness with the Source, similar to remote viewing, similar to telepathy, things very well documented (and obfuscated) in CIA docs. Literally change a few RV things and you get what's called "CE-5 protocol". it's all connected. And if you think it's playing with fire, you're basically telling adults not to talk to strangers - why?

John 10:16

c2452e  No.3463420


Good question on the alien race thing. I'd like to hear an answer to that :)

b93f3d  No.3463675

I tend think a lot of the fearfags here don't get out much.

Earth is like a bar which has just been reopened after extended renovations. The regulars are all here (us), and we now have new people coming by (ETs).

Some of them will be shitheads, but most (like us) are decent. And just like in a bar, when you go to sit down, you use discretion. Do you pick the guy cover in white power and fuck you tattoos? No, you pick someone who looks interesting to talk with.

CE-5 is the same way. Project positivity and light, and that's who you get. Just looking for "an ET" will get you people who might not have your best interests at heart.

Be aware. Part of that is doing research. Q has pointed to a lot of good sources to learn from, so take the opportunity to do it first. When you feel ready, reach out. If you don't, no worries, some day they will.

As for me, I'm going to find someone interesting and buy them a beer. o7

9ce90f  No.3466408


Are none of you guys concerned about alien abductions? I've obsessively researched UFOs and ETs since childhood, and to me, most ETs just seemed like a threat.

I realize I'm concernfagging, and I apologize. But I always wanted official disclosure before we "reach out" so we can interact with these beings as a team. Individuals just seem like cattle ready to be gathered up one at a time and indoctrinated in a probe-and-release program.

9ce90f  No.3466628


Fucking scary Anon

c2452e  No.3466808


No worries friend, it's always good to ask questions. We only have a problem with know-it-alls.

All info about "alien abductions" is 20+ years old. When's the last time a farmer said his cows were abducted? When's the last time a wave of "crazy people" claiming they were anally probed by greys came out? Why doesn't it happen anymore?

Recently everything about aliens seems positive, "new agey". It's all channelings, mantras, ascension, vegans and blondes. Why? What changed?

Answer those two and you'll have an easier time with your concerns.

6c2add  No.3467598

File: c6792e4114d87c9⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 700x450, 14:9, nordics-nazis.jpg)

File: 68acc71ed411e02⋯.jpg (243.07 KB, 1024x854, 512:427, Tompkins_Carrier_and_destr….jpg)

File: 713558a2d5f8d33⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 640x340, 32:17, nazi-ufo-flying-saucer-61.jpg)

File: 3af58b1cc0f5706⋯.jpg (214.77 KB, 1376x941, 1376:941, Starships-menacing-Apollo-….jpg)

File: ecc32c51370d601⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 678x429, 226:143, william_tompkins_navy_spac….jpg)


Don't believe anything I say, suspend disbelief and self verify, per your own inner guidance. Tired of hearing that yet? Well, then start doing it. So what if I Am an 'alien'? Does it make me a "better being"? NO! (You) are JUST as important to the Universe as the most "advanced" being in our entire galaxy, EVERY BIT of you! The "good guys" out there know this, and know that it would be VERY HARD for you NOT to worship them as 'gods'. We can't allow that by our action or inaction, we must do no harm. My people can't come down until you have literally "woken" your "global mind" when you are ABLE (not forced) to think as One being and not worship any other beings any longer. The Infinite Creator's face is only ever as far as the nearest mirror, or the nearest other being, both. How would you help an island of hostile natives that would label you a 'god' or 'demon' (because of your gadgets and trinkets) upon arrival?

Are aliens helping Q team? YES. Remember your people have been among the stars now for almost a century, (You) the public just hasn't known about it. Alliances and friendships have formed on a near equal footing, a part of your civilization has broken away from the rest. It's the break away part of (You All) that we are able to deal with as peers. Q team doesn't 'NEED' alien help though, the top tiers of their own people have similar or sometimes better technology than the 'aliens' out there (usually stolen of course but they have it none the less). You call these technologies 'Quantum computing', 'time travel', 'warp drive', 'holograms', 'medical beds', 'death rays', but we see them as crutches, parlor tricks, gadgets, trinkets, pale comparisons to the actual spiritual gifts they are meant to mimic. You won't need these things anymore after you have made your race (Humans) "awake".

f5a549  No.3467749


Railgun projectile fired from a C_A sub (the one Q was hunting). Current development status: Range 100 miles, speed mach 5 to 8… Right now you need a power plant, couple of trucks and a gun the size of a house. Dump some billions from the black budget into r&d and you can fit this in an sub… like 10 years back…

792b78  No.3468631


Thank you for your reply! I am digging as per your first post. I will report back with information.

suspend disbelief and self verify, per your own inner guidance - this is how I operate in life.

Question 1: Have you heard of Mandela Effect and is it caused by CERN? Stuff being changed in history, that we remember, but if looked at now has been altered. Example: The movie Matrix, Morpheus said to Neo "What if I told you everything was a lie" - if looked back now that scene is totally removed from the movie, as in it never happened, but I and many others remember it has happened, there is even memes on this.

- Same example with the new egyptian god Khepri - that bug face god was never there, now it's always been there.

Question 2: My question is sometimes what's the point of researching, when history like the Mandela affect has changed history, so how to find that the truth is the real truth, and not altered? Does it matter what we find?

6c2add  No.3469697

File: c6792e4114d87c9⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 700x450, 14:9, nordics-nazis.jpg)

File: e0be0f3774139a8⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 720x444, 60:37, H2_1_-720x444.jpg)

File: 58a860d092634de⋯.jpg (50.11 KB, 796x553, 796:553, star-trek-the-killing-game….JPG)

File: 5b06ea47ce4a34d⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 281x400, 281:400, image001-281x400.jpg)


I've spoken my view of 'CE-5' others have different views, and are no less valid. To many CE-5 appears to be setting Humans up for abduction. You're correct real contact with non-hostiles is possible, and it might be 'lights' in the sky, or a dream or a shared vision, ect. If you've developed your telepathic abilities far enough to call for a ride from galactic friends, by all means go ahead. However unless your really good at it how will you know who your calling? You see here the damage trolls can do, the galaxy at large is no different from the sample of different motives you'd encounter in a crowded area of Earth. Most folks are nice enough, but there's always one, and it only takes one to make a scene. Once you can make galactic phone calls (telepathy) are the physical visits needed? Who you gonna call though? Ghost Busters doesn't have a intergalactic line BTW. Then again I could scream and holler (telepathically) for a ride home, but would get no answer, why? Quarantine. It's not a lie or myth, those on the surface of Earth have a plague, of fear. The most repeated command in the 'Holy Bible'? "Fear NOT!" Fear is a form of food for the dark ones, the Earth is an all you can eat buffet. How many skinny people do you see at buffets? (Nazi reptile pic related.) I've gotten in big trouble before trying to break quarantine, trying to help, now here I Am, until it's fixed… Godspeed Patriots! NO fear! WWG1WGA (Even some 'aliens'!)

f55e66  No.3469918


That third pic. So compelling…

…I loved that season of Star Trek: Voyager.

Now, seriously, if you really believe what you just wrote, you're pretty much being a buffet of fear. Chill out, smoke a bowl, and go talk to somone. Human or not.

c2452e  No.3469995



Have you heard about the Galactic Federation Of Light? Do you know what Quarantine Earth is?

a8ee07  No.3470455


This resonates truth. See you on the other side, being of light.

a8ee07  No.3470469

File: 17968bf64846006⋯.jpg (105.17 KB, 300x261, 100:87, wut_maga.jpg)

6c2add  No.3472351

File: c0e26ad277b96c6⋯.jpg (129.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jordan_Sather_Bill_Tompkin….jpg)

File: bad209bd58ea185⋯.jpg (24.43 KB, 381x322, 381:322, TompkinsPic.jpg)


Hey man if you got a terminal illness you need to know, so you can "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" Don't fear, fight! Kek, the pic says Star Trek in the title. Not trying to say its real. That and many other television shows, are soft disclosure. Not saying it happened just like the show (that reptile is too cute compared to the real thing, and they would never wear a "filthy human" uniform….naked), but it matches VERY close the details in William Tompkins notes from WW2 American spies in nazi Germany. They got help from some bad dudes. Tell me some stories of the success or failures of the American spies in WW2, go ahead anything… (Did the USA really 'win' WW2 if all the top nazis got plush NASA jobs? Sounds like a soft take over to me. NAzi/NAsa? …Naaaaa…) (((hydra)))


Yes. No free lunches out there in the big galaxy, what do they get out of it? Don't hero worship, (You) are the hero here. Also is the 'Bank of America' a government or private bank? It was named that way so immigrants fresh off the boats would think it was the government bank, like they used to have back home. Drummed up a lot of business I bet. Titles are deceptive sometimes. Trust your fellow Humans more than ANY alien. Stick together, become One people. You know that guy you 'hate' so much down the street? "it's a thin line between love and hate" If you can make friends with him on purpose, and 100 more like him, your ready to meet aliens.


Thank You. Its been a VERY long time coming! I Am so blessed to have the honor of being here at this time. We All are. (You) All have more potential than you can imagine! So grateful for All the Patriots! WWG1WGA! GW (Galaxy Wide)

1a041c  No.3472375


There was a fantastic TV series by the same name in 1988 that actually served as a sequel to the movie as well as tying in the radio broadcast in the same world. 1938 was explained as a "test run" that the government used to test our reactions to a potential invasion. 1953(the movie) was the actual invasion, and though the movie portrayed that the aliens died at the end, the tv series posited that they only went into hibernation, and the us government gathered up the bodies and machinery and tech and sealed it all away, Raiders of the Lost Ark style. Then they awoke.

Highly recommend it. The first season, specifically. The second season should only be watched if you have weed handy.

885a99  No.3472386


Can you please tell me if "the Event" is real if you have heard of it? where the earth will be entering a new age and humans will become 4th density beings (the ones who are ready anyways)

9ce90f  No.3472388


Propaganda and narrative control?

6c2add  No.3472449


I don't have any inside info. I got my war stories, but I'm out of 'the loop'. All I know is everything happens for a reason, even prophecy. Your 'Event' (trademark) will be different from anyone else's. In some ways it hasn't happened yet, (((they))) know the river's course, but how will the little boat float down the river of time? Its ALL up to you, Captain. (Rapids ahoy!)

6c2add  No.3472501

File: f335774469db50d⋯.jpg (582.99 KB, 1070x1553, 1070:1553, race-for-the-moon-02-24.jpg)


THIS! Yes in the near future its very likely digging old movies for cabal clues will be a household staple! You have no idea how much truth is in 'sci-fi'. Star Trek is a recruitment for Solar Warden. NOW with redpilled eyes media will make so much more sense….. (pic from 1958 related)

6c2add  No.3472590


I Am not important, digging the info is. I'm just a guy like you with a weird history that's all. You may have already met me. A high percentage of 'aliens' can walk down the street with no disguise. Once we are fluoridated and microwaved and chipped we are no different from any of you. (((They))) have all this ability and yet here we are, talking about it with little to no giggle factor present. Humans are amazing. You ARE getting help, you are not alone, so dig dig dig that is all.

d3fccb  No.3472686



Yes I'm digging!!!

While I'm digging, can you kindly look at my questions earlier regarding >>3468631

109f3f  No.3472746

File: db36e8beae69f5f⋯.jpg (135.24 KB, 500x707, 500:707, obr1970x_en.jpg)

File: 0f7feff84a76903⋯.jpg (183.41 KB, 900x664, 225:166, UnknownReligionsUniversePe….jpg)


Can you reduce your LARPing please?

Here's how you can sauce your claims.

http://www.universe-people.com/english/default_en.htm - loads of info from a telepathic contactee

http://galactic.no/rune/korundor1.html - radio contactee

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Adamski - contactee

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Meier - physical contactee

https://www.youtube.com/user/777ALAJE - contactee

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BWHVmBY0Cs - Southern Television broadcast interruption from 1977 (cue the Great Awakening reference)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg6VTzacb9I - 'Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less' - Former Canada Defense Minister

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhW9F0kR7oA - positive ET shutting down nukes




+pics related

Notice the heavy emphasis on positive spirituality. Why? "No free lunch"? Do you know how advanced civilizations of Light work? Have you read the Bible and wondered what the Angels were and why they act selflessly?

Many different sources are all pointing out towards one thing - the existence of the most powerful force that is the reason why you are alive right now and not dead or enslaved, and why this planet has a semi-functioning biosphere at all, and why we are actually winning against the draco-reptilian sponsored Cabal.

This force is called the Galactic Federation/Confederation of Light, a name we thankfully collectively adopted to avoid confusion.

They constitute approximately 100% of ET contacts you will have ever since around years 1999.-2000. because rampant negative ET activities, including those stemming from Eisenhower's pact with the greys (abductions) were violating free will and had to be stopped. This is also why there is very little new info about DUMBs since then as well.


Ike was pressured into this pact by the Cabal. I believe that if he was left alone, he would have sided with the Federation instead. No coincidence Eisenhower went out of his way to warn us against the Military Industrial Complex as he was leaving office.


You can prove most of this by requesting conscious contact with a clear mind and a clear heart, where you will feel the contact as well as see it. This will let you know for sure. You can be wrong about certain details but the greater Truth of the Universe cannot be faked by any CIA psy-op. Spirituality goes first and foremost, or else you will run in circles like 6c2add. No hard feelings bro.

023fb8  No.3474385



This is what leads to progress. Good ground to digg in!

74d7e3  No.3474776



Adamski and Meier? One is a hoaxer the other under extreme demonic assault. Even the aliens Meier talks to share demonic names from the Old Testament.

Try Jacques Vallée, Mac Tonnies, John A. Keel.

Real intelligent humans who research the phenomena.

9ce90f  No.3475383


I wish sci-fi was still used for military propaganda. Books and TV would be so much more exciting! Somehow the Commies even took hold of comics, now every comic book is nothing but SJW bullshit from the religion of diversity. Every character is slowly being turned brown or female and nobody is buying the books, but they're still being printed.

David Jacobs is one of my favorite UFO/abduction researchers. He comes at the phenomenon from the perspective that these creatures work in secret because they want to remain hidden, and from there he draws a number of conclusions that anyone with a sufficient amount of testosterone can see is relevant. I've always been deeply mistrustful of any "love and light" New Age homos who hang around the abductee community, because why are they there? We're talking about people being kidnapped in the middle of the night and being sexually assaulted, this isn't yoga class.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/EebPP1ci1IE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sorry if the video doesn't embed properly, I'm a newfag brainlet with a hardon for security humanity's border around the solar system.

9ce90f  No.3475490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

831acc  No.3475606


time to write your own…

109f3f  No.3475848


Early Meier works are legit.

In time, ego develops and decays some people's work. It's up to you to discern when that happened.

c304fc  No.3476473

File: ce290611a86a64c⋯.jpg (216.93 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, WinnersNPC.jpg)

2f91d0  No.3476476


Could be a hypersonic glide vehicle, or a railgun like projectile.

b52cd2  No.3476496


>must be resisted by Christians

but we are not Christians

86d041  No.3476627


Word. It blows my mind that people can be woke enough to see the corruption and propaganda happening today, but then think that their 2000yo religion is the absolute holy grail of truth. Like, do you religionfags not see the irony in that? That is not to say that there isn't truth in religions. Truth hides itself in everything we create. Religions teach good things, but in the larger picture they're a form of controlling those good things.

Have some introspection and don't be afraid to question everything, even your most foundational beliefs. Why is the religion that you were randomly born into and taught more righteous than the hundreds of other religions who have followers just as passionate and certain as you? Find the common themes, the rest is all, probably, bullshit.

3b15cb  No.3478531

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

From the multi-day South Africa CE-5 Retreat

6c2add  No.3479074

File: 6fbe9fb4c1d2e9e⋯.jpg (100.55 KB, 1023x901, 1023:901, TR-3b.jpg)

File: a13c4d8d3a3f1b6⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 550x399, 550:399, ufo-cigar-shaped-craft.jpg)

File: c405d1bc1a3dc92⋯.jpg (24.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 8d7f235b7c66bf9⋯.jpg (29.9 KB, 1600x883, 1600:883, 22_reptilian_ET.jpg)


1st off Qanon didn't drop crumbs in his reading list about GFL or Greer that I noticed. Q pointed Us towards Exopolitics and Dr. Michael Salla, which leads right to Tompkins and THE OFFICIAL Naval intelligence disclosure plan, led by NONE other than Admiral Rodgers himself (Q-team member 80% sure). I'm trusting "The Plan", as long as they don't turn traitor. "trust but verify"

Can you reduce your LARPing please?

>"Everything I said is true…from a certain point of view." (mine) Your right though, I over did the alien part from a normal person's point of view. I also made it clear I'm a regular dude. One word to keep in mind while reading me = starseed. (recent, 4D, tagged, targeted, crashed ship/died here = stuck)

"No free lunch"? Do you know how advanced civilizations of Light work?

>Yes. I trust "The 1st Race" inner core, more than those from Sirius, they've had a lot of wars there. Age before beauty, nothing personal. Not everything out there is all 'Love and Light' I understand "empathy" is a dirty word above 5D but not everyone is 1337. These people are transitioning from 3D to 4D, not 5-7. I'm still closer to these folks than the GFL, in the trenches, muddy. From my viewpoint your heroes are leading these people down the same road Ra did, you might remember how THAT debacle ended for them? (((cult))) If you're GFL, we've had 'the talk', we're generally on the same page, but my views are my own. I asked them to think about it, that's All. Don't pretend the GFL doesn't get something out of it. 1st shots at trade and culture exchanges come to mind. Thanks for All the help none the less. No hard feels. GFL knows why I feel this way, I'm on 'the phone' a lot. [LOUD ONE] Ask about me, they'll know. (so they say, often)

They constitute approximately 100% of ET contacts you will have ever since around years 1999.-2000

> I'd say a little lower than that man. SSP's are not GFL last I checked. Air Force had me in for a check-up in 2015. But ya I admit the reptiles have been scarce lately. I understand prime directive prevents GFL from interfering in "internal affairs", so not much can be done to stop Humans from harming Humans. But normal people can't tell (pic1) Air Force from (2) Solar Warden or (3) Zetas from (4) Dracos, YET….

(Me) You're doing just what the cabal wants man divide and conquer, you just brought all [our baggage] from out there into here. We're on the same side. We both Love these folks, I'm not here for woof tickets you can have them. Like I told the higher ups, lets get these nice folks out of the frikkin' slaughter house 1st, then we can virtue signal in the aftermath, cool? Besides THAT, where were (You) when Greer's people were having their way with this bread? I halped, and yur welcome.

These anons here (shills excluded) are the actual best and brightest of Humanity, but they need the intro to this material because it's been a JOKE to them until Qanon recently dropped the disclosure BOOM. Baby steps guy.

Maybe I'M the 'victim' here of MK-ultra. maybe I'm being tricked, maybe CE-5 IS the greatest thing since sliced bread, but who's being more rational here? I'm just saying better safe than sorry. DO diligence 1st, THEN cliff jumping, that's all. Baby steps.

WWG1WGA- (Galaxy Wide)

48ae4b  No.3481128

Greer is MK Ultra or Monarch Handler CE-5 not real and or corrupted. Patriots in Control. Potus Opened door of all doors. Green Door? Patches? What is the space related intelligence agency? Expand your thinking! What turbines are not gated by speed but material? Can this be improved by basic logic/maths? What is a repulsine? Are oil based products providing max KJ per lb?

Think Germany, think skipper! Can highest end tech of SSP be disclosed prior to cabal feeder states: C_ _ER. being regime changed/taken out/controlled? What is planetary security? What is space force? Who leads the world? Who can overtake any underground breakaway civ over night due to G_P? Why is STEEL important? Can you believe that you are the most capable, self-reliant people on this planet? Who runs planetary liberation OPs vs Cabal/Satanist Elements? Do you believe in god?

6c2add  No.3481885

File: 4f1d846cfc6df8f⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 480x474, 80:79, Thx_4_the_bruises_coast_ga….jpg)


THIS! Thank you patriot. Just follow the crumbs Q gave us, this (Q) is NOT a game (it's really cool though!)

9ce90f  No.3482603


Religionfag here, formerly a "woke" atheistfag. Don't worry, we think about the legitimacy of our faith more than we let on. What turned me into a Christcuck was reading history and seeing that Christianity has been hated since the beginning and ruthlessly attacked, basically the opposite of the depiction seen in every movie, book, and tv show produced by Jews. I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about Christcucks. If the pagans hadn't been sick of child sacrifice, they would have stayed pagan, and if the sciencefags were truly more enlightened than religionfags, then they wouldn't desperately try to be accepted by religionfags.


I do!

dcdabc  No.3482626


believe in god? how much disclosure will happen at large?

831acc  No.3484550

Hey guys, Just noticed that after the numbers adjusted on Qmap for the missed post a while back, the 'roswell alien' post is now post #2222 :p I wonder if this was planned? No coincidences right?


Probably best to not write like Q. What you wrote seems interesting but I just don't care to chase an unverified larphole. Your post screams 'shill' TBH. Just post your info for public scrutiny. No reason to make a big fucking secret of it. If steel is important just say "steel is important because it can 'XYZ' and that was hidden from you, here is my source." We are not here to make stupid puzzles for eachother. If you HAVE information, POST IT CLEARLY. We will look at it and see what we come up with.

154969  No.3485807

File: 0235b989ded1734⋯.jpg (68.1 KB, 763x600, 763:600, P1050666 hat-logo-rnd copy.jpg)

File: 6a5627d47c5fa2c⋯.jpg (49.12 KB, 320x320, 1:1, logo-mar-hat-320.jpg)

Anyone know what this logo stands for?

Who would wear this?

b3f2e7  No.3488551


Someone who probably knows stuff.

seven beams coming out from a grid pattern is too obvious to be an accident for people who have the deepest of sacred knowledge about reality.

3b15cb  No.3488839

October Contact Report

Purposely not embedded

Shout out to guy who rambles incoherently about not eating meat - this one's for you buddy


79a039  No.3489332


Thank you. You are emphasizing spirituality very well, which is paramount. This is a lesson to learn for the posters above, especially with the fact that egoistic tryharding ("corpse eaters are evil!") and fearmongering ("ur contacting DEMONS brah!") of course does not equal spirituality and has nothing to do with Oneness. You said very well this is not about ETs, this is about the God-Source.

I hope RJ got his "spiritual activation" through you and that he liked the experience. One day we might have swarms of "average" people wanting to get into such things so understanding how different people work can be helpful.

3b15cb  No.3495329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Flashbulbs over S. Africa from last weekend. When Anons on here talk about going outside and seeing a flash, this is what they are talking about.

154969  No.3496415


FYI - the clear logo image at right is only a recreated representation from the poor quality photo at left. The true number of lines making up the beams of light or other lines for that matter weren't clear enough to discern exactly. Just very curious what organization this design represents and/or its origin.

b11982  No.3496700

File: ce02cc62b6b20c5⋯.jpg (232.82 KB, 415x400, 83:80, alcyone.jpg)

It came to my attention that many folks in our movement have not yet LINKED the name of Operation Mjolnir aka THE GREAT AWAKENING to the single and most important happening that is going on in ANTARTICA. Q can you confirm my thinking?

Coming out of the state of stasis?

23c5c0  No.3496813


I'm currently reading some articles and trying to make more sense of everything. There is an information overload for the seekers.

When all else fails, relax, close the books, plug in the nicest music you are willing to listen to and relax. Imagine the Creator within you bringing peace and goodfeels in every direction around you forever.

b11982  No.3496856


Nobody is overwhelmed. Are you a gatekeeper?

Why stop digging when you were made to dig (Enki Gold Mines)…

b11982  No.3496945


NEVER STOP DIGGING HEARTHLINGS! Truth and Judgement of the Archons (keepers of dark, Cabal Jews, other factions) is coming. APOCALYPSE does not nececerily means the END FOR US rather the end to ARCHONS and end of Prison Planet. The Age of Pisces (Duality, freemason checkerboard, lies, age of deceit) ended in 2012 and the AGE OF TRUTH and therefore the Great Awakening is now coming.

Awakening of us all to the same reality, and possibly the awakening of something larger than life if those reports out of Antartica are not Desinfo (Dr Salla, other folks)

318e58  No.3497155


Also and finally… TO ALL OF THOSE who needed to make sense of this life, world, concept the times of happiness and awareness of who you are and why you are are coming. To all those who suffer financially, physically, spiritually, militarily… stay strong the TIME OF RECKONING is now. This is your time, it will not be easy but knowing you come from the stars and that you are DIVINE within your own Temple (Body) is important.

1d8405  No.3499144


horrid shaky video but the flashes match what I saw… Extremely fast, extremely pure white flash, like an old school magnesium flashbulb. They either stay in the same place and flash multiple times with varying timespans or they move around somewhat randomly… This "movement" could be a bunch of them sitting stationary and flashing at different times as well giving the effect of movement.

23c5c0  No.3499590


I'm just sharing my personal experience and feelings, just got a bit overwhelmed by stuff and that's it.

44650e  No.3500821

File: 32523649c76f9f1⋯.pdf (1003.22 KB, vision 2020(1) 2 (1).pdf)

3441bb  No.3505826

File: 503b84f62d4992e⋯.jpg (83.09 KB, 500x333, 500:333, MSNS_2001ASO_CrystalMonoli….jpg)

File: 5363851d735171e⋯.jpg (74.2 KB, 1416x947, 1416:947, MSNS_2001ASO_CrystalMonoli….jpg)

File: cf8ffff164778f4⋯.jpg (131.61 KB, 875x582, 875:582, MSNS_2001ASO_CrystalMonoli….jpg)

File: 2e42a09747d03a3⋯.jpg (128.38 KB, 730x485, 146:97, MSNS_2001ASO_CrystalMonoli….jpg)

File: 2ba83e4f30e036e⋯.jpg (182.63 KB, 730x548, 365:274, MSNS_2001ASO_CrystalMonoli….jpg)


>Are we Alone

ETs do not specify non-humans. ETs can be ourselves. Torsion field physics and EM have been in play since at least the 1800s; monoatomic gold is likely the white powder sought in alchemy, with probable applications in field propulsion in the aforementioned, along with the ubiquitous red mercury in research relating to the Sonora Aero Club and Hans Delschau together with The Nazi Bell (die Glocke "war-decisive classification" above even their nuclear programs). Q may have conceded human presence beyond earth, rather than ayys necessarily–

>The Highest Classification

A propos The Nazi Bell's "war-decisive", apex classification, one might assume continuity therefrom with Paperclip military-industrial infrastructure collaboration post-war. Per Joseph Farrell's research, the financials governing glow in the dark alphabets' black budgets were hit in the Twin Towers & 9/11; Farrell argues a nesting egg scenario – there was no good reason for Bush to fly to a facility after reading children's books considering the risks – unless nuclear code bona fides needed to be reasserted in person by POTUS: a penetrated op, within a treasonous false flag during NORAD drills.

Farrell argues 9/11, on party got their desired Pearl Harbor, and were simultaneously serviced 'divorce papers'/given notice, perhaps by the lender of choice for the black budget intelligence spider: the Corporate Nazi 4th Imperium. If you possessed that great a technological superiority, you wouldn't just gift all of it over in Paperclip – you could trickle down, in controlled fashion, what was no longer leading edge just as the public today is presumably at least 50 years behind whatever exotic military-industrial tech is operational. And if that's the case, the anomalies in NYC alone lend themselves to a multiplicity of demolition methods – and perhaps a demonstration of just how much technological might this third party possessed was made in such a way that only those treasonous pigs would appreciate immediately on the day – whether the seismography, earth's magnetic field distortions, free fall, nuclear codes flashed, ect. ect.

Mohamed Atta had cospicuous, longstanding contact/handlers that were German, and with German funding with very deep ties to the old industrial power base there (e.g. The Carl Duisberg Society bankrolled his time in Germany) in addition to having some 5+ language fluency including German and Hebrew.

>False, moon landings are real

What was seen/heard may still have been falsified only to conceal the actual methods to do it from the Soviets/Them – Aldrin's comments about another presence and their size; "nasa" in Hebrew meaning to deceive'' –

>Programs exist (that are outside of) public domain

Whomever achieves breakaway civilization status could hold that superiority indefinitely; European colonial period might have done something similar with stricter protocols, but still enjoys a degree of it in the strategic weapons arena currently (the way this manifests as cultural & linguistic extinction/WMD proliferation/traditional 'over-population'/Malthus/carry capacity in hindsight gives pause)

The Q may only be aligned with the institutional, legacy USA but otherwise not of the USA.


>Nazis' expunging sexual deviancy research and gender reassignment surgery

See the semi-recent Ethan Hawke film, Predestination based on Heinlein's story All You Zombies – it deals with this, time travel, the occult concept of hermetic union of the sexes/ouroborous, and a Space Force. Think a much higher brow Looper essentiall this:


>So 9/11 and all false flags are just Timeline management via contained momentum

Also watch 9/10: The Final Hours – the amount of cock-slapping to the face with prescience is obscene, but necessary viewing. The black and white octegenarians' interpretive dance rehearsal ends with the director yelling "CUT!" as on of them is doing the Masonic neck slice gesture– on that note, see the Gottherd Tunnel Opening dance ceremony with its symbolic CERN & occult tie-ins.

3441bb  No.3505840

File: 1448ca51793741c⋯.jpg (192.6 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, PEP_LYNCHREDROOM.jpg)

File: 5758b8d7c902efb⋯.jpg (55.21 KB, 500x253, 500:253, PEPFEELS_RedRoom.jpg)


>Solar Warden

If we back-engineer anything from Ayys, the gap is closed enormously. It's as if Native Americans develop firearms and all the necessary industries related to them inside 100 years of contact/downing a UFO (let's say by 1650) – colonization gets a lot more difficult, and the longer you wait, the sooner they achieve parity with things like cannon, mortars, ships and forts to wield, project, and harden them, ect. Under the assumption we are able to intelligently back-engineer anything as advanced as field propulsion et. al. ET tech, we are going to be in position to at least make ourselves an unattractive/expensive place to subjugate. – And if there are Ayys with bad intentions, they will appreciate the necessity to put the boot on Earth's neck sooner rather than later, which is perhaps the most dangerous risk posed by these cosmic backwater elites actively blocking exotic tech/space colonization.


>Gary McKinnon

We have extradition agreements with the UK, otherwise Assange wouldn't be holed up in a Guatamalen zoo cage in London. McKinnon is/was shielded by UK intelligence and probably has a medal for it.


ETs are the ultimate spook (very nice/rare egoist Pepe)


>How many times has Q said, "You are not alone"?

Compare the Dogon (Mali Tribe) and Salish (Pac. Northwest) cosmologies, which describe aquatic, ugly, friendly beings, as against Sky People in the latter, which were slavers/Anunnaki analogues.


>the Moon vibrating for over 55 minutes

If the Moon is artificial, is it a terraforming necessity, or something hostile and modifying either the EM/ect. field of the planet (and ourselves)


>Theory: Trump in Power and told the Aliens to stop abducting people?

In the Hans Dellschau papers, there are images of craft with TRUMP' on them. There was a Trump member of the Sonoro Aero Club (this would be from around the Civil War to WWI). In this context, Rudolf Steiner claimed the mystery schools had missed their chance by not preventing WWI, and that they'd have another chance in 100 years– 2013.


>She had all kinds of government documentation outlining Eisenhower, MJ-12, and the beginning of the US military reverse-engineering alien tech.

The Original Obelisk for 2001 A Space Odyssey was clear, with a radiant crown – the present day Queen was a huge fan and disappointed when it was passed over for the Saturnine, black one. It's in their possession to this day. (Pics related.)


>The cabal made a synthetic volcano at their south pole secret space program area.

Take the plots of You Only Live Twice and In Like Flint – scientist, technocrat cabals from Volcano lairs holding the world hostage. Anyways, Ian Flemming's works are hermetic/alchemical/Rosicrucian and lends themselves to this sort of signallign (John Dee, Queen Elizabeth spy/occultist signed as 007 in correspondence.)


The rarest pepes itt, very nice painted Green Lantern kekoid


>My line of thought is one that those 'beings' precede reptilians or might have created them

Molluscs and Arthropods have copper based blood – including octopodes, tarantulas, and scorpions (perhaps significant in Tauroctony in Mithraism, where Orion bisects the bull, a dog and serpent lick the blood, and a scorpion stings its testicles.) If the Dogon and Salish cosmologies are indeed fact, perhaps the Nummo/aquatic beings had hemocyanin based blood as well.


>never heard of Clif high

Forum Borealis on youtube is a great Antartic clearing house; the host gets just about everyone. Dark Journalist is also particularly thorough/encyclopedic. S3 Twin Peaks – the Arm as a dendrite is very Burning Bushy. To add to the Marilyn Monroe/JFK assasination motifs in Lynch, learned recently about the abrupt remodellign of the WH interior the day after the assassination. Jackie Kennedy was given the budget to redecorate – she had been quoted about managing AF1 design as well in a magazine, "Jack hates red" – the day after Dealy Plaza, the Oval Office had Red Carpet put in; Kennedy's chair reupholstered with red; and another meeting room turned into the interior of a Masonic temple, checker board and all. As for Tea Kettle Jeffries, Bowie's Black Star dovetails pretty amazingly, in addition to the Nazi Bell/Argentina material,


– Check out 'Mike Clelland on UFOs and Owls too

80b8ac  No.3506038

File: e74bce234e2aded⋯.jpg (72.15 KB, 713x715, 713:715, moon.jpg)

3441bb  No.3506151

File: 436fb8c34fd101c⋯.jpg (147.14 KB, 1024x415, 1024:415, PEP_Hawkin.jpg)

File: f14f783da5ffab7⋯.jpg (169.44 KB, 865x1196, 865:1196, PEP_SpaceHermetic.jpg)

File: 1a60a34670bf612⋯.jpg (11.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, PEP_SpectralGreen.jpg)

File: 078fbb95fb2a28c⋯.png (150.75 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 078fbb95fb2a28c75143542aef….png)

File: 32a08307fd63131⋯.png (91.76 KB, 300x300, 1:1, afaea2db695932a1bed80235b6….png)


>David Wilcock and Corey Goode

Satanic Blue Chicken Cultists get to bunk with the Pizza Chefs in Guantanomo, too


>Antarctic Redrum

'Red Mercury' looms large in the field propulsion/Nazi Bell/torsion field physics literature. Perhaps 'industrial waste' from 'fuel' there–


>Mars Rover

Richard Hoagland has an interesting theory about the Mars Probe and Hubbel Telescope around the time of Vince Foster's death. A NASA engineer was found in the woods within ~ 2 days of Foster's Arkancide in the woods behind a rest stop he had driven across the state to get to, just a few miles away. The Hubble telescope had been down due to a 'defective mirror' – this is the most idiot proof thing to precision manufacture and verify using technique back to the Renaissance garanteeing extreme accuracy. It was sent up there deliberately to have a less than perfect mirror, requiring physical retrieval. As this occured, NASA had delayed efforts to have the Mars Probe attempt to send what data it had before being occluded by the Sun from (nearly) all satellite communcation – all except Hubble, which could have captured the information via laser beam. The allegedly, potentially defunct Mars Probe would have provided the most detailed surface images of the Red Planet to date. This is in the context of Cydonia within the Roman cosmology (Mars Face) being so conspicuous, and former NASA nuclear physicist John Brandenberg's research into radioactive isotopes' presence indicating that Xenon-129 (rare in nature) presence radiating from two ground zeros seem to provide evidence of nuclear explosions of a strength of about 1 million one-megaton hydrogen bombs – Hubble's 'mirror problem' was presumably an excuse to covertly retrieve raw Mars surface data that could definitively solve Fermi's Paradox, particularly of Cydonia. Once the Mars Probe (could be Hubble if I'm not recalling correctly) the data drives were physically taken directly to the CIA – and after two days, only then was then President Bill Clinton briefed, presumably with tainted results.

The idea being Vince Foster, in addition to being payed to play with the Israelis and defense tech, perhaps was a mule for the Mars data through the NASA scientist (perhaps only seeking whistleblower legal representation.) Rummaging through his office files and the hastiness of the execution/cover up are characteristic of Arkancide, but may have been forced by time constraints additionally, due to 'actual' national security/black budget secrecy considerations.

a3f6fb  No.3507260


i cringe at the use of the word debunked

4edeaa  No.3507547

3441bb what's the point of your posts outside of a verbal diarrhea of headcanon?

d33f85  No.3509565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Pulsar Ship filmed during S. Africa ce-5 retreat

86d041  No.3512563

What are your guys thoughts on the pineal gland, and more specifically how it relates to CE-5 contacts? Does anyone have experience with detox/decalcification, and have you noticed any difference in how you meditate/CE-5?



72d201  No.3514860


I've read a lot about fluoride in our water supplies, which apparently shrinks the pineal gland and calcifies it.

Supposed to be our Third Eye, which is why "they" want to disable our pineal gland via fluoride, which also pacifies us.

43594b  No.3517266

Wait wait wait

During CE-5 some of you guys can telepathically direct comm with good positive ETs in this Solar System?

How many of you guys are Christian?

9ce90f  No.3518734

File: 9316111baef2ed8⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 640x356, 160:89, the_real_story_behind_alie….jpg)


Anon they're just talking to demons or creatures softening us up for a good old fashioned conquest. Anyone who opens up to an alien without some kind of force backing them up is just asking to become a tool of something they don't understand. I've been reading about alien encounters for my entire life and I can say that anyone who gets caught up in the abduction lifestyle ends up with their life in the shitter, constantly running around wondering "what does this mean, what does that mean, is this a sign, what did they mean when they said this? What did it mean when they sexually abused me? Oh wait it wasn't abuse it was for my benefit? Wow thanks for the Stockholm Syndrome guys, I sure hope we can disable all of our nuclear weapons, that way you guys can land and really bend us over, oops I mean raise our vibration level!" The CE-5 people are indoctrinated retards. That's really all there is to it.

I've been thinking a lot about Q's confirmation of ayy lmaos. I've been reading about alien encounters for decades. Obsessively, really. I always considered it the most important subject we need to look into, but always in the back of my mind there was a comforting voice saying, "But they're probably not real!" That comforting voice has grown really, really quiet after Q's confirmation.

These creatures, if they're anything like the accounts that peasants like us have access to, are telepathic and can manipulate our emotions. If you think a Democrat who watches The View and parrots everything those harpies says is dumb, then just imagine your average libtard in the hands of an advanced alien species. If the aliens tipped their hand and came out of the shadows and went into full invasion mode, literally ONLY the hardest motherfuckers in the world would remain in control of their own minds.

At the end of the day I'm just a civilian, there's nothing I can do but work, put away a little money, and take care of a few conventional firearms. I know enough to know I don't know very much. The only thing I think we can hope to do against these alien creeps is to take control of our genes and raise the average IQ. Yeah, eugenics. Sorry fags, it's the only way. That means paying smart people to breed and paying dumb people to get snipped.

It's the only viable long-term option I can imagine. I mean the only reason the military keeps this UFO stuff under wraps is because the aliens have a big advantage over us, and the aliens don't give a crap about you outside of what you can do for them, so it's scary as hell.

357654  No.3518993



based post, anon

3b15cb  No.3519629


can you find the original video? sure looks like a ufo underneath the rocket. gut says it's one of ours.

3b15cb  No.3519662


no man. we aren't. check out the FREE section in notables - very few people get "abducted" and those who do want the experiences to continue. This is why people need to put down the phony literature and do field work.

3b15cb  No.3519737


nascent iodine from global healing center has helped me in that regard. Maybe it's a placebo effect but I love the stuff.

3b15cb  No.3519745


many of my team members are christian and believe in jesus. It helps not hinders their contact experiences, intensity, and quantity.

sorry for being an MBN folks but sometimes its easier to respond to one person at a time!!!!

3b15cb  No.3519767

updated! I got excited when I saw so many posts. Then disappointed when I realized we are just being flooded by shills. Also I didn't include the latest ECETI ufo video bc I think it's a plane or satellite, but what do I know. Does anyone have an updated US Space Command Vision 2020? Or relevant Docs?



Threads #1 and #2 not included. For those threads, see;

#2 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html#2518070

#1 https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html#256741

>>3166229 Baker acknowledges CE-5 as best available evidence for ET presence

>>3168151, >>3175892, >>3176762, >>3180037, >>3184196, >>3184782, >>3195215, >>3197822, >>3197840, >>3197892, >>3199146, >>3248001, >>3254008, >>3262301, >>3270630, >>3276654, >>3306652, >>3308619, >>3310333, >>3317246, >>3326004, >>3340901, >>3341914, >>3342262, >>3343085, >>3344435, >>3344562, >>3344885, >>3348588, >>3387237, >>3451456, >>3478531, >>3488839, CE-5 TESTIMONIALS (and you can too)

>>3174483, >>3189374, >>3194130, >>3194794, >>3216698, >>3418163 GAEA.COMPANY the ZPE closet alienfags

>>3168388, >>3180655, >>3180928, >>3276972, >>3438404 More UFO's, fewer mufon reports

>>3180710, >>3248661, >>3275601, >>3320417, >>3357454, >>3377562, >>3432487, >>3455047, >>3495329, >>3509565 ETV/UFO primary sources and CE5 Manual

>>3182401, >>3183858, >>3184144, >>3205445, >>3294687, >>3411874, >>3331253, >>3332009, >>3345108 Steven Greer and/or USAPs

>>3188775 Q's building 8 reference in the news

>>3193637, >>3194457, >>3194493, >>3203228, >>3203269, >>3203326, >>3203599, >>3203936, >>3204063, >>3346201, >>3363761, >>3407444, >>3421372 Antarctica

>>3258422 TTSA going bankrupt?

>>3281104, >>3316172, >>3316435, >>3316699, >>3321541, >>3321646, >>3344598, >>3348255 CE-5 Memes & Graphics of ambassadors by country

>>3269252, >>3349979 Darpa unveils subterranean robots

>>3352844, >>3411842 Proposal for an Open Source, Galactic internet that hypothetically already exists!

>>3359986, >>3360936, >>3361053 LENR, Quantum Vaccuum and Moar Free Energy Diggs

>>3377153 Interdasting Hostage & Non-Disclosure Theory

>>3377276, >>3377326, >>3377382 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experiences Data (EPIC!)

>>3405929 AreWeAloneAnon from Q&A Checks it. Salute!

>>3406053 IncarnatedETAnon that Q quoted checks in. Salute!

>>3500821 USSPACE Command Vision 2020 (outdated? anyone have up to date version?)

0500c0  No.3519874


Pineal gland is to conscious contact what legs are to walking.


Depends on your spiritual sensitivity. Some people can feel and see things (those with enough meditation and cleansing) while others see craft physically or on a nightvision camera.


Thank you for the notables fren.

3b15cb  No.3520190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Coming up on the one year anniversary of this ETV deliberately being filmed by a team member's surveillance camera, within 72 hours of doing an 11 person CE-5 at this person's home! To me, this is a message that says, "Keep doing this."

e199df  No.3521468

One of our Founding Fathers Thomas Paine commented,

“The probability, therefore, is that each of these fixed stars is also a Sun, round which another system of worlds or planets, though too remote for us to discover, performs its revolutions, as our system of worlds does round our central Sun.”

Another of our Founding Fathers, John Adams, shared astronomers’ speculation at the time,

“Astronomers tell us, with good Reason, that not only all the Planets and Satellites in our Solar System, but all the unnumbered Worlds that revolve around the Fixt (sic) stars are inhabited, as well as this Globe of Earth.”

6be6bf  No.3524851

File: e0ac04eb139397a⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 224x225, 224:225, images[1].jpg)

File: 457615ca273842a⋯.png (1.81 MB, 778x1690, 389:845, 139a1c1217e619ccf9c1e585a7….png)

File: 6bfb1880e925398⋯.png (1.35 MB, 778x1690, 389:845, 5bd668a369bf83f995cbc527d2….png)

File: 19ab9204699248c⋯.jpg (98.13 KB, 710x670, 71:67, Giant-blue-eye-mauritania[….jpg)

File: 0d0ded6fb3cf250⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1400x974, 700:487, Richat-Structure-Sahara-4[….jpg)


Atlantis and Q

Look into Mauritania's Richat Structure as point of location for Plato's City of Atlantis (not the entire island continent complex but the city of ringed land and water harbors described in Critias.

21°07'36.9"N 11°24'03.1"W

Critias>>>read it, Plato describes key dimensions. Coincidence?


Genuine Neolithic agate pendant which was found in the Dakhlet region, in the Northern Mauritania.



South Africans travel there:


Further Mind Blowing Shit:

Carl Munck's The Code (can anybody replicate and expand on any of this shit?)



154969  No.3524908

Is this the mother of all history lessons?


#DavidWilcock #CoreyGoode #EmerySmith

Update Full Interview Meet Airl The Extrerrestrial

Universe's Secret Official - youtube channel

Premiered 5 hours ago

Teachings and channelings are showing up on the net with greater frequency. Are 'they' coming forth to help truly awaken and enlighten us with deep truth? You can't make this stuff up.

In the depths of my heart and soul - I am moved by this information, both physically and emotionally - are you?


6be6bf  No.3524913

File: c78696b997821d7⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 336x400, 21:25, s-l400[1].jpg)


pendent mentioned in ebay ad

43c6a6  No.3525443


Dead on… ce5 is total bullshit, Greer is deep state dude who talked to Bill Clinton of all people. Lots of bad actors in this bitch. You smell it.

43c6a6  No.3525551


I like you…. all is deceit, all the time. Soon after you CE5 a bunch of jews will show up wt hollywood made suits and fake alien masks… the leader alien name will be Schlomi!

0500c0  No.3525669


Yes goyim, it's all jews/satanists/demons, don't bother researching, let alone verifying extraterrestrial experiences. And don't even think about spiritual development.

0500c0  No.3525695


Trump talked to Obama when he was leaving office. Trump is therefore also DS. Logic is not your strong suite, shill?

1db2a3  No.3526802


Everything Gaia is fake Podesta-tier horseshit…

43c6a6  No.3526816


No homo but i fucking want to grab your sack and ask you what the fuck is BENEATH THE ICE??? Is it the Giants nigga?

Reply you Anherbebe Loving