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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

c3e3ad  No.5928577

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 03.27.2019

>>5928096 ————————————–——– Q Drop #3063

>>5928012 ————————————–——– DOJ coordination w/ UK re: DECLAS OF FISA?

>>5927994 ————————————–——– "Maximum transparency."

>>5926283 rt >>5926223 ————————— Watch Hannity tonight.

>>5926054 rt >>5925866 ————————— Some organizations do not have good intentions.

>>5925256 rt >>5924784 ————————— Good luck, Patriot.

Tuesday 03.26.2019

>>5915048 ————————————–——– THINK. FOR. YOURSELF. (Vid: >>5920872 )

>>5910092 rt >>5910048 ————————— Badge of Honor, Patriot.

>>5910024 ————————————–——– Attacks increasing? ( Cap & Vid: >>5910083 )

>>5909718 rt >>5909683 ————————— Bait confirmed.

>>5909596 ————————————–——– Loop Capital? ( Cap: >>5909757 )

>>5909464 rt >>5909428 ————————— Knowing what you know now, replay the story.

>>5909363 rt >>5909352 ————————— TT was bugged most likely.

>>5909342 ————————————–——– FISAGATE

>>5909322 rt >>5909279 ————————— Think POTUS campaign leaving T-Tower (base of operations) THE VERY NEXT DAY.

>>5909008 rt >>5908881 ————————— Bake your noodle.

>>5908738 ————————————–——– DAG + #2 [McCabe] discussion re: 'wear a wire' entrapment re: 25th amendment?

>>5908420 ————————————–——– POTUS on Hannity Tomorrow 9PM ET.

>>5906839 rt >>5906685 ————————— Well done, Anon. ( Cap: >>5907161 )

>>5906747 rt >>5906554 ————————— Bing QAnon News search results

>>5906111 ————————————–——– Past [7] days. Nothing to see here. (Cap: >>5906497, >>5906554)

>>5905183 ————————————–——– Q Proof

>>5904715 rt >>5904682 ————————— Proof missed?

>>5904599 rt >>5904397 ————————— "What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?"

>>5904397 ————————————–——– Worth remembering (Cap: >>5904875, >>5904900, >>5904915)

>>5904054 ————————————–——– How can there be FACTS if the entire story (narrative) was FICTION? (Cap: >>5904184)

>>5903921 rt >>5903895 ————————— These people are stupid

>>5903895 ————————————–——– It shall be done (Cap: >>5903954)

>>5903723 rt >>5903586 ————————— [Kim Foxx] Who is pulling her strings?

>>5903586 rt >>5903522 ————————— Will the AG need to get involved?

>>5903527 ————————————–——– @RepDougCollins (Cap: >>5903666)

>>5897520 ————————————–——– What is [RBG's] current state-of-health? (Cap: >>5897607)

Monday 03.25.2019

Compiled here: >>5915285

Saturday 03.23.2019

Compiled here: >>5903888

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Those still on the board --- https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

c3e3ad  No.5928587


are not endorsements


>>5893788, >>5896066 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q

>>5857423 BO on global notables


>>5928522 7-22-18 Clapper says Obama was behind the whole thing.

>>5928397, >>5928444 DJT Jr. re-Tweets article detailing Wikipedia's editors protecting Big Tech, Political and Media figures.

>>5928302 Gang of 8 update.

>>5928283 Multi-agency investigation results in charges against 18 members and associates of violent White supremacist gang.

>>5928266 No explosive device found on speeding W. Va. driver.

>>5928200 Strzok went to London on 11 Nov 2016.

>>5928128 Brits warned Trump against releasing Carter Page surveillance docs.

>>5928090 Cook County State Attorney now says sealing case was done accidentally.

>>5928058 Devin Nunes sending criminal referral to DOJ over Spygate: ‘Time to go on offense’.

>>5928011 Readout of Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan’s meeting with Iraqi Council of Representatives Speaker.

>>5927996 Soros-Linked District Attorney Blocks Boston Police from deporting illegals.

>>5927906 MAGA coalition treasurer and Pelosi LLC share building in Miami.

>>5927933 Mueller knew there was no collusion before the midterms.

>>5927955 Google helping China develop a global digital dictatorship.

>>5927947 The US is bombing Syria from the occupied East of the euphrates.

>>5927916 Chelsea Clinton leads storytime in new Chicago learning space for kids.

>>5927903 John Solomon: Trump facing re-elect ratings similar to Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

>>5928544 #7584


>>5927763 Monsanto ordered to pay $81 million in Roundup cancer trial.

>>5927743 US DoD: "Family Day has arrived for this Marine! This is the first time families will see their recruits since they left for 12 weeks of @USMC boot camp @MCRDPI."

>>5927598 POTUS Schedule: "As of 5:33PM a lid has been called and there is no further movement expected outside White House tonight."

>>5927592 Planefag: Netherlands F-16 "WOOKIE" orbiting Tucson, AZ

>>5927556 All Brexit options fail. May to stay in power until at least April.

>>5927435 5 Finns suspected in violent child porn ring; one member 'held a prominent position in society'.

>>5927421 Former Asst. State’s Attorney: Smollett hoax likely implicated someone very important who did not want to be implicated.

>>5927340 Trump calls for overhaul of mortgage system.

>>5927265 DJT Tweet: "#HANNITY EXCLUSIVE TONIGHT: One-on-one with @realdonaldtrump — the President’s first interview since Mueller found no collusion! Tune in at 9PM ET!"

>>5927259 NXIVM defense requested the entirety of Wednesday’s proceedings be placed under seal–but the judge refused that request.

>>5927195 New DJT w/ video.

>>5927150 Iranian storage site near Aleppo explodes.

>>5927803 #7583


>>5926903 Avenatti is broke.

>>5926786 Denver International Airport and Loop Capital connection.

>>5926623 Planefag: "Plane flying search pattern from near Wilkes-Barre to Quakertown."

>>5926613 Glenn Greenwald calls out the MSM for giving themselves a pat on the back for their "Russian collusion" "journalism."

>>5926385, >>5926522, >>5926602 Maga Coalition finance dig.

>>5926378 Congresswoman Omar hits back at Netanyahu.

>>5926357 Yemen civil war doomed to rage on after four years of conflict.

>>5926331 DJT Tweet: "We are here today to award America’s highest military honor to a fallen hero who made the supreme sacrifice for our nation – Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins…"

>>5926870 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>5927035 #7582

Previously Collected Notables

>>5926233 #7581,

>>5924007 #7578, >>5924686 #7579, >>5925381 #7580

>>5921560 #7575, >>5922302 #7576, >>5923076 #7577

>>5919146 #7572, >>5919956 #7573, >>5920734 #7574

>>5916764 #7569, >>5917535 #7570, >>5918382 #7571

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c3e3ad  No.5928604

File: 073e50f5e0aa164⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 480x384, 5:4, StaffSergeantTravisAtkins.jpg)



Baker Requesting Handoff

2113dd  No.5928639

File: 2ebeb9f674c7105⋯.jpg (23.44 KB, 564x897, 188:299, 50458274_2288907797836062_….jpg)



91dc15  No.5928641

File: fda48975a997b97⋯.png (87.63 KB, 548x774, 274:387, 1553726825731.png)


>https://twitter.com/Emily_Saul_/status/1110995626353938433 (embed)

b8d564  No.5928642

File: 2fdb45db0a653a4⋯.jpg (266.59 KB, 894x520, 447:260, Schitt.jpg)

bbd79a  No.5928643

Blunt & Direct Time.

Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country.




Tick Tock.

Hope the $7.8mm was worth it.

Enjoy the show.

Who gave him $7.8mm

Do Anons know?

ae8c54  No.5928644




9423e4  No.5928645





50ce25  No.5928646

File: d77d4611d778a15⋯.jpg (160.89 KB, 800x608, 25:19, MuuuhJooos.jpg)

44b7ad  No.5928647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


f399e4  No.5928648


"A father's love for his children knows no bounds." AS was stupid enough to test this - he thought it's a one way street. These people are stupid!

d493ec  No.5928649

File: 869bc2fec5039c2⋯.mp4 (51.98 KB, 250x224, 125:112, [AdamSchiff].mp4)

>>5928096 (pb - Q!)

44b7ad  No.5928650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

f3bc28  No.5928651

Any anons have a Chupacabra meme?

Asking for a friend

a0fbc1  No.5928652

File: a54656d2874b6ae⋯.jpg (100.99 KB, 761x1024, 761:1024, Keyara Shows Off Bikini Bo….jpg)

Thank You Baker

d6c604  No.5928653

>>5928622 (lb) kike

Where did I mention Jews in my post you fucking cunt.

44b7ad  No.5928654

File: 68262457c81cdf5⋯.jpg (313.59 KB, 800x608, 25:19, cow.jpg)

b5917f  No.5928655

File: c2b9075559dc580⋯.jpeg (66.79 KB, 550x394, 275:197, DC227677-23FA-4535-85A4-A….jpeg)


Ty Baker

771ddb  No.5928656



(((shill))) response to this reality was as fast as their kvetching.

EVIL will PAY.

78466c  No.5928657


You stupid nigger its not all jews

It is specificially the elite jews aka the pharisesees aka cananites

Your local rabbi didnt do anything unless you live in new york

68947d  No.5928658

5928012 LB

Is this related to the DOJ plane in UK the other day?

9423e4  No.5928659




6a9884  No.5928660

File: 5afa144dc5e4974⋯.png (180.92 KB, 440x251, 440:251, ClipboardImage.png)

dc777f  No.5928661

File: 8010a149ba62baf⋯.jpeg (9.79 KB, 241x255, 241:255, 8010a149ba62bafc43bc889a7….jpeg)

>>5927763 (lb)

Amazing, this company knowingly and willingly spread cancer, and their punishment is basically a slap on the wrist. How the fuck, are they not dissolved as a company as a whole? This shit is insane to me. People get jail time for even less, and these companies just keep on chugging along. Fuck.

397579  No.5928662


Here baker

Confirming handoff?

But if bakerfren from lb wants it, that's cool. Otherwise could use relief in 2-3 hrs to walk doggo.

13accf  No.5928663

File: 2069cb6c025c6c5⋯.jpg (418.68 KB, 1571x1525, 1571:1525, tyb_redheadwithflowers.jpg)


Thank you for your awesome work, baker!

9d236f  No.5928664

File: 7368b8858a1b753⋯.jpg (56.24 KB, 640x800, 4:5, miss_noir.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

bbd79a  No.5928665

Life Lesson - [AS]

The next time you 'leak' classified information, don't have your phone (or allow phones of the 'unknown' go-between 'students') present.

FISA works both ways.

179851  No.5928666

File: 5e35603bdf80317⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1221, 640:407, ClipboardImage.png)


54b67e  No.5928667

File: fb0ad4010f6847a⋯.png (293.38 KB, 483x475, 483:475, QPic136.PNG)

acfca4  No.5928668

File: 6c5b13758396a2a⋯.png (397.67 KB, 500x375, 4:3, GREEN.PNG)

0143af  No.5928669

File: db9cef3dd1deb47⋯.jpeg (68.72 KB, 506x380, 253:190, 0C35553F-6E5A-4CA5-A655-D….jpeg)

44b7ad  No.5928670

File: b52be8c8ca32cf6⋯.png (286.79 KB, 499x583, 499:583, kikenolike.png)





You wish I was a bot, kike.

2849cf  No.5928671

File: 0852c057c197920⋯.jpg (29.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


thank you baker

499e3a  No.5928672

File: 83f0037ee312781⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 447x356, 447:356, mandelastain.jpg)

cc65c7  No.5928673

File: 6378cef102eb6e6⋯.jpg (231.17 KB, 584x1204, 146:301, Safety PEPEII.jpg)

File: c996cc7169e4374⋯.jpg (80.74 KB, 451x665, 451:665, SafetyPEPE1.jpg)

>>5928608 (lb)

BO/BV please delete DOXX post

Anon, concernfagging is one thing, but doxxing yourself?

78466c  No.5928674


So is donald trump

How much did the israeli oligarchs pay him,for the golan heights

964dbf  No.5928675

File: 2a6f7d8eb0c06f4⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 540x779, 540:779, thisok.jpg)


9f6595  No.5928676

File: 2f3f2701792b59b⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 382x294, 191:147, ProperSalute.jpg)

e776d4  No.5928677

>>5928397 (PB)

Use this instead even gives Q a fair shake


023bb0  No.5928678

>>5928096 /lp

We need a video editing fag to alter that Betty White video to make her take out Adam Shit

f766e8  No.5928679

Mueller knew there was no collusion before midterms but that is quite a pickle. You trade a temporary loss for a bigger future gain. If released before the election it would make it seem he was trying to help trump and the exoneration would have been tainted and doubted.

de58f1  No.5928680

File: 2fab140fd3cfdc9⋯.jpg (238.44 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 2fab140fd3cfdc970c538f68e0….jpg)

9d236f  No.5928681


Sir, yes Sir! o7

e992fc  No.5928682

File: 2f7a22635e36b12⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 249x792, 83:264, Capture.JPG)

File: 87979851381de4d⋯.jpg (61.39 KB, 377x897, 29:69, Capture1.JPG)

File: ad4b1135a866f66⋯.jpg (27.82 KB, 384x440, 48:55, Capture3.JPG)


[RR] was pre selected by the DS. He was preordained.

Look through all the posts with [RR] in them on qmap. He gets more focus than Mueller.

But of note is that both Sessions and Barr had senate votes that just barely confirmed them, and [RR] was confirmed by an overwhelming majority.

I think this is what Q is speaking about in Q3211 'Bake your noodle'.

[RR] is DS and so are many of the former Senate Rs that retired without running for reelection.

This was no 'magic', no Oracle predicting the future, this is Q telling us the fix was in by the DS.

7d5d18  No.5928683


Thank you, Baker.


Backup here, go for it baker, I can relieve any time.

o7 frens

87a3f2  No.5928684

>>5928549 lb


Operation Sledgehammer (Turkish Balyoz Harekâtı)

Shooting down a plane and blaming another country.

a05f8e  No.5928685

File: f4955f1d6325f1e⋯.jpg (131.33 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, D2l3ldpWwAAbeON.jpg)


c80eb1  No.5928686

File: 7bdd050ea4dc644⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 1036x470, 518:235, Capture.JPG)

File: c685546fe475edf⋯.jpg (134.44 KB, 905x581, 905:581, Capture2.JPG)

Move along. Just an amazing coincidence. Nothing to see here.

483c97  No.5928687

File: 26a8071035a0f0c⋯.jpg (538.34 KB, 999x3155, 999:3155, Screenshot_20190326-224035….jpg)

>>5928497 (LB)

Got his account limited yesterday. Just watch for them to say something racist and report it. Same thing I did to Defango and got his account shut down. He was super pissed and blamed someone else.

f338a8  No.5928688

File: 91fec0ea6873ca6⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 464x354, 232:177, BibleSeriesPromisedLand.JPG)

Nigger Jews did 9/11 with Cock Cheney and ilk helping them out in our govt..

All of Israels resource are belong to us.

c2a381  No.5928689

File: b42d54b426bc7d7⋯.jpeg (350.69 KB, 1335x968, 1335:968, 7590A801-08BE-4650-83A6-0….jpeg)

File: a1de5cc9134d6c1⋯.jpeg (541.78 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, 1E4B8A0B-B007-4B66-8258-8….jpeg)

File: db1d6c5c5dc1e3d⋯.jpeg (473.31 KB, 1410x1356, 235:226, D079FE90-A4B9-4438-AC53-0….jpeg)

Death Blossom?

DC Cherry blossoms peak April 1st.

2-days ahead of schedule.

POTUS_Schedule pictures cherry blossoms.

Q drops “Death Blossom”

c3e3ad  No.5928690

File: fdfa1e56f42c024⋯.png (402.98 KB, 800x422, 400:211, doughhandoff.png)


Handoff confirmed

Thank you baker.


Thank you anon.

5e44ac  No.5928692

File: 9fbc6e2d01841f4⋯.jpeg (44.11 KB, 425x900, 17:36, 452113FB-B676-4DB3-8FB3-C….jpeg)

44b7ad  No.5928693

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Protocols of the Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

50ce25  No.5928694

File: 614179138150da1⋯.png (80.99 KB, 548x774, 274:387, Emily_Saul.png)



BREAKING: Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman faints in court after judge seems to suggest that Michael Avenatti was secretly representing her, trying to negotiate deal with US attorney’s office in NXIVM case. An ambulance has been called.

5a893b  No.5928695

File: a9d41ed51c0d14a⋯.jpg (98.82 KB, 900x675, 4:3, d3e771fad3091275cd4d42f421….jpg)

File: dbab3352457e513⋯.jpeg (61.02 KB, 405x391, 405:391, dbab3352457e51322c983cd74….jpeg)

File: c7ead545092d614⋯.jpg (634.15 KB, 1018x981, 1018:981, 89f2964a1c5bb789f29cbe9531….jpg)

File: 509c6b29dd966db⋯.png (11.89 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 805d709614f344a2213c5812fa….png)

File: 6fd5d9898433cde⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 6fd5d9898433cdeba0389b9f09….jpg)

9dc32b  No.5928696

File: bfe8d29d4a98e88⋯.jpeg (563.73 KB, 750x1004, 375:502, 2EAA8D3B-63C9-4CF2-9F54-3….jpeg)


045e2d  No.5928697

File: b968bd474a5d7b8⋯.jpeg (799.22 KB, 1125x731, 1125:731, CCD5C407-6DD8-46B5-BDB3-C….jpeg)

File: d365f0a135a397a⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1857, 375:619, 052D445E-DD59-476C-91A7-2….jpeg)


Made a couple low quality last night watching Devin

283a59  No.5928698

This may have been posted before, my apologies if so. Long read…

Part 1:


Part 2:


9f6595  No.5928699


Sweet fucking graphic, anon!

ec7bb7  No.5928700

File: fbb6e4d5eae7b4b⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 500x375, 4:3, Missing Man Formation.gif)

Staff Sgt.Travis Atkins awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously in a White House Ceremony


"Missing Man Formation"

930ab8  No.5928701

File: 0ab6d59fec846d7⋯.png (528.24 KB, 1400x836, 350:209, ThisIsDifferent.png)


62eadf  No.5928702

Ok, Anons. I can only tell you of what I have experienced with Q Drops on a few occasions (today being one of them).

I have Q Drops on my phone. It gives me an alert with the sound of a drop of water echoing from a faucet into a basin of water.

When Q drops a crumb, Q drops will alert me. Before Q dropped in UK Qresearch Board…usually there is about a minute or so delay between when Q drops a crumb on the board and when Q Drops App on my phone alerts me.

However, when Q dropped on the UK board; my phone alerted me BEFORE Q's crumb appeared on the UK Board.

The same thing happened today with two Q posts:




You will see that I am the first Anon to respond on #3225 and the second Anon to respond on #3226.

Both times, Q Drops App alerted me and I scrolled down to the bottom of the page.

There were NO Q DROPS, and then within a couple seconds Q FUCKING DROPS!

So, Q Drops App is picking up Q drops before Q even DROPS!

Have any other Anons noticed this phenomena with Q Drops App lately?????

964dbf  No.5928703

File: 278938d477fb525⋯.jpg (29.15 KB, 350x309, 350:309, bewbs4.jpg)


cebcb7  No.5928704

It would be nice to get a Q drop commenting on Jew spam.

179851  No.5928705

File: 1821deb8e27726a⋯.png (155.65 KB, 300x430, 30:43, ClipboardImage.png)


207f93  No.5928706

File: 4115c941db7e653⋯.jpg (188.09 KB, 800x655, 160:131, Q level patriots.jpg)



>>5928603 lb

that it ever was valued where it was is too funny and it's Loop too!

0143af  No.5928707

File: 8e8b97e0e89742e⋯.png (133.92 KB, 421x317, 421:317, 3F74C184-C447-41FA-BCDE-AB….png)



So much respect…!

13accf  No.5928709



9423e4  No.5928710


i check this place once a day, you post at the same point of the bread each time.

Either way, you're doing gods work.

keep it up

i salute you!

045e2d  No.5928711


Didn't even clip one, kek-oops

62eadf  No.5928712

File: 7c6b04d9c9c355c⋯.png (59.31 KB, 384x201, 128:67, Screenshot_91.png)

899829  No.5928713


And he is an old greenwich snob. Fuck that part of CT

acfca4  No.5928714

File: 22c45cbcfe23fb7⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 510x289, 30:17, ORACLE.JPG)

8ba83d  No.5928715

>>5928096 (lb)

Theresa May suddenly resigns.

a427b4  No.5928716


It's going to be ok, anon. We are taking evil down permanently, It will be done.


50ce25  No.5928717


REPORT, don´t fukken repost, fag!

e17c6a  No.5928718

File: 6d1aead09a6df4d⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1794x1218, 299:203, 81cd1fa7a8c7c33dcad7f202fc….jpg)


ThanQ Baker

629941  No.5928719

Does anyone know whether the kid in the photo that includes Adam Schiff (the photo of Schiff wearing overalls) is Jussie Smollett?

f27af1  No.5928720

File: a04210f7193e020⋯.png (584.71 KB, 939x470, 939:470, Schifftypen.png)

78466c  No.5928721

Anyone got any evidence that this world/reality isnt just some sort of sick farm of suffering or a lab to fuck with toys in

Because its so unbelievably awful and theres no good guys that i have a very hard time believing in a non evil god

Oh and as i type this my ear starts ringing

The fucks up with that

Never happened until i had the misfortune to post on this stupid board

d493ec  No.5928722

File: dcd9270a0b8a8c7⋯.png (327.55 KB, 493x493, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

32e845  No.5928723

File: 724350af4184e0c⋯.jpg (109.67 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_1224.JPG)

9dc32b  No.5928724

File: 19495f0a2f5bad7⋯.jpeg (741.65 KB, 2338x1414, 167:101, 8FBB4AB5-BE88-4601-A846-2….jpeg)

>>5928012 (lb)

Did someone mention FISA?

(Lb I know but bread is fast and this shit took work;)

2c36c6  No.5928725

File: 7c9022bf6347abc⋯.png (43.93 KB, 190x198, 95:99, trumpets3.png)

bbd79a  No.5928726

Hello, [AS].

Once an agent, always an agent.

This is pretty serious statement…


3f2678  No.5928727

File: 8378b2e005a8ced⋯.png (63.26 KB, 555x233, 555:233, they are trying to start a….png)


Their last straw.

Start WW3.

6cf1e8  No.5928728



Very appropriate that a JIDF meme uses a cow to mock anons, since (((they))) consider the rest of us cattle.

a0fbc1  No.5928729

File: 31a0a0377ec1468⋯.jpeg (163.28 KB, 1440x794, 720:397, 1548894288.jpeg)

771ddb  No.5928730

File: 1dd9610cb9fac70⋯.jpg (257.99 KB, 882x777, 42:37, jidfretard.jpg)


jesus, the (((ip hop))).


a71329  No.5928731

File: ec897b461b90356⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 800x500, 8:5, IMG_2015.JPG)

File: b47047e8e5f3898⋯.png (371.72 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, IMG_2011.PNG)

File: 10a5cd23a6e81a7⋯.png (354.2 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, IMG_2010.PNG)

>>5928450 l/b

Truly appreciate the correction, navyfag. (only photo I found in uni)

Nothing but love for US Navy ( no homo ).

Grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor.

He even ended up teaching fire-science in Japan for 7 years.

Made some of his best friends there.

f57345  No.5928732

File: 9687a71a3091755⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1776x890, 888:445, Screenshot 2019-03-27 17.5….png)


Who is that?

c056a7  No.5928733

File: 541f4f45decf420⋯.png (948.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

b74ea5  No.5928734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let us re_charge

…you know what time it is

397579  No.5928735



Ty baker for rockin' it as per usual


Right on, ty fren


They got it anon, info was edited out. Ty for the eyes on.


Yeah he's a good'n.

We have the best anons

fbecd4  No.5928736

File: 3ccef552eb701cb⋯.jpg (561.75 KB, 1018x981, 1018:981, jewgame.jpg)

File: 9715d4089518eb6⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 255x217, 255:217, filter.jpg)

f3bc28  No.5928737

File: de3fa6b824363da⋯.jpeg (22.24 KB, 255x219, 85:73, 32ADCF63-3B2A-4C18-9B46-D….jpeg)

f766e8  No.5928738


Q and Trump are proof that cares for us

acfca4  No.5928739

File: 137d37252b5b024⋯.jpg (184.97 KB, 1242x1427, 1242:1427, BEAM_OF_LIGHT.JPG)

de58f1  No.5928740

File: a9ee67cc80aa604⋯.jpg (97.13 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, SecretGoodGuyQuestionMark.jpg)

File: 029009c251d3038⋯.jpg (148.97 KB, 1000x656, 125:82, StealthBomber.jpg)

File: 0898b6ef64e8eca⋯.jpg (81.84 KB, 989x556, 989:556, WhoDesignedMueller.jpg)


You're way too certain of yourself. The unanimous confirmation could just mean the deep state was fooled.

You don't know shit with certainty. Your opinion is not notable.

499e3a  No.5928741

File: 9099bce4b6e4d5d⋯.jpg (447.9 KB, 1800x1428, 150:119, 9099bce4b6e4d5d26a161e6dd0….jpg)

f338a8  No.5928742

File: 49d153f1d10dbc9⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 411x270, 137:90, KushnerKingJew.JPG)

If Kushner is the anti-christ, does anyone not put it past him that he and the chabad would hold Ivanka and Don Jr hostage, ie threat to kill them, if the Don doesn't do thing their way.

Only reason I can think of for the Don giving Kushner so much power.

e17c6a  No.5928743

File: 5dd1e516a30e847⋯.jpg (25.65 KB, 700x700, 1:1, e813c50ee4b15de2d6d384c008….jpg)



553342  No.5928744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5928058 (pb)

>Devin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to DOJ over Spygate

2978e4  No.5928745

NBC Nightly News just said that the federal case against Smollett is "unraveling" and may result in no charges.

a679e8  No.5928746


There is a Synchronistic light force among us.

Or Q set it up.

771ddb  No.5928747


GITMO is ready for many a traitors, including HRC and hussein.

f4f0af  No.5928748

File: 559ccc9f959e8d2⋯.png (573.87 KB, 1080x1619, 1080:1619, Screenshot_20190327-155033….png)

File: 82eb0c46eb95102⋯.png (529.79 KB, 998x881, 998:881, Screenshot_20190327-003603….png)

File: d7fb055ad2be442⋯.jpg (45.48 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 2x06gk_1.jpg)

e72032  No.5928749


Refresh rate on each page is different for each user. On UK thread especially, which is slow-moving, the refresh count down is long, so chances are the app / scraper is simply getting a sooner refresh than your local browser.

50ce25  No.5928750

File: 4ab36ede151ef16⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, muhjew3.jpg)

File: 2350a5c836d0c47⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 750x375, 2:1, POTUS_nope_shills.jpg)

68947d  No.5928751

Any planefags recall what night it was that a DOJ plane was headed to UK?

c2a381  No.5928752

Good catch. Great question.


8e2062  No.5928753

File: 279a8223014857e⋯.jpg (375.53 KB, 938x600, 469:300, Hussein Medvedev Actual Co….jpg)

a0fbc1  No.5928754

File: 501f4a264c234e8⋯.jpeg (195.85 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1548460770.jpeg)

File: a19515083cd3289⋯.jpg (251.02 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 2019-01-13_15.16.26.jpg)

File: 18812550e2125e3⋯.jpg (311.24 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 2019-01-13_15.13.54.jpg)

File: 9d51e642c4969ba⋯.jpeg (215.8 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1548890880.jpeg)

964dbf  No.5928755

File: 230c552978481cc⋯.png (730.07 KB, 900x786, 150:131, muh.png)

72c463  No.5928756

I believe someone is due for a BUTT FUCKING and ADAM SCHIFF is his name..

What a fun night!!!!

f766e8  No.5928757


So the opposite is true then

668e46  No.5928758

File: ff129a7fef8459a⋯.jpg (4.79 MB, 6504x4432, 813:554, Q Map Graphic 78.jpg)




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>5927650 Q Graphics all in GMT #78 seen here >>5928591

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

8a38b6  No.5928759

File: 1a32cc34de0e59b⋯.jpg (163.92 KB, 600x1314, 100:219, 1.jpg)

File: cc3f88e5ea9bedd⋯.jpg (163.7 KB, 600x1175, 24:47, 2.jpg)


Federal Customs and Border Protection K-9 officer charged with child molestation

d22086  No.5928760


Ignore the shill. He posts the same thing bread after bread, day after day.

a466cc  No.5928761

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 539e80 No.5140929

Feb 12 2019 11:34:13 (EST)

POTUS: "This can never be allowed to happen again (in our Country or to another President)."


Not sure if this has been brought up yet but I found a proof

f89385  No.5928762

File: 1a45ecad2992cd7⋯.png (157.6 KB, 517x524, 517:524, DOJ planes.png)

File: b090cecf78c074f⋯.png (64.72 KB, 310x314, 155:157, 1499.png)

File: 84603349180c116⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1004x750, 502:375, If you bake it....png)


N = 14

Post 1499 related? N99GA = 1499 great awakening

Is the delay of the IG report almost over? UK was another blockade?

Great awakening on it's way!

78466c  No.5928763



Yes trump has seemingly cleaned up human trafficking

But every other area hes made it worse or kept the status quo

Trumps actions are not of someone who wants to free us

They are the actions of someome who wants to be the new master

I cant tell if its the usual kayfabe or if hes really fighting a civil war against the rest of the illuminati

de58f1  No.5928764


Will do.

f3bc28  No.5928765

File: 023f6c931d4b4c8⋯.jpeg (185.2 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0C3B3774-817E-46BD-A6B3-4….jpeg)


going to switch these

f27af1  No.5928766

File: 045bcae867c1992⋯.jpg (249.04 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, muellershit.jpg)

acfca4  No.5928767

File: 407e0e56d15a37b⋯.png (267.19 KB, 736x465, 736:465, LAST RESORT.PNG)

2b698f  No.5928768

File: 8c300e057fbcb09⋯.jpg (24.58 KB, 620x400, 31:20, MrClay.jpg)

e17c6a  No.5928769

File: 0cea58441235fc0⋯.jpeg (272 KB, 1194x1472, 597:736, 4b39d6208fa655091b7ce909a….jpeg)

acec92  No.5928770


Anon, I think it's who he paid.

He had to come out now - from the shadows because of the weakness in the deep state.

$7.8 sure wasn't spent. Who's dead that needed it got paid , ran away but got killed.

Bourdain?// i'll stop right there, cray cray

7fa274  No.5928771


if youre going to shillblue in here at least PB LB red txt faggot. kys kok gobbler

62eadf  No.5928772

File: 293ba0dd2f50b9b⋯.png (370.12 KB, 635x377, 635:377, PepeSnort.png)



a71329  No.5928773

File: b8871e5c5e4d2e4⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 498x364, 249:182, IMG_2016.JPG)


13accf  No.5928774


wew, i got confused af, though handoff was for me. sorry for my newfaggotry :S

72c463  No.5928775


Let me guess..deleted email..smashed phones..huh!!!

18317f  No.5928776

File: 2ca9d25eb19167a⋯.jpeg (25.43 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 79128BC2-88D3-4FAE-B67F-E….jpeg)

File: ca75146d2db39be⋯.jpeg (22.3 KB, 255x199, 255:199, 159478B9-4AD8-4E90-AE00-6….jpeg)

File: 4d6dbe2752fbc38⋯.jpeg (50.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, D1B3EAD8-666D-4E7C-BFDD-8….jpeg)

>>5909008 / (l/b)



Can we get a “Bake Your Noodle” Qproof from POTUS? Please and thankQ.


78466c  No.5928777


Now thats fucking funny

At least trump is funny

e86186  No.5928778

File: c1cf08db6af0f51⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 556x499, 556:499, bnl smoll huss fbi.JPG)

excellent…let the trail lead to the real perps

612f8a  No.5928779

File: 22891968dc7d77e⋯.jpeg (162.78 KB, 1422x800, 711:400, DP - o7.jpeg)


Thank you for your service baker.

668e46  No.5928780




Q Graphics all in GMT

Q Graphics all in GMT #01-#10 >>>/comms/486, >>>/comms/487, >>>/comms/488, >>>/comms/489, >>>/comms/490

Q Graphics all in GMT #11-#20 >>>/comms/491, >>>/comms/545, >>>/comms/950, >>>/comms/951, >>>/comms/952, >>>/comms/953, >>>/comms/987, >>>/comms/1103

Q Graphics all in GMT #21-#27 >>>/comms/1119, >>>/comms/1156, >>>/comms/1286, >>>/comms/1288, >>>/comms/1303, >>>/comms/1307, >>>/comms/1462

Q Graphics all in GMT #28-#34 >>>/comms/1466, >>>/comms/1489, >>>/comms/2071, >>>/comms/2072, >>>/comms/2073, >>>/comms/2100, >>>/comms/2164

Q Graphics all in GMT #35-#41 >>>/comms/2176, >>>/comms/2228, >>>/comms/2229, >>>/comms/2261, >>>/comms/2268, >>>/comms/2270, >>>/comms/2274

Q Graphics all in GMT #42-#48 >>>/comms/2306, >>>/comms/2312, >>>/comms/2314, >>>/comms/2327, >>>/comms/2450, >>>/comms/2491, >>>/comms/2496

Q Graphics all in GMT #49-#55 >>>/comms/2520, >>>/comms/2528, >>>/comms/2605, >>>/comms/2801, >>>/comms/2831, >>>/comms/2869, >>>/comms/2981

Q Graphics all in GMT #56-#62 >>>/comms/2990, >>>/comms/2996, >>>/comms/3019, >>>/comms/3116, >>>/comms/3187, >>>/comms/3464, >>>/comms/3472

Q Graphics all in GMT #63-#69 >>>/comms/3687, >>>/comms/3688, >>>/comms/3701, >>>/comms/3702, >>>/comms/3858, >>>/comms/3859, >>>/comms/3882

Q Graphics all in GMT #70-#76 >>>/comms/3898, >>>/comms/3920, >>>/comms/3975, >>>/comms/4029, >>>/comms/4197, >>>/comms/4335, >>>/comms/4386

Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#78 >>>/comms/4388, >>5928758

Pastabin, in case one prefers: https://pastebin.com/hbFythzp

Godspeed Baker/s

179851  No.5928782

File: 21618f8954786a7⋯.png (398.31 KB, 590x400, 59:40, ClipboardImage.png)

d8e5a0  No.5928783

File: 4372074689b0e5b⋯.png (44.87 KB, 682x329, 682:329, 1553723794815.png)


Satan's chosen are stealing land again.

964dbf  No.5928784

File: eb56591d4da7531⋯.jpg (326.15 KB, 1000x749, 1000:749, vampfrog.jpg)

c056a7  No.5928785


Appears US ambassador has been there since Tuesday.

de58f1  No.5928786

File: 870777f78f9602f⋯.jpg (60.16 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DickNote.jpg)

f08f98  No.5928787


Doubt it.

b5917f  No.5928788


I liked Maryann myself

2849cf  No.5928789

File: 6332f12fab6b6a7⋯.jpg (48.93 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 707307591.jpg)

Immigration System At The 'Breaking Point,' Homeland Security Official Warns

Immigration authorities are expressing alarm about the growing number of migrants crossing the Southern border.

Federal agents apprehended more than 4,000 migrants crossing the border on each of two days this week — the highest daily total recorded in 15 years, according to a senior official with Customs and Border Protection.

"The breaking point has arrived," said CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan in a news conference Wednesday in El Paso, Texas.

"CBP is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis all along our Southwest border — and nowhere has that crisis manifested more acutely than here in El Paso," McAleenan said.

As the weather warms up, immigration authorities warn that the flow of migrants crossing will continue to grow. Federal agents are on pace to apprehend or encounter more than 100,000 migrants in March — the largest monthly total in more than a decade.

CBP will reluctantly begin releasing more migrant families with a notice to appear in immigration court, McAleenan said, instead of first handing them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for processing and detention.

CBP already had begun releasing some recently apprehended migrants to the streets of cities in the Rio Grande Valley. Senior border officials say they are prepared to extend that practice to other cities such as San Diego, Yuma, Arizona, Del Rio and El Paso, Texas.

The majority of these migrants are families and children fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. McAleenan says they are straining the resources of Border Patrol facilities, which were designed primarily for single men and are far beyond their official capacity.

"We are doing everything we can to simply avoid a tragedy," McAleenan said. "But with these numbers, with the types of illnesses we're seeing at the border, I fear that it's just a matter of time."

CBP has stepped up medical care for migrants since two children died in custody in December. But McAleenan says efforts to provide that medical attention have diverted Border Patrol agents from their security duties. "Our expanded medical checks and concerted efforts are saving lives," McAleenan said. "But they have a high cost to our enforcement mission."

In response, McAleenan says CBP is redirecting 750 blue-uniformed agents who work at ports of entry to help the Border Patrol with the care and custody of migrants. McAleenan warned that could lead to longer wait times at ports of entry on the U.S.-Mexico border but said that "this is required to help us manage this operational crisis."

McAleenan spoke in El Paso, which has become the latest hot spot for migrant crossings in recent months, as NPR's John Burnett reported earlier this week.

CBP will reluctantly begin releasing migrant families with a notice to appear in immigration court, McAleenan said, instead of first handing them over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for processing and detention.

"There's no questioning why this is happening," McAleenan said. "The increase in family units is a direct response to the vulnerabilities in our legal framework, where migrants and smugglers know that they will be released and allowed to stay in the U.S. indefinitely pending immigration proceedings that could be many years out."

But immigrant advocates dispute that. They point out that migrants have a legal right to seek asylum once they're in the U.S.

Critics say the Trump administration has been too focused on deterring migrants from coming and has not allocated enough resources for humanitarian assistance or adjudicating the migrants' asylum claims quickly.

"The Trump administration's response to the multidimensional refugee and migration challenge posed by deteriorating conditions in Central America is one-dimensional," said Frank Sharry, the director of America's Voice. "No wonder their simplistic and futile strategy has failed so miserably."

As we have previously reported, there may be several reasons the number of migrants has grown in recent months — including the reach of social media, lower smuggling costs, and unintended consequences of the Trump administration's own immigration crackdown.


9d236f  No.5928790

File: 7c545e8970b00a4⋯.png (131.83 KB, 474x243, 158:81, ClipboardImage.png)


She's a hairless wookie in a wig.

45c3da  No.5928791


One of my all time favorite pepes.

fbecd4  No.5928792

File: 6f6506dd52194f6⋯.jpg (127.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, monkeyjew.jpg)

File: 31133fa568a0ed2⋯.jpg (176.82 KB, 750x375, 2:1, jew4.jpg)

68947d  No.5928793


There it is! Tis has to be what Q was talking about.


9dc32b  No.5928794

File: 920bac5c11d5767⋯.jpeg (141.63 KB, 1080x612, 30:17, 5E280D03-74FF-429A-A949-B….jpeg)

d22086  No.5928795

Spouseanon just informs me Potus new handle is the Human Tornado, kek. Not sure what channel on jewtube he was watching.

f4f0af  No.5928796

File: 1ec35b1c2c2b974⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 630x493, 630:493, 2x48yr.jpg)

Q you got any Intel besides a Breitbart article….

50ce25  No.5928797

File: 540a47985f7428a⋯.png (510.25 KB, 1201x349, 1201:349, NOT_BLENDED_IN.png)

e17c6a  No.5928798


No how Bourdaingot paid? Who's his benefactor? If he's ded jus sayin>>5928770

f3bc28  No.5928799

File: bac8beb29a3b633⋯.jpeg (21.35 KB, 178x255, 178:255, 337CD9C4-D2FE-4F1D-BFAC-C….jpeg)


Trips chekked and confirmed


a0fbc1  No.5928800

File: 71220dfb1eacaa6⋯.gif (552.88 KB, 220x152, 55:38, tenor (1).gif)

e992fc  No.5928801

File: 2f7a22635e36b12⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 249x792, 83:264, Capture.JPG)

File: 87979851381de4d⋯.jpg (61.39 KB, 377x897, 29:69, Capture1.JPG)

File: ad4b1135a866f66⋯.jpg (27.82 KB, 384x440, 48:55, Capture3.JPG)


[RR] was pre selected by the DS. He was preordained.

Look through all the posts with [RR] in them on qmap. He gets more focus than Mueller.

But of note is that both Sessions and Barr had senate votes that just barely confirmed them, and [RR] was confirmed by an overwhelming majority.

I think this is what Q is speaking about in Q3211 'Bake your noodle'.

[RR] is DS and so are many of the former Senate Rs that retired without running for reelection.

This was no 'magic', no Oracle predicting the future, this is Q telling us the fix was in by the DS.

8e2062  No.5928802

File: 052b262750acaa6⋯.png (721.98 KB, 1000x853, 1000:853, Seditions Seven.png)

a71329  No.5928804

File: 4cabc053985e869⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 885x516, 295:172, IMG_1986.JPG)

File: 7d579fb5996766a⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 1238x312, 619:156, IMG_1838.JPG)

File: db0b62437eeb488⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 395x395, 1:1, IMG_1839.JPG)

File: 8d8577b92e88d07⋯.jpg (183.8 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_1822.JPG)

File: 54c20f5d87af8e8⋯.jpg (84.58 KB, 610x415, 122:83, IMG_1810.JPG)

fbecd4  No.5928805

File: e13b4d3bf2bcb6e⋯.png (12.66 KB, 500x301, 500:301, point.png)

5a893b  No.5928806

File: 36fdbd851574c6d⋯.png (239.03 KB, 683x313, 683:313, 007616272c312c130de55e4e25….png)

File: ac5fa58236ca94f⋯.jpg (224.1 KB, 639x472, 639:472, ac5fa58236ca94f76eaa9f2229….jpg)




<now what boss? This shit aint working

>protocol gaylord, protocol… Ip hop and add "jidf on top of his memes".

<ok boss! Ill use another ip and talk in plural as if we are the board hahaha

>brilliant homo! Brilliant! And get those rabbi walkie talkie memes at the ready! And those fake and gay ben garisson shill-toons

f338a8  No.5928807

File: 30152ca0f9287c4⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 750x500, 3:2, FakeJewBronfman.jpg)

File: 51c4342aa1b9f61⋯.jpg (24.44 KB, 390x317, 390:317, FakeJewCohen.JPG)

File: ab2200541dbf87c⋯.jpg (10.09 KB, 296x170, 148:85, FakeJewFedBernanke - Copy.jpg)

File: 875626f24070175⋯.jpg (97.43 KB, 889x500, 889:500, FakeJewFedGreenspan.jpg)

File: 298a4fbbe102a6b⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 866x500, 433:250, FakeJewFedYellen.jpg)

43a5aa  No.5928808

File: 62767e04d65a034⋯.png (429.88 KB, 621x867, 207:289, SchiffMcMillanBoy.png)


David McMillan

acfca4  No.5928809

File: 7ace31423e1e2e9⋯.png (486.76 KB, 750x689, 750:689, MR SMITH EFFECT.PNG)

8e2062  No.5928810


That top row of three is awesome

d493ec  No.5928811

File: a7f0dac8f5d5a85⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1200x922, 600:461, ClipboardImage.png)

Where ever Avenatti goes trouble follows

Michael Avenatti Indictment Casts Shadow On R. Kelly's Criminal Case

Michael Avenatti's new legal woes – being accused of extortion and fraud – could derail the case against R. Kelly … that's what the singer's lawyer thinks.

R. Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, tells TMZ … now that Avenatti has been charged with extortion as well as bank and tax fraud, his credibility is now a centerpiece in the singer's case – specifically, the circumstances surrounding how prosecutors obtained a key piece of evidence.

That evidence, of course, is a sex tape that Cook County investigators claim shows R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl, who's alleged to be 14 years old. It's what many believe to be a smoking gun against R. Kelly … and the catalyst that led to a 10-count indictment.

Greenberg says the issue of "chain of custody" – how Cook County got hold of that tape via Avenatti – is now questionable. Greenberg strongly suggests the possibility the tape could've been altered before it got to prosecutors.

Sources connected to the case tell us that the man who handed the tape over to Avenatti is a whistle-blower who has a history of extorting R. Kelly.

We're told the man recently confessed to prosecutors in Chicago that he squeezed about a million dollars out of R. Kelly's team in the past to stop the tape from going public. So, the question … if the guy got the cash, how would Avenatti have gotten it?

Remember, there were supposedly TWO R. Kelly sex tapes that Avenatti turned over to Cook County officials, but Greenberg tells us he's only aware of one.

Either way, if Greenberg can create reasonable doubt in the jury's mind as to authenticity … he could get R. Kelly off. Hey, we've seen it happen before.


ee8d5a  No.5928812

File: 11ce0792a7d68e5⋯.jpeg (75.66 KB, 542x705, 542:705, 9AE053B4-E7E2-4A30-9E1F-C….jpeg)

fbecd4  No.5928813

File: 65ff543b7831e5e⋯.png (214.47 KB, 683x313, 683:313, nazi.png)

a0fbc1  No.5928814


I can't read it JIDF FAGGOT.

Another fail. But you are used to that

699a2c  No.5928815

>>5928305 last bread

She'll be pissed when she can't share a cell with Barry

87a3f2  No.5928816

File: fe550aac9d89455⋯.jpg (190.58 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, UVDQYOPB5VCJZI4IDDAU4XJOGE.jpg)


Ty Baker

e27bac  No.5928817


True, plus Q posted a link to this acct so it’s legit.

d852b4  No.5928818

File: bb83c7f66fbe297⋯.jpg (23.67 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ypY1GPCQ_400x400.jpg)

File: 9bc39ac775db4ab⋯.jpg (15.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, O-Zn2b72_400x400.jpg)

Screen capture

I don't completely understand this, but I know one of U smart autists can Dig on this!

𝙂𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙈𝙘𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙣



menu. By Username → 𝙂𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙈𝙘𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙣. Tweets. fiber_manual_recordnegative. fiber_manual_recordpositive. Contact Person 𝙂𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 𝙈𝙘𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙣.GG


Troll #tags used for Narendra Modi





















Rahul Gandhi

Troll #tags used for Rahul Gandhi





















4b434e  No.5928819

File: 600dd52905e5a0b⋯.png (158.47 KB, 1116x608, 279:152, ClipboardImage.png)

7ef8ee  No.5928820

Q There was a wide band RF pulse shown by some one the other day in a screen shot from SDR# .. are we talking some ones doing things like operation fish bowl star fish.. EMP electrical outages al lthe way in Hawi 900miles..

680miles then 250 detonation… trying to light up the dome.. operation star fish..

Its really shaped like the UN logo isnt.. thats not a question it is people flat earth is fact..

7fa274  No.5928821


namefag is trying to dox someone. name is that persons phone number too. clearly it isnt that anons info. theyre just a POS

78466c  No.5928822

Anons can we all agree that all countries in the middle east are shit

And that half the people there are basically held hostage by the barbaric savages who most of them were paid for by our country

b5917f  No.5928823

d97735  No.5928824

File: a6d3292f420bf0c⋯.jpg (42.98 KB, 325x500, 13:20, 9780330241649-uk.jpg)

A book of dreams - Peter Reich

The son of a Project Paperclip NAZI from Germany, weather modification.

Kate Bushes Cloud Busting hit song was inspired by this book.

50ce25  No.5928825

File: b7282c23e12629e⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x552, 100:69, JQ_shills8.jpg)

File: c7131fa87c29d1c⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 722x500, 361:250, MuhJewShills2.jpg)

File: eb133e59f6baa30⋯.jpg (127.99 KB, 960x720, 4:3, MuhJewShills4.jpg)

File: 006c7a054c268ec⋯.jpg (135.19 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, POTUS_muh_jew_fake_news.jpg)

499e3a  No.5928826

File: ffbabb29df2c626⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 320x384, 5:6, mitchexpresses.gif)

8c0420  No.5928827

File: 2415313a5ec37f9⋯.png (127.35 KB, 635x382, 635:382, ClipboardImage.png)

For those who seem to be having trouble adding 2 + 2

Q said "DOJ coordination w/ UK re: DECLAS OF FISA?

Think plane tracking.

WL posted this tweet last week before the Mueller report.- THINK PLANE TRACKING!!!

DOJ was in the UK to work out the details of how to handle the FISA DECLAS.

For the record WL is part of the plan. 'Compromised' has multiple inferences.

cf3849  No.5928828



de58f1  No.5928829

File: 7e578330c040261⋯.jpeg (155.05 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 5B3F3763-EF2E-44D3-84BC-5….jpeg)

e86186  No.5928830

File: f6f908fa0a16537⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 549x625, 549:625, fitton real reason.JPG)

Let the REAL exposure begin.

e17c6a  No.5928831



That's not right you know this sweet child don't have no mutations

Get on your knees an beg for forgiveness

bbd79a  No.5928832


Robert Hanssen?

553342  No.5928833

File: a23eb4e74c0aa0b⋯.png (21.45 KB, 574x197, 574:197, www_opensecrets_org.png)

Win Justice PAC

Soros super PAC for progressive democrat DA's


f08f98  No.5928834


Starting to wonder if this is a controlled op to build awareness and anger towards the immigration system.

4752e2  No.5928835

File: 365808a5df01ed0⋯.jpg (51.79 KB, 780x675, 52:45, 365808a5df01ed04aed942c28c….jpg)


will eventually become


72c463  No.5928836

File: fe849b78086d7f5⋯.jpg (68.69 KB, 640x905, 128:181, pig balls.jpg)


Well maybe we all can come over to your house and have a BBQ…I'll bring the bacon..rofl!!!

a71329  No.5928837



Digging, anon.

Adventure 24/7.

43a5aa  No.5928838

File: 662aaa8ebe5cb3e⋯.png (577 KB, 710x512, 355:256, GitmoOneWay.png)

File: 542af731199f5eb⋯.png (744.58 KB, 904x500, 226:125, HRCGitmoFeed.png)

File: c11f0973b562686⋯.jpg (216.65 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, HRCGitmoSign.jpg)

a0fbc1  No.5928839

File: bdfdd44855b6ec7⋯.jpeg (145.78 KB, 1440x1083, 480:361, 1553695825.jpeg)

d493ec  No.5928840

File: eb283a60b87d09b⋯.png (48.53 KB, 131x158, 131:158, ClipboardImage.png)


>David McMillan



88e198  No.5928841

File: c581a4505b58c12⋯.png (10.94 KB, 355x112, 355:112, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c0a5cd77ea19e7⋯.png (7.94 KB, 355x73, 355:73, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 26e9f2ff5716f2b⋯.png (23.3 KB, 355x227, 355:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d3551abd2e32be⋯.png (76.66 KB, 355x401, 355:401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5bf972666a64314⋯.png (12.5 KB, 355x112, 355:112, ClipboardImage.png)

Considering plane tracking, lets not forget about the Iran "Deal" cash planes, which may be associated with Loop Capital.



50ce25  No.5928842



454d3c  No.5928843


When you see something that’s outrageous: before latching onto it you must first understand this is open to anyone. Posts are made to try and attribute the most outlandish and unrelated things to our work … intended to support the narrative that we are loons and discourage others from joining us. Use this tool to help spot this deception:

http://qresear.ch and type the exact text of a given subject and you will see it posted thousands of times. We aren’t idiots and don’t repeat a topic 24x7.

They don’t contribute to any active discussion, regardless of the gravity of the news. They also have much higher post counts, usually 15-25.

Thus these ruses are easy to spot.

Thanks For Playing, Come Again

f338a8  No.5928844

File: b3a1d7227acdef7⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 424x268, 106:67, SpyGate.JPG)

File: 72ecf1f54b6ae0e⋯.jpg (239.32 KB, 945x695, 189:139, SpyGateBert.jpg)

File: 2c506aed36a99ac⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 530x467, 530:467, SpyGateII.jpg)

File: 13209f8bc79e720⋯.jpg (76.08 KB, 492x467, 492:467, SpyGateIII.jpg)

File: 34b92b3a2ecec78⋯.jpg (72.67 KB, 492x467, 492:467, SpygateIV.jpg)

62eadf  No.5928845





045e2d  No.5928846


If you check civ mil air twatter from last weekend they tracked also… in and out of Manassas /London.

ad18f7  No.5928847

ALL PB, DOJ Plane Posts

#7450 >>5823722

#7467 >>5836873 , >>5837185 —-rt—- >>5836740 Q

#7481 >>5847801 Good Info

f7d970  No.5928848


yes, hello and welcome to 7 hours ago. Check notables

8a38b6  No.5928849

File: 38c02368f7b1a66⋯.png (85.18 KB, 500x485, 100:97, Pepe Tree.png)


03/19/19 (Tue)

>>5774611 PB

6521dc  No.5928850


Please for the love of God let this bear some fucking fruit.

5e44ac  No.5928851

File: a67ba78d8f443f0⋯.jpeg (98 KB, 437x437, 1:1, 3042BBFE-7B2E-4979-99AE-C….jpeg)


Strong autism my fren

bd486d  No.5928852

CNN Poll: Majority says Trump not exonerated of collusion after Barr's summary

Though President Donald Trump has claimed "complete and total exoneration" based on Attorney General William Barr's summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, the American public disagrees, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

A majority (56%) says the President and his campaign have not been exonerated of collusion, but that what they've heard or read about the report shows collusion could not be proven.



Oh fucking kek.

Q team just keep sitting on whatever you "have"

cef646  No.5928853

Time to Dig on the Special Olympics ? Q ?

d8e5a0  No.5928854

File: 4e272cec586045b⋯.jpg (107.52 KB, 616x754, 308:377, Dh085-mUcAIiJ33.jpg)

File: e0b8a02f0c91e56⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1705x545, 341:109, We will establish the powe….png)

File: d838e476cfd3b79⋯.png (479.19 KB, 605x718, 605:718, Without big banks - Lenin.png)

File: 2df01303f3c2166⋯.jpg (101.04 KB, 638x459, 638:459, Judea Declares War on Germ….jpg)


Nazis were the good guys.

50ce25  No.5928855


o7 anon!

important post!

9f6595  No.5928856


Holy shit.

How did you know that was me?

Who dis?

fbecd4  No.5928857

File: 1e81d9ae5a09a1f⋯.jpg (161.26 KB, 800x552, 100:69, jew.jpg)

File: 9f80350d902543b⋯.jpg (198.53 KB, 722x500, 361:250, jew2.jpg)

File: 7591f90214c3f16⋯.jpg (312.94 KB, 960x720, 4:3, jew3.jpg)

File: d6445652cd24a31⋯.jpg (304.23 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, muh.jpg)


Yeah queer, i have your whole gay ass collection.

db0d0a  No.5928858

File: a0ada3da92329b2⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 456x810, 76:135, hotbrunette.jpg)


thx baker…

d493ec  No.5928859

File: fca5fa1a1c6c816⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1200x743, 1200:743, ClipboardImage.png)


Police call for Federal probe into involvement of Michelle Obama in Jussie Smollett case

fbecd4  No.5928860

File: 428cf681a9cd3d6⋯.jpg (239.33 KB, 1791x276, 597:92, 01.jpg)

a0fbc1  No.5928861


Call your supervisor. You are out of your league

a6d4c0  No.5928863


Hmmmmm… you may have something there

82c1e5  No.5928864


Ever think maybe the cabal has some high-level assets in the GH?

Recognizing it as part of Israel might help bigly when the hammer finally falls.

b04725  No.5928865

File: a3dd2aba4a79fe3⋯.png (7.84 KB, 451x228, 451:228, BDT.png)

A Blunt and Direct Time coming soon for Adam Schiff.

1293bb  No.5928866


They polled the CNN lunch room.

f3bc28  No.5928867


That was ten breads ago

499e3a  No.5928868

File: 420fe3a9972e0ae⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 255x184, 255:184, 3d2914752f21ff02bf961dc34a….jpg)



2d50a8  No.5928869

File: 8cb965766066084⋯.jpg (137.05 KB, 602x403, 602:403, begin_holy_week_spotlight_….jpg)


0143af  No.5928870

File: 5af6cc950a25a2f⋯.jpeg (171.13 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, D69C8729-57AC-47B0-8C67-C….jpeg)

acfca4  No.5928871

File: 1d844ed35dd2d80⋯.jpeg (35.76 KB, 500x643, 500:643, MR PEPE.JPEG)

75064b  No.5928872

File: 28fa4309a2ed265⋯.png (78.26 KB, 630x376, 315:188, pow-mia-remembrance-day.png)

File: 8649e19f8e6ecc0⋯.png (98.73 KB, 582x371, 582:371, RepSmith-McCrap-POWs.png)

File: 83b330b7a9d7155⋯.png (136.34 KB, 614x416, 307:208, Book-AnEnormousCrime.png)

File: 520a9092e1c8a9d⋯.png (578.83 KB, 936x713, 936:713, McCain-Committee.png)

Here is the TRUE story of John McNoName

It looks very much like he closed the case on POW/MIAs

in order to hide his own POW story.

Families of the missing and known imprisoned soldiers

begged Congress to let them see the files on their loved ones.

John McNoName - along with John Kerry

made a mockery of the hearings

and blocked legislation that would protect the POW files.

In one hearing - they invited a former POW

and when the man took the chair

the entire Senate panel got up and left the room.

Only an aide was left in the Chairman's seat at the mic

and that person was laughing.

There is video of it all.

There are lots of videos about this POW story

and how McNoName betrayed those whose lives depended on us

7cfdaf  No.5928873

File: 63c8e424e82e620⋯.jpg (93.97 KB, 629x1024, 629:1024, juss.jpg)

Nobody is in trouble…”

Fox News obtained this internal e-mail from Kim Foxx’s office asking workers for any example to bolster stance that Jussie Smollett dropped charges aren’t as uncommon & shocking as they appear.


964dbf  No.5928874


Dayum…Micheal got his junk in a knot…

acec92  No.5928875


his name just popped into my head as a coincidence – i dunno

d493ec  No.5928876

File: 0def30856e1c3bc⋯.png (137.1 KB, 255x251, 255:251, ClipboardImage.png)


Nothing to see here…

5a893b  No.5928877




<yo boss the jidf angle aint working. We glow to much…

>ffs gaylord! Dp i jave to do all by myself?! Keep saying "jidf" evenentually those morons will believe it.

<ok boss… Whatever you say…

9d9cd8  No.5928878

File: 5d2460bc31f01ac⋯.jpeg (271.91 KB, 1024x883, 1024:883, beauty_and_the_brickoven.jpeg)

c66689  No.5928879


>Who gave him $7.8mm

>Do Anons know?

No, we don't know yet.

e17c6a  No.5928882


Fkkn autism

Can't fake it

18345a  No.5928883

File: 8b30c4d3871509f⋯.jpg (54.7 KB, 278x258, 139:129, 2019-03-25_16-46-59.jpg)

found this on twitter…

de58f1  No.5928884

File: 78adca472273f42⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 580x387, 580:387, BullshitPointer.jpg)

ed4cb3  No.5928885

File: 6ec4d4387de7451⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 1120x700, 8:5, 6978c962332a3e0a66de6b34ff….jpg)




Human Rights abuses.

9d9cd8  No.5928886

File: 079cab74e571c71⋯.jpg (9.38 KB, 144x151, 144:151, listen1.jpg)


><yo boss the jidf angle aint working. We glow to much…


>>ffs gaylord! Dp i jave to do all by myself?! Keep saying "jidf" evenentually those morons will believe it.


><ok boss… Whatever you say…

75064b  No.5928887

File: 7603af590494905⋯.png (429.05 KB, 644x361, 644:361, interview-Leboutillier.png)

File: 9cb6bea5cc68068⋯.png (284.42 KB, 936x537, 312:179, USS-Forrestal-1.png)

File: 88d5f59631af908⋯.png (114.51 KB, 660x339, 220:113, Songbird-of-Saigon.png)

612f8a  No.5928888


Is the MSM going to be held legally responsible for their accusations of the President being a foreign agent?

Surely there must be accountability for this.

397579  No.5928889


Oh wow, haven't already seen THIS posted a million times.

f338a8  No.5928890

File: fdf69ffe468ffd2⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 567x440, 567:440, MrEdJews.jpg)

de58f1  No.5928891

File: 70534212bf95d30⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 450x477, 50:53, IMG_20190325_170215.jpg)

b77ada  No.5928892


They need justification to continue muh russia

f4f0af  No.5928893

File: 6a0ac73bf62ee0f⋯.jpg (94.8 KB, 500x634, 250:317, 2x42xl-1_1.jpg)

File: d25915b96d2473e⋯.jpg (45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2wfhez_1.jpg)

62eadf  No.5928894

File: a31c96a683c9afe⋯.png (865.94 KB, 790x998, 395:499, OctopusJesus.png)

05701d  No.5928895

File: 34c21f3759d61c1⋯.png (325.7 KB, 619x813, 619:813, GingerM.png)


I think you hit a nerve

re: Maga Coalition


BTW anons



Ginger McQueen & Adam Gingrich Chimping Out

f08f98  No.5928896


She recused, she should not have sent this period.

a0fbc1  No.5928897

File: fc2ba617d952962⋯.jpeg (139.17 KB, 1440x965, 288:193, 1553256371.jpeg)

9d236f  No.5928898

File: 2ecde9ea614396f⋯.jpg (50.37 KB, 540x666, 30:37, 1524798.jpg)

File: 93f117c864adb64⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 540x334, 270:167, 1525035.jpg)

51aa58  No.5928899

File: e513481f0775d86⋯.png (295.63 KB, 1874x934, 937:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)


Didn't track it but I think that it was the 19th.

Plane returned to Mannassas on 23rd.

50ce25  No.5928900

File: 86c4ebe6b0c6d73⋯.jpg (302.94 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, STRONG_TOGETHER.jpg)

File: 5414e900ce91431⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, Unity_notDivision.jpg)


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills again.

Since Q called them out yesterday they PANIC.

There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (repliying to concern shills) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

d493ec  No.5928901

File: 2c32bd5409bfdaa⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1061x555, 1061:555, ClipboardImage.png)

LARPs and SHILLs this says it all! Retrieved by Wikileaks. Email from Killary to DNC

68947d  No.5928903

File: 57e6cb7374214df⋯.jpg (93.16 KB, 901x710, 901:710, Corruption.JPG)

Sign the petition Anons

72c463  No.5928904

Trump is a lot faster then these FBI and DOJ clown…if he is giving a green light he is gone down the road…not asking for direction to the finish line…I think the FBI and DOJ need to step it up a bit and catch up…You can see Trump gnawing at the bit…ready to go!!!

f3bc28  No.5928905

File: a18a52ce03ed33f⋯.jpeg (37.91 KB, 480x418, 240:209, E3F425D2-1A2D-4E63-B94C-3….jpeg)


No shilling the triple seven

c57d5b  No.5928906

File: e9f7c45502423b7⋯.jpg (119.72 KB, 858x1059, 286:353, Capture.JPG)

Q, why you niggas still pretending Assange is in the Ecuadorian Embassy?

And why isn't anyone asking why Mueller didn't subpoena Assange/Wikileaks comms?

Have Barr do it and get the proof it was Seth Rich so that we can



Bloody hell, DO IT Q!

de58f1  No.5928907


Gorka - Fake accent and non-prescription glasses.

559a77  No.5928908

File: d77bd883a10ca99⋯.png (269.67 KB, 1366x800, 683:400, 7lb6.png)

82c1e5  No.5928909



These dumb fucks.

One cannot be exonerated for something that didn't happen.

5dd7de  No.5928910


Drop 3222

Q mentioned End_of_Topic

I searched for TOPIC and up comes a website - topic.com

Appears to be alt left videos. Too much for me search on my own.

e17c6a  No.5928911


In his service, since age seven

My King

32e845  No.5928912

File: 450d4595840d98b⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 423x412, 423:412, IMG_9168.JPG)

9d9cd8  No.5928913

File: 4446713b9ce934b⋯.jpg (557.98 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, jew5.jpg)

File: a3dd9a21e106e29⋯.jpg (297.2 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, jew6.jpg)

a0fbc1  No.5928914

File: 4d41fcd9120dfaf⋯.jpeg (267.89 KB, 1440x1857, 480:619, 1553256740.jpeg)

f338a8  No.5928915

File: b89908e22aa5ba5⋯.jpg (115.41 KB, 436x578, 218:289, GumbyJews.jpg)

c66689  No.5928916

File: 59b35ad60c16524⋯.jpg (170.1 KB, 743x722, 743:722, AboutQResearch.jpg)



300c44  No.5928917

File: 6297d5c82e5d065⋯.gif (2 MB, 500x336, 125:84, EyeSee.gif)

8e2062  No.5928918

File: 9f598d88f46661a⋯.jpg (215.57 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, Truth Sauced.jpg)

Tips for Newfags

This is a battleground not a safe place,

make sure you get sauce with all dishes

8adf9c  No.5928919


Chris Stirewalt called him that on Fox.

f08f98  No.5928920


Sauce this, i never could locate it.

f7d970  No.5928921

Comey on NBC


d493ec  No.5928922

File: a22d1e2cea2e41c⋯.png (240.43 KB, 571x525, 571:525, ClipboardImage.png)

Q told us this yesterday.

We are the news now

54b67e  No.5928923

File: 3246fa056c82388⋯.png (543.35 KB, 484x485, 484:485, pepe175.PNG)

f3bc28  No.5928924

File: 0a6d7597f90d5aa⋯.jpeg (484.07 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 20D9DB3E-41CA-43FE-97E9-A….jpeg)


18 USC 2384

Now comes the pain

345369  No.5928925


Yes indeed

d22086  No.5928926


That's up to a judge, not a petition.

45f00d  No.5928927

Russians seen the star fish tests.. working together or.. the foot ball.. negotiation?

Coast to coast damage..

e17c6a  No.5928928


Wheres my money, fren?

You sniping your own

d89d79  No.5928929


Betting Loop Capital

ad18f7  No.5928930


One word, cnn

feab14  No.5928931

File: 52cea36bd93f64d⋯.png (45.8 KB, 650x647, 650:647, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5928096 (lb)

They threatened his kids.

They need to hang.

5a893b  No.5928932

File: 29bd18b8aa6401a⋯.jpg (43.6 KB, 740x531, 740:531, 29bd18b8aa6401a3b9dfeeb7b2….jpg)

File: 25cf426cac4d855⋯.png (8.3 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 0b05a4d6ec3113bae188303b8c….png)






>ok gaylords! Change of protocol! Take 2 ips and start posting general muhjew garbage. You know 5 fake and gay propaganda turds per post.

<10-4 boss! And the jidf angle?

>keep pushing it in the background. Use 3 ips.

41a8e3  No.5928933

File: a6054272f060fcb⋯.png (390.27 KB, 797x577, 797:577, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 82a91748aa51d37⋯.png (305.36 KB, 929x577, 929:577, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed840655e8a11f4⋯.png (107.44 KB, 218x457, 218:457, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0655c5a551e0a3⋯.png (208.34 KB, 946x394, 473:197, ClipboardImage.png)

some CREST search results for :

C_A and brainwashing

media always knows about illegal wiretaps



stringers (freelancers) work for CIA


pentagon owned radio stations


UN covers for communist brainwashing


e4344d  No.5928934


Jussie Smollett docs from Chicago PD

Courtesy of FOIA by WGN

And a judge who was not faster than the internet

Part 1:



Part 2:



2849cf  No.5928935

File: 05bc8cad87bd60d⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 5c9bfdf89f77a.image.jpg)

Driver in attack at deadly Charlottesville rally pleads guilty

James Alex Fields Jr. pleaded guilty Wednesday to 29 of 30 federal hate crime charges that stemmed from the deadly car attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12, 2017, according to NBC News. The final charge, a potential death sentence, was dropped and Fields has been ordered to return to court July 3 to be sentenced.

Fields, 21, was convicted in December for the death of Heather Heyer, 32, and for injuring several others at the ‘Unite The Right’ Rally in December 2018 where jurors found him guilty of murder. The Department of Justice has published a press release of Fields’ guilty plea.

The charges could have come with the death penalty, however, his plea agreement dropped any possibility of that charge going through. During his appearance in court, Fields admitted he had the intention to kill other counter-protestors, not just Heyer.

“The violence in Charlottesville was an act of hate, and everyone across the country felt the impact,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said. “This guilty plea underscores that we won’t stand for hate and violence in our communities. Together with our law enforcement and community partners, we’ll continue to aggressively investigate hate crimes, domestic terrorism and civil rights violations.”


5e44ac  No.5928936

Brad Parscale is on Fox News live. So no Q posts at least until he’s done…

7fa274  No.5928937



43a5aa  No.5928938


I thought she said this back stage after the Matt Lauer interview?

279216  No.5928939


Not on single Democrat has paid a price for anything so far, except for Anthony Weiner, so this should be no surprise.

a6d4c0  No.5928940



f7d970  No.5928941

File: 4eda64c18fe5933⋯.jpg (149.33 KB, 1454x887, 1454:887, comey.JPG)

cant get it to embed


9f6595  No.5928942


Q asked you to apply to either a 3-letter agency or MI earlier, right?

Eidetic memory?

d493ec  No.5928943

File: 70e4d51ea7ed983⋯.png (433.41 KB, 894x520, 447:260, ClipboardImage.png)

1daea2  No.5928944

File: 038838ef70e0c64⋯.png (112.96 KB, 682x509, 682:509, VjV.png)

d22086  No.5928945



oh well. I thought it was fitting. Too bad it was only Chris who said it.

a0fbc1  No.5928946

File: 7024e297a2110a4⋯.jpeg (159.84 KB, 1440x756, 40:21, 1548803080.jpeg)

de58f1  No.5928947

File: 3c0863a2c23dc9f⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 634x491, 634:491, FisaAndADietCoke-SpellingC….jpg)

d1734e  No.5928948

File: 46cba0c24aecd03⋯.jpg (362.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Schitt11.jpg)

In deep SCHITT

300c44  No.5928949



43a5aa  No.5928950

File: 5c50d2c7a0ce40b⋯.jpg (152.03 KB, 1125x500, 9:4, BrennanGrouchyCat.jpg)

f6d11d  No.5928951


heli crash 13 dead


14d0a1  No.5928952

File: c6a68aa294e5196⋯.png (18.06 KB, 213x255, 71:85, fisa0987.png)

I was hoping for some declas or unsealing today Q…………..

f3bc28  No.5928953


Nope I didn’t roll that it’s was another anon with a great meme I added too

ac58fc  No.5928954

File: e7995b28729f7f9⋯.png (120.47 KB, 696x835, 696:835, JJ on Schiff 1.PNG)

File: 5caf7a76cb7f97c⋯.png (94.84 KB, 492x680, 123:170, JJ on Schiff 2.PNG)

File: 49fb52229c0abf9⋯.png (109.08 KB, 492x792, 41:66, JJ on Schiff 3.PNG)

File: d0981aba8829a7f⋯.png (122.71 KB, 484x868, 121:217, JJ on Schiff 4.PNG)

File: 189e39aed724988⋯.png (122.83 KB, 490x878, 245:439, JJ on Schiff 5.PNG)

From about a year ago. But timely now re:


>Watch Hannity tonight.

>POTUS may have a few words on the subject.


The making of Adam Schiff: Why is this man taking on the president?



1 of 2

acec92  No.5928955


King of Kings






no - no one has seen this POWER


Jesus, the one and only SON of GOD.


377381  No.5928956

File: 6745ec6585f97b9⋯.png (155.43 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 00EA1A11-41A9-480A-9F34-E6….png)

Qew, do you approve of Israel’s behaviour?

(gaza, golan, expansion, airstrikes etc?)

a71329  No.5928957

File: 585dff40e359c89⋯.jpg (134.2 KB, 970x1260, 97:126, IMG_1990.JPG)


We all say that.

Just don't think so.

c66689  No.5928958

File: f84646192d2b575⋯.jpg (255.68 KB, 944x547, 944:547, TreasonSeasonpghpsu1aqt901.jpg)

File: bc26cf64a016ccd⋯.jpg (55.22 KB, 500x562, 250:281, HRC-Sedition, Treason-Puni….jpg)

File: 3c05d53eabcb2ff⋯.jpg (98.54 KB, 532x349, 532:349, spying-on-president-1Treas….jpg)

File: 3fd9b34badf40a6⋯.png (638.62 KB, 1206x816, 201:136, redpillGAtreasonwpotusvdee….png)

File: 49907e9f5782d05⋯.jpg (145.82 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, QCrumbsUnfoldingRightNowTr….jpg)

f27af1  No.5928959

File: a154060b3e1e724⋯.jpg (159.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, soon.jpg)

File: 696115a3bfc4532⋯.jpg (162.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, soon1.jpg)

7fa274  No.5928960


dropping a duce on live tv. noice

300c44  No.5928961


>King of Kings


bbd79a  No.5928962

Liddle Kidz Foundation Global?

96b537  No.5928963


Hardball Chris Matthews (who's getting that Wolf Blitzer 'breathless' voice, but I digress) is going BIG LEAGUE HARDBALL.

Chris is having MOURNING Joe Scarboro on his show. He said it first thing,

207f93  No.5928964

File: 78f0a45f5be735f⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 666x375, 222:125, Insider trading top activi….jpg)

File: 6300489e222b22b⋯.jpg (60.07 KB, 746x500, 373:250, wayfair dump 1.jpg)

File: 88e1633b7f486e6⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 888x499, 888:499, proofpoint dump.jpg)

File: 8d1d34423882704⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 612x408, 3:2, invitation homes dump.jpg)

File: 67cd0f4c43c4ea2⋯.jpg (90.96 KB, 793x493, 793:493, confirmed 3.jpg)


15058b  No.5928965


And you were doing so well with spouse anon and then …

You know the rules.

8aa1e6  No.5928966

File: 75f44621f985718⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1560x10385, 312:2077, win justice-fec-gov-data-d….png)


>Win Justice PAC

>Soros super PAC for progressive democrat DA's

Details on their spending available from FEC, here:



efefaf  No.5928967

File: 0b5166b9052b6a3⋯.jpg (73.98 KB, 903x520, 903:520, zzzzzzzzz.JPG)

File: 03df04cb041e5b5⋯.jpg (79.82 KB, 901x517, 901:517, zzzzzzzz.JPG)

meme fodder

6ec5f0  No.5928968

File: 96a17db75d0a521⋯.png (351.55 KB, 590x350, 59:35, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5928604 Right pic for this moment

f4f0af  No.5928969

File: a670882cd1e1476⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1043, 1080:1043, Screenshot_20190327-160023….png)

File: 83c4e6d649dbd18⋯.jpg (150.78 KB, 800x790, 80:79, downloadfile-28.jpg)

ed4cb3  No.5928970


I seriously dont think JA is who you think he is. I hope you like plot twists.

a71329  No.5928971

File: 83e9561cf4fdac4⋯.jpg (84.85 KB, 800x449, 800:449, IMG_2007.JPG)

ac58fc  No.5928972

File: 5b28c2ed0a32b78⋯.png (101.26 KB, 484x809, 484:809, JJ on Schiff 6.PNG)

File: d11739ffd2ebb93⋯.png (288.87 KB, 486x327, 162:109, JJ on Schiff 7.PNG)

File: 6fa1daaedb18ba3⋯.png (23.18 KB, 480x174, 80:29, JJ on Schiff 7B.PNG)

File: 3d5acd61e59b57d⋯.png (458.48 KB, 484x893, 484:893, JJ on Schiff 8.PNG)

File: 956b30f7c18d61d⋯.png (347.7 KB, 481x850, 481:850, JJ on Schiff 9.PNG)



>2 of 2

de58f1  No.5928973

File: 80f8348606c7cd2⋯.jpg (88.07 KB, 948x676, 237:169, Unconstitutional.jpg)

d8e5a0  No.5928974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Q hates and wants to exterminate jews.

8e2062  No.5928975

File: 371ee654f574013⋯.jpeg (15.63 KB, 247x255, 247:255, Kill em all Lightining.jpeg)

fdcd8b  No.5928976

File: 1ae6607c0bef261⋯.png (828.21 KB, 768x480, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Mueller's team interviewed Maria Butina: Report

Maria Butina was reportedly one of the roughly 500 witnesses interviewed throughout the course of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Butina, who pleaded guilty in December to conspiring to act as an illegal foreign agent for Russia, was briefly interviewed by Mueller during his 22-month investigation into potential collusion between President Trump's campaign and Russia, according to a Wednesday CNN report. Butina, 30, was interviewed for about an hour on one occasion by Mueller’s team, although she did not appear to be a central figure in the investigation.

The special counsel was interested in Butina’s ties to one of the Trump campaign’s national security aides, J.D. Gordon, who was ultimately not accused of any criminal activity by the probe. Investigators also questioned her about the Trump campaign’s 2016 push to change language in the Republican National Committee platform relating to Russia and Ukraine.

Butina pleaded guilty in December, although a sentencing date has not yet been set. Her boyfriend, Republican operative Paul Erickson, 56, of Sioux Falls, S.D., was indicted on federal wire fraud and money laundering charges in February. Mueller’s investigation came to a close last week and Attorney General William Barr on Sunday said Mueller cleared Trump of colluding with Russia in a four-page summary of the investigation.


6335b7  No.5928977


ISIS is not the same militant Bin Laden ISIS, it is tied to the Zionists of Israel, that reference to ISIS? Connected to why they want to oust BIBI?

d493ec  No.5928978

File: be5821fdedab396⋯.png (1.87 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Still at large!!

a6f33f  No.5928979

File: e33d1fb814743af⋯.jpeg (189.27 KB, 1242x321, 414:107, CFE2C649-BAFF-4D5F-A21D-E….jpeg)


207f93  No.5928980

File: 14b558293f0a0a0⋯.jpeg (15.52 KB, 184x255, 184:255, dopey muh feets.jpeg)

0143af  No.5928981

File: cb693dc180371e3⋯.jpeg (305.34 KB, 1023x2322, 341:774, F2D0C3F2-8DA7-41B0-A5C2-6….jpeg)


Q effect…

e17c6a  No.5928982

File: 98956cdfb7353f0⋯.jpg (158.08 KB, 408x528, 17:22, 6a58a0d69aed61ad6fe8caa609….jpg)


You missed, hotshot

Check your sights

a0fbc1  No.5928983

File: 2b6cdd82dbfeacf⋯.jpeg (161.4 KB, 1440x956, 360:239, 1527905587.jpeg)

2849cf  No.5928984

File: e90fe32cebf5425⋯.jpg (226.92 KB, 1100x737, 100:67, 2019-03-27T153957Z_1_LYNXN….JPG)

Trump turns to health care with an eye on 2020

March 27, 2019 Syndicated Content

WASHINGTON (AP) — Buoyed by word that the special counsel found no evidence of collusion with Russia, President Donald Trump is signaling new interest in policymaking with a fresh effort on health care. But with few detailed proposals, he appears as focused on re-election as legislation.

Trump is intensifying his call to revive a failed Republican push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The pivot to health care both broadens and complicates the administration’s agenda, as many in the GOP remain skeptical that Trump will notch many policy wins in the divided legislature.

Still, the move underscores Trump’s desire to frame the 2020 debate and take on issues he views as important to his political base.


de58f1  No.5928985

File: b92eca92c1ce980⋯.jpg (82.75 KB, 668x349, 668:349, AlwaFaceTic.jpg)

62eadf  No.5928986


Do you have Adam Schiff's Brit Milah?

6a9884  No.5928987

File: 19443832e466daa⋯.png (55.88 KB, 400x226, 200:113, ClipboardImage.png)

96b537  No.5928988


Dang!!!! Missed it by ONE second.

300c44  No.5928989

File: 684dc55c60263a1⋯.png (326.42 KB, 639x320, 639:320, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 30fc8cf76833051⋯.png (508.32 KB, 750x375, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Maria Butina

d1734e  No.5928990

File: 7f70cee1975fdfa⋯.jpg (250.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Schiff6.jpg)

File: a68c7fabab6ac44⋯.jpg (334.2 KB, 800x600, 4:3, SCHIFF10.jpg)

File: 1c11f3c2c446c05⋯.jpg (45.13 KB, 478x322, 239:161, Schiff3.jpg)

f27af1  No.5928991

File: 9c865e23d5859d4⋯.jpg (83.36 KB, 640x430, 64:43, todesstern.jpg)

f338a8  No.5928992

File: a30a96ac1ad9db5⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 601x453, 601:453, MrEdQDropsIII.JPG)

5a893b  No.5928993

File: fa4206eeff53a45⋯.jpg (18.16 KB, 217x255, 217:255, 8d820894c0ed8dbf9045ee2709….jpg)





<nothing seems to work boss? Should we call code pink and deploy the spambot?

>no faggot! Not yet. Keep calling him jidf, it will work eventually and say that q is agaimst jews

<but boss… Q said it aint abiut religion or race… And the jidf shit is glowing

>do you want to have your bj or not?

<sure boss! Im on it!

2ea70c  No.5928994

File: 1a41dfa2e8b1adc⋯.png (139.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


1 Month Flight History for N996GA Department of Homeland Security

75064b  No.5928995


It could be possible that John McNoName was about to be court-martialed for the incident on the Forrester

which was a hot dogging joke

which the cameras seem to confirm.

The blast from his plane was planned.

He had already crashed other planes doing hot dogging stunts.

Where to go to escape the wrath of his father and some angry military generals?

Answer: crash into a pond in Vietnam

and spend the war in a prison

Buy some privilege with your treason.

Reject offers to be freed.

Come back and play the hero

and find a way to hide your military records.

Especially hide the testimony of returning prisoners

who knew what he did in prison

d22086  No.5928996


oh shit…..didn't even realize. :(


( . y . )

02fe3e  No.5928997

File: f182a9d7adcbf70⋯.png (398.94 KB, 800x653, 800:653, Europe.png)

This anon is shocked at how little coverage this story has gotten from the global MSM. It can't be a coincidence that they're all not talking about it.

The globalist destruction of what once was Europe is now almost complete. Anyone who speaks out against the tyranny there is accused of hate speech and fined and jailed. Now they're going after the internet. This new law is just the next phase that's leading up to total censorship. Its the rebirth of the National Socialist ideology of 1930s Germany that Hitler spread across Europe back then.

They badmouth Hitler, but what they're doing to Europe now is exactly what he was trying to do back then. It only looks different now because there are no goose-stepping soldiers marching around and this time the Fuhrer is a woman named Angela. And the people have been lulled into deep sleep by the fake news media.

Everyone should pay close attention. The EU is what happens when people are foolish enough to surrender their sovereignty and their guns, and when real men allow weak-minded lesbian feminists and homosexuals to cow them into silence.


d89d79  No.5928998


That appears to be Anon's resume enhancer.

58e007  No.5928999



Calling myself notable!!


c57d5b  No.5929000


There was a weird blind on CDAN last year about Assange and Soros being best friends


Is he finally going straight after all these years and selling out all his co-conspirators around the world to help drain the swamp?

032173  No.5929001

I'm sure you guys have came across this site before, but I wanted to drop a link

Finding more and more sites related to Q or with info directing normies to Truth. I can't imagine once it all hits mainstream. Glorious times we live in for sure.

Thanks Q Q+ and Anons for all you do here. I research but you fags are often much faster than my old veteran ass.

Look forward to the BIG SHOW!! Stay frosty

Here's the link


499e3a  No.5929002

File: 8456cff03920c7f⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 295x368, 295:368, marcsinger_5.jpg)

f3bc28  No.5929003

File: 81e315c2f857698⋯.jpeg (177.78 KB, 682x1213, 682:1213, 135CB43A-981A-4C00-84A0-C….jpeg)


[A]pril [A]rrests will be made



54b67e  No.5929004

File: 1efa8ae4e50a022⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 603x453, 201:151, pepe47.jpg)



7fa274  No.5929005

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a0fbc1  No.5929006

e4a497  No.5929007

File: 6d3f5f050d8a90d⋯.png (147.78 KB, 575x575, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6ba1a1ee59779dd⋯.png (203.52 KB, 518x656, 259:328, ClipboardImage.png)

The CIA's 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers


n this week’s episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer interviews Joel Whitney, author and co-founder of Guernica magazine.

Whitney’s new book, “Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World’s Best Writers,” explores how the CIA influenced acclaimed writers and publications during the Cold War to produce subtly anti-communist material. During the interview, Scheer and Whitney discuss these manipulations and how the CIA controlled major news agencies and respected literary publications (such as the Paris Review).

Their talk comes at a particularly tense time in American politics, as accusations of fake news and Russian propaganda fly from both sides of the aisle. But the history detailed in Whitney’s book presents a valuable lesson for writers hoping to avoid similar manipulations today.

Scheer opens the discussion with the question: “Were they really tricked?”

“It could have been ‘paid,’ it could have been ‘subsidized,’ it could have been ‘used,’ it could have been ‘collaborated with,’ ” Whitney responds. “So yeah, it might have been any other verb there besides ‘tricked.’”

The two then delve into the tactics used by the CIA to influence writers. Whitney notes that the fearful political atmosphere at the time led to “secrecy being used to preside over and rule over the free press — which we’re supposed to be the champions of.”

“They drank the Kool-Aid and thought they were saving freedom,” Scheer agrees.

The discussion underscores the need for analysis of Cold War-era media as a way to avoid propagandized journalism today. Scheer says, “I look at the current situation, where we don’t even have a good communist enemy, so we’re inventing Russia as a reborn communist power enemy.”

“I call it superpolitics,” Whitney concludes, “where essentially there’s something that’s so evil and so frightening that we have to change how our democratic institutions work.”

Listen to the full interview below. Don’t have time to stream the full interview? Download it and listen on the go by clicking on the “arrow” button. You can also read a full transcript of the conversation below.


50ce25  No.5929008

File: 41cdf284b141f57⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 400x317, 400:317, Symbolism.jpg)

File: 0dee60597affdc8⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 255x229, 255:229, Freemason_Illuminati.jpg)

File: 78abe417b97439a⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 405x607, 405:607, mason_royal2.jpg)

File: 506e1e7236e5de2⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 460x307, 460:307, order3.jpg)


Q is fighting the worldwide ruling class, the global illuminati/masonic Deep State - including governments, agencies, organizations, thinktanks, companies, …

Q is fighting what was hidden a long time by the word "conspiracy" and by a lot of effort of MSM and 'stars.'

Shills want to slow down (they can´t possibly think they could stop anons.) the Q movement by "divide and rule" and by giving fake news media a reason to blame Q followers nazis.

This is what MSM is doing right now with POTUS and followers and begins to do it with Q now.

Don´t let shills divide you.

Good vs. evil.

We the people vs golbal DS Eilte.

















b38e4b  No.5929009

>>5928742 maybe Trump"s the antichrist ?At this point it seems reasonable

045e2d  No.5929010

File: 3915a04355ba943⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1618, 1125:1618, 6A443010-A4F4-4711-B840-8….jpeg)


Blam blam

d493ec  No.5929011

File: efd12ea83604748⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1024x778, 512:389, ClipboardImage.png)

f338a8  No.5929012

File: 12a6160fd55e75b⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 749x499, 749:499, FakeJewSanders.jpg)

File: 92cfbc39c9bf48e⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 371x263, 371:263, FakeJewSater.JPG)

File: 616e2e708c68819⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 461x341, 461:341, FakeJewsBabyDickSuckers.jpg)

File: 15f8bab24b4f89e⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 576x315, 64:35, FakeJewsBrockAlefantis.jpg)

File: 2ef309521a87ae6⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 922x499, 922:499, FakeJewSchitt.jpg)

a679e8  No.5929013

File: da3209f06378a84⋯.jpeg (929.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D1D83B71-3AF4-4796-A8D5-9….jpeg)

Comey believed himself and the cult to be immortal.

Free from the LIGHT.


b8d564  No.5929014

File: 21963686237cdb3⋯.jpg (192.05 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DaysFree484.jpg)

ANONS remember!

f27591  No.5929015

File: 59fd38aa3273ac3⋯.jpg (238.73 KB, 2267x1033, 2267:1033, I can't thankQ enough for ….JPG)

File: 49ab2b0cf79a670⋯.jpg (264.35 KB, 2268x1213, 2268:1213, My new job awaits, can't w….JPG)



Hey Q, you told me to apply & I did, you think I'll get the job?

It was just a prank you guys haha, we can all get along right?

P.S. Please stop calling me a bad apple, it's not very nice.

t. Edward Joseph Snowden

46c561  No.5929016


Local Chicago coverage has not relented on this fiasco either.

fd2b07  No.5929017


87a3f2  No.5929018


It's a liberal gaslighting thing. "Say what we want or else…."

300c44  No.5929019

File: facffe184ff4b8c⋯.png (331.73 KB, 798x798, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

964dbf  No.5929020

File: f952033c1002917⋯.jpg (332.58 KB, 724x547, 724:547, hilsnail.jpg)

910e16  No.5929021


>Q dropped in UK Qresearch Board

What do you mean?

6ec5f0  No.5929022

File: 7459d9c65cdfb1b⋯.png (957.4 KB, 589x1087, 589:1087, ClipboardImage.png)

db460b  No.5929023

File: 5037810b2ebdf13⋯.png (364.79 KB, 812x549, 812:549, LYIN TED.png)

Lyin Ted 05.15.15 5:15 AM ET



d31a2b  No.5929024



4b434e  No.5929025

so why is it taking so long for this damn report to come out?

let it out so the media can eat more shit and we can start fucking prosecuting.

a0fbc1  No.5929026

File: 0e4a26b730987d0⋯.gif (703.89 KB, 300x215, 60:43, giphy (1)_14.gif)

397579  No.5929027


oh kek, no worries anon.

sorry we skerred ya!

f08f98  No.5929028

File: 024a10a979f5c3d⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 818x630, 409:315, fox-recuse.JPG)


d89d79  No.5929029


You forgot the muslim terrorist armed with explosives to blow up the White House and kill POTUS and Pence while [AS] and Pelosi flew to the EU for sanctuary.

Because a Kentucky kid smiled.

d39790  No.5929030

File: 99a112230101161⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 99a11223010116.jpg)

8adf9c  No.5929031


Yeah, he’s not on my list of favorites. It is a good description of Potus, for sure. They were talking about Biden on his “apology tour” and saying how the Dems are going to be looking for who can actually win against Potus.

b77750  No.5929032

File: 49479c8bc63ca67⋯.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, 207:448, FAA0DC59-4CAB-4D08-B2CC-BC….png)

File: 92aba2e795bb36f⋯.png (896.91 KB, 828x1792, 207:448, 3CC96060-E73D-472C-B2EF-9F….png)

I do not blame this anon if he’s been trying to stroke his own ego

207f93  No.5929033

File: dab235f26caf7a5⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 255x169, 255:169, CG points it out.jpg)

36b812  No.5929034


Damn right. This whole thing is a luciferian masonic shit show to bring about the new man. The Great Awakening, The Plan, God (lucifer) wins. It will be several years before the few plebs realize the spell cast on them. Most of the coded language is for the order, people should start thinking hard about what hasn't been mentioned.

6edd22  No.5929035


Forget the adage about walking and chewing gum at the same time. 😂 Trump is jogging, eating fast food and playing several games of chess at the same time.

Duke University is just the first domino to fall in grant scams. Bear in mind, a lot of the bogus EPA regulations are driven by quack science. This one cost Duke $112.5 million.

Who is going to pay that tab? Students? Alumni? Trust funds? Tenured staff? Stay tuned 🤣

d39790  No.5929036

File: c4dc1790bf3959e⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 480x493, 480:493, bunk_beds.jpg)

62eadf  No.5929037

File: 3c5aaeb473b2374⋯.png (563.75 KB, 634x567, 634:567, Screenshot_33.png)

c3ed24  No.5929038

File: f139902b60e20e4⋯.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1164, 207:194, 2262539E-0C9F-43D5-A580-A….jpeg)

f4f0af  No.5929039

File: 28c296646adde60⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1222, 540:611, Screenshot_20190327-160858….png)

Q we need some Intel that has some meat on the bone.

9d236f  No.5929040

File: 1d7a9d5c2951648⋯.png (350.43 KB, 540x750, 18:25, ClipboardImage.png)

499e3a  No.5929041

File: 00904dd86989d25⋯.jpg (66.58 KB, 738x488, 369:244, popearghhh.jpg)


why was he jerking his hand away?

d22086  No.5929042


true enough

87a3f2  No.5929043

File: 091dc914364d782⋯.jpg (699.13 KB, 1440x1777, 1440:1777, 20190327_130635.jpg)

e4344d  No.5929044


THANKS, was just thinking about that one

Been almost a year now

553342  No.5929045

File: de2959e52ad47f5⋯.png (984.76 KB, 1366x8641, 1366:8641, www_nytimes_com_2015_08_30….png)

Owned by SEIU, Amalgamated Bank Gives Lift to the Left

Dirtiest bank in America?


d89d79  No.5929046


Possible related search: adam schiff standard hotel

e479d1  No.5929047


Very, very doubtful.

82c1e5  No.5929048

File: d1c9e6f730a3cc9⋯.png (11.79 KB, 207x243, 23:27, Ilovethispost.png)

d6b1df  No.5929049

File: a1b1f9472b428a9⋯.jpg (85.05 KB, 395x747, 395:747, q3221.jpg)

Don't all of the intel agencies require a college degree? I'm interested, but there's no way I could manage doing a whole college thing at this point.

f338a8  No.5929050

File: 63f9844892ab69c⋯.jpg (46.39 KB, 339x354, 113:118, RoadRunnerDestroyed.JPG)

50ce25  No.5929051

File: b984db0d3d1440f⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2398x1671, 2398:1671, [FREEMASONRY_ILLUMINATI].png)

File: 21d8a943dbd3610⋯.jpeg (10.55 KB, 259x195, 259:195, Divide_Rule.jpeg)

File: 04eaf41ddafc80b⋯.jpeg (64.69 KB, 500x380, 25:19, evil_vatican.jpeg)

File: aebd64e288f9baa⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 500x373, 500:373, mason04.jpg)

2ecaf6  No.5929052


Trips confirm interesting theory

f3bc28  No.5929053

File: a162e930a1c1094⋯.jpeg (68.84 KB, 600x544, 75:68, EB764D51-B576-4B27-AACE-D….jpeg)


Must be that Afghan kush anon

6b34e3  No.5929054

File: 84df46743297693⋯.jpg (116.46 KB, 833x500, 833:500, ReleaseItUndredacted.jpg)

045e2d  No.5929055


Slow clap! It's only posted every damn bread

8aa1e6  No.5929056


Poll conducted by SSRS, who has a track record of conducting Mockingbird media polls.



397579  No.5929057



Got it, t'anks m8

e17c6a  No.5929058


Watch and learn, young Padawan

There is a gulf between your understanding and what is before you

6e7dac  No.5929059


less useful as well


d1734e  No.5929060

File: 1b2683b3afd99d4⋯.png (861.6 KB, 1203x632, 1203:632, AcostaShitForBrains.png)

File: 0de7d0861910c1a⋯.jpg (209.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Barr1.jpg)

File: e4b6ffb6a5b4850⋯.jpg (301.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, BARR5.jpg)

File: c89954d01e4f05e⋯.jpg (204.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CORTEZ49.jpg)

File: db6abf57e8a2e15⋯.jpg (256.22 KB, 800x600, 4:3, DEMMAD1.jpg)

f7d970  No.5929061


seek professional help…seriously!

279216  No.5929062



You're joking, right?

6ec5f0  No.5929063

File: cb5bca404cc6f33⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1100x726, 50:33, ClipboardImage.png)

d39790  No.5929064

File: 88829160a50521f⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1276x934, 638:467, just_look_at_em.png)

0e9cd6  No.5929065

aint saying Q and Batman are the same guy, but u never see them two together o.0

2aa27c  No.5929066

File: 4c163fca5a5c454⋯.png (51.83 KB, 700x279, 700:279, Q Post 3170 QR (2).PNG)

File: 5c5f1ee01c076be⋯.png (10.03 KB, 560x185, 112:37, Q Post 3170 QR.PNG)


Q Drop 3170 was post to the Q Research UK board. Pic related.

c289f5  No.5929067

File: 07e41d574cefcca⋯.png (579.13 KB, 520x651, 520:651, ClipboardImage.png)

Do we know who this kid is? I am pretty sure that I remember this was supposed to be a pic of Pencilneck doing some charitable work, but this kid looks familiar somehow. At first I thought Jussie Smollett, but it's not him

454d3c  No.5929068


Ty anon. You get it. For newfags they don’t look back to see the exact trash posted thousands of times. We know and ignore it. But it is intended to make people say “oh, this is fringe and awful” before they even begin to understand the truth. That’s their objective and [they] will answer to God for it in the end. We have to take cheer in the fact they are blowing all their money trying to stop us. It only validates the importance of our work.



d90c7a  No.5929069


We were all newfags once

2260e0  No.5929070



f27af1  No.5929071

File: 52cd199b2588411⋯.jpg (404.45 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, tree4.jpg)

File: d56face73fb7dc8⋯.jpg (395.55 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, tree5.jpg)

a0fbc1  No.5929072

File: 1656c5dc170388e⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Robert-Conrad-dans-Les-Tet….jpg)

d39790  No.5929073

File: 0bdd7a693e56a75⋯.jpg (126.42 KB, 612x306, 2:1, none_of_them.jpg)


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!


>seek professional help…seriously!

b9b5f9  No.5929074

File: 0cd294bb1f9a304⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, pepewtf1.jpg)


Did the Husseins think they were still in charge?

Did someone forget to tell them Hillary lost?

5ba9a1  No.5929075

File: 222191a9c02300a⋯.jpg (199.64 KB, 1765x1337, 1765:1337, _20190327_191041.JPG)

Does the question get asked tonight at 9pm on Hannity?

b77ada  No.5929076



from my reading, it appears the Chicago Police called in Special FBI agents right away to get phone records on Smollett.

FBI has everything. They didn't erase anything but their copies.

ab511a  No.5929077

File: 292fba7f8333c13⋯.png (23.86 KB, 1280x674, 640:337, f768deaef22da979abcfb73c91….png)

d97735  No.5929078


This will really Bake Your Noodle….

d22086  No.5929079


Thanks for the backdrop. He's right. So was Avenatti. They have no one who can take on Potus. None.

efefaf  No.5929080

File: acd035dfc89eb32⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 500x521, 500:521, 6857iury5t.JPG)

File: 7a90f40fa893a33⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 789x444, 263:148, agytrfhytfi.,tbvdx.JPG)

2849cf  No.5929081

File: 97f80eac27c2933⋯.jpg (7.98 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download (6).jpg)


Special Olympics chairman and participants defend program

Washington — For 50 years, the Special Olympics has helped countless Americans with disabilities feel special. Dustin Plunkett has played half a dozen different sports and says that's why the bullies now leave him alone.

"It helped me find my voice and stand up for myself and put it into the bullies. But I wish the people who bullied me could see me today," Plunkett said.

Most of the Special Olympics budget comes from private sources. But about $18 million a year is from the federal government. In its new budget, the Trump administration proposes eliminating that funding.

"We had to make some difficult decisions with this budget," said Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

That left some Democrats fuming.

"I still can't understand why you would go after disabled children in your budget. You zero that out. It's appalling," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California.

"Do you know how many kids are going to be affected by that cut?" Rep. Mark Pocan, D- Wisconsin, asked DeVos.

"I don't know the number of kids," she said.

"It's 272,000 kids. I'll answer it for you, that's OK, no problem," Pocan said.

Devos responded Wednesday, saying the Special Olympics "is able to raise more than $100 million every year. The federal government cannot fund every worthy program, particularly ones that enjoy robust support from private donations."

The organization's chairman Tim Shriver said the Special Olympics is so popular because it's not just about sports. It's about inclusion.

"People who don't have disabilities stepped onto a field to cheer for a child with Down syndrome. She crossed the finish line, her arms went up in the air, the whole world changed," he said.

The Trump administration has already tried and failed to kill funding for the Special Olympics twice. On Wednesday, a top Republican senator said he does not plan to support the cut, which means the Special Olympics will probably win this race for funding once again.


5ef993  No.5929082

File: 9d76ab023411b14⋯.png (68.97 KB, 194x622, 97:311, 2384Q.png)

1daea2  No.5929083

File: 5d9e6c383b4e922⋯.jpg (405.2 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, atkins_HONOR.jpg)


Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins Edition

o7 Hero

50ce25  No.5929084

File: 8ae1dbe2b6a01b6⋯.png (396.71 KB, 628x245, 628:245, mason_police2.png)

File: d8cffb795c35ec4⋯.jpg (93.4 KB, 600x389, 600:389, mason_police3.jpg)

File: aae0f774fa6a5a3⋯.png (594.56 KB, 600x483, 200:161, mason_state_patrol.png)

d90c7a  No.5929085


Mike knew that nigga was a clown

80ebde  No.5929086

File: eac1a7c0ef92679⋯.jpg (68.15 KB, 700x467, 700:467, 10947396-3x2-700x467.jpg)


Police have declared Melbourne's Flagstaff station safe after reports of a man with a rifle case on a train sparked passenger panic and a mass evacuation of the area.

Metro Trains said a train was stopped at Flagstaff station about 8:30am, and the station was evacuated.

Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) officers searched the train but did not find anything of concern on board.

"We had a report there might have been somebody with a firearm on the train," he told radio station 3AW.

"The CIRT team, critical response members, conducted a search of the train and were content after that there were no firearms on the trains."

City Loop trains resumed normal services about 9:00am after earlier being diverted to Flinders Street station.

Earlier, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) CEO Jeroen Weimar said there were multiple reports of an individual with a gun on a train.

"We currently have a police incident at Flagstaff station and the police are doing a very orderly evacuation of the station," he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

A large number of police remain at the scene.

In a statement at 9:30am, Victoria Police said:

Police responded to reports a man was allegedly carrying a firearm bag on a train at Flagstaff this morning.

Police evacuated the train and Flagstaff Station about 8:30am.

The area was searched and has now been cleared by police.

Police will continue to investigate the incident, however at this time there is no ongoing threat to the community.

Police will remain in the area today to speak with any members of the public who may have concerns.


c05ea8  No.5929087

Hello anons. Hello, Q squad. I'm sure the relevant people know who I am, and what I've been doing over the past five years or so, but for everyone else, I'm the anon who speaks up defensively whenever Q calls Edward Snowden an enemy agent.

Anons here have called me lots of names for expressing such beliefs. It doesn't matter to me what they say. Goes without saying, I'm still convinced that he's a good guy, and that anyone saying anything different, is probably not.

This question is directed to the Q squad *specifically.* I am guessing there are a few NSA people on the Q squad, though I have no way of knowing. There's probably a few more posting as anons, but I would appreciate if anons would avoid calling me a faggot like usual for asking this question, or even replying, because this question is directed to a *specific* group, not everyone.

My fundamental beliefs tell me that mass surveillance is tyranny and an immediate precursor to genocide. They also tell me that the NSA is the bad guys, because they practice mass surveillance. These beliefs are practically immutable - I've been following Q since day one (CBTS,) and despite the gentle value-massage this place inflicts on its subscribers, I remain true to my own values. I will never view Ed Snow as anything but a hero, and I will *almost certainly* always view the NSA as the bad guys. This place calls them patriots, but every fiber of my being tells me different.

Almost. Certainly.

I'm willing to give NSA a chance to convince me that they're *not* the bad guys. Thing is… you've got to figure out a way to do that, without shitting on Snowden. I'd give the guy my life, that's how certain I am that he's good. I absolutely think he did the right thing, the moral thing, and no matter how many millions of sockpuppet voices I hear telling me to believe otherwise, I remain fixed in that opinion. I do not have the same view of NSA. I'm pretty sure I'll name my first male child Ed, just to give you an idea of how serious I am about this. If you doubt me, just look at my post history. You know the one. Stored in Utah. ;)

So yeah, looking to hear from you folks. Just email me or something if this thread 750s before any responses come in.

Again, anons, please don't reply. I am looking for an answer from a specific group of people. If you convince me, and assuage my concerns I'll stop doing what I'm doing, and have been doing since June 5, 2013.

Cheers chaps.

- Tom

a268a6  No.5929088


Chances are good that El Chapo paid him off. Pelosi too.

43a5aa  No.5929089

File: a565085ef07b83f⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 582x378, 97:63, GrassleyComfy.jpg)

16c7f7  No.5929090

File: 505aae57e7e5303⋯.jpg (81.63 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, People-United-in-Passion.jpg)

United not Divided

d98bc8  No.5929091


I understand what The Last Starfighter means.

d804e4  No.5929092


Dementia setting in because…. he's just a man

87a3f2  No.5929093


Easy to spot. If free speech comes with rules…..its a liberal behind the post

62eadf  No.5929094

File: 0b3755e656a21be⋯.png (247.62 KB, 354x962, 177:481, Screenshot_86.png)

File: 25fc28f71503229⋯.png (1.26 MB, 892x594, 446:297, Screenshot_87.png)


Symbolism is (((THEIR))) downfall.

b77ada  No.5929095


>Jussie Smollett docs from Chicago PDCourtesy of FOIA by WGN



fdcd8b  No.5929096

File: a66819eb65bfb41⋯.png (409.89 KB, 500x261, 500:261, ClipboardImage.png)

Bayer Loses Second Roundup Glyphosate Trial; Ordered To Pay $80 Million

Bayer AG has lost a second trial over claims that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer - and has been ordered by a San Fancisco jury to pay compensatory damages of $5.3 million and punitive damages of $75 million to a 70-year-old California man, Edwin Hardeman, who was diagnosed with cancer after spraying the herbicide on his property for decades. The plaintiff's attorneys said he developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after 26 years of regularly using Roundup to tackle weeds and poison oak, according to the Wall Street Journal. The active ingredient in Roundup and Ranger Pro is glyphosate, a herbicide. Wednesday's verdict follows a similar decision last August in which a former school groundskeeper was awarded $289 million after claiming that Roundup gave him non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. German Bayer AG acquired the Roundup brand of glyphosate weed killers in its $66 billion purchase of Monsanto in June of last year.

Responding to the verdict, Bayer said in a statement "We are disappointed with the jury's decision, but this verdict does not change the weight of over four decades of extensive science and the conclusions of regulators worldwide that support the safety of our glyphosate-based herbicides and that they are not carcinogenic." "You can’t keep trying case after case after case and keep losing and say, ‘We’re not going to settle," said Thomas G. Rohback, a trial lawyer at Axinn in New York quoted by Bloomberg, who adds that if Bayer continues to lose at trial, it "has to put the possibility of a settlement of these cases into the mix."

Wednesday's case is considered a “bellwether” trial for hundreds of other plaintiffs in the US with similar claims, which means the verdict could affect future litigation and other cancer patients and families. Monsanto, now owned by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, is facing more than 9,000 similar lawsuits across the US.

In September, 2017 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that glyphosates were not likely carcinogenic to humans, based on a decades-long assessment. In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO)'s cancer arm issued an opposite statement - warning that glyphosate was "probably carcinogenic to humans."

As the New York Times noted in 2017, internal emails, among other things, reveal ethical objections from former employees to "ghost writing" research studies that were pawned off as 'independent' analyses. Unsurprisingly, Monsanto's lawyers argued in last year's trial that the comments above have simply been taken out of context… Glyphosate - Roundup's main ingredient, was first approved for use in weed killers in 1974, and has grown to become the world's most popular and widely used herbicide.


207f93  No.5929097

File: 84d3afb37b3e84b⋯.png (324.92 KB, 1126x896, 563:448, Kill de white people.....png)

ad18f7  No.5929098

File: 002f07c646914b8⋯.png (241.52 KB, 1400x796, 350:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ebaef2f77177102⋯.png (96.27 KB, 1488x679, 1488:679, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 32afe0b56b4e82d⋯.png (14.05 KB, 527x333, 527:333, ClipboardImage.png)

Here are the DOJ flights to and from London recently.

964dbf  No.5929099

File: 7bb48236ad3b13c⋯.jpg (7.77 KB, 225x225, 1:1, capobv.jpg)


NP got dementia too…

927c46  No.5929100

File: d75e06487eae01d⋯.jpg (602.61 KB, 710x1431, 710:1431, NPC matrix.jpg)


i've felt it

02fe3e  No.5929101


Testify under oath in Congress…? Wait, didn't both he and Clapper already do this, and lied their asses off then walked away? What would be different this time?

Look man, enough with the endless investigations and bullshit. They already have all the evidence to arrest him and put his ass in prison. That is what they need to do instead of wasting time with the corrupt and ridiculous Congress.

54b67e  No.5929102

File: e1f2566d99fe255⋯.png (431.15 KB, 474x457, 474:457, adamshciffbrother.PNG)


this was in the last bread..

50ce25  No.5929103


o7 patriot.

May God eternally bless him!

b73cac  No.5929104

Hey anons! Getting personal for a sec. The last few months have been tough for me. Lost my job before Christmas and have been unemployed since. In that time, though, I really dove into these boards as a result of all the free time I had. It has been very interdasting watching the evolution of Q/Trump team taking the slings and arrows of the DS, and finally now seeing the beginnings of the counterattack. There were times my faith was tried with this movement, but I'm glad I found a home with all you autists, planefags, and fellow lurkers as we witnessed the slow destruction of the global cabal.

Fortunately, in the past week my life is seeing some hope. After trying for months, I'm finally going back Active Duty starting next week. This of course means that my time on the boards will be limited, but not completely over. Yet I know that everyone here will continue to plug away at taking Q's drops and piecing together what's really going on around the world, and that gives me confidence that this movement isn't dying just because some of us have to go back to working full time. I do hope that I may be able to red pill some of my fellow service members about Q and bring more eyes and ears to the truth. I want to just say thanks to everyone who makes these boards an enlightening (if not sometimes horrifying when some of the pedo shit starts getting exposed) and welcoming spot for those of us who for years felt that something was wrong, but didn't quite know what or how deep the corruption went.

Take care anons! Remember that even in the darkest moments, God is always there to lead you out of it. If the last four months of sweating no income and bills piling up have taught me anything, it's that. And I do believe that we are on the precipice of seeing the darkness rolled away from the world. I'll keep praying for you all. Hope some of you at least will pray for as I jump back into the suck (joking, of course. But fellow militaryfags will understand what I mean).

9a9e16  No.5929105

File: 7f35621d7bb8b14⋯.png (137.66 KB, 456x304, 3:2, screenshotAtUploadCC_15537….png)

File: 07272b237a192f4⋯.png (319.36 KB, 482x339, 482:339, screenshotAtUploadCC_15537….png)


>>5928407 /pb

This is NOT JESSIE Smollett

His name is Daniel McMillen. Shitfrorbrains was his 'big brother' …

Tinyeye is your fren

8a38b6  No.5929106

File: 099ebc4078aeb86⋯.jpg (169.41 KB, 1200x963, 400:321, shhad.jpg)

e17c6a  No.5929107


Damn son, best I ever had was blueberry yum yum

An organic secret west Virginia almost heaven

Been a long time since the leaf could south this volcano, but my family is from Afghanistan so I'd love to taste sometimes

2260e0  No.5929108

File: 69c0d93a0f89223⋯.png (743.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ROTH.png)

aac89f  No.5929109

Did anyone see/read how Kim Foxx's texts got leaked or were made available?

7d6c23  No.5929110


Not a bull

d8e5a0  No.5929111

File: 14274099e457a26⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1442x868, 103:62, jews protest ice.png)

File: 56427f3b1f2b2e2⋯.png (259.92 KB, 972x430, 486:215, Immigration Lawyer Julie G….png)

File: 63da6d3f0171ffb⋯.jpg (418.17 KB, 1242x1488, 207:248, Jewish woman gives illegal….jpg)

File: 13b43f4a9742b61⋯.png (34.36 KB, 874x373, 874:373, We Can Replace Them.png)


Muslims didn't use mass immigration to destroy our country after we saved them in WW2. Only faggot jews would do that.

5a893b  No.5929112

File: b4112cbfb94fca9⋯.jpg (524.34 KB, 2000x1425, 80:57, b4112cbfb94fca97e829a4f525….jpg)





<ok boss its code pink!

>fuck homo… brock is gonna sodomize me…

<dont worry boss,we will use ip #4 and start posting horse memes saying that the ruling class are jews.

>but homo… Its retarded and as you said, q said it aint about religion or race…

<dont worry boss! We will then ip hop and say that q wants to exterminate jews!

>are you sure it gonna work fag? I mean they are morons but still…

<itll work for sure

e5e3f8  No.5929113

File: f19b6615cdf2fb6⋯.jpg (332.81 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, francis_the_predator_pope.jpg)

9f6595  No.5929114

Q Request: "April showers."

Any chance you could ask POTUS or Hannity to sneak that in as a shoutout to the board?

Would be kinda cool, since it's one of your favorite phrases, Team Q.

Godspeed, American heroes!

b38e4b  No.5929115

>>5928783 Sure won't be uncle donnie.

1e075b  No.5929116

File: 30a5c34a6825ce8⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, yipnope.jpg)

As long as they stay off the internet, right?


f3bc28  No.5929117

File: 8e8cddad3c6eadc⋯.png (95.41 KB, 600x842, 300:421, EFE9C741-F9CA-4254-901C-0D….png)


Let’s roll

1efbb9  No.5929118

>>5925637. TY anon for confirming my intuition and for our law enforcement stopping this

I posted this last night and see the news today

State Police: I-68 shutdown was result of threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon

Wednesday, March 27th 2019

PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — West Virginia State Police said Interstate 68 was shut down several hours Wednesday near the border with Maryland after threats were made

Anonymous (You) 03/26/19 (Tue) 19:47:12 28ea9f (2) No.5912345>>5912377 >>5912390

Anons, I just gonna say this, I’ve had a strange feeling all day. I’m not a shill, I’m on here everyday, I contribute. I’m just asking please pray for Q+ and Q team and all patriots. My spider senses say there is danger. Please all I’m asking say a prayer when you read this.

0b00d9  No.5929119

>>5928096 pb



Part of it, at least. The other part was setting up the campaign via Manafort to be prosecuted as unregistered foreign agents. The SC was empaneled with people who were going to doggedly pursue anything and many of the records that could or would have been exculpatory would have been classified. That wouldn't have immediately prevented action, however.

Again, perhaps I am a massive asshole for saying this - but assuming our 'competitors' are actually picking up on true data points, then I find Kushner suspicious as hell, and Ivanka's 'relationship' nothing short of a tragedy if any of that is true. I would be very curious to know what 'friends' set them up together.

Kushner is aligned with Soros. Has been for a long time. The marriage is not for love, even by their own quotes…

Was the marriage, itself, coerced?

To be honest, I am in territory I have barred myself from … Researching … In the past. There is a line I do not like to cross.

As for Schiff, he never believed the info would be made public. Kushner's role would have been obscured and Manafort would have taken the brunt of the accusations for his ties with Depariska. Since Ivanka is connected through a proxy via Abramovich's ex-wife, perhaps she was being threatened with asset seizure under sanctions regulations? If she did business with Depariska or his associates, those sanctions regulations would allow for authorities to endanger Ivanka's business.

In theory. I'm a little fuzzy on the details.

That could have also been grounds for the SC pursuing indictments against her, even if her business was above-board. Being hit with an asset seizure AND an indictment would be crushing, financially. Thus, Mueller was, himself, a sort of containment system for the angry democrats. By allowing them to think they had a means of launching those indictments, they didn't try to route them through another process.

I still feel like I am missing quite a bit. Kushner's ties to Soros are obvious, but how that would integrate with this plan isn't clear. Which means I could be wrong about Kushner and am just stuck on headcanon. If I am right about him, it is "for no reason" - I am missing some bolts and spars that attach him to the DC machinations.

c34850  No.5929120

File: eb36af62b4f6b5e⋯.jpg (4.72 MB, 3072x4096, 3:4, IMG_2017.JPG)


Been back/forth a few times.

Early AM.

As always, you have my respect.

72c463  No.5929121

File: 93ff77c38567c5a⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 708x496, 177:124, Adam Schiff meets Foghorn.JPG)

File: bb31ef88d01bea1⋯.jpg (134.87 KB, 877x927, 877:927, Schiff busted.JPG)

50ce25  No.5929122



68843a  No.5929123


I spent 1000 hours in YouTube video, this is ridiculous. What about that chopper that went down? Odd that brand new Bell went down.

377381  No.5929124



what does it mean Doll? The correct answer gets you a job in Maryland.

ab511a  No.5929125


o7 Hero

3c4aca  No.5929126

mind the source but…

MASSIVE DOJ LEAK Reveals Mueller Finished Trump-Russia Probe MONTHS BEFORE 2018 Elections; Kept Silent While DEMS Swept Midterms

Justice Department insiders just dropped a massive bomb on Robert Mueller, revealing his Special Counsel team concluded MONTHS BEFORE the 2018 midterm elections there was no proof linking Donald Trump or his campaign to colluding with Russians during the presidential election.

Yet Mueller did not divulge his team’s findings until this week, five months after the 2018 midterm elections.

“The most important portions of the investigation were concluded in August (2018),” a high-ranking Justice Department official said. “(Rod) Rosenstein was briefed and it was common gossip and well-known nothing had been pinned on Trump and it was wrapping up.”

August 2018, in fact, is three months before the Nov. 2018 elections, where and when all of the Democrats running against Republicans for House and Senate seats used Trump’s fabricated ties with Russia as campaign platforms. And they won and won big at the cost of the Republicans. And on the back of a massive lie.

Meanwhile, Mueller sat on his team’s intelligence that cleared Trump of any and all allegations involving Russia and colluding or working with Russia to facilitate the defeat of Hillary Clinton. And likewise, Rosenstein and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions also did not push for Mueller to release the results of his team’s probe.

“This was well known by late summer,” another higher Justice Department official said. “(Andrew) Weissmann was frustrated there wasn’t anything substantive to use against Trump so he wanted to put his son under the microscope.”

Weissmann, an unethical DOJ prosecutor nicknamed “the pit bull,” has made a career out of inventing evidence to railroad defendants into criminal indictments. Ask anyone in DC. This is common knowledge. Working as Mueller’s top dog on this team did not prove any different.

Weissmann was up to his old tricks, DOJ insiders said.

Weissmann then pushed for charges against the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. But that move was ultimately vetoed, insiders revealed. Trump Jr., at best or at worst — depending on which Fed agent you talk to — used poor judgment during a sit down with Russian-linked politicos at Trump Tower in 2016 but he had done nothing criminal that FBI agents assigned to Mueller’s team could conclude.

But Weissmann, along with Clinton-linked prosecutor Jeannie Rhee who worked with Weissmann to lead the Mueller team, believed there was enough to indict Trump Jr., “even if it didn’t stick,” one official said.

The thought or strategy here, according to insiders, was the indictment of Trump Jr. would prove an effective chess move to force his father to sit down for an interview with Mueller’s team. And again, that was whether Trump Jr. was ultimately cleared at trial or not, it didn’t matter. They were prepared to drag Trump Jr. through the mud either way.

This is how these people work. They are nefarious, bad operators.

If President Trump made one single gaffe during such interview with Mueller’s ethically-challenged squad, it could have been distorted into violating some federal law, any federal law, one Justice Department said.

The leverage game is a mainstay at the Justice Department when a target of a probe declines to cooperate or thumbs their nose at Justice prosecutors as President Trump did. Mueller and Weissmann, after all, had used the same exact tactic against Gen. Mike Flynn, threatening to indict his son if Flynn did not plead out.

And it worked like a charm.

Flynn pleaded out to a single charge of lying to the FBI. His son was never indicted.

One Justice Department official said the behavior of Mueller’s team, particularly withholding actionable intelligence on Trump’s innocence prior to the 2018 elections, should be investigated by a new Special Counsel.

Weissman mysteriously announced his retirement from the Justice Department just days before details of Mueller’s report were made public this week.

Strange timing indeed.

You do the math. Appoint a new Special Prosecutor to investigate the old special prosecutor. ~


7efa22  No.5929127

File: 646e51b30093200⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2x4ej1.jpg)

43a5aa  No.5929128


read the bread bro


964dbf  No.5929129

File: 4738580a58ce5b1⋯.jpg (525.47 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, dazyhy.jpg)


yes - easy to see when they squirm in the face of truth…

87c233  No.5929130

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Vid - OAN reporting on Soros, telling it like it is. https://youtu.be/AOLF_tYRvPs

559a77  No.5929131

279216  No.5929132





No one gives a fuck what you think, Tom.

d89d79  No.5929133


The BDT was the incident where fireworks were swapped out for the real explosives and some dude from, what, Bangladesh burned his ass.

d1734e  No.5929134

File: 75009917015ae0e⋯.jpg (225.21 KB, 800x304, 50:19, HARRIS10.jpg)

File: c6c2114e6040c46⋯.jpg (342.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, HRC21.jpg)

File: 92b5d2006f3c0f9⋯.jpg (561.34 KB, 800x768, 25:24, Libtard39.jpg)

File: c874f102ee9f9ab⋯.jpg (321.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, LIBTARD44.jpg)

File: 9508a2ca8ad4dc0⋯.jpg (248.24 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Maxine3.jpg)

d04ce9  No.5929135


Thank you for your service!

c66689  No.5929136

File: 47406bb6aaa030e⋯.jpg (253.71 KB, 1437x1012, 1437:1012, 2019_03_27_19:14:06_EDT.jpg)


A recent flight of


from Mexico City to Manassas, VA.

This aircraft is registered to

N996GA · Registration



Aircraft Type

Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream V (twin-jet) (GLF5)

Some of the info in >>5928762 is incorrect. The plane is not still in Europe. This plane is not Dept of Homeland Security; it's owned by the US Dept of Justice.

559a77  No.5929137

179851  No.5929138

File: 815a1f3c9e815c3⋯.png (455.1 KB, 640x533, 640:533, ClipboardImage.png)

96b537  No.5929139


Had two fighter pilot mates who came off of night sorties up the deltas die in their bunks in the fire no-name started. Dozens of pilots in their bunks died.

Disclaimer: Anon didn't make it, didn't get his wings. Long story.

499e3a  No.5929140

File: 71740f5b3527e22⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 630x269, 630:269, pope-francis-angry1.jpg)


…just a man.


4b434e  No.5929141

File: 600dd52905e5a0b⋯.png (158.47 KB, 1116x608, 279:152, ClipboardImage.png)

So is Nadler lying about Barr not releasing the report Q?

8adf9c  No.5929142


Maybe Intelligence Apprenticeships are available. It never hurts to inquire.

d493ec  No.5929143

File: 638ca03df307087⋯.png (47.28 KB, 771x1135, 771:1135, ClipboardImage.png)


>LARPs and SHILLs this says it all! Retrieved by Wikileaks. Email from Killary to DNC


>Sauce this, i never could locate it.




This email has also been verified by Google DKIM 2048-bit RSA key

Re: From time to time I get the questions in advance


To: donna@brazileassociates.com, balcantara@hillaryclinton.com

CC: john.podesta@gmail.com, Minyon.Moore@deweysquare.com

Date: 2016-03-12 19:41

Subject: Re: From time to time I get the questions in advance

Hi. Yes, it is one she gets asked about. Not everyone likes her answer

but can share it.

Betsaida - can you send her answer on death penalty?

Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 12, 2016, at 4:39 PM, Donna Brazile <donna@brazileassociates.com>


Here's one that worries me about HRC.


19 states and the District of Columbia have banned the death penalty. 31

states, including Ohio, still have the death penalty. According to the

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, since 1973, 156 people

have been on death row and later set free. Since 1976, 1,414 people have

been executed in the U.S. That’s 11% of Americans who were sentenced to

die, but later exonerated and freed. Should Ohio and the 30 other states

join the current list and abolish the death penalty?

Sent from Donna's I Pad. Follow me on twitter @donnabrazile

e6b80a  No.5929144

The Uranium One Deal In Kazakhstan


E.O. 12958: REASONS 1.4 (B), (D), and (F).

This is an action request for Embassy Moscow regarding the delivery by FBI Director Mueller of a requested sample of seized highly-enriched uranium (HEU) to appropriate

Russian authorities.


The New York Times Headline: “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

This Approval Process Took Place While Bill Clinton “Was Collecting Millions In Donations From People Associated With Uranium One.” “Still, the ultimate authority to approve or reject the Russian acquisition rested with the cabinet officials on the foreign investment committee, including Mrs. Clinton whose husband was collecting millions in donations from people associated with Uranium One.” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

Uranium One’s Chairman Was Canadian Ian Telfer. “The new company, which kept the Uranium One name, was controlled by UrAsia investors including Ian Telfer, a Canadian who became chairman.” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire,“ Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

Telfer’s Family Charity Is Called The Fernwood Foundation, Which Donated Millions “During And After The Critical Time When The Foreign Investment Committee Was Reviewing His Deal With The Russians.” “But a review of tax records in Canada, where Mr. Telfer has a family charity called the Fernwood Foundation, shows that he donated millions of dollars more, during and after the critical time when the foreign investment committee was reviewing his deal with the Russians.” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

f338a8  No.5929145

File: 46afc7816cde27d⋯.png (150.88 KB, 281x332, 281:332, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47a9a71c7f7efe6⋯.png (72.95 KB, 364x350, 26:25, ClipboardImage.png)

Upside down star.

Is he getting the Medal of Honor, or Order of the Eastern Star.

d493ec  No.5929146

File: 461fb4a10b74454⋯.png (203.75 KB, 500x613, 500:613, ClipboardImage.png)

a0fbc1  No.5929147


Wow going back to that old shitty meme! When you gonna bring back the bread gobbler series??? I've been waiting.

82c1e5  No.5929148

File: d4ce9e1759f6867⋯.png (246.34 KB, 641x530, 641:530, pepe_glasses.png)

7ef8ee  No.5929149

File: e28ea0568c4fe0c⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 1053x792, 117:88, Starfish.JPG)

Come one Q its real

Did potus show this to Kim thats what the weapons test was right??


f3bc28  No.5929150

File: a372b5d112b7272⋯.jpeg (85.29 KB, 1418x644, 709:322, ACB5B200-FD84-43B7-891B-A….jpeg)


That parade is gonna be lit

Buy you a beer there

559a77  No.5929151


After you get glasses, see


9f6595  No.5929152


Dunno who you are either, but you damned sure earned MY respect!


Let's have a beer at the parade, shall we?

c1d489  No.5929153

File: 56367346ac529bd⋯.png (80.79 KB, 288x168, 12:7, Brennan-Calibos.png)

668e46  No.5929154


Worra belta.

Godspeed Baker.

2596d6  No.5929155

File: a73fa039f6db9c7⋯.jpg (48.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, weallgoingtodie.jpg)


So let me get this straight

Smollet has ratted out on Avenatti and his buddy Mark Geragos and they've been pinched trying to blackmail Nike.

Smollet let loose on the streets and the liberals are ranting about it. (A first ever)

Clare Bronfman faints after Judge calls out Avenatti who was pulling lawyer strings in this case.

Unrelated, the Judge in the case for Epstein died. Not sure why. But he dead.

All this just since this Sunday, and we've got plenty of week in front of us.

What else did I miss?

8d28a3  No.5929156

File: eee4b637d64fc78⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 306x689, 306:689, 11513952-6855245-The_now_8….jpg)

File: 822ef2081751cab⋯.jpg (58.19 KB, 634x486, 317:243, 11518574-6855245-PJ_Proby_….jpg)

File: 8ea3a15a26b569d⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 634x758, 317:379, 11522630-6855245-image-a-5….jpg)

File: b6d9f198ed09e65⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 306x486, 17:27, 11514220-6855245-Pictured_….jpg)

Sixties pop star PJ Proby, 80, confesses his vile lust for girls as young as TWELVE and claims he's not been in a relationship for 22 years because he only wants to date children

Born James Marcus Smith in Houston, Texas, Proby now lives in Worcestershire

Married three times to girls aged 16, 17 and 21 and says he wants to 'raise' a wife

But he won't go through with his fantasies as he wouldn't marry above 14

Admits he was involved with 13-year-old in 1997 and defends friend Jimmy Savile

Sixties pop star PJ Proby has made the vile confession he wants to date girls as young as 12 but hasn't been in a relationship for 22 years because he knows it is illegal.

Born James Marcus Smith in Houston, Texas, Proby rivalled the likes of Elvis Presley and Sir Cliff Richard in his 1960s heyday.

The now 80-year-old lives in a rented cottage in Worcestershire and in a bizarre interview ahead of his UK 'farewell' tour, claims he 'won't marry a girl he can't raise from the age of 12, 13 or 14' - because he 'likes how young and fresh they look'.

He says he has stayed single for more than two decades and doesn't use dating apps because his ideal match could land him in prison.

The ageing singer also revealed he never believed his old friend Jimmy Savile was a paedophile.

He told the Daily Mirror: 'I won't marry a girl I can't raise from the age of 12, 13 or 14. I like that they're young and fresh-looking and don't come with baggage – nobody's messed with their heart and broken it.

'They're still in school so I can have a hand in their education and make sure their grades are all right, make sure the way they think about religion is all right, and what is and isn't proper.'


d493ec  No.5929157



631134  No.5929158


if the last resort is a UFO attack that will be one helluva movie.

cdcc71  No.5929159


So Q could then respond & suggest to anons that they apply to ABCs too??

e6b80a  No.5929160


 In 2009, The Fernwood Foundation Donated $1 Million, The Same Year Uranium One “Appealed To The American Embassy To Help Keep Its Mines In Kazakhstan, $250,000 In 2010, The Year The Russians Sought Majority Control; As Well As $600,000 In 2011 And $500,000 In 2012.” “His donations through the Fernwood Foundation included $1 million reported in 2009, the year his company appealed to the American Embassy to help it keep its mines in Kazakhstan; $250,000 in 2010, the year the Russians sought majority control; as well as $600,000 in 2011 and $500,000 in 2012.” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire,“Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

“Amid This Influx Of Uranium One Connected Money” Flowing To The Foundation, Bill Clinton Spoke In Moscow In June 2010, The Same Month Russia “Struck Its Deal For A Majority Stake In Uranium One.” “Amid this influx of Uranium One-connected money, Mr. Clinton was invited to speak in Moscow in June 2010, the same month Rosatom struck its deal for a majority stake in Uranium One.” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

Bill Clinton Was Paid $500,000, One Of His Highest Speaking Fees Ever, From “A Russian Investment Bank With Ties To The Kremlin…” “The $500,000 fee — among Mr. Clinton’s highest — was paid by Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin that has invited world leaders, including Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, to speak at its investor conferences.” (Jo Becker and Mike McIntire, “Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Pressed For Control Of Uranium Company,” The New York Times, 4/23/15)

 For His Appearance At The Renaissance Capital Investors Conference, Bill Clinton Received A Personal Thank-You Call From Vladimir Putin. “After the appearance, Mr. Clinton received a personal thank-you call from Vladimir Putin, then the Russian prime minister, the government news agency TASS reported.” (James Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus, “Speaking Fees Meet Politics For Clintons,” The Wall Street

Journal, 12/30/15)

87a3f2  No.5929161


Free speech comes with rules, if your a liberal.

ab511a  No.5929162


Semper Fi!

e17c6a  No.5929163

File: 866723d1a6c802c⋯.jpg (158.72 KB, 824x362, 412:181, b75a23a208e970741b6866a941….jpg)


The most powerful prayers are given unceasingly for ALL


AND do not fret or fear, love conquers ALL

e1b8a3  No.5929164


Ive been thinking about that too

c03783  No.5929165

File: 38c8c01786788e3⋯.png (533.27 KB, 813x682, 813:682, ClipboardImage.png)

Look at the size of this heffer

2d0971  No.5929166

File: 5d19dadd1f4910f⋯.png (296.7 KB, 657x527, 657:527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 65c935dce179875⋯.png (413 KB, 634x795, 634:795, ClipboardImage.png)

13 MEPs "[A]ccidentally voted the wrong way" on Article 13.

I don't believe in coincidences anymore.




927c46  No.5929167

File: ca24a6a430f747e⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 659x657, 659:657, CIA nigger.jpg)



a679e8  No.5929168

2514eb  No.5929169

>>5927906 pb


Claims president of "Strategic Planning Consulting" now does not exist.

Confession video:


date March 26, 2019

The whole thing was a scam. Adds Praying Medic

Adam Gingrich tells the saddest story in his litany of tales of woe: how he created the monsters of Ann Vandersteel and Praying Medic AKA David Hayes. A must see mea culpa! Original Airdate: 3/26/19

d6b1df  No.5929170


Good on you, anon