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File: a2de7619e773d78⋯.png (381.13 KB, 602x381, 602:381, ClipboardImage.png)

15233f  No.2934062


Ready the memes.

How can these incumbent Democrats NOT be involved with the cabal?


It is time for the people to do our part in BOOSTING the power of POTUS. That's what this really comes down to. POTUS NEEDS CONGRESS. WE NEED 60 SEATS IN THE SENATE!!!

Minnesota - Tina Smith (D) v. Karin Housley (R)

New Jersey - Bob Menendez (D) v. Bob Hugin (R)

Wisconsin - Tammy Baldwin (D) v. Leah Vukmir (R)

West Virginia - Joe Manchin (D) v. Patrick Morrisey (R)

Arizona: Kyrsten Sinema (D) v. Martha McSally (R)

Tennessee: Phil Bredesen (D) v. Marsha Blackburn (R)

Nevada: Jacky Rosen (D) v. Dean Heller (R)

Texas: Beto O'Rourke (D) v. Ted Cruz (R)

Florida: Bill Nelson (D) v. Rick Scott (R)

Indiana: Joe Donnelly (D) v. Mike Braun (R)

Missouri: Claire McCaskill (D) v. Josh Hawley (R)

Montana: Jon Tester (D) v. Matt Rosendale (R)

North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp (D) v. Kevin Cramer (R)

Michigan - Debbie Stabenow (D) v. John James (R)

Pennsylvania - Bob Casey (D) v. Lou Barletta (R)

Ohio - Sherrod Brown (D) v. Jim Renacci (R)

420cdf  No.2934181


5f718c  No.2934989


>Don't organize goyim it's bad for you goyim.

73f124  No.2934997


>muh playwright actors

15233f  No.2935307


Still don't get this?

Maybe you don't understand how important voting in the House and Senate is to changing, repealing, and creating law.

5a156c  No.2935446

What can I do in California?

8ed639  No.2935468

File: 844c83ee558fe57⋯.jpg (249.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NW-mccaskill.jpg)

15233f  No.2935639

File: a28767dbdc4d0ac⋯.png (55.73 KB, 255x162, 85:54, ClipboardImage.png)

7420f1  No.2936049

Missourian here - fuck Claire!

f7463a  No.2936081


Michigan here… FUCK STAB-ME-NOW

Yes, thats what we call here here.

7420f1  No.2936099


Top kek!

a227da  No.2936461


Media matters shill shows how salty and desperate they are.


Essentially, dig up dirt on the bad guys, make a meme, make the voting base aware so they can punish the corruption by voting accordingly?


Plenty of resources. First port of call is who funded their campaign? Any nasty corporate types? You might also want to typecast what your target voter base's habits are like.

For example, each state or area has a different trigger issue that gets them riled up. It might be corruption. It might be bribes. Human trafficking. Child abuse. Wheeling and dealing (read: making deals with corporates). Maybe the majority are poor, and the person running for power is stupidly rich.

You'll probably have an idea.

Areas to dig:

1) Finances (who from, spent on what?)

2) Laws broken

3) Corporate ties (previous jobs, previous associates)

4) Family (classically their partners - conflict of interest?)

5) Whether or not their children use state education (you'll often find democrats who big up public education, don't actually use it)

6) How their performance was previously (what did the party fail to achieve? What did they promise?)

7) Voting corruption/dubious behaviour in votes/foul play/vote canvassing etc (anything extremely suspicious)

8) Obnoxious or negative comments about the target demograph they claim to support (EG Hillary Clinton's "taco bowl" comment about hispanics)

9) Hypocrisy/double-standards (EG preaching climate change but travelling by jet, fuel inefficient SUV or similarly)

10) Backstory lies

11) Encouraging people to break the law etc etc

You probably get the idea.

Once you have the dirt, compile it together as a helpful reminder to the voting.

I look forward to the kinds of dirt people can dig up on politician corruption. This WILL be fun.

PS: Focus efforts on hardliners. Naturally, they're less likely to break rank, switch sides or compromise.

Have fun!

1e1d1c  No.2938505

Sherrod Brown’s Shameful Record

on January 21, 2012 by Jason Hart

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) served 7 terms in the House – starting in 1993 – before his 2006 election to the U.S. Senate. I’m 28, and Yale graduate Sherrod Brown has been peddling his blue-collar class warfare elixir in Washington since I was in 4th grade.

Does his record merit reelection this November? If you have any vaguely conservative beliefs, the answer is a resounding “NO.” Ranked as the leftmost senator in 2009 and 2010 by National Journal, Sherrod has a lifetime 7.77 rating from the American Conservative Union (ACU). What sort of voting history puts someone to the left of Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid?

Here’s a compilation of Sherrod Brown’s most notable votes, accompanied by his ACU rating for each year!

1993: Sherrod voted for the Brady Bill, D.C. statehood, missile defense cuts, preventing employers from replacing strikers, and Clinton’s “Emergency Stimulus” spending and tax hike package. He opposed school choice funding and missed a debt ceiling vote. ACU Rating: 9.00

1994: Sherrod voted for the assault weapons ban, a $30 billion Omnibus Crime Bill jammed with pork, and a motion to kill the House Post Office ethics investigation. ACU Rating: 14.00

1995: Sherrod voted for “family planning” funding ultimately given to Planned Parenthood, and for enforcement of vast EPA and FDA regulations. He voted against the partial-birth abortion ban, welfare reform, tax & domestic spending cuts, and the “Mexico City Policy” restricting U.S. dollars spent on abortion in foreign countries. ACU Rating: 32.00

1996: Sherrod voted to increase the minimum wage and in favor of killing school choice vouchers. He voted against the GOP budget, welfare reform, repealing the assault weapons ban, overriding Clinton’s partial-birth abortion ban veto, and making English the official language of the U.S. government. ACU Rating: 0.00

1997: Sherrod voted for national education testing and B-2 bomber budget cuts. He voted against the Hyde Amendment, tax & domestic spending cuts, school choice, and converting federal housing programs into block grants. ACU Rating: 12.00

1998: Sherrod again supported national education testing, and voted to allow a minor to be transported across state lines by a non-parent for an abortion. He voted against tax cuts, the partial-birth abortion ban, D.C. school vouchers, opening impeachment hearings, and ending racial preferences. ACU Rating: 4.00

1999: Sherrod voted against impeachment proceedings, a broad tax cut package, medical savings accounts, and education block grants. He voted to delay missile defense implementation, and to continue funding the United Nations without demanding UN reforms. ACU Rating: 0

2000: Sherrod voted against banning partial-birth abortion, eliminating the death tax, and cutting taxes to alleviate the marriage penalty. He voted to lift the embargo on Cuba, increase the federal minimum wage, and impose the federal minimum wage on the states. ACU Rating: 4

2001: Sherrod voted against making it a crime to kill an unborn child while committing another crime. He voted against school vouchers. He voted to allow taxpayer funding for abortions in federal prisons, lift the embargo on Cuba, tighten SUV mileage standards, and maintain the ANWR oil-drilling ban. ACU Rating: 4

2002: Sherrod voted against extending welfare reform, eliminating the death tax, banning partial-birth abortion, capping medical malpractice suits, and a broad 1% domestic spending cut. He voted to limit free speech in the months preceding an election, and to allow Homeland Security employees to unionize. ACU Rating: 4

2003: Sherrod voted against a partial-birth abortion ban, medical malpractice reform, class action lawsuit reform, death tax repeal, and DC school choice vouchers. He voted to fund abortions at military hospitals, keep ANWR closed from drilling, allow human cloning, and allow negligence suits against gun manufacturers when a gun is used to commit a crime. ACU Rating: 16


f1ed1d  No.2938520

File: f3384b9c7efb7b7⋯.png (1.1 MB, 728x3879, 728:3879, ClipboardImage.png)

e0e68b  No.2938577


MICHIGAN ANONS (Or anyone interested in helping an uphill battle)

I want to get us together so we can do oppo research on Stabenow. RCP has her ahead by almost 20, but a conservative soldier and african american could potentially make waves with Michigan's city population.

Join up if you're interested in memeing on twitter for John James, investigating deb's ties, etc.

https ://discord.gg/cCjJNYK

15233f  No.2939565

15233f  No.2939591


Jim Renacci is the guy to beat Sherrod Brown! I'll work on some Ohio memes.

366207  No.2940423

File: 75cebd8aac87650⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1467x1079, 1467:1079, trumplaughing14.png)


>Pennsylvania - Bob Casey (D) v. Lou Barletta (R)

added to the general dough under research threads

great idea making this anon

anons should coordinate this shit, the house is iffy, but we will likely keep it, BUT THE SENATE COULD BE SWEPT IF WE (and patriots) WORK HARD ENOUGH

its possibly a global notable imo, will ask around

33dc01  No.2940749

Here's a list of the latest poll results: https://realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/#

The Senate races matter, but let's not forget the House. Governors would come third, probably.

Also, we should continuously update this list by checking above link every day. I've only included races for the Senate, House, and Governor races (I believe). The other questions are useless and probably biased. One last thing: take these results with a grain of salt: most of them will boost Democrat results right up until the election, then give a more accurate outlook at the end so they can say they were "closest" to the result. The only ones I pay attention to are IBD/TIPP and Rasmussen. On the day of the election, I think LA Times/USC actually had Trump ahead, and were catching a lot of shit for it. Here's an article on them: https://dailycaller.com/2016/11/19/these-pollsters-got-the-election-right-according-to-rcp/


Pennsylvania Senate - Barletta vs. Casey NBC News/Marist Casey 53, Barletta 38 Casey +15

Virginia Senate - Stewart vs. Kaine Roanoke College* Kaine 51, Stewart 34 Kaine +17

Connecticut Senate - Corey vs. Murphy Quinnipiac Murphy 59, Corey 31 Murphy +28

Connecticut Governor - Stefanowski vs. Lamont Quinnipiac Lamont 53, Stefanowski 37 Lamont +16

Pennsylvania Governor - Wagner vs. Wolf NBC News/Marist Wolf 54, Wagner 40 Wolf +14


Wisconsin Senate - Vukmir vs. Baldwin Marquette Baldwin 49, Vukmir 47 Baldwin +2

Florida Senate - Scott vs. Nelson Florida Atlantic University Scott 45, Nelson 39 Scott +6

New Jersey Senate - Hugin vs. Menendez Quinnipiac Menendez 43, Hugin 37 Menendez +6

Minnesota Senate Special Election - Housley vs. Smith Suffolk* Smith 44, Housley 37 Smith +7

Minnesota Senate - Newberger vs. Klobuchar Suffolk* Klobuchar 54, Newberger 34 Klobuchar +20

Texas Senate - Cruz vs. O'Rourke NBC News/Marist Cruz 49, O'Rourke 45 Cruz +4

Minnesota Governor - Johnson vs. Walz Suffolk* Walz 46, Johnson 41 Walz +5

Florida Governor - Republican Primary Florida Atlantic University DeSantis 32, Putnam 31, Nathan 4, White 2, Baldauf 3, Devine 2 DeSantis +1

Florida Governor - Democratic Primary Florida Atlantic University Graham 29, Levine 17, Greene 11, Gillum 11, King 10 Graham +12

Wisconsin Governor - Walker vs. Evers Marquette* Evers 46, Walker 46 Tie

Texas Governor - Abbott vs. Valdez NBC News/Marist Abbott 56, Valdez 37 Abbott +19

Illinois Governor - Rauner vs. Pritzker NBC News/Marist* Pritzker 46, Rauner 30 Pritzker +16


Michigan Senate - James vs. Stabenow Gravis Stabenow 51, James 35 Stabenow +16

Michigan Governor - Schuette vs. Whitmer Gravis Whitmer 52, Schuette 37 Whitmer +15


New Mexico Senate - Rich vs. Heinrich vs. Johnson Emerson Heinrich 39, Johnson 21, Rich 11 Heinrich +18

New Mexico Governor - Pearce vs. Grisham Emerson Grisham 42, Pearce 40 Grisham +2

New Hampshire Governor - Sununu vs. Kelly UNH Sununu 48, Kelly 32 Sununu +16

New Hampshire Governor - Sununu vs. Marchand UNH Sununu 48, Marchand 33 Sununu +15


Wisconsin Governor - Walker vs. Evers PPP (D) Evers 49, Walker 44 Evers +5


Indiana Senate - Braun vs. Donnelly Trafalgar Group (R) Donnelly 51, Braun 39 Donnelly +12


Tennessee Senate - Blackburn vs. Bredesen Gravis Bredesen 44, Blackburn 48 Blackburn +4

Tennessee Governor - Lee vs. Dean Gravis Lee 51, Dean 40 Lee +11

Maryland Governor - Hogan vs. Jealous Gonzales Research Hogan 52, Jealous 36 Hogan +16

New Jersey 3rd District - MacArthur vs. Kim Monmouth Kim 45, MacArthur 44 Kim +1


Minnesota Senate - Newberger vs. Klobuchar Emerson Klobuchar 50, Newberger 26 Klobuchar +24

Missouri Senate - Hawley vs. McCaskill Missouri Scout* Hawley 47, McCaskill 47 Tie


Virginia Senate - Stewart vs. Kaine VCU* Kaine 49, Stewart 26 Kaine +23


Maine Senate - Brakey vs. King Suffolk* King 52, Brakey 25 King +27

Maine Governor - Moody vs. Mills Suffolk* Moody 39, Mills 39 Tie


Rhode Island Governor - Fung vs. Raimondo WPRI/Roger Williams* Raimondo 39, Fung 37 Raimondo +2

33dc01  No.2940750



California 48th District - Rohrabacher vs. Rouda NY Times/Siena Rouda 45, Rohrabacher 45 Tie

Georgia Governor - Kemp vs. Abrams Atlanta Journal-Constitution Abrams 45, Kemp 45 Tie

Illinois 12th District - Bost vs. Kelly NY Times/Siena Bost 44, Kelly 43 Bost +1

Illinois 6th District - Roskam vs. Casten NY Times/Siena Roskam 45, Casten 44 Roskam +1

Utah 4th District - Love vs. McAdams UtahPolicy/Dan Jones Love 49, McAdams 46 Love +3


Tennessee Governor - Lee vs. Dean NBC News/Marist Lee 53, Dean 40 Lee +13

Tennessee Senate - Blackburn vs. Bredesen NBC News/Marist Bredesen 48, Blackburn 46 Bredesen +2


Utah Senate - Romney vs. Wilson UtahPolicy/Dan Jones* Romney 55, Wilson 29 Romney +26

Indiana Senate - Braun vs. Donnelly NBC News/Marist Donnelly 49, Braun 43 Donnelly +6

Florida Senate - Scott vs. Nelson Quinnipiac Scott 49, Nelson 49 Tie


Florida Governor - DeSantis vs. Gillum Gravis Gillum 47, DeSantis 45 Gillum +2

Florida Governor - DeSantis vs. Gillum Quinnipiac Gillum 50, DeSantis 47 Gillum +3

Florida Senate - Scott vs. Nelson Gravis Scott 47, Nelson 47 Tie

Missouri Senate - Hawley vs. McCaskill NBC News/Marist Hawley 47, McCaskill 47 Tie


West Virginia Senate - Morrisey vs. Manchin MetroNews Manchin 46, Morrisey 38 Manchin +8


Pennsylvania Senate - Barletta vs. Casey Franklin & Marshall* Casey 47, Barletta 34 Casey +13

Pennsylvania Governor - Wagner vs. Wolf Franklin & Marshall* Wolf 52, Wagner 35 Wolf +17

New York 19th District - Faso vs. Delgado Siena Faso 45, Delgado 40 Faso +5


Connecticut Senate - Corey vs. Murphy Gravis Murphy 54, Corey 37 Murphy +17

Connecticut Governor - Stefanowski vs. Lamont Gravis Lamont 49, Stefanowski 40 Lamont +9

New York 22nd District - Tenney vs. Brindisi Siena Brindisi 46, Tenney 44 Brindisi +2


Wisconsin Senate - Vukmir vs. Baldwin Suffolk Baldwin 50, Vukmir 42 Baldwin +8

Wisconsin Governor - Walker vs. Evers Suffolk Evers 46, Walker 44 Evers +2


Texas Senate - Cruz vs. O'Rourke Emerson Cruz 39, O'Rourke 38 Cruz +1

California 50th District - Hunter vs. Campa-Najjar KGTV-TV/SurveyUSA Hunter 47, Campa-Najjar 39 Hunter +8

New York 24th District - Katko vs. Balter Siena Katko 54, Balter 39 Katko +15

2c29f9  No.2941420


stand outside the polls on election day with a sign that says, "Illegals cannot vote…if we catch you we hang you"

33dc01  No.2943734

Here's the list of people we should support, in order, in my opinion:

1. Josh Hawley

2. Ted Cruz

3. & 4. Rick Scott & Leah Vukmir

5. Marsha Blackburn

6. Mike Bost

7. Claudia Tenney

8. & 9. Peter Roskam & Thomas MacArthur

10. Dana Rohrabacker

11. Ron DeSantis

12. Scott Walker

13. Brian Kemp

14. Steve Pearce

15. Allan Fung

This list will be updated & adjusted as more information comes to bear. Please chime in–I'm not a political science major, I'm probably missing a lot of important details & welcome corrections.

The explanations follow below.

33dc01  No.2943743


Close Races

Going by the poll information we have so far, these are the races that are within +/- 2 points:

California 48th District - Rohrabacher vs. Rouda NY Times/Siena Rouda 45, Rohrabacher 45 Tie

Georgia Governor - Kemp vs. Abrams Atlanta Journal-Constitution Abrams 45, Kemp 45 Tie

Illinois 12th District - Bost vs. Kelly NY Times/Siena Bost 44, Kelly 43 Bost +1

Illinois 6th District - Roskam vs. Casten NY Times/Siena Roskam 45, Casten 44 Roskam +1

Tennessee Senate - Blackburn vs. Bredesen NBC News/Marist Bredesen 48, Blackburn 46 Bredesen +2

Florida Senate - Scott vs. Nelson Quinnipiac Scott 49, Nelson 49 Tie

Florida Senate - Scott vs. Nelson Gravis Scott 47, Nelson 47 Tie

Florida Governor - DeSantis vs. Gillum Gravis Gillum 47, DeSantis 45 Gillum +2

Missouri Senate - Hawley vs. McCaskill NBC News/Marist Hawley 47, McCaskill 47 Tie

New York 22nd District - Tenney vs. Brindisi Siena Brindisi 46, Tenney 44 Brindisi +2

Wisconsin Governor - Walker vs. Evers Suffolk Evers 46, Walker 44 Evers +2

Texas Senate - Cruz vs. O'Rourke Emerson Cruz 39, O'Rourke 38 Cruz +1

Rhode Island Governor - Fung vs. Raimondo WPRI/Roger Williams* Raimondo 39, Fung 37 Raimondo +2

Maine Governor - Moody vs. Mills Suffolk* Moody 39, Mills 39 Tie

New Jersey 3rd District - MacArthur vs. Kim Monmouth Kim 45, MacArthur 44 Kim +1

New Mexico Governor - Pearce vs. Grisham Emerson Grisham 42, Pearce 40 Grisham +2

Wisconsin Senate - Vukmir vs. Baldwin Marquette Baldwin 49, Vukmir 47 Baldwin +2

Race-by-race details:

The cabal clearly has Rohrabacher in their sights–just google his name. That means he's /ourguy. He's voted with POTUS 84.3% of the time, which is 'meh,' but not bad for a CA rep. He's a member of two subcommittees in the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and has been heavily involved in the subcommittees of the House Committee on Science and Technology. He comes from one of the few Conservative-ish areas of California–recently they've been dealing with a lot of homeless overrunning their towns. So that's something to focus on.

In the Georgia Governor election, Stacey Abrams is a racist, courting the racist vote–and by racist. Just fyi, 'racist' to me means what it's supposed to mean: someone who considers skin color before anything else. Even Mother Jones has called her out in a scandal: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/05/stacey-adams-bizarre-gerrymandering-controversy/

Illinois 12th district: Mike Bost has voted with POTUS 98.9% of the time, which is the highest out of the close races listed. He's heavily involved in the Committees: two subcommittees in the House Committee on Agriculture, three subcommittees in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, two subcommittees in the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, and is on 10 House Caucuses. He supports Trump on the downlow and deserves our support.

Illinois 6th district: Peter Roskam has voted with POTUS 94.4% of the time, which is good. He sits on the House Committee on Ways and Means, is the Chair on the subcommittee on Health, and is on one other subcommittee.

For the TN Senate race, Marsha Blackburn has voted with POTUS 91.7% of the time as a State Rep, and POTUS has endorsed her. She sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, as well as three subcommittees. Bredesden has been careful not to shit on Trump, but his record tells the tale: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/08/22/bredesen-tennessee-senate-blackburn-791269

In the FL Senate race, Rick Scott was one of POTUS's first supporters, but is trying to keep that on the down-low to woo moderates. POTUS has given him a twitter shout-out. If he wins, it will turn both FL Senate seats red. His opponent, Bill Nelson, has only voted with POTUS 42.7% of the time. That's not bad for a Dem, but we can do better. He's the Ranking member on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation, the ranking member on one, and member of another subcommittee in the Senate Committee on Armed Services, a member of three subcommittees on the Senate Committee on Finance and is a member of the Special Committee on Aging. Remember that if the Dems take the majority, odds are good that he will become the chair of the Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation.

33dc01  No.2943746


Race-by-Race details, cont'd

In the FL Governor's race, Ron DeSantis voted with POTUS 94.3% of the time as a State Rep, and POTUS has been pretty vocal in supporting him. I had to go to the 6th page of Google results before I could find a single article from a Conservative outlet on him–that should show you how /theirguy he really is.

In the Missouri Senate race, Claire McCaskill voted with POTUS 45.3% of the time, which is good for a Dem but worse than any Republican. We all know she's shit–Missouri deserves a better Senator. She's the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (3 subcommittees), a member of three subcommittees in the Senate Committee on Armed Forces, and a member of two subcommittees in the Senate Committee on Finance. This is another big fish.

For NY's 22nd District, Claudia Tenney votes with POTUS 96.7% of the time, decent for a Republican State Rep (esp. from NY). She sits on three subcommittees in the House committee on Financial Services. POTUS ran a fundraiser for her.

For the Wisconsin Governor's race, Scott Walker has been a pretty staunch Conservative, and was endorsed by POTUS who said he's a "favorite of mine".

The Texas Senate race is easily one of the most important. Ted Cruz has voted with POTUS 90.8% of the time, is a member of three subcommittees of the Committee on Armed Services, a member of three subcommittees and the chair of another in the Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation, a member of two subcommittees and the chairman of the subcommittee on the Constitution in the Committee on the Judiciary, as well as a member of the Joint Economic Committee and the Committee on Rules & Administration. POTUS is throwing him a rally, it's that important.

For Rhode Island Governor, Allan Fung seems to be with POTUS, but kind of on the downlow. He's been accused of defending POTUS's comments by his opponents…but support for POTUS doesn't do him much good. He's worth helping a bit.

Maine Governor: It's Attorney General Janet Mills (D) vs. Shawn Moody. Voters are split among gender lines. I wouldn't put this at the top of the list, but given Soros' support for Liberal AG's, you can see it's not in our best interest for her to win.

NJ 3rd: Thomas MacArthur has been with Trump 94.4% of the time, decent. POTUS praised him back in late '16. MacArthur sits on two subcommittees on the House Committee of Financial Services and is a member of 33 Caucuses.

NM Governor: Steve Pearce voted with POTUS 89.7% of the time as a State Rep. He's a member of the Freedom Caucus that voted against POTUS's Obamacare replacement bill, but besides that he's been fairly solid–especially considering that he's coming out of NM, which is getting bluer and bluer. He's also on two subcommittees of the House Committee on Financial Services, and two subcommittees in the House Natural Resources Committee. POTUS hasn't seemed for or against him, but his opponents are highlighting his support. There's something rotten in NM, and maybe a Republican Governor can get to the bottom of it.

Wisconsin Senate: POTUS has tweeted support for Leah Vukmir, which is pretty much all we need to know. Support for POTUS is a big bonus in that race, as the two Republican candidates were arguing over it. Her opponent, Sen. Tammy Baldwin, has voted with POTUS 22.7% of the time, so she needs to go. She is the ranking member of one, and member of four other subcommittees in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation; she's the ranking member of one, and member of another subcommittee in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, and is a member of five subcommittees in the Senate Committee on Appropriations. This would be another fine target.

33dc01  No.2943749


Weighing Importance

As of right now, there are 51 Republicans in the Senate, 47 Democrats, and 2 Independents (who are basically Democrats). That means the Senate races are hands-down the most important races. Losing even one seat to the Dems will pretty much mean Pence will have to be a tiebreaker for everything.

There are 237 Republicans, 193 Democrats, and 5 vacancies in the House–a total of 435 seats. Republicans need to hold 218 sets to retain a majority, so they can afford to lose 19 of them and still hang on, even if all vacancies are filled by Dems (forgive me if I'm missing something here). So, while it's important to do well, it's not as critical as the Senate.

Governor races are important for various reasons–even with Trump in office, the Governorships can pretty much thwart POTUS's agenda and blame the fallout on POTUS, especially with the shill media backing them. But I would place them just behind the House races, and far behind the Senate in importance.

The Senate

We have five close Senate races: Marsha Blackburn v. Phil Bredesden, Rick Scott v. Bill Nelson, Ted Cruz v. Beto O'Rourke, Leah Vukmir v Tammy Baldwin, and Claire McCaskill v. Josh Hawley. In the TN race (Blackburn v Bredesden), the seat was held by Bob Corker, "Republican"…so losing that puts us down one. Bill Nelson (D) is the incumbent in FL, so a win by Rick Scott would put us up one. And Ted Cruz, of course, is the incumbent in the TX race.

The most important people to support, in order, are these: Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott & Leah Vukmir (tossup), then Marsha Blackburn. The reasoning goes like this: Ted Cruz, Bill Nelson, Tammy Baldwin, and Claire McCaskill are all heavily-involved, influential members of the Senate, but Bill Nelson's and Tammy Baldwin's Committee memberships are less relevant to POTUS's agenda. If the Dems win the Senate, Bill Nelson likely becomes the chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation, but McCaskill probably becomes the Chair on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (think ICE & the Border). Tammy Baldwin isn't the ranking member of any of the Senate Committees, so it's unlikely she gets Chair on any of them. If POTUS decides he wants to push through a big infrastructure project, what Democrat on the Committee of Commerce, Science & Transportation will oppose him? But anything dealing with the border will be vehemently opposed by McCaskill. Then there's McCaskill's membership in the Senate Committee on Armed Services–this is something that cannot be fucked with. As for Ted Cruz's Committee memberships, he's perfectly placed to thwart either of those two, should the Dems regain the majority…plus he can help get the next SCOTUS nominees through. We will need some strong Constitutional arguments as to why certain prosecutions are taking place, and Ted Cruz can both make the argument and help to get applicable laws through the Committees. When it comes to Leah Vukmir and Rick Scott, I believe that Rick Scott's race is a little more important–and his early support of POTUS is a big plus–but he's rich and can better finance his campaign. Leah Vukmir's race is also important, is vocal in her support of POTUS, and probably needs our help a bit more. As far as Marsha Blackburn v Phil Bredesden goes, Bob Corker's influence is already lost given his 'retirement.'

33dc01  No.2943754


The House

You would think that POTUS's endorsement would be the most important factor in deciding who we need to back, but the fact of the matter is that there are many candidates in places where POTUS's support works against them. POTUS probably knows this and has kept a respectful distance. So, the best indicator of who to support would be how they vote. So let's do it this way: someone that votes with POTUS 98% of the time gets 98 points, and someone who would replace a Democrat that votes with POTUS 16% of the time gets (100 - 16) = 84 points–we'll call these 'impact' points. Next, we should implement a 'fudge factor' for important Committee membership. Finally, we should subtract if POTUS doesn't like the person. For impact, these are the most important races to support: Mike Bost (98.9), Claudia Tenney (96.7), Peter Roskam (94.4) & Thomas MacArthur (94.4), then Dana Rohrabacker (84.3). Out of those, POTUS only seems to have had negative interactions with Roskam, but it's one

of those 'bonus points for standing up to Trump' things. His position as Chair of the House Committee on Health doesn't seem helpful, but maybe it will play a role in going after the Pharmaceuticals. As far as the others go, they all seem similar except for Rohrabacker. He might be given more weight for his Committee influence, but it doesn't overcome his poor voting record. I would keep the list as it is.


As far as Governors go, I'd say Ron DeSantis in FL, Scott Walker WI, Brian Kemp in GA, Steve Pearce in NM, then Fung in ME. For the first two, they should be supported because they've supported POTUS's agenda; I put DeSantis ahead of Walker because FL is a bit more important, given its large, vocal voting population…but it could go either way. Brian Kemp is next in GA, for two reasons: 1) Trump could really shore up his support among Blacks if his policies were just given a chance to help them, and Stacey Abrams would likely screw that up; 2) she's corrupt, racist, and will be another loud critic of the President that the newspapers will quote every week. Steve Pearce goes ahead of Fung because NM is screwed-up: we've seen it with those judges, the fact that Epstein has a home there, the school-killers-in-training compound, etc. Finally, Fung comes last because he's a bit behind, and not exactly a vocal supporter of Trump.

b45cea  No.2944558



Only problem is that my curuptocrat is Andrew Gillum…..

So much curuption … So little time…

1392e7  No.2944748

Angus King of Maine is an Obama crony and all-around corrupt piece of shit. He has been the beneficiary of 9 digits' worth of taxpayer-financed green energy scams.

The reasons why he is doing so well in the polls are:

Media support.

Maine has a lot of TV-addled boomer retards who will vote for anyone who pretends to be an 'independent' even though he votes like a commie. Angus never saw a spending bill he didn't like. Especially when he gets kickbacks.

Soros helped finance ranked choice voting, which will now allow votes for commie Zach Ringelstein to cascade to Angus King. Because of all the complex ways the vote could play out, all the ballots will have to be shipped to Augusta, where they will be counted by liberal activists. Trust them.

The challenger, Eric Brakey, is young and doesn't have the name recognition of Angus King. Brakey is essentially a Libertarian running as a Republican. This makes him a viable candidate in Northern and Western Maine but the coastal liberals aren't going to vote for him because he likes guns and freedom and doesn't like welfare, Obama, etc. I believe Brakey is genuinely patriotic and not corrupt. Therefore, he has to swim against a tide of shit.

Realistically, the only way Brakey can win is if we get a whole bunch of indictments unsealed between now and November and normies are so outraged by the revelations that the Blue Wave turns into a Tsunami of Blood.

1392e7  No.2944759


Partial sauce:


baad25  No.2944861

File: 59877e8df47cd32⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 2hjrtt~2.jpg)

Great Thread.

2c6472  No.2944969

"what thrills you?"

"This is really embarrassing, but the nicest thing right now is being loved, and actually appreciating the people that are giving that to me"

Iggy Pop and Anthony Bourdain.

baad25  No.2945159

File: a8dbe9db9cd25b3⋯.jpg (69.22 KB, 480x545, 96:109, 2hjtxd~2.jpg)

Red wave is coming…

15233f  No.2945612

House Race Strategies


1. Mike Bost

2. Claudia Tenney

3. Peter Roskam

4. Thomas MacArthur

5. Dana Rohrabacker



1. Ron DeSantis of Florida

2. Scott Walker of Wisconsin

3. Brian Kemp of Georgia

4. Steve Pearce of New Mexico

5. Fung for Maine



We need this in visualized format. Any photoshop fags around here? We need to recruit some from QR if not. I can make excel sheets and watch the polls but I think screen caps of Real Clear Politics is probably the best. I think this helps focus on races we can win


I think we need HIGH QUALITY political memes. Look at Obama campaign images for example. We isolate the important elections and make memes for social media. That's always been the most effective. Also digging against opponents.

dd76f1  No.2945622

Great thread.

This will be the first time I'm voting (ever) since I didn't pay much attention to politics until earlier this year.

I did register to vote and was approved.

But how does this work? Do you only get to vote for those within your district, or is it for the entire state (or a combination of both)?

I'm also at a different location (and will be when it's time to vote) than what I registered as my address - can I still vote?

15233f  No.2945628

File: 40174376de82790⋯.png (115.92 KB, 887x433, 887:433, ClipboardImage.png)


Good list

Very close race for Hawley

15233f  No.2945640


Most states its going to be Senators, House Reps for your district, local politicians. Make sure you are registered and have a confirmed voting address and go in person.

15233f  No.2945654

File: 4dfbe9788cc5aed⋯.png (48.86 KB, 429x209, 39:19, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 50ce0e63b570efc⋯.png (40.63 KB, 428x227, 428:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d1f8c1a4acaec5⋯.png (47.93 KB, 426x229, 426:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94abeafac065187⋯.png (53.14 KB, 421x229, 421:229, ClipboardImage.png)


Big States to Focus On

15233f  No.2945679


VERY nice

15233f  No.2945804

File: 42b340811fa66fe⋯.png (568.09 KB, 857x500, 857:500, ClipboardImage.png)

e8bbdc  No.2946039


6a22bb  No.2946286


Good article… I will stick with voting for Ted Cruz.

I was wondering where he got all the money to blow on weak campaign TV ads… he's just another Soros puppet.

15233f  No.2946674

"Vets" supported by Bezos PAC money.

Candidates supported by Jeff Bezos/Amazon PAC With Honor:


KY-6 (D)

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps

Served 20 years in the Marine Corps


CA-7 (R)

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps

Former CEO of the Northern California WTC


FL-18 (R)

Veteran, U.S. Army



PA-6 (D)

Veteran, U.S. Air Force

President at a non-profit


PA-17 (D)

Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps



TX-2 (R)

Veteran, U.S. Navy

Harvard Kennedy School, MPA


NY-3 (R)

Veteran, U.S. Navy

Portfolio Manager at Matias Capital Partners, LP


MN-1 (D)

Veteran, U.S. Army

Former acting Assistant Secretary of Defense

15233f  No.2947094

File: b407b528912f080⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ebad9b09105cf7c⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Ted Cruz challenger, Beto O’ Rourke, guest on Steven Colbert Show,

Both candidates held rallies in Houston yesterday. This U.S. Senate race is turning into a dog fight.


15233f  No.2947254

File: fd4d6612838fbe2⋯.png (641.39 KB, 720x8192, 45:512, ClipboardImage.png)


15233f  No.2947328

File: 76335d428b5ef91⋯.png (626.77 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

15233f  No.2947332

File: 5f3511557958481⋯.png (571.33 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

f5acc8  No.2947704


so how do we prevent CT from doing what they did in 2010 when it was close, and there was the artificial ballot shortage because Susan Bycewicz as SS "didnt order enough ballots" for Bridgeport, and told everyone they would be sure to have enough ballots for everyone.

Then they find bags of votes the morning after, "that someone forgot about" (probably "absentee" I dont recall) and after counting the 'extra' 15,000 ballots, Malloy "wins" by ~2000. This was when Blumenthal went to the senate also.

People tried raising a stink about that when it happened back then and it got totally ignored.

That better fucking not happen again, because its Electoral fraud that has kept CT straight crook all these past years since the 80s.

9cda97  No.2947739

Kavanaugh vote set for September 20th

Emergency Alert System Test September 20th

I do not believe in coincidences!


15233f  No.2949499


1.) Landslide

2.) Lawsuits

15233f  No.2949528

File: d3a18b2ed446694⋯.png (209.18 KB, 586x276, 293:138, ClipboardImage.png)

087b21  No.2950069


Figured this would be a good place to drop this. In my county of a blue state, we have seen a turning of the tide. Although a "red" county, we have our share of Rino's. The incumbancy have gone corrupt and brought in ugly all over. This election is different than all the others I have witnessed. The people are learning and beginning to vote out the old scumbags. Every election I see the same thing, the lesser of two evils. And the most evil continuously wins when the light is shining on their corruption. Now they are voting differently in light of the corruption. A slight change that we needed to lawfully oust them. Our law enforcement needs this to drain the swamp and restore balance here. They live in fear of losing financing from these politicians. They also have a lot to hide now that they clean up each other's messes. We have a long way to go. Younger people are coming and setting the record straight for the old guard. We are getting the votes we need for pro-liberty candidates and there is a chance of them winning for our county and state.

My point is that in the future our involvement seems to matter. Unlike what I have grown accustomed to over the years of compromise. Remember the TEA Party. We don't have to worry about that as much being coopted anymore. They are on the run. We need to be diligent on learning about our candidates. And more importantly 'who' our candidates are or their voting record. We won't win as ignorant voters. We still have the right to be heard. Our votes count more than ever in my lifetime. It is time to wake up and change our homes.

This was meant as my battle cry. #MAGA

dd164e  No.2950389

Senators are installed by Cabal machinery for the most part. See Godfather movie? They make sure they have dirt on you to control you.

Take out the Cabal. Voting machines still comped.

33dc01  No.2951004



Right, it really depends on your state. In California, we generally get a pamphlet in the mail discussing the various issues and stances. It used to be pretty fair, but for the last decade (or even more) it has been full of bullshit–rather than being an analysis of the positions, it's advertisements from the sides in favor and against. Oftentimes those get hijacked, imo–for instance, the arguments against often miss the obvious problems with the legislation. It's corrupt, through and through.

Besides the Senators for your state, the Representatives for your area, the State Governor, the other State positions (such as the Attorney General, Treasurer, State Superintendent, etc.), you'll have votes on Statewide, Countywide, and City (local) ordinances possibly. In California, the statewide ones are called Propositions, and they're important.

I've also signed up for mail-in voting. That means that they send me a ballot by mail, and I can mail it in whenever I want. A lot of people don't trust them, but it wasn't always as controversial as it is now. I have the option to drop the ballot off at the polling place, which is what I do unless I'm going to be busy–in which case I mail it ahead of time or leave it with someone I trust to deliver to the polling place (it requires a signature from myself and the designees name on the containing envelope).

Somehow, you should get information on your designated polling (voting) location. You will have to go there to vote, otherwise your vote will be delayed and counted with the mail-in ballots. I can't remember what these votes are called, but there's a term for them and it's how Kamala Harris beat Steve Cooley for State Attorney General after being behind by 8% on election night.

You can also get the information by searching in "<your state> vote". The Secretary of State handles the voting, so you can look up that site as well.

I do all my research on the internet–there are so many races in CA, with so many names I've never heard of, it helps to do a search on each one–that's how you find out what their real stance is. There are many Republicans that aren't Republicans at all. Also, you can look up the various State, County, and Local ordinances being proposed–these are actually the most interesting parts after the Senators, Representatives, and Governors. Be very careful to dig deeply on these, because oftentimes there are ramifications that aren't obvious. For instance, in California we were given a proposition that would have released "nonviolent" offenders from jail early; we were told that this would include sex offenders, but there was a loophole and they're now being released with the likes of pot smokers.

Take your time, do the research, and when the election is over, you will be at peace with the difference you tried to make.

33dc01  No.2951069

File: db661c567efeae6⋯.jpg (424.23 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, redWave1024.jpg)

33dc01  No.2951233

File: 4336e779332cb3e⋯.png (650.69 KB, 640x707, 640:707, Capture.PNG)


Claire McCaskill didn't just support Hillary Clinton–she was the first Senator to support her, all the way back in June of 2013. Josh Hawley has already pointed out their connection in an ad released in March:


Few people know as much about HRC as we do. One of the things we need to do is keep a focus on their tie. If you google "Claire McCaskill Hillary Clinton", the first results to pop up, of course, have to do with one of the two times McCaskill 'said something bad' about HRC. It's bullshit–she was HRC's first fucking supporter in the Senate. The people of Missouri need to know that in order to make an educated vote.

15233f  No.2951775


I hear you anon we're all in this together but better late than never. It is time to GET THEM OUT!

15233f  No.2951802

File: 02edc251ead6dac⋯.png (46.8 KB, 255x124, 255:124, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4c3a54d7a637f6⋯.png (35.22 KB, 255x124, 255:124, ClipboardImage.png)


Big! Missouri is a huge election. We've got a Hillary Clinton Crony

15233f  No.2951837

File: 7d2d15488c6638e⋯.png (367.83 KB, 483x483, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>>2951233 Claire McCaskill is a HRC Cronie

>>2945628 Very close race for Hawley

15233f  No.2951874

File: c929b4ff3ff51b3⋯.png (384 KB, 483x483, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

15233f  No.2951944

File: 5cf30b1b183867a⋯.png (743.63 KB, 953x500, 953:500, ClipboardImage.png)

dd76f1  No.2952942

File: 58276bece346316⋯.jpg (403.51 KB, 1080x765, 24:17, GOP candidate 9-11 truther….jpg)

Found this that I saved a while ago

6187cb  No.2953111


Please dear lord do not let Claire win again. i'm so sick of this scum representing me.

Any other MissouriAnons here lets do some DIGGING! Simmons Hanly Conroy Lawfirm probably a good place to start.>>2951944

71dc87  No.2953200

File: 8f3d1b081dff197⋯.jpg (60.09 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 2hl4fv~2.jpg)

Get out and vote.

33dc01  No.2953868

File: 30cb9dff3130268⋯.jpg (503.96 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 165843009.jpg)



33dc01  No.2953932

File: b4ad81b05b8797c⋯.jpg (5.08 MB, 2749x4193, 2749:4193, ec0313d332152aee78da6a6554….jpg)

Good way to tie McCaskill to Gillibrand, ie NY values:


15233f  No.2954474

File: d1629c4c8f2ab22⋯.png (57.21 KB, 255x128, 255:128, ClipboardImage.png)

Mo Brooks: Likely 15M Illegal Aliens in U.S., Giving Blue States 20 Additional Congressional Seats

We’re probably in the neighborhood of about 15 million illegal aliens in America now. 15 million comes out to roughly 20 congressional seats and 20 electoral college votes. Each congressional seat has roughly 700,000 to 800,000 people in it. [Emphasis added]

So, if you count illegal aliens in the Census for the purposes of distributing political power, that’s the number of congressmen per state or … the number of electoral college votes per state, you’re talking about … 20 electoral college votes and congressmen that are taken from states that follow our laws, that help our border patrol agents, and help our ICE agents … shifting those 20 congressional seats and 20 electoral college seats to states like California that have large numbers of illegal aliens in them. [Emphasis added]

I personally believe that’s wrong, on a policy level, but I also believe it violates the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution because it dilutes the voting power of citizens who live in states that don’t harbor an enormous number of illegal aliens.


6187cb  No.2955327

File: bd778f5d24a54fe⋯.png (1.95 MB, 682x749, 682:749, clairetopcont-screen.png)

File: 6fc4d2959a9b6b3⋯.png (3.07 MB, 624x1286, 312:643, Simmons Hanly Conroy Recip….png)

File: 34d5b9ba46dd6e1⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1154x626, 577:313, simmons leadership.png)

File: 812a15b02d07614⋯.png (1.46 MB, 610x624, 305:312, simmonsbillslobbied.png)

File: d9b986b4d925f7c⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1041x691, 1041:691, SimmonsDonateReferrals.png)







We know they are bought and paid for. The key is BY WHO and FOR WHAT? This is just one dirty lawyer from one of Claire's top donors. Hundreds maybe thousands more like this.


e05822  No.2957324


Great info. Washington University is a prominent donor. Very liberal school.

cb7c80  No.2957679

File: 9637ed7c712698b⋯.jpg (235.16 KB, 528x816, 11:17, 9637ed7c712698b29503a003b4….jpg)


I don't see Massachusetts on the list.

c8718b  No.2958667

File: b4f840f886ad32c⋯.gif (158.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Eye Chart.gif)

Perfect vision

6c2f4c  No.2959090


Yes, campuses silencing conservative speech and funnelling money to these liberal campaigns. Think of all the nice things those students could've had with the tuition money that was donated away.

Centene Corp. Also a big one with interests in Medicare/Medicaid and HusseinCare.

2aed28  No.2966097

File: 341a73740b75376⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 341x376, 341:376, 1520737247596.gif)

Remember when "Q" said elections would be secured a year a go?

So where is it? All the elections will still be electronic. There's still no voter ID. Trump's committee on securing the election got completely dumpstered. There are still going to be dead people voting, they are still registering illegals all day every day and no one does a damn thing about it. There will still be videos of Democrats busing homeless people and voters to multiple voting stations. Votes will still flip on the electronic machines. And nothing will be done about all this and more, despite video evidence posted by hundreds of people, as usual.

Let me guess, when Democrats take some seats he will say "the voters didn't do their part."

9c209e  No.2967380


For MA

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai,PhD (M.I.T.)

Cambridge, MA


Follows DJT and is Independent. Has strong chance of winning due to his ability to meme.

Only a Real Indian can defeat the FAKE indian.

he seems like the kind of guy to pick up what we put down… crumbs

e6ee25  No.2969658

File: bf3adcde3af868a⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

174554  No.2969709

You're missing one in Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar vs Jim Newberger. She's gotta be crooked as a tire iron or really bad at making deals.

OK, I'll starting reading this thread now, if that's not been mentioned a bunch, I'll eat my hat.

ad718f  No.2971010

Swamp Watch: Senator Bob Casey


Bob Casey Stood with Hillary Clinton, Not Pennsylvania



age of the population is major issue in PA elections

Casey most often votes with: Dick Durbin and Susan Collins

Based on an analysis of bill sponsorship by GovTrack, Casey was a "rank-and-file Democrat"


Ranking Member https://ballotpedia.org/United_States_Senate_Committee_on_Aging_(Special)










scoring as high as 100 percent on NARAL Pro-Choice America’s vote tally in 2016 and 2017



366207  No.2971071

File: 3b5a4a02c970ae7⋯.png (584.95 KB, 1030x684, 515:342, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d8b19273c85da4d⋯.png (241.07 KB, 530x437, 530:437, ClipboardImage.png)

graphics like this can be turned into great memes

3bd8fa  No.2972819


This guy came out of nowhere, and may be a ploy to steal anti Warren votes from Geoff Diehl. If votes are split between Diehl and Shiva, Warren wins. Not good.

a8536b  No.2973857


I agree, Klobuchar and T. Smith MUST go! I'm glad the people of Minnesota are beginning to wake up.

15233f  No.2975113

















15233f  No.2975177

I say we frame it as vote them out.

We're not voting anybody in necessarily.

We are voting them OUT!


ab6b86  No.2976615

A lot of focus on the Senate, which is good, but we really need to focus on the house as much if not more. Based on what I am seeing in the polls which are not a great predictor so much as psyop, R floor is 175 with an advantage in 16 more races. We need to win 218 to retain the house which means 43/72 races in play. Of these races:

42 R held Trump Won in play


22 R held districts Trump Lost in play



7 D Held Trump Won in play


3 D Held Clinton Won in play


42 Seats R held Trump won that are in play. 14 lean R, 1 lean D 27 toss up

22 R held Clinton won districts 2 Lean R 3 Lean D 17 Toss up

7 D held Trump Won 5 Lean D 2 Toss Up

3 D held Clinton won 3 Lean D




Analysis: I know that we have certain candidates that we dislike, but this is a raw numbers game and it is for Q and Potus, so suck it up. The best way to get a favorable map is to push the generic ballot. 2016 was a generic ballot neutral election, so applying a +/- number to each race using a generic ballot provides a rough number for how far the blue wave will go (we are going to lose some house seats). Also, when they say there is an advantage and you have an incumbent in a district that the presidential candidate of the same party won it is as close to a slam dunk as possible. I expect a minimum of 15 out of 16 where R has advantage. If not, that will likely be a problem. This gets us to 190. We need 28 more to retain the house. There are 46 tossups meaning a necessary win rate of just over 60%. 44 of those seats are held by R currently. The two seats held by D are open seats making them true tossups. Of the 44 R tossups, 27 are incumbents from what I was seeing (computer issues at time so might be more). This is an advantage from the stand point of winning. If the win rate for them is arround 65% than that is 17 or 18 seats. From there it would be 10 or 11 out of 19 to win. This reflects an uphill battle.

There are a few strategic approaches that will help us improve odds. The first thing that is easier for what we do is to drag the DNC through the mud. We have the dirt and more comming every day. There is a lot there and we can move public opinion to move the needle on the generic ballot through social media. The next thing to do is attatch battleground Ds to the DNC establishment. Inuendo of impropriety is all that we need to flip some seats to likely R. The easiest seats to do this with would be ones with R incumbents in districts Trump won. CA50,IA1,IA3,IL12,KY6,ME2,MI8,MN2,MT,NY19,NY22,OH1,UT4,VA7,WA5 fit that bill. These should be lean R and if we push them into that column now, that reduces the number of races that a Trump bump is neaded in and frees up money too. If these 14 races are included with the 16 that lean R and we win 90% of those then it would put us at 202, win 16 out of the remaining 32 toss ups to win. This would be a board that would favor R.

629faa  No.2976684

If we have to back another MAJOR criminal swamp creature to help keep a majority, are there any plans to later get him out? I am dead serious. If I didn't think a majority was in danger, I'd not vote for senator this time. It's going to hurt my whole being to vote for this guy (POTUS endorsed, but may not be aware). Anyone heard what POTUS intends that will help get this guy out if I help put him in???

33dc01  No.2979698


Democrats are going to win some seats. It's not like they haven't brainwashed the majority of people in major metropolitan areas.

Just because the votes are electronic doesn't mean that they aren't secured. What if they're just monitoring for fraud this time, so they can jail those colluding? Fraudulent elections are nullified.

They don't have to post the National Guard outside of every voting booth to deliver on their promises. Try harder.

ec845c  No.2981260


I would like to save a resolution that is legible.

15233f  No.2982080


great work I am going to use this as the focus of what we are doing here. I'm compiling all of this into a digestable format re: House Focus, Senate Focus.

Narrow in on priorities. Meme I guess or at least we have it focused down and know what we're looking at to the best extent possible.


15233f  No.2982126


I'm looking at it purely as a play on voting and passing legislation as well as defending from fuckery. If the person is going to vote with POTUS' agenda we suck it up and vote. If not, I still think weakening the democratic party is better than letting a dem win. For me, its defend against the dems at all costs. We want to have a crushing blow. If the Republican in play is a creature - send him. We'll vote him out later.

15233f  No.2982143


Yea, its true but if we just narrow it down to the key races to focus on and at least provides other anons on the other threads with one clean meme or graphic on who we think we should vote for by state to most help POTUS we've done the best we can

15233f  No.2982184



Sorry about that


Police identified a man slain Monday outside a day-care center near Eighth Street and Lafayette Avenue as the ex-husband of State Auditor Claire McCaskill.

David Exposito, 64, of Independence, was found lying in the street at about 2:50 p.m. Officials said he had apparently been shot inside a vehicle, then thrown out. Exposito had been shot in the upper torso and died immediately, police said.

Police Capt. Michael Kobe said the body was identified through fingerprints and a tattoo.

Exposito and McCaskill divorced in 1995. The couple had three children, an 18-year-old son and two daughters, 16 and 14.

"David was really a nice fellow, done a lot of things for a lot of people and everything," Exoposito's friend Earl McCarty told KMBC's Peggy Breit. "He was fun to talk to."

"Obviously this is an incredibly difficult time for me and my children, as they grieve the loss of their father. I will be spending time with my children to help them through this terrible loss, and I know others will respect my family's privacy at this tragic time," McCaskill said Tuesday in a news release. McCaskill and her children live in St. Louis.

No arrests are reported in the case. Police said a suspect was seen leaving the area in a blue-green, older model car with two doors and a white leather top and gold wheel rims. Investigators found that vehicle Tuesday at 35th Street and Ford Avenue and are processing it for evidence.

Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman said Tuesday afternoon that authorities didn't yet know what motivated the shooting but were looking at several possible scenarios. Anyone with information in the case can contact the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-8477 or police at (913) 573-6020.

When McCaskill was the Jackson County prosecuting attorney, Exposito was caught smoking marijuana at a Kansas City-area casino boat, while she was out of town. They were divorced the next year.

McCaskill was elected state auditor in 1998 and easily won a second term four years later.

Her Senate campaign spokesman, Tony Wyche, said McCaskill's immediate priority is to focus on her family.

"The campaign will adapt to that and certainly we will move forward respectfully in putting our first thoughts with her," Wyche said.

In August, McCaskill announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination to oppose Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., next year.

Talent extended condolences in a statement released by his Washington office.

"Brenda and I are deeply saddened by this tragedy," Talent said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Claire McCaskill, her children and everyone in her family during this very difficult time."

52e121  No.2989025


Just registered republican

19c27d  No.2989633

I'm not a good meme maker, but here are some things to push in the Georgia race:

Stacy Abrams supports reparations for slavery

"Democratic Georgia candidate for governor Stacey Abrams on Monday headlined a reception, “Way to Win: 2022 Victory Party,” which discussed how Democrats can achieve their left-wing dreams.

“It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations,” the document projected."





Stacy Abrams also has over $200,000 in debt:




On the positive sides, something that doesn't get emphasized that we should be pushing heavily is that while he was secretary of state, Brian Kemp actually stopped an attempt to hack the Georgia elections netowrk:




9b181f  No.2990452

Yeah, I'm having a hard time with Beto vs Cruz (for Texas Senate). My gut tells me to go with Beto; Cruz hasn't been good for Texas. However, POTUS is supporting Cruz. So…is he supporting Cruz just because he's Republican (my only guess)?! I really don't think there's any bad shit on Beto, and he's completely grass roots, no PACs. Ugh decisions.

9b181f  No.2990663



Nice!! Soooooo many entertainers do, it has become so freaking obvious!

c3a4a2  No.2996038

Major Deep Dig into Senate Open Seat Elections

I am not very trusting of sites like "real clear politics" anymore. Not since the 2016 election have pollsters gotten it so wrong! You'd think they would have learned their lesson, but nope… they are still trying to be the tail wagging the dog by basically saying "these elections are too close to call" when the GOP is clearly leading. They are trying to INFLUENCE public opinion rather than simply reporting on it. So I decided to really do a deep dig into their sources to find out WHY they have ZERO races "leaning GOP", but have 9 of them as being "Toss ups".

I invite you to come along with me on this journey! Start by going here:


The first indication that there is fuckery afoot is that there are a LOT of "Likely Dem" and "Leans Dem", but only ONE "Likely GOP' and ZERO "Leans GOP". There's a lot in the middle, though… including states like Texas, Tennessee, and Montana. SOMETHING is not right here!

To understand how they arrive at these conclusions you have to understand how RCP does their predictive modeling. They take polls and kinda find an "Average" of the +GOP vs +DEM that come out of them. If they are within +/- 3 or so, they say it's "too close to call". However, it's possible to fuck with those averages by including polls from MONTHS ago that favor the +DEM side, which is something I suspect I will find in my investigation.

I begin with the Toss Ups, and just go down the row. Let's investigate!

c3a4a2  No.2996049



Here we have 3 polls. The first thing that jumps out at me is that the ONLY poll showing a +DEM advantage, is one from 3 fucking months ago. The trend is DEFINITIVELY towards the GOP side!

>ABC 15/OH Predictive Insights 9/5 - 9/6 597 LV 4.0 46 49 McSally +3

>Gravis 9/5 - 9/7 882 LV 5.3 48 49 McSally +1

>Emerson 6/21 - 6/22 650 RV 4.0 40 32 Sinema +8

The next thing to notice is that the +DEM poll has the Republican with only 32% support, and the Democrat with only 40% support. That's an indicator of an EARLY poll being conducted that actually shows a lot of indecision… probably before primaries were concluded? Let's look at the actual PDF of that poll, shall we?


Huh, this is Sinema vs THREE DIFFERENT GOP candidates! So this was done BEFORE the GOP primary was decided! Huh… How can you possibly use this to determine anything? They yank out 40% support for Sinema, and 32% for McSally… there's a 43/26 split on Ward, and a 54/30 split on Arpaio!


To better understand what the general feeling of Arizona citizens is towards DEM or GOP, look at the REST of the poll showing the intentions of voting for GOVERNOR.

> In the Governor’s race, Republican Governor Doug Ducey leads his GOP opponent Ken Bennett 44% to 22%, with 35% undecided.

Looking at the other polls, what do we notice? TWO of them happened in the last week and show a clear favorite in the GOP Nominee, now that there aren't 3 of them to choose from!

I'm going to call it right now. Arizona is going to the GOP…

1) The trends go that way.

2) This poll is being held by RCP to keep this state in the "toss up" collumn.

3) The Governor, in spite if low approval ratings, is still beating the DEM in polling.

4) General bias against GOP in polling as shown by 2016 results.

c3a4a2  No.2996073




Here we see the very same thing going on we saw in Arizona! We have 7 different polls done, but they DOGGEDLY hold on to the one from 6/17 that shows Nelson at +4, and it is the ONLY one with Nelson in the lead. This gives us a +1.7 RCP average, keeping it in the "Toss Up" category.

Let's examine that one, shall we?


In this poll, we see that they polled 344 registered Democrats, but only 326 registered Republicans. This was a HUGE tactic used in 2016: Oversampling Democrats. Still, there are only 670 of the 947 polled who are registered as Democrat or Republican. Are there REALLY 277 registered Independant people in this poll? That's quite a lot!

Either way, oversampling and a non-representative sample of registered voters points to there being fuckery afoot here as well.

Looking at the other polling, we show a CLEAR favorite in Rick Scott.

>SurveyUSA 9/7 - 9/9 634 LV 5.3 46 44 Scott +2

>Quinnipiac 8/30 - 9/3 785 LV 4.3 49 49 Tie

>Gravis 8/29 - 8/30 1225 LV 2.8 47 47 Tie

>Florida Atlantic University 8/16 - 8/20 800 RV 3.4 45 39 Scott +6

>Mason-Dixon 7/24 - 7/25 625 LV 4.0 47 44 Scott +3

>CBS News/YouGov 6/19 - 6/22 839 LV – 46 41 Scott +5

>NBC News/Marist 6/17 - 6/21 947 RV 3.9 45 49 Nelson +4

+2, Tie, Tie, +6, +3, and +5…

Let's look at the two "Tie" ones.

First, the Gravis one:


This poll seems pretty much on the "good" side of polling… 12% of those polled are hispanic or have a member of their immediate family as being Latino, Hispanic, or Spanish Speaking background… 69% of those polled are white… There is no obvious over-sampling of Democrats… but again 33% are independent, which is INCREDIBLE to me that there are so many who claim that.

77% are VERY likely to vote, with only 9% being "Somewhat Likely"…

A big key in this one is to look at some of the other ideologically driven questions… 49% say Kavanaugh is qualified for the USSC. 43% support Brennan's security clearance being revoked (42% oppose)… 39% are more likely to vote for a candidate that supports Kavanaugh's appointment to the USSC (35% would be less likely), so that means Nelson is being given a clear indication: If you want to win this election, you had BETTER vote for Kavanaugh!

Looking at Question 23, the hatered for the MSM is obvious. 49% say they Disapprove of the MSM, with only 41% saying they approve… but look at that 36% that STRONGLY disapprove!

And 51% approve of the border wall!

Moving on to the OTHER "Tie" poll…


First question I always ask myself? What is the breakdown of those polled… NOT THE PERCENTAGES, BUT THE RAW NUMBERS! They do not include that in this "press release" version, so you have to go to the "sample and methodology detail" link…


785 total people polled. 34% GOP, 31% Dem… so good job not oversampling DEMs, Quinnipiac!

Anyway, I can find nothing really wrong with either of these "tie" polls to show any sort of bias…

The bottom line is this… the +4 Nelson poll from 6/17 is bullshit. The RCP average of +1.7 for Scott is thus bullshit.

Without that +4 to Nelson, the RCP average shifts to +2.7 Scott. Still within the MOE of most polling, but definitely a huge swing towards calling this state for the GOP.

I'm going to call it for Scott now.


c3a4a2  No.2996093



Right away we see touble. The RCP average is +5.7 for the DEMs. Why this is in the "Toss Up" category is a mystery to me. This should PROBABLY be "Leaning DEM" to be honest. We have the Dem, Joe Donnelly, vs the Republican Mike Braun. There are only 3 polls to look at here, and two are pretty out of date…

>NBC News/Marist 8/26 - 8/29 576 LV 5.0 49 43 Donnelly +6

>Trafalgar Group (R) 7/31 - 8/7 1420 LV 2.6 51 39 Donnelly +12

>Gravis 5/10 - 5/15 400 LV 4.9 46 47 Braun +1

Honestly the only one that should be considered at this point is the most recent one… but what's with that +12 one from a month ago?!?

Let's investigate!


OH HO! What's this?!?! This is nothing more than a survey report with no methodology shown, and nothing more than baseline results showing support before and after the Kavanaugh Hearing votes!

Donnelly is up 50.7% to 38.6% as a baseline… now that we know THAT, who would you vote for if Donnelly votes FOR Kavanaugh? Oh, 39.4% to 38.5%… but if he votes AGAINST Kavanaugh, 45.3% to 38.0%…

This is not a legitimate poll… and if you click "See Full Report", you have to request access to a google doc? WTF is this bullshit?!?

This poll is 100% not to be trusted!

So let's look at that NBC News one, shall we?

The link given by RCP is to a news report… you have to click another link within that report to get to the nitty-gritty poll numbers… I don't trust NBC to tell me what I need to know… just what they WANT me to know, so I'm going to look into the raw data!


955 Adults polled… they break it down by simply "Adults", then "Registered Voters" and then "Likely Voters". That's the one we care about. Notice how we have to dive deep into fine print in a huge wall-of-text paragraph to get the REGISTERED voter data, and the LIKELY voter data… only 576 of these 955 are LIKELY voters. That's a HUGE difference, but RCP is being honest here and that's what they reported on the site… so kudos to them. (Credit where it's due, right?)

A few things to note… you should usually combine "stronly approve" with "approve" (or "Slightly approve") to get overall approval, and do the same with "strongly" or "slightly" disapprove. On the question of approval of Trump as president? We have TOTAL approval of 48%, and total disapproval of 45%… that's a good sign.

Looking at the Generic Ballot for the HOUSE question, the Likely Voters favor the GOP candidate 48% to 44%… which is at odds with the Senate numbers… but a LOT, actually. But that's likely caused by the Libertarian candidate taking 8% of the overall vote… generating a split of 44/41/8…

With that nugget of information, I think we can call Indiana going to the Democrats… but ONLY because of the Libertarian candidate… if the Dems get 45% of the vote for the house, and 44% for the Senate… it stands to reason the libertarian candidate is only stripping 1% from the Dem there, and the other 7% of her support is coming from the GOP. The GOP goes from 48% in the house, to 41% in the Senate race… which kinda explains it all.

I'm a Libertarian myself… and I personally HATE how they are even a political party… they just need to become a wing of the GOP and push the GOP to more libertarian ideals… and stop tanking elections for the GOP!

Conclusion: Indiana stays DEM.

c3a4a2  No.2996109



The very first thing to notice here is that there has not been a poll done in Montana for 2 fucking months… which means no polling since Trump's rally there.

The latest poll was a HUGE one with over 2000 people surveyed. 42% are GOP and only 28% are DEM…. that's a very large oversampling of GOP… I just can't understand why this is even a close race…

Keeping it as a Toss Up, mainly because we don't have any current data. Will monitor.

c3a4a2  No.2996134



Here we see that McCaskill has no recent polls where she is leading… two ties, and a +2 GOP.

At least these polls are actually RECENT… two happening in the last month.

Looking at the most recent poll, which came out as a tie:


Here we have another instance of 3rd Party Fuckery. The Libertarian and Green candidates are stripping 8% support from both candidates. 3% Green stripped from the Dem, 5% Libertarian stripped from the GOP. You can see it in the difference between the HOUSE race poll results, and the Senate poll results. In the house, the GOP has a 43 to 42 advantage. In the Seante, it drops to 40/44.

The key thing to look at here is the favorability of McCaskill… 49% unfavortable, and 41% favorable.

All that said… I think by the time election day comes around, it's likely that we pull out a GOP win.

c3a4a2  No.2996139



Here we have a very very old poll from April showing a +1 for the GOP. Looking at the most recent one from this very week, we have a +1 DEM advantage. Let's examine that one!

Out of 500 likely voters, we have a split of 206 GOP vs 208 DEM. Once again we have some 3rd party fuckery, with a libertarian, an independent, an "Independent American"… but it's only 28 of the total, or about 5% in all.

Anyway, nothing stands out in this poll that shows anything going one way or the other. There's a general hatered of Trump here, but that doesn't seem to be reflected in the polling for voting for a party.

Conclusion: Toss up

c3a4a2  No.2996143



Gravis poll from FUCKING FEBRUARY keeps this RCP average at only a +0.5 for the GOP. The only poll since was in June, and shows Cramer at +4 over Heitkamp.

This one is obviously going to go to the GOP… I'm going to call it now as a GOP victory with a final result being 54% to 46% for the GOP…. yes, a +8 spread!

c3a4a2  No.2996157



The RCP average shows a +1.3 to the DEM side. We have 3 relatively recent polls, so no fuckery there.

>NBC News/Marist 8/25 - 8/28 538 LV 5.1 48 46 Bredesen +2

>Gravis 8/9 - 8/11 620 LV 3.9 44 48 Blackburn +4

>Emerson 7/11 - 7/14 657 RV 4.1 43 37 Bredesen +6

Notice how the Gravis poll has a MOE of 3.9%, which is covered by the +4 to Blackburn… but the NBC poll has a MOE of 5.1% which is NOT covered by the +2 for Bredesen. If you take half the MOE, and correct towards the center, that means Blackburn is at about a +2 for the Gravis, and at a +1 for the NBC poll. This is a rather tenuous method, for sure, but it points towards there being a slight advantage to the GOP for this state.

Going deeper into the NBC/Marist poll… Here we get some confirmation that the GOP have an advantage. For CONGRESS, there is 50% support for the GOP, compared to 42% for DEMs.

I'm going to call this for Tennessee, but it's going to be only a 2-3% win.

c3a4a2  No.2996213



The RCP average shows a +1.3 to the DEM side. We have 3 relatively recent polls, so no fuckery there.

>NBC News/Marist 8/25 - 8/28 538 LV 5.1 48 46 Bredesen +2

>Gravis 8/9 - 8/11 620 LV 3.9 44 48 Blackburn +4

>Emerson 7/11 - 7/14 657 RV 4.1 43 37 Bredesen +6

Notice how the Gravis poll has a MOE of 3.9%, which is covered by the +4 to Blackburn… but the NBC poll has a MOE of 5.1% which is NOT covered by the +2 for Bredesen. If you take half the MOE, and correct towards the center, that means Blackburn is at about a +2 for the Gravis, and at a +1 for the NBC poll. This is a rather tenuous method, for sure, but it points towards there being a slight advantage to the GOP for this state.

Going deeper into the NBC/Marist poll… Here we get some confirmation that the GOP have an advantage. For CONGRESS, there is 50% support for the GOP, compared to 42% for DEMs.

I'm going to call this for Tennessee, but it's going to be only a 2-3% win.

c3a4a2  No.2996223



What I love about this one is that it's being called a TOSS UP, when not a single poll shows any advantage to "Beto" the fake hispanic… Cruz is at a +3.2 on the RCP average.

>Emerson 8/22 - 8/25 550 RV 4.4 39 38 Cruz +1

>NBC News/Marist 8/12 - 8/16 759 RV 3.8 49 45 Cruz +4

>Quinnipiac 7/26 - 7/31 1138 RV 3.5 49 43 Cruz +6

>Texas Lyceum* 7/9 - 7/26 441 LV 4.7 41 39 Cruz +2

I am not worried about Texas. Cruz wins by 5% to 7%

c3a4a2  No.2996294


The bottom line and conclusions.




North Dakota



There are 47 safe seats for the GOP. Add the "Likely GOP" seat for Mississippi 2, and you have a base of 48 total seats.

These 5 wins of the supposed "Toss Ups" means the GOP has 53 seats almost guaranteed.



They already have Indiana, so they just retain this seat… the GOP will fail to flip it.





Of those, Montana doesn't have enough information yet to call it either way. Missouri and Nevada have 3rd party fuckery going on… and are STILL toss-ups.

I suspect that the 3rd party influence will diminish as we get closer to the election, if it's known that a 3rd party vote is going to lead to Dems winning.

Assuming we can pull out Montana and Missouri… that gives the GOP 55 seats.

15233f  No.2996569






Anon you are a master and a patriot. Let me process this and the other great posts many anons have made for a summary of where we are at.

c3a4a2  No.2997581


New Fox News Poll out today shows Cramer +4

c3a4a2  No.2997588


New Fox News poll out today shows McCaskill +3

c3a4a2  No.2997611


New Fox News poll out today shows Braun +2… so that's quite a flip from the +12 and +6, and shows a trend towards the GOP. I'm going to put Indiana back at a TossUp until we see more data. If we get another +GOP poll we can conclude it'll go GOP in November.

c3a4a2  No.2997622


TWO new Arizona polls out today… the one from ABC 15 shown in the original post above had McSally at +3… shortly after posting this, Fox News came out with a new poll showing Sinema +3…

15233f  No.3000654

502cbc  No.3008011

File: 46bc1c46c103c7d⋯.png (521.15 KB, 557x619, 557:619, gorilla.png)


Hey Qresearch. SO I follow Rogue News a lot. They are a solid source for tons of stuff and do a lot of good things as an alt news platform. Anyway, they had this section talking about the election. Now, granted these guys are not really huge fans of Q and outright HATE sessions so keep that in mind as you watch this.

That said This is a pretty good analysis that is supporting an interesting and DANGEROUS idea that the entire Republican party is going to purposely throw the election to the WORST of the Dems on purpose so that they can bring 25th amendment proceedings against Trump. CJ is talking here about the finance stuff going on but I thought it would be important for you all to see and understand this possible line of attack. Still trusting the plan here… Still trusting the plan.

5a30b4  No.3010982

Did you miss this one, please add?

Connecticut Senate

Chris Murphey (D-incombent) v Matthew Corey (R)



Corruption https ://freebeacon.com/politics/top-dems-took-campaign-cash-senator-trial-corruption/ :

Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.), Hillary Clinton's former running mate, accepted $10,000 in contributions from the New Millennium PAC in late February of this year.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) took a $5,000 contribution from Menendez's PAC in early March.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow's (D., Mich.) campaign took $10,000 from Menendez's PAC in late March while Sen. Jon Tester's (D., Mont.) campaign also accepted $10,000 around this time. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D., NY) campaign also took $10,000 in contributions from Menendez's PAC on March 23.

Sen. Chris Murphy's (D., Conn.) campaign received a $5,000 donation from the New Millennium PAC in late June.

http://www .foxnews.com/politics/2018/08/07/sen-chris-murphy-calls-for-more-silicon-valley-censorship-survival-our-democracy-depends-on-it.html

https://www .huffingtonpost.com/entry/chris-murphy-mass-shootings-congress-fault_us_5a84c66ce4b0ab6daf45a676

https://www .mediaite.com/online/it-took-no-time-at-all-for-hillary-clinton-to-fundraise-off-of-chris-murphys-filibuster-heroics/

http://www .courant.com/politics/capitol-watch/hc-chris-murphy-vp-wikileaks-story.html#

https://www .breitbart.com/big-government/2012/09/11/dodd-deja-vu-in-connecticut-senate-candidate-s-mortgage-scandal-brews/

https: //sonsoflibertymedia.com/communist-us-senator-chris-murphy-i-support-the-real-2nd-amendment-not-the-imaginary-2nd-amendment/

https://www .meforum.org/articles/2018/senator-chris-murphy-stands-with-islamists

http://www .trevorloudon.com/2017/07/security-risk-senator-chris-murphys-long-time-communist-staffer/

"Senator Murphy serves on the the Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Blumenthal serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee." http://www .trevorloudon.com/2017/06/hypocrital-connecticut-congressmembers-condemn-trumps-russian-ties-all-are-connected-to-pro-moscow-organizations/

Murphy & Blumenthal are in the top ten

http://www .infiltratednation.com/2014/02/meet-ten-most-liberal.html

"McCain was in the Eastern European nation—along with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy — to cheer on the ongoing right-wing protest movement. In February 2014, this movement was successful: Ukraine’s democratically elected, pro-Russian government was overthrown in a coup, in which fascist forces played a significant role (FAIR.org, 3/7/14)." https:// fair.org/home/john-mccain-human-rights-ukrainian-nazi-photo-washington-post/

https://twitter .com/ChrisMurphyCT/status/890810835408363520

https://downtrend .com/71superb/did-senator-chris-murphy-just-tweet-out-classified-information/


https://www .nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Rep-Murphys-Case-of-Bieber-Fever-116467398.html

86190e  No.3021099

>>2935468 im from MO, claire McCaskill seems like regular dem trash, need to look more into Hawley though.

b44f5f  No.3021384

File: 36339619a41b5c3⋯.jpeg (636.58 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B078260C-5AA5-4A2A-AD76-2….jpeg)

File: 9b0dceaa3911cae⋯.jpeg (590.26 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B1A37A2D-B186-4C2B-AA0D-A….jpeg)

File: b3cea481ecbc175⋯.jpeg (342.61 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 11D0B122-3C22-4070-9051-4….jpeg)


Newfag here!

Did I do good?

91cd8c  No.3022275


Move away.

91cd8c  No.3022292


So far, I haven't seen any CmC lawn signs in my south STL neighborhood. I consider this a *good* sign since it's extremely left.

db8063  No.3032618

Trump will wait to drop the FISA files right before midterms to crush blue wave

56a03a  No.3033529


Secured, but you still have to vote. It was unrigged in key counties in 2016. The past 2 years has been more unrigging and more evidence gathering. Watch what happens. Red wave, nigger.

49fc58  No.3034571


Speculation and opinion spoken like established fact.

Highly illogical you are.

e8bbdc  No.3037040

File: 4ff9f885ed8f738⋯.jpeg (594.5 KB, 1035x615, 69:41, 0F72D868-5E74-4A5C-9D39-6….jpeg)

File: 5b95fb8b53daadc⋯.jpeg (469.63 KB, 1000x612, 250:153, 8C5E5C3B-A90C-4443-8974-3….jpeg)

Bresden and wife donate $46,100.00 to Hillary and PAC’s that supported her. He was handpicked by Chuck Schumer to oppose Blackburn. Doesn’t sound like a Moderate that votes independently to me.



a72b82  No.3038203

File: badc20835a58296⋯.jpg (115.34 KB, 750x540, 25:18, SENATE 2018.JPG)

Alphabetical listing.

Copy pic and tweet.

79a9ad  No.3042875




I agree that we need to redpill our neighbors and communities to get them on board with John James! He is also a real patriot and not a career politician like Stabenow. Everything he's doing is grassroots so he needs as much help as possible! We need to PRAY and have other supporters do the same thing to get JJ elected. There is some major corruption in the DEQ that I just learned about last week, and it will take a friend of the Michigan people in DC to help clean the MI swamp up!

I don't know about you fags, but I will be doing a full court press starting next month to get people committed to vote and get volunteers lined up to shuttle people to the polls in Nov.

79a9ad  No.3042888


Nice dig, Newfag!

9c0aa8  No.3043390


EUfag here, I met some people from California recently. They were pro-Trump but demotivated because of blue state and voter fraud.

Don't give up. There is hope.

986688  No.3043408


Hope WV has potus covered!

c3a4a2  No.3044178

File: 405b3b3170f0075⋯.png (118.38 KB, 860x402, 430:201, ClipboardImage.png)


I just don't understand how Manchin has such a lead in WV. With all the coal jobs coming back, and Manchin voting AGAINST the tax bill… How the hell is WV hillbilly country BLUE? WTF is wrong with these people?

RCP has WV as "Leans Dem"… Manchin at +8.4 in the RCP average.

According to the latest poll that shows Manchin up by 8 points…


- 60% of WV likely voters approve of Trump… 19% higher than the national average.

- Joe Manchin’s Job Approval Ratings Have Decreased and His Disapprovals Are at a 5-Year High. (43% approve, 39% disapprove)

- 45% want a GOP run state legislature, 34% want a DEM one.

- Manchin still leads Morrisey 46% to 38%

Something's fishy in WV!

Here's the interesting thing… it seems 8% wanted Blankenship… and 4% of those would have voted for him rather than Morrisey.

W/O Blankenship: 46%/38% with 16% unsure.

With Blankenship: 45%/34%/8% with 13% unsure.

Here's what bothers me about this poll.

1) It's only 404 likely voters.

2) It doesn't ask a vital question: "If you had to vote for one or the other, which would you choose?"

3) The fact that Manchin can't get more than 46% support, when his disapproval ratings are so fucking high?

18% of 404 is 72 people.

Anyway, I really REALLY question the validity of this poll…

c3a4a2  No.3044220

File: 5ba3cbabfeadded⋯.png (144.23 KB, 864x718, 432:359, ClipboardImage.png)


So looking at this polling trend… there have been new polls released on a fairly regular basis for the past week and a half, going all the way back to 9/4… at least one poll per day, with there being a maximum of a 3 day gap between releasing of polls between 8/31 and 9/4.


Suddenly after a HUGE batch of polls released by Fox News and KSTP/Survey USA on 4/13, the polling has been quiet as hell… we are now into day 3 of quiet. I can't help but wonder if maybe there are some +GOP polls being held back, waiting for contradictory +DEM polls to counterbalance them? Like, imagine the pollsters thinking, "OMG this can't be good, this will give the GOP hope that things are swinging their way… better wait for some other polls to come in…"

Not saying anything truly nefarious is happening, but it's been kinda the pattern of the news organizations to slow walk good news for the GOP, but rush to press with any bad news;.

c3a4a2  No.3044397


Okay, this is kinda crazy…

Since July 19th, the only polling that has been reported have been in the following states:


This leaves out:

AL, AR, CO, GA, HI, ID, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MS, MT, NE, NH, NY, NC, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, VT, WA, and WY.

I find it very difficult to believe that 27 states, over half of them, have not had a poll done on the senate races in almost 2 months!

Just something to keep in mind, we are working with VERY old data right now!

c3a4a2  No.3044427


Okay… I'm an idiot… I am a COMPLETE idiot… it's the senate… only 1/3rd of it is elected each cycle… Derp. LOL

Still, numerous states that HAVE races going on have had no polling… NE for example.

c3a4a2  No.3046485


I am now going through every single senate race and seeing when the latest polls are, and keeping a spreadsheet on it. There's already 5 races I see who have absolutely NO polling data.

Hawaii isn't likely to ever elect another GOP member of the senate ever again… so no shock there.

There are TWO races in Mississippi, and neither has any polling done. One (MS2) is a special election with an open primary that is being decided ON ELECTION DAY it seems? And then it will advance to another special election once the GOP candidate is decided I guess. Such an odd one.

Maryland has no polling data, but it's not shocking if it goes DEM… half the DC swamp lives in this state.

Nebraska has no polling either, but that's almost certainly going to Deb Fischer… this is my state, and I don't really like her, and may even vote against her in protest… because she's turned into a DC swamp creature herself… depends, though.

Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington state also have no polling done on them yet… which I find extremely not shocking. All three are DEM strongholds anymore.

Finally there's Wyoming, which is solid red, and has no polling either.

Interesting Races the GOP may actually win!

Bob Menendez in New Jersey is only at a +6 in the polling, and that's from 8/20… so it may have gotten tighter since then. This is one of those states I could see flipping GOP… (After all, they elected Republican Chris Christie as governor, right?)

Will have to monitor.

Another interesting one is Ohio. The latest poll is from 6/21, so it's fairly old. It's also +13 in the favor of the DEMs. However, Trump carried this state… so it's one to watch for new polling data at the very least.

8b661a  No.3048000


>All three are DEM strongholds anymore.

don't count out WA… Seattle is leftist central no doubt, but the entire Eastern half of the state is crimson red

c3a4a2  No.3048364


Nice trips!

Yeah, there's a lot of states like that. Montana, believe it or not… Billings is pretty blue, but the rest of the state red… it's odd how blue centers around urban areas, isn't it? Even in the whitest of whitebread states.

I'm in Nebraska, and District 2 (Omaha and the surrounding metro) almost went to Hillary… the rest of the state is deep red… but Omaha has like 55% of the damn state population!

Isn't it odd, though, how these states are NOT being polled? It's almost like they're afraid of what they'll find.

8b661a  No.3050328


honestly I don't really trust the polls that do get reported…

But yeah… get the poor rounded up into a dense city and miraculously the idea that rich people should provide free everything catches like wildfire. Even when those poor people are kept poor by leftist ideologies…

15233f  No.3051475

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We need to analyze it back through the presidential election. Look at what happened. Bernie was winning states that HIllary was losing. Then states flipped to Trump. We need to continue those waves. Remember - the SOCIALISTS are actually still around and probably would have elected Bernie.

15233f  No.3051530







Would be one proposed area of focus. We need to narrow it down to where we can play the biggest impact in both Senate and House but great work anon.

15233f  No.3051654

File: ff088e096c566a9⋯.png (507.66 KB, 1141x699, 1141:699, ClipboardImage.png)


Time to double down?

15233f  No.3051666

File: b4901d49cd415fa⋯.png (175.13 KB, 1119x705, 373:235, ClipboardImage.png)


9c209e  No.3052697


Diehl is a fake Repub.

dce621  No.3057221

>>3051530 The Hill check this out; The political media; Bias;Activism;Smugness;add this to the list as well;Phonyness…!! Anon says ; you mean FAKE News right! Kek that my dear freinds!

The Hill calling out Fake News…Happening!

dce621  No.3057296

>>3057221sorry need better punct shunation for impact. Got a get some covfefe this just gets better by the hour. So many files so little time!So much winning…oh my ;KEK.

6f2e1c  No.3058847

File: d1fbbc72ee76d10⋯.png (3.99 MB, 3949x4468, 3949:4468, brett.png)



c3a4a2  No.3059130


Fuck's sake… WRONG FUCKING THREAD you muppets! Goddamned Reddit retards…

aa5766  No.3059140

File: 459852c374807f9⋯.png (962.59 KB, 717x6429, 239:2143, Know-how-they-vote_Freedom….png)

Want to vote for the best person for the job?

What is their voting record for a given topic?

What bills do they vote on?

How often do they vote?

You need tools to help identify the swamp creatures and vote them out. The New American provides the Freedom Index so you can identify the swamp creatures and see how they vote.

'' "Twice a year, the Freedom Index rates congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.

There were only six congressmen that earned a perfect score on this latest scorecard. The average score in the House was 48 percent, and in the Senate, a mere 40 percent.

“It never ceases to amaze me that politicians swearing an oath to the Constitution score so low in an index that measures their adherence to the founding document,” said Benoit. “And we wonder why the country is doing so poorly.”

This Freedom Index provides a score for all 535 members of Congress based on 10 key votes in the House and the Senate from the last six months, and also gives a cumulative score for each member since the beginning of the 112th Congress.

The index shows how every representative and senator voted on key issues such as Libya, the debt deal, abortion funding, the jobs program, and indefinite detention.

The 112th Congress voting scores are clearly organized by state for both the House and Senate.

The New American, which was established in 1985, is printed twice monthly and published daily online. The New American is the essential news source for freedom-loving Americans. It unearths the abuses of the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and God-given rights. The magazine is a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society." ''



e8bbdc  No.3060313

File: c5082e54ac21fce⋯.jpeg (153.02 KB, 657x1024, 657:1024, 1ABBB84D-CF4A-4B52-9483-F….jpeg)

Schumer recruited Phil Bredesen. Tried to portray himself as a Moderate/Independent Democrat. He and his wife donated $$46,100 to Clinton and Pro Clinton PACs in 2016. Median household income in Tennessee is $48,547.

e8bbdc  No.3060370

File: f95b8228cad0645⋯.jpeg (260.21 KB, 1008x1508, 252:377, 5901FBA1-FF08-41F2-87C0-5….jpeg)

Version 2

aa5766  No.3061326

File: 240d6c259e272f7⋯.png (362.33 KB, 595x1423, 595:1423, enemies-of-we-the-people_v….png)



51de34  No.3065148

File: 8cc0ab430c893e8⋯.jpeg (16.67 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 23C6AF77-B5AD-4084-A583-7….jpeg)

All Drudge Report apps have been removed from the App Store - easily verifiable

c3a4a2  No.3065272



cdfb06  No.3072531

File: 227f0e1bb351f56⋯.jpeg (591.23 KB, 1179x1127, 1179:1127, F09E8112-940C-412B-AAA2-3….jpeg)

File: 740f94efdc9cf95⋯.jpeg (209.42 KB, 1171x658, 1171:658, AF984FCD-21CE-436D-B637-3….jpeg)

File: bd04da483de256f⋯.jpeg (195.73 KB, 1179x663, 393:221, 9EE959B9-6329-498A-853A-4….jpeg)

File: 69f67e6446194d2⋯.jpeg (159.05 KB, 1191x618, 397:206, 22698052-BA59-4FD4-9DEE-0….jpeg)

File: 6db094916870fe2⋯.jpeg (144.11 KB, 1146x645, 382:215, EC6CD4FC-D310-4E3F-B685-3….jpeg)

Go Dr. Shiva for Massachusetts!!!

a59038  No.3075727

crazy like a fox>>2934181

174554  No.3080327


The sad thing about this state is they'd likely vote in a sick yellow dog if it was on the Democrat ticket. Although, most people here are pretty smart. *almost* went for Trump in '16. Franken only got his senate seat because they kept re-counting until he won (talk about fuckery afoot on the union-heavy Iron Range)

I'd say this state is likely going to go for the Donks on both senate races, and doubtful if the congressional delegation changes a whole lot, unless Klobuchar or Smith do the perp-walk.

174554  No.3080418

MN: htt ps://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/09/16/klobuchar-smith-minnesota-senate-mpr-star-tribune-poll

Tina Smith 44, Karen Housley 37

A.Klobb 60, Jim Newberger 30

But that's MPR, so you could maybe make the case of swinging it about 5pts to the right to get accuracy.

c3a4a2  No.3080533


New polls…

New Mexico. Was +18 DEM (8/18), now +21 DEM (9/15)… this state is pretty much a lock for the DEMs

c3a4a2  No.3080551


Missouri: Previously a Tie as of 9/11, still a tie as of 9/16. Good sign. Still a toss-up… but then 9/17 another came out showing +3 GOP. Good trend!

c3a4a2  No.3080561


Montana: Previously +3 DEM (7/10), now +2 DEM (9/16). Still a Toss Up, but I anticipate come election day, the GOP will prevail.

c3a4a2  No.3080564


Texas: Was a +1 GOP (8/25), now +4 (9/16). A good sign with trends going in the right direction.

174554  No.3080573

Last MN post, and then I'll stop shitting up this bread:

Polls in MN are likely not conducted far from the seriously BLUE twin cities metro. There's a lot of people out in the hinterlands that think Trump is the best thing to happen to this nation in a long time, and are absolutely sick of what the Progressives/Dems/DeepState have done. The Smith/Housley race overlaps at one edge of the margin of error, that's pretty damn close for two months out + what The Donald just did and its snowball effects.

A.Klobb (yes, that's a Goldeneye reference) has generally been a good, party-line Democrat and hasn't made waves. The Literal Socialists in the twin shitties would be just thrilled to turn out for another empowered, experienced, liberal woman, expecially since GEOTUS hammered the last one so badly. (Also, these so-open-minded-their-brains-fell-out types just love voting community-organizing activists to executive positions, and then blaming the more conservative types for the failures of their champion post-turtles)

Housley may have a chance. Newberger probably doesn't, not without a LOT of help from the top.

c3a4a2  No.3080586


Scratch that… Cruz +9 as of 9/18

c3a4a2  No.3080636

Notable poll shift… Michigan's race was +22 for the Dems as of 9/7. It is now +15… that's quite a shift towards the center, and may be an indication of rising black support for Trump.

c3a4a2  No.3080769


Notable shift. 9/11 showed a +3 GOP… now as of 9/17 it's +5 DEM… shifting this to a Toss Up.

Something is hinky with this poll, though.. .

>A total of 1,000 adults who live in Tennessee were interviewed by telephone by live interviewers calling both landline and cell phones. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. Among the entire sample, 26% described themselves as Democrats, 33% described themselves as Republicans, and 42% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

Only 26% are democrats, yet the democrat has 50% of the vote? SOMETHING is not right here. 42% describing themselves as independent is WAY out of line with the norm…

c3a4a2  No.3080886


RCP had MN1 at +15 for the dems… it's now +30… what the fuck? That's not even possible in my mind. How the fuck does that happen? NO OTHER STATE has that big of a swing… the next highest being +25… most being under +22…

MN2 is showing a shift from +9 DEM to +7 DEM… which is far more believable.

174554  No.3081005


Impossible? Probably impossible. Hagedorn is no stranger in MN politics, though. I think he might have been on the primary ticket for the R's after Pawlenty or something. I've heard his name around here a lot and never cared to pay attention.

MN1 is big farm country, so it could be real difficult to beat a democrat there. Drove through that area a couple weeks back, OMG SO MUCH CORN, SO MUCH SOYBEANS. Hard lobbies to beat.

But, WTF for real on that poll swing. Selective polling and editing, I'd bet.

c3a4a2  No.3081044


Keep in mind senate voting is state-wide… not just a specific region of the state. BOTH of these seats are being voted on by the very same set of constituents.

174554  No.3081426


Very true, and I bet 90% of them are voting party-line as well. All this dad-fagging & sleep deprivation may be slowing me down a bit.

So, should we say the MN senate races are a 'double or nothing' proposition for either party?

c086bf  No.3081834

File: d06bcb35f1f7f27⋯.jpeg (80.12 KB, 750x480, 25:16, AEB1F182-AF6E-4671-900C-9….jpeg)

Texasfag here.

Cruz is ahead 9 points ( according to Republican Party Texas polls )

James Dickey is seeking a paid position in Republican Party of Texas that was previously unpaid / vacated by Steve Munisteri

Soros is FLOODING TX and FL w cash.

Beto is a serious campaign here. Abusively texting random people. Not sure how that doesn’t violate election laws. Someone clarify plz

068054  No.3084017

File: bd8406d68dae84b⋯.jpeg (228.32 KB, 750x564, 125:94, 4365C2C7-B933-4C7B-8723-0….jpeg)

5a156c  No.3085223


I’m a little worried as well. It’s almost October and the demons think they have the high ground w this bogus kavanaugh scandal.

d57fed  No.3085803

File: 0c8804fccecd567⋯.png (350.33 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, A3E33D19-57DC-4373-9C96-49….png)

I need some help. I’m a newbie but wanted to share this YouTube video but I don’t know how to attach it on my mobile. This video knocked me off my chair and had not heard anything about this til yesterday. It may be worth its own thread. Here it goes.

This video reveals that the Clintons since the 1980s have controlled the “keys” to the worldwide web. That explains why over decades of criminality, bribery and murder they have been able to get away with these activities for so long. With this control, they have access to every computer in the WORLD. As the video states, they don’t have to worry about controlling everyone; just the upper tier that they can bride or and extort, or even kill, if necessary. That includes every government agency of every country (think about all of the major catostrophix events and government overthrows since before 911). This video goes onto say toward the end that all of the voting machines are controlled. So the question to Q is “is the 2018 mid-term election safe?”

5d0484  No.3085926

remember Trump Won! If voting wasn't safe he wouldn't have won

c086bf  No.3086565

File: 4e60761eeac54f1⋯.gif (50.44 KB, 679x946, 679:946, 6CDC6931-8A2B-40C2-A935-0E….gif)


Clinton’s = CIA assets recruited from College to encapsulate Arkansas etc.

CIA displaced NSA capacities for a long time w the internet and only since 2010 was NSA getting to a point they could really “keep up” or surpass that capacity.

CIA has ALWAYS influenced elections and astroturfed political movements around the world to assure they remained in as much control of liquidity of money and power as possible. Their charter is NOT to protect US Citizens but the Financial Institutions here.

Posting an example of Long standing relationship of Bill Clinton and CIA RE: Mena, Arkansas and alongside the Arkansas AG basically ran point to make sure no investigations into Mena took place. Sound Familiar?

a8536b  No.3087078

Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is a known supporter of HRC, BHO, "No Name", Kamala Harris, the Podestas, etc. and DEFINATELY a Globalist. She is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee delaying the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. There is mystery surrounding the death of her step-sister who was found dead in the Mississippi river 8 years ago. As many know, Minnesota has become a sanctuary for Somali refugees and on the verge of, in my opinion, implementing Sharia Law, hence the State's new nickname "MiniMogadishu". I could really use some help digging on her, the people of Minnesota need all the help we can get to clean out the state capital. There is also controversy surrounding Keith Ellison, who is a known supporter and member of the Muslim Brotherhood and friend of Louis Farakhan. The naïve people of Minnesota are also victims of massive Project MOCKINGBIRD biased media.




a8536b  No.3087141


>Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is a known supporter of HRC, BHO, "No Name", Kamala Harris, the Podestas, etc. and DEFINATELY a Globalist. She is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee delaying the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. There is mystery surrounding the death of her step-sister who was found dead in the Mississippi river 8 years ago. As many know, Minnesota has become a sanctuary for Somali refugees and on the verge of, in my opinion, implementing Sharia Law, hence the State's new nickname "MiniMogadishu". I could really use some help digging on her, the people of Minnesota need all the help we can get to clean out the state capital. There is also controversy surrounding Keith Ellison, who is a known supporter and member of the Muslim Brotherhood and friend of Louis Farakhan. The naïve people of Minnesota are also victims of massive Project MOCKINGBIRD biased media.http://www.citypages.com/news/body-of-amy-klobuchars-step-sister-katharine-wilkes-found-in-mississippi-6539120https://www.minnpost.com/political-agenda/2010/07/body-found-mississippi-sen-klobuchars-step-sister/https://www.revolvy.com/page/Amy-Klobuchar?stype=feedback&cmd=all&w_uid=0

a8536b  No.3087158


Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is a known supporter of HRC, BHO, "No Name", Kamala Harris, the Podestas, etc. and DEFINATELY a Globalist. She is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee delaying the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. There is mystery surrounding the death of her step-sister who was found dead in the Mississippi river 8 years ago. As many know, Minnesota has become a sanctuary for Somali refugees and on the verge of, in my opinion, implementing Sharia Law, hence the State's new nickname "MiniMogadishu". I could really use some help digging on her, the people of Minnesota need all the help we can get to clean out the state capital. There is also controversy surrounding Keith Ellison, who is a known supporter and member of the Muslim Brotherhood and friend of Louis Farakhan. The naïve people of Minnesota are also victims of massive Project MOCKINGBIRD biased media.




a8536b  No.3087176


Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is a known supporter of HRC, BHO, "No Name", Kamala Harris, the Podestas, etc. and DEFINATELY a Globalist. She is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee delaying the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. There is mystery surrounding the death of her step-sister who was found dead in the Mississippi river 8 years ago. As many know, Minnesota has become a sanctuary for Somali refugees and on the verge of, in my opinion, implementing Sharia Law, hence the State's new nickname "MiniMogadishu". I could really use some help digging on her, the people of Minnesota need all the help we can get to clean out the state capital. There is also controversy surrounding Keith Ellison, who is a known supporter and member of the Muslim Brotherhood and friend of Louis Farakhan. The naïve people of Minnesota are also victims of massive Project MOCKINGBIRD biased media.




19afc7  No.3087272



c0ff6b  No.3087609

Let's not forget about state level


Republican Pete Flores upsets Democrat Pete Gallego in race for Uresti seat


c3a4a2  No.3088693


This is a senate races thread dude.

c0ff6b  No.3089163

File: 8ee488c8b53d25c⋯.png (149.53 KB, 320x452, 80:113, ClipboardImage.png)

c0ff6b  No.3089248

Well, the thread does say

"Headquarters 2018 Mid-term. Defend the Senate" This was a state senate seat that was a democrat-friendly area that went to republican.

adaa7e  No.3098910

File: f339f704813dd6a⋯.png (545.12 KB, 600x449, 600:449, IceRaidsAlert.png)


Spread this meme everywhere and anywhere that illegals will find it. If they believe these are friendly #openborders folks warning them they may get scared away from voting illegally.

123650  No.3099144


Good question. The California Senate race is a choice between two Democrats. (((Feinstein))) is bad, and her opponent León is much further left. He attacks her for supporting ICE and for opposing illegal immigration in the 90s. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-pol-ca-kevin-de-leon-dianne-feinstein-senate-ad-20180918-story.html

19afc7  No.3107124


Say NO to Beto!


15233f  No.3107529


Yea this is a big post thanks for bringing it. I want to change the thread to ALL elections. We are tracking:




other local elections if they are big

BUT we need to streamline which I am working on doing given the posts one of these anons made tracking the polling.

Its evolving


15233f  No.3107552

File: ce46813234da1f3⋯.png (696.97 KB, 942x604, 471:302, ClipboardImage.png)


15233f  No.3107609

File: b32fdcc7c76ebcc⋯.png (187.47 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Beat Beto 2018



Soros is FLOODING TX and FL w cash.

Beto is a serious campaign here. Abusively texting random people. Not sure how that doesn’t violate election laws. Someone clarify plz

15233f  No.3107668

File: 73a5c9660d22c91⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d6997f91535d03f⋯.png (338.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

15233f  No.3107732


The real story in Texas is the turnout.

Democrats didn't turn out at all for a Senate seat the GOP HAS NOT WON SINCE THE CIVIL WAR.

c8e41b  No.3119111


Pray for a miracle

c8e41b  No.3119216


Get John Cox elected Gov. Get Omar Navarro to take MaxiPad Waters’ seat

Cox - Endorsed by Trump & Navarro endorsed by G.Flynn

4cd9f2  No.3123433


In other words, they were stupid.

4cd9f2  No.3123621



link is dead.

b73960  No.3123930

File: 9a676ec6151750a⋯.jpeg (264.63 KB, 1560x444, 130:37, CD6BEF81-9C9E-4B59-A168-9….jpeg)

File: c5b4bf7fbd8cdee⋯.jpeg (179.13 KB, 661x720, 661:720, ECFCBEFC-A0E9-4AE4-B1A8-9….jpeg)

Hmmm…looks like someone leveled the playing field.

727c09  No.3138862


Joe Manchin—West Virginia D Senate





ba0c57  No.3143162

File: d4042595513e6d4⋯.jpeg (80.08 KB, 711x530, 711:530, 4C1DF92D-6DAB-422D-9E64-5….jpeg)

File: 6401be470b04858⋯.jpeg (66.19 KB, 600x340, 30:17, 59A9F26D-E630-4AB1-8893-3….jpeg)

File: ffe1680a137149b⋯.jpeg (299.62 KB, 1033x1390, 1033:1390, 27D1B91A-7783-428A-8302-8….jpeg)

File: 6401be470b04858⋯.jpeg (66.19 KB, 600x340, 30:17, F4F558CB-A6B3-4EDF-B02A-E….jpeg)

File: 112e2a734a81c6e⋯.jpeg (87.63 KB, 804x535, 804:535, 6B2838B8-93FF-4539-9626-B….jpeg)

Please add him to the Senate List. He is swamp scum and was HRC's running mate in 2016.

5ca364  No.3147400

I have some opposition research and concept for weaponizing it, which is what we do best last I keked.

Currently doing Oppo on Claire and think we could bury her. Remember her telling men to shut up? hooktube.com/watch?v=-yzGA_glnkM

Pair this with Mazie Hirono and her pending no vote on Kavanaugh and it becomes clear that Clair hates men. (we knew this already) but it gets better. She wrote a letter in support of Title IX Kangaroo Courts



I suck at making videos, but I will work on connecting her to the man hating and throw in the a line like “Clair Mccaskill want's to take away your sons, your brothers, your husband, and your fathers right to due process. Women, protect good men with your vote, or there will be no good men left to protect you from evil men.” Vote Josh Hawley for senate

I also have proof that Claire is closely connected to Tony Podesta. $5,500 in personal donations, $16250 (2018), 9,000 (2012) 1000 (2006) from Podesta Group. (open secrets) He hosted a fund raiser for her in 2006 at his own home. They are Co-owners of a DC restaurant called Centrolina. I'm thinking about making a video with these facts and I will put pictures of Tony Podesta's Art collection in it. I will end with the question did Tony Podesta ever show you his art collection (you do not want to see it and I won't send it over the internet because the Feds would go after me for distributing child porn.)

www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/in-latest-wikileaks-revelations-mccaskill-is-shown-trying-to-pass/article_4681a5ce-1472-5b4d-ae4e-eaaf608bf59e.html Also good for connecting Claire to Hillary (unforgivable)

www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/30/claire-mccaskill-senate-dems-2018-215556 Clair Investor in DC Italian Restaurant Centrolina

joshhawley.com/claire-mccaskill-ultimate-d-c-insider/ They lack the Sauce on things that I wish they had like Podesta owning Italian Restaurant. Open Secrets verifies the Donations and is likely the Sauce for Hawley.

Kek me if you think these are worth pursuing

7075ce  No.3148028


>I suck at making videos, but I will work on connecting her to the man hating and throw in the a line like “Clair Mccaskill want's to take away your sons, your brothers, your husband, and your fathers right to due process. Women, protect good men with your vote, or there will be no good men left to protect you from evil men.” Vote Josh Hawley for senate

good stuff

e8bbdc  No.3150576

File: 8630a5a9da8a8ba⋯.jpeg (335.25 KB, 1125x1079, 1125:1079, 4534C559-64C5-45A0-AD5C-F….jpeg)

File: e0f63a71349ceed⋯.jpeg (350.73 KB, 1125x800, 45:32, 8F08C0A0-A866-41E6-932D-4….jpeg)

Pretty ironic when Gillibrand platform is keeping children/neighborhoods safe.


1a9425  No.3166946

File: 2ebb74ac7cd64a4⋯.pdf (51.91 KB, newsom.pdf)

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is taking money from a group of money launderers that are linked to al-Qaeda and Code Pink. The feds were informed two years ago by several people when Gamergate dug this up. Reminders were sent to multiplue agencies. There is no investigation.

The Republicans know and don't care. Same with the media, even Breitbart. No one is making it an issue. You gotta do it yourself.

5ca364  No.3169547

File: cfbf9e9d0868bdc⋯.png (668.49 KB, 555x512, 555:512, Big Red Claire.png)

So much hatred for Claire on this board. I got distracted yesterday and thought I would put her face with Big Reds Hair for some keks. didn't turn out great, but I think that just adds to the charm

a5a732  No.3169551

File: dc4a58944491c96⋯.png (64.28 KB, 417x278, 3:2, Q2037-VOTEVOTEVOTE.png)



>Essentially, dig up dirt on the bad guys, make a meme, make the voting base aware so they can punish the corruption by voting accordingly?

AKA empower the voting base enough to inspire them to show up at the polls on Election Day. Thus, important to frame the corruption in a way that encourages turnout rather than encourages apathy at a dysfunctional & rigged system.

Make the voters confident that they can make a difference and that this is the time to act. Maybe some choice historical quotes?

Politics is a numbers game. Enthusiasm rules. The stark comparison between the recent rallies for POTUS & Hussein is showing that this is playing out very much like 2016. The Dem base is demoralized & apathetic, fueled only by anger & hatred & division, but unlike 2010 with the Tea Party, that anger is not directed at citizens' personal plights, but by identity politics. Meaning that the idealism needs to be strong enough to inspire an historic number of their party to get off their ass and go vote in a midterm election.

A positive message always beats a negative one every time. This negates any sort of historical comparisons that will be made that a sitting president loses seats in the midterms. History is meant to be rewritten.

Q has made it clear that the vote will be protected. Seems very little reason to doubt this at this juncture. It's our job to make this case to the American voting populace. OUR VOTE COUNTS … more than ever.

a5a732  No.3170045

Concentrating on the sleeper races to help get some new blood & fresh ideas in the Senate. Rand needs some allies.




>Michigan - Debbie Stabenow (D) v. John James (R)

Listen to an interview with John James and you could come away thinking that he could be the superhero of this election. This guy's inspiring. You know how the DNC is pushing that Beto character? This is how we should be pushing John James. Let them try to attack him. It will expose their hypocrisy for all the nation to see.

Hope he has a debate with Stabenow. He'll wipe the floor with her.

>Pennsylvania - Bob Casey (D) v. Lou Barletta (R)

If you watch the Wilkes-Barre rally, you'll see that Lou (LOU!!!) has a very loyal fan base in his hometown (he was a popular Mayor of Hazelton and is their current Rep). Polished (in a good way) but down-to-earth at same time. Amazing public speaker. Race might be much closer than the polls indicate. A POTUS favorite. We should have his back. Plus, that would be a key state to flip for many reasons.

>New Jersey - Bob Menendez (D) v. Bob Hugin (R)


>Bob Menendez in New Jersey is only at a +6 in the polling, and that's from 8/20… so it may have gotten tighter since then. This is one of those states I could see flipping GOP

Me too. Hugin's a pharma guy, but also a retired Marine (his son is active i think). Also playing possum with POTUS, but it's NJ, so expected. Poll numbers indicate that Menendez could be ripe for slaughter. And he's such an easy target for the meme attacks with him being a pedo slimeball and all.

If NJ flips, POTUS would be pleased as punch being that the "Summer White House" is in Bedminster. Would be a yuge victory for the Red Wave.

Just out yesterday:


A surprisingly competitive Senate race in New Jersey.

2c38cd  No.3171235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




House Very Important!

CIA Agents Running As Democrats In 2018 Elections


2c38cd  No.3177567

>>3176149 General #4020

>ImperatorRex / twitter/ 2/2

19. /…with this disgusting smear campaign, as well as in the hearings themselves, ask yourself : The Dems will always have their lunatic supporters, but what will the independent voters think about them? Or traditional Dem supporters? ESPECIALLY the Moms, with sons?

20. IMO, the vast majority will conclude that the Democratic Party of the USA has gone TOTALLY INSANE. If every #MAGA supporter votes, we could be looking at a hollowed out shell of a Dem Party on Nov 7, 2018. A fringe group of extremist leftists, baying at the moon.

21. Strategic objective # 2 (above) - achieved. Back to my first tweet - Don't be distracted by all the hysteria. Trump's people have this situation under control. They have had, for months. The Dems & #FakeNews, drum on arrogance and hatred, just haven't realized it yet.

4f55eb  No.3180491

File: 8dfc88beabf9369⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1675x4187, 1675:4187, ES&S.png)

Voting system vendor 'upgrades' security.

4f55eb  No.3180507

File: 5d5311339b8ab0f⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1406x5637, 1406:5637, BigTechElectionHelp.png)

Big Tech offers free 'help' for midterm election security.

1fa83b  No.3181282


Have seen similar. Costcos for one are full of this + bash POTUS books for adults. Zero books available that provide a counterpoint.


Note the letter was co-signed by Warner & Kamala. They might be annoyed that ES&S is getting assistance from DHS and not Big Tech.


All jurisdictions should disclose from whom they're getting assistance & what data they're providing to private corporations. Free is never free.

5ca364  No.3184199

Really good dirt on Sinema in this. It is already out, but good meme material


fea020  No.3192724

I live in Florida and what was greatly disturbing is they Infiltrated Our Judicial system and School Boards by putting them on Primary ballots instead of Midterm and No info even given unless you Search Hard to find a minute statement for how the want to be Progressively fighting for Change to steer our children towards a understanding that is helpful to be productive in society! That means No Anthem Walk around hallways with left hand pointy finger over lips and right hand up above head in silence in hallways. This Is Renaissance Charter in Port Saint Lucie I took my child OUT and Homeschooled this yr because if you complain Your child gets punished when you are Not there in ELEMENTARY and No problem with child stabbing your child with pencil or kicking under table. When Your child tells teacher Your child gets Punished! Ms Cox was her name. Anyway FLORIDA NEEDS HELP! They just got in 2 more in school board and 2 judges. State Commissoner has Not released 2008 election results of 117% voting caused Allen West to lose in 08.And in Broward and Dad's Schools and Law have agreed Not to arrest or suspend or expell because $$flow is why that Sheriff has not been fired.! Fort Pierce is a Sanctuary Town from Virginia Avenue to Avenue Q, R, S Etc Jupiter is also they have been attacking our Christian area for YEARS and votes Don't count for Locals. White City is losing its ground against corruption. I work w a program for the govt sub contractor and have been blackballed, audited, harassed because I don't Bend the rules. I even reported abuse and I became the one investigated because witchcraft and locking a person in closet/room etc is parental supervision or forgetting them on a toilet for 3 hrs is FINE. Gertrude Walker was the Lesser of 2 evils WHY DIDNT GOP GIVE US PATRIOTS TO VOTE FOR? I am a very upset voter and go with my Flag, hat and homemade signs to Vote. I try but their fraud is SPECIFICALLY TARGETED! INVESTIGATION needed. We should never have Final vote of our Judges School Board State& local Commissioners Agriculture etc This need to be changed Nationally. All Important positions voted on in MIDTERM and General election. Only multi choice for same position on same party candidates should win spot to Run that should be a debate or platform to a midterm vote. Not 1200 people pic judges or school board leaders!, but at least Midterm level of voters. The School board WINNER Delegated 2million for golf etc to Relax those Stressed teachers AND WE HAVE NO CHALK OR construction paper! Many of my friends didn't even know these people or position were running races. This is just in Saint Lucie county. Please help. God bless and Thank you

1f6222  No.3193341

File: 7421286b4f10286⋯.png (57.81 KB, 300x115, 60:23, Scott-Wallace-PA1.png)

Clowns for Congress, Part 1

Scott Wallace (D-PA-1)


The memo also contains a full RSVP list that includes Scott Wallace, who is listed as a "partner" in the Democracy Alliance, which attempts to keep its members hidden. Wallace is now challenging GOP representative Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania's 1st District.

In addition to Soros, who cofounded the alliance, other members include billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer, who is leading the campaign to impeach President Donald Trump, and high-profile Democrats such as Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The Democracy Alliance had more than 100 partners as of 2014.

David Brock, the liberal operative who runs a constellation of organizations including Media Matters and American Bridge, was also at the retreat.

Wallace, a wealthy philanthropist who ran his family's foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, spent years in South Africa and Maryland prior to moving back to Pennsylvania's 1st Congressional District to run for office. Wallace's fund has given millions to radical left-wing groups.

Wallace also told the Wall Street Journal that he last voted in the district he is seeking to represent in 1978.

However, voting records previously obtained by the Free Beacon show that Wallace did not even register in the district until late December 2017 and his first vote was for himself in this year's Democratic primary.


Pennsylvania's first congressional district includes primarily central and South Philadelphia, the City of Chester, the Philadelphia International Airport, and other small sections of Delaware County. The district was strongly Democratic and was plurality black.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania redrew this district in February 2018 after ruling the previous map unconstitutional; the new district will be similar to the old eighth district, including all of Bucks County and a sliver of Montgomery County, for the 2018 elections and representation thereafter

2c29f9  No.3193361


now that you have gotten everything off your chest… why not give the anons specific names, places, dates, and details of who is corrupt, and who is not corrupt?

so far we have:

Renaissance Charter in Port Saint Lucie, Ms Cox

Fort Pierce is a Sanctuary Town from Virginia Avenue to Avenue Q, R, S

White City is losing its ground against corruption…

we need more to work with…

6034a4  No.3194843

File: bebe26914ea26d3⋯.jpg (465.58 KB, 1080x789, 360:263, Garrison blue wave with fl….jpg)

File: 55e003093d31650⋯.jpg (630.14 KB, 2667x1500, 889:500, mt Trump country.jpg)

File: a793ced6d2a9abb⋯.jpg (273.85 KB, 2666x1500, 1333:750, meme two faced tester.jpg)

re: Montana

Use with #DefeatTester #mtsen #mtpol

Map of Montana by counties as voted for POTUS in 2016. #TRUMPcountry

Tester addition to Ben Garrison's Blue Wave 2018-Beach Closed. #FlushTheJON

Tester pretends he's a poor Montana farmer but lives like a DC millionaire. #TwoFacedTester








0ccedf  No.3195672


Im not exactly impressed with the alternatives. I will fight just to help trump, but cant we get something better in there? journalist puncher Gianforte? Really? Im a rancher Rosendale? Really? Cmon man. Im so sick of all politicians it aint even funny. Trump! Buddah, Im gonna vote against my wishes just to help you out brother. Hope you and your staff know what your doin. Im just saying.

88085c  No.3196753

If the fucking Republicans don't get Kavanaugh passed I'm fucking staying home

there is no dipshit deepstate excuse expecially after Q has "everything"

they have "everything" but cant get a few votes

this is fucking ridiculous

6d6d27  No.3200879

File: 33f8b78adaac347⋯.jpeg (29.21 KB, 580x580, 1:1, 3CCBA5B0-E85E-4B00-AF77-E….jpeg)


The Plan has always been about whipping up a “fever pitch” so when the EAS mic drops across the telco and grabs USitizen by the booboo it has more of an effect.

I spoke with several folks that usually have ZERO political interest and they are disgusted and furious over the Kavanaugh smearing.

9f21ad  No.3202932

File: e43944a74df53f0⋯.png (32.34 KB, 421x384, 421:384, voter id.PNG)

File: 5ce2fd1cf0f2875⋯.png (482.04 KB, 702x456, 117:76, county 2016 results.PNG)

File: ed2e84472c9118a⋯.png (99.39 KB, 497x452, 497:452, state map 2016.PNG)

File: bea63e5880abe13⋯.png (70.76 KB, 421x384, 421:384, election night voter id ma….png)

File: b3d87fda3e61c79⋯.png (150.2 KB, 421x384, 421:384, terrible.png)

voter id.png = polarized 2/5 red (ID) / polarized grey 3/5 NON-ID

technically voter id.png is more complicated and five layered so they say… polarized its either ya got id or not.

terrible.png = red being silenced by non-id voters aka non elligible voters… no id that is legal required even upon random request.

we are in the majority but we are being sold out to allow non elligible voters to vote.

if there was voter id required federally i guarentee the whole map would be red!

what is our battle cry after we take these seats in november?; AGENDA #1 : VOTER ID

Q bless the reigns down in AMERICA!

e7ccbd  No.3210807


That county level map is a HUGE red pill.

Normies dont know that.

Pretty hard to say that hillcunt "won" the popular vote huh?

e7ccbd  No.3210994


Same thing I can do in Washington.

GEt the fuck out of the CITY, or get the fuck out of the state. Problem? Look at the Electoral college county map.

EVERY MAJOR CITY IS BLUE…minus just a couple. Anchorage AK? VEry midwest cities (OK NE SD?) that is about it.

01dbd6  No.3216403

Good news! Already had 2 people knock on the door advocating to vote for R candidates in a largely D state; have never seen this happen before

19afc7  No.3236715

To ALL who are QUESTIONING what is going on…..A Republican who stays at home like a little bitch and doesn't get out and VOTE in November means a Demonrat vote. The DEMS want us divided and want US to PANIC!!!! WE are STRONGER than they ever will be. VOTE RED/VOTE REPUBLICAN no matter what. Our country depends on each and every one of us! STAY STONG!

635e16  No.3237908


Leave and don't look back

2d5666  No.3238313


I have your answer. The reason the race in MT appears to be an anomaly is this: in 2008 Tester ONLY won due to voter fraud by stuffing of ballots at the polling stations by DEM operatives. Yep. Really happened. THEN… when the evidence was gathered and it went to court… The case got tossed. Yep. really happened. So.. MT has Tester. Now… MT does not use electronic voting machines. Mostly uses paper ballot that then gets scanned, then tallies etc. MT also uses ID…meaning a form of ID is required. in MT Driver's Lic requirements are Birth Certificate or Passport. Period. So… with things so locked down how could voting fraud occur? ballot stuffing is one way. MT has several different Native American reservations… LOTS of fraud occurs there. The belief is that MT is used as a testing ground for voting fraud practices to see what works and what does not. Absentee Ballot fraud is also rampant due to the large population of elderly voters in the state. MT is a most definitely a RED state… so why does MT have a very BLUE Senator and Governor? Voting fraud is the only way. On the local levels… the Dems really DO run as Repubs in order to get into office then… their true colors come out. Its a thang here folks. Do NOT discount this race.


605d79  No.3243009


I have found some interesting things about Beto. His mother pled guilty to money-laundering, his dad (a federal judge) had a cocaine habit, Beto has voted nay on every border security issue. He is worth $9m. After being a city council person and running a small graphic design firm???

ae4cdc  No.3245172

File: cd6a639ac174ddf⋯.jpeg (531.86 KB, 2047x1342, 2047:1342, 2183D7FD-295B-4FDF-AA97-1….jpeg)

MN can be flipped easily

Subtlety is key in memes, there’s 14% undecided Housley v Taxin’ Tina

There’s even a smaller gap for govenor

Witty memes are better that shit smears to flip people here, passive aggressive.

If there are common links between Tina Ellison and Klobuchar, that can be there downfall given the current affairs with the SCOTUS. They will need to reconcile.

Don’t use the black eye pic, she already said that’s not her. Instead use her evidence she provided:

f37fbb  No.3254475

File: baf8217571608ea⋯.jpg (8.18 KB, 370x167, 370:167, andrewgillum-sunshinestate….jpg)

diggin on andrew gillum (running for governor of florida)…

"Gillum announced last week he raised more than $250,000 in December — his single best showing since April, when he raised a comparable amount."

"Soros cut Gillum's political committee, Forward Florida, a $100,000 check on Dec. 29, according to the PC's website. The Washington, D.C.-based Collective Future gave $20,000 to Forward Florida on Dec. 4 and another $11,000 on Dec. 27. The organization is affiliated with The Collective PAC, which supports progressive black candidates."

George Soro - $250,000 - https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2018/01/08/soros-gives-100-k-gillums-political-committee/1013567001

Alex Soro - $150,000

Collective Future - $231,000 -

The American Way Foundation - $1m -

"In early days of campaign, Gillum has raised more than $4 million to Ron DeSantis's $521,000."


""the Collective PAC has contributed $231,000 to a Gillum-associated political committee, Forward Florida, since December. (Political committees, unlike campaign committees, do not have contribution limits.)"


"Most of that total came from a $1 million contribution made by the Democratic Governors Association. But some of the other contributors are also noteworthy. Filmmaker, actor and producer Tyler Perry gave Gillum $100,000; and philanthropist Barbara Stiefel chipped in $15,000 on top of the $300,000 she'd already given to Gillum."


American Way Does Ads - http://www.pfaw.org/press-releases/people-for-the-american-way-launches-digital-ads-in-florida-gubernatorial-race-for-andrew-gillum/

""Money has been rolling into the campaign since Gillum won the Democratic nomination: The Democratic Governors Association alone announced Thursday that it is donating $1 million to his political committee Forward Florida. Since primary day, the committee has reported $2.3 million in contributions — and that doesn't include money raised through his campaign."


"Looks like Tallahassee Mayor and gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Gillum has found himself in hot water once more over illegally using his government email for personal and campaign use."


still a work in progress…

f37fbb  No.3254749


it's not over yet.

3a7456  No.3256170

File: 1f6ab91f5eb9751⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, BattleGround_HouseSeats.jpg)

File: 815c29273979ad5⋯.jpg (590.25 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, BattleGround_SenateSeats.jpg)

I'll drop these here

f37fbb  No.3256473


addition info…

list of campaign donors - https://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/72650/andrew-gillum#.W7AXg3tKiUk

donations by industry - https://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=165134

cc8875  No.3261659


Patrick Morrisey is a trash human being. Career politician, carpet bagger, lobbyist for big pharma and soulless human detritus

he settled wv's lawsuits against large pharmaceutical companies for a pittance

Once he was elected as the states ag he settled wv's lawsuits against large pharmaceutical companies for a pittance

These same companies Morrisey and his wife used to lobby for by the way

His wife was paid the order of around 1.5 million shortly before Morrisey settled the lawsuit.

He has done absolutely nothing to combat opiate addiction in this state and is running off the dollars stolen from the corpses of west virginias overdose victims.

ab3473  No.3262440



15233f  No.3263717

Helpful Tools

Create Your Own Senate Map: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2018/senate/create_your_own_senate_map.html

U.S. Senate Races 2018


Dean Heller (R) v. Jacky Rosen (D)

2016 Results: Tennessee voted for Trump overwhelming and polled extremely high for Trump. The final was +26 points for Trump and he was polling +10 into the election.

2018 Senate Race: Nevada went for Clinton by a small margin.


Marsha Blackburn (R) v. Phil Bredesen (D)

2016 Results: Tennessee voted for Trump overwhelming and polled extremely high for Trump. The final was +26 points for Trump and he was polling +10 into the election.

2018 Senate Race: As for Marsha Blackburn, it is now a dead tie on an average basis. Polls are coming out along bias expectations (CNN has Bredesen +5 and FOX has Blackburn +5.


Josh Hawley (R) v. Claire McCaskill (D)

2016 Results: Trump polled at +11 into the election and finished +18.5.

2018 Senate Race: Josh Hawley has pulled ahead by +1 in the average and has polled higher in the last several polls by about the margin of error.


Ted Cruz (R) v. Beto O'Rourke (D)

2016 Results: Trump won by +10 and polled consistently above +10 into 2016.

2018 Senate Race: Ted Cruz has pulled ahead late in the race and has polled ahead in the last five polls and sits on average ahead +5.

652d08  No.3264733

File: 403d03f208dd1d4⋯.jpg (70.48 KB, 749x504, 107:72, voteTX.jpg)


Good Website Info for Texas voters:


Last day to register to vote is October 9, 2018

Early voting is from October 22-Nov 6, 2018

I.D. is required to vote in person.

General Election Day is November 6th, 2018

Keep Texas RED my fellow Texans!!!

652d08  No.3264786


Sorry, Early voting in texas ends on

November 2nd, 2018. My apologies

for the typo.

f36be3  No.3282334

vote vote vote vote people! Straight red ticket!

19afc7  No.3283360



174554  No.3286530

So, I pull up the Fox Live Stream and what do I hear?

"November Rain", Guns -n- Roses.


cb835c  No.3287816

File: 1da3f0e267f0d20⋯.png (772.44 KB, 818x1354, 409:677, GOALS PAGE 1.png)

File: 1d1cdad44b965d3⋯.png (750.18 KB, 795x1436, 795:1436, PAGE 2.png)

File: 6ded612e19a1013⋯.png (735.86 KB, 808x1404, 202:351, PAGE 3.png)

File: b9315b5ab60982e⋯.png (781.88 KB, 804x1370, 402:685, PAGE 4.png)

File: b93ad4fb9303027⋯.png (706.88 KB, 899x1375, 899:1375, PAGE 5.png)


All roads lead to Rome: Committee of 300 Club of Rome. The "Olympians". Top of cabal. Their goals.

cb835c  No.3288019

File: 8f310991ba01d72⋯.jpg (31.53 KB, 324x500, 81:125, COMITTEE OF 300 BOOK.jpg)


A must read for the truth

the more you know

ffb8ab  No.3289156


Life is a Cabaret = $$$$$

“How do "public servants" increase their wealth so quickly? Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, the committee’s ranking minority member, enjoyed an 88 percent increase in net worth, going from $817,008 to $1,524,509”

Daily Caller 20 January 2017. Mark Tapscott

Coyc: dailycaller.com/2017/01/20/senate-dems-targeting-rep-price-are-getting-richer-3x-faster/

d948d8  No.3292352

File: 5e477b0929687dc⋯.jpeg (406.09 KB, 589x910, 589:910, 84FA0333-C70F-49FF-88DE-9….jpeg)

f42456  No.3298440

File: af41dc662f16967⋯.png (475.16 KB, 2856x506, 1428:253, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at ….png)

Guys - was asked on the main board to post this here - anything possible we can do to get out the vote for red wave is needed.

0ffe9b  No.3302076

Does Q support Amy McGrath or Andy Barr?

8bd154  No.3305511

File: aa2720b92e6f5ff⋯.png (20.04 KB, 600x424, 75:53, OBEY.png)




c272dd  No.3306521



FL is fucked or on the verge. I live here too . The school system has been totally eroded and if you can homeschool you do.

BREITBART did. A piece a while back on how Jeb did the giant money grab in charters…it was also the opportunity to make sure the kids got dummed down with commie core (cuz with all these new schools you have to have a unifoed standard)

I've actually gone full circle on the issue and post parkland i think lots of small charters are the way to go -3,500 kids in a bldg are tooo much.

Now, as foe anons:

1. Gillum is no nobody- he was shortlisted with Tim coKAINE for VP along with Muhtar Kent. Yiu can find it in Wikileaks


So, if the anons are watching, think sbout this…gov race here is going to require attention.

PALM BEACH, BROWARD are hot beds of insidious demorat inculcation. West palm gave us Lois Frankel (who isnt bright, but is a stark raving mad bipolar lunatic…just get her in a staff meeeting….paying attention Veritas?)

Deputty or assistant cnty administrator for PBC is a black woman out of St. Lucie or martin county FAYE OUTLAW (but she just cjanged her nsme back to the maiden name (not sure what). She used a county facility for her daughters wedding withiut paying for it (big nomoo)

Verdenia Baker is PBC administrator and couldnt resist the opty to raise taxes for school infrastructures…itll never go away…despite hire ad valorem rax revenue dur to increeased property values. Why? incompetence. Bob Weisman was the last cnty adminitrator and republicsn and he left her things in decent order. Another 3 years and well be chicongo.

1d1260  No.3309564

File: 64fade7c33000fb⋯.jpg (51.09 KB, 439x342, 439:342, Malinowski-NJ-7.jpg)

Clowns for Congress, Part 2

Tom Malinowski (D-NJ-7)


He was raised in Princeton, New Jersey and graduated from Princeton High School in 1983, where he wrote for the school newspaper The Tower and was an intern in the office of Senator Bill Bradley. Malinowski received a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of California, Berkeley in 1987 and a master of philosophy from Oxford University in 1991, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

Malinowski began his government career as a Special Assistant for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1988. After attending Oxford, Malinowski worked for the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, Austria, and later as a research assistant for the Ford Foundation in 1993.

From 1994 to 1998, Malinowski was a speechwriter for Secretaries of State Warren Christopher and Madeleine Albright, as well as a member of the Policy Planning Staff at the Department of State.

From 1998 to 2001, Malinowski served as Senior Director on the National Security Council at the White House, where he oversaw the drafting of President Bill Clinton's foreign policy speeches and strategic communications efforts around the world.

From 2001 to 2013, Malinowski was the Washington Director for Human Rights Watch.

On July 8, 2013, during President Obama's second term, Malinowski was nominated to serve as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.[16][17] Malinowski testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on September 24, 2013[18] and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 2, 2014.

In July 2014, Malinowski was expelled by Bahrain's government after meeting with members of an opposition group in the course of a scheduled visit.] The foreign ministry of Bahrain argued that Malinowski's meeting improperly intervened in the country's affairs but noted the incident would not affect Bahrain–United States relations.

Following the end of his tenure at the State Department, Malinowski joined fellow former Obama officials to lobby Congress in an effort to prevent the Trump Administration from lifting the sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

He criticized Donald Trump for having an "obscene fondness" for the world's tyrants and for instituting a "complete departure from decades of American tradition."

Malinowski owns a home in Washington, D.C., and was registered to vote there as of March 2018. He began renting a home in Rocky Hill, New Jersey, in September 2017.


He joked about Malinowski, saying "We welcome him to the district, he's been here eight months."

Later, Lance was less diplomatic discussing Malinowski with the Daily Record.

"He is a complete and total carpetbagger," Lance said of his opponent, a former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor under President Barack Obama. "His interest in this Congressional district arose last autumn when he moved into the district exclusively for the purpose of running for Congress."

8e87ea  No.3341468





c3a4a2  No.3352119

New ND poll shows Heitcamp is totally losing support… it went from "toss up" to "leans GOP"

6d3194  No.3353103


John Cox

Omar Navarro

I'm with you.

227253  No.3353319


Kc area, eff claire!

551107  No.3353375


Kc area, fuck claire!

22f9f1  No.3356355

Complacency should be stressed before midterms. A lesson learned from POTUS election was to never become complacent. The left trusted the polls and were blind sided. We should take heed and not allow our hubris to cloud the objective or what polls are claiming. We must continue to press hard and flip as many as possible before mids.

5ca364  No.3358452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c3a4a2  No.3362088





































































>>3290696 (KEK, "been here since the beginning" but posts in the wrong fucking thread? Suuuuure)






BO/BV, please delete every single one of those above linked posts! NONE of them have anything to do with the midterms, or are anywhere NEAR the topic of this thread!

8c8513  No.3362246

File: be30f167e70ca9a⋯.jpg (70.36 KB, 800x530, 80:53, DbSCmO8V0AEgAG4.jpg)

File: 744d1beb612fe73⋯.jpg (145 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 744d1beb612fe731c24d487d7a….jpg)

Anons. Wendy is in the center.

c3a4a2  No.3362274

Notable Poll shifts


Polls shifted from +5DEM to +5GOP in 1 month between 9/11 and 10/4.

Calling it for the GOP at this point.

North Dakota

Was +4GOP on 9/11, now +12GOP, and shifted to "likely GOP" on RCP.


On 9/17, was +7DEM, now +2DEM as of 10/4


This is rather notable… Feinstein was at +22, and is now only +11… in fucking California?


On 9/27, a poll came out as +37 DEM, a very VERY large departure from the previous +8DEM figure from 7/29… very odd.

Rhode Island

We got our first RI poll of the year on 9/21, showing a +19DEM margin.

Not shocked.


We got our first Maryland poll of the year on 9/19, showing a +39DEM margin.

Not shocked.

c3a4a2  No.3362348


Current "wins" for the GOP:

Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi 1, Mississippi 2, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wyoming.

GOP wins 13 of the current races.

4 are considered safe. (UT, WY, NE, MS1)

1 is considered "likely" (MS2)

1 is considered "leaning" (ND)

Those give us 48 total Senators for the GOP.

The current "toss up" states on RCP that I am calling for the GOP:


That's 7 of the current 8 "toss up" states that are going to swing to the GOP. The only toss up that I have currently going DEM is Nevada.


DEMS flip Nevada

GOP flips ND, FL, IN, MT, and MO.

Net gain: GOP +4

c3a4a2  No.3366635


Yeah, no shit you're new… you just posted in a pinned thread regarding ONLY the Senate 2018 elections… fucking off topic dude… go to a RESEARCH thread.

712b09  No.3368756

File: ed2fb6a6e21992d⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 350x362, 175:181, 2j1jcc.jpg)

File: 43a4f0c27236b1f⋯.jpg (84.63 KB, 500x582, 250:291, 2j1jdh.jpg)

0d4cef  No.3369118


You can say that again

d120d1  No.3369384

File: 397ab2baf639b74⋯.jpg (158.3 KB, 660x696, 55:58, terry bogard MAGA 2 return….jpg)


Crush the evil-doers, Q! We are with you!

a975bc  No.3370222

I want to share a bit about my beloved state in the hopes of winning in November…

Montana is unique. There are one million people - mostly conservatives - scattered throughout the very rural, very mountainous state. Many of these folks WILL NOT VOTE due to proximity, health, poverty, age, and other factors. Montana cities can be many hundreds of miles apart. This is why we have been (called) a BLUE STATE, despite the fact that most Montanans are actually gun owning, flag waving, vet supporting, pledge saying, National Anthem standing, Conservative Patriots who fucking hate Communism. We also have a Libertarian state constitution and a TON of state pride. We are likely one of the most armed states in the union. Ask any real Montanan who didn't come here from CA to go to our Universities and poison our politics.

A couple of cities in MT with huge University systems, therefore, make up most of the MT vote. They target 18 y/o students from CA to vote for Communism and slap the face of hardworking Montanans. They also censor the public, punish any dissenters who are employed within or around their Uni systems (this is a hugely important point and a big reason we LOSE elections here: U system employs everyone here - it's the biggest economy, so add censorship and firings from them and then no one here can speak or they lose their livelihood; that is why we need outside help).

Because the Universities in the great state of MT employ so much of the citys' professional workforce, many are unable to speak out either in support of Trump or against Communism. This keeps the state BLUE.



8fdec9  No.3372276

File: ac4300c8b09e0ea⋯.jpeg (118.53 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 6C1FD7DE-BFD5-4FFF-AC0A-5….jpeg)

File: f61fc9c3389889b⋯.jpeg (126.39 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, B3ACCA70-A1F4-438D-A267-F….jpeg)

File: 7934c3b0605be9d⋯.jpeg (159.96 KB, 1000x499, 1000:499, 105E4E1F-9A10-4538-9922-E….jpeg)

For Ohiofags

366207  No.3377272












b4324c  No.3379629

File: 53f80849769be2e⋯.mp4 (15.54 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Qpost 2359.mp4)

Share far and wide! We are the Volunteers of America!


b4324c  No.3380954



303d52  No.3382813

BONUS: Poll has Cruz seen as more honest than Beto the Beta.


In new @CBSNews poll, @tedcruz viewed as more honest and trustworthy and more relatable than @BetoORourke https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVu4fDHYJgVaklGeEF1VjkxcEJUdEl4ZzBWek5Ud09ac3JJ/view … #txsen #tx2018

d1e800  No.3390876

File: 6de19e454f65c97⋯.png (273.38 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 36A1E4CD-BEEA-431B-9EB6-95….png)

Why?? This is the second thing recently i disagree with that trump has signed. First one is the 5g that has proven to make people sick…

96579e  No.3393776

Q, how do we turn Maryland???

c3a4a2  No.3395132


Well done, idiot! Good job posting this bullshit in a thread titled


Fucking retards need to stop with this bullshit already!

c3a4a2  No.3400275


Texas just got changed from Toss-up to Leans GOP.

50f442  No.3402723

File: 0bba144019a6732⋯.png (192.72 KB, 358x313, 358:313, 3CFC190A-A0E8-418A-8A47-4C….png)

File: c4fc3ff6cd63e55⋯.png (885.26 KB, 700x467, 700:467, E3647EE0-BD99-4556-9104-88….png)

File: e69391396ba7ae5⋯.jpeg (480.17 KB, 2048x1517, 2048:1517, 852B8F6B-0170-4B34-AEBF-3….jpeg)

Calling all memers and Twatfags

Massachusetts needs your help- we are on the verge of defeating Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren.

Dr. Shiva’s ground game is enormous and we need your help solidifying the win.

Trump Jr. met with Shiva last week and we have been given the GO signal from POTUS to obliterate Diehl. Diehl is controlled opposition w/ Warren to let her win easily. 80% of the 1 million votes that went to Trump came from Independents in MA (60% of voters).

We need to flood Diehl’s twitter and campaign with memes and comments highlighting the fact that his campaign manager is a Saudi Lobbyist that tried to scam Veterans after 9/11. Also that he photoshopped a handshake with Trump and lied about being the co-chairman of the Trump campaign.

We are so close to defeating Elizabeth Warren we just need a little more help.

Thank you to any anons who help us achieve victory. Dr. Shiva has been /ourguy/ from the start.

c7af11  No.3405256

Q…Bill Schuette running for Governor in Michigan…I haven't seen ONE campaign ad so far from him and John James (for senate) has ran a few.

Meanwhile Stabenow and Whitmer are running a ton of ads. Someone needs to stick their foot up Schuette and James ass and tell them to get to work.

5cb8e7  No.3405362


Wow, glad I caught this. I’m an independent Trump voter from MA. Diehl is actually my local rep. There’s a significant shift among the blue collar/union voters who used to vote the union backed Dem, who are at least half #MAGA/Trump at this point, judging by the temperature on job sites and the Diehl stickers on personal vehicles, etc. I will spread this message personally, and swing my vote.

56a007  No.3405917

File: c4976ccd17a27b5⋯.jpg (450.63 KB, 1073x867, 1073:867, Screenshot_20181008-143716….jpg)

Some food for thought! TRUMP won most of AMERICA! Cant wait to see the whining left after midterms!

e05822  No.3406153


If you factor in massive voter fraud in some (or all?) of the counties Clinton "won" then I believe she probably didn't get the victory in the popular vote, either.

617e52  No.3412431

File: f15886e74399f11⋯.png (41.34 KB, 1242x512, 621:256, IMG_7014.PNG)

33d48b  No.3414867

Q is there anyway to level the playing field and make Ggle twatter YT to stop this censorship crap it is giving justinform grief censorship sucks. Q

f2b2ad  No.3414950

The Brett Kavanaugh vote had no chance of ever being 47-53. President Trump told Steve Daines to attend his daughter's wedding because they already had the vote in the bag. The most possible was 47-52.Top notch move by POTUS! In addition to the 47-53 possibly referring to the Judge Towers supreme court vote that was blocked due to sex allegations in 1989, it may also refer to Steve Mnuchin's confirmation vote by the Senate to be the Treasury Secretary (2017).

ef609b  No.3416038

File: fc109807de5b4e6⋯.png (85.74 KB, 877x738, 877:738, RCP-House-map-10-18.PNG)

Can we expand this thread to include the House?

I keep hearing that the odds are that the House will change to Democrat control in November.

Using RealClearPolitics as my sauce…their data indicates that the Dems are favored in 205 races versus the Reps favored in 198 races, with 32 races considered 'toss-ups'.

Their analysis of the House battle seems skewed to favor the Dems. Currently the Reps have 236 seats (218 is a majority).

Time to unleash our autism on the 32 'toss-up' races to see how much of a 'toss up' they actually are. In my initial research…many of the 'toss-up' races are actually leaning Republican.

Any input on these specific races from anons that know these area is welcome. We are legion…there are enough of us to analyse the House races better than any other source.

ef609b  No.3416715

File: 020aab08c54e324⋯.png (53.73 KB, 786x599, 786:599, RCP-Wash-10-18.PNG)

File: 2dcc42f95e0152f⋯.png (141.49 KB, 734x581, 734:581, RCP-WA-5th-District.PNG)

File: 1a1aada8039c152⋯.png (145.79 KB, 856x709, 856:709, RCP-WA-8th-District.PNG)

File: 0bf80d283b138ae⋯.png (78.88 KB, 689x750, 689:750, RCP-WA-8th-District-nytime….PNG)

File: f23eaa7d2b96972⋯.png (51.64 KB, 665x745, 133:149, RCP-WA-8th-District-nytime….PNG)


RCP shows Washington State with 2 toss up races…District #5 & #8.

I don't know much about Washington, except that the Seattle area is blue, and the rest of the state is reliably red.

District #5 is on the eastern side of the state. Red territory. The race is between incumbent Cathy Rodgers (R) and Lisa Brown (D). RCP has no polling data listed. In experience, an incumbent has an advantage over a challenger, and that area of the state normally votes R. I chalk this one up as leaning R.

District #8 is the southeastern suburbs of Seattle. The race is between Dino Rossi (R) (a current state senator) and Kim Schrier (D). According to the polling data, the race is a dead heat. Rossi has more name recognition.

When you dig a little into the poll data you notice that they talked to 505 people, but they called over 40,000 people. I'm pretty sure the calls are only to people with landlines. How many people still have landlines in 2018? Also, the info on the district listed on the NY Times site states that the district has always a Republican represent it in the House. There is no incumbent in this race, as the sitting Republican Congressman for this district is not running this time. I chalk this one up as leaning R as well.

Only one state into my amateur analysis and already 2 toss-ups to add to the R's count. And that's without access to the underlying poll data to see if they over sampled D's or other obvious poll skewing techniques. Remember how wrong the polls were in 2016? Midterms are more about who voter turnout…not who they like when talking to a pollster.

33d48b  No.3417134

It sucks to hear someone who needs help and all we can do is listen. WWG1WGA

ef609b  No.3417252

File: 5d209497de15dd0⋯.png (81.36 KB, 734x657, 734:657, RCP-Cal-10-18.PNG)

File: 8711f658c4a2ead⋯.png (174.67 KB, 865x764, 865:764, CA-10th District.PNG)

File: 331d918cc411d41⋯.png (163.21 KB, 872x800, 109:100, CA-25th District.PNG)


The California Senate seats have been solidly blue for as long as I can remember…however, California is a huge state with 53 congressional districts. RCP is calling 5 of them toss-ups.

District 10 is east of the Bay area. The race is between incumbent Jeff Dunham (R) and Josh Harder (D). The only poll listed has Harder up by 5% over the incumbent. However, the incumbent is a R and the area is away from the blue urban/coastal areas. I think this race truly is a toss-up, with a slight probability the R's will hold the seat.

The 25th Congressional District is in the northern end of southern California. The race is between incumbent Stephen Knight (R) and Katie Hill (D). The available polls show the race as split, with one favoring the R, and the other showing the D with a slight lead. Since this race has a Republican incumbent in what is most likely a red area of California…I think there is a slight probability that the R's will hold this seat as well.


ef609b  No.3417879

File: b12e797daa2a90c⋯.png (140.31 KB, 868x805, 124:115, CA-39th District.PNG)

File: d98e7addef4399d⋯.png (140.4 KB, 878x790, 439:395, CA-45th District.PNG)

File: aae3e3543d3cef0⋯.png (141.06 KB, 878x744, 439:372, CA-48th District.PNG)

California continued

The 39th District is between Gil Cisneros (D) and Young Kim (R). There isn't an incumbent running in this race, but the district has been represented by a Republican for the last six years. The polls are split between the two, with one having the R with a large lead, and one with a slight advantage for the R. The district is in Orange County. Young Kim (R) is Asian, and the district is almost 30% Asian (Wikipedia). This race truly appears to be a toss-up, but I consider it easily winnable by Republican.

The 45th District race is between incumbent Mimi Walters (R) and Katie Porter (D). The district is in Orange County and appears to be a reliably Republican District. The polling data suggest that the Dem has the edge. I have little faith in polls. I think that a Republican incumbent in a reliably red district has an advantage. This district should be in the Republican column.

The 48th District is also in Orange County and is between incumbent Dana Rohrabacher (R) and Harley Rouda (R). I know little about California, but I know parts of Orange County are Red. This district has been represented by Republicans since the early nineties. The polls show the race as a dead heat. In my opinion, these polls always skew Democratic. A Republican incumbent in a red district in an even poll situation against an unknown Democrat? Another one I think is winnable by the Republicans.

So in just 2 states…7 of the 32 supposed 'toss-up' congressional races…all appear to be red districts, easily winnable by Republicans. The bias appears to be that the pollsters are expecting a blue wave to take out these Republican seats. Why is there no red wave threatening any of the blue districts in these two states?

ef609b  No.3418037

File: ddaaaac8df03492⋯.png (42.58 KB, 856x713, 856:713, Utah-10-18.PNG)

File: ef5c6eda0bd269b⋯.png (132.46 KB, 887x763, 887:763, UT-4th District.PNG)


Isn't Utah the reddest state in the Union?

Only one congressional district is shown as a toss-up at Real Clear Politics: the 4th District.

Why this is shown as a toss-up, I don't know.

The race is between incumbent Mia Love (R) and Ben McAdams (D). All the polls show Love with a lead in this race. I guess since the lead is within the margin of error, they consider it too close to call? Strange they don't hold that same logic when the polls show a Democrat lead within the margin of error. Whatever. I consider this race to be a safe Republican win (they keep the seat).

ef609b  No.3418283

File: a8b13eb8308c7f8⋯.png (53 KB, 879x700, 879:700, RCP-NM-10-18.PNG)

File: 299e23a8429bac1⋯.png (155.8 KB, 908x774, 454:387, NM-2nd District.PNG)

New Mexico

I don't know much about New Mexico politics.

Based on RCP data, there is one race listed as a toss-up.

New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District has no incumbent running. The seat has been held for years by a Republican (except for the 2 years after 2008). The race this year is between Yvette Harrell (R) and Xochitl Torres Small (D). The NY time poll shows a slight advantage for the D (within the margin of error) and the local Albuquerque Journal poll has the R with a lead that exceeds the margin of victory. Of course polls are of almost no use, except that's all we have for this exercise (and what RCP and the MSM are using).

However, according to Wikipedia…the district went for Trump 50% to 40% for Clinton. That indicates that the district is Red and will likely vote for the R in this cycle.

Again…what RCP is calling as a toss-up race is actually another fairly easy R win. Not trying to be cocky…just pointing out a pattern I'm seeing.

ef609b  No.3418653

File: 5bff541e2244d30⋯.png (90.63 KB, 836x718, 418:359, RCP-TX-10-18.PNG)

File: bcec174d75c8dc4⋯.png (148.52 KB, 879x754, 879:754, TX-7th District.PNG)

File: 133b95af25439fb⋯.png (154.39 KB, 870x790, 87:79, TX-32nd District.PNG)


Red Texas

How red is Texas? I don't know…I know they are getting tons of transplants from Cali and other liberal areas that may be changing the demographics of the Lone Star State. But for now, Texas is one of the reddest states.

Real Clear Politics has 2 congressional districts as toss-ups….

The 7th Congressional District…once represented by George HW Bush from '67 to '71…one of the wealthiest districts in the state…a suburb of Houston. The race is between incumbent John Culberson (R) and Lizzie Fletcher (D). Culberson has represented this district since 2001. The polls show Culberson leading, and I'm sure have a Democrat bias. Surely this race is winnable by the R's. Why is this not in the 'leaning Republican' column?

The 32nd Congressional District - home of George W. Bush. This race pits incumbent Pete Sessions (R) against Colin Allred (D).The district is a wealthy suburb of Dallas. Pete Sessions has held this seat since 2003. This is a red district in a red state. Now it is a toss-up?

The only poll available is from the NY Times and shows Sessions with a slight edge over the challenger, well within the margin of error. Is the poll accurate? Is the blue wave going to take out this Republican incumbent? Is there an anti-incumbent sentiment in the voting public this year? I don't feel it. Feels like Trump's year to me. This seat is yet another 'toss-up' that could just as easily be in the 'leans Republican' category.

ef609b  No.3419014

Analysis of more congressional races tomorrow…

The Republicans can keep control the House of Representatives, and increase the number os seats they hold if we take action to help these contested races.

If any of you know more detail about any of the races that the MSM is calling for the Democrats, please post it here.

435 separate races are a lot to keep track of, but we have more than enough autism to keep track of the important ones.

Post what other info you've got, correct me where I fucked up, create memes to help us win these races…

e05822  No.3421735

File: cbfc6a8f11e3929⋯.png (134.87 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2018-10-09-21-0….png)

Something to look at out of Missouri. Seems our voter ID law is getting some flak.

c3a4a2  No.3424905


Arizona showing +6 for the GOP candidate!

Nevada showing +2 now for the GOP candidate!

b4324c  No.3425118

File: 298cb73ff9a67ec⋯.jpg (223.97 KB, 2558x1396, 1279:698, HRCWRAPUPSMEAR.jpg)

this bitch right here!

a0e89a  No.3425327


Is CIVILity and Safety the new code words for Civil War means Safety for HRC Crew?

a0e89a  No.3425336


Is this why the President said Vote Early because THEY have BS planned for election day?

b4324c  No.3425419


this bitch is scared! Trying to get the few remaining sheeple to start a civil war so she won't be arrested and sentenced to DEATH!

7a9144  No.3425850


Early voting begins October 22

Here's good site that lists what's on the state wide ballot, however you also have local issues to vote on. ESPECIALLY CONGRESS CRITTERS.


(yes the site is a bit lefty)

There is a lot of emphasis to VOTE EARLY from POTUS, plus you skip the lines on voting day.

7a9144  No.3425976


Dallas is also liberal, locally. Sam Johnston has retired (he's ancient, really old). The republican is Van Taylor. The diversity question and Cali transplants are going to be in the McKinney/Frisco/Plano/Allen if they have kids needing public schools. McKinney is loaded with illegals. This area also has a huge Muslim population (Plano).

56a007  No.3426565

Is this something the cabal has control of Q? Are they creating the hurricanes with this HAARP apparatus? I pray we win this fight!


8f7c9f  No.3426843

File: 92e3d8ec631fe24⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, #TheMustelidFlag.png.JPG)


I Got my Meme or Flag ready!

Post last edited at

ef609b  No.3430748

File: ed921d7f2c8f167⋯.png (39.37 KB, 874x687, 874:687, RCP-KS-10-18.PNG)

File: 71af9a8e958d07f⋯.png (152.21 KB, 868x772, 217:193, KS-2nd district.PNG)

File: ae4e79033c27a2f⋯.png (139.75 KB, 876x730, 6:5, KS-3rd district.PNG)


Trust Kansas?

Should We?

Real Clear Politics shows that two of Kansas' Congressional Districts are 'toss-ups'. As I have noted previously, these are both in districts currently held by Republicans.

Kansas Congressional District #2 is the western suburbs of Kansas City. The race pits incumbent Steve Watkins (R) against Paul Davis (D). The latest polls are showing Davis with a lead beyond the margin of error. Of course, I have little faith in the predictive power of polls. There are over 672,000 people in this district. One of the polls contacted 243 registered voters by landline (a few by email). How this sample size is predictive in this race doesn't compute for me.

The 3rd Congressional District is a race between incumbent Kevin Yoder (R) versus Sharice Davids (D). The available polling data shows the challenger Davids with a lead beyond the margin of error. Of course one of the polls only talked to 246 registered voters…so you be the judge. The district has been Yoder's since 2010. Not sure if there is a blue wave that will throw him out, but the district seems .red to me, another that could stay red in November…but we'll see.

Trust Kansas, do we have any Kansas anons that can shed light on the prevailing attitude towards the Republicans in these red districts? I hate that such flimsy polls are all that we have to base these predictions on. I think history and demographics is just as important as lame poll data.

ef609b  No.3431363

File: 6075a6649b59693⋯.png (78.89 KB, 868x837, 28:27, RCP-IA-10-18.PNG)

File: 6ffd0a30e483c34⋯.png (167.6 KB, 867x810, 289:270, IA-3rd district.PNG)

File: b3d9fef7185459b⋯.png (143.96 KB, 862x776, 431:388, IA-1st district.PNG)


Iowa is always difficult to call.

One race is listed as a toss-up…the 3rd District. This race is between incumbent David Young (R) and Cindy Axne (D). Young has held the district since 2014, and won decisively in 2016. The district went for Trump in '16, but not by much. Iowa is weird. The polling data is showing a very close race, with no clear favorite…since I think the polls typically inflate the Dems support, I think this is another listed 'toss-up' contest that should be in the 'leans Republican' column.

The trend holds…all the 'toss-ups' seem to be the races targeted by the Democrats to take back the House. Is the polling data an accurate reflection of the voter's intentions? or just of the amount of money the Democrats have put behind these candidates?

The 1st District in Iowa is currently called as a Democrat pickup, but is currently held by Republican Rod Blum. Rep. Blum is currently the subject of an investigation by the House Ethics Committee over a non-disclosure issue. The media and the Democrats are making a big fuss about the issue and it is reflect in his low poll numbers. Will the polls reflect reality in November? We'll see…this one could be a Democrat gain.

ef609b  No.3431647

File: f6874769f0a1ea1⋯.png (56.42 KB, 849x730, 849:730, RCP-MN-10-18.PNG)

File: 95b59904e7715b9⋯.png (166.2 KB, 864x707, 864:707, MN-1st district.PNG)

File: de6901876567f4f⋯.png (152.18 KB, 880x802, 440:401, MN-8th district.PNG)


Two races in MN are listed as toss-ups…true to the previous trends, both are in Red districts.

The 1st Congressional District features Jim Hagedorn (R) vs. Dan Feehan (D). There is no incumbent running in this race. The district is red, and went for Trump 53% to 38%. The incumbent is a Democrat (actually DFL), so this would be a Republican pickup if Hagedorn can win. 538 lists this race as 66% in favor of the R's FWIW.

The 8th Congressional District is also currently held by a Democrat-Farmer-Labor (D) incumbent, who is not seeking re-election. This race is between Pete Stauber (R) and Joe Radinovich (D). The district supported Trump in 2016. The polls show an even race, which I interpret as an advantage to the R's. Stauber has raised more cash in the race. This race appears to be another potential gain for the Republicans.

ef609b  No.3431885

File: aee1a9fade54d21⋯.png (118.02 KB, 849x876, 283:292, RCP-IL-10-18.PNG)

File: da00c5cbf41ba81⋯.png (122.13 KB, 867x661, 867:661, IL-6th district.PNG)

File: 47c89ef1bcfdf3a⋯.png (145.6 KB, 848x723, 848:723, IL-12th district.PNG)


Two districts are listed as toss-ups in the Land of Lincoln.

The 12th District is between incumbent Mike Bost (R) and Brendan Kelly (D). The polls show a slight advantage for Bost. The district supported Trump in 2016 (55%). Being the incumbent is usually a pretty strong position, but is not reflected in the RCP analysis. Another one that should be in the 'lean Republican' column.

The 6th District is the wealthy suburbs of Chicago. The race is between incumbent Peter Roskam (R) and Sean Casten (D). The district has been represented by R's since 1973. The polls show a slight advantage for Roskam, I'm not seeing why this race would be in the toss-up category. Over reliance on polls, IMO. Should be another easy Red seat for the Republicans to hold.

ef609b  No.3432103

File: f61642db19a73e9⋯.png (95.14 KB, 881x755, 881:755, RCP-MI-10-18.PNG)

File: d65d7e0c9581e8d⋯.png (159.59 KB, 846x826, 423:413, MI-8th district.PNG)


Only one district listed as a toss-up at RCP…the 8th district of Michigan.

Why is this red district listed as a toss-up?

The race features incumbent Mike Bishop (R) facing challenger Elissa Slotkin (D). Bishop has held the seat since 2015. The district went for Trump in 2016 (51%). The polling data favors Bishop. 538 shows Bishop as the favorite, although it is interesting to note that Slotkin has kicked his ass in fundraising (almost $2.3 million raised to date!) I think this is another seat the Republicans should be able to hold

50f442  No.3432279

File: e23776ca0774983⋯.jpeg (396.61 KB, 1186x774, 593:387, 537B2F3B-8B09-4C34-8239-C….jpeg)

File: 4835aa7bffbdac6⋯.jpeg (319.87 KB, 1159x652, 1159:652, D2BF7AA3-9947-49D3-8B22-7….jpeg)

File: b31dfaa7bd6db82⋯.jpeg (374.88 KB, 1181x891, 1181:891, 1D64D285-56FA-43A5-B759-C….jpeg)

File: 198d1e3405f1e3c⋯.jpeg (247.5 KB, 1175x837, 1175:837, 971DF00D-85C0-403D-A706-8….jpeg)

Diehl is part of the Massachusetts Swamp.

We need your help exposing his lies and fake-MAGAness.

Go Dr. Shiva!!

a64080  No.3436111

File: 80b8bff343e7809⋯.jpg (683.63 KB, 2134x1671, 2134:1671, Dem-Hate-1.jpg)

I think we need a series of memes highlighting the Dems/Lefts love of violence and mob-rule.. let's highlight their acts of aggression and the calls from their leadership to get their followers to hurt, destroy and even kill (2017 Congressional baseball shooting) those who do not think like they do.

November 6 is fast approaching, let's remind people that the Dems are the party of hate and violence.

a2ccf7  No.3437063

File: 404ac55b1d1cda2⋯.png (725.63 KB, 800x799, 800:799, KaineAntifa.png)

File: 05529f11c848feb⋯.png (746.68 KB, 800x799, 800:799, FireTimKaine.png)

File: b79823d3f05e36a⋯.png (425.27 KB, 800x799, 800:799, StewartPoll2.png)

File: 39a4bc496e7dcde⋯.png (705.63 KB, 800x799, 800:799, KaineF.png)

Twitterfags and Memefags,

Need help with spreading word about Virginia election Corey Stewart (R) v. Tim Kaine (D and Clinton's former running mate). Every time I retweet a mild Stewart news link, bots come and spew filth 10 seconds later. Memes only way. Virginians are generally conservative and like facts, not frogs (they will learn). Please help. Thank you. And I've been away for a while so sorry if this is wrong place.

a2ccf7  No.3437080

File: 6467ad549274489⋯.png (482.86 KB, 800x799, 800:799, CoreyStewartChecks.png)

File: 76d9c56c279928a⋯.png (193.18 KB, 800x799, 800:799, StewartPoll.png)

File: 9c02b022b22b60b⋯.png (44.49 KB, 800x799, 800:799, StewartPoles.png)

File: afe57613ae67b3c⋯.png (731.13 KB, 800x799, 800:799, StewartHaymarket.png)

For Virginiafags and any helpful Twitterfags. Thank Q!

b4324c  No.3440280

File: 45252c5e581b6a1⋯.mp4 (14.92 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Icantstandit!.mp4)

watch this

spread this


ca5c6b  No.3440508


Best documentary by far is “missing links”. So compelling

The shill team financed the similar

loose change- earlier in alphabet

. And w no Israeli connection

Became more popular. Cunningly successful

ca5c6b  No.3440549


We should use lefts plays. Say

No borders and next no jails

A vestige of the same white patriarchal power

b4324c  No.3440961



e1b19f  No.3445989

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.308 📁

Sep 29 2018 15:04:05 (EST)

"TWITTER has been given the green light to blanket censor all content deemed to threaten their SURVIVAL [election].

GOOG - FB will follow."


"Just in time for midterms, Facebook has removed 559 pages and 251 accounts they claim have been spreading misinformation and spam. Several of the pages however - some with millions of followers, were pro-Trump conservatives who had spent years cultivating their followings."


b4324c  No.3446414

File: f4a4067a7e270ff⋯.mp4 (15.98 MB, 640x640, 1:1, icantstanditanonaddon_1.mp4)


At the advise of a fellow PATRIOT I added to the end.


b5d07f  No.3446867


Have to hand it to anyone who's not a democrat/liberal we've had the patience and restraint of a God so far.

e8bbdc  No.3450571

File: bd93b7efdd56c56⋯.jpeg (452.37 KB, 788x792, 197:198, 916F45AD-00D3-4D4C-932F-5….jpeg)

Bredesen Schumer meme

b4324c  No.3450675

File: a04571cae226589⋯.mp4 (15.43 MB, 640x640, 1:1, Kayne Goes to White House ….mp4)

Kayne White House!



e1b19f  No.3452649


"A draft plan was announced on February 1, 2018, after receiving input from the community; October 11, 2018, was the date put forward to initiate the procedure. According to ICANN, the rollover is necessary to curb the rising number of cyber attacks."

"In an official statement, Communications Regulatory Authority said: “To further clarify, some internet users might be affected if their network operators or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have not prepared for this change. However, this impact can be avoided by enabling the appropriate system security extensions.”

"Due to the ongoing maintenance work, some internet users could face issues in accessing web pages or making transactions over the next 48 hours."


fca8d2  No.3452944

File: 7105a4fdc3fcd84⋯.png (178.27 KB, 307x580, 307:580, Untitled.png)

File: 848fd5d896393aa⋯.png (13.6 KB, 600x424, 75:53, OBEY.png)

File: 58709bffed9a18a⋯.pdf (19.29 KB, 6-per-page-Avery5164.pdf)

File: 0f7facd1792a9b1⋯.png (262.5 KB, 907x592, 907:592, BETO-DRUDGE.png)


BETO is backed by the Cabal.

c8ed14  No.3453078

File: 7bdf8f9463cccd4⋯.jpg (218.28 KB, 700x473, 700:473, Spart.jpg)

c3a4a2  No.3453239



This means 50 Senate seats for the GOP, 6 toss-ups to go (4 of which are held by DEMS, and all of which we can win)…

We may end up with 56 GOP senators when it's all done!

c3a4a2  No.3453272



fca8d2  No.3453625

File: 2ec6f7ce50543ed⋯.jpg (139.49 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1671e9c674d34accc675367956….jpg)

File: 9bbee79293cb532⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1125x1345, 225:269, BETA.png)

d520a3  No.3455425


These memes dont work. Anyone with a large salary can be successful with investments and business. Look for specific instances of corruption to meme.

e05822  No.3462352


My Photoshop skills are minimal, but I desperately want to see a "Children of the corn" meme to use against Monsanto. The company is now disguising itself behind Bayer, but the scientific fraud perpetrated on humanity used to get their "Round-up Ready" GMO crops approved defies comprehension. And it isn't just cancer. It's autism , allegies, liver disease, kidney disease and permanent genetic damage. I came up with the "Children of the corn" idea after reading somewhere that half the carbon in the bodies of American children comes from corn.

057728  No.3463058

File: b72d4019522850f⋯.jpg (130.45 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, DpKum_nUUAA7HvJ.jpg large.jpg)



I've been twatfagging a lot recently. Every time I see a poll story listed in red favor, I hit it with a reply containing attached. Must not believe or get complacent. Suggest anyone else do it to. Keep the fire burning. Remember The Kavanaugh #RTK

6395df  No.3463987

Glad I get to cast a Vote in Nevada!!

Reach out and get your friends and family registered ASAP!!

Time is running out…

Post last edited at

b4324c  No.3467093

File: 5c044a033b1c549⋯.mp4 (14.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, SWAMP.mp4)





b11822  No.3470379

File: cf6f2cfddb4c216⋯.png (426.35 KB, 1011x542, 1011:542, ClipboardImage.png)

companies using MONSANTO and

b4324c  No.3470607

File: 6c494d93a4ff6d0⋯.mp4 (5.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, trumpdidyouleakdianne.mp4)

Trump on leaking


376556  No.3470713

Securing midterms is paramount to declas at this point. Declas prior to mids will harden resolve of steadfast Dems. Once mids are secured, dems will play final cards…protests…FF…etc. Dem followers blast unfair blah blah. Declas begins slowly. Initial pushback from dem followers. Realization of declas absent political agenda purpose following mids (if politically motivated, release before mids should have occurred). Prelim soft declas for transitory awakening. Den followers awaken and turn on puppeteers. Full declas demands for transparency. Full declas supports military tribunals and indictments.

Accepted by the masses. Dems no more.

b4324c  No.3471326

File: 0bb6a44fcff09e8⋯.mp4 (8.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, theymockreality.mp4)

They mock reality!

I will do my part on taking down MSM.


096ab6  No.3472717

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MEME IDEA re: "the black vote"

actually i hate all this fucked up identity politics thing and the shippin around of whole ethnic groups to try to shift.


They've betrayed not only black people but basically the whole world in trying to set up this very myth and we're about to destroy the myth.

What's more helpful than audiovisuals?

The idea is to use scenes from movies like this one.

i saw it a month or so ago..it's actually pretty good.

GLORY from 1989.

In it one of the first black batallions is formed to fight in the civil war. patriotic free black americans, freed slaves, intellectuals, part time criminals.

scene pinned to post shows the batallion in its first fight

in the end soon to be Democrats, Klansters, on the run.





It has to walk out of this room to memers like Solmemes or else to actually gain traction.

We NEED to remind people WHO FREED THE SLAVES.





48d7fd  No.3472951

>>2945628 MCcaskill also has their own foundation… Bet theirs some dirt there.


b4324c  No.3473336

File: 1fbb2c8996e0867⋯.mp4 (1.31 MB, 640x640, 1:1, guy catches punch american….mp4)

libtards weak punch caught

american badass


93c42f  No.3476723

Possibly useful video to demonstrate how extreme Antifa is.


92b37a  No.3480532

File: 2bd92339b513f3c⋯.png (723.83 KB, 657x785, 657:785, afterparty.png)

File: 44479d3a24ca8a4⋯.png (505.55 KB, 566x708, 283:354, bredesen.png)

File: c6e6c99435b9ad1⋯.png (3.48 MB, 2880x1548, 80:43, gillum1.png)

File: e9de1fe135029a7⋯.png (317.93 KB, 554x416, 277:208, schiff.png)

File: 3b930d07efbde86⋯.png (446.02 KB, 537x537, 1:1, sinema.png)

92b37a  No.3480540

File: ff076f56fb4c661⋯.png (259.17 KB, 555x379, 555:379, hill_mid1.png)

File: 36f0f89825e5316⋯.png (376.56 KB, 553x426, 553:426, hill_mid2.png)

File: a95a97c26cc4aa1⋯.png (577.38 KB, 710x503, 710:503, hill_mid3.png)

File: 6372b195de781c0⋯.png (727.34 KB, 656x658, 328:329, feinnn.png)

92b37a  No.3480564

File: 27dc901e7576787⋯.png (651.35 KB, 799x500, 799:500, vote_them_out_red.png)

1a1606  No.3483066


It's the real Virginia vs. NoVA from Loudoun County to Alexandria. It's not even any kind of fuckery in NoVA, since they vote 75 percent Rat across the board. It's really up to every county south of NoVA to get out the vote for Stewart.

b4324c  No.3484722

File: d438c2848cd8a0c⋯.jpg (151.34 KB, 1542x902, 771:451, EWDNA.jpg)

b4324c  No.3484871

File: 7a6b551e94342ae⋯.jpg (153.98 KB, 1542x902, 771:451, EWDNAfns.jpg)

e1dd97  No.3486407

File: c0fd29c56ed0d7d⋯.png (691.17 KB, 1112x1036, 278:259, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at ….png)

bruh https://www.bonfire.com/i-voted-for-trump-and-i-dont-regret-it/

d497d1  No.3489988

File: dfb8b08bf99f739⋯.png (161.18 KB, 459x231, 153:77, IMG_7141.PNG)

File: c5750aa4c3a0b53⋯.png (125.64 KB, 1242x675, 46:25, IMG_7180.PNG)

File: d546f1ef9dceadb⋯.png (237.29 KB, 985x1237, 985:1237, IMG_7194.PNG)

b4324c  No.3489999

File: 485deff7d58a9f2⋯.mp4 (12.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, thenewleft.mp4)

stop the #mob




d497d1  No.3490032

File: 99fb9cd60918e56⋯.png (314.59 KB, 1242x1527, 414:509, IMG_7195.PNG)

8a73e0  No.3491180

File: bf54b1ca85307bf⋯.png (297.37 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 13E35EA7-39CF-422B-99DB-4E….png)

I have seen these numbers in a drop 10/12/18 let’s hope this number holds

bb2378  No.3491371

File: a73ddbed95949fd⋯.jpg (20.93 KB, 220x331, 220:331, 2k74p8.jpg)


20686c  No.3495114

File: e28e9f875f977cf⋯.jpg (99.08 KB, 800x571, 800:571, kg hill.jpg)

[Kirsten Gillibrand] 1/4

Did some digging on the Sen of NY and found some interesting things. I'll give her background and basic info on her connections with NXIVM. But there is much more to her for sure… "Follow the wives"

Born in Albany, parents Douglas Paul Rutnik and mother Polly Rutnik (Noonan). Both lawyers and father a well connected lobbyist. Went to school at Dartmouth and UCLA, and interestingly enough became good friends or was roomates with Actress Connie Britton when studying abroad in China for Asian Studies.

Worked at a couple big corporate law firms in NY before running and winning a house seat in a historically red district. She could only win that district by being a conservative democrat, a Blue Dog. Also with the help with her fathers well connected lobbying, and two appearances from Bill Clinton. Seems to have been an important selection from the dems and part of a longer plan perhaps. (also interesting, weeks before that election, the incumbent had false accusations of domestic violence spreading, which his wife had denied. Seems these Roy Moore like fake news before elections not only designed to sway voters, but give also give credence to why a democrat won a historically red district (also Alamabama), Would help hide any election rigging from the public's eye.)

Won the house seat and was selected by the Dems to replace Hillary’s senate seat when she became Obummers sec of st. She won the special senate election, and again in 2012 (by the biggest margin of victory in NY across state voting)

20686c  No.3495117

File: 99a17d597d3e18d⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 3354x2224, 1677:1112, kgbi.jpg)

[Kirsten Gillibrand] 2/4

She’s up for re-election again now, and MINI HILLARY has been one of Trumps biggest opponents to his cabinet, and radical. She was the first congressman to call for the abolishment of ICE. She flipped completely from her Blue Dog democrat ways, similar to Hillary, and now is completely mental with the rest of the left. Went from A rating to NRA to F, was pro-life, strong on borders, pro civil-union… Even looks similar to Hillary.

In addition, we all now know her father worked as a lawyer for NXIVM, albany sex cult, and left trying to get his cousin (now 2nd wife) out of the cult. Many other connections to politicians btw, as well as NXIVM donating to hillary and Gillibrand…. Gillibrand denied never even hearing about NXIVM.

While this is enough to tell she was selected for greatness. There are 2 paths that lead to further evidence of that. And I think is worth more digging. The first one is her Grandma. “Polly” Noonan was a big time politician and alleged real leader of Albany’s mayors 40 year run of Office, Erastus Corning II. In fact theres recently been a Hollywood show or movie on it, called In True, featuring Eddie Falco. More evidence of showing an interest in Gillibrand, granted not a direct glorifying of her. But definitely, something to use as “Pedigree” if when she runs for Presidency. Shes rumored to be the democrats top choice in some circles.

Anyway, no way to know this, but I’m going with it. Rumor is out there about Erastus and Gillibrands grandma being lovers. It is possible Corning was Gillibrands real grandfather. Apparently he spent a lot of time with Pollys family and live right down the street, and was always over. Why would this be important? Who is Corning II? The Cornings had owned of NY Central railroad company and was the largest company in America at one time, until bought out by Vanderbuilt. Point is, if Erastus Corning II was Gillibrands real grandfather, well then she is of the bloodline of the wealthiest and most powerful families of America. I even went into some family tree website and dont know muc about this kind of digging, I can post the link, but it says the Cornings were relatives of King Henry in the 400’s??

20686c  No.3495136

File: ceac94734510fbe⋯.jpg (141.04 KB, 655x560, 131:112, Corning Gillibrand.JPG)

File: b1ce6f9948d5713⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 660x122, 330:61, Corning.JPG)

File: 7d9010856018188⋯.jpg (59.78 KB, 651x247, 651:247, Corning king henry.JPG)


20686c  No.3495159

File: 4eedf1bb87494d0⋯.jpg (16.53 KB, 374x326, 187:163, jonathan-gillibrand-2.jpg)

Above was 3/4

[Kirsten Gillibrand] 4/4

Anyway it gets better. Gillibrand was married in 2001 (not sure what month) to British national, Jonathan Gillibrand. They met on a blind date set up by friends…. Ya… "friends"…. Who is Jonathan Gillbrand? Father is Sydney Gillibrand, who worked for BAE British Aerospace from 1950-1997. And then was the exec chairman for AMEC 1997-2004. HE WAS THE LEAD CONTRACTOR FOR GROUND ZERO CLEANUP. Also AMEC had a renovation project with the pentagon that finished the remodel on 9/11/2001, and then immediatly was hired in a no bid project for cleanup.

Same year of 9/11 the son of the lead 9/11 cleanup contractor marrys our NY senator, replacement of HILLARY, and will replace her again as LOSER OF 2020 presidential election. Hopefully she loses here in November. She is running against Chele Farley.

Might use some more digging. Also, seems like her and some of her families pictures and presense have been well scrubbed from internet. Not sure

20686c  No.3495187

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

20686c  No.3495198

File: c0114b8ecff6b83⋯.jpg (51.62 KB, 510x336, 85:56, Trump Tweet Gillibrand.JPG)

Trump remarks about Farley/Gillibrand above…


Farley getting no coverage. Gillibrand has got to go. Would love trump to take a dump on Kirsten again.

90a48a  No.3496854

>> 2934062

Florida anon here. First time on this thread. I am voting straight Republican. Have I missed anything important or am I good?

77e888  No.3497137

File: b4b2b42e892cb55⋯.jpg (46.13 KB, 500x350, 10:7, WinningSperm.jpg)

File: f899245155f2d25⋯.jpg (118.58 KB, 600x581, 600:581, UndoingTheFoundation.jpg)

File: a0c412c9e03d1f2⋯.jpg (179.46 KB, 900x500, 9:5, ObamaWalkAway.jpg)

File: 68c2ccd77d16cbc⋯.jpg (165.32 KB, 693x564, 231:188, KKKrDems.jpg)

File: 1bdebabf5de12fa⋯.jpg (75.72 KB, 500x667, 500:667, EmptyDemoPromises.jpg)

Just a few memes to help with the (hashtag)WalkAway movement & pointing out how radicalized the Left has become.

One other thing that's good about how they've attacked Justice Kavanaugh that not many have actually mentioned (although I have been mentioning it here & there in Comments Sections) is that some have been thinking that they've destroyed his life & reputation, but that's really the opposite effect than what they've said.

The more they continue to attack him, the better his public record actually gets: Between the Congressional investigation/Hearing & 7 FBI investigations, Brett's public record has been accumulating stronger & more numerous documented assertations of his upstanding moral , ethical, self-responsible strength of character on both personal & professional levels than pretty much anyone else alive on this planet…And the more they *keep* attacking him, the more positive his record & life-time reputation gets.

In the same way that Pelosi's description of the "Wrap Up Smear" has been getting more widespread, there's an increasing number of people coming to realize that it's exactly the same thing that they did to Kavanaugh…I'm I've also been helping to point out that it's the exact same thing that got the fraudulent Steele Dossier started against Trump.

The more that we can help the public at large keep making this connection, the faster that the public narrative shifts…Kudos to all of those Anons who have helped & Kudos to Q for helping to show us how to keep in touch with each other & organize efforts to get actaul facts out there. I think this has been the first time that so many individuals & groups of researchers have had a common platform to work with to keep the information flowing.

"To the Midterms & beyond!"

~Almost, but not quite, Buzz Lightyear

0ea0f0  No.3498618

File: 9c24659abba9851⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 382x286, 191:143, HIMNOTQUAVER.jpg)

c19cbb  No.3498762

Have been compromised,

NPC meme is working

will be back soon


7c34f3  No.3500603


Yeah fuck that bitch. I've never voted for a nigger before but I'm gonna have to this time.

c36108  No.3513218

Scientists at Work

THE EYE Atlantic

Power Outages Across the Panhandle

Electricity Out

Miami Matthew Now that the rain has stopped, landfall Georgia l45, 150, possibly l55

Deep Lineage


c36108  No.3513279



c36108  No.3514496

Sorry I'm late


667952  No.3515064


I find it refreshing to know this is the only argument you lefties have. Patriot = insane? What is insane is you lefties, no logical arguments, just ad hominem attacks. Its all you have. And that doesn't add up to much. F off!

ad33ae  No.3515498

File: eae2dfac9d0fa1a⋯.jpeg (140.66 KB, 800x1202, 400:601, beto.jpeg)

File: af62e1377c3584d⋯.jpeg (72.83 KB, 789x460, 789:460, Bill_Nelson_3.jpeg)

File: c9cb36b743f5443⋯.jpeg (399.27 KB, 1200x1520, 15:19, Bob_Menendez_2.jpeg)

File: 3be222010abb139⋯.jpeg (80.48 KB, 580x1031, 580:1031, Claire_McCaskill_2.jpeg)

File: 5df796bc2e589c9⋯.jpeg (65.02 KB, 534x712, 3:4, Heidi-Heitkamp.jpeg)

Dem meme batter 1/3

ad33ae  No.3515507

File: b91106a67016c73⋯.jpeg (309.41 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, Jacky_Rosen_2.jpeg)

File: fbe84ffd6f0eb8d⋯.jpeg (4.88 MB, 2560x3200, 4:5, Joe_Donnelly_3.jpeg)

File: 84a6a7d1f89cc59⋯.jpeg (338.77 KB, 1200x1520, 15:19, Jon_Tester_2.jpeg)

File: c06853b5c053960⋯.jpeg (271.85 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, Kyrsten_Sinema_3.jpeg)

File: a9d46dad4c8683a⋯.jpeg (99.95 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, manchin.jpeg)

Dem meme batter 2/3

1eeda8  No.3518861

<McCaskill wants to prosecute Project Veritas!


U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s campaign is demanding Attorney General Josh Hawley open a fraud investigation into hidden-camera videos released this week by a nonprofit run by conservative activist James O’Keefe.

The videos show O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action Fund going undercover to secretly interview members of McCaskill’s campaign. The group, a 501c4 nonprofit, advertised the videos as proof that McCaskill, a Democrat, has been hiding her views on guns and abortion from Missouri voters.

McCaskill and Hawley, a Republican, are in a tight election race that could help determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

David Kirby, McCaskill’s campaign manager, said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday that there is reason to believe Project Veritas committed fraud that violated the state’s merchandising practices act.

That law prohibits deceptive business practices and is enforced by the attorney general’s office.

Kirby said the videos were captured under false pretenses and misrepresentations, “which under Missouri law is fraud.”

Kirby said Hawley must recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor to look into the videos, which he called “gutter politics.”

He went on to criticize the fact that Hawley and his campaign have been publicizing the videos and encouraging voters to watch them on social media and in fund-raising emails.

“This is not about Project Veritas,” Kirby said. “This is about the attorney general’s failure to stand up and call out fraudulent activity.”

Kirby also said the campaign is contemplating other legal actions aside from any potential fraud investigation by the attorney general’s office.

A spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hawley responded on his campaign’s Twitter account.

“Senator, accusing people of crimes is a serious thing,” Hawley tweeted. “If you have evidence of a crime, please come forward with it immediately. Otherwise, please stop politicizing the legal process for your reelection.”

Marco Bruno, a spokesman for Project Veritas Action Fund, said “we will fully cooperate with any investigation (that) may be initiated.”

O’Keefe’s organization is known for its “sting” operations against Democrats and media organizations. He has been criticized for selectively editing videos to misrepresent the context of conversations and the subjects’ responses.

In 2010, as a result of a failed undercover action targeting then-Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, O’Keefe pleaded guilty to entering federal property under false pretenses. He received three years probation, a fine of $1,500 and 100 hours of community service.

In one video, a McCaskill staffer says that the senator downplays her support for gun control. Another staffer suggests she is downplaying her support from former President Barack Obama. In another video, McCaskill is accused of trying to hide her support from Planned Parenthood.

McCaskill’s campaign has dismissed the videos, saying the senator has never tried to hide her positions on the issues from voters and the video contained nothing she hasn’t said publicly before.

Initially, the McCaskill also insinuated in a prepared statement that Hawley had a direct hand in “fraudulently embedding somebody in my campaign.” She later sent out an amended statement walking that back slightly, saying only that Hawley had embraced someone being fraudulently embedded in her campaign.

On Wednesday, Kirby noted that an outspoken Hawley supporter – veteran GOP consultant Gregg Keller – appeared to have known the content of the video before it was made public.

Keller released a statement saying he was “shocked and amazed that McCaskill and her staff have decided to make James O’Keefe’s guerrilla video, which was incredibly embarrassing to her and her staff, a continuing campaign issue. “

He said he had nothing to do with the production or dissemination of the video, “although I wish I had. Additionally, I’m very pleased that in the closing weeks of the Missouri Senate race, McCaskill’s campaign is focused on me and my supposed machinations.”



f3ecf7  No.3521723

Fight Fight Fight!

Oct. 18, 2018, at 5:58 AM

Election Update: How The Latest Fundraising Numbers Shifted Our House Forecasts

And why things barely budged in the Senate.

Welcome to our Election Update for Thursday, Oct. 18!

You may have noticed a little bump for Democrats in the “Classic” version of our House forecast early this week. On Wednesday night,1 the party had a 5 in 6 chance (83.9 percent) of taking control; on Tuesday night, it had risen to 84.8 percent, the best Democrats have fared in our model since its August launch. The average number of seats Democrats are expected to pick up was 39; on Tuesday, that number reached 40 for the first time.

One reason for the uptick? Fundraising reports from the third quarter of 2018 (spanning July 1 to Sept. 30) were due to the Federal Election Commission on Monday, and they bore fantastic news for Democrats. According to a preliminary count by the National Journal, Democratic challengers in House races outraised at least 92 Republican incumbents, and more than 60 Democratic candidates in the House hauled in more than $1 million for the quarter. Candidate fundraising is one of the bigger factors in the “fundamentals” part of our model — we specifically look at individual contributions (as opposed to money from PACs or given to the campaign by the candidates themselves) because, aside from polls, it’s one of the few tangible measures we have of pre-election support from real voters. Democrats’ strong fundraising numbers also help explain why the party has improved in the Classic version of our model but has stayed about the same in the poll-driven “Lite” version, at least in the House. In fact, the Lite and Classic versions of our House model are now farther apart than they have been in some time, reflecting a renewed divergence in what various model inputs (that is, polls vs. fundraising) are telling us about Democrats’ chances (pretty good according to polls vs. really good according to fundraising).



f3ecf7  No.3521803

File: 06897acb58747df⋯.png (94.89 KB, 609x902, 609:902, money-changes-elections.png)

19c27d  No.3522140



Republicans are leading by 43,098 votes in the early voting/absentee ballots in Florida. That's over triple the lead they had in the 2016 elections early voting which was a much slimmer 12,832 and a 7% lead on Democrat early voting. Unless the democrats manage an 8% comeback in the election day voting which is unlikely considering the state is split about 50/50, we're looking at a pretty solid win for DeSantis and Scott in Florida.

19c27d  No.3522160


Keep in mind this is also without some of the more conservative panhandle counties reporting their early voting yet due to the hurricane, so unless some fuckery takes place there, this should be a smashing victory.

4b0024  No.3525685

File: 3d2a37d9eff76db⋯.jpg (109.4 KB, 500x333, 500:333, KILLING MEME.jpg)


5G say no to 5G here. Why is POTUS considering 5G roll out? Does any one here have the latest intell on 5G roll out?

Is it a STING operation to take down, 5G pushers? What is happening. 5G is genocide!!

3d1147  No.3529940

File: 8cd36a45b75d379⋯.jpeg (99.57 KB, 750x619, 750:619, 7396CDC8-BEE4-4A69-B40F-6….jpeg)

File: 9d518f75ee2fdbb⋯.jpeg (392.13 KB, 737x921, 737:921, 126CB60D-24F8-4E0B-8B1D-A….jpeg)

File: 3363f699d876295⋯.jpeg (378.33 KB, 750x920, 75:92, FE0DBDE5-BDE3-4318-8D5C-6….jpeg)

File: 112ce33ceae92a4⋯.jpeg (115.37 KB, 994x440, 497:220, 912AF26D-8635-4000-8ACC-B….jpeg)

Just got wind of a Trump Impeachment Rally AKA Orange Man Bad Rally in Battery Park, NYC at 12 Noon on 10/27/2018. They will be flying the Trump Baby Balloon & energizing NYC NPC’s in time for the midterms. This is same weekend as the #WalkAway march in DC!

b3ac98  No.3532959


Life or Death happens after the flesh is removed, not before, unless you are talking about choices to listen to God or not and think that you are god and make all the eternal rules.

7d82ec  No.3537359


Life or death happens when your SPIRIT leaves your SOUL.

When you are born you received the breath of life (Spirit) from God. When you die this breath of life leaves you. THAT is when you are biblically dead.

People on life support are not dead. Someone who "died" because their heart stopped beating and are certified dead are not dead. Some have come back to life. They were not biblically dead.

- 1PS

2b6fa1  No.3541556



DeSantis' constitutional carry platform will carry him far in the panhandle counties–they're loaded with masons and badgeniggers but the citizenry is unified on this issue. No call to rest on one's laurels though, get friends and family in the sunshine state to vote.

434ba5  No.3544605


60 seats in the Senate would gives party or majority the right to invoke 'cloture'. This limits  debate and brings legislation to a vote.

1. Cloture on limiting debate and changing Senate rules.

60 votes limits debate (3/5ths)

67 votes changes Senate rules (2/3rds)

"In 1975, the Senate revised its cloture rule so that three-fifths of sworn senators (60 votes out of 100) could limit debate, except for changing Senate rules which still requires a two-thirds majority of those present and voting to invoke cloture "


2. Clôture means to bring something to a vote without further debate or a filibuster.

"Clôture is French for 'the act of terminating something'.

"It was introduced into the  Parliament of the United Kingdom by William Edwart Gladstone to overcome the obstructionism of the Irish Parliamentary Party and was made permanent in 1887.

"It was subsequently adopted by the United States Senate and other legislatures.

"The name cloture remains in the United States; in Commonwealth countries it is usually closure or, informally, guillotine; in the United Kingdom closure and guillotine are distinct motions."


3. Supermajority - required to change Senate rules.

"While a supermajority vote can technically be specified as any fraction or percentage greater than one-half ( 50%), commonly used supermajorities include three-fifths (60%), two-thirds (67%), and three-quarters (75%)"

More actions requiring a supermajority:


4. How many votes to pass a bill with everyone present:


5. Cloture Rules

What is cloture? Why did Senate come up with 60 as the number for cloture?

"Currently, the only Senate procedure that can overcome a filibuster is cloture. Cloture requires the support of three-fifths of the Senate or a minimum of 60 votes, except on proposals to change rules, which require two-thirds of Senators to give their approval. Also, cloture cannot be voted on until two days after it is proposed. If the Senate invokes cloture on a bill, amendment, or other issue, consideration of the matter is limited to 30 additional hours during which each Senator may speak for no more than one hour. Cloture does not stop debate immediately; it only ensures that debate cannot continue indefinitely."


6. Nuclear option - what this option allows the Senate to pass legislation with a simple majority of 51 votes that would otherwise take 60 votes to pass.

"In November 2013, Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid used the nuclear option to eliminate the 60-vote rule on executive branch nominations and federal judicial appointments, but not for the Supreme Court. In April 2017, Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell extended the nuclear option to Supreme Court and the nomination of Neil Gorsuch ending the debate. As of January 2018, a three-fifths majority vote is still required to end debates on legislation."


7. More in depth


8. Can a bill pass with less than 51 votes if all the Senators are not present and accounted for? So far I have not been able to find a definitive answer on this.

07b25b  No.3549707








07b25b  No.3549719

File: 9dd35d6dff8e896⋯.jpg (9.53 KB, 176x255, 176:255, ee33017af4d0508d13ea49b3bf….jpg)

File: bfdb4795372f9a6⋯.png (103.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 553ff485febe12092094ae6a70….png)







d9bcd0  No.3551234

File: 177515e29ff091a⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1358x2205, 194:315, gierusa.jpg)

File: 8695a48b9a78822⋯.jpg (128.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Yoros_Castle,_Istanbul).JPG)

This might be "writing out of turn" since focus right now is on upcoming elections. I just wanted to get this posted, for the record.

Re: Ruins and History

>>3547927 pb

>>3547845 pb

>>3547928 pb

It does appear there was a Pangaea since all the continents would fit together perfectly if the Earth Sphere shrunk? But where would the ocean be then? There is so much we don't know.

I think I found the origin of the "Two Pillar" motif [wasn't that supposed to be at the gate of "Solomon" "Saliman"'s Temple?]

The original Jerusalem was apparently on a bluff at the meeting of the Bosphorus and the inland sea "Black Sea"

Rumor is that the inland sea there is called "Black" because King Jesus was killed overlooking it?

I found evidence in an old illustration that "Jerus Alam" was a fortification on a Mount. Then when I looked at the ruins of that place named and I found the Two Pillars.

What a good Sunday.

cf: "New Chronology" A. Fomenko and his associated researchers.

d9bcd0  No.3551253

File: a329b482d7f40c6⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 633x304, 633:304, aumamen.jpg)



And capcha I got on that was good too


9c04b6  No.3552474

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>She is running against Chele Farley.

Good ad. Not sure if it will be enough.

Great dig on the Gillibrand family. All makes perfect sense now.

Lots of official 9/11 skeptics on the left. Wonder if any negative memes on this could discourage turnout in NY.

ecd511  No.3553744


NYC Dims outnumber Republicans 5:1. The only way that proportion could be changed in our favor is if ALL the MSM Fake News propaganda is taken down: TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Hollywood, and the local Cabal Libtard politicians.

Cabal Media Control is the WORST OBSTACLE to people knowing the Truth about Cabal Crimes.

Just like Patriots don't watch MSM, liberals and non voters don't read q anon or q research. There's no way we can reach them because of the Cabal STRANGLEHOLD on mass media.

745878  No.3554847


Went see a movie, which I rarely do, due to obvious reasons. Trailers for new films are all about "fighting back" against the current administrations, Nazis, etc., whether past, present or future…note previous Q drop to that effect. New Robin Hood film looks more like Antifa and their not-so-merry "gender undefined" persons. Period costumes look more like modern street wear complete with face masks. [Brain Washing, conditioning]. Once Red Pilled, one never goes back. Trusting the plan but realize the effort to clean this up is enormous. As Q has said, 5-6% will never be turned. Thats still ~20 mil Americans drinking the MSM / Clownie Koolaid.

Praying each and every day for success, and Protection of POTUS and ALL around HIM! WWG1WGA!

745878  No.3554931



45afa0  No.3561043

We need a joint campaign between here and 4chan to infiltrate leftist social media groups and start passing out red pills in their comments.

Hearts and minds. If you can get even ONE person to question their allegiance and look into truth, it's a win.

Some groups:

- Occupy Democrats

- https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDemocrats/?ref=br_rs

- Democratic Party

- https://www.facebook.com/democrats/?ref=br_rs

- Democratic Memes & Images

- https://www.facebook.com/groups/DemocraticMemes/?ref=br_rs

- Democrats Retaking US House Of Representatives And Senate

- https://www.facebook.com/groups/416471828538950/?ref=br_rs

e65d55  No.3561482

File: 70d7ed3f2cdae31⋯.jpg (169.87 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Fire-ICE.jpg)


Hate to say it, but Farley not exactly the most inspiring candidate with the Pataki connection. Gonna be tough with most of KG's dirty links still buried NXIVM. Western LI turning would be a great sign.


No question the uphill battle in NY is steep. Very interested to see what the turnout #'s will be statewide.

>liberals and non voters don't read q anon or q research

You might be surprised. Word could be getting out, just slowly. Maybe not in time to make a difference in most of the deep blue states, but this is a long game, so no harm in continuing to chip away at it.


> [Brain Washing, conditioning]

Cinema's a powerful tool for sure. Old #'s, but surprised to see so many Americans still go to the movies.


70% of all Americans go to the movies at least once every year – but exactly who makes up this audience? Jim Tricarico, the chief revenue officer of Screenvision, which runs adds in thousands of movie houses, said the average age of customers in his theaters is 30.5 years — compared to the mid-50s for broadcast TV. Now, Young Adults have become the rising demographic amongst moviegoers.

0f76fd  No.3569552

File: 361d4774ac4b189⋯.png (606.02 KB, 610x679, 610:679, menendez.png)

c205a8  No.3570931


We might not get a red wave in CA this year but the red-pilling is definitely happening.

It is my pleasure to report that a work acquaintence of mine who is black and in law enforcement announced to me last week that he made a WalkAway video and will NEVER vote Democrat again!

He said he is "COMPLETELY, 100% CONSERVATIVE!" (his emphasis not mine).

He is fed up and ashamed of the way Democrats have behaved and the direction they were trying to take us in, among other things.

Just one person, but there is definitely something happening.

That , and a lot of people at work talk of moving out of CA when they retire, including myself. I know some would like us to stay and try to turn CA red but, I don't know if I can wait or hope for such a thing. Let's see how things go.

If not, where would a CA refugee find a welcome? Anons?

Godspeed all my fellow Anons.

01200c  No.3571489


Some things we must consider before making decisions in our debate and the most important one is what does God want? In these times it it hard to choose for ourselves sometimes as we may not see all of the variables that God does. He does warn us and give us clues in his word as to what we can and cannot do, while still leaving the choices up to us. I have been warned. I either do right on this one or pay forever and eternity. I believe this is a warning to us all. Some scriptures have been helpful(Isaiah1:18-20, 29-31) (2:22)(5:18-19)(6:9-10)(14:29)(17:10-11) If we do not listen and be afraid of these warnings the consequences are terrible. So now we must truly see Revelations 13:1 for what it means. God has given me a prophecy to tell, "Take from me my holy land and I take from thee my holy land. I will forget not your deeds done in secretand they will never be cleared from the table I sit. Who is worthy to take the place of The Holy One of Israel? Who?"

ff178e  No.3572973



1039f4  No.3574473

This may have been noted already, but RSBN is streaming Bannon's "Trump @ War" 24/7 until the midterms.

Sorry no Webm - jewtube it is


4f55eb  No.3574657

File: 6d9492b9e23f340⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1444x722, 2:1, Soon.png)

07b25b  No.3575459

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



9d35ce  No.3579463

Soyboy antifa fag who was verbally harassing the 911 widow at the Portland prayer meeting doxxed in youtube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBjwB6SKv4E&t=153s, KEK!

d03ee2  No.3585814

Good trump rap!




d03ee2  No.3585965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Embedded now sry

374d4d  No.3591828

File: 993475fe73c0b52⋯.jpeg (195.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Derek Jeter.jpeg)

Another FIRE SALE! Derek Jeter 11K sq ft castle for $14.75 Million


374d4d  No.3591914

File: 281132ac642180a⋯.png (37.39 KB, 372x597, 124:199, ClipboardImage.png)


CIA Running as Dems in November

Morse Jessica CA Fourth

Crow Jason CO Sixth

Bauer Lauren FL Eighteenth

Soderberg Nancy FL Sixth

Hunter Christopher FL Twelveth

Kelly Brendan IL Twelveth

McGrath Amy KY Sixth

Colvin Jesse MD First

Golden Jared ME Second

Slotkin Elissa MI Eighth

Morgan Matthew MI First

Feehan Dan MN First

McCreadyDan NC Ninth

Sherill Mikie NJ Eleventh

Welle Josh NJ Fourth

Malinoski Tom NJ Seventh

Kim Andy NJ Third

Rose Max NY Eleventh

Harbaugh Ken OH Seventh

Lamb Conor PA Seventeenth

Houlahan Chrissy PA Sixth

Scott George PA Tenth

Jennings Hegar Mary TX Thirty-first

Kopser Joseph TX Twenty-first

Ortiz-Jones Gina TX Twenty-third

Luria Elaine VA Second

Spanberger Abigail VA Seventh

Engebretson Margaret WI Seventh

Sergent Talley WV Second

Ojeda Richard WV Third

They are claiming to be Patriots, many ex-military. BUT ALL ARE CIA!

374d4d  No.3592097

Washington State Senate Race: Cantwell (D) incumbent is not 15 pts ahead. The gap is very narrow but NOT REPORTED! This senate seat CAN BE FLIPPED!

b10baf  No.3592159


Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Where'd you find this data online?

Another point for people who might not want to research every race – you don't have to fill out your entire ballot! Just vote for all the Republican candidates because every seat we can take from a Dem is another victory for America!

15233f  No.3593316



Then the pain can REALLY begin.

08d1bf  No.3593565

File: 6b24c9dda785ca9⋯.jpeg (926.31 KB, 1125x633, 375:211, 75F05B7F-BD13-44A7-B46E-C….jpeg)

Q is back…err.. sort of. #Hannity

d1538f  No.3602479

File: 97d729b6c2aab69⋯.jpg (422.78 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, our_red_nation_by_eternal_….jpg)

55fc90  No.3603685

File: 39f786a73999906⋯.jpg (283.23 KB, 485x545, 97:109, CA Election Map 2016.jpg)

a7ff6e  No.3603770


Amen Anon

We are devinley inspired by our Creator. I humbly submit myself to His will and for His Glory. I sacrifice All to Him, I will not bow to fear or inequity. I am with Him and He is within me. The King of Kings, the Lord of Hosts, His will be done. Amen.

e93d5b  No.3607195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Fuck Cruz and Beto I'm voting for Dikeman.

dd6c44  No.3607610

File: 1ec015cee4c48b7⋯.jpg (113.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2018-10-24_14-07-28_img.jpg)

File: b4508b0b535e752⋯.png (888.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, b4508b0b535e752bc8e3236662….png)

Pay attention - hes got a good chance from what i can tell. DeSantis does himself no favors trying to emulate trump….comes off lookin like a jackass.

The only thing i could find was that gillum was associated with an adoption agency (big bemd community based care, inc.) Back in '02. Yiu can find it on Corporationwiki.com.

Another perso associated with this outdit is Linda Nelson - i cant detemine if shes associated with Sen. BILL nelson in some way or not. She does donate to the Democrat party.

dd6c44  No.3607644


In the 2nd pic with Chelsea is Gillums wife: Rashada Jai Howard

They met in student govt at FAMU.

THE instagram link has a pic of Gillum walking with WJC. Pedos on the move…?

decc89  No.3607873


Shiiiit… this goon lights up a bunch of people about what, exactly? I go away for a couple weeks, come back to a bunch of Weebo shi'…


Any rate, Klobuchar vs Newberger… she finally showed up for a debate and it was ugly.

http s://www.facebook.com/MPRnews/videos/sen-amy-klobuchar-and-state-rep-jim-newberger-debate/520487321749787/

http s://es-la.facebook.com/MPRnews/videos/sen-amy-klobuchar-and-state-rep-jim-newberger-debate/520487321749787/

Some desperation in campaign ads and other things around here. I don't even think we'll need to break out the ugly stuff, like…

https ://www.politico.com/story/2018/03/21/worst-bosses-congress-476729

…to get rid of her.

9b65f6  No.3620317

File: be6527ba83a7db4⋯.jpg (197.45 KB, 750x1248, 125:208, IMG_E4067.JPG)

Calling all fonefag ANONS. This nugget arrived on my phone today. What's a Patriot to do? I think we should show "Krista" and MoveOn a little "Anon LOVE"

Fire AT WILL…… and NO I'm not doxxing myself. "krista's phone#, and my name isn't "Laura" either…it was a Spam text

4f55eb  No.3636173

File: c4e490171f1d3a3⋯.png (884.69 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Cynical.png)

02c266  No.3649068

File: 47f441414f2b588⋯.jpg (79.27 KB, 605x454, 605:454, BLEXIT-LBJ.jpg)

File: 56ee9e022f03487⋯.jpg (85.03 KB, 605x454, 605:454, LBJ_WalkAway.jpg)

401747  No.3649954

Obliterated again it seems. They did not even attempt to unlock the easy option I offered them for proofs and were too dense to see the others.

If my comms get pulled do not satisfy them by distressing on my behalf. I will not jeopardize The House That Built Me by falling back to it; I will make it to Hard Lines in my own time if needed. The glutathione injections for first aid+ activated charcoal powder and being weary of Sonic Toys coming out to play Weighs Heavily on my spirit.

You stand Strong in the Lord.



401747  No.3650066

Pegasus it is so very important to me that you do not allow the situation these ChanFags have created to lower you or undo the work I have done. Put it aside for later.

Let’s listen to this one again


401747  No.3651066

Dear ChanFags who keep Obliterating me, I would like to issue a Statement to you:

Though it is true I am not from This House, due to Extenuating Circumstances, This House is the closest I can be to standing by my Pegasus’s side. In case it remains unclear to you Very Unsmart People, my Pegasus is a part of your Q team.

I apologize if my presence here puts This House under increased attack, however, I remain under the impression that This House Stands to Support him. I have much gratitude for the support the people here have shown him, but so too have I seen people here too regularly undermining him or trying to tear him down, so please pardon my display of Extreme Derision for the Grievous Wounds you have inflicted at this Critical Time.

Never once have you issued warning or inquiry to me. I would be happy to oblige parameters set by you, but I will remain in this thread. If you do not open dialogue with me, I will Persist in Full.

Even after you Obliterators got Chanded for Vapourizing my Magnificent Work Of Art, the Crescendo which was the Emergy Chapter of the Record, you were not satisfied to stop there. I will have you know that many important stories were told and pictures painted in that Chapter, had you only had the Ears to hear. Now they are lost to you.

You have now expanded your Obliteration to include the rest of the Record, which was nothing less then The Most Trolltastically Autistic Love Story That Will Ever Exist In All Of Time, a dramatic side plot twist within the Great Epic of Our Age, which is presently being written.

I would please like an apology from the responsible person(s) when you are ready to issue one.

My Dear Pegasus,

Too often those we are counting on seek to undermine us or withdraw their support when we need it most, however, the Lord and the Holy Spirit have remained Steadfast at our sides through it all. It is funny how many can look or even stare, maybe follow or even stalk, but so few can See, even fewer can Understand, and Who can even Know? This is part of what has made my love for you so great. Instead of accepting this situation as any sort of loss, let’s let it be as an inside joke between us ^^

This time I did at least save the Gem that was Made For You ;)

401747  No.3655764

Pegasus. Be still, My Heart.

You have such a Big Heart for such a Savage Beast ;)

But they know it is your only weak spot. Their only hope to try to break you down is to attack your heart: Don’t Let Them

Even if my comms go down, I am with you. As these Enemy Assisting ChanFag Obliterators have enjoyed pointing out, my comms are my weak spot, aaiiiyee = /

Farmhouse has space if you need to fall back.

Be still.


(Banned (2 weeks): Spamming off-topic weeb pics. 25+ Posts removed. Img: https://ibb.co/f6a0a0)

a6ed2a  No.3664207

File: 4dcd15471015027⋯.png (539.79 KB, 800x800, 1:1, sinema meme.png)


5c5fd7  No.3664714

File: 70d9ad0e66be963⋯.jpeg (114.51 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, Pelosi Transitional Figur….jpeg)


Pelosi's Plan to take down POTUS

Dems retake the House AND Senate next week. (highly improbable)

Pelosi regains the Speaker position

Pelosi impeaches POTUS and VPOTUS

Pelosi Becomes POTUS



HRC becomes POTUS by appointment!

FEMA camps anyone?

6d05dc  No.3667146

File: 12e4920844a46cd⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 600x327, 200:109, take-that-shit-9fotvt.jpg)

182560  No.3668347

File: bc3320e68fdc927⋯.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, E4CB053B-FBE5-476F-AF2C-7….jpeg)

Upside down GOP stars.

2d80e3  No.3669165


Wasn't she a big time NeverTrump squawker? The ones that are the loudest . . . .

60ca6d  No.3674103

Trump's Finale Push For The Midterms

I Have Never Seen Anything Like This

Fort Myers, FL Wed, October 31, 2018 07:00 pm (EDT)

Columbia, MO Thu, November 01, 2018 06:30 pm (CDT)

Huntington, WV Fri, November 02, 2018 04:00 pm (EDT)

Indianapolis, In Fri, November 02, 2018 07:00 pm (EDT)

Belgrade, MT Sat, November 03, 2018 12:30 pm (MDT)

Pensacola, FL Sat, November 03, 2018 06:30 pm (CDT)

Macon, GA Sun, November 04, 2018 04:00 pm (EST)

Chattanooga, TN Sun, November 04, 2018 07:00 pm (EST)

Cleveland, OH Mon, November 05, 2018 03:00 pm (EST)

Fort Wayne, IN Mon, November 05, 2018 06:30 pm (EST)

Cape Girardeau, MO Mon, November 05, 2018 09:00 pm (CST)


72e180  No.3675888

File: c658fef440a944a⋯.png (62.44 KB, 480x443, 480:443, 7159B77C-10BF-474F-A03D-43….png)

Just got this email and I’m furious. Uber is donating to the democrats and giving people $10 credit to ride-to-vote. Pathetic!!!

VOTE RED! Our Nation depends on US!

72e180  No.3675944



3843e0  No.3679136

File: 2f3b2b658defa62⋯.png (1.43 MB, 944x1282, 472:641, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….png)

File: 31116f19e52ac9f⋯.png (2.56 MB, 1404x1342, 702:671, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….png)

File: aeb53a930756a40⋯.png (132.32 KB, 298x298, 1:1, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….png)

JFK JR Returns From Exile & Serves Justice ICE COLD

(Excellent Article Compilation - Supporting Evidence, LOTS OF PHOTO PROOF)


In The Face Of Pure Evil - JFK Jr Returns From Exile As He Takes Revenge for Father's Assassination and Surprise Stomps Dagger Into Heart of Bush/Clinton Crime Syndicate - JFK Jr Then Decapitates Pure Evil With A Magic Sword, Fulfilling 55 Year Path To Avenge Father, President JFK - Deep State Shills Scream In Horror - Blogger (AKA Google) Censors Public Comments and Blogger Statistics - Severed Head of de facto corporation "United States" Reels In Horror and Gasps For Final Breath



07b25b  No.3687184



07b25b  No.3694524




07b25b  No.3694532




07b25b  No.3694551




07b25b  No.3694601

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


4f55eb  No.3695894

File: 2eeba3c9a5183f8⋯.jpg (864.65 KB, 3712x1976, 464:247, SameOld.jpg)

540259  No.3698892


"A positive message always beats a negative one every time." - Agreed. I think that the negative messaging on the other side is largely about ideological thought-policing to "keep their sheep from straying", as it were… but people don't like to be herded, especially not with implied threats that they'll be shredded and/or shunned as an apostate if they should dare disagree. Perhaps we can get this to backfire and flip a few blue votes?

Expecting the silent majority in blue enclaves to publicly "out themselves" for the shrieking mob is a non-starter until the avalanche is obviously under way… but for now, I think those "behind enemy lines" can be reached by reminding them that it's a secret ballot, and they don't have to tell anyone who they really voted for. The usual suspects won't be able counter this innocuous messaging without the mask slipping…

#SecretBallot #YourVoteYourChoice #NotTheirDecision #NobodyWillKnow

4f55eb  No.3700976

File: 0f864529e16ad00⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2714x1357, 2:1, Freedom.jpg)

1b6871  No.3702154

File: ab3e87acf30f5ae⋯.png (1.59 MB, 2417x2511, 2417:2511, qclock_q djt11023by3NFcrop.png)

On the CLOCK.

e05822  No.3705402

I will be working as a temp on election day. I will be helping people to report address changes so they can report to the right polling place. By itself the work seems legit but this is a college town with lots of transient people. It concerns me that voters could falsely claim a residence and I also wonder if the system would catch a college student who attempted to file absentee for their permanent residence and still vote here. Also homeless people will be assigned a church address that takes people in so that they can vote.

fbf0d7  No.3705516

File: 04a30397b8880e5⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 185x186, 185:186, lionsguardoftrump.jpg)

Faith is the White Rabbit The Great Awakening- is the greatest unification of people across the world in the threat of literal evil. Q has united Americans and people throughout the world. There are no races, and no religion. But what we do have is faith. Faith in a satanic rich world. We are seeking the truth, We are doing so with out getting paid and without limitations set on where we end up.

Well, I found out that we as a collective from POTUS down to us have been do something remarkable. We have literally began the final battle between Good and Evil. Yes, the final battle. Heres the Rabbithole of rabbitholes. The next things I’m about to tell aren’t meant to divide, but rather unite under faith that HE is in control and very insulated.

Follow me down the Rabbit Hole….

POTUS Donald J. Trump


surname, from 13c. Scottish Dofnald, Dufenald, probably from Gaelic Domhnall, Old Irish Domnall(pronounced "Dovnall"), from Proto-Celtic *Dubno-valos "world-mighty, ruler of the world," from *walos "ruler" (from PIE root *wal- "to be strong") + Old Irish domun "world," from PIE root *dheub-"deep, hollow," via sense development from "bottom" to "foundation" to "earth" to "world" (see deep(adj.))


masc. proper name, Middle English Jon, Jan (mid-12c.), from Old French Jan, Jean, Jehan (Modern French Jean), from Medieval Latin Johannes, an alteration of Late Latin Joannes, from Greek Ioannes, from Hebrew Yohanan (longer form y'hohanan), said to mean literally "Jehovah has favored" or "Jah is gracious," from hanan "he was gracious."

Greek conformed the Hebrew ending to its own customs. The -h- in English was inserted in imitation of the Medieval Latin form. Old English had the Biblical name as Iohannes. As the name of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, it was one of the most frequent Christian given names, and in England by early 14c. it rivaled William in popularity and was used generically (in Middle English especially of priests) and as an appellative (as in John Barleycorn, John Bull, John Q. Public). Somehow it also became the characteristic name of a Chinaman (1818).

 John the Apostle Wrote Revelations

Trumpets heard around the World


10I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

revelation (n.)

c. 1300, "disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency," from Old French revelacion and directly from Latin revelationem (nominative revelatio), noun of action from past participle stem of revelare "unveil, uncover, lay bare" (see reveal). General meaning "disclosure of facts" is attested from late 14c.; meaning "striking disclosure" is from 1862. As the name of the last book of the New Testament (Revelation of St. John), it is first attested late 14c. (see apocalypse); as simply Revelations, it is first recorded 1690s

The Lion Of Judah



Revelations 5:5-And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Q- Post 1603 

1925332 If you are smart (stupid) you know what just occurred at the meeting in Russia. Attempts to frame Russia / POTUS (optics) are failing and will soon be exposed. [Objective] to keep POTUS away from PUTIN failed. Bolton + PUTIN should scare you. Enemies are allies. EVIL has no place here. America is no longer for sale. The age of taxing our citizens across the World while entry to our markets is FREE is OVER. The WORLD will UNITE in this cause (G v E/R v W). Forced immigration pushers will be exposed (the 'why'). Read the BIBLE. GOD WINS. Q


fbf0d7  No.3705525

File: 5062ce98b6f1a6a⋯.png (78.99 KB, 468x629, 468:629, ClipboardImage.png)

Revelations 14:1

The Lamb and the 144,000

1And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Zion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads. 2And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: 

Mt. Zion is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Zion

Qposts 1301, 1302, 1303



Q Post 383

We have tremendous WW support.

SATAN has left the WH.

Day of days.


◦ Scripture: Luke 10:18- "I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from heaven"

◦ During Jesus’s time they spoke Aramaic, the most ancient form of Hebrew.

◦ לוקס 10: 18- "אני ראיתי את השטן כמו ברק נופלים מן השמים"

◦ Translate "lightning from heaven" into hebrew 

◦ Supprisingly you will find it to now say "I beheld Satan as Barak O bama. 

◦ Barack- lightning 

◦ O- from 

◦ Bama- the sky/ heaven

Some people may say that Bama means Alter. That’s fine because Satan was cast down to Mt. Hermon. On Top of Mt.Hermon there is a perfect mathematically constructed alter.

fbf0d7  No.3705538

File: 4503b1cbe4c1f48⋯.png (88.99 KB, 468x654, 78:109, ClipboardImage.png)

1/3 of the angels were expelled to Mt. Hermon. That’s 33.33% percent of 100%, 33 is a the age Jesus was crucified and Mt. Hermon is where he met with Satan. 

But that was the Old Testament and the Parallels changed so Mt. Hermon was no longer 33.33 long 33.33 lat. Even though this was about a 1000 years before they changed, the New Testament made mathematical adjustments. 


Satan is mentioned 36 times in 33 verses in the New Testament. That’s the coordinates of Mt. Hermon where God shot Satan the dragon and demons out of Heaven. Where they became the watchers. If you follow the 33rd parallel line exactly half way around to the other side of the

 earth. You get Rosewell, NM.

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 17

In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes "overcoming the enemy" and "complete victory." God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month. Noah's ark and its eight passengers rested on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th of the seventh month (right in the middle of God's annual Holy period known as the Feast of Tabernacles).

Jesus Christ gained a complete victory over death and the grave when God resurrected him near sunset on Nisan 17 (Saturday, April 8, 30 A.D.).

In the book of 1Corinthians the thirteenth chapter, the seventeenth mention of the word 'love' comes when the apostle Paul states that it is the GREATEST gift of all (1Corinthians 13:13). God's unending love (John 3:16) is truly victorious over all things. Those who stay faithful to God to the end of their lives will gain the victory over the grave when they are miraculously brought back to life (see 1Corinthians 15).

Daniel 7's beasts have seven heads and ten horns, for a total number of 17. They represent world-ruling powers from Daniel's time to the Second Coming of Jesus. The devil's end-time system (Revelation 13) will have seven heads and ten horns, which totals 17. All mankind will very soon obey and worship the devil and the Beast power. They will war against those who have faith in Jesus and keep the commandments, thus achieving a victory (though short-lived) against God's people (Revelation 13:1 - 8).

Alice in Wonderland? Ya that’s in there too.

The Theatre of God


Put the pieces of this reality together. Timelines change.


King James 2000 Bible

For I testify unto every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

God, wants us to have faith, Good faith, loving faith, and faith in each other. We are all children of him and loving faith has more power than evil ever could. We’ve all put our blind faith in a single letter, that resided on bowels of the internet, and have come together for each other, for our country and the world. That’s Faith and love.


Keep digging there’s more to find…

God Bless

fbf0d7  No.3705601

I believe these maybe the Four Horsemen.

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, Trumpets have been heard throughout the world. Literally.


one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

And I saw, and behold a white horse: (Obama lived in the White House) and he that sat on him had a bow( bow (bō)

He was bowing to other world leaders); and a crown was given unto him: ( he was elected POTUS) and he went forth conquering, ( he’s been using ISIS, the media and false his Christian believes to deceive and to conquer our minds” (Revelation 6:1-2).

And there went out another horse that was (Media, News, social media Journalism) red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace( peace is being destabilize right now) from the earth, and that they should kill one another (When FISA come out it will Destroy Obama) and there was given unto him a great sword (Sword has two meanings one a metal object the other means Coercive power).

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand ( false justice which can be found in SJW, Communism and Socialism) 6And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine( the government telling each person what they get for the day and the taxes they pay on it)

when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 8And I looked, and behold a pale (pale means boundaries, Palestine mean invaders) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him ( all around the world people are being over run by invaders) And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword (media), and with hunger (overload resources), and with death, and with the beasts ( leaders of countries) of the earth.

fbf0d7  No.3705797

The Beasts could be John Mccain and Hillary the second. IDK throwing that out there.

1166d4  No.3709610


There are probably some worthwhile local issues and seats up for election also. A lot of kooky ballot measures also. I am in the ~bay area~ and of course rarely meet anyone who dares question the dem overlords, but there are still some people with spirit and fight at the local level… they just don't call themselves republicans.

2634f0  No.3709735

File: 820c694d34ad91c⋯.jpg (23.95 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 2lm083.jpg)

c16c40  No.3710952

Line 7:


Should it be MAGAWWG1WGA?


d4b2aa  No.3712089

Think Mirror.

9/11 : USA gets stolen from the people.

11/6 : People take back the USA from the thieves.

d48855  No.3712361


>#SecretBallot #YourVoteYourChoice #NotTheirDecision #NobodyWillKnow

Really good idea.

d48855  No.3712370

File: 974e2f931daa51e⋯.jpg (363.25 KB, 1332x666, 2:1, VOTERED-Maxine.jpg)

File: dae8646823eb50b⋯.jpg (200.09 KB, 998x498, 499:249, MadMax.jpg)

aa6c0c  No.3722483

Title should have been "Defend Senate and House"

Vote red. Both house + senate anons. Trump made it clear too

57377d  No.3724593

Are these texts I'm getting saying they're from POTUS asking to take a poll sponsored by him in any way? Conservatives don't take or trust polls.

Post last edited at

c25d56  No.3725158


If you don't trust the poll don't respond to it. Also for future reference, leave the name and email fields blank. Don't doxx yourself.

07b25b  No.3727078

File: 92243884ca57b79⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, brady-stock-signs-94143-64….jpg)



07b25b  No.3727115



07b25b  No.3727140


Great observation!

9c209e  No.3727265



0:47 Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Blesses Pepe

1:04 "Praise be to Kek"

He's been fighting the deepstate from the start.


YES! Diehl is a fake trumper and

I heard mention a few weeks back of an AMA planned for sometime today, i'll keep an eye out and report back. If we can get some anons to write up some intelligent questions to ask, some heavy red pills, that would be great


07b25b  No.3727361





07b25b  No.3729102

File: f589547e42bea1a⋯.png (288.21 KB, 1075x846, 1075:846, screenshot-breaking911.com….png)




07b25b  No.3730863

File: 74533e2288ab236⋯.png (148.31 KB, 919x953, 919:953, screenshot-www.realclearpo….png)



07b25b  No.3731490

File: 62a2c858360756d⋯.png (226.67 KB, 1231x1011, 1231:1011, screenshot-www.sos.ca.gov-….png)

California Patriots

Please report any VOTER FRAUD in your precinct in California


07b25b  No.3731516

File: a41245b7b35408e⋯.png (587.02 KB, 1084x968, 271:242, screenshot-recorder.county….png)


Contact Mark Lunn also


6439a0  No.3732454

File: dbfa7abeae40b46⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 669x576, 223:192, Voter Intimidation..JPG)

Backstop validity?


07b25b  No.3732551

File: 57a732539278de5⋯.png (49.84 KB, 391x654, 391:654, screenshot-qmap.pub-2018.1….png)

Q Post 2414



07b25b  No.3732603

Q Post 2416



2d80e3  No.3733046


Wish Q would tell us where some of these 29 locations are. I might consider going down and keeping an eye out personally if any were nearby.

07b25b  No.3733667



07b25b  No.3733691


==Please SPREAD the Word…QPatriots will take care of our people.

215538  No.3743135

File: 32e59c6c65f2347⋯.png (27.4 KB, 861x450, 287:150, ds.png)


796751  No.3747224

File: d2b680fa840a08a⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 779x645, 779:645, trump survey jobsnotmobs.JPG)

File: c6144eb6b6e2138⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 812x227, 812:227, survey sponsor.JPG)


Thought you would like this

5f239f  No.3751393

File: 2c99fe5d6001bf5⋯.png (250.93 KB, 304x327, 304:327, kelly.PNG)

6d3194  No.3753388

File: f94341bca56c666⋯.jpeg (4.74 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, E7C9A906-1789-49A6-BCEE-7….jpeg)

California will ours tomorrow! See you all at the polls! Be vigilant, be safe!

4f55eb  No.3755398

File: 1dde8fb5c9ae221⋯.png (282.25 KB, 2800x1400, 2:1, ThinkMirror.png)


Very nice. Memed!

85d873  No.3756059

File: 2450e7236b02380⋯.png (4.16 MB, 1520x2392, 190:299, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….png)

45afa0  No.3756662

>Commented the following on "Unapologetically Black" facebook page. Comments removed, blocked from commenting.


Young Black Leadership Conference: https://youtu.be/5qIpbSKV7HI

Al Sharpton response to YBL Conf: https://youtu.be/RhM4mhltsG0

Brandon Tatum response to Al Sharpton: https://youtu.be/tKrbWac8h5w

Another response to Al Sharptongue: https://youtu.be/DzaFrEhD1Gc

I believe these videos shared this way, in order, should be spread to as many black facebook groups as possible by as many people as possible.

07b25b  No.3759262


God Bless You Brother !@ Love You !

07b25b  No.3759326

File: bc8139f27878db1⋯.png (383.47 KB, 1856x853, 1856:853, screenshot-global.adsbexch….png)


American Patriots Protecting our border

07b25b  No.3759372

File: 7054edfd3ce05b0⋯.png (125.28 KB, 919x953, 919:953, 74533e2288ab236b21e8d305e1….png)


''Make sure you document video/audio recording of any fraud voters and manipulation (VOTE STUFFING).

There is lot of Vote Fraud currently going on in the CA26, Please send "Observers" Department of Justice"

07b25b  No.3759575


''Make sure you document video/audio recording of any fraud voters and manipulation (VOTE STUFFING).

There is lot of Vote Fraud currently going on in the CA26, Please send "Observers" Department of Justice"

07b25b  No.3759600




Report any Civil Rights Violations


07b25b  No.3759615

File: b1569070680cd8f⋯.png (217.24 KB, 615x684, 205:228, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

07b25b  No.3759887

File: b1569070680cd8f⋯.png (217.24 KB, 615x684, 205:228, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 7054edfd3ce05b0⋯.png (125.28 KB, 919x953, 919:953, 74533e2288ab236b21e8d305e1….png)


''Make sure you document video/audio recording of any fraud voters and manipulation (VOTE STUFFING).

There is lot of Vote Fraud currently going on in the CA26, Please send "Observers" Department of Justice"

92556f  No.3760124

Q- any updates? How are things looking across the GREAT USA?

85d873  No.3760218

File: 740fa4a590a11e8⋯.png (4.31 MB, 1384x2034, 692:1017, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….png)

4f55eb  No.3761251

File: dbceb4ec48700d1⋯.jpg (672.28 KB, 2800x1800, 14:9, Justice.jpg)

07b25b  No.3762486


''Make sure you document video/audio recording of any fraud voters and manipulation (VOTE STUFFING).

There is lot of Vote Fraud currently going on in the CA26, Please send "Observers" Department of Justice"


c9d925  No.3762496

Q - Are some machines being shutdown remotely, for integrity… because they are known to be hacked, biased pre-programmed OR flipping votes?

Asking for a lot of friends.


07b25b  No.3762658





07b25b  No.3762707





07b25b  No.3762733





7a9144  No.3762756


call the DOJ numbers provided. Posting here doesn't help

Voter Fraud FBI Hotlines

1-800-659-8726 ext 12381


Local offices: 304-346-2300

Voting Violations Complaints: 1-800-2533931 or 202-307-2767 (202-307-3961 for fax)

Fraud line only open during voting hours


7a9144  No.3762790


no one is going to help u here. call the DOJ numbers below

Voter Fraud FBI Hotlines

1-800-659-8726 ext 12381


Local offices: 304-346-2300

Voting Violations Complaints: 1-800-2533931 or 202-307-2767 (202-307-3961 for fax)

Fraud line only open during voting hours


7a9144  No.3762818


Look up to this post


c9d925  No.3764453


I was asking Q.

Reread post.

The "friends" thing was a joke.

You didn't "get" the joke.

07b25b  No.3766131


HAM There radio being used to ferry "ILLEGAL VOTERS'


c86562  No.3767960

Democrat are using our gaming service to communicate, and no one can play there digital games.

e28ba9  No.3768554

File: 45e83dac7b1fce8⋯.png (363.17 KB, 890x692, 445:346, SmartSelectImage_2018-11-0….png)

See something, say something

04a7c1  No.3771703

File: 20ff784061b9ba8⋯.gif (482.27 KB, 500x200, 5:2, Fuckery Afoot.gif)

Fuckery afoot Midterm night. 11:30 EST. I cannot get back on latest bread in general I see a bread titled "Define Projection" but when I click on it, it turns to Meme bread.

6ac9ed  No.3772629

File: 6877b65585ed66a⋯.jpg (142.14 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Awakening You Lose.jpg)

Midterms. Check that off the list (soon). What comes next?

Declass FISA. (Brings down the House.)

Wrap up House investigations, by January.

Mueller probe wrap-up.

RR on to other things and Session unrecuses.

Sealed indictments begin to be unsealed, beginning with Republican corruption (optics).

Then the storm.

Did I miss anything?

c86562  No.3773298

I registered for the first time in my life to vote. Hopefully get these Demonrats out of my state. Now I feel like my vote was a complete waste! It didn't count for any change. Both the district and Governor seats were over whelmed with votes from illegals for the Demonrats.

c24bbf  No.3774779


dude… did you expect your one vote would miraculously change everything? lol

e1c8b8  No.3775832

It really is amazing that Baldwin and Evers pulled this out so handily in a state that voted R in almost every other race

338175  No.3776233


Check out the catch phrases, keywords and shit.

These people really are stupid.

588443  No.3781837


Lots of key words/phrases. Nothing new. The Dims entire Modus Operandi has not changed. The media machine is squarely in the camp of the diaspora-demons, moving the former US experiment into a Global Socialist nightmare enforced by a Global Communist power structure.

The Dims will continue to force the issue of impeachment in an effort to shut the mouth of the goy President Trump; and unless the media machine is silenced, the Dims will set the stage for an impeachment while the administration does nothing to force the trash to either get out or be removed. And the elections will all be a farce, like watching your favorite WWE characters

e05822  No.3784815


Wow. I hope you are merely a discouraged anon and not a pathetic shill. Sorry, but that's how your post reads to me: Pathetic and shilly. The whole goy and Jew obsession causes significant amounts of destruction. Personally, in evaluating anyone, I want to focus on their character as expressed in their actions and speech. Those will usually show me if they are serving a loving Creator or not. I hope you will move away from thoughtless labels that promote division.

561cf8  No.3786936


<The whole goy and Jew obsession causes significant amounts of destruction.

What part of Israel comes last in your Dispensational heresy brainlet did you fail to read in Q? Promis/INSLAW affair, Yinon Plan, and Talpiot Project. Those aren't breadcrumbs, concern trolling faggot, you're being spoonfed. Now take that suppository and drop the pearls you clutch so tightly.

ed3051  No.3787179

Q, Jeff Sessions?? Gone?? Will Trey Gowdy replace him in January??

433ea1  No.3787426


Sessions out and Trey Gowdy In? Draining the Swamp ! Will Sessions continue working with Huber behind the scenes? Unseal , declass declass declass soon coming?

303d52  No.3789652


no vote is ever wasted. But you have a point.

here is my point:

1- like yourself we had record numbers registering and never voters voting.

2- we had the #walkaway movement

3-more latinos and black for "republican" (now I don't believe this shift has really happened. For latios yes, blacks not so much. I base this on the Waters Navarro vote in Cali)

4- the rally "poll". Trump was packing them in, Gillum, Obama, Biden, even Oprah could not pack them in. Dems had no enthusiasm.

What happened? What exactly the fuck happend? We weere promised that the midterms were protected. Yet there appears to be fraud. How is it in such a polarize political climate we have people electing republican governors with overwhelming votes to democrat senators. Or a republican senator with a democrat congress member. Especially when I read so much about voting straight ticket.

Inthis I only beleuve certain races were protected anly to get the Senate, eery thing else was allowed to "let the fraud happen". We still had illegals voting. The only way Cruz managed to beat the dem machine, is Abbot and Paxton clamped down on fraud very early. But our voter registration requires no proof of citizenship in TX.

And as dsiapoint it all is, maybe the plan was to give the dems the house for a reason.

I too was expecting a red wave and "to watch California". I did watch California and it was a re-run. 2018 is supposed to be glorious, we got less than 2months to go.

Nothing is going to happen on 11-11 because thats celebration day in France.

303d52  No.3789670


Yeah, Sessions quit.

920e92  No.3790511

Check out the following QAnon post:

#2448 11/07/18 01:10 PM Q !!mG7VJxZNCI


We are at war.

Think logically.

Why was winning the House majority the primary goal for them?

To this point, what chamber is currently directing the DOJ/FBI investigations?

To this point, what chamber do they feel most threatened by?

While the focus was on the House for them (due to above), our underlying focus was adding PRO_POTUS members to the Senate and safely securing a PRO_MAJORITY.




While we had a senate majority on paper, in reality, we never did, nor could we count on bringing investigations to that body until it was safely in our full control.


Moves & countermoves.

We defied history by picking up Senate seats.

Patriots delivered.

Disinfo is necessary.

Enemy at the front door.

Our attempt at reassurance re: last drops re: House >>> Senate backed by POTUS tweet directly thereafter stating the same thing should have put this to bed.

How many coincidences before it's mathematically impossible?

Do you think the current 'shill' attack is organic?

Buckle up.



My Analysis & Notes:

What has been hidden under the cover of the darkness, can be revealed once brought into the light. G

8fa943  No.3791115

File: 92227d50284e1d6⋯.png (199.34 KB, 600x291, 200:97, ClipboardImage.png)

8fa943  No.3791148

File: bed3de0628b28b3⋯.png (199.01 KB, 600x287, 600:287, ClipboardImage.png)

fixed grammar error

8fa943  No.3792145

File: 7b8fee4f2b76f6b⋯.png (270.07 KB, 382x590, 191:295, ClipboardImage.png)