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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

05b298  No.5552473

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 03.07.2019


>>5551229 ————————————–——– Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

>>5551010 ————————————–——– [DARPA>GOOG] Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.

>>5550834 ————————————–——– [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 ————————————–——– Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

Wednesday 03.06.2019

>>5550547 ————————————–——– Did DARPA complete build/code (tax-payer funded) 'LifeLog' program? [2 of 9]

>>5550175 ————————————–——– Define 'Lifelog' [DARPA]. (cap: >>5550214)

>>5549666 ————————————–——– Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law. (vid: >>5549677 )

>>5546235 ————————————–——– We hear his source(s) are 'very' credible ( cap: >>5546265 )

>>5543905 ————————————–——– Lifelog / Facebook connection. (image)

>>5543889 ————————————–——– FB RETURNING TO THE NEWS. [1 of 9]

>>5538237 rt >>5538127 ————————— TIME = CORRUPTION.


>>5537906 ————————————–——– But, they [D's] already know, they just LIE [DISHONEST]. ( Cap: >>5538106 )

>>5537208 ————————————–——– Death Blossom. ( Cap: >>5537276 )

Tuesday 03.05.2019

>>5525529 rt >>5525463 ————————— Kansas

>>5525362 ————————————–——– Good catch, Patriot!

>>5524897 rt >>5524789 ————————— 'X' also grew up watching 'Thundercats' so….

>>5524789 ————————————–——– Sometimes you need a little humor ( Cap: >>5524824 )

>>5524020 ————————————–——– The core is what counts

>>5523860 rt >>5523830 ————————— "Fire."

>>5523815 ————————————–——– Crumbs are being dropped and missed

>>5523765 rt >>5523731 ————————— Coincidence post stringers dropped last night?

>>5523617 ————————————–——– Listen carefully ref re: proof v evidence ( Cap: >>5523692 )

>>5523185 ————————————–——– "Meet IG" ( Cap: >>5523279 )

Monday 03.04.2019

>>5509984 ————————————–——– @SaraCarterDC ( Caps: >>5510040, >>5510079 )

>>5509783 ————————————–——– Those awake can see clearly ( Cap: >>5510013 , >>5510524 )

>>5508407 ————————————–——– Public comms prevent. FS on incoming.

>>5508361 ————————————–——– Battery A_roof 1A. Battery F_ground 9G.

>>5508261 ————————————–——– Dark pattern active. [-48] LMT_NO_NONS.

>>5508223 rt >>5508196 ————————— CLEAR ALL NONS. [-48]

>>5508196 rt >>5508181 ————————— MGL_change_route_under, Assist P_193

>>5508181 ————————————–——– D Fire_Good. Location assist_Good

>>5505190 rt >>5505069 ————————— 'War-like' Posture Activated?

>>5504953 ————————————–——– Promises made. Promises kept ( Cap: >>5505096 )

>>5504293 ————————————–——– Hussein gave the order to start the spy campaign

>>5503631 rt >>5503585 ————————— Define 'backchannel'

>>5503493 rt >>5503398 ————————— Public will become aware > doc dump

>>5503275 rt >>5503240 ————————— Departure from the DOJ doesn't mean he's not on the team

>>5503231 rt >>5502835 ————————— You have a short memory, Anon

Sunday 03.03.2019

Compiled here: >>5510343

Saturday 03.02.2019

Compiled here: >>5492143

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Q's Trip-code: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

Those still on the board --- https://8ch.net/qresearch/qposts.html or >>>/comms/226

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

05b298  No.5552481


are not endorsements


>>5389728, >>5392971 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5551830 Sputnik just wrote article on FB and MZ

>>5551881 MZ lays out a future for Facebook that promises to be private, also just written

>>5551945 Daily Mail article on PC (MZ wife)

>>5551997 Dershowitz Speaks After Appellate Court hearing on Epstein

>>5552065, >>5552232 Qadium

>>5552147 Chan Zuckerberg acquisitions & investments

>>5552154 One Year Delta - Q 862

>>5552159 Huawei exec jokes 'Ask Snowden'

>>5552121 Apple's not so private setup

>>5552342 Russia is building its own version of China’s Great Firewall

>>5552271 Cohen inquired about pardon, contradicting testimony to Congress

>>5552435 #7099


>>5551153 Leader Technologies patent and code which was stolen by HRC

>>5551181 They got "Married" the day after the FB IPO?

>>5551259 The Massive Digital Data Systems (MDDS) project

>>5551104 past Q drop -- DARPA aka GOOG

>>5551306 Building 8 data was shared with Haewei

>>5551348 MZ has bulgarian on his maternal side

>>5551337 In-Q-Tel mgmt team

>>5551644 #7098


>>5550268, >>5550288, >>5550307 Wonderland Club

>>5550289 FB/DARPA was Hussein's database.

>>5550292 anon working theory re the 21 day countdown started on 26 Feb.

>>5550263 'The Image' is getting pretty 'enhanced'

>>5550324 Facebook, the CIA, DARPA, and the tanking IPO (2012)

>>5550578 New DJT Jr.

>>5550560 NW Hospital Workers Fired For Improperly Reviewing Jussie Smollett Records

>>5550893 #7097


>>5549504, >>5549607, >>5549670 photoshop in metadata stamp is 4:50:17

>>5549840, >>5549707, >>5550032 George Washington's Prayer for the Nation

>>5550025 July 4, 2019 lines up with TODAY on Qclock

>>5550157 #7096


>>5548888 quads confirms -Pompy is Now in Control Something to think about.

>>5548762 Vancouver Home sales Crash by 33%

>>5548727 FB digs

>>5548741 photo of Kansas with a notepad is actually presenting Kansas cupping a particular pen

>>5548756 Considering MB and foreign powers such as Pakistan, had access to certain Clinton files...

>>5549271 Federal Reserve scraps 'qualitative' test for U.S. banks in 2019 stress tests

>>5549226 FB in the News - future is messaging encryption and privacy

>>5549218 Facebook sued by underaged sex trafficking victim again

>>5549306 3/19 pen orientation says clockfag

>>5548765 all at :05 after the hour (POTUS, Q, US Army) >>5549101 USAF has one too thats 4

>>5549389 #7095


>>5547947, >>5548030, >>5548076 Huawei Sues U.S. government/ accuses US of hacking, stealing emails

>>5547976, >>5548470, >>5548452 pretty good graphics work on reflection (rendition work)

>>5548138 Kansas had yellow tie today

>>5548155, >>5548560 Old Lifelog Article (w sauce/source)

>>5548024 Yellow (army twat and Q drop)

>>5548377 FB Seattle/ confirms mysterious Oculus ‘Building X’

>>5548324 Facebook moves hundreds of employees to new augmented reality glasses division

>>5548355, >>5548422 3/14 Christopher Steele depositions to be released

>>5548179, >>5548257 - Let's Roll!! kitchen is HOT and Basic Plot (anon digs)

>>5548445 the ‘Q Group,’ the Directorate Hunting Down Edward Snowden (old news -rehash for newfags)

>>5548527 Google Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search

>>5548524 entering slide territory

>>5548621 #7094

Previously Collected Notables

>>5547342 #7092, >>5547841 #7093

>>5544591 #7089, >>5545551 #7090, >>5546388 #7092

>>5542349 #7086, >>5543108 #7087, >>5543825 #7088

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05b298  No.5552499

File: c165163d414ba7b⋯.png (517.92 KB, 680x680, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



05b298  No.5552502


Baker requests Handoff

cae909  No.5552513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ThanQ bakers

eb1431  No.5552515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Guilt-Free Freedom (Anarchapulco 2019)


c0b980  No.5552521

File: 62d55d175029b6c⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 400x560, 5:7, Amazing pepe nymph.gif)


I got ya baker!

b8a650  No.5552524

Time to load up those chemtrail planes with DMT. Get this great awakening started

f6e83d  No.5552527

File: 9fbbb429d670398⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 2319x3116, 2319:3116, Remarks by President Trump….jpg)

I don't know if anyone want to help me. But I am so fucking pissed right now, I could scream.

Have you seen that "TimApple" is trending on twatter right now. I am responding to every fucking asshole that is using that # with the facts.

I made up a fact sheet that proves the lastest MSM LIE. We have to start hitting these assholes with the facts. They are too stupid to look this up and believe the media

This is one of the worst lies I have seen them do. They edited the Fucking Video.

If anyone whats to jump on the bandwagon, tweet this sheet to every asshole out there. Lets drive them crazy & make sure this gets noticed.

Thanks for your help.

67928b  No.5552528

>>5552510 pb

You make a good point. What about distribution? There's far more here than anyone can easily distribute.

9905fd  No.5552529

File: 349a1c75c4c798b⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1194x867, 398:289, Screenshot_20190307-010417….png)


Thank you baker.

54f4cb  No.5552530

File: b7282c23e12629e⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x552, 100:69, JQ_shills8.jpg)

File: 9bc755b21d06ee2⋯.jpg (107.16 KB, 1024x493, 1024:493, BUSH_masons.jpg)

File: 41cdf284b141f57⋯.jpg (25.81 KB, 400x317, 400:317, Symbolism.jpg)


see the shills.

<muh it´s the jooos

is only spammed every bread from many shills (some glowing, some "(((blended))) (((in)))") to divert our movement and help MSM blame us naaaazis.

Don´t fall for it.

>They want you divided.

05b298  No.5552531


well alright fam!


ill lurk and chillax

have a good bakery

f7cb46  No.5552532

File: 1819a2640164693⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 199x255, 199:255, 38949caa528e0a7a513cd34087….jpg)


Yes plz

c0b980  No.5552533

File: a242ccd9c318b83⋯.jpg (156.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a242ccd9c318b83dfcadd3296f….jpg)

File: ce4d43e9ec8cd78⋯.png (509.79 KB, 510x600, 17:20, 929b56ce1716af0e0a1109da25….png)

6c111f  No.5552534


tim are you just upset people might think your a bad apple?

20e2a1  No.5552535

File: b0f9dd9b7042f04⋯.jpg (272.13 KB, 1668x2224, 3:4, fixtproof.jpg)

>>5552453 lb

ya its him alright

2d46b4  No.5552536

Mark Zuckerberg's sister in-law owns the Cannibal Club where club members eat "exotic" meat = human meat and organs as described on their website.

Cannibal Club


c1e18b  No.5552537

File: ede6da0cbb90cb5⋯.png (113.67 KB, 890x1138, 445:569, Screenshot_2019-03-07 FINA….png)

File: 6999d85d5cfa125⋯.png (976.48 KB, 719x1198, 719:1198, Screenshot_2019-03-07 Info….png)


FACT FILE A Compendium of DARPA Programs

A summary from 2003 by DARPA explaining the various R&D that's going on at the time. LifeLog was/is part of something bigger. Much, much bigger. A grand plan of futuristic technology merging with humans.

And this merging of tech with humans is part of a bigger plan: weapons. This research and development is sold to the public as futuristic defense weapons against, well, anything from terrorists to foreign states.

Now, 16 years later, we find out the truth: these weapons are used against us: The People. The obvious reason is control. This is evil.

Fascinating read. Big eye-opener.

PDF download https://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=440746

Further reading: DARPA had funded "Experience on Demand," research by Howard Wectlar at Carnagie-Mellon University to demonstrate the feasability of such a system.


Informedia Experience-on-Demand: Capturing, Integrating and Communicating Experiences across People, Time and Space

PDF download https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~hdw/wactlar_ACM1999_EOD.pdf

Also: there's a push by many international players (states/companies) for Artificial Intelligence. AI was part of DARPA for a long time. It wasn't called AI then. And just recently POTUS signed an EO called "Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence".


834563  No.5552538

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>I'd rather be completely duped than be living completely in the dark.

wins internet!


9acc2f  No.5552539

File: 8cff871755b28c2⋯.png (29.65 KB, 622x317, 622:317, ClipboardImage.png)

Huawei Sues US Government Over Its National Defense Laws

Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. on March 7 confirmed it is suing the U.S. government over a section of a defense bill passed into law last year that restricts its access to the United States.

Huawei says it has filed a complaint in a federal court in Texas challenging the constitutionality of Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a section signed into law in August that bans federal agencies and their contractors from procuring Huawei and ZTE equipment.

According to the complaint, Huawei views Section 889 as a roadblock to it gaining more market share in the U.S. telecoms market.

The privately owned by China-based firm has embarked on a public relations and legal offensive over the past two months as Washington has sought to keep Huawei out of its fifth-generation (5G) mobile network amid growing global concerns that products made by the Chinese tech giant could be exploited by the Chinese regime to conduct espionage.

US Extradition

Huawei’s complaint comes just days after Canada said it will proceed with a U.S. extradition request against Huawei’s chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou.

In a 13-count indictment, the U.S. Department of Justice accuses Meng, Huawei, and several of the company’s subsidiaries of violating sanctions against Iran. They say that Huawei—with Meng personally involved—misled U.S. banks about the relationship between Huawei and Hong-Kong based Skycom Tech, which did business with Iran. Prosecutors allege that Skycom is a hidden subsidiary of Huawei, while Huawei maintains they are two independent companies.

By hiding Skycom’s connection to Huawei, Meng is accused of personally misleading U.S. banks into clearing cash connected with transactions between the two companies.

Meng and her legal team maintain that she’s done nothing wrong.


83e40a  No.5552540

File: 69d2510182a8225⋯.jpg (210.04 KB, 886x626, 443:313, wQKWw.jpg)

Ty, baker

c0b980  No.5552541


Danka baker fren!

Have a good rest!

3ea084  No.5552542

File: b103ec7097ad704⋯.png (638.54 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, loser_ass_jew.png)

edb186  No.5552543

File: 50d575ee1bc47f0⋯.jpg (41.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Pepe POTUS 1.jpg)


good evening/morning to you departing baker

afd008  No.5552544

File: 84138c4c840ca14⋯.png (225.85 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, LifeLog_FB.png)

File: c176e54d045b4fc⋯.png (470.95 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, LifeLog_Hart.png)

>>5543905 (pb)

95f9b3  No.5552545


Yeah we need a Machine Elf pilot school.

c12562  No.5552546

>>5552483 (pb)

Agreed considering they are comparable the Left in the US. Same actions against their leader different country…all to make them look bad.

cae909  No.5552547


That's going to end well for Huawei

b8a650  No.5552548


Bombs (and bongs) awayyyy!

441c48  No.5552549

File: 204a931ec8425e2⋯.png (4.44 MB, 1668x2224, 3:4, E1E16105-5E92-41C4-BE41-75….png)

Okay, let’s end this discussion so we can move the fuck on.

It’s Trump. He has a pen. He’s signing a paper (new EO). The hair is dark due to a shadow and the manipulation from a curved surface.

f8408c  No.5552550

File: b3a5f6a007440d0⋯.jpg (54.54 KB, 330x410, 33:41, hold.jpg)

cee4a8  No.5552551

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thank you, Baker!

86d584  No.5552552

File: 51d003f2544a07d⋯.png (35.62 KB, 1215x241, 1215:241, ClipboardImage.png)

b8a650  No.5552553


Spaced Force

96a068  No.5552554

File: 344f8c648a33f7a⋯.jpg (233.81 KB, 508x508, 1:1, 344f8c648a33f7a18fd797b6ab….jpg)

b10cb5  No.5552555



No it is not "mental breakdown" it is the utter bore of watching over and over the ground that we have known about and dug months ago seem like something new to you. Then at the same time when new information does come your way it flies over your head. All of the Q post that are on Thursday have nothing in them that we have not known for months. It is a big catch people up because they will not go back and read old bread.

380745  No.5552556

File: 3cfe21bb7e97cc1⋯.jpeg (293.91 KB, 1500x1001, 1500:1001, D8048C3C-0B91-4E66-A3E2-4….jpeg)

67928b  No.5552557


What you're doing is great, anon. Everyone gets frustrated, take a break and relax for a few minutes. Then go back and give 'em hell!

b6533b  No.5552558

File: 9a32339705eef9c⋯.jpeg (141.04 KB, 487x900, 487:900, E89D4801-87E3-4392-B02C-B….jpeg)

e2aab0  No.5552559

File: 501f55b9f243552⋯.jpg (28.63 KB, 500x359, 500:359, 1499316054203.jpg)



My fire and passion for truth comes from my repulsion to guilt trips.

891f63  No.5552560

File: 434ce7c2cc25a81⋯.jpg (149.46 KB, 1068x1120, 267:280, 8ch keyword search.jpg)

File: 982cdf38bbdf941⋯.jpg (328.75 KB, 684x1131, 228:377, NY Post trump nov 28 2018 ….jpg)

File: f1b3104cc2f2be7⋯.jpg (159.16 KB, 624x756, 52:63, Sara A Carter twt 03062019.jpg)

File: 173d1d27a248699⋯.jpg (103.5 KB, 800x591, 800:591, Anons news.jpg)

File: 3c6105ef906e5cc⋯.jpg (125.65 KB, 800x468, 200:117, Night Shift Jet.jpg)

If all the great news remains in 8 boxes, does that help the People?

What is the best way to get news out from 8ch to the World?

6e9c29  No.5552561

File: 12e13eed0878f52⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1536x1024, 3:2, 009_5A22.JPG)


Q is pissed off frens,

do you get it? take control frens!!! whoot and holla! Q

7b5bc7  No.5552562


Welcome to the party bitches

95f9b3  No.5552563



I’ll teach those motherfuckers to fly

b8a650  No.5552564


Inter dimensional keks ~~

d4e163  No.5552565


Anybody have a wrench?

3ea084  No.5552566

File: d76b18baf04cb63⋯.png (140.3 KB, 540x582, 90:97, not_semetic.png)

f8408c  No.5552567


Need to connect Zuck's wife to Huawei…..

d77db3  No.5552568

Partial Q:

[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]

Hussein [8]

Install rogue_ops

Leak C-intel/Mil assets

Cut funding to Mil

Command away from generals

Launch 'good guy' takedown (internal remove) - Valerie Jarrett (sniffer)

SAP sell-off

Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)

Open border (flood illegals: D win) ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)

Blind-eye NK [nuke build]

[Clas-1, 2, 3]

Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]

Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]

Stage SC [AS [187]]

U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)

[CLAS 1-99]


So basically looks like Obama and CIA is behind the Snowden leaks

edb186  No.5552569

File: 1947a2355afaa44⋯.jpg (89.45 KB, 481x481, 1:1, Pepe vision.jpg)

b8a650  No.5552570


Party hardy bro

67092c  No.5552571

>>5552492 (pb)

Do all jews practice circumcision or only the fake or real ones do?


6c111f  No.5552572

nite Q

nite Anons

nite Spooks

nite shills

see you in morning

9a5127  No.5552573


Some people relish being bored.

Over and over and over again.

Makes them feel…superior.

20e2a1  No.5552574

File: 8efd80eecd9cf94⋯.jpg (269.45 KB, 1668x2114, 834:1057, whodi.jpg)


helped you out whodi

07eb62  No.5552575

File: cd675b886e82b6f⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, 389:279, georgez.gif)

>>5552244 lb




477d13  No.5552576



c12562  No.5552577


Posted last bread didn't get noticed..Notable about this is I believe this will open the Snowden situation for what it really was.

54f4cb  No.5552578

File: 0dee60597affdc8⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 255x229, 255:229, 8168cc5e42a124d613a2c30b2b….jpg)

File: 506e1e7236e5de2⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 460x307, 460:307, order3.jpg)

File: 34361e0ff89bdbc⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 438x225, 146:75, 33mason_albert_pike_lucife….jpg)

File: 8e2b45a4da51cbe⋯.png (24.19 KB, 438x311, 438:311, MakeItRAIN.png)

Nothing to see here, please move along folks.

13731b  No.5552579

Dear Stockfags,

Is the time ripe to short FB and Goog?

Dear Lawfags,

Could this be seen as insider trading given perceived position of Q and Q+?

Asking for a friend…

561dac  No.5552580

File: 4e212bc5894f00f⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 2019-03-06 20.57.09.jpg)


You forgot the drapes and the flag fren

b8a650  No.5552581


Seems like I summoned some rare inter dimensional Pepes…

e90b9a  No.5552582

>>5552353 lb

Install DD-WRT and YAMON

d2a6d4  No.5552583

Posted tail end of last bread. I think this needs eyes.

[2 of 9] is Q checking out his "future communications" technique, that is posting as an anon.

Look at response in Q post 2981, anon response >>5550888 (pb)

Look at response in Q post >>2988, anon response >>5550041


Look at ID, Time stamps and post #

7976f5  No.5552584

File: 6894d498fa98150⋯.jpg (9.87 KB, 318x159, 2:1, planefag_pepe.jpg)

>>5552382 (lb)

>>5552503 (lb)

Yay! Thanks!

891f63  No.5552585

File: 65790a64fbd3cbc⋯.jpg (129.01 KB, 800x471, 800:471, Thank you Vets.jpg)

File: 681dcd8c3526a19⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 800x536, 100:67, Remember this day.jpg)

File: da2c304c212cc5e⋯.jpg (162.25 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Night Shift font_2.jpg)

File: 7e0d041ecd01583⋯.jpg (101.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Hope_2.jpg)

File: 8bbaee9663c6963⋯.jpg (175.72 KB, 900x505, 180:101, Think for yourselves.jpg)


Rest well, thank you.

8acd99  No.5552586

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but all of these recent Q posts are making me consider pulling a significant amount of my 401k investments out of Large Cap index funds with FB and GOOG and moving them in to other indexes. I just wonder how screwed the stock prices are going to be after this stuff is made apparent to normies.

3b6545  No.5552587

So the three letter orgs use their powers not only to track and control the populace, not only to extract money and resources from us, but to conceal and operate the worldwide Human Resources trade.

834563  No.5552588

File: 2a360c6f3a2c9a3⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 255x158, 255:158, 2a360c6f3a2c9a31bfe7cf9695….jpg)


I believe I have seen the core of my being and there was nothing there…

never fear, it simply means that we are not "here"…

Some of us get the funny feeling that we have did all of this before…

Others are certain :D

83e40a  No.5552589

You know when something happens that's significant and for the 2 or 3 days that you deal with it, you're in another world, and your senses are heightened? And then when it's settled you return to your routine where everything sort of blends together, and your sleep schedule/routine is normal?

I wonder if Trump's entire time in office has been like that, where some nights maybe you fall asleep in your clothes in a chair or something.

4fec11  No.5552590


Trying… her dad is Dennis Chan, there is an exec at Huawei named Dennis Chan.. cant confirm if related.. still digging

990b63  No.5552591

File: 23d557d205a32a5⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1429x940, 1429:940, ClipboardImage.png)

3ea084  No.5552592

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


eb1431  No.5552593

File: e8b2ece08bc7e52⋯.png (3.1 MB, 1682x2020, 841:1010, WateryQ.png)


Ordo ab Chao ab Ordo

Which is "chaos"?

A forest or a tree farm?

What is "oder"?

7e795b  No.5552594


I think a lot of braindead tweeters are bots. So many of them have less than 300 followers.

3ea084  No.5552596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

441c48  No.5552597

File: 1a076e8fc91c005⋯.jpeg (132.17 KB, 900x900, 1:1, A0BC58A3-AEF3-484C-8342-8….jpeg)


The jizz is not happy enough.

83e40a  No.5552598


good eye

b6533b  No.5552599


Thats /ourPOTUS/ alright!!


f8408c  No.5552600

File: 90a5728204360b0⋯.jpg (114.82 KB, 872x818, 436:409, q862.jpg)

07eb62  No.5552601

>>5552508 lb

>>5552504 lb

>>the greatest, and most obvious, larp ever perpetrated!

>The LARP that wasn't a LARP.

A 17 month larper tells you he isn't a larp … and you believe him.

I love this place!

465c0e  No.5552602


It's better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission, Anon. You know what to do.

1863cd  No.5552603

>>5552516 lb

wish the finest contribution was not a double paste typo one.

Will NEVER regret the good rush from having that pic Q'd.

roths - house of saud - soros

[ruling class] of various subtypes.

Trick is breaking their grip without compromising our own or sacrificing our entire selves in the process.

If we go into the good night during this process, it's not going to succeed no matter the outcome.

Perhaps some other 'globalist' elements don't give a fuck and indeed wish for the destruction of our peoples if they believe the risk-work to 'worth' ratio is not in favor of their plans?

People have many question but our own take priority as it should.

Our people, families, civilizations.

Therefore we expand our thinking, bear the unbearable, endure the unendurable.

But our enemies must die.

That's a simple truth.

Those who dare aggress against us and attack our women and children/prey upon and subvert/manipulate them MUST be made to feel PAIN.

Nothing else can allow this project to succeed.

No matter [[[who]]] the enemy may be.

67928b  No.5552604


People can't just go back and read/digest all 2500+ crumbs. People come at different times for different reasons. Why are you so frustrated with newfags? Keeping current is hard for everyone. If it's not for you, have some compassion for the rest of us.

7a01c7  No.5552605

File: f29aeeb75fcff66⋯.jpg (177.43 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, 20180815_065207.jpg)

The 3 amigos

4831bb  No.5552606


for what purpose?

18e016  No.5552607


ya. looked

i dont see what youre seeing.

can you elaborate?

e2aab0  No.5552608

File: 5acd0834030d731⋯.pdf (2.11 MB, Coleman_John_-_The_Tavisto….pdf)

File: b3759aa334a8741⋯.png (321.29 KB, 616x683, 616:683, b3759aa334a8741c5573580528….png)


Exposing the upper level parallel Secret Government

The only way in which we are going to defeat this powerful

and insidious enemy is by educating our people, especially

our young people in the Constitution, and by standing fast on

our Christian faith. Otherwise, our priceless heritage will be

lost, forever. The power that Tavistock wields over this

nation must be broken.

Hopefully, this work will become a training manual in the

hands of millions of Americans, who want to engage the

enemy, but who have, hitherto, not been able to identify that


The political forces controlled by secret societies, all

opposing America's republican, constitutional ideals, do not

like anything that seeks to expose Tavistock Institute and

their disloyalty to America, and even less still, where such

disclosures cannot be ridiculed and ignored. Of course those

who engage in unmasking the deeds of our secret government

invariably pay a high price for such disclosures.

No one who is interested in the future of

America can afford

to ignore the manner in which Tavistock Institute has

whipsawed the American people and manipulated

government, even as the majority of Americans remain in

ignorance of what is transpiring. With the almost complete

control exercised over our nation by our upper-level, parallel,

secret government, America has ceased to be a free and

independent nation. One can generally fix the beginning of

our decline around the time that Woodrow Wilson was

"elected" by the British aristocracy.

9a468c  No.5552609


What do you think of Tomato fw?

f8408c  No.5552610


Wow you're late on this bread faggot. Normally your shit post is in the first 10.

100b8c  No.5552611


>for what purpose?

Power. Control.

3b6545  No.5552612

File: 432dc0e9a7c8d93⋯.jpg (115.86 KB, 650x450, 13:9, dejavu.jpg)

e90b9a  No.5552614


They passed it to the Goyim through the Vatican so that men would never experience normal intercourse.

7c190c  No.5552615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

69d6e3  No.5552616


Hair looks a bit too dark to be POTUS

60b151  No.5552617

File: 8763c9a2289ca26⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 1889x1300, 1889:1300, higginsdday.jpg)

Rep Clay Higgins is climbing the Patriot Favorite Chart! Last week, "Mr. Cohen where are these boxes that should have been turned over for evidence?"

20e2a1  No.5552619

File: 990115690d6c231⋯.jpg (293.26 KB, 1668x2114, 834:1057, brosstheboss.jpg)

86d584  No.5552620


Died his hair black did he?

69d6e3  No.5552621



c1e18b  No.5552622


CONTROL. To control all of us.


07eb62  No.5552623



It looks like Scaramucci.

e221a5  No.5552624

File: 14342961ae3d2bf⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 709x234, 709:234, Annotation 2019-01-19 1748….jpg)

File: ebc5c10e756a035⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 1903x8239, 173:749, Screenshot_2019-01-20 When….jpg)


I wonder how many get sick from eating human flesh?

7b5bc7  No.5552625


This been notable’d? Don’t recall seeing it

2edbe3  No.5552626

>>5552362 lb

Perhaps not the CIA directly, but the "organization" begins to look a little different when you go up the chain. The CIA was originally staffed with a number of people who were very close to the British royal family. Committee of 300. The CIA is part of a larger entity. A very large and integrated organ into how the proverbial shadow government rules the world - but it is not directly responsible for everything.

The people who own private central banks, for example.

This is why "it's the jews" but it's also "not the jews." When you understand who heads up the Committee of 300, it becomes rather obvious why they would set up Israel in the way they have.

7e795b  No.5552627

Senators Collins, King Lead Bipartisan Letter Urging DHS to Issue Additional H-2B Visas to Support Small Businesses

Enemies of the People:

Cory Cardner (R-CO)

Thomas Carper (D-DE)

Susan Collins (R-ME)

Christopher Coons (D-DE)

Doug Jones (D-AL)

Angus King (R-ME)

Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

Joe Manchin (D-WV)

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

Tina Smith (D-MN)



f256a3  No.5552628


No idea. Talking to everyone. So many caught up in their tiny little wars.

As hard as it is to admit, maybe six more months? After summer.

7c190c  No.5552629

File: 7c0f02828b6dc25⋯.jpeg (100.28 KB, 732x928, 183:232, truth_wins.jpeg)


>Wow you're late on this bread faggot. Normally your shit post is in the first 10.

Good eye kike, glad to know you see me shining the light on your goblin ass.

cf67d9  No.5552630


>we have did

Good job shill.

4de53e  No.5552631


where did you get this, when was this found?

faeb6f  No.5552632


Billions and Billions Served

67928b  No.5552633


You are not alone. It's just been a "fast bread" sorta day.

4831bb  No.5552634

File: dda6c7d77b3898f⋯.png (429.99 KB, 633x660, 211:220, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f185ef3985e70b⋯.png (68.34 KB, 638x455, 638:455, ClipboardImage.png)


afd008  No.5552635

File: 1786a5a853de547⋯.png (354.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, cannibal_club_1.png)

f8408c  No.5552636

File: 23aab502f2f8b2c⋯.jpg (674.89 KB, 1752x1327, 1752:1327, heavy-flak.jpg)

e221a5  No.5552637


found the sauce:


477d13  No.5552638


I have two shrinks in the family and they are both nuttier then a fruit cake and have enough problems running their own lives. I don't need anyone to tell me what my feelings are, what they mean or how I should feel thank you very much. God is my foundation.

891f63  No.5552639


More work together, more organization, better results.

What are the current measurements?

How to measure in real time?

bf75b9  No.5552640


Well, shorting them hasn't worked yet. Q has been posting about them for a while and the stocks have stayed stubbornly up.

Honestly, I can't see that continuing, but shorting is a dangerous game. You can go broke before you are correct.

Maybe try way out of the money puts expiring next year or so - and don't use leverage.

e87506  No.5552641

File: 825e8e1a5556838⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, lifelog1.png)

File: dfb7b1037dbcadd⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, lifelog2.png)

File: ba75715266602cc⋯.png (1.05 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, lifelog3.png)

File: 4b1913474917c2e⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, lifelog4.png)


The SO[CIA]L network.

At least (((they))) were honest.

Symbolism will be their downfall.

They did put CIA right in the world SOCIAL.

Q has made it fairly clear that our tax dollars funded FB. Therefore I will presume "We the People" now own it.

And Google, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Netflix?

Nice cash cow public utilities.

Couple trillion in market cap.

And Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford too.

We now should own those bitches too.

And all their patents and medicines.

Free education the capitalistic way.

834563  No.5552642



Déjà rêvé

Déjà rêvé (from French, meaning "already dreamed") is the feeling of having already dreamed something that you are now experiencing.[40]

muh specialty…

83e40a  No.5552643


Care to elaborate?

37103f  No.5552644

File: e5170cf67976ac6⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1000x3000, 1:3, pen3-enhanced.png)

uhhhh guise?

e2aab0  No.5552645

File: 9c4861b5184739f⋯.jpeg (242.05 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Hussein.jpeg)


Tavistock remains the mother of all research facilities in

America and Britain, and the leader in behavior modification

techniques, mind control and opinion making and shaping.

The Rand Institute at Santa Monica under the direction of

Tavistock created the phenomena known as "El Nino" as a

weather modification experiment. Tavistock is also heavily

engaged in the New Age "UFO" experiments and sighting of

aliens, under its mind control contracts with the C.I.A.

Rand Institute runs the ICBM program and does primary

analyses for foreign governments. Rand and


successfully profiled the white population of South Africa as

a preliminary to testing the waters for a Communist African

National Congress takeover, assisted and strongly supported

by the U.S. State Department. "Bishop" Desmond Tutu, who

played a leading role in the preamble to the fall of the white

government, is a creation of Tavistock.


Georgetown University was taken over in its entirety by

Tavistock, back in 1938. Its structure and programs were

reformatted to suit the Tavistock "brain trust" blueprint as a

center for higher learning. This has had great significance for

the United States when we consider that Georgetown

University was where Mr. Clinton learned his art of mass

manipulation and dissembling.

All State Department field agents are trained at Georgetown.

Three of its best-known graduates were Henry Kissinger,

William Jefferson Clinton and Richard Armitage.

Georgetown's "invisible army" loyalists have done untold

harm to the United States and will no doubt play their roles to

the full until the end, a time when they will be uprooted,

exposed and rendered harmless.

Some of the ugliest and most horrifying actions taken against

America were planned at Tavistock.

I am referring to the

bombing of the Marine compound at Beirut Airport, which

took the lives of 200 of our finest young servicemen. One

person believed to have been aware of the impending attack

by Lebanese terrorists, was Secretary of State George

Schultz. As unconfirmed reports stated at the time, Schultz

was tipped off in advance of the attack by the Mossad,

Israel's secret service agency.

4831bb  No.5552646



Control why?

what is the end game?

1863cd  No.5552647


dulles brothers are actually relatives to some of the families owning fed reserve and connections to (((british))) crown.

banking families of jewish origins have merged with the crown long ago and are indistinguishable.

Bank of england in 1692 etc.

83e40a  No.5552648


Oh, very nice.

f5332d  No.5552649

File: 02c258978eeb726⋯.png (189.45 KB, 488x369, 488:369, tg.png)

Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

The documents detail an intelligence-gathering effort by the United States and Mexican authorities, targeting more than 50 people including journalists, an attorney, and immigration advocates

By Tom Jones, Mari Payton and Bill Feather

Published 6 hours ago | Updated 1 minute ago

The U.S. government created a secret database of activists, journalists, and social media influencers tied to the migrant caravan. NBC 7's Mari Payton has more.

This story has been updated with a new statement from Customs and Border Protection and a response from the ACLU.

Documents obtained by NBC 7 Investigates show the U.S. government created a secret database of activists, journalists, and social media influencers tied to the migrant caravan and in some cases, placed alerts on their passports.

At the end of 2018, roughly 5,000 immigrants from Central America made their way north through Mexico to the United States southern border. The story made international headlines.

As the migrant caravan reached the San Ysidro Port of Entry in south San Diego County, so did journalists, attorneys, and advocates who were there to work and witness the events unfolding.

But in the months that followed, journalists who covered the caravan, as well as those who offered assistance to caravan members, said they felt they had become targets of intense inspections and scrutiny by border officials.

One photojournalist said she was pulled into secondary inspections three times and asked questions about who she saw and photographed in Tijuana shelters. Another photojournalist said she spent 13 hours detained by Mexican authorities when she tried to cross the border into Mexico City. Eventually, she was denied entry into Mexico and sent back to the U.S.

These American photojournalists and attorneys said they suspected the U.S. government was monitoring them closely but until now, they couldn’t prove it.

Now, documents leaked to NBC 7 Investigates show their fears weren’t baseless. In fact, their own government had listed their names in a secret database of targets, where agents collected information on them. Some had alerts placed on their passports, keeping at least three photojournalists and an attorney from entering Mexico to work.

The documents were provided to NBC 7 by a Homeland Security source on the condition of anonymity, given the sensitive nature of what they were divulging.

The source said the documents or screenshots show a SharePoint application that was used by agents from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the U.S. Border Patrol, Homeland Security Investigations and some agents from the San Diego sector of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

The intelligence gathering efforts were done under the umbrella of “Operation Secure Line,” the operation designated to monitor the migrant caravan, according to the source.

The documents list people who officials think should be targeted for screening at the border.

The individuals listed include ten journalists, seven of whom are U.S. citizens, a U.S. attorney, and 47 people from the U.S. and other countries, labeled as organizers, instigators or their roles “unknown.” The target list includes advocates from organizations like Border Angels and Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

NBC 7 Investigates is blurring the names and photos of individuals who haven’t given us permission to publish their information.

The documents are titled “San Diego Sector Foreign Operations Branch: Migrant Caravan FY-2019, Suspected Organizers, Coordinators, Instigators and Media” and are dated January 9, 2019.

Emblazoned on it are the American and Mexican flags, with a banner that reads: "ILU-OASSIS-OMEGA." An official at the Department of Homeland Security said the seal indicates that the documents are a product of the International Liaison Unit (ILU), which coordinates intelligence between Mexico and the United States.

NBC 7 Investigates is blurring the names and photos of individuals who haven’t given us permission to publish their information.

The documents are titled “San Diego Sector Foreign Operations Branch: Migrant Caravan FY-2019, Suspected Organizers, Coordinators, Instigators and Media” and are dated January 9, 2019.

Emblazoned on it are the American and Mexican flags, with a banner that reads: "ILU-OASSIS-OMEGA." An official at the Department of Homeland Security said the seal indicates that the documents are a product of the International Liaison Unit (ILU), which coordinates intelligence between Mexico and the United States.

SOURCE: https://www.nbcsandiego.com/investigations/Source-Leaked-Documents-Show-the-US-Government-Tracking-Journalists-and-Advocates-Through-a-Secret-Database-506783231.html


680b66  No.5552650

File: 3748e540c6ae7a1⋯.jpg (234.64 KB, 722x1024, 361:512, hdnsgsydshsja__.jpg)


It's not AOCs slush fund but its 50K. how much is a plane??

69d6e3  No.5552651


Not POTUS, not important who. Other drops are more important at the moment.

afd008  No.5552652

File: 4ea20032eb198dc⋯.png (398.92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, SCHMIDT_RESIGNS_COINCIDENC….png)

e87c0a  No.5552653

File: 0155965a98032a0⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 255x188, 255:188, cortex.jpg)

67928b  No.5552654


It's been around the block and few times before, but don't know whether it's been notabled lately. Check the archive: https://qresear.ch.

(just from memory, check war room if link doesn't work)

28e873  No.5552656



verb us ​ /ˈɡʌv·ərn/

govern verb (RULE)

[ I/T ] to control and be responsible for the public business of a country, state, city, or other organized group:

[ T ] The newly elected president will govern the country for four years.

govern verb (INFLUENCE)

[ T ] to have a direct effect or controlling influence on something:

684ea5  No.5552657

>>5552147 (lb)

Priscilla is the child of a Chinese-Vietnamese Danis Chan who arrived in America with his family in the Seventies after spending time in a refugee camp.

Later Dennis Chan, 47, raised enough money to open a Chinese restaurant, where he worked gruelling 18-hour days as he dreamt of his first-born daughter living the American dream.

Priscilla was raised largely by her grandmother as her mother Yvonne also worked long hours at the Taste of Asia in Boston.

'Priscilla wants to contribute to society. She was the one who encouraged Mark to start a feature on Facebook encouraging people to be organ donors.

'She knows who she is and what she wants. She and Mark both want to change the world. And they are in the fortunate position of having the resources to do that.'

fter she left Havard, she became a science teacher at the Harker School located in San Jose. She stayed at this job for a year before she left to further her education. Chan then enrolled at the University of California’s medical school in 2008 and spent four years at the institution which she followed up immediately with her internship. Come the summer of 2015, Priscilla had rounded up her pediatric residency.

e87506  No.5552658

File: 2d3b8864b97dcea⋯.png (7.91 MB, 2500x3860, 125:193, Bushwhacked.png)


Q asked which US President ran the CIA. GHWB. Here is the implausible story of his devious life.

04b2fc  No.5552659


For rounding up problem children and giving them a good smack.

You must be new to this planet. Welcome.

afd008  No.5552660

File: 68f9a3df0875b9f⋯.png (222.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Facebook_You_Cant_Watch_Yo….png)

477d13  No.5552661


How long do you have to leave your finger in the socket to get your hair to stay like that?

eb1431  No.5552662

Btw, in case anyone is wondering:

The "Hidden/Secret/Power Word of Masonry" is:




Why do you have to be FREE? Why never a SLAVE?

Because only a Master of Self… a FREE Man… Can say No.

Knowledge is Power, so they say.

Knowing your Gnostics puts you positions.

Game Theory.

7c190c  No.5552663

File: 71a5e51ca49a12b⋯.png (423.92 KB, 1672x931, 88:49, 1599d322c2f814cbc2db702cb4….png)

File: 0d0d4ab06ae9c80⋯.jpg (198.54 KB, 726x436, 363:218, muh-holocaust.jpg)





c68dc6  No.5552664



>organ harvesting

>targetted for use rituals

>political blackmail

>targetted murder

>quell uprisings/questions before they even begin

all with real time tracking, control of EVERY citizen on Earth.

54f4cb  No.5552665

File: 8b7f93fd0bbf974⋯.jpg (111.49 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Whitaker_muh_jew_shills.jpg)

File: 5414e900ce91431⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 1200x536, 150:67, Unity_notDivision.jpg)


muh jew = shilling.

Anons are attacked by many shills. "JQ / Muh jew / it´s all the jooos" is one of the most used topics.

POTUS spoke up against this a lot.

Q dropped crumbs on division a lot.

Stupid racism is neither fitting to gold star researchers, nor to POTUS´ family.

Some shills glow, using nose images and saying kike and rabbi every post, other try to blend in and only use (((echos))).

















4de53e  No.5552666

File: 5755833d25284b4⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1008x550, 504:275, jackdoresysatanic.PNG)

@Jack is a satanist btw.

He's asking for help.

Am I right Q?

834563  No.5552667

File: 91317e4ccb39290⋯.png (14.61 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 0 POINT.png)


sounded good when i said it… hall moniter :D

83e40a  No.5552668


A smack into a plastic fema coffin.

b6533b  No.5552669

File: 610cc62b763874d⋯.png (53.33 KB, 752x488, 94:61, FB371054-E896-4DCF-BDB5-14….png)


Was P=C there meant to mean Payseur is the Chair… and the chair serves the master, being satan?

Q replied to that post for a reason. Like DJT, they can only hope we read between the lines because of the labels associates with criticizing even a single one of (((them))). See exhibit A - attached.

c69bdc  No.5552670

Wow, Bread 7100… Seems like just 2 months ago hitting Bread 1000 was a big deal (for me anyway). Beyond amazing how far we have traveled.

e2aab0  No.5552671

File: 858409754bf040f⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 400x571, 400:571, jfk-tippit.jpg)


There is mounting evidence about an increase in the input

and influence Tavistock is having at the CIA. There are great

many other intelligence agencies receiving instructions from

Tavistock, notably the National Reconnaissance Office

(NRO), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DJA), the Treasury

Intelligence, and State Department Intelligence.

Every year when the anniversary of the murder of President

John Kennedy comes around I am reminded of the leading

role played in the planning of his public execution;

particularly the part played by MI6. After a 20-year in-depth

investigation into the murder of JFK, I think I have come

very close to the truth, as detailed in the monograph "The

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. "

The unsolved murder of Pres. Kennedy remains a gross insult

against everything the United States stands for. How is it that

we, a supposedly free and sovereign nation, allow the cover

up of a crime to remain in place, year after year? Surely our

intelligence agencies know who the perpetrators of the crime


Surely we know that the murder of Kennedy was carried

out in broad daylight in front of millions of Americans, as an

insult, and a warning that the reach of the Committee of 300

goes far beyond what even our highest elected official was

able to defend himself against?


The perpetrators of the crime laugh at our confusion secure in

the knowledge that they will never be brought to justice, and

glorifying in the success of the foul deed and the inability of

We, the People, to pierce the corporate veil that hides their

faces from view.

The massive cover-up of the Kennedy assassination remains

in place. We have full details of how the House

Assassinations Committee failed to do its duty, ignoring

strong evidence and latching onto flimsy here-say; ignoring

the plain fact that the X-rays of Kennedy's head, taken at

Bethesda Hospital, were tampered with.

The list of the sins of the Committee of 300 and its servant, the

Tavistock Institute is endless.

f8408c  No.5552672

File: 3c4686a73efdad6⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2308x2513, 2308:2513, WWG1WGA-2.jpg)


















e90b9a  No.5552673


Haven't used it in awhile. Still getting to know DD-WRT.

Just found a shutdown syslogd and attempted telnet sessions so they obviously cracked the password, which was pretty good, through a network interface hack on a Windows machine on the NAT side that replaced the driver. Reinstalled the driver and DD-WRT firmware and am taking extra steps with external monitoring, vpn and more robust security setup.

It has a ton of features and can handle voip. I like it.

cf67d9  No.5552674


>muh specialty…

Muh nothing to do with Q drops and srsly, wikipedia as a source? Better double check snopes.

0b4d7a  No.5552675

File: baf53e45b16195f⋯.jpg (146.11 KB, 883x841, 883:841, 3.JPG)

File: b3a8766c59fb8ca⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 562x603, 562:603, 4.JPG)

Experts finally cracked the laptop of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to $137 million. But the money was already gone.


891f63  No.5552676


Nice thoughts, nice work, makes for nice mulling.

The best counters come from nice mulling.

Meme it into reality, Anons will help, Godspeed.

c526de  No.5552677

File: 9d1aafe8e4ce834⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1226x893, 1226:893, pepe pilot.png)

86d584  No.5552678

File: 71c98f46b7a6b71⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 255x255, 1:1, PepeViking.jpg)

Sorry for brief slide but proud parent anon moment

Kid anon comes in and says "We found the Flat Earther Discord, we're going in now!" chuckling as they skip away

Kek unleashed

19400d  No.5552679

File: 80fc3b87639819e⋯.jpg (262.46 KB, 591x592, 591:592, Pepe Sparks.jpg)

e037d2  No.5552680


Ask yourself…

Why her?

What or who benefits?

7c190c  No.5552681

File: 8b3c966ab76048c⋯.jpg (297.43 KB, 1272x1023, 424:341, adl_jidf1.jpg)

File: f457913cdfd6d80⋯.png (516.62 KB, 810x570, 27:19, adl_jidf1.png)

File: 28241b110d2fa38⋯.jpg (121.37 KB, 497x724, 497:724, born_to_jew.jpg)

File: 28241b110d2fa38⋯.jpg (121.37 KB, 497x724, 497:724, born_to_jew.jpg)

1863cd  No.5552682


supposedly bush sr. knew about the 9/11 plot but jr didn't.

Of course sr. being involved with offing JFK, this comes as no surprise.

360952  No.5552683


Killery sold SAP's to China

ae4565  No.5552684

Earlier today someone posted a meme of all the big tech companies sitting around a table saying, "We're not spying on you. We promise" Anyone have that? I'm trying to decode the 1 of 9, 2 of 9 posts and was wondering how many tech companies are in the meme

477d13  No.5552685


Overwhelmed, on the phone with the handler, "I need some help here"

770969  No.5552686

File: 1c9d4ebc0f38960⋯.png (244.79 KB, 622x424, 311:212, fingerpoint.png)

83e40a  No.5552687


ho ho ho ho hooooo

Schumar really tips the curve there or some such phrase

67a19f  No.5552688

File: b74b32c4041f025⋯.png (449.52 KB, 431x500, 431:500, dimensions2.png)

d7a6d0  No.5552689

File: ecbae65c8cbf5a9⋯.png (50.53 KB, 817x444, 817:444, BOmb.png)

Doesn't really look like anything sadly.

54f4cb  No.5552690

File: 4a74552b45b185d⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, YouGlow.jpg)

67928b  No.5552691

>>5552649 Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

posted earlier but not made



d4e163  No.5552692


You have the digits Satan.

b6533b  No.5552693



The photo is a reflection from a pen that’s been altered to show contrast… its not a fucking selfie with perfect lighting.

19400d  No.5552694



FBI Anon pre-confirmed

7c190c  No.5552695

File: a7d82b63095b896⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1788x1080, 149:90, 0001Q_goy_warning.jpg)

File: bcd7b4ceb10f39e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1655x1080, 331:216, 001Q_goy_warning.jpg)

File: e8ff10bddfeabc2⋯.jpg (171.24 KB, 612x459, 4:3, damn_it_pay_attention.jpg)

File: 88cc3d19a103aff⋯.jpeg (73.7 KB, 500x623, 500:623, every_fucking_timez.jpeg)

684ea5  No.5552696



c56eae  No.5552697

File: 16791533b656c3f⋯.png (639.77 KB, 830x492, 415:246, gggggggggggiiioo.png)

symbolism will be their downfall

upcoming events

follow the wifes

beware the ides of march

891f63  No.5552698


It's like watching an 8ch sitcom, your kids, very cool.

Those poor flat earhers, kek.

afd008  No.5552699

File: 4453377cf9f55be⋯.png (436 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CHURCH_SATAN_50_YEARS.png)


digits confirm

20e2a1  No.5552700


that shit wont get you entrace into the lodge nigger you need two balls and a cane for that

7795c0  No.5552701

File: 16fad7ac026e83e⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 255x150, 17:10, b21af45bcc721b6401d354e7e4….jpg)

4b0e85  No.5552702

>>5551229 (Q on snowden pb)

Snowden engaged the NSA because they were getting too strong? (someone requested it?).

>@Snowden was priv to DARPA, IQT, and NSA SURV / COV programs.



Release after arriving at safe destination.




No US jurisdiction

China and Russia must be aware of what FB,GOOGLE,etc are doing since their people are using the "russian/chinese" alternatives. (which are most likely also heavily monitored)



C_A / deep state strong influence.

also checkout anon's explanation

>>5551569 (pb)

4831bb  No.5552703



been here a long time, just never understood..

there is a big difference between control and surveillance?

c0b980  No.5552704


Butter emails!

Yeah her fuckin selling us out is in those emails!

f256a3  No.5552705


This isn't hard, kiddos.


54f4cb  No.5552706


1st price for the most glowing shill.

Have a hug.

If you make the nose just a little bigger people might start to believe you…

e3f369  No.5552707

File: 1e2e3b2d3248d1c⋯.png (33.01 KB, 359x357, 359:357, ClipboardImage.png)




mēns f (genitive mentis); third declension



reasoning, judgement


To control/rule the mind/intellect

83e40a  No.5552708


It's like a modern wholesome version of the Addams Family.

834563  No.5552709

File: fb7f283b969071b⋯.png (337.35 KB, 1602x1758, 267:293, snopope1.png)



eb1431  No.5552710

File: 84a78c385d89ab6⋯.jpg (156.75 KB, 775x775, 1:1, f801f825e074e6fe9250666e38….jpg)

File: 83a67cb05a9326f⋯.jpg (305.48 KB, 775x775, 1:1, 83b005f775a55ebe3e55a5c0cd….jpg)

File: fdc896a30f0bfb3⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6231769b05b967395f1ed0113f….jpg)

File: f61a6f5cf884910⋯.jpg (157.79 KB, 498x498, 1:1, ee39086d062385963b929950b8….jpg)

File: f7894f2e6778fde⋯.jpg (308.38 KB, 602x598, 301:299, 840f1dd11aa99c6619e753a944….jpg)


You want some m0ar?

4a7724  No.5552711

Hey look another date set by Q where nothing will happen

Meanwhile potus classifies us drone kills

Trust the plan tho

How come whenever potus does soemthing vile Q comes and larps on here

e037d2  No.5552712

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e2aab0  No.5552713

File: 9f3acbe4bbaca2a⋯.jpg (63.04 KB, 495x500, 99:100, cy88py.jpg)


Tavistock has always been closely

associated with intelligence work, even as it is to this very

day. The case of Rudolph Hess may be of more than passing

interest to not a few of our readers. It will be recalled that

Hess was murdered by two SIS operatives in his Spandau

prison cell, the night before he was to be released.

The RIIA was afraid that Hess would blow the lid off what

had been kept a dark secret; the close relationship between

members of the British oligarchy—including Winston

Churchill—and the German Thule Society, of which Hess

had been the leader.

Of more than a passing interest is the fact, that the Tavistock

Institute was named after the 11 th Duke of Bedford, the

Marquise of Tavistock. The title was passed on to his son, the

12 th Marquise of Bedford. It was to his estate that Hess flew

in an attempt to end the war. But Churchill would have none

of it and ordered Hess to be arrested and imprisoned.


Duke of Bedford's wife committed suicide by taking an

overdose of sleeping pills, when it became apparent that Hess

would never be released, even when the war ended.

In my work "Who Murdered Rudolph Hess" and "King

Makers, King Breakers—The Cecils", I reveal just how close

was this virtual kinship with Hess and other important

members of Hitler's inner-circle right up to the start of WWII.

Had Hess succeeded in his mission to the Duke of Bedford,

Churchill and almost the entire British oligarchy would have

been revealed as frauds.

The same thing would have happened had Hess not been kept

a solitary prisoner at Spandau in Berlin, guarded for years

after the end of WWII by troops drawn from Britain, the

United States and the USSR, against all logic and at a

tremendous cost (estimated at $50,000 a day).

Because a changed Russia felt they could embarrass America

and Britain—especially Britain, they suddenly announced

Hess would be released. The British could not afford to run

the risk of having their wartime leaders exposed, so the order

was given to kill Hess.

d2a6d4  No.5552714


>>5550041 ID = 17, Post # 5:5 5:5

>>5550888 ID = 15, time stamp 22:11:00

edb186  No.5552715


can only speak for anon but i gather there is much joy amongst all anons

f8408c  No.5552716

File: 7391c46c6ee641f⋯.jpg (75.41 KB, 606x437, 606:437, 8ballkek.jpg)

7c190c  No.5552717

File: a45663522710643⋯.jpg (149.54 KB, 497x728, 71:104, born_to_shek.jpg)


>1st price

b37160  No.5552718



7a01c7  No.5552719

File: 65635f12987dbab⋯.jpg (64.67 KB, 648x434, 324:217, DHm4UDdUQAAIvzc.jpg)



d7a6d0  No.5552720


On second glance.. When you are weak you HAVE POWER? That is a strange contradiction. Not having Power is the definition of weakness.

691c70  No.5552721

File: 67818b17673998d⋯.jpg (333.85 KB, 1200x1905, 80:127, PicsArt_03-07-01.38.32.jpg)

67092c  No.5552722


Yuh joos/jEwws/jews/whatever think you are god's chosen people and I think you are right


a5a855  No.5552723

Ghidra Logo = 8chan Logo


Was Q telling us NSA started the chans like the CIA started FB

990b63  No.5552724

File: f19d18affdeeb15⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1491x1198, 1491:1198, ClipboardImage.png)

<img src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d3/US_Navy_060114-N-0191T-030_Chief_of_Naval_Operations%2C_Admiral_Mike_Mullen%2C_center%2C_and_Commandant_of_the_Marine_Corps%2C_General_Michael_W._Hagee_talk_with_the_Chairman_of_USS_San_Antonio%27s_Commissioning_Committee.jpg/746px-thumbnail.jpg" alt="File:US Navy 060114-N-0191T-030 Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Mullen, center, and Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Michael W. Hagee talk with the Chairman of USS San Antonio&#39;s Commissioning Committee.jpg"/>

28e873  No.5552725

File: 14e03052152d007⋯.jpg (82.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, clintshush.jpg)

477d13  No.5552726


You never know who is behind that anon screen name, wink wink That's the beauty of this place!

5add14  No.5552727

File: 94f70b5c87a49d9⋯.jpg (398.68 KB, 1614x1081, 1614:1081, FreeYourself.jpg)

d77db3  No.5552728

Dennis Chan and Yvonne Chan have three children; all are daughters, Priscilla, Elaine and Michelle. Elaine Chan is the second eldest child in the family.


e6013a  No.5552729


Fake story of her life. China clown bloodline family.

55cf8d  No.5552730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

@ 6:40 he says: "The Judge said you can seal anything you want, I don't care." WTF Anons?

19400d  No.5552731

File: c4dea58af18cf9e⋯.jpg (207.49 KB, 591x592, 591:592, Pepe Dream.jpg)

File: c9c1ba027467199⋯.jpg (201.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Pepe Mosaic.jpg)

cae909  No.5552732

File: d421b57922e6f8e⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 605x328, 605:328, obama.jpg)


September 07, 2018

Obama, whose administration prosecuted and spied on reporters, claims Trump is very bad for criticizing newsrooms

Former President Barack Obama is right when he says his administration’s attacks on the press can't be compared to President Trump's current crusade against the news media.

The Obama White House was far worse for press freedoms.

The former president spoke Friday afternoon at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, urging students to get involved in the November midterm elections. He dedicated a good deal of his address to drawing contrasts between his administration and the administration of President Trump. It was the regular sort of material from Obama. There was a lot about optimism, hope, change, etc.

When it comes to being anti-media, Trump only talks a big game. And, boy, does he talk. Obama, on the other hand, is a man of action. As president, he did much more than complain about Fox News. His administration spent eight long years curbing the press freedoms of journalists of every stripe. Obama was a pro at this.


c0b980  No.5552733

>>5552537DARPA/LifeLog DIG

>>5552539 Huawei Sues US Government Over Its National Defense Laws

>>5552627 Senators Collins, King Lead Bipartisan Letter Urging DHS to Issue Additional H-2B Visas to Support Small Businesses

>>5552649 Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

>>5552657 Dig on MZ's wife

>>5552675 Experts finally cracked the laptop of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to $137 million


97666d  No.5552734

a52b8f  No.5552735


A happy little second?

b37160  No.5552736


dang mein - me like

7795c0  No.5552737

File: 274b4f36a4d8165⋯.png (224.98 KB, 941x718, 941:718, 274b4f36a4d81651efb273a70f….png)


Mark of the beast digits confirm @jack is a evil pos.

e037d2  No.5552738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



9acc2f  No.5552739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein


7c190c  No.5552740

File: 113ff3d53ad7ed4⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, 113ff3d53ad7ed.jpg)

File: 4444ff35290b056⋯.jpg (96.63 KB, 720x540, 4:3, canaaites.jpg)

File: d76b18baf04cb63⋯.png (140.3 KB, 540x582, 90:97, not_semetic.png)

1863cd  No.5552741


I think double meaning is a possiblity here.

papal chair

payseur also.


Master = M = devil horns = satanists took over the vatican long ago.


Aside from obviously forming the 'muh racist/anti-semite' narrative against the public to twist thinking and put western people on the defensive, the jewish role in the last 250 or so year in throwing the world to hell is undeniable.

late 19th century to mid 20th century is FILLED with the types of jewish subverters whose lines are still operational today. If you study that period even a cursory glance can reveal EXTENSIVE jewish racial anomosity and hatred being the core motivation across the globe in causing greatest tragedy in human history.

Break down the lies, find the [[[culprits]]] and their handlers.

Roth loan to papacy 1832. vatican = oldest public intelligence organ in history of man.

95f9b3  No.5552742


Yeah I have seen this world while also seeing the boundaries encapsulating it, it’s like just as we have been told as well as the opposite of we have been told but both of them being true. Time is a crystalline medium that we are stuck in but on occasions we are able to travel through this and become unstuck and travel through time instantly.

edb186  No.5552743

File: 6e2cbc3a21877b8⋯.png (196.26 KB, 688x776, 86:97, Pepe samurai jack.png)


digits confirm it's too late

4fec11  No.5552744

File: b4144b8c1a4afd4⋯.jpg (471.6 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-003815….jpg)

File: ae54350ebd9d3a5⋯.jpg (616.79 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-003827….jpg)

File: 8f9b32c2e1749d6⋯.jpg (614.66 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-003836….jpg)

File: 13372d747a81631⋯.jpg (585.25 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-003843….jpg)

File: 679b853f6fc070b⋯.jpg (557.3 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-003851….jpg)



Who was going to Brussels??? Pelosi.. unil potus sent her baggage back and groubded her plane

626d6f  No.5552745

File: d7343f984d740a0⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 236x258, 118:129, activate.jpg)

1e3478  No.5552746


Trying to get ahead of something?

What a coincidence.


9acc2f  No.5552747


39 mins he talks about feeding people to the goy via McDonalds

834563  No.5552748

File: ca934a65734a923⋯.png (583.13 KB, 2052x1536, 171:128, jrstop.png)

File: 92a31abc5c4063e⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 2df7c68fa4fb2f5cb15150f6ea….jpg)

File: 6c615e04ef16354⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 363x426, 121:142, Dr5GcMBVAAAdHBF.jpg)


triggered! :D

eb1431  No.5552749

File: 0e7746c4d3d6a06⋯.jpg (150.75 KB, 591x592, 591:592, e3799e62c429c63a2fb7ebfb0d….jpg)

File: fb54b3b3d7b2ce3⋯.jpg (171.47 KB, 498x498, 1:1, d067c6844e4bff455b9232d038….jpg)

File: 5cfbeed3064b731⋯.jpg (285.78 KB, 777x771, 259:257, 997f1d24cb0366c04ab82c7e1c….jpg)

File: 962e08af3154485⋯.jpg (140.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 43bb643c23a16434c7ec8ebc3b….jpg)

File: 063258126f45300⋯.jpg (261.42 KB, 591x592, 591:592, e765e4798b93e79eb99bbcda69….jpg)

309c23  No.5552750

Night shift shills are the best shills.

31277d  No.5552751

f264df  No.5552752

File: bb716d65bd2d07a⋯.png (609.71 KB, 921x477, 307:159, TwitterPop.png)

07eb62  No.5552753


Do something then, asshole.

d2a6d4  No.5552754


Notable from last Bread >>5552438 (lb)

c12562  No.5552755

File: ec0b5257247c192⋯.png (1.22 MB, 980x588, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70691c88348329e⋯.png (190.81 KB, 366x525, 122:175, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 149b2241c4d503c⋯.png (130.76 KB, 355x525, 71:105, ClipboardImage.png)

Amazon Accepting Preorders for Full Mueller Report to Be Released on March 26

Amazon started the presale of the print version of the final report from the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller on March 6, with two books slated for release on March 26. An Amazon representative confirmed that both listings are authentic and directed The Epoch Times to the two publishers: Simon and Schuster, and Skyhorse.

“Don’t have a statement, but these are authentic,” the representative wrote in an email. “The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel Into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion” is available for preorder in paperback with an option for free two-day delivery via Amazon Prime. The book includes an introduction by constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz. The front cover notes that the document will appear “as issued by the Department of Justice.” Special counsel Robert Mueller is listed as the author of the book.

“There has never been a more important political investigation than that of Robert S. Muller III’s into President Donald Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, now introduced by constitutional scholar and New York Times bestselling author Alan Dershowitz,” the product description states. Dershowitz told The Epoch Times that the March 26 date is “merely a placeholder.” “I’ve written several introductions for this publisher,” Dershowitz wrote in an email. “I’ve agreed to write one if and when the Mueller Report is made public. I wrote an intro to the Starr report back then.”

Another version of the report is offered “with related materials by The Washington Post.” The newspaper is listed as the author of the book. According to the listing, the book includes an introduction and commentary by reporters Rosalind Helderman and Matt Zapotosky. “The only book with exclusive analysis by the Pulitzer Prize-winning staff of The Washington Post, and the most complete and authoritative available,” the product description states. “Read the findings of the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, complete with accompanying analysis by the Post reporters who’ve covered the story from the beginning.”

Mueller’s office hasn’t announced a date for the release of its final report, and it’s unclear how much of the document will be made public. The spokesman for Mueller’s office, Peter Carr, didn’t provide a comment on the listings, and referred The Epoch Times to two paragraphs that govern the reporting requirements of special counsel investigations. “At the conclusion of the special counsel’s work, he or she shall provide the attorney general with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the special counsel,” the first section states.

The second section indicates that the attorney general would determine whether to release the final report to the public. The Justice Department didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Mueller has been investigating allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia since May 2017. The special counsel hasn’t charged any person with collusion or accused any U.S. citizen of coordinating with Russia. In January, then-acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker told Congress that Mueller’s investigation was almost complete. Whitaker left the department March 2. The Senate confirmed William Barr as the attorney general Feb. 14. It’s unclear if either of the books will actually include the Mueller report, since the special counsel isn’t obliged to make the findings of his investigation public. Parallel investigations by the House and Senate intelligence committees have both concluded that there is no evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. Trump has always denied the allegations and called Mueller’s probe a “witch hunt.”


b37160  No.5552756


cancel it *siCsiCsiC*

9acc2f  No.5552757


he's all over MSM pushing this about 5 hours ago he started

fb6581  No.5552758

File: c420ec4c773b5d2⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 480x325, 96:65, 2nfgpi.jpg)

e90b9a  No.5552759


Of course they are tracked, "Journalist" is their cover!

fda472  No.5552760

File: 7defbba960cdcc1⋯.jpg (659.18 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190306-223937….jpg)

Q, is there anything to see here?

e221a5  No.5552761

File: 8fa4f493f89bced⋯.jpg (160.21 KB, 922x500, 461:250, 2vf8p3.jpg)

File: 16fa836d45deccd⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 162x255, 54:85, 7798b263d6e751e0f52359d9b5….jpg)


Bummer dudes!

19400d  No.5552762



cfddd8  No.5552763



54f4cb  No.5552764

File: 8b2b8309a20ef51⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 2e5f4384bca60419a658473700….jpg)

File: f01350d30d2fe82⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 255x166, 255:166, 5c2ef38fc31805145949420905….jpg)

File: 167da3d17bf8406⋯.png (800.76 KB, 754x607, 754:607, 167da3d17bf84068893017936b….png)

477d13  No.5552765


I have a slice of toast with the face of Jesus on it. Anon's, let the pen reflection go, it doesn't matter. Keep your eyes on the goal, time better spent.

891f63  No.5552766

File: 142fe7e983f2582⋯.jpg (200.37 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Horse ride washington DC.jpg)

File: c3df00bab057b6e⋯.jpg (253.43 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Native in horse ride washi….jpg)

File: a83138bb3c00142⋯.jpg (88.69 KB, 614x724, 307:362, hwood example smollett.jpg)

File: 0b4322753a7bca1⋯.jpg (36.37 KB, 800x600, 4:3, blue checkmark shills.jpg)

File: 98adf35d9734cc0⋯.jpg (237.86 KB, 708x900, 59:75, obama gives the internet a….jpg)


That's the process we search for.

How to get the news out.

Sounds simple, but not with ds/msm in the way.

Therefore, there is a random way and an efficient method.

What is the efficient method for Anons?

A method simple enough for Newbies, with advance features available for Anons, kek.

e0e752  No.5552767


I would love to see that fraud go down

67928b  No.5552768


yes, with more collaboration, much would be easier. Have so much data (collectied in information warfare thread) and there is just one of me to work with it. One disadvantages anon-hood. Would like to find a way to make the move to more collaboration, delegation, partnership model.

c1e18b  No.5552769


That aswell.

3fed94  No.5552770

File: 080535dd34dd7c5⋯.png (98.42 KB, 212x545, 212:545, youmadethis.png)


d30004  No.5552771

File: 7a0152b2863e066⋯.png (544.39 KB, 822x468, 137:78, Snowed In.PNG)

Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds

Editor’s note: This is absolutely dynamite material, it blows to smithereens any notion that Edward Snowden is anything other than a fraud, a CIA disinfo op.

Long article but a good read. September 21, 2016


07eb62  No.5552772


Blah blah blah blah.

17 months of yammering.

e2aab0  No.5552773

File: 64bf3ef730a4d1b⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 1spiraltorusknot.gif)


In the period before the first years of WWII, Roosevelt,

(himself a 33 rd degree Mason and a member of the Illuminati

through the Society of Cincinnati,) sought Tavistock's help in

getting American into the war. Roosevelt was under the

direction of the "300" to help pull British chestnuts out of the

fire, but to do so, he needed a major incident to latch on to.

All during the period 1939 - 1941 U.S. Navy submarines

based out of Iceland attacked and sank German shipping,

although neutrality laws forbad engaging in hostilities with

the combatants. But Germany would not be drawn into


The major incident that was to precipitate

America's entry into WWII was Japan's attack on Pearl

Harbor. This was a Tavistock conspiracy against both

nations. In order to foster such an attack, Secretary of State

Marshall refused to meet with Japan's envoys seeking to head

off the coming conflict.

Marshall also deliberately delayed warning his commander at

Pearl Harbor until after the attack had begun. In short,

Roosevelt and Marshall both knew about the pending attack,

but deliberately ordered the information to be withheld from

their officers on the ground at Pearl Harbor. Tavistock had

told Roosevelt that "only a major incident" would get

America into WWII. Stimson, Knox and Roosevelt knew

about the impending attack, but did nothing to stop it.


4de53e  No.5552774


why is no one commenting on this, has this been posted before?

1863cd  No.5552775


just like 'private and secure' apple phones all being used today by govt folks.

hope the phones are secure for the right people.

everyone else you must monitor.

620c6b  No.5552776

File: eb3eb9c5cb276c7⋯.png (796.77 KB, 1326x878, 663:439, eb3eb9c5cb276c764d6c207df2….png)

5f1444  No.5552777

File: bc7f4fbf827eabe⋯.png (210.06 KB, 955x902, 955:902, 1_Anti_Semitism_law_USA.png)

File: 1623f378a61fb58⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1480x6184, 185:773, 2_Theodor_Herlz_meme_zioni….jpg)

File: 7a4f31138f20519⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 1277x5191, 1277:5191, 3_Jewish_supremacism_post.jpg)

File: 8d3b9b39ab37835⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1350x7352, 675:3676, 4_Circumcision_big.jpg)

File: 3d2754c7f026474⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1080x11204, 270:2801, 5_Jews_are_not_White_big_g….png)

Criticizing zionism is NOT anti-Semitism.

Criticizing Judaism is NOT anti-Semitism.

Hating people for being Semites IS anti-Semitism.

Hating people for being of the Arab or Jewish race IS what anti-Semitism IS.

If Israel and zionists were ethno-Nationalists I wouldn't care, but they're supremacists and imperialists, they think they have a God given right to enslave the world to their will and meddle in everyone elses affairs. A people like that needs to be utterly broken and humbled before they can understand what true ethno-Nationalism is and why it's important to respect the sovereign rights of other people.

Why do Americans have to pledge loyalty to Israel?

Why do Americans have to fund Israel every year?

Why does the US have so many dual citizens of Israel in congress?

Why is Omar wrong for calling attention to those facts?

Does America not have free speech any more?

Now I'm not saying you should vote Dem or vote Omar, but the questions her situation arises are legitimate.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of Jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all jewish interest groups in the West;


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to israel;


Ban islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags. ;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


Last but not least, audit and then end/reform the FED so the people don’t get pimped into oblivion by it no more.


It is not ALL Jewish individuals that are the problem, certainly there are plenty of non-subversive non-criminal Jews that are swell and very nice people, the problem is Jewish COLLECTIVE power, which needs to be criticized and terminated as peacefully and fairly as possible, for all the right reasons, including the freedom and safety of non-subversive non-criminal Jews.

465c0e  No.5552778


I mention Q on FB, post directly to memory hole. Shadowban deluxe, I'm sure.

5ab4ac  No.5552779


I am curious why being a Patriot that started this Great Country is a bad thing now?

4b0e85  No.5552780


opinion on Majestic 12?

deep state or patriots?

@TS_SCI_MAJIC12 has been dropping a lot of info.

ThankQ (you).

e315cf  No.5552781

File: 8f9a6a33622bdd5⋯.jpeg (218.73 KB, 640x694, 320:347, D4BA4EBB-EB66-4C5D-9641-E….jpeg)

File: 8b34e1ec4667999⋯.jpeg (103.95 KB, 494x612, 247:306, ADB9A0F1-ECD0-4609-9B07-A….jpeg)

b6533b  No.5552782

>>5552658 Q asked what prez ran CIA? Here’s a great graphic of the grey wolf and all his fuckery


37103f  No.5552783


hence the message i was trying to convey. but you put it more eloquently.

441c48  No.5552784

File: a01aee8d28d2275⋯.jpeg (59.97 KB, 750x224, 375:112, BCBA8194-27FF-42D4-96F0-9….jpeg)


They wanted the keys to the kingdom. Here’s Snowden lawyer Ben Wizner letting his mask slip. Sounds like a clown with dick envy.

f8408c  No.5552785



Can't just be a coincidence….

b37160  No.5552786


He's a shwetttin

9acc2f  No.5552787

File: 521893bd7577c53⋯.png (183.29 KB, 736x307, 736:307, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 07667e92b9627d5⋯.png (137.56 KB, 690x299, 30:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b7dc67222b7eb9f⋯.png (171.29 KB, 719x324, 719:324, ClipboardImage.png)

cf67d9  No.5552788


See, you got triggered without me even pointing out why you were replying to yourself as if it wasn’t you. And you posted the same old copypasta graphic of snopes as usual. Try harder.

e3f369  No.5552789

File: 0d97e7c2778c422⋯.gif (997.01 KB, 500x286, 250:143, 1513931931279.gif)


but muh Q said



6163b5  No.5552790


Sell Trust,

Harvest innocents.

f256a3  No.5552791


He's asking for help? That's rather odd.

Maybe he should phone his friend Pelosi.

cf59e4  No.5552792

Q is blockchain technology the future?

488fe1  No.5552793


Situational awareness vs. control measures. Power vs. division.

Ruling class vs. the people.

Global rule vs. rule by the people.

Only God can save us.

59f8d4  No.5552794


When will the Q be asked? Why hasn't Hannity?

86d584  No.5552795



Invest in unicorn farts

Crypto is to risky

67092c  No.5552796

4831bb  No.5552797



what is the end goal of FB and others?

Surveillance V Control are 2 different things?

e90b9a  No.5552798


What about a private comms platform for the cabal?

779e55  No.5552799


And as we know, there are no such thing as coincidences. I can smell the fear via TCP\IP

54f4cb  No.5552800


kek, Q.

MZ gets called out and immeadiately panics.

Really nothing to see here… /s

edb186  No.5552801

File: a75236f137089da⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 255x191, 255:191, Morticia karma.jpg)

28e873  No.5552802

File: d416b03e80ac349⋯.jpg (60.46 KB, 852x479, 852:479, buckleuptime.jpg)

7c190c  No.5552803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Hating people for being Semites IS anti-Semitism.

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

f256a3  No.5552804


At least @Jack knows our comms.

a1a50b  No.5552805

File: afad693ba9c84b2⋯.jpg (76.2 KB, 940x492, 235:123, Zuckerberg is human.jpg)

f8408c  No.5552806

New Q

4de53e  No.5552807


Your warriors are here. We pray to God alone.

Let us fight.

309c23  No.5552808


The Protector! Awesome!

aa9fa6  No.5552809

File: fa7bd9d185ff4c2⋯.png (553.84 KB, 1558x1328, 779:664, anonshelpnormiesbecausewer….png)

File: b8981db13bcd4fc⋯.png (5.63 KB, 304x110, 152:55, 4f6c8738-a284-450d-bec4-03….png)

cae909  No.5552810


Release the Kraken!

afd008  No.5552811

File: 6de77221d58e02c⋯.png (32.66 KB, 369x134, 369:134, No_Coincidences1.png)

7fc156  No.5552812

File: 68d52a9711f3d87⋯.jpg (58.99 KB, 900x614, 450:307, DROPING BOOMS.JPG)

e6013a  No.5552813


I take it that will not fly.

7c190c  No.5552814

File: 337ea5137718aa2⋯.png (774.98 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 337ea5137718aa.png)

e90b9a  No.5552815


What about a private comms platform for the cabal?

0b4d7a  No.5552816

File: 1d51f986d608a73⋯.jpg (103.2 KB, 628x865, 628:865, 1a.JPG)

File: 0920598dd0ed754⋯.jpg (98.31 KB, 635x817, 635:817, 3.JPG)

File: 2d85eebc6dc547b⋯.jpg (105.06 KB, 618x776, 309:388, 4.JPG)

Ex-Citigroup President John Havens Retires From Napier Park After Prostitution Ring Charges


2ce706  No.5552817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d77db3  No.5552818


Facebook Founder to Donate $100 Million to Help Remake Newark’s Schools


Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive and a founder of Facebook, has agreed to donate $100 million to improve the long-troubled public schools in Newark, and Gov. Chris Christie will cede some control of the state-run system to Mayor Cory A. Booker in conjunction with the huge gift, officials said Wednesday.

The three men plan to announce the arrangement on Friday on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

The changes would not formally relax the legal power the state seized in 1995, when it declared Newark’s schools a failure and took control of the system, replacing the elected school board with a mostly toothless advisory board. Rather, Mr. Christie plans to give the mayor a major role in choosing a new superintendent and redesigning the system, but to retain the right to take control back.

For now, at least, the arrangement tightens an already friendly relationship between the governor, a Republican, and the mayor, a Democrat who was once seen as a likely challenger for the State House in 2013. It also promises to be a rare happy moment in a state troubled by budget crises, scandals, political infighting and, most recently, the loss of a $400 million federal education grant because of a clerical error.

Mr. Zuckerberg, 26, who grew up in Westchester County and now lives in California, has no particular connection to Newark. But in July, he and Mr. Booker met at a conference and began a continuing conversation about the mayor’s plans for the city, according to people familiar with their relationship.

Mr. Booker, an advocate of school choice, has been traveling the country, meeting business leaders and celebrities, proselytizing and raising money for Newark. Ms. Winfrey has been one of his biggest supporters, and has given millions of dollars to schools and other organizations in Newark over the last few years.

Continue reading the main story

Related Coverage

Facebook Promotes Its Credits as Path to Dollars SEPT. 22, 2010


Mark Zuckerberg

Recent Comments

Susan Josephs September 23, 2010

Corey Booker was on the board of directors of Newark's charter school, North Star Academy, where my daughter taught.She was always telling…

BK September 23, 2010

Mazel Tov Marc for doing the best, helping school children have a positive education. Glad to see you doing great things with your success.

Mrs. Shalaby September 23, 2010

Isn't it funny that 100 million is just enough to cover the deficit that Cory Booker announced last July, afte which he delcared that he…

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Continue reading the main story

The $100 million for Newark is the initial gift to start a foundation for education financed by Mr. Zuckerberg. This would be by far the largest publicly known gift by Mr. Zuckerberg, whose fortune Forbes magazine estimated last year at $2 billion.

Mr. Booker, Mr. Christie and Mr. Zuckerberg all declined to be interviewed on Wednesday. The officials who spoke about the plan did so on the condition of anonymity because it was two days before the scheduled announcement.

feb1da  No.5552819

Quodverum bans people for talking about Q.

Why would they do that when they are supposed to be a free speech platform?

edb186  No.5552820

d77db3  No.5552821


The gift is many times larger than any the system has received, officials said — an extraordinary sum not only for a district with an $800 million annual operating budget, but also for any publicly financed government agency. It is not yet clear how the money would be used, or over what period.

Despite 15 years of state control, the Newark schools have test scores and graduation rates that are among the lowest in New Jersey.

Mr. Christie has said that he generally does not approve of state takeovers of local agencies, and he supported the elimination of state oversight of Camden early this year. But he had given no sign of backing away from control of the schools in Newark.

Less than a month ago, the governor informed the city’s schools superintendent, Clifford B. Janey, that he would not be rehired, and that the state was looking for a successor. There has been speculation in Trenton about the possibility of hiring Michelle A. Rhee, the hard-charging schools chief in Washington, whose political patron, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, recently lost his bid for re-election.

Officials said Mr. Christie planned to announce that he and Mr. Booker would jointly select a new superintendent, a decision the governor has the power to make on his own. And they said he would instruct the mayor to come up with a reform plan for the system: in effect, asking Mr. Booker to redesign it.

“We can’t speculate too much at this point about what the specifics would be,” a person briefed on the plans said.

But on issues like expansion of charter schools, rigorous testing and rewarding teachers and administrators whose students succeed, this person said, “their vision is very much in step.”

Under Mr. Christie, the state has rewarded schools that made aggressive changes, like awarding grants to a group of Newark high schools that replaced half their staffs.

The announcements could win points for Mr. Christie with local officials and school advocates who have chafed under state control, and take away some of the sting of his cuts to state aid for schools. It also ties him more closely to a popular Democrat in a state that usually favors Democrats. But the move could damage his alliance with the mayor if, in the end, their visions do not match.

It also puts Mr. Booker in a situation not occupied by his predecessors, who had little overt influence over the schools. The mayor has said many times that he wants the state to cede control, but critics have charged that he did little to make that happen. If his reform plan fails to transform the system, it could deal a blow to his reputation.

3b6545  No.5552822


Crimes against children being facilitated through FB?

afdd18  No.5552823


What i was saying a couple breads ago, got pissed left and missed Q. Muh bad but yes, search web, search this damn site. Ton of digging has gone on in a year.

e87506  No.5552824

File: 4e20ec382eb0ec5⋯.png (4.3 MB, 1740x2485, 348:497, Enemy@TheFrontDoor.png)


I am beginning to believe the US Taxpayers will be owning all these bitches.

cae909  No.5552825


I was thinking the same thing.

54f4cb  No.5552826


Trying to get ahead of the news?

Or trying to get ahead of POTUS regulating the F out of them?

Hope for the second.

f8408c  No.5552827


Dennis Chan?

626d6f  No.5552828

File: 4eb30724d11edd6⋯.jpg (88.49 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, stfu.jpg)

c01f10  No.5552829



a79714  No.5552830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Godspeed anons! Appreciate everything you are doing here.

28e873  No.5552831

File: f90b4c65b3596f4⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 0ede9f4d5e75e704618575d8ff….jpg)

f941d8  No.5552832


Why did MZ say he ‘Used” to be human?

9acc2f  No.5552833

Israeli aircraft strike Hamas naval base after mortar fire sets off Iron Dome

IDF confirms attack on terror group in Strip; Gazan teen succumbs to wounds sustained during clashes along border as restive region continues to heat up

Israeli warplanes bombed a Hamas naval post in the Gaza Strip early Thursday, hours after a mortar shell was fired from the Palestinian enclave at southern Israel, the army said.

“Fighter jets and aircraft struck several military targets in a Hamas compound in the southern Gaza Strip,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement Thursday.

Palestinian media reported that the target was a Hamas naval commando base. A Palestinian security source confirmed a Hamas base was struck, causing damage but no injuries. The Hamas-linked Shehab news site said the site was northwest of Khan Younis.

The strike came as Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry announced that a 15-year-old boy had succumbed to wounds sustained during clashes with Israeli forces at the border fence Wednesday night.

The army said the strike, at about 1:30 a.m. was in response to a projectile fired from the Palestinian enclave and an explosives-laden balloons launched at Israel Wednesday night.

Hours earlier the army said that it had fired an Iron Dome air defense missile in response to the incoming mortar shell from the Strip.

It was not clear the projectile from Gaza had been intercepted or where it landed. There were no reports of injuries or damage.

The border region has seen increasingly intense bouts of violence over the last several days, with Israel carrying out airstrikes in response to explosives tied to balloons launched from Gaza. On Wednesday, three explosive devices attached to bunches of balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip and detonated above communities in the Eshkol region.


No one injured so the do an airstrike on innocents

4b0e85  No.5552834

Anons how do you feel about neurolace (brain interface) technology?

I've been hearing a lot of merging with AI, cyborg stuff.

I think we are better being natural humans.

Stay human fam.

e037d2  No.5552835


Indeed…what a quinkydink…

626d6f  No.5552836


fake and gay

3b6545  No.5552837

File: 73ace35b481b26b⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x1564, 512:391, wallofjustice.jpg)

5add14  No.5552838

File: 7dc8e7ea53a334e⋯.jpg (214.04 KB, 937x530, 937:530, -12.jpg)

e221a5  No.5552839


Facebook is its own worst enemy. Similar to the Keystone cops.

786b54  No.5552840


Spies and Lies Unsocial Media.

664565  No.5552841



She is part of the CIRCLE.

356eb5  No.5552842



Wojcicki is Russian/Jewish… what about Zuck?

edb186  No.5552843

File: 77f90be9593e798⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 474x482, 237:241, game over bitches.jpg)

e0e752  No.5552844


Cause he's a clone

962912  No.5552845

File: 2f2fdb8e4b6e6e9⋯.png (486.58 KB, 624x518, 312:259, TheStormBlue.png)

Happy Thorsday!

441c48  No.5552846


Who hasn’t Mueller interviewed? That’d be easier to keep track of at this point.

cae909  No.5552847


Yes it has a while ago

0b4d7a  No.5552848

File: 610166d8ba04c90⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 1805x578, 1805:578, 1a.JPG)

File: b0f86b837181ec3⋯.jpg (75.15 KB, 609x653, 609:653, 3.JPG)

FL man busted after RPG found in his luggage at PA airport.


5add14  No.5552849

File: 34794222964c99e⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 793x443, 793:443, xnIQaaT.gif)

f5332d  No.5552850


Ready for our 1st Amendment Rights to be reactivated. All this censorship along all 'social media' platforms is BS. Since when do we need ANYONE to decide when and what we should make decisions on, which is what I told Mark Zuckerflucker when he sourced the George Soros firm 2 months ago to 'curate our news feeds'. I immediately deleted Facistbook and have not been back.

5ab4ac  No.5552851



He has enough money to be anything he wants apparently.

1563ad  No.5552852


Any chance of erasing all the data they've stolen?

67928b  No.5552853


thx I'll read it. Greenwald is interesting because some of his articles are dynamite (like the one on Alliance for Securing Democracy a couple of years ago), despite his connections. Haven't looked closely enough at him, tho.

1863cd  No.5552854


bulgarian through maternal side apparently, jewish.

834563  No.5552855


and all of this could be inside a matrix/computer :D

cf67d9  No.5552856


And another wikipedia resurcher. Taking a deep dive I see.

6eca51  No.5552857

File: 162ba224e32f008⋯.jpg (165.02 KB, 1271x1572, 1271:1572, zuckRAsmall.jpg)

e2aab0  No.5552858

File: 27532bf05db63aa⋯.jpg (141.53 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DG_dbB0XUAIEBJz.jpg)


Do you find yourself responding to this information in a

"maladaptive way"? Do you say, "These actions cannot be the

actions of an American President? This is nonsense.


If this is your maladaptive response, then turn your attention

to the Boer War and you will soon see that Bush was only

emulating the Satanic barbarity of General Lord Kitchener

and Lord Milner in their war of extermination against the

Boer nation.

Also, it behooves us to recall that the tragedy of

Waco began on the Bush watch, and that vendetta against

David Koresh was carried on by the leader of the Republican


While Attorney General Reno and Clinton carried out the

actual policy of destruction for which Koresh was slated,

George Bush played a leading role in the ghastly tableaux in

which Koresh and 87 of his followers died.

Although it is not generally known, Tavistock had a hand in

the planning and might even have directed the onslaught by

the FBI and the ATF on Koresh and the Davidians. Tavistock

was represented by units of the British SAS who had been

involved in training the ATF and the FBI on how to destroy

Koresh and his followers and burn their church to the ground.

Waco was unholy black arts Satanism in action, no more and

no less.

The fiery end of Koresh and his followers was typical

Satanism at work, even though most of those who

participated in the high crime and violations of human rights

and the violation of the 1 st , 2 nd , 5 th and 10 th Amendment rights

of the victims, were not aware that they were in the hands of


They did not have the faintest inkling that they were

being used by spiritual forces of the darkest kind.

Tavistock's massive brainwashing of the America turned the

public against Koresh and the Davidians, setting the stage for

the destruction of lives and property at Waco, in utter

defiance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

54f4cb  No.5552859



see that some of the replies are shills.

I I bet you do see that anyway.

(Panic in DC → shills panicing)

e90b9a  No.5552860


C_A was formed somewhat from the remains of the SS

779e55  No.5552861


Oh, Florida Man, what won't you do?

d7a6d0  No.5552862


Nobody is going to go for this though. That fucking ship has sailed for ole' Fagbook.. They are done for. And good fucking riddance. Just a matter of time.

95f9b3  No.5552863


Wow so quick to call another shill except the Anon you called out was so far from being one I’m not sure you know what exactly “shills” are here. Just lurk more newfag, you will know a shill when you see it. Btw before you call me one, stfu

feb1da  No.5552864

God bless the Q team, thank you for the renewed faith in government.

f4f197  No.5552865


9905fd  No.5552866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's to those better days. Thank you Q and team.

fe8fba  No.5552867


No one gets ahead of you.

891f63  No.5552868


The trick is to stay Anon as possible.

Any tactic is welcome, but find ways for Anons to stay anon.

Also, consider platform experts.

Ideally, we should all be firing from multiple social media accounts / platforms.

But time.

Because our numbers are limited, must work harder.

Finding efficient process, gold.

e87506  No.5552869

File: 825e8e1a5556838⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, lifelog1.png)



Am I over digging when I start seeing the word CIA in the word SO[CIA]L, or is that just another layer of their arrogant need for symbolism?

f264df  No.5552870

File: c9c377348c085b6⋯.jpg (979.76 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, BirdHood1.jpg)


Today this happened: (pic)


427272  No.5552871


discussed way back in bread #1345 ish timeframe

4fb0b7  No.5552872

File: 29fd01244b98fba⋯.jpeg (267.33 KB, 1024x775, 1024:775, 86263724-856A-4E32-B453-9….jpeg)

b6533b  No.5552873


What’s coming down the pipelines for our Suckaturd friend?

4831bb  No.5552874


why soo much?

whats it used for really?

804e84  No.5552875


The guy hasn't got golden hair… NOT POTUS.

Think Logicamalitureizanal ANON FSS!

cae909  No.5552876


So much for his RPG character

e517f5  No.5552877

Q re-posting drops from the beginning which Anons have already researched. The repeat is not intended for Anons, but Q & Anons have noticed a lot of Newbies coming to the board and start asking insane questions and that that tells us they will not take the time to review or research what has been already deep dived. No matter what we tell them or direct them to go to the top of the page and learn to lurk moar, but they just won't do it. On the other hand seasoned Anons don't mind a refresher, it reactivates some almonds and discover things that weren't looked into the first time. Nite Frenz!

834563  No.5552878

File: a1018aeef3e779f⋯.jpeg (57.68 KB, 590x462, 295:231, 53853b7398924a3c1a0ba0f5c….jpeg)


and there was! :D

c56eae  No.5552879


Death Blossom

Anna Perenna, the Roman Goddess of the Eternal Year


The Festival of Anna Perenna on the 15th of March was beloved by the common people, though it was also an officially recognized holiday. On the evening of the 15th, people would gather at the 1st milestone on the Via Flaminia in Her sacred grove of fruit trees (in bloom at that time of year) by the banks of the Tiber, and camp out,…

67928b  No.5552880


Ahead us us? The timing is striking, Q.

ae4565  No.5552881

File: f2bbed724971bbf⋯.jpg (44.36 KB, 640x480, 4:3, v91euoy3fao01.jpg)

afdd18  No.5552882


Fucking kek anon that is awesome

e315cf  No.5552883

File: 1ac23f3574a62e4⋯.jpeg (458.14 KB, 964x640, 241:160, 3E96E37F-BFE4-4B9D-AEFD-5….jpeg)

5ab4ac  No.5552884


Why you running that old Ferd?

2e6094  No.5552885

File: ceaad4eadcc9c8b⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1152x957, 384:319, grand old mule.png)

626d6f  No.5552886


Maybe they are not what they claim to be

97666d  No.5552887

File: b31dc87dc9ea4b9⋯.jpeg (72.3 KB, 960x871, 960:871, b31dc87dc9ea4b9ae1c2c1fec….jpeg)

54f4cb  No.5552888

4fec11  No.5552889

File: 90f6b2a17523bee⋯.jpg (667.83 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-004655….jpg)

File: 51d5b6a0645d8f5⋯.jpg (660.24 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-004705….jpg)

File: c993b8572a27a29⋯.jpg (705.11 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-004712….jpg)

File: 78590fad8a758e4⋯.jpg (628.74 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-004721….jpg)

File: acaf3b282e062dc⋯.jpg (648.17 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190307-004731….jpg)


Snowden at Gitmo

I get the bottom bunk

b8b374  No.5552890

File: 9bffc1841c98620⋯.jpg (102.16 KB, 735x480, 49:32, mark-zuckerberg-when-you-b….jpg)

edb186  No.5552891

File: ff17aca3a62f32c⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 788x460, 197:115, VP agrees.jpg)

37103f  No.5552892


"oops, i forgot it after i took it to the range…"

0cd812  No.5552893

File: 4c89db53839cc88⋯.jpg (65.58 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 4D-Chess.jpg)

2902e5  No.5552894

File: 44d19f7c2035d95⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 879x525, 293:175, ZomboMeme 06032019224551.jpg)

804e84  No.5552895

File: 112d9039698f35c⋯.jpg (189.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, larp.jpg)

File: 0a413f55695e62b⋯.jpg (912.31 KB, 2240x1302, 160:93, Notch.jpg)

10a8a7  No.5552896

File: 661371901264602⋯.png (83.82 KB, 262x252, 131:126, 2018-12-06_19-57-53.png)

e3f369  No.5552897

File: f5e3bebb3b2a3ea⋯.png (473.03 KB, 2352x916, 588:229, 1522199652012.png)

6163b5  No.5552898


It was an inoperable prop.

Not illegal.

67092c  No.5552899


Nah, I am just posting from the following.


Maybe that will help jew be more prepared next time?

834563  No.5552900

File: fec28131f7f61fb⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1238x836, 619:418, TI8C.png)


i just made that meme about a month ago faggot! :D

664565  No.5552901




3b6545  No.5552902


>British royal family

I recall reading the Lincoln was ultimately fighting the British during the Civil War

779e55  No.5552904


Put it in the water supply at an opportune time - many thousands killed in a short period of time. Similar to the plot from Dark Knight with Scarecrow.

c01f10  No.5552905

File: b9a68bc98d58e27⋯.jpg (440.64 KB, 1079x1532, 1079:1532, Screenshot_20190307-014827….jpg)

Much more info here :


f256a3  No.5552906


I suspect chaos, as always, wins.

There's no way to program it. Just let it be.

Surely you understand the Fibonacci sequence as it pertains to "viral" distribution.

See where this shit is on the curves of the Golden ratio.

Pray for the best.

f264df  No.5552907


Gotta get the job done somehow, Its all we got.

804e84  No.5552908


To spy on your mom fingerbashing herself into oblivion.

c0b980  No.5552909

>>5552537 DARPA/LifeLog DIG

>>5552539 Huawei Sues US Government Over Its National Defense Laws

>>5552627 Senators Collins, King Lead Bipartisan Letter Urging DHS to Issue Additional H-2B Visas to Support Small Businesses

>>5552649 Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

>>5552657 Dig on MZ's wife

>>5552675 Experts finally cracked the laptop of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to $137 million

>>5552771 Trying to get ahead of something?

>>5552658 GHWB graphic

>>5552816 Ex-Citigroup President John Havens Retires From Napier Park After Prostitution Ring Charges

>>5552818 Facebook Founder to Donate $100 Million to Help Remake Newark’s Schools

>>5552833 Israeli aircraft strike Hamas naval base after mortar fire sets off Iron Dome

New Q >>5552746 ————————————–——– Trying to get ahead of something? (cap >>5551830)


e87506  No.5552910


If our tax dollars funded all these illegal clown companies, do "We the People" have the legal right to seize them and own them as public utilities for the common good?

2902e5  No.5552911

File: 6bfcffc1b3db093⋯.jpg (73.88 KB, 650x555, 130:111, Q cerned.jpg)

b6b987  No.5552912

File: 3d6bbc6060295b4⋯.jpeg (301.27 KB, 1071x571, 1071:571, 5C5D22DB-A0A6-43B1-8756-7….jpeg)

5549666> (pb)

At the end of the White Squal trailer.

cf67d9  No.5552913


C_A handler behind him in second cap?

3b6545  No.5552914

File: a13b8ebda0ce72c⋯.jpg (112.88 KB, 824x509, 824:509, obamatrud2.jpg)

af4561  No.5552915



already CIA in Dallas 1963.

71-73 Ambassador to the UN

73-74 head of RNC

(note that GHWB was the only civilian to sit in on Nixon cabinet meetings and is the one who told Nixon he should resign)

74-75 Head of Liaison Office in China

76-77 Head of CIA

Rockefellers had already been building a huge network in China for decades, Bush created the black hat connection

9acc2f  No.5552916


Satoshi got em

eb1431  No.5552917

File: a9138b87015ca14⋯.jpg (367.57 KB, 1200x647, 1200:647, YANTBOM.jpg)

60b151  No.5552918

File: c045e67ee064380⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, BFE98pYaQ5c.jpg)


nothing is sacred…bastards

115113  No.5552919



36b828  No.5552920

Was Pokémon go a way to get intel on sensitive sights ?

fe8fba  No.5552921


So will we end up trading MZ for one of our spies that Israel has?

ae4565  No.5552922


Oh, but I think you are mistaken. Q is dropping things that coincide with last years drops, which if you understand the comms, Future Proves Past. It is hardly coincidence that things from a year ago are being brought up again, but in new light.

afd008  No.5552923


nice anon

c0b980  No.5552924


His wife is likely his handler.

664565  No.5552925


>Trying to get ahead of something?

What that "something" could be, Regulation?

356eb5  No.5552926


Poor thing, looks like it's dabbing tho

af4561  No.5552927

File: 8f1309f38da01c9⋯.jpg (77.83 KB, 1171x800, 1171:800, nunes.jpg)


5ab4ac  No.5552928


I respect. I have one I only use in the summer. 7.3 with shitty glowplugs.

04323c  No.5552929

File: 1c3903aab8b42b2⋯.jpg (78.87 KB, 720x360, 2:1, sarsourmallory.jpg)

muh joo shills here to mitigate a liberal problem

They are supporting Muslims that hate jews. OH the dilemma!!! How do they keep one demographic while supporting another. "I know! Accuse the other side as being anti-joo. Better yet frame the Q people by posting non-stop anti joo memes in every bread"

Look you know how to recognize a liberal? They divide everything into subgroups and try to categorize everyone according to demographics.

Patriots just want to be free and don't care who you are. We see each other as individuals and not value you based on your designated sub group.

Muh joo shills are single issue liberals and they out themselves every time they post.

69d6e3  No.5552930


Regulations regarding open social networking platforms, perhaps?

804e84  No.5552931

File: 9c2c5ce867be46d⋯.jpg (991.48 KB, 2308x2513, 2308:2513, nicetrysneakyjew.jpg)

4831bb  No.5552932

Priscilla Chan Net Worth

Priscilla Chan has an estimated net worth of $50 billion.

60b151  No.5552933

File: 675668d49c88196⋯.jpg (705.57 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, clintonchildsextrafficking.jpg)

d7a6d0  No.5552934

File: a444040ac2b0b1e⋯.gif (3.71 MB, 460x320, 23:16, Suprise!.gif)

File: a399a924901969b⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 178x260, 89:130, WOW.gif)

e87506  No.5552935



Is MZ a GB (Greenberg)?

0a823e  No.5552936

File: 038dd48ef3c5ff6⋯.png (453.07 KB, 1003x554, 1003:554, picture1.png)

File: e9bbe7969a8730e⋯.png (284.87 KB, 552x531, 184:177, picture2.png)

File: 968b3198d6dde9a⋯.png (383.04 KB, 985x368, 985:368, picture3.png)

File: 7afdc502f288226⋯.png (181.36 KB, 616x366, 308:183, picture4.png)

File: 900985207a5c996⋯.png (128.49 KB, 395x624, 395:624, picture5.png)

@Dixiedoodle12 and her antisemitic sewer rats are at it again; they're picking things from Twitter profiles…the word 'Yahweh', the Star of David, and anything Jewish to spread lies and brainwash people to believe Jews are evil. You attack Jews for their 'Satanic' beliefs, but the Bible claims God condoned rape and slavery? Isn't rape and slavery Satanic? God is not Satanic. God is love; The ancients knew this but were killed by 'Christians' who wanted to keep people in the dark. The Library of Alexandria, which held our cosmological truth, was purposely destroyed to rewrite history. Your precious Bible was authored by King James, a pedophile murderer, but you say the Talmud is an abomination? Hypocrites. All organized religions distort the truth, brainwash people, and create fear to control people. Stop leading people astray with your lies. Yahweh was a Babylonian goddess? Yahweh is only for Jehovah's Witnesses? Jews are pedophiles who pray to a homosexual black tranny god? Lol…Fucking retards.

The Bible is based on ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, and Sumerian texts, so please, Christians, stop acting like it's the first book known to man. According to the Bible, Astrology is demonic, but the Bible ITSELF is based on astrology? Only a buffoon could believe this. The evil Vatican poses as Christians, the evil Satanists pose as Jews, and it perpetuates lies used to confuse/divide people. There is amazing wisdom in the Bible, but there are lies mixed in with that wisdom. Q knows the truth. Q said to unite, not divide, and that it's about good vs evil, NOT RELIGION. To the antisemites slandering & harming people, you are what God warned about. But you chose what you chose. In the end, you will lose. Remember, shills, Hell is for ETERNITY. Some of us you've insulted speak DIRECTLY to God and His angelic messengers. Some of us can SEE beyond this realm. Believe me, God is watching you. You can hide on the boards, but know you are being watched. There is code in this message, but you won't find it. Why? Because bigots have low IQs.


990b63  No.5552937


They've never been beaten in history? They still think they can win?

edb186  No.5552938


I'd take it that way. No coincidences imo.

Bronze it!

28e3a3  No.5552939



e932eb  No.5552940

Q mentioned Nine (9) in two crumbs in relationship to social media/data retrieval systems for Clowns CIA.

1of 9, 2 of 9 as in two data retrieval systems/platforms under control ….by Potus. Notice the three in China.


Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple in the United States, and Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent in China.

86d584  No.5552941


Burn it digitally to the ground..all of them.

441c48  No.5552942

File: 3cfc548e4565b48⋯.jpeg (237.22 KB, 750x777, 250:259, ECD7AA32-C6EF-4740-89DC-E….jpeg)

Just like Trump/Russia, Buzzfeed led the way with Snowden/NSA. They’re not overly creative.

3b6545  No.5552943


Any and every purpose they damn well please

d77db3  No.5552944


Priscilla Chan:

Her family's home is a four-bedroom red-brick detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac in the middle-class Boston suburb of Braintree. But the precise details of how the family arrived in America are unclear.

Reports in China say they came originally from the city of Xuzhou in eastern Chandong province, also the home city of Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng. Others say that the family lived in Nanjing, an industrial town 150 miles west of Shanghai, before leaving to live first in Hong Kong and later in the US.

A source at the Asian-American Civic Association in Boston said it was 'highly likely' the family spent time in a refugee camp, either in Hong Kong or on arrival in the US.

Priscilla's father said he was a refugee who had lived in Vietnam, according to Thai-born Napat

Sriwannavit, who bought the 87-seat Taste of Asia restaurant from him in 2006 and turned it into a noodle bar called Pho & I.

Mr Sriwannavit said: 'Mr Chan was a very good man, very good manners. He said he had been a refugee and had lived in Vietnam. He was Chinese but he told me he lived in Vietnam.'

When Priscilla's father sold up, he told the new owner: 'I'm tired of working such long hours.'

Records show Dennis, who now owns a small wholesale fish business, was given a social security number as an 'Asian Refugee' between April 1975 and November 1979.

It is believed that he and his accountant wife, now 50, moved to Massachusetts in the early Eighties. Priscilla and her younger sisters, Elaine and Michelle, were born in the US.

Priscilla has already introduced Zuckerberg to her Asian roots. The couple travelled to Vietnam last December and to China in March.

a36052  No.5552945

File: 5c1e0cf8e0fc423⋯.jpg (181.87 KB, 800x599, 800:599, blblblblbl-uuuuuuuuuhhhhhn….jpg)

e90b9a  No.5552946


Fast forward to the USS Liberty and Vietnam. They needed to manipulate the emotions of the People, the ultimate authority and they knew that.

Global Gaslighting

5f1444  No.5552947

File: 0ce754a68e15dc0⋯.jpg (260.14 KB, 1675x1405, 335:281, 1_The_Lobby_Part_2_Campaig….jpg)

File: 3016f5af6749530⋯.jpg (372.24 KB, 1681x1875, 1681:1875, 2_The_Lobby_Part_2_Straw_D….jpg)

File: c05cd34598ccab4⋯.jpg (490.8 KB, 1678x2350, 839:1175, 3_The_Lobby_Part_2_Buying_….jpg)

File: bbff365c9cd00b7⋯.jpg (479.47 KB, 1200x2350, 24:47, 4_The_Lobby_Part_1_The_Isr….jpg)

File: 56f020067512328⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, 18_The_Lobby_Part_3_Slande….jpg)


"The Lobby: USA" documentary:

>Some scenes:

-Israeli activist in the US claims to use false Facebook accounts to monitor US citizens and any sharing of information that might hurt American general public support of Israel. She communicates their identities directly to Ministries in Israel.

-Israel attacks supporters of the BDS movement world-wide, because they are a non-violent group that decided to be so due to it being the best strategy against the zionist military occupation of Palestine.

-Israel uses top of the line social media technology to flag, censor, and if necessary harass and spy on any American and non-American that posts information that might hurt general public support for Israel (part of Canary Mission)

-AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members buy out Congressman using pre-paid credit cards which are given to them inside an envelope


427272  No.5552948


>discussed way back in bread #1345 ish timeframe


d30004  No.5552949


I'm not familiar with Greenwald either. I'll have to start research on him now b/c of the article. Thanks, I'll check out "Alliance for Securing Democracy."

5ab4ac  No.5552950


In the shape of a Cross.

834563  No.5552951

File: 3e8b37ec6a2e1e3⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 1158x718, 579:359, INFO I'M YOUR.jpg)

who controls hollywood

who really controls hollywood

I love it when you fuck them up like that :D

afd008  No.5552952

File: 0526a463106a094⋯.png (565.29 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ZUCK_CHINESE_HANDLER.png)

115113  No.5552953



4831bb  No.5552954


Just in USA or WW?

e87506  No.5552955



Loved the language of the Florida bill making censorship a fine of up to $75,000 per instance at the State Level. Very cleverly written and allows for free speech boards and religious boards.

05b298  No.5552956

>>5552746 rt >>5551830 ————————— Trying to get ahead of something? What a coincidence

for incoming bakerfren, in case you be young jedi bakerfam

df5686  No.5552957


He was the guy Snowden gave his cache of documents to.

54f4cb  No.5552958


placeholders to be filled with DECLAS,

or OIG?

What about "branch terminations" and others?

To be filled by Q+?

0d01d6  No.5552959

Q, is Bill Gates just another older Zuckerberg version of a C_A Schmuck used as a front, for his bloodline? Just like Zucky, he's not really a wonderkid as promoted by Assholes, was he? How about Steve Jobs, Dorsey, and others? Were their wives, their handlers?

990b63  No.5552960


Trying to raise money with their own cryptocurrency.

e90b9a  No.5552961


Taking them down, one by one?

1687d4  No.5552962

File: 1b751908f199c30⋯.jpeg (223.92 KB, 619x1716, 619:1716, 563D3BCC-485B-4A1B-80C0-1….jpeg)


Court order to preserve all data for Goog

6163b5  No.5552963

File: 7fe43bdaa0fa0ff⋯.png (781.94 KB, 763x470, 763:470, Selection_696.png)



Cradle to grave analytics makes the technocracies much more efficient.

e48011  No.5552964

File: cd17ce8945970ce⋯.jpg (672.62 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190306-224024….jpg)


New play list? Music has more power then you want to believe.


60b151  No.5552965

File: ebf17c840d2ee9b⋯.jpg (670.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, clearmyname2.jpg)

edb186  No.5552966


SN=AG AG=SN. Just a theory

804e84  No.5552967


HAHAHAHAHA such a good meme!

5add14  No.5552968


Just imagine what has yet to be spotted in other films/shows we grew up with. Fucking shame.

f264df  No.5552969


>looks like it's dabbing

Oh man, it does!

e2aab0  No.5552970

File: cd2e4548be698d5⋯.png (161.68 KB, 599x295, 599:295, Bj7Em5ECUAETpFj.png)


At Waco, the Sheriff failed in his duty to order Tavistock's

agents and the FBI out of the county, as the FBI was not

investigating counterfeiting in conformity with the U.S.

Constitution. The FBI was at Waco illegally. It was all a part

of a carefully planned exercise to ascertain just how far the

Federal Government could go in violating the Constitution

before being brought up short.

Just as the British lower and middle classes were inflamed

against Germany at the commencement of WWI, through

propaganda lies that the Kaiser had ordered his soldiers to cut

off the arms of little children when they invaded Belgium and

Holland, just so Tavistock programmed Americans to hate


Tavistock's blast of lies about Koresh went out over the

airwaves, day and night: Koresh was having sex with very

young children in the "compound." His church, a simple

wooden structure, was labeled a "compound" by the mind

controllers at Tavistock. Another of Tavistock's gross lies

was that the Davidians were running an amphetamine lab in the

"compound". "Compound" became the Tavistock-coined


That Clinton gave the go-ahead to have the Davidians,

gassed, shot at, subjected to devilish music night and day,

and finally, burnt alive, is not surprising. Through the late

Pamela Harriman Mr. Clinton was introduced to Tavistock

and passed its mind control indoctrination initiation, during

his stay at Oxford. Thereafter, he was introduced to

Socialism/Marxism/Communism before being approved by

Tavistock to succeed Mr. Bush, the elder, who had outlived

his usefulness.

Tavistock planned and executed a massive media drive using

their polling profiling to implant Clinton in the minds of the

American people, as one well suited to run the nation.

It was Tavistock that arranged the strictly controlled Clinton

interview with CBS, after Geniffer Flowers revealed that he

had been her lover for the past 12 years, and it was Tavistock

that took control of the reaction of the American people in the

aftermath of the CBS interview. Thus, through its far-flung

network of polling and opinion-making assets the Clinton

presidency was not torpedoed, although without


having been in control from start to finish of the CBS

interview, it is certain that Clinton would have been forced to

resign in disgrace.

c56eae  No.5552971


Q is the death blosum biological ?

is that why the dem ladies in white nurse uniforms?

718d4f  No.5552972



891f63  No.5552973


What chaos?

What's more organized than routers and websites?

c12562  No.5552974


Slang from Operation Iraqi Freedom

Death Blossom : The tendency of Iraqi security forces, in response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to either run away or do the "death blossom" spraying fire indisciminately in all directions. The term originated in the 1984 movie "The Last Starfighter" as a maneuver in which a single starfighter can single handedly wipe out an entire armada.

05b298  No.5552975

Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 03.07.2019

>>5552746 rt >>5551830 ————————— Trying to get ahead of something? What a coincidence


>>5551229 ————————————–——– Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

>>5551010 ————————————–——– [DARPA>GOOG] Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.

>>5550834 ————————————–——– [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 ————————————–——– Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

previous baker signing off

779e55  No.5552976


Wherever it suits your goals. A huge false flag like that instills fear and when people are afraid, they readily abandon their freedom in exchange for the promise of security. In reality, the people they are giving their freedom to are the same people that attacked them in the first place.

c0b980  No.5552977

File: 69ba64f78733333⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 400x560, 5:7, wizards.gif)


tis I

glad you're watchin'!

f5332d  No.5552978

File: 5627f71e1590cc0⋯.jpg (42.23 KB, 678x381, 226:127, gs.jpg)


Facebook has hired an organization funded by George Soros to ‘fact-check’ what users will be allowed to see on their news feed, the BBC reports.

The organization named “Full Fact” was confirmed on January 11 as one of Facebook’s new fact-checkers. According to the BBC, it will “review stories, images and videos and rate them based on accuracy.”

Newsbusters.org reports: But these fact-checkers might have a bigger agenda, according to their funding page. Google and liberal billionaire George Soros have donated extensively to Full Fact in 2018 alone. It is also funded by a radical leftist, Pierre Omidyar, who funds the Never Trump site the Bulwark, headed by Bill Kristol.

Perhaps the move was meant to placate Soros, whose organizations, including the Color of Change, have lobbied to have Facebook undergo a civil rights audit. Facebook has been under fire following the New York Times report, which said that Facebook hired a right-wing group to do opposition research on Soros.

SOURCE: https://newspunch.com/facebook-soros-organization-curate-news-feed/

04b2fc  No.5552979


This is incorrect. It is not from mentis, but mentum, meaning action. Consider:





Just because you read it somewhere once and you like it, doesn't mean it's right.

afdd18  No.5552980


(Lb or pb) Q (You) know the rules.

e932eb  No.5552981


I think so.

fe0fe5  No.5552982

Streamable embed. Click thumbnail to play.

feinstein, the lying commie bitch

f83406  No.5552983


Q did all the Congress men and women know about Life Log(DARPA) when they had hearing with Zuck, just bought and paid for?

ecbaee  No.5552984


and the clowns are out of coins!

05b298  No.5552985

File: 073be6ed95d31c8⋯.png (540.63 KB, 699x499, 699:499, dacA.PNG)

godspeed fam

d6eb1a  No.5552986


The plan needs to be solid

Mostly this movement has led to more sensationalism than what is preferable.

I'm on the team by trump and nsa heros and the other side devils?

Ok I know the other side is pure evil but I havent seen y'all walk the talk. All of it has been behind the scenes no leaks and mostly tryin to wake up low IQ and the highly brainwashed.

Battle fatigue bro. We cant do more deception to anons. You must understand morale. And that every second y'all prolong truth another solider dies without freedom.. Another child is in harms way. We are behind you.

We are ready

ae4565  No.5552988


If we are truly watching a movie then the script is foreshadowing future events that come to light in a different, but still relevant manner

07eb62  No.5552989



afd008  No.5552990

File: 6c9342384759676⋯.png (260.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Zuckerberg_Run_Failure.png)

af4561  No.5552991

File: ccd4e309dbada93⋯.jpg (123.48 KB, 1333x750, 1333:750, Graphic1.jpg)



wipe these FaceFuck clowns off the planet

664565  No.5552992

File: f4c5e643dade8b1⋯.png (519.81 KB, 1385x526, 1385:526, D075VFbVsAEMuf9.png)

7795c0  No.5552993

File: 8e8cddad3c6eadc⋯.png (95.41 KB, 600x842, 300:421, pepe noose.png)


A little too late for MZ

f256a3  No.5552994


Cause 8chan don't name fag unless they be namefagging.

afd008  No.5552995

File: ee654e72879aad0⋯.jpg (9.34 KB, 255x187, 15:11, facebook_dynamite.jpg)

e90b9a  No.5552996


Anyone know if that Downtown LA chopper raid was near a water supply or treatment plant?

477d13  No.5552997


While watching Noah the other night and I kept thinking, Q

God Bless Q, Potus, our military and all the great Patriots bound together in this mission God laid before us. WWG1WGA

626d6f  No.5552998


exactly… yet every single thing is now online and primed for hacking

Medical records, banking record, school records, social network, phone contacts, what you eat, drink, buy, wear….. who you know, where you go, who you blow

14868f  No.5552999


Nah. Fentanyl is potent. But it's not that potent. Think about the HUGE amounts of water it would be diluted into.

a41a2f  No.5553000



>>5550834 rt 5550786————————————–——– [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 rt 5550547 ————————————–——– Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

9834c0  No.5553001

File: da5eaf7edd42da1⋯.jpg (93.77 KB, 720x960, 3:4, da5eaf7edd42da1fac08b0b9ff….jpg)



Please call me up.

I will not disappoint.

8702a9  No.5553002


Welp, I guess I’m up for another hour.

What more you got, Q?

18e016  No.5553003


VERY solid question.

e5178a  No.5553004

Well Surveillance is a given.

No doubt Snowden worked with Military intelligence. and I think Assange operates the same. remember Assange said there source is not a state entity,

e48011  No.5553005

File: 43e3f516a59268a⋯.jpg (770.34 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190306-220043….jpg)

Vault 7.2? Please say it isn't true

c12562  No.5553006




afd008  No.5553007

File: a37ecd183b1a2b8⋯.png (188.92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Think_Twice_Facebook_V5.png)

f256a3  No.5553008


And then Soros shorted FB for the stock's last big drop in price.

Do try to keep up.

356eb5  No.5553009


>(Lb or pb) Q (You) know the rules


Q messed up.

I, for one, forgive him/them.

d4e163  No.5553010

File: cca9c08f3d7c117⋯.jpg (485.84 KB, 1079x1603, 1079:1603, Screenshot_20190306-235317….jpg)


At this point in time, the common meaning of "guilt trip" is not yet associated with feeling bad about yourself after shitting up trips on a chan.

86d584  No.5553011


It is also not POTUS

a41a2f  No.5553012

>>5553000 whoops, ignore



>>5550834 rt >>5550786————————————–——– [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 rt >>5550547 ————————————–——– Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

1863cd  No.5553013


(((your))) tactics to use muzzy criminals. assets and loudmouths of such types to silence the truth will get you no where.

Apparently this one STILL thinks world doesn't know or cannot act against it.

(((your))) time is up, your race/group will have to pay the price.

By your own volition, you create your own demise.

fe8fba  No.5553014


Is Yossi Cohen MZ & ES handler from Tel Aviv?

5ab4ac  No.5553015

Any late night MN anons on board?

b6533b  No.5553016


His name is (((Zuckerberg)))…. he’s Jewish.

f264df  No.5553017

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wang Dang

e87506  No.5553018



We rarely see negative press against Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford and other hot beds of cabal cucks, even though they produce the majority of these choads.

55cf8d  No.5553019

File: 95cbe25ecf3d47d⋯.jpg (989.44 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, No Deals Q.jpg)


No Deals

67928b  No.5553021


Deep State has a long history of funding experimental "programs" in inner city schools that usually devastate those schools until the community finally throws them out. Wonder how this one turned out.

b94f85  No.5553022


Sweet pu tang

c68dc6  No.5553023



>what is Carfentanil

you are dumb and this post is dumb

afd008  No.5553024

File: 673cbc61bcda90e⋯.png (806.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Congress_returning_to_Zuck….png)

97666d  No.5553025

File: d38a8517b36ada6⋯.png (1.57 MB, 978x708, 163:118, ClipboardImage.png)

af4561  No.5553026

File: e0e052506794d81⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 183x275, 183:275, download (4).jpg)


SS + OSI x Yale 322 = CIA

779e55  No.5553027


I'd say that depends how much was used, and where in the supply system it was injected. I think it would be easy to inject a 55-gallon drum worth into a local distribution node and kill basically everyone that drinks the water coming from that node.

be749e  No.5553028

9acc2f  No.5553029

File: 007a7ee7bd40a52⋯.png (404.57 KB, 879x494, 879:494, ClipboardImage.png)

Drop the face book memes

05b298  No.5553030

>>5552536, >>5552705 MZ sister in-law owns the Cannibal Club


80277b  No.5553031


MZ’s wife is from the Li bloodline. MZ mom’s real family name was Van Kempner. Feel free to dig :)

ae4565  No.5553032


do you understand how small of an amount is lethal? Ever heard of Carfentanil?

664565  No.5553033


PC handles MZ.

PC is part of THE CIRCLE.

f256a3  No.5553034

What do that call this? Nightzone. Nightfagging. Nightwatch?

Anyway, not much.

e037d2  No.5553035



74-75 Head of Liaison Office in China


fe0fe5  No.5553036


Feinstein is a traitor

754dd6  No.5553037

834563  No.5553038

File: 271d2d72cd0b9c7⋯.png (248.82 KB, 1680x1324, 420:331, VDI4.png)



please reconcile :D

edb186  No.5553039

e87506  No.5553040

File: 1e8cf687588bf98⋯.png (570.96 KB, 500x723, 500:723, Thundercats.png)


Thundercats United.

cae909  No.5553041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Published on Jan 27, 2013

613897  No.5553042


Really need to see something good (BIG) on our side soon, Q.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

d7a6d0  No.5553043


Yeah, Carfentanyl is a chemical weapon not a drug.

0b4d7a  No.5553044

File: da9babe5878b1c8⋯.jpg (88.99 KB, 1025x850, 41:34, 1a.JPG)

File: bec3cfb160c19d2⋯.jpg (136.07 KB, 601x845, 601:845, 3.JPG)

File: fa5ba1daa3fabb6⋯.jpg (71.4 KB, 598x460, 13:10, 4.JPG)

Amazon-JPMorgan-Berkshire Health-Care Venture to Be Called Haven


b6533b  No.5553045


cabal thinks they can drive every conservative to being an israeli first retard by working the libs to speak out against (((them)))… It wont work. All it will do is lead to commin ground for based conservatives to red pill libtatds on the JQ - I’ve done it with 20 of my wife’s lib friends already the past 2 years and it’s worked wonders.

94a41d  No.5553046


What's Tavistock's involvement in all this Q

4624d3  No.5553047



7c190c  No.5553048

File: 6de20683d759e57⋯.jpg (90.98 KB, 640x845, 128:169, 31a2d0f07a63e2.jpg)

File: 4e60c128253f60b⋯.png (662.07 KB, 1057x637, 151:91, SODOM & GAMORAH - Jews USE….PNG)

File: a5982e5665084d7⋯.jpg (163.71 KB, 984x550, 492:275, 99989ca7e76aa9.jpg)

File: 99a112230101161⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 99a11223010116.jpg)

afd008  No.5553049

File: f294b779bfb3e75⋯.png (200.99 KB, 723x564, 241:188, twitter_facebook_google.png)

a41a2f  No.5553050



Fuggit, you get the idea.

e517f5  No.5553051


I make my bow to you in kind and deffer to your wisdom fellow Anon, ty for the correction sir!

5ab4ac  No.5553052


Nice. We have one, do we have two?

e221a5  No.5553053


The Boss is NEVER wrong. learn it. live it.

770969  No.5553054


Change "no need to apply" to "send no resume"

779e55  No.5553055


Carfentanyl is just an enantiomer of Fentanyl, yet it's over 100 times as potent as Fentanyl.

14868f  No.5553056

File: bb7323321c514a4⋯.jpg (138.18 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, donald-trump-jr-2.jpg)


Not enough info to know for certain. But here's my guess.

86d584  No.5553057

File: 2270760aa937597⋯.png (109.96 KB, 382x383, 382:383, ClipboardImage.png)

990b63  No.5553058

File: 807116e1bcf9ccd⋯.png (655.91 KB, 981x1042, 981:1042, ClipboardImage.png)

e48011  No.5553059

File: 75347ad99d2b4b6⋯.jpg (75.04 KB, 1024x763, 1024:763, 1551485904456m.jpg)


This is the game isn't it?

d30004  No.5553060


Thank you, I didn't know that part of the "story."

fe0fe5  No.5553061

File: 0ad674c80552d09⋯.png (875.65 KB, 772x599, 772:599, 8463757.png)

5f1444  No.5553062

File: 159401e6d7469e8⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1500x1941, 500:647, France_Jewish_influx_of_mi….png)

File: d8713bea7eb0b06⋯.png (569.82 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, Hypocrisy.png)

File: 7e3d5d8cf1e08fe⋯.jpg (673.39 KB, 648x1352, 81:169, Israel_Advocates_For_Soros.jpg)

File: ff16fd62dc5b769⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_T….jpg)

File: f02593607fb5d51⋯.png (663.39 KB, 909x923, 909:923, Jews_and_Muslims_against_N….png)

54f4cb  No.5553063



VERY soon.

664565  No.5553064



f256a3  No.5553065

File: 02848a0612255c6⋯.jpg (169 KB, 674x880, 337:440, Charles_II_(1670-80).jpg)


He's Hapsberg.

afdd18  No.5553066


Phonefagging.. rulez is rulez

834563  No.5553067


movie game thing you know :D

af4561  No.5553068


accept when hes on the move

(spelling pun intended)

37103f  No.5553069


Same story also broke on Wired before you posted initial FB crumb today. They're def getting ahead of something. They're scared to death over there.

afd008  No.5553070

File: 16697d80ad374e1⋯.png (547.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Think_Twice_Facebook_V2.png)

477d13  No.5553071


And all that time we've seen you and yours here shilling it up, all for a larp that doesn't matter right? Yeah, OK….

7fc156  No.5553072


would a reverse osmosis filter do anything to clean the water of said drug? do you know?

67092c  No.5553073


>Patriots just want to be free and don't care who you are.

>…or what you do to your kids.

Am I right? And keep in mind that moslems also practice circumcision.


718d4f  No.5553074

File: 5094d09cbe31f4e⋯.jpeg (477.81 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Manafort-plant.jpeg)


This wasn't enough for you (pic related)

4624d3  No.5553075


That was Fast.

04323c  No.5553076

File: 691676fe0a85429⋯.jpg (32.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, glory.jpg)


Jesus still loves you anon

e2aab0  No.5553077

File: b41b5489ba284ce⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 644614_650827051599977_190….jpg)



Tavistock controls what "news" we see, what "home

movies" and television network movies we are allowed to

see; what music we listen to.

Behind this gigantic enterprise stands the Tavistock Institute

for Human Relations. As I have clearly demonstrated,

America is marching in lock-step with the gigantic movie-

music industry; hitherto unknown forces— powerful forces

whose sole aim and object is to pervert, twist and distort the

minds of our youth, to make it all the easier for the

Committee of 300 to usher in the Socialist New World Order

- One World Government, in which the new Communists rule

of the world.

5add14  No.5553078

File: c4b5de6b8f80f27⋯.jpg (386.37 KB, 1934x1094, 967:547, WakeUpSleepyHead.jpg)

97666d  No.5553079

File: b54402de24d8e42⋯.png (761.08 KB, 648x434, 324:217, ClipboardImage.png)

69d6e3  No.5553080


Bang Ding Ow

67928b  No.5553081




There are 66 citations on this in the Archive. BUT none of them is recent. It's been around but pro'bly good for the new digg.

664565  No.5553082

File: f052999d4ea4641⋯.jpg (94.21 KB, 683x512, 683:512, D1CY-aZXQAMqUTS.jpg)


JUSTICE is coming.

5ab4ac  No.5553083


Depends on what rulez you want to follow.

Just sayin'

d7a6d0  No.5553084


And that is why it is a chemical weapon not a drug. Its too strong to be a drug. If it were in pill form you couldn't even SEE the pill.

0e3a85  No.5553085


Dunno about the surf, but Im up!

3b6545  No.5553086

File: f1367d901ab95f6⋯.jpg (107.09 KB, 600x417, 200:139, iu (1).jpg)

1863cd  No.5553087


Keep lying, 'jew'.

You are targeted along with your collaborators world wide for a reason.

We are saving israel for last.

cf67d9  No.5553088


Just reviewed their 10 posts, probably moar now, which post says it’s not a shill? You must be new, you should lurk moar. And dog do you have in this fight? You know them personally I order to say they’re not a shill? Perhaps you work together. :D

0b4d7a  No.5553089

File: db5607cae8e4955⋯.jpg (125.44 KB, 626x913, 626:913, 1a.JPG)

File: c7dbf55d3c73c5b⋯.jpg (183.59 KB, 610x960, 61:96, 3.JPG)

File: 629f2df4a84d1b4⋯.jpg (33.13 KB, 596x184, 149:46, 4.JPG)

Whole Foods cuts workers' hours after Amazon introduces minimum wage


55cf8d  No.5553090

File: b9f701c7767bcc0⋯.png (1.16 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, YOU Zapped Q Alpha.png)


Never gonna get it, never gonna get it… Woo woo woo wooooo…

They….fail. I am singing the song of freedom!

c0b980  No.5553091

>>5552537 DARPA/LifeLog DIG

>>5552539 Huawei Sues US Government Over Its National Defense Laws

>>5552627 Senators Collins, King Lead Bipartisan Letter Urging DHS to Issue Additional H-2B Visas to Support Small Businesses

>>5552649 Source: Leaked Documents Show the U.S. Government Tracking Journalists and Immigration Advocates Through a Secret Database

>>5552657, >>5552944 Digs on MZ's wife

>>5552675 Experts finally cracked the laptop of the crypto CEO who died with sole access to $137 million

>>5552771 Trying to get ahead of something?

>>5552658, >>5552915 GHWB graphic/info

>>5552816 Ex-Citigroup President John Havens Retires From Napier Park After Prostitution Ring Charges

>>5552818 Facebook Founder to Donate $100 Million to Help Remake Newark’s Schools

>>5552833 Israeli aircraft strike Hamas naval base after mortar fire sets off Iron Dome

>>5552974, >>5553006 Slang from Operation Iraqi Freedom "Death Blossom"

>>5553044 Amazon-JPMorgan-Berkshire Health-Care Venture to Be Called Haven


Amended Q posts

>>5552746 rt >>5551830 ————————— Trying to get ahead of something? What a coincidence


>>5551229 ————————————–——– Why did @Snowden only engage and attack the NSA?

>>5551010 ————————————–——– [DARPA>GOOG] Major steps underway to challenge these control pockets.

>>5550834 rt 5550786————————————–——– [2 of 9] complete.

>>5550786 rt 5550547 ————————————–——– Family tree of MZ? Family tree of wife? Why won't CHINA allow FB? [2 of 9]

afd008  No.5553092

File: ce2e3594219be32⋯.jpg (99.02 KB, 735x553, 105:79, zuckerberg-my-dad-told-me-….jpg)

cf67d9  No.5553093


Cool story.

d4e163  No.5553094

File: b1c11104b9cafdd⋯.jpg (734.71 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 1280px-Sigmund_Freud_statu….jpg)


That's a really good question. I think the connection is to trauma based mind control and MKUltra type techniques. Shell shock.

e48011  No.5553095

File: 502ba15985dca73⋯.jpg (62.21 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ww2_10.jpg)



Enjoy the show bitch kek

67928b  No.5553096


Didn't notice, but 555 is a big number for me, from a dream! KEK.

8a4a6d  No.5553097

File: 8e5c1329791209f⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 930x489, 310:163, Love America.jpg)

David Wilcock the real deal Q?

ae4565  No.5553098


I would say in theory, yes. But it is difficult to say with a checmical compund as lethal as Fentanyl or Carfentynil

5f1444  No.5553099

File: 3d923e7bbbb1f4f⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 401x226, 401:226, Frumka_jewish_origin_of_bu….jpg)

File: bf6ce0b44c1ab86⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 610x408, 305:204, Frumka_jewish_origin_of_bu….jpg)

File: 6353985e23f24cf⋯.jpg (150.28 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Frumka_jewish_origin_of_bu….jpg)

File: f3643856f37a161⋯.png (947.07 KB, 797x648, 797:648, Frumka_jewish_origin_of_bu….png)

File: fb693b8efbd0196⋯.png (489.74 KB, 573x530, 573:530, Jews_invented_the_burka.PNG)


And the burka was invented by Jews.

4624d3  No.5553100


It depends on which Q is posting. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't

261da4  No.5553101


I'll take 'Flapping arms after running off a cliff" for

400 Q…

834563  No.5553102

last one


So in 2016 I said "2012SMA>BHO>2016NDAA=SHE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO LOSE…. they inadvertently gave POTUS complete and utter control over all media…"

Prove me wrong… pallleeeeeeze :D

c56eae  No.5553103


We are not in Iraq and the cabal would want to take out more people with something that wont be traced back to them

eb1431  No.5553104


"privacy" focused


43359e  No.5553105


ermahgerd ferfberk

bb56f4  No.5553106

File: 80e091f1f3755c2⋯.png (109.79 KB, 673x890, 673:890, IMG_2005.PNG)

f256a3  No.5553107


FFS. If you are too lazy to read that shit at the top and check the archives, then shut the fuck up for six months and LURK MOAR.

Unless you are a newfag, then kindly check the archives by entering the keyword "Tavistock" and read until your eyeballs fall out.


0b4d7a  No.5553108

File: 90351566de9ca00⋯.jpg (110.92 KB, 513x887, 513:887, 1a.JPG)

File: 40b539a0494ee3b⋯.jpg (77.28 KB, 546x490, 39:35, 3.JPG)

Amazon to close all of its 87 pop-up stores in the US beginning in April


9acc2f  No.5553109

File: a121a868c7661b6⋯.png (402.91 KB, 654x352, 327:176, ClipboardImage.png)

4831bb  No.5553110


it all just sounds tooooo fucking crazy to me

9a57c9  No.5553111

File: 5aef5c02e2f2fa8⋯.png (18.97 KB, 538x188, 269:94, Capture - Greatest Story E….PNG)

EyesOn Sebastian Gorka

About 30mis ago, he posted

The Greatest Story Ever Told

And, now it's deleted!

Did he do it or did (((they)))?

d30004  No.5553112


Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

891f63  No.5553113

File: 0bf546c49156088⋯.jpg (479.13 KB, 658x1564, 329:782, comey werid story.jpg)

File: 4122d35e39a8067⋯.jpg (383.85 KB, 858x990, 13:15, clinton comey investigatio….jpg)

File: 8d3661d82eda790⋯.jpg (134.42 KB, 837x654, 279:218, Goodbye comey_2.jpg)

File: 1f8a3598744a619⋯.jpg (127.55 KB, 809x692, 809:692, Letter to RR.jpg)

File: 0cb06b615c4c328⋯.jpg (85.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Q drop 02182019_2.jpg)

8ccd8b  No.5553114


They are studying humans for AI.

edb186  No.5553115

File: 1cf0745dcef058b⋯.jpg (48.43 KB, 625x415, 125:83, zuckerdouche 3.jpg)


depends on how old and how long they were in congress but I would gather most knew. Those things always a dog and pony show.

718d4f  No.5553116


Oh wow, shills and red blooded Kekistanis gonna have a field day with that one anon.

cf67d9  No.5553117


Would agree, but for something like that, maybe they need a ‘coach’ of some sort. He did seem bug eyed and odd that day.

8702a9  No.5553118

File: 8c45118a6ce30c8⋯.jpeg (30.41 KB, 500x259, 500:259, 2FB94F8A-55B5-4929-A271-7….jpeg)

afdd18  No.5553119

The CIA was delivered a blow by Kennedy. He knew they were getting out of controll w the Bat of Pigs and GHWB setting it up and running it all. When Allen Dulles was fired by Kennedy, they knew he was both onto them, and more than a thorn in their side.

05b298  No.5553120


we need to edit the Q dough

its getting too long

only 2 more posts as of now so im gonna truncate

7fc156  No.5553121