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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

782d3d  No.4157587

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Monday 12.03.18

>>4139025 ————————————–——– FOX execs pulled (3) scheduled guests

>>4134923 rt >>4134817 -————————– When did "Q" go active?

>>4134831 ————————————–——– If you decide to change careers…

>>4134775 ————————————–——– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5T7Gr5oJbM&feature=youtu.be

>>4134233 ————————————–——– The Art of Trolling the Fake News Media ( Caps: >>4134349, >>4135558 )

>>4131529 ————————————–——– Watch Hannity Tonight. 9:00 pm. ( Original Tweet 1/2/18 >>4133116 )

>>4131288 ————————————–——– THE GREAT AWAKENING. Q

>>4130704 ————————————–——– Postponed. Well played DS. Please allow us to counter.

>>4130455 ————————————–——– DECLAS > Purpose > illuminate the 'TRUTH' > People

>>4130256 ————————————–——– DOJ [policy] does not discuss ongoing investigations.

>>4130062 ————————————–——– Odds of a State Funeral on D5?

Sunday 12.02.18

>>4121139 ————————————–——– The World is about to change.

>>4120336 ————————————–——– Together We Win. (cap: >>4120367 )

>>4119960 rt >>4119614 -————————– FAKE NEWS = ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

>>4119614 ————————————–——– History books.

>>4119162 rt >>4119124 -————————– Light through Darkness. (cap: >>4119202 )

>>4119025 rt >>4118906 -————————– You are learning, Anon. [J C] & Vive la France.

>>4118750 ————————————–——– What you are witnessing in France has nothing to do w/ gas

>>4118436 ————————————–——– larger than anyone can possibly imagine (cap: >>4118458 )

>>4117825 ————————————–——– All you needed was a spark to UNITE TOGETHER.

>>4117452 rt >>4117309 -————————– There is a place for everyone (Freddy btfo'd)

>>4117250 ————————————–——– A WORLD UNITED IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.

>>4115264 rt >>4115161 -————————– Why has the FISA court kept QUIET?

>>4115161 rt >>4115084 -————————– Think multiple meanings

>>4115008 ————————————–——– "They are unlawful enemy combatants" (Article Caps: >>4115132 )

Saturday 12.01.18

Compiled here: >>4133235

Friday 11.30.18

Compiled here: >>4133227

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782d3d  No.4157598


are not endorsements


>>4156877, >>4156935, >>4156950 Tweets confirming Flynn assisted an investigation SEPARATE from Mueller's

>>4156906, >>4156909 DC CrimesSTATS fuckery

>>4156973 The NRCC hired Crowdstrike???

>>4157008 Tweet from Barbara Flynn

>>4157077 USPS Report from Task Force regarding POTUS request of US Postal Service Reform

>>4157098 Sauce on shilling docs

>>4157155, >>4157448, >>4157509 Clockfags on Flynn is safe

>>4157167, >>4157178 19 ops, 19 interviews

>>4157210 Navy Will Perform Unprecedented 21-Fighter Flyover for Bush Funeral

>>4157248 Senate Holds Nomination Hearings for Centcom, Socom Chiefs

>>4157294 POTUS Schedule for December 5

>>4157372 US re-establishes 'permanent diplomatic presence' in Somalia

>>4157437 Mueller's Memo: There are TWO other investigations besides Russia

>>4157462, >>4157501 Video off Police in ANTIFA Controlled Seattle

>>4157498 Nigel Farrage quits UKIP over association with Tommy Robinson

>>4157520 US envoy for Afghan peace in Pakistan for talks on Taliban

>>4157549 Dig on Q's China pic

>>4157562 Reminder Posobiec had his security clearance stripped by the Navy

>>4157578 #5293

#5292 Baker Change

>>4156133 Moar on Grassley Demanding Answers on FBI Raid of CF Whistleblower with Dirt on Mueller, U1, Hillary

>>4156245 Video on the French "Yellow Vest" protests

>>4156246 Moar on the Donors to Bill and Hillary Clinton Indicted for Defrauding US

>>4156317, >>4156383 Flynn Sentencing Memo caps

>>4156384, >>4156638 Anons on redditfaggots' shilling

>>4156411 A bunch of Mueller grey hat memes from halfchan

>>4156461 Tweet: Orange County had the highest turnout in 50 years, one county even had 120% turnout

>>4156488 DOJ wouldn't give Grassley classified info in the IG report because it interfered with Mueller

>>4156510 Graphic: FLYNN is Safe summary

>>4156580 Trump approached Putin at G20, conversation lasted 10 to 15 minutes

>>4156613 Giuliani Releases Statement on Flynn Sentencing

>>4156756 Reminder: Flynn knows a lot about Haiti and what the Clinton did down there

>>4156758 Flynn had "long-term and firsthand insight regarding events" under investigation

>>4156804 #5292


>>4155987 Q post dated one year ago today: “Flynn is safe”

>>4155896 , >>4155907 Timeline of Michael Flynn’s troubles with the Obama and Trump administrations

>>4155875 Matt Patten Update: Direct phone number to call and show your support re pb >>4149498

>>4155831 Flynn had interviews with "…attorneys from other Department of Justice ("DOJ") offices…"

>>4155612 The British gov found in contempt of the Houses of Parliament for the first time in history

>>4155617 Apache spark. Dig

>>4155564 Example of a simultaneious criminal/civil (whistleblower case) unsealed

>>4155525 OIG Report on the DoJ official who sexually assaulted staff and walked free today with full pension

>>4155515 , >>4155520, >>4155546, >>4155571, >>4155556 Special counsel's sentencing memo for Michael Flynn

>>4155435 Lawfag answers previous notable questions, lb >>4152844, >>4152854

>>4155368 , >>4155371, >>4155378, >>4155392, >>4155432 Mueller recommends no prison time for Flynn

>>4156037 #5291


>>4155222 Summary of Dirty Cop Comey's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

>>4155207 U.S. Treasury Sanctions Bitcoin Wallets For First Time

>>4155109 74 Members of Congress Demand HHS Stop Funding of Research With Aborted Baby Parts

>>4154958 Clip from France on twatter, police getting brutal

>>4154838 New Semi-Annual report by the DOJ OIG

>>4154745 Moar on the DoJ official who sexually assaulted staff and walked free today with full pension

>>4154694 Rudy Giulianni tweets asking for fairness from Twitter. What happened?

>>4154671 Four Defendants Charged Panama Papers Investigation

>>4154636 Google and CF reschedulings

>>4154626 Drones over Manhattan: NYPD takes flight, but says it's not for spying

>>4155256 #5290

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File: 03518eab04a0d11⋯.png (160.39 KB, 473x504, 473:504, qrsmilebaker.png)



2e8630  No.4157611

File: bcd2898503d7194⋯.jpg (36.6 KB, 540x281, 540:281, 1093526.jpg)

If I wanted to be a Christian, I would be an Old Testament Christian. The gays would be put to death by stoning, the women of those we conquer would be our slaves, and all the people who had sex with another race or tribe would be put to death and go directly to Hell.

Then just to be a jerk I'd tell people I knew the only way to get to Heaven.

36409f  No.4157637

File: dd0362354d9da5d⋯.png (455.72 KB, 618x805, 618:805, DWS-is-it.png)

File: 32719c976c196ba⋯.png (336.3 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC58.png)

File: 838c1af5fc81cdc⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x734, 1111:734, be-with-us-now.png)

File: b78f81c47c70478⋯.png (420.57 KB, 666x444, 3:2, pjhg.png)

2e8630  No.4157642

The Bible identifies several tasks that the mashiach will accomplish

Jews do not believe in Jesus because he did not accomplish these tasks

It is written that:

Before the time of the mashiach, there shall be war and suffering (Ezekiel 38:16)


The mashiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15)

Jews do not believe that Jesus was the mashiach. Assuming that he existed, and assuming that the Christian scriptures are accurate in describing him (both matters that are debatable from the Jewish perspective), he simply did not fulfill the mission of the mashiach as it is described in the biblical passages cited above. Jesus did not do any of the things that the scriptures said the messiah would do.

On the contrary, another Jew born about a century later came far closer to fulfilling the messianic ideal than Jesus did. His name was Shimeon ben Kosiba, known as Bar Kokhba (son of a star), and he was a charismatic, brilliant, but brutal warlord. Rabbi Akiba, one of the greatest scholars in Jewish history, believed that Bar Kokhba was the mashiach. Bar Kokhba fought a war against the Roman Empire, catching the Tenth Legion by surprise and retaking Jerusalem. He resumed sacrifices at the site of the Temple and made plans to rebuild the Temple. He established a provisional government and began to issue coins in its name. This is what the Jewish people were looking for in a mashiach; Jesus clearly does not fit into this mold. Ultimately, however, the Roman Empire crushed his revolt and killed Bar Kokhba. After his death, all acknowledged that he was not the mashiach.

Throughout Jewish history, there have been many people who have claimed to be the mashiach, or whose followers have claimed that they were the mashiach: Shimeon Bar Kokhba, Shabbatai Tzvi, Jesus, and many others too numerous to name. Leo Rosten reports some very entertaining accounts under the entry for meshiekh in The New Joys of Yiddish. But all of these people died without fulfilling the mission of the mashiach; therefore, none of them were the mashiach. The mashiach and the Olam Ha-Ba lie in the future, not in the past.

Source: http://www.jewfaq.org/m/mashiach.htm

5dc013  No.4157646

File: 876ee6331d227d1⋯.jpg (69 KB, 473x350, 473:350, shhhhheeeee_1950947.jpg)

ec99bb  No.4157647

File: e29a5f14902df07⋯.jpg (190.34 KB, 707x704, 707:704, 0a8f82dbc555cc14421a35563d….jpg)

2e8630  No.4157651

According to Rabbi Michael J. Cook, Professor of Intertestamental and Early Christian Literature at the Hebrew Union College, there are ten themes in the New Testament that are the greatest sources of anxiety for Jews:

1. The Jews are culpable for crucifying Jesus - as such they are guilty of deicide

2. The tribulations of the Jewish people throughout history constitute God's punishment of them for killing Jesus

3. Jesus originally came to preach only to the Jews, but when they rejected him, he abandoned them for gentiles instead

4. The Children of Israel were God's original chosen people by virtue of an ancient covenant, but by rejecting Jesus they forfeited their chosenness - and now, by virtue of a New Covenant (or "testament"), Christians have replaced the Jews as God's chosen people, the Church having become the "People of God."

5. The Jewish Bible (the so-called "Old Testament") repeatedly portrays the opaqueness and stubbornness of the Jewish people and their disloyalty to God.

6. The Jewish Bible contains many predictions of the coming of Jesus as the Messiah (or "Christ"), yet the Jews are blind to the meaning of their own Bible.

7. By the time of Jesus' ministry, Judaism had ceased to be a living faith.

8. Judaism's essence is a restrictive and burdensome legalism.

9. Christianity emphasizes excessive love, while Judaism maintains a balance of justice, God of wrath and love of peace.

10. Judaism's oppressiveness reflects the disposition of Jesus' opponents called "Pharisees" (predecessors of the "rabbis"), who in their teachings and behavior were hypocrites (see Woes of the Pharisees).

Rabbi Cook believes that both contemporary Jews and contemporary Christians need to reexamine the history of early Christianity, and the transformation of Christianity from a Jewish sect consisting of followers of a Jewish Jesus into a different religion.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_and_the_New_Testament

36409f  No.4157654

File: 72d37a72791bc7a⋯.png (274.4 KB, 777x854, 111:122, blazonalt.png)

File: 67fe55744f6f235⋯.png (246.67 KB, 478x419, 478:419, frlmny.png)

File: 786692aeeb75fb2⋯.png (353.84 KB, 581x444, 581:444, oops-u-lose.png)

File: 103a66fd7dea878⋯.png (196.39 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC56.png)

94fa12  No.4157655

Almost D5. Nothing can stop it.

2e8630  No.4157658

What is striking about Judaism is that argument and the hearing of contrary views is of the essence of the religious life. Moses argues with God. That is one of the most striking things about him. He argues with Him on their first encounter at the burning bush. Four times he resists God’s call to lead the Israelites to freedom, until God finally gets angry with him (Ex. 3:1–4:7). More significantly, at the end of the parsha he says to God:

“Lord, why have you brought trouble on this people? Why did You send me? Since I came to Pharaoh to speak in Your name, he has brought trouble on this people, and You have not rescued Your people at all.” (Ex. 5:22-23).

This is extraordinary language for a human being to use to God. But Moses was not the first to do so. The first was Abraham, who said, on hearing of God’s plan to destroy the cities of the plain, “Shall the Judge of all the earth not do justice?” (Gen. 18:25).

Similarly, Jeremiah, posing the age-old question of why bad things happen to good people and good things to bad people, asked: “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why do all the faithless live at ease?” (Jer. 12:1). In the same vein, Habakkuk challenged God: “Why do You tolerate the treacherous? Why are You silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves?” (Hab. 1:13). Job who challenges God’s justice is vindicated in the book that bears his name, while his friends who defended Divine justice are said not to have spoken correctly (Job 42:7-8). Heaven, in short, is not a safe space in the current meaning of the phrase. To the contrary: God loves those who argue with Him – so it seems from Tanakh.

Equally striking is the fact that the sages continued the tradition and gave it a name: argument for the sake of heaven, defined as debate for the sake of truth as opposed to victory.

The result is that Judaism is, perhaps uniquely, a civilisation all of whose canonical texts are anthologies of arguments. Midrash operates on the principle that there are “seventy faces” to Torah and thus that every verse is open to multiple interpretations. The Mishnah is full of paragraphs of the form, “Rabbi X says this while Rabbi Y says that.” The Talmud says in the name of God himself, about the conflicting views of the schools of Hillel and Shammai, that “These and those are the words of the living God.”

51246c  No.4157660



63ad2e  No.4157661

File: 11a7774f0bb42c4⋯.jpg (234.61 KB, 800x597, 800:597, 65h5j76k8ikl7lui,.iuo,..jpg)

36409f  No.4157662

File: 194babf9bc21aa1⋯.png (560.91 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, Mary-had.png)

File: 388e4c5f65c3a45⋯.png (799 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, yr.png)

File: 751a0c2b0035238⋯.png (862.93 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, eee.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: be91a1f344ec0e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1555x2000, 311:400, another-interesting-trip-t….png)

5dc013  No.4157663

File: 8abb3aa68b6073b⋯.jpg (608.22 KB, 3264x1902, 544:317, Untitled.jpg)

f6a987  No.4157664

File: 825cc00c45fcb22⋯.jpg (673.59 KB, 748x797, 748:797, 7816d156284b83494e39d97a7a….jpg)








e9340e  No.4157665

File: b2632646ccf1520⋯.jpg (436.27 KB, 1200x1625, 48:65, 1-7.jpg)

>>4157648 (lb)

Look closely

842436  No.4157666

File: f1d480a8cb86536⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, smiling-redhead-woman-show….jpg)

TY Baker!!!

50d589  No.4157667

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On The Third Night Of Hanukkah-Light a Candle For All Those Who Were Killed On 9/11

"If I'm elected, you'll find out ……

Who Did 9/11

efd61c  No.4157668


Jackass, Christ appears in the New Testament, not the Old Testament. Learn what it means to be a Christian instead of trying to mischaracterize Christians in accordance with the New World Order with falsehoods.

36409f  No.4157669

File: c1f52b609c8fbc2⋯.png (672.55 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, santa-claws.png)

File: 030743134e21dcb⋯.png (287.41 KB, 1578x1465, 1578:1465, crspr.png)

File: 99613e673364141⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1333x868, 43:28, xiimmy.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

781dd4  No.4157670

Mueller = comped.

Mueller thankful to Flynn.

Flynn = comped.

Anyone trying to spin this differently has failed basic "cui bono" analysis.

b47a21  No.4157671


Unless Q makes an excuse to postpone it. Its always tomorrow, never today.

0b6d03  No.4157672

Saw Senator Graham's statement on Saudi Prince's involvement in the Khashogi murder after meeting with CIA.

Guess a good thing from it is we withdraw support for SA involvement in Yemen. He also took an opportunity to take a potshot at Trump and Kelly's initial support for the Saudi Prince.

In doing this, he is showing he is not a follower and that he makes decisions on his own. Posturing?

Recall his long statement at the Kavanaugh hearing. Then, he was supporting POTUS' guy while at the same time posturing as the only adult in the room when he chided, and rightfully so, the terrible performances made at those hearings.

Anyone else getting an impression that the soundbites he is getting from the media that he might be posturing for a presidential bid?

59d338  No.4157673

File: 1fb7f7a5d550f73⋯.png (1.12 MB, 745x900, 149:180, ClipboardImage.png)


What were you doing under there?

729c98  No.4157674

please no film adaptations of dark souls unless i get to play siegmeyer and michael plays the chosen undead or solaire!

51246c  No.4157675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


233132  No.4157676


my former FEMA working, by the book, therapist has a middle-aged son with SEVERE TBI. She exposed him to the best allopathic neuro modern tech possible, and they did dick for him. He came home after 4 months of treatment with very little improvement. huge swallowing issues really made his life hell. She took a course and started micro-dosing shrooms for him. Within 2 weeks he could swallow.

Not totally useless.

28b06c  No.4157677

File: bb134bea4831c92⋯.png (117.73 KB, 255x249, 85:83, Nov 24 dec 5.png)

95eea1  No.4157678

File: f048f128ccb9a3c⋯.png (281.1 KB, 594x493, 594:493, ClipboardImage.png)

General Flynn's sister uses #WWG1WGA


9a80e6  No.4157679


Freddy- most nights your stuff make me giggle. Tonight you just get filtered. Good luck dude…

a5b64b  No.4157680

Are they transporting Bush Sr's casket in AF1 back to Texas?

I hope like hell they have a bomb sniffing dog go over that casket before it goes anywhere near AF1.

f7aaa1  No.4157681


you said you would say that

7b4add  No.4157682

Someone on twitter claiming 66K indictment list is way way off.

Any lawfags on here that can counter these claims, that people searching Pacer for sealed indictments used wrong search criteria?

Has this been hashed out already?


3cd947  No.4157683

File: 6ae2542671c3f01⋯.jpeg (217.29 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Dtn6QzgUcAE81yF.jpg-large.jpeg)

Get your fucking face OFF our FLOTUS.

233132  No.4157684


LB sorry

2e8630  No.4157685


>the ten commandments don't count

>the Old Testament doesn't count

Stay angry if you insist my friend!

f6a987  No.4157686




36409f  No.4157687

File: a7aa71de9a59cc2⋯.png (973.5 KB, 912x1111, 912:1111, lovepower.png)

File: 7655e17d3a8e785⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1111x890, 1111:890, marvelous.jpg)

File: bd3758f9f2ac2cf⋯.png (831.72 KB, 643x785, 643:785, BoardJesus.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

eccc79  No.4157688

File: d641b4cdb29cc07⋯.png (687.42 KB, 528x700, 132:175, Rita.png)

Thank you Baker for this bread.

Rita likes it.

e9340e  No.4157689


Probably smells like TOOTS

38e764  No.4157690

Out of interest I wondered into enemy territory to look at the comments section on the Washington Post about the Flynn charges story.

Counted about 200 comments thus far (gave up after a while), and only 1 pro MAGA comment. The rest are all happy/delighted with glee that Flynn has given up Potus by singing like a bird on him. Or some think he is an honorable man who was put in a difficult position by Potus.

Either way, it's hilarious; they call think Flynn has ratted Potus out. Zero idea as to the possibility that something else may be going on.

Do we go there and drop some truth bombs in the comments behind enemy lines?

Oh and somebody unironically wrote this:

"McCain and Bush Sr, two of the last decent Republicans, both passing in 2018.

Very symbolic".

The cognitive dissonance is going to be unreal.

8dd1c8  No.4157691

File: ae6dc7550fce265⋯.png (9.07 KB, 1559x162, 1559:162, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4157599 (lb)

>>4157600 (lb)


9924a1  No.4157692


no one reads your decodes, Jerome

433bf0  No.4157693

File: 33d69f80c6f3c52⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 700x425, 28:17, ns.jpg)

628299  No.4157694

File: 6b171e564749cfc⋯.jpg (32.85 KB, 993x565, 993:565, Air Gitmo for ya.jpg)

File: b49f8e90e88e961⋯.png (78.05 KB, 530x916, 265:458, Air Gitmo.png)

File: 6f2eac34d31ac43⋯.jpg (110.88 KB, 700x733, 700:733, 10 seconds and counting.jpg)

Merry Gitmass Freddy

Pick your seats

We get first class!

1f0641  No.4157695


lulz yeah all of a sudden that's a big deal again.

190762  No.4157696

File: 8be353382489cf4⋯.jpg (78.02 KB, 606x746, 303:373, 1lumpor2.jpg)

File: af7b5bee5247559⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 834x762, 139:127, Milknsugar?.jpg)

File: 23935dddaed6c04⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 512x760, 64:95, pieandcoffee.jpg)


a5df40  No.4157697


We will find out soon. You don't need to try and convince anyone. But, I bet you didn't read Mueller's memo to the court. Happy trails.

42b884  No.4157698

File: 325e0f80a3d8fff⋯.png (183.17 KB, 494x395, 494:395, 325e0f80a3d8fff871fdef6722….png)

Will we have moar or less shills with .gov workers home tomorrow?

06c0f8  No.4157699


That would be Flynn’s 302. The FBI interpretation of the Flynn interview, is now the way the FBI can control the interview content…. and, specifically because the only recourse Flynn would have to contradict that FBI interpretation would be to compromise the Vice President… Flynn cannot challenge the structure of the narrative within the 302 outline.

See what happened?

Does it all make sense now?

Do you see why their are reports of the second FBI agent, Joe Pientka, saying that he didn’t believe Flynn lied to them in the interview. Likely because Flynn didn’t…. but the McCabe crew jumped on the opportunity to frame a lose/lose. Either Flynn accepts a version of the 302 report where he lied; or Flynn has to take the position that Vice President Mike Pence lied to the nation in the CBS Face The Nation interview.

See how that went down?

That’s also the likely reason why FBI Agent Joe Pietka has been kept quiet.

FUBAR !! All of it.

28b06c  No.4157700


Something fishy. But the strategy may be to seem 'reasonable' to the left so when he brings pain, they won't freak out quite as much. Hard to say for sure.

36409f  No.4157701

File: 0a7735e3c6fabd0⋯.png (282.98 KB, 558x314, 279:157, flrbjm.png)

File: f217f72c54bc6c4⋯.png (569.02 KB, 1111x746, 1111:746, our-unity.png)

File: 6cc5fe2e43ff2a7⋯.png (749.29 KB, 1111x694, 1111:694, WWG1WGAkitty.png)

File: 23f60d2e333d22c⋯.png (946.03 KB, 1081x816, 1081:816, The-honorable-gentlemen-of….png)

af78a3  No.4157702


They flew him in the old airforce 1. Not the new one.

50d589  No.4157703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Fake term "Muh Jew shill" is ONLY used by Zionist Shills

*The Fake term "muhjoo" shills is actually made up by Zionist Shills in a failing attempt to Censor the Truth about Organized Zionist Criminal Activities against the American people.

If you criticize the Italian Mafia or the Japanese Yakuza you will not be mocked as a shill, but any Exposure of Jewish Zionist Organized Crime, you will be demeaned as a "shill". That's like if you want to protect your 5 yr. old from a Pedo, and other Pedos call you a "muhpedo shill".

Desperately trying to Dehumanize any Patriot anon who exposes the Khazarian Zionist Organized Criminal Activities that have harmed Americans, by constantly calling Patriotanons "muhjoo shills" or "spam bots".

The "muhjoo shill" Inversion Trick are like those Jews who paint Swastikas on Synagogues, houses, and dorms. The world is aware of your Victim tricks to frame Goyim.

*Their Other Trick is to pretend that if you show Evidence of Zionist ORGANIZED CRIME against Americans, you're accusing "all Jews", and they post a contrived Fake defense that "not all 8 million Jews are bad" - which No Thinking Anon accuses them of. This is a Professional Jewish Victim slide to divert your attention away from the Zionist Criminal Networks who have committed egregious Crimes against Humanity.

*Look who is always telling Anons what to do: they even "make a List" and tell you who they want you to "Filter": all the anons who focus on the toxic Zionist Cabal Subversion of our country and their Crimes.

Zionist Shills hate Americans.

Who Did 9/11 - Official Truth is Coming

Say shalom to your buddies, the 5 Dancing Israelis.


9503fd  No.4157704

File: 187372f989905fc⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 692x526, 346:263, youllfindout.jpg)

bf5c15  No.4157705

233132  No.4157706



does not exist

190762  No.4157707

File: 7dc5b11faab83ae⋯.jpg (191.17 KB, 1436x730, 718:365, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….jpg)

File: 43522e661cecf1a⋯.jpg (117.79 KB, 1420x734, 710:367, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….jpg)

16d395  No.4157708


Also need to call in a pastor to perform an exorcism over the aircraft once the damn thing has been unloaded.

ec99bb  No.4157709

File: ae30e9ee9ac2ce3⋯.png (427.92 KB, 840x1132, 210:283, ae30e9ee9ac2ce3a4d6af2272f….png)

681ce2  No.4157710

File: 3094811cdf99337⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 298x169, 298:169, waveenvelpe.jpg)

File: 8ee217d352907d4⋯.jpg (46.89 KB, 590x530, 59:53, PBVisibleCrossoverFigure6.jpg)

>>4157585 LB

>>4157617 LB

>>4157607 LB

Basically when you can combine resonate wave forms and modulate/direct them you can cause pretty impressive changes.

The question is how far into quantum wave modulation have we actually gotten. There are fields all around us that have wave forms - the color field of gluons and quarks, the Higgs fields that allow mass to appear in our universe. Modulate those (like aligning the iron to make it magnetic) and space coordinate jumps, timeline jumps, and even time travel are all possible.

5d089d  No.4157711

File: 3b25296912636d2⋯.jpg (386.22 KB, 1157x818, 1157:818, thank full.jpg)

File: 72e5972f6c552f1⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 492x331, 492:331, Q.JPG)

5b52ea  No.4157712

File: 8e067608ed78b1d⋯.png (2.65 MB, 3000x1275, 40:17, TRAT.png)

ebb54f  No.4157713

File: cef503ebff39206⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 372x193, 372:193, 2061281cdd13975b0f592da312….jpg)

25c4a2  No.4157714

File: 2db4f126a3f5468⋯.png (72.95 KB, 750x293, 750:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8d61bdd1648ea53⋯.png (31.66 KB, 715x182, 55:14, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting for visibility.

There are TWO other investigations Flynn is helping

And one they went out of their way to tell us is a criminal investigation.

The other is completely redacted. 9/11?

f6a987  No.4157715

File: 26fc0cad4e2e426⋯.jpg (624.84 KB, 1440x2085, 96:139, e1e9a04f219b291e377149f0bb….jpg)



9924a1  No.4157716

File: e842f3c81e74cfb⋯.jpg (72.41 KB, 800x433, 800:433, ns5.jpg)

4bb8fe  No.4157717


what should I be looking for. a lot of creepy stuff there

80268e  No.4157718

File: 4c5411c1eb5cbb7⋯.png (416.83 KB, 610x759, 610:759, 4c5411c1eb5cbb7e97e84a1e43….png)

36409f  No.4157719

File: 8d56ce93844ae76⋯.png (240.34 KB, 458x533, 458:533, hjmhy.png)

File: 9f030de3227e1bd⋯.png (603.19 KB, 1189x444, 1189:444, bgcwbjm.png)

File: 42468f8c8df74ff⋯.png (317.6 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, LB.png)

File: 80fb824f9795a79⋯.png (915.55 KB, 811x1024, 811:1024, L.png)

628299  No.4157720

File: 1b5032b8419086b⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 570x428, 285:214, Motorboating.jpg)


Cash biz so no difference methinks

c036e7  No.4157721

File: 74f79627cbb929f⋯.jpg (627.89 KB, 1079x1562, 1079:1562, Screenshot_20181204-230922….jpg)



8ea688  No.4157722

Is there really Anons on here that think Mueller is not working for POTUS ? Mueller bargained for his life ..

59d338  No.4157723

File: 0d59b4d5bc0faf6⋯.png (581.52 KB, 509x604, 509:604, ClipboardImage.png)


Not all girls,

Follow the rules!


bd6c89  No.4157724

File: 5ef6e8ffc993cee⋯.jpeg (20.24 KB, 201x251, 201:251, cafe.jpeg)

File: fda75fed3237ee8⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1508x1482, 58:57, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)

File: 6b429d884194295⋯.png (797.32 KB, 999x521, 999:521, cnnreal.png)


Corsi working overtime to discredit Mueller, MSM giving him the time of day.


ba5f6e  No.4157725

File: ed5fd1c0fc4c61d⋯.png (659.76 KB, 478x560, 239:280, e7fbeea4-9e5a-4fea-bf4e-6f….png)

01e62b  No.4157726


I have understood that several planes are AF1 .. which it becomes when the President is on board. I thought I read that it was cleaned up after the President returned from the G20 and sent to Texas.

b2e846  No.4157727

File: c2b9850bfcb650d⋯.png (308.14 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

The only tHERe tHERe is with HER.

efd61c  No.4157728


You are anti-Christian if you ignore Yeshua Cristu's _New Covenant_. Nice try.

7f04a4  No.4157729


Maybe some of her angel seeped into him and he’ll confess all his crimes publicly including truth about 9/11 and his daddy’s time in the CIA

f56eb6  No.4157730

File: 3cb049fa1e19349⋯.jpg (168.02 KB, 1027x856, 1027:856, iu (8).jpg)

f7aaa1  No.4157731

File: a169f487ff5f5b5⋯.jpeg (20.38 KB, 425x319, 425:319, fullsizeoutput_68b.jpeg)

Bless this High Energy Bread!







5d089d  No.4157732

File: eead9d7994860d2⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 480x351, 160:117, eead9d7994860d262271571b09….jpg)

File: 1682bae8e29f067⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 480x588, 40:49, 1682bae8e29f06723ec9ac41fe….jpg)

File: a5621b6093814e2⋯.jpg (262.49 KB, 1500x1199, 1500:1199, a5621b6093814e2a9528293f43….jpg)

5dc013  No.4157733

File: 7fccfffa94adb7f⋯.png (246.86 KB, 540x517, 540:517, make.png)

6ea67c  No.4157734


Jews are God's chosen people, and special.


Jews wrote it down on paper.

That is their proof.

Think about that.

ebab63  No.4157735

File: 83ba87396fe5d09⋯.png (127.33 KB, 261x376, 261:376, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

File: 08927b7a210f852⋯.png (113 KB, 388x324, 97:81, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

File: b2e33312a3d23d0⋯.png (285.16 KB, 569x377, 569:377, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

236456  No.4157736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3cd947  No.4157737


The other two could be Manafort or Don Jr.

28b06c  No.4157738


Let their arrogant heads explode. While consuming trainloads of popcorn.

36409f  No.4157739

File: af14e89245b27ae⋯.png (480.77 KB, 544x616, 68:77, fzim.png)

File: 91309e93f193deb⋯.png (328.08 KB, 608x444, 152:111, mpj.png)

File: b9c96e945dace18⋯.png (386.01 KB, 610x395, 122:79, flimmy.png)

File: 54ad87c6862e439⋯.png (400.7 KB, 667x1043, 667:1043, UNSTOPPABLE.png)

5d089d  No.4157740

File: e63da25e2b2934c⋯.jpg (83.25 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, G1.JPG)

144783  No.4157741

File: 535b7b6e82f2ed5⋯.jpg (30.66 KB, 263x307, 263:307, culinary genius 2.jpg)

f6a987  No.4157742



80268e  No.4157743

File: 5798a4d75f2dad3⋯.jpg (256.85 KB, 1142x834, 571:417, 86d180784122508b55d86eaff0….jpg)

78a9bf  No.4157744

File: 5a3856678c688d4⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 796x261, 796:261, 05_17-10-27.jpg)

63ad2e  No.4157745

File: e839d758c3cd17f⋯.jpg (716.46 KB, 1599x1307, 1599:1307, anon-do-not-fuck-with-us.jpg)

c6cfec  No.4157746

Where is this Khoshaggi thing going? I dont know why we keep making it look like MBS is complicit. And is fucking Gina Haspel comped?!

50d589  No.4157747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Average Student Loan Debt is $39,400.00 per Person

**$1.52 TRILLION Dollars in total U.S. Student Loan Debt 2018

**44.2 million Americans with Student Loan Debt

Brought To You By The Same Money Changers

Sauce: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2018/06/13/student-loan-debt-statistics-2018/#292833d7310f​

Sauce: https://studentloanhero.com/student-loan-debt-statistics/​

781dd4  No.4157748


Hopefully we'll find out soon. And hopefully there is some other reason.

075934  No.4157749


Send him back on the Amtrack and have it postage due.

1bbea1  No.4157751

File: 18d2113dd4e2f09⋯.png (371.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, happening mr robot.png)

File: 13133b1ab1a44fd⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 500x703, 500:703, popckorn fsociety.jpg)



ba5f6e  No.4157752

File: 8c066e9e9497485⋯.png (659.13 KB, 550x532, 275:266, fb02e682-a959-4db0-9324-5e….png)

b91af2  No.4157753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Sorry for red text but come on now!

I came here and saw masonic hands at play and GAVE my TRUST that white masonry will not allow guillotine depopulation fema camp martial law. Like the intro to bill coopers hour of the time boots marching air raid sirens dogs barking citizens crying. This is absolutley a disgrace that you do this anon what in the hell? Is this what all this is. A way to implement masonic depopulation a-la georgia guidestones wanting humanity in perfect balance with nature <500k people? You want to cut your neighbors head off because your a mason? Is that what all this is for your stupid fucking guillotine shtick biff?

This is appalling and I never say shit like that fuck you asshole.




1f0641  No.4157754


always had a thing for artists

2e8630  No.4157755


You are anti-Christian if you desire to cause PAIN to your enemies.

1 Thessalonians 5:15 - “See that none of you pays back evil with evil; instead, always try to do good to each other and to all people.”

1 Peter 3:9 - “Do not repay evil with evil or curses with curses; but with blessings. Bless in return – that is what you have been called to do – so that you may inherit a blessing”

Romans 12:14, 17-19 - “Bless those who persecute you. Bless them. Do not curse them. Do not pay anyone back with evil for evil….If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live peaceably with everyone. Beloved, do not take revenge, but leave that to the wrath of God.”

Proverbs 20:22 - “Do not say, ‘I will repay the evil deed in kind.’ Trust in the Lord. He will save you.”

So Q is an Anti-Christian movement. Good job.

433bf0  No.4157756

File: ffc3216ae4c2b33⋯.jpeg (104.68 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, nice.jpeg)

4bb8fe  No.4157757


oh, maybe i see the dog with sheep hat on?

8e921c  No.4157758

Of all the possibities my wild imagination has already processed, there is one that I would really like to see unroll, it's the one where the WWII wasn't won by the alliance and we're about to learn what really happened the last 100 years or so.

36409f  No.4157759

File: a280cbe2a738cb2⋯.png (181.3 KB, 444x404, 111:101, biden88.png)

File: 2b2bf819112928f⋯.png (223.9 KB, 444x388, 111:97, biden87.png)

File: b403735542a11df⋯.png (457.01 KB, 662x658, 331:329, biden86.png)

File: d2451aa238f43b5⋯.png (266.18 KB, 636x534, 106:89, biden85.png)

File: 822709a64e29a5f⋯.png (247.35 KB, 444x446, 222:223, biden84.png)

144783  No.4157760

File: 4239973abec1e7b⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 255x170, 3:2, classic.jpg)


1,2 kek has come for you

3,4 sleep no moar

f7aaa1  No.4157761

25c4a2  No.4157762


Unless or until they are ready to let Pence go down.

729c98  No.4157763

File: 1255bfade115c31⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 1960C9C9-A58F-4767-BBF9-36….png)

File: 2db7f1ba431265a⋯.jpeg (136.5 KB, 500x672, 125:168, 0D44677F-2BEC-4958-B100-E….jpeg)

File: 5c91d7c731271a7⋯.jpeg (86.15 KB, 361x500, 361:500, FCF62F54-5149-40C0-82D0-3….jpeg)

File: dc8e2feb3078f97⋯.jpeg (66.62 KB, 300x423, 100:141, 8D081BE7-E269-4697-BFF5-9….jpeg)

af78a3  No.4157764


It was bush’s old airforce 1 he used.

36409f  No.4157765

File: 00d17c3186e58c8⋯.png (583 KB, 615x444, 205:148, biden114.png)

File: 0506126256c06a5⋯.png (184.34 KB, 256x517, 256:517, biden113.png)

File: 380a582b85b2f48⋯.png (243.47 KB, 333x737, 333:737, biden112.png)

File: 7b2c457b1d437c3⋯.png (198.36 KB, 442x402, 221:201, biden111.png)

File: 161c763beb42e83⋯.png (220.47 KB, 444x597, 148:199, biden110.png)

fb261f  No.4157766

File: 38d948701ef317e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, wash69.png)

ladies and gentlemen..

the Washington 69ers.

4150c4  No.4157767

File: e9d561221607ff7⋯.jpeg (139.15 KB, 750x720, 25:24, 0DB04D0D-51CB-4AC7-9250-7….jpeg)


>Nothing can stop it.




b7318a  No.4157768


I thought Toots was dead. Silly me. Resurrection is real.

628299  No.4157769

File: 986e97cfbf75ed2⋯.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x455, 120:91, Glasses for the blind.jpg)

File: 8cef303223147b1⋯.png (429.85 KB, 478x597, 478:597, MAGA Babe.png)


Use these then you see

075934  No.4157770


Eric Holder?

dff4cc  No.4157771


he shouldn’t be called a white hat. it’s just not right unless he was acting way before this admin

b2e846  No.4157772

File: bed60330773d96f⋯.png (152.88 KB, 474x315, 158:105, ClipboardImage.png)

We spell 'redaction'…H…I…L…L..A…R..Y

781dd4  No.4157773


Yes, everyone that you disagree with is your enemy. Great analysis.

5b52ea  No.4157774

File: ca2194938869615⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1650x1275, 22:17, RIP TOOTS.png)

7b4add  No.4157775


It does for me:


1f0641  No.4157776


lulz cuz "vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord."

73afa9  No.4157777

File: 0b3657d7a0df925⋯.png (2.28 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, qFlynnIsSafe.png)

>>4157448 pb

>Flynn is safe.

>On the CLOCK.

>Start of a new one if Anons want to give it a try.

63ad2e  No.4157778

File: b3df5c7926b4e41⋯.jpg (300.76 KB, 1050x630, 5:3, eryhtrujhry8j87k6k8k7ki6.jpg)

a5df40  No.4157779


Q never said who pain is going to. Ever. His quote is here comes the pain. Do you read much?

782d3d  No.4157780



499d1b  No.4157781

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f5e95d  No.4157782


Awesome sauce right here.

75c5e5  No.4157783



039d69  No.4157784

One more, Task and Purpose does good work on military related stories and they ran this on his dumbass last year. Just look at all the shit he is connected to:


Makes sense though as that whole ratpack connected to Ezra Levant are complete frauds and constantly connected to bullshit. All of them are completely useless in every way. Anyhow, case closed on that, he is a grade A stolen valor faggot of epic proportions. Not to mention the DBD boards have a few former guys who weekend warrior'd with him and said he constantly tried to get out of work, constantly bitched about his "gall bladder" (no idea) and constantly gravitated to any source of intel so he could try to steal it/send it back to IW/RM. He is actually lucky to not be in jail.

f6a987  No.4157785








36409f  No.4157786

File: e2e4bd3a3cf67dd⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1579x1111, 1579:1111, BIDENWTF.png)

File: ef48999f1946de6⋯.png (401.14 KB, 768x512, 3:2, MuellerJudgment.png)

File: e8fc28dc7ce8093⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1688x1080, 211:135, trashyjoe.png)

File: fcc84ddb4349d26⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, outyougo.jpg)

File: ddb44fb0c1afe6a⋯.jpg (615.87 KB, 775x999, 775:999, MAGALuther.jpg)

2b6a62  No.4157787


Victory is ours, anon, I can smell it, the fear of the deep state.

4bb8fe  No.4157788


> And is fucking Gina Haspel comped?!

I wonder,

But Pompeo was at C_A first to sniff out the bad ones.

Did he set Gina up?

Or is she conducting a sting to clean house.

25c4a2  No.4157789


>The other two could be Manafort or Don Jr.

Manifort, possibly yes.

Don Jr, no.

71a2b6  No.4157790

++++may I ask an knowledganon a Q?

if videos are embedded on the board do they remain available even if deleted at the source+++


++++I'll Wait+++😎

466c52  No.4157791

File: ac9158a2dd1cb01⋯.jpg (108.9 KB, 847x402, 847:402, TootsFilters.jpg)

425be7  No.4157792

File: 1456112f8285905⋯.jpeg (690.36 KB, 1242x1146, 207:191, 7FFEEFF8-B213-4E6D-B618-A….jpeg)

File: 7b954009a388a9d⋯.jpeg (194.39 KB, 1242x516, 207:86, 13681C81-28C1-41D4-AF06-B….jpeg)


ca0263  No.4157793

File: fce858020b805ce⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1063x1789, 1063:1789, ClipboardImage.png)

For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration


59d338  No.4157794

File: 61e0286636864ce⋯.png (1.4 MB, 700x1608, 175:402, ClipboardImage.png)


I like it too!

Do you like me?

1c48d4  No.4157795

>>4157457 lb

This has to do with Flynn Criminal Case



e0c115  No.4157796

File: 2b825082e310014⋯.png (44.53 KB, 418x315, 418:315, Screenshot from 2018-12-04….png)

Horowitz has been spying on everything they've been doing the whole time. Go team!


9fb647  No.4157797


0b6d03  No.4157798


Agreed. Thought the potshot against POTUS was uncalled for since the CIA just released their findings. He didn't even give POTUS a chance to walk back his position in light of the new findings, which I have no doubt POTUS will do.

628299  No.4157799

File: 45b10d971b5d3e6⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 236x526, 118:263, General Douchebag.jpg)



16fb2a  No.4157800

On Fox just now, Bush Jr and POTUS meeting lasted 23 minutes.

36409f  No.4157801

File: b2a49b70faf2e28⋯.png (343.43 KB, 591x637, 591:637, dmmsj.png)

File: 1c65f87f517d314⋯.png (448.5 KB, 1111x636, 1111:636, waits.png)

File: c4ce7977efffc15⋯.png (335.19 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, TFL.png)

File: 5368f610a354c5c⋯.png (897.14 KB, 811x1024, 811:1024, APB.png)

1a870e  No.4157802

File: f284bb68780ef00⋯.jpg (98.4 KB, 919x398, 919:398, spiral-blade-plasmonic-vor….jpg)

>>4157318 l.b.



>That would make sense in water but it crossed continents.

True. But what if those two are not mutually exclusive deep enough down?


>spiral blade plasmonic vortex lens

This is cool. Lab conditions though. How could this work practically to explain the phenomenon on 11-11?


$21 trillion is a lot of money to go missing.

6cd303  No.4157803

File: 09fa3d7e0b72b44⋯.jpeg (24.3 KB, 474x266, 237:133, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

4cc78f  No.4157804

File: fa807736c5c6b1e⋯.mp4 (3.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2013E8BA-1887-4176-B9EC-7C….MP4)

Nothing can stop what is coming


6b5e83  No.4157805

File: 01fa11630123e1d⋯.jpg (170.1 KB, 640x322, 320:161, q.jpg)


b47a21  No.4157806


lmao whatever

just think back to my post when this board is full of mental gymnastics on why nothing happened tomorrow

50d589  No.4157807

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Zionist Shill Instruction Manual 101

Welcome,everybody. Your Online Goal:

1. Suppress All Truth About Zionist Organized Crimes Against Americans.

2. Attack & Ridicule All Anons Who Show Any Evidence of Zionist Crimes Against Americans.


1. Dehumanize any Anon who shows the Truth and call them "bots" or "shills" - "muhjoo shill", "MuhJew shill", "all Jews all the time", "copypasta Spam bot", "glowing", "nazi", "division shill".

2. Tell them Trump loves Israel, or is "Committed to Israel".

3. Insinuate that Jared Kushner "is destroying cabal".

4. Show them a survey that most Israelis have a "favorable opinion" of America.

**NEVER mention the $38 BILLION DOLLARS that US Taxpayers give Israel over the next 10 years.

5. Harrass Anons who seem to be effective in reaching more people with the Truth about Organized Zionist Crimes against Americans. Count how many times they post to divert attention away from Zionist Crimes.

6. Tell them that if they keep exposing Zionist Organized Crimes against Americans that they will lose the next Election.

7. Tell them to Filter any Truth re: "MUH JEWS"

8. Threaten to "come after them".

9. Play the JEWISH VICTIM Card. Pretend that the Zionist ORGANIZED CRIME CABAL is the same as "all Jews". Conflate the Criminals with the normie Jews to guilt the Goyim.

Now go earn your Shekels!

9924a1  No.4157808

File: db4aaee39919b96⋯.jpg (131.73 KB, 1131x707, 1131:707, continue.jpg)


you wish you could elevate yourself to that of my enemy

8ea688  No.4157809

Guys Manafort ties Podesta and Clinton Foundation to Russia …. Money Laundering

fd9a76  No.4157810

File: 9c1fe5d1d3c10ac⋯.png (409.75 KB, 811x991, 811:991, Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 9….png)

File: 9a4689ec1be8615⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 742x557, 742:557, Dtn_HFuU4AANvcC.jpg)

22dfe1  No.4157811

File: 889234790477f61⋯.png (770.01 KB, 1052x1067, 1052:1067, ADL_origins.png)

File: 156ac8cc5bf2628⋯.jpg (183.85 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, ADL_origins_Leo_Frank.jpg)

File: 82112cd5c518efa⋯.jpg (500.85 KB, 2640x1454, 1320:727, ADL_censorship.jpg)

File: 71b00e38b6faef4⋯.png (243.85 KB, 622x601, 622:601, ADL_Dislikes_SCOTUS_Pick_K.png)

File: afc9a53b35df849⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1162x3742, 581:1871, ADL_Trump_word_globalist.png)

>>4157183 (lb)

Quick, call the ADL.

2e8630  No.4157812



7b4add  No.4157813

File: ec36a9d5d32184d⋯.png (37.84 KB, 578x365, 578:365, 2018-12-04_21-14-43.png)



585b65  No.4157814

You lost in 2013 when Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller sat down to plan a Trump Presidency.

You lost in 2014 when the military planned the Q operation.

You lost in 2015 when Trump announced his candidacy.

You lost in 2016 when Trump won the election.

You lost in 2017 when Q went live.

You lost in 2018 when you failed to overturn the Senate and impeach him.

And now you will lose again in 2019, 2020, and beyond.


963851  No.4157815

File: 523fd61e5e38b42⋯.png (721.53 KB, 880x638, 40:29, SealedIndictmentsThruNov30….png)


You don't have the latest.


0435b0  No.4157816

File: 4b284bba0b32d86⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1500x1079, 1500:1079, all laughing.png)


Ahhhhh send him fedex or purolator….. 2 day delivery….

36409f  No.4157817

File: d0e4b70a253e7a6⋯.png (375.12 KB, 610x395, 122:79, IT'SKATPENNING.png)

File: 86e04a8437d6c73⋯.png (505.98 KB, 850x568, 425:284, hrappening.png)

f6a987  No.4157818





63ad2e  No.4157819

File: c1bea08fc30970b⋯.jpg (110.55 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 455g5e6yj76jrj6yur6yy66j.jpg)

b7318a  No.4157820


He is complicit. Except Kashoggi is still alive.

AbT had a plan to take Kashoggi out to make MbS look bad - he wants his money and power back. MbS got wind of the plan. MbS had Kashoggi "kidnapped" in order to save his life. Irony.

b905c9  No.4157821

Can you guys feel it in the air?

38529a  No.4157822


>He's working to save himself

Well shoot. Do you mean he's working against Trump in the hopes of overthrowing the latter and forestalling U1 charges against himself?

Or do you mean the deal is he discharges his duty and plays his part in the plan for (limited?) redemption (i.e, he is working to save himself)?

8d9273  No.4157823

File: 2c1b3e43b0e98c3⋯.jpeg (233.75 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, FA196059-021C-4A33-9ED4-9….jpeg)

f7aaa1  No.4157824

File: 669f1006451490b⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 212x255, 212:255, 655503e5168ac9a442748ffefb….jpg)

027a10  No.4157825


Havent seen the number in a hot minute, thanks anon!

039d69  No.4157826


Good post anon, checked.

2e8630  No.4157827



04a33d  No.4157828


I love her, but I want the Pepe canvases back

6738cb  No.4157829

File: fc3b411fb299bc3⋯.png (1.35 MB, 951x736, 951:736, deepsatanic.png)

The bulkheads are failing one by one and water is pouring in. Not much time left!


36409f  No.4157830

File: d6429706c767351⋯.png (208.68 KB, 885x516, 295:172, schiff.png)

File: 7cad1bec27d2dd7⋯.png (177.95 KB, 316x423, 316:423, zuckler.png)

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)

File: c11605bd9f28053⋯.png (370.05 KB, 411x580, 411:580, MADAMNPREZ.png)

233132  No.4157831

File: 63ecbe1189354a7⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 255x224, 255:224, pepe bed.jpg)



Thanks, fren.

eccc79  No.4157832

File: 7f001b60e6126b1⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 570x487, 570:487, 7f001b60e6126b194f1cca3dbd….jpg)


they all look like vampires

729c98  No.4157833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

628299  No.4157834

File: 4d1c59d546880d8⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 318x318, 1:1, Moon vids.gif)

f7aaa1  No.4157835


sounds good, checks out.

950d53  No.4157836


1 year ago tomorrow, D5, Q said


466c52  No.4157837


Who's ABT?

6478a4  No.4157838


They could always just cancel them…no one watches anyway

3f3df1  No.4157839

File: 226ca8319f24a9c⋯.png (261.26 KB, 3254x1496, 1627:748, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

Flynn Case Number 17!



425be7  No.4157840

File: d1eeaf6fa400deb⋯.jpeg (520.04 KB, 1063x591, 1063:591, 064E852C-C603-44B2-9A21-A….jpeg)

Every dog has its day ( Bush)

4bb8fe  No.4157841


one was the russian meddling which we know as Trump collusin.

The other is Russian Uranium ONe, which Flynn put Flynn in contact with Putin to get information at dinner table.

Could one be C_A under the fingerprints of Russian hackers hacking into state voters rolls.

82e287  No.4157842

File: 7b7b2cdf35788ee⋯.png (352.94 KB, 605x384, 605:384, Q Smoke.png)

ba5f6e  No.4157843

File: a9205ba965f71b9⋯.png (518.01 KB, 479x560, 479:560, lotsofthingsgoingon1.png)

a31b68  No.4157844


Christianity doesn't abolish all those atrocious human behaviors that anon describes from the Old Testament, secular laws did.

bf5c15  No.4157845

File: 3afce7e2ff8daa7⋯.png (944.36 KB, 960x638, 480:319, ClipboardImage.png)

7b4add  No.4157846


The issue is the claim that the Pacer search was using wrong search criteria - and thus, the indictments are inflated.


f6a987  No.4157847




f1c5c1  No.4157848


Dayshift should get less. Locally radio hosts have ID shills as government workers calling/connecting from their work places. Nigh shift should get more to counter primetime news (Fox),

027a10  No.4157849

File: 02f5a7fa3a7acaa⋯.jpg (115.23 KB, 960x735, 64:49, geroge bush sr casket dick….jpg)

1bec97  No.4157850

File: 5474c4f6f83800b⋯.png (321.77 KB, 441x519, 147:173, 2018-11-26_11-52-56 copy.png)

File: e3f0afb55d40b21⋯.png (108.27 KB, 299x221, 23:17, 2018-11-26_11-54-42.png)

File: 8547e516be36df3⋯.png (163.19 KB, 319x380, 319:380, 2018-11-29_08-07-37 copy 2.png)

>>4157450 LB



2f8d44  No.4157852

File: 284f13e9be399da⋯.png (940.8 KB, 1064x562, 532:281, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

b5961f  No.4157853



a5df40  No.4157854


Q never says people should commit suicide.

It's like reading a news real. Get a grip. Today,10 people committed suicide. Not, today, these 10 people should commit suicide. Get it. Clutch your bible tighter.

82e287  No.4157855

File: 8e0f9507f31e8ac⋯.png (7.83 KB, 875x498, 875:498, Q FLAG.png)

04a33d  No.4157857

File: 74eff9f68e853f4⋯.png (390.18 KB, 479x560, 479:560, 281F4516-111C-4A81-AFEC-97….png)

File: a309190ff1984c3⋯.png (450.01 KB, 479x560, 479:560, 30881BEC-A362-40D3-B1B5-72….png)

782d3d  No.4157858

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4157721 Flynn provided 'substantial assistance' to the Russia probe and a mysterious separate criminal investigation

>>4157793 For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration

>>4157839 Flynn Case Number 17

f6a987  No.4157859



027a10  No.4157860

File: 3da75bdb6bb03f0⋯.jpg (76.67 KB, 500x428, 125:107, the kek prince.jpg)

b7318a  No.4157861


AbT = Alwaleed bin Talal

MbS = Mohammed bin Salman

MbS became crown prince last year some time, then arrested AbT who had been crown prince. That was step 1 of the Q plan…

25c4a2  No.4157862




It strikes me as odd that Lindsey and Mitch were more vocal about the meeting today than the Dems.

Like they are acting, spreading disinfo for some reason, and know the Dems won't refute it.

42b884  No.4157863

File: 7c10ebc37e42968⋯.png (123.44 KB, 500x675, 20:27, be92bd62e97cb15fdfdef2f7c1….png)

f7aaa1  No.4157864

File: b70698f351effbd⋯.jpeg (8.97 KB, 345x146, 345:146, images.jpeg)

File: ad317c379a663b1⋯.jpeg (26.43 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 8de507d05a6ba4e8cfefd909a….jpeg)

ccc744  No.4157865

Dear God please strike the coffin of GW with lightning setting it in flames as a reminder to all those who pursue evil!


Your Soldier Anon!



3f88eb  No.4157866


What you have marked as "3" could be a modifying clause, such as "including without restriction any communications between Individual A and the Trump campaign." Does not necessarily point out another investigation.

dff4cc  No.4157867


wrong the case was filed in 2017. it’s prolly just that

4b60ae  No.4157868


So, to use one's own judgement is a bad thing? Even to disagree with potus on anything is bad and suspect?

Grow the fuck up. This isn't middle school.

9503fd  No.4157869

File: 7bd3407a34df7d7⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 255x222, 85:74, chchampspepe.jpg)

8dd1c8  No.4157870

File: 19e85a2f885a046⋯.png (9.55 KB, 622x185, 622:185, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cbf5b787f43cbee⋯.png (23.42 KB, 623x377, 623:377, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8209243b6f64555⋯.png (27.2 KB, 895x453, 895:453, ClipboardImage.png)


Both D5


"banks control Gov'ts"

"Gov'ts controls people"

50d589  No.4157871

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

**President Trump:"MSM Fake News is the Enemy Of the People".




36409f  No.4157872

File: 1a7adce9c343256⋯.png (218.18 KB, 777x758, 777:758, gtsb.png)

File: a632e0627920a14⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1111x910, 1111:910, WAT.png)

File: 3c4e116f30103c6⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1999x1392, 1999:1392, thedegradationofthebotmago….png)

File: 9077dd18983bc39⋯.jpg (48.86 KB, 259x188, 259:188, BOMP2.jpg)



4bb8fe  No.4157873


is that michelle with hussein in first pic?

8ea688  No.4157874


Future events …. Walls are closing in … Daddy died in June … been on ice since

681ce2  No.4157875


Told you I dig when it tickles my subconscious.

b905c9  No.4157876


To me it seemed like a power play of trust. MbS went off script and Trump handled it and held firm. Even Graham was going off earlier today. Trump is on his own with this one.

425be7  No.4157877

File: 798285b4e6466e8⋯.jpeg (158.33 KB, 1242x496, 621:248, 37C20DB0-44C4-4C36-995E-F….jpeg)

File: 1456112f8285905⋯.jpeg (690.36 KB, 1242x1146, 207:191, E54B2C69-DBE9-4F11-AD36-3….jpeg)


6ec8fd  No.4157878


Most never saw that coming.

628299  No.4157879

File: 636a05bc2124653⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 529x337, 529:337, quads 7777.jpg)

782d3d  No.4157880

File: 143cd23dd5d9e64⋯.png (63.96 KB, 1051x476, 1051:476, ClipboardImage.png)


it legit says "Filed 12/04/18"

039d69  No.4157881


The primary share holder of Twitter. No, I am serious… This goes back to a few breaks ago about how people who want us dead control crucial facets of society and info management.

f23ee2  No.4157882


Red Robin


ca0263  No.4157883


Fentanyl should be an attempted murder charge.

a5df40  No.4157884


I never play games with God. I also never assume I know Gods intentions. Look who's the fool now.

963851  No.4157885

File: aae6e433af97ae4⋯.png (957.93 KB, 634x642, 317:321, FlyPlane.png)

File: 643fab2e2095516⋯.png (663.77 KB, 958x566, 479:283, trustTHEPlan.PNG)

File: ccf6fe04c6ba9fe⋯.png (541.46 KB, 1783x883, 1783:883, KekistanPlane.png)

File: 62425b39897e61b⋯.jpg (148.05 KB, 968x645, 968:645, TrustPlanHuber.JPG)

b2e846  No.4157886

Realize that the only evidence Mueller has is what Trump, his Transition Team and supporting Campaign Cast has willingly handed to him.

Everything else is what Mueller is trying to hide on behalf of his handlers.


f6a987  No.4157887




22dfe1  No.4157888

File: dab1bde0093d094⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 720x511, 720:511, Anger.jpg)


Nah mate, Christ was not a limp dick cuck.

No pain, just utter and complete destruction.

9fb647  No.4157889


anon … where did you find this?

433bf0  No.4157890


I always thought it was Alweed in the pic w/BO

af80d5  No.4157891


<< Your speed >> When talking to God

I like it!

5dc013  No.4157892

File: f3079e712b8b7bb⋯.png (247.95 KB, 540x517, 540:517, make (1).png)

233132  No.4157893


Sorry, fren…

Seriously not trying to be combative, but the ones that speak the longitudinal wave as assumed and not in need of creation are looking at it from a completely different lens, where those things are nothing but the result of wild imaginations building off of an alternative reality when the truth was concealed.

I HIGHLY recommend you watch that video from start to finish and keep a writing tool handy. He draws a map for you in the literature.

ca0263  No.4157894


yeah - and?

it's the sentencing document, filed this afternoon.

Or am I missing part of the convo and context?

0927fe  No.4157895


Marine Recruiters are almost always active in cities, so that was factual.

HRC was detained for questioning and let go. Another fact.

b7318a  No.4157896


I didn't. I didn't even know, and I'm in the "community." Go figure. It all makes sense now, however.

f1c5c1  No.4157897


So "Trust Mueller" was for real. I wonder if he will get a suicide for this.

116e5a  No.4157898


probably hiding coke in there just like old times

8ea688  No.4157899

The one crumb that will be awesome to come true ……When Hussein claims to be Kenyan

bd17a1  No.4157900

Guess I was wrong. With all this adulation, it seems like GHWB was the greatest American to ever live

2e8630  No.4157901

Guys where in the Bible does Jesus send his enemies to Gitmo? Because in all the Bibles I read he forgives and heals them. He didn't kill the moneylenders in the temple, nor did he torture them. He just removed them.

If you want to bring Christ into this you are making a big mistake because He is going to Judge you as well.

ba5f6e  No.4157902

File: 537ffa19d69f414⋯.png (308.03 KB, 478x558, 239:279, smokepepe1.png)

f6a987  No.4157903

33862d  No.4157904

Tom Winter Retweeted

Hallie Jackson

‏Verified account @HallieJackson

1h1 hour ago

Hallie Jackson Retweeted Tom Winter

Rudy Giuliani to @NBCNews re: the Flynn/Mueller latest: "There's a Yiddish word that fits," he said. "They don't have bubkes." He downplayed any concern about what Flynn may've said: "If he had information to share with Mueller that hurt the president, you would know it by now.”

Hallie Jackson added,

Tom Winter

Verified account @Tom_Winter

ANALYSIS: Having read the sentencing filing, as redacted as it is, you come to the conclusion that following 19 meetings with SCO and DOJ, and pages of redacted information about various investigations, that Ret. Lt. Gen Michael Flynn has provided a lot to federal investigators.

367 replies 195 retweets 596 likes

588adc  No.4157905


picking and choosing which words of god to use and omitting others when conducting in fellowship isn't too Christian either.

729c98  No.4157906

File: 30e563fe763c4bd⋯.jpeg (201.22 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 23D2BA30-147E-45DD-A339-8….jpeg)

File: 633fd6d99cd76f5⋯.jpeg (68.07 KB, 660x371, 660:371, EF672649-4FC6-49E8-BDEF-2….jpeg)

e133bf  No.4157907

File: 0fcb00347b85900⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 182x268, 91:134, dynam.jpg)

You know who needs Saudi Arabia more then anybody else.?

Israel. that's who. and if the saudi's open the floodgates and lets Iran set up shop along near Israel borders. Woo Hoo.. War Drums are starting to beat.

466c52  No.4157908

File: d34464cfbf31c64⋯.jpg (28.9 KB, 219x255, 73:85, Toots55.jpg)



>You lost in 2013 when Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller sat down to plan a Trump Presidency.

>You lost in 2014 when the military planned the Q operation.

>You lost in 2015 when Trump announced his candidacy.

>You lost in 2016 when Trump won the election.

>You lost in 2017 when Q went live.

>You lost in 2018 when you failed to overturn the Senate and impeach him.

>You lost in 2018 when Freddy made Qresearch great again

>And now you will lose again in 2019, 2020, and beyond.


Missed one.

9503fd  No.4157909

File: 2675e3f1b16769f⋯.jpg (109.2 KB, 807x500, 807:500, shillsconfirm.jpg)

0a8126  No.4157910

File: 19bd93fe8f18361⋯.webm (9.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 19bd93fe8f1836146b758bf6c….webm)

The future looks so bright.

4b60ae  No.4157911


They give thiz poison in hospitals.

36409f  No.4157912

File: 00aaf7d3ed4f784⋯.png (2.14 MB, 896x5920, 28:185, WeAreQueueanon.png)

45e3f2  No.4157913

File: c9d1cb8a00d7860⋯.jpg (743.67 KB, 1247x791, 1247:791, l01_70101503.jpg)

File: befa616e30a8f38⋯.png (39.79 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


the clock looks like the LHC

250b4b  No.4157914

File: f173c2ca62c10da⋯.jpeg (164.16 KB, 1200x1197, 400:399, 794809E6-7564-409C-B935-7….jpeg)


6ec8fd  No.4157915


Well we all knew that SA was corrupt and cabal, we just didn't know they was a part of the pyramid +++ to come down, especially first and from within (not outside influence like war etc)

628299  No.4157916

File: 4985a27fd3c0732⋯.jpg (89.64 KB, 960x660, 16:11, You can have my herpes I i….jpg)

File: cfb0eacd6f95e84⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, This one bad too.png)


IMO neither of them are originals

ca0263  No.4157917

File: cd319defe4c9eff⋯.png (466.35 KB, 1063x1789, 1063:1789, ClipboardImage.png)


729c98  No.4157918

File: 874da642350994b⋯.png (3.81 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 243EACBA-3511-4C84-8D70-F0….png)

File: 0e2472c916b3e48⋯.jpeg (125.46 KB, 1125x1125, 1:1, F97C80C1-A5C2-4189-869C-5….jpeg)

f23ee2  No.4157919


I still think FLOTUS stopover in Kenya was cover for insterting an extraction team for BHO if he attempts to flee there.

36f27f  No.4157920


that dog is creeping me out. I hope Secret Service checked that fucker for bombs or something.. the media loves the thing.

c573ff  No.4157921


Trust Mueller for real?

Maybe. OR he was more or less forced to make a deal.

61e380  No.4157922


Satanists aren’t very Christian… buddy.

3cd947  No.4157923


No not necessarily. He could have been helping take Mueller down.

782d3d  No.4157924


anon noticed the case# starts with 17, and an anon nominated it

just trying clarifying it so it's not fake and gay in notables

b6e808  No.4157925


>So "Trust Mueller" was for real.

Show me the Q post that says that

36409f  No.4157926

File: 8911863605dde46⋯.png (303.75 KB, 444x524, 111:131, safd.png)

File: 1467905eb0767fb⋯.png (304.76 KB, 464x530, 232:265, blimmy.png)

File: dc6dae8909e6ab3⋯.png (311.3 KB, 546x487, 546:487, mrkfnjmy.png)

File: 41bd7c02e3a8064⋯.png (391.54 KB, 638x640, 319:320, FreeNancy.png)

9503fd  No.4157927

File: 10eaf3950338813⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 300x301, 300:301, baitquestionmark.jpg)

470db6  No.4157928

File: 876bab6def536cd⋯.gif (78.51 KB, 400x204, 100:51, tenor.gif)

france almost be like

d0e47d  No.4157929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>4157585 lb

<Tom Bearden - 2004

Link to 1990 article.


Link to 1986 "Fer de Lance" Table of Contents. Active links.

Ben going through as I have had the chance. Read most 20 years ago. Know there has been a controversy with Bearden. He explains his side in the video.

Hope this helps.


Yea, I still think the Indian Ocean event has to do with the 'Woodpecker Signal' advanced by [42] years.

"Keep your Head!"

f0c979  No.4157930

File: 4be8472ba172b3e⋯.jpeg (36.02 KB, 334x250, 167:125, 1636F7B0-1619-4A71-A960-A….jpeg)

As Always, A Broken Link…

For In A Storm, The Lightning Is Quick & Precise……

Information Like A Waterfall , The Undoing Of The Guard………

God Bless The Republic…

efd61c  No.4157931


He's Satans servant. Lucifer's army trollys this board. Pray.

7e8068  No.4157932

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Bush connection to Iranians

f6a987  No.4157933



a5df40  No.4157934


No one ever said trust Mueller. Only a fool would, or someone with a whole lot of leverage. And even then, it's not a good idea.

4742cf  No.4157935


i hate clock faggotry

but fukken quads

dff4cc  No.4157936

File: 488594c673f456f⋯.jpeg (34.96 KB, 376x378, 188:189, FA36E3E2-5DA3-4BBC-B972-A….jpeg)


top kek and timestamp

f05656  No.4157937


The number on there isn't sealed INDICTMENTS. It's sealed PROCEEDINGS. It says it on the spreadsheet. Anthony Weiner's laptop was one that was unsealed.

But sealed proceedings often lead to sealed indictments. And each indictment can name many people. One that was unsealed was for 7 people connected with NXIVM.

I've heard the argument many times that the anons keeping track are not doing it right, but Q confirmed it a while back. I think if it was way out of bounds, he would have said something.

425be7  No.4157938


A Service dog is a huge sympathy card

b7318a  No.4157939


More than that: he was crown prince (should be capitalized?) of Saudi Arabia. For reasons I'm still unsure of, Mohammed bin Salman got that "title" in 2017, then had most of the family arrested. He confiscated their wealth and power, all in one weekend.

The butthurt is strong in AbT.

4150c4  No.4157940

File: fac58a7c5ad0234⋯.jpeg (816.13 KB, 1871x1587, 1871:1587, AFB21919-E699-46C3-9D1A-B….jpeg)


>why nothing happened tomorrow

You people are slow. Do you even know what’s happening?

Situational awareness …

[D]ec 5 > Huber was a set up and the DS took the bait…

D5 is an avalache…

Nothing will stop it …

0927fe  No.4157941


Rather amusing. Can't be original so you pervert our message so typical

25c4a2  No.4157942

File: 9f3709ae687bc32⋯.png (51.13 KB, 705x324, 235:108, ClipboardImage.png)


>What you have marked as "3" could be a modifying clause

There is also a third corresponding section in the document entirely redacted.

Have you read it? It's easy to see.

6cb095  No.4157943

I'm going way out on a limb here, and this contradicts probably everything and I don't want to completely derail anyone if I'm way off, but it also sort of makes sense. idk, what do you all think?

In the movie White Squall:

The Skipper (Bridges) taught the boys "Where We Go One, We Go All"

He had the best of intentions, but he fucked it up and lost control of the ship and the ship sank in a white squall.

At the trial the boys tried standing up for him as he was accused of negligence, etc.

He wouldn't let them, he walked out, owning what he did after a full confession (after the bell).

Then we see how POTUS has been very seriously taking the solemnity of 41's passing.

So I pose the Question: If we are watching a movie, are we watching White Squall? (Metaphorically) With the deep state being the boys, and the Skipper 41?

Q, did 41 give a full confession? Was he the one who knew where the bodies are buried? Did he confess to save the crew(US)? Was this the only way, because the DS wouldn't let him go public?

3f88eb  No.4157944


Always appreciate the Illuminati nudes.

466c52  No.4157945



Oh shit. Nice.

ca0263  No.4157946


I was referring to the 2017 vs 2018 filing date and the 'may be wrong case' or some such.

The charging document is not the sentencing document is what I meant

f2fe73  No.4157947


all of the religions are garbage and deserve to be utterly forgotten

9503fd  No.4157948

File: 9b3a5e1d39852ec⋯.png (274.54 KB, 748x500, 187:125, obamakenya.png)

b6e808  No.4157949


>I still think FLOTUS stopover in Kenya was cover for insterting an extraction team for BHO if he attempts to flee there.

Probably correct

499d1b  No.4157950

File: 11c822149c9ffe9⋯.jpeg (69.45 KB, 647x404, 647:404, d5.jpeg)

4b60ae  No.4157951


Because you've lost perspective. Your heart has gone dark.

313cf6  No.4157952

File: 7504a944c245199⋯.jpeg (137.95 KB, 720x583, 720:583, D4BA950C-45CA-4C29-B0CA-F….jpeg)

File: c37c5378d92e50b⋯.jpeg (140.65 KB, 720x583, 720:583, FB82E9DA-AE46-4798-AF48-D….jpeg)

File: 2d97eb7f8444cb0⋯.jpeg (140.62 KB, 720x583, 720:583, CB6CEB90-5CCA-47A6-BEF8-9….jpeg)

f12d09  No.4157953

bd17a1  No.4157954


Apart from farmers, only the Moroccans have guns in France.

bf5c15  No.4157955

File: 5afbdf656b1063a⋯.png (555.81 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, ClipboardImage.png)

1afb72  No.4157956

Denial is always the first reaction.

Flynn flipped.

729c98  No.4157957

File: d863c8131c08c2b⋯.png (153.4 KB, 240x160, 3:2, BA9ED10A-A863-45F7-9451-DC….png)

File: dd68a347bb1c865⋯.jpeg (415.2 KB, 3500x3500, 1:1, F0D5A24E-2F64-459E-A673-D….jpeg)

425be7  No.4157958

File: f8be227523d369e⋯.jpeg (396.88 KB, 1242x1355, 1242:1355, 32F4FDBA-4BD7-49A2-AF16-1….jpeg)


056e69  No.4157959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anons what is this shit? I thought Graham had become /ourguy/.

And wtf is a smoking saw?

466c52  No.4157960



3f3df1  No.4157961

File: 197a888aceb969d⋯.png (514.93 KB, 2006x1682, 1003:841, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)


I am not sure how cases are numbered. It very well could be year the case started.


b77595  No.4157962

File: e40a18c39d7bd3a⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 255x249, 85:83, corsi.jpg)

681ce2  No.4157963


Are you speaking of the whiteboard guy? I have seen a couple. All waves need energy yes -

I guess I am not getting your point.

ff4d42  No.4157964



0b6d03  No.4157965


Regardless of the the theories that Khashogi might be alive, our position(US) will be that MbT has to go, and that support for the Yemen war will stop.

You don't suppose this may be what we wanted all along? Maybe MbT was not who we really wanted? And we planned to put someone else down the line in the Saudi succession all along? Part of a plan?

eccc79  No.4157966

File: 300b35336b10d84⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1282x640, 641:320, AVALANCHE.png)

25c4a2  No.4157967


>I still think FLOTUS stopover in Kenya was cover for insterting an extraction team for BHO if he attempts to flee there.

Good god, people.

It's not that hard to go to Kenya.

They could just go as tourists on safari for fucks sake.

9924a1  No.4157968

f6a987  No.4157969



6f6632  No.4157970


Muller met with POTUS a day before he put Session as the nominee?? And Sessions was "placed". WITCH hunt now is all POTUS talks about, Muller is on a 'WITCH' hunt!!!"

Muller can never or will serve as the the FBI Leader again. Why did he meet with Trump? He was given certain information on how this will all go DOWN. Muller's witch hunt is the HRC (she is a witch) HUNT!

f23ee2  No.4157971

File: 3cde9980d78f01c⋯.jpg (20 KB, 289x175, 289:175, JIGSAW2.jpg)

8dd1c8  No.4157972

File: 739d7148892a9ff⋯.png (97.6 KB, 564x706, 282:353, ClipboardImage.png)


Its the year

b8494d  No.4157973


She clearly couldn't get far away enough from him for that. Good on POTUS, his posture says 'I'll whack your ass' with one slip of a lip or hand. Shudder worthy. I cannot imagine having to rub elbows with those jokers.

963851  No.4157974

File: 5663eb1e4762c37⋯.jpg (31.54 KB, 460x346, 230:173, Alwaleed-Kashoggi.jpg)

File: 7d6ab9f049e1149⋯.jpg (209.16 KB, 1281x638, 1281:638, SidebyJackAlwaleed.jpg)

File: 9ed0318ca64a596⋯.png (552.99 KB, 596x669, 596:669, AlWaleedFundedObamaEducati….png)

File: 321c684a3f9c7f4⋯.jpg (128.8 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Alwaleed2ij4oo.jpg)


Couple things about Alwaleed

1bec97  No.4157975

File: 5e89db21cb933dd⋯.png (35.47 KB, 244x250, 122:125, 2018-10-31_23-28-20qq.png)

d0e47d  No.4157976

File: 417a8111afce413⋯.gif (3.34 MB, 915x386, 915:386, brantisvorgan_1.gif)


Forgot the Fer de Lance link.



22dfe1  No.4157977

File: 1ed104fb84c1257⋯.png (295.57 KB, 474x720, 79:120, No_survivors.png)

File: 5ec1394dcb19c2c⋯.png (353.75 KB, 1000x896, 125:112, Apu_operator_no_survivors.png)


Read the Revelations.

We're going to destroy our enemies utterly and completely.

5392d3  No.4157978

I'v been gone, it seems like something is happening? whats happening?!

4b60ae  No.4157979


The saw theh used to cut up kashoggis body.

a5df40  No.4157980


We shall see. How sure are you? Did you read the Mueller memo? I bet you didn't. I did.

628299  No.4157981

File: bf1b486fb8b86c6⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 300x251, 300:251, WTF Really.gif)

73afa9  No.4157982

File: e95ca7a31e92b41⋯.png (26.98 KB, 405x461, 405:461, 953_1.png)




b7318a  No.4157983


Absolutely. The MbS angle still has me reeling, but as I look into it, I can see… I think he's righteous. Fuck, I hope he is, he needs to be for this to work.

e133bf  No.4157984

File: 09068e5b8167aa5⋯.jpg (14.89 KB, 255x190, 51:38, pepe he is write.jpg)

b2e846  No.4157985

Why would Mueller hire a team of lawyers, who like himself are all conflicted in their own way?…who have now exposed themselves to investigation?

They just couldn't say no?

They weren't the least bit suspicious as to why they were specifically hired?

These people aren't necessarily stupid.

7776cf  No.4157986


Denial is a river in Egypt, Shill.

Flynn is a Patriot.

Nothing will stop what is coming.

ca0263  No.4157987

File: cb3210023d671b3⋯.png (427.16 KB, 1853x978, 1853:978, ClipboardImage.png)


Big dip you see - Flynn doc release

6e05fb  No.4157988

File: f9f360660e9d44b⋯.jpg (264.99 KB, 600x1675, 24:67, 1.jpg)


Korea, NZ to work together in Antarctica

36f27f  No.4157989


never said I hated dogs. Just that one is odd how all media , pedowood and everyone is parading it around like a hero..

Lost my best friend (a yellow lab) this year.. :(

f2fe73  No.4157990

File: 08304f6bd58e5dd⋯.jpg (190.68 KB, 2007x1148, 2007:1148, 08304f6bd58e5ddb382e2e6198….jpg)

a31b68  No.4157991


At this point all we know for certain is that nothing can start it.

f7aaa1  No.4157992


no, q is skipper and anons are the crew

1ff8f3  No.4157993

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f6a987  No.4157994




ccc744  No.4157995

File: 88e7597d34791dd⋯.png (28.78 KB, 845x517, 845:517, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 37e14761194d996⋯.png (68.82 KB, 830x790, 83:79, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f1b3484cb4209b⋯.png (62.71 KB, 836x751, 836:751, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21bdb1c012cbf3c⋯.png (58.13 KB, 836x739, 836:739, ClipboardImage.png)

DOJ adds additional attorney to NXIVM case – his expertise: prosecuting corrupt public officials!

You know that old saying “The best gifts come in small packages”?

Well, as it turns out, that same sentiment may apply to filings in the case of U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.

As accustomed as we’ve become to the very lengthy filings of the attorneys who are defending Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell – extensive in length, short on substance – it turns out that it’s the pithy little filings that can carry the most weight.

Take, for example, this little gem:

Not much there, right?

It makes sense, doesn’t it, that the prosecution team would add another attorney – especially since there are more than 20 attorneys representing the current defendants (That figure does not include the other NXIVM-related attorneys who are out there intimidating potential witnesses and obstructing justice)?

So, no big deal…unless…

Unless this particular addition was brought in for a specific reason.

So, who is this Kevin Trowel – and why was he brought in to serve on the prosecution team in this case?

Understandably, the Department of Justice does not provide detailed organizational charts of its staff. After all, most of these are noble public servants out there prosecuting some really bad people.

But what we do know from its website is that the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) has three Divisions: Appeals, Civil, and Criminal.

And, digging a little deeper on that same website, we also find out that the Criminal Division has nine sections:

– Business and Securities Fraud

– National Security and Cybercrime

– Public Integrity

– Organized Crime and Gangs*

– International Narcotics and Money Laundering

– Civil Rights

– General Crimes

– Long Island Criminal Division

– Forfeiture Practice**


4934c9  No.4157996

File: 41d4e85011ab73a⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1160x2640, 29:66, Poserbiec.png)

>>4157562 (lb)

Article in image format with sauce.

8dd1c8  No.4157997

File: 15e8caf8f8477ab⋯.png (97.15 KB, 764x465, 764:465, ClipboardImage.png)

9924a1  No.4157998

File: 6a758fe638e53ac⋯.jpg (80.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bane2.jpg)


now is not the time for fear

that comes later

e9340e  No.4157999



Newfag is back

c6cfec  No.4158000


Great theory if true, makes sense. ABT still mad that MBS switched the next heir of the throne

1bbea1  No.4158001

File: 0711688f5f18ff0⋯.jpg (111 KB, 680x979, 680:979, popckorn 88 magic.jpg)


>> 1 5 7 7 5 1



dff4cc  No.4158002

File: 36fb4526318e3f9⋯.jpeg (15.31 KB, 255x187, 15:11, 32F8BB9E-9F8C-4D8C-8993-2….jpeg)

f6a987  No.4158003













f23ee2  No.4158004

File: 4133ed94361b8dc⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 255x168, 85:56, nxivm.jpg)

628299  No.4158005

File: 1001cbaa51c749f⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 321x285, 107:95, Answer this.jpg)


You can't do math either

85a75c  No.4158006

f7aaa1  No.4158007


you said you would say that!!!

78a9bf  No.4158008

File: e833b6cd8afd72e⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 880x491, 880:491, 05_17-27-59.jpg)


Corsi Drops Bombshell on Mueller

Yesterday, Larry Klayman, the founder of both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, and a former prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice, acting in his private legal capacity, announced the filing of criminal and ethics complaints against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutorial and media staff on behalf of his client, Dr. Jerome


The Complaint was filed with the Acting Attorney General, the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, the Office of Professional Responsibility, the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel of the District of Columbia Bar. It alleges violations of various criminal statutes and the District of Columbia Bar Rules of Professional Responsibility.

The allegations show a pattern and practice of coercing and extorting Dr. Corsi to either lie in his testimony before the “Mueller Grand Jury” and at any eventual trials of other subjects and targets of the Special Counsel’s so-called “Russian Collusion Investigation,” or be indicted himself.

The Special Counsel and his conflicted prosecutorial staff, having offered what they termed a “sweetheart” plea deal if Dr. Corsi would falsely “rat out” targets such as Roger Stone and President Donald J. Trump, were flat-out rejected by Dr. Corsi for their criminal, illegal and unethical plea deal.

Klayman had this to say upon filing the Complaint on behalf of Dr. Corsi:

“In filing this Complaint, my client is not only standing up for his own legal and constitutional rights, but also those of the American people. This rogue government tyranny perpetrated by a Special Counsel and his prosecutorial staff, which is designed to effectively overthrow a duly elected president by coercing and extorting false testimony from Dr. Corsi and others, cannot be permitted in a civilized society.

Dr. Corsi is an American hero, not a felon as depicted falsely by Special Counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff. To the contrary, it is Mueller and his comrades who must now be held to account under the rule of law and professional ethics.”

The Complaint prays that Robert Mueller be disciplined and removed as Special Counsel, along with his partisan staff, and that these serious allegations be referred to appropriate state and local authorities for criminal prosecution. It also demands that Mueller and his prosecutorial staff be disbarred from the practice of law.

Read Moar: http://www.corsination.com/

25c4a2  No.4158009


>You don't suppose this may be what we wanted all along?

It's possible he was the lesser of evils, and willing to take down Obama's money man.

Someone to fill the seat until someone better.

But I think MBS will be redeemed once all the info comes out.

61e380  No.4158010


Freddy is fucking Gilligan.

470db6  No.4158011


true, but i found the lovely pepe and figured id share.

4b60ae  No.4158012


Ladies never lean in for a kiss from an unfamiliar man.

782d3d  No.4158013

fcd644  No.4158014


Anon, Don’t know if you want to highlight this but General Flynn was born 12.24.58!! Look at the minute hand on the QClock -58!! No Coincidences!

45e3f2  No.4158015

File: f5ddf331ce6df4b⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1c84e872c03dd1172dc95feb00….jpg)




f05656  No.4158016

File: 4e7a7857a61e718⋯.jpg (598.62 KB, 1145x905, 229:181, Flynn Plea Deal cooperatio….jpg)


Just a reminder of what Flynn's plea deal said about cooperating with "covert law enforcement activities."

b02cdd  No.4158017

File: 410aa0f3c55008b⋯.png (24.31 KB, 1012x100, 253:25, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d6b7bd4c7b73c6⋯.png (36.82 KB, 608x269, 608:269, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfd4c46bc316b36⋯.png (27.19 KB, 593x213, 593:213, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1bbb17356955ec8⋯.png (24.87 KB, 601x251, 601:251, ClipboardImage.png)

speculating if significant

twats 3 days in a row from @FOTUS, @WhiteHouse, @realDonaldTrump about National _ _ _




60f987  No.4158018

This is a good thread on the USPS Task Force Report by @Headsnipe011 twitter

(Read from bottom up)

• Exploring new services that will allow the USPS to exact value from its existing assets and business lines, but that present no balance sheet risk.

• Restructuring retiree health benefit liabilities with a new actuarial calculation that is based on employees at or near retirement age;

• Pursuing cost-cutting strategies that will enable it to meet the changing realities of its business model;

• Reforming USPS employee compensation in a manner consistent with proposed reforms to the broader federal workforce;

• Developing a new pricing model that removes price caps and charges market-based prices for both mail and package items that are not deemed “essential postal services”;

• Modernizing the USPS’s cost standards and cost allocation methodology;

• Clearly defining the Universal Service Obligation by specifying what are “essential postal services,” or types of mail and packages for which a strong social or macroeconomic rationale exists for government protection;

The Task Force’s recommendations include, but are not limited to:

• Improving governance by strengthening the Board of Governors and developing enforcement mechanisms to ensure financial commitments and reforms are met;

• Clearly defining the Universal Service Obligation by specifying what are “essential postal services,” or types of mail and packages for which a strong social or macroeconomic rationale exists for government protection;

The Task Force was directed to evaluate the operations and finances of the USPS and to develop recommendations for administrative and legislative reforms that will enable the USPS to create a sustainable business model.

The Executive Order established a Task Force on the United States Postal System, chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury and including the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

The USPS’s business model—including its governance, product pricing, cost allocation, and labor practices—must be updated in light of its current operating realities.

On April 12, 2018, Pres. Trump issued the Executive Order on the Task Force on the United States Postal System.

while protecting taxpayers from undue financial burdens and providing them with necessary mail services.”

Between fiscal year (FY) 2007 & FY 2018, the USPS experienced net losses totaling $69 billion. The USPS is forecast to lose tens of billions of dollars over the next decade.

“President Trump tasked us with conducting a thorough evaluation of the USPS, and today’s report contains achievable recommendations that fulfill the President’s goal of placing the USPS on a path to sustainability,

“The USPS is on an unsustainable financial path which poses significant financial risk to American taxpayers,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.


1a870e  No.4158020

File: 8a7703c6321ebb5⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 236x526, 118:263, General Douchebag Esq.jpg)

ab8f9a  No.4158021

File: bd4e6183fade4cf⋯.jpg (17.16 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 13a.jpg)


Any face recognition fags care to weigh in…?

782ad4  No.4158022

File: 97154b2f95f324e⋯.jpg (148.31 KB, 958x642, 479:321, aboutq.JPG)


donde qpooto

425be7  No.4158023

File: 3547eccf8fa3e74⋯.jpeg (681.39 KB, 1242x1867, 1242:1867, D80A2701-E456-4D5E-BA2B-A….jpeg)


ac2305  No.4158024

File: b9659a8b96f3be0⋯.png (86.74 KB, 537x932, 537:932, mods1.png)

File: a79e103d6aceaf7⋯.png (55.88 KB, 510x712, 255:356, mods2.png)

>>4156384 pb

"r/Qult_Headquarters subreddit is dedicated to documenting, critiquing, and debunking the chan poster known as 'Q' and his devotees."


4200 subscribers

f6a987  No.4158025



b24504  No.4158026

File: ec9021959a8dead⋯.png (76.22 KB, 748x289, 44:17, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

File: 86500e9877f4d7f⋯.png (155.73 KB, 915x440, 183:88, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

>>4157437 (pb)

>Two other investigations

I'm seeing 3 more investigations minimum. Not trying to start an Oxford comma argument with LanguageFags but I'm seeing that the last redacted portion could be 2 cases, separated by an "and".


ccc744  No.4158027

File: 825b68eb1654840⋯.png (64.53 KB, 708x838, 354:419, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c332b348db0ebb⋯.png (23.56 KB, 723x296, 723:296, ClipboardImage.png)

What Foreign Threats?

One of the local Washington television stations was doing a typical early morning honoring our soldiers schtick just before Thanksgiving. In it soldiers stationed far from home were treated to videolinks so they could talk to their families and everyone could nod happily and wish themselves a wonderful holiday. Not really listening, I became interested when I half heard that the soldier being interviewed was spending his Thanksgiving in Ukraine.

It occurred to me that the soldier just might have committed a security faux pas by revealing where he was, but I also recalled that there have been joint military maneuvers as well as some kind of training mission going on in the country, teaching the Ukrainian Army how to use the shiny new sophisticated weapons that the United States was providing it with to defend against “Russian aggression.”

Ukraine is only one part of the world where the Trump Administration has expanded the mission of democracy promotion, only in Kiev the reality is more like faux democracy promotion since Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is clearly exploiting a situation that he himself provoked. He envisions setting himself up as a victim of Moscow to aid in his attempts to establish his own power through a security relationship with Washington. That in turn will help his bid for reelection in March 2019 elections, in which his poll numbers are currently running embarrassingly low largely due to the widescale corruption in his government. Poroshenko has already done much to silence the press in his county while the developing crisis with Russia has enabled him to declare martial law in the eastern parts of the country where he is most poorly regarded. If it all works out, he hopes to win the election and subsequently, it is widely believed, he will move to expand his own executive authority.

There also has to be some consideration the encounter with the Russians on the Kerch Strait was contrived by Poroshenko with the assistance of a gaggle of American neoconservative and Israeli advisers who have been actively engaged with the Ukrainian government for the past several years. The timing was good for Poroshenko for his own domestic political reasons but it was also an opportunity for the neocons warmongers that surround Trump and proliferate inside the Beltway to scuttle any possible meeting between a vulnerable Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G20 gathering in Argentina.

The defection of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, together with the assumption that a lot of anti-Trump dirt will be spilled soon, means that the American president had to be even more cautious than ever in any dealings with Moscow and all he needed was a nod of approval from National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel the encounter. A heads-of-state meeting might not have solved anything but it certainly would be better than the current drift towards a new cold war. If the United States has only one vitally important relationship anywhere it is with Russia as the two countries are ready, able and apparently willing to destroy the world under the aegis of self-defense.


bc1069  No.4158028

Rush Limbaugh is a fucking genius; finally someone stating what we know.

Someone, please transcript his interview on that Fox scaredy-cat Shannon Bream show

144783  No.4158029

File: 6912f9d0d31ab0e⋯.png (153.19 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

what else was going on August 30th - focus


[no name]

eca1a2  No.4158030


I like your thinking. It leaves too many loose ends but it is an interesting perspective.

723abe  No.4158031

File: 7ffe70874dadac7⋯.jpeg (110.12 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4B5899FB-75EE-4938-9626-C….jpeg)

Epic Quad 7’s


iPad fagging.

Tired now.

Going to watch a little skatey punchy then catch some ZZZs

Will get back on the CLOCK when fresh.

f2fe73  No.4158032

File: 3ee9b4868fa23f9⋯.png (640.21 KB, 614x460, 307:230, dww4.png)

61e380  No.4158033

0e1e19  No.4158034


I remember Politifvct, whatever happened to that account?

f6a987  No.4158035

































a5df40  No.4158036


The other investigators are "angry". Why are they angry? I have several guesses. Kek

71ff66  No.4158037

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

8dd1c8  No.4158038

File: 71e487bbe3833de⋯.jpeg (285.9 KB, 1234x1602, 617:801, YOU.jpeg)


i am here to dig

dig i shall

039d69  No.4158039


Yeah and that opens the whole door to the Las Vegas shooting event which many, myself included, believe resolves around that feud as a week later MbS went after a shit load of people, several "died", a helicopter crash happened and AbT gave up huge portions of his estate to MbS.

Many of us speculate that was a "hand this over or die" request. But MbS definitely worked with the Don during that time period, no doubt about that.

8ea688  No.4158040

I think most of you forget that Our Military is running this show ……. This started before Trumps presidency ….. Here is how the Conversation went ….. Bob Mueller you are a Fucking disgrace to this Cointry and the Marine Corp ….. We have all the Files of your Corruption and Cover ups …. I personally would like to put a fucking bullet right in your head now….. But we can utilize you which will save your life and the embarrassment to your family …. So here is your offer these douchebags will think you will cover their ass …. Play along as SC hire all these Dem Hacks and keep your mouth shut ….. You will be chipped and monitored with video and listening devices …… Say one wrong thing and you know those Deadly heartbattcks people have …. Yes you will have one …… If you don’t agree to play along off to the Tribunal you go ….. What ya think Scumbag ?

b7318a  No.4158041


If there's anybody in the world that we would consider EVIL, it is Alwaleed bin Talal. That man has Creepy Joe Plus written all over him. MbS was serious: he wants reform, even if it means his own family (the House of Saud) has to come down.

8566dc  No.4158042

30 min until it is December 5th

56a3e8  No.4158043

File: b102eacc589b9d1⋯.png (16.68 KB, 1071x106, 1071:106, realtruesatire.png)

>>4157098 (pb)

realtruenews is satire:


But I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Eric Schmidt thinks they have some good ideas.

dc9292  No.4158044


Just go be a fucking muslim

0d60a6  No.4158045

Nadler BTFO of impeachment likelihood and offered up proposing legislation that would suspend statute of limitations for presidents as consolation to butthurt dems. As if they’d ever want that passed.

4e662e  No.4158046


Q never said to trust mueller.

bd17a1  No.4158047


Sorry for your loss. Truly man’s best friend

f7aaa1  No.4158048

File: 02fc13ae8e8f62e⋯.jpeg (5.47 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 7d876e65a7b7b744beb2e4014….jpeg)

144783  No.4158049

File: afdb5e10c325226⋯.png (784.71 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

f2fe73  No.4158050

File: c60e0d36d66062f⋯.png (685.22 KB, 500x364, 125:91, Screenshot (543).png)

22dfe1  No.4158051

File: 9d62ecaae87aab1⋯.jpg (391.42 KB, 1216x937, 1216:937, Boomerjack_day_of_the_rope….jpg)




Now Bane was a good character.

039d69  No.4158052


Thanks anon, I am lazy as fuck tonight, good looking out.

3f88eb  No.4158053


And how did Mueller get those seventeen angry and committed Democrats heading in a completely different direction than they appear, from all the leaks, to have been headed?

ba5f6e  No.4158054

File: 86a24736ab14f18⋯.png (38.23 KB, 381x400, 381:400, 5dfb93af-8e29-4180-a98b-c8….png)


this is possible also, maybe he has been controlled for a long time

7b4add  No.4158055


Thanks anon.

e133bf  No.4158056


Yes I will roll with that.

when Kashoggi was reported murdered in the Saudi Consulate.

that was the first clue it stinks. Why the fuck kill him there.?

ebb54f  No.4158057


Don't spoil the movie for ((them)))

3cd947  No.4158058

File: 3c97b3ec72d7eed⋯.png (518.62 KB, 817x716, 817:716, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

File: 9be6fc6ed7839fc⋯.png (202.71 KB, 813x716, 813:716, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

File: 261dec6db00c890⋯.png (143.25 KB, 803x560, 803:560, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at ….png)

Grassley: Fusion GPS Founder CEO Glenn Simpson Lied In Senate Testimony


782d3d  No.4158059

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>4157721 Flynn provided 'substantial assistance' to the Russia probe and a mysterious separate criminal investigation

>>4157793 For Trump, Cohen Plea Deal's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Exoneration

>>4157877 Boston Heroin, Fentanyl Trafficking Ring Leader Gets 16 Years

>>4157958 Republican declares win in Georgia elections chief race

>>4157988 Korea, NZ to work together in Antarctica

>>4158016 Flynn's plea deal mentioned cooperating with "covert law enforcement activities."

>>4158024 Dig: Moderators of r/Qult




ffs no, Mueller met with POTUS the day before Mueller was appointed to Special Counsel

1ff8f3  No.4158060

File: db0af59f83dce6a⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 640x626, 320:313, IMG_0034.JPG)


freddys sister has huge titties

e9340e  No.4158061

File: 0496a75780767b7⋯.mp4 (2.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Tony R..mp4)


Is this the office of the SC?

b905c9  No.4158062

71a2b6  No.4158063

sooooo no doubt anons have considered D5 however since it is tomorrow I'll mention it anyway✌

Tomorrow is General Flynn's Birthday - D5 Wonder what the President is giving him for Christmas…. Pence?

60f987  No.4158064

I missed the news that Bill Priestep is (forced?) retiring. Another bites the dust!

f6a987  No.4158065



729c98  No.4158066

File: 65a37d075e8cc0c⋯.jpeg (31.62 KB, 175x250, 7:10, 9A8CBB3A-19F1-4046-AD69-7….jpeg)

a31b68  No.4158067


A grey hat somewhere is the only way this could be pulled off. Mueller is so dirty, tho.

698d18  No.4158068

>>4157509 (pb)

:52 Ts in one of your associated images is a 5:5 mirror for the red line you have!

588adc  No.4158069


just an old testament christian? soooo the talmud. nice try jew.

01e62b  No.4158070


to frame MbS

8dd1c8  No.4158071

File: c9b843b9a757f24⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 198x255, 66:85, savage.jpg)

de2866  No.4158072

File: 8d8d5107ecbf1cc⋯.png (336.84 KB, 638x922, 319:461, Selection_702.png)


random pic from local news show today.

dreidel man!

71a2b6  No.4158073


I mean Birthday dang

681ce2  No.4158074

File: 55f4b7991c14f6d⋯.png (6.49 KB, 272x185, 272:185, spirallaser.png)

For those that think spiral wave is just for the lab.

"Laguerre-Gaussian beam generated with a multilevel spiral phase plate for high intensity laser pulses "


629cc7  No.4158075


Focus: 41

41 State Department, DOJ, and FBI employees going down in the initial IG wave.

Many will be outed as deep cover CIA and foreign intelligence assets.

This will also be the start of Trump asking the CQ, the Clown Question. And the public will become so disgusted, they demand it splintered into a 1000 pieces and scattered into the wind.

Screen cap this post.

bd17a1  No.4158076


And it is a lovely Pepe

04d409  No.4158077

When do we level up to the Anunnaki? Do you think Q will let us without some sort of special training?

b6e808  No.4158078


>Here is how the Conversation went …..

If Mueller is a grey hat, then I like this tone and he should have been spoken to like this

If Mueller is a gray hat however, I will lose ALL trust in POTUS for lying and Q for muh disinformation is necessary bullshit

I don't like being duped

4b60ae  No.4158079




You know nothing, shill.

36f27f  No.4158080


thanks anon

1ff8f3  No.4158081


(you) are stuck in the asshole of Wikipedia built buy assangell

af20c3  No.4158082


So fucking what redtextfaggot. You shills are low rent.

f6a987  No.4158083



723abe  No.4158084

File: d6bf01ce2c15061⋯.jpeg (152.34 KB, 500x743, 500:743, 03E0939F-1D3F-4BCD-8E8F-B….jpeg)


EST timestamp is for Dec 5

ClockFag use EST



9a7fba  No.4158085

Normal to have to start digging on one crumb and suddenly have 10 windows open and forget how you got there?

de79b5  No.4158086


Moses had horns and was talking to Satan not the God of Creation.

b2e846  No.4158087

Q: How do you make 13 Angry Democrats 'Angry'?

A: Make them do something they don't want to do.

e9340e  No.4158088


I have a little dreidel

I made it out of clay

And when it’s dry and ready

Oh dreidel, I shall play

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel

I made you out of clay

And when you’re dry and ready

Oh Dreidel we shall play

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel

I made you out of wood

And when you are all ready

I’ll play you when I could

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel

I made you out of glass

And when you are all ready

I’ll play you on the grass

Oh, dreidel, dreidel, dreidel

I made you out of gold

And when you are all ready

I’ll play you in the cold

25c4a2  No.4158089


>Why would Mueller hire a team of lawyers, who like himself are all conflicted in their own way?

They were conflicted but potentially still patriots.

What if they ARE investigating what really happened on 9/11?

And redpilled on the Clinton and Bush involvement?

Enough to play ball?

fb261f  No.4158090


saw thing because body allegedly was chopped..he tried to be smart..

never trusted the fuckin cunt..every interview he gives is full of faggotry..

c6cfec  No.4158091


5:5 anon

f0c979  No.4158092

File: dde27d5731b4483⋯.png (740.24 KB, 662x814, 331:407, D51EA03C-63C4-451A-B8DF-EA….png)

File: b97292fbe42a550⋯.jpeg (408.79 KB, 1245x1046, 1245:1046, A7B773FB-F63B-4B0C-93C6-F….jpeg)

For History Repeats Itself…

For You Are A Patriot Of The Highest Order……

Have A Wonderful Day & God Bless………

4054fe  No.4158093


It has to be tolerated, for now, but I don't like it one bit.

f2fe73  No.4158094

File: f765af7d48a1aa7⋯.png (639.54 KB, 500x633, 500:633, safrr.png)

59d338  No.4158095

File: 613bf323a6cd1c7⋯.png (688.12 KB, 608x759, 608:759, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff8265cf55f78f8⋯.png (743.5 KB, 640x800, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)


This is Olga Katysheva, a Russian artist from Ekaterinburg in West Siberia, but she does NOT use Pepe in her art. In fact her style is quite different. Here is one of the pages that she has


On there you can find links to her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK and so on.

And these are the two original images that somebody photoshopped Pepe onto.

b7318a  No.4158096


Yeah, they didn't suddenly become friends in the last year. They've known each other for years (there's evidence in news leaks if you're industrious). I agree, the "conspiracy" story behind LV w.r.t. MbS has merit.

There's a cool picture of the family somewhere nice, they're all in khaki's, polos, and sunglasses. There's a circle around the guy in the top right corner, with a caption "The circled guy arrested everyone else last weekend" (paraphrased).

499d1b  No.4158097

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

80268e  No.4158098

File: ef7193ee8e3a304⋯.jpg (50.33 KB, 750x402, 125:67, 1534021662506.jpg)

File: 8371e185020b641⋯.jpg (33.35 KB, 750x402, 125:67, 1534039857843.jpg)

File: 8dc95fe6b19c391⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 255x244, 255:244, e8d36c3773f0305e885aeadd98….jpg)

eccc79  No.4158099

File: 5fd834a4c3c7060⋯.png (99.4 KB, 873x642, 291:214, TREASON2LIST.png)

58430e  No.4158100

File: 5e3b5c7de00ddc1⋯.png (610.02 KB, 973x939, 973:939, 300.png)

ff77e7  No.4158101

File: f4d54be925a7c43⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 481x640, 481:640, cigar mike.jpg)



588adc  No.4158102


oh really? how so?

950d53  No.4158103


The Story Unfolds




1 Dec 2017 - 12:09:33 AM

Be here tomorrow.

The story unfolds.


ccc744  No.4158104

File: 82efeefe66fa645⋯.png (1.36 MB, 730x702, 365:351, ClipboardImage.png)

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

a5df40  No.4158105

144783  No.4158106

File: 2ef83b94d2405c4⋯.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 300:367, 1489598040085.gif)


nice catch


nice get

85a75c  No.4158107

God Bless Bob Dole~

629cc7  No.4158108


T. Brainlet

Just tell your enemies exactly what your going to do and who is on your side.

Thank God your not a spy, or anyone of importance for that matter.

425be7  No.4158109

File: 86ddaf728e63ca6⋯.jpeg (516.13 KB, 1242x1148, 621:574, 466E84AD-DC17-45DA-A30D-E….jpeg)

7776cf  No.4158110

File: f0d019c11ae51e9⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 973x1276, 973:1276, QResearch2.JPG)

Anons know that if 'The Plan' was so simple we could figure it out.

So could (((they))).

Don't lose faith over the small things. Think big picture.


071732  No.4158111

Wonder if we already have or will be getting shortly a word stringer from the redacted portion of the Mueller Fylnn doc…bet we already have it.

039d69  No.4158112



d0e47d  No.4158113

File: 020ab0f9cf0fe19⋯.jpg (223.88 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, DSCF1225.JPG)

8566dc  No.4158115


I am not a shill, retard.


f3c929  No.4158116

File: ff0c05a0ec5b2b3⋯.png (692.12 KB, 658x705, 14:15, ClipboardImage.png)

458ce1  No.4158117


Working for POTUS


bargained for his life.


For the life of his family.


Mueller was a marine.

He should know better than anyone what happens to traitors.


f6a987  No.4158118


eccc79  No.4158119



214fb6  No.4158120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Collusion Delusion….

Hallucination Generation

42b884  No.4158121

File: 8c34a9c60c8fc05⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 533x313, 533:313, 8c34a9c60c8fc0522dff33968e….jpg)

ca0263  No.4158122



9924a1  No.4158123

File: 39fdc0f0cbfca90⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 480x640, 3:4, roll.jpg)


rip russell

78a9bf  No.4158124

File: 548298d9e7f9c64⋯.jpg (69.56 KB, 526x470, 263:235, 05_17-34-13.jpg)


California Democrats rewrite the voting rules in their favor

Election night was painful for California Republicans, but it was nothing compared to the slow torture we’ve endured ever since.

For three agonizing weeks, Republicans have watched registrars update their tallies with late absentee and provisional ballots. From Orange County to the Bay Area, it’s the same story playing out with different candidates: Democrats flipping seats with late ballots.

First, Mimi Walters. Then, Young Kim. Now, David Valadao.

It’s not unusual for late absentee and provisional ballots to break against Republicans. What is unusual is the scale of the carnage. As of this writing, Republicans lost election night leads for five members of Congress, three state Assembly races, two state Senate seats and a Board of Equalization candidate.

Even the Associated Press was caught off-guard by late ballot counting. It has called California’s 21st Congressional District for Republican incumbent David Valadao only to retract its decision three weeks later. If the independent organization “which sets the standard for calling races across the journalism industry” is getting races wrong, something’s changed in California.

Legislative Democrats have rewritten election rules in their favor to expand voter eligibility, automatically register every voter, eliminate voting integrity laws and encourage questionable campaign tactics, such as ballot harvesting.

California has entered an era of near universal suffrage with illegal immigrants, felons, inmates and minors registering to vote. San Francisco now allows “people in the country illegally and other noncitizens the right to vote in a local election,” according to the Associated Press. The city has spent at least $310,000 in tax dollars to register 49 non-citizens to vote.

State law grants voting rights to inmates in county jails as well as convicted criminals on probation, mandatory supervision, post-release community supervision, and federal supervised release. Just about the only criminals barred from voting in California are felons in prison or on parole. Even that standard is weakening. In 2015, 60,000 convicted felons officially regained their voting rights after the state refused to appeal a lower court decision that would have denied them the right to vote.

California has effectively adopted same-day voter registration with the introduction of “conditional voting.” This election cycle, voters who missed the 15-day voter registration deadline could request to cast a conditional ballot.

Under the state’s Motor Voter program, every person who interacts with the Department of Motor Vehicles is automatically registered to vote. This has predictably lead to tens of thousands cases of voter registration problems. The state’s Motor Voter program has come under fire for double registering as many as 77,000 people, including 1,500 ineligible voters.

This cycle also marked the beginning of California’s pre-voter registration program for 16- and 17-year-olds. Of course, if every voter is automatically registered through the Motor Voter program, why would anyone need to pre-register? Pre-registration is a thinly veiled effort to capture voters while they are young and more likely to identify as liberal Democrats. Of the nearly 89,000 minors that participated in the program, only 10 percent registered as Republicans.

Of course, expanding the electorate is only good if you can get those new voters to the polls. It’s hard to get voters to show up to the polls. That’s why Democrats have brought the polls to the voters. This election, five counties mailed absentee ballots to every voter — whether they requested one or not. In 2020, every county in California, except Los Angeles, will have that option. If the change was truly about empowering every voter, why disenfranchise 10 million inhabitants in the state’s most populous county?

It’s never been easier to vote by mail. Absentee ballots are counted if they arrive at the registrar of voters three days after Election Day. If ballots are sent to the wrong county, the ballot is valid for an additional four days.

Read Moar: https://www.ocregister.com/2018/12/01/california-democrats-rewrite-the-voting-rules-in-their-favor/

313cf6  No.4158125

File: b2c4340f03e7fa2⋯.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1125x2023, 1125:2023, 5598D595-1FDA-4BD9-8C75-F….jpeg)

File: 9ddc5544a463b4d⋯.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1125x2038, 1125:2038, 388E801F-1F2E-4600-8F0D-9….jpeg)

File: 57aed30fd8b870c⋯.jpeg (130.4 KB, 1125x515, 225:103, 82D203AF-1E4F-42B2-A755-0….jpeg)

IG nigger posts pictures of himself flipping on trump everyday.

black Phillip pics

22dfe1  No.4158126

File: 6d49ded9d5a722b⋯.webm (1.08 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Lolocaust.webm)


Moses, the original kike nigger faggot.

782d3d  No.4158127

File: 5dda95e92b7178e⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 620x625, 124:125, ac2b0732ff63133efba5d612a7….jpg)




629cc7  No.4158128


Beautiful work. The art looks like shit tho

233132  No.4158129


Yes the whiteboard guy…start to finish… if you haven't already.

78a9bf  No.4158130


Most troubling of all, California has eliminated voting integrity laws that protect voters from campaign intimidation. In 2016, state lawmakers eliminated the ballot protection law that enabled only a trusted family member to return another voter’s ballot.

Assembly Bill 1921 now allows anyone to return an absentee ballot. The law has encouraged campaign operatives to engage in coercive tactics.

“How could someone come to my door and so brazenly ask me to hand over my ballot?” asked John Lieberman, a Democratic voter in Los Angeles, after an intimidation incident during a 2017 special election campaign. “What I experienced from her campaign sends chills down my spine.”

For good or bad, all of these changes are law, and California Republicans are absolutely powerless to reverse course. Our party can either eat sour grapes or adopt new campaign tactics to account for these changes.

Shawn Steel, a former California Republican Party chair, is California’s committeeman for the Republican National Committee.

9fb647  No.4158133

rare event yesterday - voice over "the buzzer"

anyone speak russian?


6f6632  No.4158134

4150c4  No.4158135

File: 189d578a5a6b24b⋯.jpeg (14.13 KB, 196x255, 196:255, DE0C6687-E9E3-44CF-B0A5-D….jpeg)


>naked shill

It’s over (((YOU))) are exposed

bf5c15  No.4158136

File: 85ef08a680b4a9f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

0d60a6  No.4158137


No doubt he flipped on Barry, et al. Are you in denial?

3cd947  No.4158138



4b60ae  No.4158139


First 5 books are the Torah, not Talmud. The Talmud is an interpretation of Torah.

Most Jews these days do not subscribe to the Talmud.

87f659  No.4158140

File: fa520dd833da6e2⋯.jpg (787.07 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, COSCO.jpg)

Deltas of POTUS Tweets = Stock Code


POTUS tweets about China tariffs and the deltas of those tweets turn out to be the same as the stock code for COSCO, a Chinese company listed on the Shenzhen stock market.

Time to do some diggin'

d9a2fe  No.4158141

File: ab8358ac3ce3fc6⋯.jpg (42.79 KB, 845x400, 169:80, rent_high_cover-845x400.jpg)


> low rent

b6e808  No.4158142


>Thank God your not a spy, or anyone of importance for that matter.

It is not necessary to outright lie to anons or Americans to accomplish the goal of taking out deep state

Put down the pipe and try using the one brain cell you may have

efd61c  No.4158143

File: 39226af63ade797⋯.jpg (148.21 KB, 1229x691, 1229:691, IMG_20180719_093031.jpg)


You fucked up and fool no one, shill.

f2fe73  No.4158144

File: 012187299d228a1⋯.jpg (7.54 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 012187299d228a1c42c6a8082a….jpg)

03c07b  No.4158145

File: 9919d8c806b5b50⋯.jpg (109.54 KB, 700x488, 175:122, Flynn3.jpg)


Time traveler confirmed.

33862d  No.4158146

File: d1dcf7a15bd993a⋯.png (531.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, PepeBurnInHell.png)


From your keyboard to God's ear, fren.

1ff8f3  No.4158147

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

00b065  No.4158148

Anyone else getting Canadian phone calls?

499d1b  No.4158149

File: d17311e3b6de04c⋯.png (457.02 KB, 610x435, 122:87, kamala_toe.png)

681ce2  No.4158150

File: ebbd33d441212df⋯.jpg (36.97 KB, 487x188, 487:188, spiralshift3D.jpg)


Yup he rambles a bit but interesting but not all the answers.

And a neat graphic 3D spiral wave shift from the article posted above

f7aaa1  No.4158151


>ffs no, Mueller met with POTUS the day before Mueller was appointed to Special Counsel

thats fine, doesn't change the point of the post…

6e05fb  No.4158152

File: d3d014ec2e8c5ed⋯.jpg (127.25 KB, 500x975, 20:39, download.jpg)


Boy Scouts volunteer arrested after allegedly abusing 15-year-old scout

ca0263  No.4158153

File: b629d6022afa478⋯.png (80.45 KB, 255x225, 17:15, 42629432_2313233352232894_….png)

bc1069  No.4158154


Then she’s obviously a whore leftist. Lefties have no money, unless your a globalist elitist oligarch….

She has to sell herself, and her art…

dff4cc  No.4158155



the first poster was trying to capture the idea in 8059. but ur right, before he was appt SC

b4f898  No.4158156


have about 19 open now- keep getting sidetracked..

af20c3  No.4158157



Want me to do it now? Have a specific time? What works for you? Method?

00b065  No.4158158

File: 57fe5149086e0da⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 630x442, 315:221, 1541820396720.jpg)


Holy shit WEW

d9a2fe  No.4158159

File: d62c15e23b987e8⋯.jpg (46.73 KB, 750x375, 2:1, OhGodImNext.jpg)


>whats happening?!

Someone is next

25c4a2  No.4158160

File: 26438bce502c7cb⋯.png (64.19 KB, 741x440, 741:440, ClipboardImage.png)



Could be 4!

There is an extra section in the redacted area that looks like another topic.

ba5f6e  No.4158161

File: 05bd1dc69195ff7⋯.png (516.22 KB, 479x561, 479:561, q2.png)


you are a true autist. nobody said she did pepes. I shopped them because she is a beautiful canvas for a pepe, so fuck off. And have another.

629cc7  No.4158162


US is destroying a group that is fighting for their country, and doesn’t allow opium production, and had nothing to do with 9/11.

Really makes you think, anon…

1ff8f3  No.4158163

we must be out of the salmon

this is all yllow tail and crab

782d3d  No.4158164

c57746  No.4158165

RAW vid time Q?

4b60ae  No.4158166


Nice try, but YOU got it wrong.

214fb6  No.4158167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4934c9  No.4158168


Surprised he didn't burst into flames, maybe they exorcised him.

bd17a1  No.4158169

783380  No.4158170

I've been pretty down and done my fair share of concern fagging since the mid terms. But I've got to say it feels like the avalanche started in earnest tonight between the Flynn and Priestap news. It's all downhill from here. This year has been an will finish glorious.

e9340e  No.4158171


It is just Canadian women looking for real men. Just tell them TITS or GTFO

f05656  No.4158172


Mind you, I'm not a lawfag so I don't know how Pacer works. But I do know the numbers the anons have put out are not what's currently on the dockets, but instead what was PUT on the dockets. Over time, many have been unsealed.

Maybe a lawfag can chime in about Pacer. I'd be interested to hear the answer.

ccc744  No.4158173

Anti-Semitism today is what blasphemy used to be.

Have Jews replaced God?

A one thousand-year Reign of Darkness is Descending.

Judaism is a satanic cult which seeks to replace God

with his "Chosen" i.e. the Masonic Jewish central bankers.

Modern "cult-ure" is a Jewish solipsism based on the rejection

of spiritual absolutes ( i.e. Truth, Beauty, Love = God.)

The banksters supplant God and recreate reality, inverting morality

and nature to achieve total control.

149dce  No.4158174


Item 5 → D5

d7201a  No.4158175

Remember, Gen. Flynn worked for Obama for years and Trump for 24 days.

He sat with #Muller 19 times.

Democrats shouldn’t be celebrating I have a feeling this won’t go the way they think it will.

664108  No.4158176


Thanks. Slide was getting old.

Looks like the muh shills are pre-outing their presence…

eccc79  No.4158177



i think

16fb2a  No.4158178

File: 948f0eb24e52ea6⋯.png (162.43 KB, 550x377, 550:377, putinredpills.png)


ZhUOZ 43 237 PIKST 33 27 88 82

6e05fb  No.4158179

File: f9521c2be79998b⋯.jpg (168.65 KB, 725x1285, 145:257, Sophia Loren 2.jpg)

ca0263  No.4158180

File: da65c5756760476⋯.png (430.92 KB, 670x615, 134:123, ClipboardImage.png)

I'd watch Epoch Times all day long for Angela Anderson alone

8ea688  No.4158181

Mueller can Prosecute nobody …He is a stand in ….. He can only be a witness to crimes …. He is doing nothing …. Huber and Horowitz will run the show

f6a987  No.4158182



499d1b  No.4158183

File: b17ccaaa4b0471b⋯.png (213.84 KB, 609x283, 609:283, kermit.png)

33862d  No.4158184


Yiiiiikes, look at Bob Dole's hands

That is bad, bad, bad

f7aaa1  No.4158185

File: b89f38dd03fa169⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 214x255, 214:255, 006df268b94f8170623ab53b2b….jpg)

de2866  No.4158186

File: d5741df0abf37a1⋯.png (433.34 KB, 656x873, 656:873, Selection_685.png)

588adc  No.4158187


well i'll be damnd i got the book wrong, see im not a jew but i know enough that anyone who says "i would be an old testament christian" is a fucking jew. christians dont just pick and choose which book they want to believe in.

de79b5  No.4158188

File: 97ce063486b4229⋯.jpeg (6.29 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download (35).jpeg)


They are the chosen people. But their God is the opposer. The original rebel. They worship Saturn or Satan.

The black cube is the abyss. Saturn or Satan. The coil on the arm is the snake. Or again Satan.

Remember the movie Noah? How did the Jew director have it end? Noah with a snake coil on his arm.

461a9b  No.4158189


Whose the guy in the right

9fb647  No.4158190


so essentially a russian EAM. Oh joy.

03dac4  No.4158191

File: acf42e0afd514f9⋯.jpg (119.65 KB, 1920x800, 12:5, 2ndLMAO.jpg)

b6e808  No.4158192

File: aa549c73738eecf⋯.png (443.46 KB, 657x631, 657:631, Army 12-4-18 8 30 pm PST.PNG)

File: 530fe69ed091199⋯.mp4 (1.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video Army 12-4-18 8 30 pm….mp4)


85fee3  No.4158193


Not many people remember because it was overshadowed by the signing of the Trade agreement with Mexico, but POTUS and the President of Kenya met briefly on a Monday.


1bbea1  No.4158194

File: c41be02c0ceeec5⋯.gif (59.84 KB, 329x200, 329:200, light within.gif)







bd17a1  No.4158195


Shit art + great tits = successful artist

d9a2fe  No.4158196


>Democrats shouldn’t be celebrating

Flynn provided 'substantial assistance' to the Russia probe

and a mysterious separate criminal investigation

629cc7  No.4158197




233132  No.4158198


IF you start where we are now and try to make sense of the alternate theory (that uses scalar calculations and aether understanding) it would seem to me that it won't work, but if you go back to faraday and retrace and take a different path at the appropriate point, you can follow it more easily.

That's my thing…not a radio guy or a math guy, but i'm getting good at noticing and confirming where the misinformation starts.

71a2b6  No.4158199

File: 7b0b7197c3c2738⋯.png (81.15 KB, 846x671, 846:671, Q 7.3 EG OFF CALEDONIA.PNG)


c5e013  No.4158200

File: 9c1beb2535293c1⋯.png (493.07 KB, 1097x660, 1097:660, NotWhatItLooksLike.png)


What's going on, on that guys chest?

efd61c  No.4158201

File: f8439daeecba49d⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 725x566, 725:566, IMG_20180621_193927.jpg)

a1e44f  No.4158202

File: bb67d2bbe08676d⋯.jpg (83.97 KB, 539x496, 539:496, muh cheese and you hubris.jpg)

File: 2e5c83a3dc46871⋯.jpg (219.34 KB, 1280x861, 1280:861, pepe blues_brothers co 02 ….jpg)

File: ae01043e267f6c8⋯.jpg (152.96 KB, 779x951, 779:951, pepe hydra 03 stand.jpg)

File: 23880af4a14064c⋯.jpg (235.64 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, pepe valkyrie 01 be worthy.jpg)

File: 9c808868a4a52f8⋯.png (788.32 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, pepe uncle sam you.png)


A sharing.

What does one call the person that accepts the world as it's given, without critical thought, incorporating the blizzard of logical fallacies that blind them to the inconsistencies around them? A Dreamer.

But what is the Dream?

This anon imagines it thusly;

Deep in the past, an early man with only the rats to keep him company. At some point he figured out that he could pass the time getting them to perform ever more complicated behaviors. Chasing after, "muh cheese". How big a leap is it to notice that the same thing can be done with humans?

Humans have always needed tools to survive. At what point does the "tool" become "muh cheese"? If one has a functional tool yet replaces it with one with no real improvement… If one has a tool that does the job, but replace it with one that will network with other "tools"… If one has a tool that works just fine, but buys one that says, "new and improved"… If one has to mortgage one's future to get it; "muh cheese".

The Dream has taken thousands of years to reach it's present incarnation. The Dream in Babylon 4-5k years ago was a simpler dream, one could walk away into the wilds and be done with it. Now…Can one even imagine it? People in today's world have no idea. Humans have become dependent on the "Dream". Our ancestors could do everything needed to thrive in the world with just two hands to do it. Make one's own tools. Build one's own home. Grow one's own food. Birth one's own children. Teach them. Raise them. Be confident in what they will be as adults.

Now? We're all slaves, or pretending to be to get by. The whole system is designed to kick up. Through an incredibly complex network of owned/controlled financial institutions humankind is stripped of all real choice. Their game. Cities are designed to foment dependence. To create the kind of behavior that is seen in rats… https: //www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-mouse-utopias-1960s-led-grim-predictions-humans-180954423/ "what looked like rat utopias and mouse paradises at first quickly spiraled into out-of-control overcrowding, eventual population collapse and seemingly sinister behavior patterns"

THEY see us as rats. To be herded into cities. To tire of the terrible life, lie down, and die… THEY are such cowards they would prefer to preserve THEIR projected image of beneficence. Instead of putting the bullet in our head, they want us to do it to ourselves. THEY think that if actual the killing is done by us, no responsibility flows to THEM.

To ponder; If one were to put the mind behind the (Dems(Establishment(Cabal))) at the edge of a cliff in a chair, build a Rube Goldberg machine that culminates in a boot being launched into the switch that dumps it over cliffside, who is responsible for that mind being dashed? The boot? Of course not. The mind in the chair? Phht, come on. The person that kicks off the machine is responsible for the outcome regardless of how many steps, how complicated the machine is. THEY have built a Dream around us, a giant Rube Goldberg monstrosity designed to make us all want to die, to preserved THEIR fucking self image!

America and the world are awakening to what YOU have done.


we're coming

there's no escape

there's no going back

this is a fight to the death


Neo dodged figurative bullets, until he saw what they were; lies. He doesn't dodge them now. He looks at them with an idle curiosity before deleting the liars. In this Dream, My'Anon looks at YOUR lies with the same idle amusement. Digging up the evidence of YOUR crimes. Ferreting out where YOU and YOURS are. Fair warning fuckers; in this movie, Neo is the one being cloned into the millions.


This anon is not into prophesy; but perhaps a prediction.

YOUR tools are being destroyed. YOUR web of control being torn. YOUR options being limited like never in history. YOU are being hemmed in, by a Holy army of Nobodies.

YOU. The mind behind it all. YOU have always thought that nobody could hurt you. At the end of this some Nobody is going to be sitting atop your chest, with the world holding YOU down. That little Nobody is going to reach into that mind, rip it from the wrapper and hold it up for all to see…Crying out, "The Sovereign is dead, long live OUR Sovereignty". At the moment that YOUR mind is no longer capable of accepting the expected; a curiosity. Where does IT go? IT is kicked up to you from the entire world now. Without YOU receiving IT, where does IT go? Top kek indeed if that Nobody gets IT like "the Prize" in a Highlander movie. Sharing IT out to the world. IT is ours. IT has been stolen. Even the Knowledge of IT has been taken from humanity…

Perhaps My'Anon knows, but not this little insignificant nobody.

popcorn on standby.

We're ready, Mr. President.

What's in a name, My'Anon?

Be the Hero of your own story.

Be Worthy.



9fd114  No.4158203


Dark is right. The anti-Q/leftist/TopMindsOfReddit subs are fucking scary brainwashed too. Total echo chambers. The main USA politics board, Politics, is has the ShareBlue brand seared into its mods asses. They own the majority of the default subreddits too, thanks help from site admins and executives.

TheDonald is mostly ok, but there's a shitload of concernfags and Q-haters mixed in. The mods don't mess with crumbs as long as you're not talking about Q, but the anti-Q mindset has a lot of good folks turned around (and constant bad guesses about frog-marching the Cabal doesn't help that. The biggest problem is that most good content gets slid by downvote algorithms built into the site, external forces, and external bad actors patrolling.

Outside of TheDonald, you have mods deleting anything outside their narrative and banning people at whim.

The good news? Normies are waking up to the incredible censorship, bias, and vote manipulation. Like Twitter, it's still one of the higher-visibility places on the internet, and has been important to spreading memes.

af20c3  No.4158204

cf32e9  No.4158205


>Guys where in the Bible does Jesus send his enemies to Gitmo?

Someone doesn't read his bible:

2 Al Frankenmiah 1:13

And the annointed spake thus: "Thou shalt suffer all the trannies and the multitude of genders from A to Z. The reprobate of mind and criminal of deed and empty of asset shall be welcomed among you from shitholes great and small, and you will be suffered to say fuck all to stop it. He who dares to question the narrative of poz shall be judged in the assembly, and if still he repenteth not, refusing to cuck unto all offended by his error, he shall be banished to Gitmo, made to live on bread and water(boarding) for the length of his days."

629cc7  No.4158206

e133bf  No.4158207


Im agreeing with your statement.

its kind of obvious.no corpus delect either.i

ff77e7  No.4158208

File: e6d55179237245e⋯.jpg (87.13 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Blue-footed_boobies.jpg)


Pronounced Nice Bewbs.

7a2425  No.4158209


Whoever shopped this lives in northern Canada.

9a7fba  No.4158210


OCD? Bancrofts, Elefante, Hemenway & Barnes, Murdoch, JFK. I swear the Hemenway & B posts are code to the wealthy.

00b065  No.4158211


>It is just Canadian women looking for real men.

Sounds about right, makes total sense.

6e05fb  No.4158212

File: b6e8d2cf9ab38d5⋯.mp4 (6.24 MB, 720x404, 180:101, QANON - LOCK THEM ALL UP 7….mp4)

7958a9  No.4158213


They’re all in the opium production now but you’re right, they used to be against it and didn’t do anything wrong.

Afghanistan were the scapegoat to cover 911.

Very sad

425be7  No.4158214

File: df19d061413be07⋯.jpeg (876.95 KB, 1242x1578, 207:263, 6F85CBA4-4E26-4D1D-828D-B….jpeg)

File: 0fe9f7c1f518d65⋯.jpeg (123.95 KB, 1242x1603, 1242:1603, 8B856B5D-8321-4951-824A-A….jpeg)


664108  No.4158215

File: bf1caf981baffaf⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, bf1caf981baffafbcefed1405e….png)

good morning, tel aviv

782d3d  No.4158216

File: 9490ee2bf69db07⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1107x1262, 1107:1262, trumpreally.png)

375065  No.4158217

File: b0284249f0885b5⋯.jpg (332.97 KB, 1419x1080, 473:360, IMG_0246.JPG)


Four occurrences

In the news today.

Young Patriot got a law overturned.

Worth a dig?

d7201a  No.4158218



substantial evidence to russia probe exonerating potus?

0ac59d  No.4158219

f23ee2  No.4158220


Hey, that was my old unit.

A 3/2 31st Bde 11th ADA

74766d  No.4158221

i see there is alotta fucks to give tonight kek

03dac4  No.4158222


It's a video game.

Mass Effect.

ccc744  No.4158223


>Be the Hero of your own story.


886ec4  No.4158224


I would say this pic is notable

039d69  No.4158225


Honestly MbS comes off as a bro. He is ruthless of course but in that region you have to be or your will be dead very quick as a leader. But he seems to know where his country is safest in terms of allies, does not fuck around when it comes to people who fuck with them (remember when they threatened Canada lol?), and if the speculation is true about what he did after the LV shooting it would appear he is absolutely bro status. Honestly the dude would probably be pretty enjoyable to have a beer with/shoot the shit as he doesn't hold back and would probably explain how he took revenge on everyone involved in trying to ruin his ascension and cause an issue with the US.

Then we have the Khashoggi thing and if that is true it even further validates bro status in terms of him working with the Muslim Brotherhood to harm both the US and SA. So the prince had him diced lol… dude is ruthless no doubt about that.

629cc7  No.4158226


The ABSOLUTE STATE of QResearch!!!!!

d9a2fe  No.4158227


And most notably

>mysterious separate criminal investigation


33862d  No.4158228

File: 4c2aa833492a710⋯.jpg (144.2 KB, 1320x817, 1320:817, PepeEyeballs.jpg)

f6a987  No.4158229






499d1b  No.4158230

"For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished." Matthew 5:18

144783  No.4158231

File: c570a5c7409a4f1⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 193x255, 193:255, super.jpg)



44a34b  No.4158232

File: 74b0b7b8188edc3⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 1122x544, 33:16, Dc43CR5WAAAy400.jpg-large.jpg)


[Dec 4, 2018]


"NBC News: There appears, although the redacted documents do not make it completely clear, that there is a [[[+++separate criminal investigation going on outside of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's purview+++]]] for which Flynn has been providing significant assistance."

Markers are important.

[Dec 4, 2017] > [Dec 4, 2018]

Think No Name.