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File: af4716b34464fb6⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Still1st.png)

65d29b No.1923514

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



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Wednesday 06.27.2018

>>1921310 ----------------------- Fist pumps re: POTUS / Q encounter = Keep up the good fight, Patriot.

>>1920424 ----------------------- Chatter. Trains. Buses. Be vigilant.

Tuesday 06.26.2018

>>1918932 rt >>1918913 —- Frame of shot. Expand your thinking

>>1918891 rt >>1918887 —- Known3

>>1918887 rt >>1918879 —- Known2

>>1918879 ----------------------- Known1

>>1918277 ----------------------- Time to FEED

>>1917911 ----------------------- Why are we a threat to them?

>>1917399 rt >>1917343 —- Pic from >>1739490 (Thank you USSS)

>>1917343 ----------------------- QRepost of flight from May 2

>>1916327 rt >>1916245 —- JA in the news?

>>1916260 rt >>1916176 —- Error. Long night.

>>1916147 rt >>1915880 ---- Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?

>>1915880 rt >>1915774 ---- Nothing provided is random

Friday 06.22.2018

>>1866070 ---------------------- Q&A reschedule THERES A THREAD FOR QUESTIONS

Thursday 06.21.2018

>>1843122 rt >>1843055 ---- Q&A Saturday. Time TBD.

>>1843055 rt >>1842740 ---- We stand. We fight. TOGETHER

>>1842740 rt >>1842655 ---- We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

>>1842655 rt >>1842592 ---- Jan 20, 2017 June 20, 2018 Exactly 17 months.

Wednesday 06.20.2018

>>1840075 ----------------------- Now that's what I call a VIP!

>>1838471 ----------------------- Shift in tactics

>>1838281 rt >>1838246 ---- R they serious?

>>1838246 ----------------------- Boom!

>>1837073 rt >>1837019 ---- Look for more direct confirmations. It's time

>>1837019 rt >>1836621 ---- TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING

>>1835669 ----------------------- We hear you, Patriots! WWG1WGA!

>>1834282 ----------------------- Abandon Ship! Hussein Staff Talking

>>1831799 ----------------------- They want you DIVIDED!

>>1829713 ----------------------- DOJ forced to supply

>>1828656 rt >>1828594 ---- (Sheila Jackson Lee is) Part of the club

>>1828504 rt >>1828481 ---- Spelling error due to mobile

>>1828481 ----------------------- FF Prevented

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are not endorsements


>>1844122 A Place to Ponder Questions for the upcoming Q & A

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags

>>1891030 BO's Response to BV Ban Accusations

>>1892024 BV Update on Shills (Including Analysis of Their Network Resources)

>>1908841 Q - The Plan To Save The World (video)

>>1913787 Track Pro-Trump thread

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>>1922737 God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

>>1922820 Full moon and Opposition of Saturn happening at the same time: Stay Vigilant, >>1923286, >>1923358, >>1923459

>>1922832 17 States sue Trump Administration over family "separation"

>>1922880 Delta on Q posts

>>1922883 Soros Backs Personal Injury Lawsuits in Market With 20% Returns

>>1922885 Cynthia Nixon (=Disillusioned Whore from Shitshow Sex In the City) Calls ICE a 'Terrorist Organization' as She Calls for Its Abolishment

>>1922895 Antifa's activity in the 50's

>>1922903 Global Financial Reset Underway?

>>1922930 Court Orders Production of 13,000 Pages of Strzok/Page Emails – Court Agrees to FBI’s Two-Year Production Schedule

>>1922949 Pompeo tweets on Iran

>>1922968 Driver who slammed into Katie Arrington's car was previously involved in a hit-and-run, cops say

>>1922987 New POTUS tweet

>>1923038 Planefag updates, >>1923138, >>1923277

>>1923050 Net Shutdown Coming Soon? Archive Offline!

>>1923078 Red Hen owner resigns from business group after booting Sarah Sanders

>>1923082 Anon has a theory about FF, Q-post & Planes, >>1923083, >>1923122

>>1923116 European MEK Supporters Downplay ISIS Role in Iraq (aka Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult), >>1923225, >>1923228, >>1923263

>>1923128 Schumann Resonance On The Rise, >>1923328

>>1923159 Laura Loomer Presses Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters

>>1923182 Facebook's Building 8 recently opened in Shangai

>>1923240 Aide Of Flamboyant Gay Person (Turkey Dictator Erdogone), throws hissyfit at Schumer

>>1923250 Kind reminder on how to deal with (nasim) shills


>>1923326 POTUS Public Schedule Of June 27th

>>1923420 POTUS's fist bump graph updated

>>1923504 #2423


>>1922593 FEED connects Bush, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AIDS - (RED)

>>1922511, >>1922470 Tweets about Iran

>>1922410, >>1922527 Background of the Brazilian UN President who leveraged the vote to create Israel

>>1922390 Jolie-Pitt Foundation donated to and Angelina Jolie visited Chad and Darfur

>>1922380 Some celebrities and charities in Africa

>>1922120, >>1922323, >>1922385 Barge fire in Seattle, also trains not moving

>>1922077 Seattle to Tacoma trains stopped due to disabled train

>>1922193, >>1922362 Anti child abuse advocate arrested for charges related to child sexual abuse

>>1922099 Twitter shill network found pushing Jet Blue narrative

>>1921986 Trump just launched the first salvo at the IRS/FED

>>1921978 Q post image: count of ellipsis

>>1922611 #2422

>>1921987, >>1921994 More Tweets about Iran


>>1921686 Q post image: Fist pumps pictures found

>>1921447 Fox: Federal judge orders end of family separations at US border

>>1921385 Russia Insider - US Leaves Syrian Rebels – Is Trump Making Nice With Putin Ahead of Summit?

>>1921383 Macron groomed puppet relationship to Rothschilds

>>1921382 Seizure of 22 pounds of fentanyl and more in Columbus, Ohio

>>1921355, >>1921512 Planefag update: C-17 Tiger 21 landing in Honolulu

>>1921335, >>1921343 More on plane at JFK

>>1921288, >>1921364 Location of Shanghi Airport in Relation to Q Landmark Photo near CAOAZHEN CHINA

>>1921271 Joe Crowley defeated in New York primary

>>1921225, >>1921231 Bus Accident this morning in Germany

>>1921240 Sky News: Saddleworth Moor fire declared major incident

>>1921199 Gender madness alienates democratic insider

>>1921778 #2421

>>1921653 Bibi tweets about playing soccer in a "free Iran."

>>1921233 James Woods has some choice words for John Legend's "ultimatum"

>>1921861 Jetblue plane N988JT, which flies the route that was stopped by Feds at JFK

>>1921955 Anon comments on VOP Tuscon child trafficking fakery. We did not fall for the provocateurs.

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eb7b10 No.1923526

File: 26b7da68fba98f9⋯.png (122.13 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180627-001406.png)

Conspiracy No More.

65d29b No.1923538

File: d56f961bc6d4dc6⋯.jpg (130.31 KB, 640x570, 64:57, ku-xlarge.jpg)



9702e8 No.1923554

Trump is a Rock Star.

4d8cff No.1923556

File: 016f1bd382d9faf⋯.jpg (722.7 KB, 2418x2625, 806:875, bombing.jpg)

File: 4e0c857dda13d2f⋯.jpg (159.59 KB, 660x936, 55:78, gawker.JPG)

Funded by Soros, organized by Obama/Ayers

These people are sick.


92fe6d No.1923557

File: 4bcc46c85ccda51⋯.png (747.08 KB, 1009x760, 1009:760, Red Hen.PNG)

e29e60 No.1923558

File: 2e9c47aa40c2b46⋯.jpeg (39.91 KB, 393x589, 393:589, fabd7d1c2d2d71ecfe55b5079….jpeg)

Great work, Baker.

Daybaker here.

Got a conference call in a few; currently operating on emergency standby.

Will be able to fully commit this afternoon as needed.

Keep up the excellent work.

9702e8 No.1923559


55a85b No.1923560

>>1923536 lb

.. I never said I thought SR was alive.

..and source could be intel, not a person.

132282 No.1923561

File: 4085d28848a13bd⋯.png (174.2 KB, 1080x1259, 1080:1259, Screenshot_20180627-185632….png)

9702e8 No.1923562


I like thick babe's.

a579d5 No.1923563

File: 2b0e84196df4c2b⋯.jpeg (127 KB, 772x1033, 772:1033, fullsizeoutput_134a.jpeg)

132282 No.1923564

File: 57324683882fc47⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 1072x210, 536:105, IMG_20180627_181959.jpg)

206f59 No.1923565

Has anyone noticed that since Q posted yesterday, the Trip Code alternates between RED / BLUE when you hover over it.

7eb07e No.1923566

File: c4598171490db7e⋯.png (265.21 KB, 516x541, 516:541, Recon7.png)

Planefags- is ADSB down for you at this time? Home page is OK but radar desktop won't open. What do you see?

901f5d No.1923567

>>1923269 PB

>time to FEED.





45c8e7 No.1923568

>>1923532 lb

I find it hard to believe that anyone can think SR is still alive after being confirmed multiple times by Q that he is not.

SR is NOT the only source for wikileaks, you idiots. Grow a brain and then learn to use it.


learn the difference between source and intel.

bf52fc No.1923569

File: fc6138766cc9c07⋯.jpeg (64.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, no_frens.jpeg)

>>1923528 (lb)

I mean the faggot at the controls is an asshole. Not frens.

9702e8 No.1923570

The slut is still getting paid.

a579d5 No.1923571



Sorry, anon. Didn't mean to send that

7eb07e No.1923572


Belay that. Page finally updated. Approaching cruising altitude…


06c8fe No.1923573


curious… libs latching onto this already…


could the "upgrades" be part of the dismantling process?

POTUS said it is a process, and im thinking they need cooling expansions etc s they dismantle shit

I could be wrong, but I feel the left is panicking yet again

im thinking this will come out soon, but half the left will only remember original article

(my leftist "friend" feels so vindicated right now)

0689e2 No.1923574

File: 66eb79c05cef23a⋯.png (78.26 KB, 455x555, 91:111, fuck-israel.png)

Because of the pro-israel BS posted last bread, I am reposting this Q crumb…

45c8e7 No.1923575


not just Q's. BO and BV also change colors. It's the new CSS that anon created and BO implemented.

1fd024 No.1923577

File: 2b2f0ff510b4a8e⋯.png (1.03 MB, 719x927, 719:927, Q1589.png)

File: 7453d97c87ad1a1⋯.png (637.26 KB, 1024x632, 128:79, DAYOFTHEROPE.png)

fc8765 No.1923578

>>1923500 (pb)

I've never found any nudes of Hope Hicks, unfortunately. Maybe other Anons have better sauces?

9b6887 No.1923579

When they make moon babies what ideology are they following specifically?

9702e8 No.1923580

d2b5cb No.1923581


Im sure they are out there…likely why she got sent packing

5b8480 No.1923582


4-6% is such an under estimate. It's the one Q drop i read and had to shake my head. I hear shit like this all the fucking time.

e29e60 No.1923583

File: a57c35cd5d81dd4⋯.jpeg (93.72 KB, 736x1107, 736:1107, 4acb3f0005f3bfa531cf31de5….jpeg)


Just for you.

96076c No.1923584

File: 76ed2af8aeb9418⋯.png (350.06 KB, 882x361, 882:361, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1919668 Previous

Right on. Both aircraft ID'd.

What about the aircraft or vehicle following and from which photo Known1 was shot? What is on the right edge of the frame? What is just outsode of the frame?

6c5be3 No.1923585

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


kek reminds me of this video.

55a85b No.1923586


>>>1923560 (You)learn the difference between source and intel.

maybe you could expand your thinking and read this.


c01fe7 No.1923589

File: 783757957df787f⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 6256x3240, 782:405, 1503797157794.jpg)

Not trying to incite shitflinging here but the shills did assault us last bread, this image is important information for those on the fence. Whatsoever may be their takeaway from it, I don't care. I only just care that they are given the opportunity to review relevant information. In my opinion however, if you accept these details it should lay to rest some of the controversy and so actually, in this way, help quiet things down around here.

40f783 No.1923590

File: 599f5b01a663e02⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1249x4302, 1249:4302, 599f5b01a663e0246162683d92….png)

8592c9 No.1923592

>>1922737 how the fuck is this notable?

9702e8 No.1923593

bf3bb4 No.1923594

File: 31757749fd6573e⋯.png (231.63 KB, 615x718, 615:718, d90c896ed22b7d2a9a27336e1e….png)

Twitter increasing censorship.


3ed29d No.1923595

>>1922575 lb

Correction: The Abrahamic Cult of Islam is a WEAPON of the Cabal/Deepstate/NWA. ie Europe. (((They))) are on the front lines assisting the invaders.

Remember, Your "freedom of religion" ends when you declare yourself chosen people or non-members are non-human.

b9b3ea No.1923596


Swords, man.

55a85b No.1923597


so who is behind them?

aren't they just sheep being used and abused like the rest of us?

4d8cff No.1923598


Agreed. We are looking at 15 - 20% hardcore socialists/commies/anarchists.

5b0c05 No.1923599

John 3:20-21

Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

Watch the cockroaches scatter!

e113da No.1923600




>>1923128 Schumann Resonance On The Rise, >>1923328


While this IS a scientifically interesting subject it has absolutely nothing to do with Q research or politics

AND there is a dedicated thread for it


Since you couldn't tell, this is a slide topic.

PLEASE do not feed it.

40f783 No.1923601

File: c4a79046205467e⋯.jpg (124.54 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DgoVi3ZW4AUFfum.jpg)

File: 56f59fb7632a3d7⋯.jpg (125.59 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DgoVi3ZXkAML1Hb.jpg)

Is Ruth off to see the Wizard?

2f1680 No.1923603


FEED - Finally Eradicate Evil Doers

SICK - Satanic Illuminati Child Killers


0689e2 No.1923604

da22f0 No.1923605

Not sure if this has anything to do with flight


c2109f No.1923606

File: c57c13a199fa100⋯.png (593.41 KB, 575x593, 575:593, 2018-06-27_08-52-49.png)

File: 8f7c27c710d94cf⋯.png (790.44 KB, 598x936, 23:36, 2018-06-27_09-26-41.png)




2084e1 No.1923607


We have a soon to be CEO firing coming up.

Stupid piece of white trash wigger marries a a scum bag nigger and this is how they treat pets and people from the shelter.

2c60b7 No.1923608


why don't they block the accounts of those harassing us like Legend and his tranny wife

ca6ae7 No.1923610



Those are just sleepers and they can be awoken.

They believe in a cause. They believe their current way will lead them to something better. That alone makes them capable of participating in the Great Awakening - it's just a matter of pointing them in the right direction and if they make the choice, they sleep no more.

644674 No.1923611

File: df4203f68e3855b⋯.jpg (530.75 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, 20180627_091721.jpg)

b59511 No.1923612

File: 6e3900a9c79e176⋯.jpg (1023.86 KB, 1100x731, 1100:731, 1440725452917.jpg)

Previous Bread:


>Literal pages of archived threads, all with dead links now

I hate to say this, but if the intent is to "get it all out there", then here's what's needed:

1. Valid torrent/link to the real files (not the salts, which most likely have)

2. The keys to unlock them

3. Step-by-step on how to unlock them with Openssl or some AES tool that is available.

The Insurance Files needs a clear direction or 99% of the public will never get to see what's going on there.

At least we have confirmation that:

1. WL is comped

2. JA is safe


ed009f No.1923613

File: ffd7fef34d36b0c⋯.png (668.01 KB, 924x884, 231:221, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)


448d55 No.1923614


Do you have any idea the statistical improbability of a 2% minority making up such a massive percentage of any organization? Because they were misled into positions of power? Think.

9702e8 No.1923615

132282 No.1923616

File: b87af0c5338c316⋯.jpg (183.36 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, IMG_20180627_190645.jpg)

File: 1672442e8933097⋯.png (1.16 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, 6364b1ae13f6911b7cfb7d2693….png)

File: 10f9e2bc4d105da⋯.png (821.99 KB, 1080x974, 540:487, Screenshot_20180627-190334….png)

No intention slide but is this the girl we we're looking for? USSS trolling.

Thank you USSS.

a62913 No.1923617

File: 05c07b8cac9430f⋯.png (111.58 KB, 958x552, 479:276, ClipboardImage.png)

Just a reminder who we are fighting for….

Beware of the sheepiest of sheep. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5890179/Anti-child-abuse-advocate-arrested-trying-sex-kids.html

585c44 No.1923618


to be fair, i'm open to the possibility, not filled with belief that he's walking around.

big difference.

and clearly, there are witness relocation programs for a reason - plenty of people have been "confirmed dead" but just living under thick layers of protection, throughout history.

bearing in mind that disinfo is a real tool used by Q, i'm not sure i can appreciate your 'absolute' stance…but you be you anon, trust yourself.

40f783 No.1923619

File: d73a919e4fd1308⋯.png (174.52 KB, 925x566, 925:566, Obummer.PNG)


2c60b7 No.1923620

File: 42f3dd07bb17d71⋯.png (327.67 KB, 684x697, 684:697, legendisapussy.png)

cdf2af No.1923622


I always took it to mean that the evidence that's coming is so damning that only 4-6% will be the only ones stupid enough to remain blindly loyal.

7eb07e No.1923623

File: 137035017570bb8⋯.jpg (373.88 KB, 1050x765, 70:51, GeneralsTrustThePlan.jpg)

45c8e7 No.1923624


the muy Michelle dick tranny shills have arrived.

3adde6 No.1923625

Q said time to Feed maybe the update gives us control of the Feed.. or removes the filters>>1923594

241eb1 No.1923627

File: 2dc96b4fb251fb8⋯.jpg (116.31 KB, 1890x506, 945:253, unite the right2.jpg)


>There will be TWO Unite the Right rallies this year, a day apart

>There will be held in Washington DC and Charlottesville

>Police will be setting up a perimeter this time to separate counter-protestors from the rally


>Nazi symbols and uniforms are BANNED

>Optics overall, the message will be “It’s Okay to Be White” and “Stop White Genocide”

>Wear normal clothing, look normal

I'm going to repeat what I suggested last time:

The best way to do this is to let the left get in to a nice frothing frenzy. Midterms are coming, they need this for some good normie scares. Then, when the day comes…just exist.

That is to say, be happy white people. No banners, no shields or larping. Lots of american flags, casual wear, picnic lunches and some radio bopping out 80s-90s rock and roll. No screaming speeches, no chanting or clashing with the counter-protest. Just white people enjoying the company of other white people on a summer day. Hell, if they let you, bring a grill, share some food and build connections.

The beauty of this is multi-faceted. There is nothing on this green earth that a modern purple-haired leftest hates more then both being ignored, and being forced to watch happy white people. The news has to seriously cheerypick a few incidents, but social media shows the "nazi rally" being made up of a bunch of white folks playing badminton and horseshoes while drinking iced tea. If the counter-protest breeches the cop wall, it's not two hearty gangs clashing over belief. It's black-block heavies cracking on picnickers. Imagine trying to make the image of jackbooted antifa stomping someone's radio while they knock over a old lady trying to save the sandwiches. That's the kind of image that polarizes normal folks.

I swear to you this will work if people have the will to do it, to take just one day and be happy, proud, white americans. It will work.


Anon saying otherwise is a divisionfag

5b8480 No.1923628


Im around these 'sleepers' as you call them. They would die for communism right fucking now and consider themselves to be the moral high ground. You're wrong if you think they can be swayed in any other direction.

da22f0 No.1923629


I've been blocked by Legend over gun control and heard his wife is the worse

b0d0de No.1923630

File: 6db6d768d32d173⋯.png (2.25 MB, 4409x5150, 4409:5150, treaper.png)

Now everybody

Have you heard

If you're in the game

Then the Strzok's the word

a62913 No.1923631


also friendly reminder that posting baker girls and exploiting women is part of the problem. This is a public forum not your personal fap folder. Do you know if these women are consenting, abused, slaves?

Slippery slope.

f414cb No.1923633


Her Osteoporosis is so bad the Hunchback of Notre Dame makes fun of her.

55a85b No.1923634


I am saying they are but little puppets in the scheme.

Who is behind the C_A giving them the talking points.

?What is Mueller?

What is Comey?

What is Brennan?

a48e01 No.1923635

File: c924fcb7f72cdea⋯.jpg (95.04 KB, 600x400, 3:2, utopia.jpg)

File: 19346a128339c10⋯.png (479.57 KB, 673x391, 673:391, aussieshitpost.png)



#2423 - nice notables.

2c60b7 No.1923636


they can live in their sick little bubbles until they are exposed and jailed

c1e455 No.1923637

File: dc3d47941500c4c⋯.jpg (116.47 KB, 658x494, 329:247, RBGProblems.jpg)

7eb07e No.1923638

File: d7ab3969a132040⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 401x251, 401:251, ObamaFraudManwife.jpg)

File: c9f58f55d2c24f2⋯.png (732.97 KB, 704x551, 704:551, ObamaPickleSnowWhite.png)

File: e4ff7e5b4b2ea28⋯.jpg (140.58 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, KimObamaDone.jpg)

File: d9b8774a7845cf5⋯.jpg (100.56 KB, 594x396, 3:2, ObamaSnek1.jpg)

ed009f No.1923640

File: 8c8f8a9c62d01e1⋯.png (45.15 KB, 935x292, 935:292, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

c1e455 No.1923641

File: f72d34d462dfa48⋯.jpg (115.42 KB, 658x438, 329:219, RBGProblems.jpg)

72d601 No.1923642

File: 83ce5714732004d⋯.jpg (97.47 KB, 474x316, 3:2, patriotic_duty_143.jpg)

Thank You Baker!

132282 No.1923643

File: 9ea29d478aaedf6⋯.jpg (618.78 KB, 3000x1397, 3000:1397, IMG_20180627_191009.jpg)

File: 1672442e8933097⋯.png (1.16 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, 6364b1ae13f6911b7cfb7d2693….png)

b0d0de No.1923644

9702e8 No.1923645


Love Mr Woods. Saved

4d8cff No.1923646


Socialist beats establishment dem in NY primary.

The far left has separated itself from the establishment left. The dems created a monster they can't control.

We all hope you are right, but the trend doesn't currently support it.

7c3f24 No.1923647


So we've graduated from virtue signaling to warrior signaling or something.

These dumbasses are all acting like they can intimidate conservatives. Might work for this fucktard since he has armed guards, but any "normal" leftie will get his/her ass handed to them in short order.

Bring it on, losers.

c01fe7 No.1923648


Correction: the sheepiest of the sheep is truly a very sheepy sheep; the Daily Mail, far from that, is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

55a85b No.1923649

Peter strzok is real.

Just showed him walking into meeting.

5b8480 No.1923650


Any pics of the ghost arriving?

da22f0 No.1923651


Live stream?

7eb07e No.1923652

File: d4baa17a52f1a8d⋯.jpg (122.31 KB, 1024x516, 256:129, ObamaGate1.jpg)

File: 8cfa5b5c39689ef⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 1025x529, 1025:529, ObamaGate3.jpg)

File: 5aec6ea6d423c5f⋯.jpg (116.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ObamaGate4.jpg)

File: def177eac78132f⋯.jpg (64.15 KB, 660x258, 110:43, ObamaTaqiyya2.jpg)

File: c897689e29f668f⋯.jpg (188.9 KB, 557x522, 557:522, ObamaSatanistLives.jpg)

6c5be3 No.1923654

North Korea making ‘rapid’ improvements to nuclear reactor despite Trump-Kim agreement

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un inspects an honor guard ahead of his departure to Singapore in Pyongyang on June 10, 2018.

North Korea is upgrading its only known nuclear research facility, satellite imagery has shown, despite ongoing negotiations with multiple world leaders and a pledge to abandon its weapons program.

The satellite photos, obtained by North Korea analysis outlet 38 North, indicate that the isolated regime is making numerous improvements to its Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center “at a rapid pace.”

The report comes just over two weeks after President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed an agreement that called for a denuclearized Korean peninsula.

38 North is a U.S.-based project that looks to gather the insight of several long-time observers of North Korea. The site, which is perhaps best known for its monitoring of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program, is affiliated with experts at both the Stimson Center and non-profit Foreign Policy Research Institute.


Fake News again??

083acb No.1923655


Its good fiber break

ae50c4 No.1923656

File: 8f86f159256e274⋯.png (2.22 MB, 2335x1260, 467:252, ep.png)


im not against slut shaming but remember who else is here anon. anything can be used against us. think how the left thinks. maybe bitch, or cunt, would be more appropriate.

2084e1 No.1923657


A small BOOM.

8f66f2 No.1923658

File: 46a73020954c06e⋯.jpeg (38.87 KB, 248x300, 62:75, CIA NIGGER 04.jpeg)

File: 7862c32a35eb382⋯.gif (43.61 KB, 400x204, 100:51, PEPE REEE RATA TAT TAT.gif)


>Agreed. We are looking at 15 - 20% hardcore socialists/commies/anarchists.

Clearly, this number is based on your extensive databases and A.I. algorithms running on supercomputers.

"b/c your resources are so much more extensive and sophisticated than the ones the NSA and Q have at their disposal."

KYS you nigger (((baby cocksucking))) faggot.

1fd024 No.1923659

File: 690db6766395386⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DAY AT SHAREBLUE.gif)


flitered, fuck off shariablue.

Unity not Division

We are Americans and Patriots do not have any specific skin color.

Take your tiki torches, pour the oil over yourselves and your friends. Your NAMBLA associating days are over. Your days are numbered.

132282 No.1923660

File: 666eda9d597e7af⋯.png (410.67 KB, 1080x861, 360:287, Screenshot_20180627-180725….png)

52580f No.1923661

Haven't been lurking as much lately, so SIAP, but this story doesn't sit well with me. It seems like if this woman really did what she's being accused of in the video (isn't she isn't complicit with those filming and being a "great actor") then they would be trying to doxx the shit out of her.

Is it possible to find out if she leans one way or another? I'm sure there are plenty of small-minded people who would tear down a random person like that, but it's just a little too… convenient. At least in this news cycle.


241eb1 No.1923662

File: 2eb7114bcd02244⋯.jpg (377.96 KB, 1242x1354, 621:677, 1530101500719.jpg)


Meant to post this pic instead

6d4aad No.1923663


Must be important, she's wearing red shoes.

a62913 No.1923664



The Vatican and C_A uses them as scapegoats. How else would such a minority be allowed to gain such power unless it was part of the evil plan of a MUCH MORE POWERFUL organization?

How do you deflect the blame?

Who would have the balls to blame the Catholic Church? That's how they got on doing their evil for so long.

Not anymore. People are waking up.

This age of information its much harder to hide their crimes. The demise of the Church/Israel is inevitable.

They are one and the same

aad517 No.1923666

I'm just catching up on things after being out a couple of days. I am no fan of Maxine, but it doesn't serve our side to exaggerate either. Just watched the Loomer vid. Waters did not assault her as she claims. I've never trusted Loomer. Seems she's working with Maxine to me.

06c8fe No.1923667

4d8cff No.1923668


Not suggesting we will not win. Only that you should never underestimate your opponent.

84d778 No.1923669

File: 24ed0698b5c0653⋯.png (193.73 KB, 803x448, 803:448, Screenshot_2018-06-27_14-4….png)

Strzok arrives for testimony. Feker actually exists kek!

787e3a No.1923670


Ronnie James Dio came up with the devil horns gesture in heavy metal and it isn't what you think it is. It isn't meant to be a tribute to satan. It's meant to ward off evil.

55a85b No.1923671


cnn just showed him waking in

he is a real man

looks just like his photo

8c9897 No.1923672

File: ee0291e26c1c2ff⋯.jpg (542.06 KB, 1447x917, 1447:917, fox-july27-jfkairport.jpg)

http:// www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/06/27/jetblue-flight-mistakenly-sends-hijack-alert-triggering-huge-scare-at-jfk-airport.html

accidentally triggered hi-jack alert…. alright…

9702e8 No.1923673

I was grossed out the very first time I seen the Obama's…

ec818d No.1923674


He shaved his whole head now??

241eb1 No.1923675


>t. hates white people

Good to see you didn't read past the titles.

aad517 No.1923677


why is she always slumped over like that? Crazy old bat.

c1e455 No.1923678

File: 0b379b846fcba4c⋯.png (299.57 KB, 469x506, 469:506, ClipboardImage.png)

4d8cff No.1923680


That's the hope. The reveal will be absolutely amazing if it is the reality.

84d778 No.1923681


No the screenshot was late.

ec818d No.1923682


It has been around much longer than heavy metal music Anon.

86c105 No.1923683


Can't see them being swayed. They are hardcore in their beliefs. If anything, I can see more moderate Democrats leaning Republican in the future.

With all that so many soldiers have fought and died for this all makes me sad.

82cc77 No.1923684


What a lil fuck he is.

I would like to wipe that smirk off his face.

6c5be3 No.1923685


this guy looks like a real person to me.

72d601 No.1923686


And we don't get to see the hearing, because of "classified information", another term for "hiding the truth".

Also because Anons are too lazy to organize an effort to contact those involved to force them to make it public! Just as our President asked us to…

1fd024 No.1923687

File: 821c8b6cd2665b4⋯.jpg (32 KB, 337x284, 337:284, (you)plcan.jpg)


anons, take note of liberal smear attempt, read it carefully and notice the division similar to the 'PEOPLE of Light' campaign from just a few days ago.

The only proof you need that the Right is united is at Trump rallies, the MSM and rabid left are bringing more independents into our united campaign HOURLY. #WalkOut is bringing Democrats to our side temporarily to help clean house of the corrupt. We kick out the Rhinos and comped politicians. No need to fall for this narrative again so the mockingbirds who pass around nazi-esque fliers can paint our movement a specific way. Fuck this clown

aad517 No.1923688


Oh my stars, he's for real! Sorta. He looks photoshopped into that pic. Is he for real? Is he not?

5b8480 No.1923690


I thought so but it was strange they only had like one pic of the guy. Glad we have it sorted

86c105 No.1923691


YES! A new picture finally.

84d778 No.1923692


I don't think Dio fans make the best diggers anon.

d7412e No.1923693

son of a bitch, Peter Strzok IS real

8c9897 No.1923694


OMG he really exists, at least the guy playing him in the movie…

9c3ffe No.1923695


why does he look like a cardboard cutout of a person lol

9702e8 No.1923696

John Legend is a nigger.

a62913 No.1923697


The sheepiest of sheep is referring to a person not the daily mail. yes they are shitty journalists but thats not the point

You know how all those super evangelical preachers who gay bash and tell gay people they are evil all end up being gay?

Thats what I mean by the sheepiest of sheep. They are over the top with their cause. Just like this guy who ran a charity for abused children and was very overzealous and a bit too dedicated…its a red flag.

55a85b No.1923698


he looks nervous to me.

His fist is clenched.

c2109f No.1923699

File: ce909cc294e0557⋯.png (946.25 KB, 798x499, 798:499, 2018-06-27_09-41-22.png)


Works for me!


241eb1 No.1923700


>t. hates white people

Thanks for showing your true color

d7412e No.1923701


Lol right. I am shocked. And he looks identical to his pictures. I called this one wrong

72d601 No.1923703

File: 3b55266fb7149d3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.16 KB, 715x1002, 715:1002, ob_6c0aec_b8comhbcaaabp7k.jpg)


Thanks Anons!

4d8cff No.1923704


Never heard of him until they took him off the plane to Tokyo. I guess he's a thing to normies.

2c60b7 No.1923705


they're sending in all the klowns.

982dc2 No.1923706

File: a91ad9cf9cdbc2e⋯.jpg (656.86 KB, 1288x966, 4:3, DS4strawberr6.jpg)

File: c543fa6924ef795⋯.jpg (727.85 KB, 1288x966, 4:3, DSCN0558ft.jpg)

d2b5cb No.1923707



Wow….grow some balls kike

2e74e3 No.1923708

File: 4328f9797f4bdfa⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1309x609, 187:87, BASF.png)

File: 64645a22c597ed1⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1355x619, 1355:619, BASF Compound.png)

File: ee2370e5f4ca722⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1359x615, 453:205, BASF Compound Detail1.png)

File: 238e7986fdaa933⋯.png (296.68 KB, 549x631, 549:631, BASF Info.png)

Q in photos "Known2" & "Known3" show us a petrochemical plant in Shanghai on the Huangpu River. (Q Post 1598)

Q said to look at (Q post 1599)

1) "Access to cockpit". Planes flying in or out of Pudong Int'l or Hongqiao Airport don't have this flight pattern. Unusual. Type of aircraft?

2) "Frame of shot". It is a picture of German company BASF in Caozhen township.

During the development of Pudong, Shanghai whole populations were uprooted to make way for industrial development.

Unknown compound.

What catches my eye is the compound immediately adjacent, and in the midst of the BASF factory. It is not labeled as a school, (or labeled at all) and it is in the middle of a chemical plant.

The older architecture of the roof, parade grounds, and sports fields and maturity of the trees indicate it has been there awhile.

To have that kind of political pull to spare older and more mature buildings and trees from redevelopment, you'd have to be a 老干部。(An old highly placed comrade). So I think it's probably a military related compound.

6d4aad No.1923709


True. But 8chan is portraying this as "free speech" and defending it.

I find this as hypocritical as progressives' reasoning.

People here want to see nude women and they don't care, if it is a more than slippery unethical slope.

a84246 No.1923710

Someone on twatter asked why @POTUS used caps in his tweet this morning:

“Congratulations to Maxine Waters, whose crazy rants have made her, together with Nancy Pelosi, the unhinged FACE of the Democrat Party.”…..

Dug a bit and found this:


“Air Force officials said they will be increasing their involvement in the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium’s work to develop a standard for enabling the re-use of software applications across multiple avionics platforms.”…

“[USAF Lt. Gen. C.D.] Moore said he still wants to learn more about potential risks and vulnerabilities of the FACE standard – to accurately identify any downsides and make sure that they are not “building in an ACHILLIES HEEL into systems” by enabling software to be ported across platforms.“….

I then followed another embedded link and found this:

“The FACE standard essentially enables software applications that have the common FACE API to have portability across multiple avionics platforms – from ROTARY wing to FIXED wing to UNMANNED aircraft.”….


This may be totally unrelated to POTUS’ tweet but it caught my attention when I read about the one USAF Lt. Gen.’s concern about a possible “Achilles Heel”.

3fa827 No.1923711

File: 9c8ba7e9559b627⋯.png (137.2 KB, 500x643, 500:643, QLifestyle.png)

Good morning, Anons. Literally me.

9702e8 No.1923712


O'Reilly faded into the past because of Maxine Waters.

92fe6d No.1923713

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


We should be the ones screaming SHAME at them at every opportunity!



96076c No.1923715

>>1921809 Previous

Hong Kong, not Shanghai?

Or maybe a flight between the two cities? Between Known1 (Hong Kokng) and Known3 (Shanghai).

>>1919395 Previous


Expand(ed) your thinking.

Stretched image horizontally has made logo on tail more recognizable.

Who/ what was in the aircraft(s)? When?

a62913 No.1923716


And you are not a patriot

72d601 No.1923717


Of course you did.

The "he doesn't exist" theory had zero facts to back it up, and was retarded.

2c60b7 No.1923719


hunchback, it's a horrible thing

907fe5 No.1923720


appears to be the center divider in the cockpit window…i.e. photo taken by Captain.

ae50c4 No.1923721

File: 37587e145664913⋯.png (211.5 KB, 507x669, 169:223, vatq2.png)



why propogate clown unity tactics? PS are not /ourguys/ that catch phrased was used pretty early and beat to death to make people feel like they were part of something. it was their own thing and made the broadcasters and viewers feel special. there are far better catch phrases to use for our movement.






and many more anons.

ece2f3 No.1923722

File: d8227e16d4f0792⋯.png (89.88 KB, 760x479, 760:479, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)



§ 22–404. Assault or threatened assault

(a)(1) Whoever unlawfully assaults, or threatens another in a menacing manner, shall be fined not more than the amount set forth in § 22-3571.01 or be imprisoned not more than 180 days, or both.

DC's criminal statute criminalizes an unlawful touching (assault) and the threat of an unlawful touching (battery). The crime is a misdemeanor.

Loomer's tape shows Waters unlawful touching. While I do not expect DC metro to do a proper investigation, I can almost guarantee the prosecuting authority would never charge the case. Why? Lots of improper reasons: bias, muh Senator, etc. The official reason may be that Loomer asked for it because she was insistent and "aggressive." Is that a true legal defense? No, but watch the DA do everything they can to avoid charging.

I'd love to be wrong.

ca6ae7 No.1923723



Most are not evil people. Most think that this establishment is corrupt and that their values will bring us out of slavery and insanity.

So this ferocity of defending their ideas stems from their belief that they can do right - not neccessarily from communist or anarchist or whatever ideologies.

To most of them, first came the idea that this society can be improved, THEN came communism or anarchism or similar indoctrinations that led them astray! So coming back to that idea, and RE-CHECKING YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS, is how you walk back on the path of Light. To convey this message to them without traces of conflict would be a huge success.

46af74 No.1923724

File: 0adf5bd5e31ba9f⋯.png (171.65 KB, 1351x636, 1351:636, tits-or-GTFO.png)

File: 27f4f0116efb09a⋯.png (458.49 KB, 1338x275, 1338:275, tits-or-GTFO2.png)

tits or GTFO an explanation

>it doesn't mean what you think it means

6d4aad No.1923725


Get a job.

8f66f2 No.1923726

File: e0adfdf950fdda6⋯.png (224.31 KB, 731x590, 731:590, SNEK 01.png)

File: a26e6dce399e6b8⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 600x673, 600:673, SNEK 02.gif)


Moar snek memes plz anon 3<

They are, so to speak, lovely. ;)

9702e8 No.1923728


Shit licker go polish a turd.

89bbe4 No.1923729


>DC's criminal statute criminalizes an unlawful touching (assault) and the threat of an unlawful touching (battery).

Those are backwards.

a8afc5 No.1923730


And ugly…….even with a mask.

b0d0de No.1923731

NOT being questioned under oath?



ee1bea No.1923732


Basically tells this anon that Q can see every picture taken by anyone at anytime.

a2da22 No.1923733

You want the truth?

You can´t handle the truth!

The truth is for the few select.

The truth is posted here:


8c9897 No.1923734


never said he didn't exist, that face had to belong to someone. just wondered whether he was taking the place for someone else.

ae50c4 No.1923736


underground prison maybe? gitmo cant handle all the slant eyed satanists too. but DPRK has lots of experience in such things.

c69ba5 No.1923737


Andrew McCabe*

c01fe7 No.1923738


Projection: the modus operandi of the left, democrats, and Satanic elites the world over.

70e6f5 No.1923739


Agreed on the Cathay 747, China Airlines is possible. Shanghai doesn't have mountains close enough though … These mountains looks like 2-3k ft or even more?

3fa827 No.1923740


Have two; three if you count Q Research, but good morning to you, too.

1e03e7 No.1923741

File: 3d00f787b9238c6⋯.png (210.15 KB, 831x433, 831:433, ClipboardImage.png)

JA in the news?

Think JC.

Server unlocks SR.

MS_13 (2 187'd nearby) phones unlock command & control

ETA (estimated).

It has begun.


Julian Assange is in “deteriorating” health, MPs have been told. In response to a question about Assange, the WikiLeaks founder who has been sheltering in the Ecuadorian embassy for almost six years to avoid arrest, Sir Alan Duncan, the Foreign Office minister, told MPs:

We are, however, increasingly concerned about [Assange’s] health. And it is our wish that this can be brought to an end. And we would like to make the assurance that, if he were to step out of the embassy, he would be treated humanly and properly and that the first priority would be to look after his health, which we think is deteriorating.


9702e8 No.1923742

6d4aad No.1923743


Why do you think that PS is McCabe?

bf52fc No.1923744

Are there any (non government) anons on the board right now who can't hear the "tinnitus"?

a2da22 No.1923745


Spinning in circles.

b59511 No.1923746


>Because they were misled

You don't know about in-group preference, do you? It's not "misled". There are massive amounts of people that, say, go into the fields of "journalism" or "acting" that have no clue before they go in. They get jobs because they are born into families that know someone, or they are "fodder for the cause". In journalism, they probably spend years not knowing.

But at some point, David Muir is going to get his talking points and go "Man, what a scripted mess this is"; perhaps even before that point. But it doesn't matter because "muh paycheck". The reality is, most, if not all of it, is a C_A program (or started that way, at least). Q has literally been telling us that from the get-go. Just go to qanon.pub and text search for Mockingbird. It's all right there, and yes, there's a particular group of people that have been running it for quite some time now. Think "JFK".

1fd024 No.1923747




I am going with fake news, they are affiliated with the cabal. Let's have the USintel react with their research and satellite photos and not some multi-million dollar non-profit with ties to FDR, Clinton, Obama

8497a8 No.1923748


Not the same.

AF2 plane has angine housing painted blue. 4 windows between "U" and "I".

fe4077 No.1923749

File: ac48dea4326b145⋯.png (534.38 KB, 716x768, 179:192, 1902730aa2d6f1f1e296401640….png)

Divisionfags and tranny posters so early…gonna be a good day anons.

c69ba5 No.1923750


Because McCabe entered the capitol somewhere else while everyone was watching this empty suit arrive to film and snap pics of.

2c60b7 No.1923751


see, I read this thinking you are from our planet, but no - you are from the planet of butterflies and flowers. My mistake.

ca6ae7 No.1923752


I don't know how life sounds without tinnitus. But I like it, reminds me of what's to come.

4c74ab No.1923753


headed next : Gitmo

083acb No.1923754


==NOTABLE== i'd say.

To me it seems like they found out the cause of the issue with JetBlue. FACE being vulnerable maybe? Link to 9-11? Any other air incidents like it using FACE?

bf52fc No.1923755


It's vibrating my teeth.

a2da22 No.1923756


>True. But 8chan is portraying this as "free speech" and defending it.

Since when?

86c105 No.1923757


With some that may work. My beliefs at 19 were much different than they are now. Or maybe the country has changed more than I have. Worth a reflection.

Keep in mind we have people growing up now that only keep with their own kind. Taught everyone is equally capable in every task. Competition is frowned up. Scared of different opinions. Many people live just inside their own echo chambers..not getting out in the world and meeting people. It's a different world.

I know quite a few people from Central American countries that are diehard communists. They do not see that their mindset is part of the reason for why they wanted to leave their home country.

6d4aad No.1923758


I hope that there will be a time, when one job will be sufficient for earning a living.

- Thought, you portrayed yourself as a 24/ 7 basement dweller, which wouldn't be healthy for a human being. We need a real life too.

Didn't want to attack you.

2577d7 No.1923759

File: 2829b1980e471ba⋯.png (206.78 KB, 495x569, 495:569, mini me.png)


is that idiot even 4' tall?

8abab7 No.1923760

Goodlatt says PS will be testifying before public in very near future. FBI Director and Asst. AG will be testifying before public tomorrow. Wray again? and Rosenstein.

b59511 No.1923761

File: 77a4fc61ba8d2d6⋯.jpg (95.61 KB, 540x613, 540:613, Its Time 2.jpg)






Anons here know that these rallies are Soros funded events. They are, again, attempting to stir up shit and get riots to happen.

Remember Charlottesville

Here, we pay attention to Q drops, and dig on news/twitter feeds, and MEME. That's what we do. Take you recruitment to your other psyop "Stormfront". In other words, GET THE FUCK OUT.

ca6ae7 No.1923762


I know, that's why I incarnated here. Best way to help the less fortunate Earth humans recognize the power of Love is to become an Earth human yourself.

bf52fc No.1923763

File: fd78e78215386c0⋯.png (289.84 KB, 680x680, 1:1, dragon_energy.png)

9702e8 No.1923764

Romney and Utah both suck.

a2da22 No.1923765


Ya, very true. What causes it?

The truth is posted here:


Maybe this is causing the tinnitus attack...

18031a No.1923766



That’s not a smirk

It’s the look one has when shitting bricks

He’s aged 50 years

The guy is shitting

ee1bea No.1923767


C_A railroaded JA?

When do we see this Patriot freed? It's hard to believe he's a black hat and deserves this.

96076c No.1923768

>>1919350 Previous

Cool comparison. The right edge of Known1 has a vertical object/ obstacle. Otherwise the view is unobstructed as in the comparison image on the right side. Window frame might be the vertical obstacle in the right side of the frame of Known1.

Reasonable deduction?

The height of the vantage point in Known1 is fairly low. Not a very big aircraft? Small jet?

3ed29d No.1923769


The (((Abrahamic))) Cults: Christianity and Islam were born of the original: (((Judaism))) The Self-Declared Enemies of Humanity. Notice how (((they))) hide behind race when being exposed. It's not a race. It's BEHAVIOR that is dictated and approved by their Religious Doctrine. Yes all three cults are enemies of humanity.

6d4aad No.1923770

a2da22 No.1923771


True, targetted individuals = tinnitus.

2577d7 No.1923772


If JA is already stateside, concerns about his "health" could be threats against his life.

53331e No.1923773


>Keep in mind we have people growing up now that only keep with their own kind. Taught everyone is equally capable in every task. Competition is frowned up. Scared of different opinions

and had HRC won they would be fine. reality would have been transformed into something much more like their echo chamber. failure to properly react to the current facts on the ground will result in a life that is nasty, brutish and short (with apologies to thomas hobbes….).

b01c6d No.1923774


its only quiet when i sleep…. lol

ed009f No.1923775

File: de0251da1d9d485⋯.png (96.64 KB, 921x590, 921:590, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

Malta takes migrant ship

b59511 No.1923776


These aren't open door, are they? Man, FUCK! I want a live feed.

235443 No.1923777

File: ec02bb2d85e9e5d⋯.jpeg (25.68 KB, 488x488, 1:1, 14510257.jpeg)

File: fb294d55dcc3d43⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 240x240, 1:1, concerntrollisconcerned.jpg)


BO/BV take notice. New slide/division tactic: attacking chan culture

d7d8ef No.1923778


I agree. anons here have built a network using discord and other platforms for MONTHS now…

and you dont see any of them littering the board with their propaganda do you?

no. So join DIscord. do whatever u gotta do…

But Stop recruiting here.

ca6ae7 No.1923779


I know. Youth kept isolated as an incorrect, "new agey" way of coping with evil. That glass will break, as no lie can withstand the Truth. Don't lose hope, keep fighting. Focus on the solution.

ed009f No.1923780

File: ac5ae26865487bd⋯.png (127.94 KB, 887x747, 887:747, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

Schiff gets told to stuff it

2c60b7 No.1923781


where is Trey Gowdy? Can't wait to see Jordan, Gaetz and Gowdy come out of that meeting…do we know who gets to go in?

ea5e88 No.1923782


Thank you, Anon!

6c5be3 No.1923783

Does anyone know the real reason that life expectancy has been increasing for the last century? With all the toxins in the food and big pharma and engineered diseases, I would not have expected a noticeable increase in life expectancy. Or maybe big pharma can actually prolong life but also at the same time illness as well.

a2da22 No.1923784

>>1908841 Q - The Plan To Save The World (video)

We got a better plan -- >>1920250

45c8e7 No.1923785


He's not a Patriot. He's not an American. He is not necessarily pro Potus. If he had damaging info on Potus, he would have published that too.

2bb8bb No.1923786


Oh bullshit. My ears ring like the bells of st. mary's.

All caused by playing with loud shit and not wearing ear plugs.

cd7894 No.1923787

File: e22d4b9bcc8bfa6⋯.jpg (7.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMG_1169.JPG)

this pic look creepy,

Just me?

d4b423 No.1923788

File: 59ce349e7877d8d⋯.webm (15.36 MB, 600x336, 25:14, LOGH_spaceforce_sq.webm)

from the heavens he shall descent, to bring unity to order, peace to chaos, enlightenment to the unenlightened, inspiration to the forgotten patriots of all kinds

with the Trump-et there shall be order,peace,unity,prosperity, nesara,gesara, and countless stars to be colonized

9c3ffe No.1923789


cant make money off you if you die now can you ?

5b8480 No.1923790


Place is too small for that sort of gamble. They'll be overrun with just a handful more ships

241eb1 No.1923791


Ah the resident redhair poster

you can't let white people do their thing don't you ??

so you throw a fit and basically make up a false story

nice pulpil

now I know the redhair poster is actually hating white people.

d7d8ef No.1923792

File: bec5e2e21e422b1⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1024x680, 128:85, KimKek.png)


Kim is a #FreeThinker.

unlike you… she don't givvafuck wat OTHER PEOPLE do.

d2b5cb No.1923793


Well…those migrants organs should be on the market within the next week or so

1e03e7 No.1923794

File: ae3eda56abcb199⋯.png (978.69 KB, 800x598, 400:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bd9470cb3307d28⋯.png (1.13 MB, 800x599, 800:599, ClipboardImage.png)

North Korea is 'upgrading its nuclear facility' despite denuclearisation pledge

North Korea is carrying out improvements at its nuclear testing facility, new research has discovered.

The work at the facility comes despite a pledge by the country to completely denuclearise following the summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

New satellite images of the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Centre show that upgrades are being carried out ‘at a rapid pace’, according to North Korea analysis organisation 38 North.

Pictures taken on 21 June show that modifications to equipment are ongoing, new buildings are being erected and a radiochemical laboratory is seemingly still active.

Analysts at 38 North note that, despite the promises made at the summit, workers at the nuclear plant would be expected to continue as usual until specific orders to the contrary are made by Pyongyang.

The new evidence pours water on Donald Trump’s claim last week that the process of ‘total denuclearisation’ was underway.

The President told a White House meeting that the North had already blown up four of its biggest nuclear test sites, despite there being no evidence to support this.

Speaking to CNN, Mr Pompeo, who has been tasked with leading the negotiations, said that he planned to regularly assess the progress towards abandoning nuclear power by the regime.

‘I am not going to put a timeline on it, whether that’s two months, six months, we are committed to moving forward in an expeditious moment to see if we can achieve what both leaders set out to do,’ he said.

Last week the President signed an executive order acknowledging that North Korea still poses an ‘extraordinary threat’ to the US.

Mr Trump extended the ‘national emergency’ against the regime for a further year, allowing America to continue stringent economic sanctions.

The executive order states that ‘the existence and risk of proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material’ and the actions and policies of the North Korean government ‘continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States’.


0f7a5f No.1923795

File: 926b36417979587⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 2740x1126, 1370:563, qplanewarnings.jpg)

0916fa No.1923796


God bless.

8e4269 No.1923797

File: 4466d60b610a860⋯.png (54.13 KB, 960x1111, 960:1111, The GK Mapper on Climate C….png)

File: 7377c2ed8cd3718⋯.png (112.08 KB, 960x1125, 64:75, The GK Mapper on Climate C….png)

File: 7c352707a3fd397⋯.png (116 KB, 960x1102, 480:551, The GK Mapper on Climate C….png)

File: 1fc8a1ad9fa61ee⋯.png (114.32 KB, 960x1086, 160:181, The GK Mapper on Climate C….png)

File: 9be8682b592ada2⋯.png (120.07 KB, 960x1126, 480:563, The GK Mapper on Climate C….png)

HELLO Q Team, PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO 45. It provides an ANGLE NOBODY HAS POINTED OUT With Regard to the Climate Change HOAX.

2c60b7 No.1923798

File: 8c3002a5412052e⋯.png (261.78 KB, 548x331, 548:331, ClipboardImage (12).png)

a77ede No.1923799

1923643…Gosh that pic keeps me wondering…who is that ..what was going to happen ?

d7412e No.1923800

I'm sure Strzok will tell the truth, and blow the lid off the Obama admin. HAHAHA just kidding. He will lie, and we wont progress anywhere today

0a3d41 No.1923801


MS_13 = MSM13

ca6ae7 No.1923802

If someone is imperfect in any way don't attack them over it. You're doing more harm than good.

a2da22 No.1923803

>>1840075 >>1920250 ———————– Now that's what I call a VIP! That was an interesting video.

ae50c4 No.1923804

File: 9b6499e5f931a0f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 419.34 KB, 474x340, 237:170, ClipboardImage.png)


your fukcing kidding right? here fag to this faggot.

2bb8bb No.1923805


So we don't need a real journalist.

POTUS is infallible, and if not, bad behavior is ok cause well it's potus.

No wonder we are were we are.

no wonder nothing will change after Q is gone.

This mission is a failure because the people refuse to change.

0a3d41 No.1923806

File: 781e25972950888⋯.png (162.03 KB, 750x822, 125:137, IMG_7667.PNG)


Forgot pic

MS_13 = MSM13

fe4077 No.1923807

File: 32034f992e32163⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 243x300, 81:100, c18dcc3a269d57f313ba1f65f5….jpg)


Fuck right off with this…Notice how you got told to fuck off on 4chan also. Even if its completely for good intentions it there will be glowing nazi flag wavers or worse for the cameras.

632b53 No.1923809



They are Fucking desperate as hell


How is a 22yo the head of a Charity?

a48e01 No.1923810

File: 77b73488502d43e⋯.png (451.45 KB, 528x385, 48:35, Peter Stroker.png)



Will Peter Stroker sing to save his skin?

5b8480 No.1923811


They study and treat mostly symptoms. Prolongs life and illness and ramps up profit over time

72d601 No.1923812


Any politicians who support taking migrants should be assassinated.

f5777a No.1923813

scientist friend says he's skeptical, odd story, for that particular journal.


4c74ab No.1923814


A mouthful of bloody chiclets sounds like a reasonable reaction after being "triggered" by leftist assault

4d9a46 No.1923815


241eb1 No.1923816


ahaha so much (((anons))) hating white people on /qresearch/

that's fucking great

a2da22 No.1923817



>MS_13 = MSM13

So true.

ee1bea No.1923818


No deals.

But this closed door, redacted TRUTH policy in DC is getting old.

40f783 No.1923819


FFS he is still ALIVE isn't he?

ec818d No.1923820


My money is on he is a diversion and delay mechanism.

e00a52 No.1923822


How would we know, they closed the damned hearing.

6d4aad No.1923823


Your first time on 8chan?

02e900 No.1923824

Strzok testimony closed door. Trust Q has eyes and ears. Standing by for leaks.

492f2f No.1923825

Have we covered the Grace Mugabe cabal explosion in Zimbabwe to assassinate Mnangagwa?

Have the Deep State lost their African friends and revenue also?



55a85b No.1923826


Thanks for this.

8f66f2 No.1923827

File: c60a7b60efffac1⋯.png (401.25 KB, 579x429, 193:143, TITS or GTFO 02.png)

d1855a No.1923828

File: d5598ec0496db2f⋯.jpg (100.61 KB, 1220x601, 1220:601, dome pic.jpg)

ae50c4 No.1923829


PS has been whislteblowing to the Huber investigation for months already. congressinal hearing is to confirm huber when it comes out and to allow RR to dig his own grave when he testifies next week.

a2da22 No.1923830



It has many causes. You cannot generalize.

45c8e7 No.1923831


KYS divisionfag. Don't hijack my post to push your anti Q bullshit. YOU are the only failure here.

0d19dd No.1923832

File: 5e3e2a4cf108c4a⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 300x240, 5:4, tits_or_gtfo_by_drometha5t….jpg)

40ac98 No.1923834

Supreme Court rules in favor of non-union workers.

d2b5cb No.1923835

File: d256a1a0776820f⋯.jpg (37.45 KB, 634x461, 634:461, joeldavis.jpg)


Check out the pin on this pervs jacket

ec818d No.1923836



a2da22 No.1923837



No. Why?

0f7a4e No.1923838


This Anon's life expectancy is increasing becoz of staying away from doctors and processed food. However if you check the US news a week or so ago…it was lamenting that the age of elderly death was falling in the US after years of rising. Sry no link

f5777a No.1923839

File: 0697e4f3b254d0f⋯.jpg (149.49 KB, 2616x382, 1308:191, Kayfabe.JPG)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 335b8b2436c4737e418357e911….png)


7c1e92 No.1923840


Infant mortality rates and work place deaths really fuck up those historical life expectancy. Also, wars…

a8afc5 No.1923841


True that. But, I would say if there were serious dirt against djt I would want to know.

2c60b7 No.1923842


False Epistemology? dude.

nice formatting though.

d1855a No.1923843

b59511 No.1923844

File: 7624953d3a2b66d⋯.png (18.7 KB, 324x446, 162:223, results.PNG)


>let white people

Fuck off back to Stormfront, racist.


18031a No.1923845

Q - The Plan to Save the World YouTube clip

How do I save/archive offline?


632b53 No.1923846


Fake news…remember Iraq

a2da22 No.1923847



No deals is what I like to hear. Tired of hearing bs about someone supposedly flipping.

b9b3ea No.1923848


Most spaceships look like penises

ca6ae7 No.1923849


Deals != crossing over into the Light

0e3018 No.1923850

File: bfdafa8c031d5f2⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 450x300, 3:2, d2459d8298761fcf8b737d92b0….gif)


You're the single most obvious and ineffective social engineer on this entire board. I can't, for the life of me, understand why you don't at least learn something new. Your arrogance was your first tell, and you still cling to it like your ginger pedo smut. You've been outclassed in every way, yet still use the same persona.

A remarkable specimen.

793957 No.1923851


The time has come, and I think @Snowden was given the choice back in December/January to come to the Light and use what he knows for good, and as promised him and Assange must now be brought safely under US protection until such time they are to testify.

TLDR: Ed & Julian must be moved and protected?

ed009f No.1923852

File: 0586fbb974cbad2⋯.png (56.41 KB, 929x288, 929:288, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

45c8e7 No.1923853


Are you stupid? He's been singing like a canary for a year now.

ca6ae7 No.1923854


Try googling about it.

a62913 No.1923855


considering the serious nature of this board I'm surprised any nudes are tolerated as they are just a distraction and demoralizing.

241eb1 No.1923856


Here let me help you newfriend who's hating white people




1fd024 No.1923857

File: 9a775b62252b0e1⋯.jpg (81.97 KB, 643x648, 643:648, DS56W1LVMAADJTb.jpg)


>JA in the news?

>Think JC.


>Server unlocks SR.

DNC server, internal transfer speeds indicated ripped from insider, not transfer over wire like mockingbirds claimed Russia did using Crowstrike(Bruce Ohr and his wife)

>MS_13 (2 187'd nearby) phones unlock command & control.

No Such Agency has EVERYTHING

This was early in 'russiagate'; Peter Strzok/McCabe/[[RR]] early framing attempt using things like CrowdStrike and 'Guccifer 2.0'. They(DNC) refused to give server to investigative agencies. Weasel Comey intervened to protect the cabal and protect their framing attempt. Mockingbirds ignored all of this and continued their narrative, lying to the American people and world, even when you had Craig Murray saying it was him who met with SR and handed the DNC emails to WL/JA… not some Russia hacker exposing the corrupt, fraud ridden, hypocrites DNC that dealt a deathblow to Hillary's campaign as BernieBros, most voted for Trump/#NeverHillary, found out what a fraud the entire DNC was

a2da22 No.1923858



Please come to ask the right question to the right person. Can you handle the truth?

40ac98 No.1923859


Making that downloadable from this site only would allow Anons to publish it in multiple places and keep censorship at bay, IMO.

6d4aad No.1923860


Both MS-13 members, who murdered SR used their phones for comms. NSA has their comms.

Now NSA knows, who ordered the hit on SR.

4b0e1a No.1923861


Right. Wars can be a major factor.

3fa827 No.1923862


Thanks, Anon. Nah, I meant I fell asleep w/ my laptop. Again. Caught the Q drops and related discussion but fuzzy headed this morning. So many happenings..

a2da22 No.1923863


Are you serious? Serious? Make me laugh.

d7412e No.1923864


>No deals.

Yet Q has literally told us who are cooperating witnesses. Many people are on deals. When Q says "no deals", he means the top dogs, not everyone

b59511 No.1923865



Anon, JA is safe. WL is comped. Stop going to WL for info.


1e03e7 No.1923866


Fake? Why would sanctions still be in place then?

70e6f5 No.1923867


for example: www.clipconverter.cc

fc8765 No.1923868


interesting he calls it a deposition and not a hearing

907fe5 No.1923869


youre in the wrong room lady. go back to work.

2c60b7 No.1923870


truth hurts like a punch to the face

2bb8bb No.1923871


God will deal with you harshly

We will laugh.

72d601 No.1923872


No, lurk moar, Q said Strzok is a "cooperating witness":

6e75f7 No.1923873

File: e9f12fa104ced66⋯.png (1.42 MB, 936x529, 936:529, DTL107.png)

Dark to Light 1:07

45c8e7 No.1923874


hahaha…don't you think if there was serious dirt it would have been exposed by now? Don't you think (((they))) have turned over every rock to find such evidence? Why do you think they had to CREATE a false crime?

9c3ffe No.1923875


might be no deals for kid sacrificing satanist

giving someone who committed financial fraud or lesser crimes a deal makes sense

a62913 No.1923876



f414cb No.1923877


>RR to dig his own grave when he testifies next week

Last I saw he's scheduled to testify Thu June 28 - did it change?

8e4269 No.1923878

File: c5e0d46ba8c903f⋯.png (6.03 MB, 1648x2336, 103:146, Al Gore Masonic Handsign.png)

File: 4466d60b610a860⋯.png (54.13 KB, 960x1111, 960:1111, The GK Mapper on Climate C….png)


HE IS A 100% FALSE PROPHET, working for "The 666"

a84246 No.1923879


Wait. Wouldn’t this be top secret satellite intel? Source?

bc8feb No.1923880


So, Strzok is going to give a deposition.

He would have to be under oath to do that.

ae50c4 No.1923881

File: 451540ef1974898⋯.png (63.99 KB, 500x431, 500:431, ClipboardImage.png)


it aint easy being woke.

d1855a No.1923882

File: 464de1a2ac034e0⋯.jpeg (184.95 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Don't speak.jpeg)

8c9897 No.1923883

File: 3a0b1a658934ea7⋯.jpg (471.5 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, fox-june27-goodlatte - Kop….jpg)


Maria looks a lot like she went too deep into the rabbit hole these days.

cfb4e7 No.1923884

View count on "The Video" is frozen at 186,432.

a2da22 No.1923885



Stop being so harsh and advocating for violence.

ca6ae7 No.1923886


The fundamental truths regarding energy and what we call "dark matter/dark energy" are not known to the authors of this article. Nothing is "grim" in the Universe.

1fabb1 No.1923887

Been searching here and on social media. Where is Hussein? Is he really in Kenya earlier than his scheduled mid July trip?

853d28 No.1923888

File: dfccf6f61474451⋯.jpeg (896.83 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 987CC076-6F89-4760-9EE7-3….jpeg)


congratulations to schilling for the q confirmation!

welcome aboard to Curt!

6d4aad No.1923889


>but fuzzy headed this morning.

Since October it is sometimes hard to live the real life and to try to keep up with the crumbs and the research. Feels like living in a weird wonderland, being tired all the time.

8f66f2 No.1923890


Could be housing for "Industrial Park" workers. Red roofs could be modern roofs made to look like old roofs, and some trees reach maturity in a very short time.

There's more red roofs and trees bottom right of place you indicated.

Taiwan has industrial parks, seen them, this is why I suspect here.

1e03e7 No.1923891


Oh wow!! Thank you anon.

1fd024 No.1923892

Another Supreme Court blow to the cabal


>The ruling is likely to have a political impact in many states where these unions have been strong supporters of the Democratic Party.

>The ruling split the court along ideological and partisan lines. The five justices who formed the majority were all Republican appointees. The four dissenters were appointed by Democratic presidents.

DNC strongholds forcing federal employees to add money to liberal slush funds. Supreme Court SLAMS it down, no more.

ae50c4 No.1923893


my mistake i think youre right. sometimes i get things a little mixed up. so many dates, names, etc. kek

68d4c7 No.1923894

File: 86e1ed4c61d220a⋯.png (87.97 KB, 260x260, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

tfw you think Q that is done for the night so you go to bed (>>1921223 (pb)) & Q posts EXACTLY 10 minutes (& 14 secs) after (>>1921310 (pb))

Good morning anons

ca6ae7 No.1923895


2 weeks adjustment time for every paradigm-shifting Truth you discover and internalize.

55a85b No.1923896

commentator on FOX says committee can release transcripts of Stzrok deposition with redactions with approval of committee chair.

8c9897 No.1923897


they just want to make us look bad, anon

nothing we can fix for them

a2da22 No.1923898



Yep, N. Korea up to it´s old tricks. Broken promises.

0f429c No.1923900

File: ceb0492b47667ef⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 3bff183c2d567a72df3370f493….jpg)

should be plenty of new Strzok pics today at least .

waiting .

2c60b7 No.1923901



Law: Sworn testimony recorded for use in court at a later date.

ed009f No.1923902

Supreme Court Deals Serious Financial Blow To Labor Unions

By MARK SHERMAN | June 27, 2018 10:07 am

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says government workers can’t be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, dealing a serious financial blow to organized labor.

The justices are scrapping a 41-year-old decision that had allowed states to require that public employees pay some fees to unions that represent them, even if the workers choose not to join.

The 5-4 decision Wednesday fulfills a longtime wish of conservatives to get rid of the so-called fair share fees that non-members pay to unions in roughly two dozen states.


a2da22 No.1923903



ee698c No.1923904

Shannon Bream

Verified account


Following Following @ShannonBream


BREAKING: #SCOTUS overrules 40 year old case. Holds 5-4 public sector employees cannot be forced to pay union fees.

7:07 AM - 27 Jun 2018

40ac98 No.1923905


right down party lines. Don't let ANYone tell you that the Supreme Court isn't just as politicized as Congress, FBI and DOJ are.

2c2e38 No.1923906

File: 2a1002eb7f7b678⋯.png (333.71 KB, 594x606, 99:101, AQ7.PNG)



Peter Strzok arrives on Capitol Hill ahead of his closed-door testimony

b59511 No.1923907

File: c00edd36c2101d6⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 360x540, 2:3, 1506193853188.gif)

a8afc5 No.1923908


I didnt say I thought there was, I said I would want to know if there was.

40f783 No.1923909

File: 59d09b95a6ba3b3⋯.mp4 (6.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Left in 2018- Unhinged.mp4)

55a85b No.1923910


clarity that redactions of sensitive secret info.

So Gowdy can unilaterally decide to release transcripts

e29e60 No.1923911

File: 2d177a740aeda3e⋯.png (69.54 KB, 582x315, 194:105, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)


55a85b No.1923912

2c60b7 No.1923913


I'd say about a week for me, maybe 3/4 days if I exercise

5ddec8 No.1923914


And he said he would not plead the 5th.

39d071 No.1923915

What if the Schumann Resonance affects us, and we affect it? Can we influence these low vibes to a high vibe state?

Some believe that our species has a collective consciousness, that our experience of the individual, is only one layer to whats going on. Maybe we can affect change on a grand scale collectively.


a62913 No.1923916


needed change is why we are here

3e618f No.1923917


a2da22 No.1923918



Huber can´t do anything with Horowitz and JS deflecting to each other in cat and mouse.

0e3018 No.1923919


i couldn't care less about the response of a parasite's deity.

65d29b No.1923920



Will be in the Bakery in case you want to Bake


3592c3 No.1923921

new Supreme Court says unions can't steal money from little guys. The case is remanded back to lower Court handle consistent with their opinion. Little known fact: this case will award 10% per anum for post judgment interest and depending on the original ruling, as much as 10% pre judgment ruling. If the original trial Court ruled that the plaintiff was entitled to pre-judgment interest, all 5 million people who had money taken would get their money back plus interest. Now THIS is how American is made great again

9304d1 No.1923922

2c2e38 No.1923923

File: 525ac75bc5fad14⋯.png (37.28 KB, 591x315, 197:105, AQ8.PNG)


POTUS Tweet on SCOTUS ruling

40f783 No.1923924


HUGE!!!! Labor Unions are criminal

b59511 No.1923925

File: 25d540b3362c39e⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 357x200, 357:200, clap.gif)

d1855a No.1923926

File: 4f4080e3c8b61c3⋯.jpg (386.64 KB, 890x798, 445:399, APOLLO.jpg)

File: 91dd172f60f1917⋯.jpg (383.48 KB, 1140x670, 114:67, Impossible Hubble.jpg)

File: 18827ca71781dd6⋯.jpeg (203.41 KB, 696x607, 696:607, glowing earth orb.jpeg)

File: 65e538741e3c0d5⋯.jpg (255.62 KB, 682x778, 341:389, no molecules.jpg)

File: a2727abe902f6d1⋯.jpg (193.71 KB, 631x623, 631:623, no sound.jpg)

11c33d No.1923927

File: 8d2191cde106524⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 584x512, 73:64, MadMax shops at target.JPG)

Who knew?

f45ce0 No.1923928

File: 15ab50dd467c1fb⋯.pdf (6.92 MB, SERVER GRAPHIC.pdf)


I think I may have a break through here about the other plane. I'm starting to believe that it is the Private Server being bought, loaded, and sent to NK via this graphic I just put together. It's a long shot but the pallet is a dead giveaway imo.

a2da22 No.1923929



Strzok is a criminal.

632b53 No.1923930


You trust the MSM? The HIll? Liberal rags. Do they have Nuclear intelligence on their payroll? I hightly doubt it.

241eb1 No.1923931


He's right, everything he said is true

ginger poster is the worst shill ever



>admits he came here with a team to change chan culture

That's not how it works

b5baed No.1923932

File: b1c281b63ebadfb⋯.png (39.79 KB, 606x323, 606:323, shocking.png)

What a surprise…


79977c No.1923933



I am confused about how to properly scramble eggs can you help?


Changing oil

3000 or 6000 miles?

Q -

How do i pay my cell phone bill online?


a62913 No.1923934

ace604 No.1923935

QSP (defined)

The experience of some QResearchers who visit the site for a random, unexplained reason only to find Q suddenly appears with new crumbs every time, even after extended blackouts.

55a85b No.1923936



525031 No.1923937


She’s definitely suffering (not enough) from age-related vestibular impairment.

That makes old people look down at floor when walking so they know where to put their feet.

…maybe the red shoes help her see feet better….

She’s at extreme risk for a hip-fracturing fall.

Should not be wearing heels.

632b53 No.1923938


She strikes me as the type that would use a handicap spot.

79a992 No.1923939


This is how it is done. Actual real direct connection to The People.

Best Executive team this country has ever seen.


7cc5ce No.1923940


STFU you shitposting shill.

4b0e1a No.1923941


It wasn't a question addressed to Q.

a11c0f No.1923942


Trump appears in a kill box on the PS LP text.

What does that mean in their comms?

I be surprised it it differed.

A message of assassination?

68e50c No.1923943

Mad Maxine going off on POTUS in hearing with Srcty. Carson on Cspan. Tune in playback. Its entertaining.

ca6ae7 No.1923944

File: 36feeb9aec16658⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 606x375, 202:125, 36feeb9aec16658953a8f86ded….jpg)

ae50c4 No.1923946


huber is completely independent from other investigations. he only answers to POTUS and Sessions. thats why sneaky congressmen were calling for a 2nd special council because it would force huber to co-ordinate with who ever was appointed. huber is the 2nd special council in everything but name. his report will be the last and most scathing of them all.

8f66f2 No.1923947


Punch them hard in the face, just one time.

See then how willing they are to die for muh communism.

Most people live in a fantasy in their heads. When things get real, their world collapses.

Dreadlock hairy snatch model skank girl getting punched hard, ONCE, in the face, for instance.

Where did she go? Off the radar, disappeared. Had to take some time to ponder her piss-poor life choices. Will never be the same.

Amygdala stimulation is a wondrous thing.

5ddec8 No.1923948


THIS IS YUGE for a D/Union controlled state like CA!!!

Looking forward to seeing CA turn RED this November!!!

168ba7 No.1923949


Dem red shoes…. weve seen those before!

a2da22 No.1923950



Maxine is pitiful hey?

bc8feb No.1923951


Yeah, I always trust a liar…/sarc

585c44 No.1923952

File: f6d140dea16a3b2⋯.jpg (387.9 KB, 1586x1999, 1586:1999, 1589-single-spaced.jpg)

File: bd20234068c97f3⋯.jpg (675.81 KB, 1737x3782, 1737:3782, king-mirror-pawn.jpg)

it's not perfect, but when i look at the pattern from last night's 1589, center-justified, this is what i see.

a62913 No.1923953



f45ce0 No.1923954

File: b5f4ec026d5c221⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1059x815, 1059:815, SERVER SAUCE.PNG)


PNG backup if PDF doesn't load.

87a644 No.1923955

File: 00ed214757738ec⋯.jpg (143.34 KB, 640x349, 640:349, AbramovicSatanist.jpg)

File: 9c67c17102e61ce⋯.jpg (75.45 KB, 485x539, 485:539, Hillary - Satan believes i….jpg)

File: 22b9933934e5b87⋯.jpg (140.85 KB, 695x523, 695:523, Hillary satanic temple.jpg)

File: 25db396eb22ff18⋯.jpg (51.85 KB, 411x480, 137:160, Hillary satanist.jpg)

File: 43586874325a51b⋯.jpeg (106.84 KB, 500x520, 25:26, HRCSatanistSymbols.jpeg)

1fd024 No.1923956


Change the You in YouTube to HookTube in the url, plenty of options to download in different formats there




f414cb No.1923957

File: 3ded0ab8b0ca139⋯.jpg (270.51 KB, 1600x871, 1600:871, RainMan_4.5.jpg)


Yeah, we're at the point of info overload where even Rain Man can't keep up these days.

8abab7 No.1923958

Fox - Same 5-4 spilt re Travel Ban. Supreme Court rules the 41-year policy of deducting Union Membership fees cannot be deducted from non-member paychecks.

This ruling dries out well of support for Dems. Ruling ends long battle over President's Executive power. Please stop Mr. President. Enough. can't take anymore Winning. Just stop already!

65d29b No.1923959


fuck off, degenerate. not for you to see.


my thoughts exactly.. why else would she go?

a2da22 No.1923960



Not true. Huber can only act if Horowitz recommends prosecution. They all defer to each other.

132282 No.1923961

File: 835da3cbe98482d⋯.png (423.74 KB, 1080x848, 135:106, Screenshot_20180627-194522….png)

Loud screamer.

83167f No.1923962


All this SCOTUS activity is UNREAL! Did they start taking more Gerital? They normally move at a snail's pace.

2bb8bb No.1923964


I said nothing about chan culture.

Anyone whom doesn't care about God, will learn. Later.

What is the purpose of the mission?

Why is the mission needed?

What culture allowed for the evil to grow to the point where it needed direct attention?

What about that culture has changed?

Mission failure.


cfb4e7 No.1923965



View count frozen at 186,432 for about 30 minutes, could be taken down any minute.

812743 No.1923966

File: 8332328781e3cd5⋯.webm (5.47 MB, 198x360, 11:20, BritFam.webm)

The Brits are fed up with their pedophiles.


ca6ae7 No.1923967


Awww man I thought he'd flip.

d1accc No.1923968


Watch out for Mad Maxine Bots wearing Q t-shits

62fe3f No.1923969

File: 39d6b3d24917eb6⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, strzok.jpg)

Strzok picture, coming into his closed door hearings.

So he's a real person at least.

But is he really CIA?

f07e7b No.1923970


MSM largely controlled by Zionists and affiliates. Not mentioned because the media outlets would never run a story that will hinder their mission.

Israel last because they are the source of corruption, the facilitators and instigators of terrorism; all supported and commanded by Talmud. They are last because they were first to war with their brothers and sisters. All others currently in [] are subordinates to Zionist execution of "their" plan.

89bbe4 No.1923971



9c3ffe No.1923972


too much info

need a quantum computer

a2da22 No.1923973


STFU you shitposting shill.

a579d5 No.1923974


Do you think anons are fooled by this BS? We know who is really behind things like this. Don't feed into the hegelian dialectic. Wake up your peers and don't give power to these cabal tricks

5b8480 No.1923975


He wasnt asking Q he was asking anons. The Q at the beginning is part of the name of the vid

485a53 No.1923976



Funny how Hillary had an 'interview' also.

d7412e No.1923977


Unfortunately you need the help of the swamp to drain the swamp. Bad actors singing are vital.

be2238 No.1923978

This appeared at 9:04 p.m. EDT



Review image/location.

Nothing provided is random.





The incident occurred at 7:30 p.m. but was not widely and immediately reported. When it was reported it was initially as a mere radio malfunction and not a hijack distress call.

Further, the flight was on its way to LAX so the SFO reference did not make sense and would actually appear to discredit the claim.

Our planefags, however, quickly learned that the flight had COME from SFO. This is exactly what Q was claiming. Only someone with prior knowledge (and trying to make a point) would use the SFO reference.

Chalk it up as another Q proof.

853d28 No.1923979

File: 72a3e3306dc8a2a⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 2ADBCD7C-5D28-40BE-8687-7B….png)


tippiest of topkek

d7412e No.1923980

Has POTUS ever done a twat in all caps before this morning?

9c3ffe No.1923981


might be fortunate

i bet alot regret what theyve done and want out

if i were them i couldnt live with my self

look at how many were given an out and changed their tune real quick

907fe5 No.1923982


time for new glasses

5ddec8 No.1923983


Who said anything about trust?

206f59 No.1923984

He tried to cut a deal in December, per Q "No Deals".

632be9 No.1923985

Did anyone notice in the Laura Loomer video with Maxine, when Max is safe inside the elevator she is smiling broadly. then ever so quickly she sticks the tip of her tongue out like a 2 year old?

a579d5 No.1923986

File: 855d669a87b6bdf⋯.jpeg (56.87 KB, 356x260, 89:65, fullsizeoutput_130a.jpeg)

a2da22 No.1923987


For sure.

What about Amalgamated bank?

18031a No.1923988


Fuckoff dickwad shill cuntard

I may not kno how to archive YouTube without going anywhere near clown-owned google but i’ll be fucked if I’m gonna fall for your fucked up bullshit

WWG1WGA except for you motherfucker

9304d1 No.1923989


T-1000, get it right!

79a992 No.1923990


>Bill: I'm going to project like a motherfucker now.

They make it so obvious though…

3492a8 No.1923991


Paganism and ritual magic

d1855a No.1923992

File: 4c3d13de6922a48⋯.jpg (702.97 KB, 1626x1032, 271:172, 2015 N 2012 blue earth.jpg)

File: e6dbd8cc285f6e9⋯.jpg (404.03 KB, 630x962, 315:481, longitude.jpg)

File: 19a1d7dd9778317⋯.jpg (213.19 KB, 551x741, 29:39, gravityballoon.jpg)

File: 329d4a06cbb6377⋯.jpg (296.98 KB, 718x757, 718:757, ball.jpg)

File: 3e656daffd5d811⋯.jpg (435.43 KB, 1219x702, 1219:702, SaturnC.jpg)

ec818d No.1923993


Low IQ individual.

84d778 No.1923994

File: 764e82aafdea75c⋯.png (25.03 KB, 812x542, 406:271, Hmmm.png)

ae50c4 No.1923995


the investigations are independent. but they may have to use formallities to get the job done. i think u may be wrong tho. meuller doesnt need criminal referals to indict someone. and if he did it would be from RR because sessions recused. but session can refer to huber because not recused. special council doesnt need permision from anyone to indict tho. how else would meuller be getting away with what he's doing?

4b0e1a No.1923996



a2da22 No.1923997

Fuck-off 18031a!!!

8c9897 No.1923998


that's almost tame for brits

87a644 No.1923999

File: 4908d841f811a12⋯.jpg (182.39 KB, 1828x670, 914:335, 2018-06-27-08:18:57.jpg)

18031a No.1924001


Good idea


d363bb No.1924002

File: c2810abd26fc22c⋯.jpg (168.2 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 0b035acba84256db2d56134cf2….jpg)

ea5e88 No.1924003


Theory is way out there, but interesting.

2c2e38 No.1924004


Wasn't there a member of congress prepared to interview Assange as long as JA didn't get immunity? Or something like that? I'm digging and can't find it.

b9b3ea No.1924005


Well now you know why Nasim shot those faggots

f07e7b No.1924006

Are we going to make anything about Q1594 "Schilling" publically supporting Qanon?

There are no coincidences.

What are we being shown?

Is Q the type of person to make jokes?

79a992 No.1924007


..So your cycle is about 3 weeks and then you're back.

8efa67 No.1924008


The Left is greatly ramping up calls for violence against us & Cabinet members….talk of another Civil War. Is the hammer gonna drop BIGLY before someone else is 'Scalised'?

1fd024 No.1924009

File: f17e89b0bdae6f6⋯.png (84.72 KB, 588x340, 147:85, LowIQMaxine.png)

File: c3ffe50fd40c6e6⋯.jpg (22 KB, 177x255, 59:85, MadMax1.jpg)

File: bb351aede65511f⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2000x1054, 1000:527, CNNSUCKS1.jpg)

File: d0bb36aa6548f7f⋯.jpg (317.71 KB, 620x2228, 155:557, KKK#walkout.jpg)

ae50c4 No.1924010


cia, fbi, all one and the same when youre in that club.

a2da22 No.1924011



JF needs criminal referrals from Horowitz to indict. He has already said he will only indict if Horowitz recommends and then hand it to Huber. Horowitzs stands between JS and Huber.

241eb1 No.1924012

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Published on Jun 26, 2018

Are they going after the pedophiles in the uk gov and royals next ?

a62913 No.1924013


post your wifes nudes

8abab7 No.1924014


not one this long all in caps

a2744c No.1924015


It's only "poison" for the pathogens

71b638 No.1924016

File: 2a3e4cd4214cc64⋯.png (119.1 KB, 303x309, 101:103, ClipboardImage.png)


no, yuck, just stop

ae50c4 No.1924017


seen on twatter this am that loomer has filed assault charges on mad max. hitting her with paper i guesse? kek

b01c6d No.1924018


there are two links…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cYZ8dUgPuU

d7412e No.1924019


Youre exactly right. Some people are just born evil, but many others meant well and got dragged in via blackmail, extortion etc. Its a dangerous evil place. Now some of the ones that were dragged in would love nothing more than to sell everyone else out. we welcome them

3492a8 No.1924020


Let that be a lesson that when some Anon

Makes wild-assed drug-addled guesses

And presents NO logic, NO evidence

And nothing to justify their crazy idea

Maybe you should not jump on their bandwagon

Maybe that Anon was a clown

6378c6 No.1924021

083acb No.1924022


Ty for png. Also notable, baker?

Semi newfag here. Anywhere I can see current bread's notables before next bread?

d7412e No.1924023


Thanks anon. I didnt think so

bc8feb No.1924024


It's the end of the session. It's always like this at the end of JUne.

a2da22 No.1924025



Yep and the T-shirt has been fully discredited.

d363bb No.1924026


same sheddjule

f743b4 No.1924027



HUGE blow to the Leftards - HUGE increase in take home pay for me!!! Win-Win!

241eb1 No.1924028


So what you're really saying is

>Everyone as to protest except white people

That's what you wrote.

One more added to the hating white people list.

40f783 No.1924029


It is like CAPITAL hill

3fa827 No.1924030


The new year will bring a new Supreme Court ruling that could have far-reaching implications for the labor movement — and many New York public-sector unions are already braced for a potentially devastating blow.

The case is Janus vs. the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and the Supreme Court is expected to hear oral arguments in mid- to late-February.

AFSCME has until Jan. 12 to file briefs on the merits of its arguments in the legal battle, and labor supporters have until Jan. 19 to file their amicus briefs.

At stake is the right of public-sector unions to charge fees to workers who choose not to join labor organizations — but who still gain from the collectively bargained salaries, pensions and other benefits that unions negotiate on their behalf.



b0d0de No.1924031

File: f640b36f8e2a5ef⋯.png (44.66 KB, 198x213, 66:71, ClipboardImage.png)


scared shitless

a2da22 No.1924032



...of Sessions....yes....

f45ce0 No.1924033


My only real smoking gun is flight direction and the AMD pallet. AMD doesn't make phones. Like I said its a long shot but the AMD connection seems legit.

fc5c22 No.1924034


Thought it was merely a conjecture all along.

fe4077 No.1924035



How to stop being a hateful faggot?

4c17bb No.1924036


YUGE! Breaking the platform of cash flow - they never thought it would happen. BOOM! Thank you for posting anon!

d1855a No.1924037

File: e9fabe83938c898⋯.jpg (199.6 KB, 953x468, 953:468, FISH I WORLD.jpg)

File: 313596fcf2b92c2⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 696x568, 87:71, edge.jpg)

b59511 No.1924038

File: 5f556f1b67e873b⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 564x1002, 94:167, 2eae101dbd6c7828bcaf26b22d….jpg)


You guys have a real good thing going on comped 4chan. Why don't you skedaddle back over there and save yourself the embarrassment?

70e6f5 No.1924039


Checked Sunchon/Pyongyang as well, pavement is very different, markings too.

You think they renewed it recently (with Kim having had paid his stay in Singapore buy US) ? Not sure … similar structures of taxiways/runways/grass can be found quite often on airports. Also, Cathay probably doesn't fly NK ….

f743b4 No.1924040


You might be able to find contenders by cntl-f "notable" and/or "baker"

2c2e38 No.1924041

File: 2541ea3ae77bf39⋯.png (294.01 KB, 585x460, 117:92, AQ21.PNG)


Ron Pearlman knew about Weinstein assaults

18031a No.1924042

File: bda39217cc73448⋯.png (649.15 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 760DAF3A-2381-4D3B-B49B-6A….png)



Would you recommend best format to use pls ?

9c3ffe No.1924043


bye democratic party

a2da22 No.1924044



We make jokes when needed, get it?

720f2d No.1924045

File: 7a95825c73576b4⋯.jpg (93.99 KB, 550x693, 50:63, mind motion.jpg)

ca6ae7 No.1924046

File: 14f247759fbd850⋯.png (18.02 KB, 448x431, 448:431, trust is not blind.png)


Q got us covered here

b0d0de No.1924047

629777 No.1924048


DON'T forget the SHAME BELL if you do it.

ca6ae7 No.1924049

File: 63c64059e9aa4ad⋯.png (14.37 KB, 521x114, 521:114, do not underestimate q tea….png)

632be9 No.1924050


That's why I was watching the video again (Loomer filing charges) this time on the 'puter instead of a small screen.

8b378c No.1924051

File: 60d3f88ae8a720e⋯.jpg (134.66 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, booker_walkaway.jpg)

i think the #walkaway hashtag/meme is been incredibly successful. we need to keep pushing it lads

8efa67 No.1924052


Since most of the unions also support Leftist candidates & causes, this is an enormous blow to their ability to bankroll the evil cabal, as well.

0e3018 No.1924053


i can't believe i left you unfiltered for that response…

I can't believe I'm surprised, but still, disappointment from the start of you till the end.

86ad9f No.1924054


>How is a 22yo the head of a Charity?

How'd he get thru all these universities by age 22?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Davis has attended Oxford University, Columbia University and The Juilliard School.

Libs say: muh credentials, he can't be a criminal, story must be fake

241eb1 No.1924055


This is not 4chan you fucking white hater. Stop trying to act like you know the place.

68d4c7 No.1924056


Where have I seen this before?

443710 No.1924057

File: fd4b42e8b19e240⋯.jpg (84.78 KB, 506x506, 1:1, WWG1WGA.jpg)

Where can an archive of all the bread threads be found?

1fd024 No.1924058


PS could of already written a statement, this is the committee informing other members of it all. No need to put him under oath when they have all the texts/emails/phone calls/drafts. A lot of politicians are kept in the dark, now they are being brought into the Light with these hearings. They are working up the ladder anons.

>Once the documents are supplied and viewed by Senate and Congressional leaders (& the public), they LOSE.

5ddec8 No.1924059


Congrats anon!

You earn it

You keep it

083acb No.1924060


Ty. More looking for if baker is aware/ignoring. And by that determining if goodbaker/shill.

ae50c4 No.1924061

File: 79977c8489adaa4⋯.png (85.76 KB, 615x908, 615:908, ClipboardImage.png)


well good thing they are all /ourguys/ i guesse.

JS may need a referal to indict. but not huber i think. huber can indict and make his own referals too. hes the presidentiall appointed SC. much freedom. its a very complicated process but after 3 hrs of decoding pic related from the omnibus bill i think i figured it out kek

44b200 No.1924062

File: 16681946e88c307⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 2974x2234, 1487:1117, Democrats_Crimes.jpg)

Anons check me on this please.



ed009f No.1924063

File: aa635654f3cc38c⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1729x1112, 1729:1112, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

File: 7a9be2e22431c4c⋯.png (885.6 KB, 1059x942, 353:314, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)


8efa67 No.1924064


In addition to flapping the papers in Loomer's face, I think she also pushed at Loomer's camera. You open yourself up for assault charges any time you lay a hand on someone.

f45ce0 No.1924065


Yea the markings are tough with those NK airports since google earth is sketchy over the whole region. The only thing I would say that would support it is that Shanghai is probably one of the very few cities with service to NK.

ae50c4 No.1924066

2c2e38 No.1924067

a2da22 No.1924068



Everyday trust is the norm.

fc5c22 No.1924069

so next month the world will learn the truth.. wondering how that would play out and how much will actually be revealed.

07ab7c No.1924070


70e6f5 No.1924071


Don't click anything, just fill in youtube link and click continue. Then choose best quality available (probably 720p) and simply click start (or download) – rest should go automatically, and you would get it as it is. Rest of the options are for conversion, I think.

0f7a4e No.1924072


o..fvck ordinary Brits know wuts going on…bless the truckers!!!

a2da22 No.1924073



The world can know the truth now. You just need to look for it.

9c3ffe No.1924074


if treason is 1/10th

10% of the info is a death blow to the cabal

bf52fc No.1924075

I'm assuming they are just trying whatever they can to trigger us at this point.

ace604 No.1924076

Union goons are melting down today.

Cash Cow for the DNC has run out of Milk.

79a992 No.1924077


>Makes a cross reference to non-union workers' ability to care for "the Union" and "support a candidate of his or her choice" despite Democrat interference in the functioning of said Union.


d1855a No.1924078

File: 63ca4a5e0a3ee77⋯.jpg (160.07 KB, 765x801, 85:89, fox.jpg)

File: 4d1232bbc0e703c⋯.jpeg (62.72 KB, 474x557, 474:557, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: 4c53739b94cf80a⋯.jpg (162.51 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)

File: 5364d10c3b1d00a⋯.jpg (512.45 KB, 1717x828, 1717:828, Three Balls.jpg)

File: 1cc5fffadbb9588⋯.jpeg (56.53 KB, 554x396, 277:198, Think Again.jpeg)

b59511 No.1924080


If you are looking for the "meat" parts, then you can get most of that from here:


This is every thread from 4 to 8 chan that Q has posted in. If you want, like, ALL of them, that's something maybe impossible as I know some of them (even some in the qanon.pub site) have actually been deleted.

ea5e88 No.1924081


Also shows Q-Team follows the board.

The long Q post on RR & the Tarmac was mind blowing…))

f5704d No.1924082

Strzok has arrived at closed door testimony

b9b3ea No.1924083


Disinfo is necessary

a2da22 No.1924084


YW, same Wilcock lies.

a8afc5 No.1924085


It will be interesting to see how many opt out and what how loss of dues will impact their bottom line.

1fd024 No.1924086


Here >>1923522 under Archives section, posted every bread by a baker. Few choices to pick from

a2da22 No.1924087


to fool those easily duped.

b725ec No.1924088

major slack outage right now. 2 people hit by trains this morning in NYC, one was a woman holding an infant. WTF??


79a992 No.1924089


Fake you's are fake.

44b200 No.1924090


DARK > LIGHT right in the headline. Love it

03236f No.1924091


If you change the link to the video from YouTube to hooktube and leave the rest of the website address the same it will bring you to the same video but in hooktube. Hooktube has an option to download the video.

485a53 No.1924092


Any confirmation from any of the congress folks that he will actually be under oath?

ea5e88 No.1924093


Think it was Dana Rohrbacher.

f07e7b No.1924094


I get it.

I'm just playing the joker card here and entertaining the idea that Schilling is a controlled opposition to draw Qs away from the flock. Saying outlandish things like that Miley Cyrus stuff. Although I agree she was activated in this way, to NewQs this may serve to distract and divert them from seeking truth.

87a644 No.1924095

File: aa4115e7062173a⋯.jpg (267.97 KB, 1864x980, 466:245, 2018-06-27-08:27-OMNI01-PO….jpg)

Navy P8 Poseidon (sub-hunter - sub-killer)

spotted feet-wet, exiting Honduras northbound.

Was only visible on radar site for moments before disappearing.

Have not witnessed our anti-sub a/c in that area ever before.

8f66f2 No.1924096

File: f9597f6ef1b23da⋯.png (113.1 KB, 267x263, 267:263, PEPE thoughtful.png)


Anon, plane takeoff direction isn't notable, they take off into the wind, regardless of destination (TTBOMK).

However, the AMD logo is interdasting. Where did that come from?

b37cb2 No.1924097

File: f84c87a68a851f3⋯.jpeg (1.6 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 92772_submitter_file1__C3….jpeg)

443710 No.1924098

File: 6a0a446867f3cdb⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 780x585, 4:3, 45WIN.jpg)


Thanks. I'm looking for all of them. Do we not have an archive of every bread?

bf52fc No.1924099


Two of my friends were very recently pulled off a train, lots of chatter.

a2da22 No.1924100





Expand your thinking.


c48a03 No.1924101


86c105 No.1924102


I walk like that. Many people do. Some say it is a sign of being purpose driven.

fc5c22 No.1924103


Wilcock is watching you *o*

ae50c4 No.1924104


(you)fag filtered. back to kiekbook with your dumb ass. fagoot.

2c2e38 No.1924105

File: febe555b0b84cea⋯.jpg (61.94 KB, 724x752, 181:188, A Dig.jpg)


Alright, thanks. Let me see what i find.

485a53 No.1924106


Dana Rohrobacher

Went and interviewed Assange

Came back and told Trump Assange had proof

f2f732 No.1924107


When is that little faggot hillary stooge Peter Strok testifying today?

b7bfd0 No.1924108


Obvious Notable

e44dd2 No.1924109


She's young, beautiful, with a ton of potential, and didn't want to let them ruin her life. Leave it at that.

a2da22 No.1924110



It is all a shell game of deception. You got it, right?

1fd024 No.1924111


It is also discrimination, the heavier liberal unions involved in dirt can remove hours and fire workers who do not meet their ideology. Good riddance

ae50c4 No.1924112


well thats not normal

3fa827 No.1924113


The Janus ruling has been highly anticipated, or rather, highly feared, by labor unions for a long time. I'm happy about it. Will personally save me $1,100 per year. BUT we need next to push for term limits, voting reform, and doing away with dual citizenship of our elected officials.

18031a No.1924114


And then i post link here?

It’s L O N G


7392a9 No.1924115

>>1918277 (prev)

For my birthday in July, I want the world to know, see, feel and hear the TRUTH! The whole truth.

f5704d No.1924116

File: a33a92fc3e4807f⋯.jpg (79.27 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Dgs7o9PUwAEylwO.jpg)


I didn't hear that being mentioned.

8abde5 No.1924117

File: ecb6bdec43a986a⋯.png (411.01 KB, 595x480, 119:96, ClipboardImage.png)

8efa67 No.1924118


If I was still working in a union environment, I'd be opting out. But my union was "kind" enough to take almost $15K in dues fees from me over a 15 year period…..and then threw up their hands & walked away when the company laid 80 of us off. They didn't even TRY to do anything for us.

ea5e88 No.1924119


You've dug up some food for thought, at least, Anon.

18031a No.1924120


Oh crap

It’s works on mine

96076c No.1924121

File: 175b9bac20d8e92⋯.png (724.02 KB, 592x1280, 37:80, ClipboardImage.png)


Her (hair) profile

ed009f No.1924122

File: d1048e29ab415f4⋯.png (520.45 KB, 1061x1056, 1061:1056, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

87a644 No.1924123

>>1922054 Rats in a sack...crazed hypocrisy front and center as their false reality collapses. It's gonna be like this for them in hell, you know---everlasting finger pointing and self justification.

70e6f5 No.1924124


China Airlines (probably the pic from yesterday) and Air China (Q's pic from previously) are two diff. airlines, I think.

So I am not sure, that there has to be a Shanghai connection necessarily …. not excluding it though, but I really don't think Cathay (the 747 in yesterday's pic) is flying NK … could be wrong though.

f07e7b No.1924125


I got it, but feel there's always more to get…

a2da22 No.1924126



Jordan Sather - fake Photo-shopped images and Wilcock go hand-in-hand.

8abde5 No.1924127


Real person…

2c2e38 No.1924128


The Anon was right.

Check it.

A congressman who met face-to-face with WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange after the latter’s website received and released thousands of Democratic Party emails allegedly sourced by state-sponsored hackers said he’ll discuss the meeting with members of the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, will appear before the House panel later this month to answer questions concerning his August 2017 meeting in London with Mr. Assange, the lawmaker told The Los Angeles Times.

“As you can see, I am not worried,” Mr. Rohrabacher said Monday. “I have no worries at all. Once the public understands that the regular media has given them a false impression of my meetings with Russians, it’ll be fine,” he told The Times.

WikiLeaks published emails throughout the 2016 election cycle belonging to both the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, the chairman of the party’s nominee for president, Hillary Clinton.


f45ce0 No.1924129



Also Cathay has service to Seoul, Busay, and Jeju SK maybe a transfer in one of those cities?

8f66f2 No.1924130

File: 26747e9ce38021e⋯.png (26.62 KB, 300x250, 6:5, CIA NIGGER 05.png)


Belize is clown infested. Drug-running drop off point, lots of little airfields on hilltops all over (seen 'em). Easy to sail from there to Florida. Also lots of coca (plenty of tweakers there, can't miss 'em).

629777 No.1924131


Hearing beeps with mine today. Very weird. Fast beeps like an alarm clock. Anyone else?

443710 No.1924132

File: bf8e8d99ee8306c⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1024x575, 1024:575, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1924086 Ah. You're a doll. Thanks babe.


d1855a No.1924133

File: 116b7ede6c205ee⋯.jpg (243.82 KB, 864x576, 3:2, Polaris-star-trails-July-2….jpg)

File: 673740d0447cdfa⋯.jpeg (571.83 KB, 1301x727, 1301:727, tele.jpeg)

File: 96e268978d6f570⋯.jpg (206.11 KB, 782x518, 391:259, The Stars Meme.jpg)

File: a3dd1d066c94570⋯.jpg (340.4 KB, 1358x592, 679:296, Rocket SCIENCE document me….jpg)

87a644 No.1924134


>>1924122 Trump-Putin summit agreed; to be announced 6/28

8497a8 No.1924135


Good luck getting ANY prosecutor to take this seriously. You may be technically right about the definition but practically speaking, this is going NO WHERE.

a2da22 No.1924136


Filter this faggot.

d7d8ef No.1924137

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Has anyone else seen Terry Crews testimony to congress?

the laser pointer is on Hollywood sex sickos.

a579d5 No.1924138


Do some digging into who was behind the Unite the Right in C'ville. He was an Obama flunky and was also involved in Occupy Wall Street (funded by George Soros). It's the same shit with BLM. Is there legitimacy to some of the things they're protesting? Absolutely, but they're being used for a different purpose. The cabal is backed into a corner right now, and they want to spark uprisings and chaos to help save their asses. These protests help further that agenda. Don't fall for it

68c45b No.1924139


NHTRC- put somewhere out there what that stands for. Imo

Other than that, it's fantastic and a great red pill….great job

1fd024 No.1924140

File: 71739e57c0c25a8⋯.png (851.2 KB, 647x933, 647:933, DirtySchiff.png)

File: f229e3704e40d4f⋯.png (562.35 KB, 897x502, 897:502, PeterStrozk.png)

File: 63c1e4d60e4bfde⋯.png (433.23 KB, 1370x1045, 274:209, PeterStrzoker.png)

File: 945a5c6b4ceac56⋯.jpg (89.07 KB, 583x527, 583:527, PeterStrzokerOCONUS.jpg)

File: 32adf25f4ec93ef⋯.jpg (71.05 KB, 976x549, 16:9, Operation Wormwood - Chain….jpg)


right now, expect major booms and major distractions from mockingbirds(FF fail so onto Cabal linked 'think tank' saying NK is ramping up Nuclear production; not us intel) POTUS may continue to laser point and threaten NK so mockingbirds can say see we told you Kim was lying to Trump, or not, POTUS holds the laser pointer

70e6f5 No.1924141


No don't post link here. Archive offline (i.e. on your own PC/HD). If you want you can upload it to say mega.nz and then post the link – but I think all of us anons have it already ….

ed009f No.1924142

File: 26dae29f8d86ef2⋯.png (64.24 KB, 1089x326, 1089:326, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)


'nother tweet

a8afc5 No.1924143


Sorry that happened to you, anon.

2c2e38 No.1924144

File: 0ef278c462f0bf8⋯.png (20.42 KB, 589x203, 589:203, AQ23.PNG)


Putin Summitt coming.

b59511 No.1924145

File: 82a40ca08694dea⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205, 78:41, well there it is.gif)

f07e7b No.1924146


Perhaps it would help other Anons who read for You to explain a little.

b0d0de No.1924147

Suck-Level of 10 the Strzok interview is not being televised….

1fd024 No.1924148

File: 5ecd41f4dd5fc7d⋯.png (224.03 KB, 470x550, 47:55, CrewsCrew.png)


I have not, ty anon

5ddec8 No.1924149



Jim Jordan called it a deposition, implying possible sworn testimony

2577d7 No.1924151


leaker found?

187580 No.1924152



241eb1 No.1924153


No I haven't seen it, Terry was very vocal against the hollywood cabal. I think he got gropped and abused

95f75f No.1924154


A Sanatist, Anon?

I mean, I'll believe a LOT of things, but this is just a bridge too far.

If she were a Satanist, however, I might have an easier time believing.


8abde5 No.1924155


Anyone know a good violent anti-union movie?

ca6ae7 No.1924156


Pleiadian motherships are perfectly normal, if they weren't invisible you'd see them everywhere all the time for thousands of years.

585c44 No.1924157

File: f6d140dea16a3b2⋯.jpg (387.9 KB, 1586x1999, 1586:1999, 1589-single-spaced.jpg)

File: 21bfc96b262f0be⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 1699x469, 1699:469, removed-lines.jpg)

File: 63d060314f5db63⋯.jpg (478.08 KB, 1763x3214, 1763:3214, 1589-slight-revision.jpg)



maybe. i see lots of these kinds of patterns in Q's writing.

i 'extracted' some of the lines which didn't fit the "flow", perhaps this makes more sense…in any case, it feels like there are always multiple messages embedded in the longer stringers.

makes me think no one is above another - the reflection of the pawn indicates that it is the kings equal.

dunno. squint at it. look at it from a distance. i see the king for sure.

a2da22 No.1924158



Huber needs a referral from JS to indict and Horowitz made everyone innocent. It is a game of deflection.

a84246 No.1924159


“New satellite images of the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Centre show that upgrades are being carried out ‘at a rapid pace’, according to North Korea analysis organisation 38 North.”

Who is leaking satellite photos and analysis?

3592c3 No.1924160


fox news reported that the decision effects 5 million people. That would mean over 5 bil per year loss out of the unions coffers. SA money gone, Soros funds reduced, Weinstein jailed ( with more hollyweird to come) , and now unions can't steal money from republican voters to pay dems.Dems will now be filing for welfare benefits! WINNING

44b200 No.1924161


Couldn't afford the CGI

89bbe4 No.1924162


Own the Cabal. Meet in Switzerland.

443710 No.1924163

File: 3f7e48fbd077cee⋯.jpg (194.86 KB, 500x1045, 100:209, sciencebtfo.jpg)

76fb08 No.1924164


Grosse Point Blank

b59511 No.1924165



Snowden is about to get FUCKED.

be2238 No.1924166



>Since most of the unions also support Leftist candidates & causes, this is an enormous blow to their ability to bankroll the evil cabal, as well.


632be9 No.1924168


PS will testify soon in a public open hearing Goodlatte said.

a2da22 No.1924169



N.K. up to it´s old games of say one thing, do another. Trump was trolled.

846d5b No.1924170



9ade55 No.1924171

File: dd2ce06562df30e⋯.jpg (182.25 KB, 455x574, 65:82, e81df22f02bde3c599fb899205….jpg)

>>1922820 Full moon and Opposition of Saturn happening at the same time: Stay Vigilant,

>>1923286 , >>1923358 , >>1923459

>With trains involved, the only way to make massive damage is to use bombs while with buses it's either bombs

Would the below article qualify as

>>1920424 ———————– Chatter



>activating progressive activists


>>1914481 -2412


MONDAY 06/26/18

> Read a recent history book. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive.

574d4d No.1924172

File: 1f1098cee4f0e8e⋯.png (137.37 KB, 1080x552, 45:23, Screenshot_20180627-200744….png)

79a992 No.1924173



If they are meeting in an as-yet undisclosed location that is niether the US or Russia…

Look, This is another part of the show either way.. But the neutral location speaks a paragraph or two..

ee1bea No.1924174

File: f6cd7993442c24b⋯.jpg (206.98 KB, 652x960, 163:240, afbabd26b1ae654ffa32cebc19….jpg)


muh pleadians

ace604 No.1924175

Today is just an 'interview' of Strzok with the Judiciary Committee. He is not under oath today. That will be for the public hearing under subpoena.

ed009f No.1924176

File: 02c5abb64186b24⋯.png (728.08 KB, 1087x834, 1087:834, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)


d1052e No.1924178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Fist pumps re: POTUS / Q encounter =

>Keep up the good fight, Patriot.

>This will be a very common theme known only to you.

>Feel proud.





I can't watch this without tears welling up...SO HAPPY!

2c60b7 No.1924179


very interesting

84d778 No.1924180

The new series of Wentworth, an Auzzie women's jail series, shows the women streaming fights to the darkweb for gamblers to bet on the fights. Just thought that was another redpill moment.

2e74e3 No.1924181


We've seen quite a few pics of China. BASF in Pudong, the wet market in Mongkok, the King Bldg in Pudong, the villas at Hongqiao Golf Course, the Apple Store in Hong Kong, some boats in Hainan, and one that looks like Happy Valley in HK, but I'm not sure. Is this more Where's Waldo for Edward Snowden?

ca6ae7 No.1924182


This is not an official account afaik

a2da22 No.1924183


Yep - Sather - Wilcock - Q - Photoshop connections.

d7d8ef No.1924184


yup. true story.

This is just one instance…

he mentions a 'complicent system' where the parent of the victim say "well, we don't want to ruin his career, its best to say nothing"

Imagine all the stories that he HASNT shared with E! news…

Pray for Terry and family. We all know what ((they)) do to the ones who use their voice.

ec818d No.1924185

File: fdac528f75d07d3⋯.jpg (236.38 KB, 1022x684, 511:342, manspread.jpg)


You believe everything the MSM tells you?

d7412e No.1924186

Wray and Rosenstein testify tomorrow (Thursday June 28) in front of House Judiciary Committee

18031a No.1924188


So in other words, I should’ve completed Latin studies when i had the time kek

87a644 No.1924189

File: c1e43340abc22bc⋯.jpg (263.09 KB, 1074x1171, 1074:1171, CartoonNetworkBaphomet.jpg)

File: 2e3a81d74703d8d⋯.jpg (4.32 MB, 3063x4430, 3063:4430, Thor vs evil baphomet.jpg)

File: f1cf9157d3d7eb4⋯.jpeg (348.87 KB, 1176x895, 1176:895, Satanic Pan Baphomet.jpeg)

File: 3bf66972ded5f5d⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 377x376, 377:376, BaphometMemberEveryLodge.jpg)

File: 2a33c6ba79ce93d⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 800x258, 400:129, Popes and satanic Baphomet.jpg)

5ddec8 No.1924190




Bill Clinton on Hillary’s Private Email Server: ‘She Just Used What Was Mine’

In an unreported section of the report recently released by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General, Bill Clinton is quoted saying that when it came to Hillary Clinton’s utilization of a private email server, “She just used what was mine.”

The former president told the Inspector General that the private server was his and that he never thought his wife’s use of the server while she was secretary of state would amount to a serious issue.

“It was after all my server and the FBI knew it was there and the Secret Service approved it coming in and she just used what was mine,” Clinton stated.

As the report relates, Clinton said that he didn’t originally think the FBI’s investigation “amounted to much frankly so I didn’t probably take it as seriously as maybe I might have in this unusual period[.]”


8abde5 No.1924191


I call 'bullshit!'

44b200 No.1924192


Signal sent….wonder if the plane that was shadowing the flight from SFO>JFK had a jamming device of some sort. (block cellular)

a2da22 No.1924193


Why? Do you? You believe in Trumpets from the sky?

2c60b7 No.1924194



926b6e No.1924195



He was subpoenaed, and he is testifying in a deposition, so he is indeed under oath.


From the American Bar Association, https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_education/resources/law_related_education_network/how_courts_work/discovery.html :

One of the most common methods of discovery is to take depositions. A deposition is an out-of-court statement given under oath by any person involved in the case. It is to be used at trial or in preparation for trial. It may be in the form of a written transcript, a videotape, or both. In most states, either of the parties may take the deposition of the other party, or of any other witness. Both sides have the right to be present during oral depositions.

Depositions enable a party to know in advance what a witness will say at the trial. Depositions can also be taken to obtain the testimony of important witnesses who can’t appear during the trial. In that case, they’re read into evidence at the trial.

Often a witness's deposition will be taken by the opposing side and used to discredit the witness's testimony at trial if the trial testimony varies from the testimony taken during the deposition. (A lawyer might ask a witness at trial, “Are you lying now or were you lying then?”)

Usually depositions consist of an oral examination, followed by cross-examination by the opposing side. In addition to taking depositions, either party may submit written questions, called interrogatories , to the other party and require that they be answered in writing under oath. If one party chooses to use an interrogatory, written questions are sent to the lawyer representing the other side, and that party has a period of time in which to answer.

d1052e No.1924196

File: 9cf57353404545c⋯.jpg (573.21 KB, 1893x1141, 1893:1141, POTUS encounter updated2.jpg)

8f66f2 No.1924197

File: fe5b9ed5c36cfe6⋯.jpeg (8.36 KB, 168x255, 56:85, POINTING Nazi girl 01.jpeg)





e0ef48 No.1924198

File: 01de6dd8c6c95a8⋯.png (848.48 KB, 990x569, 990:569, whyworse.png)

9304d1 No.1924199



Liquid metal android, Terminator 2

89bbe4 No.1924201


Slick Willy was in the conference call with IT before the wipe.

ace604 No.1924202

Just saw the Fox News video of Strzok being lead into the meeting. He is a swarmy, smirky fuck just like we imagined.

2c2e38 No.1924203

File: 017324130796f62⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Question 2.jpg)


My theory.

Now that we have Assange, Putin's gonna hand us Snowden. He'll be comfy with us until his testimony.

62fe3f No.1924204


>cia, fbi, all one and the same when youre in that club.

Yes and no.

The way I figure is that Comey and Brennan conspired to get Strzok reassigned from onto the FBI midyear exam team in mid 2015 to be the fixer for the HRC email problem.

Note that he immediately starts collecting emails from all the other agencies that might have copies of HRC emails, related to U1. To bury them.

They needed McCabe in the intermediary role because Giuliano figured out the fix and left in disgust.

d1855a No.1924205

File: 415ef8c7469ce98⋯.jpg (104.21 KB, 1138x550, 569:275, flat earth magnet.jpg)

File: 86357ce51317c5f⋯.jpg (307.3 KB, 1335x696, 445:232, Flat Magnet.jpg)

File: d0883252654ace9⋯.jpg (200.32 KB, 913x550, 83:50, Flat Refraction.jpg)

File: 222c4216c8651ee⋯.jpg (358.79 KB, 1525x681, 1525:681, gov doc 2a.jpg)

File: cbd781a3aa9a4d0⋯.jpg (388.35 KB, 1160x1043, 1160:1043, SECRET gov doc 3.jpg)

a2da22 No.1924206



R both liars. FISA abuse violations.

ae2dc0 No.1924207


38 North purchases the satellite images from a commercial vendor and does their own analysis. They have been keeping an eye on Yongbyon for quite some time. However, you gotta take any analysis they do with a grain of salt because ever since the demolition of the Nuclear sites they have been suspicious of NK and are on the lookout for any sign that they will reneg on their agreement.

5ddec8 No.1924208

File: 58e6097cce43f34⋯.jpg (11.06 KB, 255x193, 255:193, pepe_sauce?.jpg)

632b53 No.1924209

File: 27ee6806f0f3cdd⋯.png (212.21 KB, 620x349, 620:349, shill alert.png)


Only a Shill would believe all the lies about NK over the years.

3492a8 No.1924210


Notice how they ask people to wear normal clothes

I bet they do NOT want people in Q t-shirts

Or with slogans like


241eb1 No.1924211


I did some digging around UTR in Charlotesville.

The TL;DR is Dwayne Dixon pointed a gun towards James Fields who then freaked out and hit the gas. His car hit other vehicule and a whale died of heart attack because she was obese and smocked newport.

Thanks for your (dis)info.

f07e7b No.1924212


Much obliged

ed009f No.1924213

File: 7ef6eadf3c1817b⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 132x255, 44:85, 2f543bace5089fda025ed10381….jpg)

File: 6ebe5ec90d4a469⋯.png (406.35 KB, 1368x663, 456:221, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

File: e96c92c76fd7039⋯.png (413.64 KB, 1085x1134, 155:162, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at ….png)

5ddec8 No.1924214


NSA has "IT" all

a2da22 No.1924215


If you believe in Sather and aliens, Wilcock´s Q has got you going in the right direction.

3492a8 No.1924216


That is a pretty dumb theory

Anyone who actually read the Q crumbs knows

That Snowden is not in Russia any more

443710 No.1924218

File: d0a86a843db6fc6⋯.png (990.18 KB, 800x480, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

b59511 No.1924219


You are right. We are patriots here. Not racists.


And what a testimony that will be, huh? Snowden, the cocksucker that wanted to make the world think he was the hero doing a good deed to citizens everywhere, turns out to be a black hat C_A operative trying to force public will against the NSA - the one organization that was willing to work with real patriots to save the US, and the world, from the global reign of terror/cult by literally every conspiracy theory that anons knew to be true, but were called crazy for believing it.

I mean, what crazy freaking timeline is this?

9702e8 No.1924220

a2da22 No.1924221



67f6ea No.1924222


Anon is convinced about trumpets in the sky, they've sounded already.

1fd024 No.1924223


That anon hasn't spent 1 second looking into the 'think tank' the mockingbirds have latched onto, not worth your dankmemes anon

241eb1 No.1924224


Thanks for the recap, I saved the video will watch it later

2c2e38 No.1924225

File: 4ea3fda3f9d6f0a⋯.png (22.42 KB, 591x180, 197:60, AQ25.PNG)


Someones trying too hard

a2da22 No.1924226



Yes, they are real. Thanks. Secret info, get it?

39295c No.1924227

File: bbe87f5f2305606⋯.jpg (118.97 KB, 800x532, 200:133, Wisdom Meme 7.jpg)

File: d89c1beec93ba66⋯.jpg (599.34 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, Zen3.jpg)

File: 05275f5c615d528⋯.jpg (86.27 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Mountain of Wisdom 3.jpg)

File: 4abbdad9d890fc2⋯.jpg (7.2 KB, 318x159, 2:1, Zen5.jpg)

File: bbd140ec1388872⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 301x167, 301:167, Wisdom Meme 10.jpg)



1e03e7 No.1924228

Holy fukin shit. This pisses me off anons.

Imagine being kidnapped and forced to have sex with a child then blackmailed. This shit is what Q is talking about and worse.

I am fucking pissed. Q this fucking shit better become the real news aired on every fucking channel in the universe. These victims need to be set free and healed from their life long trauma so they can feel fucking normal for once before they die in peace.


8efa67 No.1924229


Thanks, but I'm good. That was 8 yrs ago now & I've been happily employed in a non-union environment ever since. The experience, though, has left me very anti-union…esp. since those f*ckers would actually CALL employees at their homes & try to strong-arm them into voting for Obama. I'd tell them, yes, oh yes, I'm DEFINITELY voting for Obama….and then go vote Conservative.

af7b4d No.1924230

File: b350b1732844bd4⋯.png (58.56 KB, 652x371, 652:371, str.PNG)

2c60b7 No.1924231


Bream needs to clean the beauty pageant off her face and take it down a few notches

3492a8 No.1924232


Well if the USA really had any concerns about this stuff

Somebody would go there for a visit and see what is going on

Probably they are converting the site to a factory or something like that

Maybe a rare earth mineral processing facility to separate out all those rare earth elements from one another

f168cb No.1924233


Explains why it's behind closed doors, only way it would be public is if he could lie his ass off and obstruct.

d1855a No.1924234

File: 931683dae5a437b⋯.jpg (190.47 KB, 1057x642, 1057:642, gov doc 3.jpg)

ace604 No.1924235


‏ @kill_rogue

What involvement does Sebastian have with Q?

7:42 am - 27 Jun 2018

a2da22 No.1924236



Strzok is a traitor and a liar. HC Hired two FBI agents to murder Trump. Strzok approved in the F Trump agenda.

478d0b No.1924237


(re Zoroaster / Zoroastrianism)

First, I want you to know that I read your posts. Much of it goes over my head, but I want to connect part of this with a pop culture reference. I know that George R.R. Martin based the "Lord of Light" part of his A Song of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones) novels on Zoroastrianism -- this is part of the reason why Irans absolutely adore Game of Thrones.

I don't want to derail; just want to leave a timely quote here about the Azor Ahai prophecy from the books/series:

"The Prince that was promised shall bring the dawn."

79a992 No.1924238



HOTTEST 1st Lady …Ever.

f2f732 No.1924239


If James Fields even exists and that was not a remote controlled car.

5d4d3b No.1924240


He's so short!

4c74ab No.1924241


High Recidivism Individual

224f51 No.1924242



Patient, you

I have hooktube working now

ThanQ Anon :-)

1b0658 No.1924243



a2da22 No.1924244



Trump needs to fire that turd hey?

2c2e38 No.1924246


Must have missed that one, we have him then?


Testimony that we already know, that Twitter, FB and many other are STILL collecting and disseminating data without being bound by laws.

1cd88b No.1924247

did they try to kill heather locklear?

1fd024 No.1924248


Also allows them to monitor for leaks; frustrating as all can be but Schiff is a traitor and the cabal knowing what Peter Strzok says so they can match up their stories is important

9702e8 No.1924249

5ddec8 No.1924250


Hope so.

889385 No.1924251



45 posts (and counting) in one bread? Maybe you should find a chat room.

629777 No.1924253


Hold the presses…is this all of the unions?

cf9826 No.1924254

File: 1a1ef9756b35ea0⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1306x864, 653:432, nkstillmakingnukes_media.PNG)

media in overdrive?

237248 No.1924255

They were cannibalizingbthe children they were fornicating with

a8afc5 No.1924256


Kek! Good job!

68d4c7 No.1924257

File: 36a5994ad54d056⋯.jpg (101.86 KB, 921x828, 307:276, 06.26.2018 20.19.12.jpg)

CDT time zone

a2da22 No.1924258

Sather - T-shirt anon photo job - Trump pen photo - Wilcock - Corey Good, aliens. All connected.

b7bfd0 No.1924259


Yes, you now have to opt-in to union fees.

d1855a No.1924260

File: 655069d66f2143d⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 672x729, 224:243, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

File: b10fcb74d53dd28⋯.jpg (308.68 KB, 1199x701, 1199:701, Bible 2.jpg)

File: 8b0bce491ce67d5⋯.jpg (257.43 KB, 857x662, 857:662, Bible Verse2.jpg)

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: 8dc63c454366ca8⋯.jpg (215.7 KB, 752x733, 752:733, Flying Graphic.jpg)

44b200 No.1924261

File: afdec35e277f143⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 2974x2234, 1487:1117, DemocratsCrimes.jpg)



Thanks added NHTRC in Lower Left image, File name is really my favorite part.

3fa827 No.1924262


Reminds me of the Jackson Five; Michael in particular.

632be9 No.1924263


Thank you I missed the sauce request.

b9b3ea No.1924264


No one cares

ec818d No.1924265


4AM talking point as they haven't any wins from the plane incident last night. Diversionary.

6d4aad No.1924266


"The door of all doors"

NSA intel.

46af74 No.1924267


and then . . . in the bottom right corner of the video , click the three dots (vertically stacked) , and then click download

2577d7 No.1924268


he probably typed that himself. he loves trolling us!

55a85b No.1924269



I don’t know whether or not this has anything to do with the cabal, but it involves a fraudulent site run by a convicted child abuser, . Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi.


The Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday its first settlement with an education lead generation company, Orlando-based Expand, Inc., and its owner, Ayman “Alec” El-Difrawi, for alleged deceptive practices. The FTC contends that Expand, which operates under the names Gigats, EducationMatch and SoftRock, has been claiming to visitors to its websites that it is “pre-screening” job applicants, when in fact it is gathering personal information for other purposes, including selling it to for-profit colleges that are seeking new students.

Expand’s websites aggregated some job listings from the Internet, but, according to the FTC, many were stale or had no official connection to Expand, and Expand didn’t actually forward job applications to employers. Instead, Expand directed applicants to “employment specialists” and then “education counselors” who steered the applicants to for-profit colleges that paid Expand amounts ranging from $22 to $125 for each such prospective student, a.k.a. lead.


Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi&nbsp;(a.k.a Alec Defrawy, Alec DeFrawey, Ayman El-Difrawi, Michael Difrawi, Michael Jensen, David Mellon, Alan Madison, Alen Madison, Alex Simon, Alec Simon, Alec Siman, David Katz and many more) was born in 1964 to Ahmed El-Difrawi and Rafia Kashmiri&mdash;two Egyptian immigrants who now live in Groveland, Florida

In 1992, Ayman Ahmed El-Defrawi was accused of child abuse and was arrested for aggravated child abuse and child abuse by the State of Florida. He allegedly attacked a 4-year-old boy; scorched the skin off his genitals and rubbed Tabasco sauce on the young boy's open wounds.<ref> Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, Florida</ref> It is believed that the case was settled out of court

In 1996, Ayman was sentenced to nearly four years in federal prison and to pay more than $2.3 million in restitution to the victims of a scam he created through companies known as the Small Business Loan Association and Shearson Management Group

Ayman currently resides in Orlando, Florida and operates several illegal, web-based, employment scams<ref> Washington Post February 10, 2007 Taking the Bait On a Phish Scam -Job Seekers Are Targets, Victims of Sophisticated Ploy</ref> from his Veranda Park office in the Metrowest area of Orlando, Florida. They are controlled by Ayman, along with his business partner Ralph Edward Bell, Jr., and technical managers, Mike Danque, Iyad Muhanna, Mike Thomas, Svetozar Petkov, V. "Obry" Obrechkov<ref> Level Consulting - Owned by Svetozar Petkov and Obry Obrechkov - Listing many of Ayman's web sites as their clients</ref>. Most of the operation is run under the Internet Solutions Corp. name, which is registered to their corporate lawyer, Alex Finch.<ref> Sun Biz Company Filing For Internet Solutions Corp


Last Updated: September 15, 2016

Federal Trade Commission, Plaintiff, v. Expand, Inc., a corporation, also doing business as Gigats, also doing business as Education Match, also doing business as SoftRock, Inc., and Ayman A. Difrawi, also known as Alec Difrawi, also known as Ayman El-Difrawi, individually and as an officer or director of Expand, Inc., Defendants.

40f783 No.1924270


Right of passage or something more?

d51be5 No.1924271

File: 37913273b7325cd⋯.jpg (211.09 KB, 1050x498, 175:83, TRUMP vs OBAMA 2.jpg)

0f429c No.1924272

File: 5832cd6d23282c5⋯.png (217.22 KB, 700x490, 10:7, postwhore.png)



fucking useless twat

2c60b7 No.1924273


>"The Prince that was promised shall bring the dawn."

Freddie Mercury was Zoroastrian.

It's good to know about, but it should not be construed as having anything to do with the true "Great Awakening".

a2da22 No.1924274


As long as it is not stale bread chat.

5ddec8 No.1924275


And allows the cabal to panic and make more stupid moves, which are then documented to be disclosed when needed.

This documentation is what is ultimately needed to red pill the masses.

Shine the LIGHT.

79a992 No.1924276


Or a noose.

70e6f5 No.1924278


Welcome. I believe yesterday someone also posted a bitchute link for this video …. lol

So if youtube deletes it completely: Fuck them – looks like many agree that the vid's too good to let it go away.

9ade55 No.1924280

File: 33e817444a88da3⋯.jpg (76.91 KB, 875x192, 875:192, Canaan-Saturn.jpg)

>>1923358 (lb)

Link claims Jupiter was top of the pops for Romans, but you know how the cabal love to jumble their symbolism.



5ddec8 No.1924281


"Public sector"

ae2dc0 No.1924282



I'm sure that POTUS and our Intel community knows EXACTLY what they are doing there. These headlines are sensationalist in that they have NO idea whatsoever whether they are upgrading the reactors or not based on these images. All they see are a few new outbuildings and some earth being moved and suddenly that turns into they are upgrading the reactors… please.

b59511 No.1924283



Edward isn't just there, he's been doing social engineering to get Putin out of power. Just like the C_A would do anywhere else.

a2da22 No.1924284

File: 9d3a0d97ef285c2⋯.png (179.73 KB, 700x490, 10:7, PostWhore.png)


65d29b No.1924285

Got sidetracked by something

Please point out if I missed something important


>>1923573 4 AM MSM Narrative: NK Upgrading Nuke Facilities

>>1923594 Twitter increasing censorship.

>>1923613 U.S. Trade: Deficit shrinks amid surge in Exports

>>1923617 Joel Davis, 22, head of stopping rape and gender violence, accused of trying to set up raping encounters with children as young as 2

>>1923775 Malta doubles population: accepts Migrant ship

>>1923825 Grace Mugabe cabal explosion in Zimbabwe to assassinate Mnangagwa.

>>1923902 Supreme Court Deals Serious Financial Blow To Labor Unions

>>1923906 Peter Strzok arrives on Capitol Hill ahead of his closed-dor testimony >>1923852

>>1923911 NEW DJT

>>1924095 Planefag Updates

>>1924122 Trump-Putin summit agreed; to be announced 6/28

44b200 No.1924286

File: 6c9d125c319ad21⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 232x217, 232:217, 6c9d125c319ad219832d52c114….jpg)

be2238 No.1924287


>Hold the presses…is this all of the unions?

Only public unions.

8f66f2 No.1924288

File: a52324587b506bf⋯.png (208.3 KB, 469x452, 469:452, PEPE with pistol.png)


Devil made me do it?

Over and over?

Even if you went along once so you could live, why would you not gather enough resources to leave the country on a boat, sail away, and disappear forever? Find some farmer/rancher who would let you build a cabin, and work his land, so you could live there and be anonymous and let alone? It's not that hard.

Fuck 'em. No mercy.

ca6ae7 No.1924289


I don't have to "believe" in anything at this point. I have proven this for myself. :)

I don't know about other people, but Jordan Sather and David Wilcock seem like good guys.

d1855a No.1924290

File: 602abcd25a1b621⋯.jpg (34.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Water.jpg)

File: a175e681f5fae56⋯.jpg (385.47 KB, 897x865, 897:865, Apollo_11_lunar_module.jpg)

File: 02f47c74b11c7b1⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 638x636, 319:318, gd.jpg)

File: 347101aa43582ec⋯.jpg (208.27 KB, 700x667, 700:667, bazinga BANG.jpg)

File: 843820c58841275⋯.jpg (129.31 KB, 720x720, 1:1, poisoned.jpg)

a2da22 No.1924291



They don´t like to hear the truth.

68c45b No.1924292


Beautiful! Perfect!

What a great job Anon !!!

629777 No.1924293


Please to forgive, went and DDG'd it.

I'm 5:5 on it now…

e0ef48 No.1924294

File: 814668da6594d72⋯.png (1.02 MB, 987x555, 329:185, mr1more.png)

File: 8245283c0e8d4ad⋯.png (513.74 KB, 980x530, 98:53, gpinhis.png)

632be9 No.1924296


Lets see what Warner and Schiff say later on today

237248 No.1924297

File: 493c9e211a05ba3⋯.jpg (20.06 KB, 254x199, 254:199, IMG_2270.JPG)

It's a shithole country taxed by muhsatan

a579d5 No.1924299

File: de629e9bdb10770⋯.jpeg (134.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fullsizeoutput_129c.jpeg)


But it is stale bread chat

b0d8dc No.1924301

File: 5a7d1e27c655bb2⋯.jpg (193.68 KB, 1200x756, 100:63, postupid.jpg)


fuck you dickless (((spencer)))

a8afc5 No.1924303



I've wondered if that scumbag Barry Gordy had done something to MJ

79a992 No.1924304

Call me slow but I just figured out what Q really meant when they said "Expect an influx"…

The schools and colleges just got out for the summer.

The fresh meat has arrived :)

826e5b No.1924306


If you're interested in the spiritual side of the Great Awakening, with less new agey shit and more science and research, come join my discussion on the record electromagnetic resonance levels of the earth (Schumann frequencies) during the Trump administration.

68d4c7 No.1924307

File: e386ca78ec17faa⋯.jpeg (10.96 KB, 191x255, 191:255, Dude Stop.jpeg)

File: 4b6aad82dabd5c3⋯.jpg (275.52 KB, 964x844, 241:211, chattyanondoll.jpg)


49 posts later…

a84246 No.1924308


You are a Deep State glowing clownshill of the First Order. You traitors or fevys must be getting very desperate to reveal obvious sources and methods. But I doubt these are pics of NoKo at all. Why would they have to be for your disinfo op. They’re archived old public domain photos of Thailand or somewhere else. GFY.

2c2e38 No.1924309

File: 1249a7f12c1245a⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x211, 255:211, A Q Eyes.jpg)


And their parents, too.

d1855a No.1924310

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)