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Sam Bankman-Fried’s Claim About ‘Dark Money’ GOP Donations ‘Flatly Untrue’

By James Lynch


Former crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried’s recent statement about donating “dark money” to Republican campaigns is “flatly untrue” according to Puck News.

Bankman-Fried told crypto YouTuber Tiffany Fong in a Nov. 29 interview “all my Republican donations were dark” and “reporters freak the fuck out if you donate to a Republican.” He gave “about the same amount” to Republicans, without specifying any further details.


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Congress, White House Consider Repealing Military Vaccine Mandate

By Micaela Burrow


Congress and the White House are mulling proposals from top lawmakers to repeal the U.S. military’s vaccine mandate several months after President Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic to be “over,” according to recent media reports.

Congress’ annual defense bill, the text of which is set to be published next week, may include a compromise amendment scrapping the military vaccine requirement, Democratic Rep. Adam Smith of Washington told Politico on Saturday. Smith’s comments followed prospective House leader Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s claims on Friday that House and Senate leaders had come to an agreement, which the White House is considering, on overturning the Biden administration’s service-wide mandate, according to Reuters.


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Bill Maher Tells Teens Talking About Climate Change To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

By Brianna Lyman


Comedian Bill Maher said on an upcoming episode of his “Club Random” podcast that teens talking about climate change should “shut the fuck up,” since they’re polluting just as much as Maher’s generation.

Maher and comedian Dana Carvey were discussing travel when Maher said he enjoys flying private and “the only people who don’t like private are the ones who can’t.”


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Over 50,000 More Ballots Mailed to Los Angeles County than there are Registered Voters

By: Corva Corvax

December 2, 2022 - The California Secretary of State sent out 50,251 more ballots to alleged voters in Los Angeles County than the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder says there are registered voters. Lavote.gov says there are 5,627,796 registered voters in the county. The Secretary of state at elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov says that 5,678,047 vote-by-mail ballots were sent to the county.

Before the Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020, citizens had to apply to receive a vote-by-mail ballot. Everyone else needed to show up in person at their neighborhood precinct polling station. At the polls, citizens signed their names on the rolls to indicate they had voted.

Today, thanks to first emergency measures signed by California Governor Newsom and then to an enshrinement in law by the California legislature, ballots are mailed to every registered voter preemptively, whether or not they request one. Some election advocates applaud the universal mailings, claiming they enable and encourage more people to vote. Other election safety advocates worry about the potential for ballot harvesting from the vulnerable and elderly who receive ballots but are mentally incapable of filling them out.

An excess of 50,000 ballots over the number or true registered voters poses serious risks of fraud via various avenues. Are these residents who have moved away from the area? Is the ballot getting forwarded to people now resident in another state, and they are now able to vote in both elections, in LA County and their new abode? Or perhaps the ballots are going to deceased individuals. My neighbor, who had been dead well over a year, received a ballot for the June primary.

All one needs to vote at a vote center is that ballot, with the individual's name. No identification or signature is required. Anyone in possession of a ballot that is unclaimed has the possibility of voting in their name.

But perhaps the excess ballot belong to individuals that will be weeded out of the vote count during some reconciliation process. Unlikley but possible. However, there is no way of knowing since the Secretary of State office did not return a call to request an explanation.


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‘Rogue Wave’ Kills American Tourist Aboard Antarctic Cruise Ship

By Ethan Letkeman


A 62-year-old American woman was pronounced dead after a “rogue wave” slammed into a Viking cruise ship en route to Antarctica.

The “rogue wave incident” occurred at around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday as the Viking Polaris was sailing to Ushuaia, Argentina–approximately 2,000 miles south of Buenos Aries–before departing for Antarctica next week, Viking said in a statement.

The woman was struck by glass after the giant wave broke cabin windows, according to Argentine authorities via an Associated Press report. The ship suffered minimal damage and arrived at the port the following day.


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Why China Sucks: It's A Beta-Test For The New World Order

By: Tyler Durden

For over a decade there has been an open globalist obsession with the Chinese governmental model – A love affair, if you will. Many top proponents of global centralization including Henry Kissinger and George Soros have praised China in the past and hinted that the communist country is burgeoning into a major player within the New World Order. Soros expressed this exact sentiment way back in 2009, around the time that China began courting the IMF and issuing trillions in Yuan based treasury debt in order to join their global currency initiative.

Several years later, China was inducted into the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket. The CCP now avidly supports the creation of a new global currency system with the IMF in control.

This is a reality I have been writing about for many years: China does NOT stand in opposition to global centralization under the control of western oligarchs. All they want is a prominent seat at the table when the “Great Reset” kicks off and total centralization begins. But the above information only suggests an economic relationship between China and the globalists. Does the alliance go even further than that?

Recently, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum gave an interview to the Chinese government controlled CGTN at the APEC Summit. In that interview, Schwab praises China as a role model for many other nations. This might shock some people considering China’s economy is faltering, with their global exports plunging in 2022 and their housing market in shambles. This decline is in large part due to global stagflation, but also due to their insane “zero covid” policy which has kept the nation under pandemic lockdown for years.


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Kristi Noem Bans TikTok: 'Like Digital Fentanyl'

By: Sarah Arnold


Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) has implemented a ban on TikTok for all state employees on their government-issued devices over speculation that the app is used by the Chinese government to gather Americans’ personal information.

Executive Order 2022-10, would ban federal workers, agencies, and contractors from downloading the app onto their phones or visiting the website.

In a statement, Noem criticized the Chinese Communist Party, saying that her state will have no part of it.

>>“South Dakota will have no part in the intelligence gathering operations of nations who hate us,” Noem said, adding “the Chinese Communist Party uses information that it gathers on TikTok to manipulate the American people, and they gather data of the devices that access the platform.”

>>“Because of our serious duty to protect the private data of South Dakota citizens, we must take this action immediately. I hope other states will follow South Dakota’s lead, and Congress should take broader action, as well,” Noem continued.

TikTok, which is owned by a Beijing-based company, has been scrutinized by Republicans over the ability of the Chinese government to use the app to access American’s online user data.

More than 700 million people use the China-owned app worldwide, with at least 100 million being in the U.S.

>>“Tiktok is owned by ByteDance, ByteDance is controlled by the CCP. That means the CCP can track your location, it can track your keystrokes, it can censor your news — why would we give our foremost adversary that amount of power?” Gallagher said, adding “and just like actual fentanyl, it ultimately goes back to the Chinese Communist Party.”


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Tofu won’t save the planet

By: John Lewis-Stempel

Planning the Christmas lunch yet? If you are vegan you’ve doubtless got tofu in there somewhere, perhaps served up with a sauce made piquant with a tablespoon of smugness. After all, going “plant-based” will save the planet from climate change, whereas we meat-eating ignorati are murdering you, and nature, and the air we breathe. Britain’s very own Climate Tsar, Alok Sharma, when asked on BBC Newscast recently about his family’s personal contribution to fighting global warming, flailed around before playing the get-out-of-jail-free, no-meat card.

Is it not curious how carnivorism is subject to endless negative news and analysis, whereas the same rules do not apply to vegan food? As a keeper of livestock in sustainable, ethical, regenerative farming systems, may I say I find it hypocritical to be lectured by those who fly on polluting jets to Egypt, Mexico, Peru and other places I will never see? Has the COP jamboree not discovered Zoom yet? So, for once, let us turn the dinner tables, put vegan food under the knife and fork, and examine its impact on the environment. Where better to start than with tofu?

An ancient, soya-based ingredient in Asian cuisine, tofu came to the West with stoned returning hippies, and was an obscure item in Whole Food shops until the early 21st century, when it started to appear on the shelves of every middle-class supermarket as the meat-free, climate-healing superfood. Suella Braverman’s recent rant about “Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati” was not without its truth; tofu is as much a right-on political choice as a potential ingredient in tonight’s family dinner.


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Musk Releases Details On How Twitter Censored The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

By John Hugh DeMastri

https://dailycaller.com/author/John DeMastri/

Matt Taibbi, contributing editor at Rolling Stone, released what Elon Musk has referred to as “The Twitter Files,” Friday afternoon detailing how the social media platform suppressed a New York Post story regarding a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.

The NYP story revealed an email — which was verified soon after by the Daily Caller News Foundation — that connected President Joe Biden with an executive at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, with the executive thanking the president’s son for “giving me an opportunity to meet your father.” Taibbi alleged that former head of legal, policy and trust Viyaja Gadde played a “key role,” in the decision to suppress the story, which was made without the knowledge of then-CEO Jack Dorsey, but without any government involvement.


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Barber Shot To Death In Targeted Shooting While Cutting 8-Year-Old’s Hair

By: Constitutional Nobody

A horrific shooting happened in front of a young elementary-aged child in Puyallup. Police believe this is a targeted incident because no merchandise was stolen from the business.

A barbershop owner, Jose Valez, was shot and killed in his own shop while he was in the middle of cutting an 8-year-old child’s hair. Police said that the 43-year-old barber was shot multiple times by an unknown male suspect dressed in all black, and the child was not harmed in the shooting.

The suspect remained at large when police shared their latest update, and no arrests had been made. He is described as 5’8″ tall man. He was seen wearing “black pants, a black jacket, and possibly a mask.” After the shooting, the man fled the area on foot.

Officers conducted an extensive search of the area for the suspect aided by at least one police canine unit. The Puyallup Police Department is asking people to check their security cameras for any information regarding this shooting. They are asking anyone who sees someone matching the suspect’s description to contact them.


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Court Throws Out Special Master For Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Documents Case

By: Cristina Laila

A federal appeals court on Thursday halted Judge Aileen Cannon’s special master review in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents case.

In September, Judge Cannon appointed a special master to review the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

Biden’s corrupt Justice Department argued that a special master didn’t have a right to filter out the seized documents.

The court blasted Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, and said she erred in appointing Raymond Dearie as a special master to review documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.


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Ohio House Passes Bill to Decriminalize Fentanyl Test Strips

By: Hannah Poling

The Ohio House passed a bill Wednesday, with bipartisan support, that would decriminalize fentanyl testing strips, pushing forward with a proposal that supporters claim will help prevent fatal overdoses and save lives.

In the state of Ohio, fentanyl drug testing strips are considered drug paraphernalia and it’s illegal for someone to be in possession of them.

House Bill (HB) 456 sponsored by state Representative Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) and co-sponsored by 26 supporting bipartisan lawmakers, would remove the classification of illegal drug paraphernalia under the measure.

Free fentanyl drug testing strips which individuals use to detect the powerful synthetic opioid often found laced in other drugs, have become increasingly common in many cities across the state. Health departments and organizations all across the state have been providing these resources.

Even though city officials promote the strips those in possession of them can get in trouble.

If an individual possesses or uses the strips, they could be charged with a fourth-degree misdemeanor, according to current state law. That could be up to thirty days in jail and a fine of up to $250.

“HB 456 would help create widespread access to fentanyl drug testing strips. This is a critical step forward to prevent more Ohioans from dying from fentanyl drug overdoses,” Boggs said.

According to state data, fentanyl, the highly addictive synthetic opioid, is the leading cause of drug-related deaths in Ohio.


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Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy amid court orders to pay $1 billion

By: WND Staff

InfoWars entertainer Alex Jones has filed for personal bankruptcy amid court orders that he pay about $1 billion to families of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting that happened years ago.

Just the News reported the families of those child victims reported they were harassed after Jones claimed that the massacre was a fraud, that it was staged.

He later said it was, in fact, real.

His filing this week was for personal bankruptcy, as his company already has filed.

He was ordered by juries this year to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to the relatives of those killed in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs told CNBC that the move “will not work.”

Twenty children and six staff members were shot and killed at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.


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FBI Met Weekly With Big Tech Ahead of 2020 Election About Censoring Information, Agent Says

By: Daniel_g

“An FBI agent testified to Republican attorneys general this week that the FBI held weekly meetings with Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley ahead of the 2020 presidential election to discuss ‘disinformation’ on social media and ask about efforts to censor that information,” Fox News reports.

Lawyers from the offices of Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana deposed FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan as part of their lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

Chan was questioned under oath by court order about his alleged “critical role” in “coordinating with social-media platforms relating to censorship and suppression of speech on their platforms.”


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GOP Lawmakers Pledge Vote Against Spending Bill Unless Biden Takes Action to Secure Border

By: Ashley Oliver

Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) is leading a group of nearly a dozen House Republican lawmakers in vowing to vote against a new government spending package unless President Joe Biden takes steps to improve southern border security.

The Republicans sent a letter, obtained by Breitbart News, to Biden on Friday outlining four border-related demands amid a looming government shutdown, set to take place as early as December 16, when current government funding runs out.

The letter, heavily focused on the fentanyl epidemic, comes ahead of an anticipated congressional fight about whether to pass a continuing resolution to extend current funding into next year or to pass a new omnibus bill, which Democrats are angling to do before the lame duck session concludes.

“We cannot, and will not, support any appropriations package for FY2023 unless you immediately take action to strengthen and restore the integrity of the southern border and protect the American people, especially our children, from deadly fentanyl,” the Republicans wrote.

Read a copy of the letter below:


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Elizabeth Warren Gets Brutal Fact-Check When She Spreads Student Loan Forgiveness Lie

By: Nick Arama

Joe Biden never had the constitutional authority to forgive student loan debt. He knew that his decision on the question was going to get challenged and knocked down in the courts as it has been. Right now, Biden has been stayed from proceeding with it by court actions and the case is going to be considered by the Supreme Court. But Biden did it as an effort to buy votes from the liberal base in the midterms. It was a ridiculously cynical move by the Democrats that was destined to fail.

Before he did it, even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had admitted that he didn’t have the power to do it.

If they wanted to do it, they could have tried to push it through while they controlled Congress. But they didn’t. They just wanted to use it to get the votes from their base. In other words, it was a trick and they hoodwinked their base. Their base should be furious at them and some are.

At one point Biden even claimed he had passed a law allowing for this and it passed by a “couple of votes.” This was a pure fantasy that never happened.

But now Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is trying to twist all reality claiming that yes, indeed Biden does have the legal authority. What’s funny and perfect about it, as she tries to spread that lie to cover her compatriots’ tracks, she got fact-checked by Twitter.


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What do we know about the Colorado bomb threat?

By: Colleen Slevin

DENVER (AP) — More than a year before police say Anderson Lee Aldrich killed five people and wounded 17 others at a gay night club in Colorado Springs, Aldrich was arrested on allegations of making a bomb threat that led to the evacuation of about 10 homes.

Aldrich, who uses the pronoun they and is nonbinary according to their attorneys, threatened to harm their own family with a homemade bomb, ammunition and multiple weapons, authorities said at the time. They were booked into jail on suspicion of felony menacing and kidnapping, but the case was later sealed and it’s unclear what became of the charges. There are no public indications that the case led to a conviction.

Officials refuse to speak about what happened, citing the sealing law, which was passed three years ago to help prevent people from having their lives ruined if cases are dismissed and never prosecuted. It was passed as part of a nationwide movement aimed at addressing the “collateral consequences” from people’s run-ins with law enforcement that often make it difficult for them to get jobs or housing.

Amid a flurry of questions about the incident after Aldrich was identified as the suspect in the Nov. 19 shooting at Club Q, District Attorney Michael Allen said during a Nov. 21 news conference that he “hoped at some point in the near future” to share more about the incident, raising expectations that he wanted the information to be made public.

But 11 days later, Allen still hasn’t shed light on the incident and the documents remain sealed despite a petition to make them public submitted by a coalition of media organizations including The Associated Press.

Here is a closer look at what is known about the incident, the records and what is being done to make them public as a grieving community clamors for more information.


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Newsom's reparations board wants US African Americans to get $223k

By: Emma James

A taskforce set up by California Gov. Gavin Newsom is urging the federal government to pay every African American in the US at least $223k for 'housing discrimination' - while continuing to probe other areas for compensation.

The nine-person group believes that black Americans should receive the money for 'enduring the economic effects' of racism and slavery – after initially making the suggestions in California.

It was created by Newsom's legislation which he signed in 2020 and is the largest reparation effort in recent history.

California is the first state to require agencies to present a separate demographic category for descendants of enslaved people.

On Thursday the New York Times reported that the taskforce has spent months traveling across the West coast to learn about the effect of the policies.

In a March 2022 report, those eligible for the reparations would have to be descendants of enslaved African Americans or of a 'free Black person living in the United States prior to the end of the 19th century.


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Philly prosecutor sues to stop lawmakers from removing him

By: Mark Scolforo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Philadelphia’s elected prosecutor asked a state court Friday to halt a Republican-led effort to remove him from office, arguing that the process ended when the Legislature’s two-year session ran out earlier in the week.

District Attorney Larry Krasner, a Democrat, wants Commonwealth Court to declare that the General Assembly lacks constitutional authority to remove local officials like him — as opposed to state officials — and that the claims against him do not amount to the “misbehavior in office” required for impeachment.

Philadelphia, not the state House or Senate, has oversight over potential impeachment and removal of its district attorney, the lawsuit claims.

Krasner sued the Senate’s top-ranking Republican, Sen. Kim Ward of Westmoreland County, unnamed members of the Senate committee that will oversee the case and the three impeachment managers designated by the House of Representatives.

“Never before has the legislature exercised its power to impeach and remove someone duly elected twice for things that do not come close to a crime,” Krasner’s lawyers told the court. “And never before has the statewide legislature exercised its power to impeach a locally elected officer like District Attorney Krasner.”

Ward’s spokesperson, Erica Clayton Wright, said Friday that the filing was under review and a response will be made “once we have had time to evaluate the case.” Clayton Wright has previously said congressional impeachment proceedings have spanned more than one legislative session.


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Russia Accuses US Of ‘Direct’ Involvement In War As Pentagon Ramps Up Training For Ukrainian Troops

By Micaela Burrow


Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov accused the U.S. of “direct” involvement in the Ukraine war amid reports of plans to expand training for Ukrainian troops, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The Pentagon has worked on plans to grow U.S. military training for thousands of Ukrainian troops in Germany in recent months, the Post reported, citing defense officials familiar with the developments. Some European Union countries and the U.K. have announced similar plans, prompting an escalation in rhetoric from the Kremlin likening the West’s continuing military support for Ukraine to direct participation in the war.


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Stanford Under Investigation For Allegedly Discriminating Against Men

By Alexa Schwerha

https://dailycaller.com/author/Alexa Schwerha/

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is investigating Stanford University after it received complaints that the school allegedly discriminates against men by offering organizations exclusively for women, Forbes reported.

Kursat Pekgoz, CEO of the Turkish real estate company Doruk, and James Moore, a Stanford alumnus and emeritus professor at the University of Southern California, filed the complaint alleging that the university does not offer groups exclusively available to men like it does for women, according to Forbes. The pair argue that the discrepancy violates Title IX, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.


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Dad Uses Stolen Car To Rescue 4 Kids After His Car Was Hijacked

By Brianna Lyman


A Minneapolis dad sprung into action Wednesday night when a carjacker took his car with his four children inside of it, the father told local news outlet KSTP.

The incident unfolded at around 8:40 p.m., when the suspect arrived in a stolen vehicle near the 800 block of Russel Avenue North, according to Fox5. The suspect then exited the stolen vehicle and entered another, which had four children inside, all under the age of 5, the outlet reported.


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Snapchat Surgeon's Medical License Suspended After Botched Feminization Surgery Leaves Patient Blind

By Laurel Duggan


Christopher Inglefield, a surgeon who streams his surgeries on Snapchat, had his medical license suspended after his patient went blind in one eye due to complications from a facial feminization surgery, according to the Daily Mail.

Inglefield specializes in transgender surgeries including genital surgery and a host of cosmetic procedures altering the face and body to resemble the opposite sex, according to the website of his employer, the London Transgender Clinic. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) determined Inglefield had failed to report his patient’s vision loss to medical regulators, according to the Daily Mail.


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Golfer Bites Off Other Man’s Nose After Argument About Game

By Warner Todd Huston


A Mississippi golfer allegedly bit off the nose of his playing partner after an argument about the round, according to reports.

Mark Wells, 51, reportedly attacked his golf buddy in the parking lot of a casino on Monday night hours after arguing about their golf round that afternoon, according to the New York Post.

Wells reportedly fled in his Tesla after the attack. But he turned himself in several days later.


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Twitter Suspends Kanye West’s Account

By Leena Nasir


Kanye West has been suspended from Twitter again Friday morning, after Elon Musk declared he was in violation of the platforms regulations on inciting violence.

Musk suspended West’s account and publicly announced his reasoning. “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended,” Musk tweeted. His message was in response to a user who asked Musk to “fix Kanye.”


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Fauci Says COVID-19 Could Have Been Created in a Lab and Then Leaked

By: Abigail Adcox


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said COVID-19 could have been created in a lab and then leaked into the public.

Fauci's comments Thursday are just the latest but perhaps most definitive statement he has made expressing openness to the lab leak theory as he prepares to retire at the end of the month, although he also said an animal-to-human spillover was the most likely scenario.

>>"There's also the possibility, and that's the reason why we all need to keep an open mind that we don't know precisely what the origin is, it could have been something like studying a virus that they got out of the environment and perhaps … leaked out into the community," Fauci said in an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday. "I don't think that's what happened but my mind is completely open to any possibility."

Fauci indicated that the more likely scenario was that the COVID-19 pandemic was a natural occurrence originating from an animal such as a bat, while criticizing the Chinese for allowing wild animals into a market in Wuhan when it was dangerous for humans, citing photographic evidence of the animals at the markets around the beginning of the pandemic.

Fauci has maintained that the virus likely occurred naturally, but in recent interviews has also said that he is keeping an "open mind" regarding its origins.


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Kristi Noem Bans TikTok: 'Like Digital Fentanyl'

By: Sarah Arnold


Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) has implemented a ban on TikTok for all state employees on their government-issued devices over speculation that the app is used by the Chinese government to gather Americans’ personal information.

Executive Order 2022-10, would ban federal workers, agencies, and contractors from downloading the app onto their phones or visiting the website.

In a statement, Noem criticized the Chinese Communist Party, saying that her state will have no part of it.

>>“South Dakota will have no part in the intelligence gathering operations of nations who hate us,” Noem said, adding “the Chinese Communist Party uses information that it gathers on TikTok to manipulate the American people, and they gather data of the devices that access the platform.”

>>“Because of our serious duty to protect the private data of South Dakota citizens, we must take this action immediately. I hope other states will follow South Dakota’s lead, and Congress should take broader action, as well,” Noem continued.

TikTok, which is owned by a Beijing-based company, has been scrutinized by Republicans over the ability of the Chinese government to use the app to access American’s online user data.

More than 700 million people use the China-owned app worldwide, with at least 100 million being in the U.S.

>>“Tiktok is owned by ByteDance, ByteDance is controlled by the CCP. That means the CCP can track your location, it can track your keystrokes, it can censor your news — why would we give our foremost adversary that amount of power?” Gallagher said, adding “and just like actual fentanyl, it ultimately goes back to the Chinese Communist Party.”


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DeSantis Leads Biden In Hypothetical Poll While Trump Trails Behind

By: Sarah Arnold


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) holds a slight lead over President Joe Biden among Georgia voters in a hypothetical poll.

According to a new survey from Emerson College Polling, DeSantis has a four percentage point lead over Biden after Georgia voters were asked who they would vote for if the 2024 election was held today.

DeSantis received 47 percent support, compared to Biden’s 43 percent support.

Meanwhile, a separate poll found that Biden and DeSantis are tied when it comes to voters generally deciding who they would want to run the White House.

In a new Marquette Law School poll, both DeSantis and Biden secured 42 percent support from registered voters, making this the first time the two have tied in a hypothetical survey.

When asked about a possible Trump/Biden 2024 ticket, voters seemed to be on the edge.

Should Biden decide to run again, the poll found that 44 percent of voters support him compared to 43 percent who would rather Trump in the Oval Office.

>>“Trump runs similarly in 2024 as he did in 2020, losing by under a percentage point. DeSantis can pull ahead of Biden by four points in Georgia, driven by his support among key demographics that support Biden against Trump but flip to DeSantis when he is on the ballot,” the executive director of Emerson College Polling, Spencer Kimball said.


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Court Halts Trump Special Master Appointment in Mar-a-Lago Case

By: Sarah Arnold


An appeals court ruled that the appointment of a special master after the search of former President Trump’s Florida home was improper, removing a hurdle the Justice Department said had delayed its criminal investigation into the retention of top-secret government information.

>>“The law is clear. We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so,” a three-judge panel wrote for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, adding “either approach would be a reordering of our case law limiting the federal courts’ involvement in criminal investigations.”

The ruling now clears the way for them to at least 22,000 pages as part of their investigation the entire tranche of documents seized during an FBI raid in August on Trump’s Florida residence.

>>“As we have said, the status of a document as personal or presidential does not alter the authority of the government to seize it under a warrant supported by probable cause,” the judges wrote, adding “plaintiff attempts — as he did in the district court — to reverse the standard, arguing that the government does not need the non-classified documents for its investigation. This is not self-evident, but it would be irrelevant in any event. Plaintiff’s task was to show why he needed the documents, not why the government did not. He has failed to meet his burden.”

>>“It is indeed extraordinary for a warrant to be executed at the home of a former president — but not in a way that affects our legal analysis or otherwise gives the judiciary license to interfere in an ongoing investigation,” the judges continued.


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CNN Falls for Comedian Who Trolls GOP Rallies as a Real Herschel Walker Supporter

By: Julio Rosas


CNN fell flat on its face again when they aired a segment about the run-off Senate election in Georgia on Thursday when they said they interviewed a supposed supporter of Herschel Walker. Turns out the "supporter" is a comedian who regularly trolls GOP events.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto introduced the segment as "someone who’s standing by Walker, despite the scandals that have plagued his campaign."

>>"I just think how he talks and, like, the stories he tells, and you know. He’s off the cuff. He’s not all serious about everything. Everything is not a big deal to him, you know? Is he the best candidate for the job? Maybe not. Is he the most qualified guy in the world? I dunno, maybe not, but does he have a great attitude? Yes!" the man in an "I'm With Herschel" shirt told CNN.

Mediaite reported the man, who said his name was Jake Byrd, is actually comedy writer Tony Barbieri. His work has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! multiple times in segments of himself trolling right-wing functions. His appearances in character have happened at presidential debates and Donald Trump fundraisers.


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Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud

By Jay Valentine

Database latency – a geeky term, but that’s how they did it!

A policeman pulls over a speeder. The police computer reports that three hours ago a similar vehicle and person held up a liquor store – so the police are on alert.

No database latency.

County election managers change the zip code of 31,000 voters on September 3. Ballots go out that week. Those 31,000 are undeliverable. Someone collects those valid ballots. On September 15th, those addresses are quietly changed back.

National Change of Address Database (NCOA) will not pick up those address changes. They didn’t happen because there is no history.

The 31,000 citizens were getting their mail just fine except for ballots. Ballot addresses were driven by the county mail-in ballot database the one that was changed, then changed back.

Many states send ballots to everyone; the recipient is none the wiser that they never received a mail-in ballot. They may vote in person. Oops! “You already voted!” Ever heard that?

Welcome to database latency.

Our bad guy pals know they can change voter rolls, take an action, then change them back. Who would know?

A thousand voters are changed from inactive, voted, then changed back, and how would you ever know? With lots of complex footwork, you could eventually tell from their voter history file – months after the election.

What are you going to do about it? Reverse the election?

The new, and current “ballot gathering strategy” mandated by the almost universal mail-in ballots adds pretty cool database games – exploiting database latency.

Database latency, as you likely gathered, is when current reality lags the underlying record. We all experience it in our electronics-driven society.

The ballot gathering scammers know about latency – it’s their ground game!

To Republicans, election engineering is civics. To Democrats, it’s business – and they are great at it!


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Katie Hobbs’ Office Threatened County Board With Arrest If They Didn’t Certify Results

By: Sarah Arnold


Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs (D-Ariz) allegedly threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with prosecution if they didn’t certify the election results favoring her before the state deadline.

According to emails documents, Arizona State Elections Director Kori Lorick wrote multiple emails and letters warning them that if they refused to certify the results in time, then they would face indictment, including the “disenfranchisement of voters.”

>>“Our office will take all legal action necessary to ensure that Arizona’s voters have their votes counted, including referring the individual supervisors who vote not to certify for criminal enforcement under A.R.S. 16-1010,” Lorick wrote in an email to the board.

Mohave was of the Republican-lead counties that asked for more time before certifying the votes to examine election integrity issues.

>>“The Secretary of State did contact our County and cited A.R.S. Section 16-1010 as a statute that could be used to prosecute [the board] if they did not certify the election,” the Mohave County Attorney, Matt Smith said.


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Musk Says Twitter ‘Interfered in Elections’ and ‘Failed’ Public Trust

By: Brady Knox


New Twitter CEO Elon Musk said his company will be more "even-handed" under his watch while condemning previous election interference from the platform.

In response to someone commenting on a story in which the former head of Twitter's trust and safety, Yoel Roth, said the social media network was "not safe" under Musk, the CEO decried the previous perceived failures of Twitter during Roth's tenure. He promised that the new Twitter, under his watch, will be much more "effective, transparent, and even-handed."

>>"Exactly. The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections," Musk said. "Twitter 2.0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed."

Shortly after, Musk retweeted a blog post from Twitter that laid out its new approach to improving what it called the "town square of the internet."

>>"As you’ve seen over the past several weeks, Twitter is embracing public testing. We believe that this open and transparent approach to innovation is healthy, as it enables us to move faster and gather user feedback in real-time," the Twitter team, led by Musk, wrote.

>>"We believe that a service of this importance will benefit from feedback at scale, and that there is value in being open about our experiments and what we are learning. We do all of this work with one goal in mind: to improve Twitter for our customers, partners, and the people who use it across the world," they added.

While initially embracing Musk, Roth quit after two weeks under his tenure, adopting an increasingly critical stance on his way out, particularly regarding Musk's approach to content moderation.


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Sam Bankman-Fried Says He’s Had A Bad Month, Crowd Laughs

By Melanie Wilcox


Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the Dealbook Summit on Wednesday that he “didn’t do a good job” of fulfilling his responsibilities to regulators, customers and investors.

“There’s going to be a time and a place for me to sort of think about myself and my own future, but I don’t think this is it,” the former crypto billionaire said. “I mean, look I’ve had a bad month.”


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Physician Found Dead In Ditch After Accusations He Drugged And Raped Patients Surfaced

By Melanie Wilcox


A board-certified physician who was accused of raping his patients at his office in Naples, Florida while they were under anesthesia was reportedly found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound to his head.

The Naples Police Department had arrested Dr. Eric Andrew Salata, 54, for allegedly committing sexual crimes against his patients at Pura Vida Medical Spa, according to a statement. He was charged for two counts of sexual battery to a physically helpless person. 


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Doocy Asks Jean-Pierre When The White House Plans To Delete Its Twitter Account

By Nicole Silverio


Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre when the White House intends to delete its Twitter account over their concerns about misinformation and hate speech.

The press secretary told reporters at Monday’s briefing that the White House is “monitoring” Twitter since CEO Elon Musk’s takeover of the company. The White House has expressed concern over alleged misinformation and the reinstatement of suspended accounts, including those of former President Donald Trump and Kanye “Ye” West.

“When are you guys going to delete the White House Twitter account?” Doocy asked.

“Why would we do that?” Jean-Pierre asked.

“Well, you’re saying that you’re keeping an eye on Twitter because it might not be a suitable platform, so why use it?” he asked.


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EU Threatens to Ban Twitter Over Elon Musk’s Free Speech Plans

By Peter Caddle


Twitter could be banned from the EU if Elon Musk continues with his free speech reforms, a senior official within the bloc has reportedly said.

Thierry Breton, the European Union’s Internal Market Commissioner, has reportedly ordered Elon Musk to abandon some of his free speech plans for Twitter or risk seeing the platform banned from operating within the EU.

It comes as Musk continues pushing the platform in a direction more accepting of freedom of speech, unbanning the likes of former President Donald Trump and reversing Twitter’s hardline policing of COVID-related content.


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‘Lord Of The Rings’ Actor Bernard Hill Slams Amazon Series As A ‘Money-Making Venture’

By Leena Nasir


“Lord of the Rings” star Bernard Hill, who played King Théoden of Rohan in the Peter Jackson trilogy, said he refuses to watch Amazon’s Tolkien spin-off series, “The Rings of Power.”

“It’s a money-making venture and I’m not interested in watching that or being in it,” Hill said in an interview with Metro. “Good luck to them and all that stuff, but it’s not like the real thing,” Hill added, recalling the “wonderful time” he had filming the original trilogy.


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Breaking: Alabama Becomes Second State to Take Election Security Seriously and Terminate ERIC Contra

By Jim Hoft

For decades the Democrats and leftists have fought ferociously to prevent the cleanup of State voter registration rolls. Recognizing a potential niche, left wing activists created ERIC to clean voter rolls their way, using their rules. So in 2012 the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was formed as a membership organization primarily for blue States. ERIC is essentially a left wing voter registration drive disguised as voter roll clean up. But it’s been gaining traction in Red States too. Originally funded by the Soros Open Society, it is now responsible for cleaning the voter rolls in 31 States, plus D.C. A top election official from each member State is appointed a seat on the ERIC Board or as an Officer, all unpaid positions.

ERIC located 17 million new voters for the 2020 election, the most in the history of their organization. For comparison, they only found 5.7 million in 2012, Obama’s reelection.

The ERIC database is comprehensive and would be one of the most coveted by bad actors looking to influence an election. Member States must not only submit all details on inactive and active voters to ERIC every 60 days. But they must also provide every individual in their states Motor Vehicle Department database, both licensed and ID recipients. This combo of data is breathtaking. It’s everyone who could generate a legal ballot. It includes those approaching voting age, even those here illegally yet issued an ID by their left leaning State. This data includes names, addresses, DOB, License #, last 4 of social #, voter activity, phone, email, title and type of citizenship documentation, and much more!


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Is this the Supreme Court case that will drain the swamp?

By Paul Dowling

The Question: How can you support, and defend, the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Answer: You investigate. If there are claims that there is a threat, even if you don't believe there is a threat, you investigate. How else can you determine if there is a threat unless you investigate? You can't. Were there claims of a threat to the Constitution? Yes. Where did these serious claims come from? 100 members of Congress. What was the threat? That there were enemies of the Constitution who successfully rigged the 2020 election. Is this lawsuit about a rigged election? No, it's about the members of Congress who voted AGAINST the investigation thereby thwarting the investigation. Was this a clear violation of their oath? YES."

—Question of Law in the Supreme Court case known as Brunson v. Alma S. Adams; et al. (Biden, Harris, Pence & 385 Members of Congress)

They Broke Their Oaths

Loy, Raland, Deron, and Gaynor Brunson all witnessed what they believed to be the theft of the 2020 election and decided to file suit. However, the interesting approach that they have taken is not to make a formal complaint that the election was stolen; instead, they have chosen to sue members of the U.S. Congress who voted not to investigate whether any election irregularities may have occurred that could have affected the outcome. In other words, the Brunson Brothers were motivated to sue because these elected officials broke their oaths to protect the Constitution of the United States.


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Republican AGs Attempt To Prevent Historically Environmentalist Firm From Buying Utilities

By Jack McEvoy


A group of 13 Republican attorneys general has urged the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to step in and block large asset manager Vanguard from buying shares in publicly traded electricity providers due to the firm’s history of “environmental activism.”


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EXCLUSIVE: Angry Artist Vandalizes Balenciaga Store in London After Campaign Controversy - "More Sto

By Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the high-end fashion brand Balenciaga has received internet backlash for a creepy ad that features two young girls holding stuffed animals dressed in what looks to be bondage gear.

In one photo, a little girl with fiery red hair is shown wearing one of the company’s T-shirts while she holds the strap of a white bear that is wearing a vest with a padlocked choker around its neck.

Another photo featured a little girl with brown hair wearing a blue outfit while holding a purple stuffed animal that was also dressed in BDSM gear.

The company also advertised a handbag with a copy of the Supreme Court’s decision in a child pornography case as a prop.

Balenciaga was getting also slammed in a new ad campaign for featuring a book by controversial artist Michael Borremans, whose work has been linked to cannibalism, demons, and blood rituals.


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Revealed: more than 70% of English water industry is in foreign ownership

By. Anna Leach, Carmen Aguilar García and Sandra Laville

Guardian unpicks complex web of investment firms, wealth funds and tax haven-based businesses that own most of sector

England’s water: the world’s piggy bank

Can global water investors be held to account?

England’s water: is privatised model a fair system?

England’s water firms respond to investigation into role of global investors

Anna Leach, Carmen Aguilar García and Sandra Laville

Wed 30 Nov 2022 09.30 EST

Foreign investment firms, private equity, pension funds and businesses lodged in tax havens own more than 70% of the water industry in England, according to research by the Guardian.

The complex web of ownership is revealed as the public and some politicians increasingly call for the industry to be held to account for sewage dumping, leaks and water shortages. Six water companies are under investigation for potentially illegal activities as pressure grows on the industry to put more money into replacing and restoring crumbling infrastructure to protect both the environment and public health.

More than three decades after the sector was sold off with a promise to the public they would become individual small shareholders or “H2Owners”, control of the water industry has become dominated by overseas investment vehicles, the super-rich, companies in tax havens and pension fund investors. The ownership structure is such that transparency and accountability are limited, according to Dr Kate Bayliss, a research associate with the department of economics at Soas University of London.

International investment funds with large stakes include several household names as well as sovereign wealth funds. For example the Qatar Investment Authority is the third largest shareholder in Severn Trent, with a 4.6% holding, while almost 10% is held by the US investment company BlackRock and its subsidiaries, according to analysis of shareholdings as of October this year.


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QAnon Leader Inadvertently Outs Himself as a Groomer

BY . Will Sommer

QAnon leader Phil Godlewski carried on an inappropriate relationship with a minor that police records suggest turned sexual.

Believers in the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory are always on the hunt for the powerful pedophiles they imagine run the world—like the cabal of pedophiles they say controls the Democratic Party, or the one operating out of the imagined basement of a Washington pizzeria.

But now, new court records reveal that QAnon leader Phil Godlewski has a criminal past of his own involving an inappropriate relationship with a minor that police records suggest turned sexual.

Thanks to an ill-conceived defamation lawsuit against a local newspaper, Godlewski has put his conspiracy-theory career at risk by inadvertently prompting the release of more details regarding his case, including lurid text messages and a video of his erect penis.

Perhaps worse, according to his courtroom opponents, records suggest Godlewski has been caught both committing perjury himself and attempting to convince his own victim to do the same to ensure a “financial windfall” for them both.

Now, in a bombshell motion, the newspaper claims they’ve caught Godlewski breaking a bevy of courtroom rules and want him to pay $70,000 in legal fees and damages. As the case heats up and revelations spill out, it also offers a chance to see the kind of person who can profit from the persistent conspiracy theory.

QAnon has ruined families, inspired multiple gruesome murders, and helped power the Jan. 6 insurrection. But QAnon has also been a lucrative career for Godlewski, a Pennsylvania-based promoter of the conspiracy theory who speaks to his fans in lengthy, rambling livestream videos.


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Illegal Alien Accused of Placing Hidden Camera in Teen Girl’s Bathroom Shower

By John Binder


An illegal alien is accused of placing a hidden camera in the shower of his wife’s teenage daughter’s bathroom.

Horacio Minero-Hernandez, a 39-year-old illegal alien, was arrested by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and charged with two counts of child sexual exploitation after his wife found a video camera in a light fixture in the shower of her teenage daughter’s bathroom.


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Elon Musk Blasts Alyssa Milano After She Trades In Tesla For Volkswagen

By Melanie Wilcox


Twitter CEO Elon Musk joined conservative personalities blasting actress Alyssa Milano Saturday for trading in her Tesla for a Volkswagen.

“Volkswagen was literally founded by the Nazi’s and Hitler,” Hodgetwins tweeted Saturday in response to Milano’s tweet in which she attributed “hate and white supremacy” to Tesla. Musk responded to Hodgetwins with the “laughing face” and “100” emojis.


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Former CIA Officer Says Iranian Players Could Face Retribution After Losing to US in World Cup

By Dylan Gwinn


A former intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) says that Iranian soccer players could face punishment from their own government after getting eliminated from the World Cup following their 1-0 loss to the United States on Tuesday.

Mike Baker, a former covert intelligence officer with the agency, told the New York Post that the Iranian players are in a no-win position on and off the field, given their government’s history of exacting revenge against its people.

“Given what we’ve seen from the Iranian regime … they’ve shown themselves to be brutal and there’s no reason to believe they’re going to suddenly become rational,” Baker explained.


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South Korea Orders Striking Truckers Back to Work, Truckers Say No Deal

By John Hayward


The trucker crisis in South Korea came to a head on Tuesday when the government ordered striking truckers to return to work, even though the truckers say that no deal to address their grievances has been reached.

South Korean truckers launched their second strike of 2022 last week after months of negotiations from the first strike failed to reach an agreement. The first strike in June unleashed chaos on the highways and inflicted well over a billion dollars in economic damage. The showdown also inspired other unions to consider strikes and demands of their own, making an economy already under pressure from inflation and rising fuel costs even more jittery.


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Russian Crypto Billionaire Vyacheslav Taran Dead In Helicopter Crash

By Mary Rooke


Russian billionaire cryptocurrency investor Vyacheslav Taran died near the French-Italian border after his helicopter crashed, according to multiple reports.

Taran was riding in an Airbus H130 from Lucerne, Switzerland, to Monaco on Friday when it crashed in Villefranche-sur-Mer, the New York Post reported, citing radio network France Bleu.


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Are The Anti-Lockdown Protests Rocking China A Threat To Xi’s Rule?

By Micaela Burrow


Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping has staked his rule on a draconian “Zero-Covid” lockdown policy, making him unlikely to relent on his policies in the wake of widespread uprisings, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The anti-lockdown protests that began Friday quickly evolved into expressions of dissent against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping, but the CCP has demonstrated restraint in its initial response as it waits to see whether the protests will fizzle out or consolidate into a movement, experts told the DCNF. Xi is more likely to crack down on protesters than remove COVID-19 restrictions, because easing up could jeopardize a pillar of Xi’s authority, the experts said.


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Driver Gets Sent Through Fireworks Store During Car Crash, Dies From Fiery Explosion

By Gretchen Clayson


A Florida man died after a fender bender at an intersection sent his vehicle into a fireworks store, setting off an explosion that engulfed his SUV in flames, police say.

The unnamed driver of the SUV struck a Toyota Tacoma, sending both vehicles through an intersection and into a Phantom Fireworks parking lot in West Melbourne, WESH News reported, citing Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). While the Tacoma stopped, the SUV continued on into the store, according to the outlet.


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The Senate Passes The Respect For Marriage Act, And Republicans Are Split

By Michael Ginsberg


The Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act on Tuesday, with 12 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats in supporting the legislation.

The legislation, negotiated in the Senate by Maine Republican Susan Collins and Democrats Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Dianne Feinstein of California, will go back to the House of Representatives. There, it is likely to pass. The lower chamber approved the legislation in July, with 47 Republicans joining all 220 Democrats in support. If signed into law, the Respect for Marriage Act would affirm that states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, in accordance with the Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause.


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Black Friday Disappoints: Thin Crowds and ‘Desolate’ Stores

By John Carney


The busiest shopping day of the year is not as busy as retailers hoped.

Across the U.S., shopping malls are seeing only thin crowds, according to reports in business media. Inflation and depressed consumer sentiment appear to have dampened the holiday shopping spirit.


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San Francisco Rolled Out The Red Carpet For A New Public Toilet. It Broke Down After Three Days

By Trevor Schakohl


A well-publicized, futuristic-looking new public toilet in San Francisco only operated for a few days before technical issues reportedly shut it down temporarily during the weekend, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

JCDecaux, a street furniture and advertising company, installed the toilet that opened in Embarcadero Plaza Wednesday, one of 25 to be set up in the area in exchange for advertising kiosks as part of an agreement with the San Francisco Public Works Department (PWD), the outlet reported. PWD Deputy Policy and Communications Director Beth Rubenstein said the facility closed for about two hours over the weekend during its normal 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. operational period.


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Kanye Walks Out of Tim Pool Interview When Asked to Defend His Antisemitism

By Joel B. Pollak


Kanye West, the rapper and entrepreneur who has become infamous for his antisemitic views, walked out of an interview Monday evening with podcaster Tim Pool the moment the host mildly challenged his views on Jews.


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Biden’s Genderfluid, Drag Queen Nuclear Official Charged With Stealing Woman’s Luggage

By Jack McEvoy


The Energy Department’s chief of nuclear waste disposal Sam Brinton, who identifies as genderfluid, has been charged with felony theft after allegedly stealing a female victim’s luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) Airport in September, court documents show.

Brinton, who was hired by the administration in February, was filmed allegedly stealing a woman’s roller bag at the airport’s baggage claim area by security cameras on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 27. Security footage also showed Brinton taking the woman’s luggage from the baggage carousel and then removing the tags before leaving the scene at a “quick pace,” according to the complaint.


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Fauci: ‘I Have a Completely Open Mind’ About the COVID Lab Leak Theory

By Jeff Poor


During an appearance on Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” outgoing National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci told host Chuck Todd that despite reporting, he had an “open mind” about the so-called COVID-19 lab leak theory.

However, Fauci went on to indicate he was also open to the origin being a natural occurrence.

“What can we do to — to, once and for all, sort of, figure out whether the lab leak is a viable theory?” Todd asked.


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Arizona County Refuses To Certify Election, Could Face Potential Lawsuit

By: Charlotte Hazard


The Cochise County Board of Supervisors in Arizona voted 2-1 to delay the certification of the 2022 election results Monday, which may result in a lawsuit from the state.

Arizona's deadline for counties to certify election results is Nov. 28 and Cochise County may be sued for missing the deadline. The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to have another meeting Friday and has demanded the state of Arizona prove that voter tabulation machines were certified for accuracy, local media reports.

>>"The Secretary will use all available legal remedies to compel compliance with Arizona law and protect voters' right to have their votes counted," said Secretary of State spokesperson Sophia Solis, according to KOLD News 13.

>>"The Secretary of State's Office provided supporting documentation that confirmed Cochise County's election equipment was properly certified," Solis continued. "The Board of Supervisors had all of the information they needed to certify this election and failed to uphold their responsibility for Cochise voters."

Other counties such as Navajo County voted to certify the election after the county attorney told the Board of Supervisors that a lawsuit could happen if they didn't.


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Former Biden ‘Disinformation czar’ Registers as a Foreign Agent

By: Ben Whedon


Former Disinformation Governance Board chief Nina Jankowicz has registered as a foreign agent.

Registration documents from Nov. 18 asserted that she is now working for the United Kingdom-based non-profit Centre for Information Resilience, according to the Washington Examiner.

>>"Jankowicz works regularly via online communication platforms with CIR employees based in the UK in order to further the goals of CIR," the filing reads. Included in the filing was an "about the role" section indicating the CIR sought "an experienced disinformation expert to raise our profile among policymakers, media and potential donors based in the United States."

>>"The Centre for Information Resilience is a UK based, independent, non-profit social enterprise," the group asserted in the same document. "We counter disinformation, expose human rights abuses through open source and combat online harms targeting women and minorities."

Jankowicz briefly headed up the Department of Homeland Security's DGB after its creation earlier this year. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, however, rescinded its charter just months later amid a Republican rebuke of the board and an advisory committee rejecting the need for such an entity. Jankowicz herself came under fire over her own past comments deriding parental activists who opposed teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.


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Key Democrats Say Assault Weapons Ban Doesn’t Have the Votes

By: Ben Whedon


Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy this week offered support to the effort but speculated that it would not succeed, telling CNN "I'm glad that President Biden is going to be pushing us to take a vote on an assault weapons ban. The House has already passed it. It's sitting in front of the Senate. Does it have 60 votes in the Senate right now? Probably not."

The Senate is currently split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. Ten GOP lawmakers would need to back any assault weapons ban to clear the 60-vote filibuster threshold. Thus far, none have signed on.

House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) echoed sentiments from Murphy, saying on CBS that "I don't know how you get 60 votes in the Senate."

Biden announced his intent to pursue an assault weapon ban earlier this month, in the wake of multiple mass shootings.

>>"The idea that we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick," he said at the time. "It's just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers."


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Elon Musk Tweeted a Meme About CNN...Then They Melted Down

By: Julio Rosas


Elon Musk received an official response from CNN on Monday after posting a meme pocking fun at the channel's hyperventilating coverage of his ownership of Twitter.

The meme was a clearly photoshopped picture of a "report" that read, "CNN: Elon Musk could threaten free speech on Twitter by literally allowing people to speak freely." The picture featured a screen capture of anchor Don Lemon.

CNN's official public relation account responded to Musk's tweet with, "This headline never appeared on CNN. Be better."

Musk simply replied to CNN with "Lmaoooo" as it is obvious the picture was not from a real CNN segment.


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Fed President Expects Inflation To Persist Through to 2024

By: Ben Whedon


Inflation will likely persist into 2024, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard warned on Wednesday, suggesting interest rates could likely surge even higher as the Fed battles rising prices.

>>"I think we'll probably have to stay there all during 2023 and into 2024," Bullard told MarketWatch of high interest rates, estimating they could reach between 5 and 7 percent.

Bullard pointed to low unemployment numbers and indicated the jobs market's strength would enable the Fed to tackle inflation head on through more rate hikes.

>>"The fact that the labor market is so strong gives us license to pursue our disinflationary strategy now and try to get the inflation under control now. So we don't replay the 1970s, where the FOMC at that time took 15 years to get inflation under control," he said.

Inflation stood at 7.7% as of October, down from a 9.1% high in June. The Federal Reserve rose interest rates by 0.75% earlier this month, for the fourth time this year. Current lending rates range from 3.75% to an even 4%.

Minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee implied the Fed may yet raise interest rates by another 75 basis points at its December meeting, The Hill reported.


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Elon Musk Says Apple 'Threatened to Withhold Twitter' From App Store

By: Spencer Brown


In a series of Tweets sent on Monday, still-new Twitter boss Elon Musk had some questions for Apple, Inc., including why the company had ceased its advertising on the Twitter platform. "What's going on here?" Musk tweeted at his Apple counterpart Tim Cook before launching into a tweet storm putting Apple and its leaders on blast.

>>In a subsequent tweet, Musk claimed that Apple had, in the wake of his hostile takeover, "threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store" — a development which would pose a significant challenge to Twitter — but that no reasoning for such a decision had been given.

While Apple has not, according to Musk, explained its concerns regarding Twitter, many users pointed out that one reason Apple may be showing hostility toward Twitter is because of the changes Musk has made to allow more freedom of expression while ceasing to be a political weapon dedicated to advancing Democrat priorities.

Now that Twitter cannot be relied upon to censor stories such as Hunter Biden's laptop from hell or suspend/ban conservative personalities, it seems as though Apple may be stepping in to do what's necessary to maintain the left's control over online speech by threatening to deplatform Twitter.

Musk reacted to a chart that's previously made the rounds on social media showing the ideological homogeneity of political donations by big tech employees, offering another potential reason why Apple may be acting as Twitter used to before Musk took over by limiting the reach and visibility of those not pushing the Democrat narrative.


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Study Blames 'Misinformation' and 'Fear Mongering' For Adverse Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects

By: Sarah Arnold


A recent study boldly claims that the adverse side effects of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are NOT responsible for blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks that many people have reported having after getting the jab.

Earlier this year, the Indian journal "Biomedicine" published an article claiming that “fear-mongering and misinformation” is the reason why so many people are having side effects from the vaccine.

Titled: “Covid-19 Vaccines and the Misinterpretation of Perceived Side Effects Clarity on the Safety of Vaccines,” self-proclaimed “mRNA Alchemist” Raymond D. Palmer, believes that the loss of taste, smell, blood clots, infertility, and more is due to the stress of “false” information spreading about the vaccine.

The scary part? The study is published on the National Library of Medicine site, which is operated by the U.S. federal government.

>>According to the study, the adverse side effects that take place "in and around the time of receiving the vaccine,” may result from the “mental stress” people put themselves through when getting it.

>>Palmer claimed that “anti-vaccination sentiment could be attributed to the alleged side effects that are perpetuated across social media from anti-vaccination groups.”

Contrary to the study, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration paused the distribution of their vaccine in April of 2021 because people were reporting instances of blood clots.

Though Palmer claims that the “science for the vaccines causing blood clots has not been found.”


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Police Charge Pennsylvania Teen With Murder After He Allegedly Sent Video About Disposing Body

By Brianna Lyman


Police said they arrested a 16-year-old boy Friday in Pennsylvania after he allegedly sent a gory picture to an acquaintance on Instagram asking for help in disposing of a body.

Bensalem Police received a call around 4:11 p.m. from the parents of a 16-year-old acquaintance of Joshua Cooper. The parents said their daughter received a video on Instagram from Cooper who said he had killed someone and needed help disposing of the body. The video allegedly showed “the legs and feet of someone covered in blood,” police said.


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Police in China Arrest, Beat BBC Journalist Covering Mass Coronavirus Protests

By Simon Kent


A BBC reporter was arrested and beaten by China police on Sunday while covering mass protests in Shanghai against the country’s draconian zero-coronavirus policy.

The assault came days after World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Chair Klaus Schwab gave an interview with a Chinese state media outlet and proclaimed China was a “role model” for other nations when it came to dealing with the virus.

“[…] The Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries,” Schwab told CGTN’s Tian Wei on the sidelines of last week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.


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Iran Demands US Be Ousted From World Cup After Altering Flag On Social Media

By Gretchen Clayson


Iran’s state media called for the United States to be ousted from the World Cup after the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) altered the country’s flag on its social media platforms ahead of their Nov. 29 match, removing the Islamic emblem in support for protesters in Iran Sunday.

“By posting a distorted image of the flag of the Islamic Republic of #Iran on its official account, the #US football team breached the @FIFAcom charter, for which a 10-game suspension is the appropriate penalty. Team #USA should be kicked out of the #WorldCup2022, Iran’s state media Tasnim news tweeted.


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First Disney Movie With LGBT Protagonist Flops, Critics Blame Poor ‘Marketing’

By Alexander Pease


Disney’s first movie that features an LGBT lead character has bombed at the box office.

Some fans and film critics attributed the poor showing of the animated Disney picture “Strange World” to poor marketing and producers not adequately promoting the children’s film with the gay lead character named Ethan, according to PinkNews.


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Judge Killed By Husband In Murder-Suicide

By Melanie Wilcox


A New Mexico man allegedly killed his wife Friday in an apparent murder-suicide.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office tweeted about the incident Saturday after they found the bodies of Judge Diane Albert, 65, and Eric Pinkerton, 63, near the 800 block of Ranchitos Road.


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French Court Rules Man Has Legal Right to Not Be ‘Fun’ at Work

By Ethan Letkeman


France’s highest court has ruled that a man was wrongfully terminated from his job because he has the legal right to refuse to participate in “fun” activities that he viewed as excessive and humiliating.

The individual, identified as Mr. T, was fired by Paris-based consulting firm Cubik Partners in 2015 for “professional incompetence” after he refused to participate in the company’s “fun” values. The firm also said that Mr. T was fired because he was difficult to work with and was a poor listener.

The former employee joined Cubiks Partners in 2011 as a senior consultant and was promoted to a director position in 2014 before being fired in March 2015, according to court documents.

However, the Court of Cassation noted that the company’s fun values included “humiliating” and “intrusive practices,” such as “excessive alcoholism,” “promiscuity,” and “bullying.”

The court also added the company incited Mr. T to participate in “mock sexual acts” and “share his bed with another employee during seminars.”


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The Biden Administration Could Face Audits Over the Billions it Sent to Ukraine

By: Sarah Arnold


The Biden Administration is in hot water after the billions of dollars it sent to Ukraine in aid is nowhere to be found.

Republicans are warning the Biden White House that it will audit the administration if the $20 billion in military aid that was sent to Ukraine can’t be tracked down.

The audit would determine how much U.S. money is ending up in the wrong hands of a different country. The Biden Administration had previously attempted to find out where their money is, however, only a fraction of the aid was provided to the country.

Republican leader and likely future House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that once the GOP takes over the House, no more “blank check[s]” will be handed out to Ukraine.

He blames much of the nation’s recession on the billions of dollars sent in aid.

>>“I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine,” McCarthy said, adding “they just won’t do it, it’s not a free blank check.”

Last week, the Biden Administration asked Congress for an additional $37 billion to send to Ukraine.

Many Republicans have been cautious to not fully support the idea.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said that although some Republicans may support the aid, cautious steps are needed to make sure the country isn’t over exceeding what it can handle.

>>“There’s a strong bipartisan support for supporting Ukraine, but I think there’s also an interest in having accounting for the dollars that have already been spent,” Thune said.


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National Border Patrol President Slams Biden For 'Lying' About Border Crisis

By: Sarah Arnold


Since President Joe Biden has taken office, the 2022 fiscal year saw more than 2.76 million illegal migrants cross over the southern border, however, officials say that number is higher since most encounters were never apprehended.

In total, at least five million immigrants have entered the U.S. illegally under Biden's failed border policies.

And yet, the Biden Administration insists that the crisis is under control.

Meanwhile, the National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd is accusing the Biden White House of continuing to “deflect and lie” about the ongoing problem.

He accused the Biden Administration of “trying to set a new normal” in which the liberal media is pushing the new narrative.

They don't have to make changes if the American public isn't upset about what's going on," Judd said, adding that if the liberal media ignores the issue, people won’t know how bad the border crisis is.

>>"But let me be clear,” Judd said, “what we're seeing on the border is nothing more than chaos, and it's allowing these cartels to bring in the fentanyl. All illegal immigration is doing is facilitating the trafficking of higher value products such as drugs, criminals from special interest countries, or criminal aliens from countries, and that's dangerous to the American people.”

Judd continued to call out the Biden Administration for failing to prosecute illegal migrants, calling on Biden to take the “handcuff of off Border Patrol agents.”


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Labor Department Approves Investing Pensions in ‘Woke’ ESG-only Funds

By: Madeleine Hubbard


The U.S. Labor Department announced plans to allow pension fund managers to "consider climate change and other environmental, social and governance factors," also known as ESG, when choosing investments.

In an announcement about the final rule last week, the agency criticized the Trump administration, stating, "the department concluded that two rules issued in 2020 … unnecessarily restrained plan fiduciaries' ability to weigh environmental, social and governance factors when choosing investments, even when those factors would benefit plan participants financially."

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said, "Today's rule clarifies that retirement plan fiduciaries can take into account the potential financial benefits of investing in companies committed to positive environmental, social and governance actions as they help plan participants make the most of their retirement benefits."

ESG, which has been slammed by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) as a "woke scam," seeks to leverage investments to urge corporations to adopt progressive environmental and social policies.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar (R) criticized the Labor Department's announcement.

>>"Once again, President Biden is using unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Labor (DOL) to push his radical environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda, undermine the Texas economy and jeopardize our national security and energy independence," Hegar said.

Congressional Republicans have reportedly been planning on getting rid of Biden's investment rules for months, dependent upon the results of the midterm elections.

However, some investment groups have welcomed the Labor Department's rule, such as Voya Financial.

>>"We are fully supportive of the DOL's final rulemaking permitting consideration of ESG factors in investment decisions within retirement plans," said Voya executive Heather Lavallee.


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Avian Flu Outbreak Kills Record 50 Million Birds

By: Madeleine Hubbard


More than 50 million birds have died in the United States since February from the Avian flu, marking the worst outbreak on record, according to U.S. Agriculture Department data.

At least 50.54 million chickens, turkeys and other birds have died in 46 states, with the most birds affected in Iowa, the largest chicken producer in the United States, data released Friday shows.

The second largest outbreak occurred in 2015 with 50.5 million avian flu deaths, Reuters reported.

The bird losses contributed to rising prices for eggs and poultry, and even created a turkey shortage over Thanksgiving, per Axios.

>>The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises people to "avoid unprotected contact with wild or domestic birds and poultry that look sick or have died" as they could become infected after "close, prolonged, and unprotected" contact with infected birds.


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Early Voting Kicks Off Ahead of Georgia Senate Runoff

By: Sarah Arnold


Early voting got underway this weekend for the Georgia Senate runoff between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State's Office, on Saturday more than 90,000 early and absentee votes were tallied, and by Sunday that number is expected to hit over 100,000 votes.

According to state figures, Black voters, women, and voters between the ages of 50 and 70 years old were among the groups to show up and vote the most over the holiday weekend.

On Wednesday, Warnock secured a Supreme Court victory allowing Georgia counties to offer early voting, in which 22 counties out of 159 were expected to do so.

The state’s Republican Party attempted to appeal the ruling but did not succeed.

>>“Upon consideration, the emergency petition for writ of certiorari and motion to stay is denied," the brief ruling said, adding “all the justices concur.”

During the first round of voting, Warnock was in the lead against Walker by only 37,000 votes of out four million, which was just short of the 50 percent threshold, triggering a runoff.


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GOP Promises to Take Control of Biden's Reckless Spending ASAP

By: Sarah Arnold


The Biden Administration has spent and printed a reckless amount of money since entering office in January 2020.

Nearly $4 trillion has been spent in just the eighteen months President Joe Biden has been in the White House, fueling the reason why inflation remains at a 40-year high and the economy is quickly heading down a black hole.

However, with the newly-controlled GOP house, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) vowed to intervene with Biden’s big spending plans.

>>“I like to remind people: The power of the purse strings resides with the House,” Gonzalez said, adding that Republicans need to take action right away.

As the GOP takes over the House next year, Gonzalez said Republicans will put a cap on Democrat’s highway robbery spending, which has caused American’s wallets to dwindle.

The Texas Rep. criticized Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, which wiped thousands of student loans that needed to be paid off.

>>“Republicans need to go on the offensive,” Gonzalez said, “there was nothing 'free' about free college.”

Moving on to the Democrat’s Inflation Reduction Act, which Biden promised would diminish inflation, only has caused the situation to worsen.

>>“The reality is that [Democrats] caused this inflation to occur, and all they've done is add more fuel to the fire. The Inflation Reduction Act did nothing but reduce inflation,” Gonzales said.

When Biden took office, the 2021 budget deficit was $2.8 trillion, well over the normal range.

To breakdown where the money went during Biden’s two years in office, $1.9 trillion went to the American Rescue Plan, $13 billion went to “gun violence,” $737 billion went to the Inflation Reduction Plan, and $280 billion to the CHIPS Act.


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Binance, an early FTX investor, linked to CCP, WEF and UN

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) One of the earliest investors in the scam known as FTX is Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. And Binance, we now know is tied to all sorts of globalist operations including the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF), and the United Nations (UN), to name just a few of the more well-known ones.

Disgraced FTX CEO Samuel Bankman-Fried, whom the media is referring to as SBF, was the second-largest donor to the Democrat Party – the first being none other than George Soros. And Binance is tied to all this left-wing money laundering as well.

“The shambolic 30-year-old whiz kid, once said to have been worth $16 billion, had spent $10 million helping get Biden elected in 2020,” reported the New York Post about SBF.

As for Binance, it was one of FTX’s first investors that supposedly “knew the company well,” according to a Nov. 17, 2022, article from CNBC. (Related: Alameda, the now-defunct crypto trading firm tied to the also-now-defunct FTX crypto exchange, was front-running crypto trades against customers, robbing them of value.)

It was Binance that helped establish the “massive Bahamas-based FTX slush fund,” as Mary Fanning and Alan Jones from The American Report are calling it. Without Binance’s help, in other words, FTX’s criminal Ponzi scheme probably never would have been possible.

“The Democrats’ FTX-funded 2020 election scheme, which was connected to the CCP and WEF via FTX early investor Binance, placed Joe Biden, the father of Hunter Biden, into the White House,” Fanning and Jones explain.


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Elon Musk Reveals If He Would Support Ron DeSantis In 2024

By: Sarah Arnold


Tesla and now Twitter CEO Elon Musk described what his preference is when it comes to the next president to run in 2024.

In a tweet, Musk said that the next president needs to be “sensible and centrist,” adding that he had higher hopes for the current administration.

>>“My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist. I had hoped that would be the case for the Biden Administration, but have been disappointed so far,” Musk said in a tweet.

The multi-billionaire then went on to say that he would support a 2024 presidential bid from Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla).

Musk’s comments come after DeSantis has gained momentum leading in hypothetical polls that would determine the best GOP presidential nomination.

Although Republicans did not do as well as they had hoped in the midterm elections, DeSantis beat Democrat opponent Charlie Crist (D-Fla) by a landslide (20 points).

The Florida governor has yet to announce any plans for 2024, however, he also has not denied a run for the White House either.


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Railway Strike Threatens U.S. Consumers

By: Sarah Arnold


As a possible railway strike looms, the U.S. industry braces for impact.

One of the biggest rail unions rejected a deal earlier this week failing to approve contracts over concerns about demanding schedules and the lack of paid sick time.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) is warning American consumers that it is “highly likely” a strike will happen in the midst of the busy holiday season.

>>“I think it’s highly likely,” Hagerty said, adding “I mean, you hit the nail on the head. The union bosses basically forced their union members to buck up and accept this deal just to get them through the…midterm elections. But now we’re seeing the reality of it. They only offered one additional workday — one additional sick day, I should say. The unions were asking for 15. That’s a big, big gap. Joe Biden declared victory, again, before the midterm elections. This was all, I think, part of the plan. But what we’re seeing now, the whole thing is coming unraveled and it’s going to be a real crisis, a $2-billion-a-day economic impact if you believe the economists’ estimates. I actually think it could be much greater, because if you look at the knock-on effects on supply chains, it will be significant.”

The strike can start as soon as December 9, and it wouldn’t take long for it to effect the economy.


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Mike Lindell and Lee Zeldin Vow to Challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair

By: Sarah Arnold


My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is seriously considering challenging Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for the head of the Republican National Committee.

Claiming that McDaniel “failed” at her leadership, Lindell says that the country needs a “new input to get a new output,” when speaking about the Republican Party.

>>“One of the things I will tell you, you know, [we] will never stop to get rid of these machines and make this the best elections in world history in our country. We need someone everybody, and I’ll step into that, if God-willing,” Lidell said on his TV platform, referring to the Dominion voting machines that were used during the 2020 election.

Lindell then asked his viewers if they would support his decision to fight against McDaniel.

According to the Huffington Post, Lindell plans to make his announcement sometime next week.

The CEO also said that he is frustrated that McDaniel has not addressed election integrity at all and has failed to acknowledge that President Joe Biden “allegedly did not win the 2020 election against former President Trump.”

>>“Everyone I’ve talked to of these state chairs, they need new leadership,” Lindell said, adding “I don’t know if this is a paid position, nor do I care. I want to help save our country.”

Lindell said that the RNC needs to be run like a business, which he knows how to do.

Additionally, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) also announced that he may run against McDaniel.


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Unredacted Documents Reveal Fauci Tried to Shift the Narrative On the Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory

By: Sarah Arnold


Early on in the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his Democrat constitutes attempted damage control when news started to break that the virus originated from a Wuhan lab leak.

Guardian reporter Jimmy Tobias obtained unredacted emails through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that details a teleconference between Fauci and several virologists discussing the coronavirus and its possible origins on February 1, 2020.

Although Fauci and health officials downplayed the fact that the virus came from a lab leak, the emails indicate that at the time they were very concerned that that possibility was true.

In one thread of emails, scientist Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust, warned Fauci of the “wild west,” referring to either the landscape of infectious disease research in China or the WIV specifically.

Infectious disease researcher Kristian Andersen put the idea of alerting the FBI and MI5 regarding the furin cleavage site on the spike protein of COVID-19, however, Fauci ignored her concern and decided not to take her advice.

The majority of scientists believe that furin cleavage sites, such as those in COVID-19, are not naturally occurring, which proves that the theory that the virus originated in a laboratory is true.

The former director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, wrote on February 4: "I'd be interested in the proposal of accidental lab passage in animals (which ones?).”

Collin's emails indicated that he didn’t believe such a reckless experiment could be done in Wuhan, saying “surely that wouldn't be done in a BSL-2 lab (a low biosafety level laboratory)?”


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MyPillow Guy Reportedly Challenging Ronna McDaniel For GOP Chair

By Sarah Weaver


Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, is reportedly planning to challenge GOP chair Ronna McDaniel for chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Lindell made raised the possibility on his livestream this week, asking fans if they would support him in a bid against the chairwoman following an underwhelming performance by Republicans in the midterms, Newsweek reports.


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Epstein Accusers Sue Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase

By James Lync


Women who have accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse filed lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase for purportedly aiding in his alleged sex-trafficking operation, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

The suits seek class-action status and an unspecified amount of monetary damages, according to WSJ. Lawyers who have represented many of Epstein’s accusers filed both lawsuits in federal court Thursday, the outlet continued.


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Hundreds of ‘Black Israelites’ Chant ‘We are the Real Jews’ During Pro-Kyrie Irving March in NYC

By Warner Todd Huston


Hundreds of marchers representing the “Black Israelites” appeared at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center chanting “We are the real Jews,” reportedly in support of Nets star Kyrie Irving.

The procession of the purple and black-clad marchers was held on Nov 20, but video has recently gone viral, according to the New York Post.

With shirts reading, “Israel United in Christ,” the marchers were heard chanting, “we’ve got some good news… we are the real Jews.”


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US Bans Chinese Tech That Allegedly Lets China Spy On Military Sites

By Micaela Burrow


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday announced a ban on new imports of Chinese-owned telecommunications equipment, including the equipment suspected of surveilling sensitive U.S. military sites.

The new rules, prohibiting U.S. sales and imports of equipment from companies including Huawei and ZTE, are the first to be implemented on the grounds they pose “unacceptable risk to national security,” FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said Friday. U.S. authorities have expressed concerns that Beijing could exploit the companies’ telecommunications installations across the country to collect data from U.S. sites, including nuclear and military sites in the U.S.


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‘Squid Game’ Star O Yeong-su Indicted For Sexual Misconduct

By Leena Nasir


78-year-old “Squid Game” actor O Yeong-su was indicted for sexual misconduct in South Korea after an unnamed woman claimed he touched her in an inappropriate way several times, reports say.

The woman filed a complaint against the actor in December 2021, TMZ reported, citing Korean news outlet JTBC. Specific details surrounding the case have not been shared publicly, but the woman alleged she did not give O Yeong-su consent to touch her, according to TMZ.

O Yeong-su has allegedly not admitted to the charges. He has told local news outlets he only held the woman’s hand once while taking her around a lake, the outlet reported.


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Think Tank Scrubs Website After DCNF Reveals Experts’ Chinese Intel And Communist Party Ties

By Philip Lenczycki


Over a dozen current and former Chinese policy experts’ profiles disappeared from the website of a prominent Washington, D.C., think tank roughly a week after the Daily Caller News Foundation revealed the nonprofit had employed members of Chinese intelligence front groups of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


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Famous Crooks Who Are Democrat Megadonors

By Mary Rooke


With the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX, the spotlight is now on his deep political connections to the Democratic Party. But Bankman-Fried is hardly the only shady Democrat donor. Although Democrats often like to claim the moral high ground on Republicans, but it’s hard to ignore the long list of Democrat megadonors who have gotten caught breaking the law — sometimes far beyond what society tolerates.


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Musk: Exposing Twitter's Internal Discussion Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story "Necessary To Restore Publ


Revealing Twitter's internal discussions surrounding the censorship of the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 US election is "necessary to restore public trust," according to new owner Elon Musk

Musk was responding to a tweet by the recently-unbanned @alx, who said: "Raise your hand if you think @ElonMusk

should make public all internal discussions about the decision to censor the @NYPost’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 Election in the interest of Transparency."

The Post had its Twitter account locked in October 2020 for reporting on the now-confirmed-to-be-real "laptop from hell," which contains unprosecuted evidence of foreign influence peddling through then-Vice President Joe Biden - including a meeting between Joe and an executive of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma, in 2015.

The laptop contained caches of emails detailing business dealings with Burisma and state-owned CEFC China Energy Co, from which his firms received $4.8 million in wire transfer payments from its founder, Ye Jianming, according to a Senate report. -Daily Caller


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Georgia Supreme Court Reinstates Heartbeat Bill After Left-Wing Judge Overturn

By Breccan F. Thies


The Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the Peach State’s heartbeat bill after a left-wing Fulton County judge overturned it.

The measure banned most abortions after six weeks as fetal heartbeat is typically detected then.

As Breitbart News reported, Fulton County Judge Robert C. I. McBurney struck down Georgia’s abortion ban, attempting to read the right to abortion into the state’s constitution — much in the same way Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey were.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Syrian Democratic Leader Begs US To Act As Turkey Gears Up For Invasion

By Micaela Burrow


A Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) leader representing U.S. allies in the fight against the Islamic State implored America in a letter Wednesday to defend Kurdish-controlled northern Syria against an imminent Turkish invasion, according to Politico.

Turkey launched airstrikes on targets in northern Syria on Tuesday against Kurdish-led militias, which it perceives as terrorist threats, Politico reported. Bassam Saker, a representative to the U.S. of the SDF‘s political branch, known as the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), accused the U.S. of prevaricating on a response in the letter to President Joe Biden, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to launch a ground invasion in the coming days.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Elon Musk Teases Release of Internal Twitter Discussions on Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell

By Allum Bokhari


The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, said the company may release internal discussions related to the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop from hell story, saying it is necessary to restore public trust.

Musk made the comment in response to a tweet from Alex Lorusso of the conservative campus organization Turning Point USA, who was recently reinstated on the platform.


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Europe’s Energy Ministers In Deadlock As Millions Face Costly Winter

By Alyssa Blakemore


During an emergency meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday, European Union leaders failed to agree on a natural gas price cap, as 450 million citizens face massive hikes in utility costs this winter.

The milder autumn temperatures enjoyed by European households are quickly fading as winter takes hold across the continent. Predictions for a colder winter than originally forecasted are raising the alarm among both citizens and policy makers, according to Bloomberg. Europe’s energy ministers disagree, however, on how best to shield citizens from the impact of the energy crisis, the AP reported.


R: 1 / I: 3 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Anthony Fauci Claims the ‘Real Danger’ Will Be Among the Unvaccinated This Winter

By Hannah Bleau


Dr. Anthony Fauci is sounding the alarm again, contending that the “real danger” will be among the unvaccinated this winter.

Speaking at his final White House press conference before stepping down as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, and Chief Medical Adviser to President Joe Biden, Fauci sounded the alarm, not only urging testing and vaccination but contending that the “real danger” will be among unvaccinated Americans.


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Trump Accountant Admits Former President Reported Massive Losses

By: Ben Whedon


Speaking in front of the Manhattan Supreme Court this week, ex-Trump accountant Donald Bender confirmed that the former president had reported considerable losses over roughly a decade.

>>Bender works for Mazars USA, which kept the books for Trump until February of this year. He confirmed that Trump reportedly a $200 million loss in 2010, a $700 million loss in 2009, and consistent losses through the year 2018, according to the Daily Mail.

The revelation comes after the Supreme Court approved the release of the 45th president's tax returns to a congressional committee, ending a years-long legal fight.

Bender testified as part of an ongoing criminal fraud case against the Trump Organization over an alleged plot by senior company leaders to avoid paying taxes on much of their income.

Former CFO Allen Weisselburg pleaded guilty earlier this year. The company allegedly paid much of the executive's personal expenses and rewarded him with a multitude of perks as part of his compensation.

Bender denied any involvement or knowledge of that plot during his testimony.

>>"At any time before the year 2021, did you actually know that The Trump Corporation and Donald Trump were paying these personal expenses as part of Allen Weisselberg's compensation and not reporting them to the tax authorities?" a prosecutor asked Bender, prompting a succinct "no, ma'am" from the accountant.

The case in which Bender testified is separate from the civil case against the organization brought by New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James over its alleged efforts to inflate the value of its major assets. Trump himself remains uncharged in either case.


R: 2 / I: 7 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Biden Vows Gun Control Push During Lame-duck Session

By: Ben Whedon


President Joe Biden on Thursday announced that he would make another attempt to secure passage of an assault weapons ban during the lame duck session of Congress.

>>"The idea [that] we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick," Biden said, according to The Hill. "It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers."

Biden has called for a renewed assault weapons ban several times this year, including after the Uvalde school shooting and a separate violent incident in Raleigh.

Earlier this year, the House of Representatives passed an assault weapons ban, but it stalled in the Senate in the face of overwhelming Republican opposition. No Senate Republican has yet come out in favor of such legislation, making success in the upper chamber near impossible.

Nevertheless, Biden said he was "going to try to get rid of assault weapons" and he was "going to do it whenever I — I got to make that assessment as I get in and start counting the votes."

Biden's call comes in the wake of another string mass shootings, including one at a Virginia Walmart, one at the University of Virginia, and one at an LGBT nightclub in Colorado.

The House legislation mirrored assault weapons bans in place in blue states like New York. Spearheaded by Democratic Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, that bill would bar the purchase, manufacture, and transfer of certain semi-automatic weapons that sport a host of external features such as foregrips and extendable stocks.

Cicilline's legislation received only two Republican votes in the House of Representatives and one of them, New York Rep. Chris Jacobs will not return to the next session of Congress.


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Is Mike Pence Planning A 2024 Run In the White House?

By: Sarah Arnold


Rumors have it former Vice President Mike Pence is gearing up for a potential 2024 presidential run against his former teammate Donald Trump.

According to sources, Pence is planning to increase the number of staffers he has on his team, which already is about two dozen.

In 2023, Pence is expected to beef up his fundraising team while also assembling a larger communications team.

Although Pence hasn’t formally announced his presidential bid, Ali Kjergard, formerly a spokesperson for Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb) will be communications director for Pence's pre-campaign, the nonprofit organization Advancing American Freedom. Her joining Pence gives notable hints of his future political plans.

During a recent interview, Pence told reporters that he thinks there are “better choices” for the president in 2024, insinuating that Trump shouldn’t run again, noting that his former boss did a good job but “obviously it didn't end well.”

>>“While the president and I parted amicably, I believe as we look to the future, we'll have better choices,” Pence said.

It has also been speculated that the former Vice President’s upcoming book tour for his memoir, So Help Me God, is doubling as a pre-campaign tour in which he will make stops at mega churches across the country.

If Pence decides to run, he will face an uphill battle of criticisms as he is still viewed as Trump’s sidekick.


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Epstein Accusers Sue Banks They Allege ‘Benefited’ From Sex Trafficking Crimes

By: Kaelan Deese


Victims who accused the late Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse sued JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, alleging the financial institutions "benefited" from and enabled Epstein's sex trafficking crimes.

A pair of separate lawsuits were filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, claiming the banks "knowingly and intentionally benefited" from "assisting, supporting, facilitating, and otherwise providing the most critical service for the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking organization to successfully rape, sexually assault, and coercively sex traffic" women.

The plaintiffs in both cases opted to remain anonymous but argued in the filings that the institutions were aware "they would earn millions of dollars” from facilitating Epstein and “chose profit over following the law." The separate filings against JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank use similar language.

The lawsuits further claim that Epstein could not have pulled off his illegal operations without "the assistance and complicity" of a banking institution. Plaintiffs believe the disgraced financier's attachment to a banking institution gave his trafficking operations "special treatment" and the "appearance of legitimacy," according to the filing against Deutsche Bank.

>>“The time has come for the real enablers to be held responsible, especially his wealthy friends and the financial institutions that played an integral role,” one of the attorneys, Bradley Edwards, told the Wall Street Journal. “These victims were wronged, by many, not just Epstein. He did not act alone.”

A spokesman from the Deutsche Bank told the outlet, "We believe this claim lacks merit and will present our arguments in court." A spokeswoman for JPMorgan declined to comment to the Washington Examiner.


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Prospective Rail Strike May Leave Millions of Pounds of Feces in New York City

By: Ben Whedon


A prospective national railway strike could halt the trains that transport human waste out of New York City, leaving residents of the Big Apple stuck with the roughly 2.4 million pounds of excrement they produce each day.

Members of the nation's largest union of rail workers on Monday rejected a contract with major railroads, paving the way for a strike in the coming weeks.

Under normal circumstances, New York City's human waste would enter landfills spread across the Southern United States via train, the Daily Wire noted. Federal law prohibits the city from dumping its fecal matter in the ocean. Without running trains, the waste would remain in the city, presenting a significant threat to public health.

New York authorities assured the public that the city was preparing for such a scenario but cautioned that a sustained delay in the city's poop disposal would be disastrous.

>>A New York City Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch told The Daily Beast that "We are working closely with our contracted vendors and are prepared to do all that we can in a worst-case scenario but let me be clear: a prolonged disruption of the rail network for trash removal represents a very real threat to public health and safety in the City of New York."

Congress is currently out of session due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but will likely attempt to intervene in negotiations to halt a strike and the potential ramifications of the idle feces transports.


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Biden's Odd and Confusing Phone Call Into Thanksgiving Parade Sparks Concern

By: Sarah Arnold


President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s Thanksgiving holiday got off to a rough start when they called into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade confused how the phone works.

Within the first 20 seconds of speaking to NBC’s Dylan Dreyer, Biden struggled to hear the reporter on the other line.

>>“Can you hear me, Mr. President?” Dreyer asked.

>>“We're here,” Biden responded.

>>“Oh, I was so worried this call wasn't going to go through,” said Dreyer.

When the two eventually connected, the Biden’s talked about how they made their yearly trek up to Nantucket, Massachusets to meet with first responders.

As always, no appearance would be made without Biden getting icecream, however, he instead pardoned two turkeys named after his favorite flavor: Chocolate and Chip.

Twitter erupted in a fit of laughs after the president struggled to get on the line with Dreyer.


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Musk Announces ‘General Amnesty’ for Suspended Twitter Accounts

By: Ben Whedon


Twitter owner Elon Musk on Thursday announced that he would grant "a general amnesty" to accounts suspended from the platform, to take place next week.

The billionaire had sounded out public opinion on the proposal in an online poll, asking "should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?"

Following a decisive 72.4% response in the affirmative, Musk opted to follow through on the pardon, saying "the people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei."

The Latin phrase recalls the motto of Whig politicians from the 18th Century, and is translated as "The voice of the people is the voice of God." It is an admonition against the divine right of kings and gained traction following the ouster of the House of Stuart in England.

Musk has previously used Twitter polls to make major decisions about the platform's management, including the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump's account.


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Apple Workers’ Unionization Bid Fails

By John Hugh DeMastri

https://dailycaller.com/author/John DeMastri/

Workers at a St. Louis Apple store abandoned their unionization bid Wednesday amid allegations from The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) that Apple was threatening workers with retaliation in advance of the vote, Bloomberg reported.

The IAM accused Apple of “anti-union practices” and “hostility towards workers” that pushed them to drop their efforts, according to Bloomberg. Had the union’s effort been successful, it would have been the third of Apple’s approximately 272 locations to unionize, and the second to unionize under the IAM, according to Bloomberg.


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New Stats on COVID Deaths Debunk White House Narrative About the Vaccine

By: Katie Pavlich


New data from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows the majority of people who died from COVID-19 in August were fully vaccinated.

Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis conducted for The Health 202 by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It’s a continuation of a troubling trend that has emerged over the past year. As vaccination rates have increased and new variants appeared, the share of deaths of people who were vaccinated has been steadily rising.

The information comes less than 24 hours after White House Coronavirus Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha claimed "nearly 100 percent" of deaths from the virus can be stopped if Americans simply get vaccinated and boosted.

>>"If folks get their updated vaccines and they get treated if they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every COVID death in America," Jha said, justifying ongoing vaccine mandates. "That is a remarkable fact two and half years after we found this virus first in our country."

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has repeatedly lied about the origins of the pandemic and how the virus is spread, said "the unvaccinated" were a threat to their families and society.

>>"The people who are most at risk are the unvaccinated. I mean, we have – 68 percent of our population is vaccinated. You know, that means that we have 32 percent of the population that’s not," Fauci said. "And if you look at the data, they are just profoundly striking of the curves of death and hospitalization of unvaccinated versus vaccinated versus vaccinated and boosted."


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Qatari World Cup Officials Trample Rainbow Flag of Brazil Pernambuco Region, Mistaken for LGBTQ Flag

By Warner Todd Huston


Qatari officials caused an uproar Tuesday after mistaking the rainbow flag of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco as a gay pride flag and throwing it to the ground and trampling it.

Witnesses said that Qatari officials were incensed by the flag after Saudi Arabia beat Argentina in the World Cup, according to the news website g1.

Qatari authorities reportedly took a Pernambuco flag from the Brazilian representatives in Lusail Stadium, Doha. Journalist Victor Pereira said that local authorities took the flag, threw it on the ground, and then stomped on it.


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Designating The Cartels As Terrorists Could Worsen Illegal Immigration, Experts Say

By Jennie Taer

https://dailycaller.com/author/Jennie Taer/

Designating the drug cartels as foreign terrorists would likely complicate the illegal immigration crisis, several experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

More migrants would attempt to use threats from the cartels as their ticket into the country, former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent in Charge for El Paso Kyle Williamson and former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told the DCNF. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered a record of over 2.3 million migrants at the southern border in fiscal year 2022 and a surge of over 230,000 in the start of fiscal year 2023.


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Democrat Senator Blasts Own Party Over the Border Crisis

By: Sarah Arnold


Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz) put his party on full blast over they continue to blatantly ignore the crisis at the border.

During an interview with the Washington Post, Kelly was asked if Democrats have a handle on the ongoing border issues, to which he replied saying “absolutely not.”

Admitting that Democrat lawmakers “don’t understand” the border crisis, Kelly said that “we have to do more in border security. We have to do more in comprehensive immigration reform, especially “dreamers,” but also these visa programs. If you’re a farmer, especially in Southern Arizona, despite having a ready supply of eager workers, you don’t have the visas available and it’s a problem for them.”

Earlier this month, Kelly told reporters that President Joe Biden wreaked havoc on an already secure border.

>>“It’s a mess. It‘s chaos. It’s crisis after crisis,” Kelly said at the time, adding that there need to be more border patrol agents helping to stop the flow coming into the U.S.

Since Biden has taken office, the 2022 fiscal year saw more than 2.76 million illegal migrants, however, officials say that number is higher since most encounters were never apprehended.

At least five million illegal migrants have entered the country under Biden’s leadership.

Kelly began distancing himself from Democrats earlier this year, throwing Democrats under the bus and saying that none of them will stand up to Biden and his bad policies.

>>“When Democrats are wrong, like on the border, I call them out on it,” Kelly said.

Saying that he supports physical barriers at the border, Kelly criticized Biden’s decision of ending Title 42, arguing that he has pushed back on the administration’s choices several times.


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Pro-kremlin Group Launches ‘Sophisticated’ Cyberattack on EU Parliament

By: Ben Whedon


A Russian-aligned hacker group has claimed responsibility for a major cyberattack on the European Parliament on Wednesday after the body voted to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola confirmed the same day that the legislature's website was under attack from malicious digital actors.

>>"The [European Parliament] is under a sophisticated cyberattack. A pro-Kremlin group has claimed responsibility," Metsola posted on Twitter. "Our IT experts are pushing back against it & protecting our systems. This, after we proclaimed Russia as a State-sponsor of terrorism."

>>"My response: #SlavaUkraini," she continued, which translates as "Glory to Ukraine."

European Parliament Vice President Eva Kaili identified pro-Russian cyber group Killnet as responsible and described the attack as a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), which entails funneling outsized amounts of online traffic to specific servers to overwhelm them, according to Politico.

>>"We have a strong indication that it is from Killnet, the hackers with links to Russia indeed. This is my information, but it is under control. It only cut the external access to the Parliament's website … Unless there is extra attacks, we expect it to be back and accessible very soon," Kaili said.

Russia is already under extensive sanctions from the European Union due to its invasion of Ukraine and the designation as a state sponsor of terrorism is largely symbolic, The Hill noted.

The attack comes amid renewed Russian airstrikes on Kyiv and Ukrainian infrastructure nationwide.


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More Republicans Oppose Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker: 'No'

By: Sarah Arnold


Republicans are facing mixed emotions when it comes to supporting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as the next House Speaker.

On Tuesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) didn’t have to think twice about whether he would vote for McCarthy to be the speaker of the House.

>>“No,” Norman said when asked about his thoughts on the matter.

>>“There are a growing number of us who have just lost faith that McCarthy can do the job, and the speaker is the most important position at this point in this country,” Norman said while appearing on CNN.

The Republican said that he lost faith in McCarthy after he rejected the Republican Study Committee’s seven-year plan for balancing the budget, which includes raising the minimum retirement age and allowing Medicare recipients to receive subsidies they can use to buy private insurance.

>>“Economic security is national security. I was not happy with the answer Kevin gave me about balancing the budget,” Norman said, adding “I don't care who the Speaker is. It could be Mickey Mouse, but if we have our way, we're gonna have some firm economic mandates.”

Norman has joined the club with several other Republicans who have publicly opposed McCarthy as the House Speaker. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), and Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who is running against McCarthy for the speakership, have also been outspoken in their decision to vote against McCarthy on January 3.

Additionally, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) was the Republican who nominated Biggs to challenge McCarthy for the seat, who has expressed concern that the Republican won’t be able to secure enough votes anyway.


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Musk Confirms Twitter Censors Only Targeted Conservatives

By: Ben Whedon


Twitter owner Elon Musk confirmed this week that the social media platform's prior operators had used its censorship policies as a vehicle to de-platform only conservative viewpoints.

Conservative activist Dinesh D'Souza had addressed recent headlines announcing the return of prominent right-wing accounts to the platform. He asserted that the absence of comparable stories involving left-wing figures being reinstated confirmed that the platform had disfavored conservative positions.

>>"We don't hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter. Why?" he asked. "Because they were never kicked off in the first place. Their lies and misinformation simply escaped all scrutiny. Censorship has been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives."

D'Souza tagged Musk in the post, prompting him to succinctly reply "correct."

Prior to his purchase of the platform, Musk had vowed to curtail Twitter's censorship of conservative viewpoints and to reinstate the accounts of banned individuals, including former President Donald Trump. The 45th president's personal account was reinstated earlier this month.

Since Musk's takeover, Twitter has reinstated several other prominent conservative accounts, such as Christian satire outlet The Babylon Bee and investigative reporting group Project Veritas.


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Florida GOP Legislators Want To Change State Law So Desantis Can Run for President Without Resigning

By: Charlotte Hazard


Florida's top two GOP legislators want to change state law to allow fellow party member Gov. Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024 without having to first resign as governor.

Florida House Speaker Paul Renner and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo are considering the change should DeSantis become the GOP nominee, Politico reports.

>>"If an individual who is Florida governor is running for president, I think he should be allowed to do it," Passidomo said. "That's a big honor and a privilege, so it is a good idea."

Florida law requires an elected position running for a different office provide a letter of resignation if terms of the two offices overlap.

Early surveys show DeSantis is among the top possible 2024 GOP contenders, but he's yet to say whether he will run. He just won reelection earlier this month.

According to Politico, if DeSantis is going to run, he probably won't announce until March of 2023.


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Establishment Media Seethes Over Vogue Covering Naomi Biden’s Wedding

By: Ben Whedon


Establishment media reporters are furious with the White House for allegedly granting Vogue exclusive access to the wedding of Naomi Biden, President Joe Biden's granddaughter.

Vogue on Tuesday posted an exclusive article about the White House wedding, which included photoshoots of the bride, prompting reporters to grumble over their apparently being shut out from the event.

The 28-year-old Biden married 25-year-old attorney Peter Neal on Saturday at the White House.

Bloomberg reporter Nancy Cook highlighted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre's statement that the couple had decided to make the wedding a "private" affair, an assertion seemingly at odds with the publication of a Vogue exclusive. New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers asserted that she had previously learned of Vogue's exclusive and lamented that the administration had excluded the White House press corps from the event.

>>"I had reporting in Oct about Vogue being tapped to cover this and I was waved off," she tweeted. "Official explanation is that Vogue wasn't there the day of. Loophole = the family staged a 'wedding at the WH' shoot beforehand. 'Private' per @PressSec = not for the White House press corps."

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker responded to Rogers and asserted that the Biden administration routinely lies through its teeth when dealing with the media.

>>"I spent four years covering the Trump WH and two years covering the Biden WH," Parker replied. "What's fascinating is that they both lie, albeit in v different ways. Trump team was shameless, whereas Biden team is too cute by half."


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Kamala Harris Tells Philippines U.S. Will Defend Against Chinese Aggression

By John Hayward


Vice President Kamala Harris said during her first official visit to the Philippines on Monday the United States will honor a 1951 bilateral defense treaty and defend Filipino ships against Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

The issue is pertinent because the Philippines on Monday accused China of using force to retrieve debris from a rocket near the contested Spratly Islands.

“In particular as it relates to the Philippines, I will say that we must reiterate always that we stand with you in defense of international rules and norms as it relates to the South China Sea,” Harris said after meeting with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at Malacanang, the presidential palace in Manila.


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Colorado Gay Nightclub Shooting Suspect Identifies as Non-Binary, Uses ‘They/Them’ Pronouns

By Jordan Dixon-Hamilton


Anderson Lee Aldrich, the suspect who allegedly shot and killed five people and wounded at least 18 others over the weekend at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado, identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns, according to a court filing on Tuesday night.

Aldrich, 22, is facing multiple murder and hate crime charges stemming from last weekend’s shooting.

However, Aldrich’s public defender revealed that Aldrich is “nonbinary” and uses “they/them pronouns,” the New York Times reported. In addition to the pronouns, Aldrich is referred to as “Mx. Aldrich” in the court filings.


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Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect Walked Free After Previous Alleged Bomb Threat. The DA Won’t Say Why

By Trevor Schakohl


Colorado Springs District Attorney Michael Allen failed to pursue formal charges against a suspect in the Saturday mass shooting in Colorado Springs last year after the man allegedly threatened to bomb his mother, according to multiple reports. Allen’s office refused to answer why charges were not filed and claimed “a public criminal record does not exist” in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.


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China’s Playbook For Influencing Washington Has Been Revealed, And Of Course Americans Are Involved

By Philip Lenczycki


A delegation from a Chinese think tank associated with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs secretly met with a billionaire New York executive and a group of politically-connected individuals last week to discuss faltering U.S.-China relations, The Wall Street Journal reported, as China searches for ways to maintain influence over Washington.

Maurice Greenberg, CEO of Starr Insurance Companies, and a select group of business leaders and former U.S. government officials reportedly discussed issues such as Taiwan, North Korea and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with representatives from the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA) on Nov. 11 and 12, the WSJ reported. The Biden administration was subsequently briefed on Greenberg’s conference, which occurred just days before President Joe Biden met General Secretary Xi Jinping in Indonesia on Nov. 14.


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Congressman Says SEC Is Asleep at Switch When It Comes to Cryptocurrency Scams

By: Charlotte Hazard


Ohio GOP Rep. Warren Davidson says that the Securities and Exchange Commission isn't doing its job properly and Congress should take action.

In the midst of the FTX scandal, in which many people were scammed out of a combined total of billions of dollars, the leadership of the SEC is coming under intense scrutiny.

>>"Congress should take action," Rep. Davidson said on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "But in the meantime, the SEC has been pulling all this information from companies like FTX and including FTX. How did they miss this? They went after Kim Kardashian. But they couldn't find this? It's really a question of, is Gary Gensler or is the SEC up to the task they're supposed to be doing?"

Gary Gensler is the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

FTX has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and billions of dollars' worth of assets are reportedly unaccounted for. The collapse came amid early reports that at least $1 billion in client funds disappeared, affecting potentially about a million customers, and current reports that it owes approximately $3.1 billion to its top 50 creditors.

>>Davidson also said Biden took a premature victory lap on the rail labor crisis.

Members of the largest freight rail union, plus three other unions, with a combined membership of nearly 60,000 rail workers, have voted to turn down the agreement brokered by the Biden administration in September, leading potentially to a nationwide freight-rail strike beginning next month.


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Associated Press Reporter Fired After Retracting Story on Russian Missiles Hitting Poland

By Paul Bois


The Associated Press has reportedly fired the journalist who retracted the story about Russian missiles hitting Ukraine last week, which led to heated speculation of a possible World War III scenario.

Last week, the world came to a standstill after investigative reporter James LaPorta of the Associated Press wrote that a “senior U.S. intelligence official” indicated that “Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.” The story set off a firestorm of concern across social media as people wondered if this would be a Franz Ferdinand-type of event that would plunge the Western world into full-scale war with a nuclear power. One day later, the Associated Press took down the story and issued an editor’s note saying that the unnamed “senior U.S. intelligence official” relayed incorrect information.


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BREAKING: Tennessee State Senator Pleads Guilty To Violating Federal Campaign Finance Laws

By: Constitutional Nobody

NASHVILLE – Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey pleaded guilty today to violating campaign finance laws and conspiring to defraud the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as part of a scheme to benefit his 2016 campaign for U.S. Congress.

Kelsey and Joshua Smith, of Nashville, were indicted by a federal grand jury in Nashville in October 2021 and charged with violating multiple campaign finance laws.

According to court documents, Kelsey, 44, a Republican of Germantown, admitted that he conspired to and did secretly and unlawfully funnel money from multiple sources, including his own Tennessee State Senate campaign committee, to his authorized federal campaign committee. Kelsey and his co-conspirators, including Joshua Smith, also caused a national political organization to make illegal, excessive contributions to Kelsey’s federal campaign committee by secretly coordinating with the organization on advertisements supporting Kelsey’s federal candidacy and to cause false reports of contributions and expenditures to be filed with the FEC.

Kelsey and the other conspirators orchestrated the concealed movement of $91,000 — $66,000 of which came from Kelsey’s State Senate campaign committee, and $25,000 of which came from a nonprofit corporation that publicly advocated on legal justice issues — to a national political organization for the purpose of funding advertisements that urged voters to support Kelsey in the August 2016 primary election. Kelsey, Smith, and others also caused the political organization to make $80,000 worth of contributions to Kelsey’s federal campaign committee in the form of coordinated expenditures.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

BREAKING: Tennessee State Senator Pleads Guilty To Violating Federal Campaign Finance Laws

By: Constitutional Nobody

NASHVILLE – Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey pleaded guilty today to violating campaign finance laws and conspiring to defraud the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as part of a scheme to benefit his 2016 campaign for U.S. Congress.

Kelsey and Joshua Smith, of Nashville, were indicted by a federal grand jury in Nashville in October 2021 and charged with violating multiple campaign finance laws.

According to court documents, Kelsey, 44, a Republican of Germantown, admitted that he conspired to and did secretly and unlawfully funnel money from multiple sources, including his own Tennessee State Senate campaign committee, to his authorized federal campaign committee. Kelsey and his co-conspirators, including Joshua Smith, also caused a national political organization to make illegal, excessive contributions to Kelsey’s federal campaign committee by secretly coordinating with the organization on advertisements supporting Kelsey’s federal candidacy and to cause false reports of contributions and expenditures to be filed with the FEC.

Kelsey and the other conspirators orchestrated the concealed movement of $91,000 — $66,000 of which came from Kelsey’s State Senate campaign committee, and $25,000 of which came from a nonprofit corporation that publicly advocated on legal justice issues — to a national political organization for the purpose of funding advertisements that urged voters to support Kelsey in the August 2016 primary election. Kelsey, Smith, and others also caused the political organization to make $80,000 worth of contributions to Kelsey’s federal campaign committee in the form of coordinated expenditures.


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Supreme Court Allows House Democrats To Have Access To Former President Trump’s Tax Records

By: Charlotte Hazard


The Supreme Court on Tuesday turned down former President Donald Trump's request to block House Democrats from accessing his tax records.

Earlier in November, Chief Justice Roberts temporarily blocked the release of Trump's tax records, according to the Associated Press.

The tax returns were requested by the Democrat-led House Ways and Means Committee.

The panel has not said when it will get access to the documents.

Republicans are expected to withdraw the request when they take the House back, according to NBC News.


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Atlanta Will Pay Rayshard Brooks’ Family $1M as a Result of Deadly Police Shooting

By: Charlotte Hazard


The city of Atlanta will pay $1 million to the family of Rayshard Brooks as a result of a 2020 fatal police shooting at a Wendy's drive-thru that drew national attention.

The payout was approved unanimously Monday by Atlanta's city council, after prosecutors determined in August that the officers involved in June 12, 2020, deadly shooting had "committed no crime" and that the use of deadly force was "reasonable."

>>"Although the children of Mr. Brooks have lost their father, settling the case will undoubtedly assist them with future plans as they come of age, an attorney for the family said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

Brooks, who is black, was shot by a white police officer outside of the fast-food restaurant about two weeks after George Floyd, who was also black, died May 25, 2020, while in the custody of Minneapolis police. Officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, was convicted of murder in the fatal arrest.

In June of 2020, Atlanta police responded to a call about a person, who was Brooks, having fallen asleep at the Wendy's.

The body cam footage showed that Brooks had a calm conversation with the officers for about 40 minutes. The officers then tried to administer a field sobriety test and take him into custody, which resulted in a struggle.

The footage showed Brooks holding a stun gun that he grabbed from one of the officers when he tried to get away from them. Brooks then turned around, pointed the weapon at the officer, which led to Officer Garrett Rolfe firing his gun at him and hitting Brooks in the back, investigators say.


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McCarthy Calls for Mayorkas To Resign Over Crisis at Border During El Paso Visit

By: Nicholas Ballasy


House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday called for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign.

If he does not resign, McCarthy said the House Republican investigation of Mayorkas in the new Congress could "lead to an impeachment inquiry."

>>McCarthy predicted that there will be 13 million more illegal crossings for the rest of President Biden's term "if nothing changes."

So far, there have been about 4 million land encounters with migrants since Biden took office. McCarthy said there will be a "psunami" of illegal immigration at the border if Title 42 is lifted, which he said could bring the total encounters with migrants to 17 million.

McCarthy was in El Paso meeting with border agents, who he said told him the border is not secure. The California Republican told reporters that he visited a bridge where 70,000 migrants crossed into the U.S. over the last 7 weeks.

He said that 107 terrorist suspects have been apprehended crossing the border, arguing that Mayorkas is wrong when he says the border is secure.

>>"How many people have not been caught?" he said.

McCarthy vowed to hold accountable the Biden officials responsible for "this disaster" at the border when the GOP takes the House majority in January. He said that House committees have his "complete support" to investigate the Biden administration's handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

>>"We have lost operational control of our southern border empowering drug cartels and human traffickers," he said.

McCarthy said Mayorkas would be fired by now if he was in charge of a private company.


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Sen. Marshall Introduces Resolution to Block Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants on Public Benefits

By: Natalia Mittelstadt


Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) has introduced a resolution to block citizenship for illegal immigrants who are dependent on taxpayer-funded benefits.

The resolution is with regard to a Department of Homeland Security rule that limits the number of benefits that illegal immigrants could be on when applying for permanent residency in the U.S., according to the Daily Caller.

According to a 2019 rule from the Trump administration, any immigrant who received at least one designated public benefit for more than 12 months during a 36-month period was defined as a "public charge." Non-citizens are inadmissible if they are "likely at any time to become a public charge," according to the DHS website.

Under former President Trump, benefits included food stamps, Medicaid, and housing vouchers that would disqualify immigrants from receiving green cards, the news outlet reported. However, under the new DHS rule from the Biden administration, only immigrants who receive long-term institutional care or cash benefits would be labeled as public charges.

>>"DHS's proposed public charge rules continue our country down the dangerous path of incentivizing migrants to illegally cross our southern border," Marshall said in a statement. "Granting citizenship to illegal aliens who would be dependent on federal benefits is a burden that American taxpayers and our national debt cannot afford."

>>"The previous Administration made it clear to would-be law breakers that they would receive no support or citizenship from the American government," he added. "We need to get back to policies like this if our country is going to have any hope at stopping the invasion at our southern border that started when President Biden took office."


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Massachusetts Taxpayers Asked to Pay $139M to House More Illegal Aliens

By John Binder


Massachusetts taxpayers are being asked to foot a $139 million bill that would “expand emergency shelter capacity” for border crossers and illegal aliens arriving in the state.

Just as Massachusetts residents are starting to see housing prices cool off, Gov. Charlie Baker (R) is asking for $139 million to hugely increase shelter space for border crossers and illegal aliens increasingly arriving in the state with little-to-no means.


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Oregon Gov Kate Brown Pardons Everyone Convicted Of Simple Marijuana Possession

y Gretchen Clayson


Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown issued a pardon Monday for those in her state who have been charged with simple possession of marijuana.

“No one deserves to be forever saddled with the impacts of a conviction for simple possession of marijuana — a crime that is no longer on the books in Oregon,” Brown announced in a press release. “Oregonians should never face housing insecurity, employment barriers, and educational obstacles as a result of doing something that is now completely legal, and has been for years. My pardon will remove these hardships.” The move will eliminate over 47,000 convictions from criminal records impacting about 45,000 people.


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Trans Biden Official Sought Justification For Performing Kids’ Sex Changes From Children’s Hospital

y Dylan Housman


A top Biden healthcare official sought out justification for performing sex change operations on children during the official’s previous role leading a state health agency, according to newly obtained emails.

Dr. Rachel Levine, currently the assistant secretary for health at President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), asked in a 2017 email exchange if any scientific literature was available to support “bottom” surgeries for minors, according to emails obtained by activist Megan Brock and shared with the Daily Caller. Dr. Nadia Dowshen of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia replied she was “not aware of existing literature.”


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Police Arrest Ohio Homeowner After Finding Body Wrapped In Plastic

y Devan Bugbee


Police on Sunday identified a corpse inside a Parma, Ohio, home as that of a man who had been missing since August.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the deceased as 30-year-old Parma resident as Ryan Alan Kerbs, Cleveland19 reported. He was first reported missing on Aug. 25, and Parma police first discovered Kerbs wrapped in plastic on Nov. 19 inside a Parma homeowner’s basement, according to the outlet.


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Man Gets Into Argument With Restaurant Customer, Shoots Himself Twice In Front Of Over 100 People

y Devan Bugbee


A man was rushed to the hospital Saturday after arguing with a restaurant customer and subsequently shooting himself twice in a suicide attempt, according to a video statement from the establishment.

The man pulled out a gun and shot himself twice in front of around 100 customers and 30 staff members at Hinie’s BBQ in Lawrenceburg, Tennesse, following an argument with a female customer, according to a video statement from the restaurant.

Among the bystanders was an off-duty police officer who started performing first aid “within two seconds of the first shot,” Trip from Hinnie’s BBQ said in the video. Other staff and customers helped the officer administer treatment to the man until EMS arrived.


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One Person Killed, 16 Injured After SUV Crashes Into Massachusetts Apple Store

By: Madeleine Hubbard


One person was killed and 16 other were taken to hospitals for treatment after an SUV crashed into an Apple store Monday morning in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said a criminal investigation is "active and ongoing," local outlet WCVB reported. He said the SUV was traveling at an undetermined speed when it crashed.

The crash occurred less than an hour after the Apple store, south of Boston, opened at 10 a.m.

The vehicle rammed through the glass into the back area of the store, witness Frank O'Brien said.

Another witness said the driver appeared injured but alert after the collision. Cruz said the driver was not taken to a hospital and is in police custody.


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Arizona Counties Delay the Certification of the 2022 Election Results

By: Charlotte Hazard


Two Arizona counties, Cochise and Mohave, will delay certifying their ballot canvasses for the Arizona 2022 election results for a while longer as a result of some potential irregularities.

Arizona took a week to announce the projected winner of the governor's race due to irregularities in Maricopa County where ballots took longer to be counted and some machines didn't work for a period of time.

Cochise County's two GOP supervisors voted to delay certifying the results until Nov. 28 in a 2-1 vote, The Hill reports.

Mohave County's Board of Supervisors also voted to delay the certification of the Arizona election results Monday.

Arizona's assistant attorney general Jennifer Wright submitted a letter Nov. 19 to Tom Liddy, head of civil litigation for the county, asking for the issues affecting Maricopa County to be looked into.

Wright noted in the letter that the office had "received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to the administration of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County."

>>"Following widespread reports of problems at voting locations on Election Day, Chairman Gates publicly stated that voters who had already checked in to e-Pollbook, but were having difficulties voting, could 'check out' of that voting location, and would be able to nonetheless vote in another voting location," the letter read.

As of now GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has not conceded in the election despite her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs being the projected winner of the race and having declared victory.

Lake's campaign has been posting video testimonials of Arizona voters who went to vote on Election Day and had issues such as encountering glitches and not being able to cast their ballots.


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Ye Returns to Twitter With ‘Shalom’ Post, After Being Suspended for Antisemitic Remark

By: Madeleine Hubbard


Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, on Monday tweeted "Shalom," a Hebrew greeting meaning peace, after being suspend from Twitter for several weeks for an antisemitic post that the social media site said violated its policies.

Ye on Sunday made his first post since the Oct. 9 suspension, writing, "Testing Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked."

The "Shalom" post Monday, which new Twitter owner Elon Musk "liked," include the smile emoji ": )".

Ye's account appeared to have been reactivated Oct. 28.

His account was suspended after he posted that he wanted to "go death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE," a likely reference to the military readiness level "DEFCON 3" – amid a series of public comments found to be antisemitic, including one about what he considers the over control of the record industry by Jewish executives.


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New Zealand to Decide on Lowering the Voting Age to 16

By: Madeline Leesman


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday that lawmakers will decide if the voting age should be lowered from 18 to 16 after the country’s Supreme Court deemed the current voting age is “discriminatory.”

In her remarks, Ardern reportedly said she supports lowering the voting age to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote. However, according to the Associated Press, the country currently does not have enough lawmakers to agree to this kind of change.

>>“I personally support a decrease in the voting age, but it is not a matter simply for me or even the government,” Ardern said. “Any change in electoral law of this nature requires 75% of parliamentarians’ support.”

Ardern added that a vote on the issue would likely take place in “coming months” but would not take effect until after its next general election.

Sanat Singh, one of the directors of the “Make It 16” campaign, told AP that “existential issues” like climate change and COVID-19 impact young people more than other age groups. Because of this, he claims that young people should have the right to vote.

>>“That’s why I think it’s really important to get all hands-on deck to make sure we can have a stronger future,” he said.

Golriz Chahraman, a spokesperson for the Green Party, told the AP that “young people deserve to have a say in the decisions that affect them, both now and in the future.”


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Union Rejects Proposed Labor Contract With Freight Railroads, Potential Strike in Coming Weeks

By: Joseph Weber


Members of the country's largest rail union on Monday rejected a proposed labor contract with freight railroads, resulting in a potential nationwide freight-rail strike amid the holiday season and Congress likely intervening to avert such a shutdown.

Two of the 12 unions involved voted Monday.

The other union, the nation's second-largest rail union, which represents engineers, ratified its own contract, according to CNN. But the deal alone will not avert a strike, which could begin as soon as Dec. 5, raising concerns about further disruptions of the U.S. supply chain and exacerbating already high inflation.

Congressional lawmakers would have to move quickly to avert a strike, considering they won’t return from Thanksgiving recess until at least Nov. 28.

The work stoppage would impact coal shipments, passenger rail service and cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars per day, according to Politico.

All 12 unions have to agree to the contract, and if just one fails to sign it, none of the others would cross a picket line, which would likely trigger an industry-wide strike.

Three of the unions in September rejected a proposed contract agreement brokered by Labor Secretary Marty Walsh – over such lingering issues including sick leave.

The unions could be at a disadvantage if the negotiations extend into January, because Republicans, who will then control the House, say they’ll impose recommendations made in August by a board appointed by President Biden that didn’t improve working conditions to the extent unions wanted, Politico also reports.


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House Oversight Panel’s Top Republican Comer Tells Mayorkas GOP Will Investigate Border Security

By: Charlotte Hazard


The top Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform has informed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that House Republicans will be investigating the crisis at the southern border once they take control next year.

The committee's ranking member, Rep. James Comer, informed Mayorkas in a letter Monday that House Republicans will be investigating the crisis at the southern border.

>>"Committee Republicans are continuing to investigate how Biden Administration policies have created the worst border crisis in American history," Comer wrote in the letter. "In Fiscal Year 2022, there were record-shattering levels of illegal immigration, migrant deaths, suspected terrorist encounters, and trafficking of deadly narcotics like fentanyl."

Migrants have been crossing the southern border in record numbers, resulting in much human and drug trafficking. ICE recently announced that they have arrested more than 130 illegal migrant sex offenders in the past couple of months.

>>"It is important for the American people, and their elected lawmakers, to understand the role Biden Administration policies have played in fueling the border crisis, the impact of emergency measures required to respond to the resulting catastrophe, and what the Administration's plan is, if any, to reverse course and resolve the situation," the letter continued.

Rep. Comer said on the John Solomon Reports podcast that the Border Patrol cannot do their job under the current Biden administration.

>>"When Donald Trump was president, the Border Patrol was in charge of the border," Rep. Comer said. "Under Joe Biden, they've become the welcoming committee, to anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to come to the United States."

Comer explained that the Committee on Oversight and Reform will have many investigations, but the border will be a top priority.


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House Oversight Panel’s Top Republican Comer Tells Mayorkas GOP Will Investigate Border Security

By: Charlotte Hazard


The top Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform has informed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that House Republicans will be investigating the crisis at the southern border once they take control next year.

The committee's ranking member, Rep. James Comer, informed Mayorkas in a letter Monday that House Republicans will be investigating the crisis at the southern border.

>>"Committee Republicans are continuing to investigate how Biden Administration policies have created the worst border crisis in American history," Comer wrote in the letter. "In Fiscal Year 2022, there were record-shattering levels of illegal immigration, migrant deaths, suspected terrorist encounters, and trafficking of deadly narcotics like fentanyl."

Migrants have been crossing the southern border in record numbers, resulting in much human and drug trafficking. ICE recently announced that they have arrested more than 130 illegal migrant sex offenders in the past couple of months.

>>"It is important for the American people, and their elected lawmakers, to understand the role Biden Administration policies have played in fueling the border crisis, the impact of emergency measures required to respond to the resulting catastrophe, and what the Administration's plan is, if any, to reverse course and resolve the situation," the letter continued.

Rep. Comer said on the John Solomon Reports podcast that the Border Patrol cannot do their job under the current Biden administration.

>>"When Donald Trump was president, the Border Patrol was in charge of the border," Rep. Comer said. "Under Joe Biden, they've become the welcoming committee, to anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to come to the United States."

Comer explained that the Committee on Oversight and Reform will have many investigations, but the border will be a top priority.


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Two Estonian Citizens Arrested for Alleged Involvement in $575 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud

By: Charlotte Hazard


The Department of Justice announced on Monday that two Estonian citizens were arrested on Sunday in Tallinn, Estonia on an 18-count indictment for alleged involvement in a $575 million cryptocurrency fraud and money laundering conspiracy.

The two men, Sergei Potapenko and Ivan Turõgin, both 37 years old, allegedly defrauded hundreds of thousands of people out of money by convincing victims to enter into fraudulent equipment rental contracts with the defendants' cryptocurrency mining service called HashFlare.

Potapenko and Turõgin also allegedly convinced victims to invest in a virtual currency bank called Polybius Bank, which was not an actual bank. The victims ended up paying $575 million to Potapenko's and Turõgin’s companies and the pair used shell companies to launder the fraud proceeds and to purchase real estate and luxury cars.

>>"New technology has made it easier for bad actors to take advantage of innocent victims – both in the U.S. and abroad – in increasingly complex scams," said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department's Criminal Division, according to the DOJ press release. "The department is committed to preventing the public from losing more of their hard-earned money to these scams and will not allow these defendants, or others like them, to keep the fruits of their crimes."

The FBI is currently investigating the case.

>>"The FBI is committed to pursuing subjects across international boundaries who are utilizing increasingly complex schemes to defraud investors," said Assistant Director Luis Quesada of the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division, according to the DOJ report. "Victims in the U.S. and abroad invested into what they believed were sophisticated virtual asset ventures, but it was all part of a fraudulent scheme and thousands of victims were harmed as a result. The FBI thanks our national and international partners for their efforts throughout the investigation to help bring justice for the victims."


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To Prevent Tragedies Like The UVA Murders, Focus On Broken Families Not Firearms


NNew details about the recent murder of three University of Virginia (UVA) football players by one of their former teammates are further distressing — including a witness statement that suspect Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. shot one of the players while he was sleeping. According to reports, UVA knew Jones had a gun conviction before the triple murder but never started a discipline process. My alma mater is reeling and canceled their last home game of the season. Yet the pundits of corporate media are laser-focused on one, predictable thing: gun control.

“Our dysfunctional relationship with guns rears its ugly head in Virginia,” was the title of The Washington Post’s Nov. 15 editorial. “It is important that the public not become inured to these tragedies. The nation has logged another gruesome episode in its dysfunctional relationship with guns,” declared the WaPo’s editorial board. The White House meanwhile called for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” (though the weapon seems to have been a handgun, not a modern sporting rifle of the kind smeared by the left as an “assault weapon”).


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Texas governor declares Biden 'in violation of US constitution' for failing to secure border

By , Just The News Staff .

In letter to Biden, Abbott wrote that the nation's founders knew a future president "might abandon his obligation to safeguard the States from an extraordinary inflow of people who have no legal right of entry."

Gov. Greg Abbott has sent a letter to President Joe Biden declaring Texas was escalating its border security efforts by invoking Article I, § 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, enabling his state to "protect its own territory against invasion by the Mexican drug cartels.”


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John Paul Mac Isaac Releases Book Tomorrow About Hunter Biden Laptop:

By Joe Hoft

John Paul Mac Isaac is an American hero who was caught in the middle of one of the country’s biggest scandals – Hunter Biden’s laptop.

John Mac Isaac didn’t think he would ever be able to tell his story. When the word got out that he was responsible for handing the Hunter Biden laptop to the FBI and later a copy to a lawyer of the President, his life was changed forever. The truth about the laptop and his actions were banned, blocked, and suppressed, while the narrative of Russian disinformation was circulated by the FBI and our intelligence community and a complacent mainstream and big tech.

After being defeated trying to defend his actions in a court of law, he wrote his book as a last-ditch effort to share his story and the truth with the American people. This story covers his interaction with Hunter Biden and the events leading up to the realization that for his protection and the nation’s security, he needed to get the treasure trove of criminality to the authorities. After feeling betrayed by a politically weaponized FBI and a paranoid and preoccupied congress.


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European nations ditch World Cup gay pride armband plans

By .

Harry Kane

Seven European teams have backed down with plans for their captains to wear a ‘One Love’ armband at the World Cup in Qatar, following the threat of FIFA sanctions against players.

England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands had all stated their intention before the tournament for captains to don the item in support of LGBTQ rights and as a sign of opposition to “all forms of discrimination.”

But in addition to a fine, it became clear that FIFA could also issue a yellow card to the players if they took to the pitch with the unauthorized armband.

That has forced a late reversal from the teams, as confirmed in a joint statement on Monday.


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FTX Boss and Democrat Super Donor Sam Bankman-Fried Cashed Out $300 Million During Funding Spree

By Lucas Nolan


The Wall Street Journal reports that during a funding round that raised $420 million for the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, almost three-quarters of the money went directly to founder and Democrat super donor Sam Bankman-Fried.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in October 2018, FTX raised $420 million from a range of well-known investors in order to improve user experience, increase the firm’s reach, and establish a better relationship with regulators.


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Kanye West Is Back On Twitter After Elon Musk’s Takeover

By Leena Nasir


Kanye West was back on Twitter Sunday, after being kicked off the platform October 9th for violating Twitter’s policies.

The rapper’s renewed access to the social media platform came less than 24 hours after Musk declared he had reinstated a number of other suspended accounts, including Donald Trump, according to CBS News. West resurfaced on Twitter with a simple message. “Testing Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked,” West wrote in his post. Twitter didn’t say which policies West violated, but his suspension came at the same time that Adidas, JP Morgan, Balenciaga, and other major brand names cut ties with him as a result of his anti-Semitic comments.


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Here’s Why Top US Universities May Be Pulling Out Of High-Profile Ranking System

By Reagan Reese


Top law school universities may be pulling out of one of the most high-profile ranking systems in order to drop standardized testing requirements and keep a focus on diversity, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

On Wednesday, Yale and Harvard Law school pulled out of the U.S. News & World Report saying that the “flawed” rankings fail to reward schools which help students who come from “low-income backgrounds” and have lower test scores. The schools may be dropping out of the rankings ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action because they plan to deemphasize standardized tests in the admissions process and preserve diversity, but do not want to fall in the rankings process, experts told the DCNF.


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Police Release Body Cam Footage of Tyson Foods CFO Arrest

By: Jenny Goldsberry


The body camera footage of Tyson Foods CFO John R. Tyson getting arrested has been released.

A 30-minute clip shows Tyson lying in the bed of a young woman who allegedly didn't know he was there. Tyson was wearing nothing but underwear as officers sat him up in the bed and handcuffed him. Fayetteville Police released the footage after receiving Freedom of Information Act requests from media outlets.

>>“No, I’m going to sleep,” Tyson told officers as they got him out of the bed.

>>“No you’re not, you’re going to jail,” an officer said. "This isn’t your house.”

Officers knew his identity after finding his ID in his pants in the room.

Tyson, who is the great-grandson of the company's founder, faces charges of public intoxication and criminal trespassing following the incident and was booked into Washington County Detention Center and released that night. He is expected in court on Dec. 1 after paying a $415 bond.

>>"I’m embarrassed, and I want to let you know that I take full responsibility for my actions. I also want to apologize to our investors as I have to our employees," Tyson said earlier this week during the company's quarterly earnings call. "This was an incident inconsistent with our company values, as well as my personal values. I just wanted you guys to hear this directly from me and to know that I’m committed to making sure this never happens again."

According to Tyson Foods's website, Tyson is also a lecturer at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, located in Fayetteville.


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Researchers Find Rare Bird for First Time in 140 Years

By: Madeleine Hubbard


Researchers sighted a black-naped pheasant-pigeon for the first time in 140 years after searching a small island off of Papua New Guinea for a month.

A team captured footage of the bird in September deep in a forest on Fergusson Island, the BBC reported Friday.

Before capturing footage of the ground-dwelling pigeon, researchers conducted countless interviews with locals, set 20 camera traps and even had a run-in with pirates.

>>Expedition co-lead John Mittermeier said it felt like "finding a unicorn."

Researchers previously attempted to find the bird in 2019 but did not have any luck. The most recent expedition appeared to be going similarly until the team came to villages on the slope of the island's highest peak.

One local told researchers he saw the bird several times and heard its distinctive calls, so they set up cameras in the area and captured images of the pheasant-pigeon. The photos are the first documentation of the bird since 1882.

>>"It is the kind of moment you dream about your entire life as a conservationist and birdwatcher," Mittermeier said.


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Nikki Haley on Possible 2024 Presidential Bid: ‘I’ve Never Lost’

By: Madeleine Hubbard


Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, hinted at a possible 2024 presidential run by stating that she's "never lost an election."

At a Republican Jewish Coalition meeting Saturday in Las Vegas, Haley said, "A lot of people have asked if I'm gonna run for president. Now that the midterms are over, I'll look at it in a serious way and I'll have more to say soon," The Hill reported.

>>Haley, a former governor of South Carolina, continued: "For now, I'll say this. I've won tough primaries and tough general elections. I've been the underdog every single time. When people underestimate me, it's always fun. But I've never lost an election. And I'm not gonna start now."

She made an even stronger hint about a possible presidential campaign when speaking about her opposition to President Joe Biden's attempts to reenter the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

>>"If Biden succeeds in getting back in the Iran deal, I will make you a promise. I've said it before. The next president will shred it on her first day in office," Haley said as the audience cheered.


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FDA Attorney Argues Guidance Against Ivermectin for COVID Was Recommendation, ‘Not Mandatory’

By: Madeleine Hubbard


An attorney for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration argued that the agency's guidance against taking ivermectin for COVID was "not mandatory," merely a recommendation.

>>"The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do," lawyer Isaac Belfer said during a federal court hearing in Texas earlier this month, The Epoch Times reported. "They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it's prohibited or it's unlawful. They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe ivermectin."

The hearing came in a case brought by three doctors who argued that the FDA's statements on ivermectin illegally interfered with their ability to prescribe drugs.

Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug, is approved by the federal government but not in treatment for COVID-19.

In 2021, the FDA published a web page titled, "Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19."

One of the plaintiffs, Dr. Paul Marik, said that the FDA's statements against ivermectin eventually forced him to resign from his position as a top doctor at the Eastern Virginia Medical School.


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Ted Cruz Reveals His Plans For 2024

By: Sarah Arnold


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reveals his plans for 2024, confirming that he is running for re-election, but doesn’t entirely rule out a possible presidential run.

While speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition, Cruz told the crowd that he will be seeking a third term in the Senate, saying that he is focused on fighting the radical policies Democrats are attempting to invoke on the country.

>>“I’m running for reelection in the Senate. I’m focused on the battles in the United States Senate,” Cruz said, adding “we need to stand and fight against these policies that are inflicting so much harm on Americans across this country.”

However, the Texas Senator didn’t close the door when asked if he would ever consider a run for the White House.

>>“You can consider whatever you like,” Cruz said, adding “there will be plenty of time to discuss the 2024 presidential. I get that that is a lot of fun in the media to do. There will be plenty of time for that.”

Cruz has flirted with the idea of running for president in 2024 for some time now. In 2016, he finished second next to Trump in the race for the Republican nomination.

Cruz has previously said that he wouldn’t make any decisions until he knew for sure what former President Trump was going to do regarding the 2024 race.

However, with Trump’s announcement that he is running for president, Cruz might back out of a potential run, suggesting that he does not want to fight against Trump again for the Republican nomination.


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Happy Birthday Mr. President, Now Pack Your Bags And Leave the White House

By: Sarah Arnold


President Joe Biden turns 80 on Sunday, making serval ask “how old is too old to run the White House?”

Biden’s 80th birthday means that he is the first octogenarian president in U.S. history, making him the oldest person to serve as President.

The President has hinted that he will run for re-election in 2024, however many, including Democrats, have voiced concern that Biden is not mentally fit to be in a position of power.

If he would seek another term, Biden would be 86 by the time his second term ends.

According to a Reuters/ Ipsos poll, 68 percent of voters believe Biden is too old to be president, while 86 percent of Americans say that age 75 or younger should be the cutoff in which a serving president can be.

In a New York Times interview, Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said that “the presidency is a monstrously taxing job and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue.”

Biden has drawn concerns as he repeatedly fumbles his words and often is caught wandering around like a lost puppy.

In response to his age, Biden told MSNBC’s "The Sunday Show" host Jonathan Capehart that he

>>“thinks it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine. That’s totally legitimate. But I think the best way to make the judgment is to, you know, watch me. Am I slowing up? Am I — don’t have the same pace?"

Why yes, Mr. President you are slowing up, and it’s shows in every speech you give.

If Biden would decide to run in 2024, he would break his own record he set in 2020 of being the oldest president to serve the U.S.


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Kevin McCarthy Promises To Remove Three Prominent Democrats From Their Committees

By: Sarah Arnold


House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is warning three prominent Democrats that their jobs are on the line should he become speaker of the House.

Saying that his speakership will become politically volatile, McCarthy is going to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif) off of their congressional committees once Republicans take back the House.

In January, McCarthy vowed to remove Swalwell and Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee and Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

And he is poised to keep his promise.

McCarthy said that Schiff’s promotion of the Steele dossier and Omar’s antisemitic comments have put them on the chopping block.

>>“You have Adam Schiff, who lied to the American public time and again – we will not allow him to be on the Intel Committee either,” McCarthy said, adding “look at Congresswoman Omar, her antisemitic comments that have gone forward. We're not going to allow her to be on Foreign Affairs.”

And for Swalwell, the Republican said that his association with a Chinese spy is what dealt him a blow.

>>“One thing I said from the very beginning, Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector," he said. "Why would we ever give him a security clearance and the secrets to America? So I will not allow him to be on Intel.”