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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

d49af2  No.5925478

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 03.27.2019

>>5925256 rt >>5924784 ————————— Good luck, Patriot.

Tuesday 03.26.2019

>>5915048 ————————————–——– THINK. FOR. YOURSELF. (Vid: >>5920872 )

>>5910092 rt >>5910048 ————————— Badge of Honor, Patriot.

>>5910024 ————————————–——– Attacks increasing? ( Cap & Vid: >>5910083 )

>>5909718 rt >>5909683 ————————— Bait confirmed.

>>5909596 ————————————–——– Loop Capital? ( Cap: >>5909757 )

>>5909464 rt >>5909428 ————————— Knowing what you know now, replay the story.

>>5909363 rt >>5909352 ————————— TT was bugged most likely.

>>5909342 ————————————–——– FISAGATE

>>5909322 rt >>5909279 ————————— Think POTUS campaign leaving T-Tower (base of operations) THE VERY NEXT DAY.

>>5909008 rt >>5908881 ————————— Bake your noodle.

>>5908738 ————————————–——– DAG + #2 [McCabe] discussion re: 'wear a wire' entrapment re: 25th amendment?

>>5908420 ————————————–——– POTUS on Hannity Tomorrow 9PM ET.

>>5906839 rt >>5906685 ————————— Well done, Anon. ( Cap: >>5907161 )

>>5906747 rt >>5906554 ————————— Bing QAnon News search results

>>5906111 ————————————–——– Past [7] days. Nothing to see here. (Cap: >>5906497, >>5906554)

>>5905183 ————————————–——– Q Proof

>>5904715 rt >>5904682 ————————— Proof missed?

>>5904599 rt >>5904397 ————————— "What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?"

>>5904397 ————————————–——– Worth remembering (Cap: >>5904875, >>5904900, >>5904915)

>>5904054 ————————————–——– How can there be FACTS if the entire story (narrative) was FICTION? (Cap: >>5904184)

>>5903921 rt >>5903895 ————————— These people are stupid

>>5903895 ————————————–——– It shall be done (Cap: >>5903954)

>>5903723 rt >>5903586 ————————— [Kim Foxx] Who is pulling her strings?

>>5903586 rt >>5903522 ————————— Will the AG need to get involved?

>>5903527 ————————————–——– @RepDougCollins (Cap: >>5903666)

>>5897520 ————————————–——– What is [RBG's] current state-of-health? (Cap: >>5897607)

Monday 03.25.2019

Compiled here: >>5915285

Saturday 03.23.2019

Compiled here: >>5903888

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

d49af2  No.5925486


are not endorsements


>>5893788, >>5896066 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q

>>5857423 BO on global notables


>>5925323 U.S. border agents redeployed to handle migrant humanitarian needs.

>>5925270 Google asks for meeting with top U.S. General after he slammed them for benefiting Chinese military.

>>5925234 Fitton: "The operation against Flynn provided the model for the anti-Trump assault…."

>>5925125 BBC: "Blair 'warned Trump' that UK may have spied on him."

>>5925041 Russian aircraft to fly over U.S. as part of Treaty on Open Skies obligations.

>>5925006 Saudi Aramco Buying 70% Of SABIC In $70 Billion Cash Injection For Mohammed bin Salman.

>>5924947, >>5924982 DJT Tweet(s): "Just met with Sundar Pichai, President of Google, who is obviously doing quite well. He stated strongly that he is totally committed to the U.S. Military, not the Chinese Military…" Top Kek

>>5924910 Russia "bombshells" look even worse now that Mueller found no collusion.

>>5924852 Rand Paul: Brennan insisted on unverified dossier be included in the Intelligence Report.

>>5924842 Senate Panel hearing on aviation safety following fatal Boeing crash.

>>5924837 Victims of FBI subversion now embrace America’s Secret Police.

>>5924829 Will Trump’s DOJ do anything about the Obama-era hacking of Sharyl Attkisson?

>>5924803 Anon's theory on the Smollett case.

>>5924764, >>5924778 I-68 Threat to POTUS. Handgun/explosive powder recovered. (W-Va. flight pattern from previous bread)

>>5924725 Rand Paul: "Time for Congress to investigate" Obama.

>>5925381 #7580


>>5924655 Carter Page says real Russian probe starts now.

>>5924635, >>5924478, >>5924561 DJT Tweet: "Lou Dobbs clip."

>>5924573 Ukrainian security official says Ukraine shot down MH-17.

>>5924517 Planefag: Multiple federal aircraft engaged in search pattern of W. Va.

>>5924575 Chicago Police: Jussie Smollett alleged hoax letter case handed over to FBI.

>>5924528 Performance review done in secret of 'cancelled' DragonFly project at Google.

>>5924492 Mission Creep: Microsoft boss suggests joint Big-Tech center after New Zealand attacks go viral. Weird, sounds like intelligence organization.

>>5924409 CBP sets a record in single day apprehensions.

>>5924440 Malta merchant ship hijacked off the coast of Libya.

>>5924323 DJT Tweet: "@GreggJarrett: 'Trump-Russia 'collusion' was always a hoax…'"

>>5924203 More on Facebook's banning of "White Nationalism" associated groups.

>>5924198, >>5924251 How Qatar bought off the entire DC establishment and its' possible ties to the Mueller investigation.

>>5924159 Kim Foxx's husband deeply tied to the corporate world.

>>5924151 Brexit update.

>>5924074, >>5924132 Some Maggie history, context and pattern.

>>5924121 Kim Foxx never ‘formally’ recused herself from Jussie Smollett case.

>>5924104 POTUS and Hope crafted statement to light the fuse on the Mueller op?

>>5924095 Bernie's campaign hit with FEC complaint for hiring illegal immigrant.

>>5924069 Did Mueller know there was no Trump-Russia collusion before the midterms?

>>5924040, >>5924169 Sandy Hook father's death ruled suicide but methods of his and other's suicide conspicuously absent.

>>5923983 Arab League: Countries that move embassies to Jerusalem risk relations with Arab world.

>>5924026 Theresa May tells Tory MPs she will quit after EU exit as Bercow puts third meaningful vote in doubt

>>5924686 #7579


>>5923848 @JW: FOIA lawsuit v. ODNI/CIA seeking comms of Brennan et al

>>5923425 Ah ha! Maddow looses half a million viewers, Hannity doubles his

>>5923221 Chicago Police Files Released on Jussie Smollett Case

>>5923220, >>5923434 WestVA I-68 Shutdown Poss explosives found, USSS involved

>>5923355 Jordan/Meadows Question Cumming's Lack of Responsible Oversight

>>5923353 Amazon aligns with WHO to tell you what's best re: vaccines…

>>5923352 Weird "pizza" reference in 2017 guardian art re: POTUS & Pope

>>5923339 DOJ: Lobbyist Petrella's investment fraud & Niyato Industries

>>5923316, >>5923325 Anons theorize and contextualize re: The Plan

^^Baker change^^

>>5923221 Chicago Police file re: Smollett, page-by-page (all links /pb)

>>5923222 Facebook banning “white nationalism” (moar sauce needed)

>>5924007 #7578

Previously Collected Notables

>>5921560 #7575, >>5922302 #7576, >>5923076 #7577

>>5919146 #7572, >>5919956 #7573, >>5920734 #7574

>>5916764 #7569, >>5917535 #7570, >>5918382 #7571

>>5914519 #7566, >>5915272 #7567, >>5916031 #7568

>>5912862 #7563, >>5912969 #7564, >>5913743 #7565

>>5909889 #7560, >>5910688 #7561, >>5911435 #7562

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d49af2  No.5925512

File: 8dfb8b98f84c7eb⋯.jpeg (26.37 KB, 620x412, 155:103, POTUSgrin.jpeg)



c28756  No.5925515


When you see something that’s outrageous: before latching onto it you must first understand this is open to anyone. Posts are made to try and attribute the most outlandish and unrelated things to our work … intended to support the narrative that we are loons and discourage others from joining us. Use this tool to help spot this deception:

http://qresear.ch and type the exact text of a given subject and you will see it posted thousands of times. We aren’t idiots and don’t repeat a topic 24x7.

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Thus these ruses are easy to spot.

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07efe7  No.5925524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


07efe7  No.5925533

File: b103ec7097ad704⋯.png (638.54 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, loser_ass_jew.png)

c28756  No.5925537



This is a perfect example

07efe7  No.5925539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

07efe7  No.5925541


Eat dog shit, jew.

7e4e37  No.5925542

So our timeline is this, yes?:

Mueller > Full SC Report > DECLAS > OIG > SHTF/Truth > PAIN

e8eee0  No.5925543

File: 47fe3ebe118518e⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 600x220, 30:11, AnnaK-QAngel.jpg)

Just a reminder…

Anna Khait is /ourgirl/

dfeb2c  No.5925544

File: ed6973d8c053907⋯.jpg (187.99 KB, 1158x1639, 1158:1639, b75526a21d5b1efd931923a336….jpg)

Thank You Baker

4aadc7  No.5925545

File: 615253a32557cc4⋯.png (545.41 KB, 645x725, 129:145, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)

Nice job, kid!

68b1a9  No.5925546


What's an example of a complex info-string?

8e7471  No.5925547

File: 5f0ad9d7f80d4f9⋯.jpg (306.99 KB, 1217x1145, 1217:1145, tyb_blondesunset.jpg)

File: bceb85b254ecd75⋯.jpg (286.84 KB, 2048x1242, 1024:621, tyb_roll_barrel_will_do.jpg)

File: 845f946df7f61f1⋯.jpg (72.96 KB, 590x529, 590:529, tyb_pilot.jpg)


Thank You sniper baker! 751!

c07136  No.5925548

File: 7f4eb6844a28ba9⋯.jpg (554.77 KB, 2048x1233, 2048:1233, 7f4eb6844a28ba9338ae2f38f9….jpg)

07efe7  No.5925549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Protocols of the Elders of Zion

It lays out (((their))) entire game plan and CLEARLY matches world events for the past 120 years or so.

6eae2b  No.5925550

File: 5fb93dbb9c21f6b⋯.png (138.27 KB, 500x611, 500:611, LQBTQANON.PNG)

>>5925256 LB Q



656299  No.5925551

File: f0be45dd3d19617⋯.jpg (116.83 KB, 923x789, 923:789, Way to go Anon.JPG)

Reposting from end of LB

936c40  No.5925553

File: 34b73e73460237c⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 588x204, 49:17, Fives.jpg)

Pic from last bread.

What's the odds of this happening?

cea9cd  No.5925554

Welcome,Newfag. >>5925546

bfe287  No.5925555

>>5925538 prev

They all think they are Patriots.

Ask Brennan. He’ll tell you.

e8eee0  No.5925556


Something that to most people looks like you're leaping and grasping at straws.

Only the straws are metal and you're nowhere near the end of 'em.

4862d7  No.5925557


Woods is ….too cocky.

72eb46  No.5925558



Im so far out in the country away from folks my only internet is phonefagging. Sucks because id bake when i could but not on the cell. Too damn much for one tiny phone

a73dbc  No.5925559


Are you being serious?

3f40b6  No.5925560

"Please list all relevant work experience."

•18 months with Qanon.


That will either get you hired or investigated.

5bf810  No.5925561

>>5925256 Q/pb

Curious if mentioning Q is a deal-breaker in that kind of interview.

86fb24  No.5925562

>>5925517 (lb)

>Alright, how do I apply?

<Displays lack of self-starting abilities.

Sorry, we have enough of your type already in abc agencies.

476539  No.5925563

File: a2aa67230ae609c⋯.png (20.4 KB, 557x379, 557:379, Screenshot_2019-03-27 Q.png)



66af00  No.5925564

>>5925514 lb


e4a1b9  No.5925565

File: 51dbec7c63348e3⋯.jpeg (659.84 KB, 1500x1103, 1500:1103, D107868E-71C5-40E2-8AA7-C….jpeg)

If most of us understand the reincarnation matrix and how it got here…

And The [War] is real… (soul war)

And we’r headed to the promised land and our true Identity… led by Trump… is happening (?)

And some of the frequencies are changing/kabal losing control of…

Trump leading the charge towards the end of the reincarnation matrix would make him Enki…

Enlil - Jesus activated the light tunnel for our hybrid annunaki Earth beings, but Trump has to end the soul matrix to fulfill his destiny…

Enki’s time to return to glory.

Time to defeat the eyedea of Satan.

Fuckin lizards.

a7fffb  No.5925566


shill baker on duty.


c11c91  No.5925567

File: 5ee77ccb779c079⋯.jpg (48.77 KB, 540x591, 180:197, let that sink in.jpg)

Those responsible for this farce claim Smollett's long time """"community service"""" with Jessie Jackson's Rainbow Push org was a factor in this bullshit.

>Oldfags will remember this.

It's a well known and well documented fact that Rainbow Push regularly practices what Michael Avenatti is currently being prosecuted for. It's their fucking business model.

035d1f  No.5925568

File: d554bf412c71feb⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1123x2318, 1123:2318, 6AB1AEDF-279D-4863-ADA3-8….jpeg)

72c4f3  No.5925569

This might be a major breach of protocol but I'm going to ask for some assistance with a raffle. There is a drawing for a Barret M82A1 (MSRP $11,000) being held at ClassicFirearms.com. If I am ever going to own one, I have win it – because there is no way I afford to buy it.

I'm asking you to go to https://wn.nr/EqCtm9 That is the raffle entry area of ClassicFirearms.com and enter your own name into the drawing. If just 1-5% of you will do that, I think I can walk away with a truly fine rifle.

My son, a Marine, says that they are REALLY impressive. I'd certainly like to find out … and give him a chance to shoot one again (later to inherit it).

Here's the catch; as of now, roughly 4:15 pm ET – the raffle closes in just a few hours. If you are going to help, sooner is better.

I'm only going to post this twice today … now and late in the evening. I'm not going to shit up the board.

Thanks in advance to any who choose to help.

e8eee0  No.5925570


We're coming up on 17 months in 2 days.

bfe287  No.5925571


We are fucked

07efe7  No.5925572

File: 7071586ab1ce585⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2790x9886, 1395:4943, oprotocols_full.png)



Protocols of the Elders of Zion Full Text

3bdfb5  No.5925573


So I take it the fbi, cia etc are not being dismantled?

78b876  No.5925574

>>5925263 PB

Re context for @maggieNYT. She is an example. Tick Tock? When is a 4-alarm fire really a 4-alarm fire?

Note Q Post 2661

the clock is ticking

Note Q Post 2913

The clock is ticking.

… You are the news now.

Filename of watch image - TT.png

Trump Tower

See @maggieNYT

6 JAN 2019

It isn't editorializing, it's contextualizing in terms of other administrations.

I personally think context is useful across the board.

If everything is a four-alarm fire then it becomes hard to tell when one is actually happening.

Go back to 7 April and the FDNY rush to scene of fire at Trump Towers.

Potus Tweeted:

Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined (well built building). Firemen (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!

Double meanings?

Go back to Q Post 2661

We can talk through code or we can actg through transparency. The choice is yours.

Think today and the call for transparency.

Allspeed Anons.

d5dae7  No.5925575

I think it speaks volumes that Q has said absolutely nothing about trumps questionable actions and ties

He knows he will lose anons if they are exposed to facts

What a fucking fraud lmao



Potuses dedication to israel


Why potus was friends with all the satanists

You wont tho Q

e975b2  No.5925576

File: 61c95efe9463514⋯.jpg (292.91 KB, 1121x823, 1121:823, Screen Shot 03-27-19 at 08….JPG)


7e4e37  No.5925577


Awesome graphic, anon. Many thanks!

9d89d0  No.5925578

File: 8aa9958842c69a4⋯.png (1.53 MB, 734x871, 734:871, bb.PNG)


a beer for the baker


29969c  No.5925579

File: 99ba19b2c3dc86f⋯.jpg (180.74 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Trump-Card.jpg)

File: b2635c9e3afad84⋯.jpg (167.67 KB, 1080x706, 540:353, Screenshot_20190325-193330….jpg)

32d813  No.5925580

File: 3fc38adb5ab6206⋯.jpg (273.93 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CNN6.jpg)

File: 662785076e2568c⋯.jpg (249.12 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CNN5.jpg)

File: e70a63745c8ce12⋯.jpg (237.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CNN4.jpg)

File: fedf483df87c63e⋯.jpg (318.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CNN3.jpg)

eeaac4  No.5925581

File: df680a2a01a1931⋯.png (2.99 MB, 816x1277, 816:1277, The Strange but Mostly Tru….png)

File: 82a58820a38cefd⋯.png (2.99 MB, 816x1277, 816:1277, The Strange but Mostly Tru….png)

File: 0619b0dc8381a4a⋯.png (2.99 MB, 816x1277, 816:1277, The Strange but Mostly Tru….png)

File: a33ca5c938561ed⋯.png (2.99 MB, 816x1277, 816:1277, The Strange but Mostly Tru….png)

File: bcd02f353d5ea4e⋯.png (2.99 MB, 816x1277, 816:1277, The Strange but Mostly Tru….png)

The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon; Part 3 of 22.

Continued; from >>5924813 lb ~ Also posted in [Occult music and pop culture] >>5924164

by Dave McGowan | May 13, 2008


cea9cd  No.5925582


5 beers is me, responding to the “ would you hit it” post

KEk, good eye

ab9a0c  No.5925583


Q's trips and file name/descriptions referring to books in the Congressional Library, for instance.

f343ee  No.5925584

File: d17c7a8300fae73⋯.jpg (193.51 KB, 1264x747, 1264:747, Epstein AI.JPG)

Q, did Jeffrey Epstein help fund the creation of Sophia?

Why did SA give Sophia citizenship?

How important is Sophia to current geopolitical goings-ons?

9f7fa5  No.5925585

>>5925256 (lb)


Paraphrasing many questions:

"Would I qualify? If so how to get around any past transgressions, and let them know 'experience' not verifiable except here?"

72eb46  No.5925586


Same thing really

3ebf06  No.5925587

In case this hasn't been dropped in a recent bread (couldn't find one in lurking) I find it fantastic that CPD pulled a great one before the court docs were sealed.

They are fine PATRIOTS!

Released records before they could be sealed.


3d0985  No.5925588

File: e821f129efa7056⋯.jpeg (632.69 KB, 1242x1596, 207:266, E4C255BB-2531-4B51-8155-E….jpeg)


Keep digging your hole, MSM. Pain is coming.

e8eee0  No.5925589


And if GEOTUS was anti-Israel, you'd said he's Pro-Sharia.

Fuck off, we don't care about your concernshilling.

4862d7  No.5925590


This should be a legit job. Making sure things stay honest. Having some department with an acronym and a badge.

03713e  No.5925591


Now I'm applying just to piss you off.

c39e7c  No.5925592

File: 1461f7975d4c905⋯.png (488.1 KB, 970x421, 970:421, WRWY VENEZUELA.png)




035d1f  No.5925593

File: 8af483eb1ebe5c5⋯.jpeg (966.55 KB, 1112x1079, 1112:1079, A6BA2FBC-749D-4E30-90A0-E….jpeg)


Quads confirm

d5dae7  No.5925594



Can i escape by killing myself

Trump is one of them

c07136  No.5925595


Did not make it, but it's killer.


a7fffb  No.5925596

File: 4ab36ede151ef16⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, muhjew3.jpg)

eeaac4  No.5925597

File: 95b7fcb4468c990⋯.png (2.99 MB, 816x1277, 816:1277, The Strange but Mostly Tru….png)

9c43ef  No.5925598

File: bb07e6df451982a⋯.jpg (135.56 KB, 600x892, 150:223, bb07e6df451982a3e169bcb12f….jpg)

File: f90de53c58f994e⋯.jpg (334.66 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, DSC00076.jpg)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, e29b698c24bd2d7b212e58c83a….png)


Do NOT reply to shills

Do NOT demolish their intentionally flawed arguments

Do NOT debate their idiotic "concerns"

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT participate in shill KAYFABE

In professional wrestling, kayfabe /ˈkeɪfeɪb/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind.


Do NOT perpetuate shill SLIDES.

Do NOT reply to shills.

Do NOT pick up spit

If you are NOT sure, LEARN to ID shills

shills = hate

shills = labels

shills = repetition

shills = envy, greed, etc.

Do NOT correct intentional shill mistakes

Do NOT be triggered by shill taunts

Do NOT eat dead bats off the street

Do NOT bark back at dogs

Do dig, meme, pray.

How to Spot a clown

Dealing with Clownish Shills & Shilly clowns==

>>2322789 Spot a shill

>>2323031 Spot A Clown

shills have no agency

no will independent of their masters.

Shills are a profitless burden upon the earth.

Shills are the passed gas of history.

Their words are writ upon water.


656299  No.5925599

File: c55072661417e28⋯.jpg (93.16 KB, 908x716, 227:179, Sara.JPG)

Completely manufactured crisis. These people are really stupid….

Love you Sara! Keep up the good work!

bf10ba  No.5925600

File: d1f1afe6394789e⋯.png (77.88 KB, 385x1269, 385:1269, ClipboardImage.png)


Here figure that out and get back to me

d5dae7  No.5925601


Imagine having to make up a term to silence dissent just like the msm on a "free speech" board

6a7279  No.5925602

File: 46c439812c201c7⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1080x719, 1080:719, ClipboardImage.png)

06278f  No.5925603

File: c3cd81a05da7f13⋯.png (594.25 KB, 798x797, 798:797, buildthatwall.png)















07efe7  No.5925604

File: a2a578a3ebf91e4⋯.jpg (139.1 KB, 640x572, 160:143, truth_merchant.jpg)


After weeks of being BTFO thisis is the best you stupid jew queers can come up with to combat my posts. You lose.

cea9cd  No.5925606

Anyone know if Q cop with VPotus ever applied after being fired..

de0923  No.5925607

File: dddc68f14e6730f⋯.jpg (90.9 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, aristotle1-2x.jpg)

something for all anons who get emotional and pissy when topics they don't like are brought up

just food for thought

6bee0b  No.5925608

>>5925314 (/pb)

Love and miss CIC even though I served on a lpd. Haze gray and underway fellow OS! o7

12c56c  No.5925609


Interdasting, this time black people aren’t cheering.

32d813  No.5925610

File: 5c554831e2b3033⋯.jpg (269.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CNN7.jpg)

2d345c  No.5925611

File: 8b9c63adf6322cd⋯.jpg (72.97 KB, 800x478, 400:239, The_nihilist.jpg)


Then what do they seem like to you, Herschel?

9efb26  No.5925612

>>5925256 (pb)

Q, with all due respect, a lot of us on here have avoided The System for so long that we lack the on paper qualifications to join the IC.

We fought to resist the DS, and avoided them…now we want to join up, and we are 30+ with no degree. We have the skills, and the drive, but are fucked for being hireable.

Advice please?


07efe7  No.5925613

File: 6f6506dd52194f6⋯.jpg (127.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, monkeyjew.jpg)

350e5e  No.5925614

File: f3bec92e56fa072⋯.jpg (263.49 KB, 1311x1885, 1311:1885, jussie2.JPG)

160390  No.5925615

2 more posts for 3223




86fb24  No.5925616


That's the spirit, Brennan.

e4a1b9  No.5925618


So I’m over the target.

Thank you shill.

862fd5  No.5925619


Yeah i tried to follow up but nada

Lst info he was demoted

d5dae7  No.5925620


Nope it will get you laughed at tho

b1d3b6  No.5925622

ab9a0c  No.5925623


The Venezualans are Here.

6eae2b  No.5925624


"Please list all relevant work experience."

49 yous.

Banned twice.

Veteran of the Great Meme Wars.

Excel in bold/red text

9c43ef  No.5925625

File: 00a20f1ddc94fad⋯.png (267.51 KB, 828x1464, 69:122, 00a20f1ddc94fad1fc62d0483a….png)

File: 3e5f27253510ad9⋯.jpeg (137.98 KB, 1480x834, 740:417, 3e5f27253510ad9e2973631fa….jpeg)

File: 00bb8dc8f73e728⋯.png (344.73 KB, 1046x626, 523:313, 05b568ab5aa9c1f390d3e3e43f….png)

File: 6cd3580bf37a12b⋯.jpeg (33.01 KB, 532x351, 532:351, 6ec091f691cf0bb9b33da88da….jpeg)

File: 7e81241ee7041b3⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 7e81241ee7041b3caaa0a8030f….jpg)

Hollywood news and entertainment is the psychic equivalent of slow poison. Subversive psycho-social programming is designed to be a sweet dream. The sweetness, like sugar's, conceal a destructive toxin: cumulative, progressive and ultimately fatal.

The damage done by legacy media Information Operations (IO) or psyops is incremental. Vocabulary is slowly reduced, falsified history substituted to support the satanist cultists new story of America.

Primary sources, first hand accounts and photographs are stolen from local libraries and archives. Inconvenient facts and eyewitness accounts are removed from history and new evidence injected where necessary. A nation without history has no purpose, it ceases to exist.

Emotion replaces analytic logic, fear replaces faith. Individual and collective cognitive capacity gradually declines over decades. Eventually we become so stupid we can no longer understand what is happening to us.

Information Poisoning

We have been poisoned with bad information. We have been denied real information, and most of us have no idea what, or how much information about reality has been denied us.

1 Information Operations "IO" or psyops cause cumulative progressive damage

2 "Entertainment" programming has been used by enemies of the United States to run sophisticated pysops on the civilian population for the purpose of manipulation and control.

3 Remediating the damage done by such programming is high priority and uses the same tactics technology.

The most effective way to convey large amounts of objectively true complex information about reality to the greatest possible number of people is by incorporating it into the relationship between characters in dramatic entertainment.

Stories can undo damage done us by Information Poisoning, relieve psychological distress, reassure the frightened and deliver the objectively true information about our environment we need, as citizens, to make informed decisions about our future.

We can explain and break cultist conditioning and remove implanted lies, eliminating demons and gradually restoring reality to brainwashed fellow citizens.

Our fellow citizens, the NPCs, have been betrayed and exploited by those they trusted most. The "stars" the "experts" and fake leaders and sports personalities.

TL:dr The same tactics used to poison and control mind and spirit can be used to heal.

Stories are the best mass redpill for sleepers in media-induced trance states. Dramatic storytelling has tremendous explanatory power. This is how we learn about unlearning and relearning, and experience for ourselves the evolution of our understanding when we gain access to important, new objectively true information.

"Legacy media" is running 24 hr a day psyops on the US civilian population. They are doing all they can to destroy us and the country. They are traitors.

They will be stopped.

When they are we need to use all media, all platforms, all channels to remediate psyop damage and replace subversive ideology, demoralizing historical falsehoods, sexual perversion and embedded occult symbolic programming with entertainment that will make us laugh, show us the glorious future ahead and make us smarter, happier and prepared to face a future very unlike our past.

250 million Americans want the truth. Entertainment is not just entertainment. It determines who we are, and who we will be. Stories will facilitate our psychological adaptation to an new expanded psychological and material reality, assisting our transition and incrementally undo the terrible damage done by decades of satanists mind control programming.

07efe7  No.5925627

File: 4eedecc74cb238d⋯.jpg (507.55 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, cannon.jpg)

File: fc04e44dfd1ec69⋯.jpg (146.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, div.jpg)

bfe287  No.5925628

Seriously though.

GlowNigger Clowns are our sworn enemy.

Now we are enlisting?

Fucksake, anons. Flush your headgear.

7396bb  No.5925629

Newsmax: Stacey Abrams nixes VP slot, "You don't run for second place"

6256b9  No.5925630

File: a32b56d5d2f5d52⋯.png (789.07 KB, 987x1203, 329:401, 2019-03-27_16-12-55.png)

Love scorned?

e791e6  No.5925631

File: 05aa11cdbbb41b1⋯.jpeg (15.76 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8509C6F0-C2CA-4ACA-89F2-8….jpeg)

File: 42d5a8c69918d2a⋯.jpeg (138.32 KB, 720x960, 3:4, F08D17EC-D238-4D3A-857B-B….jpeg)

File: 38acfe18643008c⋯.jpeg (20.44 KB, 255x255, 1:1, D3390604-6F81-48EA-8D41-F….jpeg)

>>5925332 (lb)

No not him

I dont see that fag very much anymore.

The other night I did.

I anon that started ginger mound.

I was there for “War of The Bewbs” tho.

It was epic.

I have to say this is serious business but it just seems we used to have moar fun.

9f7fa5  No.5925632


Thought, back then he was pursuing other avenues (maybe retirement). Just going on memory

4aadc7  No.5925633

File: a8ffbba1c4c0e3b⋯.jpg (135.53 KB, 915x902, 915:902, 2x3vmz.jpg)

5bc8de  No.5925634

>>5925514 (pb)

KEK, something is fishy with her Mom.

Her parents are seperated and she lives with Mom.

According to mom she was depressed and DIAGNOSED PTSD, but hadn't seen a therapist or sought help.

Which is weird because you'd need to see a mental health professional to get a

ef145d  No.5925635

File: 15c1ee284d0f164⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 1023x575, 1023:575, 85F62330-E3AD-4262-99AA-AB….jpg)


gotta hand it …to…her?

6ed4e2  No.5925636


514 days

539e2e  No.5925637

File: 989da66b74649c6⋯.png (670.53 KB, 974x1258, 487:629, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)

State Police: I-68 shutdown was result of threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon

Wednesday, March 27th 2019

PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — West Virginia State Police said Interstate 68 was shut down several hours Wednesday near the border with Maryland after threats were made to kill President Donald Trump and to blow up the Pentagon.

A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning after a search of the vehicle revealed a fiream and explosive powder, State Police said.

State Police, the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate.

Troopers conducted a traffic stop about 10:30 a.m. for speeding in the eastbound lanes near Bruceton Mills. The traffic stop resulted in an investigation that led to the shutdown of the interstate.

The interstate was shut down near the West Virginia/Maryland state line about four hours. Traffic was diverted off the interstate and drivers were advised to find alternate routes.

The interstate reopened about 2:30 p.m.

32d813  No.5925638

File: 9508a2ca8ad4dc0⋯.jpg (248.24 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Maxine3.jpg)

File: b73b0b868ec780c⋯.jpg (144.32 KB, 800x559, 800:559, SCHITT17.jpg)

5a806e  No.5925639

File: b7faf274ebf7372⋯.png (246.3 KB, 937x551, 937:551, Screenshot_2019-03-27 2003….png)


9ea3e0  No.5925640

File: a410558c8b689a9⋯.jpg (116.87 KB, 1069x341, 1069:341, Screenshot_20190327-160305.jpg)

Any planefags got eyes on this? Popped up on broadcastify alert and I'm phone fagging while driving. Can't look myself at the moment.

29969c  No.5925641

File: aa1671cc294de65⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Trump_Tower.png)

3f40b6  No.5925642

But seriously autists, CIA and FBI have plenty of entry level jobs listed on their careers page.

9c43ef  No.5925643

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


2065d0  No.5925644

File: 5c61070a81c52c4⋯.png (281.5 KB, 635x874, 635:874, Screenshot 2019-03-27_16-1….png)


5bc8de  No.5925645



4862d7  No.5925646


Why isn’t this notable anons?

64122d  No.5925647

File: 2ce1e2d97a28ae1⋯.png (87.03 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, image.png)

Can anyone confirm this?

d5dae7  No.5925648


I get emotional when Q and potus sell us out because i am a person and not a Q drone

a93d42  No.5925649

File: ab00289733ae68a⋯.jpg (132.15 KB, 500x756, 125:189, RussianCollusion.jpg)

48995e  No.5925650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS live

3545b4  No.5925651

File: 5e1d8c4afa5a68b⋯.png (140.66 KB, 1220x602, 610:301, ClipboardImage.png)

Time will tell if #NoGo-oogle have their house in order. It is time that the clowns realize that they report to the elected Commander In Chief and have to display their allegiance to the USA. We really do not NEED to have a Google. There are other options.


b4721c  No.5925652

I am no autist but would love a Government Job. Helping people is my thing! I just feel in my career now I am not really helping anyone.

cea9cd  No.5925653


Where there’s a Q there’s a way!

b1d3b6  No.5925654

File: 6fe0796c0b2a983⋯.jpg (774.83 KB, 1439x1884, 1439:1884, SmartSelect_20190327-16150….jpg)




350e5e  No.5925655

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


9eef82  No.5925656

Q, I can do wonderful intelligent things, and I’d love to serve and help the inter agencies, but I can’t because I smoke marijuana. You need to get rid of the Marijuana usage prohibition. DOITQ

78b876  No.5925657


This. Is. CNN.

The most trusted name in stenography.

2d345c  No.5925658

File: e61d3b41093877e⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 215x255, 43:51, 5fbf32fa0bc663039405e3db99….jpg)


Uh, go do something useful with your life?

Just a thought.

49e02a  No.5925659

File: 77fc3a03cf85cf4⋯.png (438.52 KB, 1204x2013, 1204:2013, 174 - _qresearch_ - Q Rese….png)

>>5924924 (lb)

>and for all the Theresa may references I'm seeing about,



>>884799 (ancient pb, Q)

>[Pope] will be having a terrible May.

>Those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT>

>Dark to LIGHT.



Checkout this bun:

https://qmap.pub/read/100 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148136485/#148143562

https://qmap.pub/read/997 >>884799 (ancient pb, Q)

https://qmap.pub/read/998 >>884858 (ancient pb, Q)

https://qmap.pub/read/999 >>885005 (ancient pb, Q)

https://qmap.pub/read/1000 >>885027 (ancient pb, Q)

a7fffb  No.5925660


baker did not take, even when asked several times in two breads.

shills immediately attacked…

→ shill baker again.

e84873  No.5925661

Q, can we put Qresearch on our resume at ABCs because on paper this anon has done nothing impressive except dig here 24/7 since you came along.

5d02c2  No.5925662


not necessarily in that order

e791e6  No.5925663



df86be  No.5925664

File: 9dd5d8dd9e8627d⋯.jpeg (131.22 KB, 1218x609, 2:1, 5C052F87-C8C9-486F-AA15-B….jpeg)

3590a2  No.5925665

File: 22daa75c2878928⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: 733d91688fd9c87⋯.png (695.38 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: cd0de50d63aafdd⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: c0f5bc1f3311d2a⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: 4674976187a2628⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1433x797, 1433:797, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

Multiple aircraft flying search patterns in different areas around DC Hagerstown etc.

Many planes belong to Landcare aviation a company involved with sensor development.


a6bc21  No.5925666

File: b1995557bfa2a7e⋯.jpg (7.66 KB, 218x218, 1:1, 1521215638937.jpg)


Poor anon is going to be freaking out tomorrow and they won't know what is wrong with him.

ba20fe  No.5925667


What a lying, disgusting bitch.

1aad7e  No.5925668

File: 1634eb2b2f03a2d⋯.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, DA1E1657-405B-4EE7-8C2E-F1….png)

File: eeb75ccdc34b198⋯.jpeg (442.57 KB, 750x843, 250:281, 374A24E9-5C92-4F1E-98D2-4….jpeg)

Decipher coded strings

Autists… have a gander:



90cd8e  No.5925669


Was just checking the Twitter account which relayed that info in LB.

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

33m33 minutes ago

From the above article: "A 42-year-old man is in custody following the lengthy shutdown of I-68, a West Virginia State Police spokesperson confirmed."

3 replies 10 retweets 16 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

32m32 minutes ago

Continued: "“As a result of the investigation based on a traffic stop that occurred earlier this morning, it had been discovered that threats were made to kill the President of the United States and to blow up the Pentagon…"

2 replies 9 retweets 19 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

32m32 minutes ago

Continued: "… A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder. A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning. WVSP in conjunction with the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate. The interstate has been reopened.”"

2 replies 11 retweets 14 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

31m31 minutes ago

Continued: "The spokesperson did not identify the man in custody."

1 reply 4 retweets 11 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

31m31 minutes ago

"Interstate 68 closed at 11 a.m. Wednesday, only re-opening after a three-and-a-half hour shut down at the West Virginia-Maryland state line as a result of an “investigational traffic stop,” according to Trooper T. Nestor of the West Virginia State Police."

2 replies 5 retweets 14 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

31m31 minutes ago

"There were a number of law enforcement agencies on the scene including the FBI. That agency was called in to assist by the WVSP, Cathrine Policicchio, public affairs specialist, with the Pittsburgh Field Office, said.​"

2 replies 7 retweets 15 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

30m30 minutes ago

"A representative from the WVSP barracks in Kingwood expected the highway to be closed for at least two hours. It re-opened at 2:30 p.m.

Kendra Born, Preston County 911 supervisor, confirmed both lanes east and west bound were shut down during the course of the investigation."

3 replies 6 retweets 11 likes

4862d7  No.5925670

File: 9848018c45626a5⋯.jpeg (937.28 KB, 1242x2139, 18:31, 194D9B7A-415E-4113-B9B5-D….jpeg)


f4ed12  No.5925671


recused ?

cea9cd  No.5925672


Well I can survive on Cheetos , Ho-Ho’s and Mt. Dew while never coming in contact with natural light.


86fb24  No.5925673

File: c714a3dac5bef0f⋯.png (57.23 KB, 963x594, 107:66, Screenshot (1361).png)


Not the only schlub from Chicago FB_ that has some bad skellies in the closet.

Check out Papa D's antagonist. Came from same office...

6f7af9  No.5925674


I'm 40 and have smoked weed in the past. (no hard stuff)

missed my calling.

656299  No.5925675

POTUS honoring Medal of Honor for fallen Patriot.

o7 to you Staff Sgt. Travis W. Atkins

de0923  No.5925676


>not a Q drone

then you are a real anon

fake anons are Q drones, they co-opted an entire online culture and then act like it's their own.

862fd5  No.5925677


Aha like this


1.8 years on Q research

Area of Concentration

Bewbs and decodes

3f40b6  No.5925678


"Top shill spotter in my field."

a73dbc  No.5925679


did you ah

save your digs?

i've got all my research and memes. It's a mess but it's all there, kek

c28756  No.5925680


Trump and Q are winning, You have never won at anything you have set out to do. It’s obvious that you’re pretty desperate when you post 24 hours a day. I sleep great. It must suck to be you.

62d8ff  No.5925681

In love with Q, no homo. He is so affirmative about the gifts of autism! No ostracism from Q. Shadilay!

5a806e  No.5925682

File: 8c1827491bb831a⋯.png (182.7 KB, 959x820, 959:820, Screenshot_2019-03-27 Micr….png)


6eae2b  No.5925683

File: cebfbf4781b8436⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 503x700, 503:700, hot_facebook_girls_75[1].jpg)

I just sent in my resume. Plus my photo. Told them I could send pics or tits if need be.

1b5f32  No.5925684

Would love to help through an agency Q , but I'm more of an ArtFag. I guess I'll continue with memes.

df2d18  No.5925685

File: 287fa08147ccc89⋯.jpg (276.52 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, clockwork orange man bad.jpg)

3590a2  No.5925686

File: 205c21a92a93c2c⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: 7237b8e3dda9665⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: 973be7f67b8eb6b⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: d2ab074fd96fb49⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: bea0fa88b504a9c⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

123f4b  No.5925687



Yeah, the shit I suck at, lol. I get part of the message, and then the rest looks like Russian collusion (couldn't resist).

I like putting the storyline together and debating narratives with anons/shills way more than that stuff. Too bad NSA doesn't have a philosophical department, lol.

64122d  No.5925688


I've been watching that act. Saw it unfold on there. RTd the shit out of and… Crickets. WTF?

3ebf06  No.5925689


HUGE kek on that one

c9453e  No.5925690


Every action matters, every voice matters.

664394  No.5925691

File: c0c5897fd0f1ff4⋯.jpeg (121.76 KB, 920x507, 920:507, B5F671CB-3804-4B45-A159-2….jpeg)

WE have the nukes.

bfe287  No.5925692


They outsource their honeypots.

That rack tho

c32a6e  No.5925693

e791e6  No.5925694

File: 54c1bea10693ca2⋯.gif (72.93 KB, 220x218, 110:109, BF1EF813-BCDA-4504-B43F-CF….gif)


Here fren this one is literally shaking

3bdfb5  No.5925695


Any Anon that works for them won't last long if they are a genuine patriot.

539e2e  No.5925696

File: ac255fa473d49dc⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1529x1279, 1529:1279, Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at ….png)

862fd5  No.5925697


Do they have a bar?

6bee0b  No.5925698

File: 79d00f9643017b1⋯.jpeg (630.02 KB, 1125x1559, 1125:1559, F0723F1C-A4A7-4866-BB9C-6….jpeg)

Holee sheet

BREAKING: I-68 shutdown due to threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon


9efb26  No.5925699


Raising kids and teaching them to be smart is useful, now fuck off back to runescape, faggot.

5a880d  No.5925700

File: c9941363e604199⋯.png (206.59 KB, 999x599, 999:599, T-ham-p-QQ-b-ae-ay-aih-que….png)

File: cbd1479cd0c3599⋯.png (461.4 KB, 1212x816, 101:68, why-so-triggy.png)

File: a845f068922af10⋯.jpg (290.01 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipic.jpg)

6a7279  No.5925701

File: 121848d277c8b6e⋯.png (334.19 KB, 550x364, 275:182, ClipboardImage.png)

Former Michelle Obama chief of staff Tina Tchen has now been exposed as the person who intervened with Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx to convince the judge to drop charges against hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett, a close friend of the Obama family.

b7786e  No.5925702


What about those of us with formal education being less than College/University?

I was forced to quite High schiol in 11th grade due to some legal issues involving drugs at the time. I've since received my GED.

I would love to test my skills, but it seems I wouldn't be qualified (on paper) to hold such a position.

What can I do?

64122d  No.5925703



3590a2  No.5925704

File: 622724ea299bc1d⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: 7e012c40fea0fdb⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

8c5f60  No.5925705

File: 32bed3f4a13bcf9⋯.jpg (221.13 KB, 507x678, 169:226, 32bed3f4a13bcf99f9a287828e….jpg)

186d6d  No.5925706


Rosie is an insufferable cunt.

2d345c  No.5925707

File: 71fb4d9da12c97f⋯.jpg (68.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, comment_ATdiQKFdP6MW7VdGwF….jpg)


Imagine the horror of being oggled at every day by that hairy ham beast.

7e4e37  No.5925708

File: 1cc3a26993835d0⋯.png (1.01 MB, 970x583, 970:583, 1553717701765.png)

a7fffb  No.5925709

File: 86c4ebe6b0c6d73⋯.jpg (302.94 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, STRONG_TOGETHER.jpg)

File: 5414e900ce91431⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, Unity_notDivision.jpg)


Anons are attacked by muh jew shills again.

Since Q called them out yesterday they PANIC.

There are two kinds of muh jew shills.

1 - glowing ones using nose images and saying kike and rabbi in every post.

2 - blended in ones (repliying to concern shills) and using (((echos))) to create a "people vs jews" narrativ.

<DS wants the people divided

Don´t fall for it.


Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary+Hussein+Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?

9eef82  No.5925710


Ignore spelling errors. On the move. 😉

b7786e  No.5925711



5eca37  No.5925712

Ability to decipher complex info-strings

If intelapplicantanon is still lurking, I wouldn’t mention Q, but would work that statement into the conversation somehow. (If you are good at that)

1b5f32  No.5925713


Amen, anon.

bf10ba  No.5925714


Comey tweets 187 days apart….related posibly

6ed4e2  No.5925715


You'll be fine Anon. You'll be fine. Show your passion. Good eye contact!

bcf767  No.5925716

File: 0dd7018f7d8dbdc⋯.jpg (78.95 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2x3w9j.jpg)

64122d  No.5925717


Finally! I've been screaming about this for an hour!

9d89d0  No.5925718


When you can see connections between information that has nothing to do with each other for almost every other person.

de0923  No.5925719


Nobody has a problem with Jews, it's the Zionists

Way to completely miss the point lmao.

90cd8e  No.5925720


Doubling back onto this, although the road has reopened as of now:

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

1h1 hour ago


My former intel colleagues now tell me the feds are bringing in "Apparatus from Hagerstown." When I asked what type of "apparatus" Hagerstown might have that West Virginia does not have, they responded "What's in Hagerstown? Fort Deitrich.""

3 replies 36 retweets 53 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

1h1 hour ago

Continued: "WHOA! Fort Deitrich, MD, is the United States BIO-WEAPONS LAB. "Hundreds" of fire trucks and ambulances are being called-up in both WV & MD & are being pre-positioned. There is no fire. And even if a vehicle w/ a bomb exploded, you don't need HUNDREDS of fire trucks."

7 replies 74 retweets 98 likes

Cory Groshek

‏ @CoryGroshek

1h1 hour ago

Lastly: "Whatever this is, is big."

c28756  No.5925721


Definitely true

6a7279  No.5925722

File: 00f531916a07a1c⋯.png (1.1 MB, 766x918, 383:459, ClipboardImage.png)

60259d  No.5925723

Q, Maybe I have been watching too much NCIS, but could you give Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-VA7) a smack on the back of her head for us?

da6656  No.5925724

>>5924784 Lb

>>5925256 Lb

So….How ‘bout complex shitposts and great cheerleading? :>)

d0b874  No.5925725



b4703e  No.5925726

File: 28de66209008c66⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 1043x1037, 1043:1037, 29064305_2376122182413817_….jpg)

I'd rather work alongside a stoner rather than a alchy, junkie, or pull popper any day.

More so than a sober person even because those fuckers could snap any minute.

59dc0b  No.5925727

File: 73ba4420556e646⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 6504x4432, 813:554, Q Map Graphic 78.jpg)




Q Graphics all in GMT Update

Hi Baker, this post replaces >>5923308 Q Graphics all in GMT #78 seen here >>5925490

Please update the dough.

Godspeed Baker/s

6ed4e2  No.5925728


oh yeah… and a good firm handshake. w/ eye contact!

16b9b7  No.5925729

May will step down:


cea9cd  No.5925730


Based on a traffic stop


f9b696  No.5925731

File: fb2ef64ce12d1b9⋯.jpeg (640.02 KB, 2100x1574, 1050:787, 094DDC59-5147-41B0-B06A-8….jpeg)

File: b5c01cca6e7f5bc⋯.jpeg (897.44 KB, 2100x1574, 1050:787, 574E36B4-2BCC-4029-82BE-4….jpeg)


Q said so

Night Shift in the house!

b4703e  No.5925732

664394  No.5925733

File: 39bf0744b9ad683⋯.jpeg (17.25 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 779620E4-953D-4953-BEE0-B….jpeg)

File: 19bd2c85f9edda9⋯.jpeg (79.39 KB, 743x499, 743:499, 13B943E0-D8CD-47E4-B754-1….jpeg)



God fucking DAMMIT!

49e02a  No.5925734

File: a00bd3a23eafebf⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1179, 400:393, quest.png)

186d6d  No.5925735


Considering the CIA will likely be restructured or dissolved, it might not be smart to apply there (not to mention they're an evil blight on humanity).

2065d0  No.5925736

File: ec7496d8a6b51bf⋯.png (74.46 KB, 615x396, 205:132, Screenshot 2019-03-27_16-2….png)


539e2e  No.5925737

File: 35cc78af00ddd88⋯.png (151.45 KB, 508x431, 508:431, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at ….png)


Trips of pain

9b86d9  No.5925738


I’m wondering the same thing, I’m a senior in high school and I don’t plan on wasting years in college

25ca45  No.5925739

File: f5db61103b907b1⋯.jpeg (90.69 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, C3025AE1-32C5-4D80-B36E-6….jpeg)


Any referrals?

Yes, I have one.

6eae2b  No.5925740

File: d015d0a0dcb081b⋯.jpg (17.14 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 08. Sean-Connery-Smoking-H….jpg)

I understand they have Pussy Galore.

8b4492  No.5925741

File: ec6e1bf23da2e61⋯.png (469.76 KB, 509x506, 509:506, heavy flow.PNG)

4862d7  No.5925742



2d345c  No.5925743

File: 48cf01402a9013e⋯.jpg (14.5 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 16ef8ed544099fa949a5a7557c….jpg)

123f4b  No.5925744



High IQ anon that is a decent poker player at the national level. Not sure what there isn't to be confident about.


No, anon. That's not how you shake down an interviewee. What you do is print that screenshot, and save it for the last question, depending on how they do. Then also ask them why they like redheads so much, and watch them squirm.

59dc0b  No.5925746




Q Graphics all in GMT

Q Graphics all in GMT #01-#10 >>>/comms/486, >>>/comms/487, >>>/comms/488, >>>/comms/489, >>>/comms/490

Q Graphics all in GMT #11-#20 >>>/comms/491, >>>/comms/545, >>>/comms/950, >>>/comms/951, >>>/comms/952, >>>/comms/953, >>>/comms/987, >>>/comms/1103

Q Graphics all in GMT #21-#27 >>>/comms/1119, >>>/comms/1156, >>>/comms/1286, >>>/comms/1288, >>>/comms/1303, >>>/comms/1307, >>>/comms/1462

Q Graphics all in GMT #28-#34 >>>/comms/1466, >>>/comms/1489, >>>/comms/2071, >>>/comms/2072, >>>/comms/2073, >>>/comms/2100, >>>/comms/2164

Q Graphics all in GMT #35-#41 >>>/comms/2176, >>>/comms/2228, >>>/comms/2229, >>>/comms/2261, >>>/comms/2268, >>>/comms/2270, >>>/comms/2274

Q Graphics all in GMT #42-#48 >>>/comms/2306, >>>/comms/2312, >>>/comms/2314, >>>/comms/2327, >>>/comms/2450, >>>/comms/2491, >>>/comms/2496

Q Graphics all in GMT #49-#55 >>>/comms/2520, >>>/comms/2528, >>>/comms/2605, >>>/comms/2801, >>>/comms/2831, >>>/comms/2869, >>>/comms/2981

Q Graphics all in GMT #56-#62 >>>/comms/2990, >>>/comms/2996, >>>/comms/3019, >>>/comms/3116, >>>/comms/3187, >>>/comms/3464, >>>/comms/3472

Q Graphics all in GMT #63-#69 >>>/comms/3687, >>>/comms/3688, >>>/comms/3701, >>>/comms/3702, >>>/comms/3858, >>>/comms/3859, >>>/comms/3882

Q Graphics all in GMT #70-#76 >>>/comms/3898, >>>/comms/3920, >>>/comms/3975, >>>/comms/4029, >>>/comms/4197, >>>/comms/4335, >>>/comms/4386

Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#78 >>>/comms/4388, >>5925727

Pastabin, in case one prefers: https://pastebin.com/H4dFyVHD

Godspeed Baker/s

03713e  No.5925747

File: 4100120109eee44⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 383.51 KB, 500x303, 500:303, ClipboardImage.png)



You don't have to cry. No one wants you to feel left out.

7bcc22  No.5925748


Psyche eval, asap

4862d7  No.5925749


We would be great coworkers

64122d  No.5925750


I've been watching this shit unfold on Twitter for an hour! INSANE!!!!

295a0f  No.5925751

File: d5ebdfc901acf77⋯.jpg (45.9 KB, 718x387, 718:387, rosieodonnellCaptain.jpg)

ddfed6  No.5925752

>>5925256 Qlb

Hey Q, former biz owner here. I read the Gospels and listened to what jesus said about the coin of Caesar. I want to work again but I struggle paying homage to these pieces of meaningless paper with occult symbols on them… can we change that soon? Then I’ll go back to partaking in the merchant arena.

e1768b  No.5925753

the shutdown interstate in WV was indeed a threat against Trump and the Pentagon.

211a4a  No.5925754


Make sure to tell them how many confirmed NOTABLES you’ve earned.

de0923  No.5925755


Yes, you're going to need extra of these for all the anons that lose their mind when Israel is criticized and Zionism is called out for the cancer that it is

e1b33f  No.5925756

25492c  No.5925757

During the American revolution patriots enlisted because they saw and experienced the physically threat to their liberty and values. Remember all conflicts in our lifetime were never organic and this is the true WAR. A war for our minds. Being autist means acknowledging this thus creating an organic drive to become true patriots. When it's clear who the real enemy is and the real threat you realize how much power each individual has. Never doubt yourself and never forget. WWG1WGA! Good luck anon and don't be nervous and thank you for your service.

94792e  No.5925758


A small population of us are already involved in various levels of intelligence, and we have slowly drifted towards one another to make small fellowships where we discuss your drops and try to piece your crumbs together in our off time. Sometimes we feel that we would like to do more, and I know this may be a difficult question to answer, but what advice would you have for us?

-an MI anon

3bdfb5  No.5925759



42a2c0  No.5925760

Mueller went for the jugular (jug ears).

Declass of the report is going to show Obama getting a $29 million kickback into a Singapore account from Glencore on their Rosneft deal, which closed in the weeks before he left office.

And the money came from Russian VTB and Qatar.

Bank on it.

bfe287  No.5925761


Wow. Zero brains but some wild ambition.

Attack…the Pentagon?

Little Engine that couldn’t.

64122d  No.5925762


Arab guy.

d95dd3  No.5925763


If you are digging thisbas opposed to waiting for a Q answer, I saw some initial search results tying in TensorFlow. I did a mini dig some months back into TF after an OAN story tickled my senses. Found TensorFlow being used in dairy cows in the midwest (neural sensors) to catalogue their activities and predict medical condition. Think:fitbit for a cows brain+. A month or so ago saw TF pop up again with respect to humans and iirc FB. Think: Bldg 8. Marina Abramovic has also been busy with 'brain' studies linking two participants together. Lots there if you are interested. The Epstein connection…ugh. But Bezos into robots too.

86fb24  No.5925764


I don't imbibe any more, but many, and I mean MANY of the most intelligent, insightful people I've known in life are pot smokers. The fear is unfounded and so much is missed out on by not allowing.


9c7ac5  No.5925765


>Imagine having to make up a term to silence dissent just like the msm on a "free speech" board

And just like that he was unsilnced.

Get a life shlub. WE have a right to say what we want as well.

7bcc22  No.5925767


without hours, minutes and seconds this is really useless

0f01a4  No.5925768

File: 4e452bcd1b398b5⋯.png (41.95 KB, 657x302, 657:302, 1 how 2 filter.png)

bdd7a8  No.5925769

File: a91f68053e905c8⋯.png (282.95 KB, 1330x772, 665:386, Oath_of_Allegiance_USA.png)

>>5925256 (lb)

Foreigners too?

I want to GTFO off here, and I don't really care about making a lot of money if I could be doing something meaningful, and I REALLY like obsessing over information.

Worried about all the anti-freespeech laws non-sense thou, would not risk disgrace the uniform/institution by saying something illegal, so perhaps after the non-sense laws get removed. Would love to become American.


bcf767  No.5925770


the extremes of the human body….yeesh

d2106a  No.5925772

Q, should I finish my interview by saying "Where we go one, we go all!"?

dfe105  No.5925773


dirty bomb?

e8c885  No.5925774

I wish I knew I was interested in the IC 20 years ago.. you can't roll back age to meet requirements.

e4a1b9  No.5925775

File: 8e53172342ec5ac⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1332, 125:148, 35A4C9C9-CD79-472C-B959-7….jpeg)

File: 2a912f6f60e0743⋯.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1124x1134, 562:567, 94ACC937-864F-4659-A763-E….jpeg)

Anons, dark to LIGHT is special.

Understand the importance here.

The veil has been lifted.

There was an electromagnetic force creating a soul matrix that results in birth->death->mind wipe-> redo.

That force is lifted. Complete LIGHT.

Trump has to do this and knows he can’t fail.

Q has promised.

c0c7d0  No.5925776

File: 28134ce96eae29c⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 617x414, 617:414, bottomsmilejpeg.jpg)


CNN is finished.

350e5e  No.5925777


That would be glorious!

4862d7  No.5925778


Diggstown was decent. You should have done moar monster style acting. Nah?

6a7279  No.5925779

File: 1437afbc37d8b06⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

3f40b6  No.5925780


I have a referral but idk his real name or have his contact info. Lol.

I promise im not crazy thou.

49e02a  No.5925781

File: 348cf9d52a936b7⋯.jpg (154.66 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Q and you.jpg)

a93d42  No.5925783


That or possibly a bio weapon.

cea9cd  No.5925784


Gonna Really have to dig for perps info, wont be reported anywhere trustworthy

a6bc21  No.5925785

File: 99a05d83e6dfc33⋯.jpg (156.64 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1521230882528.jpg)


"What did you mean by this shitpost last Saturday Mr. Benson? Where you drunk? I sure hope you were."

4664bb  No.5925786

>>5925516 lb

I hear that but it’s probly going the other way, like East Germany where like a third we’re informers or China. Even when we win against the Cabal the new bosses won’t give up any tools.

Brave New World

4862d7  No.5925787


Mobster *

656299  No.5925788


Agreed, would love if this comes to light

035d1f  No.5925789

File: 0666a47850fc2ca⋯.jpeg (151.94 KB, 640x640, 1:1, C24BA939-6A1E-420B-A520-B….jpeg)

4aadc7  No.5925790

File: 55aac14345bdf70⋯.jpeg (33.36 KB, 605x605, 1:1, D2sH2PmXgAA2gen.jpg-large.jpeg)

Is great eye-sight valuable to the job?

9e4014  No.5925791


Guess you haven't read the last 2 breads anon.

539e2e  No.5925792

File: 5dd83d43f88efd1⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download-2 copy 2.jpg)

b4703e  No.5925793


Maybe one day the weed will be freed.

Too many false stigmas.

Actually eases my pain and allows me to focus better.

d49af2  No.5925794


>>5925665 More aircraft search patterns over several areas around DC, Hagerstown.

>>5925650 POTUS live: Medal of Honor ceremony. o7

>>5925637 I-68 shutdown was result of threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon.

d2106a  No.5925795


Serious question

Should we be buying 2 weeks of emergency food?

dfe105  No.5925796


It is something BIG.

c59c79  No.5925797

I missed this…guy is top kek


99bf2e  No.5925798


Exude confidence Anon! Believe in yourself! You will be great!


dd8aa4  No.5925799

File: fb0cd5771e7f9e8⋯.jpg (183.82 KB, 1082x706, 541:353, shr42q356.jpg)

New Q Proof

f8e2c6  No.5925800

File: 5351f311f135b05⋯.png (74.28 KB, 425x617, 425:617, pepe ace of.png)

d95dd3  No.5925801


Builderfag manager never finished degree. Too old to join mil or ng although spouseanon and I have discussed kek

2d345c  No.5925802

File: 745c4acd2cc26fd⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 800x448, 25:14, heavens-gate-how-it-really….jpg)


You could make a decent argument that America hasn't actually been threatened since the War of 1812.

All else has been Rothschild fuckery.

fd978d  No.5925803

>>5925270 Google asks for meeting with top U.S. General after he slammed them for benefiting Chinese military.

>>5924947, >>5924982 DJT Tweet(s): "Just met with Sundar Pichai, President of Google, who is obviously doing quite well. He stated strongly that he is totally committed to the U.S. Military, not the Chinese Military…" Top Kek

>>5924528 Performance review done in secret of 'cancelled' DragonFly project at Google.

lots of Google news today..


3f40b6  No.5925804

b4721c  No.5925805


KEK….that would be one way to see if they follow too…but I think there are more inconspicuous ways to throw it out there

1bab83  No.5925806

File: 5bd510f08e7007d⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 474x648, 79:108, basilone.jpg)

07efe7  No.5925808

File: a7d82b63095b896⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1788x1080, 149:90, _01.jpg)

File: bcd7b4ceb10f39e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1655x1080, 331:216, _02.jpg)

File: a962022dc62d2c9⋯.jpg (125.99 KB, 720x663, 240:221, _03.jpg)

File: dbba1269b16e842⋯.jpg (470.9 KB, 1185x1325, 237:265, _04.jpg)

File: 4ea52d1c43cc3d7⋯.jpg (339.5 KB, 820x1446, 410:723, _05.jpg)


>Trump and Q are winning, You have never won at anything you have set out to do. It’s obvious that you’re pretty desperate when you post 24 hours a day. I sleep great. It must suck to be you.

539e2e  No.5925810

File: 7bf88e15b571f33⋯.png (658.86 KB, 981x738, 109:82, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)



03713e  No.5925811



I'm never at my station without my peace-pipe

f4ed12  No.5925812


recused ?

4aadc7  No.5925813

File: 34f6fbc6948cbba⋯.jpeg (235.96 KB, 1125x1679, 1125:1679, Stelter Brian Potato.jpeg)


Yep, he's done.

d10363  No.5925814

Those hoping for a job in intel, pro-tip: don't lie on your polygraph. Just chill and realize that everyone has skeletons and did stupid shit when young.

5626cc  No.5925815


NOTABLE Soros Q Proof

Good catch, Anon!

dfeb2c  No.5925816

File: 939d2fbda8b1316⋯.jpeg (86.91 KB, 1062x705, 354:235, 1553718323.jpeg)

3bdfb5  No.5925817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

No more wars or soldiers dying for israel!

6eae2b  No.5925818


>Should we be buying 2 weeks of emergency food?

You only need to know where your neighbors stash is.

185c5e  No.5925819


Better to filter with post+ – you won't see any of their posts. Doubt they have anything different or meaningful to post? Post+

ef145d  No.5925820

File: 19cffa2f49e8219⋯.png (372.81 KB, 506x356, 253:178, andrea-mitchell-husband-al….png)

16b9b7  No.5925821

Try this:

4862d7  No.5925822


Same. Is actually be much more productive at work if I was stoned. Far too many stigmas. No one stops to think it’s a plant. A plant. How do you outlaw what God allowed to grow?

49e02a  No.5925823

File: 4b87cd41032c001⋯.jpeg (26.23 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 2A29EAC1-6250-4AE8-8C53-5….jpeg)

File: 52543dd184b70fa⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 255x191, 255:191, AUTISTICCHILDRENPLAYHERE.jpg)

File: 3f13427fdf0d64f⋯.jpg (225.04 KB, 1438x923, 1438:923, Autists.jpg)

File: 7eb2f905f6c9680⋯.jpeg (76.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8B9C5F4C-AB75-4B6C-BE70-6….jpeg)

File: f7e5a58145004a2⋯.png (501.28 KB, 1006x669, 1006:669, army-of-digital-soldiers.png)



you've already been investigated

2f6d96  No.5925824


Hahahahahaha. yeah, ur totally anon. Just another anon like the rest of us. YEP. Nothing to see here folks.

d69fcb  No.5925825

File: 99b5579810d0c3c⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, AWARD - (YOU).jpg)


You know what you are

(pic related)

You have re-posted this before in previous breads

It wasn't important then and still ins't



e1768b  No.5925826


>t. nigger

b4721c  No.5925827


When they ask you why you want this job? "I want to bring Light to the Dark!

9e4014  No.5925828


Same for me. It was never a talked about career. Who knew. What I wouldn't give to do it now.

1fca1b  No.5925829

I can scan read for keywords and patterns and discern fake from real, but I have a bad record.

Should I apply?

6eae2b  No.5925830


Yes, they didn't care that I banged a tranny once.

656299  No.5925831

File: c49808435436815⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 905x678, 905:678, New Caravan.JPG)

Non stop invasion

3f40b6  No.5925832

Q, youre going to have to just hand select anons and intercept us IRL. You know all of us here anyway.

5b0936  No.5925833

“As of now, it’ll be one criminal referral but with multiple referrals on a number of different crimes,” he told Breitbart News on Wednesday in an exclusive interview. “We will have some leakers in there for sure.”

“We knew this was a joke from the beginning, and I’ve said as much for a long time. Basically from the time our report came out, which has been a year. But now, the real work begins. It’s good to not have that sitting out there. But we have to now go on offense and track down all these dirty cops and bad players,” he said.


e791e6  No.5925834

File: 6806ca2169776b5⋯.jpeg (345.33 KB, 750x766, 375:383, E569AFDE-829E-41D9-ACE2-9….jpeg)


Not me frenz

No intelligence agency in their right mind would want anything to do with me.

Although I do have one or two notables.

I am however, super excited for the anon that is being interviewed.

There are more than one anon here that would be an excellent analyst.

I like HUMINT myself but there’s no chance.

Luv u frenz!

c0c7d0  No.5925835

File: fec51a66e3600ca⋯.jpg (858.42 KB, 1934x1094, 967:547, PuppetsProjectingPuppet (1….jpg)

File: ab0b98f5471432d⋯.jpg (185.04 KB, 659x715, 659:715, WhoIsThePuppet (1).jpg)

File: 98653b04564fa18⋯.jpg (631.51 KB, 1931x969, 1931:969, Pompeo_NotAWord (1).jpg)


On the same day that these puppets heckled Pompeo with signs doe. Really?????

539e2e  No.5925836

File: b5f5871a0017f09⋯.png (365.29 KB, 752x379, 752:379, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)


Noice! TY Anon

df86be  No.5925837

File: c732f046c590303⋯.jpeg (917.03 KB, 3464x3464, 1:1, E550255E-83FB-4B6D-A94F-F….jpeg)

bdd7a8  No.5925838

File: b30dfac77b89f88⋯.jpg (6.52 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Pepe_big_eyes_nervous.jpg)


>N-no sir, I-I never did any drugs…

<Polygraph explodes

3590a2  No.5925839

File: b99cf6c1795c90d⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

File: 1cc10985a98e735⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2019-03-27_….png)

692eda  No.5925840

fca4b0  No.5925841

File: 43036d167c7e8e4⋯.png (377.07 KB, 411x618, 137:206, all muh hats.png)


still having issues getting BO/BV attention re: banned IP

this VPN only works half the time, and they have ALL my other devices blocked off.

…this is not meant to cause panic or confusion, but to bring awareness to the issue.

I know for a FACT BV's know _ff is safe…

i know for a FACT BO is unaware of the issue or he would fix it himself.



fd978d  No.5925842





Did the fire in China cause GOOG to continue work from CA?

Those awake can see clearly.


9e7e76  No.5925843

File: 2c3f2cb3f96b969⋯.png (749.04 KB, 600x833, 600:833, ClipboardImage.png)

a7fffb  No.5925844



still not taking this? 3rd bread now...

Will you have to attack a shill again?



d95dd3  No.5925845

File: afc72de9582243d⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x808, 1125:808, C610FDAA-549A-4052-8251-D….jpeg)

File: 3c395ad9d605fe0⋯.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x1269, 125:141, F544A4C4-49A5-4A5E-B876-1….jpeg)


Here is cap of road closure

32d813  No.5925846

File: ad6a57de2c53d54⋯.jpg (292.22 KB, 800x466, 400:233, Cortez48.jpg)

7d6383  No.5925847

File: 4101707757fc96c⋯.png (240.96 KB, 846x543, 282:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 891a806a05beec2⋯.png (727.82 KB, 919x463, 919:463, ClipboardImage.png)

I pulled these graphics from past breads and would like to know which six control all corporations or is it media?

Also, note that there are two different graphics/different corporations.

766911  No.5925848

File: 2ebe61e15d3fee6⋯.png (145.22 KB, 540x334, 270:167, ClipboardImage.png)

dd8aa4  No.5925849

File: ef89716ff72d32b⋯.jpg (258.48 KB, 1544x764, 386:191, shr4224q356.jpg)



123f4b  No.5925850


>Where you drunk?

Does that make it OK if I was? I don't have a drinking problem, I just drink when digging with anons.

>How often do you dig with anons?

About 3-4 times a day. Sounds worse when you say it out loud.


I-I'll just see my way out…

9b86d9  No.5925851


Anyone check the clock on that?

7bcc22  No.5925852


It reads " don't eat the purple potato it makes your peee-peee hurt"

b39ee6  No.5925853


NewFlash - Couple of White Supremacists, egged on by Ann Coulter, because the wall isn't being built fast enough/

8e6698  No.5925854

File: 27b4c43c1e4556c⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 700x500, 7:5, faggots.jpg)

bdd7a8  No.5925855

File: 8ba341bf844bf2c⋯.jpg (167.31 KB, 1920x1867, 1920:1867, Apu_Spurdo_2.jpg)


Traps are gay.

Glad to see that the IC does not discriminate against homosexuals… :DDDD

6bee0b  No.5925856

File: d631df438d3047c⋯.jpeg (875.78 KB, 1125x1569, 375:523, 279C128F-09D3-44CB-B40C-8….jpeg)

It’s Habbening

BREAKING: @DevinNunes Sending Criminal Referral to DOJ over Spygate


ea98ad  No.5925857

File: 338e7524b98f9b3⋯.jpg (578.61 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, CommunistRules3.jpg)

3ebf06  No.5925858


there are some good digs on Smollett this bread that aren't getting noted.



for example.

Hopin' this ain't the case 'cause bakin' isn't for everyone... yet-

So why wouldn't the DS plant shill bakers to intercept a good bread? Isn't that (((their))) MO?

ea7120  No.5925859


Have you smoked pot in the past 2 years?

Answer: Yes

>you are disqualified

Answer: No

>I have no clue how you have survived these past two years with out an anxiety attack

d82645  No.5925860

File: 3dff1c85a099e58⋯.jpg (29.51 KB, 400x258, 200:129, _EMAIL.jpg)

File: 474536810c83050⋯.jpg (84.13 KB, 478x628, 239:314, _PIC.jpg)

Chicago Police Department's complete investigative file of Jussie Smollett case

Apologies if already shared.

CWBChicago is posting the complete Chicago Police Department investigative file on the Jussie Smollett "hate crime" investigation that we have received in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.


5626cc  No.5925861


Just stop, OK. It's not fucking notable, except to you.

63a65f  No.5925862

File: 56fbc555a65b1f6⋯.png (1.86 MB, 850x1453, 850:1453, zzzz presidential portrait….png)

Good gosh, I CAN'T WAIT for this new reality show!!!!

I've got plenty of popcorn anons, who's coming over?

We'll be kek'in it!

9f7fa5  No.5925863

File: d89687583bca395⋯.png (24.45 KB, 1437x184, 1437:184, ClipboardImage.png)


Q answered that in past.


That said, Trust & Think for Yourself.

Do what makes sense, and don't waste resources.

We prepare do to possibility of natural disasters.

cea9cd  No.5925864


I swear sometimes I read news and think, “I knew that months ago” but forget that’s it’s another Q proof.

72bb0b  No.5925865

Surely if the dems want cover to escape justice they find someone with a submarine, like the Argentinians, load their sub with the right yield weapon, detonate at the right place to destabilise the Canary Island with the underwater landslide waiting to go, multi-day news coverage as the entire Eastern Seaboard of the US is underwater.

Operation Kraken.

651cbd  No.5925866

Q-Digging on MAGA Coalition shows obvious fraud. Also those associated are non-stop attacking and obviously coordinated. Why would a PAC attack us? This in itself shows its FAKE. This PAC also engages known shills/frauds. Do we still dig? Many reported to the IRS.

c87acc  No.5925867

File: a9d41ed51c0d14a⋯.jpg (98.82 KB, 900x675, 4:3, d3e771fad3091275cd4d42f421….jpg)

File: 36fdbd851574c6d⋯.png (239.03 KB, 683x313, 683:313, 007616272c312c130de55e4e25….png)

File: c7ead545092d614⋯.jpg (634.15 KB, 1018x981, 1018:981, 89f2964a1c5bb789f29cbe9531….jpg)

File: 509c6b29dd966db⋯.png (11.89 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 805d709614f344a2213c5812fa….png)

File: dbab3352457e513⋯.jpeg (61.02 KB, 405x391, 405:391, dbab3352457e51322c983cd74….jpeg)

fd978d  No.5925868




GOOG (upcoming) financial statements should receive extra scrutiny [10-Q].

Follow the money.

Help will be provided.


first quarter ends soon..are we to expect some juicy GOOG financial statements?

405a47  No.5925869




Pick both. The line all too often gets blurred.

308c69  No.5925871


Yep. Just be totally truthful.

9f7fa5  No.5925872

f2ac44  No.5925874


How many years until this "lifted thing" happens ?

b7f47b  No.5925875

File: 7fbc00f4500bda3⋯.png (262.7 KB, 887x564, 887:564, Iowa.png)

No idea what this presser is about, just posting to keep an eye on.

Recently from Iowa:

Historic flooding this month has destroyed more than 1,200 Iowa homes and damaged more than 23,500 others, according to preliminary estimates by Gov. Kim Reynolds' office.

There have been more than 200 candidate appearances so far this year. There were about 90 during the same time frame in the leadup to the 2012 and 2016 caucuses.

7d333f  No.5925876


if and that's a big IF true… they have an active threat of a dirty bomb/bio/chem and don't know where it is or where it will strike… eyes peeled anons

a7fffb  No.5925877


This is DEFINITLY notable!


617368  No.5925878

>>5925479 (lb)


Godspeed anon ty

cea9cd  No.5925879


Great optics in that photo

a93d42  No.5925880

File: e694668f6cfcaa2⋯.gif (361.32 KB, 360x240, 3:2, PANIC.gif)



020c61  No.5925881

File: 08b66ee4ac40357⋯.jpeg (341.96 KB, 1116x1286, 558:643, 83B905E0-FDDE-4927-BC6C-1….jpeg)

File: 2a164740da5a79b⋯.jpeg (299.7 KB, 1125x1667, 1125:1667, B1AF5C29-9BCA-4CC7-9E71-2….jpeg)


BREAKING: Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman faints in court after judge seems to suggest that Michael Avenatti was secretly representing her, trying to negotiate deal with US attorney’s office in NXIVM case. An ambulance has been called.


b4703e  No.5925882


There's much moar than meets the eye when it comes to maryjane.

Unlocks pathways in the brain.




Rich people and those in power think they're god is why.

I know the reason weed was prohibited to begin with. William Randolph Hearst.

ef4b96  No.5925883




Doug S. Beidler was one of the field supervisors at the FBI office in Las Vegas during the Mandalay Bay shooting…He’s in the same position in Chicago now,

850f3d  No.5925884

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f94cf7  No.5925885


may the pepe be strong with you my good sir

49e02a  No.5925886

File: 59e254dc44a5422⋯.jpeg (106.51 KB, 659x570, 659:570, 3F4240CC-1F5D-4DF2-9B17-0….jpeg)


existential crises is part, anon

>we choose life

<(((they))) choose death

dfeb2c  No.5925887

File: 9486f8b97b68722⋯.jpeg (152.69 KB, 1410x711, 470:237, 1523749259.jpeg)

4b619f  No.5925888

c59c79  No.5925889


*List of notable accomplishments

Got two (you)'s from Q in my 17 month Tenure on 4chan/8chan.

Sniped the bread 5 times as baker

Never concernfagged.

b384df  No.5925890


oh look its Fagfag

f888b3  No.5925891

I do love the POTUS, watching the moh ceremony. Coming from a german anon. So sad to see what’s called germany these days…

020c61  No.5925892

File: 9f2e30bdf039f1e⋯.gif (377.32 KB, 387x301, 9:7, 788A8174-2F84-4407-9007-93….gif)

9f7fa5  No.5925893

File: b6fc97972086c0a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1002x1834, 501:917, ClipboardImage.png)



Most current article I could find from Vice

5626cc  No.5925894


NOTABLE AS HELL and what in the actual FUCK

a7fffb  No.5925895


there are definitly shill bakers.

almost every night bread.

some just not take important digs, some shill muh jew.

16b9b7  No.5925896

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/b2yOQRwT7Mw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

186d6d  No.5925897


Wait, is this satire or legit?

78b876  No.5925898


Lurve it. Kek.

dfeb2c  No.5925899

File: 65812ecff8d4b62⋯.jpeg (124.05 KB, 1080x1091, 1080:1091, 1553704852.jpeg)

656299  No.5925900

File: 77769cb008a28e7⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 500x363, 500:363, Bronfman.gif)



6819bc  No.5925901

File: 2e003471c827cea⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 453x444, 151:148, image.jpg)


Q, can EU anons apply as well or would they be considered "foreign agents" or something and get into trouble in their own countries?

Autists wouldn't want to break any laws. Wondering if posting and/or digging on this board could get EU anons into trouble in their countries?

BTW, This anon assumes that Q team knows who are posting here (no need to confirm or deny)

Concernfagging about the other "parties" that are lurQing here. Could you say something about the anons (US and non-US) safety here Q?

EU is NOT free. US anons, please do your best to Make sure your country never EVER becomes a "socialist" (read: FASCIST) country.

19564a  No.5925902

File: 0927420041bf8b8⋯.png (53.23 KB, 951x650, 951:650, ClipboardImage.png)

Judicial Watch Sues for Records of Communication Between James Clapper, John Brennan and CNN

Dossier-Related Communications Between Clapper and ex-CIA Director John Brennan also Sought

(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch announced today it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) seeking records of communications between former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and CNN around the time the Clinton-Democrat National Committee Trump dossier was being pitched to key media outlets.

A House report detailed that Clapper leaked information regarding the dossier to CNN in January 2017. The former ODNI chief signed on as an analyst for CNN in August 2017.

Judicial Watch is also seeking records of communications between Clapper and Obama CIA Director John Brennan regarding the dossier , which was authored by former British spy and FBI payee Christopher Steele.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (Judicial Watch v. Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Central Intelligence Agency (No. 1:19-cv-00776)) after the agencies failed to respond to an April 23, 2018 FOIA request seeking:

All records of communication, including emails (whether on .gov or non-.gov email accounts), text messages and instant chats, between officials in the office of the Director of National Intelligence, including but not limited to James Clapper, and employees, representatives and contractors of CNN.

The time frame for the records request is May 2016 through May 2017.

All records of communications between the office of the Director of Central Intelligence and representatives of CNN; DCI John Brennan and DNI James Clapper regarding the collection of memos known as the “Steele Dossier:” and between DCI John Brennan and DNI James Clapper regarding CNN.

All records of communication, including emails (whether on .gov or non-.gov email accounts), text messages and instant chats, between officials in the office of the Director of Central Intelligence, including but not limited to DCI John Brennan, and employees, representatives and contractors of CNN. The time frame for the requested records is May 2016 through May 2017.

All records of communication, including emails (whether on .gov or non-.gov email accounts), text messages and instant chats, between DCI John Brennan and DNI James Clapper regarding the collection of memos known as the “Steele Dossier”. The time frame for records requested in this bullet item is May 2016 through January 2017.

All records of communication, including emails (whether on .gov or non-.gov email accounts), text messages and instant chats, between DCI John Brennan and DNI James Clapper regarding the news network CNN. The time frame for records requested in this bullet item is May 2016 through January 2017.


350e5e  No.5925903

File: 3e7bada363e9736⋯.jpg (170.73 KB, 1006x1344, 503:672, punisher.JPG)

ea7120  No.5925904

File: e1b00756bbb3f66⋯.jpeg (100.46 KB, 750x562, 375:281, 20A54B7A-6A88-46CE-A172-0….jpeg)

File: 03394397c9b08f7⋯.jpeg (101.84 KB, 750x562, 375:281, B85A6248-3D8B-41BB-8BAB-3….jpeg)

4aadc7  No.5925905


This has been known for several years through open source.

74e79f  No.5925906

File: c73aebc35af550c⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 933x933, 1:1, q-sent-me.jpg)


Q sent me

f4ed12  No.5925907

File: aa988222710f36d⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 255x255, 1:1, aa988222710f36d2086c3a8cee….jpg)

9e4014  No.5925908


hey faggot

do you read notables much?

405a47  No.5925909


Bit the false-tooth cyanide pill?

68a02f  No.5925910


Tell them you are a fag. That will break the ice.

d69fcb  No.5925911



bdd7a8  No.5925912


Immense if substantiated.

Amygdala over-drive, theatrics or getting mossaded?

3590a2  No.5925913

File: 85ea199d8afd9cc⋯.png (349.87 KB, 612x407, 612:407, 85ea199d8afd9cc6d5db27eb71….png)


Anyone can help tracking would appreciate help.

6ed4e2  No.5925914


Schiffty Schiff looks a little too confident. although, the tightness in his mouth. kind of says it all.

b1d3b6  No.5925915

File: 5d9e6c383b4e922⋯.jpg (405.2 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, atkins_HONOR.jpg)


5d02c2  No.5925916


if true this is notable

1fca1b  No.5925917

I can't vote or own a gun. Should I apply?

19564a  No.5925918

File: 11070936fbc9c4c⋯.png (59.17 KB, 732x809, 732:809, ClipboardImage.png)

Federal Court Shuts Down South Florida Tax Return Preparers


9c43ef  No.5925919

File: 0ec66ec000c6d51⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0ec66ec000c6d515518216cf52….jpg)

a7fffb  No.5925920


you know that anons see you shilling.

you know that only gets more eyes on the notable after all.

632c28  No.5925921

File: 495d09bd69b1e39⋯.jpg (21 KB, 434x579, 434:579, bradparscale.jpg)


49? wow. they will know your lying.

sincerely, WORLD RECORD HOLDER of 7





tell em the farmer sent ya.

cea9cd  No.5925922


TY, Anon

f3060b  No.5925923

A Beautiful Mind

2065d0  No.5925924


an ambulance

throw some WATER ON HER and stand her the fuck back up

5d02c2  No.5925925


baked noodle?

4aadc7  No.5925926


ffs this has been open source for years. Weak Q proofs lately.

8e6698  No.5925927



This is already done, so why? It was all a lie? Huber & OIG? WTF…

bfe287  No.5925928


Well, here’s my arguement.

I DON’T want to be some globohomo tryhard clown or Alphabet schlep looking to boss my fam around.

I want work toward what JFK wanted to do, to the very last fragment.

Whatever that agency most likely doesn’t have a name, if hey are smart.

Those guys? My niggas.

Screw the paycheck, too. I’ll intern. Just give me cover, some decent fiber and some like minded co-workers.

656299  No.5925929

File: d754a07e6f8f5e1⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 910x734, 455:367, Voter fraud.JPG)

Sign the petition Anons

bdd7a8  No.5925930


I imagine that you'd have to become an American Citizen first, before being able to apply, if that is even possible for ex-non-American citizens.

301b6f  No.5925931


So awesome!! I will be praying for a great interview. Keep us posted!

680004  No.5925932

Obama will be in Sevilla, Spain, next week, 2. - 3. of abril, as speaker at the WTTC


Another guest is the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta; maybe he will geht his new pass directly ?

Will Michelle be with him ? She has dates in Europe some days later

40cc2e  No.5925933


Charges against low-tier Jussie got dropped.

How do you think anybody else is going to be handled?

f4ed12  No.5925934


string question

News Unlocks or Future Proves Past

2b66a9  No.5925935


wat u need anon , just skimmed the bread so far .

d69fcb  No.5925936


You are shilling with your buddie to get notables over and over again

c9453e  No.5925937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Last week with the vote re: border security and the national emergency, the corrupt in Congress once again sold out the American people.

I am a DACA and I have made a video exposing how broken/corrupt the immigration system is. In the video I also expose a sharia law Muslim group already well established in America. The video is 40 minutes long. The expose of the Sharia law Muslim group starts at 25:39.

If I fall, know that it has been an honor to serve with you Anons. I have given Q what they need for 2020.


I have made a Twitter account @FightForAmerica if you would like to share my video on social media. WWG1WGA

0bda01  No.5925938


shut the fuck up faggot, gtfo already

no one values your bullshit

2da5ed  No.5925940


If they have any intelligence you are sure to get the job. Prayers out.

cea9cd  No.5925941


Notable, indeed

020c61  No.5925942

File: 9a415193bdc769b⋯.jpeg (327.09 KB, 1125x1492, 1125:1492, A739C53D-9594-404D-B7E9-E….jpeg)

99bf2e  No.5925943


Griffiss AFB (Rome, NY) pretty much gone, here is what does remain:

Rome Research Site of the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

7bcc22  No.5925944

76c726  No.5925945

File: f416f43b8cccc18⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1093x1596, 1093:1596, 8A467B27-76AF-4EE9-AF24-A….jpeg)

File: d46153ba50ecfa9⋯.jpeg (910.28 KB, 1103x1809, 1103:1809, 16B1E91F-09C0-410E-9887-0….jpeg)

New pictures by POTUS on Instagram.

Did anyone know he meeting with Guaido’s wife?

Does she look familiar to you?

Something seems off about this.


49e02a  No.5925946

File: a7e1b561ef5b8e8⋯.jpeg (56.29 KB, 960x540, 16:9, autistic click bait.jpeg)

c59c79  No.5925947

File: a2269f97088e308⋯.jpg (223.56 KB, 1120x630, 16:9, oprah jail.jpg)

a7fffb  No.5925948


God bless!

9f7fa5  No.5925949

File: 7e4929331909764⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1545x1938, 515:646, ClipboardImage.png)


>Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman

Didn't find news on the fainting yet:


e791e6  No.5925950

File: 4dc360050cf90c5⋯.png (288.64 KB, 735x449, 735:449, 48DA1830-C3BA-44D1-8402-C5….png)


Much luv Mr. Woods.

You do you brother and what feels good to you fren.

Thin line between Cocky and Confidence anyway.

Sometimes I am of the opinion its a little harsh.

Like a mirror version of some Lefties is all I’m sayin.

6eae2b  No.5925951

File: e2c1416a969845d⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 620x465, 4:3, 2x3xx6[1].jpg)

7e4e37  No.5925953


Miss Lindsey is a drama queen or act is purely political kabuki

ddfed6  No.5925954


“Specific fields of expertise”


•The JQ


•revisionists history



•Global Jewry

•Mossad/Jidf shill spotter


•Talmudic Theology

•Dank memes

•Original pizzagate resurchur

•and moar

6ed4e2  No.5925955


WRWY Anon…

f4e8f7  No.5925956

Wish me luck fags,

In our diversity and sustainability pc worlds use of this word would be enough to be blacklisted forever and all assets confiscated. then sent to a re education camp until tortured to death.

16174c  No.5925957



Global Notable

notice to outside press visiting this board

308c69  No.5925958


Go for it, Devin!

632c28  No.5925959

File: eb1013f27d2f38e⋯.png (655.36 KB, 644x819, 92:117, now what.png)


good thing Qproofs.com is slap full,

and the WORLD is waking up to the fact that we have known this stuff for 2 years BECAUSE OF Q.

ultimate proof yet?

dbaf0f  No.5925960



5dd7dc  No.5925961

File: fc63cb59496f051⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DX327bc7dece32dx37cdb4revv….png)

4a517a  No.5925962

File: 8fe137fe54009cc⋯.jpg (614.15 KB, 1080x1755, 8:13, Screenshot_20190327-013024….jpg)

Theory: One day in Q op does not equal 24 hours

(see graphic)

We could still be in the [-21] timeline IF this theory is correct.

Clockfags, does this support research or offer new angle?

Q, if not in violation of opsec, is this accurate?

Final post. Back to lurking.

3ebf06  No.5925963

File: 86a8f65888611a9⋯.jpeg (8.49 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Q.jpeg)

You know, anons come in all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, and temperaments. It makes sense that Q would recruit the talent.

Others serve their country in ways that are equally Patriotic.

I did but not in armed services.

Have a son that is getting ready for USCG.

We all have our calling.

Those here (aside from shills) come together to serve as Anon journalist/decoders/diggers



fd978d  No.5925964


Alphabet Announces Date of First Quarter 2019 Financial Results Conference Call

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (March 18, 2019) – Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG, GOOGL) will hold its quarterly conference call to discuss first quarter 2019 financial results on Monday, April 29, at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time (4:30 p.m. Eastern Time).


90cd8e  No.5925965


HAZELTON — A 42-year-old man is in custody following the lengthy shutdown of Interstate 68, a West Virginia State Police spokesperson confirmed.

“As a result of the investigation based on a traffic stop that occurred earlier this morning, it had been discovered that threats were made to kill the President of the United States and to blow up the Pentagon. A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder. A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning. WVSP in conjunction with the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate. The interstate has been reopened.”

The man in custody has not been identified.

The three-and-a-half hour shutdown closed both lanes of I-68 starting about 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

By 11:30 a.m., West Virginia Department of Transportation crews had placed cones funneling all eastbound traffic off at Bruceton Mills, Exit 23.

From there motorists had the option of turning around and heading back toward Morgantown, or taking Route 26 north or south.

Traffic on I-68 west was detoured before crossing from Maryland into West Virginia.

The BFS gas station at the Bruceton Mills exit was a hub of activity, and hearsay, as detoured motorists trickled in, all with one question — “What’s going on?”

Adam Heiser, a truck driver from Oklahoma, was making his way from Louisville to Philadelphia when he ran into the unexpected detour.

“Man, this is crazy,” he said. “I’m just trying to get down the road here to the Love’s truck stop. I don’t know what’s going on that’s got this whole thing shut down like this, but I’d say somebody is in some trouble.”

There were a number of law enforcement agencies on the scene including the FBI. That agency was called in to assist by the WVSP, Catherine Policicchio, public affairs specialist, with the Pittsburgh Field Office, said.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms “lent their expertise” to the investigation, according to a rep from the agency. He referred additional inquiries back to the West Virginia State Police.

The interstate was re-opened about 2:30 p.m.

West Virginia State Police and the Preston County Sheriff’s Department responded, as did additional law enforcement agencies.

c0c7d0  No.5925966

File: f128eeff3a7a783⋯.jpg (155.29 KB, 650x650, 1:1, f437ba16f9d9d6a4f24dea19b4….jpg)

de0923  No.5925967


>The JQ

Instantly disqualified

34d967  No.5925968



ef4b96  No.5925969

File: 04f4f0f6d24fbe1⋯.png (39.87 KB, 1334x650, 667:325, DOUG BEIDLER 1.PNG)








539e2e  No.5925970

File: 5e1bba826bfd363⋯.png (983.92 KB, 729x895, 729:895, Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at ….png)


CreepyPornLawer alleged to have attempted secret deal with US Attorney's Office in NXIVM!


19564a  No.5925971

Kim Foxx Never ‘Formally’ Recused Herself from Jussie Smollett Case

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx never “formally” recused herself from the Jussie Smollett case ― contrary to the Chicago prosecutor’s public announcement that she had done so ― a spokesperson for the prosecutor confirms.

In a statement Wednesday, Cook County State’s Attorney spox Kiera Ellis said Foxx “did not formally recuse herself or the [State’s Attorney] Office based on any actual conflict of interest. As a result, she did not have to seek the appointment of a special prosecutor.”

According to Ellis, Foxx’s announcement that she had recused herself “was a colloquial use of the term rather than in its legal sense.”

“Instead, in an abundance of caution, Fox informally separated herself from the decision-making over the case and left it to her Assistants, as happens in 99.9% of all cases handled by the Office,” the spokesperson added.

Prosecutors abruptly dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett on Tuesday after the Empire actor accused of faking a racist, anti-gay attack on himself agreed to let the city keep his $10,000 in bail. However, he maintained his innocence and insisted he was attacked.

Records show Cook County’s top prosecutor asked Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to let the FBI investigate the alleged attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett before the actor was charged with lying to authorities.

Email and text messages given to the Chicago Sun-Times by Foxx show she made the effort after former first lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff Tina Tchen contacted Foxx to set up a telephone conversation with a Smollett relative.

According to the USA Today, Foxx told the former Michelle Obama aide that she “convinced” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to request the FBI “take over” the investigation. In a text message to a Smollett family member, Foxx confirmed that she had made the request. “Spoke to the superintendent earlier, he made the ask,” wrote Foxx. “Trying to figure out logistics. I’ll keep you posted.”

The ensuing conversations were cited by Foxx in recusing herself from Smollett’s prosecution.

Foxx told the Sun-Times the relative expressed concerns over leaked information that media outlets attributed to “police sources.”

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the FBI was involved from the start but there was never talk of turning the case over.

As Breitbart News reported Tuesday, progressive billionaire mega-donor George Soros donated $408,000 in 2016 to a super PAC which supported Foxx.

Smollett is accused of lying to the police about a racist and homophobic attack on himself in downtown Chicago on January 29th. The actor told police he was assaulted by two masked individuals, who hurled racist and homophobic insults at him. He said his attackers doused him with an unknown chemical substance, place a thin rope around his neck, and shouted “This is MAGA country!” before fleeing. Police charge Smollett paid $3,500 to the two men, both of whom are black.

The men were brothers Abimbola “Abel” and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo, and one of them had worked on Empire. An attorney for them, Gloria Schmidt, has said the brothers agreed to help Smollett because of their friendship with him and the sense that he was helping their careers.


00ef08  No.5925972


May God Bless all those unsung heroes that have served this Great Nation! May God Bless POTUS, Q, and Q-Team Patriots. May God also Bless and Protect all our PATRIOTS IN CONTROL! And, lastly, may God Bless all our Anon Patriots here on 8ch doing their best to serve.

cea9cd  No.5925973


She looks 14

ce405e  No.5925974

File: 7c9ef9b2a773ed2⋯.jpg (274.15 KB, 641x960, 641:960, elf.jpg)

74e79f  No.5925975

File: ae7d19a8c8bdc13⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 309x595, 309:595, pepe-popcorn.jpg)

e79df8  No.5925976

File: d51ab213bd2aaa8⋯.jpg (83.09 KB, 474x589, 474:589, IMG_1760.JPG)

c87acc  No.5925977

File: 0153166840a8259⋯.jpg (194.7 KB, 903x516, 7:4, 0153166840a8259d99fdd166e2….jpg)

211a4a  No.5925978

File: 7a81164b40f4abb⋯.jpeg (184.19 KB, 846x728, 423:364, 28C9F7FE-CD58-496B-B4D3-5….jpeg)

862fd5  No.5925979



Q is sliding the bread

But good to know he/she/they are here

d49af2  No.5925980


>>5925918 Federal Court shuts down South Florida tax return preparers.

>>5925902 Judicial Watch sues for records of communication between James Clapper, John Brennan and CNN.

>>5925881, >>5925942 Clare Bronfman faints in court after judge seems to suggest that Michael Avenatti was secretly representing her.

>>5925860 Chicago Police Department's complete investigative file of Jussie Smollett case.

>>5925856 Devin Nunes Sending Criminal Referral to DOJ over Spygate.

>>5925799 Q Proof: Tax payers funding GS operations.

>>5925665, >>5925839 More aircraft search patterns over several areas around DC, Hagerstown.

>>5925650 POTUS live: Medal of Honor ceremony. o7

>>5925637 I-68 shutdown was result of threat to kill President Trump, blow up Pentagon.

dfeb2c  No.5925981

bdd7a8  No.5925982


>baked noodle?

I would put that under the "mossaded with energy and/or sonic" category.

d69fcb  No.5925983

>>5925915 Staff Sgt Travis W. Atkins - MEDAL OF HONOR


186d6d  No.5925984


Holy shit, this is awesome. The hits just keep on coming

3590a2  No.5925985


Multiple civvy planes flying search patterns around DC Hagerstown etc see ^^^^^

d82645  No.5925986



Bronfman has been wheeled on a stretcher by paramedics and…into a conference room.

Bronfman remains in a conference room after being treated by paramedics. She’s conscious.

Bronfman’s “faint” happened after a prolonged sidebar, which was called after the judge asked her “did she retain Mr. Avenatti to represent her in this case? Yes or no?”

Avenatti has never entered a notice of appearance in this case. Yet Mark Geragos has.

f7bad8  No.5925987



63a50f  No.5925988


Trump going to Troll the press, That could be epic.

b1d3b6  No.5925989

8e7471  No.5925990

File: 2b8f47e9d87f257⋯.png (56.8 KB, 955x880, 191:176, Screenshot_2019-03-27 NIKE….png)

Was doing a dig about kyrie irving and nike kyrie 5 and then this.

6eae2b  No.5925991

File: c5e9cdb0d639e81⋯.jpg (78.96 KB, 500x727, 500:727, 2x3y0t[1].jpg)

020c61  No.5925992


She’s tweeting from the courthouse.

c0c7d0  No.5925993

File: 86bb9e5cac422c0⋯.jpg (185.83 KB, 1112x542, 556:271, RussiaCollusionFailed (1).jpg)

da6656  No.5925994


Aaaand am I DQ’d if I think it’s disinfo Jr is ded? Please Reference decodes at /truthlegion

Either way quite a ride and I am honored to be a part.

923587  No.5925995

So, I am running down a bit of a rabbit hole. Someone put operatives inside of President Trump's campaign. To this, we have to look at who brought Page onboard. That was Manafort, as I understand.

This leads to where Manafort came from, as well as Manafort's ties. For this, I am going to rely on "competitor" research. Not everyone who thought Trump was compromised by Russia was a deep state operative. Plenty on the left were, effectively, building the case for collusion not understanding it was an entrapment scenario.


>> There's a long history that Manafort has with Trump, but it's not a close or tight history. Manafort's firm had done some work for Donald Trump because his partner Roger Stone had a close, personal relationship with Donald Trump that extended back decades. Manafort had a pied-a-terre in Trump Tower, so he would occasionally run into Trump and make small talk with him.

Roger Stone

>> And the source of his money was coming from Ukrainian oligarchs who couldn't really trace the source of their own money through - in legitimate sorts of ways. So the money would flow to him to these tax havens, and it would sit there. And he would bring it back to the United States through loopholes in the law. So he would be able to move that money back in the United States in order to buy suits or to buy rugs when he was able to find dealers who would be cooperative with him.

>> But in 2014, after the revolution in Ukraine, the FBI started to scrutinize money that was coming in through Ukrainian oligarchs, and it started to scrutinize Paul Manafort's own money. And he was interviewed by the FBI in the summer of 2014. Now, I don't think it's a coincidence that right after that interview, he stopped transferring money from Cyprus back to the United States because he was worried about accessing that money and worried about what it might mean for him in terms of legal jeopardy. And so his finances, which once came through this incredibly intricate system that he built up, were suddenly imperiled. He couldn't access all that money that he had abroad.


>>And so the question really hovering over Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates is, will one of them somehow flip? Will they turn state's witness in order to provide information that could help capture some sort of larger trophy for Robert Mueller?

>>GROSS: Well, there have been - there has been speculation that Rick Gates himself, Manafort's former business partner, is going to flip.

>>FOER: Right. And you have to say, somebody like Rick Gates is extremely vulnerable, that the case against him - on paper, at least - seems very strong. He is not a guy who has deep resources, and if he's imperiled, he's going to want to try to save himself. And so it would make eminent sense for Robert Mueller to pursue a strategy like that.


Then we get to this interesting tidbit:


>> However, Deripaska has arranged to have the children and ex-wife of his business partner Abramovich to live in the sprawling New York property, The Post has learned.

>>The Chelsea owner, 51, recently transferred £71million worth of property to his ex-wife, Dasha Zhukova, 37,  a magazine editor who listed her current address as 11 East 64th St., according to property records.

>>One of Zhukova’s good friends is senior adviser to the US President Ivanka Trump. The two are so close that Zhukova and Abramovich often travelled and socialised with Trump and her husband, presidential son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner.

The problem is that Manafort was taken off of the campaign after some publications. Someone, also, was likely to have internally recommended Manafort. It makes sense that Depariska would be looking to leverage what he could to get sanctions relaxed. Manafort is the obvious choice to be a vehicle. …. But then why would he sabotage the campaign in this sequence?

Manafort was, himself being set up, and Depariska was just doing what he do when he do what he do.

ea98ad  No.5925996

>>5925891 It's impossible that an attorney could "secretly" represent a defendant, amirite familam? The attorney executes an agreement with the person represented spelling out compensation, scope of employment, etc. The attorney files a Notice of Appearance with the court declaring their representation. I don't see how there could be "secret" representation unless somebody is doing something completely illegal that's off the court docket.

Oh wait! Would Avenatti do something illegal?

7e4e37  No.5925997



6d4394  No.5925998


Trump went there early on

c098fc  No.5925999

File: 3c51c1f5c7b9d9b⋯.jpg (104.5 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, (((tango)))down.jpg)

File: cd89cb583a5b9ca⋯.png (384.39 KB, 1223x603, 1223:603, (((shill)))tactics.png)


instantly qualified as far as what I see in DC.

FUCK OFF, (((jewish shill))).

ddfed6  No.5926000

File: c24822bb8b409a0⋯.jpeg (72.42 KB, 502x377, 502:377, 98D0AC13-16AC-4A70-82A3-5….jpeg)


Intel agents call it new babylon for a reason.

(((Babylonian Pharisees)))

bcf767  No.5926001

File: 01812f2dc754790⋯.jpg (76.59 KB, 960x766, 480:383, tastetherainbow.jpg)

dfeb2c  No.5926002

File: f094d09be22cea4⋯.jpeg (320.59 KB, 1440x912, 30:19, 1547662771.jpeg)

2b66a9  No.5926003



ef145d  No.5926004

File: ede585ee445457b⋯.png (151.1 KB, 291x362, 291:362, shari_redstone.png)

6eae2b  No.5926005

The MUH DICK guy will be the first to get a job

1fca1b  No.5926006


Best news of the day!

e4a1b9  No.5926007


Tough part is that the human collective has an impact on the grid as a whole. Why does the eyedea of Satan exist? Loosh plays a part, hence the war, destruction, SRA. Imagine the frequency of Human offput if everyone understood what this board understands. Dark to LIGHT. The work done here is a middleman b/t Trump & LIGHT. Once our focus shifts more to the Light, we’ll truly lift up our species from this electric matrix. Trump helps us, we help Trump. He can’t fail, he won’t fail… why? God wins. We win. Enki reclaims glory. Deep down we know why we’re here, and who put us here. Turns out the sme dude is getting us out.

bfe287  No.5926008


You are exactly what I’d hire.


99bf2e  No.5926009


Damn, that the new Zelda? Link ain't going to be able to put his sword down!

e2a0f9  No.5926010

(lb) >>5924954


70043f  No.5926011


Is Comey whitehat?


9c43ef  No.5926012

File: 716e27df6d6b941⋯.png (740.72 KB, 880x582, 440:291, cdf026a79d95d05a5127aa2a36….png)

de0923  No.5926013


I was joking lad, lmao holy shit

I'm with you, the whole world needs to awake to the JQ

03713e  No.5926014



Thank you, anons… you know just what I like.

0bda01  No.5926015




stfu and gtfo

6eae2b  No.5926016



b1d3b6  No.5926017

File: 1a59ee2468a0ad0⋯.jpg (815.45 KB, 1440x2047, 1440:2047, Screenshot_20190327-163531….jpg)

File: 8582008456040b5⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 1052x10408, 263:2602, 20190327_163719.jpg)

And it begins…


92addd  No.5926018



25492c  No.5926019

New Zealand = New Z Land = New Zionist Land

917d61  No.5926020


Quite a step up from your previous work!


49e02a  No.5926021

File: 3bb2bc2f3547c15⋯.png (597.08 KB, 1577x956, 1577:956, matrix patents.png)

File: f0fb26b59f236f3⋯.png (854.06 KB, 1446x1139, 1446:1139, matrix tech - interesting ….png)

File: 5562c630504b691⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1588x1130, 794:565, matrix tech.png)

020c61  No.5926022

File: ab4a5aaa345bc15⋯.jpeg (114.76 KB, 436x310, 218:155, 1622EDAA-3BD2-40BE-96DF-2….jpeg)


It’s about time the previews are over. HAHAHAHAA!!!

c5d2c0  No.5926023

File: 4dd91ff15a84395⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 576x576, 1:1, MEME 121.jpg)

123f4b  No.5926024

File: 054744461f1f5d0⋯.jpg (123.97 KB, 474x608, 237:304, Themis_BlindJustice.jpg)



It's coming. Swiftly!

3590a2  No.5926025


Can you take Hagerstown & Northwards.

I'll cover DC & Southwards.

a3a38b  No.5926026


Sierra Nevada Corporation is in Hagerstown. This Landcare company flys airborne sensor platforms and SNC works on a lot of those type of aircraft. Probably testing.

f888b3  No.5926027


Thank you anon. WWG1WGA

bdd7a8  No.5926028


Are you implying that the US will keep being a colony of Israel?

Its not going to last :)

6ed4e2  No.5926029


Wow…. delicious.

6eae2b  No.5926030





c59c79  No.5926031


Depends if he can post Bond or not

b4721c  No.5926032


You so shilly….this wasn't last week…..or even the week before that…..GET OUT DACA KID

656299  No.5926033

File: 609cf09f4387a9c⋯.jpg (39.07 KB, 897x339, 299:113, Kek.JPG)


12c56c  No.5926034


You can just “faint” to get out of answering a question in court? Who knew…

4ec832  No.5926036


No one even talks like this. Obvious idiot paid poster/shill.

34d967  No.5926037


Hopefully we will start getting dividends since we the people fund Darpa and they developed it. None of these people should be billionaires. NONE

8e7471  No.5926038



>>5925990 (me)

something something Avenatti Nike something Site Down

19564a  No.5926039

File: ebe880e89e80e46⋯.png (117.13 KB, 608x854, 304:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3c9a65250f29e13⋯.png (39.58 KB, 604x287, 604:287, ClipboardImage.png)

O’Rourke says special relationship with Israel goes against US values of equality and dignity

On Wednesday night, Beto O’Rourke spoke at the University of New Hampshire and said that Palestinian conditions don’t meet American values of “fundamental human rights and human dignity” and that the relationship with Israel is hurting America’s image in the world.

Asked if he would condemn Israeli, Saudi and Turkish human rights violation, O’Rourke said:

These truths that we hold so dear — that we are all created equal– “all of us” needs to mean, “All of us,” not relationships of convenience for short term security gains but relationships that allow us to continue to be the example for so much of the rest of the world. And we cannot be that if we do not believe in the fundamental human rights and human dignity and safety of our fellow human beings regardless of what side of the line they may stand or sit on.

The only way that I know that we can help to secure that in the Middle East specifically with the Palestinian Authority and Israel is to have two states whose people are guaranteed their security, their safety, their dignity and their political rights. Right now of course we do not have that.

O’Rourke was responding to a Palestinian-American woman. “As an American who stands for the ideals that this country was supposedly built on, dignity justice and equality, I really want those ideals to be seen in Israel and Palestine for both Palestinians and Israelis,” she said, and then went on to ask O’Rourke if he would “hold Israel accountable for its human rights and international law violations,” as well as Turkey and Saudi Arabia too. She was cheered by the crowed.


Seeing a pattern with this stuff, politician says a bunch of stuff your totally opposed to then attacks the Israel lobby, this is by design IMO to create confusion chaos and paint Israel as a victim. Always ask who benefits?

5acdea  No.5926040

File: 29f86f439cb633a⋯.jpg (162.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 29f86f439cb633aebd3972b62a….jpg)

File: f3a320203aff62d⋯.png (65.96 KB, 340x185, 68:37, 666jew.png)

File: 676c60618dcfd40⋯.jpeg (50.33 KB, 434x548, 217:274, 676c60618dcfd406d5d507b5b….jpeg)

File: 744d3de838e3085⋯.jpeg (471.21 KB, 1794x1058, 39:23, 744d3de838e3085835e8f7ea8….jpeg)

File: 32302597cae9089⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 600x840, 5:7, 32302597cae9089dda33388e5e….jpg)


>a given subject

you mean like


1aad7e  No.5926041


“Encoded messages”

Let me know when this bug gets out of your head. Ill wait.

Did i say they have the data in excel format?

You are welcome.

ef4b96  No.5926042





9f7fa5  No.5926044


>No, anon. That's not how you shake down an interviewee. What you do is print that screenshot, and save it for the last question, depending on how they do. Then also ask them why they like redheads so much, and watch them squirm.

We could conduct some great interviews together.

Setting up interview questions CIO and CTO couldn't even answer.

"It isn't about how they answer, it is how they handle themselves when unable to answer"

9e7e76  No.5926045

File: 70e7ed2e4dcad2f⋯.png (480.56 KB, 634x468, 317:234, ClipboardImage.png)

840aa3  No.5926046

>>5924784 (PB) Awesome. Good luck. For the Republic!

615c5d  No.5926047


Kek..popcorn anons?

68b149  No.5926048

File: 73afe043cf53c97⋯.png (985.41 KB, 894x894, 1:1, are we winning.png)


sliding bread or giving the ULTIMATE job recommendation in a time needed most?

pretty sure its just Q proving ONCE AGAIN that an AI is not capable of CRITICAL THINKING and COMPASSIONATE LOGIC…

pretty sure its just Q proving ONCE AGAIN that WE ARE WITH YOU

2b66a9  No.5926049

File: 684a99292485869⋯.jpg (106.55 KB, 1127x685, 1127:685, 6z6q4k-875jkeckwzkz.jpg)

99bf2e  No.5926050


Right? for the No-Name defense bill that financed all this!

7b2a32  No.5926051


Curtis A. Heide

That name sounds familiar

I’ve done so much digging and reading in past few weeks i can’t place it.

But it’s ringing my almonds

020c61  No.5926052

File: 062b39c6b564ea7⋯.png (343.54 KB, 498x483, 166:161, 8CEA962E-B516-47B3-A9CB-B3….png)


He’s a faggot.

8e8151  No.5926053



Any second-sauce confirmation?

25df41  No.5926054


Some organizations do not have good intentions.

Due diligence required.

We highlighted this particular organization as one example.





Follow the money.

Track donations vs. expenses.

Admin, fundraising, strategy & research, etc etc expenses highly inflated?

Monthly installment payments made to ‘names’ who can attract ‘more donations’? (the “wheel”)

How much ‘donated’ money was actually spent promoting MAGA / PRO_MAGA candidates (indirectly) vs. internal costs or ‘wheel’ costs?


When you offer ‘better’ goods and services for free there is no longer a need to ‘donate’ ‘purchase’ and/or ‘follow’ those who would use such platforms to enrich themselves. (hence the ‘attacks’)

Logical thinking always wins.

Attempts to ‘divide’ the movement draws LIGHT to their TRUE INTENTIONS.

This is about the survival of our Nation (our World) – not funding scams.


Keep your eye on the ball.


a51357  No.5926055

File: ac94e03ec570981⋯.jpg (51 KB, 608x1080, 76:135, Trump 2020 hat.jpg)

I just have to show off my newest Trump Hat. A gift from my family. Sorry camera quality sucks but, the hat is wonderful. I am so proud to wear it.

e79df8  No.5926056

File: f9eca9f5e1d9f9b⋯.jpg (48.26 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_1801.JPG)


Need a reference?

f9b696  No.5926057

File: 6b77853640c4707⋯.jpeg (664.53 KB, 1576x2098, 788:1049, 26465CCF-13F5-43B3-9A65-A….jpeg)

File: 0f382e6be5ee949⋯.jpeg (582.35 KB, 1874x1594, 937:797, 7C295FCE-00EC-4665-8F1F-5….jpeg)


Q, I will do it. I will answer the call Q!

I always do. You know me.

1074f9  No.5926058


Well he's probably legally dead.

4c6be6  No.5926059


Autist would know if they are suitable for the job and the toll it can have on them. It wasn't a call out to "anons"

00ef08  No.5926060

File: e0c0fe2102dd5a8⋯.jpg (271.71 KB, 1000x1879, 1000:1879, Stealth-Boimbers.jpg)

File: 88c95a9e547c83e⋯.jpg (491.3 KB, 1200x3000, 2:5, Lt-Robert-Mueller.jpg)

File: 8ed7bea162e22b7⋯.png (99.98 KB, 905x1440, 181:288, RR&Mueller.png)

File: f27576319ce4613⋯.gif (10.38 KB, 353x106, 353:106, Q2196.gif)


May God Bless Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller, PATRIOTS IN CONTROL.

90cd8e  No.5926061




I'm outta breath following this thing


49e02a  No.5926062

File: e31592730ea3d44⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 9F98B249-D88D-41CA-92D7-BF….gif)


>Tenure on 4chan


de0923  No.5926063


nah bud, was just a joke, thought it was obvious but I guess not.

anyways I hope you are right!

0d7449  No.5926064

File: b23ec1f656cff1d⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


"Not for a moment was it in vain," Smollett said. "I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. I would not be my mother's son if I was capable of one drop of what I was accused of."

f7bad8  No.5926065

This thread details the ASSASSINATION PLOT takedown in real time, he includes suspects names… you gotta see this


7d6383  No.5926067

>>5922962 pb



Anyone know what this is about? Comms of good guys? I researched it and no link to this coordinate.

f4ed12  No.5926068

File: 317df6a1884803c⋯.jpg (96.18 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DZZhrUZUMAA2BnW.jpg)

ef145d  No.5926069

File: 193245029dce151⋯.jpg (193.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wilcock.jpg)

File: d416b03e80ac349⋯.jpg (60.46 KB, 852x479, 852:479, buckleuptime.jpg)

File: f296391a24d0cdd⋯.jpg (62.55 KB, 480x248, 60:31, cts_post_2013-04_bad-servi….jpg)

0b3093  No.5926070

Q, I'm a genius at pattern recognition, but have smoked within the last few years, so I had to opt out. Any possibility that policy might change one day?

bcf767  No.5926071


next week

next week

next week


7d6383  No.5926072


I researched on Q Research board.

16174c  No.5926073

File: 56771666bde33d3⋯.jpg (8.59 KB, 199x253, 199:253, jcobsdreamwblake.jpg)

File: 8652e748b4c744b⋯.jpg (9.37 KB, 300x168, 25:14, stairwaytoheaven.jpg)

File: ec6b534ff3997bf⋯.png (700.75 KB, 960x720, 4:3, sleeper.png)

File: 2b3070f0ca69145⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 300x168, 25:14, electromagnet.jpg)


its all open for those with eyes to see and ears to hear

615c5d  No.5926075


Taking a break from doing our taxes..good timing Q

3444ea  No.5926076

File: 2dd5b0730fdbbdf⋯.jpeg (245.21 KB, 750x696, 125:116, 8696D4C8-E4C6-46F4-8564-A….jpeg)


BREAKING: Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman faints in court after judge seems to suggest that Michael Avenatti was secretly representing her, trying to negotiate deal with US attorney’s office in NXIVM case. An ambulance has been called.


76cace  No.5926077


You spammed this copypasta a few days ago. links go to a bogus website with bogus content.


c5d2c0  No.5926078

File: 37c656c0211206a⋯.jpg (90.94 KB, 720x666, 40:37, meme 119.jpg)

File: 4f17044c919bc3c⋯.jpg (49.57 KB, 576x368, 36:23, MEME 12.0jpg.jpg)

File: 3723e30fc78e278⋯.jpg (86.91 KB, 576x832, 9:13, meme 115.jpg)

File: b53fde309820aef⋯.jpg (91.29 KB, 576x576, 1:1, MEME 116.jpg)

File: 5ec205899f5429b⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 432x242, 216:121, meme 117.jpg)

99bf2e  No.5926079



Is she falling on the sword to prevent it going above her to Michelle and Kamala?

19564a  No.5926080

File: eefa6186f063919⋯.png (192.26 KB, 743x784, 743:784, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a9ea70bf4ab822c⋯.png (718.9 KB, 730x595, 146:119, ClipboardImage.png)

Let’s talk about food SHORTAGE: US grain bins collapse under catastrophic Iowa floods

After millions of dead calves in Nebraska, now thousands of tons of grain lost in Iowa! Flood waters are causing havoc in some mid-western states – Iowa; Illinois; Missouri; Kansas; South Dakota; Minnesota; and Nebraska – and have resulted in an estimated $3 billion in damages so far. The video below by Iowa resident Gracie Newman shows just a fraction of the losses that have been incurred as a result of the unprecedented flooding.


117876  No.5926081


I wish.

c284d3  No.5926082

File: 1fb30007de4213a⋯.jpg (31.97 KB, 385x289, 385:289, america.jpg)


Good afternoon Q. See you at the GR rally tomorrow. I'm hyped!!!

f8e2c6  No.5926083

File: f4917be719b0c7b⋯.jpeg (105.88 KB, 919x750, 919:750, Pepe trading.jpeg)

File: 0bfb8b83f4ad638⋯.png (20.28 KB, 291x357, 97:119, 032719 NAS Close.PNG)

File: 9b96e755b84dab0⋯.png (42.99 KB, 447x439, 447:439, 032719 US T note getting c….PNG)

File: 6538912af839581⋯.png (62.34 KB, 315x340, 63:68, 032719 Live gold.PNG)

File: 1804bbcd19dd757⋯.png (556.76 KB, 602x553, 86:79, gold leader.PNG)

Banks, Big Tech, & Bond Yields Tumble As Fed-Cred Collapses

US markets tumbled shortly after the ubiquitous opening ramp

but reversed the downswing at the EU close. Nasdaq was the laggard today… (Dow was ramped to unchanged but all markets faded into the close)

S&P battled with 2800 all day.

Banks and Big Tech were both lower on the day. With FANG stocks ugly.

Semis closed at 10-day lows.

If the yield curve is right, banks have a lot further to fall. See cap 3

Before we leave stock-land, let's take a peak at Brazil which topped 100,000 for the first time ever and has plunged over 7% since.

reasury yields continued to tumble (down 4-5bps across the curve today).

10Y tumbled to its lowest close since Dec 2017.

The Dollar rallied for the second day in a row but failed twice to break the 97.00 level.

Cable(British Pound) trod water around 1.32 for the 3rd day in a row until May resignation and BoJo flip-flop headlines sparked a late.

Some 'fiduciary' decided that 0945ET was the exactly right time to dump just under a billion dollars of paper gold rally.

But Gold futures found support at their 200DMA.

Silver broke below its 100DMA and found support at its 50DMA.

Finally, and burying the lead, after Moore's sycophantic op-ed, the market is now pricing in over 40bps of Fed rate-cuts in 2019 - dramatically more dovish than The ECB.





bdd7a8  No.5926084


Kek, he will be ordered to "tactically interrogate" people that are strapped to chair with eye-lid forced openers and a infinite bread where he is the only poster.

70043f  No.5926085


Is Gorka plant?

c39e7c  No.5926086

File: 84d4fd25d39b951⋯.png (717.82 KB, 661x538, 661:538, do it.png)



035d1f  No.5926087

File: 072f96715b8aadb⋯.jpeg (207.79 KB, 640x694, 320:347, FD84AF59-C36A-4B49-9F9B-2….jpeg)

656299  No.5926088

File: f8452d4b6f2d549⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 181x255, 181:255, Pain is coming.jpg)



9c43ef  No.5926089

File: b84c1d3e632bf18⋯.png (606.43 KB, 1112x433, 1112:433, d89fe0af803c938b36f2e251fe….png)

f4ed12  No.5926090

File: 1e0c6ad97d8d63a⋯.jpg (90.38 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 1e0c6ad97d8d63a80ffe88ba25….jpg)

8c5f60  No.5926091


Double checked.

Looking good.


47d139  No.5926092


Who is interviewing her, and why?

6eae2b  No.5926093





fbd91a  No.5926094


Can find my way around servers, firewalls, networks, mostly anything IT (just throw me into the fire!), and come out successful.

I also do websites.

Any positions available for anons lacking the ability to decipher complex info-strings?

a93d42  No.5926095

File: 2b1249064026105⋯.jpg (7.06 KB, 255x187, 15:11, pepe_this.jpg)

fe1a22  No.5926096


cryptic words with

duplivert graphics

doesn't really cut it

as theology

c59c79  No.5926097


Q replying to newfags

911 Truth coming?

ef4b96  No.5926098



020c61  No.5926099

File: ec61dc56558d170⋯.jpeg (82.39 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 59E6FF80-DD3F-477F-AAB8-2….jpeg)

0fd656  No.5926100


>We highlighted this particular organization as one example.

Q is a group.

bdd7a8  No.5926101

File: d7648597f2dcf41⋯.png (78.11 KB, 1024x900, 256:225, 1508871005457.png)

c098fc  No.5926102


On target.

Are you folks keeping an eye on the 'random' attacks against our servicemen and LE especially in the west coast being ramped up?

4-6% won't go quietly.

615c5d  No.5926103


I want it

49e02a  No.5926104


<shill baker shill

where have I see you before? oh yeah…

ef145d  No.5926105

File: d361d28cc95810b⋯.mp4 (134.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, potusitshappening.mp4)

19564a  No.5926106

File: b9a7c34fc271a60⋯.png (375.47 KB, 728x579, 728:579, ClipboardImage.png)

Pompeo Requests $500 mln for ‘Regime Change’ in Venezuela – But the Twist Reveals more

WASHINGTON – The U.S has stated that it intends to spend up to five hundred million dollars to change the government in Venezuela, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said.

“The budget bill requests (from Congress) new moneys to support the democratic transformation in Venezuela, including the transfer of up to $ 500 million to accounts intended for foreign aid,” Pompeo communicated to Congress in a written testimony.

In addition, the Secretary of State said that the main priority of the budget of the United States is the fight against the “pernicious influence” of Russia in Venezuela.

Today Pompeo spoke at a meeting of the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives. He justified the budget request of the administration of Donald Trump for the next financial year.

However, there’s a twist here that may reveal something about how the U.S elites presently view the viability of regime-change policies in Venezuela.

The request in fact would require a cut in funding for related State Department programs by more than 20 percent to cover the cost, but Congress is unlikely to accept such a significant cost cut to other programs.

It appears that the U.S is backing off of public expenditures on measures which it deems unworkable.


5acdea  No.5926107

File: 1e308ac955eaaca⋯.jpg (111.14 KB, 900x506, 450:253, hexgram ball.jpg)



ecb22e  No.5926108

BEN GARRISON is doing a Reddit AMA today at 3pm Pacific.


We need anons to ask him to tweet/blog a request to meet the President. Solid Q proof if he does it.

7363f7  No.5926109

File: 9b02766901de671⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, EBFE3B38-F976-4FD9-AEB1-04….png)

123f4b  No.5926110

File: 0350f17985715c2⋯.jpg (479.74 KB, 5120x2160, 64:27, redhead-model-wallpaper-51….jpg)


Hehe.. Cheeky.

e8c885  No.5926111

File: c8833bb801b7278⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 600x325, 24:13, everyday.jpg)

9f7fa5  No.5926112



Just paraphrasing the many questions

0d7449  No.5926113

File: 5d93759e7644cd7⋯.png (634.64 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, escort.png)

92addd  No.5926114

File: 85ce7107efeddd0⋯.png (83.21 KB, 267x268, 267:268, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry my file did not work.

7b2a32  No.5926115


A car loaded to the brim with explosives wouldn’t take down the pentagon…

A bio or dirty bomb would

4862d7  No.5926116

3444ea  No.5926117

File: 83d8bfc8d01857e⋯.jpeg (429.33 KB, 746x1087, 746:1087, DF3A028C-E3AB-4A63-AE62-7….jpeg)

File: 910da670fdbf18f⋯.jpeg (209.83 KB, 750x708, 125:118, 8E5A31BB-B3E9-4A00-9DE6-7….jpeg)

edc61f  No.5926118


On it Q

bfe287  No.5926119



c59c79  No.5926120


People shouldn't be eating this much grain anyway.

90cd8e  No.5926121

File: 3d6183769456030⋯.jpg (124.34 KB, 701x1199, 701:1199, Hafiz.jpg)


Guy heard police spelling name HAFIZ on the scanner

c5b289  No.5926122


drop about hiring practices at the agencies.. we need them.. they can clean up any drug use PLEASE!!

4aadc7  No.5926123


Oldest trick in the book. The Judge will see right through that shit, and know he was over the target.

6ed4e2  No.5926124

File: ae4796b98d91128⋯.png (22.1 KB, 401x434, 401:434, the cure.PNG)


Q's own words my fren…. hang tight


656299  No.5926125


Replying to Anon who posted about Intelligence interview here earlier, and Q wished them luck. This person is responding to Lisa's retweet of it.

c5d2c0  No.5926126

File: a1febb0df0600aa⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 576x383, 576:383, MEME 124.jpg)

File: f92e0fe69301179⋯.jpg (111.44 KB, 504x608, 63:76, MEME 122.jpg)

File: daac9860eb504c5⋯.jpg (82.09 KB, 576x576, 1:1, MEME 123.jpg)

6eae2b  No.5926127



b6ece6  No.5926128


Very nice Anon.

a3af8d  No.5926129

File: dbb5e6b1bd7ad98⋯.png (326.17 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)


that doesn't stand witches up though

ff8ce5  No.5926130

File: 68d5fc943b09d42⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 1900x1398, 950:699, breaking_fake_news_by_shar….jpg)


I wish I had your courage Q and your capabilities.

70043f  No.5926131

Gorka was paid $40,000 by far-right group: Report

The MAGA Coalition, a political group whose founders are associated with promoting far-right conspiracy theories, paid former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka to advise the group, according to a new report.

Gorka’s company, the Threat Knowledge Group, was paid $40,000 by the MAGA Coalition last year after Gorka left his post at the White House. The payments came in $20,000 increments in September and October, according to the Daily Beast, citing Federal Election Commission records.

A former staff member from the MAGA Coalition promoted conspiracy theories including those related to the 2016 death of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer, and “Pizzagate,” a term used to describe the theory that Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats oversaw a child sex trafficking ring in the basement a D.C. pizzeria.

The MAGA Coalition told the Washington Examiner that the person who promoted the conspiracy theories is not affiliated with the group any longer and that those views do not represent those of the group.

Gorka is currently a Fox News contributor. He left the White House in August 2017.


5d02c2  No.5926132


plan Z

plaN Z


bbb81c  No.5926133

File: f2a8935c40e4e81⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1786x2144, 893:1072, farragut_f.jpg)


>This is about the survival of our Nation (our World) – not funding scams.


79b87d  No.5926134

File: 50b61f283e5c38c⋯.png (409.92 KB, 757x600, 757:600, PLUSULTRA PIN.png)



any comment ? Q

19564a  No.5926135

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?

BRIT HUME, HOST: It has been more than 16 years since a civilian working for the Navy was charged with passing secrets to Israel. Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit espionage and is serving a life sentence. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work.

Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11.

First Published: 12/12/01 FOX News. All 4 part of original series:

Reposted March 26, 2019


350e5e  No.5926136

File: 58bb8077319bcd9⋯.jpg (266.5 KB, 1330x1880, 133:188, jussie1.JPG)

0bda01  No.5926137


nothing that dumb fucking spammer posts is notable

eat shit kike

8e7471  No.5926138

File: 948bef397bc6b73⋯.jpg (148.07 KB, 945x1200, 63:80, kyriebox.jpg)

d5dae7  No.5926139

If youre going to sign up for the cia or nsa

Do the world a favor and fucking kill yourself

c284d3  No.5926140

File: 7590545c7d44fdf⋯.png (218.87 KB, 510x297, 170:99, ClipboardImage.png)

e975b2  No.5926141


Q, Treason May good or bad for BREXIT?

12c56c  No.5926142


He’s his mother’s daughter.

c59c79  No.5926143

File: 2024308a3f06989⋯.jpg (682.06 KB, 1539x2287, 1539:2287, obama book.jpg)


Truth coming soon?

c28756  No.5926144


Note: it looks more and more like hacks to get voter rolls (DHS) and supposed penetration testing without notice, along with the huge hacks in retail, equifax, experien, etc. plus social media are all connected. Using big data, they can determine who is ripe for ballot harvesting, absentee voter scams, or giving voter info to illegals, etc. I think this is what Eric Schmidt was developing for Dems per Wikileaks and 2500 employees, etc. Notice this happened when they started the push for auto voter registration, and licenses for illegals as well. It’s an all of the above voter fraud scheme.

a29ad2  No.5926145

-US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election-



'Lutsenko told me he was stunned when the ambassador “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.” The list included a founder of the AntAC group and two members of Parliament who vocally supported the group’s anti-corruption reform agenda, according to a source directly familiar with the meeting.

It turns out the group that Ukrainian law enforcement was probing was co-funded by the Obama administration and liberal mega-donor George Soros. And it was collaborating with the FBI agents investigating then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s business activities with pro-Russian figures in Ukraine.

The implied message to Ukraine’s prosecutors was clear: Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an America presidential election in which Soros was backing Hillary Clinton to succeed another Soros favorite, Barack Obama, Ukrainian officials said.

“We ran right into a buzzsaw and we got bloodied,” a senior Ukrainian official told me.'

cea9cd  No.5926146


MILLIONS of dead calves?

c098fc  No.5926147



islamist cells and muzslim pop in OH, IN, IL, and of course, canada.

Some of these fuckers are trying to set up shop in WV too.

These assets need immediate attention.

9c43ef  No.5926148

File: 66d1bab0f57e990⋯.jpg (370.56 KB, 1200x1210, 120:121, TonyCurtisJeffChandlerSamm….jpg)

Jeff Chandler in the middle. Others are Tony "psycho" Curtis and Sammy Davis Jr.

Three pedovore blades on the town.

1fca1b  No.5926149




186d6d  No.5926150


Quick, put Gorka on suicide watch

ea98ad  No.5926151

File: 32030ec7ff7566e⋯.jpg (151.17 KB, 1003x573, 1003:573, TrumpPutinBallCourt.jpg)


>Keep your eye on the ball.

Makes me think of this image

Trump-Putin Helsinki meeting

Soccer ball

99bf2e  No.5926152

File: 161b877fb5b4881⋯.jpeg (122.33 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, d79976c6dff09226afdfe8d99….jpeg)


KEK! Becuase it allows me 15hrs a day on infinity chan!

c9579b  No.5926153


Can we get a name to dig on the 42 yr old who plotted to kill POTUS today? Social media will scrub him before we can dig

328a05  No.5926154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fun Fact

Tina Tchen is childhood friends with Rahm Emmanuel's wife!

listen 9:05 to 9:25