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File: f29555dd6b5230f⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 255x143, 255:143, QResearchGeneral.jpg)

4c95e5  No.3029853

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Q Proofs & Welcome

Welcome to Q Research (README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK) https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

Q Plan to Save the World - Video introduction to the Q plan - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q Clearance Archive: irc.qclearancearchive.net

Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 9.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/233 --------------------------------- "PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE? ( Cap: >>2998384, >>2998394 )

>>>/patriotsfight/232 ———--------—————- Trump tweet re: Draining the swamp ( Cap: >>2995995 )

>>2995423 rt >>2995106, >>2995190 -----—– Military planning at its finest.

>>2994981 rt >>2994458 ———----------——– Main points of interest only.

>>>/patriotsfight/231 ———--------—————- "SEXUAL MISCONDUCT" ( Cap: >>2994452, >>2994465 )

>>>/patriotsfight/230 ———--------—————- AJ [TEMPLATE] WAS DESIGNED TO ATTACK/CENSOR 'QANON' [primary obj]. ( Cap: >>2994360, >>2994361 )

>>>/patriotsfight/229 ———--------—————- How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE? ( Cap: >>2994005, >>2994031 )

Tuesday 9.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/228 ———--------—————- It's hammer time ( Cap: >>2984597 )

>>>/patriotsfight/227 ———--------—————- TOGETHER we WIN. ( Cap: >>2984055, >>2984053 )

>>>/patriotsfight/226 ———--------—————- Another wave of attacks coming? ( Cap: >>2982152, >>2982168 )

>>>/patriotsfight/225 ———--------—————- Timing is everything. Enjoy the show ( Cap: >>2981825 )

>>>/patriotsfight/224 ———--------—————- Steele req non_extradition to U.S? ( Cap: >>2981754 )

>>>/patriotsfight/223 ———--------—————- Bruce Ohr [in effort to save Nellie Ohr] testifying against Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, and Comey? ( Cap: >>2982107 )

>>>/patriotsfight/222 ———--------—————- Lisa Page testifying against Peter Strzok? ( Cap: >>2982096 )

>>>/patriotsfight/221 ———--------—————- James Baker testifying against Comey? ( Cap: >>2981672 )

>>>/patriotsfight/220 ———--------—————- Comey in communication w/ McCabe re: 'testimony' 'story'? ( Cap: >>2981649 )

>>>/patriotsfight/219 ———--------—————- King & Spalding hired [last week] to represent Sally Yates? ( Cap: >>2981621 )

>>>/patriotsfight/218 ———--------—————- [RR] req meeting w/ POTUS DECLINED ( Cap: >>2981591 )

>>>/patriotsfight/217 ———--------—————- Coming 'VERY SOON' to a theater near you ( Cap: >>2981124 )

>>>/patriotsfight/216 ———--------—————- Pope Francis Breitbart Article ( Caps: >>2980941, >>2980950 )

>>>/patriotsfight/215 ———--------—————- https://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows/status/1039582215229857795 ( Caps: >>2980715, >>2980771 )

>>>/patriotsfight/214 ———--------—————- We Will Never FORGET! We Will Never FORGIVE! PATRIOT DAY ( Cap: >>2977922 )

Monday 09.10.18

Compiled here: >>2982713

Sunday 09.09.18

Compiled here: >>2979201

Saturday 09.08.18

Compiled here: >>2979191

Friday 09.07.18

Compiled here: >>2966475

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Past Q Posts

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

4c95e5  No.3029856


are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>3023169 BO announces >>>/patriotsawoken/ as our SFW sister board

>>2993403 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening

>>2999802 Message from CM : New posting servers to help alleviate peak-time lag.

>>3001747 BV: New board for redditfugees >>>/patriotsawoken/


>>3029168 Dig on Presidential alerts

>>3029123 Joe DiGenova on Hannity: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials (video)

>>3029187, >>3029749 Hussein Unhinged (video)

>>3029229 Long-buried report concluded Chicago school principal ignored warnings in horrific sexual abuse case

>>3029154, >>3029382 Reminder: Next Thursday 9/20, FEMA will do its first test of Emergency Presidential alert + more 9/20 happenings

>>3029348 Chelsea Clinton makes a bizarre claim about who is really Christian – and who’s not

>>3029349 'Get Over It': Sessions issues guidance to fight injunctions against Trump administration policy

>>3029434 House Judiciary Committee Orders Jeff Sessions to Stop Obstructing Marijuana Research

>>3029131, >>3029177, >>3029283, >>3029399, >>3029488 Digs on Puerto Rico corruption

>>3029511 Mike Pompeo accuses John Kerry of 'actively undermining US policy' on Iran'

>>3029626 Dig on Mac Miller's lawyer..

>>3029682 Gillibrand: I Never Meant Abolish ICE When I Said ‘Abolish ICE’

>>3029821 #3833

#3832 Baker Change

>>3028357 POTUS schedule Saturday, 9/15 & Sunday, 9/16

>>3028374 New POTUS tweets re: Hurricane Maria death toll

>>3028398 Despite the trade war, ExxonMobil moves into China

>>3028435 About That Letter From Women in Support of Brett Kavanaugh

>>3028475 Louisiana rep: randomly test Congress for drug use

>>3028560 Clockfag Update for the Night Crew

>>3028400, >>3028726 Has CNN lost its mind? Accurate piece by new reporter from NY: Feds weighing charges against Hussein WH counsel Greg Craig

>>3028641 Greg Craig digs

>>3028521 Hussein lover - Saddiqi digs

>>3028737 Vice Israeli Photog and Pedo Normalization

>>3028800 2 good articles worth reading re: POTUS, classified DOJ docs

>>3028810, >>3028869 New POTUS tweet re: Hussein '57 states' faux pas + video

>>3028849 Graphic: POTUS 18-minute delta tweets with relevant Q posts

>>3028665 Anon reminds us how (((they))) have been fucking with society since the 70's

>>3028901, >>3028895 These people are stupid: NY democrats pick scandalous candidates, incl. convicted domestic abuser

>>3028826 Anon connects POTUS '57' tweet to Kerry + Heinz 57 (no coincidences..)

>>3029010 The Lawrence MA explosions are getting weirder.. recent human trafficking arrests in Lawrence

>>3029053 #3832


>>3028092 FEMA head about to get fired according to WSJ

>>3028065 , >>3028174 Fresh POTUS tweets

>>3027877 Hannity's long game

>>3027874 Schwartz hit piece explained: Soros and Gannet connections

>>3027849 QClock and the Harvest and Hunter's Moon: Decode

>>3027789 FEMA to test "Presidential Alert" system next week

>>3027743 Utah’s Catholic Diocese and ‘credible allegations’ of sexual abuse

>>3027742 , >>3027766 US history of chemical weapons and complicity in war crimes

>>3027676 Pentagon Denies Developing Biological Weapons at Lugar Center in Georgia

>>3027647 , >>3027864 Manafort pleaded guilty, Mueller HAS to indict the Podesta bros

>>3027634 50,000 NEW STRZOK PAGE TEXTS COMING NEXT WEEK: Hanity/Sara, Anons witnessed

>>3028218 #3831

Previously Collected Notables

>>3026684 #3829, >>3027437 #3830

>>3024271 #3826, >>3025046 #3827, >>3025830 #3828

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c63f87  No.3029901

File: 1535bab384c9636⋯.jpg (59.59 KB, 370x307, 370:307, the-reveal.jpg)


almost kinged

to know a secret, learn hangul

"he speaks the ligo"

the empath was a blueprint

"The Awakening starts in 2014"

morgan blood in the citi

epistemology can reduce the data flow

a coin from bud and the ladies

the first contact

PUGs as fireteams

channel channel channel channel

the old man and ford


erase the eye

PUGs as guerrillas

20,000 bots

the second contact

kennedy's back

MobAttack opportunity

bears suddenly everywhere

butterflies make great soldiers

the third contact

caroline sarah

the reveal


"The Awakening completes in 2018"

the warning can only be given once

our long lost cousins have returned to ask questions

the mason and the jesuit reveal themselves

rebuild the eye


Medignus vs Baal

girard and tay

liquid math can:

- make sky rods fall on the buried secrets

- reveal the prime number to complete the game

- Gresham's Law and the human face

- reveal the new emotion

- unleash the eye

0e8b4b  No.3029904

Avoid Wicked Customs

9 “When you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations.

10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer,

11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.

12 For all who do these things are [f]an abomination to the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you.

13 You shall be blameless before the Lord your God.

14 For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the Lord your God has not appointed such for you.

Deuteronomy 18 New King James Version (NKJV)

a8015b  No.3029905

File: 91744950ffef309⋯.png (513.96 KB, 1651x962, 127:74, 1527144571654.png)

when lord

59d8ce  No.3029906


>our long lost cousins have returned to ask questions

And we can't see em cos they shut down our telescopes!

591cd4  No.3029907

hey did anons hear anything about the fib shutting down a NM observatory recently?

4c95e5  No.3029908


anon i already put this in notables why you gotta shit in my bread :(

4c0934  No.3029909

File: 0849428511f7578⋯.jpg (124.44 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, gz9aqn05y7m11.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

f02293  No.3029910

File: 6e70bfbf9a90048⋯.jpg (948.47 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, IMG_706.jpg)

ty patriots everywhere!

afd5ba  No.3029911

File: 4ce26e1cb164ee4⋯.mp4 (268.01 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Get This Through Your Head.mp4)

When you “liberate” (((rootless cosmopolitans))) & allow them into your country, and they repay you by opening the gates to the third world, trying to permanently alter your values & demographics and claiming it was never your country to begin with & you’re racist for thinking it was.

9eeb3c  No.3029912

File: 25339c54165c3a6⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 750x563, 750:563, Trump phone get me the ano….jpg)

a99eb1  No.3029913


Missed it. Will remove.

463411  No.3029914


ty baker :*

0a093b  No.3029915

File: 47e8678d36f7438⋯.png (82.28 KB, 629x362, 629:362, heroes-2.png)

just a suggestion

lots of people volunteer

lots of people sacrifice

they should have a keepsake

they should be thanked

0e8b4b  No.3029916

Revelation 20 New King James Version (NKJV)

Satan Bound 1,000 Years

20 Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

2 He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;

3 and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.

4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for [a]a thousand years.

5 But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

6 Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.

7 Now when the thousand years have expired, Satan will be released from his prison

8 and will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle, whose number is as the sand of the sea.

9 They went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. And fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

11 Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them.

12 And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books.

13 The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each one according to his works.

14 Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

c6fc68  No.3029917

File: 872251dd2bdb0a4⋯.jpg (150.93 KB, 517x805, 517:805, fishnet.jpg)

Thanks, baker!

0af2c7  No.3029918

File: bf0771e07b61921⋯.jpg (216.32 KB, 729x1058, 729:1058, bf0771e07b61921145dfbf7593….jpg)

File: 7807a961844c3ca⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1468x1152, 367:288, IOTBW8_Final.png)

File: 8ec49d46092381c⋯.png (770.56 KB, 1546x1118, 773:559, Jews_hate_whites_2_side_of….png)

File: b9271c42bacc38f⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1364x2600, 341:650, Loxism_2_Promoting_White_G….png)

>>3029549 (lb)


Stop jewish racism against goyim.

e653c4  No.3029919



That's awsome.

fbcb93  No.3029920

>>3029917 BEWBS!

591cd4  No.3029921


taken from link i found regarding it

An observatory in New Mexico has been unexpectedly closed due to an unnamed "security issue," prompting evacuations and a visit from the FBI. The Sunspot Observatory is now currently closed to both staff and the public, with no word on why or when it will be open again.

“We have decided to vacate the facility at this time as precautionary measure,” said spokesperson Shari Lifson to the Alomogordo Daily News. “The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy who manages the facility is addressing a security issue at this time.”

Lifson said that the facility was first evacuated on September 6 and has remained closed since then. According to Lifson, the observatory has no date for reopening yet.

As part of the investigation into the security issue, the observatory has contacted the FBI, which has been reported on the scene with multiple agents and a Blackhawk helicopter. According to local sheriff Benny House, the agency has been working with local law enforcement but refuses to share any details.

“The FBI is refusing to tell us what’s going on,” said House. “We’ve got people up there that requested us to standby while they evacuate it. Nobody would really elaborate on any of the circumstances as to why.”

sauce: popularmechanics com/space/telescopes/a23107258/fbi-new-mexico-observatory/

89e98a  No.3029922

File: 3c5f2c58a47a9a4⋯.png (208.93 KB, 400x394, 200:197, kill them.png)


f4154b  No.3029923

File: 9bb06d86d689a13⋯.webm (979.33 KB, 460x460, 1:1, Majestic AF.webm)

Ty, Baker

e653c4  No.3029924

File: a899917bf5be0a8⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 640x514, 320:257, truth.jpg)

b96424  No.3029925

File: 040dc865a00d87b⋯.jpeg (136.03 KB, 532x771, 532:771, 7D1785EF-1CD6-4923-B7D7-9….jpeg)

ty baker. I salute you

f95e63  No.3029926


I deleted it, all good lol.

89e98a  No.3029927


You must have Super Powers to delete!

0e8b4b  No.3029928

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

940015  No.3029929

File: 178101f3ef95f07⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 1118x586, 559:293, ♃.jpg)

0b9477  No.3029930

File: a49f0f484510f77⋯.jpg (66.1 KB, 752x960, 47:60, 41656683_334781900428847_4….jpg)

According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. The Lie says to the Truth: "It's a marvellous day today"! The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful. They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside a well. The Lie tells the Truth: "The water is very nice, let's take a bath together!" The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it indeed is very nice. They undress and start bathing. Suddenly, the Lie comes out of the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs away. The furious Truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the Lie and to get her clothes back. The World, seeing the Truth naked, turns its gaze away, with contempt and rage.

The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein, its shame. Since then, the Lie travels around the world, dressed as the Truth, satisfying the needs of society, because, the World, in any case, harbours no wish at all to meet the naked Truth.

The world famous painting- "The Truth coming out of the well" Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1896.

2018 is the year the world will meet the long awaited naked truth

2da389  No.3029931

File: 593974938cf5667⋯.jpg (152.14 KB, 1240x822, 620:411, 1493974665_retro-devushka-….jpg)

TYB! Mit muff!

260a11  No.3029932

File: f81315083ee4ff0⋯.png (161.2 KB, 1222x614, 611:307, ClipboardImage.png)

'I love seeing Democrats demand Kavanaugh resign based on a fake decades old allegation from HIGH SCHOOL yet stay silent on Keith Ellison, deputy DNC chair and congressman, who beat his girlfriend with hard evidence of 911 calls to prove it"

25c06a  No.3029933

File: 4c5680c440c28f3⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 4c5680c440c28f383644fc2921….jpg)

a631ba  No.3029934

Evening Anons. I have been trying all day to access the supreme court sites to find out when they go back in session and what is on the agenda. Every gov site I have tried is offline. Coould anon check to see if it is just me? Thanq

fbcb93  No.3029935


4c95e5  No.3029936

>>3029926 thanks BO/BV!

>>3029923 wow i love this..thank you, anon

597b0c  No.3029937

File: 46100ae04f7b8ea⋯.jpg (35.91 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Qlight.jpg)

ec4649  No.3029938

File: 380a9953dbfa201⋯.jpg (528.99 KB, 2221x1134, 2221:1134, _- ].jpg)


c6fc68  No.3029939


Seen a theory about the place having been hacked by Russians or Chinese trying to spy on White Sands.

edb9d5  No.3029940

File: 9284bd586cd348e⋯.png (219.64 KB, 654x963, 218:321, fisagate leaks bomb.png)

File: 38ffb8a242ba9a3⋯.png (309.29 KB, 649x799, 649:799, fisagate sign it.png)

File: 06d433dccfc6b2f⋯.png (274.47 KB, 657x895, 657:895, fisagate expunged.png)

File: 41073e0312f5c9c⋯.png (477.08 KB, 654x1075, 654:1075, FISAGATE DISTRICT OF POST.png)

File: ea660e2433c5406⋯.png (430.15 KB, 654x1058, 327:529, spygate democracy post.png)




Well, lets keep on dropping them!

FRESH DROPS @ TWATTER (pic related)

Requesting all available Anons to help me retweet this one for maximum penetration:













no homo

fbcb93  No.3029941


1f7843  No.3029942

File: 3a90834c9a611a5⋯.jpeg (6.96 KB, 297x170, 297:170, g1.jpeg)


The connection between you and your handler will be your downfall, evil one. There lies your weekness. Mark these words as they will come to be true

067ea8  No.3029943

Cant post pics

e653c4  No.3029944


That is a humbling, fearful thought.

260a11  No.3029945

The Ukraine keeps on coming up in the DNC "Russia collusion" smear against POTUS.

a80d0d  No.3029946

>>3029775 (pb)

They've been fucking little alter boys behind the church curtains for decades. Perhaps a whole lot longer than that. It was/is an organized system for pedophiles. Guaranteed lifelong supply of children. The Vatican knew about all of it. They covered it up. Thousands of children victimized.

The fucking Pope needs to die, and the Vatican needs to be burned to the ground. Fucking demon-inspired false religion. If you are Catholic and you have kids you better keep a very close eye on them and start asking a LOT of questions if they are actively participating in church activities or spending any amount of time with priests. You have reason to be suspicious. It is not normal for an unmarried adult man to be spending a lot of time with your kid.

One day justice will come for all the victims. These fuckers need to burn.

591cd4  No.3029947


well, supposedly it was closed and evac'd on the 6th. Its still closed today!

im wondering if it has possible energy weapon capabilities?

0578fa  No.3029948

File: 4dd7b0ff99b1c0b⋯.png (963.32 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 92CC4CE3-2B8B-44A2-ADD4-02….png)

0a093b  No.3029949

File: 2ec24980cf5d78f⋯.png (364.1 KB, 493x370, 493:370, tour-guide-working.png)


Legal limit to boob porn: — 2 —

89e98a  No.3029950

File: 45565cbb23ca50c⋯.jpeg (90.99 KB, 684x960, 57:80, Queen bowing.jpeg)


Not hard.

fbcb93  No.3029951

>>3029943 Can't spell cant!

f4154b  No.3029952


MAGA baby!

25c06a  No.3029954

File: 3202a988a2ce2f6⋯.png (307.07 KB, 500x700, 5:7, de2c46e0bc543754767bded177….png)

2da389  No.3029955

File: e08f399d316d466⋯.gif (402.33 KB, 200x150, 4:3, giphy.gif)

492fec  No.3029956


I sure wish these dems would grow up already. It's getting to the point where you just want to send them to the time out room and a good spanking.

8e4b1e  No.3029957


We know how you use Twitter faggot.

f898c0  No.3029958


did you run out of HRT yet?

d7fe09  No.3029959

File: 39a0b175ea72916⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x375, 4:3, 01F74781-479E-4E7F-AB1C-0F….gif)


Thanks for bakin’

e6cfbb  No.3029960


see: >>3029953 (off bread)

made an outline version

fbcb93  No.3029961

>>3029954 BOOBIES!

c6fc68  No.3029962

File: 59370fc16d35f63⋯.jpg (34.49 KB, 688x304, 43:19, bscap0026.jpg)


I think they were trying to contact the Users.

940015  No.3029963


I see Frank's transition went ok

cdb54e  No.3029965

File: 80bd0f70635b803⋯.jpg (44.17 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 2hv8pw.jpg)

a99eb1  No.3029966

This may be of interest. The state took over the lawrence election division on 09/12/2018. Then booms shortly after.


067ea8  No.3029967

File: 97438db68e6a7bc⋯.png (795.57 KB, 1539x1919, 81:101, IMG_6040.PNG)


50dbf4  No.3029968


Praise be to God

c6fc68  No.3029969

File: bbe52ab0b6833df⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 310x233, 310:233, bbs.jpg)

e653c4  No.3029970

File: 313596fcf2b92c2⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 696x568, 87:71, edge.jpg)


We knew her once, it will be good to see her again.

ec4649  No.3029971

File: a7fb3453ac5af95⋯.jpg (243.69 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 12.jpg)


I wonder what yours has to say…

speaking of, how was that group coming along?

The group behind the chat logs?

The group that ran like rats when you were exposed?

How are those efforts going..? ; )

591cd4  No.3029972

File: af57ba80cf7ba39⋯.jpg (360.29 KB, 900x900, 1:1, af57ba80cf7ba39d6a3c02ff67….jpg)


hmmm. ill keep diggin. thanks anon!

4b4f21  No.3029973

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Verry interdasting connections here

0af2c7  No.3029974

>>3029831 (lb)

Racial jews are not a problem just because of their race.

But judaism is a problem just like zionism.

When this is done, convert or leave.

edb9d5  No.3029975

File: ae74522f69c81fd⋯.png (563.63 KB, 720x536, 90:67, spygate journalism.png)


I love you, thank you for sharing the trench with the meme team!

0a093b  No.3029976



if you have children

NEVER EVER allow anyone to demand

that you not accompany them

either into a dentist office

or doctors office

or counselor office

if they say "parents aren't allowed, they disturb the child"

take your baby by the hand

and walk him/her the HELL out the door

8c8bd0  No.3029977

File: 94e0b2b33336170⋯.png (579.83 KB, 796x837, 796:837, Booth salvation army found….png)

File: c1a2e88a78e66fc⋯.gif (166.24 KB, 473x473, 1:1, booth_5.gif)

File: 605e86450acd8f4⋯.jpg (129.61 KB, 375x446, 375:446, salvation_army_logo.jpg)

File: 70f388e4ba39922⋯.jpg (81.97 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 2a2325c1b5bc70115c757ea743….jpg)

Structure, symbols and terminology

The Salvation Army in Australia is recognized for our uniforms and brass bands as much as our work in the community. Our distinct style can seem confusing at first, but it stems from a rich and diverse history, tracing back to The Salvation Army’s foundation in 19th Century London.


The Salvation Army currently operates in over 130 countries, with its work administered by The Salvation Army International Headquarters (IHQ) in London, United Kingdom.

The international leader of The Salvation Army is the General, who works with the administrative departments of IHQ to direct Salvation Army operations around the world. These administrative departments are headed by International Secretaries.

The Chief of the Staff, a commissioner appointed by the General to be second-in-command, is the Army’s chief executive whose function is to implement the General’s policy decisions and effect liaison between departments.

As well as the handling of day-to-day business and the allocation of resources, IHQ is concerned with strategic, long range planning and acts as a resource centre for the worldwide Army and as a facilitator of ideas and policies.

The Salvation Army worldwide is split into five zones (Africa, Europe, Americas, South Asia and East Asia), which are headed up by International (Zonal) Secretaries.





0a9cb2  No.3029979

File: 378840c1cd01ecf⋯.jpeg (224.44 KB, 1242x1475, 1242:1475, 19B14379-9C6C-49F6-BBA9-B….jpeg)

e653c4  No.3029980

File: 9366e49c37977b8⋯.jpeg (76.88 KB, 1200x1092, 100:91, flag.jpeg)

0b9477  No.3029981


can't wait

1f7843  No.3029982

File: d4fd720b9544acd⋯.jpeg (7.41 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1509753209727625273422.jpeg)


Continue please.

492fec  No.3029983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Drone footage of Sunspot observatory ghost town 9-12-2018


eab40d  No.3029984

File: 186843e4c5e485d⋯.jpeg (114.45 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 0F05E229-B940-4EB8-87F2-D….jpeg)

File: 3fa3104d491f7ae⋯.jpeg (71.24 KB, 411x700, 411:700, D2538E20-1300-40EC-999F-0….jpeg)

File: 906bb4015dffddc⋯.jpeg (551.17 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 0BF6C3B5-73F2-4E47-9A55-8….jpeg)

6a37a5  No.3029985

>>3029885 (pb)

This was one theory floated around when Q first talked about it. Could be.

ec4649  No.3029986

File: dbf3a3a5e962764⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 640x705, 128:141, toobad.jpg)


When did you receive your thirty pieces of silver?

370bd7  No.3029987


When people lose a limb, they often say that they can still feel it.

Is it the same after the doctors remove your penis?

Asking for a friend.

a80d0d  No.3029988

File: 2ea17d7cebd9e99⋯.jpg (12.01 KB, 247x247, 1:1, pretty girl.jpg)

Awesome baker…the No-Name-Special.


Here's to you…

0b921d  No.3029990


Sep. 23 2018 is only the first year..

2 1/2 more as it gets worse for the last 3 1/2 … Long way to go Patriot..

It will get worse before Rev. 20

f871df  No.3029991

File: 722dd11b9d7c6c6⋯.jpg (36.45 KB, 764x960, 191:240, rn97ZbV.jpg)

>>3029348 LB

One major point about Chelsea Hubbell, she did not say anything about being Christian, just being religious. We can guess some alternatives to Christianity she may follow.

She did call abortion unchristian, which is a very unchristian thing to say. Where she's at is pretty obvious.

b015bd  No.3029992

File: 386bcc6a12b5e56⋯.png (43.92 KB, 649x332, 649:332, CKirk re Kavanaugh 9-14-18.PNG)


fbcb93  No.3029993

>>3029979 AWESOME!

067ea8  No.3029994

Q's last drop.. he spoke about DC panic, setting a FIRE.. didnt see anyone bring up connection w Boston house fires.

2da389  No.3029995


Right. She had two boobs. Not three. Two. So totally legal and legit.

65fb0c  No.3029996

File: 26d87ee524ec568⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 480x336, 10:7, 1518288315864.gif)


Here's your shekel.

0578fa  No.3029997

File: 7ac3207e4e52ed7⋯.png (864.31 KB, 852x831, 284:277, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)

File: 6e0b3d7a359c1b0⋯.png (14.85 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0569c429510799bb28723fdba4….png)


1f7843  No.3029998

File: c96763a86bf9a6e⋯.jpg (65.86 KB, 666x400, 333:200, 1510366415091.jpg)

5d1509  No.3029999

>>2815685 pb

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attack.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.


There is again a lot of shilling in here.

Currently much muhjew stuff, besides concernshilling, muh timing, muh habbenings, FE and other bs.

Please think for yourself if this is ok with Qs message.

A lot of cabal folks are from jewish families and also israel is involved in a certain way. That is no secret and was and is being digged on.

However, generally blaming all jews and using 'nose' images, saying 'kike' and 'goy' over and over, is not based on facts and just division shilling.

By that shills hide the fact that the leadership of every religion seems to be involved.

Many CEOs are involved. Many politicians, worldwide. Many advisers from thinktanks are involved. ...  Many are not jewish.

There are many 'real jews' like J Kushner, they are fine people who want freedom like us. Some of the cabal activities have used beeing jew as a shield/cover to hide their activities and blame others.

Also, sacrificing children to moloch, getting high on adrenochome and gay mason stuff is not a jew thing.










>>2941990 pb

>>2990908 pb


>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days...

Simplifiying and dividing muhjew shilling is not working. Anons see it.


d70b3d  No.3030000

File: 0aa231a95cb3f61⋯.jpg (666.68 KB, 2274x2112, 379:352, pope_terrible_may_mirror.jpg)

>>3026562 (pb, quite a few breads ago)

This story made me think about Q's past posts about the Pope, and I was curious if there were any "think mirror" connections.

If you apply the "think mirror" to "[POPE] will be having a terrible May", six months from May would be November. With these stories slowly coming out about the Vatican, we could be in line for some "Dark to LIGHT" truth coming in November.

Just me spitballing tho. I posted this awhile ago, but it didn't get any traction with the after-dinner crowd.

0578fa  No.3030001


This is what I said to everyone. Sneaky fucks man.

e6cfbb  No.3030002

File: c1fde26162d168c⋯.jpeg (95.31 KB, 859x784, 859:784, thisshit.jpeg)


nice quads, but pic related

2da389  No.3030003


Kind of looks like Juan Williams. It isn't but…

fbcb93  No.3030004

File: ece43d7ebfb03ea⋯.png (343.59 KB, 606x404, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Woman Recognized by Trump For Losing Daughter To MS-13, Killed At Daughter's Memorial Service

Details are still coming in, but a tragedy has been compounded by another tragedy in New York. President Trump recognized a woman whose daughter was killed by the brutal gang MS-13 during his State of the Union address. Evelyn Rodriguez was the mother of 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas who was found beaten and stabbed to death in September 2016. The brutal murder was attributed to MS-13. Friday at her daughter's memorial, Rodriguez was struck and killed by a car. It is unclear if the death of Rodriguez was accidental or if she was intentionally struck

2d2100  No.3030005

File: fe26f3d17464b46⋯.png (110.69 KB, 745x567, 745:567, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 81a564cc1a52ebf⋯.png (65.51 KB, 252x255, 84:85, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90e17b8ee76f601⋯.png (42.18 KB, 255x219, 85:73, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3029826 previous post

Regarding Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Anons can review basics here:


See world map of the list (pic related)

List includes:




and more

as per Q's posts

927b9a  No.3030006

reading the clinton-cunt's bent rant on abortion, her comment regarding the economic 'benefit' of abortion to the nation got me thinking.

All 1st-world countries apparently have birth rates that fall below that necessary for a viable population without massive importing of citizens via immigration, legal or otherwise.

That begs several questions:

When did this trend start?

What is the correlation to the legalization of abortion?

If there is a correlation (and I would expect there will be), does it match those data points in other 1st world nations?

Is this a clear-cut part of the plan for population/ethnicity replacement?

edb9d5  No.3030007

File: 5c79e829c96403b⋯.gif (980.95 KB, 500x280, 25:14, fap scarlett.gif)


I hardly stand people anymore, I am glad I can get off with nothing more than my own devices

89e98a  No.3030008


You got digits!

0af2c7  No.3030009

File: fd710918efe7658⋯.jpg (70.89 KB, 320x537, 320:537, Merchant_benis.jpg)


Dub confirm :DDDD

f4154b  No.3030010


Very true, but also keep in mind most abuse is carried out by a TRUSTED person close to the family

d7fe09  No.3030012


In the thumbnail, building looks like a gun

ff4298  No.3030013

File: ab1d845f085479a⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 255x230, 51:46, 02fab611e4ebbc0654e68d9d68….jpg)


Get Yer S(tuff) together BackSliderzs\

c6fc68  No.3030014

File: 5bf10c97106ab3b⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 503x600, 503:600, red_digitgirl.jpg)


Digits lean toward yes.

e653c4  No.3030015

File: ad8088047cbdd41⋯.jpeg (18.18 KB, 386x232, 193:116, baffled.jpeg)

File: 8c5eff8da21de51⋯.jpg (600.67 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, north star not move.jpg)

File: 4bb25b63f2ccf16⋯.jpg (329.02 KB, 1500x1167, 500:389, plow.jpg)

File: f57c57dc8a539b1⋯.jpg (110.72 KB, 800x500, 8:5, lake-pontchartrain-causewa….jpg)


Interesting, VERY interesting - Word is spreading - They want to stop it

They knew we were coming

cdb54e  No.3030016


Agreed, anon.

370bd7  No.3030017

File: ce7513c7a3dbbed⋯.png (20.87 KB, 95x108, 95:108, angryjewface_002.png)


If exposing the jews for the psychotic, insane nation destroyers wasn't working, why do you feel the need to post this drivel 3 or more times per bread?

Ever hear the expression, "never interrupt your enemies when they are making mistakes?"

91dc26  No.3030018


I think its called the Hammer. Works along side harpp and darpa or something like that.

6a37a5  No.3030019


Do the Japanese photoshop their women better than Westeners? Or do they legit have better hip ratios?

8b4de9  No.3030020



0a093b  No.3030021


never interrupt an idiot

in the process of making a fool of herself

466ade  No.3030022


I will never get tired of those bewbs.

6a37a5  No.3030023


Happened all day yesterday anon.

e6cfbb  No.3030024


where can I learn more about what "we" do?

and can you tell me who "we" are?

260a11  No.3030025

File: 9b1c7d5e3be5b13⋯.png (633.3 KB, 1232x1256, 154:157, ClipboardImage.png)

Many more HRC dominoes to fall. This is only the beginning.

492fec  No.3030026

File: 7d6642086b47dc4⋯.png (852.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ChelseaNoupsidedownCross.png)


I notice she wasn't wearing her upside down cross in that interview

1f7843  No.3030027


You see now…

cdb54e  No.3030028


Or in the family. Makes me sick.

642275  No.3030029

File: 3e80163a748654c⋯.jpeg (379.22 KB, 1242x771, 414:257, 9211D5CF-4431-4CCC-8823-7….jpeg)

File: 063561f6f623a86⋯.jpeg (216.23 KB, 1242x518, 621:259, 4878194E-2A3C-4ECE-93AE-7….jpeg)

File: 556d8e9441a7d60⋯.jpeg (943.96 KB, 1242x1797, 414:599, 155D7299-3FE2-4A77-93DC-8….jpeg)

File: 60e4bae540a0624⋯.jpeg (602.38 KB, 1242x1239, 414:413, 3155F948-8144-4ABA-90E4-9….jpeg)



f4154b  No.3030030


Hellen Keller? I don't get it.

321744  No.3030031

File: 9bc98be481e071d⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 99d463b3c0d054dd6b4fa8ca8f….jpg)

File: 199065b1c57b16d⋯.png (11.83 KB, 465x288, 155:96, Q Confirms Payseur with Re….PNG)

TY Baker!!!

>>3029793 (lb)

>>3029874 (lb)

>>3029818 (lb)

There are only 12 tribes. The 144k doesn't come from some arbitrary interpretation. The 12x12k are canonical as per the 144k in Revelation. Identifying them is the most crucial part.

The fact you guys are pushing a 13th is blatantly criminalizing. Just reveal yourselves outright. Stop hiding. Come out and face us with all your might. Prove to everyone, here, that you have a claim to the glory of God. Do it.

>>3029874 (lb)


067ea8  No.3030032


Was under the weather. Conclusion was ?

ff4298  No.3030033

File: a595638d4215430⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 1f70b3f573f7aa5cadcab69157….jpg)

Goog Be like so Dumb

8b4de9  No.3030034

Will.our.gen.see.this?.For.my.children.and.myself.I.hope.so.Revelation 20 New King James Version (NKJV)

Satan Bound 1,000 Years

20 Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

2 He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years;

3 and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things he must be released for a little while.

4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for [a]a thousand years.

5 But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

6 Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.

e6cfbb  No.3030035


The UK is fucked

a99eb1  No.3030036



Red Cross Volunteer Contract -

"Every volunteer for the American Red Cross is required to sign on to an agreement that covers things like proper conduct, confidentiality, and includes a requirement for all volunteers to sign over all copyright/trademark/patent rights in any work-related writing, art and inventions come up with during their term, and for a full year afterward. Why the hell does the Red Cross need to own the copyrights in the work-related blog postings you make for a year after you stop spending your free evenings handing out cookies to blood-donors? If you write a novel and include some real-life details gleaned from volunteering in a disaster-relief efforts, does the Red Cross really deserve to take all rights to it?"

Quote from former employee.

"I work for the Red Cross, and NONE of this surprises me. I’m currently going back to school so I can get away from this organisation. I have found in my fifteen years that if managers can’t make a success in the for-profit sector, they end up at non-profits. If I remember right, accounting practices were so bad at a region out east (New Jersey?), that the CEO and his minions were embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars."

0d4283  No.3030037

File: 7499735d7e95d39⋯.png (48.37 KB, 752x631, 752:631, ClipboardImage.png)

Syria is one fucked up mess right now

US protecting terrorists? continuing Obama policies?

50dbf4  No.3030038

File: b86181180809b4d⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 480x270, 16:9, youreawhitemale.gif)


Amazing they get away with those articles

466ade  No.3030039

File: adf0edf7273db0b⋯.jpg (153.73 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 79832247c147bf143e84d69a88….jpg)


Duck and cover, the gore posters are back.

6a37a5  No.3030040


Like many Q posts. many thought it was super connected Q proof. Others said "meh" kek. Nothing different.

e066ba  No.3030041


Perhaps this is because QE II is ruler of the White Nile with its source in Kenya, while Haile Selassie is rules of the Blue Nile which provides the majority of the water. When measured in Egypt, 59% of their inflow comes from the Blue Nile water.

Under the Ancient Egyptian laws that these satanists live by, Haile Selassie is a higher rank because God gave him that rank by giving him that water.

bfd43c  No.3030042

File: 35dcce633620840⋯.jpg (85.69 KB, 840x442, 420:221, ac56098f9cffa3a927213d82be….jpg)

d7fe09  No.3030043

Is this qresearch or jewresearch.? WTF?.?

cdb54e  No.3030044


Why Helen Keller? WTF?

8265cb  No.3030045

File: f390f7899553ef7⋯.jpg (157.42 KB, 949x707, 949:707, 1a.JPG)

File: c485b9d74f0a5ff⋯.jpg (89.29 KB, 663x466, 663:466, 2.JPG)

Google employees resign over censored China search engine project


b015bd  No.3030046

File: 125bbdeb6ae3a1b⋯.png (45.91 KB, 643x464, 643:464, Mitchell re 0Hour 9-14-18.PNG)

The attacks on Bill Mitchell continue

I do not have archived tweets to prove it, however I sadly followed them both during the election and the people that RT'd 0Hour a lot were Cernovich and Posobiec, and if I recall, Posobiec RT'd him A LOT

Complete projection going on

Cernovich also attacked Mitchell often

I have no doubt they or their associates are behind the attacks on Mitchell are involved


2da389  No.3030047


Hellen Keller? WTF? Did she answer an iron or something?

8b4de9  No.3030048

File: 44254d3fce162c7⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 403x373, 403:373, sad-redditor-meme.jpg)

cdb54e  No.3030049


Yea, Adolf and the shills think it is.

4fd416  No.3030050

File: deaf6c8745d65df⋯.jpg (389.21 KB, 2048x1166, 1024:583, pepe mushroom.jpg)

chew em up

fbcb93  No.3030051


734f13  No.3030052

File: 698d9fd4e71e3e3⋯.png (19.92 KB, 667x321, 667:321, Screenshot_2018-09-15 Micr….png)



Huh, no wonder AFLB has been so triggered by microdick, must be the poll he's got running.

6a37a5  No.3030053



Also Scanneranon was reporting in that, they were sending out spoopy alerts he had never heard before and everything went radio silent on his end. Whatever it is, is now hushed.

edb9d5  No.3030054

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Criminality was pinpointed at (((youths))) without parenting, unwanted children of prostitutes and drug dealers.

Abortion was passed to help women with unwanted children avoid the burden.

Criminality indexes fell abruptly when the next generation of unwanted children disappeared.

Look at which population uses abortion the most and if it correlates with the population that commits more crime.

The problem of birthrate is that white people do not reproduce because of

>Muh career

White women are not having children.

370bd7  No.3030055

File: cac957b84bc8f31⋯.png (169.26 KB, 500x666, 250:333, supportorgtfo.png)

This is Q research, not JEW Research!!!

8b4de9  No.3030056



cdb54e  No.3030057


SMH and RMEs.

e6cfbb  No.3030058

File: 70625c3001222c0⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, yuck.jpg)


gotta eat them with something or they're unbearable

that being said, don't trip anymoar

8e4b1e  No.3030060


-Read previous breads and drops

-Lurk Moar

-Shut the fuck up mostly, as your idiot posts clutter the feed among the shill rampage, and increases the tit post output

-Relax, and enjoy the movie

-if you absolutely have to post anything, just post tits, no one wants to hear you from your journal, or the same fucking shit that gets posted over and over.


16f7c7  No.3030061

File: aea4e10973371e2⋯.jpeg (57.79 KB, 500x543, 500:543, image.jpeg)

1f7843  No.3030062


We Bshilled

a665b0  No.3030063

File: 0cd86e62d597a38⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 268x268, 1:1, 8769b3dac057f9c4e547b36fef….gif)

8b4de9  No.3030064

f7611b  No.3030065


LOL Just like the bewb girls here are a class above the norm, not all Asian women (might not be Japanese) look like that chick.

Next time in Japan, I promise to do more research on the matter.

4254b4  No.3030066



a good spanking and a marker to number the rocks in the driveway.

8c8bd0  No.3030067

File: 3da24285c782720⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 2hzhy1.jpg)

a80d0d  No.3030068


We can't help them. We got our hands full fighting for our own survival here. The men of the UK (and all of Europe) are going to have to stand up and fight for themselves and their countries. They owe it to their women and chldren who are being raped and murdered.

0af2c7  No.3030069

File: 017c5e67721c9e7⋯.jpg (636.69 KB, 949x1135, 949:1135, Blood_Passover_book_passag….jpg)

File: 56dac608784e8d9⋯.png (815.44 KB, 1332x869, 1332:869, Jewish_Ritual_Murder_Dr_To….png)

File: e40c407ab1f7feb⋯.jpg (3.1 MB, 800x9957, 800:9957, Jewish_Ritual_Murder_Dr_To….jpg)

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)


>Also, sacrificing children to moloch, getting high on adrenochome and gay mason stuff is not a jew thing.


It is a fact that the sacrifice of goyim children by jewish communities because of blood driking rituals is a very well documented reality. Read this, it was written by an israeli jew:


“The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s Blood Passover on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.  

Dr. Toaff is uniquely qualified to write this book, being thoroughly familiar with the derivative literature in English, French, German and Italian, as well as the original documentary sources in Latin, Medieval Italian, Hebrew and Yiddish. This is not something he worked on in secret. On the contrary, he worked on it openly with his university students and colleagues in Israel for several years; one of his students was even going to publish a paper on the subject. The author is extremely careful about what he says, and his conclusions  must be taken seriously. It reads like a detective story.  

If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not wish Gentiles to know about. But Dr. Toaff’s announcement  of its publication in Italy, in Italian, raised a worldwide firestorm of fury. Under unbearable pressure, the book was withdrawn from publication.  

Come in out of the darkness, and strike a blow for the light. ”

And tel-aviv is the most gay city in the world according to jews.

Shalom :)

93ddbb  No.3030070

File: 83f87a053192ed3⋯.jpg (18.7 KB, 363x179, 363:179, duckandcover_bert_the_turt….jpg)

d7fe09  No.3030071

File: 42fbff70c1608e4⋯.jpeg (59.87 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, 731F5320-B46B-4D05-A2A3-C….jpeg)


edb9d5  No.3030072

File: 7e6db932bf3a9ca⋯.gif (1014.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, psy cat squares.gif)


There are SO MANY of them in my town right now.

I have been mildly depressed, I think I will go hiking and eat some.

For common Mexican Cubensis, how many freshly picked shrooms are enough for a solid trip?

067ea8  No.3030073


Thanks patriot. Yeah not sure till we know. Got into it today updating Q schtuffs at Facebook. Some guy was seriously railing against Q and me for posting Q.. said no proof blah blah blah. Kinda gave me twitchy eye.. I realize now some people will just have to get truth hit across their face likea donkey dick slap… that no amount of gently guiding can be done.

KeK. I'm good so let the schmacking begin!

e066ba  No.3030074


I guess you don't know who Helen Keller was.


8ec672  No.3030075


not happening wake up

321744  No.3030076





Anon postulated many breads ago that Helen Keller used the "I Love You" sign to get people to unknowingly spread the "Hail Satan" sign. I'm not even sure to be honest.

Research for yourself.

2da389  No.3030077


Damn…in before me just found that pic. kek

466ade  No.3030078


Less height, same width of birth canal. Makes them look cartoonishly curvy.

b12add  No.3030080

File: 32f8f2e34d2cca4⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1830x2991, 610:997, qpopeterriblemay.jpg)


terrible may is actually terrible september

a may-september romance is one in which one person is SIGNIFICANTLY OLDER than the other

fbcb93  No.3030081


e6cfbb  No.3030082

File: 0cd294bb1f9a304⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, pepethefuck?.jpg)



>eat some

KEK, at your own risk anon

492fec  No.3030084




>Soon after she graduated from college, Keller became a member of the Socialist Party, most likely due in part to her friendship with John Macy. Between 1909 and 1921, she wrote several articles about socialism and supported Eugene Debs, a Socialist Party presidential candidate. Her series of essays on socialism, entitled "Out of the Dark," described her views on socialism and world affairs.


>Keller, who was blind and deaf, was known for her political activism, among other accomplishments.

>While Clinton, Keller and other figures were eliminated, that does not mean teachers in the state are prohibited from offering lessons about them; rather, they are not required to do so.

does not mean teachers in the state are prohibited from offering lessons about them; rather, they are not required to do so


4d19bd  No.3030085

File: bd04a56ec5c9629⋯.png (17.47 KB, 254x255, 254:255, dc4ae430f6bcf996e1d47d6d0a….png)


I honestly believe they are one and the same…

8265cb  No.3030086

File: 6fb4dfaeccb72b1⋯.jpg (123.07 KB, 849x895, 849:895, 1a.JPG)

File: 3e51225c3406aba⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 835x246, 835:246, 2.JPG)

API chief, two other Health officials resign


a58486  No.3030087

File: a350cf94a29206d⋯.png (415.9 KB, 542x407, 542:407, ClipboardImage.png)

8b4de9  No.3030088



cdb54e  No.3030089


Brings up all kinds of questions about her. Where would she have learned such a thing, etc.

6a37a5  No.3030090


This makes sense, thanks anon.

0a093b  No.3030091



I will argue with Christian preachers

who try to claim that we can live both by

the Old Testament as well as the New Testament

and I will argue with people

who claim that Christianity and Judaism are similar religions

they aren't

Judaism is a warlike religion

and the Talmud hates Christians

and most Jews are preached to from the Talmud

You can't hide a warlike tribe

behind the commitment to non-violence of Christianity

when you finally GET IT

let us all know

Judaism is NOT Christianity

0af2c7  No.3030092


I was not discussing the semite thing, I was discussing the FACT that judaism IS a supremacist ideology.

It was the other anon, when unable to spin that FACT that decided to try to shift the convo into the semite/non-semite deflection.

8ec672  No.3030093


you the people have the power

ff4298  No.3030095

File: aa095237376587e⋯.png (17.06 KB, 255x241, 255:241, fc65b52c8b91625cd3d5dcecdd….png)


whater pics?

374bfa  No.3030096

File: 93a98290f4883c7⋯.png (306.66 KB, 1041x702, 347:234, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)

65fb0c  No.3030097

File: 1781d88b487c2ca⋯.jpg (47.17 KB, 463x494, 463:494, 1781d88b487c2caf79762b8a91….jpg)



JIDF/MOS is very real. You honestly think they're acting of their own accord without their government's permission? Why would either of those groups attack Q and us by extension, unless they have something to lose? Both groups are here, Q has said it repeatedly. Use your heads a little.

a80d0d  No.3030098

Since this bread is the No-Name-Special edition, how about some theories about how NoName was actually brought down and put to sleep?

067ea8  No.3030099



Did we figure out how the fires started? I know explosions but was it an exterior line or something in MULTIPLE HOUSES..

a665b0  No.3030100


people that can't communicate or be made to not be able to communicate are the perfect victims

fbcb93  No.3030101

>>3030087 IS A URINAL!

927b9a  No.3030102


I think you're partially right - career certainly plays a large part.

But there is a stigma regarding abortion in white women and, as a result, while many actually 'do' have at least 1 and often multiple abortions, few white women will answer honestly when asked if they've ever had one.

Or, at least, in my generation anyway (GenX). GenZ otoh is proudly proclaiming it in the streets and wearing their abortions like stickers on football helmets.

50dbf4  No.3030103

File: 81b9bc114a85075⋯.png (340.54 KB, 391x465, 391:465, Revelation1v8.png)

e0dc53  No.3030104



940015  No.3030105


Good find Anon

The swastika at the end and the 2 orbits of the celestial bodies.

did it for me

d70b3d  No.3030106

File: 775505cb56d3a34⋯.png (44.33 KB, 1280x336, 80:21, ClipboardImage.png)

What the hell is Bill even talking about?

edb9d5  No.3030107

File: 38e3393f83c141f⋯.jpeg (17.16 KB, 241x209, 241:209, jew blood libel.jpeg)


Counter Arguments, see:


Prepare to debate someone informed on above link.

0af2c7  No.3030108


I had more on another computer.

Need to get them to this one later.

370bd7  No.3030109


Go fuck yourself.

adb3ce  No.3030110

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that there was 2.3 TRILLION dollars "unaccounted" for in the Pentagon budget.

That amount was 7x the ENTIRE (335 BILLION) Pentagon budget for the year.

Only the government could lose their ENTIRE budget SEVEN times in one year AND get away with it!

The next day, three hijacked planes, reportedly flying at approximately 2x beyond the structural limits of their flight speed at sea level, crashed into buildings destroying all the accounting records for the missing funds and there could be no further investigation.

These “facts” are NOT disputed among government officials.


Who “investigated” 9/11

Robert Mueller

was appointed FBI director by President George W. Bush in 2001. Mueller was subsequently confirmed by the Senate in a unanimous 98 to 0 vote. He took office on September 4th, 2001.

The FBI was created to conduct domestic operations to support political agendas.

As we move forward in time their pseudo legal authority and power has only been increased and enhanced.

The National Defense authorization act (NDAA 2012)

created the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) which is an independent agency of the United States government.

According to its website, its mission is to "inform, engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy."

Hillary Clinton was on this board at the time of Sandy Hook, while she was Secretary of State.

This law empowers the government to legally propagandize the American people.

Why would the Congress create and approve this bill, which was signed into law by Obama, if they didn't plan to use it?

Have we ever actually seen any "fake" news in the media?

The reality is that the FBI conducts domestic operations in the United States and recruits assets along the way, like Emad A. Salem, an FBI informant, who was a key witness in the trial of Ramzi Yousef, Abdul Hakim Murad, and Wali Khan Amin Shah, convicted in the World Trade Center bombing of February 26, 1993.

The FBI supplied the explosives and detonators to the terrorist group and initially tried to frame Salem as a co-conspirator in the attack, until Salem made public the tapes of his FBI handlers.

They don't need to "get away" with it… it's legal.




a665b0  No.3030111


Enjoy the show!

927b9a  No.3030112


just triggering lefties n anti-trumpers

df8130  No.3030114


I'd expect to see more activity.

Where is everyone? The people, trucks, helicopters of manning this security lockdown?

ee02e6  No.3030115

File: 02870f1bdc3e4d7⋯.png (133.32 KB, 666x555, 6:5, b9a0ce075c882558575dcbd6fc….png)

File: 1df990239fc4362⋯.jpg (528.66 KB, 1440x1749, 480:583, IMG_20180915_012350.jpg)

File: a3cce55994afc4b⋯.png (119.41 KB, 641x518, 641:518, 4ddb342e6c4b4861259e469cfe….png)

f4154b  No.3030116


I didn't know she was "radical," was never taught that in school (which was a while ago, admittedly).

a0734b  No.3030117

File: 25d32aa81596eee⋯.png (188.43 KB, 482x271, 482:271, 1536989172164.png)

File: d97ccce96284358⋯.png (388.2 KB, 580x574, 290:287, 1536986797304.png)

File: 80d241bcd413ce2⋯.png (581.46 KB, 827x502, 827:502, 1536986730467.png)

f4154b  No.3030118

0af2c7  No.3030119

File: 94d775ba0ba7f5f⋯.png (83.83 KB, 563x544, 563:544, Cabal_jews.PNG)



Reminder that the cabal is most likely 70%+ jewish, so yes, this is fucking jewresearch :)

374bfa  No.3030120


I bet Trump does something for her husband who lost a daughter and wife.

He has been known to secretly pay off mortgages, etc.

0d4283  No.3030121


>and I will argue with people


>who claim that Christianity and Judaism are similar religions

they're both Abrahamic along with Islam

monotheist and middle eastern

cdb54e  No.3030122


Yes, I suppose.

8ec672  No.3030123


we should all unite

65fb0c  No.3030124

File: 2fb17420932b1d9⋯.png (120.09 KB, 473x189, 473:189, 1535337510260.png)



664deb  No.3030125


Think MA

No patriots were harmed

> enjoy the show

fbcb93  No.3030126

File: 5e22143345cc211⋯.jpg (24.9 KB, 255x198, 85:66, redpill.jpg)

8b4de9  No.3030127



e6cfbb  No.3030128

seems like Q is busy with the hurricane response efforts with POTUS


e6cfbb  No.3030129

File: 3dfa08066366386⋯.gif (238.94 KB, 300x300, 1:1, triggered.gif)

cdb54e  No.3030130



Fuck you. Go away.

9c6a4c  No.3030131

File: 353a2fece03d8ba⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1627x7935, 1627:7935, Photos_Jumbotron_at_George….png)

>>3028374 PB


First GWU's jumbotron scoreboard falls and then Trump criticizes the phony PR hurricane death study.

321744  No.3030132


All ideologies are supremacist ideologies.

f7611b  No.3030133


BM firming up his Q cred.

BTW, what happened to Scott Adams? Anons don't link any of his stuff any more after he dissed Q.

370bd7  No.3030134

File: 32d59d81ab68e99⋯.png (109.42 KB, 260x540, 13:27, jewwatchright.png)



067ea8  No.3030135


So what we do know is that there is no moral or legal way to just quickly off him.

His trial was underway, he DID sneak into congress and last minute the bill that would have allowed Juilian Assange to be back. Pissed Q off major.. something was said about that pouring gas on things. I am thinking for closed casket there would have been something that would deform him.. bullets or his neck stretched/eyes coming out of his head.

0af2c7  No.3030136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminder that Cerno is a zionist propagandist.

8b4de9  No.3030137



358798  No.3030138


deal with it rabbi

edb9d5  No.3030139

File: db2026c840d36bf⋯.png (44.17 KB, 407x312, 407:312, friendzone error.png)


It is a matter of propaganda destroying the family through media brainwash.

My grandma had 3 abortions, but she bore 7 children.

It is not abortion you must delve into, but gone family values, and the debasement of motherhood in white societies.

50dbf4  No.3030140



Someone said they shut down because they were spying on White Sands

but this really looks more like they shut down because they didn't want to record the double transit

(or wanted it to seem like they didn't want to record it)

f81ede  No.3030141


Jacob blessed Josephs two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. He proclaimed both would become great nations, but the younger would be greater than the older. THIS is where 13 tribes reference comes from. Replace Joseph with his two sons.

a58486  No.3030142

File: bd8ae76d8c28dc0⋯.png (689.82 KB, 900x580, 45:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Should be, but as far as I can tell there is no monument there, urinal, outhouse, or otherwise

8b4de9  No.3030143



fbcb93  No.3030144

>>3030120 I would like to see MS-13 certified a terrorist group! So they can't travel and can be shot on site!

a665b0  No.3030145


it goes further, anon

people in AA and the likes are easy to take advantage of - as they often are

think care centers for people with down syndrome

foster homes

these are all places harboring perfect victims

0ee41f  No.3030146


Not true, but even if it was, "everyone else does bad things too!" is not a valid excuse.

374bfa  No.3030147


All the anti-Q Fake MAGAs are attacking Bill Mitchell who supports Q and Sessions.

50dbf4  No.3030148

File: b227c6ad3b82ad5⋯.png (78.31 KB, 798x285, 14:5, fbianon1.png)

8b4de9  No.3030149



a665b0  No.3030150


is your spacebar broken?

this is really annoying me…

6e0da8  No.3030151

File: b5d20d69aa98eef⋯.jpeg (131.9 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 06C3FF38-707E-4246-8CEA-2….jpeg)

Repost from Joe Kelly on September 13, 2018

“I just received this pair of nike’s in the mail that I special ordered over a month ago for one of our sons…. now I could care less about whatever agenda whichever indoctrinated puppet is pushing….. but I must say that this logo on the inside of the lip is new and alarmingly in your face. I think it’s official that nike has embraced satanism.

Update: These are the Kyrie Irving model of Nike ID shoes. They come with this logo on them and logos cannot be customized. This logo is not shown when ordering unless zooming far in. Custom shoes at Nike ID can only have color, style and a few letters or numbers customized, nothing else.

Look carefully and choose a different shoe company.

Posted by my good friends Travis Amy Lehman. You're a BLESSING.”


0d4283  No.3030152


>record the double transit

whats that

a665b0  No.3030153

File: 599f5b01a663e02⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1249x4302, 1249:4302, fbipill.png)

b96424  No.3030154


…that’s my wife I’m sharing here. Show some appreciation. kek

edb9d5  No.3030155

File: afe928441e48591⋯.jpg (265.33 KB, 1143x682, 1143:682, mcccain isis.jpg)


People like him are to big to just be executed.

He was given the option to disappear for ever feigning his own death, in which I would wage he is in Asia where he has plenty of assets.

Otherwise he was given the option to use his tumor as an excuse to practice euthanasia via opioids, a peaceful death.

With all the horrors he is responsible for, he is still a major figure worshiped by many, there is certain honor in trials of such characters.

8b4de9  No.3030156



65fb0c  No.3030157

File: 562a60b587e8f8c⋯.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, 1597:1600, 5 stars.png)



Active denial of crumbs?

4fd416  No.3030158


I would do 25gm wet, or 2.5gm dry, wait an hour or so and take another dose IF needed it's up to you how you are feeling

fbcb93  No.3030159

>>3030142 THE CADETS KNOW!

21526d  No.3030160


California with it's own satellite ?

8ec672  No.3030161


Hysksos jews look it up

9bc7bc  No.3030162


I realize this is old but - 297k - 2-B 9-I 7-G


a80d0d  No.3030163

Don't recall seeing a dig on NoName's involvement in the fake FISA applications. Q mentioned it a couple times. Shit goes DEEP!

e6cfbb  No.3030164


I don't really have an opinion of that guy, but

>All the anti-Q Fake MAGAs are attacking

makes me lean towards supporting

cdb54e  No.3030165


This is all a little heavy for my tired brain to toss around.

But, it makes sense at first glance.

50dbf4  No.3030166

File: df7241e2d272cab⋯.gif (7.24 MB, 1041x585, 347:195, nasassdospot.gif)

f4154b  No.3030167


This is terrible! I remember her so vividly.

df8130  No.3030168


>double transit

Don't be retarded.

Look into SDO orbit.

Think about how that might cause it to pass behind the moon twice during an orbit, and what direction and size the moon would appear as it did.

Its not that mysterious.

8b4de9  No.3030169



0af2c7  No.3030170

File: 22275193bf4a601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1584x4553, 1584:4553, 0_Jews_Do_Control_The_Medi….png)

File: 41489191dcc8d49⋯.png (2.65 MB, 3080x1688, 385:211, z_Elon_Musk_Big.png)


Who controls and staffs the media?

Who did Trump said was the biggest weapon of the cabal on the video that will get him elected?

d7fe09  No.3030171

File: 4c8aa2a6f85c667⋯.jpeg (177.22 KB, 837x920, 837:920, 37A500FE-AFAB-4B5A-9D24-7….jpeg)


No shit Sherlock!

Faggot shills be shittin up the bread.

Fuck Israel

Fuck China

Fuck Russia

Fuck France

Fuck Mexico

Fuck England

Fuck Germany

Fuck Canada



Don’t be sensitive faggot

f7611b  No.3030172


Didn't he forward the dossier to the FBI? Maybe the FBI traitors used that on the application.

a665b0  No.3030173


sorry, anon

but it goes MUCH deeper

i'm not your mom, but might want to get some sleep

gotta stay fresh, patriot

remember, we're fighting a war here


2d2100  No.3030174

Regarding Metaphors and How We think/ comm about Q Maps.

>>3027877 (old bread)

provided a magnificent example of how it is almost impossible to think through Q Maps without relying on metaphors (mixed bag usually) and imagining the landscape.

Figurative. Not literal. But also invokes realism.

Read the example >>3027877 and attempt to restate without the metaphors and symbolism.

The concept of a map, an imagined landscape, does depend on underlying assumptions that the map becomes a guide. But when does a map become a guide, as Q once asked?

As Anons continue to delve into the habbenings, keep comms-by-metaphor close at hand.

Oops, another metaphor right there.


Allspeed, Anons.

0a093b  No.3030175


They keep connecting "abortion" to a woman's freedom

when their real argument should be "pregnancy control"

Abortion shouldn't be used as a "pregnancy control"

We don't live in the 1950's

when there was no such thing as BIRTH CONTROL

Rubbers not only help prevent pregnancy

they protect from diseases

and if people are going to be wildly sexually active

before they find a stable and even permanent partner

hey – even marry somebody – there's an idea

they should inform themselves on ways of "pregnancy control"

and not act like irresponsible babies

who realize at the last minute

that they can actually get pregnant when they screw somebody

abortion used for pregnancy control

is thus – an act of irresponsibility

and ignorance and laziness

e6cfbb  No.3030176


let them dream!

374bfa  No.3030177


Anti-Q people like Penisac, etc. think Q 'followers' are being taken advantage of,

so Bill is defending Q.

They have been going at him a lot lately.

358798  No.3030178


imagine how many users T_D actually has. /pol/s greatest invention…

8ec672  No.3030179


pretty sure some kind of judgement is coming. not sure from who.

cdb54e  No.3030180


Not surprised. That fucking Jerry Brown has done so much damage to the state.

I imagine that if Ted Kaczinky were free, Jerry would def be on his list.

8b4de9  No.3030181



4b4f21  No.3030182


What are the odds?

321744  No.3030184


It is true. Also, it's not an excuse. It's a challenge to opposing ideologies. If everyone thinks they are right, then someone else is the authority instead.

5dff43  No.3030185

File: c45aad82d740744⋯.jpeg (849.98 KB, 1536x1865, 1536:1865, 337303E2-4215-4600-BC1A-1….jpeg)

File: bd34a1612a694c1⋯.jpeg (874.21 KB, 1536x1215, 512:405, 0B5E7C93-3DDC-417F-BD9F-4….jpeg)


The only thing that the agency stated was tested was EAS and WAS

The presidential alert has never been tested from what I’m finding



edb9d5  No.3030186

File: 758c2ed05400dcb⋯.jpg (26.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, psychedelic portal.jpg)


What I gathered from shroomery.

I will have to carry a scale with me then.

I was hoping for "take 20 fresh shrooms" or a solid number of units, but grams seem to be the real bulletproof way to go.

I also have LSD, might as well go with it, shrooms make me yawn and tear a lot.

70a93f  No.3030187


Thanks anon

17a53e  No.3030188

File: 00ccd0406a27545⋯.jpg (46.28 KB, 720x405, 16:9, TmpSrsly.jpg)

0d4283  No.3030189


what would be the purpose of "hiding" this one

eclipses happen all the time and no hiding

0af2c7  No.3030190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's the usual straw-man and denial tactics.

The main thing that sways the audience is the fact that jewish censorship went so hard after him (Ariel) only once the book was translated from Hebrew.

Truth fears no investigation.

The same shit happens with Tony Martin, once people learn how harassed and attacked he was, it gives more cred to his (truthful and factual) investigation of jewish domination of the US slave trade.

cdb54e  No.3030191


True that. Ty, anon.

8a55f3  No.3030192

File: 28655396c98fe10⋯.png (835.02 KB, 745x550, 149:110, Screenshot-2018-5-12 Penta….png)


Imagine what would have happened..,

if she didn't lose…


d70b3d  No.3030193


That's pretty interesting anon, thanks. I hadn't really thought about applying the Q clock.

I'm not a Q clock expert, but if you look at the Feb 5 post it lines up exactly at 12 o'clock. The Feb 5 post is the one that says "Think mirror" "FOLLOW THE LIGHT' "TRUTH", and if you mirror it, 6 o'clock has both 11/2 and 11/7.

ff4298  No.3030194

File: 53a6d3da2f97d78⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2ded2246463580051900f4b1b3….jpg)

File: 7a0ea5a09cdb405⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 2e12259c5872693b8cd1ca5c30….jpg)



6a37a5  No.3030195


More unanswered questions and notice the news has completely forgotten about it already.

edb9d5  No.3030196



Sorry, can you explain to an ignorant?

65fb0c  No.3030197


I'm not, just triggering them into getting emotional and making mistakes.

fbcb93  No.3030199


0d4283  No.3030200



fake news

466ade  No.3030201


Perfect pic except for the thunder thighs.

Make women smaller than men again!

927b9a  No.3030202


noname hand carried the dossier from the UK to the US and passed it off to Brennon

From Brennon it went to … forget his name - the Democrat ratfucker.

Demfucker then pressed Comey into opening the investigation

374bfa  No.3030203


Yes, been thinking the same. Potus said he wants to go to the Carolinas in the next few days.

It could be several days before we hear from Q.

Priorities. I just hope Monday starts the ball running in D.C.

927b9a  No.3030204


fuck McConnel - remembered it just as I clicked post

c95cd0  No.3030205

File: 2055353ca6cd042⋯.png (65.03 KB, 633x477, 211:159, 662.png)

this old drop from Q has always intrigued me.

makes it hard for me to get comfy

0af2c7  No.3030206

File: 356f0d46da813a9⋯.png (332.15 KB, 1320x735, 88:49, Jews_Hate_Truth.png)

File: 1e90b3c91732466⋯.png (225.45 KB, 1364x686, 682:343, Jews_Hate_Truth_2.png)

File: 8adc75871e86805⋯.png (67.27 KB, 571x592, 571:592, Moser.PNG)


Oh yes, you're right, I should had been more diligent, I forgot to add Browder to the cabal jew list :)

a665b0  No.3030207


>I will have to carry a scale with me then.

Why not just weigh then take it.

Careful if you're a new user. The hippie-flip might be a bit intense.

By the way, if you see a door, open it.

fbcb93  No.3030208


f7611b  No.3030209


Well, there you go. Thanks for the clarification, anon.

f81ede  No.3030210

File: fedfcec9703b183⋯.png (600.66 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 822e27c5424ed63b70ce9a2de7….png)


Count the tribes in black. Notice Joseph listed with his first born, Manasseh. Ephriam also included by Jacobs blessing. The 12 actually became 13, granted M and E were of Josephs house. So both 12 and 13 are right.

Judah also split into Pharez-Judah and Zarah-Judah.

358798  No.3030211


the_donald, plebbit subreddit

5f9d7d  No.3030212


Would love to see a Q confirmation with the test.

50dbf4  No.3030213

File: 84973e43f9156d0⋯.png (743.38 KB, 700x700, 1:1, farms2.png)

File: 07c273d6be55299⋯.png (836.81 KB, 772x936, 193:234, farms.png)

File: 5fd52e78737ee8c⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1134x786, 189:131, whereare.png)

0578fa  No.3030214


Experiences will vary widely depending on a lot of things. Foods you eat, mood, power of the shrooms. I know a LOT about this stuff, a LOT, and I wouldn't recommend it. I'll tell you this, .35gms of the shit I grew blasted everyone into other realms. But sometimes you can eat 1/8th and not really feel much.

Buy the ticket…Take the ride.


0af2c7  No.3030215

File: 627fcc7784d0a57⋯.png (35.39 KB, 582x391, 582:391, Jewish_ideological_suprema….PNG)

File: ff53a0df7ea3837⋯.png (36.3 KB, 579x401, 579:401, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

File: e66d10c5c6bdf1b⋯.png (26.52 KB, 1243x161, 1243:161, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

File: 7ea9f7355d905d3⋯.png (34.13 KB, 551x459, 551:459, Jews_dont_care_for_laws_no….PNG)

File: 6462d7089eb316a⋯.png (37.25 KB, 646x275, 646:275, Talmud_plan_to_conquer_the….PNG)




And supremacism is NOT about thinking you're right, its about thinking you're SUPERIOR.

Work on your pilpul cupcake, you're weak as shit :)

a53726  No.3030216

File: c93d34d135d9103⋯.jpg (68.81 KB, 602x800, 301:400, 15695395_kyrie-irvings-new….jpg)

4c95e5  No.3030217

Notables so far

anything missed?

>>3030025 Texas Board of Ed votes to pull HRC (and Hellen Keller?) from social studies curriculum

>>3030045 Google employees resign over censored China search engine project

26a165  No.3030218


Lots of people have telescopes, are any astronomy fags here? Apparently they had a blackhawk helicopter when they shut down the observatory. Terrorist threat doesn't make sense, but I wouldn't rule it out.

Maybe it was a clandestine meeting place for spies or deep state or something

927b9a  No.3030219


yeah I don't care to get into that discussion tbh.

I'm more interested in the #'s of replacement vs birth rate in nations that allow abortions.

Row v Wade -> 1973

Replacement rate fell below birth rate in the US in 1971

Pretty close relationship, given than RvW would have had to go through the lower courts, probably for a couple of years, with flip-flopping rulings (I've not looked that deeply yet)

a665b0  No.3030220


gotta lurk moar, man

940015  No.3030221


On Sept. 10, 1770, the skies above China, Korea and Japan turned an eerie red, and for eight more nights these glowing red auroras lingered.

For nearly three centuries, this mysterious event was lost to history.

Now, researchers poring through palace diaries and other historical documents from East Asia have rediscovered the bizarre phenomenon, and have proposed a likely cause: A giant magnetic storm that rivaled the most powerful one on record, the so-called Carrington Event of 1859. (Geomagnetic storms occur when solar eruptions hit Earth's magnetosphere, the shell of electrically charged particles trapped by Earth's magnetic field.)



ecc5e2  No.3030222

File: 0a5dd5d0af9a799⋯.png (448.52 KB, 1726x1734, 863:867, ExecutiveOrder.png)

Think logically.

100% logical proof MSM is under our control.

1. Sep 12, 2018 Trump issues Exec Order.

2. Trump declares a National Emergency.

3. Allows sanctions for election interference.

4. Allows seizing of foreign assets & wealth.

5. Allows seizing of US Citizen assets too.

6. Read it carefully word for word. True.

This should totally unhinge the MSM. Why?

1. Trump can legally stop election fraud.

2. Trump can seize media company assets.

3. Trump has right to prevent "political bias".

4. Trump can attack coordinated "fake speech".

5. Trump can end "fake news" politics.

But here is the MSM response…

1. Trump didn't do enough to protect elections.

2. Trump is acting tough because of Russia.

3. Trump is doing too little too late.

4. And on and on.

Not a peep. Not a concern. Nothing.

Impossible if MSM is not controlled.

Thus stage almost completely set.

Kavanaugh confirmed first.

FISA declassify next.

RGB "dies of old age".

Left hysteria & riot threats.

National Guard called up.

Round them up.

Red October.

2d2100  No.3030223


Involvement assumed. But, yes, needs to be substantiated, hard.

d80b79  No.3030225


KYS sicko

5d1509  No.3030226










The shills want to divide and distract.

There is no such thing as "THE Jews".

Blaming all jews in general is not based on facts.

It helps hide the many not jewish bad actors.

The ruling families and a lot of folks ww do not claim themselves jews.

>>2990908 pb


>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days...

Simplifiying and dividing muhjew shilling is not working. Anons see it.


Don't let shills divide you.

This is

good vs evil,

humanity vs cabal.


0af2c7  No.3030227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It is not abortion you must delve into, but gone family values, and the debasement of motherhood in white societies.


927b9a  No.3030228


This's already been a notable today:

>>3030025 Texas Board of Ed votes to pull HRC (and Hellen Keller?) from social studies curriculum

a few breads back (maybe 5?)

Potentially still worthy of a notable in this one, to keep it high vis.

adb3ce  No.3030229


Expose this one and watch ALL the dominoes fall…

do it Q


a80d0d  No.3030230

File: 77c860631fd5eee⋯.jpg (89.54 KB, 1125x500, 9:4, 2hzing.jpg)

79dd18  No.3030231

Mattis confirmation votes 98-1

8ec672  No.3030232


sauce on Is ra el ever existing?

f7611b  No.3030233


Resigned over censoring Chinese.

Did NOT resign over censoring Americans.

Hard to hold them up a bastions of free speech.

93ddbb  No.3030234


How high would crime rates be w/out abortions? Scary thought. One of my favorite memes was about being anti-forced vaccinations w/ "My body my choice"

f852e8  No.3030235

https://www. justice.gov/usao-cdca/pr/indictment-targeting-massive-international-cocaine-conspiracy-unsealed-arrival-us

LOS ANGELES – A high-level member of a global drug ring arrived in Southern California last night after being extradited from Colombia on charges that he conspired to transport cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars from S. America to Mexico for eventual sale in the U.S.

0578fa  No.3030236


HEPA air filter until cracker dry, grind them up in a burr grinder (Ideally) or a clean coffee grinder. Eat the powder with a few ounces of white Grapefruit juice in yogurt or something otherwise tasty.


a665b0  No.3030237


sometimes i miss pol

321744  No.3030238

File: 6e3900a9c79e176⋯.jpg (1023.86 KB, 1100x731, 1100:731, 1440725452917.jpg)



All ideologies are supremacist ideologies. You can disprove me with a simple answer, shill.

Name one ideology that claims to be inferior to the rest.

Go ahead. What's taking you so long? I see you are really good at pointing fingers. How's about you argue the point, instead?

65fb0c  No.3030239


Only ONE faggot blame all jews and he's not worthy of copypasta. Don't do what he does.

edb9d5  No.3030240

File: fe858b62cebe4bb⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 637x504, 91:72, pepe psy.jpg)


>By the way, if you see a door, open it.

That phrase has excited me impressively.

I will open it my fren =)

I have 100+ trips under my belt, I am not hippy flipping, I am maybe choosing one over the other, still I might seize the season and pick them up the ground like the gift from mother nature they are.

Will pick about a dozen and weigh them in the woods and then take them.

I heard these cubensis are mild and I could go for 30-50gr of fresh flesh of god for a medium trip.

fbcb93  No.3030241

>>3030230 MUH, MUH, SINS!

4c95e5  No.3030242

>>3030228 ah ok, thanks anon - i must've missed it - i'll just leave it in for now

a665b0  No.3030243


capsules are also nice

especially for microdosing

358798  No.3030244


>Only ONE

guess again

927b9a  No.3030245

File: 04a1e6c5e8e64fa⋯.png (316.79 KB, 880x580, 44:29, ClipboardImage.png)


happy to help fren

93ddbb  No.3030246


It is a web page away. Half or infinite? I still plop over there to see what is going on. Best place to be during a major habbening.

370bd7  No.3030247


Strawman, and a horrible one.

Jesus, you are a moron.

Jews pride themselves as being BETTER THAN EVERYONE and BEING CHOSEN.

Name any other religion that does the same thing.

You can't because they don't exist.

Grade: F

df8130  No.3030248


Harry Reid I think

f81ede  No.3030249

File: 61fb766e902df79⋯.jpg (470.74 KB, 1200x931, 1200:931, Pistol_FP-45_02.jpg)


Remember when we dropped thousands of these across Europe from planes for the resistance to find? The idea is they could take out an enemy soldier and then take their rifle.

Are we going to end up dropping these on Europe again?

70230e  No.3030250

Jordan Sather https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5o33xspXi4&t=16s

New Mexico National Solar Observatory is directly across from Holloman AFB. The Oberservatory was owned by the AF until the 1970s then it was sold. Could a rouge group be using the observatory as an espionage tool?

ff4298  No.3030252

File: af381d89c385168⋯.jpg (195.63 KB, 1587x1122, 529:374, BrookingsSponsors_2.jpg)


NoName is a [Template Senator Profile] and not important. WHO donates To him and like..?

50dbf4  No.3030253

File: d67257a03e6e670⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1182x786, 197:131, whatif.png)

File: 3ba06ff98fd1749⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1184x856, 148:107, whatif1.png)

a80d0d  No.3030255

File: ebdc86dd5707f15⋯.png (683.23 KB, 1048x869, 1048:869, Hilda.png)

"They never thought she would lose."

SHE never thought she could loser either.

Never gets old.

edb9d5  No.3030256

File: b2230e70d47cae4⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 670x689, 670:689, space ride.jpg)







6d8b92  No.3030257

Trump's September Surprise is a Doozy

Clinton’s own all the backdoor keys to the

internet! All of them


0578fa  No.3030258

File: 5f08c766a062318⋯.jpg (756.73 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 127.jpg)



KEK!! And fresh can give you some wild times. I let this huge fresh cap melt on my tongue one time just for the hay of it, and I went places. Otherwise I always ran the other tek.

Safe Travels Anon!!

374bfa  No.3030259

File: 0f35090872e2d9b⋯.png (188.34 KB, 1107x690, 369:230, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)

This might be where Obuma got that 57 States thingy.

f81ede  No.3030260


FP-45 Liberator

642275  No.3030261

File: 2eda6acf8748bff⋯.jpeg (792.19 KB, 1242x1852, 621:926, 932830B0-F929-4810-99A7-1….jpeg)



f871df  No.3030262


They may eat aborted fetuses but this board is clear sign that they are not controlling our minds sempai.

d7fe09  No.3030263


No because the migrant invasion will use them against freedom lovin patriots. Use your brain.

0d4283  No.3030264


Europe can download and print em


fbcb93  No.3030265


b015bd  No.3030266


>BTW, what happened to Scott Adams? Anons don't link any of his stuff any more after he dissed Q.

He also RT's Cernovich and Posobiec so there's that too

26a165  No.3030267

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 608.jpg)


Like we trust anything aimfaggots have to say

1c0f04  No.3030268

forgive me but i have a simple question

If these people are stupid

How did we not know what we know now 3 years ago?

How did they manage to get AJ in place 30 years ago?

Why did we not know about North Korea?

What about the kids?

How did they manage to control the American Presidents?

Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

I dont think they are stupid i think they are dangerous..

Maybe Q means something else with the use of the term

==These People Are Stupid==?

0af2c7  No.3030269

File: 9d2dbd4b47040cb⋯.png (44.55 KB, 1109x548, 1109:548, Kike.PNG)


You don't need to claim you're inferior you weak minded yid to not be supremacist.

Judaism is supremacist because you think you're chosen due to what is written in the Torah (first 5 books of the Old Testament).

Jesus only appears on the New Testament, he never claims SUPERIORITY, in fact, he criticizes jews for their supremacist mindset, and tells them to start being more humanistic. Jews killed Him then.

Cry more, you're only digging your cause's grave ever deeper.

Shalom kike :)

f7611b  No.3030270


>rouge group

Are you talking about the LBGTSIALCIADISMB?

Nah, just kidding.

0721dd  No.3030271


Europe already has quality firearms… They should send us some!

a665b0  No.3030272

File: 63abf711a312e05⋯.png (128.66 KB, 236x236, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Embrace the other side, anon.

We'll hold it steady while you're gone.

d7fe09  No.3030273


Margarine people

6a37a5  No.3030274


They lost control of the Predictive AI. That's why this is happening now.

a509e5  No.3030275


I dug a bit on smart meters since an anon brought it up. Found out Mass has a law mandating smart meters and yes they can be hacked by wifi. Was this the method used? Don't know but things are very spoopy. There's already a backlash of anger against the gas company (https://www.columbiagasma.com/) on MSM. More here https://www.columbiagaspa.com/billing-payment-options/your-gas-meter/automated-meter-reading

492fec  No.3030276


It could have been the transit of the planet X/Nibiru

553b35  No.3030278

File: 533af7c29ee3439⋯.png (170.72 KB, 1242x752, 621:376, IMG_6006.PNG)

File: 63608a131f11f31⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 474x353, 474:353, IMG_6007.JPG)

File: c04ded9ad0aea32⋯.png (102.1 KB, 1242x847, 1242:847, IMG_6011.PNG)

File: fd7c37f467875ee⋯.png (149.46 KB, 1242x814, 621:407, IMG_6092.PNG)

fbcb93  No.3030279


0a093b  No.3030280


never met anyone who met Nirvana on them

waste of energy

risky living

stick with mari-juana tea


never buy drugs off the street from strangers and criminals

it has always amazed me

how people can put something in their bodies

that was manufactured in a jungle laboratory

by fukin drug dealers

amazing to me

df8130  No.3030281


The was no eclipse, except from the perspective of the SDO.

70a93f  No.3030282

File: b21d47c0acc3770⋯.jpeg (100.71 KB, 750x731, 750:731, CA5E89CB-FEE7-4D79-9C3E-B….jpeg)


RED CROSS has partnered w/Salvation Army too


f7611b  No.3030283


I try to stay away from that whole crowd. Why bother with them when the best news, opinion, and research is right here.

Kudos, anons.

13b6f2  No.3030284


(((They)))) UK don't have shit compared to our arsenals… Just sayin'

70230e  No.3030285


Ha. Well that's a whole lot of alphabets. Or could be other black operators.

460105  No.3030286

File: 873cbdc119f720d⋯.jpg (63.52 KB, 634x539, 634:539, CAT ON CEILING.jpg)


[Ex]traction on [G]o.


492fec  No.3030287


Forgot to add it wouldn't make sense to shut down the observatory because there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people with equally good telescopes that observe the sun.

50dbf4  No.3030288


Good points. Maybe they got overconfident and got sloppy in some ways?

Because you're right, they had been ruling over us without us even knowing

a665b0  No.3030289


pol is pol, anon

new pol is a little less lively, but seems to see less shills

first pol is littered with nigger, but harbors gems nightly

7644fa  No.3030290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just getting here, caught this on Fox News a couple hours ago. Any info on this?


Mother of MS-13 victim killed at daughter's memorial site

Sep. 14, 2018 - 0:41 - New York mother praised by Trump at the State of the Union and at roundtables on gang violence was killed at a memorial to her slain daughter.

adb3ce  No.3030291

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The true enemies of liberty and all modern societies and people are the central bank counterfeiters. The largest counterfeiter in the history of the world consists of the Federal Reserve banking scheme, which counterfeits American dollars through fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

America Freedom to Fascism exposes the fraud and deceit of the Federal Reserve Banks (Fed), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the 16th Amendment, the income tax, the Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, New World Order (globalization), Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens' rights.

The Federal Reserve System is a privately held, for profit corporation, and not a government agency. It was created by bankers for bankers as a lender of last resort, so that whenever a banker ran his businesses poorly he could be bailed out at the expense of the public. The Fed does not have any reserves, it simply creates fiat money out of nothing and lends it out at interest to businesses and the federal government. The American people are then forced to pay for the bailouts to government and businesses through inflation and personal income taxes on their labor. The currency the Fed creates out of thin air and loans out to the government at interest is called Federal Reserve Notes - look at the top of what you may think are your Dollars and you will see they are actually Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). FRNs are backed by nothing. US Dollars are required by law to be backed by gold and silver, but US Dollars are no longer in circulation. The only real US Dollars still somewhat in circulation are US Silver Eagles and Gold Eagle coins, but they have become so valuable due to the Fed's inflation and destruction of the FRN currency, that it takes thousands of FRNs just to buy a single US $50 gold coin, and dozens of FRNs to buy a single US $1 Dollar silver coin.

The Federal Reserve System operates through manipulation of interest rates, which results in expanding and retracting bubbles of inflation, referred to as business cycles. When the Fed inflates the currency, it is effectively a hidden tax on existing currency, because the value of the newly created currency is stolen from the value of existing currency. This is reflected in continually rising prices, even though advances in technology and manufacturing processes should result in lower prices and a higher standard of living for everyone. Since the creation of the Fed in 1913, it has debased 99% of the value of the Dollar. In other words, it now takes $100 FRNs to buy what just $1 US Dollar would buy in 1913, as a result of inflation due to the Fed counterfeiting so much currency. If you had saved $100 in 1913, it would now only buy as much as a single 1913 Dollar would have bought at that time. The other $99 of value would have been stolen through counterfeiting (cheaply duplicating money out of nothing) over the years, resulting in the vale of the $100 being taxed through inflation, behind your back.

The film explains how monetary policy is the most powerful form of control over people that has ever existed, and is central to the unconstitutional, global New World Order ambitions of those that own and benefit from the Fed. The founder of the Rothschild family international banking dynasty, which became the most successful business family in history, Mayer Amschel Rothschild once declared, "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws."

Most Americans are kept ignorant of how the Federal Reserve operates through actions of corrupt politicians and an increasingly centralized media. Using terms like, 'quantitative easing,' 'monetizing the debt,' or 'adjusting monetary policy for increased fluidity of credit,' the Fed conceals it's true actions behind veils of legitimacy.

The U.S. Congress has the duty and responsibility of coining and maintaining the value of our dollar and money, yet Congress is being negligent in overseeing the Fed, as many politicians depend upon large campaign contributions from the Federal Reserve system bankers. In 2008, Democrat Barack Obama's #1 campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs, among many other banks involved in the fraudulent Federal Reserve counterfeiting system. What is particularly important to note is that Republican John McCain's top contributors were the same as Barack Obama's.


ea7822  No.3030292


I hope you're right Anon! That would make all this stress since 10/17 well worth the wait!!

f81ede  No.3030293


For starters, this is chock full of good historical sauce recorded in great detail by multiple outside nations. I highly recommend it.


0af2c7  No.3030294

File: 0842c6a869dccd7⋯.png (346.87 KB, 646x822, 323:411, q_the_problem.png)

File: 64d404bf641e1a3⋯.jpg (845 KB, 834x2023, 834:2023, Jews_Nepotism_2_Nobel.jpg)

File: fd18f8828f7253c⋯.jpg (63.75 KB, 471x462, 157:154, 4_Jews_Nepotism_1.jpg)

File: 4dc858d8ba72bdd⋯.png (726.55 KB, 669x1819, 669:1819, Jewish_Nepotism_1.png)

File: 948b29283d9d4dc⋯.jpg (937.19 KB, 2047x2052, 2047:2052, List_Jew_Orgs.jpg)


>There is no such thing as "THE Jews".

Off course there is.

How many jewish interest groups in the West?

How nepotistically do jews act?

>Blaming all jews in general is not based on facts.

Nobody is doing that Mr. shill :)

1c0f04  No.3030295

File: 1fd3bb9aaf913de⋯.png (15.87 KB, 596x351, 596:351, ClipboardImage.png)

interesting caps

edb9d5  No.3030296

File: c409f747204c52e⋯.jpg (154.11 KB, 728x494, 28:19, assange pepe camo.jpg)





553b35  No.3030297

File: 52f715cf1f156a1⋯.png (144.63 KB, 1144x784, 143:98, IMG_5996.PNG)

File: fc6053159d6b396⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 474x609, 158:203, IMG_5999.JPG)

File: 0eb061c2127dc3b⋯.png (99.86 KB, 1242x685, 1242:685, IMG_6005.PNG)

File: 447b642f8cbee17⋯.png (404.93 KB, 1123x1579, 1123:1579, IMG_6015.PNG)

26a165  No.3030298


I go there for habbenings only. 99% of threads are rehashed shit

65fb0c  No.3030299


He IP hops in case it wasn't obvious.

0578fa  No.3030300

File: 6e0b3d7a359c1b0⋯.png (14.85 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 0569c429510799bb28723fdba4….png)


Post of the day thus far.

Gotta get Kav confirmed and then it's gloves off.

50dbf4  No.3030301

File: 3ea34a7391856df⋯.jpeg (404.79 KB, 1036x1132, 259:283, dual_citizenship.jpeg)

d7fe09  No.3030302

File: 348b12bc2250bb1⋯.jpeg (229.87 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, 095AEEC0-CB87-4AFB-8DF6-A….jpeg)

370bd7  No.3030303


People have been blowing the whistle on this shit since before the 3rd take over in 1913. Literally thousands of people. NO ONE BOTHERED TO LISTEN.

It is not that they are so smart. It is that we are so STUPID.

fbcb93  No.3030304

File: ece43d7ebfb03ea⋯.png (343.59 KB, 606x404, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fe2cb5615b69620⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x1346, 1024:673, Widow_with_Child.jpg)

adb3ce  No.3030305



13b6f2  No.3030306




All I know is that this is total BS. No fucking coincidences anymore…. BS! BS! BS!

0d4283  No.3030307




>It could have been the transit of the planet X/Nibiru

ok but still doesn't answer…why hide it?

ea7822  No.3030308


It's ironic that it was 2 years to the day that they killed her Daughter. I think this was a hit and warning to other 'angel Moms/families'.

1c0f04  No.3030309


That amount of power and control is dangerous in anyone's hands

c40fcb  No.3030310


Try this.. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Deuteronomy+28&version=KJV

GOD says IF you obey me… then near the last portion of the same chapter he says Israel won't obey them and what he will do to them for their disobedience

fbcb93  No.3030311

>>3030302 BOOBIES!

e12e55  No.3030312


Yes we saw it. Really sad. Wonder who the "heated confrontation" was with? MS13 or just a fucked up Lib?

321744  No.3030313

File: 228a6a23ffa09c8⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2456x3680, 307:460, Lucy Collet.jpg)


Where's the strawman? Point it out for the world to see, shill.


>You don't need to claim you're inferior you weak minded yid to not be supremacist.

That's not what I said, is it? Your reading comprehension skills are lacking. Anons see what you are doing, and are figuring out your patterns now. Use the arguments as points of dispute, without any reconciliation to the original argument. Keep digging, though. This is actually fun. I'm literally defeating you with with Rum, redheads, and simple logic.

This shit is fun. It's like the old days when you guys would rage-quit in Counterstrike. Have another rare because I'm feeling frothy tonight.

13b6f2  No.3030314

2d2100  No.3030315


The scoundrels go where, by social constructed default, we (most of us are vulnerable) trust the most.

"I am from the Red Cross and I am here to help." Opens many doors that should remain closed. Closes many doors that should remain open.

The presumption of do-goodery makes the vulnerable in crisis way more vulnerable way longer. Very tragic. It is the dark side of our human nature.

So when thinking of the pedo wackery within the Church, expand your thinking and suspect wherever trust is the default and wherever doors are more than entries through structure but are structure itself.

Red Cross and Red Crescent. Think about how the deault of the Red Cross, longstanding, is the basic structural element in the transference to Red Crescent – anyway on the world map.

Attraction is strong for scoundrels. Because attraction is strong for do-goodery impulsives.

5f9d7d  No.3030316


Q has helped us wake up. Many were trusting in the media and not digging into what was going on in the world.

1c0f04  No.3030317


great points

f81ede  No.3030318


Heraldry is another good study.


374bfa  No.3030319


Also, I think that ALL OF HLLARY'S EMAILS are due to be released by 9/28 if I remember right.

13b6f2  No.3030320


^^^^^^^^^^^ Number king!

d70b3d  No.3030322

File: d6394cb3e2832ef⋯.jpg (488.44 KB, 1536x1431, 512:477, colombian_kingpin.jpg)

File: 16fefb38fe42a68⋯.jpg (889.38 KB, 1366x3917, 1366:3917, colombian_kingpin_1.jpg)

An indictment was unsealed Thursday targeting a drug smuggling ring. My guess is that they were smuggling more than drugs, as four of the individual were in custody in Thailand. Some of his "confedants" were also arrested yesterday in Massachusetts, the same day as the gas explosions.

>The indictment charged 47 people in the drug operation. Seven defendants were arrested in the U.S. on Thursday, four were in custody in Thailand and about a half-dozen were facing extradition from Colombia. The others remained at large.



370bd7  No.3030323


I already did, moron.

Try paying attention.

7644fa  No.3030324


I just got on and didn't go through past breads. I'm surprised there is nnot mmore mention of this. Isn't she the lady that the President hhanded something to?

0af2c7  No.3030325

File: 7e5f137b9e4bb6d⋯.jpg (3.87 MB, 8000x5583, 8000:5583, Banks.jpg)

File: f5d60863303e83e⋯.jpg (158.79 KB, 1024x1005, 1024:1005, Central_Banking_Racket.jpg)

File: a7f83880fcc6970⋯.jpg (125.34 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Money_Control.jpg)


Reminder that jewish supremacists have dominated the Central Banking cartel business since 1650-1700, starting with the creation of the Bank of England.


There are at least 2 typos on the graph:

1) It's BALFOUR declaration, not "Belfort";

2) I can’t remember which typo the second one was.

I didn't made the graph, and I only have paint, and if I try to edit the graph, it's size goes over 4mb (and given that 4chan has a limit of 4mb per file, I don't want that to happen), so you’ll have to bear with the typos on this most excellent graph.

358798  No.3030326



and checkd

492fec  No.3030327

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Julian Assange Dancing at a night club in Reykjavik

edb9d5  No.3030328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



a80d0d  No.3030329


We didn't know because we weren't paying close enough attention The fake media lost control but they didn't understand this untilthe night when Trump won the election. Most of what we know now we know only because of clues that Q has dropped here. The Awakening is still in progress.

b12add  No.3030330

File: a9ecd1fc9c9b6a3⋯.jpg (171.36 KB, 1025x743, 1025:743, artquotetrees.jpg)


Why is abortion the most powerful form of ritual sacrifice? Because it entails the most defenseless victims conceivable (the unborn) being murdered by the very persons most duty-bound to love and protect them from harm – their own mothers, and medical doctors who've sworn oaths to their gods to do no harm.

These ritual murders which society misnames abortions are, furthermore, carried out in a nonchalant and routinized fashion almost exclusively to facilitate hedonistic apathy, laziness, and convenience; symbolically placing ten seconds of sexual pleasure above the value of a humans lifetime worth of living, breathing consciousness.

7644fa  No.3030331


My initial gut feeling is that there is way more to it

13b6f2  No.3030332



YES! That's why I call total BS. Fucking scary black hat shit….

a665b0  No.3030333


wrong person, anon?

321744  No.3030334


Point it out. I'm old and can't scroll up that far.

492fec  No.3030335


The same reason why they hide everything else like our true history and ancient technology

0af2c7  No.3030336

File: e8afd84681e2086⋯.jpg (23.28 KB, 309x162, 103:54, Communism_Judaism.jpg)

File: cc87e054a2ed9cf⋯.jpg (126.69 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Jews_Bolshevism.jpg)

File: 7bc98b5444f15bd⋯.jpg (600.04 KB, 650x994, 325:497, Jews_Bolshevism_Better.jpg)

File: b2aae334c9337ae⋯.jpg (327.89 KB, 1019x1300, 1019:1300, Jews_Bolshevism_Ukrain_Gen….jpg)

File: 00166d2d29eb9b2⋯.jpg (341.21 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Jews_Soviet_Genocidal_Genr….jpg)


If you're trying to smear me, no, I don't IP hop, I have had breads with 70 posts on my ID. The more you attack me for posting verifiable facts, the more I win :)

>>2390975 – Jews control the media; not all jews are bad, but the good ones need to speak out against jewish interest groups because those are used to subvert.

>>2391013 – Jewish supremacists have controled the central bank cartel racket since its inception with the establishment of the Bank of England

>>2391053 – The EU was always a jewish supremacist project and being a jew can also mean being racially a jew (doesn’t mean all racial jews are jews in the religious sense)

>>2391083 – Jewish supremacist subversion is the biggest threat to the West and the US today

>>2391107 – The dangers of jewish supremcism and the use of the “anti-semitic” trick to silence legitimate criticism made on Israel and jewish subversion

>>2391143 – Jewish supremacists are the biggest financiers and initiators of anti-2nd amend movements in the US

>>2391159 – The “progressive” political ideology was created and pushed by jewish supremacists

>>2391195 – More info on the origins and main initiators of the “progressive” political ideology

>>2391216 – Antifa is a communist “progressive” para-military arm of the democratic party

>>2391281 – Antifa connections to ISIS and NAMBLA, Antifa in the 30’s Germany

>>2391307 – Neocons are communist Trotskyites

>>2391353 – Jews kickstarted and dominated the slave trade in the US and used Hollywood to pin slavery on the Whites, jews control Hollywood

>>2391478 – More on the jewish initiated slave trade in the US

>>2391496 – Jewish interest groups connection to online censorship

>>2391526 – Jewish hatred of Christians and the dangers of circumcision

>>2391562 – More info on the jewish promoted male genital mutilation (circumcision)

>>2391652 – The term “judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron and an attempt at manipulating Christians

>>2391671 – More on jewish hatred of Christ and Christians and the use of pilpul to deflect that well documented fact

>>2391725 – The jewish talmud promotes pedophilia

>>2391754 – The jewish ritual murder of goyim (non-jew) children is an well documented historical fact

>>2391872 – The foundation myth of the West and our role as anons in the storm

>>2392124 – Jewish hatred of goyim, especially White goyim (loxism)

>>2392177 – Judaism is based on jewish supremacism ( (((God’s chosen mindset))) )

>>2392199 – More on judaism being based on jewish supremacism

>>2392274 – More on judaism being based on jewish supremacism

>>2393477 – Communism was created, financed and spread by jews

>>2393507 – General George S. Patton was killed for speaking out against jewish supremacism

>>2393553 – Israel supports ISIS

>>2393583 – Israel supports ISIS wants wants the Syrian civil war to keep going and Obama gave 38 billion dollars to Israel, Hillary has jewish roots, Obama claims to be practically a liberal jew

>>2395726 – Sayanim, the non-Israeli jewish Mossad colaborators

>>2395838 – Israel is the biggest pedo haven in the world right now

>>2395862 – Israel is the biggest hub for human and organ trafficking in the world today

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>2396099 – Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attack

>>2396414 – Jordan Peterson is a long-con man who is also a globalist and zionist gate-keeper

>>2530175 – Porn is a jewish weapon against the goyim (non-jews)

>>2571682 – Hilter fought the same enemires we are fighting now

>>2571660 – Was Hitler a puppet? Probably not

>>2571666 – Was Hitler a puppet? Probably not part 2

>>2580819 – A message to our jewish allies

To all the Israel first shills on Hasbara duty, read the first post, it literally says: “Reminder that the problem is not jews per-se, it is unchecked jewish supremacism and subversion.”

0a093b  No.3030337


This is why women stick together and keep themselves covered up.

Modesty isn't shame.

Best to cover that which ain't so great

to avoid the cold shoulder

when attempting porn


adb3ce  No.3030338


The founders were very specific on this point, they clearly understood that “money” had to be based on something of intrinsic value to avoid fraud in the monetary system.

They selected gold and silver coin and named it as such in our Constitution:

“No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;“

We are currently living beyond our means as a society.

We are allowing desperate, destitute people to flood into our country.

We are exporting our jobs and manufacturing base to nations historically hostile to us and we have debased our currency and allowed criminal fraud to run rampant in our banking and financial systems.

At some point a certain inevitably will present itself clearly.

How long until this harbinger arrives and who will suffer the consequences?

#GreatAwakening is not an action…

It is a reaction… and now it has begun.

"The Senator could scarcely believe his ears. 'Now my next question is, is it your intention that the report of this hearing should be that Greenspan recommends a return to the gold standard? Greenspan responded, 'I've been recommending that for years, there's nothing new about that. It would probably mean there is only one vote in the Federal Open Market Committee for that, but it is mine.'"


An inquiry into the evils of a fluctuating medium of exchange…


A Caveat Against Injustice


“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

-Henry Ford

The few who can understand the system will be either so  interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors,  that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on  the other hand, that great body of people, mentally  incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that  Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden  without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting  that the system is inimical to their interests."

-Nathan Rothschild

“Fiat currency is an economic whip used to beat the working class”


Richard Russell, one of the world’s most knowledgeable and respected financial advisors recently stated that fiat money is “the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American public.” Fiat money is paper currency, backed by nothing of intrinsic value – currency that derives its value solely by the faith placed in it by the people and nations who hold it. Every fiat currency in the history of the world has been devalued by government to the point that it has eventually been rendered worthless. Russell, in a recent article entitled “Fiat Money is Headed to the Graveyard, And The Gold Boom Hasn’t Even Begun” writes, “In the big picture, I believe we’re going to put fiat currency to the test. Fiat money allowed the U.S. to experience boom. Fiat money produced the tech bust, the equities bust and the housing bust. Fiat money is the vehicle that is created and sponsored by the world’s central banks. Fiat money will prove to be a fraud. Out of the graveyard of fiat money will emerge real intrinsic money – gold.”



Fix this problem, all other problems will sort themselves out.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. FINDINGS.

Congress finds the following:
(1) The United States dollar has lost 30 per-

cent of its purchasing power since 2000, and 96 per- cent of its purchasing power since the end of the gold standard in 1913.

(2) Under the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent in- flation objective, the dollar loses half of its pur- chasing power every generation, or 35 years.

To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.



ecc5e2  No.3030339


Then why is the MSM silent? This proves the logic. Plus (they) already had all this power in (their) hands. Learn to trust again.

9dad93  No.3030340



Observator(y/ies) shut down because of human sacrifices planned based on some Satanic astrological calendar. Q got wind of this and shut them all down.

d70b3d  No.3030341


Kek, I forgot to say this sounds like they had their hands in human trafficking.

370bd7  No.3030342


Not my problem.

Try paying better attention in the future.

Grade: F for being a lazy Fuck.

0d4283  No.3030343


>The same reason why they hide everything else like our true history and ancient technology

are white hats not in control then

is this not a great awakening

553b35  No.3030345

File: 0213bd1fe09350e⋯.png (171.9 KB, 1151x1230, 1151:1230, IMG_5589.PNG)

File: fb654c4b473ebaf⋯.png (155.78 KB, 1229x810, 1229:810, IMG_5592.PNG)

File: 1d0175791857617⋯.png (220.15 KB, 1234x618, 617:309, IMG_5622.PNG)

File: f0c3ce6e1688226⋯.png (269.44 KB, 1242x1503, 138:167, IMG_6094.PNG)

File: 430f2fcd98192e1⋯.png (171.12 KB, 1242x664, 621:332, IMG_6119.PNG)

93ddbb  No.3030346


It really is. Was never a fan of the Executive Order. Don't think anything would happen anymore with our two party system in which our reps are beholden to the party and not the people.

Country is ripe for some bad shit.

26a165  No.3030347


Doesnt make sense to me, closing the observatories have no effect on the position of the sun/stars etc.

0a9cb2  No.3030348


A snickers bar treats depression better than Prozac

a509e5  No.3030349

File: c8104e6cdc5b1af⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 509x710, 509:710, Rare1Pepe.gif)

374bfa  No.3030350


More likely Chinese spy ring spying on the military basis.

321744  No.3030351


Let it be known

This cunt lost an argument because he cannot disprove that all ideologies are supremacist ideologies. I swear, I've blown boogers more logical than this fuck.

f81ede  No.3030352


Yes they do. I love me some H&K's, CZ's, Glocks, Beretta's, Steyr's and Walthers.

553b35  No.3030353


has to be shilla had control and using for other reasons…..

fbcb93  No.3030354

>>3030348 DEEP FRIED!

f7611b  No.3030355


They are stupid because they think doubling down on their standard tactics will work this time.

They are stupid because they do not understand they have already lost.

a665b0  No.3030356



psylocybin resets your brain

one can be rather depressed, experience a trip, and be able to overcome depression as a result of the trip

it's also been evidenced to show recession in nicotine dependence, for example

the truth about our teachers has long been tainted

experience the truth for yourself, don't let them feed you lies

e6cfbb  No.3030357




I think they could've been looking at spy satellites or some shit

0af2c7  No.3030358

File: 1ef36d2c75c4e88⋯.png (48.89 KB, 1220x619, 1220:619, Pilpul.png)

File: 1ce1c396d8b500c⋯.jpg (92.2 KB, 500x566, 250:283, Bibi.jpg)

File: d40a9320e03bb03⋯.png (411.98 KB, 1048x724, 262:181, Hubris_to_be_paid_for.png)

File: 5b9b2384738d34b⋯.jpg (222.93 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Important.jpg)


>That's not what I said, is it?

Yes it is, you desperate kike :)

Here: >>3030238

Name one ideology that claims to be inferior to the rest.

You're so weak I feel bad about ripping your crap pilpul to pieces everytime you post your jewish insolent bullshit.

Keep digging your grave ever deeper :)

9dad93  No.3030359


To be clear, sacrifices performed AT the observatories.

4d19bd  No.3030360

File: 969b4c0f11ae0be⋯.jpg (436.17 KB, 1600x1495, 320:299, Mt St Pepe.jpg)


I think it was more a message to POTUS. He invited her to speak about her daughter and the MS13 plague at the SOTU address. These people doing this shit need to die…slowly and painfully. No Mercy for them.

f81ede  No.3030361


No shit. I'm a bit of a Sarcasm fag though.

edb9d5  No.3030362

File: f5b8569022b30c3⋯.gif (233.15 KB, 220x472, 55:118, cat clock.gif)






26a165  No.3030363


Possible. Why are they still closed. Why did they go there with a blackhawk helicopter. What is a blackhawk helicopter equipped with? Night vision, camera, etc probably can be found on any government or even media helicopters.

fbcb93  No.3030364


370bd7  No.3030365



That this cunt is a PRIDEFUL KIKE.

That lost an argument, but declares VICTORY anyway.


8265cb  No.3030366

Resignations in the news today:

Harold Brown, founder of The Hamilton Co., to retire as CEO


County plan director resigns


Mizoram Home Minister Resigns From Cabinet


Resignations Rock GUSA


Trouble for Congress in Mizoram as home minister resigns


Former Eastwood council leader resigns over neighbourhood plan


Lewis retiring after 12 years of service on Palo Verde College board


OPRF Chamber executive director to resign


Burr Ridge Executive Assistant Retires


Prominent health policy expert resigns over plagiarism claim


Firefly Credit Union picks successor for retiring CEO




Douglas County Community Development Director Mimi Moss retires


Walpole superintendent to retire


Finance Minister Adeosun resigns


Gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan’s top three staffers resign


492fec  No.3030367


And more than likely started under Obama and Hillary pay to play. Wonder what tipped the intel community off and what took them so long.

ecc5e2  No.3030368


This is a WAR in case you didn't notice.

553b35  No.3030369


they needed to be caught by suprise before they could evacuate/escape. (black hawk)

642275  No.3030370

File: 72c48ba452d467a⋯.jpeg (517.73 KB, 1242x1183, 1242:1183, 6E66B53D-3CAA-46A0-9EE9-E….jpeg)



b015bd  No.3030371

File: e81028418750823⋯.png (4.67 KB, 397x97, 397:97, Q 2027 Information.PNG)



>fake news




Information comes in many forms.


1c0f04  No.3030372

Nxivm official may flip on fellow ‘sex cult’ members


d70b3d  No.3030373


These people are stupid because they had no "Plan B" for if she lost. Hubris was their downfall.

320f44  No.3030374

File: 8b8ed28c3a5fd45⋯.png (2.4 MB, 2100x1275, 28:17, 8b8ed28c3a5fd45ec9b806b732….png)

File: f59955a0360b405⋯.jpeg (45.33 KB, 473x448, 473:448, 268c9eab2923bd2bd19648dcc….jpeg)

0af2c7  No.3030375


They are stupid because their techniques only work if people are in non-critical thinking mode en-mass and/or have no platform to communicate without censorship.

Both conditions are being fixed, so they are fucked.

1e761e  No.3030376

File: 269ef52ffdc1dd8⋯.jpg (723.38 KB, 1034x1347, 1034:1347, 1527369673740.jpg)

TY Baker….and Anons

edb9d5  No.3030377

File: 4bc23bc843bdf50⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 576x574, 288:287, 2pac Cena.jpg)




0ee41f  No.3030378



Well, that explains your shitty arguments.

a665b0  No.3030379


telescopes let them see distant stars


>dimensions in to other realms

>metaphors - not reality

what if they're position is that these telescopes in fact act as portals to other dimensions, and they've been acknowledging a metaphor the whole time?

not really a high-effort thought, but seems mildly interesting

358798  No.3030380


a wild




65fb0c  No.3030381


That's because you're not being constantly banned like in faggot fungal's days as BV. You can alter your copypasta to blend in but you're still nonetheless a shill. I'd tell you to make a thread but we've already been through this rodeo 4 times, it's the same old cycle.

492fec  No.3030382


They maybe in control but the bad actors still have power until totally taken down. And besides there's so much shit to dump if it was done all at one time, most of the population on the planet would go mad.

93ddbb  No.3030384


Personality disorder.

1c0f04  No.3030385


maybe Q taking them out

0578fa  No.3030386

File: 7b38fb60e19196d⋯.png (913.45 KB, 947x793, 947:793, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at ….png)


I need to take a break for a week or so again and get ready. Gotta get rested up for the final push.

edb9d5  No.3030387

File: 1de6c85c89351d7⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 1100x331, 1100:331, 4chon.jpg)




2d2100  No.3030388


Abortions, overall, are human sacrifices en mass.

Harvesting the beautiful children from such is part of the design, again overall.

Embedding abortion into a no-replacement demographic trend makes the trend almost undoable. It makes it the future.

That modern society has brought such a trend to all corners of the globe, is no new observation. It strikes many as new because it is almost like the air that we breath. Now seems inevitable, this large scale human sacrific rivals war as key factor in demographic adjustments.

Example: ration of male to female thrown off by abortion in one-child policy in China. Heavily documented.

At what point does this become the fulcrum to free minds from the inevitability of human suffering? The point of suffering is … ? The point of human sacrifice is … ?

The point of wide-scale and pervasively accepted and lauded abortion trends is … ?

Look at abortion, yes, look at demographic trends, yes, look at human nature, dark and light. Yes.

b96424  No.3030389


Reddit The_Donald sub

ea7822  No.3030390


No mercy whatsoever!! I 100% agree Anon-this is like a punch in the gut to all Americans. Patriots felt her pain and understood her agony and now she's gone too. This is so despicable and sick! I bet that POTUS has FBI all over this tonight!

6acab6  No.3030391


The MSM does everything it can to control the narrative and one of their most powerful tools is what they decide to report and more importantly, what they decide to ignore.

Watch the news on television after surfing the web and you will be amazed at what they completely ignore.

If you watch the local news night after night you will see an obvious pattern in their reporting. First will be whatever they decide is the most important world or national news, they will spin their version of it briefly.

Then a local news story, then a puff piece, the weather, sports a human interest puff piece and finally some ridiculous bullshit story about some woman and her fucking cats that sing to her or some equally waste of breath story about two ducks stuck in a pipe etc, etc.

This repeats every night like clockwork.

eab40d  No.3030392

File: 3ff08ff552fa50c⋯.jpeg (46.52 KB, 612x413, 612:413, 7F0F4333-1287-46B6-9C76-6….jpeg)

553b35  No.3030393


would be only reason for (raid). the observatory poses no health risk to society. there are other observatories that would see trouble or aliens coming. rule that out. which only leads to bad actors using for bad purposes. define(purposes) define(bad actors)

642275  No.3030394

File: 26f027d7c5252cd⋯.jpeg (770.26 KB, 1242x1883, 1242:1883, E755ED53-B0DF-4620-B4AD-4….jpeg)



0a9cb2  No.3030395



492fec  No.3030396


The one ran by SaveTheInternet after we got chased off of 4chan?

0d4283  No.3030398


>And besides there's so much shit to dump if it was done all at one time, most of the population on the planet would go mad.

makes sense

but you know something, if it was up to me I would say fuck it and let er rip…dump everything 100% truth

thats just me personally

f81ede  No.3030399


Observatories do a lot of listening. They have some top notch all spectrum radio equipment that would make any HAM drool in awe.

Deep state having had their coms cut, it's at least plausible they were Intercepting, or desperately trying to intercept white hat coms

c40fcb  No.3030400

an explanation as to why Jews hate Christians:

Romans 11:11 I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy.


321744  No.3030401

File: 5f556f1b67e873b⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 564x1002, 94:167, 2eae101dbd6c7828bcaf26b22d….jpg)


>You don't need to claim you're inferior to not be supremacist.

>You need to claim you're inferior to NOT be supremacist.

See how that works? I'm serious; you guys really suck at this, and I'm half fucking lit by now. My 4th grader has more logic than you do.

5bd35f  No.3030403


Well, 'bout 20 years since I popped shrooms a couple of times and I must say that for me at least, the effect were quite opposite…

I think the best way of taking care of depression is learning how to use the brain correctly (focus, meditation) and not alter it with chemicals.

Just disregard the new-age bullshit that comes with meditation practice, there is vast experiences to explore going within which really leads to "expanding of your thinking"

It just takes dedication and persistance, there is no quick fix in the real world.

0af2c7  No.3030404

File: 948c4443206f3e3⋯.png (63.25 KB, 717x199, 717:199, Fungus_kike_censor.PNG)

File: 3004b300d5513ea⋯.jpg (102.92 KB, 916x610, 458:305, Fungus_bans_everthing.jpg)

File: 077e66d943b3a61⋯.jpeg (401.37 KB, 1180x568, 295:142, fungal_2.jpeg)

File: e4b6c41cc95647d⋯.png (400.34 KB, 1212x481, 1212:481, Fungal_Kike_Subversive_ex_….PNG)


Lol, you're mad that you can't ban me because there are no arguments against FACTS, and that is what I post.

And BO told me to make a bread of my own, which I did (here: >>2390914 ) not to get me to stop posting here, but so I could organize the info better.

Cry more, jewish subversion is being holocausted in front of your eyes with the truth and there is nothing you can do :)

492fec  No.3030405


I'm with you on that

b89178  No.3030406


It's just aliens and spirituality, calm down

f7611b  No.3030407

6a37a5  No.3030410

File: a57c2085ec8d578⋯.jpg (113.9 KB, 933x396, 311:132, alex-grey-chakra-art.jpg)

edb9d5  No.3030411




chemfag, stee, smiley, halfwhite, popckorn

cedae7  No.3030412


Been here a few times. It's always a "ghost town" with no people to be found around. It's wound into the mountain pretty far, not real easy to access.

374bfa  No.3030413


It's close to White Sands.

0af2c7  No.3030414


Indeed, that moron says one thing, then claims it never said it and claims victory.

I love it, the more he does it, the more he damages his cause, which is to prevent the banning of judaism in the West.

553b35  No.3030415

File: 8c2ac744ff01c1a⋯.jpg (25.1 KB, 474x313, 474:313, IMG_5979.JPG)


but if its anything like las vegas…… we wont know shit.

466ade  No.3030416


I need a crane in isle three.

e6cfbb  No.3030417



my thinking as well

we control the F_I now (Wray/Sessions) I'm assuming the observatory was doing BLACK hat/Cabal shit

0a093b  No.3030418



Abraham would not make war to take over Canaan.

Abraham would not accept reward when he led his "men" (numbering in the hundreds) to save Lot from the kings of the north who had kidnapped them

"I will not take so much as a shoe latch for this, except what my men need for necessities"

One can then assume he abhorred war and would not take booty.

Isaac did the same. Kept moving until he found a "place where I can live in peace"

Joseph was the true inheritor of Jacob's wealth and Joseph's son after him.

This was ignored by the sons who had sold Joseph into slavery.

Judah was an arrogant son who assumed that since Rubin had slept with one of Jacob's wives that he would be named inheritor.

They were all murderers.

Jacob feared them.

They stole the inheritance and made war with anyone and everyone.

They were horrific killers.

This is not the rightful inheritance of Abraham.

This is not the way of Isaac or Jacob

who were dedicated to non-violence.

Go figure.

Who is the rightful inheritor of Abraham's legacy?

492fec  No.3030419


Yeah was thinking that. Looks like a very small town just to house the observatory personnel

321744  No.3030420


Ad Hominem. Disprove my claims, or move back to 4chins.

cedae7  No.3030421


The missile range or the national monument

f7611b  No.3030422


What else was the observatory able to do but watch? Comms? Anything?

0af2c7  No.3030424



Attention is an asset, and oportunity-cost is a thing.

They want to deplete our attention on worthless shit so we don't act and think using good info and implications of said good info as a basis for our decision making process.

cedae7  No.3030425


Well to be more specific it's not even in a town at all. Its it's own thing off the side of the road a ways from ang civilization.

fbcb93  No.3030426

>>3030415 You will know When Q wants you to know and DIG!

466ade  No.3030427


Go fuck yourself. This is a place to prove claims rather than demand they should be disproven.

553b35  No.3030428


actually i question my thoughts. what materials are used in this telescope? what fuels it?

c40fcb  No.3030429


His church.. hence the LORD said in the OT he will be the father of many nations Genesis 17:4

GOD's mystery is his church.

ecc5e2  No.3030430


True however your answer does not make sense. MSM's goal has been to destroy Trump. This EO destroys them just like a Border Wall. Yet nothing. Only reasonable conclusion is the MSM is doing exactly as they are told.

It is the difference between blackmail and whitemail.

In blackmail, you do whatever the other party says to keep your crimes hidden.

In whitemail, you are convicted of your crimes and your sentencing will be decided later based on how much good you perform otherwise the original blackmail is released.

For example, McCain dies a hero after doing as instructed. Whitemail.

8a55f3  No.3030431

File: a40125d668e643a⋯.png (742.57 KB, 822x672, 137:112, Screenshot-2018-3-21 Steph….png)


>fake news

Acosta, is it really (((you)))!?

2 more hours to kill before talking points, huh??

As far as I'm concerned, YourNewsWire isn't afraid to speak the uncomfortable truth…


1643ae  No.3030432

File: 3dfee1f18163309⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 2160x1372, 540:343, Rodriguez.jpg)

Police Search underway for vehicle involved in Rodriguez death!

7bffb1  No.3030433

>>3029831 pb

>Most Jews are good, just as Q has told us.

Where did Q say that? I'm finding 0 posts that say 'Jew' and 0 posts that say 'most' on qmap.pub.

3a7411  No.3030434


I think it's highly intelligent at the top of the pyramid, but their intelligence decreases quickly the further down you go. The stupid ones at the bottom and mid-layers are the ones that became arrogant (ie Hollywood, swamp, etc) and are now making mistakes thanks to Q's inflicted PANIC that will eventually bring the whole thing down as they turn on each other trying to save themselves.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

321744  No.3030435


(21 posts)


You like "Jews", and you like the word "Strawman". Says a lot, actually.

cedae7  No.3030436



I meant this for you. My bad

0f7855  No.3030437

File: 50aabbb5353ab69⋯.jpg (32.02 KB, 265x500, 53:100, booze.jpg)

17ac29  No.3030438


Bill's legit. Was one of the first to openly support POTUS in 2015. IMO actively part of the plan if not fully aware of it.

466ade  No.3030439


Something is going on in space that we're not supposed to see. Trust the plan rather than questioning the details.

edb9d5  No.3030440

File: 0711688f5f18ff0⋯.jpg (111 KB, 680x979, 680:979, popckorn 88 magic.jpg)


I actually suspect HalfWhite iswas SupremeGentleman

4c95e5  No.3030441

Notables Update

>>3030025 Texas Board of Ed votes to pull HRC (and Hellen Keller?) from social studies curriculum

>>3030045 Google employees resign over censored China search engine project

>>3030222 Trips confirm Anon's take on election interference EO

>>3030366 Resignations in the news today

>>3030372 Nxivm official may flip on fellow ‘sex cult’ members

8ec672  No.3030442


yes this

374bfa  No.3030443


I believe it is the Missile range. I saw a video yesterday where

they are connecting Chinese spies spying on it.

There were FBI or workers when the raid happened up on the antennas or something.

Seems to do with surveillance and White Sands.

Maybe the post office was involved with mailing something like thumb drives or something.

6a37a5  No.3030444

File: d5f181e8f9636a6⋯.jpg (354.65 KB, 1140x760, 3:2, chessanon.jpg)

f7611b  No.3030445


Anything underground there. Maybe a situation like in Crichton's Andromeda Strain.

321744  No.3030446

File: 91ed30ec619b477⋯.jpg (166.1 KB, 737x489, 737:489, 91ed30ec619b477751e588ab35….jpg)


>I'm not going to disprove shit until you prove that which I should disprove

"You First" is all you got? Seriously? It's like 1st grade all over again.

2d120b  No.3030447


Yep. Praise the Sovereign God of the universe..

0af2c7  No.3030449

File: 18f814a866a8405⋯.png (71.49 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 1530316367907.png)

File: f5c16f3824e69a0⋯.png (593.57 KB, 2005x1221, 2005:1221, Jewish_Hate_For_Christians….png)

File: fa6b4cd6668adca⋯.png (129.22 KB, 575x607, 575:607, Jews_Christ_Satan.png)

File: 6688eade8fbad03⋯.png (107.11 KB, 1165x540, 233:108, Jews_Spit_On_Christians_In….PNG)

File: 08ded54c1674506⋯.jpg (262.83 KB, 640x1162, 320:581, Talmud_jews_hanged_Jesus.jpg)


Keep going.

Tell us more on how all ideologies are supremacist because no idology claims they are inferior, lol.

You people are really stupid.

Have more facts about judaism, which is what you're trying to defend here :)

a80d0d  No.3030450

File: aaead5f11f9ae53⋯.png (197.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, France-armed-police-640x48….png)

Increasing crime and violence in France. Hmmm, I wonder what happened there in recent years to cause that?

Multiculturalism in action, folks. This is what happens when violent Muslims take over. Its what ALWAYS happens.



5bd35f  No.3030451


This is the truth.

the new age bullshit is the crystals, incense, binging and bonging, guru worship, wearing certain clothes, eating certain food etc etc.

It is all there to hide the path to truth. Just another psy-op.

492fec  No.3030452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's my little dig on the embeded video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIAkJg8knTI How The Sahara Desert Was Made - It Used To Be Green - Full Documentary. It will shed light on lots of questions. The massive aquifers under the Sahara. Time stamps of note 8:03, 21:25 and 42:40 . The eye of the Sahara resides right above the edge of an aquifer. I took a screen shot of the aquifer scan in the video at 42:40 and marked it with a red circle roughly where the eye of the Sahara is located https://i.imgur.com/MF4P536.jpg

35752f  No.3030454

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Posted by my good friends…


Image is random hit for:

Facebook Illuminati Jacket

That became news when Mark Z took off the company jacket during an interview a long time ago.

Hooktube short clip attached.

cd1903  No.3030455

File: 3f19242f937ddce⋯.png (681.21 KB, 1259x793, 1259:793, nopics.png)


And thats the reason to shut down other solar webcams? Even helioviewer.org has no recordings available as this happened.


6a37a5  No.3030456

File: 6d3a507c6871792⋯.jpg (72.79 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 180913-nxivm-ceo-nancy-sal….jpg)



A high-ranking member of the upstate sex cult Nxivm could be turning on her fellow members, it was revealed in court Thursday.

Prosecutor Moira Penza let slip that Nxivm president Nancy Salzman was “continuing to engage in plea negotiations” with the government.

Outside court, her defense attorney Robert Soloway didn’t deny the claims that Salzman, known inside the group as “Prefect,” might be mulling a plea deal.

“It would be pretty unusual for a defense lawyer to not want to hear what the government has to say,” Soloway told reporters before declining to comment further. Salzman was not in court Thursday, as she is recovering from knee surgery.

The 63-year-old registered nurse would be a powerful get for the government, given her longtime relationship with guru — and alleged sex trafficker — Keith Raniere.

Salzman even helped found the organization that would later draw in co-defendants like failed actress Allison Mack and Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman — plus Salzman’s own daughter, Lauren.

Prosecutors have said that some of the most disturbing alleged conduct, such as the branding and starving of women who were to become Raniere’s sex slaves, occurred on Salzman’s upstate property.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn federal court judge Nicholas Garaufis Thursday ordered that both defense attorneys and prosecutors meet with a magistrate judge, who will mediate ongoing squabbles regarding evidence production between the parties.


Keith Raniere

Lawyers for alleged Nxivm leader claim feds are hoarding witness statements

Defense attorney Mark Agnifilo has accused prosecutors of hoarding evidence in an attempt to delay the trial, and pleaded with Judge Garaufis to ensure they keep the proposed Jan. 7 date set for jury selection.

“The crystal ball has been stolen from my desk,” Garaufis responded dryly.

While Penza denied that the government had been purposefully keeping back information, she blamed the sheer volume of material — which she equated to 12 floors of printed materials from the Library of Congress — for the delay.

Penza also mentioned the government might not be done doling out indictments, saying it was “highly likely” that one of the six defendants could be slapped with more charges.

“Whether or not additional individuals will be charged is part of an ongoing investigation,” she said.

Garaufis ordered the parties to return to court on Oct. 4.

1e761e  No.3030457


Don't shoot the messenger, but here's what Miles Mathis has compiled


374bfa  No.3030459


That's stupid. Other ways to see in space. And since when do we just trust the plan,

and not look into things ourselves?

0af2c7  No.3030460

File: 438bc0013992368⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 911_Dancing_Israelis.jpg)

File: 145664faadf152a⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 911_Evidence.jpg)

File: ec898867f0350a4⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1185x759, 395:253, 911_Father.png)

File: 5e365bcbd9e1bcd⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 911_Israel_symbolism_2.jpg)

File: 4eb7dfe7e272877⋯.jpg (354.9 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, 911_Netanyahu_Franceso_Cos….jpg)


You like ad-hominems and you have no arguments against the facts I post about jewish supremacism and Israeli crime. Says a lot, actually. ;)

Jews act like a group, they get treated like a group, meaning that we need to terminate all jewish interest groups in the West. Criticizing jewish GROUP behavior is different from claiming that all jews are bad. Jews are going to have their GROUP power taken away from them, for all the right reasons.

If you want some individuals being named in the context of jewish subversion, have at it.

Read this:











0ee41f  No.3030461


Well, if you have clear visual line-of-sight to a satellite, it might still be useful for comms even if its radio broadcasting ability has been knocked out. A simple flashing diode could communicate messages. There were rumblings a while ago that cabal supercomputers and spy satellites were deactivated by white hats; perhaps the cabal was trying to salvage some information from one of them?

625876  No.3030462


Wait, don't the houses in CA have to have smart meters?

f7611b  No.3030463


LMAO We are supposed to dig, eh? Do you have verified information about something in space?

Trusting the plan does not mean sitting on our thumbs and not being curious.

df2433  No.3030464

File: 1fcdb636acfda37⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 729x462, 243:154, conus.jpg)

File: 200727272d0e915⋯.jpg (27.87 KB, 474x407, 474:407, Wtrack.jpg)

File: ed5595d58ecbab9⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wtrack2.png)


Spying on White Sands.

Chinese software; transmissions of what they are spying on.

Massive array of antennas= weather modification.

Pic #1 shows weather station radar/relay stations across the country.

^^^There ya have it. Solved.

93ddbb  No.3030465


I just said something. Left it to the reader to decide what was meant.

0af2c7  No.3030466

File: 6c63d0baf0f50e4⋯.png (374.53 KB, 1000x485, 200:97, 6c63d0baf0f50e43eafdfec77c….png)


More like cancermail.

095aa0  No.3030467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

35752f  No.3030468

File: 400df12cd650fa6⋯.png (250.92 KB, 592x592, 1:1, Facebook_Illuminati_Jacket.png)


Here's the jackets inside logo.

f7611b  No.3030469


A very plausible theory. Thanks and kudos, anon.

b89178  No.3030470


Either that or something BIG out there had to be hidden from view.

466ade  No.3030471

File: 06043be544fb03f⋯.jpg (220.18 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, post-84333-0-1446023637-27….jpg)


This is /Qresearch/, not /Qdefense/. Take your strawman elsewhere (or post your own proof, which actually requires some neurons).

374bfa  No.3030472


I saw a report where they had to build a fence around it to prevent terrorist attacks on it.

They were lighting fires at the base and shit.

553b35  No.3030473

File: d9ff85d5e8e566b⋯.png (168.92 KB, 1242x570, 207:95, IMG_9960.PNG)

File: bd937364965174f⋯.png (138.84 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_1289.PNG)

File: 3f5264967dfcb6c⋯.png (190.91 KB, 1242x664, 621:332, IMG_4157.PNG)

File: da4602e2b0c4b27⋯.png (89.17 KB, 847x1211, 121:173, IMG_5030.PNG)

File: 886a8723153dac6⋯.png (84.06 KB, 798x1145, 798:1145, IMG_5032.PNG)

5df67b  No.3030474


anon speaks truth.

Attention is like time/money.

492fec  No.3030475


What about all the individuals with their own telescopes and record locally?

79dd18  No.3030476

What does Wray know from Q clock - he would know why the observatory was evacuated.

CNET noted that the U.S. military built the observatory in 1947, “when it realized the sun could interfere with radio communications.

Maybe used for comms?

370bd7  No.3030478

File: 8379bbeafc3cd0a⋯.png (187.53 KB, 396x442, 198:221, angryjewface_001.png)

If you could see through your computer monitor, ← you would see this.

Not a pretty sight.

321744  No.3030479

File: 150dc9b9561ee38⋯.jpg (100.38 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1449564968597-3.jpg)


It's simple. If you have an ideology, then you believe it is superior. If you adhere to no ideology, then you believe that the lack of ideology is "the way" or "Tao". In other words, superior. You CANNOT argue against this. If you do, then you claim superiority to the ideology of ideologies.

You should seriously consider contemplating this over some Nigiri and Sake. That paycheck you're getting isn't really worth it.

65fb0c  No.3030480


Yes, he literally requested you cease spamming general and this is the same info that is in that bread. You are a copypasta shill.

0578fa  No.3030481




492fec  No.3030483


Everyone seems to also forget Sunspot use to be run by the military so I'm sure the equipment is state of the art.

b89178  No.3030484


An old Q crumb said "The WORLD is helping."

So do not fear.

0af2c7  No.3030485


Some nice Israel first Unit 8200 symbology.

93ddbb  No.3030486


Anons….there has been plenty of discussions on here about redpilling. Everytime I think about it I always reflect back to Andy Griffith our beloved Sheriff of Mayberry. Andy was the ultimate redpiller. Tactics of a master.

Anyway, Matlock is kind of the same concept. Wonder what the correlation was with Q and using "Matlock" in the first tripcode.

2d120b  No.3030487

927b9a  No.3030488



doesn't explain all of them, WW, shutting down…

f9babb  No.3030489

File: 63ec03d8b608428⋯.jpeg (277.31 KB, 640x740, 32:37, DC473537-6DEC-44D0-97DF-7….jpeg)


30da44  No.3030491

File: a885ce871ef226a⋯.png (187.49 KB, 741x368, 741:368, 2018-09-13_22-19-50.png)

927b9a  No.3030492


you are correct

8777bd  No.3030495


Still can't believe the kid who first played Skywalker 2.0 works for…..I mean you can't make this shit up at this point.


Ooooh Amidala would be sickened at the soyness.

df2433  No.3030497


FFS. So if they'd kept the station open and there was an alien incoming, you'd expect them to show you?

NO. You know they wouldn't show you shit.


4d19bd  No.3030498


An anon posted in the last couple of days that there is a shit ton of mercury used to Power? or has something to do with the operation of the telescope; and the value of that amount of mercury is gi normous.

370bd7  No.3030499

Just for the non-jew, truthful record:



And Q Never said NOT ALL JEW ARE BAD, or anything like it.


f955c0  No.3030500

File: bf91cf271766a6d⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

321744  No.3030501


Scroll up and actually argue a point. Also:


Next fallacy?

a53726  No.3030503

File: 5dc818d0a279175⋯.jpg (440.5 KB, 3500x2940, 25:21, funny-cat-laughing-so-hard….jpg)

cd1903  No.3030504


Valid point. But i don't think that those people can deliver pictures like these high res satellite images.

dad3ef  No.3030506


it's directly related to women's rights, the more they have, the less children they have

e066ba  No.3030508


This is old and out of date.

We now have a much better understanding if economics

And of fiat currency.

We now know that switching to a precious metal standard would be giving away control.

Because he who has the gold, makes the rules.

And today, the Illuminati control most of the gold.

However, in a fiat currency system, the labor of the people who work in a country, takes the place of precious metals.

If we make one change to fiat currency,

namely take it out of private hands

And make it owned by WE, THE PEOPLE, then when surplus value flows into the central bank, the people get richer.

We can then spend it on infrastructure that benefits all.

There will be no need for income tax, because the fiat currency system provides enough surplus.

Trump is already moving to take CONTROL of the Fed

And the next step is to formally place its ownership in the hands of the United States, not of the private bankers.

Do not go back to the monarchical system

Where the king had all the gold

In a modern technological civilization, Gold is no longer the most precious thing of value.

cedae7  No.3030509


Just for context, The observatory is in the mountain by Holloman AFB. Driving would take 40 mins to get there however it sits on the side of the mountain looking out into the valley. A couple other key things involving space is there is a giant space museum in Alamogordo. Then you have Holloman where there is fighter squadrons and a German air force training and training for the Predator and Reaper unmanned aircraft.

About ten minutes driving past Holloman is white Sands national monument. Then you keep going away from the observatory and you reach white sands missile range. About 45 minutes from Holloman. However, the "range" is huge and almost the whole valley. Also to note there is a new space center out there in that valley that was just built.

This is where the F-117 stealth fighter was built and tested (at Holloman) unbeknownst to even the POTUS at the time.

Lots of stuff happens in this valley. Including the first atomic bomb being dropped there. MUCHO spying to be done in this valley.

Also the next set of mountains south of the observatory is one of those mountains where something is happening INSIDE the mountain but no one knows what. I had friends that worked inside it but couldn't say what they did.

Sorry for rambling.

0af2c7  No.3030510

File: 2d9e8a4e61c6ae8⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1750x2280, 175:228, 1500_Rabbis.png)

File: ffe40b2e465f3aa⋯.jpg (159.24 KB, 1200x694, 600:347, Barbara_Lerner_Spectre.jpg)

File: 4f46e5b8da95252⋯.jpg (983.04 KB, 3145x1752, 3145:1752, Jews_for_refugees.jpg)

File: 42aefc6aa8205a8⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Jews_Islamization_Of_Europ….jpg)

File: cc2621cb464eff9⋯.jpg (189.35 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, jews_Migrants.jpg)


Reminder that jewish interest groups are one of the most prevalent pushers for the islamization of the West.

4d19bd  No.3030512

File: f684ab2f1fbaf6f⋯.png (257.98 KB, 680x365, 136:73, maxine_waters-680x365.png)


That's Racis

927b9a  No.3030513


again, that's getting into the ideology of it. Not something I give a shit about in this context.

553b35  No.3030515

File: 0997e58cc3a2af0⋯.gif (5.15 MB, 410x302, 205:151, IMB_TM6rTN.GIF)


so just a couple stations then…

8777bd  No.3030517


Her expression seems fitting enough; anguished, tormented, informed.

Yeah I've been around here too long, swear the leg in that moved out of the corner of my eye while typing. Definitely time for a bowl.

0a093b  No.3030518


the reason (IMHO) that Jacob named the younger son of Joseph

was to establish the pattern

that INHERITANCE did not come by "first born"

it came by BEING CHOSEN as inheritor

07696b  No.3030519


Q blinded their eyes in the sky and (we assume) took out their ability to communicate with other cabal factions in other nations.

So, taking out the observatories and solar cams = they no longer have the ability to view the sun.

Related to solar flash? Sky event?

3aeff2  No.3030520

File: 395eec2fa6e7201⋯.jpg (115.63 KB, 634x793, 634:793, 395eec2fa6e7201bb2f05e3011….jpg)


Honestly this would be the perfect time for some special ops to do a number on these MS-13 scumbags and broadcast the carnage on TV.

5d1509  No.3030521

>>2815685 pb

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attack.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.


The shills want to divide and distract.

There is no such thing as "THE Jews".

Blaming all jews in general is not based on facts.

It helps hide the many not jewish bad actors.

The ruling families and a lot of folks ww do not claim themselves jews.

>>2990908 pb

466ade  No.3030522

File: ba7bc63c8b1ae65⋯.jpg (191.62 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, post-84333-0-1446023637-09….jpg)


Your concernfagging is amusing.

e27a4f  No.3030523

Well this is concerning, if true:


8265cb  No.3030524

File: b7f369649379fee⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 828x877, 828:877, 1a.JPG)

File: ae60d54796a3366⋯.jpg (152.46 KB, 670x965, 134:193, 2.JPG)

File: 70da60dfeaf3e7e⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 659x965, 659:965, 2a.JPG)

File: 9517621d6a89ab4⋯.jpg (117.76 KB, 665x754, 665:754, 6.JPG)

Colombian Drug Ring `Kingpin’ Extradited to L.A.

(unsealed indictment)


b89178  No.3030526


> I had friends that worked inside it but couldn't say what they did.

Nothing to see here.

Thank you for your post anon.

460105  No.3030527


creamy mac and cheese with crispy bacon in it…nom

374bfa  No.3030528


Very interesting. I wish you could get your friends to tell you.

40004e  No.3030529


Everything collected here has been open sourced. They left it out in the open for us to find. They are stupid

466ade  No.3030531

File: fb24631a1148aa2⋯.jpg (216.28 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, post-84333-0-1446023637-06….jpg)

Your concernfagging is amusing.

1e31a0  No.3030532

File: 632d2a5a64f0a45⋯.png (46.93 KB, 1242x393, 414:131, IMG_1217.PNG)

0af2c7  No.3030533

File: eb713a96c909b1d⋯.png (262.16 KB, 507x446, 507:446, Jew_Muslim_Alliance_Source….png)


>It's simple. If you have an ideology, then you believe it is superior.


I am a Christian, I believe that ideology to be the RIGHT one, not the SUPERIOR one. I don't see Buddhism as a supremacist ideology either, because it does not tell Buddhists that they are superior to others just because they are Buddhists. I don't see Christianity as being superior to Buddhism, I see it has being DIFFERENT.

>You CANNOT argue against this.

I just did :)

>If you do, then you claim superiority to the ideology of ideologies.

Nope, I just claim that your pilpul is a desperate attempt to keep judaism from being banned from the West, and I love your posts because the more you post, the more people understand how kikes like you act and try to play people for fools. Thanks :)


Thanks for admitting defeat.

Shalom little yid :)

5df67b  No.3030535


iIRC, mercury is spun to create a super"fast" reflective surface for near-eartn observation.

f7611b  No.3030536


Aw…you're butthurt from being called out for being the self-appointed hall monitor.

Please, explain my concernfagging. Did I question Q? The plan? Or just you?

466ade  No.3030537

File: 75724ac9e146b50⋯.jpg (113.85 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, post-84333-0-1446023637-18….jpg)


Your desire for fallacious argument is the cream in my covfefe.

938cd0  No.3030538

File: 344043ba6b7bb10⋯.jpg (255.92 KB, 1080x767, 1080:767, 20180915_012630.jpg)

Have you all seen this? Another public hand gesture like in the Kavanaugh hearing…


df2433  No.3030539