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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2ca1bdf21b2af5bdc6812f9b55….png)

f1491e No.1916554

Q Research General #2411 Tuesday Afternoon Testimony Edition

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



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Tuesday 06.26.2018

>>1916327 rt >>1916245 ---- JA in the news?

>>1916260 rt >>1916176 ---- Error. Long night.

>>1916147 rt >>1915880 ---- Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?

>>1915880 rt >>1915774 ---- Nothing provided is random.

Friday 06.22.2018

>>1866070 ---------------------- Q&A reschedule THERES A THREAD FOR QUESTIONS

Thursday 06.21.2018

>>1843122 rt >>1843055 ---- Q&A Saturday. Time TBD.

>>1843055 rt >>1842740 ---- We stand. We fight. TOGETHER

>>1842740 rt >>1842655 ---- We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

>>1842655 rt >>1842592 ---- Jan 20, 2017 June 20, 2018 Exactly 17 months.

Wednesday 06.20.2018

>>1840075 ----------------------- Now that's what I call a VIP!

>>1838471 ----------------------- Shift in tactics

>>1838281 rt >>1838246 ---- R they serious?

>>1838246 ----------------------- Boom!

>>1837073 rt >>1837019 ---- Look for more direct confirmations. It's time

>>1837019 rt >>1836621 ---- TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING

>>1835669 ----------------------- We hear you, Patriots! WWG1WGA!

>>1834282 ----------------------- Abandon Ship! Hussein Staff Talking

>>1831799 ----------------------- They want you DIVIDED!

>>1829713 ----------------------- DOJ forced to supply

>>1828656 rt >>1828594 ---- (Sheila Jackson Lee is) Part of the club

>>1828504 rt >>1828481 ---- Spelling error due to mobile

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are not endorsements


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>>1916053 FAA statement on Jetblue 1623

>>1916056 Spain says 'we can't be Europe's sea rescue service'

>>1916221 Flightaware Tail No. N944JT = JetBlue 1623


>>1915198 Check out the Schumann Resonance over the last 24 hours.

>>1915258 Facebook Held A Meeting With FBI, DHS Officials To Talk About Election Interference

>>1915300 Lindsey Graham slams former CIA director John Brennan

>>1915327, >>1915350 Arrests of people involved in child/human sex trafficking

>>1915333 7-Year-Old Unaccompanied Migrant Found with Smuggler in Texas – 80 Miles from Border

>>1915394 Former Texas senator gets 12-year prison sentence for fraud

>>1915406 Pope/Macron connection

>>1915431, >>1915465 Justice Department Settles Claims Against Landscaping Company for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers

>>1915508 BET Founder says Trumps economy Good for Blacks

>>1915542 New Yorker staffer resigns after falsely accusing ICE agent of having Nazi tattoo

>>1915582, >>1915606 Sirens sounded in Israel communities east of Gaza city

>>1915586 Israel to ‘Prolong Bloodshed' in Syria as Media Pushes ‘Sensational' Iran Claims

>>1915604 MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”

>>1915689, >>1915697, >>1915714 Police Surround Plane at JFK Airport in NY >>1915791, >>1915757 Training exercise?


>>1914344 Secret Service to provide security at home of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders amid increase in left-wing attacks

>>1914345 Source re: Flyers distributed in Texas tested positive for Fentanyl.

>>1914366 Police Arrest Dozens as Jeff Sessions Visits Los Angeles

>>1914390 Islamic face veils banned in public buildings by Dutch parliament

>>1914413, >>1914643 Sarah Sanders heckled by Red Hen owner even after leaving, Mike Huckabee says

>>1914455 Artist Charged w/Felony for Leaving 10-Foot Heroin Spoon at OxyContin Co.

>>1914529, >>1914561 WikiLeaks is either comp'd or probably act like they are against Q

>>1914560 Dems to discriminate against Asians next.

>>1914596, >>1914973 Planefag update

>>1914598 NXIVM articles update

>>1914610 Jim Carrey at it again

>>1914681, >>1914737 Dead Body found in NFL star's home

>>1914807 Kenny Mukendi: Missing British rapper, 22, confirmed dead in Brazil, authorities say

>>1914855 EO keeping "parent/child" together while Sessions calls for DNA testing → if DNA doesn't match, BOOM, human trafficking

>>1914992 More Catholic Pedo coverups (website unavailable in EU)

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f1491e No.1916622

File: 6c63d30a942bae4⋯.jpg (141.58 KB, 759x475, 759:475, _myah2ftzyxe.jpg)

Dough #2415



1f1e44 No.1916623


Parkland on a plane

81287f No.1916626

>>1916583 (peanut butter)

Then it would've been written "Q & JA"

9beb06 No.1916627

File: 002bcc559f6c3a1⋯.jpg (24.46 KB, 443x246, 443:246, jfk 1.jpg)

File: 8df4e10a12c06d5⋯.png (229.42 KB, 609x684, 203:228, jfk 2.png)

File: 04c5efb73ef9042⋯.jpg (293.69 KB, 1278x846, 71:47, jfk 3.jpg)

File: 52bdca82d9ad0ca⋯.png (710.47 KB, 2003x1197, 2003:1197, jfk 4.png)


What's going on at JFK Airport?

7cb167 No.1916628



>>1915876 #WalkAway Movement growing rapidly

d919eb No.1916629

Good work, baker.

f1491e No.1916630

Yup posting is slower

Sorry for no announcement again, you'll live ;)

e0db6e No.1916631



Lynch > WH > HRC > Slick Willy > John Brennan > Clapper or Comey > Samantha Power? > Eric Holder!

ec8a54 No.1916632

File: a79b46377d5133f⋯.jpg (20.1 KB, 303x160, 303:160, pretty-girl-watching-movie….jpg)

File: e3bddf50dff10f4⋯.jpg (84.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 32007572e22e9f24d8dd3d94c8….jpg)

Thank you baker.

cb058f No.1916633

File: 18193a88a881cfc⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1918x926, 959:463, Screenshot-2018-6-26 ADS-B….png)

Looks like NYPD has chased off the news copters. Departed or at a distance. Stay safe, patriots.

df198b No.1916634

14e041 No.1916635

File: b579d59ec489725⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 240x204, 20:17, Question 1.jpg)



This is it

57bfa3 No.1916636

File: 21c7160e9c961cd⋯.png (60.74 KB, 1701x735, 81:35, Screenshot_13.png)


8d4290 No.1916637

File: ddb93ce194351c7⋯.png (416.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)






078d09 No.1916638

File: 4cb5642d02ffe59⋯.png (149.18 KB, 374x471, 374:471, ClipboardImage.png)

ca980a No.1916639

>>1916515- LB

Right.. and yet their cell phones unlocked command and control.

You better go back and reread Q's drop.

c5fb37 No.1916640

>>1916327 (pb)

James "the dirty cop" Comey is in the UK/Ireland to "speak" to JA?

1e6486 No.1916641


So JS is being given Intel at the appropriate time operated by POTUS. Offensive now I see! JS will provide info about U1 when time is ready. Thanks Q!

If you bake it, he will crumb

6a6b40 No.1916642

File: 097e81e0fa37b8d⋯.png (558.1 KB, 576x615, 192:205, stand-ready-q-pepe.png)

File: 4cc2b01b8ba0f5e⋯.png (586.11 KB, 659x570, 659:570, warriors-god-knees-begun.png)

9f049d No.1916643

File: a54258fc35a7a2b⋯.gif (214.79 KB, 479x681, 479:681, shillcon2.gif)





f9ec88 No.1916644

File: fdac528f75d07d3⋯.jpg (236.38 KB, 1022x684, 511:342, manspread.jpg)

Apparently there are 247 messages between JC and LL, correct?

519e2f No.1916645

>>1916327 lb

>>1916620 lb

MS-13 now MS_13

They are going down.

f64229 No.1916646


Soros-Linked Protesters Ambush Mitch McConnell And Wife In Driveway

The app, Notifica (Notify), allows users to program a set of automated messages to alert a pre-selected group of individuals with the press of one button. It is available on the Google and Apple app stores.

So when an illegal immigrant is in the process of being apprehended by US authorities, they will frantically dig around in their pockets to whip out their phones and activate the app - hopefully without being mistaken for drawing a gun.

United We Dream describes itself as the country's largest immigrant youth-led community - boasting over 400,000 members nationwide. They claim to “embrace the common struggle of all people of color and stand up against racism, colonialism, colorism, and xenophobia.” The group advocates for protections and rights for illegal immigrants - including defending against deportation, obtaining education and acquiring “justice and liberation” for undocumented LGBT “immigrants and allies," according to Judicial Watch.

United We Dream started as a project of the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. Between 2008 and 2010, NILC received $206,453 in U.S. government grants, the records show. The project funded was for “immigration-related employment discrimination public education.” Headquartered in Los Angeles, NILC was established in 1979 and is dedicated to “defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income.” The organization, which also has offices in Washington D.C. and Berkeley, California claims to have played a leadership role in spearheading Barack Obama’s amnesty program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which has shielded hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from deportation. “Ultimately, NILC’s goals are centered on promoting the full integration of all immigrants into U.S. society,” according to its website. -JW

Adrian Reyna, director of Membership and Technology Strategies for United We Dream says the app was designed "precisely to have a plan of action at your" fingertips.

It seems like Roberto, an intern at the Soros-Funded United We Dream, had a plan of action indeed.


7b6687 No.1916647

File: d227eb48f132864⋯.jpg (175.12 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, jet blue jfk.jpg)

Can anyone get any info on this Darth Evan?

"The resistance needs you" wtf does that mean? Is he just being a libtard or do he know something more??

6b7978 No.1916648

File: e899e7a8624eefb⋯.png (405.62 KB, 1475x816, 1475:816, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e899e7a8624eefb⋯.png (405.62 KB, 1475x816, 1475:816, ClipboardImage.png)

N944JT flights for the past two days

c3b965 No.1916649

File: cdcf8438286b275⋯.jpg (74.4 KB, 859x463, 859:463, Dgp37kKUcAEbfLd.jpg)

File: 88c9e302095a87d⋯.jpg (96.07 KB, 1200x568, 150:71, Dgp38EjU0AAExpz.jpg)

File: 8cdc390a6f0fe63⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 572x243, 572:243, Dgp376zU8AA518J.jpg)

Forgive me if this has already been posted, haven't been on the boards in a while. Been exploring other avenues…

BUT, what if Peter Strzok is some type of learning algorithm / A.I. …

Before you judge, think about it.

1. He wants to clear his "good name"

2. He is willing to testify (without looking for leniency) and cooperating completely

3. POTUS is pushing for court room "visibility"

4. He was NEVER fired

5. Very few pictures of the guy

5. Could Lisa Page been his handler?

Anyways, thank about it and have a good night!

e0db6e No.1916650



typical when Q shows up after being gone awhile!

7b3fd1 No.1916651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



6298b5 No.1916652

File: 25f48ecad8466c5⋯.jpg (57.07 KB, 975x600, 13:8, 9a1c51c2cffe4cf237ab215253….jpg)




That is all anons, good luck!

47b2ed No.1916653


Sauce for pic on right?

8c6dc9 No.1916654

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can we have a GREEN LIGHT signal to confirm this message is good to push?

e9ee6e No.1916656

File: 252a33b7226a327⋯.png (255.01 KB, 796x539, 796:539, 6months.png)

6b7978 No.1916657

File: bc569f604cb812c⋯.png (428.15 KB, 1574x790, 787:395, ClipboardImage.png)


0bfe8e No.1916658

File: 1e4619d3139c5eb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.27 KB, 996x618, 166:103, Red1g.JPG)


318200 No.1916659

ms-13 187 ?

offed afer the murder so they cant talk by black hats ?

or offed by white hats and phones grabbed

797d76 No.1916660

File: 4d112f5ca48db38⋯.png (52.33 KB, 600x495, 40:33, ClipboardImage.png)

DDoS attack Q warned of? SUPER laggy

7b3fd1 No.1916661

We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook archive: https://archive.org/details/WeNeedToTalkAboutSandyHookFullDocumentary720p

098bae No.1916662

File: eeee6f801d54180⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 490x694, 245:347, tb2.jpg)

Thanks Baker

c7d873 No.1916663


Re posting this, Think Anons!!!

Happened again in last bread, L@@K at the Notables. No Meat!

We need to fix this shit!!!!!!

Morning Anons!!!

Here we go again

Everyday I get up and go through notables. Everyday lately there is something FKD up. The last few days we've been fighting to get shit in the bread. Today it looks like a ANYTHING will make the bread.

So now we're just putting twats in? Twats w/no stories? No Sauce? I'm all for getting as much in as possible but when you get sent back to breads to read a notable and there is no info,WTF?

Something needs to be done.

Here are a few examples, feel free to follow them back!

Last Bread

>>1915198 Check out the Schumann Resonance over the last 24 hours.

>>1915258 Facebook Held A Meeting With FBI, DHS Officials To Talk About Election Interference

>>1915300 Lindsey Graham slams former CIA director John Brennan

>>1915333 7-Year-Old Unaccompanied Migrant Found with Smuggler in Texas – 80 Miles from Border

>>1915406 Pope/Macron connection

>>1915508 BET Founder says Trumps economy Good for Blacks

>>1915582, >>1915606 Sirens sounded in Israel communities east of Gaza city

>>1915604 MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”

>>1915689, >>1915697, >>1915714 Police Surround Plane at JFK Airport in NY >>1915791, >>1915757 Training exercise?


We have become the collectors of Memes


>>1914344 Secret Service to provide security at home of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders amid increase in left-wing attacks

>>1914345 Source re: Flyers distributed in Texas tested positive for Fentanyl.

>>1914560 Dems to discriminate against Asians next.

>>1914598 NXIVM articles update

>>1914610 Jim Carrey at it again

>>1914681, >>1914737 Dead Body found in NFL star's home

>>1914855 EO keeping "parent/child" together while Sessions calls for DNA testing → if DNA doesn't match, BOOM, human trafficking

>>1914992 More Catholic Pedo coverups (website unavailable in EU)

This shit makes no sense, and it's have of the last two breads

We need to save and present this information with as much info as possible and sauced. Not just a twat thrown up, Look, MUH NOTABLES,huhuhuhuh. If we're going to do this let's do this right.

Everyone of these stories are Notable I'n sure, if there was information in them, C'mon Anons, We're better than this!

e9ee6e No.1916664

File: d4c6a5da965be13⋯.png (699.39 KB, 817x544, 817:544, 5Steps.png)

6298b5 No.1916665


THIS… this is what you can begin to redpill your friends that you couldn't even confront about TRUMP… PLEZZZ LOOK!

255ff5 No.1916666

Rod Rosentein Red Line Marker




29 Jan 2018 - 8:36:24 PM

Narrative shift.


Nation on alert.

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.


What was the Senate conf vote re: RR?

Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement?

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].




14e041 No.1916667

File: ed82665959ab4e9⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 515x400, 103:80, Question 5.jpg)


Every time i thing Assange is a Whit Hat, Q proves me right.

Now, how about Wikileaks????

0ab3bd No.1916668


ec8a54 No.1916669


Google search, tbh.


e309bf No.1916670

File: f8d83994efa6c0a⋯.png (23.02 KB, 1367x268, 1367:268, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c2db8c47a2ee6be⋯.png (60.71 KB, 810x424, 405:212, ClipboardImage.png)

Comey interview with Rothschild spitrag The Economist!


316f51 No.1916671

File: 68185f3694724ba⋯.jpg (13.86 KB, 255x195, 17:13, Aura.jpg)


Thank you Baker!

244e49 No.1916672

File: aa47bcb4706ec90⋯.png (193.58 KB, 521x508, 521:508, cdaabaf1def7030d7be67b0b84….png)

From last bread. Another anon posted this. SWAT team

7b3fd1 No.1916673


no.. they messaged 24 / 7

edc22b No.1916674

anyone have a live stream on the plane handy?

c02c36 No.1916675


Drop the phucking hammer!

fbdcce No.1916676

Do all of the people on that plane have any idea how lucky they are yet?

e9ee6e No.1916677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

89ea75 No.1916678

File: c3b89106661d6ef⋯.gif (890.95 KB, 500x375, 4:3, =Logical.gif)


pic related


Thank you Baker, nice flying through he weather

ec8ab3 No.1916679

ca980a No.1916680

File: 67ac40019ec9a91⋯.png (51.3 KB, 1429x567, 1429:567, ClipboardImage.png)

In 8 months, never got this before.

078d09 No.1916681

File: 11739495dd44047⋯.png (122.46 KB, 1871x2036, 1871:2036, ClipboardImage.png)

Sucker for your hard work


6181f6 No.1916682

File: 695a0388644adad⋯.jpg (124.1 KB, 709x691, 709:691, 1.JPG)


6a7ca9 No.1916683

Heavy attacks and gay porn.

Must've touched a nerve.

402247 No.1916684

File: 16a07b53d6590c0⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 696x720, 29:30, alien-thisiswhy.jpg)


Hey, gay porn shills—

Karma's a fucking bitch.


f1491e No.1916685


I agree sauce is lacking several places. Who's to blame, baker or diggers? ;) DuckDuckGo and Google are things tho.

7bfcfd No.1916686

WHO was on the Plane ? ? ?

17a633 No.1916687

File: 0e6576d8e06be04⋯.jpg (89.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 0e6576d8e06be04a014bbd9be9….jpg)

File: 6a7c1a16863500a⋯.jpg (119.47 KB, 594x597, 198:199, 6a7c1a16863500a0d299978c8b….jpg)

File: b6e37c8d5130408⋯.jpg (79.99 KB, 504x584, 63:73, b6e37c8d513040853f51e458aa….jpg)

File: ca9452a35183085⋯.jpg (368.17 KB, 779x512, 779:512, ca9452a3518308517bcd1b9eb2….jpg)

File: d75a4ba398812b4⋯.jpg (129.32 KB, 594x597, 198:199, d75a4ba398812b4a7fc982e336….jpg)


>#WalkAway Movement growing rapidly

Fresh Memes Requested

All fired out on twatter, the #WalkAway's are loving them. MOAR

9f049d No.1916688


only happened a few times

fa0246 No.1916689


do we know if there was an E3 Sentry or AWACS in the vicinity of that jet?

or even a "Singapore Airlines" jet?

(they may have been using the BUAP/FADEC/ATI system)

6a6b40 No.1916690

File: 27bf325128e1328⋯.png (186.98 KB, 495x390, 33:26, green-light-go.png)

f9ec88 No.1916691

File: 8054a2ae0226f03⋯.jpg (133.59 KB, 800x533, 800:533, robes.jpg)


Looks pedo anon. What doesn't anymore??

fb7ac7 No.1916692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eM's on the news, also…..

e47b78 No.1916693


Dont need a green light to push shit. Push what speaks to you

e0db6e No.1916694

File: a7e28c540833d42⋯.png (167.49 KB, 1024x1262, 512:631, CS fucked.png)

ac59fc No.1916695

>>1916327 (lb Q)

ms_13 phones -→ command and control.

foot soldiers carrying smartphones with custom apps to access some malware/spyware network? did they just let any old operators have access? that seems ridiculously stupid.

47b2ed No.1916696


Bless you papi

0ab3bd No.1916697

999ccb No.1916698

>>1916620 (LB)

13 = M


52f21a No.1916699

I'll bet the server was on board. JA handed over server in exchange for immunity and freedom. SR provided everything needed to take down the Hussein administration. >>1916672

1cc917 No.1916700

File: e9f3a346e70ffc9⋯.jpg (130.01 KB, 640x358, 320:179, 2c648f.jpg)

71f7ab No.1916701


You have been selected for alien probing. Practice now, they will contact you soon.

c7d873 No.1916702


Bakers call out Diggers. Diggers Call out Bakers. We're all to blame if we let it happen!!!

89ea75 No.1916703

File: f99165d732d6928⋯.png (25.45 KB, 393x108, 131:36, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5;5_.png)


>It has begun.


6298b5 No.1916704

File: a534e0568666a63⋯.png (251.27 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1527504719740.png)


SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD Worldwide please… redpill for the masses!

17a633 No.1916705


Know you've got this baker, just letting you know you've got backup. Shout if you need anything.

ca980a No.1916706


That's just FREAKY

7b3fd1 No.1916707

Q will resume posting in 7 min..hes busy watching Qmovie

505b1b No.1916708

Shills, Clowns, just remember Q knows who the fuck you are, where you are, what time you walk your dog.

Just keep that in mind.

22094d No.1916709


To date, there are over 35,000 sealed indictments. Normally, in one year there are approximately 1,100. For updates on sealed indictments:


There are thousands of resignations and firings around the world. Here are a few resignations of note:

Derek Aberle, President , Qualcomm Inc.

Tony Armada, CEO Swedish Health Services

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs

Robert Bogucki, President, Barclays Capital Inc.

Bob Bonar, CEO, Children’s Minnesota

Michael Calligiuri, CEO James Cancer Hospital

Conrad Candelario, U.S. Marshall for Mexico

Greg Craig, White House Counsel for President Obama, Skadden Arps Law

Regina Dugan, Vice President, Facebook Building 8 Team

Tom Enders, CEO Airbus

Trond Giske, Deputy Head, Norway's main opposition Labour Party

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President, Mauritius, Africa

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, Director, Center for Disease Control

Shaikh Mohammad Khalid Al Hamad Al Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister & Interior Minister, Kuwait

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, President, Peru

Greg Mossinghoff, Chief Business Officer, G1 Therapeutics

Anthony Noto, COO, Twitter

Serzh Sargsyan, Prime Minister, Armenia

Nicolas Sarkozy, Ex-President, France

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Alphabet, Google’s Parent Co.

Panna Sharma, CEO, Cancer Genetics (Nasdaq: CGIX)

Daniel Swisher, CEO, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals

Terp Varjoranta, Chief Inspector of Int'l Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

For a complete list of resignations:

https ://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0

Arrests and Indictments:

Thousands of MS-13 members and have been arrested. In addition, across the world pedophile rings have been taken down and pedophiles arrested. Human traffickers are being arrested worldwide. For U.S. cases, see:


Port Protection – Biometric security is being installed around the world:



IT’S HAPPENING and we need to keep our focus, tell our friends – give them evidence. Trust the plan and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY – together we can create a better future.


81a0f2 No.1916710


Peter Strzok may or may not be Andy McCabe's working name.

I hope someone gets footage of him entering or leaving the testimony tmw.

71f7ab No.1916712


Who was on first?

f5b85c No.1916713


they r stupid

e9ee6e No.1916714

File: 33c96ec7e286bc7⋯.png (64.36 KB, 330x305, 66:61, MangyFaggots.png)

8cf9e4 No.1916715


Q posts things go fast but not this FAST.

We have HUGE numbers following now!

552f75 No.1916716


That tony guy is suspicious himself. Look at his tweet history. and that non-profit? whats that about.

https: //theenergyproject.com/about/

52f21a No.1916717


Not who. What. Server.

c7d873 No.1916718



959b6b No.1916719

When Q says,

The People Have All The Power

We must remember


This is why I think that we need to be vocal and make an appearance

To oppose the liberal activist antics in the streets

But we cannot stoop to their violence or rudeness

Which is why I believe

That a campaign to Laugh At Liberals

In the streets

Is the right blend of activism

Showing the numbers of patriots behind POTUS

And the strength of patriots' intent

But at the same time

Being non-violent

And helping lift the mood of the nation

Away from conflict

Helping patriots to think

Of happier days ahead

Because lots of good things are happening

All over the USA

And elsewhere in the world

e9ee6e No.1916720

File: cd9340be1a8446d⋯.png (217.8 KB, 800x578, 400:289, LIES.png)

e0db6e No.1916721

Q shows up and the fucking shills lose their damn minds!

edc22b No.1916722

No more live streaming of the plane? Was it nothing after all?

9c417b No.1916723

File: 1ddf8d7d8f36298⋯.png (155.21 KB, 1373x283, 1373:283, SR PLAYBOOK Snip.PNG)

>>1916327 LB

Q….did you do this??? Steal one from (((their))) PLAYBOOK???

5cd847 No.1916724


Congress withdrew the subpoena…

Wondering if he will show up now.

7eb2f7 No.1916725

Why do kikes always post gay porn

f60e21 No.1916726

File: 7f087d8cf43e5cd⋯.jpg (463.57 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180624-191429….jpg)


since you were just on is this legit or no?

0bfe8e No.1916727

File: 664c1b8eeec04fd⋯.jpg (36 KB, 389x376, 389:376, AKipK.JPG)



0ab3bd No.1916728

244e49 No.1916729

gay porn is back, must have h>>1916721

dad061 No.1916730

POTUS I know you are here lurking, you have given us hope. Hope you are safe and 750 step ahead of them. Hope you get your personnal revenge too.

1855c8 No.1916731

File: c970ff02f7b8f1f⋯.png (402.5 KB, 643x705, 643:705, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 66738e8a156f977⋯.png (235.33 KB, 634x696, 317:348, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 9a1d9fd7e9b247d⋯.png (232.39 KB, 652x665, 652:665, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 09c84194f9cfd8f⋯.png (310.13 KB, 640x669, 640:669, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


5e51c8 No.1916732

File: 1d378d4a739468b⋯.jpg (32.23 KB, 280x373, 280:373, DudeStop.jpg)

318200 No.1916733


dont think your gonna get a response to that one lol

edcb3f No.1916734

Flight 1415 JFK -> SFO Delayed

f1491e No.1916736


Gonna need back up soon, got hestitant to handoff just as Q started posting tho..

Peace&LoveBaker is that you?

ab0767 No.1916737

File: 74b694aefafb9f3⋯.png (151.07 KB, 479x182, 479:182, Apr 2 free beer.png)

It has begin =

421e3b No.1916738


247 x = 247 times

bdecf1 No.1916739

File: 9b3a421ba0ec826⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, img1.jpg)


Do you have any info on MA and how significant they are?

c4e957 No.1916740


Nope. Time for a little wholesale killing.

fb7ac7 No.1916741


feel free 2 sk m dick, if you dopun't like eM.


edc22b No.1916742

63f80f No.1916743



20adfa No.1916744

DDOS, Gay Porn everywhere, and shills aplenty. Clowns here? Must really going down.

4ca6f5 No.1916745


No, that's just how it gets when Q posts. There are WAAAAYYYYYY more people that the Unique IDs at the bottom show. Tens of thousands of lurkers. Couple hundred unique posters.

4c4ae4 No.1916746


No but I am here Baker

cc84a2 No.1916747


This shit reminds of the night Teigen got yanked off a plane that was turned around…

Watch and keep an eye on him.

2849bc No.1916748

File: 3d026db74fe482b⋯.png (47.82 KB, 810x543, 270:181, dfg.png)


ac59fc No.1916749


did the swat team SECURE the server, or were they there to STEAL the server?

Q says the attempt was averted…but maybe the SWATs were the good guys!

e9ee6e No.1916750

File: f6ae5e02737bb63⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Water.png)

f64229 No.1916751

File: 64388f489768ec6⋯.png (900.01 KB, 1145x623, 1145:623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f7ccc3eeaef28ed⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1764x690, 294:115, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5b3a1c3315b56bd⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1745x913, 1745:913, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c59d4c016a37257⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1734x856, 867:428, ClipboardImage.png)



We are the Largest Immigrant Youth-Led Community in the Country.

When you’re undocumented, you face a lot of discrimination, and that creates a lot of fear. At United We Dream, we transform that fear into finding your voice. We empower people to develop their leadership, their organizing skills, and to develop our own campaigns to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and all people. This is achieved through immigrant youth-led campaigns at the local, state, and federal level.


b97e1d No.1916752


Anon, when R was here the board exploded with gay porn.

Now Q is here and we have it again.

Think about it for a minute.

9cadf8 No.1916753


Interesting that everyone except the picture taker has hands up, no?

9f049d No.1916754


kek that went well

ca980a No.1916756


Why do you keep telling anons to stop sharing good stuff? That's the best redpill video made to date.

9beb06 No.1916757



6a6b40 No.1916758

File: d6ece51536c508c⋯.png (305.09 KB, 344x435, 344:435, pepe-pain-gain.png)

78ea0f No.1916759

File: 73eaab90e0ab142⋯.png (4.87 MB, 2047x1511, 2047:1511, 0338AB61-4334-4DAF-ACAB-75….png)

89ea75 No.1916760


Let your haters see you smiling. They hate that.

Until they choose to smile with you.

12d549 No.1916761


I saw POTUS’ “ZERO TIME” tweet from 12/10/16 today. Just how far back does the clock run?

49cc71 No.1916762

2a63f8 No.1916763


It might be real, the glowing niggers are going crazy over this post so take note. When taking flack, you are over target.

078d09 No.1916764

File: 26aff8f837920a9⋯.png (345.7 KB, 300x453, 100:151, ClipboardImage.png)

a4817a No.1916765


Quite the MOAB drop on domestic matters, any comments on foreign affairs?

df198b No.1916766



e096ce No.1916767

Scott Bennette




Rocket engines.



Shell game

318200 No.1916768



doesnt mean it is real tho

just something to note

c40890 No.1916770

File: e214f3fbdb2379f⋯.png (208.07 KB, 603x470, 603:470, Screenshot_2018-06-27_02-4….png)

ec8ab3 No.1916771


What does your logic say, LogicAnon?

edc22b No.1916772


I wrote it .. I confessed. I proved it. It's fake, what more do you want?

a815ba No.1916773

Hey Q I have an excellent question why are all the Boston bombings victims all related to the Boston police, government, medics, and FBI? And why did the older bomber run past where his brother set of the second firecracker? As can be seen in the iconic photo http://www.letsrun.com/news/?attachment_id=5057 his brother can be seen next to the woman in the background. Anons never forget!!!

797d76 No.1916774


I am use to the lag when Q posts, i must have been having trouble, i would like 40 secs without update and then i just got new bread.

49da45 No.1916775

File: 5cdfe3c12f78630⋯.gif (41.17 KB, 260x140, 13:7, 20180625_140143.gif)


what is missing.

2a6fe5 No.1916776


if they don't → there is no PStrzok

e7df85 No.1916777


So, did Assange end up getting that immunity deal after all? Grand Jury??

And the two found dead after the Seth Rich murder us conspiracy theorists were speculating where triggermen killed because they were loose ends was correct?

Can't wait for mainstream vindication Q. The wait is killing me.


17a633 No.1916778


NB here. If you need to go we can do a fast handoff. Just shout. I'll keep an eye. If P&L want's to take it, easy. >>1916746 <3

6c7226 No.1916780

File: 7b9d0cacf3b3cd0⋯.jpg (82.04 KB, 1296x793, 1296:793, 7b9d0cacf3b3cd0a52d60cfe17….jpg)

Looks like the shills have rolled in

idiots… do they really think they can stop us??


22094d No.1916781


See also President Trump's Executive Order of December 21, 2017 which states the assets and property of those involved in human rights abuse or corruption can be seized. Thus, all the resignations and firings.

41f2fd No.1916782


Mine was buggy too at the end of last bread. DDo

s likely.

0d5271 No.1916783


85% believe or don't know about.

15% antl-Trump who don't want to believe.

89ea75 No.1916784


re_read today's Q crumbs

>>1916327 rt >>1916245 —- JA in the news?

>>1916260 rt >>1916176 —- Error. Long night.

>>1916147 rt >>1915880 —- Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?

>>1915880 rt >>1915774 —- Nothing provided is random.

098bae No.1916785


biblical answer, "they have a prophet in their camp who tells the king the things we say in secret".

8c8248 No.1916786


They will probably, once their emotions clear up from being panicked and such.

fb7ac7 No.1916787





4047e2 No.1916788

JFK not a coincidence was there at terminal 4 Sunday heavy police presence and swat van outside

316f51 No.1916789


Well that's just stupid and a lie. Why show UIDs if its not UIDs?

63f80f No.1916790


Man who stand on toilet, high on pot

dad061 No.1916791


15% are guilty

0ab3bd No.1916792

c0b3e1 No.1916793

>>1916605 (previous)


The official story won't age well with tweets like this.

8c8248 No.1916794


Try harder…

btw.. you glow…


7b6687 No.1916795


haha I remember that night so well!!!

HER crazy video with "help me" hand sign on her shoulder hahaha

They went quiet for a little bit, and Legend looked as scared as shit that night…. Now back to their usual fuckery

dad061 No.1916796

File: 506f89bb8acef6c⋯.jpg (476.54 KB, 1078x1500, 539:750, 506f89bb8acef6c12dc16fa23a….jpg)

959b6b No.1916797


Airbus is fly-by-computer, no manual controls

So one way to crash it would be to fry the control systems

Maybe the departure was delayed and some device triggered too soon.

It was supposed to trigger in the air

7 out of 10 crashes…

52f21a No.1916798


Attempt had to be prior. This was securing it to bring it to team Q.

6e214c No.1916799

File: 89cdd9732ca7add⋯.jpg (64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DgqTzopUYAAqIBl.jpg)

1855c8 No.1916800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f60e21 No.1916801


I wasnt on when it was posted I saw this later and then asked anons said it wasnt confirmed yet. But thanks it was just bugging me lol

9a572a No.1916802

File: 38fc43370258cda⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 320x240, 4:3, gayyyyy.gif)

File: 1a66c17f9ad23f3⋯.png (253.8 KB, 700x664, 175:166, GHEY.png)



>Why do kikes always post gay porn

Cuz it's all (((they))) have on their hard drive?

ec8a54 No.1916803

File: c020989a3edb4b8⋯.jpg (83.13 KB, 800x533, 800:533, sensual-brunette-woman-bed….jpg)

File: 58a4667f6172697⋯.jpg (197.68 KB, 980x653, 980:653, 54ce74fe52f51_-_esq-alison….jpg)

Love you anons, diggers, planefags, clockwinders, and lurkers. Love you Q. So it begins. <3

f1491e No.1916804


Ah there you are.. you still want to bake?

Timing got kinda funky in last bread, qek.


Else I'm handing off to NB ;)

c3b965 No.1916805

0d5271 No.1916806


Or they are worried that their gods are guilty.

BTW…getting closer to that 4-6%

5e51c8 No.1916807

File: 1b20436284f0e2b⋯.png (3.91 MB, 2022x1488, 337:248, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

Obama and Oprah to Kenya

Obama is going to Kenya with an entourage of 350 celebrities and notables July 16th.

Obama will be in Johannesburg July 17th to deliver 16th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture.

These are some of the people in the entourage listed and some digging into their associations:

John Samba - Chairman Sanlam Kenya PLC, Board Member Bamburi Cement Ltd

Aliko Dangote - net worth 12.5 Billion, Founder of Dangote Cement -forbes

Axel Bachmann - general manager for sustainability Coca-Cola

Marcus Baumann - Union Bank of Switzerland

Barbro Ciakudia - Invest Africa “Invest Africa provides members with unique access to opportunities across the African continent.”

I've just begun to dig.


c7d873 No.1916808


The TV monitor has a Q on it, Kek

9cfb9d No.1916809

File: fc242f1c50852a4⋯.png (479.01 KB, 654x641, 654:641, Drudge re Pope and Macron ….PNG)

File: 7fec4b2036db7c3⋯.png (341.83 KB, 446x786, 223:393, Yahoo 1 re Pope and Macron….PNG)

File: 1ccc340dd1a6638⋯.png (53.36 KB, 442x782, 13:23, Yahoo 2 re Pope and Macron….PNG)

Pope and Macron hold 'intense' meeting at Vatican


5cd847 No.1916810


I posted that pic on twat…everyone telling me that's SOP for radio problems…

Doesn't seem like it tho.

cf5194 No.1916811

File: 9ef14c1aa4bdc3c⋯.jpg (38.93 KB, 1115x667, 1115:667, 73bf83d48593465db43bfbfdc7….jpg)

Thank you for doing it Q.

41f2fd No.1916812



ca980a No.1916813

e45874 No.1916814


They are not all sealed indictments. They could be cases etc.

It is true that there is an anomalous number of sealed whatevers.

2c9304 No.1916815

File: 0765029862c6120⋯.png (109.66 KB, 725x598, 725:598, 1623.PNG)

Not in the NOTABLES from last bread-

The PLANE landed at JFK FROM SFO. It's not about the flight to LAX- it's about where the flight CAME FROM. This plane goes SFO-JFK-LAX.

c4e957 No.1916816


Where do we get that there was a server on the plane?

030d03 No.1916817


Do you have a live stream link or not? We've seen the drops.

89ea75 No.1916818


It's their personal preference projected. Why else would they have it stored & ready? What do they do with it when not posting it?

ec8ab3 No.1916819

File: 5142783bcfb5ecd⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 570x834, 95:139, JFK KEK.jpg)

e9ee6e No.1916820

File: e7d7a49f567a6c3⋯.png (6.54 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Love.png)

098bae No.1916821


As much as I like a good spanking, this is not my guy. This guy is gay.

f90d29 No.1916822


You know presidential.Candidate gary hart is in ireland. Is he active cult status, or old man sitting by peat fire.

19232a No.1916823


Kek. These people are stupid.

a36c8d No.1916824

File: 5596781b2159c2e⋯.jpg (93.06 KB, 1200x367, 1200:367, Q drop 06262018_3.jpg)

File: 9b275a2c3c2ebc6⋯.jpg (268.65 KB, 1187x725, 1187:725, Q drop 06262018_2.jpg)

File: f90af29529e4b5f⋯.jpg (235.17 KB, 1215x846, 135:94, Q drop 06262018.jpg)


f5b85c No.1916825


we know who to dig

e0db6e No.1916826


Yeah, ALL for a broken radio….right!

fb7ac7 No.1916827





4c4ae4 No.1916828


I will bake, will handoff to NB after a couple of bakes.

Confirming Handoff?

8fda1a No.1916829


Until they prove it, they are literally just saying things.

0bfe8e No.1916830

File: 06f5590d21f2e6a⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 456x266, 12:7, Capturejfk.JPG)


3c698f No.1916831


Hail Hydra..

193680 No.1916832


The larp came clean. He faked it.

c40890 No.1916833

File: fdaf1412a2cf44f⋯.png (92.83 KB, 591x544, 591:544, Screenshot_2018-06-27_02-5….png)



6d15bf No.1916834

File: f3f3c9ed47e97aa⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 816x785, 816:785, steelsback.jpg)

Any video editing anons want to splice the news clip in this video with Obama's "Those job's aren't coming back" speech?


6181f6 No.1916835


They are cases filed in a CRIMINAL COURT. In a CRIMINAL COURT, the person is INDICTED in a crime.

6298b5 No.1916836

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, b82d157f45dcdf388632345f32….png)


this guy gets it… thanks anon for the new meme. GOD BLESS US ALL!

3fd19a No.1916837

File: d09ba3b276cf89e⋯.jpg (567.66 KB, 2280x1460, 114:73, SethRichRussianHacker1.jpg)

File: 2086b01e4690671⋯.jpg (108.91 KB, 913x371, 913:371, SethRichsDoctorSays.jpg)

2024c6 No.1916838

File: 0a1ecf3ad2786ab⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 750x478, 375:239, 0a1ecf3ad2786abdc342daf141….jpg)


Looks like Obamas trying to avoid staying in the US for too long.

5e51c8 No.1916839


It was posted multiple times in every bread last night. It is beginning to

cc84a2 No.1916840


Or remcon…

93d901 No.1916841

>>1916147 (l.b.)

>MSM will portray progressive activists as a large part of the pop – this is FALSE.

Thanks for confirming our gut, Q.

>>1915348 #2414


>The number of real activists on the left is really small.

Yes, agree. Both the idealists and the subversives. The SJW movement really did a job to splinter up the leftist activist base into social-issue driven cliques. oops.

>do believe that there are operative who are brought in.

Also agree. The biggest wild-card methinks, perhaps in the form of MS13 "gray men" aka killers posing as Hispanic college activists.

Great thing is that leftist activists have always completely ignorant about op-sec, making them completely transparent to anyone who may want to listen into their comms. And most of them can't keep a secret for shit.

Know a few tales of the absurd not revelant to share here, but proving this point to a tee.

Always has been and always will be their achilles heel tactically. too bad, so sad.

e096ce No.1916842


The new capital city of the NWO

e3b974 No.1916843


FlightAware showed it departed gate 7 mins early. Agree on Airbus, the computer can override pilots IIRC. Plane is/was comp’d?

1e6486 No.1916844


Flynn should be free this week as well, sentencing is Friday

999ccb No.1916845


pilots don't have cell phones?

9cadf8 No.1916846


They know their gods are guilty.

14e041 No.1916847

File: cceadccc8c7d29e⋯.png (25.32 KB, 234x164, 117:82, A Fedora.png)


I asked him if Swat took anyone off the plane.

e9ee6e No.1916848

File: 392c945fb8bcc14⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1088x1087, 1088:1087, LoveThePeople.png)

b97e1d No.1916849


Not confirmed.

What airport did this event just happen at?

9cfb9d No.1916850

File: e9453360603937d⋯.png (34.88 KB, 648x276, 54:23, POTUS 6-26-18 6 52 pm PDT.PNG)


02292d No.1916851


We have been working the past week, leading up to tomorrow night, that the Clowns ARE MS13 … and docs to prove it.

Our machines have been messed with sporadically over the past 24+ hours, culminating in them being taken down several times over the past couple hours while trying to get the word out about this and related.


3c698f No.1916852


And Astana?

89ea75 No.1916853


I do't have a livesream (other than the one Q just gave us). I don't expect a livestream or the news to give us the entire truth, good only for archiving.

5e51c8 No.1916854


*look like spam

9f049d No.1916855


fuck the shills



reread this crumb

1f1e44 No.1916856


Oh, then let's support that weasel McConnell. I'm a sucker for reverse psychology

7b6687 No.1916857

File: a3f7f09b3f30dd7⋯.png (42.4 KB, 607x458, 607:458, ClipboardImage.png)


haha nice one didn't even think of that

people fuel participant haha are they burning people?

f1491e No.1916858


Sounds good, thanQs

Handoff Confirmed

612d03 No.1916859

File: 81ca96f568c9531⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, do ti q.jpg)

Do it Q!

f748b4 No.1916860


passenger manifests are not publicly available. they have to be released by the faa, or leaked.

6d15bf No.1916861


What about Iran? The regime is cracking down on the people's protests.

Media is blacking out.


12d549 No.1916862



1855c8 No.1916863

File: cb08f3d7c2aa1e9⋯.png (50.58 KB, 486x438, 81:73, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

c5fb37 No.1916864

File: dc184e40f74a8e5⋯.png (68.15 KB, 1154x164, 577:82, ClipboardImage.png)

3fd19a No.1916865

File: cf967c13b41cfe0⋯.png (840.67 KB, 2024x1284, 506:321, StringerSethRich.png)

f64229 No.1916866


We will happily take your slings and arrows you cabal puppet POS


Proverbs 2:22

But the wicked will be cut off from the land And the treacherous will be uprooted from it.

9f049d No.1916867


you made it didn't you

sotp famefagging

0d5271 No.1916868


Wonder if they were going to take over the plane remotely?

Loss of comms could have been caused inadvertently by the remote program. Or Q shut down the comms to stop the plane before takeoff.

0d1f27 No.1916869

File: 73fd32892f676e8⋯.jpg (470.09 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 20180626_195441.jpg)

e309bf No.1916870

File: d6da65320809570⋯.png (393.76 KB, 889x478, 889:478, d6da653208095703848b264c3c….png)

d0881d No.1916871


Where’s Denver AIanon?

6b7978 No.1916872


Wasn't watching in real time, Anon. Just picked up the historical path.

8c8248 No.1916873



BO posted IP hashes, the single post with black and white picture was on its own IP hash with no other posts.

Proved "muh I posted it" anons wrong..


9cadf8 No.1916874


That's just it…..white hats told pilots to say that so as not to alert.

b5c765 No.1916875


The Mysterious Force, relevant?

f748b4 No.1916876


your fucking dignity.

a815ba No.1916877

And why are all the Boston bombings victims pre amputees? And shriners? Especially the fire department- Marc fucariles father in law. For example. Were they all ex military? Pepe knows.

f60e21 No.1916878


I know I scroll past To the shit they post

4c4ae4 No.1916879


Peace Out Baker, Great Job!!


fd13cd No.1916880



40204a No.1916881

File: 4e725d8e7d4cc03⋯.jpg (55.05 KB, 949x377, 73:29, jet blue sfo late 6 26 18.JPG)






e096ce No.1916882



Clarification. Denver new capital for this side of the world.

17a633 No.1916883



Roger you two, o7

6c7226 No.1916884

File: 1f2dbef9febe7cc⋯.jpeg (122.65 KB, 1080x729, 40:27, 1f2dbef9febe7ccf209306040….jpeg)

5cd847 No.1916885


this makes sense….

5ad3e2 No.1916886



Tell Miller to start adding it to Trump's speeches

2458e0 No.1916887


Remember, Antifa pledged to riot if either RR or Mueller were fired. I think this weekend will be huge.

77568e No.1916888



4ca6f5 No.1916889


It's the way the page was created. Usually the UIDs are only relevant to the posters in the thread. It's a chan thing.

I've asked BO about seeing if we can get the UIDs of lurkers; it's NOT something simple.

ca980a No.1916890

Atlanta's cookin' too..

Nekkid guy on the runway. KEK


27ab2e No.1916891

File: a807fbc298544b0⋯.png (19.71 KB, 1600x920, 40:23, dcruz.png)

Latest tweet from plane.

f60e21 No.1916892


The shit*

You know what I mean.

193680 No.1916893

89ea75 No.1916894

File: 89ab77d0a26c959⋯.png (28.14 KB, 385x286, 35:26, 381.png)

File: 640e61d70259bad⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 255x255, 1:1, `_1cdb3.jpg)

File: c3c1491f995c526⋯.jpg (69 KB, 516x565, 516:565, 011.jpg)


ID: 0ab3bd

I told you (((they))) hate to see you smile!

Be a virus of confidence

c7d873 No.1916895


Seems legit, like there are Q's and 17's on everything!

fb7ac7 No.1916896

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1fcff0 No.1916897



>They are not all sealed indictments.

This anon is correct. They could be sealed court filings, sealed indictments, sealed search warrants, etc.

7b3fd1 No.1916898

File: 00e60653acc0afe⋯.png (9.11 KB, 588x110, 294:55, jfk exercise yesterday.png)


they all have DRILLS in common

e9ee6e No.1916899

File: c98b7285dea0d3a⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1500x1126, 750:563, 2020MN.png)

4ca6f5 No.1916900


Not page, site. It's the way the site was created.

0ab3bd No.1916901

078d09 No.1916902

File: a2482f2e67e3149⋯.png (224.73 KB, 412x421, 412:421, ClipboardImage.png)

3fd19a No.1916903

File: f43a257403cb56d⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, DebbieMS13SethRichKill.jpg)


…and then the 2 MS-13 assassins of Seth Rich were murdered about 1 day later.

I think Q is saying /ourguys/ have THEIR phones which were used for command & control. Leading back to who set up the hit.

cc84a2 No.1916904



You assume there were pilots on the plane…

Could it be the reports are true about no radio contact, but with no pilot would be expected.

Perhaps remote controlled was intent.

Not a planefag, but I am certain the remote flight controls exist, they were proven 15 years go.

1392e0 No.1916905


Who is JS ??

1855c8 No.1916906

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

030d03 No.1916907

8d8479 No.1916908

File: cdf946acb46df24⋯.png (18.4 KB, 789x196, 789:196, www_vox_com_policy-and-pol….png)


0189f7 No.1916909


Those that scream the loudest. This dude is a LOUD whiny bitch.

37da4d No.1916910


You animal Q.

I think I know who was on that plane.

Documents soon delivered.

Who has had all the proofs except NSA?

expand your thinking

God Bless you all Patriots

9f049d No.1916911


stfu Rfaggot

39c6af No.1916912


I don't think anything is ever going to be huge or dramatic, more like slowly boiling a frog.

1f1e44 No.1916913


Jesus Christ, Joe Blow Jr. will never understand or care about 18d chess. Is this just to amuse yourself that you outsmarted the cabal, or is there an actual objective besides gaslighting the public?

db9e9f No.1916914



>>>Congress still has to appropriate the money, which they seem in NO hurry to do…

>>>Nor are they in any hurry to find DOJ/FBI in contempt for failing AGAIN to provide the requested Docs….


No, there is no need based on 'that' interpretation of the Trump v Hawaii ruling.

The military has a budget already, it's primary use is national defense and should the administration deem it a national defense issue there is 'nothing' congress can do to prevent using the military funds (and personnel) to build that wall.

Your second point, /agree - punt every last one of the obstructionists and peddlers of violence and division and vote in an entire new crop.

fb7ac7 No.1916915



3c698f No.1916916



Who knows…

22094d No.1916917

File: a48365e37d3dc5b⋯.png (330.67 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

90d84b No.1916918

File: 8aed4e045292e44⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1395x858, 465:286, KekUnbound.png)

e0db6e No.1916919



So glad McMaster won!


19e51a No.1916920

As of June 21, the Summer Solstice, the attack on the swamp begins…

3fd19a No.1916921

File: 4132f2090cc5efa⋯.jpg (227.04 KB, 823x1684, 823:1684, MS-13OrderDebbie.jpg)

fa0246 No.1916922


Jeff Sessions

12d549 No.1916923


They’ll be a fountainhead. Look to Twitter…

0d5271 No.1916924


LOL That's too fucking funny. Dems have split the country so much that a leftist incumbant loses to a commie.

Dems have no place to run.

9a572a No.1916925

File: 2f07c6663945307⋯.gif (692.73 KB, 300x299, 300:299, starskygif.gif)

71f7ab No.1916926

Breaking: Sarah SANDERS to be first Press Secretary to get Secret Service Protection

74f12c No.1916927

JC sold Lockheed secrets to China through HRC and CF while she was Sec of State?

Server with SAP's while HRC Sec of State?


Is this correct Q?

5519d6 No.1916928




af57dd No.1916929

fbead3 No.1916930


Pls don't post horrible images like this god. You need to lurk moar.

e45874 No.1916931


Thanks for the assist anon. Accuracy is important. Classification and words matter.

030d03 No.1916932

Lots of explosions near a hospital in gatesville tx.


6181f6 No.1916933


I am personally one of the indictment fags - cases in a criminal court are criminal cases - these are "intial" filings (not updates). Some are search warrants, but very few. Our source files are posted - feel free to view them.

5519d6 No.1916934


BC BillCLinton

90d84b No.1916936

File: 215aa494dce5cf5⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2626x3194, 1313:1597, BANT.png)

Holy cow, I can't believe I succeeded in posting. I've been so heavily banned for so long. Anons that speak out are banned on this board, let me tell ya!

4ca6f5 No.1916937



FAA statement says A320 and Q says A321. Just thought I'd point that out.

f64229 No.1916938

US Trade Rep Accuses EU of Fabricating Legal Theory to Justify Tariffs

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in statement accused the EU of machinating a legal theory to rationalize its new retaliatory tariffs against the United States.

"The European Union has concocted a groundless legal theory to justify immediate tariffs on US exports," Lighthizer said on Tuesday.

Earlier, Washington announced it would impose tariffs on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports on the European Union, Mexico, and Canada beginning from June 1.

READ MORE: Harley-Davidson Move Shows US Facing 'Consequences' of Tariffs – EU

Brussels expressed its opposition to the US tariffs. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has called the US move pure protectionism, and said that the bloc would retaliate with its own duties, and complain to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over the US trade policies.


c7d873 No.1916939




9cfb9d No.1916940

File: 238757a8c905c18⋯.png (168.7 KB, 646x686, 323:343, JWoods re the candy ass pa….PNG)

File: 1eb9819ac5f911c⋯.png (125.22 KB, 379x494, 379:494, TSimons Twitter Bio.PNG)

"Deleted this, did you, you candy ass pansy?"

Candy ass pansy? - OK-Sounds good to me for memes :)

bd00c4 No.1916941

File: d6f734ddd2da6fa⋯.jpg (262.27 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, avel_Trip_Arlington_Cemete….jpg)

God Bless Our Veterans !

bd7f72 No.1916942


Keep your news stations on! Huge losses for lefties in elections tonight. Double digit lefty loss in NY.

Fox just called New York and South Carolina for Republicans.

What a great time to be alive! Good Dems are abandoning ship at an alarming rate.

f1491e No.1916943

File: 7e69a5cb2ab7d50⋯.jpg (149.52 KB, 511x703, 511:703, _74fba8ebexd.jpg)


oh yea, small update in pastebin for you

The whole Flight notes might need a rehaul, you'll see what's best

>>1916883, >>1916879 '''ThanQ you baker team


ThanQs BO, just glad to be a part of it all.

5bae47 No.1916944

Q, if you can & are still there – on how many levels can the Q-Clock be useful for us Anons?

We have the 111 days (unconfirmed), and we have the daily clocks (unconfirmed). There's also the "mirror lines", which appear to work (at times). However, we're still guessing only as to how to realize "posts:tweets:time"…. Can you help?

ac59fc No.1916945


conjecture. i say 'server', but i mean "package".

basic question is - was SWAT there for protection/extraction as white-hat, or was it there as an agent of black-hats?

all that looked scary, but perhaps it was a show of force simply to secure something without going through baggage/security (customs?) at the terminal.

2a63f8 No.1916946


Election machines must not be hacked anymore.

d919eb No.1916947


UIDs are only shown for anons who post. Anons who lurk have better anonymity if they do not want to participate in discussion. All chans are designed that way.

af57dd No.1916948

File: 672b18a42d6ec0b⋯.jpeg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, EC2D6DC6-08D3-4B50-9C45-4….jpeg)

e9ee6e No.1916949

File: be034cc7e8c7334⋯.png (6.24 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, AMSOIL.png)

61cdc1 No.1916950

File: 562771475225893⋯.jpg (37.48 KB, 430x242, 215:121, memeforhumanity.jpg)




Wonder why a known (((blackhat/JIDF shill))) is pushing either side of the R thing to keep it on certain anon's minds?

Also note they are tag teaming to 'create arguments'.

Note most of the posts are insulting, provocative, bitchy and moany in general.

When pointed out, they try to evade, insult, provoke more, etc.

This is how (((they))) operate, Patriots.

They care not what they latch onto, so long as it can distract, derail, dissipate energy, etc.

They (((glow))).

9a572a No.1916951



<chk speeling on "colleagues"

6db1ec No.1916952

A short summary from my understanding:

These lines are extremely important IMO as I think it points to the delicate nature of this situation.




MSM will portray progressive activists as a large part of the pop – this is FALSE.

No possibility of compromise.

Do not underestimate our resolve.

We stand at the ready.


Like Q said in the past, the good guys have everything (thanks to NSA) and everybody knows it, so it is "a huge game of risk".

Drop it too early - and you get MSM spins and riots with possible casualties and political implications.

Everything must be done at the perfect timing, like walking on a thin rope.

Before the drops, anons must provide the counter measures to the MSM spins via the social networks and memes while the implicating info will slowly leak to the public (via fox news, etc).

In the mean time, cabal side try to do every desperate measure at their disposal to somehow prevent the inevitable checkmate on them.

It is like a slow and exhaustive game of chess, all the way to the inevitable checkmate, but it is the only way the victory can be achieved, play fast and you loose).

52f21a No.1916953

Signal sent. } Good guys sent a signal that they were getting the server. 5 eyes intercepted it.

Attempt still made.} 5 eyes tries to take the server.

Averted.} Their attempt fails.

Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?} No coincidences.

Define.} Extreme rhetoric is sheer panic that we have it all.

[RR] must either comply with all document demands or face impeachment.} RR knew about JC. When everything is revealed, RR will not escape. He best cooperate.

Why no DOJ texts disclosed to the public?} Because [RR] is implicated?

RR to LL "……………" } RR kick the thing off?

LL to H "……………"} You scratch my back if I scratch yours

X to X "………………….."} Hillary to Hussein or Hillary to Ginsburg, LL gets to be the next SCOTUS member

Where are the JC / AM text messages? On the server

Gmail messages? On the server

Burner phone messages? On the server

Call pulls? On the server

Threats of assassination? At least

They are preparing for this by activating progressive activists.} June 30th


Once the documents are supplied and viewed by Senate and Congressional leaders (& the public), they LOSE.

SET UP.} By D?

SCAM.} We have it all

FISA.} We have it all

ABUSE OF EXEC POWERS.} Hussein will be begging for Kenyan Citizenship

e0db6e No.1916954


>Who has had all the proofs except NSA?

If JA were on that plane people would have been twatting that bs all over!

5dc739 No.1916955


some other anon asked SP? EH Eric Holder?

c40890 No.1916956

File: 595dc99c33b1b52⋯.png (22.19 KB, 589x126, 589:126, Screenshot_2018-06-27_02-5….png)

a6433c No.1916957


Samantha Powers SP? Eric Holder EH?

ece6c6 No.1916958


'Radio problem'

The plane's or some other strange comms going on?

Maybe someone important tried to slip by security and got nabbed by their phone?

Was this flight from SFO to JFK airport, or from JFK? Kennedy is sure a popular name this week.

ec8ab3 No.1916959




I don't read that the server was on the plane. Also, if the server was at Hillary's house in NY, why would they fly it to SFO of all places? Six 1/2 months later?

0ab3bd No.1916960




90d84b No.1916961

File: 86e04a8437d6c73⋯.png (505.98 KB, 850x568, 425:284, hrappening.png)

File: 67608556e5d783a⋯.png (963.05 KB, 1035x692, 1035:692, Justiceiscoming .png)

File: 1c3fed251a74511⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1289x911, 1289:911, JusticeIsComing.png)

File: 06bf633bd1e9eda⋯.png (590.8 KB, 651x924, 31:44, JesusSaves.png)

edcb3f No.1916962


flight 416 & 1415 both A321

40204a No.1916963

File: 03a6eee7f8f4bb4⋯.jpg (55.05 KB, 949x377, 73:29, jet blue sfo late 6 26 18_….JPG)





>>>Flight 1415 JFK -> SFO Delayed

CONFIRM [Pic Related]


fbdcce No.1916964


Something snuck on through baggage handler then possibly… FF to fit their narrative that SCOTUS Travel Ban doesn't keep us safer

6a7ca9 No.1916965


All pictures of the aircraft show that it has the "Prism" tail, which only the A321's got.

e309bf No.1916966

File: 744452f72e594ce⋯.png (44.01 KB, 555x518, 15:14, ClipboardImage.png)


30 days has September, April, JUNE, and November…

e20705 No.1916967

>>1915853 (lb)

I saw no squawk 7600 for radio failure and radio failures happen all the time and they don't surround planes.

- 7600 for loss of communication (radio failure).

- 7500 for hijacking or other unlawful interference.

f5b85c No.1916968


JB= John Brennan

JC= James Comey

EH = Eric HOlder

14e041 No.1916969


He said they all delplaned.

0d5271 No.1916970



Wannabe actor gets spanked by A+ lister.

f748b4 No.1916971


faa also said it was a radio failure then the pilots requested to return to the gate. just thought id point that out kek.

89ea75 No.1916972


>Thank you USSS.

8d8479 No.1916973

File: b8135c269ddb0ac⋯.jpg (82.27 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Ocasio-Cortez.jpg)


it gets better

6a9235 No.1916974

File: 599f5b01a663e02⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1249x4302, 1249:4302, fbipill.png)

shout out to 8200 for the COMMS malfunction

>warning shot

(am i warm?)

c7d873 No.1916975





Help me with this, I'm getting washed out by the Qwash, it's important!

56dae7 No.1916976

File: d8a601c5c6022b9⋯.png (794.07 KB, 914x1181, 914:1181, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)


e0db6e No.1916977



Lynch > Hussein > HRC > Slick Willy > John Brennan > Comey > Samantha Power? > Eric Holder

5519d6 No.1916978




Thanks. Sorry just got outta work and brain isn't working.

0d1f27 No.1916979

File: 3dbdf2631f7eaec⋯.jpg (148.52 KB, 720x1138, 360:569, bg_p-0-6-58-6-13-2018.jpg)

File: 643d2898bcbc11c⋯.jpg (167.81 KB, 720x513, 80:57, 20180613_002347.jpg)


To make your own…

1855c8 No.1916980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c417b No.1916981



And Q also told us it just came in from San Francisco to New York…

What's the LA angle the news is reporting???

85d748 No.1916982



Look at the screen in the middle, zoom in on it. Tell us what you see…

e04cd3 No.1916983

File: d0cc4e76c1f241c⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fireworks pepe.jpg)


Damn. Just damn.

Will look to see the R in the district.



(Anon be stunned. First D incumbent is down. Hurray!)

1518cf No.1916984

Okay…..way too much winning going on the last few days….

I need a brake….

No never mind go TRUMP.




52f21a No.1916985



f9ec88 No.1916986


Stephanie Power=SP

9cfb9d No.1916987

File: 882ff5b784ef6a0⋯.png (17.94 KB, 650x301, 650:301, JWoods 2 re the candy ass ….PNG)

14e041 No.1916988


And AH? Not on list. Multitasking, too.

1fcff0 No.1916989


YW anon - one of my pet peeves since the sealed whatevers started piling up. I wish they were all indictments but there is just no way.

0d5271 No.1916990


Or the election officials went off the deep end.

Hoping you're right though.

402247 No.1916991


That's quite a green screen!


6a9235 No.1916992

AM = ?

7b3fd1 No.1916993

File: 1c8617231af4305⋯.png (931.29 KB, 2003x1197, 2003:1197, airbuswitness.png)


Tony Schwartz was on that plane. He co wrote with Trump…The Art of the Deal. Also, CEO of Energy Resolution. What type of energy? The kind that interfere with a planes communications…knocks out all electrical communications on plane…controls etc? Maybe, he was on the plane for a dry run to see how efficient his aka their device is first hand? If so, could possibly a future attack on airforce one? Tony hates Trump! He is part of the Deep State. I don't believe this is a coincidence! Why surrounded by all those Feds? Why hands up? Is Tony holding a device that took out the planes communication? Inquisitive mind wants to know

e0db6e No.1916994

b830d4 No.1916995


Check the dot … almost green!


a78fdd No.1916996

Baker Changed Internet Connect

This is my new ID for this bread

36d0ee No.1916997





It was always there. Q reaffirmed corner pieces of this puzzle; picture formed.

On top of that every single MSM *-1 is attacking the public for supporting POTUS.

This is huge post.


81287f No.1916998

File: 576eb4259b27c9a⋯.png (73.06 KB, 651x400, 651:400, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

1cc917 No.1916999

File: fe5d1374ae0e15a⋯.jpg (124.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, it has begun 2.jpg)

8c8248 No.1917000


Using parentheses around a word makes you glow… jidf are known to do this.. you are jidf. kys.

edcb3f No.1917001


Angela Merkel ?

6181f6 No.1917002



c5fb37 No.1917003


Agree anon. There is more to this than meets the eye. I suspect someone or something was escorted from the plane.

19e51a No.1917004

File: 051235326a891c8⋯.jpg (17.15 KB, 239x240, 239:240, Jesus & Moneychangers.jpg)

File: e83e5b2efa28647⋯.jpg (49.26 KB, 476x300, 119:75, Jesus Immigration.jpg)

File: 35b2721d621dfa7⋯.jpg (3.08 KB, 73x73, 1:1, 4m_C2ABr_bigger.jpg)


61cdc1 No.1917005

File: 0b8f896e7be68ff⋯.png (277.66 KB, 522x393, 174:131, kekvsminerva.png)


incoming gay pron pics, BO. these (((shills))) are obvious.

Even though enraged anons can engage in insults, provocations, etc (this is the goddamn chans), the end results are almost always different.

Above is then taken advantage of by (((shills))) who can easily blame it on anons and patriots (they will keep trying to blame bakers etc that have differing opinions and part of the original arguments).

Patriots, set aside your difference and DIG, ORGANIZE PROOF, and DISSEMINATE.

Fuck the kikes and black hat shills.

Where We Go One, We Go ALL

c4e957 No.1917006


Retards making shit up.

2458e0 No.1917007


Watching the news, there is no more slow boil…this fucker is ready to blow.

e309bf No.1917008

File: bb20587db005373⋯.png (2.76 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, McCabe2.png)

6c7226 No.1917009


watching now… big losses. Dems are in full on panic mode

e3b974 No.1917010


Thank you. I was so blanking on that. Was killing me.

3fd19a No.1917011


Not my OC.


6298b5 No.1917012



56dae7 No.1917013


sorry - eject - late….

1fcff0 No.1917014


Perp walk?

9c417b No.1917015


Interesting that we're ALL picking up INCONSISTENCIES in the reporting….

Just shows ya….

74f12c No.1917016

Q team prevented an attempt to down the plane through hacking.

>signal sent


edcb3f No.1917017

ccc88c No.1917018

Thanks for the little Vaca Q.

Rested back up and ready for more.

ec8ab3 No.1917019


Yea but there was another claim that was a false confession and BO confirmed only one post from that ISP.

1f1e44 No.1917020


It didn't begin with Tiegan's flight?

71f7ab No.1917021

Was JetBlue an ICE raid?

6a9235 No.1917022


yeah, what the other guy said

i just could not think of it. not sure why

bd7f72 No.1917023



9a572a No.1917024


What was the time-frame for that Schumann resonance graph? the one with the YUGE spikes? (1 or 2 breads ago)

27ab2e No.1917025

File: 40e2bd5b70471d7⋯.png (13.65 KB, 582x152, 291:76, dcruzcrop.png)


Here is a better pic (cropped) of the follow up tweet.

There is a video on this twatter handle as well.

519e2f No.1917026

>Coming soon to a theater near you.

Q isn't just talking about more crumbs.

Remember when 45 met Kim and presented an indoctrination video for him to watch?

There is also a full-blown indoctrination video for the world. As the World Turns.

0ab3bd No.1917027

5519d6 No.1917028



















7d1080 No.1917029

File: 4b6bca5c00d3210⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1510193883511.gif)

20adfa No.1917030

File: 785692f0e86af5b⋯.jpg (690.38 KB, 1106x1474, 553:737, Dead_Air.jpg)


"Radio Problems"

9cadf8 No.1917031


Kek! I haven't heard the term pansy in a long time.

a2bee5 No.1917032


>There are thousands of resignations and firings around the world

And much much more here:

https:// public.tableau.com/profile/nerothehero#!/

2c9304 No.1917033


Opposite. It is the flight INTO JFK that is FROM SFO before LAX.

a815ba No.1917034

Hey Q I have an excellent question why are all the Boston bombings victims all related to the Boston police, government, medics, and FBI? And why did the older bomber run past where his brother set of the second firecracker? As can be seen in the iconic photo http://www.letsrun.com/news/?attachment_id=5057 his brother can be seen next to the woman in the background. Anons never forget!!!

36d0ee No.1917035

bcc68e No.1917036



61cdc1 No.1917037

File: 56693621a00cbfe⋯.jpg (101.66 KB, 847x489, 847:489, LesDeplorables.jpg)


I really hope you homosexually inclined subhuman scum keep trying. Really.

This is personal.

17a633 No.1917038

File: f9af472a719206d⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 588x127, 588:127, ScreenShot_009.jpg)


Unverified tweet just now. VIP.

6e8162 No.1917039

File: b0a251a3c593abf⋯.png (390.96 KB, 640x621, 640:621, ClipboardImage.png)

After pilots stopped communicating with ATC

262dd2 No.1917040

File: 010cb8d1b58f945⋯.jpg (68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, nothing.jpg)


Think Cargo.

look at Q's posts of the A321. Followed by Apple HQ, Apple Store, Pallets.

12d549 No.1917041


Ahh fuck. Hostile baker incoming?

0d5271 No.1917042


Whose the R running against her? Don't look it up if you don't already know.

1a3460 No.1917043


Weeeeeeee, enjoy the ride

9a572a No.1917044

File: 5022bf2c1590b8f⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 612x345, 204:115, SRAANHRT1.jpg)

2458e0 No.1917045


Who is AM?

19e51a No.1917046

File: aa6d8a0e3021546⋯.png (350.92 KB, 373x522, 373:522, Habbening.png)

87ef59 No.1917047

File: ba900ec78d899bc⋯.png (30.53 KB, 630x258, 105:43, peggy.png)

New DJT Tweet

Who is Peggy????

f748b4 No.1917048


anon who posted said 24hrs

a36c8d No.1917049

File: 63165ffbc9cc252⋯.jpg (273.23 KB, 1187x725, 1187:725, Q drop 06262018_2.jpg)


e096ce No.1917050

I find it fascinating that the entire media is openly calling for some form of violence.


Stating the possibility of such in this forum is met with cries of shill.


f5b85c No.1917051


hhmmmm. .. can't recall

JC = comey or clapper

318200 No.1917052



literally gonna show the pop a movie

might not be the best word to use

but sometimes i feel like Q is using the cabals techniques on us for a good purpose

aka deprogramming

8e9969 No.1917053



e309bf No.1917054



Good find, anon!

c40890 No.1917055

File: e96992f97693585⋯.jpg (95.85 KB, 1024x823, 1024:823, planescreen.jpg)


Feck all dude.

e0db6e No.1917056



Fucking idiots, I swear!

"a Democratic Socialists of America membership card, and a proudly leftist agenda. She ran on Medicare-for-all, a federal jobs guarantee, and getting tough on Wall Street."

7744c3 No.1917057


BO wanna confirm if you're still nearby?

84ad8c No.1917058


You KNOW the answers, anon. But you’ll not get conf tonight!

c9258b No.1917059

File: 581261b169db311⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 490x421, 490:421, gQGOVlJD.jpg)

9c417b No.1917060


Came from Silicon Valley (I know it well, lol) and there are a TON of CEO's living there…from huge Corps…

Wonder if it was APPLE'S TURN….since Q referenced us to the original pics from a while ago??

14e041 No.1917061


Scott Miller? Maybe?

VIP on Plane

87ef59 No.1917062


nvm… i gotta learn to read.


fb7ac7 No.1917063



da5e0f No.1917064


McMaster's wife

ec8a54 No.1917065


Andrew McCabe, Angela Merkel

1518cf No.1917066

Meme in search of a picture


"Forcing compliance to our NWO Socialist view"

12d549 No.1917067


His wonderful wife he mentioned in the speech I believe.

c5fb37 No.1917068


Andrew "filthy cop" McCabe.

Liar, traitor and plotter.

8202f3 No.1917069


Probably comey

19e51a No.1917070


421e3b No.1917071


James, you Magnificent Bastard!

13e776 No.1917072

File: 88897d453d33d88⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 443x185, 443:185, sick reference bro, your r….gif)


this Woods fellow, he amuses me

7b3fd1 No.1917073

File: 8bd94d85c4a6328⋯.jpg (209.18 KB, 1571x497, 1571:497, schumer.jpg)


24 hour i think

( • )( • )

17a633 No.1917074


Roger PnL, Godspeed. I'm here for back up with anything, just holler.

74f12c No.1917075

So signal sent was a device in cargo or on the person in attempt to take over plane? Comms went down

999ccb No.1917076

File: 295da8cec5a4762⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1690x872, 845:436, Screen-Shot-2017-10-08-at-….png)



bcc68e No.1917077

Hey Q,

Does John Mark Doogan have the key to SR?

5519d6 No.1917078


That would be a perfect way to control the headlines wouldn't it? They would pour out the sob stories of the people they killed as if they give a shit at all.

Pack that on top of the nonstop "coverage" of the "ongoing crisis" with the childrens…

These people are sick.

87ef59 No.1917079


yeah. didn't see the 'and'

thought he was calling Henry Peggy

8d8479 No.1917081


>Tony Schwartz


e0db6e No.1917082




e04cd3 No.1917083

File: 9178e0d758434f8⋯.jpeg (9.22 KB, 148x255, 148:255, tits pepe.jpeg)

Haven't run across a wangdoodle post yet that I would do. Guess it's a good thing they are gay.

e096ce No.1917084

McCabe's wife.

Senator Black too close.

Setup to fail.

6c7226 No.1917085

heh heh

7b3fd1 No.1917086

6e8162 No.1917087

File: 84aebdeeb1fd527⋯.png (477.26 KB, 1024x864, 32:27, ClipboardImage.png)

30ab4b No.1917088


They want us to get violent. Don't take the bait. We've come this far and we will be victorious.

14e041 No.1917089


Andrew McCabe. Sorry

318200 No.1917090

the real question is who was on that plane ?

9898c7 No.1917091



1f1e44 No.1917092


How many psyops do we have to lick to get to the center of the deep state?

6a6b40 No.1917093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At least show the Song, instead op copy pasta and shill link the picture

f748b4 No.1917094


i bet those pallets were fucking batteries. remember all the close calls with lithium ions on planes. they can probably make a batch purely to be used as explosives if they want. its a perfect cover.

6298b5 No.1917095


Damn right… Never forget Las Vegas Q

c5fb37 No.1917096


The pics posted a while ago were lifted from certain phones and posted here as a warning to the bad guys

"we have everything"

They did not get the hint.

9cfb9d No.1917097

File: 071af95a0cd71ac⋯.png (721.93 KB, 633x624, 211:208, JWoods Car Cool Meme.PNG)


James is awesome

bcc68e No.1917098


Comms may not have been actually down yet, just used as an excuse. However the device may have been on the plane for after it took off.

274187 No.1917099


I worked for a company that sold electronic system into commercial airliners. The system we sold was the second back-up, ie they had 3 systems. Dont know for sure but I would imagine radios are similar given criticality.

e309bf No.1917100

File: 9f667df3155b920⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1242x1368, 69:76, Jimmy&Andy.png)

9f049d No.1917101

Do not underestimate our resolve.

We stand at the ready.

powerful words from Q

7007c4 No.1917102


was it a drill

would surprise me

85d748 No.1917103



19e51a No.1917104

Who had the street cameras moved on the night of the Seth Rich murder? SWAMP SHITE

2458e0 No.1917105


Article in the news today about Flynne refusing to cooperate, and potential throwing out of conviction by a judge on Friday.

304b3a No.1917106

File: bd78c2f8551fbc4⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Landscape-worker-ROBYN-BEC….jpg)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) is hitting a North Carolina landscaping business with a major civil penalty for hiring foreign workers while discriminating against Americans.

The DOJ announced on Tuesday that it had reached a settlement with the Newland, North Carolina landscaping company, Triple H Services LLC, after the business was accused of hiring foreign workers imported to the United States on the H-2B visa program, rather than hiring American citizens who were available to take the blue collar jobs.

After a DOJ investigation — led by the Civil Rights Division’s Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative — the agency revealed that Triple H misled American workers in job advertisements for more than 450 landscaping jobs in a way that was designed to deter Americans from applying for the positions.

When Americans did qualify and apply for the landscaping jobs, the DOJ investigation found that Triple H “did not consider” those U.S. workers for the positions, and “instead hired H-2B visa workers,” a release by the agency stated.

“Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against U.S. workers in hiring because of their citizenship status,” Acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore said in a statement. “The Department will continue to fight to ensure that U.S. workers are not disadvantaged because of their citizenship status.”

The DOJ investigation also discovered that Triple H had ended multiple online job applications before American workers could start and finish the process, instead quickly filling the landscaping positions with H-2B foreign visa workers.

DOJ officials said in their settlement with Triple H that the landscaping company “effectively denied U.S. workers access to jobs based on its preference for hiring” H-2B foreign visa workers.

As part of the settlement, Triple H will have to pay a civil penalty of $15,600, along with establishing a back pay fund capped at $85,000 for workers who were impacted by the company’s anti-American discrimination practices. Triple H will additionally have to be monitored by the DOJ for three years while ramping up their recruitment practices of American workers.

Sessions’ DOJ is set to further its initiative of protecting American citizens and workers by working with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency to denaturalize thousands of foreign nationals who are accused of defrauding the U.S. government in their citizenship applications.

b6ba6f No.1917107


Could this be the signal that was sent? QTeam had the intel hence the prior plane pic. "Attempt still made, averted." Tonight they caught the bastards?

17a633 No.1917108

File: 991c5f90491013c⋯.jpg (49.65 KB, 517x438, 517:438, ScreenShot_010.jpg)

CBS News reporting that the plane 'hit birds'

d1840f No.1917109

File: 67fa2f4cd19ec4a⋯.gif (191.52 KB, 239x300, 239:300, 84753092320-3984394.gif)

Sorry for appearing incoherent the other day! Att that time. Light. SJ

e47b78 No.1917110


Arent these just primarys? As in dem vs dem and rep vs rep?

ec8ab3 No.1917111




5519d6 No.1917112


Sounds stupid.

We are not dealing with Nazis.

We are dealing with InternationalGlobalistCommies.

22c2f6 No.1917113


the baker excersizes the final editorial discretion on whether to include something or let it pass as not quite notable (request sauce) or rejected entirely

c40890 No.1917114


I think not anon ;)

f5b85c No.1917115


burner phones??/

b74195 No.1917117

So a VIP on the plane?

FF prevented?

Cargo on the plane?

Any other versions?

SWAT team, i think offs the cargo version

Any thoughts?

ec0619 No.1917118

kinda cool hanging out with NYPD/friends

0bfe8e No.1917119

File: 32c6aff50120afe⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 483x471, 161:157, TRUMP1.JPG)



7d5427 No.1917120

File: 69ca5d881f3b0ad⋯.jpg (310.58 KB, 700x1242, 350:621, 20180626_220749.jpg)

12d549 No.1917121


Absolutely notable. Too big a coincidence.

85d748 No.1917122



39c6af No.1917123


Nice color choice James.

bcc68e No.1917124


Was Gatesville actually just an accident?

ec0619 No.1917125



reread drops

552f75 No.1917126


I read the about page and it seems like its filled with a bunch of feel good verbage but what do they actually do?

1855c8 No.1917127

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

52f21a No.1917128

Not buying it. >>1916974

2a6fe5 No.1917129


i'm thinking cargo, too → but why storm the cabin w/ guns drawn; and no one's on SM saying someone was taken off the plane.


ec8a54 No.1917130

File: 2ff1c5aa11ab70a⋯.png (131.23 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, 2ff1c5aa11ab70ac31f7bf6fd5….png)


>lost comms


>hit birds


>VIP on board

Yeah something is up with this plane at JFK…

17a633 No.1917131


Forget ^^^^^ Old article.

b74195 No.1917132


Aha, birds…

e096ce No.1917133


Ukrainian puppet government.

Installed CIA, Clapper, Brennan

Continuation of the Nazi ideology.

eee9b2 No.1917134

File: 77234feff30a516⋯.jpeg (61.69 KB, 1199x515, 1199:515, crowley-crowley.jpeg)



Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, defeated Crowley in his deep-blue district that encompasses northwest Queens and the eastern Bronx.

This is the first time in 14 years that Crowley, 56, has faced a primary challenger. Crowley has long been seen as a potential successor to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). And he's been a staple in New York City politics as chairman of the Queens County Democratic Party.

1836be No.1917135


Nice try, faggot

c5fb37 No.1917136


Probably dirty cop James Comey.

5bae47 No.1917137

File: 60a81c0914d225a⋯.png (43.81 KB, 1027x384, 1027:384, N944JT.png)


N944JT – check the faa inquiry.


It's a 321-231

f64229 No.1917138

Russian Citizen Nikulin Accused of Hacking Pleads Not Guilty in US Court

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Russian citizen Yevgeniy Nikulin, accused in the US of hacking social networks, including LinkedIn, refused to admit his guilt during hearings, his lawyer Arkady Bukh told Sputnik on Tuesday.

"The client refused to plead guilty," he said, commenting on the results of hearings held on that day.

According to Bukh, the judge has determined the schedule of the further process, filing of petitions and other formalities.

"This process ends with a jury trial, which is [scheduled] for January 28, 2019 at 7.30 a.m," Bukh said.

He specified that the date had been proposed by the defense, and the prosecutor's office might offer other options before July 3, but so far neither the judge nor the prosecution had expressed any wishes or objections. If such proposals are not received, the date will remain unchanged.

Nikulin was arrested in the Czech Republic on a US warrant in October 2016 for allegedly hacking into computers belonging to LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring online services. He was extradited to the United States on March 29.

The Russian Embassy in the United States said it was officially notified by the US State Department about his extradition. Russia's Foreign Ministry said Moscow was outraged by the decision of the Czech Republic to extradite Nikulin.

Nikulin has also been charged with internet fraud in Russia in 2009. Moscow and Washington both requested Nikulin’s extradition on the same day. The Czech court ruled both requests legal, leaving the decision to the country's Justice Minister Robert Pelikan, who satisfied the US request.

Nikulin has previously pleaded not guilty to the US charges against him, which include conspiracy, cyber intrusion and aggravated identify theft.


14e041 No.1917139

File: 36adf78f38922ef⋯.png (37.73 KB, 577x310, 577:310, AQ6.PNG)


Another POTUS Tweet.

2c9304 No.1917140


Flight 1516 is JetBlue from SFO to JFK. It is the SAME PLANE that turns around 12 hours alter and is Flight 1623 from JFK to LAX.

9cfb9d No.1917141


If I recall, that is one of the cars he restored

80f9cb No.1917142


Needs more white border

9898c7 No.1917143

39c6af No.1917144


Bad actor pilots / attendants?

Something in cargo?

244e49 No.1917145


Does not take 1.5 hours and SWAT team to board for a radio outage.

519e2f No.1917146


Major General Scott Miller?

f748b4 No.1917147


yes airliner radios have multiple redundencies. its not like a 150mm jetliner can just blow a fuse and lose comms. faa are not /ourguys/

12d549 No.1917148


Keep moving left, keeep doing itttt. Don’t go back, go further.

39dce7 No.1917149

File: 2569b9a533ae595⋯.png (406.66 KB, 1026x623, 1026:623, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 69e84a0f46f0205⋯.png (95.83 KB, 443x713, 443:713, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 98ab719b8ddc0f0⋯.png (93.27 KB, 443x393, 443:393, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

Same day as apple pictures and the pallets in the AC truck.

2a63f8 No.1917150

Do we have the passenger list yet?

5bae47 No.1917151

30ab4b No.1917152

84ad8c No.1917153


LAX is where the plane was going next

88d047 No.1917154

"move left" of socialism? talk about deranged


b74195 No.1917155


Sorry i am slow Rod Rosenstein on the plane?

244e49 No.1917156


Not sure he would know who was on plane and whether anyone was taken or not. Could have happened after de-planing.

76b9e9 No.1917157

Wasn't following the election today. Between these two POTUS tweets, it seems we did well? How'd the MAGA candidates do?

1f3d27 No.1917158


The world soon will know.

ec0619 No.1917159


can you tell us who brendan is?

does this relate to AW?

c7d873 No.1917160


And Diggers call out Shill Bakers when they are FKNG UP!!!!

'''It's our version of Checks and Balances. Bakers ARE NOT in charge. We ALL are!!!

0bfe8e No.1917161

File: 60d7f4f9b869655⋯.jpg (70.05 KB, 540x312, 45:26, Capturejfk8.jpg)

4525d2 No.1917162


Nothing but love anon

246d51 No.1917163

File: 53b3b3245594e9e⋯.jpg (39.76 KB, 960x684, 80:57, 36285165_10216726377420483….jpg)

File: 8cb0091563345df⋯.jpg (3.08 KB, 178x154, 89:77, 36293259_10216726378140501….jpg)

File: 4e1251a838fb610⋯.jpeg (6.02 MB, 4834x3223, 4834:3223, n913jb.jpeg)

Pic supposedly taken inside the Jet Blue flight grounded at JFK.


26950e No.1917164


The Next best thing to self deportation. Aiding illegals is wait for it… illegal.

41f2fd No.1917165

Remind u fags that tmw night is the full moon!

It’s habbening.

19e51a No.1917166



0d5271 No.1917167


Yeah, Dems…move further left and see what that gets you. You can't buy enough votes to win.

ec0619 No.1917168


seems that way so far

50c69e No.1917169

File: be54a35db0e51a1⋯.png (25.42 KB, 603x149, 603:149, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b0b1bbb45b2880⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1893x1063, 1893:1063, ClipboardImage.png)

Q when do we get to hang the commie traitors by their necks until dead?


“In college, I was left of center, and through a gradual process I found myself more comfortable with a lot of the ideas and approaches the Republicans were using.” He voted for Carter in 1980, but in ’84, “I voted for Reagan—I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

27d04c No.1917170


EU uses RoHS industry standards to exclude any US products they target. Obama used ISO standards in US to close hundreds of small biz

84ad8c No.1917171


V droll!!!

f5b85c No.1917172


sleeper cell?

89ea75 No.1917173

File: e9c59eef1350db0⋯.png (14.37 KB, 321x108, 107:36, ! ! ! ! ! (Q) 5;5.png)

File: 8acad123310cc08⋯.png (23.28 KB, 208x70, 104:35, ! ! ! ! ! (Q) 5_5.png)


"Radio Problems"

df198b No.1917174


proximity to ft. hood suggests maybe not…

318200 No.1917175


did we ever figure out who d was ?

devin nunes ?

ee6e58 No.1917176




f64229 No.1917177

File: f565f83c7810b36⋯.png (216.48 KB, 614x784, 307:392, ClipboardImage.png)

9898c7 No.1917178

421219 No.1917179



>Think Cargo.


8e9969 No.1917180


What's next, swamp gas?

9f049d No.1917181

File: 3368c88a695946e⋯.png (26.43 KB, 666x164, 333:82, ClipboardImage.png)

A JetBlue flight reportedly became unresponsive to tower communications while taxiing for departure at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City Tuesday evening, triggering a security scare.

Flight 1623 was scheduled to depart for Los Angeles at 7:30 pm ET, but stopped responding to air traffic control before takeoff.

Law enforcement agencies surrounded the plane once it lost communication.

According to tweets from passengers, “heavily armed” police officers and FBI agents boarded the plane to investigate the security incident.

The FAA released a statement about the situation, saying the plane experienced a “radio equipment problem.”

“JetBlue 1623, an Airbus A320, experienced a radio equipment problem while taxing for departure at John F. Kennedy International Airport tonight at 8 p.m. The crew requested to return to the ramp. The FAA will investigate.


4525d2 No.1917182


Witnesses (via Twitter) saying no one was taken off the plane… most likely cargo was seized and SWAT team was distraction

2a9d41 No.1917183


progressives are delusional

i watch some of jimmy dore's videos and he literally thinks they're the majority of the country

it's funny how some like him can see through the russia hoax but nothing else

39dce7 No.1917184


So far no sauce on anyone being removed from the flight

776adb No.1917185


That's why they needed a dozen police cars..

bcc68e No.1917186

File: e1b9e5a487fcd93⋯.jpg (296.93 KB, 1829x1372, 1829:1372, image.jpg)

Scott Miller VIP???


76b9e9 No.1917187


DDE warned us.

JFK told us.

DJT saved us

5519d6 No.1917188


They will attack you. Just let them make fools of themselves destroying property and harassing people.

Look up the term DARVO

Antifa attack and try to make it seem that you were the aggressor. Just stay away from those filthy fucking demonspawns

1f1e44 No.1917189


Maybe it was a plane rented out by CIA employees headed to a convention. We've been punkd. Enjoy the show. Next time, aliens will hijack a Janet flight.

c4e957 No.1917190

OK, so start at the beginning. SF to NY.

Pelosi from SF. Schumer from NY.

Who was on the plane???

Thinking out loud here.

1836be No.1917191


LOL, it happens. Even Q slipped up tonight

a78fdd No.1917192

File: bdf5de9ad9ae936⋯.jpg (492.61 KB, 1079x992, 1079:992, PeacePepe.jpg)


No Fag… I am always careful to document when I change…

14e041 No.1917193

File: 62d64a566b8d12f⋯.png (78.43 KB, 972x1215, 4:5, Question 3.png)


No, no it doesn't. This was something MUCH bigger.


Can you dig on that? Hands full.

376bcd No.1917194


For when Oprah wants to be spit roasted.

19e51a No.1917195

The nuts on the left had to start up the save the children topic as the human trafficking topic began to hit the scene. Front-running their exposure

0d5271 No.1917196


I think they were going to take the plane down. That can not get out to the public…it would shut down the airlines.

262dd2 No.1917197




I'm actually thinking;


Grown in Afghanistan.

Processed at Foxconn.

Imported by Apple.

[THEY] control the tech industry.

just a theory.

The Taliban had taken production of poppies to zero. We invade, now we have an Opium Epidemic?

6a6b40 No.1917198

File: d115ed0a58fb6c4⋯.png (925.21 KB, 955x633, 955:633, patriots-fight-26.png)

4525d2 No.1917199

Gay porn sliding is heavy..

bd7f72 No.1917200


Yep, but leftie incumbents are in deep doo doo

1cc917 No.1917201


Nope, or birds. Theyre bullshitting

b41fcb No.1917202


Families Belong Together—Attend a June 30 Event! TICK TOCK

12d549 No.1917203


Just being careful. We don’t take too kindly to shills in the bread around here.


ac59fc No.1917204


here's my half-assed theory.

asset from out of country enters at SFO.

flight from SFO to JFK, deplanes at JFK.

leaves item tucked under seat cushion, in bin, somewhere missed during cabin sweep.

asset detained at JFK by blackhats, item not found

whitehats divert plane, grab item.


ece6c6 No.1917205

File: 9cb9a997c39cc47⋯.png (20.53 KB, 339x491, 339:491, ClipboardImage.png)


Q said SFO to JFK.


8e4ecd No.1917206


oct 2017

6aeffd No.1917207


Actually just the fact that that faggot decided to tweet that nobody was removed makes me suspicious as fuck.

Was he magically aware of all 100+ passengers? Was he sitting at the door? When he deplaned, did he count everyone else? Why the fuck would you even tweet that?

39c6af No.1917208


Wealthy people, especially VIP types, don't fly JetBlue unless absolutely necessary

ee6e58 No.1917209

File: 461da37faf53191⋯.png (4.93 MB, 2113x1189, 2113:1189, Stuffs_Better_Daily.png)

b74195 No.1917210


Yup, i would think SWAT team woyld get someone in custody but obviously not

a78fdd No.1917211

File: ef52a8722e78522⋯.jpg (306.08 KB, 608x592, 38:37, HeartPepe.jpg)

39dce7 No.1917212


Ignore. Soldiers don't watch the bullets flying over their heads, they shoot back.

76b9e9 No.1917213


Given JetBlue's pizza ads, I wonder if human cargo is a possibility.

84ad8c No.1917214


Enough to constitute cruel and unusual punishment. And all for the crime of being human and wanting to be left the fuck alone.

2949c2 No.1917215


Sudden load increase from Q post. Extra cloud servers auto added for processing, packets get dropped. Nothing to worry about.

c5fb37 No.1917216


Plane fag anons - do you know if recorded ATC for JFC is available for this evening?

ec8ab3 No.1917217

File: 3def2d8c1d8feca⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 255x157, 255:157, pepeshocked.jpg)

1cc917 No.1917218

File: f6e695b27adb908⋯.jpg (194.41 KB, 800x790, 80:79, trump as the world turns.jpg)

d919eb No.1917219


It's all good. We're just deleting it as it's coming anyways. Refresh page if you don't want to see it.

9898c7 No.1917220

61cdc1 No.1917221


When you make mistakes or fall down, help each other up. Fault and blame game is the arena of (((shills))).

Traitors are easily ID'd.

Be wary of the trap.

Use logic.

Assist the baker.

6db1ec No.1917222

File: 0ac15fa3a67671d⋯.png (44.34 KB, 917x504, 131:72, 247.PNG)

I could be off here but 247x could also mean this (see attached).

If we go by the logic of 187 = manslaughter in californian law codex, then 247 = shooting on an airplane which might connect us to las vegas shooting.

As you remember, Q hinted that POTUS was the target and they planned to shoot at his plane.

It doesn't explain the x at the end of 247 though.

Also from what I recall Q said that info regarding LV false flag will come out around June.

edc0d7 No.1917223

File: a2eed7854f58c68⋯.jpeg (93.67 KB, 902x502, 451:251, jfk.jpeg)

3fd19a No.1917224


Hours are marked on the X axis.

1-24 three times. Shows a bit over 48 hrs of data.

Y axis is Hertz : frequency in cycles per second. It's labelled with a Russian abbreviation Гц (letter sounds G, Ts)

41f2fd No.1917225


No shit. Q said crisis averted, not perp arrested. It’s what they intended on doing in flight that was the issue.

ec8a54 No.1917226


maybe something happened at SFO instead..

Pelosi ties…

12d549 No.1917227


I feel like it’s revenge of the housewives this time around kek. They’re tired of tits.

2024c6 No.1917228


It just shows how retarded (((their))) minions are.

e47b78 No.1917229


They've been crypto commies for ages. They're gonna drop the crypto

e0db6e No.1917230

File: dc94fef9ea9ccf7⋯.png (169.1 KB, 371x612, 371:612, ClipboardImage.png)


Dan Donovan

f17c18 No.1917231


goes to show you how onto something we are. the fact they have a file saved on their device and display such faggotry speaks volumes about them.

5519d6 No.1917232

File: 12c8c72bfae3081⋯.png (267.84 KB, 1464x944, 183:118, MythMilitaryComplex.png)

File: d5cdedf8321b1f8⋯.png (455.81 KB, 1463x929, 1463:929, MythMilitaryComplexes.png)


Eisenhower did no such thing. He was protecting the MEDIA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

The "Paytriot" movement fooled you on this one.

ac59fc No.1917233


this plane flies cross country twice, i've gathered.

SFO - JFK - LAX. was brought back to JFK (or never took off) after departing terminal at JFK.

c4e957 No.1917234


Not thinking it was either of them. But related to them.

19e51a No.1917235

Gay Porn shills desperate…..BROCK letting out his anger

1f1e44 No.1917236


Whoever took the pic didn't have hands in the air

bcc68e No.1917237


No he didn't! He's saying the first pic posted by him was in SFO. Today's was NY. This is NY to SFO. he showed the ending point first.

f7d8a2 No.1917238

Damn if I know what KYS means. Guess I gotta lurk moar.

b74195 No.1917239


Haha true so

ec0619 No.1917240

File: fb8721d90292292⋯.png (599.76 KB, 1080x586, 540:293, 1502726788110.png)

a78fdd No.1917241

Notables so Far


>>1916963 Planefag Update Related to Q Post

>>1916633, >>1916648, >>1916657, >>1916967 Planefag Updates

>>1915876 #Walkaway Movement Growing Rapidly

Sorry if I missed anything, had emergency on the homefront, please let me know

76b9e9 No.1917242


Thanks for being so active. I assume you have to work this board around your day-to-day life, and I appreciate the heavy sacrifice of time and energy you're putting in here for your country.

12d549 No.1917243


Think Bourdain.

0d5271 No.1917244


Straight from his collection.

ec8ab3 No.1917245

File: 3a45c7c142070d3⋯.png (129.9 KB, 600x533, 600:533, Pepe Scope.png)

2024c6 No.1917246

File: 8559e6a198496e6⋯.png (775.77 KB, 782x559, 782:559, 8559e6a198496e6c4e83b58d93….png)


….or fantasy

9898c7 No.1917247

4525d2 No.1917248


o7 Thank you for your service BO. Carry on.

9cfb9d No.1917249

File: 65ad1f195a5c86c⋯.png (273.68 KB, 661x835, 661:835, DoD 6-26-18 7 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 48e8353fc0c802a⋯.png (790.83 KB, 1253x830, 1253:830, DoD 6-26-18 7 pm PDT pic.PNG)

He’s not Jaws, but he may bite ‘ya! 🦈

6a6b40 No.1917250

File: d5cbc8424976844⋯.png (432.67 KB, 777x478, 777:478, patriot-unite-revo.png)

41f2fd No.1917251


I think it just means Brock is behind the keyboard tonight. U know gaypornfaggot is his fav role.

9f3d18 No.1917252


Hissy fits.

5bae47 No.1917253


It hadn't departed yet, so "ground" or "clearance" would be what to look for – didn't check yet.


39dce7 No.1917254


SFO 'greater than' JFK

could be

SFO over JFK


SFO instead of JFK

SFO then JFK (First time we saw this plane was in SF second time at JFK).

14e041 No.1917255


Origination >Destination.

San Francisco>New York City.

ac59fc No.1917256


thanks BO, but lol.

as though a few assholes and dicks are going to stop this train.

wait - phrasing, sorry.

19e51a No.1917257

File: 86e04424caa39d0⋯.png (388.34 KB, 711x542, 711:542, Federal Reserve Pepe.png)


f17c18 No.1917258



76b9e9 No.1917259


NY getting more red? Or was this already a red district?

8d8479 No.1917260

File: 458e4f84cf57a11⋯.png (13.65 KB, 641x183, 641:183, Boy who ran away from Brow….png)


d0881d No.1917261


We need to be on the look out for late JFK arrivals.

Photofags know who it is. We will too.

274187 No.1917262


Also was in an aborted takeoff. Turns out an oil pressure guage was bad. Tech comes aboard and fixes it. No deboarding. Took off 3 hours later. Something doesn't add up.

3fd19a No.1917263

File: 78ef1ccd25a3893⋯.jpg (189.1 KB, 939x983, 939:983, 2018-06-26-19:20:40.jpg)


JBLU1623 flies from JFK to LAX once daily.

The same aircraft obviously makes a return flight once daily but that isn't shown on this table. Q is telling us that before it arrived at JFK for tonight's aborted flight, it flew from San Francisco to NY-JFK. … and that is important for some reason.

030d03 No.1917264


At the very least, couple of teams will have to go over every inch of that plane. Will take hours. Think about it. They'll run dogs over every inch too.

c40890 No.1917265


You really think delivering a pizza from NY to SF is a viable business model anon?

89ea75 No.1917266


Where can i follow the Schumann resonance? Best link?

ec0619 No.1917267


yeah, he was talking about the path

30ab4b No.1917268


Who is scott miller? does she mean stephen miller?

1855c8 No.1917269

File: 2114ce1da69517a⋯.png (131.73 KB, 501x346, 501:346, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)



739a77 No.1917270


If he does not work for them anymore then he can take the 5th when questioned, otherwise he is compelled to testify.

23df44 No.1917271


Kill your self. And lurk moar.

edcb3f No.1917272


9:01 PM - ~1.5 hours

flight 416 confirmed

Arrival 7:53 PM

e20705 No.1917273

File: 8ac67c59acf3ea6⋯.png (471.92 KB, 1166x932, 583:466, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 7c278ac580ac70a⋯.png (102.75 KB, 1186x302, 593:151, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

File: 3b92fc651c7d92c⋯.png (323.39 KB, 960x1366, 480:683, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at ….png)

people reporting "FBI" entered the plane

person on the plane reported it was a "security incident"

766ab9 No.1917274


Nice taste. Need to find me one of them hat racks.

1836be No.1917275


And all for a LARP. Thank you, BO

519e2f No.1917276


Good training for Mexico's jungles.

a057c0 No.1917277



1f1e44 No.1917278


seems odd. swat team has a laser on your forehead and not only are hands not raised, but a picture is snapped, and then posted on the internet?

81287f No.1917279

File: 2797b055da9c3a4⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 628x706, 314:353, IMG_9945.JPG)

Suicide tweets incoming.

76b9e9 No.1917280


Exactly my point. But more specifically wondering if that was relevant to the incident tonight.

e20705 No.1917281


Staten Island is RED

bcc68e No.1917282



12d549 No.1917283


Maybe the plane that is scheduled to land in JFK has the sneaky cargo and taking down a plane leaving from there would provide the chaos necessary to unload said cargo?

Read all the Bourne books and this type of move is used all of the time. It’s easiest to escape in a crowd.

030d03 No.1917284


Well that would be a bad idea, since the wizards and warlocks are OUR guys…they see all

1e0aad No.1917285

What's with all the homosexual porn on here? Is that the best that the felching homo niggers can do as their world slowly disintegrates before their eyes.

e0db6e No.1917286


>NY getting more red? Or was this already a red district?

Not sure, Anon!

Just glad he won!

b4c817 No.1917287


Macron leaves with sore butt

f7d8a2 No.1917289



Damn straight. Thank you both anons!!! kek

3fd19a No.1917290

>>1916147 It's us or them.

9898c7 No.1917291

b830d4 No.1917292

Q Cam

ece6c6 No.1917293


Planefags are the aces. So then, what is the connection between Q's plane post in SFO and this one today in JFK besides the plane type? Does this plane have the same tail id as the one in Q's post?

c40890 No.1917294


Very possible.

519e2f No.1917295


A cover for explosive cargo.

b830d4 No.1917296

6a6b40 No.1917297

File: 114c43389ef7b85⋯.png (145.48 KB, 519x438, 173:146, patriots-fight-25.png)

85d458 No.1917298

File: 414257c32d46daf⋯.png (47.64 KB, 734x514, 367:257, temmp.PNG)

probably nothing but thought I'd post just in case

3fd19a No.1917299

File: e6534f74e96a7b2⋯.jpg (330.5 KB, 1041x981, 347:327, 2018-06-26-20:18:26.jpg)


No air traffic landing or departing from JFK airport ATM.

50c69e No.1917300


Dems are so fucked. The only people left in the party are Antifa commie trannies. Everyone else will either sit out and weep or secretly vote Trump. This is glorious.

f17c18 No.1917301


maybe 'it' will save us all the trouble

sorry to be that asshole, but could care less about 'it'

glad 'it' lost

766ab9 No.1917302

File: 65b320a40d3ed70⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download-2 (2).jpg)

030d03 No.1917303

What's with all the gay porn? Is that all the shills got?

2a9a49 No.1917304

HRC related to LDR?

b4c817 No.1917305

67cc7a No.1917306

Who is BC? Is that Bill Clinton? and is SP Samantha Powers?

f23907 No.1917307

File: e9079645f4b0ef1⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 512x287, 512:287, IMG_3441.JPG)

File: 92206f9be9beb1a⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 512x288, 16:9, IMG_3442.JPG)

File: a58ae51773a277d⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 512x288, 16:9, IMG_3444.JPG)

19e51a No.1917308

David "Cock Jockey" Brock left to his troll farm of Spaghetti Spines…Alefantis on his mind and their PIZZA crimes

76b9e9 No.1917309

File: ca849726dc3da09⋯.png (48.29 KB, 585x151, 585:151, DJT.png)

c6e124 No.1917310


Sauce it or cram it.

1e6486 No.1917311

File: a0e37e4d09920e6⋯.jpg (340.26 KB, 1080x1074, 180:179, Screenshot_20180626-211909….jpg)

Q+ rolling

028225 No.1917312

Seriously what is up with the dick pics?

No one cares.

12d549 No.1917313


Does it fly to and from JFK and SFO regularly? Jet Blue does direct flights no?

2024c6 No.1917314

File: 2305b74b5f6b7b7⋯.png (443.22 KB, 895x905, 179:181, 1527559006529.png)


Bradley becomes part of the 45%

244e49 No.1917315


Hot Tub Time Machine

ee6e58 No.1917316

File: 5f80ec091c27714⋯.jpg (69.25 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 19367492_1150670998370299_….jpg)

Posted (lb) but Q had msgs so:

Working on a project and could use a hand with a couple of US maps that show data for the 17 states suing Trump, and the routes of human trafficking in US (flow from Mexico). Any help or resource would be appreciated. Building a truthbomb.

89ea75 No.1917317

File: d648e103b63c402⋯.png (710.38 KB, 1574x890, 787:445, ClipboardImage.png)


LAX after SFO

766ab9 No.1917318


Stfu. Some of us aren't gay and enjoy beautiful art work.

6298b5 No.1917319


Dont be jealous… filter anons :)

1836be No.1917320

File: 429e2652fc518f1⋯.png (744.06 KB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_0314.PNG)

c40890 No.1917321


They cannot fight us with truth so…

3fd19a No.1917323


Means we're smack-dab over target. BO is deleting the pron as fast as possible. If you refresh the page most of it will have disappeared.

edcb3f No.1917325


shills, ignore and move on

ec8a54 No.1917326


Comparing this flight to Q's previous plane pics

>>1916993 Trump book cowriter on plane

>>1916824 Latest drop decode and compare




1f3d27 No.1917327


nah, everyone enjoys a nice pair of tits

71f7ab No.1917328

File: 53b3b3245594e9e⋯.jpg (39.76 KB, 960x684, 80:57, 36285165_10216726377420483….jpg)

Q we wanted pics of hands in the air, but this isn't what we had in mind

9f049d No.1917330

f17c18 No.1917331


faggots anon, those (((faggots))) we keep warning everyone about

4525d2 No.1917333


We're all God's creatures anon (LOL)

17a633 No.1917334

File: c42adeb41232495⋯.jpg (30.2 KB, 585x253, 585:253, ScreenShot_014.jpg)

Latest tweet

6298b5 No.1917335


The veins! FILTER!

1f1e44 No.1917336


voter fraud district

a36c8d No.1917337

File: 7b61273703a4f2a⋯.jpg (161.55 KB, 733x687, 733:687, Gun rights.jpg)

File: 3e3722f3213752a⋯.jpg (344.93 KB, 1150x746, 575:373, Arrests 2 of 2.jpg)

File: c954b599b1cce2f⋯.jpg (269.53 KB, 1156x617, 1156:617, Arrests 1 of 2.jpg)

File: b04fbfbb202a15c⋯.jpg (210.48 KB, 985x689, 985:689, United eagles.jpg)

File: 052817aa29243df⋯.jpg (165.27 KB, 800x639, 800:639, Gillibrand Kirsten.jpg)

" Everyone else will either sit out and weep or secretly vote Trump. This is glorious."

67cc7a No.1917338


Thank You Anon!

030d03 No.1917339

File: f90b710a42d556d⋯.png (725.69 KB, 789x591, 263:197, Image3.png)

9898c7 No.1917340

a78fdd No.1917341


Please address next bread…

9c417b No.1917342


Exactly what I said…Q said SFO to JFK…the first part of the drop is answering Anon's question about airline/type of plane in reference to earlier pics (a few months ago)


The News Story DOES NOT line-up with Q drop….

197f27 No.1917343

File: d8586179edf44c5⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, DAAC2310-966A-463B-ABCE-EB….png)

421219 No.1917344


Is POTUS indicating that he has something to do with Crowley being out?

f5b85c No.1917345


I was on the fence on whether Michelle Obama was a man or not because of her huge but, but after see all the gay porn guys with humongous butts, I think she may be a man.

a78fdd No.1917346


766ab9 No.1917347


Should try from another angle. Or use a mag flashlight for comparison. 😂😂😂😂

376bcd No.1917348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f3d18 No.1917349


5 o7 ?

27ab2e No.1917350


Haha. Ya, I did a cropped version (search my id).

Sorry guys. Getting tired.

6db1ec No.1917351


take a look at that, could be nothing but I think it's a plausible theory


7b6687 No.1917352

File: fea021bc7833933⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 357x400, 357:400, lisa page 3.jpg)

2a6fe5 No.1917353


Qs back

9c417b No.1917354



0a6712 No.1917355

File: e3ac5b2dbf166bf⋯.png (652.02 KB, 796x897, 796:897, 232424234511187997878656.png)

76b9e9 No.1917356


"We have everything." ?

3fd19a No.1917357


Dang. We didn't study these 2 photos you provided earlier. Getting on it …

15d9a5 No.1917358


Those raids were a blast.

f9ec88 No.1917359


This is the SFO to JFK plane I am sure.

50c69e No.1917360


That is Silicon Valley again.

89e1d1 No.1917361


The plane lost comms. We are assuming its on accident. WE KNOW the plane was at SFO, when the plane is supposed to be direct flights LAX<>JFK. SO, what if that plane was used by __ (fill in the blank) because it CAN MAKE ITSELF DISAPPEAR from comms radar etc.

f1491e No.1917362

File: 6932130e0e7f081⋯.jpg (140.43 KB, 737x489, 737:489, _po1ryp9uzmj.jpg)



nice timing again, Qek

244e49 No.1917363


What? You mean they flew around the curvature of the Earth? I thought we had a flat Earth.

70b9a4 No.1917364


SFO lift off

2024c6 No.1917365


Something about these specific vblue flights going east? Cargo?

1392e0 No.1917366


Do you think NP had anything to do with this guys loss ??

39c6af No.1917367


Apple related to JFK tonight?

89ea75 No.1917368

File: 7a4a695e02c71f2⋯.jpg (374.62 KB, 900x900, 1:1, panic mode.jpg)

File: a644b01b853bec0⋯.png (315.14 KB, 702x506, 351:253, pornshillings.png)

File: 916421d0565bd01⋯.jpg (29.32 KB, 604x446, 302:223, Putin_fukc.jpg)

7744c3 No.1917369

File: 1249a7f12c1245a⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 1249a7f12c1245a821c75ef278….jpg)

3c698f No.1917370



a057c0 No.1917371


Devil's playground

240b9a No.1917372

Freaking Chirs Cuomo…hahaha Antonio Sabato Jr. Owned Chris Cuomo…


448180 No.1917374


A repeat of an oldie?

030d03 No.1917375


Is "Jet blue what you're pointing out?"

52f21a No.1917376

File: aea5f15e96f4113⋯.jpg (202.24 KB, 602x595, 86:85, hillary and her flying mon….jpg)

I suppose they could look like birds…>>1917108

5bae47 No.1917377


pic from 02-May – any planefag has an fr24 subscription?

a36c8d No.1917378

File: ab0222b136b6eb0⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, Dig Meme Pray.jpg)

File: 95fd36f5ff02bd5⋯.jpg (144.04 KB, 753x500, 753:500, Trust Yourself.jpg)

File: 720a7876b8abde8⋯.jpg (134.65 KB, 753x486, 251:162, Eagle1.jpg)

File: 6d37e0630b12f34⋯.jpg (581.98 KB, 1304x1279, 1304:1279, Q clock 06272018.jpg)

File: 788534ca5708c42⋯.jpg (184.16 KB, 708x689, 708:689, Plane requesting help.jpg)

999ccb No.1917379

2849bc No.1917380

File: 66369ebb7e4da5f⋯.gif (977.63 KB, 229x176, 229:176, kekekekek.gif)

9c417b No.1917381


Apple?? Apprehension??? From Silicon Valley

40204a No.1917382

File: 699492a56137ba6⋯.jpg (164.06 KB, 1437x636, 479:212, jet blue sfo to jfk 6 26 1….JPG)



Flights since Sunday, 6/24/18 [Pic Related]


61cdc1 No.1917383


Amusing to think the enemy considers CA (((their))) territory.

cb058f No.1917384


Me, either. It would have been at the top of the list in bright red on ADSBex.

a6fed4 No.1917385

File: 5f134f5b925ff88⋯.jpeg (12.03 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 5f134f5b925ff88aa1baeab79….jpeg)

80f9cb No.1917386


Lol. Thats harsh

9898c7 No.1917387

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