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File: 07d13cdd87e9620⋯.png (951.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maine image.png)

64e8f7 No.1638619

Welcome To Q Research General










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Sunday 06.03.2018


Tuesday 05.22.2018

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Monday 05.21.2018

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Sunday 05.20.2018

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Saturday 05.19.2018

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are not endorsements


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>>1545457 No more bans announcement from BO

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>>1638049 Just how hard is small unit leadership? HARD

>>1628300 (((Voisesy's Bay))) Child trafficking of Native peoples and tunneling in North Canada.

>>1638035, >>1638024, >>1638022, 6/5/2018 POTUS tweets

>>1637885, >>1637887, >>1638266, >>1638337, >>1638537 Topics/participants of Bilderbergs in Turin

>>1637869 Fake pic push by MSM: 06/04 mirrors 04/06

>>1637867 Israeli Forces Neutralize Jerusalem Cell Preparing Attack on Netanyahu - Reports

>>1638039, >>1638081 Camp David underground complexs

>>1638049 Just how hard is small unit leadership? HARD

>>1638188 Big Pharma against Kratom for $35,000,000,000.00 reasons

>>1638207, >>1638210 Current/On-Going Case against CEMEX

>>1638187 VOP Update

>>1638339, >>1638317 Next time ur playin Vidya...

>>1638423 43 Eyes, Focus on Japan (Anons please focus)

>>1638407 DWS unhinged by Awan Scandal

>>1638447 , >>1638472 Unredacted Stzok-Page Txts, FBI had Multiple spies in Trump campaign

>>1638450 Don't let the Revolving Door Hit you on the Cronyism

>>1638494 POTUS Baiting Shills, Do your part and screencap/Archive for later


>>1637550 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>1637493 Kratom advocates fight FDA crackdown

>>1637492 D5 is rolling down and changing the landscape in DC

>>1637384 Clinton Library Builder's CFO Death Amid Audit

>>1637289, >>1637308, >>1637331, >>1637579, Strzok / Page Texts dig (cont)

>>1637072, >>1637076, >>1637078, >>1637092, >>1637263, >>1637293 Strzok / Page Texts dig

>>1637130 "Symbols will be their downfall" cont.

>>1637180 Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub

>>1637114 Holder: A ‘Blue Wave’ Is Coming but It Might Not ‘Reach the Shore’

>>1637089 Why was Ben Rhodes denied a security clearance?

>>1637045, >>1637047, >>1637074 Strzok received an "agency coin" with "brennan's signature"

>>1637042 John Cox a Never-Trumper & Donated to George Soro's Liberal Causes.

>>1637037 The greatest proof (to one Anon) that Q is NOT a LARP


>>1636445, >>1636462, >>1636488, >>1636493, >>1636616, Mexican presidential front-runner, the cabal, POTUS and the wall

>>1636591 , >>1636739 Further digging on secret societies from #2057

>>1636509 The clock explained

>>1636487 US appeals against ruling that President Donald Trump could not block Twitter followers

>>1636448 Apple's new operating systems to block web tracking by Facebook, other sites

>>1636407 The Clinton Body Count: Mary 'Caity' Mahoney

>>1636303 Awan/Israel theory, infographic & connections & connections unverified: >>1636796

>>1636498 Awan family father has ties to various intelligence organizations including Israeli

>>1636213 Debbie Wasserman insulted investigators in an attempt to protect Awan

>>1636286 Friendly Reminder to Archive Everything Offline

>>1636139 , >>1636085 , >>1636162 , >>1636245 , >>1636239 Clock breakthrough: The clock ignores DST

>>1636100 POTUS will celebrate singing the National Anthem instead of Eagles NFL at 3 pm (re clock)

>>1635970 The Clock: Today is a special day: 3 o'clock. Why 3? >>1636020


>>1635697 , >>1635762 , >>1635827 , >>1635874 , >>1635971 Secret Societies Dig

>>1635943 Tucson connections: Dig resources

>>1635605 CEMEX connect to Mario Cordero: DIG CALL

>>1635327 "The nail in many coffins": QPost and Giuliani say the same phrase

>>1635482 Tucson POE Robert T. Mourad: connected to the Clintons, Little Rock & Int Heads of State

>>1635466 SUPER-RESOURCE: Reminder that there are mindmaps in our graphics library

>>1635416 Report: Using mobile phones to control school shootings


>>1618616 Tucson Human Trafficking Thread

>>1635107 Facebook: Gateway Pundit and Breitbart are ‘Far Right’ Websites

>>1635020 Fresh Supreme Court Dig

>>1635003 Report: No evidence at Tucson linked to child sex trafficking

>>1634945 , >>1634041 COSCO - China - Clinton ?

>>1634915 Symbolism will be their downfall

>>1634804 Tick Tock BOOM (spacing theory)

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HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Previous Bread #2059




145feb No.1638659

File: 19f6d5aae9df7a2⋯.png (8.74 KB, 255x241, 255:241, bd5ba19e329d25b550a34dd220….png)


8611bc No.1638663

File: a7abbbefc220ae8⋯.png (318.3 KB, 373x642, 373:642, a7abbbefc220ae8f660d4157dc….png)

9bc458 No.1638666

CDANfags, whatever happened with the wife of the CA Republican politician who was supposed to spill on Don Henley's crime during this election?

8611bc No.1638672

File: 5304e280ae27916⋯.jpg (19.4 KB, 255x230, 51:46, 5bf193ed243e2bd6b16a6a7bba….jpg)

File: f0784244d167364⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 535x569, 535:569, IMG_1020.JPG)

9bc458 No.1638676

Oh, sorry, jumped the bread too soon.

239eac No.1638686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How about a movie while we wait?

Starts at 0:55. Read along for maximum keks.

There's no more STARS, is it time?


It's so quiet.

It's the deep breath before the BOOM.

I don't want to be in a WAR, but waiting on the edge of what I can't escape is even worse.

Is there any hope Q, for AUTISTS and PATRIOTS?

There never was much hope, just a fool's hope.

Our enemy is ready, his full strength gathered.

Not only SJWs, but men as well. Legions of MS13 from the south, ISIS from the coast, all will answer NWO's call.

This will be the end of the FREE WORLD as we know it.

Here the HAMMER stroke will fall hardest.

If AMERICA is taken, if the garrison at D.C. falls, the last defense of this WORLD will be gone.

But we have the WHITE WIZARD. That's got to count for something.


SOROS has yet to reveal his deadliest servant - the one who will lead NWO's armies in war.

The one they say no living NORMIE can kill.

The DEEP STATE of the CABAL. You've met them before. They shot JFK from the hilltop.

They are the Lord of the NAZIS; the greatest of the NINE FAMILIES.

IS RA EL is their lair.

48a869 No.1638688

File: 7632d4726ae4371⋯.jpeg (167 KB, 750x600, 5:4, B13780AE-370D-4A2F-A25C-E….jpeg)


https:// twitter.com/joshdcaplan/status/1003995056427057152?s=21

7f4b70 No.1638695

red head posting gets you filtered

Suggest others do the same so this stupid waste of 8ch resources stops.

65ce25 No.1638696

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

America Was Created As a Conspiracy Theory

Why Our Brains Shut and Turn Off When the Term's Uttered

{Though this is not an endorsement of all things Lionel, I do have to give him kudos for making this point, which is one that I, myself, have been using on for years against "conspiracy theory" naysayers}

main point @13-14min


The US Declaration of Independence, considered the corner stone of the American nation and one of the most important historical documents of all time, signed in Congress in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776, is a virtual celebration of conspiracy theory.

“…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security…”

This is followed by a laundry list of misdeeds and abuses committed by the British monarch, concluded with the insistence that these are not isolated complaints about disparate events but rather the implacable and systematic operations of a concerted plot – a conspiracy.

“The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having, in direct object, the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States.”

The founding ideology of the United States of America was a Grand Conspiracy to reduce We the People to abject slavery.

a54c39 No.1638697



Instead of new york times at the bottom you should put lord jacob rothschild, as that's the rumored person they made Mr. Burns after. ;)

b22ce5 No.1638698

File: 7eae09a496405ae⋯.jpeg (76.06 KB, 699x960, 233:320, qAfsiuC.jpeg)

Excellent work, Baker.

Daybaker here.

Busy for the next few hours, but should be free this afternoon for full baking duty.

On emergency standby in case things go to hell.

Keep up the excellent work.

145feb No.1638699

File: 1eb47831e36ac57⋯.jpg (9.2 MB, 9488x6768, 593:423, Ishtar_gate_in_Pergamon_mu….jpg)


Q: Why is this vile Witch not dead yet?

A: Reading Witch related crumbs, evocation of the inhabiting spirit (=Ishtar? pls verify) is crucial.

Q: How would one be doing that?

Asking for a friend.

df5378 No.1638700


WhiteKoch Down

a30c16 No.1638701

File: c1945553eb2445f⋯.jpg (136.23 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 2560.jpg)

Japan - OWLS everywhere


d98d10 No.1638702


White Wizard has to be Julian Assange. Note the hair.

273fae No.1638703

File: 8867bea6b88ab0f⋯.png (444.62 KB, 741x710, 741:710, winnet.PNG)

anons, if you want to start your day out with uncontrollable laughter and fun filled choking on your coffee, head to this twitter page and watch this video. He wins the internet!

8611bc No.1638704

File: 60116f1f7da46d2⋯.jpg (77.71 KB, 306x445, 306:445, IMG_0477.JPG)

1d1351 No.1638705

Genesis 6:11 >> Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.

64e8f7 No.1638706

File: f2c384e58cbb772⋯.png (324.38 KB, 700x703, 700:703, pepe celibrate.png)




758114 No.1638707

>>1638688 David Koch Retires



notable for consideration

33af6d No.1638708

> √ Sure is an awful lot of anti-clock people yelling this morning.

> √ All clowns trying to derail progress.

> They can't stand it that there are others in the world smarter than themselves…almost sounds like cabal members behavior.


0897e0 No.1638709


its definitely a shill tactic to spend so much bread, every bread, knocking on the clock. as if people cant think critically for themselves. I disapprove of redhead anon. haven't filtered yet, but I certainly scroll past.

until clock is disproved by Q, it's on the table.

239eac No.1638710


I tried to fit both Q and Assange in the storyline.

Pretty sure Assange's nickname is WHITE WHITE. So you're right.

But it didn't feel right making a story without Q

2a242b No.1638711

File: c3845a849a04390⋯.png (953.9 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, david NBW 611.png)


We will have the last laugh

8611bc No.1638712

File: 32f4561a1374dbc⋯.jpg (97.13 KB, 750x484, 375:242, IMG_0435.JPG)

File: e88d1227140bd1f⋯.jpg (182.39 KB, 744x1117, 744:1117, IMG_0434.JPG)

48a869 No.1638713

File: e8ae5bbdc6a6343⋯.jpeg (389.9 KB, 724x957, 724:957, 3F351634-48E2-44A4-94C2-8….jpeg)


38a5f5 No.1638714


Or until Q confirms , it's off the table ?

a2bd12 No.1638715

File: 723c45e956809a7⋯.jpg (24.57 KB, 244x406, 122:203, Slippery Jim.jpg)

POTUS is going back to a nickname he wants us to dig and highlight, Baker. Future is proving past with "Slippery Jim" Comey, a stellar con man.

The Stainless Steel Rat

"Jim believes he has pulled off a successful bank job, but is out-conned into working for the Special Corps, the elite law-enforcement and spy agency led by the former greatest crook in the Galaxy, Harold P. Inskipp, and composed mostly of ex-criminals like himself. He believes he has escaped from the Corps, and meets his love interest, Angelina - also a criminal genius, but lacking in Jim's relatively high moral codes and strictures against killing. She is attempting to have an illegal space battleship built on an otherwise peaceful planet. Angelina was born unattractive and committed crimes to pay for her transformation into a beautiful woman"

"Angelina [HRC] is a criminal mastermind much like the Rat, only less ethical and more willing to kill. As the Rat's first case for the Special Corps, he tracks Angelina down and ends up falling in love with her. After her capture, she undergoes psycho surgery (not to be mistaken for "psychic surgery") to lessen her homicidal tendencies and she also joins the Corps; during that time she begins a relationship with the Rat that ends with them marrying in the last trimester of her pregnancy. She later assists on many of the Rat's adventures, often providing advice and solutions that Jim himself is unable to see. While she is no longer a heartless killer, her suppressed homicidal tendencies occasionally come out, especially when she sees another woman in close proximity to her husband."


"…a mentor (The Bishop) who imparts on him the knowledge and inspiration to begin his career as a criminal, a vocation James regards as noble" !!


95996f No.1638716



07e52a No.1638717



the red head slide has to stop

51492d No.1638718


Fake & Gay

9ecc1e No.1638720



i love when q talks shit lol you know that has to piss the deep state off

d1a33f No.1638721

File: 2b26d87c51c12e8⋯.png (111.98 KB, 502x579, 502:579, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: 51a87be92db480b⋯.png (572 KB, 1016x573, 1016:573, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: d8fbfa9e3c8d235⋯.png (148.95 KB, 656x641, 656:641, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: 2b26d87c51c12e8⋯.png (111.98 KB, 502x579, 502:579, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

Imagine THIS.

Raw intel collection.

Narrative FEEDER.











How do you retain 'Freedom of the Press' if those in front of the camera [trusted by select viewers] are

>extensions of the ARM?

Freedom of the Press is VITAL to retain.






You, THE PEOPLE, need to remember how TO PLAY.

You, THE PEOPLE, have the POWER.








705c2f No.1638722

>>1638717 (and others in pb)

Agreed, the fuckhead blames us for shitting up the bread, and yet he's the only one doing it. Also, no digging to see or any other relevant results coming from the 18+model-lover …. pretty obvious.

90f54a No.1638723

File: f9d6bd417e5b951⋯.png (91.19 KB, 436x364, 109:91, ClipboardImage.png)

ba104b No.1638724

Anons is it possible that Joseph Mifsud is a Vatican spy? A hitman sent by the pope?

Haven't been on the board for days so I don't know if this article has already been posted:


3abe8e No.1638725

Anyone in the DC area? See if you can get in to the celebration today, maybe POTUS will let in some Patriots to celebrate instead of a team that could care less.

51492d No.1638728


Shill Slide.

d1435d No.1638729

File: ed239016d67a428⋯.png (752.22 KB, 1000x554, 500:277, Screen_Shot_2018-04-06_at_….png)

f5eb51 No.1638730

File: 1e06984756602ad⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x512, 2:1, DF630915-3CD9-4F76-AB68-97….png)

File: 3bc44bcd1de9c23⋯.jpeg (744.15 KB, 1242x617, 1242:617, 2B1C6B37-B60A-46F5-A5C3-F….jpeg)

c7e275 No.1638731



7f4b70 No.1638732


I think it will be shown he is Mossad. Just a guess. The Popadopolous revelation from yesterday opens up a lot of new green field.

758114 No.1638733

Keith Ellison Expected To Retire From Congress

…and announce run for MN AG.


8611bc No.1638734

File: 52715af6ce695d9⋯.png (241.82 KB, 487x463, 487:463, b0131ef13646b5df048899d054….png)

683159 No.1638735

File: 954b0a01e700f26⋯.png (266.95 KB, 500x323, 500:323, Fam.png)

d4c61a No.1638737

File: 8c5d4881b331935⋯.png (391.59 KB, 770x344, 385:172, ClipboardImage.png)

Bill Clinton apologizes publicly to Monica Lewinsky, family for affair

Former President Bill Clinton on Monday apologized publicly again for the affair he had 20 years ago with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, after getting defensive in an NBC interview about the incident that led to his impeachment.

“I meant it then and I meant it now. I apologize to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family, and the American people,” Clinton said at the New York Public Library late Monday night.

Clinton faced questions on Today regarding the #MeToo movement and whether he would have handled his scandal regarding Lewinsky better had it happened in 2018.

The former president was dismissive of the questions, claiming that this was something that happened and was handled years ago, also noting that he wasn’t victimless, as he left the White House $16 million in debt.

Clinton also said he didn't owe Lewinsky a private apology.

Clinton is giving interviews to support a new novel he wrote with James Patterson.

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/bill-clinton-apologizes-publicly-to-monica-lewinsky-family-for-affair

9bc458 No.1638738


many thanks

239eac No.1638739



126114 No.1638740

File: 7550275accc85a6⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, 72132641a5a097aa0650e2a0ef….jpg)

From a few breads back…

d98d10 No.1638741


It's killing them.

"Tick, tick, tick, tick on the watch

And life's too short for me to stop

Oh, baby, your time is running out"

71fe8b No.1638742


Why sad pepe?

2542a9 No.1638744

File: 4ed1e079bf53ea5⋯.jpeg (300.19 KB, 1016x634, 508:317, 56DC941B-508C-4BA2-9F11-4….jpeg)

Nothing, though people keep asking.


Did you see this one yesterday?

About bohemian grove.

9bc458 No.1638745



758114 No.1638746


Opening that sealed indictment when?

a54c39 No.1638747


How are people shocked a hearltess raping, child molesting, almond eating, murdering piece of scum has no remorse for a blowjob?

6c870a No.1638748


Kevin Spacey

d98d10 No.1638749


In the words of President Nixon, "It's the faggiest goddamn thing I've ever seen."

d4c61a No.1638750

File: 74cea600e9e5fb7⋯.png (456.28 KB, 772x488, 193:122, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump pressures IG for report on Obama election meddling

President Trump on Tuesday morning put pressure on the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General’s to issue a report on how the Obama administration decided to surveil his campaign, a move that Trump has argued was aimed at helping his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“What is taking so long with the Inspector General’s Report on Crooked Hillary and Slippery James Comey. Numerous delays. Hope Report is not being changed and made weaker! There are so many horrible things to tell, the public has the right to know. Transparency!” Trump said on Twitter Tuesday.

What is taking so long with the Inspector General’s Report on Crooked Hillary and Slippery James Comey. Numerous delays. Hope Report is not being changed and made weaker! There are so many horrible things to tell, the public has the right to know. Transparency!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2018

The inspector general is looking into surveillance on Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign, and the president is worried that the longer the reports take, the more it is being altered to make a weaker case against Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey.

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/trump-pressures-ig-for-report-on-obama-election-meddling

683159 No.1638752

File: 21f443686350dc4⋯.jpg (172.07 KB, 500x325, 20:13, SomethingChanged.jpg)

File: dd0afdfd778cdd5⋯.jpg (107.4 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, DeplorableThingsHaveChange….jpg)

b22ce5 No.1638753

File: b36b56311ee4108⋯.png (51.73 KB, 589x208, 589:208, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

12e49f No.1638754

Britain to Rule On Rupert Murdoch’s Bid For Sky

Regulators fear mogul would have too much influence in UK

https ://www.infowars.com/britain-to-rule-on-rupert-murdochs-bid-for-sky/

Sky Event ?

df5378 No.1638755



9bc458 No.1638758


if this anon who wrote this knows they are trafficked, I surely hope he REPORTS IT.

239eac No.1638759


Right before Sept. 11

f14f2b No.1638760


Malta Catholics = Jews…

Bronfram was head of Jewish congress for a long time…

It all gets back to the Jews…

3abe8e No.1638761

File: 42d9549e7640969⋯.png (998.28 KB, 1663x927, 1663:927, Iran informs UN of increas….png)


How, doesn't that violate the original Iran deal? Shouldn't the Europeans be pulling out of this deal now as well?

Tick tck

f14f2b No.1638762

File: 26f2ce99a3151c0⋯.png (118.99 KB, 830x447, 830:447, ClipboardImage.png)


Forgot pic

d4c61a No.1638763


I know defies logic, this newest apology wasn't much of one either, doesn't have the sincerity it should have if one meant it. He was backed into a corner and afraid his book won't sell. All self serving, always has been and always will be.

683159 No.1638764

File: 83cd477b5b861fd⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 83.jpg)

File: 4d9aa8272098805⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 459x664, 459:664, Arms.jpg)

File: c076ff4af9e8267⋯.jpg (199.88 KB, 1050x763, 150:109, BeNiceManHeart.jpg)

File: d742408c1f55981⋯.jpg (50.98 KB, 327x377, 327:377, Comfy34.jpg)

File: 69fa08490afdd43⋯.jpg (125.19 KB, 472x518, 236:259, ComfyHydrate.jpg)


No. Pepe happy. Pepe very very comfy.

573549 No.1638765

What’s a Cali motorcycle gang (the Horde) doing riding all over out West? Looking for a place to hide, that’s what……check these bikers…something fishy here

Family members talk about horrific crash in Great Falls http://www.krtv.com/story/38347088/family-members-talk-about-horrific-crash-in-great-falls#.WxaYE6UedlY.twitter

cf37df No.1638766


I sincerely hope this totally outshines Bill's book tour!

634a98 No.1638767

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Craig Sawyer with update on Tucson

df5378 No.1638768



438636 No.1638769


Theyll say it doesn't violate the deal and at the same time say its a great deal. A stiff winds gonna knock this nonsense over eventually.

2542a9 No.1638770


Which is ironic.

Rumors say (and a book) that his extreme homophobia were cover.

f5cf74 No.1638772

Surely we know now that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea all doing book tours is a cover.

These book tours give cover to hold other meetings.

These people are stupid.

All of these meetings are being recorded.

9ecc1e No.1638773


i wonder what cabinet member that would be. i would be surprised if trump let that happen.

19857a No.1638774

does anyone have that "Q confirms clock" graphic with the 2:58 post?

clock is confirmed. clockshills begone.

df5378 No.1638775

Special Counsel: Manafort used, among other things, an encrypted text app (whatsapp?) to contact witnesses in an effort to "suborn perjury"

cc67d8 No.1638776


Founded by (((merchants)))

9cf856 No.1638777

I have been thinking about Twitter accounts like Eye The Spy and Backchannel claiming certain upcoming dates as significant.

I'm starting to believe they're heightening people's expectations so that they will be discouraged when nothing happens

758114 No.1638778

File: ec5fa3dd348f9b3⋯.jpg (9.93 KB, 186x216, 31:36, loooongstar.jpg)

239eac No.1638779


It's in the notables.

6beb17 No.1638781

File: c5bad754791e37a⋯.png (79.64 KB, 800x1025, 32:41, SKY EVENT_ANAGRAMs.PNG)



64e8f7 No.1638782

File: cf7165afc0ae3cc⋯.png (255.14 KB, 1034x466, 517:233, 43 eyes map connections.png)


thanks (((anon)))


(repost from prev bread b/c its important)

(Img Related)

How many times has Q said: “You have more than you know.”?

“You have more than you know.”

“You have more than you know.”

“You have more than you know.”

Get it?

MKULTRA/Hollywood and Japan have pre-loaded us with useful shit,

And the Cabal has been using masked comms for a LONG time,

GEOTUS/Q have also probably been operational for a LONG time too;

Allowing a bit of darkness/irrationality into your thinking will unlock a LOT.






Cabal is just old—ancient—aristocracy,

Carving up peasant populations to control,

While erasing those with ‘dangerous’ logics/magicks;

GEOTUS/Q chose you for a reason.


90f54a No.1638783


protection racket?

2a242b No.1638784

File: 65aad7e606675d1⋯.jpg (80.23 KB, 960x540, 16:9, growing stronger.jpg)



I will gladly take their arrows.

(((They))) are distracted.

Strike hard. Strike Quickly.

We are the Anvil.

Bring the HAMMER down!

19857a No.1638785

holcim recently bought or merged with lafarge, making them the largest cement maker. lafarge has been mentioned here as being involved with trafficking and other fuckery in Africa among other places.

what is the relation of holcim/lafarge and cemex? is there any interlocking directorship? is there any significant common ownership?

3abe8e No.1638786

File: c60fa7d8030b9cb⋯.png (461.19 KB, 1663x927, 1663:927, Judicial Watch Obtains Ema….png)


They were misdirecting since the jump. Blame Trump for Russian meddling, meanwhile that is exactly what you do behind the scenes.

145feb No.1638787

File: c52edb559284242⋯.gif (49.73 KB, 400x86, 200:43, invade-1.gif)




2542a9 No.1638788


Enty seems to know “stuff” about “important” people.

Just putting it “out there” is enough notification for LE, assuredly, they are watching.


Doesn’t say that it is a current cabinet member…doesn’t say former either but it could be a trap.

95996f No.1638789


Monarch mind control was/is practiced on an industrial scale. Thousands of people fractured into multiple personalities then selected and trained to hold diverse jobs throughout society and the economy with the ability to act totally normal. The scale of the infiltration is mind boggling.

Miraculous that there is a group of people who understand and have developed a plan to root out such pervasive evil. 40,000 ft. view indeed.

A&E is running a series on cults. Worth watching.

6beb17 No.1638790


Lafarge = ISIS (bunkers, etc)

19e64e No.1638791


in person visits of bignobs are always notable

9bc458 No.1638792

HA! Shills aren't even acting anymore. We must be getting close.

9ecc1e No.1638794


not sure on if they actually own cemex i think they do. but the chairman of holcim is involved with french and swiss investment banks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_W._Hess

and of course hes involved with nestle

cc67d8 No.1638795

File: fce9752d9dfbc50⋯.jpg (112.78 KB, 836x315, 836:315, mafia.jpg)


Protection and anything else they could get away with. Slavery smuggling you name it. All the (((Mafia))) classics

d98d10 No.1638796


Last week they were trying to blockade EyeTheSpy talk. This week they're trying to blockade clockfagging.

It's easy to figure out what to focus on. Whatever the shills go apeshit over - is what (((they))) fear the most.

I don't care if it takes a hundred breads a day to hash out a topic. NSA servers have lots of storage space. And so do I.

d1a33f No.1638797

File: fd996f0b923ef91⋯.png (81.3 KB, 375x625, 3:5, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: d7e8bf05b915f17⋯.png (48.99 KB, 724x321, 724:321, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

good morning fags

b467eb No.1638798

For those kratom pushers, I agree that big pharma is behind the war on drugs for obvious reasons. I will take it even further and tell you that I don't require a doctor's, or a goverment's permission to consume any substance I choose.

But as far as kratom goes, worthless garbage. It is placebo at best.

f14f2b No.1638799

File: 10f18df18aaf0e9⋯.png (323.15 KB, 603x542, 603:542, ClipboardImage.png)


Four thousand Knights of Malta, heirs to one of the great orders of European chivalry of mediaeval times, and the fourth oldest religious order in the Roman Catholic Church, took over the Vatican briefly on Saturday.


283410 No.1638800

>>1636510 (lb)

this is probably why the MINUTE is the marker and not the HOUR, timezones wouldn't matter

6beb17 No.1638801


i wonder about the military. clearly it was a very important sector for the cabal to infiltrate, and clearly they have, to some extent… (Brows Aquino much?)

Then all the generals Hussein fired, etc… did the MIL white hats see that go on and layed low? (at least since JFK)…

41713c No.1638802

File: 9458fdf28c89ca5⋯.jpg (26.41 KB, 349x524, 349:524, rose_leslie.jpg)

File: 8f0bcb87b51a531⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 2232x5180, 558:1295, Comms understood - how the….jpg)






Yet, here you are with 5 posts eating up bread. Nobody's buying, it, clock cunts. Go shit up your own thread located here:


The only time Q instructed us to do anything with a clock in screenshot attached. Comms and markers to confirm Q is valid. Not your shit slide clock.

12e49f No.1638803


Patriots at the meeting ?

Any pics in Italy or CA?

0d74c0 No.1638804

File: 08758daa0e89b1d⋯.jpg (148.73 KB, 450x300, 3:2, banjo.jpg)

344f16 No.1638805


I think this is big news. Eric Schmidt from GOOGLE and JEFFY SNOWFLAKE in CUBA

They weren't authorized by 45 or anyone else in the administration to go over there and discuss trade.

I really think they are there to discuss future living arrangements to avoid extradition.


Some POS's showing up on Cuba's shores to hope they won't get extradited back to the US when the ship hits the fan?

f5745a No.1638806


Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty to Rape, Sexual Harassment Charges in NYC Court

ba104b No.1638807

Anyone a suggestion how to download the video?


90f54a No.1638808


almost as if it's always been part of society

758463 No.1638809

File: 099743160a5069c⋯.jpg (66.88 KB, 928x523, 928:523, Joe_Bidens_other_son_BP_RI….jpg)





>Pic related.

Mutation of PAX6 gene or P gene (OCA2)?


Am J Phys Anthropol. 2013 Jul; 151(3): 398–407.

The Convergent Evolution of Blue Iris Pigmentation in Primates Took Distinct Molecular Paths

How many distinct molecular paths lead to the same phenotype?

In humans, the phenotype of blue iris pigmentation has well understood molecular and genetic underpinnings.

In humans, several coding sequence mutations and deletions of coding regions in OCA2 (P gene) cause oculocutaneous albinism, or severely reduced pigmentation of the hair, skin, and irises , whereas regulatory SNP rs12913832 has a more moderate influence on hair and skin phenotypes .

In addition to the main effect SNP, variants within OCA2 and at least 12 other genes have been more weakly associated with human iris color variation; these likely act as modifiers of iris color with smaller effect size

Age strongly influences human iris color variation, and sex has a significant but weak effect

revealed the blue iris phenotype to be highly similar across species

2542a9 No.1638810


Probably works if you travel to South America and get treatment there…or you could be beheaded.

It’s a risk.

But agree, shit you order over internet is shit.

df5378 No.1638811

"We are no longer a pageant," Gretchen Carlson, the first former Miss America to be named chair of the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization, said on "GMA." "We are a competition."

Gretchen ruins everything she touches

f14f2b No.1638812

File: 81425c18eb509df⋯.png (275.43 KB, 486x304, 243:152, ClipboardImage.png)


Bunch of pedos

Sacrifice children much?

95996f No.1638813

Anyone going to WH this pm so there is a crowd (outside the gates at least) to listen to POTUS honor America program? Surely some Pat fans won't attend.

10314d No.1638814




0d74c0 No.1638815



6beb17 No.1638816






hey please complain again about all those "Ad Hominems" thrown at you, how about it

7f4b70 No.1638817



adb63d No.1638818

File: efa833f0c545eec⋯.jpg (198.35 KB, 658x940, 7:10, coupleaz - Copy.jpg)

good morning anons


heres another couple murdered

from az, could be related to other murders in az

239eac No.1638819

File: 0c71cc374b5cbbc⋯.jpg (119.39 KB, 392x379, 392:379, 1523492764569.jpg)


>i posted a redhead that means im part of the movement guize right plz except me.

9144d1 No.1638820


you are a special type of stupid!

07e52a No.1638821

>>1638802 filtered - anon show some respect and stop the red head slide

9bc458 No.1638822

Former World Champion Boxer Caught on Camera Changing the Life of a Local Ice Cream Vendor

Last week, Facebook user Jen Manilay was with Pacquiao on a sweltering hot day, when they decided to get some ice cream from a local ice cream vendor, The Christian Post reported.

Manilay bought 10 treats, one for each of the members of the group they were with. As Pacquiao made small talk with the vendor, he discovered the man had recently suffered a stroke.

Pacquaio then handed the man about 30,000 Philippine pesos, about $570, to help cushion the man’s financial woes, including paying for his children’s education.


d1a33f No.1638823


got a fat k boner rn

f824f8 No.1638824


Loudest ones

758463 No.1638825

File: def2e20fbbf4c73⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 513x217, 513:217, Q699_haX9x2.jpg)


from a numberfag POV, dates that line up are quite interesting.


64e8f7 No.1638826

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.







probably not for u anons,

(for others who will see ur post and hrmmm…)

a29cc4 No.1638827

My personal letter to President Trump:

President Trump, since you are doing great business for our country and the world, you're likely not doing the usual business deals of yesterday. If I had a billion bucks, I would start buying up the defunct shopping malls and turn them into capsule apartments - like they have in many other countries - like Asia. Maybe start in California, so that the middle class don't have to sleep on the street.

145feb No.1638828

File: a0ff848ea8f2254⋯.jpg (191.19 KB, 999x1228, 999:1228, pepebabe3.jpg)


Do you want Redheads? Because that's how you get redheads

d7ebbd No.1638829

Wired Sources

‏ @WiredSources

BREAKING: Head of FBI counterintelligence division Bill Priestap arrives in congress to testify before House Judiciary Committee about his involvement in Trump-Russia probe.

7:13 AM - 5 Jun 2018

a2bd12 No.1638830

File: ddcd5c3488fc691⋯.jpg (89.46 KB, 286x475, 286:475, slippery_jim.jpg)


Who performs in a circus?


2542a9 No.1638831


This is bohemian grove near sf, ca.

Not gonna be readily available pics.

Even if one who attends is a closet/undercover patriot.

Kevin Spacey was banned years back due to taking camera.

Word is he is returning with apology and money.

I believe that this year may be a setup. But like everything else, only time will tell.

239eac No.1638832



df5378 No.1638833

Breaking: In 1994, Deep state "spy" Stefan Halper had an addiction to crack cocaine.

cc67d8 No.1638834



They have observer status at the United Nations, just like the Vatican, and Pope Benedict is a member of the monastic order, having joined 15 years ago.

Why the fuck do these creeps have observer status?

So they can show up with their "philanthropic org" and start Human trafficking ops?

d4c61a No.1638835

File: 6a6dd5d77f51847⋯.png (800.25 KB, 869x560, 869:560, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ec20b14db7bb6d7⋯.png (103.03 KB, 900x875, 36:35, ClipboardImage.png)

Blue wave? California tops list as midterm matchups form

For years sidelined on the national political fringe, California has lurched to the center of the fight for control of Congress.

No state will be more consequential in the success or failure of a prospective blue wave this fall. But before then, Democrats must avoid self-inflicted wounds in Tuesday’s so-called jungle primaries that feature a swarm of ambitious candidates who could cannibalize their own party’s chances. At the same time, Republicans face the embarrassing prospect of failing to nominate any candidates in marquee races for the U.S. Senate and governor.

California tops a list of eight states holding primary contests on Tuesday. Democrats and Republicans from Montana to Alabama and Mississippi to New Jersey will pick their nominees up and down the ballot to face off this November for the inaugural midterm elections of Donald Trump’s presidency.

With the possibility of a Democratic wave on the horizon, Tuesday’s contests will test voter enthusiasm, candidate quality and Trump’s influence as the 2018 political battlefield begins to settle.

“I look forward (to) watching the Democrats continue to nominate far-left progressives who are running to go to Congress to impeach the president and raise middle-class taxes,” said Corry Bliss, whose Congressional Leadership Fund will spend tens of millions of dollars to defend the House Republican majority this fall.

On the other side, Democratic strategists expect to see new evidence of an anti-Trump backlash, particularly in suburban districts across New Jersey and California, where many voters have soured on the Republican president.

“The California suburbs are the center of gravity for voters rejecting Republicans in the era of Trump,” said Democratic strategist Jesse Ferguson. “When you combine the Democratic energy with the suburban independent voters who want nothing to do with a Trump Republican, you create a toxic combination for a Republican member of Congress trying to get re-elected.”

Democrats must wrestle at least 23 seats from Republican hands to seize control of the House for the second half of Trump’s first term.

There is no more fertile terrain than California, which features seven Republican seats in districts won by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016. No other state features more than three such seats.

Yet California’s top-two primary system — often referred to as a jungle primary — complicates things.

Under the system, all candidates appear on a single ballot, yet only the top two vote-getters regardless of party advance to a November runoff. In a crowded and competitive race — and there are many — it’s possible that two candidates from the same party advance to the runoff in some districts, leaving the other party with no candidate on the November ballot.

That’s a nightmare scenario for Democrats in particular, who claim momentum in some suburban districts but feature packed fields in many cases.

National Democrats have spent more than $7 million trying to avoid that fate in districts opened by Republican Ed Royce and Darrell Issa’s retirements and in the district where Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is facing challenges from the left and the right. That’s money that Democrats would have preferred to save for this fall.

For Republicans, a California shutout is most likely in the governor’s race.

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jun/5/blue-wave-california-tops-list-midterm-matchups-fo/

0267cc No.1638836

File: 3f92713ab98c3df⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1086x1112, 543:556, Screen Shot 37.png)

Stay on target. Are you ready for the IG report? Can you "explain it to your Grandma"? We've prepared for 7 months. When it breaks, and (((they))) start crying about being the victim of a witch hunt, are you able to calmly and concisely explain the factual truth to your family and friends and people on social media? Civil debate is welcome here, but don't waste the bread arguing. Ignore if you must. Do research, make connections, and spread the word.

36e504 No.1638837

File: 903f3944de86d10⋯.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2EB6B158-CD0D-40E5-A10F-E1….png)

Giuse this is from twatter. Is that correct?

33af6d No.1638838

Linked to the Disney ABC acquisition of the TV biz? Wonder if that still goes through if NEWS CORP doesn't get Sky


d7ebbd No.1638840


Anyone know if this is closed or open session?

239eac No.1638841

2a242b No.1638842

File: 35e9b2bb02dc87c⋯.jpg (159.09 KB, 1024x820, 256:205, V.jpg)

File: 45dc8eab164fd47⋯.jpg (113.91 KB, 900x768, 75:64, pentagram.jpg)


Ishtar = Venus

83ba66 No.1638843


Clinton before the PR edit:

I raped

I exerted my power for sexual attention in the Oval Office

I called my victims bimbos and white trash

I lied

I formally committed perjury regarding my sexual harassment and had my law licensed revoked

I was impeached as President

but I'm the victim, because I left the White House $16 Million in debt.

I'm the victim because I owed money.


The man is certifiable.

adb63d No.1638844

File: dd9c9b58e98f22a⋯.jpg (130.51 KB, 619x464, 619:464, happening - Copy.jpg)

d98d10 No.1638845


Kratom is useful because big Pharma has been getting people hooked on RX opioids, and then purposely cuts them off, which makes people them turn to street-purchased opiods like heroin and street OXY. Kratom is great for weaning off if someone ends up in that situation.

Do not take Kratom to get high - it's still an opioid, natural or not.

283410 No.1638846

File: fcff4f86d10eff0⋯.png (155.23 KB, 923x806, 71:62, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)


95996f No.1638847


Cabinet Member? current/ former? Ideas anyone?

9144d1 No.1638848


you forgot to calculate in voter fraud, what is killary did not win popular vote?

a2bd12 No.1638849

File: b5fd5ed8c0d0a34⋯.png (43.51 KB, 673x372, 673:372, Slippery James in a pickle.png)

File: b963281231c706b⋯.jpg (261.25 KB, 600x1560, 5:13, Jim in a pickle.jpg)

a66f4c No.1638850

File: 346617aa5262567⋯.jpeg (54.85 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1528208499.jpeg)

64e8f7 No.1638851

File: 1b8ab5f26c61a58⋯.png (1.43 MB, 2055x1099, 2055:1099, Inanna.png)


Kinda… Duality,

(((they))) invoke negative side,

There is another more Nuturing

Side of Venus also…

f14f2b No.1638853


The whole size of this monster is becoming apparent. We are in for a real battle to gain freedom. The military is and will be needed…

17f21b No.1638854

File: cf848d2f025964d⋯.png (445.35 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Patriotic shadow box Q 2.png)

File: 75a358afc3cc1ae⋯.png (435.42 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Oh Canada Q shadow box.png)

File: de8896b30afdc7e⋯.jpg (99.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Q Canadian research team b….jpg)

File: 3e6c333710b7035⋯.jpg (171.43 KB, 767x499, 767:499, Norad Strategic Air comman….jpg)

I finished & posted some new badges last night, that some other anons had requested.

I made the shadowbox Canadian Q, to have a good Canada Q for the Canada badge.

First pic, is the Patriotic shadowbox Q i made awhile back.

7f4b70 No.1638855

File: cc3df4907a49502⋯.png (48.65 KB, 685x318, 685:318, ClipboardImage.png)

…and closed hearing

what else?

so sick of this

d98d10 No.1638856


reported. This underage girl does not deserve to be plastered all over every bread.

36e504 No.1638857


I believe so too, just this info alone is smth i never looked at this way. Funny enough, came to my attention just now

df5378 No.1638858

MSM on Stormy: Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star 15 years before he was elected - IMPEACH!

MSM on Monica: Clinton had sex in the Oval Office with one of his interns while his wife was asleep upstairs - GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER!!

0d74c0 No.1638859


"botched robbery"


reads more like cold blooded depraved heart murder imo.

shot the woman in both femoral arteries. there is a message there.

f0b41a No.1638860


Not sure what's going on here, but the cow seems to be enjoying it.

95996f No.1638861


Can't relocate sauce, but I think the evidence that she did win the popular vote has already been gathered.

cc67d8 No.1638862

File: 29ba0f39c191b95⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 1080x835, 216:167, Unholy Trinity.jpg)



It likely has been

d4c61a No.1638863


Indeed, he still has meltdowns at the mention of any of it. Guess he doesn't enjoy all of those monkey's hanging on his back.

875982 No.1638864

File: 3ce347651066f32⋯.jpeg (27.33 KB, 494x498, 247:249, db4d2c36e1d62e207347d3558….jpeg)


Turning women into useless degenerate cock pulverizing whores and turning men into limp wristed vidya playing soyboy faggots.

It's magnificent!

0fb700 No.1638865


David Koch Steps Down From Company, Political Groups…


64e8f7 No.1638866

File: 8daa4be3b06961e⋯.png (730.04 KB, 800x578, 400:289, poussin shepards of arcadi….png)



Missed an img.

adb63d No.1638867


says he was shot 18 times hmmm

over a robbery

i think its connected

19857a No.1638869


sweet, thank you anon. considering spamming the c0unterclockshills with it.

wait, this one has 4 o clock, wasn't it 3 o clock? help me out with the DST issue?

ae0a73 No.1638870


The Kochs are two of the most evil fuckers of all time. I really want to watch them do the chicken leg dance from a rope.

9144d1 No.1638871


im just waiting for an actual report from DHS conclusion everything i suspect. I truly don't think hillary even won the popular vote.

71fe8b No.1638872


Anon, that is Rose Leslie, se is an actress.

Known for showing her tits as Ygritte on Game of Thrones.

Not underaged…

a66f4c No.1638873

File: db585478ca5a02f⋯.jpeg (128.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1525827707.jpeg)


Kicked 15 year opiod habit with Kratom so fuck your placebo theory

ab75cb No.1638874


TOPKEK, but I'm with >>1638742. Can we get a feels good pepe on this?

74b113 No.1638875

File: ae6c0584323337f⋯.jpg (356.1 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, structure-of-freemasonry-b….jpg)

Just because knowing what we know now…

Glen Beck (I know… ) background, but he is interviewing someone on the Vatican and this man's name came up. WOW, but he wanted to stay anonymous throughout his life, giving most of his money away but look at his connections:


Strake, a devout Catholic, gave much of his oil fortune to educational institutions, civic organizations, and charities. He served on the national executive board of the Boy Scouts of America and donated several thousand acres near Conroe to the scouts; the land, named Camp Strake, was the third largest scout camp in the United States. Strake donated $500,000 to the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation in Houston and thus became a founding benefactor of that institution. He was also a generous contributor to the University of St. Thomas and a member of its board of trustees, and to Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School in Houston, which was named in his honor. He was on the board of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, served Our Lady of the Lake College (now Our Lady of the Lake University) in San Antonio in an advisory capacity, and was a trustee of the Institute of Chinese Culture in Washington. He was also on the board of governors of the American National Red Cross and the Southwest Research Institute and was a trustee of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Strake was cited as the most generous contributor to the Houston-Harris County United Fund charities. He was a member of numerous professional and civic organizations. In recognition of his gifts and support, Strake received several honorary degrees and four papal honors between 1937 and 1950, including two of the Vatican's highest honors for a layman-the Order of St. Sylvester and the Order of Malta. The National Conference of Christians and Jews, in which he served as a member of the national board, honored him in 1950 for outstanding contributions to business, civic, and religious affairs. On June 5, 1957, the citizens of Conroe honored Strake on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the discovery of oil in Montgomery County by dedicating a monument to him on the city hall lawn; Governor Price Daniel read a proclamation designating the day George W. Strake Day in Montgomery County. Strake was married to Susan E. Kehoe on September 10, 1924, and they had three children. He died on August 6, 1969, in Columbus, while on a trip to San Antonio, and was buried in the Garden of Gethsemane Cemetery in Houston.

adb63d No.1638876


thats right, transparency!!!!

mfers work for us

82603a No.1638877


Seek Help Immediately

963435 No.1638878

Q will break the Internet


This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS / Net shut down / Net will be paused


145feb No.1638879


That Planetary graph blew my mind..


Naturally: every deity has a Positive & Negative aspect. Considering the law of Vibration, will invoking the Nurturing aspects of Venus cause the demise of Negative Ishtar (or at least, greatly weaken it so that slaughtering it becomes easier).

27597b No.1638880

File: b6846c65a54d2be⋯.jpg (211.21 KB, 1024x863, 1024:863, Zebra89.jpg)

File: 14593292360e3fc⋯.jpg (206.92 KB, 576x324, 16:9, WWG1.jpg)

File: c5b8ee8efe71cad⋯.jpg (291.4 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Vacay.jpg)

File: c64b4ddf26397cc⋯.jpg (11.16 KB, 236x233, 236:233, Teeth.jpg)

a66f4c No.1638881


I like the whores part. The rest not so much.

145feb No.1638882


Missed a ?

Considering the law of Vibration, will invoking the Nurturing aspects of Venus cause the demise of Negative Ishtar (or at least, greatly weaken it so that slaughtering it becomes easier)?

33af6d No.1638883

California will be a red wave if we expose these accursed pedovores controlling every word and image that forms our collective understanding of the world.


That control will be broken but it hasn't been yet. Every time we expose a mockingbird shill, a pedovore entertainment executive or a treasonous luciferian actor that control gets a little weaker.

30f487 No.1638885


and clocks!

95996f No.1638886


But tide is turning.

BC stumbled in the first book tour interview because he assumed all MSM reporters would avoid hard or embarrassing questions.

Dem machine has fissures now.

9144d1 No.1638887


imagine a republican governor in cali?

c4a257 No.1638888

File: c7873ed55fb2b6c⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 400x225, 16:9, gzezhidp7gx01.gif)


you're like a pimple that always comes back…

a perfidious pedo pimple

b54e3e No.1638889


VOP - While I support these guys and believe justice is unfolding, I'd like to give a warning to NOT co-relate Q and infinite chan with VOP. It would be a great way to discredit this movement if (and only if) someone within VOP takes something too far and the media jumps on the opportunity to demonize the situation.

Just thinking out loud here.

71fe8b No.1638890

File: 533377b42b6b86e⋯.png (452.63 KB, 500x440, 25:22, untitled.png)


here she is. A bit skinny, but it makes sense in the context of the show, kek.

51492d No.1638891

41713c No.1638892

File: 4bbaa226f725bb7⋯.jpg (61.9 KB, 484x650, 242:325, 1521680120161.jpg)


Shh! They expose themselves more easily if you don't tell them ;-)

Why do you think I post the redheads? It's like a shill beacon.

df5378 No.1638893


[writing this so I will not be put in the gas chamber in 2024 by Dem President]

adb63d No.1638894

File: fa4dfc2fe967dfd⋯.jpg (174.99 KB, 1304x322, 652:161, masonandoaths - Copy.jpg)

File: b58f90d8b64c4e9⋯.jpg (92.33 KB, 550x413, 550:413, serveimage.jpg)

File: 4be6a6dd628090b⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 598x420, 299:210, Supreme-Court-Jerusalem_-f….jpg)

File: 7d2a2bff2b22b8d⋯.jpg (198.05 KB, 859x790, 859:790, lYfNb2l.jpg)

64e8f7 No.1638895

File: f1721afa10ee9e3⋯.jpg (31.04 KB, 320x207, 320:207, 7 laws.jpg)


i See u fren <3

30f487 No.1638896


iz funny cause it's true

19857a No.1638897


there will never be another dem president.

705c2f No.1638899


Be careful please, as we might not yet know enough on how to interpret and/or use the clock. Only confirmation one could see, would be the minute on the timestamp (i.e. :58) which points to the correct date when Q post was made. As for the clock in the background – couldn't find where/when that was posted …..

fcfcb7 No.1638900

File: 09068e5b8167aa5⋯.jpg (14.89 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 10eb9760e5eac422f27a144924….jpg)

7f4b70 No.1638901

File: 79542dd45d44bb5⋯.png (167.91 KB, 652x807, 652:807, ClipboardImage.png)



Lol, Halper the crack head.

ab75cb No.1638902

File: bbde38d627afe1e⋯.png (515.37 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, meme.trump.pointing.png)


You're a faggot.

d98d10 No.1638903


Speaking of the Philippines…



And Pac would annihilate Mayweather in a rematch. I say he won the first fight too.

ea5c59 No.1638904


You are a special type of NIGGER!

b22ce5 No.1638905

File: 4104044a39e2154⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 154x127, 154:127, paran.jpg)

<ID 41713c

<clock analysts

<everyone responding to the pointless faggoty bickering

64e8f7 No.1638906

File: f2470fd62fd7d6d⋯.jpg (112.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, The great Awakening Hermes.jpg)

1st call For MUH NOTABLES


Baker Girls/Muh_Concrn All equal FILTRED FAGGIT

Have a notable and Baker is Ignoring U?

Thats probably Why

Current Notables


>>1638721 Arm Cement: more good than bad, TRUST THE PLAN

>>1638715 The Stainless-Steel-Rat Comey/HRC Future Proves past

>>1638688 David Koch Retires, >>1638759 sealed indictments opened near Sept. 11

>>1638818 Suspicious Murders in AZ

Please don't feed

(((the Adversary))) (((GingerShill)))

Silence = Napalm to the (((Shill)))

Helper Anons are in here!



2c31c9 No.1638907

d6276a No.1638908


governments that work in secret and hide their deeds from the people do not deserve our taxes!

6beb17 No.1638909


>vidya playing

part that made me laugh most.

nothing less creative than wasting your life moving pixels around in a sandbox pre-programmed by others for cheap and artificial goal-reached feelings of satisfaction.


963435 No.1638910


>This will be the END of the D party.

What Dems?

19857a No.1638911

(one of) the superpower(s) of an autist is to neither believe nor disbelieve.

d4c61a No.1638912

File: 64fe2f19ec0489f⋯.png (937.02 KB, 868x555, 868:555, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6f41a1476d0773⋯.png (121.17 KB, 904x910, 452:455, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b21364956f51211⋯.png (98.34 KB, 920x879, 920:879, ClipboardImage.png)

Banned gun buyers beat background checks – and are rarely prosecuted when caught

A convicted felon from Colorado lied about his criminal past while trying to buy guns at two upstate New York stores in 2016.

The man failed the instant background checks and was denied the weapons. Law enforcement was notified because lying on a firearms application is a federal offense, but the man fled back to Colorado before the authorities caught up to him.

Francis Neeley, a 30-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, took the case to federal prosecutors in upstate New York, seeking charges and an arrest warrant. The prosecutors declined the case, citing a Department of Justice policy to pursue only the most extreme instances in which someone lies on a federal firearms application, Mr. Neeley said.

Mr. Neeley also hit a dead end with New York state prosecutors. They said the case was worthy of prosecution, but they didn’t have funds to send investigators to Colorado and bring the man back to New York, Mr. Neeley recalled.

The man was never charged for lying on the gun applications, and Mr. Neeley said law enforcement doesn’t even know why he made two attempts to purchase a gun.

“We at the ATF have limited resources, and how much time are we going to invest in a case that isn’t going to be prosecuted?” Mr. Neeley said. “You just pray that this guy doesn’t walk into a place and kill someone with a firearm he gets on the street.”

Nearly 16,000 people in the United States died last year as a result of gun violence, and 6,000 people have been killed so far this year, according to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive.

Several high-profile school shootings have refocused attention on guns, and those on all sides of the issue say more must be done to keep weapons out of the hands of felons, fugitives, the mentally infirm, those with domestic violence records and illegal immigrants — all of whom are supposed to be flagged by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and prevented from buying firearms.

But tens of thousands of those people try to buy guns each year. Some are successful, and few are prosecuted.

Of those tens of thousands of purchase attempts, the ATF referred fewer than 600 to federal prosecutors between 2008 and 2015. U.S. attorney’s offices then whittled that number down further, considering 254 cases, or an average of 32 a year, for possible prosecution, according to the most recently available statistics compiled by the Justice Department’s inspector general.

Given the lack of penalties, analysts said, there is no real downside to a banned buyer trying.

Yet lives could be at stake.

A 2008 study funded by the Department of Justice found that people who are denied guns are 28 percent more likely to be arrested in the five years after failing background checks compared with the previous five years.

“This is an important enough issue that it ought to be addressed,” said Philip Hilder, a former federal prosecutor who is now a private-practice lawyer. “If it saves just one person’s life, it’s worth the enforcement.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised a change after the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 people were killed. He directed U.S. attorneys to prosecute what are known in the business as “lie and try” cases.

The George W. Bush and Obama administrations pledged to crack down on these cases, but those promises did not result in meaningful action.

Charles Rose, a Stetson University law professor and former federal prosecutor, said U.S. attorneys just don’t view lie-and-try as important because, ultimately, the person is denied a gun and the case boils down to lies on government paperwork. Other cases take priority, he said.

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jun/4/banned-gun-buyers-beat-background-checks-are-rarel/

a66f4c No.1638913

File: 94f1ebea4d6eb03⋯.jpeg (166.62 KB, 1440x1041, 480:347, 1528122623.jpeg)

c2d437 No.1638914


We are being exterminated

30f487 No.1638915


kool thx

758114 No.1638916


Imagine Ronald Reagan?

d98d10 No.1638917


So did Hussein. Drug addiction is another means to control these puppets.

705c2f No.1638919



2a242b No.1638920

File: e4c296815530d3b⋯.jpg (25.99 KB, 500x333, 500:333, X.jpg)

File: d4bdb59a5b3000e⋯.jpg (63.88 KB, 487x600, 487:600, XX.jpg)

File: 21ee95a42fcee4d⋯.jpg (104.96 KB, 881x1200, 881:1200, XXX.jpg)

71fe8b No.1638921


I don't think either party will survive this. Trumpers will probably form a new party, and th Left will form a new minority Far-left party.

ace161 No.1638922


Luckily Rep. Jim Jordan will be there and Matt Gatez and Gowdy if you think Gowdy is a white hat

616bb3 No.1638923


Beautiful picture! Classy, sexy, curvy! At least some men still know what a woman looks like.

These Anons be posting alot of trannies.

758114 No.1638924

File: ce0dc42fa16cd57⋯.jpg (62.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, California-American-flag-G….jpg)

File: a0ba7b0c6791994⋯.png (6.6 KB, 275x183, 275:183, CA_flag.png)

File: 5e1eeaea9e2099a⋯.jpg (87.28 KB, 500x367, 500:367, redwave.jpg)

d98d10 No.1638925


Yes, that's why we are sponges of information. Nothing gets accepted or dismissed out of hand.

Good way to see who the shills are…

d4c61a No.1638926

File: 05c6015e030aed2⋯.png (798.61 KB, 870x544, 435:272, ClipboardImage.png)

Ex-defense intelligence officer accused of being Chinese spy

A former defense intelligence officer was arrested Saturday for attempting to sell U.S. defense information to the Chinese government, the Department of Justice said Monday.

Ron Rockwell Hansen, 58, of Syracuse, Utah, held a Top Secret clearance for many years at the Defense Intelligence Agency, which provides information to policy makers and others at the Department of Defense. He was arrested Saturday afternoon at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport while trying to flee the United States for China.

Between 2013 and 2017, Mr. Hansen is alleged to have provided information he learned while attending military and intelligence conferences in the U.S. to contacts associated with the Chinese government, according to court documents. He also improperly sold export-controlled technology to people in China, the Justice Department said. Mr. Hansen is alleged to have received $800,000 in funds from China for the information.

Prosecutors said Mr. Hansen caught law enforcement’s attention after he repeatedly attempted to access classified information after leaving the government. He later attempted to solicit sensitive information from a law enforcement source, who was working with authorities. Mr. Hansen disclosed to the source details of his contacts with the Chinese government, including in-person meetings with intelligence officers. He also promised the source the source that they would be “handsomely paid” for giving the information to China.

Mr. Hansen is expected to appear in a Seattle federal court late Monday. He faces 15 espionage charges, including attempting to gather or deliver national defense information to aid a foreign government and acting as an unregistered foreign agents.

“Ron Rockwell Hansen is a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer who allegedly attempted to transmit national defense information to the People’s Republic of China’s intelligence service (PRCIS) and also allegedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars while illegally acting as an agent of China,” Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers said. “His alleged actions are a betrayal of our nation’s security and the American people and are an affront to his former intelligence community colleagues. Our intelligence professionals swear an oath to protect our country’s most closely held secrets and the National Security Division will continue to relentlessly pursue justice against those who violate this oath.”

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jun/4/ron-rockwell-hansen-arrested-accused-being-chinese/

a66f4c No.1638927

File: c6d3e2f89886405⋯.jpeg (163.03 KB, 1440x1441, 1440:1441, 1523659050.jpeg)

12e49f No.1638928

EM and testla take money and reroute money somewhere else

for AI ?

6a84bc No.1638929

File: 05653cc80cccb3c⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1280x858, 640:429, 3gjm[1].png)

Hi anons, I noticed something kinda interesting on the satellite maps from the cemex plant. If you zoom in on the Southern corner border of the property you can clearly see tracks that lead from the plant and continue South into what looks like a dry riverbed. If you follow this dry riverbed it leads to "Summit". Might be interesting to look at what is near where those tracks lead to. I have included a zoomed out screenshot of the path. It is only 5 miles and could be covered quickly on ATV..maybe a vehicle…have not been there so don't know how soft the sand is.

74b113 No.1638930

File: 2f766d64297ebcc⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 800x513, 800:513, Freemason-Leo-XIII.jpg)


this was the book they were talking about… hmmm looks pretty interesting. he said this Strake fellow funded the dig at the Vatican and wanted his name kept out of the funding. he funded it secretly. so interesting given that he is from the Masons of one of the highest order, no?

What did he expect to find?

30f487 No.1638932

File: 898c2cd656aa9e1⋯.png (352.68 KB, 600x500, 6:5, patriot-rogers.png)


they had to play the game

74b113 No.1638933


helps to sauce


adb63d No.1638934


yes we are

spraying us

vaxin us our kids, most young girls i know cant keep a babt to term

flouride in the water

gmos with monsanto spray

95996f No.1638935


And many dems are thinking–egad, this is our role model? How did we we not see this?

a01523 No.1638936


except and accept mean almost the opposite thing.. you know this right?

d7ebbd No.1638937

Mueller accuses Manafort of witness tampering


The Special Counsel's Office has accused former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of attempting to get witnesses to lie for him in court, and they've asked the judge to send him to jail as he awaits his trial, according to a filing in DC District Court Monday night.

One of the witnesses told investigators recently that Manafort wanted them to commit perjury about a lobbying effort they worked on for him in the US, the filing said.

Manafort is currently out on house arrest and a $10 million unsecured bail. He awaits a trial in Virginia that is scheduled for late July and a trial in DC scheduled to begin in September. He has pleaded not guilty to charges related to his failure to disclose his US lobbying work for a foreign government and to bank fraud and other financial crimes.

Tampering with a witness is a crime in itself – and it's one Manafort has not yet been charged with.

The new allegation places even more pressure on Manafort, who has stared down prosecutors as they heaped charges on him and say they continue to investigate the possibility that he coordinated with Russians during the 2016 presidential election.

More @ link above!

c88d0c No.1638938

File: c710d546a4ecc5d⋯.jpg (494.18 KB, 720x540, 4:3, fungible pepes.jpg)

Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft all three closed at all-time highs yesterday.

Whatever POTUS and Q are up to lately, it isn't limiting down the companies invading our privacy.

ab75cb No.1638939


Agreed. Calm before the report. Next comes the pain. If not, then I will become a treefag and leave.

963435 No.1638940


>This is not a R v D battle.

>This is not about religions or party affiliation.

I'd have to agree

6beb17 No.1638941


true, it was answered thus… but what a game that was, hope we'll get to know more about that part some day…

(also, member Syria? member how much of a burning hot coal of a red line that was during Hussein's reign? and how normies just as easily forget about it as Lybia, etc…)

adb63d No.1638942


trump needs to get noahide laws out of our laws

it is hid in a school bill

12e49f No.1638943


Divine rite of Kings? Divine ?

95996f No.1638944


Understand the point you are trying to make, but

do you have a special English misuse dictionary you used for your post?

903ae6 No.1638945

File: 63978a68bd3acb0⋯.png (30.56 KB, 1072x201, 16:3, Kurt Schlichter' - townhal….png)

Liberals want to win the victory they can’t achieve at the ballot box by using their cultural power to systematically marginalize and exclude Normal Americans from every aspect of society – and we can’t let them. From the business world to Hollywood, we are seeing them react to their utter repudiation in recent elections by trying to intimidate us into silent conformity as the price of us being allowed to participate in the non-governmental institutions of society. We must therefore have a two-part response to this act of cultural warfare – not only must we get right back in their smug little faces, but we must also build our own cultural institutions, ones that they can’t control.


44879c No.1638946


The article says "a resounding 89% responded 'no'

The poll shows "a resounding 89% responded 'yes'

74b113 No.1638947

File: 6fbd367fad7fd6a⋯.jpg (90.15 KB, 296x402, 148:201, 1519758749555.jpg)

File: 79b1804ccffd96a⋯.jpg (21.32 KB, 225x320, 45:64, 1519772233126.jpg)



A Texas oilman. A brilliant female archaeologist. An unknown world underneath the Vatican.

In 1939, a team of workers beneath the Vatican unearthed an early Christian grave. This surprising discovery launched a secret quest that would last decades — a quest to discover the long-lost burial place of the Apostle Peter.

From earliest times, Christian tradition held that Peter — a lowly fisherman from Galilee, whom Christ made leader of his Church — was executed in Rome by Emperor Nero and buried on Vatican Hill. But his tomb had been lost to history. Now, funded anonymously by a wealthy American, a small army of workers embarked on the dig of a lifetime.

The incredible, sometimes shocking, story of the 75-year search and its key players has never been fully told — until now. The quest would pit one of the 20th century’s most talented archaeologists — a woman — against top Vatican insiders. The Fisherman’s Tomb is a story of the triumph of genius against all odds.

239eac No.1638948

When the net gets paused, do you think that Q team will leave 8chan operational so that everyone comes here?

If so it's definitely going to be a primetime event. As many eyeballs as possible.

How else to get the message out?

df5378 No.1638949

The OIG report will prove that the CIA has been hiding the truth of Flat Earth from the world. Finally, justice.

cbae4e No.1638950

File: 9690a81f4421d27⋯.png (400.81 KB, 590x453, 590:453, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-….png)

File: 66ba5540aa0f938⋯.png (383.58 KB, 592x419, 592:419, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-….png)

We need to be more like Brazil.

758114 No.1638952


Sing Ron Sing!!

963435 No.1638953

Net will be paused

Break the Internet

Break the MSM

Net shut down

All at once

41713c No.1638954

File: 36d7ce728363d14⋯.jpg (145.87 KB, 736x919, 736:919, 1518010515400.jpg)


Sounds like there could be some digging on NetJets in and out of Northern Cali.


I'm with you on this one.

7f4b70 No.1638955


No we dont. Brazil is a fucking shithole.

df5378 No.1638957


Blame Gretchen Carlson for no skin at Miss America

10314d No.1638958


Time stamp of Q, 15:58, so op of img pointed hour arrow at 4

6beb17 No.1638959


because they flipped the question/result,

Read Moar

2f334b No.1638960

File: fb488eea26eaeb8⋯.jpeg (196.18 KB, 640x1087, 640:1087, 2C7104E0-CF49-40AF-9BA7-2….jpeg)

Regarding CEMEX!

I knew someone that used to work at Televisa, They told me they quit because they found out there was money laundering in the company and they also claimed there was a connection between Cemex and Televisa (currently diggingg for that) They gave me this article, written in Spanish- which has been translated to English so I could share here.

Here’s the article- (in Spanish) https://www.reforma.com/aplicacioneslibre/articulo/default.aspx?id=1355109&md5=dad875dec3cb1f71dac7a7ee537770ab&ta=0dfdbac11765226904c16cb9ad1b2efe

Translated text-

Article written for publication in Mexico, dated March 26,2018

“NY federal court calls for Cemex and Televisa”

“The lawsuits were filed with the Court for the Southern District of New York by the New York law firm Pomerantz LLP, representing holders of securities issued by both companies, who claim compensation for violations of the securities laws of the United States.

Because they are collective actions, all the persons who accredit being in the same situation as the original plaintiffs may join the case, but they will have to prove the link between the conduct of the companies and the losses they claim to have suffered.

The case against Televisa, which was left in the hands of Judge Katharine Parker, was initiated by the shareholder Melvin Gross on March 5, and also mentions Emilio Azcárraga Jean and Salvi Folch Viadero as defendants.

The action against Cemex, taken by Judge Robert W. Lehrbuger, was presented on March 16 by Christopher Schiro and also points out executives Fernando González Olivieri and José Antonio González Flores.

In the case of Televisa, the lawsuit alleges that television executives participated in illegal bribery schemes involving FIFA, and that it lacked effective internal controls over the preparation of its financial reports, according to the company itself on January 18. .

Cemex is also accused of the lack of internal controls to prepare financial reports and of hiding the presumed $20 million bribe paid by two executives in Colombia, which has led to investigations by the United States Department of Justice and the United States Securities Commission.

"As a result of the defendants' undue actions and omissions, and the precipitous drop in the market value of the company's securities, the plaintiff and other members of the class lawsuit have suffered significant damages and losses," both lawsuits say- the standard language in this type of litigation.

Other US law firms have also started dissemination work to add affected shareholders to possible similar lawsuits.

The success of these demands is not guaranteed, nor is it that they will have enough force to force Cemex or Televisa to seek an out-of-court settlement.

In February 2015, a pension fund of bureaucrats in Atlanta, Georgia, filed a class action against the airline Volaris in the same court.

In July 2016, Judge William Pauley dismissed the claim, concluding that the possible misstatements or false statements of Volaris in its financial reports, did not have a "demonstrable material impact" on the shares or their investors.”

758114 No.1638961

File: f83aa46ee3698bf⋯.jpeg (11.25 KB, 255x205, 51:41, pepe____.jpeg)

514064 No.1638962

File: 05294402521f9de⋯.png (100.36 KB, 668x687, 668:687, 20180605_153850.png)

Kek ! Harvey is hiding his Cankle Bracelet.


e91c08 No.1638963


how long before the other one goes, too?

df5378 No.1638964



12e49f No.1638965

Manafort attempted to tamper with potential witnesses -U.S. special counsel

http: //news.trust.org/item/20180605004323-1tdvc

44879c No.1638966


>Halper the crack head.

Fattest "crack head" on earth!

57fa0c No.1638967


Closed hearing is better, won't have to see Dems put on a spectacle for the camera. Glad it's GoodLife, could be real good

2f334b No.1638968


FYI Televisa is a huge Mexican tv network/soap opera network.

33af6d No.1638969


Mitrigine, not an opiate/oid. Activates the same receptors cause much reduced dependence. If you have chronic pain it is far better to take than any of the opiates/oids/ates, the COX inhibitors (unless you like fibrillating) or the NSAIDS.

Kartom is impossible to overdose on. Kratom is a safe, natural pain killer that frees people from dependence on expensive, addictive and dangerous opiates.

The only regulation of Kratom should be to insure the quality of product offered for sale.



cbae4e No.1638970


but, but, Miss BumBum contest!

19857a No.1638971


that one is "sprung forward" for DST ?

758114 No.1638972


>we must also build our own cultural institutions, ones that they can’t control.


514064 No.1638973

File: 6166583717b8af1⋯.png (244.04 KB, 352x432, 22:27, 20180605_154133.png)


Absolute state of him.

0d74c0 No.1638975




check out Sarah Carters twitter banner where she is posing in front of the Sryrian sign. I believe she is trollin' by striking the Baphomet pose.

616bb3 No.1638976


The House of Gaetani have part shares in the businesses of the Caltagirone family with Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone worth over 2 billion. The Caltagione family own Cementir Holding which runs subsidiaries involved with international cement production with a large operation in Scandinavia. Flavio Cattaneo is a board member of Cementir. The Cattaneo family are a similar bloodline that ruled in Genoa with Prince Carlo Gregorio Catteneo and Prince Andrea Cattaneo-Della Volta as current members. The Cattaneo family operated as debt collectors for Genoese bankers. The Italian Mafia has been continually connected with concrete, cement, and construction companies. They use these types of businesses for disposing of bodies and also so they can construct hidden ways to infiltrate into buildings for espionage, assassinations, and extortion. In Italy the mafias like Ndrangheta have constructed entire towns with hidden passage ways, underground bunkers, and tunnels for hiding out, escaping, and storing drugs, weapons, and contraband. Michele Zagaria was a top boss for Camorra and was found hiding in a reinforced bunker under his home. Ndrangheta boss Francesco Pesce was found living in a bunker underneath a junkyard and equipped with high tech surveillance and a trap door. The Gaeatani family are top management and command over the international Ndrangheta clans and they manage the gatekeepers which protect the Black Nobility and higher level mafias. Ndran-gheta like Gaeta. The Gaetani family manage mid level Black Nobility which operate as gatekeepers for high level families like the Savoy, Massimo, Colonna, Torlonia families. They also manage gatekeepers for Switzerland and the Bank for International Settlements which is financing their criminal agenda and their attempt at taking over. Gaetani refers to gate.

ae0a73 No.1638977

The Problems Caused by Making Predictions

Been wanting to get this off my chest for a few months…

ClockFags are okay by me; I scroll right past and get on with my life.

My issue isn’t with the amount of time/manpower invested in piecing things together.

My issue is when clocks are used to make predictions.

If you want to help a blue-piller or Libtard succeed, try making predictions.

I, for one, NEVER talk about “what’s coming” or “what may happen”. Nope, when I want to “Red Pill” people, I ask them questions about WHAT ALREADY HAPPENED.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to argue against facts. I agree with people that—on a personal level—POTUS isn’t a very “like-able” personality. Then, I open up a browser and go to www.MAGAPill.com and have the other person begin scrolling through accomplishment after accomplishment. While their jaw is hanging open, I ask a very simple question:

“What more might he have accomplished had Congress approved of the more than 300 people waiting to join his staff?”

Q and POTUS will NEVER tip their hand regarding what they’re CURRENTLY doing or WHAT IS COMING.

They’re smart enough to know that 3-letter agents are also coming through the crumbs looking for hints (to cover their asses).

If you think we are smarter than trained code crackers, I’d bet on them. Therefore, I only invest my time using FACTS and EVIDENCE to Red Pill my Normie pals. I ask them open-ended questions, I let them find their own answers and I encourage them to become self-educated.

I’m no shill. My words and graphics are all over this place; like fingerprints.

I can ABSOLUTELY see why people want/need to try to guess what the day might bring. It’s kind of fun, but it also is VERY DANGEROUS to our mission of waking others up.

One wrong prediction and your integrity/trust is scattered into the wind with the other person. Once trust is lost it is very, very hard to regain.

Don’t put your image on the line using any type of prediction-based tool or system.

I know I won’t. Me likey facts and evidence!

Godspeed, Patriots.


716a39 No.1638978


Also very convenient for the Tucson Intl airport & transportation by private jet.

64e8f7 No.1638979


Cross post this in the Tuscon thread Brother


Great work

875982 No.1638980

File: 5eaef3b1fed53e6⋯.jpeg (845.98 KB, 3585x2868, 5:4, bald-eagle-fish-flying-da….jpeg)

God Bless America

(warning 4k resolution)

a54c39 No.1638981

File: 8469911c45264d8⋯.jpg (163.35 KB, 562x391, 562:391, 11-fd80f83f56.jpg)

Notable for time freaks/Abramovic/Tesla

Interview I've found where Abramovic talks about the Tesla museum and her dedication there.

LA And where’s his wife?

MA She was in Belgrade. She is the director of the Nikola Tesla Museum there, Marija Sesic. She showed me the guest book, with your signature.

LA I was very proud to be there.

MA They are trying to rebuild the museum. I told them, “Please don’t, it’s so good as it is.”

LA It makes a good ruin.

MA They should really not do anything. It’s old and it’s falling apart. But it has a special feeling about it. Oh, by the way, she was asking if you or I have any idea, before they rebuild, if we want to do something there.


Odd video:

Just like 'Tesla Electricity', one of the videos that belong to the installation 'Count on Us' (Abramovic 2004), 'Tesla Urn' is dedicated to the Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla, who made some ground-breaking inventions that are still of importance for us today, especially in the area of electric engineering. In the video, Marina Abramovic holds her hands over the urn that stores the ashes of Tesla (normally kept at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia) in an attempt to absorb their energy.


65ce25 No.1638982

File: 4b4594f53d6b460⋯.jpg (185.65 KB, 539x866, 539:866, SAVING ISRAEL FOR LAST.jpg)



>We are saving Israel for last.

>Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


(anons, feel free to optimize if you wish)

55841c No.1638983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

903ae6 No.1638984


And, it will prove Hussien is not Kenyan.

He's actually Pleiadian

6beb17 No.1638985

File: 49019853fa49ec8⋯.jpg (89.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GOD harvey.jpg)



weird they don't call him GOD anymore

ab75cb No.1638986

File: 9780bccb65d1196⋯.jpeg (48.65 KB, 1020x888, 85:74, meme.pepe.thank.you.jpeg)

3724f8 No.1638987


please add halper former crack hoe

74b113 No.1638988

File: c2dc880f8ad676b⋯.gif (150.57 KB, 500x479, 500:479, pickle_clown.gif)


i smell something? like sour cotton candy… circus like,

CEMEX is V A L I D information. Saying it isnt is sort of, i dont know… shilly?

283410 No.1638989


lol well they spelled 'no' wrong and M$ Word isn't a fact-checker

283410 No.1638991



d6276a No.1638992


The main thing is to end the corruption and to fully restore the Constitution.

616bb3 No.1638994

File: a91dbcc6e04d666⋯.jpg (274.29 KB, 690x1024, 345:512, 105600892.jpg)


The Genovese-Gambino owned S&A Concrete were involved in building the Trump Towers in Manhattan. Donald Trump used Roy Cohn as his attorney and Cohn has also worked for former Genovese boss Tony Salerno, Gambino boss Carmine Galante, and John Gotti. Atlantic City was built up by the mafia and is where Trump built his casino. The mafia held one of their earliest meetings there in 1929 known as the Atlantic City Conference including Italian, Jewish, and Irish mafia bosses. Donald Trump purchased part of the property for his casino from the mafia hitman Salvatore Testa. The mafia launder their personal criminal profits through casinos and have run the casinos in Atlantic City since its beginnings. Robert Libutti frequented Trump’s Plaza Hotel and Casino and was an associate of the Gambino crime family and friend of John Gotti. Trump and Libutti can be seen together in video. Robert Libutti’s daughter Edith further revealed his relations with Trump as friends in an interview. Donald Trump is an associate of the Five Families and Philly Mob and Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is the primary owner of the Genovese crime family. The Savoy family has a Savoy-Genovese noble branch and the Savoy family hold the title of Prince of Naples where the Genovese crime boss Vito Genovese was from. Prince Roffredo Gaetani dated Ivana Trump and he is a hidden top owner of the Gambino crime family. Prince Roffredo Gaetani faked his death and has been hiding out in Switzerland with Prince Vittorio. Prince Vittorio has been investigated for racketeering, corruption, and exploitation of prostitution as well as charged with murder in the past. It was the Savoy family that put the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in power. Atlantic City where Trump owned his casino is mostly controlled by the Philly Mob currently headed up by the mafia boss Joey Merlino.


According to the 29-count indictment, the Genovese group infiltrated concrete companies to control the construction of high-rise buildings in Manhattan, including Trump Plaza.

Two months later, Trump Management, represented by Roy M. Cohn, turned around and sued the United States government for $100 million (roughly $500 million in today’s terms), asserting that the charges were “irresponsible and baseless.”


Gotti was arrested after a year on the lam. His grateful bosses hired lawyer-fixer Roy Cohn to see what he could do, and Cohn could do a lot. He got the case knocked down to attempted manslaughter, and Gotti wound up doing less time for killing – two years – than he had done for a hijacking that involved $7,000 worth of women’s dresses.


Anthony (Fat Tony) Salerno, the rough-talking, cigar-chomping boss of the Genovese crime family who rose from running numbers in East Harlem to rigging construction bids on Manhattan skyscrapers, died Monday night, Federal prison officials said yesterday.

Roy M. Cohn, Mr. Salerno’s lawyer, described his client as a “sports gambler.”



Donald Trump and girlfriend Melania Knauss are joined by Trump’s former wife, Ivana, and her boyfriend, Roffredo Gaetani


He believes the former prince is the leader of a criminal gang involved with illegal gambling and prostitution and gambling.

d98d10 No.1638995


7-hydroxmitragine is a potent Mu opioid agonist, however . Some of the other alkaloids are mixed agonist-antagonist, which is what prevents overdose. Learn before you speak.

I do not think it should be pulled off the market though. Just used carefully by people who really need it. I believe in FREEDOM.

6c870a No.1638996


Colin Powell

6beb17 No.1638997


> in an attempt to absorb their energy.

ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr when does dat witch ever do otherwise

a54c39 No.1638998


Brazil is the fucking rape and kidnap capital of the world.

c4a257 No.1639000


thats a good idea. i was just wondering what all the cord-cutters will do if the net is shutdown for several days. I may have to sign up for cable again just to follow along kek, i hope you're right

a54c39 No.1639001


That's all she does. That's her whole "art" in a nutshell.

48a869 No.1639002


He's too fat to be a crack head, maybe he likes to lure crack whores

95cb64 No.1639003

File: 89f9e16e46ba99e⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 303x166, 303:166, CIGAR.jpg)

d4c61a No.1639004


I agree, I also don't think it is impossible either.

I believe Californians are waking up to the reality of what has been going on for far too long.

6beb17 No.1639005


so sick. so transparently so, too…

few things on this earth provoke/gather as much hate as she does… maybe that's also part of it

903ae6 No.1639006


Mr Dotcom launched the demand after the result of a social media poll which he ran, asking his 750k followers whether they trusted Twitter (Do you think Twitter is in bed with the deep state?), something to which a resounding 89% responded ‘no.’

17f21b No.1639008

File: cc6a205da35ccb7⋯.png (54.61 KB, 419x243, 419:243, AirForce cancels President….png)

A $24million contract to install new refrigerators on the presidential fleet has been cancelled.

Rep Joe Courtney, a Connecticut Democrat, first revealed the contract cancellation in a statement issued on Monday.

'The Air Force, working with the White House Military Office, recently reviewed the investment for the VC-25A chiller replacement and jointly decided to terminate the effort,' Secretary of the Air Force, Heather Wilson, said in a statement.

Wilson said the plan to replace the refrigerators still exists, but the 'progress on the VC-25B program weighed against the cost of the chiller effort makes termination the most prudent fiscal sense for the government'.

The Air Force and White House Military Office will need to reevaluate this effort, Wilson said.

Courtney, who is the ranking member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces, said he supports the decision.

'Clearly, the Air Force is making the right decision [to] cancel the previously announced sole-source contract and hit restart on this process,' Courtney said in a statement.

Boeing won the contract with the Air Force in December 2017, with the cost covering design and installation of the custom chilling units on the two Boeing VC-25As that make up the presidential fleet.

'Air Force One' is a colloquial designation that refers to any plane carrying the president.

There are currently two planes in the presidential fleet, which are 747-200s that have been heavily altered, and are known by the military classification VC-25A.

Specification for the two VC-25As that serve as Air Force One:

Crew: 26 (passenger+crew capacity: 102)

Engines: General Electric CF6-80C2B1

Thrust: rating 56,700 pounds/engine

Long-range mission takeoff gross weight: 833,000 pounds

Maximum landing weight: 630,000 pounds

Fuel capacity: 53,611 gallons

Range: 7,800 statute miles

Wing span: 195 feet, 8 inches

Length: 231 feet, 10 inches

Height: 63 feet, 5 inches

Service ceiling: 45,100 feet

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5807939/Air-Force-cancels-24million-refrigerator-installation-presidential-fleet.html

f86807 No.1639010


Mrs Anon 1.0 was a redhead. Bad memories. Total psycho bitch, so I concur with the no redhead sentiment.

33af6d No.1639011


we have no disagreement.

b467eb No.1639012

File: fba03d03eeef521⋯.png (246.9 KB, 619x568, 619:568, SkankPain.png)


gggggGiggidy goo!

cbae4e No.1639014



"more like Brazil" in the context of bikini contests, not mimicking their entire social, political, and economic systems. context matters, you derps.

9f257e No.1639015


New age Luciferians who don't know they're Luciferians, disguised as "enlightened," folks who believe in Aliens, accidentally calling them "beings of light," and not realizing that they're all being completely fucking duped by demons and Nephilim.

Or maybe they do realize it.

74b113 No.1639017

File: 8207cce6593f52e⋯.jpg (303.25 KB, 1200x1416, 50:59, tweet_tweet_cluck_01.jpg)


No one builds skyscrapers in New York or anywhere East, West or South without dealing with "mafia" in the building industry. You have no choice but to deal with the mafia because they run all the cement, trash, building supplies, hell even the permitting. Just because you have to work with them doesnt mean you are them. Just maybe that you know them and have become friends with some of them, maybe even learning where a few bodies are buried… information if you will.

c2d437 No.1639019


This is what is visible.

Turning women into feminists, career cucks and FAT disgusting whores and "men" into soy latte sipping faggots with low sperm counts is all a plan to make sure we stop reproducing

5dc433 No.1639020

File: 09ff8bdee934d75⋯.png (265.27 KB, 571x423, 571:423, china_nk_resume_air_flight….PNG)

China resuming domestic flights to NK. Looks like XI is rolling back the pressure on NK just before the summit, attempting to undermine the maximum pressure campaign.


d98d10 No.1639021


Is that right? Oh well, I like 'em older and CURVIER. She needs a cheeseburger.

556ff0 No.1639022

File: 158fe06347423af⋯.png (650.96 KB, 556x761, 556:761, ClipboardImage.png)

514064 No.1639024


Weird for sure! She was a disappointment…but can act !

4dae35 No.1639025


Especially when you consider Lucifer was the 'angel of light'.

d4c61a No.1639026


We have it all!

9aa96e No.1639027

File: 9f0ab3423a53be2⋯.jpg (134.59 KB, 1065x798, 355:266, Deo4E6HXcAAWk4l.jpg)

File: 5f58113e2a9f598⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1237x1221, 1237:1221, q dna.jpg)

Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

The vaccine works by making people immune to two types of a sexually transmitted virus that cause most cases of the disease.

By DENISE GRADY ==is she alive?==


9144d1 No.1639028


thank you, you are a realist like me anon, i have been attacked many times for questioning the almighty clock! i dont buy the clock predictions. I also have said we need simple tangible facts to red pill normies! Thanks for your thought!

6beb17 No.1639029


verygoodpost indeed


>I can ABSOLUTELY see why people want/need to try to guess what the day might bring. It’s kind of fun, but it also is VERY DANGEROUS to our mission of waking others up.

>One wrong prediction and your integrity/trust is scattered into the wind with the other person. Once trust is lost it is very, very hard to regain.

>Don’t put your image on the line using any type of prediction-based tool or system.

member the dancingpepe post Q replied to/confirmed:

>Keep in mind that every crumb is not meant to be solved before the event. Some of the drops are things for anons to dig on and make connections with, others are markers for future reference.

>[future proves past]

>Some drops are just simply communication to the anons.

>What needs to be understood to appreciate whats going here is the fact the Q is basically creating a circular flow diagram that can be referenced and cross-checked with news releases. Q can’t just disclose specifics about a situation or operation without violating security protocol. Instead they drop questions and statements that lead to answers that can be understood once the subject becomes public. This provides the validation necessary for the public to believe The Great Awakening is legit. Disinformation and misdirection with Q is real. In other words Q is pointing over there but really the focus is here and only until you publicly get the news can you go back and understand. (Think SA drops) All of this is accomplished without giving up specific details about the operation. It’s quite genius.

(and as anon pointed out, still not an excuse to bash clockfags)

616bb3 No.1639030



That means you use their lawyers, funding, dating, family affairs.

Who are you trying to convince? Me or YOU?

33af6d No.1639031


Why the color scheme?

It is child like.

903ae6 No.1639032

File: f5df8c04eb81b3e⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 28e1p2.jpg)

Hogg Effect: May Was A Record Breaking Month For Gun Sales


76fa88 No.1639033



Glad you spoke up. It's refreshing to see someone using discernment and logic.

36e504 No.1639035


Those with talent are the worst traitors, they could do well regardless. I am thinking whats her deal?

616bb3 No.1639036


What about Atlanta? Same story?


Silky rabbit tricks are for kids.

1eab43 No.1639038


Who do you think the Democrats are, the fucking MOB that's who.

0d74c0 No.1639039


do not engage the shill I repeat do not engage the shill. they are trying to trigger you and distract you while eating up bread and sewing division.

30f487 No.1639040


see, that's the nut

38a5f5 No.1639041



Chelsea clinton already knows who (you) are.

Your screwed kek

74b113 No.1639042


no one… you can believe what the fuck you want. I dont give a damn one way or another. I dont buy your bs thats all. I dont believe Trump is mafioso. I believe he is powerful enough to hold his own with them and others for many reasons but i don't buy the snake oil yer sellin'

63486b No.1639043


Pretty much agree with you on how to red pill, anon and that the clocks should not be used for predictions. However, the clocks can def be used to confirm Q. Too many proofs to say otherwise.

To date, I have not seen anyone make a prediction on future events. That's one thing we need to guard against. "Future proves past". That's all we should be doing is confirming Q's drops of future events, once they happen.

36e504 No.1639044


Please continue Hogg, you are making a difference

ae0a73 No.1639045

Would a graphicsfag please make a pic of an underaged, half-naked, red-headed girl, standing on a flat Earth, with a pseudo "clock" on her forehead, so we can accelerate our shit posting?

b22ce5 No.1639046


>>1638977 On clock analysts and confirmations vs. predictions (commentary)

82603a No.1639048

HERE IT IS=> Top 10 Reasons Why the Mueller Investigation is Unconstitutional (June Update)


4a1df4 No.1639049

File: fa71992a2b2a1ed⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 295x308, 295:308, IMG_9998.JPG)


HPV? many people have it. Could that be the key to the cure to restore DNA to the way "God" intended? RTA.

9aa96e No.1639050


Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

4dae35 No.1639051


>"Future proves past". That's all we should be doing is confirming Q's drops of future events, once they happen.

And that is what the clock is doing.

d4c61a No.1639052

File: 96cc1b904abd8b1⋯.png (808.77 KB, 868x554, 434:277, ClipboardImage.png)

World Health Organization wants people more active to combat global burden of disease

The World Health Organization announced Monday it is stepping up action to combat inactivity among the global population, part of a campaign for health goals to be achieved by 2030 and to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and breast and colon cancer.

The action plan includes 20 policy changes that leaders can make to increase opportunity for physical activity through the environment — providing more options for people to walk, cycle, plays sports, have space for active recreation, dance and play.

“Being active is critical for health. But in our modern world, this is becoming more and more of a challenge, largely because our cities and communities aren’t designed in the right ways,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a statement.

“We need leaders at all levels to help people to take the healthier step. This works best at city level, where most responsibility lies for creating healthier spaces,” he said.

Worldwide, about one in five adults and four out of five adolescents are inactive, the WHO said in a statement. An estimated 71 percent of deaths globally are from non-communicable diseases, which can be greatly reduced by increasing regular physical activity, the organization said.

The populations with the least opportunity for physical activity include girls, women, older adults, poorer people, people with disabilities, those with chronic diseases, marginalized communities and indigenous people, the WHO said.

“You don’t need to be a professional athlete to choose to be active,” Dr. Tedros said. “Taking the stairs instead of the elevator makes a difference. Or walking or using the bike instead of driving to your neighborhood bakery. It’s the choices we make each and every day that can keep us healthy. Leaders must help make these choices the easy ones.”

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jun/4/world-health-organization-wants-people-more-active/

616bb3 No.1639053


Powerful enough with over 400 million in camapaign donations lol!

7ab935 No.1639054

File: dfe2cb497075a6a⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 479x491, 479:491, IMG_3146.JPG)

Twatter news blastoid

74b113 No.1639055

File: aeeec82b9833319⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, SOROS_PELICANS.jpg)


KEK, forgot lol. so convincing, those pelicans

10314d No.1639056


Sorry anon, i don't fully understand this Clock stuff. As some anons pointed out, that today Min arrow of the clock stands at [:00] min marker. Those pointing to crumbs which was posted on 04/06 ; 02/05; 12/07.

17f21b No.1639057

File: b42fbc039e4967a⋯.png (74.35 KB, 739x775, 739:775, Kim dotcom twitter June 4t….png)


whoever typed part in center is wrong.

He said because 89% think twitter is deepstate, they should be a new social media platform.

3724f8 No.1639058


If Obama ran every decision past Jarrett, the decision to plant spies in the Trump campaign certainly was among the most important. Obama’s legacy was important to Jarrett, perhaps even more important than to Obama himself. She had to preserve it and ensure the fundamental transformation of America continued. If Hillary could not win, Trump must be destroyed.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also finds it inconceivable the spying operation was launched without Jarrett signing off on it:

In a Tuesday appearance on Fox News, Newt Gingrich said that he believed former President Barack Obama and some of his top officials — including Valerie Jarrett — were involved in spying on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign….

“Presently, someone will figure out to ask what did Valerie Jarrett know and when did she know it?” Gingrich said.”What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Because what you’re seeing happen is, on every single level — and this is what happens with really big scandals — they keep on folding and they keep on folding and they keep on folding.

820c9d No.1639059

File: d88391f0e4aa7de⋯.png (590.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, martini.png)


Duplicate notable from bread #260


Cheers, pic related

0b1cab No.1639060


thats like saying "such and such a clinton is retiring from the clinton foundation". I evil still remains, not notable, not big news, wont change a damn thing.

d98d10 No.1639061


The Italian mafia is just a branch of the Vatican's henchmen. Pawns on the chessboard if even that. Strings cut to the puppets.

616bb3 No.1639062


Your mad at me for stating FACTS. However you decide to convince yourself it's good. Is your choice. You are only fooling yourself.

126114 No.1639063


Excellent! Now, point us to the REAL angels / forces of Light, please!

7f4b70 No.1639064


Fuck bikini contests. I dont want to see our women flaunted around like this anymore. Yes, they look nice, but these are pathways to depravity.

bd0ce3 No.1639065

We are watching a Movie. Another Abramovic/Tesla connection?

Jennifer's Body is about the Illuminati. Nikolai's band (formerly Young Neil of Scott PILGRIM , Chaos Th_eater & G-Man "records") sacrifice a Fox for fame. Devil's Kettle Falls is an Infinity well that eventually turns into a pool where evil is defeated. Fun movie!

30f487 No.1639066

File: 24bf3f47439b837⋯.png (362.75 KB, 1059x932, 1059:932, cemex-underinv.png)

File: cab32bc6a166424⋯.png (98.04 KB, 663x835, 663:835, cemex-classaction.png)

File: e1ab6651cdf043c⋯.png (243.5 KB, 793x767, 61:59, ambwayne-cemex.png)

File: f19944a740dfaec⋯.jpeg (49.75 KB, 480x532, 120:133, D11521D7-877F-4C1F-B14D-F….jpeg)

File: 705de2c9e256e9d⋯.png (13.64 KB, 488x193, 488:193, Q-concrete.png)


have some more Cemex

adb63d No.1639067


sound alot like agenda 21 in a pretty package

huge mega citys

look at agenda 21 map

d7ebbd No.1639068

Just a reminder….

Bill Priestap, Head of Counterintelligence and Strzok’s boss - Cooperating witness [power removed].

37c706 No.1639069


what a fucking slob

f0b41a No.1639070

File: edf562067c8c4a8⋯.png (320.68 KB, 600x761, 600:761, ClipboardImage.png)

616bb3 No.1639071

One year ago, President Donald Trump’s inauguration broke records – not in turnout, but in inaugural donations.

Trump pulled in $107 million in individual contributions, nearly doubling President Barack Obama’s 2009 record of $53 million. With the donations came a set of perks for top donors – “intimate” dinners with Vice President Mike Pence; exclusive luncheons with Cabinet appointees and congressional leaders; tickets to inaugural balls, dinners and luncheons with appearances by Trump.

The money came flooding in from corporate executives, owners of U.S. sports teams and other wealthy benefactors. And this year, some came calling back.

The Center for Responsive Politics assessed Trump’s relationships with his top donors a year after the January 20, 2017 inauguration. Some now hold ambassador positions while others have developed close relationships with the administration.

Inaugural donors

The Adelsons (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Chief among the top donors was Sheldon Adelson, a GOP megadonor and CEO of the largest casino company in the United States, Las Vegas Sands Corp. He doled out $5 million for Trump’s inauguration fund.

The donation was not only Trump’s largest inaugural contribution, but the largest individual donation made to any presidential inaugural committee. He and his wife, Miriam Adelson, also donated nearly $83 million to Republicans in the 2016 election.

In the past year Adelson has pressed Trump to follow through on his campaign pledge to relocate the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a move Trump announced in December.

“The Adelsons reportedly have been disappointed in Trump’s failure to keep a campaign pledge to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem on his first day in office,” wrote the Las Vegas Review-Journal after Adelson’s October meeting with Trump. The paper is owned by the Adelson family.

(Home Depot CEO Bernie Marcus, who donated $7 million to Trump’s campaign effort but was not an inaugural donor, also has a vested interest in the region as founder of the Israel Democracy Institute).

But he is not the only inaugural donor who may have turned his contribution into special access to the administration.

In April, coal baron Robert Murray, who donated $300,000 to the inauguration, gave Trump a detailed to-do list of environmental rollbacks, according to The New York Times. Since then, the administration is on track to check off most of Murray’s wish list.

The son of R.W. Habboush, a Venezuelan lobbyist who donated $666,000 to the inauguration, sat in on meetings about sanctions on Venezuela.

In the past year, a series of Trump donors or their close relatives have also been appointed U.S. ambassadors.

Notable among them is Robert Wood Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets. Johnson donated $1 million to the inauguration. In August, he was sworn in as the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Joseph Craft III, president and CEO of Alliance Resource Partners, was another million-dollar donor to the inaugural committee. His wife, Kelly Knight Craft, was sworn in as the U.S. ambassador to Canada in September.

Doug Manchester, owner of Manchester Financial Group and another $1 million inaugural donor, was nominated for a position as the U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas in May. Manchester is now awaiting a re-nomination from Trump because of a Senate rule.

4a1df4 No.1639072


Famefag top kek

d98d10 No.1639073


I think Twitter can be salvaged. Just have to cut the head off the hydra.

57fa0c No.1639074

File: 69e45f5985ac9fe⋯.jpg (423.97 KB, 806x1500, 403:750, Screenshot_20180605-095549….jpg)

File: 0da828b2e68842d⋯.jpg (597.78 KB, 810x3235, 162:647, Screenshot_20180605-094757….jpg)


Judiciary committee is stacked, it's gonna be a bloodbath, wish I could see it. Goodlatte running point!

95996f No.1639076



Fun to watch the libs though. As the far, far left get more panicked by losing and fear of losing, their actions and words become more outrageous. As that happens, more libs decide to stop drinking the kool-aid.

Never-Trumper (Richard Goodstein, I think) on Tucker last night noted divisions within Dem. party. He identified himself as a moderate and dissed the lib progressive movement as socialism which he wanted no part of. Astonished me that he said something rational and perceptive since he has been so rabidly, nonsensically anti-Trump that I usually switch channels when he is on.

Big happening–liberals are beginning to think for themselves again.

If memers can find quotes from the segment, it might make good meme material.

27597b No.1639077


Beautiful. Nothing wrong with your 4K rez. Some folks post files over 10 MB. Your file is modest and very beautiful. Next time no need to warn.


5dc433 No.1639078

Will DHS be monitoring for voter fraud today for all the illegals voting in California? MS-13 members voting for Gavin Newsom? I hope ICE is monitoring the poles. Or will MS-13 just submit their ballots via absentee mail-in vote.

d4c61a No.1639079


That's what I was thinking as well, I don't trust this organization at all.

9aa96e No.1639080


Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7


Yes I believe so.

64e8f7 No.1639081


ur already in notables, prev bread #2059

Top of the page, because it's that important.

Godspeed Patriot!

27597b No.1639082

File: 79542e5ebf648e7⋯.jpg (8.91 KB, 236x236, 1:1, Cookies.jpg)

adb63d No.1639083


i dont trust any vax

616bb3 No.1639084

File: 34f7e6c1f7094a2⋯.png (301.88 KB, 1174x2409, 1174:2409, Studio_20180605_090015.png)

Campaign donors

Many of the top inaugural donors also donated millions in support of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump’s top campaign donor, Robert Mercer, the billionaire co-CEO of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, poured more than $15 million into outside groups to get Trump elected. Mercer also donated $1 million to the Trump inaugural committee. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel donated $1 million to Trump’s campaign efforts and $100,000 to the inauguration.

Each were top campaign donors and each held close relationships to the administration.

Of the more than $400 million raised to elect Trump, about $50 million was raised by Trump’s top 13 contributors (below) – many of whom have found themselves in the Trump administration’s inner circle.

Some like Linda McMahon, owner of McMahon Ventures and co-founder of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) empire, donated over $6 million to getting Trump elected. Much of that was donated to Trump-aligned super PACs, such as Future45 and Rebuilding America Now.

McMahon was later appointed administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

In 2009, Dallas banker Andrew Beal, who donated $2.1 million toward Trump’s presidential bid and $1 million for the inauguration, worked with Carl Ichan in an attempt to take control of the bankrupt Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. Ichan served as an advisor in the early months of the administration until he resigned ahead of a story detailing potential conflicts of interest.

Others toted close relationships to the administration like Stephen Feinburg, who donated $1.5 million to campaign efforts and had a close military ear in the Trump administration. That was before ex-White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon’s departure from the administration.

Many of Trump’s top donors have stepped into the political spotlight in the wake of Trump and Bannon’s public feud.

Contributors like Feinburg, Thiel and Marcus – Trump’s second largest campaign donor – held close relationships to Bannon.

Some of them, such as GOP megadonors Adelson and the Mercer family, have since distanced themselves from Bannon in support of Trump. Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire daughter of Robert Mercer who runs the family business, severed ties with Bannon in a January statement to The Washington Post.

“I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected,” Rebekah Mercer said. “My family and I have not communicated with Steve Bannon in many months and have provided no financial support to his political agenda, nor do we support his recent actions and statements.”

126114 No.1639085


What is the common ground between children and angels? What force do they use? Why do satanists want to steal that force?

d1a33f No.1639086




2542a9 No.1639087

File: ea981681663cfb9⋯.jpeg (233.5 KB, 1006x520, 503:260, E3E8C2FC-65E0-4E3F-AAC8-F….jpeg)



Jose Antonio Baston, husband of Eva Longoria, bigwhig at Televisa.

Interesting. CDAN hinted that these two were sponsors of 100 of the 1500 “disappeared” unaccompanied minors reported by media as (gasp) trump’s fault…

0d74c0 No.1639088

File: b979231e1b46cf7⋯.png (21.88 KB, 475x288, 475:288, PPPPP.png)

82603a No.1639089

File: 2dd128ad35605db⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1336x750, 668:375, shitbags.png)

30f487 No.1639090

File: d8ca2133e8d85d9⋯.png (2.77 MB, 1797x1487, 1797:1487, 289CE773-A7FF-4738-AE95-09….png)

7faf16 No.1639091

File: c5ac0e3662e7fe8⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 194x260, 97:130, strike.jpg)

Lay down your malfeasance

Then all is forgiven

9aa96e No.1639092


I am here and could really use some help


NYT Edition Friday, October 7, 2005

New York Named in Terror Threat Against Subways



Officials said they were notified of a terrorist threat that for the first time specifically named New York City's transit system.

Rove Ordered to Talk Again in Leak Inquiry



Karl Rove's fourth appearance before the grand jury could mean there will be charges filed in the C.I.A. leak case, lawyers said.

Foe of Abortion, Senator Is Cool to Court Choice



Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, said that Harriet E. Miers had not persuaded him to vote to confirm her.


"People always say, 'How can you be doing so good when we're at war?' But here, the war boosts morale."

JAIME GAITAN, Sgt. First Class, on success in Army recruiting in San Antonio.



Autumn in the Country

October is when people drive slowly along country roads to look at the leaves. But that drive could also take you to where cheese is made, to a mountain trailhead or to

where elk do what elk do.

ELK http://travel2.nytimes.com/2005/10/07/travel/escapes/07elk.html?th&emc=th

HIKE http://travel2.nytimes.com/2005/10/07/travel/escapes/07hike.html?th&emc=th

CHEESE http://travel2.nytimes.com/2005/10/07/travel/escapes/07cheese.html?th&emc=th


10 Plots Foiled Since Sept. 11, Bush Declares

==By DAVID E. SANGER== Check family tree

The president sought to focus attention on the successes of the fight against terrorism at a time of dwindling support.


Bali Suicide Bombers Said to Have Belonged to Small Gang


The suicide bombers appear to have had no link to Al Qaeda, giving the case echoes of the London subway bombings in July.


Abbas Says He Will Press Sharon on Withdrawal From West Bank


Mahmoud Abbas said that when he meets with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, his most important demand would be that Israel carry out the measures the two men agreed on in February.



In Shift, FEMA Will Seek Bids for Gulf Work


FEMA will seek new bids on $400 million worth of contracts that had been awarded with no competition in the recovery effort.


10 Plots Foiled Since Sept. 11, Bush Declares ==second mention of headline but no link==


The president sought to focus attention on the successes of the fight against terrorism at a time of dwindling support.

Vaccine Prevents Most Cervical Cancer H-7

The vaccine works by making people immune to two types of a sexually transmitted virus that cause most cases of the disease.

By DENISE GRADY ==is she alive?==


The vaccine works by making people immune to two types of a sexually transmitted virus that cause most cases of the disease. ==second mention==







Europe's It Cities

Click go to email nyt headlines position 5 camp TH marketing modedule FRI ad travel 100705 9/25 travel 25 copenhagen travel photo


d1a33f No.1639093


Chi Rho


616bb3 No.1639094


You found it. Now you can read about ALL the familes

4dae35 No.1639095

How do you 'sail' a 'row boat'?

Man’s attempt to sail rowboat across Atlantic comes to abrupt end


9144d1 No.1639096


i bet he will decriminalize & leave it up to the states in the second term.. Just my guess

30f487 No.1639097


very true

27597b No.1639098

File: 0ac2c9bed8c433e⋯.jpg (107.22 KB, 745x581, 745:581, 2018-06-05_09:00:39.jpg)

Bongino posted this yesterday.

17f21b No.1639100

File: 2d361e3082086be⋯.jpg (80.76 KB, 748x499, 748:499, 2500xf.jpg)

64e8f7 No.1639101


>Of the more than $400 million raised to elect Trump,

> about $50 million was raised by Trump’s top 13 contributors

> many of whom have found themselves in the Trump administration’s inner circle.

Statistics are fun!

Maybe post a side-by-side of what percentage

Hillary's top Contributors make up of her

overall Funding?

cf37df No.1639103


Here you go.. Took a while to extract the link.


86fca7 No.1639104

File: cbff74718565179⋯.jpg (99.35 KB, 591x423, 197:141, Trump Tweets 06052018_2.jpg)

File: cfe3c2bbdef3dd1⋯.jpg (119.82 KB, 591x475, 591:475, Trump Tweets 06052018.jpg)

File: cb057cc5d5d6318⋯.jpg (384.25 KB, 981x851, 981:851, True Pundit 06052018.jpg)

File: 893774823df6474⋯.jpg (196.9 KB, 653x544, 653:544, found 06052018_2.jpg)

File: 4a66c099ac09f4e⋯.jpg (184.82 KB, 615x509, 615:509, found 06052018.jpg)

twtammo 6/5 001

126114 No.1639105



What is the difference?

How do you know?

Compare the messages

41713c No.1639106

File: ec1d2d9b9b55149⋯.png (693.19 KB, 564x850, 282:425, db17b312fccc63136000e0c17e….png)



This mother fucker right here.


>However, the clocks can def be used to confirm Q

No, they can't. The clocks have to be re-calibrated for each and every clock confirmation. The predictions don't work, never have. Else, this entire board would be nothing but all anons winding functional clocks forward/backward confirming and predicting.

If it worked that way for us, then the bad guys that are here watching would do it, too, and would be able to plan their false flags more precisely. The whole reason Q stopped posting for a while was because school was still in, and the shootings were getting insane.

Again, the clocks are bullshit, and they have a containment zone located here:


Reassure a clockfag they have a home right there.

82603a No.1639107

File: 988e28ba0d7b704⋯.png (3.96 MB, 1920x2290, 192:229, 4-10-20.png)

71fe8b No.1639108


You can get sails for small rowboats.

90b250 No.1639109

File: 20592aabfc3bdef⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 4724x3149, 4724:3149, _M9A1324-3_k.jpg)

International Interpol Arrest Warrant for Pope "Francis" issued?!


- crimes against humanity

- child trafficking (30.000 kids) to European "Elite"

- murder

- rape and human sacrifice in France and Wales

about to be arrested in Geneva, Switzerland, on June 23rd.



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwyLEdWbbsA

7faf16 No.1639110


Do you mean Truth?

d4c61a No.1639111

File: bc74ccc0e0e0a37⋯.png (748.71 KB, 868x560, 31:20, ClipboardImage.png)

Veterans in VA's 'Choice' program waiting up to 70 days for care, GAO says

Many patients using the Department of Veterans Affairs’ “Choice” program to avoid long waits at government medical centers still face delays of two months or longer before seeing a doctor, the Government Accountability Office reported Monday.

Veterans in the private-care Choice program can face waits of up to 70 days to receive care, the researchers found after looking at a wide sampling of cases from 2016.

“Timeliness of appointments is an essential component of quality health care,” the report stated. “Delays in care have been shown to negatively affect patients’ morbidity, mortality, and quality of life… VA lacks assurance that veterans are receiving care from community providers in a timely manner.”

The review looked at 196 cases around the nation in which veterans were authorized for appointments with private healthcare providers including 55 for routine care, 53 for urgent care, and 88 that were returned without scheduling appointments.

GAO said the VA “cannot systematically monitor the timeliness of veterans’ access to Choice Program care because it lacks complete, reliable data to do so.”

The findings come as President Trump prepares to sign into law Wednesday a $52 billion veterans measure that overhauls VA programs and services. The GAO report said fixes to community care programs won’t shorten wait times unless the agency improves its oversight of appointments outside the VA system.

“Ignoring these lessons learned and the challenges that have arisen under the Choice Program as (VA officials) design the future consolidated program would only increase VA’s risk for not being able to ensure that all veterans will receive timely access to care in the community,” their report stated.

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jun/4/va-choice-program-has-long-waits-veterans-care-gao/

59d6f3 No.1639112

File: f5f8e83c86f3053⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 410x258, 205:129, ugly throne.jpg)


Venus is not Ishtar/Lilith/Isis/TheSerpent

Venus is simply a planet

The arch Angel who holds dominion over it and what it represents namely all things lovely and green is Haniel

Lilithu is the by product of disobedience

She is The Serpent a cunning "beast" of field.

She was incarnated. She is no longer. She will be again, if she's not already. She fooled Angels themselves into leaving their first estate to manifest and enjoy the pleasure of women.

She can be called pretty easily. She'll show up and pretty quickly tell you secrets before she begins bragging about how she's going to skull fuck your rotting corpse in hell and how you have no hope of reaching Ya, and only by following her into the utter depths of depravity can you hope to reach him.

Needless to say. She was a lie from the start. A scorned spawn of a disobedient archangel.

The first feminazi

The first liberated wife

The first divorced wife of the once glorious Adam Ha Kadmon whom even the angels once marveled at. A "companion" of HaShem. (actually hung out with G-d)

They are trying to get her to manifest again. More than just a shadow or thought form. They want her incarnated. Why?

They want to force G-d's hand in bringing about Zion. Hence the term "Zionist"

Enough occult lessons for the day!

Now let us fight evil with memes!

- Frater Anon

ab75cb No.1639114



Notable Baker?

Priestap arrives and post includes name of Judiciary committee members.

616bb3 No.1639115


I'll try to find hers! NOT a Hillary supporter. Btw. :)

273fae No.1639116


selective leaks by the left will come out and crickets from the right

2542a9 No.1639117


I once knew a major coke dealer who was a fat sweaty pig. He did lots and lots of cocaine. Mostly by making it into crack and smoking it…like freebasing with water and bicarbonate rather than ether.

Grossly fat. Gordo.

63486b No.1639118


For the most part, yes. But you know how some anons are. They will take it and try to guess when such and such an event will take place. It's natural to want to do that because the not knowing sucks balls.

Everyone that says Q/Potus won't predict their plans ahead of time are correct, they won't. We need to make sure to discourage anyone from doing so

30f487 No.1639119


yes. He's already signaled that he will give it to the states to decide… and if that's the case, the feds are out of it and they re/deschedule it

ae0a73 No.1639120


Thank you (sincerely) for linking my post to the "dancing pepe" post.

You added context to my thoughts that I find very helpful.

God bless you, Patriot. Beer at the parade!

76fa88 No.1639121


Battle hardened shill warriors can tell a shill slide when they see it.

The clock theory is a slide. It brings a false hope and comfort to a traumatic time by giving the believer a clouded grasp understanding, We are all here to MAGA, give comfort to our fellow citizens, and use logic and learn how to play the game. They have been using this slight of hand and use partial truths and direct\distract us in the wrong direction for years.

cf1ad9 No.1639122

I'm such a faggot.

36e504 No.1639123


David Zublick is a good guy but he collects rumors, was wring many times before

126114 No.1639124



Some anons fear making connections. They discredit reasonable information and call it "satanic". Satanic means abuse of power, malevolent intent, dark rituals, deception etc.

Only if you are one with the LIGHT can you really recognize darkness and its deceit. Many have a lot to learn.

64e8f7 No.1639125

File: 25f34e34e435390⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1820x1078, 130:77, Stefanik Proof.png)



Only notable if u look at this qproof

(jK) it's notable


19857a No.1639126

File: 48c957972631fd6⋯.png (415.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, est-q-clock.png)


ok, it's in notables, from bread #2058


the hour hand tells how many times around the clock since starting, one day per minute, 60 days per hour. 180 days from 12/07/17 is 6/5/18.

30f487 No.1639127

File: 8115635bef550c3⋯.png (365.77 KB, 625x480, 125:96, bitchplease.png)


give it a rest

30c6d2 No.1639128

Another Anon asked if we had solved the 4 10 20 clue yet.

I thought if you said 4 10 20 fast it sounds like 1420. So it probably is nothing but Q is a cryptic fucker and maybe there is some important event that took place in 1420. We know the Cabal is all about contracts and Marine Law and that bullshit. These are just some important events that took place in 1420.

Pope Martinus I calls for crusade against the Hussite protestants

Apr 21 Treaty of Saint Maartens Dike

May 21 Treaty of Troyes: Henry V of England and his heirs would inherit the throne of France upon the death of King Charles VI of France

May 23 Jews of Syria and Austria expelled

May 25 Henry the Navigator is appointed governor of the Order of Christ

Jun 7 Troops of the Republic of Venice capture Udine, ending the independence of the Patriarchate of Aquileia

Jul 14 Battle at Vitkov Zizka's hill (Prague): Taboriets beat Bohemia

Aug 5 Duke John VI of Bavaria visits Dutch mystic Lidwina (Christ's bride)

Dec 1 Henry V of England enters Paris.

35fec4 No.1639129

The voracious amounts of sympathy for cocaine fueled pedophile carnivore politics spamming chan is reminiscent of the frat boy coke dealer personality cult with a strong omg pigs ate children so sympathyhogg can run around with a clear backpack wanting to molest gun rights , cause they ducked up a ton of military experiment being selfish frauds whom contempt humanity for personal gains.

76fa88 No.1639130


Fake and Gay.

Should have never been in notables

a54c39 No.1639131

File: 677d417d390dea1⋯.jpg (75.46 KB, 789x460, 789:460, download (1).jpg)

d4c61a No.1639132


Not seeing anything credible on a cursory search.

6beb17 No.1639133


Pleasure, glad to help. That post is all too often forgotten, though the implications are yuge…

Also, regardless of that, you brought a rare but necessary dose of nuance to the debate, and that's laudable: valid nuances must be the rarest thing online…

2542a9 No.1639134


Could be Kerry too.

Alternatively, could be a someone in current admin that they “think” is on “their side”, but isn’t.

5fb542 No.1639135

haha fox now saying the manafort "witnessing tampering" was using WHATSAPP

>we have it all

0ce610 No.1639136



90b250 No.1639137


he quotes a number during his report. this number should be tracable. dont know about the court though, if its legit.

adb63d No.1639138

File: d1e8553f526ad50⋯.jpg (73.98 KB, 497x370, 497:370, boom.jpg)

File: e858caece764b66⋯.jpg (100.8 KB, 895x370, 179:74, Qwashere.jpg)

sky event? lol

blue beam

this sky event has got me bugg'in

5fb542 No.1639139


or tillerson but not likely

5b28f6 No.1639140


I agree, these things are not to be trusted if they're even from beyond and not just humans from here pretending they're aliens in secret tech.

48077d No.1639141

File: c91da2e792b934a⋯.jpg (26.13 KB, 714x697, 42:41, v-lizard1.jpg)


We come in peace, shoot to kill!

9144d1 No.1639142

File: 57599a64f524f72⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 752x564, 4:3, tawawatttter.jpg)

File: 8cd9951bb9a9289⋯.jpg (123.4 KB, 985x707, 985:707, tjjhjdfhdthtxdhthhfhfh.JPG)

File: c2161c29dc447d4⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2048x1661, 2048:1661, TWATTTERZZA.png)

File: d1ad677960c2c04⋯.jpg (305.19 KB, 2048x1659, 2048:1659, TWITTERNAZIIAAA.jpg)

File: 35900bb1f98c6c3⋯.jpg (33.59 KB, 442x293, 442:293, TWATJACK.jpg)

33af6d No.1639143

Doing business in NYC or Hollywood means doing business with the MOB. In NYC they control supply industries, construction and longshore, the law enforcement union I was briefly allied with merged with Teddy Gleason's ILA which cause harrumphing on the bought out New York bench.

In Hollywood there are the teamsters, and every film or TV set has it's ration of teamsters. It's where teamster jokes come from. Sometimes they kill each other on set. But the transpo captain removes the bodies.

If you think of the blue collar teamster MOB as the bottom layer, the top layer is lucie cultists; the studios, big directors MK Ultra victims and the ownership.

In between those to layers you have ordinary working people. Kids who want to make movies. Some of them are woke. Most of them are sleep walkers and are happy to have work.

19857a No.1639144

>1639128 the "1420" thing is a slide, because it eats up so much bread.

4 10 20 = D J T

0d74c0 No.1639145



I second the moar.

Occult lessons are fun.

7faf16 No.1639146


Nor shall we be like the taxman!

64e8f7 No.1639147

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Second to LAST CALL for N0_TABLES


Baker Girls/Muh_Concrn All equal FILTRED FAGGIT

Have a notable and Baker is Ignoring U?

Thats probably Why

Current Notables


>>1638721 Arm Cement: more good than bad, TRUST THE PLAN

>>1638715 The Stainless-Steel-Rat Comey/HRC Future Proves past

>>1638688 David Koch Retires, >>1638759 sealed indictments opened near Sept. 11

>>1638818 Suspicious Murders in AZ

>>1638901 Halper former crack hoe

>>1638960 Cemex Televisa linked in US Lawsuit,

>>1638846 KimDotcom Poll: 89% think twitter is deep state, calls for new platform

>>1639092 If you're wondering how to help today, Here are a few ideas

>>1639074 Priestap arrives and post includes name of Judiciary committee members.

Please don't feed

(((the Adversary))) (((GingerShill)))

Silence = Napalm to the (((Shill)))

Helper Anons are in here!



25eb59 No.1639148

File: a0e85a8a1a849df⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 960x540, 16:9, jdeos.jpg)

6a84bc No.1639149

File: c3c66880510122b⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1024x687, 1024:687, Google_Maps_-_2.png)

Another anon mentioned easy access to the airport from the Cemex plant, so I looked at the satellite image and wow..there is a WELL USED path through the desert that leads directly from the Cemex plant to a spot near S. Nogales Hwy (borders the airport). I traced it on the screenshot, but check it for yourself. Kinda crazy.

71fe8b No.1639150


Acceptance is the first step toward change, Anon.

95996f No.1639151

Tucker Carlson is exposing Obama's policy of displacing qualified air traffic control candidates with people selected by a questionnaire on social and economic disadvantages.

Is this really what the dem base wants? Or is this another destructive action BHO secretly pushed through knowing dem media and acolyte base would never question anything he did?

Could this relate to takeoff/landing airplane accidents?

Anybody know if similar misguided criteria was used for hiring ground crews, maintenance personnel, and pre-flight safety inspectors?

9144d1 No.1639152

File: b7543cc83b7ac7c⋯.png (466.4 KB, 652x699, 652:699, b7543cc83b7ac7c1f15eb854c3….png)

File: 6bf8f5213c007e9⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 600x486, 100:81, fakegay.jpg)

d4c61a No.1639153


I truly don't believe it's legitimate, there are fake news sites that say the same thing dating back to 2013. I will happen eventually, though, just not true now.

f5cf74 No.1639154


Have you compared that path with the heat map from exercise devices?

5b28f6 No.1639155


Stop looking for a savior to come and do our work for us. Become the force of light

ae0a73 No.1639156


He should.

His initials are 4-20!

096857 No.1639157


>Q will break the Internet


>This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS / Net shut down / Net will be paused

A question was asked yesterday about whether parallel ops similar to this are running on other platforms such as reddit, twitter, voat, fakebook? Any evidence outside of BC 17 and that eyes guy?

5fb542 No.1639158


fam member had an appointment yesterday and doctor agreed to choice program referral

>currently having to drive nearly 3 hours for an appointment and pay for joint shots out of pocket b/c VA does not offer.

whoop whoop!!!

6a84bc No.1639159


No doing now. Excellent idea!

63486b No.1639160


I disagree with you anon, but don't want to argue with you. The times Q posted something in a [ ], it lined up with what it should. But that's the items I myself have confirmed. Watching what anons have tried to do for last 3 days is where the problem comes in. Many are trying to hard to make something fit and it doesn't. That does not mean the clock is inaccurate. Simply means anons are not doing it right.

As for predictions, 100% agree. The clock should not be used for predictions. It should only be used to confirmed Q by showing events were foretold by Q.

Predictions are not the purpose of the clock. That's what needs to be called out. The clock is useful for confirmation, not predictions, IMHO.

If you disagree with me, that's ok too.

126114 No.1639161

File: 5ce80bb34b14e06⋯.png (240.83 KB, 2000x1499, 2000:1499, Graham's_Hierarchy_of_Disa….png)


Instead of combating slides with opinions, state clearly why the clock explanation is faulty or even better, create a more accurate graphic if you have the will and autism to do so.

30f487 No.1639162







64e8f7 No.1639163

File: c5653185ac71ff7⋯.jpeg (35.09 KB, 500x667, 500:667, child with sword.jpeg)

40454f No.1639164

File: c7b118d95dd0370⋯.jpg (244.59 KB, 1015x306, 1015:306, Screen Shot 06-05-18 at 04….JPG)

UK govt clears Murdoch’s bid for Sky ‘if it sells Sky News’

Published time: 5 Jun, 2018 13:32

Edited time: 5 Jun, 2018 13:34

Rupert Murdoch will be allowed to buy Sky providing it follows through with a proposal to sell Sky News to Disney or another third party

https:// www.rt.com/newsline/428781-britain-clears-murdoch-sky/

74b113 No.1639165

File: 211c98aead219a5⋯.png (526.15 KB, 2000x1374, 1000:687, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: 10b3eb6d7c8e4c8⋯.jpg (88.53 KB, 720x917, 720:917, The Mystery Deepens | Phoe….jpg)

File: 065e6d87db9d5d5⋯.jpg (147.34 KB, 720x917, 720:917, The Mystery Deepens | Phoe….jpg)

File: f19be67e4b63a4c⋯.jpg (143.36 KB, 720x917, 720:917, The Mystery Deepens | Phoe….jpg)

File: 67b944d7ec58f63⋯.jpg (128.13 KB, 720x917, 720:917, The Mystery Deepens | Phoe….jpg)



No one was injured in an explosion that started a fire at a New Braunfels cement plant early Tuesday, officials said.

The explosion occurred around just before 2:40 a.m. at the CEMEX plant in the 2500 block of Wald Road, according to the New Braunfels Fire Department. The four-hour fire was contained to a set of coal bins in a coal silo at the plant.

“It just took us a long time to get up there,” said Darren Brinkkoeter, a New Braunfels Fire Department battalion chief.

The department's aerial firefighting gear could only reach a height of about 100 feet, so firefighters had to carry hose up stairs instead.

Water Board: San Antonio

Darrell T. Brownlow, Ph.D. • Wilson County


former Vice President and Chief Geologist for Cemex USA


San Antonio is a "sanctuary" city wannabe/is and City Manager Sheryl Scully not only gets paid the highest salary for city manager in the USA to the tune of $517.000 this last year with a controvercial $70.000 bonus… She was city Manager for Phoenix Arizona. and her deputy city manager committed suicide the the most spectacular way possible. right before she came to san antonio.

This article about his suicide was removed (gee i wonder why) which is why i am glad i savedthe image…

d4c61a No.1639166


Nice!! it's about time.

d98d10 No.1639167


That's what a real anon sounds like.

I won't say that no events are ever telegraphed, but very rarely and only if it's safe to do so. But that is few and far between.

The worst thing you can possibly do is share a clock prediction with a blue-pill. If you're wrong (quite likely), they will never believe another thing you tell them.

Best use of the clock has been to confirm Q's validity AFTER things happen. Even though we know Q is valid (KEK!), it's still fun to see how news lines up with previous drops.

Future Proves Past.

b18bf9 No.1639168



>Kevin Spacey

^^^Agreed + Steve Mnuchin

978c9c No.1639169

File: 93d040702b0d991⋯.png (602.61 KB, 610x406, 305:203, KQszL5H - Imgur.png)

Got a NO TABLE right here.

7c9f2e No.1639170



Filtered for making false accusations

a16ba1 No.1639171

File: 261552fd053b370⋯.jpg (13.43 KB, 255x166, 255:166, pepe6.jpg)


You hit a KEK'in home run about this, spying 24/7/365

cf37df No.1639172

File: 04e673bd4b33767⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 400x504, 50:63, faggot.jpg)

c4a257 No.1639173

File: 0052736a8d10b7f⋯.jpg (71.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0052736a8d10b7f752f83a8653….jpg)

f7a241 No.1639175

File: d897e1f6b629421⋯.jpg (237.23 KB, 1030x688, 515:344, IMG_0142.JPG)

File: 987c66169262591⋯.png (21.19 KB, 435x369, 145:123, unknown.png)


Could Q Post 522 refer to the DNA of the INTERNET?

13 ROOT servers?

#4 and #7 on Q post… has code?

Root servers

#4 Maryland-DC no go down or restricted?

#7 DoD no go down restricted?

https:// www.iana.org/domains/root/servers

d1a33f No.1639176



2b2c5d No.1639177

That clock looks like yo mamas birth control

30f487 No.1639178




>Baker Girls/Muh_Concrn All equal FILTRED FAGGIT

>Have a notable and Baker is Ignoring U?

>Thats probably Why



9144d1 No.1639179


future proves past, can be confirmed without using the clock. that's why i just feel it does more harm than good.. just my opinion, i know some disagree.

d98d10 No.1639180


Sorry mommy! She looked really young to me. I acknowledged being wrong when someone told me who she was so get over it.

556ff0 No.1639181

File: 048877536050a28⋯.png (237.98 KB, 1240x587, 1240:587, ClipboardImage.png)

Subtracting Q's second last post number from his last post number we arrive at a date of October 10th 1996.

What happened of historical significance on that date?

Pic related

Cornerstone dedication for Holocaust Museum in NYC

30f487 No.1639182

1e7312 No.1639183

File: 7b0ef25483e7af2⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 800x585, 160:117, flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg)

Calling all CALI anons.

Time for the BIG RED WAVE today.


Make COMMIEfornia CALIFORNIA Again!!!


616bb3 No.1639184




Roths are just middlemen that launder vatican money.

126114 No.1639185


Now THAT is the "new age deception" we are fighting against. Others will NEVER do the work for you. They may only assist, but steps must be taken by us. All the spiritual power is, by the grace of Creator God, within (You). Not with some priest or some fame-seeking deity misled people pray to.

f7a241 No.1639186



Baker Notable?

Kind of fits…. Thank you Baker!

2b2c5d No.1639187

File: 94bc5f5aa9a0785⋯.jpg (49.29 KB, 440x533, 440:533, IMG_2201.JPG)


Let's see that stupid divorce psyops now homos

17f21b No.1639188


I agree with some of what you are saying.

The point of making the clocks,/ crumb maps, was Future proves past.

Not past proves future,kek

And yes if there was a way to accurately predict what Q and Trump are doing, then ofcourse it would tip off the bad guys, and would be stupid to do so.

I admire the ClockFAGS, and appreciate their work.

But we are to match news with past crumbs.

Not predict the news with past crumbs.

And yes, when you tell people, somebody will be arrested, or make other predictions that do not come true( even though they may come true at a future date ) it makes them doubt everything you tell them

, when said predictions do not happen.

c88d0c No.1639189

File: 5760095770a44be⋯.png (260.56 KB, 499x499, 1:1, aarrrgh pepe.png)


When you have the baker declaring that >>1639147

Clockers are sliders and placing

their own priorities in as a notable >>1639092

you might need to let this go for now.

df5378 No.1639190


58564c No.1639191

File: 0a1d138dba4235f⋯.jpg (20.82 KB, 474x248, 237:124, dday.jpg)

Tomorrow is 6/6 - D-DAY!


Possible BOOM Coming?!?

d1a33f No.1639192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

12e49f No.1639193


QE II pic

8 pointed star !!!

Both a cross and a star

096857 No.1639194

File: 401f9fb69396fec⋯.jpg (148.94 KB, 671x537, 671:537, Pepe ruffian.jpg)


> Halper the crack head.

FBI using know drug addicts to do it's dirty work?

FBI conducting blackmail?

FBI conducting extortion?

FBI supplying drugs to informants?

FBI agents in possession of drugs?

FBI agents using drug "LURES" overseas?

FBI has some questions to answer.

ae0a73 No.1639195


I guess you and I find ourselves in violent agreement. ;o)

The whole Great Awakening phenomena is very, very emotionally charging. I get that.

It's not easy to step back and objectively reason things through. For this alone, I find myself gaining patience and empathy for people posting knee-jerk sentiments here.

Once we "break on through to the other side", I'm hoping this board becomes an "open society" whereby we can dox ourselves, create new "mini-hives" and form meaningful, lasting friendships.

You strike me as someone I'd be eager to meet.

Find me on 11/11. I'll probably be wearing a T that says "Beer at the parade, muh bitches!"

Love you, Patriot… no homo ("Not that there's anything wrong with that."

76fa88 No.1639196


This clock does more harm than good. It has to be pointed out as misdirection. I've seen this twatted on feeds that are trying to redpill.

978c9c No.1639197


All the Californians with common sense seemed to have moved.

I live a few hundred miles north.

They are migrating in droves.

Cali is pretty fucked.

1d1351 No.1639198


The Reason why we have Electoral College, so a small number of Highly Populated Counties does not Dictate the Politics of the Entire Nation

ba104b No.1639199

German Minister of Defense Ursula Von Der Leyen participates at the Bilderberg Meeting. Interdasting.

She is the closest friend of M_rkel in the Gov't

08184e No.1639200


Buchanon had a Zhedge article saying the repubs were now the Trump party, and all the old repub ideals are shot to shit.

The dems are lying so hard and stand for nothing other than more taxes and more regulations that they are dead in the water too.

But where is that 3rd or 4th party right now?

Because afterwards? A single party system no bueno

6beb17 No.1639201

>>1639178 oh please, keep yer drama

>>1639147 i like a baker that ain't afraid to filter breadwasters, let'em deal with it

4dae35 No.1639202


There's the problem right there.

Anons are jealous of each other, some 'clicks' of anons, just like in schools people hang out with their 'click', in here it HAS to be their way or EVERYTHING falls apart.

When the clock first came about, those clickish anons stuck together and are still trying to debunk that which they still have no clue as to how to use this tool.

So they bash it until other anons get tired of reading about it, thus that click is controlling the narrative on this board, and we all know this board is infiltrated by clowns, and it's those clowns trying to throw us off target by screaming negativity towards those who are trying to understand the tools available to them.

Be warned of those 'clickish' anons, for they will deceive you into believing their way of thought, stealing your very ideas because they want to mis inform the whole board.

Just like the fake yew people, they are lying and trying to interfere with people who are doing searches on the board, and besides that, if they are willing to lie about a post number, what else are they going to lie to us about?

Filter out these 'clickish' anon groups and let's get this stuff done.

d1a33f No.1639203

File: 15e3f5d214679c2⋯.png (92.29 KB, 697x256, 697:256, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

17f21b No.1639204



i should have said i agree with most,, not some, kek

f5cf74 No.1639205


Do you mean clique?

f86807 No.1639206


Excellent. In the early Q days, I tried to redpill others by making predictions. In most cases, the projected event and timing wasn't even from Q, but from an anon's interpretation and speculation with other anons jumping on the bandwagon. Each time I did this, I was embarrassed and disappointed. Timelines are very tricky. Let it evolve and happen. I never project WHEN I think something is going to happen.


30f487 No.1639207


they attributed his suicide to a parasite he contracted in Mexico? WTF

He crawled out of his moving Mercedes, stood up, jumped off and hit a tree.

1eab43 No.1639208

David Koch Stepping Down From All Business, Political Activities

Billionaire industrialist, donor, activist and conservative icon David Koch, 78, will step down from his roles at Koch Industries and other Koch-affiliated organizations due to health reasons, according to an internal memo obtained by CNBC Tuesday.


a16ba1 No.1639209



4dae35 No.1639210


yep…still hitting first cup of coffee…thanks.

1d1351 No.1639211


The Reason why we have Electoral College, so a small number of Highly Populated Counties does not Dictate the Politics of the Entire Nation

40454f No.1639212

File: 0bc6a0750498177⋯.jpg (285.27 KB, 1061x726, 1061:726, Screen Shot 06-05-18 at 04….JPG)

File: 345a83082396b8b⋯.jpg (177.85 KB, 1066x375, 1066:375, Screen Shot 06-05-18 at 04….JPG)

File: 3e27c50398e2a36⋯.jpg (681.28 KB, 1061x804, 1061:804, Screen Shot 06-05-18 at 04….JPG)

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued Facebook and Google on Monday, saying they have not produced documents requested by the media and members of the public related to political ads for local and state elections since 2013.

https:// www.rt.com/usa/428722-facebook-google-sued-seattle/

cf1ad9 No.1639213


Wake up you lazy fuck.

a54c39 No.1639214

File: 5bacd67db3e1fe1⋯.jpg (48.11 KB, 841x500, 841:500, 2bnk8o.jpg)

c88d0c No.1639215

File: 05f0f31301e478b⋯.png (568.73 KB, 499x499, 1:1, enlightened pepe.png)


Don't filter anything.

Grow the fuck up.

Anons can't have cliques.

Just get er done with the same chaos as always.

Truth will out.

875982 No.1639216


>They are trying to get her to manifest again. More than just a shadow or thought form. They want her incarnated. Why?

>They want to force G-d's hand in bringing about Zion. Hence the term "Zionist"

You mean they want to accelerate the coming of the events mentioned in the Revelations?

That is stupid. You can't force Gods hand or his timing. Everything always happens on Gods time.

f5cf74 No.1639217


No need anon

a54c39 No.1639218

File: b23b989cc1d1ff8⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2bnket.jpg)

4dae35 No.1639219



cc67d8 No.1639220


Is being a filterpussy not a clique in and of itself?

cb4f91 No.1639221

Sorry to be super late in the story (haven't been following enough)… I just realized that Clare BRONFMAN is in charge of Nexium now. Holy shit the connections!! Bronfman/roths Cemex/tucson/traffic Holy crap!

For those like me who have not been following this closely enough, here's two nice links.



096857 No.1639222


>Whatever POTUS and Q are up to lately, it isn't limiting down the companies invading our privacy.

Get their value up so when they're seized the taxpayers get more bang for their buck.

76fa88 No.1639223


right there with you

978c9c No.1639224


a clique of one

9f257e No.1639225


Been down there. It's amazing.

7c9f2e No.1639226

File: 59e2e71edbee8ee⋯.jpg (93.12 KB, 600x466, 300:233, alertcalm2.jpg)

d1a33f No.1639227

File: 6b138e7a5798168⋯.jpeg (10.57 KB, 274x184, 137:92, download.jpeg)

File: b5cb8dc74e20eed⋯.png (357.77 KB, 1182x548, 591:274, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

File: aca9c85c0bcd98e⋯.jpeg (65.68 KB, 638x479, 638:479, unidroit-9-638.jpeg)



wat u know bout


"private law"

kek m8

4dae35 No.1639228


It's called freedom of speech, I don't want to read your bullshit, I don't have to…so fuck off.

30f487 No.1639229




>Baker Girls/Muh_Concrn All equal FILTRED FAGGIT

>Have a notable and Baker is Ignoring U?

>Thats probably Why



145feb No.1639230

>small nap

>no clock nearby

>wake up

know it's 17:19

no clock nearby

look at clock


I Am The Clock

1e7312 No.1639231


Gonna hang in for the next election cycle.

If the Winds of Change blows by, then YES I'm

outta here!

Giving this "SHITHOLE" one more SHOT!!!

36e504 No.1639232


Ansolutely but i asked anons about numbers with regard to counties. If you checklk numbers online, they very. There is no consensus on these numbers. I believe information spread should be correct

cf1ad9 No.1639233

Where the fuck is that Qanon script?

145feb No.1639234

File: 9a4285232c22721⋯.png (226.87 KB, 712x995, 712:995, 4aa0bf72bc0ee7fe8ae32d1645….png)




4dae35 No.1639235


No it's not.

You guys are so divided right now it's not funny.

f5745a No.1639236


Royal Blood at the meeting 2018:

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

Last time, that a royal-family-member - Reina Sofia of Spain - had participated, a royal had resigned. Do you remember, that Rey Juan Carlos resigned and gave all in the hands of his son Felipe ? Only little time after the meeting….

758114 No.1639237



19857a No.1639238


wut. looks like red letter bullshit.

cf37df No.1639239

File: 122c04d0eb71c05⋯.png (24.35 KB, 1125x1125, 1:1, LeftBehind.png)

File: 40306b15a26be87⋯.png (36.21 KB, 1125x1125, 1:1, Right2Try.png)


That's great news anon. Blessings to you and your family!

95cb64 No.1639240



08184e No.1639241


Really? So the hydra can grow two more?

Bust it up and parcel it out…

76fa88 No.1639242


I know the feeling. Same thing happened to me. No cred after that.

d1a33f No.1639243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

001750 No.1639244

File: 64488ff5a6a2569⋯.jpg (105.6 KB, 552x651, 184:217, dream_zctjt1se6cn.jpg)

File: 5169b3eaef5ea00⋯.jpg (167.86 KB, 552x651, 184:217, dream_du0jeyjsw3l.jpg)

File: 79a2a26886d2970⋯.jpg (214.68 KB, 552x651, 184:217, dream_ghs5di5p932.jpg)

File: 02a0026ebd31411⋯.jpg (99.45 KB, 552x651, 184:217, 4311b18eae6ccd1adec38ad63e….jpg)


Roy Cohn would pop a chubble over you.

978c9c No.1639245


It's hard to give up the places we love.

I will pray for you and your state.

4598b2 No.1639246

File: 943e03036e6b978⋯.png (588.17 KB, 1474x1662, 737:831, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)


i tried to find more, but if you read that article, his wife was seemingly paid off, made up the parasite story and then Scully comes to San Antonio and viola, we have more crime, embezzlement, and no oversite and the police have become more corrupt.

63486b No.1639247


This is how the clock is getting a bad rep. Randomly adding or subtracting time is not how the clock is meant to be used.

d98d10 No.1639248


That's why the warning is going in Notables. Slamming every clock post indiscriminately with no explanation ("Fake and Gay") is what I've seen shills do to. I think the best thing to do if a clock post is misdirected / misleading / predictive would be to link to >>1638977 if you don't have time or energy to type something out yourself.

30f487 No.1639249


Don't even try if you're digging on something she doesn't like

Baker is a shill

126114 No.1639251


Clockers may or may not be right.

Every effort to expand our thinking is to be applauded. Fighting over it is useless. If you feel something is missing, point it out later. If true, it will fall into place like pieces of the puzzle. Nothing is worth divisionfagging over.

I personally feel it's a fancy pic but needs adjustments to be true. Spiderweb is needed somewhere, as Q pointed it out.

5fb542 No.1639252


San Antonio has a Loop too. Have a project there.

cc67d8 No.1639253


Only because we have assholes posting based on feelz vs facts. feelzfags need to fuck off

f5cf74 No.1639254

Bill P testifying having flipped.

IG report on lead up to the election soon.

UK shown to be attempting act of war.

Interesting times.

616bb3 No.1639255


I don't know much about anything tbh. But thanks for the info!

2b2c5d No.1639256

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

38a5f5 No.1639257


We're the bodies buried ?

19857a No.1639258


u got something better ? didn't think so.

maxim of law: the specific outweighs the general.

8fd649 No.1639259

File: 321b198a210735f⋯.jpg (164.4 KB, 863x311, 863:311, kratom2.jpg)

File: 37bb99036b0924e⋯.jpg (141.51 KB, 945x235, 189:47, kratomThailand.jpg)

notable from last bread

>>1638188 Big Pharma against Kratom for $35,000,000,000.00 reasons

>pics related

1f6f98 No.1639260

File: 0d54bceed182228⋯.png (538.1 KB, 774x789, 258:263, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4956ce60747f6fc⋯.png (298.47 KB, 637x740, 637:740, ClipboardImage.png)

June 5, 2018 - "Ariana Grande: I Feel Guilty Saying It but I Have PTSD"

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/ariana-grande-i-feel-guilty-discussing-my-ptsd

July 25, 2016 - "Ariana Grande's donut-licking cost her a gig at White House, WikiLeaks reveals"

https:// www.theguardian.com/music/2016/jul/25/ariana-grande-donut-licking-white-house-gala

9f257e No.1639263



This has all been done before, folks …

"Tree of knowledge" incoming.

903ae6 No.1639264

File: 4f39cedca0af5bc⋯.mp4 (5.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, A Media Dare Accepted.mp4)

video exposes CNN-MSNBC idiocy on Trump

4598b2 No.1639265

File: dadeed551ecdedf⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1914x1226, 957:613, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)


Loop? as in Loop Capital or what do you mean by Loop… the freeway? we have 2 Loops KEK

2a242b No.1639266

File: 671f8b0edb4533b⋯.png (1.54 MB, 975x637, 75:49, DD heat.png)

File: fe2f40e1b11107f⋯.jpg (61.63 KB, 600x300, 2:1, Desert-Diamond_600x300.jpg)


Anon's path leads to Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel.

Not much activity on Strava…

d1a33f No.1639267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


978c9c No.1639268


I've got bad arthritis.

If Kratom was banned, I'd be fucked.

I won't take opiate/opioid pain killers ever again.

30f487 No.1639269


and the active gold mine next to it.

903ae6 No.1639270

Hogg got swatted


49b6f3 No.1639271

File: 97b6acf90f71958⋯.png (616.11 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_6957.PNG)

‪These people really do need help. It is sad to see how degenerate, irrational, unsanitary & hateful some Americans have become. Here is your 4-6% that will never grasp ahold of the Truth.

These people truly are sick!

cbae4e No.1639272

Raffles Hotel is closed to the public. The perfect controlled setting for the summit, and a tip top property to boot.

145feb No.1639273




ae0a73 No.1639274


It's never too late to "sharpen your own axe"!

I wrote/posted this around Christmastime and I hope it helps you gently wake people up while preserving your "personal brand" as someone who is "woke", logical and calm… Njoy!

Here’s how to use the same Socratic method Q used on us for “Red Pilling” your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors without ruining your relationships or being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”…

SalesTrainerandAuthorFag here…

• First and foremost: Red pilling is a PROCESS, not an event! It requires patience and skill!

• Find some common ground where they’ve already questioned the MSM narrative (JFK, RFK, Oswald, John John, Clintons, Clinton Foundation, Arkancides, BHO/birth certificate, 9/11, Building 7, no video of plane hitting Pentagon, missing 2.3 trillion dollars, Halliburton, rigged primary election, MSM biases, Russian collusion, Fox News, CNN, etc.).

• Once common ground discovered, let them tell you everything they have learned about the topic. Even if you disagree, don’t say so.

• Once the topic is fully explored, compliment them on their knowledge and then ask if they think if it also ties to [blank] (another topic/event/lie you want to make them curious about).

• If they agree, do NOT “dump” on them with information you’ve already learned; ask them to dig into it and agree to speak about it in a week or so.

• During the second conversation, let them be the expert and teach you (keep playing dumb). Be sure to praise them for their open-mindedness and encourage them to keep learning.

• Ask them to learn about another topic that relates to this one and agree to speak again at a predetermined time. Then, let them teach you again, regardless about how much you already know about the topic.

• Ask a LOT of questions; allow them to “sell themselves” on new ideas (people never argue with their own ideas, but they subconsciously “push back” against other people’s ideas).

• Always play dumb; let THEM become the expert.

• Ask for their help “solving a puzzle”; let them BE the expert.

• Understand that the deeper someone is dug into the opposing viewpoint, the farther they will snap into the other direction once they wake up.

• If someone shares an idea that you believe is wrong/ignorant, do NOT push back; ask, “help me see what you’re seeing”, or “help me understand that better”. The more someone tries to explain something that has no basis, the higher the likelihood they will eventually change their own mind (which YOU can NOT do for/to them).

• Once someone shows a thirst for new knowledge, invite them to share their ideas with a third person while you are also present (the more they view themselves as a mentor/teacher, the more this reinforces their new beliefs).

• When stuck, offer to “switch sides” and debate the topic from their point of view and have them argue from your point of view. This often helps them talk themselves out of their original viewpoint.

• When you have to make a statement (instead of asking a question), open it with a “softening statement”: “Do you think it may be possible that …”, or, “I’m not sure this is right, but I just read that …” This provides possibilities for you and the other person.

• As often as possible, only discuss events that have already happened. When forced to discuss what you think MIGHT happen in the future, use softening statements first (see paragraph immediately above this one).

• Do NOT let the conversation turn into a Red vs. Blue argument. Keep repeating that there’s corruption on both sides of the aisle (point to the huge number of Republican resignations/not running for re-election for both senators and members of congress). Keep the discussion focused on GOOD vs. EVIL!

• Final point: ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IN EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION, YOU ARE THE SECOND-BEST SALESPERSON! Get them talking, keep them talking and encourage their passion for digging!

• SHOW the other person that you’ve embraced the teachings of Jesus through your kindness, patience and lack of judgment of their ideas.

• Happy pilling, and beer at the parade, muh bitches!

5fb542 No.1639275


an area called loop. like the loop in Chicago. origins of loop capital.

there are interesting coincidences in these towns with fackery.

4598b2 No.1639276

File: 76fb322b8b17c39⋯.jpg (182.37 KB, 718x721, 718:721, beaver.jpg)



But i fucking love this video and PRIMUS

d98d10 No.1639277


Bad metaphor on my part. I meant remove @Jack and all the bad actors, but keep the Twitter name and format.

0d74c0 No.1639278

File: ad16bff0c96dfc0⋯.png (88.07 KB, 271x402, 271:402, rfk17.png)



demarcation day.

aka Operation Overlord.

also marks 50 years to the date of the death of RFK.

5d198a No.1639279

File: 35a86e612e53881⋯.png (309.95 KB, 1761x1099, 1761:1099, ClipboardImage.png)


9f257e No.1639280


Purity and innocence. It's not complicated. Children before the age of reason (the ability to sin), if baptized, are more connected to God than anybody else.

Cabal are completely disconnected from the Holy Spirit - not just because of sin. We all sin. But because of intentional acts of evil, and most importantly misleading the innocent into sin. The sin against the holy spirit. They can't come back from that absent miraculous divine intervention.

So … they try to steal our connection. They can't. They can only get high.

They need to burn.

76fa88 No.1639281


Agreed, that post is very well stated and concise.

17f21b No.1639282


Anons making different clock markers have been here since the beginning, along with the ChessFags.

Do not classify clock anons in same class as the muh dick shill or tasteless pics trolls.

The clock anons are trying to help

They atleast bring to focus, past Q posts and crumbs.

And a few things have matched up on their clocks.

Also they made anons think of different markers, and get people to connect more past crumbs with todays news.

They may not be accurate all the time, or right. But they are no a slide, when they get people to re reread past crumbs, and try to connect.

And yes no more clocks should be in notables( unless it has several connections proved correct)

d078b0 No.1639284

LOOP Capital

What major investment firm doesn't list their board or leadership team on their website? Total shell. Total front. As obvious as a bookie owning a grocery store.

fcfcb7 No.1639285

File: 98766c8985a2652⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 255x168, 85:56, 3aa5c4408e875a68d096ef65a8….jpg)

File: 2ccbdce0a184953⋯.jpg (44.59 KB, 798x584, 399:292, 1111-5d23.jpg)

File: 7b1a2925e582531⋯.jpg (57.74 KB, 710x450, 71:45, MI-Redhead-dates.jpg)

File: 3c2b4f9a08031e7⋯.jpg (60.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1024x1024.jpg)

875982 No.1639286


post more rare pepes please, if you have them.

616bb3 No.1639287


Still parroting that age old story huh? You don't know what or who Nephilum are. Only what you were TOLD to think and believe.

None of this is free thought. It is thr age old brainwashing and indoctrination.

After learning ALL these LIES. YOU still truly believe THEY gave you the Bible for YOUR salvation and knowlegde.

YOU still believe or think you know the truth.

Lol. Wow.

0d74c0 No.1639288

File: f6d72e99ebcd3da⋯.png (90.58 KB, 491x600, 491:600, loop1.png)

File: 6ac62693af5c104⋯.png (465.91 KB, 1246x667, 1246:667, loop2.png)

8d0727 No.1639289


Nice. A clear sign to crack the clock anon.

63486b No.1639290


True, if it's taken the wrong way. That's bad on the anon who took it to twitter without first stating the clock is used for confirmations. Should never be used for predictions. Ever.

30f487 No.1639291

8d26ba No.1639292

File: 724d96a9b4043a1⋯.png (29.91 KB, 1015x419, 1015:419, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c584ae29de923b⋯.png (36.54 KB, 1647x497, 1647:497, ClipboardImage.png)

Apologies if this has already been posted but just came across it

JonBenet Ramsey murder confession turned over to Donald J. Trump

"Maddie" is also mentioned. Remember Maddie.

http:// www.writeintoaction.com/JonBenet%20Ramsey%20FULL%20CONFESSION%20mailed%20to%20Donald%20Trump.html

1d1351 No.1639293


I agree, we need accurate information here, However it is very difficult to come by sometimes.

So much misinfo, disinfo, bias

adb63d No.1639294


2 Corinthians 11:14

…13For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.

1eab43 No.1639295

Why is the Bread full of turds this morning. Anyone doing research or everyone just insulting each other?

6add3e No.1639296


I read it was closed.

a66f4c No.1639297


Aaaand my appetite is gone

64e8f7 No.1639298


I'm a friend of the clock bro, Anti-clockers

"Clock_fags_Are Ghey"

Get filtered.

See notables for confirmation.


7c9f2e No.1639299

Dumbass Alex Jones keeps bringing back his debunked "source" Zach and plans to bring him in studio for an hour this week.

He admits that his ID has been exposed but won't share it with his audience because he knows they won't like a Muslim traitor like Zach

Alex was frantically cutting Zach's comments off, even more than he usually interrupts people because Zach kept trying to say shit like;

"The military is wrong for killing Muslims."

514064 No.1639300


Anons. Anyone know how to get Kratom to an EU Country?

0ce610 No.1639301


good ole beaveranon

4598b2 No.1639302

File: ca21d5c86f23c2e⋯.jpg (111.13 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, maxresdefault.jpg)


Do tell… I have been along with others doing research on some of these people but its difficult to find the crumbs… They cover tracks easier when they control everything such as city council, mayors office, police department and oversite committees. she must have almost been exposed with that dudes suicide so she covered some tracks…

556ff0 No.1639303

File: 11830506de48fc3⋯.gif (9.65 MB, 512x344, 64:43, elvis_gratton.gif2.gif)


Your reply is utter nonsense. I am not begging for notable status nor am I claiming anything. Ever heard of spitballin?

616bb3 No.1639304

When a solider is killed in battle they are called What?


adb63d No.1639305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>2 Corinthians 11:14

>…13For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.

145feb No.1639306


Lucifer = Fallen?

b3c0cd No.1639307

By Heather Hartel – Correspondent, L.A. Biz

Jun 1, 2018, 9:16am

Delta Air Lines' planned $1.86 billion investment at Los Angeles International Airport will position both the airline and the facility to accommodate future growth at the venue, airline and city officials said Thursday.

Executives made the comments at a ceremony unveiling plans for what's officially called the Delta Sky Way at LAX project. The effort calls for updating and improving Terminals 2 and 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall.

239eac No.1639308

File: 20adadab2dec3b9⋯.png (31.37 KB, 483x278, 483:278, Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at ….png)

The markets know that something is coming.

You think the geniuses on wall street (some sarcasm) aren't following Q? Of course they are.

Check out the chart. Volume has completely dried up.

Market dive.

Q said so.

4598b2 No.1639309

File: 5ea1e03d88186dd⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pepe_long_hair.jpg)


KEK not beaver anon.

but i remember that anon lol

65ce25 No.1639310


>Anons. Anyone know how to get Kratom to an EU Country?

its banned in the EU???

903ae6 No.1639312

File: 851f064cb8b78e6⋯.png (386.14 KB, 996x211, 996:211, How China Skirts America’s….png)

As the Trump administration ramps up its fight against Chinese steel and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ended trade talks with Beijing over the weekend without a settlement, U.S. officials are confronting a strategic shift from China’s state-backed manufacturers. For the past several years, they have been shutting production at home and expanding overseas, fueled by tens of billions of dollars from Chinese state-owned lenders and funds.


978c9c No.1639313


You can try to have it direct shipped.

Some companies will label it as a herbal tea or something.

If your country has out and out banned it, you'll be able to get hard drugs easier.

Fuckin sad.

30f487 No.1639314


All of their responses are nonsense. They're trying real hard today, and one of (((them))) is the baker

096857 No.1639315


>Anybody know if similar misguided criteria was used for hiring ground crews, maintenance personnel, and pre-flight safety inspectors?

T. S. A.

adb63d No.1639316


kratom sucks ass

its nasty as all hell

does not help with nerve pain

2a242b No.1639317

File: 904921cf753b0ad⋯.png (92.84 KB, 1129x274, 1129:274, ishtar.png)



df5378 No.1639318

The OIG report will lead to arrests of Trump's campaign.

Wake up, folks. We are being conned here.

Get ready.

27597b No.1639319

File: 6140cb17d586bba⋯.png (255.09 KB, 497x473, 497:473, Unity.png)


Then they wouldn't be rare.

64e8f7 No.1639320

File: 1470dea86429411⋯.png (391.35 KB, 926x1294, 463:647, Able danger benet.png)

File: 1a35417decc9b2e⋯.png (277.65 KB, 2038x674, 1019:337, Jon Benet Father.png)

6beb17 No.1639321


i'm a bit torn on that, sometimes i'd hug every last one of ya, othertimes i'm so, so, SO glad this is just a digital/virtual space and we're not all stuck in a huge room (egad the horror)…

…but the itch to actually go to the parade doesn't seem to be going away, so… who knows? :)

7d5c68 No.1639322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Besides the velocity of faux fiat exchange of the marketplace, legalize it and the carnivorous pedophile politician spam loses infomercial time on fox and chan prol

30f487 No.1639323


try an ionic foot bath. it's a miracle

9f257e No.1639324


And you're so prideful that you actually think you're "enlightened," when you're woefully deceived.

Just look at your tone. You're lost.

4598b2 No.1639325


there are lots of these cropping up? like mini cities within cities. contained urban living?

a723b8 No.1639327

Anything from Priestap yet? Just got up.

64e8f7 No.1639328

File: 72594f8afa00475⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 235x255, 47:51, De moley pepe point.jpg)



Baker Girls/Muh_Concrn All equal FILTRED FAGGIT

Have a notable and Baker is Ignoring U?

Thats probably Why

Current Notables


>>1638721 Arm Cement: more good than bad, TRUST THE PLAN

>>1638715 The Stainless-Steel-Rat Comey/HRC Future Proves past

>>1638688 David Koch Retires, >>1638759 sealed indictments opened near Sept. 11

>>1638818 Suspicious Murders in AZ

>>1638901 Halper former crack hoe

>>1638960 Cemex Televisa linked in US Lawsuit,

>>1638846 KimDotcom Poll: 89% think twitter is deep state, calls for new platform

>>1639092 If you're wondering how to help today, Here are a few ideas

>>1639074 Priestap arrives and post includes name of Judiciary committee members.

>>1639165 Blast-fire-shut-down-CEMEX-plant

>>1639292 JonBenet murder confession Turned over to POTUS

Please don't feed

(((the Adversary)))

Silence = Napalm to the (((Shill)))

Helper Anons are in here!



If i'm missing your NO TABLE

(And ur not filtered already kek)

please link in next bread

Got booted from vpn twice in

last 15min,



Please Confirm receipt

(other bakers too if in here)

c4a257 No.1639329


wew. lads.

adb63d No.1639330

File: 83b965962f5789b⋯.jpg (132.27 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, ANIMAL - Copy.jpg)

from Renaissance man

hes doing an imitation of raging bull

"im not an animal"

its a really good show

0ce610 No.1639331



baker is shill fo sho - so many shitty and repeated notables.

fuck em - keep moving forward

1f6f98 No.1639332

File: ad3f7745293587f⋯.png (816.1 KB, 1273x866, 1273:866, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c2b4da255a9d598⋯.png (637.34 KB, 664x767, 664:767, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 781f3a5d36077e5⋯.png (127.19 KB, 654x608, 327:304, ClipboardImage.png)

June 5, 2018 - "Demi Lovato hints at past sexual abuse following security guard prank backlash"

http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/06/05/demi-lovato-hints-at-past-sexual-abuse-following-security-guard-prank-backlash.html

June 20, 2016 - "Demi Lovato Takes Controversial Stance on Mariah Carey vs. Ariana Grande Meme"

https:// www.billboard.com/articles/news/7409016/demi-lovato-takes-mariah-carey-ariana-grande-meme

126114 No.1639333

File: e9e52a851d34211⋯.png (1.52 MB, 935x936, 935:936, e9e52a851d342110d19a049ca0….png)

978c9c No.1639334


It does taste bad.

Try dissolving a vicodin or OC in your mouth.

They are in capsules too.

12e49f No.1639335

File: e4f03543a38a995⋯.jpg (109.01 KB, 590x380, 59:38, ishtarstar.jpg)


Check the star in the flag and the cross

8 pointed star also seen at christmas party in eyes wide shut

313d32 No.1639336

File: e9bdff10fa56f13⋯.png (822.71 KB, 823x562, 823:562, botnetkekdeath.png)


Who would have imagined

Evil's end in this world

Would be such indignity as this?

Lying skulking mindless

Flopping around like a dying snake

In a puddle of its own piss?

Death with dignity is off the table or what, botboy? Lol at what you're reduced to! No offense, but it's pretty funny, you must admit.

4598b2 No.1639337

File: c563b31887cca4d⋯.png (89.44 KB, 1328x1140, 332:285, pepe_black_lol.png)

30f487 No.1639338


you're an asshole

95996f No.1639339


Flat volume indicates the controlling investors have already completed their protective or profit setting trades.

b22ce5 No.1639340


Confirmed on standby.

020805 No.1639341

File: 92522630f55136f⋯.png (348.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sesamestreet.png)

File: d638622e6d509f6⋯.jpg (12.58 KB, 227x255, 227:255, 1f23b1ece86a4fb8888cd7b138….jpg)

25e77e No.1639342

File: 66a108db714ee5f⋯.pdf (3.04 MB, DHS prior reporting oigsar….pdf)

File: 388399d8eb2cbd1⋯.jpg (881.47 KB, 807x732, 269:244, InkedDHS_40_prior_LI.jpg)


Verified account


19m19 minutes ago


New OIG report about DHS: Semiannual Report to the Congress: October 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018 https://www.oversight.gov/node/16019

40 PRIORS ???

4dae35 No.1639343

63486b No.1639344


Yeah, which is exactly what you are doing. Randomly adding or subtracting time is not how the clock should work, but hey…if you want to continue giving the clock a bad rep, go for it.


Have you even read any of my post on this bread? I would say no based on your comments. Why do you stop being a fucking idiot and learn something before you type to show your ignorance.

30f487 No.1639345


you got that right anon

always moving forward

7d5c68 No.1639346

File: a1e3e8d10ec06e8⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, IMG_2257.JPG)

TRAnnyshillngnasimemes are pedospammers fetards

514064 No.1639347


Illegal where I am but wasn't always…up there with Heroin.

2f334b No.1639348


Sorry for your troubles. Thank you for the hard work!

12e49f No.1639349


The divine right of kings, divine right, or God's mandate is a political and religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm. It implies that only God can judge an unjust king and that any attempt to depose, dethrone or restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act. It is often expressed in the phrase "by the Grace of God", attached to the titles of a reigning monarch.

37fc33 No.1639350


Pussy, if we're ever going to have the same people back in as before running things, gas me up!

bcbb03 No.1639351

Call for Prayer

Anons: Let's support our vets out in Tuscon, AZ who are trying to find and rescue the children. At the top of the hour and at half past the hour, please Pray for Protection of the children, success and safety of the volunteers. And Pray for justice.

Whether you pray in a religious sense or the 100th Monkey Effect. It doesn't matter… just pray…

Thanks to those patriotic vets.

d98d10 No.1639352


That's exactly what a bleeding-heart liberal Democrat is.

64e8f7 No.1639353


thank u

gonna reboot brb

30f487 No.1639354


fuck off, useless idiot

058a26 No.1639355




God speed Baker

239eac No.1639356


That's just a fancy way of saying that they are scared and don't know what the fuck to do.

Markets moving sideways with no volume. It's not always a guarantee of a dive, but it's a sign that something is coming.

Lot of fear in Europe right now. Trump cut them off the american teet. We were funding the entire world. Now what? House of cards comes tumbling down?

SKY EVENT. All will become clear.

Markets unsure until then.

7d5c68 No.1639357


Walrus josh isn't worth the body parts either

08184e No.1639358


I think that, based on 8chan, pol & 4chan - the only way to make it work is to remove all the limits, except for porn. It will be the Wild Wild West for a time, but people will sort themselves out quicker than most think.

The chans are ultimate 1st amendment training for normies - zero safe spaces @ the chans.

It ought to be that way. We have enough echo chambers already.

So I say bust it up into twatter prime and other assets. Let people build and sell their own twatter apps as filters or build their own echo chambers to hide in.

This country has been insulated from controversy for far too long

4dae35 No.1639359


Good one.

313d32 No.1639360


S b

t Y



d 4 W



514064 No.1639361


Thanks Anon. Sad but True.

f14f2b No.1639362

File: 2469bb685cfd662⋯.png (31.74 KB, 405x293, 405:293, ClipboardImage.png)

126114 No.1639363



I will do this. Godspeed Vets I hope we uncover the truth soon.

020805 No.1639364

File: e647e071ebe9ea3⋯.png (160.35 KB, 581x457, 581:457, when-i-bake-its-10-posts-o….png)