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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, ##QR.jpg)

ced341  No.5567908

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Thursday 03.07.2019

>>5553520 ————————————–——– Qpost on Denver Airport

>>5553154 rt >>5552800 ————————— Privacy push to cover for past/future 'exposure' issue

>>5552746 rt >>5551830 ————————— Trying to get ahead of something? What a coincidence


>>5551229 ————————————–——– Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

>>5551010 ————————————–——– [DARPA>GOOG] Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.

>>5550834 rt >>5550786 ————————— [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 rt >>5550547 ————————— Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

Wednesday 03.06.2019

>>5550547 ————————————–——– Did DARPA complete build/code (tax-payer funded) 'LifeLog' program? [2 of 9]

>>5550175 ————————————–——– Define 'Lifelog' [DARPA]. (cap: >>5550214)

>>5549666 ————————————–——– Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law. (vid: >>5549677 )

>>5546235 ————————————–——– We hear his source(s) are 'very' credible ( cap: >>5546265 )

>>5543905 ————————————–——– Lifelog / Facebook connection. (image)

>>5543889 ————————————–——– FB RETURNING TO THE NEWS. [1 of 9]

>>5538237 rt >>5538127 ————————— TIME = CORRUPTION.


>>5537906 ————————————–——– But, they [D's] already know, they just LIE [DISHONEST]. ( Cap: >>5538106 )

>>5537208 ————————————–——– Death Blossom. ( Cap: >>5537276 )

Tuesday 03.05.2019

Compiled here: >>5567488

Monday 03.04.2019

Compiled here: >>5553124

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

ced341  No.5567918


are not endorsements


>>5389728, >>5392971 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5567864 The Marriott Hotels data breach and China

>>5567817 Tech co's moving from China to Taiwan to avoid spytech

>>5567762 Woods tweets re First Amendment

>>5567751 Venezuela Blackout - Lice Coverage

>>5567533 The mystery of Blumenthal vs Trump

>>5567464 , >>5567500, >>5567812 The Pentagon and the Keystone

>>5567409 GM's Lordstown Chevy Cruze Plant Closes

>>5567292 Tlaib: Steve Scalise ‘Steeped in Islamophobia’

>>5567282 Moar on The Keystone, formerly Magic Wand

>>5567276 Cory Booker's 100m donation from Facebook: Results

>>5567264 , >>5567339 SCOTUS RARE House Hearing Today

>>5567902 #7119


>>5566988 John Podesta shows up in Australia

>>5566955 , >>5567018 Check: Pics of Barr at the meeting table with others

>>5566939 #Caption This US Army Tweet

>>5566851 World Jewish Congress: Democrats Watered Down Resolution on Antisemitism

>>5566478 The differences between Epstein, Asimov and Manafort's sentences

>>5566820 Judge calls for Manafort to be given credit for time served

>>5566731 The Red Thread: Big day for Judicial Watch tomorrow

>>5566706 Is Denver IA built on ancient Native American graves?

>>5566688 Chelsea Manning releases statement re Secret Grand Jury tomorrow

>>5566630 , >>5566650 Dig: Ferrovial Airports, Denver Airport & Loop Capital

>>5566534 Is this why POTUS accepted FDA chiefs resignation?

>>5566529 SpaceX test flight Crew Dragon expected to re-enter tomorrow

>>5566525 Dems unveil 'Save The Internet Act' to save Net Neutrality

>>5566524 Planefag report

>>5566518 Review of past QDrops on Snowden

>>5566513 @USMC tweet: 777

>>5567129 #7118


>>5566333 Planefag Report

>>5566255 Wray: China has become the number one counterintelligence threat

>>5566160 Update on northern California and the Stephon Clark protests

>>5566127 More digs on C_A data collection using FB, and IOS and Android OS's

>>5566115 Dig: Charles Ansbacher commissioned the Denver Airport art

>>5566067 Trump Jr: House Democrats tried to undermine the 2nd amendment this week

>>5566007 Manafort Given 47 Months in Prison

>>5566005 Donna Zuckerberg's book on the 'manosphere'

>>5565988 Household Net Worth Tumbles By $3.7 Trillion, First Drop In 4 Years

>>5565864 Reports: Tesla Sending Employees Home Mid-Shift, Cutting Inventory

>>5565802 Looking at the 'calander' Q provided and the Huber/Barr meeting

>>5565778 Facebook opens Denver office

>>5565748 Filing of complaint against AOC

>>5565314 (lb) Repeat of the 'Keystone' theory (also in lb's notes)

>>5566362 #7117

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7ae61d  No.5567954

>>5565314 angelfire keystone post

I’m fairly certain Q or one of Q team just posted this as anon.

There is no. F**king. way. any one of us put this together.

I think I have high levels of autism and I know there are some incredibly brilliant people on 8h with the finds y’all put out but ...


Which means it’s really GO TIME

You can’t give away the keystone info and not be ready to GO



ced341  No.5567957

File: b232eac23140b68⋯.png (366.18 KB, 799x500, 799:500, cf3a8dffe46627306069f45ef8….png)

#7120 Dough


ced341  No.5567991

lb Note Fix

>>5567751 Venezuela Blackout - Live Coverage

70290e  No.5568001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q - The Plan to Save the World - https://youtu.be/3vw9N96E-aQ

Who made this video?

Do we know?

It is very slick. Hardly amateur.

Do we know where it came from?


Or did it just show up, and was accepted?

Accepted by whom?

How do we know?

Does Jordan Sather push this video?

Does Jordan Sather also peddle things for money?


If you knew certain truths were going to get out no matter what, what would you do?

Would you try to seize the communication of those truths?

Might you expose A LOT, while carefully and subtly controlling the emphasis?

Could controlling the emphasis control perception, and reaction?

Does this video present DIFFICULT and COMPLEX truths using simplifications that will make them seem absurd to many?

While at the same time being extremely slick, and hence convincing?

Does this video take the HARDEST part of our job– explaining complicated and also very weird realities to the public, and run roughshod over the need for careful presentation?

Does it just chuck out an interpretation that is easy, in many ways true, but in others very incomplete– and in any case likely to be ignored by many?

Is this a form of control?

Is saying “criminals took over” a simplification? Does it tend to make a complex reality look a bit cartoonish? And how does that (cartoonishness) make US look?

Is the title “plan to save the world” also cartoonish?

Does it undermine in many subtle ways?

Who made it?

How would we know?

Does anyone ask?

Or just assume someone else did?

Will it get removed?

Does its origins and validity get addressed?

What controls the board and decides?

Are the people in control of this board?

How do you know?


7ae61d  No.5568003


Sorry. I shit the bread. I know. Fuck me. But I mean damn it. He just set us off. Boom goes the Internet.

ec6416  No.5568004

File: 377fdaa88969057⋯.jpg (313.72 KB, 1979x1440, 1979:1440, _20190307_214739.JPG)

File: ebee5de3ec9c2ea⋯.jpg (284.93 KB, 1972x1440, 493:360, _20190307_220015.JPG)

File: da7f14047dbc898⋯.jpg (471.16 KB, 1980x1440, 11:8, _20190307_214757.JPG)

File: ebee5de3ec9c2ea⋯.jpg (284.93 KB, 1972x1440, 493:360, _20190307_220015.JPG)

File: 491dcd23ff5d03d⋯.jpg (308.92 KB, 1975x1440, 395:288, IMG_20190307_220112.jpg)

75342a  No.5568008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


70290e  No.5568019

File: a198b482ea43ae2⋯.png (64.68 KB, 425x156, 425:156, wutevennow.png)

File: 8c735e93c9a8f0f⋯.png (11.09 KB, 636x162, 106:27, FAKEQ2.png)

File: d8e48d811ea4a5d⋯.png (118.25 KB, 432x159, 144:53, morebad.png)

File: afa631b4d0a4e54⋯.png (21.2 KB, 438x156, 73:26, vvNHt.png)

File: 40cd67f2724be2e⋯.png (68.7 KB, 432x168, 18:7, wuttt.png)


Look at these.

What do they convey?

Are we being MOCKED, here?

Really, are you kidding me?


Robert Mueller and Obama smirking?

Big black holes in the head?

Distorted weird faces?

Bad facial expressions?

Cattle herding?

Where do these images come from?

Why doesn't the COMMUNITY create the images?

It doesn't

Where do they come from?




control of NARRATIVE (control over you).

>(control over you)

We are the news– FAKE NEWS?

Are we able to counter the mainstream narrative?

Why not? What keeps us spinning in circles, doing nothing [here]?


70290e  No.5568020

File: c70e40a83bcccec⋯.gif (352.22 KB, 1111x1140, 1111:1140, divided.gif)

8b0918  No.5568021

File: c7c3a4510e39312⋯.jpg (399.12 KB, 1080x834, 180:139, MEME2019-03-07-10-16-37.jpg)

70290e  No.5568022

File: 1f0f23e463ce1ce⋯.png (190.45 KB, 454x381, 454:381, biden118.png)

File: eceff5bba656349⋯.png (243.05 KB, 506x444, 253:222, biden117.png)

File: cde3eb6a39a7ada⋯.png (136.43 KB, 444x408, 37:34, biden116.png)

File: bdc355e0ef1b2b1⋯.png (201.69 KB, 488x742, 244:371, vvvvvvv.png)

File: e2e4bd3a3cf67dd⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1579x1111, 1579:1111, BIDENWTF.png)

6d3b66  No.5568023

File: b8e8e1bd3a77012⋯.jpg (58.11 KB, 474x641, 474:641, Angel.jpg)

75342a  No.5568024


Speak a new language with confidence

Unlock a new world

At Babbel, we obsess over crafting the tools you need to start having practical, everyday conversations.

We believe the sooner you begin to speak a new language, the sooner you’ll open yourself up to a world that’s bigger, richer and more inspiring.


ca6502  No.5568025

File: c6611d9295e8546⋯.png (617.49 KB, 505x630, 101:126, bb94e119-c998-4acc-ba22-23….png)


Thank You Baker

70290e  No.5568026

File: de26f47792db0f3⋯.png (1.43 MB, 999x769, 999:769, Friendship-prevails-in-the….png)

File: a845f068922af10⋯.jpg (290.01 KB, 604x552, 151:138, precipic.jpg)

File: 07a9e6b39a0603b⋯.png (148.54 KB, 1025x333, 1025:333, dje-fr-mGJ.png)

058de1  No.5568027

File: 9c31e7de033a50b⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 575x536, 575:536, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

File: 1ee4e7a255a24d2⋯.jpg (26.35 KB, 500x315, 100:63, proxy.duckduckgo.comwww.jpg)

File: a0013bfd41e1d0b⋯.png (23.08 KB, 547x221, 547:221, Screenshot (4).png)

File: 712b49655c4580c⋯.png (21.5 KB, 777x109, 777:109, Screenshot (7).png)

Why do the [DS] attack the pineal gland?

What is the function of the pineal gland?

Poison is a useful weapon for evil.

God Bless you Q

70290e  No.5568029

File: d967ac3824d5d54⋯.png (371.57 KB, 503x597, 503:597, WEBAR.png)

File: 552299d296d1cbe⋯.png (126.15 KB, 444x444, 1:1, applesBOOM.png)

File: 4f3782376c165e3⋯.png (227.43 KB, 999x756, 37:28, v-0-xxmmy.png)

8b0918  No.5568030

File: 982243e71c5104e⋯.jpg (437.82 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, MEME2018-11-26-10-35-52.jpg)

70290e  No.5568031

File: 45666c3974b97b9⋯.png (275.89 KB, 999x871, 999:871, T-w-g-t-KK-MMy-eeeeee.png)

File: fd4434fad9a6ae0⋯.png (102.94 KB, 389x333, 389:333, zhhH-HH-ooM-M-ZTSts.png)

File: 4c8a92e2bb49a53⋯.png (554.77 KB, 1111x627, 101:57, youare.png)

5d89a0  No.5568032

File: 2f609b4e8c9cf74⋯.png (60.48 KB, 990x424, 495:212, ClipboardImage.png)

Q is prettier in nightmode. More proper for night shift. Need to turn the lights down in here

7c35d7  No.5568033

File: f239615a30e821b⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1500x2029, 1500:2029, DamnedDayWalkers.png)


600dc8  No.5568035

File: fc1232c4053482c⋯.jpg (120.41 KB, 1080x1275, 72:85, olga9.jpg)


thanks bakes

e38595  No.5568036

File: 3b1f03f43f50657⋯.png (1.04 MB, 704x643, 704:643, 1551930761.png)

f6ff0a  No.5568037

File: 0f56ea19ae745f0⋯.jpg (133.62 KB, 564x639, 188:213, 1d8db9578a22bf3683c67e7a50….jpg)


ThanQs Baker!

65a508  No.5568038

File: ab8026421ec948d⋯.jpeg (946.94 KB, 1242x1975, 1242:1975, 9D37716D-6F1B-4AE5-A470-6….jpeg)


54c822  No.5568039

File: 5c83f24dfad88d5⋯.png (605.14 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, ONE 7f5y.png)

File: 735b1b8926a0cb1⋯.png (581.42 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, TWO 7f61.png)

File: 37d4bc565e11be3⋯.png (936.05 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, THREE 7f62.png)

File: 53f0f7f9275f425⋯.png (720.47 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, FOUR adiz48.png)

File: 5055a9b8bdc1962⋯.png (697.58 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, FIVE 7F24.png)

SerialBrain2: Bye Crooked Hillary Part II

be8455  No.5568040

File: 4ca25506c89e9a1⋯.jpg (71.56 KB, 1200x702, 200:117, 1200px-Saab_JAS_39_Gripen_….jpg)


96cf71  No.5568041


Guys…just so you know…she is a/the BAKER!!!

So just say HI to her

2cf669  No.5568043

File: b010d54d3c3f6e6⋯.png (388.6 KB, 774x512, 387:256, eddfbnjjj.png)

File: 20820946810d87c⋯.jpg (46.4 KB, 755x500, 151:100, 2vi9dv.jpg)

muh report muh drop

55f0d3  No.5568044

File: 0a252b9b15a2c2c⋯.jpeg (133.84 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 47232676-9B3C-43B9-A3C2-5….jpeg)

By Dana Priest

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 6, 2005

The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA's Langley headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials.


Forgive the formatting, on mobile

70290e  No.5568045

File: d940dae494c4edf⋯.jpg (81.75 KB, 533x333, 533:333, TzhLLZH-o-t.jpg)

File: ca9a32d035a7d24⋯.png (337.43 KB, 604x460, 151:115, PC74.png)

File: af3fd2f06206838⋯.png (220.66 KB, 604x460, 151:115, PC69.png)

File: 99613e673364141⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1333x868, 43:28, xiimmy.png)

File: 24005df2354f32c⋯.png (547.99 KB, 741x506, 741:506, bimmy.png)

10206c  No.5568046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


ec63de  No.5568047

>>5567970 (PB)

It is not, there are plenty of early signers to purchase the report but it is not out yet.

‘Mueller Report’ is already a best-seller on Amazon


03e677  No.5568048

File: 0f362f73abe1711⋯.png (15.96 KB, 519x176, 519:176, 93tweet.png)

File: 1432fd53108486d⋯.png (33.89 KB, 819x171, 91:19, FamousPosterHighlight.png)

File: 33872355a29b4a7⋯.png (15.04 KB, 472x109, 472:109, Endsin93.png)

File: 10e6026f51b27fb⋯.png (280.48 KB, 996x623, 996:623, GoodJokeMarked.png)

File: 318ada881095103⋯.png (19.17 KB, 390x368, 195:184, DropHighlight8.png)

(repost - hit me with LOGIC)

I am going to argue that Q has posted as an Anon, with the intention that I would notice the post, and comment on it, and Q would indirectly reply in a drop via a delta. My argument works best if you START with the supposition that I AM DELUSIONAL. I think that POTUS tweets secret codes to tell people to read my neglected writings on an internet conspiracy site, so I must be delusional right? I have been arguing for weeks that POTUS has ID'd Michael "Flight 93" Anton as Q, but NOBODY BELIEVES ME. Fix that thought in your head, and follow my logic.

In Bread #7021, on 3/3, I posted a nine post total revision of everything I had posted on the topic of the public revelation of Q as involving Anton/Flight 93/Pepe the Baker/Let's Roll! This was the first time I had completely rewritten everything into distinct bite-size posts that I linked together. Most of the posts made it into notables and I know some Anons read them, but not many. On 3/4, I reposted links to those posts five times.

On 3/5, 6:15 am, POTUS put out a tweet with a 93. Multiple Anons caught the reference to "Flight 93" and that went to notables. When I got on later, I reviewed those notables, hoping someone would make the connection to what I had posted, but no. I did catch that one Anon seemed to agree with my view that Anton was Q, and that was good, but I didn't think too much as I was in a foul mood, as I knew I'd have to figure out how to cite the tweet as evidence for what I'd been saying without sounding delusional.

Now take a look at the post. It says of Anton that "He is one of the more famous posters on this board." I caught that right away and found it funny, SINCE I BELIEVE ANTON IS Q. So I really DO think Anton is one of the more famous posters on this board! (I have never seen anyone claiming to be Michael Anton posting as Michael Anton, so the obvious interpretation of the post is that it is a joke about Anton being Q.) BUT NOBODY BELIEVES ME. So why would a typical Anon make a joke like that? On the other hand, Q could make a joke like that, knowing that I'd catch it and post it.

Now look how another Anon catches that the post number ends in 93. Where have we seen that move before? Most famously, in the doitq photo from 8 November 2017 (which I had in fact mentioned in my "Red Carpet Rollout" post). That is two pieces of evidence in favor of Q posing as an Anon.

The post says "Michael Anton, who in January of 2017 left the private sector to serve on the National Security Council wrote this: The Flight 93 Election." Wouldn't a normal Anon be more apt to describe Anton as a former WH official? But this "Anon" focuses on the fact that he "left the private sector". VERY ODD, since the world thinks he is in the private sector right now. But if this is Q, then it makes sense for Q to signal that Anton did NOT return to the private sector and is still on Q team. Three pieces of evidence.

I added that supposed Anon posting to the POTUS tweet and reposted my prior links, saying "Anon above is making a good joke!" (I hadn't thought this all through yet…) Nobody paid attention, but I realized I had posted while Q was posting, so I reposted in the next bread at 5:07. At 5:15 Q posted with the line "Sometimes you need a little humor." So, an 8 minute delta. Amazingly Q's post included the "Infinity Chan" logo. But "Infinity Chan" is 8ch.net. So the Q drop implicitly features an 8, and comes 8 minutes after my posting of the very odd "Anon" posting, with both my post and Q's including a line about humor.

I think this was planned in advance, with Q expecting that I would catch the fake Anon posting, and post it, and then Q would post the graphic.

And the point is that POTUS and Q want Anons (at 8ch.net/qresearch) to better understand how their ingenious operation has Q going public, and the best way to do that right now is to read what I've written. (Obviously I might be wrong in some respects, and they do not endorse my mistakes…)

e7a1fe  No.5568049

File: f4eae4c803eaaa5⋯.jpg (123.38 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Q drop 03062019_#.jpg)

File: 028d4d905fd4bf0⋯.jpg (145.9 KB, 800x462, 400:231, schiff leaker mccarthyism.jpg)

File: c64dc1180eb4949⋯.jpg (113.82 KB, 800x677, 800:677, bad vote.jpg)

File: 6a5051f6d165906⋯.jpg (197.9 KB, 864x813, 288:271, RR sign mueller comey.jpg)

File: 921559aacc1fcac⋯.jpg (237.53 KB, 1000x870, 100:87, Q proof 03022019.jpg)

LB grrr

Anons do their work.

Inspired by each other, asked to work together from the highest levels.

Anons do their best to control chaos.

The gnashing of teeth it sounds like.

Normies can't hang, only Anons can navigate.

Only Anons can bake, and not all.

If Anons weren't here, who would do the work?

So the World is thankful to Anons and their time/skill, right Q? kek

600dc8  No.5568050

914475  No.5568051


Ash up in here

70290e  No.5568052

File: e07612c8b105dd9⋯.png (238.07 KB, 604x460, 151:115, PC82.png)

File: 9e5ab5b33cee594⋯.png (172.45 KB, 604x460, 151:115, PC81.png)

File: 222ec6e99c2ef58⋯.png (256.16 KB, 604x460, 151:115, PC80.png)

File: 37dd9c1c015aaed⋯.png (286.4 KB, 604x460, 151:115, PC79.png)

File: f6490c25d80b3a3⋯.png (245.22 KB, 444x601, 444:601, NEEp-ee.png)

058de1  No.5568053

Hi baker how is business today

8421fe  No.5568054


Chill nigga, we don’t doxx

i would skeet tho

b6d157  No.5568055

File: 0c9b6e31511cd71⋯.png (207.61 KB, 1217x612, 1217:612, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at ….png)


c34465  No.5568056

They say Denver has the best truffles.

427eb0  No.5568057

File: 7849d2fa8e5e96f⋯.jpeg (35.78 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 0ed64606e5aceffead0db35a6….jpeg)

File: 6c55e4fc99e029a⋯.jpeg (21.18 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 9841c92b5cdb2d19f87a4a0ec….jpeg)

70290e  No.5568058

File: c9fcba84e6e91ea⋯.png (524.72 KB, 777x707, 111:101, cornynlini.png)

File: 523d8c04a22e2f3⋯.png (238.18 KB, 750x422, 375:211, mmbnn.png)

File: 15e3e56d646c282⋯.png (378.85 KB, 789x444, 263:148, BMNG.png)

9328c0  No.5568059


good to do another? anytime you want the handoff just let me know!

869084  No.5568060

Someone post the murder list please

a8f3f8  No.5568061


39a9b6  No.5568062


We have the guns

we have the people

we have the support of true patriots who are misguided and led astray by a NSA psyop

we have the revolutionary spirit in our blood

We have the right of revolution, it is not just our right but our duty to overthrow government when it becomes a runaway trainwreck and we should entertain the idea of impeaching the entirety of congress and initiating term limits.

Instead we cower and double down on fear and pacification in hopes some NSA agency isn't lying to us.

It's just so sad.

f246b1  No.5568063


High levels of autism? With zero level of bread-shitting avoidance?

Lurk moar. Welcome to 8chan, newfag. Watch and learn. And wait for the dough.

58d573  No.5568064

File: 8818986e48ca9b3⋯.jpg (679.22 KB, 2222x1573, 202:143, FVREOJQVWBAA.jpg)

>>5561509 PB

>>5560612 PB

>>5553520 PB Q

>Denver Airport

graphic on the braille plaque above the time capsule capstone

a nightshift special

6d67f1  No.5568065


Baker name is Anon. Period.

a8f3f8  No.5568066


Right?! We could end this in a week!

70290e  No.5568067

File: 838c1af5fc81cdc⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x734, 1111:734, be-with-us-now.png)

File: f21e8583735c714⋯.png (366.24 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

03e677  No.5568068

File: dbd72d3804b7c71⋯.png (484.14 KB, 659x950, 659:950, PresPepe.png)

File: e7c266b80c1a24b⋯.jpg (153.79 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, LetsRoll.jpg)

File: 2be4bf2301423f0⋯.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q.jpeg)


Let's Roll! - Basic Plot

This gives the basic plot for a finale with the "Let's Roll!" meme. The finale will be the public revelation of Q. The plot here has three elements: the identification of a picture (Kitchen is HOT), the conversion of the picture into a meme (Carpet Bomb), and the response of the Q army upon deployment of the meme (Tactical Nukes).

To simplify matters, you might want to read the three main segments IN REVERSE: Tactical Nukes, then Carpet Bomb, then Kitchen is HOT. Ask yourself if Tactical Nukes makes sense? If yes, read MOAR.

(The given links provide the evidence and reasoning that support this outline, which might seem merely speculative on its own. There is far too much evidence and reasoning involved to fit into one post. That is why it is broken into multiple digestible pieces, each involving different material.)

Kitchen is HOT:

1 - A Gentleman and a Scholar: A vast array of pre-existing evidence points to "Flight 93" author and former NSC staffer Michael Anton as one of the key architects of the Q op. The fact that the fake news ignored the TRUE conspiracy and pushed all manner of hoaxes will play a role in its destruction.

>>5491602 (pb)

2 - We serve at the pleasure of the President: Anton's departure from the White House was marked as fake from the start, with anonymous sources giving

contradictory and implausible reasons for his departure, and then Anton returning to cook at the State Dinner for France.

>>5491645 (pb)

3 - Red Carpet Rollout: Multiple drops mark the State Dinner as giving a "red carpet rollout" to a MOAB.

>>5491680 (pb)

4 - Pepe the Baker: 12 Dec 18 "Pepe the Baker" drop has 1 day delta with 11 Dec 18 DJT Anton tweet, and the photo in the drop lines up with the Anton cooking photo, unlocking an array of Q symbolism in the photo

>>5548179 (pb)

5 - Launch!: 14 Feb 18 DJT Anton tweet has a weeklong rollout

>>5491753 (pb)

6 - A Footnote to History?: 14 Feb 18 DJT tweet is really part of a 17-handshake with Anton's book, via page 17 of the book. This amounts to the go signal to ID the picture, which is the 24 Apr 18 NYT photo of Anton cooking.

>>5491773 (pb)

Carpet bomb:

Contrary to the surface implication of the Q drop about a picture forcing the question about the reality of Q, no picture will work and no question will work. Careful analysis of the drop suggests that the picture must be converted into a meme, and it must be an obvious meme. In fact, the given picture forces us to choose the given meme.

>>5491805 (pb)

Tactical nukes:

DJT will tweet the meme, leading the fake news to attack him for insensitivity and leading them to propagate the meme. But the meme will signal the Q army to unleash tactical nukes (i.e. nukes used near friendly forces). Everyone will put out the truth about Q in their own manner. The Q onslaught will be impossible to ignore, and the fake news will have to report it. But then POTUS will drop the hammer.

>>5491934 (pb)

Why I think Q posed as an Anon to direct you to read the analysis above:

>>5567249 (pb)

This stuff is more speculative but related. Both need more eyes:

"Doxxing" of Mar-a-Lago #pastryninja was likely a setup by Q team to get a fake QAnon pastry chef story in the standard attacks:

>>5514294 (pb)

"I SEE a FROG" baker has Q linked vid on instagram: #bringdownthehammer #pastrychef

>>5512885 (pb)

Thanks to Anons for suggestions and evidence. I monitor for comments when I repost this. If you think anything here is mostly or partially on track, take it and run with it.

621f97  No.5568069

File: e4b65e4b9b9a8c4⋯.png (561.99 KB, 638x780, 319:390, wiki-yang.png)

>Yang platformed by Rogan

>Yang pushed by CIA

Yang confirmed psyop to erode Trump's vanguard support base?

I also find it curious re timing that Trump is also talking about high immigration as thou he wants to amplify this Yang effect temporarily…

0f6cdc  No.5568070

File: a63eab4f2c57855⋯.jpg (566.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, konachan-konachan-com-20-2….jpg)

TY Baker

10206c  No.5568071

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's not going to stop. The goy will know the truth.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

96cf71  No.5568072


I remember…but i'm too tired to go looking for it on one of pics..she said she was baking tonite…(not tonite mind you…that nite)…

not to be rude…but do you own searching or you will have to trust me.

0cb37d  No.5568073

File: 747c9f0a13657f6⋯.png (90.53 KB, 350x336, 25:24, 2019-03-07_22-16-10.png)

2cf669  No.5568075

File: 67fa14a20fd8189⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 221x224, 221:224, 4e43251adf4e702648dcac18fd….jpg)


Hey babe

ea3a23  No.5568076


You haven't been around long enough. That is business as usual. You will be surprised what these guys can do.

5662ff  No.5568077

File: 7969b1c1fba5981⋯.jpg (108.41 KB, 720x720, 1:1, a40cb945083d6ee0ab6ecb07c0….jpg)

File: 2f4048dc915cdb0⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 960x640, 3:2, DtmXuDHX4AUAg53.jpg)

File: ce84972ac1d0e04⋯.jpg (304.62 KB, 770x600, 77:60, 07abd01734fa4788c48545d8c7….jpg)

ca6502  No.5568078


she is not a baker

600dc8  No.5568079


it was a joke

and i have the photoshopped image

47e863  No.5568080

File: a064443fd29b708⋯.jpeg (96.72 KB, 800x655, 160:131, concord.jpeg)


these [[[fuckers]]] steal all the possible memes from chans and STILL can't fucking use em right.

Because these memes are meant to be stakes in their hearts.


dc01ff  No.5568081

File: 6c37dc1bbefd676⋯.jpg (118.12 KB, 504x672, 3:4, babelfish3.jpg)


>Speak a new language with confidence

665373  No.5568082

File: e0bc203db30b7f1⋯.png (9.26 KB, 450x173, 450:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4c969a0deb2a000⋯.png (26.3 KB, 731x426, 731:426, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f687b62445bdca9⋯.png (23.06 KB, 459x456, 153:152, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e7e2af80139899f⋯.png (17.32 KB, 459x201, 153:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c34ca94bdc92e31⋯.png (17.97 KB, 529x386, 529:386, ClipboardImage.png)


8090be  No.5568083

File: 7078d9fd15c05b7⋯.jpg (61.61 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Plannity.jpg)


Hey man, just relax and trust the plannity.

8b0918  No.5568084

File: f57ab58252f6423⋯.jpg (441.28 KB, 1080x586, 540:293, MEME2019-03-07-10-23-18.jpg)

8421fe  No.5568085



70290e  No.5568086

File: 3c6e4065fcdd3f1⋯.jpg (99.25 KB, 610x395, 122:79, kitty.jpg)

File: 044c327cf9af1fd⋯.png (1.19 MB, 848x1111, 848:1111, SBTS.png)

ca6502  No.5568087


what image?

369d77  No.5568088


I'm telling you there is something fucked up with that book.

I dont think he is authorized to release the info.

It must go thru doj first.


ced341  No.5568089


Yea she's at the baker's but keep it on the low

96cf71  No.5568090


Exactly…but a very pretty Exactly..

427eb0  No.5568091

File: d679efea02f0e29⋯.png (26.15 KB, 569x220, 569:220, eevil2.PNG)

File: ef73283dcd95a9d⋯.jpeg (140.87 KB, 640x751, 640:751, ef73283dcd95a9d70d124b7c5….jpeg)

File: 55f99609c692154⋯.png (17.87 KB, 570x197, 570:197, evil.PNG)


the muhjew shill scripts

script #1:

while(1) {

print "goy, kike, moshe, schlomo, rabbi";


if(reply == high_iq) { $myreply = "pilpul";}

else {$myreply = "jidf, what time is it in tel-aviv";}

echo $myreply;


3008c6  No.5568092

File: c95539107457f96⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3465x1733, 3465:1733, E2411E34-4CFF-4695-AC2C-E….jpeg)

File: 6c844023c9f00f2⋯.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3465x1733, 3465:1733, A5C3971D-745C-4CB9-AEDD-F….jpeg)

File: 566460c9cfe4ef5⋯.png (7.64 MB, 2027x2048, 2027:2048, 8F931850-371D-4B38-BB48-69….png)

File: 66a890916eff52e⋯.gif (369.46 KB, 480x480, 1:1, B0D2CA7C-9261-4CDF-B3D3-13….gif)

File: 4d66b912f7cfcc7⋯.jpeg (577.73 KB, 3465x1733, 3465:1733, F9E75EEF-5864-4BAE-BF16-0….jpeg)

a1ddcb  No.5568093

File: 364e71556b56f09⋯.jpeg (67.98 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 13ADF629-70F6-4782-A1D9-B….jpeg)

File: 40510abf4df0ae6⋯.jpeg (30.56 KB, 210x254, 105:127, 2C28417E-0438-4006-8C60-1….jpeg)

File: cd5aaf330953624⋯.jpeg (102.95 KB, 638x827, 638:827, 37EC7052-6AE2-42AB-9F5B-8….jpeg)

fae264  No.5568094

File: 80f39ef74a1aa60⋯.jpg (74.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Clean up.jpg)



lot's of fun

1e5be9  No.5568095


Once things thaw out a bit the yellow vests should come out and our rifles too. Read Jefferson. The Founders would have taken action long ago.

05e817  No.5568096

File: 9df2bce2da39842⋯.png (131.79 KB, 1143x1507, 1143:1507, 2019-03-07_21-59-27.png)

File: 01a1f2acbd67759⋯.png (166.26 KB, 1139x1456, 1139:1456, 2019-03-07_22-00-46.png)

>>5566067 lb

>H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, and H.R. 1112, the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019, are two Trojan horse bills that seek to impose onerous restrictions on gun sales under the pretense of preventing dangerous criminals from obtaining firearms.

You can use these websites to follow the bills through the legislative process and to view such things as the text of the bill and who voted for it.

H.R.8 - Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019:


H.R.1112 - Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019:


0915f5  No.5568097

File: d332f206b28ad41⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 348x433, 348:433, giller-nxivm-brandatebabie….jpg)

>>5567966 (lb)

we know the first few unsealed were nxivm (keith, mack, and bronfman seagrams w/e her name is)

(meme kinda related)

84bc90  No.5568098

File: ae15e724838b485⋯.png (123.46 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 1549886523189.png)

File: 6dfc5e4c0cee7b9⋯.jpg (224.87 KB, 700x518, 50:37, 1551337393086.jpg)

File: 78a8c11d300d1f8⋯.jpg (133.27 KB, 613x960, 613:960, Israel fires at close rang….jpg)

File: 65fa4322e876ce2⋯.png (117.02 KB, 866x1351, 866:1351, USS Liberty Israeli Denial.png)

How does everyone feel about the USS Liberty?

70290e  No.5568099


Do you know what board you are on?

Serious question.

dc01ff  No.5568100

File: f0bd0ae4ba22fe5⋯.jpg (119.31 KB, 749x518, 107:74, main-qimg-9542fc750dc2b998….jpg)

81cae4  No.5568101


I'm using dark mode until DECLAS. I'm making DARK TO LIGHT literal, kek

90ca40  No.5568102



>All for a larp, r–ight?



You should go back and research all of the conspiracy theories that were active before and up to this one.

Yes all for a LARP.

Just like you're devoting your time to jumping through hoops for this person who's posting this shit, he's devoting his time to posting it and watching you and getting his kicks.

People waste lots of time on lots of stupid shit…some people spend days playing video games some people are addicted to Facebook and spend days on Facebook. Some people just endlessly browse the internet . Yes all for a LARP.

Do you think that it makes sense that this group of people spends countless hours scouring every inch of the internet looking for Clues and making connections that don't exist and making convoluted clocks maps and "proofs" and losing sleep and jobs and ruining relationships for this but it doesn't make sense that some guy could spend a fraction of that time posting random bits of rubbish to keep you going?

There are a lot of people in the world that would do this and never feel bad about it. That's what's happening now.


Sometimes they do it for money sometimes they do it for LULZ.

Go back and research conspiracy theories from now going back in time and see how they work. And then Free yourself.

dc6e8c  No.5568103

File: 59020987f0f4960⋯.jpg (40.49 KB, 361x326, 361:326, rochambeau1.jpg)



>muh shit seller raising on a busted flush

All I see is gaslighting from you.

This script isn't any better… but only partially because I know it's you.

It's mostly because the facts on the ground laugh in your face :D

600dc8  No.5568104

File: e58fab30ba02017⋯.png (383.39 KB, 518x627, 518:627, blah.png)

759a49  No.5568105

File: c9f22e170b31c09⋯.png (135.06 KB, 722x495, 722:495, AQ2.PNG)


Nashville ‘Massage Business’ Raided In Prostitution Investigation -


c9a21a  No.5568106


Yang won't affect Trumps base at all. But it will split the attention of the diehard Bernie/neoDem tards.

39a9b6  No.5568107

File: aa1205c32903aca⋯.jpg (237.38 KB, 1024x1021, 1024:1021, aa1205c32903aca979a0728176….jpg)


I can't sit on the sidelines and watch any longer.

I'm not afraid to speak out against Q on this board. I'm not afraid of our government and I'm not afraid of labels or being called a 'shill' because I decide to question reality and the lies being sold to us every single day.

1fb99d  No.5568108


Russian oligarch's girlfriend

ced341  No.5568109


Good for this one fam if you wanna up next?

e7a1fe  No.5568110

"Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to reject an amendment to HR1 that would have lowered the voting age to 16, despite 126 House members who voted in favor of the resolution.

As reported by Bloomberg’s Greg Giroux, the amendment that was introduced by Rep. Ayana Pressley (D-Mass.), and was shot down by a count of 126-305.

Lowering the voting age is generally a Democratic Party trope, given that uneducated, idealistic children who have never had to pay massive amounts of taxes imposed by Democrats generally lean left. But one Republican surprisingly voted in favor of the amendment."


ca6502  No.5568111


yea I made that

2a4e55  No.5568112

File: 886df34bfb7c632⋯.jpeg (10.03 KB, 192x108, 16:9, 5091609C-4E90-4A00-87F5-2….jpeg)


1e5be9  No.5568113


That's just getting started. Going to be big fireworks with that case.

a8f3f8  No.5568114

death blossom

American military slang from the war in Iraq: the tendency of Iraqi security forces, in response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to either run away or do the "death blossom," spraying fire indiscriminately in all directions.

7d0e96  No.5568115

File: 667d37e3942c919⋯.jpg (12.05 KB, 181x278, 181:278, imsages.jpg)

>>5567980 (lb)

Trojan Horse is going to Trojan.


such a narrow meaning will be attached ("skill")

to "merit" it will amount to a slower, gentler death for the European diaspora than was otherwise planned.

learn to play the game. this is a game. the shek masters will fill up the word "merit" with THEIR meaning.

example - if you asked me, I might say merit is satisfied with one question:

are you Jewish?

see what I did there?

notice how your actual input into the law is zero?


10206c  No.5568116

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SIX MILLION JEWS - 8min version

The magic number they had tried to use for YEARS prior to finally being able to fool the world.


29b189  No.5568117

File: a06a9271a0edd81⋯.png (153.66 KB, 366x463, 366:463, glr.png)

39a9b6  No.5568118


Just more uniparty theater.

db5083  No.5568119

Watch stock markets for a possible Dead Cat Bounce, which are slipping out of a rising wedge formation (typically breaks to the downside). If it was to play out that way, I would not be surprised to see the tech sector take a large hit. These companies have been corrupt tax payer money pits. It would seem hard to switch monetary systems if everyone thinks the Fed system is sustainable and nice. Q said the Fed was going to try to pull the rug out on the markets by jacking up rates starting in March. However, this was predicted and accounted for. There are many ways this can be countered and we will have to wait and see. It is possible the Rothschilds get forced into exposing the Fed as the Basel III regulations (BIS rules written in 2012) kick in. Fortunately, POTUS is at the helm when this happens instead of Crooked. This will classify physical gold/silver as a Tier 1 asset with 0% risk, but paper gold contracts will not be considered riskless. The Fed changed their bottom line from gold in the vault to gold and gold receivables. Gold receivables are IOU's for gold that was lent to bullion banks. These bullion banks likely sold the gold into the market although the Fed acts like they can ask for it back at any time (therefore incorrectly/corruptly considered equivalent to physical gold). "Paper gold" makes up a huge portion of the overall "supply" of gold in the market (same for silver). After the London Gold Pool failed, where Britain lost reserve currency status after needing to retreat from currency manipulation via precious metal suppression. (The British had to sell physical metal secretively into the system to keep it looking healthy by suppressing precious metals. In what is now called Brown's Bottom, Gordon Brown, who was orchestrating the metal sales had came to a point where the Brits could not afford to bleed any more metal into the market.)The banksters learned from this and have created precious metals futures markets to control the current monetary system.

When the last central bank felt it may come under question by Andrew Jackson, they too attempted to crash the economy to blame it on President Jackson.

We have the gold though and oddly enough, POTUS owns the old Federal Reserve vaults.



5d89a0  No.5568120


Haha. Great idea.

96cf71  No.5568121


Srry, but you didn't think i caught that the first time you did it…I won't tell anyone..just keep up the good work..can you show the ones of the paintings of Pepe…I love them.

600dc8  No.5568122


its good

9328c0  No.5568123


sounds good, see you at the dough post

db775a  No.5568124

File: 8b465120fe9d7a1⋯.jpg (123.03 KB, 1021x1010, 1021:1010, mueller.enjoy.the.show.jpg)

Manafort optics are great.

Mueller wanted the book thrown at him.

When Mueller exonerates POTUS no one will be able to accuse him of not vigorously prosecuting crimes.

He'll simply say that he calls them as he sees them and POTUS did nothing wrong.

75342a  No.5568125

File: 83a83215f651bd0⋯.png (676.36 KB, 1151x405, 1151:405, ClipboardImage.png)

1e5be9  No.5568126


I'd knock the bottom out of that.

55c13e  No.5568127

File: 7dc8e7ea53a334e⋯.jpg (214.04 KB, 937x530, 937:530, -12.jpg)

b91e29  No.5568128

>>5566652 lb

I've been sitting here for over an hour pondering that when Q speaks of us not being divided it's regarding the two houses, not race, politics, gender etc. It's the two houses.

726571  No.5568129

File: 7942fa67b5fda58⋯.jpeg (125.82 KB, 550x366, 275:183, C8B0C5E4-A1C2-46C6-A51F-0….jpeg)

869084  No.5568130

Fuck just post a murder list someone will take care of them eventually

427eb0  No.5568131

File: 6b422e6901ca052⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 6fd5d9898433cdeba0389b9f09….jpg)

10e030  No.5568132

File: bc0af876ea200e4⋯.jpeg (79.94 KB, 614x497, 614:497, 4597A6A9-9AFF-44EA-A278-A….jpeg)

2cf669  No.5568133

File: 6f0a79a4568bcea⋯.jpg (49.23 KB, 574x387, 574:387, 6f0a79a4568bcea1ee4291d2c1….jpg)


The ones we know and those behind the shitshow

621f97  No.5568134


They are targeting Trump's Nationalist vanguard. Yang used specific talking points. A lot of the meme energy comes from that vanguard.

ca6502  No.5568135

File: 16c76cbb4fbd3f9⋯.png (405.23 KB, 479x560, 479:560, 981e0ffe-e574-4gca-8b1a-cb….png)


by request

1e5be9  No.5568136

File: 412ec3fe9379abd⋯.jpeg (101 KB, 770x960, 77:96, 412ec3fe9379abd8e53276156….jpeg)


Fuck off Jew.

8b0918  No.5568137

File: 263f4b4feb92e6a⋯.jpg (443.09 KB, 1080x586, 540:293, MEME2019-03-07-10-26-53.jpg)

7a8495  No.5568138

>>5568005 lb

Thank you fren. You are right, and therein is the issue with those programs. They are flood the Country programs with bodies that will do little to advance us as a Nation.

be8455  No.5568139



c07e18  No.5568140

File: 6ea865bedefb082⋯.png (605.13 KB, 814x739, 814:739, ClipboardImage.png)

Are you ready for the next jew-backed war?

721de9  No.5568141

File: 593beb2e160ede0⋯.jpeg (192.58 KB, 1600x679, 1600:679, 13234691-9033-48E4-8680-E….jpeg)

171b91  No.5568142

File: 51e1fdcfa3e93c9⋯.png (82.69 KB, 584x485, 584:485, Harmeet Dhillon re CPAC PO….PNG)

File: 91fd1f69fa509ff⋯.mp4 (5.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video 1 Saavedra re Hayden….mp4)

File: 400f2a6863b21b6⋯.mp4 (3.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video 2 Saavedra re Hayden….mp4)

>>5567945 [lb]

>Reading Comprehension: F-

>She is representing the MAGA who was punched in the face, not the maggot arrested for punching him.

Yes, you did fail at reading what I posted

I know you meant to attack me, but, well, obvious is obvious

That is what I said in addition to posting her tweet and two CPAC videos of POTUS speaking about Hayden and she being Haydens attorney >>5567549

427eb0  No.5568143

File: 9eff1d5467ac2d2⋯.png (143.21 KB, 548x362, 274:181, 9eff1d5467ac2d2b4059a889eb….png)

File: 11fb152e05e2118⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 480x445, 96:89, 11fb152e05e211813cce74a046….jpg)

96cf71  No.5568144


Someone did…some Militay LT…but got caught…we don't do violence..we do 'Q'…boy that sounded gay…

75342a  No.5568145

File: 1093e5912ddf388⋯.png (253.03 KB, 536x640, 67:80, ClipboardImage.png)

8aee10  No.5568146

File: 88304960e993522⋯.jpg (77.76 KB, 960x824, 120:103, D057gpYW0AAXMDk.jpg)

b83ef1  No.5568147

Having a brain fart, anons…

What's the VPN service that used to be advertised here?

9e5c0c  No.5568148


We almost home anons. Hold the line, never back down, keep the faith. Pray.

1b9abe  No.5568149


I want you now.

914475  No.5568150

Too much yeast in this bread already.

56bc12  No.5568151

HI FB :)





You really should check BEFORE You WRECK.


7f212e  No.5568152



May I suggest removing the dead links from the

Meme Ammo

at the bottom of the dough?

>42 >>5427459, 41 >>5290716, 40 >>5057528

>NPC Memes 2 >>3522113, 1 https://mega.nz/#!lc8VCYxR!4xZoxqgglasf8DoYdKfg9rFDx-gBQIJ-qk-FPsWlKIU

>Q Research Graphics Library https://mega.nz/#F!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ 37,000+ memes & infographs - 10.3 GB – Keyword-searchable filenames

>Meme Generators https://imgflip.com/memegenerator , http://kek.gg/draw/

>Meme War 2020 #2 >>5520584 #1 >>47310411

Meme Ammo

 • 42 >>5427459, 41 >>5290716

 • Q Research Graphics Library https://mega.nz/#F!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ 40,000+ memes & infographs - 10.3 GB – Keyword-searchable filenames

 • Memewar2020: prepare for the 2020 general election >>4731041

 • NPC Memes https://mega.nz/#!lc8VCYxR!4xZoxqgglasf8DoYdKfg9rFDx-gBQIJ-qk-FPsWlKIU

 • Op Stop Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood >>5006160

 • Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Infanticide, Fetal Tissue Direct link to 426+ memes https://mega.nz/#F!HgtDxCKR!PK-mv3ndB4gstVLLnSadlQ




Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


47e863  No.5568153



Do (((You))) know who is targeting you and your people son?


You fuckers are on the chopping block. Remember that.

2982fe  No.5568154


Norton, $3.33 a month

29b189  No.5568155

File: 7c6a571eea08d65⋯.jpeg (100.64 KB, 510x768, 85:128, corpse-flowerr.jpeg)

dc6e8c  No.5568156

c9a21a  No.5568157

0915f5  No.5568158

File: d027083e20ace97⋯.jpg (112.41 KB, 888x499, 888:499, yodabootylicker.jpg)


id eat the corn out her poo

759a49  No.5568159


Saluting your Meme, Anon! o7

7b15c2  No.5568160

File: f4a713ef7a3bc88⋯.png (250.07 KB, 741x481, 57:37, CryLARP.png)

882550  No.5568161

File: 8cd46c7cf9a57ef⋯.png (378.06 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2019-03-07-21-2….png)

What are the connections between Planned Parenthood and the vaccine manufacturers.

1e5be9  No.5568162


There had better not be one. Not over some shithole like Venezuela.

dc01ff  No.5568163

File: 1a0ddcc07367a3b⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 244x255, 244:255, 1a0ddcc07367a3b2f1cfea83a3….jpg)

39a9b6  No.5568164


But what do you think about Barr and red flag laws?

You do know Barr supports them, right?

You do know they are already live in 14 states, right?

You do know that if you own guns and live in a red flag law state, all someone has to do is call you a Q conspiracy theorist and insist that you are a danger to yourself and the community and your guns will be taken by force, right?

Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

869084  No.5568165


It's gay. Q is faggot. Do something real.

96cf71  No.5568166

File: a363d096700f427⋯.jpg (44 KB, 707x929, 707:929, Quagmire.JPG)



171b91  No.5568167

File: fca879d85286237⋯.png (15.93 KB, 598x270, 299:135, Goodwin to Tribe re Manafo….PNG)

File: dc24517b89f7bf7⋯.png (174.8 KB, 698x908, 349:454, Archive Goodwin to Tribe r….PNG)

File: 16aea8960359127⋯.png (38.65 KB, 599x318, 599:318, Tribe re Manafor Sentence ….PNG)

File: 0109d09ac68a5b9⋯.png (187.29 KB, 696x908, 174:227, Archive Tribe re Manafor S….PNG)

Or what?



Manafort’s 47-month sentence in ED Va is outrageously lenient. Judge Ellis has inexcusably perverted justice and the guidelines. His pretrial comments were a dead giveaway. The DC sentence next week had better be consecutive.



a8f3f8  No.5568168

463090  No.5568169


Optics. How about the optic of Mueller, the guy neck deep in U1 exonerating POTUS. Sort of like Al Capone exonerating POTUS. YEAH, great optics.

600dc8  No.5568170


oddly specific


869084  No.5568171


Do something about it.

9e5c0c  No.5568172


You could try Kasperski. Just give them a phone call. They actually talk to you.

058de1  No.5568173

to the people who keep on saying do it Q

This is a surgical operation to remove the [DS]

if there is a wrong move made we could

have problems. We still will win but we but risks

should not be taking

be8455  No.5568174




625b10  No.5568175


Corpseflower- did you smell it?

74e283  No.5568176

Is watching Above Majestic a waste of time?

380e8d  No.5568177




29b189  No.5568178

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

56bc12  No.5568179


I will NOT be controlled.


93c63e  No.5568180

File: 664936cee223697⋯.png (350.14 KB, 747x709, 747:709, Huawei.png)

In defending its business, Huawei seems to have realized that it has to step up its public relations. An embedded reporter describes it's "European style" campus in Szenzhen, China.

Huawei is huge. When it comes to selling smartphones, Huawei passed Apple last year to become the second-biggest manufacturer in the world, behind Samsung.

But Huawei's real strength is in the field of networks, the circuits and switches, fibres and antennas that are the backbone of the internet, and the foundation of its next generation — the so-called 5G internet, which promises to electronically join pretty much every device in the world.

Huawei already connects a third of the world's population — three billion people — and is way ahead of its competitors in building 5G.

Those networks carry all kinds of sensitive information, from personal finances to state secrets. Huawei's critics fear that it can use its digital dominance to install so-called "back doors" — hardware or software that could give Chinese authorities the tools to snoop on everything flowing across the network, skirting passwords and other security features.

"wolf culture" Did somebody say GOOGLE?

dc6e8c  No.5568181

File: 562233b789d8409⋯.png (125.34 KB, 500x304, 125:76, your-penis-5bd725.png)


Hi. I know you got my (lb) message.

Fuck you :)

03e677  No.5568182



d08860  No.5568184

File: 4b817d8827ed8ed⋯.jpg (297.42 KB, 902x856, 451:428, californication.jpg)


Holy shit

I just posted a speculation yesterday that maybe Denver was set to become the next Cabal nexus. The Californication of Colorado may not be a coincidence.

621f97  No.5568186


I am just noting what they seem to be doing.

d36b6c  No.5568187



Listen nut case you can do this crap all day long. All Christianity stands on Jesus being the propitiation for sin. That satisfies God's need for justice. Just disprove Jesus lived, disprove that he died and then disprove that he rose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of people!!! We you born yesterday for 1,000's of years this has been tired and you come along tonight and well guess what I "man" am smarter than God! Knock off the crap.

380e8d  No.5568188




600dc8  No.5568189


top fucking kek

ced341  No.5568190


See you there

70290e  No.5568191

File: b451e88606851e9⋯.png (166.61 KB, 470x309, 470:309, biden119.png)

55c531  No.5568192

File: ab75b3b427cc736⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 226x223, 226:223, the rapist.jpg)

914475  No.5568193

Some like to drive wide open.

39a9b6  No.5568194


Can't even answer the question. Absolutely pathetic.

Amazing that this board of 'Patriots' is okay with an AG that supports red flag laws.

Barrs involvement in ruby ridge ALONE should have disqualified him from a MAGA prospective.

0915f5  No.5568195

File: 0e1a912d9b64557⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 255x160, 51:32, edef6aa1989dac4866a3366855….jpg)

File: 7d1bb44a3b6f986⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 612x816, 3:4, d62b43bd1ec26b58a8c6ea5755….jpg)

File: dd0df4bedd78823⋯.jpg (71.77 KB, 888x499, 888:499, de-bo.jpg)

fae264  No.5568196

File: dfdc8259c961a30⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Pepe trader.jpg)

File: 8d6aee081530094⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 583x327, 583:327, Dead cat bounce.jpg)

File: 7043fc5bfdf7efc⋯.png (28.68 KB, 500x397, 500:397, dead cat bounce 1.png)


>Watch stock markets for a possible Dead Cat Bounce

anon..been in the bounce since start of january. where ya been?

Other than that you are solid


fe7c78  No.5568197

I am a little nervous to when POTUS does answer the question. Everybody and their mama will be on here. It's a comfy group for the most part now. Just going to enjoy that while it lasts.

1fb99d  No.5568198


And not semitic

3e517f  No.5568200

File: 02fc9ba4a635e53⋯.png (761.29 KB, 758x493, 758:493, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5567762 Woods tweets re First Amendment

cf85c6  No.5568201


I hear it smells just like RBG

0154e1  No.5568202

>>5567511 (PB)

Enty calls him the Rice Queen. Apparently he likes (VERY, VERY YOUNG) Asian boys, and flies there often on the corporate jet to have sex with them.

7d0e96  No.5568203

File: d027615a64cab0d⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 569x465, 569:465, 1487659961025.jpg)

File: 075c51903f8469b⋯.jpg (50.59 KB, 887x511, 887:511, da079dbfc797d294249e4b0abe….jpg)

70290e  No.5568204

File: 593cc2230618d70⋯.png (406.83 KB, 717x539, 717:539, BASTEBO.png)

File: 671f430051a6b8f⋯.png (810.12 KB, 1111x641, 1111:641, finesteen.png)

File: 314bac7426ba69f⋯.png (839.48 KB, 600x833, 600:833, kittyenhanced.png)

47e863  No.5568205


Not a coincidence at all.

a2fc27  No.5568207


Depends on the answer given…

3fc8ee  No.5568208


Ok…NAILED it…I bow to your short winded truth.


>Porblem is, the electorate is tired of her. I think they want a fresh face.

They want to win…the face doesn't matter. If they think they can win with her they'll run her. Think about the drama of it…the left will mobilze BIGLEY….this time it's her turn…wait for it. Mueller's report is shite, he is shite…and she knows it. So the "waiting for Mueller report" is some kind of stupid…more like..waiting to see if we're home free yet….have the fixers cleaned it all up? We shall see…if Epstein finds a red scarf and door knob..I'd say yes, home free…come the fuck on Trump HIRED Acosta knowing the deal he gave Epstein…and I do not even believe for a second Trump was involved at ALL in that shit…nope..it's currency..he's trading in currency….how he spends it….well Mr President..this shit is global…and you're NOT a mere billionaire that can jet off in an instant with your beautiful family to some hidey hole to wait it all out…


>Whether is looks like an accident or not.

designed to be natural….and he's helping them bigely cause he won't give it up. They had a few ideas kicking around…and it's not that things aren't being checked it is that only one, maybe two…of a "lot" and that's not easy….this has been going on the last two months I'd say…the first time I noted a major energy shift, a SLOWING…bloating…buildup…so to speak. I think…bank accounts or something…needs to be looked at because this is deceptively simple…a slight of hand swap out…and it's done..while everything looks on the up and up…fuck, people are just assholes. Never lie, never DO anything that can be used against you, ever. Walk in a good way on this earth.

Cascadia…will likely be the trigger. it feels a bit "norther" but I would expect a chain…when I was a very young lad aboard a horse in the high desert on the mainland side of the SAFault..I looked out across the desert and saw it turn into water…and thought.."someday this will beach front property"…trufax. All I know is that the tribe was told to be moved to the high ground by 2019…and there have been lots of natural indicators…and visions so…it is what it is.

f246b1  No.5568209


Acknowledge your post and the interesting relationships.

If you hit paydirt, Q will undoubtedly see it and tell us all. You'll hit the wall in ecstasy if that happens, for sure (everyone else would, too.)

For now, interesting. I'll even nominate it for a notable if you like (response or STFU).

Otherwise, lurk moar. It's not the first piece of connection to hit this place.

1075ef  No.5568210

File: 21f8d47f98d6e22⋯.jpg (28.61 KB, 535x498, 535:498, muhammad.jpg)

56bc12  No.5568211




fae264  No.5568212

File: 29d2b5bdeb9973f⋯.jpg (32.95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Brainwashed.jpg)

db775a  No.5568213



03e677  No.5568214

File: 7a7b010b75e2b6f⋯.png (706.29 KB, 896x668, 224:167, Triage.png)

File: ea9d1fbeed96a7a⋯.png (39.68 KB, 590x187, 590:187, Conquests3Laws.png)


Sauce for Michael Anton/Publius Decius Mus/Pepe the Baker quote:


Conquest's Third Law: https://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2015/09/conquests-third-law.html

70290e  No.5568215



be8455  No.5568216


dc6e8c  No.5568217


I didn't ask any questions, faggot, I called you an asshole.

Are you fucking stupid?

not the bot. The retarded operator (read: you) that doesn't know shit about running bots.

ced341  No.5568218

>>5568018 (lb)

>The Milagro Detector

Thanks man, checkin it

96cf71  No.5568219

File: eeef0ead949f07f⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 366x513, 122:171, Donkey look.JPG)

File: 2ae72efb84917f6⋯.jpg (9.89 KB, 162x255, 54:85, PePe LOL.jpg)

File: c4ea2ccfb6ac1e3⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 700x515, 140:103, Rofl 1.jpg)

File: 078e5565a1c9fcb⋯.mp4 (121.92 KB, 498x278, 249:139, Otter fist bump.mp4)

380e8d  No.5568220



<you're a fucking namefaggot

70290e  No.5568221


Who is your daddy?

10e030  No.5568223

File: 4139aba0c098cee⋯.jpeg (16.32 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 7097B712-8C21-40CC-A24E-2….jpeg)


Saved us from WW3 many times I bet. God Bless JFK!

54c822  No.5568224

File: 4f4521fbfbfdfc0⋯.png (403.36 KB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, SIX 7f66.png)

File: 1b1cf343b8e04fc⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, Mentioned adiz48.png)


SerialBrain2: Bye Crooked Hillary Part II

More Pics and Link

Part II


d08860  No.5568225

File: 03e69b15fdf19fe⋯.jpg (223.13 KB, 620x858, 310:429, 1000-K.jpg)

b980f6  No.5568226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

worth watching

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

fae264  No.5568227

File: 85b487da40b60c6⋯.jpg (12.87 KB, 255x202, 255:202, bezos muh dick on ap.jpg)

39a9b6  No.5568228


Tell me what you think about Barr and red flag laws

I want to know. I want to hear it from (You)

f246b1  No.5568229


FAKE AND GAY. Christian in video only.

427eb0  No.5568231

File: a54a69aeff54450⋯.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x437, 500:437, 4a131222654100c8f8aa9d6581….jpg)

1075ef  No.5568232

File: 5309de1aac4143c⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 480x450, 16:15, 01.jpge6ef4626-36e9-4359-a….jpg)

ec14c8  No.5568233


Did you see him arisen after death? I didn’t. Good story though. The words probably matter more in my opinion.

93c63e  No.5568234



e47219  No.5568235

No meat today you heathens.

Ladies, penis is not a meat.

3fc8ee  No.5568236


Oh please…KEK…hope tard. Yes it was just a simple anon…

Time for the TRUMP card…if it has not already passed…the window is so short now blink and you'll miss it.

fae264  No.5568237

File: a565ecbabf4fc82⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 5X5 JK.jpg)

1e5be9  No.5568238


Correct, Khazarian. Basically a smelly Turk kind of thing. They don't need to be in the America's. And I'm not kidding.

ced341  No.5568239


Sure thing fren, consider it done.


290a3b  No.5568240

any one else watch this and think of this board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOTYgcdNrXE

a390b1  No.5568242


Damn bro dat good

dc6e8c  No.5568243


I'm not answering any of your garbage ;)

My sole purpose here is to find and ridicule you, personally.

7f212e  No.5568244

File: 684247a0e0f2b26⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 474x394, 237:197, pepe-anon-newfag.jpg)

File: 5268c9358effe0e⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 255x213, 85:71, ShillWarningweareallanonne….jpg)


Read the info for newfags before posting again


Then Lurk Moar.

Do NOT use an email address.

Do NOT fill in the name, email, or subject fields when you post.

ae1905  No.5568245

File: 50b212cfbf4228c⋯.jpg (94.38 KB, 576x566, 288:283, tegypt.jpg)


Cool Man,

Here is another one i just remembered

90ca40  No.5568246


"We" aren't doing anything but making memes.

Any real military or civilian operation would not be advertising by posting bits of sentences, words, names, dayes, numbers, and various bits of rubbish over the course of two years on a public bulletin board.

What possible reason could any legitimate person who is in on a military or civilian operation have to be feeding you anything here?

Trump himself has said it is stupid to announce anything that you're going to do and tip the enemy off remember that? So why do you think he's doing that now or approving of it being done now?

03e677  No.5568247

File: b953749a58800a3⋯.png (43.62 KB, 800x142, 400:71, Sendmeanangel.png)

File: 9771f8ac18d910c⋯.jpeg (105.46 KB, 639x417, 213:139, TrumpAngel.jpeg)



That's Michael Anton aka PEPE THE BAKER aka Q.

(The fake news media is going down like the Soviet Union.)

db5083  No.5568248

File: f087fcf340f2359⋯.png (99.13 KB, 400x469, 400:469, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1f96d933a263c50⋯.png (186.92 KB, 776x468, 194:117, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 46ec43e5e5587df⋯.png (94.54 KB, 418x468, 209:234, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1c42a6683a7f42d⋯.png (89.15 KB, 430x469, 430:469, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 565867dd35092af⋯.png (127.94 KB, 615x469, 615:469, ClipboardImage.png)


The banksters have even admitted to rigging the precious metals markets when Deutschebank ratted some banks out for colluding with them to rig the silver market. Here are a few of the chat logs released where traders were manipulating the silver market.



fed7bc  No.5568249


Shut up Glenn Beck

56bc12  No.5568250


I Holpe you chose I AM NOTHING.


1075ef  No.5568251

File: 7d705e5c51e0e81⋯.jpg (115.95 KB, 919x523, 919:523, 3KU57MBTXNEDVDGYNXZLUDU3DA.jpg)

7f6a69  No.5568252

File: 6ed98df3470e009⋯.png (459.12 KB, 1022x554, 511:277, jos&rosann.png)

Wonder what more will come out of this? Nashville ‘Massage Business’ Raided In Prostitution Investigation

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Specialized Investigations Division undercover detectives Wednesday afternoon raided a Bellevue-area massage business after an investigation begun late last year as the result of a citizen complaint determined that it served as a front for prostitution.


When will those "nail" salons on almost every block start tumbling like dominoes?

70290e  No.5568253

File: f654b4aef262f4a⋯.jpg (180.04 KB, 626x620, 313:310, chjhyz-mmM-mmy.jpg)

File: 772b465468d67b5⋯.png (109.85 KB, 356x456, 89:114, disturbo4.png)

File: 35b56a76bf48957⋯.png (143.69 KB, 555x830, 111:166, whatgetsyoubanned.png)

39a9b6  No.5568254


Treasonous traitor

I hope you get red flagged and your guns get taken away from you

Obviously you are too pussy to stand up for your rights, you will probably bend over like the good sheep you are

3fc8ee  No.5568255

File: d129e013093214f⋯.jpg (870.98 KB, 1635x1985, 327:397, bill barr gun grab.jpg)


(((BILL BARR))) gun grab…because without taking our guns their success is not assured.

5e14b2  No.5568256

>>5567895 (lb)

>meme ai bot nutbag

Perfect description

Someone should add it to the ## before its code

##meme ai bot nutbag


7f212e  No.5568257

File: 8cb95e5c6f835b0⋯.jpg (596.49 KB, 1600x1738, 800:869, SuperElitePepeArmy.jpg)


thankQ baker fren.


380e8d  No.5568258



<namefaggot (worse than nothing.)

6c7d1f  No.5568259

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video is for you shills

1fb99d  No.5568260


To go further…

These non Semitic fake jews are murdering and displacing the Palestinians

who are true Semitics

So the Jews are anti-Semitic

e7a1fe  No.5568261

Fire facebook memes, 2nd night, 2nd to last Q post.

adf598  No.5568262


I’m not in favor of the gun grabbing method yet. But I do feel like there is something else patriots should be doing. We are actually losing our country …. it’s happening in real time. Things are getting worse

39a9b6  No.5568263


Qtards don't want to acknowledge this

Too busy trusting the invisible plan and praying

I hope all Qtards get red flagged

65a508  No.5568265

File: f8884756647c4e6⋯.jpeg (363.35 KB, 1242x1086, 207:181, 6564FE72-9B82-49B9-B72E-C….jpeg)

File: 868e86dfd3cc147⋯.jpeg (195.54 KB, 1242x800, 621:400, 394798B9-65CE-4FF4-B630-A….jpeg)


ba6a8d  No.5568266

File: 12169fd8f054a7f⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, hrc1.jpg)

dc6e8c  No.5568267


Speak for yourself.

The NSA knows who's side I'm on, and they know damn well that I'll be voting for MAGA again.

and nothing you say or do will stop it.:D

1e5be9  No.5568268

File: 057407622f5499d⋯.jpg (21.74 KB, 540x480, 9:8, 057407622f5499d0a89425c5c4….jpg)


These fucks are either completely conditioned and rendered harmless or they're smelly kikes.

cf042b  No.5568269


She needs to take her top off. She should know the rules by now.

072418  No.5568270

File: c4b7246b3437c47⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1209x785, 1209:785, Clipboard02.png)


Projection much Wapo?


e7a1fe  No.5568271

shills are stupid.

Obvious shills gets the filter again.

c07e18  No.5568272

File: 7d5db57bc6197e8⋯.png (41.26 KB, 436x494, 218:247, Screenshot_2019-03-06 The ….png)

File: 39d1bfcc783925e⋯.png (69.55 KB, 455x761, 455:761, 33a84476-584a-4c49-a82f-30….png)

File: c73eb6936c47f37⋯.png (75.83 KB, 477x781, 477:781, 13a814e6-4332-49e0-9995-61….png)

File: 81502695ec3d26d⋯.png (568.93 KB, 686x540, 343:270, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like the jews profited from running Venezuela into the groud, and now they'll profit from shedding goy blood there in a war to "fix" the problems

427eb0  No.5568273

File: 0ee94deb1216abe⋯.png (902.5 KB, 640x858, 320:429, 0ee94deb1216abe9dc4475e358….png)

File: f77dc1c8bc08d69⋯.jpg (139.74 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, f77dc1c8bc08d69c1712e0e631….jpg)

3b728b  No.5568274

Pardon me

3fc8ee  No.5568275

File: 196af21b5cbe59e⋯.jpg (16.89 KB, 280x280, 1:1, benis.jpg)



>know it's you

Dude…what you know could fit on the tip of your pic related.

7b15c2  No.5568276

File: 94d552c00213c1b⋯.png (248.88 KB, 741x481, 57:37, CryConcern.png)

ced341  No.5568277


Testing -

Meme Ammo

42 >>5427459, 41 >>5290716

• Q Research Graphics Library https://mega.nz/#F!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ 40,000+ memes & infographs - 10.3 GB – Keyword-searchable filenames

• Memewar2020: prepare for the 2020 general election >>4731041

• NPC Memes https://mega.nz/#!lc8VCYxR!4xZoxqgglasf8DoYdKfg9rFDx-gBQIJ-qk-FPsWlKIU

• Op Stop Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood >>5006160

• Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Infanticide, Fetal Tissue Direct link to 426+ memes https://mega.nz/#F!HgtDxCKR!PK-mv3ndB4gstVLLnSadlQ

eb1c84  No.5568278

File: 2ab78b8be20c0db⋯.png (82.16 KB, 291x303, 97:101, Audry.png)

ec63de  No.5568279

File: cbfa8ce201b7686⋯.png (1.04 MB, 980x588, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7cc6c4eb23b922a⋯.png (85.97 KB, 925x613, 925:613, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 046d3859bc1aa15⋯.png (51.13 KB, 750x384, 125:64, ClipboardImage.png)

US Revokes Visas from 77 Associates of Socialist Dictator Nicolas Maduro

Vice President Mike Pence announced on March 6 that the U.S. State Department will revoke visas from 77 individuals tied to Venezuela’s socialist dictator, Nicolas Maduro. The announcement marks the latest move by U.S. officials to ramp up pressure on the illegitimate Maduro regime in the past several days. “Today, the State Department is announcing that the United States will revoke 77 visas, including many officials of the Maduro regime and their families. We will continue to hold the Maduro regime accountable until ‘libertad’ is restored in Venezuela,”Pence said to enthusiastic applause during an annual Latino Coalition event in Washington. Pence also called out Maduro’s communist Cuban allies for propping up the brutal regime, and for participating in myriad human rights abuses.

“The truth is … their oppressors do not act alone,” Pence said, referring to the Venezuelan people. “The truth is the only way Maduro clings to power is with the brutality of his supporters, and with the help he receives from communist Cuba.” “As President Trump said in his speech to Venezuelan exiles in Miami not long ago, Maduro is not a Venezuelan patriot, he is a Cuban puppet,” Pence said.

The vice president’s remarks came less than a week after the State Department revoked 49 other visas from Maduro-aligned officials and their family members. On March 1, the United States imposed targeted visa sanctions on specific individuals deemed responsible for helping Maduro undermine Venezuela’s democracy, and whose enriched family members may attempt to abscond to the safety of the United States. “Maduro supporters that abuse or violate human rights, steal from the Venezuelan people, or undermine Venezuela’s democracy are not welcome in the United States,” read a State Department press release that announced the initial visa revocations. “Neither are their family members who enjoy a privileged lifestyle at the expense of the liberty and prosperity of millions of Venezuelans,” the statement continued.

The U.S. Treasury Department imposed additional sanctions against six security officials of the Maduro regime, who were associated with obstructing the entry of international humanitarian aid and violence against those who attempted to deliver the assistance. Pence’s bold remarks came two days after internationally recognized interim president Juan Guaidó returned to his native Venezuela in defiance of the Maduro regime’s threat to arrest him.

“Already in our beloved land! Venezuela, we have just passed migration and we will mobilize where our people are!” Guaidó wrote in Spanish on Twitter. “We enter Venezuela as free citizens, no one tells us otherwise.” Guaidó is recognized by more than 50 nations as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. He called on the people of Venezuela to protest in the streets against Maduro on March 4 and 5.

Senior U.S. administration officials warned Maduro against harming Guaidó. “Guaido’s safe return to Venezuela is of the highest importance to the U.S.,” Vice President Mike Pence wrote on Twitter, minutes before Guaidó announced his return to Venezuela. “Any threats, violence, or intimidation against him will not be tolerated & will be met with swift response. The world is watching.” The State Department also issued a statement of support, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo simultaneously took aim at Cuba. As Guaidó arrived in Venezuela, Pompeo announced a temporary suspension of the Libertad Act of 1996, with an exception allowing U.S nationals the right to sue Cuban “entities and sub-entities” under the control of Cuban military intelligence and security forces.

“Today I announce an exception to the 30-day suspension of #TitleIII of the Libertad Act,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter, adding, “We must hold #Cuba accountable and make whole U.S. claimants for assets seized by the Cuban government. Doing business with Cuba is not worth trafficking in confiscated property.” A senior State Department official added via teleconference, that “nothing has changed” in Cuba since the passing of communist dictator Fidel Castro in 2016. “We see that the constitution retains the same authoritarian political system and simply reinforces the communist party’s control over the island,” the official said, adding that, “Cuba continues to maintain close relations with Russia and China and has destabilized Venezuela, leading to mass flows of refugees and, of course, public health threats.”


914475  No.5568280

Hello, hello is that you?

1075ef  No.5568281

File: e2fc2387fc3f86d⋯.jpg (83.71 KB, 640x761, 640:761, 22311_4828064300742_953815….jpg)

39a9b6  No.5568282


Fake patriot

NSA loves good little sheep like you

7f212e  No.5568283

File: 29a5199508265e8⋯.jpg (171.61 KB, 1159x905, 1159:905, markfacebook.jpg)

File: 30649923eb055b1⋯.jpg (18.05 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FacebookDumb.jpg)

File: 9294191ee4c2385⋯.jpg (258.63 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FacebookAdmits1.jpg)

File: 8608a7846ee1ea0⋯.jpg (144.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, FriendsFacebook.jpg)

File: bd582dd9c9517a5⋯.jpg (292.7 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FacebookScandal1.jpg)

600dc8  No.5568284


which is why you're here constantly, right?

and why do you keep using "red flag"

it sounds moar faggy than your normal retardation

f9dacb  No.5568285

"Sonic boom" type sounds being heard in Chatham Co NC. Not the typical distant sounds of Ft Bragg. Maybe a half-dozen or so, rattled things on the shelf. Weather radar is clear (for once.)

Frogs stopped croaking for a while. They started up again now.

ec14c8  No.5568286



Motivation to improvise other home defenses.

96cf71  No.5568287


she is not going to post them again…maybe?

75342a  No.5568288

Georgia House Panel Approves Pro-Life ‘Heartbeat’ Bill

A Georgia House panel approved a bill on March 6 that would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat was detected, advancing the controversial bill after hours of debate.

The bill, House Bill 481, also known as Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, will be considered for debate on the House floor and could pass through to the Senate as early as Thursday.

The bill says “Modern medical science … demonstrates that early infants in the womb are a class of living, distinct human beings that, among other individual human traits, have their own distinct blood types, organ systems, and unique fingerprints,” among other traits.

“Unborn children shall be worthy of recognition as natural persons under the laws of this State,” the legislation reads. Under the U.S. Constitution and Georgia law, no person “shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property except by due process of law” and “no person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws,” the House bill stated.

Current Georgia law allows abortions up to 20 weeks; if passed, the so-called heartbeat bill would ban abortions when a fetal heartbeat was detected, which typically happens in a women’s sixth week of pregnancy. Exceptions are included if not getting an abortion would pose substantial and irreversible physical harm to the prospective mother or in the case of rape or incest.

“I believe in the common sense of Georgians,” state Rep. Ed Setzler, a Republican and the bill’s sponsor, told the House panel before the bill passed, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “They recognize that science tells us a living, distinct whole human being with a heartbeat living in the womb is worthy of protection.”

“Life in the womb is sacred and worthy of full legal protections,” he added, according to CNN. “When there is a beating heart, that’s a human being worthy of protection.”

Witnesses included a woman who said her parents had been told to abort her because doctors thought she would be severely disabled and state Rep. Park Cannon, who said she got an abortion after being raped.

Cannon, a Democrat, said that abortion bans of any type are political and that she’s opposed to them.


629850  No.5568289


AG can’t take our guns. Read the constitution.

a8f3f8  No.5568290


You are so dumb.

ced341  No.5568291


Nice work MemeAnon

f246b1  No.5568292

File: b2f6797ba2a0fc5⋯.png (264.36 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ClipboardImage.png)


What's your standard of proof? If you want evidence, there are reports by many people who witnessed Christ alive after his crucifixion. No decay, no fakery, actual life.

Do you dismiss them? Hitchens said it best. Do you dismiss the evidence in front of you, then?

The disciples are witnesses. You weren't there. They were.

7f212e  No.5568293

File: 2893094a4956193⋯.png (143.94 KB, 373x459, 373:459, Npepe2.png)




fae264  No.5568294

File: 02e8542b31ad887⋯.jpg (116.77 KB, 615x410, 3:2, gold buying.jpg)

File: a924beca39693f3⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 4368x2912, 3:2, Silver Bars 1.jpg)



Newfags read this about how the metals markets are manipulated.

3fc8ee  No.5568295


HUMM there's more actual action in that stupid meme than there's been in the last nearly three years. NOICE way to prove the point.

9106aa  No.5568296


He said it right in his confirmation hearing. Meanwhile Trump is telling us our 2A is safe. He's losing more credibility every day.

2982fe  No.5568297

File: cc7fa3e4439d11b⋯.png (458.85 KB, 1857x1405, 1857:1405, Screenshot_2019-03-08 Whit….png)


829cd9  No.5568298


weeks before parkland utube vids taken down

utube took down vid 4yr ago about FF of x22

utube just took down vid of 911 years ago x22

x22 says something is going on



39a9b6  No.5568299


Imagine being this retarded. I keep using red flag because that is what the fucking law is called, red flag laws, and they are live in 14 states.

Jesus fucking christ dude, get a fucking clue.

cf042b  No.5568300


Dibs on the cotton panel.

96cf71  No.5568301


just kidding…I don't know if she has or not…rofl..got you going for a second i bet…

05af1c  No.5568302

File: 669a6f2dfc43469⋯.jpeg (58.07 KB, 550x700, 11:14, DF7AA60E-AB3B-43CB-A027-A….jpeg)

File: 351dc2cfe21e9b5⋯.jpeg (16.99 KB, 255x244, 255:244, 2F30A538-9673-4D95-AB6D-9….jpeg)

5c73ab  No.5568303


must recommend this series. currently binge watching on Netflix..

Currently, I am using it as a valuable redpill tool.

give it a shot?

Secret City (TV series)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Secret City

Secret City title card.png



Political drama

Political thriller

Based on The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code

by Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis

Written by Matt Cameron

Belinda Chayko

Greg Waters

Elise McCredie

Angela Betzien

Directed by Emma Freeman

Tony Krawitz

Daniel Nettheim


Anna Torv

Jacki Weaver

Daniel Wyllie

Alex Dimitriades

Damon Herriman

Danielle Cormack

Don Hany

Rob Collins

Composer(s) David Bridie

Country of origin Australia

Original language(s) English

No. of seasons 2

No. of episodes 12


Executive producer(s) Penny Chapman

Penny Win

Carly Heaton

Producer(s) Joanna Werner

Stephen Corvini

Production location(s) Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Cinematography Mark Wareham

Garry Phillips

Production company(s) Foxtel

Matchbox Pictures


Original network Showcase



Original release 5 June 2016 –


Secret City is an Australian political thriller set in a world of secrets, lies, murder and betrayal, based on the best-selling novels The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code by Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis. It premiered on Foxtel's Showcase in June 5, 2016 and on Netflix, internationally, on June 26, 2018. The series is produced by Matchbox Pictures and Foxtel. [1] [2]

A sequel to the series called Secret City: Under the Eagle has been greenlighted in February 2018. It will air on March 4, 2019 in Australia and launch worldwide on Netflix on March 6, 2019. [3]

The sequel storyline is a departure from the books written by Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis, who join this series as story consultants.


1 Synopsis

2 Cast

2.1 Secret City

2.2 Secret City : Under the Eagle

3 Series overview

4 Episodes

4.1 Secret City (2016)

4.2 Secret City : Under the Eagle (2019)

5 Reception

5.1 Awards and Nominations

6 References

7 External links


Beneath the placid facade of Canberra, amidst rising tension between China and America, Canberra press gallery journalist Harriet Dunkley (Anna Torv) forces her way closer to the truth, uncovering a secret city of interlocked conspiracies which will threaten her career, her life and endangers the freedom of every Australian.[4]

Secret City : Under the Eagle

The story picks up with Harriet Dunkley (Anna Torv), not long out of prison and unwittingly ensnared in a military and political cover-up with Catriona Bailey’s (Jacki Weaver) fingerprints all over it. Harriet’s search for the truth leads her back into Canberra’s corridors of power, this time working for a maverick Independent MP. What she unearths is a military program so secret even the Prime Minister knows nothing of its existence. Who really is running the country?[5]


1e5be9  No.5568304


Yes. Their hubris knows no bounds. But then the Rus did chase them out of the region because they were insufferable.

dc6e8c  No.5568305

File: 7f8f0aa1925ee61⋯.jpg (218.46 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, TRIGGERED.jpg)



Especially psychological ones learned from birth.

Every anon here that's worth their salt knows who they are interacting with after 3 - 4 posts.

Enjoy your day :D

600dc8  No.5568306


oh defango

you know i cant quit you

ca6502  No.5568307

File: ac0ec78154cd430⋯.png (203.18 KB, 464x498, 232:249, concern1.png)

d69301  No.5568308


I should have explained better. IF, (((they))) watch this board, they will be expecting declas soon after Mueller is done. IF declas does not happen directly after Mueller, then she will run, imo. You may be right about the rest.

f246b1  No.5568309




90ca40  No.5568310


They've been crying about the Democrats are "gonna take our guns".

So easily led.

2526ca  No.5568311

File: c00522488b9a9d8⋯.png (394.71 KB, 621x669, 207:223, obama darpa.PNG)

Hussein placed an Indian woman who ran the failed Solyndra as head of Darpa to replace Regina Dugan, had been investigated to fraud.

I am beginning to think DARPA is a money laundering business.

who does the actual research?


Until last year, Arati Prabhakar worked for the venture capitalists who backed Solyndra, the green-tech firm that imploded in a scandal described by Mitt Romney as an example of the White House's "crony capitalism." Now Prabhakar has a new job, this one in the Obama administration: running the Pentagon's most important research agency. But being the geek-in-chief requires investing billions on risky, high-tech bets that aren't so different from Solyndra.

Prabhakar, who starts in her new position at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on July 30, will be Darpa's first Indian-American chief. And she boasts an impressive resume. Prabhakar came to this country at the age of 3, growing up in Lubbock, Texas. She earned a Ph.D. in applied physics from Caltech and founded Darpa's Microelectronics Technology Office. In 1993, at the age of 34, she was appointed as the head of the 3,000-person National Institute of Standards and Technology. From there, she left for Silicon Valley, where she became a top officer at a specialty materials company. She joined the venture capital firm U.S. Venture Partners in 2001, spending a decade investing in green tech and IT start-ups.

9df8a8  No.5568312


The Hunger Games shows what is pretty obviously Denver as the national capitol.

d3167b  No.5568313

Last thing, then imma let you speak. If you need to be reminded not to put ferrous tools in your spaceship, there is a book you need to read.

829cd9  No.5568314


x22 suspsicious activity on yout ube

56bc12  No.5568315

DO NOT MAKE ME… salt up with lime AND TEQUILA :) I WILL DO IT.



1075ef  No.5568316


You're a fool if you pay for vpn.

SetupVPN is free, and it won't rat you out.

0cb37d  No.5568318

File: 82f3c1a9aff0dc2⋯.png (175.14 KB, 378x242, 189:121, 2019-01-13_09-47-43 2.png)

e34677  No.5568319

File: 018721caa56469d⋯.jpeg (73.27 KB, 450x436, 225:218, 630457B0-DA09-4ED9-B2C0-3….jpeg)

55c13e  No.5568320

File: 816cf4741839357⋯.jpeg (25.57 KB, 200x158, 100:79, rtrd.jpeg)

39a9b6  No.5568321


Trump said take the guns first, yet nobody cares.

Imagine if Hillary or Obama said that, 2A advocates would erupt and signal all the alarms

Instead they just passively 'trust the plan' because it was Trump that said it

its absolutely maddening

380e8d  No.5568322




a8f3f8  No.5568323


You sound…angry.

075f4a  No.5568324

File: fed892b27ac0d5b⋯.png (421.37 KB, 1234x1234, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

8421fe  No.5568325


Aight nigga


84bc90  No.5568326

File: 1e5a1a0acf79921⋯.jpg (401.49 KB, 1548x1696, 387:424, 1507414566134.jpg)

File: 61b214983372ac0⋯.jpg (255.89 KB, 899x653, 899:653, ss torturing homosexuals.jpg)

File: 03e7cab57784501⋯.png (973.64 KB, 1060x1240, 53:62, Nazis had run out of gas.png)

File: 9da10a1a17f95cc⋯.png (661.14 KB, 1021x729, 1021:729, nazi-anus-pump.png)


Anyone here survive the lolocaust?

e7a1fe  No.5568327


Thank you, dws bho meme awesome.

d534eb  No.5568328

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

For keks

"Jones" is off the rails.

What a kick.

171b91  No.5568329

File: 7077f4e8b721625⋯.png (20.17 KB, 595x257, 595:257, BYork to 2 Tribe re Manafo….PNG)

File: 461074f4326a6e9⋯.png (27.84 KB, 597x248, 597:248, 2 Tribe re Manafort Senten….PNG)

File: 015987da477fba0⋯.png (297.46 KB, 707x908, 707:908, Archive 2 Tribe re Manafor….PNG)

File: a0daddcc39b46d4⋯.png (167.82 KB, 348x552, 29:46, Klain Twitter Bio.PNG)


Is that what it was about?


I like @RonaldKlain’s aside that 47 months seems a pretty light sentence for a guy who sentenced America to 48 months of Donald Trump . . .



aacb62  No.5568330


So why did Mueller agree to be SC? The only answer that makes sense is that POTUS had him over a barrel and was forced to do whatever POTUS/Q told him to do. If Mueller actually followed his original mandate to follow the Russian Election Interference Investigation to where ever it lead, Mueller would have no other choice but to indict all DS actors involved in the FISA abuses. The only thing preventing Mueller from that conclusion might be [RR]'s rewrite of Mueller's mandate. Remember, If [RR] is dirty Mueller is dirty and if Mueller is dirty [RR] is dirty. But it logically follows from this argument that If [RR] is clean Mueller is clean, and if Mueller is clean [RR] is clean'. In other words, if both men are clean then it logically follows that Mueller's Report may be our long awaited MOAB (assuming POTUS did not direct RR's rewrite to exclude those indictments so as to defer them to the IG Report).

1e5be9  No.5568331


Only one way to fix that shit. One.

dad1e7  No.5568332

The fuck is wrong with you faggots.

1fb99d  No.5568333

File: 4de166f0a41507c⋯.jpeg (273.2 KB, 1440x951, 480:317, 9abfc3aa4183365df9a85746c….jpeg)


Saving Israel for last…

829cd9  No.5568334


youtube shutting down any FF vids

suspects something big duirng declass

dc6e8c  No.5568335

File: e6bbbfae575971c⋯.png (29.19 KB, 255x199, 255:199, veryvary_triggered_NPC2.png)

b1439b  No.5568336

File: 895343f8ccac935⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1517591847466.gif)


Well, all that makes sense in a fucked up way.

39a9b6  No.5568337


You are damn right I am angry.

Angry that we are losing our country every single day and all of you just sit here doing nothing. Afraid to speak out, afraid to question the narrative fed to you by the NSA, afraid to consider that maybe Trump isn't /our guy/ and that maybe t

the 'booms' you all wait on are never going to come.

3fc8ee  No.5568338


I read the Constitution….kek..if you think he can't take your guns…you're fucking smoking crack…(well he can try…)

They cannot UNDO the 2nd amendment but they CAN start passing so many restrictions and tie it up in courts for so long that…look long story short those are his words…make what you want of them but personally I'd wonder why Trump would put someone who SAID those words in any position of power. You can only get away with 4D chess so much…before it's a problem.

BUT you would be VERY happy with a national abortion ban…right?

AH..amendment amendments for thee but not for me. That's not how it works.

cf042b  No.5568340


Just tell her it is shrimp.

474bac  No.5568341

File: f3ad391d7d07f35⋯.jpeg (155.59 KB, 1427x1327, 1427:1327, 59D98061-D75E-474A-8D42-F….jpeg)

File: c600e382cad6762⋯.jpeg (282.71 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 8BAF5A1F-DAC9-4C5F-BFFA-B….jpeg)

File: 7d357730812c129⋯.jpeg (80.44 KB, 960x566, 480:283, 9531663A-2F00-4C70-8742-3….jpeg)

1075ef  No.5568342

File: 626ef25ac981ce7⋯.png (423.2 KB, 498x524, 249:262, wizofoz1.png)

File: 5b91bc6977d86de⋯.png (215.32 KB, 505x299, 505:299, wizofoz2.png)

db775a  No.5568343

File: 201fe1181a54452⋯.jpeg (269.11 KB, 1440x1136, 90:71, movie.warriors.jpeg)


Lindsey Graham, Bolton, Barr, Mattis… the list goes on. All playing a role. Optics has to do with the mainstream narrative that saw Mueller as the savior of humanity.

7f212e  No.5568344

File: ce04aca04112a02⋯.jpg (360.54 KB, 1712x810, 856:405, 2019_03_07_22:40:27_EST.jpg)


Couple of C17s flying N over Fayetteville. Not likely to be the source of the booms. ADSB not showing anything else military over NC.

8421fe  No.5568345


They’re scared

29b189  No.5568346

A dark day for Israel!

12489a  No.5568347

File: 5b5e27751dcdfe9⋯.jpg (79.03 KB, 1024x646, 512:323, Ruth-Bader-Ginsburg-Hot-Sa….jpg)

7a8495  No.5568348


Have some links to back that up? Would like to look it over.

9483f3  No.5568349


Documents requested by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Investigative Report Workshop in 2004 reveal that “United Airlines, Inc” is involved in a DOD “Air Transportation Program” likely connected to COG. This contract would allow United Airlines to fly VIPs, sitting Senators, Congressmen, and top-level officials to-and-fro the main COG hub located on DIA grounds.

Read the whole thing anons

This place reeks corruption

Also at the end they have another links

1b7115  No.5568350

File: de8feec365aaa1a⋯.jpg (433.28 KB, 1440x1461, 480:487, Screenshot_20190307-223418….jpg)

File: 70bc5f7f3270acd⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1429x1116, 1429:1116, SmartSelect_20190307-11434….jpg)

File: ae56a8a03c43e7a⋯.jpg (194.36 KB, 868x377, 868:377, SmartSelect_20190307-11461….jpg)



Death Blossom


427eb0  No.5568351

File: 33bc14f310ba956⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2089x1533, 2089:1533, 33bc14f310ba95686f79f7b3b8….png)

File: 2fe37e40dec03e5⋯.png (206.74 KB, 620x388, 155:97, a32c32da1ec482b4f6feee87df….png)



the muhjew shill scripts

script #1:

while(1) {

print "goy, kike, moshe, schlomo, rabbi";


if(reply == high_iq) { $myreply = "pilpul";}

else {$myreply = "jidf, what time is it in tel-aviv";}

echo $myreply;


56bc12  No.5568352



dc6e8c  No.5568353

File: a5776606e0fba10⋯.png (73.91 KB, 500x366, 250:183, tries-to-blend.png)

a9b23b  No.5568354

Coincidentally, Angelfire, Keystone, and WolfCreek are all ski resorts.

e34677  No.5568355

File: 73f69ccc483c8b5⋯.jpeg (173.02 KB, 642x343, 642:343, 2E1D5BF0-83F5-4947-95EF-E….jpeg)

81cae4  No.5568356


Besides, with most of the dark shit we research and how serious this is supposed to be, a dark theme makes more sense

7b15c2  No.5568357

File: 10209c924ea9569⋯.png (316.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Concern.png)

90ca40  No.5568358


Self blinded people. It is absolutely maddening. It's otherworldly bizarre seeing the absolute cognitive dissonance.

380e8d  No.5568359




b83ef1  No.5568360


Will look into them. Thanks, fren.

Was thinking of Private Internet Access.


Have Nord. Keeps crashing on phone.




>SetupVPN is free, and it won't rat you out.

Will look into it. Thanks.

1fb99d  No.5568361

File: db4e929c07a1b39⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 618x768, 103:128, 4f739192a82e0e19a157ba518b….jpg)


Saving Israel for last…

39a9b6  No.5568362


Buddy, research red flag laws. They are already live in 14 states.

They are coming to a state near you and Barr and Trump have no problem with it.

fae264  No.5568363

File: f7ca85124ec3480⋯.png (338.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Pepe dream ride.png)

ed88dc  No.5568364



1e5be9  No.5568365


Denver is kind of dirty and full of beaners and muh weed shops. Tho some parts are obviously quite affluent.

417c69  No.5568366

Anybody paying attention to this chronic wasting disease shit? Prion disease, we are all gonna shake and jerk like killary soon

d131d4  No.5568367

File: 15a57c9ea533c8d⋯.png (562.1 KB, 1744x1718, 872:859, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at ….png)

Is this legit?

Is KEYSTONE a reference to ANGELFIRE software?

c94561  No.5568368


Im from Colorado and currently live in CA. What do you mean Californication?

Side notes re DIA/CO/etc. Tom Clancey's book Sum of all Fears the FF nuke goes off in Denver during the super bowl.

Also with Cheyenne Mt in Colo Springs, I believe I read somewhere that if Washington DC somehow goes off the map, Denver is the 2nd choice to set up the Capital.

Just some fun facts.

7f212e  No.5568369

File: d602369d5c1d51b⋯.jpg (297.17 KB, 768x1536, 1:2, FacebookScandal2.jpg)


Here's the one I was looking for the other day and couldn't find. Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO. Helping the Hillary campaign.

b83ef1  No.5568370

File: a3a061f014c6894⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, PDVD_441.jpg)

3fc8ee  No.5568371


OH I do not think DECLASS is ever going to happen. It would take out too many republicans..and the dems know that and that's why they've been so comfy all this time..with nary a care in the world…he SHOULD say FUCK THEM and light the flame thrower…bad repubs out with bad dems….but I don't see him doing that…we shall see.

d3167b  No.5568372


'Nan bread

db5083  No.5568373

File: 63093fa67caeea7⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 373x521, 373:521, LimitedEdition.jpg)

427eb0  No.5568374

File: e93d509470463e8⋯.jpg (76.29 KB, 408x528, 17:22, e93d509470463e874bfbac2c4a….jpg)

File: d679efea02f0e29⋯.png (26.15 KB, 569x220, 569:220, eevil2.PNG)

File: f5d4eca10f9579a⋯.png (18.17 KB, 576x219, 192:73, evil3.PNG)

ced341  No.5568375



Good stuff anon.

Appreciate it.

869084  No.5568376


5b728d  No.5568377

Just read this Anons Dig. ME THINKS he may have something.

Keking out right now. Pretty sure I found something. Rip me apart if I’m wrong though. So many shills on here. You’re missing crumbs. Look here, not [here]. Responding to post 2996 Q says, “how is that possible for a ‘supposed’ non_gov entity?”

How is it possible that FB tracks data even when the app is deleted? In post 2993 (3/7/109) Q is calling out @Snowden. So I used the filter to find posts relating to WikiLeaks. Q’s post from July 31, 2018 is a screenshot of the Wikileaks Vault 7… released MARCH 7. Sounds confusing just trying to show you my thought process, stay with me, it makes sense.

“Unlike bullets, bombs or missiles, most CIA malware is designed to live for days or even years after it has reached its 'target'. CIA malware does not "explode on impact" but rather permanently infests its target. In order to infect target's device, copies of the malware must be placed on the target's devices, giving physical possession of the malware to the target. To exfiltrate data back to the CIA or to await further instructions the malware must communicate with CIA Command & Control (C2) systems placed on internet connected servers. But such servers are typically not approved to hold classified information, so CIA command and control systems are also made unclassified.” FROM VAULT 7

Links below that direct you to user forums on how to not leave a digital fingerprint that can be associated with the CIA, and how to construct an imitation fingerprint. Using Facebook as their ‘fingerprint’ they are able to install malware on peoples’ phones, tablets, and computers which relay all data back to a central server using HIVE.

I suggest all anons who have given up life to research this shit like me should read this document to completion.

I noticed the enormous amount of comparisons between “packets of data” and “bombs”, dunno why probably just autistic. I looked back in the Qmap and on March 5, 2019 an anon posted how London Police “called them bombs not suspicious packages” Q responds in 2974 with “Fire”.

I went into Vault 7 Projects, search for “fire”….

“Angelfire is an implant comprised of five components: Solartime, Wolfcreek, Keystone (previously MagicWand), BadMFS, and the Windows Transitory File system”


“Keystone is part of the Wolfcreek implant and responsible for starting malicious user applications. Loaded implants never touch the file system, so there is very little forensic evidence that the process was ever ran.” This makes post Q 381 much easier to understand

“We Won’t telegraph our moves to the ENEMY.

We will however light a FIRE to flush them out.”


Q is saying that they are using the Anglefire to predict the Deep State’s moves without being detected. In the user files it says a key must be used to open magicwand (keystone). In Q post 270 he says that ADM R/NSA (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL = Apply the Keystone. Paint the Picture. In post 167 Q says POTUS opened the door of all doors. Expand your thinking. What is the keystone? Now this could be confirmation bias but based off of what we just read we can now infer that Q was saying trump gave Admiral Rogers permission to use Keystone and Activate malware in order to collect data on DS. Furthermore who uses a magicwand? A wizard. (W&W)

8421fe  No.5568378


Cmon fam, we don’t believe in coincidences.

Where are they located?

0f6cdc  No.5568379


Because of the wrongdoing of the Jews…. And of their taking usury … and of their devouring people's wealth by false pretenses. We have prepared for those of them who disbelieve a painful doom.[Surah IV, v. 160, 161]

d08860  No.5568380


That reminds me, Denver was the city where The Stand took place (stephen king).

1fb99d  No.5568381

File: bddd6cac7feb3ae⋯.jpg (453.89 KB, 1600x1028, 400:257, 30beb3b885e572d4a89e7e9573….jpg)

File: f70254bf434489e⋯.jpg (122.47 KB, 962x1308, 481:654, 3BB6B4F200000578-0-image-a….jpg)

File: ed0c3683e3285fa⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 3a4936a88f4e703b513d88075c….jpg)

File: 9fcfa348fbceb82⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 650x471, 650:471, GolodomorKharkiv.jpg)

08ef4d  No.5568382


>>5565633 (pb)

Lurk moar.

e7a1fe  No.5568383

"DECLAS of FISA = [RR] self-incrimination." -Q


1e5be9  No.5568384


Then refute what he said, smart guy.

380e8d  No.5568385


people using red text with all caps.

10206c  No.5568386

File: 502394ea6eda4a3⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 474x522, 79:87, drain_jews.jpg)

ced341  No.5568387

ec63de  No.5568388


You are correct, Also Alan Dershowitz has one as well, so much for leaking. I don't believe this is legal activity by either of them. Dershowitz sees and writes/ reports this before it gets into the hands of DOJ and other government officials.

5c73ab  No.5568389


and by whom?

fed7bc  No.5568390


lurk moar newfag

dc6e8c  No.5568391

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

427eb0  No.5568392

File: 1ed235e20aec173⋯.jpg (102 KB, 800x494, 400:247, 1ed235e20aec1733d4f64e7a1f….jpg)

File: 86de569d631eb96⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 86de569d631eb96855658f9bc0….jpg)

7d0e96  No.5568393

File: ab93be00e7db7e7⋯.png (9.83 KB, 1101x108, 367:36, Screenshot_2018-12-07 INFJ….png)

File: 6e4813893c7daff⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 7a8c9dc315fb2a0ed5bf893839….jpg)

File: f387946e4994c90⋯.png (75.1 KB, 500x566, 250:283, john-heretik-coxen-wendys-….png)

File: 5d391bc52688edf⋯.png (1.47 MB, 2088x1140, 174:95, ba8355dc55b70721a3e1cacca9….png)


no. you are NOT delusional anon.

1e5be9  No.5568394


I pray this is true.

10206c  No.5568395

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

fae264  No.5568396

File: e88b5989d31a5c5⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 317x341, 317:341, No mo poke for joo.jpg)

File: 5e6230a1ebf81b5⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 255x250, 51:50, NOT SEMITES.jpg)

d69301  No.5568397


ugh…clicked reply accidently.

The question you could not answer earlier, I think you mentioned to other anon pb? If so, then I understand what you are saying.

>Walk in a good way on this earth.


> natural indicators


>and visions

I do not discount^

3040b0  No.5568398

File: db4c324bc75b245⋯.png (109.99 KB, 407x479, 407:479, 5c16f1bed4e475be35053b6a08….png)

Surprise Sara Carter on Ingraham. Laura actually lets her talk kek.

1b7115  No.5568399

File: 185f2aa1a208fc3⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1426x2094, 713:1047, 20190307_223650.jpg)

File: a718057a0477aff⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1426x2094, 713:1047, 20190307_224336.jpg)

File: b85dd5c1ad69548⋯.jpg (443.36 KB, 1440x1460, 72:73, 20190307_224417.jpg)


Department of Interior

Death Blossom

e7a1fe  No.5568400


Whoa, glad you found it, thanks.

ca6502  No.5568401


I think there have been many allusions to Denver as the capital. Remembering this from Art Bell type stuff.

fe7c78  No.5568402


Q Review

April [A].

IG report.

Sessions public attack.

RR problems.

Seals broken.


Why was Huber made public?

Why now?

Everything has meaning.









Election Integrity.

Immigration Bill.



Military start.

BIG month.


0cb37d  No.5568403

File: 70c0f1ea64b2595⋯.png (61.16 KB, 253x163, 253:163, 2019-01-11_12-30-20.png)

7b15c2  No.5568404

File: c865f170ca8c876⋯.png (54.66 KB, 807x501, 269:167, PSAQuiz.png)

6a0e23  No.5568405

File: 65da33396d981ac⋯.png (605.26 KB, 1183x675, 1183:675, ClipboardImage.png)



I enjoy doing the scramble puzzle in the daily newspaper. This is a simple exercise. generally looked down upon by serious crossword puzzlers. I don't care. I enjoy it and have learned to shrug off their holier-than-thou smirks when they walk by and see me scratching my head over a scrambled word. Which brings me to the word 'senator'. I was recently thinking about the senators who are so desperate for power. they are willing to undermine the founding principles of our democracy. And then it occurred to me. if you play the scramble game with the letters in the word •senator'. you get an entirely different word. Go ahead. play. I'll wait_


56bc12  No.5568406

I Daniel can fall if you like?



10206c  No.5568407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories" Censored w/ A.I. Algorithms says ADL

075f4a  No.5568408


CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver

By Dana Priest

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 6, 2005

The CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA's Langley headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials.

About $20 million has been tentatively budgeted to relocate employees of the CIA's National Resources Division, officials said. A U.S. intelligence official said the planned move, confirmed by three other government officials, was being undertaken "for operational reasons."

A CIA spokesman declined to comment. Other current and former intelligence officials said the Denver relocation reflects the desire of CIA Director Porter J. Goss to develop new ways to operate under cover, including setting up more front corporations and working closer with established international firms.


Associates of Goss said yesterday that the move was also in keeping with his desire to stop the growth of CIA headquarters and headquarters-based group-think, something he criticized frequently when he was chairman of the House intelligence committee.

Other CIA veterans said such a relocation would make no sense, given Denver's relative distance from major corporate centers. "Why would you go so far away?" one asked. "They will get disconnected."

The main function of the domestic division, which has stations in many major U.S. cities, is to conduct voluntary debriefings of U.S. citizens who travel overseas for work or to visit relatives, and to recruit foreign students, diplomats and businesspeople to become CIA assets when they return to their countries. It was unclear how many CIA employees would relocate to Denver under the plan.

Although collecting information on U.S. citizens under suspicion for terrorist links is primarily an FBI function, the CIA may also collect information on citizens under limited circumstances, according to a 1981 executive order. The exact guidelines for those operations are spelled out in a classified document signed by the CIA director and approved by the attorney general.

The Denver move, which is tentatively scheduled for next year but has not been finalized, coincides with several other developments related to the CIA's domestic intelligence work.

Last week, the CIA and FBI agreed to a new "memorandum of understanding" on domestic and foreign operations, the first change in decades. The negotiations surrounding the memo were highly contentious, with the FBI saying that it should control and approve the CIA's domestic activities, including its pool of U.S.-based assets that have been invaluable in the past to understanding the intentions of foreign nations and groups.

But the FBI is having significant problems developing its own domestic intelligence branch and the CIA is generally viewed across the intelligence community as more experienced and skilled at handling foreign informants who eventually return abroad, where the CIA has the lead in intelligence gathering and operations.

Both the CIA and FBI are trying to deepen their outreach to U.S. research and academic institutions and to private subcontractors working on major government contracts abroad.

Originally, the FBI also pressed to have the bureau disseminate all intelligence reports from sources – foreigners or U.S. citizens – living in the United States. It was undercut, however, by the fact that the bureau routinely falls behind in issuing counterterrorism reports and, at the time of the most heated negotiations, in December, the FBI had a backlog of more than 100 reports it had not distributed.

In response to questions this week about the new agreement, the FBI and CIA issued a joint statement to The Washington Post. "The FBI and CIA are committed to effective, joint operations to safeguard our nation," it says. "To that end, we are completing work on a memorandum of understanding that will codify our joint operating principals. We are pleased with both the process and the outcome and we recognize that our joint efforts will enhance national security."

Under the agreement, the CIA must coordinate its operations with the FBI. The CIA's domestic division has agreed to provide the FBI with more information about its operations and debriefings. One goal of updating the memo was to ensure that the two agencies were not working at cross purposes and were aware if one or the other had already recruited or debriefed someone.

It is unclear how a move to Denver would increase the effectiveness of the domestic division's operations, said several former intelligence officials.

Colorado has become a major intelligence hub since Sept. 11, 2001.



cca49a  No.5568409

File: 6bcefcbb8c2e5c1⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 480x371, 480:371, Facebook.jpg)

427eb0  No.5568410

File: 799a029262d42d3⋯.jpg (62.3 KB, 665x440, 133:88, 4e0a268824aa428fb389d63c71….jpg)

File: 226f74f01a91efe⋯.png (353.22 KB, 611x404, 611:404, 226f74f01a91efef28c060d6da….png)

File: 2350a5c836d0c47⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 750x375, 2:1, 2350a5c836d0c47bcf9abedc4c….jpg)

380e8d  No.5568411




1075ef  No.5568412

File: 4def52ac20a36b3⋯.jpg (17.83 KB, 495x356, 495:356, 1001169_10201310116976185_….jpg)

39a9b6  No.5568413


Ok now let me pretend to be the average qtard






10e030  No.5568414

File: 0a80114ec1d5d75⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 412x442, 206:221, 1508270420289.gif)

File: 9fd0c9b9430f251⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 3150x4593, 1050:1531, cutepuppies.jpg)

File: 7f64710902dd453⋯.png (361.28 KB, 475x285, 5:3, ClipboardImage(28).png)

90ca40  No.5568415


No coincidences at all? Do you believe every single thing that happens is planned out by someone?

300d42  No.5568416


Ditto Anon, big Ditto.

Been digging, in Vault 7 again.

Feels weird though, haven't gone back since

before they were actually fully comped or confirmed as comped.

This Anon's post gave me huge brain boner.

03e677  No.5568417



10217b  No.5568418


can't they push an amendment to supersede the 2nd?

db5083  No.5568419

File: 7987a0402049dae⋯.png (50.41 KB, 700x530, 70:53, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bba203c9bc0c029⋯.png (59.05 KB, 700x530, 70:53, ClipboardImage.png)


As in the bounce may be rolling over (long term view also attached)

075f4a  No.5568420


The Denver suburb of Aurora is home to the little-known Aerospace Data Facility. Located inside Buckley Air Force Base, it has become the major U.S.-based technical downlink for intelligence satellites operated by the military, the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, according to military and government documents obtained by William Arkin, author of "Code Names," a book about secret military plans and programs.

About 70 miles away, the U.S. Northern Command, based at Peterson Air Force Base, in Colorado Springs, is tasked with homeland defense and has been increasing its domestic intelligence work.

It could not be learned whether the CIA's Denver plans are linked to the presence of either facility.


829cd9  No.5568421


when gov venture became gov

the first day he was brought in the basement and questioned by c_a

c_a asked him how did he become gov?

that they the c_a controlls the dems and repubs and control anyone entering office

c2bfcd  No.5568422


How do I change the board to dark or nightmode?

cf042b  No.5568423



10206c  No.5568424

File: 337ea5137718aa2⋯.png (774.98 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 337ea5137718aa.png)


c07e18  No.5568425

File: 0e4bb859f1a9958⋯.jpg (90.43 KB, 993x560, 993:560, Pence MIGA.jpg)

File: ad2052ce20ca3b6⋯.png (733.78 KB, 1349x9485, 1349:9485, Screenshot_2018-12-04 Rema….png)

9106aa  No.5568426


I've been saying we need yellow vest up but we'd need massive numbers and I don't see happening (not yet at least) because people have become too spineless.

869084  No.5568427


9mm into your frontal lobe.

940ae9  No.5568428

File: ef136c6cf436b13⋯.jpg (86.26 KB, 730x730, 1:1, RIP ISRAEL.jpg)


7f212e  No.5568429


I need to tag it better.

Q Crumbs and Q Proof.

c07e3e  No.5568430

Why would a vintage abacus with two metal rods sell for hundreds more than one with all wood rods on ebay?

2526ca  No.5568431


>Q is saying that they are using the Anglefire to predict the Deep State’s moves without being detected. In the user files it says a key must be used to open magicwand (keystone). In Q post 270 he says that ADM R/NSA (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL = Apply the Keystone. Paint the Picture. In post 167 Q says POTUS opened the door of all doors. Expand your thinking. What is the keystone? Now this could be confirmation bias but based off of what we just read we can now infer that Q was saying trump gave Admiral Rogers permission to use Keystone and Activate malware in order to collect data on DS. Furthermore who uses a magicwand? A wizard. (W&W)



856b3e  No.5568432

>>5567656 (pb)

I should have clarified. No problem with non-combat support personnel although the same potential for problems exist. Probably more related to the mindset that everyone is either oppressed or the oppressor which is prevalent, now. Women then were happy to contribute in other ways whether it be support staff in the military, or working at a plant making airplanes or armaments

0f6cdc  No.5568433


Gun Owners of America.

427eb0  No.5568434

File: 945417f0f4e2b69⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 737x491, 737:491, 945417f0f4e2b69be56a024864….jpg)

File: 67eb667a9cac88a⋯.png (26.42 KB, 570x237, 190:79, eevil3.PNG)

ced341  No.5568435

File: 1deb1b5e91c9aa8⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1203, 414:401, 1deb1b5e91c9aa878c71518cc….jpeg)

ca6502  No.5568436


good meme anon

629850  No.5568437


Yeah I’m against killing babies personally. I’m libertarian so I say live and let live, let God be the judge. When the science comes out that babies in the wombs are actually humans, I’d say we should prob give the baby rights.

829cd9  No.5568438


c_a was upset with ventura since he was not picked by them and had procs to implement

a politicians into office

8139b5  No.5568439


What was the post about a name Bigger than Kraft?


0dd449  No.5568440

Tim🍎 >>5568422

10217b  No.5568441


moving off the coast so as to not be affected by an invasion?

1075ef  No.5568442

File: 3a77cc0cf7133ec⋯.png (359.96 KB, 858x579, 286:193, 0002.png)

0bb9d3  No.5568443



Lots of info on DIA via above link that answers all of Q's last post.

Occult symbols are displayed at DIA because creating spiritual energy is extremely important in the NWO religion. They believe that by putting messages of what they are doing in this public thoroughfare in a way that escapes public understanding, it creates a dark deception energy that is needed to hoodwink people to support the one-world agenda. (Symbolism will be their downfall)

All four murals combined tell the story of the one-world government and rise of the Antichrist.

On the outside of a church gargoyles were believed to keep evil out but when put inside a building, the NWO belief is that gargoyles keep evil in the building.

The runways are also unique as the swastika shape is believed by the NWO to attract and focus dark spiritual energy.

The letters Au and Ag are in the floor and depicted in a cart. The innocent meaning is that the letters are simply the periodic table symbols for gold and silver. The likely darker meaning is when the Antichrist controls the world and a one-world currency is needed to buy food, gold and silver forms of currency will be made illegal and carted away.


56bc12  No.5568444



dad1e7  No.5568445

Term 2 is when the next movie begins.

Since we're saving them for last, then DJT must still be POTUS.

There's also a plan after DJT Presidency.

Have to kiss their[R's] ass to make that habben publicly.

Calling it now, DJT wins 2020.

ced341  No.5568446

cf0092  No.5568447


Corinthians 15:14-22 (KJV)

Read it and weep then repent.. then rejoice

14 And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

15 Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not.

16 For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised:

17 And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.

18 Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished.

19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

0 But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.

21 For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

d36b6c  No.5568448


Have you read the book of Martyr's starting with 11 of the twelve that walked with Jesus for 3 years. Paul even tells people that day to go and talk to the people who were there and saw he was alive. Your dealing in Cold historical Fact buddy not some made up wishing washing thing if you want to go around misleading people take it to the Bible fag channel and lie all you want they would be happy to spend even more time. This is for work and I do not like to watch people being lied to when I work.

c599b5  No.5568449



no heels on those shoes.

300d42  No.5568450


Don't take it out on this Anon

its not his fault your dick burns red.

0cb37d  No.5568451

File: 9b5325cc59613d1⋯.png (98.65 KB, 232x253, 232:253, 2019-01-17_12-02-38.png)

9483f3  No.5568452




Excellent dig anon


7f212e  No.5568453

File: d9711efbab6967b⋯.jpg (389.55 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, LVMassacreFacebook.jpg)

File: 4d3dd90ddfd57f9⋯.jpg (134.54 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, DoYouTrustFacebook2.jpg)

File: 3395257958ac71e⋯.jpg (235.81 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, DoYouTrustFacebook3.jpg)

File: 1e79762323869e2⋯.jpg (207.92 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FacebookBehaviorMod.jpg)

File: c06b631dc8eba61⋯.jpg (153.75 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FacebookSurveillance.jpg)

a8ab18  No.5568454


I think we may have a winner here. Clowns moved the circus tent to Denver

fa45ab  No.5568455

File: 4ff88962dabd313⋯.jpeg (156.96 KB, 665x670, 133:134, 5C086BC5-0BB8-4D67-9730-D….jpeg)



In April 2000, I was in my final semester of grad school with dreams of going to DC as a political consultant to make a difference. I was invited to present a research paper at an international conference for political consultants at JFK School at Harvard. Opportunity of a lifetime. Or so I thought.

I was surrounded by a who’s-who of people you saw on the news every night. On the 2nd night of this 3-day conference, I was invited to dinner by one of the most influential political consultants in America. At the dinner, he complimented my work and my insight and slid his business card across the table to me with a job off including a dollar amount that would have definitely changed my zip code. I asked him to give me 24 hours to consider his offer. He agreed. He then took me to an after-event in a local pub where all the others of both political stripes had gathered. We all sat at this long table, and I was in awe at the political power sitting around me shooting the shit together with no arguments or debates. Then one man said something that changed my life and my future. “Listen, political parties are becoming irrelevant to the average voter. They are beginning to vote on issues rather than parties, and this is destroying both parties. If it continues, we won’t have jobs in two more election cycles.” Then they literally sat in that pub, Rs and Ds alike, and claimed which party would grab what issue, and thus divided the electorate again, not because of principles, but based on keeping the us/them mentality of elections alive. Improving America was not their goal. Consolidating their power by dividing us was.

I left the gathering, went to my hotel, puked my guts out, and flew out the next morning without attending another session of the conference and never giving an answer for the offer on the business card. Upon returning home, I deleted my thesis and never completed my final semester of grad school. I have never voted since. And in that time, I have seen the movers and shakers do exactly what they were scheming about that night at a pub in Harvard. They have destroyed us by dividing us.

I began following Q from the moment they began posting and have followed along with each migration. I see the potential for a change in DC for once.


Please give me a reason to finally vote to make a difference again. Give me that much-needed promise of a better future for my kids. Give me tangible proof of a better tomorrow.

c07e18  No.5568456

File: db5bf0a78ab7143⋯.jpeg (10.44 KB, 259x195, 259:195, HomerJewsOpposite.jpeg)

7a8495  No.5568457


Oh my, you don’t say. It must be a Killary vast left-wing conspiracy then. Fuk, we’ve been duped. I better start yelling muh joos then. You morans are not very bright.

0dd449  No.5568458

File: fb73f2995f64acc⋯.jpeg (35.86 KB, 575x400, 23:16, CB432E79-27FE-4FCD-ABF0-F….jpeg)

6efc20  No.5568459

File: e5e04e475facc77⋯.jpg (17.77 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 82717168a7204b77165a969227….jpg)

1e5be9  No.5568460


Why should we tolerate the killers of Christ?

90ca40  No.5568461


Who is the "they" here?

5d89a0  No.5568462


Depending on the browser you use, some you can change to nightmode in options. You can get "add ons" if you are using a computer

c5561a  No.5568463


84bc90  No.5568464

File: ff811578b897005⋯.jpg (232.62 KB, 1024x935, 1024:935, 1511745690240.jpg)

File: 753e3a963812b24⋯.jpg (89 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 1549377599976.jpg)

File: 9b8f1fe37a03d5f⋯.jpg (104.5 KB, 601x537, 601:537, Red Cross Death Toll.jpg)

File: 142d363699b439f⋯.png (940.15 KB, 1690x767, 130:59, Youtube Censorship of Six ….png)


You keep giving me opportunities.

fe7c78  No.5568465


Q Review


Heard you can't sleep anymore.

Don't come here again.


829cd9  No.5568466


in this case c_a and or FB thought they elected HRC and were part of the 16yr plan t

cf042b  No.5568467


Nobody cares about old dudes getting $20 handies at some sleazy massage parlors.

744356  No.5568468


So did Tennessee

f246b1  No.5568469


Dude, WTF? Haven't you been reading?

NSA owns these comms. If Key=Angel, it will ding the ding on Q's tablet or laptop and if you're the OP, you'll get a (you) out of it.

Then we'll know, and OP or not (you) will think you've won the fuckin' lottery.

Seen it before. Wait and see.

427eb0  No.5568470

File: ffb9d78569de3db⋯.jpeg (85.27 KB, 898x628, 449:314, ffb9d78569de3db6fcb1b1afb….jpeg)

075f4a  No.5568471



Hard to dig deep in a swamp maybe too.

bb60a8  No.5568472

File: 42289ddc423a004⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 620x465, 4:3, thauth.jpg)


Did you literally HEAR him say that? I don't trust much in the way of Fakenews bullshit writers these days, so if you have extra sauce, it would be appreciated.

acae25  No.5568473

Hey is anyone else having error 1001 dns on archive.is?

201a7c  No.5568474

File: 8801de4a14beab8⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, kohler.JPG)

File: a40cb7c6ffe478c⋯.jpg (221.29 KB, 762x967, 762:967, kohler-closeup.jpg)


I don't know what the fuck is up with DEN airport. I also don't know what the fuck is up with Kohler (pic related).

Seriously, fucking vampires? These people are sick.

ec63de  No.5568475

File: 5670db7f078e96c⋯.png (1.39 MB, 896x596, 224:149, ClipboardImage.png)

U.S. judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' hush-money agreement case vs Trump

(Reuters) - A federal judge in Los Angeles on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit brought by adult-film actress Stormy Daniels to end a hush-money agreement she had with U.S. President Donald Trump, court papers showed. U.S. District Judge James Otero dismissed the lawsuit because Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen have agreed not to enforce the nondisclosure agreement against Daniels, court documents showed. “The Court specifically found that Stormy received everything she asked for in the lawsuit - she won,” said Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, in a Twitter post. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, filed a lawsuit in March 2018 to rescind a nondisclosure agreement that kept her from discussing her alleged 2006 sexual relationship with Trump in the final weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


1fb99d  No.5568476

File: 65691a07d4aad48⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 619x386, 619:386, 1508898893091.jpg)

e7a1fe  No.5568477


I can imagine your graphics folders.

Like mine?

They use to be like a quiver of arrows.

They have become heavy over time, kek.

Some need to be deleted, honestly, kek.

But it's like deleting History, mistakes and all.

1e5be9  No.5568478


Damn, just damn. Thanks Jews.

You forgot he told muh Israel no bomb.

427eb0  No.5568479

File: c7ead545092d614⋯.jpg (634.15 KB, 1018x981, 1018:981, c7ead545092d6142991e909529….jpg)

File: e59c3e93f71ff66⋯.png (147.89 KB, 799x554, 799:554, e59c3e93f71ff663eec56ef327….png)

7f212e  No.5568480


Click Options (upper R corner).

Click Theme.

Pick a theme from the drop-down list.

940463  No.5568481


Maybe we should setup quarter chan for the newbies. Personally not wanting to read "LURK MOAR" every other comment responding to stupid questions.

e69528  No.5568482

File: 46888b9b17d7408⋯.jpeg (317.02 KB, 1125x1901, 1125:1901, D71EC52F-B337-4EF3-9E08-4….jpeg)

He calls moar attention to the ‘gaffe’… is he a good Apple or a bad Apple?https://www.huffpost.com/entry/tim-cook-subtly-shades-trump-by-changing-his-name-on-twitter_n_5c8163dde4b0e62f69eaee7c

8b0918  No.5568483

File: 41d1f23a22acee3⋯.jpg (424.4 KB, 1080x648, 5:3, MEME2018-11-26-05-01-34.jpg)

12489a  No.5568484

File: 3de503d85eca808⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 620x387, 620:387, nat-rothschild_2463174b.jpg)

427eb0  No.5568485

File: 727ebef53e6c932⋯.jpeg (260.39 KB, 1600x1065, 320:213, 727ebef53e6c932a5b01baa55….jpeg)

File: 70faf4c18f041ac⋯.png (26.46 KB, 576x238, 288:119, eevil4.PNG)

File: dcf2a020de4fe4e⋯.png (18.08 KB, 569x208, 569:208, evil4.PNG)

b630d6  No.5568487


bad copy, too hard to read to pass on to normies.

56bc12  No.5568488



cf042b  No.5568489


Took AI all of 6 hours to go from clean slate to full understanding.

7f6a69  No.5568490


f.lux is an option. Quick download. Was a tip from an anon last year.

0dd449  No.5568491

Or…you may end up in Sing Sing… try not to catch no ding ding… … fag.


0f8605  No.5568492

File: 2cf3a6a64b92318⋯.jpg (322.08 KB, 500x1950, 10:39, 1.jpg)

File: 4154e141fa2a52e⋯.jpg (81.66 KB, 710x325, 142:65, winning.jpg)

NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020


380e8d  No.5568493




e7a1fe  No.5568494

File: 9b63ba537324507⋯.jpg (179.12 KB, 900x658, 450:329, Sheep no more.jpg)

File: 60bcb85c55ad5ab⋯.jpg (90.47 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Schaffhausen.jpg)

File: 9cddcaf8d0b9ecb⋯.jpg (244.26 KB, 650x911, 650:911, Alaska.jpg)

File: e29877aefae3b0f⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 797x447, 797:447, Off the Rez.jpg)

File: 43408aa1bcefa25⋯.jpg (256.92 KB, 973x551, 973:551, Vietnam_2 1886.jpg)


Nice, thank you.

8139b5  No.5568495


Its Mirror Mirror from Snow White. That's a poison apple.

1d281c  No.5568496

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tucker says a lot of Q stuff

9ecf96  No.5568497


Its obvious you’re just following a script cus u never take a break. You are here every bread, 24 hours a day, making 30 posts per bread, all shouting down anyone that posts about the jews.

its lame and no real anon spends that much effort replying to posts they think were made by shills.

U kossad faggots are desperate and I’m embarassed for you.

d74fe3  No.5568498


It's good that he owned it, since it was happening one way or another. That's his name now. Tim Apple.

fed7bc  No.5568499

600dc8  No.5568500


mine cant even be called a quiver at this point

moar like that storage room at the end of indiana jones

d534eb  No.5568501


no, but I've seen it where stuff has been erased from there.

cf042b  No.5568502


Next up is 16 chan. Then 32 chan. etc…

dc6e8c  No.5568503


The problem is that Traitors, being what they are, will lie even about what they are.

And that is just as true for Traitors to humanity, as it is for traitors to the country, which is why I capitalize it.

Same reason why R v D is meaningless and dangerous to adhere to, literally.

56bc12  No.5568504




427eb0  No.5568505

File: 1dd61ed3f6ccb9b⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1024x646, 512:323, 1dd61ed3f6ccb9b3b1a6d2944a….png)

84bc90  No.5568506

File: 89f5e97d0932b4e⋯.jpg (36.7 KB, 573x516, 191:172, 1550827093634.jpg)

File: 70c903fec2f1e59⋯.jpg (102.03 KB, 1024x761, 1024:761, 1551248314528.jpg)

File: e18b6b40cd7a277⋯.jpg (89.45 KB, 960x874, 480:437, 1551335433577.jpg)

File: e75681a87abc975⋯.jpg (181.04 KB, 640x460, 32:23, 1551186065163.jpg)


Don't make me tonepost.

6efc20  No.5568507

File: ef0e0b4dc0f3de7⋯.jpg (136.53 KB, 856x1200, 107:150, ef0e0b4dc0f3de76c8ab75b457….jpg)

380e8d  No.5568508




ec14c8  No.5568509


We all rise from the dead.

Not a hard thing to understand.

Islam teaches that Christ didn’t die on the cross.

What is the truth of it all?

I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Neither were you.

Please remember that the Bible and the Koran were produced by the Roman Empire.

c07e18  No.5568510


Guns are safe


Trust the Plan

Bush family friend CIA William Barr will drain the swamp.

Don't believe me? POTUS used two extra commas in his tweet about loving jews and my chan post was missing two commas.


7f212e  No.5568511


I can't bear to delete anything except duplicates and memes found to be false.

For a while I deleted a set after burning them to CD, but I needed them and brought them back. My machine is getting kinda tired. Need more freespace. Could bring another puter over and make it a file server but don't want to clutter my workspace and WiFi is NOT allowed in this home. Anon will figure something out.

7c35d7  No.5568512

Honestly, the Hate Speech Law Proposal is far superior than just "Anti-Semitism", which puts Semitism on a fucking altar.

39a9b6  No.5568513


a millionaire controlled by billionaires

6a0e23  No.5568514

File: 5a61456ae660b27⋯.png (263.18 KB, 605x752, 605:752, ClipboardImage.png)

On CCTV =(China Central Television)

There is a documentary about Chinese police and their tactics including:




And, get this…Surveillance

Look at 11-12 second mark…

Mark Zuckerberg and wife strolling down the street.

Isn’t that odd.


627ccb  No.5568515



427eb0  No.5568516

File: 5d9c067937ecf8b⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 5d9c067937ecf8bbe413f4f4d9….jpg)


congratulations. You just won the top projection award.

629850  No.5568517


The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures.

Not impossible but pretty much impossible.

fae264  No.5568518

File: 95ddd1a5a4f5780⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 255x176, 255:176, pepe love you back.jpg)


I bundled your metals stuff too. All on the same team. Some people get confused with this stuff easily. Also have had the ktwats on my ass for months. I use those mtn top charts for daily posts because they are an easy read for many. Have used the sc.com stuff for year's with various indicator's. It's just too bad that tech analysis has been removed as an effective tool after about 2007.


686fec  No.5568519


Already done.

Clown college built below airport.



Loads of FF's.

075f4a  No.5568520

File: 49824b9bdeda796⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1182x522, 197:87, ClipboardImage.png)


Circus tents indeed.

Didn't even think of that.

How catenary.

914475  No.5568521




Had a friend that was black named Daniel. We called him D.A.N.

50b4e5  No.5568522


sauce it or it didn't happen. i can make that same article in 10 min on mspaint.

I can see your team of 6 shilling the board so desperately. my god you're pathetic.

427eb0  No.5568524

File: 33bc14f310ba956⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2089x1533, 2089:1533, 33bc14f310ba95686f79f7b3b8….png)

File: 945417f0f4e2b69⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 737x491, 737:491, 945417f0f4e2b69be56a024864….jpg)

7a8495  No.5568525



We are watching a movie, these lines could only be written by the opposition writers who aren’t in control. That’s some funny stuff. Good luck with that narrative sticking anywhere IRL.

7d912d  No.5568526

File: 975d496e5c90e58⋯.jpeg (7.42 KB, 255x166, 255:166, 975d496e5c90e58b8c2b49bee….jpeg)

0dd449  No.5568528

File: 7fcc16a79077476⋯.jpeg (210.52 KB, 1049x654, 1049:654, B2D41EFB-15E0-49AA-89FD-F….jpeg)

0f6cdc  No.5568529


I can't help it … Why can't I put ferrous tools in my spacecraft?

f7e5e1  No.5568530

File: 34aa655fd53fdd5⋯.jpg (153.13 KB, 640x931, 640:931, 1a.JPG)

File: eba25b7fc084f77⋯.jpg (115.98 KB, 495x819, 55:91, 3.JPG)

File: 8cb475a10c71c2a⋯.jpg (74.53 KB, 492x418, 246:209, 4.JPG)

NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020


a8ab18  No.5568531


Hmmmm wonder if we can find/track???

47f62e  No.5568532


I like the built in one in Opera browser

f246b1  No.5568533

File: 026a45aa5766ef5⋯.png (521.33 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ClipboardImage.png)


You're more full of shit than the vehicle depicted.

Fuck. Right. Off. Dumbass shill. Takes more than your needledick bullshit to mess with me. Glowfag cocksmoker.

39a9b6  No.5568534


lol they don't plan to ever get rid of the 2A. They just slowly chip away at it and add ridiculous laws as extensions of it that make it impossible for legitimate Patriots to own guns.

It's called a slippery slope, and we've been sliding down it for the past 40 years.

56bc12  No.5568535

If You think for even a second EVIL will NOT kill GOOD You are NOT paying attetion.


686fec  No.5568536



Being forced by POTUS to comply with cleanup of big tech.

940463  No.5568537


Ya I didn't know a cool way to say 16 so i went the other way and settled on quarter.

c94561  No.5568538


Remember that FBI agent at a wedding that had a gun tucked in the back of his jeans. He tried some dance moves, the gun fell out and while he bent down to pick it up as fast as he could he pulled the trigger and shot someone lol. Never heard anything else about that. Sorry to the person who got shot thou smh

726571  No.5568539

File: a8dc3aeb40ddc52⋯.png (101.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 9AE6627F-CFFA-4FF5-AE65-BB….png)

File: 6584cd93a6cfefb⋯.jpeg (392.72 KB, 750x859, 750:859, 2553EDD0-09A7-47B9-9263-B….jpeg)

829cd9  No.5568540


Hunger Games - Capitol of the world

a8d6ff  No.5568541


What ‘certain truths’?

This board is anonymous- why stop with asking a question? Why not give the answer?

If it’s important - then tell please

380e8d  No.5568542




5d9284  No.5568543

"only a few per lot are altered."

Anon if you're still around can you elaborate on what you mean by altered by XR? I know what you're referring to but want to understand the consequences your implying.

427eb0  No.5568544



03e677  No.5568545


For what its worth, I'm an INTP.

fae264  No.5568546

File: 74653badd43ace0⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 255x144, 85:48, pepe nukes em upside down.jpg)


ever heard of a text enlarger? That's too bad you can't figure it out on your own.

2526ca  No.5568547


tHE GOOD GUYS working for Trump and tracking the Deep State

2cf669  No.5568548


Become muh fake dems and do some lib shit get put on news tell them expressing our human rights get muh pity party start #muhpityparty go fund me collect money rinse repeat until 2020 then take money do plan z

6ec39a  No.5568549

File: a00b4c4991da302⋯.jpeg (374.04 KB, 1125x1788, 375:596, 50E41B55-F629-4ED3-880E-E….jpeg)

File: 421c41074d8c07d⋯.jpeg (276.15 KB, 1125x1451, 1125:1451, 06A1DDB0-C79E-400E-9039-B….jpeg)

>>5568350 re Death Blossom

Phonefagging.. think it’s time for this anon to watch this movie about the Death Blossom’s laser blasts.

The Last Starship

The "Death Blossom" is a protoype weapon system with which the new Gunstar, designated Gunstar One, is equipped.


The Death Blossom system had never been tested till Alex Rogan employed it when fighting the Kodan Armada.

Grig, who had installed the weapon and was also serving as Alex's navigator, had concerns that the weapon could overload the system and blow up the ship. But fortunately, the weapon functioned properly when Alex employed it.

When so employed, the Death Blossom proved to deliver one massive volley of laser blasts at close range as the ship was propelled into a rapid spin in all directions.


39a9b6  No.5568550


Did Trump say it or not? Don't be a pussy either, answer the question.

d74fe3  No.5568551


Much as I think the /pol/posting is excessive here, these Soprano holocaust memes crack me the fuck up.

d08860  No.5568552


i.e. the flood of Californians leaving their fucked up state, and moving to Colorado. Seem like CO is growing more liberal by the day. What's your view on it CO-anon?

6efc20  No.5568553

File: 13a2d34e45327e1⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 1249a7f12c1245a821c75ef278….jpg)

939d34  No.5568554

File: 1f940fae10ef8f9⋯.png (232.42 KB, 768x397, 768:397, 22:41:56_001.png)

9ecf96  No.5568555


Explain to me how I was projecting? I was accusing u of doing things that I do? That would be projecting u dumb fucking mossad shill.

c94561  No.5568556


No way in hell Columbine was a FF.

829cd9  No.5568557


Hunger Games - keep them starve - HRC

fe3075  No.5568558


[April] [5]th

[4] [5]


7c4151  No.5568559

File: 919b14eb7fc2efe⋯.png (386.72 KB, 1272x488, 159:61, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at ….png)

Google celebrating Russian today

On 7 March 2019, the 97th anniversary of Ladyzhenskaya's birth, the search engine Google released a Google Doodle commemorating her. The accompanying comment read, "Today’s Doodle celebrates Olga Ladyzhenskaya, a Russian mathematician who triumphed over personal tragedy and obstacles to become one of the most influential thinkers of her generation."

3 Innovations That Owe a Debt to Her Brilliance

3. Weather Prediction

2. Cardiovascular Modeling

the Navier-Stokes equations have allowed scientists to better understand a vicious fluid inside of every human: blood.

1. Liquids in Video Games


ea3a23  No.5568560

1fb99d  No.5568561


I participated in the poisoning of the well

Fun times hehe

686fec  No.5568562


Cherry Blossoms are a big deal in DC, so normally I wouldn't think anything of it.

But the GOT font similar to POTUS meme?


ced341  No.5568563

Notables so far

Busy bread. Anything missing?

>>5568408 , >>5568420 2005 report: CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver

>>5568399 Dept of The Interior tweet 'blossom'

>>5568377 Repost for the Nightshift: Is Angelfire The Keystone?

>>5568369 Refresher: Cheryl Sandberg helping the HRC campaign

>>5568354 Coincidentally, Angelfire, Keystone and WolfCreek are all ski resorts

>>5568344 Planefag Report

>>5568311 Arati Prabhakar, Hussein's replacement for Regina Dugan

>>5568288 Georgia House Panel Approves Pro-Life ‘Heartbeat’ Bill

>>5568167 , >>5568329 Twitter responds to Manafort sentencing

>>5568096 Follow bills through the legislative progress

>>5568082 Vault7: CherryBlossom users manual

>>5568064 Dig on the braile on the plaque at Denver Airport

a9b23b  No.5568564


Angel Fire, NM

WolfCreek, CO (southern border)

Keystone, CO

03e677  No.5568565


But my F element got massively activated recently.

3fa4fe  No.5568566


Change my mind…into mush.

077cec  No.5568567


>laser blasts at close range as the ship was propelled into a rapid spin in all directions.

Sounds like an excellent way to DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

427eb0  No.5568568

File: 55f47c632b9a6f1⋯.jpg (396.21 KB, 1200x831, 400:277, 83394f6ffedfb865de6a64a955….jpg)


the muhjew shill scripts

script #1:

while(1) {

print "goy, kike, moshe, schlomo, rabbi";


if(reply == high_iq) { $myreply = "pilpul";}

else {$myreply = "jidf, what time is it in tel-aviv";}

echo $myreply;


c07e18  No.5568569

File: 606116842cb0342⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 720x507, 240:169, OrthodoxFugly.jpg)


What's up moshe

686fec  No.5568570


MK Ultra

84bc90  No.5568571

File: cc290dcc9c374d3⋯.jpg (2.99 MB, 3464x3996, 866:999, citations of six million b….jpg)


That's not copypasta you fucking newfag retard.

12489a  No.5568572

File: ae8065e1b75beae⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 474x620, 237:310, caitlyn.jpg)

7a8495  No.5568573


Oh NO! Muslim Brotherhood hits trips with oft repeated jidf calling card. We’re doomed, run for the hills. Grab your guns before, the other slide, Barr does. Reeeeee.

56bc12  No.5568574



693cee  No.5568575

11.3 - Podesta was indicted

11.6 - Huma was indicted

856b3e  No.5568576


So what about Kushner? Keep your enemies closer?

7c35d7  No.5568577


Angelfire websites of the Tripod era…

380e8d  No.5568578


That's a lot of converging coincidences.

417c69  No.5568579


False flags everywhere. Inside jobs

e34677  No.5568580

File: f0a9962969e14c7⋯.jpeg (6.22 KB, 186x209, 186:209, 1A4396CB-32F9-4A5F-B306-4….jpeg)

ed88dc  No.5568581

File: 1ac23f3574a62e4⋯.jpeg (458.14 KB, 964x640, 241:160, 86CA4AD7-6A21-4FA2-9DFD-A….jpeg)



National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has an amendment added that negates the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (SMA) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.

“The amendment empowers the State Department and Pentagon to utilize all forms of media against the American public for the sake of coercing US citizens to believe whatever version of the truth the US government wants them to believe. All oversight is removed with Amendment 114.  Regardless of whether the information disseminated is truthful, partially truthful or completely false bears no weight.”

“Repealing the Smith-Mundt Act allows the direct deployment of these tactics on the American public.

Information Operations activities are undertaken to shape the essential narrative of a conflict or situation and thus affect the attitudes and behaviors of the targeted audience and equates descriptions of combat operations with standard marketing strategies. With the NDAA 2012 in its current form, the State Department and Pentagon can go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminate campaigns of misinformation to the U.S. public.  Successful wars require domestic acceptance.”

“All oversight is removed by Amendment 114. Regardless of whether the information disseminated is truthful, partially truthful or completely false bears no weight.”


“The Sandy Hook shooting occurred just days after Sen. Rand Paul sent out an alert that the U.N. was set to pass the final version of the Small Arms Treaty, supported by Obama the day after election.

Part of the treaty bans the trade, sale and ownership of all semi-automatic weapons … like the one Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and 6 adults.

The "Batman shooting" in Aurora, Colo., also happened to coincide with the same time as negotiations of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

The timing is impeccable.”

Which tracks back to this:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Sentenced for Extreme Prosecutorial Misconduct,

Serial Abuse of Authority and

Misprision of Felony”

“What is 9/11 cover-up artist Robert Mueller even doing there?

Really, the guy has no business being anywhere outside of a prison cell—FOR LIFE.

Not only has “The Mule” completely destroyed the rule of law in America, he has replaced it with shocking speed and success with the rule of the jungle…where whoever has the raw power runs the tyranny.

What is really critical for every U.S. citizen to thoroughly understand is that:

MUELLER was installed by his Deep State Masters to Cover Up Real Crimes, Fabricate False Crimes and Protect the Power Elite from Prosecution


MULEgate certainly did not begin with the most recent crime spree carried out by Robert Mueller and his DOJ thugs, FBI henchmen and Special Counsel hitmen.

In point of fact, Mueller started his criminal career as a crooked cop going back decades.

Perhaps his biggest crime wave was conducted prior to and post 9/11 when he made sure, as FBI Director, that the greatest act of terrorism on U.S. soil would not be investigated and instead coverup to this very