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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

3ad3f6  No.4329920

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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>>4282164 ————————————–——– Stress test failed.

>>4282020 rt >>4281684 -————————– 'Guardians' of intelligence.

>>4281837 rt >>4281583 -————————– (3) detention centers being prepped.

>>4281568 rt >>4281479 -————————– No.

>>4281478 rt >>4281387 -————————– "Watch CA" was deliberate.

>>4281410 rt >>4281121 -————————– Senate to investigate 2019.

>>4281049 rt >>4280876 -————————– Gold shall destroy FED.

>>4280936 rt >>4280653 -————————– Only her beauty and love of country.

>>4280831 rt >>4280746 -————————– NSA ability to overreach hosts possible.

>>4280779 rt >>4280688 -————————– Separated by 2.

>>4280699 rt >>4280617 -————————– While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.

>>4280615 rt >>4280575 -————————– Added server(s)/bandwidth improved performance.

>>4280592 rt >>4280423 -————————– No.

>>4280554 rt >>4280453 -————————– Mission to harm NSA.

>>4280455 rt >>4280260 -————————– No.

>>4280331 rt >>4280236 -————————– 2020+ safeguarded.

>>4280247 rt >>4280228 -————————– Yes.

>>4280231 rt >>4280212 -————————– Our promise to 'counter'.

>>4280213 rt >>4280193 -————————– No.

>>4280202 rt >>4280192 -————————– Control.

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Wednesday 12.12.18

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are not endorsements


>>4308334 List of meme-friendly news sites for spreading the truth.

>>4282761 Anon's recap of Q's 12/12 Q&A


>>4329216 WaPo graphics

>>4329222 POTUS standing next to an infinity symbol today

>>4329221 The Path of Islam graphic

>>4329267, >>4329276, >>4329390, >>4329661 'One of a Kind' 4,400-year-old Tomb Discovered in Egypt

>>4329287 Trump presidency 'good news' for the world, says controversial French author Houellebecq

>>4329382 Yellow vest protesters come out across Canada in support of French movement

>>4329408, >>4329398 On floating prisons

>>4329509 Navy Lieutenant pleads guilty to being a pedo

>>4329582, >>4329584 Video of President of Egypt Al-Sisi's speech PG&E For Falsifying Records for 5 Years

>>4329641 Marine Vessel tracker

>>4329678, >>4329753, >>4329888 The California Public Utilities Commission May Penalize

>>4329773 Brand page for the STROYK trademark by SANOFI

>>4329913 #5517

#5516 Baker Change

>>4328571 Jonathan Turley on Mike Flynn

>>4328612. >>4328757 Corsi raised $25K to give to a doctor that doesn't exist

>>4328664 The UN Migration Pact IS legally binding and could be valid FOR ALL countries

>>4328650 Disney Channel Actor Arrested For Planning Sex With 13-Year-Old

>>4328686 Reminder: MI6 does not want DECLAS

>>4328776 North Carolina Governor vetoes voter ID bill

>>4328881 Turkey Continues Unapproved Airstrikes; 24 Killed in Iraq

>>4328962 Karen Pence's foundation

>>4328970 Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz's letter to the judge in Flynn's case, given to Sara Carter

>>4329103 FBI Docs Reveal: "Flynn Was Not Lying Or Did Not Think He Was Lying"

>>4329147 #5516


>>4328040 "Pretty Loud Bang": Boeing 737 Jet Damaged In Possible Midair Drone Strike

>>4327933 Rudy knows better than to keep mis spelling Strzoks name

>>4327773, >>4327822 Comment on the Prison Barge OP, OP photos.

>>4328349 #5515


>>4327300 This is probably the prison barge we're talking about.

>>4327241 Rich Americans Rank Financial Security Over Love in Relationships

>>4327159 Autism and the God Connection

>>4327603 #5514


>>4326701 Today's Q Clock

>>4326660, >>4326721 Prison barge formerly in NYC sighted in port at Morehead City, NC … going somewhere?

>>4326378 The Sick, Twisted Messages in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

>>4326375 China Charges Pastor with ‘Subversion’ After Church Raids

>>4326130 Fake research groups justify new MSM attacks on "conspiracy theorists" – Gp 3: AlgoTransparency

>>4326194 President Trump says he wants to expand Arlington National Cemetery during surprise visit

>>4326820 #5513

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3ad3f6  No.4329927



81fd5f  No.4329955

Who is Freddy?

c7e8dc  No.4329967

>>4327516 lb

I’m physically shaking from my realization and private experiences.. I can see why it would put 99% in the hospital

I’m fucking sick right now but I will finally be in that 1%

Fuck go watch the matrix and the wizard of oz

The read drops

I just freak out and realize all this cia deep dream shit and now I see an electric clock say 12:12 and my analog says 8:05

The electric clock is my alarm clock

5e8d00  No.4329979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Obamas get an Envelope

as seen on voat: https://voat.co/v/QRV/2915343

e3a01a  No.4329980

File: 3e0ea5c671bc1e9⋯.jpg (173.52 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 3e0ea5c671bc1e90975c4babf5….jpg)

f0addd  No.4329982

File: 029009c251d3038⋯.jpg (148.97 KB, 1000x656, 125:82, StealthBomber.jpg)

00c814  No.4329985

Russian Defense Ministry Sends 2 Notes To Pentagon Over INF Treaty, Kurdish-Arab Tensions In US-controlled Part Of Syria

Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu send 2 notes to Pentagon chief James Mattis but the Pentagon over the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty issue and Kuridsh-Arab tensions in the US-controlled area in northeastern Syria, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov told reporters on December 15.

The first note adressed the current situation in northeastern Syria and “expressed deep concern about growing tensions between the Kurds and Arabs in the US-controlled areas east of the Euphrates River.”

It note said that the US-supported “autonomous administration” had achieved progress neither at the political level nor in the restoration of peaceful life. The message added that oil smuggling from the US-controlled areas negatively affected the Syrian economy’s reconstruction prospects.

“Two thousand militants still control nine settlements located along the east bank of the Euphrates River, while at least 1,500 civilians have been killed there in the US-led coalition’s airstrikes,” Konashenkoiv stressed. He added that judging by the Syrian army’s experience, such an area could be liberated in no more than two weeks.

“In the second message, the Russian defense minister suggested discussing the differences in the two countries’ positions on compliance conditions of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty,” Konashenkov said adding that the move highlighted the Russian Defense Ministry’s readiness “for open and specific dialogue with the Pentagon on all the pressing issues on bilateral agenda.”


160cb2  No.4329986

File: 9590d49c9ee2808⋯.jpg (312.25 KB, 1744x2466, 872:1233, 2mefI0r.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

ec39a3  No.4329987

File: 23346a96de8c7fd⋯.jpg (647.6 KB, 1000x683, 1000:683, TYB16.JPG)

366998  No.4329990

File: c386ead311dc1aa⋯.jpeg (68.94 KB, 645x868, 645:868, merci.jpeg)

00c814  No.4329991

File: abe08d092e3a705⋯.png (421.26 KB, 627x642, 209:214, ClipboardImage.png)

eb1085  No.4329993

File: b7d989840f3f21b⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 397x620, 397:620, 1ba4d67f358ff2cdf95805fffb….jpg)

TY Baker!!!

37d538  No.4329994

File: 425ad8c5d1da589⋯.jpg (164.31 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ.jpg)


Dayum, you on the ball.

Call you Gungadin, good little soldier.

0f511c  No.4329995

Late I know, but, anybody else think Greg Gutfeld was bashing / mocking Q?

d97ae4  No.4329996

Did anyone mention "Hunt for Red October" as one of the movies we are watching.

e391aa  No.4329997

Google AdWords = bot clicks

81fd5f  No.4329998

Help me I'm lost

064b76  No.4329999

File: 5ba78c359df3b1a⋯.png (552.77 KB, 497x686, 71:98, 2018-12-15_23-02-01.png)

0fc0e0  No.4330000

File: e0dfe2dd6be6093⋯.png (687.3 KB, 888x783, 296:261, ClipboardImage.png)

Just saw on twit. Obama's got a note.


f0addd  No.4330001

File: d00b69593113174⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 640x360, 16:9, MichaelsDick.jpg)

fd63f0  No.4330002

File: 4e28f4744c8e7cb⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 450x500, 9:10, 88c227469f7273fbeeaaf120d9….jpg)

File: cd24938a380d5c2⋯.jpg (288.78 KB, 1600x1152, 25:18, 97a3b8f45544857188191d6d50….jpg)

File: 99b8baf0cd29427⋯.jpg (309.13 KB, 1079x926, 1079:926, d81f042865abc1f5be004577db….jpg)

File: b6089df4fecfb63⋯.jpeg (192.92 KB, 1219x664, 1219:664, fullsizeoutput_1c8.jpeg)

File: 61d3ad5e874b5de⋯.jpg (112.84 KB, 801x534, 3:2, Djcws0XW0AA-fxg.jpg)

81fd5f  No.4330003

Who can help

677717  No.4330004

File: a8cb37e0e53e4a3⋯.jpg (572.74 KB, 1279x2352, 1279:2352, BlessThisBread1.jpg)

6e3d86  No.4330005


predictive programing anon. We can play the same games.

e391aa  No.4330006

Facebook = bot book

5c923d  No.4330007

>>4328962 (pb)

this is just getting ridiculous.

not all swirly designs mean "cannibal pedo!"

the markings and crap pedos use tend to follow more of the same form factor. they tend to be more similar/uniform, look enough the same to be seen if you're looking for them to avoid false positives.

Don't get me wrong. the shit's real, and we've all seen examples of their imagery, but sometimes a swirly scribble is just that. a swirly scribble.

9eff87  No.4330009

File: 35e9e4abacf432e⋯.jpg (209.71 KB, 1200x624, 25:13, Pete Davidson.jpg)

Suicide Watch for SNL Comedian Pete Davidson?

"i really don't want to be on this earth anymore. i'm doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don't know how much longer I can last," Davidson wrote Saturday in a now-deleted post. "all I ever tried to do was help people. just remember I told you so."


6e45f2  No.4330010

File: 23023454d47ec47⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 23023454d47ec47bb3f03d9c07….gif)


8ff5e5  No.4330011

File: cdcfe2de606601c⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 704x500, 176:125, Fucked baby.jpg)

898ba1  No.4330012


Don’t ask that question!


Besides that guy, Freddy, wants absolutely anything to do with 8 Chan!

At least I hats shat he says.

2fe7b5  No.4330013

File: b4194c66dfab7fb⋯.jpg (27.24 KB, 265x229, 265:229, HARD.jpg)

263ba5  No.4330015

File: 91317e4ccb39290⋯.png (14.61 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 0 POINT.png)



d295bc  No.4330016

File: ea92a24b5155b45⋯.png (147.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8104b9ca-83bf-485d-b03d-e4….png)

good night anons, sleep in peace knowing patriots are in control. see you early am.

1d4612  No.4330017


Whatever it was… It was something very quick too decypher

Aren't we watching a movie???

00c814  No.4330018

File: 4abd96978531ac2⋯.png (2.25 MB, 996x924, 83:77, ClipboardImage.png)


“Music for Peace” project, considers classical music as language of love and Peace

Russian musicians expressed their happiness to be in Syria in the framework of the “Music for Peace” project, which was launched eight years ago to spread classical music and present it on the world stage based on the belief that classical music is the language of love and peace.


Hundreds of Kurdish Fighters Defect From SDF

Kurdish infighting has caused many to leave their ranks and join the Syrian army in Aleppo reports Damas Post.


Military Situation In Syria On December 15, 2018 (Map Update)


Idlib, Aleppo Militants Will Participate In Upcoming Turkish Attack On Eastern Euphrates

Citing a NFL official, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet said that several groups of the alliance are preparing to participate in the operation, including the Elite Army and the Sham Brigade.

“We in the NFL support an operation in eastern Euphrates against terrorism and separatist factions like the PPK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] and the PYD [Democratic Union Party],” Enab Baladi quoted the unnamed official as saying.


Syrian Army Strikes Turkestan Militants In Northern Hama

On December 15, militants of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) attempted to launch attacks on several towns in the government-held part of the northern Hama countryside, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

In response to these new violations of the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement, the SAA artillery struck several positions of the TIP in the opposition-held towns of al-Ziyarah and Sirmaniyah.

“The strikes resulted in the destruction of several positions of the terrorists, many terrorists were also injured,” the SANA’s reporter in Hama said.


Turkey Calls For Coordination With Russia And U.S. Ahead Of Operation In Syria

On December 15, Ibrahim Kalin, an adviser of the Turkish President, said that Turkey is looking to coordinate its moves in Syria with Russia and the U.S. in order to avoid any military confrontation.

“We support the fight against terrorists, so we want to coordinate our efforts … Our Armed Forces will be in close contact with Americans, Russians and other members of the coalition in Syria, in order to precisely avoid any confrontation,” Kalin said on the sideline of the Doha Forum, according to Vestnik Kavkaza.

Furthermore, the Turkish diplomat stressed that his country will not tolerate the presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on its border with Syria. The PKK is designated by Ankara as a terrorist group.

“We can’t allow the presence of any terrorist group on our border, and we can’t allow northeastern Syria to become a stronghold of the PKK,” RT Arabic quoted Kalin as saying.



87e0bd  No.4330019

This is BIG. We are WINNING.


433d4c  No.4330020

File: e9578e2765e7946⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 1177x662, 1177:662, proof.gif)

File: c19acf8079bd86c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 836x834, 418:417, c19acf8079bd86c35155fb32a0….png)

File: 067fd81727b8640⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1153x881, 1153:881, ClipboardImage.png)






86d0c7  No.4330021

File: 0ae12144afb5bb2⋯.jpg (998.95 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, dune sandworm 02.jpg)

"To know a thing well, know it limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will true nature be seen. Do not depend only on theory if your life is at stake."

653059  No.4330022

File: a7ef6ab3e189975⋯.jpg (112.35 KB, 640x719, 640:719, rhNBwr.jpg)

Tapadh leat fuinear

a0515d  No.4330023

File: 57a6fc79b812ffe⋯.png (1006.8 KB, 2000x768, 125:48, infinitychanwpurple.png)

>>4329904 LB

Added some KEKs to another Anons meme.

cc0475  No.4330024

File: 5539a0fc0ce1904⋯.png (279.31 KB, 409x374, 409:374, baberuth.png)

8b6737  No.4330025

LB was one off the better breads in awhile, imo. Shill bs aside, I got charged off it. GBY baker.

a00d45  No.4330026

Audits: $53M of missile motors wrongly listed as not working

OGDEN — A Department of Defense audit found that $53 million of ballistic missile motors stored at Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah were inaccurately designated as not working.

The Standard-Examiner reports that spokeswoman Leah Bryant said "training issues" at some Air Force units resulted in items being listed inaccurately as "unserviceable but repairable" instead of being listed correctly as "serviceable."

Bryant is chief spokeswoman for the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. The center serves as headquarters for the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Directorate at Hill.

The audit said a redesigned process for checking the condition of equipment found that the missile motors' conditions were listed erroneously.

Bryant says corrective steps are taking place.


8ff5e5  No.4330027


Don't give a fuck

ac39ab  No.4330028

File: 50077541a3c4fba⋯.png (912.71 KB, 1234x906, 617:453, ClipboardImage.png)

ok here we go…


saturday night Q bread starts now

someone DJ this bread

d5003b  No.4330029

File: e3571f0d5612e07⋯.jpg (131.93 KB, 1280x568, 160:71, q stocking white.JPG)

File: 03d59f6c8df990f⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 255x191, 255:191, stocking.jpg)

File: f55db78b62d2445⋯.png (791 KB, 1680x679, 240:97, q stocking k.png)

Post 1543


Morning sun brings heat.

Full moon coming.

Undiscovered stars learned.

Missions forward.




George W. Bush mourns for his father also turns state evidence

December 22nd full moon brings revelation

Unkown Star witnesses for the prosecution of the deep state revealed

their missions are witnesses for big reveal.

Each stocking is a person who plays a part. The candycane may be witness protection individuals who are dead to world ( in the kill box). Green are presidents T (Trump) B (Bush). White may be white hats.

Trump hotel Gingerbread stockings as follows

1st candycane "S" in kill box

2nd green with "B"

3rd Candycane "S" in kill box

4th white with "A"

5th candycane "B" in kill box

6th green with "T"

7th white with "Q"

8th white with "K"

People dead in Q post or in recent news.

"S" Diana Spencer(post 100), Seth Rich (post 85)

"B" John Perry Barlow (post 790), Andrew Breitbart (no direct Q Post)

"A" Julian Assange (post 1842)

"K" Kennedy (post 1082), Jamal Khashoggi (no direct Q post)

* Picture with a 4 th candycane stocking with a K in box has the white K stocking missing at the mantle.

Think Elf on a shelf

Elf on a Shelf is a witness to Santa Clause for kids being good or Bad.

6e3d86  No.4330030


cabal staged narrative push. re: the death of the white male from an inability to place himself healthily into modern culture.

117c2a  No.4330031

File: 8fa4196923a9668⋯.jpg (693.02 KB, 775x955, 155:191, rainbow ass.jpg)

File: 96ef82c97459445⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 250x205, 50:41, rainbow normie.jpg)

>>4329283 PB re: demon seed

yeah, i uh, believe in the bible enough to quote it, but i don't believe the flood. maybe the not the virgin birth either, but

definitely not the promise to Noah part.

5e8d00  No.4330032

File: 924cb9ab9f388f6⋯.png (103.11 KB, 661x474, 661:474, Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at ….png)

a37a71  No.4330033


if anyone tries to make you, tell them that's sexual harassment and you don't have to take it.

Giving it might be a different discussion, but no on taking it.

2fe7b5  No.4330034

File: b18d44658e942de⋯.jpg (165.93 KB, 998x760, 499:380, band.jpg)

c6589c  No.4330035

File: 7679d4f98c7caff⋯.jpeg (95.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5C95D6F6-B214-48DD-8996-0….jpeg)

15d3b7  No.4330036

File: 9dee08bd53b40d3⋯.jpg (5.99 KB, 310x163, 310:163, herdingcats.jpg)


ac39ab  No.4330037

File: 42c4245aaa07d75⋯.png (9.73 KB, 231x255, 77:85, trips elvis hannity.png)

37d538  No.4330038

File: 774ee947e487cab⋯.gif (4.05 MB, 500x280, 25:14, POTUSzapsatroll.gif)


Your dubs don't chekk'd.

You must go back.

0f511c  No.4330039


Looking for the relief we'll have when we start seeing bona fide damage being inflicted on the leftists!

a48702  No.4330041

File: bcfa32aff6965bf⋯.jpg (63.22 KB, 480x744, 20:31, 19331633.jpg)

Thanks Baker, yer the shit.

8ff5e5  No.4330042


hard fail whatever it is you are trying to say.

433d4c  No.4330043

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



677717  No.4330044

File: 10421e70cd75027⋯.jpg (76.48 KB, 600x800, 3:4, SleepComfy.jpg)


I'm going to bed too.

C.U. in the AM fren.

00c814  No.4330045

File: fcd1829a9e5dfa3⋯.png (376.75 KB, 908x833, 908:833, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f910def4e6c7ac3⋯.png (56.18 KB, 915x442, 915:442, ClipboardImage.png)


YPG Carries Out 2 More Attacks In Turkey-led Forces In Afrin. Multiple Casualties Reported

On December 15, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released 2 fresh videos showing YPG attacks on Turkey-led forces in the northern Syrian area of Afrin.


ISIS Loses Dozens Of Fighters While Trying To Hold Onto Its Positions In Hajin

The SDF media center said in its daily press release that 121 fighters and commanders of ISIS were killed in the last 24 hours as a result of the coalition airstrikes and the clashes in the Euphrates Valley.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency, Amaq, said that the terrorist group’s fighters killed more than 14 fighters of the SDF after targeting their positions with guided missiles, heavy machine guns and sniper rifles.

A day earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed that the SDF imposed control of entire Hajin. However, the ongoing clashes and several photos released by Amaq confirm that the battle is still ongoing in the southern part of the strategic town.


Russia's New Rules Of Engagement In Syria

Syria will adopt a new rule of engagement with Israel now that Russia has taken a tougher and clearer stance on the conflict between Israel and the “Axis of the Resistance”. Henceforth, Damascus will be responding to any Israeli strike. If it damages a specific military target it will reply with a strike against a similar objective in Israel. Decision makers in Damascus said, “Syria will not hesitate to hit an Israeli airport if Damascus airport is targeted and hit by Israel. This will be with the consent of the Russian military based in the Levant.”




25c38b  No.4330046

File: 1da80ce0f2bbe39⋯.jpg (84.54 KB, 600x920, 15:23, 1541305277671.jpg)


very cool


ec3bcf  No.4330047

File: d699fbd52d56d63⋯.jpg (113.54 KB, 777x772, 777:772, 3.JPG)

File: 1dec2261aaa2790⋯.jpg (106.66 KB, 498x862, 249:431, 4.JPG)

Obama urges people to sign up for health insurance after ruling striking down law


aaecd1  No.4330048

File: 8ddd549886dc6fb⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 1cb8b2245c43cb931860450e57….jpg)

thankyou baker…excellent baking

a7f4c0  No.4330049


I just saw this on twatter too. Where did this "New" vid come from? Why is is so shitty? Seems like we're being leaked shit that was missed…

8ff5e5  No.4330050

File: e2b03a85646dee6⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 567x499, 567:499, Mueller lost.jpg)

c18c98  No.4330052


Great find - the missing proof all wives got a note.


6e45f2  No.4330053

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yates joining the news cycle soon.

223b49  No.4330054


do some dream work for the plan

816dfb  No.4330055

File: 74f07c269263719⋯.png (638.89 KB, 640x295, 128:59, b000aed8c8eabef4b1fdb456dd….png)

File: 22c02f1579f30c3⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1992x960, 83:40, Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at ….png)

This is another one of my favorite pieces shill bait. These faggots can't resist.

Q posts an original photo of Trump taken for Trump's phone in the white house, but they will post a photo that almost matches, but not really at all.

Look close faggots. Show me what you got.


ec39a3  No.4330056

File: 88fe79af497dc91⋯.jpg (493.49 KB, 2496x1506, 416:251, NIGHTS.jpg)

File: 55a50f59354a651⋯.jpg (153.31 KB, 729x1080, 27:40, tomorrownews.jpg)

a0515d  No.4330057


See my other post for some more time stamp KEKs.

37d538  No.4330058


I'll admit, that is damn schmexy. Don't even have to zoom in…

bfaaac  No.4330059

File: d83d41630fc895f⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1899x1183, 1899:1183, 99233FE1-AF71-4AEB-A190-A….jpeg)

File: eaa14a17fd0e6e9⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1848x931, 264:133, 4B01CE20-02A9-4BB5-ADAD-D….jpeg)

For those following the California fire anomalies, check out this guy’s twitter.

Video wouldn’t embed:


777ad7  No.4330060

Net neutrality opponents were right!

Here is an article Out lines how wrong the MSM was with there Fake News it falsifies the statements of the following

Bernie Sanders "This is an egregious attack on our democracy"

Planned Parenthood Action "This could make it more costly to access content or even block websites or information entirely."

glaad.org "The repeal of #NetNeutrality is an attack on the LGBTQ community"

More evidence of a shifting narrative?

A year after net neutrality's demise, the Internet is faster

by Philip Wegmann

| December 14, 2018 12:53 PM


"But people of the Internet, dry your tears! Things are better now than they have ever been. The Internet is actually faster in the United States. A new report by Ookla, a sister company to PCMag, shows that download speeds have increased 35.8 percent across the country. The fastest Internet is actually in Kansas City, Mo., where Google Fiber burns through the wires.

So put down the broken shards of ceramic. Net neutrality is dead. Everyone is fine. Long live the Internet."

e1a555  No.4330061

File: 09155f1a377da08⋯.png (21.98 KB, 174x255, 58:85, 19fccc02b5bbd5b8ff8f10c208….png)


dayum, they all look pissed…..but trying SO HARD to hide it..

e3a01a  No.4330062

Q is coming tonight

86d0c7  No.4330063


not made by this one.

just sharing

just sharing


da40ce  No.4330064


KARACHI: The Pakistan Army announced on Saturday that work on fencing along the border with Afghanis­tan was going apace and that the project would complete by next December.

37d538  No.4330065


An ear.

9e8be1  No.4330066

File: 2b26919a7e5a86a⋯.jpg (97.85 KB, 658x546, 47:39, 73379f5e7c2eb1de121d548a4f….jpg)

ae5cdf  No.4330067



00ddf5  No.4330068


What I am noticing in my life, is that when I think of something in passing or I have a brief conversation with someone about something it shows up almost immediately in my life if I say a phrase I'll turn on the TV and the person on TV will be saying the exact same phrase that I said and it won't even be something that's in the media or part of Pop Culture it'll be something completely random. I don't know what to make of it

5c923d  No.4330069

File: 66366430b40ef52⋯.jpg (160.83 KB, 456x469, 456:469, 1441193739233-1.jpg)


Might be on to something

c7e8dc  No.4330070

File: 30faf7fa1b7cf6c⋯.png (88.88 KB, 707x504, 101:72, ClipboardImage.png)


anons.. who else had this kind of experience?


next step ?

349609  No.4330071

>>4329867 (lb)


6bef09  No.4330072


Look at Barry's eyes afterwards. Like he's seen a ghost.

8b6737  No.4330073


Oh good, Micheal Moore is on the case. Kek, j/k y'all. D'Sousa?

433d4c  No.4330074





6879f9  No.4330075

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>4329856 lb

Husky is a real asshole.

Here, he is one of those meth-head losers

''I don't want to be beautiful'

I don't want to be rich

I want to be a machine-gun

Shooting bullets

Given Russia's rich culture of theatre, poetry and the arts, seeing something like this is shocking beyond belief. This is the Cabal's last desperate effort to promote degradation in Russia.

3370b7  No.4330076




He couldnt give us a couple screenshots or something?

Who is the other film maker?

15d3b7  No.4330077


That shit happens but - only if prepared in advance.

This Trust shit is just that bull shit.

37d538  No.4330078

File: 32b34a78ded6368⋯.jpg (3.9 MB, 3579x2436, 1193:812, B-52_Stratofortres.jpg)


Yep, stealing that first image. Sweet USAF and shit.

8ff5e5  No.4330079

File: 2aafbc9bd65cc00⋯.jpg (103.84 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Mueller Fishing.jpg)

8b6737  No.4330080

'nite Peps!


65eed0  No.4330081


attention seeker.

The actual audacity to say "i'm doing my best to stay here for you"…as if he is someone's messiah.

Do it Pete…just do it…..you won't know how much you are not missed.

5e8d00  No.4330082


Definitely a short, impactful message

f0addd  No.4330083


That's a good one!

eb1085  No.4330084



Flag stripe doesnt line up. But nice try. Shill pic comes from a Breirbart article about fascism.

349609  No.4330085


it's always been something that has randomly happened to me, but it's happening now with more intensity and frequency - you described it very well

3ac412  No.4330086

Watching the movie Bruce Almighty. At minute 57ish, Jim Carey’s character get a promotion, and say his boss is throwing a party at the Vanderbilt Estate for him to celebrate. That place I think a lot of child sacrifices have taken place. Hollywood hinting at things subtly? I know Jim Carey must be in to some messed up stuff, wouldn’t surpise me if there’s a link.

2f9a3d  No.4330087

File: eeb121d682d0d66⋯.png (9.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepe behind blinds.png)

File: e60cd1008e6559d⋯.png (141.49 KB, 871x719, 871:719, night watch games of thron….png)

File: 4582e156398516c⋯.png (25.38 KB, 168x255, 56:85, night-watch.png)

c06549  No.4330088


Listen to the song. Fucking perfect timing

ae5cdf  No.4330089



894d59  No.4330090


Are you looking for the Y?

117c2a  No.4330091

File: 26bb3109d78b296⋯.jpg (48.35 KB, 474x367, 474:367, yellow menace.jpg)

c064c5  No.4330092

File: 6b372415f030da8⋯.png (756.11 KB, 500x666, 250:333, Gen Flynn set up.png)

>>4329347 lb


"When Comey and McCabe sent Strzok over to interview Flynn, Flynn had no idea they had opened a C.I. investigation on him during campaign. It's becoming increasingly clear that McCabe ambushed Flynn and then Yates framed him and got him fired before Mueller railroaded him!"

15d3b7  No.4330093

Trust is good in a family yes

but globally it is giving your power away.

433d4c  No.4330094




1f56fc  No.4330095

File: 95cac854f4364e0⋯.pdf (113.41 KB, Taxotere.MDL_.2740.PTO_.No….pdf)

>>4329773 lb 5517

anon is this one & the same? this is legal filings on them if same people., same name not common








MDL NO. 2740



(Streamlined Service on Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC)


This Stipulated Order shall govern (1) cases transferred to this Court by the Judicial Panel

on Multidistrict Litigation, pursuant to its Order of October 4, 2016; (2) any tag-along actions

subsequently transferred to this Court by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation pursuant to

Rule 7.1 of the Rules of Procedure of that Panel; and (3) all related cases originally filed in this

Court or transferred or removed to this Court. The Order only applies to claims brought by a U.S.

citizen or resident based on usage or purchase of Taxotere® in the United States.

c18c98  No.4330096


Agree anon. Been asking about vid for Michelle for 2 days. Perhaps Q team decided to throw us a bone.

b49647  No.4330097

Q, will Gen. Flynn have his case tossed out?

efa22a  No.4330098

File: 1b3101cd9d14068⋯.png (519.36 KB, 1868x1724, 467:431, ClipboardImage.png)

Jekyll Island

Hyde in plain sight.


There's something where there is nothing to see here.

Look here. Look there.

Oligarchies come in many forms but perform the same come[y].

37d538  No.4330099


Autists…jesus H….

You just have to respond cuz out of alignment. Fucking autists.

00c814  No.4330100

File: 61d8eb6660a2e70⋯.png (253.84 KB, 650x839, 650:839, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 46bf91e268430a6⋯.png (598.85 KB, 648x844, 162:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0df844a5812f3b9⋯.png (568.05 KB, 655x840, 131:168, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4a857e999b5b5c0⋯.png (82.84 KB, 648x837, 24:31, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f286a83596b1a3e⋯.png (608.28 KB, 651x842, 651:842, ClipboardImage.png)



The Deep State Shadow Government 19 pg

I'll post a few random pages, use link


ec39a3  No.4330101

File: d9c818ce0b9acb3⋯.jpg (348.82 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, NIGHTS1.jpg)

File: 158c6f4cff1fb7a⋯.jpg (483.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nightshiftf15E.jpg)

File: 465d2f4915176b2⋯.jpg (617.64 KB, 2000x886, 1000:443, nigths2.jpg)


thanks. i made a few with the F-15.

0514f7  No.4330102

File: 2e2ca0adb2095b2⋯.jpg (204.51 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 241918_jordan-carver_devus….jpg)


Bless you baker.

6879f9  No.4330103

File: bdc2dbfbcadd55a⋯.png (68.72 KB, 432x231, 144:77, ClipboardImage.png)


Elf on a shelf???

French petroleum company on display

As the President wants to sharply raise the price of fuel

And the people take to the streets in protest.

8b6737  No.4330104



25c38b  No.4330105

File: 0d9aa57dd57156f⋯.png (823.38 KB, 768x433, 768:433, h655g6f4h654g65h.PNG)


the universe is connected

the universe is a paradox


c7e8dc  No.4330106


why don't you take a look at the bot that responded to me with trip dubs

i am seriously having a series of biological physical responses in a category somewhere between fright, terror, excitement, disbelief, and words i dont even know yet.

2f9a3d  No.4330107


It's different when you get to CHOOSE.

6bef09  No.4330108


Dumbass also made up shit about Mueller, which doesn't fuckin help us. So I ain't holding my damn breath.

ac39ab  No.4330109

File: f22fc91bf732355⋯.jpg (17.22 KB, 255x255, 1:1, comfy pepe tay.jpg)



pain digits too!!

come on in Q !!

remember last time you posted on a saturday night? it was good times!!

368bed  No.4330110

Irish Mike Pence is The Elf on the Shelf. Spying on the family in the White House and reporting back to santa. Mike Pence received an envelope at the funeral. Hence, he knows he's been outed. That is why when POTUS had his televised spat with Shoemur and Pillosi, Pence was still paralized. When POTUS and Shoemur were doing all the sitting and leaning forward body language, it should have been a normal protective helpful instinct for Pence to at least sit up and lean a little bit forward toward Shoemur, as a way of suggesting; "Back off punk and pay attention to the President when he speaks!" to Shoemur. He didn't flinch an inch. Something wasn't right.


cb6d47  No.4330111

Next Q and A… we ask Q what does Trump, Q and country need us to do…

15d3b7  No.4330112

Trust is the big step to drinking the kool aid

81fd5f  No.4330113


No he's just breathing hard

117c2a  No.4330114

File: 8b5683d88c05a4e⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 576x333, 64:37, share orange 2.jpg)

File: fb7a7372d698ce7⋯.png (141.96 KB, 600x842, 300:421, pepe noose.png)

2d3864  No.4330115


tossed out so he could be tried again? did you think this through?

5c923d  No.4330116


>gave them to a reputable documentary film maker

hope he kept copies in case of a sudden but inevitable betrayal.

remember the non-suicidal madame chick a few years back who """"hung herself"""" after foolishly trusting ABC with exclusive access to the only info that was keeping her alive.

6d2c0b  No.4330117

File: e8b967a41c94a45⋯.jpg (262.91 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, 425ad8c5d1da5892d63316e8dc….jpg)


That's just like a Q!

3370b7  No.4330118


We werent sure if Manchelle and Barry got one but this seals it.

They ALL got one.

2ace7c  No.4330119

File: bea6dddcb378f31⋯.png (537.69 KB, 1080x1380, 18:23, Screenshot_20181216-095504….png)


Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice seeking records of all meetings in 2016 between former FBI General Counsel James Baker and the Perkins Coie law firm. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reportedly paid Fusion GPS to create the “salacious and unverified” Clinton-DNC anti-Trump dossier.

The lawsuit cites a specific media report that FBI top lawyer Baker met with Perkins Coie lawyers to discuss allegations of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia. The meeting reportedly took place weeks before the 2016 election and before the FBI secured a controversial FISA spy warrant targeting then-candidate Trump’s campaign.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the DOJ failed to respond to an October 9, 2018, FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-02617)) seeking:

All records concerning any and all meetings between former FBI general counsel James Baker and one or more attorneys from Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s private law firm during 2016.

349609  No.4330120

File: 8128783f1294b94⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 1485x1101, 495:367, pepe_sleep_kitty.jpg)


goodnight anon

e72ce8  No.4330121

File: 28d323f564859af⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 4080x2310, 136:77, Highest Authority(b).jpg)

6b04dd  No.4330122

File: 0714682b19b1e08⋯.jpg (122.51 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DuZdsy2W4AAzEGU.jpg)

The Special Counsel Is Fighting a Witness in Court. Who Is It?

Mr. Mueller’s investigators and Mr. Trump’s lawyers were still negotiating as recently as this past week about whether Mr. Trump would sit for an interview, according to a person briefed on the matter. That means talks are continuing even after Mr. Trump answered a few of Mr. Mueller’s questions in writing last month. If those talks ultimately break down, Mr. Mueller could seek to subpoena the president.


ea9a71  No.4330123

>>4329882 (lb re pelosi in NK)

OMGosh. Had forgotten this one.

Q and POTUS are setting Pelosi up for a stupendous fall.

2019 will be glorious.

d06015  No.4330124


Obamacare is bullshit unless you qualify for subsidies from the state. If you earn over a certain amount you will be offered plans that cost hundreds of dollars per month with a $7,000 deductible. If you are a relatively healthy person you might as well not bother. This Obamacare thing needs to go away. Before it, employers used to offer reasonably priced health insurance— if you chose to get it. Now many of them have stopped offering insurance and are instead opting to give their employees a stipend towards buying insurance in the marketplace—which is too expensive for most working class people.

Screw Hussein!

37d538  No.4330125

File: 7ff4fe02858f23c⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 255x255, 1:1, PEPElove.jpg)


That's my plane, anon.


(no homo)

d0612f  No.4330126

>>4329678 (pb)

I've worked with companies that dealt with PG&E. They couldn't locate their gas main in a metro/ dense residential area. Third parties couldn't find it either. Ended up having to find a new route because of the risk.

c064c5  No.4330127

File: f0d346a074c942b⋯.png (646.35 KB, 624x926, 312:463, Democrat 2020 Perverts.png)

Democrats 2020

A pervert or a pervert!

92dcc4  No.4330128

File: da009c3648735e2⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 80b8ca000b9e2e3fc684df4462….jpg)


What could it be that all of them take a SUPER fast glance and then shit themselves?? as if they just discovered they'd been caught. So odd.


816dfb  No.4330129

File: d6087f4274a147e⋯.png (979.05 KB, 904x1072, 113:134, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at ….png)

Shills are bringing the B team tonight so lets fuck in the front hole for a bit.

Q can stake out Avenatti's office on a weekend.

Post live photos of what looks like a hit man, and the FBI can't catch this LARP?

Seems like Q's passport would be pretty full by now. NSA and CIA just can't find some kid posting in mom's basement?

Lets have it shills. Why is Q not locked up?


ec3bcf  No.4330130

File: 77ea8f8b1e26463⋯.jpg (88.52 KB, 699x568, 699:568, 3.JPG)

File: a21688e575b93b1⋯.jpg (133.7 KB, 681x900, 227:300, 4.JPG)

J&J's intraday plunge wipes out $45 Billion after revelation that company knew of asbestos for decades


fec71d  No.4330131

Who was the faggot posting fake CP today?

efa22a  No.4330132


Thank you, Baker, for all that you have done, are doing, will do.


6bef09  No.4330133


Here's my question anons:

Why did Laura Bush show Jeb and not W?

894d59  No.4330134


Very nice.

6ea634  No.4330135

File: 0fa54bb74161628⋯.gif (2.84 MB, 600x339, 200:113, IMG_4628.GIF)

Son of a holly shit mother fucker was that a homoerotic zombie apocolypto

b49647  No.4330136


Other choices?

Ruling stands. He pleaded guilty.

a9fc98  No.4330137


When are we going to talk about the fact that Pence's wife got one too. Saw a photo on half-chan that day. No pic unfortunately.

Never trusted that dude.

f37aa8  No.4330138

NBC Philadelphia was doing a story on the Obamacare decision, saying tonight was the deadline to register. They then mentioned that not many people were showing up at the enrollment locations; President Trump has cut the advertising by 90%. kek

349609  No.4330139

File: b2ff1950ace06c0⋯.png (278.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Johnson_Johnson_Baby_Powde….png)

3ad3f6  No.4330140



been shown they're not the same demonstrably


see above and this: >>4330055


legitimately told the twatterfaggot to try harder comparing a nationalist group with antifa


said it was clickbait ffs

Do you believe your efforts here persuade people to stop the pursuit of TRUTH, [CA_J]?

Q also said that

1d4612  No.4330141


The man in charge? Wonder why they went straight for him……. The man that brings it all down?

Yeah, that cat is pissed & fortunately loaded

409256  No.4330142

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Canadian movement

I've know the Canadians were learning to reverse the 'corporation' status by P's for 10 years now. Just found the actionable movement to end their slavery.

"My Freedom 2017 is about each and everyone of us taking simple, lawful initiatives to end dictatorship rule and rising the People into our rightful positions as the lawfully, legal Shareholders of our Countries and having the “Final Decision Making Authority” within all aspects of Governance including International Law, thus, automatically turning Taxation into Dividends."


3ac412  No.4330143


I wonder is Judicial Watch is directed by a “higher power” in what to request, and when.

b6fae4  No.4330144

File: 61d8d1cd6798d6f⋯.jpg (127.38 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Night shift SR-71.jpg)

ec39a3  No.4330145


mine also.

crew chief for a bunch of years..

0b1034  No.4330146

File: defb97d1df73951⋯.jpg (195.56 KB, 865x688, 865:688, obamvine.JPG)


yeah puto

37d538  No.4330147


See that name on my verson?

Q+/Potus tweeted that shit.

Go check, I'll wait. Look for DOITQ.

b91918  No.4330148

File: 8913db49a160303⋯.jpg (145.94 KB, 784x960, 49:60, 8913db49a16030398e581de252….jpg)

ac39ab  No.4330149

File: c8e2181dadd2ee5⋯.jpg (15.49 KB, 229x255, 229:255, armor sm.jpg)

8ff5e5  No.4330150

File: 49e89ac33a43dc4⋯.jpg (175.16 KB, 1024x593, 1024:593, Mueller POS.jpg)

f0addd  No.4330151


I think, maybe, GHWB was faking his death and they saw a picture that he got caught.

b80a03  No.4330152

>>4330100 how is it notable? Is there evidence to prove a bunch of people are actually DS?

11b878  No.4330153



da40ce  No.4330154

File: e1caee9c66fbf89⋯.png (254.99 KB, 585x732, 195:244, statement.PNG)


Statement from Illegal immigrants lawyer

e3a01a  No.4330155


sometimes cause>effect

sometimes effect>cause

what it means to be human

our gift

our curse

aaecd1  No.4330156


execution order of GHWB

5024c1  No.4330157

File: 347803653742524⋯.jpg (90.58 KB, 1024x917, 1024:917, 1544905753949m.jpg)

efa22a  No.4330158


W knew, expected it, Jeb knew but expected differently.

653059  No.4330159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> 653059

65eed0  No.4330160


KEK!!!….that's it, anon. The whole meaning of life boils down to a game of Chinese checkers. I knew someone, sometime, would blow away all the spirograph freaks.

6bef09  No.4330161


They may have done that to make DS think he was still on (((their))) team.

6879f9  No.4330162

File: 79f00d493a322e7⋯.pdf (1.16 MB, PowerOfPositiveThinking.pdf)

File: e2d4d1472e29403⋯.pdf (6.92 MB, 2015.112606.The-Power-Of-P….pdf)



This has been happening more and more to me as well.

Even my wife has picked up on this.

Something to do with creating a new reality.

If anyone has NOT YET read the books that Donald Trump grew up with

Like 'Power of Positive Thinking

By Norman Vincent Peale

You really need to check it out. Either take the attached PDF or buy it wherever you buy books. This is how Trump did what he has done to date.

Also attached is a version for younger people to read. Get your kids started right.

86d0c7  No.4330163

File: 7371b5f71b055fb⋯.jpg (296.34 KB, 1280x937, 1280:937, dune worm.jpg)


"Paradox is a pointer telling you to look beyond it. If paradoxes bother you, that betrays your deep desire for absolutes. The relativist treats a paradox merely as interesting, perhaps amusing or even, dreadful thought, educational."

349609  No.4330164

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pence's wife is pretty cocky…. needs a haircut…. and a better stylist

FLOTUS looked perfect and had perfect demeanor

99f925  No.4330165


Jeb had to change his drawers!

c18c98  No.4330166


wtf! not acceptable for a public utilities company.

4c2256  No.4330167

floating prisons = Watch the water?

37d538  No.4330168


This is from that FBIcoverup site.

NOT notable.

15d3b7  No.4330169

I have lived a long time.

Trust is earned over and over and over again.

It is given freely at first then must be reinforced or lost and to get it back takes time and effort by the other person. And some things are pattern that override trust.

3ad3f6  No.4330170


that's from AIM isn't it?

0fc0e0  No.4330171


Project Veritas

c6a29c  No.4330172

>>4329216 (pb)

>>4329873 (pb)

>>4329946 (pb)

looks like the Fake News Washington Post has been a cabal paper since at least 1946. Paper changed hands in 1946 and we all know what was founded the following year. Eugene Meyer who bought the paper ran the War FInance Corp funding World War I and was chairman of the Federal Reserve

>Meyer–Graham period

>This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2016) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)

>In 1929, financier Eugene Meyer (who had run the War Finance Corp. since World War I[30]) secretly made an offer of $5 million for the Post, but he was rebuffed by Ned McLean.[31][32] On June 1, 1933, Meyer bought the paper at a bankruptcy auction for $825,000 three weeks after stepping down as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He had bid anonymously, and was prepared to go up to $2 million, far higher than the other bidders.[33][34] These included William Randolph Hearst, who had long hoped to shut down the ailing Post to benefit his own Washington newspaper presence.[35]


Prior to Meyer owning it, the paper was owned by the Mclean family. Yes that McLean family.

>In 1904, he (John Roll McLean) and Senator Stephen Benton Elkins built the Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad.[2] McLean, Virginia, which grew up around the railroad, is named for him. He married Emily Beale and was the father of Edward Beale McLean, owner of the Hope Diamond. His sister, Mildred, was the wife of General William Babcock Hazen and Admiral George Dewey. His former estate, Friendship, is now McLean Gardens.[3]

McLean acquired the paper in 1905

>Wilkins acquired Hatton's share of the newspaper in 1894 at Hatton's death. After Wilkins' death in 1903, his sons John and Robert ran the Post for two years before selling it in 1905 to John Roll McLean, owner of the Cincinnati Enquirer. During the Wilson presidency, the Post was credited with the "most famous newspaper typo" in D.C. history according to Reason magazine; the Post intended to report that President Wilson had been "entertaining" his future-wife Mrs. Galt, but instead wrote that he had been "entering" Mrs. Galt.[26][27][28]

>When John McLean died in 1916, he put the newspaper in trust, having little faith that his playboy son Edward "Ned" McLean could manage his inheritance. Ned went to court and broke the trust, but, under his management, the newspaper slumped toward ruin. He bled the paper for his lavish lifestyle, and used it to promote political agendas.

fec71d  No.4330173


They were full of guacamole

3370b7  No.4330174

File: d2583573c7f557a⋯.png (553.69 KB, 1070x630, 107:63, george bush sr leatherface.png)


I dont know but I wish they'd drop it here

eecd2a  No.4330175

File: e517542c8a67d84⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 750x485, 150:97, jato1.jpg)

6ea634  No.4330176

Maybe that shroom cholaye bar would solve teh Bullshit

25c38b  No.4330177


if q is larp why not caught or outted?

if q working for the bad guys why the shills and no denouncement from trump?

9facc0  No.4330178


W knew it was coming. Trump told him night before. SS Handed it to him when casket going by and W handed to Laura

5024c1  No.4330179

File: a345099a44a73c6⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 540x657, 60:73, 1463253.jpg)


Space and time are not fundamental, information is. Consciousness creates apparent space and dimensionality. Just like when you have a dream, what you are dreaming takes up no space. Your consciousness creates the illusion of space and dimensionality when you dream, the same as when you are awake. Both are information based simulations of physical realities.

The world exists in a proud, collective denial of reality.

3ad3f6  No.4330180

File: bb5d15a25908243⋯.png (127.27 KB, 600x468, 50:39, facepalm2.png)

b39488  No.4330181


Wow, this weirdly recorded footage leak is amazing. “Watch the wives.”

03942c  No.4330182

File: 7e3bdc121fbedcc⋯.png (31.04 KB, 352x553, 352:553, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS visit to cemetery was symbolic today, no anons have found the connection yet.

e3a01a  No.4330183



True and Gay

6bef09  No.4330184


FFS! 102k "likes"?!?! White men have basically subsidized the ENTIRE WORLD, but sure, they're "evil". Dumbfucks.

6b04dd  No.4330185

John McCain's family turns on Martha McSally

Meghan McCain’s husband said that Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., would be an “unwise choice” for Arizona senator.

“McSally strikes me as an unwise choice for a number of reasons,” Ben Domenech tweeted. “She's like an NFL team that plays down to its opponents' level - and she'll be tasked with running for re-election immediately.”

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Republican Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. and a host of the cable television show The View, retweeted her husband’s comment.

Domenech was responding to reports that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey might pick McSally, 52, as Sen. Jon Kyl’s replacement as he steps down from the U.S. Senate at the end of the year. McSally, a former Air Foce colonel and the first American woman to fly in combat, is retiring from Congress next month after narrowly losing a Senate contest to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., last month.


d0612f  No.4330186


it was a high pressure main too. it'd be an easy way to hide underground tunnels by labeling it a gas main, that no one could find or check

433d4c  No.4330187

File: 57993cedcfd8ce0⋯.jpg (79.63 KB, 1019x632, 1019:632, DuUeRhMUwAA0Lau.jpg)


>been shown they're not the same demonstrably





cf7afb  No.4330188

>>4329944 lb

>>4329888 lb

>>4329580 lb

Did moar digging and discovered something which activated my almonds related to PG&E and the Camp Fire (coincidence?).

Here's my question:

Why is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Foundation to help Camp Fire Victims the Public Affairs Manager for Pacific Gas and Electric Company??

Aaron Rodgers referring donations here:


Scroll down for names of BOD:


37d538  No.4330190

File: bcc305f5eee4752⋯.jpg (44.72 KB, 665x450, 133:90, gaytard.jpg)


That dude was posting that shit all day, earlier…claimed posting the link was keeping the CP guy from posting…or something.

Fake. Gay. Pic related.

fec71d  No.4330191


Exactly, this guy and his buddy were trying to trend this shit today.

First they post the link then his buddy posts fake CP as a response.

They failed!

ec39a3  No.4330192


that is bad ass. thanks

c5ef96  No.4330193

File: f02c6b2958f1837⋯.png (150.88 KB, 453x315, 151:105, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 56f9eb779726933⋯.png (144.43 KB, 464x341, 464:341, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 0aea207ed3d34b4⋯.png (148.5 KB, 457x328, 457:328, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 2f7b2d6a37682a7⋯.png (158.93 KB, 432x331, 432:331, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 37a188a01bb200d⋯.png (153.44 KB, 456x350, 228:175, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

9ad3cd  No.4330194

File: 44931270d55a4d8⋯.png (577.87 KB, 700x491, 700:491, Qdropsns.PNG)

6ea634  No.4330195

File: 79caa5473cc417c⋯.jpg (207.59 KB, 800x890, 80:89, IMG_4654.JPG)

f0addd  No.4330196


Bill of Rights Day, Arlington - > Old Guard ?

5024c1  No.4330197


You left off Israel as supporting.

37d538  No.4330198


Love it. Got a Hi Res of that?

8ff5e5  No.4330199

File: 2002e749ee5ac14⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 750x410, 75:41, all the time in the world.jpg)

368bed  No.4330200


You may have seen the video of it done by a woman sounded black. I think she was wrong. Looks to me like GW could and was reading it while Laura held it out in front of herself. He then shifted his eyes away. He probably already saw it anyway and gave it to her.

6bef09  No.4330201


There was no hand off by SS. That video does not show that.

5082a5  No.4330202

File: 1dfc2d07ec1dd52⋯.png (5.64 KB, 509x327, 509:327, Glork00005.png)

ac39ab  No.4330203

File: a05b2f0dbe9bfa3⋯.png (164.16 KB, 631x371, 631:371, ClipboardImage.png)


i have a cool story from yesterday re hive mind

i posted way back in 5500 that i was diggin on re-diggin the titanic (was just getting my night started)

none of my stuff made it to chan but im sure anons by now know by this morning the anons did titanic happenings

i thought that was pretty spoopy meta

>>4316234 (pb op)

ea9a71  No.4330205

Nightshift ain't got nothin' on a Saturday night.

Manana y'all.

Free beer on Sunday mornings if the concernfags don't get there first.

c5ef96  No.4330206

File: 159e9bd58b55e0c⋯.png (156.75 KB, 442x338, 17:13, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: d767b4a707f80f3⋯.png (180.72 KB, 467x325, 467:325, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: b56e843be8690cb⋯.png (148.18 KB, 479x313, 479:313, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: d26ccf415a9fe68⋯.png (147.65 KB, 440x314, 220:157, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: ac98ea4653a21dc⋯.png (152.71 KB, 447x349, 447:349, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

00c814  No.4330207

File: 84691eaefd052fc⋯.png (1.35 MB, 662x920, 331:460, ClipboardImage.png)

File: da6e66d1d5b1d79⋯.png (123.17 KB, 1189x922, 1189:922, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 61292d6592e5ced⋯.png (160.55 KB, 1183x908, 1183:908, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 01675bf010da7e0⋯.png (111.83 KB, 1186x913, 1186:913, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a64349d8c79c68b⋯.png (145.84 KB, 1182x801, 394:267, ClipboardImage.png)

The 'Integrity Initiative' - A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The "Russian Threat"

The British government financed Integrity Initiative is tasked with spreading anti-Russian propaganda and with influencing the public, military and governments of a number of countries. What follows is an incomplete analysis of the third batch of the Initiative's papers which was dumped yesterday.

Christopher Nigel Donnelly (CND) is the co-director of The Institute for Statecraft and founder of its offshoot Integrity Initiative. The Initiative claims to "Defend Democracy Against Disinformation".

The Integrity Initiative does this by planting disinformation about alleged Russian influence through journalists 'clusters' throughout Europe and the United States.

Both, the Institute as well as the Initiative, claim to be independent Non-Government Organizations. Both are financed by the British government, NATO and other state donors.

Among the documents lifted by some anonymous person from the servers of the Institute we find several papers about Donnelly as well as some memos written by him. They show a russophobe mind with a lack of realistic strategic thought.

There is also a file (pdf) with a copy of his passport:

From his curriculum vitae (pdf) we learn that Donnelly was a long time soldier in the British Army Intelligence Corps where he established and led the Soviet Studies Research Centre at RMA Sandhurst. He later was involved in creating the US Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) at Ft. Leavenworth. He worked at the British Ministry of Defence and as an advisor to several Secretaries General of NATO. He is a director of the Statecraft Institute since 2010. Donnelly also advises the Foreign Minister of Lithuania. He is a "Security and Justice Senior Mentor" of the UK’s Stabilisation Unit which is tasked with destabilizing various countries. He serves as a Honorary Colonel of the Specialist Group Military Intelligence (SGMI).

During his time as military intelligence analyst in the 1980s Donnelly wrote several books and papers about the Soviet Union and its military.

Donnelly seems to be obsessed with the 'Russian threat' and is determined to fight it by all means. His paranoia is obvious in a "private - confidential" report by the Statecraft Institute on The Challenge of Brexit to the UK: Case study – The Foreign and Commonwealth Offices (pdf):

Our problem is that, for the last 70 years or so,we in the UK and Europe have been living in a safe, secure rules-based system which has allowed us to enjoy a holiday from history.

Unfortunately, this state of affairs is now being challenged. A new paradigm of conflict is replacing the 19th & 20th Century paradigm.

In this new paradigm, the clear distinction which most people have been able to draw between war and peace, their expectation of stability and a degree of predictability in life, are being replaced by a volatile unpredictability, a permanent state of instability in which war and peace become ever more difficult to disentangle. The “classic” understanding of conflict being between two distinct players or groups of players is giving way to a world of Darwinian competition where all the players – nation states, sub-state actors, big corporations, ethnic or religious groups, and so on – are constantly striving with each other in a “war of all against all”. The Western rules-based system, which most westerners take for granted and have come to believe is “normal”, is under attack from countries and organisations which wish to replace our system with theirs. This is not a crisis which faces us; it is a strategic challenge, and from several directions simultaneously.









e391aa  No.4330208

Word on the street is

There are very high profile cabal peeps that are

Being held in prison. Solitary confinement.

Think of some high profiles that have not had a recent photo lately? Or in the past year? Except maybe to give testimony, then right back in the dungeon!

Panicin DC cause they know this shit isn’t fairy tales and they are rightly freaking the fuck out!

They say big high profile too! Many!

All will be hush till trials and all fish are on a hook.

Think Panama Papers!

Many Are Going Away

9facc0  No.4330209


There is a breakdown in past breads go find it.

5024c1  No.4330210


The swirl means female. It's ancient.

ae5cdf  No.4330211


That happens to me to all the time

0514f7  No.4330212

File: 8a2cf562cb02947⋯.jpg (180.63 KB, 1594x1102, 797:551, 2018-09-20_22-47-07_img.jpg)

93b047  No.4330213


Imagine if he got it instead, all the wifes. Kek

3ad3f6  No.4330214

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4329985 Russia and USA talking about INF Treaty and Kurdish-Arab tensions

>>4330018 Syria Update

>>4330060 A year after net neutrality's demise, the Internet is faster

>>4330122 The Special Counsel Is Fighting a Witness in Court. Who Is It?

>>4330119 Judicial Watch sues for records of FBI-Perkins Coie meetings from 2016



<muh comped baker

c064c5  No.4330215

Trump will likely win reelection in 2020

More than two dozen Democrats reportedly are eyeing the possibility of challenging President Donald Trump in 2020.

Media darling Beto O’Rourke has met with former President Barack Obama.

Former Vice President Joe Biden claims that he is “the most qualified person in the country to be president.”

Sen. Kamala Harris says she will make her presidential decision “over the holiday.”

The Boston Globe editorial board praised former Massachusetts Democratic governor Deval Patrick for calling it quits on 2020, and suggested that the Bay State’s senior Senator Elizabeth Warren would be wise to heed his example.

Hillary Clinton would like to run for a third time, but slumping ticket prices on her current speaking tour are an ominous sign.

And then there is Sen. Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic nomination to Clinton in 2016 but who is nevertheless mulling a bid as well.

Simply put, 2020 is about to get pretty wild on the Democrats’ side of the ledger, and no one should be shocked if it descends into a no-holds-barred mosh pit of progressive egos slamming each other and Trump at every turn.

Assuming Donald Trump runs for reelection, he is the favorite to win — despite recent polls. Even the bookmakers are currently in agreement.

The reason is simple: incumbency has its privileges. Since 1900, 20 presidents have run for reelection. The incumbents have won 15 times and lost five, if you include former President Gerald Ford who was never elected at the ballot box in the first place. If you remove Ford from the equation, the winning percentage among presidential incumbents would likely be good enough to capture baseball’s Cy Young award in recent years.

Further, despite the chirping of the pundits about what 2018 means for 2020, recent history has shown that there is in fact very little correlation between a president’s first midterm election and their reelection bid. Case-in-point, Bill Clinton’s party lost 52 House seats in 1994 and Barack Obama’s party lost 63 House seats in 2010, yet both men garnered more than 330 Electoral Votes in 1996 and 2012, respectively.

Add in the fact that the 2020 Electoral College playing field will likely be very similar to the 2016 edition (40 states are essentially already decided and 10 are up for grabs), and one starts to see why Trump has a very real chance of securing four more years in the White House. To prevail, the Democratic nominee would have to either sweep the Rust Belt (Pa., Wis., Mich., Minn.) or dislodge Florida or Arizona from Trump. Not an easy task.

As an incumbent, President Trump’s biggest worry is not a particular candidate or ticket or even the Russia investigation at this stage, but whether the country endures an economic recession in 2020. So when Trump told the Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan in October that his biggest threat was the Federal Reserve, he was pretty close to the mark.


816dfb  No.4330216

File: 0d14359f350cfe1⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 385x456, 385:456, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at ….jpg)



That's what I'm looking for.

If they match then they match, but they don't.

Keep working the images in photoshop.

I think you are getting closer.

eecd2a  No.4330217

File: 70ac684b93779b2⋯.mp4 (310.19 KB, 450x450, 1:1, peradox.mp4)

349609  No.4330218


having trouble reconciling that everything around us is rigged… it really hampers the positive thinking thing

but thanks for sharing the link… will read

064b76  No.4330219

File: ae58e224aebf29c⋯.png (92.87 KB, 297x195, 99:65, 2018-12-15_23-32-33.png)

15d3b7  No.4330220

so kid love with all your heart - but be very careful you give that heart to,

299813  No.4330221


You're not a fan of the Pragmatism school of philosophy, are you?

45c522  No.4330222



this is awesome

fec71d  No.4330223


Watch the wives

0fc0e0  No.4330224


>>4330115 With Prejudice –Bye Bye Case forever

00c814  No.4330225

File: 86205b07437b7f6⋯.png (86.05 KB, 1174x765, 1174:765, ClipboardImage.png)






6e3d86  No.4330226


It may be hard to see.. but there is no doubt the globalist movement has been backed into a very tight corner… they are acting in desperation in a number of ways. Pure desperaton. I believe Q calls it "PANIC".

>unprecedented outright censorship

>media breaking the 4th wall daily

>massive global trend toward nationalism

>massive rating decline in globalist owned entertainment

>massive rating decline in globalist controlled media

>all time high public distrust of the media

>democratic party being forced too far left ahead of schedule.. splintering their own base.

>calculated a wave of immigrants in hillary's 8 years as they demonized and phased out the white male bloc. Without the immigrant wave, their timelines are irreparably damaged

>unprecedented wave of intelligence operatives attempting runs for direct seats of power in government. proves their normal network of shill politcians has been severly truncated.

>Now purely defensive narrative that is subject to Trump's timelines. White hats push an event, DS responds. They no longer control the narrative. They only respond to Trump's moves as he makes them. Trump maintains extreme leverage.

>They lost the U.S. supreme court rendering their entire subversive judicial network obsolete.

>They lost their U.S. senate leverage with 47-53

>They have no definitive leader and are stuck fighting among their intersectional wings for control.

They are losing. They are losing big. The fact that they daily have to outright lie about Trump's coming destruction should be evidence enough that we are beating them handily. Losing for us would look like a video tape of trump and a russian hooker. They have nothing.

Q is correct: "WE HAVE IT ALL"

2ace7c  No.4330227


You wonder good mate

c7e8dc  No.4330228

File: 9b440b474564eea⋯.png (109.43 KB, 956x333, 956:333, ClipboardImage.png)

the truth is behind us

its been shown

all this stupid fucking 'sliding shill' mirror nonsense… matrix this. redpill that. touch the mirror…

angel numbers

"mathematically impossible" coincidences

"you are watching a movie"

Jason Bourne

Deep Dream

Wizards & Warlocks

Alice in Wonderland

Wizard of Oz


Good Witch/Bad Witch

MK Ultra


April 2017 I got sucked into crystals and electromagnetic energies. Tarot cards and studying witchcraft ( white magic )

Sept 2017 I started getting 11:11 and other dubs repeatedly throughout the day

March 2018

I felt my dog die of cancer without even knowing he had it. the last week of his life we were spiritually bound in a way i didn't even know existed. I took myself to the ER twice with a mystery infection + mystery allergic reaction, 95 Temp ( no cause, XRAYs clear )

The problem i had in my chest, was the same place my dog had lung cancer.

I had to put him down, and I stared in his eyes as he left me. At that moment the invisible blockage in my chest disappeared and I wasn't sick anymore.

It freaked me out so bad I started out on a serious spiritual search ( minus crystals and witchcraft )

I landed here.

I said before that he died for a reason, to open my eyes and give me this spiritual connection because it was going to save my life, or something.

My dog was a cairn terrier.

b874a5  No.4330229



group consciousness, we're easier to control if we all think the same.

c5ef96  No.4330230

File: 5656093164c0199⋯.png (149.32 KB, 446x315, 446:315, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 28f358009800222⋯.png (144.68 KB, 456x327, 152:109, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: d7c77e64b625b2c⋯.png (151.23 KB, 441x331, 441:331, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 18125f32eeac7ab⋯.png (149.37 KB, 495x321, 165:107, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 0e8eb40ba449ef9⋯.png (148.86 KB, 486x334, 243:167, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

c57b28  No.4330231


Cool story but no sauce.

f0addd  No.4330232

File: 777899655465f6e⋯.jpg (88.3 KB, 998x890, 499:445, Overestimated.jpg)

d06015  No.4330233


Wonder what they talked to each other about…since he was boning Marilyn and she had her paramours? Another fake marriage (aren't they all), but people loved them anyway. Such a shame that he died so young.

ae5cdf  No.4330234

I would dream about about something and then that dream would play out next day it’s a thing that has happened to me ever sense I was little

6ea634  No.4330235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Maybe that shroom cholaye bar would solve teh Bullshit

Dante sez to circle the wagoners

6bef09  No.4330236


Then I guess we're gonna need McSally! Whatever that fat bitch Megan says, we do the opposite!

37d538  No.4330237

File: 0f195079f700b98⋯.gif (5.53 MB, 200x233, 200:233, TechnoViking Dances.gif)


This is not just an ordinary anon.

Also not wrong. All these autists and still we have shills?

I know you know how to break that.

eecd2a  No.4330238

File: 14c9651d7b7a8a9⋯.jpg (189.69 KB, 1913x1001, 1913:1001, nite shift.jpg)

433d4c  No.4330239

File: 4d11c6500d5e339⋯.png (281.23 KB, 616x723, 616:723, ClipboardImage.png)




ac39ab  No.4330240



suprised you didnt put a turd on it

im not gay but i think if potus wants to touch my peepee i think i might be honored?

6ea634  No.4330241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5082a5  No.4330242

File: e4f3a2cc92041c2⋯.png (12.37 KB, 338x298, 169:149, Glork00002a.png)

c6a29c  No.4330243

File: c65367c1497a1ab⋯.png (104.24 KB, 655x309, 655:309, Screenshot from 2018-12-15….png)

File: b4622905cc9fd77⋯.png (25.78 KB, 755x222, 755:222, Screenshot from 2018-12-15….png)


Not only was Meyer funding WWI and running the Fed, he was president of the World Bank.

There are two Megabanks that offer loans to all the countries around the planet, the World Bank and the IMF. The first one is jointly owned by the world's top banking families,

with the Rothschilds at the very top

, while the second one is privately owned by the Rothschilds alone.

d88cae  No.4330244

File: df71d603c2f3369⋯.png (443.67 KB, 640x417, 640:417, egypt blessings.png)

They were in peace for 4,400 years and in come the paparazzi. Maybe this pristine gift was meant to be unwrapped just in time for The Great Awakening – with beings through the ages and dimensions watching and helping this Grand Plan.


4ab4a3  No.4330245

File: e78032226ce83f9⋯.png (618.22 KB, 641x820, 641:820, Army 12-15-18 8 30 pm PST.PNG)

File: 096c9388ca1a7c3⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1152x767, 1152:767, Army 12-15-18 8 30 pm PST ….PNG)


3370b7  No.4330246


D'souza is a god guess.

Bannon, maybe?

c5ef96  No.4330247

File: 6e31b337130701b⋯.png (154.83 KB, 507x331, 507:331, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: c8ae319d9a31467⋯.png (142.5 KB, 460x309, 460:309, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 4ba2e74ba6c5975⋯.png (147.44 KB, 493x326, 493:326, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 150c16b6df5030e⋯.png (148.83 KB, 451x320, 451:320, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: b0076858f003962⋯.png (143.25 KB, 440x330, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

349609  No.4330248

File: 54f587f6ad88805⋯.jpg (201.82 KB, 1852x1196, 463:299, checkkek_d.jpg)


digits confirm

6bef09  No.4330249


Fake and gay.

c750d3  No.4330250

File: d0189f6a43a6092⋯.png (339.38 KB, 890x566, 445:283, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Muel….png)


6d2c0b  No.4330251

File: 7f3a2d88d830cc8⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1459x918, 1459:918, Q.png)


Found it!


7db7f6  No.4330252


Anybody click on the gif yet? Also, a crumb here that never was fully dissected is that they never changed the magazines from Bozo's tour. Homework.

4ea555  No.4330253


All the answers are in film. Put out years ago. Every part of the NWO is in entertainment as fiction. The Island and cloning for body parts. Is happening. They have to show you it all.

7b70ea  No.4330254

File: 1b4ef4a90ffcaea⋯.jpg (32.73 KB, 590x442, 295:221, 1453.jpg)

6ea634  No.4330255

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08b2ef  No.4330256


It seems whatever Pence was doing (some say meditating in prayer) it wasn't the appropriate time to be doing it. He appeared to be disengaged from the subject at hand, at best. Your thoughts on this are worth consideration. But you'll need the sauce to push it further as to why in order to give it some meat.

37d538  No.4330257


>>>4330190 (You)


><muh comped baker

I was in no way dissing the baker.

409256  No.4330258

File: 1a026c2221f89dd⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Stuck in the gingerbread elevator?

push the button

92dcc4  No.4330259

File: d71bd2aa1c29aa3⋯.jpg (76.79 KB, 1079x788, 1079:788, d71bd2aa1c29aa32870158b8f5….jpg)


Looks like this is heading that way maybe, although I've never bought into the Pence as DS idea.

That would sure be a twist in the narrative, if it was exposed that the Drumpf picked a bad guy that he didn't even know was a "bad guy" for VP. That'll cook the normies noodles. KEK!!

So IF Pence is on his way out, how does replacing him work?? Is it automatic or does the President appoint?? I know who MY pick is!!

3ad3f6  No.4330260


seriously, did you just get here?

2fe7b5  No.4330261


Fucking idiot

fec71d  No.4330262


FYI: eBot does not like Mueller

816dfb  No.4330263


FREDDY has the chat logs!!!!!!

Anonymous promised Q was toast.

Podesta is crying and the Rothschild are pissed, but Q keeps on posting.

e60463  No.4330264

Sup bruhs, 9/11 - WTC were nuclear weapon detonations?

8b6737  No.4330265

If another board was started for anons to anonymously tell their one post testimony to how they got here, what they experienced on board and good/bad experience with family / friends / coworkers, etc, is the consensus that this would work or no, toward helping troubled anons who are having family differences gain some ground on credibility with their peeps? Not so much Q proofs as Q-anon validation against family calling us all nuts? Thinking open source AA meeting-style one-time-post collection of stories to help normies understand beyond MSM/shill mainstream synopsis? You tell your story, then GTFO, leave room for next anon story…Thoughts?

I would set up and fund the site.

81fd5f  No.4330266



8ff5e5  No.4330267

File: f766de8ec478581⋯.jpg (103.06 KB, 1024x584, 128:73, Mueller Fired now.jpg)

c5ef96  No.4330268

File: 6d12a608472e6a8⋯.png (153.04 KB, 445x336, 445:336, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Q Re….png)

File: 88a6e8a5529ca55⋯.jpg (206.5 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, c7a126759f23204c7e185fa560….jpg)

35e5f0  No.4330269


That can be good or bad. But what does it matter if we all have the same end result?

This situation is getting a little "not normal" when we all somewhat feel the same.

d25937  No.4330270

Just something incredibly weird.

I was searching for Natalia Veselnitskaya and I was reading a story and then my screen went blank AND 8Chan went blank…but all my other tabs worked…

I still can't search for Natalia Veslnitskaya?


3ad3f6  No.4330271


KEK, that was in reference to the other anon saying the baker was comped

was sarcasm

3dfe57  No.4330272

File: 7b940565491849d⋯.jpg (52.19 KB, 720x475, 144:95, 2050.JPG)

86dc9b  No.4330273

File: bed57e5e1613d81⋯.jpg (151.42 KB, 610x613, 610:613, gingerbread.jpg)

File: 063a41627dfa918⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 350x528, 175:264, ginger-gender.jpg)

File: 1861495f3efbe12⋯.jpg (38.34 KB, 448x508, 112:127, ginger-bite-me.jpg)

Gingerbread men banned to stamp out sexism

What will these liberal freaks think of next?

…just ask the berg-stein-witz,

I'm sure they're already working on it.

37d538  No.4330274




Thuh fughck…

8b6737  No.4330275


5:5 good ty

a182b5  No.4330276


Almonds activated Anon.

064b76  No.4330277

File: bc18afdcbeb500b⋯.png (320.84 KB, 481x480, 481:480, 2018-12-15_23-36-59.png)

File: cd950d90465319f⋯.png (90.89 KB, 230x261, 230:261, 2018-11-15_20-51-49qq.png)

c9e257  No.4330278


Another fairy tail.

8b6737  No.4330279

cf7afb  No.4330280



thanks anon.

much fuckery afoot

fec71d  No.4330281


>Natalia Veslnitskaya


37d538  No.4330282

File: fe5f96dde209437⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 480x318, 80:53, twinpeakscoffee.gif)



c7e8dc  No.4330283


More coincidences? HA.

Come on Q. out of hiding.

Terry the Cairn Terrier was born

Nov 17 1933

[17 = Q]

8ff5e5  No.4330284

File: f4e5302aed7d6a6⋯.gif (33.3 KB, 300x300, 1:1, MFer.gif)


sorry ebot is not here

95e392  No.4330285


It's called an awakening.


Prayer and meditation intensify it.

e3a01a  No.4330286


There's always a certain hum isn't there?

d25937  No.4330287


I was researching crumb #2043 with Manfort and Loretta Lynch.

b874a5  No.4330288


I suppose you could argue the thought patterns are good or bad depending if they come from the cabal or God

65eed0  No.4330289


Makes sense. At that point in time, newspapers controlled all info going to the masses. They knew when "one controls the narrative, one will control the masses". Learned from Nathan Rothschild way back in the Napolean Waterloo war era. Rothschild's couriers allowed Nathan to control the narrative and ended up "owning" England. Been in control ever since.

3ad3f6  No.4330290


no one cares

2fe7b5  No.4330291

File: 3003c0edac2f719⋯.gif (73.1 KB, 535x440, 107:88, elvisfam.gif)

ca2c37  No.4330292

SNL cold open……Trump is not POTUS…Hillary went to Wisconsin once and won the election

Deniro as Mueller says he is investigating an idiot for treason

064b76  No.4330293

File: d3f94acf7a9906d⋯.png (342.97 KB, 426x541, 426:541, 2018-12-15_23-21-00.png)

4ab4a3  No.4330294


How soon you forget all the bullshit he spewed just mere weeks ago

cb1e9f  No.4330295

File: 0227f0de1456eea⋯.jpg (14.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, crop-640x360-000.jpg)

349c8c  No.4330296

File: a078fdf67a97902⋯.jpg (823.02 KB, 1231x1760, 1231:1760, 7F29FB19-1DEC-4CB7-9586-0C….jpg)

Hey anons take a look at this

This was posted on halfchan

Obviously can't prove it one way or the other

But this seems to line up with many theories

There is clearly a huge investigation going on and it seems that Russian Collusion is possibly a cover for ABC agencies investigating other ABC agencies

The forging of fake documents seems to be a reoccurring theme for the 302's and the Flynn case and possibly other cases as well

I imagine digging through every gov agency from DOJ, FBI, state, CIA, NSA etc is going to take a lot longer than anyone here wants

I'm sure the shills are going to be all over this like flies on shit

But fuck it - I'm here for the long hall

If you told me that it would take 10 years from today to see the 1st perp walk I would still wake up every day, just like I do now, and check notables

I wake up with excitement that some anon has found one more crumb made one more meme or figured out one more proof

Fuck the shills and the inpatient pussies who can't see what's happening


8ff5e5  No.4330297

File: 7d796d09a371c03⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 1087x769, 1087:769, Mueller overpaid.jpg)

9facc0  No.4330298



25c38b  No.4330299

File: fe553c4a3ca95e4⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1699x936, 1699:936, fhghgfghdhdh.png)

f0addd  No.4330300

File: fd46246e5673ba5⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181111_062748.jpg)



Was this guy on Fox News telling the truth? Brain tumor went away with no treatment except prayer & faith?

2fe7b5  No.4330301

File: bdbe9a324a212b7⋯.jpg (115.18 KB, 800x857, 800:857, 74142058CJ073_British_Acad….jpg)

e4ac38  No.4330302

File: 0a4aff42efe7c90⋯.png (606.61 KB, 917x659, 917:659, 0a4aff42efe7c90fe47f64fb9e….png)

d0612f  No.4330303

File: 015fc84537436f2⋯.png (7.13 MB, 3001x1874, 3001:1874, 015fc84537436f224669d64402….png)

37d538  No.4330304



There were 6 or more posting in the fucking 20s at 600 posts last bread. Keep your numbers in your own ass.

00c814  No.4330305

File: b19f7329374dc84⋯.png (17 KB, 390x380, 39:38, ClipboardImage.png)


Putin Bad

Russia bad

China Bad

Syria bad

Iran bad

Israel The Greatest Ally


EU Ally

Canada Ally

UK Ally

Australia/NZ Ally

CIA Good

DOJ Good

FBI Good

CDC Good

Dems Good

RINO's Good

NSA Bad (Snowden)

Conservatives Bad

Those who destroy v those who create!

The creator v the destroyer!

Expand your thinking!



433d4c  No.4330306





8b6737  No.4330307

c7e8dc  No.4330308

4ea555  No.4330309


What did (((they))) do to him at 9/11 father dead camp?

I am guessing it probably involved Jews and his asshole.

c9e257  No.4330310


The movie is not over, nor has the novel been written. Move on or go back.

f2c4bf  No.4330311

File: 25de011d92d40d6⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 793x454, 793:454, TrumpArlington.jpg)


"The president's trip to Arlington came about a month after he received criticism for not visiting the national cemetery on Veterans Day.

And that, in turn, came after a visit to a World War I cemetery in France was scuttled due to poor weather."

There was talk that the trip in France was cancelled due to an assassination attempt. I don't recall hearing about the other scuttled visit, but perhaps it was similar.


7bca55  No.4330312

File: 63ef78cbc655fca⋯.png (73.38 KB, 717x995, 717:995, sab.png)


if you havent seen it:

maybe cali fires an excuse to do something?

d25937  No.4330313

File: 1c29ea356c9ead4⋯.png (35.34 KB, 1755x883, 1755:883, Screenshot_33.png)

File: 262a8fcf71bc30a⋯.png (34.38 KB, 1748x847, 1748:847, Screenshot_34.png)


I was using Duck Duck Go. I still can't get anything. Everything just blanked out!

fec71d  No.4330314


Yet you are still here worried about it

4cafe0  No.4330315


Medicine, electricity, light bulb, air con, canned food, internal combustion engines, navigation, airplanes, cars, computers, synthetic rubber and plastics, modern science, telescope, microscope, rockets, satellites, radio, tv, cell phones, trains, jet engines, metallurgy, riveting and welding, geology, submarines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners.. gosh, I'm getting tired of typing.

But shouldn't any other culture that uses these things stop using them in the name of cultural appropriation?

7a99ca  No.4330316

File: 6ce10bb78f8a226⋯.jpg (67.03 KB, 1048x614, 524:307, NIuimmn.jpg)

433d4c  No.4330317

File: 0a0abda4da69e96⋯.png (125.65 KB, 329x248, 329:248, 8d22b894d941288bd5897fce8b….png)





15d3b7  No.4330318

wow just wow


3ad3f6  No.4330319


6 are from baking, I have less than you, you fucking idiot

e4ac38  No.4330320

File: 73cda7861b46e81⋯.png (485.38 KB, 720x340, 36:17, `trump-movie.png)


Projecting MUCH?

c750d3  No.4330321


typical suicider mentality that they are a tragic player on the big stage and everyone is watching…

huge mistake

6879f9  No.4330322


It's not so much that it is rigged.

It's more like, what you think is your WAKING LIFE is really more like a dream

And what you think is your DREAMING LIFE is really closer to reality.

3fdcf8  No.4330323


Looks like a mangled notable:

>>4329582, >>4329584

Video of President of Egypt Al-Sisi's speech PG&E For Falsifying Records for 5 Years

eecd2a  No.4330324

File: de20f7af1261443⋯.jpg (137.99 KB, 541x469, 541:469, KEK!.jpg)

ea9a71  No.4330325


Well that's because it was here three breads ago.

Keep on keeping on, anon.


9facc0  No.4330326

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here… not saying absolute proof but also not discrediting it

d08465  No.4330327


Digits checked

Those twins

433d4c  No.4330328

File: afa5afa079059da⋯.jpg (56.4 KB, 497x500, 497:500, 81788b0a95b776f5747acb6583….jpg)


> worried about it


11b878  No.4330329


Sweet memories. Under 35 you're in your prime, once you hump over 35 and hit E7, break out the Ben-Gay and the Ranger pills.

d25937  No.4330330

File: 0aa270dd7dbaecb⋯.png (36.77 KB, 1798x905, 1798:905, Screenshot_35.png)



Same shit!~

5e0fe6  No.4330331

File: 24de4867dd8ca8b⋯.png (10.66 KB, 528x224, 33:14, hifreddy.png)



8b6737  No.4330332

c7e8dc  No.4330333

you guys are feeling it

its easy to spot you now because of how different and evolved the conversation is

hi frens.

thank god we have each other. its getting fucking weird, right ?

i can't wait.

3ad3f6  No.4330334


shit, thank you, let me figure out the correct links and I'll repost the bun for that

81fd5f  No.4330335


How worried?

f0addd  No.4330336

File: f9172ccdcc08c20⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1024x466, 512:233, TheGreatestAmericanHeroOfA….jpg)

9eff87  No.4330337

File: e0195501e5c5268⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 3000x2073, 1000:691, 3000.jpg)


Here is High Resolution image.

Q did tell us:

Think 'Elf on the Shelf'.

Can you find the next one?

Background tombstone reads "TRICK FEEKS" but most likely PAT is hidden by position of POTUS.


e4ac38  No.4330338

File: e025b2bdbce69dd⋯.jpg (81.43 KB, 690x528, 115:88, e025b2bdbce69dd4bbd0d8614f….jpg)

37d538  No.4330339



This is a stupid game.

ae5cdf  No.4330340


I’m definitely feeling something

15d3b7  No.4330341




6bef09  No.4330342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e5f2e5  No.4330343


ec3bcf  No.4330344

File: c76138c7d16b9af⋯.jpg (99.54 KB, 752x895, 752:895, 3.JPG)

File: ccde4e069075593⋯.jpg (52.42 KB, 738x346, 369:173, 4.JPG)

Small plane damaged in Albany airport crash


5082a5  No.4330345

File: a85014f40b22a5b⋯.png (5.18 KB, 238x312, 119:156, Glork00003.png)

ea9a71  No.4330346

File: 7b8241c54e8a809⋯.mp4 (6.5 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Obamas_Got_Envelope_too.mp4)

c57b28  No.4330347

a48702  No.4330348

File: 9002384fe415e65⋯.jpg (58.61 KB, 625x475, 25:19, that one guy.jpg)

894d59  No.4330349

File: 65274c1ce5125cd⋯.jpg (5.42 KB, 301x167, 301:167, images-9.jpg)

3370b7  No.4330350


I totally agree with that and by following film and entertainment trends, you can start to see what they are up to.

You just gave me an idea, maybe we should look at a list of all film releases since we started.

If in fact Q controls it all, there may be some clues in there.

Just an idea

c9e257  No.4330351

Rothchilds liquidating paper assets in a hurry. Last time it happened, was prior to WWI. Research required. Sauce is dripping off the pot.

433d4c  No.4330352





00ddf5  No.4330353

File: 7bab264270565e4⋯.png (138.24 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)







I suspect that everything is one thing and that we are all manifestations of the same consciousness. We share the same data and DNA determines much of what you have access to. There is a veil. I felt closest to it when I was meditating daily. It really helped me play better poker to stop thinking so much.

What I am reading:


5082a5  No.4330354

File: e956dbf3ffeb702⋯.png (128.19 KB, 403x531, 403:531, Glork00011.png)

c7e8dc  No.4330355


What do we do to break the illusion in the waking life?

cf7afb  No.4330356


No doubt a pre planned event

5f81f5  No.4330357




notables from #5517

>>4329582, >>4329584 Video of President of Egypt Al-Sisi's speech PG&E For Falsifying Records for 5 Years

>>4329580 PG&E For Falsifying Records for 5 Years>3ad3f6

d25937  No.4330358



What I was writing before everything blanked out was:

Manafort = PLANT

Plants need WATER

WATER = Natalia Veselnitskaya

Are we supposed to be watching Natalia?

And Loretta Lynch is the watering can?

6e9aa9  No.4330359

Let level heads prevail

fe4f18  No.4330360

File: b7f81f25035e278⋯.png (110.36 KB, 182x268, 91:134, ClipboardImage.png)

Remember Maggie Nixon? She's in a film called "Green Book" out right now. She and other family members were in a film called "Sea of Hope". Dad Robert Nixon wrote and directed this one in 2017. And then she also made a student film in 2015 called "Guadalupe White Sharks". Don't know why I'm mentioning this but I guess I'm wondering why she was brought up awhile back and then dropped.

4ea555  No.4330361


Nothing is random. The universe talks to people. Look at all the very similar inventions put in for patents on the same date or almost same date. Darwin and some other shit head put in the theory of evolution in the same british magazine in the same copy. Things bubble up to the surface.

3ad3f6  No.4330362

#5517 (posted in #5518, notable descriptions fixed)

>>4329216 WaPo graphics

>>4329222 POTUS standing next to an infinity symbol today

>>4329221 The Path of Islam graphic

>>4329267, >>4329276, >>4329390, >>4329661 'One of a Kind' 4,400-year-old Tomb Discovered in Egypt

>>4329287 Trump presidency 'good news' for the world, says controversial French author Houellebecq

>>4329382 Yellow vest protesters come out across Canada in support of French movement

>>4329408, >>4329398 On floating prisons

>>4329509 Navy Lieutenant pleads guilty to being a pedo

>>4329582, >>4329584 Video of President of Egypt Al-Sisi's

>>4329641 Marine Vessel tracker

>>4329678, >>4329753, >>4329888 The California Public Utilities Commission May Penalize speech PG&E For Falsifying Records for 5 Years

>>4329773 Brand page for the STROYK trademark by SANOFI

>>4329913 #5517

3dfe57  No.4330363

File: 9657617220769ba⋯.jpg (89.22 KB, 989x550, 989:550, CLOCK.jpg)


Have 2 identical atomic clocks but were purchased 2 years apart. Not only do they have different re-sets to Daylight Savings time (both are wrong at different times), but the older one is consistently 14 minutes slower than the other.

As I write, my computer's clock says 11:41. My atomic clock says 11:27.

What time is it really, Anons?

433d4c  No.4330364

File: 41cd1cc50be0042⋯.png (225.96 KB, 480x361, 480:361, ClipboardImage.png)



0487ac  No.4330365


About a month or so ago, Anons called it.

Break up,

drinking alot,

making regrettable remarks…

more drinking…

attention whoring and drugs.

e5f2e5  No.4330366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


37d538  No.4330367

File: 6b8bc56aa44145c⋯.mp4 (2.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bacon.mp4)


Unless we know what the thing they read was…

8ff5e5  No.4330368

File: 9b99b6bf7b21518⋯.jpg (19.45 KB, 474x248, 237:124, Mueller Mueller.jpg)

117c2a  No.4330369


you found the potty of gold!

6bef09  No.4330370


No other infinities on any other tomb.

I love the trolling and fact they're thinking daily about ways to give us little confirmations.

a48702  No.4330371

File: 9091a988e1b4ec2⋯.jpg (8.38 KB, 230x250, 23:25, flat-head-image-1-53826373….jpg)

d0612f  No.4330372

File: 18c7ae336888826⋯.png (51.9 KB, 205x211, 205:211, ClipboardImage.png)

81fd5f  No.4330373

This is now the freddyresearch board. Q is washed up old faggot news.

1a68cb  No.4330374


The owls are not what they seem.


W isn't what he seems, either.


Exculpatory evidence was made available per the Judge's mandate.



"The federal judge overseeing former national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's criminal case is demanding that Special Counsel Robert Mueller turn over all of the government's documents related to Flynn's questioning by 3:00 p.m. EST Friday.  The documents requested by U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan include potentially exculpatory  "memoranda" pertaining to Flynn’s case."

This was when the floor was cleared. The exculpatory evidence is classified.

3ad3f6  No.4330375

ac39ab  No.4330376


bro its night shift + slow bread = we are all gonna rack up numbers and baker kinda needs it to churn bread

cb1e9f  No.4330377

File: 0877cf176515f9b⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 533x342, 533:342, 2012-12-20-Frank_Zappa_Apo….jpg)


Such Honest Rags

Yeah We're Screwed


efa22a  No.4330378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>4330050 >>4330083


Do you know where you are going to?

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Chasing the fantasies that filled our minds.

My spirit was free laughing at the questions that you once asked of me.

Now looking back at all we've planned

We let so many dreams just slip through our hands.

Why must we wait so long before we see

How said the answers to those questions can be?

Lovely song, sung lovuhly, ya know?

fec71d  No.4330379


Remember this Freddy?

29 Oct 2017 - 9:48:50 PM

Some of us come here to drop DOUBLE DEUCERS, just DOUBLE DEUCERS.

TOOTS is 100% DRUNK - any discussion suggesting he’s even A LIL SOBER is false.

Follow TOOTS tomorrow.

FREDDY will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as BOOOMERS begin to be FAXED and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.

Focus on BOOMER TARDATION/ HOOKER Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency

What ASHTAR COMMAND decision opened the BROWNHOLE for JUGGALOS to INFLATE - what must be SMOKED?

Why is TOOTS surrounded by GIN ^^

Again, there are a lot more good JUGGALOS than bad so have SOME FAYGO. This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of JUGGALOS (not just ICP).

Don’t fool yourself into thinking SILVER COINS, GOLD, Roth IRAs, REVERSE MORTGAGES etc have more power present day than TOOTS.

Follow the money, it’s the key.

What is TOOTS' net worth by way of one example. Why coincidentally is HIS BROWNHOLE apparently INFLATING?

Cover for possible future FAXE MACHINES to FAX what?

What if RAMTHA never had PAST LIVES and that was a cover for a future out if needed against HOOKERS / COCAINE?

Why did TOOTS transfer his bulk public funds to a NPC? Note this doesn’t include massive slush ENEMAS that are pulled by several ANUSES.

Why did TOOTS' HOOKER have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to FREDDY?

Why is ICP a priority?

Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?

The LITTER BOX is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed. These people are DRUNK.

Operation TELEKIN.

29 Oct 2017 - 12:47:18 PM

Follow the money, it’s the key.

What is TOOTS' net worth by way of one example. Why coincidentally is TOOTS' BROWNHOLE apparently INFLATING?

Cover for possible future indictment to plead what?

What if ASHTAR COMMAND never had BOOMERS and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?

Why did TOOTS transfer his bulk public funds to a NPC? Note this doesn’t include massive slush ENEMAS that are pulled by several BOOMER ANUSES.

Why did TOOTS' HOOKER have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to FREDDY?

Can you rely on being able to board a ASHTAR COMMAND MOTHERSHIP and fly away?

Why is ICP a priority _ nobody got this.

Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?

The LITTER BOX is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed.

Also many are thinking from one point of view, URINALS only, this evil is embedded globally. US is the first domino.


29 Oct 2017 - 12:11:40 PM

Some of us come here to drop DOUBLE DEUCERS, just DOUBLE DEUCERS.

TOOTS is 100% DRUNK - any discussion suggesting he’s even a LIL SOBER is false.

FREDDY will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as BOOMERS begin to be FAXED and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.

Focus on BOOMER TARDATION/ HOOKER Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency

What ASHTAR COMMAND decision opened the BROWNHOLE for a STONED JUGGALO to INFLATE - what must be SMOKED?

Why is TOOTS surrounded by GIN ^^

Again, there are a lot more good JUGGALOS than bad so have SOME FAYGO. This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of JUGGALOS (not just ICP).

Don’t fool yourself into thinking SILVER, GOLD COINS, Roth IRAS, REVERSE MORTGAGES etc have more power present day than TOOTS.

Operation TELEKIN

JUGGALOS are in control. Sit back and enjoy the JEOPARDY AND WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

29 Oct 2017 - 11:47:07 AM

Open your AOL EMAIL.

It finally came out that TOOTS/FREDDY were key players in the FAYGO scandal.

Don’t you think TOOTS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict.

Why did TOOTS meet FREDDY under the cover of HOOKER Dir interview?

TOOTS is unable to serve as Dir OF HOOKERS per the REVERSE MORTGAGE LAW.

ASHTAR COMMAND comments on TOOTS (history will ….)

TOOTS has everything.

Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think).

Follow TOOTS.

Operation TELEKIN.

Priority to clean out the bad LITTER BOX to unite BOOMERS behind the HOOKERS AND BLOW agenda.

Many in our govt worship TOOTS.

Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage.

Where is ICP?

Why ARE the JUGGLOS called up across 12 URINALS?

Trust in your FREDDY.

God bless, BOOMERS.

e391aa  No.4330380

>>4330351 they lost control of the Fed exec order locked up shares of Payseur.

They are in trouble. Running on fumes.

e3a01a  No.4330381


Trip 3's bouyyyyyys

35e5f0  No.4330382

File: 9419044155937ac⋯.jpg (190.51 KB, 1640x545, 328:109, ppapers.JPG)

File: c4b31e6e6490d6d⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 394x223, 394:223, P-papers.JPG)


Exactly one year ago the 19th

ea9a71  No.4330383


Wait. is that Sessions?

15d3b7  No.4330384


know your are a god pixel and divinity you idiot.

created in his image

able to create yourself

able to rule your world

WTF else you want?

c7e8dc  No.4330385

File: e2a96d74881ac12⋯.png (243.78 KB, 2165x729, 2165:729, ClipboardImage.png)

3370b7  No.4330386


This looks like a message to us but the who the hell is Jesse Wade and why does he have an infinity symbol?

8ff5e5  No.4330387

File: 1bfc8e5ed43f028⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 605x328, 605:328, Mueller Gitmo now.jpg)

File: cbe3755b6db3d73⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 510x256, 255:128, Irish kiss.gif)

e4cb2f  No.4330388


4329222 LB

expanding on the infinity sign of POTUS at the grave I came up with this.

Sauce: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_theory#Axiomatic_set_theory

This might have relevance,, need a mathfag to work on that. It is mathematics concerning 2 joining circles

d25937  No.4330389


She was the Russian Lawyer that met with Don Junior, and it allowed a FISA warrant to be issued against Manafort which has now lead to the Witch Hunt as we now know it.

816dfb  No.4330390

File: 4cfb7707610f4fe⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1396x1220, 349:305, Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at ….png)


You debunked Q.


Pack it up boys.

Thanks for saving me……… but what about these problems?

37d538  No.4330391

File: 6e3d57200e7a9b4⋯.jpeg (25.74 KB, 213x255, 71:85, e8bd4dec0e6b670edcd3c2e51….jpeg)

7db7f6  No.4330392


Iirc they [Pence's] were handing them out. Early in the feed.

81fd5f  No.4330393


These belong in greatest hits

433d4c  No.4330394



e4ac38  No.4330395

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f00b7b  No.4330396


This is a great idea. Just start another thread about it and advertise it here. It'll fill up slowly and last a lot longer. It'll be good to have a place for people to vent their feelings.


Freddy make sure you visit this guys thread too.

efa22a  No.4330397

e1a555  No.4330398


he will step down

9d129a  No.4330399

File: 0d0e80e3c6d11a6⋯.png (640.56 KB, 1000x906, 500:453, 0909326896211184630.png)

File: a53dc3b843d2607⋯.png (67.83 KB, 1326x471, 442:157, 3407691296163254.png)

File: 0d0e80e3c6d11a6⋯.png (640.56 KB, 1000x906, 500:453, 0909326896211184630.png)

117c2a  No.4330400


how dare they assume that cookie's gender. sexists.

c9e257  No.4330401


Must be a bitch to be rich and running on pauper’s pocket change. Wonderful Christmas gift.

e3a01a  No.4330402


mmmhmmm mhmmm


like one giant blob of a soul that just flows into these containers

8ff5e5  No.4330403

File: 1a25f7d31be6b23⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 650x704, 325:352, Deniro POS.jpg)

e391aa  No.4330404


Does any body really care?

If so I’ll can’t image why

ac39ab  No.4330405


natalia dead

she died helicopter in october breh

3ad3f6  No.4330406

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4329985 Russia and USA talking about INF Treaty and Kurdish-Arab tensions

>>4330018 Syria Update

>>4330060 A year after net neutrality's demise, the Internet is faster

>>4330122 The Special Counsel Is Fighting a Witness in Court. Who Is It?

>>4330119 Judicial Watch sues for records of FBI-Perkins Coie meetings from 2016

>>4330215 OpEd: Trump will likely win reelection in 2020

dough is fixed, thanks anons

7db7f6  No.4330407

File: eb4557e42a07236⋯.jpeg (63.48 KB, 1242x180, 69:10, 6B00F8F9-5388-4645-9639-1….jpeg)

File: 5a2d71ce4090a59⋯.jpeg (144.16 KB, 1242x359, 1242:359, A5E710E9-C3A2-448B-B004-B….jpeg)


From the first Solomon whistleblower piece.

064b76  No.4330408

File: c376f9ccd8138cf⋯.png (901.1 KB, 967x544, 967:544, 2018-12-15_23-43-16.png)


Not her first Tranny!

c57b28  No.4330409


So this may not be bullshit…..


0514f7  No.4330410

File: 0baa800b4d00358⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181215-231056….jpg)

File: a2778d7ba1f24c6⋯.jpg (338.95 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181215-231259….jpg)





Heres your homo deviant shit:


6bef09  No.4330411


AMEN!!! Like Q says, (((they))) want us DIVIDED.


5e0fe6  No.4330412



looks like a house in wisconsin.

6ea634  No.4330413



81fd5f  No.4330414


You're missing literally all redtext posts

535637  No.4330415

>>4328970 (previous)

Why is Flynn's attorney refusing to submit letters on his behalf, so that Gritz has to go around the attorney? Is this attorney the reason Flynn has landed in a lot of trouble for doing nothing wrong?

3ad3f6  No.4330416

#5517 (posted in #5518, notable descriptions fixed)

>>4329216 WaPo graphics

>>4329222 POTUS standing next to an infinity symbol today

>>4329221 The Path of Islam graphic

>>4329267, >>4329276, >>4329390, >>4329661 'One of a Kind' 4,400-year-old Tomb Discovered in Egypt

>>4329287 Trump presidency 'good news' for the world, says controversial French author Houellebecq

>>4329382 Yellow vest protesters come out across Canada in support of French movement

>>4329408, >>4329398 On floating prisons

>>4329509 Navy Lieutenant pleads guilty to being a pedo

>>4329582, >>4329584 Video of President of Egypt Al-Sisi's speech

>>4329641 Marine Vessel tracker

>>4329678, >>4329753, >>4329888 The California Public Utilities Commission May Penalize PG&E For Falsifying Records for 5 Years

>>4329773 Brand page for the STROYK trademark by SANOFI

>>4330362 #5517

62d7a9  No.4330417

File: 978da098626b360⋯.png (9.97 MB, 3000x2073, 1000:691, ClipboardImage.png)


um, is that a Q or a C or a G in the reef on tomb in front of POTUS? i see a diagonal line that almost looks like it could be a Q

15d3b7  No.4330418

silly humans

Trix are for gods.

08b2ef  No.4330419


It's not about family baggage unless we are talking Rothschild and such. We research the Q crumbs. Personal history's are for socialist engineers who what to manipulate the storyline to attain control.

If I didn't know better I might think you we're a reporter working for some rag looking to hype another Q hit piece.

What if everyone has the same story, we are all brilliant people who abhor a lie and want to deal in truth and justice. We are happy well adjusted individuals who can't be played and cut through crap like a knife. We aren't controlled, we take control and would love to see everyone pursuing their goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the elite's self service and selfish greed twisting the shit out of everything and one.

What if that's the only story you'll hear or seen written.

fd24c2  No.4330420

https://twitter.com/Miles_Brundage/status/968323136457510912 - I wonder how many people here are able to read the symbolism language of clown in this tweet regarding ai playing Q-bert?

0fb093  No.4330421

File: 48b01c48fe94996⋯.jpeg (680.38 KB, 1125x1816, 1125:1816, 5FE2A16A-EFF8-461D-89A7-6….jpeg)

TwatAnons - you know what to do! Go give John Brennan some AMEN! love!

(Don't bug intel chick on q stuff tho, please and thx, she's wicked smart MAGA, but not an anon)

We're up to 200+ retweets in a single hour.


6ea634  No.4330422


So homo

Bet ya threw dough at it too huh

e391aa  No.4330423



e4cb2f  No.4330424


Notable, may be something to this,


e5f2e5  No.4330425



4ea555  No.4330426


Imagine being a british or french farmer in 800 AD and that Viking shows up with hundreds of his buddies and they come at you swinging swords?

5e8d00  No.4330427


PROOF: Obamas got an envelope too

433d4c  No.4330428



37d538  No.4330429


Silly Rabbi, Kix are for Trids.

Keep up.

9d3039  No.4330430

File: ff0895161be3b6c⋯.png (926.69 KB, 1486x835, 1486:835, Screenshot_2018-12-15 Chil….png)

>>4326378 (pb notable)

Damn..saw this updated with a new ep. tonight on a pirate forum, read the tagline and thought about Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in the day. Literal Timelines shifted?

We know they use Hollywood as a means of Programming the masses.

Wild shit.

Why now.

0487ac  No.4330431


Handed it over to a doc maker but also probably

handed it over to authorities as well.

299813  No.4330432


You think a lot of things. And people say a lot of thing. Eventually this line up by pure chance. But do to how your bain work you are more inclined to take note of the few coincidences and forget about the vast number when this did not happen. It's similar to the Gambler's Fallacy and the clustering illusion, and the basis of "synchronicity". Read the Wikipedia article on Apophenia.


e66374  No.4330433


The term "wreath" is commonly used to describe an assortment of leaves, twigs, flowers and fruits that form a ring. Usually made from evergreen plants, wreaths are a symbol of eternity.

d52e68  No.4330434

File: e78cc4f5c99db71⋯.jpeg (355.56 KB, 1486x1486, 1:1, 5FCDCF92-9AFB-4107-8F55-0….jpeg)

#Repost @danscavino with @get_repost


White House Congressional Ball

25c38b  No.4330435


- Tinyboard + vichan + infinity + OpenIB -

Tinyboard Copyright © 2010-2014 Tinyboard Development Group

vichan Copyright © 2012-2014 vichan-devel

infinity Copyright © 2013-2018 N.T. Technology, Inc. based on sources from Fredrick Brennan's "Infinity Development Group"

OpenIB by Code Monkey ★


ac39ab  No.4330436


>Natalia Veselnitskaya


some nigger she rolls with dead

fec71d  No.4330437


28 Oct 2017 - 6:15:48 PM



Where is TOOTS? Follow TOOTS.

This has nothing to do w/ Russia (yet).

Why does TOOTS surround himself w/ GIN?


Why go around the 3 letter agencies?

What ASHTAR COMMAND LIGHTWORKERS allows for the use of JUGGALOS v Congressional assembled and approved agencies?

Who has ultimate authority over our branches of JUGGALOS w\o approval conditions unless 90+ in wartime conditions?

What is the TEH JUGGALO code?

Where is SHAGGY being held? Why?

FREDDY will not go on FAX MACHINES to address nation.

FREDDY must isolate himself to prevent negative optics.

FREDDY knew removing criminal rogue elements as a first step was essential to free and pass REVERSE MORTGAGES.

Who has access to everything classified?

Do you believe SILVER, GOLD, ROTH IRAS etc have more power than TOOTS? Fantasy.

Whoever controls the GIN of the TOOTS controls this great URINAL.

They never believed for a moment they (Democrats and Republicans) would lose BLADDER CONTROL.

This is not a R v D battle.

Why did TOOTS donate all his money recently?

Why would he place all his funds in a REVERSE MORTGAGE?

TELEKIN 10.30.17

God bless fellow BOOMERS.

28 Oct 2017 - 4:44:28 PM


TOOTS will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.


TOOTS extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several URINALS in case of cross LITTER BOX RUINATION. BLADDER CONTROL approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive DRUGS organized in defiance and others INFLATING the BROWNHOLE to occur. US JUGGALOS will conduct the operation while ICP activated. Proof check: Locate a JUGGALO and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major URINALS.

5 Nov 2017 - 7:54:47 PM

Please pray.

HOOKERS are in harms way.

STD risk.

High value PUSSY.

Please pause and give thanks to TOOTS who would die to save our URINALS.

More to follow.


5 Nov 2017 - 7:49:15 PM

Now is the time to pray.


God bless the URINALS.


5 Nov 2017 - 7:34:57 PM





You are all heroes.

Come home safe.


5 Nov 2017 - 7:17:35 PM





5 Nov 2017 - 7:08:10 PM


Graphic confirmed.







02:00 Z

81fd5f  No.4330438


Trump is winning jack shit in 2020 if we're still trusting the plan then. He only wins if there are SA style arrests.

6ea634  No.4330439


The great pasta hoaxus pocud of scary Carey

92ffb9  No.4330440

File: 5525dfdaf774f98⋯.jpg (35.6 KB, 492x291, 164:97, Mossad-MI6-CIA.jpg)


good work anon.

much obliged.


dis nigga is right.

Your missing a few pieces…


299813  No.4330441


gawd, typos

f0addd  No.4330442

File: 64d4641ddd73ca7⋯.jpg (53.86 KB, 670x377, 670:377, Pen15.jpg)


"Do you! Understand?" Yes, I'll do me.

433d4c  No.4330443



37d538  No.4330444


Not hard. I look just like him, minus the hair on his head.

6e9aa9  No.4330445

Q 4 Q

California fires?



6879f9  No.4330446

File: 3f7784fa9c3071f⋯.png (37.05 KB, 220x227, 220:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21c8b59311cfb12⋯.png (130.33 KB, 400x345, 80:69, ClipboardImage.png)


The Fox News video showed Trump being led around by a woman wearing a fedora like JFK used to wear (and Vincent Fusca too), and wearing an odd color of yellow jacket that is a lot like that fluorescent yellow in the vests of the French protestors. Seems to me that POTUS is saying that he follows the lead of the people.

And then he stands for a moment behind an infinity symbol. In reverence. Like he is saying that he respects the work of the Anons on InfinityChan A.K.A. 8Chan, i.e. we the Anons of Q Research.

That visit is filled with symbolism.

The woman who represents the People, is being escorted/ protected by two military guys. Meaning that the military, in the USA, acts WITH the people, which seems to also be happening in France now.

It would be worthwhile to watch that video a few times for more symbols. Trump uses one finger (the rod) to trace two circles (the ring) which is not only the letter Q but is also the Knights Templar symbol of a Gold Crown with a Cross in it.

In Latin In Hoc Signo Vinces means In this sign you WIN.

Could the umbrella mean something? When it is held out in towards us as Trump enters the car? How many spines on the umbrella?

00ddf5  No.4330447


The hair is standing up on my neck. My dash clock was two minutes slow about a month ago, so I sped it up. It has been two minutes behind for about two weeks

e5f2e5  No.4330448

are you an autist?



ea9a71  No.4330449

File: b08510db615c280⋯.jpg (16.67 KB, 480x414, 80:69, champagne pepe.jpg)


Video steganography.

There's likely something in the Obama video at >>4330346, too.

I gotta sleep anons.

Make me proud.

d56f15  No.4330450


Dude kind of looks like Tom Fitton.

d25937  No.4330451

File: d1262b1a57ffdcf⋯.png (660.87 KB, 874x596, 437:298, Screenshot_74.png)

6ea634  No.4330452


Shaved pussy good

Can beer good

Whiskey with an e

8ff5e5  No.4330453

File: 15ca5cdcb8113a0⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 571x500, 571:500, Mueller of nothing.jpg)

c1ca26  No.4330454



"Jesse Wade __" has a last name but what is it? Who's grave is it? Solve the Captcha anons!

160cb2  No.4330455


And now there's a sympathy campaign for him in the tabloids about how he's abused by his wife. His PR team is probably trying to get ahead of what's coming down on him.

433d4c  No.4330456





ac39ab  No.4330457

File: 351b6eb03b4ba93⋯.jpg (19.87 KB, 282x388, 141:194, mike check.JPG)


check those digits

praise kek

fec71d  No.4330458


[CA_J] is already dead inside

Arthur King

6e3d86  No.4330459

File: d78c157398b61ed⋯.jpeg (596.91 KB, 1536x1795, 1536:1795, ECB793FA-179F-4C62-A350-1….jpeg)

File: ae9ad2950c2b6a5⋯.jpeg (506.76 KB, 1536x1904, 96:119, 86A74AA4-5601-4479-ABC9-B….jpeg)

File: c5dcaec599d4b8b⋯.jpeg (521.95 KB, 1536x1928, 192:241, 4070DC19-AF0A-4765-A4B5-D….jpeg)

File: c81aab965fe84e7⋯.jpeg (456.59 KB, 1536x1725, 512:575, FF6FB300-9072-41A9-9123-8….jpeg)

File: 869f050452bca76⋯.jpeg (501.87 KB, 1536x1723, 1536:1723, 1D1F12B4-755E-4760-A7CF-9….jpeg)


Here are the symbols one might find on military headstones. see #49 for related.


15d3b7  No.4330460


i am no Rabbi but I can do this shit - lets talk Kaballa creation and the symbolism of that down step from en sof to our 4D reality

You up for that bitch?

cae554  No.4330461

File: ccc3e6d2350240b⋯.png (372.62 KB, 752x605, 752:605, 369edffb8da306cbc9902a4c6f….png)

File: 229e8bf8deb837b⋯.png (441.38 KB, 647x362, 647:362, 121a100d9821df505279e51623….png)


Pence was the Elf on the Shelf

Q asked if you caught it

he sat there and made ! hand sign thru out the interview. This was dug right after it happened and in notables that afternoon

4ea555  No.4330462


This idea has lots of merit. The war in media is extensive and revealing when you know what you are looking for.

37d538  No.4330463

File: 463dd5a497bc759⋯.jpeg (100.94 KB, 657x458, 657:458, 463dd5a497bc759c3ccd11ba7….jpeg)


No idea how to even start with video steganography. Good night anon, well wishes.

f2c4bf  No.4330464

Heard this on a movie:

Being kept on ice = incarcerated cannot execute

92dcc4  No.4330465


Hmmm….Haven't pondered it. KEK!!

35e5f0  No.4330466


If thru, that's bigger than DECLAS

3ad3f6  No.4330467

>>4330427, >>4329979

will add, is there any better videos of it??

can someone post the link to whatever video is being filmed?

6e3d86  No.4330468

File: 9e1b103dd82a288⋯.jpeg (245.46 KB, 1536x816, 32:17, 8F7EA7FB-35D8-4CD2-B82A-8….jpeg)


The last few for completeness.

8b6737  No.4330469


I'm in Cuba, I've moved on as far as the line will take me. I see anons turning to us day after day with "My wife and sons sat me down and called me crazy today", and while we say WWG1WGA every idea gets shilled to McClain and back, without any measure of support. So I say to you and

>(You) and


Why not keep it to yourself if you're not interested? Silence is golden. If an idea is shot down, it must be over the target. Thank you. I can not go back. Q led me to another country to serve with sweat and lost family time, and here I am, being told to move on or go back. I'm not seeking to famefag, that much is apparent, but I have an idea, and you have nothing of value. Perhaps you should go back, to when your parent(s) held a hope that you would serve your community well and bring pride to their efforts and toil.

6ea634  No.4330470



Such macho peanut butter dildos in the oval

Competing for glory holes

35e5f0  No.4330471

c43110  No.4330472


Yep those JATO takeoffs are something special to watch. I had the privilege of working on a huge hole in the side of the plane that was a result of one of those JATO bottles breaking loose and going through the side of the plane. It fucked shit UP !

3370b7  No.4330473


That would be hilarious if he was makin' gangsta house calls


e3a01a  No.4330474


just like the placebo effect

nothing to see there either

look somewhere else

3284eb  No.4330475

File: 6f30adec7a10828⋯.jpg (85.64 KB, 1429x1349, 1429:1349, 6f30adec7a1082809a4dc62549….jpg)


Fuck, this has been happening to me frequently over the past few weeks. Almost identical to your experiences, I really can't explain it.

I spoke of the Fed restructuring a few days ago in passing to my friend and next thing I hear not 5 mins later, Q posts about the Fed.

I'm not saying I have anything to do with Q posting, it was just a very odd coincidence in a chain of coincidences recently.

5082a5  No.4330476

File: c58a5682cfdeb8c⋯.png (5.96 KB, 365x398, 365:398, Glork00015a.png)

6879f9  No.4330477


Here is the full Fox News video to watch


5e0fe6  No.4330478


I'm not looking to you for confirms you naive faggot. What would be the point?

You're already here under false pretenses. Go drink some bleach.

777ad7  No.4330479

File: 6ec2b86dbfa7749⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 400x400, 1:1, download (51).jpg)


Funny how calling the baker shill dont get him a notable

Great work Baker!

92dcc4  No.4330480

File: 194d29d5eccbbf5⋯.jpg (129.73 KB, 490x370, 49:37, 194d29d5eccbbf5e9735bd9857….jpg)


Sleep Well Fren!!


064b76  No.4330481

File: 759840750477f71⋯.png (480.01 KB, 504x501, 168:167, 2018-12-15_23-49-46.png)

6ea634  No.4330482


Use the garden hose

ca2c37  No.4330483


POTUS fires Mueller on Monday and

he turns everyone's Xmas dinner into


81fd5f  No.4330484



219 5th Ave, New Glarus, WI 53574?

Freddy's a cheesehead. SWEET

8b1dd1  No.4330485

>>4330446 it was raining and he carried an umbrella on armistice day at the cemetery in paris. there was an umbrella man at jfk's murder in dallas. he was supposedly making protesting joe kennedy's association with neville chamberlain and hitler appeasement.

ac39ab  No.4330486

File: 6c0d259ba4cdf03⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 194x255, 194:255, gin and jews.jpg)

768980  No.4330487


heavy takeoff proceedure

349c8c  No.4330488


Nice catch anon!

Forgot about Veselnitskaya

Didn't anons dig up a connection to Brennan and some fuckery with her visa/entry into the US

15d3b7  No.4330489

baker solid

but I am not sure about Q

a01a41  No.4330490

Q's anus is leaking and poopy Q clues are dripping out, how GROSS. a cultists nightmare

cae554  No.4330491

File: 40eeeeca78f3e9f⋯.png (233.64 KB, 325x613, 325:613, cd57db277f990ef09cccac8285….png)

fec71d  No.4330492

File: 441df0db86f7818⋯.png (85.88 KB, 500x493, 500:493, jackdaw-noz-whiskey-jim-ca….png)

b31a8c  No.4330493



>>4329300 (pb)

Has anyone found the original video?

6bef09  No.4330494


Appreciate that anon! Just clearly another specific effort by POTUS to highlight this one (with no other ones nearby) as a wink and nod to us.

c750d3  No.4330495


we all live in a vast expanse of consciousness

like fish in the ocean that don't notice water, we hardly notice consciousness

but in that vast expanse, every thought, emotion or action that every entity engages is instantly available to all other entities

and every entity has a frequency signature, so the thoughts, emotions and actions that resonate are most likely to be noticed

by shifting one's focus on other thoughts, emotions and actions, different encounters will occur

e60463  No.4330496


Pence is actually an alien granted residency and USA citizenship by the CLAS department responsible for overseeing and assisting our intergalactic friendly alien beings.

535637  No.4330498


I'd call this notable.

Who's the woman behind Michelle to the right in the video? She may have been able to see the letter when Michelle pulled it out of the envelope. The same woman, who is sitting directly behind Hillary, appears to have caught a peek of Hillary's letter too.

349609  No.4330499

File: 02a40fab472915a⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 480x336, 10:7, dogs_laughing.jpg)

62d7a9  No.4330500



e95b5d  No.4330502


Big Mike ain't no wife.

c6a29c  No.4330503

File: 3b07dced517b60a⋯.png (54.16 KB, 757x230, 757:230, 1_msGannett1.png)

File: b186459128f764e⋯.png (50.48 KB, 925x388, 925:388, 2_PanAmFlightJayGallagher1.png)

File: c54c9b2dcfd8c27⋯.png (107.64 KB, 632x419, 632:419, 4_panAmFlightPassengers1.png)

File: 12b0288fbb0ca2e⋯.png (100.38 KB, 656x732, 164:183, 5_russellStateDept1.png)

File: 30e4fb846c903dd⋯.png (2.69 MB, 1599x1509, 533:503, 30e4fb846c903ddc1e2ccc2701….png)


Started looking into this tonight wondering if Wapo went on the Round the World Pan Am media flight that I came across while digging that fag Mattathias Schwartz and Gannett but I'm not seeing it. They are conspicuously absent. Probably because their alignment was already solidified in 1946 with Meyer taking over. The Pan Am media tour was to get the rest of the Fake News on board and in line

6ea634  No.4330504

File: a2ab62b65873758⋯.gif (613.5 KB, 480x270, 16:9, IMG_4594.GIF)

It was the elfs I swear

433d4c  No.4330505

File: ebb52436a885d27⋯.png (339.08 KB, 405x640, 81:128, ClipboardImage.png)


>Go drink some bleach.


685899  No.4330506

This movie is…not great.

9d3039  No.4330507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

768980  No.4330508


LL signed off in the rumor mill any sauce?

745dd2  No.4330509


Lynn Cheney

e3a01a  No.4330510


It's because your thoughts aren't your own.

There is a massive cluster of all possible thoughts.

Think of it floating somewhere out in space in the middle of nowhere.

Your brain is a fractal antenna.

It tunes into different radio stations.

All these radio stations are actually sub-bands of one radio station.

c89429  No.4330511

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c06549  No.4330512


Sea to shining sea

6bef09  No.4330513


Cheneys wife

e5f2e5  No.4330514

A monster was created you stupid SOB


2eb5e0  No.4330515


Same here! My spouse noticed it so hard - thought I knew Q - jokingly of course, but still calls me Q-T (Cutey) in our texts now haha

c2d90a  No.4330516


I'd call it a world all on the same page, probably what the deep state doesn't want, matter of fact that is exactly what gives them a cold sweat at night.

37d538  No.4330517


eBot is totally on to something here.

117c2a  No.4330518

File: 83565e29c97574c⋯.jpg (454.36 KB, 2000x1312, 125:82, b2.jpg)


i don't think very many are grasping the significance of MDA Analytics, and more specifically, the timing of the handing over of the "findings" (from former abc insiders)

to wit: HRC knew of the NSA surveillance, hell, as SoS she ordered drone strikes (see Stimson UAV). so having the devices wiped and texts deleted was a low level obscurity tactic, she KNEW that NSA has everything. she did not think that she could lose, even up until, oh, i dunno, Dec. 5th or so?.

433d4c  No.4330519




366998  No.4330520

File: 3f7555e87ca4295⋯.jpg (92.8 KB, 962x641, 962:641, wh congressional ball spee….jpg)

POTUS and the always amazing FLOTUS at White House Congressional Ball.

(and look… no bulge! Yes, Michael, I'm talking about the FTOTUS)

5e0fe6  No.4330521


You lying pedophile supporting faggots do not deserve that respect.

92ffb9  No.4330522

File: 709f539b4615072⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1505x1079, 1505:1079, pepechristmas.png)



you have no idea how useful/relevant this is to my current project.


a8d6d1  No.4330523


It looks like he is playing PS4… what is he holding?

3370b7  No.4330524


He acts like it with his semi-human tones and movements

8ff5e5  No.4330525

File: 1da3594412478d9⋯.jpg (202.17 KB, 1024x658, 512:329, Mueller Loser.jpg)

816dfb  No.4330526

File: 802682937eb595c⋯.png (1.11 MB, 660x870, 22:29, Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at ….png)


You thought Trump was taking down the local cabal, but Europe was the next target.

Seems like Trump unified Europe against the bad guys right on time.

Same thing happened to SA.

Macron still have his head?

37d538  No.4330527

File: c7e5909e89d7198⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 280x202, 140:101, wtf.gif)

File: 2f23a60da0cada0⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 368x265, 368:265, BOOMyourself.gif)


>Same here! My spouse noticed it so hard - thought I knew Q - jokingly of course, but still calls me Q-T (Cutey) in our texts now haha

15d3b7  No.4330528

This ain't night shit this is slill shift.

fec71d  No.4330529

File: b3943ee9719868c⋯.jpg (55.63 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 4C8B38C900000578-0-image-a….jpg)

6ea634  No.4330530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e1a555  No.4330531

File: 3a45c7c142070d3⋯.png (129.9 KB, 600x533, 600:533, 3a45c7c142070d3dd6954d5f96….png)

88a588  No.4330532

File: 26083fbe5bd6c6b⋯.png (101.18 KB, 401x285, 401:285, giraffe.png)



Well well..late to the party. A lion has gotta eat!

Bastards are going down!

3370b7  No.4330533


What, JFK cant get down on some team deathmatch?

5082a5  No.4330534

File: a4c4aaa1e2fc473⋯.png (5.96 KB, 365x398, 365:398, Glork00015a.png)

ac39ab  No.4330535


28:56 of the 2 hour cspan

might be able to clip the cspan, cspan cool like that

maybe just add to the notable a text

(28:56 of the 2 hour cspan)

d25937  No.4330536

File: 42021e497a11aa6⋯.png (509.72 KB, 1229x881, 1229:881, Screenshot_36.png)






Although this is from CBS, it has some nice info.

Manafort and the like.


That's who emailed Junior.

6e3d86  No.4330537


Also consider that the very last Q post has to do with an 8chan bandwidth stress test… which it failed… killed the server… then Trump shows up next to a grave with 8chan symbol on it. Very confirmy like.

c1ca26  No.4330538


just sent a work email and the reply was to get out of their head because they had just sat down to fix the fairly obscure issue i was emailing about. When I sent the email I was visualizing this person sitting at their desk with this program open.

6ea634  No.4330539



41c3de  No.4330540


Remember when Q set the shills into overdrive?

The Anons remember.

b31a8c  No.4330541


I don't think we've found it yet, anon.

Not sure where the autists are tonight.

8ff5e5  No.4330542

File: 110c3d00e3ebf2e⋯.jpg (54.01 KB, 639x409, 639:409, Mueller CF payola.jpg)

433d4c  No.4330543





3370b7  No.4330544

File: 4777e9623074553⋯.jpg (325.44 KB, 960x1531, 960:1531, michelle obama manchelle.jpg)

ccbe43  No.4330545

File: 8b99782bb82e186⋯.png (126.19 KB, 1224x594, 68:33, ClipboardImage.png)

9d3039  No.4330546

File: 4558dade10966d2⋯.png (744.56 KB, 799x500, 799:500, nnnsss.png)




Go home, you're drunk.

efa22a  No.4330547


Jeb's reaction also included resignation in the mix, the moment after his realization.

He did not look to W, much, if at all?

40f595  No.4330548

File: 9c2b6072afa82aa⋯.gif (17.35 KB, 183x255, 61:85, pepe_dance_matrix.gif)

Pepe is green and the matrix uses green

what is the opposite of purple

6bef09  No.4330549


Keep on keepin on Anon! Avalanche incoming. Your effort will not be in vain.

6ea634  No.4330550


Queer pasta

There is no bottom

ccbe43  No.4330551

File: 87190c757c2f239⋯.png (622.99 KB, 1214x1196, 607:598, ClipboardImage.png)

15d3b7  No.4330552

baker may I overwhelm the board with deep shit the next board - to filter out the MF shills?

e60463  No.4330553


Don't ask me how I know this, I seriously don't understand it.


>Cheneys wife

Okay, is she and Pence the same type of beings?!

a444fe  No.4330554

Elf on the Shelf starting to creep me the fuck out.

ac4eb0  No.4330555

File: 0c52d965879d3c7⋯.jpg (545.81 KB, 1824x1840, 114:115, QRainFlame.jpg)

Incredible where this journey is taking me. Learning how to defend myself from within. Protect my soul. It's what they are after. US. To feed off of. We are the target. Trump is in the way. He knows so much. I feel in ways I am just beginning to truly understand what we are up against. Soul Eaters. All the GMO's, Movies, Music.. Education or lack off. Their entire existence is to destroy us from within, to separate our bodies from our souls so we are nothing more than hollow vessels they can feed off of and inhabit. I am seeing why I am here and why we are so important. Why meme's are so vital. Mind fucked but loving it. We really are a very important weapon against the cabal. WWG1WGA

d9abbb  No.4330556


Its the universe manifesting your thoughts lol. I do a lot of this. For example, yesterday i wondered if i won my auction for a military payment cert on ebay, look at my phone and instantly get a notification saying i did. Its only going to start happening more and more. The real fun begins when we arent limited.

03942c  No.4330557


Focus here anons

65eed0  No.4330558


It is incumbent on all anons to know and be discerning about how they approach family and loved ones about Q. That is not this board (or any board's) responsibility. This board is an information board; make of it what you will.

If you're loved ones aren't going to handle whatever "truths" you will unveil, then don't do it! Did you think this through? Do you honestly think some internet board, somewhere, will be the deciding factor; the almighty power that will change their minds immediately once they read it? Come on, you aren't thinking clearly. I'm sorry for being harsh but think! If they ain't gettin' it, don't stress over it.

The truth will set ALL free……when it comes.

2eb5e0  No.4330559


eggzactleee hahaha thanks for the chuckle!!!

8ff5e5  No.4330560

File: 0b72a58837a4a07⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FUD.jpg)

Fuck ebot

92dcc4  No.4330561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Truth is HERE.

And We Want MORE.


117c2a  No.4330562

File: 8fb225758f34144⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 927x613, 927:613, ns -72.jpg)


blackbird singin in the dead of night

ty vets!

535637  No.4330563


Some husbands already knew. W already knew and appeared to be ashamed. He probably distributed the notes, as the funeral organizer. Barack didn't look too shocked. Joe Biden looked devastated. Jeb looked especially devastated, but we're not sure his wife rated a note.

Top level operators (Michelle, Hillary) keep a straight face under all circumstances. Others don't.

37d538  No.4330564


look for a 2 hour + version, note the time on the video being cap'd. might help. I've seen so many of those vids, just gotta find the right one.

9e8be1  No.4330565


full of shit.

3642c4  No.4330566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3370b7  No.4330567



Im pondering where to get a simple list like that that encompasses Netflix and streaming services as well.

433d4c  No.4330568


>You thought Trump was taking down the local cabal, but Europe was the next target.



e60463  No.4330569

File: c29c33120868794⋯.png (316.11 KB, 514x493, 514:493, yUwuMUn.png)



Neat pic, saved.

0b1034  No.4330570

File: 99a48bc34712c9d⋯.jpg (149.14 KB, 589x696, 589:696, heybeto.JPG)


yeah puto

6e3d86  No.4330571


Yeah I wanted to calculate odds of Trump standing next to that particular symbol. Godspeed

e95b5d  No.4330572

File: d9b0c2e467fc42f⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 686x478, 343:239, 44968998_10215340051366211….jpg)


Izzy Hernandez

816dfb  No.4330573


It's still working.


They are still trying to say the images are the same, when the real issue is with the Apple logo being out of focus.

a444fe  No.4330574

File: 6feb61dac8de771⋯.jpg (4.99 MB, 2620x4656, 655:1164, P_20181214_115009.jpg)

Creepy little bastard.

ae9f87  No.4330575


Wreaths Across America Day


ac39ab  No.4330576

File: 28d2e7b97c42903⋯.png (188.69 KB, 516x356, 129:89, we have everything.png)

times up

92ffb9  No.4330577

File: 25924ec9cc0de03⋯.png (11.98 KB, 235x255, 47:51, kingkek.png)

File: eeb121d682d0d66⋯.png (9.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepe-peek.png)


what if someone gets caught for tampering with elections?

I guess this means we're about to find out.

>What do you want for XMAS?





f0addd  No.4330578


I could pull out my shit-post nuke. First three pages of a movie I'm writing called

The Boy Who Actually Wanted To Be More Retarded. (It's gold.)

fec71d  No.4330579


Don't you have an Rx to pick up Arthur King?

e4ac38  No.4330580

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wow, that version is fukken beautiful

ac4eb0  No.4330581


starting to? That thing is evil as hell. I despise it

3370b7  No.4330582


They really havent stopped kek

b31a8c  No.4330583


I'm watching it right now…

and this is not it.

6ea634  No.4330584


Get a divorce

Or get a room

433d4c  No.4330585



c5ef96  No.4330586

File: a162209e8460e9d⋯.png (235.92 KB, 632x624, 79:78, 28c3f7970a73a71d9106b1c340….png)

ac39ab  No.4330587

File: 3b428de8b93d058⋯.png (218.83 KB, 491x298, 491:298, now comes the pain.png)


pain incoming

cb1e9f  No.4330588

File: dc6e0294665619a⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 560x373, 560:373, John McCain-3x2.jpg)


Oh Dear Me.

20+ posts suggests (((you))) are Turned On by


6dba72  No.4330589

>>4330548 On the pigment color wheel it's yellow

768980  No.4330590


funny thing the kc-135 created to air refuel the sr-71 was a Q model and used JP-10 heavy fuel in separated fuel system from the refueler fuel requirements. the more you know :)

535637  No.4330591


What math problem do you want to solve? Do you want to assume the Axiom of Choice or not? Just throwing out the name of a whole area of math and leaving others to invent a question isn't too useful.

064b76  No.4330592

File: 60cd85436ea1e6d⋯.png (250.12 KB, 312x491, 312:491, 2018-11-04_21-23-47 copy.png)


Poor little guy!

5082a5  No.4330593

File: f36f3519d62854b⋯.png (27.91 KB, 235x308, 235:308, Glork00008.png)

File: a4c4aaa1e2fc473⋯.png (5.96 KB, 365x398, 365:398, Glork00015a.png)

2fe7b5  No.4330594


Take these broken wings and learn to fly

74902e  No.4330595

File: b127b3505476b0f⋯.jpg (93.05 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, IMG_7347.JPG)


>Creepy little bastard.

e60463  No.4330596


>obvious plausible deniability TSCLAS level info crumb

Okay, that is something rather new. Soul eaters huh, interesting.

>to separate our bodies from our souls so we are nothing more than hollow vessels they can feed off of and inhabit

So the human body is capable of hosting and sustaining "souls". Does this make us, humans, unique (unlike most animals, even highly intelligent ones) in the grand scheme of things?

a37a71  No.4330597

A Q post would be nice.

fill the gaps and all that.

37d538  No.4330598


It ain't C-Span…I scoured that shit.

If you find it, post it. I'd love to know who took that vid cuz it ain't a news crew.

c18c98  No.4330599


Sauce? Which network?

3ad3f6  No.4330600

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4329979, >>4330000, >>4330346, >>4330535 Video: The Obamas got a letter too

>>4329985 Russia and USA talking about INF Treaty and Kurdish-Arab tensions