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File: 929419eccc29b37⋯.png (8.7 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

c3e1be  No.5920007

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Tuesday 03.26.2019

>>5915048 ————————————–——– THINK. FOR. YOURSELF

>>5910092 rt >>5910048 ————————— Badge of Honor, Patriot.

>>5910024 ————————————–——– Attacks increasing? ( Cap & Vid: >>5910083 )

>>5909718 rt >>5909683 ————————— Bait confirmed.

>>5909596 ————————————–——– Loop Capital? ( Cap: >>5909757 )

>>5909464 rt >>5909428 ————————— Knowing what you know now, replay the story.

>>5909363 rt >>5909352 ————————— TT was bugged most likely.

>>5909342 ————————————–——– FISAGATE

>>5909322 rt >>5909279 ————————— Think POTUS campaign leaving T-Tower (base of operations) THE VERY NEXT DAY.

>>5909008 rt >>5908881 ————————— Bake your noodle.

>>5908738 ————————————–——– DAG + #2 [McCabe] discussion re: 'wear a wire' entrapment re: 25th amendment?

>>5908420 ————————————–——– POTUS on Hannity Tomorrow 9PM ET.

>>5906839 rt >>5906685 ————————— Well done, Anon. ( Cap: >>5907161 )

>>5906747 rt >>5906554 ————————— Bing QAnon News search results

>>5906111 ————————————–——– Past [7] days. Nothing to see here. (Cap: >>5906497, >>5906554)

>>5905183 ————————————–——– Q Proof

>>5904715 rt >>5904682 ————————— Proof missed?

>>5904599 rt >>5904397 ————————— "What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?"

>>5904397 ————————————–——– Worth remembering (Cap: >>5904875, >>5904900, >>5904915)

>>5904054 ————————————–——– How can there be FACTS if the entire story (narrative) was FICTION? (Cap: >>5904184)

>>5903921 rt >>5903895 ————————— These people are stupid

>>5903895 ————————————–——– It shall be done (Cap: >>5903954)

>>5903723 rt >>5903586 ————————— [Kim Foxx] Who is pulling her strings?

>>5903586 rt >>5903522 ————————— Will the AG need to get involved?

>>5903527 ————————————–——– @RepDougCollins (Cap: >>5903666)

>>5897520 ————————————–——– What is [RBG's] current state-of-health? (Cap: >>5897607)

Monday 03.25.2019

Compiled here: >>5915285

Saturday 03.23.2019

Compiled here: >>5903888

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are not endorsements


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>>5857423 BO on global notables


>>5919224 , >>5919618 , >>5919874 Bring Out Your Dead: Biography of Barbara Bush used as hit piece against POTUS

>>5919266 On smugglers torturing Libyan refugees during trip to Europe

>>5919288 China to prosecute former Interpol chief

>>5919433 Comey “confused” by Mueller’s findings, argues it “misses the point” of having a special counsel

>>5919545 ; >>5919926 Update on graphics re: Chicago corruption; Kim Foxx’s husband and links to cabalist operators

>>5919570 GF Securities lost $139M last year; Citigroup feeling the pain (re: text of post: >>5919711 )

>>5919627 , >>5919635 , >>5919647 , >>5919843 Swedbank shares plunge as money laundering allegations snowball, Manafort implicated

>>5919639 Marketfag Report: Global stocks, US futures slide as interest rates resume plunge

>>5919729 Kazakhstan to rename capital after pro-Trump leader; MSM chimps out

>>5919796 Linking Soros, shill organizations, and the NZ shooter

>>5919802 , >>5919826 Judicial Watch tweets re: HRC and FBI corruption

>>5919887 EU passes Article 11, Article 13

>>5919888 , >>5919892 Dig on Center for Strategic and International Studies

>>5919956 #7573

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c3e1be  No.5920017

File: 0314a9556f5c42b⋯.jpeg (14.78 KB, 255x177, 85:59, DayBakerGiftFromNightCrew.jpeg)



091b6c  No.5920023

File: 006435b764d23da⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1377x956, 1377:956, flagphotoshootwflotus.png)

tanks baker! love u frens

704bb8  No.5920025

File: b185cd77506ab7b⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 500x616, 125:154, 2w19tx_1.jpg)

b32f2e  No.5920026

File: 15723689ee3cb90⋯.png (176.97 KB, 798x551, 42:29, 1553656241164.png)

Oh no no no noo….

b32f2e  No.5920032

File: 2bb2d6d9642b25b⋯.png (671.39 KB, 2962x2000, 1481:1000, be52d6dc482a15f5cbd1923c07….png)

File: 73cd18ada2f8c5b⋯.png (114.42 KB, 721x763, 103:109, ISRAEL.png)

File: 8dbc877e1a22512⋯.png (104.6 KB, 887x744, 887:744, 1553643386478.png)

9f64df  No.5920047

File: 28ef6c3fafe6067⋯.jpeg (334.78 KB, 1223x1646, 1223:1646, 101B85A9-FE09-4EAA-AA4B-8….jpeg)


704bb8  No.5920052

File: 62230bba46547e7⋯.jpg (52.91 KB, 500x494, 250:247, 2wypt2-1_1.jpg)

2f8264  No.5920057

File: 96aad2ea6329f9f⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 2012x1772, 503:443, CreepStar.jpg)

File: 1b1b69543047358⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1858x1450, 929:725, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)

Tweet the new meme people!!!

Someone needs to tell #Biden these are the #WrongPlacesToFindLove

The democrats running for president are so terrible that this racist, sexist, creep is currently leading the pack.

#WillYouSeeClearly #WillYouSeeClearlyIn2020? #BidenCourageAwards #Biden2020




88e7e2  No.5920064

>>5919952 (l/b)

Reposting as got lost at end of last bread.

With apologies for butting in…

Isn't the real key to unity to do with separating the ideological from the person espousing the idea/philosophy?

I think it is important to judge ideologies; some just ARE better than others. If this were not the case we would have to allow that sacrificing children to Moloch has equal value to the golden rule - love your neighbour as yourself, and so on and so forth.

So judge away - between ideologies. But don't judge/condemn the person who subscribes to the ideology. He may be mistaken, uneducated, blackmailed, whatever. In short, refrain from ad hominen attacks and debate the ideology.

349c37  No.5920065

>>5918748 (pb)

If Mueller, RR, and Barr were taking down the mafia with the help of DJT in the 80's and 90's, how did those 3 get caught up in C_A,/Bush/Clinton corruption? Forced into to it and had to play the game? Now they're freed?

704bb8  No.5920072

File: 82eb0c46eb95102⋯.png (529.79 KB, 998x881, 998:881, Screenshot_20190327-003603….png)



Biden is a toilet.

9589df  No.5920073

>>5918538 lb

ft Lauderdale fire.

if this is a parallel affair to the chatter and plotting in NK then no wonder POTUS →EO→ harden against emp.

I dunno about the credit of this guy Jim stone but I check his site semi routinely as he has a knack for the art of the rant much like Michael Savage.

Stone is charging that ft. Lauderdale fire is Venezuelan agents exacting revenge and retaliation for our work on their domestic energy.

9589df  No.5920078

File: 22a706b406236f5⋯.jpg (466.58 KB, 720x1480, 18:37, Screenshot_20190327-080045….jpg)


4got cap

ff366a  No.5920080

File: bf8009650833181⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 633x950, 633:950, 053.jpg)

File: 7fc74e299378907⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 350x200, 7:4, Dame-Linda-Dobbs2.jpg)

File: 18768b83ef8f4ba⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 255x211, 255:211, hermes.jpg)

File: 4efe35c6dbbbe0d⋯.jpg (393 KB, 883x1923, 883:1923, Logo_mirko.jpg)

File: 6c8f687f5b0df9e⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, map5.jpg)

211783  No.5920081

I don't know about anons, but I'm still LIVID that Mueller, RR, Comey… targeted POTUS, knowing he was a patriot and worked with them to take down criminal families.

9589df  No.5920085


my 2¢: may also explain Houston fire if true

f30d3e  No.5920086


always wondered wtf embassies were really for

47056a  No.5920087

File: ea671e41029dd52⋯.gif (111.16 KB, 602x571, 602:571, NSAGov-Tweet_201903270855.gif)



8:55 AM - 27 Mar 2019

"Don’t miss NSA at #NSBE45 in Detroit, today through Saturday. We’ll be issuing conditional job offers on the spot! Visit booths 1002 and 1004."


Embedded graphic URL: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D2qqv0bWkAAeOK4.jpg:large

1944eb  No.5920088

File: 3ee4e2f1dd2d599⋯.jpg (909.43 KB, 1280x1749, 1280:1749, 20190319_121730.jpg)

Thank You Baker

f741ce  No.5920092

Catherine Herridge.


37ea6e  No.5920093

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 9ec9e88c03e4b8c4e8840d78b5….png)

God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

47056a  No.5920094


Are their any cipher-decode Anons entertaining a career in the NSA? Bring your resume to NSBE45 and you might get a conditional job offer!

704bb8  No.5920095

File: 5c9a73e5f1424b0⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 199x255, 199:255, 5c9a73e5f1424b0fe643b8223c….jpg)

Anons top of the morning to you.

654009  No.5920096

File: 2a998192d5a6a35⋯.jpg (68.68 KB, 474x608, 237:304, Themis.jpg)

File: cd53eb36082d7b3⋯.png (567.98 KB, 784x903, 112:129, Rand Paul Fuckery.PNG)


TY Baker!!!

Rand Paul up to something:


da3746  No.5920097

Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat… For over 2 years, day after day, democrats viciously attacked President Trump, using as their weapon the completely baseless and made-up allegations of "Russian Collusion" and "Obstruction of Justice". They empowered a Special Council, and held Congressional Hearings… And yet, even after being cleared of any malfeasance by both bodies, the dems continue to insist the President is guilty of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors"…

Enter Jussie Smollett, who is black and openly gay, a friend of democrat politicians, and others in high places. In late January Smollett stages a hoax, claiming he was the victim of a brutal hate crime. From the beginning the Police didn't buy his story; things just didn't add up. So they thoroughly investigate, and all the evidence clearly shows Jussie Smollett staged the whole thing. Smollett is then indicted on 16 felony counts by a Cook County grand jury.

Enter Democrat Kim Foxx (Cook County State's Attorney), Democrat Tina Tchen (former aide to Barack and Michelle Obama), and family and friends of Jussie Smollett. Democrats, in positions of power and influence, COLLUDE and CONSPIRE to get all of the 16 felony charges against Jussie Smollett dropped. And they are successful, thereby using their influence to get a most probable guilty person off the hook; and in the process OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE.

Funny, democrats seem to have no problem with COLLUSION and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE when it benefits one of their own.

b1f4a0  No.5920098

File: 3c4a63f672f56bd⋯.jpg (688.22 KB, 1242x1644, 207:274, 3c4a63f672f56bd0b2ce81452f….jpg)


Thank you baker!

d30b2d  No.5920099

File: 1fd7f4553f481c5⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1176x674, 588:337, Screenshot_2019-03-27 Trum….png)

they are lost forever. The question is what do we do with them?

8bd27d  No.5920100


morning swordy. thank you for the daily love from above!

2f8264  No.5920101

File: 8103cfdfe622be5⋯.png (296.14 KB, 1934x452, 967:226, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)


yes he is, which says a lot about the other candidates considering he is currently beating them in polls…. but we all know how accurate polls are

654009  No.5920102

File: 3fa8c3dd49ca283⋯.jpg (92.56 KB, 800x1155, 160:231, ophelia_by_avine_d8gzrdw-f….jpg)



I'm glad there are patriots that are good at that stuff, because I ain't one of them.


Same to you, Swordanon!

83ffff  No.5920104

>>5919802 (lb Fitton on Steele)


Hory Sheet, February 2016 is huge news.

I feel like pics/links related . . .



2db361  No.5920105

File: 9e22f51e2ed8deb⋯.jpg (18.42 KB, 250x334, 125:167, dz.jpg)

File: 3abd4a8243183b3⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 439x612, 439:612, chimp.jpg)

File: 0853d2309921ff6⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 364x467, 364:467, michael.jpg)

632e27  No.5920106

File: cb38d6d0bcca1fe⋯.png (224.2 KB, 662x742, 331:371, 2019-03-27_09-03-09.png)

File: 78fa4a09c4a2b5e⋯.png (243.91 KB, 645x760, 129:152, 2019-03-27_09-04-03.png)

File: 4d1345fa79c90b5⋯.png (194.46 KB, 653x667, 653:667, 2019-03-27_09-04-24.png)

>>5920015 lb

Was it simply just a bunch of lowlifes that gained access to the halls of power in the country?

Or was there more to it than that?

e899e9  No.5920108



and peace be with the recently departed

805457  No.5920109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

William Binney, Alan Dershowitz and Doug Wead; CrossTalk on Mueller Report

37ea6e  No.5920110


Reptiles take care of their own

6e0024  No.5920111

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The brotherhood

Ran a natural language processor on the 55+ poster last bread boards and cross referenced Farrakhans speech, about a 0.99 r^2

So the shilling is ran out of Kalamora

704bb8  No.5920112

File: cd92e721f5ba204⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 500x548, 125:137, 2wxyqs_1.jpg)

181454  No.5920113

File: 9e38af819b8e81b⋯.png (696.14 KB, 623x382, 623:382, Capture.PNG)

Mexican President Asks Spain to Apologize for Conquest Of Mexico – Spain Says No.

Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Monday that he sent a "formal letter" to the king of Spain asking him to apologize for Spain's conquest of Mexico.

The answer he got back was a definitive no.

From the Pacific Standard:

In a video released on social media on Monday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico's president, stood next to his wife in front of the ruins of a Mayan pyramid in Tabasco, one of the country's southernmost states. Speaking to the camera, AMLO (as he is known in Mexico) explained that he and his wife had come to Centla—the Maya city whose ruins they stood among—to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the the battle the Chontal Maya fought against the forces of Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

"There were massacres and oppression," AMLO says in the video. "The so-called conquest was fought with the sword and the cross. They built their churches on top of the temples." He then called on Spain to apologize for its role in the conquest, and to ask for forgiveness from Mexico's indigenous peoples.

Estamos en Comalcalco, vamos a Centla a conmemorar 500 años de la batalla de los españoles contra la resistencia de los mayas-chontales. pic.twitter.com/glYO0eAMtX


e3c76e  No.5920114


Great fucking question. No one wants to say a peep about all the corruption they were a part of. Something stinks to high heaven.

a4cbd4  No.5920115


He is vital to the plan. He and his dad are white hats.

a86efb  No.5920116

File: bd0f288b1d501a8⋯.jpg (120.19 KB, 1282x669, 1282:669, Anon_on_why_Jews_promote_c….JPG)

File: 4fb7f7631a14a8e⋯.png (8.72 KB, 884x111, 884:111, Anon_comments_on_circumcis….PNG)

File: 46e45300313e2dc⋯.jpg (709.45 KB, 1288x2080, 161:260, Circumsision_Business.jpg)

File: cc1bea1f19a97d9⋯.png (2.94 MB, 3000x5000, 3:5, Jew_Circumcision_3_No_Bene….png)

File: 56bd00697737c68⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 498x645, 166:215, Circumcision_is_shit.jpg)

>>5920055 (lb)

>Take a look at 'The West' American hospitals where it is done every single day at the request of parents all across the spectrum.

They only started to do it AFTER Jewish media and doctors started to push for it for various reasons. Pic related.

Cry more and throw more ad-hominems my way, I love it.

Read my next posts about Islam in the West and who pushes for it ;)

ba7824  No.5920117


Release report + DECLAS == Full Transparency.

2d4bc0  No.5920118


welcome oldfag

2db361  No.5920119

File: ebaeded5cdc7184⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 192x262, 96:131, zira.jpg)

259505  No.5920120


Too bad I'm not there. Born there but not there now. What a shame…

a86efb  No.5920121


Reposting my reply to your great post:

I think about Judaism the same way I think about Islam, it has no place in the West, but the people who self-identify with the ideology are not the ideology. I used to say that there were 3 types of Muslims: those that don't even know what Islam is (useful idiots), those that fear the punishment for apostasy (death), and those that know that Islam is a supremacist ideology and they embrace it and they will lie to you and fuck you over because of their ideology.

With Judaism, I also think there are 3 kinds of religious Jews: those that don't know what Judaism even is (useful idiots), those that fear the consequences of telling the truth or acting against Jewish supremacism (they lose access and the privileged that comes from Jewish nepotism, etc), and the ones that embrace it and will lie to you and fuck you over because of their ideology.

You can criticize the ideology without hating those that self-identify with it.

That is what some people don't understand, and others pretend to not understand (in order to try to get people to censor themselves).

181454  No.5920122

File: 2c2d94c93900c9e⋯.png (1.12 MB, 854x496, 427:248, Capture.PNG)

ICE released 107,000 illegal immigrants across US in past 3 months

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are being released each month in an attempt to reduce the massive amount of processing and packed detention centers.

More than 1,000 illegal immigrant family members are being set free into border states each day because the government simply cannot handle the load, The Washington Times reported.

In the past three months alone, approximately 107,000 families have been apprehended at the border and then let go. Some have been given tethers, some must check in periodically, and some have been given court dates or deportation dates, with the hope that they comply.

ICE detainment centers only have 2,500 beds to detain immigrant families. Those beds are normally designated for single mother families, and when room runs out, the “catch-and-release” practice comes into play, the Epoch Times stated.

The agency is so overwhelmed with immigrant processing that officers have been taken from prisons or jails to assist ICE detainment centers in releasing the immigrants.


4787a3  No.5920123

>>5919433 (pb) Comey “confused” by Mueller’s findings, argues it “misses the point” of having a special counsel.

I wouldn't be surprised if the whole obstruction issue comes down to Trump's tweets calling out the 'Witch Hunt'.

85f8b8  No.5920124

File: 5a4cb3fb6d9923d⋯.jpg (61.66 KB, 858x472, 429:236, spacepepe.JPG)



575a25  No.5920125

Sorry for my foul language that I posted here yesterday

The Cunts on Patriots Soapbox kicked me off for saying that the "Liberals had killed Lady Justice" exact words

I needed a place to vent so thanks guys for allowing me to clear my head over the Jussie thing

and Yeah it was my first time posting here

60dcdd  No.5920126


May happen today. 45 had lunch with GOP to prep yesterday.

Also, Barr said "weeks not months" to issue full redacted report. Gotta DECLAS first.

It's showtime.

8bd27d  No.5920127


it takes a 'special kind of low life'. A groomed low life.

Every one of these traitors have been groomed from an early age to play a part for evil. it's disgusting yes, but really that simple.

704bb8  No.5920128

File: c23eee9adbd29e9⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 500x406, 250:203, 2wvip3-2_1.jpg)

File: 2eb77649ccfe28c⋯.jpg (44.26 KB, 500x344, 125:86, 2wv2ry_1.jpg)

File: 9867399779d52f5⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 500x578, 250:289, 2wbu58_1.jpg)

e6d881  No.5920129

File: ec3230366029a49⋯.jpg (418.71 KB, 864x864, 1:1, WhaWhaWHAT.jpg)

What the heck happened yesterday?

f30d3e  No.5920130





6f9016  No.5920131

File: 6019ce2ea9a3c33⋯.png (347.17 KB, 618x427, 618:427, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)

Sen. Mike Lee (R. UT) Uses memes to troll AOC Green New Deal. Love It!!!

6bb5e8  No.5920132


Trump should send them to the Angel family homes. They'll take care of them.

d4621b  No.5920133


Good Morning Swordanon

30d879  No.5920134

File: bbfbfc3cd89f556⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ztoa98.png)

d830a6  No.5920135

>>5919954 (lb)

Odd that group (@realdougstewart) are attacking the chan for going against POTUS and siding up with Gorka who was thrown out (C_A much?) of the administration.

Makes Praying Medic look good. Tell you what, if LisaMei62 goes against Praying Medic, I'll believe it.

e5598a  No.5920136

File: ff19d86534ee99d⋯.png (1.21 MB, 964x688, 241:172, JS corruption.png)


>Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat…

>Enter Jussie Smollett,

>Enter Democrat Kim Foxx

> democrats seem to have no problem with COLLUSION and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE when it benefits one of their own.

0e9edb  No.5920137



Okay anon, you've gone too far. Time to shut it down.

5fc6e3  No.5920138

File: 20cc50f58e09532⋯.png (1.46 MB, 960x717, 320:239, 8755318bb1c7f17d76b44320c0….png)

654009  No.5920139



Well, the way he worded it certainly certainly draws more attention to the totality of the situation, that's for certain.

ba7824  No.5920140


POTUS will pull back the curtain.

And soon.

Game on, DS traitors.

541a08  No.5920141

File: 0d2f286572c6368⋯.png (131.66 KB, 487x507, 487:507, ClipboardImage.png)

#BREAKING: 28 European Union countries reject recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights, says EU won't follow US in changing policy on Golan


9589df  No.5920142

>>5919892 lb

right there at the end says it all Joseph S. Nye. Liberal structuralism liberal institutionalism (he first articulated argument made famous by ppl like Tom Friedman and f. fukuyama in end of history. if lacking threat, states will seek to collaborate and self-impose regimes upon themselves to govern state 2 state interaction in anarchic system. therefore UN. WTO IMF etc…

6bb5e8  No.5920143


Why the FUCK ARE THEY NOT BUSED back to MEXICO???????????

5d2c28  No.5920144

File: a814f5ed82f42f0⋯.jpg (149.54 KB, 1281x962, 1281:962, a814f5ed82f42f0ed12e4f1088….jpg)



fbe38e  No.5920145


Clinton was a white nigger.

a86efb  No.5920146

File: 159401e6d7469e8⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1500x1941, 500:647, France_Jewish_influx_of_mi….png)

File: d8713bea7eb0b06⋯.png (569.82 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, Hypocrisy.png)

File: 7e3d5d8cf1e08fe⋯.jpg (673.39 KB, 648x1352, 81:169, Israel_Advocates_For_Soros.jpg)

File: ff16fd62dc5b769⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_T….jpg)

File: f02593607fb5d51⋯.png (663.39 KB, 909x923, 909:923, Jews_and_Muslims_against_N….png)


Regarding the role of Jewish collective power in the Islamization of the West.

83ffff  No.5920147

File: c97dd26ac525254⋯.jpeg (424.22 KB, 672x1737, 224:579, A2EC98CF-79F9-419D-B42C-4….jpeg)

File: 643e3b1ed70da1d⋯.jpeg (308.12 KB, 1215x530, 243:106, CB6878B2-5D51-4723-8657-D….jpeg)


forgot pics shit

f30d3e  No.5920148


i remember using this image on election day


98ce21  No.5920149


God bless all patriots and anons!

181454  No.5920150

File: 1687939a6fd2470⋯.png (412.4 KB, 596x338, 298:169, Capture.PNG)

Trump Campaign Official Michael Caputo: I Reported the 58th Threat Against My Family to Police this Week – Was Told to Be On Guard (VIDEO)

Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo joined Laura Ingraham on Tuesday following the release of the Mueller Report on Sunday.

Michael Caputo told Laura his family received their 58th threat online this past weekend after Mueller exonerated President Trump in his two year long witch hunt.

Michael Caputo: I spent the day today at my local police department reporting what is about the 58th threat of violence and death against my family. This came in on Sunday night at 9:02 PM on Facebook. It’s not just how much money we spent or what jobs we lost, the homes we lost the revenue opportunities we lost, the tuition payments for our children. It’s not just that, none of us are safe. You know, I talked to a criminal psychologist who I’ve worked with who helped me in this two year period… He told me that now is when we have to be careful because the most unhinged of the resistance now don’t have a report to look forward to. Now they’re going to get really crazy. And some of them are going to go on the attack.


e3c76e  No.5920151


Not buying it, sorry. He has done too much blackhat shit recently and is comped from his college days. He is not a constitutionalist either. A fucking fraud

ff87ef  No.5920152

All the shills were gone for a few hours and now…

Fuck me

a86efb  No.5920153

File: 4e6e58d5a253423⋯.jpg (114.41 KB, 600x700, 6:7, Hypocrisy_2.jpg)

File: dd8ebbc9d9109da⋯.jpg (221.26 KB, 1256x1304, 157:163, Hypocrisy_3.jpg)

File: 5cb9e439bacc341⋯.jpg (812.5 KB, 608x1326, 304:663, jews_Migrants_2.jpg)

File: 14274099e457a26⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1442x868, 103:62, Jews_push_for_White_genoci….png)

File: 0564a346a72aa99⋯.png (211.08 KB, 581x664, 7:8, UN_Israel_jewish_interest_….PNG)

541a08  No.5920154


Thanks, Swordy. Bless you.

c60c0a  No.5920155


Dear NSA. Someone hacked your twatter. Why would you want us to come to you, OUT IN THE OPEN, when you have all the data on us………held privately.

You know my weaknesses. I'll readily admit them. That said, get me in shape and there's not a built in cover-story bio for any mission you have you planned that I couldn't fill.


b1f4a0  No.5920156

File: 9680ab00b8dd6d7⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1200x931, 1200:931, Screenshot_20190303-000340….png)


…and to you too swordanon.

f26b93  No.5920157


CarEfuL AnOnS

dOxXiNg aT mAx

3bff47  No.5920158


OMG i actually agree with EU

Momma dearest, i am getting crazy

b0a3d3  No.5920159

File: 47c4b0221104f62⋯.jpg (35.25 KB, 389x369, 389:369, First Adulteress 2-9385028….jpg)

5d2c28  No.5920160

File: dde483fbd2dd124⋯.jpg (476.61 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, The_Smollett_Connection_05.jpg)

c60c0a  No.5920161


No, thank you!

60dcdd  No.5920162


And, honestly, I think this Smollett thing was to prep normies to realize just exactly how far the HUSSEIN WH is/was willing to go to protect their own. Makes it much more palatable for the masses.

47056a  No.5920163


Anon, the cipher specialists are just one of several targeted specialties with openings at the NSA. Among those are intelligence analysts where you are trained to process mountains of data with automated AI driven software that picks out hidden connections with potential national security implications where you will be responsible for generating highly structured and compliant reports… oh, wait… never mind.

d31c95  No.5920164


No declas is going to happen today. OIG comes first and that's `2-3 months away.

88e7e2  No.5920165


>You can criticize the ideology without hating those that self-identify with it.

Absolutely! And in so doing we can unite around our common humanity whilst still remaining up for debate about our respective ideologies. The battle for ideas should be fought in the realm of ideas, not in the realm of personal emotions and feelz.

14cbbb  No.5920166

File: f69ee6f2b068b26⋯.png (61.46 KB, 381x217, 381:217, q post vj as treason.PNG)

File: 6e5a205db764037⋯.png (159.28 KB, 367x353, 367:353, vj as treason.PNG)

98ce21  No.5920167

File: 86c4ebe6b0c6d73⋯.jpg (302.94 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, STRONG_TOGETHER.jpg)

File: 5414e900ce91431⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, Unity_notDivision.jpg)


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills again.

Since Q called them out yesterday they PANIC.

There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (repliying to concern shills) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

181454  No.5920168


Good question.. thought Trump got rid of the catch and release and where are the supposed 15.000 or so troops they sent to the boarder

3f4152  No.5920169


Comey targeted.

Mueller, RR worked with POTUS.

Disinformation is necessary.

You are watching a movie

And FFS unless someone is cutting off one of your body parts, spare the drama.

8bd27d  No.5920170

File: 6a5878d46eebf6d⋯.jpeg (157.5 KB, 564x651, 188:217, 5a95e357b5f34.jpeg)

c60c0a  No.5920171


SwordAnon, in the event you don't know, lb someone posted using your image. Guess not much you can do, but thought I would let you know.

Best to you and yours. God bless!

a86efb  No.5920172

File: 2d9e8a4e61c6ae8⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1750x2280, 175:228, 1500_Rabbis.png)

File: f7e5f30aa0f92ea⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1048x1298, 524:649, Hubris_to_be_paid_for_plus….png)

File: cc2621cb464eff9⋯.jpg (189.35 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, jews_Migrants.jpg)

File: 5d673ebdf6fc187⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2486x3062, 1243:1531, Jews_Push_For_Muslim_Migra….jpg)

File: e9f1c60bc1e9498⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 2560x9925, 512:1985, Loxism_great_post_list_pic….jpg)

805457  No.5920173

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ron Paul on Mueller report.

6e0024  No.5920174


Logical Thinking

All the shills on the board I imagine agree with The EUs stance on this

The European Union = NWO

George soros broke the pound in 1992 to allow for the creation of the EU by breaking the Bank of England


So the shills are NWO supporters working for Soros

This isn’t rocket science

704bb8  No.5920175

File: dc6d980d634aa9e⋯.png (874.73 KB, 1080x1017, 120:113, Screenshot_20190325-092139….png)

American people are to blame for the DC corruption be we keep putting the criminals back in office.

Pelosi has been in office for 100 years.

b1f4a0  No.5920176

File: cca2470e554e8cd⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1200x1183, 1200:1183, Screenshot_20190224-214012….png)


I knew she was friends with Ron Snowflake!

d830a6  No.5920177

File: 2197461f4a9236e⋯.jpg (189.67 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 08bf5b50734c399a90af488c91….jpg)


Mornin' Swordy!

Some clown has been logging in a couple hours before you usually do pretending to be you.

f30d3e  No.5920178

Any update on North Korea digs?

Reckon that's what triggered the bot spam…

654009  No.5920179

File: 35bfd08479c4468⋯.png (181.32 KB, 790x731, 790:731, Smollett Judge Sealed.PNG)


Hehehe, I see what you did there.


Here's the judge that let sealed the Smollett case documents:

98ce21  No.5920180

File: 41cdf284b141f57⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 400x317, 400:317, Symbolism.jpg)

File: 78abe417b97439a⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 405x607, 405:607, mason_royal2.jpg)

File: 02978815b765386⋯.jpg (112.12 KB, 634x521, 634:521, MasonCross4.jpg)

File: 506e1e7236e5de2⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 460x307, 460:307, order3.jpg)


Q is fighting the worldwide ruling class, the global illuminati/masonic Deep State - including governments, agencies, organizations, thinktanks, companies, …

Q is fighting what was hidden a long time by the word "conspiracy" and by a lot of effort of MSM and 'stars.'

Shills want to slow down (they can´t possibly think they could stop anons.) the Q movement by "divide and rule" and by giving fake news media a reason to blame Q followers nazis.

This is what MSM is doing right now with POTUS and followers and begins to do it with Q now.

Don´t let shills divide you.

Good vs. evil.

We the people vs golbal DS Eilte.

















a4cbd4  No.5920181


nominate as NOTABLE (1st)

3bff47  No.5920182



Today i am a shill

Want my check now

d830a6  No.5920183



d59ff9  No.5920184

File: cfb11da61f492fc⋯.jpeg (271.81 KB, 540x375, 36:25, me, no!.jpeg)

c60c0a  No.5920185

File: 96713a01ff8c3b1⋯.jpg (205 KB, 604x616, 151:154, How_Dare_You_Sir.jpg)


HERE WE GO! A new bread, another moo joo.

Do you have no shame sir! How fucking long is this circle-jerk going to last?

Fuck me!

1944eb  No.5920186

File: 8578cee9b1a1c8b⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ug9jaE3.jpg)

990851  No.5920187

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

frens need to listen to this!



throughout TIMEQ

PG knew frens.

information comes in many different forms to us.

somehow I have always loved this song!


oh…google search that single word…

a86efb  No.5920188


People have to learn to deal with accusation of "hate" when posting any kind of thing.

This is when I start mocking people who do it, because facts don't care, and when shills or more emotional people call me names and say I am hateful for posting verifiable facts, I go on the offensive and use negative emotions against them, because they demonstrate that they can't handle logic.

You need to be able to move in both realms of logic and emotion, you'll have to face and use both.

3afec6  No.5920190

File: c3b6bb4420e7dea⋯.jpg (163.93 KB, 1200x1165, 240:233, copypastapic.jpg)

New copy pasta pic blank

45f64d  No.5920191


Baker, thank you for your hard work, but whats up with hiding all the night shift notables?

2db361  No.5920192

File: 599e24a579de542⋯.png (98.21 KB, 540x521, 540:521, fag.png)


yo donnie!

98ce21  No.5920193

File: aebd64e288f9baa⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 500x373, 500:373, mason04.jpg)

File: 9d7859bc30293b1⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 1977x2404, 1977:2404, mason05.jpg)

File: fb54d7df3ad935c⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 644x415, 644:415, mason06.jpg)

File: d49dd3131ff2514⋯.jpg (38.19 KB, 629x346, 629:346, mason08.jpg)

1944eb  No.5920194

File: b2e80392b3d0a85⋯.jpg (394.32 KB, 1026x1360, 513:680, 20190319_181935.jpg)

0e9edb  No.5920195


>The battle for ideas should be fought in the realm of ideas

And facts. And it's a fact that Israel and their zionists have become a plague on the world. They need a deep cleaning perhaps more than here in the U.S.

a86efb  No.5920196

File: d494cc5aad64939⋯.png (20.05 KB, 519x364, 519:364, How_Hasbara_Israel_first_s….PNG)



Jewish collective power is a very powerful tool in the cabal toolbox, and its a valid subject of analysis.

Pic related.

c689a0  No.5920197


Cracks me up every single time. Top kek

609447  No.5920198

The enemy wants us divided and defeated. Here's a song from Jeremy Camp to remind you who you are in God's eye's. On this journey together, challenges are great but he who is in us is greater! United, we are unstoppable!

The Same Power: by Jeremy Camp

I can see

Waters raging at my feet

I can feel

The breath of those surrounding me

I can hear

The sound of nations rising up

We will not be overtaken

We will not be overcome

I can walk

Down this dark and painful road

I can face

Every fear of the unknown

I can hear

All God's children singing out

We will not be overtaken

We will not be overcome

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave

The same power that commands the dead to wake

Lives in us, lives in us

The same power that moves mountains when He speaks

The same power that can calm a raging sea

Lives in us, lives in us

He lives in us, lives in us

We have hope

That His promises are true

In His strength

There is nothing we can't do

Yes, we know

There are greater things in store

We will not be overtaken

We will not be overcome

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave

The same power that commands the dead to wake

Lives in us, lives in us

The same power that moves mountains when He speaks

The same power that can calm a raging sea

Lives in us, lives in us

He lives in us, lives in us

Greater is He that is living in me

He's conquered our enemy

No power of darkness

No weapon prevails

We stand here in victory


Greater is He that is living in me

He's conquered our enemy


No power of darkness

No weapon prevails

We stand here in victory

Oh, in victory

d31c95  No.5920199



Because the fucking radicals left blocked the EO to end catch and release.

47056a  No.5920200

File: ba97d52bc481ffc⋯.gif (134.33 KB, 592x618, 296:309, Hillary-Clinton-Tweet_2019….gif)

Hillary Clinton Tweet

9:13 AM - 27 Mar 2019

"I'm so happy to see candidates winning the right to use campaign funds for child care. We need more moms in office."


Embedded link to Vox article: https://www.vox.com/2019/3/21/18271287/parents-child-care-moms-campaign-funds-pereira

c60c0a  No.5920201


Appreciate the thought………..trust me on this………once you get my age, it's a different ballgame completely.

Oh, but how sweet the sight of beauty!

60c0b1  No.5920202

Yesterday was surprisingly slow. Hoping for some big dubs today, Q!

6e0024  No.5920203

File: a95644b806d7046⋯.jpeg (104.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, F30AA265-1DEF-42AE-888E-6….jpeg)


That sentence was ripped straight from kalamora

bd2b17  No.5920204


glad you feel better now, anon. keep it up.

5b3971  No.5920205

File: f969f2d58da1710⋯.jpg (41.89 KB, 319x500, 319:500, 51XKdk-ld6L.jpg)

>>5920071 lb

Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America

a86efb  No.5920206

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not an argument.

Why are you so triggered that I make available for newfags this information, information that Jews censor EVERYWHERE else (vid related)?

Are you an Israel first traitor? :)

[00:00] While many groups and governments wish to censor the internet, Israel and its partisans are amongst the most globally significant. They work to promote the Israel narrative while blocking facts about Palestine, the Israel lobby and other subjects they wish to cover up.

[00:17] Much of this is done by devoted individuals acting independently, voluntarily and relentlessly. But many of these activists are part of orchestrated well funded projects sponsored by the Israeli government and other pro-Israel groups.

[00:30] They utilize Israeli soldiers, students, American teens and seniors and range from infiltrating Wikipedia to influencing YouTube. As we’ll see, some even operate out of Jewish community centers in the US.

[00:43] One such group is the Israeli military’s New Media Desk.

[00:47] “It is well known now a days that what happens on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube has great influence on events that occur on the ground. The Internet too is a battleground, it is thus comforting to learn that the IDF employ soldiers that tweet, share, like and more.”

[01:02] Another project initiated in 2011 by the National Union of Israeli Students has the stated goal of to deepen and expand hasbara, or state propaganda activities of students in the State of Israel. Under this program Israeli students are payed to quote: “lead the battle against hostile websites”.

[01:21] The students are tasked with what many would call shilling or trolling in online forums and social media. They are directed to create original content in the form of news reports and blogs, edit Wikipedia, inject pro-Israel messages into discussion on social media, as well as report and remove what they consider to be allegedly “anti-Semitic” content.

[01:42] Its important to note that criticism of Israel is not the same thing as anti-Semitism, despite Israel’s best effort to redefine the word.

181454  No.5920207

File: 67b8a991848173e⋯.png (518.24 KB, 619x377, 619:377, Capture.PNG)

Lindsey Graham on Gun Confiscation Laws: ‘Every Right Has Limits’

During Tuesday’s hearing on confiscatory red flag laws, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “every right has limits.”

Graham supports red flag laws, and in early March, he told CNN the confiscatory laws represent a place Republicans and Democrats can “come together” on gun control. Ironically, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was able to use the hearing as a venue in which to promote her “Extreme Risk Protection Order of 2019.”

Breitbart News reported that Feinstein’s bill seeks to encourage more states to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders, i.e., red flag laws, which allow for the issuance of court orders to confiscate firearms.

On Monday, Feinstein boasted about the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee would be hearing her gun control push. She tweeted, “Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on these laws and my bill. This is a commonsense measure that would help keep guns out of the hands of those who would harm themselves or others.”


1186da  No.5920208


I agree he is part of the plan

f04e2c  No.5920209


Hey Q+/Q, why do you have Julian Assange imprisoned & surveilled? He is a hero to patriots worldwide. REAL JOURNALISM IS NOT A CRIME. Why does the Mueller report lie about the DNC [Seth Rich][Crowdstrike] email heist? Why haven't you interviewed JA, Craig Murray or Kim Dotcom re this? What is the plan to turn this around and FREE ASSANGE? Trust the plan … seriously?!

b1f4a0  No.5920210


It's paytriots soapbox, get it right. You should punch yourself in the balls quite a few times if you're paying those faggots any attention.

c60c0a  No.5920211

File: 41702fe4464e821⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 1018x1000, 509:500, pepe_blurred_vomit_2.jpg)


A deep cleaning? Dude, don't conflate the enema you just had with shit you don't understand!

Grow the fuck up!

98ce21  No.5920212

File: ac6256600f3dcb2⋯.jpg (68.46 KB, 620x449, 620:449, Berlusconi.jpg)

File: 088e1270c1a9c5f⋯.jpg (21.98 KB, 474x350, 237:175, Berlusconi2.jpg)

File: 04eaf41ddafc80b⋯.jpeg (64.69 KB, 500x380, 25:19, evil_vatican.jpeg)

File: 0dee60597affdc8⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 255x229, 255:229, Freemason_Illuminati.jpg)

805457  No.5920213

File: d4b5baf88a2b534⋯.jpg (335.99 KB, 1276x718, 638:359, capture_021_27032019_03461….jpg)

e3c76e  No.5920214


This was reported back in December/January. There were hasidics who traveled to Rockland who brought the disease with them. I guess now they are trying to hunker down or spread disease.

0e9edb  No.5920215

File: 1ef36d2c75c4e88⋯.png (48.89 KB, 1220x619, 1220:619, IMG_0368.png)


When you try to appear logical but are just spouting BS, you might be using pilpul.

c689a0  No.5920216

File: 2a577ab5635e526⋯.jpeg (118.96 KB, 640x798, 320:399, DD2BC7EB-B54E-4B2A-97E0-2….jpeg)

47056a  No.5920217

File: 39c515b9d8c41fb⋯.jpg (65.61 KB, 640x608, 20:19, Dollars-to-Donuts.jpg)


I'll bet you dollars to donuts that POTUS/Q/DOJ are managing [HRC]'s Twitter account.

704bb8  No.5920218

File: ed77fc079db2142⋯.mp4 (11.17 MB, 640x360, 16:9, y2mate.com - farrakhan_tra….mp4)

2db361  No.5920219

File: f3b5942f0428dd9⋯.png (495.53 KB, 981x557, 981:557, scared.png)

it's scared!

this is an obviously contrived distraction…

rahm is a crap actor

reeks of desperation

e7cfe7  No.5920220

>>5919224 (LB)

Babs Bush was married to one of the truly evil people in the world and raised 2 idiots that went along with dear daddy. and Trump bothered her? He should have. He was coming after you and your entire family, you crone.

a4cbd4  No.5920221


related to


Ron Paul video re: Mueller Report

a86efb  No.5920222

File: 3c175977ad3f0b1⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2668x2496, 667:624, Jew_Muslim_Alliance_Source….png)

File: 1e34ee9a55da202⋯.jpg (157.2 KB, 737x1200, 737:1200, Jews_at_the_border.jpg)

File: 1fd0b6464880c6f⋯.png (251.21 KB, 512x913, 512:913, Jews_celebrate_muslims_pol….png)

File: 4f46e5b8da95252⋯.jpg (983.04 KB, 3145x1752, 3145:1752, Jews_for_refugees.jpg)

File: 0fcb66367c73d55⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 1832x7232, 229:904, Melting_pot_jewish_play_Em….jpg)

9589df  No.5920223

>>5920106 Barry seal. Pappi couldn't have some Yahoo gov busting up his game. probably did a check and found out he was famz from a different stump I mean tree.

7abdd7  No.5920224

File: b3c7fd31034bd89⋯.png (162.17 KB, 320x288, 10:9, MH.png)

37ea6e  No.5920225

File: 7f032677022bbcc⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1125x1396, 1125:1396, 7f032677022bbcc024eab49426….png)


another weak psyop from our shills

c3e1be  No.5920226



Previous Notables Buns are linked/listed for Anons' review.

Re: Bread #7572:

Owing to the exceedingly large size of the bun, only the Bun link could fit to accommodate new material.

Thank you for your understanding.

da3746  No.5920227


I'd bet my life savings these fucking RINO'S in the senate will help pass this "red flag" shit… POTUS is the only hope of stopping it..

f30d3e  No.5920228


try formulating your question in a less obviously divisive manner

then you might get some newfags to take your bait

bc5161  No.5920229

Brian Cates had a thread up last night that outlined the (very) likely role that DJT llayed in taking down the ‘Big 5’ crime families, which set up the prior relationships with Rudy G, I believe RR and Mueller as well.

It got me thinking - this is the best possible RedPill narrative that could be put out there (IMHO) and it is sorta amazing to me that it hasnt been more publicly.

I dont have the time to do the requisite digging to do this any justice, but it seems like this would be a GREAT area in which we could put out some proactively ‘good’ info in addition to all the reactionary opposition research we do, and for many I would think it would be a labor of love.

Plenty of anons have fascinations with the mob.

98ce21  No.5920230

File: b984db0d3d1440f⋯.png (3.01 MB, 2398x1671, 2398:1671, [FREEMASONRY_ILLUMINATI].png)

File: 3bc7ee86a3ebbbe⋯.png (745.39 KB, 1450x897, 1450:897, JFK_conspiracy.jpg.png)

File: 8ae1dbe2b6a01b6⋯.png (396.71 KB, 628x245, 628:245, mason_police2.png)

File: aae0f774fa6a5a3⋯.png (594.56 KB, 600x483, 200:161, mason_state_patrol.png)

0e9edb  No.5920232


Lol, so the cabal in Israel is off limits?

bd2b17  No.5920233

File: 62a959d6fd62437⋯.png (15.39 KB, 120x60, 2:1, auroraholidays_ministrip.png)


actually there es a solar MINIMUM.

It will most probably not stay that way.


654009  No.5920234




Genie Energy investment board reads like a who's who of globalists; left and right. Genie Energy has drilling rights. Trump declares Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Seems like a globalist thing to do, right? EU/NWO are going apeshit over that. Anons POTUS is no globalist, but I don't think anons are going to understand this until later on.

a86efb  No.5920235


If Hilter was a Jew from the Rothschild family, doesn't that make the nazis Jewish conspirators against the US? :)

c60c0a  No.5920236


hilldog, if "you're so happy to see candidates………use campaign funds for child care……"


704bb8  No.5920237

File: df1aef32181c421⋯.jpg (59.62 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 2x0jox_1.jpg)

File: debf716c37af276⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 710x499, 710:499, 2x0a64-1_1.jpg)

14cbbb  No.5920238

File: 32fc30eeea9b7d7⋯.png (382.67 KB, 510x313, 510:313, 2nd amendment jefferson.PNG)

98ce21  No.5920239

File: 8de457e6c13a12a⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 259x195, 259:195, Divide_Rule_FAIL.jpg)

File: 8e2b45a4da51cbe⋯.png (24.19 KB, 438x311, 438:311, MakeItRAIN.png)

File: 5627aa1cae91f3f⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2915x1876, 2915:1876, 5627aa1cae91f3f8fbd77a2bb3….png)

0e9edb  No.5920240


So you support the cabal in Israel? How come we can work to take them down here in America but you refuse to touch them in Israel?

9589df  No.5920241


somebody reach out to Robert diggs. level with him wtf is going on and see if he will help. he certainly wouldn't hurt

e3c76e  No.5920242


The mob is controlled by the DS. Always has and will be. They were just ground enforcers when the DS needed someone wacked. Today MS13 plays that role. The mob is still strong and takes orders from the top.

b1f4a0  No.5920243


Ty! My OP dopamine hit!

e7cfe7  No.5920244


the dude is certifiable.

When was the last time he made any sense at all?

d36b5a  No.5920246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Keep showing up, n ima keep showing love!

855a74  No.5920247


Most people which includes most anons do not realize we are in a war.

The left realizes it, and their followers realize it even if the understanding is sublimated.

Those of us on the right are very very slow on the uptake, evidenced by some of the comments here in this very thread.

4ffac4  No.5920248

File: d69b287f3e3e312⋯.jpeg (303.75 KB, 800x579, 800:579, DeepStatePotter.jpeg)

The Deep State, which has infected both Dems and Repubs, is nothing more than vile Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life. George Bailey was offered his heart's desire: a three year contract; a great salary; travel to places he'd always dreamed of going. It was only through great strength of character that George Bailey saw through the spider's web of deceit and rejected it.

Most Rs and Ds in Congress, most of the Media, most of the print commentators (Beast, Wire, Buzzfeed, Huff, National Review), basically everyone who is attacking Trump from left or right (including Coulter), is a Potter Henchman and has taken the deal.

Just remember that Trump has not. Don't apologize for supporting him. Trump is George Bailey on Steroids. He wants us to follow. Stop being pussies and follow his lead.

8a17a3  No.5920249

John Hamre


In 2007, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates appointed Dr. Hamre to serve as chairman of the Defense Policy Board. Before serving in the Department of Defense, Dr. Hamre worked for 10 years as a professional staff member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Another Aspen perp

98ce21  No.5920250

File: 8402124817b26d3⋯.png (102.46 KB, 384x1251, 128:417, Q2928_HUBER_PAIN.png)

File: d4201250b4de721⋯.png (303.14 KB, 377x932, 377:932, Q3107_1775_REVOLUTION.png)

File: 7cd75747268774e⋯.png (967.34 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, PUNISHER_1776_REVOLUTION.png)

1944eb  No.5920251

File: caa60ff2e0c180d⋯.jpg (21.83 KB, 477x446, 477:446, Screen-Shot-2018-02-28-at-….jpg)

da3746  No.5920252


and the point of that is what? Been doing this shit for close to 45 years… nice pic though… kek

2db361  No.5920253

File: c034b4f5513f60e⋯.png (634.96 KB, 500x666, 250:333, lgbtq.png)

File: 0447e0d0526a870⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 922x499, 922:499, man woamn.jpg)

File: 8832ac8cff242d1⋯.png (442.87 KB, 888x499, 888:499, nigtrans.png)


The Musical

produced by valjar/bath house barry

c60c0a  No.5920254


It's a bad joke. Even as a Jew I'll admit (and it's a slippery slope to do so), that this has soros' money written all over it.

How did Putin let this guy go? What a scourge on humanity!

37ea6e  No.5920255


Infectious transdimensional parasitism

Keep an Eye Out for It

632e27  No.5920256

File: 9336bda6d2cee19⋯.png (379.49 KB, 506x326, 253:163, 2019-03-27_09-24-52.png)


It's called catch and release, no?

They get a boost in their quality of life.

Americans, not so much!

The irony is that the illegal immigrants even take the part time jobs Americans need to support the illegal immigrants.

68473d  No.5920257

File: 28ab04f5732da32⋯.jpg (132.04 KB, 804x550, 402:275, BinaryLogic.jpg)


47056a  No.5920258

File: 2b6ae938fe141d5⋯.gif (21.01 KB, 586x285, 586:285, Tom-Fitton-Tweet_201903270….gif)

Tom Fitton Tweet

9:22 AM - 27 Mar 2019

"Recall @NYTimes and @washingtonpost used illegal leaks of classified information to falsely suggest Russia colluded with @realDonaldTrump. Will media be criminally investigated?"


88e7e2  No.5920259


>You need to be able to move in both realms of logic and emotion, you'll have to face and use both.

I disagree.

I choose not to engage on an emotional basis. I am not compelled to so why should I? If I were to I would only be condoning the very thing I purport to abhor which would place me firmly in the realm of hypocrdsy. Rational debate does NOT have to befer to emotionalism, nor should it, imo.

d830a6  No.5920260


Farrakhan is the guy that killed Malcolm X after brother Malcolm realized that Islam wasn't about race. Made their movement look bad so he offed him to be handed the top job after Elijah Mohammad died.

3bff47  No.5920261


Its a headscrather since embassy

Hope you are right

I am patient here, just do not want to blindly support whatevar POTUS is doing

e5598a  No.5920262


How is Rachel Collins connected other than Soros?

a86efb  No.5920263

File: 435d38c3af09009⋯.png (4.39 MB, 3040x3560, 76:89, Evangelicals_meme_VERSION_….png)

File: 322af162b5b06ae⋯.png (3.89 MB, 3104x2848, 97:89, Evangelicals_meme_VERSION_….png)

File: 05bb42321672f1c⋯.png (310.52 KB, 696x688, 87:86, z05bb42321672f1ca12f4ba020….png)

When we redpill all Evangelicals in the World (and its coming, we WILL make it happen), Israel’s corrupt administration will collapse under the weight of its own lying, crime and terrorism.

Spread this everywhere:

Some graphs that will help redpill Evangelicals and other Christians on the truth about Israel being anti-Christ. Enjoy:

http://archive.is/UF27x - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 1"

http://archive.is/8xnkU - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 2"


The True Eternal Israel exists in the hearts of those who have faith in Jesus Christ, not in the earthly country we call Israel today.


Shills will try to say that this is not according to scripture, but just read the pictures, and go verify the passages in the Bible yourself, its all there. Remember, they count on our ignorance and our conformity, read and verify.

bc5161  No.5920264


Which Supports my premise.

151a69  No.5920265


Kek…just try him Cartels!

God bless you Anon.

181454  No.5920266

File: e179eca7646f2f5⋯.png (541.58 KB, 689x433, 689:433, Capture.PNG)

Shadow of uncertainty falls over Thai polls

Partial result announced on Monday failed to clarify whether pro- or anti-military parties are likely to form the next government – or if the process was even legitimate

Thailand’s coup-ousted Peua Thai party won the most out of 350 constituency seats up for grabs at Sunday’s general election, the country’s Election Commission announced in anticipated results released today based on a 95% vote count.

Peua Thai won 40.1% of the seats (137), outpacing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha’s Palang Pracharat (PPRP) military proxy party (97), which won 27.9%. Bhumjaithai (11.3%, 39 seats), the Democrats (9.6%, 33 seats) and Future Forward (8.7%, 30 seats) placed third, fourth and fifth respectively, the preliminary results showed.

Results for an additional 150 party list seats, calculated by a mixed representative system that tallies winning and losing votes, will be announced on Friday, the EC said. Because Peua Thai only fielded candidates in 250 out of 350 seats, it is expected to lag in the party list vote.


88e7e2  No.5920267


typo: defer

b1f4a0  No.5920268

File: d410cb9632d9309⋯.png (709.5 KB, 891x1205, 891:1205, Screenshot_20190226-163354….png)


Here's another….o7 fren.

704bb8  No.5920269

File: a7399acae44ae7f⋯.jpg (45.14 KB, 497x406, 71:58, 2wzcm2_1_1.jpg)

File: 97619dd3f2ab8d2⋯.png (438.84 KB, 1080x1003, 1080:1003, Screenshot_20190326-064659….png)

Where is the perverts laptop with the 650,000 emails….

20737f  No.5920270


I always had fascination with how they managed to stay out of the feds crosshairs. Noted they got caught when they got loud and proud and flashy.

I see that happening with govt, academia, media and entertainment now. Taking down the big 4 now.

e3c76e  No.5920271


Yes, there is something larger at play here. I think the DS wanted Golan Heights and US has taken it over. Potus said Israel but I think its the US, Russia and China who own it now. Genie is a Roth owned oil company.

b058f7  No.5920272




Guys we need to make a huge fuss out of this. Some memeanon needs to take all the headlines from the red flag gun confiscations, this headline, etc., and then have big red letters that say:


With all the headlines of deaths due to cops going in after people.

Are there any meme anons who can help? Without it POTUS will not have the groundswelling of support he needs to destroy this legislation, and all like it.

659f80  No.5920274


Why is DiFi not in prison? Or hanging from a gallows?

575a25  No.5920275


Appreciate that

Spent a lot of my time on YT trying to get newbs up to speed but it's like drawing water out of a well with a bottomless bucket

Should have been here all along

1186da  No.5920276


very nice memeanon! thank you

9589df  No.5920277



e5598a  No.5920278


>Genie Energy investment board reads like a who's who of globalists

Including Rupert Murdoch

c689a0  No.5920279

File: 93fdae3aab325b7⋯.png (122.47 KB, 365x378, 365:378, E231BB39-2A83-4E42-B3CE-F2….png)


Stop! Bwahhahaha

3e099c  No.5920280


I don't get this meme. Tyrus is pretty cool. Maybe just retarded shilling

47056a  No.5920281


Tom, they already are and have been since Day-1 and the swarming swat team arrests will be spectacular. Enjoy the show.

d830a6  No.5920282

File: 7f4eb6844a28ba9⋯.jpg (554.77 KB, 2048x1233, 2048:1233, D1hOt0eX0AAM8-j.jpg large.jpg)

c60c0a  No.5920283

File: a054cfeef8a672a⋯.png (563.83 KB, 732x605, 732:605, 45_Pompeo.png)


Tom hitting another out of dah park! One of the unsung (sic?) heroes of our era!

9048cb  No.5920284



I am agreeing with id 45f64d

I've noted how overnight notables disappear now for the second day.

I do not understand.


20737f  No.5920285


The mob runs the GAME

d1bf80  No.5920286

File: ed22688921592d8⋯.png (252.84 KB, 545x512, 545:512, Screenshot from 2019-03-15….png)


Senior Vice President of Strategy and Policy at (bankrupt) Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) just resigned on the 25th.

>the amount of wash trading going on to prop up this price is amazing

>their trading symbol $PCG hasn't been given a "Q" suffix to show that they're undergoing bankruptcy proceedings

>the entire bullish scenario is based on the courts bailing out the shareholders when they get wiped out post-bankruptcy and/or that the common shares wont be zeroed and replaced by new shares

>the hedge funds keeping them propped up on bids are very (((sneaky))) and they frequently make large purchases to the tune of $666m or $66.6m

>theyve postponed release of different filings numerous times

>new fire season coming

>every dirty politician in CA has their hands in this pie, guaranteed

704bb8  No.5920287



Tyrone supports Colin Kaepernick… Enough said.

d1bf80  No.5920288


forgot link http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=5966004

26d3ff  No.5920289

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8bd27d  No.5920290


i like that theory, but i think we would see more 'unity' twats from her if it were the case. time will tell.

654009  No.5920291




I think it ties to this:


Section 1. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in:

e899e9  No.5920292

File: edeb94141574bc3⋯.jpg (102.98 KB, 500x560, 25:28, fitton you already know.jpg)

d36b5a  No.5920293

File: 43163cad5d35a10⋯.jpg (78.58 KB, 730x408, 365:204, GuardianOfTruth.jpg)

0e9edb  No.5920294


You claim that because you think it's the right thing to say, but nobody believes you. Emotions are a key part of being human, and you are simply denying your humanity. Sure, logic should guide your actions over emotions, but don't act like you don't deal with emotions. You come across as a pompous twit.

e7cfe7  No.5920295


lindsey, what does the phrase

"shall not be infringed " mean?

575a25  No.5920296


Tyrus does the two fingers in the front hole and one in the back hole sign with his fingers when introduced each show with Gutfeld

98ce21  No.5920297

File: 187fda0449f2e82⋯.jpeg (30.96 KB, 480x470, 48:47, 187fda0449f2e822cea1f8f34….jpeg)


very nice work!


181454  No.5920298

File: c66a6168307a786⋯.png (222.36 KB, 643x421, 643:421, Capture.PNG)

Trudeau Looking to Force Social Media Companies to Ban 'Hateful' Content

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's "liberals" are looking to exploit the mass shooting in New Zealand as a pretext for mass censorship of the internet.

From GlobalNews.ca:

Canada is considering whether to force social media companies to remove hateful and extremist content online.

That comes after a spate of terrorist attacks in New Zealand, Quebec City, Pittsburgh and other places where right-wing extremists have used the internet to spread hate speech and incitements for others to commit similar violence targeting minorities who they wrongly assert are part of a broader effort to “replace” and subjugate white people.

“We will look at that very, very carefully,” said Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale when asked specifically if the government is considering legislation to force social media companies to remove hateful and extremist content.


d72c27  No.5920299

File: e587c9f87cb71b0⋯.png (215.34 KB, 540x358, 270:179, ClipboardImage.png)


Biden: I Tried to ‘Prostitute Myself’ to Big Donors During First Senate Run

VIDEO: Biden also compared himself to 'the token black,' 'the token woman'

Sorry Bite Me Biden your to stupid to run for president and you will be dystroyed by the fact that you prostitued yourself back in 2018 for your kid and lyrch's kid in the China deal.


Joe Biden took his son Hunter on official trip to China – ten days before communist regime's bank signed deal with private equity firm Biden jnr. runs with John Kerry's son, book reveals

7abdd7  No.5920300

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just as Q said : Five countries that speak the same language as the U.S., including Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand, are spying for the Syndicate against America.

Congressman Devin Nunes is now fully aware that this unique alliance was sullied by former CIA head, John Brennan. The wealthiest and most dangerous Syndicate in history has been working to overthrow the American government for more than 17 months.

The evidence is now clear enough for Congress to declare war, but Democrat members are compromised with dual citizenship that prevents them from voting with America. Tomorrow, things are about to change.

5d2c28  No.5920301


Not really. She is just there because she is from Boston.

5d0fdf  No.5920302


Sadly those who refuse the truth usually do the high building jump challenge or try to stop a bus or train with on their face

878833  No.5920303

File: 0643aef28455295⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 600x532, 150:133, 1496881037577.jpg)

I just got approved for my press pass to go to the Grand Rapids rally tomorrow. WWG1WGA!!!

pic related

b1f4a0  No.5920304

File: 0b9bac9e8115c00⋯.png (1.04 MB, 891x1576, 891:1576, Screenshot_20190224-211505….png)


Shit…I found anothaaaa, although unfinished. Top kek. Sorry for the slide frens. Enjoy.

c60c0a  No.5920305


Top Kek anon, top Kek. I deputize you to be a battalion leader. We need more anons who prove they can think intuitively.

I salute you sir!

5b3971  No.5920306


Having followed the Clinton gang since the mid 70's, I told people in 92, you will regret unleashing these 2 scumbags on America

805457  No.5920307

632e27  No.5920308

File: 7ea2b16668cc6f8⋯.png (78.01 KB, 319x291, 319:291, 2018-10-09_21-19-27 copy.png)

3bff47  No.5920309


Report from the firld in real time pls

a86efb  No.5920310


>I choose not to engage on an emotional basis. I am not compelled to so why should I?

That's your call mate, each to his own.

>If I were to I would only be condoning the very thing I purport to abhor which would place me firmly in the realm of hypocrdsy.

>Rational debate does NOT have to befer to emotionalism, nor should it, imo.

I can get what you mean, but your missing a component of debate, which is that sometimes your opponent is not interested in having a rational-in-good-faith-debate.

The way I deal with that here is I keep posting verifiable facts while also calling the opponent out using "mean" terms such as "traitor". You should not abandon logic, yes, but you can add to your reply a layer of emotional communication that tries to impact the public perception of the subtext of the interaction.

People are not computers, even if you want to have a in-good-faith rational debate, you need to be able to counter emotional manipulation of the audience, IMHO.

But by all means, you do you.

98ce21  No.5920311

File: e6e8618538c33e9⋯.jpg (183.3 KB, 1200x1172, 300:293, QNewsNetwork.jpg)

d31c95  No.5920312


Agreed. This is much larger than what it seems on the surface.

db0424  No.5920313

File: 15f29523f729e1d⋯.jpeg (494.19 KB, 1242x1311, 18:19, 9870913C-752D-4FCC-A528-1….jpeg)

Gorka calling Q out. Let’s hope Hannity asks Trump in the interview.

da3a2a  No.5920314


I'd wondered the same thing and you are right,

there is no further explanation needed beyond that.

c60c0a  No.5920315


Damn, a cross between slick willie and ron pearlman! Too bad they can't fire me from my job…………I already quit!

da3746  No.5920316


from the second they were placed on the national stage, I knew these 2 were going to bring about the destruction of this country (if we allowed them)…

b1f4a0  No.5920317


The jenk supply is low. Once the addys and the ghb kick in I'm sure it'll be fixed.

0e9edb  No.5920318


The general population is still in a coma from all of the MSM programming and they haven't fully awoken to what is going on. Once the deep state actors start being exposed in the public light, then you'll start to see his numbers go up.

181454  No.5920319

File: 44df42ae8abd6b3⋯.png (346.18 KB, 494x288, 247:144, Capture.PNG)


Exactly.. and what happens when Trump is no longer President.. I can foresee terrible trouble

Maryland Man Killed By Cops Trying To Take His Guns Under "Red Flag" Confiscation Law


255ee7  No.5920320

File: a10ac3204100ba8⋯.png (9.56 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 3d252b7fab1b07514f357ad0db….png)

File: 0df0d7e548fb2bb⋯.jpg (387.83 KB, 1229x1534, 1229:1534, 40e0042df39212264f1ac45191….jpg)

File: b12612170bf7321⋯.jpg (10.26 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 9e6fb760b812f8a401cccb9f75….jpg)

Well here we are frens,

Years of digging, praying, and memeing have put us where we are today. Some have been here for years, some days, others minutes, and none more or less important. This is no longer a game and our foes can now see the trap which was built for them over the ages. All that is left is the nice slow introduction to reality that the MSM has kept so many people from paying attention to. I for one am sitting in the sun glass raised and taking a moment to toast to success. Typical concern-fagging and other shill shaming is just comical at this part of our journey, and I for one take their reeeeeeing as a resounding sign of our success! I look forward to the times to come and the literal pecker slapping that is coming for commies. May these traitors, pederasts, and villains get the rope they so very much deserve.





20737f  No.5920321


Congrats! I want to go but everyone has to work tomorrow and I'm 3 hrs away.

President plz come pick me up!

bd2b17  No.5920322

Zionism = Only Israel may be a national state while all other national states are derailed and driven into chaos.

Typically jewish, always demanding an exception from the rule.

(((Do as I say, not as I do)))

4ffac4  No.5920323


When asked about it, he said it represents winning. I submit it does mean exactly that - with a female of course.

e899e9  No.5920324

File: d90f837b495f744⋯.gif (815.46 KB, 528x555, 176:185, Pepe dance.gif)

U.S. trade deficit narrows sharply as exports rebound

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - - The U.S. trade deficit dropped more than expected in January likely as China boosted purchases of soybeans, leading to a rebound in exports after three straight monthly declines.

The Commerce Department said on Wednesday the trade deficit declined 14.6 percent, the largest decline since March 2018, to $51.1 billion also as softening domestic demand and lower oil prices curbed the import bill.

Data for December was revised slightly down to show the trade gap widening to $59.9 billion instead of the previously reported $59.8 billion. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the trade gap narrowing to $57.0 billion in January.

The trade deficit remains elevated despite President Donald Trump’s “America First” policies, which have left the United States mired in a bruising trade war with China and provoked retaliatory tariffs from other trading partners.

Washington last year imposed tariffs on $250 billion worth of goods imported from China, with Beijing hitting back with duties on $110 billion worth of American products, including soybeans and other commodities.

Trump has delayed tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports as negotiations to resolve the eight-month trade war continue, with Beijing pledging to resume bulk purchases of soybeans after cancellations at the height of the trade fight.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are in China this week for another round of talks with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.

The politically sensitive trade deficit with China fell 6.4 percent to $34.5 billion in January.

When adjusted for inflation, the goods trade deficit decreased $7.8 billion to $83.8 billion in January. The drop in the so-called real goods trade deficit could see economists bump up their very low first-quarter gross domestic product growth estimates.

Retail sales, manufacturing and homebuilding data have suggested the economy lost considerable momentum early in the first quarter. The Atlanta Federal Reserve is forecasting GDP rising at a 1.3 percent annualized rate in the January-March quarter. The government reported last month that the economy grew at a 2.6 percent pace in the fourth quarter.

But that estimate is likely to be lowered when the government publishes a revision on Thursday as some economic data for December was weaker than had been previously assumed.

The trade deficit in January was pushed down by a 0.9 percent increase in exports to $207.3 billion. Soybean exports rose by $0.9 billion in January.

Exports of motor vehicles and parts increased by $1.2 billion, but shipments of capital goods decreased by $0.8 billion, led by a $1.3 billion decline in civilian aircraft.

Export growth, however, continues to be constrained by slowing global demand and the dollar’s strength last year, which is making U.S.-made goods less competitive on foreign markets. Despite the rise in soybean shipments, exports to China were the smallest since September 2010.

In January, imports fell 2.6 percent to $258.5 billion, the lowest level since last June. Imports previously had surged, likely as businesses stocked up in anticipation of further duties on Chinese imports.


e3c76e  No.5920325



hmmm…wouldn't this apply to US only? Just thinking out loud here.

2fd8c0  No.5920326

File: d03c33c41130a98⋯.jpg (39.94 KB, 486x294, 81:49, 2wxu1i_1_1.jpg)

File: 693f30a2edf4cce⋯.jpg (27.7 KB, 448x400, 28:25, downloadfile-23.jpg)

File: e959f8231f0df31⋯.jpg (58.16 KB, 500x504, 125:126, 2wxynd_1.jpg)

Valerie Jarrett lived with Obama in the same residence in the white house and still Ives with Obama at his house inDC today….

8fa70d  No.5920327


The only thing that needs to be limited is the power of the government. Thats the reason we have a Bill of Rights. Do not trust any politician who speaks of “limiting rights”.

Sic Semper Tyrannus

a86efb  No.5920328

File: 2865ef3ea20d1fd⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 1680x13448, 210:1681, 0_The_Lobby_USA_compilatio….jpg)

File: 973146ff314df0d⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 1200x13999, 1200:13999, 0_The_Lobby_USA_compilatio….jpg)

File: 79f05f1efe5d694⋯.png (211.63 KB, 637x686, 13:14, 0_z_Free_speech_college_US….png)

File: de76cd05687a9af⋯.png (45.56 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, 0_zz_Poster_The_Lobby_USA_….png)

File: 0e6b614716810fc⋯.png (45.99 KB, 1040x586, 520:293, 0_zz_Poster_The_Lobby_USA_….png)


"The Lobby: USA" documentary:

>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation of Palestine.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel (part of Canary Mission)

-AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members buy out Congressman using pre-paid credit cards which are given to them inside an envelope

<Basically, this documentary provides under-cover footage that is undeniable proof that Israeli Ministries order AIPAC staff to commit crimes against US citizens on US soil for the political benefit of Israel.


Collegefags would be smart to take advantage of POTUS having your back (pic 3) and promote the documentary on their colleges

Pics related 4 and 5 are some possible useful flyers to use IRL to promote the documentary.

The beautiful thing about this documentary, is that it pisses off both Republicans and Democrats alike, and Muslims can be mobilized to start promoting the documentary on the colleges (for obvious reasons, they love the Palestinians and BDS), and everyone else can be mobilized too (tell them "Hey, all that money that goes into Israel every year (almost 4 billion dollars) so they can bribe the Congress to put Israel first, why isn't that money being used to help Americans in America? What about the poor American inner cities that need that money? What about the veterans? This ain't right!").

It would be smart to start to send emails to all the mosques and all the groups that advocate for any other group of Americans (veterans, Blacks, etc) stuff with the materials and the idea.

3bff47  No.5920329


Horla responds to gibberish message

83ffff  No.5920330

File: ec6c1f3d7a17084⋯.jpeg (729.65 KB, 1008x1442, 72:103, 95DA3219-87CA-40C9-A8B6-B….jpeg)


weird timing?


179cf9  No.5920331


Barr's summary says, "In cataloging the President's actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identifies no actions that, in our judgment, constitute obstructive conduct, had a nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding, and were done with corrupt intent …"

So yeah, tweets, jokes at rallies, offhand remarks, interviews (the Holt interview comes to mind), dissing Mueller's witch-hunt, all that and more is involved in the accusation that Trump obstructed justice.

3bff47  No.5920332


Gorka damn fat fingers

3f4152  No.5920333


Oh yeah. I'll just hop on a plane.

654009  No.5920335


>or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person

5aa2fa  No.5920336

File: f40c86d7acf1a91⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 500x1113, 500:1113, 2x2klp.jpg)

85f8b8  No.5920337

File: 1393318d4c402c0⋯.png (42.52 KB, 592x339, 592:339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c911020acf96ece⋯.png (587.27 KB, 606x691, 606:691, ClipboardImage.png)

Ruth tracking device activated


b4f9b7  No.5920338


We still use the Thumper? Fired many a round from one of those many years back.

d3e962  No.5920339


They are essentially forward operating bases, to stage political forces with small teams of heavy security and assets.

If they are being used appropriately they should be safe houses for foreign dignitaries who liaise with our would be allies.

d31c95  No.5920340


Almost a year later and not much has changed re FVEY

37ea6e  No.5920341

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


1186da  No.5920342


Im usually good at keeping emotion out of things and thinking logically. But thru all this with Q, I have not been able to do so. It has been a tough road, but it will be so worth it in the end. Just wish I could unsee certain things.

98ce21  No.5920343

File: 2204db36f7a6657⋯.png (338.86 KB, 816x701, 816:701, Q.png)

File: f363a66f9a61e0d⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 889x500, 889:500, QArmy.jpg)

4c0db6  No.5920344

File: de1a8c8db99f17d⋯.jpg (89.93 KB, 777x535, 777:535, FakeNews.jpg)

9048cb  No.5920345


noodle me this

you speak in riddlish


and you are?


P E D?

4c0db6  No.5920346

File: 577c492fd16ec53⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 466x353, 466:353, Undiscovered Stars.jpg)

181454  No.5920347

File: 349b62bf56190a4⋯.png (613.48 KB, 542x543, 542:543, Vets.PNG)

2fd8c0  No.5920348

File: e108934d7805b45⋯.png (838.51 KB, 1080x1217, 1080:1217, Screenshot_20190326-140139….png)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg death shown below….

2643fd  No.5920349


well of course "Q is garbage" if you only listen to the shittiest youtubers…

they don't understand bakers, focus on Discord (wtf?), make false claims (Q attacking Jr? Diamond&Silk? wtf)…

sad Gork

b99830  No.5920350

File: 5e23b6219d03aa9⋯.jpg (117.14 KB, 602x875, 86:125, 1.JPG)

Ukraine: Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko is running for president, proposing a "New Course for Ukraine". She has 2nd - 3rd place in the polls, fighting to enter the run-off. Election this Sunday.


b1f4a0  No.5920351

File: 38631f3a5d3d7f3⋯.gif (1014.61 KB, 450x287, 450:287, 38631f3a5d3d7f307b8df741ba….gif)



4c0db6  No.5920352

File: c5ade35e1aa87f3⋯.jpg (157.32 KB, 704x812, 176:203, FIX_BE_IN.jpg)

5fc6e3  No.5920353


Last Resort baby

4c0db6  No.5920354

File: fc02574b1be1435⋯.png (1011.52 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, THE_WALL_IS_COMING.png)

e3c76e  No.5920355


got it ok. Thanks

575a25  No.5920356


Exactly we both know that Tyrus don't have a halo

He is gonna lie to keep that cushy job with FOX

a4763f  No.5920357

>>5920191 how stupid are you, exactly?

>Previously Collected Notables

>>>5919146 #7572

>>>5916764 #7569, >>5917535 #7570, >>5918382 #7571

>>>5914519 #7566, >>5915272 #7567, >>5916031 #7568

>>>5912862 #7563, >>5912969 #7564, >>5913743 #7565

>>>5909889 #7560, >>5910688 #7561, >>5911435 #7562

98ce21  No.5920358

File: df8f65e0c4229ba⋯.jpg (210.82 KB, 969x688, 969:688, US_Military_Power1.jpg)

File: 79745e2fc91d16d⋯.jpg (68.46 KB, 621x414, 3:2, US_Military_Power2.jpg)

File: 2fd3717f20fcb8e⋯.png (75.64 KB, 348x145, 12:5, US_Military_Power3.png)


vets = experienced soldiers

0e9edb  No.5920359


Yeah, it's especially difficult when most people around you are unwilling to consider that they're misinformed or have been lied to. We've done the research and have connected more of the dots, yet we're the crazy ones. It's very frustrating just trying to remain patient through it all.

2fd8c0  No.5920360






She has small tits, not good in the Ukraine.


b1f4a0  No.5920361


I'm nobody. And definitely not comped.

6d323c  No.5920362


he's just pissed because his significance has been reduced to fox news, and probably tried to get info on Q but was told to fuck off.

4c0db6  No.5920363

File: 531467da14770f5⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 500x417, 500:417, HUSSEIN_ADMIN_WEB.jpg)

d830a6  No.5920364


So much of what Dr. Paul was fighting for is coming into being with POTUS!

a86efb  No.5920365

File: 426ec47a4a47d4e⋯.mp4 (14.71 MB, 720x486, 40:27, AIPAC_dangerous_Mossad.mp4)

File: b90f562d26e7363⋯.jpg (210.32 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, 1_Trump_Jews_Cry.jpg)


"Trump recogninsing Israel's claim to Golan Heights"

"Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem"

It's the same story all over again.

Trump does something, let's do the opposite! Bibi gets more and more isolated and he cannot complain about it. Trump card!

Trump actually nuked US support for Israel with that EO on college free-speech, Israel can't keep US support if the colleges have free-speech.


If Americans don't capitalize now on the EO to absolutely destroy US support for Israel using the colleges as epicenters, then you are retarded and the zionists will win.


Anon said:

>"Do you think there'll be college kids ballsy enough to start asking the JQ? Going to be interesting to see if there's media outcry when it happens, only for the courts to side with the kid(s) in question."

That's the whole point.

How do you fuck over the MSM and Big Tech? You let them step on their own dick and expose them.

This is what is going to happen, end even if the kids don't show their identity, they can spread fliers and shit around and make the kike MSM reeeee about it.

720ac2  No.5920366


That's another head scratcher.. retard text nonsense

525118  No.5920367


Have to play catch up after work. As far as T-Tower, did POTUS & team know they were bugged already, fed the clowns false narrative and info while the clowns thought they were secretly spying, then adm rogers comes and "warns" them, team leaves the next day (already packed to go) and clowns feel confirmed of their "stolen" info as POTUS "flees" to a safe area? Took the bait?

37ea6e  No.5920368

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

All are welcome.


181454  No.5920369

Chicago Asst State's Atty Says He Let Jussie Smollett Off Because He's Not 'A Threat to Public Safety'

Chicago assistant state's attorney, Joe Magats, said Tuesday that he decided to drop all 16 felony charges against Jussie Smollett because "public safety is our number one priority" and "I don't see Jussie Smollett as a threat to public safety."

The New York Times's Julie Bosman reported:

NEW from Chicago: Joe Magats, the first assistant state's attorney who made the final decision to drop the charges against Jussie Smollett, says in an interview: "We didn't exonerate him."

— Julie Bosman (@juliebosman) March 26, 2019

More from the asst state's attorney: "Here's the thing – we work to prioritize violent crime and the drivers of violent crime. Public safety is our number one priority. I don't see Jussie Smollett as a threat to public safety."

— Julie Bosman (@juliebosman) March 26, 2019

The Chicago Tribune's Megan Crepeau reported Tuesday that Magats told them "prosecutors and defense reached an agreement at some point awhile back that if Smollett did community service and forfeited his bond, they would drop the charges."


7abdd7  No.5920370

File: 6f7b9f7d181bbfa⋯.jpg (226.33 KB, 1000x677, 1000:677, trumpwins.jpg)

File: ad405c919c75a8c⋯.jpg (131.93 KB, 804x528, 67:44, yrdgdwjdnwgeph7irqe1-804x5….jpg)

File: e274388b4a2d7c1⋯.jpeg (252.34 KB, 756x507, 252:169, thumbs up.jpeg)

File: 8c20819a979e6db⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, bd3286df094b5b555b778910a7….jpg)

9589df  No.5920371


trump different sect of illum? Springmeier listed him as known member at one point

588df2  No.5920372

File: 4781331aba38923⋯.png (311.55 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2019-03-27-08-3….png)

I don't know if EMPs will "bake your noodle" unless you are a C_A backed tech platform, but I thought this was interesting.

659f80  No.5920373

File: 3f38053f76806f9⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 95A2FA4C-A5C9-472C-8595-0F….gif)


Time to do “the noodle dance”!

f67475  No.5920374

File: 7e7b0fbca7916d3⋯.png (724.39 KB, 1011x820, 1011:820, Screenshot_20190323-125247….png)

File: 3ad4ab08519b418⋯.png (545.16 KB, 1015x763, 145:109, Screenshot_20190323-130826….png)

650,000 emails vanished.

2643fd  No.5920375


>tried to get info on Q

& that's where he proudly displays his incompetence…

he could just go and GET IT HIMSELF by going to the source and READING THE CRUMBS.

None of us need ivory tower helpers to do our work for us, to think for us…

c60c0a  No.5920376

File: ebbb66cd07e24b4⋯.jpg (76.58 KB, 972x1296, 3:4, fuck_it.jpg)


I was so proud to be called by the President (kek) and Lara in advance of the nearby rallies! Tempted to post, but afraid of doxxing myself. The real kek is the first call came while I was watching another rally live, and President Trump was being filmed walking from the tarmac to the stage……………….and he secretly called me while it was habbening! Kek!

Fuck it. Just did my best to edit the area-code.

Imagine that. A Jew being called by the President to attend the local rally (and later a call from Lara).

Wonder if that might have anything to do with Pascal and Co., looking over the voting data and seeing this Jew was a supporter? Hum?

Fuck me!

4c0db6  No.5920377

File: c6f49c4ebbda126⋯.png (579.44 KB, 951x497, 951:497, FAKE_NEWS_MEDIA_CNN.png)







5fc6e3  No.5920378

File: 41816127080b881⋯.jpg (877.84 KB, 1420x1822, 710:911, 20190327_093859.jpg)

File: 518de42f65d9aba⋯.jpg (267.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 20190327_093640.jpg)

File: 72c31ba4e8dfe8d⋯.jpg (365.21 KB, 1080x2784, 45:116, 20190327_093725.jpg)

File: 75c94040b63765c⋯.jpg (275.96 KB, 1440x1787, 1440:1787, Screenshot_20190327-093738….jpg)


We have more markers, folks.



9048cb  No.5920379


listen, only having one bread of notables is a

sea change

in how the board has been

for months and months.

so be a little bit respectful when someone says

this shit seems different

because we've dealt with assholes for months

and almost keep expecting that the board might get compped again

like it has before

this is a war

so stop showering coals on us

becuase we haven't had enough java yet . . .

thanks for the link to these, I'll look through it

181454  No.5920380


The crybabies complain about us boomers .. yet it will be us boomers pulling their asses out of the fire… again

562832  No.5920381

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

KEK!! Have you guise seen this??? It is Rep. Mike Lee making fun of GND using images of Ronald Reagan riding a raptor, sharknado, interviews with cows! KEK! This is hilarious!!

98ce21  No.5920382


German TV was reporting on power grid failure / hacks / preppers / black out yesterday largly.

1b7df0  No.5920383

File: 7ee0c8dd01d589f⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 748x623, 748:623, GenX-Ignored.JPG)

3e099c  No.5920384



Alright then lads thanks…

4c0db6  No.5920385

File: 1f597d55e5953fa⋯.jpg (83 KB, 660x476, 165:119, WALL IS COMING.jpg)

2643fd  No.5920387


the autists know that these generation separations are an insulting scam to any misfit fucked over any decade.

don't feed the fuckers

0e9edb  No.5920388


I don't think this was implied by Q's posts yesterday, but it's definitely worth considering.

1944eb  No.5920389

File: c24bf545aff263a⋯.jpeg (69.52 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1535506633.jpeg)

a4cbd4  No.5920390


You must be new around here! Be kind, we take guff from the shills, not our own.

ced85b  No.5920391


Her heart attack was induced by cannibalism.

The USA Today person who wrote the book spent 6 months with her before she died. If what that author wrote is true, may BB continue to baste in hell for eternity.

b09daa  No.5920392


Good deal, anon!

Very few things I enjoy more than attending Trump rallies. They are the best, they really are.

528b08  No.5920393


It's Broward County so there is obviously a very good and rational explanation …

that you will never hear.

f30d3e  No.5920394

File: 803f7b104036c41⋯.png (246.39 KB, 355x355, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


fuk ya


best generation ever

c689a0  No.5920396

File: fccac7c45233398⋯.gif (3.4 MB, 588x588, 1:1, DB215526-9C22-483B-9D33-26….gif)


Yo Donnie! Splendid :D

88e7e2  No.5920397


>You claim that because you think it's the right thing to say, but nobody believes you. Emotions are a key part of being human, and you are simply denying your humanity. Sure, logic should guide your actions over emotions, but don't act like you don't deal with emotions. You come across as a pompous twit.

I'm sorry that you feel that way.

May I tell you how I arrived at the conclusion that it is best to debate ideas rationally not emotionally?

Many years ago, when the internet was in its infancy, I used to post on a philosophy bulletin board. I was accustomed to returning abuse for abuse - if someone verblly attacked me, I'd attack them back. And often, because I was better equipped to use the English language than my opponent, I could make them look utterly stupid. Then there came this occasion when someone posted a particularly untrue and hurtful ad hominem attack on me. I was there with my keyboard, ragng and ready to give them back not only as good as they gave me, but much, much worse. But a small voice in my head told me to turn the other cheek, to love those who despitefully use you (Bible verses.) So, against all my inclinations, I said nothing. Next thing I knew, every other poster on that BB (and a lot whom I'd disagreed with in the past) was jumping to my defence. I suddenly realised the stupidity of emotionally driven responses. So, my pride was hurt, my feelz were hurt, but when I chose to back off, to not return evil with evil, I was far more successfully vindicated than ever I could have been through my own efforts. Since that day I've learned to swallow the emotional hurts (and not to inflict them on others) and instead concentrate on attacking bad ideology through rational debate, not my feelz and hurt pride. Call it enlightened self interest, if you like. It works.

181454  No.5920398


Very true.. I didn't mean to insinuate anything

0f8168  No.5920399


Dorka is a clymer looking for pay. He shouldn’t be trusted. There was a reason he was booted from the admin early on.

da3a2a  No.5920400

File: c8f6289037f73bc⋯.jpg (91.65 KB, 640x459, 640:459, LG rf1.jpg)

5b3971  No.5920401


In the late 70's, early 80's I was calling Billy Jeff the antichrist

fbe38e  No.5920402


Gen X here. Doing fucking fantastic. Made serious bank in my career. Debt free. Wife still DTF. Millennial parents gonna give me fat inheritance in a few years. I have no complaints.

26d3ff  No.5920403


Like anything else, it's not all of any one group (good or bad). Anyone that says otherwise is just sowing division.

a86efb  No.5920404

File: d29c1edd9a7e7bf⋯.png (3.94 MB, 1584x9520, 99:595, 1_Anti_Semitism_law_USA.png)

File: 23d69f729a73a44⋯.jpg (3.82 MB, 1480x13999, 1480:13999, 2_Theodor_Herlz_meme_zioni….jpg)

File: 2cc696c1a6253ab⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 1384x9954, 692:4977, 3_Jewish_supremacism_post_….jpg)

File: 8d3b9b39ab37835⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1350x7352, 675:3676, 4_Circumcision_big.jpg)


Criticizing zionism is NOT anti-Semitism.

Criticizing Judaism is NOT anti-Semitism.

Hating people for being Semites IS anti-Semitism.

Hating people for being of the Arab or Jewish race IS what anti-Semitism IS.

If Israel and zionists were ethno-Nationalists I wouldn't care, but they're supremacists and imperialists, they think they have a God given right to enslave the world to their will and meddle in everyone elses affairs. A people like that needs to be utterly broken and humbled before they can understand what true ethno-Nationalism is and why it's important to respect the sovereign rights of other people.

Why do Americans have to pledge loyalty to Israel?

Why do Americans have to fund Israel every year?

Why does the US have so many dual citizens of Israel in congress?

Why is Omar wrong for calling attention to those facts?

Does America not have free speech any more?

Israel does NOT permit dual-citizenship legislators. Why does the USA?



Now I'm not saying you should vote Dem or vote Omar, but the questions her situation arises are legitimate.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of Jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


Last but not least, audit and then end/reform the FED so the people don’t get pimped into oblivion by it no more.


It is not ALL Jewish individuals that are the problem, certainly there are plenty of non-subversive non-criminal Jews that are swell and very nice people, the problem is Jewish COLLECTIVE power, which needs to be criticized and terminated as peacefully and fairly as possible, for all the right reasons, including the freedom and safety of non-subversive non-criminal Jews.

b5177d  No.5920405

Chicago has always been corrupt. Those who don't learn history are destined to repeat it. This is what they don't teach in school.


c60c0a  No.5920406


Grace Park! Oh my anon! Hit me where it hurts!

Is there a more beautiful woman to be found? I say not!


98ce21  No.5920407


All are important in this fight.


c3e1be  No.5920408


Please refer to the absolute unit of a Bun that is Bread #7572.

It simply would not fit along with the new material from #7573, therefore it was relegated to Bun link only.

This is not difficult to understand.

If you do not trust the current Baker with his duties, please volunteer to bake in the next bread.

Otherwise, please take the discussion to the Meta thread.

Will say no more about it.

Carrying on with responsibilities…

ec492d  No.5920409

Any news on if we can wear Q to tomorrows rally?

0e9edb  No.5920410


Why do you feel it necessary to repeatedly point out that you're a jew?

f67475  No.5920411

File: 78381c4aa4f80a3⋯.jpg (80.58 KB, 750x467, 750:467, 2vl77i_1.jpg)





Your phone is like a hundred years old…

181454  No.5920412

File: 295ddfa1c335915⋯.png (739.4 KB, 736x446, 368:223, Capture.PNG)

No Nuremberg for ISIS victims as US preps exit

Even as the US and its allies declare victory, Yazidis fear a future without justice

US-backed Kurdish forces this weekend declared victory over Islamic State, but for the victims of the extremists, there was no celebration, only anxiety, as the international community appeared poised to leave them with hoards of hardened ideologues in their midst.

Tens of thousands of Islamic State (ISIS) members have poured out of the group’s last stronghold in northeastern Syria in recent weeks. They hail from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Belgium, France and Turkey, Bosnia and Saudi Arabia.


da3a2a  No.5920413

8a17a3  No.5920414


Those took me to the Aspen link…

Interesting that not much is available about the Mrs. Julia Pfanstiehl.

e899e9  No.5920415

>>5920378 US Marines Tweet Marker-Splash


358e35  No.5920416


Down to fuck

b24b81  No.5920417


Meh… millennials and boomers have more in common than either realize. That’s why they hate each other. Both need ego checks.

Main difference is boomers had way better music.


9649d6  No.5920418

File: 8440b45a5f819e3⋯.jpg (203.04 KB, 1016x786, 508:393, 2nd.jpg)


>‘Every Right Has Limits’


9589df  No.5920419


ft. Lauderdale Houston

9048cb  No.5920420


no, you are somebody.

ty for clarifying.

I was worried you were Ba k er

c3e1be  No.5920421

Notables Dough


>>5920096 Rand Paul intending to stall Mueller info release unless/until DOJ/FBI/dossier material is released

>>5920141 28 EU countries reject recognition of Israeli sovereignty of Golan Heights

>>5920200 HRC on “candidates winning the right to use campaign funds for child care”

>>5920258 Fitton re: NYT, WaPo, usage of leaked classified info, and potential criminal investigation

>>5920324 US trade deficit narrows as exports rebound

>>5920378 US Marines: “Into The Blue”, and potential splash marker

1944eb  No.5920422

File: 708f4e2a742f159⋯.jpg (141.76 KB, 799x1000, 799:1000, s-l1000.jpg)

File: 52d740dea9d82af⋯.jpeg (178.53 KB, 1440x1002, 240:167, 1531186643.jpeg)

90dd57  No.5920423


Millennial parents?

You mean your kids after they have their own kids?

aa99e0  No.5920424

File: e6edced45d28dee⋯.jpeg (409.13 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 21AE5292-FE6C-4FE4-A2E9-4….jpeg)

358e35  No.5920425


Gen X best music.

a86efb  No.5920426

File: 56fb40f783dd932⋯.png (379.22 KB, 1380x511, 1380:511, Turn_the_other_cheek.png)


Regarding the turning of the other cheek, pic related.

659f80  No.5920427


Can you fit a camel through the eye of a needle?

7eef9e  No.5920429


I think this is what we were waiting for. It’s going to make the dems look like retards when they refuse. I cannot wait to hear their explanations!

fbe38e  No.5920430


Oops. Boomer parents!

a4763f  No.5920431


trying too hard

421944  No.5920432



I know this X'er played the money game on their terms and got to retire in my 40's (young enough to enjoy it)

ced85b  No.5920433

smells like sliders with boom boom sauce in here.

f67475  No.5920434

File: c453ea56e0540ed⋯.png (714.17 KB, 1080x715, 216:143, Kate Awakening.png)

cccbbd  No.5920435

File: cdcb62816603523⋯.png (970.13 KB, 593x614, 593:614, cdcb6281660352320b328b6f21….png)

File: b598d743b7fd71d⋯.png (288.87 KB, 1440x874, 720:437, b598d743b7fd71db1785584f05….png)

>>5919796 (lb)

their hopeless tricks


3.15.19 Christchurch shooting.

JFK re-interred 3.15.67 at 3.15pm

Clock Tower at Trump Hotel in DC is 315 feet.

Style SAME as Old Dallas Courthouse…with its clock tower which has a direct line of sight to the spot where JFK was murdered where the umbrella man signaled btw. Old Dallas Court House architect actually from Little Rock.

Little Rock, Cheatham Park and Rat DNA result of decoded and resolved 8+2 Q Trip Codes. Spoken about this before. CHEAT'EM n RAT.

Architectural style of BOTH Dallas Courthouse & Trump Hotel by man that was from Keystone State and died in Brookline. JFK born in Brookline. Old Dallas Court House and the Grassy Knoll are the red turrets and the green of Francis Bacon's Richmond / New Richmond / Twickenham with its permanent views of the river etc. JFK at Arlington is supposed have a permanent view as well and was designed so to have. The Richmond node arcs also to Richmond NH which leads by two other nodes (GREEnville NH to Peterborough NH, NH, CLUE + MONOPOLY>SALEM>Parker bros.>Alice Parker Salem Witch>) and two arcs all connected right back to witches (where it began…Cheat'em n Rat) AND the man responsible for the style of Trump Hotel and the Old Dallas Courthouse…

Q Trip code in use 3.15.18 when decoded using Baconian Pythagorean Cipher leads to (Cason TX-Caisson-think JFK funeral) Daingerfield Texas, Baptist Church shooting involving a man called "lee", charges of incest, and…an appearance by an AR…

Christchurch Star, Oliver Stone, member?

3.15.18 Trip code in use on that date leads to a M1 carbine / XM16E1 (planting the seeds) 1980 Baptist church shooting in Texas involving a man with a triple-barreled name Alvin Lee King which ought bring to mind Dealey Plaza (and MLK, they do choose their names well, e.g. Tommy Robinson) and OUGHT to bring to mind the curious incident of the Christchurch Star don't you think?

3.15.19 We have a shooting in Christchurch NZ…with no connection to MOSSAD…permindex…


if any anons watch jeopardy on a regular basis they are communicating through questions and answers


I can't keep posting the trip decodes step-by-step. If folks keep missing them you all are missing Q proofs and evidence of long-term planning in the information war.

anon has also decoded these two images. I know what they "mean" or rather what we were expected to extract. I've posted about these before but I'll do it again -

37ea6e  No.5920437

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 335b8b2436c4737e418357e911….png)

File: a3ea47bd15cc0f0⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1200x1820, 60:91, a3ea47bd15cc0f09b234258be4….jpg)

File: dd88615ad673070⋯.png (12.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dd88615ad673070e13312541a0….png)

An Awakening is a natural or induced coming to consciousness or awareness of the surrounding metaphysical reality. The exit from the matrix is accompanied by a profound leap of consciousness, an augmentation of awareness, which to be sustained must be balanced.

What advertisers and shills do is an effort to unbalance the forces within us. Advertisers use our emotional imbalance to influence our buying. Shills try to generate hate by a creating a mirrored reciprocal response, and by convincing us freely expressing our hatred of others is normal and natural for human beings.

Shills interact with each other in the language of Hell.

Hell is an environment – a place where words like cocksucker and phrases like fuck your mother are a standard greeting.

What we are learning is that this world is a "self-created" hell.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is that way.

By Awakening we learn to keep our internal forces balanced, to know that when we hate we are wrong, and everyday to put on the full armor of God.

47056a  No.5920438

File: 9db56e342ac4b53⋯.png (95.32 KB, 864x864, 1:1, James-Comey-Untethered.png)

File: 220369ad850208b⋯.jpg (165.67 KB, 1152x713, 1152:713, James-Comey-Tweet_Hardly-G….jpg)

File: a22d5976da26747⋯.jpg (202.07 KB, 1227x800, 1227:800, James-Comey-Tweet-Geologic….jpg)

File: f908580521b0ed7⋯.png (282.86 KB, 600x800, 3:4, James-Comey-Tweet_20190324….png)


Good analysis, Anon. Here's my take.

Comey is was and will always be total scum. However, he's been given a chance to redeem himself and he has accepted. Comey's journey from DARK to LIGHT began on 16-Aug-2018 with Q post 1912 (see graphic "James Comey Untethered"). Q posted Comey's incriminating and classified email that contained a randomly selected but highly uncommon word, "untethered". Comey knew that in fact Q/POTUS had it all and that he was trapped. Comey responded by shitting out a Tweet 3 Days later (19-Aug-2018) in which Comey coded a proposal to Q for a plea deal in exchange for his full cooperation with Q/POTUS/DOJ (see same graphic). While the details of Comey's deal are unclear, it's pretty clear to me that Comey didn't get the deal he had requested. Like it or not, Anons, the total scum Comey (see Hardly Gnome Tweet decode) is now OUR GUY. The question is: What in the hell are POTUS/Q/DOJ going to do with him? The answer, I believe is brilliant. We know that Comey has shitted out several suicidal jesters on Twitter, but, most recently Comey alluded to his own treason (Tree-Sun Tweet). Why would he do this? My best guess now is that Comey agreed to plead guilty to TREASON. Like the dozen or more Deep State traitors that he'll be testifying against, Comey will receive the death penalty. The truly ingenious plan for Comey and many of the other "cooperating" Deep State traitors comes after tens of millions of brain-dead normies and loony lefties have woken up.

2d4bc0  No.5920440


Right .. thats why he tried to block the EO on the border crisis .. what a team player. fuck that guy.

0e9edb  No.5920441


The boomer tag doesn't refer to everyone who is actually a baby boomer. It refers to those who are older and think they have it all figured out, yet are simply brainwashed by the MSM and don't realize how we got into our current situation. If this doesn't apply to you, then you're not a boomer.

855a74  No.5920442


Had that phone since 1997?

a86efb  No.5920443

File: 3d2754c7f026474⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1080x11204, 270:2801, 5_Jews_are_not_White_big_g….png)

File: 39588f153943b44⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 566x714, 283:357, 6_US_court_Jews_race_not_W….JPG)

File: a4087c859ea0be1⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 791x4127, 791:4127, 7_Jewish_cosmology_of_vict….jpg)

File: e3f65e571686d4d⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 1200x583, 1200:583, 8_memetic_killshot.jpg)


And its important to realize the fact that Jews are not White, and that there is such a thing as a Jewish race, because some subversive Jews try to scapegoat Whites when caught red-handed.

<Another anon said:

>”They sure claim to be white while they're calling for the elimination of the white race…

>Then claim to be Jewish when they need to assert some kind of perceived authority”

To that I add: or when they want to play the victim card, which is bullshit (pic related 3).

b1f4a0  No.5920444


Nope. I'm not talented in that fashion.

181454  No.5920445

File: 867b37f4fdb36dc⋯.png (809.32 KB, 722x479, 722:479, Capture.PNG)

World’s elite try to WIPE OUT all knowledge and use of natural cures, while they privately use them for their own longevity

The dark side of Western medicine has been erased from U.S. history books and from Google search results, along with any trace of truth about the success of natural cures and homeopathic medicine. Any doctors or scientists who attempt to “peer review” natural remedies are stripped of their medical license or research funding by the corrupt American Medical Association (AMA) and Big Pharma. In fact, at least half of all clinical “trials” have never been reported, because when natural cures are proven to work, the results are removed or skewed in favor of chemical medicine. The American healthcare system is set up to profit from illness, and those in charge are making sure that never changes.

It all started when oil tycoon J.D. Rockefeller decided to control modern medicine by empowering the pharmaceutical industry while crippling the highly successful practices of naturopathy and homeopathy. How did Rockefeller accomplish this? He funded bogus research by a man named Andrew Flexner, who then authored the infamous Flexner Report of 1910. Flexner used the money to visit every U.S. medical school, and with the backing of the AMA, reduced the number of physicians while limiting “authorization” of any new medical school licenses to doctors who supported only chemical medicine.

The Rockefeller family waged war on natural cures and holistic healing, while privately using them for his own health


d31c95  No.5920446


Good thinking. It bothered me that Potus supposedly had no idea he was beig bugged, but that goes against everything we know. MilInt has it all. They would have known Potus was being recorded. But Adm Roders didn't know about Q team. He did the right thing and Potus had to respond appropriately. Allowing (((them))) to think their cover was blown when it had been blown all along is an interesting theory.

b5177d  No.5920447

>>5920405 Pot fags should pay attention to this. They claimed to shoot all these people in the back because they were high on Marijuana.

0e9edb  No.5920448


>I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Yep, just proving my point about being a pompous twit.

a73f95  No.5920449

File: df6573878c5bca6⋯.png (275.07 KB, 632x361, 632:361, 916.png)

1944eb  No.5920450

File: 1ec90613a236453⋯.jpg (247.04 KB, 1440x1526, 720:763, IMG_20181019_064827.jpg)

a86efb  No.5920451

File: ed704e45793f7a3⋯.png (15.59 KB, 608x141, 608:141, Cultivating_tacit_aproval_….png)


>Don't reply to shills

Not always the best course of action.

20737f  No.5920452


Off topic cause I noticed something in the background, is that an Orange amp speaker she has?


855a74  No.5920453


Nicely explained, my dude, thank you.

9604dd  No.5920454

>>5919796 Linking Soros, shill organizations, and the NZ shooter

(You) are shilling for Soros NOW, you fuck-tard…

(((Brenton Tarrant))) was not a part of the Alt-Right, or any pro-white group. He was a (((Jew))), who trained in Israel, whose mother was Jewish, and who is pulling a "Hello fellow white people" on you all.

And whoever shared this "Notable" and/or baked it, should be run off as a pro-Soros shill. This is propaganda designed to make whites look bad, AGAIN.

9048cb  No.5920455

the way that notables disappear and

the bullying associated with it seems

to be that someone is trying to change

the way that the board is used.

da3a2a  No.5920456


Excellent !!

ad9365  No.5920457


Fill in the blank.

1. Future proves __.

2. WW__WGA

3. These people are ___.

Wondering if this is on the test.

3f4152  No.5920458


Q said no deals, but I've come to interpret that as for HRC. If Comey is switching sides, she'll go down harder.

b24b81  No.5920459


Yes. Got my fiancé one a size up from that one in the pic for his birthday. Sounds quite noice.

cccbbd  No.5920460


The ARMS: DJT trolling the DS and the second image is DS speaking on 4Chan, which means they have control of the board there IF they can control post numbers and unique identifiers which is what the "de-code" suggests.

Anon also believes that the Q-post about "versions" of the Pater Noster has been mis (or partly) construed, NOT taking into account the issue of the differences between the D-R and KJV, and when one examines the KJV / D-R differences one in Leviticus in the KJV regarding WHO may be a priest and who not so clearly does NOT derive from legitimate choices as to rending or capturing meaning but from a blatant insertion of some text in English that cannot derive from the underlying that points directly at Henry VI, 3,3,2 and the feud between the Tudors and the Plantagets that had it's origins on the Beaumaris peninsula to which the concluding "curse" monologue by RICHard of York (RICHmond YORKshire / RICHmond-New RICHmond Surrey / RICHmond NH) in 332 is really all about and although the words are placed n Richard's mouth they were actually spoken by a betrayed and defeated Welsh-man bent on revenge and directed against Longshanks and his entire line, that is to say 332 is a a Tudor triumph because what is spoken in that monologue came to pass…even unto going after female members down the line and executing them (considered Catholic saints).

Welshmen blood-related to the Tudors or retainers of theirs were the very men responsible for eradicating Catholicism from Wales by the state policy of placing a New Welsh language version of Holy Scripture in every chapel, church, school and parish throughout Wales. When there was obstruction appeal was made to the Archbishop of Canterbury who….sided with the plan. Of course he did.

Francis Bacon it is alleged was a Tudor in disguise btw in case you didn't know and the man (along with the usual crew like Beaumont, Middleton, Jonson) responsible in reality for what has been ascribed to "Shake-Speare" (a man that never existed) and having influence on the KJV itself. Oddly there are Catholics who for some time have considered that "Shake-Speare"'s plays were written by someone that was a Catholic recusant as they say a lot of hidden Catholic dogma, doctrine, and thinking and cleverly-hidden subversion of the existing state which would not go down well with the Spenserian Gloriana cult of course but it's all plausibly deniable…

The Spear-Shaker is Bacon-Pallas Athena-DJT: and if you see the image of the arms in the first image you will see the hint from DJT we are supposed to take on board because the ambassadorial owner of those arms had no integrity and it is a shameful thing to associate oneself with the virtues of Athens whilst shilling for the perversion of the Bolshevik Sanhedrin. I want to mention that the 4chan post decode unexpectedly pointed to the following - a movie shot in Stratford-upon-Avon AND Boston…and this is from the enemy to Q. This post also decodes to the defection of a Syrian (MOSSAD) pilot to Israel in the 1980s, and member one of Qs Patriots Fight! decodes (the first one I did) points directly at Syria Virginia and the sekret drone strike there by Obama as revenge and a warning.

There is another Q trip decode I mentioned before that points straight at the ruined Marian shrine in Orrin ND. I mean directly…and that is in the GEOGRAPHIC center of North America and is known as "Mary the Center…" or by examine the shrine itself there is a plaque that reads "Mary the Heart of America." Above that shrine flew Old Glory. Catholics are disloyal unlike Jews and Evangelicals and the men that quizzed JFK. Yeah I have a chip on my shoulder. Can you tell?

member this "Here she is tonight pretending not to hate…"?

One last thing - the angle of Q is 315 degrees.

To a Catholic, Genesis 315 and John315 are linked. If JFK junior is alive,

then John315 is also a gag…

if a man be born again of water…

watch the water…

175968  No.5920461


Just scanned that. Expected it to be about BIDEN, his trip there, and his $$$ son. On top of that, there's this, more than once:

>Internal memos from Soros’s

Soros IS for possessive.

OK just saw it's Solomon. What about BIDEN?

f30d3e  No.5920462


vote his bitch ass out

37ea6e  No.5920463

File: 97352ae066b195e⋯.jpg (83.02 KB, 553x553, 1:1, ep240.jpg)

File: a873ff12b7604b6⋯.jpg (76.03 KB, 400x489, 400:489, shills.jpg)


I am satan's shill. I believe nothing, I will say anything. I have no values, friends or family I will not sell into bondage forever for food and for feathers. Dollars will buy me. What can not spend I will burn in an ashtray or shove up my ass but I must have dollars. Give me fiat. I am satan's shill. I demoralize myself. When I finish the blow I take five xanax footballs and pass out on rental furniture. Asleep, I dream I'm awake. I am satan's shill. My stridulations are filtered. My mockery, my despair, my anguish, like my coming and my going, pass ever unnoticed. I am satan's shill. One day I will vanish like the knot in a shoelace. I am satan's shill. A petty criminal, a peeping Tom, a canvas for others tattoos, a repeater, an NPC.

632e27  No.5920464

File: c54f599569bb1dd⋯.png (452.47 KB, 817x751, 817:751, 2019-03-27_09-39-13.png)

90dd57  No.5920465

File: 6336a86b405441d⋯.png (158.63 KB, 480x270, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Ex-CIA director Brennan backs down from from calling Trump's claims of no collusion 'hogwash'


09ea0c  No.5920466

File: ffece6350bd380d⋯.png (312.11 KB, 800x450, 16:9, seagul-pepe.png)

98ce21  No.5920467


shill, post your muh jew crap, all fine, you glow anyway.

but, FFS, use LB/PB!

1673a5  No.5920468

File: f0ce08757dd9ecd⋯.jpg (175.28 KB, 836x637, 836:637, guns.jpg)

a86efb  No.5920470

File: cff7fcaa0b4e03b⋯.jpg (106.16 KB, 657x675, 73:75, 1_No_matter_what_you_do_Je….JPG)

File: 7c26f823ff61494⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1296x5012, 324:1253, 2_America_stands_with_Isra….jpg)

File: 627fcc7784d0a57⋯.png (35.39 KB, 582x391, 582:391, 3_Jewish_ideological_supre….PNG)

File: dc7a822c81da830⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 519x675, 173:225, 4_The_cycle_of_jewish_subv….jpg)

File: 8899f6e071cbaa3⋯.png (222.41 KB, 1005x495, 67:33, 5_When_Victims_Rule_A_Crit….PNG)


Wow, such a compelling argument.

Its like kikes like you, when they can't censor people, feel the need to try to intimidate them into silence…

Cry more you pathetic zionist traitor :)


If you want to understand more about Jewish history and why they always arouse the hostility of others against them everywhere they end up, read these pics and go verify the sources.

e4ce29  No.5920471

File: 69ad4cad592ba85⋯.png (591.81 KB, 1014x650, 39:25, Screenshot_20190323-133757….png)

9604dd  No.5920472

File: 2a0bbc7218ca444⋯.png (44.86 KB, 857x114, 857:114, Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at ….png)

20737f  No.5920473


Sounds good too?! I'm getting me one. Crowbar or Melvins should sound amazing.

1944eb  No.5920474

File: 9929187f1df5f15⋯.jpeg (43.92 KB, 1440x964, 360:241, 1537891790.jpeg)

37ea6e  No.5920475

File: 4b85654f8699c75⋯.jpeg (158.4 KB, 1242x931, 1242:931, 4b85654f8699c757ff1c5ff20….jpeg)

File: 00bb8dc8f73e728⋯.png (344.73 KB, 1046x626, 523:313, 05b568ab5aa9c1f390d3e3e43f….png)

File: 6cd3580bf37a12b⋯.jpeg (33.01 KB, 532x351, 532:351, 6ec091f691cf0bb9b33da88da….jpeg)

File: 1109cef5c4c8ef4⋯.jpg (24.14 KB, 290x290, 1:1, 1109cef5c4c8ef4b04be5d9742….jpg)

File: 92186fba6e09d78⋯.jpg (96.2 KB, 1128x851, 1128:851, 92186fba6e09d78c8295d540a7….jpg)

Hollywood news and entertainment is the psychic equivalent of slow poison. Subversive psycho-social programming is designed to be a sweet dream. The sweetness, like sugar's, conceal a destructive toxin: cumulative, progressive and ultimately fatal.

The damage done by legacy media Information Operations (IO) or psyops is incremental. Vocabulary is slowly reduced, falsified history substituted to support the satanist cultists new story of America.

Primary sources, first hand accounts and photographs are stolen from local libraries and archives. Inconvenient facts and eyewitness accounts are removed from history and new evidence injected where necessary. A nation without history has no purpose, it ceases to exist.

Emotion replaces analytic logic, fear replaces faith. Individual and collective cognitive capacity gradually declines over decades. Eventually we become so stupid we can no longer understand what is happening to us.

Information Poisoning

We have been poisoned with bad information. We have been denied real information, and most of us have no idea what, or how much information about reality has been denied us.

1 Information Operations "IO" or psyops cause cumulative progressive damage

2 "Entertainment" programming has been used by enemies of the United States to run sophisticated pysops on the civilian population for the purpose of manipulation and control.

3 Remediating the damage done by such programming is high priority and uses the same tactics technology.

The most effective way to convey large amounts of objectively true complex information about reality to the greatest possible number of people is by incorporating it into the relationship between characters in dramatic entertainment.

Stories can undo damage done us by Information Poisoning, relieve psychological distress, reassure the frightened and deliver the objectively true information about our environment we need, as citizens, to make informed decisions about our future.

We can explain and break cultist conditioning and remove implanted lies, eliminating demons and gradually restoring reality to brainwashed fellow citizens.

Our fellow citizens, the NPCs, have been betrayed and exploited by those they trusted most. The "stars" the "experts" and fake leaders and sports personalities.

TL:dr The same tactics used to poison and control mind and spirit can be used to heal.

Stories are the best mass redpill for sleepers in media-induced trance states. Dramatic storytelling has tremendous explanatory power. This is how we learn about unlearning and relearning, and experience for ourselves the evolution of our understanding when we gain access to important, new objectively true information.

"Legacy media" is running 24 hr a day psyops on the US civilian population. They are doing all they can to destroy us and the country. They are traitors.

They will be stopped.

When they are we need to use all media, all platforms, all channels to remediate psyop damage and replace subversive ideology, demoralizing historical falsehoods, sexual perversion and embedded occult symbolic programming with entertainment that will make us laugh, show us the glorious future ahead and make us smarter, happier and prepared to face a future very unlike our past.

250 million Americans want the truth. Entertainment is not just entertainment. It determines who we are, and who we will be. Stories will facilitate our psychological adaptation to an new expanded psychological and material reality, assisting our transition and incrementally undo the terrible damage done by decades of satanists mind control programming.

a86efb  No.5920476

File: da4db7236ac7252⋯.jpg (238.81 KB, 852x952, 213:238, 1_New_Zeland_NZ_March_2019….JPG)

File: 5d69b6a1eb87915⋯.mp4 (1.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2_NZ_Mosque_Chair_man_accu….mp4)

File: 48c5cf7b0b371b5⋯.jpg (84.22 KB, 826x731, 826:731, 3_New_Zeland_NZ_March_2019….JPG)

File: 819536789e7e241⋯.jpg (99.01 KB, 563x733, 563:733, 4_New_Zeland_NZ_March_2019….JPG)

File: daf4e2b6cd104ee⋯.jpg (148.94 KB, 1265x560, 253:112, 5_Israel_says_New_Zeland_N….JPG)








Meme about this for ease of sharing (includes the news report, the archive link to the archive of the news report and inclides the link to the archive of the video):



http://archive.vn/PmDa4 - “14 Reasons Why the New Zealand Mosque Attack Could Be a 'False-Flag' Mossad Operation”

http://archive.vn/CIalJ - “New Zealand: The Unraveling of an Israeli Mass Murder?”

http://archive.vn/0BnqH - “Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'”

Mossad motto: "By way of deception thou shalt do war"

92e6ea  No.5920477


Graham is, and always has been a traitor.

He is only playing a part right now to save his own hide, but would turn again in an instant if he thought it would benefit him.

He is a coward and swampy as they come.

He needs to go.

cccbbd  No.5920478

File: 679e180c0857d0d⋯.png (2.25 MB, 2219x1772, 2219:1772, angleofQ7a.png)

b0a28f  No.5920479

File: 4ed495db2c79654⋯.jpg (122.81 KB, 644x850, 322:425, Jussie Smollet.jpg)

Love the collusion diagrams. Haven't seen this one yet.

8bd27d  No.5920480


no more internal commie support.

no more comms.

each trying to save (((their))) own ass.

all going to be tried for treason.

b24b81  No.5920481


Sounds like buttah, my man! Also got him a Donner Alpha Force 3 pedal. He’s been having a lot of fun with them :)

181454  No.5920482

File: 081fb954efe579d⋯.png (43.12 KB, 734x407, 734:407, Capture.PNG)

New Settings Let Hackers Easily Pentest Facebook, Instagram Mobile Apps

Facebook has introduced a new feature in its platform that has been designed to make it easier for bug bounty hunters to find security flaws in Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Android applications.

Since almost all Facebook-owned apps by default use security mechanisms such as Certificate Pinning to ensure integrity and confidentiality of the traffic, it makes it harder for white hat hackers and security researchers to intercept and analyze network traffic to find server-side security vulnerabilities.

For those unaware, Certificate Pinning is a security mechanism designed to prevent users of an application from being a victim of network-based attacks by automatically rejecting the whole connection from sites that offer bogus SSL certificates.

Dubbed "Whitehat Settings," the new option now lets researchers easily bypass Certificate Pinning on the Facebook-owned mobile apps by:

Disabling Facebook's TLS 1.3 support

Enabling proxy for Platform API requests

Using user-installed certificates


9604dd  No.5920483

4 guys in a truck, a rope and an Oak tree… What more do we need to put a stop to MANY of these crooked assholes?

c60c0a  No.5920484


Just seeing your post now anon. Admit I haven't had time to read the EO since it was enacted (December 2017? or whatever).

My initial thought is this. Yes, you are (or should be) correct.

An American law only applies to territory governed by America. That said, when you lean on foreign countries, to enforce same, all bets are off.

But Congress can no more dictate what happens in Aman, Jordan, than King Hussein of Jordan can dictate law in Houston, Texas.

That's if you follow how it's "supposed to be." If things were applied as "they were supposed to be" then ol jussie wouldn't have skated yesterday (what the Feds chose to do aside).

Plato vs. Aristotle. The Ideal vs. the earthly reality.

Just my $.02

a86efb  No.5920485

File: 77b073c21f971ad⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 868x9536, 217:2384, Full_1_1.jpg)

File: c66758d88560301⋯.jpg (495.15 KB, 856x2624, 107:328, Full_2_1.jpg)

File: 280a1c63f40570f⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 856x8928, 107:1116, Full_3_1.jpg)

File: 1112203ce7b2ba5⋯.png (3.89 MB, 800x5044, 200:1261, Who_What_is_a_Jew_archive.png)


And if you are asking yourself how can Jews be so retarded and why do they keep acting like that when it always ends up in the same manner (violence and/or expulsion), then why would they keep on doing it?

Well, a part of it is that they get brain-washed (and feed a shit load of lies) since kids and their understading of things gets molded by older Jews into viewing all non-Jews as enemies (to the point that their Jewush cosmology of victimhood becomes one of the central pillars of their Jewish identity. Related reading about the Jewish cosmology of victimhood here: https://archive.is/cSb5X ).

There is this documentary made by an Israeli Jew called "Defamation" (available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNWF9CeoZdE ) and there is a scene there that shows a teacher in Israel telling Jewish Israeli children who are about to go on a school trip to Poland to visit Auschwitz that goyim hate them because they are Jews (and off course she feeds them a bunch of bullshit like the lie that Israel was created because of the Holocaust (which it was not, its a verifiable fact that the Rothschild were planning a Jewish state in Palestine since the 19th century and in 1917 they were sent the Balfour Declaration by the UK government to allow them to go ahead with it))…

So everytime you see a retarded Israeli shill here, remember they are literally brainwashed since kids, tell them the truth like it is and let them either face the truth or not accept the truth.

<Also interesting:

is the fact that Jews THEMSELVES can't even agree on what and who is a real Jew.

That whole game of "oh, those are fake Jews" is a big fallacy, to say the least.

Pic related 4.

Read: https://archive.is/wGLi8 - "WHO/WHAT IS A JEW?"

e7cfe7  No.5920486


made by an alt righter to make Q look bad.

98ce21  No.5920487



Is that the same mosque chair that helped and enabled the FF in the first place?

try harder, shills.

73f8e8  No.5920488

File: 9d5532fa13e6233⋯.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, 78617103-0107-40A2-98D9-0D….png)


Hey look! A bot in discouraging investigation of jewish power. Wonder if anons should be looking into jew owned central banking

720ac2  No.5920489


Sharks with fricken lazzzzure beams on their heads

421944  No.5920490

File: fcaddcca991507b⋯.jpg (8.18 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0c178f3891cee180f090fac555….jpg)

e4ce29  No.5920491

File: b80cabebbd75395⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1552899750.mp4)



New Zealand Mosque massacre was a FF

805457  No.5920492

File: f2a96b840f3b436⋯.png (4.64 MB, 1682x962, 841:481, Leviathan gas field.png)

a4763f  No.5920493


Obvious shill, complains about notables yet doesn't know where to find the slightly older ones.

b32f2e  No.5920494

File: f21206aedeb84f4⋯.png (436.7 KB, 549x729, 61:81, FEELTHE(((BERN))).png)

File: 383c32cae1805f2⋯.png (350.81 KB, 504x503, 504:503, JUST.png)

File: 698f8a4cde15166⋯.png (236.02 KB, 495x493, 495:493, just2.png)




90dd57  No.5920495

File: ee7bb670358f139⋯.png (131.41 KB, 480x270, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This fuck-wit is truly stupid and beyond.


Rep. Swalwell: The only person caught lying about Russia is the president


20737f  No.5920496


Those dubs confirm, anyone with a brain knows this shit isn't even common sense, it's a VERY slippery slope. Shall not be infringed means just that.

4d4da9  No.5920497

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)


Love you too fren.


I'm good to go for a handoff nb if you want a break DB.

Thank you!

88e7e2  No.5920498


>Yep, just proving my point about being a pompous twit.

That is an unsubstantiated allegation, an ad hominem. Would you like to back it up with evidence? For instance, what constitutes pomposity and are you able to cite a particular phrase where I evdienced same? What is a twit and what constitutes being a twit?

You see, it is very easy to chuck out slurs - it's what the left does all the time : racist, homphobist, whatever-ist they care to invent. It's a form of verbal bullying designed to silence the opponent because they know they are incapable of winning a debate in the realm of ideas. I'm sure you're better than that, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

3f4152  No.5920499


A NoName company.

013eb8  No.5920500

>>5919996 pb

God Bless.

Peace and strength to you. Husbandanon now actually seeing the Face of the Father

e7cfe7  No.5920501


common sense you idiot

506685  No.5920502

File: f4cd8451dec770d⋯.jpg (186.95 KB, 600x899, 600:899, jus say no.jpg)

1673a5  No.5920503


How so?

9649d6  No.5920504

File: 63367f1aa594fb2⋯.png (813.82 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, alert x.png)


>Had that phone since 1997?

How many dollars have you wasted on phones in since 1997?

This Anon's never owned one and happy for it. Y'all look stoopid touching them all the fuking time.

Bill Gates thanks you for your participation in the infertility program too.

cccbbd  No.5920505

File: aaf34e3f2d4e3bc⋯.png (530.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hyphen-sonnets-cover-close….png)

File: c1ee6e81d503143⋯.jpg (137.36 KB, 447x733, 447:733, Bacon-standing-portrait.jpg)

File: 24f40503e53d33c⋯.jpg (11.24 KB, 138x213, 46:71, triumph-immaculate-heart.jpg)

File: d3a048feb11c723⋯.jpg (134.66 KB, 365x437, 365:437, advancement.jpg)

File: 897507123e9fd8c⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 1061x5839, 1061:5839, OrrinShrinePostCard003.jpg)


womb in latin is matrix btw

observe the marian monogram.

5d2c28  No.5920506


I honetly don't agree with the "Distraction" narrative in the Smollett case.

If anything, it was the other way around.

Or the MSM didn't get the memo, because they only spent a couple of minutes talking about Smollett and then went back to Mueller-Mueller-Mueller-Mueller 20/7

c3e1be  No.5920507


Hey there, RGB.

Should be good for a while yet, but thank you.

Will you be around this afternoon?

30d879  No.5920508

File: 356ce9ce0604330⋯.png (546.17 KB, 619x805, 619:805, tlaib.PNG)

"I'll take things that NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED, for $500, Alex…"

528b08  No.5920509

File: 30c87fd69d20088⋯.png (447.52 KB, 463x649, 463:649, comey geologic.PNG)

File: e76c52b1c572622⋯.png (604.54 KB, 452x604, 113:151, comey forest.png)

File: a979248e59ba775⋯.png (302.46 KB, 672x332, 168:83, comey history.png)

File: ba6ee0e92a45cac⋯.png (184.42 KB, 540x389, 540:389, comey swear.png)

f26b93  No.5920510


hangings were public for a reason

and still should be

90dd57  No.5920511


To bad about 4 or 5 people up there don't haul his ass out and actually lynch the fucker.

b0a28f  No.5920512

File: 44efe6730c97d8e⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 280x158, 140:79, Sauce 2.jpg)


>Tomorrow, things are about to change.

About dual citizenship? FVEY's? Sauce?

a86efb  No.5920513

File: 103bb51520a3c92⋯.png (6.19 MB, 1048x8896, 131:1112, Silence_the_goy_Holocaust_….png)


It also needs to be said that the official version of the Holocaust is a fraud and that fraud is being used to extort Countries all around the world, to censor legitimate criticism of Israel, Judaism, and Jewish collective power and to promote more Open Borders non-sense around the world.


I am just posting about what he said and more articles that in my opinion make it plausible that Mossad involvment is a real possibility.

Cry more :)

181454  No.5920514

File: aa4457ae0f53738⋯.png (25.75 KB, 410x568, 205:284, Capture.PNG)

98ce21  No.5920515



37ea6e  No.5920516

File: 3680cfa08095249⋯.png (627.87 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 917ffe808a0ea29bbd1ef9fb58….png)

File: d46398a68128ea5⋯.jpg (460.43 KB, 2415x1605, 161:107, 941fc5282f7ed8e688bec4ce2e….jpg)

Hate = shill

service to self = satanists

Label = shill

lower d consciousness = shill

low IQ MSM tier triggers = shill

85f8b8  No.5920517

File: 4d7570de1c42cdb⋯.png (269.33 KB, 643x635, 643:635, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11a1d7a39fa6245⋯.png (51.34 KB, 605x421, 605:421, ClipboardImage.png)



e4ce29  No.5920518

File: 088e03a9d6a8fa6⋯.png (235.24 KB, 724x427, 724:427, downloadfile-16.png)

File: 05f5abd30ab6e8c⋯.mp4 (1.69 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 1552942556.mp4)

Anons this guy was just nominated for a Nobel Peace prize….

a86efb  No.5920519

File: e0fae7f6ce543ab⋯.png (162.86 KB, 1213x527, 1213:527, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….PNG)

File: d1d39de8c2dbd85⋯.jpg (500 KB, 2072x1976, 259:247, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….jpg)

File: b05243c5987ee31⋯.png (53.59 KB, 575x350, 23:14, Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_an….png)

File: 0bce536c14984c9⋯.png (41.45 KB, 1220x598, 610:299, z_Holocaust_Museum_Berlin_….PNG)

File: 81b90837baac271⋯.png (76.91 KB, 1101x826, 1101:826, zz_Holocaust_psyop_weapon_….png)


It is now anti-semitic to be pro-Trump and pro-MAGA, according to the Holocaust Museum of Berlin.

Reminder that the official version of the holocaust is a fraud:

(The crosslinks below are from this archived bread: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2390914.html

Ctrl+f for these there:)

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>3035752 – Some pictures about the holohoax

>>2947546 – A great book about the fraud that is the official and illegal to question in some countries version of the holocaust: “Hoax of the Twentieth Century” and links to 60+ books and documents on this subject

>>2947546 – “David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992”

>>3144998 - Bishop Richard Williamson tells the truth about the "holocaust"

>>3145022 – 2 pics regarding the death toll numbers of the Majdanek camp and an article about jews admitting to lying about the number of dead in the official version of the holocaust

>>3145069 - Documentary called: "Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth (Eric Hunt)"

And now the child trafficking, Cholera re-introducing, Open Borders pusher UN wants to brainwash the youth into supporting child/organ/human/drug/weapon trafficking facilitator policy of Open Borders using the Holohoax fraud:



UN Report: Holocaust Exploitation To Terraform European Christendom

December 3, 2018 by CH

From the official United Nations website, a discussion paper that proposes using memory of the Holocaust to press for more multiculturalism and globalism.

"The future of Holocaust memory and education lies in its ability to be relevant to the students of coming generations. While study about the Holocaust is important in and of itself, it is even more important to learn from the Holocaust in terms of promoting global citizenship, human rights, religious tolerance and multiculturalism to ensure that such evil does not occur again."

How does multiculturalism prevent genocide? It would seem commonsensical that the best way to prevent genocide of the Holocaustian flavor is to keep different peoples apart.

"In many locations worldwide, the Holocaust has become a universal symbol of evil. Just as the story of the Exodus from Egypt from the Bible, and the catch cry “Let my people go” epitomises moving from slavery towards freedom, the Holocaust is now the defining symbol of the most terrible denial of basic human rights—an evil that we struggle to comprehend."

Paradoxically, we can transform teaching about the Holocaust from a subject of despair to a subject of hope. We can convey to our students the message that the option of preventing the next Holocaust is in our own hands. Our students can take specific steps to counter racism and hatred on a local, granular level and this will impact at the universal, international level.

"In this way, adolescents can become agents of change. The most important educational message of tikun olam,repairing the world, is that we must not be indifferent, we must not be bystanders, because indifference is lethal."

Get them while they’re young. (Although, it’s a good bet [the special kids] don’t fall far from the olive tree.)

"We have to act! We must be agents and facilitators against the evils of discrimination, prejudice, hatred and violence. All teachers need to equip their students with the intellectual and practical tools to deal with complex historical situations."

47b69f  No.5920521

File: 7970bd708692622⋯.png (414.73 KB, 575x363, 575:363, pepe186.PNG)

File: f7a1e036b575b6e⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1608x681, 536:227, Lipreader.PNG)

QUOTE Praying Medic Is Q

1944eb  No.5920522

File: b1e84222bc6be74⋯.jpeg (60.39 KB, 700x808, 175:202, 1553256260.jpeg)

3f4152  No.5920523


That thing is unfortunate as a man or a woman.

358e35  No.5920524


Ever since Obozo got one, they are totally worthless.

a86efb  No.5920526

File: 5fc274b743619eb⋯.png (4.39 MB, 1464x7344, 61:306, Blacks_against_jewish_supr….png)

File: 2f89e7abcd135dd⋯.png (520.33 KB, 599x667, 599:667, Israel_anti_Blacks.png)

File: aafb1a9cd24590e⋯.jpg (559.47 KB, 663x2470, 51:190, Israel_sterelizes_Blacks.jpg)

File: 90ca54ecce9e987⋯.png (116.43 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Israeli_Rabbi_Uses_Black_C….png)

File: d6f6e0e4204496c⋯.png (350.38 KB, 707x453, 707:453, Jews_racist_against_Blacks.png)


Yes, hate is very ugly.

181454  No.5920527

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anybody Remember This kek

Here Comes The Judge - Pigmeat Markham (1968) (HD Quality)

20737f  No.5920528


Imo it woke up some that have been futzed by justice. My spouse came right in from work asking what was up with that and he'd better be giving up who put him to do the hoax. Spouse rarely comments on this shit, moar interested in trucks.

f30d3e  No.5920529




the moon

29.5 day cycle

dcf84c  No.5920530


tsk tsk. your responding to shills ask if they have something meaningful to say Sebastian.

Unless of course you know this; in that case you're a piece of shit actor playing a shitbag part.

I suspect you know this.

868146  No.5920531

Good morning Q

f89322  No.5920532


This is amazing. Tip of the hat, Anon. You're expertly weaving what are mere threads to my less-informed mind. Keep it up.

3f4152  No.5920533


They've always been worthless. Just another way to co-opt your ability to decide for yourself.

Muh prizes. Muh medals.

32744e  No.5920534

File: 44f71541b3ab733⋯.jpeg (250.38 KB, 682x726, 31:33, 15B800EC-FF52-4B47-80D4-8….jpeg)

878833  No.5920535

File: ebfc27d75af8cb8⋯.png (929.95 KB, 960x1181, 960:1181, ClipboardImage.png)

98ce21  No.5920536

File: d77d4611d778a15⋯.jpg (160.89 KB, 800x608, 25:19, MuuuhJooos.jpg)

5fc6e3  No.5920537


Spin spin spin spin..

These people are stupid.

5d2c28  No.5920538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Praying Medic exposes himself as Q

For keks!

MAGA coalition!

9048cb  No.5920539


I'm not the only one 'noticing'

I'm also reviewing how this effects that the board is used by real people.

not a shill, more of a 'software historian'.

you have to understand what it means. one must now open a new tab to view the notables from a previous bread. this makes it

much harder

much much harder

for certain types of users.

nor has there been, in my estimation,

an analysis of what this does

to the boards servers . . .

so, not a shill

I'm someone who understands

use of software

and how arbitrary

know it all's can

ruin a good thing

through small changes.

and I don't want that to happen here.

9649d6  No.5920540

File: 45f09474d8c7b96⋯.jpg (54.82 KB, 723x457, 723:457, fit.jpg)


>Tom hitting another out of dah park! One of the unsung (sic?) heroes of our era!

HERO pic related

90dd57  No.5920541

File: bb18cd9797c4ec9⋯.png (25.98 KB, 156x88, 39:22, ClipboardImage.png)

This POS never gives up either.


Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump 'lied about support of Russia,' regardless of what Mueller found


95f6e6  No.5920542

File: 025b9ad276fc891⋯.jpeg (22.36 KB, 210x254, 105:127, 33F6337E-387F-4088-A172-6….jpeg)


Frenz forezer

374d23  No.5920543


IM a techie and own a cell phone. I hate em. The next girl I date that so as as touches her phone on our first date, Im gonna act like im going to the bathroom, and then drive my ass home and leave the bitch to find her own way home.

People on cell phones are fucking rude!!

ced85b  No.5920544

File: cb7066247865692⋯.png (292.05 KB, 687x1080, 229:360, calactic.png)



7abdd7  No.5920545

File: 8523cfc5c0dc5e0⋯.jpg (47 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 72770ef33dbd40dade27b775f8….jpg)


Not Gen X.

Operation Mockingbird subject.

Woke in 2005.

Red pilling others since then at great personal sacrifice.

Discovered the power of prayer in 2016.

fate =/= destiny

You will learn too.

d59ff9  No.5920546

File: 7c5a92dd5024638⋯.jpg (139.83 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, AOC Congrress.jpg)

File: f8b2b4e39947388⋯.jpg (93.32 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Green New Deal.jpg)

a4763f  No.5920547


What notables have disappeared? None today. None yesterday.

What has happened is that the good notables are more concentrated in the early morning as this place replaces the 4am MSM drops.

Where we used to have maybe ten notables per bread, anons are bringing much more, and to include all the possibilities, bundles contain 3x as many notables. So the older notables get pushed down into their own link. Not lost. Nothing particularly new.

98ce21  No.5920548


must be a shill vid.

pm never said anything close to that.

i follow him for a long time, good info.

0e9edb  No.5920549


Because you didn't address the point of my post. You simply side-skirted the issue.

I majored in philosophy, so I understand where you're coming from. Nobody is denying that logic should be the guiding force when it comes to reason and debate. However, you're denying a part of your humanity by claiming you aren't driven by emotions. We have emotions for a reason. They are a major part of what compels us toward action, whether it's love, fear, anger, etc. You see a lack of emotion as some sort of ideal in a general sense, but you're not realizing that it's only an ideal in the sense of logic and reasoning. So again, my point still stands that you come across as a pompous twit anytime you act as if you're above emotions.

d830a6  No.5920550


Womb in Latin is utero

Matrix 1325-75, Middle English matris meaning a female animal kept for breeding, derivative of mother.

88af63  No.5920551

File: 6b3652299001e64⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 825x464, 825:464, Nice-Plan-Batman.jpg)

3f4152  No.5920552

File: c572b3968405c69⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 255x245, 51:49, heart pepe.jpg)

Grieving anon, I will sit quietly and grieve with you for a few minutes today.

Thank you for bringing your love to this board.

a86efb  No.5920553

File: 095beaee53602cd⋯.jpg (3.99 MB, 4504x4752, 563:594, 1_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 0d6fd6c3498a545⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 4552x3424, 569:428, 5_GlobalView_Q_Drop_133_11….jpg)

File: 8e6eb04621deb44⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 5288x3968, 661:496, 5_GV_Annex_2_5_GlobalView_….jpg)

Links to archives for the Cabal Global View graphs for ease of sharing (to save the full series of the graphs, go to the archive link, and open the image in a new tab/window, then save it):

http://archive.vn/x5qSo - #1 version 1.2

http://archive.vn/MZp6s – Annex 1 version 0.2

http://archive.vn/ypVpQ - #2, version 1.0

http://archive.vn/nGAey - #3, version 1.0

http://archive.vn/EFTt0 - #4, version 1.0

http://archive.vn/4jdTm - #5, version 1.0

http://archive.vn/iax6J – Annex 2, version 1.1

http://archive.vn/kfR77 – Annex 3, version 1.1

<Also check this protocol to exploit zionist gate-keeping shills easely using GAB and the “Flat-Tire Protocol” (named after the Laura Loomer flat tire scam fiasco):

http://archive.vn/I6kJz (and here you can think a text version of the text in that graph if you do not find it easy to read or you want to grab the links faster: http://archive.vn/tK8Dw )

All Jewish collective power needs to be eradicated from the West for all the right reasons, including the freedom and safety of non-subversive non-criminal Jews.

a76cf5  No.5920554

Any planefags available that can tell me what the little white planes northeast of Philadelphia are? They are Chemtrailing up what coulda been a blue sky. There's 4 of those little shits up there now.

f9e103  No.5920555


Please put up a FRESH BREAD post an the end of the bake.

90dd57  No.5920556


Notables are the baker's duty.

So apparently we have some seriously comp'ed bakers.

The best thing is, we are starting to see who they are.

539e6b  No.5920557

File: 588aa89c38d71fd⋯.png (84.12 KB, 649x542, 649:542, ClipboardImage.png)

>Anon discussion on NK/Chollima scenarios, con't.

>>5919031 pb

>>5918985 pb

Concur with your hypotheses anon. Great summation.

>>5918823 pb


>Other family members likely fled North Korea via Taiwan and may also be under Dutch protection.

Well well well indeed. Spectacular find anon.

>>5919147 pb


>march 9, 2017. another dutch mention

And an American one. Here's another odd Dutch mention.

Timing of the seizure seems more than a bit suspicious considering the above digs. Warning to KJU on the eve of the summit?


c3e1be  No.5920558


<must now open a new tab to view the notables from a previous bread

<must now

>ignores literally the past year of Notables collection.

Your "software historian" credentials are shill dick.

Lurk moar or GTFO, dipshit.

c60c0a  No.5920559

File: 20525757ac44e7f⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 800x500, 8:5, grace_park.jpg)

File: bdbd21979344533⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 485x303, 485:303, grace_park_2.jpg)


Yep. "And that's about all I'm going to say about that" (best Swingblade voice).

She is just too fine! But hey, I'm a Jew, so I hate anybody who is not Jewish! Kek.

I worry though. I think she was "caught up" as a women employed in the NEXIVM tragedy.

What a fucking beauty!

990851  No.5920560

September 12, 1977

Steven Biko died


room 619

The EYES of the World are Watching NOW!

business as usual.

you can blow out a candle but you can not blow out a fire

the eyes of the world are watching now

3afec6  No.5920561

File: 93a623ab3841526⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 760x532, 10:7, laughO.jpg)


Tip E Top

30d879  No.5920562

File: 035427b5277c7cf⋯.png (106.07 KB, 1337x505, 1337:505, davis.PNG)

File: a1ccdca1332a974⋯.png (116.06 KB, 625x692, 625:692, davis1.PNG)


Jussie Smollett learned how to lie from his communist mother!!!

His mother, Janet Harris, was mentored by Julian Bond, a founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center with numerous ties to communist front groups. According to her own son, Janet was tight with the cream-of-the-crop of black radical communists, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, and Angela Davis.

"To this day, Angela Davis is one of her dearest friends. We've spent Mother's Day with Angela," said Jussie.

Davis is a former Black Panther and card-carrying member of the Communist Party. In 1970, she was on the FBI's wanted list for murder and kidnapping.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/03/jussie_smollett_learned_how_to_lie_from_his_communist_mother.html#ixzz5jNebiACs

Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

58475a  No.5920563

Thousands dead from the war on drugs, hundreds of thousands were sent to and or are in jail. Fentanyl, opiates, drug cartels, and gangs kill unmercifully and yet the demoncrats YELL and SCREAM that POTUS manufactures a crisis on the border.

Yet, NY identifies 6 THOUSAND NON VACCINATED OFFENDERS and spots them for PERSECUTION ( per dr nicole saphier ) because of the CRISIS!!! ```fear and tears'''

Measles vs Fentanyl

so what is the real MONSTER?

90dd57  No.5920564


Is it that fucking german duchebag baker again?

That fucker needs to stop being a baker altogether.

175968  No.5920565


Can't find sauces as thorough & concise as the piece One America News was airing the other day, but here are two other, older ones telling of some of the goings-on:



e4ce29  No.5920566

File: 679729eb08d7c27⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 500x372, 125:93, 2wwg1j_1.jpg)

File: aa56da191c90cb8⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 500x485, 100:97, 2wul5k_1.jpg)

File: 5d1c71ea82c3b18⋯.jpg (87.88 KB, 622x499, 622:499, 2wuqmf_1.jpg)

e899e9  No.5920567

File: 78f0a45f5be735f⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 666x375, 222:125, Insider trading top activi….jpg)

File: d336b0ed4a38bd9⋯.jpg (106.37 KB, 669x373, 669:373, calavo dump.jpg)

File: 9d6de08b89d24e6⋯.jpg (86.44 KB, 623x400, 623:400, meet buy.jpg)

File: 737a7f303d8f485⋯.jpg (62.34 KB, 574x435, 574:435, Assurant inc dump.jpg)

Track ANY stock here


f5ce66  No.5920568

File: 2f28ae1b316e18d⋯.png (24.09 KB, 502x320, 251:160, ClipboardImage.png)



No….maybe Q posted about Maga Coalition because of those tied to it. Like…I don't know…Sebastian Gorka? No…that couldn't be it.

These YouTubers are tarded.

878833  No.5920569

File: 89715c216d02b0a⋯.png (489.03 KB, 466x700, 233:350, ClipboardImage.png)

1673a5  No.5920570

File: b0fe3c561f52d21⋯.jpg (151.24 KB, 697x1102, 697:1102, priv.jpg)

4d4da9  No.5920571


Sounds good to me. I have a bit of documentation to finish up.

Yeah I should be here most of the day. o7


Hey anon, I'm about 7/10 on getting the fresh bread notice up.

Sometimes the bread moves faster than expected and board lag stops me from doing it.

Thanks fren.

c60c0a  No.5920572

File: e993c1ab4b6f1fb⋯.jpeg (10.77 KB, 255x179, 255:179, BacktoVoat.jpeg)


Because every bread has moo joos who denigrate me and my family.

Are you for fucking real?

Try harder.

c1f5d6  No.5920573


I agree. Got a smartphone only when my flip phone died. If I could have gotten the same type of flip phone, I would have not got the smartphone. People are addicted to their stupid phones and life just passes them by.

ca82df  No.5920574

File: 9e38403259dc57a⋯.jpeg (451.67 KB, 1242x688, 621:344, E2ACD9C4-C469-4EDC-B0E4-7….jpeg)

Hey Sandy, how’s this title?

AOC= “Americas Open-casting Clown”.

1944eb  No.5920575

File: 8e5cbf177151fc4⋯.jpg (24.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Drool_d39347_5960229.jpg)

File: fd786d9b98fe4fd⋯.jpeg (151.58 KB, 1440x1083, 480:361, 1553695473.jpeg)

181454  No.5920576

File: 6be4831674683cd⋯.png (688.04 KB, 663x434, 663:434, Capture.PNG)

File: 038c2fee37f99bb⋯.jpg (73.65 KB, 640x406, 320:203, CryBitch - Copy (2).jpg)

Post-Russiagate: Who Has the Most Egg on Their Face?

The Muller probe has ended and with it the narrative that President Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 election. The reputations of media pundits and whole news organizations are now in shambles and exposed for all to see, like grotesque deep sea creatures beached on the sand after the tide goes out.

It’s not a pretty sight. But let’s control our gag reflexes for a moment to consider just a few of those who benefitted over the last two-and-a-half years from promoting what’s turned out to be a baseless conspiracy theory.

1. Rachel Maddow and MSNBC

Rachel Maddow has spent a tremendous amount of her airtime devoted to Russiagate speculation, staking her personal reputation on it being true. Maddow is a very intelligent person – she was a Rhodes Scholar after all. But, like many in the media, she somehow abandoned her critical thinking skills under the influence of what the writer Justin Raimondo describes as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

There are probably hundreds of hours of Maddow Russia clips by now, but the perhaps most poignant is her recent reporting of the end of Mueller’s probe. As she speculates, without evidence, that Mueller was somehow silenced from telling the truth about Russia, her eyes fill with tears (volume warning as the person recording can’t control her glee):


5d2c28  No.5920577


Isaac Green is the best shill!

He is hilarious!

2a8d6f  No.5920578

Funny because Hannity has Gorka on his show alot, he has to keep a straight face and play along, knowing Gorka is badguy

dcf84c  No.5920580

b32f2e  No.5920581

File: 3e64a1cb4adf6d4⋯.png (243.53 KB, 581x695, 581:695, 1553695210837.png)

c60c0a  No.5920582


No truer post has been written today! Dead on anon. An old phone for an old fag (no homo).

4c5c59  No.5920583

File: b53eb01b859e873⋯.jpg (55.77 KB, 533x400, 533:400, JewishMafiaLansky.jpg)

File: 2d3b9e2737ae395⋯.jpg (73.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, GOGBOD.jpg)

File: b01bc58b2012e1e⋯.jpg (88.57 KB, 640x394, 320:197, LookingGlassGH.jpg)


Michael Steinhardt's father was good friends with Meyer Lanskey, powerful Jewish mafia, part of the five families.

Steinhardt is president of the Advisory Board of Directors on Genie Oil and Gas GOG who has drilling rights in Golan Heights if Israel can get it annexed.

a86efb  No.5920584


Criticising Jewish collective power, Judaism and Israel is not an attack on you personally.

You sound like a Muslims crying because when people criticize Islam in their heads "everyone is calling me a terrorist".

878833  No.5920585

File: 2482600667739ee⋯.png (417.79 KB, 634x368, 317:184, ClipboardImage.png)

3f4152  No.5920586

File: c9df2ceb2fb95f6⋯.png (117.51 KB, 680x378, 340:189, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)

Noble energy plays in the Leviathan gas field.


If POTUS is ceding control of Golan to Israel, it has to be in part to set up HRC (with her Noble connection) and LdR (With her Apache connection) and Genie Energy (Rothschild and Cheney.)

It means a higher level of play, folks. Dang it's fascinating to watch. It also means final redpills regarding Benghazi someday.

5fc6e3  No.5920587

File: c139cf408ebe646⋯.jpg (706.41 KB, 1431x1655, 1431:1655, SmartSelect_20190327-10050….jpg)



9048cb  No.5920588


I don't want to say that they are compped.

I'm not in a position to know.

this is an issue that BO and CM probably

have to worry about:

the way that a board works might effect

the servers.

the part that makes me pursue it is

how adamant the ones defending their new manner of presenting notables


and how truculent in their ascertains.

e899e9  No.5920589

File: b602e775f937e57⋯.png (208.49 KB, 330x333, 110:111, pg biko.PNG)


Hey, Hey Hoooooo!

805457  No.5920590

File: 2a3db9132ff03f2⋯.png (1.77 MB, 991x622, 991:622, capture_048_27032019_07035….png)

File: 10cef3fbaec6a51⋯.png (2.51 MB, 990x884, 495:442, capture_049_27032019_07040….png)



1186da  No.5920591


He just keeping on spouting shit with no evidence! I would love to punch him just once.

326d7f  No.5920592


Got links to that vid?

I was looking for that last night.

b1f4a0  No.5920593

a86efb  No.5920594


He seemed like a good kid.

Kinda sad when I found out he was a shill.

7123df  No.5920595

File: 2a586644e7035dd⋯.png (3.94 MB, 1148x1967, 164:281, download.png)

File: fe82eb26f96c59b⋯.jpg (755.41 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D2dD7zDU8AAMqjO.jpg)

File: b42c2f35254cdb7⋯.jpeg (1.09 MB, 980x1307, 980:1307, 154993567467912767.jpeg)

File: c3c55f7527f5217⋯.png (126.28 KB, 400x503, 400:503, Demogorgon_Stranger_Things.png)

0e9edb  No.5920596


If you were able to get out of your tribalistic mindset, you might realize we're attacking legitimate elements of the cabal and not every single jew. Stop taking it so personally, and perhaps help the world by fighting the cabal within your ranks like we're doing with our own country.

a4763f  No.5920597


as soon as you start using words with the -ly,

such as "apparently"

we know you're a useless shit stirrer.

efb652  No.5920598



I would love to work for them but my skill set doesnt match.

I could create them the warmest and most inviting office space they could imagine tho…..

cc3a9c  No.5920599

File: ff88bcfef966f0f⋯.jpg (40.12 KB, 700x465, 140:93, soros.jpg)

>>5919796 pb

This sounds like Soros. Creates these "grassroots" groups that come into existence overnight and nobody heard of.

Black Lives matter

March for life


Alt right (which nobody identifies as or knows what exactly it means)

now this Identitarian thing (which sounds oddly like the LEFT with their gender identitarian ideology…which is really just a small tribe of squeaky wheels..not mainstream left)

Divide and Conquer. Fucking BS.

Lemmings to dumb to see how fabricated it all is.

Laughs in Division [Soros]

ed70c6  No.5920600


nothing is as it seems…

cad196  No.5920601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sorry if repost but new Veritas uploaded a half hour ago.

Subject is Voter Fraud.

90dd57  No.5920602


…and 100x more secure than your 'smart phone'.

659f80  No.5920603


Honest question for you:

What isn’t your opinion regarding JIDF?

88e7e2  No.5920604


The mistake you are making is to believe that because I choose not to defer to my emotions it is equivalent to my having none. I choose to place my emotions under the authority of my rational mind, I don't deny their existence. I reserve my emotional responses for those occasions when they are called for - interpersonal relationships. But debates about ideas are not about human relationships and therefore emotions should be kept out of them. It's how judges have to operate - they have to be impartial and not swayed by emotions, only by arguments. It should be the same for ALL who engage in debates.

dc3a09  No.5920605

Blackout Leaves 91% of Venezuela Without an Internet Connection

"Maduro and his government have insisted that the electrical problems are a product of sabotage and sophisticated attacks by the U.S. and local opposition while industry experts and critics point more to a lack of investment and maintenance. Schools are closed for a second day and the government has told workers to stay home."


Patricia Laya, Bloomberg•March 27, 2019

654009  No.5920606


Well, honestly, all someone needs to do it bring up the fact that Comey told POTUS the dossier was bunk. That makes the entire Mueller investigation bunk.

But Mueller did spend 22 months working on something

98ce21  No.5920607

374d23  No.5920608


Sorry for my bithcing but im sick of it. Standing behind someone in a convienience store waiting to pay for gas and the cocksucker in front holding up the line and the teller while they text like a faggot.

Insecure, faggots. When your deling with someone, put your fukin phone down and man the fuck up and look em in the eye.

Alright my rant is over. been a long night.

878833  No.5920609

File: 176bced91006f31⋯.png (801.81 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

659f80  No.5920610


Isn’t = is

F’ing autocorrect!

26d3ff  No.5920611


Very good video, as always.

c3e1be  No.5920612


Good deal, man.

Will likely shout in a couple of hours or so.

Anons getting antsy owing to some recent large Notables Bun sizes and how that plays out according to basic baking procedure.

Just a heads up in case that… argument? discussion? persists upon handoff.

God bless, man.

98ce21  No.5920613

File: c0876a178b90f91⋯.png (182.14 KB, 1042x418, 521:209, MUELLER_ourguy.png)

3f4152  No.5920614


Sleep it off. But I do feel your pain.

90dd57  No.5920615


Then you are not as smart as you would like to project upon everyone else.


617bc0  No.5920616

File: 67264b6b08a4e01⋯.png (272.88 KB, 546x522, 91:87, ron.perlman.png)

dd3dad  No.5920617


This beautiful sight. Needs Belgian Malinois

5d2c28  No.5920618


He is completly lost on the narrative.

Like, don't get me wrong. I don't trust Q 100% either, but I have my common sense intact and I can separate the BS from the facts!

And the facts are that Q is definitly a insider on the Trump administration.

Trump dealings with Israel is what worries me, though.

e4ce29  No.5920619

File: 244a267ed9d801b⋯.png (292.52 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190327-070822.png)








You must live in a cave my smart phone has seven layers of encryption

f9de8e  No.5920620

File: bbb5cc9e846aa95⋯.png (643.04 KB, 741x576, 247:192, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 95570f8cd5952da⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1919x912, 101:48, Q London - Cov st 1.png)

File: 53c3b9860c944b8⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1675x853, 1675:853, Q London - Cov st 2 2018 B….PNG)

Q London pics.

This pic.

Location = https://www.google.com/maps/@51.5103544,-0.1319052,3a,75y,96.64h,103.05t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s0TaxCl20rBt1K3PlJUM7EQ!2e0!5s20140801T000000!7i13312!8i6656

SEPTEMBER 2013 - MAY 2014.

Note the window frames, vertical posts on some not others. Look at the buidling in the background on Q's pic. Google time walking, work starts on the top half of that building in May 2014. The top of that building is altered.

878833  No.5920621

c60c0a  No.5920622

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yeah, well might mean the moo joos are having an affect (or is that effect?). I'll take it