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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, Q_Anon Flag.png)

91a906 No.1793799

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

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Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !CbboFOtcZs

Sunday 06.17.2018

>>1793707 Public learned today, why?

>>1791240 rt >>1791066 ---- Trolling is fun!

>>1790989 rt >>1790916 ---- Happy Father's Day side-by-side

>>1790332 rt >>1790261 ---- Review lawsuit.

>>1790208 rt >>1790105 ---- [7] Delta today.

>>1790105 rt >>1790063 ---- +Snopes building algo to now track and refute all claims as false.

>>1789978 ----------------------- It’s coming.

>>1785859 rt >>1785584 ---- Lead in was cover. Exit out was missing what?

>>1785558 rt >>1785535 ---- Happy Father’s Day!

>>1785388 ----------------------- https://mobile.twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/1008386945905504256/video/1

>>1784974 ----------------------- Barcelona. The World is watching.

>>1784855 rt >>1784823 ---- Proof [RR] altered the IG Report.

>>1784829 rt >>1784660 ---- Thank you & God bless.

>>1784739 ----------------------- Listen carefully. What will this week bring?

>>1784536 rt >>1784493 ---- Track History. (as Anonymous)

>>1784469 rt >>1762746 ---- {Access Kills}

>>1784426 rt >>1784394 ---- GOOG OP provided undeniable proof.

>>1784372 rt >>1784355 ---- Nunes

>>1784226 ----------------------- Do you believe in coincidences? Have faith.

Saturday 06.16.2018

>>1769937 rt >>1769896 ---- No one person is above another. We are in this together

>>1769874 rt >>1769812 ---- Well done, Anon. Shows commitment

>>1769801 rt >>1769691 ---- IG started long before Huber setting stage

>>1769716 rt >>1769202 ---- JP / Huma NOV. Huber recent reveal by Sessions (Nov start)

>>1769202 ----------------------- These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded

>>1768724 rt >>1768697 ---- News unlocks

>>1768636 ----------------------- Future proves past. News unlocks

Friday 06.15.2018

>>1765157 rt >>1764829 ---- Note CF children drop in IG report. 'The Beginning'. Not all are awake.

>>1764930 rt >>1764782 ---- Search foreign posts (State). Face important. (Re: Obama Administration)

>>1764829 rt >>1764595 ---- IG report on HRC email handling means LITTLE. Keep your eyes on the ball. We owe it to our children.

>>1764595 rt >>1764453 ---- Have you IDEN other person?

>>1764530 rt >>1764437 ---- Plants need water!

>>1763507 rt >>1763411 ---- Marine One proofs forthcoming. AF1 (inside) thereafter. More & More

>>1763457 rt >>1763343 ---- Proof? Check timestamp

>>1763131 rt >>1763093 ---- Have a wonderful weekend. Trust in your President! Q

>>1763103 rt >>1762921 ---- What came out in IG report? JC gmail. ES is KEY. What a wonderful day

>>1762912 rt >>1762874 ---- Think meeting yesterday

>>1762761 rt >>1762748 ---- >>1762748

>>1762748 ----------------------- GOOG Guest badge pic (as Anonymous)

>>1762746 ----------------------- Access Kills (as Anonymous)

Thursday 06.14.2018

>>>/patriotsfight/110 ---------- POTUS Tweet: What's taking so long with the IG report?

>>>/patriotsfight/109 ---------- [[RR]] approved/signed FISA-warrant application(s) to extend surveillance on POTUS/others.

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are not endorsements


>>1783948, >>1789875 BO clarifies /qresearch/ CSS updates. This kills the kvetchers.

>>1780275 Board Owner Post Regarding "New CSS Applied"

>>1746620 ; >>1746924 Announcements From The War Room

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags


>>1793093, >>1793413, >>1793437 >>1793468, >>1793714 Planefag Updates


>>1792850 Planefag Updates

>>1792381 Reminder on June 23

>>1792444 Obama's Speech to the EU 2014 (Graphic)

>>1792492 Kazakhstan as hosting for uranium?


>>1791549 Great Awakening Volume 38

>>1791551, >>1791732, >>1791848, >>1791888 Planefag update

>>1791554 Qpost & Trump tweet side-by-side [1] min delta

>>1791775 Laura Bush in on the action. These people are so transparent.

>>1791844 Good LA Times article on Snopes (1997):

>>1791856 Moar SNL Trump/Q teasing

>>1792043 Q & POTUS are pointing us to ACCH?

>>1792128 Qproof on NoName


>>1790768, >>1790782 New POTUS tweet

>>1790777 Qanon search on Snopes

>>1790866, >>1790938 Obama and Antoin "Toni" Rezko

>>1790888 >>1790933 Sauce on Snopes being a Soros funded op

>>1790916 Happy Father's Day side-by-side

>>1790952, >>1790996, >>1791054, >>1791280 New POTUS tweets

>>1791237 Qlock for tomorrow, 18 June

>>1791266 Osaka quake

>>1791456 Planefag update


>>1790203 Kazakhstan as hosting for uranium?

>>1790229 Qproofs.com Update

>>1790309 Q "7 delta" post connects with Q June 10 post "start the clock"

>>1790322 Vidya from Q post downloaded for EU felks

>>1790572 Anon's wife wants Trump eating popcorn..

>>1790643, >>1790674 Planefag update

>>1790702 Digging on archived article on Hussein


>>1789222 Man charged with threatening mass shooting at Disney World

>>1789233 Kathy Griffin unleashes profanity-laced tirade at Melania Trump: 'F--- you, Melanie'

>>1789282, >>1789295 Obama / Siddiqi and his weapon dealing father / A secret CIA program under Brzesinsky and the history of the AK47 in Pakistan

>>1789358 We remember our fallen shipmates who were lost one year ago today aboard USS Fitzgerald

>>1789384, >>1789586, >>1789724, >>1789733 Planefag update

>>1789386, >>1789643 Belgium connection to Hussein speech % Uranium

>>1789400 Peter Strzok to testify side-by-side

>>1789421 Lee S. addresses Q in new tweet

>>1789429, >>1789457 Strzok cooperation

>>1789471 Quakefag Update

>>1789475 CA Judge Rules Against Twitter in Right-Wing Banning Case

>>1789579 A scheduled launch of Russia’s Soyuz rocket with a satellite aboard turned into quite an event in Russia

>>1789615 (((Suzanne Lachmann))) mad cuz she didn't get the D

>>1789875 BO update on CSS/themes


>>1788408 Operation Ghost Planes

>>1788434 Anti-circumcision bread

>>1788345 Houston/Pakistan Connection - Dem CBC Reps Lee & Green districts both heavy Paki interests.

>>1788420, >>1788484, >>1788524 Strzok To Testify Before Congress articles

>>1788439 Democrat Admits Child Migrant Crisis "Was Kept Very Quiet Under Obama"

>>1788446, >>1788540 Podesta - Bridge - Amber Ready Inc.

>>1788450 Facebook projecting prison camps

>>1788452 Obama Video Breakdown

>>1788598 Israel targets rights groups with bill to outlaw filming of soldiers

>>1788625, >>1788675 POTUS Schedule Update - Stand United & Strong

>>1788703 Democratic lawmakers break into NJ immigration detention center, violating privacy of migrant children

>>1788766 Colorado - 49 Pedophiles Arrested in Nationwide Child Pornography Sting

>>1788852, >>1786031 (lb) News paper columnist thoughts on politicians written in 1984!

>>1788868 Planefag update

>>1788871, >>1789092 Digging on KJU's car at the Summit

>>1788948 Second FBI Informant Tried To Entrap Trump Campaign With $2 Million Offer For Hillary Dirt: Roger Stone

>>1789078 Archived article on Hussein

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Summaries Of IG Report 2018.06.14

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Numbering per .pdf pages

Good Work. Now Let's Reread.

Link to IG Report: https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download

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Pg 20 - 40 ----- >>1747772

Pg 40 - 60 ----- >>1755490

Pg 60 - 80 ----- >>1747537

Pg 80 - 100 --- >>1747564 , >>1747862, >>1747977, >>1749302, >>1749507, >>1749114, >>1747977, >>1751032, >>1754500

Pg 100 - 120 -- >>1748215 , >>1764454

Pg 120 - 140 -- >>1748336 Reports: >>1756672, >>1763391

Pg 140 - 160 -- >>1764180 , >>1764613

Pg 160 - 180 -- >>1748418 Reports: >>1752746, >>1752794, >>1752800

Pg 180 - 200 -- >>1748984 , >>1748989

Pg 200 - 220 -- >>1748466 Report: >>1751208

Pg 220 - 240 -- >>1749012 Reports: >>1751004, >>1752440

Pg 240 - 260 -- >>1749332 Report1: >>1750369, Pt 2/2 >>1750369, >>1752260

Pg 260 - 280 -- >>1749515 Reports: >>1750903, >>1751118

Pg 280 - 300 -- >>1750186 , >>1771852, Comprehensive Summary >>1771856

Pg 300 - 320 -- >>1750594

Pg 320 - 340 -- >>1752689 , >>1752705, >>1752724, >>1752736, >>1759531

Pg 340 - 360 -- >>1752957 Reports: >>1754243, >>1754248, >>1754255

Pg 360 - 380 -- >>1754322 Reports: >>1755429, >>1755440, >>1755447

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c1780d No.1793858

File: 6025f92bf3835fe⋯.jpeg (230.94 KB, 417x495, 139:165, IMG_1099971FA3D4-1.jpeg)

comb your hair anons


95f8ce No.1793859

File: 77bb5df3e4783b0⋯.png (47.9 KB, 623x364, 89:52, ormatproblems2.png)

File: a76bb38b7f292c9⋯.png (55.17 KB, 621x473, 621:473, ormatproblems.png)

File: e12949c90777064⋯.png (16.74 KB, 412x132, 103:33, simplywallst.png)

File: 326c86aca45780c⋯.png (187.4 KB, 308x429, 28:39, viridity.png)

File: 410d6d30d695949⋯.png (59.48 KB, 714x439, 714:439, ormatadvancedwarn.png)


Continued from >>1648408

>Suspicious looking geothermal company with suspicious Board of Directors and Management with suspicious proximity to geological disasters including Fukushima, and recent volcanoes in Hawaii and Guatemala

I've been following this company Ormat closely since I first posted about them June 6th. When I first searched for Ormat news I found little except some articles talking about their problems in Hawaii. Now look


They now have an army of law firms filing class action lawsuits, securities fraud investigations, and more. Many of the articles are simply warning investors and shareholders of the pending litigation against Ormat and members of its BOD.

Then I find this asshat, telling people Ormat is totally financially secure and maybe you should think about investing in Ormat.


That's a nice logo for their website.

Then I find this article about a subsidiary of Ormat called Viridity, and they're breaking ground on a power storage project in Jersey. Still digging, it's smells fishy.


Last but not least I found this article from a few days ago which talks about advanced warning. Apparently Ormat's 2017 annual report mentioned the risk of volcanic eruptions 17 times



I'm also going to reiterate what I've stated in my prior dig.

Weatherfags needs to become a thing

Since that post we've seen a freakin missile captured by a weather station camera. Take a look at this radar image with me Anons. Its the base reflectivity doppler radar composite.


Notice the gray and blue circles. Notice how they just turn on and off, all over the country. Those are the NEXRAD radar stations. Meteorologists claim these circles are simply caused by interference and artifacts. So why on/off? If you watch these stations especially near the storms, you will notice an unmistakable correlation between the development of storm systems and their trajectories. You will even notice unmistakable wave fronts emitting from these radar stations, which cause storms to intensify or change direction. You don't have to understand the science of what's happening here to see these patterns for yourself.

eb29fe No.1793860

way to get that new Q in there baker!

thank you!

18a328 No.1793861

File: 4f05f668eb7501c⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1300x650, 2:1, 3b5078b9320bec737a41152cc5….png)


So a HRC loyalist (Strzok) will deliver all the heads on a platter?

f55c1d No.1793862


e15221 No.1793863

File: 695f43f422bdab1⋯.jpeg (21.21 KB, 193x255, 193:255, C56F673E-0D22-4580-8A90-8….jpeg)

File: 7321c6741ad180d⋯.jpeg (81.94 KB, 650x615, 130:123, CF73C1A8-2B29-4188-8FF4-0….jpeg)

File: aa265b5a8843ae6⋯.jpeg (160.51 KB, 453x581, 453:581, 9A7AE1BD-27FF-451D-BEC9-4….jpeg)

File: 8f0209777c0a637⋯.jpeg (547.08 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, F41CC8CB-3D8D-4C39-B204-C….jpeg)


e470f2 No.1793864

Damn gotta go to work and I suspect Q is about to drop some serious bombs!

Dig on Anons' WWG1WGA

a30b31 No.1793865

>>1793707 lb

>Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.

Q: was "Politcal" typo or intended misspell?

ThankQ. Very excited for SHOCK AND AWE.

0d5ce5 No.1793866

LP released after…..

PS will be released after….

so Peter Strzok is ready to testify and I assume Lisa Page is next.

Then the DOJ emails/texts?

I need moar popcorn.

c49d5d No.1793867

File: 657014b15add96e⋯.jpg (177.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, force vs violence.jpg)

One is positive-spiritual other is barbaric and evil.

92e91e No.1793868


Makes me wonder if Mil Intel had conversations with any of the FBI agents around the same time they went to talk to Trump about running…

91a906 No.1793869


Thanks, only my second time to Bake when Q posted, 1st time I had a helper (Maybe NordicBaker)…

Happy to serve Anon <3

31031c No.1793870

>>1793829 lb

The Father, the Son and the Holy spirit all decided to make man in their like kind? The kid even had a say so in it? GTFO of here with that nonsense.

That's bullshit. I read the original interpretation of the 30 or so diff uses and meanings for what we all say today as "God" in our english bibles.... you can't pull that wool over my eyes.

>>1793853 lb

The us referred to is Yaldaboath and his archon underlord twats.... that presently has their lineage calling the shots today.

>>1793847 lb

The earth is neither flat nor is it a perfect sphere anon. Look at Google maps. Notice the difference between north pole and south pole? What does that actually prove? Look at size diff. and location. Zoom all the way out.

f83971 No.1793871

(you) have more than (you) know.

Gets truer and truer each minute.

a48ea9 No.1793872


Haha so you think your virgin wife was a virgin right? Kek

f97bc0 No.1793874

File: 6eb1464265933bd⋯.png (378.48 KB, 500x595, 100:119, lkjlslkd.png)

Thank You Baker!

478a5d No.1793875

File: c4e061d682ba16f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.4 KB, 620x900, 31:45, c4e061d682ba16f7b385456690….jpg)

File: 25ae0d23cf9236e⋯.png (6.26 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 25ae0d23cf9236ef3cb23248a7….png)

TY baker

98446e No.1793876

Thank you baker, and thank you Night Shift Q. Hope everyone had a great father's day. See you all tomorrow

0ef74e No.1793878



66b0b3 No.1793879

File: ebf88c5c51bb7bc⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 770x450, 77:45, trumpmelaniaPURPLE.jpg)

c9f736 No.1793880

>>1793853 (lb)

The Bible has not been corrupted; that is just a fantasy. Con artists like to make outrageous claims to sell their latest products or scams to an unsuspecting audience.

08c3df No.1793881

File: b080b7a68b95d08⋯.png (448.66 KB, 566x295, 566:295, get learnt.png)



with some STRONG 'proof' skills

LOOK at those curled and shadowed edges on the insets.

proofers... get learnt

eb29fe No.1793882




god bless our pornfags

996ec4 No.1793883


Good job, baker. ThankQ

f83971 No.1793884



All at once.

629ed1 No.1793885


>so Peter Strzok is ready to testify and I assume Lisa Page is next.

Looks thats way

>he will voluntarily testify to Congressional investigators in the House Judiciary Committee and any other Congressional committee that asks, his attorney said in a letter released on Sunday after Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) threatened to Subpoena Strzok.

>No immunity

>No invoking the 5th

f55c1d No.1793886

ready when you are, q

stay frost for the week coming up, boys

SKY event inc?

c9f736 No.1793887


Stop. Porn is found in 99% of the threads.

58f048 No.1793888


Nice catch.

>Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.

096f3f No.1793889

>1793707 (pb)

>HRC Hussein etc & Russia.

>Claim: Political attack re: case against POTUS.



HRC and her crime cabal accuse others (POTUS) of the very things they are guilty of to take the attention away from their misdeeds.

So working backward, Clinton Foundation should be investigated for what POTUS is accused of: "violated both federal and state law in the mismanagement of his charitable organization."

Russian collusion and interference: it is totally clear that HRC used a law firm to get dirt on POTUS from Russian sources. It will be interesting to see how JB (the commie) facilitated getting disinformation passed from the Russians to Steele.

fc42c6 No.1793890

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

ty baker

ty anons

5c6163 No.1793891

hey anyone got any last minute archive offline reccomendations ? i got alot of stuff offline anyways but would love to get some red pill documentaries big pdfs etc anything and everything you all got

c5353d No.1793892


The OPR report on Roseinstein, which is important because it's being done by an office nobody's ever heard of run by a vetted Hussein holdover -- complete bipartisanship. The OPR report goes to the deputy AG and the AG.


Why did POTUS mention being able to pardon himself?

What did the Mockingbirds tell the public?

>Nobody can be the judge of their own case.

That's the matter of law that's going to be employed to dismiss Rosenstein, and it came from their mouths.

Am I close?

80f458 No.1793893


Jeremiah 10:2 KJV

Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

f83971 No.1793894

CF Foundation [Nightmare Awake] [slush fund / children].

This is why we are here.

f8acd0 No.1793895

Aint lazy, anon, I work hard when I'm here, unlike alot who just consume the bread w/o and post naked lady pics. I aint lazy, just a dummie with tech stuff. Global Post read.

5370df No.1793896

File: c5612e9700d81b2⋯.png (16.03 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 227ee677b006a40d4f2f505772….png)

69b2a4 No.1793897


Q is in 100% of the threads that have porn.

66b0b3 No.1793898

File: 7fadcb882bd2ca5⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 697x795, 697:795, nasimpray.jpg)

File: 4aaa97f5eb7cf7f⋯.jpg (484.72 KB, 2301x1910, 2301:1910, nasimQ.jpg)

f97bc0 No.1793899


There are no coincidences!

889d93 No.1793900

File: 4c6eaa2d94fac42⋯.png (819.16 KB, 833x640, 833:640, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

Shooting took place at Walmart in Tumwater, Washington state

Emergency calls were made to dispatcher at around 5pm local time

Suspect carjacked one vehicle then led police to the parking lot of local Walmart

When he tried to carjack another vehicle, an armed bystander shot him dead


31031c No.1793901


The Father, the Son and the Holy spirit all decided to make man in their like kind? The kid even had a say so in it? GTFO of here with that nonsense.

That's bullshit. I read the original interpretation of the 30 or so diff uses and meanings for what we all say today as "God" in our english bibles…. you can't pull that wool over my eyes.

(Meant to reply to you in this >>1793870

but accidentally replied to myself. )

c9f736 No.1793902


Go somewhere else with this crap. There are dozens of other sites for you and your sick proclivities.

db9314 No.1793903


This is why nobody fighting back against the Trump hurting kids and families narrative. They're walking right into it. They are stupid.

207db3 No.1793904


That's because 100% of threads have porn

28bf75 No.1793905


Agreed, Anon.


18a328 No.1793906


Strzok did a lot of bad things bordering on treason. I doubt he was in on some game with the good guys…

996ec4 No.1793907



Think about the media coverage re: children in cages and re: children of illegal immigrants. Who is actually responsible? Who is actually helping?

"I know you are but what am I?"

69b2a4 No.1793908


Nope. Ain't going to happen, piousfag.

0ef74e No.1793909

File: 6a10bd651d1485d⋯.png (194.76 KB, 758x360, 379:180, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)



904d2d No.1793910

File: 65f32ba3f52d015⋯.png (268.07 KB, 1277x759, 1277:759, ClipboardImage.png)

My 17 on the 17th post had its post number begin and and with 17!

4c9351 No.1793911

File: a00dfd40caf4b6c⋯.jpg (645.42 KB, 1498x970, 749:485, beLoud.jpg)

File: 210f4f66f1dd07b⋯.jpg (482.46 KB, 1200x731, 1200:731, gowdy4.jpg)

File: bdc6fb90b9afbd2⋯.jpg (330.1 KB, 910x455, 2:1, weOweIt.jpg)

File: a270978da8f7b56⋯.jpg (866.72 KB, 1200x754, 600:377, WillYou.jpg)

ee2d43 No.1793912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the take home MESSAGE.

The enemy will demand the full unredacted version.



bc9504 No.1793913

File: d2554689b1e6bd9⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1517x759, 1517:759, pepelect.PNG)

04abcd No.1793914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sheep Herders/DTJ/Mattis/Q/ are working together in unity with Dog's/Military/Angels/Autists/Anons, to protect the sheep/GODs people by casting Love/Light/and Sunshine down upon the Wolves(Deep-state).

1st generation autists are here and WWGOWGA!



Make those Shills…..cry…cry…cry

716637 No.1793915

(Bread #2258)


Gubbie is here, that makes this a public space, which means the norms of public discourse apply. And you can broken record that free speech excuse all you want, anyone with two neurons can see your free speech is actually an anti-social battering ram, a weapon to upset, threaten, and intimidate people, not some form of communication designed to encourage dialogue about what the Qs are supposedly doing and our part in that.

18a328 No.1793916

File: 95a0df0a233a377⋯.png (228.5 KB, 362x363, 362:363, 1527068463136.png)


Best response kek.

69b2a4 No.1793917


And Q still comes here.

Think. About. It.

f45aa1 No.1793918


more praying and less ranting piousanon

bd7017 No.1793919

File: 5eb0b952985cfdf⋯.png (270.92 KB, 1007x662, 1007:662, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

File: 4d546d792b4d71b⋯.png (226.4 KB, 963x655, 963:655, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

File: 39beee2da46e09e⋯.png (228.32 KB, 1008x668, 252:167, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

File: f3ff7eabdf482dc⋯.png (312.04 KB, 843x670, 843:670, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

>>1793734 last bread

Hey Devin Nunes -



629ed1 No.1793920



>CF Foundation [Nightmare Awake] [slush fund / children].

>Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.


Not projection. It's a tactical move. They moved first against the Trump foundation. They will now claim anyone going after CF as political retaliation. Typical move.

a57946 No.1793921


We are READY. Say the word.

Shock and AWE…make their heads spin.

All at once.


904d2d No.1793923


begin and end… fast fingers

84e9b8 No.1793924


bc they know normies will be turned away by it.


eb29fe No.1793925

File: 14bc77065d1bebd⋯.png (474.75 KB, 1155x464, 1155:464, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b87e3bb11f28882⋯.png (11.74 KB, 471x77, 471:77, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 149e662e7063b0c⋯.png (176.87 KB, 1153x472, 1153:472, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 43e2a626c4b1e74⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1440x1079, 1440:1079, trumplaughingpepe.png)



cry moar

66b0b3 No.1793926

File: f518df932dddea3⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 299x480, 299:480, elvischkem.jpg)


Never forget those digits.

What role is TG walking into?

d7ad6f No.1793927

File: 7ada551515dbaf2⋯.jpeg (369.37 KB, 1106x1775, 1106:1775, image1.jpeg)


466dd6 No.1793928

Incorrect, not everyone has sex.

e470f2 No.1793929


You were saying the religious texts can't be wrong were you not???? So genesis is wrong?? You seem to be saying so, as it says dome firmament,waters above, flat stationary etc…

f8acd0 No.1793930

Heshmat Alavi

Heshmat Alavi





Syrian media reporting U.S.-led coalition warplanes targeting positions of #Iran-backed pro-Assad militants and Iraqi militias in Al Herri located near Al Bukamal in eastern #Syria.


4d5f3d No.1793931

File: b4071b8932677c2⋯.jpg (660.2 KB, 1874x1323, 1874:1323, easy graphics with ms pain….jpg)


>What do you use to get such sharp wording in your graphics?

EASY. I only use 2 pieces of software, MS Paint (80%) & MS Word (20% - mainly for resizing images)


c49d5d No.1793932


Yes, Earth is not a sphere, it's in fact an ellipsoid with equatorial bulge, because of its spin.

Funny you mention Yaldabaoth. Here's a physical proof of the Demiurge.


I wonder if this could be replicated today? I hear his tentacles are not in a very good shape lately.

d9de8e No.1793933


A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Saul Alinsky documentary


92d81b No.1793934



Well done Anon.

This is YUGE.

4c9351 No.1793935


Plea deal in hand?

Death penalty taken off the table in exchange for his FULL Cooperation?

0ef74e No.1793936

File: 2344df59cc895ef⋯.png (51.34 KB, 1284x157, 1284:157, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

18a328 No.1793937

File: 0123cc2bd326341⋯.jpg (109 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1527138057027.jpg)


Heres something more appropriate for you anon.

7ad8f3 No.1793938


Reckon Qs rubbed one out over a few of the baker girls?

0f4f86 No.1793939



f97bc0 No.1793940


Holy shit!! That was me! I said "Summon Q!" Top KEK. Pornfag Magic is real!

a07771 No.1793941


>Public learned today.


Public learns today because testimony is complete, just as public didn't see NK show until after the guesswork was taken out. Otherwise what would have been happening since late April when Q announced cooperation?

>What must be finished?

We've already gotten the juice from this squeeze.

>Why still employed?

By maintaining employment, no subpoena (public record) is necessary for testimony? There may be more re: this on April 27th thread, I think we covered some of it then.


Purpose may be to see who comes after PS in the next several days; allows us to monitor Cabal strategy/strength.

>LP released after…..

Does this mean Lisa P has already been released? (Conspicuous lack of "will be" here)

>PS will be released after…..

>Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….

572bb5 No.1793942


If you think normies are turned off by soft-pornish pics of women you're crazy.

996ec4 No.1793943



0ef74e No.1793944

File: ced5ea3cf17571f⋯.jpeg (52.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 70.jpeg)

5370df No.1793945


twat it to him

11488e No.1793946

File: 6788519e7292b6c⋯.jpg (96.6 KB, 800x430, 80:43, happening1.jpg)

Lets get a D5 going Q.

6c1564 No.1793947

>>1793745 (LB)

https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/Jane_B%C3%BCrgermeister

18a328 No.1793948


Even full cooperation means nothing if Strzok doesnt know enough. I doubt he would get anything if he just turned on McCabe for example.

04abcd No.1793949

File: f9c2a1a6382f119⋯.jpg (95.93 KB, 648x499, 648:499, 2cf0pd.jpg)

c49d5d No.1793950


Finding the truth about roundness of the Earth should be an entrance exam here. If one abandons reason and logic, there is little hope of benefiting the Great Awakening.

84e9b8 No.1793951

91a906 No.1793952


> Hey Devin Nunes -


Added to Last Bread Notables

76c3c7 No.1793953

Re-posting - original at end of last bread - reposting


I can't believe this is still being debated. Listen to an interview with each of these people. They have completely different voices. They are not the same person.

Here is Verma


Here is Obamas room mate in college PBS interview


Lets give it a rest.

716726 No.1793954

File: 0eca1cce2116f79⋯.png (35.62 KB, 484x399, 484:399, FLOTUSIsQueen.png)

File: a9f05cd6853328c⋯.jpeg (21.79 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg)

File: f988c3aa187b4e1⋯.png (309.89 KB, 463x301, 463:301, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: 313e5514b7f6170⋯.jpg (411.12 KB, 2302x1830, 1151:915, 20180617_222546.jpg)



There isn't :-) The time for us is now. We're going to round Patriots up and form a #MAGA group back home, and many other things. All of what we're doing can be found on Patreon, and again, all information that is IMPORTANT will always be free. We're going to actually work IN our community and this is a great way for us to rally support and fund our ideas, but I've never felt right asking people on the web for money.

We've been building and holding together a skeleton crew and several small groups of Patriots and other "woke" individuals that we will synergize once we get there. We will be meeting publicly in one of our parks on weekend days, (Probably 12-4) for MAGA Rallies, so that Patriots can get together and meet one another and talk WITH NO AGENDA Except MAGA. Which exact park will be announced a day or two ahead of time, as there are often rent outs and weddings, so we want to be respectful.

GodSpeed Anons. No Fear.










75eafc No.1793955

File: f19eb5ba7c60fea⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1638x1494, 91:83, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

Syria (unverified) fuckery…

eb29fe No.1793956

File: f8dd575a1d02672⋯.gif (11.23 MB, 600x338, 300:169, HRCgif.gif)

HEY ANONS, an anon wanted a gif of this last bread, so I made an edit


check this shit out!

66b0b3 No.1793957

File: b08283857b30938⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 240x253, 240:253, clinton hit.jpg)


<so wrong.qekekek

e470f2 No.1793958


Was simply using it to make a point

7e50d2 No.1793959

File: fde3a0919d4b9e1⋯.gif (248.44 KB, 200x233, 200:233, e93713870963c079cc3671ea26….gif)

904d2d No.1793960


Now comes the pain?

471df3 No.1793961


Not in their kind, in their image. Father Son and HS. Read the Hebrew that it's written in. Elohim is a word for God, written in a plural form. Jesus used this name when he called out to God on the cross.

eb29fe No.1793962


working on putting POTUS as the dude

but save that for tomorrow!

629ed1 No.1793963


>Does this mean Lisa P has already been released? (Conspicuous lack of "will be" here)

I do wonder why she resigned. (fired or forced). While Peter Strzok was allowed to stay on.

996ec4 No.1793964


>>Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….

It doesn't exist.

c814d8 No.1793965


I can't even tell if that one is shopped

9eab51 No.1793966

The biggest projection being done by Democrats today is claiming Trump is putting immigrant kids in cages.

eb29fe No.1793967

File: a2d7eca01f3b7c9⋯.png (254.24 KB, 844x722, 422:361, pepethumbsup.png)

8c0d4f No.1793968

File: a4a6d0d2b275c27⋯.png (13.42 KB, 973x279, 973:279, hmmm.PNG)


The U.S. denied a report from Syrian state media saying the U.S. bombed Syrian military positions in the eastern portion of the country.

"No member of the U.S.-led coalition carried out strikes near Albu Kamal," U.S. Central Command spokesman Major Josh Jacques told Reuters.

Syrian state media had reported on Sunday that the U.S.-led coalition bombed one of the regime's military positions in al-Harra, resulting in injuries and fatalities, according to Reuters.

The newswire reported that there were no initial details on the reported fatalities.

A commander from an alliance supporting Syria told the news outlet that the drones were "probably American."

The official said the drone bombed Iraqi faction positions between Syrian military positions and Albu Kamal and Tanf.

31031c No.1793969


Corrupted is too subjective of a term but yes, the bible has been slightly manipulated... but overall, one would be foolish to discredit it for God's word can withstand some tom foolery. See these posts from last bread.





7ad8f3 No.1793970


I know, I was shitposting.

c6a836 No.1793971


Why did Gangnam style become so popular a couple of years ago. It put Korea onto the world stage and made a lot of people think favorably about Korea.

Then towards the end of 2016 people got fed of the puppet president Park controlled by a coven of witches and started massive protests. After Hillary lost the election, the pressure increases and Dec 2rd the legislature began impeachment proceedings. It took until March 10. 2017 for the impeachment process to complete, and President Moon came to power.

Just in time to make a peace deal with Kim Jong Un and Trump and Abe of Japan, to save the Olympics.

Meanwhile back in North America, the TV series "The Good Doctor" was aired. It was about an autist. A young autistic boy had gotten into medical school mentored by an experienced surgeon and chief physician at a city hospital. He got through school and was starting an internship at the hospital. Every week we got to see just how an autistic person can see through the complexity and find patterns that others miss. Funny thing though. This TV series was based on a Korean original.

Almost as if someone was running a grand plan, and this TV series and Gangnam style were part of the predictive programming for it.

And then Rocketman and Singapore happened.

Q said that we are watching a movie. So there must be a script and it must have been written and approved years ago, cast members chosen and a crew hired. This kind of big global production was YEARS in the making.

And I am only talking about the Korea portion of it now.

Who was in Russia in 1999 talking Yeltsin and the criminal oligarchs into putting a relatively unknown ex-KGB guy from Leningrad into the President's chair? That's what I would like to know, because he was a very unlikely choice, but now, Trump seems to be implementing almost the same actions in the USA, as Putin has already proven in Russia. Almost as if they are following the same script.

69b2a4 No.1793972


Right. These same normies watch Netflix, HBO, etc that show all sorts of nudity and sexual situations. To think they are a bunch of snow white Pollyannas is laughable.

92e91e No.1793973


He's prolly here….but I sent it to him anyway.

Excellent work Anon.

7e50d2 No.1793974





92d81b No.1793975


Q is here among us.

Q watches and reads and picks up what the faithful and the woke are putting down.

Nunes is prob.lurking as well as intel. communities of every nation on earth.

eb29fe No.1793976


ahhh that was you!

I had fun with that one

e32ffd No.1793977


The soft stuff is ok. And by soft I mean suggestively clothed.

The hard core crap is used as a shock. It's very plain to see.

84e9b8 No.1793978


it's not. very real.



c49d5d No.1793979


Why didn't Q complete that sentence? Dangerous?

18a328 No.1793980


Its shopped. She has the body of an orc IRL.

7ec9e0 No.1793981

File: a432605554f3e6a⋯.jpg (859.2 KB, 1195x1195, 1:1, ribbit.jpg)


(((join us)))

cc3c4f No.1793982


Clown slide, anon.

9eb228 No.1793983

Weird that Huma and Comey get immunity but not Strzok..



9eab51 No.1793984


Q mentioned cages sometime back.

5c6163 No.1793985


tell mi6 i said hi

e0d5c5 No.1793986


with pics from 2014

eb29fe No.1793987


Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean…. IT ALREADY HAPPENED

31031c No.1793988


Did I say we were spinning at dizzying rates flying through space and time?? No. Where's the centripical force? Why do we always only see one side of the fucking moon? It's not a flat earth either, however… its a delicate thing.

bd6073 No.1793989

>>1793969 Check out the work of Dr. Ivan Panin - human intellect could not have written the Bible! Youtube "Chuck Missler Ivan Panin" …just like that! Irrefutable if one maintains intellectual integrity!

69b2a4 No.1793990


He had to finish drinking his beer.

996ec4 No.1793991




Not public.

Debate how to handle.

Buying time.





6e07b5 No.1793992


This is fucking dangerous anons.

9cfc78 No.1793993



096f3f No.1793994


he is asking to expand our thinking. I think it means that just because we dont see anything does not mean nothing is happening. There a tons of things happening behind the scenes it seems.

a07771 No.1793995


Dude nobody is saying the guy giving the interview is Verma - they're saying the guy giving the PBS interview is an actor.

Also before writing this off, let's not forget that ears and noses never stop growing, and furthermore that Verma looks like he's had some work in any case

d9de8e No.1793996

File: f17fc1d6f0fc33a⋯.png (2.23 MB, 2000x1328, 125:83, cc.png)

eb29fe No.1793997


yea don't click on that shit

8c0d4f No.1793998


Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….. It's not happening

d9de8e No.1793999

File: e33dd8fd58879ab⋯.jpg (241.76 KB, 865x968, 865:968, dem.jpg)

911875 No.1794000


stop the justifying and knock off with the porn.

54e0db No.1794001

File: b8739671e47f40d⋯.png (69.6 KB, 1215x705, 81:47, ww.PNG)

File: e287e3c10fd2d2b⋯.png (43.53 KB, 1142x438, 571:219, ca.PNG)

File: 482a196318ce8a1⋯.png (131.65 KB, 883x718, 883:718, ds2.PNG)

File: 442accd0498ee39⋯.png (58.93 KB, 901x510, 53:30, ds3.PNG)

File: ca2fbb0bf128622⋯.png (64.21 KB, 865x554, 865:554, ds1.PNG)


Crazy site,checked it out

9cfc78 No.1794002



c814d8 No.1794003

4c9351 No.1794004


Weren't they pissed that the WH had taken control of the investigation? If he can prove that, BOOM! Plus I'm sure other dams will have cracks before he testifies.

6c1564 No.1794006

92e91e No.1794007


They're going all in on this one too, boys.

84e9b8 No.1794008


already downloaded it. found it from another source not here on 8. i usually dont click on random things but this one is actually legit.

11488e No.1794009

File: ced00966127c91e⋯.jpg (24.66 KB, 495x495, 1:1, 3b5593f1824a05e21ab0956430….jpg)

95f8ce No.1794010


He probably has. I can't really imagine the sick shit that takes place in their satanic rituals

8c0d4f No.1794011


Idk know Anon, The Cabal though we know that

for sure.

I forgot the link , my apologies, getting sleepy


629ed1 No.1794012


Don't you mean again

69b2a4 No.1794013

File: 6d9901e06f95efc⋯.jpg (56.67 KB, 500x692, 125:173, nicebread.jpg)

0ef74e No.1794014

File: 45ef101b7ff8365⋯.png (116.4 KB, 1039x651, 1039:651, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

Clinton Family Foundation

b50591 No.1794015

Vincent Green former USMC vet and 3.33% shareholder in Bardav/ Snopes apparently got fucked over by Schoentrup and Richmond when he blew the whistle on them for trying to create a shell company in Puerto Rico for tax evasion. They fired him and tried to leave him holding the bag by refusing to indemnify him in case of default on multi million dollar loan used to buy Barbara Mikkelson's 50% stake in Snopes. Green got fired last year and sued.


Also going on, was the suit between Bardav and Proper Media.


996ec4 No.1794016



What would happen if texts originating from a FBI agent to several [internals] discussed the assassination (possibility) of the POTUS or member of his family?

What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved?

Forget the Russia set up [1 of 22].

This is only the beginning.

Be careful what you wish for.


Could messages such as those be publicly disclosed?

What happens to the FBI?

What happens to the DOJ?

What happens to special counsel?

What happens in general?

Every FBI/DOJ prev case could be challenged.


Think logically.

We haven’t started the drops re: human trafficking / sacrifices [yet][worst].

Those [good] who know cannot sleep.

Those [good] who know cannot find peace.

Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.

Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there.

Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.

Who are we taught to trust?

If you are religious, PRAY.

60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity.

These people should be hanging.


0d5ce5 No.1794017


Fantastic anon TY. This is a short, sweet, and easy to swallow tutorial. Hopefully others will use this and the board can be full of these awesome graphics.

2f97fd No.1794018

File: d5e8b80e6b0565f⋯.png (414.94 KB, 645x500, 129:100, qinah.png)

4c9351 No.1794019

File: 9741fde2bf713f5⋯.jpg (332.13 KB, 912x764, 228:191, HRC-Kek.jpg)

eb29fe No.1794020

File: a7c097872eea257⋯.png (213.29 KB, 480x640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)



←—– your definition of not porn

stfu and crymoar somewhere else

c6a836 No.1794021


That tells you that Q does not read the board. Except for short periods of time before and after posting. That's it.

99% of messages addressing Q are never seen by Q. That is the way it has to be.

a07771 No.1794022



Muddying the waters for when the real children crisis comes to light. Surely Q team has prepared for this and is ready to cut through that pile of weak bullshit.

572bb5 No.1794023


You must be significantly older than me and I'm no millennial. The "porn mags" that you used to whack off to have mostly gone out of business because now everyone with an internet connection has access to better and/or harder porn for free.

Shock? *facepalm* Don't ever ever ever google: two girls one cup

Ok? Just don't do it.

9cfc78 No.1794024

File: 7c6ff1620e1b407⋯.jpg (101.31 KB, 600x817, 600:817, Portrait-of-an-articulated….jpg)


Waiting a change in Europe…

fc42c6 No.1794025

have we looked into Haiti Awake? Ministry that deals with kids.

http:/ /www.haitiawake.org/

What did Q mean by Nightmare Awake in the kill box?

c49d5d No.1794026



All are explained using basic science. Moon situation has 2 explanations, 1. Engineered spin by ETs hiding on the dark side 2. Gravitational pull causes this and is quite normal

f97bc0 No.1794027

File: 8c62707036b55f4⋯.jpg (19.2 KB, 249x255, 83:85, you-have-to-go-back.jpg)



f45aa1 No.1794028

File: a122c02a2c0f64b⋯.png (213.83 KB, 432x458, 216:229, stanpalm.png)

91a906 No.1794029


Yeah, he busy workfagging…

c16732 No.1794030


When you visit somebody's house, do you tell them to rearrange the furniture? The rest of the internet is made for you, normie shitfuck, get out of here NOW.

69b2a4 No.1794031


Wishful thinking. You.

9cfc78 No.1794033


Crazy Eyes of Sandnigger.

996ec4 No.1794034


Digging on Nightmare Awake now… Sleep disorders? Seems odd / double meanings here.

8c0d4f No.1794036


Q has slipped up and posted as an Anon many of times. Please , Q is always watching this board.

Q is not one person, Q is a team, team work means eyes everywhere.

113c6e No.1794037


can you post some of the images then?

18a328 No.1794038


Thats exactly what i was thinking. Now how much solid proof he has is another matter.

494a99 No.1794040

File: 66e6f2274b8c00c⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 681x800, 681:800, kys.jpg)


hey stupid, your failing!

f45aa1 No.1794041

File: 2334f34fe1f56de⋯.jpg (142.4 KB, 960x2461, 960:2461, redgran.jpg)

57853e No.1794042

File: 96e0ae9e672cf91⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 297x167, 297:167, Barrack Subud 1.jpg)

>>1792737 (lb)

>Happy Father's Day

>inb4 Chelsea Hubbel meme

In case anons think this is just shitposting: look into

>Crowley's "Moonchild"

>Parsons'/Hubbard's "Babalon Working" experiment


>Rosemary's Baby (Polanski, Tate, The Dakota)

to learn how they sire children on auspicious dates in ritualistic ceremonies.

They've been doing it for millenia.

bafbf9 No.1794043


would presume he reads the notables and has staff to troll the boards entirety

0f4f86 No.1794044


has this been redacted?

bd7017 No.1794045

File: c4f3ee846a7dddd⋯.png (300.57 KB, 1251x651, 417:217, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

ae4dfe No.1794046


You all know Chelsea's shit ain't that hot.

eb29fe No.1794047

File: 89f7f8ac88a0572⋯.png (32.06 KB, 194x257, 194:257, ClipboardImage.png)


there now the muh pron shill will be tippy top happy

52c3d9 No.1794048

>>1793457 -lb

Wouldn't Obama be Zbigniew Brzezinski, at least for a period of time?

54e0db No.1794049


I didn't pull a steve urkel did I?,lol

2cc5be No.1794050

Steer clear of Royal welcomes.

Avoid a big to do.

A king that would slaughter the innocents

Will not cut a deal for you.

69b2a4 No.1794051



ae4dfe No.1794052


Found yall, be up in 307 soon…. let's do this!

b8335f No.1794053


>C_A down [19] this year alone.

This corresponds to a much earlier Q post [19] - maybe from November? have to find it.

>Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.

Missing i in Politcal

096f3f No.1794054


Nightmare Awake stood out to me as well in that sentence. There is a medical condition related to this i believe, but I don't think that is the meaning here. It might be that evil that the cabal have committed is so bad that you can only compare it to a nightmare. Not sure though, does not fully explain…

db9314 No.1794055

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm rogue soundtrack posting because the last thread sent me on a McCartney path. And this is thematically appropriate for all the e celeband paytriot bullshit these days.

52c3d9 No.1794056


As it should always be !!!

65d524 No.1794058

File: 252f9a22787e003⋯.jpg (16 KB, 255x191, 255:191, UMM next narrative pls.jpg)

God Bless Mr. President

Psalm 45

d54d9e No.1794059

>When will records be unsealed?

After the C_A is dismantled. Soon.

bd6073 No.1794060

>>1794030 This is not a house - don't delude yourself! KILL your self-worshiping attitude and humble yourself long enough to realize THE MISSION is MORE important than you and porn!

996ec4 No.1794061


It's called sleep paralysis.

8544aa No.1794062

File: 726f06157347b3c⋯.jpg (96 KB, 1303x711, 1303:711, popcorn.jpg)

Was looking for a semi truck that said popcorn on the side

2f97fd No.1794063

a07771 No.1794064

File: 7b0e0fce4927761⋯.jpg (116.16 KB, 500x620, 25:31, 7b0e0fce49277614ac9ddfa900….jpg)


Yeah just slough off the "free speech" as a broken record excuse. Makes it so much easier when people fall for your stupid non-syllogisms by ignoring the operative point. You must work for CNN.

e15221 No.1794065


Maybe their biggest nightmare is everyone being awoken?

ca347c No.1794066

>>1793707 - (((Prev Thread)))

>Public learned today.

That PS was going to testify unconditionally and cooperate.


Why today?

- Congress is awake due to IG report.

- Congress is demanding answers.

- Congress now has a very convenient person to go get those answers from.

(Trump set it up with his tweet earlier today asking why PS is still employed by the FBI, drawing attention to PS).

>What must be finished?

We have to finish setting up [RR]… showing that he watered down the IG report to say there was no real political bias that influenced anything… PS will be key to refuting that notion. "Of course I had political bias. I hate Trump and I want to see him gone. I also did NOT want to have our future first female president lose. I did everything I thought I could do to try to make that happen, even if that meant giving her cover for her crimes."

>Why still employed?

I think THIS may have something to do with access and having him flipped as a double agent of sorts. It also might have to do with the law regarding his testimony? Like, as an agent, he has rights/responsibilities that normies don't have?


>LP released after…..

The IG's report was just a finding of facts, with corrective recommendations to prevent it happening in the future. It was not meant to determine what should be done about those facts and the people involved.

>PS will be released after…..

Will he be jailed?

>Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….

… it's not happening

… it doesn't exist

>[DOJ texts / emails]

… Prove bias and collusion to undermine the integrity of the election.


>C_A down [19] this year alone.

>When will records be unsealed?

PS testimony may be the wedge to open that particular door.


Must reveal it all at once… hammer them over and over with wave after wave after wave of attacks.


"Everything a Liberal accuses you of doing, they are ACTUALLY doing."

>Attack POTUS Foundation (acting NY AG (told)).

"We may be corrupt, but so is he!"


"All my friends are doing it, why can't I do it too?"

>CF Foundation [Nightmare Awake] [slush fund / children].

>Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.


>POTUS & Russia.

"Trump colluded with Russia!"

Fact: Democrats colluded with Russia (U1, etc).


>HRC Hussein etc & Russia.

>Claim: Political attack re: case against POTUS.



Q: BIG question for you… since you're solving all the world's problems… when you get around to it, can you solve my male pattern baldness?

69b2a4 No.1794067

File: dc8de724034426f⋯.jpg (115.21 KB, 600x800, 3:4, djtgenius1.jpg)

f45aa1 No.1794068

File: 9677f18b9bcee14⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 360x270, 4:3, cartlaff.jpg)


you didn't….

c814d8 No.1794069

File: 6ba865fbbb6a185⋯.jpg (454.67 KB, 1027x1038, 1027:1038, Screenshot_20180617-221454….jpg)

e32ffd No.1794070


Let me put it to you this way; I do not seek out any kind of porn. When I see the soft stuff here, I'm not bothered by it. But, the gross shit that certain assholes post here is done only to get attention and a reaction. I consider those guys to be shills.

0f4f86 No.1794071


thank God, I felt like I'd lost my virginity all over again.

4c9351 No.1794072


He was the LEAD on the Clinton server investigation.

He's got a lot.

Hopefully they have taken away all his doorknobs.

cce452 No.1794073


Q sees everything on the board

Q likely has every post archived

Every single post

June 12 anon asks for tippy top again as a shout out

June 16 Kellyanne says tippy top twice on Judge Jeanine

Q see's everything even if stealth or not posting for days

c36bc7 No.1794074

File: 4fe0a185e09cbc7⋯.gif (141.61 KB, 571x800, 571:800, jaffaR.gif)


Stop the whining and take it back to Reddit.

996ec4 No.1794075



[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

Think nuclear stand-off.



is the post ^^

b50591 No.1794076

Anyone giving a shit about the Snopes research? Any of it relevant? Should I just quit?

eb29fe No.1794077



don't usually biblefag, but this fits to a T(for trump)

Psalm 45 King James Version (KJV)

45 My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

2 Thou art fairer than the children of men: grace is poured into thy lips: therefore God hath blessed thee for ever.

3 Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty.

4 And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee terrible things.

5 Thine arrows are sharp in the heart of the king's enemies; whereby the people fall under thee.

6 Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre.

7 Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.

8 All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.

9 Kings' daughters were among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir.

10 Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father's house;

11 So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him.

12 And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift; even the rich among the people shall intreat thy favour.

13 The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.

14 She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought unto thee.

15 With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought: they shall enter into the king's palace.

16 Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou mayest make princes in all the earth.

17 I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations: therefore shall the people praise thee for ever and ever.

01f1bc No.1794079


Corsi was pushing this idea a long time ago.

The main thing against this idea is that anybody who has been to indonesia knows that they do not excell in basketball.

They are not very tall people. All the photos of Hussein as a young boy clearly show that he is of African not South East Asian descent.

ae4dfe No.1794080


Expand your thinking Anon, want's us to think for ourselves, novel shit huh?

004a12 No.1794081

Coen Brothers are two serious thinking Jews.

In their ¨A Serious Man¨ they have created a masterpiece that relates to the world of today perfectly. I will tell you the end before explaining what you will see when you watch the movie.

The movie ends with the main character and his son facing uncertain futures. The father is called and has perhaps some serious disease. The son is outside of his Hebrew School as a major storm comes and may kill them all. The head Jew is fumbling with the keys to let the Jews into an underground bunker. The American flag is waving very very stong. A STORM is upon them. Will the Jews survive?

The movie starts when a normie Jew is coming back in the 1700´s from selling geese at a market. He is alone and cold and he gets home excited and happy. He starts to tell his shrew of a wife about the wonderful event. His wagon had lost a wheel and a old Jew just happened to walk up and help him fix the wagon. They talked and the old man is invited into the younger Jews house. When the Jew names the older Jew to his wife the wife tells him that it is basically a demon and the Jew died 3 years ago. (allegory to God star going down three nights ago) the shrew wife stabs the old man with an ice pick and he stumbles out into the snowy dark night presumably to die. The Man thinks he is cursed but the wife says it was the devil.

Okay then it goes into the 1970ś America and a story about a lonely sad Jew ish father who is ignored by his family and is cucked by his wife and gets no help from his religion.

There is a part where GOD talks through a Goys mouth but the Jews just say fuck it after investigating it a little.

The whole movie is allegory of the Jews and if they are cursed for killing God. The Main character is an archtype for JOB. He loses everything he holds dear to him but he keeps struggling. He gets no help from his religion. He is tempted by the scarlet woman but only fucks her in his dreams.

His main competition for his wife is an archtype for crafty satan snake. This character is the perfect Jew. Rich and sneaky as all hell.

The main character looks for meaning in life. But the rabbi has no help to give and tells the fantastic story about the Goy´s teeth but does not make the correct interpretation of what it means.

It really means to listen to what a Goy will tell you. God will come from the mouth of a Goy. Which is speech.

The end of the movie is obviously about the Jews in America as a whole and if they will survive the coming STORM.

Watch it free on Netflix if you doubt me. The Coen Brothers knew the STORM was coming did not know how it will work out for the tribe. But they make clear that the Jewish scrolls and stories and laws are too much for them and too heavy as a character says ¨Jesus Christ¨

Watch the movie. It is a true example of future proves past.

31031c No.1794082


Funny you mention Hebrew… look at the original archaic form of their symbols and what were the 4 cryptographics used for GOD? Why have the "jews" so often changed the symbols and cryptography used? Hoping to throw off the original creator, who was to later be reborn in the flesh and bring us to our final Kingdom? Were they hoping to avoid some sort of pending judgement?

Can't skip bail on God… even if you try to fuck with his encrypted cryptography.

629ed1 No.1794083

File: 9a99876ee57a2ad⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, SuicidePrevention.jpg)


>Hopefully they have taken away all his doorknobs.

c1780d No.1794084


Post more stuff for the rest of us who won't risky-click

9eb228 No.1794085

Q please say Godspeed or Good night, so we can go to bed now…

ae4dfe No.1794086


UKAnon, Bless UP, love ur country!

bafbf9 No.1794087

given the severity of there crimes….. it it wrong to be enjoying all this… lol… im loving it…. a lifetime i have watched… and for once i can see a possibly end…… just oldfagmumblingto himself

69b2a4 No.1794088


And hidden all of the scarves.

59e931 No.1794089


Theory: Happy Father's Day "proof" was a troll to HUSSEIN. HUSSEIN might lurk here from time to time, but he's too busy to know what the fuck goes one here, at all hours. But his clowns do and provide periodic reports. His clowns have to report things like "proofs", so when Happy Father's Day is made into a "proof", it guarantees that HUSSEIN will see it.

04abcd No.1794090

File: d8571c446f83d2a⋯.jpg (553.62 KB, 1101x2177, 1101:2177, trump 1.jpg)

84e9b8 No.1794091

File: 0abda4c02414ae2⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1190x840, 17:12, Big Picture - Trafficking ….jpg)

File: 78da24705e8a767⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 806x794, 403:397, Chico Lane_Trafficking Bas….jpg)

File: 115ddee1d691cc4⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1192x828, 298:207, ChicoLane_Trafficking Base.PNG)

File: 9fce5c7c9a07c2e⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1053x772, 1053:772, ChollaBay_TraffickingRoute.jpg)

photos from the Syndicate Archive

9177cb No.1794092


Evil doesn't sleep.. we can't either.

65d524 No.1794093



No Coincidences.

d30e8c No.1794094

>>1793707 (thoughts to share)

Public learned today.

>PS will testify before anyone in congress who will listen


>Perhaps he has immunity for singing?

What must be finished?

>Huber's investigation w/regard to PS

Why still employed?

>Cooperating Witness, cover to stay employed


>maintain cover?

LP released after…..

>Her involvement portion of the investigation was completed

PS will be released after…..

>His portion is done (soon)

Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….

>It hasn't happened yet

[DOJ texts / emails]

>Coming next?


>seems like C_A draining started a while ago.

C_A down [19] this year alone.

>Anyone have stats on C_A deaths avg/yr? a quick search didn't return much

When will records be unsealed?

>Soon. Maybe end of next week or week after....?


>We're ready.


>Cabal is projecting everything that's coming onto POTUS.

Attack POTUS Foundation (acting NY AG (told)).

>Quite the coincidental timing of that, wasn't it? Projection.


>It's their tactic. Seems to desensitize the public before the real crime drops. By then, they don't care because nothing came of the first accusation. Nothing to see here. Unfortunately, it's been working.

CF Foundation [Nightmare Awake] [slush fund / children].

>It's coming. Like Q said, Child drop in IG report was a drip.

Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.

>They can claim what they want. When the FACTS prove otherwise (we have it all), most will wake up. Undeniable.


>Those who scream the loudest...

POTUS & Russia.



>Because after 2 years of hearing about Russia, and nothing has really happened, when the tables are turned and they are in the cross hairs, they'll claim there's nothing to see here. These people are stupid.

HRC Hussein etc & Russia.

>Storm is getting windy.

Claim: Political attack re: case against POTUS.

>They are broken mockingbird records, with the same stupid tactics they've used for years. They NEVER thought she would LOSE.




bd7017 No.1794095

I think LP was released after she testified (not in public)

And PS will be released after he testifies.

Just because something is not public doesn't mean it didn't happen (LP testimony)

C_A down 19 this year alone (fired)

Records unsealed after C_A finished being cleaned up.

c49d5d No.1794097


Q takes around 1 minute to spontaneously reply with a cryptic twist.

5370df No.1794098

File: 10d838ec79b7af9⋯.png (445.11 KB, 833x717, 833:717, ClipboardImage.png)

9eb228 No.1794099

File: ac7e64ab75da9cc⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, nsaanon.jpg)


ok.. makin covfefe for everyone..

92e91e No.1794100


If you go back to Aug 2017 when Mueller 'reassigned' him to FBI HR, there was an article and I didn't save it.

Said Strzok and another FBI agent, name starts with a 'K' if I remember correctly.

They were the two that wrote a letter to FBI leadership describing the levels of classified emails (SAP level) and called for a criminal investigation.

I am having trouble finding the article again…so ignore me for now.

But it was written in a way to defend Strzok because Mueller booted him.

Made it sound like Strzok was actually trying to go after Hillary.

01f1bc No.1794101

File: 1c3104d425cee51⋯.png (467.29 KB, 630x869, 630:869, TOMMY ROBINSON-2018-06-17-….png)

File: 91aa30872e42fc4⋯.png (474.97 KB, 630x857, 630:857, TOMMY ROBINSON-2018-06-17-….png)

File: 6632a7dbef5f8ad⋯.png (477.16 KB, 630x858, 105:143, TOMMY ROBINSON-2018-06-17-….png)

File: efd6f60da5a30d7⋯.png (265.37 KB, 630x882, 5:7, TOMMY ROBINSON-2018-06-17-….png)

Not sure whether Tommy Robinson's letter has been posted here already.

It is quite a sobering and personal message from a father about the cost of standing up to the Deep State in UK.

e32ffd No.1794103


Thanks. I'd like a little french vanilla in that.

f45aa1 No.1794104


IMO - with an ex-escort wife and a dominatrix admin and the company owners trying to move to PR to evade taxes and an ex-marine calling them out?

And an ex-wife that was so fed up she sold out all her shares just to get away from the ex?

Two lawsuits ongoing and sucking up Soros funding and gofuckme money from useful idiots?

I dunno anon, watcha think? Are they legit?

c1780d No.1794106


Stood out to me too, the wording was off, definitely referring to something but nothing is ringing any bells in my searches but vague references to surgeries that people are paralyzed during but "wake up" and feel everything.

572bb5 No.1794107


If you can get deep research stuff it might be relevant, one more head of the hydra..?

57853e No.1794108

File: 4e2ae53c7b11cf1⋯.png (188.66 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4e2ae53c7b11cf176d8a87bf4f….png)


>know when to pick your battles

Anon, the shills have successfully moved the goal posts from

>defending posts that waste space and resources and contribute nothing


>muh free speech and

>muh /cuckchan/culture

It's not a fight we'll win.

At this point, if you don't just ignore it, you're either falling for the shill derailment or working in tandem with them.

e3d7c7 No.1794109


>being this naive

18a328 No.1794110

File: aceab533ccd4a74⋯.jpg (699.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1524793837846.jpg)


Their biggest nightmare is when Lucifer betrays them and they go to the gallows.

a1ba7a No.1794111



HEY GUYS CF Foundation is Cyctic Fibrosis Foundation.

c9f736 No.1794112


Great meme!

d54d9e No.1794113


aka Rapid Domination

a flood of information.

0ef74e No.1794114

File: 018ebd3d76dae41⋯.png (807.76 KB, 944x690, 472:345, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)


9eb228 No.1794115

File: 3936f97a480f7d2⋯.png (77.71 KB, 173x259, 173:259, frenchvanilla.png)

f45aa1 No.1794116


self defining hebrew

c6a836 No.1794117


On this board, CF is the Clinton Foundation.


c3155c No.1794118


>LP released after…..

>PS will be released after…..

It sounds to me like LP already testified, perhaps to a grand jury, and has already been released.

And PS's part is to testify to Congress.

81d11b No.1794119


Gowdy is going to actually DO something? I doubt that.

6619be No.1794120


Love it

5370df No.1794121


i'm gonna make him a rock star

e32ffd No.1794122

66b0b3 No.1794123


talented anons can spot a fake turtleneck on hussein the fakenigger…should be able to do the same with donkey. o_O

1e38cc No.1794124

Hey guys, decided to take a step back and take a larger view of the strat by watching Q, and something is bugging me like crazy. Q mentioned archiving the boards. A while ago Q made a new board only he could access. Why? As Q pointed out in 1532… It's coming. I hope im wrong, but I think this board will be nuked. If the people start coming and finding all the shill shit, they would be turned away, instead, bakers have been making convenient board topics for future REF purposes. Please archive Qresearch as many as can… I believe Q got his new board going so if newfags come clicking on qpub posts, it will direct away from the work area… I could be wrong, but I just wanted to raise the cautionary flag and ask as many that are able, please archive qres…

e3d7c7 No.1794125


When will you learn board culture? The more you cry about something, the more of it you are going to get. You have no idea how lucky you are its usually just girls.

f45aa1 No.1794126

File: 67ff8a6de74d82e⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 600x450, 4:3, cartmantard.jpg)

69b2a4 No.1794127


The big shocker will be when they lean that Lucifer is NOT your friend.

b8335f No.1794128


I think so. What month is that post from?

0ef74e No.1794129

81d11b No.1794130

File: 2f0f028838e177b⋯.jpg (73.26 KB, 383x480, 383:480, hitler hit that.jpg)

b25c35 No.1794131


What's so wrong about that. Not like it's his kid…

bd7017 No.1794132

File: e09cf96c57fd37f⋯.jpeg (17.85 KB, 351x480, 117:160, Board Baby Surprised Oh...jpeg)



5c6163 No.1794133


i have most of the breads i have read archived is there a mega drop of the archives

i dont think i have it in me to go thru 2000+ breads and manually do it

0d5ce5 No.1794134

File: 20ddda44d272dd7⋯.jpg (140.89 KB, 993x648, 331:216, _20180618_012121.JPG)

66b0b3 No.1794135

File: 640e61d70259bad⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ewww.jpg)

d9de8e No.1794136


One of the most famous lines in James Joyce's Ulysses is “History… is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake”.

54e0db No.1794137

File: 84039d40a98fc43⋯.png (44.24 KB, 1160x482, 580:241, aw.PNG)

File: 9d6c2423c4db4fa⋯.png (113.94 KB, 1154x740, 577:370, aw2.PNG)

File: 7e7c5b2dd33ba62⋯.png (887.33 KB, 930x801, 310:267, aw3.PNG)

File: 7adab5639fffe41⋯.png (86.13 KB, 972x745, 972:745, aw4.PNG)


Here's some more

c9f736 No.1794138


Thanks for your digging anon.

c814d8 No.1794139

Shock and Awe.

Flood of information.

Will completely distroy MSM

They won't know which way to go or how to spin a flood of information. The only thing they will be able to do is report on it without having time to spin it.

f45aa1 No.1794140


I'm thinking this is ready for the meme patrol

716726 No.1794141

File: e5eae733efbcf5f⋯.png (216.68 KB, 500x304, 125:76, ClipboardImage (18).png)



1383e0 No.1794142

File: 8aad776782e47c8⋯.jpg (47.12 KB, 486x656, 243:328, DW5FtSpUMAAtK8g.jpg large.jpg)

File: 963892fbc00fec4⋯.jpg (98.38 KB, 927x856, 927:856, friends.JPG)


So in 2009 Obama hosted a Ramadan Dinner and Politico listed the guests. I did a quick read through and low and behold, Obama's old Pakistani roommates / Pakistani travel buddies were on the list. Made me wonder if our mysterious man Q was directing us toward was on this list. Regardless, its likely a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers.

698356 No.1794143

So is the earth flat or hollow? Quite positive this will be disclosed, or verified in the same way Q's verified connection to POTUS.

Flat or hollow seem likely but it can't be both and this is one of those things where an anon's intuition doesn't really work.

eb29fe No.1794144

I think we are missing one of the biggest parts of that last crumb:

[DOJ texts/emails]


thank God, THEY HAVE IT ALL!

5e84cc No.1794145

File: 86f4f40eee7d334⋯.jpg (72.74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, smartphone-projector-diy-2.jpg)

95f8ce No.1794146

File: e5aa039c8ee6250⋯.jpeg (76.94 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, yousuck.jpeg)


Your idea sucks

7e50d2 No.1794147

File: 81cc235237d4648⋯.png (44.33 KB, 620x620, 1:1, 5e2ff44697b929b1ba8889499b….png)

572bb5 No.1794148


Nah… doesn't work. That would give them the option of only reporting on one small part of one story and not reporting on the rest of it at all. Do some reading on how the news cycle works.

eb29fe No.1794149



stfu FEtard

1e38cc No.1794150


thx just found. Much appreciated.

e32ffd No.1794151


Man, I've been here a long time. I wasnt complaining about it. Was simply expressing an opinion. Someone else started the topic. I added to it. So, stfu if you dont like my opinion.

66b0b3 No.1794152

File: 4519dda428a546f⋯.png (428.91 KB, 358x590, 179:295, ClipboardImage.png)

69b2a4 No.1794153


Filled with cream cheese.

c9f736 No.1794154


She's my favourite meme of all the breads.

d342ab No.1794155

File: c1d823337959894⋯.png (503.36 KB, 1509x845, 1509:845, KISSQ.png)


We got Real Clowns working us now?

629ed1 No.1794156


Especially when it's a Chan board.

c814d8 No.1794157

69b2a4 No.1794158


That's the look of a girl who just got skull fucked.

84e9b8 No.1794160


when are you gonna learn? this is how we identify each other.

Star doing it in your normal life. You'll be surprised who you meet.

66b0b3 No.1794161

File: a7e3c7b9934de10⋯.png (87.24 KB, 388x400, 97:100, ewwwred.png)

File: f42e1eb7d81f8c5⋯.png (25.4 KB, 606x485, 606:485, pepewww.png)


but wait, there's more! qek

afacd1 No.1794162


>Nightmare Awake

Maybe the cabal have a drug that they use on the children while doing only God knows what, and that allows the children to be awake but controlled because they get kicks off fear, it keeps them paralyzed aka Nightmare Awake.

fcf16a No.1794163

File: 7cfef62f562cb2b⋯.png (109.29 KB, 720x767, 720:767, Screenshot_2018-06-18-01-0….png)

File: f29b85ba18ba7bb⋯.png (30.85 KB, 720x327, 240:109, Screenshot_2018-06-18-01-0….png)

Anons, far from a newfag but certainly feeling like one all of a sudden as I'm re-reading some crumbs..

Did we ever confirm why we don't say his name?

I'm not jiving with pics related because nothing's THAT simple, is it? I could be derping and just need sleep.

52c3d9 No.1794164


Peter Kadzik?


92e91e No.1794165


Being used for the FISA abuse portion of the investigation.

996ec4 No.1794166



January 27th.

27 again.


Appears to be marker for something. At first I thought C_A but now I am thinking it's a person, group of people.

In this post https://8ch.net//qresearch/res/174635.html#175260 Q says

>[19] immediates [no longer with us].

Self-suicide if actioned.

Real life.

c36bc7 No.1794167

File: e7f2d6a2ad21f1c⋯.png (282.53 KB, 490x488, 245:244, keeblerjeffy.png)

5c6163 No.1794168

File: bca14245b45c9cf⋯.jpg (166.36 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 200209-t-rex-the-tyrant-ki….jpg)


the earth is shaped like a giant t rex the cabal does not want you to know this

59e931 No.1794169

Proof makers, may I make a suggestion? Include the archived link to the Q post that is being referenced, otherwise they will just say it's fake.

004a12 No.1794170


Lots of people helped write this movie script. But the biggest author of all is GOD however you think of it. No coincidences….you can not take out a 6000 year old death cult without some real important allies in high places. We are blessed to be here watching it happen in real time. The rest of humanity will get the benefit but we get the joy and frustration of watching the amazing plan go through all its complicated stages. This stuff is world wide…..probably honestly more than just world wide.

f45aa1 No.1794171


when you try to force your morality on others, it is within your 1st amendment rights

it is within others rights to do the same

would you go to your neighbors house for dinner and tell him his dinner was shit and he better improve it?

cognitive dissonance is deafening when you try to do that on this board

615cba No.1794172


Thank you for your hard work, Anon

d5def5 No.1794173


trump refused to say his name early on in an interview

memed. q noted

bafbf9 No.1794174


roffl……. made my day…..

c1780d No.1794175


This actually looks like it could be something.

Any VPN anons care to dig on this?

d342ab No.1794176


So he's a closet Q?

or the writer?

Sorry, but this needs splainin' on your part.

Especially when SNL bashes POTUS like an arm of CNN.

69b2a4 No.1794177


I thought it was shaped more like a brontosaurus.

92e91e No.1794178


Thanks…but no he's DOJ.

This was a name I'd never heard.

I'm not imagining it…but it damn sure seems the article has been scrubbed.

I'm still looking.

91a906 No.1794179


Because he is a fucking traitor to his country- the one he claims to serve…

Does not get much worse than that… Poor POW… Fucking Traitor

eb29fe No.1794180


that would draw them here (read Rule 0)

on qanon.pub and qmap.pub

maybe a link to those but not here

e86d47 No.1794181


A Flat T-Rex, of course.

0ef74e No.1794182

File: 0c7884469f694ee⋯.png (104.61 KB, 342x607, 342:607, 06xxclintongifts__t635.png)

File: f94747702895ac7⋯.png (397.56 KB, 676x645, 676:645, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)


WASHINGTON – The private foundation led by former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, donated nearly $1.1 million to charity last year, according to Internal Revenue Service filings.

4c9351 No.1794183

File: 9c2b2bac39bfdf2⋯.jpg (374.88 KB, 1466x496, 733:248, bubba006.jpg)

Bubba, the gift that just keeps giving.

c3155c No.1794184


I'm sure that there is someone in the Q-group who reads everything. But the head-honcho who does most of the writing probably doesn't have time.

66b0b3 No.1794185

File: 6d36651738d97e2⋯.png (270.33 KB, 549x314, 549:314, ClipboardImage.png)


I have two daughters, and they never clung to me like that. Affectionate, yes, but never that blank stunned look. (pic related)

629ed1 No.1794186


A Q kiss

d5def5 No.1794187

other people who were in the same prison as voldemort were pissed at him for flipping early like a little bitch

b0a804 No.1794188

File: b5d15d661dcb42f⋯.png (382.2 KB, 683x422, 683:422, failed-candidate-1.png)

sorry to bother anons

why the changing colors on Q tripcodes?

c9f736 No.1794189


Actually Chelsea looks like a blend of Bill and Hill's mothers.

81d11b No.1794191


The devil victimizes his minions the most because they allow it.

59e931 No.1794192


Q said to get ready for a flood and also I said archived link, as in archive.is or similar

eb29fe No.1794194


the fuck you saying anon, rephrase

69b2a4 No.1794195


What you see here is genuine affection.

ae4dfe No.1794196


Steve is that you?

c1780d No.1794197


You're daughters are going to turn into whores because their father never hugged them enough.

629ed1 No.1794198


Have you ever bought them a 10 million dollar yacht?

c9f736 No.1794199


Go away shill.

54e0db No.1794200

File: 156987885b6fdc3⋯.png (35.45 KB, 944x388, 236:97, aw6.PNG)

File: 2c5d76a395c163c⋯.png (30.43 KB, 997x457, 997:457, aw7.PNG)

File: 6f7f562f8ec53e1⋯.png (91.44 KB, 1061x833, 1061:833, aw8.PNG)

File: f875a5a74bd5f92⋯.png (388.98 KB, 1181x843, 1181:843, aw9.PNG)

Gotta get to bed but this stuff is worth looking into

698356 No.1794202



Strange how you get these comments when talking about FE. Anyone who's seriously looked at the evidence and lackthereof for the ball earth will know it's not that clear cut and really in favor of FE/HE.

FE really triggers people's emotional brain for some reason, really makes them defensive and angry right off the bat, which is even weirder considering this is common between normies AND anons.

I used to be closed-minded and automatically disregard FE too, now I'm able to think and analyze for myself.

821401 No.1794203


We need more open carry, so much of this would stop cold..

84e9b8 No.1794204


I'm saying we've been using their symbolism against them. Q pins on lapels, the way you stand, handshakes, little things that let others know a little something something but you don't out yourself either. You will be surprised who catches on. Use 17, red pill themes, Q, whatever is easiest for you to utilize and still keep your anonymity. It's all about going gray with just a tiny bit of color.

0aaa9b No.1794205


Easy way to tell real Q from fake Q's now… real Q's tripcode changes colors.

69b2a4 No.1794206


Sounds like you have experience here.

Care to share?

788245 No.1794207


You aren't POTUS, the man literally leading the fight to save the entire world. GTFO!

629ed1 No.1794208


Rainbow 6

66b0b3 No.1794209


Does Ivanka have a blank stunned look?

Nope…that's real affection…much like I got from my daughters when they were growing up.

c36bc7 No.1794210

File: e5c2bff959876c7⋯.png (289.71 KB, 490x488, 245:244, keeblerjeffyballsdeep.png)

7e50d2 No.1794211


Lurk MOAR!

He's AKA Hanoi John.

31031c No.1794212


Moar please?

a07771 No.1794213

File: a04d1218ce500c8⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 673x393, 673:393, 1.jpg)


Nah she looks like a cross between webb hubbell's face and his pock marked ass.

c1780d No.1794214


I've banged many girls whose dads never hugged them enough.

bd7017 No.1794215

File: 2234454e57afa1d⋯.jpg (130.53 KB, 1200x680, 30:17, 2234454e57afa1d1e69f6014a8….jpg)

File: a25420028be5822⋯.jpg (31.18 KB, 357x400, 357:400, a25420028be5822691884befef….jpg)

File: 40700bbf38da18a⋯.jpeg (76.31 KB, 576x575, 576:575, Dfw2FNQX0AYzUL1.jpg-large.jpeg)

eb29fe No.1794216

File: 5ef008b23bfe403⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1500x1041, 500:347, pepegalaxy.png)


>Strange how you get these comments when talking about FE

because you're an idiot that says things like "ball earth"

its truly pathetic

69b2a4 No.1794218


But then you opened your mind.

So much so that your brains fell out.

e771fb No.1794219


Maybe it's a mixed bag. Just saw an article of that SNL member saying he wished there were no more political sketches. Sadly, SNL has turned into the bash Trump starring bloated Alec Baldwin show

788245 No.1794220

File: 2d88022d2d2aee3⋯.png (399.7 KB, 770x415, 154:83, ClipboardImage.png)

b0a804 No.1794221


and that's a good thing

thank you

716726 No.1794222

File: b49f2eb4b1a406b⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage (23).png)

File: 8ce1d59857a1cdb⋯.png (291.6 KB, 618x488, 309:244, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

File: 707b46397763922⋯.png (143.32 KB, 538x322, 269:161, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

File: 5bb21164ac647be⋯.jpg (5.91 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 9fa2a4451ad1566423158a07c0….jpg)


Hell Yeah Anon!! See you soon.

Do you all know how much our enemies HATE this shit?? Why is there ALWAYS an agenda wherever to go to control the flow of information?? What if we all just got together and the ground rules were:

1. Law & Order ALWAYS. 100%. We set the standards. Expect eyes on. What example do we provide. So that way, if some assholes try and infiltrate and pull some shit to smear us, (((their))) #FakeNews can't pull (((their))) shit. I've been smeared in the press twice, it happens to everyone.

2. Honor- We honor all. We KNOW we're out in front here. Appealing wins. We are there to meet up, Unify, Fortify, Share FREELY and strengthen one another. We do our best to conduct ourselves as if we were Representing POTUS, who invited ALL of us to MAGA, and it means the world to me to Honor him and MAGA at all times.

3. MAGA- What does this mean?? Not sure. I think we have FAR MORE than we know. Let's see where we can take it shall we??

Sound about right??


69b2a4 No.1794223


You must be very proud.

d342ab No.1794225

File: faa255a5a0346bb⋯.png (109.46 KB, 226x170, 113:85, WNsFutY - Imgur.png)


You're on the wrong board.

One you're looking for is called

Flat Earth Cult of Eternal Salvation.


a3e2b2 No.1794226


Read BO poem called "Pops" if you want to confirm some in house sick shit.

096f3f No.1794227


How many foundations do the Clinton crime family have? Why would 1 foundation donate to another? Does not make too much sense. Notice that GHWB foundation was also a big recipient.

7e50d2 No.1794228



698356 No.1794229


It's funny because you literally cannot show me an actual photograph of the complete ball earth and you're acting like you 100% know for a fact it's a ball.

Like I said, something about FE makes people, even anons, unable to think clearly. Strange.

e32ffd No.1794230


It is amazing me how triggered some of you are by my post. I didnt ask that the hard stuff be removed. I only offered my own opinion on the matter.

I would suggest that it is you who are suffering with the cd.

If you find my opinions to be offensive, remember that you have the right to use the filter.

eb29fe No.1794231


welcome to /qresearch/

read this:


then this:

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags

its comfy right now, enjoy!

95f8ce No.1794232

File: 1736473fe876497⋯.png (70.58 KB, 1111x404, 11:4, thesepeoplersick.png)



That's who these people are. This is what we're dealing with.

These people are sick

5c6163 No.1794233


yeah cuz its a massive psy op

maybe its true maybe it isnt

its the one thing that is universally thought as stupid

18a328 No.1794234

File: 70f18788e6f7111⋯.png (534.08 KB, 485x810, 97:162, 449ff58b6bc49849bddb971048….png)


Guys he is talking about Chelsea Hubbell not Ivanka….

2cc5be No.1794235


Theres s matter of tampering with a seal anon too?

eb29fe No.1794236

File: cfbcd9dea38d51c⋯.png (718.84 KB, 1280x984, 160:123, ClipboardImage.png)



now kys please, you're a waste of matter and energy

0ef74e No.1794237

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

31031c No.1794238


They all know they're being dooped by Satan but still they worship him?

615cba No.1794239


He put out that law in like '96 or '99 or something like that and the dems cheered. He's an Asshat.

f45aa1 No.1794240


your two-dimensional analysis is kekkable

69b2a4 No.1794241


Sick mofackys that need to be put down like rabid dogs.

c1780d No.1794242


Not the pic, the source. Looks like a drop.

65d524 No.1794243


Anon if you are trying to insinuate there is anything inappropriate between our President and his daughter..

1. You are a sick twisted fuck.

2. And I've got something for you real personal like.


57853e No.1794245


>shock and awe

You've been (((psyopped)))


996ec4 No.1794246


Don't give up anon, if Q mentioned then it is important.

eb29fe No.1794247


*FEtard: but thats only half of it, whur did tha othur half go?

72cda0 No.1794248

File: 72f4f4b2acb53aa⋯.gif (2.69 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20180618_003400.gif)

e39872 No.1794249

Every kiss begins with Q

Skit originally aired 3-3-2018

Lots of great Q posts that day

It's coming

629ed1 No.1794250


any info about the outcome of that lawsuit?

c36bc7 No.1794251

File: 9b20ee4d539ab66⋯.png (391.64 KB, 500x350, 10:7, PicardonSettions.png)

e0d5c5 No.1794252


yah that wouldn't fool a 1st grader, try harder

66b0b3 No.1794253


I'll see you in hell, boy.

31031c No.1794254


Unless you're Mary's little fucking lamb with bleach white hair (pure thoughts), you're not going to be unsealing jack shit… no matter how hard you tamper. let them try.

096f3f No.1794255


How about all the millions of children that were removed from their mother's wombs under you support? Remember how vocal you were about the "health" of a woman?

BC is defines the term hypocrite. Of course there are many allegations of how he treated other peoples children. We know bill, we know….

69b2a4 No.1794256


A lot fucking more.

b78464 No.1794257

File: 878f932e6ee256a⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 470x409, 470:409, IMG_2046.JPG)


Kek, so true

ca347c No.1794258


To help prevent fraud Q posts where people put in the name field "Q !CbboFOtcZs" (spoofing people into thinking the tripcode is legit when it's just the name field)

629ed1 No.1794259


Have you looked into how many federal judges need to be changed?

c6a836 No.1794260


Sure we know that the NSA has everything archived

But that does not mean that anybody reads this stuff

In the same way that an anon reads the board

They either use xkeyscore searches

Or they have a bot that scrapes up certain interesting messages

Based on content, who wrote it, correlations with twitter and private emails, sms and phone conversations

Because the NSA really does have it all

But this board is not that important

They do not read it

Anons read it

Anyone who is really interested in being part of the Q work

But who is annoyed by porn

Or by shills

Or by constantly having to filter stuff

Should not be here at all

The newest drops are broadcast far and wide on other boards

You don't need to be here to dig, to make connections and to draw maps

Folks on Twitter are often finding stuff that anons on this board completely miss

YouTube paytriots even do some good work

Tracey Beanz dug info out of a bunch of recent OIG reports

Before the big one came out

And broadcast that info while anons on here dozed

Let's be clear. We are so anon that we have little idea from one bread to the next whose words we are reading

We are NOT part of the Q team

We have NO ACCESS to classified info

And we get not pay or other external reward for our work

We are still responsible for feeding ourselves and our family

And for contributing to society

If there is something that an anon gets out of this board, fine

But when anons complain, I think it is time for them to leave

This is not an exclusive place

We keep no secrets here

And nobody will pay you extra because you read a Q drop 5 minutes earlier than the next guy

So just cool it.

e3d7c7 No.1794261


>long time

Doubt you know what that means

52c3d9 No.1794262


Hummm ….. I know what ya mean. Can't think of it either. The names run together after a time. Too many crooks.

But am sure we will here about Kadzik soon enough, given his friends.

eb29fe No.1794263

File: 7a54ac445b62684⋯.png (4.71 MB, 1920x1450, 192:145, ClipboardImage.png)


nobody cares what you think FEtard #2

←— what is this?

your feeble mindedness FUELS ME

03d3c7 No.1794264

Have you all seen the video clip going around about sessions college jam band and three records dedicated to smoking weed?

716726 No.1794265


It's going to take just a few words. Then It ALL Comes Down.

69b2a4 No.1794266


Yeah, because some dumbfucks can't distinguish between normal and bold text.

c36bc7 No.1794267

File: 4b978995a6ec034⋯.png (328.76 KB, 500x324, 125:81, Picardpissedatsessions.png)

eb29fe No.1794268





70265b No.1794269


That's pretty cool–I'd post it when Q is on to see if that was the indication.

52c3d9 No.1794270

File: 58522a0680d933a⋯.png (334.02 KB, 500x484, 125:121, ClipboardImage.png)


Forgot pic, sorry.

66b0b3 No.1794271














wow…that did NOT go like I intended.

for you splergmeisters:

CHELSEA looks blank and dissociated.

IVANKA looks happy and loved.


e0d5c5 No.1794272


not a photo

698356 No.1794273


So you're telling me this is real? This is the only image we have of the earth at this angle? From a moon mission Kubrick admitted he filmed, whose complete mission data has been "misplaced" or "deleted," and since then, there's only been admittedly photoshopped images of the earth released from NASA? With the most famous, the Blue Marble, having visible photshopped, clone-stamped clouds?

2b6724 No.1794274


Wonder how long Sessions has had FISA via Strzok spilling beans on foreign collusion (UK)?

Huber in Utah. Close to a tasty NSA data center. Where he could be free to query and unmask away.

e32ffd No.1794275


Dont care what you think.

b50591 No.1794276

Understood. Digging continues.

69b2a4 No.1794277


You must lead a miserable life.

92e91e No.1794278


No doubt that he's in some serious trouble.

It's one big incestuous group.

Really wanting to see Holder's name brought into all of this.

128205 No.1794279

Anons recently Dershowitz stated that Manafort was wrongly imprisoned. I find this interesting because he violated bail by witness tampering so that would mean he was not wrongly imprisoned as it's unrelated to the pending trial against him. Dershowitz knows this of course so why would he play dumb like that? Dershowitz knows what's happening and is on board like Q said welcome aboard Alan.

Manafort was a plant obviously and he is an important link to THE BRIDGE which is the Podesta Group and from there it leads to Ukraine and Fusion GPS. The special counsel is investigating this which brings to life the question is Mueller a white hat?? To know for sure we will need to the full unredacted memo written by RR outlining the scope of the special counsel. An interesting little detail is Trump has never once specifically called out the special counsel or Mueller, he always refers to it as the Russia investigation etc.

5370df No.1794281

File: 1a340d116881d61⋯.png (14.8 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 4882a340fb7812dd6c2a44c32d….png)

70265b No.1794282


1. Not every daughter is the same.

2. You've probably never stared at the same things that billionaires and their children get to stare at.

43de46 No.1794283



1c7c42 No.1794284


My wife is just about converted/red pilled.

A pic tweet of @realDonaldTrump eating popcorn would put her, and hopefully the rest of the world, in the right frame of mind.

Please, Thanks, LOVE

629ed1 No.1794285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This. The intro image is a shoop.

3d28b9 No.1794286

File: 1f388733d34b27f⋯.png (348.45 KB, 564x732, 47:61, sp.png)


<Nightmare Awake

Hoping we will be able to figure out Q's meaning for this phrase.

So far I'm only finding some articles about Sleep Paralysis. This one talks about waking up with a demon standing on your chest.


517da7 No.1794287

When was the first time we heard "shock and awe"?

When Bush invaded Irag, right?

Is it a coincidence his wife you came out with an oped about Potus and the muy poor children?

c1780d No.1794288


I'll be there, banging your whore daughters, because you were too cowardly to show them any emotion or affection.

03d3c7 No.1794290

Margie White posted this all over FB and twatter,

Obama called Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton during the tarmac meeting. I didn’t know that did you? Somehow I missed that one

eb29fe No.1794292



yes it is weakminded faggot, I know its scawwy


kys FEtard, again, you're a waste of matter and energy

e0d5c5 No.1794293

File: ecb034f6bad283d⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 255x204, 5:4, c009712f5189949ce1fe7c76e5….jpg)

6619be No.1794294


I think it means awakening all those still sleeping to the nightmare that is reality

69b2a4 No.1794295


Yes. What did you fail to understand in my posts?

Never fucking mind.


52c3d9 No.1794296


Me too. Patience, I say. I am sure he will get thrown in the mix, at some point.

5370df No.1794297

698356 No.1794298

File: 433f0c20ad78dda⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Big-Foot-927387.jpg)


Besides looking completely fake (nice moon textures LOL) this is literally like me showing you this picture of Big Foot and saying this proves Big Foot exists.

92e91e No.1794299


Different Bush…but yes.

Papa invaded…

e094db No.1794300

File: 88d9c0ced0395fc⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DfBQ2rtX0AA1bIb.jpg)

716726 No.1794301

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All the latest changes are just fucking awesome. Great work Anons. Thank You. I honor you.

e0d5c5 No.1794302


it's not a photo

2b6724 No.1794303


If Manafort deep state and Mueller is deep state

then Mueller is being a dick to a fellow team member.

Manafort has goods on Podesta Group. My hunch is Mueller is white hat that actually put Manafort into protective custody (cover story arrest)

91a906 No.1794304

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Baker getting tired, will bake one more time for y'all…

Entertaining myself & shout out to Chessfags

c992e1 No.1794305


I'm thinking maybe Q would have at least hinted at such an important fact as that.

So I'm calling Bullshit.

18a328 No.1794306

File: 1b5a0749206acb6⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1500x998, 750:499, 1523722829862.png)


A lot of the lower level retards dont know shit. The wise ones know what the bargain is and take it willingly.

Its very ancient. It needs human contact. Its not on the same level as God.

95f8ce No.1794307


No new news from goolag or duck

eb29fe No.1794308

File: c04c5be1c8fd96d⋯.png (567.74 KB, 655x460, 131:92, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa36bc3b33512be⋯.png (121.5 KB, 614x302, 307:151, ClipboardImage.png)




it must suck to be that stupid huh?

i truly pity you


6d70d9 No.1794309

File: bced1f9dc918f41⋯.png (7.51 MB, 2500x1566, 1250:783, i-see-nudes.png)

03d3c7 No.1794310


Sessions college music

YT version


629ed1 No.1794311


Have to admit the 1st and 2nd songs aren't that bad.

517da7 No.1794312


I don't think so. Georgie Boy invaded Iraq because of 9/11

3aaad4 No.1794313


THIS! This needs to be spread all over the internet. Twatter, FB, everywhere. Let the ones that support him see what he truly thinks of them.

698356 No.1794314


more anger and name-calling because he can't prove what he claims, and he knows he can't prove it lol.


9ab454 No.1794315

File: c08f2f1eea04efa⋯.png (827.09 KB, 926x1000, 463:500, ClipboardImage.png)


Nice hair!

Good evening Night Shift Anons!

I need some help understanding something. What is the deal with the fake video? I had seen it way back in the day (2014ish) and I knew it was 'fake'… but was it fake? was it edited with a different audience? That is confusing my poor brain… What is the consensus? your opinion on it?

fcf16a No.1794316

File: 3bf68c4850c248d⋯.png (112.71 KB, 720x723, 240:241, Screenshot_2018-06-16-12-4….png)


Thank you, anon. Bedtime it is.


Doesn't answer but thanks anyway.



I realize I could have asked in the noname bread but whatever.

572bb5 No.1794317


If you actually believe that you are certifiably stupid.

e0d5c5 No.1794318


dude your looking in the wrong direction for the universe, please stop with the Satanic Crap.

b78464 No.1794319

File: 132bb39cdd5f04f⋯.png (192.17 KB, 1016x791, 1016:791, IMG_1382.PNG)

92e91e No.1794320


People are going to absolutely lose their shit.

There will be 'literal shaking'…every lie they've been fed will be outed.

Folks in my family absolutely refuse to believe the dems have ever done any wrong…

c814d8 No.1794321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Embedded for you

517da7 No.1794322


He did

6d70d9 No.1794323


shut up. this is a battlefield. Look or don't look. READ the warning that is linked from the top of every page. THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE.

safe spaces, 'offense culture' and political correctness got us into this mess and its your fault. now we all have to work a million times harder because of what you've done to shove 'muh triggereed' on everyone. gtfo

c1780d No.1794324


It was a take-home vid for the attendees, is my guess.

c992e1 No.1794325


Sauce or a link?

70265b No.1794327


My bad, realized what you were saying just after replying. Apologies.

c74732 No.1794328


You really believe they are slip ups?


92e91e No.1794329



And not trying to argue.

Wasn't 'shock and awe' first used during the first invasion in the early 90's?

37562d No.1794330


Anons, is Q using us to help show a pattern in their actions? Think about it. We get a drop that lets the world know what is going on, then it is followed up by their mkultra crap. Could be a pretty damning way to show their methods to the the normies.

bd7017 No.1794331

File: 969bd7e5563a796⋯.png (90.39 KB, 1176x526, 588:263, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)

File: 85bae7380ac656c⋯.png (108.14 KB, 1198x662, 599:331, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)


Questioned by the Judiciary Committee

629ed1 No.1794332



c74c47 No.1794333

File: f90b4c65b3596f4⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x220, 51:44, f90b4c65b3596f40da73486b39….jpg)

If anyone needs a libtard to STFU about separating families and ask you what law the demonrats passed to initiate it…

Here ya go. This is it.


"The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 is a federal statute passed into law in 2000 by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Clinton."

19750a No.1794334


fake af

629ed1 No.1794335


Yup still I'd like to hear more of the 1st and 2nd song. Sounds more like 90's stuff.

e094db No.1794336


oh man…whoa haha

d342ab No.1794337

If you haven't seen enough Q-proofs to believe yet, you never will.


The day the SHIT GOES DOWN…

A POTUS tweet of him eating popcorn and just simply titled one word would be EPIC.


4d5f3d No.1794338

File: 7aff2b0d5f6574a⋯.jpg (241.44 KB, 600x761, 600:761, diddly bow.jpg)


>Fantastic anon TY. This is a short, sweet, and easy to swallow tutorial.

You are welcome. I always remember what Jack White, of the band White Stripes said once in an interview, "you are MORE creative when you have less to work with. Think the original "blues artists" - it all started with the "diddly bow," a single stringed instrument made from the wire on a broom stick.

MS Paint is simple, but you will be surprised at what you can create from of it if you use your imagination.

91a906 No.1794339


He is a Piece of Shit Traitor…

We do not say say his name because his behavior has warranted us to be so disenfranchised that we do not speak his stupid name

716726 No.1794340

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)


THAT is a pretty good idea. I'd get behind that. Not that I don't trust Q or POTUS or SESSIONS or…any of the plan really, but if he posted a photo just smiling and said something about "enjoying the show", that could be pretty interdasting.

BUT…There's no point if a lot of us don't use this on people. Now that I think about it, I'm going to lace it in, I'll drop a "I wonder if President Trump Likes popcorn" to the folks if/when the time presents itself. And I will screencap both of these for proof.

Any other Anons feeling like they might be able to use this as another arrow in their quiver of red arrows??


b8335f No.1794341

File: 55a07ddbaf6d4e0⋯.png (586.89 KB, 546x565, 546:565, Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at ….png)


So POTUS made good on his promised that 19 would cease to exist upon the harm of select individuals. And I found an earlier stringer with a 19-T_yes go code from Nov 12th.

92e91e No.1794342

File: 5dba8762e793c46⋯.png (77.41 KB, 665x466, 665:466, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 1….png)



31031c No.1794343


Not anywhere near the same level of God…. did God willingly allow them to be tempted and fooled… as far as free will allows? We all make our own beds.

c1780d No.1794344


Probably added the "seperate the children from their parents" clause himself.

615cba No.1794345

I need halp. Novice over here, ya'll. I'm gonna try post some website pics/screenshots and content pics. Using VPN to view. https://us.awp.autotask.net/6/filelink/40b80-1346a2ad-bc84b71c1c-2

e32ffd No.1794346

Jeff is wrong when he says good people dont smoke marijuana.

6d70d9 No.1794347


Also the flores settlement agreement of 1997. that was the first that called for the detention housing arrangements of illegals. Also bill clinton

c814d8 No.1794348


Holy fucking Qek. Did you just fact check me with Snopes. Too funny

d342ab No.1794349


referencing to Snopes should be an automatic KYS.

e0d5c5 No.1794350


great people do

128205 No.1794351


In other words he's insulated. That would make sense due to this.


6d70d9 No.1794352


save them to your computer and upload 5 at a time to a post in the thread

19750a No.1794353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This shit is so good

629ed1 No.1794354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh my man some Yes for the night.

Here's the ultimate Jon Anderson version of Awaken if you haven't seen it yet. Be prepared.

04abcd No.1794355

File: e9f15c8a40d5250⋯.png (28.44 KB, 300x265, 60:53, 66t876tg876t8768g76t87g876….png)


We are Q young Grasshoppa

eb29fe No.1794356




*says its not real

*finds out its real

*goes on about muh bible and muh satan

stfu FEtards

again, I truly feel bad for you, pity you, and can't imagine the stupidity you must live with everyday

its one thing to be incapable of appreciating the beauty of the universe, but its another to be this stupidly ignorant

again, respectfully (without muh name calling like you faggots whine about), kill yourselves

31031c No.1794358


Jeff is merely being political and playing to the crowd when he says good people don't smoke marijuana. He's waiting for public opinion to change a bit more, like many on the right.

e32ffd No.1794359


No doubt

486ac3 No.1794360

James comey says he did not know who Huma abedin was married to ?

James comey did not know huma was married to Wiener ?

FBI really ? This is in IG report a meme is ready to go

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP0qetIFOBM

he Movement Has Started, The Clock Is Ticking Down, Tick Tock - Episode 1593b

check 10:40 in video copy you have a meme…..

This is unbelievable !!

c74c47 No.1794361

File: 89c565b1a66d01e⋯.jpg (204.56 KB, 678x381, 226:127, dream_gauqcc4y5q1.jpg)


Speaking of 1997:


"First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton originally voiced interest in the issue of orphaned children in an article she wrote in 1995."

Of coooooourse she interested in orphan children.

No one looks for them.

adcf08 No.1794362


I just saw the video. Kek, that is some nasty shit.

698356 No.1794363


cringey ramblings from a whacked out anon.

11488e No.1794364

File: 81fd790daf2a8b6⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 1031x1070, 1031:1070, Enjoy the show.jpg)


It's be great if POTUS just twatted, "Trolling is fun!", randomly.

486ac3 No.1794365


This is notable ! did anyone see this ?

b0a804 No.1794366

File: 58cdb1975020826⋯.png (173.16 KB, 578x424, 289:212, fasten-your-seatbelts-1.png)


wtf is

OP FFS ???

and where is the fking thing

I heard discussion on changes

but there is no G U I D E




LIKE a fking "We're new" or "What's new"


because I'm working not posting porn

a1ba7a No.1794367

File: d77cb1ff1e97f7a⋯.png (2.99 KB, 215x58, 215:58, ClipboardImage.png)


my clock has these markers at 7:00 (JULY).

The clock is already started.

92e91e No.1794368


Do we know if it's open or closed?

517da7 No.1794369

File: 5ea184bac97349d⋯.png (62.68 KB, 814x339, 814:339, Screenshot_1.png)


Try again you stupif fucing nigger. Save us all fromm your ignorance. Eat shit and die.

91a906 No.1794370

Notables so Far


>>1793093, >>1793413, >>1793437 >>1793468, >>1793714 Planefag Updates

Comments? Additions?

eb29fe No.1794371


kek, coming from a FEretard, I'll take that as a complement

6d70d9 No.1794372


kekkin saved

d342ab No.1794373


Two Girls One Cup was created to prepare everyone for the HRC/Huma Snuff film.

e32ffd No.1794374


Thought on mj have never been so accepting even by those on the far right. So, gotta say, congress should take this one and go with it.

c36bc7 No.1794376

File: 798f7a456dd40e1⋯.png (645.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fildddle-burn.png)

b6744b No.1794377

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Surviving the Transition - Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension

7e50d2 No.1794378


For Fucks Sake!

Read the Original Post!

Scroll UP to top of page.

1e38cc No.1794379




Not slip ups, i bet Q is posting on here pretty regularly, and we don't even know when were speaking to him… master of his craft: mentalism, slight of hand, all that jazz. could be wrong, though..

128205 No.1794380


An interesting theory lol

716726 No.1794381

File: 073e4498380ae52⋯.jpg (40.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, CrystalSanGraal.jpg)


Those are your fears manifest. Just as the One who created us can never pull our energy back, we cannot pull back the Energy that we create here or in our dream realms. Ever. So…IF you're having this condition, congratulations, you are ready to evolve to a very exciting next level and MANY would be jealous of you.

Take HEART…You outer ego is allowing you to experience this (It is the one that edits and blocks dreams for our benefit) and it wants to grow. YOU want to grow. So…The answer is to stare in the eye and take courage that you are safe, that YOU have the power, and then you send it and wish it PEACE.

Pray for it while you are awake. You created it, we all do. It's not to be killed, it is to be transformed.

6d70d9 No.1794382


for the children, anon

we have seen too much to ever stop

adcf08 No.1794383


CNN was just learning to make fake news at the time. All filmed in Atlanta, not Baghdad.

63ef07 No.1794384


Congrats anon. But Trump already gavs us confirmation on national television during Easter.

He said, "Tippy top". Unfortunately, I don't remember which bread it was in.

716726 No.1794385


KEK!! That would be PERFECT. And you know what, it would be some pretty solid proof. Who could blame him?? He trolled the Cabal into the dirt and saved the world with his Twitter.


3d28b9 No.1794386


Found this artist describing his life as 'a nightmare awake' after his studio was burned down and he lost everything. Maybe this is how the Democrat-loving public will feel with things are revealed:

"…the emotional experience of seeing it is hard to quantify. It felt like – and still does – like walking into a nightmare awake. Hoping that someone will give you a sign to say No, this is just a nightmare. But later you go to sleep, and you wake up, and it’s still there. It’s still there."


698356 No.1794387

File: 82eb4858ed6bf3a⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2500x1803, 2500:1803, earth_from_space_western_h….jpg)

File: b79e0577e7565a2⋯.jpg (579.43 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1-bluemarble_west.jpg)

File: 03bedd6d03fb6ee⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

File: 81073c9d5ffaccd⋯.jpg (502.64 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, 2017-11-08-earth-blues-790….jpg)


cringey aspergers anon actually thinks these images are 1. real 2. represent the same thing. Fucking yikes.

c9f736 No.1794388


If you watch the full 30 minute video, his speech is a jumble of platitudes and bits and pieces of famous speeches and parts of the constitution. He has a knack (more likely his speech writers) of claiming others accomplishments for himself, ascribing negative motives to good people, and scolding people for crimes he and his buddies actually engage in. What a bunch of bs from a hot wind bag.

fcf16a No.1794389


Which is obviously what prompted the POTUS refusal that got memed and qonfirmed. Didn't make the easy connection. Thank you too, anon.

Keep representing, night crew! G'nite and stay comfy!!

821401 No.1794390


Release the Kracken

5c6163 No.1794391


i think they will be ok

i might take like 6 months to a year

but knowing its over might help a bit

d342ab No.1794392


One time I took Peyote, Acid, and Ketamine together, and saw a great psychedelic vagina in the sky, just like that one.

bd7017 No.1794393


This was known last week.

I have a meme, I will try to find.

Something like:

Comey didn't know Huma was married……

but he was okay with all Huma's emails going to some stranger dude's laptop?

That didn't raise red flags?

31031c No.1794394


Couldn't agree more. I think the writing is on the wall.

6619be No.1794395

File: 1dd149700c78a25⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 750x375, 2:1, stepehn miller trolling is….jpg)

434a6c No.1794396

Where the fuck did all of this "concentration camp" shit come from? Feels like another projection attempt to distract and control the narrative. Stephen Miller blamed for it as well as Trump.

ee91ef No.1794397


ty anon for the work & warning

>Weatherfags needs to become a thing

imho-THIS (also spaceweather)

1. Unless we believe THEY won't try and burn the whole house down when cornered

2. Unless we believe that missiles are the only kind of weapons THEY have in their arsenal

3. Sure, potential for adding slides (well meaning & shills) but focused eyes on another front worth it.

bd7017 No.1794398


Last week it was in the news.

19750a No.1794399

File: 7dc74de3e26dace⋯.gif (624.96 KB, 347x226, 347:226, wrong.gif)


>master of his craft: mentalism, slight of hand, all that jazz. could be wrong, though..

e094db No.1794400


Did you ascend?

04abcd No.1794401

File: a9ab8e62b4ed526⋯.png (297.68 KB, 648x500, 162:125, 8ae2c51d0ee8bc61178032db47….png)

File: baaf9a7ce8a9840⋯.jpg (292.13 KB, 948x1392, 79:116, ddh;i522hgr4i88fhh5347.jpg)

File: bc84229795c7f7f⋯.jpg (204.87 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Y1pyaxsPxuO5VHQ_6OyJ7C72Ht….jpg)


Speaking of Manifestations, What direction is SR looking towards

91a906 No.1794402

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Wow, Nice…

Favorite Yes Song:

31031c No.1794403

File: 3ce5b82711d5467⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, JewsInMedia.jpg)


This should answer your question.

c9f736 No.1794404


You have to watch the section of speech in context. He is not exactly saying what it appears. But he is still insulting decent Americans and others.

a42d79 No.1794405


Maybe one of those 4am talking points fed to MSM to distract.

615cba No.1794406

File: 6588bbf6cc5be9c⋯.jpg (5.68 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_2281.JPG)

File: 48dafcbb46f45e1⋯.png (101.37 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2282.PNG)

File: a97deebff16236c⋯.png (76.43 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2283.PNG)

File: b74a9a7ab524da2⋯.png (101.1 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2284.PNG)

File: 25ff25f2dea3884⋯.png (135.12 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2285.PNG)

Can anyone help? Site is still up.

716726 No.1794407

File: 68d9535d77c2263⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2556x3441, 852:1147, Q-Truth (1).jpg)


That is a MASTERFUL PEPE!!! Yours Anon?? I wish I knew more about video, as I have no idea BTW. Great to have you in the house.


eb29fe No.1794408


I'm younger than you are FEtard

The time between the last time you fucked is longer than my life

those look like Google Earth FEtard, of course you would provide sauce BECAUSE YOU'RE AN IDIOT

your stupidity amazes me, and intrigues me

bd7017 No.1794409


I tried looking to see, and can't find either way.

I sure as hell hope it is.

716637 No.1794410


Your ugly is not free speech, it's twisted shit.

91a906 No.1794411

d342ab No.1794412


So you're up to 8 bullshit posts about what a bleeding Flattard cunt you are.

Fabulous. No one here buys it, go sell it to the dummy aisle where you learned it.

Or just kill your self.

Either way.

615cba No.1794413

File: 605f413f3dbf0be⋯.png (89.18 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2286.PNG)

File: d3600be5f7372ea⋯.png (172.15 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2287.PNG)

File: eb5ca2d82c497f9⋯.png (97.9 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2288.PNG)

File: 639c0d91d190a40⋯.png (110.71 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2290.PNG)

File: 5477fc462a4e014⋯.png (66.16 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2291.PNG)

eb29fe No.1794414

File: 6489bd9ba12cca7⋯.jpg (228.5 KB, 1280x992, 40:31, pepesky.jpg)

cya for the morning shift anons

sorry for sliding with FEtards at the end there, couldn't resist this time


God bless Q, POTUS, and the United States of America

517da7 No.1794415


Yes, Pappy used it first, but sonny boy used it as well. Doesn't really matter I should not have posted anything. Faggots here just make themselves feel better by putting others down. Simply made a comment on Q's shock and awe and Barbara coming out today.

18a328 No.1794416

File: 6b0c4776ecab749⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1400x1151, 1400:1151, 1528668729407.jpg)


Eh i hate to get into this stuff on this board. No. Humans willingly do all types of dumb shit. God only interacts with those who are worthy and do good deeds.

Should God disable gravity because a plane is falling out of the sky?

830103 No.1794417


One correction. PS is still employed because the inspector general only investigates and has authority over current employees. It's an internal department investigation. PS has to be an employee to be included in the report recommendations.

615cba No.1794418

File: 2850e9376bb3f6d⋯.png (134.63 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, IMG_2292.PNG)

File: 872234f2ed1cac4⋯.png (216.9 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2293.PNG)

File: 9c4d889cc324c67⋯.png (218.13 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2294.PNG)

File: 25fddc0f9f963a8⋯.png (155.87 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2295.PNG)

File: 563e14e1ed7a798⋯.png (226.22 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2296.PNG)

486ac3 No.1794419


yes thought it was interesting did not no wiener was married to

be732b No.1794420

File: 9c99bf457bcbce6⋯.jpg (88.31 KB, 800x420, 40:21, SmellMyFingers.jpg)

615cba No.1794421

File: 9d6e52dcbcfda19⋯.png (216.1 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2297.PNG)

File: 950ef340485b56f⋯.png (165.78 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2298.PNG)

a30b31 No.1794423

>>1794025 >>1794034

they give them drugs to keep them awake but paralyzed in satanic rituals and organ harvesting. Could be that. Fiona Barnett (aussie elite SRA survivor) talks about it.

But I think this post has it:


>“History… is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake”.

This Jan. Q post:


also has [awake] in bold/brackets:

>Who controls HW?

>Who really controls HW?

>Why are movies made to glorify past 'true' events?

>What is a PSYOP?

>Conspiracy PUSH/LABEL [awake]?

We know who controls Hollywood: Jews. And which past events do their movies most glorify that are also events the anons here view as not 'true'?

We're called "conspiracy theorists" if we research facts about the so-called Holocaust and conclude we've been greatly misled. It's a massive psyop. Once the people are freed from that false guilt, and realize how much has been taken from them fraudulently as a result of it, the spell the cabal has them under will be broken. Until we wake to the JQ tho, we'll never really be free. It's the hardest of red pills to swallow, but once you do, you wake form the fake nightmare history they've forced us to live down.

bd7017 No.1794424


Maybe link the Nunes tweet too?


5370df No.1794425


the charles jaco stuff was filmed at the dharan international airport hotel located between the runways. there was a secure area for all media with platforms, speakers, lights, etc….a set. so they were over there….but was was broadcast made it look as if they were in much more danger than they actually were.

716726 No.1794426


Sleep well Anon. See you "out there."

9cfc78 No.1794427


Something relevant?

it has virus?

629ed1 No.1794428


Indeed, I've been listening to that version for 3 years now. Never gets old.

Master of images

Songs cast a light on you

Hark thru dark ties

That tunnel us out of sane existence

In challenge as direct

As eyes see young stars assemble

Master of light

All pure chance

As exists cross divided

In all encircling mode

Oh closely guided plan

Awaken in our heart

Master of soul

Set to touch

All impenetrable youth

Ask away

That thought be contact

With all that's clear

Be honest with yourself

There's no doubt

No doubt

a1ba7a No.1794429

Good guys with guns win again!


d342ab No.1794430


I ascended so much I need a whole box of Kleenex afterwards.

That's what you meant right?

df2ad0 No.1794432

File: 42f71c554813cd0⋯.png (3.26 MB, 1424x1080, 178:135, Shock_And_Awe.png)

[Clinton Fortune Foundation]

434a6c No.1794433

File: ebe812072fb059e⋯.png (330.32 KB, 657x768, 219:256, ClipboardImage.png)


Think I found my own answer

c9f736 No.1794434



Each week or two they focus on a particular buzzword associated with Hitler or Naziis to spam every news broadcast. More Saul Alinsky projection and character assassination tactics 101.

698356 No.1794435


this cromag is bleeding sanity and IQ by the second. Do you watch CNN, btw?


So you'd consider the bible, Jesus, and all historical authors of the bible for the dummy aisle then? Cool, good to know.

c141ce No.1794436


Co_Op witnesses (PS/LP) SAFE?

HRC is well known for her body count.

(((THEY))) will stop @ nothing.

6d70d9 No.1794437


You know how we have comms? messages within messages, signals etc?

And THEY have comms; signals, symbols, messages, deceptions.

While the short video is edited from a longer video, he did say those things, just not in that context. But it is the consensus that the things he said were the comms–and everything else was just fluff to surround the message.

as other anon said the 'take home' video. Even the long video has edits; shadows missing, obamas left hand disappears. so neither is unedited original.

34f6e3 No.1794438

File: 07ec0150ed581a1⋯.gif (215.41 KB, 500x720, 25:36, 07ec0150ed581a1e51962a7bb8….gif)



Porn annoys (me), but that's just (me). Who am I to say what other anons should be allowed to post?

91a906 No.1794439


Got it, tired baker appreciates help…

bd7017 No.1794440

>>1794331 Horowitz & Wray Interviewed by Judiciary Committee 2pm Monday 18th



e094db No.1794441

File: 06f064b78c476a1⋯.jpg (191.55 KB, 602x597, 602:597, 90d38cc4544a5a8935c2444b50….jpg)



434a6c No.1794442

04abcd No.1794443

File: 3387d950e4acdef⋯.jpg (166.87 KB, 620x523, 620:523, d91efd94948ef5b14bcef97151….jpg)

File: 815df9140fd5429⋯.jpg (29.78 KB, 320x213, 320:213, 2ao42b.jpg)

File: a64ec300322983d⋯.png (158.66 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 444.png)

File: 72096be96da3d80⋯.jpg (881.49 KB, 2216x1982, 1108:991, Vpq9W9P.jpg)

434a6c No.1794444

Q wins

c9f736 No.1794445

39462f No.1794446

File: f1c8696206ee429⋯.png (2.27 MB, 2384x2188, 596:547, Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at ….png)

95f8ce No.1794447

File: 9eb356a713da1bd⋯.png (29.81 KB, 449x258, 449:258, POTUSknowsthefacts2.png)

File: 282ab4921bfd1af⋯.png (136.66 KB, 446x548, 223:274, POTUSknowsthefacts.png)

File: 717ac1d4b99a6d9⋯.png (90.89 KB, 473x426, 473:426, trollmastergeneral.png)


Quads confirm

34f6e3 No.1794448

File: 6d89b70b74bd30e⋯.jpg (102.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, q9zhz.jpg)

e094db No.1794449

File: 6d75b8d74041a7e⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 306x377, 306:377, 6d75b8d74041a7eaaa94728a7d….jpg)

c74c47 No.1794450

File: 4c460e191337e2b⋯.jpg (139.44 KB, 750x375, 2:1, dream_c8mcnm2xbvx.jpg)

File: ec5f791491ab061⋯.jpg (128.46 KB, 750x375, 2:1, dream_4hnyu2ry57e.jpg)

File: a5ca13a3a742c81⋯.jpg (169.81 KB, 750x375, 2:1, dream_nrc1j866h3t.jpg)

File: 540acd7831e973f⋯.jpg (141.4 KB, 750x375, 2:1, dream_r8dfgf0ab52.jpg)

6619be No.1794451

File: c3e03984f9e1a34⋯.jpg (135.08 KB, 750x401, 750:401, kek wills it 4.jpg)

9cfc78 No.1794452

File: b4e0c9970ea425b⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 551x558, 551:558, b4e0c9970ea425b7ff6b6071bb….jpg)

db9314 No.1794453


Is it this guy or Bannons farm? I'm really curious about how the culture turned into this. Bannons clearly a bit of a scumbag. But it's very /our/ level. Wc gold mining?

Who's the preposterous asshole shitposter of the admin?

1a487f No.1794454


Trainfag here. Keep us in the loop if anything pops up about this story. Agriculture related? Chemical plant? Passenger?

6d70d9 No.1794455



493791 No.1794456

File: 993c035a237d276⋯.png (759.97 KB, 799x799, 1:1, 993c035a237d2768093bdd5b2f….png)

c74c47 No.1794457

File: 37ae2c425b87bd0⋯.jpg (149.98 KB, 526x467, 526:467, dream_5etv4vbnalg.jpg)

63ef07 No.1794458


Nice quads

non homo

6d70d9 No.1794459

91a906 No.1794460


Got it -Thanks

92e91e No.1794461


Laura, GWB's wife.

Barbara is dead.

Not being an ass…just correcting.

889d93 No.1794462

File: 079458e2d05ddff⋯.jpg (92.6 KB, 508x508, 1:1, Rare Pepe.jpg)

04abcd No.1794463

File: 8eeaabc68bda23c⋯.png (552.96 KB, 736x549, 736:549, 8eeaabc68bda23cf154aadd27a….png)

a1ba7a No.1794464

File: 5ffe87b4fa10c82⋯.jpg (182.44 KB, 1005x614, 1005:614, we are q.jpg)


quads of truth

c9f736 No.1794465

113c6e No.1794466

File: 135cc57e1028aca⋯.png (378.36 KB, 465x628, 465:628, jeb-best-friend.png)


she is not dead

take it back now

c36bc7 No.1794467

File: f3cc5b91e2f0d19⋯.png (490.41 KB, 750x500, 3:2, whatisanindictment.png)

6d70d9 No.1794468


crap, did I ask you about the mystery train sitting in Halifax a few weeks back? so much has come and gone I dont remember, but it was in connection with some summit or big meeting with trudeau taking place in canada. We were trying to guess who would be on it.

3d28b9 No.1794469

File: f0091ae65f354f6⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 499x499, 1:1, pepe wink.jpg)


Anyone complaining about Asperger's on a chan is a shill. (In addition to his obvious shillbait topic of FE.) Just filter and ignore, knowing another paid enemy failed to get your attention.

6619be No.1794470

File: 3552b3a42a15162⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 365x600, 73:120, meme magic.gif)

5c6163 No.1794471


ty to the cabal for creating their own worst enemy lul

c1780d No.1794473

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


post the link again anon

66b0b3 No.1794474

File: 8823ddee1f8927f⋯.png (70.57 KB, 255x160, 51:32, pepebaking.png)


in you go, Shlomo…done with your kind.

d342ab No.1794475


Are the prisoner train cars with the shackles for real?

517da7 No.1794476


Q !CbboFOtcZs No.101 📁

Jun 10 2018 22:53:46 (EST)


Failure per WH instruction / agreement.


EO dated_official

IG redactions [heavy+][remove]

Hussein [WH [call] [tarmac] BC/LL] #RR# <←

Helps to re read crumbs.

39462f No.1794477

File: 7b7a97b4597ebc1⋯.jpg (933.26 KB, 2242x2154, 1121:1077, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at ….jpg)

11488e No.1794478

File: 23c0d4bb2f8f973⋯.jpg (77.39 KB, 984x664, 123:83, SS GEOTUS.jpg)


"Q"uads of Light

c1780d No.1794479


haha, video unrelated.

bd7017 No.1794480


So you just thought Huma and Hillary's classified emails were going to his laptop with his porn - with no connection to them?

b0a804 No.1794481

File: dfec1783da7bc17⋯.png (290.47 KB, 683x426, 683:426, wedding-dresses.png)


The dress from the scene where Betty Davis says

"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night."

(which occurred at a cocktail party where her friends were unashamedly discussing how she was acting strange, maybe needing a rest)

looks a lot like Michelle O'bama's choice for her bridesmaids dresses.


no connection

mebee a fav movie or such

1a487f No.1794482


They never thought she would lose.

f45aa1 No.1794483


so, how much bread has this pornshill made moldy?

we all know you cannot win an argument when the other side is paid not to listen

91a906 No.1794484

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Baker still trying to Stay Awake…

Over 100 more replies to go


517da7 No.1794485


You're right. My mistake.

c9f736 No.1794486



18a328 No.1794487

File: 5f6f6b8b8e96154⋯.gif (198.9 KB, 336x468, 28:39, 1521499288573.gif)


Pepe knows best.

716637 No.1794488


Someone raised to be a brainwashed retard doesn't give you an excuse to be a disgusting asshole.

be732b No.1794489


That's a hell of a deal now ain't it?

716726 No.1794490


Had to be!!

629ed1 No.1794491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also, yeah I like that one as well. Would make for a good Trump shoop video. kek

Another fav

Makes for good diversions while we dig

4d5f3d No.1794492



>This shit is so good

oh yeah :-)

6d70d9 No.1794493


If the cabal fucked with vaccines to thin the population but the vaccines created autism, then the cabal has created its own downfall.

this is the best timeline-movie

716726 No.1794494


Shall we shitpost to the end like we did a Sunday or two back?? Release the Memes??

19750a No.1794495


She's enjoying some holy guacamole right now.

1e38cc No.1794496


will look into, thx for warning..

716726 No.1794497


Cuz I'm IN!! All in the name of a good cause.

d342ab No.1794498


I'm in.

39462f No.1794499

File: 07e8e15d66c28b3⋯.jpg (745.77 KB, 3570x1386, 85:33, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….jpg)

d30e8c No.1794500


Tx anon. You're right.

db9314 No.1794501

File: 437a59bd4e3c64c⋯.jpg (89.85 KB, 480x392, 60:49, obama-chill.jpg)


Yes, homo. Don't be transphobic, anon. It's 2018. Who people love is not your concern. Patriots wouldn't police other people's sexual inclinations with consenting adults. Be accepting of the fact that other people love differently than you. Shame on you, anon. Shame.

d9de8e No.1794502

File: a7297381f6c132c⋯.jpg (5.52 MB, 3200x4000, 4:5, Gen_James_N._Mattis.jpg)

d342ab No.1794503

File: 3ec45fd8c3a70d0⋯.png (145.16 KB, 285x213, 95:71, MZJypQ1 - Imgur.png)

File: 3de492f1e60e67d⋯.png (148.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, NxqsOBz - Imgur.png)

File: 53a3cbd38d00ae1⋯.png (640.57 KB, 610x489, 610:489, cJm09mh - Imgur.png)

a3e2b2 No.1794504

what is this?

the world turning

Keeping things on Ice

Riding the wave

"awakening" from stasis

The End that may not be for everyone


57853e No.1794505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>an athlete

see embed, newfag

1a487f No.1794506



Good questions, but no answer anons. Muh apologies.

34f6e3 No.1794507

File: 76f0d6234080d20⋯.jpg (48.61 KB, 586x720, 293:360, 5a2d68f8edc829b8b791176926….jpg)


If the question is to shitpost or not to shitpost, is there really a question?

716726 No.1794508

File: 399d53ffde5acae⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1058x596, 529:298, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at ….png)

File: 11b52be5b5b64e4⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 4807x2839, 4807:2839, _33R0275-198-2246418805-O.jpg)

File: 2de49cd9b975373⋯.jpg (612.81 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, _D8F2306.jpg)

File: 5f08c766a062318⋯.jpg (756.73 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 127 copy.jpg)

91a906 No.1794509


I think I will make it but that was really fucking Fun :)

Good Times Anons…

c9f736 No.1794510


The nearby streets and plazas would have been even more full if the antifa thugs and crooked cops hadn't been employed to keep deplorables away from the inauguration in DC.

0ce2b5 No.1794511


“O, closely guided [Plan],

Awaken in our heart”

b99ed1 No.1794512

File: 7bb0a3f43717b9e⋯.png (98.36 KB, 1083x1470, 361:490, timewarnershill1.png)

File: 4874f5ce44d23cd⋯.png (40.15 KB, 1072x695, 1072:695, timewarnershill2.png)

File: 7780c7faa9c66b0⋯.png (84.92 KB, 1082x1172, 541:586, timewarnershill3.png)

Hey remember these?

Been thinking about them a lot lately.

Months ago when I posted them I got gas-lit like a motherfucker.

That won't work anymore.

Future proves past.

98950b No.1794513

File: caa25edd0abfabe⋯.jpg (80.08 KB, 640x906, 320:453, 35164765_1773129026076035_….jpg)

I was here for that shitpost fest was epic.

<pic unrelated

18a328 No.1794514

File: be3d194759b1843⋯.jpg (39.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1527065976734.jpg)


I think theres a bit of cream dripping from your mouth anon.

2226bf No.1794515


Russian Q, General Konstantin P. Petrov, describes the process of circumcision, .

Unbound by western elitist control a very different viewpoint is recorded….


At the 9:20 mark.

d342ab No.1794516


Gays wanna flaunt their behavior.

Black Pride, cool.

Brown Pride, cool.

Native Pride, all good.

Celebrate being STRAIGHT AND WHITE and you are a racist.


a48ea9 No.1794517

File: 031aa38c63d56d9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.08 KB, 262x373, 262:373, IMG_3343.JPG)



b99ed1 No.1794519

File: 05afa782f9182e7⋯.png (110.2 KB, 1080x1200, 9:10, timewarnershill4.png)

File: d4a904795688a7a⋯.png (27.65 KB, 758x603, 758:603, timewarnershill5.png)

File: 861f8a011ccb9c7⋯.png (62.61 KB, 1084x795, 1084:795, timewarnershill6.png)

Thanks !RRVe.ETtn

39462f No.1794520

File: c1ef68cb8199fb1⋯.jpg (307.08 KB, 1914x1272, 319:212, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….jpg)

716726 No.1794521

File: 6e4f278781d43df⋯.png (54.72 KB, 450x312, 75:52, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)

File: f5f7fdc3fc6e96a⋯.png (211.26 KB, 547x548, 547:548, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at ….png)

File: 2ebcde3d9b65950⋯.png (259.39 KB, 420x475, 84:95, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at ….png)

File: dab39da00bdcece⋯.png (130.36 KB, 495x383, 495:383, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at ….png)


I dropped BOMBS!!! Supported the movement too. Feels good to whip up good on any level with a team doesn't it??


63ef07 No.1794522


I'm just a bit ahy….and I hear it hurts a lot.

a48ea9 No.1794523


Word my straight white brotha ✊🏻

6d70d9 No.1794524

File: 038628beccf65f9⋯.jpg (107.28 KB, 736x1108, 184:277, 0f4b5e630322722d0a06ecdd86….jpg)


guess how we know you're an SJW female

1) you don't want to take responsibility for looking or not looking

2) you want others to make a safe space for you

3) you cry and bitch and moan till people do what you want

4) you have never dealt with autists; they can not be emotionally manipulated

5) namecalling is lefty disease; we use facts here

6) logic escapes you

7) you have no understanding of actual rights, and make up rights like 'I have a right to not see porn'

8) rather than doing the adult smart thing, like leaving, you'll bitch and moan

9)everybody has sex and it is not disgusting except to feminazis

10) your outrage has no room for thinking so this was all wasted on you

you're my new best friend. have some heterosex!

bd7017 No.1794525

File: f0d648133f856b1⋯.jpeg (79.99 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DfsZQyQU0AIfzYI.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: f310ecdcdd1daf2⋯.jpeg (52.31 KB, 625x560, 125:112, Df1mSBPV4AAk1fR.jpg-large.jpeg)

d342ab No.1794526

File: af20dfec1230b57⋯.png (772.15 KB, 452x675, 452:675, 37MtSOW - Imgur.png)

File: 55706a3a75ddaea⋯.png (557.92 KB, 610x349, 610:349, 2Cgkzcg - Imgur.png)

File: 1b8a6dc3844f9e6⋯.png (400.14 KB, 465x584, 465:584, dHyxa3R - Imgur.png)

91a906 No.1794527




You wanna do it?? Lets Roll…

Mostly for y'all this time and FFS it was fun…

95f8ce No.1794528


A bulkhead fitting would be more watertight than the conduit adapters

c36bc7 No.1794529

This board is so fucking PC now, is it sickening.

c6a836 No.1794530


Some would say that is the hand of God at work

Just like those who post Baker babes, who are also God's handiwork

1a487f No.1794531


Division, slide homo shill spotted.

b3fd17 No.1794532


The image is good except that someone may say, "It's just a list. The last line does not go with the previous one." Do we have a link to the video where this was shown?

be732b No.1794533


That's because they hate you.

cb3e6e No.1794534

File: 74cc916ad7e19de⋯.png (446.31 KB, 715x815, 143:163, 47b7578426d64d2527ea07e97e….png)

3d28b9 No.1794535


Imagine if Q team will expose this in detail.

Most autist families could desperately use financial compensation, as the perpetrators liekly have an extra billion dollars they can live without.




763a5a No.1794536


Important to remember.


e094db No.1794537


i actually thought i heard POTUS's voice….

6d70d9 No.1794538


I do believe that

both of those

6d70d9 No.1794539

f45aa1 No.1794540


when someone sent that to me, I almost added to that effing cup

95f8ce No.1794541


I had a feeling you were still here

91a906 No.1794542

Nevermind - Q….


629ed1 No.1794543


>Well done, Anon.

>Shows commitment.


a48ea9 No.1794544


Babydoll we are not here for you.

Working on T.I.T.S. flight patch Fam. Going to be nipple hardening..

494a99 No.1794545

File: fc7b86754ef6f56⋯.webm (9.35 MB, 854x480, 427:240, memeing_our_reality.webm)

File: 09c5a1bb5bc3c75⋯.png (72.35 KB, 1205x258, 1205:258, 30milanons.png)

File: 4d66509f322e9b1⋯.png (59.54 KB, 550x550, 1:1, member2.png)

c74c47 No.1794546

File: c7ff61c75a6ffa7⋯.jpg (60.52 KB, 430x323, 430:323, 4777384.jpg)

bd7017 No.1794547

716726 No.1794548


Never saw them, but I feel vibes. And I'm generally right. If it is a LARP, the creator knew that putting full faith and energy INTO his work (magic) mattered and he did, and the script is tight. IMO.


39462f No.1794549

File: f5c27fd77f2d0fc⋯.jpg (505.68 KB, 2346x1560, 391:260, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at ….jpg)

d342ab No.1794550

File: fba38b165c19e07⋯.png (230.33 KB, 378x254, 189:127, TQt39A9 - Imgur.png)

File: fab3ce021ef33b8⋯.jpg (40.76 KB, 552x690, 4:5, eatit.jpg)

File: 8a7ccbb62f2dce7⋯.png (88.37 KB, 208x366, 104:183, chemcock.png)



18a328 No.1794551


What happened to Rich Higgins? Wasnt he also a Flynn guy purged by McMaster?

434a6c No.1794552


Evening, Q

98950b No.1794553


Indeed that is what I have to use. Mostly design/layout reference. <3 (no homo)

6d70d9 No.1794554


Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a controversial former national security aide to President Donald Trump who was pushed out of the White House by H.R. McMaster, is rejoining the Trump administration. In his new role he will serve as Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s national security adviser.

c74c47 No.1794555

File: a32fca4b624702f⋯.jpg (223.6 KB, 810x445, 162:89, bd422975c630a7cd8137c027ff….jpg)


Burnin' dat midnight oil, I see!

763a5a No.1794556

File: 5c054d318316ff6⋯.png (54.96 KB, 722x500, 361:250, C6406115-E8D8-485D-82B4-CB….png)

See next.



34f6e3 No.1794557

File: 27691594db9ca66⋯.jpg (581.91 KB, 3568x2368, 223:148, 87a839c3fb5d8d89bf3c4d1cc4….jpg)


Welcome back, Sir!

Anons at your service.

c36bc7 No.1794558


I will and do.

57e82a No.1794559

File: 38f14ab6bf9e574⋯.png (78.92 KB, 1021x812, 1021:812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d267105acf7c6b2⋯.png (73.34 KB, 1025x575, 41:23, ClipboardImage.png)


>Review GoFundMe plea


Started: 7.24.17

Amount raised: $828k

Number of donors: 28534

Resulting average amount per donor: $29

>Review lawsuit


Lawsuit timeline:

On 12 July 2017, the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, granted our request for a Temporary Restraining Order in favor of Bardav, Inc. (Snopes.com’s parent corporation) and against Proper Media. As a result, Proper Media released $100,000 in revenue procured from the placement of advertisement on the Snopes.com website that they had been withholding. The court’s order provided much-needed funds that allowed Snopes.com to continue operating without having to lay off any staff.

On 22 August 2017, the Superior Court granted our request for a Preliminary Injunction against Proper Media and its principals. The injunction required Proper Media to transfer hosting of the Snopes.com web site back to our control and to cease withholding from us revenues procured from the placement of advertisements on the Snopes.com website. On the same day that our motion for preliminary injunction was granted, the court denied Proper Media’s request for an order that would have forced Bardav to continue a business relationship with Proper Media, and denied Proper Media’s request to remove David Mikkelson from Bardav’s board of directors.

On 18 October 2017, we successfully migrated Snopes.com to a new hosting provider and regained control of our advertising revenue stream.

On 15 February 2018, the Superior Court ruled that Proper Media is not a Bardav shareholder, and upheld the appointment of Brad Westbrook to Bardav’s board of directors.

On 22 February 2018, the Superior Court entered a judgment in favor of David Mikkelson dismissing all causes of action brought against him by Proper Media.

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GodSpeed Patriot. Great Reminder.

"So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have." 2 Peter 1:12

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