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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, Q_Anon Flag.png)

9c36f4 No.1886662

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



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Friday 06.22.2018

>>1866070 ---------------------- Q&A reschedule THERES A THREAD FOR QUESTIONS

Thursday 06.21.2018

>>1843122 rt >>1843055 ---- Q&A Saturday. Time TBD.

>>1843055 rt >>1842740 ---- We stand. We fight. TOGETHER

>>1842740 rt >>1842655 ---- We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

>>1842655 rt >>1842592 ---- Jan 20, 2017 June 20, 2018 Exactly 17 months.

Wednesday 06.20.2018

>>1840075 ----------------------- Now that's what I call a VIP!

>>1838471 ----------------------- Shift in tactics

>>1838281 rt >>1838246 ---- R they serious?

>>1838246 ----------------------- Boom!

>>1837073 rt >>1837019 ---- Look for more direct confirmations. It's time

>>1837019 rt >>1836621 ---- TOGETHER. WWG1WGA! #WINNING

>>1835669 ----------------------- We hear you, Patriots! WWG1WGA!

>>1834282 ----------------------- Abandon Ship! Hussein Staff Talking

>>1831799 ----------------------- They want you DIVIDED!

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are not endorsements


>>1844122 A Place to Ponder Questions for the upcoming Q & A on Saturday

>>1847813 Summaries Of IG Report 2018.06.14

>>1787690 BO lays it out for Newfags


>>1886411 POS Ted Lieu, among others, now defending MS13!

>>1886526 Reminder about USS Liberty False Flag attack by Israel

>>1886589 UK PM husband hypocrisy

>>1886487 shill slide tactics refresher graphics

>>1886468 Nebraska Democratic candidate for attorney general steps down amid strangulation charge


>>1885837 Anon requests feedback on new 'Baking Tips' graphic

>>1885701 Moar ethics violations by Democrats

>>1885695 , >>1885710 Moar on Silkway Planes, Bulgaria & Arms Smuggling

>>1885387 Critic of Trump border policies took $$ from private prison operators

>>1885673 "Liberalism has lowered the bar so low..."

>>1885639 , >>1885641, >>1885648, >>1885659 Planefags: Brussels immigration meeting

>>1885382 , >>1885638 Who's behind the Iran Protests?

>>1885456 , >>1885493, >>1885501 Sohale Siddiqi / Henry Kerner Dig

>>1885319 Articles on the HRC / Podesta / Brock RICO suit

>>1885540 #WalkAway Campaign - Dems red pilling one another

>>1885315 Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian & Iran

>>1885481 Deep State Weaponizing Leaks against /ourgal/ Mari Stull

>>1885397 , >>1885407, >>1885514 , >>1885770 Planefag Updates


>>1884463 JFK Jr crash cover up fact vs propaganda

>>1884492 2015 Car crash that killed Trump's personal pilot

>>1884549, >>1884566 British International Development Secretary resigned after irregular Tel Aviv meetings

>>1884637 JFK Jr.'s Interview About The New World Order In George Magazine, 7 step plan to overthrow NWO

>>1884647 Genie Energy drilling for Golan Heights oil, means energy independence for Israel

>>1884656 Ciros Pizza Pomodoro by a member of the Italian Orsini family of medieval nobility

>>1884667 German Archive Anon update

>>1884676 9/11 evidence, CIA deathbed confession, owner Silverstein Properties hired Bush family security

>>1884706 Inditex owned Zara clothing made by slave labor in Brazil

>>1884730 Kennedy family service and losses

>>1884809, >>1884948 AP News: Kushner rips Abbas, says Mideast peace plan due soon

>>1885085 #2374


>>1883665, >>1883748 Hillary civil case summons was delivered

>>1884010 Senate Armed Services Committee border assessment 2015, proof they knew the smuggling

>>1884067 Azerbaijan, Artsakh conflict update

>>1884083 CNN: Obama visiting in Adirondaks

>>1884110 Planefag update

>>1884124 Teddy Roosevelt Great White Fleet launch history

>>1884244 #2373

>>1883663, >>1884399 Gen John Kelly, Southern Command, 2014 Senate testimony regarding border


>>1883361 Possible Pedo Necklace on Red Hen owner (Meryl Streep''s cousin)

>>1883334 Zero Minutes between Trump Tweets

>>1883259 Active Military Confirms NK Situation

>>1883067, >>1883071, >>1883122, >>1883464 Planefag Updates

>>1882815 NJ Governor Pitches 2,400% Tax Increase On Firearms

>>1882820 [Attacks will intensify]

>>1882832 Democrat ‘Non-Profit’ Rocked By Billion-Dollar Undocumented Child Scandal

>>1882844 Facebook, Twitter Deactivate Hezbollah Accounts After Kidnapping Video Published

>>1882877 Secret meeting between Netanyahu and MbS

>>1882942 New Trump Options for Escaping ACA Can Lower Cost of Care, Not Just Cost of Coverage

>>1883013 Lopez Obrador’s peaceful relationship with the Sinaloa Cartel


>>1882049 Dailymail: 'Kennedy's fought over where the bodies would be buried'

>>1882065, POTUS Tweets WSJ opinion piece Muller's Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

>>1882259 POTUS Schedule "Respect the truth It will prevail"

>>1882122 CNBC: Supreme Court makes online shopping more expensive for consumers, protects Amazon

>>1882356 Bezos Buffet Dimon Healthcare Venture

>>1882636 Bin Salman (head of SA), and Netanyahu met secretly in Amman: "increasing cooperation"


>>1881934 Sensible Decode of Rothschild Fuckery

>>1881392 Need a republican, not bureaucratic, solution to abuses of power

>>1881398 “If America Falls, the West Will Fall”

>>1881461 Far Left Protesters Block Bus With Migrant Children in McAllen, TX

>>1881469 US, EU Taxpayers Provided $80 Mln to Support Islamic Terrorism – Think Tank

>>1881544 Trump Guilty of Torture Says United Nations (PAYBACK FOR WITHDRAW?)

>>1881301 Pam Bondi "hounded out of decent Society"

>>1881560 Wall St. Journal re: Russian Witch Hunt (GEOTUS tweet)

>>1881335 Qproof adds to Strzok/Pientka drop ( >>1880216, #2368)

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9c36f4 No.1886692



9924d9 No.1886757

File: 973333db3d01af6⋯.jpg (192.21 KB, 1280x1918, 640:959, 26a709e32d0c67673b4232bb8a….jpg)


20f8cb No.1886759

File: 311591639a2e71c⋯.png (634.64 KB, 896x466, 448:233, Seth Rogen-Dis-Paul Ryan-S….png)

Seth Rogen describes the moment he turned down Paul Ryan's request for a photo

'My whole body puckered, as it were. I tensed up and didn’t know what to do'

b5cf5b No.1886760

File: 3d747f7ab562ac5⋯.jpeg (154.89 KB, 955x500, 191:100, image.jpeg)

f1f25f No.1886763

Chemist for Pharma Co.



https:// twitter.com/CBSLA/status/1010764694519451649


c5a2bc No.1886764


Shove red pills down the Normies necks!

Cut out their living guts and replace them with memes!


78dc92 No.1886765

File: efef1844725e573⋯.jpeg (204.84 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, 06043be544fb03f03c5079eee….jpeg)

Good work, Baker.

9c36f4 No.1886766

I hope the notables are Ok, Anons…

I just grabbed what was thrown to me, I stepped in really late

aa3fd5 No.1886767


Last I checked, the Jewish pedophile-faggot David Brock wasn't going out of his way to condemn Jewish pedophile-faggots… but nice try, chump.

e4b915 No.1886768


she needs many samiches

68c256 No.1886769

File: 2863ad4a55e3972⋯.png (374.03 KB, 646x396, 323:198, Screenshot_91.png)

thanks, Baker!

78dc92 No.1886771

File: 760dd0542873c07⋯.png (86.82 KB, 590x343, 590:343, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)


8fd93b No.1886772

File: 0f6789975661f1c⋯.png (4.16 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 0f6789975661f1c4fa804c1412….png)

File: 3d39ed0bef73402⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 797x1200, 797:1200, 8bcc33adf2a7ef370b2bd12bef….jpg)

File: 8cd77e43a8c1277⋯.jpg (278.05 KB, 640x885, 128:177, 52b85200dea71c421282ca89ef….jpg)


110da3 No.1886773

File: fdda9353828900b⋯.jpg (347.27 KB, 739x848, 739:848, topkek101.jpg)


We are WINNING today, Patriots. ThanQ for your efforts.

FUCK the blackhat shills and (((JIDF))), Let the FIRE rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c34269 No.1886774



"Wanted to be photo'd with Seth (((Rogen)))"

To the list of why Paul Ryan is a faggot.

dc9d8a No.1886775

>>1886638 (prev)


>Van Argyrakis had faced calls to remove himself from the ballot because he was charged with felony strangulation following an altercation with his 82-year-old father on April 8.


aa3fd5 No.1886776


And he's suddenly buddy-buddy with (((AJ))) too.

They're tribe-ing up.

1027ce No.1886777

File: 809a24a5156b615⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1458x1724, 729:862, 809a24a5156b615780fae5d284….png)

File: fb022279a31be54⋯.png (496.69 KB, 799x593, 799:593, fb022279a31be542121e3dcaa5….png)

File: 3579e06ba8b2481⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 255x160, 51:32, c41fe8327d1cc9823b1ba54c11….jpg)

Niggers been glowing all morning and last night to some extent. It's like a slip-N-slide of glow stick goo…

3739e4 No.1886778

>>1886482 (lb)

>The Cathars read the Gospel of John. St. John the first Theologian. It is also thought that they knew the secrets of the tribe of John the Baptist–

Was "first" hence the artwork with the #1 finger symbol and the involvement of the Knights Templar with the cult of JTB….there's a whole other pile of learning to go along with that. the secrets or RLC…are secrets still…secrets that kings would kill for.

5edd08 No.1886779

File: 7a0491bf6682c99⋯.jpg (609.56 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, Unity102.jpg)

File: 4a2f8c717ab0b8d⋯.jpg (321.24 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity2.jpg)

File: 362401f1a11dabc⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 647x405, 647:405, UnityNotDiv.jpg)

File: b909648c3927be5⋯.jpg (151.24 KB, 750x590, 75:59, UnityNotDiv3.jpg)

File: f5c2d43d92b2f04⋯.jpg (244.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, UnityAnons.jpg)

Real anons in Q's volunteer cyberarmy are not divisionfagging in any way – not by race, sex, age, or any other physical characteristic. If something is irrelevant to Q Research then we usually just ignore it and move on. It is pretty easy to recognize what is relevant and irrelevant. Anons are focused on task (dig / meme / pray ) and not easily triggered.

It's about good versus evil, not about anon versus anon.

9fb74a No.1886780

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


Following Following @realDonaldTrump


We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents…

8:02 AM - 24 Jun 2018

c50940 No.1886781

>>1886713 (pb)

>>1886663 (pb)

who exactly were the Cathars? the true Christian followers of Jesus?

aa3fd5 No.1886782


Looks good, fam… Keep up the great work, baker-fag!

a0b373 No.1886783


When the back line of your property is a Stream or River you’ll never have anyone build behind you…food for thought.

Love you Anons…no homo.

8b9b2c No.1886784


makes sense, 5k new judges would be an unjustifiable expense on taxpayers

a59061 No.1886785

Question to Anons:

If you were MK Ultraed and a victim of pedophilia would you know?

What would be the symptoms of a second personality you have no recollection of?

78dc92 No.1886786

This is the second time in a row DJT has posted on twitter at the beginning of a new bread.

Keep an eye out, Anons.

bcc094 No.1886787

File: 9c8986b8709547b⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1822x1992, 911:996, KGB Training2.png)

>>1886336 lb

This is a great thread about POTUS' history/bio with being trained by being the TARGET of the KGB. Really awesome read.

It explains a lot of his actions and thought process.

https:// twitter.com/dashman76/status/1010672380753141762

here is a graphic summary.

b5cf5b No.1886788


We are importing the lower class from Mexico, in part because Mexico's system does not allow for upward mobility.

Revolutions in 1820 and 1910 suggest that Mexico is overdue for their next one.

EXCEPT, we are importing THEIR revolution.

e4b915 No.1886789


they shouldnt even get to the border

let along cross it.

buffer zone - no go zone

mexico needs to be held accountable

for their side

we will not pay to house these people


bases on border!

bring our military boys home and let them protect our country

aa73e5 No.1886792

File: 2529bcecd0bf083⋯.png (64.85 KB, 685x387, 685:387, djt-062418-2.png)



37ebfc No.1886793


>https:// twitter.com/CBSLA/status/1010764694519451649

Super weird.

68c256 No.1886794



e4b915 No.1886795


Amen anons


e50928 No.1886796



9b6f25 No.1886797


Just do a quick google search on them. They were a more gnostic Christian group that pursued a deeper meaning of Christ's teachings

b5cf5b No.1886798



70a6f6 No.1886799


5edd08 No.1886800

File: 94975ced996e5be⋯.jpg (145.42 KB, 790x846, 395:423, 2018-06-24-09:05:48.jpg)



Learn to do screen capture, anon.

Helps others decide if they need to click it or not.

443093 No.1886801


This is GREAT!


aa73e5 No.1886802


"Most children come without parents…"

e7fc9a No.1886803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Spread this!


…..”Today I’m kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democratic Party. It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth……”

e70ebf No.1886804


I noticed that as well

I thought for sure Q would post last time

dc9d8a No.1886805


>mexico needs to be held accountable

Mexico is run by the drug cartel, you want them "held accountable"? lmao Good one

3dc957 No.1886806



The letters that didn't really need to be capitalized in that post…

aa3fd5 No.1886807


From what I can tell, they would certainly know… but have fear/anxiety about speaking out, for various reasons.

2e2d60 No.1886808


good luck getting your gofundme money.


screen cap the comments too.

42aa65 No.1886809

File: 68e093b9ce09702⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 479x300, 479:300, NO..Fuck you.jpg)

45f792 No.1886810

Answering a question from previous bread


>Sophia. She didn't intend for the Demiurge


>who is Sophia? the saudi AI?


259f83 No.1886811

File: 8a83ec9d0533625⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 028198a3a2cf5b63387e717cce….jpg)

c08c66 No.1886812

(Bread #2376)


Yep. A few are born or bumped on the head to do it. some train for it. And what has the cabal got figured out? Are they stuck at the blood-letting level? The arrogance of some of these people suggests a very few of them got powers.

c5a2bc No.1886813

Night Crew is the best, day crew is completely useless.

110da3 No.1886814

File: b32e09e21eb7ccf⋯.png (815.31 KB, 749x492, 749:492, KeepfightingPOTUS.png)


They look fine as hell, baker. Thank you for working on such short notice.


Be advised that (((they))) ALWAYS attack based exactly on those angles. Do not leave yourself defenseless.

Patriots fight ALL angles. Fuck em over in ALL the games including theirs.


United, against (((traitors))).


No trial, no judges, no 'free jail times'. KICK THEM OUT. THANK FUCK we got a common sense POTUS.

Here's to you, Good Patriot POTUS. We are always on your side.

b53a7b No.1886815


Did you answer your own question?

3382be No.1886816

File: e2e1ace00efd576⋯.jpg (372.62 KB, 1725x685, 345:137, 72284 24 Jun 18 1605.jpg)

Another Lakota over South Boston.

a59061 No.1886817

Hey AI can you google image search "IMG SRC=" and ban yourself?

45f792 No.1886818

File: 23805308607087c⋯.png (750.6 KB, 1110x590, 111:59, CIA NIGGER 03.png)

8d1682 No.1886819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


by embed u mean this..

7696b7 No.1886820

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 335b8b2436c4737e418357e911….png)

File: e2578377b11d5fa⋯.png (75.31 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, 480b808793422ab345cca4550a….png)

Do NOT engage shills.

Do NOT respond to their clever provocations.

Do NOT correct their errors of fact

Do NOT reproach them for cruelty or perverted advocacy.

Do NOT not put a dollah in their pocket by responding

Watch them argue with each other.

8b9b2c No.1886821


you quoted with no explanation, so not sure if you are trying to point out the truth in this statement or not. most are unaccompanied.

5d8617 No.1886822

that'd be so fucking perfect if POTUS put all the fucking libtards, evil fucks, and pedos in the same detention camps.

poetic justice! kekekek

70a6f6 No.1886823


Get lost.

288197 No.1886824


My back property line is a 60 ft cliff, same effect.

89ac24 No.1886825

>>1886571 (DaFuq is "R?")

From now on, I am going to "sign" my anonymous posts with, "I'm the Next Best Thing to Q," because I am an arrogant prick who thinks MY thoughts and ideas are superior to the rest of the weaker Anons (and I secretly think I'm better than Q, but can't say that yet).

FFS Anons! If she had not have signed the post with a random letter, you all would have just read the post, agreed, and moved on. There was nothing profound in her post. Nothing that Truthers weren't talking about for the past 100 years. A good reminder? Yes. But that's all. TOGTFO, "R."

BO, please change the Board name to Q AND R Research to stroke the ego.

Rant over. Sorry to slide, Anons.

ab168c No.1886826



Notables from #2376 that you missed


>>1885995 French president backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

>>1885998, >>1886228 PlaneFag Reports

>>1886036 POTUS wins again!

>>1886244 Krauthammer notes on ritual sacrafice

>>1886176 This is new Resolute Reads

>>1886154 Rhode Island passes bill to keep Trump off 2020 ballot if he doesn't release tax returns

9fb74a No.1886827

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


Following Following @realDonaldTrump


….Our Immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years! Immigration must be based on merit - we need people who will help to Make America Great Again!

8:08 AM - 24 Jun 2018

dc1f58 No.1886828

File: 3ffc0c82f05e709⋯.png (42.49 KB, 413x272, 413:272, hiui.png)

How gullible you autists are.

aaf22d No.1886829

File: 390c2feb4044d54⋯.gif (895.78 KB, 200x148, 50:37, 390c2feb4044d54cdb266e6682….gif)

68c256 No.1886830

File: 8162d281404b5be⋯.png (816.89 KB, 1636x467, 1636:467, Screenshot_93.png)





9b6f25 No.1886832


If you've had split personalities programmed into you, then I suspect you wouldn't be aware of them. The only signs you might notice are fuzzy memory/missing time, unstable emotions, and other mental issues

a59061 No.1886833


What if you had no recollection besides strange flashbacks that never added up to anything and mood disorders?

Could a test be developed in that case to determine who had been programmed and then deprogram them?

04185a No.1886834

File: 05873ed85955c61⋯.mp4 (10.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rep Adam Schiff Videos at ….mp4)


Hmm I don't know why I get the feeling this dig has potential.


It's in one of my hardrives. Please be patient. I have amassed a huge redpill collection from this site over the past 3 years.

8d1682 No.1886835


thanks babe

e50928 No.1886836


Was hoping he would say, "If Mexico won't stop this invasion, we will."

04185a No.1886837


what the hell, I downloaded a commercial..

2e2d60 No.1886838



>>1886366 (lb)

not my collection, but another anon

had collected notables.


>>1885959 Interdesting note from MilAnon (PossibleLARP) but worth looking at.


>>1885995 French president backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

>>1885998, >>1886228 PlaneFag Reports

>>1886036 POTUS wins again!

>>1886244 Krauthammer notes on ritual sacrafice

>>1886176 This is new Resolute Reads

>>1886154 State passes bill to keep Trump off 2020 ballot if he doesn't release tax returns

>>1886200 Order of St.Hubertus

>>1886210 Info on Fed and Taxes

624d7d No.1886839

File: 7806bcfdaf0fb79⋯.png (467.76 KB, 634x317, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

861559 No.1886840


Why such massive shilling against that post? Give it a break, it's just a post whose contents everyone should analyze for himself and then stfu about it. Maybe it's because of the greys? Well then we are the pinks/browns.

c34269 No.1886841

File: c2923b8e917885b⋯.png (101.07 KB, 1543x393, 1543:393, Krauthammer1.png)

File: 602cf6f98f3f025⋯.png (575.92 KB, 1511x560, 1511:560, Krauthammer2.png)

File: 6d06d48acabc7db⋯.png (34.71 KB, 577x189, 577:189, KrauthTrump.png)

File: c151254465aba27⋯.png (464.96 KB, 678x320, 339:160, KrauthTrump.png)

c5a187 No.1886842



a483ab No.1886843

>>1886096 (pb)

Appreciate your time and feedback anon, really. Working on incorporating it. Keep your eyes peeled for the new version. <3

68c256 No.1886844


Concur, Anon.

Day crew

is full

of shit


Night Crew

does more


and then

shit posts

to reduce


from prolonged

digging and



aaf22d No.1886845


just because you fell for it doesn't mean anyone else did

9f18a1 No.1886846


Thanks for baking anon.

Other possible notables from #2376:

>>1886353 Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook



>>1886457 23andme donating DNA kits to help reunite migrant families

3c1bc3 No.1886847


Most children molested/raped by a pedophile have turned out gay. Milo talks about it some and it gave some good info. It is their slavery cycle; read about Bacha Bazi boys. MKultra is a pretty intensive program; I think if you were selected for that you would have some sort of idea because it takes a lot of effort on the groomers part

cb45dc No.1886848

File: 118b3d69db4162e⋯.png (59.44 KB, 567x335, 567:335, potus-6-24-1108.png)

42aa65 No.1886849



You wish… Upset are we…run along now.

37ebfc No.1886850


Just watched the video. Didn't say anything about his job, but there's no way in MALIBU of all places, with 60 other tents nearby and two little girls in the tent with him, that this was random.

3739e4 No.1886851

>>1886572 (pb)

>But the region is full of caves

yes..it is…and outsiders will never learn the secrets they hold. For the wisdom keepers, (((their))) ignorance is bliss. They sought to destroy the knowledge…they failed. The treasure was not a damn cup, it was books…

ffbca5 No.1886852


there is a separate thread for your debunked bullshit


c5a2bc No.1886853


Yeah, they just want to fight in the thread.

e4b915 No.1886854


this is a ww problem

so yes… hold them responsible!

there should be a 2 mile buffer zone on our side alone.

ill tell you a story. i was driving near baja

came to a checkpoint on us soil, miles in from border.

i got about a mile down the road from border

i seen about 7 cars, trucks, vans… hitting breaks in front of me.

i get in passing lane , as i passed i looked over to the right… there was 50 mexicans running to the cars.

they was simply letting people out before the

checkpoint and walking around it ffs

this was in 2000! rediculous

110da3 No.1886855


Sounds good, anon.

Here's a news today. Remember, POTUS has FULL control of IRAN:

US Lawmakers Want Iran Blacklisted From International Financial System


"Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) have penned a letter to Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin urging him to pressure world leaders to ban Iran from accessing international financial systems, after it was revealed that the Obama administration covertly helped Tehran sidestep international sanctions and potentially tap into billions in hard currency."

a0b373 No.1886856

R got brought up last bread.

Immediate pushback…just sayin.

Wait for it…

e70ebf No.1886857

File: 60da5163dd1d096⋯.png (50.7 KB, 642x374, 321:187, POTUS 6-24-18 8 02 am PDT.PNG)

File: 88d3a1702d6060e⋯.png (47.91 KB, 634x342, 317:171, POTUS 6-24-18 8 08 am PDT.PNG)

POTUS Tweets



109696 No.1886858

>>1886826 #2376 - Lebanon obstructing Q's "Iran Next"?


NOTABLE missed from last bread

259f83 No.1886859

File: 5f3c155a655c955⋯.png (36.49 KB, 584x240, 73:30, 0111100440.png)

04185a No.1886860

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Why does it feel like the jewish boomers are the ones posting this?

Jews created porn.

c50940 No.1886861


i'm trying to piece a few things together.

anons previously linked said the vikings became the templars, who became pirates, who then became the freemasons. this explains skull & bones, the horns etc.

Cathars came about between the 12th and 14th centuries.

The Viking Age (793–1066 AD)

Knights Templar Founded: 1119, Jerusalem, Israel

this all seems extremely relatable

d86228 No.1886862

File: 39a595b40220464⋯.jpg (71.04 KB, 800x530, 80:53, SunsetRiders.jpg)


Nice divisionfag.

70a6f6 No.1886863

Mexico is one giant turd.

Mexico is the most violent country in the world, more murders than Afghanistan and Syria put together annually.

b8aeae No.1886864


Cuz someone came and implied he is important and anons just accepted without questioning. Are we now following anyone who signs with the letter. I said it with reply to thst post. Untill proven real goes into a shill box

3382be No.1886865

File: 10fad1110dae270⋯.jpg (114.47 KB, 607x502, 607:502, 10fad1110dae270ab7dbf95804….jpg)

File: f884aaae82eea4a⋯.jpg (383.6 KB, 1717x725, 1717:725, Lakota Washington 24 Jun 1….jpg)

Then other Lakota in the last Bread was out of Fort Belvoir. This site has been used for people being taken there by helicopter before, so it could be a staging post for extractions.


e4b915 No.1886866


*border - checkpoint

45f792 No.1886867

File: c39b24260828d96⋯.png (107.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, GREAT POST.png)

File: 797e24604d5d24b⋯.png (543.12 KB, 1041x2367, 347:789, JFK Jr 's Interview About ….png)

File: 0872e5ad95dbcb7⋯.mp4 (13.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, PHYSICAL REMOVAL OF DEMOCR….mp4)

File: 1ba9e4fd0e15ee4⋯.jpg (421.2 KB, 722x463, 722:463, Solzhenitsyn - Bolsheviks.jpg)

File: 069ef0cc1ba0327⋯.png (77.87 KB, 700x467, 700:467, SUBVERSION 01.png)

fc38ac No.1886868

File: cecd1a88fbd9ded⋯.pdf (1.58 MB, committee300.pdf)

RE: Bulgaria and Silkways

My father is from Bulgaria and has often talked about how Kintex was the defacto gun runner front from the communist days. The book that Dr. John Coleman wrote "Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300" also talks at length in the way Kintex traffics arms but ALSO heroin and opium (remember drugs are both a revenue stream and a control mechanism for (them)).

Kintex Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kintex_(Bulgaria)

It is word reading the entire book if you haven't yet and taking notes. It spells out a great deal. I am attaching a copy to this post, but I was originally introduced to the information by Snow White (remember how Q said follow Snow White? Well it was literal. She's on Twitter and one of the best sources for primary source info)

109696 No.1886869


missed the link - duh


NOTABLE last bread

>>1886295 Lebanon obstructing Q's 'Iran Next'?

d11094 No.1886870

File: a77623141445bb8⋯.jpg (185.92 KB, 846x630, 47:35, usss prevent FF 6 21 18.JPG)

Reposting - putting all in one post - this is serious - if anything, Pray.

>>1886700 (lb)

Guy was a police officer…triggered?

…concern that Ryan’s behavior would escalate into an act of mass violence.



68c256 No.1886871

File: 4b689956eda1fc5⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 200x143, 200:143, DeathByHounds.gif)

e327e3 No.1886872

File: 8ee4fae6c2d9314⋯.png (488.22 KB, 1919x921, 1919:921, 8CH_Rpost.png)


I made this for you.

Now wait for Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

5edd08 No.1886873

File: 2857bd6c3200768⋯.jpg (85.64 KB, 501x500, 501:500, ImmigrationLawEnforce.jpg)

File: 3d2186c07d1257f⋯.jpg (136.94 KB, 1024x626, 512:313, PlayTheVisaLottery.jpg)

File: 79be56d91611276⋯.jpg (177.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, OpenBordersEndangerEveryon….jpg)

c5a2bc No.1886874

6 minutes between continuation post.

He never does that when he continues a tweet!

171aa3 No.1886875

I just want to say, that the past couple days there have been a lot of naysayers posting. I'm not savvy enough to tell who is shilling, trolling or whatever, but it does foment dissent, you can tell by many reactions. I don't understand why when Q posts 10x's a day then disappears for a couple days, why ppl so quickly lose faith and doubt "the plan". When Q doesn't show-up what I do is go back through the breads and look for things I missed. I think many ppl should do the same. This is enlightening and keeps the attention seeking shills from their objective, which is disrupyive to say the least.

Q should do the Q & A as promised. A day late is better than not at all. Because in here, a couple days is apparently a lifetime.

8c3817 No.1886876


Don't be a retard and prove it to everyone. Look close. Anon who wrote it is showing you it was fake. Wake up.

73ca76 No.1886877

File: a3a7e7d6d4f0eee⋯.png (108.12 KB, 956x616, 239:154, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eae73089ba703b8⋯.png (103.3 KB, 947x558, 947:558, ClipboardImage.png)

DJT twat Anagram

Most recent anagram

Previous most likely "Conscribe"

anagram most likely "Col. Agami"

<pics related

37b7e0 No.1886878

For a good time, try the Firefox extension "Download all images"

Let the bread go by, then review it in images-only form. If something is important, someone will make a graphic.

c5a2bc No.1886879


We dug a hell of a lot last night and this morning until you came in.

9b6f25 No.1886880


>Do NOT correct their errors of fact

Nice try

917def No.1886881

File: 268592a3cc08399⋯.png (2.66 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_3575.PNG)

WH lel

e70ebf No.1886882


Yes he has and does

c5a187 No.1886883


Maybe we all should start doing that to get anons away from the idea that a single letter sig is someone of importance. The amount of anons who fell for the slide was astounding. The shit that went to twitter because of it was embarrassing.

e1b332 No.1886884


Thank you for your hygiene exercise. A true patriot. Shitposting and retard correction are hard but necessary medicines. Carry on autist.

Even now the retards replying to you have missed your point.

c7f957 No.1886885



Going off of memory here, the Cathars were a middle age gnostic Christian movement in Europe. They were declared heretics and wiped out. Gnostics believe in an almighty God the "Logos", a mother earth "Sophia" and a Demiurge.

It was very popular in the early church, but they too were declared heretics and wiped out, although some of their writings were saved at Nag Hammadii. Were they the true followers of Jesus? Well Pope Francis has warned about the dangers of Gnosticism so take from that what you will.

110da3 No.1886886

File: bd62df944aeb84d⋯.jpg (529.07 KB, 878x599, 878:599, jewinhollywood.jpg)

File: c442b096ecae581⋯.jpeg (43.39 KB, 474x408, 79:68, jewsonpornography.jpeg)

File: 45689379b8a34da⋯.jpeg (59.94 KB, 474x474, 1:1, noelthekike.jpeg)

File: 78d569bc4057568⋯.jpg (32.5 KB, 552x377, 552:377, silvermanthekikebitch.jpg)


Would not surprise us in the least. Check out these pic notables.

We know for a fact jewish involvement in pornography is one of the key weapons of degradation and destruction of families, healthy man-woman relationships.

Sex is a POWERFUL impulse, and one of the main angles of attack to destroy an established society.

aka, favorite (((shill))) angle.

5ab59e No.1886887

A twatterfag anon here just wanting to note that I’ve been shadowbanned into nonexistence after dozen(s) of daily interaction. But I can see #DragonEnergy Kanye looking down at me in my #SunkenPlace. It’s getting hit hard anon.

c5a2bc No.1886888



45f792 No.1886890



>>mexico needs to be held accountable

>Mexico is run by the drug cartel, you want them "held accountable"? lmao Good one

CIA NIGGERS need to be held accountable.

Fixed it for you

e66cf2 No.1886891



c50940 No.1886892


this fucks my whole brain up

is God not the father, Jesus is the son of man, and the holy ghost is the divine feminine?

30524a No.1886893

The Great Peacemaker



3c1bc3 No.1886894


There was tons of questioning. Anons hoping that a Kennedy survived another cabal murder isn't being gullible, it is being hopeful.


68c256 No.1886895


Waiting ON line…not IN line?

e70ebf No.1886896



Try harder

Or just go away

ab168c No.1886897


this link

>>1886210 Info on Fed and Taxes

is misleading

both the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th amendment happened in 1913. look it up

this 1909 thing is a red-herring

9b7b7b No.1886898

File: 07758311629fa1b⋯.png (9.36 KB, 236x232, 59:58, peeking pepe.png)


Nice get, anon.

I'd run the string through the ROT tables, nada.

We know Columbia is a problem. We know CHILE is corrupt AF with the church there and abuse.

POTUS telling us of a trafficking set up from Chile to Columbia to Mexico to US? Are they FLYING the kids to Columbia and then coming by water?

Still remember a friend telling me about all the submarines they had for cocaine from Columbia to Mexico and then US.

Big, big, big.

aaf22d No.1886899


they tried a variation of this about a month ago, that the "night crew" was more spiritually enlightened due to their geographic proximity to china (not making this up). It clearly failed to take, so I'm assuming this is the revision, the "night crew" digs more or something. /shrug

c5a2bc No.1886900


Shill spotted, and filtered.

2e2d60 No.1886901

File: 8ed670527c6333d⋯.png (155.66 KB, 207x306, 23:34, pepe flower love.png)


Thank you anon, i know you've been working

on this a long time, its super clean/clear, well done.

I know it will help alot of newbakers and that

helps us all.

d11094 No.1886902

File: 012e2586c85690b⋯.jpg (91.8 KB, 732x677, 732:677, WH immigration stats 6 22 ….JPG)

File: 97d414033a3dd4f⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 573x356, 573:356, wh immigration stats age.JPG)




7696b7 No.1886903

File: e29b698c24bd2d7⋯.png (23.68 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 335b8b2436c4737e418357e911….png)

779abf No.1886904


if memory serves me correctly they beleive everything had a "soul" you, me, rocks, trees, the sun, etc. they lived as one with the universe not worshipping any one god or diety but did believe in the concept of a "creator". they were genocided by the catholic church in the 7th or 8th century i think for heresy

b5cf5b No.1886906


The best antidote to a society ridden with males experiencing confusion about sex is pussy.

It works all the time.

Every time

68c256 No.1886907


POTUS just twatted a typo…ON line instead of IN line?

5d8617 No.1886908


check this out. this is basically what they believe, and it's a huge part of their mind control..


d11094 No.1886909

File: 074b0547dd70664⋯.jpg (41.99 KB, 582x340, 291:170, wh minors come alone 6 20 ….JPG)

70a6f6 No.1886910

If you don't have borders you don't have a country.

Trump gets it.

e66cf2 No.1886911


should be "waiting in line" instead of "waiting on line"

3dc957 No.1886912

File: 5e650656aa40272⋯.png (370.15 KB, 1364x666, 682:333, magma88-onthemove.png)

MAGMA88 is on the move currently in Alabama

b11d06 No.1886913

File: 1674cb804ec17a2⋯.jpg (365.82 KB, 1388x974, 694:487, WIENERBOXfinal.jpg)

THIS is what we need to do.

30524a No.1886914


In its simplicity. Yes. Within the terms you recognize.

0f6dd1 No.1886916

File: 1dedce87e5dcd23⋯.jpg (47.79 KB, 493x384, 493:384, jfk_35.JPG)

>>1886658 (lb)

Imagine that. ty.

Must be one lucky shitposter to just coincidentally get that I.D. on the one & only post that bread


The universe has Quite a sense of humor.

Or maybe it's the elves ;)

110da3 No.1886917


and jewish pussy squeals the loudest. Also original massive coal burners.

68c256 No.1886918


He also used a capital I and O in Our Immigration?

Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

….Our Immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years! Immigration must be based on merit - we need people who will help to Make America Great Again!

8:08 AM - 24 Jun 2018

e4b915 No.1886919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c36f4 No.1886920





Thanks Anon's Hope I didn't miss anybody

45f792 No.1886921


I've heard if you post,

Log out

Clear cookies

Wait 5 min

Then post again

It seems to help w/shadowbanning.

Surprised Q hasn't sicced the dogs on Twatter for this fuckery, but until then…

e50928 No.1886922

Another deadline.

Devin Nunes Gives DOJ Til 5 PM Monday to Reveal When the Spying on Trump Campaign Began!



109696 No.1886923


>When Q doesn't show-up what I do is go back through the breads and look for things I missed.

Thank you, anon for these words of wisdom.

>Q should do the Q & A as promised.

I'm starting to wonder if this isn't a case of multiple meanings. Like 'A' is a person.

Q&A Saturday.

Time TBD.


>Q&A Saturday.

Q&Assange? or…A_ (A is for someone else?) Saturday.

>Q&A reschedule.

Q&Assange? or…A_(A is for someone else?) reschedule.

These Q posts can totally mean this alternate meaning that I just posted.

8c3817 No.1886924


Are you really that retarded? The anon who wrote it just admitted to it, then she proved it. You're still carrying on about it?

68c256 No.1886925


Our Immigration = OI

in line vs on line = io

826622 No.1886926


He must have learned red line strategy from Obama.

42aa65 No.1886927

File: 9ee0facdb38942d⋯.jpg (64.75 KB, 620x348, 155:87, TRUST THE PLAN.jpg)

Thank you Normie fags and newfags for sitting back and lurking.

Gotta clean this shillhole up and make way for the true autists to shine. Me not being 1 of them.

1027ce No.1886928

File: c00d1fef928d47e⋯.jpg (42.1 KB, 474x394, 237:197, Q&Anon.jpg)


Not riding that slide since Q hasn't commented on it, he signs Q or Q+, not R. It's really not pointing to much of anything we aren't already aware of either unless anons are new, so I don't get why it's being pushed so damn hard. Does Q really need to hold our hands?

51b463 No.1886929


i've heard both. standing on line is antiquated, but it's not 'wrong' per se.

2c8dee No.1886930

3739e4 No.1886931

>>1886613 (lb)

>They defended the walls while the arc was removed.

insanity…there was no arc at Montsegnor…there were books…that was the treasure that was saved. Stop injecting xianity asshattery into Catharism.


>You're the one who seems to believe in witches.

KEK…witches…nope…that term was developed SOLELY to demonize women and the traditional practice of medicine passed through centuries.

If people believe something they believe it…people believe in the "devil" thus creating this evil from thought form. ALL THOUGHT is creation. Belief that one can manipulate the energy of another without Newton's 3rd kicking in, is just another belief set. Belief has zero to do with reality. It's a reality of the mind, not a reality of nature and the natural world. Fear is a great manipulator…you fear evil…evil wins…that's plain and simple. FEAR based belief sets and power-based belief sets are the exact same thing. I will use my PRAYERS aka thoughts to get what I want=manipulation of energy…the only difference is the perception of right…and good….it's OK if I do it because…I'm right…both sides are firmly set in their own rightness.

the doctrine of neutrality is ancient and powerful..more so than any fear-based practices of control. Think about it…both sides (lets call them dark beliefs and light beliefs although both sides implicitly believe they are RIGHT and light) are eternally bouncing off each other..Newton's 3rd. There can never be a halt of motion or a solution. It's perpetual motion of "rightness".

9b6f25 No.1886932


The Cathars were located primarily in France and were heavily prosecuted by the church. Since gnosticism is also practiced by groups like the Rosicrucians, then it's possible/likely that there are links between the Cathars and the other groups you mentioned. I'm not an expert on that, though, so I can't provide much more detail

b5cf5b No.1886933


It is not what it seems.

POTUS has all.

Nunes must set deadlines to EXPOSE RYAN - not to lay to obtain the documents.

7c91f6 No.1886934


I'm married to one. I tried to fix her too. We were both in a our very early 20s. She left her diary out one time and there were stories of being abused in horrible ways. At the time, she told me they were all fake and she didn't know why she wrote it. Under the influence of MDMA, she told me CRAZY shit. About her father, her sister, and an ex-lover. Now, to this day, more than 15 years later, she tells me she has no clue what happened or if any of it ever happened. She has whole years she doesn't remember. It has been a crazy relationship, with a lot of acting out, projection and transference. Too much to get into. Things have calmed down A LOT though. This movement is very personal to her though - but her past remains a pandora's box.

Her last name (maiden name) is among the list of Illuminati surnames (not the top 13).

9b6f25 No.1886935


I meant to say persecuted

70a6f6 No.1886936


Everything Obongo did failed.

9f18a1 No.1886937


Fascinating isn't it?

e50928 No.1886938



c25d14 No.1886939

Hi my name is Jack Posobiec…

I'm raising a family in my parent's basement as I speak into a hairbrush on Periscope trying to make ends meet. Check my Wiki. It's a fuckin' howl but all TRUE.

331954 No.1886940


Is Q 'on line'?

dffe8e No.1886941

File: 102273377fb547c⋯.jpg (708.91 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, NITESHIFT.jpg)



9c36f4 No.1886942


>>>1886295 Lebanon obstructing Q's 'Iran Next'?

Got it

30524a No.1886943


Lol. ;) No thanks.

3b868d No.1886944

File: 934fbda47a77279⋯.jpg (15.2 KB, 236x237, 236:237, 4f48d88434ae0372a3e09c14e7….jpg)

5ab59e No.1886945


ThanQ anon.

8d1682 No.1886946

File: 5e44bb23b4d30e9⋯.png (5.2 KB, 651x110, 651:110, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Q Res….png)

File: 8178a8fd23d4c26⋯.png (40.53 KB, 413x272, 413:272, Ranon(you).png)


mystery solved already..

779abf No.1886947

File: b06c03eb144e4a4⋯.png (108.79 KB, 247x255, 247:255, aa49d4ccab171ac989fb6d6b48….png)


thats because its just an anon post. unverifiable, not even relevent to the current narrative. its interdasting but you have to know better than to spam an anon post as something more than that. disinfo is real. think logically. how do u not know this by now. c'mon anons like fuk

37ebfc No.1886948


Someone not blocked from Twatter tweet at Nunes and tell him to ask Strzok on Tues why he was in England in Dec 2015.

288197 No.1886949

Central Bank chief in Iran: "I don't know what to do about the currency situation."

Iranian Rial collapsing.

8d1682 No.1886950


new bread so diff IDs but same anon

3c8e98 No.1886951


it almost makes rogen more human.

68c256 No.1886952

File: 3b6913d5e04224d⋯.png (753.45 KB, 946x629, 946:629, AM_R.png)

c5a187 No.1886953


StealthJeff has been saying RR is intentionally delaying revealing docs because of the leak investigation going on in Congress. The more delays the more I think he might be right. I also wonder if RR out is a diversionary tactic.

e4b915 No.1886954


lmao, i hear his voice every time i see a meme of him

RIP brother

e50928 No.1886955


That all sounds great but, to the public, it looks like Congress has no real authority. There have been many deadlines. Weren't any of the others a trigger for GEOTUS to declassify?

I thought Q said we were in attack mode.

110da3 No.1886956



624d7d No.1886957



c5a187 No.1886958

d86228 No.1886959


Hmm, I have a you in the notables…


f1f25f No.1886960


roger that

honestly, im super paranoid about posting anything extra here… metadata reveals!

5d8617 No.1886961

File: 31ef246fa8d3f13⋯.png (1.04 MB, 900x713, 900:713, KekRogen.png)


rogens wife wants to cuck him with cernovich also, lol

can we make this a ==No Table==?? pleeez

c50940 No.1886962





i understand how they came about, the word of Jesus was spreading and Constanstine knew he couldn't stop it, instead he tried to subvert the message hence creating the bible.

but one thing about the bible is the false Mary, Diana of Ephesus, a deity of Moloch.

if Sophia is our creator, how does this relate to Jesus as Son of Man and God being God our father? did Sophia give us Jesus?

ffbca5 No.1886964


you left out too many capital letters.




15=>9 (-6?)

timestap = 6 min = 6 o-i

message 1 encoded

message 2 encoder



Q would Q do WW if IG?

What Would Q Do If Q Was IG?

3382be No.1886965

File: 5e8b9362ac826f3⋯.jpg (99.02 KB, 566x558, 283:279, Red Arrow.jpg)

Just a heads up for the non-Planefags out there.

If the manure does meet the ventilation starting tomorrow, expect any helicopters (most likely to be Medevacs to avoid attracting too much attention) to head for Fort Belvoir and any exec jets to head for Manassas Field.

This would be consistent with what we have seen before, with flights following from Belvoir to Norfolk Naval Air Station, Andrews AFB or Patuxent Naval Air Station. Trips to Fort Myers or Fort Lauderdale will follow, along with the trip to Club Gitmo.

Helicopters and exec jets are likely to be in pairs, one with no call sign.

These Lakotas are most likely to be flying familiarization missions before the real thing kicks off.

There might be UH-60 Blackhawks out there too, but they will be at a discreet distance. We also know that OV-22 Ospreys have been over DC before, so don't rule those out.

Watch the skies…

9b6f25 No.1886966


Very interesting. My heart goes out to her. Unfortunately, she will undoubtedly struggle with that for the rest of her life. Luckily, you have some understanding of the phenomena and can be more tolerant of her potential instabilities. She's lucky to have your support.

Is there anything suspicious about the careers of her parents or the social groups they interact with?

2e2d60 No.1886967

File: f22f5a9815a61c8⋯.png (1007.39 KB, 677x1401, 677:1401, passed 1913.png)


You're good baker, anons will let you know

if their notable was missed kek.

please see this anons concern about notable

Info Fed and Taxes


attatched is the article, congress passed the

fed reserve bill/income tax in 1909, Willson

didnt sign it until 1913 (and later regretted it).

It is misleading IMO, from my recollection

the federal reserve act rammed through

congres on Christmas eve.

37ebfc No.1886968


Thx anon

a2a4e3 No.1886969


>metadata reveals!

Not off a screenshot anon kek!

b5cf5b No.1886970


Ryan has power.

He must be exposed to destroy the chances of his successors (McCarthy/Scalise).

IMO Ryan is negotiating with Trump.

He is saying - you give my backers amnesty and we can expose the cabal.

Except Ryan is the cabal.

109696 No.1886971


Thanks, Godspeed Baker!

c5a2bc No.1886972

e50928 No.1886973


Maybe. I guess everything is a maybe and we won't know until we know.

a2a4e3 No.1886974


FFS it's from 3 years ago anon. Did you even check?

d43cd0 No.1886975


ON LINE is grammatically correct. Not a typo.

51b463 No.1886976


a parenthetical you can be photoshopped - but BO can compare hashes.

d11094 No.1886977

File: 5127c920ad76b4c⋯.jpg (34.43 KB, 623x311, 623:311, doj ms13 murder 6 22 18.JPG)


MS-13 murders 2 juveniles

55fc03 No.1886978

File: 4f6b631dea9ed72⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 540x332, 135:83, Assange.jpg)

>>1886270 (lb)

If the other side wanted you to lose credibility, they'd get you out telling friends and family how JFK Jr isn't really dead but is hanging out in the White House helping Trump. GMAFB.

Fake and Gay.

Get Smart…

3382be No.1886980


I do love the Magma flights! JSOC know how to roll…

c5a2bc No.1886981

Good Job Anons!

b8aeae No.1886982


I have no words, when Q is not here, crazy prevails.

Will check notables and or Q posts tomorrow morning.

Happy hunting to real anons

c25d14 No.1886983

Resolute Reads

REAL News President Trump Doesn't Want You to Miss


39e943 No.1886984


Immediate pushback is coming from real anons who are exasperated at how fucking retarded you would have to be to keep sliding the bread with this worthless bullshit.

Either shut the fuck up or expose yourself as a shill.

9dab66 No.1886985


I started letting it fly with my Patriots on fuckbook. I will say this is the proof everyone needed for "We're winning, People are waking" for normies. Seeds planted. Red Wave.

c5a187 No.1886986

File: a1afb09a424c198⋯.png (20.05 KB, 886x313, 886:313, Screenshot_6.png)


my pleasure. It's a good question that we need answers to.

c3ed07 No.1886988


I was.

But they had no way of knowing it couldn't really work on me.

My mother was told it likely wouldn't get bad until I was in my 30s. They were right, however I'm tougher in some ways to make up for others.

It is possible you wouldn't have direct memories.

Depends on age.

Things come back later, it's very common.

Myself, I think I was holding back and protecting the bastard.

What is a child to know?

Just that you are asking these questions means they likely do not have control over you. That control is an illusion anyway. You're not alone, and you know what to look for.

Trust yourself.

Be safe.


3739e4 No.1886989

>>1886655 (lb)

>Witches are very real. Why do you think the elites drink blood and do Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramovic?

Oh wake the fuck up an stop "right fagging"

this is my body which is broken for you, eat this bread (body) and drink this wine (blood)…ritual..cannibalism…hello. BUT BUT BUT…this ritual is right and that ritual is wrong……in fact the symbology of gaining power through the ritual and symbolic use of human blood and flesh….appears on BOTH sides of the aisle.

e4b915 No.1886990

File: ee5fc8c6c917b0e⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 480x461, 480:461, ee5fc8c6c917b0e1f15da1cd9e….jpg)


who gives a shit about that idiot, take that shit to plebbit ffs… no one cares here

9c36f4 No.1886992

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I found this video last night, Have not finished watching it, but relates to your conversation.

89ac24 No.1886993


Anon, I (partially) agree, but I think you might benoff just a bit. I did some serious research on this subject in college, and even Liberal psyche professors reluctantly agreed, based on research. This is what I ultimately decided, in a nutshell;

Not all children that were molested, end up homosexual. But, MANY homosexuals were molested in their psychosexual developmental years. I concluded that, if left to psychsexually develop in a relatively undisturbed, natural way, most humans develop heterosexually. But, when first experiences with sexual activity are with/by an adult, during that critical developmental period, it skews the development. Because there is less research into female adult perpetrators, most of my research was on adult male perpetrators. This is a socially-unacceptable (or denied) result, but most homosexual men were indeed sexually assaulted by adult (or at least older) males during psychosexual development.

This is the reason that I defend the claim that sexuality is NOT a choice. But that doesn't not mean that it wasn't influenced very early. It is also why I am not biased against someone based simply on their sexual preference. I truly believe that a person's sexual preference was set well before they even knew about sexuality. Most adults truly have no choice over their sexual preference.

Did that make sense?

c3fea2 No.1886994

5edd08 No.1886995

File: 5ab4b17bef2747e⋯.jpg (154.49 KB, 1152x534, 192:89, 2018-06-24-09:24:35.jpg)

File: b87899821113936⋯.jpg (281.75 KB, 1325x808, 1325:808, 2018-06-24-09:23:17.jpg)

1. USAF Special Ops Cmd MAGMA88 just took off from Pensacola. Sometimes these flights go to Special Places. Took off westward but appears to be turning south (post-screencap).

2. USAF Gulfstream (exec jet) flew from DC area to Tampa area & may have just landed.

ec1cba No.1886996

>>1885340 (prev)

>>1885354 (prev)

>>1886021 (prev)

thanks anons, but don't cry for Argentina :)

i'm honored to serve, and if i hafta take some flak, sobeit…TOTALLY worth it. KEK


and, of course…



e1b332 No.1886997

File: f55ba52c348ad60⋯.png (59.44 KB, 426x275, 426:275, ClipboardImage.png)





You stupid niggers anon just proved he posted it as a LARP. FFS what is wrong with you faggots? Hours and hours and bread wasted by you complete retards.


c50940 No.1886998


notable baker

possible planefag habbenings tomorrow - keep eyes peeled

e50928 No.1886999


If Ryan is the cabal and Trump/Q has that information, they should be telling Ryan what to do or expose him. It's called leverage and that kind of leverage does not need to negotiate.

c0e81c No.1887000

File: 21aea1aa43a36c9⋯.jpg (311.04 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, 9df7c0bab6454a845b2ce9087d….jpg)

File: edb3bf16390fb59⋯.png (359.99 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1481934660806.png)

File: 08b58428bf77ef3⋯.gif (131.94 KB, 550x526, 275:263, 1527955336706.gif)

File: 1d0ed4e01275966⋯.png (353.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1520214308549.png)

File: 381778ee6932113⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1527538207782.gif)

He does not forgive

He does not forget

You have been expecting us

Anon, I stand with you.

70a6f6 No.1887001


a9290f No.1887002


Thank Q plane fag!

779abf No.1887003


not sure about sophia but constanstine was well after the cathars. it was the "devil worshiping pagans" that were a threat to christianism and is why the council was conveined by constantine to write the bible and unite europe. that was when satanism had won. remember they always accuse their enemies of what they are doing.

5ab59e No.1887004


Likely, the “unexpected” happened. This is like the most massive game of deadly dodgeball ever. Even though (((they))) will lose due to attrition, it is a long and hard slog.

7c91f6 No.1887005


Father was a Marine and Vietnam vet. He became a cop, but had several unexplained trips to South America. Alcoholic and gambler. Very strange and secretive guy.

Her mother played the role of "dumb blonde" and thought he was just having affairs with other women when the plane tickets and bank statements were found, but wife believed he was involved with the Italian mafia. Couple is now divorced, but tried lying to CPS to take our kids. Failed.

37ebfc No.1887006


Even if he doesn't answer, maybe he'll see it and do some digging.

4d22f0 No.1887007


Waiting "On" line is a New York thing.

Common in the North East.

bfab68 No.1887008


Thanks for proving me right. Appreciate you coming clean.

b5cf5b No.1887009


Also ask him if he had any part in the creation of what we refer to as the dossier.

Just a hunch.

Also, does anyone remember a few months ago when it was posited that Strzok was a master forger of documents?

b53a7b No.1887010


Not ripping on you specifically Anon, but I don't get all the attention on capital letters. Does anybody really think POTUS uses this as code? Even if the proposed decoding here is valid, is it useful at all? Has there ever been a decoding like this which has turned out to be useful? Would like to be wrong on this cause I love puzzles.

c5a187 No.1887011


Naturally. Just saying I'm open to the possibility. Nothing in these drops are clear cut.

9c36f4 No.1887012



Lots of good shit there.

I love my night crew Anons (until about 1:00or 2:00 CST anyway…)

68c256 No.1887013







Q ONLINE in -24 minutes?


Hyphen in post denotes minus?

Minus 24?

If there is a Q drop in 2 more minutes, I will shit my pants!

8:32 EST

Q posts?

c5a2bc No.1887014

Here's to you /Pol/

a2a4e3 No.1887015


Me thinks the shills actually do eat shit.. hence the reason for spewing so much verbal shite!

9f18a1 No.1887016


No ball licking for you Jim!

5d8617 No.1887017


well crap.. i missed that. tbf i havent slept in about 2 days. InsomniAnon here

3b868d No.1887018

File: f99165d732d6928⋯.png (25.45 KB, 393x108, 131:36, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5;5_.png)

7c91f6 No.1887019


He also always had a male friend with him, even at family gatherings. Wife now thinks these men were handlers.

aaf22d No.1887020


read my post before tagging me, context is your friend

4b139c No.1887021

File: ed8a2d7996fe0ea⋯.png (401.31 KB, 1226x682, 613:341, hiui.png)


How gullible you autists are.

443093 No.1887022

Case 1:18-cv-01422 Document 1 Filed 06/15/18 Page 29 of 210

During discovery and trial in this case, information both known and

to be later ascertained will be made available establishing without doubt that the Enterprise is a dangerous, ongoing criminal consortium and association in fact – willing to abuse the very structure of our constitutional government and commit any conceivable crime in order to obtain and retain power and leverage over the Democratic Party, as well as its enemies, and drive revenue back to itself and its principals in illicit self-dealing and bribery schemes to preserve this corruption permanently.

This Enterprise has so corrupted the Democratic Party (in itself a nonprofit entity now in continuous Enterprise violation of IRS dictates and myriad federal law9) that there is little left of the Democratic Party that is operating in compliance with U.S. law or that is not undermining the national security and government of the United States.

The Democratic Party is now, due to the Enterprise criminal and constitutional misconduct, subject to, from within, the very epitome of graft and corruption – as it has unduly utilized not only Obama administration intelligence authorities to surveil a political opponent, but has engaged in betrayal of the United States by and through the Enterprise use of Secretary Clinton’s ability (in exchange for bribes, moreover) to assure control of U.S. uranium by Russia – which has resulted in Iran (a contributor to the murder of over 3000 Americans on 9/11/2001) and North Korea being months away from creating chaos in the Middle East and the potential capability of the North Koreans from striking the United States homeland with lethal nuclear weapons armed with uranium enabled by Hillary Clinton in corrupt exchange (by way of receiving bribes) for hundreds of millions of dollars benefitting the Enterprise, the Clinton family, and her political aspirations.


110da3 No.1887023

File: e3db7b49f429d04⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 181x278, 181:278, statue.jpg)


Mein glorious nigga. ThanQ for your services. Those who strayed from the path shall be brought back.

5ab59e No.1887025


Wowzer! For a moment I thought she was getting on top of a walking crok!

51b463 No.1887027

File: 14e24cdcbd5a98e⋯.png (73.71 KB, 1011x345, 337:115, ClipboardImage.png)


i disagree with your assessment.

counter argument attached.

779abf No.1887028


i also beleive if jesus exhisted he was only a man. not a magic zombie son of god bla bla bla. all that amongst many other things in the bible were cooked up or changed to attract followers. especially the subversion of the female by painting mary as a hooker and not as an equal deciple.

c25d14 No.1887029

One further proof of the veracity of Q is the timespan between comms. A true LARP wouldn't have the patience of ego to wait between posts, since they need to psychologically feed their need for attention. LARP's are usually addicts of one form or another…both weak in mind and body.

e92016 No.1887030


Yeah, they had to sink a ship to make sure the Federal Reserve happened, and then pull the Christmas caper.

Also, It doesn't say that the ratification of income taxes was illegal, that only some of the states had okayed it, not the full complement required by law.

a2a4e3 No.1887031


So you nominate naotables without checking them? Get a rest anon ;)

cb45dc No.1887032

File: c0691c9c26e4978⋯.png (60.9 KB, 567x335, 567:335, potus-6-24-1108.png)

in line is correct

on line.. who the hell waits 'on' line


io = intelligence officer

Michael Flynn?

e50928 No.1887033


>Likely, the “unexpected” happened.

This is the most reasonable explanation.

dc9d8a No.1887034


We might not have such a problem if Hussein had NOT been advertising in Mexico FREE FOOD STAMPS → USA! And giving them directions on how to beat the system!!!!


Judicial Watch Uncovers USDA Records Sponsoring U.S. Food Stamp Program for Illegal Aliens https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-uncovers-usda-records-sponsoring-u-s-food-stamp-program-for-illegal-aliens/

c5a187 No.1887036


I have a feeling Devin knows a hell of a lot more than he is saying. He is one of a handful of people I actually trust in Congress.

3382be No.1887037

File: 1bdc4e4d7414987⋯.jpg (551.58 KB, 1823x853, 1823:853, GAF613 GAF625 Bonn 24 Jun….jpg)

It's unusual to see two Luftwaffe exec jets in formation from one location like this. Spoopy.

917def No.1887038

File: b241509e76423df⋯.png (506.43 KB, 938x777, 134:111, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)

watch the water….

The Trump administration is working to repeal former President Obama’s Clean Water Rule.


Trump administration officials, led by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, aim to repeal the rule, also known as Waters of the United States, and replace it with a regulation that would cover a smaller set of waterways. Doing so would fulfill a campaign promise by President Trump, and initiating the repeal process was one Pruitt's first actions when he took the helm at EPA in February 2017.

0f6dd1 No.1887039

File: 1353e2a00da448b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.38 KB, 666x444, 3:2, PWPPYB?.jpg)




ROT-13 gives


Look familiar?

9b6f25 No.1887040


TY, I'll check it out.

03a7d4 No.1887041


There is something about being sodomized in the butt at a young age that Aleister Crowley was obesessed with. Something about chakras and kundalini and whatever but it makes sense that could cause some domino effect in the hormone department and change brain chemistry. Hormones are very powerful and can be activated by external stimuli..

3dc957 No.1887042


try harder

4d22f0 No.1887043


Go to New York ( POTUS HOME TOWN)

"On" line is how they say in line.

Just suggesting.

33470a No.1887044


he's posing the question of where's the outrage over the 10,000 children sent with no parents. where do they wind up? where are they? this is what we should focus on.

68c256 No.1887045

File: 353257e2f47c0ab⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1892x704, 43:16, Screenshot_94.png)


This if you scroll up, had already found possible meaning?


c5a2bc No.1887046


They're trying to discredit the digging on JFK Jr.

Remember, true Anons, JFK Jr is Q related.

2f085c No.1887047


well that puppet needs the gallows!

1027ce No.1887048

File: 538ed79a3536438⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 443x349, 443:349, FUCK.jpg)



Please make note for BO to confirm this. If true, this crap needs to be swept from notables AND the archive ffs. Between this and the red hen shit, I don't know what's been worse.

e50928 No.1887049


"on line" is how we say it around here.

b5cf5b No.1887050


The point is not to get what they need from Ryan. They have it already. They are putting him into a corner. He HAS to uncloak and expose himself.

He has nothing to do with the documents. He thinks we need him so he thinks HE has leverage.

He is close to ruin.

70a6f6 No.1887052

d45f7e No.1887053



917def No.1887054

File: 53f9d38deb7ade3⋯.png (88.83 KB, 951x433, 951:433, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)


c50940 No.1887055



i knew it! i think this board is also symbolic, we gather our own crumbs to make bread (knowledge) so we can feed eachother

what do you think about mass in general? i think praying in a group is a lot better than praying alone, just looking for your opinion

5edd08 No.1887056


Lakota chopper from somewhere in NC flying at angels5 over Danville VA ENE bound.

Lakota chopper Lincoln, NE.

USArmy Lakota patrolling DC Capitol Hill, Potomac, downtown area from half an hour ago, reg 08-72057. Took off from Ft Belvoir. Lost it for now, but have some recent screen caps.

Mostly in last bread


The Gulfstream >>1886995 was SAM546.


109696 No.1887057


> tried lying to CPS to take our kids.

That is the cabal's MO. They aren't just taking children crossing our border illegally….they are taking law-abiding, US Citizen parents' children!

427b1f No.1887058

File: a5199c9ee31cc06⋯.jpg (102.38 KB, 384x594, 64:99, 110420314.jpg)

3382be No.1887059

T-785 from the Swiss Air Force is also on the move. Over the UK at the moment heading North. This is one of my top 10 targets.

033a11 No.1887060

#WalkAway looks promising

If you're haven't hijacked the hashtag by now…well, take your time, you have all day, it's not stopping anytime soon

d6f80b No.1887061

>>1886304 lb

Scottish meaning of Cairn - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cairn

e70ebf No.1887062

File: c8d3004d1a0e7e5⋯.png (35.73 KB, 662x304, 331:152, POTUS Schedule 6-24-18 8 ….PNG)

a483ab No.1887063

File: 52f824c778467c8⋯.png (11.17 KB, 357x141, 119:47, IMG_4034.PNG)

3382be No.1887064

File: 2c3ed5bc77cb9b6⋯.jpg (521.13 KB, 1686x765, 562:255, T785 24 Jun 18 1630.jpg)

aa7418 No.1887065

File: ddbd7b3ac39ce72⋯.png (248.19 KB, 580x675, 116:135, chrome_2018-06-24_08-34-02.png)

spoopy timing

2f085c No.1887066


wish they wouldnt put his private schedule up

no reason for it

ff52e1 No.1887067

File: 6d16d9c9ad8143b⋯.jpg (163.18 KB, 900x506, 450:253, warriorJESUS.jpg)

File: c758f1f80755796⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 885x516, 295:172, satan.jpg)

re this notable from last bread

>>1886487 shill slide tactics refresher graphics

ok fine its great info

but look at the comment at the bottom which states:

Okay, let's not start this BS again today. Pretty sure you guys are working together to slide and divide, and taint any discussion about certain groups

I am NOT working with nuhjoo shill posters. i am opposing them, opposing evil cabal lies is NOT a slide anons

it is what Q told us to do



why is baker lumping me in with muhjoo shills?

Q told us "nazi ideology is relevant" to the cabal plans, right?

what is nazi ideology?

ultra left wing fascism based on lies and propaganda to control everything - scapegoat "inferior and evil" races - blacks and jews and asians - to be controlled and then destroyed

isnt that what we are fighting here?

come on anons - step up and start calling out these subversives in our house!

this is not censorship - they can post

but call out the lies and evil so we all know where we stand on this central GA issue

its easy to do and critically important

just post a quick reply "anon opposes your lies" or some such

no need to engage lies - they just create more lies!

do not fail in this anon

it is our most important UNITY task now


show them we are not

just post a "NO" on their crap and it will stop!



427b6a No.1887068


it's spreading fast.

33470a No.1887069


yup. on line in NY

3382be No.1887070


Stone of Jacob, located in Edinburgh?

aa7418 No.1887071


disregard is unofficial account

e50928 No.1887072


Most likely, neither of us knows what's going on. We have to wait.

9c36f4 No.1887073


I included with PlaneFag Updates Already :)

5ab59e No.1887074


Hussein tearing ligaments as he tries to match POTUS’ manspreading…has to get on his tippy toes.

a3d0c1 No.1887075

File: 52600aca3b47d9b⋯.jpeg (472.48 KB, 1242x1724, 621:862, 436B94C2-4B39-4257-9382-A….jpeg)



ba0e9a No.1887077


Is he going to claim his citizenship?

259f83 No.1887078

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, b82d157f45dcdf388632345f32….png)

940011 No.1887079

c5a187 No.1887080


You're saying because both pics have (you) that they are the same person?

So, that means because you posted that pic, you are the same as the other 2?

See the problem with your argument? Pics can be confusing.

a2a4e3 No.1887081


Why hijack a hashtag that is doing our work for us? Please explain.

9f18a1 No.1887082


Meme material jes sayin

2b5aab No.1887083

have we mentioned much about #WalkAway in the War Room?

Need to get the memefags/twatfags on this asap

3dc957 No.1887084


caps are part of comms, most times there are certain letters that dont need capitalized in the tweets and anons have recognized this… especially when tied to Q posts

2f085c No.1887085

i have been curious on this:

cabal worked with and provided drugs/guns to black gangs

i wonder is they ever worked with mc's

9d87eb No.1887086

File: 6c1bd615db8a733⋯.jpg (259.96 KB, 1031x513, 1031:513, jew-agenda-of-world-domina….jpg)

File: d8b1a6d50edfd04⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, jew-rabbi-david-touitou-go….jpg)


Debunk these quotes

c25d14 No.1887087

THE HILL: Barack Obama visiting Kenya for first time since leaving White House.

Let me in homes!!!!!! Hook me up bruh!!!!!

Member me??!!!

861559 No.1887088

File: 4e096cabb5269fb⋯.png (41.54 KB, 782x383, 782:383, 84214125971.png)


Read this notable

then read this image

Starting to make sense?

acc9c5 No.1887089

Ok guys, i was the one who dropped the silkways info about 10 breads ago, but we are still gettin distracted, ok if you have already mentioned things forgive me as i have not the time to go through all the replys, but from what i have seen, hear are a few that i managed to read:







The full siilkways rar is 10gb watch that file size

My original post:

Hillary Clinton had Chris Stevens running guns in Benghazi

How did they move the move the guns from gaddafi to syria to arm ISIS

Think logically

Learn how to read UN Codes for munitions

Learn how to read IATA codes for airports

You have more than you know

Silkway Airlines Cargo, Where is it located??

Why would they be moving UN munitions in a Cargo/Diplomatic plane?

you have more than you know


Happy Hunting

Stay Strong

Trust The Plan

updated post:

You Have more than you Know

Find a flight checker that goes back to pre 2011

Silkway airlines is the key

Now we have not even talked about the 65gb file, we are being distracted with news that does not really matter, the 65gb file is a monster and requires alot of looking into as i cannot convert some of the files.

planefags just for now try and look at silkway pre 2011 there has got to be a flight checker we can use although you no not need it:

Learn how to read UN Codes for munitions

Learn how to read IATA codes for airports

That is all you need, once inside the files you will find the airport codes and cargo un codes, its that simple

all those interested concentrate on that

https://mobile.twitter.com/anon_bg link to the files they should be about June/July of 2017

171aa3 No.1887090


Jr is related to everything, Q stated it wayback or made the connection via Hillary's senate run and his suspicious death.

45f792 No.1887092

File: f9597f6ef1b23da⋯.png (113.1 KB, 267x263, 267:263, PEPE thoughtful.png)


>>When Q doesn't show-up what I do is go back through the breads and look for things I missed.

>Thank you, anon for these words of wisdom.

I go back and read crumbs.

e.g. anybody notice http://qanon.news/Archives/x/147433975#147453147

"Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected? Fantasy right?"

Got some confirmation by the sonic weapon used in Cuba and China?

I have read all the breads at least once, but can't remember if this was a notable.

ff52e1 No.1887093


you ignorant cunt

brock is not jewish

he is an anti semite nazi fuck just like you

c25d14 No.1887094

File: 57e0a86e38f1b75⋯.png (593.47 KB, 461x631, 461:631, ClipboardImage.png)

5cceec No.1887095


Why so much pushback on this? It’s usually a sign of being over the target but hey what do I know.

9b6f25 No.1887096


Yep, lots of red flags there. All I can say is that you and your wife are in my thoughts, but be careful with her family. It'll be interesting for you to observe how her family reacts to the great awakening, both consciously and subconsciously. I just pray that your wife can be deprogrammed after this stuff all comes to light

dc9d8a No.1887097


>well that puppet needs the gallows!

I agree 100%!

e70ebf No.1887098


IMO there shouldn't be any hijacking

What they have going on is really great

We should offer support and let them do their own thing

They are organically, and en masse, red pilling each other

b20cab No.1887099

==Is this true anons or is it just more shilling from the king of shills==?

"'EXCLUSIVE! It’s Confirmed- Trump’s Goal Is To Not Run For Re-Election In 2020'"


c50940 No.1887100


it makes so much more sense when you know their tricks! i always thought Ireland/Scotland was pagan(gnostic) before this all happened. the Romans couldnt invade Ireland because it was filled with "barbarians" who wouldnt understand, but now i think Ireland knew the truth, then the vikings and normans fucked them over

c7f957 No.1887101


I know very little about Gnosticism, but I don't think they believe Sophia was the creator. Sophia was the holy spirit or feminine counterpart to Jesus. Somehow there was a fall from grace that allowed the material world to be created by the Demiurge. I believe Sophia is analogous to Eve in Genesis or Persephone in the Eleusian mysteries. Then again I could be wrong, I know almost nothing about Gnosticism and its a very complicated philosophy.

3dc957 No.1887102


You seem to be IP hopping and posting this over and over again..

Shill identified… GTFO.

70a6f6 No.1887103

2e2d60 No.1887104


Damn, that seems like a large explosion.

Wonder who lived in the building.

several story building

destroyed attic…top three floors'

explosion from middle of building?


779abf No.1887105



the only reason PS isnt in chains and is still at F_I is because hes been singing. this testimony will be a formality. new info for all of us if its a public hearing but nothing that Huber, Sessions, or POTUS doesnt already know

03a7d4 No.1887106


The vikings conquered all over Europe and down into the middle east. They were not exclusive to Scandinavia. So yes, the vikings became the Templars. The skull and bones is said to represent John the Baptist who was beheaded and/or Orion who has no head and no legs. The bones are leg bones.

917def No.1887107

File: b384c0efea5c3fc⋯.png (510.59 KB, 1028x1257, 1028:1257, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)

File: cc3ea71fe3cc42e⋯.png (479.64 KB, 1022x1260, 73:90, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)

DOJ stalling letter

Man, if they would just release the Wiener laptop files, everything they want is probably on there….

aa73e5 No.1887108

File: 9d6889d267d829a⋯.png (591.33 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Anti_semitic_Trick.png)

b53a7b No.1887109


Yeah I get that they are out of place a lot, but my question is, has there ever been a decoding which has turned out to be useful?

51b463 No.1887110


that's exactly my point.

i can "fake" a you in three minutes. i am not really the you in the pic.

someone is really trying to shout down the jfk jr. pic post, and anyone can claim ownership because that user-id only posted once in the thread.

as far as i'm concerned, it's legit until BO or Q says to drop it.

ff52e1 No.1887111


yes YOU muhjoo cunts are winning

anons call them out

the nazi ideology is evil

not censorship

just vote with a post

just vote with a post

3739e4 No.1887112



>i think praying in a group is a lot better than praying alone,

that's organized thought about thoughts….just as the "witches" gathered to stop Trump, the prayer warriors of the right organized to protect him…Newton's 3rd.

Every breath should be a prayer and all prayer should be nothing but gratefulness…

are thoughts aka prayers compounded in groups? sure, look at how the "witches" gathered to "hex" trump and the right gathered to protect him.

Neither side realizes Trump is protected because of who and what he is…the truth is its own defense and needs NOTHING to protect it. Fallicious beliefs on both sides…just balls banging off each other in perpetual motion.

9c36f4 No.1887113


I saw that… WTH?

d11094 No.1887114

File: c41b5c7c254eb17⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 434x513, 434:513, Q conspiracy June 2018.JPG)



THANK YOU Helper Anon - wow - I am speechless at Page 6, Section 28- perp talks about Q.

(((THIS))) is what Q was talking about - same as the SNL video.



110da3 No.1887115

File: 1c54bbfce719d19⋯.jpeg (25.99 KB, 474x315, 158:105, soros.jpeg)



Fucking comfortable bread until this kike piped up again with copy pasta adjusted, because it got called out last bread.

Why are (((jidf shills))) SO predictable?

ff52e1, definitely jidf, c5a2bc posting nigger dick pics, starting to glow about muhnotables. At this point, anything is a notable as long as it isn't chatter.

Stay on your A game, anons.

2f085c No.1887116


in the last days there will be a seperation or sheep and goats

good vs evil

its time to pick a side

033a11 No.1887117



Maybe hijacking was a strong word. USING the hashtag to add to their efforts, does that sound safer?

be30fb No.1887118




Holy Sophia

c5a2bc No.1887119

861559 No.1887120


The topics that we are getting into are a good sign.

As always the wrestling in the mud follows. Hint for all posters here: (You) have a big say, make sure it has quality and not degenerated b8 or /pol/ tier shilling.

e50928 No.1887121


Not outside the realm of possibilities if they get this mess cleaned up before then. If they do, he deserves a rest.

But who can trust aj about anything?

940011 No.1887122


Oh boy, we've got a REAL slow one here. Let's just let them wander around in the dark for a bit. Try not to run them over.

c34269 No.1887123


Familyism is racist

Races are racist

Kill (((yourself)))

4958bc No.1887124

Wilhelm Reich. Magic. Weather Modification. Tucson.


7c91f6 No.1887125


CPS needs to be dismantled. I'm sure it's in the works.

In our case, it looked like we were going to lose until my son and daughter both told the judge that they were being told what to say by their grandparents and that they were punished if they didn't lie and promised rewards if they did lie. The case dragged on for over a year, and we just about out of time until that happened.

cec885 No.1887126

I saw the video last bread - Sweden prepares for War…


But russia? I don´t think so! Imigration?

8d1682 No.1887127

File: 5e44bb23b4d30e9⋯.png (5.2 KB, 651x110, 651:110, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Q Res….png)

File: 8f8893ce7df6d7a⋯.png (5.09 KB, 810x79, 810:79, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Q Res….png)

File: 387b5ed76585427⋯.png (3.64 KB, 455x109, 455:109, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Q Res….png)

File: 0c26c33268042a9⋯.png (108.2 KB, 469x229, 469:229, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Q Res….png)


Ill make it pretty for you

b5cf5b No.1887128


True that.


2f085c No.1887129

File: bcbea954f072953⋯.jpg (606.37 KB, 1068x658, 534:329, casting.jpg)

a2a4e3 No.1887130


Dude, lefties are easily swayed by other lefties. We have nothing to do there kek!

d11566 No.1887131

File: 174142af3b83d05⋯.png (378.52 KB, 1000x680, 25:17, trd.png)

779abf No.1887132


is that john john with rudy?

acc9c5 No.1887133


I have not even talked about BASEL yet

9d87eb No.1887135

File: d7b53dc4381a939⋯.jpg (125.38 KB, 960x544, 30:17, JLB.jpg)


Your sister?

ff52e1 No.1887136







then call out their lies anon

just say no on their posts

this general advice is not enough

if they just get NO then it is OK to give them a you

after a while they will stop

ef7b0b No.1887138

Lighthearted …

Figured out a decode: Q is just the letter O smoking a cigar lolol …

861559 No.1887139


War = scam

Patriots never solve issues with war.

9b6f25 No.1887140


Red Hen is worth digging. R was obviously a LARP, but if anons want to dig and potentially learn new things, then so be it

304e21 No.1887141


Enjoy the Show

ef7b0b No.1887142


Mirror O getting fucked in the ass

8d1682 No.1887143

File: 57f73b554f31a74⋯.png (3.87 KB, 469x79, 469:79, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Q Res….png)


oops forgot >>1886728

45f792 No.1887144

File: 2ae72efb84917f6⋯.jpg (9.89 KB, 162x255, 54:85, PEPE LAUGHING 01.jpg)

03a7d4 No.1887145


You might enjoy this article Explaining the CTMU (Cognitive Theoretic Model Of The Universe).


theory comes from the man said to be the smartest man in the world. Chris Langan

110da3 No.1887146

File: 74d86eb7dae0a39⋯.jpeg (35.51 KB, 474x401, 474:401, pepefucksshills.jpeg)


para lel.

5cceec No.1887147

c3fea2 No.1887148


just checked that out , support but not push would be a good policy

3dc957 No.1887149


Its funny kek.

The shill is IP hopping and posting it over and over again with something "You guys are so gullible" or some shit.

The shill basically outed itself.

1027ce No.1887150


Idk but take note of the IDs in the pics and the post. Make it a notable so BO can verify later, he usually shows up in the afternoon/evening.

779abf No.1887152


they only post the obvious. if anyone wanted to know bad enough they would know he was goin golfing today. its not like they broadcast his covert trip to vegas last year, and it was still found out. they only post what they want the public to see.

c5a2bc No.1887153

70a6f6 No.1887154

1c6d3c No.1887155

File: 8aa7209442e39da⋯.jpg (488.65 KB, 1796x1200, 449:300, 20180624.jpg)



A good way to re-read qrumbs is to check out the Qlock for the day. Pic related.

aeb211 No.1887156

File: 459a5fb2685a5d1⋯.png (29.27 KB, 505x272, 505:272, 30614.png)



acc9c5 No.1887157


Sorry i'm holed up in a hotel with a crappy connection, hence the id change

8b9b2c No.1887158


especially considering owner of that one is Meryl Streep cousin, and she was wearing pedo necklace, on top of pulling a 'dem' move in a conservative county

79731d No.1887159

File: affd6ac0acfc319⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 649x563, 649:563, IMG_20180624_211040.jpg)

well done Anon

ff52e1 No.1887160


>Do NOT engage shills.

But DO tell then NO

that is not engaging

we must directly show them they are not wanted here

general advice is not enough

need to ID the nazi ideology every time it appears

not censor

just say no tx directly

861559 No.1887161


right click -> inspect element

9ec926 No.1887162


Melania's coat. Red Hen. Are white hats pointing out things while tricking the media into doxing 'them' for us? Is this their comms to us?

427b1f No.1887164


Yes. I'm an attempt to understand what "the start" actually meant I tried to look at people close to trump who were close to John. Rudy and hrc had quite a vicious back and forth in 2000 and onward.

51b463 No.1887165

File: d6d9ed8479148c4⋯.png (130.8 KB, 1367x573, 1367:573, ClipboardImage.png)


the you can be faked, or did i post your post too?

7c91f6 No.1887166


We had a conversation about that recently- she is curious about how they will react too. After losing the custody case, her mother got a restraining order against her by claiming that my wife threatened violence. The separation is painful for her, but I think it's for the best.

The only downside is that the final restraining order is a legal black mark, and could disqualify her from ever buying a firearm or getting certain government jobs. These things never expire on their own.

aa3fd5 No.1887167


Wow… Shills defending fucking David Brock now. Unreal.

9fb74a No.1887169


yes and yes

03a7d4 No.1887170


the original trinity was father, mother, child but was later changed because of misogyny to simplify.

The child is said to be the "son" or product of divine love betweem mother and father.

70a6f6 No.1887171

Trump is at his golf club in Sterling Virginia.

Trump saves tax payers money by playing at golf courses he owns.

cbb502 No.1887172

File: 889fe0c368f1977⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 255x241, 255:241, Pepe Hilarity.jpg)

0cfe13 (23)

>>1886531 (lb)

Twenty three posts, all sowing division and disruption. Despite your efforts to deny it, (((they))) are throwing away a huge amount of resources attempting, and failing, to offset the influence of a few keyboard warriors.

Remember anon's don't respond and let them make their $.02 per reply. Point them out without responding, ridicule and troll them like this, and move on with a smile on your face.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, what a bunch of losers.

ffbca5 No.1887173

File: 551bae848b8d75d⋯.png (269.68 KB, 1414x632, 707:316, ClipboardImage.png)

e50928 No.1887174


The Red Hen was opportunistic unless someone can discover Sarah had a reservation, thus the owner had time to plan the whole thing.

9d87eb No.1887175

File: e0ffdd2d1e5dcb3⋯.jpg (54.08 KB, 640x370, 64:37, gayjew.jpg)

File: c5bfe048754ac52⋯.jpg (104.44 KB, 760x630, 76:63, Chhief-Rabbi-black-people-….jpg)


Why are you posting pics of your family getting blacked?

8d8038 No.1887176


Absolutely true. But Kings don't have the fortitude to endure the quest. Do they?

9ec926 No.1887177

Stop posting this sick B on W shit. Regular porn please.

033a11 No.1887178

File: a67193b832c0bc2⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Enjoying the show, that's for sure

55fc03 No.1887179


Then you are weak-minded and need too much leadership to ever be successful at anything on your own.

Think for yourself. What the fuck do you even think the whole point of this is?

Oh…you're a shill. /nm/ Get a life, eh?

1027ce No.1887180


If it really is you, go back to the thread the initial post was made in and highlight your (You).

d11094 No.1887181

>>1886870>>1886957>>1887114 USSS arrest for threatening POTUS - perp speaks about Q in interview


sorry if wrong to note own posts BUT too imprtant to get passed over

259f83 No.1887182

File: 6ac4e4975eb9391⋯.jpg (109.17 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DX2jP3UUMAAA8Ri.jpg)

7696b7 No.1887183

>>1886930 <<<

>>1887027 there is no need to refute shills.

0f6dd1 No.1887184

File: 4e3b6dd2c931f91⋯.jpg (55.81 KB, 463x372, 463:372, Q1083-JFK JR.jpg)


So your vote is for "lucky shitposter" or "elves"?


AFAIC, ID of anon 17aaae is much less relevant than subject of the post which is less relevant than the fact it inspired a solid re-digging to JFK Jr.

and his plane crash in 1999 & his relationship with POTUS.

And this wasted hours and hours of bread how exactly?

c34269 No.1887185

File: 28c093fe28727f4⋯.png (443.72 KB, 848x393, 848:393, SixHundredMillion.png)

File: 12e5c1169ccf02d⋯.png (625.41 KB, 808x398, 404:199, SixMillion.png)

File: d80fb18ffd5fbc4⋯.png (465.86 KB, 698x396, 349:198, SixtyMillion.png)

File: c701b89f7904b90⋯.png (843.46 KB, 708x432, 59:36, SixMillionJews.png)


Muh left wing talking point fascists and commies didn't fight over idealogy muh material stuff

779abf No.1887186


AJ has been exposed as a clown/mockingbird. watch his reaction to trump dropping bombs on syria after "chemical attack" and it will tell you all you need to know. he is the reason we all look like wack jobs to normies. i wish someone would put a bullet in his head.

2f085c No.1887187

File: 0c2c3b779285b6d⋯.png (515.44 KB, 444x681, 148:227, patriot.png)

File: e009854ddd85d4f⋯.jpg (114.71 KB, 561x700, 561:700, beautiful_asians.jpg)

ty baker

appreciate ya

8d1682 No.1887188


mines 1886750 .. i lead him to orig so he could grab the you

c7f957 No.1887189


Thanks for the link anon, if you are the one in the late bread early this morning then I think I saw you posting about it earlier this morning. I checked our the wiki, didn't make a whole lot of sense but I will read this introduction soon it looks a lot more readable.


c5a2bc No.1887190

9f18a1 No.1887191

File: ae983cc21054533⋯.jpg (86.4 KB, 1024x834, 512:417, mexicousconsulates.jpg)

51b463 No.1887192


hey frendo.

no, the point is that the person who "claimed" the JFK Jr. pic isn't really offering proof.

any one of us can fake a you on a post, that's the only point i'm making.

c5a187 No.1887193


Stop looking for things that aren't there anon. Q&A means exactly questions and answers. Q had already promised us another Q&A session. That's all he meant by it. It is sad when anons want to confuse things.

bfab68 No.1887194


The reservation was made in her husbands name.

e327e3 No.1887195


She has small tits.

be30fb No.1887196


Think vesica Pisces….

the Holy Sophia is the female aspect…the birth canal from formless to form

The fish symbol …. it’s a vagina … ;)

9c36f4 No.1887197


Yup, I added to notables to catch his attention

03a7d4 No.1887198


ha no it wasn't me but interesting theres two of us

3739e4 No.1887199


Combine that with the legend of Queen Scota :)

b5cf5b No.1887200


I'll give you an A for autism.

Might be bullshit but the midichlorians appear to be present.

779abf No.1887202

File: 18c1557cea5b35c⋯.png (56.9 KB, 726x630, 121:105, ClipboardImage.png)

70a6f6 No.1887203


ff52e1 No.1887204





take your nazi lies back to /pol

anons please join me in simple rejection of this continued assault on the board

8d1682 No.1887205


also note 1886750 was late in the bread.. timestamps show just enough time for him to go to original, grab the SS of the you then post in new bread

45f792 No.1887206

File: 36a8a311cb4aa16⋯.png (1.29 MB, 2007x1128, 669:376, GTFO KIKE 02.png)

File: 37cfd0c16c3035e⋯.jpg (73.52 KB, 500x566, 250:283, Jewish supremacism 04.jpg)

File: 5465bb0ffd1148a⋯.jpg (72.23 KB, 883x390, 883:390, Jewish supremacism 03.jpg)

File: 6ca2af0720142c4⋯.png (660.68 KB, 851x592, 23:16, WE'RE SAVING YOU FOR LAST ….png)


Yes, because being anti-Jewish supremacism = white supremacism

Repent, KYS or face the rope.

5cceec No.1887207


I’m so happy for you that you are so certain of everything. I’ll keep an open mind thank you.

c5a187 No.1887208


the proof is the amount of tags it had. Go back and look at the original and then look at the amount of tags every time it was copied. Not a single time did it have the same amount of tags.

e50928 No.1887209


Thanks. Then it was probably a set up from the onset, the muh gay excuse irrelevant.

e70ebf No.1887210


Red Hen is still a huge story dominating social media as well as MSM

To not dig and/or be attentive is foolish

If you don't care to, don't

But others can and should do as they wish

033a11 No.1887211

File: b1addf20d4180d8⋯.png (7.71 MB, 3128x1583, 3128:1583, ClipboardImage.png)

139f2f No.1887212



55fc03 No.1887213


What you actually posted to other (possibly more impressionable) Anons was that unles Q or the BO told you not to, you were going to believe it.

Words mean things. You are a mis-director mis-leader. That is the darkness. That is your choice. You shall fail miserably and poison your own seed. "Fren"

20f8cb No.1887214

File: 8ea8655d5d9c618⋯.png (448.48 KB, 1102x527, 1102:527, sewing-division.png)

03a7d4 No.1887215


yes the yoni. the holy grail is the womb. a vessel which holds the bloodline. the key to eternal life is your children. they pass on your dna.

9f3327 No.1887216


was getting start on a dig/meme re child trafficking and immigration proof with this new DJT

i found this in recent news - a sidenote - though id post it

Investigators find 10 victims of alleged human trafficking on a Salinas cannabis farm:


from article:

What they found there was alarming to them, and they called the Monterey County Sheriff's Office to alert them to suspicious living quarters for workers onsite.

Sheriff's officials came out to investigate, and discovered 10 Hmong men and women, originally from in and around Laos, living in shipping containers on the property, according to Cmdr. John Thornburg, spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office

ff52e1 No.1887217


>Gotta clean this shillhole up and make way for the true autists to shine

good idea

start by saying no tx on every muhjoo nazi ideology post

926756 No.1887218

Message for Q Team:

Social Media Core Sample:

People are very angry at the left (Red Hen, Savage, Peter Fonda, ICE Doxx etc).

They are more than ready to jump into a physical conflict, war in the streets, which is what the deep state wants.

Pointing out that this is what is wanted to distract from OIG Report only marginally successful.

Efforts to try to placate not fully successful.

We need a Presidential tweet or something for people to know that it is worthwhile to restrain their justifiable rage.

Please help.

c5a2bc No.1887219

Did you all remember to clock in for your shift?

9d87eb No.1887220

File: bcaf9c124a937ea⋯.jpg (249.65 KB, 959x1266, 959:1266, SatanicJudaismBabyRitualMe….jpg)

e66cf2 No.1887221


"bring them back" makes no sense either, should be "send them back"

1e046c No.1887222


Crude oil spills into river after freight train derailment


b5cf5b No.1887223


They think we will be cucked for seeing it.

It only exposes their internal mindset.

77a3e8 No.1887224


Yeah, no… Not in the least bit… But A for effort

1027ce No.1887225

8b9b2c No.1887226


not the best choice of words…

8d1682 No.1887227


omg he DID that already.. its not me.. i just helped him find the original so he could prove he was a larp

ffbca5 No.1887228


if POTUS is asking us a question in his post, is he looking for an answer, or trying to get the IG to come up with an answer?

What Would Q do if he was the IG?

03a7d4 No.1887229


Q seems to really like throwing a wrench in haha it could be one of those famous double meanings. y'never know.

9f3327 No.1887230


>start by saying no tx on every muhjoo nazi ideology post

you are supposed to

ignore shillposts

just sayin

ff52e1 No.1887231


yes BO please check this out


aeb211 No.1887232

File: 1444f2f515c64b0⋯.png (12.56 KB, 615x423, 205:141, vvv.png)

File: b79628c78115ff8⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 657x1071, 73:119, 2horns.jpg)

File: 623d2d59825c0ed⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 620x372, 5:3, bodybeast.jpg)

File: a0d3e958ed3b7f9⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 700x486, 350:243, 50bc.jpg)

68c256 No.1887233

File: c4d222d6062cafc⋯.png (463.62 KB, 1377x968, 1377:968, Screenshot_95.png)


Only caps that don't belong are:







e50928 No.1887234


Don't misunderstand. It deserves hell to be unleashed on it. Just saying the first step was to determine whether it was opportunistic or a setup. The reservation was in her husbands name so it was likely a setup.

c5a2bc No.1887235

e1b332 No.1887236


Holy fuck, do you think you can game the IDs? Also, what the actual fuck is the significance of this ID? Pro-tip: none. Also, yes, you wasted hours. What did you find beyond what Q posted? What ground-breaking revelation did you reveal? Greys are running the planet? Pro-tip: you found nothing. Dear god, you people are either niggers or shills. You got played and are now defending disinfo for the feelz.

9b6f25 No.1887237


They don't hide their tracks very well

3dc957 No.1887238


If this shill does this next 3 breads, and posts "you guys are so gullible" or something like that like they did on this bread… you know its a shill…

ff52e1 No.1887239


>not even relevent to the current narrative

say what?

you just disqualified any opinion

e66cf2 No.1887240



"bring them back" is out of context as well.

03a7d4 No.1887241

File: 78068681d7da5f6⋯.jpg (104.68 KB, 684x720, 19:20, 01960e3159e872b4e8e4f69144….jpg)


yes 100% true. you might consider doing some research on the matter.

b5cf5b No.1887242


POTUS is never asking.


aa3fd5 No.1887243


Yeah… His best buddy just happens to be Jewish-pedo, James Alefantis.

Brock was raised Catholic, yet was his family Catholic???

BROCK SURNAME: "South German: nickname for a stout and strong man from Middle High German brocke ‘lump’, ‘piece’. Jewish (Ashkenazic): probably an acronymic family name from Jewish Aramaic bar- or Hebrew ben- ‘son of’, and the first letter of each part of a Yiddish double male personal name. Compare Brill. Jewish (from Poland): habitational name from Brok, a place in Poland."

Womp, womp.

Go shill for your pedo-heroes elsewhere, faggot.

c5a8fc No.1887244

File: 75d1b7db2363765⋯.png (99.47 KB, 238x255, 14:15, delta.png)

JewishHeritageAnon here, been with you since the first week of November. Two things I'd like to address this fine Sunday are the hand wringing Jew meme and filtering.

HandWringJewMeme is stupid. Makes you look like an idiot. It is obviously an Orthodox Jew and they are as Anti-Zionist as it gets. Even more than the muh jew crowd. They feel like Israel is an atrocity of biblical proportions, akin to what we truthers feel about 9/11. Don't know what to tell you about crafting a more appropriate ashkenazi khazarian zionist figure to meme, but you are smart you can come up with something. Maybe Harvey Weinstein or Bibi as a prototype.

I've never used a filter. Seriously talking hours a day every day since early November I've been following Q and you. What the hell happened to 'Ignore the shills and they'll go away'? . Why do we have to fight fight fight and gum up the bread. How do we know it is the shills we're supposed to fight fight fight? With no filters I have no problem finding sweet nuggets . Fucking dig instead of banging your head against paid JIDF type fuckers. Make nuggets you damn faggots.

That is all but I'll go on. Disease and starvation obviously accounted for the liberation photos and what kind of stupid fucking military would allow their commander to waste resources persecuting or decimating the Jews when there was a war to be fought? Obviously slave labour. Knowing several Jews it is amazing yet true that they are even more brainwashed or mind controlled than regular sheeple.

I love this place , our president and the armed forces and other service members who keep this country ticking.

BTW I was a democrat until Bernie got sidelined by Hillary, and the it was the Trump train, '16 was a thrill.

I'm out

Godspeed and wwg1wga

aa73e5 No.1887245

File: 50204b2beabe560⋯.png (51.3 KB, 676x356, 169:89, dearlibs.png)



861559 No.1887246


Props to the clean-up crews.

Care for the environment is important because of the simple fact that we cannot breathe or eat crude oil no matter how much it may boost the economy.

779abf No.1887247


never really considered when the plan started. i always thought it was the 3 generals comin to 45 in 2013 but i think that was the story given by jerome. so who knows. this coulda been in the works for a long time. they were probably waiting for her to become dem candidate to take her down. kinda beautiful if thats actually the case kek

6fcbee No.1887248


Photoshop fag here… the (you) is faked. Someone is trying hard to draw us away from this post.

55fc03 No.1887249


I wonder how many charges are included in Brock's sealed indictment? I bet the delay has to do with finding and adding more and more charges.

aa3fd5 No.1887250


Oh course, the Jew-shill responds to your post with a pic of a black-cock and a white woman.


aeb211 No.1887251


You're messing it up worse than Freud!!

ff52e1 No.1887252


it was posted as a "poem" notable not a fact

it is an excellent post even if fiction

that is why it got so much attention and was therefor noted by many anons

c7f957 No.1887253

File: 590abf36d8694ff⋯.png (163.55 KB, 497x2107, 71:301, 6a3e1c750a326624e0dd8ed98b….png)


Also reposting his facebook post. Really nice to see an educated look at the NWO, learned a lot, and I think he does a great job highlighting how the cabal is composed of interdependent factions. We are really only seeing the public takedown of the satanic faction right now, the rest of the cabal is being handled behind the scenes.

861559 No.1887254


They could learn from the ETfags and know, that ignoring the post outright is the best tactic.

5edd08 No.1887255

File: 2d821666347e410⋯.jpg (271.96 KB, 1707x516, 569:172, 2018-06-24-09:48:03.jpg)


I have some aggressive word filters engaged and probably don't see some of the posts you objected to. Someone who sees them will call them out when appropriate.


3 MIL choppers: 2 coast guard Dolphins from NJ area, 1 Army Lakota. Phila one just set down or went off radar. I do not really expect Coast Guard choppers to be used on an inland extraction mission because they are marked in such an obvious fashion. But watching them anyway just in case… Have seen Coast Guard aircraft associated with waterways that were not coastal…

aa3fd5 No.1887257


Yeah, I think he may be tied to that dude/couple that burned alive in their garage in DC too.

51b463 No.1887258

File: 46313f7201feb99⋯.png (162.69 KB, 952x652, 238:163, ClipboardImage.png)



you're missing the point! i'm not the shill, i'm trying to expose the id-hopping technique to legitimize the request for BO to investigate the ip hashes.

no worries. maybe i was too subtle in my attempt.

a2ee1e No.1887259


Please take your encouragement of violence somewhere else. It's not welcome here.

109696 No.1887260



>we were going to lose until my son and daughter both told the judge that they were being told what to say

Count your blessings, anon that you did not have a crooked judge!

I feel I have lost my children forever because I had a crooked judge. I have been separated from my children since 2014 because of the corruption and the brainwashing of the children.

e70ebf No.1887261


It seemed contrived that the owner would say she drove to the restaurant after being notified SHS was there then had a meeting with staff on whether or not to make Sarah leave

I mean who does that?

cda4bd No.1887262

NOTABLE: just out, This is what no-name mcstain has been up to..

"McCain minority staff director Henry Kerner to IRS official Lois Lerner and other IRS

officials: “the solution is to audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous”


aa73e5 No.1887263

File: 58161c8836c894b⋯.png (61.38 KB, 652x434, 326:217, redhensuppliers.png)


ce6b71 No.1887265

File: 25f4937454c7523⋯.png (412.9 KB, 810x538, 405:269, Kenya.png)

55fc03 No.1887266


There is no excuse for intentionally misleading people.

All actions reverb. I'd prepare myself if I were you.

dc9d8a No.1887267


Why was that post deleted?

b53a7b No.1887269


Q already told us countermeasures are in place. Why worry?

2e2d60 No.1887271

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



vidya for you. stop embarrassing yourself and

shitting up the bread.


anon is correct.

3739e4 No.1887272


> But Kings don't have the fortitude to endure the quest. Do they?

KEK…they hoped to blackmail the pope with the secret…that's power right there…at least it was back then, who knows, could still be today. The power the… Knights Templar had…because of what they found for the most part, the secret is stil safe…remember, even secrets change over centuries…and perhaps even the KT mis-interpreted what they found. That happens..a lot.

779abf No.1887273


namefag filtered

c50940 No.1887274


they must have been looking for something, i cant remember the full lineage but the vikings can be traced back to the pharohs. then the vikings were last seen in Greenland/Canada, remember they found the Egyptian artifacts in the grand canyon?


should we organise ourselves locally to pray as a group for a common purpose?


thanks anon, cleared that up for me!

this might sound stupid but do you think it works to say the Hail Mary, but replace Mary with Sophia?

861559 No.1887275



Stopped reading there.

It is NOT important nor of any relevance.

What matters is - are you of the Light? Or of the darkness? Those of the Light can recognize and neutralize the darkness.

55fc03 No.1887276


BO is not your mommy. Think for yourself.

63d93b No.1887277

File: cb90ccd42b2bce0⋯.png (38.42 KB, 555x349, 555:349, Warning.PNG)

Something to be aware of, pic related.

ba0e9a No.1887278

cda4bd No.1887279



eba198 No.1887280

File: 6899e840dd7e264⋯.png (84.91 KB, 365x234, 365:234, screenshot-8ch.net-2018-06….png)

ba6381 No.1887281

>>1886503 (last bread)

This + Art for Embassies Program = What they were trying to hide people from finding out with Pizzagate and the Clinton Foundation

110da3 No.1887282

File: 2a08c983d26db63⋯.jpeg (173.12 KB, 966x1024, 483:512, youagain.jpeg)


You are supposed to ignore known jidf and blackhat shills, anon…this one glows.

Learn to play the game.

This is not a game.


Try harder. We see you (((glow))) with muh jew heritage. Scub that shit right off you, son.


so this is how you lot shop (you) onto pics. Nice try, really. Gotta archive this shit.

Also, very jewy to run to an 'admin' right off.

aeb211 No.1887283

File: d855a6dc23b913c⋯.jpg (3.83 KB, 180x180, 1:1, aeos.jpg)



9980e1 No.1887284

I see Neon Revolt has his page blocked. I'll miss that blog… This is cyber war.

70a6f6 No.1887285

Trump is playing golf today at his club in Sterling Virginia.

ff52e1 No.1887286


once again all replies from the nazi ideology promoters on the board

it appears no anons give a shit about this

big mistake

51b463 No.1887288

File: 5dee37c7d19ac09⋯.jpg (744.32 KB, 1354x1800, 677:900, redhensingearthpotterfam.jpg)


suspiciously missing two.

potter family farms is the 'parent' company of buffalo creek and donald's meats.

calixto ranch is a/k/a singing earth produce

bf0a39 No.1887289




>8it's okay to scalp cia niggas cause they are already dead on the inside

c5a187 No.1887290


Look at the original pic of the one claiming it was him. Look at the amount of tags on the R post. He can't fake that. No one can. Even if it was someone else who cropped the pic and posted it, the whole point is the R post was a fake.

1027ce No.1887291


I'm talking about where the first R post was made, that's the (You) that I was him to highlight. It's whatever to me, I'm asking for anons who think it's a shop. I never took it seriously to begin with.

77a3e8 No.1887292



Gnosticism, is "Conspiracy", is a loaded term, designed by dissenters to paint with a broad brush.

Gnosticism as a specific movement, doesn't really have much of a leg to stand on.

All we have are libraries of spurious texts, some rooted in the Christian faith, some rooted in other traditions.

The argument of gnosticism verses Christianity is a red herring, when you learn the Christian faith, because Christianity is the great Redeemer of all faiths, reconciling all Truth under One True God, so that Christ is all, in all, through all

c34269 No.1887293


Our greatest ally in one post

>>Been here from beginning

>>Lifelong leftist Democrat

>>(((One/Only concern)))

033a11 No.1887294

File: 8a6ab711522fbe3⋯.png (742.9 KB, 1200x384, 25:8, ClipboardImage.png)

51b463 No.1887295


exactly. beware fake you posts claiming to be proof.

e1b332 No.1887296

File: a5285bf50a727c6⋯.jpg (276.98 KB, 960x929, 960:929, a5285bf50a727c666bac9182d9….jpg)

Another 24 hours of Red Hen and R coming up.

It really is a containment board. Fuck.

ff52e1 No.1887297


not necessary

nazi ideology relevant

Q posted = part of cabal = evil

ffbca5 No.1887298


or, another interpretation:


Who Cares? William Jefferson Clinton -> COLOM? MOLOC?

O +6 = U



bfab68 No.1887300


Why would they have to call her at home to come in? Why wasn't she there waiting?

e66cf2 No.1887301







my two shekels, if Q outright debunks the R post then it's obviously a larp post. if not then it should be noted and taken like everything else with a grain of salt. I find it very interesting but I don't want to jump off a cliff chasing a rabbit either.

9c36f4 No.1887302

Notables So Far

>>1886870>>1886957>>1887114 USSS arrest for threatening POTUS - perp speaks about Q in interview

Iffy on the one about the Pharma Co Chemist- Anyone dig on that yet?

e70ebf No.1887303


Please go read twitter and articles from conservatives this morning

I was going to mention it earlier

I have seen many many comments and articles about fighting back or being prepared because the left is more dangerous than usual right now

Acknowledging a prevalent public sentiment is not encouraging violence

861559 No.1887304


Sometimes you have a bunch of people that want to do exactly the same thing as you do, but due to wording, semantics and different focus it gets lost. Do not despair. Have LOVE first and foremost, and no barriers will be lasting.

482531 No.1887305

So can we talk about Sophia now or is it still off topic till later?

70a6f6 No.1887306

be30fb No.1887307


I think INTENTION is everything anon….DIVINTY / SOURCE recognizes / mirrors your intent ; your energy vibration. If Sophia is meaningful to you….SO IT IS :)

861559 No.1887308


I thought this was the very basic skill of rational people.

110da3 No.1887309

File: b9da182926c280e⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 570x834, 95:139, HonorJFK.jpg)


yall getting good at this. Thank you all Patriots for serving.

779abf No.1887310


what does john john have to do with anything we are expecting in the coming weeks? Huber, IG, RR, Sessions, PS testimony, Iran revolution, peace on the korean peninsula? thats the narrative stupid. you and your whole clown family are going to burn alive and ill be there to see it. i hope they make u go last too. youve already lost, go into hiding if you want to save your skin…if they will let u.

ffbca5 No.1887311


so, this would lead to interpretation 2:


a58117 No.1887312


The autists picked up that R is a shill pretty quick.

10e095 No.1887313


…and considering she ran a magazine called "Brain, Child". Let's ponder, does the brain of a child have anything of value to the evil ones? Hmmm…

51b463 No.1887314


i disagree. anyone can screenshot the original post and photoshop a you in there.

9c36f4 No.1887315


Trying Again, damn

>>1887127, >>1887165 BOARD OWNER, Can you Verify

>>1887107 DOJ Stalling Letter Addressed to Nunes

>>1886870>>1886957>>1887114 USSS arrest for threatening POTUS - perp speaks about Q in interview

>>1886803 #Walkaway From the Democrat/Liberal Thinking GREAT VID

>>1886816, >>1886865, >>1886912, >>1886965, >>1886995, >>1887037, >>1887056, >>1887059, >>1887064, >>18872355 Planefag Updates

>>1886763, >>1886800 Chemist for Pharma Co. in Irvine, CA Murdered While Camping… Maybe Dig Worthy

c7f957 No.1887316


Check out his gab, he's updating us on the situation. Changed hosting sites and the new one blocked him, he's in the process of moving to a new platform now.

03a7d4 No.1887317

File: 8ce1a4d734c76b5⋯.png (73.73 KB, 720x316, 180:79, ClipboardImage.png)


I do love that grand canyon story but wish someone would find the cave and take pics before i consider believing it. There's a lot of evidence it was just a story to sell newspapers.

You might be interested in the Solutreans who supposedly (with very complelling evidence) came before the vikings to North America.

Atlantis=North America

The pillars of hercules were leading to America.

ff52e1 No.1887318


i never said racist

Q tols us

nazi ideology relevant

evil cabal tool

do you care?

if not why are you here?

e50928 No.1887319


>I mean who does that?

Not normal people. But, then, few on the left would be considered normal people by our standards.

109696 No.1887320


> “the solution is to audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous”

Now if they only applied that philosophy to all of the shell companies instead of individual tax payers America could be on the road to being GREAT AGAIN!

67ad5b No.1887321


Shes a survivor of Murder or organ harvesting?

1e046c No.1887322


Erroneous cover corrected by Time magazine


c5a187 No.1887323



Sure, it's easy to get a pic of a (you) on any random post. But it is impossible to get a (you) on a post that has so many tags unless it is really (you). THINK!

bf0a39 No.1887324

861559 No.1887325


The "sophia" that was referenced in the post from a Light force extraterrestrial workin on dismantling off-world evil? Sure, ask away, but don't eat too much of the bread with it - might get another cryptic Q reply :DDD

ff52e1 No.1887326


nazi ideology anon

Q tagged you

evil cabal

bf0a39 No.1887327



3739e4 No.1887328


>the Holy Sophia is the female aspect…the birth canal from formless to form


>The fish symbol …. it’s a vagina … ;)

MUCH of the symbolism in the catholic cult is Vaginal in nature…consider the architecture of many cathedral doors/entryways as an example. Pure-d-vagina…this harkens back to "rebirthing" cave ceremonies of ancient times. Even "christ" performed a rebirthing ceremony as described in the SGof Mark where he took a young man (purportedly Lazarus) naked into a cave to show him the mysteries. Some theories that there was a sacred medicine ritual involved…one writer and some church iconography confirms, there might have been sacred mushrooms involved. Only people familiar with such ceremony and its healing usefulness will comprehend this. Indigenous people know this. In the cathedral at Arques (France) there is, hidden away in the locked room visible via a window and a button lamp, a statue of the "virgin mary" holding the "christ child on her left…and in her right outstreched palm is a Amarita mushroom.

51b463 No.1887329


agree 100.

no reason to close our minds to *anything* at this point. we've been told to pray, watch, love, spread the message, dig, think…no division, no negativity.

peace, love, and hard thinking, anon.

5cceec No.1887330


There’s a lot of pushback on R.

With nothing that tells me to keep an eye on it.

ff52e1 No.1887331


Q tagged you

evil cabal

end of story

304e21 No.1887332


Liddle too late ya think?

5d8617 No.1887333


found multiple links to the archive, all dead

c5a187 No.1887334


Yeah? Prove it. Post a pic with your ID and a (you) on that post.

1e046c No.1887335


Yep, but still it is a correction.

9d87eb No.1887337

File: 3d8822b83f79b35⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 900x372, 75:31, subgroup.jpg)

File: 479648fe4103bf4⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 324x468, 9:13, Germanymustperish.jpg)


1.I think that Jews promote and welcome open borders is extremely relevant.

2.The sub group is what we need to find

Pointing out evil jews does not make one a Nazi

e50928 No.1887338


If you assume the narrative is truthful, then it just indicates the SJW nature of the staff. It is DC after all.

c5a187 No.1887339


Sure did.

b5cf5b No.1887340


Another A for autism

af1f7f No.1887341


You're allowed to start new topics and post you own research, anon.

That's one of the good things about an image board, you will learn.

Tell us what you have found instead of critiquing other posts and you will fit in just fine.

110da3 No.1887342

File: e526895cfaaa839⋯.jpg (169.67 KB, 542x824, 271:412, liesofkikes2.jpg)


He did indeed, jew. He did indeed. No coincidences.

You are going down. This post is a notice to all doubtfags.


a39d07 No.1887343

File: 72510a13a9cf05a⋯.png (231.65 KB, 618x1042, 309:521, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)


time to play

10e095 No.1887344


What ever happened to Zac?

c34269 No.1887345









304e21 No.1887346


And was a great template for memes for us I think…all that empty space, was a W for us if anything.

0f6dd1 No.1887347


thanks for sharing.

>>1886762 (lb)


my vote for timestamp of the board so far. very nice, ringing clear here too.

>not like I don't have a lot of gardening work to do

me neither. mine's doing really well for the lack of attention lately. yours?

bcc094 No.1887348


I hope your team is watching the comments all over the internet - there really is a division of GOOD vs EVIL.

Lines are being drawn, they have threatened EVERYONE OF US with physical violence. The left is actually talking war, violence, rape, child rape - openly. Someone is going to get froggy and light this fuse.

It's time - drop the bomb and completely expose these people. The rational can be saved but the rabid are … dangerous, at least.

3739e4 No.1887349


> holds the bloodline.

yes and perpetuates (((THEIR))) we're special bloodline myth :) and continues to this day. (((THEY))) were a failed creation, nothing nearly as powerful as what "the mad scientist mad" and (((THEY))) have jealously been seeking to find and destroy, for centuries.

8e71d1 No.1887350



Don't be a douche.


Don't use "pro-tip" quite so often.

d11094 No.1887351





I tried Helper Anon - thanks again for the link:



482531 No.1887352


Sophia has a sister called Alice and it's sticking in my brain…. hmmm

ff52e1 No.1887353


Q told us

nazi ideology = evil cabal

a58117 No.1887354


Comey Self-Destruction Explained — We were emailed this fascinating artiticle back on May 30 well before former FBI director James Comey’s strangely self-destructive testimony before Congress. While we cannot vouch for Lisa Frank, it certainly explains why President Trump fired Comey in the matter he did. It further notes many aspects about Comey’s career — which we have easily confirmed — that have not been pointed out by those seeking to orchestrate a coup. One thing that Ms. Frank does not mention is the other side to Comey’s role in 2007 to stopping the reauthorization of Stellar Wind, the mass National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program designed to mitigate terrorist threats in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. It made Comey a hero and the Bush Administration look like jerks. It turns out that Comey was acting in concert with then Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and of course the NSA never really stopped surveillance.


c5a2bc No.1887355


Why is she on here? Bitch just outted herself.

1e046c No.1887356


Very true!

c5a187 No.1887357




51b463 No.1887358

File: f908802d17f0acb⋯.png (5.28 KB, 496x87, 496:87, ClipboardImage.png)

3e4a2d No.1887359


3dc957 No.1887360


> 16 posts

kys shill, you glow.

5cceec No.1887361


Look at me I’m a pro I said it twice.

37b7e0 No.1887362

File: 7bafb3be95f4fe7⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1200x1050, 8:7, helper-anon-yeah-right.png)

File: a9322e57388073f⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1238x1875, 1238:1875, it-glows-2.png)

File: f93f502b7a014a5⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1238x1875, 1238:1875, it-glows-1.png)

e66cf2 No.1887363

File: 56f6784249b24a0⋯.png (172.97 KB, 1129x597, 1129:597, Beatrix.png)



Harry Potter

Beatrix Potter - childrens author.

She was masonic/cult - check out her A's on her book covers.

237c5f No.1887364


She - and the (you) is faked.

d86228 No.1887365


Prove it.

779abf No.1887366


thought i heard something about him getting picked up, same as corsi's buddy. but its probably all just optics. just like when patriots soapbox reddit got banned and deleted. just operations to appear legit and recruit more followers. they really think we are stupid but they will know better soon.

bf0a39 No.1887367

watch the water

cause religion is dirty


peanut butter sticks to the car seat

861559 No.1887368

File: d7045d0d3d901e8⋯.png (15.91 KB, 1796x298, 898:149, riseofthepeople.png)


This is an important Q post that should be understood prior to reading the one you posted.

aaf22d No.1887369

someone on here is personally insulted the r larp failed so quickly. someone's contract up for renewal?

ef07ef No.1887370


Link to TWitter page please anon?

Downloaded book.

cbb502 No.1887371

c5a2bc (17)

Seventeen divisive and porn posts. Don't respond to this fucktard, he's projecting, delaying, and disruptive. Don't let him earn his $.02 with a reply.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, What a fucking loser.

c7f957 No.1887372


That was an interesting post to say the least. Did he post anything else?

9f18a1 No.1887373


sadly closed door testimony:

FBI Agent Peter Strzok, a central target of allegations by President Donald Trump and his allies of investigative bias and misconduct, has been subpoenaed to appear for closed-door questioning before two House committees.


109696 No.1887374


>Read this notable >>1885959

^^^Thanks, anon! I never saw this NOTABLE.

Certainly brings into perspective Q's post June 18:

>Scope & Size biggest in history.

IG report release does not coincide with true start date (info push to) of Huber re: above.

Scope & Size biggest in history.

Grand Jury in place?


304e21 No.1887375


Nickname for this one can be Beatroot

t. have a beatroot in muh fam

ff52e1 No.1887376


continued nazi ideology detected again

51b463 No.1887377


no, it absolutely isn't.

the background of any screencapture of this board is simple and easy to duplicate.

there is nothing on a screencap of this board that cannot be simply/easily duplicated.

i've gotten it down to about 2.5 minutes in this thread. easy.

c2b243 No.1887378


Sorry to butt in. Ignore if already discussed. But the way I understood this crumb is.

" Think subgroup"

Nazi is a subgroup of N


ce6b71 No.1887379


>perp speaks about Q in interview

where is this part? do you have a screencap?

77a3e8 No.1887380


I become more addressing convinced that it is Gnosticism which became Christianity, and not the other way around.

I see Gnosticism being the source of the Satanic occultism in the Catholic Church, and those who were hunted down we're not Gnostics but the true faithful.

c5a187 No.1887381


You have a problem with reading comprehension. I said on that post, meaning the original R post. Prove the anon who said he made it up actually didn't make it up. If you can show me it can be done in the way you claim, I'm willing to believe it's real.

1027ce No.1887382


Q told us to trust ourselves, meaning he's not gonna hold our hands. We shouldn't need Q to vet this, it's enough for BO/BV to match up post history. Not sure if they have or not but best to check. Better safe than sorry.

110da3 No.1887383

File: 4d9aa8272098805⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 459x664, 459:664, kekwillsit.jpg)


Wheels within wheels, nigga. Much of this won't be clean.

Trust the Patriots.


Amid Record Approval Ratings, Trump Set To Roll The Dice With Putin Summit In July


"In what is sure to incense Adam Schiff, The Democrats, and all establishment media, Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports that a Trump-Putin summit is expected to take place on July 15th in Vienna "according to the latest information"…

"For several days diplomatic envoys from Washington and Moscow have been in Vienna, to clarify the details of the discussions between the two presidents."

For now, however, no confirmation has been received from either side, as Tass reported, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Kremlin isn't yet ready to give information, but will provide it when available.

But, as M K Bhadrakumar, via The Asia Times, reports, an announcement is expected soon that the meeting will occur after the NATO summit."

bb3f36 No.1887384


Might not have failed. Pay attention. It's been discovered that the girl who posted the (you) picture photoshopped it.

55fc03 No.1887385

File: 8b0370284bb30c3⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 1024x934, 512:467, KarmaCafe.jpg)

c5a2bc No.1887386


ID: cbb502

779abf No.1887387


shitty. maybe we'll get some leaks if RR is in the room kek

3dc957 No.1887388


Oh look, its a projection shill.. kys.

a58117 No.1887389


>KEK…witches…nope…that term was developed SOLELY to demonize women and the traditional practice of medicine passed through centuries.

A definition from a Women's Studies course.

It had nothing to do with "traditional medicine." It had to do with the invoking of the supernatural and the various rituals – often including child murder – that were thought to give one supernatural powers.

You should read the Bible before you criticize it.

c34269 No.1887390

File: 890d8a98fe7d661⋯.jpg (97.2 KB, 825x463, 825:463, 2bmcp6.jpg)

File: 907ea6ae541e160⋯.jpg (95.43 KB, 825x463, 825:463, 2bmbic.jpg)

File: 480cdb44f994fa2⋯.png (460.7 KB, 1308x772, 327:193, 37494f8779df919604253132db….png)

File: c891000c839ce92⋯.jpg (261.24 KB, 1767x741, 31:13, e53243ef12ef5101103d90e405….jpg)

76f2ab No.1887391



3739e4 No.1887392


>should we organise ourselves locally to pray as a group for a common purpose?

WHY? Why not hold space for and honor the truth in your heart and mind? The reason many people cannot do this is that they want the truth to be organized only around what they believe. The truth is the truth. It needs no prayer or support. What happens is that people organize to pray for what version of the truth they want…think…and feel your response..

what if the truth is…everything you believe in is a lie? What if your religious beliefs are a lie? HOW does that feel…does your mind snap shut? What will your prayers go to then? Keeping the truth hidden?

Let the truth be what it is. Hold space for the truth…even if it's scary to you. Anger is the first response to this thought…it's fear…FEAR…what if everything I believe in is a lie? Double down…that's the first response. Revelation of truth…does not need our assistance, it needs our minds to be OPEN…fear-based belief sets are control mechanisms…(love me or die) there are many versions of it but they all come down to the same thing. Control…of thoughts.

259f83 No.1887393

File: 6e58a924615f0d5⋯.jpg (235.02 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Dgad2BuUcAAJdoU.jpg)

ee26fa No.1887394

File: 855832d8c6f1494⋯.gif (113.9 KB, 634x559, 634:559, on or off.GIF)


just another thought

51b463 No.1887395


i agree with you - but i felt that i need to make it clear to as many anons as possible that a screencap of a 'you' for proof means absolutely zero. honestly trying to help by showing maybe-newer-than-mefags that a picture of a you is nothing.

23f096 No.1887396

File: 1110b558e120317⋯.png (12.2 MB, 5313x3193, 5313:3193, ClipboardImage.png)

be30fb No.1887397


…What you create…

You get to keep what you give.

d11094 No.1887398


page 6, section 28

I don't want to scren cap - please read it - I thik a Helper Anon is telling us something - see the other posts.

c5a187 No.1887399


OK, I'm listening. I know all to well photoshopping here is very good. But can you duplicate what the anon did that said he made up the R post?

a3f18d No.1887400

File: cc9b4d0bd54c3c1⋯.jpg (12.55 KB, 240x237, 80:79, 11755286_797321950381074_5….jpg)

af1f7f No.1887401



Also note they are picking on women 100 percent.

Classic psychopath behavior.

55fc03 No.1887402


NAZI'S chase people out of restaurants because they can't handle diversity of thought and belief.

8d1682 No.1887403


^^NEWFAGS and Refresher for Anons..

d11094 No.1887404

bf0a39 No.1887405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

since frump is the larp

in this snake round up

perhaps we need a old rule

"pics or it didn;t happen"

the disinfo stench seems a deliberate anitsemite plot

it is not necassary

a lot of huge lies have been poached so far

perhaps timelines are more pertinanat to research

probably emotional appeals to an agenda is a seditious lie or 'improbable' pleas of sympathy to the devil or the grave

let them eat tacos

89ac24 No.1887406


This one is KEK, Anon. Love it

03a7d4 No.1887407


sophia is wisdom = consciousness

logos is logic = math

in the new theory of everything scientist say in order for something to exist it must be observed.

can rocks observe? well yes they can becuase they are made up of electrons and protons and neutrons interacting with eachother to form bonds and what not.

the act of interacting with other atoms is observing them.

9c36f4 No.1887408



Good Bread Title?:

Q Research General #2378 Did Somebody Make up R Edition

Not sure I am following you guys correctly

1255b9 No.1887409


When you see redacted text

RR is here

4d22f0 No.1887410


For the last time.

NEW YORKERS say "On Line".

POTUS is a New Yorker.

3739e4 No.1887411


fear gagging…someone posted a video of a mexican gang executing someone…and suddenly its organ harvesting. OMG TRIGGER survivors…fuckinA let go of that fear-based trauma. Getting well is a choice…staying sick..means getting triggered…getting triggered is fear. Fear is the killer of all truth.

e3976f No.1887412

File: 0115c2a486b1ee0⋯.png (634.07 KB, 1167x1074, 389:358, ClipboardImage.png)

i found this on gab

321st military intelligence division

their emblem

a2ee1e No.1887413


Or just plain old bigots. The left seems to have an unending supply of those who are intolerant of other viewpoints.

9d87eb No.1887414



By that logic Nationalism is a huge part of the problem.

For example: I must have missed the part of "Nazi" ideology that flooded white countries with non whites…

9f18a1 No.1887415

File: a89dd5255d6ed8c⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1300x650, 2:1, Corgies WWG1WGA.png)

1e046c No.1887416

Do they ever take their heads outta their asses?


Senators talk of 'refugee crisis,' but divided on reasons why Central American migrants come to US


3dc957 No.1887417


This.. people attacked it so hard, which just makes it more interesting to some anons, cause anons know how shills work.

c98791 No.1887418


i took it as an interesting bedtime story. If it has a grain of truth in it we will surely find out in time.

55fc03 No.1887419



It's fake and gay.

139f2f No.1887420



e3976f No.1887421

File: 16f0a161d0100a9⋯.png (178.55 KB, 303x308, 303:308, ClipboardImage.png)

from gab

2c98d0 No.1887422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

110da3 No.1887423

File: f0a580e199fccae⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 2231x3000, 2231:3000, pepevlad.jpg)


ashkaNAZIS. Understand (((projection))).

Through deception, thou shalt wage WAR - MOSSAD


(((rothschild familiy history))) and their creation of satanic nation of israel:


22ebbc No.1887424

Anons… lets just say this. I have been having some MEGA issues lately.

All of them developing more and more as I become more active here.

I believe theres an operation against me. I cannot access my money. My mail is not being delivered for any bill, replacement cards, important mail.

My license has been suspended. Credit score taking hits.

Post office complaints. Post office must have some bad actors in it still.

It has been over 3 months now. no cards only cash ive had to close my bank accounts…

Any ideas?

861559 No.1887425

File: b55c98e43db4396⋯.jpg (282.98 KB, 1600x1066, 800:533, pathetic.jpg)


>Wheels within wheels, nigga. Much of this won't be clean.

NEVER discount your fellow Patriots everywhere!

blame ruling class vs. blame the people

This cannot be emphasized enough.

67ad5b No.1887426



Pope = Catholic

8d1682 No.1887427

File: 716c9a413687616⋯.png (745.97 KB, 830x812, 415:406, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Italy….png)


c34269 No.1887428


When the nazis kicked the jews out they called them jews.

The left called her a nazi while they kicked her out.

a58117 No.1887429



>in fact the symbology of gaining power through the ritual and symbolic use of human blood and flesh

And understand the theology before you attempt to explain it. The Eucharist has nothing to do with "gaining power".

a2a4e3 No.1887430


You could have found it 3 breads back, and 4 breads back, and 5 breads back.

Stupid asshole. Try harder.

acc9c5 No.1887431


i don't use twatter send ann_bg a twat and he could give you the download links

9c36f4 No.1887432


Sometimes you Anon's confuse the shit out of me,Kek

55fc03 No.1887433


How can it possibly be that after all these months you can't think for yourself and need someone else to tell you what to believe.

You must go back. You've learned nothing.

7c91f6 No.1887434


To be honest, I don't know why she did the right thing at all. She was a terrible judge. Would you believe we had to wait almost 3 more months to get our kids back from those people? It was like she wanted to give them one more shot at brainwashing, or give us one more chance to lose patience or not comply.

I think part of it was that we made the extremely bold move of having her get pregnant with another child. It was a crazy thing to do in a lot of ways, but we knew that it would complicate the case drastically. We were desperate, and I think it helped. We ended up a united family of 5 instead of a divided family of 4.

My heart goes out to you Anon. I know what the pain is like, and I hope that you get your kids back!

be30fb No.1887435


Anons see the fish symbol? ;)

688b06 No.1887436


Not on JFK's yacht. Don't spread misinfo. anon.

259f83 No.1887437


Awesome graphic!

8d1682 No.1887438

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fa5667 No.1887439

File: 1d4bb05bd023542⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 1d4bb05bd023542875fb5896e0….jpg)

7c91f6 No.1887440


I mean 3 months AFTER the kids admitted to being forced to lie. It was 16 months total.

42aa65 No.1887441


get a new tactic?

3739e4 No.1887442


> because Christianity is the great Redeemer of all faiths, reconciling all Truth under One True God,


This is my body which is broken for you, take this bread (eat my body) drink this wine (my blood)…cannibalism, gaining power through the blood and flesh…even if symbolic…you must believe when you put that wafer in your mouth that it is the literal body of christ….and they cannot even see it's the same damn ritual.

bf0a39 No.1887443

it seems i made yall better altars than yall could imagine, faggots kys

55fc03 No.1887444


17 posts in the bread so far. Maybe you should lurk moar.

73ca76 No.1887445


This post confirms my thoughts. It is no nation as a whole, evil entities in general. Even the sleeping are mainly innocent just controlled with evil design.

b20cab No.1887446


I saw that video but that doesn't mean that the info he has revealed is not true. Trump could very well be planning only a single term which would explain why he is doing things at breakneck speed. To finish ahead of time and under budget.

a08d08 No.1887447



aaf22d No.1887448


[xfiles theme intensifies]

a3f18d No.1887449

File: 866066376467131⋯.png (43.14 KB, 413x272, 413:272, aaaabullshit.png)

645765 No.1887450

File: 2f4a1dedeb76901⋯.png (422.52 KB, 1192x707, 1192:707, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at ….png)


This anon has researched Cathars at length.

Look into Albigensian Crusade.

Reports of over 1M Cathars slaughtered.

Cathars had elements of Buddhist approach to religion.

Experienced lay people were considered teachers.

Believed in the concept of relative and absolute reality.

God is inside.

Through mediation one comes to the absolute knowledge of reality.

Reality is an illusion (relative reality).

Absolute reality is the "big mind" or as Tibetan Buddhist call it Rigpa.

That which can not be described or pointed to.

Cathartic approach to religion posed a threat to the Catholic Church.

Priests were losing control.


110da3 No.1887451


The anti-snowflake operations will continue, we keep shit working.

Understand the dynamic of how one engineers FEAR and artificially creates PRESSURE.

Then understand why some fight fire with fire.


reminider for all:

Soros working with human traffickers

8d1682 No.1887452

File: 00d89809d66cc9b⋯.png (75.86 KB, 893x647, 893:647, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Decla….png)


2c98d0 No.1887453

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump national golf club Sterling Virginia, Trump is there today.

ef630f No.1887454

File: c5a0f3168a4e5da⋯.jpg (73.01 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 35882150_742035832853945_4….jpg)

109696 No.1887456

File: a24a25ecf9dc7d6⋯.png (195.64 KB, 820x492, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)



This Sophia? Sophia the robot was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia November 2017:

What does it mean to grant citizenship to a robot?

That's the question many have been asking since last week, when a robot was granted Saudi citizenship at an economic and financial summit in Riyadh.

The robot in question is Sophia — the product of a Hong Kong-based company called Hanson Robotics.


cec885 No.1887457


I hope you are right! The Situation in Europe is hot!

3dc957 No.1887458


Yep, total proof a (you) can be photo shopped .

8d1682 No.1887459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

861559 No.1887460


Excellent, now all it takes is acting upon the knowledge that We The People have (all) the power and some mental preparation as well as discernment for the oncoming space based revealations, and we're all set.

37b7e0 No.1887461

File: f08c259e5f5b8cc⋯.png (314.21 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, another-helper-anon-slide.png)

bf0a39 No.1887462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10e095 No.1887463


I watched the clip of Zac's last (or 2nd to last don't exactly remember) appearance. It was such cringe-worthy bad acting that was only redeemed by the look of horror on AJ's face as Zac went off the rails. I knew AJ would immediately pull the plug on that LARP after that.

1255b9 No.1887464


Zach Lee

a08d08 No.1887465

I hope you Rfaggots realize how stupid you are and make amends (not with anons) but with yourselves

same with you muh helpers, get a grip

8d1682 No.1887466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9/11 Documentary

22ebbc No.1887467


I was a ghost for 25 years. I can go back. But I tried to play the game. Unfortunately its being stacked against me.

Im in it all, and I dont hide as I used but I guess theyre getting me.

New tactics is going ghost again but that means no credit no etc.

Fake names arent fun to use when they get caught up.

861559 No.1887469


Can you elaborate a bit on your reply to me? I know you are hard pressed to trample evil, but it is of equal importance not to do collateral damage.

9f18a1 No.1887470

Reason #36 why Christie is not in DJT's cabinet:

Christie: Trump ‘enormously ill-served’ by DOJ on ‘zero-tolerance’ policy

Chris Christie on Sunday faulted the Department of Justice for the Trump administration's handling of its "zero tolerance" policy and the subsequent separation of migrant families that prompted overwhelming backlash.

"I think one of the things that hasn’t been talked about this week, George (Stephanopoulos), is the president was enormously ill served by the Department of Justice," Christie said on ABC's "This Week."

"If the attorney general come in and says to the president, 'I want you to do a zero tolerance policy, but let me just tell you, we don’t have enough judges to handle the cases, we don’t have enough prosecutors to bring the cases, and we don’t have enough detention facilities to legally detain the people that we’re going to show zero tolerance to,' the president would have never approved this," Christie continued.


2c98d0 No.1887471


West World

23f096 No.1887473



861559 No.1887476


What have you done to get such treatment? Are you a TI?

109696 No.1887477


You are telling the BAKER to lurk moar?

73ca76 No.1887478



Good to go!


9c36f4 No.1887479


Maybe you ought to bake…

0f6dd1 No.1887480

File: 508e49fdd6f05a8⋯.jpg (55.58 KB, 864x272, 54:17, #FuckIsAllUHaveLeft.jpg)


>f… (x2)


Thanks for the reveal.

Enjoy your Sunday brunch.

Don't get too hot behind the mask.

84df61 No.1887481

Protests planned.

Here Are The Next Protests Against Trump's Family Separation Policy

Andrea González-Ramírez

June 19, 2018, 10:31 AM


e66cf2 No.1887482


the "Beat" generation


628493 No.1887483

did it right by NOT mentioning Trump or republicans or conservatives - all 3 of those are trigger words for liberals and @jack


779abf No.1887484

File: 48710790f9dea53⋯.png (935.48 KB, 596x709, 596:709, ClipboardImage.png)


yes, yes it was. took me 3 sec to find it. re read crumbs anon

688b06 No.1887485


You should take your own advice.

b11d06 No.1887486

File: adcda518ffbfbe6⋯.jpg (111.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, SCAM.jpg)

304e21 No.1887487


Ah the old saying

Is the Pope Catholic?

8d1682 No.1887488


fbf47d No.1887489


And they have 11shitposts

42aa65 No.1887490


Well… No passes if you play the game. Next.

31d6e3 No.1887491




Must See Video of the movement away from the progressive agenda!

They will do absolutely nothing for you


[Sorry can't embed; remote location - can't upload]

3739e4 No.1887492


>And understand the theology before you attempt to explain it. The Eucharist has nothing to do with "gaining power"

KEK..that "ceremony" was explained in depth to me by a priest as I converted…I must believe it is the literal body of christ..need less to say hilarity ensued via some of my common sense questions.

Beliefs are beliefs…this do in remembrance of me…eat my body, drink my blood…there is power in the blood of the lamb.

bf0a39 No.1887493

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2f085c No.1887494

File: ce87142a0e95569⋯.jpg (166.96 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, stupid.jpg)


lol he already signed a bill or eo

to not separate families

wtf are they protesting?

482531 No.1887496


She has a sister called ALICE, don't know if there is a connection here.

8d1682 No.1887497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9c36f4 No.1887498


779abf No.1887499


beleive him if u want. learn how disinfo works.

1e046c No.1887500


I was just sitting here thinking the same thing.

b11d06 No.1887501


Looks more, to me, like a Mossad operation

c5a8fc No.1887502

File: b1cd4dbbe3b68cd⋯.png (359.57 KB, 600x333, 200:111, bread.png)


Yeah , what can I do? Don't be concerned. I don't bite.

I dig I meme …

I play.

b53a7b No.1887503


Of course by "child", we mean "unmarried person under 21".


67ad5b No.1887504


Oh man, m family use to say that all the time lol

1027ce No.1887505

File: 938671d6baee2e6⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x254, 255:254, This is serious.jpg)


Seems like we've got some jokers in the bread. If it's distracting anons on a wild goose chase en masse, it needs to be addressed. Hopefully all this will be put to rest soon, it's like nobody is even digging crumbs, hence the name of the bread.

a08d08 No.1887506



well this pope is technically a jesuit but anyway:

P = pope = chair = C

chair serves master = ++

55fc03 No.1887507


Dogma = waste of bread

Don't waste the bread.

Learn your history - the real history.

76f2ab No.1887508


Maybe when I grow up I will be as smart as you. Thanks for the encouragement though

c34269 No.1887510