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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

4e0515  No.4280570

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Wednesday 12.12.18

>>4280331 rt >>4280236 -————————– 2020+ safeguarded.

>>4280247 rt >>4280228 -————————– Yes.

>>4280231 rt >>4280212 -————————– Our promise to 'counter'.

>>4280213 rt >>4280193 -————————– No.

>>4280202 rt >>4280192 -————————– Control.

>>4280189 ————————————–——– Q&A

>>4279257 rt >>4278980 -————————– NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.

>>4278922 rt >>4278743 -————————– NOT LONG NOW.

>>4278875 rt >>4278801 -————————– OVER THE TARGET.

>>4278743 ————————————–——– Where is HUBER?

>>4277174 ————————————–——– Sara Carter article on CF documents.

>>4274693 rt >>4274486 -————————– PEPE THE BAKER?

>>4274405 rt >>4274344 -————————– Happy Hunting!

>>4274261 rt >>4273309 -————————– Confirmed

>>4274027 ————————————–——– 'Tis the Season of Treason! (cap: >>4274035 )

>>4272716 ————————————–——– Can you find the next one? (cap: >>4272801 )

>>4272632 rt >>4272374 -————————– #3 in the pecking order.

>>4272504 ————————————–——– Excellent Q, VIP Patriot!

>>4272240 rt >>4272217 -————————– T & Q placed together. ( cap: >>4272321 )

>>4272217 ————————————–——– Trolling the FAKE NEWS media is FUN! ( cap: >>4272292 )

>>4272168 ————————————–——– [Cardinal Pell] Dark to LIGHT. (cap >>4272219 )

>>4268055 ————————————–——– What a coincidence.

Tuesday 12.11.18

>>4267248 rt. >>4267057 -————————– GOOG (upcoming) financial statements should receive extra scrutiny [10-Q]

>>4267057 rt >>4266938 -————————– The FIRE that brought down GOOGLE

>>4266262 ————————————–——– What a coincidence (Cap: >>4266454 & Vid: >>4266476 )

>>4261906 ————————————–——– How do you quell 'growing' protests against you?

>>4260467 ————————————–——– #FactsMatter

>>4259336 ————————————–——– Think Graham KAV exchange. ( Vid: >>4259920 Text: >>4260651 )

>>4257392 rt >>4257129 -————————– These people are stupid.

>>4256996 rt >>4250950 -————————– Moves & Countermoves.

>>4256623 rt >>4256557 -————————– Border Security is National Security.

>>4256507 ————————————–——– Anons already knew that… ( Cap: >>4256581 )

Monday 12.10.18

>>4250950 ————————————–——– Keep the faith, Patriot ( Cap: >>4251202 )

>>4250634 rt >>4249648 -————————– +17 min delta between Tweets (cherry on top)

>>4243831 ————————————–——– Crimes against Humanity. (Cap: >>4244825 )

>>4243710 ————————————–——– Structure change coming?

>>4243538 ————————————–——– Ben Garrison cartoon.

>>4242968 ————————————–——– JFK Quote.

>>4242132 ————————————–——– PANIC BUTTON PUSHED.

>>4241967 ————————————–——– PUBLIC AWAKENING = GAME OVER. (Cap: >>4244875 )

>>4241861 rt >>4241823 -————————– Fire at will.

>>4241824 ————————————–——– THE FIGHT TO SAVE THE WORLD.

>>4241697 ————————————–——– EVIL HAS NO PLACE HERE. (Cap: >>4245009)

>>4241560 ————————————–——– At what point do people wake up? (Cap: >>4245471 )

>>4236017 ————————————–——– "THE WORLD IS WATCHING."

Friday 12.07.18

Compiled here: >>4262360

Thursday 12.06.18

Compiled here: >>4247987

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

4e0515  No.4280608


are not endorsements


>>4280153 Northeastern Syria Administration calls for total mobilization following Erdogan threats.

>>4280100 Driver for alleged Brooklyn FBI shooter arrested.

>>4279900 Harvard's $39b endowment is secretly acquiring California's water supply.

>>4279880 Q defined.


>>4279501 Feinstein nervous Tweet regarding 'Keep Dark Money Out of Elections'.

>>4279475, >>4279673 Z meaning theories.

>>4279465 Matt Gaetz has a documentary crew?

>>4279388 WH Tweet: "Opportunity Zones are a key part of the tax cuts signed into law by President Trump last year…"

>>4279334 Australia censoring Newspapers from reporting on crime involving a 'high profile Australian.'

>>4279252 Jan. 3: Sessions appoints 17 current and former Federal prosecutors as Interim United States Attorneys.

>>4279081 FLOTUS blesses this bread.

>>4279200 Lindsey Graham: "…enough is enough."

>>4279143 Planefag: U2 over San Francisco.

>>4279093 Another prosecutor alongside Huber?

>>4279722 #5452


>>4278783 NY Attorney General says she'll investigate everyone around Trump.

>>4278737 Cdl. Pell to appeal jury’s ‘outrageous’ verdict finding him guilty of sexual abuse.

>>4278707 Jim Jordan destroys Google CEO over trying to meddle in elections.

>>4278669 Q clock update.

>>4278664 CF hearing witness list.

>>4278636 California now wants to tax text messaging.

>>4278543 Judge rules Trump administration justified in ending Obama-era immigration program.

>>4278558 Cuba health mystery: Diplomats had inner-ear damage early on.

>>4278448 Window washer dead after falling from Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

>>4278424 Contractor indicted for providing false resumes/training certs for individuals seeking gov. employment in Afghanistan.

>>4278414 China’s non-traditional espionage against the United States: The threat and potential policy responses.

>>4278381 #NeverSettle = #NoDeals?

>>4278372 Missing and Murdered: Confronting the silent crisis in Indian Country.

>>4278329 Boulder residents ordered to bring guns to Police for certification.

>>4278321 Secret Service hand delivers signed letter to 10 year old with brain tumor: "I love you, President Trump."

>>4278313 Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushes for a 20 to 30 cent per gallon increase to fund transportation bill.

>>4278989 #5451

Previously Collected Notables

>>4277392 #5449, >>4277806 #5450,

>>4275124 #5446, >>4275781 #5447, >>4276632 #5448

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72cfd1  No.4280609

Q Is JFK Jr Alive?

5c24cd  No.4280610

are you working on bringing free energy out

c60db7  No.4280611

Do you already know who's going to "Ask the Q"?

Plan in place for that?

If not, what is the best Q so Anons can get on setting that up?

00ca1c  No.4280612

Q, was Bob Lazar's story 100% true? Were we genetically augmented with alien DNA?

4e0515  No.4280613

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089200  No.4280615



Added server(s)/bandwidth improved performance.


1bb6b5  No.4280616

Who is behind smoCking gunman Chakkat Cherif?

5c3172  No.4280617

Q - Should we be prepping for some kind of shutdown?

9c0f0f  No.4280618

Q do you have any idea what these world wide vibrations are the past few days? natural or evil?

dcd18c  No.4280619

@Codemonkey, more resources are needed sir.

2ea34d  No.4280620


Is Khashoggi alive?

158ad3  No.4280621


He already answered. No.

d950dc  No.4280623

Need to bake 2 breads in advance with Q&A bakers!

90426d  No.4280625

>>4280592 [pb]

Will the dems be allowed to control the house next year?

16b7dc  No.4280626

Is Breitbart alive?

2e8ba0  No.4280628

What was the documents that make Jeb flinch?

364f6b  No.4280629

Q, why do you always show up when I'm parenting? (Dammit).

7556cc  No.4280630


Q, is the part about aliens being real going to come back into play later as part of "the plan"

2b468a  No.4280631


Will we ever learn the TRUTH about JFK's murder? Will we learn the REAL names of the people involved, including past President(s)? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

0bef41  No.4280632

When did "the plan" start? When did Donald hop on board?

9012ee  No.4280633

>>4280189 (LB)


Will the people of Europe be freed from the globalist cabal ?

57e7df  No.4280634


Will Flynn be put into an important position?

And pardoned?

767d72  No.4280635

Q, are you monitoring the QAnon Think Tank on Facebook & MeWe?

115e2c  No.4280636


Was FBI Anon from summer 2016 valid?

Is he part of the Q team?

423f60  No.4280637

JA a traitor too? Like other whistleblower sites you refered to in past months? >>4280592 (PB)

0aad0c  No.4280638

Will the death penalty Really be the option when DS is convicted?

4c6fad  No.4280639


TY Q et al!

I won't let you down.

15a0fe  No.4280640


Phil Schneider a patriot?

5b6280  No.4280641

File: b3768046befc624⋯.png (40.05 KB, 942x456, 157:76, hapgood.PNG)

Who mapped Queen Maud Land?

2dc0a4  No.4280642



Answered last bread by Q


There is no R; there is only Q


William Campbell

4e0515  No.4280643

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431f44  No.4280644

Christine the clown Blasing Faggot on ABC. WHY???

467de8  No.4280645

>>4279474 lb

Fonefag here: can u upload the 2 pages so we can zoom in and read?…..went to the link but cant zoom on fone! (I know, thats pathetic)

0312eb  No.4280646

File: 1d8bb8f4705f044⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 609x343, 87:49, 1d8bb8f4705f0440cc06a346f4….jpg)

File: 3c1389a0ed2671c⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 3c1389a0ed2671cb9d58b8fc88….jpg)

>>4278462 (lb)



20dd6f  No.4280647

Will you go after the families of Rome?

House of the Snake The House of Sforza

The Savoy-Genovese Crime Family

Torlonia Banking Family

Massimo Crime Family

Aldobrandini Crime Family

Bourbon Crime Family

Doria Sachs

Orsini Crime Family

Farnese Military Bloodline

FitzJames Crime Family

Pallavicini Crime Family

Ruspoli Crime Family

Habsburg Hesse and Rothschild

4cd898  No.4280648

File: dccf97b81a28656⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1600x1023, 1600:1023, Pledge.png)


Anything more that we can do to help?

Oregon Anon.

1e970a  No.4280649


more ET answers - disclosure before next term?

db0bb1  No.4280650

>>4279886 lb

If your mind is weak, you cant handle the multitudinous and diverse ideas you encounter in college. If your mind is strong, colege adds strength, knowledge and new friends, acquaintances and experiences. College is also a serious income mulitplier, with grads running pretty much everything and making much more than h.s. grads, many times more. you never hear anybody regret going to college, but you hear MANY regret not going or finishing.

bbee59  No.4280651

How is spiritual warfare?

The demons must be angry

188444  No.4280652


Did you receive my Space Force application?

0c235c  No.4280653

>>4280202 (pb)

Will Flotus confirm anything on Hannity tonight?

68a6c5  No.4280654

[euro] ?

c2790d  No.4280655


Was there anything in the soccer ball?

7811a7  No.4280656

>>4279257 pb

60-40 ?

with all do respect sir, no

burn it to the ground.

90-10 is what is needed.

the only things NOT to reveal are to protect living innocents, or surviving family members.

we are not fighting individuals, or even groups. we are fighting ideas. they and everyone who espouse them must be utterly humiliated, discredited, and torn out by the roots. if you dont, within years, it will be as if nothing you have done ever happened at all. the new guard will likely applaud you for getting the "old" guard out of their way


619657  No.4280657

File: 0504f6a241a0b6d⋯.jpeg (2.69 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, A33F38CF-24D2-4A2C-B263-A….jpeg)

File: aad59a2ed67e7c3⋯.jpeg (2.14 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, D5BF7489-49DB-4BC9-8AB1-5….jpeg)

Q !!

My mom made you one of her pecan pies for thanksgiving and I wanted to make sure you saw it!


Merry Christmas!

ca8458  No.4280658

File: 2505558559239c7⋯.png (257.49 KB, 422x541, 422:541, anton dear cabal.PNG)

is JAH WARRIOR ANON'S story true and relevant to the plan

57f76a  No.4280659

Shutdown December 21- Jan 1st?

b314d2  No.4280660


f56aa3  No.4280661

File: ef349305304d16e⋯.jpg (14.55 KB, 560x126, 40:9, Capture.JPG)

Was Cicada 3301 a testing ground for the Q operation?

FLOOD coming?

915f38  No.4280662

Trust Pence?

03931f  No.4280663

>>4280189 (pp)

Is the Ryugyong in Best Korea a giant Weapon?

185517  No.4280664

Snowden a traitor?

That is … interesting..

dcd18c  No.4280665

Did 9/11 spur Patriots start working on the “Plan” or was it already initiated prior?

57250e  No.4280666


Assange is a hero, right? Will we ever see him free again?

5c24cd  No.4280667

will the space force disclosure any secret technology

b4699e  No.4280668

will Maddow and the gang go down?

936883  No.4280669

File: 391c5c73ec51fae⋯.png (1.29 MB, 992x1804, 248:451, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at ….png)

Is this the FISA DECLAS we've been waiting for?

284f6e  No.4280670


Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

Disinfo agents?


3e28ce  No.4280671

File: c95600c5772c1a8⋯.png (342.62 KB, 1697x1636, 1697:1636, wake-up.png)

File: 194babf9bc21aa1⋯.png (560.91 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, Mary-had.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

Why are we on a board that is flooded with FAKENESS?

644d41  No.4280672

>>4280202(pb Q)

Will we get truth on JFK soon (within year)?

What happened (really) to Poppy and Noname?

Is Papadap trustworthy?

Does HRC have a double, and is she SICK (kuru or similar)?

Feel free to pick and choose questions…

GOD BLESS YOU SIR. you know who it is!

3fe2e3  No.4280673

Will we have to go digital currency?

90426d  No.4280674


MOAR NEEDED… site is slower than ever maybe right now kind Sirs

513c49  No.4280675


Todays massive tweet storm from Democrats regarding the "Dark Money" being funneled through Non Profits (NRA) actually expose the Progressive Non Profits to full scrutiny now? More digging…..

18192c  No.4280676


>>4280124 [pb] Possible XYZ - Clinton Comey Lynch


006f36  No.4280677

Will Q and the yellow vests be remembered as symbols of this time in the history books?

eb190c  No.4280678

>>4280228 (lb)

excellent question anon.

9c0f0f  No.4280679

Q, will Canada see justice or positive outcome from The Plan?

975efe  No.4280680

9/11 truth

3bea20  No.4280681

Q, did William Greer, the driver of the car, shoot the bullet that killed JFK?

bae917  No.4280682





When is declass coming? how soon? When do we find out who murdered Seth rich? Info on JA ?

288279  No.4280683


Will free energy and healing devices be in the near future?

de7d65  No.4280684


Why did Pences wife get a letter at the funeral ?

Is Pence good now = set free?

Or was Pence used to gather religious votes?

ef3270  No.4280685



Will changed to the Federal Reserve also affect the banks? Because mortgage interest is the work of the devI’ll!

d68181  No.4280686

>>4280189 (lb)

May won the no-confidence vote. What next for Brexit/EU? Asking as an Irishanon…

f45bf5  No.4280687

How many bad actors will make deals in exchange for cooperation? Will their crimes come to light or stay secret as part of the deal? Any reconsideration on how much will be publicly exposed? We need and deserve the truth if we truly expect to reclaim our country

ea1f34  No.4280688

File: 782a6f4c92b6918⋯.png (19.54 KB, 549x197, 549:197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5dfe3e786bb6279⋯.png (5.76 KB, 828x34, 414:17, ClipboardImage.png)


0 delta


9bf61a  No.4280689


Saw 341 UIDs towards the end

6428b4  No.4280691


Is there anything that the world needs to know about Antarctica that is being covered up?

8fe34e  No.4280692

File: 00b4ee77b5d256c⋯.jpg (18.29 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 8148.jpg)

Thank You Baker

ab788b  No.4280693

What will happen with the IRS and it's role in crimes against the American people?

10e051  No.4280694

Q, may I have the great honor of planning the celebration? @qgathering

aba919  No.4280695




This question, please Q

72cfd1  No.4280696


Are we right on the bloodlines of the current world leaders?

d316c8  No.4280697


Still functional but laggy but it was laggy earlier when you posted about such. Figured we were getting hit

57250e  No.4280698


Autism → 1/30 boys now. When will we find out what the hell is going on? Is it biological warfare?

089200  No.4280699



Reports of 'power grid' attacks (6 mo prep) should be disregarded.

While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.


f7b02f  No.4280700

File: 3a3732efec8701e⋯.png (3.49 MB, 1890x1990, 189:199, 3a3732efec8701ef1f86a30cd5….png)





























































84204e  No.4280701


Is InTheMatrixxx a patriot?

ca8707  No.4280702

Did MBS know about Kashoggi's murder or was he blackmailed?

92053e  No.4280703


Are Q&A 's conducted as a strategy to bury old bread? If so, it is working.

2d3205  No.4280704

When do i get to join the Space Force and get to meet our ancestors on Venus, Q? Or the Blondes in Antartica?

57f76a  No.4280705

Q was he alive in ED/OR/ICU?

1e970a  No.4280706


more ET answers - disclosure before next term?


058c59  No.4280707

What is the human-to-bot ratio on this board?

1bb6b5  No.4280708

File: 41b52c323304b66⋯.jpg (182.92 KB, 1080x585, 24:13, Screenshot_20181212-175131….jpg)


c3c092  No.4280709

Any clue about TABLE 29 and EPSTEIN ISLAND? What is Table 29?

f56aa3  No.4280710

Will we get the truth about 9/11 and JFK?

60f08f  No.4280711

Of course Snowden is a traitor

Would Hollywood allow a movie about him if he wasn't?

2cc12c  No.4280712



Can we do more?

5c3172  No.4280713

Is Pope Francis Peter the Roman…?

7eab20  No.4280714


Are anons interpreting/deceiphering the q clock correctly? Are their any important clues that we’ve missed or connections we made too soon?

3cab07  No.4280715

File: e92d7920da13968⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 587x218, 587:218, 3.JPG)


60d02a  No.4280716

Are vaccines really poisoning the public?

03acca  No.4280717


Will NXIVM Raniere/Mack and Epstein be held to account and made public?

604dd3  No.4280718



Will we be able to send those bags of dicks that dysfunctional veterans sell to GITMO? Askin for a friend…

3c1b44  No.4280719


So Q&A over?

If not:

Q, you called out freemasons (base of cabal) again?

>>4275482 pb

2f6b46  No.4280720

File: 7b1e6ed54ef7629⋯.png (42.59 KB, 720x781, 720:781, Screenshot_20181212-175237….png)

File: a825c74f64e20ee⋯.png (640.32 KB, 827x598, 827:598, aac3b3b621cc3aec6e7a1b764a….png)

Super laggy already sir.



25a891  No.4280721

Q is Andrew Breitbart alive?

7d0c33  No.4280722

File: b66e77804825459⋯.png (12.44 KB, 642x228, 107:38, ClipboardImage.png)


c8e50a  No.4280723


leave then

47bc88  No.4280724

Q does [y] relate to atomic nazis?

96fb3f  No.4280725

1. Will the Fed be restructured/ended?

2. Once you + team are done, will the NSA's privacy intrusions to the general public be ended?

915f38  No.4280726

Is Twitter going to be opened back up for reach or are we boxed in?

88e149  No.4280727


When did bush die ?

737722  No.4280728

Q- Should we trust PENCE?

53985d  No.4280729

Can you confirm Dr Judy Woods research on the 911 attacks

bcebaa  No.4280730

Q, please answer about the Migration Pact and the plan for the UN.

6832cd  No.4280731


Q Can you give us a lead on Trudeau

6884c6  No.4280732

File: a3f8a629c99e34f⋯.jpg (174.54 KB, 1024x804, 256:201, 1509356632745m.jpg)

File: f3e65e8a861f520⋯.jpg (69.08 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, 1509356699439m - Copy.jpg)

File: b74aa17901a067b⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 1024x639, 1024:639, 1509357533365m.jpg)


Bad metaphysic bad science parasitic systems standard. But you gotta hand it to HILLDAWGS they stick to the program, acting out their inconsequential roles long after it serves and purpose to do so. Got to expect that in a virus. HILLDAWGS don't QUIT they just keep losing and losing and the shills get more and more inept!

823a03  No.4280733

Q, will any former presidents be arrested?

88d05e  No.4280734

Can/will California be saved?

0ff157  No.4280735

File: e937d207b428686⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1277x718, 1277:718, panicatthedeepstate2electr….PNG)


Should I trash my 3 Google Homes and Pixel?

64beff  No.4280736


Will cryptocurrency be part of the future of the US economy at a Federal level?

6ab802  No.4280737


When are the chemtrails going to STOP?

0f4d6b  No.4280738

File: 99b12ebcbc8cb1c⋯.jpg (20.08 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 98639e3ee49bffc69ca9d19efb….jpg)

BritAnons love you Q!

840c51  No.4280739

Thank you POTUS and Q!

eb586c  No.4280740


Do aliens live among us on earth? Any truth to reptilian or the archon stuff by Ike?

Thank you for everything

9ee3e1  No.4280741


“Disinfo is necessary”….even when conducting Q&A??

3dee00  No.4280742

Do people live on Saturn

dbfedd  No.4280743

Q Will Anons receive A very Public acknowledgement in the Future ? Some vindication to friends and family would be nice . Thank you

662d0d  No.4280744

Q, Will the members of the House be any different after Jan 3rd, than those elected Nov. 6th?

cb1389  No.4280745

Were the two found dead today in Antartica the same in the picture you highlighted?

46f367  No.4280746


Is internet infrastructure being safeguarded to prevent shut down?

083dc6  No.4280747

File: 1669ce8b5dd54a8⋯.png (17.17 KB, 255x172, 255:172, 5fd4d272ef24d5bb377595ea2b….png)

File: 0d9b663ba9497bb⋯.jpg (19.25 KB, 255x222, 85:74, 77cd7061a64f3a5c9867a63b8f….jpg)

Bitches need to rethink.

115e2c  No.4280748


Does POTUS or the Q team expect, or will allow the stock market/economy to crash to further expose Deep State cabal?

5d5479  No.4280749


Right on.. gonna be needed. Little lag over here.

abcac2  No.4280750


Many of us are 100% in if we have to go top option Z. Let's hope that doesn't happen and QTEAM's plan unfolds in perfect form.

(((these people))) must pay for their crimes against God and humanity. They have perverted every aspect of our lives. They have stolen our freedom, assets, innocence, Christianity, family and quality of life.

(((they))) have used every tactic that the devil uses:

1) Deception

2) Division

3) Diversion

4) Discouragement

It's time for them to pay the steepest price known to man.


5c24cd  No.4280751

What's going on in Antarctica??

0c235c  No.4280752


Can you define 'Black Eye?'

1e970a  No.4280753


more ET answers - disclosure before next term?


c3b736  No.4280754

Was it MI or John Kerry that managed to prevent assange from dropping the emails that had Cheryl Mills so nervous?

d54219  No.4280755

Q, where is tomorrow's false flag shooting going to take place? You know, the one that will happen to take attention away from the Clinton Foundation hearing…

38f9ab  No.4280756


Why dont you guys do some DOD/Intel press conferences explaining to population who/what runs this world?

a3a8aa  No.4280757

Any books you can recommend?

e2ff72  No.4280758

Will We be required by law to own/use automated/driverless vehicles… will regular cars/trucks/motorcycles be outlawed?

4e0515  No.4280759

Monday 12.10.18

>>4250950 ————————————–——– Keep the faith, Patriot ( Cap: >>4251202 )

>>4250634 rt >>4249648 -————————– +17 min delta between Tweets (cherry on top)

>>4243831 ————————————–——– Crimes against Humanity. (Cap: >>4244825 )

>>4243710 ————————————–——– Structure change coming?

>>4243538 ————————————–——– Ben Garrison cartoon.

>>4242968 ————————————–——– JFK Quote.

>>4242132 ————————————–——– PANIC BUTTON PUSHED.

>>4241967 ————————————–——– PUBLIC AWAKENING = GAME OVER. (Cap: >>4244875 )

>>4241861 rt >>4241823 -————————– Fire at will.

>>4241824 ————————————–——– THE FIGHT TO SAVE THE WORLD.

>>4241697 ————————————–——– EVIL HAS NO PLACE HERE. (Cap: >>4245009)

>>4241560 ————————————–——– At what point do people wake up? (Cap: >>4245471 )

>>4236017 ————————————–——– "THE WORLD IS WATCHING."

53b25b  No.4280760


Q, “How far is the nearest star + “read the bible, God wins” - biblical aliens that commingled with humans were fallen angels. Are they back?

2190dc  No.4280761

File: 83f4c48f5ab3453⋯.jpeg (5.54 KB, 318x159, 2:1, Unknown.jpeg)


6feab6  No.4280762

" Control" meaning controlling the future outcomes by knowing what (((they)))will do?

b4699e  No.4280763

Who is above the Rothschilds?

dc26f2  No.4280764

Q, will we really see arrests of HRC and BO in 2019 or will it be after 2020?

fcf000  No.4280765

File: ece9831532fd6c6⋯.png (47.33 KB, 555x113, 555:113, CM 10.png)

8f7fa4  No.4280766


2ea34d  No.4280767


What happened to Merkel plane travelling to Argentina?

d4800a  No.4280768


Should we be prepared for the banks shutting down?

f0ee14  No.4280769

Why were 2018 elections not secured to protect the House?

5bc284  No.4280770


What a whiny little bitch.

40126a  No.4280771

Q Merry Christmas and thank you.

Can we clean up the oceans from Fukushima? Please.

15225d  No.4280772

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?

412d08  No.4280773

ThanQ so much for all of the proofs with potus and the Q team!

Can we start a petition for the wall (even tho I knows it already a done deal) to show patriots across the country want the wall no matter what the Dems try to pull! Would it help?

92de33  No.4280774

Jefferson Sessions is the elf on the shelf?

bbee59  No.4280775

d8690a  No.4280776

Have we been good Anons ….. Do we get a Q boom for Christmas ?

3c4904  No.4280777


Is [p] Richard P. Donoghue?

e74453  No.4280778


Seems to be lagging a bit, getting some Bad Gateway 502's

089200  No.4280779


Not intended.

Separated by 2.


7d0c33  No.4280780


What? Is this really Q? What is a "Black Eye?"

7556cc  No.4280781


So, what do you need us to do now? I mean, we did memes for the election? What now?

7b0d8f  No.4280782

FBIanon from 2016 4/pol/ real?

cbb8d4  No.4280783


Will we ever get justice for 9/11? Will we know the truth about Antarctica and extraterrestrials?

2dc0a4  No.4280784


Looks like a memo and a witness statement just for Flynn.

1237aa  No.4280785


90426d  No.4280786

0a97d6  No.4280787

File: bb735dee96e9cdc⋯.jpg (81.92 KB, 534x327, 178:109, tombstone.jpg)


Why did the the Nazi scientist who came over as part of Operation Paperclip and helped found NASA have a quote about the firmament on his tombstone?

cb3b30  No.4280788

Q - 'Black Eye' = ETI assistance?

b6fd3f  No.4280789

>GOOG (upcoming) financial statements should receive extra scrutiny [10-Q].

10-Q ?

d78f80  No.4280790

Q Whatever happened to the stolen dynamite in PA?

c3c092  No.4280791

Is there a cure for autism? My son has had it for 14 years. Trying to stay hopeful…. Thank you!

45004d  No.4280792

will there be a true reveal of the team after mission complete or will we always wonder? good ending either way

3e28ce  No.4280793

File: 44333e5aefb4eda⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1332x999, 4:3, dygg.png)

File: 1cb80ac3bcf4274⋯.png (617.96 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ktmsjl.png)

File: 838c1af5fc81cdc⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x734, 1111:734, be-with-us-now.png)

File: 8d56ce93844ae76⋯.png (240.34 KB, 458x533, 458:533, hjmhy.png)

File: 786692aeeb75fb2⋯.png (353.84 KB, 581x444, 581:444, oops-u-lose.png)


your just tired hun

d66e65  No.4280794

Is there a plan in place to deal with genetic psychopathy?

3 to 6% of people responsible for vast majority of organized malevolence.

111ecd  No.4280795

File: 5d552985e96e344⋯.jpg (241.66 KB, 500x1900, 5:19, download.jpg)


KC is a city of caves and tunnels. We dig into a reader’s KCQ

7f7abe  No.4280796

Are these seismographic waves we see human created or a natural event?

8c4ffd  No.4280797


What is true story with Bin Laden? Why throw body into the sea? Will we get justice for the Seals killed in Afghanistan after the raid? Will we see justice for Benghazi?

15225d  No.4280798

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?

92053e  No.4280799

Are Ohr, Page, and Strzok being held separately?

eb190c  No.4280800


the clown op

f56aa3  No.4280801


It's obvious Pope Francis is draining the swamp in the Vatican

Can you confirm he is #MAGA so all the anti-Catholic shills on here would shut up already?

79435d  No.4280802

File: 6e334933b72f5e2⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, GingerBread Q.jpg)

File: a97e88d035a750f⋯.png (2.78 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, GingerBread Q Alpha.png)

WeeAnon and I wish you all the happiest of Christmas's ever. WWG1WGA

GingerBread Q .jpg & Alpha .png Files

d13606  No.4280803

XRP or XLM? Give us a headstart on crypto so we can fill our bags :)

4e0515  No.4280804

Tuesday 12.11.18

>>4267248 rt. >>4267057 -————————– GOOG (upcoming) financial statements should receive extra scrutiny [10-Q]

>>4267057 rt >>4266938 -————————– The FIRE that brought down GOOGLE

>>4266262 ————————————–——– What a coincidence (Cap: >>4266454 & Vid: >>4266476 )

>>4261906 ————————————–——– How do you quell 'growing' protests against you?

>>4260467 ————————————–——– #FactsMatter

>>4259336 ————————————–——– Think Graham KAV exchange. ( Vid: >>4259920 Text: >>4260651 )

>>4257392 rt >>4257129 -————————– These people are stupid.

>>4256996 rt >>4250950 -————————– Moves & Countermoves.

>>4256623 rt >>4256557 -————————– Border Security is National Security.

>>4256507 ————————————–——– Anons already knew that… ( Cap: >>4256581 )

083dc6  No.4280805

Q, are we on plan A, B, or C?

742dda  No.4280806

Is the electrical grid safe?

1a6c6c  No.4280807


Long live Jr.

8c1644  No.4280808


Q, How big is Michelle's cock?


15ffe5  No.4280809

Is something going to be done about all the voter fraud/stolen elections or will they stand? If we can't trust our elections the country can't survive.

bbea4d  No.4280810


Will Germany be free again?

abf0a6  No.4280811

File: 9eb15bdcdd016f0⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 20181117_193942.jpg)

Just as the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph trusted The Plan.


Merry Christmas Q, Q+


203d58  No.4280812

Is Steven Spielberg among the list of sealed indictments (and will citizen investigators trying to solve his crimes be brought in for his take down)?

b659dc  No.4280813


Will we ever see the end of GOOG, TWTR, FB? For good?

28b6e9  No.4280814

Q will JFK and 911 truth come out?

f3fe21  No.4280815


Is weather control real?

eb586c  No.4280816

Can you please debunk or confirm flat earth/dome earth?

Thank you

ceeda0  No.4280817


When will you regard 'draining the swamp' as completed? Who/what needs to happen/jailed before you consider this page in history as closed?

5dc0f2  No.4280818


can you get POTUS to tweet out MOAR as a typo

76b656  No.4280819

File: 81f915f7cba559b⋯.jpg (3.95 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, His name was.jpg)

Q is this real

87bcfa  No.4280820

File: 647134f2c73322c⋯.jpeg (255.32 KB, 1154x1615, 1154:1615, FC78C48E-A7BD-4441-A78B-7….jpeg)


Will the executions be public?

Can you tell us one embarrassing thing about John O. Brennan?

00ca1c  No.4280821

File: 5f6139e4c829777⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 3840x6000, 16:25, Richat - Copy.jpg)

Q, Any truth to this?

115e2c  No.4280822


Will secret space program, super technology, aliens or other suspected information be coming out in the near (next few months) future?

0bef41  No.4280823

Hey Q

Do you like our TY Baker pics? KEK

467de8  No.4280824


Wish we had a "LIKE" button

ea1f34  No.4280825

File: 602a366ece5a25e⋯.png (37.19 KB, 964x473, 964:473, ClipboardImage.png)


Q, is Antarctica anon safe?


34fa85  No.4280826


Q I am 56, will I see the end to this corruption in my lifetime?

5df44d  No.4280827


Was Andrew Breitbart 187’d?

8fe34e  No.4280828

Boss you shit the bread…

God Bless.

dcd18c  No.4280829


Patriots are with you even unto death to defend God and Country. I cannot emphasize this enough.

NC Anon

2d3205  No.4280830

Q, should we read more into the work of Dr Bergrun, and James Horak?

089200  No.4280831


NSA ability to overreach hosts possible.


6e8753  No.4280832

Will we get disclosure?

f2d761  No.4280833

>>4280189 (LB)


Q, what are your thoughts about the book "The Brotherhood" by Stephen Knight?


I think Chapter 26: The Italian Crisis might be better titled The Worldwide Crisis is it seems all too familiar.

Love to you and yours, btw.

Merry Christmas.

88e149  No.4280834


Is obamas husbands man ?

57e7df  No.4280835


Will Flynn be put into an important position?

And pardoned?

2a2e89  No.4280836


Things are getting real bad up here in Canada. We just signed the UN Compact for Migration, Justin is hiking taxes, clamping down on guns, and giving citizenship to refugees like it's candy before the 2019 election. China arrested our diplomat in response to the operation of rule of law with respect to Huawei's CFO, and is threatening boycotts of our goods.

Is relief coming for Canada?

608502  No.4280837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

862708  No.4280838

File: 684e06c13448ef1⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



Is the "Black Eye"


df99bd  No.4280839


Q, are there aliens living on Earth among us?

767d72  No.4280840


Are your tripcodes really related to google books searches?

9c0f0f  No.4280841

well if this is a stress test, lets stress this bitch out!


1b31aa  No.4280842


Will House seats won by voter fraud be challenged?

10e718  No.4280843


Are we on the planet we think we are?

b9c811  No.4280844


Is JFK Jr alive?

cbb8d4  No.4280845


Will we ever get justice for 9/11? Will we know the truth about Antarctica and extraterrestrials?

7fd137  No.4280846

I'm confused. Is anything actually going to happen on Thursday? Are the Clintons ever going to face justice? I'm feeling pretty jilted here. You also said the 2018 midterms were safe.

8f0098  No.4280847

When will 10 days of darkness start?

Thanks, Q

90426d  No.4280848


Black Knight Sat ??

72cfd1  No.4280849

Q will we see the HRC video soon?

182c67  No.4280850

Q I just got a cancer diagnosis will the cures be released before I die?

79766b  No.4280851


Holy shit..is that why so many celebs/politicians have a black eye?

Good guys 'marking' them?

7a7194  No.4280852


What about 50/50 CCW reciprocity in the senate?

Can qe make that happen?

2e4420  No.4280853

anyone named mike or minerva in you ancestry? we pray for POTUS and the team every day

d66e65  No.4280854

When medical revolution?

02e2a4  No.4280855

Q- Can we lose? is the outcome still in question?

3ad23e  No.4280856

Gold or silver?

9564e1  No.4280857


Research MMS

ca8707  No.4280858

When will the world KNOW you are not a LARP?

11f9eb  No.4280859

John Kerry, Logan Act? Among others?

71c68e  No.4280860

Q, are the mole people (inner Earth terrestrials) real?

5d5479  No.4280861


Will POTUS shut down the gov't over the border? Asking for gov't contractor spouseanon.

1bb6b5  No.4280862


Is Brenden Dilley's source legit?

f3fe21  No.4280863


Is weather control real?

f7b02f  No.4280864


556f68  No.4280865


Q - is GITMO already holding "guests?" Did GHWB leave on his own terms?

cb3b30  No.4280866

Q - still 60/40? Any hope for 80/20?

936883  No.4280867


and the 302s + other FBI info to the Judge

9cdf3f  No.4280868

When will the FISA docs be unsealed?

449ee0  No.4280869

Q….Will we see the HRC vid?


839b2c  No.4280870


2dc0a4  No.4280871

156f3f  No.4280872

Will 3 letter agencies survive or be ended? If ended, what happens to their average joe employees that put in years of service? A bit concerned… is my challenge coin arriving before Xmas, lol?

b5e625  No.4280873

Will a cancer cure be released soon? (my youngest sister has pancreatic cancer - sorry for the selfish question)

48c332  No.4280874

Q, is No Name dead or in Gitmo?

2aee39  No.4280875

Q - how far back does the Cabal go? Babylon? Farther?

376ff2  No.4280876


Q: Do we have the gold?

03931f  No.4280877


Is that related to the VQC?

3e28ce  No.4280878

Is GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI tech something we should be digging into?

eb748f  No.4280879

File: 977de9ae6a71287⋯.png (582.92 KB, 643x500, 643:500, aeghahetr.png)


>Is JFK Jr alive?




Did Hillary have JFK Jr killed because he was an obstacle in the NY Senate race? Will she ever face justice for it?

a3a8aa  No.4280880

When will JA be free?

1e970a  No.4280881


what kind of questions do you want us to ask now

487192  No.4280882

File: dfedeab341995ed⋯.jpg (276.26 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, antipepe.jpg)

File: 34550dea4bbb3f9⋯.jpg (50.13 KB, 672x528, 14:11, pepeleQ2greenlectricboogal….jpg)

>>4280189 (pb)

can i thank you for some of the recent 'wins' in my life, or are we kinda off your radar?

is pelosi's comment code?

3bea20  No.4280883

Q, Who shot JFK?

1237aa  No.4280884

will john podesta see prison

0ec9d1  No.4280885

When SHTF, will the American people be safe? If FF are their cover-up, won't we be in grave danger when they're finally exposed?

d5fce6  No.4280886


How full is Gitmo?

6ab802  No.4280887


Eye in the sky.

Black Knight.

564340  No.4280888

File: 66757400bc32311⋯.jpg (355.98 KB, 1909x1014, 1909:1014, Screen Shot 12-12-18 at 11….JPG)


Bit slow but ok in England UK

b5f1f5  No.4280889

Great Awakening PRIOR to 1/1/19?

bd2290  No.4280890

File: a3b70156e44a1e0⋯.png (991.94 KB, 984x899, 984:899, Q Uni.png)

>>4280189 (LB)

Q I am going to a funeral for a 20 year old young man tomorrow. He is the third in as many months. Was clean a few months and OD'ed upon relapse. Undoubtedly laced with fentanyl, This is rural America, not the barrio. Yet our youngsters are doing heroin like my generation smoked pot. I am deeply grieved but also outraged. What measures can we as citizens take to stop or quell the opioid pandemic? And how do we get the scourge of fentanyl off our streets?

9a0a01  No.4280891

Can we drop spiritual. Whiteboy docs?

1ea31f  No.4280892

What tech took down our C-130 near Japan?

7a9d7a  No.4280893

Do we already have bases on the Moon and Mars?

7d0c33  No.4280894


Something's up. Now shows there are 28 new posts today on qanon.pub.

92053e  No.4280895

Khazarian mafia real?

9460fc  No.4280896

Q does the millitary have cloaking technology?

8c1644  No.4280897


Q, how can not having any privacy (NSA) a good thing?

Am I weird for not wanting to be a SLAVE?

375010  No.4280898

Is there an open investigation on the Las Vegas shooting??

65eb50  No.4280899


Do you know our identities, besides as anons?

cb48a3  No.4280900

@codemonkey….how we doing on the stress test…do we need to get more agressive or are we at our peak?

Some specs please…ty

53985d  No.4280901


Should we be concerned about CERN and quantum computing

9358fd  No.4280902

ARe we all going to have a veRy mErry chriSTmaS?

4a2641  No.4280903

Trust the plan Anons - you are witnessing the systematic takedown of the globalist cabal that has ruled us for over 100 years. If it takes 2 ,3, 4 years what is the difference. Many of them will destroy / kill/ suicide each other long before the firing squad.

And I predict Queen of England is next; then the Pope; then Soros - will be fun watching so get your popcorn ready

0312eb  No.4280904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Synagogue Of Satan 1878 - 1919

"Central Bank" criminal syndicates, how they work, who benefits and the predators who operate them.

00a82b  No.4280905

File: 7e095a89d639a03⋯.jpg (11.17 KB, 255x133, 255:133, Amer1st.jpg)

Q, will @POTUS target reform on higher education institutions? Eliminate progressive hold over EDU.

88895a  No.4280906

Are you aligned with Majestic 12?

f3fe21  No.4280907


Is weather control real?

79766b  No.4280908

File: ca639fe3fc4d28c⋯.png (786.17 KB, 799x500, 799:500, EnjoyTheShow.png)

Pic related, Q.

On target?

94f7e0  No.4280909

File: 25d43ba1ee1ef89⋯.jpg (422.92 KB, 972x1440, 27:40, World War Z.jpg)

>[Avoided Z]

This Z?

3132cf  No.4280910

Q, are you St. Michael?

2ea34d  No.4280911

Ukraine Russia Kerch, was there plat to blow bridge?


e357c5  No.4280912

Are the effects of 11.11 noticeable to us?

ae3a96  No.4280913


Q, are we dealing with an enemy that isnt human?

db0bb1  No.4280914


Who is P?

d5ac90  No.4280915


>>4280153 Northeastern Syria Administration calls for total mobilization following Erdogan threats.

>>4280100 Driver for alleged Brooklyn FBI shooter arrested.

>>4279900 Harvard's $39b endowment is secretly acquiring California's water supply.

>>4279880 Q defined.

posted in #5454 due to Q&A

376ff2  No.4280916


Do we need to look father than 1000 years back?

b8d3b2  No.4280917

Was GHWB sacrificed by the deep state?

d8f48b  No.4280918

How much information is hidden in television and film? Are there major opposing factions working within them?

6cfd0b  No.4280919

will Trudeau be exposed? Like May, Merkel, Macron?

826cf0  No.4280920

Are they scared of me?

63f132  No.4280921


Thank you for the heads up about Cardinal Pell.

Myself and other victims are very grateful and word will be spread throughout our support networks.

The TRUTH will out.

dark to LIGHT.


8a278d  No.4280922

File: fd5deab8b55cbdd⋯.jpeg (110.44 KB, 750x616, 375:308, C8674035-070C-4BF6-AA33-1….jpeg)

File: 757aa59b0a21a1d⋯.jpeg (78.14 KB, 750x349, 750:349, EB44D319-F64A-47CA-9FC8-6….jpeg)

Look at this fucking clown. For people who don’t care about trump they sure are fucking vocal

f8de95  No.4280923

Stockings. AQK. Abdul Qadeer Khan?

3dee00  No.4280924

Q is it possible to time travel, or glimpse into the future?

907711  No.4280925

Q - The movement is in full swing and we are praying daily, reading our Bibles. We have learned many of your comms now, we are ready for the continued FIELD of FIGHT.

Thank you Q team for this chance to save our Republic and let freedom ring !

7a0117  No.4280926


HOHO I spot the Branson

766c8e  No.4280927


61445a  No.4280928

Q: Podesta be exposed as a Pedosta?

5c3172  No.4280929


Thank you

60fd77  No.4280930

Q will you be going after the "Watchtower too since they are also PEDO People? Please for the love of GOD be in the indictments!!!! Really not expecting an answer on this…. Just really wanting to make aware that the jw.org organization is part of the pedo shit. They need to go down with the rest of the swamp lickers. Just sayin. Good job Q

2599dc  No.4280931

Q. Did 41 go out on his own terms????

0c235c  No.4280932

>>4280189 (LB)

How close are we?

4cd898  No.4280933

File: 2729aaf3cfcab2c⋯.jpg (107.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, TheClapR.jpg)

4d4781  No.4280934

Will the biggest q proof be when someone in media asks POTUS about Q?

d4a361  No.4280935

Q have I been a target of black hats?

089200  No.4280936


Only her beauty and love of country.


b5685b  No.4280937


Q, what is happening in ANTARTICA?

499276  No.4280938


Q can I punch him before he goes to jail?

27fca9  No.4280939

File: d1bfd1a25ed95eb⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 210x255, 14:17, bonwegfiusdbiyvbflhy.jpg)

9ee3e1  No.4280940


Will we be told what is up with our Sun?

0b426c  No.4280941

File: 72dfec8231302b6⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, B. Jesus%u2019s Comfort to….jpg)

de7d65  No.4280942



Does POTUS truly understand how much

we are so grateful for him? Does he know he will go down in history for being the most loved POTUS we have ever had in history???

We thank you Q , we truly do.

3e1032  No.4280943

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, 955548b7825c8e93593899c06c….jpg)

Q, did Mueller take a deal?

083dc6  No.4280944

Interesting. Q q&a and suddenly it is 30 second auto update.

57f76a  No.4280945


Govt shutdown out?

dc26f2  No.4280946

Q, are you a tit or ass man?

aa0f76  No.4280947

Are we winning?

b07200  No.4280948


That was the one I wanted to know. Saudi

375010  No.4280949

Can you tell us more about Las Vegas shooting and Seth Rich.

f3fe21  No.4280950


Is weather control real?

2805d3  No.4280951

File: f872bdc2db6cb5e⋯.jpg (50.48 KB, 500x692, 125:173, 9120Santa20Babe20with20a20….jpg)


Thank you Q

acc357  No.4280952


Is the market/stocks going to crash? Are our investments going to go to nothing, or will we be protected?

ca8458  No.4280953

is JAH WARRIOR ANON'S story true and relevant to the plan >>4280831

ca889d  No.4280954

Q POSTS for baker lst bread

>>4280592 RT >>4280423

>>4280554 RT >>4280453

>>4280455 RT >>4280260

>>4280331 RT >>4280236

>>4280247 RT >>4280228

>>4280231 RT >>4280212

>>4280213 RT >>4280193

>>4280202 RT >>4280192

lot of bread shitters..

selfish anons..

desperate for a Q (you)

2c2c2c  No.4280955


When will FAKE NEWS MSM report REAL NEWS?

0a97d6  No.4280956


Additionally, can you confirm if my dig on centipedenation as a MOS limited hangout was over the target?

da7e01  No.4280957

Was Santa at rally a wink for us for happenings around Xmas?

0d8410  No.4280958


Snowden is a CIA faggot.

604dd3  No.4280959

File: 8213ba94a944e87⋯.jpg (120.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, EAT_A_BAG_OF_DICKS_1024x.jpg)



Will these be able to be sent to GITMO? Asking for a friend.

1e679f  No.4280960


What is the point in remaining in Syria?

7839f9  No.4280961

Est. Number of Patriots reached ww now?

in Germany/Europe?

c3c092  No.4280962

Is there a cure for Autism? My son has been suffering for over 14 years. Still have hope and prayers….

df99bd  No.4280963


has the cabal been cloning humans?

644d41  No.4280964


Will we get truth on JFK? (within a year ish)

Will we be returning to the gold standard or similar?


827a42  No.4280965

When will the truth about our E.Ts friends will be discloused and will set the world free?

88e149  No.4280966


Have we been in contact with aliens , not of this planet ?

60d02a  No.4280967


Is AI a major threat? Are protections in place?

36239a  No.4280968


LB, site slowed a little while for the stress test. GA always brings out the woolies, kek!

b5f1f5  No.4280969

Will Bill Binney hold a new role?

Or does he ride away in to the sunset?

16b7dc  No.4280970

Is Cern trying to unleash hell from Antarctica?

f2a784  No.4280971

Q - You are in our prayers. Please keep us in yours!

a75243  No.4280973

File: 42461ffb26f21df⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1917x1024, 1917:1024, Screenshot_20180313-064309.png)


Did Bush Sr. Have JFK killed?

60084e  No.4280974


Try and pay attention Anon.

>>4280455 (Q LB)


a2b83d  No.4280975


Would be just fine if the internet went away.

d8690a  No.4280976

File: 071a03c49c37a77⋯.png (269 KB, 501x296, 501:296, ClipboardImage.png)

NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.

Those who try to DRIVE YOU are not your friend.


84d428  No.4280977


when will we see Hillary arrested & prosecuted?

0c32aa  No.4280978

Did Atlantis in some way or form exist? Was there a civilization in the distant past that is now lost to us?

1e1e2a  No.4280979

Q, are humans living on the moon/ mars/ other planets?

0bef41  No.4280980


following over a year. Never seen one fail. Orion Group sources. Followed him b4 Q hit the scene.

ca282d  No.4280981


was wondering the same…. stress test results yet?

6d0f53  No.4280983

File: 0a33216bb421198⋯.png (1.31 MB, 919x931, 919:931, isawthelight.png)


Thanks, You send nice presents for my birthday

454d20  No.4280984

Who's Q?

02e2a4  No.4280985

Where does DMT take the individual who ingests it? Are the entities benevolent or evil or both?

03931f  No.4280986

Q, did you mean:

Black ICE: The most feared kind of counter-espionage program, primarily designed to kill DNI-equipped hackers.

c0c773  No.4280987

Wendy Karina Martinez?

377cee  No.4280988


A touch of lag in Colorado. Holding strong here. No errors.

8c1644  No.4280989

Is a Police State good if you are in control?

bc3b61  No.4280990

File: bc6097660552e82⋯.jpg (400.14 KB, 1600x1231, 1600:1231, 146f9521fb6a5eb516f76887f2….jpg)

Are positive intelligent extraterrestrials real?

375010  No.4280991

Is Cohen on our side?

Is Comey on our side?

15a0fe  No.4280992


Good question anon.

Do we still have gold in Ft Knox?

d5fce6  No.4280993

fe1768  No.4280994

QiAi -

Q =

Q+ =

Q 0 =

Qi =

154ae0  No.4280995

Q, is AWS a Bezos + C_A means of mining Patriot data?

936a64  No.4280996


One from left-field Has the genre of science-fiction been comped from the very start (predictive programming, accustoming people to massive social changes, pushing Their narrative)?

8c4ffd  No.4280997


I'm sorry about '91 in S. Korea…. I was 19, an 11B and I drank way too much Soju. I'm still upset about Cheney though, he was suppose to visit our motor pool and he just drove by.

e7e8d7  No.4280998


Will conversion from Fed be excruciating?

b8b362  No.4280999

is 2018 going to bring Justice still or was that Fak

f7b02f  No.4281000

File: fde2e912d2be00d⋯.jpg (52.93 KB, 497x500, 497:500, STUBBS.jpg)


b83d15  No.4281001

20dd6f  No.4281002


House of the Snake The House of Sforza

The Savoy-Genovese Crime Family

Torlonia Banking Family

Massimo Crime Family

Aldobrandini Crime Family

Bourbon Crime Family

Doria Sachs

Orsini Crime Family

Farnese Military Bloodline

FitzJames Crime Family

Pallavicini Crime Family

Ruspoli Crime Family

Habsburg Hesse and Rothschild

Are they targets?

9c0f0f  No.4281003


we already know it is anon

499276  No.4281004

Q is the build complete?

f3fe21  No.4281005


Is weather control real?

And if so are patriots in control of it or the clowns?

b8d3b2  No.4281006


Was GHWB sacrificed by the deep state?

b4699e  No.4281007


you do understand that the MSM is the key to

getting the country back don't you?

cbff74  No.4281008


Should we prepare with food etc

d5ac90  No.4281009



05818d  No.4281010

Does the FED get its share of the pain?

b32aba  No.4281011

Is the Beebo Russel aka the Sky King alive?

2ac72e  No.4281012

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Pedovore Boogie.

2ef1f9  No.4281013

Is Schiff under patriot control?

c3fde5  No.4281014

502 error. Clowns are panicking.

Q i saw a giant silent black triangle in the sky back around 2011. Far, far bigger than the TR-3B. over the great lakes region. It had a glowing red circle at each corner which was slightly rounded.

Us or them?

158ad3  No.4281015


>Mental Health Counselor


3dee00  No.4281016

Q, are you mooch?

c2790d  No.4281017

Satellites safe?

I rely on GPS to conduct my job.

25a891  No.4281018

Q, is this disinfo?

c8e50a  No.4281019


why be with fakies?


leave now loser bot

162dac  No.4281020

Q what is the role of payseur?

Above roths? Eye of providence?

Is there truth to the "13 ruling families"?

1a6c6c  No.4281021


AMEN to that ! Thanks to @FLOTUS. What a graceful woman.

810165  No.4281022


Nice. For an 80s movie it's surprisingly spot on as far as current events go. Asleep vs awake. War on consciousness. Hacking signals. Elites and the media etc

9cdf3f  No.4281023

When will chemtrails cease?

b30ef8  No.4281024

So you've already noted that their are programs outside of public domain (Secret Space Program). If the deep state has kept these hidden for years now, and must be 20, 50 or more years ahead in technology, what's stopping them from using these advanced weapons to enact total control? I know we have many patriots in the military, but the weaponry that they must have in these special access programs must far exceed ours. Shouldn't it be easy for them to conquer?

7839f9  No.4281025

Est. Number of Patriots reached?

in Germany/Europe?

862708  No.4281026


Q just confirmed he's a BEAUTY guy.. not tits nor ass. ::::


f5ed47  No.4281027

Do you have Qanucks to help us leafs?

ac1f84  No.4281028



This is a good question.

A case can be made for him being a black hat or a white hat.

No matter how much I dig, he remains grey.

5f803e  No.4281029

Should we expect civil unrest?

6a26fd  No.4281030



Are anons on the right track with the Jesuits being who the vatican, SMOM, and Masons answer to?

1bb6b5  No.4281031

When will POTUS and Putin strike a deal over Syria?

375010  No.4281032

How many shooters were there in Las Vegas shooting?

45004d  No.4281033

are some of us ayyys?

46ccb0  No.4281034

File: bb67d2bbe08676d⋯.jpg (83.97 KB, 539x496, 539:496, muh cheese and you hubris.jpg)

File: fe0fdb8e807321c⋯.jpg (142.56 KB, 740x500, 37:25, pepe hero Achilles 03 brea….jpg)

File: 83abece337d7d37⋯.jpg (131.45 KB, 594x610, 297:305, pepe hero socrates-a breat….jpg)

File: 4c735af27fe370a⋯.jpg (226.85 KB, 1200x760, 30:19, pepe hydra 05 stand.jpg)

File: 44722a43b6f683c⋯.jpg (217.79 KB, 900x1210, 90:121, pep dragon_swarm be worthy.jpg)


A sharing.

A few definitions.

A path.

In order to define what it is to be a fully potentiated human, one has to define a few other things. Dreamer, the actual function of the subconscious, and Hero.

Starting with the easier first; Dreamer.

What do you call one that accepts the world as it is, without critical thought and incorporating the blizzard of logical fallacies that blind them to reality? Dreamer. THEY have pushed this mindset with intention; Dreamers are defenseless against the lies.

Next; Subconscious.

A healthy subconscious is the only real defense against their deceptions. What is a healthy subconscious? One that gives an "accurate" reflection of reality. Every moment of our lives, held within the subconscious. Current experiences are parsed through the experiential/emotive matrix that contains that record. It then kicks up an image that is loaded with a contextual emotive underpinning. This gives one's thinking mind a direction in which to plan/decide an appropriate action based on one's own knowledge.

Now for the fun; Hero.

Breaking the Hero into 2 catagories; physical and intellectual (due to their using the subconscious differently).

Going classical. Modern definitions are crap. An Hero is one that through dedication, training and growth welds the subconscious to either the hypathalmic or the conscious mind. Able to "switch on". Huh? Yup. Example of the physical; Achilles. Regardless of whatever fictionalazation may have occured in the intervening thousands of years, he was clearly (in a time of many heros) unmatched in martial prowess.

This can also occur in the intellectual realm. The Greek philosophers are still famous for the leaps made in thought. They spent an entire working life producing new ways of seeing/thinking/feeling about the world. Even though only a small fraction of their work survives to current day, they are giants in philosophy.

In modern times some have achieved similar (though dimunitive in comparison) success. But never for long, and not something that they do at will. Muscle memory - being able to perform an action accurately without the need for conscious direction; just a decision to act. Sports ball "heroes" do this all the time. From time to time one can even "be in the zone" (switched on).

Through use of mental discipline people like an Einstein reach levels of insight that move thought forward in astounding, world changing ways. Tapping the subconscious is the key to both physical and intellectual performance.

Physical - marrying the subconcious down to the hypathalmous. Intellectual - marrying it up to the conscious mind. In truly free men, this reaches a level of performance in both realms unseen, unbelievable today. Achilles spent day after day, all day long, going through men like breath through candle. Aristotle, Pythagoras and Socrates did the same thing, but blowing through minds. All day, every day; year after year their whole life long. By all appearances this was a thing under conscious control; unheard of today.

Ok, so, ready?

Fully potentiated human; one that has the ability to, through choice, bring the hypathalmic drive for action (to support the biologic function of body), the subconscious mind (storehouse of one's entire emotive and experiencial existance) and conscious mind (planning, deciding) together in perfect harmony. Each building on the next. Capable of (from the perspective of those in the Dreaming state) super-hero levels of performance.

This is acheivable. With dedication, discipline, and practice. My'Anon is able to achieve this level of intellectual performance, regularly. A thought (speculation); it appears to this anon that Autism is an attempt to disable the filtering function preventing the overload of data from the subconscious. Guess that degraded filter didn't work out the way THEY wanted, huh? Allows Autists to be, effectively, "switched on" all the time.

So stupid.

So done.

It is our innate humanity that is our best weapon. THEY love to bash those early Heroes, fully awake, fully human…Not under THEIR control…Distorting language, perspective and Truth…blinding us to our heritage. Keeping us unable to even imagine that we are capable of astounding physical/intellectual performance. One wonders why that might be (as if).



The Path. If one wishes to be the most that one can be; as strong, as fast, as durable as possible, whether physically or intellectually - work at it. Stop consuming poison. Media lies and distortions cloud reality. Chemicals in food and water poison the body and mind. What is better for us? Kicking up the THEM? Or spending our slave chits on the tools we need to survive and good wholesome food for our families and selves?

Many are capable. Which Ones will?

STAND. Be the Hero of your own story.

Until next time.

What's in a name, My'Anon?

Be Worthy.



9e20d6  No.4281035

Q can you get a message to Hannity to stop talking over Carter, Solomon, Bongino, etc…

7a7194  No.4281036


Yes dipshit

f8de95  No.4281037

29 Palms MCAGCC is going off right now.

Preparing for something big?

ca282d  No.4281038


you are so sweet. She's a dear. Much love and respect for our graceful FLOTUS!

823a03  No.4281039

Q, will any former presidents be arrested?

766c8e  No.4281040

48dbf5  No.4281041

Q - Does or did CA Paradise have some 'out of this world' residents there?

49f521  No.4281042

are the Nephilim alive?

99f00c  No.4281043

376ff2  No.4281044


Are the old federal reserve vaults being put to use on behalf of USA?

85ed9e  No.4281045

So my wife tells me there was a local 'news' guy at our house yesterday and, when she wouldn't answer the door the guy apparently hung around 'kickin rocks' and occasionally peeking in the window.

Never been happier we're a large-dog owning 2nd amendment family. Even my 6 year old has fired a 4-10 and 22 revolver a few times…

fcf000  No.4281046

Q, will the sacrifices and other stuff they perform be shown to the public?

f87649  No.4281047

>>4280189 (lb)

Tesla tech brought to light?

f3fe21  No.4281048


Is weather control real?

And if so are patriots in control of it or the clowns?

089200  No.4281049



Gold shall destroy FED.


4c6fad  No.4281050


Educate educate educate educate.

Opiates are not weed. Opiates are not alcohol. Opiates will fucking destroy your life, the life of everyone you care about, and do it all with unflinching efficiency.

Treating all drugs as equally bad leads people to equate drug X not being that bad w/ other drug (like opiates) also not being that bad. THIS IS FALSE OPIATES WILL FUCKING RUIN EVERYTHING.

Educate! Knowledge is power.

9012ee  No.4281051

>>4280189 (LB)



Will the people of Europe be freed from the globalist cabal ?

People are very nervous here in Europe

de1abf  No.4281052

Winnipeg? YellowBrickRoad?

cb75f7  No.4281053


Is Huber a decoy and someone else is bringing the pain?

2533de  No.4281054

Q Thanks for everything you've done. Will there soon be and end to the censorship of the conservative movement?

56150a  No.4281055

Will the execution of traitors be public?

42b119  No.4281056

File: 25352bf0a0af5c0⋯.png (97.09 KB, 195x259, 195:259, unknown-4.png)

Is OWL (Knowledge) the KEYSTONE?

8c1644  No.4281057


I like her FAKE titties too!

8dfb59  No.4281058


If push comes to shove is a yellow vest protest part of the plan or must we remain calm? Any advice for helping other civs to follow suit?

0aa5ac  No.4281060


will we get anything for christmas Q?

b33f91  No.4281061

File: dc49d2827b0f81e⋯.jpeg (310.26 KB, 1242x890, 621:445, 2E9CCF67-73A8-438C-8454-3….jpeg)

WE’RE AT 207,530 ON QPUB!!!!!!

7f7abe  No.4281062


Can you skin Griz?

Show me the pelts.

635ba6  No.4281063


Executions planned for TREASON of high profile players??????

2f6b46  No.4281064

Have we surpassed your expectations?

4cd898  No.4281065


Bit of lag and two 502 errors

3fe2e3  No.4281066

Is there a base on the Moon?

0adc7f  No.4281067


Please go ahead and get next bread baked.

We will lock > unlock when ready if needed, and we will edit anything in that was missed.

Don't worry too much about collecting notables for the time being. Thank you baker.

b07200  No.4281068

File: 84f02954e445912⋯.jpeg (69 KB, 500x509, 500:509, A09FB37D-CB4C-463D-BD41-4….jpeg)

Q will General Flynn find a new job in this Administration?

0a97d6  No.4281069


I like you Anon. You ask real AF questions.

f87649  No.4281070

>>4280189 (lb)

Tesla tech brought to light?

ae3a96  No.4281071


Are some of these answers disinformation?

662d0d  No.4281072

Is the Fed going to be restructured?


0ec9d1  No.4281073

Is the NWO actually a plot to cause so much tyranny that We The People fight back and establish a new Western government for The People? Because if so, it's working.

cb48a3  No.4281074

"Q" any idea or as much as you can tell us about


11/11/18 sound waves at 17 seconds intervals.


de7d65  No.4281075


Is Fox news 90% comped ?

7cf742  No.4281076

Will Hillary EVER end up behind bars?

c2790d  No.4281077


Satellites safe?

I rely on GPS to conduct my job.

6e8753  No.4281078

Will happenings start with a trickle?

9bf61a  No.4281079

Any specific places we should be digging regarding Priory of Sion?

1abd19  No.4281080


>Q !!

Will HRC pay for ALL her/their crimes? The most serious crimes.

67804b  No.4281081


HRC and John Kerry are partying in India at a Ambani's wedding. Why is John Kerry over there. I think you also need to look at Ambani group. Tell me your friends name I will tell your character.

79766b  No.4281082


Rut roh, watch out POTUS…I didn't see a '+' after that Q, kek.

d8f48b  No.4281083

Do you believe in time travel?

c3c092  No.4281084

Would you buy silver, Q?

d8690a  No.4281085

Do you LOVE your job ?

030350  No.4281086

"Bigly" or "Big League"?

5bca63  No.4281087

Why did Mrs. Pence get an envelope?

433228  No.4281088

Q will electronic harassment V2K end?

7e7c80  No.4281089

File: f511b860f61d0a2⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1244x1474, 622:737, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at ….png)

Did not see in NOTABLES

Strong Boom and ==from darkness to light== from DOD

c8e50a  No.4281090


learn to read a map

11dc35  No.4281091

Take some time off over the Holidays.


1e970a  No.4281092


CERN made 4 tonnes of it , true false?

9275f3  No.4281093

Will the Hivites get lit?

635ba6  No.4281094


Executions planned for TREASON of high profile players??????

2d3205  No.4281095

Did Napoleon really have a Motorola 4th Gen Chip in his skull after the Rothschilds implanted it in 1798?

6d0f53  No.4281096

File: cbd2dd47f31c58b⋯.png (646.91 KB, 667x1069, 667:1069, they.go.boom.png)

f7b02f  No.4281097

File: e9578e2765e7946⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 1177x662, 1177:662, proof.gif)






4a2641  No.4281098

File: d88b003c9827336⋯.jpg (9.02 KB, 255x141, 85:47, 0f1a3be2ec00c79595dd0047d2….jpg)

File: 234526fd89f9330⋯.png (12.42 KB, 255x160, 51:32, 3ab04c626bf2b226c7059de796….png)

File: 5d07b617ecc759a⋯.png (16.22 KB, 225x255, 15:17, 3eba595ff15061c40087a6ce45….png)

File: e6f20c9b37833e9⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 225x255, 15:17, 9a41852422d8a4489fde11f91e….jpg)

File: cdd4eabb3c0e7c0⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 57e9a01c6ca3fb1068f1ebc8ad….jpg)

ea1f34  No.4281099


ThanQ for the (you)!

Hive mind zero delta, even better!

2c7197  No.4281100

Q? Is Antarctica. area 51,52 under our control?

ef3270  No.4281101



Will changed to the Federal Reserve also affect the banks? Because mortgage interest is the work of the devIl

c64061  No.4281102

Will the national debt be wiped out?

3c4904  No.4281103


Kek! God Bless FLOTUS

Beauty, confirmed.

7839f9  No.4281104

Est. Number of Patriots reached?

in Germany/Europe?

[can´t get through: Could not write to alacrity daemonAlacrity HTTP post error]

a76be6  No.4281105

File: 53feab4b4053cdd⋯.jpg (283.73 KB, 791x803, 791:803, Ryugyong_Hotel_Pyongyang.jpg)

ok Q what kind of things went on in this place?

158ad3  No.4281106

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, Pepe shocked.png)

2ac72e  No.4281107

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Boom, boom, boom

301b82  No.4281108



4bab28  No.4281109

Q, date of 41’s death?

cbb33d  No.4281110

Q, Did democrats steal the House? If so, is there a plan to take it back?

de7d65  No.4281111


Is Fox news 90% comped?

ca8458  No.4281112

File: 090a0e1316c84ea⋯.png (173.41 KB, 340x442, 10:13, anton lavey.PNG)

How did Lavey die

9594bd  No.4281113


8dfb59  No.4281114

Q, How much time do we have?

7e0e60  No.4281115


dc26f2  No.4281116


Wish I could afford gold. Guess I'll stock up on silver.

b83d15  No.4281117

File: 41d8b403a95e596⋯.jpg (21.25 KB, 413x434, 59:62, 1535308122294.jpg)

d375b5  No.4281118

Was Paddock the shooter in Las Vegas?

cd1bd9  No.4281119

Hasn’t the Rothchild’s power/control been neutralized yet?

40126a  No.4281120

Q our 401k's. Will ready to retire folks like me still have the legacy we have worked so hard for? Please.. I need my retirement.

47bc88  No.4281121


Q is talking about GOOG's 10-Q filing with the SEC. My assumption would be for their 3/31/19 or 6/30/19 10-Q filing.

0b5326  No.4281122



93735a  No.4281123


Dead the FED. Will WE THE PEOPLE be able to live and abundantly?

79435d  No.4281124

File: eea9979768ea4a0⋯.png (2.91 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Cookie Monster Q Alpha.png)


I know you can't undo my child's special needs but will the constant struggle end? Will he have opportunities we don't have access to soon?

d808a6  No.4281125


Will the things identified by you over the last year come to pass? The complete take down of the cabal? A renewed world of freedom.

0c235c  No.4281126

>>4280189 (LB)

How close are we to public awakening?

a1142d  No.4281127

Special Prosecutor #2 = TG

f3fe21  No.4281128


Is weather control real?

And if so are patriots in control of it or the clowns?

89790e  No.4281129


Rumors of Pence being black hat and pedo?

ddf7d5  No.4281130

Are the Q&A answers riddled with more disinformation?

8c1644  No.4281131


Stop it, "Q"! I'm getting an erection.

3c1b44  No.4281132


Can lower level masons save themselves by leaving lodges now?

644d41  No.4281133



Will we get our Uranium from Uranium 1 back?

b77105  No.4281134

Q how many prosecutors are there aside from Huber (with same auth)? ThanQ

0f3456  No.4281135



Will religion be outdated by alien revalation

9e20d6  No.4281136


Q would be nice for POTUS to give a nod to Ron Paul. He's the reason many of us are here now.

88e149  No.4281137



When will we not sound crazy to normal people

188444  No.4281138


White Squall = galactic super wave/solar flash event?

We will all be Scott Free?


826cf0  No.4281139


Did "Mike" cause the destruction of the FED?

083dc6  No.4281140

Q, why have your posts been behind (2-12 hours) anon postings of notable information from the world at large?

bbee59  No.4281141


Q - have they given up on demonic rituals, seeing that god is with us?

7d0c33  No.4281142

Posts are now missing from QAnon.pub - last one now showing is 2601 - anyone else?

f25b03  No.4281143

File: de4ed90d8542279⋯.jpg (10.2 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 5a6fa835bc39c4feaab528e881….jpg)

635ba6  No.4281144

Did W flip?

619657  No.4281145


What is Mooch’s role? Put on essentially an annual globalist conference. It stopped in 2018. The he said tippy top twice on air. Then the Politico article. Is he a white hat or black hat turncoat?

15a0fe  No.4281146



f5ed47  No.4281147


Do you have Qanucks to help us leafs?

dcd18c  No.4281148


Patriots are with you even unto death to defend God and Country. I cannot emphasize this enough.

NC Anon

87bcfa  No.4281149

Q, thank you for doing this.

What percentage of our government are pedophiles? Let’s say, just in the Senate & House?

185517  No.4281150

File: 2140a6392851ff5⋯.jpg (112.2 KB, 1221x945, 407:315, tpm.JPG)

Q is Huber going to show up tomorrow?

8e4635  No.4281151

Can trump say


ceeda0  No.4281152


When will you regard 'draining the swamp' as completed? Who/what needs to happen/jailed before you consider this page in history as closed?

c5f570  No.4281153

Gold standard incoming?

9c0f0f  No.4281154

Q will google and Fakebook and Twatter get their come upins?

03931f  No.4281155


What about the rest of the world Fiat Currencies?

6c235b  No.4281156

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thank you for all you do,

Q especially for the inspiration

Merry Christmas anons

f148d4  No.4281157


Thank The Lord!!!

542ce5  No.4281158


Hello sir, tell her Merry Christmas.

1e62f7  No.4281159

File: a291720eacbcb1e⋯.jpg (56.4 KB, 788x699, 788:699, 264ce948e8969101599b671254….jpg)

Q, are us poor folks really safe? If they somehow blew a nuke under yellowstone or just wanted to take the world down with them, are we safe from biological warfare? Or if unable to answer that plz pick a question number.

1.) Will we finally get the truth out there about jewish supremacy and their influence in our country?

2.) It looks like the 5G and total control is on the way or already here. Will Americans get their privacy back?

3.) Will the technology and cures promised actually come fast enough to matter to those this generation?

c3c092  No.4281160

My son has Autism. Is there a cure?

15225d  No.4281161

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


aba919  No.4281162

Will we ever know who is on the couch??

When will the Obummer pics come out?

0ec9d1  No.4281163

Will there be executions? The People deserve.

288279  No.4281164


What about the Bank of International Settlements?

c60db7  No.4281165

Did you get us anything for Christmas?

bbea4d  No.4281166



So we better should take our money and buy gold!

How much time left for the "old system" ?

12d602  No.4281167


Up in the air about the Pope

Is he cleaning the Vatican house?

d316c8  No.4281168


We the wealth be redistributed?

0c32aa  No.4281169


Did Atlantis in some way or form exist? Was there a civilization in the distant past that is now lost to us?

803d11  No.4281170


Thanks Q!

Will dig!

12a2fa  No.4281171

Q- Did the Ukrainian/ Nato try to destroy that bridge…….. Is that the real reason for this "naval" incident in Crimea?

And the 17 Russian jet that buzz that Royal navy ship the day after was that a message to US or to You?

5d5479  No.4281172


Man I hope so.

0b7140  No.4281173


Will HRC and BHO face justice in my lifetime?

fe1768  No.4281174

Q - Are there cures available for cancer

4ece43  No.4281175

Q, may I have the honor and privilege to plan the celebration? @qgathering

cb3b30  No.4281176

Q - Are we still 60/40? Any hope for 80/20?

412d08  No.4281177

File: 4f3407ccf5a944b⋯.jpeg (16.72 KB, 213x255, 71:85, C7E48EBE-B1D5-4C1A-BE07-9….jpeg)

5f803e  No.4281178

What caused the collapse of Building 7?

39fc9b  No.4281179

Hi Q,

If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people that he didn't exist, would the greatest trick POTUS could pull was to remodel GITMO to look like an exact replica of Washington DC and everyone from the swamp was in GITMO? Fake News sets too? If this was a made-for-TV movie, POTUS would win his Emmy for sure!

607e43  No.4281180

When will be Patriots Day ? WWG1WGA !

449ee0  No.4281181

Was FLOTUS poisoned?


2e33f7  No.4281182


Is the stock market going to continue to take a hit ??

ca34e2  No.4281183

Q, when do we find out we are not alone on this planet?

5e95c8  No.4281184

ANything planned for the corrupt Irish politicians ???

b6b007  No.4281185

Q, will the public (normies) learn who you are? Will we? We think we know, but . . .

e357c5  No.4281186

Are we going to need to replace Hollywood?

6cfd0b  No.4281187


will Trudeau be exposed? Like May, Merkel, Macron?

564340  No.4281188


Cali Fires = DEW or just lit by rouge agents?

4e0515  No.4281189


Thanks BO/BV, baking now.

379be7  No.4281190

God bless you president Trump and the Q team. If I may, why did Mrs Pence seem to also have an ‘envelope’? Thank you for all you do, it has been miraculous all that our Lord has helped to accomplish thru our great President Trump and his team! #WWG1WGA.

de1abf  No.4281191


15225d  No.4281192

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


1724b2  No.4281193

Q: Should each of us own some physical gold?

18f1af  No.4281194


Why did u lie about chef's pin?

c3b736  No.4281195

Could trump issue an EO eliminating capital gains tax on gold and silver?

3d9ad6  No.4281196

Zero point energy, 'Telsa' will it and the many technology breakthroughs be released to humanity from the black projects and SSP??

If so when 'my lifetime'?

8f0417  No.4281197


Ok. That one was a bombshell.

526111  No.4281198

Is the EU blackmailing Prime Minister Rutte of The Netherlands with the Demmink-case.

ea1f34  No.4281199


Plus, confiscating all (((their))) gold!


176963  No.4281200



Do we have alien technology that will he revealed

2ac72e  No.4281201

File: 45db8e114785e8e⋯.png (139.52 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 2075d27820c90be00993c82946….png)

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, e29b698c24bd2d7b212e58c83a….png)


Do NOT reply to shills

Do NOT demolish their intentionally flawed arguments

Do NOT debate their idiotic "concerns"

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT participate in shill KAYFABE

In professional wrestling, kayfabe /ˈkeɪfeɪb/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind.


Do NOT perpetuate shill SLIDES.

Do NOT reply to shills.

Do NOT pick up spit

If you are NOT sure, LEARN to ID shills

shills = hate

shills = labels

shills = repetition

shills = envy, greed, etc.

Do NOT correct intentional shill mistakes

Do NOT be triggered by shill taunts

Do NOT eat dead bats off the street

Do NOT bark back at dogs

Do dig, meme, pray.

How to Spot a clown

Dealing with Clownish Shills & Shilly clowns==

>>2322789 Spot a shill

>>2323031 Spot A Clown

shills have no agency

no will independent of their masters.

Shills are a profitless burden upon the earth.

Shills are the passed gas of history.

Nameless & their words are writ upon water.


ca889d  No.4281202


why vote..

if (((they))) are the ones that count the votes..

and we can't fight the fraud…

good luck in 2020..

its going to be BLUE..

c2790d  No.4281203

File: e16662db5961f30⋯.jpg (315.27 KB, 1214x1600, 607:800, Classy bread baker.jpg)



Sorry Baker, for my part not looking for a (you) but an answer like everyone.

302386  No.4281204



Obama 'Christmas Miracle"?

2c7197  No.4281205

Q? Was the alien answer last Q&A to test system and not really about aliens?

5953bb  No.4281206


Is the "migration tent city" at gitmo for the cabal and traitors?

1c979f  No.4281207

are sessions and gowdy gonna sit at the tribunals?

c8e50a  No.4281208

File: 1bbcc9577837746⋯.jpg (107.92 KB, 693x520, 693:520, bread on fire.jpg)

you should bake

b83d15  No.4281209



dd33f8  No.4281210

Will we ever get the true history book of how the enemy used their evil tactics agaisnt humanity?

1abd19  No.4281212


Q !! Love it Q!!

Will HRC pay for ALL her/their crimes? The most serious crimes.>Q !!

c9ecb6  No.4281213


did Bush kill JFK JR

f0609e  No.4281214

File: ea28352dde1d5d5⋯.jpg (3.75 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20181212_174240.jpg)

File: e2f34102b4ee10f⋯.jpg (4.88 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20181212_174301.jpg)

Went to gingerbread express. Verified and confirmed still in elevator! What are the lowercase i's?

5b9a97  No.4281215

As I read through here it's become apparent that you're playing games and lying to us. If you say that you have everything then bring it forward and get this done. You're making fools out of us who are supporting you, doing the research and reporting to the public to prepare them for what is coming.

61445a  No.4281216


How will we get the whole truth? When ?

644d41  No.4281217

Q thank you!

From a wifeanon, researcher and mom!

We love you all, god bless and Merry Christmas!

ed1f2f  No.4281218

Q, there is other BIG concerns other than CF/DOJ/FBI: vaccines! The Poisoning of our children. Genetic predisposition to not handle them: autism. Is your team ever going after Pharma ? God bless, a patriot.

8c1644  No.4281219


Unironically, this is the biggest statement (you) have made here.

63e5b1  No.4281220

Q will I ever feel 'normal' again?

88ba06  No.4281221

Q are we going to get a reprieve on the debt our country and our citizens have been forced into by the deepstate?

d2d40f  No.4281222

Q - Will Scientology be dealt with?

15225d  No.4281223

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


737132  No.4281224


Exciting times.

454d20  No.4281225


Good question!

e85509  No.4281226


Hallelujah, hosanna!

8cf38c  No.4281228

When will the plan be finished?

abc388  No.4281229

Q, was it too Shilley in here? Was that the reason for the Q&A? It seems you have crushed the servers, qmap.pub has over 207k people on it now.. We are awake, ThankQ

162dac  No.4281230

Q what can patriot israelis do? How much control does the israeli pm has? Will you help them to remove their deep state of their necks?

ce8399  No.4281231

File: ac084a360890eda⋯.png (450.85 KB, 604x896, 151:224, FLOTUS 12-12-18 6 07 am PS….PNG)

File: 56c931f8abcd25c⋯.mp4 (1.13 MB, 320x320, 1:1, Video FLOTUS 12-12-18 6 07….mp4)

File: d60a2db3d7389ba⋯.png (405.13 KB, 653x658, 653:658, JBLE re FLOTUS 12-12-18.PNG)

File: daab9aac1a62c0d⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1164x772, 291:193, JBLE re FLOTUS 12-12-18 pi….PNG)

File: 07d2c02bc991d2b⋯.png (1.07 MB, 629x779, 629:779, FLOTUS 12-12-18 2 28 pm PS….PNG)



67804b  No.4281232


I and my household will do anything for POTUS and team Q. God Bless You all. You all didnt need to face all this but you are still doing it for WE THE PEOPLE

3ad23e  No.4281233

When will Diversity be exposed for the hate that it represents?

0a97d6  No.4281234

The "Chair" serves the Master.

Who is the Master?

P = C.


Does P = Pence? Is that why his wife had an envelope at the funeral too?

b30ef8  No.4281235

So you've already noted that their are programs outside of public domain (Secret Space Program). If the deep state has kept these hidden for years now, and must be 20, 50 or more years ahead in technology, what's stopping them from using these advanced weapons to enact total control?

I know we have many patriots in the military, but the weaponry that they must have in these special access programs must far exceed ours. Shouldn't it be easy for them to conquer?

f7b02f  No.4281236


cb48a3  No.4281237

File: 929b73785d220f0⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 493x504, 493:504, Melania Trump Merry Christ….JPG)

c26b43  No.4281238


Who controls weather weapons?

662d0d  No.4281239

Is the Winter Solstice an important marker?


3dee00  No.4281240

Q, is Jacob's Pillow (stone) real?

08b350  No.4281241


Q. Antarctica? Why do the Cabal go there?

de24a7  No.4281243


Awaiting Mil medical retirement, I'm going to need a new assignment.

For God and Country!

376ff2  No.4281244


I LOVE YOU President Trump & Q! Power to the people! God bless!

d8f48b  No.4281245

Are there "good guys" in Hollywood aiding in the Great Awakening?

38f9ab  No.4281246


Why dont you guys do some DOD/Intel press conferences explaining to population who/what runs this world?

aef055  No.4281247

File: 6e68f1e8362c541⋯.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-11-07-18-3….png)

OPM breach: what the fuck happened? Chinese excuse is bull shit. And as I have mentioned many times to no avail: any gov IMO should have two factor authentication for employee logins and DOD forced network compliance if standards / patches were not enforced. Pic related and put a former DOD fag back where he belongs instead of the cowards still there now. God's love to all involved. WWG1WGA.

012da1  No.4281248


What was in the envelopes we saw at Bush Sr.'s funeral?

4737a9  No.4281249


>If you decide to change careers…

>Your name has been entered to be fast-tracked.

Was this a "WE ARE TALKING DIRECTLY TO THIS BOARD" post, or intended for one specific patriot?

9cdf3f  No.4281250

How long has the satanic cabal been ruling over the world?

When will it end?

071a15  No.4281251

When will the public majority that is still very asleep and cannot tell you a single person's name in Trump's cabinet wake up? Including friends and family who think we are loons.

Also, what time is it?

Glad God wins.

His timing, I know…

bf55a3  No.4281252

Was Pence given an envelope at the funeral? Is he one of them?

258591  No.4281253


How many MAGA rallies in 2019?

2a0f4c  No.4281254


Has Q been in the public eye, unknowingly to anons?

afc4cb  No.4281255

Will media and social tech giants be forced to heel?

27fca9  No.4281256

File: 4030dd1a57919dd⋯.jpg (8.24 KB, 170x255, 2:3, goldtoilet8d16305de0ec1dbf….jpg)


we can use fed notes to wipe our asses after we use our GOLD toilet.

00ca1c  No.4281258

Ok Q, gotta go buddy. I hope you answer my questions but if ya don't I love you anyway.

bc3b61  No.4281259


Can't have a Q&A without 40k+. DOITQ!!! (if deemed safe!)

15225d  No.4281260

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


067544  No.4281261


Are there cures for diseases that they are hiding?

10e718  No.4281262

When will the public see ANY of the promises you've made come to light?

736514  No.4281263


Will FISA and docs be revealed before end of year?

7cf742  No.4281265

When do the yellow jackets come to the US?

d00fbf  No.4281266

Will the 21T missing from DOD/HUD be revealed as money laundering by alphabet?

85ed1b  No.4281267


Are you prepared for Patriots to take to the streets in January if nothing happens? People are losing faith rapidly…

3c1b44  No.4281268


Will anons and public get full truth about politicians, advisers, actors, judges et all involved? (The WHO, not the WHAT)

356ed9  No.4281269

Are these answers all just disinfo that's necessary?

083dc6  No.4281270


I know POTUS loves our country.

Q, why have your posts been behind (2-12 hours) anon postings of notable information from the world at large?

284f6e  No.4281271

File: d1761e82d426eee⋯.png (29.74 KB, 580x252, 145:63, You are missing the connec….png)

File: 02c96616eba35e6⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1485x1980, 3:4, The Map Key.jpg)

File: 0f6b9235ac38004⋯.jpg (81.56 KB, 713x327, 713:327, The Key 2.jpg)


Can you confirm once and for all that The Vatican is The KEY?

158ad3  No.4281272

>>4280189 (Q lb)

Will the anti-whiteness in our society, educational institutions, and pop culture ever stop?

bf0c56  No.4281273

Should we still expect a personal message from you, Q, for anonymous work here? You know, the one mentioned that might scare us a little at first?

070d41  No.4281274


Is failure a possibility?

c9ecb6  No.4281275

Will the wall be built next year?

4dfabd  No.4281276

File: 2592c158f266e4d⋯.png (474.07 KB, 906x487, 906:487, santa.PNG)

Santa Is not Trump,

Santa has dark eyebrows.

What Santa has dark eyebrows?

d4a361  No.4281277

Q how much should I trust my instincts

0b7140  No.4281278



With it Americans debt?

21fb54  No.4281279

will we ever have privacy, again?

0ec9d1  No.4281280

Will we ever learn the truth behind 9/11?

d49f0f  No.4281281


Are there robots in govt?

9594bd  No.4281282

Q, what can we as anons do that we are not already doing? will we need to take to the streets and protest like the yellow vests against fake news and the deep state and in support of POTUS?

635ba6  No.4281283


House flipping to R in Jan?

a23c35  No.4281284


How long before the MSM looks REALLY stupid?

0bef41  No.4281285

Will Fed Income taxes be eliminated? What about a debt jubilee?

c1ef70  No.4281286

Is George Webb a word salad disinformation agent?

99d251  No.4281287


AUSAnon here

What can we do to be safe?

Are we safe?

Our water?

ecc633  No.4281288

Q what about all of us over 50 that had our lives robbed money stolen from the cabal shits…repayment????

2533de  No.4281289

Concerned Colorado patriot here and I fear that we are next for the "ForrestFires". Will we prosecute those responsible for DEW attacks?

abcac2  No.4281290


Will we ever get our Catholic church back from (((them)))?

15225d  No.4281291

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


9460fc  No.4281292

Q what was in the envelopes at the Bush Funeral

e7cd3a  No.4281293


[Avoided Z] = Avoided the end of the world, as we know it IMO!

760dc1  No.4281294

Q, I've been on a manic spree recently, I have a really hard time with all of this, handling real life stuff and my search for truth. Are we going to have the Q soon ? I feel like I'm literally dying watching all of this :(

fa5b50  No.4281295


111ecd  No.4281296

File: 3a2518914154ec5⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 800x225, 32:9, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at ….jpg)

9c0f0f  No.4281297


I dont feel like a fool, namefag. I also dont go spouting off at the mouth about Q to everyone. Q is for autists and anons. not normies

7fd137  No.4281298

I'm confused. Is anything actually going to happen on Thursday? Are the Clintons ever going to face justice? I'm feeling pretty jilted here. You also said the 2018 midterms were safe. It's pretty tough to red pill even my friends who I care about deeply. They look at me like a loon because I keep saying something is going to happen because you say something is going to happen. It never amounts to shit. Tough to red pill people with nothing other than the FBI shenanigans to show. The sealed indictments don't cut it for them. GIVE US SOMETHING. Now no Huber?

bcebaa  No.4281300

Anons, please stop posting so I can post. Thank you.

67804b  No.4281301


I and my household will do anything for POTUS and team Q. God Bless You all. You all didnt need to face all this but you are still doing it for WE THE PEOPLE>>4280831

eb190c  No.4281302


yup. love it.

196a2f  No.4281303


If there is full ET disclosure can I apply for a postion to study ETs and bring that info to the people of this planet? (hopefully a serious question given we will have a Space Force soon)

de7d65  No.4281304


Who is doing the chemtrails?

Why are they still going on?

4ed67e  No.4281305



Does Q team monitor other non-main breads?

907711  No.4281306


Q - When will the normies find out about the crimes against humanity? God bless - WWG1WGA

55e259  No.4281307

Any plans for the (Unconstitutional) Department of Education? It's an indoctrination program, they don't even teach civics or economics.

e2e421  No.4281308


Are the Piketon OH centrifuges in Iran?

607e43  No.4281310

When IBOR ? ?

2af89a  No.4281311


While I find the opportunity to ask you a question intriguing, I am content to just sit back and watch the movie. Carry on sir.

36239a  No.4281312


Kashoggi Clown not 187, L Graham back to Acting bad boy 4 optics?

15225d  No.4281313

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


e74453  No.4281315


Will market manipulation for Gold and Silver soon cease?

6ae45b  No.4281316

How many countries are in communication with extra terrestrials?

da7e01  No.4281317

Who is Q team?

0f4d6b  No.4281318

Q. Can I have a (you) please.

f8de95  No.4281319

29 Palms MCAGCC is going off right now.

Preparing for something big?

1e970a  No.4281320


inquiring anons want to know

48c332  No.4281322

8c1644  No.4281323



I'll be stopping by my coin shop tomorrow.


Are they the future?

afc4cb  No.4281324

Will media and social tech giants be forced to heel?

02e2a4  No.4281325


KEK. Worth a try, right?

d8690a  No.4281326

Do we have to worry about a second wave of caravan ?

b32aba  No.4281327

Q should I sell my bitcoin?

2dc4e5  No.4281328


The city has outgrown the walls. WWG1WGA. Praise be to God! Thank you Q and all you patriots!

e2ba76  No.4281329

Will bitcoin help bring down fed?

f0130a  No.4281330

Q - we’re you watching the N.Y. state elections was it fraudulent and will they not certify the N.Y. Senate races?

de81c5  No.4281331

File: 86dc943689dfe05⋯.jpg (66.87 KB, 850x350, 17:7, obama-photo-holding-hands-….jpg)

Dear Q,

Please tell us who this fellow is with Obama! Or tlet us know when we might find out. Driving me batty!!!

81a9ea  No.4281332


Were the 2 deaths in Antarctica the two people in the recent Q photo?

7d0c33  No.4281333

Q - did Michael Obama get an envelope at the funeral?

e85509  No.4281334


Free energy?

87bcfa  No.4281335


What happened to Seth Rich? Will we ever find out? Is Debbie WassermanSchultz involved?

15a0fe  No.4281336


Any news on the Pentagon audit?

499276  No.4281337


What are our numbers?



Please update

0dcb45  No.4281339

Q: will we have free energy disclosure?

65756c  No.4281340


Should we be prepared to counter armed insurrection?

02298e  No.4281341

File: 77f57dad5e3d1e5⋯.png (23.03 KB, 561x322, 561:322, clarification please.PNG)

Update or clarification PLEASE?

7e0e60  No.4281342

Will we still receive a scary but personal message?

0c32aa  No.4281343


And if Atlantis did exist? Was the Deepstate Cabal to blame for it's fall?

0b426c  No.4281344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Put on headphones for this one.

Lets visualize the globe in a white bright light yes?


f56aa3  No.4281345


Should we buy cryptos?

2ac72e  No.4281346

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Earthquake LA. Mild. 4.5 maybe.

53e396  No.4281347


Q: Is Valerie Jarret going down?

51a6d9  No.4281349

Q, when will the chemtrails stop?

86c3e1  No.4281350

Is Nibiru real and if so when will it arrive and what will happen?

258591  No.4281351


Will Huber testify to Congress this year?

bc3c4b  No.4281352


Theoretically, Trump could be the one doing these Q&A's.

If everything stated during them is true, "Q" is technically breaking Nat Sec rules, right?

But the President can declass/reveal anything he wants, right? Even just shitposting about it on here.

(Or all the above is a brain fart)

(This drop "gave" it away)

635ba6  No.4281353


Why did Pence get envelop?

03931f  No.4281354



15225d  No.4281355

Q will we have a Merry Christmas?


823a03  No.4281356

File: f2af8257d9db3fd⋯.jpg (78.74 KB, 488x428, 122:107, 7e9e7d50b9fee53dda37c3a552….jpg)

c1ef70  No.4281357

Is prepper kitty news a reliable source of information?

d2d40f  No.4281359

Q - is there a plan to strip Scientology of its tax-exempt status?

They're terrible people at the top.

9cdf3f  No.4281360

What was written on the envelope that Jeb (Low Energy) Bush was directed to look at by Laura Bush at GHWB funeral?

de7d65  No.4281361


Who is doing the chemtrails?

Why are they still going on…. when will they stop??

c9ecb6  No.4281364


Is JA a patriot? Will he get a pardon?

c64061  No.4281365


Was POTUS given a mandate from heaven?

4c6c44  No.4281366

Sometime I cry Q, bcuz Im not the best person that I can be…Muh life is hard sometimes…So grateful for you all…Thank you all.

afc4cb  No.4281367

Will media and social tech giants be forced to heel??

3366bc  No.4281368


Let go, Luke…

b5685b  No.4281369



7bdd9a  No.4281370


Plans include DJT successors in 2024?

10 yr

20 yr


ae3a96  No.4281371


What is really going on down in Antarctica?

85ed9e  No.4281372

Q when can we get some absolutely bullet-proof confirmation that can't be hand waived by those with a motive to dismiss and discredit?

a1e3b5  No.4281373


Is Khashoggi and Velimir Abramovich the same person?

3132cf  No.4281374

Board lagging.

b2f88f  No.4281375

Who's really at the top of the Moloch-worshiping cabal?

b30ef8  No.4281376


Q Please answer this one!

b6204c  No.4281377

Q, Will the STORM eclipse terrorist Gavrilo Princip?

68dc58  No.4281378


Medical tech/treatments/cures are they out there? Will we the people get them?

067544  No.4281379


Are you guys doing anything about Israel?

6ff5d7  No.4281380

When did Q concept begin? Asking for my 8YO son.

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