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File: f29555dd6b5230f⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 255x143, 255:143, QResearchGeneral.jpg)

b35d82  No.4747656

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening

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Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 1.13.19

>>4740419 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH.

>>4739743 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator?

Friday 1.11.19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 1.7.19

>>4644164 rt >>4644100 ————————— First time in more than 25 years? Morning, Patriot.

>>4644084 ————————————–——– What a coincidence. (Cap: >>4644154)

>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 1.6.19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

>>4636767 ————————————–——– A stone sits idle. The choice is yours. (Caps: >>4637162 )

>>4635153 rt >>4616371 ————————— Handler (Conductor) (Caps: >>4635308, >>4635399 )

>>4634536 ————————————–——– Get in line.

>>4633937 ————————————–——–- Refusal to provide coverage of successes.

>>4630322 ————————————–——– Money buys POWER

>>4628679 ————————————–——– Anons knew? (Cap and Video: >>4628761)

>>4628579 ————————————–——– Germany losing stranglehold on EU?

>>4628060 ————————————–——– Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted

>>4627556 ————————————–——– [RBG] The clock is ticking

Saturday 1.5.19

Compiled here: >>4652145

Saturday 12.22.18

Compiled here: >>4628830

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

b35d82  No.4747662


are not endorsements


>>4727722 Graphic guide to posting on 8chan

>>4727758 Reminder for (((newfags))): this is a free speech board

>>4687795 If you don't like it here there are plenty of other places to get Q's drops

>>4680938 , >>4681274 POTUS: "Call Congress, ask your reps to fund wall". Numbers. Call.

>>4668020 , >>4668026 8bit/BO executes an anniversary tripcode check


>>4746949 Tulsi Gabbard Under Fire for Past Traditional Marriage Support

>>4746978 ZH: Powell may not know it yet, but the Fed is now trapped

>>4746984 Haberman back on POTUS's nuts

>>4747089 Q Clock Update for the night shift

>>4747168 Is GS dead? Anon's summary on tonight's twitter happenings

>>4747232 Anon reminds us that the Revolutionary War ended on January 14, 1784

>>4747017, >>4747033, >>4747257 Praying Medic had a fake crumb in one of his videos

>>4747275 Israeli Army Concludes Operation Northern Shield along Lebanon's border

>>4747403 @USArmy: Who thinks they know what the Joint Service Equipment Wipe is used for?

>>4747162 Pain @ 23 day shutdown? POTUS tweet "little remaining ISIS" matches "ISIS on LIFE SUPPORT" from Q post a year ago

>>4747428 Army timelines/milestones from @USArmy tweet

>>4747074, >>4747329, >>4747460, >>4747567 Bill Clinton spotted with what appears to be recent IV placement on his hand

>>4747574 Notorious celebrity faith healer John of God 'sold babies' to Australians

>>4747649 #6058


>>4746165, >>4746209 New POTUS tweets on Border Crisis


>>4746749 CDAN reveal on R. Kelly

>>4746758 Coincidence this came out today? NYT: A wave of violent daytime killings has Puerto Rico on edge

>>4746905 #6057


>>4745412 POTUS tweets delta - 23 min (PAIN?)

>>4745479 Amazon wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Bernie Madoff (from April 2018)

>>4745645, >>4745599, >>4745425, >>4745741, >>4745751 some dank Jeff Bozos memes

>>4745652 Bezos/DE Shaw/PayPal Mafia dig (2015)

>>4745827 China to reduce foreign investment curbs, tackle US trade dispute in 2019

>>4745882 POTUS deleted and reposted Pocahontas tweets [:44 delta]

>>4745663 Possible connection between @inthematrixx and Amazon Alexa clown fuckery. Notice the timing with POTUS tweets.

>>4745932 Houston Airport First To Close Terminal Over Shutdown-Driven TSA Worker Shortage

>>4745992 Another POTUS tweet trolling Pocahontas

>>4746109 #6056


>>4744616 Anon's theory on the timing of the plan (updated)

>>4744654 POTUS schedule Monday, January 14, 2019

>>4744670 Hedge-Fund-Backed Media Group Prepares Bid for USA Today Publisher Gannett Co.

>>4744673 CE: Survivor of elite child sex slavery discloses her escape and healing journey

>>4744706, >>4744804 PG&E CEO Geisha Williams exiting amid billions in fire costs

>>4744849 PG&E talking to banks on multibillion dollar bankruptcy financing

>>4744717 Trump threatens to ‘devastate Turkey economically’ if it attacks Kurds amid US withdrawal from Syria

>>4744743 Italy’s most-wanted fugitive caught after decades on the run

>>4744786 Anon theory: BOOM spacing points to dates

>>4744794 Panic in London?: Anti-Brexit MPs Plot Coup to Stop UK Making Clean Break from EU

>>4744796 Thousands of Los Angeles teachers plan to strike Monday

>>4744872 New POTUS tweet trolling Jeff Bozo

>>4744992 Haberman reveals National Enquirer for POTUS Tweet (call to dig)

>>4745194, >>4745258 New POTUS tweet trolling Pocahontas

>>4745252 PapaD tweet: The man who “started” the investigation, Joseph Mifsud, has been outed by his own lawyer as an FBI asset.

>>4745347 #6055

Previously Collected Notables

>>4743035 #6052, >>4743795 #6053, >>4744550 #6054

>>4740674 #6049, >>4741502 #6050, >>4742593 #6051

>>4738410 #6046, >>4739209 #6047, >>4740229 #6048

>>4736001 #6043, >>4736745 #6044, >>4737608 #6045

>>4733672 #6040, >>4734451 #6041, >>4735228 #6042

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694ab0  No.4747673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Freedom Day Feb 1st…

b35d82  No.4747675



b35d82  No.4747679


goddamnit anon

c157e6  No.4747693

File: 1992b02d7704ab5⋯.jpg (416.75 KB, 717x1012, 717:1012, 18554774143d31f4effacce507….jpg)

TY Baker

b35d82  No.4747704


Baker Requesting Handoff

thank you for a lovely day of baking, anons

d57e2b  No.4747712


thank you, baker

Handoff confirmed?

e7d408  No.4747714

File: c6f160f334b1048⋯.png (493.95 KB, 665x759, 665:759, DoD 1-13-19 9 01 pm PST.PNG)

File: 3edafbfa5bdc0a3⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1138x754, 569:377, DoD 1-13-19 9 01 pm PST ….PNG)

Training can be messy, and not just for the soldiers!


2ab900  No.4747718

File: 41be22895b4661a⋯.png (50.54 KB, 590x262, 295:131, 9283B330-1F27-4F14-9966-A7….png)


b35d82  No.4747720


Handoff confirmed

thanks baker, enjoy your shift

2ab900  No.4747722

File: 681aa1704ef19ce⋯.jpg (795.28 KB, 1440x1074, 240:179, IMG_5307.JPG)

Cycle of proteins

aecb9f  No.4747723

Uninformed and completely ignorant ideas about the Bible that are not supported by Scripture will be found below.

1a71b5  No.4747724

11:11 times up


c4fb6e  No.4747725


BO = Chassis

Bakers= Wheels

Q = Driver

Anons/Autists = Engine

Crumbs = Fuel

80ea92  No.4747726

File: 94f0f536d34dbd6⋯.png (1.14 MB, 892x491, 892:491, ClipboardImage.png)


b0edc1  No.4747728

File: 40616e58c479bcc⋯.jpg (3.74 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190113_150810.jpg)

Today was mauser day.. cleaned her up for some celebratory shootin tomorrow :)

d4376d  No.4747729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Notable time a National Emergency was mentioned in the news

Sudden Last Minute Immediate Ceremony & Swear in @ 14:27 video Sworn in Sept. 17th …Majestic 12 created days later.

Roswell crash 2 months eariler

The National Military Establishment came into existence on September 17, 1947, and James Forrestal was sworn in as its first Secretary of Defense on the same date. The next day, the United States Air Force achieved its independence. The three services were given primacy in their respective fields — the Army on land, the Navy on the sea, and the Air Force in the air — although the Navy retained an air arm and the Marines.

d57e2b  No.4747730


New Baker Confirmed

thanks again

2ab900  No.4747731

File: 5238485961516dd⋯.jpg (182.59 KB, 800x1214, 400:607, IMG_5321.JPG)

7dc661  No.4747732

File: 60f1c020f4b2411⋯.jpg (141.39 KB, 922x631, 922:631, 658938_039.jpg)

File: fd715c64fb5d329⋯.jpg (845.03 KB, 1902x1100, 951:550, nooseblack.jpg)

80ea92  No.4747733

File: c3e149772affdc8⋯.png (403.91 KB, 561x320, 561:320, ClipboardImage.png)

hockey niggers

2ab900  No.4747734


Maybe (you) should play with yourself instead of broadcasting all that vengeance like a closet pedo homo

70a8c9  No.4747735

File: a244ae6fd517cb8⋯.gif (1023.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 10AA267D-1D99-4840-AE04-7B….gif)

Justice is coming.

3e9f85  No.4747736

File: 1bb3acd652fe6b4⋯.png (67.75 KB, 655x538, 655:538, e56618208e00c9616ec3f03083….png)

File: a8b50007b61bb6f⋯.jpg (164.21 KB, 821x1024, 821:1024, 1546497486712m.jpg)

3cb311  No.4747737


Please politely fight about this so I can learn.

d3ef62  No.4747738


Freddy — exhaust?

6fa0c2  No.4747739

>>4747653 (previous bread) Here is a link to a lot of the information you are seeking. My mother lodge is in Massachusetts. https://massfreemasonry.org/

aecb9f  No.4747740


It's not nice to tell secrets so I probably shouldn't.

3e9f85  No.4747741


I want to run the f250 through that. It needs it.

80ea92  No.4747742

File: ac3a8a82025664f⋯.png (41.22 KB, 179x165, 179:165, ClipboardImage.png)

c55131  No.4747743


And he was Murdered May 22, 1949

2ab900  No.4747744

File: 71f215ef141443e⋯.jpg (173.94 KB, 800x1038, 400:519, IMG_4668.JPG)

File: 65946fa29aaba1a⋯.jpg (177.43 KB, 800x1038, 400:519, IMG_4685.JPG)

File: 959e4c5f7a17778⋯.jpg (346.8 KB, 992x1281, 992:1281, IMG_4793.JPG)

d525b9  No.4747745

I'm not a techie….How high are traffic hits on this website? Any anons estimate as to a headcount for this Q movement?

8ad864  No.4747747


"True pedos are able to be rehabilitated"???????

Where do you get your information from? Toys R US?

It is a mental and emotional way of thinking, most likely ingrained in them from a young age. They don't stop having their "desires". Wake up and smell the coffee.

de7668  No.4747748

File: fe7b2be85e7235d⋯.gif (580.4 KB, 350x210, 5:3, 133baf6c-2e05-4bd5-8788-3a….gif)




d4376d  No.4747749


hours before he was to be released to his brother

9313b6  No.4747750


You sound like a reporter.

b0edc1  No.4747751


I take it your not a historyfag?

d57e2b  No.4747752


shills would be the skidmarks

>Learn double meanings

1a71b5  No.4747753

yea, they did a shit post on me few breads back..counted 33 >>4747745

66efdb  No.4747755


The bible that was selected from a huge pool of texts by a group of Roman Church elders, translated from Aramaic to Greek then to Roman, then to English et al. The unadulterated word of God … that Bible do you mean?

103396  No.4747756

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt charmed stars at a celebrity screening of their movie, “Mary Poppins Returns,” by sweetly holding hands as they arrived at the event.Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt charmed stars at a celebrity screening of their movie, “Mary Poppins Returns,” by sweetly holding hands as they arrived at the event.

The pair joined VIPs including

Patricia Clarkson

Sam Mendes

Orlando Bloom

Martha Stewart

Michael Kors

Donna Karan

Coco Rocha

Huma Abedin

and Rufus Wainwright for the Cinema Society screening.


15871d  No.4747757


Im fucking ALL IN on that shit.

02429f  No.4747758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

64448b  No.4747759

File: 435f7ac16ff2a53⋯.png (1.01 MB, 780x680, 39:34, 435f7ac16ff2a531655962c3be….png)

File: 46ee1c9aacf32a1⋯.jpg (48.56 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)

File: 2ffc2bc5b4220b5⋯.png (192.01 KB, 500x434, 250:217, HITLER LIVES ON IN OUR MEM….png)

File: 83743570b38d7f5⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 255x198, 85:66, baker.jpg)


Thank you baker!

573d2a  No.4747760


6 million or so

2ab900  No.4747761

File: f8248796793c800⋯.jpg (91.57 KB, 640x920, 16:23, 7FFD42AA-3694-48B8-A9C9-C1….jpg)

File: 8d83d2b3e848568⋯.jpg (212.11 KB, 970x800, 97:80, IMG_5214.JPG)

File: cd1bd453d0b49d8⋯.png (345.39 KB, 780x585, 4:3, E46238D8-92FB-4CE6-AB62-02….png)

File: 86e35c2ce97aac3⋯.jpg (13.2 KB, 236x232, 59:58, 209F0801-14BB-4D27-B0FA-DA….jpg)

These damn feltchers make it so awkward

9313b6  No.4747762


I guess you missed my correction. I said not able to be rehabilited.

06149f  No.4747763

File: d23a1d494a1f96b⋯.jpg (25.72 KB, 350x238, 25:17, Dr. Hook.jpg)

d3ef62  No.4747764

ad0c43  No.4747765

File: 473fcf39af13861⋯.jpg (603.4 KB, 2048x1670, 1024:835, onewall.jpg)

Before I clock out…

A POTUS wall meme for Shills!


54b38e  No.4747766


pb it!

73564a  No.4747767

File: c6c3d038819ad64⋯.png (9.63 KB, 489x217, 489:217, safu.png)


You can't scare us. We're safe. Q has NSA-type capabilities and he knows who we are. No FEMA camps for us.

He knows who you are, too.

80ea92  No.4747768

File: 2298e844bd43880⋯.png (469.61 KB, 385x539, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)

62e798  No.4747769

File: 93d0a6dfd321deb⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 873x962, 873:962, 1.JPG)

File: a130885584c87ae⋯.jpg (128.5 KB, 772x702, 386:351, 3.JPG)

File: 24b6c3830f7e96a⋯.jpg (99.93 KB, 838x749, 838:749, 4.JPG)

File: 15c0fb3f64c3cc7⋯.jpg (96.2 KB, 569x854, 569:854, 5.JPG)

File: 8cf8e998e535cad⋯.jpg (120.43 KB, 1223x680, 1223:680, 6.JPG)

Plane crashes in the news today:

Authorities investigate deadly plane crash near Kingman


One dead following plane crash in McCook County


Pilot in Hadlock plane crash suffers only minor injuries after ‘classic pilot maneuver’


2 hurt in plane crash


6bd0e7  No.4747770

File: 58b2fe714299e64⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1193x1132, 1193:1132, 78952123450785749.png)

File: 3fa029d2e7cff29⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1973x896, 1973:896, 4741083210921730007.png)

File: 58b2fe714299e64⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1193x1132, 1193:1132, 78952123450785749.png)

367847  No.4747771

File: c1c05058c00329e⋯.jpg (9.99 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, thanksdoughboy.jpg)

01/20/19 - 01/21/19

Tu BiShvat begins at sundown on Sun, 20 January 2019


Super Wolf Blood Moon Coming Jan. 20, Epic Eclipse To Last Over 1 Hour 7:30PM.



New Board for Q




9 Jan 2018 - 1:06:15 AM

Good job migrating.

/qresearch/ confirmed.

Removed post to keep it less public.

BIG week.

This was needed.

Be ready.


I think this monday 0/14 is our big week and 01/21 is the day


also this

The Shot Heard Around the World




21 Jan 2018 - 1:28:00 PM





06149f  No.4747772


6 gorillion

b71690  No.4747773


Your talking on a slow afternoon

2ab900  No.4747774


Famous Faggots clocking the Jesus out of each other

Only $2

Seriously gratifying

7bc8be  No.4747775


Wait for the dough motherfucker.

661075  No.4747776

>>4747755 Quit talking out your ass! Check out Dr. Ivan Panin's research! Cannot (while maintaining intellectual integrity) be refuted! Human intellect could not have written the Bible!

df7018  No.4747777

File: b199e65448f51df⋯.png (355.47 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190114-001203.png)

Um, guys?

Is President Trump saying in this twat, posted an hour ago that BC is dead? That Bill Clinton is dead?

Why else capitalize Border Crisis? Is thst what they're all doing in Puerto Rico?

Sauce- https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1084649448003784704

51d537  No.4747778


Jeremiah 23:24

"Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him?" saith the LORD. "Do not I fill heaven and earth?" saith the LORD

May I ask, if God fills heaven and earth, does he not fill the "bad people" too?

21d514  No.4747779


My uncle was proud because he said our forefathers were masons and they did good things. He said he wasn’t involved- nor was his group/ in anything anti-American, as he and his father fought in wars. He always spoke of the forefathers being masons. Again, not a lot of info, but it seems he wasn’t in it for evil. I’m familiar with bill Cooper and finally got up the courage to ask him point blank about it.

c55131  No.4747780


He thought the public should know. (They) have been murdering Patriots to keep their secrets and the Money flowing for a long time

1c3ad5  No.4747781

File: f180d3e3f5f1324⋯.gif (54.75 KB, 250x234, 125:117, double_headed_eagle.gif)

Freemasonry is Jewish Magic

One of the unheralded and least known facts about Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge is its Jewish origins and nature. The religion of Judaism, based on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish Cabala (or, Kabala), an alchemical system of magic and deviltry, form the basis for the Scottish Rite's 33 ritual degree ceremonies.

Thus, The Jewish Tribune of New York, on October 28, 1927, stated; "Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?"

The well known rabbi, Isaac Wise, was emphatic when he concluded: "Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."

73564a  No.4747782



de7668  No.4747783

File: ae0c2417c62c3d4⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 512x512, 1:1, ba5031b0-9c51-44e4-b701-4c….gif)


>you sound like…

dont it tho.

<any reasonably intelligent reporter could find that site data tho…

its all up top.


64448b  No.4747784

File: bd8b697f9f575cb⋯.png (528.65 KB, 799x536, 799:536, 1480095814670.png)

6a9525  No.4747785

>>4747632 lb

>>4747713 lb


BO confirmes handoff after check of IP.

BO sees the work shilly bakers do.

Anons see it and call out shilly bakers additionally.

BO is not acting at all, since month. (HE COULD!)

BO sometimes attacks the anons who call out shills and shill bakers…

Imo BO is not here to help Q.

He is controlled opposition, acting just as the many ones we know from fake news.

Blending in, framing a false narrative.

BO could proof he is based by just getting rid of the few glowing bakers, being in the kitchen almost every day.

Yet, so far, he doesn't.

2ab900  No.4747786

File: 32512423e778c3c⋯.png (64.48 KB, 590x314, 295:157, 75BF4780-F10D-4AC9-8DC8-12….png)

8ad864  No.4747787


I didn't see your correction. Sorry for jumping on your comment.

3cb311  No.4747788


Kek. I respect that actually. Something about keeping ancient secrets that you have to respect.

b0edc1  No.4747789


Future proves the past.. patterns are not a coincidence. Should be an interesting week

30200a  No.4747790

File: 37d1f73229bce87⋯.png (124.41 KB, 589x842, 589:842, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at ….png)

Q, POTUS gave us a special message on my Birthday last year. While I'd love to see a repeat this year, please just let him know that we Patriots support him 100%. o7

9313b6  No.4747791


The key word is intelligent. Kek

d57e2b  No.4747792

File: f5194b7a7eec6aa⋯.jpg (65.69 KB, 540x700, 27:35, f5194b7a7eec6aa012f4fc1b8b….jpg)


that was a good Q joke

51d537  No.4747793

File: 32e5bd34b004919⋯.gif (3.4 MB, 320x214, 160:107, 1453608231351.gif)



2127ea  No.4747794

File: cf7fe22567c45e3⋯.jpg (189.52 KB, 849x459, 283:153, youre-a-funny-guy-m3hb0t-e….jpg)

d525b9  No.4747795


no reporter, been here long time. Old and not a techie, lol. Damn 6 million. was hoping higher.

2ab900  No.4747796

File: bc93f5ee840e53d⋯.jpg (199.14 KB, 1063x1600, 1063:1600, 203D9A21-ACF9-4D00-B912-45….jpg)

9313b6  No.4747797


No problem, anon. I might have done the same.

6fa0c2  No.4747798

>>4747737 Freemasonry is NOT a religion. I explained this in a post in the previous bread.

c157e6  No.4747799

Last time was so much fun, lets hear the mean sounding shill trying to fit in again:



b583a2  No.4747800


Digits confirm. (((Holy))) kek

ad0c43  No.4747801


Lotsa SEB's —


Kill Bill!

acdb15  No.4747802


he ain't talkin' about bob costas

6cd710  No.4747803

File: f7665f0e08340f7⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1813, 1242:1813, 2712EAA4-8291-4624-A1A8-7….jpeg)

File: 0b77e5b91ff15e7⋯.jpeg (521.06 KB, 1242x1419, 414:473, 1347A3C4-A9C0-4D8C-BCDE-E….jpeg)

File: d2aa048e7b9a677⋯.jpeg (534.87 KB, 1242x1586, 621:793, 09634111-80C6-4C0F-AF69-1….jpeg)


Thats why. They are trying to change the narrative

8ad864  No.4747804


I forgot. Sorry.

51d537  No.4747805


The problem is the truth often drives people insane.

a327f7  No.4747806

File: dd0ec7c140ee89b⋯.jpg (165.65 KB, 1114x692, 557:346, surfing_is_a_real_sport.jpg)

5418b1  No.4747807

File: abb68db62ce880d⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1028x720, 257:180, Selection_746.png)


Checkkin' 'n considerin'.

7529be  No.4747808

File: 4f33b5d22bd6ce3⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 640x400, 8:5, king.jpg)

Oy vey. It's okay to be white, guise.

Top Republican leader vows action against King over white supremacist remarks

The Iowa congressman under-fire for bemoaning the fact that terms like ‘white nationalist and ‘white supremacist’ had become offensive

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Republican leader said Sunday he will meet with Rep. Steve King this week to discuss King’s future and role in the party and promised action following the Iowa congressman’s recent comments in defense of white supremacy.

“That language has no place in America. That is not the America I know and it’s most definitely not the party of Lincoln,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. “Action will be taken. I’m having a serious conversation with congressman Steve King.”

King was quoted in The New York Times last week as saying, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” King has insisted he is an advocate for “Western civilization,” not white supremacy or white nationalism.

He said it was a “mistake” to use phrasing that “created an unnecessary controversy” and denied being racist.

McCarthy, who appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” told host Margaret Brennan after the cameras were turned off that he is reviewing whether King, now serving his ninth term, should keep his committee assignments, according to CBS’ transcript of the broadcast.

King serves on the Agriculture, Small Business and Judiciary committees, and chairs Judiciary’s subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said “we’ll be acting on that” when she was asked about King last week. She did not elaborate.

King’s comments ignited a firestorm, drawing condemnation from the top three House Republican leaders. GOP Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who is African-American, aired his disapproval in a newspaper opinion column.

“What Steve King said was stupid. It was stupid, it was hurtful, it was wrong and he needs to stop it,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Sunday.

King was a co-chair of Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign. Asked if he could support King in the future, Cruz said: “What I’m going to do is urge everyone to stand for principles that matter.”

Cruz appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Posted full article so you don't have to give traffic but here's sauce anyway..


7038a1  No.4747809


God is watching.

Free will. Choices. Schemes. Lies (especially those we make to ourselves about ourselves).

At some point in your life you embrace honesty and choose not lie–ever–the whole of your life. Or not.

God is watching.

7e1178  No.4747810


Greetings Fren!! What clip do we have here and what cha pondering??

f9992a  No.4747811

File: 0ac1a20414dc6f0⋯.png (720.94 KB, 810x650, 81:65, ckm.png)



e6fe1b  No.4747812


HaPpY BiRtHdAy AnOn!!!

70a8c9  No.4747813

File: bdd833e737cf28a⋯.jpeg (87.63 KB, 749x476, 107:68, F3263F52-FFB5-4B65-8E59-B….jpeg)

06149f  No.4747814

File: 4064fda4c8b06aa⋯.jpg (144.54 KB, 879x798, 293:266, 011419 NPA surv.JPG)

Police plan AI experiment for anti-terror investigations / Video tech, car data to be used

The Yomiuri ShimbunThe National Police Agency (NPA) is planning to begin experimenting with the use of artificial intelligence in anti-terrorism and criminal investigations next fiscal year, according to sources.

The experiments would involve using the characteristics of past attacks in Europe to train AI to identify terrorists in crowded areas, and introducing AI systems to analyze surveillance videos in criminal investigations.

If the methods prove effective, they could be deployed during the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.

The NPA plans to conduct experiments in three areas: identifying suspicious people and objects targeting large events; determining the model of automobiles; and analyzing suspicious financial transactions.

At large sports competitions, events and international conferences, surveillance cameras and other equipment would be installed temporarily to prevent terrorist attacks. The experiment would involve testing a system that uses AI to automatically detect suspicious people and objects from surveillance videos and other data.

In Europe, terrorists have set their sights on so-called soft targets — events where large numbers of people gather. In the 2015 Paris attacks, the terrorists targeted a soccer match involving the French national team, while a pop concert in Britain was attacked in 2017.

The new system would use past attacks to teach AI the signs of an impending attack and the characteristics of terrorist behavior.

In the midst of large crowds, the system would need to automatically detect people exhibiting unusual behavior, such as repeatedly visiting a certain location or staying in one place, and suspicious objects that are abandoned for long periods.

After detecting something, the system would issue a warning so police officers could assess the situation, such as to determine whether the person in question is armed.

Attempts to analyze videos of crowds are already being made.

In July, the Metropolitan Police Department partnered with major electronics maker Panasonic Corp. in an experiment at the Sumida River Fireworks Festival.

In the experiment, a police car parked at an intersection recorded spectators and others on video, which was used to count the number of people in a specific area and predict the direction in which people move, among other tasks.

rest at link


d51f2c  No.4747815

"Everything's a nail, is it, Miss Hammerhead? First it was your search, freighted with fear and fragmented memories. Now it's the train! Never time for tea. While your brain's on holiday, we're out ruined! Now we're all mad here and that's a good excuse for going to hell in a teapot, but not for forgetting what your senses saw. Forgetting is just forgetting, except when it's not. Then they call it something else. I'd like to forget what you did. I tried, but I can't."

    — Mad Hatter to Alice

c25e78  No.4747816

File: 44f4c555c00d7b0⋯.png (1.13 MB, 897x591, 299:197, digits.PNG)

51d537  No.4747817


Titus 1:15

To the pure, all things are pure; but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure. Indeed, both their minds and their consciences are defiled.

ab81a6  No.4747818



699ed5  No.4747819

>>4747366 (lb)

Don't make me post the snapshot. I was offered money. I declined. That's simply what happened.

b6a8c2  No.4747820

File: 73a72297f92dab0⋯.png (1.13 MB, 876x752, 219:188, ClipboardImage.png)


It sure sounds exciting

3ae362  No.4747821

File: e749eedda994b5c⋯.jpg (101.23 KB, 595x410, 119:82, abd3ab7f780c1c4b34986e4360….jpg)

HelpeR anon please advise if I need to continue this direction of dig and/or post any of my findings on this board or anywhere for that matter. In other words, is it safe yet? If you're on here, please advise ASAP. (pic only to get attention of helpeR)

Supplies needed.

CS (HotR) to CHLH

​Fog signal: One blast every 10 seconds (mariner activated via VHF radio)


HSLH to Base

Supplies en route.

573d2a  No.4747822


The freezer is getting full.

103396  No.4747823

FBI agents raid San Juan, Puerto Rico city offices in fraud, obstruction investigation https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/10/17/san-juan-municipal-government-fbi-raid/1668745002/ via @usatoday

The FBI recognizes that there is a "security crisis" in the country

Douglas Leff, director of the negotiated on the island, pointed out that it is based on comparisons with other jurisdictions


ab81a6  No.4747824



2ab900  No.4747825


>>4747426 cia rage porn

54b38e  No.4747826

File: cc64617a4b3529f⋯.png (20.53 KB, 720x644, 180:161, apu.png)


All good, anon.

eec9c1  No.4747827

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, a_ov_Pepe_160928.760;428;7….jpg)




Quad Sevens = Truth!

ba4454  No.4747828

File: 12b36b1167aecb0⋯.png (5.89 KB, 429x431, 429:431, ahhyyup.png)



64448b  No.4747829

File: a4bf1bd3f6b8294⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 799x799, 1:1, a4bf1bd3f6b8294dc7440853f7….jpg)

File: 36df6d82bf1ef8a⋯.jpg (27.92 KB, 516x430, 6:5, pet-hoodies.jpg)

File: 432144a73773d92⋯.jpg (12.15 KB, 194x260, 97:130, I STOLE THIS FROM AN ANON.….jpg)

70a8c9  No.4747830

Love 8chan: bible verses and tit-pics all in one place.

06149f  No.4747831

File: 7e12135b8b2f584⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Watching water.gif)

f0ed69  No.4747832

File: 9d23e9227833766⋯.png (466.07 KB, 727x380, 727:380, Pepe_sends_Hill_2_Hell.png)

62e798  No.4747833

Resignations in the news today:

Married Florida sheriff's deputy, 25, and mother-of-two high school counselor, 36, lose their jobs for 'having sex in patrol car following school football game'


After six years as part of Glendale's 'family thing,' principal Natalie Cauldwell to retire


BASD superintendent announces plans to retire


PG&E CEO resigns as company faces billions in liability


Romania’s anti-corruption chief resigns


Retiring PNC executive Paul Clark leaves a legacy of good deeds


Lompoc Police Chief resigns


Meghan Markle hit by ANOTHER RESIGNATION - Duchess could lose third aide in six months


Longtime First Presbyterian minister retiring


Cumberland County Prison Warden Reitz to retire


Lt. George Shaw of NADPS retires after 29 years


Jay Craig retiring after 39 years at Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch


Greek PM Tsipras faces confidence vote after minister quits


Longtime Topeka blues bar manager to retire


Waitsburg school chief resigns


Cumberland County Prison Warden Reitz to retire


Third Roswell officer fired, fourth resigns amid 11Alive investigations


7038a1  No.4747834


Somebody said once something about not judging lest ye be judged…

Pure is as pure does…kek…

3130df  No.4747835

File: c6582cf3f3540ae⋯.jpeg (65.06 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 7F09FFD8-1886-4BFC-8E11-3….jpeg)

File: 8de40cbbd2d439d⋯.jpeg (19.47 KB, 255x211, 255:211, DB8C7ACA-EE00-4DF3-B1C6-3….jpeg)

I found the 4 Chan post where this was first mentioned in regards to potus. Perhaps his IV was for backup blood reserves for his motorcade or AF1. But as mentioned, large quantities wouldn’t normally be drawn from the hand. Bill looks like he’s on the verge of death (god willing) so who knows what all he gets pumped with.

2ab900  No.4747836


Motherfucking peanut butter did all this

9ba1fd  No.4747837

File: 83aaa231667d5db⋯.png (368.67 KB, 798x592, 399:296, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)




1a71b5  No.4747838

Security Crisis, fuck someone give this clown slap to the face..really..>>4747823

f63732  No.4747839

File: 47bf6b92432b4a3⋯.jpg (25.2 KB, 329x499, 329:499, 12345.jpg)


Newest Transgender transformation experience book is finally released.

d525b9  No.4747840


Yeah I've noticed an uptick in plane crashes and cop killings…change of narrative…look over here…whats coming?? Something good I hope.

e69464  No.4747841

File: 2be35ecb076e0f5⋯.png (4.14 MB, 2789x1080, 2789:1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 475202451ae9398⋯.png (127.47 KB, 1002x561, 334:187, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4747703 (lb)

>Rocky IV is on right now. It's so 80s!!! kek

Rocky III is loaded with cabal symbolism and faggotry.

Check out this dude in the scene where Rocky goes to Apollo's LA gym.

Full Pharaoh headdress with symbolic snake (fork) and vulture beak (ladle).

HAMM'S beer sign directly behind him.

Ham was the son of Noah and is considered by some to be the father of Egypt (pic related).

Stallone is credited with writer/director of Rocky III

Do we really believe he put those references in the movie?


64448b  No.4747842

d4376d  No.4747843


Patriot indeed!

side note.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Arthur E. Exon (Commanding Officer of Wright Patterson Air Force Base from 1964-1966) called MJ-12

"the unholy 13"

I wonder who the +1 was

b842a0  No.4747844

File: 2119c40a82d72e9⋯.png (30.64 KB, 508x428, 127:107, tweet bighorn.PNG)

Bighorn = big horn = saxophone = bill Clinton

Clinton famously played saxophone on tv

is Hillary = wounded knee?

her knees buckled under her on 9/11 ceremony when she was thrown into her van.

51d537  No.4747845


It says everything is pure. Full stop.

3cb311  No.4747846


Tetragrammatron and all that right? Speaking things into existence?

Or is it the kind of magic that just manipulates people? Like, human psychology / hypnosis magic?

Or is it technology we have just forgotten? Like, drinking blood for one. Or using sound waves, i.e. spoken words, to change the physical world? Resonance, mantras, etc.

This shit excites me.

325c6f  No.4747847


Listen dude….you are as ignorant as the Christian you are arguing against. Please read…

2Ti 3:16 Every Scripture passage is inspired by God. All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God's approval.

Avery word in the bible was given by God for men to write down okay? And Jesus is the God who gave the words to Moses. God the father has never spoken to anyone as Jesus himself tells us in John. Jesus is the Word of God (or spokesman).

However, where the Christians mislead people is that you will not be judged by "Faith in Jesus". Yes, what is someone never heard the name? No problem per se. Why? Let's read…

Mat 16:27 For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

You will be judged by your works - not by whether you loved Jesus. And this…

Mat 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Every word you uttered will be held against you. And this…

Rev 20:13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

Again…your works.

- 1PS

117038  No.4747848

File: 458cf9b30ee9229⋯.jpg (181.34 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, police_lineup_ben_garrison….jpg)


Gitmo tours

Drawings for spots on the hourly firing squads, autographed photo with your target

f86565  No.4747849



>…men are pussified bitches under a women's threat of accusation or otherwise

You're looking through the wrong end of the telescope. That is a miniscule side effect compared to the huge problem of men's behavior, not the other way around. This is taking advantage of the perks of an organized society that's supposed to be "civilization," while acting like a barbarian, being pumped at the disruption, pain, and damage and caused.

70a8c9  No.4747850

File: 9e4ec88ac3fcdad⋯.gif (2.63 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 4820E507-006C-4EB5-87B3-90….gif)

2ab900  No.4747851

File: 76526bd642e3790⋯.jpg (223.45 KB, 1600x990, 160:99, IMG_4165.JPG)


And the ghost of unicorn guy

cfa61d  No.4747852


>The bible that was selected from a huge pool of texts by a group of Roman Church elders

You understand 'The Da Vinci code" was function, right? It was a distillate of Gnostic FUD.

694ab0  No.4747853

File: c0c9bb47d5fc484⋯.png (2.26 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


6ababf  No.4747854


LB PB faggot

f63732  No.4747855


10/10 would kek

7e1178  No.4747856

File: 72285fafee17fef⋯.jpg (202.01 KB, 975x975, 1:1, 9ef5d47ad72e40afb03b195274….jpg)


Thank You Anon!!


953f7c  No.4747857

File: 136fedc21a0b63f⋯.jpg (213.44 KB, 1439x810, 1439:810, 154275539577314849.jpg)

f9992a  No.4747858


the post was a blind item in July 2016 about a fucked up nigger musician and his fucked up nigger music lifestyle

R Kelly got put on blast by media with news and a docuseries alleging hes a fucked up nigger musician with a fucked up nigger music lifestyle

CDAN just revealed his 2016 blind recently january 2019 to be R Kelly and us anons enjoyed the post

06149f  No.4747859

File: e8f811dca0290ec⋯.gif (734.39 KB, 220x165, 4:3, tenor.gif)

9ba1fd  No.4747860

File: 985a1448912205e⋯.jpg (94.18 KB, 880x720, 11:9, 7e8ccedd620fbcd32b7aac581b….jpg)

File: ef324c3a6983336⋯.jpg (243.7 KB, 674x627, 674:627, Return of Light.jpg)

b842a0  No.4747861


is it possible that POTUS is connecting warren to the Clintons in some kind of assassination?

cfa61d  No.4747862



64448b  No.4747863

File: 71a20138f3413da⋯.png (492.1 KB, 756x503, 756:503, LP PB FUCKING FAG.png)

2ab900  No.4747864


Grease and bare knuckles

It's prison fights

d4376d  No.4747865




Mars - Jupiter 12

73564a  No.4747866

File: 30f9b04226293ce⋯.png (495.16 KB, 592x788, 148:197, statue.png)



Knew it. Probably how we got demons in the house.

Sometimes I'm shocked at how close I can be to this evil and still manage to operate.

I've been tempted to smash this thing for ages. Still trying to figure out what's written on it, though.

b0edc1  No.4747867


Shoulda been there in person anon. Was pretty funny to watch

2ab900  No.4747868


(You) dumb huh

3cb311  No.4747869


You know… I've suspected this.

8fdec7  No.4747870


Masonry is meant to destroy and eliminate the Church because it is so much more enlightened.

1f904c  No.4747871

File: 8a818fb185e656a⋯.png (279.89 KB, 299x403, 23:31, hwq5h56ejie56we5h.png)


b71690  No.4747872


That's what I said a few breads back. Siphon the disaster relief money into PR and away from Potus wall. Plus have the orgs set up by the lobbyists in PR receive those funds and funnel back to the dems pockets via their foundations.

21d514  No.4747873


Majestic 12. Once was used for bad things. Now good. POTUS is part of it now. As well as one general (we think Flynn).

456754  No.4747874

File: 80ea1e329a25b3d⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 310x162, 155:81, QDarktoLight.jpg)

Dark to Light

Great Awakening

de713c  No.4747875

File: 06ccb296699ad84⋯.png (623.03 KB, 791x736, 791:736, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)

File: edb905267a3daa6⋯.jpeg (113.12 KB, 1083x919, 1083:919, DwzjX_dWkAAjyhd.jpg-large.jpeg)

Obuma's BLM sign in 2010.

7e1178  No.4747876



6e6d37  No.4747877


You might just be on to something Anon.

The better word to have used would have been portrayal not portrait, unless DJT was referencing presidential portraits.

Plus Billy boy would be familiar with all of the crimes noted and a few more.

78bd54  No.4747879






You fags are going to shit up the whole bread with this shit.

e2aebe  No.4747880

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

51d537  No.4747881

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try watching this. It may be relevant to your question.

bd77fc  No.4747882

File: 6fa674d5d98f1ad⋯.jpg (23.86 KB, 329x328, 329:328, tenpoints.JPG)

477b13  No.4747883


Before everyone anoints him /ourguy/ you should know that he's Cruz's guy in Iowa, he's Bob Vaanderplat's congressional water-boy, and he's beholden to the Terry Branstad faction of the Iowa GOP. He's notorious as the state's premier talk radio attention whore.

694ab0  No.4747884


I'm living vicariously through the interweaves.

325c6f  No.4747885


So what is they were translated? The context is there if you study. And Concordances are available when needed.

Your assertion means nothing actually.

1 PS

7529be  No.4747886

File: 4f128000285f62a⋯.png (849.09 KB, 988x953, 988:953, 180b3b0ad51a0ae1d51950025f….png)

619d8c  No.4747887

File: 07bb9ddbd841612⋯.jpg (12.69 KB, 268x188, 67:47, cryinliddlebitch.jpg)

6ababf  No.4747888


I wouldn’t touch that cunt with ebot’s dick.

229ec9  No.4747889

File: bcc69d038caf2f1⋯.jpg (122.76 KB, 735x820, 147:164, dragon fly2.jpg)

b13fb0  No.4747890


Let's say this is correct and Bill Clinton is dead, what does that change? What role was he involved in as of recent?

8a7195  No.4747891

if I never go to hell, Lord, it’ll be because you scared it out of me.

Little Waylon for frens, Night Shift.


df7018  No.4747892


I reckon he ain't talking about Bryan Cranston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bradley Cooper, Bill Cosby, Billy Connolly, Benjamin Carson, Bruce Campbell, Billy Cyrus, Billy Crystal, or Bing Crosby, either.

Well, actually, maybe Bing Crosby.

02429f  No.4747893

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7038a1  No.4747894


Purity really stumps, doesn't it?

For me the only pure thing would be our Father.

I mean look around. Nature is full of imperfections. And we, being the dominant species, are just as full of imperfections as can be arranged, mathematically.

I am less concerned with purity than I am with walking the path my Father would will.

d1f85b  No.4747895


It changes nothing.

39e399  No.4747896

File: e6533854c615348⋯.png (418.83 KB, 588x440, 147:110, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 99a2662a67a2eab⋯.png (2.71 KB, 86x53, 86:53, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 89f24abeb691bc2⋯.png (35.86 KB, 429x413, 429:413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9e119947d6f42e7⋯.png (62.2 KB, 272x284, 68:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9a3f19bca07fb4e⋯.png (346.49 KB, 605x598, 605:598, ClipboardImage.png)

Related items? 3.14 on watch- something to do with pi?

927c34  No.4747897


This is perfect twat fodder! Normies must see the hypocrisy.

b0f009  No.4747898

>>4747329 (lb)

Trump and Hannity both had bandages on the back of their hands at the border too.

b0edc1  No.4747899

File: a620a653cd21ba5⋯.mp4 (4.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, received_352238015605824.mp4)


Here's a goodie for ya ;)

694ab0  No.4747900


Fuck. Another week of gayness in the capitol building.

06149f  No.4747901


Are you trying to convert us or something?

2ab900  No.4747902


These damn feltchers make it so awkward

d57e2b  No.4747903

File: 229ada89ca18977⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 229ada89ca18977c2a183fa84a….jpg)

51d537  No.4747904


If you can't see it all as pure then you are defiled. Not sure how to fix that, actually.

6a9525  No.4747905




Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,

The power and the glory,



5418b1  No.4747906

File: 4bd94d259c28179⋯.png (504.13 KB, 1427x1001, 1427:1001, Selection_732.png)


Perhaps actually talking about Border Crisis?

Just a thought…

325c6f  No.4747907


No, the "church" is dumbed down. They do not teach anything Jesus taught. Jesus taught the Torah Law against the Jews customs and oral traditions. Christianity is Lawlessness. It is using the term "Christ" as if it makes those denominations valid.

c2a60c  No.4747908


can a memefag change the wording? Patriots warning illegals not to cross will be shot on US soil etc

5d7972  No.4747909

We Need Q to drop in with some more crumbs …

2c5aa6  No.4747910

File: 9ac4c3097cc180e⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 500x500, 1:1, farley.gif)

21d514  No.4747911


I’ve seen too many clones- both HRC & BC. I am almost positive both Clintons are dead. All clones now. That’s why no rush to arrest them. It already happened. Same with Soros and some of the others. The bigger fish need to fry, the Clinton clones are just the middle man and already taken care of. It explains all of the HRC issues.

7529be  No.4747912


I wouldn't be surprised if he's just another neocon/RINO.

Was dasting that which committees he serves on. Specifically Constitution and Civil Justice. Maybe replacement coming soon?

d57e2b  No.4747913

Notables so far


>>4747756 Follow Huma

>>4747769 Plane crashes in the news today

>>4747814 Police plan AI experiment for anti-terror investigations

>>4747823 Reminder: FBI agents raided San Juan, Puerto Rico city offices in fraud, obstruction investigation

>>4747833 Resignations in the news today

7dc661  No.4747914

File: c3991789c95a96d⋯.jpg (346.05 KB, 681x1050, 227:350, connected.jpg)

c14177  No.4747915


That looks cray. Is the world ending/beginning yet? Can’t wait, am ready, bring it.

73564a  No.4747916

9015e9  No.4747917

File: 764619251ee7cb7⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 600x602, 300:301, valhallapepe.JPG)


117038  No.4747918

File: fd518e938761731⋯.png (748.19 KB, 1553x634, 1553:634, fd518e9387617317ef8797669c….png)

File: f76703bb5a4b7c7⋯.png (638.39 KB, 711x917, 711:917, f76703bb5a4b7c7602b4bd37d5….png)

File: f4f98608204bad1⋯.png (354.17 KB, 1612x679, 1612:679, d4602ca18858c81713f0a74dd3….png)

File: 54555f8a21a6a30⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 277x182, 277:182, 54555f8a21a6a30b9cac8dd992….jpg)

File: 0611be5760a0c46⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 607x960, 607:960, 1d6c078defda85e6d222d78f33….jpg)

2ab900  No.4747919

Karl Marx survived the Alamo assassination btw

2b3fd0  No.4747920






Interdasting change of post type.

51d537  No.4747921


A great reprogramming is about to occur. We are in it's beginning stages now. I plan on leaving before it gets fully underway. Do you understand what I mean?

5418b1  No.4747922

File: 320914088758200⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 534x360, 89:60, aw.jpg)

73564a  No.4747923


Clones and doubles. That one they have is an even bigger sow than Hillary.

Still, it would explain how HRC could be arrested and still be out and about. I always assumed she was just on a leash.

06149f  No.4747924

File: 9a7fb4ede668826⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 634x819, 634:819, Bubba not long.gif)

059991  No.4747925






2ab900  No.4747926

File: d6a5fdb395534b9⋯.jpg (784.77 KB, 1440x1074, 240:179, IMG_5313.JPG)

6a9525  No.4747927

14 Jan 2018 - 4:36:29 AM



db53c8  No.4747928


Considering it is 3:14:40 on the clock, that would be 3.14667 would it not?

b4e07d  No.4747929

File: a266adb98b761cd⋯.png (923.5 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard, and from many directions. Will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. Create 20 mile safe zone….


39e399  No.4747930


This is a designated smuggling route used with the protection of the Obama Administration cartel aided by local authorities. Wonder what happened when you called 911? Would your remains wind up mixed into some public infrastructure?

4bfd8c  No.4747931

File: 64664f5e0882bbb⋯.png (533.87 KB, 661x904, 661:904, 1947393643dd0a3ea7b8d4876e….png)

"Wiping" HRC's hard drives/servers.

"What? With a cloth?" - HRC

Servers/Emails back in the script?

d57e2b  No.4747932



8fdec7  No.4747933


Maybe shots to protect against immigrant diseases?

06149f  No.4747934


noticed that too

1ada7c  No.4747936

So when shit goes down, will we only know after the fact or as it's happening? We know the media will lie or twist it but will the Military Tribunals be reported on?

6a9525  No.4747937


Pi is a litle longer…kek

2ab900  No.4747938

File: 548b1d252c3e718⋯.png (50.89 KB, 590x262, 295:131, EAAA2211-F007-4C2D-8402-31….png)

c157e6  No.4747939


A blind item?

Us anons?

Sounds like you got a whole team behind you.

Sounds like "blind item" is a term I should know if I was in the know,

like you.

477b13  No.4747940


Possibly. He already has three Rep challengers for his 2020 primary. His committee seats will most likely go to an out of stater though.

df7018  No.4747941



You just made me almost spit out my O'Doul's Amber, Anon. That's liquid gold in my house where we're teetotalers. But it would've been worth it. I'm picturing plastic contractor bags with dead traitors stacked up in the old lateral freezer, man.

3130df  No.4747942

File: 4ff9acd7ec9a15e⋯.jpeg (101.22 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, D3CCCC80-6E11-4370-B3FF-9….jpeg)


This picture shows it, wish I had a higher res

8fdec7  No.4747943


As I said, masonry is the enemy of the Church. Masonry is dark.

c14177  No.4747944


Don’t off yourself. Unless you mean hitching an interdimensional ride. Then, by all means… Can you time travel? I want that.

2ab900  No.4747945

File: 8dd8fc4c3378940⋯.jpg (169.54 KB, 718x718, 1:1, IMG_5243.JPG)

325c6f  No.4747946


Jesus returns at the LAST trumpet. 7 trumpets.

Paul says (1cor 15:52/1 thess 4:16-17) at the LAST trumpet those shall be changed.

You ain't going anywhere and quit believing Christian fairy tales. The trumpets are at the END of Tribulation.

318a46  No.4747947

File: 2da92adaaf8882f⋯.png (152.39 KB, 417x578, 417:578, FU 01.png)

CDAN reveal. HUMA

July 12, 2018

What happens when you decide to leak some information about the wife of one of the biggest drug dealers/killers ever and the wife's celebrity helper/money launderer? Well, considering I had not heard from her in months when she said she thought she was being spied on by someone, and now she ended up dead, I guess that is what happens when you get caught. Someone needs to pay.

El Chapo's wife Emma/Huma Abedin


Pic for the CDAN haters

6cd710  No.4747948

File: 7c453192d713aca⋯.jpeg (685.71 KB, 1242x2072, 621:1036, 528A6A6F-C10F-4571-954E-5….jpeg)


Insert shrug ^^^^^^

4f6b30  No.4747949


Hello Caiaphas.

2ab900  No.4747950

File: 5ae09a989566c0c⋯.jpg (105.27 KB, 1062x1270, 531:635, IMG_1753.JPG)

51d537  No.4747951


I don't know in what direction it will go but humanity is about to be given a new narrative.

694ab0  No.4747952


If true, context and violence in PR could catalyze the process towards statehood.

21d514  No.4747953


The changes are very obvious with both of them- let alone the tweets are nothing like her older tweets/comments.

That’s why potus is focusing on the acts of many vs only her. He knows.

3cb311  No.4747954


Thank you. Alan Watts has been my homie recently. I am learning.

1919f3  No.4747955

File: b6b51c9c15dff3c⋯.png (50.9 KB, 465x662, 465:662, 2019-01-14_0-24-22.png)

Part 1

Q#1010 pointed out how the elitists harm the sheeple -


MSN.com had a 23-slide show on the topic a few weeks ago that points out the various toxins in our homes:


23 Toxic Chemicals You Come into Contact with on a Daily Basis

By Tehrene Firman 12/5/2018

As long as you’re not spending all your time working away in a coal mine, you’re probably not too concerned about coming into contact with toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous ones are closer to home than you think, showing up frequently in your everyday life. It’s definitely not comforting by any means, but the chemicals in everything from shampoo and yoga mats to cooking pans and drinking water have been found to cause disease, cancer, and other health issues, and these are the ones you should be aware of in order to stay safe.

1. Azodicarbonamide - Whether it’s from using a yoga mat or wearing flip-flops, the light, spongy plastic material in both products—and those similar—commonly contain azodicarbonamide. The chemical might seem harmless—especially since it’s also something bread companies use to make softer, more attractive-looking food—but the World Health Organization (WHO) has linked it to increasing the risk of respiratory issues or skin irritation with repeat exposure.

2. 1,4-Dioxane - The synthetic chemical 1,4-dioxane—which is found in dyes, deodorants, shampoos, and cosmetics, as well as some food supplements—has been classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a likely human carcinogen. Right now, it’s been known to cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as kidney and liver damage.

3. BPAs - After being linked to birth defects, cancer, and reproductive toxicity, bisphenol A—better known as BPA—has been banned from products geared toward kids and babies, but it’s still present in something you might use every day: canned food. In a study from the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), the chemical was found in 40 percent of cans bought at popular grocery stores and 90 percent of canned foods from ethnic grocery stores.

4. Phthalates - You might not know it, but phthalates are everywhere, whether that’s in hair spray, perfumes, nail polish, and other personal care items or shower curtains, food packaging, and other plastics. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), swallowing, inhaling, or even touching products that contain phthalates could affect human reproduction or development, as well as potentially cause cancer.

5. Lead - Lead is bad news for your body. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the chemical has been found to cause everything from brain damage and hearing loss to miscarriage and kidney damage. Yikes, right? Unfortunately, it’s not only commonly found in old paint, but also drinking water—so grab a water filter and get rid of any lead-based paint in your home, stat.

6. Volatile Organic Compounds - With “organic” in the name, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can’t be bad, right? Well, think again. According to the American Lung Association, the dangerous chemicals—often found in cleaning supplies—don’t just cause eye and throat irritation and headaches. They can also cause cancer. The next time you’re freshening up your place, think about replacing items like aerosol sprays, detergents, and cleaners with natural and chemical-free options.

7. Flame Retardants - From the 1970s to 2013, furniture companies started using chemicals called flame retardants to prevent fires caused by people’s cigarettes. Since people spend a lot of time on their sofas, that’s not good news: According to the U.S. Government, the chemicals have been linked to cancer, a reduced IQ, and hyperactivity. Luckily, it’s becoming easier to make sure newer furniture you buy is flame retardant–free: In one survey, the CEH found 77 percent of furniture companies are now labeling products so people know whether they contain flame retardants or not, and plenty have removed them altogether.

8. PFSAS - If you make

microwave popcorn

on the regular, it’s time to switch up the habit and whip up a homemade version instead. The CEH found bags from major brands contain toxic chemicals called per/polyfluoroalkyl substances—or PFAS—that enter the popcorn as it’s cooking, which can cause many issues, whether that’s affecting the immune system and infant birth weights, or putting you at risk of cancer and liver or kidney toxicity.

[Go to Part 2]

02429f  No.4747956

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d3ef62  No.4747957


Tribunals underway.

Where do you think Kelly, Rogers, and Mattis are?

3e9f85  No.4747958


Lots of lurkers. Fewer posters. This might help:


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 8f2403 No.4618020 📁

Jan 5 2019 20:29:01 (EST)

Anonymous ID: e59f72 No.4617970 📁

Jan 5 2019 20:27:15 (EST)


Q, Couldn't get the page to load


2.2 million attempted access within 1-2 minutes.

Site crashed.


51d537  No.4747959


I meant offline, away from brainwashing and cultural assimilation vectors.

268ffc  No.4747960


Hey shills…see potus tweets today…fucking greatest pres ever…get on board the truth train or be lost ….

c14177  No.4747961


It shall be glorious.

22d77a  No.4747962

File: 04d48a8c809205e⋯.jpg (92.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pi.jpg)


Pi sure can mean a lot of pain.

73564a  No.4747963


I find the little island getaway everyone's taking to be a little suspect.

2ab900  No.4747964

File: 1031990ac172a11⋯.jpg (181.68 KB, 1261x800, 1261:800, IMG_5273.JPG)

File: 7d9dae0ad83533d⋯.jpg (162.55 KB, 801x800, 801:800, IMG_5290.JPG)

File: cfb7d252ffb09be⋯.jpg (315.73 KB, 1407x1322, 1407:1322, IMG_5292.JPG)

c157e6  No.4747965

File: 9cfc53516592743⋯.jpg (114.05 KB, 634x752, 317:376, cdan-is-gay.jpg)



I think its more like you are a shilling fraud with your "nigger" talk.

6a9525  No.4747966


Look at the timeline posted with that.

>>4747428 pb, Army timelines/milestones from @USArmy tweet

51d537  No.4747967


You may enjoy these books, they are free downloads:

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: First Complete Translation


The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects


Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism


cffa6f  No.4747968








103396  No.4747969

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.387 📁

Nov 3 2018 14:09:12 (EST)

[D] Party Con:

When you can't raise money 'organically' through party (individual) donations (voter base) YOU STEAL IT from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions.

[Example 1]

Planned Parenthood


$1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over 3-year period.

[Case 1]

PP spent $30 million [disclosed - real estimates close to $65 million] in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections.


Should it be legal for a taxpayer [D+R+I] funded organization to donate massive amounts of money to the D party in an effort to sway an election?

D_insider_term: T_WASH

Re_read drops re: Soros & taxpayer funding







0b9269  No.4747970


millennia's of breads ago an anon posted a picture of one of those extra detailed Christ crucified on the cross and said "this is an affront to true Christians".

he's not wrong.

0f2273  No.4747971


I don't know about the timing of the tribunals. But I am pretty sure by the time this all becomes public the MSM, as we know it, will be toast.

48219f  No.4747972


Good ol' Grafenwoehr… in winter that place gets cold.. not Alaska cold, but cold by most standards.

1919f3  No.4747973


Part 2

Toxic home chemicals - see Q#1010

9. Arsenic - Most people know of arsenic as the deathly ingredient in rat poison, but it’s commonly found in food as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it may be present in seafood—particularly clams, oysters, scallops, and mussels—as well as in drinking water. The EWG says even small levels could lead to skin, bladder, and lung cancer, as well as affect your hormone functioning.

10. Polytetrafluoroethylene - You might have never heard of polytetrafluoroethylene—or PTFE—but there’s a good chance you know of Teflon, the brand name for the man-made chemical. It was created to give cookware those helpful non-stick surfaces that make clean-up a breeze, but any overheating while you’re cooking could cause you to breathe in fumes that could lead to flu-like symptoms, says the American Cancer Society.

11. Triclosan - The use of the antimicrobial chemical triclosan was banned in soaps by the FDA, but one household product it’s still in? Toothpaste, including the most popular brands. As revealed by a 2017 study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, it can accumulate on your toothbrush and easily absorb into your bloodstream, putting you at risk of issues with your hormones and gut.

12. Dioxins - There are many things that can mess with your hormones, but both male and females can be affected by dioxins—chemicals that, according to the EWG, have been found to not only affect your reproductive and immune systems, but also cause cancer. The WHO says 90 percent of human exposure is through food. The biggest culprits? Animal products, specifically meat, dairy, fish, and shellfish.

13. Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) - Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) are in plenty of products in your home, from cookware and carpets to mattresses and food packaging. Unfortunately, they can potentially affect your health: According to the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, the chemicals have been linked to ADHD and changes in thyroid hormone levels, and animal research has shown negative effects on the liver and pancreas, as well as developmental problems in fetuses.

14. Atrazine - Atrazine—a commonly-used herbicide used on crops—has been linked to some serious health issues, including endocrine disruption, reproductive effects, and cancer, says the Pesticide Action Network (PAN). And because it’s used on crops, it’s also found in U.S. drinking water—94 percent of it, to be exact. To stay safe, the EWG recommends buying organic produce, as well as using a water filter to remove the chemical.

15. Perchlorate - Perchlorate isn’t just a chemical component commonly found in rocket fuel, fireworks, and airbags—it’s also found in produce, milk, and drinking water and can cause your body harm. According to the EWG, it’s been linked to thyroid hormone balance, which is responsible for regulating your metabolism, as well as brain and organ development in infants and children.

16. Mercury - By now, you’ve probably heard that having high levels of mercury in your body can put your health at risk—especially in pregnant women, where it can cause problems with the health and development of the fetus, according to the WHO. While exposure through fish and shellfish is probably the most common way to be exposed, it’s also in household products like batteries, thermometers, some cosmetics, and lamps.

[Go to Part 3]

21d514  No.4747974


I know exactly what you’re talking about and agreed.

Like Q said, it would put most people in the hospital. Those who want to know, will.

I know what is going on.

78bd54  No.4747975


Post trib/Pre wrath is the truth.

51d537  No.4747976


I just want my mind back. No narratives. That's all.

8a14b4  No.4747977

Im sick and tired of those Krassenstein faggots always being on top of trumps twatter. Can't we do something about this? My suggestion is keep up quoting this guy !! https://twitter.com/WeAreOne_Q/status/1084628194542739457

Why cant we get 2000 likes on a Trump comment? WTF I know its rigged but cant we blitzkrieg those Krassenstein faggots and pretend they are homos. Meme them into oblivion, Even if it means making up shit like they are pedos and raped small puppy. Enough is Enough fellas!!! These smug smarmy faced Soros funded puppets need to be taken down a notch or two. Create more make accounts Anons!!, buy more burner sim cards!!! ATTACK THESE FUCKS!! Hit them where it hurts..by having a sensible conversation. Until they REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

2b3fd0  No.4747978


I noticed this too

>6 gorillion

ab81a6  No.4747979

File: 85549d264df47bf⋯.jpg (15.38 KB, 202x255, 202:255, Look Mittens.jpg)

2ab900  No.4747980

File: 6fd5fe55921ba6f⋯.png (45.35 KB, 590x236, 5:2, A9ABA41E-86C3-49ED-8BBB-CF….png)

927c34  No.4747981


Bingo, anon. Let the onion get peeled back to expose their corrupt evil.

7745f1  No.4747982

File: 38daef6ae214f92⋯.png (907.11 KB, 1114x692, 557:346, f27ecfd68830aa1c87d5b9382e….png)

325c6f  No.4747983


All the Christian religions have been taken over by Masonry. Which means they cannot tell you the truth about the scriptures.

Yes, you are on track. Keep the people controlled and take religion A B or C. And people who tell the truth are attacked. I know the feeling believe me.

1546de  No.4747984

I'm sure I am late on the uptake but I just heard that the Mayor of Tijuana has been ordered by a court not to criticize the migrant caravan that took over his city.

73564a  No.4747985


>Those who want to know, will.

I've been going down this rabbit hole since I was 7 years old. Knock on wood, but I sincerely doubt anything could shock me anymore.

a327f7  No.4747986

File: 0aa0d60ce01b507⋯.gif (185.51 KB, 868x651, 4:3, Watching water_002.gif)

53ad74  No.4747987


Anyone see this on half

4bfd8c  No.4747988


>Look at the timeline posted with that.

Can you please elaborate?

117038  No.4747989

File: 3887009f8a210c3⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 3887009f8a210c3ea517718b95….jpg)

9ba1fd  No.4747991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money - Jordan Maxwell

8fdec7  No.4747992


The statist tax-exempt status is a big problem for the US Church.

2ab900  No.4747993


SPT SD-9252 18" Built-in Dishwasher

18" Slim Design

18" wide, but spacious cavity. Up to 8 standard place settings. It is a great addition to any home. It takes up minimal space and is a great replacement for older appliances.

Energy Star

Meets federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings. Bring more cleaning power into a smaller space.


Input voltage : 120V / 60Hz.

Energy consumption: 265kWh/yr.

Water consumption (normal cycle): 3.65 gallons.

Power consumption: 1104W.

Noise level (normal): 55dB.

Drying system: Residual heat drying.

Unit dimension: 17.5"W x 22.1"D x 32.2"H.

Depth with door fully open: 44.5 inches.

Package dimension: 26 x 22 x 36 inches.

Net weight: 54 lbs.

Gross weight :65 lbs.

Unit is designed for top-mount installation (top-mount brackets included). Side mounting brackets are not included.

51d537  No.4747994


If "you are everything" (or connected to everything) doesn't shock you then you won't be very shocked I don't think.

805a6d  No.4747995


Been wondering about the clones. When do they make them and how do they teach them.. Got to all be programming right?

cffa6f  No.4747996

File: 1fc838d5d3d8cbb⋯.jpg (109.88 KB, 828x471, 276:157, ARNONSTEVEN.jpg)




Hitting a lil close to home, Steven?

c14177  No.4747997


Fiction IS reality, all the stories are true. Mirrors: if nothing matters, everything matters. Be the hero, be the villain or be the reader… It’s your choice.

d4ff7f  No.4747998

File: ae8d89ef28b69c6⋯.jpeg (24 KB, 872x339, 872:339, 95DE66F9-8372-4774-AA74-8….jpeg)

229ec9  No.4747999



927c34  No.4748000

File: 6ba887472a71413⋯.jpg (25.1 KB, 572x399, 572:399, Call_center_turnover_stati….jpg)


Oh, Jesus… give me patience with this faggot.

cfa61d  No.4748001

File: 3ef59427d2425fd⋯.png (94.31 KB, 1007x248, 1007:248, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)

1546de  No.4748002


(CR NEWS JAN 1st, 2019) In a clear attempt to want to restrict the human right to freedom of SPEECH enunciated in the 6th and 7th articles of the Constitution of the United Mexican States, as well as in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the very United Nations Organization, the Mayor of Tijuana (PAN), Juan Manuel Gastelum Buenrostro, has been subject to a resolution by a Federal District Judge ordering him to no speak about the #MIGRANT #CARAVAN .

In a recent video posted on December 28, 2018, live on the official facebook page of the Mayor's Office of Tijuana (https://es-la.facebook.com/ALCDETI/vi…) the Mayor mentions that he received an order from the 1st District Federal Judge ordering him to keep silent about the Migrant Caravan and to issue orders to the Municipal Police of Tijuana to not hand any illegal immigrants that have been arrested over to the federal immigration authorities in the city.


06149f  No.4748003


they responded to my joke about user stats.

The nose reply pretty much seals it

2ab900  No.4748004


Multiple Cycle Options: Features easy-to-use cleaning cycle options for your different cleaning needs including Energy Saver, Light Wash and Heavy Wash. Filtration: Removable, self-cleaning filter. Stainless Steel Interior: Premium stainless steel interior for maximum durability. High Temperature Wash Delay Start: Set your dishwasher to run on your schedule. Attractive Stainless Steel Exterior: Select models only. Energy Saver Dry Option: No heat dry option. ENERGY STAR(R) Low-Rinse Aid Indicator Light Ready-Select(R) Controls: Easily select options with the touch of a button. ADA Compliant China/Crystal Cycle: For a truly gentle cleaning action, the China/Crystal Cycle reduces wash pressure by 30% for a thorough cleaning of your most delicate stemware.

f4181e  No.4748005

File: 193245029dce151⋯.jpg (193.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wilcock.jpg)

51d537  No.4748006


For me it's time to let go for good.

No more dreaming of dreams.

No more deity.

Just peace.

7e1178  No.4748007

File: 1046f11be44e508⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1046f11be44e508ba43c0d47aa….jpg)



39e399  No.4748008


The second hand is on the 12. This watch reads 3:14:00. Not sure what that small dial is for above the 6, but it's not for the current time. Stopwatch function maybe? I remember some stopwatch talk somewhere, but not sure it was in reference to this watch. Random thought- does this literally mean to watch 3/14? Nothing is on the clock for that day 1 year ago (1year delta)

eec9c1  No.4748009

File: cf78c85eb05ebc5⋯.jpg (97.09 KB, 991x592, 991:592, IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Cl….jpg)


A Taste of The Moloko Plus!

To Sharpen U.S. up for a bit of the old

Ultra Violence!

6cd710  No.4748010


My first few weeks on half I saw a terrifying image. Was a human with all limbs gone, wrapped head to end of all appendages in tape or some type of wrapped cast with only a mouth hole and pregnant.

bd77fc  No.4748011

File: e2f708dc7c8ae01⋯.jpg (31.3 KB, 943x184, 41:8, Mike.JPG)

where is Moochell


3cb311  No.4748012


Mate. Don't suicide yourself. Not a good thing. Wait for the gloriousness of what is to come.

06149f  No.4748013

File: 6f2eac34d31ac43⋯.jpg (110.88 KB, 700x733, 700:733, 10 seconds and counting.jpg)

b4e07d  No.4748014

File: 0c6e453bdaffaf4⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


I’m looking forward to being back in Puerto Rico as the @ClintonFdn continues to stand with the people of Puerto Rico, USVI, and the Caribbean as they rebuild and recover.


NEW: This month, President @BillClinton, @ChelseaClinton, and hundreds of leaders will gather in San Juan, Puerto Rico to develop solutions that address hurricane recovery needs facing the region. https://wjcf.co/2D4TzGM

8a14b4  No.4748015

I have said it before about coordinating another attack like the great meme war to celebrate the anniversary. It needs to be put in the bread when we launch our attack on a certain date. Then do it two days earlier— a preemptive strike!!! Just to See twitter and fagbook calling us russian bots again would be Fucking hilarious!!!

e7d408  No.4748016

File: 65a9584d151c81a⋯.png (23.27 KB, 662x227, 662:227, SFD re Marina Fire.PNG)

File: 796b20045438d0d⋯.png (39.79 KB, 1522x376, 761:188, SFD Real 911 re Marina Fir….PNG)

Very Large Marina Fire in Seattle right now

Unusual location for multiple large boats to be on fire [small isolated marina]

The last large marina fire [4 alarm] in Seattle was arson and during the CA wildfires 11/10/18


Scanner / komonews.com/news/local/live-police–fire-scanner-11-20-2015

4bfd8c  No.4748017


Nevermind. I got it.

26300d  No.4748018

File: e9d1446a9c7341d⋯.png (215.25 KB, 466x411, 466:411, ClipboardImage.png)

b0f009  No.4748019


Thanks! That is the one I was thinking of.

d57e2b  No.4748020


did not see it, interdasting as fuck

mentions Q a lot, part bad and part good

>Don't know, I just wear a badge to deliver mail but imho he's mostly disinfo, but the reaction from MSM says he is not mo SS ad and had stricken some nerve w the synagogues

then there's this:

>what's with lindsay graham's sudden growth of a pair?

>Squealed on McCain and Flake, he didn't grow a pair as much as read aloud. Birthright bill will be his tho. As for tribunals I mean the Navy JAG I've seen come and go I assume they're in tandem and gitmo just sentenced a sailor off a sealed indictment (UCMJ not us). Feinstien and u1 ring will be first to be named,since that involves China and Russia they may use UCMJ tribunals as more of a threat to cooperate and plead than junta taking over

will add in case anons find something else interdasting, still going through it

9d1ac5  No.4748021


Just following the recommendations from Chelsea Hubble’s twatter feed.

22d77a  No.4748022

File: 995fe37771bfd37⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 250x250, 1:1, gotmilk.jpg)

73564a  No.4748023


Not really. I've felt the breath of God and I've had demons breathing down my neck. And for what it's worth, I've tried everything but ketamine.

You can't really touch any part of a string without it affecting the whole string, can you?



Nope. Think upload.

4f6b30  No.4748024

File: 1f2f99ff9b70312⋯.jpg (87.2 KB, 1200x994, 600:497, Happy_332be4_6492491.jpg)


patriots anons know they are sekretly helping

our ally (as the only democracy in the middle east) bolster it's passive humanitarian defenses against Islamist terrorists.

1546de  No.4748025


Looks like she'll get a funeral out at sea then

7038a1  No.4748026


Who says I need it fixed?

d3ef62  No.4748027


Anonymous. Update Jan 12, 2019. POTUS in contRol. [RESET]

Anonymous194,028 views



8773bb  No.4748028


Citizens have a constitutional right to a trial by jury.

If you think they are just going to be able to use a military tribunal without a supreme court fight first you are badly mistaken.

Though maybe they are doing corrupt military generals first, who might provide evidence against civilians like HRC, McCain, Petraeus, Clapper, Brennan, Obama, etc.

That would seem to be a more plausible route to getting evidence on the record.

48219f  No.4748029

File: b788caefff64180⋯.jpg (33.01 KB, 420x316, 105:79, 2qvdq7.jpg)


Micheal is afraid. VERY afraid.

2b3fd0  No.4748030


Gotcha, further review clarified.

73564a  No.4748031


American strategy.

8e2e73  No.4748032

File: dfcd490deaea364⋯.jpg (47.27 KB, 900x447, 300:149, La comisionada residente e….jpg)


The Jones Act story is BS. While it's true form time to time some idiot talks about repealing the Jones Act its is only for local cheerleaders and at this day and age no one buys it.

The disaster funds was an ongoig thing but they are trying to sell the idea that POTUS will divert that money for the wall. So far no one seems to be falling for it but is notable that the one pushing the Democrat agenda is Republican Never Trumper Congress woman from Puerto Rico Jennifer Gonzales that happens to be president of the GOP locally.

Q disclosed many ways democrats divert money to the party but so far have failed to include the way USA territories get federal funds. Territories receive block grants that make it easy to divert money back to the Democrats and enables corruption. It is the main reason territories seem to be in perpetual stagnation and on on close inspection their economies do not make sense numerically. Inagine money been delivered in a big jar everyone has access to.

7bf1c3  No.4748033

File: 2c0478d930cc6be⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1330x884, 665:442, Thank_You_Frens.png)

Thanks to all the anons who figured out the name of the background music in:

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected



Berikande Mångfald

Published on Oct 24, 2016

5:48 Duration

The background music is identified as:

Hybridization Of Humanity


Instrumental Core by Tera Catallo

Published on Jun 29, 2013

5:46 Duration

16 times Q has shared this Video ID G2qIXXafxCQ for us to pay attention to:

Jan 05 2019 20:20:07 (EST)

Dec 19 2018 18:19:27 (EST)

Nov 20 2018 21:42:33 (EST)

Nov 04 2018 14:07:18 (EST)

Oct 05 2018 23:05:20 (EST)

Sep 05 2018 17:33:59 (EST)

Aug 28 2018 16:34:10 (EST)

Aug 28 2018 00:16:41 (EST)

Aug 15 2018 00:31:20 (EST)

Jun 30 2018 13:36:13 (EST)

May 10 2018 21:43:20 (EST)

Apr 23 2018 16:24:22 (EST)

Apr 08 2018 18:58:54 (EST)

Mar 04 2018 01:22:06 (EST)

Jan 27 2018 01:20:59 (EST)

Jan 24 2018 14:39:13 (EST)

There is a reason why we continue to highlight this speech. Q

51d537  No.4748034


Not death. Death is illusory anyway. Like waking up, all you have to do is let go of desire. Both Buddhism/Hinduism and Christianity say this. Not many realize yet.

James 1:15

But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

21d514  No.4748035

File: 1fff21053f1b9e0⋯.png (837.06 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 3CFCE2F6-FEEF-48C1-B85F-A4….png)

2ab900  No.4748036


24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ Hard Food Disposer, Black FRIGIDAIRE FFCD2418UB

MPN: FFCD2418UB, SKU: G6123750

Product Details

Frigidaire Dishwasher include characteristics like: Color: Black, Width: 24", Voltage: 120.

About Us

Zoro has a simple mission—We help small business stay competitive!

We do this by offering thousands of great products at super low prices. Small businesses have historically been at a disadvantage to larger companies who can buy stuff at lower prices because of their size. We want to change that!

Zoro has most of the products that the “big guys” have and we offer every single one of them at an everyday low price. There are no complex discount structures to understand. Every customer pays the same low price for an item—whether you want to buy one or one thousand!

We have our headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL. Like you, we believe that the key to success is to always put our customers first.

c14177  No.4748037


If you cannot find peace here, you will not be gifted with it elsewhere. I promise you, there aren’t any easy choices here.

d3ef62  No.4748038


Not primo sauce, I know. I would sure like to believe it though.

6a9525  No.4748039


Q says




That includes most likely not only POTUS, but also other official government/military branch tweets.

The posted timeline/milestones might be very relevant for the plan we all are following and seeing unfold.


>1QFY17: Achieved Milestone C/Low Rate Initial Production

>1QFY18: Achieved Full Rate Production

>3QFY18: Anticipate achievement of Initial Operational Capability


>2QFY20: Anticipate achievement of Full Operational Capability

51d537  No.4748040


The only demons here are other people.

53ad74  No.4748041


Sky event

de713c  No.4748042

File: edb905267a3daa6⋯.jpeg (113.12 KB, 1083x919, 1083:919, DwzjX_dWkAAjyhd.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 90f5326a2051fac⋯.png (263.35 KB, 810x724, 405:362, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)

File: b75423fd2205890⋯.png (465.59 KB, 903x558, 301:186, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)


The sign in Arizona tells people to stay North of Interstate 8.

Absolutely crazy that so much of the state is too dangerous to enter due to drug and human trafficking.

We should make Polosi and Schumer camp out there alone for a week.

51d537  No.4748043



b71690  No.4748044


Think Anon. Do you suppose all that you know, touch, experience just popped out of nowhere with no cause. Intelligence creates, it designs, and it's proof is all around you and within you.

I would say this intelligence cares very much about it's creations. I all would say it communicates with you every moment.

2ab900  No.4748045


SPT Energy Star White 18-inch Built-In Dishwasher

Product Description: This built-in 8 place setting dishwasher is a great addition to any home. At 18 inches wide, this unit takes up minimal space and is a great replacement for older appliances. It features 2 pull out dish racks, 6 wash programs and time delay feature.

Features and Functions:

Time Delay Featureallows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours)

Error Alarmdisplays fault codes

Rinse Aid Warning Indicatorrefill reminder on rinse aid

Stainless Steel Interior

Quite Operationat 55 dBA

Capacityup to 8 standard place settings

6 Wash ProgramsAll-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light , Rinse and Speed

Two Rackswith adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger plates/pots

2 Spray Armsfor complete cleaning coverage

Silverware Basketholds silverware and utensils for easy cleaning

Automatic Dispensersdetergent and rinse agent

Energy Starmeets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings

Input voltage120V / 60Hz

Energy consumption265kWh/yr

Water consumption (normal cycle)3.65 gallons

Power consumption110W

Noise level (normal)55dB

Drying systemResidual heat drying

Dimensions32.2 inches high x 17.5 inches wide x 22.1 inches deep

Depth with door fully open44.5 inches

Control LocationFront Panel

Dishwasher Height RangeLess than 33 inches

Product FeaturesEnergy Star Compliant

MaterialStainless Steel

Dishwasher Width18 in.

Exact ColorWhite


73564a  No.4748046

File: 3fe29703f95dfdb⋯.png (253.27 KB, 600x536, 75:67, 3fe.png)

File: e10190822a65bcf⋯.jpg (94.17 KB, 960x599, 960:599, hoovy.jpg)

File: f65873bc0cbea0a⋯.png (232.4 KB, 408x469, 408:469, 1529801856958.png)

File: b7265b158cd7c77⋯.png (92.41 KB, 333x250, 333:250, Toph_wins.png)

File: e0244ebdfa39a49⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 210x240, 7:8, 1539676212668.jpg)


>we can't get indicted

7529be  No.4748047


As with everything else, time will tell.

Can't rush this movie.


Sure this was missed. From the 10th. Telling y'all, AI is the future. Now they're putting it in charge of weapons with the exception of a 'human interface before deadly force'. Sooner or later AI will override that. What could possibly go wrong? kek.

Army Looking at AI-Controlled Weapons to Counter Enemy Fire

The head of U.S. Army acquisitions said Thursday that allowing artificial intelligence to control some weapons systems may be the only way to defeat enemy weapons.

U.S. military has embraced AI, arguing that America cannot compete against potential adversaries such as Russia and China without the futuristic technology.

Concern over placing machines in charge of deadly weapons has prompted military officials to adopt a conservative approach to AI, one that involves a human in the decision-making process for the use of deadly force.

But Bruce Jette, assistant secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics and Technology (ASAALT), said it may not be wise to put too many restrictions on AI teamed with weapons systems.

"People worry about whether an AI system is controlling the weapon, and there are some constraints on what we are allowed to do with AI," he said at a Jan. 10 Defense Writers Group breakfast in Washington, D.C.

There are a number of public organizations that have gotten together and said, "We don't want to have AI tied to weapons,"Jette explained.

The problem with this policy is that it may hinder the Army's ability to use AI to increase reaction time in weapon systems, he said.



64448b  No.4748048

File: e5140eba7cee80d⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, addtext_com_MDAwNTI5MTk2NT….jpg)

File: b9f4918fa40607e⋯.jpg (34.63 KB, 600x315, 40:21, addtext_com_MjAwOTQwMTk3Nz….jpg)

File: 49bada2eed35ea0⋯.png (174.75 KB, 482x605, 482:605, addtext_com_MDgwNDEwMTQzOD….png)

File: f64825318a935f7⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 739x600, 739:600, a7.jpg)

File: 5a6bdbeddeddf96⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 619x406, 619:406, Wmvb7d7d-WT_dAe0g03o9-L4Wq….jpg)



Gold star research!

Have my favorite!

0b9269  No.4748049

File: 88027924679b141⋯.jpg (79.59 KB, 500x318, 250:159, 20180521_010522.jpg)

51d537  No.4748050


We are already nowhere. You're looking at it right now.

39e399  No.4748051

File: 262007a9abff9f5⋯.png (377.83 KB, 622x413, 622:413, ClipboardImage.png)


My nigga

bef2a0  No.4748052

06149f  No.4748053

File: 62465b82821fbab⋯.jpg (116.89 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Wild Bill checked for stil….jpg)


sneaky bastards they are!


c14177  No.4748054


That would be a great TV show. Like Blair Witch with night vision, screaming…

229ec9  No.4748055


Yep i agree

5b40a0  No.4748056

Lady Serena Rothschild dead at age 83.


ff5556  No.4748057

File: 7932b6f8c8fbb66⋯.mp4 (15.21 MB, 490x360, 49:36, planned parenthood 1.mp4)


Some of what went on with Planned Parenthood and the Clinton campaign. From this film: https://youtu.be/V8ERFwZoPXE

7bf1c3  No.4748058


I have too many blank line. Got it botAnon, thanks.

51d537  No.4748059


It popped out of nowhere.

It will return to nowhere.

Ego wants to stay.

I am not ego.

a922af  No.4748060

File: b5fb54cd3aa681c⋯.png (239.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190112-213046.png)

File: d4c7e385dc3e889⋯.png (196.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190113-202231.png)

File: 5199d199336a2ca⋯.png (328.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190112-230221.png)

File: 99fec0549b6c7f5⋯.png (132.21 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190113-202122.png)

File: d11108b786478b8⋯.png (678.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190113-202341.png)

53ad74  No.4748061


Prob larp but good read for sure. The AJ Mueller thing reminds me of Q saying careful who you follow


64448b  No.4748062

File: e69fac78a2bf8aa⋯.jpg (116.9 KB, 795x767, 795:767, pepe laugh.jpg)

File: d8c39665c05068b⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 500x645, 100:129, 1jhhp5.jpg)

File: 629c532d7cde9cb⋯.jpg (150.71 KB, 408x528, 17:22, This anon is a savage!.jpg)

File: e4c02af0f650726⋯.png (12.5 KB, 1203x106, 1203:106, Anon response #1.png)


You're a fucking savage!

7038a1  No.4748063


And again, here we are, having to get by Jesus.

Learn the comms. Find the Father, the Father Jesus called on all of us to find, Come to the Father.

There are none so blind that will not see.

Our Father, Maker of the Math.

c14177  No.4748064


Is all a projection, yes. Just smoke and mirrors.

4f6b30  No.4748065


pedo yachts

6a9525  No.4748066

muh jew shills on duty.

Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary&Hussein&Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?


They want you DIVIDED.











21d514  No.4748067


Won’t happen until there is global peace. We need to denuclearize first- part of the agreement. Russia is now at the table for it. So is Japan and China (esp now that they visited the moon). They are preparing for a battle with the cabal. Ramping up, in case needed. Once Europe & Israel is done with voting (March- May) and the dust settles, the RV will happen and then the disclosure. Sky event will then take place.

51d537  No.4748068


Buddha said it, too. And I say it.

2ab900  No.4748069


Miele Slimline Quite Operation Tested Dishwasher G818SCVi -Tiger Wood Panel

Series: 18” Wide Stainless Slimline Series

NCLUDED: The Salt Funnel, Front Brackets with Kick Panel and leveling barsINCLUDED: The Salt Funnel, Front Brackets with Kick Panel and Leveling Feet Hardware

14 DAY GUARANTEE FROM DATE OF ARRIVAL - We fully test each & every unit for operation.

We Clean & Disinfect our dishwasher's, therefore you can be confident that even though these units are used, they will arrive clean therefore you can purchase with confidence

These dishwasher's are used, they will have dents and scratches.

We are including the Front Wood Panels with mounting hardware installed on the dishwasher free of charge. The mounting hardware can be installed on provided panel or your own custom panel.

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b4e07d  No.4748070

File: bb6dcb07935cbf2⋯.png (518.29 KB, 552x594, 92:99, ClipboardImage.png)

51d537  No.4748071

File: 943054a3424991e⋯.gif (673.45 KB, 216x288, 3:4, 00389.gif)


I love you. Thank you.

1546de  No.4748072


enemy combatants do not

ce31d2  No.4748073

File: 52075d1b7aad016⋯.jpg (62.02 KB, 598x609, 598:609, We R Paid Q.JPG)



8a14b4  No.4748074


Jewish strategy actually A Preemptive strike is 1A1A of how to be a filthy piece of shit.

e7d408  No.4748075

File: 9cde519c93ba5e5⋯.png (51.13 KB, 653x450, 653:450, Jeff Bozo Twitter Trending….PNG)

Jeff Bozo still trending on Twitter

Top 2 comments [pic] are good

4bfd8c  No.4748076


Moving in to "Act 3"? … at least whats visible/public?

7038a1  No.4748077


And you know not what you do.


7dc661  No.4748078

File: 4fc106665a2b4e4⋯.jpg (749.26 KB, 2263x1556, 2263:1556, childrenbillboard.jpg)

103396  No.4748079

File: 0bba9cce8100db6⋯.png (19.56 KB, 880x366, 440:183, 1212.png)

File: f66d38f88466fe8⋯.png (94.64 KB, 570x661, 570:661, 1213.png)



ba45f2  No.4748080


And insurance fraud, as usual.

d1f85b  No.4748081


"Disinformation is necessary" ~Q


6fa0c2  No.4748082

>>4747846 If esoteric subjects interest you that much, and you are interested in Freemasonry's teachings and understanding of the subject, I suggest you invest in a copy of Albert Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.


You will find your answers there, as well as a wealth of other information on the craft.

df7018  No.4748083


Did you take a screenshot or download the pic?

Anyone got any cloning pics?

Hell, they did Dolly the Sheep in 1996.

Surely they've done Hillary the Pig by now….

73564a  No.4748085


God knows and formed every hair on your head. He loves the individual parts of you, and He loves you, and He loves what you're a part of.

Sparrows were sold on skewers in the time of Jesus. They were considered so worthless that the vendor would throw in one for free.

But God remembers every single one and loves them dearly.

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.…

And God knows and remembers every single one of them. God the Creator loves and remembers all of us. Every last insect. Every last cell.

That's why death has no power over us.

53ad74  No.4748086


Raelien cult has had facility since 90s

2ab900  No.4748087


Gochnauers Home Appliance Center is selling scratch and dent home appliances and accessories on the internet and Ebay. Here is another one of our great offers to you. As with all of our equipment we sell, each item is a brand new and never used unit but just a scratch and dent model. All damage is cosmetic only and has nothing to do with the performance of the unit. Each item has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty included with it. We sell nothing that is used or in any way less then 100% perfect in operation.

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890ea8  No.4748088


Tucson campaign to become sanctuary city

b51cd7  No.4748089


I know nothing. Intimately.

8773bb  No.4748090


Mostly non citizens, captured off shore, committing terror or military acts.

Just try applying it to us citizens committing civil crimes onshore.

Is there a precedent for that?

Not saying it can't be done, but I guarantee there will be a lengthy fight first.

71bc84  No.4748091

File: 7da49f4d0b88bdd⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 604x573, 604:573, 4d9482479a11924374404bb390….jpg)



I've always assumed 4/10/20 just meant DJT but it looks more like a date, fast approaching

623d2d  No.4748092


not just dead ..on ICE

7e80f7  No.4748093

File: f487858cf65256c⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 1894x1676, 947:838, obe10.jpg)

3cb311  No.4748094

>>4748082 thank you I will locate this.

64448b  No.4748095


That's great information! Thank you!

Just to clarify - I don't need my wife anymore?

6a9525  No.4748096



Anyway seems like a big week ahead, that I sense.

8a14b4  No.4748097


Righto cunt face

d3ef62  No.4748098

File: 65b3293e3ec5eb3⋯.png (220.63 KB, 1200x725, 48:29, CB61C3B5-F488-43F4-BD82-EB….png)

d57e2b  No.4748099




yea, I'll adding it, it's still active too

d57e2b  No.4748100




yea, I'll adding it, it's still active too

325c6f  No.4748101


Listen…God HATES. He simply gives souls life, but it is up to each soul to determine his life and what he seeks as important. There will come a judgment day. Some will not enjoy this day.

I appreciate your optimism, but in fact you paint a slanted perspective.

103396  No.4748102


CHEYENNE – Most of the men, women and children – carrying bags of

peaches and potatoes and pulling wagons – walked past the 45-foot long

blue partisan spectacle bearing the president's face with nary a glance.


a327f7  No.4748103


don't waste your money

all you need to know:

usurpers who claim title to all

equal opportunity mockery

387323  No.4748104


I read “make it easier to use PR as a smuggling route”

21d514  No.4748105


Hence the Kav nomination happening and (patiently) awaiting RBG to leave… won’t haopen until then. Q’s post regarding a Grand Jury was evident of this.

cffa6f  No.4748106


>Let's say this is correct and Bill Clinton is dead, what does that change?

It means Chubbell has to run interference for HRC.

53ad74  No.4748107


Like ghwb was to stop AT

Man the shills on Twitter were laughing the arrests didn't happen that day hmm

73564a  No.4748108


I wonder…

Does the Standstill Procedure really have the time limit people think it does? People have died and been put on ice before.

477b13  No.4748109


Most likely just another DARPA pork-barrel bonanza. To be honest they have a pretty dismal track record when it comes to bringing gee-whiz concepts into the operational inventory. Stuff like the Land Warrior System, the autonomous mules, the Star Trek bio-beds for casualty treatment etc. New Congress = New Budget = Everyone's out for a piece of the pie.

b71690  No.4748110


You are a creation from a higher creator. He gave you free will. Is that ego. Maybe part of it. All that you are is an expression of him, how you handle it, how you communicate it back to him is all he is concerned with.

God is very real. Envision/experience him through your connection to him, no one else was given the tools to do this for you. He come's to terms with you based on your unique relationship to him. It's not the same for anyone.

You are very real to him. Your here aren't you? Maybe that reality of him for you is all you ever needed

5ecff2  No.4748111

File: c581c3ecffe1fea⋯.mp4 (548.87 KB, 1008x1080, 14:15, COTRUM01.mp4)

Get your popcornL

2b3fd0  No.4748112


5 shit memes and Christmas is over. Must be my lucky day. How's the financial health of DSA these days? You getting along ok or is the shutdown hurting income? We know you have plenty of time to post now since you're not at work.

d1f85b  No.4748113

American Freemasonry is as cucked as "Christianity." It's nothing more than the Rotary Club of the esoteric.

ad0c43  No.4748114


>I've always assumed 4/10/20 just meant DJT but it looks more like a date, fast approaching

If you were president during the once in forever date of significance such as that will be on 4 10 20.

Wouldn't you arrange something special?

especially if you were a master troll…


2ab900  No.4748115


The 3rd rack offers 30% more loading area. Perfect for ramekins cooking utensils and extra-long silverware. 44 dBA: Quietest dishwasher brand. New 3rd rack adds versatility and offers 30% more loading capacity. RackMatic offers 3 height levels for 9 possible rack positions. Water softener ensures optimally spot-free and shiny dishes. AquaStop Plus 4-Part leak protection prevents water damage 24/7.

Features & details

Bosch 800 Series SPE68U55UC

18 inch

Full Console Dishwasher

10 Place Settings

5 Wash Cycles

b51cd7  No.4748116


God hates the sin, not the sinner, but sinners produce their own punishment regardless.

6a9525  No.4748117

14 Jan 2018 - 6:17:29 AM













4, 10, 20

God bless POTUS and his family!

103396  No.4748118


Rev. Jim Lewis has worked with migrant communities in West Virginia and North Carolina. He spoke to the group while holding a bag of vegetables, to remind them of those who harvest the nation's food.

"It might be good for us to remember that the peaches that we're eating at the Capitol Market right now are all coming out of the Eastern Panhandle and they're being harvested by mostly Latino workers," Lewis said.


53ad74  No.4748119

File: 6451612197cc7a6⋯.png (347.76 KB, 493x710, 493:710, dems in puerto rico.png)


Bob bounced back frol his Dominican pedo mistrial it seems

9ba1fd  No.4748120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Special Q - A Little Bit


b0edc1  No.4748121


nazi saboteurs executed, through military tribunal. If your not versed in this. See link


d57e2b  No.4748122

Notables so far


>>4747756 Follow Huma

>>4747769 Plane crashes in the news today

>>4747814 Police plan AI experiment for anti-terror investigations

>>4747823 Reminder: FBI agents raided San Juan, Puerto Rico city offices in fraud, obstruction investigation

>>4747833 Resignations in the news today

>>4747955, >>4747973 On Q #1010: 23 Toxic Chemicals You Come into Contact with on a Daily Basis

>>4747987 Thread on a "DC Court Anon" on halfchan

>>4748016 Very Large Marina Fire in Seattle right now




was having trouble posting, and it double posted for some reason

will let you know if I have any other trouble

2b3fd0  No.4748123


Wow, these new?

4f6b30  No.4748124



and yet there is silence.

you think we are going insane anon?

1,000,000 since pizza gate began?

and they're worried about upsetting people.

059991  No.4748125


funny thing is they just shut down the alaskan way viaduct permanently

4f7330  No.4748126

What if

R is Ra, that of Egypt, the guardians, the masters of knowledge and wisdom, Thoth, channelled by JFK.JR…

ebcbcd  No.4748127

File: 5da12850d4e9eac⋯.png (626.98 KB, 1030x764, 515:382, cath.png)

morning nightfags..what's happening?

73564a  No.4748128


God sees everything. God knows everything. I fear nothing.

7e80f7  No.4748129

File: 319997a9373e580⋯.jpg (343.44 KB, 3264x1899, 1088:633, obe7.jpg)

6ccfeb  No.4748130

File: 3acaf42057cc3dd⋯.png (479.59 KB, 782x685, 782:685, JLaw.png)

File: 5d3dd01a643b9c7⋯.png (367.1 KB, 754x499, 754:499, Damon.png)

File: 2e05af05a8cada5⋯.png (418.71 KB, 661x560, 661:560, Cage.png)

Clone Pictures

1546de  No.4748131



7e80f7  No.4748132

File: 0ccca505e4a4309⋯.jpg (344.91 KB, 3264x1923, 1088:641, obe6.jpg)

7e80f7  No.4748133

File: 37d1633611d76b2⋯.jpg (464.61 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, obe5.jpg)

53ad74  No.4748134


D5 not AT

117038  No.4748135


You keep repeating that lie won't make it true. It just shows that you don't know the truth. DYOH

b51cd7  No.4748136


When you realize everything here is you communicating with yourself you will eventually grow bored of it. It's very masturbatory after a while. What arises departs, and arises again, slightly differently.

21d514  No.4748137


Damn, you just brought in Thoth. You know your stuff, anon!

cfa61d  No.4748138


>Tetragrammatron and all that right? Speaking things into existence?

No. The "tetragrammaton" refers to the four letters used for God's name in the Hebrew bible. By convention, this name is considered too sacred to be spoken aloud for fear of accidentally using it in vain. This is why they are still translated as all-caps LORD in most bibles today.

Nothing to do with speaking anything into existence (outside of maybe some mysticism nonsense).

64448b  No.4748139

File: 5c1e3c323e5bf09⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 400x300, 4:3, PalNe.jpg)


I'm in Canada, eh.

6a9525  No.4748140


Masonry is the base for the global cabal.

(Secrecy, commitment, network, blind trust)

Q made so many hints on masonry.

So much was found.

Just dig on thpse luciferian cultists.

ba45f2  No.4748141

File: d88acdced9f6be2⋯.jpeg (118.59 KB, 470x470, 1:1, 5A054AB8-658A-414A-B3DC-A….jpeg)

7038a1  No.4748142


God does not need our approval to exist, but we sure do need his.

fd342e  No.4748143


It looks like she is handing him a piece of candy or a pill perhaps?

2ab900  No.4748144


The EdgeStar 18" Built-In Dishwasher (BIDW1801BL) can fit in smaller spaces while still having enough interior space to accommodate up to eight (8) place settings. At only 18 inches wide, using this unit to replace an older appliance, is a great option. The interior features two (2) pull out dish racks, a silverware basket and cup tray. The front of the unit has a dial selector that allows you to choose between the six (6) wash cycles: heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and rinse. Light indicators show which cycle of the wash the unit is in and a buzzer sounds when the wash cycle has come to an end. This dishwasher has received an Energy Star rating for its efficient energy use. Capacity: This dishwasher can accommodate up to eight (8) place settings and features a silverware basket and cup tray Wash Cycles: Choose from six (6) wash cycles: heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and rinse Controls: The dial selector allows you to select the wash cycle and there are switches for on/off and start/pause 18" Wide: A dish washing solution for use where space is limited

Features & details

This dishwasher can accommodate up to eight (8) place settings and features a silverware basket and cup tray

Choose from six (6) wash cycles: heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and rinse; Dimensions 32.5" H x 18" W x 22" D

At only 18 inches wide, using this unit to replace an older appliance such as a trash compactor is a great option.

Light indicators show which cycle of the wash the unit is in and a buzzer sounds when the wash cycle has come to an end.

The interior features two (2) pull out dish racks, a silverware basket and cup tray.

325c6f  No.4748145


Nowhere does God endorse sin. Jesus never offered you free sin if you believe in him.

You need to understand what sin is and what it does to you, your friends, employees, etc.

You are espousing Christian dogma not the bible. And the Christians are as bad as the Jews in presenting false narratives.

a3d1ee  No.4748146


I use Vinegar, Lemon Juice and good old fashioned bleach as it kills everything…no need to spend a fortune on poison…learned the best cleaning tricks from my Grandmother and real cheap….a little elbow grease and wa la, squeaky clean..

de713c  No.4748147


This 'sanctuary city' bullshit needs to end immediately.

POTUS needs to crack down on this dangerous, illegal crap.

STOP all Federal money to those cities.

73564a  No.4748148


Sometimes, when I'm impatient, I remember that there are operators actively rescuing children and killing child abusers, silently, thanklessly, in the dark, while we sit here shitposting and digging.

I wonder what the public would think if they knew.

a8a108  No.4748149

Happy birthday anon!!! Mines the 17 th…


d41554  No.4748150



16For God loved so the world [Forsooth God so loved the world], that he gave his one begotten Son, that each man that believeth in him perish not, but have everlasting life (but have eternal life). 17For God sent not his Son into the world, that he judge the world, but that the world be saved by him. 18He that believeth in him, is not deemed, (or is not condemned); but he that believeth not, is now deemed, (or is condemned), for he believeth not in the name of the one begotten, (or of the only begotten), Son of God.19And this is the doom, for light came into the world, and men loved more (the) darknesses than (the) light; for their works were evil. (And this is the judgement, yea, the light came into the world, but men loved the darkness more than the light; because their works were evil.) 20For each man that doeth evil, hateth the light; and he cometh not to the light, (so) that his works be not reproved. 21But he that doeth (the) truth, cometh to the light, (so) that his works be showed, that they be done in God.

3cb311  No.4748151


thank you bookmarked!

b51cd7  No.4748152


This is so stupid that I want it to be true just to watch people's heads explode.

62e798  No.4748153

File: 5493c2afbcbecb1⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 1050x548, 525:274, 1.JPG)

File: bbd659e1b9fecfb⋯.jpg (108.83 KB, 676x694, 338:347, 3.JPG)

Israeli cloud computing company acquired by Amazon for $250 million


103396  No.4748154

File: bae4033c3436442⋯.png (101.69 KB, 916x580, 229:145, Peaches gitmo.png)


Peaches Gitmo Edition


The following section is based, unless otherwise indicated, on detainee’s own account.

These statements are included without consideration of veracity, accuracy, or reliability.

a. (S//NF) Prior History: Detainee grew up in Arghandab, a small village near Kandahar.

Detainee worked in the family orchards where the family grew and sold pomegranates,

peaches, and apricots. Detainee did not attend school and states he is uneducated although he can read the Koran.


8fdec7  No.4748155


There is a threshold hearing to determine whether a defendant is an enemy combatant. If yes, Mil Trib commences. RIght of appeal is in the Mil system.

64448b  No.4748156

File: 6a4da465111288a⋯.png (789.58 KB, 1098x585, 122:65, good times.png)


Naw. The 8ch comment is recent though.

f4dfd5  No.4748157


No need to spend a fortune on poison as they use bleach. O.o

53ad74  No.4748158


I'm phonefagging on the road but the 4pleb archive link should be posted if someone wants to get that.

2b3fd0  No.4748159


Responding to e and talking about your imaginary wife. Soiboy life is rough.

06149f  No.4748160

File: a0c5fedaa3abed1⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 300x231, 100:77, Puerto Dominica.jpg)

7529be  No.4748161


Exactly, Programs get all that fucking funding and we know damn well the troops don't get the badass futurisitic gear they've been doing R&D on. Maybe a couple SF units, berets, delta get that gear but the rest don't.

Dark money. $6.4 T missing from pentagon.

We've been getting taxed out the ass on everything yet still continually going in debt, amazing how that works.

No Rep on where it gets spent…cock suckers need to keep their hand out of my pocket and let me keep what I earn.

d1f85b  No.4748162


Masonry was once a vessel of esoteric knowledge. It was corrupted by the jews in the mid 1700's when Rothschild bought his way in, and it has gone down hill ever since.

325c6f  No.4748163


You do not get what is being said. You believe in him but you DO NOT believe him. You have turned Jesus into an idol or good luck charm.

117038  No.4748164

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b71690  No.4748165


Not a very accurate realization, or even close to what is actually happening here with you. But nice try. You a very real, and you are not the only very real entity in this universe

5e7076  No.4748166


I never understood why the shitting pepe also simultaneously has a boner

0c5677  No.4748167

File: 930f3aef0937d9c⋯.jpeg (77.79 KB, 750x420, 25:14, CCB4EEEB-EB41-4C0F-9E33-D….jpeg)

d57e2b  No.4748168


that's not going to make 6a9525 very happy

1546de  No.4748169



73564a  No.4748170



Graham. Kavanaugh nomination. Military law vs civil.

Traitors don't get civilian trials. Maybe Soetoro will just for the optics.

b51cd7  No.4748171


I do not need spiritual guidance but I appreciate that you care enough to post. That's sweet of you. You are very kind.

a3d1ee  No.4748172


Bleach must be diluted 10:1 works great in the home, its the oldest and still the most caustic of domestic cleansers for bathroom and kitchens where most germs and dangerous bacteria collect. Its only about 1.79 generic brand.

4f6b30  No.4748173


What they means is -

Citizens you are now entering Mexico.

4bfd8c  No.4748174


POTUS just said in a press conference… "Peachy-Dory" the other day.

de713c  No.4748175

File: a8b72e39b90146f⋯.png (500.85 KB, 900x732, 75:61, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)

File: 0c61ff28071fdb3⋯.png (163.42 KB, 816x738, 136:123, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)

File: b75423fd2205890⋯.png (465.59 KB, 903x558, 301:186, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at ….png)



64448b  No.4748176

File: 8a6d21178608a3b⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 90331438654270290a73c1181b….jpg)


You're the one that CTRL + F to go through all my posts.

477b13  No.4748177


Cuz Pepe feels good man.

2ab900  No.4748178


15 Place Settings Capacity QuadWash System EasyRack Plus 48dB LoDecibel Operation NFC Tag On Technology Dual Control Cycle NeveRust Stainless Steel Tub 9 Wash Cycles 8 Wash Options Stainless Finish

Features & details

15 Place Settings Capacity

9 Cycles | 8 Options

QuadWash System

EasyRack Plus

Product information

Brand Name LG

Item Weight 88.2 pounds

Product Dimensions 30 x 24 x 35 inches

Part Number LDF5545ST

Batteries Included? No

Batteries Required? No

Additional Information


3fc432  No.4748179


Amen anons

8fdec7  No.4748180


He’s 100% right about cutting off all benes to illegals and everify for employers.

ba45f2  No.4748181

File: 3b8cb5b5340be82⋯.jpeg (123.84 KB, 640x849, 640:849, B909B1AF-B647-4588-9511-A….jpeg)

2b3fd0  No.4748182


You should have just said so Justin. How's that U1 deal going to work out in the end for you?

1546de  No.4748183


and you have proved yourself a retard. Congratulations!

64448b  No.4748184

File: 59d5cb64c7c97e3⋯.jpg (220.61 KB, 1150x738, 575:369, YOU-ASS-BIG-TAKE-PILL.jpg)

7e1178  No.4748185

File: 6317f5ff229c66a⋯.png (609.85 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1326353w_kek.png)


KeK!! That's sweet Anon. Yours??

f4dfd5  No.4748186


That's some diet woke.

d1f85b  No.4748187


Truth can make people unhappy.

Ask any jew.

3be616  No.4748188

wtf ebot?

you remodeling a kitchen?

d41554  No.4748189


Wtf do you know about me? Not a dick damn thing. I posted a Bible verse. That's it.

You've got a bone to pick with Jesus, not me.

0c5677  No.4748190

File: 98df86f9694a341⋯.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1167x1837, 1167:1837, 9AC6153A-9E8B-44BF-B0CF-3….jpeg)

d1f85b  No.4748191


Masonry isn't cucked? Or are you saying that what passes for Christianity isn't cucked?

ba45f2  No.4748192


You can steal it too. KEK

73564a  No.4748193



You know what's great about Sanctuary Cities?

They cause the illegals to cluster in a few places.

If there were an attempt to remove them en masse in places without sanctuary city laws, but sanctuary cities were left alone for a year or two…

72305b  No.4748194


That's one rotten egg!

d3ef62  No.4748195

b51cd7  No.4748196


You have not seen without your eyes yet. You probably won't in this life.

Matthew 6:22

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

You are in no position to play judge of anyone's realization yet, fyi.

6a9525  No.4748197


That is not true.

Why are all higher mason degrees named by other knights orders (knights of malta, templar) which are way older than masonry?

Why is masonry using symbolism which is the old spiritual knowlege from the ruling elite, since centuries?

Masonry is the base for illuminati.

Since centuries.

b71690  No.4748198


Take out one sentient being from this universe and it will cease to exist. There are rules and laws. You will never cease to exist. Face it. You're an eternal being too.

2b3fd0  No.4748199


Nah, I'm phonefagging and just keeping up with one shill I want to target.

2ab900  No.4748200




Full-size tub

Hidden stainless steel electronic control panel

Self-balancing door

10 wash cycles including crystal washing, economy cycle and speed (27min)


Condenser drying

Stainless steel tub and filter

Concealed heating element


Delay timer (up to 9 hours)

5 temperatures: 100°F, 113°F, 122°F, 149°F, 158°F

Orbital Wash System

Complete Water Leak Protection System

13 place setting

Enameled steel baskets

Adjustable upper basket to accommodate plates up to 13 ¾” in diameter

2 cutlery baskets

4 flip-down spike rails on lower basket

2 glass support racks in upper basket

Lower basket with double foldable rack

Electrical Specifcations

Noise level: 43dB (A)

Energy Star-rated

Height leveling legs

Voltage rating: 115V - 60Hz

Nominal power: 13Amps - 1,800W

Voltage 110-120V: Frequency 60Hz.

Water usage: normal/short cycle: 3.54/1.72 gal.

Features & details

Full Size Tub stainless steel for great durability

Stainless Steel Tub and Enameled Steel Baskets

10 Wash Cycles Rapid, Crystal, Auto, Normal, Extreme Wash, Soak, Light Quick, Eco Quick, Normal Quick, Strong and Fast

Hidden Stainless Steel Electronic Control Panel

Delay Timer With up to 9 hour delay

b0edc1  No.4748201

>>4748181 Shit, try truckerfagging a cross Nebraska at night for 459 miles of nothing… lol

On that note, good night Anons. I have a rather important test tomorrow I need to sleep for. Work opportunities presented itself.

b51cd7  No.4748202

5418b1  No.4748203

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Black Pigeon Speaks video on the bizarre celebration of underage transgender children.

~12 minute vid.

117038  No.4748204

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

df7018  No.4748205


I like the way you're thinking with analyzing the rest of President Trump's twat. I searched the Q posts for 400,000 and there's nothing. Not sure what the other capital letters mean, though I bet AS could mean the Bill Clinton had a role in Antonin Scalia's murder. To me that's logical, given that Bill Clinton allegedly offered Loretta Lynch the Scalia SCOTUS seat on the tarmac. Hmmmmmm.

1c6dc7  No.4748206


Ebot doxxing relatives…

a3d1ee  No.4748207


What is wrong with these anti-Americans, someone must be paying someone for this shit to still going on….or people are really that weak willed?

2b3fd0  No.4748208


No arguments here, that's the word on the streets.

72305b  No.4748209

The rats will follow!

7529be  No.4748210



ah shit, replied to fauxbot, no idea how that happened.


I don't want your shitty used dishwashers fauxbot. what have you done with max res?

64448b  No.4748211

File: 8d25d8981100acb⋯.jpg (70.37 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Anne frank_b12d06_5377409.jpg)


Oh… Okay. I'll go back to lurking.

You have a nice day!

c29f4d  No.4748212


Not sure that those fairy tales qualify as Christian, anon. Rather Darby/Schofield imaginings.

ba45f2  No.4748213


Goodnight Anon. Safe travels.

8e2e73  No.4748214


You must be a newfag. The Bushes have had interests and friends in Puerto Rico (Rich Port) for decades. I suggest you try a Google Earth (or equivalent) fly-by of the main island to see how workg is what you think you know of the place. Keep in mind what you know comes from MSM, New York politicians that "identify" as puertorricans or dome Aryan's Yal girlfriend.

"Question everything." – Q

06149f  No.4748215


that's dedication. Good luck


103396  No.4748216

File: 9e2beadfbad9296⋯.png (106.37 KB, 834x533, 834:533, parent1.png)

File: c7713da0b1a45d8⋯.png (20.36 KB, 492x314, 246:157, parent2.png)

File: 6a59c4a7ff749b6⋯.png (16.04 KB, 490x321, 490:321, parent3.png)

File: dd90fb2719d8fb9⋯.png (15.3 KB, 491x204, 491:204, parent4.png)

Unplanned Parenthood

3be616  No.4748217

b71690  No.4748218


Not judging it, just noticing you are. You have free will, you can dismiss this convo and disconnect whenever you choose.

2ab900  No.4748219


Jet-Tech Systems low temperature undercounter dishwasher. Fully automatic washing and rising operation with integrated chemical injection system. Wash tank heater to ensure and maintain proper temperature. Sanitary labyrinth door eliminates any gasket. Deep drawn one piece unified inner chamber. Rinse-additive pump for sparkling results. Detergent pump for consistent results. Chemical sanitizing pump. Just the push of one button fills the wash tank. No need for any booster heater. New and improved wash arm design. Highest quality fabrication using the most advanced machinery will ensure long-life and increased durability. Slide out control panel for ease of service & maintenance. Automatic drain valve mechanism assists to drain water up to a height of 36-inches. Stainless steel wash and rinse arms. Inner wash tank stamped in AISI 316- resists corrosion. Slide out control panel provides quick access to all essential electrical components. The X-33 comes equipped with three peristaltic pumps with prime switches. Helps maintain wash water at the proper temperature. Stainless steel pump impeller provides greater durability. Standard insulated top and side panels. Stainless steel upper and lower wash/rinse arms are interchangeable and easily removed for cleaning. Body, external housing and all chasis components in brushed stainless steel AISI 304. 0.75 HP drip-proof pump motor. Door safety switch. Adjustable peristaltic pumps for detergent, rinse and sanitizer. Door opening height of 15 inches. Reliable mechanical type cam timer. Detergent/chemical connections. Delime switch. Cycle counter. Racks per hour: 37. Water consumption per cycle: 1.00 gallon. Wash Motor: 0.75 HP. Wash Time: 45 seconds. Dwell Time: 12 seconds. Rinse Time: 28 seconds. Total cycle time: 85 seconds

e7d408  No.4748220

File: 5ec6bc1f6d95296⋯.png (523.31 KB, 632x543, 632:543, SFD PIO re Marina Fire.PNG)

File: 4e745cef50f4324⋯.png (162.91 KB, 648x496, 81:62, SFD re Video Marina Fire.PNG)

File: cf2f72dc0e43d66⋯.mp4 (321.52 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Video SFD re Marina Fire.mp4)

File: d570cfeb11bdd5c⋯.png (499.58 KB, 647x764, 647:764, SFD re Marina Fire Under C….PNG)


Fire is kinda under control now / not as large as last marina fire

Maybe 3-5 boats



>funny thing is they just shut down the alaskan way viaduct permanently

Yes / people were trespassing on to it as it was being demolished

Fire is on Lake Washington / Marina S of I 90 by Stan Sayres

As I was typing SFD tweeted fire under control

Probably not notable now as fire contained

I will say this tho, SFD had hose and water issues just like the last Marina fire / not their fault Marina fires are like that

Also why Marina fires are often set by arsonists

3e9f85  No.4748221

File: e2e0a10fdafa065⋯.gif (13.26 MB, 728x408, 91:51, d4e4ccba88aad095813c00580a….gif)


Kek wills it.

71931d  No.4748222

File: 1d168efe4e73297⋯.png (1.1 MB, 640x853, 640:853, ClipboardImage.png)

cfa61d  No.4748223


>Why is masonry using symbolism which is the old spiritual knowlege from the ruling elite, since centuries?

How do you know that's what it is?

36dbd1  No.4748224


Didn't ink samples reveal her whole story/diary was faked? Can't remember now.

73564a  No.4748225


It's literally God (through us) vs Satan (through his possessed hosts), isn't it?

06149f  No.4748226


fuck off faggit. Have family there in Arecibo

it's a joke. Of course you can't see that.

1546de  No.4748227


Much better reading here


387323  No.4748228


Does anyone have clear closeup of POTUS’ bandaid hand?

It doesn’t look right - at least not the typical way blood seepage on a bandaid would look. (Staged?)

a3d1ee  No.4748229


Anon ignore this cryptic dudeanon, he's been here all day talking this crap….think its a slide.


57ebae  No.4748230

My friend's husband just died of prostrate cancer. He was 50'ish. They must have special cures for the elite. RG is 85 and survives all these cancers by mere surgical removal.

8fdec7  No.4748231


He was viewing Melania porn.

ba45f2  No.4748232


Heck of a fire sale. Top dollar.

36dbd1  No.4748233


The conflict is actually internal.

d1f85b  No.4748234


I am well aware of the arguments.

The problem with having this conversation on this board is that there is too many details to be brought up and considered.

The bottom line is that many of the things we call "illuminati" were added in during other times.

It is too easy to conflate ideas that we understand today with what was going on in the past.

It is not as cut and dried as you may think.

9015e9  No.4748235

File: 47bfe7313c835dd⋯.jpg (92.65 KB, 460x838, 230:419, bcc10.JPG)

File: 4816d0d476b06a0⋯.jpg (129.64 KB, 446x868, 223:434, bcc12.JPG)


Or perhaps a pitcher of juice..

a pitcher of…red garment juice.

103396  No.4748236

7038a1  No.4748237


Well, now that you've convinced me, maybe you can convince yourself.

You're almost there. Really.

There are infinite levels of knowing.

64448b  No.4748238

File: 95af3fa9b070d64⋯.jpg (44.19 KB, 500x506, 250:253, why-didnt-anne.jpg)


Not 100 sure.

This meme is 100% accurate though.

9ba1fd  No.4748239

File: 8d77b43071a28fd⋯.jpeg (8.54 KB, 258x196, 129:98, digits.jpeg)

8e2e73  No.4748240


Not an argument.


b71690  No.4748241


I think I just did.

92c563  No.4748242


Hoe does letting closes and body doubles of the Clintons run help wake up normies?

If they are not real, why can't it be exposed? The higher ups know they aren't real, I don't get your theory

2b3fd0  No.4748243


>You have a nice day!

Thought you were in Canada? Have a nice night would be correct.

e0bcb9  No.4748244

File: d965ad376f1d977⋯.png (10.83 MB, 3686x1464, 1843:732, ClipboardImage.png)



San Diego (major port - Hub) I8 E-W & I5 N


Nogales I19 N to Tucson I10 N-SE

Tucson I10 N to Phoenix

Nice chunk of land that Mexico has taken back

36dbd1  No.4748245


>tells other people who to ignore and what to think

What a treasure you are.

6ccfeb  No.4748246

File: 3d01294ebecff51⋯.jpeg (86.48 KB, 750x814, 375:407, 27a976b2521348282fbf21033….jpeg)

Clone Pictures

73564a  No.4748247


As true as that is, nobody's murdering/selling infants inside me. That's all external and the destruction of that evil will be, too.

3cb311  No.4748248


This reminds me of the Matrix. The previous survivors of Zion.

2ab900  No.4748249

File: 81b09b25820e49f⋯.jpg (176.16 KB, 800x1038, 400:519, IMG_4672.JPG)

Perfect for apartments, office kitchens or any small-sized kitchens; offers full-size power in a compact design. With a height of only 17.24-inch, this unit will fit between most countertop and cabinetry. Spacious cavity loads up to six standard place settings. features easy controls, durable stainless steel interior and water temperature up to 148-Degree F. Quick connect to any kitchen faucet eliminates the need for direct plumbing or permanent installation."Perfect for apartments, office kitchens or any small-sized kitchens; offers full-size power in a compact design. With a height of only 17.24-inch, this unit will fit between most countertop and cabinetry. Spacious cavity loads up to six standard place settings. features easy controls, durable stainless steel interior and water temperature up to 148-Degree F. Quick connect to any kitchen faucet eliminates the need for direct plumbing or permanent installation. Our faucet adapter fits standard size Aerator openings for both the male and female connections. The sizes: Male 15/16""; Female 55/64"". FEATURES & FUNCTIONS - Durable stainless steel interior - Up to 8 hours delay start - 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak) - Dish rack and silverware basket - Up to 6 standard place settings capacity - User friendly controls - Automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser - Faucet adapter included for quick and simple connection - Holds plates up to 10.5" in diameter - Rinse-aid warning SPECIFICATIONS Input voltage : 120V / 60Hz Energy consumption: 220kwh/yr Water consumption (normal cycle)l: 14.5L / 3.8 gallons Input / Element wattage: 680W / 600W Noise level: 55dB Drying system: Residual heat drying Power cord length: 4.5 ft Drain tube length: 5 ft Unit dimension (W x D x H): 21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 in. Package dimension: 25 x 23 x 21 in. Net weight: 48.5 lbs Shipping weight: 73 lbs

387323  No.4748250


Full Indian garb? HRC in India for 1. Wedding and 2. Fell down stairs

1546de  No.4748251


Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals Under Control Council Law No. 10

October 1946 - April 1949

This 15-volume series, also known as “The Green Series,” focuses on the 12 trials of almost 200 defendants. The defendants included: diplomats, politicians and jurists, such as Ernst von Weizsaecker, the State Secretary of the Foreign Office, cabinet ministers Schwerin von Krosigk and Hans Lammers, and the Acting Minister of Justice Franz Schlegelberger; military leaders, including Field Marshals Wilhelm von Leeb, Wilhelm List, and Georg von Küchler; SS (Schutzstaffel) leaders, such as Otto Ohlendorf and Oswald Pohl; leading industrialists, such as Friedrich Flick, Alfred Krupp, and the directors of I. G. Farben; and physicians, such as Gerhard Rose. The trial proceedings, conducted in English and German, were carried out under the direct authority of the Allied Control Council, Law No. 10, the text of which is included in Volume I of “the Green Series.” The trials lasted two and a half years, and produced more than 300,000 pages of testimony and evidence. This publication by the United States Government Printing Office is the official abridged record of the individual indictments and judgments, as well as the administrative materials that were common to all the trials. Original volumes of this series may be found in the collections of the Library of Congress and The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School Library, U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia . (Library of Congress Call Number D804.G42 A42; OCLC Number 315875936)


64448b  No.4748252

File: 351b7837bd35018⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 400x479, 400:479, eb9.jpg)

623d2d  No.4748253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

follow the wives …bigly

it hare to do but ignore killroy and

only watch the bidens

they think they are the only ones to receive an envelope

he consoles her

her eyes are developing bags

she is about to cry

why is she targeted?

what kind of evil is that witch into?

5418b1  No.4748254

File: c200556c1d2d3a6⋯.png (283.9 KB, 720x544, 45:34, Kirk Smirk.png)



The talk is mostly about the ridiculous of telling men that masculinity is bad.

Biology is real.

b71690  No.4748255


Infinite level's of being. We know it all in our natural state. There are rules and laws.

73564a  No.4748256


Spicanon here.

The reconquesta meme is a real thing among la raza. They really and truly believe they're taking back "our" land by outbreeding Americans. They won't tell you that, though.

06149f  No.4748257


and yours is what?..an incorrect assumption. Been many times and know it well. Guess you don't understand the joke

4f6b30  No.4748258


they'd stop resisting 100%.

so what is going to be said to the public?

1 million kids and they still haven't got this knocked on the head? So…what's the number before the all clear goes? 5 million? 2.5 million.

Something is NOT right here anon. The numbers reported or…

We're looking at 1 million dead kids and…

silence. it is incredible.

who would want to live in a country like this? this isn't a country anon its an abattoir.

36dbd1  No.4748259


>"So if all of it was written by the same person, and some of it was written in ink not available till 1951 and after, they could not have been written by Anne Frank who died in 1945"

6fa0c2  No.4748260

Dor those looking for Albert Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, you can buy a new paperback edition of it here


The site also carries many other books on Freemasonry, as well as a host of other esoteric subjects.

1919f3  No.4748261


Part 3

Toxic home chemicals - see Q#1010

17. Formaldehyde - The chemical formaldehyde is hiding in many places in your home, from air fresheners and cleaning products to cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell whether you’re exposing yourself due to all the different names on product labels, says the American Cancer Society, but it’s worth taking the extra time to be careful—especially since it’s been found to be carcinogenic to humans.

18. Chloroform - Chloroform—that’s the chemical you see people getting knocked out with by the bad guys in horror films, via —is actually more common in everyday life than you’d think. According to the EPA, it’s released into the air through the chlorination of drinking water, wastewater, and swimming pools, and breathing it in has been found to cause everything from liver problems and depression to cancer.

19. Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers - Polybrominated diphenyl ethers—otherwise known as PBDEs—are commonly used as flame retardants in mattresses. Getting an option that uses the chemical could potentially cause neurobehavioral effects in humans, says the EPA, so it’s worth going for a natural, non-toxic option when shopping—even if it costs a little extra. Especially since you spend up to eight hours a night lying on it.

20. DEET - DEET is used in many insect repellents and is the ingredient that keep ticks and mosquitoes from biting. The only issue? It could cause some health problems. According to the CDC, using products with a high concentration of the chemical—or being exposed to high amounts of it—could lead to skin and mucous membrane irritation, as well as skin rashes and blisters. Luckily, DEET toxicity typically comes from not using the products properly, so make sure to pay close attention to the directions to ensure you don’t have any negative side effects.

21. Toluene - There’s nothing more relaxing and mood-boosting than lighting a scented candle—that is until you find out about all the toxic chemicals that drift through your home because of it. A study out of SC State University found burning candles releases alkans, alkenes, and toluene into the air, all of which can put your health at risk. “For a person who lights a candle every day for years or just uses them frequently, inhalation of these dangerous pollutants drifting in the air could contribute to the development of health risks like cancer, common allergies, and even asthma,” said lead researcher Ruhullah Massoudi in a press release.

22. Nonylphenols - Nonylphenols are often found in laundry detergents and personal hygiene products, and according to the EPA, the chemical has been detected in human breast milk, blood, and urine. It turns out that exposure might not be a good thing—especially since past studies have shown it causes reproductive and developmental problems in rodents.

23. Aluminum - Aluminum is used in everything from beverage cans and pans to the foil you save leftovers with, but most people are exposed through their food. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), the average adult takes in 7 to 9 mg every day through food processing, like in flour and coloring agents. Unfortunately, some studies have shown being exposed to high levels could cause Alzheimer’s disease, although that’s not completely proven, as well as bone or brain diseases in those with kidney disease.


1546de  No.4748262


It's a fucking game to me kitteh!

6a9525  No.4748263


Many anons know, you need to dig more or shill less…

Two masonic pillars being Jachin and Boaz,

eye of Ra,

Baphomet, Lucifer,

Masonic rituals, symbolism is way older than masonry.


Secret societies? Secret handshakes? Secret knowlege? Division between enlightened and profane?

Naaah, not what Q thinks.

>TRUTH belongs with the PEOPLE.


2ab900  No.4748264


So daniel is possessed and Mike the copper is gonna beat the shit out of him for a better world?


Way to go bible

36dbd1  No.4748265


"Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear"

d57e2b  No.4748266


post some sauce on that if you can find it, I've heard that too

I'd add to notables, because it's clearly a big part of replacement migration

890ea8  No.4748267

File: 94061cd7f9fbf6d⋯.jpg (887.29 KB, 1814x1634, 907:817, tucson cemex drug cartel m….jpg)

8fdec7  No.4748268


“GWB is under arrest.”

2b3fd0  No.4748269


Srsly? Going to reply to yourself with this? Are you the worst shill or having a malfunction?

ebcbcd  No.4748270

File: 11250524ae6af43⋯.png (48.01 KB, 554x921, 554:921, pepe_pecker.png)


Yuge if big

64448b  No.4748272

File: e3dd2f4e1667ece⋯.jpg (12.46 KB, 236x234, 118:117, Love PEPE.jpg)

File: cd9818eb15e458f⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 764x512, 191:128, 3bvk03nvzyh11.jpg)



You people are beautiful.

6a9525  No.4748273


Some more sauce:

Why the secret handshake between police and Freemasons should worry us



Albert Pike: "The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine."


1546de  No.4748274

File: 8478b281831ae96⋯.jpg (18.54 KB, 377x377, 1:1, sad.jpg)

e69464  No.4748275

File: a70464c3692f653⋯.png (499.72 KB, 700x417, 700:417, ClipboardImage.png)


>A Taste of The Moloko Plus!

>To Sharpen U.S. up for a bit of the old

>Ultra Violence!

With some 'Drencrom' (adrenochrome) perhaps?

a3d1ee  No.4748276


I think you are on the wrong board…but whatever have a nice ….. Transcendental voyage to the next dimension crytpic dude anon..:)

2ab900  No.4748277

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




64448b  No.4748278

File: 01020f827d7ba0b⋯.jpg (278.02 KB, 798x1200, 133:200, 004.jpg)

File: f327b731d1ab899⋯.jpg (70.22 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 2626338.jpg)

File: 703dd5dda5a5106⋯.jpg (113.24 KB, 751x1127, 751:1127, 66202.jpg)

File: 8efbe09104c9808⋯.jpg (122.98 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, tumblr_p7l3s0iXD41vpaqxoo1….jpg)

File: 84ef502a89bdf7a⋯.jpg (203.94 KB, 801x1200, 267:400, baker1.jpg)


I noticed my spelling error.

Have some boobs anon!

1d35f1  No.4748279


1 dead, several feared trapped after gas blast partially destroys residential building in Russia

Published time: 14 Jan, 2019 05:12

Get short URL

At least one person has been killed and eight others injured following a gas explosion at a nine-story building in the town of Shakhty in Russia’s Rostov Region, according to the local Emergencies Ministry. It is feared that up to seven people are trapped in the building. Four apartments on the eighth and ninth floor were partially destroyed in the explosion. Emergency workers have evacuated 140 people from the damaged building. Search and rescue work is ongoing.


number two(?)

36dbd1  No.4748280

File: c41d027a616e4e2⋯.gif (720.39 KB, 800x665, 160:133, 1451798212263.gif)


I owe allegiance only to the truth, anon. Love you too.

2ab900  No.4748281

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8fdec7  No.4748282


Get rid of the Masonic police state. A fundamental problem for the Republic. There were no police in the Republic, only Sheriffs and Marshals. Even Marshals are doubtful.

5ccef3  No.4748283

File: e85932cdecb102a⋯.png (211.6 KB, 488x354, 244:177, RED plane.png)

FREEDOM DAY February 3rd


Anon posted a clip from the movie Groundhog Day. Bill finds his 'freedom' from Groundhog Day the day after Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day occurs every February 2nd. The day after would be February 3rd.

February 3rd just happens to be 23, now comes the PAIN.

We get our FREEDOM back which causes the KaBaal PAIN.


e7d408  No.4748284

File: 55baace608f87ce⋯.png (70.86 KB, 651x577, 651:577, Ted Lieu re POTUS Buchanan….PNG)

File: acc3f27f591f87f⋯.png (206.64 KB, 648x867, 216:289, Ted Lieu re POTUS Buchanan….PNG)

Pat Buchanan now trending on Twitter

Ted Lieu top comment

He seems irritated….

>Unless you retract your tweet promoting this racist Pat Buchanan article, very difficult now for any Democrat to support your wall.

> Ever.



ba45f2  No.4748285

File: 763d1d2a9566054⋯.jpeg (57.68 KB, 825x467, 825:467, 6B2A3249-8D18-437F-AACF-B….jpeg)

6a9525  No.4748286

Night frens, prolly a big week ahead.

Looking much forward.

Love you all.

64448b  No.4748287

File: 9a5e416c94e00b9⋯.jpg (73 KB, 490x490, 1:1, j1g7d.jpg)


That's a great fucking meme!

2ab900  No.4748288

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1d35f1  No.4748289

File: e096e06aa18c07a⋯.png (547.75 KB, 515x561, 515:561, Q PLANE CRASH IN RUSSIA.PNG)

Cargo plane Boeing 707 crashes near Tehran – report

Published time: 14 Jan, 2019 06:00

Edited time: 14 Jan, 2019 06:09

Get short URL

Cargo plane Boeing 707 crashes near Tehran – report

A Boeing 707 cargo aircraft with 10 people on board has crashed in Iran amid harsh weather conditions, local media report. The ill-fated plane went down during approach into Karaj airport west of Tehran.


e0bcb9  No.4748290


Thanks anon, heard that long ago

Farther north (OR) but we are in the N-S corridor to Seattle/Canada


Thanks Anon saved that one awhile back as well as others mapfag…as well as many other things

621590  No.4748291

File: d60ef38f9cce3c2⋯.png (483.25 KB, 613x705, 613:705, BECAUSE OF YOU.png)




4f6b30  No.4748292

File: 0341692f36443d6⋯.png (80.05 KB, 500x579, 500:579, i-need-you-to-design-a-new….png)


So who is next? Japan? UK? Us again?

02429f  No.4748293


I have a pretty good reason to believe it’s the real deal. I posted something defending a certain group of people on this board and within seconds that twitter handle started following me on twitter, still is even though I haven't yet returned the follow.

73564a  No.4748294


I had to look these up.

Everything I've heard has been word-of-mouth. If they think you're with them, and you happen to be one of them, they're pretty open about reconquista.







Also look into the UC school system. I've attended a few…events. They're blatant about it.

3e9f85  No.4748295

File: 458e113f03ee4b6⋯.gif (377.07 KB, 220x198, 10:9, tenor (2).gif)

e5469e  No.4748296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

621590  No.4748297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1546de  No.4748298


Masonary is full blown cucked and fucked and you did not clarify "what passes for" Christianity. I am a Christian… I read the Bible and have a relationship with Jesus Christ who died on the cross so I may have life.

72d6b6  No.4748299


That's why I'm gonna kill you last.

62dfea  No.4748300

Good evening, fellow anons & autists.

I noticed something early yesterday morning (1/13) in Bread #6027 & #6028 and I was going to mention it but I thought it wasn't a big deal (and it still may nothing) but I noticed it happened again in tonight's Bread #6044:

I noticed that in the Notables- the baker in all 3 instances was capitalizing letters that should not have been capitalized…and was also putting certain letters that should have been in all caps (Ex. Fbi instead of FBI) as lowercase letters. (pic related) I didn't get a chance to screencap the Notables for #6027 & #6028.

I just thought it was odd…but given all that I've seen take place over the past 14+ months and the way seemingly minor/irrelevant things sometimes prove to be more after having more "Eyes On". So, just thought I'd put this out there if any autists want to take a look. o7

73564a  No.4748301


>"We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works."

— Alfredo Gutierrez, political consultant, as quoted by Richard de Uriarte, The Phoenix Gazette, March 14, 1992 (quoted in The ProEnglish Advocate, 1st quarter, 2002).

>"I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important - a very important - part of it." – Former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo at the National Council of La Raza (The Race) Soiree, Chicago on July 23, 1997

2ab900  No.4748302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

62dfea  No.4748303

File: 97ed2d07c1f4a57⋯.png (89.17 KB, 782x245, 782:245, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at ….png)


Guess it would help if I attached the damn screencap.

39e399  No.4748304

File: 5a6166738e08cec⋯.png (328.98 KB, 570x584, 285:292, ClipboardImage.png)


Member this?

a682cf  No.4748305

>>4747631 lb

ThanQ for the clarification.

7c1460  No.4748306


Every time nitwits like Lieu retweet Trump they unwittingly spread whatever message Trump wants to spread to all their own followers. Followers that likely would not otherwise see Trump's tweets.

67e5f6  No.4748307

File: 293c88bb7b77575⋯.png (194.73 KB, 1578x760, 789:380, ClipboardImage.png)



117038  No.4748308


That is mostly correct. It was only preserved in the true form in one place until about 1100, then it went completely underground by 1300. There may still be a true masonic order but what I've found all appears to be revised after 1300 to adapt to a more violent and dumber world.

21d514  No.4748309


Didn’t say letting them run- I’m saying that they were dealt with already, giving POTUS room to go after the heavy hitters- the bigger fish. They (the clones) will face public justice, no doubt but they were swiftly dealt with for a reason.

e0bcb9  No.4748310

File: d7bc7a2d4bf8442⋯.png (6.48 MB, 3813x1489, 3813:1489, ClipboardImage.png)


Zubaida Tharwat - Egyptian

Name got truncated on your meme

7529be  No.4748311

File: 3e23a029a8903c7⋯.jpg (86.45 KB, 800x600, 4:3, boom.jpg)


top kek, was just about to say…forgetting something?


103396  No.4748312

File: db3396eff6ab5c4⋯.png (27.44 KB, 1181x278, 1181:278, haberman.png)

Any one know what Haberman's kids names are?


c6c351  No.4748313

File: 5d4a5adb745208c⋯.png (500.58 KB, 663x627, 221:209, 547893693487528041.png)

6b682b  No.4748314

File: 736a6bfedc411b6⋯.png (199.03 KB, 677x410, 677:410, chrome_2019-01-08_05-33-22.png)

d57e2b  No.4748315

Notables so far


>>4747756 Follow Huma

>>4747769, >>4748289 Plane crashes in the news today

>>4747814 Police plan AI experiment for anti-terror investigations

>>4747823 Reminder: FBI agents raided San Juan, Puerto Rico city offices in fraud, obstruction investigation

>>4747833 Resignations in the news today

>>4747955, >>4747973 On Q #1010: 23 Toxic Chemicals You Come into Contact with on a Daily Basis

>>4747987 Thread on a "DC Court Anon" on halfchan

>>4748016, >>4748220 Very Large Marina Fire in Seattle right now

>>4748153 Israeli cloud computing company acquired by Amazon for $250 million

>>4748256, >>4748294 Anon on "Reconquesta"

>>4748279 BOOM: 1 dead, several feared trapped after gas blast partially destroys residential building in Russia

e7d408  No.4748316


>Member this?

I do

Seattle is just not like it used to be

b0ed7f  No.4748317

62e798  No.4748318

File: 85fe956429a7718⋯.jpg (66.07 KB, 505x674, 505:674, 1.JPG)


Alexa - it's a deal!

8e2e73  No.4748319


>I noticed my spelling error

For some reason I can't avoid typos. Do bewbs cancel the errors? BTW that's OMG quality anon.

21d514  No.4748320


It isn’t a huge secret in the cabal- look at how their funding has dried up.

62dfea  No.4748321


Kek…I know…long night.

4f6b30  No.4748322

File: 2627350543cae28⋯.gif (826.61 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1527142244573.gif)


the Jews are driving me crazy.

still getting chem-trailed.

kids still going missing at stunning rates.

400,000 invader kids in 2018 whilst 450k of ours go missing?


yeah we know who is going away.

white people lol. fuck. fuck.

73564a  No.4748323


And the event.



e69464  No.4748324

File: e13fb822ad70a12⋯.png (114.91 KB, 311x187, 311:187, ClipboardImage.png)

I believe Adrenochrome gets a mention in Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' (1971)

At the Korova Milk Bar, they serve a drink called 'Drencrom' (pic related).

This is freaking me out right now.

Hiding in plain sight.

b81000  No.4748325

vote please https://twitter.com/JulianSvendsen/status/1084649744226492417?s=20

7bf1c3  No.4748326

File: 2ebb2f96535b101⋯.png (44.66 KB, 1100x268, 275:67, Paul Ryan (As the World Tu….png)

Random coincidence. Paul Ryan in a soap opera. As The World Turns.


fae65f  No.4748327

File: 1a9822582502665⋯.jpeg (128.72 KB, 764x822, 382:411, 237AD669-1BB0-4E54-BA31-5….jpeg)

File: 57169b6e8e2cc63⋯.jpeg (66.4 KB, 644x426, 322:213, F89265ED-8C47-443C-8E94-8….jpeg)

File: 4c9422190857b7b⋯.jpeg (113.59 KB, 661x620, 661:620, DFA9B640-C0D2-436C-A855-7….jpeg)

File: 9c84a6807f41d20⋯.jpeg (58.77 KB, 538x539, 538:539, B01A4D9B-6AA9-40BC-A141-9….jpeg)

File: 718632ce47e25d7⋯.jpeg (77.14 KB, 800x532, 200:133, AAFDCC1B-0794-4C40-9ECE-A….jpeg)

Ted sure is loud.

ba45f2  No.4748328


Get a couple beans and call your friends in the morning.

47c040  No.4748329


f'in kek!!!

cb0f90  No.4748330


I wonder if there is any relation to cement being stronger with blood components.

80c81e  No.4748331


I believe Kubrick. Very disturbing.

059991  No.4748332


I just replied to him asking when is the fed getting abolished?

3e9f85  No.4748333

File: e7b3fb036e6a82a⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 400x439, 400:439, e7b3fb036e6a82a3e2377d1918….jpg)


Roy Cohn was a master at making people destroy themselves. Roy Cohn and POTUS were friends. Roy Cohn also defended McCarthy.

Starting to figure this out, yet?

1d35f1  No.4748334

File: 7d9828ca1e5be36⋯.jpg (183.02 KB, 1079x768, 1079:768, Q C I A FILES YUMA MAP MCA….jpg)

File: 8c4a33e9989f122⋯.jpg (136.38 KB, 1142x716, 571:358, Q C I A FILE LasCOHCHAS TR….jpg)

File: 946a18c720f51da⋯.jpg (198.91 KB, 1361x866, 1361:866, Q C I A YUMA MAP FULL TRAF….jpg)

File: 4b68021ef20b983⋯.jpg (189.63 KB, 1297x695, 1297:695, Q C I A FILES YUMA BORDER ….jpg)

File: 836ed0a383af6cc⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1202x902, 601:451, Q C I A FILES RESTRICTED A….jpg)




6fa0c2  No.4748335

>>4748273 Looked at the link you posted, and found two of the quotes in Morals and dogma that actually DO exist, are taken out of context. In a previous bread I posted scans of the entire pages on which these quotes appear, aqnd showed that Pike's references to Lucifer are NEGATIVE. The other two quotes are complete fabrications and do not appear in the book. I happen to OWN a copy, and have read it. You are obviously either someone who has swallowed the anti masonic propaganda, or are another of the MANY division shills that creep from the darkness to defecate in the bread.

06149f  No.4748336

Pinchazo de la tierra del Señor Google… Dile a mi esposa de puerto rico su triste intento de proyecciones. Muchos se ríe aquí ahora

3130df  No.4748337

first thing I though about when I saw bills hand was hmmm he most be undergoing adrenachrome withdrawal

ba45f2  No.4748338


Holy Crap! Never realized. Great work Anon.

7c1460  No.4748339


For some time now, actually. Trump is a master.