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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2405.png)

3ee3c8 No.1908746

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



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Friday 06.22.2018

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>>1842740 rt >>1842655 ---- We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

>>1842655 rt >>1842592 ---- Jan 20, 2017 June 20, 2018 Exactly 17 months.

Wednesday 06.20.2018

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are not endorsements


>>1844122 A Place to Ponder Questions for the upcoming Q & A

>>1847813 Summaries Of IG Report 2018.06.14

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags

>>1891030 BO's Response to BV Ban Accusations

>>1892024 BV Update on Shills (Including Analysis of Their Network Resources)


>>1908576 Facebook gave data Access to Chinese Manufacturer Flagged as National Security Threat

>>1908552 Russia Insider on Ben Rhodes saying that the Obama administration armed ISIS

>>1908546 Feds tell Portland protestors to leave or face arrest

>>1908516 Hearst magazine boss David Carey stepping down

>>1908487 UN wants to stop meat consumption, coincides with tick bite induced meat allergy

>>1908246 Q - The Plan to Save the World Video

>>1908199 US Army trains for underground fighting

>>1908104 Do not confuse DC Red Hen (nice guy) with Lexington The Red Hen (kicked out press secretary)

>>1908081 Allison Mack Trial Set For Oct. 1 In NXIVM Sex Trafficking Case

>>1908651 #2404


>>1907834 Podesta emails and Clinton donor influence

>>1907825, >>1907843, >>1907867, >>1907881 More Mike Stark, maybe dangerous

>>1907759, >>1907772, >>1907819 Mike Stark worked for Share Blue, Nunes complained of Mike Stark

>>1907732 GOP Lawmakers Introduce Censure Measure Calling On Maxine Waters To Resign

>>1907703 Q clock for tomorrow, 26 June 2018

>>1907677 Loopholes allow FBI to infiltrate religious and political groups

>>1907669 Mueller has ties to Oleg Deripaska who had ties to Iran and helped Mueller FBI

>>1907616 The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities

>>1907595 Q proof image for organized riots being planned

>>1907573 Orlando Pulls the Plug on Its Amazon Facial Recognition Program

>>1907457 Angelina Jolie talks about illuminati sex perties and animal sacrifice

>>1907539 General Upholds Judge's No-Prison Sentence for Bergdahl

>>1907527 Mike Stark obnoxiously follows and phone records federal lawmakers, Nunes complains

>>1907465 Suspect DJ Raymond Charles Rowe identified by DNA and genealogical info

>>1907441 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton explain vials of blood they wear

>>1907355 In England, Hillary Trashes America’s Electoral College

>>1907330 California considers fake news advisory group

>>1907274 Quote from Marcus Aurelius

>>1907916 #2403


>>1907118 Please put up a "Liberals Only" sign outside your business if you're infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and we'd be happy to stay away from you

>>1907008 Say it loud, say it clear: immigrants are welcome here," shouts a group of about a dozen people outside Stephen Miller's apartment building

>>1906886 Art For Water Auction with works by Marina Abramovic

>>1906881 Sessions: Cartels are using migrant kids to smuggle drugs into US

>>1906612, >>1906749 Dig on elites' addiction to blood (Vampires better understood now?? - not Myth??)




>>1906872 , >>1906892 Dig on "Sangs Twoofy": blood-addicted elites starving as Trump has cut off supply

>>1906308, >>1906336 Heather Locklear in hospital for overdose--coincidence?

>>1906113 Devin Nunes asked our help to ID a stalker. Autists activate!

>>1905865 Planefags watch for Swiss AF T-785 possibly departing from Iceland

>>1905926 Sex slavery bust reveals big problem in Texas

>>1905945 Mueller obtains Erik Prince's communications/phones

>>1905298, 1905987 Reminder of (((who))) we find at 40k view


>>1905653 Moar harrassing of /ourguy/ Stephen Miller

>>1905626 Beautiful Dig by Anon on the Chef from Red Hen and his Mentor with connections to Haiti and Clinton

>>1905632 Clockfag reports in

>>1905584, >>1905596 Andrew Sullivan to Democrats: Give Trump ‘His F* Wall’ or Lose in 2020

>>1905526 Trump calls for live, televised hearing of Strzok, 'other hating frauds' at FBI, DOJ

>>1905509 Keystone Virus Mosquito Carrying Disease Found in Florida

>>1904990 Hannity all over JA connection tonight + related Qcrumbs

>>1904999 How the Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop addmitted into the Huber investigation?

>>1905166 Laura Ingalls Wilder books pulled from library list for racism.

>>1904938 What was that about a Blue Wave? Trump's economy approved by 3/10 Dems

>>1904928 BOOM: JW files house ethics complaint against maxine waters for inciting violence

>>1904915 Maxine Waters Resorts To Tears As Democrat Leaders Decry Her Comments

>>1904908 Moar Acosta shaming at the rally: Crowd shames CNN star 'fake news Jim' at Trump rally

>>1904879, 1904913 Hannity says "shills", "crumbs" "digging" and displays "truth to power" + Qcrumbs

>>1905675 #2340 (not 2340, typo)

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3ee3c8 No.1908767



45a558 No.1908774

Revelations 5:5

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

4b2070 No.1908779

File: c2b0b68708a246c⋯.jpg (182.58 KB, 1759x936, 1759:936, c2b0b68708a246c105f78834a3….jpg)

Tnx Baker..

4b2070 No.1908782

>>1900271 (#2394)


Nothing to add there

f6b701 No.1908785



AM Baker just got here on standby

If you need any help let me know .

df6a94 No.1908787

Anons magnify me , turn it Up loud in the name of all that is good and right - please, says little light

(1 of 3) https://youtu.be/UrZRpXoKoFQ

45a558 No.1908789


Q = Lion?

Judah = Trump?

Book = Info?

Seals = Clearance?

d808b1 No.1908813

File: 2863ad4a55e3972⋯.png (374.03 KB, 646x396, 323:198, Screenshot_91.png)


f2f91a No.1908815

File: e3bb7bd20d28397⋯.jpg (131.27 KB, 474x711, 2:3, IMG_2214.JPG)

File: 2e13831e37fe92c⋯.jpg (76.7 KB, 799x459, 47:27, IMG_2216.JPG)

File: 7b148f51044f498⋯.jpg (134.01 KB, 474x711, 2:3, IMG_2212.JPG)

File: 2de0f75fe9096ed⋯.jpg (253.37 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2199.JPG)

File: 668d52c629832e4⋯.jpg (275.95 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2200.JPG)

f2f91a No.1908823

File: 8cf7117e35d4745⋯.jpg (271.92 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2198.JPG)

File: 1a9d4bd3d62a59d⋯.jpg (269.14 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2197.JPG)

File: 608fa3e73f11323⋯.jpg (284.2 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2196.JPG)

File: f57f3429b0bcece⋯.jpg (279.3 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2195.JPG)

File: fc8271816f3a84b⋯.jpg (264.72 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2194.JPG)

f2f91a No.1908831

File: 328bc46205a260e⋯.jpg (275.97 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2190.JPG)

File: 582f688e2846042⋯.jpg (278.71 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2191.JPG)

File: de46b6bb010cd66⋯.jpg (272.57 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, IMG_2193.JPG)

File: 8099d0b97f13502⋯.jpg (273.41 KB, 890x1299, 890:1299, IMG_2169.JPG)

File: fac0cebcdf24baa⋯.jpg (254.49 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, IMG_2182.JPG)

df6a94 No.1908833

(2 of 3) https://youtu.be/JcC5VGOx8I8

eec8b6 No.1908841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q - The PLAN

Propose that we post this in the :


https://youtu.be/6cYZ8dUgPuU - Q - The Plan to Save the World

What a way to start the day. TY to those who put this together!

Victory in Peace Anons!

617ad3 No.1908843

File: ae6f2218764585f⋯.jpg (49.32 KB, 659x511, 659:511, 758jak77me011.jpg)

Delicious Bread, baker!

<3 ThanQ <3

49f6b7 No.1908845


Unify with…. Just #WalkAway

d6e25a No.1908847




c6438a No.1908849

460dba No.1908850


I do believe it was

2772d4 No.1908852

File: 85260f55c61366a⋯.png (520.23 KB, 560x419, 560:419, ThanQ BAKER.png)

3ee3c8 No.1908853


Baker Requests Handoff

3a7abe No.1908854

Fuck yeah anons, got accepted to do my phd, time to tell climate science to BTFO.

49f6b7 No.1908855


Kek! Nice

460dba No.1908856



Here >>1908651 Item #6



>>1908576 Facebook gave data Access to Chinese Manufacturer Flagged as National Security Threat

>>1908552 Russia Insider on Ben Rhodes saying that the Obama administration armed ISIS

>>1908546 Feds tell Portland protestors to leave or face arrest

>>1908516 Hearst magazine boss David Carey stepping down

>>1908487 UN wants to stop meat consumption, coincides with tick bite induced meat allergy

>>1908246 Q - The Plan to Save the World Video

>>1908199 US Army trains for underground fighting

>>1908104 Do not confuse DC Red Hen (nice guy) with Lexington Red Hen (kicked out press secretary)

>>1908081 Allison Mack Trial Set For Oct. 1 In NXIVM Sex Trafficking Case

f6b701 No.1908857



Take a break Anon

c6438a No.1908858

File: 6abbcf7d641a6ce⋯.jpg (188.76 KB, 759x475, 759:475, dream_arpu63wp15i.jpg)

3ee3c8 No.1908859


Thats up on the first page right before the Q posts, maybe rearrange if it belongs elsewhere.

109a65 No.1908860

File: 5f8ff83f13df0d4⋯.jpg (422.79 KB, 775x564, 775:564, techmeeting.jpg)

Tech companies huddling up on Wednesday over internet privacy.

Cali lawmakers scrambling to create their own privacy bill to get out in front of what sounds like the IBOR. Also could be trying to censor like Europe's GDPR.

https:// www.axios.com/silicon-valley-execs-meet-to-discuss-privacy-policy–228b6feb-0b06-4ed8-9065-70340d2f0105.html

d8f1b3 No.1908861

File: 6f787453843558e⋯.jpg (494 KB, 1499x1161, 1499:1161, HOLD THE LINE.jpg)

cb2b65 No.1908862

File: f9e9e6f94b53d4a⋯.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E3DC701B-0418-41E7-BD3E-AF….png)

Did we notice Ri Sol Ju’s “Key” pendant back on June 19? Symbolic. Maybe even a gift from Potus who knows…their freedom certainly is.



49f6b7 No.1908863

Anyone investigate Verne Troyer's Suicide?

I don't remember ever seeing any digs on him.

His seems like a possible real one, but then again. who knows. He was around a lot of the elites.

314c5f No.1908864

File: 377d951ff57457e⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 513x515, 513:515, jones.JPG)


No reason to think "Jones - Hicks" has anything to do with Hicks family. "Bill Hicks" was another obvious fake name. He even admitted in one of his confessions on the air [meant to be taken as mock WTF] that the "Hicks" deal was also an act.

Bill [the] Hicks, get it ?!

Haven't y'all figured out yet? Intel makes up whole families, whole biographies, whole fake narratives.

Jones also claimed to be a descendant of the Captain Jones who piloted the Mayflower. That is also bullshit lie since that Jones has no known descendants - went back to England and died there. Children moved away, no one knows to where.

I don't care how many fake lawfags there are here - who apparently don't know shit. Once you catch a person lying everything else they say is in question. Everything. Everything gets tossed. That's the purpose of "Jones - Hicks" - destroy every truth he touches . Both for Fake News and for "Alex Jones." - Whatever they say turns to shit, to Zip to nothing immediately. You can't keep believing a source after they are caught in a lie. Hicks - Jones seems to lie as often as he breaths.

4ec2b0 No.1908865

>>1908835 lb

I am horrible in mathematics -

but I once read that base 12 should be used instead of base 10.

3ee3c8 No.1908866


Good morning and God bless.

b4c6a5 No.1908867

File: cd151d79fa5c92b⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1509909914170.webm)

617ad3 No.1908868

File: 426d4a0491928a7⋯.png (156.46 KB, 1860x1350, 62:45, screenshot-sys.8ch.net-201….png)



Warning, check this hash history.

Make of it what you will, baker & Anons

c6438a No.1908869

File: a1b12db05177a84⋯.jpg (32.32 KB, 430x215, 2:1, 4798093.jpg)

8d63ef No.1908870

File: 4976ff6aadb8e54⋯.jpg (214.66 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, muydelicioso.jpg)

God bless you, night baker. Good morning, day baker, may the works of your hands be established!

c6438a No.1908871



Cuz I heard the same thing about Base 8…


c6438a No.1908872


Shit, Base 9 cuz Tesla.

My /b/.

d8f1b3 No.1908873

File: 0df479f07e8a978⋯.jpg (69.97 KB, 710x473, 710:473, HE NEEDS A KILL.jpg)

df6a94 No.1908874

I remember your hand upon my shoulder (3 of 3) https://youtu.be/WqbooR9o0LY

8d63ef No.1908875



f6b701 No.1908876


Board is COMPED to the max so what asshole ? Everbodys knows it faggot. I am here to support Q not you botch made BV faggot or BO clown . IP hop …

faca73 No.1908877


He's not wrong. It's a shit show here. You're a janitor, not a hall monitor, Stasi edgelord.

49f6b7 No.1908878


I was going to say base 9, but cause there's 10 numbers if you count 0. which is then base 10. which is also again confusing. 9 is the most powerful number

98de00 No.1908879


That is still not the answer, we're all connected to the One. Always "I am."

Outside of this shell, and deep within our most reverent thought, we know what we, "I am" (this ) is. Twisting, turning in all directions to justify what already is, is how evil keeps you confused , and with that, your connection with God ends.

c6438a No.1908880

File: 535dfb3bf853559⋯.jpg (204.81 KB, 774x465, 258:155, dream_eefa7x9nk2e.jpg)

File: e195fe6e674ab6d⋯.jpg (182.34 KB, 734x490, 367:245, dream_q5xkhoh7ief.jpg)

File: 799953e23e68f66⋯.jpg (154.36 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dream_6u449poefjv.jpg)

c6438a No.1908882



As if you're "separate".


You < Existence

You = Godstuff

And then?

ff3bcd No.1908884


I don't think I'm useful there tbh

3a7abe No.1908885


Fuckin kek.

617ad3 No.1908886

File: 27fffa2abc379f1⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 27fffa2abc379f1f22f228325e….jpg)



Good morning to you too! :)

c6438a No.1908887


Whole board or just that section?

Is this more your schtoyle?


eec8b6 No.1908888

>>1908859 Got it Anon, thanks. Don't often look at the header info as it's relatively static, just check notables section first thing every morning to catch up quickly (why night bakers are so important, ty!)

>>1908856 Right, noted it in the #2404 notables, which someone reposted from bread #2403.

- It's in the primary header intro.

- Global notables section could be good too for a couple weeks, up to everyone else / the bakers.

- just didn't want to see this roll off in a day or two and have anyone miss it, it's awesome. Like a 7 month summary in 13 minutes.

d8f1b3 No.1908890

File: 9ee0facdb38942d⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 620x348, 155:87, TRUST THE PLAN.jpg)

AND JUST REMEMBER EVERYONE. The ones that yell the loudest, etc.

We are taking active measures to take back our board. for truth. Hang tight for 24 hrs and study ((their)) tactics. Will blend in with a bit of truth or just spew bullshit.

611931 No.1908891

Good morning, Anons.

Daybaker here.

Good news is I'm working from home today.

Bad news is I still have to call in for several hours…

Can bake on emergency standby, holler if you need me.

c6438a No.1908892



To lay it flat out would be putting literally everyone and everything in danger.

I'm sure this was posted however long ago.

But it makes me warm fuzzy to see none-the-less.

f96f21 No.1908893

Who works a 7am-7pm shift and is counted late if they aren't at the 6:45am?

Meeting in 5 minutes?

8d63ef No.1908894


Outstanding work, anon. especially like the JFK Jr.

28da21 No.1908895


Got it under control, enjoy the bread.

eec8b6 No.1908896


Mornin' T-ya, off to make breakfast, enjoy your bread as well Anon.

ff3bcd No.1908897


just no idea wtf is even going on

33407c No.1908898

Trump Organizaton attorneys have until Wed. to finish reviewing Cohen documents seized.

"Mitchell Epner, an attorney at Rottenberg Lipman Rich who was previously an assistant US attorney for the District of New Jersey, told Business Insider that the percentage of documents that Cohen asserted privilege over was "extremely low" for an attorney's working files."


c6438a No.1908899

File: 485b34bbec0a733⋯.jpg (187.58 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dream_oski84yij49.jpg)

File: e135bfe9c2d8d3a⋯.jpg (216.31 KB, 497x726, 497:726, f657ef9dc7ba2da5feef664f86….jpg)

File: 200266dcfa049ae⋯.jpg (292.35 KB, 560x642, 280:321, dream_agaach411om.jpg)

File: a7662bd49ff54eb⋯.jpg (233.25 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dream_mbv68mudgbp.jpg)

3f458c No.1908900

there was a post a few breads ago with a mock-up of a billboard - if the dems cared as much about inner cities as they do about DACA, there'd be no ghettos.

how about a push to the poorest of the poor - go to mexico without papers, and then try to immigrate…guaranteed benefits!


611931 No.1908901



460dba No.1908903


Why doesn't Trump's attorneys just pull what the FBI and DOJ do?

c6438a No.1908904


We're actually working on breads for that if you wanna guinea pig.

For a long time we've been talking about needing to be able to show this to folks….

Will you be my huckleberry?

You said maths give you a stiffy…

9a9916 No.1908905


Why has this AI art filter become so pervasive and popular here?

It's not interesting, it doesn't "say" anything, it doesn't promote anything, it unaesthetic and mindless.

98de00 No.1908906


The best thing to do is to empty your thoughts, open your heart and pray for

Spiritual, Spiritual, not flesh, not bone, not rock, not keys made of the earth and sky but spiritual awakening, pray for guidance.

2f6b3f No.1908907


Alex Jones Exposed

Alex Jones and Jewish Ex-Wife

Alex Jones and Israel

Alex Jones and Jewish Sponsors

Alex Jones and Emmis Communications

Alex Jones and Genesis Communications

Alex Jones and Bronfman Family

Alex Jones and Stratfor

Alex Jones and C.I.A.


Powered by WordPress Designed by Bazahoteli.pl

I have an article titled alex jones exposed at the bottom are these links listed. BIZZARE THING IS IT APPEARS HIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN SHADOWBANNED. I really wanted to see what his connection to bronfman is.. darn Is his real identity being protected now..

b94aa1 No.1908908


Amazing work

now we just need Q to reply and our work is done!

d8dd64 No.1908909

File: 4bfc0d08924daf3⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_0179.PNG)

The fetus pic in the last bread was heartbreaking. To further speculate on the juice boxes, given the size of those babies, i would assume 2 things, they were born healthy, alive, and wanting to stay that way, and that they came with a sucking reflex. To my horror, I had the thought that poison was how they killed them, from drinking the juice laced with something. I don't really buy the dumpster story given the value of these.

31734d No.1908910

File: 401f9fb69396fec⋯.jpg (148.94 KB, 671x537, 671:537, 401f9fb69396fec6b666f11379….jpg)


I love Ai Art Anons work . Personally.

faca73 No.1908912


The ones that yell the loudest indeed…


"Though I know BO has stated there will be no more bans…"

Shit just keeps rolling, you keep gaslighting and acting like we haven't seen these tactics all before. You think we're not watching you.

ff3bcd No.1908913


I'll try. But to be clear it's philosophy of mathematics that is my interest.

The maths yall are doing is way over where my education ended.

Everything I've done in philosophy is in the written word. Yalls gots dem symbols and equations that I never learned.

But I'll try.

c6438a No.1908914


Because the people we're trying to reach love colors.

You're saved.

It's not about you.

We're memeing for normies and leftists.

Granted, we <3's colorses as well.


c6438a No.1908915


Explore the board beyond what i showed you.

you know to "catalogue".

I have a BFA and I've had an influence.

Can you do better than some faggot who got a degree in pretty pictures, or not?

31734d No.1908916


Did he collect his own IP because he is the MAIN clown of the crew.

7817f7 No.1908917

File: ae48fe398cd50ef⋯.jpg (75.18 KB, 500x669, 500:669, 2cvjvg.jpg)

de234a No.1908918

File: 9c208aaf7801786⋯.png (555.37 KB, 732x768, 61:64, waterssec1.png)


who's the guy?

2f6b3f No.1908919

Alex jones file


Alex Jones Exposed


‘InfoWar’ is a contraction of the term ‘information warfare.’ Information warfare is a concept specific to military operations:

Information Warfare

Information warfare (IW) is a concept involving the battlespace use and management of information and communication technology (ICT) in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. Information warfare may involve collection of tactical information, assurance(s) that one’s own information is valid, spreading of propaganda or disinformation to demoralize or manipulate the enemy and the public, undermining the quality of opposing force information and denial of information-collection opportunities to opposing forces. Information warfare is closely linked to psychological warfare (PSYWAR).

Psychological Warfare

Psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including MISO, Psy Ops, political warfare, “Hearts and Minds”, and propaganda. The term is used “to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people”. Various techniques are used, and are aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. It is also used to destroy the morale of enemies through tactics that aim to depress their psychological states. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals, either civilian or military.


U.S. government black PSYOP falsely appears to originate from a hostile source (person, party, group, organization, government). The interest of the U.S. government is concealed and the U.S. government would deny responsibility. It is best used in support of strategic plans. Covert PSYOP is not a function of the U.S. military but instead is used in special operations due to their political sensitivity and need for higher level compartmentalization. Further, black PSYOP, to be credible, may need to disclose sensitive material, with the damage caused by information disclosure considered to be outweighed by the impact of successful deception. In order to achieve maximum results and to prevent compromise of overt PSYOP, overt and covert operations need to be kept separate. Personnel involved in one must not be engaged in the other.


Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) operatives in Alex Jones’ family:

Alex Jones’ parents David Jones and Carol Hamman were employed as C.I.A. contractors in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Alex Jones’ deceased uncle William Hamman was employed as a C.I.A. and U.S. Army Special Operations contractor in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Alex Jones’ cousin Verna Grayce Chao is currently employed as a C.I.A. contractor by Dell (previously by IBM). Verna Grayce Chao’s brother Buckley Hamman was one of the original founders of Infowars in 1995.

U.S. Special Operations Command (U.S.S.O.C.O.M.) operatives in Alex Jones’ company:

Joe Biggs – Quentin Carter – Mike Cernovich – Mark Dice – Tim Kennedy – Patrick Riley – Jack Posobiec – Tim Reames – Craig Sawyer – Aaron Wilson

Alex Jones refers to Infowars figuratively as “the tip of the spear,” while the emblem/seal of the United States Special Operations Command is literally the tip of a spear.

Alex Jones refers to Infowars figuratively as “deep behind enemy lines,” while United States Special Operations Forces literally work deep behind enemy lines in foreign nations.


During a live radio interview with George Noory on Coast 2 Coast AM on August 9, 2017, Alex Jones openly stated that he worked for U.S. Special Operations Command in a secret military psychological operation to assist Donald Trump in becoming President of the United States.

9a9916 No.1908920


It's putting hard working meme farmers out of a job, anon. Where's your sense of propriety?

31734d No.1908921


This is BO /BV clown crew memes. They are wide awake. Gettin Paid by satan. FUCK YOU SCUM !

4ec2b0 No.1908922


A physician anon said they were 10-20 weeks old. Too young to survive let alone drink from a straw.

Most likely miscarriages or stillborns. D&C abortions do not result in these size.

c7d945 No.1908923

File: 91ff05bd377e021⋯.png (305.21 KB, 335x930, 67:186, PSYCHO BITCH red hen owner….png)


Fucking Red Hen BITCH.

Red Hen owners 'followed Sarah Sanders into the next restaurant to continue their harassment after they refused to serve her,' claims her father Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee revealed his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders was harassed more than what was originally said by Virginia restaurant owners

The former Arkansas governor made the remarks on The Laura Ingraham Show

He said the owners heckled his daughter at the Red Hen before following her to the next restaurant

The Christian minister added that several of his daughter's liberal in-laws were in attendance to the humiliating dinner outing

The in-laws reportedly told the owners they were acting out and inappropriately

Huckabee called the incident 'really tragic' and 'what the Left has been reduced to'

Meanwhile, President Trump Monday trash-talked the 'dirty' Virginia restaurant

The said harassment happened to the White House press secretary last Friday

He went on: 'Once Sarah and her family left - of course Sarah was asked to please vacate - Sarah and her husband just went home, they'd had enough. But, the rest of her family went across the street to a different restaurant.

'The owner of the Red Hen - nobody's told this - then followed them across the street, called people and organized a protest, yelling and screaming at them from outside the other restaurant and creating this scene.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5885663/Mike-Huckabee-says-liberal-Red-Hen-owners-harassed-daughter-more.html

3f458c No.1908924


he's a member.

de234a No.1908925

File: 84b3f49b477433e⋯.png (117.07 KB, 302x382, 151:191, waterssec2.png)

c6438a No.1908926


I don't want to feed you but I saved that.

God damn it.

ff3bcd No.1908927


I think we both know that a framed paper on a wall is not the entirety of an education

Like I said, I'll try

1551cc No.1908928

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Since Warner is becoming popular, thought I'd post this video.

It's staring Corker with a cameo by Warner. But they share the same sins of betting against America, and used the same little hedge fund in TN to do it- the pointer fund. Interesting enough, they only had 6 clients. So it's Warner applicable.

It is regarding Fanniegate, but that seems relevant as well since White House spoke of re-privitization of the secondary mortgage industry as well this past week.

Couldn't get hooktube to load.

de234a No.1908929

fe8870 No.1908930

File: 8ebd99564def44a⋯.png (159.86 KB, 665x1017, 665:1017, ClipboardImage.png)

FFS. Will anyone be left to like?

Now Tool?


33407c No.1908931


>Why doesn't Trump's attorneys just pull what the FBI and DOJ do?

Trump's attorneys are helping the investigation not obstructing it. Anything they do is strictly for strategy to move this thing along.

c6438a No.1908932


BFA= Bachelor of FINE ARTS

Get it, yet?

Can you do more than someone who makes pretty pictures or are you… I wanna build you up, not tear you down.

d8dd64 No.1908934


Your digits are strong, but I still think they were plenty big enuf to love.

Not reposting that pic though.

2f6b3f No.1908935

Alex Bill Hicks


Rob Dew is the news director of Infowars, thus one of Alex Jones’ most important employees. Rob Dew’s uncle, John R. Dew, is a former U.S. Navy Seal (U.S. military special operations) and retired twenty year F.B.I. special agent (counterintelligence and counterterrorism). This latest information constitutes yet more evidence that Infowars is a covert U.S. military / Federal law enforcement intelligence operation.

John R. Dew, CPP



John Dew, F.B.I. counterintelligence / counterterrorism agent and uncle of Infowars news director Rob Dew


Alex Jones’ new Jewish wife Erika Wulff was mentioned by name in a 2002 article on the Voice of America News website in connection with her foreign travels for a college study abroad program sponsored by the University of Washington in Seattle. Voice of America is a C.I.A. front organization owned by the United States Government which disseminates pro-America propaganda throughout the foreign world. Therefore this direct mention of Erika Wulff in a Voice of America online publication represents strong circumstantial evidence that Erika Wulff is a United States Government intelligence operative who was recruited by the C.I.A. while she was a student at the University of Washington in Seattle.

American Students Re-Discover US After Studying Abroad – 2002-09-28

Erika Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish sex escort wife and C.I.A. operative


Alex Jones’ new Jewish mother-in-law, Michele Traynor Wulff, is the Economic Education Coordinator for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Michele T. Wulff | Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Our Authors: Michele Wulff | EconEdLink

TEN Magazine by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Teaching Tips from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Michele Wulff, Alex Jones’ new Jewish mother-in-law and Federal Reserve System employee

7817f7 No.1908936

File: fb40ee934d924b4⋯.png (41.35 KB, 480x412, 120:103, Screenshot_2018-06-25-07-3….png)


Bro put the bottle down already.

460dba No.1908937


I know I was being sarcastic while giving a dig at the FBI and DOJ

c7d945 No.1908938

File: 3831bbc29fde2d4⋯.jpg (34.14 KB, 634x398, 317:199, 4D9CF8C000000578-5882707-i….jpg)

This witch almost died choking.

Senator Joe Manchin cracked Senator Claire McCaskill's rib while giving her the Heimlich maneuver after she almost choked to death last week

Senator Joe Manchin performed the Heimlich maneuver on Senator Claire McCaskill last week when she began to choke

He managed to dislodge the blockage but broke her rib in the process

Sen. McCaskill is recovering and said she would not be hugging people when she appeared late last week at an NAACP dinner in St. Louis

US Sen. Joe Manchin cracked the rib of US Sen. Claire McCaskill while performing the Heimlich maneuver on the fellow Democrat when she began choking.

A spokesman for Manchin tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that McCaskill began choking during a luncheon for Senate Democrats on Thursday.

Manchin used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the blockage in McCaskill's throat, but he cracked a rib in the process.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5882707/Colleague-cracks-Sen-McCaskills-rib-Heimlich-maneuver.html

2f6b3f No.1908939

Alex jones file /3

ff3bcd No.1908940


I knew what you meant

2f6b3f No.1908941


you don't want alex jones??? its a big file as you can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Too Much?

c6438a No.1908942

File: 72d46cf3a3b2237⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 430x281, 430:281, 4800432.jpg)


I just want you to stop doubting yourself like a fucking cuck.

7817f7 No.1908943


That is s man with a ball sack.

9a9916 No.1908944


I'm hereby taking a stand against the automation of memes, should this go on any further a universal (you) wage must be discussed - an no one wants that.

fe8870 No.1908945


16 shitposts already? Filtered.

7817f7 No.1908946


Need actual proof not propaganda.

c6438a No.1908947


No one cares, and you didn't filter me. ;D

460dba No.1908948


Hope she chews her food next time.

Bet you if that was a republican that did that to her, she'd be suing him.

4ec2b0 No.1908949

Shit…… the last bread was really nice. This one sucks.


ff3bcd No.1908950


Not doubting myself. Just not making promises.

314c5f No.1908951

File: beceba95860da9b⋯.mp4 (1.92 MB, 480x360, 4:3, alex jones has another bil….mp4)


"Those who know, don't say.

Those who say, don't know"


vid unrelated. Show "Jones -Hicks " in midst of transformation where there is overlay. If you're not familiar with pure Hicks routine you might not understand it.

Putting it on the boards for hopeful safe keeping.

d8f1b3 No.1908952

File: 5fa5fe3a707db8b⋯.jpg (103.02 KB, 857x404, 857:404, DONT RESPOND TO SHILLS.jpg)

Post history. Always about post history. Should get a flavor after half a dozen posts ;-)

3a7abe No.1908953

any anon got some audio skills? knows how to play with sound to make it clearer?

c7d945 No.1908954

File: 1ce98e4f928a508⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 634x662, 317:331, 4D9D6E4200000578-0-image-m….jpg)

File: 1c12e481dfeb992⋯.jpg (18.98 KB, 634x215, 634:215, 4D9D727200000578-0-image-a….jpg)

They are now painting Laura Ingalls Wilder as a racist.


Laura Ingalls Wilder's name is REMOVED from top children's literature honor over her 'stereotypical attitudes' to blacks and Native Americans (and Dr. Seuss could be next)

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Award has been renamed the Children’s Literature Legacy Award by the Association for Library Service to Children

The board voted unanimously to remove Wilder's name at their annual meeting over the weekend due to her anti-black and anti-Native writings

Her work 'includes expressions of stereotypical attitudes inconsistent with ALSC’s core values of inclusiveness, integrity and respect, and responsiveness'

Wilder suggested Native Americans were not people in Little House on the Prairie, and in other works wrote of white men performing in black face

The honor is awarded to children's literature writers, and this weekend was given to Jacqueline Woodson

It was awarded to its namesake in 1954, and the ALSC is now investigating all authors it has named awards for, including Dr. Seuss

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5883031/Laura-Ingalls-Wilders-REMOVED-childrens-literature-honor-depiction-blacks.html

bcd38a No.1908955

The Bill Hicks AJ slide/shill is weird.

There are pics of AJ when he was young and a muscle head. Plus they don't look that similar and they don't speak the same.

c6438a No.1908956

File: 42452770a47153a⋯.jpg (175.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 242bc29be4f6ae662597c4b8f6….jpg)


We're cracking RSA/PGP, ECC/Blockchain/Bitcoin, and P=NP.

If you were making promises I'd let my fangs out.

Join the Maths.

Is Comfy.

cf40ae No.1908957

File: a316ecba6bceb77⋯.mp4 (4.77 MB, 540x360, 3:2, videoplayback-2.mp4)

c6438a No.1908958


Cooooop ooooooout

ecb86a No.1908959

File: 13f2f10dde735d1⋯.jpg (50.52 KB, 614x614, 1:1, squint.jpg)

460dba No.1908960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


AJ lost all credibility when he stated he spoke with Q personally

8d63ef No.1908961

File: fd531fe0100d75e⋯.jpg (121.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ProudFather1.jpg)


May I? Pic related


Say something now, crabassanon?

c6438a No.1908962


I miss Group X.

Georgia Tech Terrorists.

df6a94 No.1908963


Congratulations :)

9a9916 No.1908964

I propose a moratorium on the use of automated memes, they require no thought or talent and are therefore shill tier and should not be endorsed, saved or shared.

1551cc No.1908965


Second attempt- screw (them)tube

Since Warner is becoming popular, thought I'd post this video.

It's staring Corker with a cameo by Warner. But they share the same sins of betting against America, and used the same little hedge fund in TN to do it- the pointer fund. Interesting enough, they only had 6 clients. So it's Warner applicable.

It is regarding Fanniegate, but that seems relevant as well since White House spoke of re-privitization of the secondary mortgage industry as well this past week.

Couldn't get hooktube to load.



2c322b No.1908966

File: f8e8786f9a9faf2⋯.jpg (128.13 KB, 340x424, 85:106, sayaclown.jpg)


Imposter clown.

c6438a No.1908967


Literally is why I make 'em.

My vault, cuz WWG1WGA.


7817f7 No.1908968

File: c0a6a837bd0ab93⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 480x388, 120:97, 2cvign~2.jpg)

Trump is using this moron.

c88525 No.1908969

File: ba8ae59d3976d7a⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5476972436f0982c8760e7d6d8….jpg)

fe8870 No.1908971

File: 3ae0a2afe0bff2e⋯.png (36.97 KB, 602x404, 301:202, ClipboardImage.png)

And…. added.

Back to being comfy.

c6438a No.1908972


As long as you noticed I'm impostermocking le clownery, we good.

ecb86a No.1908973

File: 20c149f5340c214⋯.jpg (73.45 KB, 506x500, 253:250, church lady.jpg)

c88525 No.1908974

File: 0b17000b2e71e61⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 300x168, 25:14, 0b17000b2e71e615ae41749048….gif)

>>1908944 I meant to post this one .

81d46a No.1908975

File: 93d558e250cc1cc⋯.jpg (167.02 KB, 492x518, 246:259, Wendy?.jpg)

>>1906612 (PB)





Sang & his donor?

3b214d No.1908976

File: c1b122a19c670ed⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1500x575, 60:23, ClipboardImage.png)


beee26 No.1908977



meh i get (you) s all the time from people on my vpn exit node

314c5f No.1908978

File: b16cc331f09d073⋯.jpg (430.5 KB, 1173x976, 1173:976, jokersgowayback.jpg)


Trying to re-write history, per the usual for fucks who run, or try to, what people think.

c88525 No.1908979

File: cfe780273de3a4e⋯.png (10.38 KB, 255x159, 85:53, b6b80a4d9488d24f68c9a4f9d5….png)

File: e19cc6da16cc856⋯.png (10.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bf6397af537df6a5e3d12442cd….png)

File: 4d059c24445ff09⋯.png (4.3 KB, 302x167, 302:167, download.png)

File: 8554c866c4ed575⋯.jpg (7.79 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (4).jpg)

File: 062897017c57d7f⋯.jpg (6.31 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


NO FILTERS ANONS !! DO NOT MISS THE CLUES! Faggots want you to learn to filter ,filter. Use hide post . We know who YOU are . Morons .

8577f5 No.1908980

File: 48b418113727e0c⋯.jpg (100.72 KB, 960x901, 960:901, hot dogs.jpg)

File: 32ef15845a6c446⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 550x367, 550:367, baejarins-beztu.jpg)

/Qresearch/ paranoia makes me wonder about Bill and Hilldog meeting up with an Un-named Individual (AZ) for hot dogs in Iceland.


Is that dodgy?

beee26 No.1908981


i wonder who jimmy kimmel is a donor for, a very twoofy sang for sure

47fd90 No.1908982


Hate to break it to you, but Aj has never had credibility!

32afcb No.1908983


this may have been covered but…

Trump said he spent (i think he said)22 hours flying to Singapore. Does that give any insight to the course AF1 took to get there or back.

Remember the the talk was they spoofed the route because of fears.

cf40ae No.1908984


me too


dat is fked yo

>He penetrated my vagina without a condom, moving rapidly, while I lay there frozen in a stunned silence. If I sound clinical it's because it has been a long time and I have tried to push down any sort of fear or shame that comes with a rape.

0853e4 No.1908985

Iranian journalist and historian Nourizadeh claims that a trusted source told him that regime change is coming and that it's tied to the devaluation of currency in Iran. Once the price of one dollar amounts 20000 toman a coup will be triggered. Currently it's roughly 9000 toman for one dollar.

Persian source: youtu.be/1EJ-IdostKY?t=1283

9a9916 No.1908986


I run into people all the time at that hotdog stand, I saw you there last week, don't be so paranoid.

460dba No.1908987


Besides that. I was referring to those who thought he was credible are there are or were quite a lot.

d566c8 No.1908988


Congrats anon!

7817f7 No.1908989

Years old pic, Bill is a old fart ring now.

7e0c4b No.1908990


This video is extremely depressing. Had exactlty the oppsite if its intended effect on me.

The same old world keeps turning. Same shit, different day.

460dba No.1908991


>and there are or were quite a lot


24365a No.1908992


I had a meme to use to refute your 'moratorium' but it was banned by the EU and removed from my computer.

b4c6a5 No.1908993

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Don't shitpost

>I'm s-scared

a5906c No.1908994


Fuck that.

You're not baking, RetardBaker.


Yup, that's him.

32afcb No.1908995

File: de8cea605dfe899⋯.png (86.24 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Report Kayfabe fagottry

460dba No.1908996


Congrats anon.

However, do we really need another climatologist?

7817f7 No.1908997

File: dc0c1ab430b62e4⋯.mp4 (4.84 MB, 428x240, 107:60, Ed Schultz - Buffoon Liber….mp4)

Shit Video of a shit man.

324809 No.1908998


CLOWN KING SPEAKS , hows that JIDF paycheck there canadian boy?

c7d945 No.1908999

File: 96bb7379febd3df⋯.png (785.06 KB, 838x839, 838:839, Bush Clinton socks.png)

File: 10e0c82139af364⋯.jpg (57.78 KB, 634x422, 317:211, wire-3424988-1529966657-45….jpg)

File: 21c3a612e933c4f⋯.jpg (101.69 KB, 634x583, 634:583, 3426052-5885023-The_94_yea….jpg)

Don't mention the 1992 election! George H.W. Bush spends the day with 'great friend' and 'best-selling author' Bill Clinton in Maine - and even shows off his socks with the former president's face

President Bush met with former President Bill Clinton in Kennebunkport, Maine

Bush was seen wearing a pair of socks with Clinton's face on them

Bush uses a wheelchair and has been hospitalized several times in recently

He welcomed a new family member - Sully - a yellow Labrador service dog

Sully can perform a two-page list of commands, including answering the phone and fetching items

( fetch cyanide pills,loop scraves around doorknobs,pull a rope or scarf, pull wheelchair into lake, KEK)

Why does Bill have skeletor hands? kek

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5885023/Nations-41st-42nd-presidents-share-moment-Maine.html

d566c8 No.1909000

b4c6a5 No.1909001


The EUSSR seized the memes of production

611931 No.1909002


…Thought so.

BO, requesting permission to take responsibility.

Notables already collected and ready to rock.

Just say the word.

3a7abe No.1909003


Nope, but we do need more geophysicist to tell them to fuck off.

324809 No.1909004


You are a fucking clown bitch. TRANSPARENT work you weak ass faggots do. I see right thru you . Go fuck yourself fake faggot .

de234a No.1909005



wait for it.

7fd009 No.1909006


Thanks BO. Patriot!

c7d945 No.1909007

File: 10277f46358d5ac⋯.png (358.4 KB, 1199x1199, 1:1, 05e1064f516426d553f5ec72e8….png)


scarves, kek typo

And look at those digits, kek

460dba No.1909008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Give them hell anon

b4c6a5 No.1909009

File: 3e4c3f61ad3a180⋯.webm (2.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1510961318986.webm)

47fd90 No.1909010


I guess the only thing that really matters is that people are waking in ever increasing numbers.

Imagine the day when the media is not controlled by those who have nefarious designs on the world and won't resort to feeding dis/misinfo to push a negative agenda.

(A pet dream of mine)

8d63ef No.1909011


Thx anon. Nice work. …and I'm an oldfag.

Ignore the complaintards and divisionfags, they give themselves away every time.

But you already know this.

24365a No.1909012

File: 7ee8207b57dc93d⋯.jpg (55.85 KB, 426x341, 426:341, 1513103088040.jpg)


your projection is palpable.

a54ef6 No.1909013

File: 4d8141f297e957d⋯.jpg (366.5 KB, 1500x998, 750:499, 125883846.jpg)

Why is the federal, state or local govts. pussyfooting around with the Portland protestors and NOT enforcing the law and setting precedent???

All they're doing is emboldening the lib cretins who are growing increasingly prone to disrupt and occupy. These are BEGGING to be arrested!

If I were law enforcement I'd show little patience and probably get suspended for my efforts.

a5906c No.1909014


All yours, baker, thank you.

fe8870 No.1909016


All hail BO.

9a9916 No.1909017


Put it this way, if I wanted to infiltrate the enemy so as to have the public turn on them, I would pay people to do exactly what they're doing.

7817f7 No.1909018

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Back when America could freely laugh.

611931 No.1909019



Duties confirmed.

Keep in mind I'm working from home today, BO, in case you're looking for the more familiar Daybaker IP hash.

Back to silence for now.

c6438a No.1909020


kek, my initial response was:

"What I do this time?"

611931 No.1909021

File: f147e3e2171aa65⋯.png (81.41 KB, 580x338, 290:169, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


c6438a No.1909022


is… is he dry yet?

9a9916 No.1909024


Chuck Barris worked for the CIA, he laundered other CIA agents and serial killers into the American stage with his show.

a5906c No.1909025


Lol, I saw your work hash when you pointed it out the other day.

7fd009 No.1909026


At the end of all this, I want to see a photo of BO, BV's, Q+, and PDJT posing in the Oval.

7817f7 No.1909027

File: fa423866e85de77⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 428x240, 107:60, America went down the toil….mp4)


Ah huh yeah…

fe8870 No.1909028

File: e467d7976983aad⋯.png (96.46 KB, 653x349, 653:349, ClipboardImage.png)

Red Hen tweet gets this from Shitwer.

c6438a No.1909029

File: b30cbf7bb371a1d⋯.jpg (31.6 KB, 430x287, 430:287, 4800570.jpg)

32afcb No.1909030

File: cae9330e9d850b2⋯.png (62.44 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone coming here and filtering the excrement shouldn't be here…

the excrement is half fun

e8338b No.1909031


That would be glorious :)

May not be possible for various reasons though. But I can still love the image in my mind.

8d63ef No.1909032


Mine too, anon.

Along with a credible F_I, C_A, law enforcement that actually arrests Anitfa thugs, clean air and water, non-processed gmo food, living wages, etc., etc., etc. Basically the day when nothing is touched by these absolute fuckwit leftist cabal swine.

Goddam, I love the smell of fear in the morning!

f45f72 No.1909033


Trump - Lion

Q - Judah.

d566c8 No.1909034


Typical of his click-baity lies.

c6438a No.1909035


I fucking annoy me, too, sometimes.

fe8870 No.1909036

File: 0a1b397cac5c33a⋯.png (36.64 KB, 597x360, 199:120, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1909030 Early and often

c6438a No.1909037

File: 197d333070231aa⋯.jpg (31.64 KB, 430x287, 430:287, 4800571.jpg)


case in point.

Pic Related.

47fd90 No.1909038


Now you're talking, anon!

7817f7 No.1909039

File: 115315b30302b8d⋯.jpg (16.02 KB, 420x233, 420:233, capture14.jpg)

Weird cloud over Memphis Tennessee…. Tunnel Cloud.

f45f72 No.1909040


FF (Weather) warning

32afcb No.1909041


these city's are still run by leftist.

Id like to see Sessions put some top down pressure on law enforcement

but these city's will just ignore

c6438a No.1909042

File: 22fefbc3cdda51e⋯.png (84.69 KB, 990x743, 990:743, 418d2cdd648c1294a8649958ec….png)


It takes some seriously bullshit for me to say fuck it.

Crap can be entertaining and sometimes they're /ourguys/ just waiting for someone to figure out their schtick.

32afcb No.1909043

File: 1ca7b9dd747e1c3⋯.jpg (289.66 KB, 1061x731, 1061:731, quiet.jpg)

9a9916 No.1909044


No need for the gov't to censor anything with anons like you around, you beautiful fucking snowflake!

32afcb No.1909045

File: aa259ec61717621⋯.jpg (240.55 KB, 1062x1544, 531:772, tweety.jpg)

2558c8 No.1909046

File: fa49b41727ff31d⋯.jpg (33.11 KB, 629x258, 629:258, ws10.JPG)

f45f72 No.1909047


Morning BO.

Keep meaning to ask you ( since I have this incredible feeling of familiarity. Did you once run a BBS in PA? I'll ask no more than that ;). Just curious. We might be old friends.

611931 No.1909048

File: b54d761e234efff⋯.png (80.14 KB, 586x339, 586:339, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


Figured it would be useful to know so you didn't think I was an IP hopping douchebag.

Just working hard to get to heaven is all.


3c49db No.1909050



TY BO/DayBaker.

Was standing by also, goncerned.

Can hit the sack for reals now.


fe8870 No.1909051


Ooooh. This is like totally going to happen. More congress time wasting.

c6438a No.1909052

File: 26233085cbfbaa3⋯.jpeg (36.16 KB, 350x446, 175:223, 61NVTmrH.jpg-large.jpeg)


I can't tell if you're a shill looking for a {You} or if you completely misunderstood the conversation you commented on.


Are you retarded, or not?

7817f7 No.1909053

File: 1084f9206288222⋯.jpg (82.48 KB, 471x756, 157:252, 2cupvg~3.jpg)

beee26 No.1909054

File: 367fa880776fcfe⋯.png (119.88 KB, 1863x612, 207:68, keynote.png)

i dont know about keystone but heres a keynote speech

https://www. veteranstoday.com/2014/12/13/historic-speech-in-damascus-sends-shockwaves-around-the-world/

a54ef6 No.1909055


I hear you on that but that's a long, slow game in a short time span of "spontaneous" events.

I have little patience for this type of public disturbance where the perps are being coddled and given lots of unlawful leash.

If you or I created a huge public disturbance somewhere and tried to block the entrance to a federal law enforcement building we'd get hustled out of there in cuffs etc.

These genuine lib freaks get the soft glove treatment and are being enabled and being tolerated for reasons apparently lost on me.

They should be removed peacefully or forcibly. How many days has this been going on?

Screw all of them. My patience is shot.

The Sarah Sanders incident was the shot across the bow. All of us are subject to ridicule and/or attack by these hissy bastards who are growing more emboldened by the day.

The crazy left has DECLARED WAR on us.

Tolerance is no longer a smart or effective option.

47fd90 No.1909056


A roll cloud is a perfectly natural phenomenon.

Arcus cloud

An arcus cloud is a low, horizontal cloud formation, usually appearing as an accessory cloud to a cumulonimbus. Roll clouds and shelf clouds are the two main types of arcus. Arcus clouds most frequently form along the leading edge or "gust fronts" of thunderstorm outflow; some of the most dramatic arcus formations mark the gust fronts of derecho-producing convective

32afcb No.1909057

File: cb8a5d4dd49a30b⋯.jpg (635.93 KB, 1141x1521, 1141:1521, comfy1.jpg)

133372 No.1909058

File: be86b0c0473551c⋯.png (425.36 KB, 525x873, 175:291, social-shill-media.PNG)


f45f72 No.1909059



8577f5 No.1909060

File: 29a4caff7dc6e33⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 316x466, 158:233, doorway-clipart-man-19.jpg)

7817f7 No.1909062

File: 8076f1d7c42f7f6⋯.jpg (99.52 KB, 735x1310, 147:262, 2ed9c0c3a49aa9200bf267aedf….jpg)

Baker, top of the morning to ya!!

fe8870 No.1909063

>>1909044 You have the freedom to spill your bullshit, and I have the freedom to not see it. Personal freedom, anon.

Muh "I'm gonna miss important clues"

Fuck that. I bought that no filter bullshit for a while, not anymore. Guys like you want to make sure everyone is subjected to the shilling, racism, and slides.

Nope. I never see any of it.

f45f72 No.1909064


Kek… really man?

32afcb No.1909065


i don't think i was arguing with your position

2772d4 No.1909067

File: 5ce5a457c47c443⋯.gif (1.68 MB, 320x179, 320:179, somuchpopcorn.gif)

d566c8 No.1909069


The entire motorcycle industry hurting since the current young generation isn't into them nearly as much as previous generations were. The ones that are also happen to be into smaller, more economical bikes. Even the European and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers were feeling this and have adjusted production accordingly.

9a9916 No.1909070

File: 1ad1d63ad300944⋯.jpeg (207.91 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, download (49).jpeg)


I got you something anon.

1324e1 No.1909071


I feel like I’ve seen these pictures before. Not deja vu, but actually feeling like this is a recycled photo op/news story from a few years ago. Shortly after GHWB started playing cutesy about his stupid sock choices, BC had to get in on the publicity and start showing “bipartisan support” by presenting a pair of Clinton-face socks while Papa Bush was recuperating from heart surgery. They both look younger in these pics than they are now. Does anyone else remember anything like that? I need to dig on this now.

fe8870 No.1909072

File: c00949ca31bf8ba⋯.png (29.29 KB, 640x170, 64:17, ClipboardImage.png)

e8338b No.1909073


"Confused minorities". Is the author using veiled language to call gen stupid?

4cc226 No.1909074


Got fired for saying Nigger. However, Netflix stock is down, and they are going all radical identity politics and hired the Obamas and Put Rice on the board. Plus Netflix lost a supply of content (which is why they are trying to create their own)

"Chief Executive Reed Hastings sent an awkward email to Netflix employees saying he had fired the chief communications officer, Jonathan Friedland, for showing an “unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity” that is out of line with the company’s values.

In the staff memo, Hastings described two instances in which Friedland dropped the “N-word,” once several months ago in a PR meeting about sensitive words. Friedland apologized after several people told him how inappropriate and hurtful his use of the term was, Hastings said.

Friedland’s ouster comes a week after Netflix Director of Original Programming Tara Duncan has left the Internet network after four years, as Deadline first reported. Her departure came within days of the exit of fellow Netflix TV development executive Layne Eskridge who went to Apple, a move that had been in the works for months.

Duncan and Eskridge were the only African American TV executives on the team.

The c-level executives at Netflix are all Caucasian, and major shareholders in the company such as the SEIU have raised concerns about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity on the streaming giant’s board of directors.

e8338b No.1909075

c7d945 No.1909076

File: eb6f38236b372b4⋯.png (973.61 KB, 815x730, 163:146, WTF Katherine.png)

File: a1351124f878493⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 634x635, 634:635, 4D98C11C00000578-5881061-S….jpg)

File: 1d22cdf16942cb4⋯.jpg (69.7 KB, 634x636, 317:318, 4D98C12000000578-5881061-i….jpg)

Hollywood star Katherine Heigl is forced to apologise after posing for bizarre selfies while visiting her brother's grave

Katherine Heigl has apologized for a series of 'disrespectful' photos taken in a graveyard.

The actress took the images on Sunday as she visited the grave of her brother, who was just 16 when he died in a car accident in 1986.

After stopping by the tomb of her late brother, the 39-year-old posed for a series of silly snaps in the cemetery with husband Josh Kelley, 38

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5883433/Katherine-Heigl-apologizes-disrespectful-graveyard-selfies.html

c6438a No.1909077

File: 7ba2d5185211787⋯.png (82.72 KB, 596x596, 1:1, fuck-you-coffee-mug.png)


Fuck it.

Did I say you were?

7817f7 No.1909079

File: c238c41115e1459⋯.png (35.21 KB, 480x479, 480:479, Screenshot_2018-06-21-12-5….png)


Yeah they are, I've seen hundreds of them.

ecb86a No.1909080

File: 69cc03fd7d9ad44⋯.jpg (26.02 KB, 350x263, 350:263, a good choking.jpg)

fe8870 No.1909081

File: 48bda11e2bcc390⋯.png (32.56 KB, 600x357, 200:119, ClipboardImage.png)


Don't need it, but thanks. I have mine right here.

32afcb No.1909082

File: 672b582e52ba00b⋯.jpg (239.01 KB, 1422x1011, 474:337, stfu.jpg)


snowflake psyco

395454 No.1909084

File: 284972391a4bba0⋯.png (705.64 KB, 602x618, 301:309, soon.png)

c6438a No.1909085

File: 47079af8fe3a125⋯.jpg (9.24 KB, 200x229, 200:229, 7bc.jpg)


Please glow harder.

I can't see shit through all these smokes and mirrorses.

a5906c No.1909087




Yup, good to know for both of us.

1d150a No.1909088


She's always been bonkers.

a54ef6 No.1909090

File: 55c0c7b58bf4765⋯.jpg (189.39 KB, 1153x1390, 1153:1390, release-datefebruary-22-19….jpg)


I'd bet money that if a group of serious looking people showed up (you/me) with some 4×4's and a bad attitude the dynamic would change real quick on the ground.

47fd90 No.1909091


now, now, no need to be facetious. I said they are a natural phenomenon, not a common one. I wish I had seen 100s of 'em; I love scary as fuck clouds.

468830 No.1909092


I don't quite follow this. What am I supposed to be looking for here?

Is the clock supposed to give insight as to what the daily news will be and help us prepare for any events?

fe8870 No.1909093


Why are you replying idiot?

7817f7 No.1909094

File: 35aa32e133ef3ea⋯.png (359.19 KB, 540x393, 180:131, c76a965c3d8f2ee0ef1b1acf77….png)

File: 1962f673efda985⋯.png (501.34 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 1962f673efda985830613dc062….png)


Secret Agent.

c6438a No.1909095

File: f1aad8645d316de⋯.jpg (133.72 KB, 468x468, 1:1, Alchemy-Center2.jpg)


Hey, while you're here…

Do you have access to total post count per hash?

Am I winning, yet?

f45f72 No.1909096


Ah well…

You really do remind me of an old friend who I haven't heard from in many years now. No worries though. Thanks for all you do.

24365a No.1909097

File: 672e14e9ddf6d01⋯.jpg (222.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Netflix n Shill 2.jpg)

a5906c No.1909098


I don't, but I'm sure eBot has you beat anyways.

c7d945 No.1909099


I know what you mean. When i was looking at pictures, i thought Bill's face look younger too.

You might be on to something( that this is a fake news story, with recycled older pictures.)

611931 No.1909100

File: b82cf5893d0a15b⋯.png (79.63 KB, 591x340, 591:340, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


3b19cd No.1909101

File: f6cb091a7395a1e⋯.jpg (4.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)



844a38 No.1909102

Q&A time

Axe me anything

Laughing out loud


d566c8 No.1909103


LOL, Weird…I used to run a BBS in PA back in the day.

4cc226 No.1909104



Fight Identity politics with identity politics shaming-

The all knowing Hispanic white dude is saying women, non whites, and jews in the POTUS and WH staff are stupid and cannot think for themselves. OH he thinks the little ladies and POC need the Hispanic white guy to tell them they must become stepford wives robotically spewing Democrat policies! Oh the Hispanic white dude also is ignorant if history, the Democrats own the KKK. Meme that with a stepford wives.

7817f7 No.1909105

File: f866e443731d11c⋯.jpg (77.9 KB, 480x420, 8:7, 2cunl5~4.jpg)

Harley Davidson crapped on the American worker.

9194c3 No.1909106


Republican lawmaker introduces motion asking for Maxine Waters' resignation


575487 No.1909107


UK grammarfag here; please could a USanon tell me whether or not it is customary in the US to use "an" and not "a" if the following word begins with a vowel? For instance, I would write on this meme: "I'm an ugly fuck," not "a ugly fuck." I've become accustomed to most differences between US and English English but not sure about this one.

Thanks, and apologies for the slide - curiosity is killing me.

32afcb No.1909109


sry your right

bb43fd No.1909110


I actually give you points for that one.

7e0c4b No.1909111


Because the people in the dark who are paying the protesters also still control many aspects of the government and the police and the media. Doing nothing is a thing for them. Expect a lot more of it.

Also expect a lot more of these protests and riots. Even Q said that these were planned. Soros. Many of the stories will not be reported by the fake media. Again…Soros.

People don't pay attention to these things as long as its not happening near where they live and work. But its coming to all our neighborhoods soon. That is inevitable.

It will stop when armed citizens get serious and start pushing back and shooting these motherfuckers and killing them. Violence is the only thing that they respond to. Violent leftists are not going to stop or give up. And Hollywood and the bogus media talking heads keep cheering them on when they do shit.

Our government is dysfunctional and half of it is controlled by cabal operatives who are not on our side. Chuck, Nancy, Maxine, Shiela, The Turtle… These people want us dead. They will do nothing to protect us.

This is the cabal's last stand. Arm yourself and be prepared. Its going to come down to that.

cf40ae No.1909112

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

7817f7 No.1909113


UK nigger suck balls.

a54ef6 No.1909114

ecb86a No.1909115


Yes, you an ugly fuck.


f45f72 No.1909116


Shit is getting out of hand. I really don't see anything wrong with what she's doing. It's her brothers grave after all. Am I wrong? I have metal detected in very old cemeteries ( not over graves, ) sat in old cemeteries and drank beer alone, even left an open one for the spirits, if there were any. Very peaceful place.

It's odd how people think these days.

If you think they souls are tied to the graves still, then one might reason they'd enjoy the company? If you believe they're truly gone, then who would care what you do in a cemetery? Just never understood that.

fe8870 No.1909118

File: bbbab732c601b81⋯.png (366.36 KB, 741x549, 247:183, ClipboardImage.png)


09ddec No.1909119

67bcc8 No.1909120


Proper English etiquette at its best! Bloke Anon!

bda31b No.1909121

couple of Anons were talking about Panama and POTUS mentioning it a couple of times.

Part 1

This is what I found so far with added bonus re Sen. Dianne Feinstien's, democrat from California, husband Robert Blum in part 2

'Cash register' Li Ka-Shing


Charles R. Smith

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Li Ka-Shing is no ordinary billionaire. Mr. Li's company currently operates the two ports on the Panama Canal, the Pacific port of Balboa and the Atlantic port of Cristobal. According to recently declassified documents from the U.S. Commerce Department, Li Ka-Shing is a very special man in Beijing, Washington and Hong Kong.

"Li is reputed to have a close business relationship with key figures in Beijing," states an August 1999 from the American Embassy in Hong Kong. "And he has a number of real estate and infrastructure projects in the mainland. These close relationships were said to be key to his obtaining the prime site on Beijing's Wangfujing for his USD2 billion Oriental Plaza Project. Some have suggested that it was because of Li's mainland connections that the man behind the 1996 kidnapping of his son Victor was arrested last year in China and swiftly executed. Li is a leading member of Hong Kong's ethnic Chinese business elite, a tycoon who is no democrat. This fact is reflected in his recent claim that he canceled a HKD10 billion (USD1.3 billion) project because of the unfavorable business climate created by Hong Kong's politicized (more democratic) business climate."

The Commerce Department documents also show that law enforcement agencies were very concerned about Li Ka-Shing's connections to the Triad gangs. A 1995 cable from the American Embassy in Nassau noted that Li Ka-Shing had signed an agreement to build an $88 million container ship terminal in the Grand Bahamas. Curiously, for a harmless deal done by a Hong Kong tycoon, the copy list for the cable is addressed to several law enforcement agencies such as the Customs Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

"Reftel describes U.S. agencies' security concerns about possible smuggling attempts through the terminal," states the cable from the American Embassy. "Post will request via septel assistance in addressing these concerns while port development plans are still on the drawing board."

One document on Li Ka-Shing, previously discovered by Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based legal watchdog group, came from the U.S. Defense Department. According to the October 1999 "Intelligence Assessment," prepared by the U.S. military Southern Command, the Hong Kong billionaire is a "threat" to the Panama Canal:

"Hutchison Whampoa's owner, Hong Kong tycoon, Li Ka-Shing, has extensive business ties in Beijing and has compelling financial reasons to maintain a good relationship with China's leadership," states the 1999 assessment. "For example, Hutchison Whampoa could threaten to shift some business from Panama to its facilities in the Bahamas, thus giving the company additional leverage over the Panamanian government."

The U.S. military intelligence report concluded: "Hutchison's containerized shipping facilities in the Panama Canal, as well as the Bahamas, could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the west to the PRC, or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the Americas."

However, the newly released documents from the Commerce Department show that current Commerce Secretary Daley met with the Beijing tycoon at a 1997 luncheon hosted by the powerful investment firm Goldman Sachs. The Commerce documents note that an informal "talk" between Daley, Mr. Li and several "influential business people" was held on the Goldman Sachs' boat "Monkey's Uncle" during a 1997 Hong Kong trade trip.

"Goldman Sachs' boat ('Monkey's Uncle') will depart from the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter at 11:30 am. The boat will sail near the new airport site at Chek Lap Kok. Lunch will be served on board."

The Commerce documents show that Daly and Li met on board the "Monkey's Uncle" with some of the leading Beijing owned businesses including two directly associated with the Chinese Army – CITIC and, China Everbright. Some other "influential business people" were also included on the guest list for the lunch cruise. Among the leading figures are Raymond Kwok, Robert Kwok, and Canning Fok.

a54ef6 No.1909122


"This is the cabal's last stand. Arm yourself and be prepared. Its going to come down to that."

Totally agree on that.

575487 No.1909123


Lol! Well, I asked for that! TY anyway.

c6438a No.1909124

Oh come one, let's keep it competitive.

o7 vs <^> vs Ta+++ vs Muh Dick vs…


Can you isolate hashes, assuming no vpn jumps?

9a9916 No.1909125


Graveyards are for the living anon, how would you feel if this cunt took a selfie in front of your mothers grave?

314c5f No.1909126

File: f5fb8711cabca05⋯.jpg (69.54 KB, 344x320, 43:40, alex-jones-is-only-39.jpg)


Funny I glanced at something the other day where he was speaking of the chans. He said he wanted us to make memes for him.

He's so old in spirit he could hardly pronounce the word "memes" It didn't fit in his mouth right.

What a loser. Stuck-up sucker

Right. Lez make him some memes?

9d949c No.1909127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Muslims shouting Allah Akbar trying to cross illegally the Croatian border

0 children

4cc226 No.1909128

File: 4c47ece9af00876⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 518x259, 2:1, bookert.jpg)


Interesting. I wonder if she will be handed evidence and told to play the game or leave.

bda31b No.1909129


part 2

According to a recent biography entitled "Li Ka-Shing," the billionaire formed a partnership with two leading members of the Asian "Triad" organized crime families, Robert Kwok and Henry Fok, to form the China International Trust Investment Company. A Rand Corporation report on CITIC noted that the Beijing based investment firm had acted as a front for Poly Technologies Inc., an arms manufacturer owned directly by the Chinese army.

The Fok family leader, Henry Fok, is reported to be a member of the 14K Triad. According to Ed Timperlake and Bill Triplett, co-authors of "Red Dragon Rising," "Henry Fok first made his name by running United Nations-embargoed goods to China during the Korean War. His son was later convicted for trying to bring Chinese machine guns into the United States."

Robert Kwok reportedly leads the Kwok family businesses and is allegedly involved in the heroin smuggling business inside Burma. In 1997, Commerce Secretary Daley met with the Robert and his son Kwok. Peter Kwok is the business partner of Sen. Dianne Feinstien's, democrat from California, husband Robert Blum.

Peter has also worked for Li Ka-Shing and the Chinese Army. In 1989, Peter Kwok helped CITIC and Li Ka-Shing raise $120 million to buy a Hughes-built communications satellite for AsiaSat, a company part owned by the Chinese army unit COSTIND, or the Commission on Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

Clearly, the concerns at DEA, Customs and the Defense Department about arms smuggling, drugs and stolen military technology are well founded and well documented. It does not take a "Monkey's Uncle" to figure out exactly what kind of businessman Li Ka-Shing is. However, those concerns either fell on deaf ears or were ignored at the U.S. Commerce Department. Mr. Li met with Secretary Daley on board the "Monkey's Uncle" in 1997 and no questions were asked.

Li Ka-Shing is not interested in democracy. Li Ka-Shing is in business to make money, and for that he will cut a deal with anyone, including Goldman Sachs, the Chinese mob and the People's Liberation Army.


c6438a No.1909130


My b.


Oh come one, let's keep it competitive.

o7 vs <^> vs Ta+++ vs Muh Dick vs…


Can you isolate hashes, assuming no vpn jumps?

f45f72 No.1909131


Honestly, It wouldn't phase me one bit if she wasn't vandalizing anything. My mother isn't there anymore. She's in a better place and would probably smile if someone was enjoying themselves by her grave. So I don't really have an answer. I'm rather indifferent I suppose.

7817f7 No.1909132

File: 9dbfbedb4d7ecf3⋯.png (69.91 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-06-24-13-4….png)

9194c3 No.1909133


She's too low of an IQ to play that kind of game.

d8f1b3 No.1909134

File: 6cc913dfbbe14ec⋯.png (10.21 KB, 216x255, 72:85, COMFY AS FUCK.png)

ecb86a No.1909135


o7 vs <^> vs Ta+++ vs Muh Dick vs…Nasimfag

b2f2b5 No.1909136


dont ever try and use photoshop again

b82179 No.1909137





OMG!! I listened to this in my to work. Almost had to pull over due to major feelz!

To the Anon who produced this - props and this should be archived as well as made available on the welcome page!!! I have shared this with at least 10 ppl and will continue to use tjis as a pre-redpill session!!

Just amazing!! WWG1WGA

9194c3 No.1909138


…no doubt…

c6438a No.1909139


Cuz like… I'll ask you all sorts of pointed questions that hit where I intent, whether or not I know where I'm aiming.

cuz i'm blindfolded facing the other direstion.

because QuantumIntuitionAnon,

69c326 No.1909140

File: 4153de0ea2c8e7f⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 780x438, 130:73, strzok meme.jpg)

7817f7 No.1909141

File: a1ba80a39a33282⋯.png (84.53 KB, 480x583, 480:583, Screenshot_2018-06-24-10-2….png)

File: 4affc840680e63f⋯.jpg (58.06 KB, 500x564, 125:141, 2cuufl~2.jpg)

3ee168 No.1909142


Not to pick on Paine, but how come we didn't hear from him months ago on this, if his sources are so good?

c6438a No.1909143


No one competes with Nasimfag.

9194c3 No.1909144


DOJ rebuffs Nunes request for more info on Russia case informants


24365a No.1909145

File: 06057bad7be3033⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 500x281, 500:281, connected.gif)


>he don't think it connected, but it all do.

611931 No.1909146

File: 452b54cf19cb55b⋯.png (65.08 KB, 581x276, 581:276, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


cf40ae No.1909147

File: 4e2d57533b4a46b⋯.jpg (140.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_3606.JPG)

File: 92206f9be9beb1a⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 512x288, 16:9, IMG_3442.JPG)

File: a58ae51773a277d⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 512x288, 16:9, IMG_3444.JPG)

7817f7 No.1909148

File: 93cfcdff090c5ed⋯.jpg (56.37 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 2cnsze~2.jpg)


Muh Dick wins.

9194c3 No.1909149


Brexit bill becomes law, allowing UK to leave European Union


3a7abe No.1909151


Fuck yeah.

c6438a No.1909152



At this point, all the White Hates are just playing up how retarded this all is and not stopping their opponents from fucking up and not realizing it's BEEN over.

It's not your responsibility to save your enemy from a mistake.

~Sun Tzu or some shit.

c2e4e6 No.1909153

File: 5fa38d6d37c7f0d⋯.jpg (46.06 KB, 436x385, 436:385, filter=discernment.jpg)

>genuine request for understanding

I don't understand the need to filter what i don't agree with/understand/offends me

I occasionally i hide a post , but only in extreme circumstances. i.e incessantly spamming trannie/gay porn/unwarranted gore

it boggles my mind why you would intentionally deny yourself anything that may further your understanding of this world , even if it is to understand the motivations or nature of those making such posts. Keeping in mind that these are pixels displayed on a screen.

this place=microcosm for the actual world you live in

can a filteranon please explain your motivations behind filtering?

>pic related

d566c8 No.1909154


This will have them rattled.

de6b8f No.1909155


yeah right

i was raped by the guy from radiohead 150 years ago as well


ecb86a No.1909156


Good for them.

Maybe now the EU influence can be reversed and they can tell all those muzzies to GTFO so they can get back to being a real country again.

c7d945 No.1909157



she took those bizzare pics in front of other peoples graves. Thats why she had to apologize, and why it's fucked up.

If she was visiting a famous person's grave, then that might have been slightly acceptable, like joking around like a famous murderer or psycho.

( example, hey i never really took a selfie, but i might want to take one, at wherever they bury that evil witch Clinton. And i might be tempted to make a funny face, grinning with sheer happiness, jumping for joy, dancing on her grave, etc, kek

But she took pictures at random graves near her sons.Which is not cool.

935aa4 No.1909158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anyone use DirectvNow? Every day I try to load the stream on my work computer. 100mbps download on lan network. All other channels work, except 1. Fox News.

ff3bcd No.1909159

2 breads ago we were talking about math or some shit

an anon posted this in reply

"1251 60 300 1500 emanating"

any clue what that shit was?

00202f No.1909160



If they don't censure her for this, they are cucks (we know that already)

cf40ae No.1909161

File: 40c97e78b346020⋯.jpg (470.59 KB, 1910x1014, 955:507, IMG_3456.JPG)


lettuce face it, shills r half the fun here, even with an occasional anus pic or 2

935aa4 No.1909162

File: c3b613c797924a0⋯.png (781.93 KB, 1663x927, 1663:927, DIRECTV NOW.png)


After it's done pulsing this is what it says. There is a silent war being waged, spilling out into the mainstream now.

d604b1 No.1909164

File: 696a5b5e259548d⋯.jpg (62.08 KB, 516x450, 86:75, 696a5b5e259548d6c07178b931….jpg)




Damn, just woke up. Been sketchy here in general for a week now, gonna do another practice bake over in /comms/ today and get a better feel for the kitchen. Thanks for lookin out BO and I'm guessing BV?

4c1faf No.1909165

File: b3eeecc394d7d66⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 423x264, 141:88, 1525632809521.gif)


Way to go England! They've been cucked something fierce over the years and really deserve this triumph

ecb86a No.1909166


When you've seen the Muh Dick meme four hundred times in a month it gets tiresome , same thing with those Flat Earth retards.

The same shit, over and over and over again.

It takes up space and is pretty much like my cat.


575487 No.1909167


Yes, indeed, that's what I'm hoping and praying for as a UK anon. Problem is, I've barely kept up with UK politics since Q came on the scene. It's as though the destiny of the whole world depends on DJT and patriots dismantling the Cult. Everything else meanwhile is a mere sideshow.

eec8b6 No.1909168

>>1908994 You are awesome BO!! Much thanks.

cf40ae No.1909169


fibonacci? the dots after emanating . . + .. + …

1+2 = (3)missing, 2+3=5

dunno about 60, 300, 1500, multiples of each other?

d8f1b3 No.1909170


I hear ya on that 1.

8577f5 No.1909171

File: e4e29aa97117b84⋯.jpg (2.83 KB, 164x124, 41:31, lovely-pepe.jpg)

File: a8d72546819647f⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 990x1506, 165:251, adventure.jpg)


I'll be huck.

ba6a5b No.1909172

File: 9d3c143ddc1397b⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1586x889, 1586:889, 836836836856384485489.png)

File: f7a064091d1ca79⋯.jpg (218.54 KB, 577x699, 577:699, bubbler.jpg)

File: c5310b6324f65e1⋯.png (830.85 KB, 1696x1040, 106:65, 425425412435653553.png)

Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed


47a725 No.1909173

File: 67badab6fd9a857⋯.jpeg (278.47 KB, 1200x907, 1200:907, image.jpeg)

67bcc8 No.1909174


No, MO has an abnormally huge labia & clitoris, possibly hermaphrodite, she is a huge fucking cunt.

c7d945 No.1909175


We should start tweeting at Harley, that if they move, no one will buy their foreign made crap.

Harley is an American icon, and they have always boasted about how their bikes are made in America.

People need to let Harley know, if they do this, they will no longer be an American icon.

b2f2b5 No.1909176

ff3bcd No.1909177



another anon posted the hazmat codes for those numbers

it was a bunch of really explosive/toxic shit

6f50b3 No.1909178

File: a3184e85504108b⋯.jpg (58.55 KB, 640x466, 320:233, illu card enough is enough….jpg)

File: 5aa0b372b4a317d⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 300x415, 60:83, 48d3f674d94f5_58244n.jpg)

Don't know if anyone here is familiar with this Illuminati card game but it is very spooky. On the Trump card, it says

"At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day.

Play this card on your own turn, before drawing any plots. You may remove all Zap, Paralysis or Attribute Freeze cards that are affecting your power structure. However, preoccupied with your house-cleaning, you may draw no plots this turn."

I just find these two cards to be very relevant to what is going on today. Isn't "enough is enough" + "power to the people" exactly this movement that is going on now? Regarding the sniper reference, not sure what that is really referring to.. maybe the snipers are aiming at the enemies?

c2e4e6 No.1909179


checked , and i get that

>over and over and over again=tiresome

but . . scrolling works , and 1 in 1000 posts of bullshit you might glean something that leads you in an important direction for digs/insight

7817f7 No.1909180

File: 58aacbe525a2981⋯.jpg (65.32 KB, 480x754, 240:377, 2ce80m~2.jpg)


You want to suck that clit?

7e0c4b No.1909181


The people won, but the country is still losing. That they are leaving the EU is just talk. The conditions under which they will be permitted to leave are worse than if they had stayed in. Teresa May and her minions are prepared to give the store away and pay many billions of the UK taxpayers' money to fund the bloodsucking migrants who are being brought into Europe. And the UK still won't have full control of its borders.

The EU/cabal has a FIRM grip on the UK. its the reason why the country is so full of Muslims and why Tommy is in prison. They, like us, have a long and difficult struggle ahead.

49646f No.1909182


The "crazy left" is maybe 10% of the population at max. What you see on TV is an effort to persuade you otherwise. Don't fall for it; their reliance upon these tactics is a desperation move. They're only hope is to provoke some kind of response.

I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a major boom. The media is already expressing confusion as to why Strzok is testifying and not taking the 5th. They don't know what we know - that he has been cooperating and has likely cut a deal. Expect people higher up the chain to get exposed.

It's happening.

db94ef No.1909183


On that night of the flight from Montreal to Singapore, planefags were watching a couple of AF1 type planes over Europe. One was coming out of Ramstein headed south (towards Crete, maybe turn to Aviano), another appeared to have landed in Aviano. (No. Italy) Press reports later said AF1 fueled in Crete. Crete, I think is a NATO base, while Ramstein & Aviano are USAF.

Great circle route Montreal to Singapore would be over the north pole, I would think. Newark to Singapore using that route was longest commercial flight, 18+ hours. Fuel amounts needed to be carried and length of circulated air exposure were downside, for commercial flight. Sauce: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Airlines_Flight_21

Note: Singapore back to US East was over Alaska, making use of prevailing winds.

So yeah, lots of misdirections were probably occurring.

b4c6a5 No.1909184

File: 72ac793eea67337⋯.webm (1.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1504678619-2.webm)


The world is too hard for them. Their reality is confronted, the best solution for them is to screech or burry their heads in the sand.

Typical women behavior.

575487 No.1909185


Sadiq Khan is a traitor to the UK as much as J Podesta is a traitor to the US. A vile pairing if ever there was.

64cd49 No.1909186


Can a meme artist do some of Indian Motorcycles with something like "Hey Harley, Patriots can make choices too."

81d46a No.1909187

File: f4e69ddae267a1c⋯.jpg (29.48 KB, 500x604, 125:151, ba_evil.jpg)

>>1908512 (PBs)


What's under that pyramid?


>Antarctica has inventory.


damn straight

bout time we listened

3a7abe No.1909188


Surely that faggot is a pedo aswell.

de6b8f No.1909189


they have the exact same schnozz

d566c8 No.1909190

File: f7e33831f79aa01⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x300, 5:3, heebeejeebees.gif)

d8f1b3 No.1909191


The best of the best, from every country. Is how I've always looked at it. All countries fighting evil.

84551b No.1909192


many breads ago, an anon said something about looking at the UN codes. Maybe I'll do that now… It was in relation to the Silk Way airlines, iirc?

6eefe6 No.1909193


I love the filter,

You have a right to free speech, BUT there is NO right to make people listen to your retardedness.

7817f7 No.1909194

File: d810b3bdc128502⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 480x620, 24:31, 2ctssy~2.jpg)

47fd90 No.1909195


Is he even a Brit?

8d63ef No.1909196





Make no mistake, anon. This is because they are ALREADY rattled.

Ain't fear a beautiful thing?

7fd009 No.1909197


the anti-filter crowd are sadists.

c7d945 No.1909198

Trump needs to tweet out who he supports in some of the other primaries in other states today.

These are the states voting today.

Colorado, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, Utah and South Carolina.

Trump should tweet out who the real patriots are in those states. ( he already covered South Carolina)

4cc226 No.1909199


Nicely prepped, nicely comfy. If the idiots want to stand in the 100 degree heat all day, let 'em. I am not going to counter protest. I am not worried, they don't have the courage to take it the houses where I am at. Texas/castle laws/helpless old farts…I'm comfy. Be prepared, stay chill, be situationally aware, and enjoy the show.

b4c6a5 No.1909200

File: e067ca2369d467a⋯.webm (140.84 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1511969057167.webm)


Don't be offended if I great you with a "Hello reddit, welcome to the chans" then

575487 No.1909201


May and her cabinet (as well as many Opposition MPs) are at best cowards and at worst Cabal participants. If DJT starts levying swingeing tariffs against EU imports it may, just may, embolden some of our wimpy Tory Wets to find their backbones and strike a unilateral deal with the US and bugger the EU.

3881e4 No.1909202

File: 37347963d445d30⋯.png (229.53 KB, 490x516, 245:258, CIA NIGGER 01.png)

611931 No.1909203

File: 367310e9e129111⋯.png (82.03 KB, 581x339, 581:339, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


f9b2ef No.1909204


I'm wondering, who commissioned these cards, who told the artist, what to write and what to draw and for what purpose?

7817f7 No.1909205

File: 6355267520bfca2⋯.png (72.2 KB, 249x252, 83:84, 8cb3e07ea2c2ce611898c096a3….png)


Natural formation… Put down the bong.

f96f21 No.1909206



Berlin, Germany, founded 50 years earlier receives its charter.

The carving of the Tripitaka Koreana, a collection of Buddhist scriptures recorded on some 81,000 wooden blocks, is completed.



Lincoln wins the primary and later presidency.

Very large coronal mass ejection impacts the magnetosphere inducing one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record.

Best I can do.

523fcf No.1909207



Seems to be


60 300 1500

simplifies to 1, 5, 25

5*25 = 125, plus the extra 1

Also could look at it from the perspective of 5^0, 5^1, 5^2, or 60*5^0, 60*5^1, 60*5^2

If the sequence continued (assuming 1251 is out of the sequence) it would be 1251, 60, 300, 1500, 37500, 187500

929746 No.1909208

File: 5b66cd7bae78cec⋯.jpg (438.3 KB, 1080x1116, 30:31, Screenshot_20180626-050607….jpg)

morn'n faggots!

7e0c4b No.1909209


I read that he was born there to immigrant parents. Cities like London are FULL of folks like Khan. Some of them speak better English than the Queen, and they call themselves 'British', but they have completely ruined the country and its culture.

d8f1b3 No.1909210

File: 5b97e08adeb854b⋯.jpg (71.09 KB, 780x558, 130:93, bitch love it.jpg)


And you can't meme for shit, you can only steal. Parasite.

47a725 No.1909211


Information found on the walls, mazes within Antarctica.

eec8b6 No.1909212

>>1909102 You must be one of the Black Sheeple…

7817f7 No.1909213

File: 5ff764815542189⋯.jpg (11 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5ff76481554218919edd3916bc….jpg)


Like your meme.

575487 No.1909214


A second generation import, I think. Speaking of which, perhaps we should start putting tariffs on immigrants. After all, imports/immigrants - what's the difference?

8577f5 No.1909215

File: 85c2c51eb6236b2⋯.jpg (104.57 KB, 699x461, 699:461, royal wedding.jpg)


Yeah there's some great posts in the notables about kab-allah blood magic, planefaggotry and the clock.

c7d945 No.1909216


stop promoting violence. Q said we anons are not needed for anything physical like that. ( we are to do research)

Telling Anons to arm themselves are start killing people, ( YOU SOUND LIKE A GLOWING CLOWN MOTHERFUCKER)


Violence is the only thing they respond to? really clown?

This is the great awakening, not the great slaughter .

stop trying to drum up trouble, and making the board and anons look bad.

6f50b3 No.1909217


Maybe Q knows.. but this set of cards makes me believe that probable future timelines are already known and the cards tell us what the future might hold for us and which timeline we are on..

38bd74 No.1909218

File: e056fe06d598905⋯.png (151.84 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_7641.PNG)

Will Brennen ever shut up? He needs a throats punch!

f45f72 No.1909219


^^^^ Filtering this control freak faggot. Honest to God, who brags about using a filter on am image board, save for very small minded people who think they have some sort of power or control when they filter? ENOUGH of this shit posting.

6eefe6 No.1909220


You need to eat some o more of your moms used tampons, retard

You have a right to free speech but not a right to make people listen or read your craP

d8f1b3 No.1909221

67bcc8 No.1909222

File: f49ffab230ffa50⋯.jpeg (30.64 KB, 474x275, 474:275, C57D842B-B73B-408A-9D96-C….jpeg)


I’m on it!

fe4f3c No.1909223

File: 5f9fd0df30359a4⋯.jpg (44.48 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

File: c0a6633f405d053⋯.jpg (38.09 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

File: 426af2ec557c607⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

File: 40079707c777ba3⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

File: b77b97762146570⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

2e240e No.1909224

>>1908246 (LB) Awesome. But I need it in Mp4 please. thx

3881e4 No.1909225

File: 78f232d4621e5ff⋯.jpg (241.39 KB, 1272x1023, 424:341, GTFO SHILLS 02.jpg)



f45f72 No.1909226


Congrats, you're the second filter.

7e0c4b No.1909227


Who appointed you judge?

Self defense is a fundamental part of survival. So go fuck yourself.

f9b2ef No.1909228


>This is the great awakening, not the great slaughter .


eb6b0d No.1909229


You think you can look at all this garbage and you're not internalizing it, or, worse, being brainwashed by insensible degrees to think it's something to embrace? This garbage is collecting in your wiring and you're carrying it, consciously or unconsciously, out to the larger world. You might want to think the shit on this board has no effect on you, but it most certainly messes with your values and judgment. That attitude reminds me of research done on men working under physically toxic conditions, tough guys saying, "Oh, I can handle it," and dying anyway.

fe4f3c No.1909230

File: 3f60f0392380518⋯.jpg (43.94 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

6a5f39 No.1909231

File: 79b322620ba2ff6⋯.png (673.88 KB, 612x752, 153:188, evilitself.PNG)

3a7abe No.1909232

sorry for double post. But does any anon know how to clear up audio to pick out certain sounds etc?

eec8b6 No.1909233


Last ditch efforts and appeals. Too much cognitive dissonance to process… Will just need to allow themselves to fully break themselves and then rebuild the psyche from the pieces. Going to need to love these fuckers then during their reconstruction, ah well.

079120 No.1909234

File: d26fa90afa8df3b⋯.png (34.77 KB, 736x292, 184:73, djt.PNG)

this left scorch marks on perlman

3881e4 No.1909235

File: a83e97183c2acd6⋯.png (889.78 KB, 747x698, 747:698, PEPE victorious.png)



He knows the rope is coming, he has nothing to lose.

d566c8 No.1909236


use signal generators and invert their phase, to cancel out unwanted stuff in the audio track.

73a37c No.1909237


Aww look at that filter list, kike.


f45f72 No.1909238

File: a302df7a88f7916⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 500x511, 500:511, 35991315_10214282162660368….jpg)

64cd49 No.1909239


I know this one. Imports don't crap in public?

3a7abe No.1909241

File: 2fe0eea91c02d26⋯.mp4 (1.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sotu.mp4)


Any free software? trying to hear whats being said in this.

b4c6a5 No.1909242



you go there


click on download and take whatever files you want

install youtube-dl and learn to use it

b4c6a5 No.1909244



929746 No.1909245


fuk off dude. violence only promotes more violence. self defense is different than violence…. is the last defense a person has b4 death

3a7abe No.1909246


Awesome thanks.

7e0c4b No.1909247


Go away. You're an idiot.

6eefe6 No.1909248


Too see the same posts 700 times is boring, and a lot of what is posted I already know.

What you feed your mind affects you.


d566c8 No.1909249


In that case take some of the applause during the beginning of the track where it is clean, then reverse the phase on it, loop it and put it into another track. Start blending the tracks and shifting the time alignment on the second track until you make the wanted part of your audio more clear.

Audacity should be able to do this.

611931 No.1909250

File: 59ad5a55f282b37⋯.png (78.17 KB, 574x344, 287:172, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


929746 No.1909251

File: 41137e53684dda0⋯.png (404.59 KB, 610x356, 305:178, ycagwyw.png)

ff3bcd No.1909252

well garsh. 7am rolls around and it gets all mean and ugly in the bread

f9b2ef No.1909253



Anticipated 'self defense' is an attack, not self defense.

929746 No.1909254


dude its 5 over here lol zzz

3a7abe No.1909255


Thanks. I got a mission, wooo.

e70eac No.1909256


Garbage in - garbage out is the old saying that still applies today.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

Phil 4:8

eec8b6 No.1909257


>This video is extremely depressing. Had exactlty the oppsite if its intended effect on me.

Surely that is the odd, distorted voice. That actually detracts from the narrative, images and overall message. A new narration track would improve it a good deal.

>The same old world keeps turning. Same shit, different day.

Chin up Anon, the world has come a long way in 8 months, and change is accelerating. Get ready, get engages, keep hope, good times are a coming.

a38799 No.1909258


I went to see them in concert before you were born lol

641bbb No.1909259

man must wait

when he speaks oaths,

until the proud-hearted one

sees clearly

whither the intent of his heart

will turn.

A wise hero must realize

how terrible it will be,

when all the wealth of this world

lies waste,

as now in various places

throughout this middle-earth

walls stand,

blown by the wind,

covered with frost,

storm-swept the buildings.

The halls decay,

their lords lie

deprived of joy,

the whole troop has fallen,

the proud ones, by the wall.

War took off some,

carried them on their way,

one, the bird took off

across the deep sea,

one, the gray wolf

shared one with death,

one, the dreary-faced

man buried

in a grave.


c7d945 No.1909260

I thought of something funny. If those people do protest, someone should get some loud speakers and blast clown/circus music, and drown them out. kek

or sho up in large groups of people and just point and laugh at them, kek

Make them look like the violent raging lunatics, that they are.

575487 No.1909261


I agree, anon; it is for good reason that Paul, in his Letter to the Philippians, enjoins thus:

Philippians 4:8 King James Version (KJV)

"8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

We cannot unsee or unknow therefore it behoves us to guard our eyes and minds if we wish to keep them free from the sort of contamination.that will shape our character.

As Maggie Thatcher said:

“Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become…habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! What we think we become.”

b9e8bb No.1909262


If there is a lot of bullshit in the feed by filtering out people who have established themselves as retards you save time.

When you go to the library do you start at the front and read every single book, or do you go to the ones you are more likely to be interested in?

Jeez man if you need this explained maybe you just don't have the IQ to NEED a filter.

Go read a cereal box or something.

d566c8 No.1909263


Try to get the applause in the 2 tracks to line up perfectly, then reverse the phase on one of them. The applause should cancel itself out (somewhat) making the rest of the audio appear louder.

67bcc8 No.1909264


Now we know Cabal regressive leftist infiltrated and took over Harley Davidson management…

fe4f3c No.1909265


The best defense is a Q offense.

e70eac No.1909266

File: c9cf7e6f2d31a32⋯.png (44.09 KB, 255x258, 85:86, indianMC.PNG)


Indian has a nice line-up

f428f7 No.1909267


>Go to rock concert

>Get "called backstage"

>No knowing WTF is up with that

Imagine being this naive. I mean, it doesn't make it right, but. Well; let's just say that taking your GF to a show like that is asking for it. I mean, what do you think Sammy Hagar was doing underneath the stage during Eddie's long assed solos?

6eefe6 No.1909268


Moron eat more used tampons. I've never been to reddit. I've been here since bread 400.

And woke for over 45 years

d566c8 No.1909269



I don't have any audio editing software on the current PC that I'm on, or I'd take a shot at it too.

Good luck anon.

2c322b No.1909270


Why stopping him digging his own grave?

3881e4 No.1909271

File: 8de507d05a6ba4e⋯.png (289.54 KB, 466x443, 466:443, PEPE cleansing fire.png)


>major shareholders in the company such as the SEIU have raised concerns about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity on the streaming giant’s board of directors.

This is why (((they))) will lose. They have a limited number of plays in their playbook, and none of them include the truth.

Truthful stories resonate, bullshit stories don't. People will get fed up and find alternatives, perhaps even FREE alternatives, rather than pay $20/mo for the privilege of being brainwashed.

Everything must be sacrificed on the altar of (((diversity))) and (((political correctness))). Ultimately, this is self-defeating, but (((they))) can't even see it b/c (((they))) believe their own bullshit.

929746 No.1909272


agreed. the more ppl we can wake up the less ppl they can use against us in riots, etc.

de234a No.1909273

File: 39a5df0742f468e⋯.png (766.08 KB, 1094x4057, 1094:4057, Most CEOs Pick Clinton, Pl….png)

File: d4a0a22ac34c8bf⋯.png (233.32 KB, 598x468, 23:18, CEO Matthew S. Levatich So….png)

File: c65cc4d819cbc5b⋯.png (507.84 KB, 566x2074, 283:1037, H-D CEO Matt Levatich _.png)

Harley Davidson CEO on politics..and selling shares before the Election..

3a7abe No.1909274


WAV or AIFF format or something else?

397c71 No.1909275

File: a108625e7ab9d34⋯.jpg (152.98 KB, 905x1024, 905:1024, WhoIsQanon32.jpg)

d2abcf No.1909276


Reread crumbs. We did that months ago.

7fd009 No.1909277


they think there may be hidden meaning in the muh dick and gay porn posts.

d566c8 No.1909278


Uncompressed WAV would be the best format to work with.

b9e8bb No.1909279


An investigation of her bank account would be a shit ton more effective and meaningful.

So yeah, it is just like these feckless counts to try to make headlines with a "censure" debate.


f50a58 No.1909280


if the DC Red Hen guy is so "ok" then why is he serving appetizers in RED shoes? and working on Hannibal the Cannibal?


eb6b0d No.1909281



Phil 4:8


>Philippians 4:8

x2 less than 2 minutes apart. God has spoken.

3a7abe No.1909282


No worries.

c9d015 No.1909283

File: 0c4eb00169f6796⋯.png (9.05 KB, 449x208, 449:208, TQ.png)


What are your estimates for the true vote count of the 2016 elections.

My estimate on legal Dem votes is between 23-27%

I'd also worked out how many of those voters were the true enemy at 6% (not kidding) this was before Q dropped his estimate.

d566c8 No.1909284


Also try to maintain the same sample rate from the original, because changing it could introduce more artifacts into the audio.

641bbb No.1909285


hook tube won't load youtu.be url


6eefe6 No.1909286


Jesus said "If any man has not a sword let him sell his cloak and buy a sword"

Thanks for playing now shut the F up. Trump just told his staff they should prepare to defend themselves in public,,,ie CC

b4c6a5 No.1909287


>Make them look like the violent raging lunatics, that they are.

All you really need is a TV crew.

Don't engage with stupid let them chimpout over petty things. If you really wanna be active, play the accelerationist card.

Push their boundaries

>feminism ? islam

>gay ? islam

>lesbian gay bisexual transexual ? add the pedosexual

929746 No.1909288

File: 865a2fbc561c9dd⋯.png (662.82 KB, 988x479, 988:479, noonenos.png)

btw, who the fuk r these ppl? i only know seth rich… & most as ppl probably don't even know that… start putting names with faces… ppl r lazy.. but if they start associating names & then hearing them in the news, they'll remember these memes…

67bcc8 No.1909289



Baker Notable!!!

3a7abe No.1909290


No worries, this will be a good learning experience kek.

2772d4 No.1909291




12:51 6/30 15:00


but what do i know

2e240e No.1909292

>>1909242 I am a derp and never knew hook tube did this Thx

b9e8bb No.1909293


Ron Perlman as "Pisshands, whose superpower is enabling rapists"

eec8b6 No.1909294


Actually, 7e0c4b, just read all your posts. You seem quite depressed and angry at the world, even some Anons here.

Suggest going to get some proper help, and do your morning Gratitude Exercises before feet hit the floor.

Good luck, peace to you.

81d46a No.1909295

File: 41d61add8db1135⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 500x282, 250:141, BobIIimage.jpg)



Robert Anton Wilson always denied it, even suing.

Which means he most likely involved.

Which means there's a heavy dose of Chaos Magick embedded in the cards.

Tread carefully.

ff3bcd No.1909296


stephen paddock bottom left

alleged las vegas shooter

f428f7 No.1909297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


OMG, Carl the Cuck has found his soulmate!

c415df No.1909298

File: b43dd142be17a42⋯.png (1.5 MB, 919x931, 919:931, lurker badge.png)

File: 53af3f39e322bb3⋯.png (39.33 KB, 290x278, 145:139, Comic_Relief_unit.png)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gZbzncPXIUY" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

c415df No.1909299


641bbb No.1909300

File: 917ffe808a0ea29⋯.png (759.22 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, FGY7OFo.png)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 335b8b2436c4737e418357e911….png)


929746 No.1909301


sry.. i knew that one also lol… but he didn't die though… the body didn't have his neck tattoo…

3b19cd No.1909302

File: 5eb094840dca268⋯.png (636.83 KB, 1411x1977, 1411:1977, 87c3ec463bcea47a04a74773ed….png)

2558c8 No.1909303

File: e35073fe7b6c225⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 633x350, 633:350, rp.JPG)

This guy is nuts.

401cf8 No.1909304

Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" is funding a "YouTube" like channel that is FREE and is not politically controlled/filtered (thank you Mike). https://real.video/

This may be the solution for many Trump supporters to get their information videos out without being banned.

It may be a good solution for VOP which has trouble getting videos out. If someone knows how to contact VOP please share with them.

This may be one tool to help counter You Tube, by pushing content and viewers to Real.Video we dilute the power and revenue stream of YouTube! If you agree please share so that others can make use of Mikes wonderful offer.

Also check out this Pro America/ProTrump video Mike created http://counterthink.com/Emergency-Broadcast-Leftists-Attempting-to-Incite-Civil-War.html I think this is how most of us feel.

Best to all MEGA! Vietnam Vet Special Ops

b4c6a5 No.1909305

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



works fine for me


c415df No.1909306



d8f1b3 No.1909307

Keep up the good work. Humor is important ;-)


eb6b0d No.1909308

As a former typesetter, I am compelled to clean up my last mangled post.



>Phil 4:8


>Philippians 4:8

x2 less than 2 minutes apart. God has spoken.

eec8b6 No.1909309

>>1909262 Exactly.

Was a 'no filter' position previously. Just starting to use them. Figure if I've seen something enough to recognize the pattern, and actually add it to personal, custom filter list, then whatever is there to be gleaned is already embedded in my psyche, for good or bad. No need to hammer it in deeper, especially if a negative message, won't be "missing anything".

f0e8da No.1909310


Exactly 20 miuntes between last two POTUS tweets

c415df No.1909311


I fucked the embed up there is the link fuck

de6b8f No.1909312


The REAL American motorcycle.

Too bad they dont do a sport bike.

641bbb No.1909313


Right again POTUS.

cf40ae No.1909314

File: 242bad7328a8668⋯.png (122.82 KB, 1114x650, 557:325, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


r rats scattering? since we on attack

69c326 No.1909315

File: 8186dda0356eb99⋯.jpg (46.87 KB, 365x432, 365:432, tfw cnn meme.jpg)

d8f1b3 No.1909316


Well. Redo it…..lol…;-P

f0e8da No.1909317


LOL, it's funny because his steaming bullshit has gotten the Libs bashing him now!!!

3a7abe No.1909318


What she say then?

d566c8 No.1909319


They morphed many of the Victory brand (also owned by Polaris) into the new lineup.

58f303 No.1909320


Not quite Anon, I'm 40 they were big when I was younger too :) I am find of the Jets too, they were nice to me when I was an annoying teenager <3

f428f7 No.1909321


Daily reminder this man voted for Gus Hall; a communist.

00202f No.1909322


you need a warrant for her bank records

putting her on blast with a censure is not an exercise of futility

she should be expelled or recalled

641bbb No.1909323

File: 0697e4f3b254d0f⋯.jpg (149.49 KB, 2616x382, 1308:191, Kayfabe.JPG)


611931 No.1909324

File: 2b257181a9aa41f⋯.png (82.96 KB, 595x344, 595:344, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


The man's on fire!!

81d46a No.1909325

File: 8f7aff5a867e3c6⋯.png (72.42 KB, 638x634, 319:317, HILLARY-IN-ANTARCTICA.png)


"Sent : Sunday, July 26, 2009 11:20 PM"

"Big __ trip planned for late jan/early feb."

ba6a5b No.1909326

File: a0b08d9276e307f⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 600x338, 300:169, anigif-1_thumb.gif)


1e005e No.1909327


This is nice to know

63f48e No.1909328

File: ecb840e9aff1a30⋯.jpg (280.4 KB, 1055x470, 211:94, Screen Shot 06-26-18 at 01….JPG)

Germany detains ‘Bin Laden’s bodyguard’ – months after it emerged he lived there on social benefits

Published time: 25 Jun, 2018 21:44

Edited time: 26 Jun, 2018 09:46

https:// www.rt.com/news/430863-germany-detain-bin-laden-bodyguard/

e3e051 No.1909329

45 threatening Harley with taxes. This is something I would like to see unfolded soon.

00202f No.1909330


DJT 61%

HRC 14%

Johnson 12%

Stein 11%

Write-in 2%

2558c8 No.1909331


He's bringing both sides together to laugh at him.

eec8b6 No.1909332


Q did say it was time to Attack! We're seeing it boys and femAnons!

d2abcf No.1909333


I think we came up with "He needs to be shot". Cross reference the date of the SOTU and boards in the following 24 hour period.

e3e051 No.1909334


Tactics shift.

6f50b3 No.1909335


Wouldn't be surprised it were somewhat true.

8e5a05 No.1909336

File: c72c2b3cb73b4b5⋯.jpg (74.8 KB, 700x414, 350:207, bluewall.jpg)

The Party of Hate

d4717e No.1909337


Sounds like Trump is trying to get share holders attention by putting HD on blast. The share holders need to demand the CEO is replaced as he does not represent the ideals of the company and seems to be making decisions that are NOT in the best interest of the company simply to make a political point and to spit in the face of Trump..

d566c8 No.1909338


I would bet that's very close. There was fuckery uncovered in the dem primaries, so you know that it was in the general election as well.

e9f4a8 No.1909339


ClockFag: Here are 17 Q posts that qualify for today.

Anon: Any of the 23 you posted yesterday come true?

ClockFag: Yeah! This one here - check it out!!! The Clock works hahahahahaha haters - in your face!

Anon: Um, what about the other 22???

ClockFag: We don't talk about those.

f0e8da No.1909340


The shilling was the worst I've ever seen!

And RIP Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

b5ed10 No.1909341

File: 6b4a00c707a067f⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 497x446, 497:446, 35884120_378282859335619_4….jpg)

ba6a5b No.1909342

File: d7eefd297c75c40⋯.gif (2.7 MB, 148x281, 148:281, 9-11--North-Tower--Spire--….gif)


63f48e No.1909343

File: 449408c82cb648c⋯.jpg (359.24 KB, 1053x751, 1053:751, Screen Shot 06-26-18 at 01….JPG)

‘American Civil War wasn’t about slavery’ - GOP Senate candidate

Published time: 25 Jun, 2018 17:17

Edited time: 26 Jun, 2018 07:45

https:// www.rt.com/usa/430845-civil-war-not-slavery-republican/

49ebab No.1909344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d566c8 No.1909345

File: f6d533e65110843⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 250x188, 125:94, hes_on_fire.jpg)

641bbb No.1909346


namefags not welcome here. if you want your comment read, lose the name. Many eaither filter of discount anything namefags post.

c2e4e6 No.1909347

File: 62c8e19e221cb02⋯.jpeg (68.54 KB, 700x512, 175:128, Japanese-Ojigi-_REI.jpeg)


muscles atrophy when not in use

>didn't say it doesn't affect me , or that i'm a tough guy , this is boot camp for the mind

the truth is ulgy







didn't mean to be a divisionfag (filter v nofilter), just trying to understand reasons. Thank You for your replies

love you guys (no homo)


>back to lurking/digging

24365a No.1909348

File: 2a1d7762e0e5fad⋯.jpg (97.26 KB, 736x698, 368:349, 1512961882981.jpg)


>The Aura will be gone…

Such curious phrasing.. and a capital A as well.

e3e051 No.1909349

File: 3eb1f9c0b5f05ba⋯.png (645.46 KB, 1080x1199, 1080:1199, Screenshot_20180626-181118….png)

617ad3 No.1909350


Is one relevant thing being brought up not worth the other things?

Is keeping an eye out for something a bad thing?

00202f No.1909351


Election math is one of my strengths

I think 61% of the popular was a minimum for DJT and I also think 15% was an upper limit for Hildabeast

674f5b No.1909352

Hillary and Comey in Ireland at same time.

Bill Clinton visiting George H W Bush at home in Maine.

This is how they are communicating now . . in person.

What are they scheming up now

d2f38b No.1909353



kek kek

49ebab No.1909354


newfag, we already have hooktube

eec8b6 No.1909355



WTF ba6a5b ??

Are you going to be

A Shill for DEW

every fucking day? Why?

You ignore much evidence, push the same link multiple breads per day for weeks now.

Even if DEW were used, it is only part of the story.

Are you pushing a Double Jeopardy angle here? Via the Qui Tam?

We all get that the steel disintegrated - "DUSTIFIED" as Judy Woods says. Molecular Dissociation - same thing.

NOT ENOUGH to say it's DEW, so stop shilling that. MUCH more evidence it's nukes, but you ignore this.


Who is paying you???

73a37c No.1909356


She is too late, lmao.

49646f No.1909357


Methinks Waters is scared shitless. Something is hiding in her closet and the anxiety is building.

b4c6a5 No.1909358

File: 6d9a4ccff017bbc⋯.jpg (56.25 KB, 601x604, 601:604, embed.jpg)


Click on the

>Show post options & limits

Copy the URL there

c415df No.1909359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Comic Relief Squad -

The United Areas of America

Patrice Oneal

d566c8 No.1909360


I think that falls in line really well with their rally attendances too.

eb6b0d No.1909361


They sniff out anything bigger than a lemonade stand, and take it over. The lemonade stands, they sic the cops on.

63f48e No.1909362

File: fd61890ba80be33⋯.jpg (223.48 KB, 537x554, 537:554, Screen Shot 06-26-18 at 01….JPG)

US govt demands last minute changes to report on UK spies’ involvement in torture, rendition

Published time: 26 Jun, 2018 10:13

The US government has demanded the UK make 11th-hour changes to a report on Britain’s involvement in rendition during the War on Terror. Human rights groups say caving to US pressure would shatter the inquiry’s credibility.

It is understood that the long-awaited report, originally commissioned by David Cameron weeks after he entered Downing Street in 2010, will call for sweeping changes to the rules on how UK spies conduct themselves in the field.

https:// www.rt.com/uk/430895-us-spy-torture-trump/

611733 No.1909363


IMPORTANT. I recently met a woman whose uncle illustrated Sci Fi book covers. NASA came to him (pre 1969) and asked him to paint a photo of what it might look like on the moon when we land. Man showed family the painting. When the landing occurred, the family was amazed the photo of the actual moon landing looked exactly like uncles painting except the flag did not wave in painting. Years ago Uncle died, my friend categorized all his artwork, the painting was never found. I can't ask her, but I suspect he was Masonic. He made a portrait of her as a very young child in a pretty dress, but he changed color of dress and left her face dark and formless. Creepy. His Sci fi covers consisted primarily of large entities eating tiny people figures.

8063b4 No.1909364

File: f39ee8157056fa7⋯.jpg (4.8 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_7646.JPG)

We had an Anon at the SC Trump Rally last night! I took screenshot of the WWG1WGA shirt that was being flashed in front of the camera. This was during the time the little old Southern Lady was handing Jim Acosta his ass! Kek!!

397c71 No.1909365


"OMG stop, Trump should be shot!"

4e7db4 No.1909366


Tool sucks

3a7abe No.1909367


Yeah nice, I thought it was speculation from other recent posts. Gonna do it for shits and gigs anyway, may aswell learn something new.

de6b8f No.1909368


i know right


4e7db4 No.1909369


I’s dindu nuffin

73a37c No.1909370

8063b4 No.1909371

File: 5342f52eaca171f⋯.png (169.41 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_7647.PNG)


Don Jr response to the idiot.

8e5a05 No.1909372


Any indictments yet?


641bbb No.1909373


Correct. We are composes of information and information poisoning is real. Error retained and stored in memory create yuge problems in any information processing system, including autonomous self aware systems. All life is information processing.

accurate low error information = good life accurate healthy thought

high error information inputs = cognitive decline, confusion & despair

109c89 No.1909374


Congratulations Anon!

d2abcf No.1909375


Yes, adding more tools to your arsenal will make you more valuable to the movement. It's the same thing I do as a workfag. If I don't know how to do something I learn it. At this point I am the go to guy for almost everything we do. If times get hard I will be one of the last to go.

f0e8da No.1909376

MUST-WATCH: Crowds in Iran are chanting "Death to Palestine!" Not to Israel. Not to America. But to Palestine.


49ebab No.1909377

File: 420797cabdb7d13⋯.jpg (98.36 KB, 486x471, 162:157, farmersmarket_TN.jpg)

any help anons??

they are coming after our farmers

ff3bcd No.1909378


"America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry," the controversial conservative tweeted Sunday. "After that comes Ft. Sumter."

699c0b No.1909380

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

more overnight muhjoo shill fuckery in the bread and notable


here is a song for you subversives………….. BLOWIN IN THE WIND

Updated version for our anti-jew shill friends

How many posts must a anti-jew shill post

Before they can call him a loyal cabal soyboy

How many times must he spread his lies

Before he can think he’s a man

How many times must his cannon balls fly

Before he’s forever NOT a man

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

The answer is blowin' in the wind

How many years can a Dominatrix exist

Before she is washed to the sea

How many years can soyboys be Dominated

Before they’re allowed to be free

How many times can a soyboy anti-jew shill post

And pretend that he just doesn’t see.

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

The answer is blowin' in the wind

How many times must an anon look up

Before we can see the Domination tried?

How many years posting will the anti-jew shills have

Before we can hear you CRY?

How many posts will it take till soyboy shill knows

That Dominatrix leaders and their soyboy followers must DIE?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

The answer is blowin' in the wind

The answer is blowin' in the wind

The FAKE narrative

The gripe of the anti-jew shill post

The jews are dominating us


The cabal is trying to DOMINATE us

With each anti-jew post you are PROVING this

Post away expose yourselves for the HYPOCRITES you are

1,000’s if not more anti-jew posts already

Know what that is?


I’d say you have out done EVERYBODY

eb6b0d No.1909381


Like I said, you think inhaling twisted is going to make you stronger, flawed logic, that shit is peddled by the cabal, don't understand psychology, you are what you eat.

99d3e8 No.1909382

File: a3fa20f7bfdce4d⋯.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1536x1966, 768:983, E8CD1C76-FAB1-41CB-8C9E-7….jpeg)

File: 239d53782ff9628⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1310x1870, 131:187, A22DF245-EB06-49F1-8200-B….jpeg)

b5ed10 No.1909383


Be heard

Vote them out

You have the power.

Stand together.

Make them hear you.

3b19cd No.1909384

File: e5d1065b889c5cc⋯.png (67.91 KB, 1233x277, 1233:277, 1d3d307163cc4fdc365a31e03a….png)

4c1faf No.1909385



699c0b No.1909386


and more muhjoo baking here

>>>1905298, 1905987 Reminder of (((who))) we find at 40k view

69c326 No.1909387


Need to watch and get your head around common law.

Karl Lentz is the best and most knowledgable.

Good luck anon! Hopefully this wont last long

7fd009 No.1909388


wrong :)

tens of thousands!

8063b4 No.1909389


What if the true count was only 4-6% voted for HRC! Maybe that is why Q said that those people wouldn't be able to be reached! Kek!

I would love to know the REAL count for the 2016 election! I know HRC did not get the majority vote.

397c71 No.1909390


the should be than

a72931 No.1909391

File: 36ff6fb97015ecc⋯.jpg (26.24 KB, 215x320, 43:64, MonkeyWoah.JPG)


kike. I filtered you

699c0b No.1909392



2558c8 No.1909393

File: 0b20f744aeee67c⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 652x126, 326:63, MS.JPG)

Salvini making big moves to end illegal immigration to Italy.


ba6a5b No.1909394

File: 104f860b91ebdc5⋯.png (593.91 KB, 1060x891, 1060:891, 128613843678267865.png)

>>1909355 who are you working for?

>>1909355 who are you working for?

>>1909355 who are you working for?

8e5a05 No.1909395


Right now, while Democrats are pretending so fiercely to care about children

is the perfect time to start publicly exposing elite pedophiles.

If not now, when?

c51a79 No.1909396

File: 91b4238db6aa70b⋯.jpg (98.61 KB, 400x438, 200:219, kj-1.jpg)


>boys and femanons

Only anons in here

64cd49 No.1909397


I love this guy! Last night he was talking about the same separating kids policy was happening under OButthead, with worse conditions for them and that it was really true during Bush's time also. Then he goes "…but we very much enjoyed Laura Bush's lovely letter." No one seemed to hear it but I cracked up.

eb6b0d No.1909398


Men cover for each other.

c415df No.1909399

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eec8b6 No.1909400

>>1909342 be shillin'

>>1909358 ba6a5b please don't be helping with embed - (((they))) know how to use it just fine. This is a psy-op. The Judy Wood crew is pretty much a cult. Do some research, it's obvious.

Here are just a couple links to start, probably not the best, just the top couple of a LONG list:



49363f No.1909401


Demoncrats and Buckwheat attempting to steal the show and say all the child trafficking work started under Buckwheat.

8e5a05 No.1909402


I heard that too

Maybe the Bushes will wise up and start sucking up to Trump, hoping he'll spare them

6eefe6 No.1909403

If you wanted an unlimited supply of babies just harvest the alive ones a PP.

What if they are all alive?

What if they are already harvesting all abortions? and none are killed in the body.

Babies can be kept alive at ever younger ages.

3f458c No.1909404

File: 8ceaeba6f87a330⋯.jpg (450.45 KB, 1000x1408, 125:176, RPPH.jpg)

c415df No.1909405


I honestly fucked up the embed because I didn't think first in n attempt to make people laugh. i did the Patrice Oneal video and this Bill Burr - Shari's Berries video.

674f5b No.1909406

File: c2abb6ebc0bdd23⋯.jpg (7.67 KB, 188x182, 94:91, matthewslevatich.jpg)

File: 8d0699a7960d75d⋯.jpg (10.03 KB, 183x183, 1:1, harleydavidson.jpg)

A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never! Their employees and customers are already very angry at them. If they move, watch, it will be the beginning of the end - they surrendered, they quit! The Aura will be gone and they will be taxed like never before! - Trump tweet

Matthew S. Levatich

Mr. Matthew S. Levatich, also known as Matt, has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Harley-Davidson, Inc. since May 1, 2015. Mr. Levatich served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. from May 1, 2009 to May 1, 2015. He served as President and Managing Director of MV Agusta, the Italian motorcycle maker that Harley-Davidson, Inc. acquired last August. While at MV, he spearheaded the restarting of MV's operations. … In his 15 years at Harley-Davidson, he has held positions of increasing responsibility in the U.S. and Europe. He served as General Manager of Parts & Accessories and Custom Vehicle Operations and Vice President of Materials Management - Harley-Davidson Motor at Harley-Davidson, Inc., since November 2007 to July 2008 and October 2003 to October 2007 respectively. He joined Harley-Davidson in 1994 through its Leadership Development Program and quickly worked his way up to several senior roles within Harley-Davidson. Before that, he had managed all aspects of Harley-Davidson's global parts and accessories business after successfully leading its worldwide supply chain operations. Prior to Harley-Davidson, he held various supervising roles at Albany International in New York. He has been an Independent Director of Emerson Electric Co., since August 2012 and of Harley-Davidson, Inc. since February 4, 2015. He serves on the executive advisory board of the MMM Program at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Northwestern University and is a trustee on the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a Regent at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Mr. Levatich holds an Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds ME in Engineering Management and MBA in Marketing, Finance and Organizational Behavior from Northwestern University.


cf40ae No.1909407

File: dc45016ebea2272⋯.jpg (147.52 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_3890.JPG)

File: ef5f478d9cbd6f1⋯.jpg (30.22 KB, 317x323, 317:323, IMG_3874.JPG)

File: 048d47c3c4445d7⋯.jpg (120.32 KB, 951x501, 317:167, IMG_3868.JPG)

File: 679f6abcc7c8821⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 444x550, 222:275, IMG_3836.JPG)

d8b4e5 No.1909408


There is truth here.

Inform yourselves by researching the Corwin Amendment which was passed one month AFTER the Confederacy had formed.

d2abcf No.1909409


No deals.

641bbb No.1909411

NYC anons, I know some cultist were communicating with pigeons ten years ago.

Not sure how widely this was used, but watch for it. Bob Daly ex CEO of Warner Communications still has a lot of birds.

Flying pigeons is not a typical recreational activity of elites, be alert to possibilities.

0c3425 No.1909412


I found this to be EXTREMELY suspicious, as she is asking for people to donate to RAINN charity, which is the same charity this guy has done a concert for… (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).

Seems like a front for something else to me.

f50a58 No.1909413

File: 1faed11ace08e6e⋯.png (44.01 KB, 1298x178, 649:89, RED_Shoes_Cannabalism.png)

>>1908296 (lb)

it is not a coincidence that this chef is serving things in a red shoe

d8f1b3 No.1909414

Is anyone digging anything. I see the shill's bullshitty attempts to illicit a response, but I'm not seeing a matrix screen of knowledge flowing.

f428f7 No.1909415


Ron Perlman is a mistake.

ba6a5b No.1909416

File: bf1dd2a2b4b4369⋯.gif (98.56 KB, 625x275, 25:11, 54354768543353.gif)

File: b22b37c10f9af58⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1298x1133, 118:103, 442213433430906085084.png)



thanks for your support!

anons can decide for themselves.

8a5ac1 No.1909417

File: 039c2ace75af709⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 2cwozs.jpg)

d2f38b No.1909418

File: 50fd332c41dd98e⋯.png (740.62 KB, 800x743, 800:743, 2018-06-26_08-53-04.png)

File: c3fd26fe1fedb5f⋯.png (783.36 KB, 830x637, 830:637, 2018-06-26_08-57-08.png)

File: 50fd332c41dd98e⋯.png (740.62 KB, 800x743, 800:743, 2018-06-26_08-53-04.png)


We're in lots of trouble!

What to do next, Papa Poppi?

eb6b0d No.1909419


Ha Ha! Boops, I am in a state of perpetual mental auto correct, but I hope I've got a better ongoing data base than Android!

1e005e No.1909420

File: 90e9701ed1157e2⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 648x434, 324:217, bushFindOut.jpg)


>Maybe the Bushes will wise up and start sucking up to Trump, hoping he'll spare them

f50a58 No.1909421

File: 4180f10e30484bf⋯.png (992.16 KB, 1534x1244, 767:622, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


they are called racing pigeons…. and yes the mob used them extensively

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/the-last-racing-pigeon-breeder

3f458c No.1909422

File: b8283815ddd119f⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 750x562, 375:281, peedman.jpg)

d2f38b No.1909423

File: 50fd332c41dd98e⋯.png (740.62 KB, 800x743, 800:743, 2018-06-26_08-53-04.png)

File: 2f9de950783a4ae⋯.png (664.11 KB, 781x603, 781:603, 2018-06-26_08-56-30.png)

File: c3fd26fe1fedb5f⋯.png (783.36 KB, 830x637, 830:637, 2018-06-26_08-57-08.png)


Help us, Poppi Bush!

0ce8a4 No.1909424

File: dff81b01654f16a⋯.png (616.47 KB, 644x559, 644:559, tucker-painted.png)

>>1908263 (last bread)

Tucker looks like a lizard in this one but I love it

c9d015 No.1909425


Nah that was one of my possibilities, too many dumbed down and brainwashed people.

(We've all been deliberately poisoned and dumbed down by a multitude of attacks from flouride, innoculations, food, products. Of course with gods help the enemy shot itself in the foot and created the autists) >>1909389

954dca No.1909426



Please post an example of muh dick poster posting something important to digging. I'll wait.

c61b38 No.1909427

File: 1449415fdb389b9⋯.png (490.81 KB, 620x663, 620:663, Screenshot-2018-6-26 Haiti….png)

File: 8407ffeb3b386f7⋯.png (33.4 KB, 644x406, 46:29, Screenshot-2018-6-26 Haiti….png)


(baker asked me to break it down - yes a repeat dont spam on meh)

699c0b No.1909428

does any anon know the date of the original R post on this board?

cant find it

eec8b6 No.1909429


Understood, you weren't dividing, saw good intentions.

So, I'll filter the same ole crap that just eats bread and doesn't do much other damage. Let the newbies learn the patterns, part of the process.

But, I won't filter others, such as the ongoing DEWfag in this bread (id ba6a5b ), as I see this as a DANGEROUS PSY-OP, tied to a double-jeopardy plan for 9/11 prosecution and other nefarious intent. Do a search on the ID and note how no questions are ever answered, just shill what they're being paid to shill. Not normal Anon behavior at all.

49ebab No.1909430


abortion is just population control, drop the fertility rate so the country can't sustain itself then bring in immigrants from 3rd world countries who still have 7-8 children per mother to bring it back up. end result, less natives - more foreigners

they get the children from cults and third world countries, usually on the pretense of a chairty organisation

ef76ca No.1909431


Notable film

3b19cd No.1909432

File: 020dca4d4585d98⋯.jpeg (36.88 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 83b7f13e-9e2d-4a0f-be50-8….jpeg)



611733 No.1909433


I guess she is packing her broom right now.

81d46a No.1909434

File: 581af55f03eb0f7⋯.jpg (178.84 KB, 882x783, 98:87, NOLA1.jpg)

File: b78bcd2920019d0⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 854x480, 427:240, NOLA2.jpg)


Coincidence King of Spain just received the KEY to New Orleans?

>>1907242 (PB)

>New Orleans worst.

ff3bcd No.1909435


muh dick posted the faggots that q wanted us to figure out who was couchin wif obama

just to be fair

699c0b No.1909436


pro life horror porn


8a5ac1 No.1909437

File: 8bf6ba5fa0ffdbd⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 401x296, 401:296, easyridershotgun4.jpg)


Leave Tucker alone.

49ebab No.1909438


there is a seperate thread for these posts, bottom of this page open the catalog

3f458c No.1909439


sometimes digging gets oppressively dark.

harry's goofy smile makes me laugh.

i feel better.

i dig harder.

not every post is directly important - but we all play our part, even the jesters.

d4da58 No.1909440


In bed with a man, then having sex.

Honey, that's not rape.

Cool story tho, bro. Fake as hell.

4c1faf No.1909441


Only an evolutionary mistake

c61b38 No.1909442



f0e8da No.1909443

Shills have clocked in.

f50a58 No.1909444

File: 82e3a12bbaebf57⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1976x1398, 988:699, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


the Red Hen (DC) chef and Trump

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/donald-trump-and-celebrity-chef-jose-andres-settle-their-lawsuit/2017/04/07/987c5cae-1bbd-11e7-bcc2-7d1a0973e7b2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.e4b80b9c6a6d

eec8b6 No.1909445


Please note, I DO NOT support this Anon and the DEW shilling.

I DO support Anons digging into all 9/11 facts and phenomena, and understanding the atrocity that was perpetrated that day, and since as part of the coverup. DEWshill is an example of a pernicious psy-op to distract from the truth (Nano Thermite in conjunction with Nukes, etc.)

Cannot wait for justice on this one, patience is so hard….

a61a10 No.1909446


Holy fuck anon. That's most accurate description ever!

3d59e2 No.1909447


Patrice was a genius

c2e4e6 No.1909448

File: ccfe4dc11828818⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 656x970, 328:485, prince harry.jpg)

File: dadd2ab3d6234b3⋯.jpg (65.07 KB, 620x372, 5:3, obama couch.jpg)

3f458c No.1909449


well, that's weird.

24365a No.1909450

File: aeee925c6d184ea⋯.png (247.81 KB, 308x842, 154:421, Screenshot-20180626-113-08….png)


Kek, was gonna say the same..

c51a79 No.1909451


'original' R post?

there only has been one.


(I put a letter sig, so follow me)

e9f4a8 No.1909452


Look, ClockFags are patriots trying to do their part and for that I salute them. I hope one day (especially before all the action really kicks-off) they find the magic key to unlock it all.

But, if someone developed a strategy of printing out Q posts, sticking them on a wall, blind-folding themselves, and throwing darts… they'd hit the same random success rate the clock does in its current form. Now, if someone does that the board would be all over their ass. Not so for the ClockFags for some reason.

f50a58 No.1909453

File: 66dfa62bae1aa34⋯.png (1.02 MB, 2112x1756, 528:439, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


Red Hen chef owner (DC) advises ‘Hannibal’ on Cannibalism, Hannibal Lecter Food Preferences

f9b2ef No.1909454

c415df No.1909455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eec8b6 No.1909456


No shit Anon. Wishing you a good day.

ba6a5b No.1909458

File: c5310b6324f65e1⋯.png (830.85 KB, 1696x1040, 106:65, 425425412435653553.png)



thanks for drawing attention to this important subject.

i trust the anons to SEE and decide for themselves.

Don't you?

525363 No.1909459

File: 97244996acad0cf⋯.png (362.04 KB, 476x631, 476:631, FAKENEWS.png)

File: fb8721d90292292⋯.png (599.76 KB, 1080x586, 540:293, BrockHATTACK.png)

File: 032651ddbef399b⋯.jpg (449.72 KB, 696x696, 1:1, DietWokeQProofs.jpg)

File: 8bfc7a394fe2dc8⋯.png (571.35 KB, 658x833, 94:119, QVERYVIP.png)

ATL mockingbirds today:

Trump vs Harley - Their 'aura' is gone since they are going to make bikes outside USA; mockingbirds say republicans are against tariffs, never mention the rates our products are taxed vs other Cuntries

Reality Winner taking plea deal for leaking secret classified documents regarding Russia collusion in Court today. Leave out all kinds of details so sheep will think she had actual proof of Trump/Russia collusion to defeat queen Hillary and the cabal


699c0b No.1909460

File: fee16651c8535f6⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 299x168, 299:168, anondueprocess.jpg)


another win for the anons

thanks BO

617ad3 No.1909461


Can only speak from personal experience, but when we've banned the likes of MuhDick guy we've most likely been activating a set of code that makes to go haywire and post even more, jumping to other IPs faster than we can ban them. Anons using some VPN services can (and have, afaik) gotten caught in the crossfire, and I'd rather have no bullets shot at all (if possible).

Idk, still looking into it. Thank you for your patience!


Alright, thanks for double-checking, BO


Guessed it, anon! ;)

b5ed10 No.1909462

File: cee610e2f63a318⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 826x496, 413:248, download (1).jpg)

e4b329 No.1909463

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This video talks about the bloodlines and infiltration of the media by the cult

4e7db4 No.1909464


I wanna know why HD can close plants and layoff well paid workers

But the government won’t reduce its bloated overpaid staff

b7b7c6 No.1909465


Same here, anon.

I laughed when he said that.

51516f No.1909466

that sunken place is no joke. glad you woke up bro

699c0b No.1909467



nothing to see here folks

just move on - normal occurrence

what else can they say?

not time for the truth yet

f50a58 No.1909468

File: d6440544872718b⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1302x1676, 651:838, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


good guys do not work on shows about cannibals

https:// lasvegasweekly.com/ae/film/2014/may/15/dissecting-jose-andres-food-nbc-hannibal/

d7709c No.1909469

File: 3cb32a6522ea6c4⋯.png (531.55 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_4456.PNG)

617ad3 No.1909471


Maybe the success rate is the same, but the methodology and reasoning behind the act of looking at a clock as compared to throwing darts at a wall is quite different, is it not?

They've decided to do their thing and I respect that fully, who knows when it might become hyper-relevant? If we don't look we'll never see :)

This does, ofcourse, not warrant the harassment of non-believers, as with anything else.


0336f9 No.1909472


TIPPY-top kek

eb6b0d No.1909473


I would love to dig into the Golden Triangle again, but I can't right now. Here, you might want to do it:

Google search: Golden Triangle


525363 No.1909474

File: ade6fbe5ea01d4f⋯.jpg (4.09 MB, 3063x4430, 3063:4430, THOR.jpg)



674f5b No.1909476


Harley Davidson CEO, Matthew S. Levatich, sits on board of EMERSON ELETRIC.





Joshua Bolten, Former White House Chief of Staff FOR BUSH 43 also sits on board.

Joshua Brewster "Josh" Bolten served as the White House Chief of Staff to U.S. President George W. Bush. Long time Republican Bolten replaced Andrew Card on April 14, 2006.

Joshua Bolten



In March 2010, Bolten was appointed a member of the board and co-chair of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which has raised $36 million to date for immediate earthquake relief and long-term recovery efforts in the Caribbean country.[

d4da58 No.1909477

4 days without Q

Getting a kektic acid buildup.

eec8b6 No.1909478






>>1909394 PROJECTION

Example of questions this Anon ignores:

>>1900892 (pb)

Double Jeopardy post (LawFags?)

>>1900733 (pb)

etc etc etc

ps - the video is good to watch, just to convince yourself of the molecular dissociation that happened. Just don't be misled into the DEW as only explanation.

9d2b0d No.1909479

File: 609ab0ddb930e5d⋯.png (429.56 KB, 1300x732, 325:183, sdfsdfsdf.PNG)


What does that chef have to do with Red Hen DC?

51516f No.1909480

saw a circular rainbow yesterday. i didn't know they could loop. sky events for everyone!

69c326 No.1909481



ThanQ anon. Very much appreciated!

9d1bc8 No.1909482

God bless you today anons.


If any of you lacks WISDOM, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

DO NOT FORGET, Q has asked YOU to pray! Q has quoted scripture from the one true word of God, on multiple different occasions. Connect the dots, this war is being fought not only in the physical, but in the spirit realm. Use all of the weapons at your disposal. For those of us who are not autists, and are looking for our way to contribute, first pray. Then go out, and speak the truth fearlessly everywhere you go.

God bless you all again, both my brothers that believe, and those that don't. We are at war, we always have been.

5e6356 No.1909483


When I saw that It popped in my head that looks like baby's skulls were smashed in with that or it was used like a pestal to grind up something gross

4b2070 No.1909484

File: 321d8a22d92658e⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 209x242, 19:22, e88ec5b11fd12532b069df299b….jpg)


Good call, BO!

Fuck this schillclown and his retard posse.

Baker clocking in for next breads & AM on standby

4e7db4 No.1909485


NO is French

or did they forget

0ce8a4 No.1909486

File: 330770f003294da⋯.png (435.84 KB, 750x562, 375:281, peedman2.png)

a61a10 No.1909487


When kids are planting bombs all over your city, then eventually blow themselves up a few miles from your home, shits getting real! Loaded shotgun by the front door, loaded pistol by the bed, another loaded pistol under the seat of the car, and finally rifle in the trunk. I think its a prime for safety precautions and procedures.

ff3bcd No.1909489


was spanish before french

6eefe6 No.1909490


"Late-Night Hosts Rip Sarah Sanders: Be Grateful Chefs Didn’t Ejaculate in Your Food"

While President Donald Trump was roasting late-night hosts in front of a packed political rally in South Carolina, several of those same network and cable funnymen took swipes at White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. They celebrated the rural Virginia restaurant that organized a staff-led resistance to serving Sanders, her family, and friends — one host noting Sanders should be grateful she didn’t get served semen.

Seth Myers

Leading the way was NBC late-night host Seth Myers, who said, “White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia on Friday because she worked for the Trump administration. Which is weird, because usually people who work for the Trump administration are asked to leave the Trump administration.”

“I’m not saying I want everyone who works for Trump to be kicked out every time they go to a restaurant,” Myers added. “I just want them to worry that they will be for the entire meal. Because that is just a taste of the unease and dread so many people feel every day because of Trump’s policies.”


3f458c No.1909491

File: 942abd0ad76d361⋯.jpg (414.88 KB, 1000x1408, 125:176, muh-ron-perlman-hands.jpg)

397c71 No.1909492

File: 3802fc3f88e13a6⋯.jpg (146.19 KB, 1113x725, 1113:725, PeterAndLisa.jpg)

Closed-Door Hearing For Strzok?

e4b329 No.1909493


Because it's a private business and can do whatever it wants. The government is completely survives on failure, breeds incompetence, is unaccountable and can do whatever it wants

641bbb No.1909494


a pigeon racer who meets and new girl invites "come up to the roof, I'll show you my blue barred cock," - and hilarity ensues.

b5ed10 No.1909495

File: 354b51210117639⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 980x490, 2:1, download (2).jpg)

ba6a5b No.1909497

File: 83b0d1e89ea98af⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1850x953, 1850:953, 12712489263849.png)



thanks again!

I work to avenge these American's deaths.

66051e No.1909498


how did hicks shrink at least 3 inches to become jones?

d4da58 No.1909499


Congress likes to play Hide the Peter

ff3bcd No.1909500


what happened? bombs?

59ed3d No.1909501

File: 0341ab3958582e2⋯.png (123.78 KB, 1600x920, 40:23, 21secondmarkers.png)

File: 25d1afcbcc9b08a⋯.png (3.32 MB, 2928x4904, 366:613, clock_6-26-2018.png)

Here are the :21 second markers and a summary of the times for the June 26 posts (matching and reflections) and a repost of the June 26 posts.

Good luck fellow ClockFags.

8a5ac1 No.1909502

File: 819694da05b5202⋯.jpg (103.45 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 2cwrj5.jpg)


Perelman is a fag.

576d67 No.1909503

File: 6c496d60e68cf24⋯.jpg (147.37 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, game.jpg)


Why don't potus repeal law allowing fake news instead of

repeatedly saying fake news.

all normies hear on the news is lies and its causing more divide,

and getting to a point where anything could set off mass violence and ML.

repeal Smith-Mundt Act now and make it illegal for fake news.

49646f No.1909505


I wouldn't worry. The libtards will arm themselves with paint guns and strap encyclopedias to their chests for body armor.

9d2b0d No.1909506

File: 9fdf3f42b2de485⋯.png (142.57 KB, 717x450, 239:150, 35711398bb3141fc5139c60420….png)





Listen you faggot why are you shitting on the other red hen? Stop glowing.

a61a10 No.1909507


The bombings in Austin, TX

4e7db4 No.1909508


Yellow hands….lol

7e90a3 No.1909509

File: f8bc48c1e39c9bb⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 480x439, 480:439, SPQRII jew devil.jpg)

6eefe6 No.1909510


Because fake news is free speech

f14b22 No.1909511

File: b0b30a7ac6730cc⋯.jpg (139.41 KB, 1325x700, 53:28, AlexJones_HicksFamily.jpg)

7e90a3 No.1909512

File: effa7cedfd9aacd⋯.jpg (131.1 KB, 720x322, 360:161, Choose wisely SPQRII.jpg)

3b19cd No.1909513

File: 4975c2e61e2c6e7⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 311x475, 311:475, 4618391.jpg)


This author was practically quoted in the constitution, was in the founding fathers libraries.

Also Emmerich de Vattl


b5ed10 No.1909514

File: 73f882a40fc3b93⋯.jpg (49.55 KB, 400x300, 4:3, $_1.jpg)


I'm ready.

611931 No.1909515


576d67 No.1909516


that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

699c0b No.1909517

File: ed2f52c727e33d3⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 255x170, 3:2, dominator&soyboy.jpg)

525363 No.1909518

File: dafb45f76dc3d7e⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 545x289, 545:289, brennanCLUBGITMOnoSOCCER.jpg)


>pedo-commie trying to continually hijack patriotism and love for country to justify violence


0ce8a4 No.1909519



all credit for yellow hands to this guy who posted it earlier (I just added txt)


75757e No.1909520

File: 3439c2320cf1aba⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 620x424, 155:106, ScreenShot_001.jpg)

>>1908564 "Sangs Are Twoofy" (Blood drinkers are thirsty) Screencap

BAKER - Notable ^^^^^

Some of the posts are in notables but I don't think the whole post cap as yet.

Sanguinarians = Blood Drinkers

Dig into the 'Toofy Sangs' (Thirsty Blood Drinkers), posts which were posted earlier. Apparently, 'Sangs' is the name blood drinkers use to describe themselves and, drink human blood for its medical benefits. Excerpts from the BBC article linked below, explains -

The People Who Drink Human Blood

"In most major cities around the world, communities of ordinary people – nurses, bar staff, secretaries – are drinking human blood on a regular basis. The question is, why?"

"In the French quarter of New Orleans, John Edgar Browning is about to take part in a "feeding". It begins as clinically as a medical procedure. His acquaintance first swabs a small patch on Browning’s upper back with alcohol. He then punctures it with a disposable hobby scalpel, and squeezes until the blood starts flowing. Lowering his lips to the wound, Browning's associate now starts lapping up the wine-dark liquid. “He drank it a few times, then cleaned and bandaged me,” Browning says today.

To Browning’s bemusement, he was not quite to his host’s taste. “He said my blood was not as metallic as it should have been – so he was a little disappointed,” he recalls; apparently, diet, hydration and blood group can all make a subtle difference to the flavour. After they had cleaned up, the pair went to a charity dinner in aid of the homeless."

"After consuming seven shot glasses of blood, our digestive system works wonderfully – CK!"

"So-called "medical sanguinarians" claim that regular shots of blood relieve them of fatigue, headaches and severe stomach pains."

“This effect can be further enhanced if there is a ritual component associated with the ingestion, and if the individual feels a sense of some kind of exclusivity (such as drinking a very expensive and rare wine).” Combined with the fact that blood is highly nutritious, and a natural laxative, he thinks this may be why it offers some temporary relief for both the digestive and mental difficulties.

Full article -



4cc226 No.1909521


I have known lefety lib artsy type paintining LIW as racist at least 5 years ago. It's destroying something good, and LIW is dead. But it's all stuff like American Imperialism- this was coming from from a far lefty asian bitch back on LiveJournal. I laughed, I said sweety, do you even know your OWN history, like Genghis Khan….

PS "half pint" is a TV thing. Never said it in the books.

d566c8 No.1909522


Wrong. If that were the case "Freedom of the Press" would not have been spelled out, as it would have been redundant.

7e90a3 No.1909523

File: 7949017300bceb0⋯.jpg (299.4 KB, 1022x1200, 511:600, grand design.jpg)

File: f815ec88f2fbd71⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 5000x3333, 5000:3333, new awakening reading list.jpg)

File: 56aa68f9d03d694⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 421x564, 421:564, real fake news.jpg)

File: dbb9a66b7b59678⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2150x1252, 1075:626, New Modern Woman.png)

File: 335919a2586b7eb⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 288x325, 288:325, bezmenoved.jpg)

d8f1b3 No.1909524


Everybody has a part to play. When shit goes down, everyone needs to speak their truth. Everyone that's lurked, contributed or sacrificed countless hours to be here, has to do their part in spreading the information. Not too hard to do.

b5ed10 No.1909525


His hand is covered in piss.

641bbb No.1909526

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 335b8b2436c4737e418357e911….png)

repost fr new fags

3881e4 No.1909527

Interdasting article, implicates CIAniggers in the (((NWO))) attempted takeover. Some of it contains things anons will recognize as inaccurate (not sure if intentional or out of ignorance), but it lets slip some truth (maybe unintentionallly?).

tl/dr: The truth is out, (((THEY))) are fucked.


The Beginning Of The End Of The Bilderberg/Soros Era

Authored by Alistair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The beginning of the end of the Bilderberg/Soros vision is in sight. The Old Order will cling on, even to the last of its fingernails. The Bilderberg vision is the notion of (((multi-cultural, international cosmopolitanism))) that surpasses old-time nationalism; heralding the end of frontiers; and leading toward a (((US-led))), ‘technocratic’, global economic and political governance.

Its roots lie with figures such as James Burnham, an anti-Stalin, former Trotskyite, who, writing as early as 1941, advocated for the levers of financial and economic power being placedin the hands of a management class: an (((élite))) – which alone would be capable of running the contemporary state - thanks to this élite’s market and financial technical nous. It was, bluntly, a call for an expert, (((technocratic oligarchy))).

Burnham renounced his allegiance to Trotsky and Marxism, in all its forms in 1940, but he would take the tactics and strategies for (((infiltration and subversion))), (learned as a member of Leon Trotsky’s inner circle) with him, and would elevate the Trotskyist management of ‘identity politics’ to become the fragmentation ‘device’ primed to explode national culture onto a new stage, in the Western sphere. His 1941 book, “The Managerial Revolution,” caught the attention of (((Frank Wisner))), subsequently, a legendary CIA figure, who saw in the works of Burnham and his colleague a fellow Trotskyite, Sidney Hook, the prospect of mounting an effective alliance of former Trotskyites against Stalinism.

But, additionally, Wisner perceived its merits as the blueprint for a CIA-led, pseudo-liberal, US-led global order. (‘Pseudo’, because, as Burnham articulated clearly, in The Machiavellians, Defenders of Freedom, his version of freedom meant anything but intellectual freedom or those freedoms defined by America’s Constitution. “What it really meant was conformity and submission”).

In short, (as Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould have noted), “by 1947, James Burnham’s transformation from (((Communist))) radical, to New World Order American conservative was complete. His Struggle for the World, [converted into a memo for the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the forerunner of CIA)], had done a ‘French Turn’ on Trotsky’s permanent Communist revolution, and turned it into a permanent battle plan for a (((global American empire))). ==All that was needed to complete Burnham’s dialectic was a permanent enemy, and that would require a sophisticated psychological campaign to keep the hatred of Russia alive, "for generations".==

What has this to do with us today?

A ‘Burnham Landscape’ of apparently, ‘centrist’ European political parties, apparently independent think-tanks, institutions, and NATO structures, was seeded by CIA – in the post war era of anti-Sovietism - across Europe, and the Middle East – as part of Burnham’s ‘battle plan’ for a (((US-led, global ‘order’))). It is precisely this élite: i.e. Burnham’s (((oligarchic technocracy))), that is facing political push-back today to the point at which the (((Liberal Order))) feels that it is struggling for its very survival against “the enemy in the White House”, as the editor of Spiegel Online has termed President Trump.

What has caused this?

Well, like him or hate him, President Trump has played a major part, if only by saying the unsayable. The rationality or not inherent in these Eckhart-style ‘unsayings’, or apophasis, is beside the point: ==Trump’s intuitive ‘discourse of saying the unsayable’ has taken most of the bolts out of the former Burnham-type, ideological structure. ==

But in Europe, two main flaws to the Burnham blueprint have contributed, possibly fatally, to the blueprint crisis:

Firstly, the policy of populating Europe with immigrants, as a remedy for Europe’s adverse demographics (and to dilute to the point of erasure, its national cultures): "Far from leading to fusion”, writes British historian, Niall Ferguson, "Europe’s migration crisis is leading to fission. The play might be called The Meltdown Pot … Increasingly … the issue of migration will be seen by future historians as the fatal solvent of the EU. In their accounts Brexit will appear as merely an early symptom of the crisis".

611733 No.1909528

2558c8 No.1909529

That Iranian Reporter is still using #Qanon on every post.

b5ed10 No.1909530


Yes it's mine and I drive it around town, just like that.

23dfe2 No.1909531

File: 2b6b4ede30a06fc⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 600x776, 75:97, time to get aviated.jpg)

File: 961581d5f341a6c⋯.jpg (104.03 KB, 500x657, 500:657, watto you mean I'm a jew.jp