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File: aac54a6b45a8592⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 424x283, 424:283, resignation.jpg)

ab3309  No.2714136

This is the thread for reporting NOTABLE RESIGNATIONS! ResignationAnon maintains this thread and puts your reports on the list!

@mods & BO: please do NOT delete this thread! PIN IT!

part 1: >>169315

part 2: >>1147812

part 3: >>1606439

list of all (4200+) resignations:



e790a0  No.2714788

On May 17, 2018, "Elisabeth Dahlin" resigns from "save the children" charity and foreign aid organisation in sweden. She was Secretary-General.



f6ab22  No.2714885

https:// www.kitco.com/pr/frame/index_prec.html?https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/38027/IMinerals-Inc.-Announces-Resignation-of-Thomas-Conway-from-Board-of-Directors

ab3309  No.2714995


do you have an english source for this? can't find one

ab3309  No.2715013


already on the list

e790a0  No.2715125


Can't fin one either, but found two more swedish sauces:



ab3309  No.2715405


wrong thread


it had 3 or 4 posts and was not available anymore after around 48h… its still strange that 3 threads were missing… happened never before…



i've also asked a swedish anon. looks like there is no english source available. i will wait some days until i put her on the list… maybe there will be something reported soon…otherwise i'll put her with a swedish source on the list… thx for reporting

a124cd  No.2717368

Andy Vesey CEO AGL (Australian energy supplier) steps down


e29c6d  No.2721153

Andra Rush sells stake in Detroit Manufacturing Systems, steps down as CEO


ab3309  No.2723369




added, thx


you are correct, but wrong thread…


already on the list

14aa1d  No.2727170

File: 8c241cf33bd3830⋯.png (57.56 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Wall's.svg.png)

I don't know if this is relevant, but thought I'd post it here for reference.

From 27-November-2017:

Unilever Starts Search For CEO Paul Polman's Successor:


Another unilever article; marketer resigns (11-March-2018):


P.S. The 'heart' symbol is one of unilever's global brand for ice-cream. Does it have any connection to the pedo stuff? Nobody has said, as yet.

0d16d7  No.2727458

ARRL (HAM radio NGO) CEO Tom Gallagher resigned two years into a five year contract. Cites GEOTUS tax reform as reason, not a membership in revolt over his funkenkristallnacht.


ab3309  No.2732474


added, thx


added, thx

b4e169  No.2741141

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop resigns, to be replaced by Marise Payne


ab3309  No.2741796


added, thx

39c457  No.2752350

File: 9ac4807849b60aa⋯.png (799.42 KB, 1057x877, 1057:877, ClipboardImage.png)


Klaus Brinkbäumer was fired as editor-in-chief of the German political magazin "Der Spiegel".

August, 22nd.

Notable because this magazin is the most prominent political magazin in Germany. This magazin is part of the deep state, pushing the agenda. And they struggle same as the failing failing new york times.



ab3309  No.2755147




wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx

dafd41  No.2764205


ab3309  No.2767342



you can't delete…


added, thx

a02611  No.2770545

WSJ: National Enquirer's David Pecker resigns "effectively immediately" from board of Canada's Postmedia

ab3309  No.2770865


source please

529598  No.2805368

Per Sandberg, Minister, Norway


Alex Salmond, Leader, Scottish Nationalist Party (resigns from SNP following sexual harassment allegations)


Peter Fleischmann, CEO, Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies


Harvard Bioscience CFO Robert Gagnon resigns


DiMella retiring as Saugus police chief


Long Beach fire chief to retire in October


Benton Co. Detective Who Sent Inappropriate Texts Resigns


Needham High School teacher resigns


Oxford school board member resigns


Doyle resigns as Fond du Lac Festivals executive director


Head resigns at leading private school where rapper filmed explicit pop video


Kwara Gov’s Aide Resigns Amidst Defection Rumours


Pleasant Hills Council president resigns


KZN ANCYL executive resigns after ‘racist k-word’ outburst


Rochdale chief executive Green resigns


Hackensack School Business Administrator Adrian Pollio resigns amid criminal investigation


Norwin school director resigns, rips administration


Marco Teng, Chairman of the Board, Imperial Pacific International


Greg Armstrong, CEO, Plains All American (NYSE:PAA) and Plains GP Holdings (NYSE:PAGP)


David Wilcox, Division Director, The Federal Reserve


Thomas C. Kennedy, CFO, Hertz


C.L. Max Nikias, President, University of Southern California


Dwayne Clark, RM, St. Francois Xavier's CAO


529598  No.2805378



Kevin Seely, President and CEO, HSHS St. Francis Hospital


Jack Guy Lafontant, Prime Minister, Haiti


Michael Lumpkin, Director, Global Engagement Center (GEC)


Elliot Schrage, vice president of communications and public policy


MK Zuhair Bahloul, Knesset ( the unicameral parliament of Israel)

(Bahloul said his resignation was in protest of Israel's recently passed Nationality Law, which declares Israel to be the Jewish People's nation state)


Colin Stretch, Attorney, Facebook


Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO, The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA)


David Nicholson, New Zealand's High Commissioner to Samoa


Amy Powell, President, Paramount TV


Bill De Leon, Sr. Exec., Pacific Investment Management (Pimco)


Duberli Rodriguez, Supreme Court President, Peru


James Packer, Board of Director, Consolidated Press Holdings (CPH) (AND 21 other Companies)


Glenn Ross, Police Chief, Rossford, OH


Brian Crutcher, CEO, Texas Instruments


Vin Lananna, President, TrackTown USA


Patrik Gisel, CEO, Raiffeisen Switzerland


Dan Tobergte, President/CEO, Northern Kentucky Tri-ED


Femi Ayoade, Chief Executive Officer, Erin Energy

Abdulsabur Bello, Vice President for Financial Planning and Company Treasurer, Erin Energy

Heidi Wong, Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and Assistant Corporate Secretary, Erin Energy


Doug Simon, President-Elect, PRSA New York


Menis Ketchu, Supreme Court Justice, West Virginia


Allen Loughry, Supreme Court Justice, West Virginia



Walter Higgins, CEO, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority


Andrew Wilkinson, Executive Director, British Columbia, Canada Liberal Party


Judge Stephen Millan , Circuit Court Judge, Miami-Dade County


Wes Bush, CEO, Northrop Grumman Corp.


Roland Walton, Director, Davids Tea


Craig Pendleton, Executive Director, Biddeford+Saco


94e2e4  No.2822271

Mary Sigler, Associate Dean, Arizona State U. Law School

Died June 9, 2018


53d021  No.2831339

Yet another add if not already noted.


First Assistant U.S. Attorney David Sierleja

ab3309  No.2848358


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, if not already on the list, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


interesting, but wrong thread


added, thx

ab3309  No.2860633


added, if they were not on the list, thx

dafd41  No.2871284

Kerry Perry, head of usa gymnastics resigns, effective immediately. This follows her appointment of a crony of Larry Nassar to head up the elite squad.

Perry’s resignation came just days after new U.S. Olympic Committee chief executive Sarah Hirshland — who replaced Scott Blackmun, who also resigned after criticism over his organization’s response to complaints about Nassar — called for another leadership change at USA Gymnastics in a statement late Friday to USA Today.”


ab3309  No.2874508


added, thx

dafd41  No.2876141

Rahm Emanuel will not seek reelection


ab3309  No.2876294


already on the list

529598  No.2882264

Saline County Sheriff Keith Brown resigns


Meghalaya Chief Minister Resigns


Ark Resources' chairman Mohd Salleh resigns


BHSPC director Hiott retiring


Antonin Kratochvil resigns from VII


Labour councillor resigns


Lougher-Goodey retiring from Sidney council


Baptist Executive Lynn Nikkel to Retire


Howell Councilman Resigns Amid Domestic Violence Charge


Joliet Councilman Set To Retire


Fond farewell for retiring music director held at SummerFest gala


Babar Awan resigns as PM's aide on parliamentary affairs


Weyerhaeuser CEO and president Doyle R. Simons to retire in 2019


Houlton town manager resigns


dafd41  No.2898687


Tim O'Hern, Papa John's exec

4a4b63  No.2903410


Dee Stitt resigns as Charter NI CEO

ab3309  No.2903811


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, if they were not on the list, thx

324aa9  No.2927241

Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes announces retirement


2f6e2b  No.2932477


ab3309  No.2933339


already on the list


wrong thread


already on the list


wrong thread


thats still no resignation, so still the wrong thread…

0dd6db  No.2933918

File: 76d84143bfa2fc2⋯.png (343.27 KB, 664x851, 664:851, 76d84143bfa2fc27900ccba6db….png)


>Alibaba and Jack Ma have strong ties to Clinton Foundation

Jack Ma stepping down.

Add to resignations list.

ab3309  No.2934291


still wrong thread


already on the list

2e2f77  No.2935986

jack ma chinas richest man 'retiring'

ab3309  No.2936132


already on the list

46833f  No.2948133

https:// www.fscwire.com/newsrelease/zelko-resignation

ab3309  No.2949027


added, thx


wrong thread

263d93  No.2955649


Les Moonves resigns from CBS after sexual misconduct allegations.

"In a statement it announced that Mr Moonves would step down as chairman, president and CEO with immediate effect."

ab3309  No.2956382


already on the list

ffa783  No.2958465

File: 14d0391f5dbca07⋯.jpeg (415.93 KB, 1117x2116, 1117:2116, 261563DF-433E-4D90-9AF6-B….jpeg)

File: 745edcd38c043a3⋯.jpeg (359.67 KB, 1125x2138, 1125:2138, 28C5A771-637D-407D-AFFC-C….jpeg)

File: 1207fd6b32e892f⋯.jpeg (503 KB, 1084x1456, 271:364, D0EFBC89-6772-4301-90EE-4….jpeg)

File: fe6f60d40a12589⋯.jpeg (297.39 KB, 1125x1513, 1125:1513, C90C9536-E861-435A-A573-6….jpeg)

Judy Genshaft, President of University of South Florida


Not only does she sit on the board at Fresh Mark, where one of the largest ICE raids occurred this year, she has a history of involvement with intelligence organizations.



ab3309  No.2959035


added, thx

529598  No.2975655

Les Moonves, CEO, CBS


Ed Murray, Mayor, Seattle, WA:


Judy Genshaft, President, University of South Florida


George Strompolos, CEO, Fullscreen


Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, Snap Inc. (Snapchat maker)


Jennifer Douglass, Attorney, Airport Authority Board, Lewiston, ID


Gladwin Abdulla, Member, Alliance For Change (AFC) in Region Six, Guyana


Steven D. Holloway, Chief of Police, Eutawville, South Carolina


Tonda Hines, VP, Elkhart Park Board, Elkhart, IN


Professor Nazneen Rahman, CBE, Cancer Scientist, Institute of Cancer Research, London, England


Paige Marshall, Board of Education, Oak Ridge, Tennessee


Janice Dillon, Finance Director, McComb, Mississippi


Steve Mabie, Mayor, Neillsville, WI


ab3309  No.2991309


i'm not a BV or mod, i can't delete! and btw: in last few days nothing was delete here - especially nothing related to resignation reports!

if you have better things to do: do it and don't post BS here!

8c44d3  No.2993989

CBS News on Wednesday fired “60 Minutes” top executive Jeff Fager, who has been under investigation following reports that he groped women at parties and tolerated an abusive workplace.


8c44d3  No.2994046

Cardinal Wuerl resignation, soon.


ab3309  No.2994693


wrong thread



can't delete it… maybe a BV/mod will do this…


wrong thread


already on the list


he is on my radar, thx

f59211  No.2995056

File: c4184f5c2ceb5c2⋯.jpg (723.65 KB, 838x813, 838:813, usoc.jpg)

The Chairman of the US Olympic Committee is stepping down due to sex trafficking within the organization.


Sept 8, 2018

From: https://apnews.com/2bd078c6c97d4a8cb3a5425c379fc2a8

DENVER (AP) — The U.S. Center for SafeSport has permanently banned two-time Olympic taekwondo champion Steven Lopez for sexual misconduct involving a minor.

The center has been investigating Lopez for about four months and made his ban permanent Thursday night. He can appeal.

He was suspended in May, a few days after four women filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing USA Taekwondo and the U.S. Olympic Committee of sex trafficking.

The lawsuit alleges the organizations were long aware that Lopez and his brother, Jean, were sexual predators, but kept sending young women with them to competitions and practices. The plaintiffs have since added the U.S. Center for SafeSport as a defendant.

Jean Lopez has also been banned on an interim basis.


Sept 10, 2018

From: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-olympics/u-s-olympic-committee-board-chair-probst-to-step-down-idUSKCN1LQ2G6

U.S. Olympic Committee board chair Probst to step down

(Reuters) - U.S. Olympic Committee Board Chair Larry Probst will step down at the end of the year and be replaced by board member Susanne Lyons, who until recently was the acting CEO, USOC said on Monday.

Probst, 68, was first elected chair in October 2008 and recently oversaw the opening of the U.S. Center for SafeSport, an independent entity that aims to help the sports community to respond to incidents of abuse.

SafeSport was launched in the wake of USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar’s serial sexual abuse of gymnasts. Nassar is serving an effective life sentence for his crimes.

8a54fd  No.2998487

Three executives were removed by force, fired from autobytel earlier today.

1e278b  No.3000446

Mark Langley, President of Project Management Institute


ab3309  No.3006772


wrong thread


can't find a source for this. can you?


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


already on the list

82d91b  No.3022886

File: 5b1b1f0d716eb53⋯.png (62.54 KB, 633x633, 1:1, IMG_2161.PNG)

Retiring at the end of 2018:

Edward C Bernard, Vice Chairman:

T Rowe Price >>

NiSource >>

Columbia Gas >>

Massachusetts explosions

It's always nice to go out with a bang.


ab3309  No.3023160


added, thx

367e76  No.3026266

Throwing this out there because I didn't see him listed on qmap. Dr. Toby Cosgrove from Cleveland Clinic retired as CEO back in January. He met with Congress and Obama many times for input on Obamacare and the VA healthcare. Spoiler alert: he is now a consultant for Google

e0ed2e  No.3026845

Dr. Jose Belaga - The chief medical officer of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has resigned on the heels of a New York Times and ProPublica investigation that found he failed to disclose millions of dollars in payments from drug and health care companies on studies he authored in leading journals. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4878486-Jose-Baselga-resignation-letter.html?

c61d1e  No.3031068


That one is very significant, I think. Cancer treatment is big business and if a house cleaning is starting we will see a lot of evil exposed. I hope it extends to the vaccine fraud, too.

ab3309  No.3034583


good catch, but he announced it on may 1st, 2017 (http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20170501/news/170509990/toby-cosgrove-will-step-down-ceo-cleveland-clinic) - the list starts at september 2017, thats why he is not listed



added, thx


wrong thread

367e76  No.3035429


Yeah, he did announce it pretty far in advance. He has strong ties with the middle East, information sharing, ect. Thanks annon!

b5889c  No.3041794

Not sure if this fits in with our resignation list, but it's a very odd happening in the Christian Booksellers circle. (Christian writer anon here)

From the CBA (aka Christian Retailing Association):

"The association’s president, Curtis Riskey, is no longer working at CBA headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. CBA has not yet announced a replacement to lead the organization nor stated the reason for Riskey’s departure." (No date on Riskey's resignation/firing, whichever it was.)

"CBA Board Chairman Sue Smith resigned her post and reportedly left in August after the UNITE 2018 convention, held July 8-11 in Nashville."

"Many of the staff at CBA have told Christian Retailing they are no longer employed with the association."


And then there's these four men.

"The list of men in Christian publishing circles who have recently been accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from inappropriate comments to unwanted touching, include publishing professional Dennis Hensley, literary agent Chip MacGregor, magazine editor Ben Wolf, and writing mentor Jeff Gerke."


Hensley resigned from his role as head of the professional writing position at Taylor University in Indiana. I think it was in July.

Gerke has been removed from the conference speaker circuit.

I'm not sure if Wolfe or MacGregor were removed from their positions.

Sad for me since I've met all four men (two I've talked to many times at conferences) and wouldn't have expected it from any of them. But that's where we're at now, isn't it?

So, not sure if you keep track of these as well, but thought I'd toss it out there. Both of these events have hit people in the Christian writing circles very hard.

Thanks for what you do!

b3ee1b  No.3044935

As one anon asked, "What it more important, who's resigning or who's replacing them?"

59feda  No.3057079


ab3309  No.3059019


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


added the column "Replaced By" to the list - but now i definitely need help to research all the 4700 resignations again… are you willing to help?


wrong thread


added the resignations, thx. maybe you could post this in qresearch as well?!

8ffc17  No.3060547

This looks like a lot of evidence. Is all this True?






ab3309  No.3060812


looks interesting, but its to old for the resignation list (starts sept. 1, 2017) - better post this in qresearch!?

6127a4  No.3086567

File: 33e150d93957384⋯.jpg (4.79 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download-4.jpg)

Nick Williams. Zepecki steps down as CEO of SafeNet Consulting


6127a4  No.3086668

Goog staffers quit over Chinese search engine


952c07  No.3087576

Let's not forget state level.


Republican Pete Flores upsets Democrat Pete Gallego in race for Uresti seat


ab3309  No.3089136


added, thx


wrong thread

b47bc3  No.3097933

EPA IG Arthur Elkins


f1a60e  No.3104817

Michael O Johnson of Herbalife International resigned in May 17. Former President of Disney.

ab3309  No.3106060


wrong thread


is this from 2017? if yes: to old for the list (start: Sep. 1, 2017)


wrong thread


already on the list


this isn't a resignation? or am i wrong?

acdb39  No.3124769

https:// www.fscwire.com/newsrelease/oshea-resignation

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/38716/Kaizen-Discovery-announces-resignation-of-Chairman

ab3309  No.3126068


added both, thx

e0ed2e  No.3143616

Another medical researcher resignation.

Brian Wansink, the Cornell University eating-behavior scientist under fire for scientific misconduct allegations, will resign at the end of the academic year.

Cornell University has been investigating his research since November. In a statement, the university told BuzzFeed News that Wansink was found to have "committed academic misconduct in his research and scholarship, including misreporting of research data, problematic statistical techniques, failure to properly document and preserve research results, and inappropriate authorship."


94d80e  No.3144016

Stephen F. Mandel Jr. stepping down from day-to-day operations at Lone Pine Capital in january 2019 :

Mandel is owner of Lone Pine Capital Hedge Fund and Lone Pine Foundation

Hedge fund star Stephen Mandel told investors in a letter that he is stepping down from day-to-day operations at his hedge fund Lone Pine Capital.

Mandel, who started in the hedge fund industry at Julian Robertson's Tiger Management, launched Lone Pine 20 years ago. The $25 billion hedge fund boasts one of the best track records in the industry.

Sauce: https://www.opalesque.com/665929/Stephen_Mandel_to_step_down_from_operations592.html

Who is Stephen F. Mandel Jr.


Connected to the 6 Darthmouth professors under investigation

Connected dots to Hussain, Clintons, CHAI, Paul Farmer (Haiti !!) , Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Elliot Fisher, Yim Yong Kim, Mala Gaonkar and many more ! Probably also connected to humantrafficking

Sauce http://coreysdigs.com/ivy-league-colleges/6-dartmouth-professors-under-investigation-connections/

14aa1d  No.3147044

Do you have this one on your list?

Alexander Downer - stopped being the High Commissioner of Australia to the United Kingdom on 27 April 2018. He was replaced with George Brandis on 3 May 2018. (Source: Wikipedia only [sorry]).

Interestingly, I could not find other news articles covering that the changeover was taking place, which can't be normal.?

c61d1e  No.3149152

File: 4fbb212d90d1d62⋯.png (273.41 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2018-09-23-05-1….png)

I found the death of Vietnam's President very peculiar. Unidentified virus?

1052f4  No.3158392

ABC Managing Director Sacked. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-24/michelle-guthrie-leaves-as-md-of-the-abc/10297608

2c674a  No.3166131

Add [RR] to the list. Resigned today.

Washington Pundit

bd7762  No.3167737

Death: April Freeman Dem Congressional Candiate


000db2  No.3173431

File: 38568c98708d1ef⋯.png (657.39 KB, 920x752, 115:94, Razak Resign.png)

Nazir Razak will step down as CIMB Group Chairman as well as other positions within the group by December 31, 2018.


4a18a6  No.3173569




4cacda  No.3174102

File: 5ee8a23b670140c⋯.png (506.09 KB, 728x633, 728:633, nbc.PNG)


b0335f  No.3175445

File: ff4b2b694576f6a⋯.jpeg (343.03 KB, 1229x977, 1229:977, 3DFE91FB-1206-4B9B-B990-2….jpeg)

Just in on Bloomberg

Founders of instagrams leave Facebook


ab3309  No.3176117


already on the list


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


hasn't resigned yet


wrong thread


added, thx

ab3309  No.3182628


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


already on the list

801d65  No.3185341

April Freeman, Democratic candidate for Florida's 17th congressional district, suddenly dies.

According to Florida statute, it appears as though Steube will face a candidate named by a committee made up of all of the county chairs from the affected counties. The committee will need to name a nominee within five days to fill the vacancy. You can read the statute here.

Out-of-state voting ballots have already been mailed with April Freeman's name on them. It may also be difficult to change the name on the ballots for the race in November.


Pic with WJC: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/09/24/april-freeman-dem-house-candidate-in-florida-dies-unexpectedly.html

caf1b8  No.3190553

Just in

The chief executive of German carmaker Daimler, Dieter Zetsche,

will resign from his post in May 2019, the Stuttgart-based company

has announced. His contract would have expired in December of next year.


c61d1e  No.3192948

Not a resignation (yet) but seems related to important corporate leadership changes. LinkedIn is reporting that Merck's CEO Frazier will stay on longer than 2019 due to scrapping mandatory retirement at age 65. Merck is a big deal on a lot of bad vaccines. What do they want to hide and/or why was the mandatory retirement scrapped?

3ee7ba  No.3194593

Julia Stasch, president of Chicago-based MacArthur Foundation, announced today that she will step down in 2019. The press release announcing her decision did not give a reason for her coming departure.


acdb39  No.3196222

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/38871/Indigenous-Roots-Corp.-Announces-Resignation-of-Directors

7 bagger

ab3309  No.3211206




this is the resignation thread! >>3210607 is right, this is the wrong thread for you!


wrong thread


no resignation, wrong thread


no resignation, wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx




wrong thread


added, thx

48bb5e  No.3241514

Cody Wilson leaves 3D-printed gun company after sexual assault charges

He was the founder and CEO.

The girl was 16 years old.


dd69f9  No.3253715

Oracle Product Chief Thomas Kurian Resigns After Taking Leave


Bloomberg•September 28, 2018


ab3309  No.3253828


already on the list


wrong thread


already on the list


wrong thread


still wrong thread, but i guess you will never learn it…

dd69f9  No.3253833

State Police union president Pullman resigns amid new federal probe

Dana Pullman, who led the powerful State Police Association of Massachusetts for six years, stepped down Friday, citing “personal reasons.”

By Andrea Estes and Matt Rocheleau Globe Staff September 28, 2018


ab3309  No.3254152


added, thx

bd7762  No.3265917

David St. George Director of Boston Youth Philharmonic Arrested and suspended from position on 9.25


ab3309  No.3266389


wrong thread


added, thx

bd7762  No.3272457

Brian Joyce Former Massachusetts State Senator found dead before corruption trial:


ffb9b3  No.3278403


Down at No.3 on the page Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein - who had announced his planned departure earlier this year but no date specified - is out today Oct 1, 2018.


ab3309  No.3279908


already on the list


wrong thread


wrong thread


wow, but he was not in a high ranking position, was he?


thx xD


wrong thread

c61d1e  No.3287840

File: 3c4bd4f2bd26564⋯.png (245.87 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2018-10-01-20-5….png)

Do you have this one? GE replaced their CEO and their shares went up.

ab3309  No.3291113


yes, he is already on the list… you can also check on your own, thats why i created the resignation website:


(no tracking, no advertising, nothing from a third-party-domain is loaded)

1bfb6d  No.3291936

New Zealand politician Jami-Lee Ross from the opposition National Party, has stood down from Parliament over "potentially very embarrassing" health issues.

Leader of the National Party leader Simon Bridges repeatedly implied the MP's health issues were related to mental health.

Recently an anonymous leaker of Bridges expenses had claimed to have mental health issues to try to avoid an investigation.

Bridges denied the two issues were linked.


dd69f9  No.3300432

DMC fires 3 cardiologists from leadership positions, another resigns

JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press Published 10:44 a.m. ET Oct. 2, 2018 | Updated 5:05 p.m. ET Oct. 2, 2018

The email announcement said that Dr. Mahir Elder, Dr. Amir Kaki and Dr. Tamam Mohamad were asked to step down from their administrative leadership roles in the cardiology department following a review of complaints received from doctors and DMC staff.


Don't know if these rank high enough, but thought I'd submit them just in case. THanks.

ac26e6  No.3306429

File: 396bba8c207f33c⋯.png (66.08 KB, 1202x361, 1202:361, dead_fbi_investigator.png)

Jeffrey Wilson - DEAD


FBI Investigator Charged With Child Rapes Found Dead in New York City Hotel Room Just Hours Before Plea Deal Testimony:

Was there fear that the FBI’s Jeffrey Wilson would Rat out others?

One New York FBI source says there was. But that is no longer a concern because Wilson was found dead in a New York City hotel room Saturday, literally hours before he was scheduled to sign a plea deal.

“There was fear of what he would testify to because he was a wildcard,” one FBI insider said. “The Bureau was trying to keep this entire case away from the media. It’s a mess.”

ba55eb  No.3310450

File: a18f7e896768608⋯.png (91.77 KB, 771x1037, 771:1037, ClipboardImage.png)

New appointment to the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility… can't find news ANYWHERE of the person being replaced, other than info about her appointment by Eric Holder. Her name is Robin Ashton. The press release only says she is leaving after a decade of service. Release dated 10/2/18 but on Justice's OPR website, Mr. Corey Amundson was appointed sometime in September.

So I don't know if you can count that as a notable resignation or what because I can't find shit on her leaving.

ab3309  No.3317298


wrong thread


interesting, but it says he is a FORMER fbi investigator… couldn't figure out when he was leaving… if you can figure this out i would add him to the list


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


yes, thats linked in the google doc and the website…

b12c6a  No.3321943

Got a new one for ya:


4a2c44  No.3325693

File: 6aafd6e0dd516e9⋯.png (434.56 KB, 898x1262, 449:631, jose-quits.png)

Possible sudden high profile resignation.

No articles available yet to confirm.

ab3309  No.3332772


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread



yep, wrong thread


will check in a few days again, thx


added, thx

a12d93  No.3365143

An older resignation from mid year.

David Storch, CEO of AAR corp retires effective June 1, 2018. He now holds chairman of AARs BOD.


aa1e9e  No.3381829

https:// www.fscwire.com/newsrelease/resignation-board-member

https:// www.fscwire.com/newsrelease/tsodilo-announces-resignation-director

8f488e  No.3382648

File: 9127ac46941c29d⋯.jpg (138.17 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, interpol.jpg)

Statement by the INTERPOL General Secretariat on the resignation of

Meng Hongwei.


a4a03d  No.3382917


>Meng Hongwei

Chinese and China again. Color me surprised.

Meng Hongwei, the first Chinese president of Interpol, was last heard from on September 25 as he left Lyon – where the Interpol is based– for China.

China said Monday the president of Interpol, who went missing shortly after arrival in his home country, is under investigation for possible criminal activity, as Beijing broke its silence about his fate.

Meng Hongwei, who is also China's vice minister of public security, "is currently under investigation on suspicion of violating the law", according to a statement on the website of the National Supervisory Commission, which handles corruption cases involving public servants.

Meng, the first Chinese president of Interpol, was last heard from on September 25 as he left Lyon – where the international police organisation is based – for China.


1821ef  No.3407647

Nikki Halley just resigned

ab3309  No.3408646


added, thx


added both, thx



already on the list - he isn't missing anymore


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


already on the list - please provide a source next time


wrong thread


wrong thread

ac40e4  No.3426712


>>3415912 -> Wrong thread, really? Merger, takeover? WHO in FOX may be the next to go [resign] after COMCAST [comms] purchase? FOX friendly to Trump? Will FOX go MSM next?

ab3309  No.3427039


there is no resignation included… better post that in qresearch

ac40e4  No.3429467


will do. Great job anon. delete these. I'll post in research.

f908ee  No.3442352


I'm from Sweden and read the article now. She did step down from that position, but that is only because she was selected for the job "child ombudsman" for the government.

aa1e9e  No.3443148

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/40238/Plata-Latina-Announces-Resignation-of-Director

cc2392  No.3443184


Re Indictments master list.


There is some kind of error on this page. Moving your towards the right (scroll bar) brings up a 1/4 green circle that covers most of the information and doesn't want to go away.

Could someone check this please?

ab3309  No.3455506


added, thx


thats not my list! can't reproduce your issue - but i guess thats a notification by google…

32c32b  No.3461960

New here, sry if protocol is wrong. I've been loosely following this…


And while it is not a resignation, the CEO is ousted by CAN court.


Now, the first link. There used to be a text body in that story that called out a HUGE list of names, including most of 'Hollywood' , porn 'studios' and even listed Prince. I believe it was Alwaleed. It has since been scrubbed. The freak out video was tagged as in being in DC. Hash tagged DJT.

Call me crazy, but something is up here.

Anyhow, I put this here to draw attention to the ousting. You fags can decide if it falls in the resignation category.

Am I the only one that has a hard time deciphering the captchas here?

Thanks for all your work Anons.

233f8f  No.3489489

Oct 11th

Henry Woon Hoe Lim

Pantronics Holdings


Larry Culp Jr

Resigned from T Rowe Price Board of Directors. Though he walked into new CEO job at General Electric so probably a no count.


Cammy Jackson

Midliothian Chamber of Commerce President.


8f488e  No.3505859

.Bono resigns as USA Gymnastics president after 4 days


a13353  No.3508766

File: 424da5fbd57a562⋯.jpeg (56.48 KB, 720x450, 8:5, n-zube-mushroom-house-web….jpeg)

Zube Aylward Murdered near Whistler, BC, Canada 16 October 2018. His wife escaped after they were kidnapped.


a13353  No.3508804

File: 2b06c16a9bab31c⋯.jpeg (82.25 KB, 1200x760, 30:19, Alaska Lt. Gov. Byron Mal….jpeg)

Alaska Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot resigned abruptly 16 Oct 2018 for "inappropriate overtures" to an unnamed woman.


9293be  No.3517247

Q2381: We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow].

Fox News: "Also kinda gives you an idea of how slow things move in government." 0.32 marker

"About 17 months after Grassley sent the letter… He finally got a response." 1:45 marker

Video link:https://video.foxnews.com/v/5848205488001/

bcf230  No.3522956



White House Counsel Don McGahn officially left the Trump administration on Wednesday in the latest high-profile departure from the White House.

The New York Times was the first to report that McGahn had made his exit shortly after a farewell chat with President Donald Trump. Just weeks earlier, McGahn had shepherded Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through a contentious confirmation battle that involved allegations of sexual misconduct against the judge.

The White House confirmed to HuffPost that McGahn’s last day was Wednesday.

*He will be replaced by Pat Cipollone*, a Washington lawyer and former Justice Department official the president called a “very fine man” in an interview with The Associated Press this week.

dd69f9  No.3534323

IBM Watson head to leave role: report


Emma Court

,MarketWatch•October 19, 2018

International Business Machines Corp.'s Watson Health head, Deborah DiSanzo, is leaving her role, Stat News reported on Friday. The high-profile departure, which a company spokesperson confirmed to Stat, comes as the famed computer system's usefulness in health care, including in treating cancer, has been criticized as overhyped, including in reports by Stat News and The Wall Street Journal. DiSanzo, who had worked at IBM Watson Health for more than three years, will be succeeded by another IBM executive, John Kelly, Stat reported.

When IBM reported third-quarter earnings earlier this week, it said that Watson health had seen growth, though the company's "cognitive solutions" division – which Watson health is part of – had overall revenues decline about 6% from the prior year. IBM shares declined just under 1% in heavy Friday afternoon trade, while the S&P 500 rose 0.3% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.5%. IBM shares have dropped 13% over the last three months.


6127a4  No.3541131


Indicted ex-CEO of USA Gymnastics is banned from being a member of the organization

bd7762  No.3542890

State of Alaska Dept of Juvenile Justice Head of 2 Facilities Resigned July 24, 2018 for CP related charges. Indicted October 17, 2018 (no arrest yet) http://www.ktva.com/story/39309144/former-mclaughlin-youth-center-head-faces-childporn-charges

bd7762  No.3543009

Southaven Mississippi alderman arrested and resigned Dec 20, 2017 for CP related charge https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2017/12/20/southaven-alderman-ronnie-hale-charged-child-pornography/966238001/

bd7762  No.3543605

Skydance McMahon Digital Media Administrator at the Foreign Services Institute of the U.S. Department of State in Arlington arrested & fired March 16, 2018 for CP production . Sentenced to 26 years



bd7762  No.3544461

Sioux Falls Fire Chief Jim Sideras fired/resigned May 2, 2017 (same day as search warrant executed). Arrested May 8, 2017 https://www.kdlt.com/2017/05/08/former-fire-chief-sideras-arrested-on-10-counts-of-child-porn/


3c8599  No.3553217

I'm not certain where to put posts on celebrity deaths.

Danny Leiner, director of "Dude, Where's my Car?", dead at 57.


Paul Allen, Microsoft cofounder, dead at 65 of Pancreatic cancer.


3c8599  No.3553221


Here's the correct url for Paul Allen.


bd7762  No.3556719

Indictment /arrest/ resignation Sean David Sigler Gardner Street Elementary Teacher Arrest Jan 2, 2018 Resigned Jan 3, 2018 for CP production & related charges https://www.dailynews.com/2018/06/01/burbank-man-and-former-elementary-teacher-accused-of-using-teen-to-make-child-porn/

95f7c8  No.3557332

File: d947881f2ce23cb⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 892x598, 446:299, richard-parsons2.jpg)

Richard Parsons Steps Down From CBS Board, Role As Interim Chairman, Citing Health Reasons


8f488e  No.3560338


the footnotes list others recently from CBS


6d57fc  No.3565735



added, thx



added, thx


resigned to early for the list (which starts Sep. 1st, 2017)


i can't find a source for that firing. can you send me a link please? that would be really notable - and also another connection between the indictments-list and the resignation-list

c61d1e  No.3569760

File: a38b34a3a1011f3⋯.png (304.38 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2018-10-22-21-1….png)

Richard Branson has resigned from the Virgin Hyperloop board. He also tweeted about Antarctica today!

fce82b  No.3572006

File: b87aa1b10992bf2⋯.jpeg (342.59 KB, 1242x1997, 1242:1997, E3C05DE0-D440-4373-AA53-6….jpeg)

File: afc55dd80767193⋯.jpeg (265.73 KB, 1181x936, 1181:936, FB46800C-0879-4E5A-BA1F-5….jpeg)

File: 9d4acc2d2b5dfd6⋯.jpeg (467.32 KB, 1242x1738, 621:869, 9E47EC5E-CC27-45EF-BBC8-C….jpeg)

File: 21f4238e5872d51⋯.jpeg (333.59 KB, 1242x1183, 1242:1183, 633DC978-2665-43EA-B316-9….jpeg)

File: 759d9b6ff90089b⋯.jpeg (490.51 KB, 1241x1804, 1241:1804, 34E88473-A1ED-47E7-BC88-9….jpeg)

91b7cb  No.3583508

Notable resignation.

The head of the United Kingdom Civil Service has resigned.

`I wanted to write to all staff today to inform you that Sir Jeremy Heywood has announced that he is standing down as Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service due to ill health.

The Prime Minister has appointed Sir Mark Sedwill, the acting Cabinet Secretary, permanently to the role with immediate effect'


Jeremy was in post at the time of all the FISA skullduggery so a very interesting resignation.

5166d1  No.3610359

UNC President Stepping Down



480cc4  No.3664919

Not sure if this counts as a resignation or not…plenty of ppl wanted him dead, including a former co worker of mine at gartner….

But the guy had plenty of fbi in his pockets…for a long time.


Notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger killed in prison


Updated: 1:25 PM EDT Oct 30, 2018

Natalie Newport

National Curator

Notorious Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger was killed Tuesday in a West Virginia prison shortly after being transferred there, sources tell WCVB.

Bulger was found unresponsive around 8:20 a.m. ET.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons online inmate log listed Bulger as an inmate at USP Hazelton Tuesday, which is a high-security prison with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp in Bruceton Mills.

Bulger, 89, was moved from a Florida prison last week to the Oklahoma City transfer facility before he was moved to the Hazelton prison.

Bulger is serving a life sentence after being convicted in 2013 of a litany of crimes, including participating in 11 murders.

He was one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives for 16 years until his 2011 arrest in Santa Monica, California.


e1abd3  No.3671726

Aviva CEO Mark Wilson in shock exit - 09 Oct 2018


He is part of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission launched at the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2016


* Ricken Patel - Avaaz / Purpose Action

* Jack Ma - Alibaba Group

* Ho Ching - Wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore

* Mary Ellen Iskenderian - head of Women's World Banking

* Begumhan Dogan Faralyal - Dogan Holding, one of the largest companies in Turkey

* Mark Wilson - CEO of Aviva

* Mark Malloch Brown - Board of UN Global Compact, vice chair of George Soros's Open Society Investment Funds, former VP of World Bank

* Paul Polman - CEO of Unilever

13b4a9  No.3741954

Canada's chief statistician has resigned in protest over what he says is the federal governments' failure to protect Statistics Canada's independence.

Wayne Smith says the government's decision to create Shared Services Canada and centralize all information technology services across government has compromised Statistics Canada's ability to fulfil its mandate.

"I have made the best effort I can to have this situation remediated, but to no effect," Smith said in a note to the National Statistical Council, which advises him. "I cannot lend my support to government initiatives that will purport to protect the independence of Statistics Canada when, in fact, that independence has never been more compromised,"

"I do not wish to preside over the decline of what is still, but cannot remain in these circumstances, a world-leading statistical office."



0088a8  No.3761264


wrong thread



wrong thread

you can't delete



wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread - there is another detailed list for indictments: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVQwX9l9HJ5F76x05ic_YnU_Z5yiVS96LbzAOP66EzA/


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread



wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


added, thx - please provide a link next time


added, thx


added, thx

0088a8  No.3784905


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

0f2029  No.3786105

Jeff Freaking Sessions- can someone shed some light

d6fb64  No.3786298


oh boy, lets see what Q has to say about all the "trust Sessions, trust the plan"

0088a8  No.3787273



already on the list


- "trust sessions"

- "sessions activated"

- "we got what we needed"

==> operation done

6b1fef  No.3812399




4b3f77  No.3823488


wrong thread


added Ruth Bader Ginsburg, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

6df5c6  No.3905061

Victoria's Secret Chief Executive Jan Singer has resigned from her role with the lingerie company.


bcb0d1  No.3907458


Les nextLER?

c1d54d  No.3909470

File: 20709eb4a00b5b0⋯.png (238.7 KB, 1363x589, 1363:589, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6fd390e13c8f58b⋯.png (254.75 KB, 1363x587, 1363:587, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6d8c63b5382d8ef⋯.png (145.34 KB, 1363x585, 1363:585, ClipboardImage.png)

Lynne Beinoff who donated to the More Than Me Foundation sits on the board of Common Sense Media.

Benioff is also an independent marketing consultant and philanthropist associated with several health care and community foundations. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Hampton Creek, the Board of Overseers of the University of California San Francisco Foundation, the Board of Directors of UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and the Board of Directors of Common Sense Media, Inc.


Chelsea Clinton is also on the board of Common Sense Media.


As I am sure is well know Chelsea also is on the board of IAC board along with Edgar Bronfrman Jr.



This ties into the NXIVM scandal also (I think).

Chris Brahm is on the BOD for Common Sense Media. He is also a board member of Larkin Street Youth Services



John E. Martinez is on the honorary board of LSY and he is also a director o Blackrock Fund Advisors and iShares Inc. Robert Steven Kapito is a board member if iShares and Blackrock Inc. where Cheryl Mills (Hillary's gal) is a board member. She is also a trustee of Maya Angelou's See Foverer Foundation/Public Charter School.



Cheryl also is a board trustee of Maya Angelou's See Foverer Foundation/Public Charter School.


Ross Weingarten is a trustee of the See Forever Foundation. His father and Eric Holder started the foundation.

Still, he remains deeply committed to the Washington area, where he and Holder helped start See Forever, a District foundation that works with youngsters caught up in the juvenile justice system and now runs a charter school.


4b3f77  No.3915545



already on the list


great connections! but i can't see a resignation in it. please post this in qresearch


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread

59f058  No.3918763

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/41039/International-Lithium-Announces-Resignation-of-Director

https:// www.accesswire.com/528020/TimberlineResourcesAnnouncesResignationofDirector

4b3f77  No.3931345


added both, thx

760683  No.3943587

Channing Dungey, exec who cancelled Roseanne, out at ABC. Yippee!!


e7eebe  No.3951208


already on the list


wrong thread


wrong thread

a35ad2  No.3959715

Carlos Ghosn - Renault - arrested in Japan - tax evasion.

87c629  No.3963529



a35ad2  No.3964571


I read it here.


e7eebe  No.3982600


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread




added, thx

57fa32  No.4011957

File: b3f1fc38dae5d6c⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1836, 40:51, Capture _2018-11-24-04-59-….png)


54ab31  No.4023627

Bishop Morlino, who blamed homosexuality as the cause for sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, has died.


c9b360  No.4048358

">>4045731, >>4045737, >>4045740 Resignations in the news today" 11/27/18

52e137  No.4051766

File: 93929a32592e13f⋯.jpg (31.04 KB, 600x338, 300:169, tony-abbott-and.jpg)


Noticed Julia Banks was missed on resignation page.

18c872  No.4053973

https:// www.accesswire.com/529086/ResignationofanOfficer

https:// www.kitco.com/pr/frame/index_prec.html?https://www.kitco.com/pr/1738/article_11262018081536.pdf

https:// www.kitco.com/pr/frame/index_prec.html?https://www.kitco.com/pr/1738/article_11212018095052.pdf

48bb5e  No.4064413

Gary Starr, Mayor of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, is retiring after 38 years, after months of being investigated.

"He's been sued by his former police chief and his former assistant. He's been accused of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment.

"And he's come under fire for a possible misuse of tax dollars and for hiring a safety director who lived in North Carolina while holding the Middleburg Heights position."

Sauce: https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/local/cuyahoga-county/middleburg-heights-mayor-gary-starr-announces-retirement-amid-investigation/95-618245878

4818be  No.4074692

Please add if not added.

Slovak foreign minister resigned today:


Since I live in this country, I know he is a total pro NWO/UN/Globalism guy.

The media have already speculated, that he will try to run for president.

87c629  No.4075310


Unilever again…

Unilever boss Paul Polman to step down after headquarters fiasco


d0c694  No.4077141

San Antonio city manager steping down after 13 years.


bb8862  No.4085553

File: 2dbf92f0d388f5c⋯.png (191.73 KB, 457x338, 457:338, eb.PNG)

Chair of the California Democratic Party Eric Bauman resigned Thursday following a cascade of sexual misconduct allegations


Sorry if already mentioned.

e7eebe  No.4101707


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx




wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


wrong thread


added, thx


wrong thread


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list

217f61  No.4120023


wrong thread

fac6b6  No.4131408

here is one to add to the list


217f61  No.4132011


wrong thread


added, thx

f80dd0  No.4146605

File: 9b53af4c36f110b⋯.jpeg (40.95 KB, 270x338, 135:169, vadm-stearney-sdb-8x10.jpeg)

Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, the Navy’s top officer overseeing forces in the Middle East


This man, along with Gen Votel have been defying POTUS in the MidEast. I thought Votel had been reassigned but can't find the sauce.

fac6b6  No.4150642

Here you go!


8ef065  No.4153499

Bill Priestap retiring.


79b294  No.4154085

Democrat staffer resigns after theft was discovered


fac6b6  No.4182622

breaking now in NYC


18c872  No.4218672

https:// www.accesswire.com/529932/VerticalExplorationAnnouncesResignationofDirector

2006d4  No.4260349


That logo has been around for a long time. It's entirely possible that it was appropriated by pedos because how do you lure a kid? With ice-cream.

This seems the most plausible explanation to me.

The reverse would be really freaky.

3d6dee  No.4263934

In case you missed it, Jeff Wadsworth, Battelle Memorial Institute's CEO, stepped down. His last day was September 30. The new Battelle CEO is Lou Von Thaer. Mr. Wadsworth was born in Germany, but grew up in the UK. Battelle's ties to the Deep State are well established, with even connections to the Clinton Foundation. See more details about the change of CEOs at Battelle here: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2017/07/14/battelle-picks-military-contractor-chief-as-next.html.

c9b678  No.4289634

File: 098063dadb711e7⋯.png (30.55 KB, 1112x364, 278:91, kjblohlgiv.png)


gotta archive these

c9b678  No.4289656

File: a6ca1cf453426dc⋯.png (692.92 KB, 1200x868, 300:217, kbhkbkjbljbl.png)

goddamit gas me now


32e9d1  No.4289745

File: e1cdf88e7fbc264⋯.png (74.2 KB, 660x536, 165:134, Screenshot-2018-12-13 Lou ….png)


and he just got replaced by another deepstater

http:// www.govconwire.com/2015/06/lou-von-thaer-joins-dyncorp-as-ceo/


https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=22105729&privcapId=161017


52870a  No.4337700

File: f8ded5e68448241⋯.png (38.45 KB, 637x276, 637:276, Untitled.png)

ASUS Chief Exec Jerry Shen Steps Down

I wonder how many of these resignations are linked to the 'pay to play' donor list?

9e3b6e  No.4346647

File: 9436a64be85fda3⋯.jpg (108.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Tucson Evil.jpg)

BREAKING: Mayor of Tucson Johnathan Rothschild not seeking re-election. Rats abandoning ship.

In true Rothschild fashion the Mayor of Tucson has been implicated in a grand variety of pedo/trafficking schemes. The most notable being the discovery of a sex trafficking camp on CEMEX property near Tucson whose amenities included a rape tree. These evil vermin are seeing the writing on the wall and scrambling.

The announcement comes "out of the blue" according to local talking heads.


18c872  No.4351787

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/41540/Wildsky-Resources-Inc.-Announces-Resignation-of-Director

217f61  No.4380078


added, thx


already on the list


added, thx


already on the list

18c872  No.4412375

https:// www.accesswire.com/531188/MidnightSunAnnouncesResignationofCEO

ca0016  No.4422350


e6a688  No.4432781


217f61  No.4464648



Netanyahu has NOT resigned!!!

3e60dc  No.4495030

Peter Sutherland died January 7, 2018. As DS as it gets IMHO.


Interestingly, Dilley's contact said in late Dec 2017 that Peter was GITMO bound.


e92755  No.4513935

File: 852197dc422e546⋯.png (797.65 KB, 906x494, 453:247, SWIFT.png)

SWIFT CEO To Step Down In June


4b5252  No.4549706

File: 94261ada22f65db⋯.png (392.01 KB, 652x704, 163:176, popes-pr-team-quits.png)


two more for the grinder

the pope's pr team on sex abuse just quit


015a44  No.4632627

Malaysian king just step out of his throne

Link in french


fac6b6  No.4693386

Here you go. 2 resignations in one story


bc1e63  No.4697346

(Canada) Scott Brison resigning from Trudeau's cabinet and won’t seek re-election in October.

Brison is not sure whether he’ll remain a Liberal MP until the Oct. 21 vote but he will be resigning shortly from his role as president of the Treasury Board


He denied that his decision to quit politics is in any way related to the current controversy surrounding his role in the suspension of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, the military’s second-in-command who has been charged with leaking cabinet secrets. Defence lawyers are expected to make Brison a star witness when the case goes to trial in August — just weeks before this year’s election campaign officially starts.

“If that issue had never occurred, I would be making the same decision that I’m making now,” he said, refusing to further discuss issues that are now before the court.

Brison has been accused of pressuring the newly minted Trudeau government in 2015 to suspend a $700-million plan to build a new supply ship, a move that the RCMP alleges prompted Norman to leak secrets to Quebec’s Davie Shipbuilding so it could pressure the Liberals into restarting the project.

But he’s told the House of Commons that he simply did his job as Treasury Board president, the minder of the public purse, to ensure taxpayers were getting good value for the ship contract.


bc1e63  No.4699895

File: 11e4393db6e47b4⋯.png (100.53 KB, 640x586, 320:293, Screenshot_2019-01-10 Mack….png)

Paul Godfrey is stepping down as CEO & President of Postmedia today.

For USfags…

"Paul Victor Godfrey, CM,[2] OOnt[3] (born 1939) is a businessman and former Canadian politician.[4] During his career, Godfrey was a North York alderman, Chairman of Metro Toronto, President of the Toronto Sun and head of the Toronto Blue Jays. He was instrumental in bringing the Toronto Blue Jays to Toronto and has campaigned to bring the National Football League to Toronto.[5][6] He is currently President and CEO of Postmedia Network." Wiki. I know.


eb1d43  No.4720753


BEIJING, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) – A former senior official in south China's Guangdong Province has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and dismissed from public office over serious violations of discipline and laws, according to a statement by the top anti-graft body Friday. …

The probe found that "Zeng violated organizational discipline, refused to tell the truth when responding to the supervisor's inquiry and sought benefits for others and accepted money in official selection and appointment."

Other offenses included seeking benefits for relatives in business operations, engaging in business operations and accepting gifts and money, and making decisions in violation of regulations, the statement said.

Zeng took advantage of his posts to seek benefits for others and accepted huge amount of gifts and money, and he is suspected of the crime of taking bribes, it said.


b64684  No.4745399

PG&E CEO stepping down.

PG&E announced that Chief Executive Geisha Williams is stepping down and that John Simon, the company’s general counsel, would serve as interim CEO until a replacement is found.


0e5e0a  No.4750787

File: bab04ac1ebcbde5⋯.jpg (171.04 KB, 510x545, 102:109, Screen Shot 01-14-19 at 03….JPG)

File: e6be8adc344c019⋯.jpg (152.12 KB, 1240x697, 1240:697, 5c3c8feafc7e93964a8b4658.jpg)

UK, MP Gareth Johnson resigns as Tory Whip ahead of Brexit deal vote.

MP Gareth Johnson has resigned his post as a minister in the Government’s Whips’ Office, ahead of a highly anticipated vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Johnson said in his resignation letter that he could not support the deal.

Jan 14, 2019 13:36


17e817  No.4806087


Do suspicious CEO deaths go in this thread? Sorry, Newfag here.

Canadian Bitcoin Exchange QuadrigaCX CEO dies December 8th in India where he was *setting up an orphanage for children in need*


A month earlier some serious fuckery started happening with clients unable to withdraw funds, which continues to this day.

The death announcement was only just released on Jan 14th, over a month after he died.

217f61  No.4823282

unfortunately some anons are to stupid to realize that this is the RESIGNATION THREAD

there is a new way to report resignations to me: https://www.resignation.info/report

13fe50  No.4834969

https:// www.accesswire.com/531188/MidnightSunAnnouncesResignationofCEO

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/41929/Argo-Gold-Announces-Resignation-of-Director-and-CEO

4e5445  No.4859984

File: 8735bdb2d77bcc0⋯.png (234.52 KB, 1172x556, 293:139, resig.PNG)



few days late…


bee32b  No.4863131

File: 4be542956914e0c⋯.jpg (363.46 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190122-142536….jpg)


Just saw this…thought it might be mentionable.

217f61  No.4864246


can't find a source. can you?


already on the list


added, thx


added, thx


already on the list


already on the list


already on the list


already on the list


already on the list


already on the list

78a324  No.4884291

Reminder: Blatantly off-topic posts in this thread are subject to deletion at mods discretion.

Resignations only, please. Otherwise submit reports to: https://www.resignation.info/report

0fc10c  No.4887107

File: 5d0d54a47a7367c⋯.png (24.54 KB, 737x415, 737:415, ClipboardImage.png)

BHP’s Group Company Secretary, Margaret Taylor, has given notice of her resignation

Company Secretary changes

22 January 2019, 06:30 PM

BHP’s Group Company Secretary, Margaret Taylor, has given notice of her resignation and will cease to be a company secretary of BHP Group Limited and BHP Group Plc, effective 1 March 2019.


806c1d  No.4887228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chairman of Israel Bar Association, Efi Nave Resigns - He Appointed Judges In Exchange For Sex

*Efi Nave, Chairman of the Israel Bar Association being investigated for appointing a female lawyer as Judge, in exchange for sexual favors.

Sauce: https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Effi-Naveh-questioned-for-second-time-in-sex-for-judgeship-affair-577705

*He is also suspected of having sexual relations with the wife of another judge, for the purpose of advancing her husband to a district court position.

A judge release Naveh to house arrest last Wed.

*Last month, Naveh was indicted on suspicion that he smuggled a female acquaintance out of the country for a trip abroad, and then tried to slip her back in unregistered through border control.

Sauce: https://www.timesofisrael.com/head-of-israel-bar-association-named-as-lawyer-in-sex-scandal/

217f61  No.4889469


thank you BO


added, thx


added, thx


no resignation included. better post this in qresearch…

3b62c2  No.4905632

are deaths still included,

haven't seen it noted anywhere,

"Lady Rothschild Dies Aged 83"



apollogies if aready noted

1eaf98  No.4912011

File: 603ef47d135f316⋯.jpg (3.84 MB, 1366x5204, 683:2602, AUS_Nigel Scullion.jpg)

Three recent resignations from the Australian Federal Government.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion to become third minister to quit politics

26 January 2019

A third federal minister has announced his resignation from politics, with Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion saying he will not contest the next election.

In a major blow to the Government's re-election hopes, Senator Scullion joins Human Services Minister Michael Keenan and Jobs Minister Kelly O'Dwyer, who both announced this week they would step aside from politics to focus on their families.

Senator Scullion made his announcement on Australia Day, calling time on nearly two decades in federal politics.

"It has been the greatest honour of my life to serve the people of the Northern Territory for the last 17 years in the Australian Senate; I thank all Territorians for their support over this time," he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison rejected suggestions the three ministers were abandoning a sinking ship.

"I don't think that's a very kind way to put it, and I don't think that really does respect the decisions they made," he said.

He also denied it would hurt the Coalition's chances of winning the next election, saying the resignations were about nothing more than the "personal circumstances" of each politician.



dafd41  No.4926344

Y’all missed a big one. Greg Craig, Partner at Skedden Arps, resigned over his work with Manafort on Ukraine.


64e287  No.4938169



Could you check this one please?


>UK, MP Gareth Johnson resigns as Tory Whip ahead of Brexit deal vote.

572a9f  No.4943210

>Ottawa, Canada

The president of the Ottawa Police Association, Matthew Skof, has been charged by the OPP with breach of trust and obstruction of justice, the provincial police force announced on Wednesday. (Jan. 23/19)

The union head’s arrest follows an OPP investigation into leaked audio recordings that “surfaced on social media” last summer, Ottawa police said in a statement.


>Interdasting that the Chief of Police has now resigned.

Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau has officially announced his upcoming retirement.

In an email sent Sunday night (Jan 27/19) to all sworn and civilian Ottawa Police Service members, Bordeleau wrote his term will end May 4, coinciding with his 35th anniversary in policing.


023f6b  No.4954400

David Torchiana, CEO of Partners HealthCare, unexpectedly announces departure


0d2305  No.5030678

CEO Howard Schultz, Starbucks

American Bridge 21st Century – which has a war chest supported by influential financiers such as George Soros, investment executive Bernard Schwartz and real estate tycoon George Marcus, according to federal filings – is mounting an offensive against Schultz, whom many Democrats see as a threat to potentially siphon votes away from the party's nominee in 2020.

The super PAC, which was founded by David Brock, a liberal commentator and leader of Media Matters for America, gave CNBC a first look at the research. It says Starbucks paid $46 million in settlements to employees complaining about wage and compensation issues, much of the time while Schultz was often at the helm.

Schultz served as chairman and CEO of Starbucks from 1987 to 2000 before becoming chief global strategist. He returned to leading the company as CEO in 2008 and eventually became executive chairman. He stepped down in 2018 and is considering running for president.

c6c75a  No.5037979

232c93  No.5039654

In their infinite wisdom, the United States' Founders created the

Electoral College to ensure the STATES were fairly represented. Why should one or two densely populated areas speak for the whole of the nation?

The following list of statistics has been making the rounds on the Internet It should finally put an end to the argument as to why the Electoral College makes sense.

Do share this. It needs to be widely known and understood.

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

Trump won 3,084 of them.

Clinton won 57.

There are 62 counties in New York State.

Trump won 46 of them.

Clinton won 16 .

Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)

Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.

The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.

When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.) DO NOT and SHOULD NOT speak for the rest of our country!

And, it's been verified and documented that those aforementioned 319 square miles are where the majority of our nation's problems foment.

This is amazing data. And, how much voter fraud was involved in these results?

98d090  No.5042152


Thank you so much for laying that out as you did. Wow. What a break-down. Facts and to the point.

f9fba6  No.5046327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5037979 "i know an old lady who swallowed a hOrse…

she's dead of coArse :)


deeper majic than broken stone

8cbb83  No.5051822

File: dca6d0adb760ed2⋯.png (1.15 MB, 685x711, 685:711, Sushi.PNG)

Sushi anyone?

In this case, fresh Whiting

8cbb83  No.5051829

File: d2899ffd2e9f15b⋯.png (227.1 KB, 399x266, 3:2, Legs.PNG)

File: 06ae3853c59a0c1⋯.png (772.15 KB, 599x445, 599:445, Bugs.PNG)

File: 8e32ffd53d73225⋯.png (931.71 KB, 820x853, 820:853, Coast Gaurd coming fast.PNG)

f9fba6  No.5051950

>>5051829 Louise Cypher likes FISH-HEAD :)

luv u 2 long-time :- butt will you still love me if my blue-rubber breaks?

'n recall the thang 'bout biting fish-heads off: parasites crawl out the throat and ask," hey tnuc - y u wreak ma ride?"

i find it be[a]st kNot procreate wit parasite. right from the GUT to 'em brain - 'tis noun parasite for its consequences - Logically

a9db49  No.5056671

File: 286ac7ea00dc871⋯.jpeg (86.43 KB, 761x960, 761:960, D1D28078-BD45-4C52-825F-6….jpeg)

Time to end the witch hunt

76cf6d  No.5057016


It will never end….. it is an illusion, the report will be full of insinuations, maybe could be interpreted as, could have, would have, intent was,…….blah, blah, blah. It appears that Muller was/is the insurance policy that keeps the cabal safe, including himself.

46fd8b  No.5069836

63566d  No.5072786

File: 79285275a27fa3b⋯.png (750.67 KB, 1080x1406, 540:703, Screenshot_20190207-174544….png)

Jeff Weenie.

2d4821  No.5073413

File: b27583972e37dfd⋯.png (487.91 KB, 735x340, 147:68, VAN.PNG)

anybody know if this chick is for real???

kristy allen ~ mk ultra, sra survivor

2d4821  No.5073434

<iframe width="911" height="512" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ux2AcpGTpcM" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2d4821  No.5073448

File: 0b67315e6123e4e⋯.png (33.77 KB, 241x195, 241:195, NPC.PNG)






313017  No.5073811


go back to Patriots' Soupbox faggot

69a434  No.5106710

File: 05766d52ac6388b⋯.png (5.92 KB, 713x309, 713:309, Timeline Mirror.png)


Yes I agree. Hold a position. The timeline isn't perfect down to actual days. It's a strategy, not an activity list.

You can look at it one of two ways, like a mirror:

69a434  No.5106729

File: abe63b459940f79⋯.png (5.9 KB, 704x315, 704:315, Timeline Mirror.png)


I screwed up that screenshot. See attached.

Team Q are holding a position each marker. The timeline isn't perfect down to actual days. It's a strategy, not an activity list.

You can look at it one of two ways, like a mirror. See attached.

69a434  No.5106805


The map Q has been talking about is a timeline. And news unlocks it. We have markers everywhere. Look for markers. Think backward from where we are now,


[-1] RR outing

[-30] ?

[-45] ?

[-60] ?

[-90] ?

98d706  No.5107490


Deep state keeping control of the company most likely. Have to have a source of lethal vaccines to poison people to death with after all.

69a434  No.5107972



red text

fd157a  No.5108078

== line 1

line 2

line 3==

fd157a  No.5108088

line 1

line 2

line 3

5f683c  No.5111271



NESARA is becoming to be a poison on the movement.

Claim: Secret legislation. Secret vote. President forced to sign. SCOTUS imposed gag order. All proof and documentation stored in Twin Towers just before destroyed.

This is becoming to be a highly destructive myth.

Can you bring light to the truth of this?

Yes, there are many components that have value. But it includes fantastical promises that could never come to reality.

We need focus. It would be great if this could be taken out of the purview of the research effort.

5f683c  No.5112632

File: 881fc089246978c⋯.jpeg (162.19 KB, 793x530, 793:530, 57763002-0F62-4402-8BD7-2….jpeg)

File: 3ae69cbd3188693⋯.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1515x1125, 101:75, 4846C870-CBB2-4BEE-9CDE-9….jpeg)


The Q-clock has the Army Q overlayed.

f3af25  No.5121241

f3af25  No.5121248


What does that mean? Exactly?

dd4583  No.5133305

We’re going to Stage 3!!

POTUS - El Paso Rally!!

dd4583  No.5133344

God saved our Country!! POTUS

dd4583  No.5133391

The World Is Watching!! POTUS ElPasoRally

d31eec  No.5142708


Then the Sheep will have to LISTEN…

(((While some want to quietly remove those responsible and go about our business (save face on the World Stage), those in control, understand, this band-aid will simply not work.)))

Nobody should be above the law (no matter how massive the spider-web is (entangled)).

This will never happen again.




39baba  No.5146428


If we hide crimes and deceive the public in order to not trigger the people then we are no better than the criminals we replace. Truth and Justice will prevail.

54f84d  No.5149580


This is the calendar from the National Museum of Women, the supposed venue for the event "Notorious RBG in Song"… NO SUCH EVENT is listed here. How can we get this out there??? We need proof of life NOW

55910f  No.5155343

File: ef07f958a0472d1⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 1080x1068, 90:89, Dresden 1945.jpg)

File: e89f4cc5bb1de67⋯.jpg (76.52 KB, 480x706, 240:353, Dresden Chruchill Rat.jpg)

We do not forget!!!

Dresden Germany

February 13th and 14th 1945

We commemorate the civilian victims

Expelled from the homeland from East Germany and burnt alive in Dresden on behalf of Churchill

Mass killer Jewish rat Winston Churchill said on 26.01.1945

"I do not want to hear any suggestions as to how we can destroy important targets in the Dresden area, and I would like to hear suggestions on how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden."

6df5c6  No.5159520

REI CEO Jerry Stritzke steps down because he "failed to disclose a personal relationship". On Tuesday, employees of the pioneering Northwest retailer were told that Stritzke had resigned after an investigation into a “personal and consensual relationship” between the CEO and the head of “another organization in the outdoor industry,” according to a statement from the company.

959fdf  No.5162032



Hello, this is my first time visiting this site and i’m not too sure how to post but I hope this can be seen. I know who HollywoodAnon is. I am another HollywoodAnon. I have been in serval blockbuster films and made appearances on TV as well in the 2010s. I must remain entirely annoymous. I’ll keep this brief in saying I heard of Q through instagram and most of the A list know of Q as well. The Kathy Griffins and Bette Midlers also know Q is real and POTUS is on their ass. But listen to me, they are no afraid. The hubris, you would not believe. Pure evil. The ones who know are sick of this shit and the wickedness of this industry are obvious and they are repenting. Justin Beiber, Kanye, Eastwood, Chappelle anyone? Know that none of Hollywood is clean. None. Including myself. Everybody has done something they would not made public. Harvey, Spacey and Spielberg are the tip of the iceberg. Really sinister shit goes on. I say, stay the course Patriots. This industry and country neeeded the cleanse Trump is bringing, they feel incredibly betrayed by him which is why they are so blinded by hate. The devil and evil are real. Also be easy on some of us, many many people were manipulated and tricked into this horror. Some are not even in control of themselves. Watch the award shows and notice how the winners act (some). The newbies are not under their own consciousness. Kanye broke free, as many more will begin to. God bless.

1aa15b  No.5162839


What's with the nasty haircut? First Miley Cyrus had it now Katey Perry? Does it mean something?

913da6  No.5163505


This is incorrect from the numbers I see. Clinton won 500+ counties. Of course this doesn't take into account the voter fraud that occurred.


913da6  No.5164121

*** Notable resignations in Puerto Rico

- Jan 28 -Secretary of the Treasury - Teresita Fuentes


- Jan 30 -Deputy Secretary of the Treasury - Juan Carlos Puig


- Feb 13 - O'Board Revitalization Coordinator - Noel Zamot


** - Also an arrest warrant has been filed then withdrawn against Secretary of Education Julia Keleher



959fdf  No.5164857


some are not in control of their own actions.

d88a7a  No.5168681

File: 149c2b5871eb25e⋯.mp4 (826.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, InkedInkedtrump valentine ….mp4)

Borrowed from another memefag anon and GIF'ed it.

Incredibly lame VD meme/GIF, but purposefully so.

1aa15b  No.5171769


MK Ultra? or possession?

5dcec5  No.5172616


MK Ultra. Listen to Roseanne when she speaks about it. Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce…something much worse.

a02769  No.5173941

Ok, so while out trolling around on twitter yesterday i can acrossed a strange account, I believe to be an intelligence cell. The board is /000000000000000001/ please, i need someone who matters to see these things.

a27bc9  No.5182188



0db6ac  No.5187812

File: 900e2f9f5af3682⋯.jpg (657.95 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190215-015600….jpg)

@Robert4787 is directly tied via hyperlinks to an individual @citi_book who alluded to involvement on globalist ff ….in kashmir. Also @arnoldbprice has been suspiscious as well. Beware subs robert just posted a link about the us purchasing 4 unmanned submarines.

0db6ac  No.5187865


I have other connects as well, primarily in spain, us, and india as a result of cyber stalking @citi_book. I believe they may be trying to plan something in yorba or sunny vale ca today and ucla campus seems to be getting cased very hard.

0db6ac  No.5187950

Check check 1 2 12

0db6ac  No.5188712


I hear you.

5f683c  No.5200131


Be careful of the Patrighteous.

They attack Patriots and divide.

May be supported by the PAYtriots.

a9f558  No.5206276

File: 2873ea1c0187154⋯.jpeg (100.49 KB, 1125x633, 375:211, F0F9DDF7-D697-4E4C-BC37-E….jpeg)


Be careful of the Patrighteous.

fe6d39  No.5213986

File: a0b161f09ea29ba⋯.jpeg (298.56 KB, 1125x1804, 1125:1804, 6F722BC8-577D-47B4-AB2D-4….jpeg)

File: 11118cd5e8d1b2d⋯.jpeg (288.76 KB, 1125x1813, 1125:1813, 62CD6A2B-FD5B-42AB-B4DB-F….jpeg)

fe6d39  No.5218717


Is QArmy a brand, or is it comradeship?

Brand? Not Q!

Comradeship? Q!

b0fddd  No.5248842


323827  No.5250728

http:// www.accesswire.com/534615/MuchoCobreResourcese28093AnnouncesNewlyAppointedDirectorandResignations

https:// www.juniorminingnetwork.com/junior-miner-news/press-releases/768-tsx/als/57818-altius-minerals-announces-director-resignation-genesee-lawsuit-defence-deadlines-extended.html

https:// www.newsfilecorp.com/release/42478/Meryllion-Resources-Corp.-Announces-Resignation-of-Director-Extension-of-Warrants-Debt-Settlement-Shares-for-Debt-Transaction

323827  No.5251693

https:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6718043/Camber-Outdoor-CEO-Deanne-Buck-Jerry-Stritzke-REI-resign-amid-affair-rumors.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490&ito=1490

https:// www.usnews.com/news/best-states/kansas/articles/2019-02-18/rep-greg-lewis-will-resign-to-fight-brain-tumor

https:// www.dailyherald.com/news/20190217/church-leaders-to-resign-as-harvest-bible-chapel-announces-sweeping-changes


This thread is for notable resignations. This thread isn't for chatting or promotion. Please stop shitting up this board with unrelated material. Simply post a link to a notable resignation or don't post.

2a4220  No.5252931

Gerald Butts resigns as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's principal secretary

https:// www.cbc.ca/news/politics/gerald-butts-resigns-pmo-1.5023675

48ae36  No.5269108

File: 9dc8fd7d90f5833⋯.jpg (178.65 KB, 998x1484, 499:742, FB_IMG_1550609118362.jpg)

Q, i made this meme showing how the RACIST FAKE NEWS MEDIA EVERY YEAR post stories with headlines containing the word 'noose', like clockwork around the date of mlk jr's bday. It wasnt just this year with the smollett hoax, its every year! I show back from 2019-2009 and even threw in a 1999! Expose the fact fabricated hoaxes are alot bigger than just smollett, its a script.

094029  No.5269311

File: f10c87aee4245e9⋯.jpg (249.79 KB, 1190x1200, 119:120, fark_VSVwOl5hiMX3ptGCGWpEg….jpg)

c88033  No.5275280

File: d16da08132c71a7⋯.jpg (650.54 KB, 1190x1200, 119:120, TrustThePlan.jpg)



099a7e  No.5279917

WOW Friend/

099a7e  No.5279956


wow friend do you want to know…

41b347  No.5280817

File: 83e70fc2b0ea67a⋯.jpg (322.05 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190220-044937.jpg)

sorry Q didnt understand game theory until ..just now lmfao fml till just

a poor white trailer trash veteran


ec039d  No.5281123

How The U.S. Sparked A Refugee Crisis On The Border, In 8 Simple Steps

(Includes comments from TX Rep, Robert O'Rourke)

The story of the U.S.-led destabilization of Central America began in 1954, with the overthrow of the elected Guatemalan government of President Jacobo Arbenz. A populist leader inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” Arbenz had plans for an ambitious land redistribution program that aimed to help a nation composed largely of landless farmers.

1. 1954: US Overthrows Arbenz

2. U.S. Fuels Civil Wars

3. Refugees Flee Central America For The U.S.

4. The U.S. Launches The Drug War As Cities Are Hollowed Out

5. The Drug War And Mass Incarceration Leads To A Rise Of Gang Violence

6. With Some Stability Restored, The U.S. Sends A Wave Of Gang Members Back To Central America

7. The U.S. Escalates The Drug War

8. 2009: Another Coup


This article is dated Nov 5, 2015. But the question of the day is, how much of this was orchestrated by our own C_A in order to achieve exactly what we're seeing today?


ec039d  No.5281189



I accidentally stuck this in the wrong place. Please delete.

4e8149  No.5281324


This is so right on. However, we need to know who is who. As a child I visited Central America a number of times in the 1970s. It seems to me that there were a number of communist Americans in El Salvador when we were there. I think they were blacklisted during the McCarthy era. One was related to an actor in Sesame Street if I recall correctly. I am a Christian American and strongly pro-life and pro-freedom. Over the years I've evolved in my understanding of business and capitalism. Small businesses and family farms are the life blood of a good economy and a stable prosperous middle class. Communists as well as global corporations reduce human beings to servile enslavement. I think that both US corporations as well as the communists and socialists want a weak, servile population that is easy to control via their addictions and perversions. I think Central America has been victim of both. The founders of America were wise not to establish an official religion, however, I do not think liberty is possible without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When most Americans share a godly world view we interact with others according to a higher standard. A big problem comes in when we try to influence the world by the understanding of men (or demons). Corporations and political ideologies such as communism universally fail to sustain human life because they are divorced from the knowledge and love of our Creator. To stop our government from destroying nations and people around the world we must recognize that our role is to support people seeking and finding the truth not enslaving them to drug mafias whether you call them "Mexican cartels" or "Merck".

b2f527  No.5295852


7aba01  No.5299168

File: 9f57e06bbeb47f8⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1325x1773, 1325:1773, SmartSelect_20190220-20354….jpg)

1fb9ae  No.5299387


100% pure cringe.

80e8e7  No.5301195

Times Up CEO announces resignment… Connections to Jussie Smollett scandal.


0d7ca3  No.5303041

Did you all just see the lights go out then back on for the Chicago police press conference on Jussie Smollett?

Dark to Light.

981538  No.5312425


Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime to Retire: Doug Bowser Named New President

5532b8  No.5321417

File: b55fd71dee61ba6⋯.png (490.67 KB, 907x551, 907:551, perp1.PNG)

File: b8d0d0104b8c3bd⋯.png (530.09 KB, 888x616, 111:77, perp3.PNG)

File: eb9dd6999fab18b⋯.png (302.01 KB, 922x534, 461:267, perp2.PNG)

maybe give some leads. I do not have Facebook or any other social platform so my search is limited.

22f7c2  No.5322853

File: 920a1b6d5d254cb⋯.png (522.69 KB, 907x624, 907:624, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)


How Many resignations will come out of this?


b0fddd  No.5342955

File: 4297a60c1303601⋯.jpg (550.34 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Evil.jpg)

b0fddd  No.5342967

File: 45cb305f84fb428⋯.jpg (784.97 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 9ns.jpg)

File: bf8e5729a01d12d⋯.jpg (754.58 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Spellcheck.jpg)

b0fddd  No.5343045

File: caf517d9d5e86e5⋯.jpg (780.09 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, doublecheck.jpg)

fdb755  No.5352325

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

<<< Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

9ae97c  No.5352352


That would work if we didn’t have footage of young Alex Jones being his douchey self.

330bc1  No.5367251

HollywoodAnon 2


a8f623  No.5387515

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils Aime is out. I hope this is only a coincidence.

49b3d1  No.5390418

File: 55742366b374f3a⋯.png (214.64 KB, 734x254, 367:127, 663A2CF6-23A9-4688-8BF1-C7….png)

File: ad0922b63a9a8c2⋯.png (164.23 KB, 665x219, 665:219, E91BDD6B-84E8-4E73-9D74-C1….png)

File: 2db933d3ea8b53e⋯.png (166.53 KB, 665x219, 665:219, 87209770-0F12-464B-82E6-13….png)

File: 2a8a6c24cf41e9d⋯.png (172.58 KB, 746x258, 373:129, 8CA680CA-4D98-4E00-BC68-CF….png)

9f7164  No.5392855

File: 54e12afff6b1a58⋯.png (128 KB, 358x789, 358:789, Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at ….png)

Is a baby one thing outside the womb, and another inside?

When you are 20 years old, are you a different species from when you were 19? When 19, 18? When 18, 17? When 9 months, are you something different than you were at 9 weeks? When 9 weeks, are something different than you were at 1 week?

No, you weren't. Human life is defined by conception.

03db88  No.5400261


Even science agrees.

Here is a link to a newspaper article in the UK that gives the proof:


3ee7ba  No.5400380


Sorry to burst the bubble but


323827  No.5405244

https:// www.accesswire.com/536016/ProphecyAnnouncesResignationofChiefExecutiveOfficer

2fe51e  No.5428625


0858ad  No.5430160


The house just voted through and is getting ready to vote through some extreme 2a bills that will severely limit our rights.

As they move to the senate

I pray to god that your waiting will not yield the kill shot to the 2a that dems have long since wanted….

99ed57  No.5437499

File: 3499700ea1d3de1⋯.png (372.57 KB, 926x800, 463:400, Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at ….png)

Hey anons Q told us Vietnam is the show.

I am trying to connect the dots here and I will use POTUS press conference as the most reliable first hand source.


The show:

1. Michael Cohen testimony is part of the show. Supporting fact Drudge did not even mention Vietnam summit and everybody was on offense MSM played in POTUS hands creating impression that he is under pressure and that he 'desperately' need positive press and 'great deal'.

2. Deal with NK is already done giving anything to NK now would be just waste of card in negotiations with China

3. Main show POTUS at 14:14 POTUS starts talking about Chinese negotiations and say he will walk away

I think whole show was test run for negotiations with China plus Michael Cohen nothingburger and embarrassment is bonus. When you know what your enemy wants what advantage does it make?

cda499  No.5441801


Keep telling yourself those lies, while months and years tick away and nothing happens. More lies will be told, more hype & more false hope will be spread. We are the show.

99ed57  No.5444891

Richard Plepler Departing HBO After Three Decades at Cable Giant


ad6773  No.5451042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


On the Trump video Q keeps linking us to

Hillary is on the screen from 3:14 until 3:21…

8122d3  No.5467965

File: 7ec2f4f2dc8c790⋯.jpg (332.05 KB, 1720x1292, 430:323, Hrc 3-14. _. 3_21.jpg)

494af6  No.5483503

File: 89e33291de9c336⋯.jpg (4.19 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, abort.jpg)

48234d  No.5485594

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump says 17 republicans +plus me:

b71622  No.5490586

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trump Destroys Q Fraud at CPAC!

Sunday, March 3, 2019 16:56

Trump unloaded on the Q fairy tale pretty directly in my opinion during the CPAC speech. Q told us over and over again to “Trust Sessions”! If you don’t remember this then you don’t know anything about Qanon! That’s when I knew Qanon was as fake as Barry Soetoro’s Hawaii birth certificate! Listen to what President Trump says about this Jeff Sessions deep state scumbag in this epic rant! If you still believe in Q after Trump throws scummy Sessions under the bus then you’re a fool!

Trump says he put the wrong people (Jeff Sessions) in a couple of positions and THEY (Jeff Sessions) leave behind people for a long time that shouldn’t be there!

“All of a sudden they’re trying to take you out with bull****!” (meaning Jeff Sessions is directly involved with the coup!)

Then Trump breaks out his funny Jeff Sessions impersonation!

“I’m going to recuse myself!”

and Trump says, “And I say why the hell didn’t he me that BEFORE I put him in!”

Spread this video virally around the internet for the people who still worship the Q fraud designed to run out the clock on Trump while they say it’s all going according to plan! REALLY according to plan! Not one arrest, Chemtrails being sprayed daily, 5G rolling out, GMOs still being rammed down our throats, the Federal Reserve still operating! If this is the plan then we’re in big trouble!

Q isn’t going to do anything but hurt us! Q is here to spread false hope like “Trust Sessions” to keep patriots sitting on their butts thinking somebody will save them! It’s a fraud and it’s DANGEROUS! You’ve been warned! Trump just tried to wake you up on Sessions! He was a FRAUD just like Q!

4e8149  No.5490996


Blah, blah,blahblah, blah. Trump is like a card player. So he unloaded on Sessions. "Disinformation is real". What did you expect from the first two years of a President who is not recognized as President by MOST of the career deep state? Whether or not Trump liked Sessions or not, he's probably done what he was supposed to.

cd2c0b  No.5493283

File: 8d238e0eda9e864⋯.jpg (13 KB, 310x163, 310:163, q-sessions-300.jpg)


Betcha these were 8Chan brainwashed cult board guys!

Antifa made their "Guys" wear Trump Stuff, put them on Leeches and "Walked" them around AS DOGS!

This is what you have here on Qresearch! They are UNDER COVER DEEP STATE as TRUMP called out Jeff Sessions AS A ENEMY who was in a plot to remove him, YET, Q and Qresearch SAID IN THE DAY TO TRUST SESSIONS!

So we have Trump saying Sessions was in a plot to COUP him, yet Q stated for years TO TRUST SESSIONS!

So who do you side with? Trump himself or Q and their lies?

Here's a link to the 8CH Board in Hollywood on Sunday 3 March 2019 at Trumps Star!

So do trust TRUMPs OWN WORDS MORE OR FAKE Q and Qreserach?


SO - you have to choose…. Do you believe Trumps own words at CPAC calling Sessions in a plot against him OR the widely known FRAUD as Q and Qresearch? remember Qresearch never one time in their entire history, NEVER EVER one time prove any event they "Fantasy Created" EVER WAS VERIFIED AS TRUE?

If one can not prove 1 event in its entire history as being factually verified in real life, how can they be deemed honest? Yet if you are behind Trump, do you side with him personally, or do you brush Trump off over Q's lies?

So who is the #1 leader making change? Trump or Q? Q was started as a fantasy game created to PLANT fake stories, and see what happens. Q is NOT Trump so you have to believe Trump over Q!?

Deep State will say to STAY BEHIND THEM AND Q and Qresearch, so they keep honest patriots away from Trump. Think! Why do they not here embrace with open arms FREE THOUGHT? Notice if you question anything they BS you and write, YOU ARE A SHILL AND AN ENEMY! Get it? If they were for WWG1WGA, wouldn't they enbrace you? So how more clear can it be, this specific board IS DEEP STATE!

No free thought, thinking, or opinions! Believe us on 8ch with your lives or you are our enemy!







Qreserach is a Deep State Operation to gather all the info they can, SO THEY CAN PLACE DEFENCES TO ALL FUTURE CHARGES AND CONNECTIONS YOU FREELY GIVE THEM!

Oh - what a perfect Pysch Op's hey? Don't have to prove 1 event as ever being true, yet the brainwashed BELIEVE all written! And have the masses give them all their evidence in any possible court of law so they can PLACE WALLS around the evidence submitted… Talk about helping your enemy like a TERRORIST!

cda499  No.5494211


You use all the the right phrases and Q-supplied buzz words - a good Qsheep you have become.

You make cult leaders proud…BRAVO!

04b1fc  No.5496743

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Dame Jenny Shipley stands down from China Construction Bank role less than a week after being handed a $6 million bill for her part in the collapse of construction firm Mainzeal:


abfc87  No.5501502

File: 83fb2c7dddbad35⋯.jpg (112.79 KB, 900x1080, 5:6, 83fb2c7dddbad3558d9f51680d….jpg)



NOTICE - Trump Admin in 2+ full years, NEVER EVER EVEN ATTEMPTED to charge any Deep State with a single charge we all see in open public? Why? Blackmailed hey?

NOTICE Trump NEVER EVER attempted to STOP any Crimes on our streets, yet he 100% of the time always went for the Money? So Trump placed MONEY over the Safety and protecting US Legal citizens ON THE STREETS?

NOTICE - Trump is trying to PLAY GOD OF THE WORLD, and not care about actual lives ON US STREETS? No laws to even attempt to stop the criminal Illegals, yet praising for MORE ILLEGALS TO OUR STREETS?

So how can 1 state that Trump values US LEGAL CITIZENS LIVES OVER MONEY AND WORLDWIDE CONTRACTS? We elected him to PROTECT OUR US CITIZENS LIVES, yet he ignores crimes on our streets we all face, and he FOCUSED ON NATIONS MORE THEN US CITIZENS LIVES?

Take Venez. Why is he giving the people MORE support on the STREET THEN TRYING TO PROTECT OUR VERY OWN STREETS?

Trump 100% thinks giving money to his people, and let the gangs destroy the safety of our streets and schools? What about all the LEGAL US citizens he 100% refuses to protect? he only threw a few dollars to us and the people Don't see he DID NOTHING TO PROTECT OUR VERY STREETS AND ILLEGALS?

Imagine if Trumps children and grandchildren lived walking the streets without security or behind walls? Think he'd feel safe for his children? TRUMP IS THE ELITE and has armed protection for his children SO HE GIVES NO THOUGHT OF OUR CHILDREN!

Follow the money Trump! You are being a Worldwide GOD and 100% ignore the crimes inside the USA! Not a single arrest of a single DC swamp, on anything, in 2 1/2 years, and people say he's winning? He failed to act any laws that actually affect our streets, as Dem's Leftists CONTINUE TO ATTACK AND HARM his supportes! So what did Trump to do Stop this? Yeah - NOTHING!!!!

Theirs a special place in hell, for Trump, trying to save the world, and refuse to even attempt to protect our children on the US Streets.



As TRUMP worries more about other nations issues, Trump REFUSES TO LIFE A FINGER TO HELP ME AND YOU ON OUR STREETS! THINK ABOUT IT!

Trump has taken over the new leader of the DEEP STATE! His family is becoming the New World Order controllers, and worries more about nations that do not affect our nation, more then the very US Citizens who elected him.

But what did you expect for a Businessman? Business 1st, and let the lowlife US citizens protect themselves. Gather all the money and power throught the world 1st, and screw the people!


Trump loves being viewed at THE NEW WORLD GOD and Does Not care about street crime that he 100% fails to attempt to protect us on our very streets!!!! Trumps EGO wants to be RULE THE WORLD - AND CARES NOTHING ABOUT ITS PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!!

I supported Trump from day 1 - yet I ask, year 3 now, WHY he never taken 1 action to EVEN ATTEMPT to stop crimes on our streets? Yet he worries 100% more about countries that do not affect us? Everything 100% is ABOUT THE MONEY! NEVER ONCE in year 3 NOW, did TRUMP LIFT A FINGER to attempt to save our nations streets? Yet he now calls for even MORE ILLEGALS, yet HE NEVER ATTEMPTED TO STOP ALL THE PAST ILLEGALS?

Where is the US Lives value? Trump does NOT CARE. Throw them a few sheckles and they'll FORGET ABOUT THE CRIMES AS THEY WALK THEIR VERY OWN CITY STREETS!


7bc2a4  No.5501689


Bye Troll

34db90  No.5501908

File: 36cfd848b34a5b2⋯.png (49.03 KB, 1285x761, 1285:761, res.PNG)

abfc87  No.5502112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trump Destroys Qresearch Fraud at CPAC!

Sunday, March 3, 2019 16:56

Trump unloaded on the Q fairy tale pretty directly in my opinion during the CPAC speech. Q told us over and over again to “Trust Sessions”! If you don’t remember this then you don’t know anything about Qanon! That’s when I knew Qanon was as fake as Barry Soetoro’s Hawaii birth certificate! Listen to what President Trump says about this Jeff Sessions deep state scumbag in this epic rant! If you still believe in Q after Trump throws scummy Sessions under the bus then you’re a fool!

Trump says he put the wrong people (Jeff Sessions) in a couple of positions and THEY (Jeff Sessions) leave behind people for a long time that shouldn’t be there!

“All of a sudden they’re trying to take you out with bull****!” (meaning Jeff Sessions is directly involved with the coup!)

Then Trump breaks out his funny Jeff Sessions impersonation!

“I’m going to recuse myself!”

and Trump says, “And I say why the hell didn’t he me that BEFORE I put him in!”

Spread this video virally around the internet for the people who still worship the Q fraud designed to run out the clock on Trump while they say it’s all going according to plan! REALLY according to plan! Not one arrest, Chemtrails being sprayed daily, 5G rolling out, GMOs still being rammed down our throats, the Federal Reserve still operating! If this is the plan then we’re in big trouble!

Q isn’t going to do anything but hurt us! Q is here to spread false hope like “Trust Sessions” to keep patriots sitting on their butts thinking somebody will save them! It’s a fraud and it’s DANGEROUS! You’ve been warned! Trump just tried to wake you up on Sessions! He was a FRAUD just like Q!


So "WHO" IS LYING HERE? Trump or Qresearch?

WHAT AND WHO IS YOUR #1 TRUTH? TRUMP or Qresearch? Who do you believe more with your very life and the life of our Nation?

Do you Support Trumps OWN WORDS or Qresearch OVER Trumps own words? Who is LYING when confronted?

So Trump calling out Q's and Qresearch LIE that Sessions WAS IN A PLOT TO OUST TRUMP, yet now 8chan calls TRUMP LYING?

If you don't know - In his own words, Trump at CPAC called Sessions as part of the Coup to oust him. This put all Qresearch on the spot because from DAY ONE, Qresearch alone SUPPORTED SESSIONS and stated he was CLEAN!?

Now you know what this issue is about. Trump called anyone who supported Sessions as his Friend, yet Qresearch supported Sessions as CLEAN! So now Qresearch has flipped and called TRUMP AS LYING!? This is what this is about! So do you believe Trump's words more important, or Qresearch calling Trump a LIAR,and they are right?

See how you all are suppose to believe them on this board MORE THEN TRUMPS OWN WORDS?

So do you follow TRUMP - or DO YOU FOLLOW Q and Qresearch more?

If you support the case Trump lied to the public at CPAC, you are Deep State!

If you support the case the Trump was telling the TRUTH at CPAC, you are a Patriot!

He's were you all need to choose. Do you follow TRUMP OVER Q OR Q OVER TRUMP?

Clearly this response wants you believe Qresearch over Trump. So Trump is now the "LIAR" and the Qreserach fantasy word game IS MORE HONEST AND TRUSTWORTHY THEN TRUMPS OWN WORDS?

See how this DEEP STATE BOARD HAS BEEN EXPOSED AS EVIL AND NOT PRO Q! So now the brainwashed cult is suppose to believe Qresearch OVER TRUMPS WORDS!? So are you sure you behind the right Patriot movement? Anyone can create the illusion of honesty, but they have turned against Trump, the leader of their movement.

Isn't that how Deep State Works? But thanks to words, Qresearch WAS EXPOSED AS FRAUDS and DEEP STATE! WAKE UP GUYS!

abfc87  No.5502324

File: 25736d614c3448c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.86 KB, 255x134, 255:134, 77777.jpg)


Remember Qresearch MEME's? You flooded the masses with "TRUST SESSIONS" meme - but TRUMP CALL SESSIONS OUT AT CPAC AS PLAYING A ROLE IN HIS COUP ATTEMPT!

Qresearch called TRUMP A LIAR so when does a HONEST REAL PATRIOT MOVEMENT call outa their Leader as "The" LIAR?

Yet you all are not suppose to believe Trumps own words at CPAC - but you are suppose to BELIEVE Qresearch OVER TRUMP HIMSELF!

See how DEEP STATE WORKS? So to them here on Qreserach 8CHAN, they were EXPOSED BY TRUMP AS Deep State FRAUD LIARS, and those here on this BOARD CALLED TRUMP THE REAL LIAR!

See how you are suppose to KEEP FOLLOWING the Deep State Lies HERE OVER TRUMP's OWN WORDS?

Don't hate the TRUTH - as you all here seem to have ISSUES WITH TRUTH AND FACTS!

Perfect mind control Deep State Programming to Protect Yourselves.

Anyone who believes this board over Trumps owns words, ARE NOT PATRIOTS! Did you forget who is Top Cop, or are you supporting Qresearch LIED OVER TRUMP?


Lets see - Trump never knowingly lied and would be his 1st time…

Yet Qresearch is ALL Unverified Lies that in their entire history, has never ever verfieid a single fantasy event as being Truthful or completed as they STATED? So this would be Qresearch's 1st ever Truth?

So who do you believe more? If Trumps lies 1 time, how does he ever been trusted again in any future statement? Think he'd give that up to protect the Fake Deep State Qreserach?


abfc87  No.5502345

File: f5b6de4f7a396bd⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 254x133, 254:133, 77777.jpg)

File: 18c6dbf9f962d87⋯.jpg (743.24 KB, 2035x1273, 2035:1273, FAKE.jpg)

044b36  No.5507225

File: c8ee43fb5e31058⋯.png (494.76 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 65B20F3B-80E5-4649-8527-24….png)

File: 5f421caf69a2f5a⋯.jpeg (215.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A2FDB1E0-F071-414C-93D1-0….jpeg)

File: d12ca047a622d8d⋯.jpeg (219.61 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, B7403D56-8B44-48CC-BCBA-6….jpeg)

File: 08b09161100b0c9⋯.jpeg (179.06 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FDFD7144-E5AE-4620-9F27-7….jpeg)

Wut da devul’s hell is this sht? Like wtf is wrong with these people?

258555  No.5507973

File: caa54a69aa31f16⋯.jpg (74.73 KB, 636x382, 318:191, IMG_20190304_183902.jpg)


673184  No.5516683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

673184  No.5516719

File: 18c6dbf9f962d87⋯.jpg (743.24 KB, 2035x1273, 2035:1273, FAKE.jpg)



Nuf said

Trump ranted Sessions ws Deep State and Qresearch pushed Sessions as Clean!

Trump Destroys Qresearch Fraud at CPAC!

Sunday, March 3, 2019 16:56

Trump unloaded on the Q fairy tale pretty directly in my opinion during the CPAC speech. Q told us over and over again to “Trust Sessions”! If you don’t remember this then you don’t know anything about Qanon! That’s when I knew Qanon was as fake as Barry Soetoro’s Hawaii birth certificate! Listen to what President Trump says about this Jeff Sessions deep state scumbag in this epic rant! If you still believe in Q after Trump throws scummy Sessions under the bus then you’re a fool!

Trump says he put the wrong people (Jeff Sessions) in a couple of positions and THEY (Jeff Sessions) leave behind people for a long time that shouldn’t be there!

“All of a sudden they’re trying to take you out with bull****!” (meaning Jeff Sessions is directly involved with the coup!)

Then Trump breaks out his funny Jeff Sessions impersonation!

“I’m going to recuse myself!”

and Trump says, “And I say why the hell didn’t he TELL me that BEFORE I put him in!”

Spread this video virally around the internet for the people who still worship the Q fraud designed to run out the clock on Trump while they say it’s all going according to plan! REALLY according to plan! Not one arrest, Chemtrails being sprayed daily, 5G rolling out, GMOs still being rammed down our throats, the Federal Reserve still operating! If this is the plan then we’re in big trouble!

Q isn’t going to do anything but hurt us! Q is here to spread false hope like “Trust Sessions” to keep patriots sitting on their butts thinking somebody will save them! It’s a fraud and it’s DANGEROUS! You’ve been warned! Trump just tried to wake you up on Sessions! He was a FRAUD just like Q!


This is from Trump's Mouth himself! But of course, the brainwashed DS secret cult on 8Chan will NOT BELIEVE TRUMPS OWN WORDS, THEN YOU DON"T REALLY TRUST TRUMP HEY?

So you "Brainwashed Qresearch believers" Cult have a EVIL AGENDA!

Why so hard to "CRACK" Q? "WHO" benefits the most from cracking Q? Yeah, Deep State enemies of the US and Trump need to know what is being planned. So "How" does this help the Q and Trump Community? It can't now can it? 100% only HRC/DEMs/Deep State BENEFIT from cracking, so you helping crack Q clock, HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING THE VERY EVIL YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST!

Also, why not 1 single event as ever in your Qresearch history EVER BEEN VERIFIED AS FACTS? NOT A SINGLE PAST EVENT YOU PRETEND TO FORECAST can be proven to have ever ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY HAPPENING!? So why all LIES? Where the EVIDENCE even 1 "EVENT" forecasting CAME TRUE IN PHYSICAL VERIFICATION?

Where did all the Bread Crumbs go? Notice, you all "Feed" a bottomless DARK PIT, and yet again, not 1 of the 10s of thousands of tips ever was used for LIGHT nor a single court charge against a single member of the DC DS Swamp? So where did all your TIPS go? Yeah - into the hands of the DEEP STATE, so they can COUNTER and PLAN THEIR DEFENCES!

Where the "LOVE" for outsiders in WWG1WGA? Notice the boards THREATEN ALL NONE BRAINWASHED NEWBIEs, who use their own minds and ask "Trust But Verify?" So how can you trust someone who can not verify a single event as being true in their entire history? Yet, instead of "LOVE" and open arms, 8CHAN ATTACKS all who are not 100% brainwashed and mind controlled?

This is what you have here on Qresearch! They are UNDER COVER DEEP STATE as TRUMP called out Jeff Sessions AS A ENEMY who was in a plot to remove him, YET, Q and Qresearch SAID IN THE DAY TO TRUST SESSIONS!

So we have Trump saying Sessions was in a plot to COUP him, yet Q stated for years TO TRUST SESSIONS!

So who do you side with? Trump himself or Q and their lies?

673184  No.5516737

File: 96566ec798c8331⋯.jpg (493.74 KB, 800x1031, 800:1031, REAL-SHIT-x-TOILETPAPER-MA….jpg)



So who's right? Do you not believe Trump over Q or do you believe Q over Trump?




How brainwashed are you? You know all you give here GOES TO THE DEEP STATE RIGHT? So they can put up their defenses against THE COMING STORM!

Who benefits from cracking code and why are you all trying so hard to crack code? Youare being USED as a unwilling unknowing criminal who TRUMP IS FIGHTING AGAINST!

Why never any proof of anything being verified here? Never 1 time in their history have proven a single event as being true,yet you believe? Brainwashed hey?

So now Trump spoke and you still believe the LIES HERE ON 8CHAN?

6d4805  No.5517732



Still haven't figured it out yet have you? Lurk Moar!

673b20  No.5521289

File: 67c5f5d95be05d7⋯.jpg (221.01 KB, 1809x757, 1809:757, Screenshot_2019-03-05.jpg)

Left eats Left

Linda Sarsour Attacks ‘White Feminist’ Nancy Pelosi Over Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism


69a6f4  No.5542345

File: a4eaacfdd647cad⋯.jpg (256.17 KB, 2131x1394, 2131:1394, Capture.JPG)

MGM Exec (CFO) in LV resigns -

MGM Resorts CFO Dan D’Arrigo is stepping down



Skulcery - the mix of sorcery and skulkery.

d76ffe  No.5542677

File: e67824b167aa579⋯.png (449.12 KB, 624x680, 78:85, Whitby MP Resignation Stat….png)

Whitby Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes not seeking re-election



fda228  No.5556764

File: bf563de788db6a7⋯.png (284.22 KB, 2052x1536, 171:128, ca934a65734a9239984ff3b6a0….png)

File: 6cf9a2bde2838ec⋯.jpg (203.85 KB, 1125x1400, 45:56, ref4.jpg)

766f4e  No.5559037

File: 617b6e1cb52e9b4⋯.png (493.59 KB, 454x452, 227:226, Mocked.PNG)

4e8149  No.5566247


We take them off ourselves, anon.

0cd4ae  No.5568074


I'm so ready to get off the Q train as nothing seems to happen, and then guys like you come along, and that gives me hope that someone is trying hard to kill Q. Q will die organically if he is total fail - thanks for giving me hope in Q again.

2b3db1  No.5577320

Information is good. Blah blah blah.

But while you’re busy little bees, you’re being invaded and everything you think you’re fighting for is being grabbed from you by parasitic illegals.

Trump calls them “immigrants,” conflating the legal and illegal bits.

I’m tired of slavery. I vow that I will never work again or pay another tax into this shit system.

The only other option is to take up arms.

ba6bbc  No.5579949

File: 09206eca45c0b48⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 1800x1271, 1800:1271, Imm 4c.jpg)

File: 1843d1fb1ae2c33⋯.jpeg (611.08 KB, 1536x710, 768:355, TrumpJobsd.jpeg)

US Legal Citizens HAVE BEEN 100% FORGOTTEN!

Trump wants EVEN MORE CRIMINAL ILLEGALS IN US! Imagine a NEW CHICAGO Illegal population in the US in 2019 ALONE!? No Crisis now is it? Just turm Your BACK TRUMP!?

Feb 2019 Monthly Job Numbers Alone:

20,000 - New US Jobs Created

100,000+ = New Criminal Illegal Aliens Entered

Only 20% Criminal Illegals turn themselves into Border Authorites! If 76k were CAUGHT, that means about 400+k ENTERED THE US IN FEB 2019 ALONE!? See how they DODGE THE ACTUAL UNKNOWN ILLEGAL NUMBERS AND PRETEND THE MAJORITY OF ILLEGALs NEVER EXISTED?

So where's the LEGAL US Citizens Lifeline and Laws THAT PROTECT YOU? You ARE DEEMED EXPENDABLE!


Trump did 0% to help ANY US LEGAL CITIZEN on our streets! He threw extra money and jobs to us, so HE DISTRACTED you away from noticing HE DID 100% NOTHING TO PROTECT US LEGAL CITIZENS LIVES ON OUR STREETS! This is how "Distraction" works!

-Not one Immigration Law Passed!

-Not one Removed from our Streets!

-Not 1" of New Wall Built!

-Not a single DC Swamp attempted charge of a single small, in your face crime? Yet Trump can not EVEN ATTEMPT A SINGLE CRIMINAL CHARGE of 1 person, on 1 charge; yet it would not interfer with the so called "DS" bulk charges coming? Why not even 1 Lying to Congress Under Oath charge? You know you can charge them with additional charges in the future? YET ANOTHER "DISTRACTION"!


Trump is a MONEY Businessman!

Notice - Trump 100% is focused on A MONEY GRAB and other nations DEALS, yet he 100% Ignored/Failed to attempt to change a single law to protect me and you as US Legal Citizens?

As for Legal US Citizens, your life is meaningless because Trump is only chasing THE MONEY AND DOING BUSINESSES TO ENRICH THE US BANK ACCOUNT! Trump's ACTIONS show the Nation Lives of our children ON THE STREETS, ARE MEANINGLESS because MONEY is ALL HE IS ChASING!? ALL Trump knows IS MONEY & BUSINESS! He has No abilities to SAVE ACTUAL US Legal citizens Lives ON THE US STREETS! Only AFTER life altering crimes to US legal citizens, Trump only CONTACTS FAMILIES AFTER and say "SORRY". Trump NEEDs TO BE CHARGED AND SUED FOR YOUR NON ATTEMPTED FAILURE TO STOP ANY Crimes on the Streets! Their BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS TRUMP!

Ask why hasn't a single HATE law been passed with the all Left's/Dem attacked Right/Rep? Notice the Muslium laws now in US DC? Notice they failed to add the "Hatred" against "WHITE PEOPLE"? Funny DC does not consider the racial attacks AGAINST White People IS NOT "HATRED" or crimes? White people are only 2% of the worlds population, yet are to blame for everything.

Trump calls for EVEN MORE ILLEGALS TO COME INTO THE US, when the border IS WIDE OPEN? He did this KNOWING YOU HAVE A FULL BLOWN EMERGENCY AT THE BORDER right Now!? Why don't you WAIT until we have "CONTROL" over the Border and let things PAN OUT and get a Grip on Criminal US Illegal Aliens? Yet, Trump attempted/did 0% to change A SINGLE LAW AGAINST A SINGLE ILLEGAL (AS OUR NATION GETS FLOODED LIKE EUROPE).

Trump is HOLLERING to the entire world to COME RIGHT NOW TO THE US, as we have JOBS FOR ALL OF THEM!? Yet 20k jobs created yet 100+k new illegals? No wonder Trump TOLD everyone in other countries to RUN HERE AS FAST AS THEY CAN! Trump did NOTHING to even attempt to stop the flow! Shut the Border 100% down NOW TRUMP! Who cares of Automation of AI in job replacement.

Trump - You have 100% failed and turned your back to the very lives of Legal US Citizens that elected you. You have never did anything for Legal US citizens lives ON OUR VERY STREETS! Keep the masses coming and all the MSM outrage, as you SIT BACK AND DO WHAT? NOTHING! You can't even get a dam Emergency STOPPAGE AT THE BORDER SO WE CAN GET A GRIP ON ALL THE CRIMINAL ILLEGALS ON OUR VERY STREETS, or even attempt to control the flow of crimes!

You are criminal now Trump! We know you are only waiting for the day GUN FIRE ERUPTS ON OUR STREETS, AND WE ALL SEE YOU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THAT HAPPENS! Trump, you are promoting the Next Civil War by your 100% FAILURE TO EVEN ADDRESS THE ILLEGAL CRISIS! No EMERGENCY OF ILLEGALS and ALL THEIR CRIMES? Proof you care nothing about HUMAN LIVES of US Legal citizens Lives, but you worry more about creating BETTER MONEY DEALS over the world, and Venz. people's lives? You Mr Trump are TRYING TO BECOME A WORLDWIDE GOD - yet the US citizens who voted for you are MEANINGLESS! 100% proof, money is Trumps #1 concern!

Trump is purposely trying to be GOD OF THE WORLD, at the deaths of our very US citizens children on our streets. Get 100% involved IN EVERY SINGLE OTHER COUNTRIES interests, so they view Trump as their GOD over the world, yet our very US citizens childrens lives blood and coffins fill our nations streets.


9186c8  No.5580259

File: 7726aed5bf0c24b⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 623x623, 1:1, Donald_Trump_Cindy_Yang_Se….jpg)

How does Trump taking selfies at his Super Bowl party with Cindy Yang the founder of the sex trafficking spa where his pal Robert Kraft was busted for prostitution fit into Q's plan?

3d1f4d  No.5582065


It was just on twitter too… We have more important things to do now… back to that 2 word search and the mountain…

6c83a7  No.5582818


Great question…

Q is a waste of time. It's comical to watch so many scramble to attention when the tard posts.

If they could all just come back to reality.

"Ohhh…our saviors Q and the Donald…ohhhhhh"

0c0bd6  No.5583124

File: f109475fb36cc84⋯.jpg (607.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, TrumpFloate2.jpg)





Correct! These fake DS Controlled Boards brainwashed the so called "Smartest" in the bunch…

Trump Called out Q Lies at CPAC. They stated "Trust Sessions" as being a good guy. Trump at CPAC stated Sessions was a member of the COUP against him! yet the mindwashed brainwashed ones don't care.

They now follow Q OVER TRUMP's own words!

Oh how the brainwashed ones don't comprehend how they flipped the own minds themselves, and it baffles them…

Keep tellint the Truth! Qresearch here never proven 1 fantasy event IN THEIR ENTIRE HISTORY as being verified real as happening as they claimed!

Yet they 100% follow blindly, even when they lie 1000+ times and never ever 1 event came true…

0c0bd6  No.5583205

File: f5b6de4f7a396bd⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 254x133, 254:133, 77777.jpg)



Q and 8Ch said TRUST Jeff Sessions!


Trump as CPAC said Sessions of part of the COUP AGAINST HIM!

-Q is LARP and a Fantasy game!

-8CH expands into Fantasy game of pretend connect the dots.

-8CH Deep State Distraction to keep you from ILLEGAL TERRORISTS at Border, No Wall built, no charges of anyone, No arrests of DC swamp.

Qresearch never 1 time in their history as ever verified any fantasy event they created.

Q lies, aka Jeff Sessions. But creation of Q movement was only a fantasy word game of WHAT IF and controls the agenda by a major team of DS.

Notice they are not welcoming? Is that Trump? Stated Trump lied at CPAC on Sessions, and 8CH was TRUTH! See how you are being played. No free thought nor open altered input - other then their PLANNED DS Agenda?

206c56  No.5583722

File: ae2c2d86fd102b4⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 840x420, 2:1, sj2.jpg)

6c83a7  No.5583834

File: 752c8322a0e5177⋯.jpg (46.53 KB, 580x362, 290:181, snowden.jpg)


You're fukken stupid.

If anything Qfaggot said was true this jackass would be in front of a firing squad, not mouthing off on twatter.

Time you wake up and stop shitposting dumb-ass images of nothingness. SESSIONS is a joke on us.

Go ahead trust him. You'll die first before seeing anything of value that he did.

0c0bd6  No.5584091

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here is Trumps own Words at CPAC - implying Jess Sessions was PART OF THE COUP AGAINST HIM!

Yet you all here on 8ch BELIEVE Q OVER TRUMP! See how you are all Deep State Not to care? How plan it is written - TO OPEN MINDS and NON BRAINWASHED CULT DEEP STATE EMPLOYEES!

563ebc  No.5585701


"Jess" sessions? Try harder.

1fc62a  No.5593348

File: 6179b90690c5b6e⋯.png (534.26 KB, 1020x528, 85:44, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b5c18830056cd9e⋯.png (456.65 KB, 600x333, 200:111, ClipboardImage.png)

MAGAPHOBIA: Hotel Rejects Reservation Request After Learning Triple-Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage, Steve Bannon and Sheriff Clarke Were Included

how is this not 1* already


1fc62a  No.5593385

File: 8bc6dfc3a653060⋯.jpg (130.13 KB, 1059x1178, 1059:1178, PinkNaziGoy.jpg)

File: 93e2053cd0ba720⋯.jpg (82.39 KB, 976x971, 976:971, I Want My3.jpg)

File: 49a891615cb6d1b⋯.jpg (972.12 KB, 1886x1237, 1886:1237, whomdoyoutrust.jpg)

File: 8979765b8f94172⋯.jpg (122.59 KB, 1358x906, 679:453, thanksjeff.jpg)

5a4c24  No.5595893

Q, I noticed a few weeks ago while proving a point to my mother that democratic socialism, when searched online, had images of Adolf Hitler and concentration camps. While trying to show the same sentiment of the movement lately, I get lazy lies as memes stating, "By the people for the people." How can I fix?

ace8fd  No.5597128

The NAZIs were extreme FASCISTS

who took on the name

"National Socialist" in order to LURE the Communists to their Meetings.


e2e8b2  No.5598727

File: 58d790a6034fe54⋯.png (614.92 KB, 1098x1011, 366:337, 2Qute.png)

db7801  No.5601419

Thread from Brian Cates on Huber


22a1f4  No.5620907

File: 23f2640c5197701⋯.png (84.89 KB, 957x541, 957:541, ClipboardImage.png)

Do we have William Brockman "Brock" Long, FEMA Administrator on the list? This announcement says Feb 13, 2019, but he left on Friday March 8th.

3ad145  No.5627384

CEO of Southwest Key, the largest network of shelters for migrant children in the U.S., has resigned


746e6c  No.5635786

File: 7a06e59863ce7b8⋯.jpg (476.74 KB, 992x744, 4:3, TrumpRiskAllE1.jpg)

File: 46e1c22c369d1bf⋯.jpg (171.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, TrumpSwearingInb2.jpg)

File: c09e76ff99d0ed2⋯.jpg (743.44 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, TrumpFloatg2.jpg)

File: f109475fb36cc84⋯.jpg (607.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, TrumpFloate1.jpg)

File: 188661011583045⋯.png (406.04 KB, 479x319, 479:319, xTrump.png)

27a969  No.5641127

File: 4c20ace29bcc1cf⋯.png (78.56 KB, 1259x997, 1259:997, GameTheory.png)

Game Theory

c6bcf7  No.5644739

File: 67453befcc0f229⋯.png (27.44 KB, 1726x890, 863:445, pics_001.png)


c6bcf7  No.5644786


Left still can't meme and even dumber as fuck then I thought before

c6bcf7  No.5644812

File: 2928626ee504d23⋯.png (396.85 KB, 711x533, 711:533, ClipboardImage.png)

c6bcf7  No.5644856

File: fa595f954372494⋯.png (476.37 KB, 508x491, 508:491, ClipboardImage.png)

e077f8  No.5647327

File: 5451c95543224ca⋯.jpg (186.91 KB, 973x839, 973:839, Tump kek.jpg)


Those who speak the loudest

d53bfc  No.5647590


Dumb fuck didn't read the part about Yang selling the Spas to the real perp a while ago, SSDD.

b6903d  No.5651618

File: ae7d7c1353478ba⋯.png (284.11 KB, 459x291, 153:97, Busted.PNG)

a94668  No.5651879

Bill McGlashan

CAA board member

1c488f  No.5663129

I did notice Al Franken has been mouthing off on Twitter lately.

9b6f58  No.5666476


Why wouldn't he? There is ZERO panic anywhere & ZERO results to show otherwise.

6a3a23  No.5670736


Q is a drama Queer posting nothingburgers, one after another.

Almost 1.5 years and no justice. The game is already lost.

It's all one team. Trump duped America.

9354d2  No.5671013


76cf6d  No.5678596



The end is near, meanwhile:

Podesta, Shillary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Stzrok, Page, Yates, Lynch, Obummer, Steele Baker and the Ohr's all walk free.

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances and we are but fools who believe the LIE. The rulers make it appear as though it is something that it is not. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing created by the Rulers.

Nothing exists but the individual’s consciousness. Objects only exist as a phenomenon of consciousness. There is no existence without perception. We cannot confirm the actual existence of anything except our consciousness that is a part of a Super consciousness. One’s understanding of reality depends solely on their subjective feelings and thoughts of what appears to be real. Only the present is real but is not real in the same time continuum.

Needless to say, none of what Q predicted in his first 60+ posts took place. The National Guard was never called up, mass arrests never took place, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta weren’t detained, Donald Trump never sent a tweet mentioning “The Storm,” and the Emergency Alert System wasn’t activated.

The storm President Trump was referring to is the storm of political upheaval by the Libertard Marxist Socialists in the Democrat party. Their obstruction and resistance politics by all means necessary with the help of the MSM.

Even when Q’s predictions disappoint, the QAnon community keeps going. Mainly because they are in hyper delusional wishful thinking. Q hyped up the release of the Justice Department’s inspector general report on the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation, for example, promising that it would contain the promised “Storm” of revelations about top Democrats and the deep state.

When the report fizzled, however, Q promised that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a frequent target of QAnon jabs, had tampered with the report. Trump had the real report, Q claimed, and that report’s release would solve everything. In which was also refuted by John Kelly and again still no report has been released by the POTUS.

QAnon brainwashed believers talk about the idea that the cabal they believe is responsible for most of the trouble in the United States will soon be swept away has given them hope. Despite obviously being fake and the “Bakers” as they call them were exposed by a 4chan – 8chan poster named “Microchip.”

Before Q, there was a wide variety of “anon” 4chan posters all claiming to have special government access. LOL

In 2016, there was FBIAnon, a self-described “high-level analyst and strategist” offering intel about the 2016 investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Then came HLI Anon, an acronym for High Level Insider, who posted about various dubious conspiracies in riddles, including one that claimed Princess Diana had been killed because she found out about 9/11 “beforehand” and had “tried to stop it.” Then “CIAAnon” and “CIA Intern” took to the boards in early 2017, and last August one called WH Insider Anon offered a supposed preview that something that was “going to go down” regarding the DNC and leaks.

Qanon was just another unremarkable part of the “anon” genre until November 2017, when two moderators of the 4chan board where Q posted predictions, who went by the usernames Pamphlet Anon and BaruchtheScribe, reached out to Tracy Diaz, according to Diaz’s blogs and YouTube videos. BaruchtheScribe, in reality a self-identified web programmer from South Africa named Paul Furber, confirmed that account to Epoch Times News.

Q said that they are saving Israel for last.

Wanna bet?





From the start, Q is a larp and fake. Nothing they have been writing has come to pass. Zero, Notta, Zilch.

You all will just not LISTEN and want your conspiracy theories to be true all the time. It doesn't work like that.

Thanks to the Q-tists no one is ever going to believe a REAL Conspiracy Theory when it happens.

This was the whole point of Q.

It was constructed by the Satanic Illuminati to get a wide variety of people to follow and begin spreading false conspiracies in order for all conspiracies to not be believed by those who are not in the know later on down the road.

Absolutely Zero of any Q predictions have unfolded. ZERO.

97f414  No.5679381

That's one way to resign…

Why would life not be worth living, Vikram?



-see something say something

b7847c  No.5681439

as this thread is used for non resignation related content for months, i will not longer maintain it!


please lock/close down this thread and keep this post as final message here. please leave this thread where it is, don't delete or archive it. thx.








687f75  No.5683974

File: 419d5cf09f27ff5⋯.jpg (42.74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, House Judiciary Oversight ….jpg)

Nellie worked with clown (+MI6) spying ops focused in Ukraine and Russia, she later used that resume to score contract work with for-profit commercial intelligence firms like Fusion GPS, there she helped "create" intelligence for customers like the DNC and Clinton team.

887660  No.5684113

File: 2e2f6838db72dc0⋯.png (916.51 KB, 1638x1160, 819:580, 2019-03-14 - Only240 REtur….png)



Remember when Trump TWEETED and stated that he made a "Agreement" with Mexico to RETURN "ALL" the Criminal Illegals Caught Running the Border, for them to wait in Mexico for their hearing?

Well, a Whole Whopping 240 were SENT BACK IN ALL OF 2019!?

Yet US Gov Official numbers, in Feb 19 Alone, 76,000 were caught! But in reality, "ONLY" about 400,000-500,000 ILLEGALS ACTUALLY ENTERED THE US CRIMINALLY, AND ARE THE REAL SECRET TOTALS!

Just like Drugs being caught, only "Caught" numbers are Counted & Given to Media. Yet US Gov estimates only 10-15% ARE REALLY CAUGHT, which means out of 10 attempts, ONLY 1or2 ARE CAUGHT, and 8-9 Get Thru! This also applies exactly the same as Criminal Illegal Humans!

In 2019, estimates are 1 MILLION illegals WILL BE Caught entering the USA! Then 4-9x times that ENTER UNCAUGHT Criminal Border Runners. Then is REAL NUMBER means 5-9 MILLIONS WILL ENTER THE US IN 2019 ALONE! Understand how the "SECRET" Gov Numbers work? They're scared if you knew the truth, you'd RIOT AGAINST THEM!

Yet Trump has REFUSED to CLOSE DOWN THE BORDER, TO ORGANIZE Against this Terrorist INVASION to US Soil! Why?

Could it be because as Trump stated "Commerce WILL COME to a standstill". What?

So understand, Trump is favoring fellow Elite Businessmen PROFITS over the safety of all US Legal Citizens Lives! How more clearly does Trump prove MONEY DOES 100% IN FACT COME FIRST, OVER A SINGLE CHILDs LIFE! Ask any "Angel Mom" what Trump has done to make our streets safer. They say NOTHING! So Trump's Priorities - #1 MONEY - #2 CHILDs LIVES.

See how Trump seems to find it "Acceptable" to just ignore "Lives Lost, and just step over the BLOOD and COFFINS filling our Smalltown USA Streets.

Trump only created "Policies" that deal with AFTER DEATH, HARM, RAPE, CRIME, to set what happens. Yet Trump DID NOT Create 1 Policy/Law that "PROTECTS LIVES BEFORE THE CRIMINAL ACT", and he does NOTHING!


8CHAN here "Thinks" once the Deep State is taken down, the world will be 100% safe planet, flowers given out, and everyone will have a Worldwide LOVEFEST? So fantasyland gamers here, ALL CRIMES WILL NOT JUST MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR as you only Target 1 Criminal gang! Seriously?

Qresearch, you have Purposely "Distracted" your Cult from ALL OTHER CRIMES GOING ON AROUND US, and YOU "PUSH" that ONLY Deep State IS THE ONLY CRIMES GOING ON, ON PLANET EARTH?

So ONCE THE Deep State ARE ARRESTED, ALL CRIMES IN THE WORLD Magically GOES AWAY! See how this "Cult" on 8CHAN is A "DISTRACTION" to keep you away from seeing/thinking of the crimes going on our streets RIGHT NOW!? This is called "DistractioN" - get it now and how many of you got brainwashed and had your mind controlled to not see reality around you? This is how LARP works!

But this was a CLASSIC Trump "misleading" in all his media implying ALL THE CRIMINAL ILLEGALS ARE BEING RETURNED TO MEXICO TO WAIT? Yet in reality, only 240, in almost 1 MILLION that entered this year (both caught and uncaught).

8CHAN Deep State Cult "Distracted" you for ever asking "What" happened to all those criminal illegals in all of those HUGE CARAVANS? Notice, they all "DISAPPEARED" from the border? Well, they all CAME INto THE US IN SECRET - GET IT? Yet you here on 8ch Are obsessed with Deep State, like thats the only US enemies and criminals, to KEEP YOU OFF REALITY WHATS GOING ON AROUND YOU?


ICE & Border Agents sent you a letter to ask for your help; since you did nothing physically to help them! They are ready to WALK AWAY FOR YOU NOT GIVING THEM ANY SUPPORT (expect in the fake media).


208c7e  No.5686091


3a4f0b  No.5686141

>>5684910 (lb)

Anon, much depends on where you live and what pathogens are circulating that your youngster could encounter. You can follow reports from your state and local departments of health to stay abreast.

But certainly organisms like the one that causes tetanus are ubiquitous (soil). The consequences of contracting that illness are very severe.

Hepatitis is another potentially sever disease but it emerges from the human population.

Mumps can cause sterility in males.

Polio, while unlikely to be encountered in the US where it has been eradicated and where there is adequate water and waste water treatment, is still active in Africa. If Ebola can get here from there, so can polio.

Meningococcal meningitis can be lethal and can progress from first symptoms - which often can be mistaken for "24 hour flu" - to hospitalization and death within 12 hours. The organism that causes it lives in our throats and cases of the illness often arise from contact with a symptom-free carrier, some from self-infection.

Rubella - German measles - can have severe consequences for the unborn child if the mother contracts it.


Personally, I never rolled the dice with my four offspring. I got them vaccinated on schedule and all are healthy. Only one contracted a vaccine preventable disease - chickenpox - but that is because they contracted it a month before old enough for the vaccine. That little one suffered a lot but sibling who had been vaccinated never missed a beat. No did I b/c of immunity from contracting it as a kid.

Follow authentic science and get informed as much as possible. The anti-vax movement has very little if any hard science to support it. And that's the scientific truth of the matter.

208c7e  No.5686769



8ad96e  No.5687254


© 1996-2017 Heartland Media LLC

Southern Poverty Law Center announces dismissal of founder


Thu Mar 14 13:56:27 PDT 2019

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - The Southern Poverty Law Center has announced it has dismissed founder Morris Dees.

SPLC President Richard Cohen announced Thursday that Dees' employment was terminated. The statement did not elaborate on the reasons but said the organization is committed to ensuring the "conduct of our staff reflects the mission of the organization."

In a statement, the SPLC said it "is deeply committed to having a workplace that reflects the values it espouses - truth, justice, equity and inclusion, and we believe the steps we have taken today reaffirm that commitment."

The SPLC said an outside group will review its workplace practices.

Reached by telephone, Dees said the matter involved a personnel issue. He said the Southern Poverty Law Center is a wonderful organization and he wished them luck.

c2a79f  No.5694161

File: 58cef8fb6fea4fd⋯.jpg (223.69 KB, 660x497, 660:497, Gillibrand DadB2.jpg)

"WE THE PEOPLE" DEMAND Kirsten Gillibrand STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY and Expose this to all the media!


Clintons were being Blackmailed by Kristen Gillibrand's FATHER, as well as MANY WORLD LEADERS (yet to be named)! Kristen's Father was the LAWYER for the Smallville/Hollywood Sex Cult NVIXM!

Here is "The Story" "Who" was "Blackmailing" the Clintons, had Access to HRC Deleted Home Server Emails, and their child sex fetishs/hook-ups!


SUBJECT - Trump’s New Attorney General Firebombs Fake Russia Probe—Then Turns Guns On Powerful Sex Cult That Has Hillary Clinton Emails

A brief, but highly-classified “of special importance” new Security Council (SC) report circulating states that after Trump-Russia investigator US Attorney Andrew Weissmann attempted to force US Attorney General William Barr to keep this hoax going by continuing a cooperation agreement with General Michael Flynn this week, he was shot down in flames by Barr who quickly forced Weissmann out of the US Department of Justice entirely—that was followed hours later by Barr ordering new child pornography criminal charges to be placed against NXIVM sex slaver cult leader Keith Raniere and his reaching a guilty verdict plea agreement with this cult’s co-founder Nancy Salzman—the critical importance of which lies in the fact that the NXIVM sex slave cult has in its possession tens-of-thousands of classified emails they hacked from Hillary Clinton.

While the American people were are continuously pummeled with false claims of President Trump colluding with Russia to win his election, being deliberately kept from them by their corrupt mainstream propaganda media is everything having to do with the sex slave cult NXIVM—a secretive organization that passed itself off as a multi-level marketing company whose members include both moneyed and celebrity elites long protected by President Bill Clinton stretching back to his time as Governor of Arkansas—and in exchange for, has seen NXIVM cult members giving uncounted millions to both former President Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton.

One of the richest members of the NXIVM sex slave cult, this report details, is the multi-billionaire heiress to the Seagram Company business empire Clare Bronfman—who implanted a “key logger” virus on the computer of her late father, Edgar M. Bronfman Sr., so officials with NXIVM could secretly monitor his emails, including his exchanges with world leaders and Democrat Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Having complete access to these stolen Hillary Clinton emails, this report continues, was top NXIVM lawyer Doug Rutnik—who used the information contained in them to blackmail Hillary Clinton into turning over her US Senate seat to his daughter—who is now known as US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand—and during the 2016 US presidential campaign, frequently saw US Senator Gillibrand and NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman paying multiple thousands of dollars to buy tables at campaign events hosted by Hillary Clinton.

Being protected from criminal prosecution for over 30-years by the Clinton-Bush-Obama regimes, and by the mainstream media, too, whom this sex slave cult would launch massive lawsuits against if they even dared mention their name, this report concludes, this past March-2018, President Trump loyal forces in the US Department of Justice launched a massive attack against NXIVM with a criminal indictment showing how this cult branded women to make them sex slaves for elites—with their further capturing this sex slave cult’s leader Keith Raniere at his Mexico mansion hideaway and throwing him in jail—and whose already grim fate was made worse this week by US Attorney General Barr slamming him with additional child pornography criminal charges to make sure this monster will never walk free again—information, no doubt, obtained by Barr who successfully managed, for the first time in history, to penetrate the decades-long wall of secrecy erected around NXIVM by America’s most powerful elites with his guilty plea deal agreement with this cult’s co-founder Nancy Salzman—and whom after appearing in US Federal Court yesterday and confessing that her actions “were not just wrong, but criminal”, makes it understandable why top Clinton Family spokesman Paul Begala erupted in frightened rage and anger on CNN a few minutes later calling Trump a “criminal” and Trump’s daughter Ivanka, along with her husband Jared, “cockroaches”—and is a reaction one would expect from someone knowing the walls are not only closing in on them, they are falling.Patri0tApBoT

But remember, we need your help in stopping the criminal illegal aliens! In 2017-18, between 5-11 Million Illegals Entered the US! Estimates for 2019, US will get an ADDITIONAL 5-8 MILLION this year! In Feb 19 Alone, 450-500,000 came into the US!

6a3a23  No.5700031

File: 5c2a528322c50c9⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 627x263, 627:263, thud.jpg)


No the game(joke) is not over. It has just begun. And it's on us!

d02b15  No.5701846

Ok off to the twat front…ugh

ccc5e5  No.5703363

File: 43616c90186942b⋯.png (611.38 KB, 655x1406, 655:1406, 2019-03-15 Hobbs CollegeFr….png)


Agree - Not OVER but a Great Major JUICY Piece of the Puzzle hey? Must been Exicted to break it first!

Remember DAVID HOGG? (The Lunatic Parkland CIA Plant and anti-gun ACTIVIST?)

I WILL NOW DEBUT TO YOU A DIFFERENT College Enrollment BRIBERY SCANDLE Scam that enters each FRONT DOOR! This IMPACTS INTO EACH COLLEGE PRESIDENTs VERY OFFICE AND THE SCAM in "Selection". We will NOT just stay within the bounds of the "Sports Grants" Bribery - but Expanded!

This NEW College Scam - Created in Harvards Anti-Bias College Admissions Scandle! This exposes "how" "Socialism" is being favored and taught to destroy our nation.

-Example Student - David Hoggs (of Parkland Shooting fame)


-Why and How? (Anti-gun position? Activistium? College Socialism Political Positions?)

-How can Hoggs have a 250 BELOW STANDARD SCORE, to all other Accepted Students, yet be ACCEPTED by HARVARD, as a TOP STUDENT?

-Wasn't HARVARD suppose to ONLY ACCEPT THE BEST students, based on their SCORES?

-Yet HARVARD accepted David Hoggs, who had a 250 Below Average Scores? Why? Reasoning? Selection Process?


-This is NOT ASSOCIATED with the Current "Sports Grant" Bribery Scandel, but Bribery/Political Agenda Student Selection?

-UNDERSTAND "How" this David Hoggs Student BLOWS THE DOORS WIDE OPEN TO THE ENTIRE SELECTION PROCESS, and the HIGHEST LEVELS on how each school "Selecting" their students, not based only on their grades, but BY AN POLITICAL AGENDA?


-If so, was college DRIVEN STRICKLY ON "POLITICAL" VIEWS, and grades were not considered most important?

-Or did HARVARD select Hoggs in some type of BRIBERY, KICKBACK, AT THE VERY HIGHEST PRESIDENT, ADMISSIONS, etc position? (Did Hoggs father, who is a CIA employee, get selected because a CIA Connection favor or plant was wanted for connections to criminal CIA power?)

-Why did many CA College's deny Hoggs admission, due to low scores (UCLA, USC-Davis, USC-Berekely, UC-Irvine) to name a few?

-How much money was BRIBED, or WHAT "Kickback" CRITERIA WAS USED BY HARVARD, TO SELECT David Hoggs, over others with Clearly Higher scores of 250?

But Clearly, THIS IS NOT A student deserving to be a Top Choice, SO WHAT MONEY, POLITICAL AGENDA, BRIBE, etc, so WHAT WAS BEHIND HIS SELECTION?

The Federal Authorities NEED TO INVESTIGATE HARVARD as to "HOW" the INTERNAL SOCIALIST/POLITICAL SELECTIVE PROCESS selected David Hoggs, who clearly was not College Intelligent, via Scoring, BUT BY HIS Political Views/Activisium, and his Anti Trump stance?

THIS HAPPENS in all campus, and this is A TOTALLY NEW DIRECTION that directly opens up the doors, into each College President, Board Members, Admission, and REFLECTS THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA BIAS and Selection!

-The Other Bribed College Scam was Paid via "SPORTS Grant" to get it!

-SO BREAKING HERE in this "NEW EXPANDING BRIBERY SCANDLE", "How" did David Hoggs get "Selected"? How many more "Activists" got selected over other students? Did they all have acceptable/average scores?

Patri0tApB0t Original

4e8149  No.5703897


You are so right about this. Both colleges and major corporations favor people with the "correct" leftist ideology. They monitor your social media posts and will reject you if they don't like your opinions.

f0e1ca  No.5715789


Solar Flash ,??

e3ce33  No.5728833

>>5728027 PB

Seems to me that this has to be unconstitutional. We are a Republic and the electoral college is an important part of the foundation.

748887  No.5729642

File: 299eade0c6f0288⋯.jpg (80.56 KB, 750x923, 750:923, 51561996_2253284968043687_….jpg)

bce98f  No.5737683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fucking epic. 49 Dead Muslims and 1 guy runs back to Israel. Makes you go hmmm

3ba7a3  No.5741881


3ba7a3  No.5741927

really fucked

3ba7a3  No.5741987

dumbasses, we will overcome, over whelm

76da57  No.5753424


097cbf  No.5753799

Remember guys, just like drugs, the US numbers say that only 10-15% GET CAUGHT and the rest sneaks in between borders!

So if the US Gov transferred via bus 84.500 MULTIPLY that by 5-9x of ILLEgALS who got thru the border, that makes OVER 3/4-1+ MILLION came into the US THIS YEAR ALONE! GUYTS THIS IS LESS THEN 3 MONTHS!

Understand the GAME? Love Trump but WHAT DID HE DO TO EVEN ATTEMPT TO STOP THEM? Then when Trump 2 times this year, Screamed to the World the US HAS JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and no people to fill them - WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Wide open border and Trump tells all people of the world to RUSH HERE NOW? Yet in Feb 19 alone, Trump created 20,000 new jobs, yet GM laid offs, and 400,000+ came into the US in Feb 2019 ALONE!

CLOSE THE DAM BORDER TRUMP! But like when you had the chance, you said "WE CAN NOT STOP COMMERCE" and had worthless US Gov people to pay! YEAH - OVER DAM F'ING US Legal Citizens LIVES! This 100% placed MONEY OVER HUMAN LIVES now didn't it?

Yet - Trump continues to chase down every penny in the world, for BUSINESS PROFITS, OVER HUMAN LIVES WHO's BLOOD IS OVERFLOWING ON OUR Smalltown USA streets, dripping from the STACKED COFFINS of our children.

Nothing like having MORE people DIE in 2018 alone of DRUG OVERDOSE, then the entire VIETNAM WAR! And Trump chases around the world to get every penny.

TRUMP - YOUR PLAN IN PHASE 2 WILL START A CIVIL WAR ON OUR STREETS! But we all know that is your PLAN now isn't it? You need to "Push" the public into the streets, and bring their weapons, so YOU CAN ENACT YOUR "LINCOLN" plan, but the LEGAL US Citizens will REVOLT against you! Some of us "KNOW" you TREASON STEP 2 PLAN, and YOU ARE NO LINCOLN, and you are Handing over the US Citizens over to our Very Enemy!

You are border of TREASONOUS - for your 100% failure to protect and secure out children's lives.

b20c72  No.5753852


did kek!

097cbf  No.5753859

File: 3ee8a0d31523192⋯.png (1.28 MB, 669x2684, 669:2684, 2019-03-18 85k Released in….png)

Here is todays illegal alien invasion numbers…

Its ok Deep State 8chan, just 100% focus on the Deep State takedown so YOU DESTROY THE NATION RIGHT NOW, and Distract the weak minded brainwashed ones here, that can only focus on taking down your overlords… Oh what 1 Trillion dollars of the DS you have access to, surely distracted the weakest minds here, as you PRETEND to be Patriots, but are secretly Deep State for Dem and HRC! Everyone can see it, if they look, but you need those CLOSED MINDS to not think and see reality as I AM EXPLAINING. You can not win over TRUTH THAT I SAY!

a1b3f1  No.5753898

What is going on with No new General Bread? Are we being attacked AGAIN?

097cbf  No.5754046

File: 2e2f6838db72dc0⋯.png (916.51 KB, 1638x1160, 819:580, 2019-03-14 - Only240 REtur….png)

But thats right, this 8chan IS DEEP STATE, DEM controlled.


May you go down, with your children, to hell for your Deep State Disinformation LIES!

Why are you afraid of the TRUTH? You 100% want to refocus away from the destruction going on right now inside the US, and want the brainwashed masses to not see 1 million illegals come into the US each month, and only focus on the DS that never anything heppened in year 3 now… Oh - what perfect DISTRACTION TO KEEP THE INVASION AND YOUR SILENT DESTRUCTION OF THE US…

79cfbb  No.5755781

File: e3ea7227630b267⋯.png (404.53 KB, 928x523, 928:523, ClipboardImage.png)

Warner Bros.' Kevin Tsujihara to Exit as Studio Chief

He has led the Burbank studio since 2013.

Kevin Tsujihara is exiting his role as chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, a job he’s held for six years.

"It is in the best interest of WarnerMedia, Warner Bros., our employees and our partners for Kevin to step down as Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros.," said WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey on Monday. The executive did not name a replacement for Tsujihara.

Stankey added, "Kevin has contributed greatly to the studio’s success over the past 25 years and for that we thank him. Kevin acknowledges that his mistakes are inconsistent with the Company’s leadership expectations and could impact the Company’s ability to execute going forward."

In a Hollywood Reporter article on March 6, text messages between the executive and Charlotte Kirk revealed that Tsujihara said that he would push for auditions for the actress amid an apparent sexual relationship that he was having with Kirk. The actress appeared in two Warner Bros. films: 2016's How to Be Single and 2018's Ocean's 8. Tsujihara's personal attorney stated, "Mr. Tsujihara had no direct role in the hiring of this actress." An outside law firm continues to investigate the claims made against Tsujihara.

Under Tsujihara’s tenure, Warners had struggled to turn out DC superhero movies that matched the success of Disney’s Marvel label until it hit upon a winning formula with 2017's Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, which took in $821.8 million worldwide. It then enjoyed an even bigger success with last year's Aquaman, directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa, which has grossed $1.1 billion worldwide, eclipsing all of Warners' earlier superhero movies, including those in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Tsujihara is also credited with courting J.K. Rowling for a series of Harry Potter spinoff movies. The first installment, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, grossed $814 million in 2016, although its 2018 sequel Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald stalled at $653.4 million. A third installment is slated for 2021.

79cfbb  No.5755787



097cbf  No.5755936

File: 6830e4ae1853c54⋯.jpg (142.77 KB, 700x394, 350:197, TrumpMerekA2.jpg)

Trumps secret agenda to flood US with Illegals in secret agreement with EU.

Lock n Load of what Trumps Phase 2 that is PLANNED!

So you think that all Flowers, endless Love and Planet-wide Peace once the DS is taken down? hahahahahahaha How you think all crimes on planet will magically stop! Its war on our streets in PHASE 2 so PREPARE!

b6852b  No.5756440






b6852b  No.5756545







b6852b  No.5756604



1814c3  No.5759381

File: adddfff24042b4f⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 683x797, 683:797, DzC5rf5WoAEE6gx.jpeg.jpg)

1814c3  No.5759389

File: cfd26881f3c4ef6⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 889x500, 889:500, cfd26881f3c4ef62976bee6f5d….jpg)

1814c3  No.5759401

File: df01bc777b22bd7⋯.jpg (70.99 KB, 862x462, 431:231, Dwlk0l6VYAEFcKr.jpeg.jpg)

1814c3  No.5759414

File: b63f1d2763fa2de⋯.jpg (86.15 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, Du517yiXgAAaqr2.jpg)

1814c3  No.5759436

File: 8fadb0beb5d3afc⋯.jpg (110.77 KB, 888x500, 222:125, DoqS02UXgAAK-YN.jpg)

1814c3  No.5759450

File: b669e86e4395df7⋯.jpg (73 KB, 819x960, 273:320, DoDfjlGVAAAiY_9.jpg)

1814c3  No.5759508

File: 12b442922715bd8⋯.jpg (89.85 KB, 600x740, 30:37, DC9rEIdXYAANzLj.jpg)

bb2236  No.5760865


And that's only half of it…

6a3a23  No.5761605


Well done anon!

abbd4d  No.5767308

File: 301abe2a589a3f8⋯.png (1.09 MB, 826x1508, 413:754, 2019-03-12 Mexican Army Se….png)

abbd4d  No.5767400

File: 6830e4ae1853c54⋯.jpg (142.77 KB, 700x394, 350:197, TrumpMerekA2.jpg)

7573a8  No.5767591


abbd4d  No.5774297

File: 14f41cfaa0e4db5⋯.png (531.85 KB, 667x1123, 667:1123, 2019-03-19 Tij Murder Head….png)

Tijuana is listed as the deadliest city in the world per capita based on its 2018 registered homicide count, according to a new study released this week by the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice (El Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública y la Justicia Penal).

The report ranks the 50 deadliest cities in the world with Mexican municipalities showing in five of the top six and nine of the top 20. The Tijuana metropolitan area was listed at number one with 2,640 homicides in 2018 at a rate of 138 per 100,000.

In 2017, Tijuana was ranked as the fifth deadliest city, with the popular beach resort city of Los Cabos occupying the top spot with 365 homicides in 2017 with a per capita rate of 111. In December of 2017, the Mexican federal government was forced to deploy elements of its military and police after cartel gunmen hung the bodies of six men from three overpasses and left narco-messages in La Paz and Cabo. The gory scenes greeted morning commuters and sent shockwaves throughout the region. In 2018 the homicide numbers plunged, dropping Los Cabos from the list. Mexico City claimed credit for the dramatic decrease, but Breitbart local law enforcement contacts attributed the the local dominant cartel’s expelling of rivals. Other beach resort locations like La Paz and Mazatlán also dropped from the top 50 in 2018 whereas Cancún is still mired in a narco-war—standing at 13th place after not being on the list in 2017.

The Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice is a private NGO which began releasing annual listings in 2008 and measures homicides committed per 100,000 inhabitants in urban locales larger than 300,000 residents. Other violent crimes are not tallied.

The top 50 cities include 15 from Mexico and four from the United States. The highest listed domestic city is St. Louis at number 15 with Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans not far behind. San Juan, Puerto Rico also makes the cut.

Critics of the report say the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice is not an official source and can vary in counting methodology from local governments. Tijuana area business interests asked that the report not be disseminated, according to local reporting. Tijuana is currently seeing a decrease in homicides in 2019 after the federal government deployed additional military and law enforcement assets there.

The three Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador did not have a city listed in the top 20.

2018 Homicides Per Capita Rankings (Homicide Cases)

Tijuana, MX (2,640)

Acapulco, MX (948)

Caracas, VZ (2,980

Victoria, MX (314)

Juárez, MX (1,251)

Irapuato, MX (473)

Guayana, VZ (645)

Natal, BR (1,185)

Fortaleza, BR (2,724)

Ciudad Bolívar, VZ (264)

Cape Town, SA (2,868)

Belem, BR (1,627)

Cancún, MX (547)

Feira de Santana, BR (386)

St. Louis, US (187)

Culiacan, MX (585)

Barquisimeto, VZ (683)

Uruapan, MX (189)

Kingston, JM (639)

Obregon, MX (179)

Baltimore (23rd), San Juan (40th), Detroit (46th), and New Orleans (50th) each posted at least 140 homicides in 2018.



"F" childrens lives of US Legal Citizens, and its cheaper to just pay for the funerals! The deaths of 1000 children ARE LESS THEN THE PROFITS OF ANY BUSINESS THEY POCKET IN ONE SEMI-TRUCK! So why the F change?

30 deaths and 2 minutes per call from TRUMP to newly created ANGEL MOM's in 1 hour, is pennies, COMPARED TO THE BILLIONS THEY POCKET! So again, 1 TRUCK LOAD for the MONEY PROFITS FOR BUSINESSes, will COVER THE TIME of 1000 DEATHS and phone calls of Dead CHILDREN!

Remember, MEXICO is also the #2 MOST DEADLY TERRORIST NATION (per UN) in the ENTIRE WORLD; only behind SYRIA #1! See how "Safe" they are?

SO imagine if you were President and you ruled a nation next to SYRIA! Don't attempt to defend your people! 100% FOR $ PROFITs! Trump even stated "HE CAN NOT STOP THE COMMERCE COMING INTO THIS COUNTRY"!?

Thanks Trump for allowing 2-Chicago city size import of ILLEGALs Aliens into the US since you became President! Only 1+ more coming in 2019 alone (5-10 Million), AFTER YOU SCREAMED 2 times FOR ALL ILLEGALS TO RUN TO OUR NATION NOW FOR JOBS!


Why not place 1 long line of BARBED WIRE ALONG Border? Or Lights? Or Cameras? Of make more Staging areas closer to each other? Why Not "Tent Cities"? NO military Exerices there? No Mass Deportations?

7cf0a2  No.5775378

File: 933eddd9eec8b03⋯.mp4 (331.58 KB, 720x540, 4:3, clint.mp4)

Paul Ryan just put on the board of Fox.


abbd4d  No.5779826

File: 0fb6a52792104f0⋯.png (5.75 MB, 692x7457, 692:7457, 2019-03-18 Cartel Behead F….png)

Lets Look at some of TRUMPS TROPHIES HE HELPED! Yet these same ones expanded into the US…

Enjoy the show thats just across the wide open border, and by Trump's own military, agencies, and Border Patrol screaming this out, still, Trump keeps his hands playing with himself, as he's looking for the next money deal…

WHO CAREs THEIR are 100s of BEHEADINGS NEXT DOOR? ONLY 16 by One guy, yet their are 100s of not 1000s per year to Terrorize everyone!

Remember, Mexico is the #2 MOST DANGEROUS NATION ON PLANET EARTH! SYRIA is #1! Per UN in 2017!

Cartel are called Terrorists in Mexico for years in the UN even labelled them, yet Trump. Jackin' Off?

Proof he does not want to even SLOW the illegal criminals at the border because HE NEEDS THEM ALL FOR HIS FUTURE PHASE THAT HE "THINKS" WILL MAKE HIM A GOD FOR ALL TO KNOW IN THE FUTURE! But instead, US Legal Citizens WILL TURN ON HIM! Trump "thinks" he'll be safe for changing all he did, and that will COVER FOR HIS UPCOMING TREASON, how "We The People" will NEED TO TAKE UP ARMS ON OUR STREETS, and Spill Blood!

Guys. Trump will NOT do anything against a single illegal criminal alien!

As a Billionaire businessmen, Trump focused on MONEY FIRST, over HUMAN CHILDREN LIVES! The world is calm right now, yet notice, he never lifted his pinkie to protect our children on our smalltown Cities…

CLOSE THE F'in BORDER TRUMP! You are 100% responsible for 3 years of PURE NOTHINGNESS TO HELP OUR PEOPLEs LIVES! Throw them a few bucks and THEY'LL be blinded on your CRIMINAL HANDOVER OF OUR NATION TO OUR ENEMY! Some of us KNOW your next plans in your 3D game, and YOU and YOUR FAMILY will not survive as you think!

Trump - we loved you but you 99% betrayed us on our streets.

We all know are waiting for a 100% complete destruction unto our streets, so you can become OUR GOD LORD SAVIOR! Correct?

So until then, just make sure you play your Monopoly Games of getting all your fellow friend profit businessmen a FREE RIDE ON THE LIVES OF US childrens Lives! Even DEAD CHILDREN are NOT WORTH YOUR TIME! Sure a fast 2 minute call to Angel Moms a 1,000 times over, still does NOT put money into your pockets now does it? So look at it this way, the more you can get all the money in the world, in a calm world, still isn't good enough, as I see a SHEKEL in the middle of the Sahara Desert. So you gotta run to it, as you step over all the blood of smalltown USAs children…

Trump - You once were a hero, but your 99% total failure to save actual human lives, and YOUR PRACTICE OF BLOOD SACRIFICES (it seems) is what you are looking for to become a GOD right? Who cares how many lives of our children you help murder on our streets, the more power and money you get for your pockets. We all are starting to see it in plain view. You ground base see's it more and more everyday, and you have betrayed and failed them in our childrens very meaningless lifes.

Hope your proud and I'm sure you'd love those heads hanging in your secret planning room… Theirs always room for more childrens necks and breathless bodies now isn't it? Same place as you keep your Shekels, that are never enough hey? Money is the root of all evil, and we now see your real insides.

Trump - Even all the 100s of death of your inaction emptiness in words that Briebart prints, still isn't reality now it is? they are just Fake News and you are the Only Real News on planet earth? If dead bodies of children are not enough to wake you up, you surely belong in a cell next to HRC and John McCain…

Hope everyone enjoys this only feet from them, in a wide open border you do'nt want to even attempt to close.

abbd4d  No.5781261

File: d174828eaf8e8a9⋯.png (348.22 KB, 664x1174, 332:587, 2019-03-18 Cartel Dismemb ….png)

A 8chan/Qresearch Branded FAKE SHILL HERE!

Who cares if its from our Neighbor, the #2 most deadly Terrorist nation on planet, right behind SYRIA #1. Now reports today said Tijuana was the WORLDS MOST DEADLY CITY ON THE PLANET! Then Mexico's cities topped the 4 of the top 6 most deadly cities on planet earth?

WHO CAREs 8CHAN and TRUMP! Keep 100% repeating "ITS COMING" for 3 years and nothing… See guys on how PERFECT this 8chan/Qresearch is Deep State Dem's controlled, hiding as PATRIOTS? Their purpose is to KEEP YOU ALL DISTRACTED FROM ALL THE MOST deaths on the US streets in our history, and the crimes going on by Illegals! Get It Now?

We all know something is going to happen, yet you fail to care one bit about the CRIMES THAT THE Deep State cornered RATS are doing to murder and destroy America as they are being cornered! You only chase the same its coming, and Feel the Pain, but how does that help the murder and crimes they are doing RIGHT NOW on our streets? Brianwashed to only see that, and not the real crimes spilling on our streets, RIGHT NOW hey? If this was a 1776 Patriot board, you'd be screaming for the crimes happening right now. Yet you only focus on the top 10 we all know are crooks, and can not WAKE UP past that agenda! See guys "HOW" this Deep State mindcontrol brainwashing and hiding as Patriots here? This is how Trillions of dollars for the mega rich Dem/HRC/Deep State companies will stop at nothing to distract you right now from the reality of minute by minute deaths on our streets

Tijuana is listed as the deadliest city in the world per capita based on its 2018 registered homicide count, according to a new study released this week by the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice (El Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública y la Justicia Penal).

The report ranks the 50 deadliest cities in the world with Mexican municipalities showing in five of the top six and nine of the top 20. The Tijuana metropolitan area was listed at number one with 2,640 homicides in 2018 at a rate of 138 per 100,000.

In 2017, Tijuana was ranked as the fifth deadliest city, with the popular beach resort city of Los Cabos occupying the top spot with 365 homicides in 2017 with a per capita rate of 111. In December of 2017, the Mexican federal government was forced to deploy elements of its military and police after cartel gunmen hung the bodies of six men from three overpasses and left narco-messages in La Paz and Cabo. The gory scenes greeted morning commuters and sent shockwaves throughout the region. In 2018 the homicide numbers plunged, dropping Los Cabos from the list. Mexico City claimed credit for the dramatic decrease, but Breitbart local law enforcement contacts attributed the the local dominant cartel’s expelling of rivals. Other beach resort locations like La Paz and Mazatlán also dropped from the top 50 in 2018 whereas Cancún is still mired in a narco-war—standing at 13th place after not being on the list in 2017.

The Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice is a private NGO which began releasing annual listings in 2008 and measures homicides committed per 100,000 inhabitants in urban locales larger than 300,000 residents. Other violent crimes are not tallied.

The top 50 cities include 15 from Mexico and four from the United States. The highest listed domestic city is St. Louis at number 15 with Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans not far behind. San Juan, Puerto Rico also makes the cut.

Critics of the report say the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice is not an official source and can vary in counting methodology from local governments. Tijuana area business interests asked that the report not be disseminated, according to local reporting. Tijuana is currently seeing a decrease in homicides in 2019 after the federal government deployed additional military and law enforcement assets there.

The three Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador did not have a city listed in the top 20.

2018 Homicides Per Capita Rankings (Homicide Cases)

Tijuana, MX (2,640)

Acapulco, MX (948)

Caracas, VZ (2,980

Victoria, MX (314)

Juárez, MX (1,251)

Irapuato, MX (473)

Guayana, VZ (645)

Natal, BR (1,185)

Fortaleza, BR (2,724)

Ciudad Bolívar, VZ (264)

Cape Town, SA (2,868)

Belem, BR (1,627)

Cancún, MX (547)

Feira de Santana, BR (386)

St. Louis, US (187)

Culiacan, MX (585)

Barquisimeto, VZ (683)

Uruapan, MX (189)

Kingston, JM (639)

Obregon, MX (179)

Baltimore (23rd), San Juan (40th), Detroit (46th), and New Orleans (50th) each posted at least 140 homicides in 2018.


202a92  No.5781680







6bdbfa  No.5793208

File: bbac3986d790087⋯.png (176.64 KB, 768x949, 768:949, DEMOCRACY v REPUBLIC.png)

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." This first paragraph is the most important of this Instrument, for this sets the true nature for it's in tent. That of the "separate yet equal" position of one another on the land. By that of the creator of the Universe, of Nature,, and Man. That all men are Sovereigns to each other as entitled by the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe. Defined by Bouvier's Law Dictionary and Genesis 1:26-28 .

6f788d  No.5795351

File: 47413d541e41fd4⋯.jpeg (468.22 KB, 1242x1709, 1242:1709, 1B90B02E-8928-4A0D-A466-6….jpeg)


6f9ee2  No.5799083

Baker’s doing a smashing good job and notables are great.

1814c3  No.5809174

File: de6d836b0cccaa6⋯.jpg (297.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1bc15001d4d1d3cf8b6be843c8….jpg)

1814c3  No.5809212

File: 372a42023c3318e⋯.jpg (9.56 KB, 300x169, 300:169, bs-md-ci-srb-t-shirt-20181….jpg)

The new major is about to resign…. ethics fraud

New Baltimore police chief from new Orleans…nothing here to see

7cc90f  No.5835914


Any significance?SPLC Richard Cohen

aa5cb5  No.5836043

Federal prosecutor Robert Khuzami, who oversaw criminal case against Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, is leaving Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office


d00ad6  No.5923774



AMP HILL, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE: RAD) announced today a leadership transition plan and an organizational restructuring to better align its structure with the Company’s operations and to reduce costs.

As part of the leadership transition, John Standley will step down as chief executive officer. The Board will promptly commence a search process for a new CEO, and Standley will remain CEO until the appointment of his successor.


Rite Aid also announced additional management changes, each of which is effective immediately. Bryan Everett, chief operating officer of Rite Aid Stores has been promoted to chief operating officer of the Company, succeeding Kermit Crawford who is leaving the Company.

d00ad6  No.5923823


Vitamin Shoppe, Inc. (NYSE: VSI), an omni-channel, specialty retailer of nutritional products, today announced that Bill Wafford resigned from his current position as Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer of the Company, effective April 5, 2019, in order to take a position as Chief Financial Officer at J. C. Penney Company, Inc.

In connection with Mr. Wafford's resignation, the Company will name Charles Knight as the Company's Interim Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Knight, 54, currently serves as the Company's Senior Vice President – Chief Accounting Officer. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Knight was employed at Toys "R" Us, Inc. since 1990, and has held positions of increasing responsibility, most recently as Senior Vice President-Corporate Controller (2010-2018). Prior to joining Toys "R" Us, he was a Senior Accountant at Deloitte & Touche LLP from 1986. Mr. Knight received a Bachelor degree in accounting from Fairfield University (Connecticut), and is a Certified Public Accountant.

dbc32b  No.6070341

File: a829fa35eae91a7⋯.png (140.55 KB, 870x282, 145:47, ClipboardImage.png)

/QResearch/ Board Owner

Effective: 04/06/2019

Post: >>6069810

2dd2c9  No.6309755

File: c70c155517a60aa⋯.jpg (71.4 KB, 500x601, 500:601, 11.3.JPG)


c6ead5  No.6310637


RBS begins global hunt for CEO to replace McEwan

Royal Bank of Scotland is searching for a new chief executive after Ross McEwan resigned, signalling a fresh start as it heads for full private ownership after a state bailout.

New Zealand-born McEwan, who has led RBS since October 2013, has a 12-month notice period and will remain in his position until a successor has been appointed and an orderly handover has taken place, the bank said on Thursday.

e6112b  No.6357100

Bart Chilton, former CFTC commissioner and part of Obama transition team, dead at 58.

Suicide week????


40c475  No.6507277

File: b246a03dccddb1e⋯.png (149.1 KB, 1493x1213, 1493:1213, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6504550 (qr)

Posted this on main notable from bread #8318>

>6486352 (qr) Resignations Anon

>symantec CEO Greg Clark Resigns, Ex-Novellus CEO Tapped As Interim Leader https://www.crn.com/news/security/symantec-ceo-greg-clark-resigns-ex-novellus-ceo-tapped-as-interim-leader

Something to consider:

Many of the "resignations" in corporations are forced by the Board of Directors.

Many of the Board of Directors members serve for multiple companies.

Not sure if this has been looked into, but it may be a worthwhile dig for Anons to look at the ties between various resignations and the Board members tied to each corporation.

What might they be hiding?

pic related

2e09f5  No.6734020

Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo announces resignation

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo has announced that he is resigning after spending nearly six years as chief.

TPD spokesman Damon Miller confirmed that the chief announced his resignation to the department on Wednesday.

DeLeo's last day as chief will be on July 5.

As of now, we have not confirmed a reason as to why Chief DeLeo has chosen to resign.

This is a developing story. Stay with us for details.


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