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File: f289e29af136a6a⋯.png (633.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Are we alone.png)

ac33c1  No.5499240

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #7

This is the dedicated research thread to the question of Aliens, advanced technology, underground bases, etc.

Q has made statements that we are not alone and that Roswell falls under the highest classification, as well as space programs existing outside the public domain. In furtherance of those statements, we dig on Q's crumbs.

Please use your own judgement, and read everything included below.


Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

Clown College



Dedicated thread to evolving clown/shill tactics.

Search function to bring up posts from broken notables


https://qresear.ch/ (new address)

Previous Aliens, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, etc. threads:

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #1


Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/256741.html

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #2


Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2518070.html

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #3


Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3166229.html

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #4


Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/3599217.html

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #5


Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4320475.html#4755625

Alien, UFO, Advanced/Hidden Technology, Antigravity, DUMBs, etc. #6

Link: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4886696.html


ac33c1  No.5499250


are not endorsements

From Bread 6:

>>4887941 Secureteam10 video compilation

>>4896770 Reptilian carving

>>4896822, >>4896857 Alien Races Book, and analysis of >>4908122

>>4901109 Ancient woman with elongated skull found in Russia

>>4969712 Theory on hybrids

>>4909877 Video: Magnetic portals, discussion of phenomenology, relationships between conscious contact activities and physical engagements

>>4928431 Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God article, and Avi Loeb Oumuamua AMA >>5034682

>>4931469 Regarding preparation, mindset and technique for contact

>>4942354, >>4942535 Pineal Gland, Eye of Ra, Pinecones and the Human brain symbolism/connections and links for digging

>>4942596, >>4942625, >>4943253, >>5117391 Q connections with Vatican, Snakes and Pincones symbology

>>4950542 Astral Projection sources

Q's Statements on:

>>4955668 Ra and gold use by Egyptians, >>4957364 Matrix and energy (Loosh), >>4957446 Building the Map and finding the Key

>>4957858 "This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected" soundtrack name is "Hybridization of Humanity" dig

>>4969092 Jason Rice graphic

>>4978047, >>4979561, Cigar shaped craft pictures, >>4977903 Russian video of contact

>>4965034, >>5018202, >>5448072 Digs on on Gold, Egyptians, and Annunaki.

>>4958704, >>4970953 Thoughts related to usage of gold.

>>4998646 Arthur C. Clarke and Childhood's End graphic.

>>5019228, >>5019533 POTUS twit: "Criminals of all dimensions".

>>5022969 Ted Loder Antigravitics paper

>>5023839, >>5025153 Ahora Mazda symbolism over time since Annunaki

>>5028225 "Living with a Reptilian"

>>5035850, >>5036063 Carved symbolism throughout the world showing Aliens and UFOs

>>5036903 SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion with UFO video.

>>5078057, >>5078074, >>5078097 Dig on Tunguska explosion

>>5103546 Phase Conjugation paper from the Federation of American Scientists

>>5143146, >>5143264 William Cooper "Behold a Pale Horse" text file and proofs

>>5291511 Serpents throughout cultures graphic

ac33c1  No.5499253

From Bread 5:

>>4346268 (Shapeshifting Reptilians hidden in plain sight in Conan)

>>4358016 (The Awakening/Planetary Shift)

>>4360484 (Interesting photograph, take from it what you will)

>>4373722 (UFO Lou's channel, the ultimate source of "PRIMARY SOURCE" videos)

>>4374259 (The plasticity of the general public's emotional complexes is restricted)

>>4383102 (Ahora Mazda / Iron Eagle symbolism+++)

>>4392983 (Historical mass UFO sighting in Washington D.C.)

>>4396261 (Genetic Mapping)

>>4399463 (UFO flies by the Dragon X)

>>4406043 (There is something seriously shady going on with orgonite)

>>4413019 (Many connections)

>>4436312 (Many historical connections)

>>4437169 (Shapeshifting Reptilians in "V")

>>4437429 (We are by far the best research out there at the moment)

>>4437697 (A good primer for newfags)

>>4440808 (Loosh farm theory)

>>4441261 (What if symbols are the aliens vessels?)

>>4495678 (Just a quick reminder of why we are here)

>>4538837 (Symbolism connections, Ra etc)

>>4551910 (Pineal gland connections)

>>4566946 (The Key)

>>4586682 (Many links / connections)

>>4593750 (Anon links posts where I did not give Greershill permission to steal vids)

>>4643791 (Slide? Not sure. You decide)

>>4646075 (Philosophy & Draco Reptilians hidden in plain sight in movies)

>>4651870 (Superhuman symbolism autism)

>>4709567 (Good insights mixed with shill tactics from this IP)

ac33c1  No.5499258

Notables from Bread 4

>>3639245, >>3648185, Scientific Model for Conscious Quantum Holographic Universe

>>4232599, >>4311855 Alleged MJ-12 docs

>>3738214 Haunebu craft diagram

>>3600822, >>3600878, >>3612212 (Jason Rice)

>>3602801 (Calling out /badactors)

>>3609973 (Sauce on DW/CG = Frauds)

>>3639656 (Symbolism)

>>3648494 (William Tompkins had sauce)

>>3910961 (First mention of cattle mutilations etc)

>>4127668 (Q's Map with undeniable proofs linked)

>>4128129 (Draco Reptilian symbolism)

>>4128692 (Pineal Gland symbolism)

>>4128908 (More Pineal Gland symbolism)

>>4129159 (Even more)

>>4163840 (Tons of cattle mutilation sauce)

>>4179022 (Bob Lazar Documentary)

>>4226875 (Merovingian bloodline, Ra's Staff, The Key)

>>4232599 (MJ 12 Doc's)

>>4238021 (Theories are no longer theory when presented with FACTS)

Previously Collected notables:


ac33c1  No.5499263

File: a839c27e8118c7d⋯.jpg (266.89 KB, 1024x751, 1024:751, ZetaCakes.jpg)



ac33c1  No.5499298

File: 6741a5adefff523⋯.png (238.84 KB, 920x543, 920:543, HudsonValleyUFOScreenCap.PNG)

File: 1e93aeaba946d9a⋯.png (675.33 KB, 921x540, 307:180, HudsonValleyUFOScreenCap2.PNG)

File: a143a511622c23d⋯.jpg (356.54 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Image07052015112953.jpg)

From heel of last bread:

Hudson Valley, NY UFO sightings :

1980's around Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester (Indian Point nuclear plant) etc.


Kent, NY




The shape of some of the the craft described somewhat resembles one of these pictures:



Whitely Streiber "Communion" - upstate NY (Kingston) abduction



"The cabin is near Kingston, New York, and is situated in an area where there is a great deal of underground iron."

Kingston is in the Hudson Valley. He claims his visit happened in 1985, which lines up both area and date.

071458  No.5499357


Correct baker and notables.

>>5499065 - is testament to the fact that shills have taken over the disclosure threads and forcing a very limited scope of information on the anons.

They are not giving up, as expected.

We are definitely making the right connections, and that is why there has been such extremely desperate attempts to steer away from the information we uncovered.

We have worked tirelessly to pry control away from the /badactors/ on here pushing known disinfo.

Yes, anons can make up their own minds.

The group at large has spoken, and the vast majority of anons have stated the sheer fuckery that has taken place.

Hive mind is making the right connections organically... and (((they))) don't like it.

bbc837  No.5499387

Trying to steal yet another bread, death-threatening shills?

This is the correct thread:




If you have any questions/remarks post them there and I will gladly improve the bake.

30c41c  No.5499495

Baker baked in the manner they promised, this is the the official #7.

77d753  No.5499691


Where is the hand-off between the bakes #5 and #6?

071458  No.5500388

File: 9b7be3c9b440e43⋯.png (9.24 KB, 1655x106, 1655:106, Greershill.png)

File: 2ae8127bcdf4a54⋯.png (372.82 KB, 1624x654, 812:327, Greer Notable..png)

File: fd0cd5fb0dbb514⋯.png (18.8 KB, 595x261, 595:261, Greer Notable.png)


Nice way to start off a fresh bake.

(Just one of many nails in the coffin).

Thanks again to the BO / BV who had our back.

aec0f6  No.5501175

File: 2db4c2cc9ca9432⋯.jpg (27.43 KB, 112x187, 112:187, Joshua-Tree-Cutout.jpg)

File: bcad9c675aa727a⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2848x2136, 4:3, Joshua-Tree-Full-Res.jpg)

File: c9f8f0ac2f6e570⋯.jpg (89.45 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Joshua-Tree-Insert-400x300.jpg)

File: 50e6cb531089dae⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2100x1575, 4:3, Joshua-Tree-with-Measureme….jpg)

CE5ANON checking in.

What is a close encounter of the fifth kind?

Why are everyone and everything related to Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind attacked?

They attack those they fear the most.

It is your birthright to know the truth about ET visitations and how to contact them.

What would become of the establishment and the current archaic global paradigm if We The People all began bypassing world governments and contacting ET on our own?

THAT is why they attack CE5.



Statistics about ET Contact - Shockingly positive https://youtu.be/PIFAPHUXCD4








e5b59b  No.5501240


Thankyou Anon for this post. Very much appreciated. Also an Anon can listen to Grier's speeches and Jewtube videos and he states it himself that he works for the Rockefellers and received support by… JOHN PODESTA. Always keep this in mind when looking at anything A ALL with the words CE5 or Grier in it. You are looking at a deepstate fabrication.

e5b59b  No.5501271

File: 5a755d165a0a514⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 721x437, 721:437, Space-X rocket ufo.jpg)

File: 2961585c40d72e3⋯.jpg (11.03 KB, 620x368, 155:92, cylander.jpg)

File: a143a511622c23d⋯.jpg (356.54 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, a143a511622c23d5a5f1e5e833….jpg)

File: 3394f5f27b154f1⋯.jpg (156.01 KB, 812x1300, 203:325, 1260caa89daa9f11b4adc14ee8….jpg)

Here are some of my favorite UFO pics.

0c2dbf  No.5501315

File: 3129a0a91553c39⋯.jpg (12.46 KB, 255x179, 255:179, 1435773789072.jpg)

File: e2450febe7e3272⋯.png (144.35 KB, 603x560, 603:560, 48746263afb9d2441ec94ec345….png)








77d753  No.5501329


Hey man, good to see you back, shame about the OP but what can you do. Keep on spreading Love

0c2dbf  No.5501337

77d753  No.5501951

File: 18e0bce3dc46ceb⋯.png (108.33 KB, 1789x532, 1789:532, q knows.png)

Q knows the power of Love. The struggle against evil is won by Love, and not by descending into the demonic realm yourself.

This is a rare skill, to stand your ground in the face of evil.

Also, whoever correctly interprets the Q crumb in the top right will probably uncover something big.

071458  No.5503066

File: 8d3b853f0b8fe3b⋯.png (156.79 KB, 500x374, 250:187, Carl Jung.png)


>…he states it himself that he works for the Rockefellers and received support by… JOHN PODESTA. Always keep this in mind when looking at anything A ALL with the words CE5 or Grier in it. You are looking at a deepstate fabrication.





Edgar Mitchell, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Steven Greer, all connected to each other, and yep The Vatican;


Thankfully Trump DID win.




Do you trust Grant Cameron?


Edgar Mitchell directly involved with John Podesta.

Why was the 'Edgar Mitchell Foundation' being so heavily shoved down our throats after Anons pushed back against the Greer / Gaia / PRG / Disclosure Project shills?


Do you trust disclosure coming from The Clintons, Podestas and Greer?



Edgar Mitchell, Podesta leaked emails & The Vatican.

Do you trust everything you read?



"Dr. Greer continues, ” We are encouraged that Mr. Podesta remains a stalwart supporter of Disclosure…"

77d753  No.5503924


Let's take a look at dr. Mitchell's email to John Podesta.


>Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth.

Did John Podesta even reply or have a passing interest in them?

Or did he continue his involvement in UFO&ET topic only to muddy the waters and detract from disclosure?

8b0ba5  No.5504056

Cohen congress hearing or Trumps Vietnam hearing.

Which was scheduled first? Both released the 6th?

8b0ba5  No.5504126


Sorry my bad. Wrong tab.

77d753  No.5504158


holy shit, a lurker. Thanks for tuning in!

f214d1  No.5504332

File: 2ae7cf3cd24e519⋯.png (338.83 KB, 500x647, 500:647, ra holio.png)

File: 2506b0f9c4ac5c6⋯.png (539.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, krusty RA2.png)

File: b9ac4e6dc3e97e4⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 547x456, 547:456, clown soon.jpg)

I call this clownteam the RAanon crew.also comicbook superhero shills, Greershills, CE5 shills + many more.Same crew, humans+bots.NOT GOING AWAY…until….[SUICIDE WEEKEND]. Bye human shitstains!

aec0f6  No.5507623

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Breaking the veil"

What would happen if We The People bypassed world governments and contacted ET civilizations ourselves?

If someone said there was a way to contact ET, would you test their hypothesis?

This is what happens when you test the Close Encounter of the Fifth kind hypothesis.




008090  No.5507993


Do you mean taking it literally? Q might referring to the Collective Consciousness. The anon is referring to entities that consist of ET souls in human bodies that lose their memories initially. 'WW' might mean more than just humans around the globe.

071458  No.5512083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

500,000 Year Timeline of Earth - Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Anunnaki

071458  No.5512274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Embed = Elohim, Council of Twelve, Watchers, Archons, Anunnaki, Realm of Earth


The Fall of Atlantis and Rise of the Archons - Emerald Tablets of Thoth

21e880  No.5512306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



e98150  No.5512421

Newfag for this thread, where should i start?

e80835  No.5512801


What does that even mean? If you don't know where to start……Lurk

21e880  No.5513471

File: 1a10d7f4c821f06⋯.png (11.52 KB, 574x534, 287:267, 02b07cb9225ccdfa31b3d21335….png)

File: 3816c878fd7d280⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 928x548, 232:137, l2SpOBo5sFK8Vr8ha.gif)

File: 2f53597b6f01ec1⋯.mp4 (7.67 MB, 1910x1068, 955:534, spacexfull.mp4)

File: 643d59139dd5cb7⋯.png (97.07 KB, 425x303, 425:303, XWmHKcb.png)

521cea  No.5513543

File: 9fb1289bf991d59⋯.pdf (626.16 KB, EHM_090218.pdf)

File: 43e855e8d2d7de7⋯.pdf (336.57 KB, 1367405491-Haramein342013P….pdf)

File: dcd09cf5744fb8f⋯.pdf (619.31 KB, AIP_CP_SProton_Haramein.pdf)

Im surprised i havent seen any notables about physicist Nassim Haramein yet. here are some of his papers that explain the source of mass, energy, charge, and gravity in very simple elegant equations and language. these mathematics are the cutting edge that paves the way to creating artificial gravity fields, force fields, warp drives, unlimited energy, and teleportation. these papers prove that empty space is full of energy in a fluxing equilibrium. he also has a lot of amazing videos on youtube if these papers are too technical. hes aware about corruption and ETs and ancient megaliths as well.

21e880  No.5513721

File: 68f86528de4550d⋯.jpg (38.35 KB, 325x326, 325:326, 325px-WernervonBülowsWorld….jpg)

File: 8b062c057333fb3⋯.jpg (67.1 KB, 640x396, 160:99, 640occult2.jpg)

File: 26cf853c220a4b7⋯.png (390.16 KB, 1320x2652, 110:221, 1481404479566.png)

File: 1ab371d5ae0d25c⋯.jpg (87.14 KB, 640x538, 320:269, AfeDf4Pl.jpg)


>nt seen any notables about physicist Nassim Haramein yet. here are some of his papers that exp


21e880  No.5513732

File: 64b65e65fb6957d⋯.png (755.87 KB, 1438x665, 1438:665, Antarctica underwater pass….png)

File: 77e25039cba2ed3⋯.png (791.15 KB, 869x810, 869:810, Asgard inner earth map 1.png)

File: fbc74e11ae0ba02⋯.png (681.83 KB, 605x602, 605:602, Asgard.png)

File: 2ad1e9c2f201c09⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 666x1086, 111:181, haunebuI.jpg)

21e880  No.5513733

File: 2ad1e9c2f201c09⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 666x1086, 111:181, haunebuI.jpg)

File: 7edd71c82a96808⋯.jpg (140.8 KB, 1035x717, 345:239, karte_agharta.jpg)

File: d4d0a0c38e21274⋯.png (633.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, karte_asgard1.png)

File: d86b5ece777c19d⋯.gif (28.4 KB, 600x761, 600:761, L_Vril17.gif)

21e880  No.5513742

File: 8ae0f6452142f22⋯.png (783.75 KB, 800x810, 80:81, Liberia inner earth map 1.png)

File: 97919faa741063e⋯.png (1.07 MB, 903x898, 903:898, Liberia.png)

File: 5066d3e7e599650⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1528x1500, 382:375, Nazi UFO Haunebu.png)

File: ba59078d9682cd1⋯.jpg (80.04 KB, 640x439, 640:439, Neu-Schwabenland-hollow-ea….jpg)

21e880  No.5513744

File: 0450bcc74803b87⋯.jpg (29.02 KB, 640x348, 160:87, O9r0S1y.jpg)

File: 8d981e59e3b1e66⋯.jpg (69 KB, 640x605, 128:121, oOsxMYyl.jpg)

File: ec62fd50d53bff5⋯.png (66.38 KB, 596x762, 298:381, P5MaCNS.jpg.png)

File: 51b16f55e52718e⋯.jpg (56.41 KB, 483x640, 483:640, po5MbrYl.jpg)

21e880  No.5513748

File: 709b4da953d35df⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 300x295, 60:59, swastika-as-sun-300x295.jpg)

File: 1cc40ff5900a68d⋯.jpg (113.79 KB, 842x623, 842:623, Third Reich Agharta map in….jpg)

File: 1770f515052e2b7⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 319x398, 319:398, thule1.jpg)

File: 5b7b549495994ff⋯.jpg (31.99 KB, 192x300, 16:25, thule-society-192x300.jpg)

21e880  No.5513759

File: e855eae168d8113⋯.jpg (72.33 KB, 452x640, 113:160, tNN2B1bl.jpg)

File: c97b28c4236338b⋯.jpg (16.09 KB, 500x240, 25:12, Uj6p8.jpg)

File: caba36b16182f14⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1600x975, 64:39, VRIL Nazi UFO Complete.png)

File: 1fbc533c75088c9⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 400x297, 400:297, Vril Sigrun.jpg)

21e880  No.5513762

File: 91608b994891c5e⋯.gif (16.98 KB, 520x391, 520:391, vril02_03.gif)

File: 343a43f07edced3⋯.gif (45.25 KB, 650x845, 10:13, vril02_04.gif)

File: 370115bfcb85c2f⋯.gif (8.28 KB, 253x259, 253:259, vril02_07.gif)

File: 5bea3adb2e63991⋯.jpg (57.7 KB, 471x371, 471:371, vril02_09.jpg)

21e880  No.5513764

File: 8ea85f741db3de8⋯.gif (16.88 KB, 303x477, 101:159, vril02_10.gif)

File: 46a6cc36cf22cba⋯.gif (16.1 KB, 183x274, 183:274, vril02_11.gif)

File: f736f809f5ce728⋯.jpg (10.03 KB, 271x387, 271:387, vril02_12.jpg)

File: e32bcfe24acf6d2⋯.gif (22.3 KB, 250x423, 250:423, vril02_15.gif)

21e880  No.5514128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Following crumbs all over and stumbled upon this woman who is a remove viewer.

All covers BC Canada - supposedly underground bases, underwater ancient base (pic).

About halfway through, worth a listen. Will comment more later if I don't get sidetracked!!

21e880  No.5514172


In the same rabbit hole, found these hash tags.

They are all either old military bases wwii, or suspected underground bases.

The guys who tweeted:RyanVanCityNews‏ @RyanVanCityNew1

Replying to @MargotWilliams @Snowden and

also did a tweet to @queenelizabeth.

All very odd, so digging deeper.



#WrangleStAlaska #NahhaniValleyBritishColumbia

#ThirstyLake British Columbia (Western Canada)


Widgeon Creek Coquitlam #GreenLake British Columbia D.#BakerLakeBritishColumbia E#ColdLakeAlberta Mount Hayes

21e880  No.5514299

File: d7b59fe4034129e⋯.jpg (99.59 KB, 1170x792, 65:44, underwaterbaseandpowergene….JPG)

Lots of info from 2004 on underground basaes

Have not had time to fully review


884833  No.5514471

File: 85042c56ff4922a⋯.jpg (319.41 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, Differences.jpg)

cd2b10  No.5516170

>>4887941 Secureteam10 video compilation

>>4896770 Reptilian carving

>>4896822, >>4896857 Alien Races Book, and analysis of >>4908122

>>4901109 Ancient woman with elongated skull found in Russia

>>4969712 Theory on hybrids

>>4909877 Video: Magnetic portals, discussion of phenomenology, relationships between conscious contact activities and physical engagements

>>4928431 Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God article, and Avi Loeb Oumuamua AMA >>5034682

>>4931469 Regarding preparation, mindset and technique for contact

>>4942354, >>4942535 Pineal Gland, Eye of Ra, Pinecones and the Human brain symbolism/connections and links for digging

>>4942596, >>4942625, >>4943253, >>5117391 Q connections with Vatican, Snakes and Pincones symbology

>>4950542 Astral Projection sources

Q's Statements on:

>>4955668 Ra and gold use by Egyptians, >>4957364 Matrix and energy (Loosh), >>4957446 Building the Map and finding the Key

>>4957858 "This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected" soundtrack name is "Hybridization of Humanity" dig

>>4969092 Jason Rice graphic

>>4978047, >>4979561, Cigar shaped craft pictures, >>4977903 Russian video of contact

>>4965034, >>5018202, >>5448072 Digs on on Gold, Egyptians, and Annunaki.

>>4958704, >>4970953 Thoughts related to usage of gold.

>>4998646 Arthur C. Clarke and Childhood's End graphic.

>>5019228, >>5019533 POTUS twit: "Criminals of all dimensions".

>>5022969 Ted Loder Antigravitics paper

>>5023839, >>5025153 Ahora Mazda symbolism over time since Annunaki

>>5028225 "Living with a Reptilian"

>>5035850, >>5036063 Carved symbolism throughout the world showing Aliens and UFOs

>>5036903 SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion with UFO video.

>>5078057, >>5078074, >>5078097 Dig on Tunguska explosion

>>5103546 Phase Conjugation paper from the Federation of American Scientists

>>5143146, >>5143264 William Cooper "Behold a Pale Horse" text file and proofs

>>5291511 Serpents throughout cultures graphic

You don't allow people the option the opportunity to communicate with ET's themselves. Why are you afraid of diplomacy?

77d753  No.5516631



this, lurk - see the past threads as well

if you have any questions, ask

77d753  No.5516692


ET souls in human bodies is a big thing. What does that imply?

As for "…understand if certain intel is released it would cause a ww/mass suffering…" it explains why Q has been silent about this all along.

95a2c6  No.5517500
















This is ALL Greerfag. All one in the same. Pushing all the same repetitious shit as past bread. The same videos, the same links, the same preaching. Sliding in a desperate attempt to clog the thread. All these single post ID's are shitposts. Look at how he sets himself up to answer his own questions. How many fucking times have we seen this over the past 3-4 breads? I fucking laugh at this! It should be beyond obvious at this point how often these single post ID's pop up to reply to Greerfags messages then they DISAPPEAR. From my observations he has two static IP devices and one that resets. He is ALWAYS hanging out here 24/7 waiting to jump on anons to attack them if they mention ANYTHING FACTUAL especially relating to history or negative ETs. Why such persistence to keep the narrative focused only on CE5, Greer and ignoring negative ETs? Dr. Greer does it himself. (Ignore all suggestions of negative ETs. Ridicule. "ETs don't even have a word for war") Its the same agenda as the Rockefeller Initiative. Why such persistence to force anons to believe negative ETs don't exist? Why such an effort to control the narrative?

We've been genetically engineered since day one as SLAVES FOR MINING GOLD. You think the cabal wants people to wake the fuck up about this? Of course not. Thats literally why ALL the mainstream disclosure people and websites completely IGNORE ALL OF ANCIENT HISTORY. They give you the happy fireside kumbaya narrative of 'incarnated light beings' who want nothing more than to help humanity. Its all BULLSHIT. You were created as a SLAVE by ETs.

Come on anons. You should know by now that all people / information connected to Greer, Podesta, The Clintons and The Rockefellers cannot be trusted. This information has been forced on us over and over again.

All through the previous breads the 'incarnated extraterrestrials' post has been used to slide the bread. Once again anons are reminded that Q did not write that. All Q did was reply to an anons message with NO TEXT. Q wrote nothing in that post, not one damn thing. We have seen the most pathetic farce of a LARP from Greerfag and his faggot dynamic IPs pretending to be incarnated extraterrestrials (Sam Mixon the incarnated Arcturian authority) and other such nonsense. Much of the new age Gaia and other mainstream disclosure bullshit all uses this topic to confuse others as well. Did you ever think Q might have replied (with no text) to that message because of this? Because of all the horseshit being spewed out there? Think for yourself.

Q never once specified reincarnated ETs are real. Just a link to it. The entire purpose is to discover why. Why? Because SO MUCH BULLSHIT is involved with this concept. Not one SINGLE piece of factual tangible evidence to support any of this. Nothing. Not one damn thing. EVER. Its all speculation and conjecture at best from so called 'insiders' who don't have any credibility.

Don't believe every faggot on here claiming to be a reincarnated ET.




Why such an EXTREME amount of effort to steal the bakes? To erase the REAL notables? Its all captured on here. The BO / BV's are aware of this. They deleted Greerfags attempt to steal the bakes. Have you noticed that two IDs are always waiting for the next bread to bounce voices off each other? No one with a real job that isn't a shill would spend so much time and energy on here waiting and lurking 24/7 to interrupt, slide and derail from the TRUTH.

Wake the fuck up. (((They))) are ALWAYS watching this thread, and (((they))) don't want you knowing SHIT except the SHIT they feed you in the mainstream.

95a2c6  No.5517562



>he works for the Rockefellers and received support by… JOHN PODESTA

Hahaha isn't that fucking FUNNY. Greerfag has been desperately attempting to get notables by spamming the same shit over and over again in the main breads so he can bring them over here to brag and support his narrative. This made me laugh my fucking hole off. Nothing better than triggering shillfags with poetic justice.

Thank you to the BO / BV's who saw through the fuckery of these shills and thank you for protecting the sanctity of these breads.

We are winning the 'narrative battle'. Now back to solving Q's crumbs! Of course the shill faggots didn't include any of those posts in their stolen / faked bread. Hahahaha


553510  No.5518104

File: aa16dcf88b3bdc1⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 282x278, 141:139, bezarchon.jpg)

alien life form

0b8feb  No.5518808


syphilis arxidi

d77617  No.5518837

File: 3e826c281eb0037⋯.png (53.49 KB, 602x509, 602:509, dr greer on rockefellers.png)

Full extent of Greer's collaboration with the Rockefellers is revealed here.

d77617  No.5518992

File: 0f7feff84a76903⋯.jpg (183.41 KB, 900x664, 225:166, UnknownReligionsUniversePe….jpg)

The Galactic Federation of Light, as we on Earth named it, is a loose union of positive extraterrestrials with a strong focus on spiritual development. Spiritual development means using the Light of Love, the prime creative force of the Universe, as a means to live your life in beautiful freedom. A small part of their activities has been documented online:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL-g6TJedh8 - testimony of GFOL activity shutting down Cabal WMDs

https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/403426-florida-candidate-i-was-abducted-by-aliens-but-that-doesnt - GOP candidate with positive ET experience - note the mis-use of the word "abduction" in this contact scenario

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV04z-1nH1Y - transmission from Ashtar Command (sub-group of GFOL)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg6VTzacb9I - ex Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer discloses many topics, Nordic GFOL races included

CE-5, or conscious contact, is a no-nonsense, no strings attached way of sitting down and calling upon your ET friends in calm meditation, it requires membership to no organization, no special belief-system, only the realization that you are a free soul in an infinite Universe. This brings you at least some contact with races from this Federation.

This information is under heavy attack because the Cabal stands no chance against a free, empowered population in contact with the Galactic Federation - a thing that is already happening in our govt to a higher and higher degree, according to twitter account @kabamur_taygeta.

Reposting this for newfags.

071458  No.5520158

File: f2d88c65ad2e93e⋯.png (700.27 KB, 594x636, 99:106, Ra.png)


I am aware of who this 'new IP' is, but I'll entertain you anyway, Kek.

Did you notice Obama and The Queen in this graphic?

Really? You may have wanted to check that out prior to posting this.

I Kek'd my ass off seeing that!

I guess we're trusting Hussein and The Lizard Queen now!

Just a friendly reminder… how many times have we heard "CE-5" and "conscious contact" from the same individual?

Proof of using multiple devices to drive you?

Speech patterns reveal everything.

You keep falling back to this narrative;

>This information is under heavy attack because the Cabal stands no chance against a free, empowered population in contact with the Galactic Federation

This is a projection and incorrect, once again the only thing you keep falling back on in your defense.

Anons have been encouraged to make contact, more than once.

The cabal does not fear Anons making contact or conscious contact, it doesn't threaten them at all.

The cabal is well aware that there is essentially a 0% chance these beings are going to land and tell you the full story face to face.

At best in this particular point in the timeline you're going to see crafts up to 1/4 mile or so.

This doesn't threaten their narrative, thus why Greer is pushing it so hard.

The cabal is baiting individuals to do these contact 'protocols' so that they get curious and fall back to Greer for further information because that's where they got the idea from initially.

CE-5 is a direct correlation to Greer, PRG, The Disclosure Project, the Rockefeller initiative, [Insert all other disinfo here] that's why I don't use the term.

I encourage all Anons to attempt to 'make contact".

Just be aware you could be fishing for alligators.

Once again, light and darkness exists all throughout the cosmos in all dimensions.

To think one or the other doesn't exist is the biggest Fool Card one can play.

All of our history shows undeniable proof when pieced together that most of our interactions have been with the negative ones.

Only a small amount of guidance from the positive ones until we 'figure it out' on our own.

You use the defense that Anons are attacking 'conscious contact' over and over again.

Just a coincidence, but recently recorded new videos by guess what, initiating contact with the mind alone.

Just a coincidence, recording not found anywhere else online, just like before when you stole videos and uploaded them;


You don't 'need' lasers to initiate contact, it just speeds it up;



The originals that you stole and uploaded without permission. Not found anywhere else on the internet prior to you stealing them;



All proof of 'Primary Source' contact. I also found it funny you kept linking those vids in the /pb in order to goad a reaction. You need to step up your game.

There you have it. 'Conscious contact' is not being attacked, in fact it's encouraged.

Just like all disinformation shills, they mix some truths with a lot of lies to bait you.

It's a classic tactic of the cabal.

"Anyone questioning Greerfag is attacking conscious contact".

Greershill is using his own projections of saying that anyone resisting him or his message is attacking 'conscious contact' when in reality its the fact we're pointing out the numerous glaring associations of cabal members and organizations.

The ridicule tactics of attacking anons who dig into history.

The ridicule / attacks on anons who piece together Q crumbs.

The ridicule / attacks on anons who point out information pertaining to negative ET's and their history with us.

The ridicule / attacks on anons who question anything you put on here.

Been over the target for a long Time.

Why do you keep seeing the 'Ra' references from single poster ID's on these threads?

Why do you think 'Ra' was included in that Jordan Klepper segment last year?

Why was Ra put in the center of the Dylan Louis Monroe map on the segment, with so few references to 'Ra' in Q posts?

It's because Anons are making the right connections.

I do not like to keep linking back to the other board for various reasons.

Anons find us if they were meant to.

We work in symbiosis, though on a much smaller scale.

I respect the work being done here.

We are not divisionfagging as perhaps previously thought, in fact quite the opposite.

Q Research is where crumbs are revealed organically relating to 'The Present'.

We focus more on 'Past / Future' - it's hard for some of us to live in the now.

No one is above another.

Think for yourself.

Do your own research.

Do not believe ANYTHING 100%.

Never let someone else DRIVE YOU.

>The light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

09d7bf  No.5520959


William Cooper audio talks about the "Red Line" project.

That lead me to


Is the SCP Foundation a front?

Or is it just good stories?


d77617  No.5521065


SCP stories are completely fictional. Some of them are inspired by genuine events but even a cursory study should make the LARP clear.

09d7bf  No.5521241


Thanks Fren

553510  No.5521307

File: 4caec92a2e9ea88⋯.png (398.52 KB, 570x663, 190:221, kab1.png)

File: 37a0388ee5352c4⋯.png (27.29 KB, 526x377, 526:377, kab2.png)

File: 204ea14515276a3⋯.png (14.73 KB, 526x215, 526:215, kab3arc.png)

Archons ? (pic3)

553510  No.5521481

File: 75f0a1119d62972⋯.jpg (127.52 KB, 960x544, 30:17, trumpangel.jpg)


I like this one. How about you RAclown?

e5b59b  No.5521759

File: b3e761c2013b2fa⋯.png (49.17 KB, 162x203, 162:203, 599810f82ef62814af228f97c3….png)

File: 39203c8b9413f6b⋯.jpeg (238.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, conehead.jpeg)


This Meme ( >>5518992 ) ha ha ha! I am glad this one was posted as I want to point out a few things. First, The purple cone head with the fucking Illuminati eye on his chest. As Anon said, Linking this to Obama and the Queen and other obvious cabal faggots is icing on the cake. What I really want to point out though is what I like to call the "pastel" alien pictures. There is a pile of these pastel alien cartoons out there. I have never found the ORIGINAL source for these things though. There is not a place where they come from. It is the same artist making them all but there is no place where they come from. I wonder where that place is? Anything pastel alien reeks of fuckwittery. This Galactic Federation of Light bullshit is radioactive cancerous HIV.


lies. Listen to all of Grier's talks he mentions being funded directly by the good guy rockefellers who are just so excited to release all this info. Grier says with his own traitorous hole that they gave him money. Post me another pastel cartoon but this time but those hot blonde pleadian bitches in it. That will convince me and others for sure this time.

PS. Anyone got the full image of this conehead woman somewhere? The location of the event? I didn't save it a while back thinking it was an obvious fake until I gave it a closer look. There are just too many conehead skulls for it to be fake IMO.

e5b59b  No.5521888


Agreed that SCP looks fake as fuck. As soon as I hear about the Psyonic energy being detected I know we are in magic mushroom land.

46389c  No.5522315

Had a recent hardware upgrade. Could BO or a BV check iphash to see if it's the same? Just looking for verification.

e5b59b  No.5522862

File: 105f2ffcdc70abc⋯.jpeg (303.47 KB, 2458x1843, 2458:1843, nugget.jpeg)


Checked and I agree completely. As for the gold mining idea, I have not been able to refute that ever. It really makes a lot of sense though with a single exception. (pure raw un-sourced guessing from this point on!) Would you not want to extract your gold in the most quick and efficient way possible? If so why the hell would they be waiting around for thousands and thousands of years watching us fumble around with gold pans and nonsense like that when they could have just accelerated our technology to the point where we could mine the planet quickly?

The only things that come to mind are secrecy. To explain this I imagine a situation where there are galactic laws against this type of exploitation. The powers that be (whatever those are) must be avoided so progression on this planet needs to proceed normally.

They can still gank gold out of our vault system though if they control the economy. The largest harvest ever will happen during a transfer from a gold standard to a fiat standard with a gold recall to a centralized banking system. Just like happened under Roosevelt.

How could we tell this is going on? We would need someone who really was balls deep in the banking and gold mining sectors as well as government movement of gold across all nations. Sounds like the IMF or World Bank to me as well as the UN.

These organizations are obviously cabal owned and controlled and would be able to make all of this happen. It would also behoove them to never return to a gold standard as when that happens there would be a glaring lack of the metal since most of it has been taken offworld.

Humans are here as unwitting gold miners for aliens is a possibility. The movie Cowboys and Aliens (we all know they hint about this shit in movies) kinda follows this idea as well as the LOOSH FARM story. (Movie called "I come in peace" with Dolf Lundgren was kinda along the Loosh line) Replace Loosh with gold and replace the whole psychic stuff with physical metal and it fits pretty well. >>5517500

7a8683  No.5522943


I don't believe a single word of Kabamur. He's never once provided anything to prove he's made contact. Just another Twitter LARP / attention grab.

e3be4f  No.5523430



>cancerous famefaggotry

color me suprised

58a1c3  No.5523629

File: 620b1843bf0eceb⋯.jpg (406.77 KB, 1470x1080, 49:36, lizard RA3.jpg)


Hello there "all knowing one"

708e8c  No.5523637

I am still the only anon to put up some fun proofs where is the rest of your evidence I know they are real since they come out at night for me to show all of you.

d77617  No.5523698


Some info on archons here


As for Kabamur, he's a "take it or leave it" guy. It's near-impossible to provide evidence of your comms, but telepathy exists and is available to those that make the effort and obey Creation's laws enough to make contact - that's the requirement for contact with positive ETs.


Can you elaborate?

d77617  No.5524056


This page should clear any and all doubts


>All works posted on this wiki, unless otherwise stated, are works of fiction. This is not a Roleplay site. The Foundation does not exist.

58a1c3  No.5524427


I guess we find out who the ET players are sometime soon.I trust DJT and Q.Until then just speculation.

7a8683  No.5524489


>Hello there "all knowing one"

WhO the fuck is an all knowing one? I simply stated I don't believe Kabamur because it's just a bunch flowery speculation. He doesn't have anything to prove any of what he's saying. It's just a bullshit LARP fishing for attention and followers. Zero proof of claims.


>obey Creation's laws enough to make contact - that's the requirement for contact with positive ETs.

Where are you reading this from? Where do you get this authoritative information? Tell me where you're getting your information from, CE5 fag? From those flowery pastel alien pictures with Barack Obama and the Queen of England?

84626a  No.5524893

File: b814f29d34137a7⋯.png (71.16 KB, 930x581, 930:581, Screenshot_2019-03-05 Q Re….png)

File: ae48981f6c0f634⋯.png (292.22 KB, 941x760, 941:760, Screenshot_2019-03-05 Q Re….png)


84626a  No.5526162

File: 96d96c71902fc83⋯.png (76.71 KB, 255x195, 17:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 238e97a6ba995af⋯.png (138.32 KB, 677x529, 677:529, ClipboardImage.png)


>You don't 'need' lasers to initiate contact, it just speeds it up;

be5c23  No.5528169

Let's consider what a placebo is in spirituality. What if you could experience pleasure unrelated to

the fixed parameters testing whether the experience of pleasure is real or not? Can you will yourself to feel?

Yes, obviously, but to what extent. Can your free will induce an experience of pleasure? Is input necessary

to cause such a thing?

What bounds exist to psychic processes? Can you definitely affirm such bounds?

Given those parameters what pleasure can be experienced? Accordingly, how is pain perception refactored. Thereby, how

is bodily catalyst control for.

Perfection is in the moment, is it? Can perfection be simulated? Maybe, definitely imitated. Given a focal anomaly, symbolizing

a dynamic process, can a placebo organize your feeling processes and extend into the collective unconscious? Is the real part of

our lives what it is physically or how we psyche-react to it? Sensory input makes the indefinite definitive. Simulating sensory input

and organizing according to a self-concept inducing some abstract testing of a placebo. Interesting, you need phi noise to have a signal.

Can you interact with other non-local perceptions and controls for bodily catalytic groupings without studying consciousness?

391828  No.5529995



I'm gonna draw your attention to some interesting data points in this cuteness here:

The name of the tool 'Ghidra' was defined on March 19 2015, in the AMC Intro titled 'Godzilla vs King Ghidorah' as one of three names for the 'god of the void'. Please note that the 19th was listed as an important date by Q. This extraterrestrial creature's official name is 'Yamatha no Orochi'. A pawn of various alien race seeking to subjugate Earth, this ancient entity destroyed venusian civilization and was originally colored 'green' but was eventually recast as gold for the animation. The creature was in various stories an astral world devouring black hole traveling entity who denies conventional physics and was worshipped by Gematron (gematria) mathematics followers because of what it could do. It could time travel and was a life force sucking entity that destroyed the dinosaurs and was well on its way to destroying humanity until Godzilla fixed it.

The idea 'god of the void' reminds me of the 'god of the gaps' trap that Christians (and I'm one) tend to fall into by assigning every currently unexplainable capability or technique to deity - meaning that God keeps getting smaller the more we study and learn unless we recognize that spirit and soul and consciousness to some degree and life itself are the stage in which God works - rather than hoping to find Him by study.

Note that throughout all the stories, Ghidra had the power of flight and the power of directed gravity beams.

The Thundercats are also extraterrestrial cat-like humanoids stranded on the third Earth (third rock) because their ships were destroyed by mutants. They use the sword of omens and also get stuck in astral prisons during battles with evil rulers on the Earth (reminds me of Caligastia from the Urantia Book).

Both are Japanese-American children's entertainment teaching about extraterrestrials, astral and non-physical realities, alternative physics, subjugation of the Earth by alien races who may be multidimensional, and that life, love, fidelity, and soul/spirit survive and persist in the face of entropic decay and corporeal death.

e98150  No.5530967

You guys, i just saw craft outside

There is an orange light that i've seen before in a particular position in the sky, but i've sworn i've seen them move before. What happened tonight was insane. It did start moving, abd then a bright white light was shining above the weaker orange light, the thing also had blinking lights on it, it looked like a triangle in the sky

It snaked up through the horizon and then it flew really close, then it flew past my house and i saw no light. Then a few moments after this, i saw the light in the familliar position, this time light blue

At one point, there were four lights of different sizes flying in coirdination with eachother, like it was tracing the outline of a massive object

008090  No.5531630

File: 8f7dbbee0fe3843⋯.jpg (270.28 KB, 2048x768, 8:3, Gatchaman-Crowds_GMC_2048x….jpg)


I remember watching an anime a few years ago about humans trying to deal with aliens…with the Internet.

JJ, a tall god-like alien, dressed in blue with a bird motif (lol), empowers individuals to fight aliens with power suits. He gives vague poetic clues as to where trouble is brewing but is largely inactive most of time. Fighting aliens directly doesn't work too well for the heroes and they beg JJ for help. The spunky new recruit, Hajime, realizes that treating JJ like a god and begging it to save everyone from the alien threat is fruitless. She initiates a movement to bring the efforts of the hero team into the public light to gather their support and build PR.

The villain, Berg Katze, is a red-haired alien that thrives on the misery of others. It infiltrates planets and sows discord among the citizens. It can impersonate any individual and recklessly gifts powers that are used irresponsibly by 'chosen' pawns. Its ultimate goal is to have civilizations destroy themselves through infighting. It's basically a superpowered internet troll that fears exposure most of all.

Social networks and the internet play a pivotal role in the defeat of the alien. The heroes start a movement to push back against the negative influence and use the powers Berg Katze granted in a positive manner. Ultimately, it is up to regular humans to stop fighting against each other and ignore attempts to sow discord.

In season 2, a cool, friendly alien named Gelsadra comes to Earth to promote peace and unity. He becomes Prime Minister of Japan. The problem is that he creates order by encouraging everyone to agree with each other and think the same way. Eventually the citizens of Japan relinquish their autonomy and vote to have Gelsadra do all the thinking for them. Dissenters are removed (not fatally but literally disappear) to maintain order. He is eventually removed from office but is forgiven, as he was well-intentioned.

I find this to be an interesting take on the Collective Consciousness. Even if we are all connected, we are still individuals. We are naturally somewhat chaotic but can still work together toward a greater good. Forgetting this would be forgetting part of what makes us human.

008090  No.5531688

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh yeah, it has a song which should be the theme of the Great Awakening or Q Movement.

d77617  No.5531722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If true, this proves they really like to show themselves to people who need that confirmation. Keep on searching anon, what you are seeing is a helping hand towards liberation.

(they are also wise and don't waste time on egoistic know-it-alls)

008090  No.5531919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If it's our guys doing that they have to be careful not to appear too obvious and cause people to crash on the highway. Will we one day have to close all the roads and tell people to step outside and get used to the spaceships?

cbbf96  No.5533717


ETs don't channel or talk to humans like he claims lol

6b418b  No.5534021

Patriots, what is the ultimate purpose behind the Jesuit/Roman Catholic/NWO/Freemason/Illuminati/Satanic cabal's actions? What US Government agencies have they infiltrated & controlled since WWII? Do they have "science" on their side? Why did the contemporary Vatican(Satanic worshipping) agree that science's theories on the big bang & infinite universe is NOT incompatible with the Bible….When CLEARLY evolution is directly contradictory to Genesis. What piece of literature is the most historically accurate, most widely supported by contemporaneous events, & tells the history-past, present, future of the earth in great detail? Which book did the Catholic church subvert to it's own laws and judgment of men? Why were public schools in the US prevented from teaching Creationism and other Biblical truths over "scientism" -which includes pseudo science that today remains unproven? Why do "they" the cabal promote everything that goes against teachings in the bible? Which US organization was formed after WWII with Nazis, Freemasons & Magicians? Why did the US government begin Operation Dominic & Operation FishBowl to send nuclear bombs high into the atmosphere after a secret expedition deep into Antarctica? There are no coincidences. What was found there? Why is the world's longest standing, unbroken treaty between many nations the Antarctic Treaty? What are they hiding there? Why can't just anyone form their own expedition to Antarctica? Why does the Roman Catholic Vatican own over half of the world's observatories? Why does NASA control all images of "space". How did NASA send men to the moon on less technology than is in a basic function hand held calculator? How did they make it through the VanAllen Radiation Belts? Why are all astronauts Free Masons? Why did they fake the moon landings? What does the Bible say about the moon in Genesis? Why is moonlight COLDER than moonshade? Why has history recorded dozens of solar eclipses when the moon appears risen elsewhere in the sky?(this history has been washed & cleansed) Have you ever seen the surface of water curve? Or does water always seek and remain level in a container? If the "universe" is ever expanding & we are spinning 1,000 miles per hour, while orbiting at 67,000 mph & hurtling through the milkyway at 515,000 mph (and wobbling on a 33.3 degree axis), yet the North Star remains fixed in it's position as all the other constellations circle around it for thousands of years?

Why is there no land & virtually NO LIFE south of 60 degrees latitude, while at 60 degrees North and above there is an abundance of land & animal & plant life? What is biblical cosmology & who & what erased & supplanted it? Who invented gravity & why? What is gravity? What % of the universe does "science" claim to have absolute knowledge of? (hint, it's less than 1%) Can a vacuum of space exist next to a pressurized oxygen rich atmosphere?

Dark to light.

Seek Truth or believe the programming they have tried to implant into all of humanity.

Fight back & arm yourselves with facts.

Sheep no more.






6574d1  No.5534326

How are we Told to explain the ancient technology that has been revealed throughout the planet, much of which can't be replicated or even understood to this day?

What if indigenous humans 'made it' to that point on their own and an outside influence reversed their progress.

What if aliens did not create us but actually conquered us, and then erased and rewrote our planetary history in order to keep the population under control.

Seriously, if technology was a 'gift' from aliens (as has been alleged) what curtailed the progress, literally returning humans to the stone age where we resorted to sticks, stones, and ultimately weapons of mass destruction to defend ourselves against imperialists?

Not exactly a benevolent gift from the overlords…

It's all just a silly theory of course, but one thing is true: Earth is a planet rich with natural and human resources. If there are planetary imperialists (and we know there are) why not expect galactic imperialists attempting to break down Earth's door, too.

d77617  No.5534843


incorrect and I am living proof they do

you literally have contact guides right here, buried inside the shilling

d77617  No.5534888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is not the first human civilization on this planet. Atlantis was more advanced than us.

Technology is not responsibly given to humans until they are ready. Positive ETs gave basic knowledge to primitve post-Atlantean civilizations like Greek and Sumerian ones about agriculture so they could survive, but negative ETs like greys gave more advanced technology (hint:

>>4890061 (pb))

in exchange for abduction rights during the Eisenhower adm. which they abused to no end until GFOL put a stop to it 20 years ago. Ike was pressured to do so by the Nazi Cabal controlled SSP, and one of the ways he resisted is vid related.

d77617  No.5534939


correction: me and MANY others, who keep this information private due to ridicule and conditioning.

afd97e  No.5535385


You did ask… Q has a sense of humor.

e98150  No.5535610


Even after all i had seen up until that happened, i still had doubt somewhere in me. After it happened, all doubt left me. It was the single most amazing experience of my life

e98150  No.5535665

I only came here to tell what happened to me because i knew this was the only place i could say anything about it without being met with immediate skepticism. But i had to get it out somehow

0a61e7  No.5536171


You're a liar, a faggot, and a shill. Provide proof of contact like the Ra dude. He wasn't afraid to post his videos and proof so why are you? Greerfag has no proof either just vids he takes off the net. Wheres all your proof? Wheres all your primary source contact videos? You're a slider and a shill. Waiting to jump all over this thread when it was made, just like the last bread when you faggots tried to control it. Saying you're a contactee is one thing, providing undeniable proof is another. Words are just words, text is just text, sauce or GTFO.


>ETs don't channel or talk to humans like he claims lol

Agreed completely. Funny how the obvious shills are pushing Kabamur on here, idn't it? Theres no FUCKING PROOF of ANY of his claims. Once again the dame speculative faggotry the cabal pushes to keep the confusion high.


>I don't believe a single word of Kabamur. He's never once provided anything to prove he's made contact. Just another Twitter LARP / attention grab.

It would be awesome if he provided some PROOF of contact (like the videos above) instead of just talking about the VOICES IN HIS HEAD. Asks yourselves why are the shills pushing Kabamur on here!? Fake and gay all the way!

d77617  No.5536265


Don't excuse your behavior, you know what you saw. Others will likely bully, discredit, attack or ignore you and that's okay. My sighting from 2011 was very similar to yours, also had larger white and smaller orange lights, I sent it Love (positive thoughts and intentions) and it gave me the Love back, for three days I felt the best in years!

7f64c1  No.5536327


There it is friends. Barely 10 minutes after posting and calling him out you see our pastel cabal alien CE5 fag d77617 posting. MONITORING THIS THREAD 24/7. PROOF shills are ALWAYS watching. Everyone has been onto you faggots since bread #3.

bf387e  No.5536736


>Everyone has been onto you faggots since bread #3.

I know, took you shills long enough to start attacking.

afd97e  No.5537071

File: 1a9b81100d40a84⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 500x340, 25:17, 090.jpg)



greerfags cancerous famefaggotry and the "Ra all knowing one" faggotry bullshit are slides. (((they))) admit to it. Filter and move on.

e98150  No.5537168


It wanted me to come with it, i could feel that it was starting to pull me off. But i told it that i needed just a week more, i have a few things very important to me happening in the next week or so, and that once i was done with that i would leave. It seemed to understand, but still gave me a nice little light show to remember it by

b9d0f8  No.5537981


>greerfags cancerous famefaggotry and the "Ra all knowing one" faggotry bullshit are slides. (((they))) admit to it. Filter and move on.

First of all, real anons don't filter anything. Not one thing. Yes, grierfag is a cancerous famefag. Secondly, the ra references have been realy interesting relating to Q posts. Not to mention hes posting videos proving contact where no one else is doing that on here. So now my question is, why are you attempting to force anons to filter? No one should filter anything. The other chan board that was linked is actually quite interesting, so now I'm wondering if you're attempt to force anons to filter and ignore serves a different purpose? Shouldn't anons read everything and make up their own minds? Shouldn't anons be allowed to think for themselves? So why are you attempting to censor? I also find it really interesting that all these 'ra' posts keep popping up from dynamic IPs. Now those are the ones that wreak of shillery. The guy with the ra picture from the jordan klepper show is posting stuff about history and q posts and quite frankly its interesting. So why are you telling people to filter and not read it? I think that only draws more attention to it. You seem pretty desperate to stop people from reading into Qs posts about ra.

ac155b  No.5538209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I posted a vid of Igor Kostelac before and now again another one. I follow him for a few years now. He is quite a character and got strange theories for new viewers for sure, but just give it a try. So there are a lot of comets and according to him some comets are causing a lot of shit happening on earth, like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, heavy weather, tornadoes, plane crashes etc. It will even go a step further, the comets are influencing us: mood, health, aggression, riots, war etc. The comets are closer to earth according to him, but if he is wrong then maybe the energy comes closer to us than science thinks/admits. I've seen a lot of predictions of him coming true, because when he got the right comet he follows the trajectory of the comet in his software program. At this moment the troublemaker is comet Africano.

> Igor's Nibiru is comet Catalina C/2013 US10

> also the comets could be something else

< Enjoy the show!:-)

afd97e  No.5538884


I think you should reread my post and look at the posts I'm referring to. (the ones with no you's)

I'm not falling for that idiot trying to badmouth the ra character. I'm calling them out for it.

>real anons don't filter.

KEK! some anons do and some anons don't, sticking "real" in there doesn't sell it any harder. that is a personal choice.

>force anons to censor…

How? It's a recommendation only - anons can make up their own minds. I provide information only.

>you seem pretty desperate to stop people from reading into Q's posts about ra.

Not in the slightest.

b9d0f8  No.5539558


Anons can misinterpret, text is a bitch. Sometimes anons jump to conclusions. Just too much fuckery with all these ra references on here, noticed it on previous breads and on that other chan board. The attacks are coming from shills and thats pretty clear at this point. Noted, anons should read twice before speaking. Calmly explained friend, you have the patience of Job.

bf387e  No.5539819


This guy is a FE advocate and also thinks master Jesus is somehow Satan. I'll pass

ac155b  No.5540961


Another shape, not flat and he is not religious… filter what you don't like to hear.

391828  No.5541028


Thanks, I'll check it out.

On a different but related topic, my consciousness quip might well another god of the gaps challenge, I hope not but I'm not going to lose my faith over it is it turns out that consciousness arises from things having nothing to do with Elohim. Strange though that today we have a battle of ideas shaping up if they can get through the infernal review board discussions.


609e72  No.5542164

File: dac85fa5e5c5a61⋯.jpg (117.16 KB, 640x557, 640:557, gantz-room-of-truth-aliens….jpg)

File: b177bf2b7986f0b⋯.jpg (152.97 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, Gantz.jpg)

8de0c8  No.5542400

File: fa5ce853812e49c⋯.jpg (122.72 KB, 962x888, 13:12, 2AAB124F00000578-3169457-C….jpg)

File: c6ed38ccd3c1730⋯.jpg (262.46 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Wallis Edward Hitler.jpg)

File: d89ff59e8f36c8f⋯.jpg (98.31 KB, 634x482, 317:241, Edward VIII & Joseph Goebb….jpg)

e98150  No.5546107

I'm the anon from last night that said he saw lights in the sky

I have no idea what greer is but it sounds fucking gay.

The lights came back tonight and i have video of them

f3f4fc  No.5546431

File: 95bbd678646ea90⋯.jpg (403.78 KB, 1576x664, 197:83, QE2.jpg)

bf387e  No.5546515


Post it if you want

693cd7  No.5547094


Ayylmaos are envious of our innate abilities that will be Awakened, such as higher memeing.

693cd7  No.5547525

File: 555ed96bdbea028⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 350x431, 350:431, tws.jpg)


So, does this mean that there are good lizards? Are we going to have to wait until the worldwide swamp is drained to meet any of the good apples? Also, ayyylmaos are going to need some good PR because many people think they are demons.

cbbf96  No.5548093


lmao you don't even know what being you're speaking to or where it's from…

Draconians have literally blocked all outside communication to this planet

do you know what implants are? the Moon?

you only can speak to what they want, whether it's a random lower level being or someone pretending to be someone they aren't…

no angels, archangels, ETs, gods/goddesses, or God Himself channel or telepathically communicate to anyone. get it through your head. we have all been played.

cbbf96  No.5548130


there are plenty of Earth-born Dracos who want to live peacefully with humans yes, but they're probably the minority

e5b59b  No.5548696


>I have no idea what greer is but it sounds fucking gay.

You are among friends here. Post your vid with no identifying info and we will dig on it a bit. I and others here have seen stuff without doing anything but take a piss or go look at stars with friends. I have seen 2 different types of UFO actually which is pretty fucking wild.

5957ae  No.5549039

File: 2b7bdcffcfe3d40⋯.jpg (12.16 KB, 640x384, 5:3, screengrab1.jpg)

I saw a draco a few day ago with a friend, but all we had was cell phones and even zoomed in it was hella blurry. We took a photo instead of video to get a higher quality shot. People keep trying to tell me it was a bird, ignoring the fact its bigger than a car/the trees around it & has arms coming out of the shoulders hanging down not feet hanging from the back end like a bird.

5957ae  No.5549051

File: d80c15e0e6ac992⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 360x480, 3:4, screengrab2.jpg)

e5b59b  No.5549241


Can't say I got better. Sadly my pic was simply a white dot an a blue background Which was really frustrating because the thing was cigar shaped and had no wings. Same problem. Cell phone camera. I have never heard of such a creature though nor seen a good pic of one.

5957ae  No.5549293

File: ca0d51aed123db9⋯.jpg (312.01 KB, 1540x460, 77:23, shm.jpg)

Dragon literally following me around outside vegas. We are all having experiences anons, you just have to open your eyes and walk the path your self. greeirfag and others are trying to steal your telepathy from you and put it into a box and stick a TLA label on it for their narrative.

Schumann is going crazy and demons are coming from the heavens. I feel like we are truly living the old supposed Chinese curse but in biblical sense. "May you live in interesting times". I used to think church was just silly stories.

e5b59b  No.5549303


Oh!! and don't shoot them with a laser. I did that and after 2 or 3 times never saw them again. Granted its been cloudy like every single day since then so I haven't been looking but on the rare clear nights I didn't see any while standing around outside. Probably best to NOT shoot them with a laser pointer though just on principal as it may not be a good idea. I flashed them a few times every time hoping they would reciprocate but they never did. Anyway keep looking man!

e5b59b  No.5549341


I keep seeing these charts around all the time. I don't know what I am looking at though. I live in a fairly remote area and there is never ever anyone here but me and the fam. I rarely leave either so that is probably why I haven't seen much lately. Looking forward to some clear skies and a doobie here soon.

e5b59b  No.5550259


Good info here on Voat. Kinda slow-coming but some talk about aliens and the Roths being aliens at the end of this post. I thought you would all appreciate it as it pretty much is in line with a lot of stuff I have read here.

071458  No.5550367

File: 9a977b6c971f745⋯.jpg (190.92 KB, 1200x568, 150:71, Aristotle - Educated Mind.jpg)

File: f1b1719e6549eed⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, Aristotle - Critical Think….jpg)

File: 81ff5607e472341⋯.jpg (205.95 KB, 651x654, 217:218, Galileo.jpg)

File: 21d8e512197a8f0⋯.jpg (92.54 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Plato - Dare to tell the t….jpg)

File: 3b5ac61e949db90⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 800x686, 400:343, Socrates - True Wisdom.jpg)

The following compilation of videos present information pertaining to all of the topics we've discussed in previous breads, as well as Q's crumb about gold. It is of no surprise that whenever this information is mentioned on these breads it is met with extreme opposition, ridicule and attacks. Always has been. We are steered back to the mainstream narrative and the /badactors/ chosen to tell us truth from fiction. As with all things, do your own research, think for yourself, and never forget the 1st rule to The Law of Wisdom. Don't ever believe anything 100%. As soon as you believe something 100%, you no longer allow any new knowledge into your Sphere of Wisdom.

The Anunnaki Series;








Mark Passio - How The Annunaki Created Humans As A Slave Species To Mine Gold 400.000+ years ago pt2


Why is Gold So Valuable? Suppressed History Anunnaki Connections


Anunnaki Gold - Necessity and Aquisition


Michael Tellinger Annunaki Gold Human DNA Slave Species Awakening 2012


The Final Secrets of the Anunnaki and the Golden Fleece with Marshall Klarfeld


Why Anunnaki Came to Earth from Nibiru


The Secrets of Monoatomic Gold use in Ancient Sumeria


The Anunnaki Are Still Here! More Secrets from the Gold Miners of Nibiru w/ Marshall Klarfeld


Wars of the Anunnaki! Secrets from the Gold Miners of Nibiru with Marshall Klarfeld


Alien Gold. Why Extraterrestrials Mining Earth Gold? What Anunnaki Doing With Gold? Why We Love It? (Might be hard for some to follow w/ accent)


The hidden history of humanity;


75000 Year Old Ancient Secret That Changed the Human Race Forever


New Sumerian Clay Tablets Documentary 2018 Incredible Puzzling Secrets


Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens.

Take from it what you will.

Remove what you feel is unnecessary.

Add something unique of your own.

I expect more attacks.

I expect to be ridiculed.

I expect more opposition.

For it only strengthens the message.

No one is above another, and each and every one of you has something unique to add to this equation.

You're all Superheroes… if you believe in yourself.

>I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino


56352a  No.5551673

File: 0db0023a8bcf88f⋯.jpg (149.62 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, botcrap.jpg)

hello ALICE ext[RA] Soooooo many amazing posts

2eebc3  No.5555190

File: d9e21089b057f0d⋯.jpg (94.25 KB, 252x474, 42:79, With Hitler.jpg)

File: 92ba7cc690b6be8⋯.jpg (213.95 KB, 1578x998, 789:499, nazis-bush.jpg)

File: 894fc5ae242910d⋯.jpg (38.1 KB, 438x554, 219:277, Churchill Eisenhower.jpg)

File: 5178f2d4c16cb1d⋯.jpg (52.24 KB, 277x370, 277:370, George Herbert Walker.jpg)

File: d42fdcba9276913⋯.jpg (20.02 KB, 350x437, 350:437, Prescott Bush.jpg)

2eebc3  No.5555242

File: 1d33effbbf3f857⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Booz Allen Hamilton.jpg)

File: 4b1566eac174b85⋯.jpg (70.03 KB, 250x344, 125:172, Brzezinski Mark.jpg)

File: 1a836495cbc2a44⋯.png (617.09 KB, 970x647, 970:647, Liar liar.png)

File: a4c20eef50beb49⋯.jpg (126.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snowden.jpg)

File: 2137d863dd3882d⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 446x258, 223:129, Q post 742.jpg)

McLean Virginia

bf387e  No.5555292

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>So, does this mean that there are good lizards?

Yep, vid related. Vrillon is a positive reptilian from GFOL.

bf387e  No.5555315

File: d533e6d70d2fde5⋯.jpg (462.23 KB, 1754x1594, 877:797, obr4407.jpg)


This info is 20+ years old, and even during that time GFOL was present, because negative aliens were disrespecting the free will of surface humans. You're basically right, implants do slow down contact very much, that's why it's needed to put extra work to clean yourself up for positive ET contact. Positive spirituality cleans up evil, fast.


>cigar shaped

Pretty common shape, I wonder why.

7daa04  No.5556113


>Yep, vid related. Vrillon is a positive reptilian from GFOL

Not even the slightest bit of sauce or proof to say Vrillon is a reptilian. More likely Pleiadian. Why are you attempting to make this seem like Dracos sent the message? Do you have anything aside from speculation to collaborate this suggestion? Anything at all? Pure doubt that was Dracos.

Also to note this 'Galactic Federation of Light' crap. Never once mentioned in the video so nothing to substantiate your claim. 'Ashtar Galactic Command' was stated and nothing more. Once again this 'GFOL' slogan is a bandwagon hop from all the new age disclosure websites and orgs. GFOL is a fabrication, also something the fake and gay pastel alienfags are pushing on us. Just once I want to see proof of this 'GFOL' term. Otherwise call it what it is, the Ashtar Galactic Command.


>Pretty common shape, I wonder why.

Negative ETs. Orion group. Lacerta files. Law of One. Generally a sense of fear and dread when the cylinders are around.


>hello ALICE >ext[RA]

Common theme that keeps popping up. These [Ra] messages from single post IP's. Not to mention right after a bombshell post of mega sauce on the Anunaki. So… Once again we see clowns waiting to attack certain messages. I am guessing the new projection now is anyone who bringd up these kinds of digs are going to be labelled as a bot handler? The funny thing is the more the clowns do this the more attention it brings to the subject. So clowns, please keep using the dynamic IP's and keep making Ra references, yes, that will make all this disappear. Lol you faggots aren't getting paid enough to shit up the bread, we can all figure out whats going on. I guess its time for another Greer / CE5 post telling us to ignore history and negative interdimensional beings or maybe its time for another fake and gay pastel alien picture from contactees of the "Galactic Federation of Lies". Sauce faggots, give us sauce and videos of your contacts or fuck off.

bf387e  No.5556958

File: 67083a55856b5a1⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, conditions for contact.jpg)


Here are the guidelines for making your own positive ET contact, as for video proof the ce-5 guy posts it regularly so check the past breads for that.

Word of advice, you'll get no contact with an egoistic know-it-all mindset like that. Since you've got it all figured out apparently, why would you need proof at all?

525c9a  No.5557875

you guys here are smart, my thread is being forum slided and brigaded by shills. will you help me out a bit? if not its ok too.


56ebaa  No.5558046


that name is fake. so is ashtar. more bullshit

56ebaa  No.5558064


GFOL is 100% real, but they aren't coming here at all lol…

Ashtar is fake and gay, why do you think "he" always says that they're coming to save you? So you sit back and do nothing

56ebaa  No.5558126


dude. no human on the planet can actually talk to real ETs. as much as you wanna believe that evil ETs (the ones actually in control; evil Draconians) have been taken care of, trust me they aren't.

071458  No.5558873

File: d4fa5646a3b99e8⋯.jpg (21.22 KB, 363x500, 363:500, Common Sense.jpg)


>I guess its time for another Greer / CE5 post telling us to ignore history and negative interdimensional beings or maybe its time for another fake and gay pastel alien picture from contactees of the "Galactic Federation of Lies". Sauce faggots, give us sauce and videos of your contacts or fuck off.

Did anyone else notice the irony of this post >>5556958 popping up right after >>5556113 ? Really? We've already seen these rules /pb and the entire contingent of Anons have already called them out. I actually laugh pretty hard seeing this graphic and CE-5 pop up right after that post.

>Here are the guidelines for making your own positive ET contact, as for video proof the ce-5 guy

(Broken record Anon).

We know you're using multiple devices.

When your primary 'CE5 Anon' device stops posting, we see the exact same repetitious information posted over and over again with different devices.

At this point it is very clear what methods you are using to slide the bread.

You are attempting to induce subliminal primers and imprinting on the subconscious of everyone reading.

Once again, these 'rules' are a creation of a human being.

Reply to these rules from /pb;


You do not need to follow any of these 'rules' for a contact experience.

Read these 'rules', think for yourself, make your own decision based on logic.

I do not follow these rules, and I've been making contact for going on 5 years now on a semi-regular basis.

Anons are being force fed a narrative of what is required to make contact, and it's all lies.

All that matters is you are free from doubt, free from fear, and your mind / body / heart is in the right place.

No meditation, no lasers, no rules, no Greer, no mainstream gurus, no CE5 protocols, no so-called insiders with ZERO proof of contact.


>Ashtar is fake and gay, why do you think "he" always says that they're coming to save you? So you sit back and do nothing

In the message it did not state that 'Ashtar' was going to do everything for us so sit back and wait, I do not agree with your statement.

In the 1977 broadcast interruption it stated that the paths to the higher realms of evolution will only be shown to those who learn to live in peace and work together with one another.

As well, there was a secret study in the 1950's of MILINT of people receiving radio broadcasts from 'Ashtar' and the 'Ashtar Galactic Command'.

'Ashtar' radio transmissions far predate the 1977 broadcast interruption.

(Yes, I am aware of that too Q).

As far as the Galactic Federation of Light, there is nothing esoteric to insinuate the probability of existence of this 'term' in particular. It is a fabrication of human beings, though mind you this broadcast interruption in 1977 may very well have been a fabrication of human beings as well.

Question all things.

Always keep an open mind.

Take nothing at face value.

I do believe that 'out there' in the cosmos there is a contingent of benevolent ET's working together, mathematically nearly impossible for it not to be so.

Whether they call themselves 'The Galactic Federation of Light' is another story.

All things must be verified with proof, until then it is mere speculation and conjecture.

Time reveals all.

>dude. no human on the planet can actually talk to real ETs. as much as you wanna believe that evil ETs

It is not a statement of arrogance, but I am convinced that I have more on-going contact than the rest of the planet right now.

More than anyone outside of Solar Warden or the ultra secret black budget MIL/MILINT projects dealing with directly interacting with these beings.

Q knows this, Q is well aware of my interactions based upon all of my personal comms (and other things), and Q is absolutely aware of the interactions with Solar Warden and 'others'.

If there are benevolent beings working with US MIL, then they would definitely acknowledge my repeated contact experiences.

No one else can prove such numerous repeated contact experiences as a single individual.

They keep coming back to me.

I've seen mind blowing things that would keep most people awake at night.

There's a reason I speak of duality of the nature of the cosmos.

There's a reason I urge others to think outside the box.

There's a reason I state I am unsure of the nature of these beings and their intentions, though every interaction has been incredibly positive and exhilarating.

There's a reason I caution all anons to never believe anything 100%, nor to take ANYTHING you hear at face value from mainstream disclosure television shows, websites or individuals who push this material.

These beings do not land and give us the full story.

They are waiting for humanity to rediscover the true history of our past, and piece it together.

They are waiting for us to make the right connections.

>Doctor(s) treating. - Q

47ae5f  No.5559449


Now that everyone finally knows how cool, unique and special you are, can you take a break from sucking your own dick and share some info you have (supposedly) gathered, preferably without being a massive faggot in the process?

949bdb  No.5559911


Ashtar son of Ishtar cousin of Coaltar nephew of Pinetar yes

ac33c1  No.5560674

File: c1f9dfd318f86fb⋯.png (283.22 KB, 768x368, 48:23, ClipboardImage.png)

For those interested in digging DUMB's:

It doesn't look too far off from distribution center/airport equipment so take it with a grain of salt.


9f1095  No.5562981


And what are the chances that a negative post from a single post ID# show up right after the previous guy posted. Looks like one anon is being attacked for posting anything on here. Kek. I for one appreciate the fact that someone is sharing their experiences (and proof) of contact on here just for the anons and not trying to spread it all over the internet for fame and notoriety. No wonder this guy keeps getting attacked, the shit he says makes sense. Think for yourself, don't believe everything you hear, believe in yourself… Yeah that makes you a massive faggot eh? Think not. The shillfags don't want you doing any of that. I appreciate the philosophy, and I hope to see more contact vids in the future! Love watching all this unfold on here, shills are the best proof anons are digging the right digs in Q posts. Keep your head up friends, bigly shit is habbening soon!

4addb9  No.5563072


why leave out the part about Draconians?

da41f6  No.5563823


>Think for yourself, don't believe everything you hear, believe in yourself… Yeah that makes you a massive faggot eh? Think not. The shillfags don't want you doing any of that. I appreciate the philosophy, and I hope to see more contact vids in the future! Love watching all this unfold on here, shills are the best proof anons are digging the right digs in Q posts

Been lurking since the start.

Same common recurring trends happening.

The one thing I've noticed is that anytime 'ra' is mentioned the shills basically go into an all out panic mode.

Shit seems crazy… like something they really don't want anons digging into.

Definitely think it goes back to that eye of ra and pineal gland stuff mentioned in the last thread… seems like the most hardcore knowledge they don't want the public finding out about.

Love you MASSIVE faggots!

c8f9e9  No.5564069

File: e7c2ffca732b54d⋯.jpg (92.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, rectumXrays_cellPhone.jpg)

693cd7  No.5564572


The division in these threads is remarkable. The Q team has their work cut out to guide us and the rest of humanity toward the truth.

375cf2  No.5565796


I'll take that as a 'no'

3d35bf  No.5565810

File: b84a3f28db08e90⋯.jpg (376 KB, 1470x1080, 49:36, lizard RA6.jpg)

File: 162ba224e32f008⋯.jpg (165.02 KB, 1271x1572, 1271:1572, zuckRAsmall.jpg)

ALICE is Deep State AI system designed to police internet for anything that threatens the cabal.ALICE is here now posting. "RAanon or [RA] or RAclown is one of the most active shillbots on this board,responsible for most posts on /truthlegion/, and in this thread. The subject of the meaning of Ra in Egyptian mythology seems to be a REAL SORE SPOT for this clownbot crew. I make memes about meaning of Egyptian Ra just to piss off ALICE and observe reactions. FUCK YOU ALICE.

391828  No.5565892


Agreed. We have a challenge ahead of us to bring peace without forcing a narrative on anons and normies at different developmental levels.


It's pretty good to keep an open mind about Ra and the Ra Material. Pretty good information for helping build a worldview. I like the Urantia Book as well. Throw in Christianity and Zoroastrianism and some extra studies in the million gods of India and your neuroplasticity will stay 'like a little child'. Ha!


Interesting challenge! So there are two schools of thought on this (that aren't actually mutually exclusive though my equation really makes people mad): First, prepare people for the truth so they don't go in blind. Makes sense. Second, don't expect people to be evil because just let than half the universe may well reflect the evil that you expect, because you expect it. Harder to see but read the Urantia Book discussions on 'Seraphic recorders,' Majeston, or the 'Reflective Spirits' for an understanding of what this means. My sense is that practicing experiencers should be aware things may go wrong and be prepared but fully expect everything to go well and even give the benefit of the doubt to 'people who aren't like you are',


I believe you've experienced stuff anon. What rules do you follow? There has got to be protocol you use.

>All that matters is you are free from doubt, free from fear, and your mind / body / heart is in the right place.

So what do you do to be 'free from' doubt or fear? How do you get mind, body, heart in the 'right place'? Can you benchmark what 'right place' means for you so anons testing your guidance can see what's going on? Pretend I'm not an experiencer. Pretend I'm a normie. Recommendations? Names? Places? Patterns of thoughts? Vitamins? Meat or no meat? All kinds of facts can be tested… Would help us all if we could all learn the same stuff and pass the same messages to our families and friends.


People like to make fun sometimes, I'm sorry. Thank you for sharing light and love and gentleness.


Notable, I'm not a voter but notable for all the links trying together the past few breads! Good work.

3d35bf  No.5566194

File: 27f7083979e77a9⋯.jpg (44.93 KB, 474x675, 158:225, krusty talkie.jpg)


Typical ALICE bot post. Long and confusing, overtly authoritarian. No sense of humor.

391828  No.5566257



Ran into this in school, 30 billion years ago.


9ccfff  No.5567347


Love this thread. Bottom line: we're all connected. Don't confuse that with universal agreement. We don't all agree. But, as ideas fly all around, REMEMBER ANONS, we are all connected. For myself, I try to keep it civil, try to be thoughtful using a Socratic approach, and try to love and understand everyone.

I'm pretty sure that acknowledging the above is not mutually exclusive with recognizing that there is profound evil out there.

The good souls among us connect to repel this evil. These good souls don't have to all "agree." Indeed, we fight for our individual and responsible freedom. God willing, these good souls among us will strive to be civil.

be5c23  No.5568486


I get confused whether the lights are weapons preventing one from grounding oneself in a reality outside the common vibrational domain or a form of ET contact.

Sometimes lights appear too conveniently when a critical affirmation is needed. Other times seeing the lights disperse is helpful to study mass-movements.

If there is a point where an experience of god is a manifestation of objective light and our illusion is light it sort of makes sense to attempt to limit the domain and access to higher density thought which regulates the environs where most conscious choices are made.

e5b59b  No.5569281

File: 497d85e0d628177⋯.png (240.62 KB, 840x451, 840:451, huge.png)

File: 60adb9c1f7266e2⋯.png (317.67 KB, 983x962, 983:962, Screenshot from 2019-02-05….png)

File: 4bb3515ba6f0722⋯.png (228.55 KB, 960x932, 240:233, Screenshot from 2019-02-05….png)

File: 715449a00e5c5f5⋯.png (329.6 KB, 951x923, 951:923, Screenshot from 2019-02-05….png)

File: 3326fc37522cc8e⋯.png (289.09 KB, 959x914, 959:914, Screenshot from 2019-02-05….png)

As Promised, Astronauts and Presidents talking about aliens. If yall aliens are out there stop by for a steak off the grill and a doobie any time. We would love to have ya as long as you are not intergalactic assholes.

e5b59b  No.5569306



de36f4  No.5569358

Has anyone looked into cunieform tablets?

ac33c1  No.5573914

File: 4de1e33bb4233fd⋯.png (799.88 KB, 768x526, 384:263, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee6ca6ae3a1ddfa⋯.png (693.54 KB, 1885x495, 377:99, ClipboardImage.png)


As far as?

Here is the The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature



46b3a2  No.5574376


I can't wait for Q to get deeper into these topics once the time is right.

46b3a2  No.5574850

File: 5d20005dde364f9⋯.jpg (817.67 KB, 1120x4048, 70:253, 672e31668c4c9763ddc29eeb6f….jpg)


One pic version

391828  No.5581960






be5c23  No.5589342

I wonder if other anons realize the yogic system hidden in the tarot. You can apprehend light without mudras, dogma or technology.

The study of interconnectedness is pretty interesting. External symbols only get you so far. Making study of how the light effects the 'lines of force' of the bio-energy fields means using internal symbols.

The 'only' interesting thing about brightness is how it illuminates. Who gets to say what the dark is anyway?

Possibly the lack of vital energy of the mass reduces the amount of conscious recall of higher energy state experiences. Because the 'inertia' of higher states would disarrange most conscious belief and behavior patterns. So as people wake up the amount of vital energy able to connect fragmented states will increase as codependently so does the cohesiveness of consciousness which is necessary for conscious contact with higher energy states

aec0f6  No.5602000

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ask yourself one simple question.

What would happen to the deep state establishment if WE THE PEOPLE bypass world governments by making contact with ET civilizations via 'CE5' protocols?

What questions will scientists ask when they see UFO's with their own eyes?

-How are they getting here?

-What is the propulsion system?

-Do they use exxon jet fuel?

-Do they use free energy?

-Does the deep state already have these technologies?

-Medical applications?



592feb  No.5609731


Search Killary and Podesta's emails on Wikileaks for UFO and Extraterrestrial Its pretty fun.

ac33c1  No.5638530

File: f5a0a0e48601232⋯.png (1.22 MB, 2100x2100, 1:1, AnnunakiFlowChartVer1.0.png)

File: a42a910c0e297aa⋯.png (633.83 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, SevenEves.png)

Continuing along the Gold/Ra/Anunnaki dig and Sitchin's work:

The family tree is a bit confusing at times, so I've begun mapping it out a bit.

The Earth commander, Enlil, is in charge of the gold production. His half brother Enki created mankind and their sister, Ninhursag raised the first Adamu from her own body, mixing DNA from hominids found on Earth already.

They noticed the hominids used their hands and decided they had potential as a slave race to alleviate the complaints of the Anunnaki that were mining in the Abzu, or Africa.

After the first Adam several Anunaki females were asked to surrogate more humans. Seven brought forth seven males, then seven females.

Seven Eves.

There is a book by Neal Stephenson named Seveneves.

It's about humanity in space after a disaster involving the moons disintegration and genetic splicing that ends in seven females carrying on humanity in a hollowed out asteroid. (I haven't read it in a while. May have a detail a bit fuzzed.)

I've pulled from several sources. These two are the current primaries:



e00fce  No.5638591

I hope the downtime in this thread has been that of self reflection and rediscovery of all that has been shared in this bread and the previous leading up to it.

Much has been shared… Perhaps more than we know.

If you go back through all of this, and observe the shills (CE5 Anon, Don't look here Anon, Follow these rules and only these rules for contact Anon, Ignore all history Anon, Burn all negative ET literature Anon, Don't eat meat Anon we want you WEAK Anon, Do as I say Anon, Elitest follow my protocols for contact Anon, Elitest I have real CE5 encounters Anon so only listen to me Anon, Follow the mainstream badactors Anon, Dracos don't exist Anon, Ridicule the 'Pine Cone' pineal gland Anon so you don't look into it Anon, Ignore the Vatican Anon, Anyone who questions CE5 Anon is RA anon because they seek the truth ANON)

- Yep, it paints a picture. It paints the most beautiful picture of finding your way to the truth. Shills have a very specific mission on these boards. It is to instill an authority, it is to ridicule anyone who steps near the truth. It is to divide Anons. It is to attack FIRST and call others faggots, then later call themselves 'Light Workers' here to help humanity. Remember, the shill will always contradict themselves.

Funny how the CE5 spam has slowed down since others have reduced their posting frequency. (Its always been a distraction to stop you from digging, its always been a distraction to make you think you need to follow Greer and his protocols for contact).

Now… Are we going to see some 'New Ips' and some more CE5 rhetoric pop up after this message? Hasn't failed yet ;)

e3076f  No.5638834


Waah X is a massive shill look at this shill while I never post any content whatsoever anon is my fav, I wonder when he stops posting

e3076f  No.5638849

I will now project ALL my fixed ideas about things and claim X anon is a total shill because I can't read or research for myself

e3076f  No.5638860

Reading with comprehension? FUCK THAT SHIT JOSE a sentence doesn't resonate with me so I'll circlejerk for 5 threads in a row and strut around like I'm the God, Master and Lord of everything disclosure related ever

e3076f  No.5638909

One thing Corey Goode said in his article somewhere rings very true. His insider contact, Sigmund, said something along the lines "Disclosure is in such a sad state it's almost irreparable."

Thankfully personal disclosure through own research and actions is always a way, but it requres an effort outside of what most ego-driven anons can achieve in their current state.

2b18c8  No.5639019


Beholden not

to the quest at hand

the forerunner of Destiny’s unfoldment.

I bring to the fore a promise

a golden dream from long-forgotten chasms

the Chalice of Hope

the Holiest Grail

Cup of Remembrance.

Drink deep from the well of Truth’s memory

your reward to be knighted

as true soldiers of seeking.

Lay upon the table now your weapon of old

for the battle of realities to take hold

this world of worlds cannot be denied

and all hearts pure in the knowing arrive.

excerpt “Chalice of Pleiades”

da41f6  No.5642453


>Now… Are we going to see some 'New Ips' and some more CE5 rhetoric pop up after this message? Hasn't failed yet ;)





A message like this appeared earlier about CE5 fags and pastel alien pictures popping up… and voila, it habbens right after! Now what do we see again!?!?





Circle talk slide faggits and;


A link back to CE5 fags post.

Anons, The shills are making it OBVIOUS.

If you talk about anything factual;

>Facts matter. - Q

You get the SAME slides and diversions back to CE5 fag.

Proof after proof!

fb8e00  No.5642696

When I began to wake up in 2010, there was so many areas of interest in the paranormal field.

Lots of theories flying around from alien invasion, to earth changes and earth cataclysms, from a meteor, from a CME, from flooding, from an earthquake, all sorts of shit that did not come true.

Then at the time if you read anything that was supposedly from aliens it was about peace and love, usually.

Then if you study all of the stuff the dark magicians do, it's fear, pain, sith lord type stuff.

Naturally whatever is not doing sithlord stuff I'll go read about. After spending time in this field, the most basic thing they want to keep from the people is a true spiritual awakening where you gain a connection to the holy spirit, which cannot be done in the traditional Christian sense. It can only be done in the mystical sense.

People will say that talking about spirituality is off topic when talking about ETS.

People will say that talking about ETS has nothing to do with spirituality.

They will try to divide you, with any excuse they can get away with, I tell you what. ALL SENTIENT BEINGS, are God's Children, and like most children, they love the Father.

There are however some children in the playground, who reject the Father. There are good apples and there are bad apples, the good apples out number the bad ones. The good ones will not interfere with our sovereignty our free will, they support republicanism.

The bad ones, are still here.

Example? Sauce?

20.7 ▶ Questioner: Just as a sideline, a side question here: Is the physics of Dewey Larson correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The physics of sound vibrational complex Dewey is a correct system as far as it is able to go. There are those things which are not included in this system. However, those coming after this particular entity, using the basic concepts of vibration and the study of vibrational distortions, will begin to understand that which you know of as gravity and those things you consider as “n” dimensions. These things are necessary to be included in a more universal, shall we say, physical theory.

At the time of the writing of the Law Of One, it was not widely accepted that there are multiple dimensions, just the one physical dimension we find ourselves in.

Law of One was channeled, written in 1981. IT was not until 2001


future proves past.

This was discovered. Scientists discovered the template for what could reconcile the existence of multiple dimensions by a base geometry that created all dimensions.

People will try to tell you this is not related to that, and that is not related to this, because they want to keep you separated from putting the pieces together.

Put the pieces together, and the sum is greater than all of it's parts combined.

None of the craft flying around Earth belong to ETS, most of them are ours, backwards engineered, and carrying out an intergalactic slave trade that the Nazis Run.

Be careful who you follow. People who have shady histories and sold out and/or worked with the Rockefellers or Rothschilds are probably compromised.

There is division sown in every community because this doesn't relate or that doesn't relate, this is a symptom that will always happen to people that do not see the full picture. This has always been a war between Good and Evil.

Evil will always seek to suppress anything that does not agree with it.

fb8e00  No.5642757

File: 5eb6b9e792cd073⋯.jpg (690.61 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, vatican-pop-francis_wide-8….jpg)


>The bad ones, are still here.

>Example? Sauce?

They are all sitting in the mouth of the Snake. Soul energy offering.

37b2f0  No.5643498


you fags are angels, giving him free (deserved) publicity.

CE-5 fucking works, you shill fuck.

fdff79  No.5643521


Once again, the problem is CE5 works. Gives credit to Greer. Steers you back to Greer. Keeps Greer in the spotlight. Keeps fake and gay disinfo in the spotlight. This has been reiterated many many times by wiser anons than you on this board.

fdff79  No.5643544

Make contact on your own terms. Fuck Greer, fuck CE5, fuck The Rockefeller Initiative, Fuck Podesta, Fuck mainstream disclosure.

37b2f0  No.5643563


I have to agree with this completely

37b2f0  No.5643586

Just don't call it "CE-5" then if it's such a big deal.

76e1fb  No.5644645

File: 646d1ad6613d44e⋯.png (126.17 KB, 382x500, 191:250, 646d1ad6613d44e9903b5c8c31….png)


What if Greer endorses QAnon?

What if Greer turns on Hillary/Fake Disclosure?

Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

Trust yourself.

Do your own research.

Try new things.

Enjoy the show.

885ae1  No.5644876

File: 50d0b0bf8cde909⋯.jpg (23.63 KB, 249x255, 83:85, 9dc0437df38a919054b0a73d35….jpg)


>What if Greer endorses QAnon?

>What if Greer turns on Hillary/Fake Disclosure?

What if Alex Jones does?

What if Jerome Corsi does?

What if Hollywood pedos do?

What if MSM actors do?

What if Isaac Green does?

What if the Rockefellers do?

What if the Rothschilds do?

What if the Payseurs do?

What if the Merovingians do?

What if David Wilcock does?

What if Corey Goode does?

What if all those phoney Twitter 'insider' accounts do?

Greer would endorse Q to ride the coat tails of hundreds of millions of followers.

All for more eyes on him, the weak minded who believe his stories.

Greer would turn on his masters in the public optics because the general consensus if is that (((they))) are corrupt.

Therefore if Greer condemns them he must be /ourguy/.

Same thing Alex Jones and all the rest of (((them))) do.

You are quite possibly stupider than Greershill expecting anons to follow his lead.

This is the lowest IQ post that I've seen yet on here.

(You) need to go back.

4835d4  No.5645225

File: 5562c630504b691⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1588x1130, 794:565, matrix tech.png)

File: d5389896b01bacc⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 330x248, 165:124, abyss rat breathing liquid.jpg)

Let's get this started. The tech to grow humans is pretty old.








https://patents.google.com/patent/US20050027316A1/en?oq=US20050027316A1 ("Resurrection burial tomb " - deliciously schizophrenic patent application the likes of wish I have never seen)


From Vice, Huffpo, Slate:






Super Soldiers

Clone Wars

The Matrix (obviously)

Jurrassic Park (latest JP had a little girl who was a clone of the scientist's daughter, "standing on the shoulders of giants", "just because you could, didn't stop to think if you should…")

What does this imply?

>super soldiers

>human/organ farms (for a variety of needs)


To put it another way, what tech could we use right now to grow humans on an industrial scale?

Today a POTUS tweet struck me as maybe related to this:

>"Always seeking to go one unnecessary step further, when often old and simpler is far better…"

is he really talking about avionics?

76e1fb  No.5645750

File: f3a7c88bccfccf3⋯.jpeg (301.73 KB, 2393x1344, 2393:1344, f3a7c88bccfccf3896afac73b….jpeg)


>"You are quite possibly stupider than Greershill expecting anons to follow his lead.

>This is the lowest IQ post that I've seen yet on here."

Let me translate you for you.

'If you do not think as a do you must be "stupider", because I know Greer is a shill because of my "IQ"…'

Do you think anons here conform to your group think tactics?

Real patriots do real research, in the field and in the lab.

Anything is possible until proven wrong.

Either or group think is pure faggotry.

Do your own research faggot, and encourage others to as well.

If you are not doing this then you have a preconceived agenda.

You belittle others to force shame/anger to cloud judgement in the hope that anons looking for the truth won't use logic.

Choose your side, the end is not for everyone.

Fear Blame and hate will drag souls (mind and heart) to the depths of 'hell'.

Simple put, dig more, lurk more, and know that you could be talking to anyone here.

885ae1  No.5647084

File: 766f0a3a55e5f71⋯.jpg (52.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dr. Greershill.jpg)

File: d0b046c21f54dd8⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Dr. Greershill..jpg)

File: 841e3cd154de665⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 118a0515656939c⋯.jpg (20.37 KB, 509x274, 509:274, Viewing fee.jpg)

File: 6404bfd96ad7aa2⋯.jpg (53.54 KB, 550x366, 275:183, steven-greer-disclosure-pr….jpg)


This guy gets it.





Have a peek at Greers Twitter if you care to see patriots calling him out for his lies.

Just check out his net worth.

Mighty fine for a man who quit his job as a Dr. and claims to make nothing from the Disclosure Project.

Keep trying guys!

76e1fb  No.5647424

File: 58470a926f2b31a⋯.jpg (181.28 KB, 798x991, 798:991, wwg1wga-knight.jpg)


Evidence you have provided.

A) Have a peek at Greers Twitter if you care to see (((patriots calling him out for his lies))).

B) "Just look at his (((net worth))).

C) "Mighty fine for a man who quit his job as a Dr."

Do you know the Basics of what Greer claims, and I am not talking about what Greer "Shills claim"?

Or are you afraid of reaching out to 'alien' entities?

Are you afraid of them?

Are you afraid of 'Aliens'?

Or are you afraid of humans making alliances?

Tried, tested, proven.

What happens if someone gets a direct line to entities that can kill Dracos?

What happens if a treaty is made with 'Aliens' that can kill Dracos if they violate the (((Free Will))) of humans?

[Draco] and [Cabal] are screwed.

Who is really shilling for the Draco here?

Fear, Blame, hate.

Time to GTFO

885ae1  No.5648573

File: 5f06f90a8826801⋯.jpeg (7.92 KB, 277x182, 277:182, best-pepe-the-frog-meme.jpeg)


>Evidence you have provided.

Funny, you provided none? You did a whole lot of heroic talking, but provided nothing to substantiate your vitriol. Could you just once provide some sauce to support your claims?

Dr Greer;

Used a flashlit moth silhouette to claim he had captured an 'alien light being'

- claimed he had proof of the the Atacama 'humanoid' being alien (it has long been known to be a deformed fetus)

- claimed ability to summon UFO's and aliens when he wished (but failed to do so)

- claimed ability to telepathically communicate and remote-view aliens.. but, you guessed it

- will, any day now, release the Orion 'Free Energy' machine - he just needs $3m of your money…

- Disclosure was going to happen in 2010 - it didn't

- claimed the military used nerve gas on an underground alien base

- claimed the Open SETI project was receiving but covering up alien signals (but his similar project has failed..)

- claimed he had been briefed on UFO's by a CIA manager, who subsequently, publicly and with several witnesses, completely contradicted the story

- illegally breached copyright and copied and then released a document as if it was his own, when he had little or nothing to do with it (it was owned by the UFO Research Coalition)

- claimed the Earth was under quarantine and we were warned off the Moon (hence the Neil Armstrong lies)

- claimed a picture showing some barely visible 'Joshua tree' branches at night was "an extraterrestrial diplomatic ambassador"








Having fun yet?

Time for another slide eh gents?


>Facts matter. - Q

76e1fb  No.5649025

File: 3a1978eb64e37f5⋯.jpg (119.85 KB, 1600x835, 320:167, red_or_blue_pill_crimson_q….jpg)


CIA has been known to groom "Hippy types" to be dis-info outlets since LSD.

I live in the south west, I have done CE-5 by myself in the high desert of Canyon Of The Ancients National Monument.

I fallowed the steps given by his videos.

It worked.

But only after a long time of practice and all I got was a bright light flying through the canyon I live by.

Don't knock it till you try it.

Unless you are afraid of the Ayys?

Who gives a damn if Steven Greer is being manipulated by the CIA, haven't we all been manipulated by the CIA?

Point is, it worked for me.

So what if I salt his lectures and dig for truth.

But calling everyone who uses the CE-5 method a "Greer Shill" is short sighted and not in the interest of truth.

So get a lawn chair, check your weather, sit out on a nice clear night, and get spoopy with it.

Unless you don't have the balls too?

be5c23  No.5650294

File: b0cfeae443e9a8d⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 436x750, 218:375, tarot22.jpg)

Meditating is like walking on deeper ground with more subtle and heavy movements. Brief intense exercise stimulates deeper circulatory forces. With a meditation immediately after, the 'small' movements are 'big' gaps in energetic integrity, much easier to then sense.

As the primal energies recede one realizes God is closer than his own heart beat to him. At rest he has only what he can bear.

The influx of catalyst is transduced over the to illusionary elements <light> which the principalities of his psyche draw. The sense which he can grasp bears his weight, responsibility and grasps the walking stick touching the ground.

Everyone plays the game based on how well they can 'walk' to where they want to go.



What is true grounded perception? How well can you listen to your own heartbeat? Study the dispersion.

37b2f0  No.5650458


Jeez anon, have a heart! Call it "conscious contact" for the sake of our sensitive friend who gets the bubonic plague every time someone DARES associate activities like breathing or meditation with He-who-must-not-be-named.

37b2f0  No.5650580

Ask yourselves a simple question - What toothpaste is the best for the money?

No wait that's a personal question, nevermind, what I meant is why waste energy chasing after something when you could just politely state "yo I think that this is that and that is that" keeping in mind that your fellow anons who don't share your opinion might - now bear with me for a second - might NOT be evil satanic CIA nigger shills, but simply… other anons like yourself?

76e1fb  No.5650633

File: 2f870253140a9a4⋯.png (882.52 KB, 790x1129, 790:1129, the-sims-13.png)


All they would do is add "Conscious contact" to the list of words not to be spoken of, sadly.

37b2f0  No.5650869


Not if they are normal rational people that have actual disclosure and open comms in mind

76e1fb  No.5650937


Fair enough.

37cf01  No.5653454

File: 727e9477da68b24⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 345x345, 1:1, 31.jpg)


I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet.

A bad guy in Thundercats is Mumm-RA

Intertwined serpent medallion on the chest, dressed like an Egyptian mummy, The bull horns made out of snakes on the head.

That was an answer to your question from Q.


Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.



These points obviously needed three posts to make instead of one, spamalot.

quit bouncing off of 76e1fb , you blatantly obvious fuckknuckles.

It was quiet here for a few days, one dig post and BOOM. I wonder what it was?

5957ae  No.5654527

I prefer the "telepathy 101 primer" from that weird couple down in new mexico who have been talking to the cute funny grey guys.


Not tainted with greer restrictions, got me more than lights in the sky, bi directional telepathy is fun, especially when you can pull it off with animals, other people, the planet earth (wow! & weird) & alien consciousness's. several months ago a few of us night-crew anons even sent and received a few dream/mental messages to each other.

be open minded, think for yourself.

give it a try, worst you can do is discover your latent psy abilities.

try these search terms on cia foia site:

"analysis and assessment of gateway protocols"



stargate is them developing and using these abilities; orion is three generations of them using technology to suppress this ability in us. Pay attention to the german technical manuals to electronics equipment to be hooked up to the power and telecommunication infrastructure. they used an old chocolate factory. dig into that chocolate factory, and the thousands of military personnel it hosted off the books, and the back room projects going on at this 'tv factory' they rolled this technology out en mass over the world. later they converted to short distance wireless technology & later still satellites.

It's all there in the basement behind the filing cabinet in the disused lavatory with the 'beware of tiger ' sign on the door, but its all there to be found if you follow the connections. I posted about this long ago in the main threads but it was heavily shilled and because of other things going on it didn't seem like anyone else had any interest in this part of cia history despite the results some of us where having with the materials.

5957ae  No.5654652



compare the frequencies these products operate at to the frequencies on voice of god technology patents and human brain waves, very similar.

398eec  No.5655526

File: f443a2807be3471⋯.png (474.47 KB, 2162x950, 1081:475, serpentor's DNA.png)

File: 79f0b87371e97f7⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 500x400, 5:4, Pythona-GI-Joe-cartoon-Cob….jpg)


>A bad guy in Thundercats

Don't forget about Serpentor from G.I. Joe - the result of cloning a combination of DNAs.

37b2f0  No.5657790


Are you interested in having a normal conversation or will you keep calling everyone a 'spambot'?

885ae1  No.5657842








Scripted interaction (except latest post) between disinfo shills fishing for anything they think may trigger a reaction. Not offering anything to this thread, no digs, no Q post connections. Shills poke around to get a reaction from Anons… They don't add to the material here. They add nothing but division and confusion. Once again, I personally love seeing proof that someone is paying good money to shill these threads!

885ae1  No.5657932


>It was quiet here for a few days, one dig post and BOOM. I wonder what it was?

As soon as 'Ra' is mentioned shills go into a frenzied panic. It's pretty amazing actually. How many times have we seen this? Now is that because of The Eye of Ra material (pineal gland)? The Law of One? The history of the sun god itself? or because "Ra Anon" terrifies them? A little combination of all I think. Keep diggering and triggering Anons! Oh this is fun.


37b2f0  No.5658084


I'll take that as a "no" :-)

And also as a proof that dr. Steven Greer is an absolute white hat, white as snow on virgin Mary's ass in December.

37b2f0  No.5658098


Don't shit on Eye of Ra you inbred shillfuck, that material is a legitimate positive channeling, the second you realize we both agree on MOST things is the second you stop being an incessant fuckwad, capiche?

885ae1  No.5658301


Yawn. Yup, bait taken. (((They))) are always here, always watching. How much more proof do we need?

>And also as a proof that dr. Steven Greer is an absolute white hat

A bold statement. Quite a bit of proof and sauce linked here to prove the contrary. Gotta love how the thread started off with that notable from the Q Research main breads! Even the bakers know how much of a fraud Greer is. Not a whole lot of facts out there to claim Greer is a white hat. In fact zero evidence. Would love to see just one thing linked to support that. Kek!

>Facts matter. - Q

"Not offering anything to this thread, no digs, no Q post connections. Shills poke around to get a reaction from Anons… They don't add to the material here. They add nothing but division and confusion"


>the second you realize we both agree on MOST things is the second you stop being an incessant fuckwad, capiche?

This is how anons speak to each other, right? Shills attempt to force 'group think' mentality while providing zero evidence to support their claims. I rest my case. Make sure to create backups of all (((their))) posts frens. The shill will always contradict themselves.

37b2f0  No.5659213

ddf687  No.5660644

File: 1fcaf2e231b3832⋯.jpeg (13.11 KB, 255x237, 85:79, e2450febe7e3272246cb719fc….jpeg)

File: e6c9ce9d4f63d48⋯.png (465.77 KB, 1062x678, 177:113, Painting UFO.png)

File: f50f1d153a1535a⋯.jpeg (190.3 KB, 720x642, 120:107, f50f1d153a1535a0d6ee694af….jpeg)


There are a lot of things in this world that are Scary… Ra Anon is definitely NOT one of them.


What if I told you neo… That I sky watch A LOT and have for a LONG time. I track the frequency of signtings of various types of UFO. I have seen 2 of them. When I first heard of CE5 I tried it. Tried it with friends. Etc. I found that it had ZERO effect on what I saw. The sample size is pretty large as well (hundreds of days over a few years).

Anyway, To the NON-Ce5 shills here stop replying to them and post some UFO/alien stuff yourself. I have tried a few times and never gotten any responses. In the main bread no one responds at all to shills for the most part. CE5/Gaia faggotry is the shill here. So ignore them and post your own shit. Don't worry about the noobs. Let them chase red herrings. They will figure it out. We all did. Fucking post something original or something from around the web and stop interacting with the CE5 people.

51df8c  No.5661285

File: aa16dcf88b3bdc1⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 282x278, 141:139, bezos archon.jpg)

File: 162ba224e32f008⋯.jpg (165.02 KB, 1271x1572, 1271:1572, zuckRAsmall.jpg)

File: 7180b8288ae3765⋯.jpg (181 KB, 960x544, 30:17, trumpangel.jpg)


Angels verses Demons. Eye of Ra = archon/demon. Demonic Alien Lifeform.

fdff79  No.5661728


> or because "Ra Anon" terrifies them?

Thinking for yourself is the last thing the shills, the cabal, the illuminati, whatever you want to call them want you to do. Hence, the 'narrative push' all throughout these breads. You are close to the target.

7c29ae  No.5664518


What the fuck mate? YOU are the biggest CE-5 shill ever, ten times as much as CE-5 anon, since you feel the need to shit on him every time you don't suck a nigger dick, which amounts to 5 times per day.

The full extent of your "hurr grier is ebil" amounts to a single tweet and a single rogue Rockefeller doing something with him ages ago, like for fug's sake man if that's your total sum of evidence go find another job cause you wouldn't dig your way out of a paper sack. Literally look here


And to top it all, you attack me because I dared to accept CE-5 guy's message as bread-worthy, go suck an elephant cock nigga, Lord knows you can open your mouth enough to accept one.

7c29ae  No.5664538


HURRRR LOOK A NEW DYNAMIC IP BZZT BZZT (.03$ have been deposited into your ShareBlue account. Thanks!)

be5c23  No.5664794

File: fb8d56b40642bf5⋯.jpg (122.27 KB, 409x750, 409:750, tarot2.jpg)

File: 75979e3e5613f2e⋯.jpg (71.63 KB, 433x750, 433:750, tarot17.jpg)

How does one learn to sense electromagnetic fields?

Perhaps by approaching an 'imaginary' light source while attempting to visualize two circular states of tension which the dynamism between the conscious and the anima/aminus is preserved<veiled>.

Why was Ra confused as the Sun God?

da41f6  No.5664814



Wonder how long it will be until we see Ra in the mainstream news again.

ddf687  No.5665625

File: 18e0bce3dc46ceb⋯.png (108.33 KB, 1789x532, 1789:532, dimensions.png)

File: 29242664ea966eb⋯.jpg (82.14 KB, 640x538, 320:269, 1ab371d5ae0d25c87a2b0f9e6e….jpg)

File: cc593c5915a7474⋯.png (216.81 KB, 1022x977, 1022:977, DIA Warp Drives .png)

File: ab47408c410e434⋯.pdf (14.71 MB, DIA-WarpDrives.pdf)

>>5664518 Reee Muh CE5 feelings!

So I was over the target. Thanks for the confirmation.

I have seen this Dimension stuff around for a while. It kinda makes a lot of sense to be honest. The PDF is a pretty good read. I screenshot the title page. The first source this paper cited was about a Mexican guy named Alcubrierre Who did some theoretical warp drive calculations a while back. In the end his calcs were useless because the quantity of energy required to take a ship-sized mass through this system is more than is made by the sun.

But then I read about electrogravitics and antigravity stuff. These guys claim to be able to use magnetism to decrease mass to zero or near zero letting their ships achieve antigravity. Cool trick right there, but combine it up with this and the decreased mass would allow these warp drives to be functional. Sadly I am not smart enough to do all the math here but I bet there is a link.

7c29ae  No.5665736



Thanks for saving my pic tho.

Remember, Greer is an infallible white hat forever and ever.

4743c1  No.5665835

File: 012fa8ad674bb25⋯.jpg (66.49 KB, 530x530, 1:1, D0wgChaWwAYYgEB.jpg large.jpg)

ac33c1  No.5666679

File: b43985a8ad292b7⋯.png (610.22 KB, 1080x1800, 3:5, Niburu Planet of the Cross….png)

File: 334f69ea772d762⋯.png (434.03 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f7bf61528d77de⋯.png (216.73 KB, 841x361, 841:361, ClipboardImage.png)

The Ra Avatar has 11 blue dots on it's gorget - as I've gone through it I've noticed most of these symbols have an actual corresponding meaning, they're not just decorative.

Another association map was formed using a few sites:





Niburu has an orbit of 3,600 years.

Our system of measurement uses 360 degrees as a full circle.

Niburu allegedly has 4 moons that present as a cross and is called "The planet of the crossing"

We know this Egyptian death cult worships Set or Saturn.

The Xbox 360 uses a circle with a an "X" in the center.

And X is a rotated cross.

The 360 came in a black rectangle.

Did the Anunnaki leave an AI in or around Saturn to manage/store things or transmit something during the orbital period while Niburu is farther away?

Also, Bau's guard dog and Anubis. (Sumerian to Egyptian)

be5c23  No.5668116


Probably when the information in the hidden chamber in Giza is made public/ released.

Til then most people willl think we descended from monkeys.

7c29ae  No.5668145


According to @kabamur_taygeta and other sources, there's an extraterrestrial craft somewhere underneath Giza.

275960  No.5672626

File: 2506b0f9c4ac5c6⋯.png (539.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, krusty RA2.png)

66236f  No.5672911


>According to @kabamur_taygeta and other sources, there's an extraterrestrial craft somewhere underneath Giza.

Kabamur makes many statements, provides no proofs.

'Other sources' - You sound like the mainstream news. This no longer works. You need to source verifiable sauce.

Shills are pushing the Kabamur material on here, anons are reminded to read through the breads.


Yes, you are shilling Ra Anon because they are a legit ET experiencer with proofs no one else on here has (but pretends to) and makes a fuck ton of sense with Q post decodes. You do realize by constantly putting these Ra memes up here it only makes more anons look into this material?

>These people are stupid. - Q

7c29ae  No.5675693


Its literally impossible to talk to you, all attempts have failed. Back to ignoring I guess

f069fe  No.5675716

File: 041dda628ea6ab4⋯.jpg (107.56 KB, 700x456, 175:114, download (5).jpg)

Okay anons. I found the cure to every pathogen on the planet. I've really become an expert on Scalar energy these past two days. Help me become a master.

Who has the cyber sigils?

Are they simpler than we think?

How do you program a Scalar Wave?

How does Scalar energy store?

Why were Tesla's magnets Perpendicular?

I think Thoth already told us.

Does the contact between Spirals

and Right angles cause the dimensional

change? Are we pushing the Ether energy

into the Tetrahedral dimension?


Holy crap. The pyramids. The Pentagram on saturn.

Pythagorean infiniti. The triangle is the circle in infiniti.

I'm short circuiting a little.


How do you program scalar waves. Is the programming

already accomplished in Transmission Proton Hypography?

I don't see how it could be. Could the Qube be incorporated?

f069fe  No.5675819


Holy shit. So a pyramid is a scalar accumulator? Hense the cap stone… The energy grid. Well. Hopefully the (North)? Magnetic pole of earth isn't splitting to move that thing to a precise location am I right.

Anyway, does this have a toroidal function? I would imagine you would want parallel pulls here to create the proper resonance field. Holy shit yo. I have so many ideas floating through my brain. How about this one.

The circle in the square. What about a pyramid within a circle? I think I'm onto this… maybe this science is esoteric for a reason. Fuck.

Anyway, Satans trying to take credit for my triangular circle thing according to the internet. Fuck that nigga but holy shit… if the etheric realm is spiral like Fibonacci 2 Scalar and satans name is also the master of the wind. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

disclosing Waaaay to much. I'm worried about hurting the ethers now.

Furthermore. How am I gonna cure these diseases if my machine is inherently evil? Triangle in a cirlce is evil? It reminds me of nature kinda… like this dimension in the next. No its just the perfect resonance field for inter dimensional shit is D-D?. Like the circle in the square the triangle in the cirlce? The Qube? Square has 6 sides. Triangle has 3. Circle has infinite. Pi v.s. Golden Ratio. BTFO. Ight we continue

95a2c6  No.5676784


Its literally impossible to talk to you, all attempts have failed. Back to ignoring I guess

Sorry, you haven't spoken to me at all until now. I am guessing that from all your IP hopping on here that you think everyone else is doing it. Sorry, Kabamur is another fraud and Twitter attention whore that offers nothing credible, only distractions and voices in his head. Logic always wins.

52c524  No.5678635

An interesting piece of comms (IIRC telepathy, not channeling) from @kabamur_taygeta


Beloved Friends Of Earth! We Have Watched You For Many Moments In This Play Of Events. And This Is The Exact Moment That You Need To Slow Thinking!

Breathe Now.

In All That You Observe And Hear Endlessly; We Offer Wisdom!

You Must Place A Barrier Around Your Sacred Being And Protect What Enters!

Allow What You Know To Be Truth And Let The Rest Go!

These Moments Must Be!

This Is The Process! Allow “Q” To Inform You And Warn You If Need Be!

But The Endless Chaos Of Forums Can Take Your Peace Without Proper Cleansing Of The Heart Chakra, With Intentional White Light And Cleansing Breaths!

Breathe Now.

This Is Not The End Of The Story! Allow The Puppets And Clowns To Play Together! All Stories Have Villains And A Few Angels! You Are Witnessing Them All! Allow Everything To Play Out And Be Exposed. Truth Always Prevails!

Be Not Troubled In Mind Or Spirit, For We Watch Over You, And Will Soon Rise Together! Be At Great Peace! PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE

e8be2e  No.5679215

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ET Contact report of the fifth and third kinds.

Ask yourself one simple question.

What would become of the ruling class if WE THE PEOPLE started bypassing government and MIC by contacting ET civilizations thru CE5?

Why has the secret been enforced for so long?

Logical thinking.




50b025  No.5680096

File: 897e62cc5ec9236⋯.png (502.3 KB, 622x622, 1:1, FUCKED RA.png)

ca44fa  No.5681102

File: 7c736fde5c2b83b⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 1000x5791, 1000:5791, why_is_russia_helping_kill….jpg)

Q140: "Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS? This answer is not easy to accept nor believe."


Primary targets of ISIS: Yazidis/Kurds + ancient buildings/monuments

Yazidi/Kurd unique features: blue eyes and blond hair

Yazidi religion: they pray facing the sun

Primary targets of population migration: regions that have large percentages of people with blue eyes and blond hair

Blue eyes suddenly appeared 10,000 years ago along with agriculture.

Many cultures around the world have "sun gods" with blue eyes and sometimes blond hair.

Makes you think.

6ea596  No.5682188

What about the thought broadcasting?

52c524  No.5682484


Our thoughts can be read by ET races by spiritual and/or technical means. This is used for conscious contact to "arrange" sightings of craft or for actual conversations.

6ea596  No.5682722

Would the government, or whoever have the capability to broadcast thoughts at will. Like with a "button" of sorts. Without any sort of implants? For what reason?

6ea596  No.5682789

PS: thank you for the response and I know that it is done on a massive scale. But why?

52c524  No.5683003


What do you mean? Thoughts naturally have an impact on everything around us, they form an energy field. CIA has already experimented with thoughts, this is well-documented.

688a3b  No.5683167

File: 52676e7ef9478fc⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 625x342, 625:342, 52676e7ef9478fcfb41bed8c53….jpg)


Anon who wrote this here on a rectangle.

What the fuck guys. Why am I the only one doing this.

6ea596  No.5683555

A combination of gang stalking, thought broadcasting is used for public shaming of an individual. That's obvious. But is that all there is to it. Why would someones thoughts be broadcasted to an audience? Who cares? Especially on such a massive scale? It's ridiculous at this point whit everything happening in the world. For some grand purpouse? Social experiments? Human trials? What's the point of all that? And why doesn't anybody care? Not even Q mentioned it. He mentions everything. From aliens to the whole narrative.

b91e35  No.5683677

Chris Mitchell worth a look

365d8c  No.5685227

Now I see why the shills are shilling Ra!!!

These threads are interdasting… I mean, INTERDASTING. Too many coincidences to overlook anons! Check this shit out!



Those threads are a good start but the rest is gold over on that board, real anon love and seems to discuss much of the Q drops that aren't discussed here.


be5c23  No.5685897

File: db235bdab6b0b62⋯.png (91.08 KB, 509x738, 509:738, spiritrealm.PNG)


>Did the Anunnaki leave an AI in or around Saturn to manage/store things or transmit something during the orbital period while Niburu is farther away?


b10a1d  No.5685904

File: 2ae7cf3cd24e519⋯.png (338.83 KB, 500x647, 500:647, ra holio.png)

2c5050  No.5686171

Regarding scalar energy and scalar fields, what do you guys think of this?


I had a dream about these kinds of planar coils and decided to try to figure out how to make one, come to find out other people have had the ideas as well. Thoughts?

b10a1d  No.5686358


Just to let you know, that is the " all knowing " Raclownshill team you are responding to. MANY Anons follow kabamur, we just don't talk about it.

This board is 98% 3 ring shill shit show. Anons just ignore mostly, I like to annoy the shill team sometimes. See you at " THE EVENT" !

fdff79  No.5687694


LOL So you accuse of being RA ANON then you accuse >>5683003 of being Ra Anon? Lol you guys are STUPID. Apparently EVERYONE in here posting is Ra Anon now eh? The shills shitting up these threads have been so obvious all along… and now I finally get all these Ra Anon references. The coincidences on that other chan board are phenomenal, and the anons love each other there. No wonder shillfags attack and don't want you to see it! These stupid Ra memes are a dead give away that the clowns are ridiculing because they don't want you reading it. SO READ IT.

52c524  No.5689114

File: 396947f088626e2⋯.png (26.05 KB, 1792x296, 224:37, QID.png)

Q's ID in one of today's threads had a very interesting letter-number combination… KEK!

52c524  No.5689135


That's a newfriend, you can see by the posting style and subject field entry. As for the shills and the rest of your post, you're right and I agree completely. The Event will surely be elucidating.

52c524  No.5689259


Actually it was UK research, not a general, and likely the very first time Q posted in a research bread.

>>5685756 (off bread)

52c524  No.5689450

File: 10f39da9c10c994⋯.png (89.98 KB, 396x866, 198:433, hilldawgssp.png)

Exopolitics article closely tied to Q3045.


>Special Access Programs (SAPs) in the U.S. Federal Government are security protocols that provide highly classified information with safeguards and access restrictions that exceed those for regular (collateral) classified information. SAPs can range from black projects to routine but especially-sensitive operations, such as COMSEC maintenance or Presidential transportation support. In addition to collateral controls, a SAP may impose more stringent investigative or adjudicative requirements, specialized nondisclosure agreements, special terminology or markings, exclusion from standard contract investigations (carve-outs), and centralized billet systems.

Obvious treason aside, this makes one wonder what REALLY was on those servers.

071458  No.5690443

File: e673af2d7b6421c⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 540x216, 5:2, DP - Still Laughing.gif)


>I believe you've experienced stuff anon. What rules do you follow? There has got to be protocol you use.

Think with your heart, not your mind.

Don't expect, accept.

You cannot force the interaction.

Keep it simple…

>So what do you do to be 'free from' doubt or fear? How do you get mind, body, heart in the 'right place'? Can you benchmark what 'right place' means for you so anons testing your guidance can see what's going on?

You have to stop overthinking the situation, try not to focus on negative entities.

The absolute truth is… every time I thought of Draco's, evil, etc, I never saw anything. Not once.

That doesn't mean you ignore the nature of duality, you just focus on the Light.

Keeping a positive mindset is everything.

Don't expect them to give you a show or to impress you.

Humble yourself, and gratefully accept whatever they choose to reveal.

>Notable, I'm not a voter but notable for all the links trying together the past few breads! Good work.

ThanQ fren.

There's a lot of meat on the bone there… and I have a feeling that maybe some of the Anons haven't had a chance to go through most of it.

I truly believe the only way we can discover the closest thing to 'truth' is to study history.

There is a reason that information gets 'ignored' by some or slid away on here.

Been enjoying watching (((them))) spin in here by the way!

The movie of a lifetime.


391828  No.5690991


Remember to 'think mirror' both physically and metaphysically:


Direction {North} magnetic pole is actually a South Pole.

Additionally, darkness is the absence of light rather than a force or a being.


Yes, I believe in the devil and Lucifer and I find myself opposed to him, but I tend to think he earnestly believes that mind control and lack of personal freedom and probably is the optimal way to create a more perfect society. Sadly, this takes from the worst of both liberal and conservative values, doesn't it?

I wouldn't worry about hurting the ethers too much. Light attracts light and all that, right?


But seriously, doesn't harm really have to do with intent as well as how you fix the gap? Are you service to self or service to others?


Do you extend service to others to people who are other than you? Like, if the denizens of the ethers were being twisted by your tool, would you hope for and help them when and if you can? If not, service to self.


What if enterprising humans reverse engineered technology they didn't understand and 'hooked into' a great big reflectional matrix? By accident?


The Urantia Book shows several types of information reflecting character, trustworthiness, behaviors, and even thoughts (that aren't held by the Father) of creatures being transmitted on a substrate that moves faster than light.

This might be a children's tale or maybe it's not.

In theory, should the mechanisms be technically understood then thought broadcast is perfectly natural.

Again, I'm going to repeat content from other breads…the receiver changes state when receiving. Can't be helped. The technique is like entanglement. That's why a functioning team has several recorders and only one interfacing agent in addition to the people running the equipment.


For all the reasons above, if you…

<Humble yourself, and gratefully accept whatever they choose to reveal.

Then anyone entangled with you will be humbled by your presence as well.

Good points about keeping it simple and not expecting them to impress you. I'll try to do better in the future myself.

52c524  No.5691088


Good post. Emphasizing Light while only making sure darkness is in check is the way to go. And the more you delve into the world of Light, the more is revealed to you…

49ab16  No.5695912


Human not aware of project to make them think they are in contact with ETI. Started in '79. Current. The Close Encounters of the 5th kind is real. But as you can notice in all other comms for "Channelling" capitalizing stuff is a thing. And it always comes from the Pleadieans or others. Never from a canine based ET culture or Feline based, Insectioid or even Manatee. Just the few. However there are so many species of different basis of DNA that are communicating which makes me think this is just another person copying what they saw on Youtube and passing it off as telepathic communication. Or a human that is being targeted with the program and made to believe they are communicating with said species of Pleadians. They exist by the way

6ea596  No.5696191

Why are all aliens humanoids?

Humanoid bugs, humanoid reptiles, blonde humans and so on?

Plenty of other forms that would work just as well.

What about non carbon based life?

What about chemosynthesis?

What about other forms of life that are not found on earth? The ones we cannot imagine because we haven't seen it?

Why would an UFO glow? What reasons doea an ET have to glow? At night?

Wouldn't a ET that managed to figure out interstellar movement figure out how not to glow?

Do they wanna be seen? As glowing lights in the sky at night?

Why would a interstellar species conspire with the government and hide from sight with glowing lights in the night sky?

Why would an intelligence so big give technology to certain individuals who lead the human world towards its doom?


de429b  No.5696252


The pic on the left is photoshopped to stretch the head. Tineye.com is somehow smart enough to pull up the original pic and a few other photoshops.

49ab16  No.5696263


Assumption. Given Technology vs. acquired technology. Question. Why would an ET civilization not destroy the human civilization after realizing and observing the destructive capabilities of the nuclear weapons.Answer. Humans have the ability to change.

49ab16  No.5696277

If one can change, All can change.

7fcbe2  No.5697210

Having in mind that the catholic church was, since the beginning, a take-over from the cabal of the "Christianity question" (think about the "philosophy" of those roman emperors and of those behind them), ask yourself this one important question :

Why was the book of Enoch withdraw from the Bible?

Something "over the target"?

7a932f  No.5697606

Anybody experiencing loud rumble/shaking ? My house feels like it's going to collapse.

52c524  No.5698172


There are many, many non-humanoid extraterrestrials around. Thing is, we are closely associated to humanoid ones so we see them the most. A UFO glows because it wants to be seen.

As for the last two points, understand that our govts are/were also dealing with negative ETs that are only interested in keeping us enslaved.

f069fe  No.5702803

File: ca2d2a4b1456f2d⋯.jpg (23.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, maam-sir.jpg)


Service to self first, than service to others. For free, for the device I'm replicating is patented, granted I'm inventing my own unique version based off of my intuition and understanding with regards to the Paladino Machine. but who knows how close it will be. I have other inventions which are reasonable to hog the rights too for a little. Inventions based in industries not so directly relevant to the survival of the species.

I will be denying personal donations in exchange for service. I will be working for free, and working in what ever capacity I can manage.

I love curing diseases, its already been a personal hobby.

Denizens of the ethers being twisted by my tool? How do you mean? Am I pulling off the life force of creation or something? If anything was infinite I'd think surely it'd be that.

365d8c  No.5703138


>I expect more attacks.

>I expect to be ridiculed.

>I expect more opposition.

>For it only strengthens the message.

>No one is above another, and each and every one of you has something unique to add to this equation.

>You're all Superheroes… if you believe in yourself.


>Think with your heart, not your mind.

>Keeping a positive mindset is everything.

>Humble yourself, and gratefully accept whatever they choose to reveal.

So this is the Ra Anon that has been attacked relentlessly here and over on the other board. Now I understand why the shills don't want ppl reading your material or what's on truthlegion. They want people divided, they don't want anons to love each other. They don't want anons thinking for themselves… hence all the authoritarian gatekeeper types that have been shadowing these threads. A lot of touchy subject matter being discussed here and over there, which must be balanced with love!! No wonder this is the most shilled thread on q Research and no wonder they keep trying to control and steal the bakes! Very very interdasting coincidences with Q posts by the way. Anons ARE Superheros!!!

09ab56  No.5703479


be5c23  No.5705767


Word, approach the light in mind, disrupt the shadows, and realize it was always light.

It's not like you can fall off the edge of the world. They'd push you back, beyond 1:10.

4495d0  No.5708769


I had an experience like this the other night. I saw a light moving in the sky flashing. Only for about 45 seconds though.

5d071e  No.5714379

File: 260c4bfc1bb007e⋯.png (819.22 KB, 544x726, 272:363, RAustin316.png)


391828  No.5714622


Apologies for any offense.

Was responding to…

<I'm worried about hurting the ethers now.

<How am I gonna cure these diseases if my machine is inherently evil?

Wasn't calling your machine evil or even saying that there was a reason to believe your machine might damage or 'hurt' the ethers. Apologies.

Was trying to obliquely reference the clue that the ethers might just be living or at least chock full of living beings.

Assumed this is what you were worried about; legals thinking something of the invention might be conscripting others or turning them from their natural courses in service of another.

My fault for the assumption.

So if you're worried about something and my assumptions are at least ballpark then light attracts light, mercy attracts mercy, wisdom wisdom…Even if you're changing the courses of gods and angels so long as your intentions are not evil, then your alignment will be used to the betterment of everyone involved, both above and below. I was talking a little smack to drive home the point so maybe it wasn't clear on my part but harm may occur even in doing good things but being aware of the potential harm, minimizing it as best as possible, hoping for the recovery of any one that is harmed, and intentionally helping them when and if you can. Probably a solid bet there are unintended consequences, such as this conversation.



bde8aa  No.5718789


>So this is the Ra Anon that has been attacked relentlessly here and over on the other board.

>Very very interdasting coincidences with Q posts by the way.

Very. It's also fun to watch all the slides on here attempting to make anons ignore all of it. Coincidences with q posts are too fucking interdasting to ignore. Well, i guess the light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

f069fe  No.5718883

File: af4a099cbb0e29e⋯.png (307.24 KB, 611x408, 611:408, download (61).png)


Hey man, appreciated.

No offense taken. Look what I found!

Turns out my and Toms invention/idea's are already commercial. I ordered this.


if I couldn't cure everything yesterday I will be able to tomorrow. Cant wait till it gets here.

57b55c  No.5726236

File: 7649d08ecc339ca⋯.jpeg (157.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1176286C-BB28-4686-944F-2….jpeg)

File: 54ad609b324cb10⋯.jpeg (384.99 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, A14F2910-D777-4E5E-BA4E-4….jpeg)

File: 9bf5b4ef77c25b5⋯.jpeg (224.59 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, E7AEA9AA-C32C-4B7F-830D-D….jpeg)

Not sure if there is anything to see here so want to put more eyes on it. The Sheffield Land Trust. President of board is Susan Rothschild. Samya Stumo died in Ethiopia plane crash, grew up in Sheffield, her mother on board of directors for land trust. Sheffield is where a recent tragedy of five family members died in house fire (murder-suicide). https://theberkshireedge.com/samya-stumo-who-grew-up-in-sheffield-dies-in-ethiopia-plane-crash/



Not sure if any connections but reading terms like….medical research, medical patents, DC think tanks, Undermountain Road, Mount Greylock Obelisk tower, unusually high concentrations of rare species. Any anons out there have info regarding Sheffield?? I always feel something is not right when I see the words  “Trust” and “Rothschild” together.

d5ef94  No.5727228

I've already posted this on general thread, will post here, see what else I can learn.

Hi anons.

I believe I was abducted in 2014, I got this exact same (PIC 1 NOT MY PICTURE, but same shape) pattern in both of my hands (PIC 2 shittily made in GIMP just to illustrate), and it was as if the dots were "pressed" against my skin, you know like when you're holding/pressing onto something or laying over something and you get the same pattern of the surface "indented" in your skin. and that kind of markings usually disappear in a couple minutes. Mines lasted like for 3-4 fucking days.

Story goes like this: I remember that night I had a dream about sliding down a gigantic metal slide with several bifurcations. I woke up and went to my usual working out routine and suddenly I got all dizzy. Went to a friend's restaurant and grabbed some sweet juice to get better, got nausea, and when I was in the restroom washing my hands that's when I noticed the fucking marks. I panicked and got all paranoid and told my dad only (and a close friend in that year). I got some xrays of both of my hands cause I feared I had an implant or something. Nothing was found.

So, I don't know if I was abducted but that's what it seems like isn't it, woke up with unexplainable "pressed" red marks that don't go away in several days, there was NO SURFACE with that pattern I was in contact with at that time (or at any point in my life that I recall).

I believe I've been messed up with by external entities, not saying aliens, I really DON'T KNOW what the fuck happened to me. My mom has been having also ET and UFO experiences through all her life also, I don't know if we are targets, experiments, fucking cattle, I don't know, my life is fucking full of emotional issues, I'm dealing with pain and the shit and whatnot… feel like I've been lead astray.

just as a side note, curiously, I remember that, at that approximate time I was reading a Donald Trump book and several times when reading it, I felt like I was supposed to be reading it, I actually had this gut feeling that he was going to run for president, I just "knew" he was going to do it, I've experienced so many fucking "coincidences" or synchronicities or whatever the fuck they are, I believe I was supposed to be helping here but something went WRONG or something like that.

I know this is not the right venue but this is the closest I have to "someone who will understand and maybe give me some hints on what to do" I'm probably doxxing myself out with this story but what the fuck, I don't give a shit at this point, I'm a complete life fuck up, I'm desperate and need answers.

Q, NSA, white hats, Autists, whoever can share any piece of useful advice will be appreciated, sorry for wasting this precious piece of bread, didn't mean to distract, I respect this place. I just want to understand why am I going through everything I've been going in my life, get my life back on track and HELP others. I want to help here. I hope it's not too late. I want answers and fix myself so I can help others.

Thank you in advance if you can share anything.

Thank you all of you who are making this world a better place. Blessings.

d5ef94  No.5727241

File: bb7738390f34c71⋯.png (419.15 KB, 480x600, 4:5, Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at ….png)

File: 6d2307d2d0e30aa⋯.png (277.44 KB, 794x815, 794:815, shittyimg.png)


aren't I a stupid fuck I forgot pics again

5b3b91  No.5727786


Hard to wrap your head around, isn't it? /How/ they take you? And the state of mind you're in while you're there? And what they're doing to you, and what you are doing yourself, while in that state. At this point in my own experiences, I'm thinking the ones taking folks aren't ET, but good old-fashioned humans who think very highly of themselves. If this shit stops after the cabal has been destroyed, you know who was responsible.

Word of advice: You can help others now, no need to wait. Do not put your life on hold, or sell yourself short, over these experiences. Work your job, save a little money, get yourself out of debt, and keep doing good things. Personally, I am a big fan of volunteering and donating paintings to fundraisers for charity.

d5ef94  No.5727945


Thanks for your words, they are appreciated. it seems I also feel a little better by putting this shit out there. Be well fren.

391828  No.5728420


Human or whatever, side effects of acupuncture can be tiredness, lightheadedness, and nausea.



Note the picture here:


If your image is reflective of a problem that either human or ET actors are invoking you may be looking at thyroid and parathyroid issues that are being addressed.

d5ef94  No.5728694

File: 797420e02038571⋯.png (274.19 KB, 794x815, 794:815, shittyimg2.png)



abducted anon here, changed browser session, I thought it was not going to be necessary to correct my stupid clumsiness, but I made that one pic wrong, I apologize,

this was actually the right place wher I found the marks


also, mate, can you share what you call your own experiences?


I don't understand, do you mean someone entered in my room in the middle of the night or somehow got me out and made me some acupuncture? apologies if I'm not getting it.

391828  No.5728932


Interesting. Sorry. No further suggestions at this time. Backing out of this issue now. Apologies.

d5ef94  No.5729099



>Backing out of this issue now.

may I know why? mate, that sentence left me more baffled than before, I don't know why.

what is that you find "interesting"?

Can you at least point me a finger to where I could learn more about … what I should do? I don't want to be evil and I'm tired of "suffering".

Anyways, I really appreciate what I perceived as your intention to help me. Have a good one, mate. be safe.

be5c23  No.5729240


Ever go to bed wearing clothes and wake up without them on?

d5ef94  No.5729251


not that I recall.. why?

18d58e  No.5729275

ET abductions are becoming very, very rare these days.

18d58e  No.5729298

It was a big meme in the '60s and '70


not so much nowadays…

Either a unique case or something that's not neccessarily ET related.

391828  No.5730395


>may I know why? mate, that sentence left me more baffled than before, I don't know why.

My apologies to an individual are never complete until the third one. So, third sorry for baffling you and speaking up without more information.

My primary rationale for backing out is that I don't have enough source-able information to help too much in your case, as presented.

>what is that you find "interesting"?

I find the pattern to be diamond shaped rather than the standard American, German, or Chinese square. My gut impression on the first diagram presented was that a specialized allergy testing protocol was being used. Upon seeing the updated diagram, I realized that I didn't have the information to adequately address your concerns.

Though with that said, that area of the knife of the hand is a reflection of the spine so you may wish to look there for internal answers.

>Can you at least point me a finger to where I could learn more about …

The prior breads are chock full of information about all kinds of things that people have experienced. Some folks are able to move their physical body around while they are wandering during sleep. Some alien races (and some human groups) are reported to be able to partially dematerialize walls and floors and ceilings to transport people in or out.

I think all of that has at least been hinted at in the prior breads.

391828  No.5730411


>what I should do?

Ok. The surface reason I backed out was because of my ignorance and lack of sauce. The underlying reason I backed out was because I wasn't (fully) aware of the emotional context behind your request for support until your reply. Once I saw the reply I realized I would have to 'adopt' you until I got a better grasp. The prior anon who responded was much quicker on the emotional uptake than I, so that advice should be preeminent in your mind as it reflects a truer representation of reality than mine will.

However, the phrase below triggered me to engage.

>I don't want to be evil and I'm tired of "suffering".

Here's what I can say without infringing on your choice: choose what you want, not what you don't want.

Prior breads may have lots of cool sourcing but they are also are chock full of anons arguing about the nature of duality, the evilness of some alien species (as if an entire species can be evil), and fighting each other for the right to say the same thing with two different sources of authority.

One of these arguments is that all anons should approach the world with the view that evil is just a step away, right around the corner. The counter argument was that anons should recognize the possibility of evil but not project that upon things you may encounter. My feeling is that it's a silly old world after all, isn't it just?

The phase you used "I don't want to be evil" tells me about your mindset. I mourn for the struggles you're encountering. In my life, I think I've felt similarly and have, over a long period of beating my head against the wall, or kicking against the pricks, learned to try to argue 'for' what I want to be rather than fight against what I don't want to be.

A Wizard of Earthsea demonstrates that the shadow within an anon is just as powerful, just as cunning, and just as capable as the anon is. Replacing what you don't want for what you do want might be the key. However, that's not easy to accomplish because accepting the shadow and loving it, may twist the anon terribly if the anon is unwilling to choose to fight 'for' truth, justice, love, mercy, goodness, wisdom, hope, faith, and other good attributes in his/her own life.

Doing that is incredibly complex and can't be accomplished only by chatting with anons online. Finding a support structure, people you trust to hang with will be critical. While the anons love to pick on organized religion, I'd say if one particular anon needs that support structure, that accountability, those reminders, that external moral compass, then it's probably a good idea to make use of the tools available. So I'll share a framework with which you might be able to start, but you'll have to see what's there and discard what doesn't make sense.

391828  No.5730425


>My mom has been having also ET and UFO experiences through all her life also, I don't know if we are targets, experiments, fucking cattle, I don't know, my life is fucking full of emotional issues, I'm dealing with pain and the shit and whatnot… feel like I've been lead astray

A lot of authors and speakers talk about weird stuff, like visitations, visions, and other things happening in families. Not sure that it's helpful to think of yourself as cattle unless you're willing to go all in on that part. Likewise thinking of yourself as a target or an experiment may be very demoralizing.

There are a number of approaches for addressing the existential fear challenge.

I don't want to infringe, and while I'm personally a Christian, I'm not going to shill for God without clear advice and counsel, especially on an ET thread anonymously, where my comments might further isolate folks.

Thankfully, you gave me an out:

>feel like I've been lead astray

So, if you're feeling it, there may be something there to look at? Either it's an implementation error, a failure to understand and adhere to standards, or a flawed architecture. All three of those, you can address. I think I read a famous atheist who said at the end of his life that what he had learned was that it was probably for the best to stay in the religion of your father and mother, that which you were raised with, unless you had a clear reason to change, and even then to from then on hold both in your mind and life at the same time.

In this way, you get to choose what you want to be rather than fight what you do not want.

Also, like the other anon has already said, abductions are fairly rare now. It's possible that the sacrifice of children to Molech via abortion is providing whatever the abductions used to. I don't know.

If you're interested in the ET side of things, read Barbara Marciniak, David Wilcock, and listen to Kryon. Anons tend to hate on the mainstream but these folks provide good information that can be used to build a worldview if you've lost yours somewhere.

Hopefully this helps. Keep pressing onwards and upwards, towards your goals and not running away from what you don't want. You'll be fine.

<Everything will work out for the best. Anons are never alone. Everything is connected. Where we go one, we go all.

6921bb  No.5730698


Get an Organite pyramid from the sacred vibe.

Check the playlist on youtube called The Glass Bead Game with 168 videos, and watch some of them. Specifically "How to meditate in one minute."

Pray, take care of yourself. If you have ailments yourself or in your family. Medical issues, I can probably help you with that.

I'm 20 and my life has been super, super fucked up. Now I'm curing every disease on the planet, trying to work for Q and maintain my new better life. And building an engine I invented. All things come with time, you've got to put your energy down attracting the best of those things.

Have you had an x-ray of your head and neck? Do you experience demon problems? And does anybody in your family claim not to have control of themselves?

6921bb  No.5730721


Oh right, Never alone anon. I've come here for help too, heard the words I needed, at the very least. Much love brother.

Where we go one, we go all

d5ef94  No.5730751


>diamond shaped, not American,German or Chinese

further detail, I'm from Mexico. My mom also is.

I deeply appreciate all your replies. Will look further into past breads. I don't know why but I am in tears now. It just feels so well and weird at the same time, to be taken seriously. can't even type I feel like words clutter in my head.

I wish I could pay you or something just because you took me seriously. I'm going to re-read everything you typed. THank you from the deepest of my self.

d5ef94  No.5730863



Thanks mate, I think I'm fine medically, sometimes I feel like literally my limbic system is hijacked and lose control and get angry af. Haven't had xrays of head or neck…. demon problems, I don't know what a demon is, mate, so I don't know how to respond. sometimes I feel like I was part of the good guys in the past and now I'm an evil piece of shit.

I wish you the best with your machine and in life. your comments are highly appreciated. much love.

d5ef94  No.5730883


shit I'm still crying.

maybe I'm afraid to admit that I have demon problems because I fear them, I don't know. how do I know if I have demon problems?

d5ef94  No.5730980


>choose what you want, not what you don't want.

I will do this. I thank you.

d5ef94  No.5731111


you don't know how many, if not all, the things you wrote resonated with me. Thank you anon.

And thanks to everyone. Thank you to all.

391828  No.5731359


So South American…Ok. Easy Stuff. Do you have access to a curandero or curandera? Have you discussed your concerns with a medical service provider?


The reason the anon asked about head and neck is because many kinds of implants are reportedly put there or travel there over time as the heart circulates blood through the body.


Humans have problems with their shadows. That's normal. The goal, I think, is to find a way to do good in service to those around us, love purely both ourselves and others, live clean as we can, and fight the shadow with compassion and friendship.


Let me be clear, I'm not a psychologist, a doctor, or even a very good religionist, obviously. And I wouldn't change my worldview because of something an anonymous poster said. When I say "choose what you want" I mean that in the context of the existential choice of which direction an Anon finds themselves facing.

It is very different to be running into the sunset because you love the feeling of the sun in your eyes and the wind on your face as opposed to running into the sunset to get away from a tiger that is chasing you. Likewise, if you "don't want to be evil", your thoughts will be completely about evil: defining what it is, thinking about where your actions just now fell, wondering if you can survive the next choice. You're literally making the idea of evil more powerful by thinking about it. Evil, or the idea of being evil, is chasing you around binding you by forcing you to run into the sunset.

On the other hand, if you "want to be good", then you're defining a positive, constantly thinking about what good is, how your actions are coming into alignment, and anticipating the next choice so you can do better. Good, or the idea of good, is the marker in the sky, the great big sun you're running towards.

d5ef94  No.5731655


hehe I appreciate very much all of the clarifications. And after reading them I'm still in agreement with what you wrote.

>anon asked about head and neck because common place for implants

totally understood,

I knew (or felt) I was going to cause confusion with the brevity of my replies. I should've separated my paragraphs, now that I'm re-reading them I see my wording as prone to misinterpretation. I was just kind of distracted by my crying and wanted to type fast. I feel way better now. waaaaaay better.

I have discussed my mental health concerns with a professional psychologist and also my physical concerns with medical doctors. I'm currently not feeling the need to consult a curandero, not saying I won't, but I will consider it.

>The goal, I think, is to find a way to do good…

also agreed. I guess it goes hand in hand with choosing what I want. I'm currently cleansing myself from my old self-destructive habits and eating well and exercising and overall focusing on bettering myself.

lastly, I know where I am chatting and I know anyone can be behind the "anon" post. I wouldn't change my worldview just because of what an anon poster said, not even because of what a best friend or loved one could say. My skepticism is so high that it oscillates between being a strenght and a weakness. Fortunately I completely understood when you said it (choose what you want, not what you don't want), it really resonated with me. it seems you understood me very well.

Every time you reply I feel more and more you are truly, truly genuine.

I can't thank you enough for what you have shared. I will pray so the universe rewards you for what you have shared with me. Thank you again.

d5ef94  No.5731803


Also, I know I'm probably sounding like a teenager who has no direction in life (and I probably am, emotionally), but I'm way past my 20's now, so don't worry about misleading a young one. I will seek for due help in due circumstances. I'm probably just in a temporary bad place in life or something. I just came here because as I said, this is the closest I got to "someone who will understand".

Anyways, shills aside, you and other anons seem to be knowledgeable, and I'm still open ears/eyes and willing to learn, so anything else you consider you might share, will be welcomed and pondered.

Be blessed.

c4f299  No.5731804

File: 8cab20eef20a9f8⋯.jpg (265.04 KB, 988x530, 494:265, 20190317_071230.jpg)

File: 35ca907e19d09bf⋯.jpg (284.79 KB, 1080x660, 18:11, 20190317_071214.jpg)

German older Anon girl here. I do not know if it's relevant, but see something - say something. The electromagnetic resonance (Schumann resonance) of the Earth has been abnormally high since yesterday. Maybe here are Anons, who can classify that? The measuring station is in Tomsk, Russia


be5c23  No.5733826


shit like that happens, no slide intended


What makes you say that? I think it's the hybrids now doing the abduction stuff. They have more finesse

6921bb  No.5734562

File: e86c9cef27f280d⋯.jpeg (384.68 KB, 1200x1385, 240:277, e86c9cef27f280d675346d369….jpeg)


Glad to see you're feeling better anon.

Reason I suggested the Orgonite pyramids from Sacred Vibe is because my buddy Mike makes those. He has MK ultra implant dad and Had an aunt suffering too. Being around this caused him to contract an unusual amount of demons. Not suggesting that thats what is going on with you but one night he dreamt of sacred geometry, and got the idea to weave it through his pyramids. All his demons disappeared after that.

You probably don't have any.

Apparently Sacred geometry woven through Orgonite pyramids vanquishes demons the easy way. And I'm an amateur exorcist. Why don't I carry those things everywhere I go?… Anyway. I wish you the best of luck anon.

Fuck dairy. Study Scalar. Love Women Accumulate Wealth and be prepared to lose it all WWG1 WGA!

731faa  No.5735810


4fccc9  No.5736366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you know how easy it is to bypass world governments and make contact with ET civilizations on your own?



f04761  No.5739169

I found a mainstream type message board that allows Q, alien, Antartica, etc talk. Good servers too.

I don't know if our word usage is allowed though.


7b309d  No.5740227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It will work… Attention to details is very important.

Using Dr. Meyl's boards with GenX. Good luck.

da0d10  No.5741074

File: 0e4e5c330717632⋯.jpg (114.51 KB, 628x564, 157:141, Rachicken (2)a.jpg)



"The Prince of Poultry" our favorite supershill !

d2c3c8  No.5743204


I remember seeing a post about the Schumann being almost completely quiet a week or so ago. Could be something.

391828  No.5743813

File: 90bd0c8d2adb406⋯.gif (10.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, satellite-env.gif)

File: 8711542aab767e3⋯.gif (17.22 KB, 720x550, 72:55, solar-cycle-sunspot-number….gif)


We seem to be having a minor resurgence of solar activity but it's not really increasing the number of sunspots. Instead, the activity seems to be increasing the solar wind speeds - and yes, I can read…there are some minor solar weather impacts including a weak geomagnetic storm.

Note: Has nothing to do with ET unless they are still buffering (per Wilcock/Goode). Second note: We are in just as deep a number Sunspot-less days as we were before the Recession of 2008 so let's hang onto our hats as the rollercoaster ride continues.

d2c3c8  No.5744783

File: f5c5cf0d75c175c⋯.jpg (508.53 KB, 1280x992, 40:31, DeepQ.jpg)


"Inverse problem"

One of the interesting problems in Schumann resonances studies is determining the lightning source characteristics (the "inverse problem"). Temporally resolving each individual flash is impossible because the mean rate of excitation by lightning, ~50 lightning events per second globally, mixes up the individual contributions together. However, occasionally extremely large lightning flashes occur which produce distinctive signatures that stand out from the background signals. Called "Q-bursts", they are produced by intense lightning strikes that transfer large amounts of charge from clouds to the ground and often carry high peak current.[26] Q-bursts can exceed the amplitude of the background signal level by a factor of 10 or more and appear with intervals of ~10 s,[30] which allows to consider them as isolated events and determine the source lightning location. The source location is determined with either multi-station or single-station techniques and requires assuming a model for the Earth–ionosphere cavity. The multi-station techniques are more accurate, but require more complicated and expensive facilities.



d2c3c8  No.5745043


In a theory known as the Harmony of the Spheres, Pythagoras proposed that the Sun, Moon and planets all emit their own unique hum based on their orbital revolution,[2] and that the quality of life on Earth reflects the tenor of celestial sounds which are physically imperceptible to the human ear.[3]

I am not a scienceanon. Or any type of math geometry. Until Q.

d2c3c8  No.5745065


sauce. Got excited. kek


f57e43  No.5745483


d5ef94  No.5748233

jan 2018 I had my first lucid dream ever. at the end of the dream I saw a very shiny, colorful eye of ra over my room's wall.

in other news, I've also had these dreams where I'm in the company of "real life friends", but can't help having this gut feeling that they're not them, but actually other entities wearing "skin costumes" of my actual friends and pretending to be them. They have this weird "look and feel" that kinda "blow the whistle" and let me know that they're someone else wearing these skin costumes trying to make me believe they're my actual friends.

The last time I had one of these dreams, this "real life friend" was visiting me in my room and he communicated me something along the lines of "I feel ready" or something like that. I responded with something along the lines of "yeah, I feel like you're ready" or something. Coincidentally, days after that dream, in real life, this friend actually told me that he saw his first UFO ever.

It feels like these costume-wearing entities are trying to convince me of something, or trick me into something. otherwise why would they be wearing these costumes?

weird stories, don't know what to make up about them exactly. thougths?

d5ef94  No.5748315


additional notes, sometimes our interactions seem wordless, like we communicate through feelings or hunches, and I always deny what they offer/ask me.

d5ef94  No.5748472


>sometimes our interactions seem wordless

I should rather say Always instead of Sometimes

>I always deny what they offer/ask

well, except that one time I told my "friend" that "I also felt he was ready".

Ready for what, I don't know.

6ea596  No.5750618

File: 8fe10d0d8c8f70c⋯.jpg (44.32 KB, 570x380, 3:2, il_570xN.925430600_ixb3.jpg)

I have not been completely honest on my first post. Before I ask/say what I want I want to give a "disclaimer". I have been following this Q thing for a while know, and I am mostly convinced. I did not see any info on thought broadcasting and targeted individuals.

How does that tie in the whole story.

However crazy it may sound my thoughts are broadcasted. If you wanna know anything else about that. Please ask.

I would like if anyone could give me some insight. I've have done research online so I agree on things other people said about theirs situation and I am aware of targeted individuals.

d5ef94  No.5750625


I wanna know, please tell. what do you mean by broadcasted?

d5ef94  No.5750633



nevermind I know what you mean I just read your earlier posts

ac33c1  No.5751045

Baker requesting handoff

596a4e  No.5751259


Past baker here, I can take over if you want, anyways this thread still has a long way to go before it's due for a bake (and it's getting pretty good recently).

6fa0d8  No.5751549

596a4e  No.5751555


Galactic Federation of Light, or the Confederation, or the Super Federation depending on the source.

6fa0d8  No.5751593


Thanks - now I have a whole new rabbit hole to go down!

ac33c1  No.5751664



Baker will remain

Apologies for the confusion, folks.

Back to lurkin'.

85f958  No.5751682

File: 72e751b83c25c64⋯.jpg (414.19 KB, 1024x535, 1024:535, cannabis.jpg)

File: b438c73c46903a3⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 300x300, 1:1, s-l300.jpg)

Q, is Space Force all about people going into these realms using cannabis?

Cannabanoids BIND to certain receptors

Is [ ] BRACKETS also to BIND? As in to BIND a DEMON?

Is this SPACE FORCE? To be SPACED OUT? To go into a SHAMAN type state and fight demons?

Does Q approve of CANNABIS?

Please give us more direction to help fight these battles! Please Q. Please give us a message from Q+ to confirm.

596a4e  No.5751775


It's a deep but beautiful rabbit hole and not really disinfo-free. I've been into this for years and can only confirm the basics. Have fun and don't bang your head over it!


Cheers mate, the dough is yours.

453641  No.5753904

I'm curious to see if any other anons have experience very loud booms, either inside or very close to their residence? I've told several people that there is a "hot spot" around my house where unusual sights have occurred. For example, I was having major surgery and the night before was outside just talking to the universe and wondering what would happen if I died. Not long after, a huge red/orange ball of light appeared above the tree tops and slowly made its way over them. I'd guess it to be 50ft in diameter. This is what I picture when hearing the word, "plasma." Also, I've seen all kinds of lights streaking, but they're not the kind you'd associate with meteorites…hard to explain. I've seen orbs inside my house. My pets will track unseen objects from time to time.

This is the one even that scared the crap out of me. I was in a sound sleep when all of a sudden my eyes popped open. Right in front of my face was this scary looking creature. We startled each other. It jumped back, and I jumped sideways in the bed. Above the doorway I noticed a blue light and a green light. For some reason the lights comforted me. Oh, and get this—–the creature was wearing a red flannel shirt. Trust me, I was NOT dreaming. I could go on and on about happenings, but will end with this:

About a month ago and HUGE boom was heard by myself and pets that came from inside the house. Seriously thought the propane tank exploded, but nothing was out of place. Since then, the house and grounds have been quiet. Do you think Q and team have closed portals (if this is what they are?)

8fda47  No.5755370

File: 44550c71658b911⋯.mp4 (149.46 KB, 320x624, 20:39, UAE_ufo.mp4)

Interesting UFO from


d5ef94  No.5756947


>Q, what is your view on cannabis

I asked once in the general thread and some anon told me Q said it was for lazy people.

Anyways, piece of personal advice: the plant is a tool. use it as a tool. LISTEN TO IT. There is probably a point where you should stop. If you're using it daily, most probably you should stop. even most probable if you feel you have to address any personal/emotional issue. sobriety will help you clear your head. pay attention to changes in your life before and after 90 days sober. I'm no expert or anything, just an anon that did that to see how it felt.

LISTEN TO THE PLANT. it will tell you if you're not using it correctly, or probably even abusing it. it is a wonderful plant. it just needs to be treated with respect, as well as your brain and endocannabinoid system need to be treated with respect. Give yourself a break. As other anon recommended, choose what you want, not what you don't want. be safe fren.

d5ef94  No.5756986


Also, I read somewhere that it might be possible (in some cases) your energy is currently higher than the energy provided by the plant, and instead of getting high with it, you're actually getting lower than your natural vibe, hope it makes sense. just my 2 cents.

7f0275  No.5758829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is how 'Disclosure' will happen.

Why does the close encounter (CE) scale go up to 5?

Do you realize how EASY it is to bypass governments and contact ET on your own?

When you are AWAKE you can CE clearly.



8fda47  No.5759069


You can talk to people now, no need to do advertisements anymore

f52291  No.5759166


Sorry friend, Greerfag can't hear you right now. He's promoting deep state disinfo shills and attacking Ra Anon with burner IP's. If you'd like to leave a message, he'll get right back to you. After the next 150 CE5 posts of course.

8fda47  No.5759420


just talk to him normally next time

be5c23  No.5759673


Case 1: "It's going to take me there" – escapism

Case 2: "I'm here, but to stay here I need it" – couch potato

Case 3: "I've been there and can get back without it" – psychonaut

Case 4: "I've found my own way" –experiencer

391828  No.5760030


>Does Q approve of CANNABIS?

I don't think Q recommends anyone break the law and there's still a federal law against the use of this drug on the books…

I too recall hearing that Q mentioned something about the use of cannabis as being an easy path to certain forms of enlightenment. However, in my opinion, without spiritual discipline, this will not help most people. Use of external crutches like drugs may, in fact, hurt spiritual development.

>Please give us more direction to help fight [demons] [using] these [SHAMAN type state] battles!

Q has given lots of advice on that topic, strangely enough, while taking about protecting the Country and her interests:

1030, 587, 105, 458, 104, 917, 713, 324

2904, 1886, 1027, 107, 374, 1699, 35

1012, 1432, 2403, 1068, 258, 146, 29

145, 3050, 122, 586, 2436, 1831, 36, 111

POTUS also demonstrated one technique for addressing this in T-4351 3FEB2019 17:03:11 ET (11:11 ascending) 5:03:11 PM ET (5:5 loud and clear):

<Human Trafficking, Drugs and Criminals of all dimensions - KEEP OUT!

POTUS coded that advice in a tweet from 7:17 PM ET on 16FEB2019 in which the guidance (pulled from all capital letters) was:


8fda47  No.5760233


I've had experiences without ever touching the drug before. Conscious contact (craft sightings), telepathic contact and dreams.

391828  No.5760506


I'm just an Anon but think this may be 'notable' as good clean responses to recommendations of use of drugs in contact or personal growth.

I would add that most of the experiences I have met have done pretty good battle on the spiritual plane without drugs of any kind.

Finally, I'm not Q, and I'm not an acolyte of Praying Medic but two of his books have really good strategies in meeting the original goal: 0692427929; 0998091219. While this approaches the topic space from a Christian perspective, I have no doubts that the general practices and techniques can be applied by anyone with a little practice and discipline.

a954be  No.5760547

Who are these ppl Q is posting pics of?


8fda47  No.5760589


This is the alien bread mate, digs on living surface earth humans belong in the generals.

a954be  No.5760625


I recognize LL, Brennan, and Comey… but the others?

Clearly these people must be [TARGETS]

a954be  No.5760948


I’m an idiot. The names are in the file names.

From bottom(first) to top(last):

'''James Clapper - Former DNI

Sally Yates - Former Deputy AG @ DOJ

Susan Rice - Former National Security Advisor

Loretta Lynch [LL] - Former AG @ DOJ and current bitch heifer

John Brennan - Former/current clown and scrapey douche bag

James Comey - Former Director of FBI

Andrew McCabe - Former Deputy Director of FBI'''

391828  No.5761486


Can't edit but for the record "experiences" is supposed to be "experiencers".

d5ef94  No.5761838


>Human Trafficking, Drugs and Criminals of all dimensions - KEEP OUT!

that was pretty straightforward

391828  No.5762812


I'm thinking that intention is pretty important. With humans, or ET, or whatever.

1d3224  No.5768663

File: 9e934f3b0fc45af⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tetragrammaton.jpg)


>psychonauts see the tetragrammaton all the time (i.e. flower of life, mandella patterns, sacred geometry, fractal patterns etc.)

Nassim knows!


95a2c6  No.5770707






















Anons are never going to believe it when they finally understand why so much effort has been spent by (them) to shill Ra Anon both on here and other the other chan board.


8fda47  No.5771365


If you want to have an actual conversation, create it. All posts spent on arguing/calling out/making a scene are a waste.

f585a4  No.5772143


Replies to griershill to bring focus back. Anyone notice griershill has switched from posting on his static IPs as CE5 Anon over to dynamic IPs? Coincidence new static IPs pop up to keep attention on him?


Speaking for / on behalf of griershill.


>Conscious contact

Who have we seen that phrase used by repeatedly?


Hall monitor, authority, controlling what gets discussed here.


Hall monitor, authority, controlling what gets discussed here.

The actual conversation is obvious, so we'll chalk your response up to a slide / distraction so anons disregard why that was all presented. Honestly man, this is just too obvious now. Hall monitors always make me take a second glance at whatever they are attempting to censor or ridicule. Anons are free to call people out or say whatever they want to say. Those who attempt to silence others and control the flow of conversation should be observed very closely. All the "All knowing One" and "Ra clown" shit is being put on here for a reason, and its due to the amazing coincidences of Qs post with a group of anons who chose to dig deeper. Your attempts to silence will only fail, and will only shine more 'light'.

be5c23  No.5773309

I think how people perceive brightness gets refracted, distorted or focused as the means of cognition. It seems there are many phonetic ciphers over direct apprehension of the energetic emissions (like emotions) which allude to a probable simulation of action.

There's a mess of electromagnetic webs functioning as the clearing house to refocus a visualization in 'identical' terms using sound. The vague synchronicity concept people talk about is essentially this concept.

Perception of light needs to be broken down and refocused so en-mass cognition is more effectively able to coordinate bodily energetic emissions with environmental and subsequent mental.

It sounds so 'out there' to say perception of light needs to be changed. The type of 'light' I speak of requires a change of the electromagnetic rhythms which create the apparency of a constant sensory input.

No, it's not 'earth changes' it's psychological changes in psyche-perception. Humanity is part of nature.

5c5fc9  No.5774261

5c5fc9  No.5774291


42a9e4  No.5774516


Are you the same guy as "ac33c1"?

6eb292  No.5774549

42a9e4  No.5774696


Thanks. I've brought up the shill infestation discussion in meta again and probably won't let the bread thievery get carried out in silence again. Baker, what's your take on this?

da41f6  No.5774992






Obvious shitposts are obvious. These posts have absolutely zero merit or relevance to what's being discussed here. Could the slides be any more apparent? Anyone surprised to see new IP's sliding on here after this was put up?


It's so obvious now.


Anons can discern on their own.

"The light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be." - Q

42a9e4  No.5775130


Don't worry, you're not worth the wasted time and effort on seeking justice if BO and BV's don't care

42a9e4  No.5775216


Praying Medic has really grown during his time following Q. He is open to the truths of such caliber that would scare an "ordinary" Christian away. Anyways weed is not neccessary, it merely opens the "channels" but whatever comes through is your own responsibility. When you grow spiritually you will open these channels anyways and be ready to discern what comes through.

da41f6  No.5776026

File: 8432cfd93483a1f⋯.jpg (11.67 KB, 310x310, 1:1, Slides for Kids.jpg)

7a8683  No.5776062


>Anons are never going to believe it when they finally understand why so much effort has been spent by (them) to shill Ra Anon both on here and other the other chan board.


>All the "All knowing One" and "Ra clown" shit is being put on here for a reason, and its due to the amazing coincidences of Qs post with a group of anons who chose to dig deeper. Your attempts to silence will only fail, and will only shine more 'light'.


b6721b  No.5776538



Hi, ResignationAnon here.

This research thread is now available in the board search: https://qresear.ch

If a bread is done it will be indexed.

42a9e4  No.5776947


Thank you very much ResignationAnon!

ac33c1  No.5777109


Excellent news, ResignationAnon. Thank you!

d5ef94  No.5777173


thank you anon. I'm in awe of what you guys are doing.


sorry didn't mean to slide, felt identified bcos I too asked the same in general thread. weed is important for us stoners. not smoking anymore tho.

b6721b  No.5777477


i do everything on my own… support is very rare… got only a few resignations reported… for months i'm looking for anons who want to take over some of the abandoned lists, but i got no responses yet… have to spend more time in promoting the search and resignation website as it takes to created and maintain both… sometimes it sucks, but as long as i can make 8chan anons happy, i'm happy too!

d5ef94  No.5777930


I know that's why I'm in awe, I've seen all the effort you are doing with your webpages. I said it in plural because other anons are also working by themselves in the diggings and the memeing and all that. I wish I was half as helpful as you all are. All my respect to you anon.

391828  No.5779597


Sorry for the slide. I saw my key responsibility in that exchange to avoid letting people think that Q would consider recommending people break the law.

Then the next natural question was what do we do without illegal drugs? With which I evoked your ire using the statement that we could do it the old fashioned way.

Again I'm not benefiting financially from telling people they could read those two books. Not that it matters if you've decided I'm a shill.

Should I pre-empt that here and now by saying that agent provocateurs might try to shoot down good guys trying to respond to illegality in potentia?

42a9e4  No.5779611


You need to get the word out, don't be afraid to post in the generals. I reported what I found but didn't realize you lacked until now.

42a9e4  No.5779639


It's not a slide, since weed is indeed a way to contact otherworldy entities (however not the best way to do it imho).

391828  No.5780205

6921bb  No.5786776



I'm back! Okay, lets type up some goodness. Everything I write here will; In the end, coincide into why I know

that Scalar Energy is the cure to everything.

Nikola Tesla is known to be the Father of Scalar Energy, because he was the first scientist to discover how to conduct the energy into an apparatus.

Before him, there was Koyzrev; Who invented the Giroscope that could see scalar energy. With this Giroscope he could tell the paths of the stars,

where they had formed and where they have been. Preliminary note, Scalar Energy is known as the prodominant energy of the universe, it resonates

off of every star, sun, and organism (Not yet sure if that includes Micro-Organisms)

Random piece of information, Scalar waves spiral outwards to a point, back inwards to where

they started, and stay wherever they've been. Kind of like the feelings you get in a place

where people were previously either very happy, or very sad.

What I offer is many pieces to this great picture, with many left to fill in; like sono-luminessence.

Lets start with organisms. As I'm sure you are aware the first seven cells that form in an organism

(Primordial cells) duplicate weaving the fibonacci sequence through all. What you may not know

is that those seven cells stay behind and become your seven Chakrahs. Also interpretable as the

seven Scalar resonaters of the body. Yes, you're chakras project your scalar resonance field. The

Torodial field. The Quantum field. In the nucleus, you'll find little indimishable balls of light in every

cell that are projecting the so called electron cloud inbetween the nucleus and the atom wall. Hence

my joke, its not that we can't find the electrons, its that their in a different dimension. The 4th,

where all creation spirals out from. #Kundalini

6921bb  No.5786778

File: 74ad0939a4de2de⋯.jpg (72.52 KB, 570x438, 95:73, download (18).jpg)

Another interesting thing I noticed, was how Tesla conducts these waves. I must thank Thoth,

if it weren't for my reading of the Emerald Tablets 2 years ago, I think that this would've flew over

my head entirely. The net around the Wanderclyffe. They say Tesla realized how to direct these waves

by placing a net of perpendicular magnets and sparks around the accumulator. Thoth explained to me

that Woman moves in spirals, and Men move in right angles. He also stated that man would be wise

to find himself lost in the spiral, utalizing the right angle

only when necessary. Because moving in right angles can be potentially dangerous. I think this is a reference between the 3rd

and 4th dimension, although it must be subject to further interpretation. The 3rd dimension is practically

Completely composed of tetrahedrons. Right angles. Think birth. Think XX and XY. There is obviously

seperate realms of gender dominance at play here. Anyhow, Tesla built his perpendicular magnetic net

to send the scalar waves across right angles. He planted these nets on the ground because he believed

it to be a method of connection with the source. Leading me to believe the waves are caught in the net,

bouncing off the ground and or counterpart propulsion. With no real place to go except the accumulator.

To understand why and how these waves accumulate, I would suggest an introduction into the Rodin Coil,

Pythagorean infiniti, the circle in the square, and the energetic flow of a pyramid.

We can start with the secret of Pythagreus

A2 + B2 = C2 Drawn on paper created a perfect triangle replicating outwards for infiniti.

A Triangle is the only shape that can add or subtract sides in any of the first 3 (at least) dimensions

without becoming another shape. Add a side to a square or a circle, and it effectively becomes an

inevitable type of triangle. A Triangle with infinite sides becomes a circle. A triangle with no sides becomes

a line. Squares dissipate energy, Circles Resonate energy, and Triangles pinpoint energy into a beam.

6921bb  No.5786781

File: d189a36cf43cd3e⋯.jpg (54.26 KB, 583x428, 583:428, 2wau0c.jpg)

or at any level creates a triangle. The same with a circle. But a Square? Put that bitch on a point and drop it

into the 2nd dimension and damn. You've got a pentagram. Probably the only symbol Satan didn't steal and

take credit for, but thats up for debate. I believe its no accident that HPV and HIV are shaped like 3d pentagrams.

I do not believe Saturns 3d Pentram pole storm is a coincidence. I do not believe that it does not effect life here

on earth. Saturns rings are sound waves that formed some time after saturn did for whatever reason. I think

the storm and the rings are probably unanimous. Anyway, you remember the old saturian society of Baphomet

right? Everything is relevant. This is only a focused glimpse at the big picture.

Currently, I don't know why Tesla chose to place a Rodin coil ontop of his tower. It seems to me, after all the

evidence I've laid out here, that it would have incredible properties for storing Scalar Energy. Seeing as how

every other being including the planet chose to use this shape to store Scalar. I just realized that some- ()

times blood cells are depicted in the shape of rodin coils. Maybe the atom isn't circular. Originally, I thought

that the perfect way to store this energy would be a pyramid inside of a sphere. Now I'm not so sure.

Anyway, lets move on to my final point.

6921bb  No.5786785

File: bad235ea88687c3⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 587x425, 587:425, download (30).jpg)

DNA/DNI. For some reason. Probably holy shit just figured it out. Lmao I spent like 10 minutes Searx'ing

this question and poopf. There it is. Okay

DNA/DNI. It is the information transferred in deoxyribonucleic acid. Or DNA. Which I believe is called

deoxyribonucleic information. But fuck thats hard to verify with the internet. Probably why most

independants in my field seem to refer to it as DNA/DNI. The information thats specifically written

in the fibonacci spiral/sequence () Are you following along? Scalar reverse-decodes DNA-DNI

Probably in some variation of 55 34 21 13 8 5 3 2 1 1 0 or something. Still attempting to ascend

in my code knowledge. Having fun. Okay, so how do we get the DNA/DNI to the Scalar energy source?

Eaaaasy. Many ways to do such a thing. Let me tell you about it. If you place 2 tesla coils in the proper

apparatus, they will resonate. Remember the photos? NT always had 2 of them. What I'm thinking

is with two your creating a connection between two resonance fields. Practically, a field of space for

introducing influence. Lets cross over influences briefly and we'll be basically done.

Examplatory. Indubitably! Lets start crazy, and manuever to simple. Transmission Proton Hypograph ()

The Paladino method. Introduce a special print of real photo to the coiled resonance field. This appears

to be an effective method of transferring DNA/DNI information to a scalar source. Which doesn't surprise

me #Zero-point

Would you believe me if I told you estimating scalar at a billion times faster than the speed of light i.e.

Instancy might as well be the case? I mean times a billion as many times as you want. Tell me when you

get to infiniti. Anwyay, Lol oh wow. Anyway, I'm way off track now. Simple method.

Get some physical DNA. I already found a poisoned pathogen guy on quora lol. The spooky2 has an input method

of which I like. I believe it only involves one tesla coil. This coil is the input, you can drop anything on it; perferably

liquids. So lets say you drop the poisoned pathogen or MMS or you're own blood (probably your own blood) The

information is sent in numerical sequence to the 6.28 scale Wanderclyff mini inside box#1 and vualah. Now I

was about to continue the last step of understanding programming these devices when I realized that the tech had

gone commercial. So I skipped that part. What I do understand about it is that the 4th dimension is heavenly. Scalar

energy is creation. I do not think it could harm anybody. Although I do have theories related to Scalar 5g Conversion

while keeping the Admonishments of the inventors of the Qube in mind as well as the knowledge of DARPA's 100g program.

So yeah. Future problems. All I see at the moment is The Great Awakening, Electromagnetized earth star wars and probably

new ass evil in a hundred years. I have no clue bro. But the point is; Scalar is inherantly good and at this interval I believe

that it will never fail to eradicate any negativitiy that currently exists in any format. Is Anti-matter somewhat ironic? Anyway again.

Programming (hypothetically) could be negative. But I seriously seriously doubt that. And furthermore, my own thought

stubbornly persists that Paladino exadgerated the comlicity of the patent he refuses to disclose. I think the Scalar programs

itself, contrary to the apparatus. That sounds so accurate in nature!

6ea596  No.5786854

I understand that this topic is mostly about aliens, but about hidden technology too.

What about mind ready technology?

6ea596  No.5786856


d8cdc4  No.5794614


I see other threads have been indexed as well, thank you so much!

polite sage.

ff997b  No.5794915



.5777477>>5777930 >>5779611 >>5794614


i do everything on my own… support is very rare… got only a few resignations reported… for months i'm looking for anons who want to take over some of the abandoned lists, but i got no responses yet… have to spend more time in promoting the search and resignation website as it takes to created and maintain both… sometimes it sucks, but as long as i can make 8chan anons happy, i'm happy too!


*Hey - I volunteer to help. But I don't have any coding/military/computer background. But if you think I can still be of help to you I will definitely help you.

879680  No.5795826


Remember about a year or so ago when some people were receiving bizarre coded voicemails? Well, the whole thing opened up a big rabbit hole and people began to believe it was all part of an ARG.

Well, here's the thing, I dont think it's just some ARG because the following has died down by now yet it is still continuing, and many things in it connect to what many anons are discussing here. It gets very bizarre but there are too many "coincidences" to just be coincidences.

Please read LVanon's posts on the board here: https://8ch.net/truthlegion/res/5324.html

And then discuss thoughts below.

The idea from what I can gather so far I think is that there are people communicating from a parallel dimension or dimensions utilizing digital mediums. When one line opens up on this side, another one opens up simultaneously on the other, creating a channel to communicate.

This is my limited understanding though and I think this topic needs some serious, serious digging and thought.

92d0f5  No.5796071



do your research

7a8683  No.5796285


>Anons are never going to believe it when they finally understand why so much effort has been spent by (them) to shill Ra Anon both on here and other the other chan board.

Anyone else notice many of these 'Ra' memes being shilled on the Q Research main threads lately? Looks like they are projecting hard to attack Ra Anon everywhere on here.

d8cdc4  No.5796366


This is an anonymous research board, famefags are shunned for a good reason. I've yet to meet ONE famefag that isn't a complete egoistic faggot. Post content as Anonymous or go to reddit or voat.

7a8683  No.5796723


Very very quick to jump on this, a newish IP too mind you. Almost like, you were watching this thread and waiting? Hmph, something to consider.

Anyone notice the ones attacking Ra Anon seem to have IP's that keep resetting? Nah, it's not legit anons doing this on here. Too many coincidences now with Q's posts for this to be just another famefag. Nah, it's something different. Far different.

Whatever happened to mr. CE5 Anon anyway? :-)

d8cdc4  No.5797277


"You attack those who threaten you the most." - Q

1e9101  No.5797336


>Too many coincidences now with Q's posts for this to be just another famefag. Nah, it's something different. Far different.

Many are aware of this, but try not to force anons to see the light. As Q said, there are no coincidences. Too many coincidences now to refute with whom you speak of. The shill attacks on here are the best proof of what you stated. Fame? No. An anon who encourages others to believe in themselves and think critically, while never asking for money or trying to get followers (Twatter etc.) does not seek fame.

391828  No.5798355


Not ET related (that I know of), but since this post raises the possibility that digital mediums of some sort may be at play in certain circumstances, I've got an experiment for you.

1. Pick a safe topic that has meaning to you personally and is relevant to a decision you're working on resolving.

2. Set some safe bounds for what you will do and won't do within that topic space (this prevents your decisions from being tossed and blown by the waves of entropy).

3. Go to any random number generator, the one I have tested is www.random.org.

4. List out a half dozen 'questions' related to your safe topic.

5. Ask entropy those half dozen questions.

6. You'll find that the responses are very close to random distribution.

7. For each 'answer' you got, flesh out the response, using 'yes' or 'no' questions until you are convinced you understand the answers thoroughly.

8. Keep this second batch of questions entirely in your mind (rules out the Facebook question, for those of us who think outloud).

9. Record each 'answer' value for all major and minor questions.

A. Record the primary paths the 'communication' takes in terms of major ideas.

B. Stop your experiment and look at what you've written.

C. Look for patterns in what was reflected in your mind versus entropic answers.

D. You'll find that the responses are NOT close to random distribution.

E. Try to find general areas of agreement and disagreement between yourself and the answers you see.

F. Ask yourself why you got the results you got.

Repeat the experiment with writing down all 'questions' and 'answers', recording them on physical paper.

Repeat the experiment with recording all 'questions' and 'answers', recording them on the electronic device you are questioning from.

You may have different chains of probability and even lines of research for each experiment.

You'll probably find that the questions that stayed in your head but you recorded the answers to are fairly cohesive, the questions you wrote down on paper have the greatest cohesiveness and reflect an relatively optimal response, the questions you recorded on the device you're questioning from have fairly strong cohesiveness but seem to be pushing hard against the boundaries you set up (in your mind) in step 2.

I suspect when I run these experiments, I'm dealing with either a reflection of my own consciousness through the interplay of questioning and interpretation of random stimuli (and my reflection is a great deal smarter than I am) or I'm dealing with something conscious that I don't have direct control over or can't have solid trust in.

I'm not being paid by random.org and am not shilling for any particular outcome.


This protocol of experiments will also help you evaluate any possibility of mind broadcast or telepathy. Especially the first experimental setup and the interplay between your boundaries and the source of entropy.

You may also want to experiment with marrying electronic sources of random numbers with physical decay systems (see my disclosure below) and with observables like shooting stars or gusts of wind.

Full Disclosure: I've stopped using the electronic pseudorandom techniques because while they are useful at making innocuous decisions in which random chance is acceptable, for detailed decision-making or understanding of optimal outcomes and the steps leading to optimal outcomes, I'm not convinced these systems, our devices, and the services we pull entropy from, are actually truly random. I find that I can get the most optimal decisions by slaving the virtual system to a physical decay system like a dreidel, dice, a coin toss or a few, or even licence plates passing me on the street.

7a8683  No.5798570


>"You attack those who threaten you the most." - Q

Correct, which is why Ra Anon has been attacked by shills on these threads since the beginning. Come on guys, how old is that Jordan Klepper segment? Last year? Why didn't CE5 fag make it to mainstream Op Mockingbird media!? Kek, because he's not a threat.


>Many are aware of this, but try not to force anons to see the light. As Q said, there are no coincidences. Too many coincidences now to refute with whom you speak of. The shill attacks on here are the best proof of what you stated. Fame? No. An anon who encourages others to believe in themselves and think critically, while never asking for money or trying to get followers (Twatter etc.) does not seek fame.

Spot on anon, and no anons shouldn't be be forced to do anything. I have read much of the linked material over on the other board (not divisionfagging away from here) and it's pretty fucking dasting. It has nothing to do with fame, and everything to do with TRUTH and internal work. Q Research serves a very important purpose, so does Truth Legion. Whether anons like it or not, they both exist for a reason. There's a reason you keep seeing these one-off IP's pop up calling it cancerous famefagging, when the reality is far different. No one there is seeking fame, no Twitter accounts, no followers, no go-fund-me's, no online profiles, no patreon's, no donations, no personal websites linked. And yeah, Q post coincidences. The premise being, believe in yourself, think outside the box, don't accept everything you hear as gospel, and you might just be a superhero and not even know it.

7a8683  No.5798624


>No one is above another, and each and every one of you has something unique to add to this equation.

>You're all Superheroes… if you believe in yourself.

Famefagging? No. This is why Ra Anon get's attacked relentlessly on here. Shills don't want you to think for yourself, they don't want you to believe in yourself! They want you divided and listening to the sock puppets they push on the mainstream television and the clowns we see advertised on here.

be5c23  No.5799879


Questions anticipate answers. Correct answers reference a set of facts. Some points of access upon a domain have opposite denial. Parsing apparent factoids while reducing the amount of redundant material is asking questions.

Cyclical karmic patterns chain events.

>I suspect when I run these experiments, I'm dealing with either a reflection of my own consciousness through the interplay of questioning and interpretation of random stimuli (and my reflection is a great deal smarter than I am) or I'm dealing with something conscious that I don't have direct control over or can't have solid trust in.

Interesting, if you define unknowns with abiding operants. Then re-catalyze those operants as the unknown what you do know and what you don't know are reducible by oppositely polarized drawing outwards from a toroidal set of facts

> I find that I can get the most optimal decisions by slaving the virtual system to a physical decay system like a dreidel, dice, a coin toss or a few, or even licence plates passing me on the stree

Two different webs to test in-streamings; one given precedence



Kant’s Transcendental Arguments

First published Fri Aug 21, 2009; substantive revision Fri Mar 2, 2018

Among Immanuel Kant’s (1724–1804) most influential contributions to philosophy is his development of the transcendental argument. In Kant’s conception, an argument of this kind begins with a compelling premise about our thought, experience, or knowledge, and then reasons to a conclusion that is a substantive and unobvious presupposition and necessary condition of this premise. The crucial steps in this reasoning are claims to the effect that a subconclusion or conclusion is a presupposition and necessary condition of a premise. Such a necessary condition might be a logically necessary condition, but often in Kant’s transcendental arguments the condition is necessary in the sense that it is the only possible explanation for the premise, whereupon the necessity might be weaker than logical. Typically, this reasoning is intended to be a priori in some sense, either strict (Smit 1999) or more relaxed (Philip Kitcher 1981, Pereboom 1990). The conclusion of the argument is often directed against skepticism of some sort. For example, Kant’s Transcendental Deduction targets Humean skepticism about the applicability of a priori metaphysical concepts, and his Refutation of Idealism takes aim at skepticism about external objects. These two transcendental arguments are found in the Critique of Pure Reason (1781, 1787), but such arguments are found throughout Kant’s writings, for example in the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (1785), in the Critique of Practical Reason (1788), in the Critique of the Power of Judgment (1790), and in the Opus Posthumum (1804; Förster 1989). This article focuses on the Transcendental Deduction, the Refutation of Idealism, and more recent transcendental arguments that are inspired by Kant’s work.

9dd152  No.5800942


Apologies, it is only ET related from 100k ft view. However I still believe it is pertinent as it pertains to hidden advanced technology.

I have actually done these experiments before that you mention and have come to similar conclusions as you. I've found Tarot apps to be particularly useful for this.

475411  No.5803589


You may find this playlist very enlightening:


Hooktube doesn't do playlists so if you prefer hooktube, here is the first video and you can find the others from there:


Its a whole lot of evidence and theory about the ancient Atlanteans. Take it with a grain of salt.

071458  No.5803777

File: 60fc77d8753301a⋯.png (167.24 KB, 634x315, 634:315, 1.png)

File: ee9eadf0864dac5⋯.png (175.03 KB, 634x314, 317:157, 2.png)

File: ee9708f7d751c74⋯.png (3.51 KB, 415x93, 415:93, 3.png)

File: cfc096ccfd9f5c8⋯.png (6.11 KB, 415x183, 415:183, 4.png)

File: b9cf4e55b3f3075⋯.png (51.25 KB, 634x203, 634:203, 5.png)


>Famefagging? No. This is why Ra Anon get's attacked relentlessly on here. Shills don't want you to think for yourself, they don't want you to believe in yourself! They want you divided and listening to the sock puppets they push on the mainstream television and the clowns we see advertised on here.

Drastic increase of shilling in the main breads.

>Badge of honor. - Q

071458  No.5804747

File: a57daa9ac3b0170⋯.png (50.65 KB, 634x202, 317:101, 2..png)

File: 3ae1b6964b724e7⋯.png (2.92 KB, 415x63, 415:63, 3..png)

File: 3bfa4acb41bee7f⋯.png (3.08 KB, 415x63, 415:63, 4..png)

File: 6c7ff2ab1181b46⋯.png (64.73 KB, 414x250, 207:125, 5..png)

File: cf7f63eaefa61a1⋯.png (2.57 KB, 422x63, 422:63, 6..png)


>Correct, which is why Ra Anon has been attacked by shills on these threads since the beginning. Come on guys, how old is that Jordan Klepper segment? Last year? Why didn't CE5 fag make it to mainstream Op Mockingbird media!? Kek, because he's not a threat.

Do you still believe in coincidences?


'Ra' shills threatening Q on main breads now?

Why would 'Anons' do this?


>Badge of honor. - Q

c36b18  No.5806169



Ancient Advanced Civilazation CONFIRMED!!!



95a2c6  No.5808064


Nice trips. It does make ya wonder? Why so much effort to shill you? Soon they will run out of labels. Muh famefag. Its the last label theyve been able to use, without viability. Fame is sought by those who seek followers and money. One that empowers others and asks for nothing in return is selfless. 'Ra' would never have been mentioned on here unless shills were attacking you. Loved hearing the faggot say "drop posts anonymously or GTFO back to voat or reddit" - We know who this is coming from and its entirely to get a reaction. Anon WAS Anon until forced into the light.


Do I still believe in coincidences? No not at all. Theres a reason you are attacked so much, and its not by anons. If someones message was to believe in yourself and be the hero of your own story in life, of course the cabal would attack it. The last thing they want is the public waking up and realizing just how powerful each and every one of us is.


>No one is above another, and each and every one of you has something unique to add to this equation.

>You're all Superheroes… if you believe in yourself.

Fuck yeah!

a05b1d  No.5810114

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your post reminds me very much of this video.

tl;dr our mental intent can influence quantum phenomena. Scientifically proven (no pun intented).

0f0d5f  No.5810898

File: aa16dcf88b3bdc1⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 282x278, 141:139, bezos archon.jpg)

File: 3203a6e400efe96⋯.png (58.86 KB, 150x200, 3:4, dali Ra.png)

File: a51c85eee1455b3⋯.png (75.26 KB, 209x209, 1:1, Screen-Shot-2018-12-29-at-….png)

File: 743a064dfa18069⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 573x500, 573:500, zuckRAnonhuman.jpg)

Maybe the aliens are already here? Maybe they have been here a long,long time

0f0d5f  No.5811294

File: 0da1e591a8cd9a3⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1320x2010, 44:67, Vrill RA.png)

File: 58a5446802dda17⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 423x423, 1:1, tumblr_ojjm8smehr1u7ekyyo1….jpg)

File: 88eba8193bdd0c3⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 628x960, 157:240, t86jvr.jpg)

File: e89d3fe4bd46df4⋯.jpg (33 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 13256567_1773212329557086_….jpg)

File: b84a3f28db08e90⋯.jpg (376 KB, 1470x1080, 49:36, lizard RA6.jpg)

"shape shifting reptilians" is bullshit. The "shift" is on the INSIDE. DEMONIC ALIEN LIFEFORM not human anymore. FUCK YOU RA, you piece of lizard shit!

7b309d  No.5811327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


STEPHEN CROTHERS: Black Holes & Relativity, Part One | EU 2013

7b309d  No.5811394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


STEPHEN CROTHERS: Black Holes & Relativity, Part Two | EU 2013

0f0d5f  No.5811446

File: 5832afac9c99bfa⋯.jpg (142.89 KB, 668x739, 668:739, QvsCabal.jpg)


The end is near Ra

79b3e4  No.5816365

File: 0e4e5c330717632⋯.jpg (114.51 KB, 628x564, 157:141, Rachicken (2)a.jpg)

dead bird dance !

fdff79  No.5816855


















This is funny as fuck lol. IP's that keep resetting. Is this CE5 Fag and crew? They are pissed they had their comfy control of disinformation destroyed over the past few threads. Now compared to,












Yup it's tough to figure out who the shill is here. Lmao

391828  No.5817918


<our mental intent can influence quantum phenomena.

Indeed. Good video! Thanks for sharing this one, anon.

Here are two metaphysical descriptions of quantum entanglement and communication as they apply to humans:




<However I still believe it is pertinent as it pertains to hidden advanced technology

Perhaps, even if it is only heaven (and not governments or special people) that employs these technologies. Have you ever thought about how the various lines of control and communication described in The Urantia Book would technically work? For instance what would the principle of reflectivity look like and how would it be technically implemented? Worse yet, should humans have stumbled on some backdoors in their own human systems, what kinds of things would us mere mortals expect to see around us if these sub-systems were being activated or partially activated?


<Then re-catalyze those operants as the unknown what you do know and what you don't know are reducible by oppositely polarized drawing outwards from a toroidal set of facts.

Isn't that the way we make decisions now? I mean sometimes we make decisions based on satisfaction criteria, like food or shelter, but more complicated decisions are comprised of cascading sequences of decision attributes (parameters) which in the easiest case can be solved by a t-chart but in tougher, more equal choices with a greater number of related choices, requires n-dimensional thinking.

da41f6  No.5818672


ID: d77617

>(egoistic) know-it-alls


ID: bf387e

>(egoistic) know-it-all


ID: d8cdc4

>(egoistic) faggot

Noticing anything here anons?

Same person using multiple IP's to drive home the CE5 Fag + pastel aliens / attack ra anon routine?

You guys are terrible at your jobs, try not to make it so obvious.

Patterns are patterns.

391828  No.5819260


I think I recall that being SpaceX multiple phase rocket launch off the West Coast. The Elon Musk, North Korea, space aliens one last year, or the year before.


I understand that anons don't tell anons what to do and I really get that some advice is extremely cheesy and doesn't completely match the more nuanced experiences I, and many others, have had. I personally think it is psychologically safer to treat all encounters with the utmost trust and willingness while realizing that things aren't always as they seem. That advice, after all, is what we are teaching each successive generation regarding interactions with other humans. We don't teach them to be constantly primed to crush those around them, especially folks who may look or act different.


I'm a little lost. Why are anons divided?

a05b1d  No.5823911

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, anons.png)


It's most important to make your own experiences and treat others merely as guidelines. For contacts of the telepathic sort, some discretion is still advised because you have to intuitively feel who you are contacting. Actual channelers being fed fake info is the reason why "new age" is so "new agey". As for any division and infighting, pic related.

95a2c6  No.5824838


>I'm a little lost. Why are anons divided?

They aren't divided, ce5 / griershill has tried but failed to do this. Anyone can figure out these dynamic ID ra shills are fake and gay and attempting to stop people from seeing the dasting q coincidences with the "light" on truthlegion. So many coincidences, and definitely worth reading when you get a chance. This is why ra anon is the ire, the bane of existence of these disinfo fags. They dont like being destroyed with logic and they arent going to stop anytime soon. I actually think its fun haha


>As for any division and infighting, pic related.

There is neither taking place. Those who try to divide are not our friends. I just think some anons still feel it necessary to show others (new readers maybe) that all the ra shitty shit memes and threats is deep state shills because new anons to the threads may not know without reading through previous iterations of the thread.

Like this guy said


>Yup it's tough to figure out who the shill is here. Lmao

Yeah its not hard to tell. Anons vs. shills. Always has been. Infighting would only be anon vs. anon, which has never been the case. Love you guys!

be5c23  No.5825361


>Isn't that the way we make decisions now? I mean sometimes we make decisions based on satisfaction criteria, like food or shelter, but more complicated decisions are comprised of cascading sequences of decision attributes (parameters) which in the easiest case can be solved by a t-chart but in tougher, more equal choices with a greater number of related choices, requires n-dimensional thinking

yes. can people visualize the point of access, though? I want to study the perception of light to realize the implications of it's limitlessness. What I spoke of is to break the continuum of perception of reality and attempt to re-organize primal collective drives in a way that the once unknown is known. It is a fairly safe assumption light is limitless. I believe as the choice to understand light grows. The implication of a what choice is becomes more akin to a realization of the variability to perceiving light.

I've grasped the visual mechanism of perceiving this 'ethereal light'. The 'satisfaction criteria' speaks to the more directable forms of hunger like taste and touch, which cascade to visualization, as our thinking is visually based.

As simplistic as this sounds, my choice affirms many, many times to perceive more light. My pain tolerance and en-vital to be seem to be the limiting factor. .

662bd7  No.5825978

According to the "Pleiadians" on Disclosure News, Trump is one of ours, and Q is one of theirs.


In These Moments Of Perceived Truth

In The Story That You Dream,

There Is One So Great Among You That We Bow In His Love And Devotion Through Ongoing Attacks!

POTUS, Our White Hat,

We Cover You With Blue Light!

In These Final Moments We Ask You To Stand With Him As He Continues To Present Such An Example Of Truth For All!


We Also Give Sacred Credit For Our Beloved “Q”

And His Great Devotion To The Planet And Service To POTUS.



a05b1d  No.5826102


This is all from twitter acct @kabamur_taygeta and maybe something from the desctivated @UniqueBeing111.

0a61e7  No.5826224


"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth" - Joseph Goebbels

Just because someone says something is 'truth' doesn't make it so. If someone claims to have the absolute truth, I am rather disinclined to believe them. The truth is, none of us have the big picture.

We have seen the same pushing of the Kabamur material over and over again on here. Kabamur is just another psyop, another gatekeeper. As many anons have previously stated Kabamur has offered nothing to prove contact. Nothing. All his stuff basically reads like a childrens book. Its all fairy tale recitement.

Has anyone noticed that since the Greer push has been decimated, we now see a narrative shift to Kabamur? At the end of the last bread there was a push for Corey Goode, but that was shut down pretty quickly too. So now that those have failed they move to plan C, which is Kabamur.

Just once I want to see something sauced from Kabamur to prove anything he says. Hes basically just repeating things already known, things that are well known in the community. He offers nothing new. All the shit he comes up with is rehashed from others. As others have said, a twatter larp with voices in his head. He has no contact with EBE's, he never did. He's just another famefag.

Has anyone even questioned yet that maybe the Pleiadians are actually the evil ones working with the dracos? Nothing to 'prove' one way or another at this point. If the Pleiadians were really these 'light workers' why havent we been directly interacting with them as an entire species over the past 10000 years or so? Why are they always hiding in the background? People need to start asking more questions. I don't believe any of these gatekeepers anymore, as the sad truth is I used to.

d9a3ba  No.5826810


>Has anyone even questioned yet that maybe the Pleiadians are actually the evil ones working with the dracos?

Yes, many times, until positive ET contact cleared the deal for me once and for all. There are clearly both positive AND negative extraterrestrials of many forms.

When a form of life is only convinced by so-called evidence about a matter, then this doesn't mean any more than a new belief. But knowledge, truth and wisdom can not be elaborated by such kind of evidence, but only by ones own labor of thinking and inner reaching of clarity by an inner generated evidence of truth.

0a61e7  No.5826999


>Yes, many times, until positive ET contact cleared the deal for me once and for all.

Ok so a new ip pops up! Hello there. Can you provide any sauce or proof of your contact like Ra Anon has been doing? Did the Pleiadians come down and physically meet you and tell you the real story face to face? Did they let you record them or anything? So many words on here, so much speculation, so little proof of contacts so I'm really curious to know what we can go on.

662bd7  No.5827038



I posted it because I'd never seen them mention Q before.

d9a3ba  No.5827291


Not yet physically but we have had telepathic contact. If you really want to prove this for yourself you can try ECETI ranch or any of the contact guidelines posted regularly here. Don't worry about following it all to the letter, the energy and intent you put in is all that matters. Sincerity goes a long way.


Kabamur is all about Q sometimes. And all about Pleiadians as well. I don't straight up gobble everything he says, but I do strongly consider his messages as being potentially true.

d9a3ba  No.5827322

Link to Drake equation calculator


use values from


Proving the vast Universe full of wonderful extraterrestrial life is real, one leap of logic at a time.

d9a3ba  No.5827375


Oh sorry where are my manners. Hello to you as well, nice trips btw.

I wasn't given any be-all, end-all proof because then my life would probably end before you could say "Max Spiers".

Make no mistake, there are thousands of people at least who already had contact, but choose to remain anonymous.

e416b7  No.5827554

here for your enjoyment something real and not horrible.

just another light in the sky this time some video not just pics.

watch the way it moves filmed with a phone forgot to turn the phone 90 next time hopefully i remember. i stripped the audio because no need and trying to preserve image quality and keep filesize down.


662bd7  No.5830324

File: e2d7bdf22eca6ad⋯.png (386.16 KB, 603x544, 603:544, Screenshot_2019-03-22 Q Re….png)


>>5830204 (Q R bread)

This kabamur_taygeta?

Same person?

391828  No.5831011


<Has anyone even questioned yet that maybe the Pleiadians are actually the evil ones working with the dracos?

That's a really good meta-question, and as you say, very difficult to answer.

First, let me start by saying 'YES' I think lots of people are worried about understanding who is in humanity's corner and who just looks like they are in the corner of humanity.

Within the Judeo-Christian worldview the idea that Lucifer might appear as an angel of light and lead astray believers has resulted in leadership's (most - if not all sects) desired outcome of delegitimization of personal revelation and personal outreaching 'past' the cannon to additional tailored guidance. The problem of recognizing a legitimate servant of God is compounded dramatically when we recognize that while Satan may be a liar, a liar does not have to lie with every breath. And thus judging messenger and message is rather complex in that worldview.

It is also possible to imagine that Draco, Arcturian, Pleiadien, Andromedian, and other extraterrestrial actors might serve either good or evil functions, with respect to the interests of humanity, at any moment in time. As in the Judeo-Christian example above, though, entities oriented to either good or evil orientations may also speak truth or lies.

Sadly, a perfectly honest parent might do more harm to their children by only telling the complete and un-restrained truth than a partially honest parent revealing step-by-step, drip-upon-drip as the child reaches each developmental level. Does that lack of candor on the part of the second make the second parent evil and the first good, or vice-a-versa?

Or are we to attribute malicious intent to everything and then just hope we somehow survive? I'm not able to answer that question because I think it is an answer that each anon must come to internally for themselves.

61a071  No.5833876


Thanks for holding down the UFO bro… I had some REALLY nice weather here and needed to format my comp badly. FInally got it done… No way in hell Im fucking around with an obscure linux install on a 70 degree day!

Grier is fake and gay. Any of his supporters are fake and gay.


Mannn. This "Disclosure News" is what makes this one stand out as a fake. "©2017 Disclosure News Italia " Nice to see that the aliens are worried about copywrites. lots of copy-pasta.

61a071  No.5834060


I want to try to guess what the next shill push here will be. So far we have buried CE5 We have seen the weird japanese comic book shill, Now this Kaboomer fucker with the pastel Pleideans.

I am actually kinda sad to see them say Trump is ours and Q is the aliens. I kinda thought that from the start when Q said "You would not believe where we are at" (or similar) in the early days of Q. When I saw that I was like… ALIENS! ha ha. Now here it is coming from a seriously sketchey outlet. Really discredits that idea. This could be the point though. Like David Duke supporting and promoting a political candidate.


Drake equation and "The Great Filter" is fun stuff. I find both of them intersting but a civilization of Galactics actively trying to hide from us, more or less, would really throw that whole "great silence" thing off.

I always felt that there is another communication method. Something instant over infinite distance. Not hard to do either. Once a civilization has that what fucking reason would you have for doing something like sending radio waves? No point. Instead use this system. THAT is why the great silence is a thing. We are like savages looking for smoke signals from over the hill all the while, standing on top of a buried fibre cable as thick as our arm with more data than we can imagine flowing through it only a few feet below our feet saying… Nope! No one out there.

ddfe75  No.5834213

File: 0e7448378419162⋯.jpg (109.14 KB, 640x640, 1:1, pepe fucked RA.jpg)



Hey RA , how's your butt feeling?

391828  No.5836087


When you say 'buried CE5' you don't mean that you and other anons don't believe, understand, practice, or experiment with telepathic communications with ET, do you?

Because that's my understanding and the general thrust of my experience with following various meditation, and imagination protocols including the one you seem to be vehemently opposed to.

Ummm. That's likely the substrate we're missing as a species..Telepathy.

Congratulations! Found. Now how to take use of it in daily life?

391828  No.5836103



be5c23  No.5843919


>That's likely the substrate we're missing as a species..Telepathy

Agree, the neurocircuits are being built by experiencers. DS would want to see a tech version

c03cdb  No.5843928


>I want to try to guess what the next shill push here will be. So far we have buried __5 We have seen the weird japanese comic book shill, Now this Kaboomer fucker with the pastel Pleideans.

>I am actually kinda sad to see them say Trump is ours and Q is the aliens.

One of the best examples of why Kabamur is completely and utterly full of galactic feces. Q is not an alien (unless you consider all of us aliens due to our DNA). The fact this LARPY faggot is claiming this is laughable. Sure, I believe there are positive ET's working with the US Gov't but they definitely aren't the "less than 10" Q is referring to, nor are they making the Q posts. The simplest logic will bring anyone to that conclusion. I've seen Kabamur pushed for a long time on here, and each and every anon who pushes it has been ultra sketchy. Kabamur is fake and gay disinfo, and not a legit contactee. I don't need any more proof.


>When you say 'buried __5'' you don't mean that you and other anons don't believe, understand, practice, or experiment with telepathic communications with ET, do you?

We DO do that, but once again "5" is a construct of Dr. Greer, the Rockefeller Initiative and the darkest tendrils of evil that control Greer, PRG, The Disclosure Project and everything involved with them. The term itself is what keeps focus on said disinfo. Contact protocols may work, but it baits the normies into the Greer gatekeeper trap. So once again, fuck all them. Keep a clear mind, broadcast peaceful thoughts and energy, make the effort, forget the rest. Every time "5" is mentioned a devil grows its horns.

Why can't anons get this notion through their heads.

d9a3ba  No.5844248


There is a "tech" version, a thought-reading and thought-transmitting machine used by ET races. Contact people like Bob Renaud or Billy Meier gave their accounts on such things.

And it should be no stretch that the secret Cabal has access to this tech too. But I haven't seen this discussed much, except that (by comparison primitive) CIA "thought transmitting" device.

d9a3ba  No.5844270


Thanks once again for proving conscious contact or CE-5 is real and very threatening for the Cabal. You go out of your way to attack, defame, argue, obfuscate, threaten with death, spam, project… why? The notion of positive ET contact is clearly a threat to you.


You don't scare me, and CE-5 guy doesn't give a shit either.

391828  No.5845539


<Contact protocols may work, but it baits the normies into the Greer gatekeeper trap

>Attempts to divide…Q

My contribution to the discussion is worthless from the wrong developmental level and it might actually be false or dangerous from a more advanced developmental level than I possess. Apologies. I would only add that I've learned a ton from shifting through the piles of information coming from mainstream disclosure actors. Yes, I ignore a lot. Yes, I visibly cringe at self-aggrandizement. But even an impure channel is better than nothing given the dearth of viable mental models for addressing cosmic realities, isn't it? Especially since I don't think governments are in charge of the rollout scenario anymore.

I can only speak from the religionists perspective but there is truth in literally everything if you're willing to shift through the dross to find the gold.

Don't always succeed but I'm trying to constantly pose the most psychologically safe responses and ways to look at the universe. Maybe that's just a projection of my personal need to feel a little control but overtly, it is intended to help anyone who is facing the pressures of the anti-mainstream emerging ET mental model 'gatekeepers' as you term them, and the need to reach out and connect in a safe manner.


So there is thought tech, as you mentioned. Plus there are the solutions that target marginal minds - myself is one. My advice is to remember three facts:

1. Unless (((they))) have physically grabbed you and are currently restraining you, you own and operate the hardware of your bodies. Speak to a medical service provider or a mental health professional if you happen to believe this is not true.

2. Drugs and external influences may affect the operation of your physical body and may alter the information flows between your senses and your consciousness/spirit. No matter how hard (((they))) twist you, however, and no matter what (((they))) make you feel compelled to do, you are still very important to the universe. What you do may define you in this density, in the very short run, this is true. Speak to a medical service provider or a mental health professional if your feel compelled to act against your will or if you feel unimportant in some way. In the big picture, who you are and who you want to be, that is your long term destiny. Speak with a chaplain or religious teacher if you need new mental models to help you see a healthy place for yourself in the cosmos.

3. While you may feel like you are operating at the whim of external things, every single socket with your mind and heart that is established is reversible. To create an effect, (((they))) must put a projection of (((themselves))) in your mind. That projection operates by the rules you establish and can be used to subvert or or alter (((them))), or to demonstrate to the universe what you want and are and are to become. Read prior breads for advice on how to successfully subvert or alter the shadows in the mind.

As a side note: Remote influence operations may work, especially if the operators are silent, but power corrupts. Because power corrupts (((they))) will always betray (((themselves))) to you if you are observant in filtering your thoughts. And the tech I've felt is extremely rudimentary, big thick lines of energy, like we reverse engineered some good tech but did so with our eyes closed and a poor sense of what the electromagnetic spectrum actually is supposed to be used for.


There are lots of mental models emerging about our relationship with the cosmos. For me personally, I think the Urantia Book idea of universes under the loose control of a universal God via administrative layers of over-control is very helpful. In that way of thinking, there are more people who 'work for God' than those who 'work against us'.

c03cdb  No.5845714


^ This is ce5 fag. Theres nothing left for you to argue, and your accusations of death threats from previous threads are laughable because to me its apparent you projected this on yourself as a 'muh persecution' scenario. Seriously man, just give it up. We know you must be getting paid for pushing the same disinfo on here and attacking / ridiculing anons who dig into anything aside from what Greer or the Disclosure Project puts out to be public. As other anons have stated, contact poses no threat to the cabal. None whatsoever. It will be hundreds if not thousands of years before ET begins to make themselves known worldwide to everyone. They'll never tell us the full story en masse anyway, it would have happened already if so.

c03cdb  No.5845874


Pushes Kabamur.


Speaks for / as "ce5 guy".

Not too hard to figure this out. Your IP keeps resetting but your message stays the same. Notice how many other IPs are speaking out against kabamur and ce5 throughout the past breads? Notice how they dont reset? Notice how the vast majority of IPs appear all throughout the thread from the start to the end? While we have one common recurring message whos IP keeps resetting every few posts?

Q told us every 3 letter agency is here. They dont like having their controlled disclosure narrative derailed. Why else would we have seen so much effort to keep pushing the same badactors and the same narratives? Anons are waking up from the matrix.

1c94d2  No.5845951

File: abeff18b13ec0ce⋯.jpg (4.38 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, fb2459_088ea5ae6c25498f879….jpg)

File: 970f57b9210b194⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 718x408, 359:204, cbf051dff5f9.jpg)

Anons! Look! Yeah seriously! KECKSBURG PA Bell shape UFO incident in 1965! I wonder if they know that they're spelling it wrong? Kek!

391828  No.5846225


<As other anons have stated, contact poses no threat to the cabal. None whatsoever.

Speaking from the perspective of a (moderately poor) religionist, personal direct contact and information exchange with heaven (either angelic or ET, or frankly, demonic too), is very threatening to the power structure. For instance, if everyone became a prophet like Moses, then would we need prophets and churches and great administrations?

The question is whether the cabal might be abusing occult knowledge in the administration of this planet? I think the answer is yes. Therefore direct contact with heaven has the potential to make plain the occult knowledge to the average Joe. This will incrementally reduce the control of the over-structure in the individual.

So, no, I'm not sure contact is a grave short-term threat the cabal faces. It is, however, a grave long-term threat.

<It will be hundreds if not thousands of years before ET begins to make themselves known worldwide to everyone.

Not sure this statement is true, anon. Got the sense of it but there is lots of 'history' that we have access to. We've got channels (some pure, some impure), books of accepted scripture from various people documenting the record of their interactions with stuff that is not on this Earth-plane, and even people writing in their diary's today trying to explain the unexplainable in their own words.

Yes, it may be many thousands of years before we are ready as a species to enter full communion with the societies that are around us. We may be like blind-folded toddlers wandering around playing cowboys versus aliens. Yes, it may be an intimate period of time before everyone has developed their own relationships with Heaven but look at the land of a billion religions (i.e. India) for a way disclosure might work.

<They'll never tell us the full story en masse anyway, it would have happened already if so.

Again, I get the frustration. I sense the roiling anger at being kept out of the loop of 'truth' and being fed a steady diet of lie after lie. I'm sorry anon. If I had a magic wand I'd use it here and now to fix it for you, and all of us.

Remember developmental psychology.

We may be a cohort as humans on this Earth but the gap between different personalities is as wide as the East is from the West. A monolithic history would be unbelievable by some and adopted too readily and without critical thinking by others. Information asymmetry is the very worst curse for those who tend to bite off more than they can chew and possibly a blessing for those who want their illusions to remain for just a little longer, as well as for those who tend to choke with every bite.


Not virtue signaling but I really do want the best for every anon, even the shills and those who think I'm a shill, and even the ABCs who like LARP'ing. Take whatever love and attention you want, ignore the rest.

c03cdb  No.5846722


A new ID pops up. Based upon the extrapolation of the interpretation of this message we can discern a repeating narrative. This message based upon it's reply is in defense of the Pleiadians being positive ETs since his "positive ET contact" has somehow proved to him that it was the Pleiadians with whom he was contacting. If you are seeing lights in the sky or craft, you do not know who's piloting it. Therefore without any logical grounds he is claiming Pleiadians are positive based upon a contact experience with absolutely zero sauce to provide to convince anyone it even happened. It is not only that but I pay particular attention to how people construct sentences, it is the exact same flavour that we have seen since the "CE5" guy popped up about 3-4 threads ago. Something else I want every single anon to consider… Why do all the fake and gay disclosure sites like Gaia, all the big actors like Corey Goode etc all claim that the Pleiadians are the good guys? Doesn't anyones spines tingle just a bit considering this? Pastel alienfag rules for contact is something else to consider.

Point 1: new ID pushes Pleiadians as positive ETs but has zero reasoning and evidence provided to do so.


Point 2: Awkward response to being called out as a new IP. Deflects from providing any rationale or evidence to support his claims. This thread has legit UFO experiencers who are posting vids of their own anon contact experiences and they are not afraid to do so.


Point 3: Pushes Billy Meier which is highly suspect. He claimed he was the ONLY legit contactee on earth at the time. This I find very hard to believe, the positive ETs have not and will choose one end-all be-all gatekeeper for humanity. Based upon evidence all over the world they are showing small groups everywhere. Lets not mention how ridiculous his photographs are. Thats another story.


>Thanks once again for proving conscious contact or CE-5 is real and very threatening for the Cabal.

How many times have we heard this on repeat? He doesn't speak like a 'new' IP to the thread would speak. He speaks like he has been carrying on the same conversation all along. To me, he keeps replying to all kinds of different anons thinking he is talking to only one person. It is a paranoid delusional effect based upon the fact he is IP hopping so much he thinks its only one anon doing the same thing he is.

Point 4: This is not a 'new' anon to the discussion.

>You don't scare me, and CE-5 guy doesn't give a shit either.

Point 5: He is speaking in the third person on behalf of and for "CE5 guy". Why? Because he's the same fucking person.

As other anons have been tracking patterns on here (the ridiclous Ra memes by shills) I too track patterns. To me this couldn't be more obvious.

One individual desperately attempting doing everything he can to control the narrative and discussion in this thread. Instead of posting 150 times with his static IP he is using his secondary dynamic IP to make it less obvious.

594493  No.5846805

File: 4bbf162ebe8aff0⋯.png (4.34 KB, 598x86, 299:43, shill threatening.png)


>Speaking from the perspective of a (moderately poor) religionist, personal direct contact and information exchange with heaven (either angelic or ET, or frankly, demonic too), is very threatening to the power structure.

Spot-on, anon. Thinking for yourself is power. Independently finding out information - without copying the opinions of someone else - will lead you to the truth. Such attempts have to be quenched by the powers that be, or anyone controlled by them directly or indirectly. Pic related is what happened when a guy posted positive ET contact protocols (CE-5 version), before the shills stole the bread from me. You attack those that threaten you the most.

Moving on, I think there is a lot of truth in the well-discussed theory of a transformative "Event" that will shift the Earth into a higher dimension. The rules are simple - those that are closer to the Creator, meaning those that have more Love, those that are good people - they shift into 5D. Others stay in 3D which may or may not be horrible. The Earth is so diverse developmentally, not all souls are ready. We share the same planet with the likes of Henry Kissinger or John Podesta, so obviously something has to be done to separate the wheat from the chaff.

How exactly, no idea. I think it's best just to do what you can for yourself and others, and leave the big questions at bay. A 5D civilization would be much more ready for integration into the Galactic society than the current mishmash we have on Earth and I think most anons are good people that will shift anyways.

594493  No.5847002

File: 0ab1ecf50dfa816⋯.png (31.95 KB, 652x424, 163:106, alaje_on_billy.png)


>Point 3: Pushes Billy Meier which is highly suspect. He claimed he was the ONLY legit contactee on earth at the time. This I find very hard to believe, the positive ETs have not and will choose one end-all be-all gatekeeper for humanity. Based upon evidence all over the world they are showing small groups everywhere. Lets not mention how ridiculous his photographs are. Thats another story.

That's a very good point. I don't "push" anything, thank you, I only do research, but Billy Meier's contact was legitimate. Not much else I afraid. 777Alaje (youtube guy with tons of spiritual videos) says this about him.


(ctrl+f Billy Meier, pic related)

Not every source is perfect. Far from that. All the more reasons to do your own research.

662bd7  No.5852589

File: 99aef81d7005f1d⋯.png (71.1 KB, 265x240, 53:48, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)


I was the one who started the Pleiadian slide, which connected to Kabamur Taygeta. My bad.Maybe I should kms, but I won't. The other anon helped me to think about it differently. I am grateful to him/her.

So attack me, if you feel the need to attack. I can take it.


Normally humans get upset about the ideas that hit 'closest to home'. I know that's true for me. Let's just keep trying to do our best.

2c6106  No.5854573

File: aef5ff425c4c7a0⋯.jpg (24.76 KB, 577x1024, 577:1024, Dn9y56NX0AYS_nl.jpg)


We finally get some good news and within a few hours some idiot glow in the dark species traitor starts shilling for CE5… AGAIN. Every retard who contacts aliens ends up flat on their back listening to a demon give the usual "we are all one" New Age bullshit, then their life goes to shit. Name one CE5 faggot who is not a complete waste of space, then please kill yourself. On behalf of the human species, goodbye.

662bd7  No.5854927

File: fa0c013f6758c33⋯.png (300.38 KB, 508x521, 508:521, Screenshot_2018-08-26 Q Re….png)

File: 37d8a25ef34e0ac⋯.png (795.31 KB, 1034x522, 517:261, Screenshot-2018-6-22 Q Res….png)


Pick a meme.

be5c23  No.5855238

The various siblings of humanity fight to regulate the in-streamings of the cosmic mind into our planetary mind, In the way siblings do over what's best for a very young child.

The issue of how the surface population implements telepathy is according to the archetypal connections, essentially, controlled by non-humans who are more conscious of cosmic level in-streamings.

The surface pop wields the most consciousness power, but the ability to use it to coordinate spirit is weak. Of the compartmentalization of the various groups, the surface pop. is like a heir distracted by toys.

594493  No.5856383


It's a shill - try to be sparse with your replies.

Every time I do, I actually talk to other anons&lurkers, not him. He cannot parse normal conversation, and I tried many times.

594493  No.5856503


>species traitor

Human extraterrestrials (Pleiadians, Sirians, Venussians, Alpha Centaurians, etc.) make up a significant portion of ET contacts.

c03cdb  No.5857067

File: d0386161037bb81⋯.jpg (47.43 KB, 716x714, 358:357, CQzYu_5WwAA36oo.jpg)


>Human extraterrestrials (Pleiadians, Sirians, Venussians, Alpha Centaurians, etc.) make up a significant portion of ET contacts.

Hello previous baker who posts 150 times per thread that only collects his own notables and makes death threats against himself as controlled opposition to blame on others. Can you provide one dish of pasta with some sauce on it? Where exactly are you getting your information from? Logical questions deserve logical answers and something to back them up.

391828  No.5857324


I choose the second meme, please.


Now that's a neat world-view! Ha! So good and evil may well be different ways to regulate change and at the more personal level may in fact be archetypes playing out - still with the goal to regulate evolution. Genius! And all the world's a stage.








Wow! Good one. I've only been called non-human by a chat bot before. Love it!

BTW: I think your shot went a little left field. Aiming helps!

391828  No.5857439

File: 56c11d4b68a4906⋯.gif (35.78 KB, 640x650, 64:65, swx-overview-small.gif)

As an aside, because I love, please find some nice x-ray solar flaring events happening now.

f028a8  No.5861755

File: 0db0023a8bcf88f⋯.jpg (149.62 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, botcrap.jpg)

be5c23  No.5862370

Its humorous to me when I hear the word 'social construct'. I wonder how the user can understand the intergenerational primordial forces so closely tied with biology. Oh, wait it's used to deny the biological connection to reality.

Understanding the unary operants derived from 'sound-complexes' and biological expression as the low-level basis of language itself might be too complex to consciously grasp. So rather than explain, I'd rather laugh.

In all seriousness, there's esoteric and exoteric forms of technology. Exoteric tech was given in the hope of stimulating esoteric understanding of infinite possibility. The mass directive of contacts has shifted to esoteric technology particular in thought transmissions.

Recognition of telepathy is a pretty big pivot point to counterbalance the stressed exoteric forms of tech.

89ec65  No.5862763

File: c3c0ae4d422fd0f⋯.jpg (109.76 KB, 900x488, 225:122, soros chair.jpg)

File: bf250305fe82014⋯.jpg (363.62 KB, 1250x834, 625:417, obama ra.jpg)

File: 728ba2868797fef⋯.jpg (142.02 KB, 506x488, 253:244, keystone ra.jpg)

Q "The chair serves the Master" "Does Satan exist ?" "Does the (thought) of Satan exist ?" "What is the Keystone ?" (me)FUCK YOU RA

662bd7  No.5868133


ty anon


Kek, yup. If you have a 130 IQ, or higher, I would seem botish. I think in pictures, even though my memes suck (probably bc they are not my pictures? I need to work on that.) Meanwhile I struggle to get ideas across in words.

I have this fault (?) for a reason? I'm not sure.

The most real times of my life have come through pictures in my mind.

Sorry for the dump.

071458  No.5871480

File: f847bcd82517852⋯.png (154.6 KB, 634x288, 317:144, Ebot Coincidence.png)

>There are no coincidences. - Q

>Badge of honor, military grade. - Q

391828  No.5872264


I'm not convinced we have enough evidence of biological-rooted communications and mind-sharing (root of mind?) capabilities baked into human hardware.

Software versus hardware is what I read your argument to resolve to.

Some things are more like firmware on your view, right? Like telepathy? Are you suggesting that some things like government involvement in inheritance rights though managing the marriage compact also firmware?

And if all this is true, what would that mean for telepathy with non-humans? They have different hardware, likely different interfaces (and I'm not just talking hardware interfaces here), and almost impossible to assume existence of complimentary outlook.

What if, the 'other' we regularly contact are ourselves, other humans?

391828  No.5872686


Not that you need a vote but this anon will vote for any anon making logically sound arguments, using as eloquent language as best serves the needs of the post, and who isn't intentionally mean.

I'll never vote for the shills or those anons who are always against other anons even though I'll still pray for them and hope for the best for them.

d227ec  No.5872810

Hey Q, just invented a time machine in my head.

391828  No.5873171


>Hey Q, just invented a time machine in my head.

<As the human mind reckons backward into the past, it is evaluating past experience for the purpose of bringing it to bear on a present situation. As mind reaches out into the future, it is attempting to evaluate the future significance of possible action.


118:1.4 (1295.4)

d227ec  No.5873796


In and out, exactly. Odd, your quote appears to me as exactly how I used the science today. No coincidences

d227ec  No.5873815

Nice to have a frame for inward. So whose Thomas if Sophia is baphomet?

391828  No.5874518


According to the British Preacher Margaret Barker (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Barker), in her book on ancient Israel, The Great Angel: A Study of Israel's Second God, there are two gods on the caduceus, Jehovah and Sophia. In her rendering, Yahweh, a son of Elohim, is paired with Asherah/Isis, the wisdom of God, as the second deity that the Deuteronomists wrecked the Old Testament Bible to remove record of.

Therefore if Sophia is Baphomet, Thomas is Yahweh/Jehovah. If you want me to cast that to Greek, Arkhe, 'in the beginning', would do.

But I'm not an expert on riddles or history and I'm not indoctrinated to any secret societies and know no secret material other than what I can beat out of the books I read.

d227ec  No.5874755


Whaaaaat. So Aim is just a bag of pagan dicks?

be5c23  No.5875152


>I'm not convinced we have enough evidence of biological-rooted communications and mind-sharing (root of mind?) capabilities baked into human hardware.

We do. There needs to be a certain level of harmony; mutual recognition of expression as being non-originating to a single entity, and centrally available. On the other hand the intensities of emotion are natively weak to build the proper transference dynamic. That's part of the effect of basing understanding in exoteric forms.

>what would that mean for telepathy with non-humans?

That's a good question. The nature of infinite perception between two races is to have paradoxical nuances in understanding infinite possibility. You don't communicate like "I have said this" and "I have heard that". Free will creates an interference effect upon reality, which at some level is sustained by confusion and the distribution of possible change.

Humanity has the potential to respond in toe with other races. We have a lot more psychic armoring than people realize. It becomes helpful to study the king's chamber effect and subsequent mirroring/armoring in seeking healing.

>Some things are more like firmware on your view, right

Essentially, yes. The connation that man is a machine is not correct. Imagine many pulsations, varying in intensity and frequency. The slower and weaker pulses tune to the higher and faster. Coordinating the phases of the collective undulations appears to be a 'new' way of thinking, basically telepathic. The desire, though, to assimilate all information and compress it as is necessary to create a continuum where it is a prior reference to a new set of experiences is strong. Like a different version, yes

Similar to the apparent change of ape to human; loosely along the lines of a new root race (human).

634705  No.5876527


>In July of 1952, as UFO fever spread across Cold War America, the “grandfather of all ‘saucer’ sightings” took place in the skies above the nation’s capital. Over several weeks, up to a dozen unexplained objects repeatedly streaked across the skies over Washington, D.C. – spotted by radar operators, professional pilots and other highly credible witnesses. The ‘saucers’ outran Air Force fighter jets.

>Why would highly advanced “extraterrestrial” spacecraft target Washington D.C. several times during the summer of 1952? It would seem to be politically motivated, but what extraterrestrial would know that D.C. is the capitol of the United States? The explanation given by Corey Goode and William Tompkins makes a lot of sense. At the end of WWII, the Nazi high command relocated to a base set up in a thermal pocket under the ice of Antarctica through the Nazi German’s alliance with the Draco Reptilians. The Nazi/Draco coveted American industrial might which had “won” the war. By the 1950’s, the American military industrial complex was being pressured to enter into a treaty to provide industrial support to the Nazi/Draco. With the Draco’s assistance, the Nazi’s had built a fleet of spacecraft with electro-magnetic/anti-gravity propulsion technology. This technology creates a “temporal bubble” around the craft itself basically creating its own self-contained environment, allowing it to accelerate and make sharp turns without being affected by gravitational g-forces. To the observer on the ground, this temporal bubble appears as a bright light surrounding the craft. In 1952, the Nazi’s flew their craft over Washington D.C. to demonstrate their tactical superiority over American military technology. So in order to avoid widespread panic and the public’s revelation that the Nazi’s had actually escaped defeat in WWII, the American military (US Air Force) and its private industrial complex capitulated and entered into a secret treaty with the Nazi/Draco faction, which continues to this day.

>When President Harry Truman quietly called for answers, a representative from the Air Force’s secret UFO-investigation team, Project Blue Book, was summoned to D.C. But before anyone could fully probe the incidents, the Air Force hastily convened a press conference to quell the panic, blaming the whole thing on the weather.

Two sources (Goode and Tompkins) for the above explanation of MIC entering into an alliance with the Nazis. The stories of DUMBs like Area 51 are only a logical continuation of that theory.

e2548d  No.5878528


True story bro, true story, never forget Willcock 2012 fail ra channelings bullshit. CE5 emerged from same Ufo new age clique who hyped 2012 ( Willcock, greer etc) ESALEN

634705  No.5878618


Constantly hyping up a certain date was a way to tell a disinfo agent back in the day. This has nothing to do with CE-5 however.

95a2c6  No.5879651


>Badge of honor, military grade. - Q

Now THIS is funny. Even ebot is using CE5 Shills Ra memes. Badge of honor for sure!


>I'll never vote for the shills or those anons who are always against other anons even though I'll still pray for them and hope for the best for them.

Since when are anons against other anons? Anons aren't divided. Shills would like to make you think so though.


A new slide pops up.


391828 feeds the mindless shitpost slide.

So why have anons stopped digging into Qs post and the history relating to them?

You're all being derailed. Perhaps unintentionally, maybe some even have good intentions, but still… So many slides on here.


>Two sources (Goode and Tompkins) for the above explanation of MIC entering into an alliance with the Nazis. The stories of DUMBs like Area 51 are only a logical continuation of that theory.

Tompkins displayed credibility to whom he was connected to. Corey Goode has not once provided anything to back up his claims. How the two of them wound up together I'll never understand. Corey Goode does not pass the smell test. Perhaps Tompkins was becoming senial in his old age, for reasons unknown to me he associated himself with Corey Goode. Once again, Corey Goode has absolutely nothing to prove any of his "stories" nor to verify his supposed timeline of working with the SSP. Notta, zilch, zero, squat. Lest we not mention his embarassingly obvious self marketing and the dough he's raking in hand over fist.

"Shills come in many forms" -Q

We saw the push for Corey Goode at the end of the last thread after Greershill died off. Fake and gay is fake and gay, no matter how many times you want to dress it up as real and straight.


>True story bro, true story, never forget Willcock 2012 fail ra channelings bullshit. CE5 emerged from same Ufo new age clique who hyped 2012 ( Willcock, greer etc) ESALEN

^ 'They' in the community are all indirectly related to each other. They all serve a master somewhere. Someone is telling 'them' what to do, how to do it, what to say and when to say it.

95a2c6  No.5879913


This guy has more "primary source" (as Griershill used to repeat constantly) proof of contact than any of the so called government insiders. Yet, the truth doesn't sell. The light is the truth, and sometimes we're just too blind to see it. If Goode was who he says he is, he'd have the tiniest bit of proof to support what he tells people. He does not. Real experiencers and contactees are not attempting to weave horseshit fairy tales to make money off disclosure. Humans tend to listen to what they want to hear compared to the truth when they see it. Elaborate stories sell. The truth can be as painful. For those who haven't had a chance to check the linked board, well, you may see the light when you do.

>Truth? Follow the LIGHT.

>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be. - Q

be5c23  No.5880850


>The light is the truth, and sometimes we're just too blind to see it

It's so interesting how light is limitless while having the possibility of being discrete

>For those who haven't had a chance to check the linked board, well, you may see the light when you do

More points of access is like passing the Olympic torch of the primordial fire which Prometheus gave to man

4793b8  No.5882770


>Fake and gay is fake and gay, no matter how many times you want to dress it up as real and straight.

i liek ur style anon, in other words Shit in golden foil is still shit inside xD kEk

be5c23  No.5885599

File: b21c7ad57440246⋯.jpg (4.76 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, astrostock.jpg)

I wonder how I can best utilize understandings of planetary and cosmic in-streamings. Lol ask aliens for stock pics

be5c23  No.5886283


Goode makes claims about a "babylonian-money-magic-slave-system". Is he claiming to know what such thing is while living like a pauper? Does that make him a charlatan or a naïve charlatan?

I wonder how the force of god meets it's material end. Gonna be fun as the waves keep building for deployment

391828  No.5891587


<I wonder how the force of god meets it's material end.

How god energy ends?



<391828 feeds the mindless shitpost slide. So why have anons stopped digging into Qs post and the history relating to them?

Dear anon: it appears that you may be a materialist, in your psychological make-up, and may as a result not have enough background in historical metaphysics yourself to adjudicate whether a slide is occurring or not. Note: I did stop responding when aim was brought up because I don't understand the linkage. I'm certain I can make the leap but, I agree with your sentiment, it may not be worthwhile.

1. Initial request could have been shilling but I redirected that to Urantia Book philosophy which is, if the Foundation is not lying, a record of ET interactions with sleeping subject(s). Thus I was on topic.

2. Follow-up question sounds like shilling but that's actually an intelligence test for anons. A standard riddle was established using physical versus metaphysical components asking for a simple comparison operation. I happened to have studied one of the claimed Pleiadien mythologies about Enlil/Enki and a mother goddess Isis/Ishtar (all three of whom are supposedly parts of various factions within the Annukai), have studied many Gnostic Christian texts so I understood Sophia and Thomas to some degree, and have studied pre-Christianity stories such as Moses' flying serpent story-lines and Barker's assessment of the angel of God as a separate entity from Israel's God. Thus I could make the link between Ishtar and Ashtoreth and was prepared to make the link between the wisdom of God given to all suzeraine vassals and the Jehovah/Ashtoreth link. All of whom, the Pleiadien channels assert, should we believe it, are ETs. Therefore again I was on topic.


<Since when are anons against other anons? Anons aren't divided.

Please be intellectual honest. Anons can be, and are, divided, simply because of a current inability to see the bigger picture.

>Expand your thinking

Nuts and bolts ET folks really don't hold with the metaphysical folks, anons or not. Christian versus non-Christian metaphysical folks. Those highly intellectual anons versus the rest of us folks. Again, I don't consider myself divided from you, anon, but it is clear that you're not convinced of my good will or of how my materials are actually 'alien' and 'ET' in nature.

Just because I'm a talker doesn't mean I'm shoveling a shill storm. And I believe I'm responsibly helping, so I don't need your approval.

cf5bc6  No.5895773

File: 97b13e49b12ed84⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 476x635, 476:635, Ra buttplug.jpg)








Amon Ra = chicken ass piece of lizard shit

be5c23  No.5896097


there's a saying of 'lost in translation'. Everyone is capable to simulating reality and projecting himself forward. Reducing the natural timing to prices and confusing the issue with numbers; moneychangers

Ironically, math now is the 'enlightened' way of understanding reality.

The block people have in understanding the natural flow of moment to moment is in the sense coordinated movement within our society. aka people are preoccupied thinking that money is the necessary intermediary of experience to experience.

Perception of light may be something like 'transliteral' to a specific situation then to the next

95a2c6  No.5900537


What I want to see from Corey Goode is one, just one piece of evidence to support any of his statements. He has provided nothing, and does not respond well to anyone who calls him out on it. If one was the chosen one for an interplanetary ambassador for six density higher social memory complex beings, they should have given him the tinest bit of esoteric evidence. Not even one picture or recording. Take Corey Goode's word on faith… Oh just make sure to send a donation first.

>Patriots do NOT reveal classified information. - Q


Everyone on here is ra now? This is getting funny.

be5c23  No.5901206


>Everyone on here is ra now? This is getting funny.

Haha yeah, as if we can conceive of a group of beings who can simply appear to us as light or project themselves into form as desired.

071458  No.5902228

File: 14429ed7a4d9171⋯.png (116.45 KB, 635x280, 127:56, Based Kabamur.png)


>Now THIS is funny. Even ebot is using CE5 Shills Ra memes. Badge of honor for sure!

Is this 'Ra shilling' organic?

Do you really believe 'Anons' are doing this?

Why so much effort on the main breads?

Why here?


Someone with a lot of time on their hands, or being paid?

Repetition repetition repetition.

Kabamur push and "worship Ra"?


This is fun!

>Badge of honor, military grade. - Q

6921bb  No.5902484

File: af4a099cbb0e29e⋯.png (307.24 KB, 611x408, 611:408, download (61).png)


Woah, would love to see this anons IQ


Nah, anons right. While I may not have the capacity for distributing the information like this anon displays, I asked the right questions. I've been dead serious about every post I've left here. Unfortunately I've been a love sick drunkard as of late, so my brain activity is a little shot.

Anon, you lost me with the ET talk. Not sure if theres a 4th dimensional reference to alien nature here. Yup, to braindead for this shit.

Feel free to explain but I'm gonna need a couple days before I can type without the mist of self-induced retardation floating about

be5c23  No.5904383


If you acknowledge infinite posibility, you in effect create a new possibility. I guess this fact is "unacknowledged". Least that's the attempt.

fdff79  No.5905686


>Is this 'Ra shilling' organic?

>Do you really believe 'Anons' are doing this?

Not likely.

a5a17d  No.5908486

File: 76c2a8966149c4b⋯.jpg (79.35 KB, 650x923, 50:71, 07bda736649353366f94f37a27….jpg)

6ea596  No.5909998

How is Q possible considering thought reading technology?

faec08  No.5910322


>capping your own post


faec08  No.5910341


Semjase's beamship (Pleiadian type 2), photo by Billy Meier

faec08  No.5910404

Kabamur is an info source, what he claims may or may not be correct. Since we are intelligent individuals we don't glue our diehard opinions onto every piece of information we come across, but we process and test it accordingly until we find the truth.

Shill hard against Kabamur and shilling hard pro-Kabamur are both agendas that are not worthy mentioning

Stay woke, stay redpilled, stay centered.

Love you fags

391828  No.5911110


Good question!

No sauce available on this because the question begs analytic speculation rather than fact but I'd suggest that either:

1. mind reading technology doesn't exist

2. Mind reading technology is in the control of the Patriots

3. There are really complex rules about using the technology


Not high enough of an IQ obviously, anon.



Love it, anon! Yes, I read somewhere that economics, statistical models, and advanced data mining are just 'more educated' ways of watching the fire crack the shoulder blade of an elk to decide which direction to forage. Literally, all of those techniques are the same, for decision-making, as rolling dice or flipping coins or throwing the lights and perfections.



As a side note, Jung's Synchronicity, does a pretty good job of demonstrating this too.


Anon, I apologize. I believe my response was a tad harsh. Sorry.

071458  No.5916333

File: b03609ec0783e57⋯.png (212.78 KB, 635x357, 635:357, 1.png)

File: ff0fbb31f6ab5a8⋯.png (5.35 KB, 717x89, 717:89, 2.png)

File: 1f2cccbd078d7d5⋯.png (102.24 KB, 635x322, 635:322, 3.png)

File: b7fa7ba08864930⋯.png (117.97 KB, 635x227, 635:227, 4.png)

File: 216e823fd06ba4f⋯.png (3.14 KB, 470x71, 470:71, 5.png)


<Is this 'Ra shilling' organic?

<Do you really believe 'Anons' are doing this?

>Not likely.

Let's see here Anons, what's new tonight over on the main breads? Kek

The same 'Ra' memes being used over and over?

Ebot replying?

Flat Earth?


So many themes all at once!

Pretty much hit the shillfag trifecta there tonight gents.

Coordinated coincidences R fun!

>You attack those who threaten you the most. - Q


>Love you fags

cb0bba  No.5918321

File: 612cb953eac8740⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 44687464-Naomi_Campbell_Eg….jpg)

be5c23  No.5919592


Some Q post talked how control enabled him to know what was gonna happen. Catalytic influences, though intense, with an understanding of people experiential distortions, only have the means of transformations to signify various states of awareness.

Take it as a token everything is vibratory. The thoughts people entertain are a a form of movement. Taken en-mass, in groups, and individually there are undeniable patterns of inertia like a dance.

Coupling the attributes of set patterns with set outcomes utilizing something like vibratory tuning is possible with the correct means of access to the mass mind. A certain veiled approach is needed when individual actors are mapped to an outcome


>Yes, I read somewhere that economics, statistical models, and advanced data mining are just 'more educated' ways of watching the fire crack the shoulder blade of an elk to decide which direction to forage. Literally, all of those techniques are the same, for decision-making, as rolling dice or flipping coins or throwing the lights and perfections.

I suppose it's how many 'cogs' are in the wheel of a system of knowledge that makes it's utility. There are also simply incorrect ways of thinking. How infinite possibility get 'lineated' has no dogma. It must though reverberate to itself

95a2c6  No.5919983


So many themes all at once!

Pretty much hit the shillfag trifecta there tonight gents.

Coordinated coincidences R fun!

>You attack those who threaten you the most. - Q

Trip's of the shillfag trifecta. It's been interesting watching all this unravel. It all started several threads ago. Ce5 shill was comfy as a tick buried into an unsuspecting dog. Spreading mass disinfo; all things Dr Greer, and attacking anyone who chose to refute his "disclosure project" - rockefeller initiative narrative. Freely feeding like a parasite as he spread his poison and disease across the land of the chans. The commencement of the grand triggering started when Dr. Greer was initially questioned, then a "faggot" was born. Though this faggot wasn't just an ordinary faggot. This faggot saw through the bullshit of "The ascended lightworker here to help humanity". This faggot brought sauce to the table, and shined light on q's posts. This faggot connected the dots that hadn't been previously connected. This faggot turned out to be a legit ET experiencer, and shared his own contact videos to his chan brothers and sisters. He didn't upload others material for fame or notoriety. This faggot fought back against the parasite, the disease, and it won. Ruthlessly shining logic and light on the darkness, until no darkness remained. Since then, we have seen a mass coordinated attack from the resident shareblue shillfags hired to troll this board. The onus of truth on the Greer notable at the start of the thread was only a bonus! These checkmark shillfags did not enjoy having their meathooks dug into controlling the narrative removed, and they have fought back viciously ever since. Shills have always proven when anons are over the target. In their foolhardiness they didn't realize that they would only prove that they were all working together, and in doing so prove this faggot of light was onto something. That something, was the truth. The truth is the light. The light of truth is what the darkness fears the most, that is why we have seen the nonstop 'Ra shill' shit slide. The biggest threat.

Why are you attacked so much on here? Because the truth is the light. So many coincidences with qs posts… So few have yet to see the light.

b9ad04  No.5920868

Hey Anons, felt compelled to share my CE5 experience…

Around 6 years ago, while working in my garage, I heard a unique clean and crisp "swoosh" sound. As I turned, a woman of light blue skin and short purple hair manifested in front of me. She wore a long black dress with green inlay, and the material looked living/wet; the best analog would be like the necroplasm material from the movie Spawn. I was stunned but not afraid. She just smiled at me and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared as quick as she arrived. I still contemplate this experience, and have yet to find out who she is or where she's from.

I haven't shared this story with family or friends. I don't expect anyone to believe me. Nevertheless, the experience shifted my life and I will never be the same- for the better.

Does any of this hit home with you?

0c2d48  No.5923200

I saw a UFO yesterday. Best sighting I've ever personally experience. It was pretty close by and bright as a motherfucker, orb shaped, it flew by and nearby an airplane and then went straight up into space, I can imagine the look on that pilot's face. Also what blew my mind is how it emitted no sound and the maneuverability of the thing especially compared with the nearby airplaine. It felt like winning the lottery for my eyeballs, like seeing a ghost

7f60aa  No.5925540

File: b79bcdb0a015cde⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 550x378, 275:189, 052161_4cff7cfd880747fe960….jpg)



Thank you for sharing, anons.

Someone is out there and wants to be seen/heard.

Someone nice.

Share the Love.

7a8683  No.5926210

File: 7a75ff7437b1178⋯.jpg (85.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, kek.jpg)


>The commencement of the grand triggering started when Dr. Greer was initially questioned, then a "faggot" was born. Though this faggot wasn't just an ordinary faggot. This faggot saw through the bullshit of "The ascended lightworker here to help humanity".

47d207  No.5926304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you know how easy it is to contact ET on your own?

Define CE5.

Sample proofs of contact.