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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

7cce04  No.4092963

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 11.30.18

>>4092826 rt >>4092602 -————————– Do the math

>>4092464 ————————————–——– Repost of QPost #175

>>4092439 rt >>4092294 -————————– NO FURTHER DETAILS SHOULD BE RELEASED [WARNING]

>>4092106 rt >>4092062 -————————– To all those who doubted SESSIONS & HUBER

>>4092062 ————————————–——– MONDAY.

Thursday 11.29.18

>>4070722 ————————————–——– Locked & (who is) Loaded.

>>4070652 ————————————–——– We know.

Sunday 11.25.18

>>4031007 ————————————–——– Border Security = National Security

>>4030351 ————————————–——– [Koala]

>>4029544 rt >>4029281 -————————– Re_read drops re: WARNINGS

>>4029281 ————————————–——– Everything stated has a purpose.

Tuesday 11.20.18

>>3980392 rt >>3980302 -————————– Think D5

>>3980302 ————————————–——– People are nervous

>>3979646 ————————————–——– Item used when walking a dog?

>>3978509 ————————————–——– Attacks on WHITAKER will only intensify

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Tuesday 11.13.18

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Monday 11.12.18

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7cce04  No.4092991


are not endorsements


>>4092399 Quick-run-down on Hannity and Q's posts

>>4092341 Q Calendar for November 18

>>4092308 Rudy Giuliani calls out Mueller and Michael Cohen

>>4092890 Fed Prosecutors Assigned to John Huber Questioned Whistleblower INSIDE THE CLINTON FOUNDATION on Friday

>>4092957 #5209

#5208 Baker change

>>4092006 Hannity: Prosecutors reached out to new whistleblower in CF

>>4091936 NXIVM news: Has Nancy Salzman flipped?

>>4091768 New POTUS tweet: Watch Hannity

>>4091731 Twitter is going after Broward and Sgt Patton

>>4091620 , >>4091657 Planes crash in San Paulo and Santa Fe

>>4092188 #5208


>>4090867 ; >>4090895 ; >>4091102 Fugees member and frmr. Justice Dept. official conspired to funnel cash toward influencing DOJ investigations

>>4090929 Macron threatens to veto EU-Mercosur trade deal if Brazil’s Bolsonaro pulls out of Climate Accord

>>4090960 ; >>4090984 ; >>4091299 ; >>4091317 Planefag Updates: Moar on AZAZ0909 activity and other fascinating finds

>>4090994 Frmr. Nashville judge sentenced to prison for federal obstruction and theft charges

>>4091022 Frmr. Justice Dept. employee pleads guilty to conspiracy to deceive US banks re: foreign lobbying funds

>>4091442 Russia central banker, charged with acting as Kremlin agent in Washington, retires

>>4091458 #5207


>>4089979 ; >>4090023 FL Gov. Rick Scott suspends Brenda Snipes

>>4090025 On “godfathers”, the Mueller probe, and Q drops

>>4090026 ; >>4090040 ; >>4090072 ; >>4090660 Planefag Updates: AZAZ0909 activity and moar

>>4090037 On Cloudflare and cabalists hosting controlled opposition

>>4090079 NPR Fake News waits five hours before issuing correction to DJTJr. testimony report

>>4090113 AP retracts call for House race in NC owing to voter fraud investigation

>>4090135 Senate intel committee has made criminal referrals to Mueller

>>4090419 Broward Co. police issues statement on Q Patch

>>4090356 ; >>4090446 Q Patch deleted on VP twitter; new Pence tweet no longer features Q Patch

>>4090437 RR notified of Cohen plea deal two days before AAG Whitaker

>>4090581 New DJT

>>4090639 Lawmakers calling for investigation of Labor Sec. Acosta

>>4090649 #5206

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7cce04  No.4093049

File: da49a356998acb2⋯.jpg (61.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, da49a356998acb20474e0aae26….jpg)

#5210 Dough


c7b246  No.4093054

That’s my Q

Taking Ambien tonight

4e13b7  No.4093055

File: 99613e673364141⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1333x868, 43:28, xiimmy.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

f76e0b  No.4093056

File: 89fd2941b827387⋯.jpeg (128.39 KB, 1200x954, 200:159, trump.boom.jpeg)

>>4092890 (prev notable)

Big news on Monday.

7e7e74  No.4093057

File: 2a1fd507bb6ae0c⋯.gif (947.86 KB, 360x200, 9:5, 2a1fd507bb6ae0c5cd043ec0ae….gif)

The Hill reporter John Solomon told Sean Hannity on Friday that a big report is breaking Monday on the investigation into the Clinton crimes.

4e13b7  No.4093058

File: 030743134e21dcb⋯.png (287.41 KB, 1578x1465, 1578:1465, crspr.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

15fda0  No.4093059

When does POTUS return home from G20?

4f9281  No.4093060

>>4091615 (prev)

You guys never cease to amaze me. Relax.

The Uranium One Whistle Blower was on Hannity with his attorney MONTHS ago, both expressing concern that nobody was interested enough to listen to them, and publicly displaying their frustration.

His attorney stated THEN that all his information/proof was in a safe location and they would not produce it until they got some kind of deal/cooperation/plan in place to deal with it.

That was then 'seemingly' forgotten as the narrative changed and fell by the wayside.

NOW, the FBI raids his place. Big Fucking Deal.

They wouldn't have found anything because it wasn't there !!!!

What is NOTABLE about this, is NOT that this is more lefty optics because they are either stupid or were set up,

but rather that this possibility/likelihood didn't occur to you.

aa5c93  No.4093061

File: 20e3325f437c4ac⋯.jpg (244.68 KB, 1267x714, 181:102, D5AvalanchePepe.jpg)

File: 181b5eeb506540e⋯.jpeg (545.12 KB, 810x1215, 2:3, D5Comfy3.jpeg)

4e13b7  No.4093062

File: f217f72c54bc6c4⋯.png (569.02 KB, 1111x746, 1111:746, our-unity.png)

0bf507  No.4093063

File: 0582dbc4e59db9e⋯.jpg (165.3 KB, 739x878, 739:878, 3.JPG)

File: c0ed43070d3a801⋯.jpg (98.72 KB, 719x440, 719:440, 4.JPG)

Top Obama-era officials tangled in watchdog's lawsuit over Clinton Foundation investigation


9bc0f2  No.4093064

2 for treason

protect the fucking assets!

1c7837  No.4093065

>>4093044 (LB)

i thought it was the :58: second to the :58: minute marker and the two posts had monday.


1d1593  No.4093066

File: acb057353466868⋯.png (718.91 KB, 2280x964, 570:241, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

File: 8e39ecf22bc0d04⋯.png (205.49 KB, 1234x776, 617:388, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

reposting from lb

Q post: 8:55:51 pm

Comey tweet: 5:15pm

possible message: he wants to testify before DECLAS (1 is in between 5:5) as opposed to Q post (1 is after 5:5)

27b2f3  No.4093067

File: e2725e2f164715a⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 494x378, 247:189, e2725e2f164715a82a199860a8….jpg)


God Bless and Godspeed Q!

166b6b  No.4093068


No sleep till arrests!!!

>kidding of course. Night anon.

a27d82  No.4093069

Q, I hope the Q team is diverse and has 50% women and at least 5 different ethnicities.

04eae5  No.4093070

>>4093034 (lb)

^^^^^^^^^^ Autism Activated

>"know why" - do the math

9f1e5e  No.4093071


FBI Raids Home Of New Clinton Foundation, Uranium One Whistleblower

96c6cb  No.4093072

File: ef1a4873170a878⋯.jpeg (441.92 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, 0C8BC7E3-3504-4009-929B-0….jpeg)


Anxiously awaiting the BOOM!

4e13b7  No.4093074

File: 388e4c5f65c3a45⋯.png (799 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, yr.png)

File: 751a0c2b0035238⋯.png (862.93 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, eee.png)

File: ed45b1bbec54123⋯.png (885.76 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, good-morning.png)

File: ff7f3e1d51996d8⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, Niagra-Falls-vacation-pic-….png)

File: be91a1f344ec0e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1555x2000, 311:400, another-interesting-trip-t….png)

8c3050  No.4093075

File: 62aaac018e52bb6⋯.png (639.61 KB, 663x238, 39:14, 62aaac018e52bb63f0cf101c48….png)

File: ff8a964923add57⋯.png (1.09 MB, 924x1018, 462:509, 547abad883e8b933ccb87037ff….png)










1ff2ac  No.4093076

If Q doesn't answer about the Y typo I would take that as a typo done on purpose.

156b1c  No.4093077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MbS and Putin Handshake, magic trick or sneaky handoff?

A clip of MbS and Putin's big grins and handshakes was (deliberately?) snapped at the G20 Summit.

On the face of it, it just looks like a jovial high-five turned handshake but upon further examination it seems MbS did something as he was raising his hand for the shake. MbS can be seen spinning a long thin yellow/gold object as he embraces Putin's hand.

At first i thought he was shaking away some frilly bits on his cuff, but after you see no such adornment. He seems to be spinning an object similar to a key, which seems to have been handed off to Putin.

A sneaky slight of hand trick that makes one wonder how much of a wizard MbS is.

068363  No.4093078

File: e190cee668c5286⋯.jpg (53.43 KB, 600x503, 600:503, america-the-beautiful.jpg)

Thank You Baker

6483a0  No.4093079

File: 18741b7e9421b7f⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 942x723, 314:241, Trust_The_Plan.JPG)

File: 15d87fbadc4c13a⋯.jpg (175.24 KB, 1512x856, 189:107, For_GOD_and_Country.JPG)

ae4f43  No.4093080

File: e1f834256bb42c1⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1362x1312, 681:656, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at ….jpg)

96bcdd  No.4093081

File: 8f3a04f8e6037d3⋯.png (86.56 KB, 1242x498, 207:83, 9ae8be2bad9153e35b8f30eea9….png)



We understand.

cc526f  No.4093082



Q post timestamp re: DECLAS prior to/post testimony?

Come[y] timestamp re: attorney challenge to subpoena?

Do the math.


70d56d  No.4093083

>>4092106 pb Q

respectfully, don't use declass, that is the public's right to know, as political self defense. And please do NOT allow bad players remain untouched/unprosecuted as part of a political expedient deal. NO DEALS, sir.

ae731d  No.4093084

5163e3  No.4093085

>>4093046 (lb)

Monday is the 3rd

What do we know is planned for the 3rd?

Watch the news?

7158c7  No.4093086

File: 2bff8dddab368fc⋯.jpg (71.46 KB, 979x542, 979:542, Treason.jpg)

>>4092944 lb

Good point, anon.

0037ed  No.4093087


If I'm wrong I'll be the first to apologize here. Currently, I am right. This is LARP-tier until something actually happens.

Two years in, nothing concrete has.

e611a9  No.4093088

Is the declas Monday?

1c7837  No.4093089


well another anon last bread has said ""know why" - do the math "

>>4093034 (LB)

de0124  No.4093090

Ok… So the misspelings was intentional ..

Come…..comey…" Y"

So come. As in COME in Comey….


Also the "y"… As in " why"?

1ff2ac  No.4093091



Sunday night

166b6b  No.4093092

Is Huber going to be at a public hearing on the 5th? Any chance HRC falls before Huber testifies??

ab86cc  No.4093093

File: 875bae670c751fa⋯.jpg (99.78 KB, 500x524, 125:131, d7a0c6d4e7be18471983be4bc0….jpg)

File: 0ecea8dfb4f6b59⋯.jpg (157.35 KB, 601x600, 601:600, 69bf2ea56dabcec65934b3a4e7….jpg)

File: c661ab72520676c⋯.jpg (126.57 KB, 480x720, 2:3, aae3b8c652d023dc29c9e169ae….jpg)

File: 899fb08342f9a2a⋯.jpg (215.13 KB, 537x671, 537:671, fb5ecea097b9291fd1ec973d2a….jpg)


Comey = [y], eh?


430b30  No.4093094

File: d5a443a2233206f⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 0a77114346c29ae66aa90880d6….jpg)

f3f6f2  No.4093095

File: b67298ca0d76bdb⋯.png (86.44 KB, 1280x939, 1280:939, dropperpindicularoffrotati….png)


42d069  No.4093096

File: ba1e8d7dad12fe3⋯.jpg (46.05 KB, 255x255, 1:1, PalmTreeSunglassesPepe.jpg)



Still here for now.

aa5c93  No.4093097

File: c8ace1c9534751d⋯.jpg (383.9 KB, 1008x693, 16:11, QCrumbsTimelinesChange.jpg)

File: 0c4784350dfc952⋯.jpg (195.27 KB, 832x683, 832:683, QCrumbsOneStepAtATime.jpg)

File: 53c1e405487559c⋯.jpg (301.65 KB, 775x775, 1:1, QCrumbsTimelinesChange1.jpg)

File: 1715c61b9c26136⋯.jpg (594.54 KB, 1198x793, 1198:793, QCrumbsTimelinePlanAwake2.jpg)

File: 36edbe80aded5e9⋯.jpg (441.18 KB, 1191x797, 1191:797, QCrumbsTimelinePlanAwake.jpg)

fe9d95  No.4093098


Thank you

90a82a  No.4093099


We were wondering about that.

6cb925  No.4093100


TY Boss!

e89136  No.4093101


Affirmative. Message received.

0b8ec1  No.4093102


High 5

8c3050  No.4093103




d3abcf  No.4093104

File: bca00e103263317⋯.jpeg (904.62 KB, 808x1868, 202:467, 5CEDA1D6-47F5-43B7-87B7-D….jpeg)

The Mossad George Webb Scheigertsberg is trying to fuck things up for Q on his twatter


19189a  No.4093105


Where is my you YOU

590727  No.4093106

File: bf5cd73b53f0f18⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1661x893, 1661:893, 87133339125898217401333337.png)

c8c423  No.4093107

>>4093045 (LB)

It happens to us all. I got caught up when POTUS sent missiles into Syria.. when I got burned by the fluff MSM was talking.. I vowed to never let those fucks waver my thinking again.

ead3bf  No.4093108

File: 28d544d7bd5f116⋯.jpg (105.79 KB, 527x444, 527:444, castpearls.jpg)

I made this a long time ago because I got sick and tires of faithless, whinny bitches.

Make sure this doesn't apply to you!

bec9ce  No.4093109



cc526f  No.4093110

File: d19a197d71a474b⋯.jpg (144.36 KB, 413x1200, 413:1200, DpUQMCGX4AcgJXC.jpg)




a529a5  No.4093111

File: 4837f93fbefede5⋯.png (9.89 KB, 436x147, 436:147, ClipboardImage.png)


Very nice Q

ced19c  No.4093112

File: dde11f9de7607d3⋯.jpg (205.35 KB, 1024x585, 1024:585, dosomthenQ.jpg)

File: 103135c8ff2b467⋯.jpg (14.89 KB, 137x255, 137:255, bhofisa.jpg)













236775  No.4093113


Thank you for confirmation. Leaks stopped 'till monday.

6483a0  No.4093114

File: bca2f0e4d2cb06c⋯.jpg (120.93 KB, 1148x732, 287:183, JUSTICE!.JPG)

File: 4428a204595cfd8⋯.jpg (70.31 KB, 1008x684, 28:19, PANIC in DC!.JPG)

File: f88c88b34c10463⋯.jpg (147.3 KB, 1295x628, 1295:628, SOON_VERY_SOON.JPG)

1d1593  No.4093115

File: ea274f8a2bc016d⋯.png (53.3 KB, 762x482, 381:241, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

b836ac  No.4093116

Is this the real Q?

This stuff sounds weird…talking to a whistleblower on here…how does Q know they're even reading this board?

What do the messages mean?

9bc0f2  No.4093117

George Webb is still dropping…

0db45f  No.4093118

File: cb7242d2bb1d169⋯.jpg (29.27 KB, 500x330, 50:33, 500x_boeing-laser-boom.jpg)

ae731d  No.4093119

156b1c  No.4093120


look again, its over in the first second of the clip.

af9ef3  No.4093121

File: e24718cb3dfaf9d⋯.png (89.76 KB, 633x476, 633:476, hub4.PNG)

b3bf9a  No.4093122

Why does Come want a public hearing?

4e13b7  No.4093123

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you look closely at Pelosi's words and her body language in her comments the other day, you get some clear hints about what is going on.

At 4:11, referring to the Democratic caucus, she says "our unity is our power"– for a second, right as she says this, a look of mockery flashes on her face.

This flashing look of mockery occurs again at 4:21, when talking about the results she expects for the Democrats: >>4093062

The uncomfortable and unenthused looks on her colleagues' faces, and these subtle moments of mockery suggest that the words are not quite so true as they would seem. The Democrats did not nominate her "because they are so unified". Something else is going on.

The most telling part starts at 6:35, with Nancy talking about working with POTUS. At 6:38 she hesitates, and looks, up, then grimaces and looks down, before referring to "my power"… This noticable pause and facial complication clearly indicates that there is some hidden emotion relating to her own power.

When we look at how quickly and confidently POTUS suggested Pelosi would be the speaker again after the midterms; compare Pelosi's manner and attitude to Lindsey Graham's; and keep in mind the basic idea that POTUS et. al. are using leverage to make deals and make progress in draining the swamp, then we have a very good framework for explaining Pelosi's ease of victory, her overall air of cheerfulness (freedom), her colleagues' apparent ill-ease, and her nonetheless stumbling at the memory of her own power (no longer independent), and her apparent subtle facial mockery of her colleagues.

I.e. it's happening.

a27d82  No.4093124


I bet it must be funny watching shills attack your posts with the same incoherent trash talk

47a83d  No.4093125

File: 6b08044b40f3c89⋯.png (1.07 MB, 714x3592, 357:1796, ef0b5eb07a1634f48a6fa1d3ff….png)

>>4092753 l.b.

yep. sidenote fun fact: Doug Band now owns the old Rockefeller townhouse mansion in NYC. so don't think he'll be voluntarily talking anytime soon.


bb48ca  No.4093126


Wrong raid target, faggot. Read moar. 3 whistleblowers

bec9ce  No.4093127



1a4144  No.4093128

>>4092932 lb


>missing Y



Or meaning? Y heads no more?

236775  No.4093129


Kekekekeke. HIGH ENERGY

7158c7  No.4093130

File: 2aba7d2de65d9de⋯.jpg (595.06 KB, 800x1137, 800:1137, Poulakis_Theodoros_-_The_a….jpg)

590727  No.4093131

File: 41d60aee98dc96f⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1368x924, 114:77, 123763450763242134.png)

60f1ef  No.4093132

>>4092972 (lb)

Q: 11-25-18 20:55:51

C: 11-29-18 17:15:00

From: Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 8:55:15 pm

To: Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 5:15:00 pm

Result: 3 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes and 45 seconds


7e7e74  No.4093133

File: f6a374d543f6126⋯.jpg (1016.79 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, 1527932776342.jpg)



f3f6f2  No.4093134


Stupid it does not matter if Q or Trump declass it - they did - nothing fucking happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8012e2  No.4093135

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ff2ac  No.4093136



c326a1  No.4093137

9f1e5e  No.4093138

6ae7bc  No.4093139


ok… let's get this straight. you meant come[y] originally but accidentally left the why entirely out? now we are back to


e611a9  No.4093140


Oh shit is muellers report gonna be released

6cb925  No.4093141


The silent executioner!

bf31b6  No.4093142

File: ecebe2c5002189b⋯.jpg (55.29 KB, 778x455, 778:455, 5by5.jpg)

236775  No.4093143


You lost shill. Get out. It's happening.

1ff2ac  No.4093144


Huber is, yes.

173c0e  No.4093145

File: 6627a3d12dd6201⋯.png (692.65 KB, 1190x970, 119:97, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

File: c0843788528f3b4⋯.png (535.8 KB, 826x1082, 413:541, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

>>4092826 (lb)

Q post 2501 at 5:55 November 25.

Come[Y] posts on Twitter on November 27 and attaches an article from WGBH from November 26, where he talks about challenging the subpoena legally. (The day after Q post).

Sauce: https://www.wgbh.org/news/national-news/2018/11/26/i-always-respect-subpoenas-comey-says-his-legal-team-is-looking-at-his-options

a95166  No.4093146


Thank you… Q

fdb8a8  No.4093147


My fave Pepe!

8c3050  No.4093148









156b1c  No.4093149


is this something anons should have seen Q?

Re: >>4093077

a27d82  No.4093150


Yo Q!

(lb) my friend…

0037ed  No.4093151


Declassify. We're out of patience, big time.

If you hope to ever sway normies to our side, something must happen, and not behind the scenes.

Until then, everything you post can and will be dismissed as ranting.

aa8bc9  No.4093152


There (((You))) go.

7cce04  No.4093153


Help me catch some notes?

430b30  No.4093154





b58e21  No.4093155


Comey is trying to run the clock out. Statute of limitations for federal crimes is 5 years.

9f1e5e  No.4093156


missing [y] It was a marker for 5:5

22d2ba  No.4093157


>how does Q know they're even reading this board?

Q knows

1d1593  No.4093158

7e7e74  No.4093159

File: 3ac442c9c860d81⋯.png (376.92 KB, 639x557, 639:557, 3ac442c9c860d8166fa5df8240….png)



6496e0  No.4093160

File: 908939651fae55f⋯.png (581.55 KB, 1227x1184, 1227:1184, ClipboardImage.png)


c16704  No.4093161

File: 085202c3f3d6136⋯.jpg (9.69 KB, 192x262, 96:131, rothschild3.jpg)

Missing Y.

And then there was 1?

6d0a09  No.4093162

File: a65faf116301507⋯.png (125.86 KB, 318x354, 53:59, AAG Whitaker activated.png)

67442f  No.4093163

>>4092735 lb omfg

Holy shit Freddy. For the love of god. I'm fucking dying. You're shitposting Q between angry Q posts. In the same thread.

That's the most legendary thing I've ever seen. Jesus fucking Christ.

If you get gitmo'd for this I'll send you fucking cookies. Lmfao!!

42d069  No.4093164


OK, I will man!!

ab86cc  No.4093165


Great Actor by Design?

cf2416  No.4093166

Trump Will protect theClinton's bad news Good news is Mueller is Flipped he flipped against the Clinton's. Obama strzok brennan will pay the price. Comey is Littlefinger believing he is in control but ultimately used by both sides. Dersh and his connection to epstein and clinton brings it home, for me. he is defending trump therefore himself meaning clinton and epstein. at least obama goes down and all who chose his side. evil wins over a greater evil as obama is more than hillary the one who needs to lose. just my boomer perspective

b55f50  No.4093167

>>4092944 lb

Justin Cooper was a child star. I don't think he has anything to do with CF.

He may have been kid raped or something, but probably NOT CF related.

So, Webb just outed a person in hiding who may end up dead and Webb doesn't give a fuck.

He had Jenny Moore murdered because he kept "accidentally" filming her. She was a child assault journalist working in the dark.

0bf507  No.4093168

File: cd6903937624ef1⋯.jpg (50.35 KB, 1074x198, 179:33, 3.JPG)

File: 48c9d5c73f45705⋯.jpg (37.4 KB, 572x233, 572:233, 4.JPG)

File: 3aeb99a53bfb3b4⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 585x562, 585:562, 5.JPG)

bc08ec  No.4093169

96bcdd  No.4093170

File: 0129f106b84c2be⋯.png (36.77 KB, 465x429, 155:143, MIControl.png)


All a Show.

You. Are. Watching. A. Movie.


25f725  No.4093171



e48d1a  No.4093172


Comey is a Satanist with one of the "Y"s we have been looking for around the world.

Comey may drop some Satanist evidence against the other Satanist.

c5f9c3  No.4093173

File: f5d4bc3a2ed2310⋯.jpg (835.9 KB, 1450x1483, 1450:1483, Qjahearing.jpg)

4573b9  No.4093174

File: 3de5f081d6d10c0⋯.png (910.99 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, ClipboardImage.png)


It's Time!!

ead3bf  No.4093175

File: 0b41a252622d650⋯.jpg (111.57 KB, 960x540, 16:9, monday yet.jpg)

1ff2ac  No.4093176


Because then they cant ask him questions about classified material. They would have to give him softballs.

d3abcf  No.4093177

File: 409bafd803c16de⋯.jpeg (998.53 KB, 1424x1099, 1424:1099, 11D791DC-224D-4E6C-B363-5….jpeg)

File: 5de51c414d550cf⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1536x1042, 768:521, 2BBC9C7A-C291-46DF-9BC5-F….jpeg)


What can Anons do for Q regarding George Webb?

7728a5  No.4093178

File: 99087d15f5456c6⋯.jpg (236.45 KB, 792x548, 198:137, PanicDC.jpg)


it is time Q!!!!!!!!

c003df  No.4093179

Thank you Q for saving America and the World. We never knew. It's time. Love to President Trump and Melania, to you and team. God Bless. NL

f3f6f2  No.4093180


NOOONNOOOO nothing is fuckfing happening until it actually happens in fucking real life bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a42db3  No.4093181

File: 2d8612c050813d2⋯.jpg (117.67 KB, 772x481, 772:481, THE HAMMER - Copy.jpg)

>>4092106 (lb)

Thank you, Q team!!!

aa5c93  No.4093182


>>4093111 ← trips check

So, it's about what was found on Weiner's laptop, Clinton Foundation stuff regarding crimes against children.

The 5:5 marker


a9fa44  No.4093183


Preesh. That was confusing.

37ed7a  No.4093184

File: 2bbc425593eb7bb⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 610x1080, 61:108, guy_de_rothschild.jpg)

229794  No.4093185

File: 4b16654faace10d⋯.png (760.17 KB, 768x576, 4:3, halls of jail.PNG)

File: 70abbb2dc9bf7b3⋯.png (551.29 KB, 852x480, 71:40, The reason for the treason.png)

f76e0b  No.4093186

File: 8718e770ffc8d91⋯.png (599.67 KB, 893x775, 893:775, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)


But the Feds did find what they were looking for.

The search warrant, signed by federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher in the US District Court for Baltimore, said that Cain possessed “stolen federal property.”

Cain informed the agents that he was a federally protected whistleblower, but gave them the documents at their insistence, Socarras said. Even so, they searched his house for hours afterward.

What were the agents looking for? According to the Daily Caller, they were after the document suggesting that Robert Mueller – now special counsel in charge of the “Russiagate” probe targeting President Donald Trump, but FBI director back in 2001-2013 – failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct in the case of Uranium One.


4e13b7  No.4093187

File: 43ed83cbf5daddc⋯.png (280.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ghjmy.png)

File: 103a66fd7dea878⋯.png (196.39 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC56.png)

File: a04cce1607f3972⋯.png (226.14 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC55.png)

File: 201e7c1ec60150b⋯.png (837.04 KB, 1111x1122, 101:102, biden27x.png)

File: 6cc5fe2e43ff2a7⋯.png (749.29 KB, 1111x694, 1111:694, WWG1WGAkitty.png)

516f20  No.4093188

File: 3972fb07394aa6f⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 716gg0-768neledvwmz.jpg)

>>4092950 (LB)

0d0d46  No.4093189

File: 3540ae3660e4ce9⋯.jpg (10.61 KB, 310x163, 310:163, SCHIFFAGGOT.jpg)

0bf507  No.4093190

File: 0218be8f2f1c19b⋯.jpg (62.83 KB, 1102x227, 1102:227, 3.JPG)

6496e0  No.4093191


Mueller is a grey hat that is on /team/

98d9be  No.4093192

File: fe8c3ed2d96a172⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1260x1273, 1260:1273, vcxxcv.png)

0037ed  No.4093193



So much boasting for nothing delivered.

Why should we keep believing what you say?

I'm like Saint Thomas, I want to see to believe. What I see now is state terrorism running unhinged, and patriots nowhere close to be in control. Are my eyes deceiving me, Q?

af9ef3  No.4093194

File: 43fd878b298664b⋯.png (446.28 KB, 736x409, 736:409, space force15.PNG)

a27d82  No.4093195




d9f284  No.4093196

File: f28f643a6b4d29d⋯.png (220.4 KB, 805x1036, 115:148, 1mdb1.png)

File: ba396c39d8bc922⋯.png (217.21 KB, 701x1051, 701:1051, 1mdb2.png)


438d51  No.4093197


Disinformation necessary!

Keeps you off the radar for a suprise attack.

They'll never see it coming!

8fd81b  No.4093198

File: e3d8bdb6eb1f980⋯.png (800.7 KB, 775x521, 775:521, e3d8bdb6eb1f98056521106633….png)

File: db61312b34db33a⋯.jpg (81.07 KB, 672x467, 672:467, 647a5c5f1b7bac543da966da15….jpg)


Bring the Pain!

Long time coming!

37bda6  No.4093199

File: a28c22d7a02528e⋯.jpg (60.9 KB, 700x890, 70:89, candice30.jpg)


When are (you) going to be right for the 1st time?



7edc14  No.4093200

File: 67ec568ec970611⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 401x560, 401:560, New Q BOOM card.jpg)


Tyb. o7

430b30  No.4093201


Yup, definitely in my top 3.


e89136  No.4093202

9145cf  No.4093203


There is no real Q.

236775  No.4093204


Kek. Filtered.

If you don't see it happening in real life, you're dull as fuck. It was just proved today on Hannity. Again.

49d235  No.4093205


The commander of a B-52 Stratofortress squadron at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, who was recently relieved of duty after sexually explicit and phallic drawings were found during a deployment to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, attempted to stop his fellow airmen from drawing "d—s everywhere," according to the command-directed investigation (CDI) into the matter.

Lt. Col. Paul Goossen was removed from command of the 69th Bomb Squadron on Nov. 27 because penis drawings were discovered on a moving map displayed on the B-52's Combat Network Communication Technology (CONECT) cockpit software, as well as across bathroom stalls, vehicles, lodging facilities and even "dusty surfaces," according to the CDI, released by the 5th Bomb Wing on Friday.

140e2d  No.4093206




e48d1a  No.4093207


the whistle blower is probably one of Comey's howdy doody boys.

4e13b7  No.4093208

File: 1d6333f9637d6ce⋯.png (344.71 KB, 598x444, 299:222, bcgwj.png)

7b8b7e  No.4093209

File: 4b5ae65a08c7129⋯.jpg (106.42 KB, 500x663, 500:663, MuellerWhiteHat.jpg)

0d0d46  No.4093210

File: 57e81a26f105070⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 500x627, 500:627, POTUS.jpg)

98d9be  No.4093211

File: 1830d016163a1e7⋯.jpg (101.8 KB, 800x468, 200:117, W020120229558180008711gtgs.jpg)

34df85  No.4093212

42d6cb  No.4093213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You could have a steam train

If you'd just lay down your tracks

You could have an aeroplane flying

If you bring your blue sky back

All you do is call me

I'll be anything you need

You could have a big dipper

Going up and down, all around the bends

You could have a bumper car, bumping

This amusement never ends

I want to be your sledgehammer

Why don't you call my name

Oh let me be your sledgehammer

4a1e89  No.4093214

File: c0e4577bdcb3767⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1269x5400, 47:200, e55ce820-3095-4fd1-8787-18….jpg)


What's this broads story?

19189a  No.4093215

File: b26e51f88d84d23⋯.png (86.12 KB, 1108x369, 1108:369, ClipboardImage.png)

068363  No.4093216

File: 94f7fd1e67d1ada⋯.jpg (151.77 KB, 1028x476, 257:119, Wink-Wink.jpg)


ced574  No.4093217

>>4093000 pb


It's nice that it's unfolding as if POTUS needs to do nothing. It's all happening on its own.[but yes Pres Donald Trump has been stepping up to the plate with his tweets]

Some people on both sides complaining "But nothing is happening"


db500b  No.4093218

What if 'come' means now, current?

Figure out 'prior to/post', know the time/clock?

jus guessing.

5163e3  No.4093219


Odd because I started reading from when it started once I got here (5-6 months ago)

Lots is happening

Confused by the pessimism

Do you not understand how things have to progress?

Who set the expectation it would happen at X time?

From my reading that has always been anons or shills.

Not the psychic network here.

Have to be flexible, learned that from an Army Ranger/Sniper.

0d0d46  No.4093220

File: 47d051eb9f3e387⋯.jpg (96.86 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 2iqadz (1).jpg)

8c3050  No.4093221



aa8bc9  No.4093222


Rule of law.

This has been the discussion for days.


898c0b  No.4093223

ITT: Everyone replying to Q.

457b96  No.4093224


Mueller removed via DECLAS

90a82a  No.4093225


There are three

3822b0  No.4093226

Awe so comfy. Gonna be a good weekend

19189a  No.4093227


Jew must be new here

843d74  No.4093228


5;5 Sir. Praying…

399024  No.4093229

File: cc118e701ccc3f0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1299x709, 1299:709, PYRAMID OF WINNING.PNG)

ced19c  No.4093230

>>4093175 NEXT WEAK?

7e7e74  No.4093231

File: 07589a57b620d5c⋯.jpg (410.88 KB, 1612x1612, 1:1, 1528951142495.jpg)



e65775  No.4093232

We need a bread titled:

(((The comms r guud now edition)))


ty baker

7cce04  No.4093233

e70d8d  No.4093234


>Q post timestamp re: DECLAS prior to/post testimony?

Did he think that was his winning ticket to freedom from Justice?

0d0d46  No.4093235

File: 3e3e24aeb4dd001⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Q.jpg)

06ad0e  No.4093236




Sh*ts getting real

And about to hit the fan.

0bf507  No.4093237

File: 8e68c5708494679⋯.jpg (70.28 KB, 578x542, 289:271, 3.JPG)

File: c8c2fb71ddb05ce⋯.jpg (76.05 KB, 1079x290, 1079:290, 4.JPG)

bd6eef  No.4093238


POTUS putting new meaning into saying 'Merry Christmas'! DO IT Q!

b3bf9a  No.4093239


Thank you, Anon.

Much appreciated!

World Anon here.

c16704  No.4093240


High five

Hand (5 fingers)

slaps hand (5 fingers)


9f1e5e  No.4093241


So Rod & Muller about to go.

ae4f43  No.4093242


Do we have the SC votes now? 5:5

1ff2ac  No.4093243


NOPE. He is a traitor slimeball who is under extreme leverage and now we are going to CRUSH him!

db500b  No.4093244

File: 17d0ebc8502e03b⋯.jpg (113.44 KB, 800x600, 4:3, q drop 11052018_3 Trump ph….jpg)

4e13b7  No.4093245

File: 9f2396b7cb86f68⋯.png (4.12 MB, 1111x2130, 1111:2130, nj.png)

File: 3c291db7f2b0fd4⋯.png (253.73 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC54.png)

File: 8e0c1845a52db36⋯.png (953.55 KB, 999x791, 999:791, jhimmy.png)

File: 4ed27440b902214⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1777x999, 1777:999, wsts.png)

File: 983734a211464b5⋯.png (748.23 KB, 1024x1040, 64:65, tres-gowdie.png)

f3f6f2  No.4093246


omg hannity is not real life

1d1593  No.4093247

>>4093160 idk if Q meant do the math *literally*

i think Q was trying to tell us that there is a correlation between Q posts and Comey tweets, meaning Comey is sending a message, possibly to Q through his timestamps..

and what is the implication of that? is he singing? is he cooperating?

7edc14  No.4093248

File: ba2ad20005eb692⋯.png (241.31 KB, 870x232, 15:4, pepe 5_5.png)

a529a5  No.4093249

File: bdaa1d2cc26f427⋯.png (16.69 KB, 430x192, 215:96, ClipboardImage.png)

85cce0  No.4093250

File: b4a7b4bb10d2ae2⋯.jpg (425.53 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !newsweak16..jpg)

0d0d46  No.4093251

File: 683ed930b69e7bb⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 412x600, 103:150, BLOCKEDSHILL.jpg)

b58e21  No.4093252


POTUS declassified, foward to intel/Huber/IG for review for pending cases/sources and metods.

0a8325  No.4093253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ead3bf  No.4093254


>What's this broads story?

Kuru, for all I fucking care.

67442f  No.4093255

File: b18d31a533e9333⋯.jpg (270.32 KB, 1200x1168, 75:73, BakerCat.jpg)


I can't even read these Q posts because I'm laughing too fucking hard.

db500b  No.4093256

File: 473aacdefd096ec⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 650x786, 325:393, NYT HRC win.jpg)

6496e0  No.4093257

File: 9b89ce36a716acd⋯.png (108.12 KB, 721x340, 721:340, ClipboardImage.png)


>Come[y] timestamp re: attorney challenge to subpoena?

correct tweet?

0d0d46  No.4093258

File: fc2a06ae9eedbb0⋯.jpg (54.78 KB, 746x500, 373:250, WEINERSHILL.jpg)

e89136  No.4093259



74117a  No.4093260


Missing the why

34df85  No.4093261


things moving fast now…. 2018 will be glorious

dba745  No.4093262


Q post: 20:55:51

Come[y]: 17:15:xx (need seconds)

Math: 3:40

e65775  No.4093263


I knew he would the minute he announced he was running.


Greatest feeling

995bf9  No.4093264


Do it Q !!!

19c032  No.4093265

File: ae3687e9a3ddcea⋯.jpg (102.91 KB, 1057x796, 1057:796, The_Choice_is_YOURS!.JPG)

Is the money worth it?

17b454  No.4093266

Truth is Truth. It is involatile. Ingrained in Reality. It is what happened. Those that deceive are casting illusions to distract us from Truth. Honesty is the acknowledgement of Truth.

Truth comes in many levels. As individuals, Honesty with ourselves and who we are as human souls is the first step to Truth.

No one is perfect but now is the time to be honest with ourselves. The decisions we have made do not define us going forward. Being honest with ourselves is the first step to changing the world. Seek Truth. If you have not done good, then acknowledge it and change. If your have done good then rejoice. It is never too late to change. Stay on the path my brothers.

c326a1  No.4093267


Bitches die in accidents all the time.

c5f9c3  No.4093268

File: 416e6a286dae94d⋯.jpg (452.27 KB, 1403x896, 1403:896, qthewhere.jpg)

File: 8e88ef6b4dc4d90⋯.jpg (579.5 KB, 1500x1047, 500:349, qmakeamericagreatagain.jpg)

File: b1c9232c5806aac⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1802x1136, 901:568, declashuber.png)

d41f6b  No.4093269


y head family?

283d15  No.4093270

File: 14bf8864f1ad9a5⋯.jpeg (21.98 KB, 252x205, 252:205, !Because they do not trus….jpeg)


I heard it on Hannity, guest, and Hannity stopped it.

ced19c  No.4093271

File: e3e6ae00ec9c5ea⋯.jpg (11.61 KB, 255x138, 85:46, goawaynewfag.jpg)

File: 955952afa2d75dc⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Freedom on watch.jpg)

8fd81b  No.4093272

File: c9931f561aa6ce1⋯.png (319.66 KB, 2048x1487, 2048:1487, c9931f561aa6ce1d46b251e883….png)


OK! Got It. ThanQ!


8c3050  No.4093273




0d0d46  No.4093274

File: f27ad362af6a03c⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 526x440, 263:220, SUICIDEWATCH.jpg)

4949c6  No.4093275

File: 6946c9d91405a8d⋯.png (681.12 KB, 805x1797, 805:1797, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34c1636733eb7a3⋯.jpg (17.7 KB, 255x191, 255:191, pepe_eatin_doritos.jpg)

Federal agents mysteriously raided a former Trump attorney’s office: what we know



4888cd  No.4093276

I feel like such a retard for not getting what Q is telling us as soon as he does.

Glad to have others here to halp.

All I know about Mueller is that he was the FBI Director during Haiti in 2010, CF getting there in 2009.

399024  No.4093277

File: a7254e1c2e860bf⋯.jpg (500.71 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, WH Prayer Walk 4 181014.JPG)

236775  No.4093278


What can we do regarding Georg Webb still leaking info?

7edc14  No.4093279

File: 604c3318cf96eae⋯.png (273.31 KB, 730x456, 365:228, Q Darkness to Light.png)


Bless you Q and Potus. Praying!

068363  No.4093280

File: fe8b5ec6719686d⋯.jpeg (86.91 KB, 1080x581, 1080:581, 1543544092.jpeg)

70d56d  No.4093281


respectfully, POTUS only has one way open to save his Presidency, himself and his family and that is to declass NOW. If he waits for Mueller "report", he's going down because Mueller can only say harmful things. Please tell POTUS to make his move now….. no more attempted assassinations, no more personal and family smears and most importantly, he must uphold our belief in him. understand a lot of politically savvy bad players are negotiating/jockeying……… NO DEALS

d308e5  No.4093282


Clinton Foundation > U1 > Mueller > Special Counsel out

d95998  No.4093283

File: b931f71c85d067a⋯.jpg (159.7 KB, 741x882, 247:294, Screenshot 2018-11-30_22-0….jpg)


so there are no coincidences…

bec9ce  No.4093284

ab7c9c  No.4093285



f444d9  No.4093286

File: 599c7c5bd0b23fa⋯.jpeg (292.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A2F77596-6FF1-41CE-8C84-7….jpeg)

File: 60271cd2f3c7edc⋯.jpeg (315.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0292F7C7-D079-4301-8DAA-E….jpeg)



Understood. You send in a stealth bomber. God bless Q!

6496e0  No.4093287


muh clickbait


I see what you mean, I did that to see if there was anything significant, not seeing anything even with the seconds timestamp from comey

e6fd46  No.4093288


The world is here.

1a4144  No.4093289


Clock activated.





[Future Comms]

Pre_stage ele_y

Pre_stage sec_y

Pre_stage dir_y

Pre_stage cap_y



Justice post

0d0d46  No.4093290

File: d14a31f22a0c4ef⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 589x480, 589:480, HEHEAG.jpg)

90a82a  No.4093291

This has been the best PSYOP ever.

In history.

1ff2ac  No.4093292

You shills are so disrespectful!


Got to sign off.

God bless and God speed Q and team.

With you to the end!


d3abcf  No.4093293



When the indictments are unsealed and the DECLAS are revealed it will start to snowball fast. The Cabal will collapse, chaos will commence and there will be a period of Martial Law. The perpetrators that have not suicided will be round up and the world will know the truth.

The Cabal’s last card is Meuller. The POTUS is waiting for the Cabal to play it’s hand first. POTUS will counter with the UNSEAL/DECLASS. The Cabal will attempt to foment a civil war. The patriotic members of Federal, State and local law enforcement with the National Guard and US Armed Services will quell the violence. The world will witness the truth.

The period between the UNSEAL/DECLAS and Martial Law will be less than 24hrs.

d95998  No.4093294

File: 53311865c0100e7⋯.jpg (83.56 KB, 750x841, 750:841, DjIQzZPU4AE4HVP.jpg)

28cfc9  No.4093295

File: b7b0e34489a0881⋯.png (144.79 KB, 507x902, 507:902, Live Stream 1.PNG)

File: 6af759cdec343cf⋯.png (139.48 KB, 526x899, 526:899, Live Stream 2.PNG)

File: 074d272f09b5d0a⋯.png (85.29 KB, 530x850, 53:85, Live Stream 3.PNG)

File: b0780c05f83aa43⋯.png (99.43 KB, 514x878, 257:439, Live Stream 4.PNG)

File: 3e8bfcca0c95c71⋯.png (83.24 KB, 571x930, 571:930, Live Stream 5.PNG)

>>4092343 [lb]

Not YT / However,

You can find Fox and other live streams for MANY Networks here:


More channels than snips show

Also, at the time Chain of Command and the USSS specials were on Nat Geo, many anon did not have a subscription to be able to watch

Problem solved if something should air in the future

989214  No.4093296

Anybody down for a pump and dump?

0d0d46  No.4093297

File: d038cb5eaef77ab⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, HRCLIES.jpg)

4e13b7  No.4093298

File: 40e6a2ae499aaa1⋯.png (282.42 KB, 931x1023, 931:1023, arms.png)

File: 0702de1bb0f9b3c⋯.png (336.88 KB, 704x448, 11:7, gwhcjm.png)

File: 05c7d56ba982c5d⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1111x743, 1111:743, why-are-you-so-scared.png)

File: 1c65f87f517d314⋯.png (448.5 KB, 1111x636, 1111:636, waits.png)

File: 42468f8c8df74ff⋯.png (317.6 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, LB.png)


(rofl @ bot "memes")

GOOGLE DEEP DREAM AI memes being pushed on us

f3f6f2  No.4093299

File: 2f2a2b35a02f09c⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 255x193, 255:193, c0efbd4896a8b5d1d805151565….jpg)

Q prove it now

Tits or GTFO


9145cf  No.4093300


That's what I thought until I finally realized it was all bullshit.

bd6eef  No.4093301


The traitors were hung at GITMO with care,with hopes that St. Q soon would be there.

ab065b  No.4093302


Comey only wants to testify publicly, to avoid classified… His terms. NOT!!!!

6ae7bc  No.4093303



the entire purpose of mueller is to pretend like they are digging up dirt on POTUS so that if and when we come for them they can say, "they are attacking us ONLY because we are about to expose them"

enter sessions > whitaker > Huber > Ezra = stealth bomber. todays leaked whistle blower provides solid evidence that we are coming after them for factual reasons that are not involving mueller

7e7e74  No.4093304

File: 84087df87c6a362⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 1527847091017.jpg)

John Solomon: I’ll give you some breaking news right now, Sean.

Just two hours ago federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber, the US attorney investigating the Clintons, reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation –

The first time we’ve seen contact between a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and that particular federal office.

That just happened tonight.

6d0a09  No.4093305

File: 53a9ce89c543237⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1581x1406, 1581:1406, Cabal canvas.png)

04eae5  No.4093306


top kek.

b4be06  No.4093307


hot damn Q is pissed

5163e3  No.4093308

File: 30dc0c73db40267⋯.jpg (101.07 KB, 800x450, 16:9, DP_-_55.jpg)

ead3bf  No.4093309

File: bb26ee47cb7a73c⋯.jpg (219.93 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, gallows1.jpg)

0d0d46  No.4093310

File: 504b4798a2e2776⋯.jpg (35.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, SBOB.jpg)

8b867e  No.4093311




1ff2ac  No.4093312


You think we are bringing up Rosfnet and U1 and only going after Clintons? HA!

8c09e5  No.4093313

File: 037429f42d7de8c⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1440x793, 1440:793, Alyssa Milano Feinstein co….png)

File: 496ddc4b8e1aee5⋯.png (795.78 KB, 1056x506, 48:23, Feinstein taking orders?.png)

File: 3f698d53af208f3⋯.jpg (11.24 KB, 400x273, 400:273, Soon Feinstein Sessions.jpg)

0a8325  No.4093314


71b51d  No.4093315


The document which had mysteriously disappeared from his whistleblower file..

Now magically found.

a21d39  No.4093316

File: a33f8f70ac3d7cd⋯.png (56.31 KB, 1716x587, 1716:587, ClipboardImage.png)


bf31b6  No.4093317

File: f3f7d073630fb4f⋯.jpg (160.37 KB, 627x965, 627:965, comfy.jpg)


and i love it

0d0d46  No.4093318

File: 39dc35b7d856b80⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, SHILLS.jpg)

421bf1  No.4093319


Loud and clear. Never doubted. Thank you for helping us understand.

aa5c93  No.4093320

File: 9b22dd7ba628e9a⋯.jpg (99.4 KB, 1016x631, 1016:631, 2018-12-01 03:20:32Z.jpg)


No, it's the 5:5 marker

which I feel points to this crumb … my FAVORITE crumb:

Mar 6 2018 01:09:09 (EST)

Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5). EX-rvid5774.

We have it all.

Re_read re: stage.

The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].

[Impossible to defend].

[Toxic to those connected].

WE must work TOGETHER.

WE are only as strong as your VOICE.

YOU must organize and BE HEARD.

THIS is why they keep you DIVIDED and in the DARK.


We are here to UNITE and provide TRUTH.

Dark to LIGHT.

EVIL surrounds us.

WE are FIGHTING for you.

Where we go one, we go ALL.

The choice, to KNOW, will be yours [end].


e67745  No.4093321

File: bbc9c507d119846⋯.jpg (86.58 KB, 741x550, 741:550, IMG_20181130_194825.jpg)



Both RR and RM are dirty.

Both of em are going to jail.

When, dear Q?

49d235  No.4093322


The commanding officer of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 70 has been removed from his post after an investigation found his leadership contributed to a negative culture within the unit.

Capt. Vorrice Burks, commodore of Carrier Air Wing 8, relieved Cmdr. Jeffrey Franz, commanding officer of the HSM-70 "Spartans," on Nov. 28 "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command," said Cmdr. Dave Hecht, Naval Air Force Atlantic spokesman.

6496e0  No.4093323


the fuck does that have to do with Mueller being a grey hat?

Huber is investigating those things, not Mueller

0037ed  No.4093324


you do not understand how that game is played


Shit's been about to hit the fan for a year now

4e13b7  No.4093325

File: 6e0d44576553b6e⋯.png (358.51 KB, 788x550, 394:275, TONY-TONY-TONY.png)

File: 4136c0c46beb1b4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 740x1111, 740:1111, podestas heart is too heav….png)

File: 23f60d2e333d22c⋯.png (946.03 KB, 1081x816, 1081:816, The-honorable-gentlemen-of….png)

File: fe582bc99db73a5⋯.png (205.6 KB, 605x328, 605:328, OURTONY.png)

4a1e89  No.4093326

File: 7287d4b43f17fab⋯.png (49.17 KB, 611x404, 611:404, barackonphone.png)


Trump should do a another pic holding the receiver upside down like obama did.

Just start mocking these idiots.

18672a  No.4093327


Q… ???

How does it feel to have this much power and influence?

0babd2  No.4093328

File: 21b1b2c6eee3504⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Mueller_Brennan.png)

File: 1995a6c885e570e⋯.png (1010.41 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Mueller_Panetta.png)

File: b6c9d718b3744a1⋯.png (1.29 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, MUELLER_LACROSSE.png)

File: 134b7dd1161747f⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Mueller_Comey.png)

File: 13fb4426336108a⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Muleller_Obama.jpg)

7b8b7e  No.4093329


It started as WJC's server…

4b244f  No.4093330


give us the storm potus & Q team. we are ready.

1a4144  No.4093331


Mueller (blockade) removal throgh DECLAS, followed by stealth bomber findings!?

1c7e27  No.4093332

Just a thought

The cabal / deepstate is like a deer in headlights facing a D5 avalanche that is impossible to stop

GOD wins

POTUS wins

Q wins

Patriot Anons win

USA wins

The world wins

5f2568  No.4093333

I will be useless at work next week.

No. Sleep. Til MONDAY!!!

Have we officially kicked off suicide weekend?

0efa34  No.4093334

File: 0b5538e7a04b761⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Chillin Q Alt.jpg)


They fell right into the trap even knowing it was a trap they still did it. They are that stupid

cc526f  No.4093335


Mueller will face charges re: U1

He's working to save himself.


aa8bc9  No.4093336

File: 1c8a3a0e95c875c⋯.gif (3.5 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1c8a3a0e95c875c54bd6b4cf61….gif)

a62a75  No.4093337


RR is dirty

Mueller is dirty


f2e1ef  No.4093338


Not as autistic as some of these Anons so I'll look at their responses first. I don't want to give the wrong answer. But, it appears WE WIN.

e89136  No.4093339

File: cbfb315cc4011e4⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 1491863737638.gif)

90557b  No.4093340

A year ago, all my free time revolved around Q. I'd stay up until 2am digging and researching. I couldn't wait for the next Q drop.

Now? Eh…lowered expectations.

e2171b  No.4093341


When do MK_ULTRA / HAARP victims get freedom…???

8c3050  No.4093342







0babd2  No.4093343


236775  No.4093344


Whitehat, blackhat?

d97c20  No.4093345


amen for that, God bless

aa8bc9  No.4093346


I was right.

f76e0b  No.4093347


Huber has been out of the news for months prior to being summoned to testify on the 5th.

Now there is the first leak of his activities.

Prior to his testimony.

Perhaps to force DECLAS prior to his testimony.

ead3bf  No.4093348



399024  No.4093349

File: acce59b650ccc40⋯.jpg (472.1 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, WH Prayer Walk 1 181104.JPG)

37bda6  No.4093350

File: f7b39bab2635365⋯.jpg (228.24 KB, 998x1280, 499:640, candice120.jpg)


So, 9/11 accomplice Muller is /ourguy/?

You really are a Kike, aren't you?

GOD help us all

bec9ce  No.4093351


It's Go Time:D

ae731d  No.4093352

6496e0  No.4093353

File: 51ef9dbc6f33955⋯.png (672.98 KB, 1531x1048, 1531:1048, mueller.png)

37ed7a  No.4093354

File: f90b4c65b3596f4⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 0ede9f4d5e75e704618575d8ff….jpg)

b62f4a  No.4093355


I called this when he was first appointed.

60e205  No.4093356


5:5 boss!

ab86cc  No.4093357


As in… he took a deal back when that was an option?

e48d1a  No.4093358


mueller still bad

RR on Trump train.

Sessios hired RR

a62a75  No.4093359


>Mueller will face charges re: U1



6d221f  No.4093360

File: 1dd88ebb42df433⋯.jpg (143.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0f42d912b2b41f9641814344d8….jpg)

19189a  No.4093361

0efa34  No.4093362

File: 209f3379cb761d2⋯.jpg (353.38 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, I See Q People Q.jpg)

4a1e89  No.4093363


Mueller was the guy who carried the samples of the uranium I recall.

7e7e74  No.4093364

File: 8fc78da72f87ea6⋯.jpeg (45.89 KB, 500x699, 500:699, DeT_e-6VwAARzTV.jpg large.jpeg)


get em Q

b4be06  No.4093365

File: d635bac96af0119⋯.png (187.69 KB, 942x677, 942:677, Q-POTUS comms graphic.png)


sounds great, working on a comms proof, hope you check it out..

bb48ca  No.4093366


He better be cuz some of us wanna beat his ass. Thank you Q!!!

8b867e  No.4093367

File: 621d4287d9e7cdc⋯.png (657.31 KB, 1079x682, 1079:682, Screenshot_1.png)

508233  No.4093368


Damn - dropping the beats!

6cb925  No.4093369


This is too good! I can't wait to see how the demo spin this.

590727  No.4093370

File: 841221c84d2c232⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1228x888, 307:222, 13897648916034561112.png)

f2e1ef  No.4093371


Are you going to Gitmo? Buy some liquid soap.

e89136  No.4093372

File: a66008faef695e9⋯.jpg (228.74 KB, 500x544, 125:136, you'll_find_out.jpg)



67b12e  No.4093373


We are getting it, Q. Keep going

898c0b  No.4093374

Dear Q, can you please tell us more about MI6 and SIS?

bc08ec  No.4093375


Do it Q. Nobody escapes this.

8c3050  No.4093376







a92726  No.4093377

should we start a dead pool for x cf employees this weekend?

we know hillary gonna try to mute anyone she suspects

6f0c0a  No.4093378

File: eeb6b4754356877⋯.jpg (8 KB, 225x225, 1:1, eeb6b47543568773d0436de3db….jpg)

4b11d7  No.4093379

File: 925c565073f4d23⋯.png (18.25 KB, 720x644, 180:161, 2af305c004b189582ad1e8f435….png)

928803  No.4093380


Or…You're a fucking retard.

ced19c  No.4093381

>>4093335 D-CLASS DAMMITT!!!

b58e21  No.4093382


Mueller is in the grey area or working in the dark?

7158c7  No.4093383

File: dcd4525547e19d1⋯.jpg (385 KB, 800x800, 1:1, initial ‘Q’ – archangel Mi….jpg)

6496e0  No.4093384


Grey hat

bf31b6  No.4093385

File: 3157201e060a307⋯.jpg (666.17 KB, 3840x2400, 8:5, traitors.jpg)


get em

8fd81b  No.4093386


NO Chance1 9/11?

516f20  No.4093387

File: 2a28a823eb16996⋯.png (44.21 KB, 500x427, 500:427, pepe bombs.png)

8c6d5d  No.4093388


Face charges vs. death, easy choice.

dba745  No.4093389



Moving fast.

Explains why HRC/BC kicked off their "tour" in Canada.

da6f75  No.4093390


Comey feels like a Y

Too many Ys around.

9f1e5e  No.4093391


This confirms he is not white hat or grey hat.

430b30  No.4093392

File: 8c527c8c6f2a6d5⋯.jpg (53.89 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 3e48eb940e501b24d22730bbc1….jpg)

aa8bc9  No.4093393

File: 7185d904f3693d0⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 255x224, 255:224, 447172fcb115bd2b9bae8d7f16….jpg)

cf4a28  No.4093394

File: 98e4f8515412798⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 410x274, 205:137, 4d7014985990db0f850b1ce658….jpg)


boom af

34df85  No.4093395


"I can't answer that question outside a classified setting" - JC

420fd8  No.4093396

Time to pack up shills, your purpose here is no longer.


Q is spelling it out in plain english RE Mueller. It is fucking GO TIME

f76e0b  No.4093397

File: 33c32bd3250eeea⋯.jpeg (56.74 KB, 665x500, 133:100, meme.declas.fisa.truth.jpeg)

aa5c93  No.4093398

File: d3c0d87e7d1f8b3⋯.jpg (149.8 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GitmoChannel44.jpg)

391b35  No.4093399


5:5 thanks Q

Mueller is Dirty and he's the DS blockage

no more questions

e611a9  No.4093400


It’s either the declas or the mueller report my bet is the mueller report

c4fda6  No.4093401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2,000 Years of USURY

From Babylonian Times to 2018:

*Highest Credit Card Interest Rate:

36% First Premier Bank

29.99% Total Visa

*Average Credit Card Interest Rate:

19.88% with good credit rating

22.41% with fair credit rating

*Brought To You By The Same Money Changers*

Sauce: https://wallethub.com/edu/average-credit-card-interest-rate/50841/

2,000 Years of USURY

From Babylonian Times to 2018:

*Highest Credit Card Interest Rate:

36% First Premier Bank

29.99% Total Visa

*Average Credit Card Interest Rate:

19.88% with good credit rating

22.41% with fair credit rating

*Brought To You By The Same Money Changers*

Sauce: https://wallethub.com/edu/average-credit-card-interest-rate/50841/

b5ac7a  No.4093402

File: 689afe7833f89ab⋯.gif (8.75 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 911b7f0e8eb660e156018e4930….gif)

96bcdd  No.4093403

File: 0209db7273d4339⋯.jpg (66.01 KB, 521x622, 521:622, TrumpSignature#1776.jpg)


>[POTUS' granted CONSTITUTIONAL authority].

Fuck yes Q! 1776!

19189a  No.4093404


So Mueller meets with POTUS for an interview for a job he cannot legally take - instead makes a deal to save his ass and is going to flip on the Clintons and NOBAMA

f3f6f2  No.4093405

Q Tits or GTFO

action no more words.

42d069  No.4093406



5:5 Clock Activated Stringer (For the ClockFags)


2nd time


Holy Fuck - Dirty, dirty, dirty

068363  No.4093407


But working with who

f9f042  No.4093408



>Taking Ambien tonight

poison worse than oxy, much worse

4888cd  No.4093409

File: 6a5c302a0fb4813⋯.jpg (72.53 KB, 675x463, 675:463, GlobalView_1_Q_Drop_10_29_….JPG)

File: aebb8ad0552f4e6⋯.jpg (22.4 KB, 1126x98, 563:49, GlobalView_1_Q_Drop_10_29_….JPG)

File: 3bf4e3659e7980d⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 369x381, 123:127, trump-al-smith-dinner-hait….jpg)



c68a3e  No.4093410


"Save himself"

Good luck bob your going to need it

0babd2  No.4093411

ab7c9c  No.4093412

Q, is the confirmation coming next week ?

(The picture will be the signifier, Trump retweeted the crooked bad guys in jail)

37bda6  No.4093413

File: 9accda091fa6deb⋯.jpg (124.36 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, candice49.jpg)



Before 2028?

How about charges for 9/11?

af9ef3  No.4093414

File: e77fc7fc54682ef⋯.png (402.92 KB, 545x632, 545:632, don4.PNG)

File: 22a9ea18a1c33a6⋯.png (679.47 KB, 902x424, 451:212, eye62.PNG)

File: 7c4a52aeb689687⋯.png (777.45 KB, 816x582, 136:97, eye61.PNG)

File: 26d8ecd23ac6f36⋯.png (486.15 KB, 573x579, 191:193, eye11.PNG)

I O gravy

0fce76  No.4093415

File: 06a4e126e719b13⋯.png (1.2 MB, 998x722, 499:361, protectmueller.PNG)

140e2d  No.4093416

File: 2247f294f3c107f⋯.jpg (87.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, wellyaknows.jpg)



Mueller has been compliant for hope of leniency.

A great show he's put on to keep the guilty hopeful and distracted.

7d146c  No.4093417

File: b6203f66e7be45e⋯.jpg (30.72 KB, 512x288, 16:9, DtSPRuPXcAIkECG.jpg large.jpg)


oh, hello Q from Germany!

Any news about Merkel's Air plane disaster today?

We thought this was fishy.

and… seen this?

399f34  No.4093418


invoke the 5th?

daaf95  No.4093419


Mueller grey hat

DS Fucked

c16704  No.4093420

File: 706ea46d23f8876⋯.jpg (774.45 KB, 1900x1140, 5:3, trump bat shoop.jpg)


We The People

e48d1a  No.4093421


only Mueller

472a19  No.4093422

File: 2ad331a0cab8ce4⋯.png (437 KB, 632x473, 632:473, b2.png)


Interrogate Mueller about 911 once you have him in custody

90557b  No.4093423


KEK! That's not Lacrosse, Chief. It's hockey. They don't wear ice skates in lacrosse.

1c7837  No.4093424



5c6721  No.4093425

File: c12fbf7609800c8⋯.jpg (143.94 KB, 1037x624, 1037:624, translation.jpg)

Translation of latest tweet on POTUS account

b16980  No.4093426


Please make sure that Q patriot swat team member Patten is safe if you can Q.

80ed66  No.4093427


Top 10 biggest drops. Top 5 of 2018.

4e13b7  No.4093428

File: a239008b63a903f⋯.png (426.18 KB, 666x666, 1:1, PLJ.png)

File: ef48999f1946de6⋯.png (401.14 KB, 768x512, 3:2, MuellerJudgment.png)

File: 8e2b98facca7952⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 320x240, 4:3, RARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG.gif)

7b8b7e  No.4093429

Yank that leash!

c71043  No.4093430

What about JFK and 911?

e6f382  No.4093431


Where do we send you your Christmas Card Q?

99acde  No.4093432


Thank you God for letting me be here for this miracle! God is with us!

438d51  No.4093433



d3abcf  No.4093434


Mueller is working for who?

e89136  No.4093435

File: 3640966529a4e64⋯.mp4 (400.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, It'sHappening04072018.mp4)

aec62b  No.4093436

Am I the only one who finds it odd that a (1) posts

>>4091536 (bread #5207)

and Q posts

>>4092062 (bread #5208)

I realize not same whistleblower, but is the point anon raises ie. FBI raid by white hats or black hats re: evidence collected and ongoing investigations

37ed7a  No.4093437

File: ae932a922a12ece⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1472x950, 736:475, ae932a922a12ece90629d018b8….png)

f76e0b  No.4093438




aa8bc9  No.4093439

File: a1450be15d369af⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 1f5fcae2c15118a8b1f1d9fc74….jpg)

37bda6  No.4093440

File: 3ae5f6a98f14895⋯.jpg (243.43 KB, 1500x1118, 750:559, candice21a.jpg)

9f1e5e  No.4093441

Maybe Q saying no more leaks, is actually a GO command for certain people to leak more.


3931a2  No.4093442

File: 6b47e229aa552dc⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1218x1232, 87:88, bring the wood.png)

67442f  No.4093443

File: 1519b3c1dd181a0⋯.jpg (89.55 KB, 600x360, 5:3, 1519b3c1dd181a03fe6524506c….jpg)



b98bcb  No.4093444


nice, speaking too soon, eh? >>4093335

ab065b  No.4093445



7728a5  No.4093446

File: c6ab0f7c99affb7⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1053x527, 1053:527, nuke.png)


Nuke em Q!

acd9b0  No.4093447

File: 367606bc666b9b2⋯.jpg (111.61 KB, 495x747, 55:83, 7d19f5_1978d4539dcd406ba54….jpg)

bec9ce  No.4093448



Emmmm how does it feel to have smooth shaven balls in your mouth?

0babd2  No.4093449


in what way?

4949c6  No.4093450


fuckin burn it down Q.

I'll supply the gas

47a83d  No.4093451

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>4092933 l.b.

>Q-team just ran a play, says spouse anon.

Bobby Bowden style.

7edc14  No.4093452

File: 7bbb3916a1311c4⋯.jpg (24.1 KB, 540x290, 54:29, UNSTALL DS.jpg)


THAT explains a LOT!

11dda9  No.4093453

Christ! I thought the plan was avoid a lefty chimp out!

Taking out Mueller first will cause mass mind rape

8c3050  No.4093454









8fd81b  No.4093455


Right, good call!

1c35c8  No.4093456


Guise, stream key fer security camera

792fde  No.4093457

File: 5ebf8d5eeeda7d4⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, itfoe.jpg)


7158c7  No.4093458

File: 48c84552cb196b9⋯.jpg (195.05 KB, 684x800, 171:200, USCSS.jpg)

de0124  No.4093459


Holly shit Q!!!!!

Get em! Get em all!!! If guilty- fuck em!


bb2a04  No.4093460


Good Marines gonna hurt his world at GTMO.

f444d9  No.4093461

File: 3451ff9db2f0daf⋯.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3484x1960, 871:490, 237B2191-6434-489C-AE9D-D….jpeg)


It’s all in the Wikileaks. Mueller went to Moscow and delivered HEU to the Tusdians on an FSB-authorized tarmac on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Mueller ignored the FBI whistleblower who exposed the bribery and corruption involved. Mueller may have been wearing a wire during his “interview” with POTUS.

e6fd46  No.4093462

File: 40a59cd8e03ef1e⋯.jpg (347.95 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, MuddyBuddies.jpg)

2efb29  No.4093463

Putin Spokesman Shares 2016 Emails From Michael Cohen

It's still unclear whether President Trump and President Vladimir Putin will meet at the G-20 this weekend (the prospects for a meeting have been repeatedly confirmed and denied by both sides), but there's little doubt that, back in Washington, the talk of the town will focus on whether Michael Cohen's guilty plea represents an important turning point in the Russia collusion investigation (as the Washington Post suggested in a Page 1 story published in Friday's paper).

But as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani confirmed yesterday in an interview with the New York Times (and as the president himself told a group of reporters before departing for Argentina), the Cohen story is really just more of the same.

And as if the media needed more evidence that the Trump Tower Moscow controversy has already been litigated in the public eye, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday offered a quick reminder when he showed two of Cohen's emails to a group of reporters, confirming a 15-month old report that Cohen had reached out to him to ask for help with facilitating the project (none was offered, and the project was eventually abandoned), the Daily Mail reported.

As a reminder, here's what Peskov and Cohen said about Cohen's 'contact' with the Kremlin at the time (per CNN). Cohen has since admitted to lying about the talks ending in January 2016, and has instead claimed that they continued - with the president's involvement at times - until the summer of 2017.

"This email said that a certain Russian company together with certain individuals is pursuing the goal of building a skyscraper in the 'Moscow City' district, but things aren't going well and they asked for help with some advice on moving this project forward," Peskov said. "But, since, I repeat again, we do not react to such business topics – this is not our work – we left it unanswered."

He added: "We cannot discuss with President Putin hundreds and thousands of different requests, which, by the way, come from a variety of countries."

Cohen revealed Monday that he had made the overture to Moscow at a point well into Trump's presidential campaign.

"The Trump Moscow proposal was simply one of many development opportunities that the Trump Organization considered and ultimately rejected," Cohen said in a written statement.

"In late January 2016, I abandoned the Moscow proposal because I lost confidence that the prospective licensee would be able to obtain the real estate, financing and government approvals necessary to bring the proposal to fruition," he added. "It was a building proposal that did not succeed and nothing more."

Sound familiar?


ae4f43  No.4093464

File: 454bae217c6b362⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1614x2098, 807:1049, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

I hope this Anon get a promotion

5163e3  No.4093465

File: 2654a284a3df1da⋯.jpg (146.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DP_Christmas.jpg)


Holy Shitballs

5ff660  No.4093466

File: 558652fb95abbf5⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 558652fb95abbf55718394aaee….jpg)

fde5c2  No.4093467



aa8bc9  No.4093468

f278f1  No.4093469


>This confirms he is not white hat or grey hat.

Did you graduate from retard school?

Or did you drop out early?

bf31b6  No.4093470

File: d7f5e63cf2f11d0⋯.jpg (101.36 KB, 798x800, 399:400, timing.jpg)

016a11  No.4093471

File: c6c752880feac27⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 242x170, 121:85, I got you bruh.jpg)


Thank you Q. You've Made Friday Great Again.

7b8b7e  No.4093472

File: 2b1d6456bce067f⋯.png (473.59 KB, 556x370, 278:185, NoLeaks.png)

928803  No.4093473


Ramtha is Lucifers butthole.

75fed9  No.4093474

Woah, tomorrow's is Dec 1.

Dec 4 LL testimony?

Dec 5 Huber

Exciting week.

2aae03  No.4093475


Proof of the old saying during a sinking ship: "Every man for himself!"

03e9be  No.4093476


First direct threat to Mueller?

Oh what a show!

100a21  No.4093477


Will he?


By whom?

How do you bring charges to people who are protected at every level of the law enforcement complex?

Why are you ranting here instead of showing America and the world ACTUAL POWER by cracking down on the traitors?

4949c6  No.4093478




what's wrong with her face?

bf31b6  No.4093479


already listening babay!

7d4d4d  No.4093480

File: 736e22684e1376e⋯.png (3.01 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, qclock_q_djt(9)3x3q58.png)

>>4092909 LB

I think that is the one referred to as well.

On the CLOCK.

Long day on the CLOCK. Getting a little punchy. Hope some other Anons can carry this on.


Long day on the CLOCK. Getting a little punchy. Hope some other Anons can carry this on.


6496e0  No.4093481



He is dirty from U1, 9/11, and many others.

He is also working to exonerate Trump to save himself.


c4f134  No.4093482

Dammit Q! Would a lb kill ya? Shit!

0a0375  No.4093483

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"New Clinton Foundation Whistleblower TBA Next Monday?"

In a discussion between Hannity, John Soloman and Sara Carter, something new came to light about the Clinton Foundation investigation.

HANNITY: Now: there’s something percolating that will probably break Monday. You’re both smiling. Do either one of you want to give the audience….well, a little heads up…..

JOHN: I’ll give you some breaking news right now, Sean. Just two hours ago, federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber, the [Utah] US Attorney investigating the Clintons, reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation, [this is the] first time we’ve seen contact between a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and that particular federal office. That just happened tonight.

HANNITY: Are you talking about the one who’s home was raided?

JOHN S.:No, this is a new—a different whistleblower that you might…..you’ll learn a lot on Monday, I betcha.

HANNITY: All right, we’ll learn a lot more on Monday. Sara, last word…

SARA: We need to keep our eyes—

HANNITY: What’s the preview of Monday’s coming attraction?

SARA (big laugh): I think we’ve got a lot to look forward to on Monday, Sean. And I think the American people are going to see that there was [something] happening behind the scenes at the FBS as well as the Dept of Justice. And Michael Horowitz has been doing a very deep dive into this…There’s gonna be a lot of breaking news in the next month and [in] the months to come.

HANNITY: Amazing the year of the boomerang. We were right all along. It continues.



8e2030  No.4093484


would still be nice to hang him though

0a8325  No.4093485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f76e0b  No.4093486


[RR] must be working to save himself, too.

Q telling us this now means the gig is up and the truth is about to be revealed.

e094af  No.4093487

File: c895a827d8b8ae5⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 500x281, 500:281, traitors.gif)

f3f6f2  No.4093488

36 hours to be pissed ( 11 day lag time on U1),

Tits or GTFO

44345a  No.4093489


What about HRC?

Do we have Assange?

0babd2  No.4093490


that's funny

420fd8  No.4093491


And the fact that you're here proves …. that you are a shill.

1a4144  No.4093492


Mueller working to save himself

→ Definition of bias!

Awesome plan!

37bda6  No.4093493

File: 0227f0de1456eea⋯.jpg (14.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, check em Trump.jpg)


Magic QUADS confirm

716b78  No.4093494

Nobody cares about this cryptic bullshit anymore. Stop posting & start arresting people these treasonous clowns already!

0efa34  No.4093495

File: 35f044f0ab2fa91⋯.jpg (392.75 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Coffee Frog Q.jpg)


The Reptiles. They use a frequency to hide their true form, without it we would see them.

995bf9  No.4093496


Nothing but a little maggot you are. A termite

9a5b48  No.4093497

Ohhh Hillary,

Now what will you do in the day of punishment,

And in the devastation which will come from afar?

To whom will you flee for help? And where will you leave your wealth?

4a1e89  No.4093498

File: 947f0846024327b⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 500x438, 250:219, 2nvyk5[1].jpg)

52087e  No.4093499


So close to hitting epic quads.

1222ad  No.4093500

By Savannah Pointer

November 29, 2018 at 9:56am

Share on Facebook Tweet Email Print

California’s Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman has taken leave of his position over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Bauman said in a statement on Wednesday that he plans to seek treatment for alcohol abuse and health issues, according to CBS.

Bauman, 59, who is the CDP’s first openly gay chairman, took his leave of absence on Monday after party Vice Chairman Daraka Larimore-Hall accused Bauman of sexual harassment and assault against unnamed alleged victims last week.


video in article

7158c7  No.4093501

File: 829208cafd9678b⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 450x448, 225:224, Navicella mosaic fragment ….jpg)

15fda0  No.4093502

File: 3685d02aff42dc9⋯.png (163.99 KB, 856x589, 856:589, ClipboardImage.png)


Time between Q drop on testimony and

Comey's tweet

3 days 17 hours 20 mins

391b35  No.4093503


Need to see them ALL HANG, Q

d0f1aa  No.4093504

File: 525ebbd07c1d731⋯.png (50.3 KB, 1193x162, 1193:162, (You)'d by Q.png)

File: 2e2f2081d15bd3a⋯.png (212.03 KB, 752x556, 188:139, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at ….png)

File: c8b0ddf2422d924⋯.gif (492.1 KB, 500x281, 500:281, TodayWasAGoodDay.gif)

>Got some (you)s in the notables….

>Got my first (You) from the bossman, Q.

I got to say it was a good day.

4f6dc1  No.4093505

Will 2018 be glorious?

cc526f  No.4093506


Why do the CLINTON'S remain in CONTROL of many still in POWER?


The Clinton family is working overtime.


Nothing can stop what is coming.



e48d1a  No.4093507



if Mueller bad, RR must be bad

a21d39  No.4093508


Working to save himself = make a hack job out of the russia investigation and get a more lenient sentence?

b5ac7a  No.4093509

File: d3f270e2d3622ca⋯.jpg (114.21 KB, 901x989, 901:989, Dexi0HhWkAAgkSO.jpg)

File: e6e81332650d862⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 600x436, 150:109, DgG3u6CUwAACROA.jpg)

1a55f1  No.4093510


I must be the slow anon. I'm still thinking Mueller is a black hat.

5bd4b0  No.4093511


You fucking C_lown. Go kys. Have someone post it for you. Maybe double tap yourself to the back of your head?

Having fun tonight?

068363  No.4093512

File: 2cc426525584e6e⋯.jpeg (124.47 KB, 1440x1023, 480:341, 1535324158.jpeg)

22d2ba  No.4093513


>He's working to save himself.


c16704  No.4093514

File: 030b7d00e1c8976⋯.png (78.47 KB, 329x328, 329:328, vine sigil.png)

a7934f  No.4093515


That could still mean he could be on EITHER side.

ffc22b  No.4093516


Rosenstein, too?

0babd2  No.4093517


funny - it says hockey in the meme…. I just named it wrong

9f1e5e  No.4093518


Agreed, it's been getting old since July.

dba745  No.4093519


Of course, he presided over that time period.

These people are sick.

b42810  No.4093520


Hey boss

fe968a  No.4093521


This a carefully crafted movie.

Trump says watch Hannity

Soloman reveals"leaked"info

Q reprimands "leaker"

Q & Trump must not be coordinating. Chaos!

Enjoy the Show!

6496e0  No.4093522


yup, see: >>4093481 (also to you)

same thing, dirty but saving himself

Grey Hat

2e0158  No.4093523



42d069  No.4093524


Hey Baker? Maybe

100a21  No.4093525



enough BS

deliver or GTFO

96bcdd  No.4093526


So his deal was play his part in the Great Awakening or Death, Correct?

b4be06  No.4093527


puppets are freaking out

aa8bc9  No.4093528


They ain't got much money left, though, Q, right? RIGHT?

99a275  No.4093529

File: ccf796ea7517d35⋯.png (761.91 KB, 670x504, 335:252, 5by5.png)

87bef3  No.4093530



Misssing "y" Looks like a marker.

b3bf9a  No.4093531


2018 will be glorious.

590727  No.4093532

File: 09b3476ed318256⋯.png (697.56 KB, 1013x931, 1013:931, 73111791709436.png)

d97c20  No.4093533


bring them down Q, anons are with you

0d0d46  No.4093534

File: aa9a72fe231ea17⋯.jpg (63.89 KB, 400x313, 400:313, NONAMESTONE.jpg)

85151b  No.4093535

File: 7fbd0cdf2ae96b6⋯.png (273.41 KB, 1039x409, 1039:409, TrustThePlan.PNG)

c33d96  No.4093536


He won’t be able to walk down the streets after..

7e0c12  No.4093537


looking forward to it, thank you, Q

7b8b7e  No.4093538

File: 7fa45543fedc4cb⋯.png (356.86 KB, 452x520, 113:130, EPluribusQ.png)

6cb925  No.4093539


Is Mueller looking into "the other side" at all?

5ff660  No.4093540

File: 01e2f50a37ae391⋯.png (690.03 KB, 999x697, 999:697, 01e2f50a37ae391d69e778649a….png)

f76e0b  No.4093541

File: cb528f02e0ce585⋯.png (204.05 KB, 472x479, 472:479, pepe.boom.boom.boom.png)


Disinformation is necessary



Mueller is on a motherfucking witch hunt

7e5823  No.4093542

File: 1ca2519b2cc2ff3⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1532276594243.jpg)


Cry more you fucking bitch

8e2030  No.4093543


Go to bed hillary. you're drunk again

f3f6f2  No.4093544

we call everyone else out Q

put up or shut up


af9ef3  No.4093545

File: dcffd5bd6c13feb⋯.png (886.92 KB, 682x584, 341:292, eye20.PNG)

File: aab7ea4cebf0f1f⋯.png (652.24 KB, 482x587, 482:587, eye1.PNG)

e48d1a  No.4093546



RR is white hat

Q fed us some disinfo

399024  No.4093547

File: e9d136cd64cb3f5⋯.jpg (453.83 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 180901 AM Perimeter Prayer….JPG)

ced574  No.4093548

File: 17f54ca71f19843⋯.png (38.23 KB, 588x473, 588:473, muellermediabribery2.png)

File: 3bf44892de821ad⋯.png (36.33 KB, 597x469, 597:469, muellercrimesblockextradic….png)

File: dfd78ac8f7710b1⋯.png (28.02 KB, 596x486, 298:243, muellerpedocases.png)

File: c0b6f8c7071c47f⋯.png (37.41 KB, 585x472, 585:472, muellerbribery3.png)


Music to my "ears"

daaf95  No.4093549


Oh shit, they are all in China?

18672a  No.4093550


I am sure a leader could/would be comfortable with this…

Personally, I would feel this a burden..

So I don't know whether to say "DoItQ" or "ThankQ"

So I guess I will say both.. I support your efforts. The 11-11-18 solar events make me wonder.. so I guess in the end I will say, as you have said:

"God Bless Us All"

On a side note… we are at the beginning of the Aquarian Age… the Dawn… We know their might be a tad bit of pain… but we are approaching the Dawn of enlightenment…. which means the adversary has completed his cycle and is done. I am truly happy… Blue skies ahead.

28cfc9  No.4093551


>Mueller will face charges re: U1

Inslee / Locke / Ferguson also involved?

I know you won't tell us / but I believe they are dirty dirty dirty

U1 involved or adjacent dirty

1a4144  No.4093552


Shills, the time is NOW.

>>3879331 pb - Luke 15:1-7, The Parable of the Lost Sheep

b16980  No.4093553


you seem to think you are on a level playing field with Q.

What a colossal mistake

4e13b7  No.4093554

File: f0007c412d561dc⋯.png (202.41 KB, 430x447, 430:447, biden94.png)

File: f50c1d0e4843001⋯.png (286.06 KB, 505x440, 101:88, biden93.png)

File: 822709a64e29a5f⋯.png (247.35 KB, 444x446, 222:223, biden84.png)

File: 3870550275f10ac⋯.png (177.7 KB, 430x533, 430:533, SMIDEN.png)

File: 5f331f0cf73ea52⋯.png (985.81 KB, 777x970, 777:970, halp.png)

fdb8a8  No.4093555

We thank you.


ab7c9c  No.4093556


Don't they control nukes ?

59f85d  No.4093557


Cannot wait! Popcorn ready!

7728a5  No.4093558


>Nothing can stop what is coming.


b5ac7a  No.4093559

File: f26eaf9b49bfa6d⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 35ad0d32fe45d42a75ae90722e….jpg)

f278f1  No.4093560


Mueller will face charges re: U1

He's working to save himself.


Therefore, he is doing everything asked of him by POTUS.

49d235  No.4093561


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Officials say the FBI will bring hundreds of jobs to an Army base in Alabama as part of an expansion including the agency's first large-scale operations support building.

News outlets report the FBI announced the expansion Thursday at Redstone Arsenal just outside Huntsville. Robert Hamilton, FBI senior executive for Redstone, says it will move nearly 1,400 personnel and contractors from the Washington, D.C., region. The FBI has roughly 300 employees working on its two campuses at Redstone.

7158c7  No.4093562

File: de366658fb97886⋯.jpg (97.96 KB, 350x600, 7:12, "St. Michael Triumphant" b….jpg)

1dd829  No.4093563



Who Raided The whistleblower our guys or theirs?

That will tell me everything

ab86cc  No.4093564


How to free someone blackmail…

Remove the blackmailer or hold something even more damning over their head or…. hmmmmm

de0124  No.4093565

Highest Ranking Anon needs at least 17 promotions! So good to know there are good people in the sheriffs dep in broward co. Thank God for that man! May god bless him!


0d0d46  No.4093566

File: 99e39cb543859b1⋯.jpg (48.67 KB, 526x440, 263:220, SUICIDE.jpg)

22d2ba  No.4093567


>The Clinton family is working overtime.

PATRIOTS have had sleepless nights working as well!


0a0375  No.4093568


Hannity just hinted at a new Clinton Foundation whistleblower to be revealed on Monday.

d0f1aa  No.4093569


"Nothing can stop"

Pole shift… consciousness.

7edc14  No.4093570

File: 470d9ba4a7e3612⋯.jpg (176.79 KB, 700x653, 700:653, SHILL TACTICS NOV2018.jpg)


Shills gonna shill. I wonder if the Executive Order signed will consider shilling as aiding and abetting those prosecuted later.

Not saying GITMO them, but something proportional to set an example and let them think about what they did.

7d6f8a  No.4093571


Proverbs 8:13: "The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate." No mercy for evil. Destroy them, Q.

a7934f  No.4093572


HRC can't post here.

391b35  No.4093573





8fd81b  No.4093574

File: 931f80753bdc990⋯.jpg (237.72 KB, 857x763, 857:763, 931f80753bdc9903082585682d….jpg)



75fed9  No.4093575

Ok, this needs to be thought through.

If Mueller is bad why did he meet with with POTUS before the investigation?

Did he refuse a offer?

9f1e5e  No.4093576


if you have it ALL like you claim, then why are the cabal and (((their))) puppets they have control of, scared of you more then?

995bf9  No.4093577


Thank you Q !

37ed7a  No.4093578

File: 5b655cc880577b3⋯.jpg (289.29 KB, 1168x1200, 73:75, hugh_hefner_2003_photo_by_….jpg)

04e40f  No.4093579



Thank you Q!

This is the best timeline!

15fda0  No.4093580


We pray, We pray , We pray!!

Clinton's had their tentacles in EVERYTHING!!!


4888cd  No.4093581


That Island and temple must have had some big time blackmail produced there.

bb48ca  No.4093582


Purge!!!! Scum draining our country of love, resources, HUMANITY!!

cf4a28  No.4093583

File: 77041a17f9703aa⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 900x760, 45:38, 77041a17f9703aa71188137508….gif)


Show us what's behind the Red Doors, Q.

Rip off the band-aid.

We're starting to wake them up. We're ready now.

7b8b7e  No.4093584


RM and RR are playing their roles to avoid the death penalty

430b30  No.4093585

File: 8e4e6b76334d152⋯.jpg (21.44 KB, 630x559, 630:559, Truth2.jpg)






19189a  No.4093586


Just 187 Bill and Hillary.

Problem solved.

6f0c0a  No.4093587

File: 916394ed634ccee⋯.jpg (111.64 KB, 1023x996, 341:332, 043214c38517465fc73f741428….jpg)

068363  No.4093588

File: 9e38275fa38c53f⋯.jpg (88 KB, 1080x475, 216:95, 20181129_070248.jpg)

0bf507  No.4093589

File: f694fd194d3a256⋯.jpg (113.12 KB, 928x935, 928:935, 3.JPG)

One person killed in Franklin County plane crash


6496e0  No.4093590

File: fc7c088e18ef4a0⋯.jpg (4.49 MB, 6147x3317, 6147:3317, PlanMap.jpg)

>Few Know The Plan


0fce76  No.4093591

File: 3028f5bf6677587⋯.png (446.21 KB, 416x448, 13:14, theprice.PNG)


Love it!

e6f382  No.4093592


Not many going to see there tour… Hilldog must be tight up for money!

aa8bc9  No.4093593


Keep up.

Whistleblower told to shhh.

bf31b6  No.4093594

File: 103836e11a237d4⋯.jpg (401.08 KB, 1919x1199, 1919:1199, hunter2.jpg)

802632  No.4093595


So first Comey wanted to testify in open session to avoid having to talk about anything classified. Now (post Q drop RE:DELCAS) he realizes that POTUS will DECLAS whatever is necessary prior to his testimony, leading him to try to fight the subpoena. Outstanding.

792be8  No.4093596

File: 68c9fa117fd21a5⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 255x254, 255:254, qpdoitq2howtq.jpg)



792fde  No.4093597

File: 58cfc0904303d25⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1685x1197, 1685:1197, 58cfc0904303d256d3e1826976….png)

File: eb8e8dcb128adca⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 550x550, 1:1, eb8e8dcb128adca621acf5a4e4….jpg)

f76e0b  No.4093598

File: a43b6fff36bc15e⋯.jpeg (186.38 KB, 1024x604, 256:151, hrc-gang.jpeg)




bec9ce  No.4093599


The panic is evident all over the place even on this board :D

87bef3  No.4093600


Stop blackmail by revealing the truth.

0d0d46  No.4093601

File: 5ac2794e0f59d66⋯.jpg (24.38 KB, 350x394, 175:197, AWAKE.jpg)

47a83d  No.4093602


kek, classic move.

Macri was kissing his ass on the hot mic later on when they got seated.

e89136  No.4093603

File: 8a8969700116671⋯.gif (3.95 MB, 307x325, 307:325, when_it_hits.gif)

c71043  No.4093604

you are turning us on Q… :)

fde5c2  No.4093605


Please let Merkel FALL SOON.

She's a chinese communist agent destroying her country.

f92d7d  No.4093606

File: a39dbceeedba888⋯.jpg (123.36 KB, 710x706, 355:353, comfy.jpg)


thats how I took it as well Anon.

b16980  No.4093607


Thank God, Thank President Trump, Thank Q!.

7e7e74  No.4093608

File: 71ebb5d9773d270⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1972x1050, 986:525, jfdgklskdf;g.png)

RR and RM are knees deep in U1

RM is the clean up guy to save others and his own ass

the minute this is dissolved the game is over. RM knows every player

RM / Enron / Renegade / Fix / Bengahzi / and on and on.


3931a2  No.4093609

File: aac3b3b621cc3ae⋯.png (748.11 KB, 827x598, 827:598, Qevaloution.png)

God Bless All Patriots .. Thank you Q!!

dba745  No.4093610


Remember the first post:

[Future Comms]

Pre_stage ele_y

Pre_stage sec_y

Pre_stage dir_y

Pre_stage cap_y


daaf95  No.4093611


Comon man it was a cover, had to be.

b58e21  No.4093612



Top tier not completely cleaned up or is it other dept.being problematic?

b836ac  No.4093613


Seeing is believing Q.

Good night

aa5c93  No.4093614

File: dbdfffc972291be⋯.jpg (237.21 KB, 570x739, 570:739, D5 AVALANCHE.jpg)

67b12e  No.4093615


No choice but to Declass now- comey was supposed to testify first.

f4e9a0  No.4093616


Make it visible. Red pill the sheep.

37bda6  No.4093617

File: d270504b16bc378⋯.jpg (80.88 KB, 774x960, 129:160, ass45.jpg)


They've been 'panicking' for 2 years now?

They look pretty comfy to me.

What about faggot Obongo and BIG MIKE?

They just keep raking in the $$$

It really sucks to be (THEM).

b42810  No.4093618


When do we do Declas and start unsealing?


8b867e  No.4093619


Who was POTUS when the Internet was unleashed?


Clintons used that as opportunity to gather information for Blackmail purposes in the future.

e9fd28  No.4093620


This is the finest operation of all time. God bless the Q team. Many of us had all but lost our faith.

52087e  No.4093621


Coincidental timing to be in Canada lately?

Remember trip to NZ a while back was suspicious.

8012e2  No.4093622


Oh my.

8c3050  No.4093623







0babd2  No.4093624


how 'bout the ringing/tones in muh ears and the lyme? could we stop that pleaseeeeee

8bf1e4  No.4093625

d3abcf  No.4093626

File: 26e1f4e7923f770⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1243x1774, 1243:1774, A0E3AB21-73BC-41FB-A8CC-AE….png)

44345a  No.4093627

c326a1  No.4093628

Mueller is kinda sexy. He will be a popular choice in prison.

4888cd  No.4093629


You're going to see lots of Hasbara jews going in if that is the case.

f3f6f2  No.4093630

File: 07e5b86b2ff7583⋯.gif (1020.48 KB, 670x670, 1:1, 07e5b86b2ff7583f4bb3e7fc64….gif)

792be8  No.4093631

File: 869eaf5b9396062⋯.jpg (113.15 KB, 700x500, 7:5, hddd3.jpg)

7cce04  No.4093632

Notes so far

Anything missed?

>>4093463 Putin Spokesman Shares 2016 Emails From Michael Cohen

>>4093461 Refresher: Mueller delivered enriched uranium to Russia

>>4093316 Justin Cooper and the HRC server

>>4093115 , >>4093289, >>4093530 Possible relevant past QPosts

>>4093132 , >>4093145, >>4093173, >>4093502 Calculations

>>4093066 Timestamps between QPost and Comey tweet

Friday 11.30.18

>>4093506 rt >>4093335 -————————– >>>BLACKMAIL

>>4093335 rt >>4093224 -————————– Mueller will face charges re: U1

>>4093110 ————————————–——– re: MUELLER. 5:5?

>>4093082 rt >>4092826 -————————– Edit: Do the math

9cfd45  No.4093633

File: 0c74046b39d2900⋯.jpeg (223.17 KB, 1126x855, 1126:855, 0D60E9E4-B620-4C84-88BD-0….jpeg)

aa8bc9  No.4093634

File: 038c35015ed2c5b⋯.png (565.03 KB, 544x432, 34:27, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 316fe70cff2bd72⋯.png (12.62 KB, 255x164, 255:164, ClipboardImage.png)

208964  No.4093635


ThankQ. In Massachusetts, this place desperately needs to be freed from the clutches of tyranny. I’m so grateful for all the patriots working towards the restoration of America.

7e5823  No.4093636

File: f423d6086e8169a⋯.jpg (9.03 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1531968297982.jpg)



bb2a04  No.4093637


Clinton's working OT on ICEBERGS & CONCRETE?

70d56d  No.4093638


sir, Bongino says major bad players will NOT be prosecuted because POTUS will do a deal. Do you realize what kind of backlash will take place as devout Trump supporters realize they have been betrayed? Any deal will be used by dims to discredit POTUS 2020 and he will lose. There is Nothing smart about a deal that doesn't include serious penalties for the wrongdoers. nevermind that's how I feel, I'm speaking of the millions of folks who have put their faith in POTUS to do the right thing and punish the criminals. If HRC, WJC, Comey, Mueller,all the usual players are not publically dealt with, I have to say it will not go well for POTUS or his family. Pls, respectfully, make our views known and include in decision making. do NOT betray us

ad4af8  No.4093639

File: 858f20f8b104734⋯.png (10.67 KB, 555x175, 111:35, ClipboardImage.png)


Next Week - BIGGER.


We LISTENED [20/80 />/ 40/60].

b55f50  No.4093640


"He''s working to save himself"

Could mean he is fighting hard to take out Trump before Trump takes him out. (what I think)


Is cooperating to help save his ass when going down so hard over U1.

4e13b7  No.4093641

File: 54ad87c6862e439⋯.png (400.7 KB, 667x1043, 667:1043, UNSTOPPABLE.png)

File: 4bf1b65c973fb86⋯.png (156.38 KB, 522x458, 261:229, PC36.png)

File: 0eabba20159564a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ghoulsofpower.png)

File: da94b943ff56400⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipice.jpg)

0a8325  No.4093642

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



843d74  No.4093643


The Clinton's Goodbye tour… ;-)

2efb29  No.4093644

Did Q just throw Mueller under the bus?

0fce76  No.4093645

File: 2eff1fa4e32d436⋯.png (358.03 KB, 526x449, 526:449, handsup.PNG)

1c7837  No.4093646

File: 75bc0b48eeb3419⋯.png (147.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, kekemagic.png)



457b96  No.4093647

File: f94a95ce155b7d1⋯.jpeg (4.1 KB, 197x200, 197:200, skeleton_eyes.jpeg)

a529a5  No.4093648


Alice in Wonderland

Chapter 12 (December)

Alice's evidence.

bb5b93  No.4093649

File: 2810d6093f749d9⋯.png (801.41 KB, 1637x1532, 1637:1532, scientolgoy project avalon….png)

File: c6baa0007ccf6e1⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1924x1395, 1924:1395, scientology project avalon.png)

f76e0b  No.4093650


Mueller working for Q team.

Mueller exonerates.

Telling us this means the time has come.

a62a75  No.4093651

File: d501855828af899⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 68062a19cf1ae7732ffd78ee81….jpg)


Can't wait Q!!!

Praying my health will last longer than this op! Kek!!

ffc22b  No.4093652


I would love to be hear the panic the Clintons must be in right now. Go Q!

cc526f  No.4093653


Future will prove past.

History books.


Enjoy the show.


1a4144  No.4093654


Reporting incorrect?

Per WH?

The day before.



Mueller & U1?

Mueller &


Comey to POTUS - not being investigated.

RR to POTUS - not being investigated.

Mueller to POTUS - not a criminal target.




Baiting POTUS?

Why no contact w/ WL / JA?

What is being investigated?

Why is Mueller’s team stacked w/ ex Clinton / D sr level authorities?

Why are POTUS supporters screaming for END?


ADD RUDY (quiet).

Can the investigation officially/publicly drop POTUS from review & continue?

Why did the Podesta Group close shop?


Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?

Why did POTUS interview (FBI Dir) Mueller a day prior to SC appointment if impossible to assign position?

Why did Sessions recuse?

What are the powers of Huber / IG (H)?


Who has the POWER?

Who can know?

Are D’s using as midterm tactic to win House?

Are D’s using as ammo to gain majority to impeach?

Impeach on what grounds?

What facts exist to impeach?

House report POTUS no evidence of collusion.


Mueller report will contradict per Brennan Tweet today?

Disconnect exists.

R’s / D’s negative for POTUS.

Insurance policy?

Comey release of memos to obtain SC?


SC/Comey/RR state POTUS not under investigation.

Flynn pleads guilty to none committed crime?

S interviewed?

S/P relationship w/ judge?

#2/S/P 302 mod?

Fusion GPS.

The Brits - raw intel / dossier / 5 eyes.


DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement BS

Election/voter fraud





Sec of State



More than you can imagine.

re: HRC insurance [win]



Remainder illegal acts.


SC targeting who?

SC on team?

SC off team?

Questions reveal answers.

Time will tell.


100a21  No.4093655


Yes, we know that, thanks.

Can you do something about it?

One year later, I'm afraid it's not obvious.

As so many anons rightfully say in this thread, time to put up, Q. Or to shut up. Indeed, this is not a game.

e6f382  No.4093656


Hi Hillary & Bill enjoy the show, we are!

c4fda6  No.4093657

How does he save himself from Treason?

Deal, No Deal…

516f20  No.4093658

File: fb7a7372d698ce7⋯.png (141.96 KB, 600x842, 300:421, fb7a7372d698ce7dce774d4883….png)

File: 390049b170f6558⋯.jpg (87.67 KB, 415x595, 83:119, 2bay5x.jpg)

2aae03  No.4093659

Mueller doesn't give a rip about the rest…….CYA is the name of the game.

ead3bf  No.4093660


Make those filthy bastards SUFFER!

577fed  No.4093661


Let the Justice Roll, like a river Q.

Wash away all the evil they have done to this land and this world.

The rocks are crying for freedom for all the people they have hurt and all the damage they have caused.

Unleash the Dam.

85cce0  No.4093662

File: 91ce1f258d5e7b4⋯.jpg (601.42 KB, 1100x1470, 110:147, !Awakening17.jpg)

85151b  No.4093663

File: da9c9c38b065945⋯.png (1.01 MB, 908x630, 454:315, Crack the Whip.PNG)

792be8  No.4093664

File: 65aef3fa96c9ddb⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 600x338, 300:169, gifrr65aef3fa96c9ddbc8daf7….gif)

e74790  No.4093665

File: aa006aad8100b4a⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, notshill.jpg)


Your (Q)ue to PANIC

fa4526  No.4093666

5:5…high 5? Deal made? Just a idea..

8ff901  No.4093667


Saving the Republic one Declas at a time

4789b4  No.4093668

File: afa64cd993513bf⋯.png (658.54 KB, 786x551, 786:551, ready4pain.PNG)

File: 379bb94f5acc239⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1094x936, 547:468, duty-patriot.PNG)

File: 5245f67d9b752e4⋯.png (857.78 KB, 903x525, 43:25, enjoyshow.PNG)

7e7e74  No.4093669


there is no flipped bm

rr and rm are thick as thieves

99acde  No.4093670


Thunder rolling,

lightning strikes.

The storm is nearly upon us.

4949c6  No.4093671


Did this make it in earlier today? If not… I'd say notable. Disclaimer, self-recced.

>>4093275 - Federal agents mysteriously raided a former Trump attorney’s office

aa8bc9  No.4093672


Nice background music. o7

ab065b  No.4093673


I'm so excited!!!!!

de0124  No.4093674


They need a shit ton of JUSTICE!, not an easy way out

ab7c9c  No.4093675


I'd be ready for 95/5 but I dont want to see the world burn

f76e0b  No.4093676

File: 20ec42e61fbdaf2⋯.jpeg (426.97 KB, 800x1108, 200:277, michael.angel.jpeg)


Get behind me Satan.

96bcdd  No.4093677

File: 66a0aa103168eb1⋯.jpg (332.7 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, EnjoyShowPepes.jpg)


Do you actually think they are 'free' and aren't under Guard 24/7?

They're playing their parts.

What makes a good Movie?

Good Actors.

420fd8  No.4093678


Amen anon. MA anon here as well. Infested.

c4f134  No.4093679



ae731d  No.4093680

b62f4a  No.4093681


I've said for a year.

Mueller and RR have to be gone before U1 investigation.

They are both wrapped up in it.

fde5c2  No.4093682






d48330  No.4093683


I peeped the object spin towards MBS left hand

7728a5  No.4093684

File: 172b559d7b1796c⋯.png (551.54 KB, 741x540, 247:180, everydog.png)

19189a  No.4093685


Waiting for the show to start Q

Its been a long fucking year

2e0158  No.4093686




f278f1  No.4093687


It's door #2, anon.

0babd2  No.4093688

File: 4ad851308170e12⋯.png (586.83 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PANIC_IN_DC.png)

fbe5d1  No.4093689

File: 55d83a155903e30⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 572x674, 286:337, robert mueller fear of a b….jpg)

8c3050  No.4093690






ab86cc  No.4093691


Yeah, history books are gonna have a really weird chapter going forward…

7edc14  No.4093692

File: 15d697dec6fd3bc⋯.jpg (79.4 KB, 648x432, 3:2, HRC OVERTIME No sleep.jpg)

1c7837  No.4093693


NSA accidentally….. you can finish it if you like… Godbless

792be8  No.4093694

File: a8128190181253f⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 255x254, 255:254, qputdfjdhkld.jpg)



e48d1a  No.4093695


>Why do the CLINTON'S remain in CONTROL of many still in POWER?



9145cf  No.4093696



And, Q didn't drop it. Shill is mad he had to some quick thinking

f8da34  No.4093697


Consider the Storm may include Nuclear War before you say that.

dba745  No.4093698

File: 20cc7500e22ed5d⋯.jpg (140.53 KB, 1154x1547, 1154:1547, tesla.jpg)

503b36  No.4093699

File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573c875554e….png)

bf31b6  No.4093700

File: 0dcb765cac844b7⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 384x384, 1:1, history.jpg)


prayers and love

82f565  No.4093701

Mueller a blackhat through and through

faced with Death Penalty vs Life in Prison, Mueller became a greyhat.

RR's story is very similar ('follow the wives')

Blackhat turned greyhat.

d97c20  No.4093702

File: 2d29126479cea2c⋯.png (266.82 KB, 327x377, 327:377, 79534459-f5f0-4fe8-9a6f-d1….png)

8b867e  No.4093703


Get to Clockfag!

4789b4  No.4093704

File: 3703d49236ce775⋯.jpg (190.55 KB, 640x640, 1:1, rocksolidusa.jpg)

File: cff572d4e161e62⋯.png (1007.12 KB, 854x543, 854:543, qontrol2.PNG)

File: 5245f67d9b752e4⋯.png (857.78 KB, 903x525, 43:25, enjoyshow.PNG)

716b78  No.4093705

Who cares? Make the arrests! Either you have everything & you're in full control or you don't & you're not. Never underestimate your opponent.

e67745  No.4093706

File: 876c52d2af0b004⋯.jpg (116.51 KB, 700x1344, 25:48, IMG_20181201_090152.jpg)

1a55f1  No.4093707


Thank you Q+. It's been a long road to the end game. Godspeed and God bless.

aec62b  No.4093708

File: 90e9701ed1157e2⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 648x434, 324:217, bushFindOut.jpg)

ced574  No.4093709


You Mad?! i.e. insane?

44345a  No.4093710

File: ba3fc0ed0132e31⋯.mp4 (9.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, How P G & E Started the CA….mp4)