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File: e2444efd34004e9⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

8f6334  No.4132949

Welcome To Q Research General


We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes.  We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only.  We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.






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Q's Latest Posts

Monday 12.03.18

>>4131529 ————————————–——– Watch Hannity Tonight. 9:00 pm. (Original Tweet 1/3/18)

>>4131288 ————————————–——– THE GREAT AWAKENING. Q

>>4130704 ————————————–——– Postponed. Well played DS. Please allow us to counter.

>>4130455 ————————————–——– DECLAS > Purpose > illuminate the 'TRUTH' > People

>>4130256 ————————————–——– DOJ [policy] does not discuss ongoing investigations.

>>4130062 ————————————–——– Odds of a State Funeral on D5?

Sunday 12.02.18

>>4121139 ————————————–——– The World is about to change.

>>4120336 ————————————–——– Together We Win. (cap: >>4120367 )

>>4119960 rt >>4119614 -————————– FAKE NEWS = ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

>>4119614 ————————————–——– History books.

>>4119162 rt >>4119124 -————————– Light through Darkness. (cap: >>4119202 )

>>4119025 rt >>4118906 -————————– You are learning, Anon. [J C] & Vive la France.

>>4118750 ————————————–——– What you are witnessing in France has nothing to do w/ gas

>>4118436 ————————————–——– larger than anyone can possibly imagine (cap: >>4118458 )

>>4117825 ————————————–——– All you needed was a spark to UNITE TOGETHER.

>>4117452 rt >>4117309 -————————– There is a place for everyone (Freddy btfo'd)

>>4117250 ————————————–——– A WORLD UNITED IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.

>>4115264 rt >>4115161 -————————– Why has the FISA court kept QUIET?

>>4115161 rt >>4115084 -————————– Think multiple meanings

>>4115008 ————————————–——– "They are unlawful enemy combatants" (Article Caps: >>4115132 )


Saturday 12.01.18

>>4096718 ————————————–——– GHWB USSS code name re: Timber wolf


Friday 11.30.18

>>4095027 rt >>4094729 -————————– QAnon bing search results

>>4094850 rt >>4094697 -————————– Link to article on the CIA & Amazon deal

>>4094697 rt >>4094606 -————————– Why is the WASH POST leading the attack re: Q?

>>4094618 rt >>4094556 -————————– Repost of QPost #2350

>>4094363 rt >>4094206 -————————– Aircraft photo

>>4094206 ————————————–——– Anons geo_located [last pic]: Chongqing, China

>>4093748 rt >>4093626 -————————– It's spreading

>>4093653 rt >>4093483 -————————– JUSTICE. Enjoy the show

>>4093506 rt >>4093335 -————————– >>>BLACKMAIL

>>4093335 rt >>4093224 -————————– Mueller will face charges re: U1

>>4093110 ————————————–——– re: MUELLER. 5:5?

>>4093082 rt >>4092826 -————————– Edit: Do the math

>>4092826 rt >>4092602 -————————– Do the math

>>4092464 ————————————–——– Repost of QPost #175

>>4092439 rt >>4092294 -————————– NO FURTHER DETAILS SHOULD BE RELEASED [WARNING]

>>4092106 rt >>4092062 -————————– To all those who doubted SESSIONS & HUBER

>>4092062 ————————————–——– MONDAY.


Thursday 11.29.18

>>4070722 ————————————–——– Locked & (who is) Loaded.

>>4070652 ————————————–——– We know.


Sunday 11.25.18

Compiled here: >>4095115


Tuesday 11.20.18

Compiled here: >>4094409



Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/  |  Qs Tripcode: Q  !!mG7VJxZNCI


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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789,  >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown


8f6334  No.4132955


are not endorsements


>>4132247, >>4132854 Article from POTUS show with Hannity on 1/2/2018, and other connections.

>>4132279 Anon recognizes pattern comms for HRC & Comey Tweets. Free and Fair?

>>4132308 Three standard deviations = Arizona election fraud.

>>4132365 Updated Sealed Indictments Count. 68,615 Total.

>>4132395 Software exec ordered to surrender laptop after Facebook leak

>>4132390, >>4132416, >>4132423 French-American Anon gives and update on current status of riots.

>>4132512, >>4132529 "…yes, the Country has to know the truth…" - POTUS in interview with Hannity 12/7/17.

>>4132595 Active shooter situation at William Pearce University in NC. Developing....

>>4132625 Order of Events with speakers at GHWB preceding lying in State program in the Rotunda.

>>4132601, >>4132658 The Secretary's Special Representative for Syria Engagement To Deliver Remarks to the Media 3pm EST.

>>4132701 "Mission Complete" Tweet of GHWB Casket. How do you hide a message in plain sight?

>>4132732 Based Yellow Vests Remind Macron of What They Did To Marie Antoinette

>>4132942 #5261


>>4131545 Summary of ongoing habbenings in the investigation front.

>>4131553 Committee calendar starts updating after Q drop. What a coincidence.

>>4131649 Joe Taylor announces resignation as 7th District State Representative

>>4131706 Democratic board of elections member resigns amid pressure from his own party

>>4131289 (lb) Anon theory on Q Odds of a State Funeral. OSF. Open Society Foundation?

>>4131856 Nate Cain, U1 Whistleblower to be on Hannity tonight.

>>4131995 Screencap of POTUS Tweets.

>>4132009 Feds raid home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam

>>4131838, >>4132028 Anon finds Deleted POTUS tweet from Q drop. Originally posted on JAN 2nd. BLUEPRINT FOR VICTORY.

>>4132165, #5260


>>4130839 Bill and Hillary speeach tickets cheaper than a big mac meal. Kek!

>>4130845 Re-Visiting letter from Congress to Sessions. ONGOING investigation.

>>4130896 Screenshot from Comittee Website showing postponement of Huber hearing.

>>4131000 Important message for concernfags over delays. NOTHING can stop what is coming.

>>4131001 "Evergreen" Journalism (Fake News). Nice find Anon.

>>4130524, >>4131032 68-95-99.7 Rule Digz cont'd> Standard Deviation and ELECTION FRAUD.

>>4131056 December 5th Q posts 2017> D5-Godfather III?

>>4131111 For the first time in 40 years, right-wing parties gain majority in large Spanish region

>>4131130 Information regarding State Funerals and Procedures.

>>4131153 [CA_J] Freddie is possibly Josh Campbell per Twitter search of CA_J.

>>4131172 National Geogrphic Article - The EARTH SINGS - Q Wave?

>>4131369 #5259


>>4129958 Judicial Watch Sues for Records of FBI Meetings with Clinton-DNC Law Firm, Perkins Coie in 2016

>>4129972 ‘Don’t underestimate us’ - MI6 boss warns Russia in latest sign of heightened tensions

>>4129984 Qatar Quits OPEC

>>4130000 Interdashing digits with interesting graphic to consider on GHWB.

>>4130010, >>4130020 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Meet Israeli PM in Brussels, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen will also be there.

>>4130056 Marine Le Pen Offers Hardline Solution to France's 'Yellow Vest' Crisis

>>4130195, >>4130169, >>4130524 Digs on 68-95-99.7 Rule and statistical logic it defines per Q.

>>4130303 Screenshot of Epoch Times Article from Q.

>>4130550 "Let your plans be dark and inpenetrable as night & when you move, fall like a Thunderbolt." - Sun Tzu

>>4130629 #5258

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8f6334  No.4132978



Baker Requesting Handoff

8aad3f  No.4132988

Truth is stranger than fiction.

bc0681  No.4133001

Full transparency

9af28a  No.4133009

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

e8a657  No.4133017


I've got you, Baker

Unless anyone else would like to.

Confirm handoff?

BO/BV, if you need a pasteup, just let me know. TY

bc0681  No.4133018

Comey vs LL testimony

056214  No.4133020

File: 115dd82df70f957⋯.png (96.33 KB, 435x429, 145:143, ClipboardImage.png)

where is the blue check for this? Will be ultimate Q proof if this tweet is tweeted later today but still, the missing check mark is a bit odd, maybe they don't show the blue check mark for scheduled tweets?

7c905e  No.4133021

File: afa5edf43628ac4⋯.jpg (72.31 KB, 431x767, 431:767, DkbS3MYXsAA3KI_.jpg)


Come at me Bro

a4bc14  No.4133022

File: cf2de0b212ae0ca⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 800x450, 16:9, coffee2.gif)

TY Baker

353fe6  No.4133023

File: cfab6e6d21f83c9⋯.mp4 (608.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, autism is an epedemic.mp4)

I cant wait

077320  No.4133024


You get new sanctions on Russia instead


cf34dc  No.4133025

File: 46fb560d313090d⋯.jpg (99.25 KB, 709x373, 709:373, 46fb560d313090d4c4e2ca66a4….jpg)

>>4132913 lb

Rack harder then, people are just tools to these sickos. He's dead. It absolves him from having to testify as well.

8188ca  No.4133026


It's the message that is important.

f9a656  No.4133027

File: 480ad4b2ace8755⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 245x140, 7:4, Victory.gif)

079855  No.4133028

haha they prob straped everything down on the dc25 and and casket. then let bush goto the bathroom and encounter a little turbulence. hello this is your captain speaking were going to test the incredible flying characteristics of are modified boeing. it can even fly upside down?


d83390  No.4133029

File: 0b3b635bcd165e4⋯.jpg (97.72 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e481a246-21b1-4b93-b4b6-2f….jpg)

8f6334  No.4133030

File: 60afefd58a8815b⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 235x240, 47:48, GoodGoy.gif)



Thanks for hoping the kitchen so quickly. kek.

BO/BV Please Advise

4b3a54  No.4133031

File: e08172579780d77⋯.png (897.07 KB, 1144x642, 572:321, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)

2b9ae8  No.4133032


Go for it baker, you can paste if you want but we're here if it goes south.

13ed83  No.4133033

7db70e  No.4133034

Sniper on the roof near the Arc of Triumph saturday in Paris.


35d057  No.4133035

What ligic underlies Qew’s statement that the DS upstaged his D5?


Pamphlet is grasping forstraws or Qew doesnt talk to potus very much … what is it Dolls?

d04822  No.4133036

File: 2a53cbb8418239c⋯.png (36.67 KB, 394x276, 197:138, ClipboardImage.png)

Perhaps POTUS will call in to the show tonight?

134c79  No.4133037


So there isn't any correlation with POTUS…

411391  No.4133038


its a tweet from January this year… Its been deleted. IT IS NOT A SOON TO BE MADE TWEET

e9ec31  No.4133039


Recording everything and making a plan anon!

8188ca  No.4133040

File: 6c0c000f8237904⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 620x413, 620:413, misshavisham.jpg)

1ecf39  No.4133041

"My body is ready."

I can't stop laughing. Who says that.

a4bc14  No.4133042



Posted 2 days ago, on qresearch.

056214  No.4133043



thanks anon, missed that

c88b09  No.4133044

File: 9fb4cae9414d9f0⋯.jpg (80.5 KB, 683x683, 1:1, 28067443831_2025919676_b.jpg)



TY Bakers!!!

f840d6  No.4133045

File: a890c4ebee472d4⋯.png (67.21 KB, 235x234, 235:234, Screenshot_2018-12-03 Q Re….png)



So similar…

8aad3f  No.4133046


The missing check mark is because Q is showing you how it was set in POTUS' prescheduled tweets. Q is an administrator or POTUS Twitter account so it is showing how it would look from 'inside' POTUS twit acct.

dceb62  No.4133047

>>4133004 (pb)

<trying to tell me what I think

<about a different aspect of the picture no less.

Your pilpul is weak. The pedestals were brown, and the dog is irrelevant to that point.

13ed83  No.4133048

7fa1e2  No.4133049

File: 08826423dbb6296⋯.png (324.29 KB, 639x331, 639:331, Screenshot (2050).png)


Blaze Media Created from CRTV and TheBlaze Merger

By Deneen Borelli - December 3, 2018

Two conservative media enterprises have merged to combine a number of the most popular conservative voices in America.


2d0074  No.4133050


A huge humiliation to GWB

3cec07  No.4133051

File: a9da3474c0f75b0⋯.png (730.49 KB, 955x1062, 955:1062, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)


TY Baker!

8aad3f  No.4133052


*Administrator ON.

d2c138  No.4133053



65f86d  No.4133054

>>4132449 lb >State Dept presser

can't view link wouldn't work. yt doesn't show presser for today. ????

aafa89  No.4133055


If that’s True where is the blue tick then?

353fe6  No.4133056

File: d6eb6553279f053⋯.jpg (43.5 KB, 544x400, 34:25, buthurt.JPG)


1a03cf  No.4133058

>>4132853 (lb)

Yeah? And what is YOUR definition of justice? Where you ignore the rule of law to satisfy some pissy little bitch who has no patience or is too clueless to understand how the process of REAL justice works?

94c048  No.4133059

File: 0d6a197d11d4f49⋯.png (514.61 KB, 521x800, 521:800, ClipboardImage.png)

6fcafb  No.4133060

File: 7dfd210b4d3f0fa⋯.jpg (131.9 KB, 632x570, 316:285, 7dfd210b4d3f0faf18261da0ce….jpg)


YW, I just got caught up on everything and saw your call, worked out well.

Enjoy your break fren, and thank you as always.

New baker confirmed

f953f1  No.4133061

DHS Opposes GOP’s Stealth Bill to Outsource College Graduate Jobs

Republican leaders are expected to drop a political stinker on President Donald Trump by mid-December: a donor-backed amendment that would allow investors to import more college-graduates from India to take jobs now held by American college graduates.

The GOP-run amendment puts 300,000 imported Indian temporary workers and 300,000 of their family members on a fast-track to green-cards, Americans’ jobs, citizenship, and the ballot box — but it provides no benefits to middle-class Americans.

The GOP amendment would provide Democratic-leaning donors with more imported white-collar workers, more temporary workers, more profits, and higher stock values — but it provides nothing to help the GOP win the 2020 election.

Yet the little-known amendment “is very much alive,” a source told Breitbart News

https ://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/03/dhs-opposes-gops-stealth-bill-outsource-college-graduate-jobs/

097b6c  No.4133062

4133014 lb

Lmfao! This nigger might actually be Woods.

056214  No.4133063



so essentially that pic right there is a Q proof isn't it? He proved admin access to potus twitter?

8aad3f  No.4133064



e8048c  No.4133065

File: 48fb0b79cdcd9c0⋯.jpeg (827.59 KB, 1166x2072, 583:1036, A67D9766-6DD9-46CC-A79C-C….jpeg)

Which would be cool if I wasn’t married with two small kids under 5 with a full time job kek… gotta love The Plan. We can sleep after justice is served, right? Kek

35d057  No.4133066

File: 16da74cd066896f⋯.jpeg (159.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 03E2D0E5-B860-4E97-A096-6….jpeg)

61c700  No.4133067

File: 5190a4328ac57e1⋯.png (174.06 KB, 683x901, 683:901, 61a83a728b3ddd50af3deacd6f….png)

00a515  No.4133069

File: cdfca2ec1448499⋯.jpg (129.55 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, 1543837536910.jpg)

File: 5200e017b6cc8e9⋯.jpg (5.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, kek.jpg)

>France 2018

>Real life Brazzers parody.

728e96  No.4133070

Watching CBS live.

Gushing over Bush, W, Jeb!, CIA…

Have never seen the top of Jeff Glor's head before. Hair is combed forward then flipped.

I think he is balding, possibly wearing a piece.

6c10e9  No.4133071

>>4132923 (PB)

>>4132957 (PB)

WTF "pervert"

a hetrosexual man who likes women is called a man.

You know there's a commandment about bearing false witness?

we are entering a time

where judgement sin and punishment are simultaneous.

8ab925  No.4133072


Perhaps POTUS will say or tweet nothing. Perhaps Q knows what is going to happen on Hannity tonight and we wouldn't want to miss it, even if it's old news to us. To me when I see old news on MSM it just validates this board all the more.

4b22f1  No.4133073

Is there anything significant to Q naming the hannity pic "Unknown.png"

Unknown? Weird. I mean, that's not a default file name.

ca05b9  No.4133074

>>4132989 LB

May not be his real name. I'd expect he and family were whisked into WITSEC on Nov 15th, the day the warrant was issued: they didn't actually raid him until the 19th. Then we learned of it on the 30th.

659429  No.4133075

December 3, 2018

Prison for NY Developer in Buffalo Billion Bid Rigging Case

A Buffalo developer has been sentenced to 28 months in prison and ordered to pay a $500,000 fine in a bid-rigging scheme connected to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "Buffalo Billion" economic redevelopment program.

Louis Ciminelli (sih'-mih-NEHL'-ee) was sentenced Monday in federal court for a pay-to-play conspiracy in which his firm won a development job worth a half billion dollars.

Ciminelli and three others were convicted over the summer. Prosecutors say the scheme involved state-funded contracts worth more than $850 million.


c4384f  No.4133076


Anons who know this was tweeted 1/2/18, please keep repeating it to everyone that posts this so we don't have to deal with anons complaining when DJT doesn't tweet it

63a90a  No.4133077

>>4132828 (LB)

The one thing I've learned from this board is to distrust people with Jewish/Israeli connections (unless they reject zionism).

There are a whole slew of Jewish people trying to jump on to the whole Trump versus the Deepstate thing: Loomer; Woods; David Levine (former nevertrumper)

Stooges for Israel are stooges for Israel and Ziocons are Ziocons. They will embrace any ideology to support Israel (especially radical islam apology). They would not be above being anti-deepstate.

d83390  No.4133078


Nice shoes. What kind of leather are they made from?

8188ca  No.4133079


86 Proof?

8aad3f  No.4133080


Yes, definitely.

cbd2b9  No.4133081


How does it go, then, faggot? Just keep waiting until it all goes away and people forget about it? DECLAS is a first step that NEEDS to happen. Now.

68f295  No.4133082

File: 3c72efe3e68d72c⋯.jpeg (12.59 KB, 255x191, 255:191, BB9DBAE2-F027-471C-A322-2….jpeg)

File: c2a0aab859fae9c⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_3989.JPG)

File: 754ce01a7129f45⋯.jpg (161.93 KB, 769x640, 769:640, IMG_4056.JPG)


aafa89  No.4133083

c259d2  No.4133084


Hannity just said on the radio that Trump will be in the Rotunda tonight at 9 PM.

097b6c  No.4133085

File: 41d93fcefb676e2⋯.jpg (100.93 KB, 468x397, 468:397, 41d93fcefb676e20c0cc7c6301….jpg)

ca9de5  No.4133086


Where is the blue check mark for the real DJT account?

fa93e6  No.4133087

File: 4c8e03aac8aa4d4⋯.jpg (31.83 KB, 614x260, 307:130, GibsMeDat.JPG)

Mary's kicking off her welfare handout tour soon…

3fade7  No.4133088

File: a59a557cf0f32d7⋯.jpg (23.72 KB, 390x303, 130:101, woods2.jpg)

File: 3d90b99fd4d0580⋯.jpg (32.16 KB, 491x276, 491:276, DtUUYRdU0AEYXfc.jpg-large.jpg)

>>4132957 (lb)

To be clear, people are POINTING AT YOUR SILENCE ON THESE KID FUCKERS, not claiming you ARE one…

And now the CA fires aswell…

And the public call out of you being a 'clown' in a tweet…

Why try and twist the OBVIOUS?

0a95a6  No.4133089

File: 2eb8809d5c2fcbf⋯.jpg (151.18 KB, 1000x475, 40:19, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….jpg)

Mexican version of AF1 landed in California

8fe9ed  No.4133090


Don’t recall POTUS getting elected for more war and warmongering (sanctions) along with some prison reform thrown in by JaVanka!

Trump has allowed his foreign policy to become another GW Bush fiasco!

NeoCon Globalists are in Full Control!


4b22f1  No.4133091


Is the timestamp on the "deleted" tweet the same?

e9ec31  No.4133092


I am going with this ID:


6fcafb  No.4133093


Thanks, and for being around.

Here's a paste anyway. I just changed IP's (without knowing). The joy of dev world intz.



This was me, apols for the change of IP.

Handoff confirmed

a4bc14  No.4133094

File: c7e5909e89d7198⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 280x202, 140:101, c7e5909e89d7198e0946c09d64….gif)


>Nice shoes. What kind of leather are they made from?



63a90a  No.4133095


Is this in the Notables yet?

This one is missing the blue mark like was noted

f953f1  No.4133096


Funeral means allowing the enemy to take over

computer and Engineering jobs for India and China.

These people are selling out our country

MIL - jets crashing ? Need more foreigners ?

Bad Steal ?

cbd2b9  No.4133097


Too bad it didn't crash.

8aad3f  No.4133098

8daf14  No.4133099

File: 02fc13ae8e8f62e⋯.jpeg (5.47 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 02fc13ae8e8f62e81bc13dd43….jpeg)

eddb9c  No.4133100

File: 87688d8e3f09380⋯.jpeg (198.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, B5329D97-32D3-4C1D-B3AF-6….jpeg)

2d0074  No.4133101

Can anyone meme GWB and what’s her name sitting on the casket in AF1 as all the seats were removed?

ed1710  No.4133102

File: e636c53d1d42a00⋯.png (349.48 KB, 905x471, 905:471, Screenshot (1749).png)

the time

0675b0  No.4133103


They've been throwing around that "patriot" label like crazy, too.

9dbf64  No.4133104


What other way is there to delete tweets but quietly?

f953f1  No.4133105


War is a wracket

10db04  No.4133106

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fad474  No.4133107

File: 6d32df60a0829ae⋯.png (598.86 KB, 671x795, 671:795, McGrath re Bush 12-3-18.PNG)

File: 2eb703faabd024d⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1099x748, 1099:748, Sully 12-3-18.PNG)

>>4133004 [lb]

>>4132985 [lb]

>And I suppose you think this dog is just sleeping, right? (The dog is dead and posed).

Sully made a miraculous recovery by this morning


405d6c  No.4133108

File: 00142e811e074e5⋯.jpg (337.64 KB, 1200x1632, 25:34, monica_bath.jpg)


I do.

The upcoming Dec 5 declass makes me soooo hot.

cbef63  No.4133109

Huber > [Clinton Foundation] leak and GHWB death on the same evening, Friday, Nov 30?

Did DS perform the leak?

Did DS plan the leak and the death for the same evening?

Or was the GHWB death announcement a response to someone other than the DS performing the leak?

3cec07  No.4133110

File: 448f4df34d23dbc⋯.png (640.04 KB, 736x920, 4:5, Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at ….png)


Pleaze do not namefag.

63a90a  No.4133111


Next time, take your time and post the link to the actual, Anon.

I know it's a pain to paste twice, but it's good practice.

775f2c  No.4133112

>>4133006 (lb)

QTeam use qmap.pub, though the "answers' thing on qanon.pub is handy.

8188ca  No.4133113


It's part of a new adventure video game: "Where In the World Is the Blue Check Mark?"

Should be out by Christmas.

685e7c  No.4133114

File: 4b80fc613cc7554⋯.gif (8.51 MB, 800x333, 800:333, J1PWKic.gif)


For the Lady

Wilma Maher!

09c745  No.4133115

>>4131553 (pb)

It needs to be rescheduled to Dec 6th. Let's stall no more.

97b6fb  No.4133116

File: c66e1c191d4bb61⋯.png (38.74 KB, 1269x105, 423:35, ClipboardImage.png)


Baker, thanks for all you do!

>>4131529 ————————————–——– Watch Hannity Tonight. 9:00 pm. (Original Tweet 1/3/18)


Original tweet was on 1/2/18 (ET), not 1/3/18

7db70e  No.4133117

File: 78c420679337cdd⋯.jpg (58.81 KB, 720x536, 90:67, ff.jpg)

35d057  No.4133118

File: df61bba8621bd09⋯.jpeg (201.31 KB, 650x829, 650:829, D1FC0B1A-5A40-484C-9A69-E….jpeg)


you tards cant think very far ahead can you.. It mustsuck to live in those cramped, slow, cluttered minds. (but i guess you’ll never know, cuz you cant know, i guess)

oh well.

REFUTE my logic bitch

Who named DEC5 a “national day of mourning” for a criminal murderous asshole? hmmmm?

817c6d  No.4133119

>>4132957 lb


Years ago I saw you thrice in a few months. Santa Barbara Film Festival (1997), some cafe on Coronado Island near The Lamb's Theater, and then at a party in Hollywood a few months later. Never said hi! Rectifying that now. Thanks for being awesome, sir!

9e55fb  No.4133120

File: e73f885f757c18a⋯.gif (6.44 MB, 352x262, 176:131, dentierlunettes.gif)

248168  No.4133121


news unlocks my niggas

1a03cf  No.4133123

File: bcebcf359ecb1b7⋯.jpg (445.69 KB, 1250x857, 1250:857, 1.jpg)

68f295  No.4133124

File: deee081fb0137c4⋯.jpg (569.26 KB, 1500x2250, 2:3, IMG_4070.JPG)

65dae5  No.4133125

File: c206e642ac0b147⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gross girl.jpg)

1ecf39  No.4133126

File: e919b8f78c2ec3d⋯.gif (820.75 KB, 300x223, 300:223, RepentantCooperativeDeermo….gif)

d1a371  No.4133127

cfcb67  No.4133128

Hannity is having a Bush love fest on his radio show today. He's either a great actor or still the neocon dumbass he's always been.

9af28a  No.4133129


SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The body of missing Bay Area broadcaster Ray Taliaferro was found, according to a family member on Sunday evening. The announcement was made on a GoFundMe page funding Taliaferro’s search.

“It is with great sadness that the Taliaferro family has to announce the passing of Ray Taliaferro. His body was found in Paducah, Kentucky in a wooded area approximately a mile from where he was last seen,” read the statement.

056214  No.4133130



my guess is the latter, and Q said some leaks are meant to make them panic essentially

c0eb71  No.4133131

File: 474ed0673462d7c⋯.jpg (167.44 KB, 1080x1239, 360:413, 43816453_1500527816717373_….jpg)

Thanks, baker!

8188ca  No.4133132


Refute your won logic, Miss.

f953f1  No.4133133


magic sword vs design on clothes

red feather

red shoes

magic sword similar design to clothes ?

e52d67  No.4133134


Deep state body double Labrador retriever. Hillary brought him by in the night.

930df5  No.4133135


I'm sorry, but the hard work will just be starting then.

We have to build a new world. One you would want your kids to have.

Start planning now! Kek

Not sure where we'll put the normies that can't be recovered. Just glad we aren't in France now.

We just hang em. They chop.

6fcafb  No.4133136



ed1710  No.4133137

File: bb67d2bbe08676d⋯.jpg (83.97 KB, 539x496, 539:496, muh cheese and you hubris.jpg)

File: 034acce2ee70d75⋯.jpg (141.34 KB, 1024x555, 1024:555, pepe Blues_Brothers co 03 ….jpg)

File: d78fa8c5fa9e2cb⋯.jpg (179.83 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, pepe hydra hercules stand.jpg)

File: 329dd38499817f7⋯.jpg (195.63 KB, 1540x1027, 1540:1027, pepe age_of_angel 1 be wor….jpg)

File: 9c808868a4a52f8⋯.png (788.32 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, pepe uncle sam you.png)


A sharing.

What does one call the person that accepts the world as it's given, without critical thought, incorporating the blizzard of logical fallacies that blind them to the inconsistencies around them? A Dreamer.

But what is the Dream?

This anon imagines it thusly;

Deep in the past, an early man with only the rats to keep him company. At some point he figured out that he could pass the time getting them to perform ever more complicated behaviors. Chasing after, "muh cheese". How big a leap is it to notice that the same thing can be done with humans?

Humans have always needed tools to survive. At what point does the "tool" become "muh cheese"? If one has a functional tool yet replaces it with one with no real improvement… If one has a tool that does the job, but replace it with one that will network with other "tools"… If one has a tool that works just fine, but buys one that says, "new and improved"… If one has to mortgage one's future to get it; "muh cheese".

The Dream has taken thousands of years to reach it's present incarnation. The Dream in Babylon 4-5k years ago was a simpler dream, one could walk away into the wilds and be done with it. Now…Can one even imagine it? People in today's world have no idea. Humans have become dependent on the "Dream". Our ancestors could do everything needed to thrive in the world with just two hands to do it. Make one's own tools. Build one's own home. Grow one's own food. Birth one's own children. Teach them. Raise them. Be confident in what they will be as adults.

Now? We're all slaves, or pretending to be to get by. The whole system is designed to kick up. Through an incredibly complex network of owned/controlled financial institutions humankind is stripped of all real choice. Their game. Cities are designed to foment dependence. To create the kind of behavior that is seen in rats… https: //www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-mouse-utopias-1960s-led-grim-predictions-humans-180954423/ "what looked like rat utopias and mouse paradises at first quickly spiraled into out-of-control overcrowding, eventual population collapse and seemingly sinister behavior patterns"

THEY see us as rats. To be herded into cities. To tire of the terrible life, lie down, and die… THEY are such cowards they would prefer to preserve THEIR projected image of beneficence. Instead of putting the bullet in our head, they want us to do it to ourselves. THEY think that if actual the killing is done by us, no responsibility flows to THEM.

To ponder; If one were to put the mind behind the (Dems(Establishment(Cabal))) at the edge of a cliff in a chair, build a Rube Goldberg machine that culminates in a boot being launched into the switch that dumps it over cliffside, who is responsible for that mind being dashed? The boot? Of course not. The mind in the chair? Phht, come on. The person that kicks off the machine is responsible for the outcome regardless of how many steps, how complicated the machine is. THEY have built a Dream around us, a giant Rube Goldberg monstrosity designed to make us all want to die, to preserved THEIR fucking self image!

America and the world are awakening to what YOU have done.


we're coming

there's no escape

there's no going back

this is a fight to the death


Neo dodged figurative bullets, until he saw what they were; lies. He doesn't dodge them now. He looks at them with an idle curiosity before deleting the liars. In this Dream, My'Anon looks at YOUR lies with the same idle amusement. Digging up the evidence of YOUR crimes. Ferreting out where YOU and YOURS are. Fair warning fuckers; in this movie, Neo is the one being cloned into the millions.


This anon is not into prophesy; but perhaps a prediction.

YOUR tools are being destroyed. YOUR web of control being torn. YOUR options being limited like never in history. YOU are being hemmed in, by a Holy army of Nobodies.

YOU. The mind behind it all. YOU have always thought that nobody could hurt you. At the end of this some Nobody is going to be sitting atop your chest, with the world holding YOU down. That little Nobody is going to reach into that mind, rip it from the wrapper and hold it up for all to see…Crying out, "The Sovereign is dead, long live OUR Sovereignty". At the moment that YOUR mind is no longer capable of accepting the expected; a curiosity. Where does IT go? IT is kicked up to you from the entire world now. Without YOU receiving IT, where does IT go? Top kek indeed if that Nobody gets IT like "the Prize" in a Highlander movie. Sharing IT out to the world. IT is ours. IT has been stolen. Even the Knowledge of IT has been taken from humanity…

Perhaps My'Anon knows, but not this little insignificant nobody.

popcorn on standby.

We're ready, Mr. President.

What's in a name, My'Anon?

Be the Hero of your own story.

Be Worthy.



cbd2b9  No.4133138


Are you threatening me? That is how I interpret this. Reported.

8f1a2b  No.4133139


Fundraiser for mexican cities like Tijuana with the libs in commiefornia? Kek.

I'd guess they haven't given much to help – even though otherwise they're virtue-signaling all the time.

8debea  No.4133140

File: 30c9f9c9381fb25⋯.jpg (20.09 KB, 255x253, 255:253, even jesus.jpg)


You have no idea what other people do or do not know.

8ab925  No.4133141


Does it matter? If the DS did this to delay D5, then whatever was going to happen on D5 will eventually happen. The only thing they would gain is more time to run. Planefags beware and on the look out please.

f6f3ad  No.4133142


>s) (



Perhaps Q will call into Hannity tonight!

0c8a44  No.4133143


How about Comey's testimony today? And Loretta Lynch was scheduled for tomorrow. If not then, when?

5d56d2  No.4133144


5b47f8  No.4133145



Elizabeth Turner

3fade7  No.4133146

File: b14a07174dcd1b8⋯.jpg (20.77 KB, 334x379, 334:379, DtR7U4mVsAA4a0-.jpg)

File: 3e70f9edff5138a⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 475x374, 475:374, DtR7U4lVsAAqp7C.jpg)

File: 16127b390c7edaf⋯.jpg (35.08 KB, 497x381, 497:381, DtR7U4kUUAACV8Z.jpg)

File: 46a483261a26b78⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 398x273, 398:273, DtR7U4nVsAAQiFI.jpg)


Shoes say a lot

7c905e  No.4133147


I wonder how many have been "knighted" by that staff he carries?

68f295  No.4133148

File: be6dbd49409f25b⋯.jpg (130.96 KB, 800x999, 800:999, IMG_4082.JPG)

Dulce base needs better curtains says Dante

Murder tgat interior decorator

a41441  No.4133149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trust The Plan.

5d56d2  No.4133150

File: 784a06f84c0a7bd⋯.png (2.24 MB, 995x923, 995:923, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 13253f181d9dcd8⋯.png (64.83 KB, 733x774, 733:774, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3d10e2033ca3fd1⋯.png (23.34 KB, 737x254, 737:254, ClipboardImage.png)


Soussan: Belarus’ support for Syria against terrorism highly appreciated

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry held on Monday a farewell ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus for the ambassador of the Belarusian Republic in Damascus Alexander Ponomarev who is wrapping up his diplomatic mission in Syria.


YPG Claims That 11 Turkish-backed Militants Were Killed In Two Fresh Attacks In Afrin

On December 2nd, our unit carried out an action against a patrol of the Jaysh al-Islam mercenaries in the Dermishmishe village, near to #Afrin city. As a result, 5 terrorists were killed and 3 others wounded, while the vehicle was destroyed.


Al-Nusra terrorists obtain 100 drones through Turkish borders to use them in chemical attacks

SANA- Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization has obtained 100 drones through one of the Turkish merchants with the aim of carrying out terrorist attacks with chemical substances on civilians and positions of the Syrian Arab Army from Idleb.

The drones were handed over to Moroccan and Libyan terrorists, the sources added. “Terrorists are working under the supervision of a British expert to make modifications on the drones to become lighter and to able to carry small shells loaded with toxic chemical substances,” according to the sources.

Syrian Army Eliminated Over 270 ISIS Members In Al-Suwayda Province Since Middle November: Russian MoD

Syrian troops have eliminated more than 270 ISIS members during the operation in the province of Al-Suwayda since the middle of November, Oleg Makarevich, a spokesman for the command of the Russian task force in Syria, told media on December 3.

“During the operation, over 270 militants were killed, large amounts of weapons, ammunition, shells, foreign-made landmines, including 12 TOW anti-tank guided missiles, were seized,” he stressed adding that most militants had arrived in al-Suwayda from the US-controlled area of At-Tanf.

“The terrorists had been there for a long time, flocking to the area for several months. Among them were militants who were able to leave Yarmouk and Damascus in advance and also arrived from al-Tanf. Another difficulty was that tanks and heavy artillery have very limited maneuverability there, while the militants had many grenade launchers, anti-tank missiles and 82mm mortars.”


Map Update: Military Situation In Syria On December 3, 2018


Syrian War Report – Dec. 3, 2018: Syrian Military Deploys Troops, Battle Tanks Near Idlib

Image 2&3


NOTE: Just want to highlight this: Khalid al-Mahamid, a prominent figure of the Syrian opposition, revealed that there is “an international agreement” to eliminate Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib.

9e55fb  No.4133151

File: 32d0a25bfc03bf1⋯.gif (9.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, giantittys.gif)

bewbs for Baker

3078e0  No.4133152

File: d1fc2f35d70501c⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 255x172, 255:172, c20fc6c1f911094b920c6e1033….jpg)

35d057  No.4133153


I’d hit that

221c2a  No.4133154


Talking to James Woods (directly) is now a thing on here?

ae3c81  No.4133155

File: 8ea1c5f5fe1fcb1⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

61c700  No.4133156


Noted anon. >>>4132247 LB

The screenshot of GEOTUS Jan 2 2018 tweet shows the same time, 8:16 pm. So verifies this matches the deleted tweet (not just in content, but also timestamp)

Still to be seen if it happens again tonight at that time, or if there is some other meaning.

685e7c  No.4133157

File: 1dae93411db587f⋯.jpg (181.07 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Screenshot_2018-09-12-The-….jpg)



First Time?

548a40  No.4133158


Chill the fuck out dude.

3acc25  No.4133159

>>4132460. Last bread

I suggested this too, way back when

POTUS started saying FAKE NEWS. Why

not have a POTUS/ Government channel,

Run legally by someone who would give

Absolute truth? Why are we required to

Be subjected to only fake news outlets?

62447c  No.4133160

File: 7ba6a98cf6cc535⋯.png (961.53 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Curious Frog Q Alpha.png)

>>4132983 LB

I normally read the books before I watch the movie but Anons suggested it so I watched. What got me was 'Who is John Galt' was a key word for this utopia. taking all of the good and smart people from the world. Their 'Utopia' was to me more terrifying than anything. Stealing the selected for their own utopia leaving the rest to suffer, so those left behind, the innocent and poor, suffering and dying, if not brilliant and "John Galted' suffered at the hands of the evil, corrupt government. So the poor average joe suffers double jeopardy. There are no winners in this scenario. I thought it was poorly done and an insult to a brilliant writer. I may not have read the book yet but am very well read and know good writing.

f953f1  No.4133161


41 → D5

4+1 → 5

ae3c81  No.4133162

File: 384dff49cfd9011⋯.png (6.18 MB, 2400x3600, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

d21645  No.4133163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sean Hannity 1/2/2018 -Sean hannity fox news january 2,2018 full show

134c79  No.4133164

File: 06d232ecc0ce54b⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 305x222, 305:222, stupid.JPG)

f45969  No.4133165

No wonder POTUS seemed to be angry on Friday. They are screwing up D5. So I’m guessing declas will be on Hannity tonight at 2100 EST.

Nothing will stop what is coming.

8f1a2b  No.4133166

File: dc3b09716906489⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 474x341, 474:341, kermit_patron.jpg)


I'm on it.

e657e5  No.4133167


I think the suggestion was that you are "triggered", anon…

68f295  No.4133168


Validation moved to /qtalent/

d56da3  No.4133169

File: f3786fe6e21c14e⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1960x1337, 280:191, 0EDD5EBA-F20E-4041-9144-7….jpeg)

Why is Trumps Justice Dept still roadblocking this woman’s lawsuit after she was illegally surveilled and her computer hacked by John Brennan & Co.?

a4bc14  No.4133170


Hilarious movie.

1a03cf  No.4133171


KEK. It's called being triggered and you even did it again.

0b200c  No.4133172


Sully is like, damn didn't realize how tiring this job was, this has been the most I've able to get some sleep!

9450c5  No.4133173

File: fe8ba99293314f1⋯.jpeg (188.1 KB, 1125x1176, 375:392, 02FEB353-7506-4D88-82AF-1….jpeg)

867780  No.4133174



d56da3  No.4133175


Noice one m8

622390  No.4133176

File: 5543d51a988cf96⋯.jpeg (55 KB, 369x498, 123:166, 1AA98952-D2BB-46F8-9865-3….jpeg)


dcf059  No.4133177

File: b570e5fbf4605e6⋯.png (284.81 KB, 562x325, 562:325, Parscale.png)

Really great interview!

The Facebook Dilemma: Brad Parscale


f3f9b8  No.4133178

>>4132514 pb

If nothing can stop what's coming, why is it being pushed back?

If the big reveal was supposed to be D5- this week- why is everything re-scheduled for 3 weeks from now?

In control?

Altering the schedule to fit the enemy's plans?

This is not a game?

Learn to play the game?

The French riot. Anons pop popcorn and watch Hannity?

But Q posted! We have it all!

31303a  No.4133179


What if Trump and co. were on the plane waiting for the bushs.

What if he is telling them, right now, how it is going down for their family.

f1a286  No.4133180


My guess is this is a social media planner and Trump will tweet this at 8:16 tonight.

9dbf64  No.4133181

Who has Bush power now that Poppy is gone?

9450c5  No.4133182


Kek you just fucked up

5c3447  No.4133183


that [You] layin' on the ground? Looks like you Missy

31c581  No.4133184

Why Hannity?

He's POTUS' golfing buddy and real estate protege.

Those two are thick as thieves.

Also, Trump LOVES "making stars" and he's (and Q) clearly using Sarah Carter and John Solomon to boost Hannity's ratings.

ee4dae  No.4133185


KeK you made a snowflake melt.

248168  No.4133186


Comey was scheduled for a hearing today on his motion to quash. It was withdrawn. Heard deposition moves ahead 12/7 on some Fox video yesterday, but do not have sauce handy

c0eb71  No.4133187

File: cee15bc4ffc8a10⋯.png (482.76 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1543869565474.png)

My first meme, glad i can contribute to the cause…

ca05b9  No.4133188


You know what: as proof there's nobody in the casket, somebody should trip the breaker for the fridge component of the casket and see who DOESN'T freak out.

5d56d2  No.4133189

File: 3912df28a5b4317⋯.png (426.43 KB, 603x338, 603:338, ClipboardImage.png)

ISIS Calls for Bloodshed in New York City Over New Year’s, Suggests Package Bombs and Snipers

A media group that does support for ISIS is calling for attacks on New York City this New Year — urging terrorists to use package bombs, silencers and mail bombs to “horrify and terrify.”

The latest call to action follows multiple threats from Jihadists for New Year’s Day.

Isis Threatening NYC in 2017

According to a report from PJ Media, a poster began circulating in mid-November showing a masked jihadist holding a bloody knife over a collage of images from the Berlin Christmas market attack in 2016. It said that “New Year’s Day is the date of retribution.”

“Shortly after that, an ISIS-backing media group released an image of a demolished cityscape with multiple fires, warning, ‘Soon, Allah willing, the disbelievers will see the very thing they feared: 1-1-2019,'” PJ Media reports. “That same group just released an image of an armed jihadist overlooking New York, stating the city named with a blood-splashed 1/1/2019.”

The text on the latest image quotes the late ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani urging his fellow terrorists to “hit them with the explosive belts and vehicle bomb, and shock them with adhesive explosives and packages, and harvest them with silencers and snipers, horrify and terrify them with the intrusions.”

Another ISIS supporting organization released an image of ISIS flags flying above the Vatican along with several jihadists on Via Della Conciliazione, PJ Media’s report says. The image was released shortly after another group of ISIS supporters, Al-Abd Al-Faqir, issued two assassination threats against Pope Francis.

In June, a 27-year-old California man, Everitt Aaron Jameson, pleaded guilty to plotting a Christmas Day bombing and shooting in San Francisco on behalf of ISIS. He was caught after discussing his plan to use pipe bombs to funnel people onto Pier 39 and shoot them en masse with undercover FBI agents who he believed were fellow Jihadis.

When Jameson’s home was raided, authorities found a handwritten letter that said: “you’ve allowed Donald Trump to give Al Quds away to the Jews,” seemingly referencing President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Jameson, a former US Marine, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the plot.


Gee i wonder who is behind this??? C_A, M_6 Mossad perhaps???

68f295  No.4133190


1-800-662-HELP (4357)

1a03cf  No.4133191


KEK. It's not really hard to do.

ed1710  No.4133192

File: 2c68a3d1391891d⋯.jpg (132.72 KB, 990x661, 990:661, pepe comfy room comfy.jpg)

just keep posting

inspritation and all

134c79  No.4133193


R U 12?

a46bb0  No.4133194


"Message received" ??

9888e5  No.4133195


He mauy be the secret whistleblower>>4133025

248168  No.4133196


free keks for all if it's Jeb

7c905e  No.4133197



Dog on a leash

7db70e  No.4133198

Aubervillier, France, this morning. Suburb on fire, 2 hours without police forces seen, armed thug open carry gun :




ae3c81  No.4133199

File: baf015bf4c0f5cf⋯.png (1.57 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 99ef32196ee3655⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 485d3e6eda81afd⋯.png (1.9 MB, 936x1200, 39:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b50f9c382f531a⋯.png (779.66 KB, 740x1110, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

a41441  No.4133200

File: a52324587b506bf⋯.png (208.3 KB, 469x452, 469:452, Gun pepe.png)

817c6d  No.4133201


If POTUS is on the plane its call sign is AF1. If he isn't, call sign something else. Plane Fags able to confirm/deny its call sign for the flight?

548a40  No.4133202


sorry I don't get it.

30d60a  No.4133203


you gotta go little one this place is not for the weak minded

2d0074  No.4133204

File: 3fded1161e0d5ab⋯.jpeg (291.71 KB, 1242x753, 414:251, EC90D429-1DE0-4816-9C72-4….jpeg)

782bee  No.4133205

File: 933e19d44a971aa⋯.jpeg (432.46 KB, 1440x1857, 480:619, 1539179589.jpeg)

c259d2  No.4133206


Hannity held town hall after town hall and put it out there to help Trump when he was a candidate. Trump doesn't forget those sort of things.

39e164  No.4133207



8ab925  No.4133208


Look you and I can hardly wait. I've been here since 10-17. We get to see future proves past, normies see future now. The plan has to accommodate both.

804b80  No.4133209

File: b34b101bf57f3f1⋯.png (444.96 KB, 793x446, 793:446, Screenshot_2018-12-03 Fox ….png)

which nimrod wanted proof of life for ScullY?

68f295  No.4133210


1-800-662-HELP (4357)

6e2d88  No.4133211

File: fdb3eb26167d1f8⋯.png (1014.92 KB, 480x720, 2:3, Mad Dog Hangs With Tony Po….png)

Mattis and Tony Podesta; UAE, Jordan and Israel.


f953f1  No.4133212

File: 0a1bf5d26a849db⋯.jpg (4.32 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 0a1bf5d26a849db80bee3e5b57….jpg)

3fade7  No.4133213

File: 5c276219157f2dd⋯.png (272.33 KB, 574x377, 574:377, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)


DUB DUBS confirming DUB DUBS

1ecf39  No.4133214

File: 86f1eae4799deb6⋯.jpg (9 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images-8.jpg)

6fcafb  No.4133215

Thursday 11.29.18

>>4070722 ————————————–——– Locked & (who is) Loaded.

>>4070652 ————————————–——– We know.

8dd055  No.4133216

File: 489a7b3053b4f80⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 320x240, 4:3, hah gay.gif)

c259d2  No.4133217


I don't pay any attention to Posobiec.

548a40  No.4133218


The callsign was SAM41

b3598d  No.4133219

File: 078036b28ddbab1⋯.jpg (21.69 KB, 620x400, 31:20, 309811CP-620x400.jpg)

bit of a slide here so will keep it short and minimize gayness…. Did any anons have crazy dreams last night of fighting evil, like being in a hurricane of evil and being worried but still kicking ass?


6b3ac7  No.4133220

8216b0  No.4133221


Nothin' like a nice drop-in FCG. I've been using Black Rain Ordinance's one for a while and love it.

pewpewpew, etc….

2b55de  No.4133222

File: 81f04f2fdab825b⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 300x188, 75:47, stahp.gif)

94c048  No.4133224

File: 40f3c7dc7b45743⋯.png (42.6 KB, 120x183, 40:61, ClipboardImage.png)

5fd76c  No.4133225

File: 48c4a3c1b59b0e0⋯.jpeg (265.57 KB, 750x626, 375:313, 9D53E045-3A43-4F6B-ACC5-7….jpeg)

File: 3740dab15883047⋯.jpeg (270.6 KB, 750x663, 250:221, F5689F8A-A7A3-4F2B-8698-3….jpeg)

File: 46779da7426c006⋯.jpeg (304.95 KB, 750x670, 75:67, 5ACD260C-2DA5-4884-A43B-C….jpeg)

File: c2e2a53b5c320b7⋯.jpeg (274.09 KB, 750x727, 750:727, A1DA95CE-3A67-4152-ADCB-6….jpeg)

Lots of ff from DS

ca05b9  No.4133226


Fuck them. Babs & Poppy ducked the inaug 'we're deathly ill' and were photod partying it up a few days later at the Superbowl.

6fcafb  No.4133227

Friday 11.30.18

>>4095027 rt >>4094729 -————————– QAnon bing search results

>>4094850 rt >>4094697 -————————– Link to article on the CIA & Amazon deal

>>4094697 rt >>4094606 -————————– Why is the WASH POST leading the attack re: Q?

>>4094618 rt >>4094556 -————————– Repost of QPost #2350

>>4094363 rt >>4094206 -————————– Aircraft photo

>>4094206 ————————————–——– Anons geo_located [last pic]: Chongqing, China

>>4093748 rt >>4093626 -————————– It's spreading

>>4093653 rt >>4093483 -————————– JUSTICE. Enjoy the show

>>4093506 rt >>4093335 -————————– >>>BLACKMAIL

>>4093335 rt >>4093224 -————————– Mueller will face charges re: U1

>>4093110 ————————————–——– re: MUELLER. 5:5?

>>4093082 rt >>4092826 -————————– Edit: Do the math

>>4092826 rt >>4092602 -————————– Do the math

>>4092464 ————————————–——– Repost of QPost #175

>>4092439 rt >>4092294 -————————– NO FURTHER DETAILS SHOULD BE RELEASED [WARNING]

>>4092106 rt >>4092062 -————————– To all those who doubted SESSIONS & HUBER

>>4092062 ————————————–——– MONDAY.

dcf059  No.4133228


Did low-energy Jeb FINALLY get to ride on AF1?

Please clap!

68f295  No.4133229


1-800-662-HELP (4357)

930df5  No.4133230


This is NOT what Q is about. Anons are not going into hiding and planning on coming out when the coast is clear. I think the phony R suggested something of that kind, but I'm not real clear on what nonsense he was into.

Anons know more than MSM because we live IRL. We're amongst our own. We have a stake in life. Elites do not. The cabal's only stake is human steak.

BTW, the book is much better. Interesting story anyways.

But we don't want to be a new elite. We're Kav beer drinkers. Eh?

ae3c81  No.4133231

File: eba8bc64028edd6⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d4b070  No.4133232



c0eb71  No.4133233


"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", supposedly spoken by "a great princess" upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Since brioche was a luxury bread enriched with butter and eggs, the quotation would reflect the princess's disregard for the peasants, or her poor understanding of their situation.

While the phrase is commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette,[1] there is no record of her having said it. It appears in book six of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Confessions, his autobiography (whose first six books were written in 1765, when Marie Antoinette was nine years of age, and published in 1782). The context of Rousseau's account was his desire to have some bread to accompany some wine he had stolen; however, feeling he was too elegantly dressed to go into an ordinary bakery, he recalled the words of a "great princess"


a4bc14  No.4133234


SAM41-Special Assignment Mission "41"

6fcafb  No.4133235

Saturday 12.01.18

>>4096718 ————————————–——– GHWB USSS code name re: Timber wolf

cf34dc  No.4133236


Nothing to indicate it's the case.

ca9de5  No.4133237


They are saving RBG for the big diversion.

ecba18  No.4133238


Shoot a random CIA agent in the head every time ISIS stomps up and down threatening murder against Americans. It'll get quiet eventually.

97b6fb  No.4133239



33e267  No.4133240

Plants need heavy water.

37a96a  No.4133242


Hannity is the only one that kept the Clintons and Obama a part of the current MSM news cycle. Repetition is important.

685e7c  No.4133243

077320  No.4133244


Mattis just said Russians interfered with midterms

Go figure

775f2c  No.4133245


CNN called and needs you to file a report, Mr. Acosta. Buh-bye.

e1d243  No.4133246

File: 309a614e50b13c0⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1508x877, 1508:877, ClipboardImage.png)

He looks scared as fuck.

d2c138  No.4133247


This meme is racist. That is how I interpret this. Reported.

2d0074  No.4133248


He’s blown any cover he had left

5c3447  No.4133249

File: 083f26d2758b6ec⋯.gif (397.26 KB, 160x160, 1:1, huhwat.gif)



kek to who?

94aa88  No.4133250

File: 1e0eef2ab7df6d9⋯.jpg (253.98 KB, 1232x2256, 77:141, PicsArt_12-03-12.48.58.jpg)

Great Awakening World Wide

5b86e6  No.4133251


Declass was never D5 . Huber was D5. Wondering if Huber testifies D4 instead.

4b3a54  No.4133252

File: 7d3c61330b660ee⋯.jpg (111.14 KB, 893x500, 893:500, 2o2nr0.jpg)

d56da3  No.4133253



None of the news stories include the date when he will testify? Odd, you’d think that would have been part of the deal.

fff8be  No.4133254


I'm blocked by the polish kike

f45969  No.4133255


Not at random. Confirm First black hat.

7c905e  No.4133256



20cf43  No.4133257


>Who has Bush power now that Poppy is gone?

No one. SAM touched down at 3:23 not 3:22.

Dark to light. Can you feel it?

8216b0  No.4133258


How about a believer of Natural Law/Duality and sees that Chaos Theory is not a theory, at all, but required.

0675b0  No.4133259


>SAM41-Special Assignment Mission "41"

Special Air Mission 41.

548a40  No.4133260


Thank you very much anon for educating me, and sorry for not gargling it myself.

8daf14  No.4133261


His wife still has the same dumb ass "act clueless" smirk she's always had.

ca05b9  No.4133262


kek. we'll see how the lead 'interpretation' goes for that faggot.

37a96a  No.4133263


Can you say False Flag?

a4bc14  No.4133264


ThanQ for the correction.

000643  No.4133265

Fucking Q. "Postponed"

Just like justice. Fucking asshole. Not a single fucking thing is going to be mentioned by Freemason Hannity. Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

cbef63  No.4133266


>Does it matter?


Thinking about the planning fascinates me. I'm just curious.

If DS didn't leak and DS responded to the leak with GHWB death announcement then:

Obviously Q team and DS both have a lot of moves and counter moves saved up.

GHWB death announcement was one of the DS's saved up moves.

DS countered with a big move. They can only do this GHWB death announcement once.

Maybe they did it to buy time.

Maybe they want extra time to threaten or kill some whistleblowers or something.

Agreed. We know how this ends.

33e267  No.4133267


A clean house is very important.

dba0c6  No.4133268



e8d118  No.4133269


Maybe he meant 'glow'. kek!

775f2c  No.4133270


You likely need to report this to the Highest Anon.

7db70e  No.4133271



f953f1  No.4133272

File: 7e766c129bcb5ef⋯.png (586 KB, 676x486, 338:243, 7e766c129bcb5ef59f1b703c07….png)

bec55e  No.4133273

File: 97e4793f09240e2⋯.png (552.11 KB, 793x814, 793:814, Criminal Conspiracy.png)

File: 9dc19fb8d242cac⋯.jpg (154.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WalkawaySanctuaryShieldCri….jpg)

File: 2520ca847f7bf16⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 4061x2247, 4061:2247, CriminalJusticeFlowchartIn….jpg)

65dae5  No.4133274

Alice in Wonderland Chapter XII

`Let the jury consider their verdict,' the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.

`No, no!' said the Queen. `Sentence first–verdict afterwards.'

`Stuff and nonsense!' said Alice loudly. `The idea of having the sentence first!'

`Hold your tongue!' said the Queen, turning purple.

`I won't!' said Alice.

`Off with her head!' the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved.

`Who cares for you?' said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) `You're nothing but a pack of cards!'


b3d834  No.4133275

File: fec0fe33a43d7f0⋯.png (791.65 KB, 705x465, 47:31, Capture.PNG)

‘It is time to bring out our inner Vikings’ – Swedes start protesting against mass migration in front of Parliament


5d56d2  No.4133276

File: 6d9b1921ea6bf3c⋯.png (661.65 KB, 652x518, 326:259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 83360ade5dd4021⋯.png (724.99 KB, 646x511, 646:511, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4fb3356cc67076⋯.png (627.17 KB, 664x840, 83:105, ClipboardImage.png)

Man known as 'Nick' - whose 'fake' claims of VIP child sex abuse sparked £2.5m police inquiry - is named and pictured for first time, as he appears in court charged with perverting course of justice (and he's actually called Carl)

Claims by man previously known only as 'Nick' led to VIP abuse inquiry

He can be named as 50-year-old Carl Beech after judge lifts court order today

Beech is now charged with perverting the course of justice and fraud

He made claims against politicians Sir Edward Heath and Lord Brittan and others

The man known only as 'Nick' whose allegations sparked the Westminster VIP sex abuse inquiry can be pictured for the first time today after a judge lifted a legal order banning his identification.

Carl Beech, 50, is set to go on trial, accused of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud.

He appeared before Newcastle Crown Court via videolink this afternoon as Judge Paul Sloan QC lifted a reporting restriction which previously prevented the media from identifying him.

In the UK, all victims of rape and other sex crimes are automatically guaranteed anonymity for life from the moment they make a complaint.

However, in exceptional circumstances, judges may lift these restrictions, such as when the complainants themselves are charged with an offence.

No pleas have been entered and Beech will stand trial on May 7 next year. The hearing, which has been put back, will take place at Newcastle Crown Court and should last six to eight weeks.

At a hearing last month Beech's barrister Raymond Tully said: 'We anticipate that the matter will be fully contested.'


134c79  No.4133277

File: 3a7ffe98d1d7c72⋯.jpg (63.27 KB, 669x671, 669:671, mad.JPG)

File: ebfa74311a42313⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 832x1029, 832:1029, fuckoff.JPG)

f320ee  No.4133278


Agreed, someone needs a chill pill

f45969  No.4133279


Anons gotta dream. My own concoction of hopium keeps the glass half full.

511ebd  No.4133280

File: bc6453c79ca980a⋯.png (76.43 KB, 638x362, 319:181, natec.png)


68f295  No.4133281

f1a286  No.4133282

File: ffc2be866ae0296⋯.jpg (17.52 KB, 325x190, 65:38, clean--clear-under-control….jpg)

8aad3f  No.4133283


Now that would be funny.

Really it's no use having Huber testify when msm is going to be covering 41 24/7 this whole week. It would be completely missed by most people and would not have the impact that was needed.

685e7c  No.4133284

File: 2519be3a6cf8228⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 480x259, 480:259, mr-arthur-ballad-buster-sc….jpg)


Every Damn Night!

489f1f  No.4133286

File: 279f195c2067979⋯.png (276.06 KB, 433x413, 433:413, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe he has a direct line to the highest ranking anon.

c3de2e  No.4133287


>He looks scared as fuck.

or he could be grieving…

0b200c  No.4133288


Triggered, Kek!!

4af7e3  No.4133289

File: 775e941d6baf5bf⋯.png (41.41 KB, 641x305, 641:305, arkk.png)


5d56d2  No.4133290

dceb62  No.4133291

File: cbbc281ec24e681⋯.png (32.12 KB, 401x417, 401:417, Screenshot_2018-12-03 Jose….png)

File: 1f010cf94247f71⋯.png (64.35 KB, 763x620, 763:620, Screenshot_2018-12-03 Jose….png)


D5 doesn't make it's move until F7..

You're gonna be waiting until February.

7955cb  No.4133292

>>4132918 Lb

It’s not like Q in the beginning though because I don’t get very excited anymore. I know I will most likely be disappointed. I hope for the best but I am unsure. I am convinced Q is legit but I suspect things aren’t going nearly as well as advertised.

20cf43  No.4133293


The Great Awakening.

000643  No.4133294


Mad? No. Done with false promises? Fuck yeah. Keep sucking Q's 2 inch dick, retard.

2b55de  No.4133296

File: ce639d6c7563085⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 800x450, 16:9, icu.gif)


you almost pass

just kidding, you wont ever pass

f840d6  No.4133297

File: 6b48773dd994284⋯.png (4.54 MB, 2400x3600, 2:3, qbutt.png)

9de73c  No.4133298

It’s About To Hit The Fan Dan Bongino


3cfc4e  No.4133299

File: 246fcec7ec1dcf6⋯.jpeg (379.92 KB, 1008x1100, 252:275, F32BD06D-C163-4EBA-991F-D….jpeg)

File: 7a3ce6ceac78416⋯.jpeg (190.5 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 84BEB33E-49A2-41F9-B5BB-0….jpeg)

Time Travelin’ Tweets

One tweet is AM and the Q post is PM.

Also interesting to note that both minute markers are at :16, which lines up with today on the clock.

4f06ff  No.4133300



GW doesnt look to grieving. He is in deep shit panic mode.

7429da  No.4133301

File: 373eb994cbd57a5⋯.jpg (16.81 KB, 255x255, 1:1, southpark-liberaltears.jpg)

5b47f8  No.4133302


>back to work, I miss the interns

e657e5  No.4133303


>The callsign was SAM41

The aircraft won't use the callsign 'Air Force One' on Sunday since the current president won't be on board. The U.S. Air Force will choose another moniker for the flight.


636fcf  No.4133304



>Lies, delays, moar lies

>Secret codes, spies vs spies, FFs

>Real people are suffering

>The whole nation has PTSD and Patriot Act

>And we are decoding POTUS twat and fighting each other online



992740  No.4133305

File: 70637f50f54569d⋯.png (709.71 KB, 1068x1128, 89:94, ClipboardImage.png)

31c581  No.4133306



4af7e3  No.4133307

File: 2e1a2d8e3635bd4⋯.png (39.55 KB, 572x332, 143:83, 1543870404191.png)


8e1498  No.4133308




Well-played DS.

Please allow us to counter.

Counter = DECLAS.

Q ==> Do it . . . . Now


f3f9b8  No.4133309


Like no child left behind- that other Bush plan. Where the smart kids in the room have to be dumbed down to wait for the tards in the class to catch up.

So at the end, everyone's equally stoopid.

I've seen that movie. Doesn't end well.

Tune in to Hannity tho!

TV's real, right?

You can have some poppy sorn while the pussies in France fight for their country! Maybe Hannity will show that too!

It'll be great watching tv!

When it's over, we can all switch over to Monday Night Football and watch the negros make a lot of money to kneel under our flag and disrespect us some moar!



WATCH THE WORLD with commercials and programming!


7fe340  No.4133310

Just checking in to see if anything happened???

Answer: NO

Here we go again

Kek kek kek

f953f1  No.4133311

File: 11bc88fee8998e9⋯.jpg (10.18 KB, 154x200, 77:100, 1f34194a.jpg)

8aad3f  No.4133312

File: 151b437fbfcbf22⋯.png (68.92 KB, 720x440, 18:11, Screenshot_20181203-134841….png)

d83390  No.4133313

File: 37513230c1e3845⋯.jpeg (6.02 KB, 227x222, 227:222, ponder_pepe.jpeg)

File: 3fc46dfe0c96a96⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 480x268, 120:67, popcorn.gif)

What if postponed is disinfo?

0a95a6  No.4133314

File: 52a3b83e66b4499⋯.jpg (240.56 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DR_RL_2018_Twitter.jpg)

Defense Intelligence Agency Director's 2018 Professional Reading List


b7df3d  No.4133315


kys faggot

62447c  No.4133316

File: c52ca8a233fbe5c⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Free Beer Tomorrow Q.jpg)



35d057  No.4133317


Neal is stepping up

Word is in Paraguay, Bush progeny are still in charge ultimately, even over. canckles…

2b55de  No.4133318


imagine trying this hard

930df5  No.4133319


They're probably anticipating another SCIF meeting with the Clintons.

That happened right after McShame's funeral, remember?

37a96a  No.4133320

File: c3e58e5c47e5886⋯.png (213.06 KB, 618x876, 103:146, ClipboardImage.png)


Here are a couple more F's for the collection.

992740  No.4133321

File: fc4ca5fe26f7a7e⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

ed1710  No.4133322

File: 8a5a37c89c04279⋯.jpg (126.39 KB, 540x810, 2:3, pepe pin up fallout.jpg)


My'Anon is a living breathing example of the tangible effect of chaos and it's importance in the world.


53f96e  No.4133323


Who is DS?

f953f1  No.4133324

File: 2f60447c6eeb1cf⋯.jpg (118.72 KB, 750x1103, 750:1103, 2f60447c6eeb1cf5f2d4d0e79f….jpg)

de5d8d  No.4133325

You know they only brought Scully out to get some sympathy for this bitch. The only way ANYONE is going to give a shit.

5c3447  No.4133326

File: e4a40abe3bd4b6f⋯.png (510.73 KB, 516x398, 258:199, rethome.png)


that's it!

6384c2  No.4133327


Surmise MSM black out on the France protests…

Gas/Petro with increased Tax,

In preparation for French Taxpayers to support the HUGE NEW

FLOOD of North Africa Migrants into their country after UN passes the “Global Compact” December 10-11 in Morocco to grant ALL Migrants access to ALL countries.

And EU/ Europeans imprisoned for “hate speech” if they complain about it.

UN Global Compact on Migrants:


e1d243  No.4133328


FEAR /= Grief



8aad3f  No.4133329


Deep State

fbfa01  No.4133330





Eu fiz xixi na rua.

I peed on the street.

ae3c81  No.4133331


Who's with Kansas?

7429da  No.4133332

File: d1dcf7a15bd993a⋯.png (531.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, burninhell.png)

53f96e  No.4133333



5d56d2  No.4133334

CNN’s John Avlon Says Voter Fraud In A Congressional District May Lead To Special Election

CNN senior political analyst John Avlon said a credible case of voter fraud has been discovered in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District and may end up triggering a special election.

“New Day” host John Berman began a Monday segment by calling voter fraud a “figment of President [Donald] Trump’s imagination” before turning to Avlon for the rundown.

“Voter fraud: You know it’s one of resident Trump’s favorite boogeyman,” Avlon said. “He called it out before the midterm elections, launched a commission to find it, and repeatedly blamed it without evidence for losing the 2016 popular vote. But voter fraud is vanishingly rare in the United States.”

Avlon said a viable case of voter fraud is big news.

“It’s big news that voter fraud is being credibly alleged in one North Carolina congressional race and wait for it — fingers are pointing at the Republican campaign,” he said.

Republican Mark Harris won by a close margin of 905 votes over Democrat Dan McCready, but is now having his victory called into question, Avlon said.

“Late last week the North Carolina board of elections voted across party lines to postpone certification of Harris as the winner. Something is rotten in the North Carolina ninth,” he continued.

Avlon claimed certain rural counties saw a drop off in black absentee voting and said 40 percent of requested ballots were never returned.

“All this is shady and definitely deserving of further investigation,” he said. “The vote for the Republican has so many irregularities that there could end up being a new election, which is possibly why we haven’t heard boo about it from the president yet.”


248168  No.4133335


I guess you're right. But I think it's important to note that this was not Comey "agreeing" to testify, as many anons are suggesting. That clown has no choice in the matter; could only delay by litigating, but lacked any legal foundation for his motion (hence prompt withdrawal). The noose inches tighter…

752819  No.4133336

Q.. This latest drop says watch Hannity tonight? What are we looking for? or is this another lie like everything else?

ae3c81  No.4133338



Dick Suckers

685e7c  No.4133339

File: a179cbd3fc86f2a⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Z5OhTLVS.jpg)

7db70e  No.4133340

File: 301a1bfa4bdd927⋯.jpg (146.6 KB, 740x588, 185:147, v.jpg)

13ed83  No.4133341


Same tweet different time zones.

8daf14  No.4133342

File: 13c41fa3bef0e58⋯.jpg (40.11 KB, 503x440, 503:440, gold_031218.jpg)

Cache of gold coins and 900-year-old gold earring found in Israel


ecba18  No.4133343

File: 47d176c0e546dff⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 519x299, 519:299, giphy-1-1.gif)


This is the same Marie Antoinette who unsealed the Payseur HEXXUS upon us. I beg you to reconcile these stories. The royalty was bad and helped create the U.S. but we had to rush the royalty's offspring to the U.S. to own it all? What is the common narrative behind it all?

5b47f8  No.4133344


At one time the "that's a tranny" shill would pop up here to cause trouble. Wonder where they went? :)

f45969  No.4133345


Better answer!

37a96a  No.4133346

File: 73d09157992b9e4⋯.png (211.96 KB, 590x890, 59:89, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry. Date is on this one.

9450c5  No.4133347

File: d3ebd9afe0ff9f8⋯.jpeg (788.92 KB, 1125x1208, 1125:1208, B4C61A25-6660-4CB0-B51B-3….jpeg)

HARRISBURG — As the Catholic Church undergoes a national reckoning for its handling of the clergy sex abuse scandal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday ruled it would not release the identities of 11 clerics implicated in a high-profile grand jury investigation of such abuse in nearly every diocese in the state.

In its majority opinion, the high court sided with a group of former and current clergy who claimed that passages in a state grand jury report, released earlier this year, are either inaccurate or unfairly harm their reputations.


The white glove treatment will get these priests killed.

d56da3  No.4133348

File: db02599df3a3285⋯.jpeg (556.66 KB, 940x977, 940:977, D2EC36B6-C10C-41D5-87E6-F….jpeg)

>> Between the retarded brown communists on the Left and the powerful nationalists on the Right, there are damn few folks willing to pay $7 to hear the Clintons talk. It used to cost $225,000 or more to get just one of them for an hour. He the mighty have fallen. Kek.

992740  No.4133349

File: 25089c3d0807cec⋯.png (1 MB, 1508x1292, 377:323, ClipboardImage.png)

If Mexico doesn't do it…We Should!

f131f7  No.4133350

File: 91317e4ccb39290⋯.jpeg (14.61 KB, 255x253, 255:253, e26d5459e242f99d8ed92663f….jpeg)

>>4132811 (bl)

>Y l'ont tu l'affaire les Amaricains? An Méo?

Tink Big, Sti!

65dae5  No.4133351


Dana Skully

548a40  No.4133352


Tell me something I don't know. An anon asked for someone to confirm that the call sign was something else that AF1 and I did. Read properly before you point your fingers FFS.

c3de2e  No.4133353


or maybe he's holding in a big fart?

447360  No.4133354


I like it Anon…The people of the World are getting their voices back.

bdd3be  No.4133355

Heads up in advance, this is a wall of a post, but I have to share. I am overcome with joy and love that God has brought into my life, and the timing is just too perfect to be coincidence.


My fellow Patriots,

Got a story I think interesting that I wanted to share with you all, as I am certain that it is related to what is happening in our government, and God's truth and justice getting ready to rain down on all these panicking rats. I first started following Q back when he originally started posting a tad more than a year ago. At the time I rarely, if ever, browsed the chans, but was far enough along in the rabbit hole to at least know that there were truthers there who were painted is miserable hateful racists by the media. On the DAY I start browsing pol seriously for the first time the first Q posts were dropping. Obviously there have been many more proofs since then, but I was pretty sold after the fateful '+++' post on POTUS' Twitter.

The following months could be described as a whirlwind of redpills as I began following Q and browsing pol. When it dawned me the extent of the evil that has prevailed over the last century and a half I wept, as though God had just revealed a horrible truth to me I wept uncontrollably. I immediately set out to turn my life around; started working out, eating healthy, and quit smoking weed (which was huge for me). After, several months my resolve began to waver as I tried talking to people about this stuff (too early to be honest, but my mistake), and many of my close friends and family rejected it. Mind you, I never lost faith in the plan as I was still privy to Q proofs throughout the year, but many of the life changes I'd made were to try and set an example for my friends and prove how serious I was. In hind sight I recognize that those changes were positive, but I wasn't doing them for the right reasons. I was doing it to prove a point, and God wanted me to do those things for him, myself, and my own wellbeing. Needless to say my new habits didn't last as long as I'd hoped, since the reason for my doing them wasn't panning out. However, I kept the faith and continued to trust the plan.

5d56d2  No.4133356


Dumb shit

000643  No.4133357


Sad, anon. Sad.

b3598d  No.4133358


Well then I'll see you on up the trail anon, I'll have a fire burnin when you get there…

10db04  No.4133359

File: aca9626a677028c⋯.jpg (437.25 KB, 894x675, 298:225, SRSLY.jpg)


From the article.

>"BIBLICAL: Could the Ark of the Covenant be found in Ethiopia?"

More guesses!

548a40  No.4133360


Dickus Smallus

bdd3be  No.4133361



Somewhere along the line a change was made in me. I didn't realize what was happening at the time but I suddenly felt an urge to be more engaging with my neighbors at the apartment complex I live in. God showed me in these interactions (and the subsequent friendships) the true power of LOVE. It took me a while to realize it but God was basically teaching me to love my neighbor, and that in this world if you give love you will recieve it in return. The power of love began to dawn on me slowly as I learned that loving interaction with my neighbors had resulted in me having a small group of friends living around me whom returned my love with everything from friendly social interaction, to offering me food off their table a couple times when I've been tight on money. Learning to love strangers was good, but the following Thanksgiving I realized that I needed to apply the same princible to my interactions with my family. Without going too much into detail my sister and I got in a argument (related to my new world views) that made me realize I needed to approach them from a place of love first. I now understand that when the time comes, they will come to me if necessary, or they will come to understand on their own.

Throughout the year I had been constantly on the search for some sign of the right woman to one day marry, as my recent redpilling opened my eyes to the importance of family. All along the year I met a few women who I'd hoped were the right fit, but was left disappointed each time. It wasn't until God had begun the process of teaching me to love others that I finally met the woman I am going to marry. We met at a wedding just a week before Thanksgiving, and hit it off immediately and easily. I got her number and we went out to get dinner last Friday, we spent six hours just talking to each other, two of which were standing outside in the cold parking lot after the restaurant closed. We met again yesterday at a dog park where we continued to get to know each other more. Then I got home and started to work, but I couldn't stop thinking about her, the circumstances going on in my life when she came along (timing is unFUCKINGreal). Slowly, God began to get my attention as I began to understand that this was the woman I would one day marry. The more I recognized the perfect coincidences surrounding us meeting and how well we compliment each other on a personality level, the more I realized this was no coincidence but a miracle from God. As I began to understand this tears began welling up in my eyes, which gave way to crying, and then uncontrollable bawling/laughter as I suddenly felt as though I was getting a glimpse of his plan for my life in all of this. You may believe me or not, but at my moment of peak hysteria in this state the joy I felt became overwhelming and I suddenly felt the presence of God, and saw the image of the cross in my mind. A miracle from God walked into my life in the form of the woman I would one day marry, and as I realized it God confirmed it with a sign from above. Suddenly so much became clear to me, God is real, He has a plan, and suddenly my anxiety and worries disolved as I quit worrying about the man I thought I should be or how I wanted to be seen from others, and now I have begun to understand the man I am meant to be as a husband and eventual father.

There are no coincidences when it comes to what we do and who we meet in this life. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for fate like encounters in your life, God is probably trying to tell you something. In summary, fully committed patriot here, trusting the plan with all my heart. I love you all, God loves us all, and his light will rain down soon on this world in the next Great Awakening.

a69717  No.4133362

Q talking about how the sats (snow wnote etc.) being taken offline drove [DS] to hurry up and get their new tech weapon introduced.. which Q comped right away and sent the sound heard round world to let [DS] their tech is Owrs.. and used it in 17sec intervals for 17 min to tell DS and US Q is in charge. Anchorage was them using it to FF and take over news feed as cover, but it was just spent ammo shooting at ghosts.

a41441  No.4133363

File: bc4fc223c3320f1⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 4106x2731, 4106:2731, Lurk moar.jpg)

8f1a2b  No.4133364


Yep, shift in timezone is not a fom aof timetravel.


But you might be on to something with the 15 min delta on the clock.

94c048  No.4133365

000643  No.4133366


Most polite quints I've ever seen. Good day to you, anon.

fbfa01  No.4133367


Dec 3 9:00 P.M.

3 21:00


Pain tonight.

ecba18  No.4133368


Ignore these news articles. Blue Beam is supposed to have coordinated earthquakes and then at the site of each earthquake will have garbage relics like these that are supposed to "disprove" religions. It's a plan so stupid that God literally has to let it happen after Jesus returns for it to work.

f3f9b8  No.4133369


>Repetition is important.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

YES! EXTREMELY important!

Hannity will wear his C_A pin too! He's a fan!




077320  No.4133370


Trips dont lie


2b55de  No.4133371


keep trying shariablue

CA_J could be for you next

775f2c  No.4133372

File: 9755e3de3ada3b1⋯.png (508.55 KB, 581x622, 581:622, Sharyl.png)


She is a real reporter and could blow the lid off the whole thing before the caballists all step onto the net.

5d56d2  No.4133373

File: bb38f7df2bda86f⋯.png (729.14 KB, 794x816, 397:408, ClipboardImage.png)

Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge To The Border Wall

he U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to President Donald Trump’s border wall Monday, which asserted that the administration violated the Constitution when it exempted border barrier projects from environmental regulations.

The plaintiffs warn of adverse effects to local ecosystems should the administration raise a wall along the border with Mexico.

“It’s disappointing that the Supreme Court won’t consider this important constitutional issue,” Brian Segee, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), told The Daily Caller News Foundation by email. “Trump has abused his power to wreak havoc along the border to score political points. He’s illegally sweeping aside bedrock environmental and public health laws. We’ll continue to fight Trump’s dangerous wall in the courts and in Congress.”

A 1996 law authorized the attorney general (and later the Homeland Security secretary) to build border barriers to deter illegal immigration. In that connection, the law gave the Department of Homeland Security secretary power to exempt certain border projects from environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act, as well as other legal rules, to ensure quick construction.

The law also restricts the jurisdiction of courts to hear legal challenges to the secretary’s waivers, and provides that such lawsuits must be lodged on an accelerated timetable.

A coalition of green advocacy groups sued after the Trump administration issued two waivers under the ’96 law for border wall projects in southern California. The plaintiffs argued the waiver and jurisdictional provisions violate the constitutional separation of powers.

“[The ’96 law] effectively allows an unelected cabinet secretary to repeal existing laws, and then shields the repeals from judicial review,” the CBD’s petition to the high court reads. The petition urged the justices to curtail the “extraordinary conferral of waiver authority that fundamentally distorts the allocation of power in our tripartite system of government.”


534972  No.4133374

I was sitting here at my desk at the computer and saw a U-Haul pull up to my front gate. Guy unloaded lots of boxes. Huh? Went out – it was a FedEx delivery of a lot of Orvis water trapper big mats we're using instead of re-carpeting our house.

Guy said business is up at FedEx 300% over last year and they do not have enough FedEx trucks so they are renting U-Hauls and other trucks. Amazing! He said economy booming and more ppl ordering online.

I surely hope ppl are realizing President Trump is very good for the USA and noticing he is sane and sound vs the crazy screaming communists who want to destroy the world. The difference is so startling and I cannot understand my intelligent liberal friends who DON'T SEE and are heavily under the hypnotism of the fake mainstream media.

Do It Q, Do It NOW and get it done!

6e2d88  No.4133375

File: c39908ecea7ed25⋯.png (1.35 MB, 698x675, 698:675, CAP Middle East Trip Jan 2….png)



71f5d1  No.4133376

When did POTUS twat to watch Hannity at 9pm?

68f295  No.4133377

87dafb  No.4133378


It's 9pm Z now.

f840d6  No.4133379

File: 583f97337bd1447⋯.jpg (110.56 KB, 387x545, 387:545, macronlafucked.jpg)

File: 9e7b5536f08fa77⋯.jpg (57.36 KB, 658x344, 329:172, jesuiscabal.jpg)

20cf43  No.4133380

File: 5cf9e29e5f4fc70⋯.png (82.26 KB, 400x523, 400:523, ha.png)

File: 8523cfc5c0dc5e0⋯.jpg (47 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 72770ef33dbd40dade27b775f8….jpg)


>He looks scared as fuck.

It don't work no moar.

8aad3f  No.4133381

0a95a6  No.4133382

File: 23fc41e615f81c1⋯.jpg (113.05 KB, 1000x444, 250:111, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….jpg)

FBI in OK City. Screen shot from about 15 min ago.

48cf5b  No.4133383


This has been my "full time" yob since last december.

Technically overtime considering how long I'm here every day and every night.

4c1f15  No.4133384

If Trump posts a tweet and deletes it then more people hear about it than if he had just left it up. The media spreads the message for him.

c3de2e  No.4133385


11 months ago.

b48335  No.4133386

File: 77005dac50068b3⋯.png (152.59 KB, 1153x899, 1153:899, RCP.png)

File: caad48866d02d6f⋯.jpg (61.89 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, Con_Ryan.jpg)

GOP Congress Renews Same Old Con Game With Voters


Most of us feel the same, I'm sure

b1b541  No.4133387

Watch Hannity tonight, guise.

He's going to say tick tock, boom, it's happening.


Something big is about to drop.

Next week.

dba0c6  No.4133388


Ffs go back and read 3 friday night breads

c0eb71  No.4133389


Nice, kek!

c0eb71  No.4133390


No Probs, anon

7fe340  No.4133391


I’ll watch if they promise Sara carter topless

4b3a54  No.4133392

File: 3ff2a00f11973e7⋯.jpg (125.21 KB, 646x470, 323:235, 2nzx69.jpg)

File: 304c2594642ea16⋯.jpg (84.58 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2nvdk1.jpg)

File: e33f0620f28d387⋯.jpg (74.7 KB, 500x507, 500:507, 2nzxth.jpg)

File: b15ad5e037d1a44⋯.png (246.58 KB, 668x672, 167:168, b1.png)

File: 6c25817bf6cb1af⋯.png (122.63 KB, 500x610, 50:61, c1.png)

353fe6  No.4133393

File: b54eb66ff6df688⋯.jpg (96.55 KB, 915x960, 61:64, great (2).jpg)


paganism intensifies

d83390  No.4133394


I call that a BOOM.

775f2c  No.4133395


Got that 19 second ending on the link, anons, its a trap. Careful what you click.

918913  No.4133396

File: 33bc408807f3757⋯.jpg (84.07 KB, 1085x720, 217:144, 33bc408807f37578333e89a5b0….jpg)

Q Theyre just going to keep killing famous retards and have State Funerals until Jan

Drop the motherfucking docs!!

fad474  No.4133397

File: b87fb92af15bec4⋯.png (192.83 KB, 649x759, 59:69, DoD 12-3-18 1 pm PST.PNG)

What were you doing when you were 11?


e657e5  No.4133398


>Tell me something I don't know. An anon asked for someone to confirm that the call sign was something else that AF1 and I did. Read properly before you point your fingers FFS.

You misunderstood, wasn't pointing any fingers, was elaborating for the original question - figured he'd view your response and follow on…

5b86e6  No.4133399


Hello this is police. We are arresting 1a03cf right now.

f840d6  No.4133400


Same here…I wish I could be as dedicated to my job (IRL) as I have been here.

411391  No.4133401



To show how long this has been planned and to the degree of specificity and detail.

f953f1  No.4133402

File: 7fb807c134905b2⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 1114x978, 557:489, 7fb807c134905b217b804c8d65….jpg)

fbfa01  No.4133403

File: b805116510537c0⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 61oWiDVVInL._SX425_.jpg)


Yes, I know. I have one of these on my wall.

71f5d1  No.4133404

File: 9150109b2f5c2cb⋯.png (52.68 KB, 786x383, 786:383, 1130.png)


Maybe YOU should go back and read fridays drop.. it doesnt say the same thing, FFS

d56da3  No.4133405

File: 80b0bd30ef75cd9⋯.jpeg (227.87 KB, 916x1372, 229:343, F6EA3B0E-C7FD-40BC-B2DB-E….jpeg)

File: 13c9eca5217e499⋯.jpeg (186.9 KB, 895x1002, 895:1002, C267D3B9-444D-434D-9D81-2….jpeg)


All these protestors who aren’t pensioners will be denounced and out of work soon. Sweden is a totalitarian nightmare. But it does have redeeming qualities.

48cf5b  No.4133406


Wish I had an income (that could even cover rent), so you've got that going for ya.

4c34cd  No.4133407

File: 1248d7b6caf632e⋯.png (185.13 KB, 365x511, 5:7, af865e50131cf7b358e4f3eff3….png)

8aad3f  No.4133408

f953f1  No.4133409

File: e90e774e1df233d⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 213x270, 71:90, 6666974f.jpg)

077320  No.4133410


And thats why nobody thought that cabal will fight back, right?

51e084  No.4133411

File: 5e07d3f81f48d17⋯.png (24.27 KB, 844x274, 422:137, FireShot Capture 443 - voi….png)

File: bfb3522392db29f⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 404x453, 404:453, dc2b19d8121d34f740164bc020….jpg)


Kek, I think we killed their site too

c3de2e  No.4133412


>To show how long this has been planned and to the degree of specificity and detail.

Precisely (pun intended.)

0b200c  No.4133413


In other words, they have been flipped and are narcing on other big players!

dba0c6  No.4133414


Not the drop, read the fucking bread. All explained therein about tonight's news, doubtfag.

71f5d1  No.4133415


BOOM! The actual whistleblower himself.. now if only Hannity can STFU and not keep cutting him off :D

35b993  No.4133416

File: cd1bfdbeeaca8bf⋯.jpg (43.15 KB, 352x400, 22:25, HighestRanking.jpg)


Duly noted. Get back to work.

7db70e  No.4133417

File: 16ee218a3d23b2d⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 408x230, 204:115, d.gif)

We will prevail saturday in Paris.

Stay tune anons.

71f5d1  No.4133418


Im not a doubtfag, fag

8aad3f  No.4133419


For your sake you better hope that's all he says.

1a03cf  No.4133420


Damn. Hope I don't have to sit next to Hillary or any of the other freaks.

548a40  No.4133421


Ok srry (bit red face)

27adc4  No.4133422


ugh, Glenn Beck

8debea  No.4133423


Nope! Had insomnia, so was mostly just seeing through time n' shit.

However! The night before I had a dream that every time I came home from some place, a pack of stray kittehs had found their way into my house. I woke up laughing. It was a good dream!

dba0c6  No.4133424


Well then, fag on faggot kek

d56da3  No.4133425


She has aged marvelously, a real beauty

a41441  No.4133426


What other 'Job' should we be doing? I count this stuff as my second job.

Way I see it, apathy got us where we are. We were all looking the other way. Some of those distractions were good I have to admit. Vidya games, TV shows, Drugs, great distractions. I, Like millions of others trusted those in power to 'do the right thing'. While we looked the other way.

What other job is more important now, than this?


728e96  No.4133427

File: 1130df03416321a⋯.jpg (136.65 KB, 517x906, 517:906, gayassbillm.JPG)


have shoes

will booze

till yur momma

sings the blues

3567a8  No.4133428

File: ae47c1ebb70304b⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 272x735, 272:735, Screenshot 2018-12-03_16-0….jpg)

Q… can you please give me a little bit more in regards to decoding their burner phone numbers shared weekly by texts…. please bro I'm losing it in a good way.

7c905e  No.4133429


At 9 PM

11 Months ago

e8d118  No.4133430

Anonbody have a timestamp when AF1 landed at JBA? When I looked up it was 3:23, was wondering if it was 3:22 when he landed. Would be interdasting if it was

cc2238  No.4133431


was expecting a pic of David Wheeler

8aad3f  No.4133432


Little drummer boy.

9450c5  No.4133433

File: 0ac8d3a2393fe48⋯.jpeg (717.06 KB, 1125x1679, 1125:1679, DD13196E-A8AD-45D9-86B8-C….jpeg)


0a95a6  No.4133434

File: 492348c9c31aef3⋯.jpg (106.99 KB, 750x752, 375:376, INDEED.jpg)

cd2930  No.4133435

File: 468947f8ed81f5d⋯.jpg (96.33 KB, 1133x834, 1133:834, Pals lost of land by Israe….jpg)


Not much left!!!

e657e5  No.4133436


>>>4133398 (You)


>Ok srry (bit red face)

No worries - I should have quoted anon's post too - would have been clearer on my part.

71f5d1  No.4133437


Hehe you too sir! Cheers to a good month

10d04e  No.4133438

File: 95c8e355476d6d4⋯.jpg (72.09 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 15672891_10150812516069980….jpg)



Great report Anon!!

Anons…If you see encouraging reports like this, I suggest sharing them. I know it boosts morale for many Anons, and helps us all build a Clear, Solid and True 40K View.


94c048  No.4133439

File: b2b7882b8e79917⋯.png (749.07 KB, 698x814, 349:407, ClipboardImage.png)

c0eb71  No.4133440


Buckle up!

We have reached critical mass

9e55fb  No.4133441

File: 15166088c688379⋯.png (1014.5 KB, 674x712, 337:356, caker.PNG)


>Qu'ils mangent de la brioche

71f5d1  No.4133442

Honest question…. is GHWB body actually in the casket?

24c1f7  No.4133443

Been gone for a while after getting pissed about this frustrating situation.

I see the clowns are still at it.

Just want to say God Bless to Q Team and all the patriots.

Sons and Daughters of Liberty are on standby if needed.



f45969  No.4133444


Same amount is present. The color needs changed, that’s all.

2dd274  No.4133445

File: 3aeffcc8e41ecd5⋯.png (129.96 KB, 928x236, 232:59, qOdds.png)

>>4130062 ————————————–——– Odds of a State Funeral on D5?

I don't know if it's been stated already


>68–95–99.7 rule

standard deviations from the norm?

in systems analysis I was taught that anything beyond 3 sigma from the norm was almost always due to special cause

the military says it this way

once is happenstance

twice is coincidence

third time is enemy action

7905f0  No.4133446

File: ae3261a0a3d17fc⋯.png (454.18 KB, 1373x585, 1373:585, IMG_20181203_140450_01.png)

AZAZ0909 wheels up and heading out from Wichita… could be heading towards Salt Lake?

5cb186  No.4133447


Michael Hayden is in a Coma !!! He can't possibly sign that !!!

7c905e  No.4133448

It is almost like there is something in the air about 9/11 today.

61c700  No.4133449


Although sometimes he irritates the living shit out of me, there is absolutely NO DOUBT that without Hannity, Trump does NOT get elected POTUS. He got the bandwagon going and kept it rolling along. He still does. I understand that he is media. But he is POTUS controlled media.

If you believe that GHWB was tried at GITMO, which I do, then you would have to deduce that POTUS and Q team knew that D5 Would be the day of the funeral. This shit is already done. Stage has been set. You are watching a movie. It is playing out just how they want. It's already DONE. We are just being impatient, rightly so, but the movie will still take the course it was supposed to from the beginning.

Try your best to see the 40000ft view. Big game. End game. It 8s impossible to see any full picture if you are right on top of it. You must pull back to view it in its entirety as well as its surroundings.

e8d118  No.4133450


Would also explain them taking the long route to DC.

b54bc8  No.4133451

File: 3dae2f0e4fdd819⋯.png (172.53 KB, 688x820, 172:205, Q STATS CAN CANCEL DECISIO….PNG)


December 3, 2018 11:56 am Updated: December 3, 2018 12:00 pm

Statistics Canada hits pause on plan to obtain banking records, halts TransUnion credit requests

By Andrew Russell

Video in article about hidden evidence by StatsCan


65dae5  No.4133452


Black Mirror

Christmas Episode

We think he got away living 94 years in freedom. What if we have the technology to stretch 1 minute into 1000 (points of light) years? Did he really get away with it?

5cb186  No.4133453


I take back the Coma, he had a stroke !!!

3567a8  No.4133454

File: e9af313ce6f3bee⋯.jpg (100.73 KB, 969x533, 969:533, Screenshot 2018-12-03_16-0….jpg)

Dem Congresswoman Joins Migrant Caravan for Border Crossing, Helps Five Asylum Seekers Enter U.S.


e657e5  No.4133455


>Buckle up!


>We have reached critical mass

It's palpable, can you feel it anons?

992740  No.4133456


They need to lose it all

48cf5b  No.4133457


Believe me, I understand. I pull Day, Night, and all the in between shifts.

I guess this is like being in the military.

"Payment" at the end when it can be used.

"Payment for Service" is Freedom.

Hopefully we won't have to be reliant on selling our lives to some corporate schmuck when this is all over.

6fcafb  No.4133458

Notes so far

Did I miss anything?

>>4133347 PA SC: Names of Catholic clergy will remain shielded

>>4133334 North Carolina: Voter Fraud In A Congressional District May Lead To Special Election

>>4133298 Dan Bongino Ep 863: It’s About To Hit The Fan

>>4133276 Man who sparked the Westminster VIP sex abuse inquiry pictured for the first time today

>>4133275 Swedes start protesting against mass migration in front of Parliament

>>4133246 Photo of GWB and Laura being escorted off plane at Join Base Andrews

>>4133225 , >>4133346 Strange tweet use of 'ff' from Hussein, Comey, HRC & Brennan

>>4133189 ISIS Calls for Bloodshed in New York City Over New Year’s

d4b070  No.4133459


CONGRATS, ANON! God has been working similarly in my life… The Great Awakening is not just awakening to the evils of this world, but of the Love that God has for us all.

Thanks for the testimony. I am sure there are hundreds more similar, untold stories related to this movement. My story is more about bonds broken to the addiction of alcohol and sex.

Could this be an indicator of the prayers which go from the Q team to us, and of which go from us to them?

8aad3f  No.4133460



f45969  No.4133461


Pompeo is gonna slap handcuffs on Bibi. Kek!

68f295  No.4133462

File: 4260f09fb0c656a⋯.jpg (578.38 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, IMG_4017.JPG)

f840d6  No.4133463


True Anon.

I have friends and I have income to cover my rent.

I'm happy for that.

I wish you the best…Hope things turn around for you (seriously).

dba0c6  No.4133464

Listening to John Roberts on Fox ( he was talking about how the world is united around celebrating the life of GHWB) I wondered if the 11.11 habbenings ( aside from seismic 17 wave) could have been the passing/death. I know Comey tweeted on the 14th about Benji the dog but I am keeping mind open on the 11th. We know the man was Evil; full of sin against the People. The wave and death of GHWB would have been particularly sweet on THAT day, 11.11.18. Theory, no sauce.

8fdc37  No.4133465


Do you really think it would take a jew 900 years to find gold coins? Fake and gay

71f5d1  No.4133466


If I'm reading Comey's dog twat right, not even THEY knew his real age. If he was adopted, its possible nobody, including him, knew his own bday and age

d56da3  No.4133467


His nurse held his hand and said “don’t squeeze my hand if you want to sign John Brennan’s idiot letter”

cb2712  No.4133468

File: 55745d28a1dcdbd⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 225x225, 1:1, now_clock.jpg)

what do we want DECLASS

when do we want it NOW!

278cf1  No.4133469

>>4133035 Need help with "Please allow us to counter" I assume counter move? Sorry if I missed opinions on this.

2a301d  No.4133470

Huhm, Bongino is also saying "do not miss Hannity tonight"


Bongino question: Why do you need search warrant for a whistleblower? He's already signed consent!

Consent is an exception to gathering of evidence rules

Still chewing on @drawandstrike's wild summary of the Big Picture


So many people think this is all just about the plotters trying to hide that they sabotaged an FBI investigation into Hillary exposing some classified info on a private server as she did pay for play deals so she could run for President.

And so they had to launch Crossfire Hurricane operation to ensure Hillary won the election.

But that's not it.

The truth will horrify you.

What this actually all about is covering up that several high ranking people in the Obama administration went along with a massive bribery scheme to facilitate the Uranium One deal, and then Putin ruthlessly blackmailed them all into doing the Iran Deal.

And then somewhere in all the middle of that, starting in 2010 the CIA networks in Iran and China get completely rolled up.

They couldn't stop that, & they had to ruthlessly lie & do whatever it took to get the Iran Deal done because they were ALL compromised from the bribes.

So Obama's first term was comprised of fun raking in of all that hundreds of millions of dollars in cool bribes coming from Russian & U1 affilaites to get that deal done.

But in the 2nd Obama term, the bill came due.

This why Obama & his team are morons. Not just evil, but morons. Once you take that bribe money, you are OWNED. You HAVE to do what you're told. You can't EVER have it come out that you took that money.

People chalking up the Iran Deal to "Obama being a Muslim" or "Valerie!"?


They were BRIBED to do the Uranium One deal, and once they took that $, the Russians and the Iranians OWNED THEM. Lock, stock and barrel.

THIS is why Obama, Kerry, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, ALL OF THEM were forced to spend 4 years telling one blatant obvious lie after another, hiding side deals from Congress, spying on members of Congress, WHATEVER IT TOOK to get the deal done.

NOTHING must stop the Deal.

You think IDEOLOGY was driving that?

Sheer SELF PRESERVATION was driving it. FEAR of what they did being exposed was driving it.

And *STILL* drives it.

*THIS* is why Hillary Clinton absolutely MUST win that 2016 election. She's involved in it, she'll keep the lid on it.

Trump was an outsider. ANYBODY who ran against Hillary was an existential threat to these people. It didn't matter WHO ran against Hillary.

WHOEVER it was who ran against Hillary HAD to lose to her. Or else the new administration coming in might learn what happened, and expose the bribes, expose the blackmail, all of it.

The Obama administration compromised itself to our enemies on levels that can't even be fathomed. And our enemies, Russia and Iran, took FULL ADVANTAGE of the compromises.

THIS is what Trump & his team are trying to clean up and expose and prosecute.

So this goes WAAAAY BEYOND just covering up for some corrupt witch so she could run for President after she exposed classified info on a private server while doing lucrative pay for play deals.

1e0d47  No.4133471


Have you ever looked into "numbers stations" ?

I was just thinking about them last night, they are still largely mysterious. They could be used to transmit secret messages to operatives all over the world. If deep state uses HAM radio to get around internet monitoring maybe they use these numbers stations too

489d2e  No.4133472


who f’n brings dogs along for funerals? the whole scully dog pic is solely to send the 9/11 message.

94c048  No.4133473

File: 18bf413143665c9⋯.png (103.79 KB, 197x300, 197:300, ClipboardImage.png)


Frozen is by guess

these people want to live forever

39e164  No.4133474


dishonest answer:

No, in the trash basket

f9a656  No.4133475

File: e2cc3d94b0f0c62⋯.jpg (58.69 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Closing Bell.jpg)

Markets closed

No material change from last post.

add4d3  No.4133476

File: 7b0fbfb163aac57⋯.gif (3.48 MB, 350x312, 175:156, 1324841070877.gif)


welcome to the " red shoes " occult habbening

0a95a6  No.4133477

File: a3cae3c345053ce⋯.jpg (152.69 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D2UHZCR7YVFNFBC4TWZWG3QLHU.jpg)


That is kind of an odd headline.

dba0c6  No.4133478


Or the head of Moss-d kek

7fe340  No.4133479

Tonight on Hannity they will decide D5

D5= don’t forget to drink your ovaltine

f49c9f  No.4133480


Want to hire Avenatti?

68f295  No.4133481


L Ron Hubbard

230c13  No.4133482

File: d81503392ed36c5⋯.png (99.76 KB, 555x301, 555:301, declas week to remember.png)

f3f9b8  No.4133483


'this is true!

88ad20  No.4133484

File: e8d35a0ab7f1858⋯.png (98.68 KB, 1018x492, 509:246, WAVES.png)

File: 44f8468d07df782⋯.png (216.78 KB, 509x540, 509:540, 17 seconds.png)

Just dropping by to see if this has been added to notables yet…


17 second intervals on 11-11

9e48b1  No.4133485

Q says former heads of state/Clowns initiated the missile launch to get the US in a conflict.

GHWB was both a clown and a head of state. Perhaps he's the one who authorized it, and was tried like NoName?

7c905e  No.4133486


9/11 DECLAS?

e2bc89  No.4133487


Who wouldnt want to see this clown go down?

c88b09  No.4133488

File: a29a8aa81cf4827⋯.jpg (181.53 KB, 1910x1000, 191:100, bubble burst.jpg)



This is probably right, unfortunately. I really wanted this to be a predictive tweet!

2b55de  No.4133489


reminds me of the moment after waiting in line for a rollercoaster for hours, the bars lock, it lurches forward, and you look back and smile

35b993  No.4133490

File: 142b5b481e54b20⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 225x225, 1:1, thumbsup.jpg)

d4b070  No.4133491


HA, KEK! I was wondering the same.

cbef63  No.4133492


I think Q was being cheeky similar to the ways he has in the past


65dae5  No.4133493


Crossfire Hurricane

Shorthand for Hurricane is HRCN

Hillary Rodham Clinton Neutralized, caught in the crossfire of their ill-conceived scheme.

804b80  No.4133494


He's going to Walter Reed, just a convenient flight for the ole boy

5c3447  No.4133495

File: 26083fbe5bd6c6b⋯.png (101.18 KB, 401x285, 401:285, giraffe.png)


FIFY anon

f45969  No.4133496


Most scientific and medical literature accepts the 2nd standard deviation or 95% confidence that it is a real difference rather than coincidence.

e1d243  No.4133497


Lurk on Q's leash statements.

It's not about HW, it's about the son.


9450c5  No.4133498

File: 1e372599801b582⋯.jpeg (448.88 KB, 1125x1576, 1125:1576, 7A9FB01A-53C5-4CDA-871C-3….jpeg)

CEDARS SINAI needs to get dug.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, a Cedars board member since 1998, says he has never lived more than a mile from the campus during his time in town: "I know the facility very well as a user. Every medical emergency has been there, those breaks and those sprains. My in-laws passed away there; my children were born there. It's defined my life in an essential way, as it has for so many people in our industry."

The massive 24-acre complex delivers 7,000 babies a year, performed nearly 100 heart transplants during the past 12 months, is the only private hospital in the county with a Level 1 trauma center and is a nexus for thousands of uninsured Angelenos who receive many millions of dollars in services each year at little or no cost.

Its hard to imagine it was founded as a 12-bed facility in a Victorian house near downtown in 1902. Then called Kaspare Cohn Hospital, it was run by the Hebrew Benevolent Society. Later renamed Cedars of Lebanon, an Old Testament reference to the TIMBER used for Solomon's Temple, it expanded into a grand Art Deco building on Fountain Avenue in Hollywood and tapped the wallets of film moguls.


3cfc4e  No.4133499

How could Q post at 12:03pm when POTUS tweet that was created at 8:16 pm?


f3f9b8  No.4133500


>"Please allow us to counter"

Asking permission from the enemy.


cb2712  No.4133501


I'll take anything at this point. Bigger the better for sure.

6793bf  No.4133502

Q 2542 Picture of President Trump is square and not circular as typical on twitter posts


Is this significant?

5c3447  No.4133503

File: f854109c9f64bff⋯.jpg (446.35 KB, 588x623, 84:89, wallride.jpg)



87dafb  No.4133504


Not so.

Physics is 5 SD.

One in a million.

ca05b9  No.4133505

File: 70e87c70951eb91⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 201x255, 67:85, kerry.jpg)


<←– This, guise, is what a HAPSBURG Jaw looks like (french edition), like Jay Leno and Ari Emmanuel and other deep-staters demonstrate.

c88b09  No.4133506



This is a nice find, actually. Interesting to compare to this drop:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a6527c No.4117452 📁

Dec 2 2018 16:26:57 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 6b728e No.4117309 📁

Dec 2 2018 16:19:11 (EST)





Think WAVES.


Define 'unified'


SAT knockout forced new CLAS tech [online] by who?

[Controlled] moment activated? [17]

Do you believe in coincidences?

Do you believe your efforts here persuade people to stop the pursuit of TRUTH, [CA_J]?

There is a place for everyone.


bdd3be  No.4133507


Thanks Anon! I've been walking on air all day, and had to tell you all as no one could possibly understand the gravity of this as well as everyone here. I too struggled with drug/sex addiction, though the nature of my addiction may have been different. Suddenly the idea of wanting those things seems so laughable and frivolous to me, as I now understand God's plan to me and it is becoming a part of my being. At this point indulgence in such things would go against my nature, and it's been less than 24 HOURS since my revelation. Praise God! Keep praying brother, God's love and light are boundless, and soon everyone will feel it.

d1a371  No.4133508

File: 58d19dd24b5df54⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

48cf5b  No.4133509

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey Q… Can China Uncensored get a shout out? They could use the bump.

71f5d1  No.4133510

Dear Sean Hannity. You are having a Clinton Foundation whistleblower on your show tonight.Can you please please please allow him to talk without constant interruptions? TIA

a41441  No.4133511


I heard that. o7

>Hopefully we won't have to be reliant on selling our lives to some corporate schmuck when this is all over.

Brother, if this happens, I'm checking out for good.

e5af1f  No.4133512

File: f7adc3333c1dfc9⋯.png (322.45 KB, 936x733, 936:733, ClipboardImage.png)


c259d2  No.4133513


wondered about McCain. Wonder now. That's why closed caskets are disheartening.

68f295  No.4133514

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


When the dildo is in the hole (you) will know when it happening~xenu 👉🏻👌🏻

7db70e  No.4133515

File: 3df3f274fae7811⋯.jpg (211.17 KB, 738x741, 246:247, 168628.jpg)

cbd2b9  No.4133516


The thing that's so frustrating is that Hannity could air video evidence of Hillary killing and eating babies, and the left would just talk it away in the MSM. The end result would be that Hillary gets another book deal about all the hate speech targeted against her. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO THESE PEOPLE!

e2bc89  No.4133517


Not prosecuting known criminals is itself a miscarriage of justice, which is allowing many problems to persist. At this point, Trump's DOJ gets a D.

097b6c  No.4133518


I don't agree. But if you're right, that would be quite the fucking show. This whole thing does deserve an ending like that.

94c048  No.4133519

File: 7e5675645fc5f38⋯.png (475.13 KB, 920x536, 115:67, ClipboardImage.png)

13ed83  No.4133520

88ad20  No.4133521



Looks like it has been added already

pb >>4124583

pretty crazy, huh?

3cd4e6  No.4133522


It really is a list of neocon cabal fuckery here.

I think obi wan said it best before taking Luke into mos eisley space port

f71e6d  No.4133523


Is your shift over at the ShariaBleu shill factory?

5b86e6  No.4133524


Code = "Knew this was coming. You are idiots. Fuck off DS"

71f5d1  No.4133525


The closed casket might just be because its on tv all over the place… not sure about NoName either

c7538d  No.4133526


I like the Q post:

Morning sun brings heat.

Always made me think: "mourning son."

782bee  No.4133527

File: 09873c7c7cc8f5c⋯.jpg (177.46 KB, 1173x754, 1173:754, IMG_20181130_092703.jpg)

e1d243  No.4133528


That's straight up GUILT.

7fe340  No.4133529


You still masterbate tho, right?

8f1a2b  No.4133530


>Asking permission from the enemy.

I'd think it's rather sarcastic (and superior) politeness.

1e0d47  No.4133531


>Please allow us to counter

A tenet of the art of war is "appear unable to attack when you are able."

This post makes Q team APPEAR unable to counter. All war is deception

35b993  No.4133532


Must be thinking hard. You can see that sheeplike cunning in his squinty little eyes.

f3f9b8  No.4133533

Maybe Hannity will ask the Q question tonight!



48cf5b  No.4133534



"We went through all that to take down corruption only to end up in a Corporatocracy? BUT WE PULLED OUT OF THE TPP!!!"

2ea2cf  No.4133535

File: 89affe3d80e878d⋯.png (837.27 KB, 1257x1261, 1257:1261, macron butt plug.png)

e1d243  No.4133536

File: bf20b0206b76678⋯.png (6.45 KB, 292x172, 73:43, dingingintensifies.png)

10d04e  No.4133537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


78c20e  No.4133538


Oh fuck yeah

bec55e  No.4133539

File: fc7d1b4b0f6e688⋯.jpg (275.38 KB, 1127x511, 161:73, NoForce3.jpg)

8fdc37  No.4133540

File: cc9ff4246034025⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 735x490, 3:2, cc9ff424603402528449ba3013….jpg)

8ea265  No.4133541


Snake Pliskin AKA Kurt Russel. Russel is an illuminati 13 family name and ol Kurt has been baals deep in pedowood his whole life. The computer wore tennis shoes is as far back as I can remember, so just wondering Snake 'ol buddy, do you remember joining any satanic clubs or any weird shit like that? How can you spend your whole career in the cesspit and come out clean?

3567a8  No.4133542



interesting anon

must say though, i feel like Q is saying… and I must have mistyped earlier… that they share these numbers weekly through their twitter in their messages (I said texts above)…. I was thinking more along the lines of timestamps etc and being manipulated to a number

35d057  No.4133543

File: 789c1d3658dc04a⋯.jpeg (3.68 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, F3C3605C-D8AB-418A-86C0-4….jpeg)

File: 465ea2cc9f31ba6⋯.jpeg (5.12 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 4557F576-CBC4-46FD-8D84-3….jpeg)

Lemme explain this to you pedantic sychophants slowly….

Qew said well played DA (upstaging Qew’s planned featuvities for DEC5

Qew praises DS for their brilliant move.

Trump names DEC5 a “national day of mourning”

No w know this is really tough for some of you, but you’ll hafta bear with me and try to think. Either Trump and Qew dont talk or Qew is pamphlet and fucked up again.

The DS disnt choose DEC5 for Shrub the older’s DOM.

let that sink in boomer manlets

2d92b9  No.4133544


Looks notable alright. "Seismic(?) signals from repeating sources" sounds potentially interesting, depending on the sources.

49520a  No.4133545


decentralized? Alternative? Trap?

7db70e  No.4133546

File: be67708c677afe2⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 499x497, 499:497, 2.jpg)

ee4dae  No.4133547


i wish i knew enough about audio software in order to try and convert it into audio wavelength.

68f295  No.4133548

File: 4f08fdd01f29190⋯.jpg (213.37 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, IMG_3235.JPG)

File: 6ba3e7ecb807d7d⋯.jpg (190.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_3244.JPG)

File: e165dfae0208938⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 600x944, 75:118, IMG_3251.JPG)

Zealots are fanatical huh

All for a fart

c1c5de  No.4133549


I was afraid she'd get caught in the zipper

f9a656  No.4133550

File: e9e001fb8fd1ae8⋯.png (877.35 KB, 640x803, 640:803, Boner no boner.png)

cc2238  No.4133551


I am gonna have to drink before he speaks-

can't stand listening to him

f45969  No.4133552


Well, physics searches for truth. The medical sciences search for profit.

489d2e  No.4133553


Do not plan on DJT tweeting to watch Hannity at 8:16 tonight. If he does it, there goes his plausible deniability.

Dont let the shills act like cry baby anons when this does NOT happen.

f953f1  No.4133554

File: 13b6789f46a6a21⋯.jpg (593.02 KB, 1024x677, 1024:677, 13b6789f46a6a21c99abe6c6b1….jpg)

c88b09  No.4133555


Yeah, but, what in the world was it?

a0aee6  No.4133556

File: 5a919a0ad601867⋯.png (626.53 KB, 1063x813, 1063:813, 5a919a0ad6018673d76d2aeb47….png)

Holy kek, did Freddy actually fuck right off after being doxxed?

I mean, you honestly couldn't have thought you could walk into a den of pepes and leave unscathed did you? You dumbass pawn.

10d04e  No.4133557


100%. This place sticks out like a sore thumb in a box of toes. I've been on to them since I was a child, but I also have known to hang back. I don't have the fire power to stand up to these wicked fucks if you get in their crosshairs.

Even Kanye West got worked by them. A very special spot IMO. A must dig.

48cf5b  No.4133558


English isn't your first language, is it?

Legit, just curious. That was a mess.

bdd3be  No.4133559


Not anymore my dude, I can't stress enough how that sort of stuff doesn't even tempt me suddenly, I have seen God's will in my life, why the fuck would I be interested in jerking off?

e2bc89  No.4133560


Beaner 1

097b6c  No.4133561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



389523  No.4133562

Trump’s G20 Win: World Trade Organization Reform

World leaders come around to Trump's view of WTO, drop condemnation of protectionism, call for monitoring debt obligations

By Emel Akan

December 3, 2018 Updated: December 3, 2018

Share 

BUENOS AIRES—Leaders of the world’s top economies agreed for the first time to reform the 23-year old World Trade Organization (WTO), backing President Donald Trump who has repeatedly called the organization a “disaster.” In this and other measures, Trump came away from the high-profile meeting with a win.

At the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, leaders ended their 2-day meetings on Dec. 1, with a communiqué that acknowledged that the world trade body needs fixing.

“The [multilateral] system is currently falling short of its objectives and there is room for improvement,” the statement said. “We, therefore, support the necessary reform of the WTO to improve its functioning. We will review progress at our next Summit.”


f71e6d  No.4133563


The door is thataway>>>>>>>>

Don't let it hit you on the way out. I would've said "in the ass" but you're all ass so anywhere it hit you would be ass.

134c79  No.4133564

File: ce5912cab38593c⋯.jpg (157.2 KB, 1529x1176, 1529:1176, wow.JPG)

5d56d2  No.4133565

9450c5  No.4133567

File: 94d05ff0efa0c94⋯.jpeg (63.44 KB, 600x374, 300:187, 33320A8E-732D-4901-827E-1….jpeg)

File: a8fcdf613c4970c⋯.jpeg (457.06 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, DFD719D9-BA23-4E08-8F99-8….jpeg)


Before becoming Cedars Sinai, it was Cedars of Lebanon.

They’re location is now Scientology HQ.

f953f1  No.4133568

File: 878dcc00ca4208b⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 603x500, 603:500, 878dcc00ca4208be820d76d659….jpg)

6c8c05  No.4133569



48cf5b  No.4133570


Maintenance. No men/women available (whatever you're into). Fleshlight's full…

35d057  No.4133571


i have very large fingers and very small phone and dont bother to correct, figure it out

8fdc37  No.4133572

File: 18abc39118777bf⋯.jpg (669.46 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, IMG_0741.JPG)

f3f9b8  No.4133573


Of course it's polite!

Always good to have proper manners with the DS that's attempted to kill you a dozen or more times!


e657e5  No.4133574


Concur, new tweet isn't required from POTUS.

36c296  No.4133575

File: cc734c113401961⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 320x180, 16:9, _104561652_mediaitem104561….jpg)

Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event


b54bc8  No.4133576

File: e42912d87be2056⋯.png (117.58 KB, 848x847, 848:847, Q FACEBOOK HAS STAFF CONDU….PNG)

Report: Facebook’s COO Asked Company To Research Soros’ Financial Interests

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg asked her staff to conduct research on billionaire George Soros, according to a report in The New York Times.

Sandberg has long maintained that she kept her distance from a Facebook-orchestrated effort to respond to Soros after the leftist icon attacked social media giants such as Facebook and Google back in January, CNBC reported.

“The internet monopolies have neither the will nor the inclination to protect society against the consequences of their actions. That turns them into a menace and it falls to the regulatory authorities to protect society against them,” Soros said at the time, according to The Guardian.

He said social media giants “deceive their users by manipulating their attention and directing it towards their own commercial purposes” and “deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide.”

This, he added, “can be very harmful, particularly for adolescents.”

TRENDING: Trump Keeps Promise to Farmers, China Folds in Negotiations

“The power to shape people’s attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies. It takes a real effort to assert and defend what John Stuart Mill called ‘the freedom of mind’. There is a possibility that once lost, people who grow up in the digital age will have difficulty in regaining it. This may have far-reaching political consequences,” Soros said.

After Soros spoke, Sandberg acted, according to the Times report, which said she asked for information about Soros’s business holdings and whether his criticism of social media was motivated by money.

Facebook later hired Definers Public Affairs to respond to Soros’ remarks by showing that he was funding groups critical of Facebook.

Facebook said Sandberg did not start the process of investigating Soros.

“Mr. Soros is a prominent investor and we looked into his investments and trading activity related to Facebook,” the company said in a statement.


a41441  No.4133577


It's like the scene in Pulp Fiction, where they go into the apartment with the 3 young guys.

"Oh are you done?, Well allow me to retort"

If you know the scene you know he ain't asking to be allowed.

Yeah, it's like that.

6fcafb  No.4133578

Updated notes

>>4133484 , >>4133506 Anons on 'Think waves' QPost

>>4133454 Anon on the military use of "68–95–99.7 rule"

>>4133454 Dem congresswoman helps five caravan asylum seekers enter the US

>>4133347 PA SC: Names of Catholic clergy will remain shielded

>>4133334 North Carolina: Voter Fraud In A Congressional District May Lead To Special Election

>>4133298 Dan Bongino Ep 863: It’s About To Hit The Fan

>>4133276 Man who sparked the Westminster VIP sex abuse inquiry pictured for the first time today

>>4133275 Swedes start protesting against mass migration in front of Parliament

>>4133246 Photo of GWB and Laura being escorted off plane at Join Base Andrews

>>4133225 , >>4133346 Strange tweet use of 'ff' from Hussein, Comey, HRC & Brennan

>>4133189 ISIS Calls for Bloodshed in New York City Over New Year’s

f71e6d  No.4133579


Too late. Sweden is dead.

431ade  No.4133580

The Deep State's ability to delay is running out of steam.

They knew what was coming Dec. 5th.

They rolled out GHWB and shut down the apparatus, temporarily.

They will not be able to keep rolling out corpses of dignitaries.

Soon they will have to choose amongst themselves who to sacrifice.

And then the real SHOW will begin.

259cd4  No.4133581


Possible interpretation:

(We) have the power to help (you be) free and fair again. Make sure your friends and family know (we'll contact them)


(I am) grateful. Hard to protect my rights without being in contempt ( = I can't have external contacts). I'm free to talk when done

f953f1  No.4133582

File: 8673066fe660977⋯.png (554.78 KB, 620x414, 310:207, 8673066fe6609774baf0f6ddb2….png)

134c79  No.4133583

We are being attacked again…?

7db70e  No.4133584

File: c00d7f154ef3f36⋯.jpg (43.02 KB, 700x776, 175:194, opportunity.jpg)

36c296  No.4133585

File: 00018f5cc260823⋯.mp4 (9.87 MB, 300x400, 3:4, loaded.mp4)

f953f1  No.4133586

File: d07397cc6c46a11⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 630x400, 63:40, 19987351d12e06b16f64f0e025….jpg)

5d56d2  No.4133587

File: af58a0f5c71c526⋯.png (399.06 KB, 598x864, 299:432, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e97cef4f933557⋯.png (485.95 KB, 601x865, 601:865, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e0569f837ecc9b⋯.png (341.37 KB, 603x924, 201:308, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac0c7347bae2187⋯.png (14.92 KB, 611x226, 611:226, ClipboardImage.png)

Halting arms exports to aggressors facilitates Yemen peace: Iran

Iran's Foreign Ministry says halting arms exports to parties involved in the aggression against Yemen will facilitate the achievement of peace in the war-torn country as belligerent sides are heading for renewed UN-brokered peace talks in Sweden.

In a statement on Monday, the ministry offered its support for the forthcoming Yemen peace talks while urging the international community to play a "key and serious" role, including by exerting pressure on the exporters of arms to the aggressors in order to "facilitate the peace process in Yemen.”

Reiterating that the Yemeni people must be allowed to decide their country’s fate free from the outsiders’ interference, the statement said, “There is no way out of the Yemen crisis other than a political solution based on Yemeni-Yemeni talks.”

Iran's Foreign Ministry called on all Yemeni sides to have "constructive and responsible" participation in the peace talks with the goal of putting an end to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

It also urged “all the Yemeni sides to take trust-building measures, preparing the ground for achieving a comprehensive agreement to put an end to the suffering of Yemenis and the brutal blockage imposed on them.”

The statement pointed to the Islamic Republic's comprehensive four-point peace plan presented at the onset of the brutal aggression on Yemen to resolve the crisis, noting that the four-point plan included an immediate cessation of war, delivery of humanitarian aid, beginning of Yemeni-Yemeni talks, and the establishment of an all-inclusive government in Yemen.

In April 2015, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif submitted a letter on a four-point peace plan for Yemen to the United Nations in an attempt to end the bloodshed in the Arab country.

In a post on his official Twitter account on Friday, Zarif once again assessed the viability of putting an end to the ongoing Saudi-led crisis in Yemen only through the Islamic Republic's four-point plan.

e2c065  No.4133588

File: 3dec8c24d9b3876⋯.jpg (77.67 KB, 600x315, 40:21, fr.jpg)

35d057  No.4133589


no, we’re not that lucky or important anymore

20cf43  No.4133590

File: e72acaa06c45ccd⋯.png (25.11 KB, 398x329, 398:329, br2.png)

c7538d  No.4133591


Thanks Anon. Much love, no homo.

Been thinking it for months…now makes the most sense. God bless.

1a03cf  No.4133592


Jesus you people are stupid. What has to happen BEFORE prosecution? Investigation and evidence gathering. I'd say they've been on that for a while now. Get it through your thick fat head, you need EVIDENCE to prosecute, unlike Dems who just fabricate and make up evidence if it doesn't exist.

8ab925  No.4133594


Wouldn't that be something if D5 was intended all along as GHWB's laying in state. Notice Trump isn't there, notice the rest of the American CABAL is… papers served?

37a96a  No.4133595

File: 3a2051bdc678bcf⋯.png (321.88 KB, 485x340, 97:68, ClipboardImage.png)

CNN’s Zucker: I’m Interested in Running for Office

Jeff Zucker / Getty Images

BY: David Rutz Follow @DavidRutz

December 3, 2018 3:02 pm

CNN President Jeff Zucker said in a newly released interview he is "very interested in politics" and is considering running for office someday.

On his podcast "The Axe Files," ex-Obama administration official David Axelrod asked Zucker where he thought he would be in five years.

"With regard to be where I'll be in five years … I don’t know for sure where I’ll be but here’s the two things I do know: if the Miami Dolphins call, that’s where I’ll be," Zucker said near the end of their interview. "And number two, I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics."

"You turned down an opportunity to work for Al Gore in 2000," Axelrod said. "You've talked in the past about potentially running for office."

"So, I’m still interested in that, and it’s something I would consider," Zucker said.

"Interesting," Axelrod said, asking him to give him a call if he's doing it. Axelrod served as the chief strategist for Barack Obama's successful 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.

Zucker has a unique perspective on politics because of his past relationship with President Donald Trump. Zucker signed him for "The Apprentice" while he was at NBC, which helped turn the billionaire into even more of a household name.

Since Trump took office, he and CNN have consistently been at odds with one another. CNN sued Trump and several of his aides last month to restore White House correspondent Jim Acosta's press pass. Trump often derides CNN as "fake news" and the media he dislikes in general as the "enemy of the people."


930df5  No.4133596


Yesterday, an anon in France said the muzzies were lying low there, waiting to see where things went. They ain't dumb.

They're probably waiting to see how things will go in all these EU countries.

I think Sweden's done for anyways, tho.

You can reach a point of no return. And their normies are worse than ours.

Bring back Beowulf.

94c048  No.4133597

5b65d2  No.4133598


So is Q now claiming that Trump OKed the assassination of a former President so that his funeral would complete a Q drop (D5)?

Really Q?

WTF does it take for anons to realize how much bullshit Q spews?

f953f1  No.4133599

File: a70baf8bcbd3819⋯.png (500.58 KB, 858x640, 429:320, a70baf8bcbd381947cb993d4d6….png)

8f1a2b  No.4133600

File: 15b6ee8b9ddbb99⋯.png (15.33 KB, 500x681, 500:681, YouMissedIt.png)


You left out "sarcastic".

But you did that on purpose. Winning!

b54bc8  No.4133601


oops image same content as my pasta (Almost)

68f295  No.4133602

File: d697172a7902a34⋯.jpg (75.6 KB, 500x405, 100:81, IMG_3400.JPG)


f3f9b8  No.4133603


Running out of steam?

They've got FF up their ass!

They all twatted FF today! Did ya see?

Moar people will get to die!


b37b5b  No.4133604

>>4130839 (pb)

Bill and Hillary are practically giving away tickets to see them speak.

Contrast this with the $500k price tags they charged for speaking fees a few years ago.

As Q would say. Reconcile.

221c2a  No.4133605

File: fea42d259400d2f⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 540x348, 45:29, DP - Unicorn Rainbowz.jpg)



The "new" slide…

411391  No.4133606


strange isnt it?

c88b09  No.4133607


Thanks baker. That's a nice pick-me-up after other anons found that Q's latest was a previously deleted twat.

b738ef  No.4133608




cbd2b9  No.4133609


Such a fucking tragedy. I'm glad I was able to visit Europe while it was still Europe.

3567a8  No.4133610

File: 81cb72967975194⋯.mp4 (754.17 KB, 432x320, 27:20, videoplayback.mp4)

ae3c81  No.4133611




5d56d2  No.4133612


we got 9 x 5 for you!

f87094  No.4133614


Same kek

fa93e6  No.4133615


>Dont let the shills act like cry baby anons

But that's their goto move, anon.

Never works of course, but still…

8aad3f  No.4133616


You missed the part where GHWB+family/friends/cohorts planned his death as a distraction and then planned his funeral for the exact day of the Huber testimony.

Besides being an ass you are also showing your low intellect.

Even if he died "of natural causes" they still planned the funeral for exactly Dec 5.

65dae5  No.4133617


The Haj


Deep down they are cowards.

e36690  No.4133618

and the Chinese and it's continual cyber attacks


ed1710  No.4133619

File: 2dc105a670930b8⋯.png (781.46 KB, 625x800, 25:32, pepe rachel welch 01.png)


almost time for the "king's sacrifice"

Thoughts on who the lucky winner will be?


d47ee4  No.4133620

Hannity will ask the question. POTUS will answer. Q will be validated. The msm will lose their shit. The Great Awakening.

7db70e  No.4133621



just meme

e8310a  No.4133622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



start @1:45


48cf5b  No.4133623


It's not a NEW slide.

I've been doing that slide for yeeeeeeeeeeeears.

Up and down and up and down…

411391  No.4133624


or the freddy poster stopped when someone was pegged as the responsible party to give us the illusion we figured out who it is only for them to slink off getting away.

058403  No.4133625


Muh Que! Muh pamphlet!

67cf40  No.4133626

Dear Q.. I appreciate you trying to state some kind of timeline, but it seems the DS is watching and sabotaging it every single time. Maybe dates/timelines should be kept secret. It is apparent many ANONS cannot handle delays and it is causing anger and insanity on the boards whenever plans are sabotaged. There is too much bitching and not enough research…distracting!! SERENITY NOW!!

23ce68  No.4133627


>attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)

FFS, this is really all you need to know about this fuckstick.

d26280  No.4133628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Has Ties to Marxist Organizations

f953f1  No.4133629

File: df36bc35723c179⋯.png (879.01 KB, 1154x483, 1154:483, df36bc35723c179c6d0b5614d2….png)

7fe340  No.4133630

Did anybody get arrested yet?

31303a  No.4133631

Barbara Perry on fox just now quoted the talmud. nice touch for bush.

(no idea who she is)

ac9b94  No.4133632

Bush charm offensive in progress…they are even whoring Sully, the service dog. Release the JFK files.

f3f9b8  No.4133633



They are walking freely about their lives!

WTF is there to reconcile?

97b6fb  No.4133634

>>4133578 Baker I think your notable is wrong

Should be:


>68–95–99.7 rule

1c284b  No.4133635

File: e974ddbced7a83d⋯.png (352.12 KB, 480x317, 480:317, screenshotAtUploadCC_15438….png)

File: 2ebafce8bdfd1b1⋯.png (215.82 KB, 322x254, 161:127, screenshotAtUploadCC_15438….png)

Was looking at that new Economist cover.

Did they just make the statue of liberty part of the four horsemen of the apocalypse?

What is the meaning. Freedom will die, or freedom will end the earth.

They are a bunch of sick fucks

f45969  No.4133636


God gave man opposable thumbs for a reason.

b19c9f  No.4133637

File: 8f88b011842e35a⋯.png (46.17 KB, 1245x457, 1245:457, my long post.png)


This is my post from a few weeks ago describing that [D]ec 5 announcement was to force a reaction of the blackhats. I even surprised myself when I called out famousfags. I did not expect GHWB, but as I said, Chickens that no longer lay eggs become dinner.

Clockfags, what is on the clock for Feb 10 2019? Dec 5 is the announcment for the Grammy nominees and the award show [RED CARPET] is Feb 10 after /our EO's come into effect.

d26280  No.4133638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Texas Dad of "Transgender" Boy Faces Abuse Charges Over Wrong Pronoun?

5d56d2  No.4133639

File: 331bf3a2497381c⋯.png (161.81 KB, 645x496, 645:496, ClipboardImage.png)

Huber Testimony to House GOP on DOJ’s Probe of Clinton Foundation Scheduled For Wednesday POSTPONED

John Huber, the Special Prosecutor tapped by Sessions was scheduled to testify at a GOP-led Congressional hearing on December 5th on the DOJ’s probe of the Clinton Foundation.

The hearing, originally scheduled for December 5th has been postponed because President Trump designated Wednesday as National Day of Mourning to honor the passing of former President George H.W. Bush.

It is unclear when a new hearing will be scheduled. The Gateway Pundit will update when more information is available.

In October, Congressman Mark Meadows said he wanted Huber to appear before Congress to answer questions and give updates.

Last Fall, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Special Prosecutor John Huber to investigate whether the FBI and DOJ abused its power when it obtained FISA warrants on Carter Page and to look into the DOJ’s probe of the Clinton Foundation.

On Friday night, award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon told Sean Hannity that federal prosecutors working for John Huber reached out to a CLINTON FOUNDATION whistleblower.

According to John Solomon, this is a separate Clinton Foundation whistleblower than the one who was raided by FBI agents last month.

Gateway Pundit Poll: Should Hillary Be In Jail?


9450c5  No.4133640


Their fucking bankroll, FAGGOT.

88ad20  No.4133641


Nice trips.

I have no idea…

Seems like classified tech was activated by clowns after having their dwarves shut down and that it was controlled by /our guys/ best guess…

but class tech to do what exactly?

e657e5  No.4133642


Gotta love the classics, Kek

f71e6d  No.4133643


All of them have been gangbanged by STD and BIG infected Somalis. Wear a hazmat suit.

358305  No.4133644


bologna..even…such harsh language

f87094  No.4133645

File: 3972c3233c7f4b7⋯.png (294.6 KB, 599x389, 599:389, 32C03EC3-C8F9-4C92-A4A1-02….png)


You’re gonna miss the best part of the movie faggot!

6fcafb  No.4133646


You're right anon, thanks. Amended.

e41549  No.4133647

File: 70fb60acd70d09a⋯.png (356.01 KB, 700x375, 28:15, 1543871984600.png)

6e2d88  No.4133648

File: c267aea433b4ec8⋯.png (1.8 MB, 624x1008, 13:21, Updated trade letter.png)

Updated trade letter; Mattis, [CABAL].

Mattis is dirty. Has to go.


b54bc8  No.4133649


no it means GHWB had a date with the devil same as his friend McCain. Our POTUS is being respectful is all.

dba0c6  No.4133650


Tasty morsel; thanking you

752819  No.4133651

Q.. Its a shame there will be no D-5, declass or ANYTHING

ca05b9  No.4133652


I always think 'morning sun brings heat' means FBI squads pre-positioning in the dark for the no-knock raid. They raid at Dawn.

48cf5b  No.4133653



35d057  No.4133654

I’d give a weeks pay, mebbe more to see what Canckles really, honeatly makes of all this Qew bullshit…

Sure i hope its real, but come on.. I wonder if it really scared here at first? But now she’s all dont be skeered its just a “basement barrista larp” to all her buddies….

You gotta know, even if Qew is legit, they wouldnt dare arrest Queen H….

3cd4e6  No.4133655

What would Huber testifying, do to change that?

f9a656  No.4133656


Agree. stated months ago that europe was proper fucked and it met with silence.

They had almost 2 full years to go with POTUS.

I feel bad for the citizens as they did not elect this crap and don't want it.

The french citizens will hang that little pious douche soon if the french mil stand aside.

I encourage it

97b6fb  No.4133657

62a346  No.4133658

File: 162d3fa5d5fb4fe⋯.png (85.12 KB, 625x626, 625:626, ClipboardImage.png)

Just in case it wasn't figured out:


8debea  No.4133659

68f295  No.4133660

File: e3d27a6ebd37655⋯.jpg (122.54 KB, 570x890, 57:89, IMG_3663.JPG)

ae3c81  No.4133661


Who's head is that?

a41441  No.4133662

File: 2784c28d74d0583⋯.png (130.42 KB, 500x638, 250:319, Space pepe.png)

8c470f  No.4133663


Yep, Europe moving toward shithole status as every day goes by.

618271  No.4133664


Told you fuckers about this shit so many times last YEAR. Fuck outta here sucking Q's dick.

82daed  No.4133665

File: 8264b2013937d4a⋯.png (1.99 MB, 860x807, 860:807, 1_CS_BoD.png)


Steven Spielberg is also on the Board of Directors.


358305  No.4133666

File: 0b8e338a7d2182e⋯.jpg (4.81 KB, 255x132, 85:44, 519de6942152549d6d1f817471….jpg)

618271  No.4133667


3567a8  No.4133668

File: 1db7edefc677816⋯.jpg (31 KB, 725x183, 725:183, Screenshot 2018-12-03_16-2….jpg)

0e1099  No.4133669


She’s a Trojan horse. Is this what freedom looks like?

68f295  No.4133670

File: b617bd59c505acd⋯.jpg (112.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_4087.JPG)

8ea265  No.4133671


Could be. Also think "mourning son" (PB) maybe

f953f1  No.4133672

File: 71b69a9cb7f6f5b⋯.jpg (145.58 KB, 1052x500, 263:125, 71b69a9cb7f6f5b52705be2a24….jpg)

1a03cf  No.4133673


I think that is why we are here in the first place. We dig and find CORROBORATING evidence on our OWN. WE the people and not some govt committee. What we find here will show the world that what comes out in the near future isn't just some made up scheme like the Russia collusion hoax. WE provide backup details and evidence.